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Name: 20230629_Thu_Alex
Air Date: June 29, 2023
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In the given passage, speakers discuss various topics related to global events and their impact on people's lives. The themes revolve around staying vigilant against tyranny, trusting in God amidst world events, understanding different beliefs, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. They also mention products such as toothpastes, nootropics, and iodine supplements throughout the passage.

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So, if you looked out your back door, let's just say you live in Knoxville, Tennessee.
You live in a middle-class, nice neighborhood and you got your little backyard, maybe a little pool or something.
And you look out your back window and your eight-year-old's out there swimming.
You're watching them and you see a man come through your back gate and walk over and pour gasoline on your child with a gas can.
Now you're going to imagine he's about to pull a lighter out and set him on fire.
This is psychotic.
And so you're going to either have a gun right there or you're going to grab a butcher knife out of the butcher block where you're sitting there in the kitchen, maybe slicing a steak or something for, you know, the grill.
And you're going to go out there and you're going to stab him.
You're not going to tell him to stop.
You're going to get him taken care of.
You're not going to, you know, you're going to be in a rage.
You're going to kill him.
At least I would.
I see somebody pouring gasoline on my kid, my six year old.
I'm going to go out and I'm going to kill him.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts.
I thought I'm a tough guy.
I have an instinct to stop it and protect others.
I'm going to kill him.
He's going to be dead in about 30 seconds.
I'm going to slit his throat.
I'm going to stab him in the chest.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, the New World Order is pouring poison bioweapon all over our children and all over us, and we just sit here and take it.
And it's so scary that our government's been seized by psychotic depopulationists And transhumanist that we don't want to admit it.
And we want to say Alex Jones is the bad guy.
I've been told by high-level Justice Department whistleblowers off-air.
I mean high-level that, you know, they get the orders.
You will indict Jones.
You will find a case.
It's been going on for at least seven, eight years.
Because he destabilizes our country.
And people listen to him.
And we've tracked back almost the entire resistance to Jones.
And I'm not bragging.
That's what's going on.
You can now see that.
This audience, our guests, what we do here.
Not me.
That's an important thing for my safety, and it's the truth.
It's not me, it's this whole focal point, but this is God working through us, all of us together.
Do those idiots think that that intimidates me when I know that it's all coming out, that they knew these shots wouldn't protect you, and would destroy your immune system, would kill a bunch of people?
No, I have a responsibility to get these people off of our collective backs.
rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Ex-head of respiratory research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers including Craig Pardecouper,
have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the US.
A database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as LOTS.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order's woke, build back better, great reset.
While at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.
And it's happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
(upbeat music)
All right, it's Thursday, June 29th, 2023.
And I just aired that Greg Reeves report from a year and a half ago.
And that report is a report I've heard more than any other report in the last year and a half.
We probably heard that 15 times at least.
Now, why have we heard that report 15 times?
Because it was independent US researchers that early on went and studied the adverse reaction reports and the different regions and then the lot numbers on those.
And they found that in certain regions, you would have massive illness and side effect and death rates.
And then in other areas you would have moderate and in other areas you'd have zero. Zero.
Now this was confirmed a year and a half ago, really two years ago. It's Thursday,
June 29th, 2023 and the globalists are bringers of death.
They are engaging in massive depopulation operations and crimes against humanity.
They're standardizing and normalizing the mass culling and murder, total sterilization of our species.
They are playing God.
Now, I got up early this morning, I was doing research, I went to Infowars.com and got hit by a thunderbolt of information.
And then I got hit by a thunderbolt of anger, not at the enemy, But it myself.
I have a problem.
You have a problem.
We all have a problem.
And it's that we don't stay focused and we don't think long term and we don't think back historically as well.
We don't have 35,000 foot views.
We have one inch away views.
You can't tell it's an elephant when you're one inch away from it's hind end.
We got to pull back and look at the full compendium.
Now it was two years ago, they started the poison shots two plus years ago.
In three and a half years, this nightmare began.
And immediately, there were groups and organizations and medical think tanks and watchdogs that tested Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and J&J shots all over the world, from Australia to the United States, from Canada to Germany, it all happened.
And they found that a certain portion was water, saline solution, It was around 50%.
And then another 25% or so had a very small amount of the spike protein and the mRNA garbage in it and all the nanolipid, basically fancy, souped up antifreeze in it.
But then around 25%, and it varies country to country, sometimes it's only 5%, of the injections had a super high level that always made people sick and had a very high percentage rate of heart attacks and Strokes, cancer, sterilization, you name it.
And shedding.
Now, Greg Reese, over a year and a half ago, put out a report titled, Red States Being Targeted by the COVID Shots.
We'll put that on screen, the actual headline.
I'm going from memory.
We're going to air it again in a moment.
And now, since then, more and more research groups and more and more prestigious think tanks and watchdog groups have gone out and studied the shots.
There it is, evidence that U.S.
government targeting red states with deadly batches of vaccine.
Now that is January 11, 2022.
So that's a year and a half ago.
That's a cool 18 months ago.
All right.
Now, since then, more has come out on this, and I see the reports all the time and don't even talk about it, because psychologically and mentally, I already know this.
In fact, as listeners and viewers, you already know this.
But think of the true horror.
It's like if we discovered Jeffrey Dahmer back at the time was kidnapping men and injecting acid in their brains to create lobotomized sex slaves.
And we went, well, we know he's doing it.
We're not going to call the police or go stop him.
And then you just learn, oh, there he is kidnapping another man to do it again.
We're not going to stop him.
Or John Wayne Gacy doing the same thing.
We know they're doing it.
They're gearing up to do it again.
And you may ask, why would J&J, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer, Three different types of vaccines.
Pfizer and Moderna are the Pentagon-developed, Fauci-developed, spike protein, nanotech, mRNA system.
The virus vector of AstraZeneca and J&J are two different virus vectors that do the exact same thing and probably were worse.
That's why they pulled them earlier.
They were so devastating that if you got the shot, if there was actually that compound in there, And it went in and reprogrammed your cell with a virus, you were in deep trouble.
So J&J, AstraZeneca, those got pulled very quick because they were told by the Pentagon, turns out a year before they released COVID, they already developed all this, whether it's the patents, the numbers, you look all this up, everything I'm saying you look up.
And Dr. David Martin does a great job exposing it, probably the best job, but it's all in the documents.
This is totally evil, totally psychotic, and they think we're so dumb, they did it openly.
Because they wanted to get all the medical systems and governments on board.
We're going to skip this break.
They wanted to do all of this so that they would corrupt everybody and everybody would be involved.
The law firms, the governments, the governments would be signed on to liability protection.
So we know all this.
And you're like, well, why are you talking about it today?
Major European watchdog groups, major European professors, major respected groups that report to the government Have studied the EU matches.
And not only, if you look at the data, did it target conservative and Christian and elderly areas for death, but it targeted different geographic areas in Europe with more deadly shots.
Now, we knew this.
The left, on average, if the conservative areas, depending on which area they study, but it varies, it was basically the same numbers.
A conservative red area would get 25% souped up death shot.
Remember, there's placebo, saline solution, salt water, does nothing.
In fact, it's good for you, a little bit of it.
There's something you put in your veins, you know, when you're dehydrated.
There's saline, and then your teardrops are.
There's saline, there is a low dose Uh, system that creates a spike protein, orders your body to produce this deadly cancerous, deadly system that your own body attacks and eats holes in your capillaries and arteries.
This is just psychotic death weapon.
And then there's the third one.
So the super deadly, it's really strong.
So three different systems, but the Pfizer's two different dose levels in the shot.
And so They have now gone and looked, and it's the same thing in the U.S.
Conservative areas were literally bombed.
Leftist areas, around 10% was the super death shot.
So they've actually created a system where they're euthanizing conservatives and Christians through the injections, but if the leftists are all dying, or aren't dying, it becomes obvious, well, why aren't they dying?
So, okay, they die roughly a third as much, And then if you're in conservative rural areas, like in Austin, Texas, they control it.
The study shows they sent the 10% in on average.
Remember, you're carpet bombing.
So they're going to get some of their people too, but they're going to miss some conservatives as well.
So they, this is something like dropping nuclear weapons on cities.
People just don't know they've been hit.
So New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, they didn't get hit.
They got hit with a 10%.
Same thing in Australia.
They hit their cities with about a 10%, sometimes a 7%, sometimes a 12%.
We have all the numbers.
We're going to be showing it to you.
Let's put this article up here and just show them some of the graphs out of European countries.
It's all here.
It's a huge report.
Here it is on screen.
This is just them, this watchdog group of prestigious scientists and university professors looking at just Pfizer batches they got.
Same thing with Moderna.
Same thing with all the others.
Pfizer vaccine batches in the EU were placebo, says scientists.
And then it goes on to say the others were not.
And then they have the graph here we'll put on screen of the three indicators in three different colors.
So we'll just scroll down in that article.
Pfizer vaccine batches in the EU are placebo, say scientists.
We'll just scroll in the article a little bit.
You got to go read this.
You got to see this for yourself.
So look at the people that got the saline.
That's in yellow.
No adverse responses.
This is in a sampling group of 800,000.
Okay, this is just one country.
And I'll go to it's Denmark, Sweden, they looked at them all.
And it's all the same graph everywhere.
So no one gets sick from saline.
And then look at the people that got the moderate death dose.
It still gets them but it takes longer and it's much lower.
Now look what happened right away within just a few days.
If you got the big daddy.
You're dead in a week.
That's what That's what Ernest Ramirez and his son got.
Or maybe in the lot, he got a placebo and his son got the shot.
They're all mixed together.
They got different, you know, lot numbers.
So, so... There you go!
But we gotta ask Ernest, did they go together to get the shot, or were they separate?
I imagine they were probably separate.
He went and got one, and his son got the other.
And Ernest Jr., dead in four days like that.
Starts running on the playground, bye-bye.
Good shape, not overweight, bye-bye.
No heart problems, bye-bye.
Bye-bye, Blue Bird.
Because this is all about their power, their control.
Health departments were set up in England 120 years ago, and here 110 years ago, by the Rockefellers, by the eugenicists at Cold Springs Harbor, that created the Nazis later, literally, to, quote, sanitize the races.
And they said, we're going to kill the dumb white people, we're going to kill the dumb black people, we're going to kill everybody, according to their IQ.
And if you got a B-minus in the Appalachian Mountains in the 20s, they came and sterilized you.
It's the same thing to black people.
And so just know, this is all going on.
So this is a prestigious report.
What we're showing you is just batches in Denmark.
800,000 plus people looked at by the universities.
This is a prestigious group of scientists and universities, all on record.
Scientists have uncovered startling evidence that a substantial portion of the batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine deployed in the European Union may, in fact, have consisted of placebos.
Oh, may, in fact.
The German regulator knew this and did not subject them to quality control testing.
Because it was all part of a plan.
They already signed off.
And remember, it was unapproved.
And there was nothing.
They wouldn't tell you what was in each shot because it was all variant.
The scientists, Dr. Gerald Diker, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Ruhr University in Bochum, and Dr. Gorg Matiska, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig, are part of a group of five German-speaking scientists who have been publicly raising questions about the quality and safety of BioNTech and the virus as it's known in Germany for the last year and a half.
They recently appeared in a bunch of publications, an online program of the German journalist Melenia Prevrovac to discuss batch vulnerability.
Their startling point was the direct recent Danish study showing enormous variance in the adverse events associated with different batches.
This is a government.
Governments in the EU are actually doing the same thing in the UK.
Same numbers in the UK, folks.
They actually look at the batches.
We had to go do it here in the US because our loving government keeps that secret.
So, it goes on.
The startling point was the recent Danish study by the government showing enormous variation in the adverse event associated with different batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, or BNT162b2, per the scientific codename.
The below figure for the Danish study illustrates the variation.
It's a government study, 100,000 people.
Now, you put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Saline, zero problems.
The leak dose, fast death, but, you know, still like 1 in 400.
The other people?
Or 80% had adverse reactions.
Remember what Bill Gates got asked?
Study once the shots started.
They didn't study before.
The CBS reporter goes, well, Mr. Gates, 80% of people had adverse reactions.
He goes, well, yeah.
That's when they were giving them a straight up deal.
So the regulators were balking and weren't approving.
So they said, how about we just do saline and we make sure.
And then they'll be able to tell if it's safe or not.
And of course, they knew it wasn't safe from the beginning.
They knew what it was going to do.
But for people that aren't totally psychotic and evil, but are on power trips, well, we've got to do it for the greater good.
This will save millions of lives, but it will also kill millions.
But we'll learn valuable things, the secret of the universe, but the public's not ready for that yet.
But then baked into that, the socialist and communist controlled cities, they don't hit them with a 25% serious adverse reaction.
Shot 25% in the conservative areas worldwide.
Rural areas of Australia, bombed.
Rural areas of England, bombed.
Rural areas of Scotland, bombed.
Rural areas of, you name it, bombed.
Rural areas of Canada, bombed.
Conservative, and that's how they send the matches.
And Greg Rees shows it in his report from a year and a half ago from the major watchdog groups that collated all the numbers, folks, because the numbers are public, but our government doesn't do studies on it.
So it's the same everywhere.
They are bombing us.
They are killing us.
They are literally targeting us.
Your church gets roped into it.
It's a conservative church.
They've been lied to.
They think it's good.
You get the 10 percent, the 30 percent, 25 percent.
They send it out.
So they know exactly what they're doing.
And so the military, oh, the military has just been devastated with the shots.
But strangely enough, special units and the units they knew were basically all conservative.
They got the special shots.
Especially deadly ones.
And everybody else got the placebos, or they mix in a little bit of a weak shot.
So there'd be a little sickness, a little death there, because it gets a little too obvious when only the Republican counties are keeling over dead.
So think of the level, the biological weapon systems.
Let's put today's live show headline up.
I hope you'll share with everybody.
This is a life and death situation.
This isn't a drill.
It's not a joke.
It's happening.
And this is the reality of what we're facing, ladies and gentlemen.
So again, if you go to InfoWars.com, we always put up a live show feed.
Nightmare Bombshell, a group of top European scientists have confirmed Pfizer COVID vaccine was a giant biological weapons test.
And ladies and gentlemen, that's what this was.
A giant biological weapons test.
This is a nanotech biological system, whether it's the virus vector or whether it is the mRNA delivery, that orders your cells to replicate the spike protein of the HIV virus.
Now, I know if you're in your lister, that sounds completely insane, like Martians blowing up New York.
Anybody can search engine.
What is the Pfizer mRNA spike protein made of?
And it'll pull up the HIV spike protein that they've learned how to grow in a lab.
It is a synthetic virus mRNA system that keeps replicating like a prion.
It is a prion.
And what do prions cause?
Little protein crystals that grow in their body.
Spongiform encephalopathy.
Or what causes what?
Bad cow disease.
We have all the insurance company actuaries.
We have all the, one of the top, I mean, he's like, said to me, the top guy was Edward Dowd's whistleblower two and a half years ago.
And he said he'll be coming public soon.
And he did come public a year later with a bunch of other scientists and experts and statisticians.
And they said, on average, we have a 44% increase in death in the world in countries that took the shots.
44% increase in death.
Again, it was less than 10% in World War I and World War II, and that killed hundreds of millions of people.
So, you sit back and you look at this.
The magnitude of this information, ladies and gentlemen, is just over the top.
Everyone I know has family that died from a shot.
Everybody that works for me has family that died of a shot, or is almost dead.
It's just complete devastation.
I have an assistant and a nanny.
Both of them have family, and one of them had a fiancé that had no heart problems, was an athlete, 25 years old, and now he has Byron Carr died of so bad, they say he'll be dead in a couple of years.
He passes out all the time.
Just passes out.
I mean, the other assistant has a family member that took the shot and died three days later of a heart attack.
I was in good shape.
So, I mean, we have anecdotal.
We have it all around us.
I could open the phones up here today.
I could open the phones up here today.
And I could just take nothing but calls.
I'd say, hey, call in if you love the shot.
It had a great effect.
Nobody calls.
Call and tell us what happened with the shot.
You've heard the days.
We do three, four hours of calls, like 50 calls.
Every person talks about what it did to their family or did to them.
So, that's where we are here, ladies and gentlemen.
So, about three weeks ago, Dr. Peter McCullough, who's a very renowned cardiologist, He was asked last year by Joe Rogan why some people get sick and some don't.
I remember when that happened, I said, well, if Joe Rogan asked me, I could have told him.
It was our reports from Robert Redside and so on.
But Mercola is always so careful that he didn't go there and said, and said, I don't know.
He said, I don't know.
Because it hadn't been documented yet.
But now, it's documented in all these studies that indeed, government worldwide from New Zealand, Australia, to the Western Europe, to the UK, to the United States, all, only these countries, All under King Charles, says he's going to depopulate us.
He said he wants to come back, his dad wants to come back with a virus to kill 80% of us.
We're under their control and they're literally killing us.
And they know exactly what they're doing and they have attacked us.
And so understand, ladies and gentlemen, that this is ongoing.
They're gearing up to do this again.
And we have to take this extremely, extremely seriously.
This happened and now Dr. Peter McCullough So to summarize, there are four domains of injury.
Cardiovascular, neurologic, thrombotic, and immunologic.
is a short clip, a three and a half minute clip of him breaking it down.
So to summarize, there are four domains of injury, cardiovascular, neurologic, thrombotic,
and immunologic.
The hardest question I've faced so far in all of my appearances in the media, and I've
probably given more media appearances now than any public figure in the world on COVID-19,
The question came from Joe Rogan on his podcast in 2021.
He said, Dr. McCullough, if these vaccines are so bad, why doesn't everybody have a side effect and are damaged after the vaccines?
I didn't have the answer at that time, but I have it now.
A paper by Schmeling and colleagues from Denmark has clearly shown that the batches of vaccines that come out, the lots groupings, are not the same.
They had all the Pfizer data administered in Denmark and they had every side effect.
They found three risk groups of batches.
The first batch, which was about a third of people who got the vaccine, zero side effects, nothing whatsoever.
It's like taking a shot of saline.
The second group, which is about two-thirds, had some moderate side effects, but the rate of serious side effects was pretty low.
Then there's a third group, which is 4.2% of the vials.
Their side effect rate was through the roof.
When they did what's called an R-squared analysis, that is how much of the variation in side effects is explained by this batch-to-batch variability, the answer was 75% plus.
That means we have a product manufacturing problem.
Either the vials, these vials, and unfortunately these two ladies almost certainly received a bad batch.
And these vials either have hyper-concentrated lipid nanoparticles and excessive amounts of messenger RNA.
And in the United States, 94% of people who took a shot took messenger RNA, so we can stay on that technology.
The other possibilities is that it could be contaminated with what's called cDNA or plasmids,
or other contaminants.
It's certainly possible.
I think hyperconcentration of messenger RNA is most likely because what we're seeing are messenger RNA
spike protein-mediated injuries.
But Senator Ron Johnson, just from the VAERS data, had sent analysis to the CDC on this, and the FDA,
asking for them to analyze the lot-to-lot variations that we're seeing, and he received a multi-page letter
back that essentially says, "We disagree."
We don't see any difference in lot-to-lot.
Now it's in the peer-reviewed publication forever in medical history showing it is a batch variability problem.
Fortunately, most Americans received batch one or batch two.
They're okay.
Fortunately, they're fine.
But for the small number of people who did receive a badge, we have big problems.
A Zogby survey done last summer, a population-based sample, suggests 15% of Americans now have some injury, disability, or some medical problem they're dealing with due to COVID-19.
Let's stop right there.
The full clip's being posted at InfoWars.com on the live show feed.
I'm not going to out Dr. Peter McCullough, but we've hung out quite a bit and had dinner and stuff.
He knows everything.
He knows this is an intel op.
He'll tell you the Pentagon did it on purpose.
He's just being very careful here saying, oh, they might have contaminated it.
No, it's the same all over the world.
And again, it varies.
In the U.S., it looks like they hit, like I said, 10% with the really deadly.
And then it varies.
It varies.
Also, region to region, but that's why the report by Greg Reese is so important, because it links to the research groups that actually show what was happening in the U.S.
over a year and a half ago.
It's now been confirmed, very similar things going on in Denmark.
But it looks like in the EU, they weren't hitting them as hard as they hit us in the U.S., because the EU is more controlled.
But they still want to have some death.
They also want to say COVID's doing it.
So they're setting the precedent to kill us, to cover it up, and to make money while they do it.
These are the very globals that say they want to depopulate us.
So, of course they're killing us.
They want the power to do it.
It really happened.
It's really happening.
And now they're getting ready to release a new virus, but with new shots.
They're murderers.
They must be stopped.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So, if you looked out your back door, let's just say you live in Knoxville, Tennessee.
You live in a middle-class, nice neighborhood.
You got your little backyard, maybe a little pool or something.
And you look out your back window, and your eight-year-old's out there swimming.
You're watching him and you see a man come through your back gate and walk over and pour gasoline on your child with a gas can.
Now you're going to imagine he's about to pull a lighter out and set him on fire.
This is psychotic.
And so you're going to either have a gun right there or you're going to grab a butcher knife out of the butcher block where you're sitting there in the kitchen, maybe slicing a steak or something for, you know, the grill.
And you're going to go out there and you're going to stab him.
You're not going to tell him to stop.
You're going to get him taken care of.
You're going to be in a rage.
You're going to kill him.
At least I would.
I see somebody pouring gasoline on my kid, my six-year-old.
I'm going to go out and I'm going to kill him.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts.
Not that I'm a tough guy.
I have an instinct to stop it and protect others.
I'm going to kill him.
He's going to be dead in about 30 seconds.
I'm going to slit his throat.
I'm going to stab him in the chest.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, the New World Order is pouring Poisoned bioweapon all over our children and all over us, and we just sit here and take it.
And it's so scary that our government's been seized by psychotic depopulationists and transhumanists that we don't want to admit it.
And we want to say Alex Jones is the bad guy.
I've been told by high-level Justice Department whistleblowers off-air, I mean high-level that, you know, they get the orders.
You will indict Jones.
You will find a case.
It's been going on for at least seven, eight years.
Because he destabilizes our country, and people listen to him, and we've tracked back almost the entire resistance to Jones.
And I'm not bragging, that's what's going on.
You can now see that.
This audience, our guests, what we do here, not me.
That's an important thing for my safety, and it's the truth.
It's not me, it's this whole focal point, but this is God working through us, all of us together.
Do those idiots think that that intimidates me, when I know that it's all coming out, that they knew these shots wouldn't protect you, And would destroy your immune system, would kill a bunch of people.
No, I have a responsibility to get these people off of our collective backs.
Not because I'm a hero, but because I can face reality.
And it's the same thing over and over again.
Look at the craziness in our government.
Now you see it in Congress.
They admit that our Border Patrol and our military is ordered to complete the smuggling process of children en masse, many of them that end up dead, their organs harvested, or in sex slavery.
I've got articles on that today.
We're gonna hit.
So, think about the country we live in, and the world we live in, where we don't stand up for each other.
And where criminals, psychotic globalists, think they can get away with injecting us with bioweapons.
But spreading it out where one person gets sick, one person feels fine, one person dies, and then just say, hey, the whole medical system went along with it.
Everybody better get on board or we're all going to go down.
See, they've gotten themselves a circle of the wagons.
They got society The media, the PR firms, the bureaucrats, the censors, the big tech people, the medical people, to get on board with this, so they can do it on a bigger scale soon.
And make no mistake, you will all pay for what you've done, not even by my hand.
The Globalists plan to get rid of at least 90% of people.
So you'll hear me go through different numbers, where I'll say, oh, Prince Charles wants to kill 80%, his dad wants 80%, but the internal documents say 90%.
It all varies, but when you get their public documents, they say 80 or 90 percent, because the minions believe they're going to be the guardians, the ones carrying out the slow extermination, where we don't notice it, but in the aggregate accelerates, with the ambient heat being turned up, the frog in the pod.
They have to think, they have to have their minions believing that they're going to be protected in this, though they're not.
And a lot of the minions out there understand, it's like, wow, they still hit us with, you know, 10 percent of us are, you know, in the case of Europe, four percent of us in liberal areas, They still hit us with this, and now 15% of us are sick.
That's the left.
In conservative areas, it's even higher.
It's 30.
And this is just the beginning to see if they can get away with this.
Do you really think that's cool?
And you're like, well, yeah, there are too many people.
We've got to kill folks.
So what you are is you're really evil.
You like it.
So let's understand.
The left does like this.
The average leftist knows what's going on now.
They've been educated.
They know, and they like it.
They like abortion, they like infanticide, they like sterilization, they like GMO, they like soy, they like 5G, they like coffin apartments, they like eating bugs, they like evil.
Now, there are a lot of big famous liberals going public and saying, I should have never taken the shot, it's evil, it's bad, it hurt my friends and family.
We were lied to.
Elon Musk's brother almost died.
Elon Musk got sick.
Elon Musk has one of his kids taken away and they're going to cut the penis off.
You know, that's what's happened.
That'll get you awake here.
Because not even Elon Musk's kids are safe from this.
So, folks, there's going to be a time we're going to decide to stand, because you're going to have your survival instinct kick in at some point.
The enemy just hopes to have us so poisoned and so dumbed down and so isolated and so cut off, resource-wise, that by the time you figure it out, it's too late.
Well, guess what?
It's not too late now.
And so I instinctively, on a spiritual level, have to fight this.
And I know I'm right.
And I know it's worse than I can even tell you.
I know Fauci went from being worth $100 million to $200 million during the pandemic.
I know Hotez went from being worth $10 million to $35 million.
That's what the money we know of.
And think of the chicken feed they got paid by their bosses that made hundreds of billions.
Pfizer made over $100 billion on their poison shot.
And liability protection, all the rest of it.
It's not about that, folks.
The money is just how they get their minions to go along.
No, there's the groups up above it that are doing this that literally want to destroy our DNA, destroy our fertility, And that's what these shots really do to the majority of people that take them.
It's not a side effect, though, that also kills you.
It is a poisonous program against your body that grows protein crystals.
Here's Fauci doubling his net worth during the pandemic.
It was not a pandemic.
It's the shots that caused the mass death.
Here's another one.
Then we'll go to these clips.
Klaus Schwab praises CCP for its COVID control measures, says we need those here.
At the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Clinton Foundation, all of it.
What do they say?
They say, well this showed us the public doesn't trust us, and people don't believe in medicine and science anymore.
You mean you hijacking it, and weaponizing it?
Weaponizing medical information to terrorize the public, to scare them into submission to take more shots, and use Pentagon mind control programs on the public?
Every major ministry of defense doing the same thing.
Chelsea Clinton saying nobody believes us anymore.
Yeah, we don't believe you anymore.
So her answer is we're going to double down.
We're going to get more aggressive.
We're going to lock you down harder.
That'll make you submit.
That'll break your will.
When we come back, I'm going to play two Klaus Schwab clips back to back.
One of the classics, and there's a new one.
It's just COVID is going to cause a breakdown of civilization and food and water and transportation.
But it's not COVID, it's their lockdown that did it and the poison shots.
Now with 15% of the Western population sick and dying from the shots.
In Vietnam, they love to wound somebody because they found that wounding an enemy soldier would take up more resources than actually killing an enemy soldier.
So they created the 556 or 223 that High velocity but tends to wound, not kill as often, but shatter bones.
The bullet disintegrates in the body.
And that's why they deployed it.
It'll also hold a lot of the cartridges, carry them easier.
It is an amazing round, but that's what's going on here.
Klaus Schwab praises CCP for its COVID control measures.
We're going to cover that.
When we return and then how it ties and everything else.
Oh, and this.
Netherlands euthanizing autistic and intellectually handicapped people research finds.
So is Canada.
It's the same unified program worldwide.
Here we go again.
Former CIA agent to run censorship at Facebook and Meta.
A video of this charity worker caught trying to sell a baby, a one-year-old baby to organ harvesters for $25,000 in Ukraine.
So much more coming up.
California set to sign a law that kidnaps children from people that won't let the state cut their penises and breasts off.
It's all coming up.
Don't forget, InfoWars.com, ZipTheSpear, Band-Odd Video.
But those URLs are hard to share sometimes, and they're blocked, so you have to do it by word of mouth.
So share Mad Max World.
One word, Mad Max World.
All right, we'll go to break, and we will return on the other side.
So much more to cover.
I hope the phone's up today as well.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news today, but the only way the dog hunts is you release it.
All the other forbidden information is as well at band.video.
All right, we'll go to break.
And we will return on the other side.
So much more to cover.
I'll open the phones up today as well.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news today, but the only way the dog hunts is you release it.
You are the resistance.
All right, I've got a ton of news on the economy, on war, on the new world order, on the poison shots.
Just insane stuff coming up next hour interspersed with your phone calls.
I'm going to open the phones up here at the end of the segment in a moment.
But let me get back to Klaus Schwab.
You've got to read his books.
You've got to watch him at his World Government Summits they have.
They're called World Government Summits.
You've got to read and listen to this because, I mean, it's all, you're obsolete, we're getting rid of you, you will eat bugs, you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
It's everything we told you decades ago because we were getting the documents and the research and the whistleblowers from the Club of Rome, from the Bilderberg Group, from the Trilateral Commission.
But we're not covering what they were doing in the dark now.
They've launched the attack, folks.
Again, like, The British and the U.S.
knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor.
They weren't sure exactly when, but they knew it was going to be in that week.
They sent half the troops away and sailors away on leave, basically stood down and let them attack.
Had the aircraft carriers out to sea, though, because they knew that was going to be key in a real fight.
Really cold-blooded, and they didn't stage the attack.
They just let it happen.
That's been partially declassified.
I interviewed the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Moore, before he died, and he said it was well known in the Navy that it was allowed to happen.
This is beyond that.
And so they are actually creating the crises to bring in the total control.
And this is a very dystopic system they're setting up.
And they sell their minions that are in on most of the plan at the highest levels.
Mid-level really aren't, though they figured it out now and a lot of them are joining it out of pure fear.
But others do it because they are just associated to power.
And they think, well, I'll be safer working with this.
Which, in my research and study, you will not be.
Plus, it's the wrong thing to do.
Have we all gotten a little lazy?
Is modern society decadent for a lot of people?
But go be part of charity.
Go to church.
Help people.
And understand the most rich and most decadent people are proud of their decadence and just want to kill the most of the public so they can have the earth themselves.
Well, it's not your earth.
And I'm not just going to sit here and let you have it.
And lets you run over everybody.
They're a bunch of selfish pedophiles.
And it runs from that's bad to worse.
I mean, they get way worse than just pedophilia.
They kill the kids a lot of them.
Because it's all about their selfishness and about embodying that and embodying that as a ritual.
And that's what these poison shots are.
So Klaus Schwab means business.
Klaus Schwab praises CCP for its COVID control measures.
But before we play this clip, we'll play it back to back.
Here he is again.
Two years ago, two and a half years ago, when it all was really in the middle of the COVID, he gave a lot of speeches on this saying, we're going to use this to bring in control and to get the new carbon reset and to get people used to being locked down, this time for carbon lockdowns.
And even if we don't officially have carbon lockdowns, we'll just cut off the energy until people can't move or travel or be prosperous.
And then to the third world, that means death, cutting off the carbon.
Those machines eat carbon.
We put off carbon, and when they talk about banning carbon, they're talking about banning you.
That's why, in my film, Endgame, I tell you that they're going to ban fireplaces, charcoal, grills, and space heaters.
That was officially in the EU-UN policy in 2009, when I made The Obama Deception.
Two and a half hour film, go watch it, it's free online.
The Obama Deception.
The Obama Deception, it's at Banned.Video.
Watch it.
It's better today than when I made it in 2009, 14 years ago.
And it says they will ban charcoal pizza ovens.
I specifically say that.
And because they said it.
And now it's here.
You're like, well, that's just the idiots in New York.
I love this weird thing people do.
Like, I don't care if the stock market crashes.
I'm not in the stock market.
Everything's tied to the stock market.
I don't care.
I don't live in Houston, in Shreveport.
I don't care if they shut off the Keystone Pipeline that, you know, costs $35 million to build and would create hundreds of millions of barrels of, you know, every few days of oil or gasoline.
That affects what you pay for gas.
It's just this, it's crazy.
So when I see San Francisco falling apart or New York, I don't go, oh, screw them in New York or screw them in Los Angeles.
You're going to be next.
And there's this attitude in Texas, and I love Texas.
My family's been here on both sides since the founding of it, about as Texas as you can get.
And I got a shotgun arrival, a four-wheel drive, and I got cows and I know how to do everything.
I know how to give them everything they need, including butchering their ass.
But the point is, is that The average Texan's like, don't ever get us!
Texas is that close to going down.
Florida discovered it was going down and fought back and has gained a little ground.
In a football game at halftime, they're only a field goal ahead.
Texas is behind.
But I'm ranting.
You know, I'll do this.
I'm going to start the next hour and play these Klaus Schwab clips.
And then I'm going to open the phones up, take your calls and all the rest of it.
But it's just incredible that they're just killing us with these poison shots, sending out lots to conservative and Christian areas, areas they don't control to kill higher numbers of people, but still killing some of theirs, so it's not as easy to notice.
I mean, that is so incredible.
What are we going to do about that?
Now, I want to play a two and a half minute clip from Sunday night with this incredible lady, Octavia Wilder, who has worked with some of the biggest names out there, but decided to leave the whole Hollywood system and be part of the River Church there in Tampa.
She's a top, top vocalist, operatic singer.
I mean, I've never seen anything like it in person.
And I want to go out and start singing Bengel Branner in the shower.
And then we've got some other amazing singers like Raymond Silleris.
We're going to be playing some of that.
Coming up as well.
He does the proud to be American and more because he's just so powerful.
I have to sit right there feet away and hear it.
That's coming up.
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Now, here is this incredible Star Spangled Banner from Octavia Wilder.
We'll be back next hour.
So we watched, were so gallantly streaming.
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Oh, no!
(audience applauding)
Live from Tampa, The River Church, Rodney Howard Brown!
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After seven years of violent revolution, our American founders were well aware that political factions were most often used to divide and conquer the people.
And they knew that the republic they created would only last as long as the people could remain educated.
In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote, if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
By the end of the Civil War, the two-party system became the norm.
The globalist system we face today was born.
And the deliberate dumbing down of the American citizen began with our great-great-grandparents.
In the late 1800s, the Skinner-Pavlovian method was brought into American schools by Johns Hopkins.
These psychological methods allowed teachers the ability to program students' behavior in the same way that Pavlov did with dogs.
In 1934, the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace published the Report on the Commission on Social Studies, which explicitly stated the goal of eventually taking away people's land, and noted that most people would obviously oppose this.
The solution was to begin using the school system to recondition the minds of children.
In 1976, the bicentennial year of the Declaration of Independence, 124 congressmen signed the Declaration of Interdependence, which stated that two centuries ago, our forefathers brought forth a new nation.
Now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.
And it pledged to give children special attention in distributing a common education to suit their goals.
By the 1990s, this globalist, dumbing-down system was perfected, and America began exporting it worldwide in what is known as outcome-based education.
Starting in 2010, Common Core began in the United States.
It outlined what students were expected to know at each grade level and enforced ways to assess those standards.
Charlotte Isserby, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, has traced most of this agenda stemming from the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale through both Republicans and Democrats.
Two wings of the same globalist bird, which understood that dumbed-down people have a base desire for a simple dualistic choice.
In 1953, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Robber's Cave Experiment, wherein 11-year-old boys, who thought they were signing up for summer camp, were organized into two separate tribes and were manipulated into fighting each other, which was easily accomplished by having a single resource that the two groups competed for.
The Henry Tajfel experiments of the 1970s showed that by simply dividing people into two groups, they would naturally identify with their own group and discriminate against the other.
The basic ego mind is constantly making preferences.
No matter how dumb you are, you have an opinion about everything.
And if you can keep the population dumb enough and give them two parties to choose from, they will innately identify with one and despise the other.
This allows the globalist system the cover they need to implement unpopular policies, such as a central bank digital currency, while we the people ignorantly fight each other.
United we stand, divided we fall, and we've been falling for it for generations.
The American people have been so thoroughly dumbed down that we think freedom is the ability to choose between two parties working for the same control system.
And we have been made so weak that we are afraid to even discuss the option of violence, which is most often the only remedy for tyranny.
But if we were an enlightened people, we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the tyrants.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, in this hour into the next, I want to open the phones up and talk to the listeners and get your take on all the news we've covered.
So it's gonna be first-time callers, long-time callers.
We're not screening your calls.
Just have a clean phone line.
Make your point.
We'll move the next person that way.
We get to hear the great things you have to say.
Informative, the interesting, the ridiculous, the thought-provoking, and we get to move the next person to hear them.
But I ask you to at least comment on government studies out of the EU confirming that they were giving most people placebo, others a mild dose of the death shot, and others a strong injection.
Many of them died.
I mean, I can't believe I'm just calmly talking about this.
We've known this for years.
I played a Gregg Reese report from 17, 18, no, 19 months ago.
And his report has links to all the documents and all the groups here in the U.S.
with the numbers.
I mean, these people are just monsters, man.
But again, the public cannot believe they're being hit by something like this.
So I mentioned this.
I'm going to play these Klaus Schwab clips.
One is new.
Embracing the CCP.
That's the Communist Party of China.
Who are the greatest mass murderers in history.
The CIA says they killed 80 million people.
In their fact book online.
The Chai comms go, no actually 100 million we killed.
So they even admit that under Mao it was 80 million.
And then they've killed 20 million since.
And they officially say, well that's just a good price to pay.
Now by the way, if you're a new listener and haven't studied the Chai comms, go look that up.
The Chinese communists say they killed 100 million.
CIA says 84 million.
It's just like if I say, I've got a Madeleine Albright clip on 60 Minutes where they say, will you triple the sanctions on Iraq of what the Bush's had, Bush Senior, and it killed 2 million people, 500,000 of children.
Was that a good price to pay?
She says, yeah, I'd kill 500,000 again.
It's a good thing I did.
Wouldn't give them penicillin.
And they were a one crop economy.
Oil in that country, they couldn't, they produced some food, that was it.
How about you for 5, 6, 7 years?
You don't get any medicine.
You don't get fuel.
You don't get energy.
Sit there and watch your four-year-old get a cold.
Their immune system's already run down because they've been on antibiotics before.
Now they die in your arms.
Madeleine Albright's a big, fat, ugly woman.
They're like, well, she's a big, fat, ugly woman.
That's all right.
I was a big, fat, ugly woman.
I was not a man.
Big ol' fat, disgusting little conehead.
Like a monkey.
We gotta celebrate, though, because she's a woman.
Disgusting murderer.
Burn in hell.
Cowardly filth.
We were at Bilderberg.
It was 2018 or something.
I forget.
Chantilly, Virginia.
And I had gone to get something to eat.
It was like getting dark.
They had troops all around everywhere.
The news was saying it doesn't exist.
Jones is insane.
They were telling, Jones is insane, running around in Virginia outside a hotel, claiming there's a new world order.
I mean, Jones is reporting imaginary men in black and helicopters.
Meanwhile, they had Marines there and helicopters and everything else.
We have video of it.
I stayed in there until it opened.
And the king of Spain comes in, they play the national anthem.
I have all this on video.
And the New York Times says it doesn't exist.
A little bit different when they met last month.
All over the news, yes, the world leaders are meeting.
Secretly decide how to save you.
Bilderberg, of course, is real, but... Madeleine Albright pulled up in front of my crew that she ran on, and she, when she took the wrong turn and drove up to peaceful protesters and just people with cameras, she literally started crying like, and drove out the other way and reportedly never came back.
She was driving a little Mercedes convertible.
So she's out having fun, mass murderin', pulls in and sees some cameras and people, and literally craps a brick.
It's alright, cause she's a woman.
She wears a skirt.
Murder them!
Murder me, liberal woman!
She's so powerful, it's like what Hillary says.
I came, I saw, he died!
That woman can't wipe her ugly, pork-covered butt.
She can sure as hell give you orders to kill your ass.
While Obama's in bed with Big Mike, because he's really good at killing people.
Remember, he said that.
In fact, get the Malin Albright clip ready, find it, and then get Obama.
He said it a couple times, saying, I'm really good at killing people.
He goes, Predator drones.
He said both, I'm really good at killing people, and two words, Predator drones.
And then maybe you get the George W. Bush joke where he's at the National Press Club and he goes, nope, no WND's here, none are there, they're all lying, you just killed all these more people, but it's alright, you're laughing about it, you're George W. Bush, boy, you can do whatever you want.
They just think we're here to be killed, we're here to be run over, we're here to be pissed on, I tell you we're not.
Let's go ahead and play this clip, this is, uh, Klaus Schwab.
And remember, it's not the COVID that killed millions.
It's not the COVID that starved 30-something million to death in the last three and a half years with the lockdowns.
It was the lockdowns.
And they did it using this.
And like they say, oh, global warming is the reason the border collapsed.
No, you ordered it to stand down.
And you told the illegals to come here.
And you incentivized them to come here by shutting off where they work and where they live.
And then John Kerry goes, we're being flooded.
You see, it's global warming.
No, it's your policies, you monster.
John Kerry's always... He gives a speech now, he's just... He's like a bug.
Like a frog.
Here's Klaus Schwab.
History is truly at a turning point.
Global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important.
Backing up a story.
Just imagine what you're hearing.
This is two and a half years ago, in the heights of lockdown.
This is three years ago, excuse me.
And he's like, there will be deep effect.
And then later they put out little videos.
Remember saying, oh, it was good.
The animals were happy.
Humans weren't out there.
There wasn't the sound of cars.
Well, the whole infrastructure got set back decades by taking a rug and pulling it out from under somebody.
He later said this is very good to disrupt.
Mass death, mass starvation.
This is your little friend.
Sorry, go back to him.
History is truly at a turning point.
Global energy systems, food systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.
The profound challenges to mankind, such as climate change, are globally interconnected and require collaborative responses.
He's the ex-premier of the People's Republic of China and a member of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee.
Hit pause again.
Back it up to the start of clip two.
He's about to have an orgasm.
The number two in the party!
He has a bust of linen in his office.
So he's told you we're collapsing everything we're going to pose as the saviors.
Now he's Premier Lee, more communism!
The power of who we have in here!
I mean, you're seeing a real Bond villain.
That people like Dr. Evil are based on this.
It's not like he's trying to look like a Bond villain.
This is the actual group that Ian Fleming based him on.
This is what Klaus Schwab's dad and grandfather look like.
They're making flamethrowers for Hitler.
Go back to him.
Premier Lee.
is the ex-premier of the People's Republic of China and a member of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee.
Premier Li has a distinguished career in public service, having led the economic and social development of three major provinces, Zhejiang, He has also been instrumental in opening up China's capital market, attracting foreign investment and innovation, and creating new urban areas to address land scarcity.
Premier Li took his office this March at China's National People's Congress at a critical moment when China adopted new COVID control measures and started to boost economic development, social dynamism and international cooperation.
Truly disgusting.
Again, the Chai Khams, in their own words, have killed over 100 million of their own people.
And Klaus Schwab says they are the model of the world.
So does his mini-me, Deval Noah Harari, and his other mini-me, Justin Trudeau.
He penetrates the cabinets.
You know, a lot of new clips that are old clips are resurfing on the web.
And I really want to thank the viewers and listeners that are taking clips out of the shows and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, but also Rumble and Gab and everywhere else.
And on YouTube, as long as you'll put my name in it, you don't have to make bigger problems.
We're reaching tens of millions of people a day because of you and with the truth.
And it's the old clips that are really the most important.
I saw this clip two days ago.
On InfoWars.com, and I thought, wow, that's a really important clip.
It shows I'm going off their own documents, that I had their battle plan, that this is real, and that I'm going to tell you what's coming next off their own battle plan, and you can go read it for yourself and know how to beat them.
But people, they listen to me now, because they've seen what I've talked about come true, but they really listen to the old clips.
And so we played this yesterday, and it's since gone viral, got over a million views, and I thought we'd play it again just to encourage others to keep uploading this, Because it's only a minute and a half clip and it just says it all.
Here it is.
And right before the break I was reading some of those quotes by Atom Burrow and others coming out saying it's time to basically wipe out the third world.
And notice this is normally from liberal academics and naturalists who say they're for multiculturalism and, you know, get rid of the family and teach homosexuality and all this just so people don't have any unifying culture left and so that it's not cool to have children.
It's literally ultimate greed.
They're attacking the West that they see as their main challenge, number one, while attacking the third world just out of hand because there's no media complex or government complex or cultural complex in the third world that can organize against this.
But David Attenborough has come out and stated what is in all their publications.
They're on record hitting us with psychotronic.
Uh, wavelength, uh, weapon systems.
They're on record designing all the GMO with, uh, recombinant RNA, uh, and DNA, uh, weapon systems.
Uh, really, it's nanotech, but genetically based.
They are hitting us all with hundreds of chemicals in the water supply, with hydrofluorosilic acid as the, uh, boosting adjuvant.
This is all on record.
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Pentagon documents.
I'm giving you the names right now.
Soft Kill, Perspectus, 1968, MIT, Stanford Research Institute.
I mean, I'm giving it all to you right now.
Anybody that wants to go find out about this.
And the insane part is, the Pentagon, the CIA people, 99.9% of them are compartmentalized and are all being attacked by this as well.
There will be no winners in this.
They're going to kill everybody.
And right now you just see them trying to shut down the final sovereign nations, trying to develop their super weapons, their nanotech, putting it in place, trying to set up their new takeover system of the internet that was always designed for this reason.
So that's the big picture.
No one's safe.
No one's going to escape this.
They're going to kill everybody.
And they now say that.
Yuval Harari, Ray Kurzweil, they say, humans won't be around soon.
It's the time of humans is coming to an end.
They've really bought into this spirit, this thing, saying they're going to merge the machines and become gods.
And remember, about two years ago, we should find it again.
William Shatner, uh, goes up in Blue Origin or whatever.
I don't know that Blue Origin is what, uh, The Virgin guy calls it.
Whatever the space company of Bezos says.
And he goes up there in this pod and this capsule and he looks down and he lands and he goes, I was up there just looking at the cataclysm that's about to happen.
This was during the COVID lockdowns.
Now almost everybody's got to die for the Earth and I just thought it's so sad they're all going to die.
Everyone will be dead soon.
They're like, Mr. Shatner, please come over here.
Because he's been read in.
And I said that a long time ago.
I know people that know Shatner.
He's a really nice guy.
And can say he almost came on the show.
I like William Shatner.
What a character.
But he's like, he just like transhumanism.
I want to live forever.
I go to the conferences and I meet with the globalists.
They tell me how it all works.
And I, I just want to live.
I, I just, they told me everybody's about to die.
I, well, I'm not supposed to talk about that.
Well, you're all about to be dead.
So they found the club.
The crew is so great.
I asked for so much stuff.
There's another clip I want to play.
What was the clip I asked for?
You guys combined two clips.
What was it?
Obama bragging about, I came, I saw they die.
I used drones.
Hillary, I came, I saw they died.
And then we've got, of course, Mel.
All right.
Well, you killed 500,000 children knowing.
We're not giving them penicillin.
And no medical supplies for at least, you know, the last seven, eight years of your administration.
She goes, yeah, it's good.
I'll do it again.
I'm a big fat ugly woman.
I get to murder you.
I get to murder you.
It's so incredibly liberal.
And because she looks like one of those goblins from Harry Potter.
It's okay.
It's like, well, you look like a goblin.
We got to let you kill us.
It was incredible.
It even came out.
When she was on 60 Minutes, not just her saying, you know, it's a good price to pay to kill everybody.
Behind her was a famous stolen painting that the Nazis stole, and they killed the Jew that painted it.
And of course, her father especially was like, he was like way above George Soros in the level of it, going around robbing fellow Jews, and then handing him over to the Nazis.
But it was a famous, you look this up, Madeleine Albright caught with stolen painting of Holocaust victim.
And so her dad went and would tell Jews he'd get them out of the country and then turn them over to the Nazis.
This is on record.
And then he ran to Serbia and they saved them.
And when she launched the attack on Belgrade and bombed them with DU and let the Muslims take over and throw the country and just slaughter the Serbs, because it was liberal, of course, they said, why are you doing this to us?
We saved you.
And she said, I'd round, my father rounded up Jews and took their property.
I'll kill you too.
I mean, just think about it.
It's just like George Soros.
George Soros said it was the best time of my life rounding up Jews.
I'd do it again.
It was happy making.
It was exhilarating.
You know, it's like markets.
I feel no guilt.
If I didn't do it, somebody else would do it.
What must that feel like?
Like, well, if I don't just, you know, pistol whip this person and take their car and shoot him in the ditch, somebody else would do it.
Total psychotic demon.
But they know you've got a conscience.
They say, you better let me take control of your body or you're a Nazi.
You better let me take your bank account or you're Hitler.
And so people are now revolting saying, well, then, you know, Hitler's not bad.
No, Hitler was bad, too.
He was just a competing faction with these people.
That's all.
He saw predatory globalist organizations and groups, the British Empire, and he wanted to be the predatory group.
So he was just another predator.
Hitler's I mean, on a scale, the British Empire, Hitler, the ADL, George Soros, they're all a 10.
As evil as you can be, they're always trying to be more ruthless, more evil.
They see it as manly, as powerful.
They have no morals to hate everyone, even their own families, and just hate, and just steal, and just hurt.
And they're Chinese, and they're Anglo, and they're African, and they're Latin America, they're every group, they're Arab.
They're evil.
There's evil white people, there's good white people.
There's good Christians, there's bad Christians.
False Christians.
And there's good Jews, there's bad Jews.
And there's good Nigerians, there's bad Nigerians.
And we have to recognize that people like George Soros hide behind what they did.
They want to intimidate us, to not have the nerve to call him out.
We do.
And we're never going to shut up and we're winning.
And humanity, together, every race, color, and creed are going to go to the stars.
And all you people that serve evil are going to be left in the ash heap of history.
But here's some of your little bloodthirsty globalists here.
I mentioned a bunch of clips, but you probably just have a whole bloodthirsty continuum.
I mean, there's so many clips.
George W. Bush makes jokes about WMDs.
No WMDs under here?
Wait, none under there?
I don't know what they put together, but here it is.
We have heard that half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it.
Yes, we came, we saw, he died.
The Jonas Brothers are here.
They're out there somewhere.
Sasha and Malia are huge fans.
But boys don't get any ideas.
I have two words for you.
Predator drones.
You will never see it coming.
You think I'm joking?
Ten minutes.
It had everything.
We're so happy that you're here.
It had everything.
And the realization once again.
The fragility of this planet, the coming catastrophic event, and we all have to clean this act up now.
Well said.
I kept thinking about that, saying they said when you go to space, they should have sent a poet, you know, to describe it.
Well, they kind of did.
Bill Shatner, thank you for your poetry.
Glad you had so much fun.
And he's actually going to be back in our third hour with more to share.
And every time I ask for that, we pull up that clip.
He was quoted in the news, there's video when he gets off the pod, saying, I'm so sad the cataclysmic event, everybody's gonna have to die, all those people down there.
We'll find it, but that, you know, good job.
And then again, he gave interviews and books saying, I'm really good at killing people.
So it's just spectacular how disconnected from reality these folks are.
All right, I said I'd give the number out.
And maybe we'll punch up the phone system here so I can see it and take the calls, but 877-789-2539.
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I know, as negative as all this information is, it can get people down, but remember, God is in control.
I told you years ago, you would see a major resistance form, you would see the globalists start really having big problems, and that they would start imploding.
And you're seeing that.
Evil is very confident, it's delusional, it's crazy.
And it always goes too far.
And it always destroys itself.
We just have to protect ourselves and not get tangled up with them, but also stand up for those that evil's attacking.
So it's a tall order.
Help the innocent, help the children, but at the same time, don't get tricked into all-out war with the enemy.
We're doing that right now together, and it's a beautiful time to be alive.
I want to go to OneCardMoney, Jason, Tim, John, Barbara.
Man, I bought glasses two years ago.
I kind of needed them then, I really need them now.
I can't find the two pairs I bought.
One, I found the sunglasses, but I can't find, I gotta go to the Optomers when I get back to Austin Sunday
because I can't, my eyes used to be 20/15, man, I can't read any of this right now.
That's part of my frustration on air too, like I have to like, when I used to be able to read this,
read it, you can see that, they're like trying to make it focus, it's crazy.
But, so that's where we're at here in Georgia, Arizona show show this is all coming up
I'm going to go crazy.
I guess it's good, though, as you know more, you can see and hear less.
It's like this ear is starting to go out.
Oh, my goodness.
So we're going to go to your phone calls here in a moment and take those.
And Pastor Scarlett, always a great guy, going to talk about human smuggling and more in these videos we've got of it and his research of the border coming up.
And we've got Roseanne Barb.
Tomorrow in studio.
So I won't be in studio until Monday.
But I will be here every day.
I'm here.
But Roseanne Barr will be in studio tomorrow.
That should be very interesting.
Look forward to her clarifying what she really said.
Because Theo Vaughn put out a video of what she really said.
She said, I should be able to say anything I want, like, well, they cut that part out.
I think you should.
It's like a litmus test.
I should be able to say the N-word.
I don't want to.
I don't like it.
But famously in the O.J.
Simpson trial, his lawyers use that word to invoke emotion.
They're trying to like ban books that have the name in it.
The left wants to ban everything except pedophilia.
But I want to go to your phone calls, but here's a really important clip I talked about yesterday, how I went on Piers Morgan in 2013, and there had just been an Indian mob of men in India had just mass gang-raped a bunch of women.
Bob Psychology.
And they'd rape some of the women with steel rods until one of them died.
Kind of like Hillary Clinton's first case.
It was a man that raped a young girl he kidnapped with a broomstick and she got him off of it.
And I was saying, you don't blame the broomstick.
You don't blame the steel rod.
You don't blame the gun.
You blame the person that's doing it.
And then you want to know what's happening to their brains.
And we know what's happening to their brains.
On the SSRI inserts, it says it can cause mass murder, Uh, it can cause megalomania, it can cause mass shootings.
And Kennedy brings this up and he says, oh, in a study, 27% increase or whatever, a 30% increase.
Almost every mass shooter that comes out was under psychiatric care and on a bunch of drugs.
It just never gets to the record because of HIPAA.
So where people got past HIPAA, the drug was involved.
but it's not 30-something percent, it's not 40 percent, whether it was the lunatic Adam Lanza
Yeah, I didn't kill the kids, everybody thinks that.
Alex Jones, Sandy Hook?
No, Adam Lanza was on a bunch of drugs.
Harrison Kleibold, Columbine.
The Cruz guy in Florida.
Parkland, the guy that attacked the movie theater in Colorado.
I mean, just, they're all on this stuff.
They're whacked out of their brains.
A few years ago, some Asian guy with no criminal record was in a Walmart and just shot a cop, then he got shot.
And I said, I bet that guy was on Xanax and alcohol.
Xanax and alcohol.
Just do not think you're in a video game.
And that's why it's video game players, and I'm not saying be in the video games, 99% of people playing shoot-em-up video games, five hours a day are not going to go out and kill people.
But when you're playing shoot-em-up video games four or five hours a day, and then you take three Xanax and drink a half bottle of vodka, you think you're in the shooting game because your brain's programmed to that.
And that's why almost all of them are on drugs and shoot-em-up video games.
A lot of pushback on that one.
I said that 20 years ago.
Video games, shoot-em-up video games were created by the Pentagon in the 60s to train people.
They'd hesitate to shoot a person up close, even the Marines.
Don't worry, you're attacking me?
I'm not gonna hesitate.
I've got a killer instinct.
But the point is, that's genetic.
I don't want to hurt innocent people, too.
Conrad Lorenz, human-animal psychology, is the most aggressive people.
We're also the most loving on average.
The point is a lot of people do not have the killer instinct.
So they train you with video games to have the killer instinct with that moment kill when you need to kill.
And don't worry, I don't want to kill anybody.
But if I have to, I will.
And I won't hesitate once my brain tells me now's the time to kill.
But that's what video games do is they get rid of that inhibition.
They create instinctive shooting.
That's a term.
So here's that short video.
We'll go right to your calls.
How about Prozac?
You know the number one... Oh, that's a big sponsor, isn't it?
Or that whole class of drugs.
Let me ask you a question.
Oh, whoa, gotta cut that off, don't you?
Don't want to talk about the U.S.
number one cause of death is suicide now because they give people suicide mass murder pills.
Your answer is give more money to the psychiatrists and psychologists to put more crazy people on drugs that make them kill people, Pierce.
Let's try and have a debate here.
My policy is going to be to figure out ways to protect these children.
We cannot have any more school shootings.
And, you know, one of the things, even if that means protecting schools the same way we protect airlines.
You don't get shootings on airlines anymore.
If we have to do that, we have to protect our children.
The other thing we need to look at is the other reasons why this may be happening in our country.
And you know, I've gotten ridiculed for saying that we need to look at the issue of the SSRIs.
But it's one of the issues we need to look at.
We need to look at video games.
We need to look at the way that social media is affecting people's behaviors.
And do the scientific studies that are required for that.
There has never been a time in human history When strangers would walk into a room of children and begin shooting people.
What happened?
We had guns when I was a kid.
I went to the school where we had a gun club in the school.
And kids would come with their rifles to school.
And nobody even imagined that somebody would go in that school and start shooting children.
There's other countries that have almost as many guns as we do, like Switzerland, that don't have school shootings.
So what is going on here?
The last school shooting in Switzerland was 21 years ago.
We have school shootings every 21 hours.
One of the things we need to look at are SSRIs.
There is one study that shows that at least 23% of school shootings have the shooter was at the time or prior or before was on SSRIs.
And if you look at the label manufacturing the insert for these drugs, they say on them, homicidal and suicidal ideation and action.
It's not insane to say we should look at this.
Something changed in our country that started this.
And it's not the guns.
Because we've always had the guns.
Something else happened.
And we need to be looking.
And that's the function of NIH.
This is the biggest health threat in our country, these shootings.
NIH is supposed to be doing science.
It actually looks at the cause.
The problem is it doesn't want to do anything that will offend the pharmaceutical industry.
So they will not even do a genuine study, and it's hard for the public or the press to figure it out because of the HIPAA laws.
You can't get that information on these shooters.
But NIH can get the information, but it won't do it because it does not want to offend the pharmaceutical companies.
And we ought to at least be looking at that.
So, in the last month or two, month and a half, I've dropped the ball.
People are like, I don't like RFK Jr.
because he's anti-gun.
And he has been a Democrat.
And I'm like, no, no, I've seen a bunch of clips of him saying, we're not taking your guns, not one gun.
The problem is not the guns, it's crazy people.
And people are like, I haven't seen that.
Well, there's another clip of it.
But he's even been more specific.
In fact, let's just do that.
Find the clip.
RLK Jr., I'm not going to take one gun.
And that's absolutely true.
So he's on our side.
He was already awake a lot, but I'll be quite honest with you.
You know, obviously the show helped deprogram him and just What the globalists have done helped deprogram him.
They hate him, that's why they're attacking him and he's just injecting truth everywhere and he's a great guy.
And Trump has said that too.
Okay, I want to go ahead and take your phone calls.
I've got a lot of other news here, literally over 50 incredible stories like this one.
Supreme Court yesterday overturned affirmative action.
And again, they act like, oh, that's so mean to the black people or whatever.
Ladies and gentlemen, the college degrees are worthless on average.
Let's get that first straight.
I'm not saying you can't get some value, but they're overpriced.
But you can't just say, we're going to replace one discriminatory system with another.
That is a good sign of a Supreme Court.
A very, very good sign.
But again, it's not like as a white dude, I'm trying to be the police chief or I'm trying to be, you know, get the full scholarship because it's, you know, I don't want to be in the system.
But Right now, Chicago always had this thing with police chiefs and promotions or whatever, where it was like the senior people would be the next guy.
Great, have a black police chief.
Sounds wonderful.
I don't care.
As long as they do a good job.
But then they pass over and there's like no white police chiefs in those areas now in big cities.
Like, well, we just don't have white people.
You don't replace one thing that's wrong with another.
I know that's very, very simple and all of you get that, but It also creates resentment, actually creates the racism that they claim is rampant because it puts people in a racial perspective because you've been, it's happened to you.
And it's just like Biden promising free tuition to everybody on the rest of it or reparations.
You're never going to get that.
There's no free lunch, folks.
And stop thinking that.
Oh, you might get something free for a little while, but you're going to pay for it dearly.
All right, let's go to your phone calls here.
What's up Alex?
been holding the longest.
I guess they all came in about 16 minutes ago.
We opened the phone calls up.
So let's just take them in the order they are received here.
Let's go to Obadiah in Vegas.
You're on the air Obadiah.
What's up Alex?
God bless you, what's on your mind?
Okay, so number one, the pharmaceutical industry and 30 years can be the,
The Greek word of pharmakia is sorcery, witchcraft, black magic.
And in the Bible, the book of Genesis, the book of Ezekiel, the book of Revelation, all say that the herb is for the healing of all the nations and the leaves are for meat.
So, to you Christians out there, you people professing to be Christians, Why are you going to these doctors for chemicals that are petrochemical based for whatever ailment that you have when the holy scriptures say the herb is for the healing of all the nations?
Number two, the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for $35 billion in fines and their internal emails come out where they say that they're going to go forward.
A lot of people are going to get hurt by this, but we're going to go forward with it because the profits are going to outweigh the fines.
So, I hate to be as cold as this is, but if you're still going to these doctors, and even look at that word doctor.
If you told the IRS that you doctored your tax form, what do you think would happen?
Doctor means manipulate.
So, their business model is to get as many people as possible on as many pills as possible for as long as possible.
And they're the third leading cause of death.
Estrogenesis is the third leading cause of death in America.
Medical mistakes or misdiagnosis.
So you have a 33% chance of dying if you go to a doctor.
You go to a doctor for the common- They don't even have- They admit to you that they don't even have the cure for the common cold.
So if they admit to you they don't have a cure for the common cold, AIDS, cancer, anything, what do they understand?
Well, I mean, I've always said that doctors on average are good people, but the system that owns them and controls them is predatory and evil and transhumanist.
And so a doctor's great if you've got a gunshot wound or break your leg and they can set it and fix it.
They're wonderful when you've got a rotten tooth.
They're wonderful when you break your nose.
They're, you know, they're wonderful, you know, to do things like that.
But when it comes to all the rest of it, it's pure garbage.
And as the corporations take over the medical system, they become more and more predatory.
Powerful points, Obadiah.
Thank you.
Let's go ahead now and take a call from John.
John is calling from Nebraska, where I'm at right now.
Go ahead, John.
You're on the air.
Alex, I want to thank you for bringing to Omaha the much-needed rain.
It did rain all last night, yeah.
I slept really good.
I've been without the storm.
Yeah, it poured and it's supposed to pour off and on the next several days, so thank you.
Segues to the weather wars, which probably there's been some blocking of the jet stream, which has caused your state to melt from the heat.
Learned all about HAARP and weather manipulation and what have you at a Steve Quayle conference the weekend Princess Diana was murdered, late August 97.
And that brings me to Dr. Len Horowitz, who I think would be a great guest.
Are you there, buddy?
I'm listening.
I would love to get a Horowitz song.
I was thinking about Horowitz just like last week.
Where is Horowitz?
He's here all the time.
Yeah, basically.
But anyway, he had quite a program at Steve's conference on A, And I'm pretty sure he mentioned Dr. Fauci back then in 97 as being a conduit of the distribution of AIDS.
He was involved in the whole thing, yeah.
Oh, and a minute ago you mentioned OJ.
Well, somehow I got in yesterday and talked to Owen, and I was simply mentioning a few guests that you might want to have, and topics, and I mentioned on Dr. Stan Monti, years ago, he had a fellow named William Beer, who was a celebrated private investigator, who wrote a book entitled, OJ is Innocent, and I Can Prove It.
I remember that book.
John in Nebraska, thank you so much, sir.
Thank you for the call.
Let's go to Tim in Seattle on bioweapons.
Tim, you're on the air.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Amazing broadcast, as always.
I'd like to give a plug first for the amazing Red Pill Plus.
That combination, whatever you put in that formulation, is amazing.
My energy level is just through the ceiling already.
I mean, I've lost about 10 pounds and gained about 15 mass, muscle mass.
It's great stuff.
Thank you for putting that out.
Real Red Pill was sold out for two plus years because we couldn't get the ingredients.
The lockdowns and I think it's almost sold out or is about to sell out.
Yeah, that's that.
I mean, I'm not hyping any of these products.
They're all amazing.
But real red pill takes takes a few weeks to kick in.
But once it kicks in, it is just incredible to take it every day for a couple of weeks.
And then you're like, whoa, it's amazing.
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Real Red Pill Plus.
But it didn't kick in like that.
It waited for like about four or five days and then I just started feeling this surge.
So it's good stuff.
I hope you can keep it on sale or at least available.
But the bioweapon.
Everything in our lives is either a chemical weapon or a bioweapon or some sort of psychological warfare weapon aimed against us.
We have to realize that it's a concentration camp.
We are not living in America.
We're living in an occupied nation.
We have to realize this.
We have to act accordingly.
We have to take to the streets.
We have to be as peaceful as possible.
But yet, just as Professor Desmond said, after six months of silence, once we give up hope in six months, that's when the mass formationists commit atrocities.
And we have to realize that.
No, I totally agree.
We're in a partially occupied country.
They're not in full control.
They're trying to get full control.
But look at Real Red Pill Plus.
It still is in stock, almost sold out.
4.9 star reviews right there.
Everybody should take Real Red Pill Plus.
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Still there, Tim?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!
Sorry, I thought I was going to... Yeah, but you're right, you're amazingly right.
And I'd also like to give a shout-out to the TMI group that's on Rumble and Discord.
These guys are based InfoWarriors, and if you ever have missed a broadcast, or if you're not quite sure of what's going on, the discussion starts as soon as you guys go off air, it starts again at 6 o'clock, and continues on until we decide to end it, because... Beautiful brother, we appreciate you, Tim.
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I'm just saying ours is one of the best formulas out there.
Okay, let's take another caller.
Who's been home the longest here?
Let's go to Jason in the great state of Texas.
Jason, you're on the air.
General Jones, how are we doing today?
Man, I am blessed and my father-in-law is doing a lot better.
He was kind of out of it and was almost dead three or four days ago.
And he's doing a lot better now.
People bounce back.
I told my wife, pray to God, we prayed a lot.
He's bouncing back.
We're not out of the woods yet, so thank you.
Let me first start out by saying what a beautiful rendition of our national anthem that young woman sang the other day.
Octavia Wilder.
You should have seen it in person.
Or heard it in person.
It was beautiful.
But, uh, like we've been talking about here, um, and you today and yesterday, uh, the whole goal was to eliminate Republicans and conservatives from this planet so Democrats can hold power forever, which they will.
And Texas better get their crap together because illegals outnumber Americans now in Texas.
Well, that's important.
I don't hate the illegal aliens that came here.
They want a better life.
But they're being controlled.
They're being used by the globalists.
And yeah, whites are now the minority in Texas.
I'm so sick of hearing about my white privilege.
I'm so sick of hearing about all this power I have and all this crap.
I don't want to hear about what color I am.
I want to hear about what I produce and what I stand for, like Martin Luther King said.
and people go, "Well, Martin Luther King was a communist."
The point is, I do agree with him.
I don't listen to Jimi Hendrix 'cause he was black.
The guitar playing's great.
I don't go to a restaurant because Vietnamese on it.
The food tastes good.
What I care about is what you produce and what you stand for.
I don't judge a book by its cover.
I judge it by the content.
You're absolutely right.
That they're bringing in giant third world populations to create a Tower of Babel situation,
and it's wrong.
We've gotta get control of that border.
Exactly, it's time to wake up, everybody.
Stand up in the infar and say, "I don't know what's gonna go on at the end of all this."
But you wanna fight, you better believe you got one.
Ha ha ha!
Thank you, sir.
We're going to go to break, come back with more calls, and Pastor Scarles is going to join us, but since you asked for it, let's get more Octavia Wilder.
She did a God Bless America.
So let's come back with God Bless America.
And then I'll talk a few minutes in that little No Man's Land segment.
And when we come back, take more calls and have a special guest joining us as well who rides shotgun, we're going to air Raymond Sillars.
Am I pronouncing that right?
Raymond Sillars at the incredible, it really is incredible, River Church in Tampa, Florida.
I mean, this was like a four hour and a half event.
I've been up since 6 a.m., been at a four-hour Sunday service.
It was amazing.
Then I went and did this four-plus-hour event, and it was just wild.
And we still had, they had 600 people in the little studio they did it in.
in. A couple thousand outside couldn't get in but they were in an outside pavilion out
there watching some Jumbo Drone.
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Take action now at infowarestore.com [Music]
While the storm clouds gather far across the sea Let us pledge allegiance to a land that's free
Let us all be grateful for a land so fair As we raise our voices in this new prayer
God bless America, a land that I love Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans wide with love Careless American, thy bones be cold
God bless America, land that I love Stand beside her and guide her
Through the night with the light from above From the mountains to the prairies
To the oceans wide with love God bless America, thy bones be cold
God bless America, thy bones be cold Wow, that's a mic dropper!
Best part of the night right there, ladies and gentlemen.
Amazing creature God made right there.
Voice of an angel.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end of the Cold War and say,
"I don't know what's gonna happen at the end of this, but you wanna fight, you better believe you got one!"
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We've got to have the will.
We accept the truth and fuck the system and the group collective.
Do that, And you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the Infowar.
After seven years of violent revolution, our American founders were well aware
that political factions were most often used to divide and conquer the people.
And they knew that the republic they created would only last as long as the people could remain educated.
In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote, if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
By the end of the Civil War, the two-party system became the norm.
The globalist system we face today was born.
And the deliberate dumbing down of the American citizen began with our great-great-grandparents.
In the late 1800s, the Skinner-Pavlovian method was brought into American schools by Johns Hopkins.
These psychological methods allowed teachers the ability to program students' behavior in the same way that Pavlov did with dogs.
In 1934, the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace published the Report on the Commission on Social Studies, which explicitly stated the goal of eventually taking away people's land, and noted that most people would obviously oppose this.
The solution was to begin using the school system to recondition the minds of children.
In 1976, the bicentennial year of the Declaration of Independence, 124 congressmen signed the Declaration of Interdependence, which stated that two centuries ago, our forefathers brought forth a new nation.
Now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.
And it pledged to give children special attention in distributing a common education to suit their goals.
By the 1990s, this globalist, dumbing-down system was perfected, and America began exporting it worldwide in what is known as outcome-based education.
Starting in 2010, Common Core began in the United States.
It outlined what students were expected to know at each grade level and enforced ways to assess those standards.
Charlotte Isserby, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, has traced most of this agenda stemming from the Order of Skull and Bones at Yale through both Republicans and Democrats.
Two wings of the same globalist bird, which understood that dumbed-down people have a base desire for a simple dualistic choice.
In 1953, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Robber's Cave Experiment, wherein 11-year-old boys, who thought they were signing up for summer camp, were organized into two separate tribes and were manipulated into fighting each other.
Which was easily accomplished by having a single resource that the two groups competed for.
The Henry Tajfel experiments of the 1970s showed that by simply dividing people into two groups, they would naturally identify with their own group and discriminate against the other.
The basic ego mind is constantly making preferences.
No matter how dumb you are, you have an opinion about everything.
And if you can keep the population dumb enough and give them two parties to choose from, they will innately identify with one and despise the other.
This allows the globalist system the cover they need to implement unpopular policies.
Such as a central bank digital currency.
While we, the people, ignorantly fight each other.
United we stand, divided we fall.
And we've been falling for it for generations.
The American people have been so thoroughly dumbed down that we think freedom is the ability to choose between two parties working for the same control system.
And we have been made so weak that we are afraid to even discuss the option of violence, which is most often the only remedy for tyranny.
But if we were an enlightened people, we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the tyrants.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
1984 is 1776.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We're now well into the third hour here today, and I want to just say the crew's done a great
job while I've been gone for a week and a half.
On the road is very stressful.
We have a few technical difficulties, but that's special reporting to be seen anyway, so it all works out in the end.
I appreciate the crew putting up with me.
A lot of stressful stuff going up, going on.
Great job with the crew.
Well, I wanted to get Pastor Dave Scarlett back on the show, HisGlory.me.
He reaches millions and millions of people every day with His Glory Ministry, and they felt led by the Lord to move to Texas in the last year to really focus on the border.
So he's been down there a lot.
They've made documentaries.
They've had a bunch of special reports.
We've aired some of those here.
It's incredible footage they've caught.
Hisglory.me is the URL.
But it's great that we got him on this week.
We had an issue a few weeks ago getting him on.
There's some stuff that came up with myself that now you come on and talk about all the latest developments that are coming out.
The congressional reports confirming massive human trafficking, giving children to sex slavers, and Obama, that's who the third administration of Obama, that's who controls Biden, the Biden administration, has said that they're not going to test the DNA of children, they're not going to check IDs, whoever has a child they've got them, they can just disappear.
That is next level criminal.
To make sure these are faceless, soulless, humanless people, in the globalist view, who can be exploited however the new world order wants.
And that ties into this video, and I want to ask Pastor Scarlett about this.
Dave Scarlett, we'll go to him here in just a minute.
This is an InfoWars.com article.
It's obviously a big story.
We know there's a lot of news coming out of Ukraine about Organ trapping with the soldiers, the wounded soldiers, the dead soldiers, but also women and children.
Charity worker caught trying to sell baby to organ harvesters in Ukraine after paying the mother $1,000.
The mother believed the child was going to freedom and safety and that he would bring her later to Germany or Poland and said he was about to sell the baby for $25,000 to have his organs harvested.
Now you could say, is this real?
Is this true?
They're saying it is.
They've signed a law in California and Virginia to keep babies alive for 20 plus days and take their organs after they've been born, because they can keep them alive now and get more money for every organ.
So yes, this goes on.
Yes, this is real.
Yes, it's happening.
So here's a quick clip of that.
And then we'll go to Pastor Dave to get his take on it.
Here it is.
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
[The woman is trying to explain the situation to the man]
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
[The man is trying to explain the situation to the woman]
When was the last time you talked to him?
What did you tell him?
What happened last time? - I missed you. - What did you notice? - I noticed that my mother is not in good health.
And I gave her a postcard.
I'm sorry. - I'm sorry. - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Well, they're not even claiming that the Russians were trying to do this.
They're saying an aid worker, who's an official aid worker, was doing this.
We know that human trafficking is bigger than gambling, bigger than drugs.
It is the commodity.
And naive people that work regular jobs I don't believe this is happening, but it is going on, and Pastor Dave Scarlett has really been fighting this for a while, and he's been all over the Texas, Arizona, you name it, border.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Sorry we had a technical difficulty and got you on late, but just your view on this, what's developing, and what's going to happen as the world awakens to what's really happening.
Well, first of all, thank you for having me, Alex, and thank you for standing up for truth.
You've been a pioneer of the truth movement.
What we're seeing, what we saw in Texas and what we saw in Arizona, now with more public information coming out, even from Congress, saying that the United States government is the largest human trafficker out there.
That was a big statement to make about three weeks ago.
We saw that firsthand in Arizona.
We now know that there are nonprofits that are taking money from the United States government and smuggling humans, including children, all through the United States.
And that includes some of the largest church charities as well.
And it is absolutely heartbreaking because this is the worst of the worst when you mess with God's children.
Pastor, you always pause and let me run on, but you've been all over the border.
You've made films on this.
You were doing it before you moved to Texas, but you've been moved to move to Texas for the epicenter of the new UN-sponsored program.
Describe what you've seen and get back into what you just mentioned.
Congress now officially saying, yes, the U.S.
government now is basically running the human trafficking under Joe Biden.
Under O'Biden.
And that's exactly right.
Obama is still the puppet behind Biden.
He's the one making the calls.
And that's shocking just to hear that piece of information by itself that the U.S.
government is the largest trafficker of humans.
And then, again, going deeper into this, we see how they're doing it.
We went down to Arizona.
I spent a day with Sheriff Lamb and Sheriff Daniel's team.
We saw the smuggling coming across, the drugs coming across, the young people that are of military age coming across our border.
And the question you always ask yourself, why would they allow these kids?
And I would say 80% of the kids that I saw at the border were not connected to the family.
They acted like they were part of the family.
They're also a war on religion as well.
What we're finding is when they come to the border, they're taking their rosaries off, making them keep their Bibles there, because they understand.
I asked this question to the sheriffs, why are they making them leave their Bibles behind?
Because they want no evidence of the true faith, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Because that is truly the only light in this world of darkness, as the dark is getting darker and darker before the light.
Well, it's just like all over the world, governments unified under the UN directive would not let churches open.
I mean, they were arresting just last year, even this year.
Churches in provinces in Canada, they're still arresting.
Churches are still supposed to be closed, but topless bars were open two years ago.
It's a dark world we live in.
As you saw in your opening, it's a uniparty system that is a cabal system.
And it truly is not Republican or Democrat.
It is light versus dark.
And if we the people don't wake up to the fundamental Constitution of the United States of America that we were established under Judeo-Christian values and putting are the most high God back in place.
It's gonna cave us in.
But you know what, there's a remnant, Alex, and that remnant is rising,
and you're gonna see the greatest light to dark in the history of the world,
and we're gonna see the greatest revival.
That's why I was moved to move to Texas.
We're doing tent revivals in all 50 states.
That's what we need to do.
We need to repent, seek the Lord's face, and the revival is coming.
Let me ask you a question.
You know, I understand why Israel is there.
I understand that that's where the Jewish people came from.
And I'm not an enemy of Israel.
I want Jews to come to Christ.
I think Jews are amazing people.
There's good Jews.
There's bad Jews.
There's good Germans.
There's bad Germans.
There's good Japanese.
There's bad Japanese.
You know, there's good Native Americans.
There's bad Native Americans.
But there is a big movement, obviously, called Christian Zionism, whatever you want, with Pastor Hagee and many others that, you know, love Shalom and all that.
And it's true that It is Judeo-Christian.
You know, it's the Abrahamic thing.
Old Testament, New Testament.
It comes out of that.
We're so blessed, you know, by that and the blessings that were given to the Jewish people by God.
And it goes back to, you know, back to Noah and Adam and just right through King David and Solomon and, of course, then people like Moses and right through into John the Baptist and Christ.
It's a beautiful thing.
It's a wonderful thing.
I don't deny that.
I'm proud of that.
But, Israel's been cracking down more than ever, just like Saudi Arabia would, on Christians being able to proselytize and teach and preach in Israel.
And I know Rodney R. Brown, a pastor I know, he's been there in the Knesset and said, why are you doing this when Christians give so much money to Israel and, you know, do so much for what's happening in Israel?
So there's really a paradoxical view here where a lot of Jews think there's been some issues with the Catholic Church and Jews in the past, which isn't there now, that Christians, just because some popes in the past, you know, were anti-Semitic, Well, how does that fall onto Protestants?
How does that fall onto you?
Because I understand Israel's key to revelation, what's going to happen there, abomination, desolation.
You go to the scripture if you like.
So I want to be friends with the people of Israel.
And I see the people of Israel not getting a free pass on the shots.
They were one of the most oppressed, injected, controlled people.
So we see them following globalist orders, just like what Americans did.
So I see them just like Americans.
I see them as our brothers, but at the same time, There's this thing of they'll take the Christian money, but then same time the ADL comes out and says Christians are the main enemy, which we know are leftists, and the ADL wants the Muslims to take over Israel basically.
So it's a really bizarre thing going on.
I kind of did a rant there, but how would you quantify your answer to what I just said?
Well, there's a civil war going on in Israel, much like what's going on in the United States of America, but maybe even more intense because of the soul of Israel.
As you mentioned, you know, there's the piece of the Israelis that want the Arabs to become part of the government.
They were part of the last government.
And then you have, you've had riots in the streets, literally, in Israel the last month or so.
A lot of that has come from the extreme religious sect of the Orthodox.
where they want to lock up Christians, they don't want Christians to be able to preach the gospel in Jerusalem.
That's no different than the times of Jesus and the religious spirit of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.
We're living in that battle because at the end of the day, it's always about the light of the Most High God.
Pastor, I'm listening to you right now.
Sorry, they just had a person walk in here with another thing of coffee at the hotel I'm broadcasting from.
I was distracted, but you're dead on, continue, because you're so polite.
I'm not listening to you.
You stop.
Keep rolling out what's happening.
Yeah, so that's exactly what's happening.
We love biblical Israel.
I always have to stress that.
I'm from the tribe of Judah myself.
I have Jewish blood in me.
But it doesn't mean, as you said, all Jewish people are not good.
All Americans are not good.
All Germans are not good.
It's only the remnant.
And when you see the Bible over and over and over, God is always looking for that remnant.
And that remnant are the ones that stayed true to his precepts and commandments.
And for anybody that's preaching against or telling you that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob wants to kill somebody else, that's not of the Most High God.
And they're taking that religious spirit and they're twisting it like no other time before.
And that's why you literally have riots.
The last time I was on the Temple Mount in February, there was a literal riot on the Temple Mount.
And it wasn't the extreme Muslims that were doing it this time.
It was the extreme Jewish religious sect that were coming against the Christians and coming against the Muslims.
And it's an absolute mess and the only way out of this is truth.
The good news is my connections in Israel, these Israeli generals and doctors that you know
in the United States of America that are Jewish, ambassadors are all asking the same question.
Who is this Messiah?
So this is the Ezekiel 37 timeframe we're in because the Jewish people are looking,
the harden of the eyes or the scales of the eyes that the Apostle Paul talks about are starting to come off
and they're seeking for the real truth.
The real truth is who is the son of the most high God?
Who is this Messiah, Yeshua Messiah?
And they're coming in record numbers.
So we're, even though it looks very dark, we're on a tip of light breaking open and people coming to Christ from places you would never have imagined in our lifetime.
The Jewish people, Muslims are coming to Christ with visions and dreams like no other time in the history of the Muslim faith.
It's happening!
So many secular people are having visions of Christ.
I can't say the names.
It's like super prominent people.
And you're right, it's Jews, it's Muslims, it's people that weren't really Christian.
What is happening?
It's the Ezekiel 37.
It's the Great Awakening.
And if this wouldn't have happened the last three and a half years of being locked down, shut down, imprisonment, the corruption of the government, we'd be still asleep at the wheel.
But by the grace of God, He's woke us up to see what is the most important things in our lives.
It's not how high we get up the ladder in the corporate world.
It's what do we do for the gift of Him?
What do we do to accept Him as Lord of our life?
And then once we accept Him, what are you going to do with that gift?
Are you going to bring people in for his purpose and his glory?
And he's opening up people like no other time in the history.
We're seeing signs and wonders, miracles, visions and dreams, and the least likely, I've had two imams give their life to Christ in last year.
Wow, tell us about that.
That's fascinating.
Well, it starts with, when you talk to somebody of another faith, the only way to talk to them is at their level.
So if you're talking to a Jewish person, you have to talk to them from the Old Testament.
Otherwise, they're not going to listen to you.
Same with the Koran.
The Lord had me study the Koran a few years ago, and the reason I studied the Koran is to see where the pieces that fit the Bible To plant seeds and by planting those seeds of the Old Testament and planting the seeds of what they believe the Gospels being a holy book, you just continue to plant the seeds from the Quran and then that allows it to blossom and you pray for them that the Holy Spirit will shine upon them that they'll have dreams and visions and that is exactly what's happening.
One of the Imams, we have like 2.2 million followers on Facebook, gave his life to Christ on Facebook.
And that means instant death, especially for an imam.
Well, that's right.
And people ask why I'm so Christian.
I've had dreams and visions.
I mean, it's happening.
The most intense dreams are like unlike any other dreams where I'm with God and I'm being told to do this.
And it's like, I know the future.
I mean, all the time I was like, watch, this is going to happen.
You know, this is real.
It's not your brain going through some war game.
Most of your dreams are that.
There's other dreams that are, you know, next level.
And I have these dreams.
I know God's real.
It's incredible.
It's amazing, and once you know that he's real, and you know that he is sovereign, and you know that he's the only way you can get that true peace in the life and the world...
You're comfortable.
That's one of the things I get asked all the time.
How can the world be melting down, Dave, and you're not worried about it?
Because I know God has it, and I'm just a servant following His direction for His purpose and His glory, and I'm gonna finish the race exactly the way the Apostle Paul told us to.
And we got a lot of souls to win over.
We have a lot of souls to plant the seed.
This is the great harvest that the Scripture talks about, and we are just warming up for this.
So it's time for all Christians to lean in All right, I want to talk about President Trump, the indictments, the new developments, the Supreme Court rulings with you.
And you're a great guest, because I love watching your show on TV.
But you're so nice when you're on my show, you don't really talk.
So I'm like, why have Dave on?
He doesn't talk.
But once you get going, you're one of the best guests.
So I'm glad you're here.
What a smart guy.
I can't wait.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Man.Video.
By the way, I did confirm.
We got 1,200 bottles left of Real Red Pill.
You heard the caller earlier.
They'll sell in a couple days.
Despite that, they're still discounted.
That funds our operation.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
I noticed that Antifa has been posting about me being here in Omaha, that I'm vacationing in Omaha.
No, I'm here visiting my mother's father, who's in the hospital after a heart issue.
What'd I say?
You said mother's father.
My mother's father.
No, he's dead.
My mother's father's dead.
My wife's father.
Anyways, it's just ridiculous with these people.
That's my wife's father.
My mother's father.
He's been dead for a long time.
Great guy.
That was William Hammond.
But, you know, here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
We've got Pastor Dave Scarlett with us riding shotgun, making some great points.
I was Sunday night at a four-hour packed event.
Thousands of people showed up.
And thank goodness they had a big jumbotron outside and a big outside church for all the thousands that couldn't get in.
And a guy got up, brought up Nick Fuentes.
You know, Nick's a handsome guy, smart guy, intelligent guy.
And he points out there's a war on white people and that white people are being discriminated against.
And I think it's fine to say that.
White folks should stand up.
They're being attacked.
But when him and Kanye West showed up at my studio, and he agreed that Hitler's a good guy, I disagree with that.
Just because there's corruption on the other side doesn't, in my view, mean Hitler's bad.
And then when I pointed out that both my grandfathers were in World War II and one of my grandfathers, after he did his Army Air Corps work, was in Europe and saw the dead bodies and the piles of dead bodies and told my dad about it, didn't really tell me about it.
I heard it directly from my grandfather.
And when I said, well, my grandfather saw it, well, your grandfather's deceived.
Well, that's my grandfather.
That's not taken out of hand.
So this obsession with Hitler 80 years ago and all this is mentally ill.
And so a guy gets up and he says, you've taken down his channel.
So I've made some calls.
I said, is this channel taking off?
And they said, no, he didn't post for a year.
So there's some program where it's basically taking off the front page.
And I'm going to say this, we'll give Nick Flayn test his channel.
He's not doing anything illegal.
And I disagree with what he has to say, but I want Nick to come on the show.
I want Nick to have a debate with me about whatever his issues are with me.
But the guy gets up and we'll go back to Pastor Scarlett.
And he says, Nick Fuentes says, I don't know if this is true, the guy saying it, I guess he said it on the show supposedly, but I don't just take what people say, you know, it's true, I don't know yet, says that you said to him attacking the Jews is a dead end.
Well, I said that on air.
I don't want to attack any group.
I want a big tent for freedom.
They want to divide and conquer us.
We need to unify against the poison shots and the new world order and the human trafficking and the open borders and, you know, the pedophilia and all of it.
I'm like, I don't know if I said that behind the scenes, but I say that on air to him.
So the guy first says, well, you didn't censor him, but you told him not to talk about, no, I didn't tell him not to talk about stuff.
But I do think I probably did say it's a dead end.
Then the guy comes back and says, so you did censor him.
So it's this weirdness that goes on.
But then I started preaching, and talking about what the real problem is.
So, there's this viral clip, and I want to play it here.
I am not going to be divided on the people that call me and say, the black people are the problem, or this is the problem, or the Jews are the problem.
There are good Jews, there are bad Jews, there are good cows, there are bad cows.
My job is to expose the poison shots and the sex trafficking and the New World Order and
the nuclear war.
I want the Muslims.
I want the Jews.
I want the Catholics.
I want everybody to find Jesus.
And what I stand for is 100% clear.
That's what I stand for is Jesus Christ.
That's what I stand for.
And I'll debate anybody anytime.
I'd say on the air, "I'm not going to debate anybody."
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
I'm not going to debate anybody.
and the fact that we haven't accepted Jesus Christ.
Let's go to the next person.
Wow. I don't know how to follow that.
I don't know how to follow that.
I had a great time.
I'm super exhausted.
Now I can go five more hours.
Oh my God.
You afraid to debate?
Are you kidding?
I don't wake up until somebody hits me in the face.
They would have no better to do that with you.
All right, enough of that.
Let's go back to Pastor Dave Scarlett and all the incredible border coverage he's done.
Pastor, I'm always interrupting.
We're going to skip this network break coming up so you have more time.
And I'm going to end this hour with an incredible thing from the River Church in Tampa, Raymond Silliers, where he sings that great song, I'm Proud to be an American.
That's in about 15, 20 minutes.
You've got the floor.
Preach us a little sermon here right now.
I'm going to turn my mic off.
I'm going to sit back.
I'm going to listen to you for the next 20-something minutes.
We're live on air, so I'll come back in the last three or four.
You've got the floor to tell us about where the world is today and what you think is about to happen and what you think we should do.
Well, it starts, Alex, with what you just said at the River Church.
It's truly that the enemy is the devil.
This is the light versus dark.
There's no ifs, ands, or buts.
And the evil wants it to divide.
Remember the scripture tells us, if Satan's against himself, his house will divide.
That wasn't a figure of speech.
It truly is.
Satan's house is against his house, and it will divide, and it will collapse.
The only truth is the living Word of God.
And that's why we have to get rid of our little minor differences.
Because you're looking for the church to be a museum for saints instead of a hospital for sinners.
We're all sinners.
We're all work in progress.
And we need the blood of the Lamb.
We need the blood of Jesus Christ to come into our heart, our soul, and our mind and save us for eternity.
That's the only way.
And the only way is to be united for His namesake.
As you said, there are some good Jews, there are some bad Jews.
There's good Americans and bad Americans.
Good Germans and bad Germans.
But the only good, as Jesus said, who is good?
Even Jesus, when He walked to earth, couldn't even say He was good until He took it to the cross.
We're not good.
And the only way to be good is to get the blood of the Lamb to come in and be our Savior of the world.
And this is a time, like no other time in the history of the world, where there are panicking right now.
Satan knows his time is about up.
So he's throwing everything he possibly can at us.
Division, warfare of all kinds.
And you know, some of the church are falling for that.
Some of the religious spirit are falling for that.
Some that are on the fence are falling for that.
And they're starting to bicker over little things.
We have to get rid of that bickering.
We have to get rid of the fence.
Satan owns the fence.
As Jesus said to the church of Laodicea, you're neither hot nor cold.
You're lukewarm.
I vomit you out of my mouth.
The seventh of the church age is the church of Laodicea.
That's the church we're at in today.
And there's no better time to see where we're at.
When you see in the scripture, in the book of Revelation, in the church of Laodicea, Jesus Christ is at the door of the church, knocking in to get to the church.
This church age is taking Jesus completely out of His church, His body.
So what you're seeing around the world, the Lord, in the last three and a half years, is testing the remnant.
Will the remnant stand up?
When they try to come shut you down, are you going to fold and conform like the rest of the government?
Are you going to do what the government tells you, or are you going to do what I tell you to do?
And he says, fear not!
I am the Lord Most High God, and I am the way, the truth, and the life.
And if you put your trust in me, you have complete shalom and peace for eternity.
There is no other peace on the world that you can get.
No drug.
No alcohol.
Nothing can fill that gap.
That hole that each and every one of us are born with because of the fall of Adam and Eve.
And the only way to fill that is through the love of Jesus Christ.
That's what they don't want to hear.
That's why everything you hear today is hate, hate, hate.
What the world needs is love, love, love.
We need to put our arms around this transgender generation.
They're confused, they're manipulated.
Look, no time in history.
When you get to a point in human history where you see companies like Disney, you see human trafficking, you see the child sacrifices that are happening in the world today, and they're putting it in your face.
We are in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and worse.
But that is telling you they're manipulating the child.
Satan hates the child.
And that's why he's going after the child.
Satan's number one thing he wanted to do when he fell from heaven was to attack mankind.
Because God did something amazing in the book of Genesis.
He created us!
In his image.
We're the only creation in the image of the Most High God.
Doesn't mean we're perfect.
The only way we can become perfect is through the blood of the Lamb when He takes us home.
But Satan knew that.
He knew that the division was going to be it.
And he knew that the Lord, the Father, huge heart for the children.
So what's happening in the world today?
Attacking the children.
That's right out of Satan's playbook.
And it's time for the great flip, the great boomerang, the great light, the light to shine down from east to west and north to south.
It's about over and Satan knows it.
We're going to have the greatest revival in the history of the world because people are waking up and saying, you know what?
Over the course of this last three and a half years, I've been lied to.
I've been manipulated.
I've been forced to take jabs.
I've been forced to do things against my free will.
I've been forced not to see loved ones.
I've had loved ones die.
The border is out of control.
We have a person in the office, a president, that's not even supposed to be there.
What else could happen?
And that's the way God is reaching you today and saying, you see all the things that have happened in the last three and a half years?
What's it going to take for you to reach out your hand to me, my child, and say, you're the only way.
You're the only way.
I am the only way, meaning God the Father through the Son is the only way to bring peace to this world.
And once you do that, once you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, you've just entered into eternity with the Most High God.
Now the question is, what are you going to do with it?
What are you going to do with that free gift?
Are you going to walk the walk and talk the talk of the Lord?
Are you going to be a part of His remnant?
Are you going to be a part of His purpose for your life?
Because each and every person watching this today, if you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, God has a purpose for you.
Are you going to activate that purpose?
Or are you part of the fence?
Remember, the fence has to go.
You're either all in or you're all out.
There's no middle ground.
And we're seeing that in the last three and a half years.
And the Lord is using it.
He's turning things up through visions and dreams.
If you haven't had a supernatural experience with the Lord, you need to ask Him to come into your heart today.
Muslims are doing it.
Jewish people are doing it.
People who are non-believers of any other god are asking the question, if you truly are the Son of God, show yourself.
And we're seeing it in Great Revival.
We're seeing it in Great Miracles.
Exactly the way the scripture told us was going to happen.
So there will be great outpouring in the end days, even more than the times when Jesus walked the shores of Galilee, and that we're in that spot.
The question is, are you going to be activated for His purpose and His glory?
We're taking tent revivals because the Lord told me to take them to all 50 states.
We just came back from Quarryville, Pennsylvania, and the rain came down.
Satan didn't want us to have this event.
The rain came down and the sun came up.
There was a shekinah glory that came over the crowd that was priceless.
And one of the people in the audience asked, Lord, show you Mark, show the true rainbow over this event.
And as we were coming out of the tent, there was a perfect rainbow sitting right over the tent.
That's God showing him, showing us that he is the way, the truth, and the life, and there's no other way.
He is the great I am that I am.
And you just have to ask him to come into your heart today.
If you are a Christian, That needs to be reactivated.
Or if you're somebody that's been on the fence and don't know the Lord, ask Him this simple question.
Lord, I'm a sinner.
I repent.
I need you.
I need you to become commander-in-chief of my life.
And if you pray that prayer, and you spoke that, and you truly meant that, you are now activated for His Kingdom.
You are activated to become a warrior for His purpose and His glory.
Now you've got to ask Him, what do you want me to do?
Like the prophet Isaiah said, here I am Lord, here I am, use me, use me!
We need more Isaiah's today that are willing to be servants to the Most High God.
It's not about glamour, it's not about money, it's not about fame, it's all about giving Him the glory and being humble servants and putting Him first and let Him glorify it from east to west to north to south.
We're on the brink of the greatest revival in the history of the world.
This is history.
Even the prophets of old, the disciples of Jesus, would love to be where we're at at this moment in time.
The question is going to be, what are you going to do with it?
Are you going to be a part of this great revival?
Are you going to be a part of glorifying our King of Kings and Lord of Hosts?
From east to west to north to south, or are you going to stay on the fence?
It's time to get active.
It's time to take a move.
It's time to step up and be a part of His purpose and His glory.
And once you do, that shalom, that peace that can only come from Him, only from Him, no
matter what happens in the world, you know He's got it.
And it's all about His purpose and it's all about His glory.
No matter what life throws at you, when you see the glory of God and you know He knows
tomorrow before He does today, and you know in your heart that He loves you more than
anything in the world.
It's true love.
It's a love relationship in the heart, not a religion.
If you're doing religion, you're doing it wrong, and that's where we've been taught wrong in all world religions.
You've got to do this, you've got to do that, you've got to do the other.
No, the Most High God wanted to have a love relationship with us.
He picked us, and He chose us before the beginning of time, as the prophet Jeremiah tells us.
He knew us before we were in our mother's womb, and for such a time as this.
But the question is, Will you be activated for His purpose and His glory?
Will you say, Yes, Lord, You are the Lord of my life.
I say, God can't do three things.
And people shake their heads when you hear this.
God can't do three things.
One, He can't learn because He's all-knowing.
Number two, he can't sin.
His word and his precepts and commandments are perfect.
He can't go against his word.
That's so important to know.
You have a God that can't go against his precepts and commandments.
So when you know him and his word, you know he can't go against those precepts and commandments.
And the third is why we're here.
He can't make you love him.
It's a free will choice.
Are you going to choose today for him to become commander in chief in the heart for a love relationship for eternity?
Tomorrow is never given.
Satan's favorite day of the week is tomorrow, because tomorrow may never come.
Are you going to do it for his purpose and his glory today?
Take action today for the glory of God and be activated for his namesake.
We pray that.
Pastor Dave Scarlow just knocked it out of the park.
We just need to let you be a guest host, so I'm not there to interrupt you.
That was amazing.
That was powerful.
We've got about nine minutes till we end this hour.
When the great guest host is going to be taken over here today, the amazing Drew Hernandez.
But what else is on your radar screen, Pastor?
Well, again, the tent revivals are so important to do.
We're traveling all 50 states to do tent revivals.
We just came out of Quarryville, Pennsylvania, and the glory of God showed up.
We've baptized, I think, over 6,000 people at Reawaken events, and our trips to Israel, and also these tent revivals.
This is the time that God is calling His people to come into these tent revivals.
The old-fashioned tent revival.
It's not about fame.
It's not about fortune.
It's about getting in a tent and taking the glory of God, and let the glory of God come down, and let Him shine His glory.
And we're seeing that in just supernatural ways, and it's absolutely amazing.
And we're gonna continue that.
Our next one is in New Hampshire in September the 16th, so join us on that.
Then we'll be back in Mount Pleasant, Texas, our ranch in Texas, October 21st.
And then we have a VIP tour.
We're going to go to Israel to show the Holy Land, to show where the places are of the Bible,
and the Bible will come alive for you.
Once you've gone to Israel and you see biblical Israel, I wanna stress biblical Israel,
the promises of the Bible that God gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
and the Gentiles who can be grafted in because of the vine.
Your whole heart changes.
Your whole Bible studies change.
We'll be joined on the VIP tour at the King David with General Flynn.
It'll be an incredible time to see the glory of God.
It'll be a great time to see all the biblical events that are in our Bible.
And we do three trips a year.
And every time we come back, people are on fire for the Lord.
They want to have more and more experiences in their Bible.
And that's the key.
You know, you can turn fake news off today.
The only truth in this world of fake news is the Living Word of God.
He cannot lie.
He tells you what tomorrow is going to be before the news even knows what tomorrow is going to be.
And we put our trust in Him.
27.5% of the Bible is Bible prophecy.
He's telling us things thousands of years before they happen, and they're happening in our lifetime.
The supernatural miracles that we're seeing in the last 70 seconds.
That was my next question, Pastor.
That was my next question.
Literally, Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Old Testament, New Testament, predicts it to a T. The world government, the cashless society, the social credit score.
It's not just you agree to take a mark now you can buy and sell.
You have to worship the beast, do everything it says.
It watches you in live time, describes it all.
It's the social credit score.
It's all right there.
I mean, it's happening.
And you see what the whistleblower is coming for with the two whistleblowers with the IRS.
The IRS scandal that's going to come out on top of that just fits into that credit score.
And when you have the IRS stopping or a credit score stopping you whether you can go to a grocery store and make a purchase.
You know, these are things that we didn't, you know, you talked about 20, 30 years ago.
That is today.
It is on the brink.
Never in our history of the Bible has these events been right before our very eyes.
And people have to wake up now because there is no tomorrow if you're not alive today in
Jesus Christ because these events are not on the doorstep.
They are here.
If you haven't got that in the last three and a half years, welcome to the last three
and a half years because it's been awakening.
You're either going to fall through.
You look back on this and you say, "How could this Antichrist fella fool the entire world
that everybody would just drop everything they're doing and follow him.
Well, a little issue about the increments.
He gets you to accept lies, two men can have a baby, all this, and then we're going to put this in your body and pretty soon you totally collapse.
All right, HisGlory.me.
Pastor Scarlett, best interview yet with you.
Thank you so much.
Great job.
People can find all your documentaries and reports on the border and more.
Here it is, California Governor getting ready to sign the law to take children from parents and won't let them mutilate them.
I mean, we have fallen so far.
Let's admit it and realize we can only get out of this with God.
Thank you so much, Pastor.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Drew Hernandez takes over next hour.
I got a few more things I want to say, and I'll be back tomorrow live, full Friday show here, and then I'll be back in Texas soon for the Monday show.
I'm going to do the Sunday show, everything here, but I'm back.
I'm back Monday morning, so I'll be on the show then.
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All right, here is the final piece before I end this hour of the incredible singer, Raymond Shillers.
Am I saying that right?
Silliers there at the River Church will end with I'm proud to be an American and
Then the great Drew Hernandez takes over and the amazing Owen Schroer stay with us
Yes tomorrow all the things are gone I worked for all my life
And I had to start again With just my children and my wife
It's just my children and my wife.
I thank my loving Lord to be living here today 'Cause the flag still stands for freedom
And they can't take that away I'm proud to be an American
Well, at least I know I'm free I won't forget the man who died
Who gave that right to me And I'll gladly stand up next to you
And defend us 'til today 'Cause there ain't no doubt
I love this land God bless the USA
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
From the lakes of Minnesota To the hills of Tennessee Across the plains of Texas From sea to shining sea Detroit down to Houston, New York to L.A.
There's pride in every American heart and it's time to stand and say That I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me And I'll bear this shame
Next to you and defend us till today 'Cause there ain't no doubt
I love this land God bless the USA
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I'm proud to be an American
Where at least I know I'm free I won't forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me And I'll bear this shame
Who's next to defend us till today?
still today 'cause there ain't no doubt
I love this land God bless the USA
To the first four hour broadcast I said hand on video right now.
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What is going on, Baystock Criminals and Info Warriors worldwide?
You are now watching the fourth hour of the most infamous band transmission
on the face of planet Earth, arguably the universe, The Alex Jones Show.
My name is Drew Hernandez.
I'm your guest host.
A lot of news, guys.
A lot of news going on today, especially on the stage of the New World Order and the stage nationally here in the United States of America.
Their plans are constantly and consistently moving forward, never holding back.
They'll take their L's every now and then.
We'll thwart their plans every now and then, but you gotta understand, when it comes to this anti-Christ spirit and the push for the world government, cashless society, the devil never sleeps.
These demonic powers never sleep.
They'll take their L's, but then they'll re-strategize, and they'll come back ten times harder.
Just like Jesus said, when a spirit's removed from a human, They clean shop and they come back with seven more, more evil than itself, and it's even worse than it was before.
Doesn't mean that we're blackmailed, doesn't mean that we give up, doesn't mean that God is not more powerful, doesn't mean that it's just totally useless to be fighting this righteous war, good versus evil.
What it means is that we do not, we do not get complacent.
We do not allow ourselves to get into this mindset where Well, we could just take a break.
Well, we could just kind of like let our foot off the gas for a little bit because we got a W. It looks like they're retreating.
But we know when they retreat, it's a strategic retreat and they will come back 10 times harder.
That's why we can never get complacent and why we could never let our foot off the gas.
That is why it's imperative to support InfoWars.com.
It's imperative to support free speech systems.
These people are never sleeping, constantly attempting to strategize how to dismantle this apparatus that God has given us to actually distribute real information, true information, inside of the Infowar.
So make sure to go to theinfowarstore.com right now.
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That's one way you could do it.
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Buy some Infowar bonds right now by going to the store and getting the great products.
Guys, it's just, this is the reality of the world that we live in.
When you're facing multi-billionaires, when you're facing these corporations and these entities that are fully, fully engaged, fully engaged with economic warfare to dismantle the West, dismantle the United States of America, control demolition, They are 9-11, all right?
What they did at 9-11 is what they are literally doing to the United States economy right now.
That's what the great reset is.
Controlled demolitions.
Great reset.
Build back better.
You see the, uh, Joe Biden yesterday, I know Owen covered it extensively yesterday, but man, dude, you look, you look at the puppet president, Joe Biden, they're rolling him out fresh out of bed with The strap marks on his cheeks still.
It's like, man, he's literally just a shell.
He's literally just a puppet, and they're rolling a body out, calling it the President of the United States, but we all know what this is.
It is just a puppet that is functioning, being told where to walk, being told what to say, read this on the teleprompter.
He can't even do that!
He can barely read the globalist New World Order messages off the teleprompters, right?
But that's the ideal candidate for the New World Order is an empty shell whose brain is nothing but a smoothie.
Lights are on when nobody's home, you know, and they want you to feel sorry for these people.
They want you to feel sorry for Joe Biden.
He's just an old man.
Look at him.
He's so frail.
Oh, he would never hurt a fly.
Yeah, right.
Just go ask Ashley Biden how she feels about pervert Joe.
Uh, you know, but that's the whole agenda, right?
They're pushing all of these pawns and agents of the New World Order.
They want you to feel sorry for them if they can't speak correctly.
They're just empty shells.
John Fetterneck, he had multiple strokes.
Oh, just feel sorry for him.
They just need those puppets so they can continue to push these agendas.
That's why he's rolling out with the whole Bidenonomics, whatever the hell that means.
It's just literally crapping down the American people's mouths.
The economy's in shambles.
Controlled demolition.
Great reset.
Build back better?
I think not.
But the only way to build back better, not in the case of make America great again, but in the case of the global New World Order, you need a great reset.
We'll get into all that when we get back.
So, stay with us.
Alright guys, like I said, They are going 100 miles an hour with their New World Order agendas.
They have no intentions of holding back.
They'll re-strategize.
They'll pull back, they'll regroup, and then they'll launch their next ones.
That's why there's Agenda 21, Agenda 25, Agenda 30, Agenda 50, you name it.
These people got plans for the next hundred years.
And when you pay close attention to how they break down their plans, they're always inconsistently talking about the future.
There's a reason why Klaus Schwab gets up, Davos 2023, World Government Summit 23, There's a reason why they get up and they make statements like, those who control, or those who master, that's essentially what he's saying, control, those who master the technologies of the future, they will literally be masters of the future.
They'll be masters of the universe.
They'll be masters of everything going into the future.
And why do they say that?
They say that because not only do they want to play God, they want to be God, but they want to ascend above The one and only true God.
That's the heart of the global New World Order.
It's not just world domination.
Yes, that's the end game that we see in the Bible.
But the absolute heartbeat, the thrust of what drives these people to do what they do.
They want world domination.
They want control.
But at the epicenter of this entire thing, what these people want is they want to be God.
They want to ascend above God.
And by doing so, they want to remove God and push God out of the picture.
And obviously, that won't happen.
Obviously, that cannot happen.
But that is what it means to be Antichrist.
The spirit of the Antichrist that the Bible says has been deployed into planet Earth.
It's already been out there for the past few thousand years.
And the Apostle John says, the Antichrist, the one and only, the Antichrist will rise eventually.
And we're seeing the infrastructure is all there, guys.
The cashless society, the one world government, the one world religion, one world economic system, one world militarized system.
It's all there.
It's all being prepared.
The infrastructure digitally, I can say the technology is definitely there.
Theologians have always asked, How in the world could the Mark of the Beast be implemented?
We understand that anyone can come out and put some kind of mark or put some kind of decree, like the Nazis threw the Star of David patch on the Jews to identify who's who, right?
But theologians have... How would they accurately worldwide be able to monitor, surveil, and uphold something so advanced?
And I think now if you live post Neuralink, you live now post AI, you live now post the rocket age, the industrial age, here we are!
Anyone that has been around for the past, I would say and argue maybe 70 years, would be able to answer that question like that?
I mean, really, realistically think about it, right?
I was a youth pastor for six years, and when I would talk about this to Gen Z, and they're like, what?
We could definitely see a Mark of the Beast happening like that because this generation knows technology!
You go talk to Gen Z right now.
These kids understand how easy a Mark of the Beast could be implemented like that.
I mean, if you weren't around in 2020 and the COVID lockdown, CCP, the way that Xi Jinping gets down, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, they all praise China for how they surveil the surveillance state, big brother, the social credit scores, monitoring everybody's behavior.
If you're a good citizen of the New World Order, then you are allowed to function in society.
It's all here, guys.
The infrastructure exists.
And not just the infrastructure technologically when it comes to the New World Order, but also the mindset.
Also the mindset has been primed.
Not just one country.
Not just five countries.
Worldwide post-2020.
We saw the entire world bend the knee to an agenda.
To multiple federal governments locking down their citizens.
Big Brother telling the entire world, non-elected entities, World Health Organization, Dr. Fauci's, you name it, Dr. Birx, all these deep state plants, all these New World Order plants, right?
UN, EU, all colluding together, World Economic Forum, all of their proxies that come out, all prescribing what the federal government should do for the United States of America.
You see Dr. Fauci, 14 days to stop the spread, they get in there in the Trump White House, they're directing the Trump White House what to do, Operation Warp Speed, you name it.
These unelected bureaucrats that get in, that are New World Order, and they influence policy in countries, especially the United States of America.
You see, but the point I'm trying to get to is, not only are we ready, and what I mean by ready, I'm not saying the Christian, I'm saying just a culture, a people, a civilization, not just the United States of America, The mind has been primed to accept worldwide tyranny, not just a nationalistic tyranny, right?
What communism, totalitarianism is, the Fidel Castro's, the Mao's, the Stalin's, it's all like this national communism, right?
Be a good commie.
Be a good citizen of your country.
The Nazis, it's all this nationalistic fascism, communism.
Okay, but what we're dealing with and what I noticed post 2020 was this worldwide It's worldwide, that's everything we saw was stay home, save lives.
Just get jabbed, you're gonna save lives, you're gonna be a good citizen of the world.
Good citizen of the world.
You're gonna save the world if you get jabbed 10 times.
You're gonna save the world if you just stay home and stay locked down.
This is a pandemic.
This is a chaotic scenario, doomsday, you have to stay home, and in order to be a good citizen, stay home.
Stay home, save lives.
Sacrifice your freedom.
We saw this.
The mainstream media was all in on it.
The mainstream corporate media.
The New World Order.
All these proxies in the medical industry, in the health industry.
They all have the same message.
The same unified message that was coming down from the UN, the EU, these bureaucrats in the World Health Organization that nobody elected, that have been influencing policy for the USA.
And by the way, They're already embracing for the next stage of this, the next phase of this, that they'll open up the United States of America.
We'll just, we'll just, you know, we'll just hand over the reins to the United Nations.
Because if this ever happens again, we saw how the Infowarriors, we saw how the Freedom Movement, we saw how patriots that would not let go of their freedoms to save their countrymen, And then you had the mask formation cult.
You guys remember this?
People running around the streets, all the left-leaning NPCs, all these woke-tard morons running around saying, you know, screw your freedoms, man!
Screw your freedoms to save lives!
You're like Jimmy Kimmel, all the late-night TV shows, Stephen Colbert, screw your freedoms, man!
We gotta save people!
It's like this total virtue signal, right?
I guess psychologically, that's why the InfoWars is so important to be engaged in and having your mind unlocked, plugged out of the Matrix, because when the Matrix starts to You know, upload their latest downloads for the NPCs and I mean, that's what the Matrix is, right?
The Matrix is essentially a simulated environment, a simulated reality that's supposed to get the mind to believe that what they're seeing, what they're hearing, what they're touching, what they're feeling, what they're engaging with and interfacing with is actually real.
And we live in this, guys.
We live in a multi-dimensional universe, multi-dimensional world.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
We engage, we interface.
If you're a born-again Christian, you interface with the Holy Spirit.
If you're a child of the devil, you interface with the world.
You interface, that's all run by the devil, or you interface with demons, the New World Order, the occult.
They're all involved with this.
Every single day, we're going back and forth, and it's only going to stop.
When Christ returns, and that's the war, that's the endgame that we're all going towards right now.
What I'm saying is, your mind is so valuable to Satan and the New World Order.
They know how powerful your mind is.
Why do you think that even in Davos 23, you had globalists up there literally talking about an information war?
They literally sounded like you and me.
You guys, they literally sounded like Alex Jones, Owen Troyer, Harrison Smith, talking about the info war that we are all engaged in, how powerful it is to understand how imperative it is to have accurate and true information.
And when I say that, I'm not talking about like how, you know, the FBI says it or Google says it.
Oh, misinformation, disinformation.
We got to make sure that we are upholding the truth.
Rachel Maddow, lesbian, gets up on their MSNBC and, oh, we're not going to run.
We're not going to air Trump speaking after the indictment because He's misinformation.
We have to make sure we're reporting the truth.
What I'm saying, guys, is there is literally a war for your psyche.
There's literally a war for your conscience.
There's literally a war for your mind.
And the other side is fully engaged, fully engaged, fully aware, win their mind, rule their mind, manipulate their mind, propagate their mind.
And if we do that successfully, we will rule their entire lives.
We'll be right back.
And you are back on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
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Also, follow me on Twitter, at DrewHLive.
And you can click the link in my bio to find all of the other great shows and content that I put on Guys, the point I'm trying to make is this, alright?
The point I'm trying to make is, technologically, the entire world has the infrastructure ready for the Mark of the Beast.
The entire world has the infrastructure and the technology to take the world to the next level into that becoming a reality.
It's already a reality right now.
The scripture has already foretold this.
But as time catches up, so does technology.
As we go further down, The timeline, all right?
As we go further down the timeline, in the current timeline that we find ourselves in right now, things begin to come to fruition.
That's eschatology.
That's Bible prophecy.
God has already ordained all of this.
He's already foretold all of this.
He's shown us just exactly how the global New World Order is going to be developing.
And the epicenter will be Israel, by the way.
One of the things that the Apostle Paul, who's a Jew, a super Jew, by the way, one of the things that the Apostle Paul broke down very clearly in an eschological manner was that there will be a third Jewish temple That will be around in this scenario when the Antichrist is finally revealed because he says that he will enter into the temple, the Jewish temple.
That's in Israel right now.
He will sit down in the Holy of Holies and he will declare himself to be God and to be worshipped as anything else that's considered God.
He will be declaring himself to be God.
The Almighty.
He wants to be worshipped as the one true God.
All the Muslims must bow.
All the Jews must bow.
All those that claim to believe in Christ must bow.
All those that worship plants must bow.
All the Hindus must bow.
Whatever religion you could think of, you must bow to the Antichrist.
The centralised figure.
The end times scenario.
Empowered by the dragon, that's Satan.
All right, literally possessed by Satan.
False prophet fully activated.
They are in full operation Antichrist.
Right there, the unholy trinity that you see in the end time scenario.
So, when it does come to Israel and it comes, I mean you go to Israel today, You go take a trip, you go check it out.
They're already literally developing a third Jewish temple.
The plans are there.
They're already developing it.
They're already strategizing it.
They're already putting together what the models will look like, how they'll do it on the Temple Mount.
They just haven't been given the access to start building on the Temple Mount because of the conflict up there.
It'll start a religious war.
But somehow, someway, the Bible's already all foretold all this.
The Jews, the state, the Israelis at the time, this is end time scenario.
The Jews and the Israelis at the time, they will embrace the Antichrist as the Messiah.
They'll embrace him as Jesus Christ.
This is the huge deception that you see in the end time scenario.
It will be the Israelis that embrace the Antichrist.
I'm giving you guys the Bible.
This is not my opinion.
This is not my commentary.
The Bible, okay?
The Bible foretells that the Israelis, they will embrace the Antichrist.
It's called a deception.
They will be totally deceived.
That's what the entire seven-year tribulation is about.
The time of Jacob's trouble.
Speaking of Israel, they've turned their back on Christ.
They rejected the Messiah at the first time.
And then, the next indictment, I mean, even the Apostle Paul, who's a Jew, by the way, you look at Romans chapter 10, Romans chapter 11, the state of Israel, the Jewish people are under a spiritual stupor.
They're under this spiritual numbness, this blindness, like a judgment from God.
But there's hope because the Bible says God loves Israel.
He loves his people.
He wants to wake them up.
He wants to see them saved and come to the real Messiah.
But the first indictment was rejecting Christ.
I'm giving you guys Bible.
It's not antisemitism.
This is scripture, okay?
The Jews rejected Jesus first.
That's the first indictment.
They went into a spiritual stupor.
Total blindness.
They're deceived, right?
Just like mankind is deceived, the Gentiles are deceived, all people that are not Christians are deceived, right?
The second indictment, this is according to the Bible, go research this, this is in the prophets, the Old Testament Jewish prophets foretell this.
So I'm giving you Old Testament Jewish prophecy, okay?
They foretell that the Israelis, the Jews, they will be deceived again.
This is in Zechariah 14, you name it.
They will be deceived again, they will embrace, because they're still looking for a Messiah.
They're still searching for the first coming of the Messiah.
Because they look to their scriptures, the Old Testament, and they still are under this impression that, well, Jesus was just a revolutionary, he was a heretic, so when they crucified and killed him, not just the Romans but the Jews of the day, that was necessary because he was blasphemous and the crimes of blasphemy claiming to be God.
Jesus' indictment to the Jews at the time It wasn't that he was offensive to them.
It wasn't that he just didn't abide by their, you know, doctrines of man.
Jesus claimed to be God.
Because he's God in human flesh.
All right?
That's what triggered the Jews of that day.
The religious Pharisees.
Triggered them beyond belief.
That's what led them To literally conspire to murder Jesus Christ.
That's the gospel message.
Christ being put on the cross because Christ claimed to be God, man.
That's blasphemy!
Blasphemy laws.
Death, death, death, death.
And the Romans just had to get involved because they viewed Jesus as an insurrectionist and a possible threat to the state.
And he was a revolutionary figure, had thousands of people following him, not digitally on social media, literally, physically, a dude with a mob of thousands of people following him.
Yes, Pontius Pilate saw that.
The Romans saw that as, that's a threat to our power and our structures.
Put an end to it.
If the Jews want him dead, then you go along with it.
Just put an end to the whole thing.
We don't want riots.
We don't want an insurrection.
We don't want an uprising.
Just put a stop to it.
There was a lot going on with Jesus and his ministry, man, but that's the first indictment, right?
The second indictment that you see, according to the Jewish prophets in the Old Testament, is that they will accept and embrace and be deceived by the Antichrist.
This is all foretold.
He's going to be a rock star worldwide, bring global peace, bring global unity.
He's going to be an individual that will somehow, someway, bring religious peace between the Jews and the Muslims.
These two that have been at war for thousands of years, a blood religious war, for somehow, someway, peace and safety and security, the Bible says, 1st, 2nd Thessalonians.
This guy will be a rock star.
And he will cut a peace treaty with the State of Israel, he'll cut a peace treaty with the Jews, they'll embrace him, and they'll view that, that right there, somehow bringing world peace, total rock star, they will view that as messianic levels of Fulfilling their scripture's prophecy.
They will embrace, and it will be all satanically charged.
It will all be demonically charged.
And they will embrace the anti- This is all in the Bible, guys.
This is not my opinion.
Call it whatever you want.
It's all in the Bible.
Go see it for yourself.
All the Jewish prophets foretell this, okay?
But it doesn't end there.
They will see that they will be deceived at the end of the seven-year Great Tribulation.
There will be arraignment.
The Jews will finally see they've been deceived.
They will see and identify the real Messiah.
That's what God wants.
He wants them all saved in an eternity forever.
We'll be right back.
We'll get into the news.
Cashless society.
New world order.
Global government.
Surveillance state.
Deep state operations.
You're all watching it.
You're all watching it unfold.
The technology's there.
The cultural mindset is ready and primed.
Not just, as the Bible foretells, the Jews and the State of Israel that will embrace the Antichrist, but the entire world.
The entire world will be swayed, will be deceived, accepting the global New World Order government, accepting the global tyranny, accepting a centralized leader, a centralized commander.
A centralized economic system, Mark of the Beast in the hand, in the forehead, no access to the economy.
That's an identification of worship as Him being your God, your Commander-in-Chief, your Almighty One, your theological allegiance.
That's what this is all about.
You see, post-2020, we saw not just countries, not just one, not just five, not just a couple, Not just like the usual suspects that are always dealing with communism and tyranny and oppression, like North Korea or Cuba, Venezuela.
No, we saw the entire world bend the knee to unelected bureaucrat organizations, World Health Organization, you name it, to lock down, not go outside, Sacrifice your freedoms in the name of safety and protecting and saving lives.
And we saw millions of people willing to do this.
That's the next phase of tyranny.
The next phase is that this is the mind psychologically.
Yes, there's awakening.
Yes, there's people that will wake up to this reality.
There are millions of people that will get red-pilled, Christ-pilled, they'll see the truth, pulled out of the Matrix, pulled out of the simulation, seeing exactly what everything truly is for what it is, not being deceived, recognizing who Agent Smith truly is, recognizing who the agents are, recognizing who's true, who's not, woof, who's truly a sheep, who's truly awake, who's truly born again, who's truly speaking the truth!
Who's really got true information aside from the real misinformation and disinformation?
You get pulled out of the matrix.
You get pulled out of it.
You see the truth.
And the truth shall set you free.
And it does that.
That's going to keep happening, man.
But we're not going to be without persecution.
We're not going to be without persecution.
There will be revival.
But there also will be persecution.
The Bible foretells this very clear.
Those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will, shall, suffer persecution.
It comes with the job, man.
Christ said, they hated me.
They will hate you more.
They called me Beelzebub.
They called me the devil, man.
What do you think they're going to do to you guys?
So be ready and anticipate it.
It's to be accepted.
Well, let's get into some of the news, guys, because everything that we talk about, World Economic Forum, all this global New World Order news that you're seeing, UN, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Noah Yuval Harari, all these satanic globalists that want to jack your mind into some kind of VR system, they are all pushing towards that goal.
Here's a perfect example right here.
Klaus Schwab praises CCP for its COVID control measures.
Oh, well, of course, because Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates absolutely loves, absolutely loves the way that the CCP oppresses their citizens.
Loves the social credit scores.
Loves the lockdowns.
Loves seeing people screaming from their skyscraper apartment little shelter buildings.
Loves seeing Chinese people being oppressed by being welded into their apartments to die as they get incinerated and set on fire.
Klaus Schwab loves it!
Loves it!
He loves it!
He loves to see you oppressed!
Loves to see you die!
Loves to see the CCP surveil their people and murder, murder, murder!
He loves it!
These people hate you.
They hate you and they want to see you die.
They don't want to see you oppressed.
They don't want to see you with a lack of freedom.
They want to see you die!
Anyways, Klaus Schwab praises CCP for its COVID control measures.
Oh, would you look at that!
At the World Economic Forum's 14th annual meeting of the new champions, which took place in China, the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, delivered a speech that continually, through the halls, you could hear it, Premier Li is the ex-premier of the People's Republic of China and a member of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee.
Premier Li has a distinguished career in public service, having led See economic and social development off three major provinces.
Joey Chang.
Young shoe and Shanghai.
He has also been instrumental in opening up China's capital markets, attracting foreign investment and innovation and creating new will be urban areas To address Lance Cassidy.
Well, there you have it, guys.
I apologize, having some issues with the video right now.
I'll get that fixed later, but this is it, okay?
Klaus Schwab hates you and has continually, okay, even to this day, continually communicates, not only to the American people, continues to communicate to planet Earth, That the way that the CCP dealt with their citizens during the COVID control lockdowns, zero COVID policy, he loves it.
He loves it.
He wants to see that rolled out worldwide.
He wants to see everyone get terrorized.
He wants to see everyone get oppressed.
He wants to see everyone be oppressed.
He wants to see everybody Put in a house, put in a skyscraper, where they're controlled, where they're welded in, and they burn down the building, and they kill you, and they take your family, and they give you a social credit score, and you either get a red light, which means you can't have access to the economy, you can't go outside and exercise, you can't go out and socialize with your family, you have to stay inside,
Stay in there because you spoke out against the regime.
Stay inside your house.
We're gonna weld you in and if the CCP, if the agents of the deep state come in and want to burn down your skyscraper and your little shanty, then you're gonna die.
Oh, but if you're really being kind of good, we'll give you, we'll give you a yellow light.
So that means that you're still a bad boy.
You're still a bad girl.
But we'll give you a little bit of leniency.
You can go for a walk for four minutes.
You can go outside for a walk for four minutes.
And you won't be cut out of the economy, but we'll give you designated bugs.
All right, we'll give you designated bugs.
You can have four cockroaches a day, four cockroaches a day, and you can go outside for four minutes a day, and you can look outside for four minutes a day, and after that, that's it, that's it.
Because we got drones flying around, we got facial recognition, and we could see if you stick your dirty little freedom face outside that window, then we're gonna come and burn down the building and kill you.
Oh, but if you are a good citizen of the New World Order, you are good for CCP.
You are good for... You, yes, you are good for Xi Jinping.
You are good.
Yes, you're good for the regime.
CCP says you are okay.
We love you.
Yes, obey, obey, obey.
You love the tyranny.
You love the tyranny, don't you?
You will own nothing, and we will control your life forever.
If not, we will kill you too!
Xi Jinping, brah!
It's like this, like, oh, then you get the green light.
Then you get the green light.
You own nothing.
You're happy.
They take all of your product of means.
OK, they take everything you own.
They you own nothing.
They control every aspect of your life.
They control your flow of information.
They control what you can see on the Internet.
They're constantly surveilling you inside your house, outside your house.
Your identity is totally gone.
See, but only, only if you are in compliance with the regime can you have access to that civilization.
That's what Klaus Schwab loves.
Oh, I bet he does.
That's why he wants to be the master of the universe.
Alrighty, guys.
I want to thank you guys for tuning in to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
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Some breaking news guys!
Google to remove Canadian news stories after Trudeau's Online News Act would require platforms to pay for links.
Bill C-18 will make it harder for Canadians to find news online, make it harder for journalists to reach their audiences, and reduce valuable free web traffic to Canadian publishers.
And obviously this is all going to be done in the name of Combating misinformation, combating disinformation, combating the errors that are out there from the mega Republican right-wing extremists.
And those truckers, those Canadian Nazi truckers, those Nazis that just, they protested our lockdown measures, those Nazis, how dare that they want freedom?
How dare that they point the finger at me, homosexual Justin Trudeau?
How dare they point the finger at me?
I'm Lord Farquaad!
You should all be worshipping me!
If I want you to have news, if I want you to have Any form of news that goes outside my homosexual regime, tyrannical regime, then I will tell you what it can be!
I'll even tell Google what they'll be able to show you.
We know Google's been getting down like this with the CCP.
We know that Google has been obviously manipulating information for the Chinese people, giving them one perspective, giving them one channel, giving them one centralized ability to see something that they are wanting them to see.
This is how the regimes function.
And of course we know that homosexual Justin Trudeau, he's just another World Economic Forum puppet, literally in the hand.
This guy loves tyranny.
Loves Fidel Castro.
Loves communism.
Loves oppression.
Praises tyrannical leaders right in front of the media.