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Name: 20230623_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 23, 2023
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics including President Biden's mistake during the Indian National Anthem, the sinking of the "Titan" submarine, James Cameron's statement on the incident, and the failure of the Ukrainian NATO offensive. He also talks about an analysis of the submarine incident, the Biden impeachment resolution that passed the House, Hunter Biden's laptop with incriminating evidence against the Biden family, Gavin Newsom visiting the White House as a potential successor for Joe Biden, and Dr. Peter Hotez calling for Homeland Security to arrest people who question COVID-19 vaccines. Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis discusses 10 movies that reveal the New World Order and the technocratic takeover, including "Eyes Wide Shut," "They Live," "A Clockwork Orange," and Oliver Stone's films in the 80s and 90s. InfoWars products like toothpaste made without fluoride and fillers are promoted.

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So the Navy knew, and the Navy incident commander said it was instantly reported to Navy headquarters, which was then reported on at the chain.
So while Biden and the rest of them said we have no idea what's going on, certainly Biden doesn't ever know what's going on, but the people under them knew that the submarine had disappeared.
It's radio link, it's text link,
We're good to go.
You're incredibly strong, pure titanium or something.
No, they did it out of carbon fiber, which I thought carbon's bad, but it was a plastic submarine, ladies and gentlemen.
And so they went down their plastic submarine with their little plastic joystick.
And the owner said, we don't like to hire white men because they're bad.
That's OK.
Well, whatever.
She had a bunch of white women and then bye bye submarine.
So very, very trendy.
We're very, very sad they're dead, if that's even true.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, June 23rd, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from beautiful Tampa, Florida, from the amazing studios of The River Church.
Find all the links to that at Revival.com.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown is right over here at one of my peanut galleries.
I actually have an in-studio audience.
They have illustrious
Illustrious patriots over here.
They better watch out because there's a popular talk show somewhere with them too.
I may have to draft them in here.
But hey, here's Biden.
Putting his hand over his heart for what he thinks is the national anthem.
It is the national anthem of India.
They don't put their hands over their hearts there.
Same thing in Russia, but we do it here.
But he doesn't know, of course, you're not supposed to put your hand over your heart for other people's anthems.
You do stand for them, which he is doing.
So you just hear somebody in his ear saying, hey Biden, listen, this is not our anthem.
No, no.
Lower it down slow.
Don't let anybody notice that you put your hand up.
You're in the wrong anthem.
You are a sly devil, you.
Oh, you are so smart.
The big guy.
So we gotta have some comic relief.
Okay, let's get really, really serious right now.
I have withheld judgment, and I could have easily on Sunday, and Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, come on the show and said what I thought about the Titanic sub.
The Titan.
That's now added a new attraction to that graveyard that people like to go visiting in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland.
But the fact that almost no one is buying the official story is interesting.
So I got mobbed the last three days.
When I say mobbed, I was staying in a hotel near Tampa, and I was having dinner with my folks yesterday, so the folks were with me, and we had
Literally half the restaurant come over and say, what's going on with the sub?
We don't believe it.
And I had to say, I don't know yet, but I've got a good idea.
And I'd already made up my mind of probably what was going on yesterday afternoon, but I still didn't talk about it on air.
Now I've had some time last night and today to really think about it and look at it.
And what we do know is we were lied to as usual.
And the Navy specifically has incredible sonar that covers all the major oceans of Earth, particularly that area in the Atlantic where all those Russian subs and things are and undersea cables.
And they have signature programs that tell them what type of craft it is just off of its movement from a great distance, but also they know what an implosion sounds like.
It's like a
Well, it is an explosion going off underwater, and they know what the sound of debris then hitting the bottom sounds like.
But it turns out they instantly knew that the sub had reportedly imploded Sunday when it was down near the Titanic.
Again, that's a heavily watched, heavily trafficked area of the Atlantic.
And they then also got the signature of its debris hitting the bottom.
So the Navy knew, and the Navy incident commander said it was instantly reported to Navy headquarters, which was then reported on a chain.
So while Biden and the rest of them said we have no idea what's going on, certainly Biden doesn't ever know what's going on, but the people under them knew that the submarine had disappeared.
It's radio link, it's text link,
We're good to go.
You incredibly strong pure titanium or something.
No, they did it out of carbon fiber, which I thought carbon's bad, but it was a plastic submarine, ladies and gentlemen.
And so they went down their plastic submarine with their little plastic joystick and the owner said we don't like to hire white men because they're bad.
That's okay.
Well, whatever.
She had a bunch of white women and then bye-bye submarine.
So very, very trendy.
We're very, very sad they're dead if that's even true.
But I'll give you my take on that.
They now officially admit the giant Ukrainian NATO offensive has failed.
We have huge news on so many big fronts today.
It's going to be a powerful transmission.
I want to welcome all the folks that are watching via The River at Revival.com.
Thank you for joining us on this live, original, teleprompter-free Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm coming to you from the west coast of beautiful Florida, which is turning deeper and deeper red every day.
Pastor Rodney Howard Brown's amazing
Church Complex and the International Media Center.
We are very, very blessed to be here.
And of course, their church is the river.
Plenty of parking, amazing security, great grounds.
I'll be here Sunday morning greeting people.
I'll be part of the service with Pastor Brown.
It kicks off at 9.30.
And then I'm going to do a special thing that he's invited me to hold an evening with Alex Jones.
And the doors open about 6 o'clock or so, but at 7 it's going to start.
It's going to go for three, four hours.
Over all the satellite feeds and video feeds at Revival.com.
We're going to link that up on InfoWars.com, so there's still time to load up the kinfolk and get in the Beverly Hillbillies vehicle, because we are kind of that great part of the country from Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana and Florida, of course, many other areas, and join us here at the river in Tampa.
Okay, I tried to do it as that little first segment, but I always want to mention what's coming up, and I normally get into like one or two of the stacks, and then don't mention the seven or eight other stacks.
In this case, seven or eight, usually about 30 stacks in my office, but I've only gone over about eight stacks today.
So let me go ahead and just do this for you.
Let me tell you what's coming up.
I'm going to break down what really happened with the submarine as best I can.
This will be the best analysis you're going to get with what we know, and we'll just cover the facts, but the facts as usual show the government lied to us just out of hand because it's what they do.
And so we're going to be going over that because people want to know.
I have gotten hundreds of texts, dozens of phone calls from friends and family, and have been asked at restaurants, in hotels, on the street, and by the beach.
I was walking on the beach last night for exercise and got stopped five times asking what happened with a submarine.
So you want submarine?
You're going to get submarine.
Coming up in the last segment of this hour, I'm going to talk for 11 minutes on the submarine that is now part of the graveyard attraction on the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.
And we're very, very sad for the folks.
Now, I'm just supposed to not question things.
I'll tell you, the general public thinks it didn't even happen.
And I'm going to tell you what I think really happened, and I think it's
About the best info you're gonna get.
That's part of this departmentalized system of deception.
I mean, we don't know.
But we do know it was used as a distraction from the Biden impeachment that passed the House.
Now on the committee for the official impeachment investigation to begin.
And it's a big distraction from all these whistleblowers that came out in the last three days.
From the IRS and from the FBI that indeed Hunter Biden was getting money from the Chinese, the Russians, the Ukrainians, anybody else that would give it to him.
And giving it to the big guy.
The big guy.
So we've got that news.
Breaking impeachment resolution to remove Joe Biden from office.
Passes the House floor.
We've got a whole stack on that.
Very, very important on the Biden crime family news and what I think is going to happen with that.
They're definitely getting him ready.
They even have Gavin Newsom now visiting the White House every few weeks.
And they're now saying how great he is at the White House as they prepare to take off the old blown tire and put on the new American Psycho 2.0.
He's in charge there to run up against Trump, who they plan to put in jail.
Trying to accelerate all these kangaroo trials against him.
We've got a lot of key information on that front coming up with Roger Stone.
Roger Stone will be joining us to cover so much important news for part of the next hour.
Harrison Smith will also be joining us as well in the third hour.
Jay Dyer does
The analysis of the New World Order from their own documents.
He does every Friday in the fourth hour.
And then Owen Schroeder can't do his show today.
Harrison Smith's doing it because he's in D.C.
in court right now.
Did absolutely nothing.
Was there with me trying to stop people going to the Capitol on video instead of getting an award.
He is facing years in prison.
So we'll get an update hopefully unless he's been clapped in irons from him sometime in the next hour.
I'm told he'll be getting out of court any minute now.
So, that political prisoner will be joining us, hopefully.
And then Alex Rosen is at it again.
He's a former college football player, but more importantly, that ties into the story, he's a giant lineman.
Looks like a Viking barbarian.
He went out to one of these events.
He's also a famous child predator capturer.
He literally hunts people.
He's gotten hundreds of them arrested on record.
He's credited with that.
Now going on confronting Peter Cotez.
Got big news on that.
And that, of course, went super viral in the last week.
Well, now he went to one of these vaccine-pushing events, and they attacked him for his speech.
A guy starts trying to choke him, so with one arm, he literally throws him 15 feet.
That's what a lineman does.
Literally just slaps at him and shoves him, and the guy goes flying like he was a ragdoll.
So, that's all coming up today.
Alex Rosen, Roger Stone, Harrison Smith, Jay Dyer, Political Prisoner, Owen Schroyer, and more here on the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to skip this network break so we have more time.
Let me tell you what else is coming up today because there's so much more.
I mentioned the vaccine SHIELD, Simon vaccine.
It's a DNA therapy, a very dangerous gene therapy.
Koba Jabs shill lord Peter Hotez.
He's like the mini me of Fauci.
Like Russian dolls.
I think Fauci's little.
There's another little guy in there.
Koba Jabs shill Peter Hotez attacks Alex Jones.
Claims he never took money from Big Pharma.
Now he's really jumped the shark on this one and he's playing a shell game.
Because we're going to break this down how they actually operate when we start the next segment.
But he's really stepped in here.
He says, I take money from Bill Gates and the NIH.
Well, that's the top.
They pay for policy.
And then the research is done, the dummy research that they've requested, the outcome they want.
And then that is given back to Big Pharma that then produces the poison and is given liability protection by the NIH and by the federal government and the 1996 law that Reagan wrongfully signed.
And then the money travels back to Bill Gates.
Hotez has a lot, when I say a lot of nerve, I mean he has a lot of nerve to sit up there and tell the world that I am making this up and that he is preposterous.
Sure, he's worth $35 million on record.
That's just what he shows on his taxes.
$35 million and the man is a pediatrician who runs a children's hospital, think guinea pigs.
And he thinks your shoulders be made to take the shots, but we put a compilation together out of Tucker Carlson's 15-minute program Last night.
It's clip three with Tucker playing clips of Hotez and and Responding to it, but it's just simply over-the-top incredible that That Hotez thinks were this dumb and is now really out of desperation to
Because there were hundreds of millions of views, just on Twitter alone, of Joe Rogan and RFK Jr exposing him, that now try to drag me in like, well Jones is even more attacked, so I'll just say, oh look, the crazy man over here, you know, Alex Jones is saying I'm bad.
I'm good, I'm good.
This is a guy, we're going to play the clip in a moment, it's the last in a series of clips we're about to see, where Peter Hotez says we need Homeland Security to arrest people that question these shots.
You cannot question me, I am science.
It's like when Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars says, I am the senate.
I mean, these guys are so arrogant and everything they said about the mask and the shots and all of it has been exposed.
We're going to go to this little 4 minute 53 second clip.
I'm going to come back and break down why this guy is so desperate and why this is such a major bellwether sea change moment.
Here it is.
It's all about mask compliance.
That's going to be absolutely critical.
Because if you don't have masks, remember this virus aerosolizes.
So even six feet is not enough.
It can go 17, 18 feet, several meters.
What we really have to do is have vaccine mandates in the schools.
We should have a rule that anyone who walks into a school over the age of 12 has to be vaccinated.
It's the nature of the anti-vaccine movement in this country.
It's somehow married now to far-right wing extremism and white nationalist groups.
Anyone who's unvaccinated and has been lucky enough to escape COVID, your luck is about to run out.
I call it anti-science aggression.
Coming from Senator Rand Paul, Senator Johnson, members of the House of Representatives, in addition to those two senators, are killers.
It's all about mask compliance.
We must have vaccine mandates for children.
Take the vaccine or you will die!
Anyone who disagrees with me is a white nationalist and a killer and probably an agent of Putin.
Do we say probably?
Let's revise that.
Certainly an agent of Putin.
Again, here is Dr. Peter Hotez.
We're starting to see now those same anti-vaccine messages that's coming out of the U.S.
and now we're finding it in Africa and Latin America.
And remember what the other reason we're seeing this
So according to British and U.S.
intelligence, anyone who disagrees with Dr. Peter Hotez is a disloyal American working to destabilize our democracy on behalf of Vladimir Putin.
Now, by comparison, never in his life has Bobby Kennedy Jr.
said anything half that demented.
But keep in mind, Peter Hotez claims to have a valid medical license.
He is allowed to treat patients.
After a while, even MSNBC viewers were going to have some questions about a guy who talks like that, and apparently some of them did.
As the lockdowns wore on, the population started to notice that many of the core claims the TV doctors were making were untrue.
You'd only need one shot.
If you got the shot, you would never get sick.
You would never pass the virus to others, and so on.
They said these things, as you know, again and again.
Ultimately, they were proven wrong.
But they never admitted it.
They just attacked the people who noticed.
Here's Dr. Peter Hotez calling for the Biden administration to arrest anyone who questions the COVID vaccine.
The Biden administration has to realize that anti-science is a killer, disinformation.
It's not even just disinformation.
This is an anti-science empire right now, and we need Homeland Security, we need the Justice Department.
We've really got to figure this out, and Health and Human Services will not be able to figure this out on their own.
It's not a medical problem.
It's a law enforcement problem.
They've doubted me!
Arrest them!
It's a horrifying outburst, if you think about it.
If you were on tape saying something like that, you would be deeply ashamed.
But Peter Hotez is not ashamed.
He's become even more grandiose.
Hotez has written a self-congratulatory new book called The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science.
A scientist's warning, as if he were a scientist.
Here's how Hotez describes himself in the book's promotional literature.
Quote, During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, one renowned scientist in his famous bowtie, appearing daily on major news networks such as MSNBC, NPR, and BBC, and others.
Dr. Peter J. Hotez often went without sleep, working around the clock to develop a non-profit COVID-19 vaccine and to keep the public informed.
During that time, he was one of the most trusted voices on the pandemic and was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his selfless work.
He also became one of the main targets of anti-science rhetoric that gained traction through conservative news media.
Though we could go on.
End quote.
So here you have a renowned scientist, selfless, trusted, going without sleep, self-denying, persecuted by extremists for daring to tell the truth, the Albert Schweitzer of cable news.
That's Dr. Peter J. Hotez.
The fact that a partisan buffoon like Peter Hotez can describe himself this way with a straight face and the backing of a publisher makes you despair for the country's future.
But don't despair.
There is hope.
Hotez will never debate Bobby Kennedy Jr., but it doesn't matter.
Kennedy has already won.
He's more honest than Dr. Peter Hotez, and that's obvious to anyone who's paying attention.
A New Economist poll shows that Kennedy is more popular and far less hated than either major party frontrunner.
After almost 20 years of being silenced, Bobby Kennedy Jr.
is being heard.
All right, so I have five or six letters he's written.
I have more than five other clips that I just found last night because I was making statements in the last few days that Peter Hotez wants to arrest you if you don't take the shot or you disagree with him.
And people said that can't be true.
And you just saw him say it.
We've got a bunch of other clips we're going to get to.
This is so criminal.
This is so un-American.
This is so evil.
Plus, everything they said the last three and a half years was a lie.
And now they have this lie that 200,000 people died because they didn't hit the shots.
That's completely pulled out of the air, like everything else they said and did.
They knew these shots didn't protect you from COVID.
They knew they would erase your immune system.
I played you Pfizer executives three years ago, on air, over and over again saying, this is going to be great for business because
As you take one shot, it lowers your immunity.
Then you need another shot, another shot, and finally your immunity is totally gone.
So it's like a prophylactic.
It's like cough syrup.
It doesn't heal the cough, it just makes it go away for a little while.
So yes, these shots in their own rigged studies, for a couple months, might give a little protection.
But then after, it makes you get sicker, catch the virus, and can kill you easier, and any other virus can kill you, and it makes the population mutate, all these new viruses, because you're giving a giant population, during an outbreak, a vaccine.
That's why you could never give a shot for
A cold during a pandemic of a cold because it makes it worse.
These are epidemiologists.
These are scientists.
These are virologists.
These are pathologists.
They knew what they were doing, hurting the public and setting the precedent to weaponize Big Pharma and the media against the people and get away with murder.
Because you can get away with murder.
You can then do whatever you want and you can play God.
So you can read all you can read it all at Infowars.com.
You can see it all there.
We've got some other huge news to cover, but COVID jab shill, Peter Hotez attacks Alex Jones, claims he never took money from Big Pharma.
Go read the tweets for yourself.
And the reason this is important is, this is getting picked up by the news everywhere.
He lies and says, again, I took no money from them.
And he goes on and says, the shots still work.
Everything's great.
And he doubles down and says, we need to have Homeland Security come after us.
Think about how arrogant this individual is, and he tweeted out this image from InfoWars.com.
And he said, just a matter of time before Infowars Alex Jones joined the party.
I was already in the party, buddy.
Big Pharma globalist gremlin.
Quite a mouthful.
Well, you are a Big Pharma globalist gremlin.
I mean, that's really what you are.
Quite a mouthful.
Never mind, we don't take Big Pharma money, but make low-cost, patent-free vaccines for global health bypassing Big Pharma.
And one billion people awakened, impressed.
Yeah, no, a billion views that I saw
On different platforms attacking you and hating you.
95% of the comments against you, Gremlin.
So try to spend that all day, buddy boy.
You're hated, and you know it, and along with Fauci and Bill Gates, people know who you are, and that's why your agenda of endless lockdowns, endless masks, and endless force injections in your UN treaty is all in so much trouble, because humanity is waking up to you.
And the same big pharma that pushes transgender surgeries, cutting the genitals off children and mutilating little girls, it's being banned by the UK, the EU is set to ban it, and we're gonna ban it here as well, and the people pushing are gonna go to prison.
This is all Emperor's New Clothes.
For people who don't know the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, look it up.
And that's exactly what's happening.
The Emperor's New Clothes.
Story of the Emperor's New Clothes.
Everybody knew they weren't spending Golden Fred cloth and clothing for him.
But nobody wanted to admit it and be the one to tell the king he'd been conned.
And that's how it works with people that buy into the system and get totally and completely conned by it.
More on that coming up, and I want to play just a small clip out of that clip again of him saying, we can't just have the media censor people.
We can't just control the public.
We've got to have Homeland Security.
We've got to go after people.
He's specifically written articles to Congress, written articles to Homeland Security, that has been published by Baylor and the other universities he works with, calling as an academic head of infectious diseases to arrest people
That point out he's a fraud.
So, he won't just debate.
He says we don't need debate.
In fact, he said that.
I played it last week.
He says debate is not part of science.
Well, science is an observation and debate.
So, this is gaslighting, ladies and gentlemen.
But now it's not enough to say, censor people and I won't debate because you can't defend yourself.
Now you're saying that you want us arrested.
Here it is.
The Biden administration has to realize that anti-science is a killer.
It's not even just disinformation.
This is an anti-science empire right now, and we need homeland security.
We need the Justice Department.
We've really got to figure this out, and Health and Human Services will not be able to figure this out on their own.
I'm sorry, Pastor Brown's right here talking.
Pastor Brown, come on over and talk to us real quick on air.
Let me do this.
I'm going to go on a break in a few minutes, and I can answer a quick question.
This guy works around the clock over here, I tell you.
I got a whole... We ought to swing the cameras around and show my studio audience over here.
Yeah, there they are.
So there he is.
Now, I want to get into... I want to get into the submarine.
And I want to get into a story much bigger.
But the submarine and these five dead people is very sad.
But in the aggregate, they decided to go risk their lives.
They decided to do this in this experimental plastic design.
Okay, doesn't sound too smart to me.
The sub has been down to the Titanic now over 50 times.
They've done over 30 of these missions where people pay to go down there, if you believe it, and look out a tiny portal.
So they put their life in their hands, they're dead.
Like a race car driver, sad they're dead, but they're dead.
But the fact that people don't buy this shows how the official narrative is never believed anymore.
The system has destroyed itself.
I mean, I tend to want to believe the official story.
I tend to think, you know, why would they lie to us?
But the system
Always lies, basically, 99% of the time now, because it's always got some other agenda, and it thinks by spinning a big story, it can get something out of it, like distracting the general population from what the globalists are doing and the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden whistleblower information coming out.
So that's what this is really about.
But as I said, last segment of this hour, coming up in about 20 minutes, I will get into it all in great detail.
But here's the bottom line.
The Navy has acoustic equipment.
We said this back on Monday.
They knew exactly when it blew up.
They knew exactly when it hit the bottom.
They have the signatures of it.
And now the Navy said, yeah, we knew Sunday.
We said the thing had imploded, but we passed it on.
It's not our job to tell you.
So the government sat on the information, as usual, while the government wringed its hands and sent the Coast Guard out to look for them, knowing right where they were on the ocean floor.
So they did not let a good crisis go to waste.
They used it, bare minimum, as a huge political distraction.
Like the boy stuck in the well becomes the biggest story in the world.
But when one of these opportunities comes up, you bet they're going to distract.
Kind of like they indicted Trump a couple weeks ago when the last whistleblower information on Hunter Biden came out.
So they do it over and over again.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and we're going to get more into the rebellion against the so-called scientists that tell us we can't question them with Alex Rosen who confronted Hotez just last week and has now confronted more of these folks yesterday in a new viral clip.
He'll give us details of exactly where he was and what happened with the video you'll see on the other side.
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All right.
So, early this morning, I'm scanning through the internet, going over news, and I see a headline, Alex Jones confronts Anthony Fauci.
Here it is right here.
And I go, that's not Alex Jones.
That's Alex Rosen.
And so then I said, well, that's weird.
And I thought, we'll call Alex Rosen about this, who just went viral last week, politely going and talking to Hotez, Peter Hotez, who's the mini-me of Fauci, and is now out there saying that he, again, is not invested and is not involved in big pharma at all.
He just takes money from Bill and Melinda Gates and the NIH that own the patents and control it all.
So, yeah, he goes above Big Pharma, right to the people actually making it and producing it, and coming out and targeting, and he wants to put us in jail, he wants to make us naked, he says he owns our bodies, he censors us, the man is a complete monster, a would-be totalitarian dictator.
So, Dr. Fauci gets feisty with Alex Jones, who throws him 400 yards, and of course, no, it's not Alex Jones, it's Alex Rosen,
Who's like a foot taller than me and a lot bigger than I am.
So now like any guy that has a beard and kind of a round head is Alex Jones.
I see this all the time.
Remember I got banned on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram for not just being mean to Oliver Darcy.
The lawyer for Twitter went on Joe Rogan and read the three things I was banned.
She said being mean to a child, a guy that looked like me with a beard on ABC News in Missouri
A 12-year-old kid is punching him, so the guy punches him and throws him to the ground.
And they said that was me, and ran national headlines that I beat a kid up in Missouri.
I mean, the guy doesn't even really look like me.
But here it is, Alex Jones, you know, asks Fauci a question, and then throws a guy 400 yards.
So, I thought we would actually find out what was going on here.
I'll probably get banned off more stuff for this.
I mean, it says it right here.
I attacked everybody.
But here is Alex Rosen, who didn't attack anybody.
Going last week in the super mega viral clip, because he lives right by him, and talking to the guy that wants to arrest us for free speech who won't debate.
Here he is.
Oh, are you Peter Hotez?
I am.
Nice to meet you.
How are you?
So why are you not, like, gonna debate RFK on Joe Rogan's podcast?
Oh, come on.
That's harassing.
I'm just, I'm just curious.
Nothing hostile, just curious.
I haven't said anything one way or the other.
I mean, are you planning on doing it?
You know, I just, he just invited me, so we'll see.
And I think you should, though.
Well, we'll give it some thought.
And what do you have to say to people who think they're a vaccine injured?
Anything for them?
I mean, do you have anything to say to people that think... Do you have anything to say to people... Yeah.
I mean, do you think vaccine injuries are real, Peter?
Peter, it's just a question!
Settle the science now!
On a safari to go vaccinate more kids?
Now that's from last week!
And he got demonized for daring to go talk to the public figure that won't debate who wants his critics arrested.
We played the clip earlier twice.
He's saying it all over.
He's writing official letters calling for opposition or questioning science to be arrested.
You've heard that the left says, question man-made global warming.
You should be arrested.
In fact, they're starting to arrest people in the EU and the UK.
Oh, say there's only two genders.
Arrested in Canada.
Arrested in the UK.
These people are tyrants 110%.
But it turns out this clip is from last year, and it is Fauci being confronted by Alex Rosen.
But now, because Rosen's exploded even more than his predator hunting, it's come back up.
So what is old is new.
Here is the clip.
Ma'am, I have a question.
So Pfizer has the biggest criminal fine in history, so how is it anti-science to not trust them?
If they're on record bribing physicians and fudging with test results, $2.3 billion fine.
So how is it anti-science to simply question them?
Can you explain that please?
So I appreciate your comment.
I'd like to finish my presentation and you can hold your questions.
I mean, it's not going to be answered.
I have four questions.
I have four questions that I didn't get answered.
What the hell are you doing?
Oh my God.
Your ring.
Your ring just rolled.
It's right here.
It's right here.
Got it?
You okay?
All right, so we're now joined by Alex Rosen.
People that don't know who he is, he is one of the most prominent successful people that's put hundreds of pedophiles behind bars as a private citizen.
He's only been doing it four years.
Started out when he was a college football player and he wanted to see if it was true.
He started posting profiles and instantly had pedophiles hitting him up.
But now he's not just being demonized by the pedophiles, who by the way have powerful friends, he's now being demonized for confronting Hotez.
Yeah, so basically since Peter Hotez, nothing's really happened with me.
He's just been more in the spotlight, which I guess
I guess that's what I wanted the video to accomplish, people still talking about him because you know how it is.
I mean, we just see all this damning evidence coming out about any which thing, and then it all gets forgotten the next day.
But with Peter Hotez, we're still talking about him today, which is, I'm glad the video helped accomplish that because, you know, he's right up there with Fauci when it comes to being corrupt and just crooked, so I'm glad
That's happening, but yeah, as for me, no.
No phone calls or anything like that.
Just death threats on Twitter, which I just find really cute and hilarious.
But, um, yeah, so last year, this was at a vaccine symposium at Rice University that Peter Hotez was speaking at.
Sadly, I didn't get to confront him face-to-face then, because I actually had to go do something before he spoke, so I had to just confront, like, some poor college kid.
But, um, regardless, it would have been the same question anyway, and none of them would have answered it, so...
I don't think so.
You know, I just decided to, I thought it was the right time to ask that question because they had a questioning part.
Um, but the thing is they're so sneaky with it.
And this is why I went to Peter Hotez's house and one of the other reasons, because they never answer questions on Twitter.
They never just, they never answer any counter questions.
So you could text your question in and they would read it on screen and answer it during a question and answer period.
So I texted the same question I asked there, a very similar question.
And of course they ignored that question.
So I'm like, all right, well, I got to go.
And I also got to get this question answered and see what they say.
So I'm just gonna go ask it like this.
So, I did, and obviously there was no answer, just a lot of anger from a Dr. Fauci lookalike who probably has a lot of stock at Big Pharma.
And he starts choking me, which was probably an act of racism, I think.
And, you know, I'm like, what the heck's going on?
So I just start giggling and I push him on the ground.
I didn't mean to do that, but like, you know, he went flying and, you know, these Batchners aren't that strong.
And, uh, yeah, so that kind of went viral in October of last year, and now it's kind of getting attention again after confronting Peter Hotez, and yeah, and it just goes to show you that whenever you question the quote-unquote science, that's how they'll react, and that's how they want to react.
Like, it's not an exaggeration when they say, oh, you should... I mean, that guy would put me in jail in two seconds.
Like, if I did anything else but push him, he probably would have tried to press charges on me, but luckily the cops asked me if I wanted to press charges, and I just really didn't have the time for that.
Well, he goes for your camera and he's choking you.
I mean, he's a good little minion of Hotez and Bill Gates.
I mean, they all want to shut down speech.
They're very un-American people, very dangerous.
Oh, I 100% agree.
I mean, I don't know why.
I can't understand the thought process of that guy being so angry that he wanted to try to choke me.
It literally goes to show you, they're not pro-science to save lives, because they obviously didn't care about my life in that case.
I mean, he wanted to literally choke me.
I mean, that's how you can kill someone.
Not saying he came close to killing me, but that's how you can.
So they're not like pro-life.
They're not pro-science because they care about life.
They're pro-science because they care about their ego and narcissism, and I think that's a very big difference.
Well, we got to go to break, but do a few more minutes with us on the other side.
I'm going to see if we get an update from Owen Troyer, who just got out of court as well.
But we have with us Alex Rosen of Predator Poachers on Rumble and at iFight4Kids on Twitter.
The guy is an absolute hero.
How many hundreds, and you're not bragging, but it's a success rate for folks, and praise God.
How many, because I know you get all these awards from law enforcement, how many pedophiles have you and your team put behind bars?
I lost count of that.
I just know we have an arrest in 43 different states, and this coming trip, we're going to try to get 44 and 45 in Massachusetts and Maine, so we'll see how that goes.
All right, we'll be right back with Alex Rosen.
I'll tell you what really happened in my view with the submarine and what's happening with the Ukrainian offensive.
And ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Roger Stone is coming up next hour.
We'll have an update from Owen Schroyer, who is just in court as well.
You've seen the spin that an InfoWars reporter pleads guilty to attacking the Capitol.
I guess Alex Jones really did orchestrate the attack.
I guess the D.C.
Homeland Security's right that Jones should be indicted.
Uh no, Owen was with me there and tried to stop people going in the building and they charged him for unlawfully being on the grounds of the Capitol and he's already spent two years fighting it and they said okay we're gonna have a jury trial and try to put you in jail for years if you do not
We're good to go.
And then the left spins it like we're criminals, like we did something.
No, the deep state and the DC police, along with the feds, orchestrated the break-in, and you know you did it, and you've been caught, and now members of Congress have seen the video they've not released, and according to these members of Congress, I have the articles right here, they're gonna be releasing the full Capitol videos in the next few weeks.
And McCarthy has said they will two months ago, but now we're told it's imminent by some credible members of Congress.
MTG, you name it.
I've got several of them right here.
So this is a big, big deal.
But man, I tell you, that's why they're so desperate to prop up their January 6th narrative.
Because imagine when it comes out, just like Russiagate and all of it, that they're the ones actually engaged in all this criminal activity.
It is going to be absolutely massive.
Now, I have been frustrated this entire hour.
And I kept thinking, why am I frustrated?
I'm about to go back to Alex Rosen to finish up here.
We appreciate him.
And I'm like, it's because
I did not cover our top story at the beginning of the show, and I've spent almost no time on it, and it's really the biggest news.
There's two articles of the biggest news.
All over the world, they're not just banning transitioning children forcibly, which is beyond pedophilia.
It's literally maiming them.
One of the pedophiles cut a child's penis off, and you'd be like, that's the worst pedophile ever.
He didn't just rape him.
But then it's, oh, but the doctors cut it off.
It's wonderful.
There's major moves to ban that and major moves.
Uh, in the, in the, uh, Hockey League did not have all the, uh, LGBTPS, S is not for Satan, brainwashing.
And the National Hockey League has announced no more of that.
So, so that's a huge victory, but that's not the big story.
It's this one.
And I've confirmed it.
The entire Ukrainian offensive has been smashed.
And now they're talking about peace deals, which is good to stop World War III.
So I'll talk about that next hour after Roger Stone leaves us.
And I'll get into the submarine, I promise to do that.
But I wanted to finish up with Alex Rosen right now, Predator Hunter.
What do you make of Hotez refusing to debate a week and a half after you politely confronted him, and it being the top news story for three or four days, not just here, but in the world?
I mean, it hurt him so bad.
Yeah, no, it's pure desperation for him at this point.
I mean, he's clinging on to going on to, like, MSNBC, like, his only safe space left.
I mean, I think the most damning evidence on him is that compilation of him saying, oh, it's two shots, oh, it's three shots, oh, it's four shots, even, oh, it's five shots.
I mean, I think at this point, even the normies, like, I mean, my parents, for example, I mean, they got the first vaccine.
I didn't get any, but they're, I mean, they see through it now.
I mean, all the normies are seeing through it and all Peter Hotez has left a cling on is just as like little university PhDs and stuff like that.
I mean, he knows, he knows the game's over and you know, I think him going on Rogan,
I don't think it would do any justice for him at this point.
Like, I think he already knows Jig's up, and all he can do is just hope that we get scared into compliance.
But, I mean, the more they threaten, like, oh, the DHS should arrest people like us who just questioned him, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And the more it just doesn't happen, I think people are just starting to get sick and tired of it, and it's just becoming a comedy spectacle at this point from him.
Well, absolutely.
And there's a short RFK Jr.
clip that I wanted to play yesterday, but I forgot to.
It's about a minute.
20 seconds long and I want to end this interview by playing that for Alex, but first let's play just the end of that compilation we put together from Tucker Carlson's piece last night on the medical tyranny.
And we already played the whole thing earlier where he says, these are Russian agents.
US intelligence needs to stop them.
We know Putin is the one running these people.
Joe Rogan is part of a dangerous fascist organization.
I mean, Joe Rogan is a pot-smoking liberal, folks.
We're good to go.
It's a Homeland Security issue.
The Biden administration has to realize that anti-science is a killer.
Here we go.
It's not even just disinformation.
This is an anti-science empire right now and we need Homeland Security.
We need the Justice Department.
We've really got to figure this out and Health and Human Services will not be able to figure this out on their own.
So, how do you respond to that, Alex?
He said that at least 20 times we know of.
Four or five times on air we have clips.
We have a bunch of news articles and letters he's written.
Last week when he pointed that out, people said, that's not true, Rosen.
That's not true, Alex.
He never said that.
People are like, he didn't say arrest people that don't agree with him.
And yes, he does.
I mean, how does that not fully discredit these people?
Yeah, I mean, it's just a massive insecurity coming out from him.
I mean, like I said last time, it's revenge of the nerds.
I mean, he just... Basically, he just can enlist, like, you know, strong men to go do things for him because he's a weak man.
I mean, he can't just tell... I mean, he didn't tell me to my face he should be arrested.
He just kind of smiles and giggles at me and walks away.
I mean, they could never say this to our face.
I'm not even saying it like a physical thing.
They just don't have the guts to just confront us man-to-man and say I should go to jail for simply talking to him.
But yeah, I mean, looping in Joe Rogan with, like, fascism and Russia.
So, I mean, one, I mean, my last name is Rosen.
I'm like a Jew, so calling me, like, a Nazi, whatever, I mean, that's like the total opposite.
Then, like you said, Joe Rogan's like a... Oh, that's what I forgot.
You've been called a Nazi.
I saw that everywhere.
You've been called a Nazi.
Are you a Nazi?
I mean, I'm like the only Jewish Nazi, apparently.
I mean, according to them, I guess.
But, yeah, I mean, that's just so ridiculous.
But, like, yeah, I mean, like, then, I mean, is he trying to call Joe Rogan, like, a skinhead or something?
Is that a connection he's trying to make?
It's just kind of like, I mean, he's just grasping at straws.
I mean, I don't know, like, the UFC was, like, a far-right fascist, like, political party.
But, yeah, I mean, it's just very
Strange at this point, and then the fact that he would call, like, RFK, like, working for Russia, I mean, it's just, it's just so weird.
It's just very, it's very strange.
Well, he's put out tweets, as you know, he's... Sorry, go ahead.
No, I mean, I just interrupted you, Alex.
Sorry, go ahead, finish up.
Oh no!
It's just very strange that he can work for Bill Gates and he can work for the most corrupt medical companies in the country.
Like Pfizer has the biggest, I mean like I said in that clip, Pfizer has the biggest criminal fine in history.
And Peter Hotez sees nothing wrong with pushing their shot and he thinks we should be trustworthy.
So if Putin is like a lying, whatever, lying evil person, how is Pfizer not?
When they were charged, ironically charged by the same federal government that he wants to go after us.
Wow, Alex, thank you so much for the time.
Great job.
I fight for kids.
On Twitter, follow him, support him.
You're amazing, sir.
I'm going to end this hour with this RFK Jr.
It's only a minute and a half long.
I think it completely nails everything we're facing.
A biomedical tyranny.
The end of our freedoms.
Operation Lockstep.
UN Power Grab.
This is world government.
Hour number two is coming up.
I'm at the River Church in Tampa.
I'm going to be at the Sunday service, 930.
It's open, free to the public.
Great security, great place.
And I'm going to be at a special nighttime event, 7 o'clock Sunday.
We're going to go to break.
So be here.
Be back next hour.
They're going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us.
We, you know, the Nazis did that in the camps.
In World War II, they tested vaccines on gypsies and Jews.
And the world was so horrified after the war, we signed the Nuremberg Charter.
And we all pledged when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent.
And yet in two years,
All of that conviction has suddenly disappeared.
And people are walking around in masks where the science has not been explained to them.
They are doing what they're told.
These government agencies are orchestrating obedience.
It is not democratic.
It's not the product of democracy.
It's the product of a pharmaceutical-driven biosecurity agenda that will enslave the entire human race.
And plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptic forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children.
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Take action now at InfoWarsStore.com.
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen, into our number two of this Friday.
June 23rd, 2023 broadcast.
Well, we just had Alex Rosen on, famous pedophile hunter, who's also been going on confronting Fauci and his mini-me, Dr. Peter Hotez and more.
But now I want to shift gears out of that important area into what we're going to be covering this hour.
And I want to welcome all the new viewers and all the new listeners that are joining us here today.
I want to welcome all the folks that watch Pastor Rodney Howard Brown's great satellite feeds, internet feeds, and cable TV feeds at Revival.com.
And of course, off of all those great satellite feeds, I want to welcome them all to the feed, because he's putting us out on all his feeds very, very graciously.
He really is a great guy, one of the most demonized preachers out there, because he's been taking on the Globalist, the New World Order, since the early 1990s.
I mean, he's been popular since the late 80s.
But right away, because he lived under tyranny in South Africa,
I've seen a lot of upheaval.
He began to smell out the New World Order with Herbert Walker Bush and then the Clintons and the rest of it.
He's been talking about the Great Awakening for longer than I have.
I've been on the air since 1994 but reached no traction until 95 and then 96.
By the end of 96 got a local radio show.
They got syndicated by 98 and the rest is history.
But it's not about who got there first or who did it first.
The reason I point out that he's been doing it longer is
He's been awake to that a long time.
That's why he's under attack constantly by a lot of the establishment churches and media.
That's why he recognizes that when I'm under attack, that that means there's something important there.
And we've really reached a Rubicon here where being a black sheep or being attacked or being lied about by the system is really a badge of courage and a badge of honor.
For people like that and so he's just dead-on about the new world order what's happening until people don't wear the mask Advising folks.
He wouldn't take the shot saying it's a lie, and he's been vindicated but he was doing that three years and four months ago or so and So were we right when the hysteria and the fear was starting right in the middle of it.
We told you what was going on We've been vindicated again, and that's why you see in
Fauci's mouthpiece saying, I need to be arrested, Joe Rogan needs to be arrested, RFK Jr.
needs to be arrested.
Because we're telling you not to believe these liars.
They're liars.
And they always have some new lie.
But now they're not saying the shot's 98% effective.
Now they're saying, well, you can't get the virus if you take the shot.
Well, you can get it, but you'll be protected.
Well, you'll be more protected.
Well, you'll be part protected.
Well, actually, you'll be more sick if you take it.
That's what the major studies at the Cleveland Clinic now show.
So, that's what's happening.
And we've been vindicated, and now he's moved on to the new lie that, well, there's 200,000 people died in America because they didn't take the shot.
That's just pulled out of the air.
They can't debate because they'll be asked to show sources, and there are no sources for any of it.
When they told you the shot was safe and effective three years ago, when they first issued it two and a half years ago, in the ampules that the so-called vaccine came in,
By law, all drugs that are prescription, that aren't over-the-counter, have a big fact sheet on a piece of paper you unfold, on both sides.
They opened them up, they were totally white.
They just said the manufacturer and who made it.
But oh, it was all tested to safe!
But the testing info's on those pieces of paper.
By law, that was all bypassed.
I could play you hours of them saying,
It's tested.
Niels deGrasse Tyson goes on these shows and says, it's been tested.
It's been triple blind study.
No, it wasn't.
They rolled it out on market directly.
And then when they started rolling the shots out in England in late 2020, they yellow notice that pull it back.
It's making people sick and hurt.
But the governing body ignored that.
But the British military that does the testing said, pull it back.
Pull it back.
But they didn't pull it back.
And it's the same thing here.
Then the shots started here.
And they did do studies.
And then Pfizer and Moderna starting in 2021.
The shots started here.
Covered up what was in those studies.
Miscarriages off the charts.
Stillbirths off the charts.
Blood clots.
Heart attacks.
It's like the NIH tried to suppress massive suicide rates in children that the government transitioned with transgenderism.
That's why the EU and the UK are moving to ban transgenderism.
The truth's coming out one way or another.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Friday edition.
We're now into hour number two.
And the political, former political president, pardoned by President Trump,
And always has been a Christian growing up, but he admits he wasn't really born again until a few years ago.
And because we are simulcast on Dish Network, DirecTV, a whole bunch of satellites beaming around the world on some of the biggest Christian networks today, thanks to the good grace of the River Church and the great Rodney Howard Brown, Revival.com, I'll be here this Sunday for the Sunday service, the nighttime service, all the evening with Alex Jones, 7 o'clock Eastern, it'll be simulcast as well, Revival.com, InfoWars.com, and on different cable and systems everywhere, so go to Revival.com to find all of that.
I would like Roger to share his story of really getting Holy Ghost born again, because he was in a very, very dark hour being set up with the enemy coming after him, but he prayed with a prominent pastor who told him just give it to the Lord, and it was miraculous.
But we're going to have Roger with us for the next 40 minutes or so, but I promised in the last segment of this hour I got behind.
I'm going to give you the real take on what happened with the submarine.
There's been some deep research.
We know what happened.
We're going to break that down.
I've had a lot more questions on this than ever on anything in such a short period of time.
I mean, it is just, I've been hammered walking down the street at a hotel and a restaurant here at the ministry.
What do you think happened there?
So that family calling me, people are really interested.
So I'll talk about that.
We'll get Roger's take on that.
We're going to cover the waterfront with Roger, but
Yesterday morning, maybe it was the morning before, time all blurs, Rogers called me and I didn't answer because I brushed my teeth.
And then later I saw he texted me with three exclamation points saying, call me.
Roger never does that.
So I call him and he goes, hey, you've not seen the 20 page Washington Post article?
I said, no.
He said, well, it's behind a paywall, but I'll send it to you.
He sent it to me.
And he's here to tell you what is in that and how it's such a big deal.
And I've got a part of it here.
I didn't print off the whole 20 pages.
And I read the thing with my mouth hanging open when I was driving in.
I wasn't driving the car.
They picked me up in a bus, shuttle bus, bringing me from my hotel to the ministry.
But I was reading this with my mouth hanging open.
We're good to go.
In the D.C.
jurisdiction, wanting to indict Trump, myself, and Roger Stone, claiming we masterminded it, and then the DOJ senior people say, you have to have something called some evidence, some probable cause, some proof, because they already had subpoenaed our records at the time of this.
They already had all of that.
Uh, so a lot of dirty behavior going on, a lot of weirdness.
And so Roger, you've really been immersed in this more than me in that they put you, tried to put you in prison, had a kangaroo trial, the same prosecutors, the same people that are going after Trump on Russiagate that was a hoax, uh, the documents hoax.
You know, saying you can't have those documents.
It's the same crew over and over and over again.
So this affects everybody and is their attempt to brand the American people as terrorists.
It's not just Alex Jones or Roger Stone saying, oh look, they tried to indict us, but even the senior Justice Department people and the Attorney General said you have no proof.
Because we know this is important because Jack Smith is still doing this.
Because these prosecutors couldn't connect the latter from the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, the few that went in the building and did nothing wrong, are now political prisoners in a rigged trial, to the President.
Well, I mean, I know I didn't talk to the President about January 6th.
I know you didn't.
So, they know that.
They have the NSA.
They have our text messages.
They subpoenaed them.
I had to spend massive amounts of money on lawyers.
We know that.
So, what's really going on there?
This is a big deal, Roger.
Thanks for joining us.
Well, Alex, first of all, I want to congratulate you for being there with my good friend, Pastor Rodney Howard Brown.
He's a great man.
He gave me really valuable spiritual counseling when my family and I were literally going through hell.
Thank you.
Uh, for many, many people.
He doesn't ever brag about it.
Uh, he's very funny also.
He's an excellent, excellent speaker.
His sermons are, are always both humorous, but also meaningful.
He's been a very, very good friend.
And I really wish I was there with you guys, to be honest with you.
Be great to break bread with you.
But Alex, this is a big deal because, as I have said here on your show and in many other places, any claim or inference that I, or in this case you, knew in advance about, participated in, or condoned any illegal action on January 6th, or any other date,
Is not only categorically false, it is defamatory.
And there is no witness, no email, no text message, no group chat, no encrypted message, no evidence to the contrary.
I was glad to see that someone at the Justice Department understands you still need something called
Probable cause.
Now, I've been through this particular hell because in the Mueller investigation, Mueller prosecutors told three different federal judges in order to get their search warrants that they had probable cause to charge me with treason, conspiracy against the United States, money laundering,
Thank you.
Once they got into my over 1 million emails, because unlike Andrew Weissman and the Mueller prosecutors who erased everything that was under subpoena, I erased nothing whatsoever.
And they found no evidence.
They had two approaches.
First, they pressured a very young field man working on the Trump campaign to wear a wire and come to Miami and try to engage me in a conversation of WikiLeaks.
That didn't happen.
But then they essentially fabricated these process crimes against me, lying to Congress under oath in my voluntary testimony when there's no crimes to lie about.
And charging me with witness tampering against their chief witness, when in one of the exculpatory witnesses who went to the grand jury and told the truth, that guy, their main witness, threatened to shoot him in the head in writing, which the prosecutors were well aware of.
But of course, he wasn't charged with witness tampering.
In my case, I was accused of trying to steal this guy's dog.
That was nonsense as well.
So the point here Alex is that these people are driven.
You'll remember that the FBI sources told Reuters in March of that year that they conducted their investigation.
At this point,
One has to presume between the Oath Keepers' prosecution and the Proud Boys' prosecution, all communications have been viewed.
I'm sorry, I never left my hotel grounds on January 6th.
I was also not involved in the alternative elector stuff that was going on around me.
In fact, I didn't even know about it at the time.
But I don't know most of the people involved in that.
I do know Rudy Giuliani.
By the way, let me just back you up, Roger.
I mean, let me just back you up on this.
And the reason the viewers are watching this with all the huge news and the Ukrainian offensive failing, and the submarine story, and just all the incredible news, why we're focusing on this, here's a 20-page article in the Washington Post that
Like the FBI said a year and a half ago in Reuters, we've investigated Trump, Jones, and Stone.
They have no communications.
They're totally innocent.
And why would they do that?
We now know because there was such political pressure to go make stuff up and so good people in the FBI said this is baloney.
But then politicos at the Justice Department
Kept putting pressure on that, so they went out and tried to frame us.
They harassed us.
They literally put the CIA on us because they couldn't get the FBI to do it.
It's a whole long story.
People wearing wires, sex operatives, people trying to infiltrate the business.
You heard about Roger.
They sent in teams on him, not just once.
There was all the other stuff on Russian stuff.
They tried to send in fake groups with me that were Russians to offer me money.
This has never been told.
The FBI asked me not to talk about it.
I went into the FBI, gave them all the stuff.
I recorded the people.
I mean, it's just been a frickin' nightmare.
And so, it's just being bombarded constantly by them trying to set us up, while then the other branches of the government, that I'm not even saying are lionistic, but are at least not criminal completely, are like, you people are nuts.
So, there's a civil war, basically, inside the Justice Department, and that's what this shows.
And now, the baddie group, with Jack Smith in them,
We're showing their tactics here.
Setting up the militia people with Whitmer.
Setting us up with January 6th.
Congress has seen the surveillance footage confirms.
DC police were there helping break in.
The Capitol Police were the victims like the general public was.
This was a giant setup.
When the Capitol Police asked for backup, their commanders wouldn't answer the phone for four hours.
So this was a stand down.
That's why they haven't indicted us.
We know this.
The smarter guys in the Justice Department, because they know you and I won't shut up and we'll expose their whole Ray Epps operation that's now been exposed.
But the fact that we know with Jack Smith, they're still trying to indict Trump for January 6th, and that means us.
We shouldn't put it past these maniacs, Roger, and that's why this is important.
Well, sadly, I was not in touch with President Trump on January 6th on the days prior to January 6th.
I saw him back around Christmas because I bumped into him in a buffet line.
Sorry, that's not a meeting.
And the conversations were essentially pleasant but innocuous.
They're beating a dead horse.
Alex, politics is never about the past.
It's always about the future.
And sadly, we have to defend ourselves on this baseless crap when in fact we have a Justice Department and an IRS that is shielding the criminality of Hunter Biden.
These new revelations from whistleblowers just in the last 48 hours
This really boggles the mind.
So, some woman named Jessica Tarloff, she'll be hearing from my lawyers shortly, she goes on Fox 5 and says, Roger Stone and his wife evaded $2 million in taxes, but they were allowed to walk.
But poor Hunter Biden, who failed to report millions of dollars of income, he's being penalized.
Well, first of all, that's false.
There was never any evidence whatsoever that I evaded taxes.
My wife and I reported accurately all income, all of which I learned legally, unlike Hunter Biden, and all assets.
And you can't get blood out of a stone.
So yeah, I made eight years worth of monthly payments, Alex, to the IRS until they literally bankrupted me, virtually bankrupted me.
And the time came, well, you can't get blood out of a stone, as they said.
But Jessica Tarloff is either going to withdraw that, or I will see her in court because it is a damnable lie.
Yeah, I settled with the IRS, and in that settlement, I owe them $2 million, of which $1 million is penalties and interest.
Now normally, for your average taxpayer, you can negotiate that down some, but not for Roger Stone.
There are different rules for me because I'm a supporter of Donald Trump, and because I appear regularly.
That's right.
So now let's segue into why this is important.
So now they admit, why do you think the Washington Post did a 20-page article with all these FBI and Justice Department people admitting this?
Why are they even putting all this out to like spin it and say, look, we're not political because we didn't set Trump up for January 6th.
I mean, what is the point of that?
Because we know the Washington Post is the mouth of the CIA.
Yeah, it's very hard to understand.
First of all, real reporters, as a absolute Red Rock journalistic rule, if they're going to report your name in a piece, they're supposed to call you for comment.
I didn't hear from either one of these reporters, which shows that they are jackals and that it is fake news.
I really don't understand what the motive here is, other than to say that, you know, I continue to be protected by Jesus Christ, that all of my praying has had the desired results.
I really do feel, since I walked away from that horrific car accident the day after the election, when the car was totaled, I was in Memphis visiting the studios of the great Mike Lindell, when I was T-boned by a guy doing 60 miles an hour, the car was totaled, the two security guards I was with were injured, I walked away without a scratch.
Thank you, Jesus.
This is yet another miracle because we have a broken system.
It's a system which doesn't prosecute Hunter Biden, which more importantly shields the President of the United States when he is taking multi-million dollar bribes from China, but wants to poke around regarding Roger Stone.
You know, it really does get tedious, but here's the greater point, which is we should not let this, nor should we let this horrific
Legally flawed effort to destroy Donald Trump distract us from the epic crimes of the Biden crime family.
That's what they're trying to do.
They don't want to talk about Hunter illegally lobbying for Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania.
Paul Manafort did hard time for that, by the way.
We're good.
When Hunter was extorting a Chinese energy company.
I really don't know how much longer the political establishment, Barack Obama, who's really, I think everybody understands, actually the guy running the country, will continue to put up with this kind of embarrassment from Joe Biden, and they just decide that he is dispensable.
Well that was my next question and that's why we've got you here today.
We've covered the 20 page article where they tried to indict us and the Justice Department said there's no proof, you have to stop this.
And, uh, you know, that's not a very nice lady that did that, even though she's one of the senior people, and they admit that, uh, Garland was in on the decision, but, uh, I have to say thank you for not wrongly indicting me.
I mean, I, I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth here, Roger.
So again, why do you think they stopped them from indicting us?
Why did the FBI go to Reuters and say, Alex Jones and Roger Stone were not communicating with anybody?
We've checked their communications.
And, okay, and, and it's the same thing.
It was an active guy, Alex.
It was an act of God.
I can't come to any conclusion.
Okay, so I want to then get into the current attacks on Trump, the indictment, Jack Smith, what's happening politically, Gavin Newsom, Biden's gone from being serious dementia to being beyond clown world, saluting the Indian national anthem, not knowing who he is, God save the Queen, saying the year is 2020.
I mean, he never.
It's not like we're cherry picking stuff.
I go and find the raw speeches and it is just a bumbling moron factory.
So what are they going to do?
How are they going to try to shoehorn Newsom or somebody in?
We'll talk about that in a moment.
But first, people need to understand Roger Stone didn't become a born-again Christian because it was popular.
I know Roger.
I've known Roger 10 years now and known him very well for about almost eight.
And really good guy, always tells you the truth, super smart, worldly fellow, really funny, and yeah, not anti-Christian, you know, grew up Catholic, sure, you know, believe Jesus, but hasn't had the real conversion, saw on the road to Damascus, white light event, but he literally tells me I need to go to church and pray and then, you know, and
He wants to pray with me on the phone and stuff.
So, it's not an act, folks.
He is, uh, surprised he didn't become a preacher or something.
So, God bless you, Roger.
We've got a huge regular Christian audience, obviously.
We've got giant, uh, millions.
We had a huge response when they simulcast us on their satellites yesterday, and I'm told they got a huge response, and even more people.
The word's out that I'm doing my show here.
Who knows?
Maybe full-time in the future.
I'm just joking.
But, seriously, um,
Tell people in the five minutes we have to break, we'll come back with all the political news about your spiritual journey.
It's really pretty simple, Alex.
I was baptized as a Catholic.
My mother was a very strict Catholic.
I went to Sunday school.
But when I got to Washington, D.C., and I started making a lot of money, and I had a lot of influence and a lot of power, I started living the life of a libertine.
And I admit to you that I wandered far from the Lord.
I lived a life of wine, women, and song.
And a time came when I was facing prosecution.
See, when I was arrested, even though it was over the top, you'll recall 29 FBI agents in full SWAT gear, brandishing fully automatic M4 assault weapons, surrounded and then stormed my home at 6 o'clock in the morning.
I actually had the naive idea that I was going to get a fair trial.
Little did I know.
I had the opportunity to meet Franklin Graham.
He was coming to Boca Raton, a young pastor, Randy Coggins, who I'd become close to.
Very dynamic young pastor.
I was depressed.
Alex, I want to be honest with you.
I was angry.
I was frustrated.
I was despondent.
I was worried about
Who would take care of my wife in these circumstances if I was unjustly incarcerated?
And when I saw Reverend Graham, I'd met Billy Graham when I worked for President Nixon.
He's one of the greatest men of the 20th century, by the way.
And I told him, you know, look, I've got this problem.
And I really would appreciate it if you put in a word with the president for me for executive clemency.
He said, well, I'll see what I can do about that.
But let me give you a better piece of advice.
You need to confess your sins.
You need to get right with Jesus.
And I'm telling you right now, if you will do that, and you will do it in all sincerity, I think the Lord will lift you up.
I think he will deliver you from your persecutors.
And I was still thinking like a political operative, you know, I said, well, I'll think about that, Reverend.
But then we went out in the field where he was having a revival.
Thank you very much.
And the time came in his oration when he said, I don't care whether your problem is alcoholism or drug addiction or gambling addiction or health problems or financial problems or family problems or any kind of problem.
Turn to the Lord.
The Lord will lift you up.
But you have to confess your sins and you need to get right with God and you have to pledge to walk in his way.
And now those who want to live forever with our Heavenly Father, rise with me, confess your sins, and get right with God.
You can do it right now.
His Father used to famously say, you can do it tonight.
And Alex, I don't know, the Spirit came over me at that moment.
I wasn't embarrassed.
I wasn't ashamed.
I stood up in a field with 200 other Christians.
I confessed my sins.
And I became a new man.
I invited Christ into my life and I became a different person.
And I know that there are liberals right now at the New York Times and Media Matters for America and other communists who are smirking and giggling and say, oh yeah, Roger Stone's turned to Christ.
That's a head fake.
That's an act.
That's a pose.
I don't really care what they think.
I only care what he thinks.
See, you can't fool me.
That's right, but we're about to go to break, but tell folks what happened, how your life just totally turned around, like 180 as soon as you did that.
I've had six miracles in my life.
Commutation of my sentence.
Pardon from a dying in prison.
Saving my wife from stage four cancer.
Walking away from a car wreck.
A voice told me in the shower on January 6th, do not go out there.
How many more miracles do we have to have?
And now, a new miracle.
Somebody at the Justice Department realized that there is no case against me regarding January 6th because I know nothing whatsoever about it.
I'm living proof that Jesus Christ can do anything.
And that's why anytime I'm asked to go on any Christian podcast, broadcast, radio show, or speak at any Christian forum, I try to do it.
Because I want other people to know, if Jesus Christ can save me, a hard-boiled, hard-edged political operative, then Jesus Christ can do anything.
And I know for a fact women throw themselves at Roger.
Stay there.
He turns them away now.
He's the real deal.
We'll be right back.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday, June 23rd, 2023 transmission.
I just talked to Owen Schroyer during the break.
He's out of the courthouse and he needs to talk to his lawyer before he makes any statements.
But he's going to shoot a statement, and as soon as the lawyer's ready, we're going to air it.
But there's a lot of media spin going on, so I want to cover this right now, then go back to Roger Stone, finish up with this, then get to the latest politics, and Gavin Newsom, and what are they going to do with Biden, and the indictments of Trump, and more coming.
We're going to get the real inside baseball in a moment.
But first, if you remember about two years ago, a year and a half ago, there was a New York Times headline.
It was New York Times.
I had Roger call me, and he goes, is it true you're cooperating with the committee and giving them stuff?
And I said, no, Roger, that's a 100% lie meant to make everybody think we've done something wrong and I'm a criminal and then get everybody tattling on each other on something that never happened.
You said, yeah, I figured that.
Well, it's the same thing with Owen Schroer.
He's facing three charges all together, three years in prison, federal prison in front of a D.C.
jury that would send a newborn baby to a gas chamber if the Democrats tell him to.
That's why they're getting ready to indict Trump there on other stuff.
On January 6th they're trying.
And so, with Jack Smith and that whole operation with, you know, oh, this makes me sick, all of Biden's flying monkeys at the Justice Department.
And so it's the same thing.
They were subpoenaing all our records, they were coming after Owen, and they said, we can subpoena your phone, or if you're innocent, you give it to us and we'll knock it down to a misdemeanor.
And so he said, OK, here's my phone.
Nothing on it.
Nothing incriminating.
You notice that the Justice Department has recommended no time served.
I just talked to Owen.
The judge, though, might put him in jail for six months.
So that's how this this country is a joke, man.
I mean, a guy with no criminal record, a great guy at the Capitol.
He's got a criminal record now.
He just pled guilty and
He's there with me on video trying to stop people going in the building while the police sit there with their thumbs, you know, sitting on their hands.
And I wasn't mad at him.
He kind of got a little upset.
I said, so you're facing still six months in jail.
He said, what am I supposed to do?
They got a rigged system.
And I get it.
I'd probably do the same thing he did.
But this is just disgusting.
And then they got to add the cherry on top of these headlines.
And they're recommending no prison time because he cooperated in another investigation.
No one doesn't even know what they're talking about.
It's the same thing with me.
Jones to cooperate with January 6th Committee.
I said no such thing.
I said I have nothing to hide.
No one did anything wrong.
Threw a letter to the Jan 6th Committee.
To the Jan 6th Committee.
And to the Judge Department.
And I said if you give me total immunity, whatever the term is, 100% because you're trying to set me up, I'll tell you how innocent we all are.
And they didn't give me total immunity, so I took the 5th 98 times.
Fake news, fake news, fake news.
A, I've done nothing wrong.
B, compared to those police that day, the D.C.
police that helped lead the attack on the Capitol, I'm a hero.
And I'm not comparing myself to the people that died that day, and Ashley Babbitt, and some of the innocent Capitol police that did get set up, and did fight, and went through some terrible stuff.
So they were victims too.
But if anything, I'm a victim of a federal, serious setup, and so was Roger.
I remember that morning, I said, Roger, you ready to march with us and go?
He goes, I got a bad feeling.
I'm not going.
This is all, this is a cluster F and all this stuff.
And God told me not to go.
That's a statement from him.
And then after that, my cell phone wouldn't work because the crowd was so big.
And so I had to go back over this again, but I just talked to Owen.
He's such a good guy.
And man, I've really learned not to have anger because it takes years off my life.
And I pray, when I pray to God, I pray for God not to make me angry.
But I am, my brain is burning right now.
And my heart is burning.
I'm so sick of these criminals that run our government.
I'm so tired of them abusing innocent people while they're crackhead pedophile kids run around raping everybody.
And I'm pretty upset right now, Roger.
I want to shift gears, but you were asking this morning in text messages, and I had been talking to Owen, he was in this kangaroo court.
Is this true?
He's cooperating in another investigation.
And the answer is no, no, no, Roger.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, I was in touch with Owen this morning.
I told him that I would be praying for him.
I told him that the day before as well.
He is a great guy, as you know.
He and I hosted the War Room together for well over a year.
It was one of the highlights of my life.
I don't know, Alex, if you move to Sarasota, maybe I'll move up there with you and return to the War Room.
You never know.
You never know what God has in store.
God has a plan, and God's plan will be in place.
What I think Owen is going to find is that it never ends.
I mean, my wife and I are still struggling to make ends meet.
People want to help us, particularly help me pay for her alternative cancer treatments that have kept her healthy.
They can go to StoneFamilyFund.com.
I hate to keep asking.
I know you do too, Alex.
People need to go buy some of these great products at InfoWars to keep InfoWars out there as the tip of the spear.
They can go to Stone Family Fund to help us, because we won't give up fighting.
We will not give up.
Roger, you went through the gauntlet.
You could have lied about Trump and been left alone.
You live in an apartment.
They have nothing wrong with an apartment, but they've taken everything you have, and you literally are here asking folks for their support because you're a political target.
If the public won't stand with President Trump, they won't stand with me, they won't stand with you, they won't stand with Owen, then they'll never stand for anything.
But the public is standing with us, absolutely.
Now in the little bit of time we have left, please, get into what you think of Newsom, Biden's way past his expiration date.
Just give us a three minute rundown on the current political state of things.
It's pretty simple, Alex.
Here's their fundamental problem.
I think that the ruling power elite, Barack Obama and the others, they understand that Joe can't get through another campaign.
So they have to move him around.
The problem is they have a woman of color as their vice president.
Uh, and that's an important constituency within their party.
So they can't just push Kamala Harris aside, but they know that she's actually almost as dysfunctional as Joe, even though she's not a hundred years old, like Joe is.
So they can only replace a woman of color with another woman of color.
Which is why I continue to say, as I've said on this show before, Michelle Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president.
That's why they made the South Carolina primary first.
That's why they essentially cancelled the New Hampshire and Iowa contests, making a big mistake leading them to RFK Jr., who's going to run up a big vote total there.
A pyrrhic victory, but an important one nonetheless.
It's why the convention is in her hometown of Chicago.
Uh, Gavin Newsom will be allowed as a white guy to be vice president.
They will put him on the ticket so he can be vice president.
Also, he's going to have to buy that, so they will make him raise a ton of money for the second slot, but he will do it.
The Democratic Party will nominate Michelle Obama and Gavin Newsom as their ticket.
Now, how do I know this is true?
Because the more Michelle Obama says, I'm not interested, I'm definitely not running, it's out of the question.
Folks, that's how you know it's going to happen any minute now.
Well, Roger, you've been uncanny with how you predicted all this, and you've been saying this for two and a half years since they put a puppet
Look, anybody who thinks that she
Anyone who thinks that she will not be a formidable candidate really doesn't get it.
She's going to be very tough to beat, and that's who they're going to nominate.
You know, it is always complicated in politics to attack any woman opponent.
It has always been fraught with disaster, and I'm not going to sit here and make jokes about her because that would be an egregious mistake.
But they figured out that Joe Biden has to go.
They'll probably allow him to pardon his son, his brother.
And I predict before it's over, he will pardon himself, which yes, he does have the authority to do.
But he will soon be taken off the main stage.
Their big problem right now is Dr. Jill.
Dr. Jill likes the money.
She likes the fanfare.
She likes the pomp and circumstance.
Joe has wanted this his whole life.
At a certain point, Joe decided he wasn't gonna be president.
That's when the stealing really kicked into high gear.
But now that he is president, he can no longer function.
There's nobody home.
I actually feel bad for him.
I think it's elder abuse.
I really do.
And, you know, when he says, well, where's the money?
The Patriot Sentinel, which is a great new publication out of Oklahoma, they actually published documentation of where the five million went into an LLC controlled
I think so.
Thank you.
And some people think, oh, they'll never be able to get rid of Kamala.
Well, that's right.
That woman can't even talk either.
I mean, she was dumb during the campaign and polled 1.5% with black people.
I think they're drugging her.
You're going to vomit when I say this, but I have to say it.
They're going to promise a receipt on the U.S.
Supreme Court in order to step aside.
And if the Democrats have control of the Senate, they could actually do that.
They could actually do that.
And right now they do have control.
Folks, don't laugh and think they won't put that bumbling idiot there.
Look at Fetterman.
This is the new model.
A literal clown show.
So they will conveniently get her out of the way.
She cannot resist them.
The Obamas control the money and the machinery of the Democratic Party.
Remember, Joe Biden was their last chance.
I think it was Barack Obama who said, never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to F things up.
But first they tried to inflate Cory Booker.
He turned out to be a crook.
He would steal a hot stove.
He took $600,000 from the City Water Commission, a water authority, when he was mayor.
Speaking of guys who belong in prison.
They tried to catapult Kamala Harris.
She could barely speak a sentence.
We're good.
She wears high black dresses with fishnet to state dinners.
I mean, that's what a cocktail waitress at a topless bar wears.
This woman is completely out of her mind.
Incredible job, Roger Stone.
God bless you.
We'll all pray for the Republic.
Please pray for me.
I'll pray for you.
Let's pray for a global awakening.
And let's pray for our amazing president.
Another insanity.
How's the big guy doing?
I know you guys talk a lot, hang out a lot.
I know that's all off record, but how's the big guy doing?
And I'm not talking about Joe Biden, the big guy getting payoff from the Russians or the shycoms.
I mean, the real president of the U.S., 45.
He's doing amazingly well.
As you know, he went on the maiden edition of my WABC radio show, which is every Sunday at three o'clock.
This Sunday, WABC radio dot com, WABC radio dot com.
You can hear me interview one of the greatest living Americans, General Michael Flynn.
The president was with me.
I'm amazed.
This was between his being charged and being
We're going to talk about the Chinese spy station in Cuba, what's really going on in the ground in Ukraine.
The Chinese threats to Taiwan, we're going to be breaking it all down this Sunday at 3 o'clock, WABC Radio.
All right, Roger Stone.
Roger, thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
All right.
Now, I have really saved the most important news to the end of the second hour.
We got a lot more coming up, third hour as well.
So I want to hit the situation in Ukraine that is the biggest development since the Russians invaded.
February before last, and all major analysts agree, is the closest to nuclear doomsday we've ever been.
Worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.
But everybody wants to know about the submarine.
And quite frankly, it's a distraction, it's why I didn't talk about the submarine Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
But then I saw yesterday what I already knew, what I'd already talked about,
And that is the Navy knew exactly what happened there.
So, here's the different angles of this.
The biggest angle here is that the public doesn't believe what the government says or the corporate media says.
If they say Big Bird is yellow, people don't believe it.
If they say fire engines are red, they don't believe it.
If they say the ocean is blue, they don't believe it.
And in a way that's good, but to the establishment, do you realize how much you're not like?
And the fact that you're out of ammo.
And the fact that the more you demonize me, the more successful it makes me.
That's not because I'm that good.
It's because you're that bad.
And so, I don't want to just have some big, mindless, idiotic war with the New World Order and the Democrats.
But I understand you work for your boss Satan, so you're not going to stop, you're not going to back down, you're not going to quit.
But to the minions that are just mercenaries out there,
I want to challenge you to come back to reality.
And I want to challenge you to realize that you're on a losing team.
And that if you have any children, particularly, you're destroying their future.
You're not going to have to wait long to lose everything.
Because if the new world order gets its way, we are facing cataclysms that are just unspeakable.
But I believe, just like God gave Nineveh a hundred year reprieve whenever
Jonah was sent there unwittingly forced to by God that we can get a hundred-year reprieve or a 50-year reprieve and more time because that's how God works throughout history and I see the Great Awakening and I see all the people finding God and I know that there are still a lot of good people left.
There's all those historical Bible stories about
You know, God says, well there's a hundred people left in the city, I'll destroy it.
There's ten left.
There's, you know, two left.
Then finally there's nobody left and God blows it up.
I guess that's Sodom and Gomorrah, right Pastor?
I'm going from memory here.
So, whether you believe that stuff happened or not, the point is this is happening now.
Margaret the Beast, world government, it's all being fulfilled.
Open Satan worship.
Target selling shirts that say we're going to cut Christians' heads off and your children belong to a satanic cult.
We're going to have sex with them with a skeleton having sex with a baby.
I mean, you know, I mean, this is real, folks.
It's not LGBTQ+, it's LGBTQXYPPP for pedophile, SSS for Satan, and it's everywhere.
And it's only going to get worse because God is going to lower our shields just to let us see what evil is like until we repent.
And I think if we repent and realize how real this is, God's going to protect us.
Now is the time to realize how incredibly real this is.
So, the big takeaway is, I've never gotten this many phone calls.
Not even when Jeffrey Epstein got murdered in the jail cell.
By the way, former CIA director and former CIA operative and Justice Department director.
Barr got confronted in Austin about obviously having Epstein's neck broken in three places.
All those shenanigans and saying it's a conspiracy theory that he was murdered.
Even though we have the coroner saying he was murdered.
So that's up on InfoWars.com.
In fact, Harrison Smith's going to lead with that when he comes in and co-hosts with me in the next hour.
I don't normally tell the guest hosts what to do, but I love Harrison.
He's a good buddy of mine and I want to make sure that gets aired.
And he's loaded for bear because I'm going to jump out of here a little bit early and go with Patrick Rodney Howard Brown to the Trump Resort.
We've got a little secret mission there tonight.
And then I'm going to be on the Patrick McDavid Huge Podcast tomorrow.
I'll be back in Tampa tomorrow.
Evening and then on Sunday morning 9 30 a.m.
The church will kick off with a big Sunday service And then at 7 p.m.
Eastern, they're gonna have an evening with Alex.
That's me.
Ask me anything It'll go at least two three hours.
I mean all the satellites all the feeds here at
The River Church's website Revival.com, so be sure and join us for that as well.
But if you can't be here, whether you're in Japan or Russia or the UK or Australia or Mexico or Chile or wherever, or maybe the North Pole, you can tune in at River.com.
We're also going to simulcast it over at Infowars.com and Band.video because normally we're live Sundays.
4 to 8 p.m.
Central, and we will have a guest host the first two hours, but then at 6 o'clock Central, 7 o'clock Eastern, we're going to simulcast that event as well at InfoWars.com and banned on video, so be sure and look for that.
So the big takeaway on the submarine is the public does not believe it, and my phone has blown up just, I mean, everywhere.
Hey, submarine, submarine.
I don't believe the submarine.
I don't believe the submarine.
I don't believe the submarine.
Walking into these studios,
I had like four or five people, hey, what about the submarine?
Pastor Brown, what about the submarine?
And you know, his take is he didn't believe any of it.
They probably just changed the identities of the people, had this set as a distraction.
Operation Northwoods, they describe a plane taking off with tail numbers, with CIA operatives getting on with their kids, blowing up another decoy plane with the same tail number, having the CIA aircraft land, changed the identities of those families.
This is an Operation Northwoods declassified, 2000.
We're good to go.
Uh, at Knob Creek machine gun shootout.
I said, that's fake!
When I saw it, I said, those aren't buildings!
Those are, that's Knob Creek machine gun shootout!
Because I've seen the footage of, of, of, of barrels being shot with machine guns!
And they said, there's Trump blowing up the Kurds!
ABC News!
I mean... Uh... Who was the NBC reporter, Brian, whatever his name is, that said he was shot down in a helicopter?
I can't remember these idiots' names anymore.
Ryan Williams.
The point is, you've been lied to so much, it's completely reasonable to not believe what they say anymore.
But, again, they did lie to us.
We don't know the full extent, but the Navy now says on Sunday, they have incredible sonar in the area, they picked up a huge explosion, it's an implosion, when these things compact under 10,000 plus feet of water, it's like, you know, more compact than jumping off the Empire State Building into the concrete with your head, smashed them all as flat as a pancake instantly,
Then they picked up the sub, bounced on the bottom, and they knew right where it was, and they passed it on to the Navy and the White House, and they all knew they were dead Sunday night, and they just decided for four days to make it the top story to divert from all the other news and all the other information, and the Hunter whistleblowers, and the IRS whistleblowers, and the audio recordings of his dad in the meetings and demanding the money, and, you know, the crack whores and the crack and the pedophilia, and just that's a whole stack.
Harrison Smith's gonna be covering, I know, coming up.
Next hour.
So hey, we have a right to believe nothing these people say because they've lied so much, but it is a dangerous situation.
Now, I told you that there was going to be a Russian invasion by late February in October of 2021.
But it happened exactly as I said, because I actually had military sources being deployed and they said, yeah, it's going to kick off, the Russians have to move in.
You know, before the end of February, because then it thaws about a month later, and we've intercepted the Russian invasion plans.
And so I have my sources.
And of course, we told you that.
And I also told you, just knowing infantry maneuvers and tank battles and infantry and tank doctrine, that it takes a force three times larger to break through and capture a dug-in force, and that it was hard for the Russians to go in and take part of Ukraine.
We're good to go.
The Ukrainian offensive would be smashed flatter than a pancake, which it was.
So I'm going to do five more minutes when we come back because I'm behind and then I'm jumping in the van with Pastor Brown to go to the Trump operation and do some stuff over there and meet some interesting people, do some interesting things.
But I'm going to hit more of that invasion when we come back.
But I have dropped the ball.
I am listener-funded.
I've done a one-minute plug today.
And that's how we fund our operations with the satellites and the infrastructure and the crew and the servers and the legal battles and all of it.
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We'll be back with our number three.
Stay with us.
All right, folks.
We've got so much to cover, so much to talk about, but I just wanted to add here that we don't have time to play all these clips.
We're going to add these in post once we archive this live show.
James Cameron has come out and said that the prolonged search was a nightmarish charade that they did
We're good to go.
People said to the Navy, well, why don't you tell the world?
We tell our commanding officers, they tell the world, they decide not to tell you, and play the charade that famous submariner, James Cameron, says is a charade.
But wait for the articles.
Jones says submarine disaster may not have happened.
Well, I mean, he's saying it's a charade.
All I'm saying is, I don't know.
Once you get lied to about WMDs and all the rest of this stuff, over and over again, I don't have to believe these liars.
I mean, I tend to believe there are rich
Thrill-seekers that want to go up in space like you see with all these billionaires that you see, you know, happening over here.
But what I do know and what I'm going to be covering big time, big time, you know what?
I could come in here and broadcast my Sunday show and then go right over and get everybody warmed up when we go on at 7 Central.
Maybe I can do that.
Or regardless, I'll be back Monday getting into the Ukrainian offensive that has come into a steel wall.
The Russians started really about a month ago in probes, the Ukrainians, but they didn't want to ever admit the offensive had been launched because they were losing.
Then they threw in not dozens of Leopard tanks and Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.
I actually went online to the different defense sites and places that were reporting the real numbers.
The US media was really good at blocking it out, but there are Russian videos of hundreds of armored vehicles and tanks and missile launchers and air defense systems being destroyed.
And so, they're just sitting ducks.
And so, the Ukrainians pull up and the Russians destroy it with glide bombs, with drones, and with light cruise missiles, and with artillery.
And so there are videos of, you'll just see like eight tanks just blown up by artillery.
And you'll see drones that they're so accurate, and imagine with the USS stuff even better, that they fly right into the ammunition compartments of these self-propelled vehicles.
And by the way, these drones will follow a vehicle that's running.
So you'll see one drone go in and blow up an armored vehicle or a missile launcher and then you see the others run out from under the trees and they're running and then a couple minutes later here comes the next ones following them.
So it is just a nightmare, rise of the machines, terrible situation, horrible for both sides, a Slavic civil war that our State Department and George Soros brag, they helped start and run and it could easily lead to nuclear war.
So now Zelensky is talking about for the first time maybe a peace deal
Letting the Russians have that eastern area that's always been part of Russia, and not attacking those zones, and not entering NATO.
But instead, NATO is accelerating NATO membership, and talking about more heavy weapons, and more missiles.
The British have already given them medium-range cruise missiles that go 150 miles.
They've been using them on the Russians.
But the Russians aren't going to stop.
They lost a third of their population in World War II.
That's 25 to 28 million.
Uh, most of World War II was fought between the Russians and the Nazis.
24 million Germans died, most of them killed by the Russians.
And I'm not belittling our troops, but we only lost, what, 600,000 in World War II?
And that was terrible!
I almost don't exist!
Both my grandfathers almost died in the Army Air Corps, uh, just flying their minimum number of missions.
And so, that'll give you that.
That was only 22 missions, you know, over Germany and over Italy.
And my dad's dad was in North Africa, flew missions out of there into Italy, and then some missions out of Italy into Germany.
I would never talk about it, but when he died, we got into all the paperwork, and it was spectacular, just 22 missions, because they were losing half of their crews each mission.
Uh, in a lot of those early missions.
Uh, and my other grandfather was, was, was, I mean, was a brave guy, but he was only in three missions, and then, uh, crash-landed and a bunch of other stuff, and almost died in that.
So, that'll give you an idea of what these wars are like.
And this is like World War II over there.
This is just kill, kill, kill.
Armies colliding into each other.
It is a giant bloodbath that threatens the future of the entire planet.
Harrison Smith takes over.
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Alright, welcome back.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com, band dot video.
Harrison Smith filling in for Alex as he goes off on a secret mission.
Very exciting stuff.
Wow, what a privilege, what an honor to be hosting the Alex Jones Show.
I'll try to, uh...
Be worthy of this responsibility.
Now, Alex was just talking about the war in Ukraine, and just this week, a couple of interesting stories coming out about the war in Ukraine while we're on the topic.
Simultaneously, you have a story from the Daily Mail saying, Putin warns his terrifying new Satan 2 missiles, capable of carrying 10 nukes, will be deployed for combat duty in the very near future.
Simultaneously to this, you have Belarus accepting
Deployment of tactical nukes with the president of Belarus Lukashenko saying I will not hesitate to use them should my country come under threat and at exactly the same time you have NATO fast-tracking Ukraine's membership in that defensive alliance which
I want to remind you, you can't have a defensive alliance with somebody already engaged in a war.
At that point, all you're doing is taking your already existent defensive alliance and declaring war on Russia.
That's all that that means.
Defensive alliances are supposed to be prior to the outbreak of hostilities.
I know that's maybe a little bit complicated for people, but no, there's no such thing as welcoming somebody into a defensive alliance when they're already engaged in a large-scale land war with their enemy.
It just makes no sense whatsoever.
So it seems as though people in power in this country are doing everything they can to aggravate and accelerate
Oh, and by the way, at the same time as this, you have James O'Keefe and the O'Keefe Media Group.
Publishing undercover video of a BlackRock recruiter saying that war is very good for BlackRock, very profitable, very convenient, very easy to manipulate, to make a little bit of profit off the death of hundreds of thousands of people.
While simultaneously, Zelensky announces a partnership with BlackRock and Goldman Sachs to rebuild Ukraine.
After it's been destroyed, and they need a cool $411 billion to make that happen.
So, you make money in the build-up, you make money while everybody's dying and killing each other for no discernible reason, and then once you've destroyed the country completely, then you get to come in and really cash out as you rebuild the country that you have helped to destroy.
Where's the end of this?
Where does this end?
Who on our side is even talking about peace?
Well, we'll talk a little bit about how he's been treated by the mainstream media coming up.
But when you talk about the war in Ukraine, it really does seem like both sides are just rushing headlong into accelerating and expanding this conflict into a full-fledged nuclear war.
Horrifying, I guess you could say.
Absolutely horrifying to see.
Now, we have a lot of other stuff to talk about.
Right now, as we speak, Owen Schroyer is trending number one on Twitter.
Lots of people wondering what's going on with him and how he's doing.
Huffington Post seems to be the article that everybody is pointing towards.
InfoWars host Owen Schroyer pleads guilty to January 6th Capitol riot charge, which again is just
And it's absurdity piled upon absurdity, right?
The only reason Owen Schroyer is facing any legal troubles at all right now is because of, as I understand it, stipulations made during the last time that he had his civil rights violated at the U.S.
Capitol when he, months or maybe even years before January 6th, protested the
Well, law against protesting at the Capitol.
Where, in this one area of the Capitol, every single day, you had paid protesters, who were just the most pathetic-looking people of all time, carrying signs, waving signs, marching around, protesting against Donald Trump.
Owen Schroer tries it, and he gets slapped with a, you know, legal prevention measure.
So it's just absurdity upon absurdity.
Tyranny upon tyranny taking place with Owen Schroer and
You know, God only knows what's going to go on from here on out.
I used to be able to host InfoWars feeling very confident in the fact that I could say whatever the heck I wanted.
After all, I'm not calling for violence against anybody.
I'm not breaking any laws.
I'm doing nothing that would put me outside of the confines of the First Amendment.
So what do I have to worry about?
Well, you can't really have that type of confidence anymore.
You can't really have that type of assurity that we live in a nation with free speech provisions.
That provides protections for peaceful political activists.
Now, that's all out the window.
It's whatever the hell they want it to be.
But this got me thinking, and there was another story that came out today that I think stands in stark contrast to the way that Owen Schroyer and other January 6th protesters are being treated by the
By the judicial system, if you can even call it that.
And this sort of ties into Hunter Biden as well.
It's really overtly obvious when it's somebody like Hunter Biden or the Bidens versus Trump, when you've got these high level accusations flying back and forth and one side gets the book thrown at them continuously and just, you know, the Trump treatment.
That Trump and his whole family is getting versus the Biden treatment.
But that's not exclusive to the people in power or the people who are at the highest level of our politics.
That's a trend that is actually more apparent and I think significantly more dangerous at the lower level.
So here's the story from today.
Andy Noh reports from Postmillennial.com, no prison time for pedophile Portland Antifa member who pleaded not guilty, or pleaded guilty rather, to stabbing black conservative at 2020 riot.
So Blake David Hamp, 46, pled guilty in a sweetheart deal to felony second degree attempted assault, but he will serve no prison time, instead getting just three years of probation for nearly stabbing somebody to death.
On July 25th, 2020, during the height of the nightly far-left rioting in downtown Portland, Hamp was recorded on video stabbing Andrew Duncombe.
Duncombe was hospitalized and narrowly survived being paralyzed as the blade pierced inches from his spinal cord.
So stab a guy in the back, nearly paralyze him as a part of a domestic terror onslaught.
No jail time, no prison time whatsoever.
Just three years of probation.
So just let's compare and contrast here.
You've got Owen Schroer, didn't even enter the Capitol, was actually telling people not to enter the Capitol, not even accused of doing anything violent.
Hell, but compare it to somebody like Stuart Rhodes, Oath Keepers, unarmed, no violent.
We're good to go.
Having happened in the last year or so.
What about this?
Michigan man who shot pro-life canvasser in back avoids jail time.
Sentenced to community service and a $350 fine.
In 2022, a Michigan man shot an old woman in the back as she was leaving his properly, narrowly missing her spine because he considered her a right-wing extremist.
Well, she was canvassing and trying to, you know, do her
Patriotic duty of, you know, supporting what she believed in politically.
She was shot in the back for her political position.
The man who shot her, think about this, the man shot an old woman in the back because she's right-wing.
No jail time at all.
$350 fine in community service.
I mean, you want to talk about unequal?
It's not like, well, Owen Schroyer shot somebody in the back and this guy shot somebody in the back, but Owen's got to go to jail and this guy doesn't.
No, no, no, no.
You shoot somebody in the back, no jail time.
You stand outside of a riot and tell people not to engage in it, you may be facing jail time.
This is how unequal things are.
And again, we're just getting started.
What about the man who hurled unopened beer cans at Republican Ted Cruz, hitting him in the neck and chest earlier this year?
Well, those charges have just been totally dropped.
Grand Jury decided not to indict a Houston man for pelting Senator Ted Cruz with beer cans during the Astros World Series parade late last year.
No charges whatsoever, just totally dropped.
I mean, think about that.
And people are just like, well, whatever, it's an... Tell you what.
The invitation's open.
Come to InfoWars, stand about 20 yards away from me, and I'll hurl unopened beer cans at you, and we'll see whether that should qualify as assault or not.
So, like, attack with a potentially deadly weapon, a Republican senator, charges dropped, no jail time, no community service, no fine whatsoever, and we're just getting started.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Alright, welcome back.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex for this last hour.
I, of course, host the American Journal each and every weekday morning 8 to 11 a.m.
just preceding the Alex Jones Show.
And, you know, every morning we're just... it's just an onslaught.
It's just a maelstrom of nonsense across the board.
There's always just
Significantly more news than we could possibly cover even in a three hour block.
But I always like hosting either later in the Alex Jones Show, or if I get to host the War Room later, because I get to prepare a little bit.
So I've done a little bit of preparing for this.
I've compiled just some stories that I've remembered off the top of my head, and even as I'm covering these, I'm remembering others of times that leftists have gotten off scot-free with actually committing terroristic political violence.
So when you think about Owen Schroyer right now facing years in prison for doing literally nothing, just being in a place at a time, that's what he's accused of, it's worth it to remember how the left is treated.
And really, as we go through some of these stories, it's
Oh, it's something.
It's something else.
It's absolutely insane.
So, just to catch you up, in case you're just tuning in, the guy who threw unopened beer cans at Ted Cruz, hitting him in the chest and neck, charges totally dropped.
No fine, no jail time, no parole, no nothing, just an attack on a political enemy, and charges totally dropped.
Michigan man who shot a pro-life canvasser in the back because she was Republican.
No jail time whatsoever.
Sentenced to community service and a $350 fine.
Okay, so shoot a woman in the back.
No big deal.
You're a leftist.
No prison time at all for pedophile Portland Antifa member who pled guilty to stabbing a black conservative at a 2020 riot.
So hey, shoot a woman in the back, stab a man in the back for political reasons.
No jail time whatsoever.
Maybe a fine.
This guy got some probation.
He's got to check in every once in a while.
That'll teach him.
That'll teach him not to stab Republicans in the back, I'm sure.
Let's keep going, shall we?
What about that 40-something-year-old man who ran over a teenager and killed him because the teenager was Republican?
Remember the guy came out and was like, yeah, that kid was Republican, so I hit him with my car, he like admitted all of it?
Remember that?
Well, that murder charge has been reduced to manslaughter for a North Dakota man who struck, ran over, and killed a conservative team.
So, on Monday, this is from a while ago, but
Not that long ago.
Couple weeks, maybe.
Not even, this isn't, you know, the outcome of a plea deal where he admits to it in exchange for not getting the death penalty.
He just gets life.
No, no, no.
No, this was just on her own accord.
Hey, you ran over and murdered a teenager because he's a Republican?
Well, you don't deserve murder for that.
Clearly, you're, you know, acting on behalf of our globalist masters and you deserve to be rewarded by reducing your charges to simple manslaughter.
Completely insane.
Completely and utterly insane.
But that's just the individual stories, and there are so many others.
Like, I'm pretty sure the guy who brought a pipe bomb to a January 6th protest, I'm pretty sure he got his charges totally dropped.
I mean, there have been a lot of these.
There were the lawyers in New York that threw Molotov cocktails into cop cars.
I'm pretty sure they got nothing but probation.
So, again, when we're talking about the unfairness of the justice system, it's not they do something and we do something, and then there's an unequal application of the law.
It's we do nothing,
We actually behave completely within the bounds of the First Amendment, and go participate in a 99.9% peaceful protest, and we face years in prison.
Decades in prison, in some cases.
For the likes of Stuart Rhodes and others.
Not even accused of a violent crime.
However, you shoot a Republican in the back, you stab a Republican in the back, you run over and kill a Republican,
Well, they're there to coddle you and to, you know, let you ride out.
But these are just individual instances that we're pointing to.
What about the systemic behavior of the justice system?
Well, The Guardian has this story.
Some prosecutors and law enforcement observers charged the department's carried out mass arrests as a crowd control tactic, as means to silence peaceful protesters, and as public relations strategy designed to turn the public against demonstrators by making them appear more violent than they were.
Just... Do I even need to debunk that?
It's absurd on its face, right?
Trust your own recall in that regard.
In most of the dozen jurisdictions examined, at least 90% of cases were dropped or dismissed.
In some cases, like Dallas and Philadelphia, as many as 95% of citations were dropped or simply not prosecuted.
So again, just compare that to January 6th.
Compare that to the
All out, full-scale roundup of anybody even associated with January 6th.
Whether you did anything violent or not.
Whether you yourself were subject to police violence or not.
There was no amnesty there.
There was no dropping the charges there.
It's been a ruthless exaction of vengeance by the deep state against anybody engaged in that.
But it gets a lot worse.
It actually gets even worse.
It actually gets even more insane
And outrageous, as we keep reading.
Of course, in line with the last article, charges against hundreds of New York City rioters, looters have been dropped.
Hundreds of alleged looters and rioters busted last year in protest over George Floyd's murder by police have had their charges dropped, according to NYPD data.
Figures ripped as disgusting by local business owners.
Mass looting took place in June.
More than 60% of arrestees have had charges dropped, according to investigation by NBC New York.
73 of the 118 people arrested in the borough had their cases shelved altogether.
Another 19 were convicted on lesser accounts, like trespassing, which carries no jail time.
18 cases remain open, with NBC not accounting for the other 8 arrests.
So again,
You riot on behalf of the Deep State, and they're there not just to drop your charges, but what about this?
cities to pay a record $80 million to people injured in the 2020 racial justice protests.
$80 million is actually being paid to the protesters who not only have had their
Arrests dropped and their convictions or their, you know, prosecution tabled, they're actually getting checks for upwards of $20,000.
I know.
This is how just completely and utterly insane this is.
They say three years after the George Floyd riots, at least 19 U.S.
cities will pay more than $80 million total to protesters who sustained various injuries as a result of law enforcement
We're good to go.
Point five thousand dollars.
Protesters win nine million dollar settlement in police demilitarization pledge for 2020 tear gassing.
So you get tear gassed in Philadelphia, you get a check for twenty thousand dollars.
All right.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex Jones today.
Of course you can always support us by going to InfoWarsStore.com.
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I'm telling you, looking back, it didn't look good for us for a while, and I wouldn't, I wouldn't blame people a couple years ago for thinking InfoWars wouldn't make it that long, but not only are we still here, we're getting through the worst of it, really, all of the attacks of
Really come to nothing.
And here we are, more powerful than ever, more popular than ever, still expanding, still, you know, changing the game across the board.
So thank you so much for your contribution to this effort.
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And you can just see the level of talent that InfoWars has.
It's pretty astonishing.
After this, Rob will be hosting the War Room for Owen Schroyer.
And a couple weeks ago, Reece, our editor, was hosted for me when I had to go out of town.
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So thank you so much for your support, and we will continue to do everything we can to tell the truth in this sea of lies.
Now I actually didn't get a chance to play as much as I wanted to earlier today of the latest Tucker episode, episode number six, where he talks about Peter Hotez and RFK Jr.
So I think I'm going to go to this clip now and we'll watch some of it.
Hopefully we'll watch all of it, but I'm going to come back once we watch this and talk about why this is so important, how disturbing the reaction to this whole debacle has been.
You know, a lot of times
You know, things will dominate the news cycle and then a year later you like forget that it ever happened.
I don't think this is one of those things.
I think this is something that, while Peter Hotez might be a name that we stop hearing much about in the near future, the trend that this represents is the trend of there should be no debate, there is no debate, debate is in fact dangerous.
Discussing the dictates by our fiat overlords is treason against them.
That's a trend that's not going anywhere.
It's going to be around for a while, unless we defeat it, unless we hold their feet to the fire and expose them for the tyrannical frauds that they truly are.
So let's go now to this clip of
Tucker Carlson, it's a bunch of clips of Ol' Hotez played on Tucker, and then Tucker's response and commentary.
Let's go to clip number three now, please.
Mass compliance, that's going to be absolutely critical.
Because if you don't have masks, remember this virus aerosolizes, so even six feet is not enough.
It can go 17, 18 feet, several meters.
What we really have to do is have vaccine mandates in the schools.
We should have a rule that anyone who walks into a school over the age of 12 has to be vaccinated.
This is the nature of the anti-vaccine movement in this country.
It's somehow married now to far-right wing extremism and white nationalist group.
Anyone who's unvaccinated and has been lucky enough to escape COVID, your luck is about to run out.
And I call it anti-science aggression coming from Senator Rand Paul.
Senator Johnson, members of the House of Representatives, in addition to those two senators, are killers.
It's all about mask compliance.
We must have vaccine mandates for children.
Take the vaccine or you will die.
Anyone who disagrees with me is a white nationalist and a killer and probably an agent of Putin.
Do we say probably?
Let's revise that.
Certainly an agent of Putin.
Again, here is Dr. Peter Hotez.
We're starting to see now those same anti-vaccine messages that's coming out of the U.S.
and now we're finding it in Africa and Latin America.
And remember what the other reason we're seeing this
So according to British and U.S.
intelligence, anyone who disagrees with Dr. Peter Hotez is a disloyal American working to destabilize our democracy on behalf of Vladimir Putin.
Now, by comparison, never in his life has Bobby Kennedy Jr.
said anything half that demented.
But keep in mind, Peter Hotez claims to have a valid medical license.
He is allowed to treat patients.
After a while, even MSNBC viewers were going to have some questions about a guy who talks like that, and apparently some of them did.
As the lockdowns wore on, the population started to notice that many of the core claims the TV doctors were making were untrue.
You'd only need one shot.
If you got the shot, you would never get sick.
You would never pass the virus to others, and so on.
They said these things, as you know, again and again.
Ultimately, they were proven wrong.
But they never admitted it.
They just attacked the people who noticed.
Here's Dr. Peter Hotez calling for the Biden administration to arrest anyone who questions the COVID vaccine.
The Biden administration has to realize that anti-science is a killer, disinformation.
It's not even just disinformation.
This is an anti-science empire right now, and we need Homeland Security, we need the Justice Department.
We've really got to figure this out, and Health and Human Services will not be able to figure this out on their own.
It's not a medical problem.
It's a law enforcement problem.
They've doubted me!
Arrest them!
It's a horrifying outburst, if you think about it.
If you were on tape saying something like that, you would be deeply ashamed.
But Peter Hotez is not ashamed.
He's become even more grandiose.
Hotez has written a self-congratulatory new book called The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science.
A scientist's warning, as if you were a scientist.
Here's how Hotez describes himself in the book's promotional literature, quote, During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, one renowned scientist in his famous bowtie, appealing daily on major news networks such as MSNBC, NPR and BBC and others, Dr. Peter J. Hotez often went without sleep, working around the clock to develop a non-profit COVID-19 vaccine and to keep the public informed.
During that time, he was one of the most trusted voices on the pandemic and was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his selfless work.
He also became one of the main targets of anti-science rhetoric that gained traction through conservative news media.
End quote.
Though we could go on.
So here you have a renowned scientist, selfless, trusted, going without sleep, self-denying, persecuted by extremists for daring to tell the truth, the Albert Schweitzer of cable news.
That's Dr. Peter J. Hotez.
The fact that a partisan buffoon like Peter Hotez can describe himself this way with a straight face and the backing of a publisher makes you despair for the country's future.
But don't despair.
There is hope.
Hotez will never debate Bobby Kennedy Jr., but it doesn't matter.
Kennedy has already won.
He's more honest than Dr. Peter Hotez, and that's obvious to anyone who's paying attention.
A New Economist poll shows that Kennedy is more popular and far less hated than either major party frontrunner.
After almost 20 years of being silenced, Bobby Kennedy Jr.
is being heard.
Absolutely incredible stuff.
The entire episode that Tucker released yesterday is bombshell after bombshell.
But here's why this is ultimately important.
It's not so much about Peter Hotez versus RFK Jr.
It's not so much about do vaccines cause autism.
It's about the concept of debate as a moderating factor of political discourse.
That you can't impose things on people
Without their consent and without actually discussing why you're doing what you're doing.
To illustrate this, what about this story from The Star published yesterday?
Human rights and LGBTQ plus education should not be optional.
Remember, it's not about health.
It's about LGBT, it's about war, it's about anything they want to dictate from on high.
They're telling you, you don't have a right to speak back.
Alright, welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
This is the Alex Jones Show, Harrison Smith sitting in for Alex this hour, talking about ol' Dr. Gremlin himself, Peter Hotez.
Which is like, do we even need to argue it?
Just throw up a picture of the guy.
It's like, really?
And I don't know if people remember, actually one of the clips went viral of Peter Hotez's appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast when Joe Rogan is just mocking him for being so horrifically unhealthy.
This is the guy?
He's just like, why should people listen to you?
Look at you!
And he gets all embarrassed.
And what was Hotez's deflection there when Joe Biden was calling him out for not being healthy despite wanting dictatorial control over everybody's health?
If you remember the clip from the Rogan Podcast, Dr. Hotez says, well, I go out and I eat fast food with my autistic daughter.
So really, I'm a great guy.
And did I mention my daughter's autistic?
And so really, you're attacking me if you tell me I should probably be healthy if I'm going to demand other people listen to my medical advice.
Just the skeeziest, scummiest, using his daughter literally as a human shield to deflect criticism.
He's a bad person.
He's a bad man.
In my opinion.
But again, it's not even about vaccines.
It's not even about
Like COVID at all.
It's about whether or not we, as a people, have the right to discuss what our government is dictating for us.
Whether we have a right to disagree with our government or their overlords in the global government, consisting of the UN and the WHO and the WEF.
Do we have a right to disagree with them?
Do we have a right to oppose them?
Or are we all subjects?
Are we all servants?
Are we all serfs in a neo-feudal system in which they have made themselves the lords in the shadows?
So what's more dangerous?
Somebody having skepticism, well-founded skepticism for the pharmaceutical industry, who have a proven track record of being untrustworthy, manipulative, and downright deadly?
Is that more dangerous or is it more dangerous to set up a governmental and societal system in which dissent is not tolerated in the slightest?
Which even the people who are continuously wrong about a subject are given carte blanche to spew their madness without even the ability to speak back against it.
Because this doesn't stay with medical misinformation.
This doesn't, this isn't contained in the realm of health.
Even if it was, it would still be worth standing up against and worth fighting back.
Because, it's your health, it's your body.
But you can look at things like this from The Star, published yesterday.
Toronto School District School Board's decision to allow parents to opt their children out of drag story time is a dangerous setback for 2SLGBTQ plus human rights education.
Do you have a right to keep your children away from men in dresses who want to read to them?
Well, not according to these people.
It's dangerous.
See, it's dangerous to speak out against it.
That's what they'll say because they have to couch their tyranny in safety to get it past the normies, I guess.
I don't know if anybody's falling for this anymore, frankly.
But also, in the topic of health, do they not realize that they were wrong about everything?
I mean, they have to at this point, right?
Is it even possible to list the number of things they were wrong about?
They're wrong about lockdowns.
They're wrong about shutting schools down.
They're wrong about masks.
They're wrong about social distancing.
They were wrong about the vaccines.
They're wrong about the economy.
They're wrong about just the origin of the virus.
They're wrong about gain-of-function research.
Like, we were right about all of this, but, you know, good luck finding that information when they censored it off the internet without reason.
And we're still learning just how wrong they were.
This story from Post Millennial published today.
students' math scores plummet to lowest levels in decades.
And actually you can find a chart mapping the
We're good to go.
Without giving any justification for it, and in a fashion that has now been proven to have been both utterly pointless when it comes to stopping the spread of the virus, and hugely damaging when it comes to the academic attainment of students.
So officials with the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that the average math and reading test scores for 13 year olds in the U.S.
have hit the lowest level in decades.
Since the 1970s.
So that's been the outcome of their dictates.
And so what happens?
What happens as a result of that?
Well, the Biden administration rewards school lockdown champion with a Homeland Security role.
So the person that did this to us is being rewarded by the Biden administration.
They appointed the person who pushed hardest for schools to remain closed during the pandemic to a new position within the Department of Homeland Security.
This is Randy Weingarten, the controversial head of the American Federation of Teachers Union, which will be the new member, one of the new members of the Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council.
It's typical.
Typical, I guess.
Again, they haven't admitted that they're wrong in the slightest.
When not only were they wrong, the policies that they pursued not only didn't stop the virus, made everything significantly worse, and gave us a million other issues that we now have to deal with.
They not only didn't apologize, they are being rewarded for their mismanagement.
And to get a sense of just how much fear Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
strikes into the heart of globalists, Luke Rudowsky, at LukeWeAreChanged on Twitter, said he played just a small clip of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
to comment on for his YouTube video, and his entire channel got demonetized for that.
His entire channel.
So his entire channel got demonetized.
Which, you know, this is...
It's kind of a form of violence, is it not?
I mean, this is somebody who relies on their YouTube channel for income, and just like, you know, Peter Hotez would have you fired for not following his ill-advised dictate, maybe they just remove your source of income for daring to even show a clip of somebody opposing their medical tyranny.
Like, this is what's really being decided.
With this whole debate debate, the debate on debates, the debate debacle.
What's being decided is, do we have a right to oppose anything that the government says?
Or, no matter how wrong they are, do we just have to shut up and take it?
And again, I don't know how... I don't know how they're continuing this charade.
I don't know how they're expecting this to go.
I don't know if they think that just narcissistic confidence is enough to outweigh the just
Overwhelming evidence that they were wrong about everything?
I don't know if they think that once they get CBDCs in, if there's some finish line that they're like, we just gotta keep this scam going until we can get that.
Once that happens, we'll be good.
We just gotta keep the lid on the pot until that happens.
Don't let the anger and the vitriol boil over.
Keep acting confident.
Keep acting like you're in charge until we can succeed in this, and then we'll be good.
I don't know what that deadline would be that they're trying to reach, because they can't do this indefinitely, because it's all crumbling in front of them.
And so, Peter Hotez, in response to all of this, and again, it's just pathetic.
It's just pathetic on the face of it.
The dude is spouting his mouth off on Twitter, and Joe Rogan's like, hey, you think he's wrong?
Come on the show.
You've been on before.
Come debate RFK.
It'll be a good time, and we'll really get to the bottom of it.
Both of you can air your thoughts.
And Peter Hotez is just like, this is an attack!
I'm under attack!
Oh, and help came, folks.
Oh, it's coming from all directions.
Because apparently the journalistic class in this country is all firmly on the side of shut up.
They're firmly on the side of you don't talk back to your professional masters.
Your academic priests.
So this is just a series, these are all from Peter Hotez's Twitter.
His entire Twitter now is just a list of articles.
Every single one of them demanding no debate.
There should be no debate about this.
There should be no debate about anything.
These are the experts after all.
Dr. Peter Hotez.
Pediatrician worth $35 million, okay?
Yeah, he's totally trustworthy, and shut up, don't question him.
Houston Chronicle, why Hotez is right not to debate RFK Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy is dead wrong about vaccines.
Hotez is right not to take the bait.
That's Time Magazine.
LA Times, science isn't a cabaret act or subject to debate.
No, you're not supposed to debate these things that government policy is being predicated on.
Uh, from NewRepublic.com.
Don't debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
He's coming out and saying it.
That's the headline.
Joe Rogan wants a scientist to, quote, debate a vaccine denier.
Turning him down was the right thing to do.
That's Vox.
I mean, and this is maybe, maybe a tenth of the stories that are now on Peter Hotez's.
So, the ruling class agrees.
You don't have a right to have an opinion on government policy.
They agree you should shut up and do as you're told and not talk back.
I disagree.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host for the fourth hour, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And we've covered a lot of elite texts in the last two plus years that I've been hosting The Fourth Hour and really honored to be here.
Really glad to have this opportunity and love speaking to you guys.
It's one of the best podcasts and audience experiences that I've had is being here with you guys.
And I want to do something a little different today because we've covered so many of the elite texts.
I want to go back to what I really started
Getting into when it comes to all this stuff many, many years ago, which is Hollywood.
And we're not going to just do the old Hollywood analysis of the occultists and all this kind of stuff.
That's that's well known now, I think.
And, you know, I was blogging on this 10, 12 years ago and then wrote my first book in 2016 on esoteric Hollywood.
But what about something easy where it's useful for the audience to recommend films to their friends and family?
To wake them up and believe it or not.
I think that the elite have the perspective that they do like to demonstrate what they're up to.
They do not.
They do like to show us ahead of time.
What's going on fiction and.
That predictive programming element is really important for how the elite run things and how they prepare us for things and they warm us up, they kind of condition us to the things that are coming down the pipeline.
So Hollywood and pop culture and the music industry, all of it together as part of mass media, plays a key role in this preparation phase.
And a lot of the analysts and psychological warfare experts and the
Sociologists, the public opinion experts, the Bernayses, the Lipmans, they've talked about the role of Hollywood in all this.
So what are 10 movies, the top 10 movies, that openly display and expose the big conspiracy, the New World Order, the technocratic takeover, in all of its facets and components?
So I've chosen 10 that I think are the best.
I think I've written extensively on every one of these.
So if you're looking for a series of movies to watch with your friends and family, not all of these are appropriate for friends and all members of the family, I'll note, by the way.
And in fact, the first one that I've chosen is not appropriate for everybody.
In fact, that'd be, I'd say, watch out, don't show it to your kids.
But mature adults can understand that Kubrick was, whatever his motives, whatever you think of him as a filmmaker, he was definitely showing us a lot of what was really going on and how the world is really run.
Through most of his films.
In fact, four of his films make it to my top ten list.
And this is not any specific order.
But the first movie I recommend for understanding is the 1999
Controversial expose, you could say.
Eyes Wide Shut.
Now, this film was lampooned at the time.
The critics didn't like it.
A lot of people didn't understand it.
And it is a bizarre film.
But in Eyes Wide Shut, we have contemporaneous with the actual marital problems of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at the time.
A movie that portrays their marital problems as they embark upon this bizarre
Uh, surrealist journey, we could say.
Particularly the, the main character, Tom Cruise, that is, who believes himself to be amongst the, uh, powerly.
He thinks, well, I'm a really successful, wealthy doctor, upper-class New York.
Uh, my wife's involved in, you know, the art socialite sphere.
And he, he has a lot of hubris and pride, and yet he realizes that his marriage is falling apart and that his wife apparently is not satisfied with him.
This causes him to kind of go into a panic.
And he's then tempted to engage in marital infidelity.
And we see a lot of this kind of kicking off from this original Christmas party they're having, right?
This leads him then on this long sort of mental journey, a psychological journey into
Basically what amounts to the real power structure.
So he goes down this quest of seeking what he thinks is his first sexual fulfillment outside of his marriage and this leads him to a large estate outside of, you know, the central hub of New York and he finds out that there's actually a sex cult at this estate.
And it seems to be very wealthy, powerful British elites running this sex cult and he's
Confronted and called out in front of everybody when he stumbles into this rabbit hole.
And this leads him then to realize that he's not actually at the top of the totem pole.
There's a higher level superstructure above him.
And they're into some really dark Epstein style stuff.
Now, Kubrick was telling us that a long time ago.
And when we come back, we'll learn more about this and my top 10 conspiracy movies here on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're talking about the top 10 conspiracy movies to show to your friends and family.
Although this one, we don't want to show it to our family necessarily.
This one's a little overboard, but it is really important because it's, it is giving us a window into what's really going on.
And even it is kind of, uh, kind of toned down, we could say, because, you know, Kubrick, I don't think he could really show us what was going on with, uh, you know,
The darker side of this when it gets into things like the adrenochrome that Jim Caviezel was talking about and I mean that that's not even that's even further than what's pictured in this film.
But in this film we have something like a kind of a high-level elite sex cult.
You see the head of the cult there sitting underneath the double-headed eagle which suggests some some kind of high-level secret society or cult sort of perhaps Ordo Abkaio something maybe Krolian going on here and Tom Cruise again
Inadvertently sort of stumbles into this thinking that he's going to you know get the upper hand or he's gonna attain a new status or he's just really curious he wants to find out what's going on so he's tempted right to engage in this ceremony outside of his marital relations here in this big secret society sex cult and they say no actually we're gonna kill you because you have
You have gone against what's allowed.
And as you know, I'm not going to spoil the whole movie, you've probably seen it, but one of the supermodels from the very beginning who he saved, and by the way, there's a bunch of very beautiful supermodel women in this sex cult.
And that's interesting because we know that in terms of Nygaard and a lot of these figures connected Epstein, they actually did recruit and utilize a lot of supermodels.
So it's very, very curious here that Kubrick was telling us this in 1999.
Anyway, Tom Cruise basically realizes that he's going to be put to death.
This cult has all the powers of an intelligence agency at their disposal, which again, Kubrick is probably telling us something there, because Tom Cruise ends up being followed, he ends up getting threatened, and the supermodel who he saved in the beginning, she actually dies for him.
Believe it or not, I think actually Alex had her on, the actress that played that role.
She came on maybe five or six years ago on InfoWars.
I remember that interview.
And she basically said, yeah, everything that Kubrick's talking about in this film is real.
Of course, Vivian Kubrick has come on Alex's show as well several times.
So I recommend Eyes Wide Shut as an overall analysis of, hey, look, Hollywood was telling us in movies all of this Epstein-Nygard stuff
Back in 1999.
And believe it or not, there's actually a lot of films prior to Eyes Wide Shut that are very similar to Eyes Wide Shut.
Old black and white movies like Eye of the Devil with Donald Pleasance, right?
That was actually telling us something very similar.
Next, let's move on to another Kubrick film that I think is extremely revelatory that a lot of people didn't initially think was that revelatory, but now it's been so dissected and so analyzed on YouTube.
And I have a whole mini documentary that's gotten quite a few views analyzing it on YouTube, as well as many other YouTubers.
And that's Stephen King's novel, The Shining, made into a film in 1980 by Stanley Kubrick.
And this movie has been dissected into oblivion, just like 2001 has, but what's fascinating about it is that it doesn't, in my view, this is my interpretation, you can disagree, but I don't ultimately think that it's about a haunted hotel.
I think that it is in part about that, but it's also about something much deeper, which is about American society and Americanism as a whole.
And the reason that's relevant is that we find out this hotel is actually haunted because it was at one point
The location where the jet set used to hang out.
All the best people were told by the hotel manager.
Royalty, the elites, those who were successful, so to speak, in a worldly sense in life.
And the main character, of course, Jack Torrance, is
He's constantly sort of tempted throughout the film to, in his mind, to think, if I'm going to get amongst the elite, to become a great writer, which is his desire, right?
I'm going to have to dispense with the things that hold me back, right?
And eventually he realizes that that's Danny and Wendy, my wife, Wendy, right?
He says, I got to get rid of Wendy.
Wendy's holding me back.
And there's a lot of interesting elements that people have picked apart, including myself, such as Wendy's interest in witchcraft.
That's not really apparently clear right away, but if you go back and you watch the film, you'll notice that Shelley Duvall is actually reading in the very early sequences a lot of books on witchcraft.
She's shown holding and studying witchcraft, so she's interested in the esoteric and the occult.
She has stacks of witchcraft books, which I think suggests perhaps Jack also was reading these books, again, because he's also a literary figure who eventually becomes demonically possessed.
And as we know, this becomes more and more apparent as the film progresses.
And I think there is an argument to be made that Jack might have actually even abused Danny.
Now that's not, I mean, beyond physical abuse.
And I say that because there's a recurring theme in a lot of Kubrick films about child trafficking, underage abuse, this kind of stuff.
It actually comes up quite a bit, right?
I mean, Kubrick did Lolita.
It comes up in Barry Lyndon.
It comes up in Eyes Wide Shut.
So the Lili Sobieski character that I didn't mention in Eyes Wide Shut, she's actually apparently being human.
She's human trafficked, you could say, because she's at the costume store.
When Bill Harford is trying to get his costume for the sex cult event.
And she's obviously an underage person who I think we're supposed to.
She whispers to Bill Harford, for example, that you need an ermine cloak if you're going to be hanging out with royalty.
But Jack, of course, as we said, is is eventually demonically possessed and he ends up sort of trapped in a victim of this hotel.
But there's a lot of sub themes and motifs throughout.
The movie that make it clear that it's not just a critique of you know crazy writer trying to achieve elite status it's about the
That's really, I think, what the film is about.
By the way, in the movie, they're actually watching a movie called Summer of 42, which is about a pedophilic relationship.
Shelly Duvall and Danny are actually watching that movie at one point, which is really bizarre.
It's not really appropriate for a child, right?
And the movie ends, of course, with Jack doing the Baphomet pose, as above, so below, where he's immortalized amongst the individuals at the hotel.
So, we see him in a 1921 photograph.
America and how America in a sense if it has abandoned its original principles right basic moral principles values America can become a haunted possessed Overlook Hotel you see because you know that it's isn't it I think built on an Indian burial ground all this kind of stuff, right?
So I think that's what that's actually about next I would say the
The movie 2001, even though it's been dissected a million times, this would be my number three film, and it's relevant because really the whole Arthur C. Clarke storyline of 2001, 2010, and 3001, that whole trilogy is about the evolutionary ascent of man to become a transhumanist god.
It's about the apotheosis of man
And we know that because Arthur C. Clarke was hanging out with a lot of the esoteric occult circles.
Arthur C. Clarke was into a kind of Luciferianism, you could say, and he did believe that technology would be the means by which humanity would become gods.
And so if you think about 2001, I'm sure everybody's seen it, if you go back and watch it, you'll notice that the evolutionary process
Uh, where the apes discover technology and dominance through technology when one ape hits the other guy on the head with a bone.
This then leads to the next phase of human development, which, uh, we fast forward to being in space and the conquering of space and Bowman being sent out to investigate these strange signals that are coming.
Uh, from various, uh, space locations.
And then we get the next phase of evolution, which is man versus AI, right?
Bowman versus Howl.
And who will win?
Well, it turns out, of course, Bowman wins that, uh, that battle.
And so he becomes a god figure.
He steps outside of, when he goes through the, the, the portal or whatever, he steps out of the time and space universe into the next dimension and is reborn as Starchild.
And in the story, Starchild nukes Earth because it's time to start over, right?
It's a depopulation narrative, right?
In Clark's version.
Kubrick changes that.
But it is a completely Luciferian expose, and when we come back, we'll get into that a little bit more.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We are breaking down my top ten conspiracy movies that reveal and explain and expose the New World Order in varying ways and capacities.
And we were talking about 2001 A Space Odyssey from 1968 from Kubrick again.
And the thing about Space Odyssey is that, although I don't agree with the overall philosophy that's being presented in the movie, it's relevant because it's giving us an insight into the attitude and perspective of the elite.
And I do think that it has a lot of these sort of esoteric and alchemical sub-themes going on.
It's about not just evolution, but man's ascent into apotheosis and the elite perspective of how that occurs via technology.
Because as the series progresses on beyond the first movie,
I would actually recommend, if you watch the second movie with Roy Scheider, 2010, it's about the Cold War ending so that we get a world government, believe it or not.
So out of the Cold War dialectics comes a synthesis of the New World Order, and the New World Order in that movie is presented as sending forth
Humans into the cosmos to seed the cosmos so that we can become gods of the universe, basically.
And in 3000, in the third installment of Arthur C. Clarke, it actually has Hal and Bowman coming together in a kind of transhumanist entity known as Halman, and man becomes God, right?
So that's what this series is ultimately about, but it's all predicated not just on Darwinism, but on a mystical Darwinian apotheosis where conflict
This thesis, antithesis, synthesis leads to the apotheosis of transhumanism.
That's actually what the whole movie and the series is about, if you pay attention to it.
And that also leads into another quasi-transhumanist film, my fourth choice when it comes to the top ten movies that display and illustrate the New World Order.
And the revelation of the method, predictive programming and all, is the Matrix Trilogy, which begins in 1999.
I'm sure everybody's seen the Matrix Trilogy, but did you pay attention to a lot of the Gnostic, Neo-Gnostic sub-themes, to the Platonism, to the esoteric idea that Neo, this individual who is, we later find out,
The 9th or 10th, right, version of Neo?
I don't remember exactly, but it's something like that, right?
There have been several other Neos that were the one, but the 10th instantiation or 9th, whatever it is, of Neo is the final one because he's actually going to break the pattern, break the matrix.
And so initially it's about whether we're determined, predestined to be part of this scheme, this sort of computer program.
That is, that doesn't allow for free will.
And you have this architect character to this great architect, which is, again, kind of a Masonic idea that God is this architect, this grand architect of the universe, and that Neo breaks out of this because he's supposedly determined to only have a couple options in this choice at the end between, you know, coming after the great architect or, you know, saving Trinity, right?
And so initially, it's about free will and choice.
And then as the series expands on, it becomes about synthetic virtual realities.
It becomes about a future dystopia where, you know, we've been imprisoned by this AI.
And there's a lesser known series called the Animatrix where it turns out that the AI was actually able to take over through this weird cryptocurrency that it invented.
I'm not saying that's Bitcoin.
I'm a supporter of Bitcoin.
But I just thought it's funny that it engages in atmospheric geoengineering, spraying the AI in the Animatrix series.
And so that's part of the storyline that's not in the mainline movies.
There's a lot of predictive programming in the Matrix series, so it's definitely worth watching.
But the basic philosophy here is Gnosticism and Platonism.
And so we're just harkening back to these ancient systems of philosophy that I think it hit really well for audiences in the 90s, because that's right when the Internet was starting to get really popular.
And then there was a lot of hacker movies in the 1990s.
And so even though there is a way you could read the Matrix as a kind of
I think so.
You can use it as an analogy for where we are in the world, that it seems like we exist in a matrix system where, you know, we can't get ahead.
It's gamed against us as individuals, as normal people.
You can't rise up.
It's a super mega corporate control structure.
That's what we see here in the first one.
We find out that actually it's much deeper than it being some kind of socio-political economic control structure.
The oppression in the Matrix story is actually all of reality being an illusion, being a prison.
The idea that all reality is a prison, again, is an ancient Platonic slash Gnostic view, and I know that Gnosticism and Platonism are not identical, but that's where I would disagree.
I don't think all reality is inherently evil or some kind of a prison, but we are existing in a fallen reality, and we are, you could say, underneath the dominance of fallen angelic entities, right?
And so in that sense, it's partly true.
So you could read Agent Smith as, you know, something like a Satan figure, and you could read Neo as a kind of a Christ-like figure, again, with limitations here.
And so the red pill and the blue pill then symbolize the blue pill staying an NPC, staying a normie, staying believing Biden and this kind of stuff, right?
Whereas the red pill is waking up to what's really going on, that reality is controlled, that reality is, we're lied to about reality on a massive scale.
I'm not saying everything's a lie, but a lot of what we are told in mainline education and in mainline churches and all this kind of stuff is not true.
It's a lie.
It's part of the matrix system.
And so really the only way out of this is a type of religious conversion.
And so I think we could we could read that element of the matrix properly and correctly.
The next movie I would say in my list coming to the top 10 here is I guess this would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, this fifth one would be Network.
And I just covered Network.
We just talked about it fairly recently on one of the fourth hours with you guys.
And this is the satirical film from 1976, which you think is about... I was glad to go back and watch it.
I'd never seen the whole thing until fairly recently in terms of paying a lot of attention.
I think I saw it many years ago and I fell asleep.
Not because it's bad.
It's just watching it late at night.
So I watched it intently and paid attention.
And I was amazed at the depth of this movie.
This film has so much in it.
And it is quasi-satirical because the Carnival Barker media character, Howard Beale, who starts to, because this network is dying, he wants ratings and he starts to just sort of rant.
So we get kind of the first notions of modern media, of it being about cult of personality and it being about infotainment, which I don't necessarily have a problem with that.
It's clearly showing that the future of media will be about transitioning out of the boring old figures that, you know, the Walter Cronkites that sit there and tell you that you should believe in the New World Order, and it will be transitioning into these sort of loud, crazy figures, right?
And it even has reality TV in this movie.
They actually start a reality TV show about a communist cell.
In the movie, which is pretty wild, right?
This is, this is the 1970s.
Nobody had done reality.
This is years before MTV and road rules and you know, all that kind of stuff.
So here we have this prediction of reality TV and this really famous, there's actually a few famous speeches in the movie and you see the sequence here that they're showing.
That's of course the most famous one that we talked about a couple of fourth hours back.
And it's this sort of socio-economic Darwinian corporate control.
The metaphysics of corporatism, basically, is the purpose of this speech.
We'll talk about that when we come back on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis.
Don't go anywhere and head over to the InfoWorld store when this show ends.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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And also the t-shirts and the books and all the other offers that are over there to support the Infowar, keep this show going.
And we were talking about Network, the 1976 film
Which is a great satire of mass media and in many ways very predictive because it shows the control of mass media in all forms on the minds of the public.
Now, the public can really be swayed in a mob mentality, so to speak, and the Howard Beale character ultimately tries to step up against the system, against the matrix, you could say, and he's immediately shot down by this figure who we find out is actually a sort of a Blackrock
I don't know.
And so Howard Beale, who kind of sees himself as this quasi-prophet, quasi-religious figure, is realizing, oh no, I'm actually a creation of this entity, and that weird sequence there where he's being lectured at by the big BlackRock CEO there, right?
He finds out that this figure is sort of a God figure to him, and it's a very religious sort of sequence, and Beale actually says, I've seen the face of God,
Speaking of this CEO corporate figure.
And so it's not about truth.
It's not even about ratings.
It's about what the Megacorp wants and they control and destroy Howard Beale at will.
So that there's a lot of really profound truth, especially in that corporate metaphysics sequence, as it's sometimes called the metaphysics of corporatism or whatever.
It's a great film.
And it's full of a lot of really profound truths and predictive elements, as I said, the reality show in there that is just wild.
All the stuff that's in that movie.
I highly recommend it if you've never seen it.
But it's great for showing the absurdity and the reality of corporate media control.
Next movie I would say that's great in the top 10 list for waking up your friends and family, which pretty much everybody can watch, is the 1988 classic from John Carpenter, They Live.
They Live is one of the best conspiracy movies that's pretty accurate.
Now, depending on how literal you want to read it, you could read They Live as a story about aliens, or you could read They Live as a story about, again, mass media control in the New World Order.
It's not perfect.
There's a couple areas of the film that I think are kind of silly that I would disagree with.
They Live is a story, it's kind of a cartoonish satirical story, you could say, of sort of a drifter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, John Nauta.
He sort of wanders into LA looking for work, and he ends up staying at a homeless encampment and finding a construction job.
And while he's staying at this homeless encampment looking for work, he hears a signal that's broadcast from a local church that comes through on a TV show.
And they hijack the signal and they say everything that you've been being told is a lie and there's a corporate system that's controlling you and we're being controlled by our desires and by consumerism and all this stuff and the signal goes away because they
They lose the signal.
So this begins him questioning and he figures out that it's coming from this church nearby.
And this church, it turns out, is manufacturing these glasses that allow you to, when you put them on, see what's really going on.
You can see through the signal that's being broadcast that controls your perception of reality.
And so this leads to a kind of a burgeoning rebellion and revolution.
Yeah, there's the signal as they're watching it.
That's breaking through the TV screen, through the advertisements and the consumerism.
And this leads to this sort of undercurrent, a revolution against the system.
And as soon as this starts to build, the system finds out about it and they send basically a giant police state killdozer to come through and just destroy the entire homeless encampment, right?
This sends
Roddy Roddy Piper, John Nauta on the run and they reconfigure and they try to again build this revolution against the system and it turns out it's not what they thought it was.
It's not just a corporate control.
It turns out there's these sort of alien beings that appear as humans but they're also they're the sort of off-world demonic parasite that is
Leaching on everyone and controlling everyone through the signal that they're admitting from a control tower, from a satellite on the top of a media building.
So again, a lot of allegories, a lot of parallels there that the corporate control, the consumerist society, it's all about conform, consume, obey, watch, be quiet, stay asleep, right?
Keeping you in the matrix, so to speak.
And, uh, again, it gets really wild.
It turns into a battle with the alien entities and these off-world things.
And the idea is, well, if I can control, if I can destroy the signal that they're emitting, then I can get rid of them.
Um, so it's a great allegory.
It's a great, it's a great film overall.
I highly recommend watching They Live if you've never seen it.
The next movie I would recommend in my list of the top 10 conspiracy movies that show us what's really going on in the world.
Would be Clockwork Orange, once again.
Kubrick makes the list again.
And this one is really important because this is based on Anthony Burgess's novel, which he also has another dystopian novel, by the way, called The Wanting Seed.
And that might be relevant if you're not familiar with that dystopian story for what's going on in the world.
I won't say what it's all about, but
But it's about a lot of what's going on.
It's an element of the dystopia that not many people have talked about.
For example, 1984 doesn't talk about the Skittles rainbow element of the dystopia that we're going into.
But The Wanting Seed does.
Brave New World does, by the way.
Clockwork Orange is interesting because it's a dystopian novel, and the movie presentation is not really about what you first think it's going to be.
You think it's about, okay, there's these droogs, these gangsters that are running around New York, these wily British street folk, and you think, okay, so this is going to be about a gang.
No, it turns out
When Alex is arrested, he's put into a medical, psycho, psychiatric rehabilitation program.
And so the first act of the movie is about, you know, the gang stuff and the havoc that they're wreaking.
And then the rest of the film turns into basically an MKUltra rehabilitation Skinner box.
The rest of the movie is basically Alex in a Skinner box.
undergoing MKUltra mind control conditioning.
And the best sequence in the whole film that explains the purpose of all this is when one of the social scientists, the psychiatric guys, gets up there and he says that the whole purpose of all of this is to take all of these inmates as an experiment, to recondition them, to emasculate them, and turn them into completely obedient, subservient,
Creatures of the system, to basically break them in and to turn them into, uh, soy bug men, basically.
So the prison system is the test tube for what they call in the movie, the Ludovico method, which is this method of re-imprinting you through trauma-based mind control and drugs to make you into a completely obedient, submissive soy man.
And in the film, if I recall, it's been many years since I've watched it.
I did an essay on this many years ago, but it's basically effective in the case of Alex, right?
He eventually gets rehabilitated.
He gets conditioned, so to speak, into being this sort of docile,
We're good.
Movie message that I think ultimately is about MKUltra.
I think Burgess probably knew what Tavistock Clinic and what the MKUltra doctors were up to because that had a big a big role in the UK.
It wasn't just America.
It was kind of a global thing.
Turns out MKUltra was everywhere.
So when we come back, we'll finish up the last few movies that are the top 10 conspiracy films of all time.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are going through the top 10 conspiracy movies of all time that show us how the world really works.
They were telling us all along in so many films what's actually going on in the world.
And movies are a great way to wake up your friends and family that don't know about this stuff or kind of maybe just now kind of waking up and figuring out what's going on.
You can go back and show them, hey, a lot of these old movies that you grew up with, that you that you saw when you were a kid, you know, they were actually telling you a lot of this stuff if you paid attention.
And I want to remind you, too, that for our audience in terms of movies, we'll be doing a live event in Hollywood very soon with Jamie Kennedy.
If you've seen the Jamie Kennedy experiment, if you've seen Malibu's Most Wanted, if you've seen, you know, Scream, so many great movies.
And I think Jamie was in what might be one of the funniest TV shows of all time.
The Jamie Kennedy experiment is genius.
And a lot of interesting psychology if you watch that show, too.
It's not just a comedy show.
There's a lot of interesting
Psychological studies you could do on the basis of how people react to a lot of those scenarios.
And if you go to my Twitter, the very top of my Twitter, you'll see a pinned tweet that got a lot of views.
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Now, we were talking about these movies that tell us everything.
Clockwork Orange was a classic.
Let's get the next one.
Conspiracy Theory.
Richard Donner.
Mel Gibson movie.
Of course, Mel is in quite a few conspiracy-ish, conspiracy-themed movies, but this one was one of the classics.
Edge of Darkness is another Mel Gibson conspiracy movie that a lot of people overlook.
A lot of interesting things going on now.
But the reason I chose Conspiracy Theory is not just the title of it, but in my own life, this was one of the first movies I watched.
It came out in 1997.
I remember seeing it at the theater.
That was kind of my first exposure to conspiracy culture.
I know X-Files had kind of just got going on Fox back in the mid to late 90s.
I didn't really watch TV back then.
I was in high school, so I didn't care about TV.
I cared about girls.
Uh, and, and I remember going to the movie, I did like movies, and I remember going and thinking, this is pretty crazy.
I wonder how much of this stuff that Crazy Jerry, The Conspiracy Theorist, talks about is actually correct.
And if you watch the movie, quite a bit of what he said was correct.
He got some things wrong because he ran a little conspiracy newsletter, uh, if you remember in the film.
But it turns out, and I'm not spoiling too much if you've never seen it, it turns out that Jerry was actually a subject of MKUltra, and Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard,
He plays the handler to Jerry.
So he's actually Jerry's CIA handler who was mind controlling him to create a programmed assassin.
And they were using him as a private secret corporate assassin group that could be used for hire.
So it wasn't really even the CIA.
It was people who had gone on from the CIA to create a private corporate intelligence network.
Of private assassins that would then go and kill politicians.
And so the story was, of course, that Mel Gibson was supposed to kill Julia Roberts' dad, who was a high-level politician.
And it turns out that most of his paranoia was true.
And a huge part of the narrative is about MKUltra.
And if you go back and watch it, it's amazing how much of MKUltra and how much accuracy was packed into that film.
And you know Mel Gibson has done some of the best work in terms of putting out good messages in Hollywood and people have dug up actually old clips from around this time of the mid to late 90s when Mel was actually saying how dark Hollywood was even back then.
So super duper mega red pill based Mel way ahead of time when it comes to talking about the esoteric occult satanic elements even back then.
And so I highly recommend if you've never watched
Conspiracy there go back and watch it and you'll you'll be pleasantly surprised it holds up pretty well and Especially the conspiracy stuff.
So so much of this has actually come out in a boy away Next movie you can't pass up another 90s film.
I remember when this came out I wasn't super into it just because I didn't know much about the JFK assassination and I was only I was only about maybe a
I mean, I was just now hitting, you know, like high school era, starting freshman high school or something.
12 or something?
And that's the 1991 Oliver Stone film, JFK, which turns out was based on multiple different authors that I think Alex has had most of these authors on over the years.
He's had Jim Mars on.
I think Jim Mars' book played a key role in Oliver Stone.
I think Jim Mars consulted in part on the screenplay with Oliver Stone.
I know that Colonel Fletcher Prouty's book, Secret Team, played part of a role.
I mean, this film, that's a classic.
And I know that Mark Lane's book also played a role.
So a lot of the classic kind of JFK writers and early phase conspiracy people did have a role in helping Oliver Stone to put this together.
And there was there was sort of a
A golden period in the 80s and 90s when you could still get a lot of these kinds of movies made and so I think you know Oliver Stone deserves props for for getting that done and Alex has had Sean Stone on many times.
I've had done many podcasts and shows and hung out with Sean Stone and
He knows a lot about this stuff and the Hollywood stuff too that we've talked about.
So I would say go back and watch JFK and you'll notice how much of that old generation conspiracy stuff actually comes through in the story.
We find out the mafia elements, we find out the CIA elements.
That's important because a lot of this has now come to the fore, not just with Tucker covering the CIA relationship to the JFK assassination, but now RFK rising in popularity and getting out there and talking about a lot of these issues and basically saying, yeah, the CIA was crucial in the assassination of my elder family members.
Yeah, exactly.
So go back and watch Oliver Stone's JFK and I think you'll notice that a lot of other Oliver Stone films also have
You know, conspiracy themes here and there, but I think JFK comes to the fore as the most conspiratorial of his films and probably the closest to pretty much what went on right that day.
I think it's pretty clear that you have people like E. Howard Hunt.
Alex, in fact, years ago went and got a deathbed interview with E. Howard Hunt before he passed away saying, yes, I had a key role in that.
And I think at that time Alex was the only person covering that.
Maybe Rolling Stone did a piece on it, but Alex has an old interview with E. Howard Hunt.
You guys should try to dig that up.
It's a classic because they say, yeah, it was us.
We did it.
CIA did it.
I had a key role in that as well as other factors.
Mafia played a role too.
So a huge admissions there from E. Howard Hunt back in the day.
Next film I would say that's really important.
This is what round out the 10th of my top 10 conspiracy movies would be the old old old movie Metropolis from Fritz Lang 1927 film now it's going to be a little difficult to watch if you've never watched this film there are actually some
Versions that people have made on YouTube, which have sound and this is an old silent film, basically, and they've added music and there's colorized versions.
And so it's about a three hour movie.
So two and a half to something like that.
Two forty five.
So it's going to take a lot of time and effort.
It's not an easy.
It's very different.
I'll say that.
But there's a lot of really profound futurist elements in this, including the prediction of the rise of AI sex bots and how that would be used to control the city.
The social sphere might even be destroyed by the implementation of AI and sex bots.
That's actually what this 1927 movie is about.
Amazing, amazing prophetic elements.
And this is probably one of the most profound future presentations that we've ever seen.
In fact, when they create the AI, she is created by a mad scientist sitting there underneath an inverted pentagram.
And the idea in the film is that
This will actually be a satanic ritual process, which will bring about the AI, which will then bring about the apocalypse and the destruction of society.
The film actually has a lot of references to.
Babylon, you know, the horror city of the Book of Revelation, and all this kind of stuff.
That's all in the film from 1927, and it predicted, again, that it would actually be transhumanism that would bring about the collapse of society.
And so in the film, they realize, I won't spoil it, but they realize that, hey, maybe this isn't a good idea to release, you know, AI sex bots on the population.
It might end up in an apocalypse.
So, I hope you enjoyed this.
There it is.
There's that great sequence there where she's seated at the base of an inverted pyramid where the science, basically, dark alchemical science is actually a satanic endeavor to invert nature and turn it into something dark or control.
If you would like deeper analyses, my books actually have full-on analyses of all these films that we've covered today.
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