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Air Date: June 28, 2023
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In this excerpt, Alex Jones discusses various topics including listener experiences, push for lockdowns, Pandora Papers, funding for InfoWars, brain supplements, criticism of liberals, James O'Keefe, proposals for FBI Director, whistleblowers, pride parades, historical narratives, book promotions, regenerative farming practices, signed copies of books, probiotics, faith in the Divine Creator, unity, nootropics, toxic waste in drinking water, Alexa Pure Pro device, conspiracy theories about Big Pharma and Bill Gates, Pastor Rodney's event with Alex Jones, and InfoWars Store products such as Superfemale Vitality and Super Mel Vitality.


I know what they look like, and this is a totalitarian state.
But that's the point, folks.
This is cancer.
We know what it looks like.
We know what it is.
It's illegal.
And the Democrats are all over the news today, I have it in the stacks, saying, OK, we do censor, big deal.
We're going to control what you can say.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
It is Wednesday, June 28th, 2023.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and we're going to be live here for the next four hours.
And then Owen Schroeder takes over at 3 p.m.
Central today.
The whole New World Order has been growing and spreading its tentacles for 60, 70 years, really, in earnest, like a cancer.
But now it's emerged like a leviathan out of the ocean, like a giant squid with huge tentacles, or octopus, dragging civilization to the depths with it.
And we have got an incredible transmission lined up for you today.
We're going to cover a ton of news and information and then I'm also going to have open phones and it looks like we're probably going to get Roseanne Barr to be popping in to respond to the media editing out of context what she said on Theo Vaughn's popular podcast and TV show where she said that
People should be able to say whatever they want, no matter how wild or even untrue it is, as long as it's not firing a theater.
And of course, they're now trying to cancel her again, so look for that.
If not today, that'll be tomorrow.
Okay, let me give you the big news that's coming up today.
The globalists that, as a bureaucrat, set the model for lockdowns worldwide, the first to do it the most intensely after China, was in the UK.
And he is a minion of Fauci and Bill Gates.
He says more lockdowns are coming, more intense lockdowns, and that basically you'll never be let out of a lockdown soon, you'll all be prisoners for your own safety.
He apologized for not making people wear masks longer, or keeping you locked down longer.
To run the PSYOP that you didn't fight back, that you complied, and that he let you go free, and that's why people died.
That is a PSYOP than a gaslighting.
Deception wrapped in a fraud.
So we're going to be deciphering all that and we've got members of the U.S.
government, members of the Australian government coming out in the Australian Senate and in the U.S.
Senate saying that the U.N.
with a new treaty working with the deep state leftists worldwide is planning new lockdowns soon.
So this is a very, very important stack in my little hands today.
This one we can spend the whole four hours on, but I will spend at least two segments on this coming up at the start of the next segment.
So you definitely are going to want to stay tuned for this information.
Now, this broke yesterday.
I meant to cover it, but I didn't.
But now there's been more developments, so it's good that we didn't cover it.
Now we know more.
Trump is the only living president to not have owned slaves in his ancestry.
Well, he doesn't own slaves.
If his ancestors didn't, that's fine.
But if they did, you're not guilty for what somebody did 200 years ago.
And that idea is very authoritarian, very dangerous, very totalitarian.
The UN runs slaves in Africa and places right now.
And so the people currently engaged in slavery are the ones who should pay.
The two plus years of lockdown in Africa that starved tens of millions to death, the UN should pay.
Oh, but when you're currently killing people, it's fine.
So we've got that huge stack of news.
Oh, and then huge.
The House Judiciary Committee has recommended criminal charges
Against Obama slash Biden's secret cybersecurity censorship system that we've been exposing for years that Obama actually set up, that Trump wasn't even aware of, that was inside his government, that I warned him of.
Now it's out in the open.
Incredible stack, ladies and gentlemen, on that front.
More scientists, more experts coming out about chemicals in the water, gender bending.
We're going to hit that.
Major lawsuits against the Trumps thrown out.
Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame has been censored!
First it's Alex Jones, then it's Jack Dorsey.
Now we've got major military news, major CHICOM news, and the Bidens.
Major news on the PETO operations.
Just massive news.
We've got the environmentalists caught in the UK.
Heating up thermometers artificially to claim record heat waves when they're not.
It just goes on and on and on.
Massive transmission lined up for you today.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
It is Wednesday, June 28th, 2023.
I am your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from the amazing studios in Tampa, Florida of the River Church and Media Complex.
I will be on air again throughout the week.
We're leaving Florida today.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown has been extremely gracious.
His crew is amazing and what he covers and does is amazing.
He's the boldest, strongest preacher we've got fighting the New World Order and fighting the lockdowns and fighting the forced injections that he keeps warning in all of his major sermons years ago and the one I saw Sunday morning and the one he did with me Sunday night to a packed crowd of thousands that
They're coming back with more lockdowns and forced ejections from his own research and from the Holy Spirit telling him that.
Well, I've got the U.N.
and I've got the Australian Senate and I've got the U.S.
Senate, pretty much the U.N.
Senate now.
I've got them all.
Dang, the UN World Treaty guarantees total UN control over every facet of your body, and that they will forcibly lock you down way more intensely and forcibly inject you.
And they only ended the so-called global lockdown in some areas still going on a few months ago, because they're getting ready to declare victory over COVID and launch something new.
This is what we're going to cover first right now.
But the good news is humanity is waking up to this global power grab.
Then I will get into all of the other news, and I intend to open the phones up today.
So much that we're going to be covering, but what's wild, and I have the clip, we're going to play it coming up in our next segment, is Bill Maher.
We're not going to play the whole segment, it's on InfoWars.com if you want to see it, it's there.
We'll play a few minutes of it.
Bill Maher praises RFK Jr.
for exposing vaccine dangers.
That, to me, is a pair of balls, or huevos.
So, wait a minute.
Now suddenly the shot's bad.
Bill Maher.
See, they know the world's awakened to them.
And look, I want to give amnesty to Bill Maher and others.
Because we need to get them all on board so when they try to launch a new virus and new lockdowns and new forced injections, we can stop it.
The people that are really bad are the Bill Gates's of the world and the Peter Daszak's and others that will not stop pushing this garbage and all the censorship
That goes along with that.
And so before I get into this huge story, all these stories interconnect, all these developments, I wanted to hit this stack.
And then we'll get more into this after we cover the new lockdown plan.
And we're raising the alarm here to stop it, to get out ahead of it.
They want us to forget the last attack, forget all the dead, forget how the shots don't work to protect you, but work to make you sick and erase your immune system.
And then come out with the new hysteria which they admit at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UN and through the government signing on to this treaty.
Even if Congress doesn't ratify it, the bureaucracy, the CDC, the NIH is.
You understand?
And that's illegal and that's criminal.
And that's exactly what the House Judiciary Committee just said and just recommended.
And that's what the Senate committees are now coming out and Senator Paul is saying.
Bold, bold information.
And really, if it continues, the end of these people with their criminal gain of function and cooking up the virus and more.
Congress exposes secret government effort to regulate your mind.
Zero Hedge, big article.
And then it goes through the video clips.
We're good to go.
To scare the American people and scare others.
We have the documents, not just here, but around the world.
Now it's a unified, corporate, world government, UN Directorate that censors, that scaremongers, that uses mind control.
That's in the report.
I have one in Telegraph.
Mind control used by the Ministry of Defense on the Brits.
Same thing here.
Unified worldwide program to surveil you, to censor you, to block therapeutics, to make sure you die, to tell the hospitals if somebody's got a cold, send them home.
Don't give them treatment knowing that a lot of people die.
That don't get treatment for a cold or flu.
That's why they said there was no flu the last four years, three and a half years.
Because they were counting all the flu as COVID.
Then the shots are what actually kills you.
And now death numbers, since the shots began, are the highest ever recorded from the flu from colds.
Not the flu and colds, it's your race immune system.
So they planned this whole thing out, but the good news is people are waking up quickly to what the criminals did.
Congress must defund and dismantle the corrupt cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency and fire its director, says the House Judiciary Committee report.
I could read this whole article, spend the rest of the hour, it's incredible.
One of the big questions of those of us involved in exposing the secret U.S.
government censorship effort has been asking ourselves over the last few months is did the people involved know they were breaking the law?
The answer is they did.
It's in their emails, they had to keep it secret.
The question appears to have it answered with a resounding yes by the House Judiciary Committee yesterday.
It released its report.
The weaponization, and I just mentioned that, of CISA and how the cybersecurity agency colluded with big tech and disinformation partners to censor Americans.
Now they're calling for our arrest, Peter Hotez, Fauci and others.
And in the EU, they're trying to pass laws.
Got that right here.
Establishing a dictatorship.
That's coming up.
It's all interconnected.
Same criminal group worldwide.
It's only a matter of time, wrote former assistant general counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency, an email to a colleague, before someone realizes we exist and start asking questions about it.
I've got attorney generals in Missouri and others testifying to Congress.
About their lawsuits and what those have borne out and how criminal this is.
That's all coming up at the bottom of the hour in about 20 minutes.
Or precisely 20 and a half minutes from now.
So we're going to hit this stack and look at those clips for you and all the admissions it's illegal and the Pentagon was spying on you illegally with the CIA and censoring and lying about you and creating talking points and using weaponized brainwashing to scare the public.
Now, three and a half years ago, it was only Rodney Howard Brown, Alex Jones, and people like Dr. Francis Boyle, who wrote the U.S.
government bio and chemical weapons laws, and was the head U.N.
It was people like that telling you the truth.
Totally vindicated.
And now Bill Maher knows that the House of Cards is coming down, so now he says JFK or R.F.K.
Well, R.F.K.
is a hero.
was with us three and a half years ago, and he is a hero, and he's for real, and they hate his guts.
He'd make a great president.
I'll be happy with him or Trump.
But I fear they'll kill both men.
Doesn't mean I'm saying or prophesying they're gonna die.
I'm not a prophet.
I'm saying they are going to try to kill him if they're not able to steal it from them.
And I think when they steal it from RFK Jr., which the Democrat Party already has it set up where they can just give the delegates to whoever they want, look what happened to Bernie Sanders, that they will
Just try to steal it from RFK Jr.
If they do that, he should become the VP with Trump.
It's an unstoppable ticket with the landslide that'll happen.
Because landslides can override the fraud.
So, we're gonna go to break here in a few minutes with a very special report.
And then I'm gonna come back and I'm going to get... Again, we're skipping the break.
We're gonna play our own little important break here for folks.
A very important message.
I hope the crew's listening to me.
I'm not trying to confuse you up there.
Okay, you got me good.
Okay, so we're going to be then getting, excuse me, go ahead.
Roger, roger.
Thanks a lot for that.
Appreciate that.
Okay, so continuing here, ladies and gentlemen, with what we're laying out, I'm going to get to this here in just a moment.
And that is
One of the top globalists pushing the entire lie, pushing the original fraud that 5 million Americans will be dead and a million Brits.
The same guy has now come out and said he's sorry he didn't lock you down more, but the UN will lock you down for your own good and take everything you've got.
We're going to be covering that in a moment and showing how they use psychological warfare systems.
To literally terrorize the public illegally in their own words.
Now they kept it secret that MI6, the CIA, and others were running the operation against the people illegally, domestically.
They should all go to prison.
But now they've spun it around and they're coming for all of our freedom and our bodies again.
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They realized that the shots were causing the explosion of chronic disease, asthma, neuroimmune diseases like psychosis, ADHD, autism, cancer, cancer, cancer, autoimmune diseases.
So they realized in 2011, they caused it all.
So, or in 2009, and when our paper came out, they realized that these were the shots were associated
Strongly, very strongly.
The chance of them not being associated, it was like being struck by lightning.
One in at least a million in a p-value and so they covered this all up because of course they were liable now because for
Americans who are asymptomatic carriers of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 and other XMRVs, other manufactured mouse, monkey and human viruses.
The game was premeditated murder of the 42 million people you're liable for their injury.
Premeditated murder.
If you give somebody who already has an antibody a shot, you will get antibody-dependent enhancement.
Oh, so they were getting rid of the people they'd already poisoned knowing that giving them a second or third or fourth dose would kill them.
Kill us, cremate us, add a mask, add a mask and isolation and you'll blame the people for COPD or any of the other co-diseases.
You never inject an HIV positive person with any vaccine.
We never did.
Never until now.
You do not drive the disease
Why do we know that all over the world that people that have had the COVID vaccine are testing positive for HIV?
Is that because of the spike proteins from HIV?
It has GP120, glycoprotein 120, absolutely.
It also has the monkey mouse and manufactured XMRV.
So the spike protein is killing, you know, literally the 12%.
So you're saying it's a binary weapon where they already are preloaded with it and this triggers the next phase?
And the more vaccines you got, especially Gardasil, because that has the toxic synthetic lipid nanoparticles similar to the one in the COVID shot.
Prior to the COVID shot, the deadliest vaccine, we saw athletes dropping dead on the field, passing out, falling down, all the things.
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Again, I get in here and there's just so much insane news and I get very frustrated.
Not with the listeners, not with the viewers, not with anybody, not with the crew, myself.
And that's part of the frustration is that this is just the way it is.
When I'm sitting here covering weaponized illegal surveillance and censorship by the CIA,
And by the Pentagon operating illegally on its face domestically against the American people and the House Judiciary Committee has put a report out saying it's illegal and listing how it's clearly illegal.
Now how long have I said it's illegal?
Anybody that knows basic civics knows the CIA is not supposed to be involved domestically.
Are they?
Are they?
You have the 1947 National Security Act.
It's a felony.
We had a major FBI whistleblower in studio yesterday talking about that.
And now the FBI operates like an intelligence agency is doing the same thing, illegally.
But the bigger issue is, the think tanks and the big corporations create the talking points, they're given to the Southern Primary Law Center, the ADL, they put their people in the government agencies over the programs, and then they have access to all your private data and are spying on you, including your private messages.
That's all in the report.
Hundreds of agencies, hundreds of fact-checking cults,
Private and corporate have full access to everything you do online, including the smart devices in your houses.
This report alone is massive.
But what's the number one thing they're after?
People that don't want to take the shots and expose that the shots are poisonous.
And don't want future lockdowns.
That is what they target.
Then, those that don't want open borders.
Those that are upset about human trafficking.
Those that are upset about the Afghan withdrawal are listed.
Those that question election fraud.
These are criminals!
The CIA is in these emails that Congress got saying, this is illegal, it's only a matter of time until they find out what we're doing.
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
Why is it illegal?
Because if your intelligence agencies and military and police federally are focused on legal, lawful, political activity and suppressing it, you're not going into a tyranny.
You're not going to be a banana republic.
You are one.
And then everything that goes along with it.
Zero Hedge is great, but it's a crappy headline.
Scroll down on that.
The headline should be, House Judiciary Committee recommends criminal charges on secret government agencies illegally surveilling and censoring American people.
That's all in the article with the links to the report.
Scroll down, guys.
Scroll down in the article, please.
And you'll see right there a link to the CISA report that I mentioned three times earlier.
There it is, right there.
See the first paragraph?
See that blue link?
That's a link.
Click on that.
Now, this is a congressional report.
Now, everything you read in this report, I read it last night, I already told you thousands of times, I don't sit here and pull this out of the air.
That's why I'm frustrated!
They're planning new lockdowns, they're planning forced injections, they're planning to shut down all the local businesses, they're planning to take over your bodies.
Are you going to let the scum do this?
And then deny us access.
They were having insurance companies deny people
Inhalable steroids and denying them to pay for aerosolizer that medical doctors were prescribing their patients that did great for COVID.
I would have probably panicked and gone to the hospital and put on a respirator.
I didn't inhale steroids that my medical doctor gave me.
And of course, they told me, oh, your insurance isn't going to pay for any of this.
And it's not going to pay for the little
The ionizer thing, you know, the thing you plug it into, I forget the name, that's like normally 50 bucks that turns the liquid that you breathe into aerosolized.
And some places were charging thousands of dollars for them.
That's how sick the medical system is.
It almost killed my dad.
It killed some of my friends.
Almost killed Rob Do.
And they knew exactly what they were doing when they denied therapeutics to the average person.
They're murderers.
Not the whole medical system, but they're trying to get the whole medical system on board.
We got to go to break.
I want to come back and go through how all this ties together along with the EU announcing.
No more veto power of EU states and that final dictatorial powers will be set up.
The EU is already a dictatorship.
I'll explain the history of it.
But it has a ceremonial Congress, a ceremonial parliament that is advisory, but the nation states, chancellors and presidents can still veto a decision if they're one of the major powers.
They're about to remove that power and the EU will officially be a 100% globalist communist dictatorship.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to this live Wednesday transmission.
And if I'm upset, well, I should be, and you should be too.
When I had that whistleblower FBI agent on yesterday, very eloquent gentleman, he said, look, we know what a totalitarian system looks like.
We know the hallmarks of it.
This is it.
Then I was watching some of the hearings from last week, last night, when they were grilling Durham.
And it was Republican after Republican.
I meant to write his name down.
There's a Republican congressman that's black.
I didn't know who he was.
Very well-spoken guy.
In fact, I meant to send a clip to the network, but I forgot.
He just said, listen, I'm an Army Special Ops veteran.
I've been in the military decades.
We went all over the world to fight totalitarian states.
I know what they look like, and this is a totalitarian state.
But that's the point, folks.
This is cancer.
We know what it looks like.
We know what it is.
It's illegal.
And the Democrats are all over the news today, I have it in the stacks, saying, OK, we do censor, big deal.
We're going to control what you can say.
And it's outrageous.
Now, big tech can say they're their own companies, they can censor, but they are under
A liability protection section that states their utilities so they will not censor anything that's not illegal.
But they do.
What makes it more criminal is that they take direction from the Obama cyber system that they put in before Trump left, before Trump got in, and then operated the whole time Trump was in.
And I sent Trump the documents
I said in the Infowars articles, I said in the Zero Hedge articles, because then we were the only people that told them about the Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act.
That said, anybody we say is connected to Russians, we're going to use the CIA and domestic groups and the cyber security command on, and we're going to surveil them, we're going to censor them, we're going to debank them, we're going to control them, we're going to disrupt them.
They use terms the military uses.
That's because who was running it.
And I've got in my stack today, mainstream news, saying the US Pentagon illegally
For at least seven years since Trump won the nomination.
We're talking July.
It was already going on, but it went into full gear July 2016.
The RNC met in Cleveland.
I was there.
And it's all right here.
They've got the document and all the emails with the CIA saying this is illegal.
What are we doing?
We're going to get caught.
You know, those agents sent that because they knew they're going to get caught.
They're trying to act like, oh, Ashwitz is illegal.
We can't be doing this.
Yeah, Obama got it legalized for the CIA to allow their propaganda to be heard in America, and that should still be illegal.
But it doesn't let them surveil you and censor you.
And now they've gone further.
Oh, the American people that don't like open borders or don't like lockdowns or don't want forced injections, they're terrorists.
They're white supremacists.
They're going to attack you.
Oh, those Catholics.
Oh, they're the number one terror threat.
And you're the FBI agent in your state.
They'll create a weird little pie on right-wing Christian extremism.
And then they'll have maybe one Protestant do something and two Catholics do something, and they put it in the database they committed a crime because they were a Christian, and then they go, oh, the number one crime in this category is Christians, because that's the only thing in the category.
They play these pie games, ladies and gentlemen.
We all know white people have a low crime rate.
We all know Christians have a super low crime rate.
We all know white Christians are not even on the radar screen.
But you turn on the news, white Christians are murdering everyone, it's an epidemic, barricade yourselves in your houses.
Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter is just torching whole cities.
Mainly white, that is the only white people engaged in stuff.
Black Lives Matter, mainly white liberals, professors, academics out burning things down.
Every time they arrest some anti one, pull their mask off like
Scooby Doo, it's like, let's see who the bad guys are.
Professor, what are you doing?
Let's check his laptop.
Oh, there's pedophilia on here.
Who would have thought?
You're trying to burn down a federal courthouse and there's child porn on your computer.
They're a legion of doom running around wearing pentagrams.
Maybe they're the bad guys?
They're not just acting like the bad guys.
The bad guys have gotten control.
They've seized the base.
And I say we don't evacuate, I say we take back the base.
They want to convince us, no, the whole government's bad, the whole country's bad.
Burn it down!
Burn it down!
That's the left because they don't control it, they want to destroy it.
We want to just get back control legally and lawfully of it.
So, bunch of articles about this, bunch of videos about this, ZeroHeads has the best links.
I don't love ZeroHeads, but a terrible headline.
This is the ICMI.
We've identified more than 1,400 instances proving that POTUS the last two and a half years coerced and colluded with big tech to suppress speech of their political enemies.
Tens of millions of times on Twitter, over 50 million times on one topic on Facebook, 50 million times the CIA and Pentagon bots programmed by Bill Gates and NewsGuard, that's who programs it,
People saying, hey, try some vitamin C, try some vitamin D. Hey, I heard this helps.
Oops, sorry, you're not allowed to talk to your neighbors.
You're not allowed to tell somebody, hey, we took ivermectin, it really worked.
No, sir, you keep your mouth shut, you dummy!
You listen to Peter Hotez and Anthony Fauci, who lie constantly, but just, they're the only ones you can listen to, because that's the science.
Science means you don't have speech and you don't question.
Science is all about not having debate.
You understand that?
Well, no, that's the opposite of science.
Shut up about that, too!
And now YouTube admits why the super viral 10 million views Jordan Peterson, RFK Jr.
interview got taken down.
I predicted a few weeks ago I was taken down.
Drumroll, please.
I have it in my stack.
It was taken down.
Hold your breath for this.
You're not going to believe it.
I'm being sarcastic.
It was taken down, ladies and gentlemen, because he said there's atrazine in the water sterilizing the frogs and mentioned the studies.
They don't want that to stop.
They want the feminization of men.
It also increases breast cancer in women.
We'll get to more of that in a moment.
But they now said, because Jordan Peterson demanded, he's a big, big fish, he demanded to know why you did it.
They said, the thing about frogs and transgender kids,
They said it's not a birth defect because of the chemicals, that they're feminized, and they are being born like this.
They're not really female.
The females aren't really males, but they're confused by the chemicals instead of helping them and giving them hormones to make them normal the other way.
Oh, no, no, don't ever do that.
Oh, you don't have any testosterone because of this?
Well, let's give you therapy.
No, no, no, no, no.
You need more estrogen and more chemicals that actually hurt you, but that's okay.
And you can't have scientists on and researchers and presidential frontrunners reading studies on air.
No, no, no!
And I said this 10 years ago and I'll say it again.
I'll do a whole piece on this when I get back to Austin.
Remember Omega Man?
It's a remake of The Last Man on Earth.
Skip this break.
Vincent Price.
And it's the same in both.
Vincent Price finds the cure to the zombies.
Most people just become mindless zombies from the virus.
But a small percentage become smart like vampires.
They can't be in the light and they basically don't die.
And uh, Bidget Price, but also an Omega Man, they say, I want to heal you.
I found the cure.
And they go, we don't want to be cured.
We're going to kill your ass.
And Omega Man, he comes and says, I've got the cure.
Cause he, he hasn't gotten sick.
His blood has the cure in it.
It's a Christ allegory.
And they put him on a cross and throw a spear into him and kill him.
But it turns out he's already given the blood to some of the people that haven't been infected yet, and they've raced off into the countryside to try to survive.
That's Omega Man.
And it's the same thing.
We're here.
We're saying they did this to us.
It was by design.
They do exactly what they were doing.
And they say, no, we like what they've done to us.
We want to help you.
And in fact, we're going to do more of it.
And we're actually going to give it to the kids.
We've already unbalanced and make it even worse.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, this is Last Man on Earth.
Show Omega Man.
Death of Charlton Heston.
Let's let's show that.
And of course, then they remade it again into I Am Legend with Will Smith.
But let me just get into what I was saying I was going to do here.
Let's go ahead and go first to clip five.
This is Attorney General of Missouri testifying.
This has also come out in Congress about how the White House coerced and colluded with Big Tech to suppress speech.
He believes that coordination between the White House and social media are unverified allegations.
Do you think they're unverified allegations?
Absolutely not.
The emails that you're describing are the tip of the iceberg that establish not only coordination, but coercion and collusion from the very top of the White House across a spectrum of federal bureaucratic agencies to establish a vast censorship enterprise that has gone beyond COVID.
COVID was the Trojan horse.
That's the excuse to get the enemy behind the wall.
And it's now spreading.
This time and the nature of these violations call for the necessity of a wall of separation to be erected between tech and state in order to preserve our First Amendment right to free, fair, and open debate.
That is the Attorney General of Missouri that's been suing him for a year and a half, has all the documents, CIA involved, admitting it's all illegal, testifying to Congress.
Now here's Australian Senator Alex Antic,
Saying, oh, you've heard this is all over.
Well, I've seen the documents.
I've seen the UN treaty.
They're planning to make this permanent lockdowns and make it worse.
Then I've got one of the top globalists saying that coming up next.
But this is not a game, people.
They didn't just punch us with COVID and try an endless lockdown and kill a bunch of us, and then it's all over.
They're planning a worse virus and more.
And they're going to follow the exact same plan again.
It could be done this month.
Probably will be done during the next election.
Because as the U.S.
goes, so goes the world.
So here's Australian Senator Alex Antic.
Senator Antic.
Thank you Mr Acting Deputy President.
Australian cities are becoming digital surveillance precincts with so-called smart city programs being rolled out across the country.
Invasive technology such as facial recognition cameras, license plate readers, smart lights, smart poles, smart cars, smart neighborhoods, smart homes and smart appliances all connected to wireless networks and communicating with each other.
So what's wrong with that?
Technology is good, isn't it?
All this is for your safety, security and convenience, isn't it?
Well, let me tell you.
Your streets are spying on you.
Your mobile phone is spying on you.
Your cities are spying on you.
And the infrastructure for future lockdowns is being put into place right now.
Don't be fooled.
You're being set up to be tracked through your movements and through the future of your digital wallets.
By handing over your data,
You're handing over the ability to monitor your behaviour, which will soon be turned into a social credit score.
And once the central bank digital currencies are in place, you won't get to spend your money without approval.
Digital ID will soon become a reality in Australia.
Many other countries are already rolling these systems out.
Countries like Canada, Scotland and many others.
Eventually, you won't be able to access any government or public services and you won't be able to travel across borders or access healthcare or the internet without a digital ID.
Think you won't comply?
I think you will.
The last two years were the dress rehearsal and we fell for it hook, line and sinker.
Australians are sleepwalking into this technocratic future and while we're sitting around scratching our chins trying to work out whether this is really happening, Australia is drifting towards a dystopian digital future.
That is exactly what is going on.
There's Charlton Heston trying to give them the cure.
The full article is on Infowars.com.
Ben Warren, our great researcher and writer, wrote a big story about it.
You need to share it.
You need to get it.
It's full of all the links.
I'm not going to play them all here because this guy makes me mad.
I don't want to look at it too much.
I'm going to play some of it.
Imagine, you have the lockdown king who set all this up and did all this.
Big Pharma puppet warns, harder lockdowns coming.
This great former UK official who, with Fauci, created the whole fraud with the UN,
Doubles down on disingenuous COVID policy, claims country must get ready for even more intense lockdowns.
So his spin, he goes on to say, is that all these people died, and it's terrible, and it's because the lockdowns weren't strong enough, so we're going to sign the UN treaty, and even stronger, more intense lockdowns anytime there's a virus, including the flu.
He says he's sorry he didn't lock you down harder.
The people rebelled, they said no, they said they didn't want a lockdown, they pointed out the masks were a fraud, and then they had to back off.
I'm sorry I didn't lock you down better.
But the media spun it so like, oh, it's parents there.
No, it was actually the kids of parents that died.
That's always, oh, the kids are dying.
So it's all scripted.
Another lie.
You know, the people that were there that lost loved ones because the lockdown didn't go long enough.
They wouldn't shake hands with him.
No, they wouldn't shake hands him because he's a fraud.
He got caught cheating on his wife, having sex with his under minister, running around at huge parties with Boris Johnson.
They have hundreds of people getting drunk, taking drugs.
You have the hospitals completely empty except for the COVID people they were killing with respirators, partying everywhere.
It's all over the news.
They admit it.
They said no other care, even heart surgery, even cancer, nobody can come for months because the hospitals are overwhelmed.
And they shut all the major floors except for the key units that were murdering people at key hospitals.
They set up fake hazmat things.
Oh look, it's so busy, don't come here.
People went to those hospitals.
All the floors are dark except one.
No one's there.
There's people in hazmat suits.
No one's there.
It was a hoax.
It was crisis actors.
That's why they don't like me talking about stuff like that, because they don't want you questioning it.
But Jesse Smollett was fake.
WMDs in Iraq were fake.
And the hospitals being overwhelmed was fake, and that is now admitted.
So imagine his spin.
I'm so sorry I didn't lock you down harder.
I promise we're gonna lock you down harder, and it's coming soon.
It's gonna be much, much more strict and much more serious.
We're sorry.
This is the guy that put the report out saying a million Brits were going to die.
And that with his models, five million U.S.
would die.
He works with Bill Gates.
He works with them all.
He was the one that helped get the fraudulent models out day one.
And then he got caught doing all these things he said the public shouldn't do and the media spun it.
Well, he's in trouble because he's kissing a woman.
He's in trouble because he wasn't wearing a mask.
You can take your mask down when you eat food.
So remember all that because the virus waits and stops you do that.
We're good.
To Canada, to the UK, to Europe, they said you will not give these vitamins and minerals, you will not give these treatments, you will not give these steroids, you will not give hydroxychloroquine, you will not give ivermectin, you will not give treatment up front for the flu and for pneumonia, so people die!
Pneumonia and the flu is what kill people, but now the shot comes in and the death rate is 44% what it was worldwide, according to insurance companies, of new deaths, and almost doubling.
World War II was only a, what, 7% increase worldwide in death.
9% World War I. This is a bigger year-on-to-year increase in death than world wars, from the shots.
Didn't happen in 2000, happened in 2001, 2002, and now in three, it's online to be even worse.
Everybody knows neighbors are dying.
Everybody knows young people are dying from the shots.
Everybody knows people with blood clots.
Everybody, my office is full of people whose families, young and old, took the shot and got blood clots and died.
Where's Jamie Foxx?
How's that shot working out for him?
So people say, I want to move on, I want to have a life, I don't want to deal with this.
They're going to shut you down forever.
Unless you wake up.
Unless you realize what's happening here.
So I don't like listening to them.
There's like a bunch of clips of them on InfoWars.com.
But here is the disgraced head, Matt Hancock, of their whole, and this is the guy that stockpiled all the morphine drugs, really strong ones, that the worst drugs, the worst variants of it, the mirazapram and a bunch of them, read all the names, that would
Make you not be able to breathe when you're on a respirator.
They stockpiled 10 times what the government ever bought in 2019, a few months before.
It was even in the news, like, why are they buying so much of these drugs?
And then they took people who were talking, laughing fine, said, boom, we're going to pass you out, snake this face sucker down your throat, and then we're going to get $53,000 for every person
That's the average in the UK of pounds.
It calculates out to that like 30,000 pounds.
The US, $53,000 to put you on a respirator and murder you, murder you, murder you.
Even USA Today admitted, as Alex Jones write about $53,000 to put you on a respirator.
Yes, whether it was Australia or the US, the same global program, the same global operation.
And that's what Congress is saying about the censorship, whether you're in Europe or Australia, New Zealand, the UK.
Canada, the U.S., what runs it?
The British Empire, the New World Order, the Cecil Rhodes Program.
That's the global satanic order.
Control China, the Greatest Hit as well.
And again, I have articles about him right here where he said, we need to scare the public into submission.
We need to terrorize the public.
That came out in his emails.
And he used Ministry of Defense propaganda to do it.
Let me show you some of these headlines.
Britain must prepare for harder lockdowns, says Matt Hancock.
Okay, here's another one.
Big Pharma Puppet Warns Harder Lockdown's Coming.
Follow the links.
Here's one of the articles he contributed to.
This is in the Sydney Morning Herald.
The Shackles of Ignorance.
Why Rejecting Experts is the New Form of Slavery.
Don't Ask Your Own Questions.
Don't Research.
New York Times wrote similar headlines.
Don't Ask Questions.
Don't Research.
That's what cults tell you.
I love this meme right here with Jeff Bridges on it, the dude.
It says, let's make one thing clear.
The experts weren't never wrong.
They were always lying.
That's a big difference off a big pharma script.
Disgraced COVID czar Matt Hancock claims lockdowns weren't strict enough.
Big Pharma Puppet.
Now here's where it gets key.
Matt Hancock should be arrested for willful misconduct in public office.
London Telegraph.
And it's got his email saying, we gotta make him wear masks forever to scare him.
We gotta lock him down forever for carbon control.
This is all about the New World Order.
And it's all there how he used Ministry of Defense brainwashing to control the public.
Look it up yourself.
And now this little monster.
Working with Fauci and the rest of them.
He's here to say he's sorry he didn't lock you down hard enough.
Spinning it that he's sorry he went to parties.
He's sorry.
Next time he promises combat drones will keep you locked in your house forever, here he is.
And if I may say so, I am profoundly sorry for the impact that had.
I'm profoundly sorry for each death that has occurred.
And I also understand
Why, for some, it will be hard to take that apology from me.
I understand that.
I get it.
But it is honest and heartfelt and I'm not very good at talking about my emotions and how I feel, but that is
Honest and true.
And all I can do is ensure that this inquiry gets to the bottom of it and that for the future we learn the right lessons so that we stop a pandemic in its tracks much, much earlier.
And that we have the systems in place ready to do that.
Because I'm worried that they're being dismantled as we speak.
Oh, they're dismantling the protections.
We need a permanent system.
That's the UN Treaty.
So whether it's the U.S., again, Australia, New Zealand, it's all global control, the same exact program is what they're launching.
You know, Rodney Howard Brown, I'm here at his amazing media complex in Church, Tampa, Florida, at the river, is the church, Revival.com.
He didn't ask to come on.
I didn't have any guests today.
But I saw him out here in the studio and I said, will you please come on?
Because he hammered them Sunday and he hammered them Sunday night.
And two services saying lockdowns are imminent.
And he just feels it in the spirit, but he can also see it politically.
And now they're telling us it's imminent.
As soon as this UN treaty is in control, with the censorship and the forced injections, they are going to try to legitimize taking over our bodies.
So he'll join us.
For about 20 minutes or so in the next hour, and then I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls throughout the rest of the broadcast.
There's so much more I've not hit, but all of this, all of this ties together along with these new dictatorial moves in the EU.
We've got a bunch of domestic news as well.
It's going to be an incredible, incredible transmission here today.
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After seven years of violent revolution, our American founders were well aware that political factions were most often used to divide and conquer the people.
And they knew that the republic they created would only last as long as the people could remain educated.
In 1816, Thomas Jefferson wrote, if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.
By the end of the Civil War, the two-party system became the norm.
The globalist system we face today was born.
And the deliberate dumbing down of the American citizen began with our great-great-grandparents.
In the late 1800s, the Skinner-Pavlovian method was brought into American schools by Johns Hopkins.
These psychological methods allowed teachers the ability to program students' behavior in the same way that Pavlov did with dogs.
In 1934, the Carnegie International Endowment for Peace published the Report on the Commission on Social Studies, which explicitly stated the goal of eventually taking away people's land, and noted that most people would obviously oppose this.
The solution was to begin using the school system to recondition the minds of children.
In 1976, the bicentennial year of the Declaration of Independence, 124 congressmen signed the Declaration of Interdependence, which stated that two centuries ago, our forefathers brought forth a new nation.
Now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.
And it pledged to give children special attention in distributing a common education to suit their goals.
By the 1990s, this globalist, dumbing-down system was perfected and America began exporting it worldwide in what is known as outcome-based education.
Starting in 2010, Common Core began in the United States.
It outlined what students were expected to know at each grade level and enforced ways to assess those standards.
Charlotte Isserby, author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,
Has traced most of this agenda stemming from the order of Skull and Bones at Yale.
Through both Republicans and Democrats.
Two wings of the same globalist bird.
Which understood that dumbed down people have a base desire for a simple dualistic choice.
In 1953, the Rockefeller Foundation funded the Robber's Cave Experiment, wherein 11-year-old boys, who thought they were signing up for summer camp, were organized into two separate tribes and were manipulated into fighting each other.
Which was easily accomplished by having a single resource that the two groups competed for.
The Henry Toshville experiments of the 1970s showed that by simply dividing people into two groups, they would naturally identify with their own group and discriminate against the other.
The basic ego mind is constantly making preferences.
No matter how dumb you are, you have an opinion about everything.
And if you can keep the population dumb enough and give them two parties to choose from, they will innately identify with one and despise the other.
This allows the globalist system the cover they need to implement unpopular policies.
Such as a central bank digital currency.
While we, the people, ignorantly fight each other.
United we stand, divided we fall.
And we've been falling for it for generations.
The American people have been so thoroughly dumbed down that we think freedom is the ability to choose between two parties working for the same control system.
And we have been made so weak that we are afraid to even discuss the option of violence, which is most often the only remedy for tyranny.
But if we were an enlightened people, we could simply unite together as one and just say no to the tyrants.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And we are now into our number two of this live Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 transmission.
I'm at the amazing complex at Revival.com, River Church in Tampa, Florida.
Everybody should come visit this.
You should be online.
Members of the church, you should definitely physically come here when you're in Florida.
And of course, I'm Alex Jones with Infowars.com.
So I spent most of the first hour on the big issue.
World corporate government that wants control of our body, creating world IDs, ESGs, central bank digital currencies, to make us comply with all their directives, including taking experimental injections into our bodies, a total cult, or they will not let us have jobs, travel, or live.
If that isn't the mark of the beast, I don't know what is.
This is the whole beast system.
We have to worship the beast, go along with its orders, or it kicks you out of society.
And you see its orders.
Give us your children, let us sterilize you, let us euthanize you, let us kill you.
A totally predatory system.
So, all this ties together.
The EU is trying to pass a regulation by their bureaucracy.
It was founded in 47 as a steel collective.
Then they had the Treaty of Rome in 56.
They have a ceremonial parliament, but it has no power.
So now the unelected EU board is set in a quote enormous power grab.
France, Germany want to end veto rights in the EU where other nations get together and veto.
They will now be complete vassals of the unelected EU.
So the EU Parliament was just ceremonial and advisory.
You could call it vestigial.
But now they're getting rid of the power that presidents and prime ministers had to be able to veto things.
The last vestiges of any freedom being swept away.
And what do they say?
They want total censorship?
EU claims it controls US media?
Threatening Elon Musk?
And they go on in here.
And they say that they're going to have all these taxes and more regulations and open their borders up.
So foreigners who come in, you just can't travel.
And the so-called not having borders, they're going to put the internal borders back in, but the outer borders are gone.
I mean, you talk about madness.
This is it.
And that ties into the congressional report I made a big deal about in the first hour, the House Judiciary Committee.
Let's come out with the weaponization of CISA, how the cybersecurity agency colluded with big tech and disinformation partners to censor Americans.
They found that it is illegal.
They list all the felonies that have been committed.
They have a CIA email saying this is illegal.
We're going to get caught.
It's all there.
They have attorney generals testifying on it.
Here's some of the headlines.
Weaponization committee releases report on unconstitutional censorship efforts by the Department of Homeland Security and CISA to silence undesirable voices.
And it goes on and on and on.
In blow to censorship industrial complex, the House of Representatives bans the Pentagon from funding disinfo monitors like NewsGuard that then advise the government on what to censor.
Notice they were denying censorship a few years ago, now you learn it was all CIA-Pentagon run illegally.
This is all up on InfoWars.com.
The UN wants people to report others for hate speech.
And they want us to be under a new treaty.
250 Hollywood celebs signed a letter demanding Big Texas or anyone who opposes trans surgeries on kids.
Oh yeah, they censored you for that.
Robert Kennedy Jr.
talked about the chemicals in the water bending gender.
They said it's good to have your gender bent.
You can't tell people about atrazine or bisphenol A. That's a big story.
That's why we now know they censored.
So I wanted to bring Pastor Rodney Howard Brown in, who's a very busy guy.
I literally dragged him in here to pop on for the next 20 minutes or so to specifically talk to the viewers and listeners.
About why he's been predicting the lockdowns, why he got arrested first saying the lockdowns three years ago and or three plus years ago and where he thinks is going next because he preached on this Sunday morning and Sunday night when I was here to thousands of people and now they're suddenly announcing it.
Alex, it's been great to have you here this past week.
I'm wearing my hat backwards in protest of these monkeys.
I mean, basically, when you were actually playing the clip, it's interesting that this punk
Britt is giving a report on COVID, but he's not giving a report on COVID, he's basically pushing the lie, the narrative.
And the thing about you and me, well, especially you, I mean, you're the one that's paved the way on this.
You stay with the court.
You stay the course on the subject, where a lot of people get distracted by Biden and what's going on in the local region.
But you have to look at the overall picture of what's taking place.
I mean, this thing has been planned for a long time.
And they fired the biggest shot and failed.
That's why they're so frantic right now.
They want another lockdown.
So somebody said, well, how are they going to get that lockdown fashion?
Well, if you've got everybody signing off on this whole UN
Then, basically they're going to use UN police, UN military, to enforce.
Now, do I think they're going to succeed in every place?
No, they're not.
They won't succeed in Florida for quite a while, because they're just not going to succeed in Florida, not while we're here.
But, I'll give you an example.
A very close friend of ours, who is born in Croatia, actually just went over to Croatia, and went to the place of her birth,
And and drove around the city on the coast and could not get a parking.
And they found that there were two million people in that region protesting vaccine, which you know what?
That's never made the mainstream media.
So here you are in Croatia on the coast and there's two million people there in a big vaccine protest.
So when you see what's happening, I mean, the whole of Europe is waking up to it.
And then you see the people that are suffering from the fallout from the vaccines, and now they want to come back and push another one, which if, as you know, Pfizer and Moderna moved offshore, so they're not even functional here in the United States, according to what they're reporting.
They said, no, we, but the problem is they're putting the vaccine in the flu, the flu shot, and then even in the tetanus shot.
And even your Freudian slip is true.
Bill Gates is coming out with it in the food.
Tomatoes, potatoes, bananas.
Bioengineered live virus in it.
It's mind-blowing to think the length that these people will go to accomplish their global agenda of world enslavement and then world depopulation.
So, again, do I think they're going to get it right everywhere?
No, they're not.
We're not... I'm not going to get lackadaisical because I live here in Florida and say, oh, well, they're not going to do it here in Florida.
What about my brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom?
Well, I mean, absolutely.
And once they get those sectors, they're going to put the lockdowns in.
They're going to suck all the money out of people and use those as what the communists call exploitation bases and then attack us.
It's like the communists took over what was Rhodesia and then used that to attack South Africa.
I mean, it's the same story over and over and over and over again.
And so
We've got to deal with this.
And I want to put some of these studies up.
Anybody can type in.
CN even reported last week.
Studies show, prestigious studies show, isolation and loneliness takes years off your life and makes you depressed and makes kids commit suicide.
Well, they're the ones that did all this on purpose.
They know exactly what they're doing.
They want to have their cake and eat it too.
And so we had those articles.
We'll pull those up right now so people can see them or anybody can go to a search engine.
You know, these things are so ludicrous.
And when you make the statements, even though you're sitting with piles of papers with the headlines, it's people at home that actually don't actually believe.
Well, Patrick Ben Davids, Army Special Forces guy, really smart, he was nice, had me on his show, you know, he likes me.
But he still couldn't believe it's skull and bones.
I was actually just going to mention that.
Saturday's pogpog.
He didn't believe that they get in coffins and pee on each other's skull and bones.
Let's admit it.
They don't know the secret rituals of the secret societies.
They don't believe.
They don't believe people are that depraved.
I don't believe that.
And isn't the devil's greatest trick?
So, you know, nice hard-working family men who aren't like that.
It's just, it's hard to believe, but these people are fallen and Satan loves to make us do bad things.
So once you give it an inch to Satan, folks, you wonder like, why are Satan is doing things?
I don't want to mention here on air, but you know, sex with children, killing people, eating poop that they do at these homosexual parades.
And now this is how Satan, why does Satan want us to debase ourselves?
Well, I mean, the bottom line is they start when they get,
But by the time they get 16, 17, 18, by the time they get to university, they're already at a level.
And then you know what kids do on spring break and initiation parties and all that kind of stuff.
And a lot of the stuff they've done under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
And then later on, as they go on to professional career, suddenly, you know.
Well, that's what I said to him.
I said, you don't believe they get in coffins and roll around in urine and feces, even when there's like documentaries and they got the documents in Congress.
And I've interviewed people that were
I'm listening.
I know what you did.
You know what you did.
And so then everybody's just quiet and kowtows because they've got information on each other.
And so you play by the rules.
That's the way the story goes.
And if you don't, you're going to be outed or you'll be taken out.
I mean, look at all the look at all the billionaires now that are being taken out.
Car wrecks, stuff.
Meanwhile, they know so much information that they're being eliminated.
I thought it was very interesting.
Last night, or was it yesterday, Kamala's house was burning in Washington, D.C.
So I just tweeted, document.
You know what I mean?
Because that's the narrative now.
I mean, whether it's Clinton's house burning.
How do all their houses burn?
I mean, obviously... Well, the giant document center that had the BlackRock documents just burned up.
So it's definitely going on, but you make that point about how you do the 35,000 foot view, and we see how the UN, the Central Bank Digital Currencies, the ESGs, they admit they're rolling out their world government, they admit they're rolling out a cashless society to control our lives, they admit they're going to tie it to making us take shots.
This is not our opinion!
And then they simultaneously have articles saying we're crazy, it's not happening, while it's happening.
But people need to know, it is coming.
Well, I mean, you were basically
Made a laughingstock by the mainstream media from 20 years ago.
But if you look at everything that's happening today, it's what you unfolded every day on your program.
So in actual fact, you were right, and they were just doing a major snow job to try to cover up what's actually going on.
I personally don't even know how these people sleep at night.
I mean, it must be very hard
To pretend.
And have a job where you pretend.
A news anchor, a top news person.
And you know you're lying, but that's your job.
You read the teleprompter, you know this is not real.
But you have to do it, because that's your job.
I don't know how people... And that's really the paradox, because as people see, that okay, in the last 30-40 years, people got trained to read off teleprompters, they got promoted.
How real can you look while you regurgitate what some boardroom wrote in another part of the world?
That's how they get the same lie pushed worldwide.
But the Bible says, the beast will speak, the devil will speak, and the whole world will hear him at the same time.
That's our modern age.
They'll all worship the image of the beast.
And perhaps you can speak to that, but as things get worse and worse, as people see that going along and following the orders is going to destroy them, how far will that breaking point go, Pastor?
I mean, I think people are going to be pushed to a point where suddenly when it affects their family, their children, I mean, they can sit and watch the program right now and say, ah, it's not real.
But when it comes to your house, when suddenly you have to now make a decision, if you don't comply, they're going to take your children or they're going to take you and arrest you.
You're going to lose your job, lose your house, lose everything.
Until that happens to individuals, there won't be a wake-up call.
Well, I'm fine.
Everything's going to be okay.
And it's just a temporary thing.
I know you wanted to do that.
Well, take the transgenderism.
That's why I've got to get out of Austin.
I meet all these people, listeners of mine.
They go, yeah, I've got three kids.
Yeah, two of them are transgender.
I'm 45.
You know, the school said it was, so I'm going along with it.
But I don't like the globalists and the liberals.
And I meet him all over, and I'm like, the school just tells you you're this.
I saw this really powerful meme about two weeks ago, we showed it on air, where it shows a woman who's like nine months pregnant, and she's there at the doctor, got a stethoscope on her stomach.
He says, doctor, is it a boy or girl?
He says, we're going to let your kindergarten teacher decide.
But that's literally who's doing this, and they put them on the fast track for this, and they're bombarding them with chemicals that do bend their gender.
They're not really the other sex.
Their chromosomes are still different, but they are literally doing this.
I mean, look at this headline right here.
It's on Infowars.com.
Texas College fires biology professor for teaching students that sex is determined by chromosomes.
Philip College in San Antonio, Texas has reportedly fired a biology professor for teaching students that chromosomes determine sex.
I mean, that's like saying water boils at this temperature, things freeze at this temperature.
They're like, no, things freeze at 105 degrees.
No, they freeze at 32 degrees.
And yet we have Xs and Ys.
I mean, this is a cult, man.
This is crazy.
Yeah, and it's just a total brainwashing.
I mean, I saw this tweet about this transgender, obviously, lady.
Who was upset because the gynecologist would not see her.
I mean, you want to go, what is there for the gynecologist to see?
There's nothing to see.
There are cases of biological men.
You know what I mean?
In one case, they fired the nurse at the U-Camp years ago.
A man comes in with a very large member, a beard, and says, do a pap smear on my cervix.
The woman said, there's not a cervix.
Have you seen the Democrats in the debates?
They go, we need funding for men to have babies.
We need funding for men's reproductive health because they can have babies.
Pretty mind-blowing.
Yeah, I want to get that professor on.
Guys, please get him on.
He's Dr. Johnson Varkey.
It's mind-blowing.
But the interesting thing is that the majority of people will see that and just say the world's crazy.
But nobody will lift up their voice or make a decision.
And this is universities, governments saying two plus two equals seven.
I mean, that's why they have fuzzy math.
They're teaching people to be mentally ill.
Because if you'll say there's not X and Y chromosome.
Well, then you'll accept a shot that isn't a vaccine that doesn't protect you.
I mean, you'll accept anything.
So anyway, like I was saying earlier, Pfizer, Moderna,
Supposedly moved off shore now, but they're putting the Vax in the flu shot and they're putting it in the... They're creating combo shots just a little footnote.
Oh, by the way, we're gonna be three shots at one.
You know how bad those are.
But they're even putting it in the tetanus shot because I may have told you the story of people living in Fort Worth area.
And there were two plumbers that went into this house to go and do, they were either plumbers or electrician, and my brother was there.
And they heard them talking amongst themselves, said, you know, I had to take off because I had to go get a tetanus shot.
I'd cut myself on the, on the, on this, on the, uh, some nail or something.
And, uh, the lady said to me,
Have you had the vaccine, you know, Pfizer, Moderna?
He said, no.
Well, don't worry.
It's in the tetanus shot now.
It is.
And we know it attacks fertility and it literally hurts your DNA.
This is the extermination.
This is the great calling.
So now you don't know any shot.
You don't know what's in it.
You have no clue what they put in the shot.
I'm sure you've seen they legalized without any law.
The FDA last year said, we don't look at nanotech now.
So suddenly they're spraying nanotech all over the place.
I mean, so, Pastor, what do we do with this giant offensive they've launched?
Congress recommending criminal prosecution of the Pentagon and secret CIA groups under Biden.
I see good things.
I mean, wow, that's like a trillion times worse than Richard Nixon.
I think everybody has to get outspoken on the subject.
And somebody said, well, I don't know much about it.
Well, then educate themselves.
Find out what's actually going on, especially for your own safety, your wife, your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren.
Don't be ignorant.
I mean, all the facts are out there.
So, people need to educate themselves and then educate their family and friends.
That's, to me, what is this?
It's an info war, which that's where we are.
Information is a war with information.
You know, we're going to lose this.
We're going to be hurt during this.
And I know the Beast Waves Warrior gets to say it overcomes it, but then that's in the third quarter.
We win in the fourth quarter.
I mean, so why are you positive other folks seem to not believe that we have dominion over this earth?
We have to exercise it, though.
Well, if we weren't positive, what would we do?
We just cave and then you just
You wouldn't do anything.
I mean, each of us have to live our life.
I mean, I'm happy to be alive in 2023.
Imagine living in 1642, or in the year 1243, or in the year 800.
I mean, we get to live when the big decisions are being made.
We're game time, folks.
Yeah, so I'm happy to live in this hour and we're not going to back off and you have to keep a positive mindset and you have to obviously we follow the word of God and God's word says I'm going to be with you.
I found it to be the most fertile time ever to wake people up.
I mean here's Bill Maher.
We'll play the clip coming up after you leave us.
Bill Maher praises RFK for exposing vaccine dangers.
To me it is a
I think so.
They're gonna come back for more.
I think it'll backfire worse.
It's gonna backfire on them, I can just tell you.
You know, the British people have remained very passive until now.
But I think they're gonna push them to a point where you're gonna see
Something take place.
That's what I'm going to tell you.
In America, we're here in Florida, and of course, nothing's going to happen here as long as I'm here in this state.
But in the UK, I think you're going to push people, and they're going to come out, and there's going to be some things happen.
I remember when they still had Alexa, that Amazon, you know, Ram, you used to look them up.
Well, that's what we found.
But they have other Google Analytics things, you can look them up.
And we, back when we were like number, InfoWars.com was like number 200 website in the world, which is just huge.
That was ranked though in the U.S., like a hundred and something.
We were at one time like number 50 in the UK, about 10, 15 years ago, for about five years.
And even Nigel Farage, not bragging, it's just the Lord's blessed us.
We're good to go.
We launched the Brexit.
Not me, the show.
No, I know.
So really, the power that God has put in our broadcast over 29 years, it's just, it's been incredible.
It would be great if maybe somebody could call in from the UK.
Uh, when you open the phones here and just give a... You want to stay with me and do that or you gotta go?
No, no, I have to go, but it would be great if they open the phones from the UK.
In fact, let's just open the phones to the UK only to talk about how they want lockdowns back and how it's the model.
We'll, we'll, we'll put the toll-free number on screen.
We're gonna take calls only.
Great idea.
Only for callers in the UK.
You'll be my co-host here.
Put in your country code or however it works.
Calls from our Britannic, or I guess he's the King now, from King Charles and his wife Jimmy Savelle's Royal Britannic and Satanic Command Base.
So sorry for you.
Beautiful country.
All three countries.
From the capital of the New World Order.
We'd love to hear from you.
Then we got Paul Watson on from England.
One of our co-hosts, Mario, talked about a good idea, sir.
You can't come to Florida and see it?
You need to watch it online at Revival.com.
Pastor Rodney, thanks for being the best host ever.
What a family you've got here.
God bless you.
I can feel the Spirit of the Lord.
Love you, Alex.
Did I say revival.com?
Did you say it?
Maybe one more time.
Literally, in a society that is allowing us to become feminized physically, you've probably heard about this with the frogs coming into contact with this herbicide that they put on a lot of food.
It's called Atrazine.
When the frogs came into contact with this herbicide, which is the second most used herbicide in America, the frog literally went from being a male frog to a female frog.
It took about 200 nanograms per deciliter to be able to do that.
Guess what the allowed amount is in drinking water?
So you can see why so many women are developing breast cancer because that's estrogen goes up, breast cancer goes up, cervical cancer goes up, fibroids goes up, more problems with men, more testosterone, more losing hair, more belly fat, inability to make muscle.
Topwater is turning the frogs gay and will turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
And secondly, if you noticed at the end of that video, he advertises water filters.
I have an opportunity for viewers and listeners that is the best in my 23 years on air.
Obviously, water filtration is a great thing.
It's a good thing.
And I've had water filtration sponsors since the day I got on air.
And over the years, I learned a lot about water filtration.
I learned what the best was.
And Alexa Pure family of stainless steel gravity filters take the already decent and good systems that were out there.
We're good to go.
Infowarslife.com or Infowarsstore.com or call 888-253-3139.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
Turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Serious crap!
Friggin' frogs!
It's not funny!
I'm gonna say it real slow for you.
And now Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
comes out and shows the documents and Google that owns YouTube censors it because they want to continue doing it.
It's part of their plan.
They're bombarding us and now the shot is destroying our fertility as well as part of a larger plan.
I gave the number out and the phone's loaded with people outside the UK.
We will take calls after we take a few calls from the UK.
The phone system is open.
We have two callers from the UK, which is the epicenter of the New World Order.
At 877-789-2539.
And the people, a lot of them are awake, a lot of them aren't, a lot of them are going along to get along.
But yeah, what do you make of the former government official that lied to you and said they used the military to scare you?
People are saying you should go to jail in mainline headlines.
What do you make of this?
We're going to go to Dave and Robert in the UK.
Dave, you're up first.
Thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, you're doing a great job.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you.
I run a company.
The next door company to me, five of his friends had the jab that went straight into intensive care.
The guy at the other side of me, running the business, he had the jab.
He'd come out with this mariconitis, whatever it is, this blood clot.
We haven't seen him for 18 months.
We've got five people on our industrial estate now got cancer.
My cousin,
She had pancreatic cancer and she had the jabs, she had all the boosters.
She died December the 27th, last week.
My cousin, who wasn't very well, he also went to his funeral last Thursday.
I mean, incredible.
We are waking up in the UK.
Two years ago, we're looking at possibly one in 50 awake.
Now, it's more like
He is such a psychotic, such a psychotic monster and again they know exactly what they're doing
With these poison shots.
There they are, depopulating the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Literally, King Charles says there's too many people on Earth, we need a military operation.
And he says the West is using the most resources, so he wants to kill the West.
His father said he wants to come back and kill 80% of the public as a virus.
Well, they're doing it through a nanotech virus in the shot, but he lives the life that uses the carbon footprint of a million people.
But that's okay, because he's King Charles and best buddies with Jimmy Savelle.
So, think about how whether it's Europe, the UK, or the US, or anywhere, the illegal aliens are exempt.
Pull it up.
UN says migrants exempt from COVID shots because of liability.
Because the UN's not signing on to the liability of the shots.
They had our governments do it.
So we as citizens take it, because we're supposed to be wiped out.
But all the illegal aliens, they don't.
But once they get them, they're going to kill them, too.
This is such a disgusting master plan, my friend.
They want to get rid of Western cultures that wants freedom, that's Christian, that at least has a Christian baked into it as a chance to come back as a revival.
They want to get rid of the Western populations.
This is replacement migration.
Not just where they bring somebody in to replace you, but where they kill you.
You want to comment on that, Dave?
One thing I want to comment on is this climate change you keep mentioning.
In the year 960, it was three times hotter than what it is today.
Ice samples under a NASA documentary in 2007 showed that it was three times higher than what it is today.
You come up to the year 1760, 1780, we had a mini ice age in London.
The Thames froze over six months of the year for 11 years.
That's right, I've got a big Sunspot article.
I've got a big Sunspot thing here.
Let me show you this.
Daily's Cabinet reports on, it's on Infowars.com, three Typhoon jets landed and parked with their engines on right by the thermometer to get the record temp.
All the other temps show that the temps were actually down from a few decades ago in the UK, but now they make the weather report red and orange and yellow instead of green and blue, and you look at shots from the 90s and stuff, it's higher.
Then the numbers they put, they make it red, then they park jets with their engines on by the thermometer, so for five minutes they get a record temperature.
Talk about rigging, talk about scams, go ahead.
One thing, one thing, I used to work in research down at the Moore Laboratory at Roosevelt with temperature sensors for aircraft, nuclear submarines, and spacecraft.
Now, we were doing platinum rhodium thermometry on ceramics.
We could only get an accuracy of 0.001 off of that on platinum-rhodium thermometry.
The BBC come up, they say, ah, look at it, the temperature's gone up two degrees, and they've got nine decimal places.
That was impossible a few years ago, it's absolutely impossible, the datum that it's taken off is 1880.
It is all bovine scatology.
Thermometers won't even do what they're saying.
They just make it up because it looks bigger to have a bigger point scale.
Incredible call, Dave in the UK.
Robert in London.
We're going to break.
We're coming right back to you.
Tomorrow's news today, Band-Op video.
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Superfemal Vitality that works the same on men, same formula.
60% off, so much more, and that keeps us on air.
Please go to InfoWarsStore.com today.
We'll be right back with more calls from the UK.
Great idea that Pastor Rodney Howard Brown had from his great site, Revival.com.
All right, we're going to continue with calls and breaking news and a ton of information I haven't even gotten to in the third and fourth hours coming up today.
Open phone for the next few hours and then of course 3 p.m.
Central, the great Owen Schroer.
But look right here.
I've got a special guest here in studio with us, ladies and gentlemen.
My good little friend.
And if I just remove this piece of paper, there he is.
There he is.
It is Mr. Fauci.
Dr. Fauci.
Rodney Howard Brown has got a hilarious sense of humor.
He actually made a bunch of these, pretending to sell them, but he never got around to it.
There's like 20 of these he's got made, but he's got them basically all over the church.
Here's Fauci as a garden gnome as The Dunce, with his mask and his little poison shot.
In fact, the pastor's gone now.
He had meetings.
I wonder if he'll let me have one of these.
He's already given me so much stuff.
I really want this for the studio.
He's now got his new TV show.
He's got his big university job.
He's still gonna make hundreds of millions off the vaccine.
He's got patents on the poison shots, but they're... There's Fauci.
What a monster trying to take over our bodies.
What a fraud.
What a criminal.
All of them, I view.
Him and Hotez.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Amazing call we just took from David in the UK.
It was Dr. Robert in London, and then Gary in Wales.
And then the phones are open to everybody.
I want to take a few calls from the UK, and we're doing that.
We got Robert, Andrew, and Patrick, and so many others.
But go ahead, Robert, in London.
Welcome, sir.
I'm holding in my hands the Infowars CBD Full Spectrum 1000mg, recommended by Mike Adams.
I just want to say how grateful I am that you guys put it out.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
But could you also push him to get a law against forcing people to take vaccines?
Because yesterday he spoke in New Hampshire and he mentioned, well, we'll cut off funding for schools that have vaccine mandates.
But I don't think that's good enough.
I think Trump has to be pushed.
Because he talked about it against the mandate.
But then when push came to shove, well, it's up to the states, you know, federalism.
That doesn't cut it.
This is Nuremberg level violence.
No, I agree.
I agree.
To reprieve himself, he's hitting on seven cylinders.
And he's, you know, and Biden's hitting on half a cylinder and, you know, all the rest of it.
So, yes, he's the best we've got.
Not unless there are two evils.
It's just, you know, the globals are after him.
He's the best shot we've got.
He needs to come out and say he will get a law in place or an executive order that the Congress already did with a law they passed in defense spending that you can't make people take shots.
But, but, but, but.
But the Navy's already been caught still intimidating people into doing it.
So there needs to be a law that not just you can't make somebody, but that you'll get in trouble if you try to.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, that's very good.
And also, one other thing is, if you can get a war, he did very good with the right to try.
But what good was the right to try when it was almost impossible to get ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine?
He has to do something because the doctors are scared to prescribe the stuff the patients need.
So he has to somehow also... No, I hear you.
Listen, you're a great caller.
You're a great caller.
We've got to move on and get everybody on here.
But you're a caller from the UK.
We want to hear particularly from folks, though, that live there.
But it's open phones now.
Let's go to Gary in beautiful Wales.
It's fine.
You're on the air, Gary.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, thank you very much for educating me for nearly 20 years.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you.
I just want to touch on the Matt Hancock thing.
Going back to, like, pre-pandemic scenario, the UK was stockpiling body bags on the back of a no-deal Brexit in February 2019.
Yes, sir?
His phone disconnected.
Gary, try to call back in.
I wanted to hear what you had to say.
We did not hang up on you, but your line went down from Wales.
Call back in.
Let's go to Roger in London, England.
Roger, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
You all right?
Go ahead.
Yeah, just want to, uh... Yeah, just quickly expand on what you just said about, you know, the whole Matt Hancock piece.
Now, basically, people over here have got zero love for this person, and it's not just so much about the lockdowns, but the major issue is
Is that they tried to impose the Track and Trace programme and shockingly enough, probably 50% of the government have all got shares in this company.
I believe the Track and Trace programme cost the taxpayer somewhere about £8 million sterling.
And it didn't achieve nothing other than basically connecting people's devices via Bluetooth.
So it's a complete waste of time.
Yeah, we're now $8 million, £8 million sterling in the bin, you know.
So, yeah, no one over here has got any sympathy or love for that person.
Well, I totally agree with you.
We talk about how evil Hitler was all day, but that was 70, 80 years ago.
What about the evil that is really beyond Hitler that we're dealing with today?
I mean, how do we counter this?
How do we counter their next lockdown, their next big attack?
Personally, I believe without trying to incriminate myself, I believe if there's any kind of
Uh, serious lockdown effort again in this country.
Um, people would probably seriously resist it.
Um, and, and be honest, and be honest, most people, most people didn't obey the last lockdown anyway, um, to be honest, but if they really came out, uh, Cameron Tongs, for example, um, that's going to cause a massive, massive issue.
And to be honest, the police, the police didn't even do a good job of it last time.
The next attempt on us as a people probably isn't going to end well.
Let me just put it like that.
God bless you, Roger.
They're trying to take our bodies over, folks.
They're depopulating us.
They're assaulting us.
They are the modern Hitlers, the modern Stalins of our age.
And they admit it's all a power grab.
It's in their own documents.
They used psychological warfare to do it.
They illegally surveilled us.
So we can talk about Hitler all day, you know, being a bad guy, but Hitler's been dead a long time.
We can, you know, draw Hitler mustaches all day on Fauci, like I just did, garden gnome.
But it's a lot worse, a lot worse than that.
We're going to go to the next hour, take your phone calls, and then I'm going to also intersperse your calls.
Every living president, except Donald Trump, direct descendant of slaveholders, including Biden and Obama.
We'll also look at some of the other news that is going on with the whole, quote, pedo, satanic, pedophile, LGBTPS mafia.
And we're also going to look at some of my predictions and things 10 years ago dealing with the sexualization of children, depopulation.
We'll play a clip actually coming up next segment.
It's only about two and a half minutes long.
We'll start the next segment with that.
And we'll also look at some of the new documents coming out on the Bidens and so much more.
Senate Republicans introduced a bill to keep Pete Buttigieg from flying private jets.
He says, you know, you should ban jet travel.
You shouldn't be able to even have a car, but he flies private jets with him and his husband all the time.
So they're a bunch of hypocrites.
I say, yes, take it away from them.
Also, look at some of the new stuff where Jack Smith, Jack Poloboloni, is looking to indict Trump on January 6th.
They even came out trying to tie me to it and saying he commanded me to attack.
I mean, it's just...
So preposterous, but they got D.C.
juries, folks, and they will send a child, you know, literally to the gas chamber if Jack Smith says so.
So it is a serious situation with these criminals.
We'll be covering all that.
But listen, we've got the biggest sale so far of the year running right now.
It is the 4th of July Super Sale.
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We'll be right back with hour number three, your calls to breaking news, and Owen Stroyer's got news.
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We're literally in a society that is allowing us to become feminized physically.
You've probably heard about this with the frogs coming into contact with this herbicide that they put on a lot of foods called Atrazine.
When the frogs came into contact with this herbicide, which is the second most used herbicide in America, the frog literally went from being a male frog to a female frog.
It took about 200 nanograms per deciliter to be able to do that.
That's what the allowed amount is in drinking water.
And right before the break I was reading some of those quotes by Atom Murrow and others coming out saying it's time to basically wipe out the third world.
And notice this is normally from liberal academics and naturalists who say they're for multiculturalism and, you know, get rid of the family and teach homosexuality and all this just so people don't have any unifying culture left and so that it's not cool to have children.
It's literally ultimate greed.
They're attacking the West that they see as their main challenge, number one, while attacking the third world just out of hand because there's no media complex or government complex or cultural complex in the third world that can organize against this.
But David Attenborough has come out and stated what is in all their publications.
They're on record hitting us with psychotronic.
They're on record designing all the GMO with recombinant RNA and DNA weapon systems.
Really, it's nanotech, but genetically based.
They are hitting us all with hundreds of chemicals in the water supply, with hydrofluorosilic acid as the boosting adjuvant.
This is all on record.
Silent weapons for quiet wars, Pentagon documents.
I'm giving you the names right now.
Soft Kill, Prospectus, 1968, MIT, Stanford Research Institute.
I mean, I'm giving it all to you right now.
Anybody that wants to go find out about this.
And the insane part is, the Pentagon, the CIA people, 99.9% of them are compartmentalized and are all being attacked by this as well.
There will be no winners in this.
They're going to kill everybody.
And right now you just see them trying to shut down the final sovereign nations, trying to develop their super weapons, their nanotech, putting it in place, trying to set up their new takeover system of the internet that was always designed for this reason.
So that's the big picture.
That's from 10 years ago.
You know, it's no wonder that they want me off air because
YouTube, we had about 10 channels with a total of 5 billion views on it.
And the globalists were just going through there, flagging everything, trying to get it down five years ago, because their whole battle plan's there.
But when they took our archive down, we didn't really have an archive of most our shows.
It's funny, the left called and got them to take our archive down, because that's what YouTube is, is a cloud-type system where you put it on their system.
And then they defaulted me in this Andy Hook judgment, saying we didn't have all our videos.
The very group called and got us taken down.
And then because it wasn't there, they could just misrepresent and claim what I said and didn't do.
They said I sent people to pee on the graves and stuff, just totally made up.
But it doesn't matter, that's when they default you and find you guilty, they can do that.
And so I laugh at it because it's just so preposterous.
And literally, everyone will pay.
The FBI, the CIA, the lawyers, the bureaucrats, the judges.
Everybody that does this is paying because of what they've done to themselves.
You know, Trump yesterday said, man, the family of Jack Smith ought to talk to him and ask him how he persecutes me and why he's such a bad person.
They said, oh, you're threatening their family.
No, he's saying, how do people be around this guy?
You know, actually, Walter says to go attack people at gas stations or restaurants.
That's wonderful.
And mostly peaceful, burned out cities.
Trump just says, man, how do these people's families put up with him?
And they said, that's a threat on their families.
No, it's not.
It may be legal.
Jack Smith's looking at that.
We're not sure.
What a joke, man.
What a joke.
You're a joke.
We see you.
We know who you are.
We understand what's going on.
All right.
We got loaded phone lines.
We're coming back with your calls, breaking news, and a lot more today.
So now it's becoming okay.
...to say, wow, these shots didn't work, it was made at the Wuhan lab, and it killed a bunch of people.
They should be brought to justice.
And now even Bill Maher is leaving the sinking ship.
The full podcast is up on Infowars.com, and here's a 40-second clip of Bill Maher praising RFK Jr.
for exposing vaccine dangers.
Here it is.
I also got to say, and I'm kind of stealing my thunder from a friend of mine who you would know but I'm not going to mention who really said this, but I totally agree with it.
Whether you're right or wrong, I think you're mostly right about this issue, especially the vaccine issue.
The guts and the integrity to take that stand and stick and buy your guns when media, you lose the New York Times, family,
That, to me, is a pair of balls.
You know, I gotta hand it to Bill Maher.
Back when I was getting deplatformed five years ago, he said, Alex Jones being deplatformed is wrong, it's dangerous, all these lawsuits are dangerous, and they'll take all of our speech if we allow this.
Alex Jones gets to speak.
But he's also put out so much disinfo for the system, he's really covering his butt now.
And, you know, isn't it InfoWars that actually trailblazed?
And I'm not taking anything away from RFK Jr.
He's exposed glyphosate, which has caused irrevocable cancers and sexual bending into mutants.
I mean, he's dug up, you know, toxic waste dumps everywhere.
That's a real environmental thing.
They killed his father.
They killed his uncle.
He's come out and said, I'm not taking your guns.
It's the serotonin reuptake inhibitors that are killing everybody.
In fact, I want one of our editors, I'll give it to Darren McBreen right now.
Go, they really try to take it down.
It's like a 15-minute interview.
It's really hard to find.
The full Alex Jones-Pierce Morgan, but I know we have it somewhere.
It's two full segments.
I want to post that at Band Off Video.
I want to just take the part where I go, it's suicide mass murder pills.
You keep blaming the gun, Pierce, but it's the drugs that on the inserts say it's linked to this, and half your advertisers that night was literally half the ads were antidepressants.
They put people in a hallucinogen state sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes you go into a hallucination phase and they even found runoff from antidepressants makes birds and crustaceans and other things suicidal.
It'll make a shrimp swim right up to a bird and get eaten.
Just the runoff makes the shrimp not care.
So it gets rid of inhibition.
I want to take just a clip where I
Like 30 seconds where I ran about, it's mass murder, death pills, suicide pills.
Need to get everybody off these things.
The more they put the troops on them, the more they do.
And it's, you know, it's not the gun, it's not the steel rod, because Indian women have just been raped by a crowd with steel rods.
Some of them, I think, died.
I said, it's not the steel rod, Pierce.
It's the person using the steel rod.
I want to add that in to RFK Jr.
on these different shows talking about its serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
He just did it at Town Hall this weekend, and he did it a few weeks ago.
So that's the final stuff.
He's getting more pro-life, and now he's pro-gun because he's not a Democrat anymore, basically.
He's a populist.
So very exciting things happening right now.
Now right now, speaking of right now, let's go ahead and go back to the phone calls and the order they are received.
We're talking about U.S.
government, Australian government, good guys saying, hey, they're planning new lockdowns.
They're getting them ready with this U.N.
And the bad guys are like, yeah, we are.
They're going to be more intense and we're going to make you take more shots.
And a virus is coming is going to kill kids.
And this time you're really going to submit.
Back to the drawing board, get ready to hit us again.
Are we going to do something about this?
All in Utah, you're on the air worldwide.
Yes, Alex.
I want to point out that it's Donald J. Trump's birthday, June 14th, just passed.
It's Flag Day.
And I would make this request that you call out to all your patriots and say to them, please wear your flag upside down on July 4th.
Please wear your flag on your hat or in your house that you have it upside down in any other place you have your flag.
So Donald J. Trump can do two things, three things.
One, he could see how many patriots he still has.
In his corner, wearing the upside-down flag representing distress.
Show the country how many patriots are in Donald J. Trump's corner with the upside-down distress flag.
And then to show the world just how many people are still on Donald J. Trump's side concerning the upside-down flag.
Because that's his birthday.
It's June 14th, Flag Day.
And I'd appreciate it if you could tell your patriots to wear their flag, because I can't get that message out, Alex.
You can't.
If you could do that, I'd appreciate it.
And I have one more point.
I had four points, but I got one more point, if you don't mind.
Are you still there, sir?
I don't censor you.
I don't do this thing.
Let's spend a little time on one of my pet peeves.
And I love you to death.
No, no.
No, no.
Let's just stop.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I love you to death.
I don't censor your calls.
I don't screen them.
We want to know where you're calling from, what the topic is, if you want to tell us.
But people do this thing where they want to be screened on air.
I'm not a call screener.
We're not doing that.
No one's censoring you.
You're on air.
When I need to move on, I'll say thanks for the call.
So we don't need to just, yes sir, go ahead and make all of your points.
Go ahead.
Okay, fine.
The next one is, the next one is, um,
Patton, you called out about two weeks ago, roughly, for prayers from your audience and from your Patriots.
Okay, well Patton had called in his chaplain during, I'm pretty sure it was the Battle of the Bulge, and it was very bad weather, okay, and our men were getting flooded, okay, by the panzers and so on.
So Patton called in his chaplain, and he says, can you make a prayer for good weather?
Make a long story short, the chaplain wrote a prayer, and the weather turned out to be good.
And Patton contributes that prayer, and you can find it online, your staff can find it online, the Patton prayer from his chaplain.
And the, um, give me a second.
And, um, and, uh, so he contributes that prayer to the, the, the, um, overcast and, and, and the planes from the United States Air Force to regain superiority against the Germans during that battle.
I'm familiar with that story, yes, amazing point.
Yes, yes.
Then he gave, this is more amazing, he, before the prayer was released, he asked his staff to make 2,000, I don't know how many, I'm just going to say 2,000 or 200,000 Xerox copies and he gave each soldier, I don't know exactly when, and he asked them to all pray before the battle started for that prayer to be accomplished from that chaplain.
Okay, then you have the spearhead as your emblem, okay?
Well, so does Patton.
He has a triangle or a spearhead, okay?
It's called the 3rd Armored Division, and on the bottom of the—I'm going to call it a triangle for right now, but it's the spearhead.
On the bottom, it says spearhead.
I think you should ask your staff to look up military symbols, and then maybe adopt it.
Okay, and then one other point I had, sir, is called Alex McGinnis.
Alex McGinnis, he did a movie in 1956 called The Prisoner.
And I think you will find that extremely interesting, the techniques, psychological techniques that they used during that movie.
And something he said in the beginning of the movie and something he said at the end of the movie fits us all.
And I don't want to tell you what that is, I'd like you and the Patriots
To watch that movie, it's called Alex McGinnis... Alright, what's the name of the movie again?
Okay, listen, it's The Prisoner, okay, and then what was your fourth point?
No, right now I'm going to let that go, Alex, thank you, but the main point is, wear your flags upside down on July 4th for our 200 and roughly 50th birthday to show Donald J. Trump, the true president of the United States... No, no, no, I agree, we are definitely...
Yes, we're definitely a country in crisis.
It's not disrespecting the flag to fly it upside down.
You're supposed to fly it upside down when you're in distress.
Thank you so much.
And look, I love the caller.
I love the deaf.
It's a pet peeve of mine when people, I mean, I like to give each caller two or three minutes.
And that's a rule.
And that's a lot of time for talk radio because I want to hear you.
You can just make your point or if you have a question, tell me.
But the thing about, okay, I want to say this.
Now, can I now say that?
It drives me crazy.
A lot of talk radio does that and it drives me nuts.
And it also drives me nuts because I know you want to thank me.
I want to thank you.
I appreciate you.
But we need to fight the New World Order.
We need to defeat them.
If you want to thank me, keep us on air and spread the word and buy our products because I need that to stay on air and I need that to reach new people.
We're an info war.
So I thank you as well.
Thank you.
But please pray for us and buy the products and spread the word.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to this live Wednesday broadcast.
I'm going to be hosting all four hours tomorrow.
That's going to be the same thing coming up this Friday.
But as soon as the rent car is dropped off, which is happening in a few minutes, I'm going to get taken to the airport and I'm going to fly to Omaha, Nebraska, where my wife's dad is in the hospital.
I'll be hosting the show there, but we got a nice little studio there, and it's going to be a big broadcast.
Please pray for him.
I'm not going to be doing it from a hotel room, but from a nicer media conference room.
And we got some big guests tomorrow.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Roseanne Barr and other stuff.
Uh, coming up.
But, the great Owen Schroyer is going to be here taking your calls, covering the other news for the balance of this transmission.
I'm going to keep riding shotgun until I hear the rent cars dropped off for their 10-15 minutes.
I've got some other news I want to hit, but there's so much to cover.
Owen, you're always loaded for bear.
What's on your plate that you're going to intersperse for these calls?
Well, I've got a huge stack of political news today, Alex, with a lot of clips.
Joe Biden on the campaign trail today, and there were some extremely awkward moments, not just the normal fumbling and bumbling that you see from Joe Biden.
His administration, his campaign is so inept and incompetent they can't even get lighting right.
They couldn't even have him rest in the White House long enough to get whatever they have to strap to his face every night or every day because of the health problems he has.
He emerged from the White House today with strap marks on his face.
Now there's jokes out there like, oh this is the Biden kink, this is Peto Pete, you know, this is the Hunter Biden crime sex family, but it's most likely a CPAC or I don't know, maybe Biden hangs out in a BACTA tank every night to keep his life force.
So it's just a complete disaster at this point.
A third IRS whistleblower has now come forward this week explaining how the Biden crime family avoids taxes and it always gets stopped when it gets to the IRS every time it gets exposed.
And this whole thing of Biden-enomics...
I want you to continue.
This is literally the disintegration of civilization and society.
And the globalists write in their papers, oh, we're going to demoralize people, we're going to destroy the cities, we're going to make them give up, to collapse civilization.
But they're building bunkers.
They're not going to get out of it either.
That's the satanic delusion they're under.
But absolutely, they want a puppet they can blame, but people not caring is infectious.
And so now the nuclear power plants are all leaking, basically.
The things aren't being repaired.
The engineers are dying or retiring.
I got plane crash news every day now.
There was a Delta plane that had to skid to a stop today.
Another one sucked a guy into the engine, killed him!
Planes are running into each other because they use the autopilot for everything and don't look behind them that a plane's behind them.
You saw that a few days ago where the plane backs into the other one?
It's just, it's a drugged out, distracted, screwed up, satanic society.
We need to be in the world, but out of the world.
And look, I'm not saying that from some place of piety and perfection.
Far from it.
This is an insane, dangerous world.
We've got to get serious.
We've got to get with God, Elena, and I know you're very close to God.
Well, I'm not surprised.
They've got to get Trump out of the race.
He's leading the race by far.
There's really no other candidate that I would say is close at this point.
The only way they're going to be able to pull this off is the same way they pulled off the 2020 election, which is 300,000 votes at 3 a.m.
in Detroit, 200,000 votes at 3 a.m.
in Milwaukee.
350,000 votes at 3 a.m.
in Philadelphia, 250,000 votes at 3 a.m.
in Atlanta, and whatever goes on in Phoenix, Arizona every time.
So that's their big plan.
But how are they going to move Biden out of the way?
Because at this point, they can't run Biden.
RFK is surging in the polls.
And I mean, at this point, every time Biden goes in public, makes a statement, it's a complete embarrassment.
So I don't know what they're going to do, but if they think arresting Trump or getting Trump out of the way is their answer to Biden, it's obviously not.
So I guess they just figure nobody's going to like Newsom or whoever they decide to run, Michelle Obama.
If we get Trump out of the way, though, maybe we got a shot.
That's it, but every time they indict him, remember the first talking point, when he gets indictment, all his support will go away.
Alvin Bragg, the
FDR was like 20 points ahead, and they call him the most popular president of the 20th century.
This is the system committing suicide.
They're rotting from the head down.
I don't care whether you're in the private sector, the government sector, wherever you're at, we have to get out of this.
We have to turn this around.
This has to stop.
We have to stop cutting little boys' wee-wees off.
This is crazy.
We've got to stop it.
Your calls are coming up.
I'm going to keep riding the shotgun.
Tomorrow's news today, Owen Troyer riding shotgun with me.
He's loaded for bear.
Tons of clips.
So much more.
Oh my gosh, there's just, this is crazy town!
New lockdowns being planned.
Insiders warning of it.
Insane stuff going on with Russia, but remember, only God can carry us through this.
Thank you all for your support.
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But these are great products you already need, and we need the funding.
Owen's going to host the fourth hour.
All the callers, he's going to get to you.
In fact, the phones are open.
Larry, John, Andrew, Donna, Patrick, Sean, Luke,
We're all talking about the lockdowns, the new ones they're trying to announce at PUSH.
Kevin, we're going to get to everybody.
Again, I want to thank the River Church.
I want to thank the great crew.
I want to thank Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown, everybody to visit Revival.com for their online church.
Not just if you live in Florida, remember their amazing church.
They've also got churches they fund and are affiliated with all over the world.
So go to Revival.com.
And now, Owen Schroeder, loaded for bear, and your phone calls, takes over from the studios in the ATX.
Alright, we've got callers on the line, and so let's go to your calls now.
We do have clips from Biden today.
Well, he doesn't have press conferences, but when he walks by members of the press, that's when they try to ask him questions.
He doesn't usually answer, but we do have those clips.
It's interesting enough what he's being asked, at least.
But then, what is on his face?
And I'm not going to make the jokes here about, oh, is Biden wearing some sort of sexual kink, gimp thing because of these strap marks on his face is the joke going around the internet.
No, seriously, he probably is on some sort of a breathing machine.
And it's such a bad situation where they don't even give him enough time.
It's like he just wakes up from a nap or he just wakes up from his life support tank and he's got to go right out onto the scene.
So that's what that represents to me.
This is a man who is in a really bad health condition.
Multiple different ways he's in a bad health state.
And they're trying to cover it up.
But this means he can't run in 2024.
The health problems, the political problems, there's no way Joe Biden can run.
So, of course the Democrats would love to have him up there as their puppet.
I mean, he's literally just a limp meat suit at this point.
A meat bag in a suit.
But I don't think they can fool the American people until Biden is, what, 86 years old?
Would be in 2028?
So we're going to cover all that, but we've had callers on the line holding.
So we go to you now.
Let's go to Andrew in Canada.
Andrew, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, how are you guys doing today?
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, so I kind of got close to the Info Warrior when Bilderberg showed up in my hometown of Ottawa.
Well, I'm actually from Montreal, but my work town of Ottawa in 2006.
And they were trying to stop
Alex from getting into Canada at the border.
So it's been a long time that I've been involved.
And more recently, I just got back from Toronto.
I was working close with some of the campaigns, one Chris Sky, where Toronto sort of, basically, it looks like they rigged the vote to put in their WEF, you know, man or woman, Chow.
So that was really disappointing.
Did you see her dancing at the Gay Pride Parade?
I didn't see myself.
I didn't see that.
You know, I had no idea that that was Chow.
I just saw the video.
She's leading this gay pride march.
I mean, I'm not trying to be rude, but she looks like a mentally handicapped woman in a rainbow tutu.
Like, you know, maybe she's with a special needs group or something.
No, that's Chow.
She's running for office.
No, yeah, and it's exactly the opposite.
I mean, it's like Fetterman.
It's like the female version of Fetterman or something.
A lot of my American friends ask me, well, why all this convoy stuff?
Like, I'll be honest, I was one of the original car convoys that ended up creating the truck convoy.
I was working close with people like Chris Sky, vaccine police out of Alabama, and warning people since February of 2020 what this was all about, because it also started with when they were abducting children.
Like, if you watch any of the X-Files and they say, look at Canada, it's like an experimental state.
And that's what it is now.
We don't have gun ownership like the Americans do, and they'll literally, at the case and point we're at now, they will take your car, they will take your kids and your home, and there's, like, honestly nothing you can do about it because they'll disarm you before they do it.
Yeah, but Justin Trudeau is, he's really gay.
Oh, for sure.
So, I mean, you guys got it, you guys got it good, don't you know?
That's a good thing.
Well, I don't know about that.
I know he spent about $118,000 just flying his wife's boyfriend into Jamaica when he went down.
You know, if the poor old Jamaicans knew what this guy was all about with the way they have their standards of morality there, I don't think they would have let him off the island.
And, you know... Well, are you talking about the blackface?
Well, yeah, he's doing the blackface thing, but he basically has to hire his wife to play his wife.
You know what I mean?
It just bleeds on down to the States, because Toronto is one of the biggest cities in the world.
You count the outskirts of it as well.
Well look, and here's my issue too, Andrew, and I'm not trying to make light of your situation in Canada.
It's very serious.
We've got our own problems here.
It's hard to take anything Trudeau does seriously.
But my issue is, why are we focused on what's going on in countries that we're not even connected to?
We've got serious totalitarianism and a tyrannical state forming in Canada, our neighbor to the north, with Trudeau.
But because he waves a gay pride flag and speaks with a little lisp and has his hair done, I guess it's okay.
And so it's liberal, so it's okay when it's a liberal tyranny.
But oh, we're gonna
Spend hundreds of billions of dollars in all these foreign countries that we're not even landlocked to.
So, I mean, I'm not saying we should invade Canada like Tucker Carlson was joking, but they take it seriously.
But it's like, no, Trudeau is a dictator.
He brags about wanting to be a dictator.
And just look at the tyranny people in the convoy have had to face.
So, Andrew, I thank you for the call.
All right, look.
I'm dying to get to this news, and I'm kind of distracted in my own head, really, but I'm going to take your calls when we come back, because you've been waiting, so be ready to go.
Patrick, and Sean, and Ken, and John, and Donna, and Larry, if you're on the line, I'm going to get your call.
All right, if we have you on the line, we're going to take your call.
Once I get through the callers, we're going to play all these Biden clips that
Well, they're shocking, but we're not so surprised because we're used to Joe Biden.
He's at about a stage 5 right now, dementia probably.
It's starting to get real severe.
Let's say that.
It's not totally severe, but it's now creeping on the edge of severe.
To the point of, it's like, yeah, you can still take Grandpa Joe to dinner, and you can still take Grandpa Joe out, and it's going to be okay.
But he's going to say something that doesn't make sense, or he might forget where he's at.
Might have a bowel malfunction.
But soon it's about to be, he's just a walking bowel malfunction, and you're not even going to be able to control what's coming out of his mouth.
So I don't see how a Biden 24 run is even possible, even if he wants it, even if the Democrats want it.
I just don't see how it's possible.
And it's so bad, folks, you can see the marks on his face from whatever breathing apparatus he has to use for whatever health problem he has going on.
Or maybe he was hanging out with Hunter in the sex club.
I don't know.
Let's go to the callers, though.
Patrick in West Virginia is up next.
Patrick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Tip of the spear, Ma.
Pleasure and my privilege to be on with you today, Owen.
Thanks for taking my call.
Just have a comment and one question slash plug for you.
I'm just going to comment that I had the
I was moved by the Lord back on Lobby Day in 2019 to not take a weapon, just to go to Lobby Day with the Sword of the Word.
And a lot of great things happened to me, a lot of blessings.
I got to stand and do a quick free Alex Jones video right beside him.
It was great seeing you guys come down the road.
But, and all of those people that I was interviewing and, you know, just catching on film, talking
You know, of all that sea of people, I ran into one other person who said the same thing.
I'm here with the sword of the word.
And so, I just, I want to, God has put it on my heart today.
I've got to interview Joe Biggs, you know, and I wrote a letter to him after everything happened.
And, you know, he, Paul did some of his greatest works while he was in prison.
And so,
And for you, man, my heart, I pray for you.
My heart goes out to you and everyone that is being persecuted right now.
God bless you all.
But I'm just going to challenge everybody, everybody within the sound of my voice, to use the sword of the word.
Kill them with kindness.
You know, the crazier they seem,
Let it be empathy, not rage.
And walk in face with this if you think I'm crazy.
Anybody out there, walk in face with this.
And the more you try it, you're going to find that just miracles happen.
And just one last thing, Owen, I could go on all day, but one last thing, just a real quick question.
What be a pirate's favorite feature on Infowarsstore.com?
A pirate's?
Favorite feature on InfoWarsStore.com.
All of the plunder and booty of the Patriot Points.
Close, but it be Otto's ship.
All right, Patrick.
That's pretty funny.
I gotta say.
Yeah, you got me for a chuckle there.
You got me.
A great call, but you know, he brings something up.
Empathy, not rage.
I think that's very powerful.
And I know I can relate to that.
And I think I've become better at this over time, but you know, you don't get mad at the puppet.
You know that's a puppet.
You know someone is behind the puppet, steering the puppet, and so it's like, these deranged liberals running around, you know, we need empathy for them.
It's so hard, believe me.
I get it.
I mean, they run around bragging about how much they like to murder babies.
Like, I get it.
That is severely offensive.
But they're just a mechanism of Satan, and... You know, I've decided I'm not going to be commenting on any of my legal stuff.
I said that earlier.
The comment that I made, by the way, was about the media, all the media stories out there about me, not what's going on in the legal case.
Because I'm sure people are getting ready to write up stories about it, but whatever.
This nation... Well, let me just put it this way.
What Joe Biggs is going through is brutal in the eyes of many, and obviously such, and other such people.
You know, there's children that are getting trafficked.
There's children that get born into sex slavery.
There are sex cults and elitist groups that traffic in this and engage in this behavior.
That's true torment and torture, the likes of which, I mean, you can't even believe exists on this planet.
It shouldn't.
It shouldn't.
But it does in mass.
And we used to have a veil of protection over this nation.
We did.
We had morals, we had values, we had principles, we had a common culture, and we had fear in God, and we promoted that.
And that veil has been lifted, folks.
With the 50 million plus aborted babies, the blood of the innocent, with the hundreds of thousands dead from injections as part of population control, with the chemicals put into the food and water jacking up people's
Biochemistry, the wars, senseless wars for money and power.
The veil of protection, the veil of God's protection has been lifted, folks.
And so, yeah, you know what?
Innocent people are going to go to jail.
Yeah, you know what?
You're probably going to know a friend and family member that's going to go to jail or deal with something serious because of it.
Yeah, you're going to see leftism and totalitarianism and authoritarianism.
You're going to face it.
It's all coming.
You're going to get it.
You already have.
You're going to get a taste of it.
Because the veil has been lifted.
Now, it can come back.
But man, are we far away away.
Alright, I need to stop waxing here.
Let's take another call.
Let's go to Ken in Missouri.
Go ahead.
Ken, you're on the air.
Hey Owen, it's Ken.
I'm an info warrior.
First time caller.
And a longtime listener since probably 9-11.
And I'm really excited to talk to you today.
I wanted to agree with the first caller that Alex had on the call today regarding the flag.
My suggestion is that since InfoWare is the point of the spear, and that realistically nobody else can accomplish this, that we
Take over the 4th of July.
In the sense that we fly the flag at upside down.
And the reason why I suggest that is because according to the US flag code, flying the American flag shouldn't be flown upside down.
That is with the stars at the bottom.
Except, and I say this, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.
Which is exactly where we are, and there are no consequences to flying it upside down, even though it is a law.
And as Alex has said here over his commercials the last several weeks, we have lost the republic.
It is over.
The only way
For us to take it back is to acknowledge that we have lost it.
It has been taken over by the world globalist leaders from the WEF, or the young globalist leaders, excuse me.
It has been taken over by the communists who have infiltrated, the Chinese have infiltrated our influence.
No, think about it like this, Ken.
Let's make it a little more palatable for the audience here.
Think about it like this.
We had an FBI whistleblower on yesterday.
It was on with Alex, he was on with me on the war room.
He's calling out abuses of power within the federal government, which are obvious, shouldn't be a partisan issue.
Well, I'm thinking more about that last night, and I'm thinking about the Black Rock O'Keefe Media Group video that just came out.
Where they brag about how they can buy up politicians.
You even have Klaus Schwab admitting they buy up politicians.
And I'm thinking, you know, where is the FBI?
You've got a BlackRock recruiter saying we buy politicians.
How is there no investigation into that?
Where is the curiosity from anybody on those statements, Ken?
There is no accountability.
That's why we need to take back.
We are the power.
We are the info warriors.
We are the people.
We can take back our nation and we have to start it someplace.
We have to be able to communicate effectively that we obey the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Let me say this.
Let me say this.
You know what?
I'm out of time.
But I'm going to say something on the other side of this break in response to that.
How we can take it back.
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Got to stay up till midnight working, doing a radio interview or something, and boom!
All right, here's what we're going to do because we just got a bit of an awkward schedule here in this short segment not picked up by a lot of our syndicates.
They fill it with their own local
Uh, news reports or advertisements or whatever.
And then I really want to focus in on all of these Biden videos and what's developing on that story, but I still want to take callers.
Some of these people have been waiting for more than an hour.
So I think we're going to call an audible and we're just going to take calls the rest of the way here.
And then on the war room, I'm hosting the war room, I'm going to get into all the Biden videos, all the latest developments into the Biden crime family, as well as the other news.
It's just, it'll be awkward because if I take a couple more segments of calls, then I won't really have the time to properly cover this.
And then we'll switch over to the other show and it'll just be a little clunky.
I don't want to do that.
I want it to be nice and clean.
So we're just going to take calls the rest of the way.
So people are already filling up the rest of the open lines.
That's fine.
We've already got other callers on the line.
I'll tell you what I was going to say, what I was teasing in the last segment on the other side of this short segment.
For now, though, we go back to the phone lines and we go to Sean in New Jersey.
Sean, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, brother.
How are you on this blessed day?
Hey, good.
Thanks for calling.
Thank you for everything you and Alex are doing.
And I would like to give a special thanks to God.
I would like to plug X3.
I have two and a half year old twins.
I've been giving it to them since they were born.
They are now reading on their own.
Say that one more time.
I'm almost in disbelief here.
Yes, sir.
So, I have two and a half year old fraternal twins.
I have been giving them X3 since the day they were born.
And they now, at two and a half years old, are reading on their own.
That is an incredible story.
And it is absolutely because of X3, brother.
I mean, let me tell you, even as the super genius that I am, I wasn't really reading until about five years old.
Yeah, it caught me off guard.
My daughter came out of the kitchen one day with a box of Kix and came up to me and says, Daddy, I like Kix.
Knocked my socks off.
And has a good taste in cereal.
Yeah, right?
Um, so real quick, uh, comment on the current pushing of more lockdowns.
Look, everyone gets supplied and don't participate.
When you go out in the streets, go in groups.
Don't go back to the big box stores.
Just get supplied.
I also think the pushback this time, I know people that went along with the mask bullcrap, maybe not willingly, but went along with it.
Some that did believe it.
It's not going to fly again.
I don't think it flies again.
They might try it, but people are just going to reject it.
And now even some of the businesses, they're going to say, yeah, we're not doing this either.
Yeah, exactly.
And just one more real quick point.
I've been hearing some scuttlebutt out of New Hampshire about something called the Pandora Papers.
It's supposedly a bunch of papers that link a whole bunch of
Money laundering to politicians on both sides of the aisle.
No, I don't believe that's a conspiracy theory.
That was an official document release.
I believe that was an official document release.
Guys, plug it in.
Might have even been WikiLeaks like four years ago.
I was just hearing about it on a independent media channel about, I started hearing about it about a month ago.
Yeah, I mean, I'm not trying to scoop you here, but no, that was a verified document release, I believe some years ago.
Yeah, I haven't heard you guys talk about it, so I just wanted to, you know, ask if you heard anything about it.
You know, it's funny, you're like, yeah, this is a huge, because you're so instinctive, you're like, this is a huge story.
Why haven't I heard more about it?
I mean, it happens so much.
It's like the onslaught of news just every day.
It's like, what's the big story?
How do you not focus on something like that forever?
Yeah, the Pandora Papers were from 2021.
Leaked documents, 2.9 terabytes of data of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published on October 3rd, 2021.
The leak exposed secret offshore accounts of 35 world leaders.
So I mean, yeah, Sean, there it is.
Yeah, I mean, I'm sure we covered it, but it's like, hey, this is a big deal.
Why isn't it a bigger story in the media?
For the same reason, I guess Epstein killed himself.
Well, I don't know.
So I'm sitting here in the break.
You ever have a, they call a brain fart?
And there's something in your head, and you just can't access it, and you know it's there, but you can't reach it, and you can't transcribe it.
You're like, ah, it was right there.
I just had it.
What happened?
I can't hold that thought.
You ever have that?
It was happening to me in the break with the last caller, but, but, because I took my BrainForce Plus, I was able to recover the knowledge.
So thank goodness for Brain Force Plus.
Otherwise, I would have forgotten the last point that Ken brought up.
Well, actually, it was the last point I was responding to the Pandora's Papers, but it distracted me from the other point that he brought up about the masks.
But I took my Brain Force Plus before the show, so I was able to recover that information.
Thank goodness.
And I was going to make the joke.
About the masks, in case you guys didn't see this, this is actually quite hilarious stuff.
Taylor Lorenz, the Washington Post... I mean, she's your stereotypical liberal Karen of the media, I guess you could say.
Kind of cute and endearing in her own way, but I mean, just unreal levels of liberalism.
And she decides to tweet this story out
How she's at the airport and there's no more mask mandate and she's scared.
She's scared because there's no more mask mandate and I kid you not, she says she tried not to breathe.
She said she was trying, she said she tried her hardest not to breathe.
I'm not kidding you!
I have it in my stack of tweets here.
I'm gonna cover it on The War Room.
But since Ken brought that up, it just crept into my head.
Liberals are afraid of air.
These people are afraid of air.
They're afraid of the sun.
I mean, folks, like...
They can't even enjoy life!
You are afraid of the sun and afraid of the air!
You are screwed!
No wonder they want us all in pods eating bugs!
Your average liberal, Taylor Lorenz, is probably your average liberal.
That's probably your median mean average liberal woman is Taylor Lorenz.
She's afraid of air!
I'm sorry, I just...
It tells you so much about the psychology of these people.
It's like, that's not even a mitochondria act.
What's it when you have an irrational fear of just, like, leaving your house?
Not like germs or stuff like that.
Like, you can't even, like, just leaving your house is a major trauma for you.
That's like Taylor Lorenz.
I'm at the airport and I don't see everyone in a mask.
I'm trying my best not to breathe.
What does your doctor say about that?
My doctor told me to wear a mask.
Did your doctor tell you to not breathe?
That might... You know what?
Good luck with that.
Oh, I'm getting a little lightheaded.
I'm sorry, it's just hilarious to me.
That he brought that up and I was like, yeah, most Americans are gonna be over the mask.
Not some!
Some would surgically attach it to their face if they could.
Now, I teased this earlier, though.
James O'Keefe, in his work previously with Project Veritas, and now with his O'Keefe Media Group, has done more to go undercover and expose crime than any other entity or individual that I know of, or any combination of entities or individuals that I know of.
And I was thinking about, you know, there used to be this idea, there used to be this image of the FBI agent who was the good cop.
He was the hard worker.
He was going to get to the bottom of it.
He was going to stop corruption.
He was going to investigate the bad guys.
And I think about a guy like Kyle Serafin, and I'm like, yeah, that's the guy.
Like, that's the guy I want doing that.
But yet, I would advocate for abolishing the FBI.
Is there hope to save the FBI?
Can you save the FBI?
Is it worth saving?
And I thought, you know, James O'Keefe would be the FBI director in my America.
If I was the President of the United States of America, I would nominate James O'Keefe to be the Director of the FBI.
And if he rejected my offer, I'd abolish the FBI.
I think that's probably a fair approach for that.
No, I'm not running for President.
I would not like to either.
But if somebody would like to take that message, I don't know, maybe Donald Trump!
Maybe if Donald Trump would like to hear that message,
Hey, Donald, I don't know.
Trump probably has an idea of the FBI, older generational thing, the good guys, the good cops.
I don't know if he still believes in that or if he ever did, especially after what he's been through now with the FBI.
But, Donald, I think you should, Mr. President, I think you should probably remove Wray and I think you should nominate James O'Keefe.
And if he rejects the nomination, then just go ahead and shut it down.
Let's just go ahead and do that.
So here I am, on this June 28th, 2023, I propose that the next President of the United States nominates James O'Keefe to be the next FBI Director.
And having said that, the great James O'Keefe
Happy birthday, James.
You're a great American.
Alright, let's take another phone call here.
Let's go to Luke in Indiana.
Luke, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, can you hear me?
Hey, man, long time no talk.
How you doing, buddy?
Long time no talk?
Have we talked before?
Yeah, I called in on your show like two days ago.
Oh, well then that's not a long time at all.
Oh, you're Indy Luke.
We'll see.
Luke is different than Indy Luke.
Well, they picked the wrong man, but that's cool.
Hey, I called in to, um... I called in to Kyle Seraphin yesterday on a Twitter space.
Me and a guy, Timothy, from the TMI group.
Uh, we talked about, um, section 702 on there and dude, Kyle is like, he's very knowledgeable about how dangerous that section is for us.
Um, I actually called in, I had like two points for Alex I wanted to talk about.
One was, uh, what step in Operation Lockstep for Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development did he think we're in?
I'm thinking either, hold on, driving here, um, it's either Clever Together or Smart Scramble is my guess.
Or, uh, sorry, Hack Attack or Smart Scramble.
And then I wanted to bring up a document that I found that I think you guys should look into heavily.
The picture on it is just eerie as heck.
The document's called Mechatronics Systems.
Where can the crew find it?
It was under one of the tabs, but it's called Mechatronic Systems.
Is, uh, how originally I found it.
Shows a picture of, uh, an AI hand.
It's really eerie.
Well, we'll see if we can find that.
I'll tell you what's even more eerie.
Look at this series of headlines, and I'm going to get more into this later.
This was TED Talk 2009, Mosquitoes, Malaria, Education with Bill Gates.
Then you had in 2021, a billion lab-grown mosquitoes are being released and people are freaking out.
By the way, that was, remember Bill Gates released the mosquito?
It was a big joke at his TED Talks, like, oh, I just released a mosquito.
Maybe it has malaria.
BioNTech starts human trial to test malaria vaccine, and I don't know if you heard, but for the first time in 20 years, malaria has broken out.
I bet you can guess which two states, Texas and Florida, the same two states where they released a billion lab-grown mosquitoes just two years ago.
But I'm sure it's all just a coincidence.
Tucker Carlson drops episode 7 last night.
Tucker on Twitter, irony alert, the war for democracy enables dictatorship.
Tucker Carlson knocks it out of the park again.
You know, I am curious to know not just the reach of Tucker Carlson tonight on Fox News versus Tucker Carlson on Twitter, but where that reach is and which reach is more effective, I think is what it really comes down to because I'm more of a
I mean I have my cable news at home that I'm monitoring all the time but usually listening to cable news is either you're behind the news or you're just getting propaganda or misinformation or disinformation so it's worthless really to listen to in most cases unless there's something that cues you to listen but what Tucker is doing on his show on Twitter is it's like
This thing is tight as a drum, man.
And his, the point that he made last night, I don't think it's too nuanced for a average American to be able to consume and understand.
I think it does require a little bit of geopolitical understanding and background, but they play enough of the clips, and it's so funny too because Tucker Carlson has a great crew.
We probably have the best crew.
And so that standard of playing the clips and everything is kind of set right here.
And that's just because we have the archive and we have the database, not just in our heads and minds and consciousness, but literally in our systems too, because we play all the clips and everything.
But no, Tugger Carlson's crew is like right there.
And so it's kind of undeniable his points last night.
And they showed all the clips of all the different Democrats and Republicans.
Saying we're fighting for democracy in Ukraine.
We're fighting for democracy in Ukraine.
Even Zelensky, the fight for Ukraine is the fight for democracy.
And it's all these clip after clip after clip after clip.
They're fighting for democracy, fighting for democracy.
Well, Zelensky just said he's going to cancel the elections.
So, there's your fight for democracy.
And, I mean, Tucker just lays it out, he ties it into all the other wars they've fought for democracy, that the CIA then runs coups in those countries.
And that's the kind of stuff that 20 years ago was like, that was hardline liberalism.
That was a hardline anti-war stance on liberalism, specifically during the Bush years.
But now that the Democrats are in there and it's them stealing the money, the Democrat voters love the war.
But they just do what they're told.
They're just like a trained ape.
So, Tucker Carlson, on Twitter, again, knocks it out of the park, and I guess just giving Fox News the double bird, saying, no, I'm not going to cease and desist.
Enjoy the show.
We go back to the great callers here on the Alex Jones Show.
Remember, folks, there's a ton of big news coming up on the War Room.
I'm finishing up with these callers, and then we're going to be covering all the huge news in the War Room dealing with the Biden situation today.
Not just all the whistleblowers coming forward, I mean actually Joe Biden today.
And then just other stuff you can't even believe.
I can't even believe I'm going to cover this, but... It's like, you see everything going on at these pride parades, and... I understand why people would say, well, gee, you know, ten years ago, Alex Jones talks about the world being run by pedophiles.
What a lunatic!
Well, now they're literally out in the streets, gyrating and masturbating in front of children.
But it's pride, so that's fine.
If you go to a local public park and you strip naked and start masturbating and gyrating, you'll be lucky if some dad doesn't beat the crap out of you and send you to a hospital, but you'll certainly be arrested and be a sex offender.
But if you do it waving a pride flag, then yeah, baby!
So you won't even believe what we have.
I mean, some of the stuff you see on the screen, but it just gets worse from there, honestly.
We now go to John in Nebraska.
John, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Oh yeah, Owen, you do a great job.
Wanted to compliment you.
Thank you.
I've been listening to Alex since 99, and I just, this may be a bit off topic, but I just had some suggested guests and topics, if I may.
For instance, the gentleman who married Alex's first wife, Tex Mars, he's had a guest on there by the name of Deanna Spengola.
I don't know if you've ever had her on.
She's a fabulous, fabulous revisionist historian.
And then in that same vein, a fellow named Mike King.
He has the anti-New York Times.
Just brilliant.
To go to another post that Alex would be familiar with, which may predate you, but I'm sure you're familiar with Dr. Stan Monteith, who had Radio Liberty for decades.
Yeah, he used to go on with Alex, I think.
Well, I tried to get in a few weeks ago, and Alex had a brief thing on O.J.
Uh, OJ was, uh, Alex rightfully criticized OJ for him siding with the mainstream media.
I don't even recall now exactly what the issue was, but OJ kicked off half a dozen different things that he said.
Now, how can you disagree with this or whatever?
And it was really ignorant, but there was a guest on Dr. Stan who turned me around on the OJ Simpson murder named William Deere.
Who was a very, uh, well thought of private detective and Dr. Stan had him on several times.
And the name of his book is OJ is innocent and I can prove it.
And I can assure you, if you have this guy on there, you would probably agree with him that it was his son, Jason, his eldest son, Jason, who was the murderer.
Uh, that's an interesting one.
Another guest that has been on both is a fella named Edward Hendry.
And I tried to get a hold of Alex here several weeks ago when he had Bob Fletcher on.
When Bob posited in regards to 9-11, the plane that supposedly went through the building and the nose popped out on the other side, and Bob was saying, it was this depleted uranium that makes this aluminum plane so strong.
Well, we'll look into all those guests.
That's a lot of names there.
We'll jot it down and see what we can do.
You know, this whole idea
I don't know.
Would have been cast aside as a conspiracy theory 20 years ago.
Now I think I think most people would be open to hearing different ideas about what happened that day or or even just not believing in the official narrative anymore just because they've been lied to so much recently.
So that's an interesting phenomenon happening there.
But it's not just 9-11.
It's it's a bunch of different historical narratives that we were told that are not true.
Like who killed
JFK and so much more.
John, thanks for the call.
All right, we got more calls when we come back.
Remember, folks, InfowarsStore.com is how everything we do here is made possible with your support there.
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I took my BrainForce Plus so I was able to avoid having a brain malfunction, unlike Joe Biden who can't do it.
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Get your hands on it today.
50% off, InfoWarsStore.com.
Taking calls the rest of the way here.
Let's not waste any time.
Let's go to Donna in Texas.
Donna, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
I talked to you probably a couple of months ago and shared my song, We Are One, I think, a little bit, but this is different.
I just heard Alex's plea, and it literally just makes me want to share with people that a call of our time is tzedakah.
It's charity.
It's giving.
And if we all decide to give and to share back wherever, but specifically InfoWars, because not only does InfoWars equip us to be warriors and to be knowledgeable, but it's almost like a church too!
It's like a ministry!
There's constant equipping, spiritual equipping, so I just want to encourage, myself included,
All of us to make a commitment to give charity on a consistent basis, because when we do that as an individual, and if we do it collectively, that's what restores not only InfoWars, but our own mind and body, and it heals it back into wellness.
So through sharing, through giving, we align ourselves with the Divine Creator, ourself, and it transcends suffering collectively around the globe.
So that's the first thing I wanted to say.
Because I hear the pain in Alex's voice, like, God, I keep asking.
And I get it, because I've been in ministry, and I myself have gone through stuff where I've struggled.
And it's like, my God, does anybody care?
Like, I'm giving a service.
So what I wanted to share, too, is this is such a time for all of us collectively right now to be so united in our faith.
We all might have our own faith, but our unity, our certainty, our 100% certainty holds the power.
If we have fear, insecurities, traumas, oh God, what's going to happen with our world?
No, we lose our power, so whoever has 100% certainty wins, and there is no
No order is greater than divine order.
I want to take that too and you know I've always tried to promote this generally speaking as just an approach to life.
Whenever you're lacking in confidence or whenever you're insecure of yourself then you're just setting yourself up for failure.
And so, yeah, I completely agree with what you're saying, whether it's on an individual level or on a nation, a community level, a congregation, absolutely.
You have to have confidence that you can do the job.
You have to have confidence in yourself.
You can't be insecure or you're going to fumble.
You're going to break down.
Donna, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Larry in Idaho.
Larry, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, thanks for what you guys do.
I love my Lexapyr.
I appreciate what the last caller just said about Divine Order, because that's kind of what I wanted to talk about.
Kind of how we would take it back, and to do it without a militia.
Because I think if you set up a militia, half of them are going to be feds anyway.
That's a low guess.
I agree.
So anyway, looking from the scriptures over the years and watching what's going on in our culture, one of the things that stood out to me is how when the people were initially relatively free in Egypt, they ended up being slaves.
And when God came and set them free with Moses, he really gave them a perfect decentralized government.
The problem was, and is, is that humans have a tendency to want a king, they want some centralized person they can almost worship who will do everything for them.
Or just any form of a leader.
Most people don't want to be a leader.
That doesn't mean most people are looking for leadership either.
But that's the phenomenon.
I'm looking for tyrants though.
It seems like people like people to rule over them.
Those are just people that are lazy and want the system to work for them.
And so you have to become a tyrant in that regard.
That's why communists ultimately always become authoritarian tyrants.
Yeah, I'll say half of our culture seems to be like that today.
But anyway, the point I wanted to get to is that I think what we need to do as a nation, and I'm speaking more to the Christians in our land than anybody else that's hearing this, is that we need to repent.
From wanting men to rule over us, we need to repent for being lawless, and I think one of the things that's really important to look at this is in Samuel, chapter 8, God had given them, again, a perfect government, but they wanted to have a king like the nations, and he told Samuel that they didn't reject Samuel when they came and asked for a king like the nations, they rejected him.
I think that's one of the things we need to repent of, is that we need to acknowledge God as our King over our families, and our civil government, and our churches.
Because when we reject Him, we end up with a lawless tyrant.
It seems like it's 100 years.
Well absolutely, and that's why the left is all about chopping up little boys and girls, telling you there's 100 different genders, telling you abortion isn't murder, because it's all a slap in the face to the divine creation.
But you know, when you talk about unity, and the last two callers have brought this up, thanks for the call, Larry, there were a couple videos recently that came out of Russia that you may have seen.
I know we played at least one of them on The War Room, where it's a bunch of Russians dancing and singing together, and they're all dressed well, and they're all smiling, and they're all healthy, and nobody's fat.
And this was a stunning culture shock to Americans, because you just don't see anything like this really anywhere in America.
I mean, you might have a small-scale version on this, maybe at like a sorority, but you're still going to see fat, unhealthy people and half-naked chicks.
At concerts, you're never going to see something like this.
Nobody's dressed that modest.
People are fat, again, unhealthy.
Maybe a church group might be the closest thing, but still nobody that
No, I don't know about that much excitement and unity coming together for song and dance, but that's fine.
There is another video of a Russian when the Wagner Group entered into Moscow, or a part of Russia.
I guess it wasn't actually right into Moscow originally, it was a smaller town.
But when they come into the town,
The locals realize that, okay, this is a military group coming through.
Oh, this is the Wagner Group.
And so, for people that don't know, the Wagner Group's been around for a long time.
Prozingin, or whatever his name is, he's been around.
He's been friends with Putin.
They've kind of come up together for a long time.
He comes from a totally different background, but they kind of came up together, so there's a little bit of a bond there.
Putin is obviously a lot more polished.
He comes from a more prestigious pedigree, whereas
Prozegin, I always forget his name, he literally comes from the streets.
So, he's going around, and all these Russians are around, and they're celebrating.
They're saying, we love you guys, keep up the great work, we love the Wagner Group, thank you Prozegin and all the stuff.
Then they're interviewing citizens in the area.
They're saying, are you scared that the Wagner Group is here?
And the media is saying they're terrorists.
The media is saying they're going to kill Russians.
And the Russians are like, oh no, we're not afraid at all.
They're our brothers.
They're Russians.
Even if we disagree, I know they're not bad guys.
And it's all good.
We fight for this common cause.
We share a common blood.
And he goes around and he interviews all these people.
And they're all saying the same thing.
I realize now what the whole diversity thing is all about in America, what the open borders thing is all about in America, and even down to the level of, for black Americans, them labeling you African American is a PSYOP against you.
Most people that refer to themselves as African American have never been to Africa, will never be to Africa, and probably, even though their ancestry might trace them to Africa, they don't even know that for themselves.
That's a PSYOP against you.
You're an American.
They want you to think you're something else.
They don't want you to relate to being an American.
They want you to think, oh, you're from Africa or whatever.
It's all a PSYOP so that in this moment we have no unifying culture.
That's what it is, folks.
So as Russia's going through all of its stuff right now, and it is, they're actually unified.
You go on the streets and the Russians are like, we're all family, we're all brothers, we're all cousins, we share the same blood.
Our culture's been torn apart, folks.
Our culture's been completely shattered.
And when you add in the open borders, the class warfare, the race warfare, and now we're in this great time where we need to stand up together to save our country and our future.
We have no common culture.
And so we can't unite to save the country, and quite frankly, I don't know if it's going to be possible.
All right, final segment of calls here.
When I switch over to host the War Room in 13 minutes, we're going to just jump right into the important news, all the Biden clips, everything else.
So we're going to move quick through the remaining callers.
And we start with John in Chicago.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going?
Thanks for having me.
Good, thanks.
Yeah, so I was just, uh, bringing it back to, uh, you know, you guys were talking about the woman who was, uh, you know, obviously scared to breathe.
Um, you know, and I wanted to bring that back up.
Um, I recently came across an article that says, you know, they're going to start putting back an inhalant, you know, and we've seen in China that they have the drones, right.
Flying over people's heads, spraying unknown chemicals.
Now we know that the government hired private contractors and, uh,
You know, they use people like Bill Gates, the WHO, and people like that.
So, I just wanted to know, how do we go about, you know, keeping ourselves safe?
You gotta have good instincts, and you gotta have good awareness.
That's the, that's the simple answer.
Here's, here's the, uh, the company's name in case anybody wanted to look it up.
It's CAN.
I don't
Let's say they're turned on by this notion that you can have vaccine mandates, and so now they're thinking, oh, we've got to find every different type of vaccine we can get, because if the government's going to mandate it, we've got a product that's mandated to be sold, this is a guaranteed jackpot.
And we also see that Bill Gates is the largest farm owner in the world, or in the United States, I should say.
Yeah, all the McDonald's fries are Bill Gates fries.
And he releases mosquitoes, thinks it's a big joke, now malaria breaks out.
Right, like you just mentioned in the last caller.
You know, who's to stop these people?
And Bill Gates is just who we know about.
There's plenty of people with money who have the same agenda that don't want their name to be known.
Yeah, and I'm going to be covering that later.
But Joe Biden said today, and I'm going to play this clip later as well in the war room.
So we'll be covering the mosquito thing and we'll be covering this on the war room.
But Joe Biden said we defeated Big Pharma today.
Joe Biden said we defeated Big Pharma today.
OK, you've just given them hundreds of billions of dollars for COVID vaccines.
Most of the vaccines
Hey Owen, big fan, been watching you and Alex for a couple years.
I just wanted to bring up something, I'm not sure if you've talked about it the past couple weeks or so, but one, I love the Q&A and I hope Alex and yourself can do that in the future, but the main thing I wanted to talk about
With the Titan Sub, how the week before that, it was a big alien invasion, and there was video surfacing, and I just found it coincidental that Shahzada Dawood, that was on that Titan Sub, the Pakistanian, worked for the NASA RAN program, S-E-D-I, who searched for extraterrestrial life, and then a week later, these billionaires and all these zombies walked around on their phone,
We're good to go.
You know, I'm not really sure how to respond to that because we've reached this point now where nobody believes anything.
So everybody thinks there was something else going on with the OceanGate Titanic submersible.
I'm not really convinced of that.
I am kind of surprised they were able to pull the debris from the ocean today, but they haven't found any remains at all.
I don't know.
Maybe that's wrong to be skeptical of that.
As far as the background information on this individual that you're talking about,
I don't know enough to think about what their agenda could be there, so there's really no point in me even commenting.
But even this other JPMorgan Chase friend of Obama billionaire that died in a car rash, he was... I mean, again, it's like people think...
People think these billionaires are faking their deaths because there's about to be some tribunals or something, or I don't know.
Well, folks, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
It could very well be this submersible went down the Titanic and the people died.
It was a high-risk excursion.
Yeah, a lot of people like to race cars.
They go to the racetrack, they race cars.
This guy was racing a car, 70 years old, smashed into the wall, he died.
But people just have a hard time believing anything now, and I don't blame them for it.
And how could you after we've been lied to so much?
So I don't know enough about the individuals you're talking about on the sub.
I know there were some interesting backstories on that.
But at this point, for my own curiosity, I think they went down to look at the Titanic and died.
I don't think there's anything else going on there, so I haven't really looked into it because I don't think there's anything else there.
But I understand why people think there's other stuff there.
There's no point in me responding, though, because I don't have the background enough.
You probably know more about it than I do.
So let's go to Sayek in Pennsylvania.
Sayek, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, what's up?
It's the first time I call.
I've been listening for years, right?
But I listen to you guys because you align with your beliefs.
You know, you align with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
And I'm determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
For no one is righteous.
No, not one.
No one understands.
No one seeks for God.
All have turned aside together.
They have become worthless.
No one does good, not even one.
Their throat is an open grave.
They use their tongues to deceive.
The venom of asthma is on their lips.
Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.
Their feet are swift to shed blood, and their paths are ruin and misery, and a way of peace they have not known.
There is no fear of God before their eyes.
These people that are mutilating the children,
They do not fear God.
And this needs to end, because it will.
But we have to endure the time and keep the faith of Jesus Christ.
Anything else?
Well, that's all I needed to say.
All right, first time caller.
Well done.
Let's go to Phil in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, hi.
I was at the recent question and answer event in Tampa.
I just want to say thank you for doing that.
It was really good.
I thank Pastor Rodney because I don't think there are many pastors in Florida or in the U.S.
would invite Alex Jones to their church.
You know, I gotta say something about this, Phil.
I did a little bit of a rant a couple weeks ago about, and I don't even remember what
...caused this, but there was something that caused this kind of rant that I went on about how...
I'm sick and tired of the church not being involved here.
I'm sick and tired of the church and the Christian community going about their daily business like, oh, it's all fine.
This is normal.
Everything's good.
And the average pastor out there from their pulpit not talking about what the real issues are.
They're not standing up for the innocent lives in the womb.
They're not standing up for the sex trafficked children at the southern border.
They're not standing up for the mark of the beast with the forced vaccines and the Central Bank
We're good to go.
And the reason I'm noticing this is because it's the left that's actually attacking it.
And so that's how you can kind of keep a monitor on where the left is starting to see the threat coming from.
And so they've basically already, you know, in their eyes, they've already devastated the mothership here of InfoWars when they took us off YouTube and everything else.
And for the expansion and the reach of InfoWars, they did do devastating damage, but still being on air as a victory.
Well, now the left is writing stories and sharing clips and monitoring pastors and sermons and church groups from all across the country, and they're sharing them, and it's like, oh, Jesus, is that an InfoWars host or a pastor talking to his congregation?
I think the church is starting to wake up and realize, okay, you know what, we're not in Kansas anymore, and if we're not warning our congregation about the satanic body moving against them right now, then we have failed our people.
Especially when, I've got clips, they do sermons now to the sparkle goddess of non-binary rainbow inclusions.
I don't know if you've seen this, I'll show the clips on The War Room, but anyway, final moments of the show here, Phil, go ahead.
Yeah, I was just gonna say, Pastor Rodney said that he may do the same event in the future, and I was gonna say, please, please, please, Uncle Bob, do it again!
Because it's really good, and if you're in Florida, you need to be there!
Well, and I will tell you this, thank you for the call, Phil, Pastor Rodney is extremely gracious, and he helped make all that possible, I'll just say it like that.
I mean, boy, I don't know how to say it in the final 20 seconds.
I mean, folks, shop at InfoWarStore.com.
We'd love to do a lot more stuff like that.
I mean, we just don't have the funds.
It's just a fact.
And quite frankly, I'm still on extreme probation, so I'm really not even allowed to travel.
So that's kind of an issue, too.
But that's what it's like in the InfoWar.
And what do you expect?
That's exactly what we expect.
All right, big war room coming up.
Corinne in Massachusetts.
You're on the air.
Honored to be talking with you, Alex.
Thanks for calling.
I've been listening since 2016 and I am a financial supporter ever since.
I'd like to promote your nitric oxide product.
Thank you.
I actually marketed a competitor for 20 years.
I've done over 30 million dollars in that product, so I know a little bit about nitric oxide.
It is
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And the reason that we can't generate as much as we get older is because the lining of the arteries, the endothelial lining, gets damaged and that's where it gets generated.
So when you're taking nitric oxide, all the other products
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Everything circulates.
It regulates the whole arteries and the arterial system.
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Hope everybody gets Nitric Boost.
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Everybody should get Nitric Boost today.
Tap water is turning the frogs gay and it'll turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
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It's amazing.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
Turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Serious crap!
Gay frogs!
Friggin' frogs!
It's not funny!
I'm gonna say it real slow for you.
Gay frogs!
Won't you fight for your life?