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Name: 20230625_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 25, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses recent geopolitical events, including the situation in Russia and Ukraine, with Pastor Rodney Howard Brown and former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer Scott Bennett. The speakers analyze the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, discussing potential consequences on global stability, and express concern over Europe's desperate situation due to their inability to keep up with Ukraine's military and political needs. They also discuss potential future actions of global powers and the need for strategic cooperation in reducing the threat of nuclear war."

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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
It is Sunday, June 24th, 2023, and I have just had an incredible day here at the River Church Complex in Tampa, Florida, with Pastor Rodney Howard Brown.
Simply amazing.
So gracious, so real.
I've loved this guy since I discovered him 15 years ago, and I've been interviewing him.
Uh, for, for 10 years.
Uh, but it's just amazing to be here with this gracious family and this entire church family are just amazing people.
And I tell you, I've never felt Spirit of God and the Holy Ghost as strong as I felt today.
He was reading the Great Commission and, uh, you know, basically enrolling everybody into the fight against the devil.
And it was just amazing.
I've just never have felt the Holy Ghost so strong.
You know, you see Holy Ghost churches, which is really just what the Bible says.
It's all right there in the Bible.
You see the preachers and people, you know, being overcome by the power of the Holy Ghost.
And you say, well, some people it's psychological or whatever.
Today, when he was doing the Great Commission, I almost fell down.
It was that strong.
It was so intense that I got dizzy.
It was so strong in my heart that I almost fell over.
And I mean, I was there He's saying, I want the commission.
I want to save people.
I want to fight Satan.
And I've been saved for a long time, but it was so strong and was so powerful.
God's force was so powerful.
I almost passed out and then had to stop thinking about the Holy Spirit for a minute, or I would have fallen down.
I mean, this actually happened, and I've never had that happen to me in my life, okay?
And I've been to Pentecostal churches quite a bit when I was a child.
and did Bible school some there and things like that.
And 'cause we attended a lot of churches, a lot of Pentecostal ones,
a lot of what you call evangelical.
When I was growing up in Dallas, Texas, also grew up around a lot of folks that were in the church.
And I would just have laugh at it, roll my eyes, but I was just, well, that's never happened to me.
And I almost fell down today.
I had to like pull out and say, whoa, back off this or I was gonna fall over.
So 'cause I give that instinct, I don't wanna fall down.
And I was like, or if I fall down, I said, whoa, okay.
And the Holy Spirit instantly just backed off.
And it was very intense, absolutely intense.
So that happened.
Still blown away right now.
Just absolutely, my mind's all over right now.
I can't even think about it.
God, it's so real, ladies and gentlemen.
And the spirit of all those people there together, it was powerful.
So, that said, This Pergojan, and I always say his name wrong, I know who the guy is for 20 years.
I study Russia, I know that, but I can't pronounce the names, okay?
We got a Russian linguist and folks coming on who work for the military, who's really smart and studied the Russians and all that for over 20 years in the military.
He'll be joining us on the Tuesday show here in studio.
I've decided to stay here until Wednesday.
We're having such an amazing time.
And we've got a bunch of other special guests as well.
But he was listening to me on Patrick Bet-David's show yesterday and said he thought my analysis was dead on on the situation in Russia.
Purgoshin, Purgoshin, however you say it, Trump's, not Trump's, Putin's chef, I've got some Trump news on that front by the way, is just a complete maniac out of his mind.
I don't think British intelligence or US intelligence was behind him.
I think this was purely him on a complete maniac power trip and that he really got in a delusion of grandeur and thought that he was going to attack The Russian military and drive into Moscow and the people were going to join him and that this was going to be this amazing thing.
Strangely enough, just today the Pentagon came out and said that's what they think happened.
I don't just agree with the Pentagon because of the Pentagon.
I disagree what they say a lot and they lie a lot.
We know that.
But in this case, they're saying, well, Purgosian said, you know, back in June of last year, When the war was only a few months old, and he said it again this year, that there might be an uprising and that Russians are going to overthrow Putin if he isn't hardcore enough and basically put him in charge.
Well, I remember when he said it, watching the Russian news.
I don't just believe our media.
I go and check it.
So the Pentagon doesn't always lie.
It's like when they said Putin is going to invade the next month back in January of 2022.
And he's going to stage a false flag to do it.
I said, well, in this case, I think it's true.
They'll invade by February.
And then, indeed, they did blow some stuff up and say that it had been the West and used that as a pretext to move in.
So they got that right.
And I think this is Pugosian on his own.
And it could have gotten completely out of control.
Thank God reality sunk into him and he quit really quick.
But we'll talk about what could have happened and what's going to happen if they're able to take out Putin.
This is a big deal.
Stay with us.
A raft of special guests coming up.
Well, regular listeners and viewers know, I want to welcome you all to this Sunday night broadcast, that when there's big news, I got a ton on my plate, I tend to start talking faster and faster, almost like I'm one of those folks they have at those events where they're auctioning things off, the auctioneers.
I don't want to talk like Porky Pig.
I want to really just paint with big, broad brushes here down to the basics and then flesh out the details.
But there's so much proof of all this, and so many angles to it, And so many insane dangers that come along with it that it's really hard here today to describe how dangerous the fiasco that we just saw in Ukraine and in Western Russia, in and around Moscow yesterday, that thank God ended in less than 24 hours.
But the danger of the West trying to jump on board with Purgosian, the head of Wagner, That was trying to create a chain reaction and trigger an uprising by claiming he was going to drive 300 miles up a highway to Moscow and overthrow Putin for treason is just so dangerous.
Because the hardliners like Purgosian that want control are way, quote, worse than what Vladimir Putin is.
If you think Vladimir Putin's bad, then you're really not going to like what Purgosian was going to be doing.
And so This is a really dangerous fiasco.
There's hundreds of different angles to this, obviously, and we're going to have big analysts on to talk about it.
Scott Bennett was an Army officer, psychological warfare expert, working with the CIA and others, running major operations all over the world.
Scott Bennett, Scott Bennett was, he's going to be joining us.
And then Scott Ritter is going to be joining us, former head UN weapons inspector.
So Scott Bennett and then Scott Ritter.
We're also going to have other special guests like the pastor here in studio riding a shotgun.
So stay with us for all of that.
But I'm going to try to calm down here.
And by calm, I'm not even excited by the information.
I'm just excited by how much info there is.
And I really should just write notes when something is this wild.
Because I've been just constantly thinking about it.
This just began to break Friday evening into yesterday afternoon.
I don't just believe the official story about Purgosian, which is becoming, he acted on his own, and was a megalomaniac, and was delusional, and came back to his senses before things really got out of control.
That's what Putin said yesterday, and I was like, well, let me wait and see.
Now the Pentagon, I've got articles came out and said, no, we're not involved in this, this is Purgogin.
And I agree with that because Purgogin, I've been watching him since this war started
a year and a half ago, roughly, little less than a year and a half ago.
He's been on a power trip the entire time saying all of this
and saying, I'll come and overthrow the government with my mercenaries, you're a bunch of wimps.
We're the heroes, the military can't do anything.
And when Putin appeased him, he is one of his quote former best friends it built a megalomaniac.
And if you study history with Julius Caesar or thousands of other documented events in every culture, every place, a lot of times you'll have a general or somebody that does really well in a war when other people aren't doing well.
And they will end up coming in and taking over and becoming a dictator.
I mean, look at Julius Caesar.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
Everybody else is failing.
He's winning.
He'd been exiled to Germania and conquered it when nobody else could for 500 years.
He comes and crosses the Rubicon, the rest is history.
And he kind of marked that as the peak of the beginning of a 400-year decline of the Roman Empire.
And so, history repeats, and this just fits the classic patterns of how humanity operates.
Now, as soon as Purgogin started this, MI6, the CIA, and others came in and said, okay, maybe he's a good guy, and they reached out to him.
They admitted that.
But, you know, they're now pointing out that they were not involved in it from the beginning because it failed, and they wanted to deny that they were involved.
But I tend to believe that they weren't involved because this is an internal Russian power game That's a classic thing that happens in any culture, but particularly the Russians, follow that human pattern.
Probably worse than anybody else.
By worse, I mean once wars start going bad, the Russians always have a civil war internally at the highest levels over who's going to be in charge.
And so the knives are out for Vladimir Putin.
Now, a lot of people are going to say, well, this is a great thing if the knives are out for Vladimir Putin.
Well, again, you get rid of Vladimir Putin, you're going to get something probably worse.
And again, maybe in the process of taking out Putin, who knows what happens with these nuclear weapons.
Again, this is an incredible wild card.
It'd be like if the United States was in a war with a major neighbor, was being funded by China and Russia with heavy weapons, and then they tried to foment or jump on the back of and support a coup internally.
Does that sound safe to just see what happens with a coup inside of America?
and see what would come out of that.
And to have a bunch of generals and people battling each other for control, does that sound like a stable,
good thing, when you don't even know what ideology is gonna be in control?
Most revolutions end badly.
Most revolutions bring in something worse than what they got rid of if they're violent.
The American Revolution is one of the few, they call it basically, in some of the PhD level
analysis worldwide, the perfect revolution.
I mean, it's one of the few that produced something amazing that was the model of the world and was adopted by the whole world, or the world began to adopt it across the world, for the next 100-plus years.
200 years.
So, that's where we are right now.
And this is extremely dangerous, exactly what I said a year and a half ago when this all started.
I said this is not going to go well for Russia, and it's going to become this big pissing match between NATO and Russia, and it's going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, it's going to cost hundreds of thousands of lives, and if you look at the threat ladder of threat escalation, and the Rand Corporation's analysis of how these wars will unfold, particularly in Eastern Europe, in war games of exactly this scenario, It ends in tactical nukes being used, and then theater nukes being used, and then all-out nuclear war.
And billions dead, and then out of that the main collapse of civilization, and more than half the world population dying on the low end from starvation, and breakdown of civilization, and reactors melting down, and just all the ensuing chaos that comes out of that.
Because even if you don't believe Atlantis existed, and they had this big power source that blew up in the Atlantic and blew their island up, They had flying machines, Plato said.
He was a historian.
I don't know if it was real.
The point is, is that, and what they describe as automatons, big robots, whether that was real or not, we now are Atlantis.
We have the power to blow ourselves up.
We have big automaton robots.
We have all this stuff.
So, what Plato claimed thousands of years ago, 2,300 years ago, was existed previously, does exist now.
And so we have the power to blow ourselves up, and we're the same fallen sinners, probably worse than our ancestors.
In fact, the genetics shows what the Bible says.
Our genetics is unraveling, falling apart, getting worse.
Was better before, degenerating quickly.
Look at men today versus men 100 years ago, how masculine they were.
Look at men from, say, my generation, and I'm not as masculine as my father's generation, or his father, and then look at the boys today.
We're literally rotting.
Humanity's falling apart.
We are degenerating.
My point is, is that we're now about to fall on a thermonuclear sword, or a biological weapon sword.
And now they admit, oh we're going to reward Fauci and Peter Hotez.
We're going to give more bioweapons funding to the Wuhan lab.
More bioweapons funding to Ukraine.
Remember last year?
We were liars, there's no bioweapon labs.
I had Obama christening them and opening them 12 years ago.
Washington Post articles.
But no, they said, oh, no, there's no bioweapon labs in Ukraine last year.
Alex Jones and everybody else is a liar.
Even though I could go back to those articles, it's the same thing here.
I have the articles where Prokofiev, or however the hell you pronounce this lunatic's name, excuse me, Lord, however you pronounce his name, saying, I'm going to overthrow the Russian government.
I'm going to get all these Russians that are mad that you're not winning the war to overthrow Putin.
And Putin patted him on the head and said, stop it, you don't mean that, Purgosian.
And then now look what he did.
So I will say this, this weakens Putin.
It'll make other lunatics around him.
I think that they can do a coup because he is popular.
He has been re-elected for 20 plus years.
I know people like Rodney Howard Brown, who's, you know, from Africa where they fought the Russians in the 70s and 80s.
And when he was growing up, it's like the only good Russians are dead Russians.
But since then, he's been over there and started churches over there.
And he's got churches all over the world that he started.
This guy's amazing.
Incredible evangelist.
And he was calling me today while I was with him.
They were saying, no, this makes Putin more supported by us.
But it encourages other people to think they can try to take a shot at him because, look, Purgosian didn't get arrested.
He got to run off to Belarus, which means white Russian.
I guess since they're more Western, they've got lighter hair and lighter skin.
Literally, that's what it means.
Oh, that's where the white Russians ran over there.
So the point is he's run to white Russia and he's there and he just got away with this.
And again, I'm not trying to get involved in Russian politics.
I'm not trying to do this, but some people are spinning it.
Oh, no, this makes Putin stronger.
He put down this rebellion.
I don't think so.
And again, that's a place of concern.
I'm not a Putin file, I'm not a Putin booster, but I will tell you, and the CIA agrees with this, and so does the State Department, they take out Putin, it's an 80 plus percent chance you get somebody more hardline.
Well then why does the CIA and the State Department want that?
Because they want a Russia that's hardline, that falls apart, that can be isolated like North Korea.
So they can then have a new enemy, relaunch the Cold War, and then have Russia fall apart.
Right as Russia's becoming more Christian, and industrializing, and wanted to work with the West.
I mean, Putin cut defense spending the last 10 years.
Putin wanted to work with the West.
So, the globalists want a confrontation with Russia, while the communist Chinese are the real threat, and the globalists internally in our nations are the real threat.
That is my view.
Throughout the week, we'll take calls.
We'll have a special guest on, we'll debate it, we'll discuss all of it together.
But that's basically where I see this standing.
And this does not make Putin look stronger that Purgosian is run off after doing this to Belarus and has done this.
He tried to send 30,000 troops and hundreds of armored vehicles and tanks and thousands of vehicles to Moscow.
Now think how crazy he is.
Never been in the military, is a former convict.
He has a good idea, and our military's done that before in World War II and stuff.
Empty out the prisons, send them in, you know, dirty dozens of... fictional story about that, but that stuff has gone on.
Send them in, and they were better soldiers than the average, quote, snowflakes.
It's like our men are snowflakes now compared to past generations.
On average, not everybody.
And so, yeah, he did some big frontline battles.
Half his forces got killed.
He'd sit out there while artillery was exploding around him.
Has a lot of courage.
But he went crazy in the last year and a half in that position, and believed he was God, and believed he was invincible, and then believed he could send 30,000 troops up a 300 mile highway, right into Moscow.
One major road to Moscow.
It'd be the highway of death.
They would just send in 500 jets and blow them all up in an hour.
sending up 100 helicopters could have taken it out.
They can put like 15, 20 missiles on those helicopters.
So what was Purgosian thinking?
Well, he thought I'm coming to invade, I'm gonna overthrow Putin.
And he thought that the Russian snowflake regular military would just cut and run.
And Putin did go to St. Petersburg as a security measure.
You can say he did.
I'm not attacking Putin, it's just a fact.
Whereas if Putin wanted to look strong, he would have moved to the front with his forces
and been there like Purgosian with his binoculars watching that column be burned.
He shouldn't have done a deal with Purgosian and sent him off to White Russia.
He should have said, I want, which he has, a thousand attack helicopters that are right around Moscow Their main forces are reserves.
Their high-tech weapons haven't even been used.
They've used their old junk in the police action on purpose.
I would've sent a thousand helicopters down there and lined up and destroyed that entire column.
And then killed Purgosian.
Putin would've been strong.
But I get it.
Putin's like, I don't want a civil war.
I don't want to slaughter Russians.
He's gonna let them now join the Russian military and try to mop this up.
And maybe Putin's smarter than I am.
All I'm saying is, a destabilized Russia And the fall of Putin at this point is rolling the dice when even mainline analysts say the dice are loaded and an 80% chance they're going to roll towards somebody, quote, worse than Putin, if you even believe the West's analysis.
So I'm not rolling the dice with my children.
I'm not rolling the dice with you, but I'm not in charge, okay?
And neither is Putin, and neither is Blinken, and neither is Obama, who's the real president right now, and he's globalist.
And that's the thing.
Putin's not God, you're seeing that.
These are just men.
They may be in big ivory towers and big marble buildings and big fancy edifices, but...
Look out at the hundreds of billions of galaxies they've already photographed.
That's God's building.
That's just God's pinky finger.
That's just one atom in God's hand.
You think God's big?
Look at God's front porch.
It's all of the universe, and the universe is an endlessness.
So I'm sick of people thinking men are gods.
I'm sick of people thinking that our government, the Russian government, and the Chinese government have got it all figured out, and who the intel knows what's going on, and they all know what's happening.
They don't know what's happening.
They're just men.
But now we're running around like monkeys in a fireworks factory with flamethrowers, with all this incredible technology we've got, because we are made in the image of God.
We are amazing creators.
We can do incredible things, but as we become more evil, as our genetics fall apart, as we become more demonic and more fallen, we are discovering, though, more and more of the power we have, because we're made in the image of God, and can build all this technology.
You can see where this is headed.
A fallen, degenerate, satanic population, given God-like weapons and powers, Blowing ourselves up.
No flesh will be spared if God didn't intervene.
And that's what's going to happen.
God's going to let us rot all the way down to the waterline.
And as we're sinking, He's going to reach in and save us.
But not before one-fourth of the planet, if you believe the revelations, is dead.
So yes, it's all being queued up.
It's all being prepared.
I don't believe we're in the revelation yet.
We're not in the tribulation yet.
But you can see all of it being fulfilled.
World government.
World currencies.
You must serve the beast.
You must do what the banks say or they won't let your algorithm work.
Your ESG.
You have to worship the beast.
Do what it says.
Let it watch everything you do.
Follow its every order.
And then it will give you a good rating.
That's what all this is, ladies and gentlemen.
Every bit of it being fulfilled, in your face, right now.
And it's going to get more and more obvious, with devil worship everywhere.
I mean, I was on a big podcast yesterday, Patrick McDavid.
Great guy, smart guy.
Made hundreds of millions of dollars in business.
Really smart guy.
And I'm like, yeah, you know how Target in the last few months had The LGBTQ thing, it's about pedophilia, sexual kids, said we're gonna get your kids, and said we love Satan, and this is a satanic operation, we're gonna cut Christians' heads off with guillotines.
He goes, that's it, you're making this up.
He pulls it all up, mainstream news, he's just, his mouth is hanging open.
This stuff is so over the top, and it's so dangerous, and America is in no position To dictate a Slavic Civil War.
America is in no position to go start something that most analysts agree will probably have continued lead to nuclear war.
But the globalists are a bunch of degenerate Satanists and they just love it.
Their God loves it and is positioning us into total destruction.
There's a good article in the New York Post, Putin is on his way out but things could go from Vlad to worse.
And it admits it'll probably get worse if Putin's removed.
Media claims U.S.
intelligence knew about Gorgogin's planned mutiny in mid-June.
I don't need to believe that article.
He was all over.
I watched the videos last year of him saying, there's going to be a civil war and we're going to overthrow Putin.
And if he doesn't do what we say, the average Russian is going to join us in the streets when we have an uprising to come and take back our country.
And then we're going to kill all the Ukrainians.
I mean, just crazy talk.
And he also said, look at January 6th, how they almost hit the Capitol there.
That wasn't us, that was the Deep State trying to discredit the Liberty Movement legitimately and legally challenging things.
But Burgosian is an idiot.
Burgosian's never even been in the military.
He's never even been done research.
He was just a rich guy that had a food catering company.
He was an ex-con who kissed Putin's butt.
And now you can see how good that was to have that sycophant there.
So my goal is not to kiss the rumpus of Obama's third administration through a Biden or Vlad or be part of the system.
It's to stop nuclear war and to do the best I can to get as many people to realize we're not fighting Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping or Barack Obama.
They're just puppets of Satan.
We are fighting the devil.
And it's become Increasingly obvious that all of that is the fact, but you've got to love some of these headlines here.
The CIA for about five hours yesterday before Purgogin stood down and ran off to Belarus was saying, oh yes, we're taking sanctions off and we're not going to put sanctions on Wagner Group now because they may work with us.
As if Purgogin had a plan to work with the West.
Purgogin thought he'd make Putin step down and come in and make himself king.
That's how dangerous all of this insanity is.
But no, the Wagner troops left the southern cities.
They only got about 100 miles into Russia, 200 miles south of Moscow.
And there's all the videos up on Infowars.com of the people cheering.
Cheering as Wagner left.
Cheering as the 30,000 remaining, half of them killed, 60,000 total signed up.
hardened prisoners, most of them convicted murderers, child molesters, you name it,
being told to leave their cities.
But again, Putin said yesterday morning, I'm gonna arrest and have Purgogin and all of them
put in prison.
Oh, now there's amnesty for those that took part in the coup
and then they're gonna have everybody else sign up in the military.
Is that keeping your friends close, your enemies closer?
Regardless, everybody's watching over their backs.
Now Russia's sliding into totalitarianism even more.
And now the West is basically forcing the country to become totalitarian.
Just like defunding the police.
Just like letting all the criminals out of jail here creates a crime wave, then the system will come in with draconian control for everybody.
Notice, nobody's checked at the border coming into the United States.
In fact, now they don't even DNA test unaccompanied children.
They just turn them over to folks without even giving them a real ID or know who they are so they can be abused, they can be trafficked, they can be disappeared.
See how it works?
See how the plan operates?
See how simple it is?
Well, it's the same thing here, ladies and gentlemen.
They're forcing us into totalitarianism as the answer to the crisis they've created.
It's all very simple.
That's why they create the hysteria, create the atmosphere to be able to carry this out.
Now before we go to break, I want to talk about what's happening here domestically.
Everybody's playing the White House Press Secretary, the Raggedy Ann lady, and Jean-Pierre LePou, LePay, LePong, whatever her name is, whatever French name she's got.
Everybody's talking about her and how she got destroyed by the press in like 20 minutes.
They wouldn't quit asking her about why she was covering up and why she was doing all these things, and why Biden's son is, you know, an agent of the communists, and why it doesn't matter that he's his son, it's a family matter, all this.
But then Kirby, Got up.
Kirby got up.
And John Kirby had to walk off the stage.
And he was just completely destroyed.
This is the collapse of the system.
This is the water carriers for the system not knowing what to do.
This shows how totally illegitimate it is.
But also the fact that the knives are out in the power structure for Biden.
What does that signify?
Who are they planning to replace him with?
We'll go to the clip and come back after break.
The House Ways and Means Committee yesterday released documents, their Authenticity Nowhere Challenge.
That included a July 2017 WhatsApp message sent by Hunter Biden to Henry Zhao, a Chinese Communist Party official, which stated in its entirety, and I quote, I am sitting here with my father.
And we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.
Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now, before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight.
And Z, if I get a call or a text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me, and every person he knows, and my ability to forever hold a grudge, that you will regret not following my direction.
I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father."
So just a couple of questions about this.
First, does this not undermine the President's claim during the 2020 campaign, and the reaffirmations of that claim by his two press secretaries since then, that he never once discussed his son's overseas business dealings with him?
No, and I'm not going to comment further on this.
James, James, let me just, let me save you some, let me save...
Let me save you some breath if you're going to ask about this.
I am not addressing... I know you do.
More than I'd like you to have.
I am not going to address this issue from this podium.
I'm just not going to do it.
I'm not going to do it.
Thanks, guys.
Have a great weekend.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is the complete collapse of this gaslighting edifice.
These people are a joke.
The knives are out for Biden.
We'll talk about that and more.
We have a special guest straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Well, we couldn't get a better guest on tonight unless maybe Scott Ritter, the former head UN weapons inspector, former one of the top advisors in the Pentagon during the major treaties that were done in the 90s with the Russians that have now all been broken by both sides.
Scott Ritter is coming up.
At the bottom of the next hour, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown will be in studio with another
special guest coming up riding shotgun with us as well.
But Scott Bennett, PhD, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer, Psychological Warfare
I'm going to go over his whole bio, but he's been involved in major operations around the
world in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and worked obviously with the whole CIA operations
and all the rest of it.
I'm not going to go over it here today.
But he also became a very famous whistleblower that exposed a lot of what was going on.
He's also a Russia expert.
And that's all on record, so I'm going to stop there.
It's GlobalFreedomTV.com.
We appreciate him on short notice coming on.
I'm going to give him the floor to give us his analysis of what he believes we just saw.
Just myself as a layperson that studies history, incredibly dangerous situation, the spiral out of control is an example of how this war is escalating.
People that are happy about this, laughing, saying, kill Putin, put in Purgogin, just shows what lunatics they are.
Am I wrong to think Purgogin would be much worse than Putin, or am I wrong?
No, you're not wrong at all, Alex.
You're right on the money.
You know, I talk with Ritter and I like him a lot.
I like McGregor a lot.
And the guys in the know understand this.
I look at things from a psychological warfare perspective, which is a little bit different than artillerymen and the rest of the components.
So, I look at the internal mechanism of the decision-making process and what's happening.
So, if we look at this Purgosian situation, It's like playing a roulette wheel.
We put money on different numbers.
So let's look at the number that, let's say this is real.
Let's say it was absolutely real.
It was not dramatic.
It was not a PSYOP.
It was not part of an information operation that Putin and Pugosian did to expose their enemies within, to expose who their friendly weather friends are and who their not-so-friendly weather friends are.
But if this was real, Alex, It was a laughable, grotesque, silly, childlike tantrum by Prigozhin.
A total miscalculation of the Russian character, the Russian hearts and minds, both in the Wagner group and the Russian military and the Russian political figures.
Prigozhin, if this is real, if he did this because of his animosity towards Shoygu, if his Pride and ego was offended by certain demands that were allegedly going to be put on him and Wagner.
If all of that was real, it still says and proves that Prigozhin made a terrible blunder in thinking that the Russian people were going to allow him and a ragtag group of Blackwater operatives that are Uh, you know, probably better trained than Blackwater, but the Russian people would never have allowed Prigozhin and the Wagner Group to somehow overthrow Putin, overthrow Lavrov, overthrow Sakharova, overthrow everything.
So, Prigozhin, I think, led his merry band of men down a suicide alley, and if it wasn't for the temperament and the calm of Vladimir Putin, who I think is the master strategist and statesmen of the world in the past 100 years,
if it wasn't for Russia's temperance and patience and flexibility,
Prygosian and all of them would be dead.
But Russia didn't want to go that route.
But Prygosian still pushing up shows a terrible blunder because Russia is 100% behind Putin.
They're behind the war against Ukraine.
It's also very sad because Prigozhin, if this is real again, he destroyed every positive thing that his group did since 2022.
By the way, everything you're saying is true.
As soon as they learned that this was not popular and that they'd been lied to by Prygosian, they weren't fighting for him.
being re-translated out, whether he'll live long is another matter, but the Russians within
Wagner didn't seem to understand what was happening, they didn't understand the orders,
they didn't understand the full dimensions of this.
There's also reports by- And by the way, everything you're saying is true.
As soon as they learned that this was not popular and that they'd been lied to by Purgosian,
they weren't fighting for him, they stopped in a matter of 12 hours.
But look, I understand that Putin has been very calm through this and the West did.
They'll start this with George Soros, and he bragged on CNN five years ago that, yeah, I used $25 billion over the years, and $5 billion one year to overthrow Ukraine, and I'm really the czar of Russia now.
That's a quote.
So they've been antagonizing Russia.
And of course, Russia started in Ukraine, for those of you who don't know, and viewers, and so this is like...
New York leaving the Republic or something and saying it's with a foreign country.
So we understand why the Russians did it.
I get that.
My issue is, does this strengthen or weaken Putin?
I get he put this down, it went away, it showed it was a joke, but still it can't look good that he said yesterday, Burgosians gonna be tried for treason, you're all going to jail, and a few hours later, okay, you can run to Belarus.
I just, there's that facet that really doesn't matter, it's academic.
But what does this do to Putin and what does the West do now, because they're all saying
it shows Putin's weak, okay?
If that's true, then you want a coup, most analysts say, and I want your view on this,
and I tend to think this, you're going to get a more hardliner and somebody not as smart
as Putin if you get rid of Putin.
So I don't see any of this escalation and mayhem and fiasco alley and death alley as good for anybody that wants stability in the world.
And so that means to me, if the globals are celebrating this, they're like a bunch of degenerate gamblers on methamphetamine and five bits of acid just betting the farm on one number.
It doesn't sound good to me.
Well, you're right.
They are inflated with ego and excitement, like a big balloon that was swelling.
I just did an RT interview and their ballooning excitement about a possible coup d'etat and overthrow of Putin was suddenly popped and everything deflated in the West.
Blinken, Biden, European Union, the Nazi Earl Savant Leydon, all of these puppets in Europe completely fell apart because what they were hoping was going to happen suddenly didn't.
It was settled, it was solved, it was moved over and migrated.
So, in a sense, their deflated enthusiasm creates an opportunity for kinetic and soft power intrusions by Russia into the battle space.
That's why there's a PSYOP component here.
So the deflation and the lack of enthusiasm by the West is an opportunity to exploit Now, you're right, there's a dimension of this is a gamble, this makes Putin look, you know, possibly bad in a sense by his own people, but he also, in the settling of this, resurrects his statesman-like demeanor and character and it reinforces his
His promise to carry the country through good weather and bad weather.
And this was a bad weather moment, but he carried it through.
Now, the transition to a different leadership may be coming.
I think you're going to have a much more kinetic soft power increase in the next few weeks and a month, as Ukraine is totally done.
The military's done.
What do you mean for people that aren't expert?
Hold on.
People aren't experts, Scott Bennett, like you.
What is what is kinetic soft power mean?
Well, kinetic power is tanks and bullets and bombs and mines and missiles and all of that.
The hard killing and destroying of the enemy's personnel and structures.
The soft power is the messaging, the information operations, the healing, the bread crust, the food, the blankets.
the strategic diplomatic communications that we mastered when I was in the army and elsewhere,
that coordinates to the different European spaces of information dissemination that goes to the West
and says Putin is not about what Colin Powell did to the Iraqi army in the first Gulf War by
annihilating them along that freeway of death. Putin could have done that, but he didn't.
The Russians didn't do that.
The Russians love their people more than they hate traitors.
So it gives a compassion and a dimension of, you know, kind of love and tolerance.
And see, I played, I played, this is so sophisticated what you're saying Scott Bennett, I played devil's advocate.
And said if he'd annihilated those troops on the highway of death, like how dumb is Purgosian to think he could sin?
Those troops up a 300 mile highway and that he would ever, I mean, that's like no chance.
That's totally insane.
He was hoping other Russians would join.
Remember, he gave speeches last year in this saying, I'll have an uprising and we'll overthrow and I'll be the president.
Clearly a megalomaniac.
I mean, I think that's established.
And I was saying, if I was Putin, I probably would have just said it was the clearest way to win.
Thousand attack helicopters.
We know they got them around that area.
Don't just kill these people.
But Can he then trust all these people who'll fold them into the Russian military now after they did this?
No, in fact, I made that comment that this is an opportunity to use the Wagner Group like a better trained United Nations Peacekeeper Force.
Use the Wagner Group to occupy the conquered territories of Ukraine that belong to Russia anyway.
Give them houses and property like they gave the Roman legionnaires in the ancient days of the Empire when they expanded.
So Wagner needs to be appeased.
any animosity, any remnants of guerrilla ambitions needs to be squashed.
And they can do that by saying, "Look, you fought well,
you fought the Ukrainian fascist enemy, the Nazis covered in the Bandera tattoos.
Now go and take over the parts of Ukraine that own what we own in Russia.
Here is territory, here's real estate.
Set up Russian villages to serve as outposts, as police stations, as watchtowers
to make sure no more American bioweapons laboratories are set up in Ukraine to do a COVID-20."
So there is a way to move Wagner into a post-conflict position as peacekeepers and observatory towers and intelligence gatherers and then transition more of the kinetic into the regular Russian army.
And I think you're going to have a combination of, again, soft power and striking Russian military kinetic power that will begin finishing and rolling back this conflict in the next month.
I don't agree with these... Well, that was my next point.
That was my next point.
And I don't know fully what happened here, and I was speculating yesterday and said I didn't know.
But now even U.S.
intelligence and the Russians are agreeing Pergogin was on his own.
And I think you're saying he probably was on his own.
It looks like the West did reach out during it thinking he was going to win.
And we're saying we won't put sanctions on you.
We'll take them off.
We won't put the news.
So there was obviously a reach out to him.
But as soon as they saw.
Here's what it does too, Alex.
It shows the Ukrainians, because we didn't slaughter the Wagner groups, we won't slaughter you Ukrainian armies that frag your officers and come to our side.
We're not the murderers.
If we were killers, we'd kill all the Wagner people, but we didn't.
And neither will we kill you, Ukrainian soldiers.
We want peace.
We want you to come out from the military.
We want you to come out from the piano-playing penis Zelensky.
We want you to come out and rejoin Mother Russia as the Slavic brothers and cousins that you are.
So this peace upon Prigozhin, and Prigozhin if he's wise and wants to inherit some homes in Sochi by Putin and the rest of them will say, I was wrong but it shows the magnanimity of Russia, the leadership and such,
and as they didn't kill me or my men, neither will they kill the Ukrainians.
So there is again, SIOB within SIOB, layers of this, but it creates a very good opportunity for Russia
to demonstrate compassion and soft power, civil affairs, put down your weapons and come to our side.
We're not gonna kill you.
We didn't kill Wagner people.
I'll say this, I'll say this.
I think you're giving a very deep analysis of this, and I hope you're right.
And as of this morning, I was really concerned as the West was celebrating this, Putin's week.
Now I'm seeing more and more analysts say, actually, this is not going well.
I want this war to end.
I'm not on the Russian side.
I'm not on the European side.
I'm not on the Ukrainian side.
I'm on the side of not having a nuclear war, having peace, and stopping this, and not paying $200 billion.
More than $200 billion, but big picture.
I would say yesterday before we knew what was happening, I said maybe this is the lesson with Prokofiev because of the timing.
I think more of it is Prokofiev seeing it as the time for him to make his move because Russia did stop the counter offensive dead.
I mean, I'm again rooting for him, but I give him like a 98.
I mean, they destroyed the Ukrainians.
It's much easier to be on defense than it is on offense.
Obviously, if you know any basic military or infantry or tank, doctor, you need what, three times the force
to take land that's defended versus the other way around.
So here is their, we really know what's been going on for two months.
It didn't just start three weeks ago.
Been destroyed, half the equipment, but most of the personnel that know how to use it,
they're best people to destroy.
Now they've got their B and C team, they've got their back bench,
and they don't want to go in against that Russian steel wall.
And so, basically, Russia succeeded in taking that area of eastern Ukraine.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
And so, this is a big Russian victory, and then the attempted coup happens.
That makes me think, hmm, maybe it was the Western Burgojian, but it's also the right timing for Burgojian, now that there is this real Russian victory that hasn't been declared yet, to move back and demand his piece of the pie and exercise his illusions of grandeur.
Or is there something else at play there?
No, I think as a PSYOP guy, I look at it and say, you know, you're moving your hand over here, and you're doing something with your other hand over here, and you're juggling at the same time.
So this is very sophisticated, and the Russians are master chess players.
While, you know, the Ukrainians are, you know, their elevator doesn't go to the top floor.
As a people, as a group, I've known them.
And they're like dogs chasing their tail.
The West is the same way.
So this, this little flare-up, this flash in the pan about, oh my God, is Putin gonna fall?
Is there gonna be a regime change?
Is there gonna be a coup d'etat?
What's going on?
You know, tune in, let's look at it.
The entire Western establishment and media have focused on this.
Which has taken their focus away from the Russian military strategic advances and kinetic operations and reinforcements and other things that they've done along the territory that they've already conquered and taken and reinforced.
That's the real victory.
So I see this as Russia has taken this opportunity to, again, Uh, protect infrastructure like Zaparosha, like it's other dams, like the other things that we know they're going to try and do false flag attacks, the West and the CIA and the Mossad and the MI6.
Well, that was my next, that was my next question.
That was my next question, sir.
Scott Bennett with globalfreedom.tv, a former army officer, psychological warfare operations guy, ran operations, you name it.
And a major whistleblower that exposed the whole crime network famously into Congress.
We don't want to... I mean, I want this war to end, obviously.
I want stability.
We've got all the domestic things going on, and stolen elections, and open borders, and ESGs, and world government, and pedophilia everywhere.
We've got to... And Russia's the perfect distraction, so I want to end it as quickly as possible to try to save our own republic.
I mean, I'll admit it.
I'm a selfless person.
I really care about America.
And so, how will the globalists try to grab victory from the jaws of defeat?
Because they never give up.
So, what are the wild cards here we should be looking for?
Well, they are fanatical.
They're a cornered mad dog.
They're being poisoned by their own madness and lies.
They are alienating and ostracizing themselves from any decent human being in all of Western civilization.
Their transgender obsession with castrating children under the age of 12, puberty blockers, drag queen shows, Bud Light, Target, you name it.
The whole sexual dysfunction and plague and anti-family madness combined with the climate change religion worship, that is becoming so toxic and disgusting to the majority of rational people.
That you're only having the most irrational, given any credence in the most irrational of course, are those in the Biden administration and those in some of these godless European countries that are pretty soon going to be eating bugs and freezing in the next six to eight to nine months as As they suffer the consequences of cutting themselves off from Russian oil, that's probably the greatest laughable geopolitical blunder that'll cause French revolutions all over the European states.
That is literally cutting your nose off.
That is literally cutting your nose off despite your face.
The globalists, in a sense, are done, Alex.
You've said this wisely, too, and quite prophetically.
They have lost all of the momentum of people, and there's, you know, a lot of dumb people that think, oh, well, maybe it's nice to be a globalist, maybe it would be good.
Now they're saying, no, it's not good, it's not nice, it's dead, deadly, toxic.
Noah Harari and the rest of these fools and their vaccine agenda, which was exposed as originating in Ukraine and the biolabs that were there.
I was part of the documentary that did it.
All of that.
In fact, you were.
Let's stop right there, because I saw you two years ago, before this broke, harping on biolabs, and I tried to get you on then and it broke down, but you're here now.
How big is it?
Because remember, a year ago they said you and everybody was lying, there was no biolabs.
We had the Washington Post articles from 12 years ago, Biden opening them and celebrating it and saying they were doing it.
So they wanted to, but now they admit, okay, we got to stay there because Putin will get our biolabs.
So tell people about those labs.
Putin's already got the biolabs.
He's already got all the intelligence and the documents and he's formulating legal cases that will charge these American and other interests with crimes against humanity.
They know that.
That's why they put it into the plot for the last James Bond movie, in fact.
Exactly what you had in Ukraine.
And it's funny because the Death Factory's documentary that we did happened, I think it was a year and a half before Russia went into Ukraine.
So they've known about these bio labs a year and a half before they went into Ukraine in the special military operation.
Biolabs were established by the United States under Barack Obama, Dick Lugar in 2007.
They have grown exponentially ever since.
They were developing pathogens, diseases to weaponize, to send on aerosolized drones.
Even the Washington Post, just to interrupt you, Scott Bennett, even the Washington Post admits they're developing pathogens 40 times worse than COVID and gain of function.
Imagine if Canada or Mexico had bioweapon labs on our borders, we would take it out instantly.
So again, why would the West start a fight like this?
It's just, it's crazy.
Well, your depopulation agenda from the mad lunatics that occupy some of these Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, bunch of pedophile raping Epstein Island devotees.
They were behind a lot of this and a lot of the legal documentation that I've seen, I've seen the The Pentagon documents.
I've seen the slides.
I've seen the implications that the USAID, CIA, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the Soros Organization, the Open Society Foundation, of these big foundations that were globalist, Bill Gates'
Project 201.
The Russians have all of the documentation and the fingerprints and their participation
in this and they're funding this, as well as Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and
a variety of other groups that were in Ukraine, you know, using all of this research to then
send back to Fort Detrick that found its way in Wuhan.
So all of this originated in Ukraine and Russia has gone in and taken these 46 biolabs that
were also targeting Russian DNA.
They were developing weaponized pathogens to specifically strike the Russian DNA, Slavic
genetic code.
And all of that has been covered up by the mainstream media.
It was covered up by the United Nations because the United States, Britain, and France wouldn't allow an investigation into all of this material, all of these documents.
And by the way, let me just interrupt you again.
For those who don't know, race-specific bioweapons have been around for at least 60 years.
Dick Cheney wrote a report for PNAC 24 years ago saying we should legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons, and they admit, quote, they were guarding against race-specific bioweapons at these bio-shield labs in the US, Europe, Africa, all over, but, quote, covering up the illegal bioweapons labs under UN treaties by saying they're defensive, but they were making the pathogens.
So that's, we're talking about race-specific.
Explain race-specific to people.
This is a, this should be a death penalty offense to be making this stuff.
Well, you understand the different genetic structures of races, the black race, the genetic dispositions of the black race or even the Hispanic races at different times.
Their bodies and their physiological makeup has different reactions to sicknesses and vaccines.
For example, Judy Mikovits talked about this extensively, where vaccines are given to you know, black and Hispanics at a young age,
that causes enormous damage to their ability to resist certain sicknesses because of the different,
their different bodily growth and the hormonal changes.
That was one example of how the exploitation of different genetic sequences and structures of physiology
in blacks and Hispanics differ from Slavics or Scandinavians or Celtic or Germanic types.
So the West, America specifically, was looking to target what is the Slavic DNA defined as?
What are northern Russians in Moscow and St.
Petersburg, in the Finland area?
What are their different peculiarities?
What are they resistant to?
What are their vulnerabilities that we can exploit?
And they were using that, and they killed a lot of Ukrainians in many of these experiments and stuff.
That's why Yanukovych, the president, said, get these labs out of my country!
And they overthrew him when he said that.
He also said, I don't want the rainbow flag and the homosexual agenda in Ukraine.
We're a Russian Christian Orthodox country.
And the moment he said that, Barack Obama and his boyfriend, Michael LeVon Robinson,
also known as Michelle Obama, and the rest of the UN NATO lunatics launched this great
coup d'etat and overthrow of Yanukovych.
Let me interrupt you, Scott Bennett.
Scott Bennett, I'm here.
You're incredible.
Please join me again this week for a full hour.
You can't, sir.
I've got Pastor Rodney Howard Brown about to come in here in studio.
We've got to switch things around and have him get ready to be with me.
We've got other guest hosts coming up.
Scott Ritter as well from Russia reporting on all this.
Will you come back next segment and host the first five minutes of the hour?
They'll just play the music, say you're live.
Will you host the five minutes, talk about whatever you want, so you can get more information out?
I'm happy to, pal.
Anytime I can help.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
All right.
Scott Bennett's going to host the next five minutes.
We start the second hour at GlobalFreedomTV.com.
I'm InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Please buy products at InfoWarsStore.com.
That's how we fund the operation.
We'll be right back.
Well, it is always a wonder and a blessing to be on with Alex Jones and to be on with you, the American audience that represent the best and the brightest and the smartest people in the land.
So I'm very honored that Alex is kind enough to bring me on and to work with such wonderful people as Daria and others that really are the cutting edge of the news.
And I've done a lot of RT and Press TV interviews, so we'll be bringing you a lot of the footage on that.
But this is an exciting time and I just want to encourage people to support Alex and InfoWars and to get the health supplements because we're entering a different phase in America.
The left and the lunatics and the demonic, demoniac Democrats and RINOs are going full bore with destroying the Constitution, destroying our rights, endless war, starting fights, starting conflicts that we need to really rise up, detach ourselves from the mainstream media, including portions of Fox, And get news and information from trusted sources and the analysis from trusted people.
So I just want to encourage people to continue to support Alex Jones and support InfoWars.
There are teams of people that are gathering from different areas and we all share our love of country.
We share a love of God.
I'm a very deeply faithful person who believes, you know, blessed be the Lord my strength and teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.
This is a fight.
This is a war of words, information operations, psychological warfare.
I don't believe Russia is an enemy of the United States or our people.
I've been there.
I've also been to Iran.
I don't think Iran is an enemy of the United States or our people.
There are differences that we need to solve and diplomatically open up.
And I think President Trump, of course, was the best person.
It is the best person to do that.
So we'll see how that falls together.
But be prepared for anything that is going to be coming.
Be prepared for Gavin Newsom to replace Kamala Harris, the walking puppet.
He doesn't know what her name is.
Be prepared for Gavin Newsom to replace Kamala Harris and then be prepared for a potential Manchurian candidate scenario where they take out Joe Biden and try and blame it on a Trump supporter so Gavin Newsom could instantly become president.
That's the storyline on the Manchurian candidate.
I have a very suspicious heart when it comes to this.
And I can see the Democrats doing that because they can never win a free and fair election ever again.
We'll never have a free and fair election in this country so long as we have electronic voting machines.
And in Iraq, we had guys voting with paper ballots and dipping their thumbs into purple ink.
And we need to do that for America because there's nothing more sacred than your individual vote.
There's nothing more emblematic of your ownership of this country than your vote, and it needs to be protected.
And when I was in Washington for President Trump's analytics in 2020, we know the election was stolen.
I briefed General Flynn, I briefed Pat Byrne, I briefed Sidney Powell.
I was the one, in fact, who got General Flynn out of prison.
By giving him an amicus brief that exposed his law firm, Covington & Burling, as having direct connections to the Clinton, Obama, Biden terrorist financing that they did.
So that's one of the reasons General Flynn is free.
But there's a whole group of individuals that have been working behind the scenes fighting this.
And I'm very excited because I think the future belongs to all of us.
Who are of traditional conservative constitutional values.
It's time to go out and win the Hindus and the Sikhs and the Chinese and the Asians that are living in this country.
As well as blacks and Hispanics, but we have to go and expand our message beyond a Christian ecumenical thesis and go into reaching out to the people and the immigrants that may not be Christian as we define them, but they believe in traditional family values between men and women.
They believe in the American dream.
But they've just never discovered InfoWars or they've never discovered a lot of these messages.
It's our job to go out and bring them in, to recruit them.
We have to build numbers and make these people our people and cleanse them from the lies the Democrats have been saying, which is every white person is a racist.
We know that's a lie.
So I just want to encourage people.
We are winning.
We are going to advance.
Pray without ceasing.
And go to your local officials.
They stopped some of the most terror that they are doing on your children.
We're out of time.
I encourage people to go to our website Destroy-Cancer.com as well if you have cancers or tumors.
That's something that can be very helpful.
God bless you.
Thank you for supporting us.
God bless Alex Jones.
And I met him the other day.
He was already familiar with the show.
I'm really excited to invite him on the show tonight and invite him on the next few days.
And I'm here until Wednesday in Florida.
I'll be hosting the show.
And of course, Rodney Howard Brown, my pastor, I've said for 15 years, I love him.
Known him for around 10 years.
Each year was we had incredible day of just the most amazing church service
I've ever been in in my 49 years on earth.
We had Scott Bennett, former officer, PSYOP officer, US Army, ran major operations
around the world from Afghanistan to Iraq to Europe.
He was on with us, incredible guest, Scott Ritter, former head UN weapons inspector
is gonna be joining us.
And he was also one of the top advisors to Bush senior and others in Russia.
So he's a Russia expert, he's been in Russia.
But a lot of time there just got back or he may still be there.
I think he's just got back, but we'll talk to him in about 30 minutes from now.
So a jam packed hour, and then I'm gonna leave here in about 55 minutes or less.
And I'm gonna walk over about 100 feet into this big giant, well, it's either small or auditorium,
but it's still huge and beautiful.
For me, it looks huge.
And they've got a 10,000-person auditorium right here.
They've got a 4,000-person right there.
They've got like a 600-person or so right here.
We're going to have a night with Alex Jones.
He invited me.
It's going to be streamed out over all their feeds at revival.com.
What do you make of since I've been here since Tuesday?
I love it!
video on this very feat. So Sunday Night Live will be Owen introducing it and
then us for several hours giving short statements and speeches and then taking
your questions. So Pastor Howard great to have you here brother. Great to have you
in your own studio. It's good to be here, good to have you here. What do you make of
since I've been here since Tuesday? I love it. I feel like I'm home. Let me say
facilitating my friend is like facilitating a cat-farm hurricane.
It's like, you know.
But I think I've got it down pretty good.
I think I'm handling it okay.
You're doing a good job.
What great people are on here.
They're all phenomenal.
Everybody is.
We got Tom here.
He's a great guy.
Another great, passionate, really smart guy on popular talk shows.
Where do you want to begin with the craziness?
I have countless videos in mainline pedophile parades.
That's what they are, LGBTPS for Satan, literally now.
Literally saying, we're going to get your kids.
They belong to us.
It's their official chance.
We have the quote, gay city sponsored I think he's desperate.
He's totally desperate.
gonna get your kids we own them they're now showing up at city council or saying
we're gonna have sex with your kids what is going on the devil revealing himself
like this because if I was the devil I would still be more covert his greatest
trick was saying he didn't exist suddenly he says no target says we're
gonna cut Christians heads off we're gonna have sex with your children we're
a Satan cult these are quotes we're gonna rape your children what has
happened here I think it's desperate he's totally desperate I mean you can
see what's taking place.
He realizes that his time is short.
We're going to play the audio too in a moment.
We don't just tell you stuff, we're going to show it, though it's horrible.
He realizes his time is short, and he knows that the church is rising up, like which I always say.
So that's what Revelation tells us, is at the end the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short, so he's throwing a fit.
Except he's trying to preempt.
What God has already set in place.
He's trying to get the reign of Antichrist, but this is actually the time of the body of Christ.
So, I try to encourage everybody.
People say, is there enough time left?
I said, there's enough time for you to fulfill the mission God called you to.
Myself, Pastor Tom, and everybody that is involved in carrying the gospel around the world.
There's enough time.
By the way, I've been to Pentecostal churches, loved them as a kid, but never, never, you know, when they do the Holy Ghost thing, passed out.
Today, not during that part of the service, but during the part about the Great Commission, I literally, I had plenty of water, wasn't hot, it was great, felt great, I was so energized, so strong, I almost, almost fell down.
Well, I mean, there's times I actually hold onto the podium myself.
And I'm very happy I have it.
I can hold it.
Especially the big one in the sanctuary.
The other one, the middle one, is still fine.
Those other flimsy ones, they don't really help.
That was it!
I had to say, Holy Spirit!
You're about free will, back off a little, because I'm going to fall down.
Yeah, but you know what?
That's the problem.
That's why God, when he wants to move, he really wants to touch people, but people get afraid, and they just say, no, I can't lose control.
Instead of just giving the Lord total control, not be afraid, which will be fine.
You know what I mean?
I mean...
Yeah, maybe everybody's been shocked.
Oh my God, what's happened to Alex?
Well, I want you to come back on and talk about the Great Commission.
Yeah, that was powerful.
I was being literally enlisted.
I felt like that about 26 years ago, and I've been in my show a few Well, look, the only hope for what we're seeing happen is the gospel.
There's no other hope.
later night shows like 10 o'clock at night and I felt like I was signing on a
commission I was signing on to a mission and this today was like 10 times
stronger I was when I said yes I want to be signed on I want the commission it
was like boom I was like whoa I was like well look the only hope for what we've
seen happen is the gospel there's no other hope we can't out intellectualize
and out advertise and and and fight the the giant media or whatever
Without a move of the Spirit of God where the wind of heaven blows and begins to touch people, God can flip things around.
Now obviously, the Bible says in the last days, wicked men and evil men and seducers will wax worse.
So that's going to take place.
They're going to get worse and worse.
But the righteous are going to get more righteous.
And bolder.
And you're going to see there's more of a showdown coming.
Light and darkness and stuff like that.
And of course, I mean, I was the first one, as you know, in 150 years to get arrested because I kept the church open.
And, you know, everybody thought I was crazy, but I'm not crazy.
I just know what's coming.
And, um, we prepared, you know, to get arrested again.
And I loved your sermon today about the Davos group, because I read that last year and kind of forgot about it.
The Davos group said, our main enemy is the churches and three things that stand in the way of their new lockdowns and forced ejections.
So, literally, you got to get to the spirit.
So, so, the number one thing, they don't want the church praying, and they say we're going to attack tongues, because they don't want people praying with power, a hotline to heaven.
So we're going to attack tongues.
If you speak in tongues, you're a cult.
If you believe in healing and miracles, you are a cult.
Because we don't want people getting healed because then they won't need our vaccines.
And then number three, if you believe in prosperity and blessing in heaven, you're a cult.
And I can't believe that ministers actually went to Davos Signed on to that, came back, told their whole denominations, we're against tongues, we're against healing, and we're against prosperity.
When I heard that, I told our church, okay, we believe in tongues, the baptism of the Holy Spirit speaking out of the tongues, we believe in healing, miracles, signs, and wonders, and we believe in prosperity, but now we're gonna over-emphasize it.
But don't you get, you're being too humble here.
You were the first major preacher.
It was a huge international story.
They arrested you, blew up in their face.
They had to back off.
You encouraged all these preachers around the world, including in Africa, as you said, to not be under the lockdown.
They're directly talking about you.
Basically, they want... No, no, they talk about me by name.
They're talking about you, I know.
Well... That makes me so proud.
They think like, we're gonna get you.
I'm not like an arrogant person, but I want my John Hancock to be the biggest.
Because when they signed that, that was a death warrant to have your name the biggest.
They were like, Look at that arrogant guy.
Well, if I'm gonna put my life on the line, I'm gonna say I'm all in.
Yeah, well, the Attorney General then had me arrested as a Soros-paid hack.
So he was put here by Soros.
And where is he now?
So, tell me about Tom Lightly.
So, Pastor Tom Lightly passes Foundation Church in what he's moved.
I mean, he actually took over one of these woke churches that was empty and he bought the whole property.
His building exploded.
He was running about 150 people and then he wouldn't shut down.
I only got to meet him because he was ranting against the whole system that had me arrested, and he has his own talk show, and the church has exploded.
It's run a thousand people.
No, I've seen the show.
It's good.
So, this is Pastor Tom Lightfoot.
Pastor Tom.
What was amazing to me was I actually, because Alex is good friends with Joe Rogan, I noticed that Joe Rogan saw the book of Revelation unfolding before the evangelical church did.
That was what was truly amazing to me.
I sat and watched Joe Rogan say, this is the, I mean, he publicly acknowledges that he's not a believer.
Maybe he's going that way now.
I hope he is.
But he publicly acknowledges, you know what, I don't really, you know, follow Christianity.
He actually kind of mocks it at times.
But then he says, you know what, this is a little scary.
This is the book of Revelation unfolding right before our very eyes.
And what, you know, for me, it's all about This entire, the globalist, bourgeois, leftist, elitist, leveraging us into a one world commerce system with many different tactics.
A one world commerce system with a singular access point.
Control by tyranny and all these things, whether it's gun grab and climate change, vaccines, vaccine passports, transgenderism is all to leverage us into that one world commerce system where they give you the access.
They either take it from you or they give it to you.
And it's all a matter of whether we'll stand on it.
Also lawlessness, which we're seeing happen with Alex.
You know, the lawlessness that is trying to ruin you, which it won't, by the way.
I keep looking to my left, because Alex is there, but it won't ruin you.
And I just, I think of the, I think of the verses, and Alex, you talked about this at the very beginning.
Let no, it's in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, starting in verse 3, and running through verse 8.
It says, let no one deceive you by any means, for that day will not come, the return of the Lord.
That day will not come unless the falling away comes first.
Nobody on planet Earth, outside of here at the River Church, down in North Port with me, Jonathan Sheldon's Worth in Pittsburgh, and a few other people are actually even recognizing what we're going through right now.
Most evangelical churches today are preaching about, you know, love again for the 47th time, accommodation, acceptance, whatever it may be.
And nobody's actually preaching against the Antichrist spirit.
And that's why we got to have Alex Jones.
I've always called Pastor Rodney the Alex Jones of Evangelical Christianity.
We've got to have, now, Alex Jones be Alex Jones in Evangelical Christianity.
Well, this should be the greatest moment for real Christianity right now.
World government, ESGs, Mark of the Beast, Open Satanism, all of it fulfilled.
And I've been to like 10 churches in Austin trying to find one.
None of them will talk about it.
And they all know probably what's going on, but it's too scary.
Well, then you won't tell people what's actually happening when this is the greatest moment of truth right now.
But don't worry, it's gonna get so bad, nobody's gonna be able to deny it.
You're gonna get on your knees to Satan, and sign your children over, or you're gonna join Christ.
It's easy.
Well, you know, the thing is that actually Jesus spoke about it in Matthew chapter 24.
And he said, at that time, many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other.
Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.
Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.
That's Matthew 24, 10 through 13.
And they won't actually recognize.
People will put a mark on their right hand or on their forehead and attend church that Sunday.
They actually will not recognize because it's like you said Alex, nobody is actually preaching the gospel to these people.
Nobody is actually telling them this is the Antichrist spirit.
Most people in the church cannot decipher between the Holy Ghost and the Prince of the Power of the Air.
They actually cannot.
They actually believe that it's loving to put a mask on.
They believe that it's loving to lock down, to stand six feet apart, that if I basically a Pfizer executive made Scott Gottlieb made up out of thin air as part of Trump's COVID response task force.
But the thing is, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end.
You have to let your yes be yes and your no be no.
You have to be able to recognize this is the Prince of the Power of the Air, or this is the Holy Ghost.
And one of those tactics, and I have to bring this up to you, is the verses that I was reading
to you out of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, starting in verse 8.
"Let no one deceive you, for that day will not come unless the falling away comes first.
And a man of sin has revealed the son of perdition.
The man of sin has revealed the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that
is called God or that is worshipped."
Now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time, for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.
And that's what's happening with you.
Basically, what they're doing now, whether it's Alex Jones, which is a civil lawsuit, but they'll come after you criminally if they can.
Whether it's the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.
Lawlessness is one of those tactics.
Of the globalist, one world, leverage you into a one world currency.
And when you think of lawlessness and robbery on the street, you mean the courts being lawless?
Correct, correct.
It's actually both.
They're institutionalizing lawlessness on the streets.
Where you have, you know, if you just look at any, whether it's Portland, whether it's Seattle, whether it's Washington, D.C., they just tried to get General Flynn and his civil lawsuit to be heard in Washington, D.C., and they defeated that in court, so they're keeping it in Florida.
The reason why they want it in Washington, D.C., or whether they want it in Austin, Texas, is you have a blue court, A blue jury, a blue grand jury, a blue judge, a blue prosecutor, a blue jury pool, a blue jurisdiction.
You have absolutely no choice.
And the juries are another form of voting, like grand juries.
They're rigging it all.
So, here's an incredible example.
Three months ago, the Davos group in Dubai, with all the major world leaders, has a world government summit.
It's called World Government.
And they announce, we, Naval Harari, who is their high priest, and Pasquam Sey, We don't believe in God.
These are quotes, but we're about to be gods.
And you will join our AI system or you will be destroyed.
They said the future is not human.
These are actual quotes.
And Elon Musk knows the scripts flipping against him.
Whether he's good or bad, he's at least trying to publicly say he's against it.
We can debate why.
He said no.
We need to have firewalls in different countries, different systems.
We don't want a world government.
That's tyranny.
You have to make people do what you want to do that.
So we have open world government saying you will have an AI controlled ESG score, global central bank digital currency system that tracks where you go, what you do.
And if you don't submit to us politically, And do what we say.
They can always move the goalposts, which they will.
We will take your right to buy and sell and live away.
That is literal manifestation of the book of Revelation in your face.
And I have been to dozens of churches the last two years.
In Austin, none of them are talking about it.
Literally the fulfillment in your face 2,000 plus years later.
People think Alex Jones was right.
Alex Jones predicted it while it was happening.
That wasn't hard.
But no, God told you thousands of years ago exactly.
So, I'm nothing.
That's like Alex Jones predicts stuff.
I'm reading their own battle plans and telling what's going to happen and they do it.
It'd be like if I had the enemy's football, you know, if I had the playbook.
And then I was broken into their radio frequency and hear their columnist play.
You know, that goes on the NFL TV.
I'm not psychic because I've broken into their feed and I've got their playbook.
That's what Alex Jones did to the globalists.
God told you thousands of years before what they would do.
They're doing exactly what God said.
And we just sit back and the church is silent.
That's right.
Yeah, they don't they don't even know I mean that's that's all then because nobody has preached it and that really I've been hearing you preach the Bible for a long time you you reference it and you've been you've been predicting but who opposes and exalts himself which you're talking about Noah Harari opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worship.
He says I don't believe in God.
I'm gonna be a God.
That's right.
He sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God, which is the abomination of desolation.
So this, we see it unfolding, but no Christians, Christians don't consider it to be love.
Talk about abomination of desolation.
This is key.
When they start saying, there was no God, but now there is a God and it's me.
That's right.
And that's how you know.
When you see these people that are actually, whether it's Noah O'Reilly or many others, coming up and they're now setting themselves up as AI gods.
Where they can see everything.
They want to be omnipresent.
Elon said three years ago, beware of those that say they're AI gods.
That's right.
Because he's been around these people.
What do you think has happened with Elon?
Do you think he's double playing?
My opinion about Elon Musk is that I think he's, and sometimes I think he's a pragmatist where he just wants to, he wants to be successful, he wants to reach all areas, he wants to reach evangelicals.
I agree, he wants full spectrum Donald.
He's trying to be, he's trying to do that, but he's too much, he's too engrossed with the CCP, there's too much money involved with the CCP and Tesla.
I, you know, I don't, I don't fully trust him, but I think there's hope with him.
I agree though, CCP, nothing like he was, The second coming was very creepy two weeks ago.
Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, I hope, I hope Elon does well.
There's still a lot, I mean, you know, putting Yacarino in charge of Twitter.
I mean, yeah, I mean, you're looking at a W-E-F.
What do you think about all this, Patrick?
Well, I think, I think Elon is from South Africa.
I'm from South Africa, so I think Elon sees things a little differently.
Obviously, I'm not into this whole go live on Mars.
The last thing I want to do is leave the Earth.
There ain't no way I'm going to go live on some red planet with no water and ocean in the atmosphere.
I'm staying on the planet.
I want to see palm trees and green and some golf courses.
I'm not interested.
I'm not interested in some red planet.
So, but that's what he wants to do.
Bottom line, I mean, I think he's a genius, but I think he also realizes that Americans are being smoked.
And I mean, I don't think you go just drop 46 billion to buy a media company for free speech if you didn't believe that people should have free speech.
So, for that, I'm happy.
How long we have it, we'll see.
We are pushing envelope.
I mean, I slam it all the time, even though my whole following on Twitter has been choked.
You know, they've kept me at a level.
Although, from the time Elon took over, I think I was stuck at about 50,000.
I think I'm sitting at over 60,000 now, 67,000, whatever as well.
Are you still having to dig out the people in there that control it?
Basically, yeah.
So, no, I mean, I pray for Elon.
I pray for him much that, you know, I pray he doesn't go take the first trip to Mars and then go blow himself up.
You know, we don't, we don't kind of need that like the guys last week with the Titanic.
But who knows, as I said on my show this morning, How do we know they really went?
What do you make of Biden?
Because everybody can look at the Kirby clip and the others, where now the media is allowed to attack.
So I don't like Biden, I don't like Kirby, I don't like any of them, but they're allowed to attack now to get Biden out and clear the way for Big Mike or Gavin Newsom.
What do you think about that?
I mean, I personally wish that he'd just run another four years and stay in office.
I think, to me, I mean... He's discrediting him.
Basically, that's what they do.
Zero McCarthy, don't interrupt your enemy when they're destroying themselves.
Yeah, but I mean, Biden really is only doing what his handlers are telling him to do.
So he's actually a harmless old guy.
He should really just be in a home.
You know?
I mean, if Don Rickles got ahold of Joe Biden and said, hey, Joe, I called the home, they said your room will be ready next Thursday.
So, I feel sorry for, I feel sorry for, because it's like elder abuse.
And I'm not, I'm not pushing up all the crimes and all the stuff that's been happening, but I mean, the crime... He's not home, he's...
He's basically a walking zombie.
Yeah, like the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor.
I don't think the elevator works with Biden.
It's not like he's a fork short of a set.
There's no utensils here.
I mean, I watch his full speech now.
It's all bumbling, insane asylum.
But I love that.
I mean, to me, that's like entertainment.
Oh, you're a saint.
I mean, if you think about it, let's say he made total sense.
And let's say he was doing what he was doing, then what do you do?
No, I agree.
Like, look at Obama.
Obama was the great orator and whatever.
And we said, you gotta be kidding me.
Now we got a bungling.
No, I agree.
What else is on your radar?
What do you think about, Tom, or you, Pastor, what about just the Russia thing and all this craziness?
Well, you know, for me, when it comes to, you know, what's happening, what's happening in Russia, you know, It was.
To me, it was it was it was all it was all predicted, you know.
You know, a while, you know, a while ago, I mean, you know, if you if you see the, you know, the the various interweavings, I guess it's hard to actually have a have a beginning in it.
If you look at if you're going with Ukraine and Russia right now, if you look at the interweavings with, you know, Hunter Biden with metabiota inside of and inside of inside of Russia, this was I mean, inside of the Ukraine.
It was basically to me all coming out and this is all basically a cover up for the various
interests inside of Ukraine.
Whether it's the Biden's.
They couldn't afford to lose Ukraine because it would bring down Obama and the CIA.
Using Ukraine for decades as their money laundering piggy bank.
Yeah, yeah.
People know about Israel where a lot of money laundering goes on for the West.
I said it should be investigated but Ukraine's one of the biggest places this is going on.
All right, Tom, how do people find your work?
We found, first of all, you can find me anywhere.
Foundation Church, North Port, Florida.
That's really where I'm based out of.
Tom Lively Podcast.
You can just type it in anywhere.
It'll pop up.
That's LAIPPLY.com.
Join me again before I leave Wednesday afternoon on the show.
Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thank you so much.
Rod Shotgun with us, alright?
No, we're going to have fun tonight.
It's going to be awesome.
Well, don't leave yet.
We've got 30 more minutes of Scott Ritter, the former head of the U.N.
and Web of Inspectors, coming on.
We're going to talk to you more, and then we're in in 35 minutes or so.
I'm going to do this big special night.
It'll be streamed at Infowars.com and Revival.com, and you're going to put out on all these different satellites.
Yeah, we're on the normal satellite feeds that we are normally on.
This place is like the good Death Star.
It looks like the Death Star around here.
Storm trippers, everything.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
I'm here at the incredible International Media Complex.
Crowds of thousands and thousands today to hear Pastor Rodney Howard Brown speak.
And earlier, we had a great analyst on Scott Bennett, Army psychological warfare expert, run major operations, laying out his take on what really just happened yesterday, that incredibly dangerous, in my view, fiasco.
In Russia in in in Western Russia, but we could not have a more prominent expert Who worked on the anti-nuclear treaties, weapons treaties, one of the chief negotiators, chief military guys on the ground.
He was in the head UN weapons inspector in Iraq that exposed they were lying about WMDs, trying to stop that war.
He is Scott Ritter, former marine intelligence officer.
I won't go over his bios, it'll take too long, but we cannot have a better guess.
He's predicted everything that's coming true.
Real Scott Ritter on Twitter, ScottRitterExtra.com.
He wrote excellent articles, really, when this whole typical coup started 48 hours ago or 40 hours ago, predicting what would happen, that it would round out, that Purgosian would give up, that it was a desperate gambit to get all these outside groups to join him.
So was it a Western-backed coup, or was it just his ego?
It does weaken Putin.
Will this help end the war?
What does all this mean?
And Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown is a founder of churches all over the world, major churches in Russia.
He's been to Russia many times.
I was on the phone with him this morning.
I was talking to his Russian churches.
They said this has made Putin stronger, this happening.
I kind of see it making him weak of his pregotion he let do this.
Well, here's what they're saying.
They're saying Putin let him flush out so that everyone could see who was disloyal.
And that's what they said, that Putin was a strategist.
He told me, he said, they were in the city yesterday.
He said it was like a normal day in Moscow.
There were tanks and stuff like that.
But he said the majority of the people are behind Putin.
So how can he be getting weaker if the majority of people are behind him?
What he did, he allowed the guy to play his hand and now the guy is shot.
And then he could also, it could expose the people that are loyal So, and then they're going to be dealt with.
I mean, that's the thing.
Like you said, he's going to Belarus now, but how, if he's going to live, who knows what the story is going to be.
But the bottom line is, I mean, this was from a key pastor in the city of Moscow, and he's been there for many years.
So he just told me, when I summed it up to him, he said, boy, you got the thing right.
But we'd already been talking about it.
So I knew that You know, what was taking place.
I was actually just reading, just... Yeah, read it to us.
We'll go to Scott Ritter.
This is incredible, because you, again, you were South African when the Soviets were there.
Let me just tell the network something.
You guys are running a feed of me ranting into my ear.
And I love you to death.
Can you check the board and just stop that feed to me?
Kind of ignored it for two minutes, but I...
I can't do it anymore.
Okay, so, so, maybe it's from here.
I don't know.
It could be us running.
It's no big deal.
Why are we running the pre-roll, guys?
All this put together is so complex.
We're lucky we're even on air.
All right, but listen here, sir.
I'm not sure who this person is, but I was just reading this before we went on air.
It said, after the dust started to settle, the noise faded.
Let me give you my view.
This person is obviously from that area.
Bregozhin tried to seize power.
He prepared for this for a few months.
He lied about the amount of ammo provided so he could stockpile for his coup.
He waited for the offensive to start so the Russian army is focused on stopping the enemy.
Then he struck.
He spread the news about the Russian army collapsing.
That's because he wanted a retreating Russian army and a nation looking for someone to blame.
If the defensive lines would have broken, the usual doomers would have all been outraged and many people would have been looking for someone responsible, like the last autumn.
In that situation, Prokhorjian would step up and lead his Wagner heroes to stabilize the nation.
A savior, a man that recuses the day, or rescues the day.
But the Russian army held.
As the Ukrainian horde struck, the Russians fought, dug in, refused to retreat or break.
The air force worked around the clock.
intelligence was good and high-ranking Russian generals were in forward observation points
exactly where the Ukrainians attacked, commanded the battle and the defense Russians and reinforcements
were ready, they counted where it was needed, the Ukrainians were smashed again and again.
So, Vlastav Tkacup Rogozhin was already committed, he was afraid of the leaks from his people,
was afraid of the Russian FSB, which spread him out, so he had to move, he had to start his grotesque
He struck at a precise moment when all defenders of the motherland were holding back the enemy beyond their backs.
Is this what the passers see?
No, no, this is what I just saw on the internet, so I'm just reading.
He made a fake video, some stupid trample of forest that was supposed to be a missile
strike but the forest was green and not scorched.
Another missile strike was presented but the crater was not round but square with two fires
lit up at the bottom of the square.
It convinced almost no one.
But at this point there was no turning back for progression.
He spread the information about pogrom on the front lines that the Russian army had
lost enormous territory.
Let's go back to this because I want to get your take on it.
Scott Ritter just got back from Russia, he's in New York, former head UN weapons inspector.
You were there getting these peace treaties, getting anti-nuclear weapons treaties done
so you're a Russian expert.
What do you make of what's going on?
I think Russia had a problem that Machiavelli spoke about when he...
Back in the day, he said, don't align yourself with mercenaries.
You know, Wagner was created in 2014 to do a specific task.
That was to facilitate the provision of military training, equipment, and some supervision to the ethnic Russian resistance against the Ukrainian nationalists that seized power through the Maidan revolution in February 2014.
It could do that because the soil that they're operating on wasn't Russia.
You know, Russian law prohibits a private military contractor from operating on Russian soil.
When these territories were annexed by Russia in September of last year, after the referendum, the Wagner Group no longer had a legal basis to operate on.
This was problematic.
Now, they were heavily engaged in combat, Uh, and so the Russians allowed this to continue until the battle for Bakhmut was finished.
But the Russian government made it clear that Wagner was going to have to comply with the law, which means that the day of this independent mercenary force was over.
They would have to sign contracts, get absorbed in the Ministry of Defense, etc.
Purgosian is one of the owners, took umbrage at this.
It would lose him a money-making machine, plus he had You know, he had elevated Wagner's status.
They were superheroes in Russia.
You know, prior to this fiasco, every major city in Russia had billboards up there advertising Wagner for recruiting.
The Wagner group was held on a higher level than even the Russian army, you know, treated as heroes, the heroes of Bokhmut, etc.
And so I think Pugoshin believed that this was, The Russian government, the Ministry of Defense, was conspiring against him.
And so he concocted this coup.
There's every reason to believe that Pugosin's actions were linked to specific actions of the Ukrainian government and indeed the collective West, in particular British intelligence.
Whether or not Pugosin was controlled by them.
So you're saying he may have been coordinating?
Are you saying that he may have been coordinating with them?
Well, what we do know is this, that British intelligence was briefing the Prime Minister several weeks ago about Purgosian's planned coup.
They knew about it.
The CIA briefed Congress about the coup.
They knew about it.
The British coordinated with the Ukrainians to go into an operational pause, if you remember that happened a couple days ago, and wait until the coup started.
The goal of the coup was to compel The Russians to withdraw troops from the front line, and then the Ukrainians would then go on the attack.
The British had coordinated this.
The British are telling Zelensky to pause, to wait.
So, they're acting as if there was coordination.
Now, this could just be good intelligence, and Prokhorin didn't realize that he was being used in this fashion.
Or Prokhorin, who exhibited all the red flags that one would expect of somebody who is susceptible to being recruited.
anger, narcissism, greed.
He had business dealings that had collapsed in St.
He was desperate for money.
So all of the things suggest that he was susceptible to recruitment.
There's no proof of that yet, but we do know that the United States
and Great Britain were aware of this coup and were coordinating military actions in response to this.
And we also know that Purgosian began reading from a Ukrainian script
as soon as he announced this coup.
He started spouting out nonsense about the line collapsing, excessive debt,
everything he could say to demoralize the Russian troops.
And the Russian military lied.
The war was wrong.
I mean, clearly he was literally spouting a NATO line.
This is insane.
100% insane.
So now he starts his adventure.
I also believe that he was Again, in contact with oligarchs who are operating out of London under control of British intelligence.
Whether or not Purgosian understood what was happening, again, we don't know.
I'm sure we will find out.
But he was led to believe that if he initiated this march on Moscow, that Russian generals and Russian politicians would rally around his cause.
This reminds me of Kennedy being told, this reminds me of Kennedy being told, Bay of Pigs and the Cubans will join us.
That's the setup.
It's like, go try this, see what happens.
So he started, and what he found is the exact opposite.
Everybody rallied around Putin.
And here's the important thing.
Now, people talk about this negotiated settlement between Prigozhin and Lukashenko, the president of Belarus.
Let's just be realistic about this.
Prigozhin went into Russia with about 4,000 to 5,000 guys, not 25,000, 4,000 to 5,000.
They were in convoys on major highways, which means they had a limited predictable axis of advance.
Their vehicles needed fuel, so if they began maneuvering, they would run out of fuel, then he would be stuck with no ability to maneuver.
Limited ammunition, limited food.
This is a recipe for disaster if there's any resistance.
And Putin had stood up. I mean, the speech Putin gave, and this is
why I don't buy into the Game of Thrones stuff.
Everybody talking about this master game, this clever thing.
First of all, superpowers don't play Game of Thrones.
Superpowers are supposed to be stable. Putin just came from the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,
where hundreds of billions of dollars of contracts for foreign investment in Russia were signed.
These people signed those contracts because, A, the Russian economy is booming,
and, B, they believe that Putin had created a very stable environment for investment.
So why would Putin sacrifice hundreds of billions of dollars of contracts
to demonstrate to the world that Russia is a banana republic?
Because only banana republics have mercenary armies launch a run on the capital with an armed insurrection.
This is not normal.
And Putin is about normal.
If you saw the anger in Putin's speech, he was furious.
This wasn't a game.
He was very upset about what had happened and he had taken the gloves off.
You know, Pugoshin was confronted with the fact that there was about 2,000 Russian special forces assembling south of Moscow who were getting ready to engage the lead elements of his convoys and 10,000 Chechen Ahmad Special Forces just surrounded Rostov and we're awaiting the orders to go in and clean Wagner out.
Prigozhin was told the gambit's up, nobody's rallying to your cause, you're going to die.
To avoid bloodshed, We will allow you to withdraw.
We won't arrest you, but you're done.
You're going into permanent exile in Belarus.
Wagner will be dismantled.
The people who supported you, we won't prosecute, but they're not going to be able to serve.
The people that didn't, and remember, the vast majority of Wagner did not support this.
They were in their barracks, or they were misled into participating, thinking that they were actually securing the border from Ukrainian attack.
They will be allowed.
This is all genius.
You gotta come back on tomorrow.
Hold on.
You gotta come back.
Incredible analysis.
The best analysis out there.
But big picture for folks who aren't a former head, you know, weapons inspector like you.
What does this mean?
What does the West do?
Because they were all hyping it and saying, oh, we're going to take the sanctions off Wagner.
And now they're not.
And the West was celebrating it.
Now they're deflated.
Big picture.
You know, talk to me like I'm five years old.
Because when it comes to these subjects, you know, you're smarter than me on this.
What does this signify?
Does this strengthen Putin?
I mean, because this comes on the heels of the Ukrainian offensive being smashed.
That's confirmed.
They admit that.
Even CNN says a week ago, Ukrainian offensive smashed, Putin winning, and now we're told this weird fizzle coup that a bunch of tanks started driving up a road and stopped.
I mean, this is pathetic.
Look, NATO is assembling next month on the 11th for a summit.
This was supposed to be their miracle.
This was something that the intelligence services of the United States and Great Britain had been planning for weeks, if not months.
This was the Hail Mary.
This was the Hail Mary.
This was the Hail Mary, and it fizzled, it thumped.
Putin is stronger.
There were no defections.
The Russian army held fast on the front lines.
The Ukrainians have resumed their attacks.
They're being slaughtered on the front lines.
NATO has no plan B. So, this is a disaster for NATO.
This makes Putin stronger.
But again, I just want to point out that this was very embarrassing for him because it made him look like a banana republic.
No, I agree.
I said that first hour.
I said, is this a defeat for Putin when he said he would prosecute Purgosian, now let him go to Belarus?
Or does this make Putin stronger?
And I'm not, I want this war to end.
I'm an American, just like you.
Like you said, you're a Marine.
We got a war with Russia, you're going to win.
But they're not attacking us.
There's Chinese spies that own Hollywood.
We're being infiltrated by the globalists.
It's Target trying to keep sex to my kids.
If Putin did that, he'd be my enemy.
And I just want to be friends with Russia.
I don't want to de-escalate this.
Where do you see this going, Scott Ritter?
Because you're probably the smartest guy in the room when it comes to this.
Look, I continue to believe that Russia will achieve a strategic victory over the Ukrainian military by the end of this summer, early fall.
The Ukrainians cannot continue to sustain the casualties that they're currently suffering on the battlefield.
And there's nothing in the pipeline to replace the equipment and the manpower that they're losing.
But then, you know, how Russia resolves this politically is yet to be announced.
The suggestion is that Russia will destroy the Ukrainian army, seize control of the Russian territories, and then push the Ukrainian army back another 100, 150 kilometers to keep them out of range of Russian territories.
But then the question is, then what?
And I don't have an answer for that because the Russian government hasn't isn't showing its cards, nor should it. I mean, they don't
work for Scott Ritter, they don't work for Alex Jones. And so they're keeping
their cards closely held.
I do believe that Russia is interested in a negotiated settlement, that they would be
reasonable to an extent, meaning they're not going to give up Russian territory,
they're not going to give up their security, but they're not going to demand the end of Ukraine.
They would ask Ukraine not to be part of NATO.
They just don't want Ukraine joining NATO.
Remember, Scott, just a year ago, it was a conspiracy theory that NATO wanted them to join NATO-Ukraine.
Now they admit they want to join Ukraine.
The one Russian thing they said, the West didn't deal from a position of reality.
They said, oh, we don't want Ukraine.
Now they say, no, we want to fast-track Ukraine.
Fast track Ukraine.
Again, this is insanity.
The stated objective of the United States is the strategic defeat of Russia.
Russia has said that if they suffer a strategic defeat, that's an existential threat to their survival, and they can use nuclear weapons in response.
So our policy of seeking to defeat Russia strategically, even though we're going to fail, people need to understand... Is to push Russia into a nuclear war.
Yeah, we'd be dying.
That's exactly what our policy is, and it's insane.
Pastor, you're here, you make a lot of great points.
What do you make of this point in time in history?
You know, I think it's an exciting time.
I think it's what we've been talking about, what the Bible predicts.
I think, well, this is the greatest hour to be alive.
I mean, I would rather live now than any other time in history.
I think we were handpicked to be here.
I agree.
People say life is boring.
Scott Ritter, this is not a boring time to be alive, is it?
We've been struck by that old Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.
These are about the most interesting times there are.
Quick answer, please join us again soon.
You're an amazing researcher and brain.
Real Scott Ritter on Twitter, ScottRitterExpert.com.
And people can find your book and more at ScottRitterExpert.com.
What do you think the West is really thinking?
Because I saw the hype, defeat of Putin, embarrassment.
I played Devil's Advocate, I can see it makes people look weak at one level.
But at the end of the day, he just defeated their main gambit, their desperate Hail Mary.
What is the West really thinking right now?
Because they just slaughtered the Ukrainian offensive.
No, the West is desperate.
The bottom line is that the West is going to abandon Ukraine because it's unsustainable to keep with Ukraine.
And then they're going to try and get the best deal they can from Putin in terms of trying to secure some sort of new European security framework.
They failed all over.
The effort to destroy the Russian economy through sanctions has failed.
The Russian economy is stronger today than it has ever been.
They failed militarily, and they're failing politically.
NATO is fractured.
The European Union is fractured.
So I think you're going to see increasing desperation on the part of Europe to find a peaceful off-ramp off this conflict at the United States.
Yeah, they've blown up pipelines.
They've run coups against nuclear power.
What else can they do?
I don't ever underestimate the New World Order.
These globalists are crazy.
They're never held to account because they hide behind the policy makers.
Putin's actually out there.
The buck stops with him.
Love him or hate him, at least it stops with him.
The globalists get to hide.
But, I mean, what else will they pull then?
Because, what can they do, Scott?
And I'm gonna let you go in a minute.
I think the next thing on the agenda will be some sort of attack on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant to try and create the fear of a Three Mile Island, Chernobyl-type nuclear catastrophe.
I agree, a false flag.
A nuclear false flag.
Well, stop it.
In your own words, interrupt it.
Your warning of a nuclear false flag.
I'm warning that Ukraine is going to attack the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in order to create a nuclear crisis that they will then use to try and get a United Nations peacekeeping force to take control of that facility and this will bring about, you know, a cessation on the front.
Russia will never go for it.
Russia's ahead of the game on this.
Look, if we haven't learned one thing, Russia's smarter than Europe and they're smarter than the United States. They're
five steps ahead. This Purgosian thing was an embarrassment. I think it's one of the few times that
Putin has gotten off on the bad foot, but they've quickly recovered. And I think Russia has a
game plan. They're executing it and the West is playing catch up and they're running out of time. They're
not going to be able to catch up.
Well, I just hope we can do business with Russia and have organic farms and business and oil and
move forward, not blow each other up.
Scott Ritter, incredible information.
Real Scott Ritter on Twitter.
Tell folks briefly about your book.
Well, the book is Disarming the Time of Perestroika, Disarmament or Arms Control on the End of the Soviet Union.
It's about the implementation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, the first ever nuclear reduction treaty.
It also was the first time we used inspectors on the ground, on soil.
So I was one of the first inspectors working In the Soviet Union, you know, the 1980s were a very dangerous time.
We came close to nuclear conflict several times.
Today, people say, how do we get off this relationship, this bad relationship?
How do we solve this problem?
And I say, read the book because it's a template of hope.
We did it once before through the vehicle of arms control.
And we could do it again if we just make arms control our top policy.
Instead of trying to seek the strategic defeat of Russia, we should be seeking strategic cooperation to reduce the threat of nuclear war.
And I believe that would be the best policy possible.
Scott, glad you're back.
Very dangerous trip.
I know.
Thank you so much.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you.
Pastor, we got a minute and a half before we go to break, and we're going to come back.
Owen's going to take over about 10-15 minutes, and we're going to do an over two-hour live program here.
Yeah, we have to go live in there right now.
No, no, we're about to leave.
So, Owen Troyer on my feed is about to do a few minutes, and he'll grab your feed.
Your feed's at Revival.com.
Everybody can find it right there.
Or RevivalTV.com.
We're going to break in one minute.
I'm on YouTube or Rodney and Donna Cameron on Facebook until I finish the offering and
then you and I do things.
We'll go with those two but we'll be on revivalpb.com.
We're going to break in one minute.
Say a 60 second prayer for hopefully for peace.
Father I pray for each and every person watching.
Many are concerned about tomorrow, what's going to take place.
But Father, we know that if they have given their life to you, that there can be a peace.
And I pray even now, those that are watching, just pray this off to me.
Say, Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart.
Forgive me of my sin.
Watch me in your blood, and I confess you as my Lord and my Savior.
And from this night, I give my life to you, and I will serve you.
Now, Father, I pray for each person that prayed that prayer, that you'll lead them, you'll guide them by your Spirit, you'll protect them.
It doesn't matter what's taking place in the world, because your people, your hand is upon your people, and I thank you for supernatural protection upon your people as they serve you and obey you.
In Jesus' name, amen.
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