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Name: 20230702_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: July 2, 2023
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It's Sunday, July 2nd.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
It's now time to declare independence against the New World Order.
Independence against the globalist system.
Independence against the United Nations that is openly pushing a treaty to take over our medical systems and our bodily autonomy itself.
It's time to declare independence against Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and King Charles who've declared war on industrial society and on carbon itself.
That's what we're made of.
Now they say they want nitrogen to be taken out of the atmosphere.
The majority of the atmosphere is nitrogen.
This is a declaration of war against life itself.
They're destroying civilization, they want a post-industrial world, and that's why we're witnessing what's happening in France as the epicenter, now spreading to places like Switzerland and Belgium and beyond.
If you go into the Kalergi Plan and other plans developed by the UN, look these up.
It openly calls for bringing in giant Muslim populations into Europe and using those populations to destabilize and control the continent.
It's the same program the U.N.
admits replacement migration, which the Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL say doesn't exist.
You can go to the U.N.
website and type in replacement migration and read all their documents, all their battle plans to bring 600 plus million people to the United States alone.
They implode the third world.
They cut their food off in three years of lockdowns.
It was three years in the third world in some areas.
They form U.N.
refugee centers.
They brainwash them against the West.
They bring them in to attack Christian culture.
They teach them that whites are inherently evil and stole something from you.
This is the ultra-rich with something called liberation theology run by the CIA.
Look it up.
It's the ultra-rich, the powerful, the George Soros of the world, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers on record that are financing this.
Look up who finances it.
It's the Carnegie Endowment and the Rockefeller Foundation, Operation Lockstep, that funds the plan to lock you down and make you take shots and take over your body.
They're the ones funding the plan to dissolve the borders and bring in third world populations and all the major corporate media says white people are bad and Christians are bad.
This is all the top using giant third world populations to crush the middle class and get rid of a middle class because if people aspire to a middle class worldwide, then they won't follow the globalist plan of universal basic income and all living as poor serfs except for a tiny one-tenth of one percent that's international and above the law and that live in these Modern city-state systems that they say they're building.
So they're imploding the old nations.
That's what globalism does.
Suck them dry and then have these city-states that are above the law.
Vatican City.
The City of London within London.
The District of Criminals in D.C., its own thing.
The U.N.
declares itself sovereign.
So within cities and within states, they have their own little city-states that are above the law, tax-exempt, that then control the regional leaders under them.
This is the W.E.F.
Klaus Schwab model that he got from Cecil Rhodes 130 years ago.
Cecil Rhodes had countries named after him.
He controlled the diamond trade.
He worked for the British Crown.
This model of the British system Setting up city-states within nations they implode in a worldwide corporate government or empire is the system we now live under.
And they're going to have a worldwide cashless society, central bank digital currency is already here, social credit score.
Nigel Farage had his bank that he's had since 1980 taken away from him because he said, how dare you take down all the British flags, the Union Jack, and put up transgender flags.
They said, you can't do that.
We shut your bank account down and other banks won't take you.
That's what happened to us for five years.
This is the model of total control.
But if you're an illegal alien, you don't have to take the shot when you come into the United States or Europe, because the U.N.
says, well, we have liability.
We brought them here in a U.N.
It's only the citizens that have to take the poison death shots.
They're now confirmed to be placebo shots, weak death shots, and strong death shots.
That's even governments confirming that in Europe last week that they had three different shots in the Pfizer shot and the others as well.
So they know exactly what they're doing.
And this is pressure from above, pressure from below.
It's everything that Gary Allen wrote about in Nondare Call Conspiracy.
It is their plan.
Soros and all these people have armed guards.
They have offshore bases, islands, multi-thousand acre facilities with, again, guard dogs and machine guns and helicopters.
But the regular middle class is living in a house with a pool.
When people come through and burn things down, destroy things, that destroys the economy, that destroys stability, that destroys tourism.
That's crushing the middle class and getting rid of it.
And then once society...
That's completely false.
The globalists come in and buy it all up for pennies on the digital dollar.
That's why this is such a sick plan, and that's why they mainly bring in military-age men into Europe, and then upwards of 90% of them never get a job, they're put on welfare, they're given housing, they adopt a gang culture, they adopt an anti-white culture that the media is constantly pushing and selling, and then when one of them tries to kill a police officer, and the police officer defends themselves when they're trying to ram him with a car, Well then, everything burns, and the media says it's a great thing, it's a good thing, and then Macron comes out and blames video games and the internet, and calls for total censorship of anyone showing the fact that it's Muslim men, brown and black Muslim men, targeting and killing and burning white people out of their homes.
Because you can't show crime statistics.
Now 20 to 1 black on white crime in the United States.
It was 10 to 1 a few years ago.
But the media has said whites are inherently evil.
They deserve to be destroyed.
You need to go after them, you need to rob them, you need to burn them out.
And then when you do that, we're not going to show it on the news because that's hateful and that's encouraging the violence to show it.
The mostly peaceful protest.
The good news is triple the number of Hispanics are voting Republican.
Almost triple the number of blacks are voting Republican, particularly black men.
People that see through this and don't want to be part of it, but there is a minority Of brown people, and it's almost the majority in Europe, that have literally been taught that white people are dirty and evil and you have to lick their boots.
But it's rich, powerful globalists above that that are manipulating these masses of folks.
When I've been in Europe, or the UK, routinely, Muslims will just walk by and say some smart-ass thing to me.
Or I'll be shooting video of a landmark, and they go, hey, don't you tape me!
And I'm like, I'm not taping you!
And when I get back in their face, they just shrink back.
When they get, hey, man, what's your problem?
I'm like, hey, what's your problem?
I haven't done anything to you.
I'm not a doormat.
You understand that?
I haven't done crap.
In fact, if our culture is so bad and so evil, why don't you just go?
How about that?
We need to stop kissing the ass of Disney and the pedophiles.
We need to stop kissing the ass of the Democratic Party.
We need to stop kissing the ass of the New World Order and then all their little spoiled brat minions.
And by the way, I'm not just bashing brown people here that have become racist against whites.
It's a bunch of weird white academics that are running it, and they're the worst.
So I don't care whether you're a leftist white communist, or whether you're some racist black person, whoever you are.
The New World Order is the one putting fluoride in your water.
Major study just came out that causes brain damage and cancer and infertility.
The New World Order is the one taking all your freedoms.
The New World Order is the one trying to put poison shots in your body.
The New World Order is the one Kim trailing in geoengineering.
The New World Order is the thing that's declared us carbon to all be evil.
The New World Order is the group that's coming after everybody.
And so, we have to stop letting the left be in the position of authority where they shame us into cutting our sons' penises off to be stylish.
And where they shame whites into accepting whatever globalist policy there is to prove we're not racist.
Or when you're white and somebody's rude to you because you're white, you need to stop kissing people's ass.
Okay? And black folks and brown folks, and I know you're stepping up, I see it everywhere.
When you see this type of crap, you say it's wrong.
If I see a bunch of KKK morons coming into town saying black people are this and that,
I've gone and protested them and said, "You don't speak for me."
But you know what? There's not a bunch of KKK running around.
They're rare, okay? And most of them are feds.
What is not rare is my oldest daughter getting caught up in an Antifa Black Lives Matter riot
in South Austin about two months ago when she was driving home after work at nine o'clock at night.
And the shootouts and all the craziness.
It needs to stop.
We need to stabilize civilization.
We need to take our countries back.
We need to then, through the judicial system, Indict the globalists for all the racketeering crimes they've committed and put the fear of God back in these globalist elites and get them off of our ass.
It's that or total destruction because they are collapsing society.
Finally, before I hand the baton to Christy Lee with all the great information and news she's got, also Roseanne Barr coming up this evening and more, please keep us on air.
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Again, I want to thank you all for tuning in tonight.
I'll be back in the studio live, Lord willing, tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Don't forget the other great shows like Owen Schroeder, weekdays 3 p.m.
with The War Room, weekday mornings, Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
with American Journal, and the great Christy Lee takes over right now.
But just remember, Just remember, this is all defund the police, all this stuff is to collapse society.
It's the same policy worldwide.
Bring in third world populations, brainwash them, turn them against the Western population, so there's no Western world to aspire to.
The globals want to knock it all down and only have themselves above it.
It's the New World Order plan.
It's all there.
Replacement migration, look it up for yourself, and we've got to stand against it.
Remember, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Declare independence.
Declare independence against this evil system now.
I hand the baton to Christy Lee.