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Name: 20230630_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 30, 2023
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This segment of InfoWars features host Alex Jones discussing various topics such as an upcoming interview with Roseanne Barr, the controversy surrounding comedian Theo Vaughn, and whistleblower information on the Bidens. He mentions a call he made to Hunter Biden's phone number which was answered by Joe Biden before hanging up. Other news topics include Hunter Biden's laptop, riots in France due to an illegal alien migrant incident, National Geographic firing all of its staff, and Planned Parenthood declaring virginity a social construct. Alex promotes products available for purchase on the InfoWars Store website and encourages viewers to support the show financially or through product purchases. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat, has gained support from prominent voices on the right such as Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, and former President Donald Trump. His campaign is focused on bridging the divide between Americans. Some Democrats fear that he may be a spoiler in the race, potentially damaging President Biden's chances in the primary and paving the way for Trump to return to the White House. A lethal batch of vaccine has been deployed by a certain company while two other companies have deployed harmless batches to create a scientific environment for dose range finding. The mode of deployment allows governments to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states, which is evidenced by the analysis of vaccine deaths per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states. Red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine deaths and injuries than blue states on average. The Michigan House of Representatives has passed Bill HB4474, which criminalizes causing someone to feel threatened by word. Under the new bill, offenders can be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine not more than $10,000. In California, using the wrong gender pronouns has also been made a felony. Roseanne talks about how she was misinterpreted by ADL (Anti-Defamation League) who took her statement out of context. She explains that her statement was referring to the media being the enemy of the people and lying to them daily, as well as claiming that the media stole their election based on anti-Semitism. Roseanne also speaks about the big lie fed to Americans similar to the one fed to German people and refers to the deep state as a Nazi World Order, a system of slavery, murder, and debt that is anti-freedom and anti-free speech. Alex Jones discusses struggles of InfoWars operation facing opposition from Obama admin for criticism of corruption; encourages listeners to support platform through donations & purchases on store. Highlights sale offering 60% off various products & free shipping over $50, promotes several health products. Talks about history of fluoride in drinking water & Alexa Pure Pro as alternative. Interview with Roseanne Barr focuses on conspiracy theories about 'New World Order'; both Jones & Barr promote antisemitic beliefs. They discuss love for America, families' historical experiences, current events, atrocities, and manipulation of history by conspiracy theories. Roseanne defends comments regarding Holocaust, claiming she wants to draw attention to current events. She criticizes lies leading to holocausts and argues against special treatment for Jews due to their history of persecution. Discusses her family's survival during the Holocaust. Expresses concern about truth, faith in God and faith in each other, and critics who threaten her and Israel. Speaker discusses scapegoats used in ancient times for repentance or ridding sins; mentions Sabbatean Frankists who believed there were two ways to bring utopia - through following God's will or using evil, chose the latter route worshipping goat and owl symbols. Criticizes groups like Bohemian Grove based on ancient rituals involving child effigy burning for protection from sins. Discusses George Soros' involvement in rounding up Jews during Eastern Europe's Holocaust and his actions post gaining wealth causing suffering around the world. Speaker clarifies not denying the Holocaust but discussing denial in an interview with Theo Vaughn. Talks about the great awakening happening now, comedians like David Spade & Dane Carby questioning things, appreciates their support. Believes comedy can save the world and making people laugh brings joy and helps them think. Discusses love for reading Bible, Torah, medical books, humor satirical but requires half a brain to understand. Speaker shares experiences as Holocaust survivor influenced by witnessing Eichmann trials. Denies being a Holocaust denier; criticizes those trying to downplay other genocides committed by Stalin and Mao. Discusses current situation in Ukraine, media falsely portraying Nazis as good people while labeling speaker as Nazi. Questions if there is a Great Awakening happening; mentions devil loves to deceive people. Brings up COVID-19, stating it's snake venom, compares to HIV delivery system. Speaker urges listeners to support InfoWars during critical time through product purchase 'Super Female Vitality' at InfoWarStore.com for 50% off. Discusses safety of COVID vaccines, encourages getting vaccinated even though children may not be at risk from COVID. Recommends multiple doses including boosters and fourth immunization to keep country going. Emphasizes importance of new bivalent booster for COVID, stating everyone ages 12 and older needs a booster. Criticism towards Brazil's highest court banning Jair Bolsonaro from running for office for eight years due to undermining democracy; perceived election meddling preventing citizens choosing preferred candidate based on beliefs. Comparisons made to other instances of political manipulation like Democratic Party blocking certain members of Congress who supported January 6th peaceful protest. Critics argue this violates free speech and democracy while proponents claim necessary to maintain election integrity. Interview with Roseanne Barr discussing RFK Jr., criticizing him for waking up Democrats but praising him as a truth teller. Discusses her views on hatred and evil, emphasizes importance of fighting against them. Shares experience with censorship on social media platforms; encourages listeners to support those telling the truth by sharing content promoting show despite censorship and attacks.

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I will not be silent.
I will not go silently when my fellow citizens... I will not be silent as they try to put my fellow citizens on trains.
I won't go silently.
I will not be silent when they try to...
You know, jail my fellow citizens with no charges on bogus January 6th.
I won't be silent.
I can't be silent because of my family killed in the Holocaust by Hitler.
I cannot and I will not go silently, nor will I be silent.
And if I have to just go individually door-to-door hit everybody in the head with a hammer to try to wake them up to let some light in those encased skulls that MKUltra has done to the American people for the last 40 years, I'm ready to do it.
I'll do anything that I can do to awaken the American people as to what is happening to them.
That's why I ran for president in 2012 when I saw.
I've seen it my whole life.
My whole life I've seen where it's going because I saw where it came from.
I saw when I was three years old those people.
I saw them come to America and flourish and come back from the dead.
I love this country because it's the only country that gives people rights over government and people better wake up and realize that and take it back.
You can't just sit there and expect because your leaders look like you that they're on your side.
Well, they're not!
They're not.
They don't care about you.
Like George Carlin said, they're in a big club and we ain't in it.
We're prey.
Our children are prey.
We have to wake up.
We have to take our power back.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's News Today.
We have a big broadcast lined up for you on this Friday edition.
June 30th, 2023.
Roseanne Barr is going to be in studio in Austin, Texas.
I'll be interviewing her from the studio that I'm in in Omaha, Nebraska.
My father-in-law had some serious heart issues and they were saying he could go bye-bye.
But thanks to your prayers and medical intervention, he has bounced back mightily and made me out of the hospital as early as Monday.
So I'll be back Sunday in the ATX.
I want to thank everybody and the crew that has helped me while I've been out of town.
We've had a really interesting trip in Florida.
With Pastor Rodney Howard Brown of the River Church and Revival.com.
We've also with Patrick David and his Valuetainment broadcast that went super viral.
I had some other podcasts I was going to do while I was in Florida, but I just got too busy with all the other news and developments to be able to do that.
But definitely look for a lot of that to be unfolding as well.
Okay, Roseanne Barr, as I said, on the heels of this Holocaust controversy will be on the air to clarify what she actually said.
We're going to play in total what she said versus the edited clip.
And as soon as I saw the clip, I could see that it was jump cuts back and forth to other shots.
And I called her and I said, is this accurate?
She said, no, it's out of context.
So did the comedian Theo Vaughn.
Who they're trying to demonize right now and trying to cancel.
The guy's not liberal or conservative.
He's just totally hilarious.
He's my oldest daughter's favorite comedian.
She's got a crush on him.
She's been begging me to get me in contact with him.
Seriously, she goes to all his shows when he comes to Austin.
I've never met Theo.
I know he said he'd like to have me on the show.
He's up in Tennessee.
And so look for that to be one of the podcasts coming up here very, very soon as well.
You know, I've always kind of had an allergy to travel.
I don't mind travel.
I like travel.
But I don't like to do it for work because I can just sit in my command center with all the news and info and really do a great job.
But it's also important to travel around and meet the fans and gather intel around the nation and the world and also visit all these other great shows to reach out to new people and remind folks InfoWars is one of the most censored platforms in the world.
And the way people find it is you telling people about Infowars.com and the forbidden information.
I know that's really easy to understand.
It's very common sense.
But do we really promote the show, including myself, like we should when it's got such valuable information?
Here, ladies and gentlemen, is what's coming up today.
And there is a lot of it.
We've got several clips we're going to cover when we come back of the latest whistleblower information on the Bidens.
And I'm smiling, not because it isn't so terrible that our country's run by kleptocrat nutcase pedophiles, but that the FBI had these files, the IRS had these files, that they were taking money from the Russians and the Chinese and the Ukrainians, and that Biden was in meetings with Hunter when he's saying, hey, I'm sitting here with my dad, you better give me the million dollars right now, shaking down the chairman of the Communist Party, China!
But in these IRS and FBI documents, there's a burner phone that they use to carry out the crime.
A global burner phone, AT&T.
One of the big Fox News reporters called the number and President Biden answered!
I mean, they've been using this one phone for at least five years to carry out serious criminal activity, and they don't give a flying you-know-what.
Because they control the Justice Department.
I'm telling you, Biden could rape children on national TV.
He already gropes them and grabs them.
And Merrick Garland would do nothing.
But the joke's on us that we've got these hardcore anti-American criminals that have captured this country.
And there are little minions like Jack Smith out there.
And so it's only going to get worse until we realize what's happened and stop complying with this illegitimate system.
But look, this system is going down.
The only question is, will it destroy all of us in the process?
That's what we're working against.
Does everybody get destroyed?
Hopefully just phase out the New World Order and get on a better path.
I'm never promising a utopia like the left, but definitely a government system run by people that want a civilization and not to destroy one.
We'll be right back with a huge broadcast today.
Be sure to stay with us.
You broke a lot of this years ago about the Biden family influence peddling and you've got new information this morning breaking news on a cell phone that Joe Biden was using.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, I mean, it's interesting.
What is the line of communications between Hunter Biden and his business partners and Joe Biden when he's vice president of the United States?
It's not the government phone.
It's not Joe Biden's personal phone.
We know from the laptop that Hunter Biden's business paid for a private phone line that Joe Biden used while he was vice president.
It was from AT&T.
It was $300 a month.
It was a global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world.
We shared that phone number and that account information with people at the House Oversight Committee.
My hope is that they haven't already.
They will subpoena those records because I think it will give an indication on how tight the communication was.
And that may be the phone, for example, that the Ukrainian, the Burisma executive might have used in this allegation that he talked to Joe Biden and recorded conversations.
I would just say one other thing, Marie, as it relates to that sort of shakedown phone call with Henry Zhao that we alluded to.
Henry Zhao in 2015 had already sent five million dollars to the Bidens.
He was the head of a harvest investment firm.
And what's interesting is in the correspondence there, Hunter Biden again talks to Zhao in the context of this is a deal that's important to my family, involving his father.
Let's also keep in mind we fixate on the criminal element of this.
We also have to focus on the espionage element of this.
Henry Zhao, Unbelievable.
dollars to Hunter Biden from an account that was part of a company that he co-owned with the family
of the Minister of State Security of China, who's in charge of the entire spy apparatus.
And you see that in every deal that Hunter Biden did in China, these individuals that are sending
him money have ties to Chinese intelligence. Unbelievable.
We have to take a quick break.
What was turned over from the FBI, there had been some documents that law enforcement had
gotten to other means. And...
And one of those documents got leaked to me and it had a cell phone number that Hunter Biden was paid for.
So I figured, well, this is my chance.
Maybe I can, I've been trying to get fair comment from Hunter Biden.
So I'm going to call the cell phone.
So I called the cell phone and guess who picked up the phone?
Joe Biden.
Boy, was he shocked when he got, uh, when he picked up the phone and found out it was me.
He hung up pretty quickly.
Now, you just heard that for yourself.
Now, we played this many times a couple of years ago, three years ago, during the 2020 campaign, right before they stole it.
And I'm springing it on the crew right now to go back and find it.
They found it again a few weeks ago.
We played it.
But it's on Hunter Biden's laptop where he says, I haven't talked to the head of Chinese intelligence in months.
He's got billions of dollars.
They may have arrested him.
What am I going to do, daddy?
This is him sending voice messages to his dad and people.
You just heard Solomon, very, very respected reporter, John Solomon, say that he got these documents from the whistleblowers.
He just called the phone last week.
And the President answered, the puppet President.
On the phone, he gets the calls and gets the money on.
Which just shows the FBI.
They all know this.
They're protecting it.
It's what the government does.
They've sold the nation out.
These people are total criminals.
So I wanted to start Start the broadcast with that today.
Roseanne Barr is scheduled to be in studio coming up next hour.
She's, you know, big controversial statements that have been taken out of context, where she was making the point that you should be able to make any shocking comment you want.
Not that I don't think that she simply believes those comments.
That's the gist of what I got in the full clip that Theo Vaughn has put out.
So we'll let her be heard uncensored, live.
We'll cover a lot of other issues with Roseanne Barr.
I really appreciate coming in to studio in the second hour today.
She lives outside Austin, Texas, in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas.
And so I appreciate her driving the hour and a half in to be in studio with us.
So we have this big story.
I'm going to get all the rest of them right now.
Biden picks up after journalist calls secret burner phone revealed in Hunter scandal.
This is just getting more and more ridiculous.
And then we'll dig up that clip a little bit later and play the clip.
Where he's talking about the head of Chinese intelligence.
This isn't that these phone calls and emails and phone numbers are linked to Chinese intelligence.
It's like saying, is Count Dracula linked to vampires?
Or is Muhammad Ali linked to heavyweight boxing?
Or is Tom Brady linked to most Super Bowl wins?
I mean, it's like, is water linked to wet?
Are fish linked to the ocean?
I mean, you cannot get a bigger link than the head of Chinese intelligence.
The head of the Communist Party Chinese intelligence apparatus.
He's the number two person in Communist China.
He's the direct handler of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.
Yeah, the U.S.
Vice President.
He was elected Vice President.
Obama won those elections.
He was not elected in this last one.
And even if I'm wrong about that, it's my right.
But according to Big Tech and the CIA, I'm not allowed to talk like that.
I'm a dirty American.
I've got to be silenced so they can carry out their crimes and sell this country down the Incredible River.
So that's a big report.
We'll pull that up where he's crying about Chinese intelligence as soon as the crew is able to find that.
I know I just sprung that on him.
And later we'll add it in post regardless when it goes up on Banned.Video later.
Okay, let's look at some of the other big news here.
We have a very interesting development here in the pedo sexualization of children Department and I've got a whole bunch of this.
Let me just tell you what else coming up that will come back for breaking it all Where what I've said has now been officially announced by the Toronto police It is against the law in Canada in the United States to shake your genitals in front of a child.
It's a decent exposure.
It's a felony and But the city has said that they now believe that if it is a gay pride parade and children are taken, the children are allowed to have pot-bellied, fat, disgusting men shake their genitals in their faces.
And we have a bunch of footage of this.
We've had to blur out.
I'm really not sure if I want to show it.
We have some footage we didn't show yesterday of, in the United States, a man in his underwear shaking his Johnson in small children's faces with the mothers cheering and walking them up towards them.
That ties into this.
National Geographic told us how great it is to cut little boys' wee-wees off.
National Geographic is firing all of its staff routers and will no longer appear in print on newsstands beginning next year.
So the system's committing suicide.
Seattle police hunt for a perpetrator of skid marks on Pride Crosswalk.
All their gang signs everywhere.
Outrageous Planned Parenthood declares virginity a social construct.
So they want more babies.
We're going to be looking at that.
Big riots across France.
to get pregnant and then kill the babies 'cause that's their business and business is good.
And that virginity, just like mothers and fathers are imaginary and two men can have a baby,
virginity is a social construct as well.
We're gonna be looking at that.
Big riots across France, we have the video coming up, of a illegal alien migrant, a precious one,
ramming his vehicle into the police trying to run him over.
So he shoots them.
I mean, they shoot him.
And now, because he is a migrant, the country's burning, a bunch of people have been killed.
They're setting on fire buses and ramming into government buildings.
It is just absolute insane, crazy town.
Yeah, if you guys can, show the runaway buses.
Running around on fire.
I sent those to you.
They're all up on all up on InfoWars, InfoWars.com, and of course, Band.Video.
Here, I'll show you the bus footage.
Yeah, that stuff burning right there.
Here, I'll just pull up on my phone here.
But you really need to see the buses burning.
Here's the one I sent.
It says they are now stealing buses in France.
Luke Rudowski.
We can pull that up and have that when we come back from break.
In fact, I'm going to hit France burning.
France burning and what's all behind this and similar systems here in the United States when we return after the break.
And then there's been some really amazing statements by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
about Trump, myself, Steve Bannon, and others.
So we're going to be playing that.
Kennedy refuses to attack Trump.
Thanks him for kind words and proud that President Trump likes him and says he's glad that I like him and Steve Bannon
likes him So I I mean I told you we've talked to him some he gets it
to God reversal. Come on. They'll make that a distraction That's fine with me. But I think RFK juniors the real deal
doesn't mean he's perfect, but he really is who he says he is
He's common sense. He's a populist. He has integrity Trump agrees with that
and it's not (Train horn)
What was Severin's action?
For God's sake, Severin's action, he burned it!
Wow, that's super hot!
Wow, that's hot!
For God's sake!
Oh no, Severin was fucked!
No, it's really fucked up. It's really fucked up.
[crowd shouting]
[crowd shouting]
[crowd shouting]
Again, thank you for joining us on this live Friday Worldwide Broadcast.
So, what the left does, what the UN does, what the globalists do, is they put dictators in, they put authoritarian systems in third world countries, they put them under huge IMF World Bank debt, and then they make them agree to social policies that basically keep the populations dumb and aggressive.
And they also then teach them that the Europeans are bad, that white people are bad, officially.
And they teach that in the European and Western countries themselves.
And so they bring in large populations that 90% of, on average, never get jobs, like the Muslim migrants, the North African migrants.
And then they create these no-go zone enclaves.
And then the government has a permanent underclass that they can control and they can activate to burn down cities anytime they want.
But even that gets out of hand for the power structure itself.
So you have someone trying to kill police officers with their car, so the police in France shoot them, and now they've had to call out the anti-terror squads of the military, because not just in Paris, but all over the country they're stealing cars, trucks, buses, setting them on fire and ramming them at 60, 70, 80, 100 miles an hour into buildings to burn them down.
To burn them down.
And now they're even attacking the central government buildings.
But this is what these sick criminals that run things want, these Lex Luthor types.
I know I look like Lex Luthor, but I'm not.
They do this.
You judge a tree by its fruit, not a book by its cover.
But this is their plan.
And it's come out that this is their plan.
And they're bringing in these unsustainable groups en masse to create this balkanization.
I mean, I got to tell you, I've been here in Omaha, Nebraska for nine years or so, because I've been with my wife that long, and my second wife, and I've seen it decline here.
And we were out last night picking up somebody from the airport at like 11 o'clock at night, and it looked like Day of the Dead.
Gangs roaming the streets, drunk people everywhere.
We had to go to a little grocery store to get some stuff, had people make comments to me and my wife, kind of thug up to us, and I just was, you know, very friendly to them and just told them, you know, have a nice day.
But the point is, is that this country has cancer, Europe has cancer, the world has cancer, cultural cancer, and the New World Order knows exactly, exactly what it's doing.
France deploys anti-terror units against rioters.
The French government deployed 40,000 police and federal police around the country.
On Thursday, including elite, ooh, elite counterterrorism and tactical units after rioters infiltrated, infuriated by the death of 70-year-old pizza delivery driver, torched a bank, and attacked a prison.
It goes on, Paris' inner suburbs were fortified with an additional 5,000 officers.
The Interior Ministry told French media, members of the National Federal Police Force, the GIGN, the Investigative International Brigade, the BRI, and the Inquist Assistance Intervention Deterrence Raid.
Tactical units have been spotted, oh my goodness, spotted.
The government's going to keep you safe.
The government's going to protect you with a police tape and cameras.
Internal checkpoints, but they're the ones that brought in, to France alone, the 10 million plus Islamics in the last 40 years.
And most, I just want to say, Paris, 80% down in their tourism.
Crime all over the streets, just a garbage dump.
Even CNN admitted that, you know, Paris and New York are now giant, stinking, crime-infested garbage dumps.
A beautiful, amazing, historic city.
Incredible architecture.
Credible art, now a giant stinking mess.
And you gotta love how they've got a federal law in France for a long time that tries to keep the language pure and that goes around language policing anybody that bastardizes French.
But they let the very French people, their very French culture be totally and utterly captured.
That is the new world order plan.
So now we're having looting across Paris and other cities.
Absolutely insane.
And that's what happens.
But no, don't worry.
The last of the guns, the hunting rifles and shotguns were taken out in the last month.
Or you face felony time in jail.
So even the hunting weapons have now been taken.
So you can't protect yourself.
But routinely people get attacked with hand grenades and machine guns that are illegally owned and being brought into the country.
So in the globalist quest to destroy Western culture, because it threatens their tyranny, they are destroying their own power base in the process.
Like a snake eating its tail.
Now, let's talk about this.
I mentioned it, but this is a really big deal that I want to get into more detail on.
Speaking of the police being protectors of evil more and more.
And again, I'm not against all the police.
I don't want to defund the police.
But if you think the police are all perfect, you're wrong.
Most departments around the world are under global control.
This is a not-to-be story.
I looked it up in the Toronto News.
It's all there.
It's true.
This guy called Toronto Police to report kids being exposed to public nudity, but said the law doesn't apply at Pride events.
The pride of stealing our children, the pride of pedophilia, the pride of LGBT-S for Satan.
Uh, and it says, uh, guys, I certainly think the Pride community is not oppressed.
As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure the community gets special privileges from law enforcement that are allowed to do all sorts of sexually provocative performances out in the public with complete impunity and immunity.
For confirmation of this, here's Rob Primo, and there's audio of this, but get, get that, guys, calling Toronto police to complain about naked men parading in front of kids.
Listen to the bizarre response.
You know, I forgot to tell the crew.
Will you grab that for me?
And also, I want to get to Hunter Biden.
We were talking to his dad on the recording about the Chinese intelligence head disappearing.
That's now in these new whistleblower documents, so I want to bring that back to folks.
Yeah, there it is on screen.
We're going to play that next segment, too.
And the recording, the police officer explains that it's illegal, but there are a lot of crazy homeless people, so it's hard to enforce that kind of thing.
It's not homeless people.
It's a bunch of pedos.
Then, when Rob said he had a lot of them, and that it was over the weekend, the officer knew immediately that it was a pride parade.
The officer said that this happens every year, and they can't really do anything about it, because they have special privileges and are protected.
So if some degenerate comes up in a park and pulls their pants down in front of your wife and your children, he's gonna serve a couple years in prison, should serve longer.
If you catch somebody trying to get in the backyard and kidnap your kid, they might get, you know, a month in jail now.
They kill your kid, they might get a year in jail, seriously now, if they're a pedo.
But now they can go to the school, sometimes unannounced, and literally have kids sit in their laps, and while they rub on them, and the pedos and sickos lay on the ground, and the mothers bring the babies and lay them on their chest, while the big blob and clown outfit just lays there.
It's all a ritual of destroying the children.
We'll play that and talk about that when we come back.
But is it any surprise to you?
New docs link CIA to medical torture of indigenous children and black prisoners.
is talking about it.
And oh, a bunch of mosquitoes are spreading and causing problems.
Guess who released them?
Good old Billy Boy Gates.
We'll be right back.
Again, thank you so much for joining us on this live, teleprompter-free, liberty-driven, God-centered, pro-America, pro-family transmission.
Roseanne Barr joins us in studio.
She'll be in the ATX studios coming up next hour.
So, I want to get back to the pedo stuff in a minute, but I want to finish up with the Biden thing.
Because I kind of got off the subject before I finish making the key points here.
None of this is new.
These IRS whistleblowers, these CIA whistleblowers, these FBI whistleblowers coming out.
Everything they're telling us is in the laptop that they knew was real when it came out three and a half years ago.
And I remember going through the laptop and then seeing others go through it and they found him talking about shaking down the Communist Chinese and saying, you better give us more money or we're going to basically do political things to you that hurt.
Now remember, this is when Biden was out of power and wasn't vice president anymore.
And so Hunter is mad that he's trying to talk to the Communist Chinese head of intelligence and he thinks he's been arrested.
Turns out he hadn't been.
He just wasn't talking to him anymore because his dad wasn't the vice president anymore.
And so this particular little clip out of thousands that are on the laptop ties into what Solomon was talking about in that earlier clip.
John Solomon.
So we just tuned in.
I want to play clip seven with John Solomon again.
That was like 30 minutes ago.
I played it.
Some folks have tuned in that weren't listening then.
So that it's congruent.
Play seven, then we'll play the clip.
One of many with him specifically talking about this Chinese agent.
This is the earlier clip that we played.
It also gets into Hunter Biden paid for an AT&T private phone line that Joe Biden used while vice president to conduct bribery, espionage and treason.
And they specifically on Fox News talk about in the documents to the head of Chinese intelligence.
So the Fox host goes, wow, that's links to the Chinese intelligence.
It's not links to it.
Again, Mike Tyson is not linked to heavyweight boxing.
He is heavyweight boxing.
Roger Stolbach is not linked to the Cowboys.
He is the Cowboys.
You know, it's just ridiculous levels of this.
And there's all sorts of federal laws, the Federal Records Act, that yes, when you're a president, If you want to declassify things, you can do it.
But you cannot destroy records, phone line records and things like that.
And you're supposed to use only White House lines or special federal lines that are all recorded for national security and the rest of it.
And you're not supposed to use a burner phone.
Well, guess what?
Biden used that burner phone To share classified information when he was not even Vice President.
And Vice Presidents can't do that.
So, this is everything they're claiming Trump's done, red-handed, Biden's doing, and John Solomon calls the number last week.
Because he flushed it out on the whole program.
These whistleblowers just released this a few weeks ago.
But it already confirms what's in the laptops.
We already knew this three and a half years ago.
And he calls, and President Biden, the puppet, Oh, Biden answers the phone.
He's still up there 24-7 selling secrets, ladies and gentlemen.
And they turn it all around with Jack Smith and make it about Trump selling foreign government secrets.
Yeah, right.
Trump wants to dominate the world with soft power and economic power, which is our real power, and wants to turn North Korea around and turn Europe around.
He wants to be the hero.
He wants to have the U.S.
be the number one energy producer.
He wants to control.
He wants to be the guy that saves us.
The globalists don't want that.
And a guy trying to save you can hurt you.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
But at least Trump's not out to get people.
When he went along with their poisoned shot they planned years before he even got in office, he was conned.
And I'm not defending, I'm not apologizing.
I know the inside baseball, you know the inside baseball.
It's all public now.
So, let's go ahead and play the John Solomon clip.
And then segue into the three-plus-year-old clip.
I mean, it's been the public domain three years talking about what is now being discussed.
Here it is.
What was turned over from the FBI, there had been some documents that law enforcement had gotten through other means.
And one of those documents got leaked to me and it had a cell phone number that Hunter Biden was paid for.
So I figured, well, this is my chance.
Maybe I can, I've been trying to get fair comment from Hunter Biden.
So I'm going to call the cell phone.
So I called the cell phone and guess who picked up the phone?
Oh boy.
Joe Biden.
Joe Biden.
Boy, was he shocked when he got, uh, when he picked up the phone and found out it was me.
He hung up pretty quickly.
I get calls from my father to tell me that the New York Times is calling, but my old partner, Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don't know how long, is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric.
I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of the, literally, Dr. Patrico, the spy chief of China.
We started the company that my partner, who was worth $323 billion, founded.
It is now missing.
The richest man in the world is missing, who was my partner.
He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment and signed a $4 billion deal to build the largest LNG port in the world.
And I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York, from the U.S. Attorney himself.
My best friend in business, Devin, has named me as a witness without telling me.
In a criminal case, and my father, without telling me.
And he's talking about Jack Ma of Alibaba there.
There's another tape where he talks about the intelligence head not calling him to and missing.
But that's an even better clip they found.
See, I mean, I was talking about this from years ago, hearing it.
You can't even keep track of all this, ladies and gentlemen.
So, there you go.
It's specifically going on.
That's how these folks operate.
You notice the Communist Chinese keep their wealth secret.
We all hear about, oh, it was Jeff Bezos, $150 billion in the register, or Elon Musk.
No, no, no, no, no.
There are people in Communist China worth $300 billion.
That's true.
But they're nothing compared to the Rothschilds.
They're worth trillions in liquid asset.
They own almost everything.
And now they want your little house, and they want your body, and they want your life, and they want your children's genitals, and they're getting them.
They're like, why would they want that?
When you've got that much powder, that's sick generationally?
Why would Soros want to spend over $50 billion now in the last 20 years, getting control of almost every district attorney in the country, and 22 of the U.S.
attorneys, 23 of the state attorney generals, and a whole bunch of the U.S.
attorneys, obviously, and the rest of it under Biden.
Oh, Biden.
I mean, these people rule us!
They control the police.
They control the courts.
They control our bodies.
They want to with the poison shots.
They're hitting us with GMO.
They're hitting us with 5G.
They're hitting us with all the chemtrails.
And we see what's happening.
We're mutating and we're dying.
But they're mutating and dying, too.
Look at crackhead Hunter Biden.
Look at the Rothschilds.
Walking around all hunchbacked, all crazy.
We've allowed the scum of the earth to run things, and it's time it stops.
Roseanne Barr is coming up.
I want to go to break here in a few minutes.
We're going to come back and get into the pedo news and how in Canada, the government says, no, you're allowed to be naked at a pedo parade and shake your genitals in front of a child's face, even though it's illegal.
Because it's LGBT PS for Satan.
The little pedophile Satan PS.
That's coming up.
Before we go any further, We are listener supported, and I'm very, very thankful to all of you, and I appreciate all of you, and you've really come through the last four or five days.
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Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show Friday edition.
Rosie Ann Barr is arriving at the studios.
We should have her in studio coming up start of the next hour.
It'll be a big First Amendment discussion and she'll be able to clarify some of the controversial things she's been saying.
But I want to talk now about the pedos and finish up with that and then I want to hit RFK Jr.
saying he's proud that President Trump likes him and glad that I like him along with others and that's a very important statement.
I'll describe why I think that's the case.
And we'll also look at legendary comedians Dana Carvey and Dave Spade destroy Dr. Fauci.
See how unpopular it is to be in the New World Order now?
See how we're becoming the mainstream?
Told you that was going to happen.
We've got to be ready for victory.
We're not offering a utopia, we're not claiming free this and free that, but we are claiming that we can turn things around from these globalists and certainly not destroy everything.
And across the establishment, from Hollywood to Main Street, To the rural areas of this country and around the world, people are really awake.
All I get is love everywhere now.
And I was rough five, six years ago.
Got quite a bit of hate, still mainly love, but now nothing but love.
Rob, you've been with me in Omaha.
We got anything but love?
I haven't seen any hate.
Absolutely, nothing but love.
And again, I'm not saying we're not going to get some at some time, but I mean, I think I've gotten yelled at like once in nine months now, ten months.
I mean, I travel all over the country.
So again, the globalists are in trouble.
Bill Gates is hated.
Obama's hated, the New World Order's in trouble.
So I mentioned this earlier that these pedo parades really have just become nothing but pervert parades sponsored by major corporations.
And so here's a report where a citizen journalist called in Rob Primo, the Toronto Police, to complain about naked men running around at the Gay Pride Parade.
Before he even said that, the cop knew that.
He said, well, they're just allowed to do it.
Doesn't matter if it's against the law.
They're allowed to because they're special.
They're protected.
Here's the clue.
Wondering if I could ask a police officer a question?
Sure, one moment.
Thank you.
Thank you for calling.
Hi there, I was just looking to ask an officer a question, and then I got forwarded to you.
Is there... I just want to make sure I'm not working outside of any laws or anything like that.
If you want to be out in the street, you have to be fully clothed and you can't be naked or anything like that, right?
Well, I mean, there are naked Okay, but is that against the law?
That'd be some mental health issues.
Okay, I agree with you on that one.
I just, I'm having a hard time.
Yesterday I seen a bunch of people naked in front of children and police officers, you know, seeing men with their penis out in front of kids and I'm just wondering if that's acceptable.
Was that part of the Pride you mean?
Was that on the weekend?
Yeah, it was at the Pride Parade.
That's always the issue that meets here.
What's the issue with that?
I mean, that happens every year.
Oh, so like it's kind of like it's okay for when it's at the Pride Parade, but not in other situations, obviously?
I would say so.
Well, thank you very much for your time.
Oh, you're very welcome.
Bye now.
So what they're doing is normalizing it with our children, normalizing it in front of us.
They're conquering us.
They're putting their flags everywhere, putting them on the streets.
If you remove one, if you criticize it in Canada, the UK, you get arrested.
This is a corporate-funded cult to destroy the families and break down society, period.
And it doesn't matter if it destroys Bud Light or National Geographic or North Face or any of these companies.
They will destroy themselves to carry this out because they're owned by BlackRock and they are being sent as kamikazes.
By the mothership, by the Rothschilds, by the Rockefellers, by the New World Order.
That's why Planned Parenthood came out and said, have sex, get pregnant, don't be a virgin, because they want those baby parts.
They don't want single mothers to have the kids.
They don't want babies, period.
But if you are, they want you single and all alone.
So the state can raise the children.
This is social engineering.
I've played clips of globalists like Paul Ehrlich on TV in 1975 saying, we're going to take over the culture.
We're going to destroy the families.
We're going to show every example of men being bad and families being bad.
And women being the heroes.
To not empower women, but to get women isolated and controlled so the globalists can destroy the reproductive system of our species.
We're all in this together.
We need to come together as populists, transcend left and right, and be pro-human.
Now that's what Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is doing.
And I played a clip of him yesterday saying, we're not coming for your guns, it's the SSRIs, I'm not going to take the guns, it's not the guns.
I used to have a gun club when I was in high school at school, just like my dad did, just like a lot of your parents did, and grandparents, and he said, We need to go after the people who are on the SSRIs.
That's almost all the mass shootings.
It's a certain type.
It's a certain MO.
The incel, basically.
They're into the occult.
They're into devil worship.
They're into violence.
They're into nihilism and committing suicide.
Instead of killing themselves, they come and they kill at the school because the media advertises it.
Why is it happening?
Because it's a copycat form of mass mind control.
So, he's on a national program and he gets asked, What do you think of Trump saying that he thinks you're a populist and a common-sense guy?
And he says, well, I not only think that's good, I'm proud of it.
Because I've been able to unify people.
And so he's against open borders, saying they're creating a permanent underclass and sex slaving, which is true.
He's against gun control, saying that isn't the issue, it's the mental illness and the Satanism.
He is against the carbon tax, saying it's a giant fraud by mega-rich banks to shut down all their competition and vertically integrate the economy and start a third world.
And, I mean, he's sitting on all cylinders.
He's Alex Jones 2.0.
And so is Joe Rogan, and so is Tucker Carlson.
And, yeah, I'm the first on a major platform to expose the real-world paradigm.
And that's what this is, folks.
This is the 35,000-foot view.
It's not been my opinion.
It's studying, and we've now done it together.
This audience, our crew, the guests, InfoWars did this.
So, if you ever supported the broadcast, if you ever prayed for us, if you ever shared the articles and videos, you're part of the big victory that's recognized, and it's this transmission.
that educated people about the real world view, about how the globalists operate and helped create
an alternative plan to it. And we have now had great success and have a fighting chance thanks
to you, your support out there. Never forget that viewers.
Let's go to the club of RFK Jr. Here it is.
You say that you're a Democrat, but you're getting a lot of support from a lot of leading
voices on the right, like Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, former president Donald Trump.
Many Democrats fear that you're a spoiler in the race, that you will damage President Biden in the primary and grease the skids for former President Trump to return to the Oval Office.
This week, former President Trump said about you, Kennedy is smart and he's a common sense guy.
What kind of man do you think Donald Trump is?
Well, you know, here's what I'm not going to do in this race.
I'm not going to attack other people personally.
I don't think it's good for our country.
And I think, you know, what I'm trying to do in this race is bring people together, is to try to bridge the divide between Americans.
And guess what?
The, you know, when my dad died and we took this train ride from, you know, this seven and a half hour train ride that was supposed to be two hours.
I brought his, I was with him when he died in Los Angeles and then we brought his body.
From New York, Penn Station to Union Station and Washington, D.C.
It was a two-and-a-half hour ride, but it took seven-and-a-half hours because there were two-and-a-half million people on that train track.
And it was a cross-section of America, and all of the major urban stations in Trenton, Newark, Wilmington, and Baltimore, there were black Americans singing Battle Hymn of the Republic, but there were whites in the rural areas.
Who are holding up signs, goodbye Bobby, pray for us Bobby, American flag, standing, saluting.
Four years later, and they have supported my father in the primaries in 1968.
Four years later, in 1972, they were not supporting my father, and they were not supporting George McGovern, who was aligned with my father on all these issues.
Instead, the vast majority of them were supporting George Wallace.
And, you know, My father was able to harness these populous energies in the last eight months.
The clip goes on for a while.
We're going to play it for Roseanne Barr next hour and we'll add it and post.
We post the video, the whole clip right now.
I have that added, guys.
Thank you.
But what he's saying is we're bringing people together.
He goes on to say he's proud and likes the fact that the people you just mentioned like him.
So he wants our endorsement.
He wants everybody.
And he's not going to say it was neither's Trump, but he's a lot better than New World Order, ladies and gentlemen, and they hate his guts.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ex-head of respiratory research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers including Craig
Pardecouper have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the U.S.
A database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as LOTS.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda-Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order's woke, Build Back Better, Great Reset.
While at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.
And it's happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Info Wars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Roseanne Barr is in studio getting suited up.
We're about to talk to her on the other side.
Stay with us.
Everybody you know, tune in now.
We are now into hour number two of this Friday worldwide broadcast.
Roseanne Barr is in the studio.
They're getting her mic'd up right now, which is perfect timing because I want to air a few clips in context of some of the background things that have happened here, and I want to ask her Is this like the Kanye West thing?
A massive trolling operation to exercise the First Amendment?
Or was she taken out of context?
And then I want to cover a bunch of other incredible developments with her here today.
We appreciate her coming in and we believe whether you agree with what she said out of context or in context, or whether you disagree with it, she has a right to say it.
And the reason that's so important is this is Fox News.
This just broke 20 minutes ago.
It's going up on InfoWars.com.
You see this right here?
Michigan House passes bill making wrong pronouns a felony, finable to up to $10,000.
Under the new bill, intimidating an individual with wrong pronouns can result in prison time or a $10,000 fine.
Same thing in California.
This is even stronger, this is a felony.
So, when a big ol' guy comes in, but he's got a pink mohawk, and he walks up and he bench-presses 500 pounds, he's like 6'7", looks like, you know, Lou Ferrigno in his prime, and he says, Give me Pat Suresh!
You go, uh, sure, dude.
It's ma'am, I told you, it's ma'am!
He goes and files a complaint, and those police that won't show up when you're getting raped or murdered, they show up faster than you can say Liggity Split.
They haul your ass in, you're going down.
A recently passed bill in Michigan would make it a felony to intimidate someone that's going to the governor's desk by using the wrong gender pronouns.
Michigan State House of Representatives has passed Bill HB4474, a piece of legislation that criminalizes causing someone to feel threatened by word.
That's the hate crime stuff, where you didn't really commit a crime, but somebody felt hurt.
You didn't call for violence, but somebody felt hurt.
Under the new bill, offenders are guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine not more than $10,000.
And it goes on.
So we'll be talking about that.
But let's go ahead and play our last big controversial interview.
Some clips of that.
Then we'll play what they edited out of context of her versus what she really said on the popular, super popular talk show of Theo Vaughn.
So let's play the two-minute Kanye West compilation from last year.
That was the number one viral clip of 2022.
Let's play that clip from last December.
Clip 25.
Here it is.
I do love Hitler.
I don't really care that much about Hitler.
I love him.
There's a lot of things that I love about Hitler.
A lot of things.
The Holocaust is not what happened.
Let's look at the facts of that.
And Hitler has a lot of redeeming qualities.
So what?
Now, I'm a Nazi, Ari Emmanuel.
The Zionists cannot tell me who I can love and not love.
People have had issues with Jewish people forever.
I love Hitler.
Play it out.
Nobody knows who the ADL are.
Stop giving them attention.
Nobody cares about the ADL.
ADL, shut up.
I don't like Nazis, and I don't like what some of the mafias are doing either.
I like Hitler.
You're not a Nazi.
You don't deserve to be called that and demonized.
I see good things about Hitler also.
You love Jim Jones?
You love Jeffrey Dahmer?
Do you know who I am now, Netanyahu?
What we did is we brought Netanyahu with us.
He was bad.
He was bad for trying to meet with me and you.
And the Nazis, in my view, were thugs that shook people down and did a lot of really bad things.
But they did good things too.
We're going to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.
I like Hitler.
I don't like Hitler.
60 Minutes saying the best--
It's like he had a really cool outfit and stuff and he was a really good architect.
And he didn't kill six million Jews.
That's just like factually incorrect.
Yeah, but Nazis are like kind of cool.
I'm actually tired of hearing about the Jews.
Like, but I also love Nazis.
The Zionist!
Okay, well why would the Zionist be killing Jews in mass in Israel with the poison shot?
I'm not trying to be shocking.
I like Hitler.
Germans had a really cool leader at one time.
I don't like the word evil next to Nazis.
I think we need to look at... Oh my goodness.
But for the ADL I want to say there's a lot of good Nazis that were just fighting for their country.
Bring in the clowns.
There will be clowns.
All right.
I still haven't figured out exactly what he was doing or why he said that and why he went there.
But I know that America is being blamed for Hitler.
And if you're conservative, a Christian, a populist, you don't want to take a shot, you're called a Nazi.
So there's a big backlash by people, including black folks like Kanye, who I think are saying, hey, don't call me a Nazi anymore.
Or I'll take your sacred cow or your religion of being a victim of Hitler, and that's like a leftist religion, and I'm going to desecrate it.
I'm going to defile it.
The whole transgender thing is a cult.
That's what this is, and it's out of control.
Again, I'm tired of being called a Nazi.
I think the Nazis were terrible and killed 20 million Germans in the process and a lot of other people.
Uh, and Hitler was a loser in my view, and both my grandfathers fought Hitler, and I almost don't exist because of Hitler.
But also to have some fetish about Hitler, and obsessing over Hitler, like Hollywood and thousands of movies about Hitler, and it just builds Hitler up into something too big, and then people see it and say, well, I'm against Hollywood and the New World Order, Hitler must be good.
No, you can have two bad things!
So because one thing is bad, you know, the whole leftist New World Order, communism, censorship, the left, does not mean something that's supposedly the opposite.
National Socialism, if I wrote the opposite, doesn't mean it's good.
And I've tried to explain that.
ADL bad, Hitler bad.
Hitler bad, Stalin bad.
Lenin bad, ADL bad.
So they're probably Law Center bad.
ISIS bad.
KKK bet.
See how that works?
A lot of bad stuff.
A lot of good stuff as well.
So here is the edited clip.
As soon as I saw this, I could see it was jump cut, heavily edited to take things out of context.
So here she is giving statements.
She's saying are things you should be allowed to say even if people disagree with them or even if they're not true.
So here is a compilation clip.
This is a 26 Rosanne Barr saying that no one died in the Holocaust and the 6 million Jews should die.
Here it is.
That's the truth and don't you dare say anything against it or you'll be off YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all the other ones because we have, you know, there's such a thing as the truth and facts and we have to stick to it.
And, you know, it's scary.
And that is the truth.
And nobody died in the Holocaust either.
That's the truth.
It should happen.
Six million Jews should die right now, because they cause all the problems in the world, but it never happened.
But it never happened.
Well, you're, because you're part Jewish, right?
Part of your family's Jewish?
I'm all Jewish.
You're all Jewish.
A hundred percent.
And a lot of Hollywood is Jewish, yeah?
It's like a, it's a, A lot of Hollywood is a Jewish business.
Well, they started Hollywood.
But so was it weird?
Just like rap.
Black people started rap.
So I wouldn't go over there and try to get in rap and go, all these black people, you know, go on Saturday Night Live like Dave Chappelle.
I'm just saying a lot of black people are in control of rap.
Well, you went there.
You tried to get in show business.
Of course it's Jewish.
But, you know, and people should be glad that it's Jewish, too, because if Jews were not controlling Hollywood, all you'd have was fishing shows.
You see what I'm saying?
Oh, dude, if... Alright, we have a three minute...
43 second clip that Theo Vaughn put out that he says is in real context of what she was talking about.
We will play that clip.
She's with us for as long as she wants to be here.
We've got several hours of the broadcast left.
I wish I was there in studio, whether I like her.
She's a very smart lady, very lovable lady.
And I do want to get to the bottom of what she said, because I know that, you know, she was brought up there in Utah.
Growing up in a high-rise with a bunch of Holocaust survivors, and you know, I do think Hitler did kill a lot of people.
But I think her point, unless I miss it, is they're saying you can't say these things.
If you can't say these things, you can't say anything.
Like I showed you the Fox News article.
This is going to be signed by the governor.
Five years in prison, $10,000 fine if you misgender someone.
So this free speech is pretty, pretty darn important, especially speech I disagree with.
But hey, instead of me trying to guess because I haven't talked to her other than text message, I'm really pleased to have her honor.
She's in studio.
So Roseanne, you've got the floor here.
We're skipping this break.
So we're like 15 minutes to the next break.
I played the clip of what they edited.
I've seen the clip of what you really said.
I got something different from what the ADL got with the out of context clip.
Tell us in your own words what you meant by what you said and what your reason for saying it was, and thanks for being here.
Oh, I'm happy to be here and good to see you.
I like your head shaved.
You look good like that.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, I'm sorry I'm not seeing you live, but anyway, thanks for having me.
Well, hey, let's hang out and get dinner soon, or I'm going to come out and see your ranch finally.
I know, I want you to.
I want you and your wife to come visit us.
A couple glasses of wine.
I had fun hanging out with you and Joe Rogan.
Wasn't that fun?
It's always fun at the Mothership.
You've been knocking it out of the park at the Mothership.
You didn't know I was there as a fan just watching you a while back, so you're down performing at the Mothership quite a bit.
Yeah, I love it.
It's just a great place, a great audience.
Great place, great town.
And you're here too.
That's why I thought, oh hell, I'm going down there, Joe and Alex are down there and I'm going too.
And I love it.
It's good to have you.
Now, Roseanne, obviously they took it out of context.
Oh, they definitely did.
You know, but it's just part of the whole MKUltra mind control is the way I look at it.
And that was what I was talking about.
The media is the enemy of the people, as we know, Alex, and I was speaking about that because the thing that I was making the point about is how the media lies to us every day and puts, you know, kills us.
You know, pretty much, you know, they lie to us and they have killed us.
And I believe they stole our election, and I'll tell you why.
I believe that it's based on anti-Semitism, the reason that they stole our election.
But I'll go into that later, you know, at the end.
What I said was, we were not allowed to question the election or them telling us that Biden got 81 million votes, which it's just impossible that he did.
By winning like 36 counties, he got more votes than Obama.
Um, it's just impossible and people have done the math and then we were not able to, we were not allowed to say, hey, people saw trucks backing up with ballots in them.
People saw people pulling suitcases full of ballots.
People saw people taping up the window so that no one could.
See what they were doing.
People saw votes coming in at 3 a.m.
after the counts stopped.
Everybody saw it.
But yet, if you questioned it or said anything about it, you were kicked off of all social media and made a pariah.
That was the context I was speaking about.
So that, of course, is the part of what I was talking about that they removed.
And so what I was talking about was a big lie fed to America Not unlike the big lie fed to the German people, and part of that big lie continued to this day, and those same Nazis, you know, the New World Order, NWO, to me it means Nazi World Order because, you know, they brought the Nazis over here in Operation Paperclip to run our, you know, space program and our medical, you know, you know all that, Alex.
So, I call it the Nazi World Order, which it in fact is, and you've talked about it too, Alex, and our deep state is in fact a Nazi world order, worldwide, you know, a system of slavery, murder, and, you know, debt, and all these other things that have nothing to do with freedom, they're anti-freedom, they're anti-free speech.
So, I was saying, Uh, another big lie is to say that no Jews died in the Holocaust.
So, you know, if you're going to tell one lie, you might as well go all the way, because one lie, one huge big lie is the same as another.
If you're going to swallow one, and then swallow that your government tells you, you can't question it.
In a free country, in America, the United States of America, you cannot question your government and what it's done to you.
And the things they did to us so that we couldn't, the things they unleashed on us, the number of people they put into rest homes to die so that we couldn't leave our homes to cast the votes that were unfairly counted, we're supposed to swallow that?
We're supposed to not question that big, fat lie.
It's no different than saying no Jews died in the Holocaust.
It's no different.
It's all lies, lies, lies.
And of course, they do remove the context of it.
Well, this is incredible.
This is incredible.
This is incredible, and they're going to... Theo Vaughn got really mad because you said this.
You said, look, if they're allowed to steal an election and say we can't say it, if they're allowed to give us poison shots and put ventilators on healthy people and kill them, and get away with that, and they say nobody died there, then you're saying nobody died in the Holocaust.
Not because nobody died, you're saying we're not going to sit there and it's just as bad to deny the Holocaust we've just seen with these shots.
And that is so powerful.
And again, they try to take that out of context.
So in your own words, for those that don't know, that didn't see the full podcast, millions are seeing this right now.
I think you just explained the theme, but you are saying Hitler was bad.
Of course, I grew up in an apartment building.
It wasn't a high-rise, it was a tenement.
But my grandparents sponsored people over from Germany who had survived.
I grew up with people who had numbers on their arms.
That's where I began performing in my grandmother's windowsill on Friday night.
For Shabbat dinners and I did my fantastic Shirley Temple impressions for those people and to watch them laugh and be entertained.
They weren't crying.
They weren't miserable and that's how I started my career.
So how dare you?
Very dare you.
And my whole life was affected by that.
All of my family was marched.
They lived in the Ukraine where the Ukrainian Nazis still exist and the Democrat Party of Joe Biden and Obama.
They want us to be on their side, okay?
And we're sending them money, the Ukrainian Nazis, who marched my grandmother's family, including 10 of her siblings, little children.
They marched them out of Alberniki, Lithuania, and buried them alive.
So you don't need to tell me anything about the Holocaust or question me as a Holocaust denier.
I have it in my blood, I have it in my skin, I have it in my soul, so don't even go there.
And Jonathan Greenblatt, you should be ashamed of yourself.
You should be ashamed of yourself and you support that party.
You support the party that sends the American taxpayers money over there to Ukrainian Nazis.
How very dare you!
And you know how very dare you, too, that the old, I call it the old Biden, the thieves of our government that, you know, they did it to cover up what they've been up to in the Ukraine and other places that they've overthrown the government, including Israel.
But I won't go into that right now.
I know I gotta take a deep breath, but the State Department... No, you're on fire, because, by the way... I'm on fire.
This is what you said on Theo Vaughn.
You said, listen, if we can't say that people were killed by the shot, there's election fraud, which are totally true.
I'm gonna tell you, though, about the election fraud, what I believe.
Okay, but I want to say that the Biden State Department just a few days ago, they instituted BDS, which is a boycott against Jews.
They went ahead and did that, and Jonathan Greenblatt said nothing.
They are boycotting Jews in Israel, which is what the Nazis did.
They started with a boycott of Jewish businesses.
And not only is it Jewish businesses in Israel, but it's a boycott of Jewish and Christian
businesses here in the United States that do business with Israel, because a lot of
Christians and Muslims to, you know, love Israel and they love Jews.
And so they're boycotting them for doing business with people of Abrahamic background.
So what is that, Jonathan Greenblatt?
Why haven't you said nothing about that?
Why haven't any of you Jewish people on the left said anything about that?
And don't get me started on the left.
Don't get me started on the Jewish people of the left, because I'll bring the Bible
into it and blow your damn mind.
But I think that that was why they took, they stole the election, because these people,
they are just satanic.
They are devilish.
They are like from pain.
When you say anti-Semitic, Roseanne, the ADL calls sweet Tucker Carlson anti-Semitic.
They're trying to bring us together.
They call President Trump, who has Jewish grandchildren.
And Jewish children.
They call him an anti-Semite and you're explaining this election was about anti-Semitism.
Explain that.
Because they want to destroy the only Jewish state that exists in the world.
That's what Satan wants.
That's what the devil wants.
He wants to destroy the Bible.
He wants to destroy our God.
He wants to destroy Christianity and Sunni Islam.
He wants to destroy anybody who's Abrahamic.
He wants to destroy anybody of faith who believes.
It's just amazing because today's Bible reading is about how to turn curses into blessings, which is great that I'm here today to talk about that.
But also, you know, Cain, these people, they come from Cain and it is a religion.
It's a Cain, they're Cainites.
And if you read, You know the Bible, and the Bible is, to me, it's about a spiritual war.
A spiritual war that exists in spiritual time and space.
And also on this planet right now, it's good versus evil.
These people, Cain killed Abel, and it says in the Bible that he drank his blood.
So that is the war we're fighting right now, against people who sacrifice other people and drink their blood.
Am I right, Alex?
You're 100% right, and we're going to go to break in about three minutes, but I want you to clarify, because I know that you're a Jewish lady, but you also, I mean, you love God, and you absolutely hate the evil, the globalists, and you were making a point.
And you made this point you're making here.
They'll probably edit this and say, she went on again and denied the Holocaust with what you said was, if we're going to deny all these other crimes, then I'm going to deny this one to get the attention that we're denying serious crimes against humanity.
And this poison shot is a holocaust against our medical rights, a holocaust against our medical freedom, and a holocaust of our immune system that has killed so many people.
And that's a great point.
That denying all these other things is just as bad as denying that Hitler was a madman that admitted he had a final solution and tried to kill any Jews he could get his hands on.
So we've got a few minutes to break.
Well, I want to go into what Holocaust means, because it comes from a Hebrew word which means sacrifice.
And I do want to go into it, Alex, because that is exactly what it was by Nazi Satanists.
Well, let's do that.
We're going to break.
That'll take some time.
But yes, I'm writing a note.
We're going to do that.
But just to clarify.
If you're going to push one lie, what keeps you from pushing another one?
This government pushed a million lies on us and expected us to swallow it.
So what's the next one?
It could very well be because they don't like Israel, and they don't like Jews, and they don't like Christians, and they don't like Sunni Muslims.
That's why Saudi Arabia told us to get lost.
They are on a holy war against us.
And, you know, what's the next slide?
I think that the next lie is, and you can read it all over in comments all over the place, that people do deny the Holocaust in this country.
And, you know, it's on media everywhere, and they aren't censoring that.
It's everywhere.
Sure, but I just want to quantify exactly, because I get 95% of what you're saying, but I want to get it very clear so they can't twist this.
When we come back, think about it.
One big lie is just like the other.
And so you're illustrating that by making that point.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Roseanne Barr is in studio.
I'm about to be back in Texas.
We're up here because my wife's dad is in the hospital.
What is the best website for people to visit, Roseanne?
Uh-oh, I had it written down.
Well, my website is... I'm on YouTube for now at rosanneworld.com.
That's where my videos are.
And I'm doing a podcast, you know that.
I just started a podcast.
Every time I rear my head, my bloodied head, that they're trying to shut me up.
I guess because I dare say something about the Obama administration's corruption.
You're not allowed to say that either.
But because I have, they're just trying to...
Bury me alive like they did my family, but you know I'm gonna keep coming back Alex as long as God brings me Powerful stay right there.
We're back in four minutes Roseanne stay with us Alright ladies and gentlemen Roseanne Barr is in studio.
I wish I could be there in Austin, Texas.
I'll be back Sunday I really appreciate her coming in legendary comedian my mother grandmother Patriot And I know that she's extremely pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, you know, literally brought up by Holocaust survivors.
We know Hitler did have a final solution.
He wrote articles and books and speeches about it.
They didn't round up Jews and a bunch of other groups and kill them.
Polls, you know, a few years ago, the polls pointed out that at least 7 million polls got killed.
Uh, and then the ADL said, well, don't bring up how you got killed.
We're more important.
And what Roseanne's saying is everybody's important.
I'm not putting words in her mouth, but when I got from the full Theo Vaughn interview, because I wouldn't watch it when I saw the clips five or six days ago, you know, Roseanne says 6 million Jews should die now.
No Jews died.
Listen, that's gotta be out of context.
I saw the clip, it's all jump cut edits, I went and watched the full show, and she was like, this is an evil government, they lie to us about the death shots, the elections, can't live anything, so why don't I just say no Jews died, and more Jews should die.
She's trying to get attention to the current mass murder and sacrifice, the Holocaust, going on now, in my view.
But I don't want to put words in your mouth, this is a historic interview, they're gonna try to twist it, Roseanne, so please humor me.
Go through exactly what you were thinking on Theo Vaughn, what you meant by what you said so they can't twist it, then let's get into what sacrifice Holocaust means.
Let's get into all the points you want.
I'm going to skip the next break.
I'm going to shut up.
Don't pause.
I'm going to sit back and let you talk.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, I was trying to make the point about in the home of freedom of speech and individual rights and every wonderful God-given thing that this Republic, this Constitutional Republic afforded us.
You know, my grandmother sailed over here.
It took her three months when she was 16, 15, 16 years old.
She came to this country and she and her two sisters came here as teenagers.
And they're the only ones of our whole family that survived the Holocaust.
And it's in her memory that I speak out.
And it's in her memory because she was a fighter and she was a Republican too, which was unheard of in my family.
It's in her memory that I speak out because if she had not come to this country, I wouldn't be alive either.
And so I love this country.
First of all, I love this country most of all.
And, you know, I'm an American and I'm an American Jew.
And that means a lot to me.
It means everything.
But, you know, I just I will not be silent.
I will not go silently when my fellow citizens, I will not be silent as they try to put my fellow citizens on trains.
I won't go silently.
I will not be silent when they try to, you know, jail my fellow citizens with no charges on bogus January 6th.
I won't be silent.
I can't be silent.
Because of my family killed in the Holocaust by Hitler, I cannot and I will not go silently, nor will I be silent.
And if I have to just go individually door-to-door, hit everybody in the head with a hammer to try to wake them up, to let some light in those encased skulls that MKUltra has done to the American people for the last 40 years, I'm ready to do it.
I'll do anything that I can do to awaken the American people as to what is happening to them.
That's why I ran for president in 2012 when I saw.
I've seen it my whole life.
My whole life I've seen where it's going because I saw where it came from.
I saw when I was three years old those people.
I saw them come to America and flourish and come back from the dead.
I love this country because it's the only country that gives people rights over government, and people better wake up and realize that and take it back.
You can't just sit there and expect because your leaders look like you that they're on your side.
Well, they're not!
They're not!
They don't care about you.
Like George Carlin said, they're in a big club and we ain't in it.
We're prey!
Our children are prey.
We have to wake up.
We have to take our power back.
We do.
We have to turn to each other.
That's all we have is our faith in God and our faith in each other.
And truth.
That's all we have is truth.
And I was trying to make a point.
You can't live under a lie.
You can't live with lies and say nothing and not question them.
Because look where it leads.
It leads to a holocaust.
Every time lies lead to a holocaust.
That's what I'm trying to say and how dare they twist it.
And you know what is so sad to me is that it's always, you know, it is primarily Jewish liberal people on the left who always come after me because I'm such a threat to them.
And like, Jews like me are such a threat to them in Israel, too.
That's what's happening in Israel.
You know, why Obama goes over there and pours all his money and all, you know, uses his charisma against the Jewish people in Israel.
He gets all those leftists over there.
They have judicial fiat like we had, and people in this country are celebrating judicial fiat when they overturned Roe v. Wade.
That was a blow against the empire and they don't even know it.
They're like, That was against judicial fiat, which means that a group of elitists from, you know, leftward universities who care nothing about national sovereignty or human rights in any way, you can see it now, it's becoming clearer to people, I hope.
But they make the laws that everybody lives under, but that's not the kind of republic we live in.
It's up by and for the people and for each community to decide the standards by under which they live.
For God's sake, that's what we're here for.
But when a group of six or eight, largely men, decide for every woman in this country
what the laws are, and for every taxpayer where their tax money will go, even if they're
opposed morally to where that money goes, they have to do it.
That isn't freedom, and that was overturned, and that was a great blow for civil rights,
and people don't even know it because they're so completely brainwashed.
They're so completely stupid.
And the left in this country has weaponized stupidity and mental illness, and they're
using that just like Hitler did for his street gangs.
And that is the truth.
They're the brown shirts.
And people better—I just want people to wake up.
I don't want to go that way.
I don't want my grandkids going that way.
I don't want your grandkids going that way.
I don't even care if you're an atheist or an agnostic or anything else.
I don't want no kids going that way.
Look what they're doing to kids.
Oh my God.
Talk about Nazis.
They're sterilizing children without their parents' approval.
That's what it is.
They're brainwashing him into thinking that they are going to be helped by being sexually mutilated and sterilized.
What are you talking about, people?
I can't stand it!
I'm a grandmother.
I'm not gonna go silently.
I'm not gonna shut up.
You're not gonna call me stupid.
I'm smarter.
Like I said in my movie at the end of my Roseanne for President movie to these same people, I have more brains in my shit than you got in your whole damn family!
You don't call me stupid!
You don't call me an anti-Semite!
You hate God!
You hate the Jewish people!
You hate the only Jewish state on Earth!
Why don't you go over there to some of these other countries and talk about what they do?
Israel is completely integrated, you liars!
I'm sick of you!
I'm sick that you call yourselves Jews and you're not!
You're Sabbatean Frankists!
You're goat-worshipping!
You're goat-worshippers!
You know, Alex, the Sabbatean Frankists The Jewish people way, way back in the day, they used to cast all their sins onto a scapegoat.
That's where the whole scapegoat thing came from.
And the scapegoat would run, and it would run off a cliff, and then they'd, you know, this was primitive times, and it wasn't just Jewish people that did it, it was, you know, old Canaanite stuff.
But, you know, that's how they would, like, repent or free themselves of their sins, or, you know, that was their mentality.
Well, the Sabbatean Frankists, they thought there's two ways to bring, you know, they called it, you know, messianic What do you call it?
Spirituality, like a great utopian thing.
There's either to do it the way God wants you to.
They believe to bring the Messiah, you gotta bring the Messiah there to do a certain thing.
They thought, well there's bringing it the way God wants you to, which they thought, well that'll never happen.
Or there's doing it the way evil wants you to do it.
And they thought, well that'll be easier.
And that's what they do.
And that's what they still do.
They're they were that's why they worship a goat and an owl because they think well through evil we're going to bring utopia because they can't Do it the right way, and they don't want to do it the right way, and they sink lower and lower and lower into degradation, so low that it's going to blow people's minds when they find out how evil they are.
And they are so evil.
I mean, I said that the devil has turned in his resignation when he saw what these people do, and he's like, I'm out of the devil business once I see what these people are up to.
And I think that it's going to be exposed, don't you Alex?
Absolutely, and since you mentioned it, take Bohemian Grove, that is a mixture of ancient Canaanite Babylonian, but also Druidic and Germanic and even Faustian and Medieval Black Magic.
Because I had mainline scholars, professors that weren't even religious say, you know, that's what this is.
They looked at the ritual and it goes on for like an hour and a half and they invoke all this and they have an effigy of a child, like a scapegoat, that they put all their sins on, then they burn it and then they're safe for a year.
So they're literally Doing these rituals and believing that it's going to protect them, and so it just keeps going back to this.
Why don't they just ask God to heal them and repent?
But again, they just do these weird rituals.
Well you know why they do those rituals on kids is because that's how they control a perfect mind slave.
Because they create different compartments in the kids' minds.
They shatter the kids' personality in their minds so they create a perfect assassin and a perfect street gang brown shirt Nazi.
That, you know, can go and, you know, gas a bunch of people and then go home and have dinner with their family.
That's what they do.
They torture children so that they can become assassins, murderers, and continue... By the way, that was declassified.
That's MKUltra was torturing children to create mind slaves.
And even Robert Kennedy Jr.
just tweeted a big article here, Mainstream News, New docs link CIA to medical torture on indigenous children and black prisoners.
Why doesn't the ADL talk about that?
Why don't they talk about George Soros saying the best time of his life was rounding up Jews in Eastern Europe, how he was proud to do it, and how it was invigorating?
Well, you know, he threatened to sue me, Alex, and I had to, oh my God, when I did my tweet and talked about him too being part of it, You know, he threatened to sue me, so I had to say, you know, I do apologize to the slave, 14-year-old slave, George Soros, who had no choice in what he did, but it's what he did after that's, you know, equally as bad when he collapsed currencies all over the world and made people starve and die in, you know, a living hell.
He does it all over the world and he's proud of it, gets richer and richer.
But people never will really tell the truth.
I don't think they're allowed to tell the truth, but I feel like God pushes me and he's like, you got to do it, Rosanna.
I'm like, do I have to?
It never works out for me.
Why don't you get somebody that people, you know, listen to?
He's like, no, it has to be you.
You have to do it.
That's what's inside of me.
I have to do it.
I got like Tourette's or something.
I can't be silent.
I went and watched the full interview with you and Theo Vaughn, and you said all this in context.
So watch, folks.
When they take this interview that you're watching live, or tape later, and they edit it and you hear, Roseanne Barr doubles down, says Holocaust didn't happen.
That's not what she said.
She comes from Holocaust Survivors.
She was saying, you're going to deny the shots are killing people and deny there's election fraud.
Well, let's just deny this.
See how you like that.
No, it's all wrong to deny crimes.
It's wrong to deny the murder of a million and a half people by the Young Turks in Turkey just because they were Christian, the Armenian Genocide.
It's wrong to deny these crimes.
Now, I've got a lot of questions.
I want to go to the next hour with you.
If you need to take a break or so, we'll take five minutes at the start of the next hour here in about ten minutes.
But, Roseanne, just all the other big issues, what do you make Of mainline top comedians coming out and saying, okay, the shot is poison.
Okay, we got lied to.
What do you make of RF Kennedy Jr., you know, just coming out and sounding like you and myself and so many others?
I mean, I think there is a great awakening happening right now.
And before I get your take on that, I want to play this clip.
It's only 50 seconds.
This is clip 14.
Legendary comedians Dane Carby and David Spade destroy Dr. Fauci, I mean, it seems to me like we're really starting to go over the top here.
Tell me if I'm wrong, but let's go to this clip.
I miss COVID.
I know.
Dude, you know what I knew?
There was trouble when anyone that came to our country didn't have to get a vaccine.
And I go, if you're telling me I can't go to work, but everyone, everyone coming in doesn't have to get one.
I go, well, once we found out when Fauci said, Okay, I'm sorry.
If you've had two boosters and two vaccines, you can get and give COVID to another guy who's had five vaccines and four boosters.
What's the difference between a vaccine and a booster?
I don't know.
It's just more vaccine, but booster sounds better.
Anyway, a guy with 25 vaccines would get and give COVID to another guy with 25 vaccines.
That's why I'm introducing the daily COVID shot.
Every day you get a shot.
By the time you get to your car, you got no immunity.
But it's a beautiful 39 seconds.
But it's killed so many people and erased their immune systems.
So what is the moment we're at, Roseanne, right now?
Are we winning?
Are we losing?
What do you think?
Well, I just want to say to those two comics, hey, you know, better late than never, guys, and I'm glad you joined up.
You know, I wish you would have defended me five years ago when I stood there alone.
And, you know, for the ones that did, Owen Benjamin, a lot of other comics, Monique, a lot of really people with soul and heart.
Thank you.
You too, Alex.
But, you know, I've always been a fighter.
I'm never going to give up, you know, until God takes me off this planet.
I'm an old bitch, and I won't never stop being an old bitch.
I think comedy is going to save the world, as I always was thinking.
You know, when I was a little girl and I used to entertain those Holocaust survivors, we said, Shoah.
But I...
I just love making people laugh, because I saw they were thinking, because their eyes were moving, you know?
And they were looking up and down and thinking, and I love being able to bring that forth.
And I always was reading the Bible and, you know, Torah too, because that was my hobby.
Them and medical books, looking for my diseases.
But when I read Psalms 2 it was really deep to me because in Psalms chapter 2 it says that God sits on his throne in heaven and he laughs at the hubris of humans.
And so all my jokes and everything including the one you saw me including the thing I did which was satire but you have to have a half a brain to understand satire.
That I did on Theo Vance, all my jokes.
I write for God to make God laugh, because God's a great comedian, and he gets my jokes, and I don't care if the idiots don't.
So, of course there was a Holocaust, you idiots!
I lived through it.
When I was three years old, they made me watch the Eichmann trials.
That's why I got multiple personalities from watching that, from hearing their stories that they would tell.
And they would point to me and say, little girls like her, they hung them on meat hooks.
How do you think a three-year-old handles that?
So don't you call me any Holocaust denier.
I deny nothing.
I don't deny that Stalin killed almost as many, if not more, Jews.
I don't deny that Mao, your idol, he killed, what, 50 million Chinese?
You guys love to kill people.
You're all salivating that you're going to get some Russians, too.
You're going to use your Ukrainian money to kill more Russians?
Let's talk about that because five years ago PBS, CNN said Ukraine's Nazi problem.
Because for those that don't know, you had a family that escaped Hitler during World War II.
The West was Nazi, the East was Soviet.
Well, they killed them in Ukraine, Alex.
They killed them.
The Ukrainians that we're supporting, they killed my family.
They buried them alive after they poisoned my grandmother's 12-year-old twin brothers.
Her mom went to the pharmacy because they were sick to get medicine.
They gave her cyanide for her twins, 12-year-olds.
That's what, in fact, when Hitler first got in in 33, they didn't round people up for five, six years.
At first, they would just poison you at the doctor's office.
That is classified.
That's classic United States COVID shit.
They get, they get the, they get, first they get the professors in the universities, as the Nazis did, let's just go from Germany.
First they get their fake science professors, which, you know, check.
And then they get their religious pulpits, check.
And then they get their doctors and their scientists, fake science, I call it mon-satan science, check.
And then they get the doctors, check.
We got it all.
You know, start looking for them trains, America.
Well, Roseanne, you're on fire more than ever.
You're always on fire.
Fire on fire.
But let's just go back to this.
They even came out in the New York Times.
Hitler stole that election, too.
I forgot to say this.
You know, Hitler didn't really win.
He stole that election, too.
The German people never elected him fairly.
Well, you're right.
He barely won the presidency, and people think there was a lot of fraud.
And then he convinced von Hindenburg as chancellor to step down, and then he unified the presidency that's the lower house and the chancellery that's the upper.
Using the Workers' Party socialists.
Yeah, into the dictatorship, exactly.
So, what I'm saying is, the New York Times came out two weeks ago, or three weeks ago, and said, yes, a lot of the Ukrainian troops are Nazis, yes, they have swastika tattoos, yes, they howl Hitler, but they're good people.
So, we literally have our media saying real Nazis are good, but then Roseanne Barr is a Nazi.
I mean, it's just, it doesn't, it doesn't float.
People aren't buying it.
So, what about my question?
Is there a Great Awakening?
Unified field of bullshit and it's backward day every single day, Alex.
That's how the devil likes it.
The devil is a trickster and he loves to fool with us.
He loves to get us thinking good is bad and bad is good.
Remember, they put snake venom in that shit.
That's how we got, that's what COVID is.
It's snake venom.
Think about that.
The snake, the Garden of Eden, snake, snake, snake.
Think about it.
It's the HIV delivery system and you cannot make this up.
To me it's so crazy because they don't even censor the videos on Twitter.
There'll be a video with 5 million views that the Ukrainian military puts out where they're doing blood and soil rituals where they cut their arms, jump in a grave, bleed in it, hail Zelensky, and they're hailing Hitler to a Jewish guy, Zelensky, It's like, like you said, it's the devil.
It's total trickster stuff.
Just totally bizarre, insane.
Here's what one of my rabbi friends said, though, because, like, you know what they told me on YouTube?
Well, if you want to get monetized, Roseanne, because I'm trying to get a job, like I told somebody, I said...
I support a large family of lazy Jews.
They fired me off all my jobs.
I'm trying to podcast, you know, because I have a lot to say.
It isn't that I'm doing it just for money.
I'm like you, Alex.
I am on fire.
But so they told me, well, you can't be monetized on YouTube unless you support the Ukrainian war.
To me, so I called my rabbi.
I'm like one of my rabbi friends.
I'm like, how am I supposed to do that?
And you know what he told me?
This was really great.
He said, Think about how God works, Roseanne.
He's using a Jewish guy, Zelensky, to destroy the Ukrainian Nazis.
And I went, wow!
God really is funny.
He really is funny.
That's cool.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think of Ye?
Do you think he was doing the same thing you're doing?
Because he wouldn't tell me what his intention was.
I don't know.
coming on and saying Hitler's great, he loves Hitler.
What do you think that was?
The mask, I mean, I don't know, I'm just asking your opinion.
I tried to contact him because I think he has a good, I think he has a good impulse,
but he needs some wires connected.
I felt his impulse was there was something good trying to happen there but he needs some real big wires connected that his culture and background does not know how to connect and you know a lot of people who Don't know what I know, it's impossible for them to connect it.
And that's another reason why I'm podcasting, so that people are going to be able to connect it, because it is going to be a very powerful weapon against the one who wants us all dead.
Who wants everyone with the soul dead, who wants all of our life force to steal it from us, to get at our children.
That's the real thing they want.
That's the real thing the devil wants, is innocent children.
And so, you know, he's got a lot of wires that aren't connected.
He has bipolar disorder, and they probably got him on the wrong meds, but he can correct it with the right kind of meditation, as have I. And I love to help him, and I called his family, and I have offered my help, and they did call me back, but I didn't find the message for three months.
I'll offer it again.
Kanye, I like to help you understand what you don't understand.
There's a lot you don't understand, and in love I got to help you.
So when we get back we should both call him and try to figure out what's going on because I think he means well.
We're gonna go to break.
You take a five minute break.
You've done a great job.
Yes, ma'am.
I don't want to tattle on you, but yes.
You get a six-minute break.
So you get six minutes.
Please stick with us next hour.
Let's come back and talk RFK Jr., Trump indictments, the new world order.
How incredible.
But folks, she said all this on Theo Vaughn.
They cut it out.
They're going to do it here again.
It's why the mainstream media is dead.
They're not mainstream, the dinosaur media.
So we're going to play some promos and stuff.
And in the first five minutes of the next hour, then Roseanne Barr will be back in six minutes.
They count this break eight minutes.
So, we'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, with our number three with Roseanne Barr, Madmaxworld.tv and fullwars.com.
Stay with us.
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Do the right thing.
Be safe and not sorry.
I'm strongly recommending for adolescents to get their two doses of vaccine and fully immunized after those two doses.
Advanced technology that can help save lives.
This is going to be a long lasting vaccine.
A long lasting vaccine.
A few moments later.
We're seeing that two doses is not holding up well for emergency room visits.
It's not holding up well for hospitalizations.
Everyone's going to need a booster.
You need that third immunization.
Triple the amount!
Get that third immunization.
The two mRNA vaccines were always a three-dose vaccine.
The two mRNA vaccines were always a three-dose vaccine.
I've always said this is a three-dose vaccine.
I've always said this is a three-dose vaccine.
This is a three-dose vaccine.
But I'm not done yet!
Oh god, not this again.
Oh boy.
The problem is, it's not holding up.
So we may have to look at sort of innovative solutions.
Oh God, not this again.
A fourth immunization.
Oh boy.
Just to keep them going.
To keep the country going.
We have to consider some out of the box things.
A fourth immunization.
A fourth immunization.
Get that second boost.
A second boost to keep the country going.
I've made that recommendation.
A fourth immunization.
But I'm still not done!
Unfortunately, the numbers are starting to trend up again.
So the hospitalizations are up.
And so the most important message that I have this morning is get your new bivalent booster.
Willie and Lise were saying they got their booster and I was like, oh, I need to get mine.
And then I found out they're talking about the third shot.
And is that the bivalent, or is it the fourth booster, or does it matter?
Don't worry so much about the number of... There's no wrong way to use it!
You have to get it.
This new bivalent booster... You can double or triple stack them!
The new bivalent one is doing a much better job.
You have to get a booster.
You need to get this new bivalent booster.
That bivalent booster for COVID.
But does everyone ages 12 and older need a booster?
The answer is yes.
And by the way, if you're over 50 and have gotten two boosters, and more than two to four months out, you're gonna need a third booster as well, a fifth immunization.
I don't think we're gonna need an annual booster like flu.
Dr. Hotez supports yearly boosters, just like flu.
But I'm still not done!
It looks as though the boosters are not holding up quite as well as we'd like.
And I think our thinking is going to change and that what's going to happen is every, you know, few months, we may need another booster.
Perfect results each and every time!
You know, we just could not overcome that massive disinformation campaign.
These fake concepts of herd immunity and discrediting masks.
Dr. Hotez, you are a national treasure.
It is picking off young people like we've never seen.
Dr. Peter Hotez, that was extremely informative.
Disinformation that you're hearing that kids are fine, it's nonsense.
Kids need to get that vaccination.
You healthcare workers have been our saviors.
Watch out for that misinformation.
Dr. Peter Hotez is probably one of the smartest people on this topic.
If you haven't gotten your five and ups vaccinated yet, now's the time to do that.
Dr. Peter Hotez, thank you for saving the world.
We also support giving that third immunization for the 12 to 17 year olds.
People have to feel safe.
Dr. Hotez, you are a voice of reason.
Take down the fake information.
These fake concepts of herd immunity.
No last hope.
...is to vaccinate our way through this.
Make certain that everybody's vaccinated, including their kids.
That's the single most important thing right now the American people have to do.
Dr. Peter Hotez was the person that we'd like to go to for this sort of expertise.
The single most impactful thing you can do is make certain that you're fully boosted and preferably too boosted.
Lucky Pox is a global emergency.
And it's accelerating among a specific social network of men who have sex with men, not because it's sexually transmitted.
Monkeypox is sexually transmitted.
Almost exclusively.
Before we let you go, we have to stop and applaud you because a lot of MSNBC viewers
have watched you constantly for the last three years or so and have come to trust you.
I don't know if they fully appreciate what you have done.
So Roseanne Barr is an iconic TV host and comedian, and she's become even more iconic
in the last six, seven years for being censored for saying George Soros works for Hitler,
though he said it was the best time of his life and everything else. But that's how it works.
So now, we see Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
being censored for saying that Atrazine sterilizes frogs and also bends the gender of humans.
In studies.
And now Google and YouTube have censored another video of him.
That's presidential election meddling.
And this just broke.
This is the New York Times and Axios.
Bolsonaro, whose son is a member of parliament there, Congress, said we helped wake him up years ago, has been banned by the communist government that clearly stole the last election from running.
So if you question that there was election meddling, this is election meddling.
The government's saying he can't run for office, just like they're trying to get Trump to be ineligible, just like they don't want Tucker to be able to continue his show.
They want him silenced.
They want us silenced.
This is outrageous.
Brazil court bars Bolsonaro from running for office for eight years.
Brazil's highest court, that was always at war with him, voted Friday to ban former president Bolsonaro from running for high office for eight years for undermining the country's democracy and making false claims about his voting system.
So because he pointed out that he only lost in one city, and they found all these magic votes, it's just right to say that.
Just like here in the U.S., oh, it's illegal to question election fraud unless you're a Democrat or a Communist.
They're saying you can't have who you want to vote for because he said we're trying to keep him from voting for him.
I'll say that again.
You can't have who you want to vote for because he said we want to keep him from voting for him.
You can't have this candidate because you and this candidate say we're trying to keep him from voting for him.
So now you can't vote for him.
20 plus members of Congress that were at the Capitol who supported the January 6 peaceful protest, like MTG and Gozer and others, the Democratic Party went into state court and tried to block them from running for office because they're popular.
This is pure election meddling.
That's what the censorship is.
That's what all this control is.
It's outrageous.
It's in your face.
The populist former president will also be banned from seeking any lower office.
The ruling, if upheld after an expected appeal, will prevent Bolsonaro from running in the next presidential election scheduled for 2026.
As we know, when you still want an election, it makes the person more popular.
Look at Trump.
This is a perfect example of what's happening.
What is your view on the indictments of Trump, Jack Smith?
What's your view on RFK Jr.?
A lot to cover.
Roseanne Barr.
I think that, you know, somebody should sue the entire government under RICO.
They should get Giuliani.
He won under RICO.
I won a couple of lawsuits under RICO against tabloids, and I won upwards of seven figures.
All you have to do is prove organized crime, which I think, you know, Durham, he sort of proved that already.
It's organized crime.
It's a criminal cabal that runs our country and they do nothing legal.
Everything they do is illegal.
They don't care about our laws.
They just make new laws and they're not even supposed to be making legislation.
But they do.
It's judicial fiat like in Israel.
You know, a bunch of really communist left-wing people in Israel have taken over the judicial
system there.
And what they do is, if you are a religious Jew in Israel and you go under the left-wing judicial system there, you are automatically guilty.
And people don't know that.
It's like an extreme example of what's in America.
It's like To the left of America, the attack on religious people or people who, you know, have any belief system at all that isn't secular humanism, which secular humanism is a gateway drug to Satanism, I think.
But, you know, and it really is if you think about it.
And that brings me back to the whole story of Cain versus Abel, which people don't know.
But their fight was that Abel said that there is a judge of the universe.
And Cain said, there is no judge.
That's ridiculous.
That was their fight.
People don't know that.
And that is the fight we're having still today.
And then, you know, Cain was a blood drinker, and so are the people who say the very same thing today.
The Bible, I believe, was written, and it's timeless, and it means it applies more.
To today than it did in the past.
It's about today, right now.
It's a time machine that is about right now.
And I do teach that and talk about that with people, which is what I would talk to Kanye about.
I don't think he has those two wires put together about... People say that this is a kind of a war about good versus evil, and I wish they knew just how dead on they are and why.
This is true.
Is that what you asked me?
I know I went off there.
No, that's exactly where I'm going.
What do you make of R.F.K.
He's a truth teller.
I hate that he's... I mean, I think that he's waking up Democrats.
I don't think they could hear anything Trump, you know, says.
But I love that he respects Trump and that he says Trump is a great debater and he, you know, respects and has love for Trump because his whole family did.
We all know that Trump was a very dear friend of JFK Jr.
and they were very tight and I'm sure they talked about a lot of things and I'm sure that Trump is a friend of RFK Jr.
So it's good.
It's like maybe a needed healing for our nation to bring people together because if we don't Get together and like I in my act I say why can't we use all the hatred we have for each other and make it work for us get together with all of our hatred and just point it upward together at the guilty instead of each other let's take all of the hatred we feel for each other
That they've farmed us to do and just, you know, instead of hating each other, let's just point it upwards at the people who are doing all of this to us.
Let's put our hate upward.
Because people say, oh, we've got to love, we've got to forgive and love, and that's all crap.
God tells us who we are to hate evil and to do everything we can to fight and destroy it.
He doesn't say love and forgive it.
We're under mind control to say we're supposed to forgive all the horrible things that are done to us.
We're supposed to fight it and destroy it.
We're supposed to bring it to its knees.
It needs to go.
I totally agree.
There's so many topics, so many angles, so many things.
We can cover and hit here.
You got to be on God's side, Alex.
You can't be tricked into being fooled and tricked to be on the side of evil.
And that's what I just see people being tricked and fooled into being on the side of evil.
And you know, they don't think they're going to be judged for it because they don't believe that there is a judge, but there is a judge.
And I'm one of them.
I'm going to judge them.
I feel like I have been called to judge them.
You know, my family name is David, and I'm very proud of that.
I'm from the tribe and the house of David, and I'm probably the last of my line, one of them.
But I'll stand here in it and talk and say and speak for, you know, till God takes me away from this world, I will do it.
I want to go over some major articles with you and get your take on some major issues here in a moment.
But before we do that, you do a podcast.
You've got a website.
We'll put it on screen.
I said it wrong.
It's RoseanneBarr.com, not RoseanneWorld.
And you can find my podcast where you find all the podcasts, Rumble, whatever they're called, Rumble.
You know, I don't know.
Well, I want listeners to realize that they know who you are, they like what you're saying, but they have to remember the way we get around censors and break the back of the system is promoting people that are telling the truth and opening up minds.
Go to RoseanneBar.com Well, that's what I said on Theo, because you're not allowed to say, hey, they stole.
I had to use sarcasm to say, of course Biden got 81 million votes by winning 36 counties.
I had to use sarcasm.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be nowhere.
And then they say, you can't use sarcasm either?
Of course Biden can win the Ironman.
Of course Biden can fly.
Of course though, you know, Hitler didn't kill anybody.
And then they have the nerve, because I went and watched the full show, you did that, to say that you literally were saying that.
That is so sick.
It is sick.
And the people through it.
They knew they were doing it too.
They knew that they removed the Biden part of it on purpose.
So they're that evil.
They want me dead.
You know, and then they killed my character and all my friends who, you know, are whistleblowers.
I have a lot of friends that are whistleblowers.
They said, they killed you to send a message because they want you with your face in the dirt with their jackboot grinding it in the dirt.
They're trying to send a psychological message for you that you're finished and that you should kill yourself.
And I felt that they were doing that to me too.
But unluckily for them, I have God and they can't do nothing about that.
They can't take me away from God.
They can't shut God up and they can't shut me up either.
And here I am back.
I'm 70 and I feel like I'm 16 years old because I'm that pissed.
Well, you're definitely on fire.
I will fight for this country till I'm dead and gone, and then probably I might come back from the dead to do it some more.
Well, I want to run through a laundry list of topics with you than any other topics you want.
I don't want to open the phones up and then take like 20 calls.
We don't have time.
But what if we randomly open the phones up and take, say, five, six phone calls?
I love it.
I love talking to people.
That's cool.
All right.
So listen, we're going to open the phones up right now.
We'll put six, seven calls on the board.
Questions for Roseanne Barr or statements?
And we're just going to go right to you.
Get your quick comment.
That's the time we'll have next segment.
That's still about 10 minutes.
We got a break.
15 minutes to break.
We're going to give the number out.
Alex, quick questions or comments for Roseanne Barr.
2539-877-789-2539, 877-789. Alex, quick questions or comments for Roseanne Barr, 877-789-2539.
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But your word of mouth is king.
You're not the tail, you're the dog.
When you promote the show, when you share clips, when you pray for us, when you buy products, you allow us to continue on in the face of incredible attacks and incredible censorship.
And I'm so blessed 29 years on air have come so far and to actually while I'm
still alive see the light at the end of the tunnel. This fight is so close
right now so thank you all for your support and your word of mouth to promote what
Roseanne's doing what I'm doing is so much more. All right Roseanne I got a
hundred questions while we're getting these callers on the board here as they call
in but just think because you're millions are listening to you right now and
millions will watch this later.
What else is on your radar screen?
What else is key to you?
What else do you want to impart to viewers?
I interrupted you with a break an hour ago.
You said, I want to talk about the Holocaust and how it's a sacrifice and how they're doing new sacrifices against us.
And I agree that was a satanic ritual by the Nazis.
They admitted it.
And it's similar cults now.
I mean, describe what you meant by that and then other points you want to make before we go to calls.
Well, I believe that the Holocaust was a ritual sacrifice of Jewish blood because they are always going after Jewish blood.
It's at a premium.
It still is.
I mean, you know, the UN pays for Jewish blood, you know, from their NGOs.
Nazi NGOs pay for Jewish blood and, you know, and then the UN Oh my God, they're so evil.
Oh my God, they're so evil.
They're trying to erase Jewish history in Jerusalem and Judea, where the Jewish people come from, where the Bible, it's about, they're trying to get rid of the Bible, I think, and God.
But it's all about sacrificing Jewish lives and who's behind it are people, you follow the money, who gets rich when the Jewish people are killed and their property is Absorbed.
Think about it.
I agree.
Please continue on that line.
Well, it's the Rothschilds, the banker, the Rothschild banking family gets rich when they kill Jewish people and that's what happened in World War II.
They, they leveraged the lives of Jews.
That's how they got rich in the first place.
They took the property of the Jews they set up and that's what the evil Jews do and it says that in the Bible.
God told Moses don't take... They're called the Arab Rav.
That's what I want to tell Kanye.
Don't say Jews, Kanye.
Say Arab Rav.
That's what the Bible says, that God told Moses, don't take them out.
They're mixed with Pharaoh.
They're mixed with the Babylonian bloodline, the Arab.
God told Moses, leave them in Egypt.
Don't take them out.
And Moses argued with God.
And Moses said, but you yourself said, anybody can change.
Anybody can repent.
Anybody can come to you.
And God said, they can't change.
Because they're mixed in with that bloodline.
They cannot change.
And Moses said, but you yourself say, God, that anyone can have a change of heart.
And so God said to Moses, OK, take him out and see what happens.
God said, have it your way.
So what happened?
The first thing they did when Moses was 10 minutes late, they built a golden calf to Hathor, the cow that the Egyptian, you know, Satanist child sacrificers worshipped.
Every single thing in deep Judaism, it says, every single thing that befalls the Jewish people, it does not come from the Gentiles, it comes from the heir of Ra.
They set up the Jewish people because they become Rich when they turn in their fellows.
It's about the enemy within.
It isn't about the Gentile nations or any of the stuff that they come and spread that crap.
It is about them.
They hate us because we believe that there is a judge and they being from Cain, they believe there is no judge.
In other words, they believe there is no God above them besides a cow or an owl or something like that, you know, the goat.
But, and the Rothschilds, you can see in their parties, they wear goat heads.
You know, they are child sacrificers, and they call themselves Jews, but they are in no way Jews.
But Moses took them out, and that's why Moses was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.
And in his final speech, to the nations which the Bible says that he spoke in
you know every tongue at the same time and everybody heard him so he spoke in
several languages and of course this is allegory and it's about spiritual
it's about the spiritual war it isn't like word for word it's about those
war in the spirit world and And, you know, he regretted that.
And, you know, he wished he had not done it.
And so here they are, and the Bible tells us that they are responsible.
They delay the redemption of humanity more than any other group.
And all you have to do is look around at these people.
Oh, they're at the top.
It says they're easily identifiable because they sit at the top of every power structure and all they do is destroy.
They can't create anything.
All they do is destroy and their prized possession is to destroy the hearts and souls of the people who have hearts and souls and who, you know, believe in God.
That's what they feed on and they love creating our fear.
They love, they get Energy from making us fear them and from making us think that they rule us, but in reality they don't.
It's just all artificial intelligence.
We've got to go to break in a few minutes to come back with callers.
Lines are loaded up here, but I wanted to ask you.
How do you term Arab Rav to the human beings?
Because you need to know that.
Stop saying the Jews, say the Arab Rav.
That means good teachers of bad information.
You mentioned the mutilation of children and the whole transgender cult.
It's everywhere.
They're passing laws to arrest you.
They're passing laws to take children away from parents if the parents won't let the state cut their genitals off.
This is just unbelievable evil.
This is sacrifice of children's future.
And when they commit suicide, they say, "Oh, they committed suicide because you weren't nice to them."
No. The National Institutes of Health did a study.
They committed suicide because of the chemicals and the surgeries.
The suicide of people who've had the gender, you know, affirming care,
It's far higher than people who commit suicide because they feel they're in the wrong body and they're lying about every bit of it.
You know what?
They're doing it for money.
They got the insurance companies to cover it and they're just making money.
They're making bank on it, mutilating kids, making them sterile.
You think that a seven-year-old kid understands that they'll never have sex?
They will never have sex.
They'll never have an orgasm, they will never have children, and they'll never have sex in their life.
You think a seven-year-old understands that?
But Gavin Newsom thinks they do.
Well, they know it's the next best thing to kill them in the womb or human sacrifice.
Well, they can get in there and put their hands all over their genitals, I think.
Oh boy, that's their big thrill.
And it's just pedophilia.
That's what they're trying to do at the UN level.
And nobody knows that Luke Bader Ginsburg She just tried to lower the age of consent herself, and she's everybody's hero.
She was right there doing it.
She wanted to lower the age of consent below 12.
And what are they all saying?
Oh, children have the right to have sex with adults that are perverts.
That's the official UN policy with a dozen judges.
Legalize sex.
Any child wants to have sex, let them do it.
Can they buy cigarettes?
Can they buy a gun?
Can they join the military?
Children have to be protected.
It's Cain saying, there is no judge.
That's why they don't like Israel either, because they want to get rid of that.
Because Israel and Jews and Christians and Muslims say, but there is a judge.
No, there isn't.
That's what they're saying.
There is no judge.
Well, that's what Dr. Zelenko said before he died.
He was so smart.
Were you familiar with Dr. Zelenko?
He was a dear, dear, dear friend that tried to save my sister's life.
He tried to save my little sister's life, and unfortunately, she died.
Yeah, I had family almost killed by these people, and I'm mad, and they really are evil, and they are against God, and I know that's what they're doing.
RoseanneBarr.com, we're at MadMaxWorld.tv, because you can't share InfoWars.com or Man.Video on most platforms, but you can share MadMaxWorld.tv, that takes you to Man.Video, not just my show, but the other shows, and all the remote channels.
I want to ask Roseanne, we'll give her her own channel.
She'll duplicate and repost her great material.
We'd love to have her.
I love that.
You know what, Alex?
I was going to dress up like you today and do my impression of you since you weren't here and I was sitting in your chair.
I practiced it all last night, but then I thought, oh, you might be mad.
And I didn't know you as well.
I love being made fun of.
That's the funnest thing.
Come back and do it.
You don't look like me.
You're much prettier.
But when you come back, do the Alex Jones impression.
Roseanne Barr, your phone calls straight ahead.
We'll be back in just a few minutes.
Roseanne, you got four minutes.
Take a quick break.
Your film is now ready to be shown.
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm so glad that you could join us today.
For this Wednesday, July 25th, 2001 broadcast.
Two months before 9-11, Alex Jones went on live television and predicted that there was going to be a major false flag terror attack.
Tyranny is enveloping the globe, and the United States is a shining jewel the globalists want to bring down, and they will use terrorism As the pretext to get it done.
We know the government's planning terrorism.
We know Oklahoma City and World Trade Center was terrorism.
We know the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted to blow up airliners.
If you do it, we're gonna blame you, because we know who's up to it.
Alex said the terrorist attack would take place in New York City.
Specifically, the World Trade Center.
Orchestrated by the CIA's boogeyman, Osama Bin Laden.
Or if you let some terrorist group do it, like the World Trade Center, we know who to blame.
If any terrorism comes, it's from this government.
And if there was an outside threat, like a bin Laden, who was a known CIA asset in the 80s, running the Mujahideen War, and whose family builds all the military bases over in Saudi Arabia right now, and sits on the board of Iridium Satellite, he's the boogeyman they need in this Orwellian phony system.
Tomorrow's News Today.
And we are back live as we wage war on corruption here.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Roseanne Barr is back in the studio.
Talk about huge breaking news.
I just read a tweet from Elon Musk that I wasn't aware of about Paul Ehrlich.
I talked about him earlier today, who helped write the U.S.
government plan for eugenics depopulation, basically Hitler 2.0.
Dealing with the sterilization of 8 million Native Americans in a project that he was involved in.
And Elon Musk says, Paul Ehrlich has done immense damage to humanity.
I despise him.
That's in a big article by Shane Cashman.
Everybody loves Alex Jones.
The story's not really about me.
It's just about the crazy world that's going on.
I mean, I'm part of the story, but that's up on InfoWars.com.
It's a very long article full of a lot of really wild stuff, and he only posted part of it.
The full article's at TimCast.com.
So, it was great to have him in the studio with us a few weeks ago, and a really impressive article he's written.
I've read the whole thing.
I've read like a third of it.
It's long.
Shane Cashman.
You can see that right there.
So, Rosie, before we go to these calls, here we are.
I mean, we are really We are really seeing the Great Awakening, but I don't want to be overconfident.
How do you think the bad guys are going to strike back?
Strike back?
Is that what you're asking?
I mean, they never give up.
I mean, what is your concern of how they're going to throw a curveball at us?
Well, I think they had horrible things up their sleeve.
I had a dream in 2000 which I reported.
You know, I always have dreams that come true.
You know, you're kind of prescient and you see the future too, Alex, because you're filled with Spirit of God.
You're a man of God, and that's why I love you, Alex.
I told you that before.
But I have dreams, and then they come true, too.
But I saw something horrible in 2000 in a dream, and I reported it to the FBI, because I don't know, I didn't know who else to report it to, and nothing was done.
And, of course, it happened.
I'm not going to go into it.
And I think it's, I think they got, I think they want to, now I'm shaking, I think they want to use horrible weapons against the American people.
I think they want to do something horrible to the American people here.
I think that's why they're trying to force, trying to back Putin into a corner so that he uses the big one against us.
But I don't think he will because he believes in God, too, he says.
I think you're right.
They're trying to get us into a nuclear war.
Yeah, I do think that that's what they got up their sleeve.
But luckily for us, Trump locked down Cheyenne Mountain.
And you know, I know a lot of people, Alex, I talked to a lot of people and they said Trump locked down the nuclear codes in Cheyenne Mountain because he knew that that's what they had up their sleeves.
So, you know, I don't think that God's going to allow him to do that.
And, you know, the Bible says, I'm just telling people this, the Bible says that the end of the era of Rob is coming and that they will be finished by 2025.
And that's what I pray for.
I pray that these evil people are done and I think that they are done and that they know they're done and their desperation is a horrifying thing for us because what will they do now that they know they're done?
I don't know.
I totally agree.
Let's take some calls.
Tito in California, you're on the air with Roseanne Barr.
Thanks, Tito.
Hello, hello.
Nice to meet you guys.
It's a pleasure.
I was born in Nicaragua and I came here as a little kid.
Nicaragua was a dictatorship socialist country, so I'm always trying to educate my Latino community on the traits that I'm seeing here in the United States of America.
I love this country.
I would die for this country.
And Rosanna, I just want to say thank you for all you're doing because it's hard for me to continue this battle because I get called a sellout and things like that, you know, because I used to be a Democrat and now I'm a Republican.
And I'm a part of a group called LegZit.
And, you know, it's a hard battle, but hearing you, it makes me continue to continue going forward.
And I just want to say thank you for that.
God bless you for telling me that.
You give me so much strength by telling me that.
God bless you, my brother.
Thank you.
Yeah, and look, I mean, Latinos, not Republicans are perfect, but they're better than Democrats, are like 30, 40% vote Republicans.
You're not alone, brother.
People sitting there being mean to you because you're getting off the plantation.
Everybody's in the process of waking up at one stage or another.
So thank you so much, Tito.
Let's go to Alvin in Texas to talk to Roseanne Barr.
Go ahead, Alvin.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, so Roseanne, I wanted to know how hopefully you can tell the folks why you chose, instead of going on Mass media, you know, like MSNBC or Fox or any other show, to defend yourself from what was clearly sargasm, though clumsy, what you said on CL Vaughn.
It wasn't clumsy, it was brilliant, excuse me.
Anyhow, why you would choose to go on a show where a guy like Alex Jones frequently platforms anti-semites like E. Michael Jones or Nick Fuentes, Or, you know, Paul Joseph Watson.
And these guys have publicly been anti-Semites.
And it doesn't make any sense.
It does with the context I brought today, which is about Arab Raab.
It does make sense.
And, you know, it does make sense.
And I want you to listen to what I said about Arab Raab.
And that is different from Jews.
So don't mix them up.
Well, let me, since he brought me in here, Roseanne, let me respond to Alvin.
Nice try with your seminar call, Ridiculous.
I don't agree with a lot of what Nick Fuentes says.
I don't even know who he is.
He's an interesting guy, but the point is, same thing with Ye.
So, you guys, the point is, we're gonna, there are two genders.
There are X and Y chromosomes.
Okay, now that's a fact, but I can have lunatics on, in fact, like Tucker Carlson used to do.
He used to get liberals on.
It was super informative.
I wish leftists would come on my show.
So, I've had communists on.
I've had Nazis on.
I've had transgender, you know, pedo promoters on to show how bad they are.
So the idea that you want to police my show and call somebody, trying to say, don't go on here.
It's quote, anti-Semitic.
It's just preposterous.
A, it's not true.
B, your tactic as a leftist.
Trying to control discourse.
As if NBC or any of them shows would have me on.
Or that I would go on there when they help poison Americans.
They would interview you for an hour and put 30 seconds out.
You come here because you know it's big and we're friends and I'm not going to censor you.
Well, because American people listen to you, Alex, and they don't listen to NBC and all their lies.
I mean, they help steal the election and they help put people in rest homes to die.
That's why I don't go on there.
And they called me a racist, as well, and tried to, you know, kill me.
That's why.
Thanks, though.
Have a nice day.
Yeah, but it's just they always want to gatekeep.
They always want to control information.
They always, these leftists have the same idiotic tactics.
Did you say anything about BDS, State Department's BDS, by the way?
I'm familiar with that.
No, him.
I'm talking to the guy.
He didn't say shit about it.
Did you say shit about it?
I am I still on?
I don't know.
Oh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Of course you don't.
So don't talk about anti semitism.
You're ill informed and ignorant.
Sorry, Alex.
I'm hanging up on your guests.
I agree.
We get rid of it.
He doesn't even know about massive boycotts on Israel.
He's an idiot.
When you were talking about the sterilization of 8 million First Nations people here, I want to say too, talking about holocausts and sacrifices, you know that there were 50 million American, First Nation, American Indians that were murdered by this government as well.
That was a holocaust on this continent.
Yeah, it doesn't take away from any other holocaust.
No, it's a holocaust everywhere.
After the holocaust in Germany, the Nazi world order, it didn't lose the war, it continued it, and it went to Brazil, it went to South America and experimented on captive populations there, murdered them.
It went to Indochina and did it.
It has never ended, for Christ's sake.
Hitler was only one branch of this system.
Let's go to John in New Hampshire.
John, you're on the air with Roseanne Barr.
Go ahead.
Alright, thanks.
It's an honor to speak to you, Roseanne.
I'm a watcher.
Your phone's breaking up.
Your phone's breaking up.
Your phone's breaking up.
You can talk right into your phone.
Put him on hold.
Get to a better spot, sir.
Get out of whatever building you're in or get to a better spot.
We'll go back to you.
Roseanne, I interrupted you when you talked about the Nazi-type mindset spread.
Start over.
What you're saying is true.
What MK Altered Nazi Mind Control Program does is create a perfect mind slave that never questions.
It never questions its role as a Being made into a docile wage slave and you are never allowed, your brain doesn't work so that you ever can place the blame upward.
You're not allowed to do that.
That's what mind control does.
It makes you place the blame laterally or downward so that you can feel smug and self-righteous.
That's what it does to you.
That's how it controls your mind.
But it never allows you to place the blame upward where it belongs.
Absolutely, absolutely on target.
Let's get another caller in here.
Let's go to William in North Carolina on the Affirmative Action Supreme Court ruling.
He has a question or comment for Roseanne Barr.
Go ahead.
Hi, can you hear me okay?
Yes, sir, go ahead.
All right, so real quick before I get to my call here, I just want to say to Roseanne I just want to say that all of the attacks and everything that's happening to you, and you said you had dreams and stuff like that, I just want to say that that's because you are a recipient of God's grace, and I just pray, and I know you're Jewish, but I still want to pray the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ upon you, and I pray that the Holy Ghost continues to enlighten you, and that's for you too, Alex.
Thank you.
Um, so, real quick, I just wanted to get your, uh, position on the Supreme Court, uh, finally getting rid of affirmative action and, you know, of course, the loving liberals freaking out about it because they're the real racists.
Oh my God, they are the real racists.
It's terrible.
They're the real racists because they love eugenics.
They love fake Nazi science.
Every place where they teach that, you know, every place where they affirm that gender care, mutilation care, They also have big contributions from Monsanto.
It goes hand in hand.
And you know, Monsanto, as well as Fauci and all this stuff, real science has a control group.
And if you will note and study, none of this stuff about the vaccines, they have never used a control group, ever.
So that is, in fact, fake science.
And we are under the mind control of seeing fake science as science.
Which is fauci.
Fake science.
Specifically, though, two wrongs don't make a right.
And race-based admissions and all this is just to create more division.
And so the Supreme Court, I think, is starting to realize that... You know, it really pisses me off that they take out Judge Roberts.
Probably the greatest of all time.
Supreme Court justice interprets the law of liberty for people.
But they say, well, he was a recipient of, you know, this, this, whatever it's called, I'm, I'm blanking on it.
Affirmative action.
Yeah, affirmative action and that he removed the ladder.
God, that is so racist because he is a genius.
He is a genius of law, of the Constitution.
He didn't need affirmative action to get where he went because he's a genius.
But you know what?
The system was so racist at that time they would have kept him out.
But it's not like that now.
Now it's like against merit.
It has been turned upside down like everything the left touches turns to shit and actually destroys the thing it's supposed to help.
Like when the leftists were coming to protest against Well, everything they touch turns to shit, let's just say.
Everything they touch, labor rights, then they end up bankrupt in the union.
Everything they touch turns to shit, and I don't think it's on accident, because I think they are under the fascist, you know, they're just fascists.
They work hand in hand with the right wing, you know, it's the same bird as the left wing.
We've only got a few minutes left.
We've only got a few minutes left.
We'll get more calls.
People really want to talk to you.
Let's talk to Alex in California.
Right now they are engaged in destroying women's rights.
That's why they do what they do.
They want to erase women's rights and all rape activists.
They want to silence rape activists and get rid of all rape laws.
That's what they're doing.
Let's go to Alex in California, then Alex in Florida.
Alex, you're on the air.
You have a question for Roseanne Barr about Hollywood and Hunter Biden.
Go ahead.
Yes, hi, I wanted to know if Roseanne heard the recent story about Hunter Biden being linked to the Satanic Sex Club in L.A., and then I had a question for you afterwards, Alex.
I mean, it is, Roseanne, as you see that, it's in the new whistleblower documents, that Satanic Sex Clubs.
Well, he has that tattoo on his back of whatever it's called, that place where they do all the sacrificing.
He's got a tattoo on his back of that lake, whatever it is, where they do all that child sacrifice.
It's tattooed into his skin.
He's a victim like, you know, all these people that are in that club, they do it to their own kids.
All these shooters have CIA dads.
They do it to their children.
That's how they create a perfect mind-control victim, which is what they want.
Their own family, that's how they continue to run power.
NASA Brain Interface Program.
And that guy and his son was in the program.
Theodore Kosinski, the Unabomber, was in MKUltra.
You cannot make this stuff up.
Does that answer your question, Alex?
Because you said you had another question for me.
Yes, I interviewed you in 2008 about the Marines doing DUI checkpoints in California and it was in your film Police State, but I heard you talking recently about 9-11.
I just want to know if you were considering writing a book about 9-11 and also Columbine as well, because I know there's a lot of inconsistencies and it's a crazy story with the two shooters.
Were you considering writing books about those?
I think it'd be really good for you.
Yes, I was, and I remember doing the interview with you 12, 13, 14 years ago, and God bless you.
Good to hear from you, brother.
We're almost out of time.
The great Jay Dyer takes over Fridays in the fourth hour.
Then the amazing Owen Troyer will take over at 3 p.m.
But Roseanne Barr is here.
And she's talking about sophisticated dialectic.
She has a way of just putting it out bluntly.
But I agree that they have sex trafficking that they're saying is no big deal.
They're not going to test the DNA of kids.
They just turn over to a random stranger or even ID them at the border.
I started a month ago.
That is to enable the trafficking.
They admit the trafficking.
And by having all these women come out and make fake allegations and have it come out that it's fake, that then delegitimizes real women that are being raped.
And I agree.
It's all about lowering the value of humans.
And legitimizing abuse.
But you know what they're also disguising?
Because I've been thinking about this.
You know this Epstein thing?
Jeffrey Epstein was running the world.
He was running the Federal Reserve.
Think about it, Alex.
He was in charge of the Federal Reserve.
Wouldn't you really break it down and think about it?
He was definitely a high-level manager for the most powerful group, MI6, tied into CIA and Mossad.
Everybody went to him to get blackmailed.
They knew they were going to have sex with kids, and he was like the master manager of that.
It's true.
What does it mean to you that that started to come out?
Does that show that globalists aren't all-powerful?
What do you think?
I think they're exposing themselves, because I say, with the power of the internet for the first time, the facts of how the world really works cannot anymore be hidden from the people.
We can have it at our fingertips.
And it's for the first time that no church or state can censor the facts from the human beings.
And I think that that's God.
And I think that they expose themselves and we don't have to do anything but witness it.
And we are witnessing.
History in the making, and it is indeed biblical.
And if you have the eyes to see it, and the discretion inside, because you have a clean heart before your Maker, it's absolutely fantastic.
And it should strengthen your resolve and your faith.
Absolutely, Roseanne.
We've got unlimited callers here for you, but I know you've been on for almost two hours.
You've done a great job.
Let's go to the order these calls have been received.
Let's go to Curtis in Minnesota.
You're on the air with Roseanne Barr.
Go ahead.
Hey, Roseanne.
Hi, it's great that you're on the show today.
Thank you.
The Holy Spirit is on the move.
Yeah, Alex started out with Rodney Brown and Dave Scarlett and now you.
It's like a grand slam for a spiritual battle.
Alex is so great.
Everything he's told us has happened.
He has, you know, more credibility than anybody else who's been in front of a microphone on the public airwaves.
He definitely does for people who are informed.
But you have a lot of credibility with a lot of people that don't know anything.
And so when they hear you, I mean, it hits home to a lot of people.
But I guess I wanted to lay out, yeah, I wanted to lay out Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mandela.
They all took on the establishment and they all had a victory using non-violence, but then they all paid a price.
Yeah, they did.
And I think, yep, we've got a huge spiritual battle ahead and the answers are biblical.
You know, the truth will set you free.
Alex is doing that day in and day out.
Love conquers all.
That's basic, but you know what?
That's the weapon.
When we have all these people sliding into this country, they're just victims, really.
They're going to be here.
When this thing melts down, people are going to have to realize that not all those people are their enemies.
That's right.
I remember that.
I had a quick t-shirt idea for Alex.
Globalist Solutions.
I think people need to cue into, instead of the love thing, which of course love is, you know, the greatest thing in the world.
we might have to start calling it spiritual wars because this thing is really spiritual.
It is a war, that's for damn sure.
And people have the memory of a goldfish.
I think people need to cue into instead of the love thing, which of course love is,
you know, the greatest thing in the world, the universe is made of love and God is love and God
made his creation from love. But I think we should cue into some hate of evil right now.
Hatred of evil, because hatred is, you know, a huge motivating thing for the human being, especially when they hate evil and hate the devil.
Hate for a while.
Stop loving everything.
Focus in on hating evil and see how fast shit changes.
I swear to God it's true.
Curtis, thank you so much.
Look, Roseanne's got to go.
We got Jay and we got a bunch of other callers here and I'm sorry I didn't get to you.
Jade Iris will take over and get some closing comments, but thank you for coming in to clarify.
I know you did it on the show you were on with Theo Vaughn.
They're going to take this out of context again.
It's what they do.
Well, I'm going to pray like I prayed with you, Alex, and I'm going to ask God to protect me and you and everybody who's hearing us that he will not let them come at us because, as we're promised, any weapon formed against us will not harm us.
And so far, I'm still standing, no matter what they've done to me.
And they've done more than anybody knows, because I haven't talked about it.
But they've done a lot.
And here I am, still standing, looking good, and feeling good, too.
But I'm going to pray that for all that are hearing us and watching us, and all who are open to it, that God will put His arms around us and he will protect us and strengthen us and
you know bring us together so that we can figure this out and make it better for all
the children in this world and we just thank him so much that we're able to do this.
I mean this never happened before in history that we have access to each other and the
freedom of these airwaves.
This is the renaissance brother.
Two minutes come right back to five more minutes.
This is our final segment.
Final segment with Roseanne Barr in studio.
I'll be back in Austin, Texas here in the next day or so.
Back in studio for as long as you allow us to be here.
We are under enemy attack.
We're only here by the grace of God and your support.
Roseanne, you got caught up on that hard break.
Can't stop the end of the hour satellite break.
It cuts hard.
You were saying a prayer and trying to get people to realize how important historically the moment is that we have independent media still, despite all the attacks, despite the surveillance, the censorship.
This really is something precious.
So you left off there.
Please finish your important thoughts.
Well, you know, I said, this is the real renaissance.
This is the time where we have the truth on our side and nobody can stop it.
It's just the beauty that is going to come forth because of you.
Because of you supporting truth you out there It's just gonna go and it's gonna get bigger and bigger and it's just wonderful be part of it be be part of it Open your eyes open your soul open your ears and be part of it.
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid to leave Babylon let it fall Let Babylon Fall.
Wow, beautifully said.
People can find your show dates there.
They can find your podcast.
Rosanne, just for a moment, we got anything else you want to add that you haven't added, and we'll let you get back to your ranch.
Well, I think that I just want to thank everybody for Giving me so much love and support.
I just, I'm filled up with it.
I just thank you.
Love you back.
I want to say the same thing to our audience.
Same thing to them.
We're all in this together.
It's beautiful.
I'll keep fighting too.
I'm going to, like you Alex, I'm going to keep fighting and you know, you give me some soul energy and I just thank you so much for it.
I was lonely for so long.
I just thank your audience.
Thank you.
I'm not lonely no more.
Wow, Roseanne Barr, thank you for coming in and knocking it out of the park and exposing how they totally misrepresented what you said, again, because they are of their father the devil.
They are liars.
Thank you, Roseanne Barr.
Thank you, Alex.
All right.
Thank you.
And you heard the truth there.
And now you'll see the total lies.
Like, Jones joins her in loving Hitler.
Jones wore a swastika shirt and said, you know, kill all the Jews.
That's what they're going to say.
Because they're the bad guys.
They're the globalists.
And they can't stop lying.
They can't stop stealing.
And they can't stop pillaging.
But we've got to stop them, ladies and gentlemen.
So we're going to go to break.
And the great Jay Dyer, always loaded for bear, is going to take over.
The source documents of the New World Order and how they operate and how to stop them.
Always informative.
Then in an hour from now, or technically in about 56 minutes from now, the amazing Owen Schroyer will take over at 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
And Owen's a great mind, great friend of mine, and he's gone through so much to promote liberty.
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Always right here on the edge and not be able to operate.
I love the crew.
I love the work we're doing.
I love our archives.
I love all the synergy we've got.
We're really hitting on all cylinders.
But God just keeps you right there at the verge of collapse.
So just let me know God's in control.
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Take action now at InfoWarsTore.com Welcome to the fourth hour of the Ellis Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jason Alicis, and I'm here with Jamie Hanshaw.
And we're going to be talking about The hottest growing religion out there, and that's appropriate because we cover cults, mind control, alternative religions, sex and groups all the time, because those are often used by the power elite to steer us into a new direction.
You know, even anti-natalism from Extinction Rebellion, the Green Agenda, all those things are kind of bound up with the new age, with worshipping Gaia.
And one of those recent religions, and I say recent because we're gonna find out
the real history of Wicca and many of the offshoots of goddess worship and whatnot,
they're not actually that old.
I'm not saying that there weren't ancient witches, there were, but ancient and medieval witchcraft
doesn't really have a connection to today's religious movements known as Wicca
and the so-called traditional witchcraft movements.
What I wanna talk about is their real origins and the sociocultural impacts that they have.
If you go and you read about rising religions, religious trends, you'll find out that especially amongst Zoomers and even Millennials, the fastest growing religion, supposedly according to the mainstream media, is witchcraft and Wicca.
And it's, I think, tied into the decline of patriarchy and the rise of feminism in a society that's geared more and more towards What we might call feminine ideas or equalitarianism.
So the loss of the patriarchy or the loss of the father archetype goes along with the loss of order, structure, logos, and the rise of the feminine or the rise of the goddess.
And that I think is not accidental.
I think it's by design.
So we're going to get Jamie to give us some insights on the history and the rise of witchcraft.
Uh, well we're gonna do Defense Against the Dark Arts class today.
And, well, cause we've studied a lot, along with Wicca, we've also studied Rosicrucian, Manly P. Hall, Emerald Tablets.
Philosophical Research Society, what else?
Hermetics, just all of that.
Yeah, Neoplatonism, alchemy, all that.
Freemasonry, Egyptology, Golan, Don Otio, and all of these things have roots in the same ideologies, and we are going to show today that the newest trend is going to be Witchcore, I think.
What do you think?
Well, if you go on TikTok, the hottest videos don't have anything to do with anything based in reality.
It's what crystals give you sex energy.
So this is what all the people who are 17, 18, 19 are watching, especially women.
They're getting into their crystals and getting sex power from crystals.
That's what everybody who's, you know, 25 and under is watching on social media.
So 10 years ago, I wrote a book about princess programming and all of that stuff came true.
I linked that to androgyny.
All that stuff came true.
And now we are going to be seeing the rise of your traditional classic, which along with the aesthetic of ugliness is going to be rolled into that.
Well, that's relevant because the archetype of the witch is the hag, right?
And the old hag who's childless, barren, sterile, and there's the notions of she consumes the children in some way.
And those myths, those stories, have a basis in reality because I did an interview with a professor this week on my channel, and we were talking about he did a history of witchcraft from a biological and sociological perspective, and he was talking about how this is really the predecessor to modern feminism and to abortion.
Is what witches were doing, you know, in the 15th, 16th century.
And also, we are going to link it to the music industry and the fashion industry, and they say that fashion is the witch's greatest friend.
Um, and we saw all of that play out with the Balenciaga scandals and the people that were linked to that.
So you're going to be seeing more of, uh, this come out in fashion, goat's heads, um, blood, bodily fluids, nasty things, even more target, right?
Just did a bunch of this, right?
And we'll get into target deeply when we get to the end and the point of what we're making, um, in the show.
So it's going to be gore.
It's going to be.
What's going to be gore?
The fashion trends.
The coming fashion trends?
We're predicting coming fashion trends.
Witchcore, gore, goat's heads, androgyny.
But isn't it already here?
It is, but you're going to be seeing it more and more.
So right now it's in the high fashion world.
It's in elite Hollywood.
It's at Met Gala.
Now it's at Target.
Now it spills down.
It trickles down to Target and it's going to be in the lower levels of culture very soon.
Your little niece is going to be wearing a pointy hat and riding a broomstick for fashion reasons.
Well, Harry Potter kind of was a big part of making this popular.
I mean, I know that was just kind of, you know, young adult fiction, but what I'm saying is that it really opened the gate And even at that time I remember reading that a lot of the occult societies and secret societies were actually thanking J.K.
Rowling for opening up a lot of people to the possibilities of getting into witchcraft, especially that younger generation.
So do you remember that 1993 Disney movie Hocus Pocus?
And in the original movie, It was the three children who defeated the evil witches who were trying to steal their life force, their adrenochrome, their essence.
Yes, they're kind of stealing the essence of the young.
And so the sequel came out in 2022 and the entire narrative is kind of skewed in a way because it was very different where the witch sisters return to the future, they're local heroes now.
And they're emulated by the townspeople, and all of the townspeople dress up as them and portray them in the talent competition.
Yeah, and the new Hocus Pocus witchcraft is not normalized.
And it surprises the witches when they come back, right?
And the three teen girls in Hocus Pocus 2 have to empathize with the witches and carry on their traditions instead of defeating them.
Yeah, and of course Disney, too, had a huge role in the last 20-30 years of pushing witchcraft, too, because a lot of this, you'll notice, it comes along with a bunch of other cultural engineering, culture steering, which I think comes out of Tavistock, and a lot of that comes out of Stanford Research, and that's tied to the gender stuff, right?
There are these mystical transcendent forces that we can tap into and magically become anything we want to become.
Magical thinking, that's essentially post-modernism.
So the philosophical ideologies of post-modernism are often connected to these new religious movements and the idea of magical thinking.
So since you mentioned Disney, let's look at what the kids are watching.
A new show called Pauline.
Pauline is a typical teenager struggling to balance school with thoughts about crumbling society and the ongoing climate crisis.
Things get more complicated when she becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with a boy named Lucas who just happens to be Satan.
Pauline follows the pair's complicated love story.
So this is coming out on Disney Plus for little kids.
There's also a cartoon that is an FX show on Disney Plus called Little Demon 2022.
Well, they were putting, I mean, they were putting Crowley in themes in cartoons, you know, 10 years ago, 15 years ago.
Like literal Crowley phrases.
Little Demon is about a girl who's mom got impregnated by Satan and tried to unalive her at birth, but then she saw that the baby was a girl and decided to keep it.
And so now Satan is the absentee father trying to get his daughter back.
And the mom is a bafflemey character and has tattoos all over her and is very like muscular like a man, but with breasts.
And there's actually a scene where the mom gets naked and does a cartoon version.
Uh, does a spell to go to the other side and she looks exactly like Baphomet.
Well, Baphomet is an image that conjures up a transcendence of biology and gender, right?
So, it has both genders because the idea in a lot of the alchemical and neoplatonic tradition is that there's a higher status that we all kind of fell from.
And so, there was a point at some, you know, primeval stage or some golden era where we were above man and woman, we were something higher.
Being that had either both genders or no gender, right?
And so falling into genderhood, a la the Neoplatonic idea, then put us into this situation where man's problems, humanity's problems result from being different.
And so if we can make everything kind of unique and the same, excuse me, if we can get rid of everything being unique and make everything kind of homogenized, Then we could get rid of all the battles and the warfare and the distinctions that we have, right?
Toxic masculinity is what causes, you know, society to go to war.
And if we could just make men more feminine and women more masculine, we could all kind of be this equal type of thing, this new creature, this new goblin.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show and we're talking about the rise of witchcraft and why it's a problem.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking about the tradition of the higher original being or the original single-celled organism, which was not gendered, that was not any kind of distinctive thing.
It was something higher that we evolved into or we fell into which then caused the differences
and the distinctions in the warfare that we experienced.
And if we could just all be melded back into one big blob, as Huxley says in Perennial
Philosophy, then we could get rid of war, we could get rid of all the problems that
humanity has.
And that's really partly what the Baphomet symbolizes.
It's a lot of things that are supposed to be balanced between polar opposites and all
But one of the reasons that it's hallowed by a lot of these people and a lot of these
groups is because for them it's a symbol for a new age, a new era, a new aeon, the aeon
of the crown and conquering child if you're in certain esoteric occult societies.
They think that this new age is one that will give, will surpass Christianity.
So you had this old age of the father, and then Christianity, the age of the son, and now we'll pass on into some new Luciferian age, which will be the crown and conquering child, or something like this.
That's where we're going, and the symbol of that aeon or that era is typically something like Baphomet.
Well, not only is it a symbol of male and female, of mundane and spiritual, but also of animal and man conjoined, and that's going to lead to man merging with technology and transhumanism.
Right, so it's an evolutionary image of ascending from animal to man to whatever the next tech god will be.
So, let's talk about some of these high-profile witches.
Okay, sure.
Well, everyone knows, I think, number one on my list would be Marina Abramovich, and she got famous in 2016 for her spirit cooking, remember that?
And this is why... All the Democrat elite hanging out, and they're all into witchcraft and spirit cooking and the Podestas and all that, yeah.
Well, this is why even when I would be studying Wicca and witchcraft and stuff like that,
I couldn't get into it because of the mediums they use.
If you actually want to get down to the nitty gritty and do a spell, you're gonna have to be using bodily fluids.
That's a bunch of nasty bodily fluids.
It is. - It's really gross.
Yes, nasty.
It's blood, breast milk, all that stuff.
So she is also famous for her Hollywood mock cannibal dinner parties, right?
She's good friends with Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, James Franco.
One of her early art installments was a picture of her sitting on a pile of bloody cow bones called Balkan Baroque.
Have you seen that picture?
So this is what the culture is projected to start accepting, discussing things as art.
Well, that's by design.
This was something that the CIA pioneered with the Congress for Cultural Freedom in the Cold War when they tried to get everybody into abstract art to supposedly combat cosmism and Soviet art, the realism of Soviet art.
So the CIA promoted abstract art and then it made alliances with the postmodernists.
So a lot of postmodern art starts going in this direction of intentionally defying all conventions,
defying all notions of taboos and morality, and so it becomes this transgressive thing,
and that's where we get the next level of that consciously Luciferian satanic art
of people like H.R. Giger and Damien Hirst and the Piss Christ and all this kind of stuff.
So in 2020, Abramovich was hired by Bill Gates to do a video advertisement for HoloLens 2,
which was a headset designed for mixed reality, right?
Yeah, I made a YouTube video on this at the time.
I remember that very well.
Well, luckily it was only up for less than a week before it was given 24,000 thumbs down on YouTube.
We do not want your gross witchcraft.
But then in 2021, they unveiled a art installation piece by her to the victims of the Holocaust in Ukraine
called Crystal Wall of Crying.
And that was attended by Zelensky and the presidents of Israel and Germany,
and which is supposed to be symbolologically linked to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
So she has got some very--
Powerful backers. - Friends in high places who are actually students of hers,
and she is considered their mentor.
Yeah, I think witchcraft appeals to obviously a lot of the elite.
Hillary's a witch!
Hillary goes to witch meetings!
bosses, right? The people who are leaning in and it's a way for them to network.
I remember Hillary famously was attending certain covens and witchcraft meetings.
If you remember that, that came out and Alex used to have Larry Nichols on.
He was always talking about Hillary's a witch. Hillary goes to witch meetings.
She's a witch. That's how Larry Nichols. So anyway, yeah, you talked about that a long time ago.
I think he was a bodyguard or something for the Clintons.
But yeah, so witchcraft is I think pretty popular amongst the,
the girl boss elites.
Well, not only that, it is popular amongst the pop stars that also exhibit monarch mind control symbols.
So they go hand in hand.
Yeah, covens are good places for pulling for the elite structure.
So if you want to go up into society, Especially in the circles of, you know, the pop stars and the Democratic Party and all that, witchcraft and Satanism are actually ways that you kind of go up the rungs of the ladder if you're particularly devious.
So I think it's recruiting grounds for higher level serving the system, so to speak.
So one of the premier examples of this is Madonna, who made Kabbalah mainstream.
She is famous for blasphemous Images and videos and songs, right?
She initiated Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera into the Hollywood cult, and she says that her performances are like sermons.
And then you've got Katy Perry, who just did a recent, like a couple years ago, series of videos.
It had the classic witch on broomstick themes.
One of the videos is called Cry About It Later.
And then just recently, Taylor Swift and her... Cult.
Phenomenon of a concert called eras the live performance of her song willow has fans screaming summon the demons and The screenshots from her video for a song called karma featuring I spice has her going into the underworld and portraying Demonic images with horns and masks and things like that.
Well, they were also claiming that you People that went to her concerts had amnesia, that they didn't recall the events, and so maybe there was something else going on.
Right, so yeah, they couldn't remember anything that happened, only that they had a transcendental experience.
And then there was another article about Taylor Swift where a therapist said that over 50% of my female patients that have mental illnesses are also upset with Taylor Swift.
So, some links to think about.
Yeah, the pop stars are really, I mean, whether they're witches or not, every one of them individually, they utilize the same principles, right?
I think you've talked about, Anton LaVey says that you You pull from all of your skills and strategy and techniques that you have as a woman, including intentionally becoming an object of, you know, attraction, right?
Like lust.
You do this as part of your craft, right?
And what's interesting is that the craft of Freemasonry is the basis for today's modern witchcraft, because Wicca comes out of actually It's not an ancient goddess tradition.
It's actually Crowley and Gerald Gardner that are the original founders of modern Wicca.
They're the one that gave the Rita, the way the confession of the witches comes from, phrases from Crowley.
Gerald Gardner studied under Crowley for many years before he created modern Wicca.
Hence the use of bodily fluids, just like the O.T.O.
So they, again, it's, and this is really just a way I think to get you to do more and more degrading things to ensure that you can go up in the hierarchy of control.
And that's why the elites are all people who are, you know, compromised in a blackmail sense.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We are talking about the control of culture through various cults, including witchcraft.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis, and I'm here with my wife, Jamie, and we are talking about the rise of witchcraft as the most popular religious trend amongst the young.
Amongst the Zoomers, and we're talking about why that might be, and is this actually just part of social engineering and steering us into a society more amenable to the technocratic order and what the global elite want?
I think that's absolutely the case.
In fact, the modern so-called Wicca is not an ancient religion.
It's a retooled, repackaged, recreated thing from Gerald Gardner and Alistair Crowley.
Didn't you say he just liked to smack butts?
Yeah, well that comes from what he would get the witches naked, sky-clad out in the woods and just spank them with switches.
So that was what Gerald Gardner was really interested in.
It had nothing to do with trying to find some mystical powers.
It was just a cult, right?
It's just a way to set up, you know, Mind control, you know, fleecing operations with covens, basically.
And, you know, witchcraft isn't all lavender herbs and crystals.
It's disgusting things.
Yeah, I mean, there's this idea that there's a white magic, and then there's black magic, and you can do white magic.
But no, actually, all magic is really just delusion, it's deception, and it's just putting you into a ridiculous situation to believe irrational things and be controlled by forces far above you that are highly deceptive and highly manipulative.
And I don't just mean The demons, I'm talking about on the human sphere as well, like a lot of these cults, all these religious groups are actually part and parcel of pushing us into an elite structure, that control mechanism of the Great Reset and all that.
So all of these things actually, for example, any nature worship tradition, Is absolutely amenable to the Great Reset, because it's going to get us into this idea that humanity needs to be depopulated for Mother Earth, we've got to have a global government for Mother Earth, etc.
Even the alien cults, they all say the same thing.
Well, I realize some of my examples might be a little outdated, elder millennial, talking about Madonna and Katy Perry and stuff like that.
What about the younger people?
Yeah, so I have the Gen Z, which is, first one is Abigail Breslin, the little girl from science, you remember her?
So she's all grown up now and she is a singer with an alter ego named Sophomore and she describes herself as a very witchy person and comes from a long line of witchy women with psychic medium abilities.
There is a up-and-coming TikTok star named Ashnikko who is very open about being a witch on her TikToks.
There is a girl called Melanie Martinez who has also many of the symbols of monarch mind control.
She's got the split dyed hair.
She's got the alter personalities.
On her album called K-12, her altar goes through a portal with an immortal angel named Lilith.
And Lilith is a higher up spirit in witchcraft and Satanism.
Lilith is associated with child sacrifice and abortion.
So this is the demon from the Talmud, a succubus.
This is who's leading Melanie Martinez through the portals.
She's also mentioned in Isaiah.
So she's actually in the text of Isaiah, Lilith is.
And she's also mentioned in, I think, Epic of Gilgamesh or Inanna, one of those Anunnaki tales.
They also talk about her.
Her album Crybaby is an extraterrestrial looking Thing.
So we were talking about the Baphne earlier with the fusion of different species, different genders, different.
Genetic modification.
So she has an extraterrestrial looking altar.
And then you have Bella Porch is also another one with the witchcraft symbolism and Emma Watson, Hermoine from Harry Potter.
He for she.
Thanks to her coven of witches for supporting her.
Yes, in fact, thanks to Brittany Sellner for pointing out that Emma Watson recently announced that she was initiated into witchcraft and she has announced that on her, I think her Instagram or something, but we were just talking about this notion of feminism and Luciferianism with Sellner from a more cultural perspective and Jamie is giving us the breakdown from more of an occult, an esoteric perspective.
You have culture and you have a culture.
So we're talking about the a culture today.
But yeah, so here you have a younger pop stars as well also representing that.
So it's not just the older generation of the Madonnas and the Britney Spears and the Katy Perry's.
It's the new ones as well.
And why do you do you think that they're that they reach a certain level and then they get reached out to to join it?
Or do you think that they go seeking it out?
Do you think they're recruited?
I guess is what I'm trying to say.
Um, I think they want to fit in with the culture and that includes what we're talking about.
I mean, do you think that they're paid to do this or do you think that they're recruited into it and really initiated into it?
Yes, I think they're really initiated into it and paid to do it.
So it's a win-win in their mind.
It's a win-win.
But these things used to be more hidden even, you know, 10, 20 years ago.
Well, but now you can be openly a witch, openly a Satanist.
I mean, you know, for a lot of these groups, abortion is a sacrament, right?
So it's celebrated.
And even in what we do in decoding movies and stuff, it used to be more occulted.
Yes, subtle, exactly.
But the more you learn about magic, the more you're going to be convinced that humanity is under a spell in a literal sense, and also that all of magic is inherently sexual.
In nature.
Well, I mean, humans are primarily, you know, driven by biology, right?
That's our most fundamental component in this.
I mean, I believe we have a soul and higher, but I'm saying from the vantage point of this world, right?
We are beings with bodies where we have an animalistic component to us.
And so to steer and manipulate the biological drives is one of the key means by which the elite, the power elite control us.
And it's the mode of creation of New souls and people.
Right, but I'm saying that thus they would like to control sexuality for the purpose ultimately of having no humans, right?
I mean, whatever works to have less humans.
And so these kinds of sex cults and Wicca, witchcraft, and all these things are ultimately kind of being versions of sex cults.
These are actually ultimately just to steer sexuality away from reproduction.
That's it.
So when you're introducing concepts of magic to children, in my opinion, this is not a very good thing to do because the magic wand, according to them, is a phallus, right?
And they have poems about it.
They call it the hollow tube that brings the fire from heaven.
And so when you've got all these kids running around with wands in their hands, what they're actually doing is being prepped to use Well, it's funny because it's supposed to be everything in these kinds of religions or pagan religion is supposed to be the exaltation and worship of nature.
But the irony is that it's not actually about the worship of nature for the production of new life.
It's actually about the stunting of new life, right?
So these groups are not really about celebrating nature and life.
They might say that.
But they all celebrate, you know, abortion.
They all celebrate things that are detrimental to human life and civilization.
So the wand, the phallus, is not being used to create new life.
Like you said, it's being used to force their will onto reality.
Yeah, to redirect the sexual impulse into you imposing your will on society and not to have children.
And so their dictum is love under will and your will Is what you're supposed to be saying.
Your will is law.
There's not a law that you submit to.
Your will is the law.
And also to get in touch with your holy guardian angel and I don't have a picture of him but in our live talks and like what we're going to be doing in LA, if you come to that your mind is going to be blown like the Tim and Eric meme.
Even more so than it is today.
But these guardian angels look exactly like the demons from Childhood's End that they're trying to get in touch with by using their magic.
Arthur C. Clarke, who's in the circles of, you know, the Corellian occultists and the Luciferians.
When he draws the Sentinel, and that's connected to Childhood's End, and that's connected to 2001, right?
It has this... Corellon is this demonic-looking figure, and it demands a sacrifice of the children, right?
So the idea is that you give us your firstborn, right?
And that's, again, tying back into that notion of abortion as a giant sacrifice, right?
To the power elite, so that the power elite can supposedly evolve us into the next phase of human evolution, this new aeon, right?
They really do see it as a cycle of human sacrifice, and the idea is that, well, nature itself is a cycle of human sacrifice and death, predator, prey.
So they're saying that we're the priests of evolution, is what they're saying by that.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back covering the rise of witchcraft on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis and I'm here with Jamie and we're talking about the rise of witchcraft and one of our good friends wrote a good book called Occult Feminism and she talks about the secret history of women's liberation actually having its Predecessor in witchcraft.
Witchcraft really paved the way, you could say, for a lot of the revolutionary ideas of feminism and radical egalitarianism.
And that also goes back to the French Revolution.
If you're familiar with the excellent book by James Billington, he's not any kind of conspiracy theorist.
He's actually a historian.
He was a Librarian of Congress scholar who was writing about the track of revolutionary
philosophy and thought.
He notes that a lot of the revolutionaries, some of the French Revolution, Mary Wollstonecraft
famously, they were early pioneer feminists.
Feminism really has its roots in not just witchcraft but also French Revolution.
And that's why it was so important for them to push the notion that everything is equal, everything is the same.
And we have to war against all of the inequalities, all the distinctions and all the differences, because it becomes a power It's a oppressor-oppressed dynamic.
This is where we get this idea that everybody who has any advantage or has any gifts or has any talents or skills or abilities is somehow privileged and therefore bad and therefore an oppressor.
And so, you know, I recommend getting Rachel Wilson's book, Occult Feminism.
It's really good on this.
I would say that Jamie and I, we've also been critiquing and calling this out for a long time.
And I know that if you come to our LA event, like Jamie was saying, you're going to see a really good critique of this stuff when Jamie does her presentation on Hollywood and mind control and AI and how Hollywood's really been prepping us for this, initiating us on a mass scale in terms of, you know, what most people watch movies, they don't watch the news, they don't watch, they watch, people are taught and indoctrinated by stories, by film.
And so there's this notion that if we can make everyone equal and make everyone the same, if we can homogenize everyone and everything, then we'll have this Peaceful future order.
And it's all just ridiculous dystopianism.
Utopianism is actually used as a strategy and a technique to re-engineer society.
So it's a tool.
It's not really about giving you a cum pod, giving you equality, giving you the UBI.
It's all baloney.
And likewise, the idea of feminism and you being empowered and a girl boss and leaning in, all that's going to give you is you being alone when you're 50 or 60.
And you being put into the euthanasia center's, you know, sleep pod, right?
That's what that's going to get you, because you don't have children, you don't have offspring, you don't have a legacy, you don't have any of those things that the lies of feminism and radical individualism and postmodernist and magical thinking, you can identify as whatever you want.
These are all destructive.
And as Rachel notes, you couldn't have Today's trans and all this kind of stuff, if you had not previously had feminism.
Feminism prepared the way for the Skittles rainbow revolution.
That prepared the way for the trans revolution.
And that's all going to prepare the way for the next phase, which will be the transhumanist revolution.
Well, the Skittles agenda and witchcraft kind of merged together perfectly in the recent Target scandal where they had those clothes for children that said Satan loves pronouns and the creator of those designs posted their Instagram wearing horns and looking like Baphomet.
Well, we've been talking about this for ages.
You wrote in your book, right?
I wrote in my book.
My stuff came out almost 10 years ago.
That this was really an intentional social engineering and a cult project.
And people say, oh, that's crazy.
You think that there's Satanists that are involved in pop culture and you're a nutball, you're tenfold hat.
No, we've been absolutely vindicated.
Now they've, you know, it's it's hidden in plain sight.