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Name: 20230616_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 16, 2023
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The podcast consists of various discussions covering topics like feminism, Satanism, fluoride, free speech, witchcraft, and power narratives. The speakers express concerns about societal changes, promote alternative viewpoints, and encourage listeners to support their operations. Throughout the recordings, product promotions for supplements and probiotics available on InfoWarsStore.com are featured.

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Jeremy Brown spent 20 years serving our country in special operations for the U.S.
Army, where he specialized in unconventional warfare, which is probably one of the reasons why the FBI came to his home and tried to recruit him to be a part of their January 6th false flag against peaceful American protesters.
After going public with video evidence of the FBI visit, Jeremy Brown was arrested on trumped-up charges and sentenced to seven years in federal prison.
I recently interviewed Jeremy about his new podcast, Fusion Cell.
Here are the highlights.
Everybody knows something's going on.
There's just some of us who have a much better knowledge of what's going on than others.
But, you know, the reality is that America is an occupied country.
Our savior is not going to be somebody who's popular, who's rich.
Who is successful in the ways of the world right now, whether it's Elon Musk or whether it's Donald Trump.
A politician is not going to save us.
We need to start realizing that we are the answer to these problems.
In essence, America has become a nation of cowards who will only tell you what they believe if they can get three forms of verification that you agree with them.
And this is not The country that our founders established, and it certainly isn't the way they established it.
And until we start to stand up for our own beliefs and principles and not rely on these manufactured heroes, these superheroes that are given to us by the media, well then we're never going to fix the problem.
Tyranny is not coming.
It is already here.
AI is just simply another weapon in the toolbox of those who seek to control the world.
That's all it is.
I mean, the reality is that they want way fewer of us.
But they know that they like all the things that we contribute to the world, and so they have to have some type of replacement, and AI is one of those replacements.
And they've told us that this is what they want through the dystopic pre-programming of Minority Report.
And you know, total recall.
I mean, you ask kids and they're like, yeah, no, I'm good with that.
If I could just be in the video game all day long with the woman in red, I'm fine with that.
And this is the problem.
This is why there's no will and no appetite for liberties.
The true threat is the institutional information dominant that has led multiple generations into believing these massive lies and being okay with them.
This is the problem that people have been conditioned and uneducated and miseducated into not even caring.
You have confused women because there's no men.
You have confused men because they've been bashed by society, right?
Then you have our kids being sexually abused.
I mean, it's such a mess.
And for the most part, people are okay with it.
And to be honest, I think that this country might be.
like a drug addict. But until you hit rock bottom, you're not going to change. And I'm
afraid that that's where we are. It might take the spiraling into complete tyranny and totalitarianism
in order for people to say, "Oh my gosh, we've got to do something." We're not going to change
things by voting. Ladies and gentlemen, this full breakdown is on Infowars.com.
It's an excellent video of a political prisoner.
You need to watch it.
This is a psychological warfare operation designed to destroy civilization.
But if we're aware of the operation, it'll be easy to beat it.
But people must admit they're under the attack.
And I know it's scary, but it's much more scary to live in denial.
Let these sharks tear your guts out.
We are winning.
Humanity's coming back from the brink.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you for inviting me to testify today on how we can ensure the safety and well-being of unaccompanied children.
The historic border crisis our country is currently facing isn't only harming American communities and the integrity of our system, but migrants themselves, especially children, many of whom arrive unaccompanied.
Let's face it, this is a crisis within a crisis.
And it began in 2008 with passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, or TVPRA, a law that hasn't lived up to its name.
If we really want to ensure the safety and well-being of these vulnerable children, we must be honest about what caused the crisis and how to end it.
What started in the mid-1980s as the Flores class action lawsuit about immigration detention conditions for alien minors, and to whom such minors may be released, has turned into a multi-billion dollar legal regime that encourages unaccompanied minors to come on a treacherous journey to the U.S., requires the federal government to release
them into the custody of sponsors who too often end up abusing or trafficking them, and
according to DHS's Enforcement Life Cycle Report, results in 94 percent of them remaining in
the U.S. Alejandro Mayorkas said repeatedly at the beginning and throughout his tenure as
Secretary of Homeland Security that he would not send back unaccompanied minors.
What did that tell parents, teenagers and smugglers seeking to line their pockets?
That this administration was opening the door wide open for unaccompanied minors to enter and stay in the U.S.
And the parents, teens, and smugglers around the world heard it loud and clear.
A historic 366,000 unaccompanied minors have been encountered just on the southwest border so far under the Biden administration.
For those who closely follow border security, border data is tracked month by month.
Yet after 28 months of record entry of unaccompanied minors, the Biden administration has not changed its policies to prevent such minors from coming here.
Instead, the administration's response has been, get them in faster.
HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra was quoted by the New York Times complaining to staff about delays in releasing unaccompanied minors into the country, saying, quote, if Henry Ford had seen this in his plants, he would have never become famous and rich.
This is not the way you do an assembly line, unquote.
Secretary Mayorkas has likewise pushed for speedier processing of illegal aliens, including minors, into the U.S.
In his joint proposed rule, Circumvention of Lawful Pathways, Secretary Mayorkas admits that the objective of the CBP-1 mobile application appointment scheme is for CBP, quote, to process more individuals than would otherwise be possible, unquote.
Like the border crisis itself, this administration's handling of unaccompanied minors is intentional.
And beyond the historically high numbers, the results have been disastrous for the children involved and for Americans.
Unaccompanied children are regularly raped and exploited on their journey to the U.S., and their lives, sadly, do not improve once they enter the U.S.
They are turned over to questionable, if not dangerous, sponsors, forced to work in unsafe conditions that violate child labor laws, go missing by HHS, and are sex trafficked.
Furthermore, MS-13 and other gang members, who are often teenagers, easily enter the U.S.
as unaccompanied minors.
Too many Americans and migrants have needlessly died at the hands of vicious gang members who were released into our communities.
The Biden administration has also recently made the nonsensical decision to stop using DNA testing of suspected fake families at the border.
The results are very predictable.
A return to more child smuggling, child recycling, and trafficking.
Say you're a family, and we'll take your word for it.
Both the title and intent of Section 235 of TPRA is, quote, enhancing efforts to combat the trafficking of children, unquote.
And yet, from the historic volume of unaccompanied minors enticed by the law, the careless release of these minors to inadequately vetted sponsors, and the multi-billion dollar windfall in profits, this administration's open border policies have given the cartels It is clear this administration is only creating more abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.
Section 235 of the TVPRA and the Flores Court Interpretation are abject failures.
Instead of exploring ways to accommodate the current flow of unaccompanied children, Congress should accept that laws and judicial orders have resulted in terrible consequences, and it should replace them with a rational and effective system to prevent the unlawful and dangerous flow of unaccompanied minors into the U.S.
Now that's testimony on Wednesday by the head of the Border Security Immigration Studies Center at the Heritage Foundation.
Now, I don't need to listen to her or see her statistics and read articles about it to know it's true.
I've been to the Texas border many, many times.
Her crew has been there many more times.
And we've been to the California, Arizona, New Mexico border many times.
And this was started under Obama, who got massive funding to bring children as young as six months old here.
People just throw them over the fence.
And then with no ID, no DNA, no name, no check, that child just disappears into a black hole.
They find them dead, they find them raped, mutilated.
I mean, it's just, it's so massive and so criminal, those of us that still live in insulated lives, middle class lives, We see the homelessness of the crime increasing and you know family members get mugged and all the rest of this your neighbor takes the shot and has a heart attack and dies but we still just stay in this comfort zone.
We don't realize that things are getting bad because they're getting bad incrementally but it's not incremental for those Who are being smuggled across when you hear 300 and something thousand just the last two and a half years under, uh, Biden.
Remember that that's only a fraction of the ones that get discovered upwards of 80% are never made contact where they just go through.
So let that sink in.
And the reason I played this clip coming in is this, and I went and checked this when I saw this last night, and it is indeed true for the 20% or so.
Of the people they catch illegally coming in, they will do a DNA swab of the cheek, take a digital photo of them, take the ID they claim who they are, if they have ID, and create an identity for the person.
Now, You then see the illegals at the airport, including with children, when they don't have the documents, just being allowed on airplanes.
They just have a piece of paper from DHS saying, I'm flying to here.
It's usually Dallas or Chicago or New York or Salt Lake City or Kansas City.
It's just all over the country.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Minneapolis St.
Paul and they just load them on and we're there at the airport our crews every time we go we just go to the airport every time it's there and there's just women from Catholic charities and other things just handing six-month-old two-year-old babies just over to people with no paperwork and they just disappear and weird creepy dudes that I'm not saying they're pedophiles but if I was gonna cast somebody in a movie for a pedophile I would hire them and hire their white van they pull up in they're literally in white vans just driving off of kids with no IDs So, for the 20% or so they actually catch, that actually get processed, when they're, quote, children, that's why you have a 30-year-old saying they're 16, they get DNA databased.
Now, you shouldn't get DNA databases as a citizen unless you commit a crime, but these are people illegally coming in, they should be databased.
Especially children, because we'll never know who they are, they can get new identities.
And that's what's going on here.
They can be killed, they can be put in slave labor, and that's what's happening.
So whenever you look at the federal government and you look at these people that run it at the top, I mean, from the judges on average down, the Border Patrol's horrified, the federal marshals are horrified, the FBI agents are horrified, and that's why the good people quit, because you just can't be around this all day and be powerless.
I mean, believe me, I don't like going to the border, even though it's a huge story and important, because it makes me feel like a sack of garbage.
Because you're there watching all this crime and human exploitation happening and you have empathy because you know you're in danger because of it too.
And the left's just laughing at you in your face and getting in your face.
Pink haired commies ordering the feds around.
Go down there and see it for yourself.
I've got to make myself realize it's for the greater good and make myself go do it, but I cannot imagine being these federal judges down on the border or these magistrates or these agents.
I mean, it's, it's, it's, you're, you're, you are complicit in a crime.
You are trying to stop it as best you can, but your hands are tied.
And then you realize, well, there'll be no law and order if you don't stay on the job, but then you're still facilitating.
So it's just, it's a disaster.
And it tears my guts out, but you have my pledge that I'm gonna be going to the border very, very soon.
Owen's gonna be going back very, very soon.
For the last two years, we've not had the money, even though I've gone down there last year, he's gone this year.
We've not had the money.
So before I get into this key information that's so big, and then moving to some other big subjects that all ties together, let me just remind listeners again.
We didn't have the money to go to Bilderberg this year, and it was such an important meeting.
We didn't have the money to go to Davos.
We currently do not have the money.
To go cover the RNC and DNC, even though when I get there to the RNC and DNC, we'll be interviewed hundreds of times, we'll send massive traffic to InfoWars, people will wake up, and we will bring in a bunch of funds from that.
We are in the position of not having the seed money, like a farmer, to plant the seed to get the crop.
Of the hearts and minds and the listeners going, wow, you're still on air?
So many folks really think we're taking off air because the media declared we were off air.
People slowly find that we're there and the show's been growing a lot again, thanks to you spreading the word.
As a listener, you're like, what, people don't know you're still on air?
Just because you're smart and informed and dialed in doesn't mean the general public's paying attention.
They're used to YouTube or something else.
They don't see you there for years.
They think you're gone.
They don't think, oh, I go to InfoWars.com.
I go to InfoWars.com forward slash show.
You've got to remind them.
Because this is a war, ladies and gentlemen.
I was reading the transcript of the hearings.
That clip you just saw basically has no views online and no one even knows about it.
And it's not even an issue.
Good job to Breitbart.
I'm going to say that again.
all the work they do on the border. John Binder, there's of course a lot of other great folks who
did a great job with Breitbart on the border to some of the best work out there. But expert
witness Biden to boost migrant child trafficking by ending DNA testing at southern border. I'm
going to say that again. Babies, toddlers, five-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 15-year-olds
who have no IDs are not going to be DNA tested and they're just going to be turned loose
to quote Democrat party sponsors.
Now ladies and gentlemen, the Senate report in 2015 found Obama and the DHS knowingly placed tens of thousands of children with sex traffickers.
There it is.
Obama administration placed children with human traffickers, Senate report says.
Report came out in 2015, but it was an article in 2016.
There you go.
I don't know, the crew just pulled that up magically when I said it.
That's fast.
Makes my head spin.
So, what we're getting at here is that... I'm going to explain this to everybody very, very slowly.
You can say a baby isn't a human, and that's a lie, and kill it, but people believe the lies so God forgives them because they don't know they're killing a baby.
The left lies to them, tells them it's not a human, doesn't have a soul.
They think it's okay.
But as long as you were involved in that and didn't know what you were doing, you repent, you're gonna be fine.
Believe me, I'm in the same boat.
The left always goes, why does he say these things about himself?
He's against abortion, but he admits he's paid for them.
Well, it'd be like if I murdered somebody and then I realized it was wrong later and I repent.
I mean, it's like, I shot myself in the foot and later realized I shouldn't have done it.
Again, they've murdered logic, ladies and gentlemen.
But if you knowingly kill your child and think it's funny like the left does now and says, yeah, I killed that little bastard.
In fact, the new thing that are being sold in stores and places like Target are shirts that celebrate abortion and then say, I aborted that little bastard.
And, you know, it's so great.
And I killed my baby.
I mean, in fact, that's an article I didn't get to yesterday.
They are literally promoting the murder of children, and say, yeah, it's a person, and I'm a greedy person, and I come first, and I killed that little son of a bitch.
We've played you compilations of these Democrats and their operatives, and Gloria Steinem up there saying, yeah, you know what, it is a person.
First they tried to tell you it wasn't a person, now you know it is, so people are turning against abortion in all the polls.
The majority of people are now against abortion, including young people who are like 75% against now.
The numbers have flipped in the last 30 years.
You know what, it is a person.
Okay, well, they talk all day about how Trump put kids in cages and on dirty space blanket nests because he told them all surge up here and overwhelmed things.
Trump shut that down, cleaned it up, Border Patrol did a great job, cut it back by over 95%.
They lied to show the fake cages and all that.
Well, they were real cages, but it was fake saying they were Trump's cages.
They were Obama's cages.
And now it's ten times conservatively worse than under Obama because the floodgates are completely open and the same group's running it, and they're not even creating a record of who the children are when they're given to the sponsors.
So when I want to get on an airplane and, say, fly to Florida to be on a podcast next week, hypothetically, which I'm actually doing, it's not hypothetical, but, and, you know, they want to grab my testicles, You know, the homosexual TSA agent takes a particular interest in my black bodyguard and hits on him and grabs his genitals.
You know, that's just a regular thing for a U.S.
citizen to have that happen.
And that's what happened last time I flew.
And luckily, he didn't take interest in me.
But he was like, oh, big handsome black guy, come over here.
What's this?
He literally grabbed his junk and said, what is this?
He goes, what do you think it is?
And the guy literally said, wow, that's big.
I mean, folks, that's the level of humiliation in this country.
That literally they grab your testicles, and I'm not saying they're all criminals or bad, the point is the whole thing is a joke.
They are grabbing people's penises and putting you through microwave ovens and scanners, scanning your naked bodies, doing all this while the border is completely wide open, and if a person comes across the border with a year-old child, They are now killing the funding and the regulations to create a database and a DNA test on who the hell this kid is, so if they find him dead two years later, somewhere the FBI can't test and see that kid came across, so they're covering their tracks, bringing children into the United States.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, come on, man!
I mean, what is it that we will... Is there any level of evil that we will not put up with?
And yeah, this happened.
I flew on a business trip months ago, and one of the security guys, I only took one security guy with me, my friend Mike, and he was kind of irritating.
He's really a calm guy.
And after he, they held him up while my wife and I went to the thing, and he seemed just a little irritated.
He's always really chill and cool.
He's been on the show.
He's an author and researcher, too, as well, and a popular podcaster.
And he seemed irritated.
I said, what's going on, Mike?
And he said, man, that guy just, you know, He literally just grabbed me and made comments about it and everything, and he told me the rest of the story.
And the guy's like, really, that's your... He has to have a conversation about his penis with some dude grabbing it.
I mean, come on, folks!
Come on, man, this is real!
I do the, come on, man, with Joe Biden, the pervert pedophile, who just groped some woman's breast on TV at the White House.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on and on and on.
And let me ask everybody a question.
You think they're going to stop with millions of children?
It's not 360-something thousand like they said in the report.
That's what they call it.
You think it's going to stop with the millions of children being smuggled in and God knows what's going on with them, it runs from bad to worse?
There's no end to this because we've gone over the cliff, ladies and gentlemen.
And if we don't have a social contract, and if we don't protect people's rights, we're not going to have any rights.
So I'm going to say it again.
Out of all this news, we have stacks of a new CDC report that heart attack risk rises 13,200% among vaccinated, CDC report confirms.
I mean, think about that.
The government Under Obama started a regime to tell young people to come here, but at least they'd process them and get their DNA.
Now they're killing that, so there's no record of who they really are, so they can do God knows what with them.
Which we know they're doing.
Slave labor is like a 1.
It's terrible, it's bad.
But raping and killing kids, that's going on, that's a 10.
But it runs the gambit of exploiting these children.
As young as 11 years old, they put them to work at sweatshops.
And then they skim part of their paycheck, about half of it.
They put them in a flop house controlled by Democrat managers.
If they give them problems, they deport them right there.
Oh, you've all got deportation hearings in 2030 and 2034, 2035, but if you get uppity with your Democrat handler and the local lawyer that manages it, you get picked up by the DHS the next day and your ass is back to wherever you came from.
Think of the control they've got over these people.
But it's liberal, it's trendy, and you think you're going to be safe when no one has your ID and no one knows who you are and nobody has your DNA?
Because you know the FBI is sitting around going, man, we're digging up all these dead bodies, not just in Mexico or on the border there, tens of thousands of them, just on the Texas-Mexico border they've dug up.
Yeah, tens of thousands.
Heads chopped off, dead babies.
I mean, routinely they'll find like a year old baby that's been raped and they'll find the sperm of 35 men in it.
That was just a little blurb I saw.
They found a dead baby, had been raped by over 20 men.
They found DNA of over 20 men and a little girl.
That's the kind of smugglers there are.
I mean, who the hell?
How could you find 20-something people want to rape a baby?
Well, that's what's going on on the border.
Cutting people's heads off, raping babies.
Burning people up with gasoline, total death and destruction, just garbage and filth and flies and just everywhere insanity.
Total collapsed civilization.
And they're telling them, come up here, come up here, come up here.
And the smugglers make the money, the Democrats make the money, and they sign them up to skim their paychecks and to skim their welfare checks.
And that's the lucky ones.
The lucky ones get stuck at a Sawmill or a Cheerios factory, but the O for the other ones, they get taken to some trailer on a thousand acres in Pennsylvania.
And they get chained up to a wall.
And they get tortured and they get raped.
And then they get taken out and murdered.
And they take them out in the barn, open up a big barrel of acid, They're doing it right now.
There's kids, kids getting raped and killed right now, getting dumped in acid.
The Democrats even give them protocols how to do it.
All their facilities.
I've talked to people who've been there.
They just got 18 wheelers delivering those barrels.
A pure army of evil, ladies and gentlemen.
You think I'm exaggerating?
This is the stuff that gets kept from you.
This is what I'm being told by feds.
At the border.
And in Austin.
This is what they're seeing.
They're seeing stuff Incidents that are so horrible they can't continue on.
They don't know what to do.
And it's happening all over the country.
They busted the mayor's brother like 15 years ago.
Look it up in Austin.
He's an immigration lawyer.
That's where I really learned about this.
With a big dungeon he built.
He doesn't really have basements in Texas, but he did.
He had a big dungeon built under his house.
Big rich lawyer.
And they found a bunch of people literally in a dungeon, chained up to the wall, because he'd been beating people to death, because they weren't paying the money.
See, that's what happens.
They get smuggled up here, and they pay $3,000, $5,000, depending on what country you come from.
It could be $20,000 if it's from China.
And then you're supposed to work and pay them money, or they torture and kill you.
But the lucky ones just get deported back.
But you have to understand, the mayor's brother in Austin himself carries out the torture.
But it's okay, he's liberal and he's Hispanic, so it's alright.
Well, as we warned you would happen, the deep state, the former UN prosecutor, has indicted
President Trump for having documents presidents are legally allowed to have.
They're coming after everybody.
But the good news is humanity is waking up now more than ever and is seeing through this.
The globalist's only hope is to censor and to silence and to shut down voices like myself, Tucker Carlson, and others who are telling the truth.
That's why your word of mouth about the broadcast is so key.
That's why you sharing the articles, the videos, the clips of the show is so incredible.
And you've been doing it.
And you know you are.
So I salute you and I thank you.
But I want to encourage listeners to not just spread the word about the show, but to also pray for the broadcast and pray for other people that are exposing the globalists.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I want everybody to remember something, and Robert F. Kennedy Junior talked about this on Joe Rogan that dropped yesterday.
Interview happened like three days ago.
He talked about a speech his uncle gave that got Americans behind the nuclear, above-ground nuclear test ban, where he explained to them, hey, you know, 22 to 26 million, nobody knows exactly, Russians died in World War II, and that 95% of the war was between the Nazis and the Russians.
That was the big slug out.
20-something million Germans died, 20-something million Russians.
That was the big slug out.
I'm not saying America wasn't in World War II.
Both my grandfathers were.
But most of the U.S.
forces came in with heavy equipment.
It was an artillery war between the Russians and the Germans.
And the reason I raise that is, think about 25 million people dying in your country when your country's 70 million.
80 million.
That's what happened to the Germans, that's what happened to the Russians.
So when I get up here and I talk about millions of children brought across the border, millions, that's what I'm being told by the Border Patrol.
It's not 300-something thousand.
And they're being raped, they're being murdered, they're being tortured.
People hear that and you go, that's just not true because we've lived in so much freedom, we can't imagine it.
I just showed you congressional testimony where the Obama administration, that's who this is, The third unelected Obama administration has announced that they're going to stop DNA testing of little kids that are being drugged across the border by God knows who.
They're not going to check to see.
That's the key point I make.
They can do a test and hold them for two days and know in certainty, is this really their father or mother?
They can tell if it's a third cousin.
They can tell.
It only takes two days.
And the tests are getting so fast.
See, here's my problem.
And I'm so mad at myself about this.
I really am pissed.
Half the time I seem pissed, it's not the crew or anybody else.
It's me.
Because I have this tendency to understate how bad things are, okay?
I should have just said up front like other good talk shows would do.
The main issue and then lay out all the evidence.
Instead, I go through all the evidence and then never get to the main issue.
They're not just not DNA testing the kids now.
This is stopping next month.
God, it's just hard to believe they're doing this.
So damn criminal.
They're not testing the adults to see if they are their parents or aunt or uncle or cousin or grandmother.
And obviously they can't because most of them aren't.
A lot of times they're kidnapped children.
I mean, when you look at Joe Biden, this is worse than him raping his daughter.
Because she survived that.
It's terrible.
He's raping these children's future.
He's allowing the smuggling and it's no discussion about it.
You only do that to protect the child traffickers.
And if you think the abuse is bad now, this is so they can cover their tracks.
I missed the biggest part.
I've been talking 30-something minutes.
I'm going to slap myself upside the head.
But see, that's the thing.
It's so horrible that I just can't even... That's what I'm telling you.
People think... People don't learn.
We don't exaggerate.
Truth is so much crazier than I can even explain.
The government can test these people for less than $100.
They tell these children to come here.
They tell people, bring a child.
You get in.
No questions asked.
And now they're not even going to ID them.
But they pulled me out of line when I flew back from Hawaii two weeks ago.
They pulled me out of line.
And the old TSA agent put his hands on my ass and put his hands through my pants on my junk.
Now I'm a big boy, I can handle that.
But I didn't like it when I played football and we got once a year, you know, physicals, but You know, where they make you cough and do all that, but the point is, it's a joke!
It's not to stop Islamic terror, it's to train you to be a slave!
So, I get to have a man put his hands on my genitals to make sure we're safe when that's all a big giant fraud, and meanwhile, they don't even get IDs or databases on these children.
And I know I'm harping on this, and harping on this, and harping on this, and harping on this, and harping on this, and harping on this, and harping on this, and harping on this.
I want reporters permanently on the Texas-Mexico-Arizona-California border.
I want to hire two reporters that are full-time, with a camera crew, on the damn border.
And I could do it for about $400,000 a year.
If they stay at Best Westerns.
Don't have it.
So I'm going to tell listeners again, you want somebody to fight?
You want somebody to take on the New World Order?
Have we not done what we said?
Have we not had devastating victory?
You put your money in this slot machine, it comes up triple cherries every time.
You're like, I don't think I'm going to bet on the thing that just dominates and defeats the enemy and never stops.
No, I think I'm going to, you know, whatever.
Okay, great.
I'm not complaining.
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I'm just asking you, will you fight?
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Just in the war effort, I'm taking on the entire deep state.
They're trying to put me in prison.
They're trying to put Owen in prison.
And I'm not a victim.
I'm not bitching.
I asked for this.
I'm a big boy.
But dammit, we need provisions in this fight.
And I don't want to sit here and harp and plug.
I want to cover issues and the serious things that are going on.
So I'm asking everybody that sits on the fence, They think it's safe and it's cool and it's fun to kind of just sit back and watch and see what happens.
This is not a Netflix show!
This is not entertainment!
This is the real world, people!
You've got to differentiate that in your head.
So go to infowarestore.com, right at the top it says donate.
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Boy, Tucker Carlson just did his fourth installment, and I guess he's about to go on vacation, but a lot is coming up after that.
But he knocks it out of the park with the old rhetorical system of, oh no, Biden's not a dictator, he just does this.
Biden's not a dictator, he just does that.
But I've got a lot of things he's doing dictator-wise that Tucker didn't even get to.
It's even worse.
That video's on InfoWars.com.
Gavin McGinnis, I should have said.
Wow, one of my best buddies.
What a dynamic brain.
He's in studio next hour.
And then, guess who's on Monday?
Daniel Esselin, the Bilderberg expert.
That is an amazing guest.
Next Monday, and a lot of big surprises as well.
I want to thank you all for your support.
We can't fight the enemy without your help.
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Today we witness the most evil and heinous abuse of power in the history of our country.
Very sad thing to watch.
A corrupt sitting president had his top political opponent arrested on fake and fabricated charges of which he and numerous other presidents would be guilty.
Right in the middle of a presidential election in which he is losing very badly.
This is called election interference in yet another attempt to rig and steal a presidential election.
More importantly, it's a political persecution like something straight out of a fascist or communist nation.
The bad news is we've had a globalist coup in America.
The good news is the majority of Americans are now aware of it and are very, very upset with the Deep State.
There's no way they can get away with this ongoing takeover if we simply stop complying with them and if we have our own communication systems.
That's why they're moving to not just shut down Infowars, but to silence every American with these AI systems.
That's what we've got to work so hard right now while we have the initiative.
To expose the globalists further, to wake up more of the people, and to move via Congress and state legislatures and attorney generals to criminally charge the New World Order.
They have committed so many crimes.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are very close to victory against this evil.
But if we don't work as hard as we can right now, this republic will die.
In fact, the republic is already dead.
But we're not like a human that dies and that's it.
We can be resurrected like the phoenix from the ashes because we're a country.
We're a culture.
We're an idea.
But let's be honest.
The country is dead.
It's hijacked.
It's run by criminals that are dismantling it right now.
And if we don't admit that we've lost the country, we're never going to get it back.
So that's not a negative statement.
It's the truth.
We've lost the republic.
We're not going to lose the republic.
We've lost the republic.
All these senators, all these congressmen and women and Trump say we're losing the country.
No, no, we lost the country. Now we need to get it back. It's been stolen from us.
And the number one way to take it back is informing the public and being Paul Revere's
info war store.com is what allows that operation to take place. So take action today and go to
him for sure. I can't get amazing products. I've got some good news, ladies and gentlemen.
Rob, I got that video that you wanted me to do the report on.
Do you want a 5 or a 10 minute video?
Rob, do you want a 5 or a 10 minute video report?
What is going on?
What the?
Oh my gosh.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order is...
It's Alex Jones.
You see, they've incrementally trained us to sit here and take all
this crap.
♪ All the life ♪ And then when you don't take it...
Because you've got your head screwed on straight.
They act like you're a weirdo.
Well, guess what?
I'm not a follower going to the slaughter.
I'm a leader.
And so are our listeners and viewers who are activists.
And I want to just say this because it's true.
And I want the listeners to know what they've done and give me a progress report here before I hit all the rest of this news.
I ended up getting up at like 5 a.m.
this morning and I watched the whole Joe Rogan podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Kennedy's big listeners, you know everything we've talked to him, but he's scared to come on.
This will demonize him coming on and I get it.
They created artificial baggage.
I'm radioactive would probably actually hurt what he's doing to come on.
I don't care.
Let's just get that out of the way, though.
He's not a bad guy.
And it's the same thing with Joe.
It's the same thing with all of it.
I don't care because I'm in that studio now.
It's like Alex Jones hosted it, but with his voice for two hours.
It's the same thing.
Joe Rogan, you know, hang out with Joe all the time.
Great friend of mine.
Good guy.
Joe knows about all this stuff.
That's great.
He's getting more hardcore.
The point is, we made it safe to do all this.
You watched Tucker Carlson last night?
He did it with better writing and better focus and, you know, his great intellect.
See, once he knew the New World Order was real, in many ways he does a better job than Alex Jones.
Because he's just as smart as I am, probably smarter, he just couldn't believe it was evil and real.
I get it.
It's hard to believe.
So, I'm not obsolete yet though, because, and I want to be obsolete, I want to beat these people.
I don't want to be on air.
I don't want to eat, drink, and sleep to stuff, but I need to to beat them.
Still, we generally figure out the enemy's next move before anybody else, and still create the resistance talking points into the future, and the enemy recognizes that.
The CIA, the Carney Endowment, they have articles saying Alex Jones is the epicenter of most of the resistance.
This broadcast is the main college Military school of doctrine of pro-human against the transhumanist.
And I don't say that like I'm splendid and I'm great.
That's scary as hell that this broadcast is the best thing we got.
And so I don't feel sorry for myself and I'm not mad at the audience and I'm not mad at any of these people.
But boy behind the scenes they tell me how great I am and how I woke them up and all the rest of it.
And then in public they'll say some nice things as well, but they don't go all the way.
And it's not about me.
But it's about having the courage to admit the New World Order is that bad.
And so supporting Alex Jones and this broadcast is really a touchstone.
It's a rite of passage.
If you don't support this broadcast, if you don't say, no, what's been done to him is wrong, if you're scared to defend me and point out that we've been put to the ringer, you've just set yourself up next to be destroyed because I was the test case.
So I don't give a damn what people think about me.
I'm a big boy.
I am.
I'm mean as hell.
In fact, I'm like Trump.
I get attacked, I get stronger.
But the children are under attack, and this is not good what's going on, okay?
So... All I'm telling you is, we've been proven right, we've been vindicated, we brought it.
Because of the Holy Spirit and God.
And we've proven we're the best there is.
We're the best there is.
I'm going to say it again.
We're the best there is and that ain't saying a lot.
Let that sink in.
You understand they're going to kill 6 billion... 7 billion people, excuse me, my God.
I'd say a billion now, it'll be...
They want to kill 90% of the population by 2030.
That's seven years out.
People say, well, how are they going to get to that?
That sounds crazy.
They just beta tested a bioweapon and the poison shot that's even worse.
And 5G and World War III with Russia has already begun.
I mean, they really mean to do it, OK?
And I want to be here in seven years where we've backed them off and slowed them down, maybe even beat them.
We gotta think big here.
And a lot of folks are waking up saying, God, this is really true.
And I get it's horrific to admit they're doing it.
It's horrible to admit they're a bunch of devil-worshipping pedophiles that want to blow the earth up.
But it's real.
So, we have no hope if people won't grow up and admit the problem we're in.
If you'll wake up and admit the problem we're in, we'll fix this easily.
And it doesn't mean some utopian will be suddenly perfect.
We're always, we're fallen creatures.
But man, we're in a bad place right now.
We're at the bottom of the decadent cycle.
And the enemy is using hardcore psychological warfare to just fry society to stay in power.
And it's like Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Episode 3 that's, of all the cheesy movies, is the best because the story is excellent.
It's the archetype of Palpatine's trying to fry Mace Windu, and he's frying himself.
But he's getting him, too.
And so, while they're frying us, they're frying themselves.
And I'm sitting here going, this is insane.
Pull up Mace Windu and the Emperor next segment.
I want to play that scene.
Where Darth Vader becomes Darth Vader.
I mean, that's really where we are.
And George Lucas actually wrote that.
I really respect George Lucas.
Interesting guy.
Very smart.
Big Carl Jung's psychology buff.
And, uh, Joseph Campbell, Hero of a Thousand Faces.
He said, no, this, this, this.
He goes, I rewrote the first three movies.
He's got a different idea of the 70s.
I rewrote them to what's currently happening.
And you go watch those first three movies.
You know, they're cheesy and badly done and, you know, not that good.
I mean, the third one's pretty good.
They kind of fixed it by then.
But he said in interviews, he said, no, this is what the CIA and the government really does.
And so Imperial Palpatine is the globalist, the Carnegie endowment, who are running the terrorists and running the attacks, everything, to get full power.
And they do.
And so that's where we are.
And I sit there watching these Palpatites fry us and fry themselves in the process.
Just Mace Windu, Emperor Palpatine battle.
That's what it is.
And it's just... The globalists know they're doing this for power.
It's their spirit.
But for all of you that are just thinking you're on the winning team going along with it, you're being destroyed in the process.
And I know I harp on that over and over again.
We've got...
Gavin McGinnis scheduled to be here.
He's doing a show tonight here in Austin.
Love Gavin.
Always love hanging out with him in person.
Maybe I'll show up at his thing tonight and create a real circus atmosphere.
But that is coming up here.
And like I said, we're then going to take phone calls and more after that.
I'm pretty freaked out, though.
I'll just be completely honest with you, that the government under Obama told all these children
to come here, and that if adults had a child, they'd get in free, so they meant massive kidnapping,
human smuggling, and yes, the government works with the cartels, is actually their boss, basically.
Fast and furious, all of it, and now they're not gonna do DNA testing of the adults and the children
to even see if they're related.
They're not gonna keep DNA.
They're just like, okay, no ID, you're just a little, you're a man with a six-month-old baby, just come on in.
But then when I wanna fly, internally in the US, I'm gonna get looked at and asked questions
by some TSA agent.
It's all just slave training, and it's just... It's a joke!
So when I fly, I just start preaching.
You know, I'm not against you individual agents, I know it's just a job, but you know, the border's wide open, this is all a giant fraud, and you're all gonna get cancer from the radiation from these scanners and machines in here, and this is all a bunch of B.S.
And I do it every time.
My family doesn't even cringe anymore.
Because they know I'm going to do it.
Because here's the deal.
I'm not giving in and rolling over to dying.
Silence is death.
In fact, I saw a meme here.
Here it is.
It's not even a meme.
It's just really simple.
For radio listeners, it's just a black slate with white and red lettering.
It says, obedience is what gives tyrants their power.
Read it again.
Obedience is what gives tyrants their power.
Read it again.
Obedience is what gives tyrants their power.
Read it again.
Obedience is what gives tyrants their power.
Read it again.
Obedience is the...
What gives tyrants their power?
Read it again.
Obedience is what gives tyrants their power.
Read it again.
I think I'm going to hang this up in my bathroom mirror.
Obedience is what gives tyrants their power.
Read it again.
Read it again.
Because you know what gives us all this freedom and all this wealth?
Our ancestors didn't bow down and lick boots.
They weren't easy to push around.
They weren't perfect, but they were amazing individuals.
That actually believed in freedom and believed in the average person.
I'm with those people.
I'm not with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Xi Jinping and King Charles and all the rest of them that are jokes, that are frauds, that are cancers, that are lies!
All right, I have covered three of probably 500 articles today.
I mean, and by the way, this is all just completely insane what I have in front of me.
I mean, it just is the most insane stuff you've ever seen.
And I'm gonna cover it all.
But I mean, it's going down, down, down.
That's when the dying calls.
I mean, my goodness!
Gracious, great balls of fire!
Episode four, wannabe dictator Tucker Carlson.
Drop us on Infowars.com.
As soon as Gavin's off after an hour, he's got to go do his own show, too.
I'm going to play this.
Especially since Fox is going to sue him over it, says he has no right to be on air.
But we got a lot of stuff coming up today.
Big section on the pedophile.
Pedos are getting a little nervous right now.
Alright, hour number two coming up.
Are you going to tell folks to tune in?
Alex Jones is on air at InfoWars.com.
Are you just going to roll over and die?
I mean, really, it's up to you whether you want to fight or not.
Tell everybody to tune in now!
And the entire time I've heard a lot of talk from people that say only violence is going to fix things.
And most of the time those people are feds.
Federal informants trying to get a violent revolution going because in the long term the globalists are being exposed and are being forced to become more and more tyrannical to maintain control and in the end they will fail.
Their only hope is to preemptively trigger a civil war in America.
That's why offensive violence is not the answer.
Defense, of course, is a prerequisite, and I stand for it.
I promote it.
But we should not offensively launch any attacks.
In fact, we should work Incredibly hard in the information war with the truth to expose the enemies of freedom and to engage in civil disobedience, to sue them, to legally and lawfully surveil them, to track them, and to really spotlight these cockroaches, as Ted Nugent says.
So I want to thank you all for your support over the years, for letting us be one of the biggest spotlights out there against tyranny.
The globalists recognize we're one of the most powerful forces against them.
We together, the viewers, the listeners, my crew, our guests, myself, all of us are a family.
And we can't do this without you.
So much of what we warned of has come true exactly as we said the enemy would carry it out.
But now we certainly don't want the rest of the globalist plan to be put into place just to prove I'm right.
We want to stop it now.
How much of their program do you have to see manifest in your face before you realize that only resistance will save us?
Only through God's Intervention.
Will we be set free from this?
But God wants to see us take action.
So please spread the word about the broadcast.
Please spread the broadcast.
And please go to MFORESTORE.COM right now.
So many great products are back in stock and discounted.
BrainForce Plus, BrainForce Ultra together, 50% off.
And so much more at MFORESTORE.COM.
And I thank you for your support.
Now please go to MFORESTORE.COM and get great products.
We'll keep fitness on the air.
I'm counting on you.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say
I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this but you want to fight, you better believe
you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Master Windu, I take it General Grievous has been destroyed then?
I must say you're here sooner than expected.
In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, You're under arrest, Chancellor.
Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?
The Senate will decide your fate.
I am the Senate.
Not yet.
It's treason, then.
(ominous music)
You are under arrest, my lord.
Anakin, I told you it would come to this.
I was right.
The Jedi are taking over!
The oppression of the Sith will never return.
You have lost.
You are...
You traitor!
He is the traitor!
I have the power to save the ones you love!
You must choose!
Don't listen to him, Anakin!
You better kill me!
I can't hold it any longer!
I... I... I... I can't... I... I... I can't hold on any longer.
I am going to end this once and for all.
You can't.
He must stand trial.
He has control of the Senate and the courts.
He's too dangerous to be left alive.
I'm too weak.
Oh, don't kill me.
It's not the Jedi way.
He must live!
Please, don't.
I need him!
Please, don't!
Well, there's Merrick Garland and the indictments of Trump.
And so, you know, I try to exercise, eat well, take good vitamins.
But the one thing that I have really found that makes a difference is brain force.
I'll take brain force in the morning right before I go to my computer and I'm good for the next four or five hours writing a whole lot of stuff.
So it really is true that brain force is something I use every day and it helps me with my writing.
All right, we love you.
We'll be right back.
Get your BrainForce Plus, BrainForce Ultra, and TurboForce at InfowarStore.com.
We'll be right back with our number two.
Well, the great Gavin McInnes is our guest, ladies and gentlemen, in studio.
And he's at the Vulcan Gas Company tonight on 6th Street.
And a little bird told me that somebody else might be popping up.
And that's right next to Joe Rogan's club.
So a lot of fun stuff is going to be going on tonight in downtown Austin.
Gab McInnes is here with us, ladies and gentlemen.
And of course, he hosts his own Censored TV transmission, which is at Censored.TV and Censored.TV.
And he is here with us.
It is great to have him in studio.
Very excited to be here.
Very excited.
I just feel your energy.
I feel like I'm on drugs or something.
I'm high on cocaine.
I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm high on the times.
I'm really freaked out right now.
Well, it is, it's, it's getting so apocalyptic that it's kind of good.
Like, I was talking to someone in South Africa, uh, recently, and they said they're doing stuff like they're trying to furanize us with these chips, right?
But there's no electricity, so they can't use the chips.
And it's getting that way in New York.
In New York now, there's such total and utter lawlessness that if you're having a beer in a bar and someone goes, let's go, and you go, I have a full beer, just take it with you.
Drink it in front of a cop.
No one cares.
There's no law.
Well, that's the thing is, right-wingers are not out beating left-wingers up.
It's them attacking us.
But lately, leftists start fights and right-wingers just beat the hell up.
The police don't even come.
It's just like, okay.
Don't you think right-wingers would be better at anarchy than leftists?
Oh, absolutely.
And they are.
They're prepared.
They're armed.
They have water.
Have you ever, like, when you fight Antifa, especially in New York, where they're just over-educated in academics, it feels like fighting peanut brittle.
Like, you start to feel guilty after a while.
Well, I love how they'll punch you and then wait to see what the hit did.
Yeah, and when you punch them, they always say the same thing.
They gasp.
And they go, oh my god!
And you realize, oh, that's your first punch of your whole life.
And I did it.
I broke your cherry.
I popped your cherry.
That is true.
I've seen it when they get hit, and like, especially like when a really big guy breaks their ribs or something.
Like, they'll hit you with a baton, and then a big guy breaks their ribs, and they start crying.
They go, why did you do that?
It's like, well, you're in a man's world now, Bubba.
Yeah, you started it.
Didn't you have a big brother?
You don't know what it feels like to get punched?
Come on!
It's good for you.
Yeah, so it came out that Alex Soros, now the head of the $25 billion war chest at least, is really the head of Antifa.
It came out in documents.
He funds it, he runs it.
That's amazing.
And I always hated when people said, I can't wait until George Soros dies.
And you're like, you think that's the end?
The ding-dong, the witch is dead?
Of course his son is going to continue it.
Of course this virus will continue.
It's not about ending George Soros.
It's about ending this entire globalist mentality.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, the spirit just crawls to the next person.
Yeah, and he's... Alex has been heavily involved since he's been 18.
I've seen pictures of him with Bono, and going to the UN, and... In every photo, he looks, like, completely psychotic.
At least he doesn't have those weird scrotums under his eyes, like George Soros.
Hey, getting serious here, right before we went live, this always happens, usually we're remote, but we're live, what do you want to hit?
There's too much to hit.
The war in Ukraine, they're quote counter-offensive, running into a steel wall of death, our media trying to suppress it, but I've gone and watched even third-party media, they've destroyed thousands of armored vehicles and tanks, they just basically slaughtered the whole group in the last two weeks.
Uh, which the Russians, when they were on the offense, got torn up, because whoever's on the offense, you know, gets the brunt of it.
You always need three times the force in tank battles to take over another force.
That's well known.
Uh, there's that, there's the economy, there's the Biden, there's the Bush, uh, you know, crime family, uh, you know, trying to back DeSantis, but I still kind of like DeSantis as a person.
Then you've got Trump being indicted.
I mean, just all these crazy things swirling around.
What do you think the zeitgeist of our time is?
My big question with all of these is, what percentage of Americans feel the way we do?
Like, I was just asking your boys outside with the vaccine.
Today, right?
How many people who got it regret it or is leasing down?
I asked this to a ton of people, by the way, and they always give me a number around 50%.
Like, I don't think we're as esoteric as the media portrays us.
I think if you reach into Madison, no not Madison, you reach into random northern Wisconsin, or Milwaukee, or you go to someone in the Pacific Northwest outside of Portland, and you ask them about these things, I think they're basically On our side.
But there's this tyranny of the shrill minority, where these nutty moms are making us think that the world's gone mad.
But I don't think it is as bad as MSNBC and CNN portrays.
They're freaks, is what I'm saying.
I totally agree.
They gaslight us with this overton window of just radical, insane pedophilia, communism, corporate decadence largesse, with a weird communist icing.
And they try to make us feel like we're weird, but all the numbers show it.
People are becoming more conservative, more populist, more just common sense.
Yeah, get an average American, get five beers in him on a Saturday night, and no one can hear him or her.
And ask them what, and they'll say, I doubt the vaccine.
Trump did have a lot of good policy.
I'm talking about liberals here.
You know, the borders are out of control.
Abortion at nine months is murder.
Like, I think that everyone agrees with us, but CNN, MSNBC, and mainstream media is how they portray InfoWars.
Like, I was watching CNN in a bar the other day, the only place I see it.
They say pay to have it on.
Oh yeah?
A lot of companies, big bar chains and stuff, get paid to put it on.
Airports, hotels, yeah.
I'm watching it, and it's like an Antifa dude punching the face, like I'm going, One of the lower, the chiron, the lower third said, Trump using the justice system to indict his enemies.
And then the woman on it is talking about how that's third world stuff, using the just, weaponizing the justice system against your enemies.
And she's talking about Trump using it against Biden.
And you're like, do you?
No, that's what they do.
It's like them saying conservatives want to ban books.
No, we don't want you to give genderqueer that shows pedophilic sex to eight year olds.
Don't Give My Kid Pedophile Pornography isn't banning your pedophile book.
Well, they made banning books our thing.
And that's a communist thing.
You know that book Fahrenheit 451?
Who's that?
Ray Bradbury?
Yeah, about the temperature of the paper birds.
So that was about communists.
HBO redoes it with Michael B. Jordan, and it's about conservatives burning books, and he's the guy on the conservative side who goes, gee, I don't like this, burning of the books.
And now they've co-opted that whole story and made it about how evil we are.
It's official talking points.
He comes out two weeks ago with Jen Psaki.
We played the clip several times.
I'm sure you saw it.
And said, we can't let him get in because if he gets in, he'll use political weaponization of the Justice Department to arrest us while that's what they're doing.
And then you're seeing the same talking point.
So it's the same thing.
They're pushing pedophilia on our kids.
We go, hey, don't show in the children's library A literal graphic novel of children having sex with adults.
My God, it's questionable even if that book should be legal, because it's not real photos, but it's depicting criminal activity.
It probably should be legal, but you shouldn't be showing it to kids.
The point is, and then they spit it, that he set up a new commission in the White House to stop the banning of books.
Have we not been watching the purge of conservatives everywhere?
The way they turn everything around is just crazy.
Why are we talking about sex with kids in any way, shape, or form?
Like, there's this movie... It's called Butterfly Nets and... Yes!
There's this movie called The Croods, right?
It's an animated movie, Disney movie.
And my nine-year-old was watching it, and in the movie, the girl has a big... She's a teenager.
She has a crush on this teenage boy.
There's no sex or anything, but every time she sees him, there's hearts everywhere.
Whenever she would come up, swooning over this guy, I look over, he's going like this.
Blocking it like the way you would if you're watching a video on eye surgery.
Kids don't like sex.
They don't like love.
Because they're not ready for it yet.
It's confusing to them.
That's a key point.
That's why they show high schoolers, even middle schoolers, being shown pedophilic garbage as, quote, gay pride month.
And the kids are like, don't show us this.
Because they're not ready for it.
They don't like to see a heterosexual couple kiss.
Like, even that is weird.
When Harry met Sally, you got male, is weird to them.
And now we're getting into polyamory and kink.
Did you see that the New York Times said the new Little Mermaid is great?
But needs more kink.
It's got kink.
But they say it's great to explore kink.
You're like, what's the kink?
What are you talking about?
I can't believe we even have to say this in 2023.
We have to say... But then the Gillette ads and all the rest of them... A man... Skip the break, guys.
If a man asks a woman out, that's a form of rape.
Gillette ad, whoa dude, don't ask a woman in a coffee shop for her number.
You don't talk to a woman, but if you're a weird fat man, Shaking your Johnson in front of kids at drag queen time, that's fine.
You know what we should do to all these people who identify as queer?
We have to go, okay, you're queer, so you're a male, you're queer.
You have to go fillet that person right now.
Right now!
Or we're revoking your queer card.
Because now the people who identify as queer is up here.
The people who actually engage in gay sex acts is way down here.
They're lying.
It's just fascism.
Well, a big study just came out.
They're just saying it.
To be left alone.
And it's also white people... Or to get an advance on their job.
Yeah, yeah, and you get to be a minority, and minorities are cool.
So, big picture here.
What are they going to do with Biden, who was a joke four years ago, was a joke a year ago, now is completely out of his mind, groping women on stage.
He just grabbed this woman's breast at the White House yesterday.
And then Trump and the indictment.
How do you see this playing out?
Because don't they know it makes Trump more popular every indictment?
Dude, if he goes to jail, he can run the country from prison, and then pardon himself.
That's perfectly legal, by the way.
It is, yeah.
What, you gotta be 45 and born here?
He could easily run the place like a cartel from prison, and people would vote for him more if they indicted him, but I literally can't physically Picture that man, Joe Biden, in four years.
And this has happened with dementia and Alzheimer's.
It's not like bone cancer.
You fall off a cliff.
It accelerates.
It accelerates.
It's two times two.
It's like doubling a number.
It's four.
It's exponential.
It's 16.
It's 32.
It keeps going up.
Four years?
Anybody that's had family to take care of that suddenly gets Alzheimer's or suddenly gets dementia, it's just exponentials.
Oh yeah, they do that thing where they think someone's trying to kill them, and then that person, they're calling elder abuse, they want them out of the will, it keeps going and going and going until they die.
It's almost like nature's way of saying, alright, we're winding this up now.
Nature is winding Joe up.
They are cleaning up after the party, putting the solo cups in the contractor bags.
Turn the lights on really bright.
Time to leave, Joe.
You don't have to go home.
You can't stay here.
Let's go, Joe.
Party's over, buddy.
Sniff some kids and hit the grave.
Five more years of that?
Can you imagine?
Well, they do it to demoralize us.
I mean, Kamala Harris, look, they didn't pick two complete idiot lunatics on accident.
I mean, she's dumber than Joe, and it doesn't have Alzheimer's.
So, do you think they choose these nincompoops just to mock us?
Like, Fetterman, was that incompetence or evil?
No, it's done on purpose, because the CFR and the UN and the Demos Group said, like, 20 years ago, I read some of their white papers, because, you know, back then they thought we were animals and couldn't read it.
They said, we're gonna Get our agenda in place and transfer the power and then blame the governments with increasingly incompetent management and then we'll be the saviors at the end.
And so that's why they're scared of a Trump or a Nixon.
Not that both men are perfect, but they were in charge.
And they don't, these bureaucracies don't want somebody that's actually in charge.
They're afraid of us putting somebody in charge because we want prosperity or whatever.
They don't want dad around.
They want to be able to sneak around and screw everybody over.
So they call it in Eastern culture, a dog king.
And I guess Michael Yan was on the show a few months ago talking about that.
I forgot about that.
I looked it up.
It's true.
You'd have a ruler to demoralize a group would put like an Alexander the Great would put a dog king in of a tribe you didn't like that you wanted to get rid of for a year or two and make a mismanage and then have his savior to bring in later.
So he's a dog king.
I mean, you've seen the cheesy movie Doom, but it's a really good book by Frank Herbert.
But in the book, when they're handing over the governorship, They put this really mean, horrible guy in to squeeze and hurt and dominate, and then they bring the Savior in after.
So that's kind of what they're doing.
Well, that sounds very optimistic.
We're in a competence crisis right now, and South Africa had the same thing, and it just got worse and worse, and it's still getting worse and worse and worse.
There's no Savior in South Africa.
For folks that don't know, tell them what South Africa's like now.
Okay, it's inexplicable.
It's way worse than your most... You saw Escape from New York, where they wall off Manhattan and make it into a prison?
It's way worse than that.
You have these roaming nomads who take over an office building.
They use the elevator shaft as a toilet.
It takes a year to fill up with feces and garbage.
They kill the power of the building.
These nomads don't care.
They never had power in their life.
And then a gang comes in, removes them, kills them, razor wires the building, and now people come from, like, the suburbs to Johannesburg and the underground garage, and they work in that building post-nomadic takeover.
That's just one building I'm talking about.
The entire region has to take shifts with electricity.
They're talking about race-based access to power?
Meaning whites will get power there?
And now L.A., California's adopting it.
So, South Africa's the model for the world.
Bring in third world populations, in that case they're indigenous, play this game, and meanwhile the elites live on armored compounds in the hills.
Right, but where's this, you say, we're gonna make everything worse, Fetterman is, you know, Frankenstein, and then we bring in the savior.
I don't see any saviors in South Africa ever.
No, you hit the key here.
It's hard to build civilization.
It's hard to manage, right?
So they said, let's have a managed decline and depopulate.
But that was really just their excuse to loot and not manage.
So they're telling themselves they're doing this towards a greater, you know, utopia and give all Noah Harari and we're going to be gods.
And the truth is, they're all going to just get destroyed by their own security detail.
Yeah, I hope there's a Savior.
I hope the Messiah comes.
But, you know, they say, what are you saying?
I said this to a guy the other day.
He goes, what are you saying?
Planes are dropping out of the sky?
I go, yeah, they are.
We got Southwest and FedEx almost crushing each other.
Air traffic control has no idea what's going on.
Listen, I flew to Hawaii a month ago for two weeks to take a break.
I had to do it or I was going to go crazy.
And I'm sitting there, and I notice that the captain comes back and sits in an open seat next to me.
And I say, hey, is he taking his jacket off?
I said, you're the pilot.
He goes, yeah, I'm the captain.
And I start talking to him.
He goes, yeah, you're Alex Jones.
For about an hour, he just gets up and goes to another seat.
Because I started asking him, hey, Where's, so there's one guy, this is on autopilot.
They're trying to set the airlines up but there's only one pilot now because it's really on autopilot.
Thank you.
And then he's back, and all of a sudden I see the other co-pilot get out and take a piss.
Because they put the tray in front of the door whenever the pilot comes out.
There was no one flying the plane.
So I'm telling you, man, it's getting weird.
It was in Hawaii, I believe, where a plane plummeted straight heading for the ocean, pulled out like maverick levels of G-force, and air traffic control didn't register the whole exchange.
They were just like, whatever, you did a dip.
That's not worth mentioning.
Well, that's it.
We're like on a runaway train.
Like, smarter, better, harder-working, serious people that went through hell built this, and now we're like, Animals that have, like, inherited this high-tech thing, and it's not going to go well.
It's like those parkour guys that keep pushing it, and they go, I'm going to do a backflip on the edge of a building.
A skyrise.
And they do the backflip, and then lose their footing and fall.
If Fetterman is a joke, if Nancy Pelosi, AOC, if all these people are putting... Einstein.
If they're put here to antagonize us, guys, I think you're doing a flip on the edge of a building.
Like, there's no saving this.
You can't pull it back.
There's no post-Fetterman America.
Well that's like Caligula marrying his horse.
They don't get thrills anymore off of being in control.
They get thrills off of playing chicken.
But they're playing chicken.
Well I think it's playing chicken with two cars and there's no swerving now.
We're right here.
Betterman can't speak English.
Joe Biden can't speak English.
Kamala Harris can't speak English.
They sound worse than my Chinese delivery guy.
They really do.
And then what's up with Kamala Harris?
She starts cackling everywhere.
She wants, this is my theory with her, she wants to have a colloquialism pinned to her name.
Like, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.
He used the word fear there in a great way.
He used it twice.
So she'll try to do that with like, why are we here?
Because we're here.
And what does here mean?
Here is who we are, and here is where we will be!
You're like, that's not a saying that sucks.
You're not good at this.
Well, it's so horrible, it's good.
Well, we play this game on my show where Joe Biden will say something and then we'll spend the next 20 minutes trying to decipher the code that is his language.
Yeah, the latest thing is like, yeah, I got that light years thing fixed and we're going to do it because we're on top of it.
And you're like, what the hell does that mean?
Eight years.
And he'll also be like, what's that going on up there?
I mean, he's clearly completely out of his mind.
Falling, getting lost.
Did you see when he fell, too?
We saw the soles of his shoes, and they're not like wingtips.
They have like sketchers kind of a grip.
Because he's so bad at walking, he needs athletic sneakers disguised as wings.
Then he tries to show off and run and he always falls down.
It's like an old dog that's back broken, but he doesn't want you to use it.
You're like, God, I can make it, Dad!
It's kind of like wobbling around.
If he was at my local bar...
I would go and talk to him, and then I'd feel like a good person.
Like, if he wasn't president, he was like Joe Nathaniel.
I'd be like, I just talked to that old man Joe, because I'm a good person, and I talk to senile people to make them feel better about themselves.
He's a charity case, in real life, and he's the leader of the free world.
But he's not a dictator.
Even though he stole the election to get into power, And did you see how the Fox producer, Tucker's old producer, went out with a bang and put up the chyron that Biden is a wannabe dictator?
Was that from his last show before he was cancelled?
No, this guy stayed on.
It's Tucker's former producer, Alexander McCaskill, put up the chyron and the media's like, how dare him say that?
This is very dangerous.
And then Tucker went through 15 minutes last night of all the dictatorial stuff that Biden's doing.
Are you worried about his safety?
Tucker Carlson?
I can tell you that I was told by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.' 's people that, you know, he will not speak outdoors.
And he won't have any security from a hotel or anybody around him.
That's how they killed his dad.
And it's the same thing with Tucker.
He is extremely friendly.
Because Tucker used to be the type of guy with no security, you know, just a regular guy.
They've had a lot of stuff go on.
Let's just leave it at that and try not to intimidate him.
He needs round-the-clock security.
He's going to be Lee Harvey Oswald at any moment.
Remember that guy who came up to him in the lineup when he was buying fishing tackle or something?
I heard that guy was a spook and he was trying to provoke Tucker into doing something physical.
Turned out the guy was a spook, yes.
And the problem with someone like Tucker as far as assassination goes is...
He's not with prostitutes.
He doesn't do drugs.
He doesn't have a secret life.
He is squeaky clean.
He really is.
He's a college sweetheart.
Like, he doesn't even think swear words.
All he does is hunt and fish in his off time.
He'd kill his own game.
On his own land.
Well, that's the thing is that they have this idea about me that I'm this wild man.
I was pretty wild when I was younger, but I go home and eat dinner, go watch TV, go to bed, you know, maybe smoke a cigar.
They've had PIs.
They've been doing it for years, but now they're literally trying to get hired at the office.
They're infiltrating people that work here.
They try to get hired by companies we use and say, you know, tell us about your bosses.
Does your boss rape women?
Does your boss have diamonds hidden or whatever?
And then it's just, it's crazy how desperate they are.
Yeah, you really gotta, like, when you use your phone, every time I email, use my phone, talk, I just assume that Feds are listening.
You know Ezra Levant from Rebel Media?
When we talk, sometimes we'll talk to the Feds, too.
Oh, they're listening to the Feds.
Hey, I want you to know that you're wasting your time, your life is a joke, and the FBI ain't what it used to be.
You must feel like crap when you look in the mirror.
Well, I mean, Ezra LeVant, they're really scared of him.
He's very effective.
And Canada is, you know, Canada is, it goes, as far as, like, left-wing tyranny goes, Britain at the top, Canada's there, and we're there.
But we're not separate.
Like, Canada is us in five years, and Britain is Canada.
It's the same program.
And Canada's trying to supersede even Australia and England as the top tyranny.
Let's talk about Trudeau, who says, what do you admire most?
He goes, I admire dictatorships.
And the progressive women all get kind of wiggle in their chairs and get excited.
This is fun!
This is sexy!
You know what?
You gotta understand, Trudeau is a Zoolander brain dead.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
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So, ladies and gentlemen, I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity.
We're having now the greatest victories in the fight against the New World Order we've ever had.
We are now entering the final mile of the marathon.
And that's why today it's more important than ever to realize how important you've been in this fight and to continue in the efforts you've been carrying out and to intensify them.
God bless you all.
I salute you.
I thank you.
And I beg you to intensify what you're doing now because we are over the target and history is happening.
The fight is my fight.
It's your fight.
It's our fight.
God bless you all.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones
If you're receiving this transmission you're listening to Gavin McGinnis
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We're getting into Justin Trudeau, and he has a lot to say about him.
Gavin McGinnis needs an introduction.
The founder of Vice, where he got taken over running the ground.
Just an icon individual.
And like InfoWars, relegated to the Phantom Zone.
At Censor.TV, where the smart people go to see his daily show.
But that's the thing, they relegate us to Phantom Zone, and only you can let us out of the prison of the general public to warn them and wake them up.
Scare to the sky's wit, you and I and Louis Faircon of all people.
Uh, were put three years ago on the second level of banning a new level of dangerous persons and it said in the official rules of Facebook, as you know, you're allowed to call for violence and organize attacks on these people.
So the final leg of the whole Marxist movement.
So let's speak to that.
Let's speak to, you were saying that Trudeau literally is a complete Zoolander moron.
Yeah, like, you and I both are always vacillating between evil and incompetent.
And I don't know, I think you stand more on the evil side, I stand more on the incompetent side.
But Trudeau is both.
Well, it's evil incompetence.
Yeah, he was, he's a drama club kid, he always wanted to be popular, and he was elected and
he liked it, and then people started mocking him, and he hired his pot smoking college
buddy to try to monitor social media and stop people making fun of him.
He hates that more than anything.
And now he's creating an agency to arrest you if you talk about him.
Right, that's why he hates the convoys so much.
He doesn't care about the vaccines, he hates that he was humiliated.
So there was this pop band in Canada called the Tragically Hip, and the singer said, "I
love Trudeau, he's cool."
And that was like, he couldn't have been happier.
So when that guy died...
Justin Trudeau had a complete mental breakdown because that was the only person saying Justin Trudeau is cool.
He never got over that.
So Klaus Schwab walks in and goes, Justin, get yourself up.
Stand up on your feet, soldier.
We'll take you in.
You just have to join the globalist cabal.
And he was like, I got a new club.
And now... As long as you do exactly as we say, we penetrate your government, you will be the ruler now.
You're cool with- You are in a parliament!
You only need 30% of vote!
And makes you a dictator.
He would do anything.
Like, Joe Biden is in bed with China because he's made financial deals, and it's good for him financially.
Justin Trudeau has been adopted as this wayward orphan that nobody liked, and now he's got a club, he's got a gang.
Antifa does this all the time, especially in California.
They'll find loser crackhead kids on the street, they'll house them in Soros-funded homes, And then it's like, hey street urchin, we took you in, you're part of the family, but you gotta pay your rent, and that is street violence.
He's like an Antifa crackhead now.
And of course his dad admired Phil Castro.
Oh, his dad, yeah, his dad is Castro.
His father, I lived in Canada with Pierre Trudeau, total incompetent mess, an over-educated moron, who was obsessed with diversity, not because of diversity, but to spite the English Canadians and despite America.
Well, I mean, it is a word chip on the shoulder thing.
Like, they've ruled us, they've conquered us, the globalists have, but then now they want to destroy the source of their power.
There's nothing worse than an oligarch's son.
We're going to see this with Alex Soros, we saw it with Pierre Trudeau, and we saw it with Pinch Sulzberger over at the New York Times.
Arthur Salzberger is all about revenge.
His dad was a liberal, but he ran the New York Times well.
It was a good paper in the 50s and 60s and 70s, maybe even the beginning of the 80s.
And pro-free speech.
Pro-free speech.
It gave both sides.
And his son, who runs it now, he's just bitter and angry, and they want revenge.
Because just like Karl Marx, the sons of rich kids, they've never been punched in the face.
They have this insecurity about their lack of grit.
They've never lived.
So they just, they get vindictive and they want to hurt us.
And we get dominated by these rich kids.
Look at the sons of Murdoch.
You know, destroying Fox News.
And boy, have they destroyed it.
It's got 61% less viewers than it had in April.
They're going through trans training right now.
Learning how to embrace the trans movement and trans people.
All 17 of them.
So let me ask you that question.
I ask you this every time you're on.
How does it end itself?
I guess when we finally stand up.
Because the average leftist is losing their standing, they're losing money, society's falling apart.
Can't the average leftist realize their weird religion of this corporatocracy, this kleptocracy, is a joke designed as a psychological warfare implement against them?
Or I guess it's just once they adopt their identity, they don't want to admit they were conned.
I mean, they're in such a cult, and they get more radical by the day, until now they're just fabulously absurd.
Yeah, the funny thing about them though is they have this sabotage plan of don't breed, we gotta get the population down.
Christians laugh at that and they breed like rats, like we do.
The secular losers, they take their own medicine.
They believe their own BS.
I gotta give it to them.
Like, look how many of them are dying from the shots.
And I'm kind of like, I'm sad they're dying, but I'm like, hey, you know, I respect that.
Yeah, you're your own worst enemy.
I'll drop by your funeral.
And they're not, they're not having kids.
Like, my kids are not going to have to deal with these lunatics, because, lunatics offspring, because they won't have any kids.
So, so they've annihilated themselves.
I'm optimistic about that.
Well, what about this, uh...
Megan Foxchick, where all three of her sons have been confirmed, she makes them wear dresses.
They're revolting.
They're not revolting.
They're revolting.
She's revolting.
Doesn't she get you try to make all your boys girls?
They're going to turn out to be like super uber men or something.
Those are three green berets you're looking at right now.
Those guys are going to be kicking ass, killing Osama Bin Laden's in the dead of night.
That happened with Rosie O'Donnell's kids, right?
They all became military men and right wingers and that's happening to the entire country.
These people have ruined themselves.
So they're literally going extinct within the next half century.
See, my parents were great.
They were just like, well, we're conservative on some issues, liberal on others, but we're really just Americans and you just figure it out.
And they didn't push anything on me.
Yeah, you can't do that anymore.
I tried that with my first kid.
No, you're right.
Now you've got to indoctrinate him.
Someone's indoctrinating them.
It might as well be you.
Explain this.
You're right.
A lawmaker in California said, stay there, we'll save the state.
He just came out and said, evacuate, you can't save it.
So how do you indoctrinate him, which parents should do.
Don't walk on the street.
Don't get in a white van.
Throw the trash away.
Do your homework.
That's a parent's job.
How do you indoctrinate him but not push him too far to make him rebel because they have that innate rebellion facet?
You've got to sit them down, and you have to say, we did not burn down Black Wall Street.
Your teacher is lying.
There was a race riot that started after a justified arrest.
Blacks started shooting, whites started shooting, a massive riot broke out, and they brought in the National Guard to try to stop it.
Yes, buildings were burned, that's because there were snipers on the roof.
You explain that Emmett Till was guilty.
You explain that we didn't take the land from the Indians.
We fought them for three centuries.
They were worthy adversaries, by the way.
We fought the Nazis.
We beat them in like an afternoon compared to the three centuries we fought the Indians.
You've got to tell them that their teachers are lying.
And it actually is effective because they already doubt their teachers.
And you're saying, yeah, your instincts are right.
That book is garbage.
Well, people are getting this.
Like, even a Hollywood movie, most of their stuff's garbage because it's so infantile and meant to hurt.
But like, uh, Revenant is based on a true story, and it's actually, the true story's even wilder.
And like, the Native Americans would come to us and say, and I'm part Native American, and would say, if you don't help us kill the other tribe, we're going to kill you right now.
We don't want wampum, we don't want to, we want you to help us kill the other tribe we got to beef with.
So they were hard to beat, but easy to beat in the long run because they were always Balkanized.
They weren't unified.
The fact that modern teachers can make American history boring is an accomplishment.
I'm impressed.
America has- American history is the most swashbuckling, insane- Mind-blowing!
Like the- the- the- what do you call them?
The Rangers!
This gang of random hillbillies, one has a sombrero on, the other's got some vest he got from an Indian, they don't record any of their history, and they're out there killing Indians like this- this wandering tribe.
It's fast- the story of the Rangers is fascinating!
And we didn't hear about it in school.
They were telling us that we were lame, and then we had a bunch of slaves, and then the slaves freed themselves.
We're like, that's not what happened.
This sucks.
Well, they don't tell you about slavery, and I'm not endorsing the institution of slavery.
It's still going on around the world, and now these migrants are being brought in to be slaves.
We gotta go to break, but you gotta go in the next hour with us.
I've been locked in.
It's like, done, done, done.
But we'll talk about it when we come back.
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Some of these conspiracy theories have turned out to be true.
Which ones?
The Trump-Russia witch hunt, Jeffrey Epstein, JFK assassination, the misuse of the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, the weapons of mass destruction, the war in Ukraine, the bombing of the Nord Stream Pipeline, the open border migration caravans, the climate change scam, Kim Trails, and HARP, and 9-11 being an inside job, and the Internet of Things surveillance grid, and PFAs, and chemicals in the water turning everyone gay, and the 2020 election being stolen, and January 6 being filled with undercover feds, And Bilderberg, and Bohemian Grove, and global government, not to mention gain-of-function research, and the threat of China, and collapsing birth rates, and defund the police, and George Soros, and mail-in ballots, and big tech censorship, and disinformation agencies, and Obama's birth certificate, and probably some others.
I can't think of.
I mean, so a few of them.
I guess a couple of them have been true.
In the early nineteen hundreds, certain companies were off-gassing highly toxic fluoride gases into the atmosphere.
The surrounding communities began to get sick.
Laws were enacted to compel these corporations to install scrubbers to convert these gases into fluorosilicic acid.
Still highly toxic, but containable.
Now these companies had a stockpile of this poison, and there was no affordable way to dispose of it.
Lucky for them, one of their major stockholders was also the Secretary of the Treasury, who was responsible for the Public Health Service at the time.
And by 1950, the U.S.
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Order is...
It's Alex Jones.
The one, the only sensor dot TV is our guest on our shows and then for wars dot com.
And he's going to be live doing stand up comedy this evening at the Vulcan Gas Company.
I don't think there's any tickets left, but you're all welcome.
We'll squeeze you in.
We'll squeeze you in.
It's a nice place.
Great people.
The owners are awesome listeners.
I don't want to get them in trouble, but I go down there all the time.
It's one of my haunts.
So, let's go over, again, I've got hundreds of questions, hundreds of topics, but what else is main center on your radar, and what do you think of RFK Jr.? ?
I love him, I hate his voice, and no women are going to vote for him because women are shallow and they hate his voice.
He's the only candidate since, what, Eisenhower, to address the CIA and the FBI and how corrupt they are and how they need to be dismantled.
Who else has said that?
I mean, it really is a permanent shadow government.
It's not even a shadow anymore.
Who has taken on the CIA as a presidential candidate?
That is balls, man.
Well, he went on Rogan.
He dropped yesterday.
He went on three days ago.
And he just said, yeah, they killed my uncle, they killed my dad.
I mean, which is all true.
They admitted it.
And so here we are.
I got the E. Howard Hunt deathbed confession interview.
He ran the operation.
It was photographed there.
He didn't pull the trigger, but he ran it.
Yeah, it's... The truth is, I will take any candidate that wants less government, even a liberal candidate.
Well, it's very refreshing that he's so honest, but now he's like, open borders is a plan for slave labor, ESGs and the new environmental system is a giant scam, it's the opposite of environmentalism.
I mean, he basically is totally awake now.
What I think a lot of Republicans don't understand is when you're getting a candidate in this political climate, he has to be a UFC fighter.
And I've only ever seen that from Trump.
I've only ever seen this.
He learned this as a young man in middle school.
If someone punches you in the arm, even as a joke, you punch them back twice as hard.
And that establishes you as someone who's not a victim.
You're not going to push me around.
Even amongst your friends.
You have to tell your friends that I'm in the top brass of our friend group.
Or else you drift into victimhood.
You know, it's weird.
Even when your buddy's too polite and too nice, even if your buddies are cool, they still kind of take it like you're a pussy.
It's weird.
It's, yeah.
Even, like, remember when you were in high school?
You could smell who was where on the hierarchal Like, you're all pretty much equal, but there's like, you know not to mess with this guy, and not to mess with that guy, and this guy, this guy is sort of the guy who goes and buys the beer.
And there's, there's, there's, hierarchy is inevitable.
And hierarchy in this political climate requires wolf-like instincts.
You can't be, you can't be a German Shepherd, you can't be a Doberman, you have to be a wolf.
And Trump, if you punch him, he shoots you in the arm.
And that's what we need.
Well I'm, I mean, I don't want to say I'm not a rocket scientist, but because political
science, real polity, I mean, we are rocket scientists, let's be honest, we're at the
top of the game.
How does the left not know they've super turbo energized Trump?
And then I noticed their talking point when they indicted him a week ago, or eight days
ago was, "This time it'll lower his poll numbers."
And I said, watch, they'll go higher.
And of course they went even higher.
And they go, well we'll indict him some more.
Don't you get, it becomes obvious that you're dogpiling him.
People don't like that.
No, you make him more popular.
People who don't like Trump...
See him get arrested for jaywalking and they go, that's not what I signed up for.
I don't like this.
You're weaponizing the justice system.
Now I'm voting for Trump.
And the guys who like him but aren't into voting, they're now getting up off the couch.
Because now they're mad.
You're making us mad.
And that's good for Trump.
So what are your predictions?
You've made some really accurate predictions in the past.
We're going to time capsule this.
We're even still on air in six months or a year.
Things are so dangerous.
And by that, I don't mean just us on air.
I mean, like, civilizational lights being on.
Gab McGinnis, You never brag about yourself.
Why don't you spend a few minutes explaining how much stuff you trailblazed for people that forget or don't know?
Because that's what I respect, is zeitgeist trailblazers who haven't just hit the zeitgeist two or three times.
You've nailed it at least six, seven times, starting whole major movements that, of course, always get hijacked from you.
But, I mean, you've got the zeitgeist of trailblazing.
So then tell us what you've trailblazed for folks that have been living under a rock.
This is interesting history.
And then what the trailblazer trailblazer prediction is coming.
I red-pilled a generation after Pat Buchanan red-pilled me with Death of the West in 2001, and I think the reason that my movements do well is because I genuinely care, I'm brutally honest, I'm vulnerable when I say these things, and I want to learn, I want to debate, I want to lose a debate.
You lose a debate, you're a smarter person.
So I think people sense that honesty, and when I went from hipsterism and started saying, these conservatives are not all squares, A lot of their values are good values.
We were wrong to say, just keep fornicating and getting wasted for your entire life.
We were wrong to eschew traditionalism.
Let's admit we're wrong and move forward to our next chapter in the book.
So now, I'm pushing the family, I'm pushing freedom, and because I'm cool and charming, It ends up being popular with younger people and the right, sorry, the deep state hates that.
Ben Shapiro is a very intelligent person.
No one thinks he's cool at all.
He sounds like Stuart Little in a bad mood.
So the left doesn't see him as a threat.
They see me as a threat because young people go, that's the hipster guy, that's the vice guy.
They're scared of anybody popular with a youth, and I've been very popular, because they see that I'm curious and authentic and vulnerable, and young people really are looking, they're resonating with that.
You're always popular with young people, but also across the board, that's what they fear.
The new right is really cool and interesting.
You look at the new left with like David Pakman and that Dash Dabrowski guy going, oh boy!
And Sam Seder, and they're losers.
And then you look at the new right with Sav from Infowars, and Elijah Schaefer, and John Doyle, and even Nick Fuentes.
Those people are interesting and dangerous and brave.
By the way, I want to say something about Nick Fuentes.
I like Nick as a person.
I disagree that Hitler's a great person.
And I don't just say that because I would be attacked if I said Hitler was good.
No, sometimes people are right, you know, Hitler's not good.
I'm not attacking him.
They constantly, online, create these stories of like, if somebody has a banned video account and they attack Nick Fuentes, that I'm behind it.
I have no idea what's going on with Nick Fuentes.
I mean, I have nothing against the guy.
I disagree with some of his ideas.
And that's it.
But I think on most of his ideas, I agree with.
Yeah, it's fun to do.
I love arguing with him about Jews.
I'm a Zionist, and I love debating him, and he mocks me and I mock him, and it's fun.
That's the thing about the conservative movement now that the left is going nuts about.
Hey, we should invite Nick back and have a three-way debate here.
That would be great.
Well, so when you say you're a Zionist, there's lots of definitions of that.
You just believe Israel has a right to exist.
Yeah, and I just, I love Judaism.
And I love Orthodox Jews.
I even like Hasidic Jews.
I'm impressed that they can maintain their culture when surrounded with Disney and porn.
So you're not jealous of success?
Absolutely not.
The thing about Jews is they're whites.
And they're exceptional whites.
So when they do bad, they do exceptional bad.
When they do good, they do exceptional good.
Now, there is a disproportionate number of secular, non-religious, really, Jews.
I call them Jinos.
Username only.
Who have a disproportionate representation in media and banking and blah blah blah.
They also have a disproportionate representation in mathematics and in medicine and all that stuff.
The reason I hate anti-Semitism is White people have a problem with ethno-masochism.
We hate ourselves.
We blame everything for us.
And to use Jews as a scapegoat and say, well, it's the Jews who made me feel that way, is to absolve yourself of your own problems.
If it rains on your birthday, it's not the Jews' fault.
Or you slip on a banana peel.
If you are screwing up, It's not the Jews screwing up.
Yeah, don't use the Jews.
It's just like the left blaming white people for, quote, black people's lack of success in some cases, when the left's trying in their own documents to keep them suppressed, to control them.
So it's a cop-out.
Yeah, like if you've seen that video of these white people who wear chains and they have these signs around their neck that say, sorry, and these black people march.
They bow down and worship.
And they cry and they're treated like slaves and they're marched around.
Don't blame the Jews for that.
That's you, you moron.
Why did you do that?
No, I mean, I agree that putting the Jews all in one group and doing that is a total cop-out.
Well, it's what we accuse.
It's what people, the right often says, hey, black people, you have your own volition.
Stop blaming all your problems on racism and white people.
You fix yourself.
It's 2023.
It's not Jim Crow anymore.
If you have problems today, And you're born after 1970?
It's all on you.
And I say that to white people, too.
I go, stop blaming everyone else for your problems.
Like, look at us!
We're cancelled.
I'm rich!
I'm making more money this year than I've ever made before.
And that's where I've been hidden in a corner.
And you need to give me your credit card and make up a password just to hear what I have to say.
And I'm still making money because America is awesome.
And if you bust your ass, you'll thrive.
We'll talk about this when we come back, but here's where I get irritated.
The white supremacists, who are a very small, crazy minority, FBI funded, we know that, they have this thing where they go, Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism.
All three of the faiths, Abrahamics, come out of the Jews.
So just stop saying it's Judeo-Christian.
It is Judeo.
That's what it comes out of, and it's not some kiss the Jews ass.
I'm just not going to lie to people and say, Christianity has nothing to do with Jews.
Well, all we disagree on is a few years of miracles.
Well, yeah, but the other thing is that you've got a bunch of Jews that don't like Christians.
Like, there's some big fight.
We just ought to all come together, man!
Well, those, the Jews who don't like Christians, I don't think are religious.
That's why I called you.
No, I agree.
They're secular.
We'll be right back.
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Thousands of former Nazis went to work for the United States government.
A flying disc has been found and is now in the possession of the army.
Here is a bulletin from CBS News.
President Kennedy has been shot.
This is a different kind of war.
The USS Liberty had just been attacked by Israeli jets and torpedo boats.
The CIA could manipulate the news in the United States.
They took the babies out of incubators and left the children to die on a cold floor.
It was almost as if it were a plan in motion.
It just can't be.
You will always have conspiracy theories.
They are nothing but distractions.
You guys censored Harvard-educated doctors.
You silenced those voices.
What we want to do in Davos is push the reset button.
Soon as we start exposing the great reset, the sooner these globalists start going to prison!
[crowd cheering]
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Gab McGinnis is our guest.
Ladies and gentlemen, riding shotgun.
Hell, we'll make him ride the whole hour if he'll do it.
He's going to be on Owen Schroer's program at 3 p.m.
We're getting him some Texas barbecue as well right now.
Gab, this is a short segment.
Some stations join us next segment.
But you were really eloquently getting into this fetish.
of blaming Jews. And that doesn't mean there aren't horrible, evil people that have to
be Jewish, like George Soros, and then they get to hide behind the Jews when we're simply
saying we don't like your policies. Bill Gates is not Jewish. I think he's one of the most
evil people on earth. Xi Jinping is evil. I don't say Chinese are bad, but imagine if
Xi Jinping went, "You're against Chinese people," and they even try that too. No, I'm against
communists. I'm against atheists. You'll find with a lot of these people, when you look
into them, they're atheists.
George Soros' father didn't believe in God.
George Soros' father was into that stupid Esperanza crap.
Yeah, UN language, where the whole world speaks the same language.
George Soros and his father both are fluent in Esperanza, by the way.
So, this guy worked with the Nazis.
He helped them facilitate the kidnapping of Jews.
And not only did they call him a Jew, they called him a Holocaust survivor.
It's sick.
What the hell?
So, it's a rut.
And every time you have someone you blame, you're in a mental rut.
I don't blame individuals.
I blame this, it's really just Satan.
I mean, communism, atheism, it all links back to demonic behavior.
And that's what we've been up against since time immemorial.
And when I'm seeing, even like Dr. Zelenko, who's a beautiful soul and a smart guy, so many of these Orthodox Jews, because I watch their shows and, you know, I follow all the cultures out there, they're like, you know what, we just think the Messiah's coming and we like Jesus now, and we just want to be friends.
And it seems like even the Orthodox Jews can pick up on what's happening, and like, we just need to come together under God.
Yeah, look, I work with Orthodox Jews all day.
And, you know, whenever we do a comedy show, by the way, it gets shut down.
Antifa threatens the venue.
They find the staff's family and threaten them.
So the venue's like, they always talk a big game when they hire us.
And then they go, I didn't know it was this intense.
But let me guess, you like working with Orthodox Jews because they get to be pushed around?
Well, yeah, my lawyer, so Rutherford, New Jersey, we had a show, and Antifa called the venue, they called the mayor, and everyone pooped their pants.
And so the chief of police called the venue and said, I think we're shutting this down.
It's like, he made an offer you can't refuse, right?
Like Tony Soprano telling you, you should probably not do that anymore.
So they shut it down, we're suing them.
I don't think people understand that there's this level of censorship out there, and the only way you can fight it is to keep suing, and Orthodox Jews are really good at this.
They're good at law.
I got Ron Coleman suing the SPLC because he cares about the First Amendment, and really, ultimately... You got Jews against Soros?
Yeah, these Orthodox Jews, lawyers of mine, they really are driven by religion.
Because they see an infringement of the First Amendment as infringement of the Bible.
They see it as a violation of human rights.
So I think a lot of these sort of, you know, rural anti-Semites, I don't think they realize how many Jews are on our side.
I don't think that, exactly.
There's not a sophistication there to understand that the Jews are a diverse group.
Yeah, who do you call when you get sued for bullshit?
You call an Orthodox Jew.
Well, I can tell you this.
People hate the system so much, they then think Hitler must be good.
It's like, no.
Just because our system's bad doesn't mean Hitler's now good.
I think Nick is doing a Sid Vicious with a swastika t-shirt.
I think it's like, his groipers like it because it's edgy and weird and it's rebellious.
I don't think there's true sincerity in it.
Well, Hitler got 24 million Germans killed.
So if you're really this big Aryan lover, I mean, Hitler's the biggest loser ever.
I mean, I mean.
The guy gives you total failure and you think he's great?
He's a frickin' pedophile?
It was, it was a massive human extinction.
Yep, we'll be back in 60 seconds with Gavin McGinnis.
Stay with us.
Just, I just can't stand it.
Don't give me a break.
You're going to want to pay attention to what I'm about to say in the next 60 seconds.
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Another world.
Cut to video.
Another time.
In the Age of Wonder.
Dude, you saved my ass.
In the Age of... Oh, hold on.
I gotta take a shower.
Another world.
Another time.
His life was green and good.
We've been told that this is a fact.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know, the coolest part of my job is I get to know all these amazing people.
Our regular listeners, our fans, I see you out there.
Every race, color, and creed, but you've got that electricity in your eyes versus that dead shark-eyed stare on the left of their minions and those that have fallen to it.
I get to know the Gab McKinnis's, I get to know the Owen Schroer's, I get to know the Joe Rogan's, the Tucker Carlson's, I get to know the Donald Trump's, I get to know all these amazing people, and you've told me this at dinner once, but you haven't ever told it on air, I don't think, but it shows how I think you're awesome.
I've been following you for 20 years, love your work, think you're a really smart guy, super entertaining, and then it just, to me, when you were down and bummed out and thinking about quitting, I was like, you can't, you're amazing.
I mean, I didn't realize how down you were at that time, so why don't you tell that story, but also the whole unity issue.
Yeah, I gotta thank Alex Jones for saving my life, really.
I had just been fired from CRTV, which is The Blaze now, they merged with The Blaze, and I was trying my hand at mainstream.
I didn't swear, I didn't talk about The Proud Boys too much, and I didn't say anything too controversial, and then I got fired from that, and I was like, Alright, you know what?
20 years, 30 years of media.
I had a good run.
I'm in my 50s now.
I guess I'll just pack it in.
Maybe I'll go back to being a cartoonist.
And I came here, I had a cowboy hat on and a jean jacket.
I wasn't even wearing a suit anymore.
And you go, no, now you have to go full drive.
We gotta go to Hawaii.
You gotta come work here.
Meet my family, meet my son.
We gotta go hard.
This is when you go harder.
When you're down, that's when you get to get up off the mat.
And I was like, I don't know about that.
And then you played this Bionic Man clip where you go, we can rebuild him.
And it was just like, just having that faith in me as a friend, I really appreciate it.
I might start crying now.
But when you played that clip, I came out of that day, we went out for dinner that night, but I just came out of that trip to Austin, like, revitalized.
And I was like, Fuck yeah.
Let's go ten times harder.
And I built a website.
I mean, it was getting hacked.
I can't bank anymore, so I can't be on any banking records.
Like, I can't do MailChimp.
Like, I can't market.
And I took that as a sign to work ten times harder.
And I think that's, that is really the American spirit.
Like, in the Boer War, what did they do?
Boers were winning against England, and then they started attacking the women and children, and the Boers folded.
And it was, I don't blame the Boers, they had concentration camps.
Children were starved.
The British invented them for that.
Yeah, that was horrific.
That might be where Hitler got the idea.
Actually, he did.
They used that as an Nuremberg defense, that the British invented the camps.
They try it with Americans.
300 years of fighting the Indians, and then the British start killing women and children.
And what do they do?
They get stronger, they get angrier.
You kill my kids, I'm killing your kids and you!
And they became an independent nation.
So, this is actually the most wonderful thing about America.
This whole thing of, you decimate me, you ruin me, and now I'm mad.
Now I'm ready to...
Well, that's the thing.
When we get persecuted, if the survivors don't give up, we get stronger.
And we're not wanting the persecution, but if you're going to give it to me, I'm going to make lemonade out of this.
It's a very uniquely American thing.
And it's not exclusive to America.
I mean, you saw it in Vietnam when they get attacked.
I'm sorry, yeah, don't mess with them.
And they're super nice to Americans now, like, you're a friend now, come on in.
Oh yeah, Vietnam vets go to Vietnam all the time.
They don't wear their hats that say Vietnam vet, I think it's illegal.
But they go there all the time.
They won't go to China, but they'll go to Vietnam.
And it's just an inspiring thing about living here.
Well, you know, Ho Chi Minh wanted to stop being a communist and work with the U.S., but they said no.
And just, we want a war with you.
Wasn't he really inspired by the Constitution?
And wanted to make it the backbone of Vietnam's society?
But they thought, we'll just kick you guys around.
They're like, no, you're not going to kick us around.
You know what's great about right now is Vietnam vets are so old, they're finally starting to talk.
They seem to have recovered enough to talk.
And I've been telling- You know, that's one- Go ahead.
And their stories are just- The capabilities of those men, especially what do they call them, the leg guys, the infantry guys.
To just be in the jungle for days upon days, being shot at, carrying three days of water on their back.
It's, it's like, it's beyond... Well, my uncle died nine years ago, and he's such a great guy, and we knew he was highly decorated and a big patriot, and they hired him in the CIA.
I ran contra and a secret army officer and all that stuff.
But the point was, he never, after he died, I got to see some of his papers and stuff and all the silver stars and the rest of it in Cambodia and Laos, the secret operations special forces.
He was a helicopter pilot, just like a robot, being shot at, never stopped, picked people up, you know, everything.
They would sit on phone books and helmets because the bullets were all coming up at them.
And just, you see how tough those guys were, put on a mission that was criminal, but they didn't know they still carried it out, versus the wimps we're producing today.
And it's just night and day.
Night and day.
Did you see that dude who built a castle by himself?
I think his name's Jim Bishop.
It took him 50 years and it's got buttresses that go 15 feet into the ground and iron gates.
It's like five stories tall.
He didn't even have a crane.
He used a truck with a pulley.
And I'm just looking at this going...
Is that level of man dead?
I mean, I know I'm not close to that level of man.
I'm not brave enough to be an infantryman in Vietnam.
I'm worried that that level of masculinity that built this country, by the way, is dead.
Well, especially my dad's dad was like super masculine, not even trying to be.
And my mom's dad was very masculine as well.
And it was like they were like in the wrong century.
Like they were like a weapon that wasn't even being used compared to what we are now.
Because it is true, we're getting weaker, our bones are getting weaker, the sperm count's plunging.
They think it's pesticides.
More than even the shots, it's the pesticides are killing us.
Well, you know what it also could be?
These women take birth control.
They think that they're pregnant.
Their body thinks they're pregnant.
A pregnant woman doesn't want to be around a horny guy that wants to have sex, and they want to be around a male figure, like a brother, who's her sibling.
Then they go off the birth control, they get married, and then go off the birth control, and then they're looking at their brother, and they're like, I don't want to have sex with my brother.
What are you doing?
They're on those hormones, they want a pal.
So then they breed with that wimp.
If they don't get divorced.
That's a big part of it.
And we're breeding wimps because they were on a different chemical when their body chemistry was literally different when they met this guy.
So we may have altered the DNA of the country.
I totally agree.
And then in quote, feminists want to be powerful.
I'm all about powerful women.
I think it's sexy.
They're all, like, ugly and weak and stupid.
And then I think about my grandmothers were like wildcats, man.
Like electricity was shooting out of their eyes.
I mean, it's like, whoa, something's happened to us.
That's not good.
You know what else?
No one's cool anymore.
Like, you look at these trans kids, and they have Crocs on and an anime figure in their bag that they just bought, and some oversized t-shirt, and you're like, where's, like, Johnny in the wild one?
Where's Marlon Brando?
Like, whatever happened to Crocs?
Today, I pulled into work.
And I guess kids are off school, so at this office building, their parents must have been inside.
But I saw two little boys and a little girl in a pool of water from rain that happened a few days ago, under an oak tree, playing with like a paper cup or something.
And I actually pulled over to look what they were doing, just because it was so weird to see kids even outside.
I don't think bullying exists anymore.
I don't think there's such thing as a nerd, or even a loser.
I think if you're a fat pig, Covenant, you could be prom king.
By the way, I've got some examples of that.
We're everywhere, and I'm not perfect, I'm not in great shape like you are, but there's examples everywhere where they say a fat dude is the top winner of Women's Germany, and then a sexy woman, look at what's happening in places like Yeah, okay, they're both women.
Well, this looks like a dude to me.
The point is, is Germany's top model, winner 2023, versus random ethnic German model.
So, so in Germany, they're telling you, and I'm not against fat women, the point is, this is not the archetype of a woman.
This is right here.
Yeah, we've killed, we've killed beauty.
They don't want any standards.
We've killed beauty.
Beauty is illegal.
And I don't understand why.
Exactly, only a fat dude can say he's a woman, and I'm not saying this is a dude, but like, fat dudes dressed like clowns is a woman, and then this you're not supposed to do.
Because it's powerful!
And they don't control that, they don't own that.
We used to give wedgies to nerds, they invented the iPhone.
Wedgies work, folks.
Wedgies are good for the economy.
We'll all be rich.
You can probably monetize what each wedgie is.
You just hit on $1,000.
This is ruled by nerds.
And I'm kind of a nerd in ways, I like to read books.
The globalists really are a bunch of nerds who have chips on their shoulders and are really assaulting civilization.
And they're doing a great job.
Gotta hand it to them.
Well, since you talked about it, here is the 1970s Bionic Man intro.
And yes, ladies and gentlemen, we will rebuild Gavin McInnes.
I'm rebuilt!
I'm the six million dollar man!
Alex did it!
Go ahead and roll it.
This is for Gavin.
Like the buildup.
Here we go.
It's amazing.
Oh great.
This was everything before Star Wars.
Evil, Caneval and violent.
[Street noise]
[Radio chatter]
The point is, is that you were down at the time, as was saying, studying history.
That's a baptism by fire.
You'd already reinvented things so many times.
You just had somebody to encourage you.
It wasn't... It's the truth.
And you didn't give up.
Now you're more powerful than ever.
Are we on?
Are we... No, we're talking over right now.
Yeah, well, you know, the thing that really fuels any kind of movement is love.
And hate is the devil's playground.
Idle hands and hate.
And I just, you reminded me that I love people.
Like, when I'm in the Uber, I'm talking to the guy.
When I'm at the barber, I'm talking to the guy.
Like, I want to know you.
Yeah, the system doesn't want you interfacing with him.
How's business, I say, when I'm buying a burrito, you know?
Yeah, so you're already up there like an astronaut of culture, trailblazing, and you crashed and got torn up.
But if you just ask for the help, everybody rebuilds you, Gavin.
Crank it up, guys.
See, I told you this allegory because this was an allegory for me.
I was like in a hotel room and they were really attacking me five years ago and lying about me.
And I was flipping the channels and saw the intro to this on some re-aired show and I kind of sat there with a vodka in my hand and thought, well I've crashed, I'm torn up, but my listeners are going to rebuild me.
So that was kind of my own little ethos too.
Well, this is a good segue into the infighting on the right.
Now, the problem with being on the right, right now, is you have to be a wolf.
Because it's a venomous world, there's a lot of, they call your parents, they call your parents friends, they call your uncle, they destroy lives.
So the people that remain are tough and alpha.
And the problem with alphas is, just like wolves, they always want to fight.
So that's why you have so much infighting with the new right.
I did a whole chart of it.
It's crazy with the red lines, how who's mad at who.
You're one of the people, actually, that there was no arrow coming from you to anyone.
There was people mad at you, like I think Milo was mad at you, because you didn't disavow Ali Alexander, whatever his name is.
Yeah, that's his name, right?
But there's this massive chart of like, he's mad at him, and he's mad at him, and they're mad at Crowder, and this guy hates this guy.
And then you look at the left.
They have the opposite problem.
They have so much unity that they'll take in pedophiles and they'll forgive rapists.
They're totally unaware.
And they'll, you know, you can have sex with a spy and you still have a job, you know, there's no problems over there.
So we need to find a balance.
The left needs less unity.
And they need to eschew their bad actors, and the right needs more unity.
Look, guy, like, if you want less government, and you adhere to the Constitution, I love you.
That's it.
We can disagree on, I like the Stones more than the Beatles, that's fine.
I do too.
Yeah, they're better.
Come on.
The Beatles are for kids.
Rocky Raccoon?
Come on.
I like The Who, too.
Oh, they're genius artists.
It's hard.
So, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, or The Who?
Who's better?
I'd say The Stones, The Who, Floyd.
Well, just for that real raw magic.
And the number of jams.
Like, Bob O'Reilly, The Who have like five songs that blow your head off.
I think The Stones have more like ten.
What's the best?
Gimme Shelter?
Gimme Shelter, the greatest song is that, uh, uh, RAPE MURDER!
It's just a shadow way!
But that's it, that's, that's... Yeah, that's Gimme Shelter, right?
Yeah, yeah.
Um, yeah.
But then you have The Who with Bob O'Reilly and that... No, you know what's a great song, too, is, uh, Fool in the Rain, Led Zeppelin.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, no, Led Zeppelin, that's another class.
I was thinking of those groups, and then Led Zeppelin, you can't even... You think when they were in the studio, or they were in the jam space, and they were doing, like, immigrant song, do you think they looked at each other and went, holy crap!
In fact, I think it goes, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd and then The Beatles.
I'm sorry, The Beatles don't even rate.
And they've got some amazing songs, they're just not in the class.
When you first get into music at 12 and 13, The Beatles are a great way to get into it.
And I don't think it's women, but it's kind of like teenage girl music.
Well, I'm a Mets fan, but it's kind of what people accuse the Mets of.
They're like girls and kids and kiddy stuff.
The Rolling Stones have sex in them.
That's probably what it comes down to.
With the Beatles, there's no fornicating.
With the Rolling Stones... What's that Rolling Stones song, Doo-Doo-Doo, Dee-Dee-Dee?
What's the one like?
It's an underrated song.
It's, uh... Heartbreaker!
You know that song?
The song should be called Heartbreaker, but it's called like... Anyways, let's just listen to the Rolling Stones the rest of the show.
And then it's kind of sad, like, oh, they're devil worshippers.
That ruins it.
Go nuts, pretend to worship the devil, I don't care.
Oh, yeah.
But, yeah, some of these bands, like, it's funny, the older you get, the more you accomplish, the less you trivialize others' accomplishments.
Oh, I celebrate them!
Yeah, like, now I look, I look around me, I look at, you know, professional sports, or I look at bands like, like that song Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin, and I'm just like, how do you do, I'm turning into an African, because I'm like, that is voodoo!
That is, only voodoo could do that!
No, I agree.
And that's what maturity is, is where you celebrate everybody's accomplishments.
But the left are the worst.
They are upset by accomplishments.
The less you accomplish, the more you trivialize other accomplishments.
The left has had their ass kissed so long that they think, like, you stole this studio or your daddy bought it for you or something.
That's what they always think, like somebody paid for it.
They always think, oh, they're playing music, we're not going to break.
But then Mick Jagger is such a punk.
He got knighted.
He loves it.
He says we should all take the shot.
He's disgusting.
I don't require that my rock stars have a high IQ.
That's not a thing.
You're an entertainer.
Dance for me.
I'm impressed.
You just disregard the ideology.
It's divine intervention, I think.
I think God just randomly goes...
And he starts just giving random people... There's some homeless person in the Congo who does photorealistic sketches with a piece of coal.
Like, he just randomly... That's why art school is so stupid.
It's all about innate talent.
He just shoots, shoots, and occasionally, the fact that the Rolling Stones came together and these five guys who had had the touch of God all combined perfectly, I think it's God's way of saying, hey, I'm around.
Art is God's reminder.
And when we see it, we should know that you didn't work really hard to become the Rolling Stones.
You were imbued with this gift.
I also think the fact that we can recognize beauty, the fact that a sunset is beautiful, or the Redwoods are beautiful, or a child in your arms is beautiful.
I mean, it's just we know what's good.
I see it as God leaving these little business cards.
Yeah, exactly.
And if you're enjoying a sunset, I hope you ask, why am I enjoying a sunset?
And then that's God going, you got it.
That was a clue.
I left you a little Easter egg there, and you nailed it.
Well, that's the worship.
We don't worship the creation, but we know God's real, and we interface with God.
Like the Bible says, the firmament, the stars, is the proof of me.
You know what I do when I pray?
I don't ask for stuff.
I don't even know if this is praying.
I literally get on my knees and I thank Him that my children are healthy.
I thank Him.
Well, that's a mature prayer, is thanking and saying, what is your will?
If you're watching, God, thanks, dude.
I really appreciate it.
And then God gives you what you really need.
It's like that Garth Brooks song, some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
Because you're young, you're like, and I want this, and I don't want this girlfriend, and you find out how horrible the girl was, it's like, it's a blessing she's gone, you know, it's like...
Yeah, these atheist arguments are so mundane and trite.
The whole, like, what is a kid of cancer?
Okay, so your world should be no one gets sick, I can just walk off the top of a skyscraper, I hit the cement, like Captain America, and the cement's destroyed, but I'm fine?
That's not living.
There has to be some risk, there has to be some chance, there has to be time.
Skin in the game!
I don't understand what world they're... I'm just Superman?
You can stab me in the eye and I'm fine?
That's not... I wouldn't want that.
I don't want to be immortal.
I don't want to be perfect.
I don't want to be immune to any kind of problems.
That's not living.
There's no joy in that.
There's no... A prostitute... Getting a prostitute is depressing and sad.
She doesn't want to be with you.
She needs hundreds of dollars to... She won't even kiss you.
She needs hundreds of dollars to lie with you.
Getting a girl, courting her, falling in love with her, you know, that's the whole fun part.
And then you look at, you all know Harari and Klaus Schwab, they've made new statements, I'm sure you've seen them, where, we will soon be gods, and everyone else will be brushed aside, and you, like, the arrogance, I mean, if they looked like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio and had a 200 IQ, it would still be arrogant and saying you're not a god.
And it's literally this little hunchback who's going, I will soon be a god and none of you will matter.
I am in control.
And you're just like, dude, you're crazy.
You're a megalomaniac.
I mean, God always punishes that too.
What did Stalin do?
He said, I will decide who eats and when they eat.
I'll be in control of that.
40 million dead.
Mao goes, I'm going to rule this country, conduct who does what.
If you're born to be a musician, I might just have you work in a field.
I'm going to handle this.
Not God.
No divine intervention.
No Rolling Stones on my watch.
Mick Jagger's working in the fields.
And what happened?
80 million dead.
And for all you atheists out there, just replace the word God with nature, if that's easier for you to understand.
But there are checks and balances in our DNA that don't allow for people playing God.
And by the way, I'm not a Russophobe or a Russophile, but the more history I learn, I've studied the ancient Russian history.
They started in Ukraine, they were a tribe that, you know, later stopped the Muslim invasion, you know, 800 years ago, whatever.
What did they karmically do to deserve the czars and 500 years of slavery, and then communism, and they're not even resisting, and they kill half the population, and then they face Hitler, and then Hitler kills 20-something million of them, and then they go to this, they're under communism, and now George Soros is attacking them?
I mean, what the hell?
Or is God testing the Russians for some reason?
What a bad run.
And that's what I hate when people say, I say I'm a Western chauvinist.
And they go, that's white supremacy with a different word.
I go, no, I'm saying what Alex just described is horrible.
I don't like the East.
I don't like communism.
I don't like Russia's history.
Well, let's just say it.
We're the best house in the bad neighborhood.
You look at China and North Korea and Russia and Russia has that Eastern thing.
It's brutal.
And it's, it's atheist.
In all cases, it's atheists.
And in all cases, they decided to play God.
I mean, there's the calling card again.
That's God leaving his business card.
And so Russia today, it's not fake, because people are adopting it.
They're saying, no, we are Christian.
And they're having a renaissance, comparatively.
And they're doing way better than they've been doing, despite this stupid war we're having with costing us.
$200 billion.
$200 billion.
You and me.
$200 billion.
Murdering people.
We're familiar with war, right?
And you have these liberals rejoicing about Russian soldiers with their intestines out.
Hold on.
I meant to play this last week.
Stay there.
God, my goodness.
Last week, Paul Watson tweeted.
Guys, pull it up on Paul Watson's tweet.
And I looked it up.
It's a true story.
In Egypt, a Russian went out swimming with his girlfriend and a great white shark eats him.
And the left is celebrating.
You don't even know that Russian might be pro-Ukraine.
Oh, he's a Russian.
Thank God a shark ate him.
I mean, the level of idiocy is just insane, folks.
Well, it's like saying all Jews are bad.
It's like, oh, he's a Russian.
We're glad a shark ate him.
Like, what the hell?
It's moronic.
They realized that the shots were causing the explosion of chronic disease, asthma,
neuroimmune diseases like psychosis, ADHD, autism, cancer, cancer, cancer, autoimmune
So they realized in 2011 they caused it all, or in 2009, and when our paper came out they realized that these were the shots were associated.
Strongly, very strongly, the chance of them not being associated, it was like being struck by lightning.
One in at least a million in a p-value and so they covered this all up because of course they were liable now because for the 42 million Americans who are asymptomatic carriers of HIV, And SARS-CoV-2 and other XMRVs, other manufactured mouse, monkey and human viruses.
The game was premeditated murder of the 42 million people you're liable for their injury.
Premeditated murder.
If you give somebody who already has an antibody a shot, you will get antibody-dependent enhancement.
Oh, so they were getting rid of the people they'd already poisoned knowing that giving them a second or third or fourth dose would kill them.
Kill us, cremate us, add a mask, add a mask and isolation, and you'll blame the people for COPD or any of the other co-diseases.
You never inject an HIV-positive person with any vaccine.
We never did.
Never until now.
You do not drive the disease-causing entity through their body.
All over the world, the people that have had the COVID vaccine are testing positive for HIV.
Is that because the spike protein's from HIV?
It has GP120, glycoprotein 120, absolutely.
It also has the monkey, mouse, and manufactured XMRV.
So the spike protein is killing, you know, literally the 12%.
So you're saying it's a binary weapon, where they already are preloaded with it, and this triggers the next phase?
And the more vaccines you got, especially Gardasil, because that has the toxic synthetic lipid nanoparticles similar to the one in the COVID shot.
Prior to the COVID shot, the deadliest vaccine, we saw athletes dropping dead on the field, passing out, falling down, all the things.
Why is it particularly the athletes?
Um, because they operate at oxygen max, um, capacity max.
They're, they're operating at such a high level in their mitochondria.
This is an energy production, oxygen, um, necessary disease.
So they create, that's what they're finding.
They turbocharge the blood clots.
And ischemia, lack of oxygen.
So constricted blood vessels too, because athletes are running, they're constricted, they're working so that the blood flows and it doesn't flow, which is why your nitric oxide product, that new product, I hope you'll show it, because that's a very important thing to have for acute events.
It dissolves under the tongue, gives you an instant relaxing of your endothelium, your vasculature.
You looked at our nitric oxide.
I saw it was the top rated.
They let us private label it.
It's the best seller.
You've looked at our formula.
You like it?
I did and I do.
I'm not a scientist like you.
What do these compounds do creating nitric oxide?
What does it do?
It relaxes the vasculature.
So the clot will go through and not restrict.
It allows it to relax.
It lowers the blood pressure.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Out here in the fields.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
I put my back into my living.
They were so weird.
And like, pinball wizard.
I mean, just genius.
And operas and all this stuff.
Crank it up for a second.
Out here in the fields.
I think they were an art project.
So they started out that rock would just be guns.
You know what I mean?
One was rich, one was poor, one was gay, one was straight.
And they liked to film.
They were directors.
And they said, let's take a rock band and turn them into an art project.
And so the Who were more relying on them to be told what to do.
And I think it was Lambert and Stamp who said, be weird, be crazy, smash your instruments.
What about, we forgot about the Doors.
That kind of a one trick pony and lounge singing, but still very poetic.
No thanks.
That doesn't make it to the top.
I hate sexy guys.
Like he, that's who I think was being lampooned.
Well it's not his fault he was good looking.
Yeah, but he was so like, I don't know.
A little effeminate.
Poetic and gyrating.
I mean, I guess I could be describing Mick Jagger, but I don't know.
The Doors.
I was about to say, he's even more lady man.
Seems more sincere to me.
I guess it comes down to sincerity.
But before the break, we cut on me saying I want pedophiles.
I love pedophiles.
The context of that is I want them to die.
But as far as... I want pedophiles to die.
It was like, I want... and it cut ya.
Headline, New York Times, Gavin McGinnis wants pedophiles.
I don't want my enemies to die.
I don't want violence towards these people.
I was talking to this dude, Mark Levin, I think his name is.
He's an ex-cop, works for the SPLC, and he was calling Proud Boys, and I got his number, and I'm screaming at him on the phone, going, do your research, moron, and we're yelling at each other.
And the guy who helped me get the number goes, I hope you didn't threaten him.
That's illegal.
And I was like, I don't want to hurt him.
I might as well want him to eat a certain food.
That's so foreign to me.
I'm mad at him for getting the facts wrong.
But the left has this maliciousness where they want me deported and they attack my kids and they ostracize my daughter at school.
I hate Chris Hayes.
I don't want anything unfortunate to happen to his kids in any way shape or form.
Plus, imagine the arrogance of Rachel Maddow doing two shows and two identities.
Can you believe someone has sex with Chris Hayes?
I mean, I'm not that familiar with male attraction, but he is a ugly girl.
Well, that's why I've only had sex with him once.
That's a joke, folks.
We like to make jokes here.
His dad was a preacher, and he's just preaching the new leftist religion.
Well, they admit it's a religion now.
Did you see the Target stuff, where we're going to guillotine Christians, and your kids belong to us, and Satan is our religion?
Yeah, yeah.
And then they're like, well, we don't mean it's serious Satan.
We just want to have Satan.
Yeah, it's like, you know, it's fun Satan.
It's a Satan-lite.
Yeah, yeah.
Kids, Satan for kids.
Kid-friendly Satan.
So I always go back to this.
I got a hundred questions, but how crazy is the next less than a year and a half till the next election?
I don't like to make predictions that don't come true, but I also don't want them to come true.
I think they're going to kill Trump and JFK, RFK Jr.
I mean, it's like history does repeat.
It does rhyme.
So you've got like Double Kennedy anti-establishment threats right now.
I mean, you've got like Trump and you've got Kennedy, and Kennedy is now ahead in many polls.
Even the Washington Post was like, oh, he'll win the first primaries.
You know, what are we going to do?
I mean, this is, this is, this is, you've got an establishment that has unlimited money and spooks that will kill people.
But they have nothing else.
So, and they're not going to stop.
If they were smart, they'd kind of just, you know, pull back, let Trump get back in and fail, or let Kennedy get in and kind of fail and just attack him.
But instead, they're like, no, we run everything.
We're not going to let you get in.
And so... Tucker, Trump and Kennedy are the most endangered people in America right now.
They should have the top security available to man.
Like, there are Bolsonaro in Brazil levels of risk of getting stabbed with a bayonet.
Because they're the most effective.
I'll never forget this.
I was at Grand Central and the bartender recognized me.
And he comes over and he gives me a drink.
In New York you have to wink.
It's like being gay in the 50s.
Being conservative in New York, you have to just sort of nod to each other and gesture this way to go talk.
And he winks at me and he goes, he whispers, can you believe how fucked we'd be without Tucker?
And I told Tucker that, because I'm like, you're not a newscaster, you're someone who people rely on as a voice.
You're a symbol of hope.
You're the voice of sane America.
And like you were saying during the break, they call him radical and white supremacist because he's so likable and so reasonable and so unifying.
They're like, look at this big deceiver, white supremacist.
He's like, we all need to love each other and save the homeless and come together racially.
And they're like, meanwhile, Hitler said this last night.
Like, you and I say things in the affirmative.
We say, the election was stolen.
This is a fact.
Tucker never says that.
All his things are interrogative.
He goes, shouldn't we be questioning this?
Shouldn't we be looking into these Dominion voting machines?
Isn't there a history of problems with Dominion?
Weren't they involved in Venezuela's election?
Well, Biden says he's not a dictator, and anybody that says that should be censored.
Well, let's look at his real policies.
And it's just all dictatorial orgy.
And that's great for red-pilling your wife and your kids, because you're like, I know I come on too strong.
And I know you think I'm a lunatic.
Listen to this guy.
Just watch this little 20-minute documentary he did in, in whatever, Hungary, and tell me that that person's crazy and wrong.
And they end up going, well, that was pretty reasonable.
That stuff's true.
I'm gonna look into it.
So that's his crime is he's popular with women.
And young people.
And he does this whole, I'm curious thing.
And that's, we're living in a peak in curious times.
That's what Kennedy said.
His uncle JFK's biggest trait was not courage, which he had, but was curiosity.
And putting yourself in somebody else's shoes.
If you're a pedophile, if you're a thief, if you're embezzling from your own company, if you're doing something bad, what's your arch enemy?
You don't want people looking into stuff.
You want to control.
You'll talk about misinformation.
If you find anything bad about me, it's misinformation.
You want to stop the discussion.
You want to stifle people.
If you're good, and you're not doing anything wrong, you're like, yeah, let's go, let's talk about it.
I'm right here.
Well, that's what I did with our bankruptcy, because they lied that I had $4 million and all that stuff, to then get the juries, you know, that had already been told I was guilty of this.
And like, they're just, you see nothing in the news now, because I just said, here, everything's open.
And they're like, oh my God, you don't have any money.
And I never did.
What's your final bill?
Isn't it like a trillion?
Well, they asked for a trillion.
They asked for $2.7 trillion.
I got that on me.
Uh, they actually asked for 2.7 trillion.
2.7 trillion?
And I had people calling going, well, you at least got a billion, right?
And I'm like, I had like a million bucks in the bank then, and I had like nothing.
But the point was, they all knew that wasn't true.
That's the left.
They like overshoot and just do these, these flagrantly...
Scorched earth.
Buffoonish, like over the top.
It's like, I'm not going to shoot you five times, I'm going to shoot you a thousand times.
And I'm going to burn your ashes eight times.
You're going to be in the afterworld.
They say I owe them $1.5 billion in Connecticut and like $45 million in Texas.
But it is interesting, just because they told a jury I had all this money to do this, and then they have to deal with the fact there's no money.
And there wasn't ever a bunch of money.
It's just kind of like, okay, I got a Ford truck and I got a race car.
Okay, it was like $80,000.
My dad gave me a Rolex and I live in a four-bedroom house.
I put all the money into this.
I don't relish it, but I do enjoy it because they're trying to believe their own lies.
The lawyers.
And I'm just sitting there going, it was never true what you said.
Don't you think, just like at the beginning of the show when I was saying I think 50% of the people who got the vaccine regret it, I think 50% of the people who see you getting persecuted for a theory about a shooting That they took out of context and they made big.
I was never de-platformed for Sandy Hook.
Remember that, skip this break guys.
I was never deplatformed for that.
I was deplatformed for quote being mean to Oliver Darcy.
Look it up.
Even the lawyer with Jack Dorsey went on Rogan and admitted it.
They only took stuff I covered once Hillary lost and blew it up and made it big with a PR firm to say I was persecuting.
But imagine how weak the system is.
This giant leftist government thing, tens of thousands of articles, thousands of TV programs, 20 times on PBS, hundreds of times CNN, ABC, 60 Minutes.
All Jones is Satan.
And they're all literally taking a grain of sand and blowing it up like a mountain to get me.
That isn't that Alex Jones is that powerful.
It's that they're that weak.
But don't you think that kind of persecution is good for us, in a sense, that it makes people go, wait a minute, what is going on?
Two trillion for what?
How many times has CNN been wrong about weapons of mass destruction and all of these other media sins about Hunter's laptop not being real and there being Russia collusion?
Well, yeah, OxyContin knowingly killed hundreds of thousands of people.
They paid billions.
But Alex Jones pays trillions.
It's a thought crime, but see, that's the thing.
What it did is, yes, you know, it actually made us much more popular.
We don't reach as many people because we're blocked on all those sites, 744s.com and things, but yes, out in public.
I went nine months without being attacked in public, and then had somebody come over and say, how dare you show your face?
When I was in Hawaii, and I just laughed at the guy and said, how dare you show your face?
You're pretty ugly.
I shouldn't have said the mean thing, but I couldn't help it.
And it really upset him.
And then his dad, I think I was like 35, still it was his dad.
His dad was like 60.
We were hiking up to this lighthouse in the Big Island with my wife and I.
And his dad said, leave us alone.
And I said, you're the one that came over to me because we stopped to rest and just got in my face.
I said, by the way, your son really should show his face.
He's ugly like you.
And I apologized later.
My wife got mad at me because she said, you just got to say I love you, because usually I do.
But I haven't been attacked in so long when he finally did it.
He said some other stuff, too.
How dare you show your face?
You're a Russian agent.
Screw you and your blah, blah, blah.
And so I couldn't help being a little bit cutting.
And it was okay to say, well, how dare you show your ugly face?
And his dad said, you know, watch it, buddy.
And I said, watch it?
You're the one who walked over to me.
By the way, your son is super ugly because you're ugly.
That was wrong.
See, the doubling down was wrong.
I strongly disagree.
The best defense is a good offense.
When I'm confronted, I come on 10 times stronger.
It's like stray dogs.
If you're in an alleyway and four stray dogs are coming at you growling, what do you do?
You go, hey, I love you?
No, you go, hey!
You gotta come on hard on these people or they smell fear and they smell an ability to... No, I agree.
That's my instinct, but I don't want to overdo it though.
You don't want to strangle the dog.
I overdo it.
Well, I did say some other things, too.
It was not good.
But it was very cutting.
It was like, in that moment, though, there's that wit.
Like, I wish I had that on air.
Like, God, I just said, well, you're really ugly.
You shouldn't show your face.
And by the way, your son's super ugly.
Why don't you shut up?
You know, it was just... Yeah, you know, confrontations should be petty.
They should be brutally insulting.
You got to jump right to the F word.
There's no, like... These people clearly don't want a civilized debate.
They attacked you.
So you have to come back and kick the stray dog that bit you.
You gotta, or you're just gonna get bit again.
But you'll notice there's a pattern here with our discussions too, where it's about DIY and grit and standing up for yourself.
And that is a uniquely American phenomenon.
Especially, you know, recently.
It really is.
Why is America different?
Because the toughest people from Europe came here and then the herd was culled by Indians for hundreds of years.
That's why the Irish are so tough and such good fighters.
Because the ones who don't enjoy confrontation are extinct.
So we developed genetically this breed of person that wants to build and do it by themselves.
I hate full service gas stations.
I do too.
And now we're here.
And you know, you talk about like there's this competency crisis we're in right now, and we're alluding to South Africa.
But I talk to New Yorkers and I'll see they have a gun, like a handgun on them.
And I'll go, dude, what are you doing?
That's five years in prison.
If you get caught with that.
And they're like, I'd rather be judged by 12 than 6 feet under.
Carried by 6.
Yeah, carried by 6.
And we're seeing this sort of vigilante justice, like that black dude who was killed on the train.
And by the way, that is racist.
The white guy gets charged, but gets let out of jail.
The black guy was being attacked, and his girlfriend, by all the witnesses attacking and trying to kill him.
The black guy stabs the other black guy.
He's now been indicted and went right to Rikers.
So that's racist that the black guy didn't even get let out of jail.
Did you see the new case?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it justified stabbing.
He should be out.
It's ridiculous.
So what's worse than being a white guy defending yourself as a black guy doing it?
Yeah, but we don't know what the black guy's facing.
The white guy's looking at 20 years.
There's no way the black guy is going to be facing 20 years.
You think so?
No way.
That's justice in America.
Well that's why I would not get on the subway because I've been on the subway probably 10 years and it was a little crazy late at night 10 years ago.
I mean...
I'm scared of, I'm not saying I'm tough or anything, but I'm scared of what I'll do.
Because if somebody starts punching women, I'm going to kill them with my bare hands.
That's the good news I'm delivering here, is I'm seeing a lot of vigilantism in New York.
And I think we're going to see that.
You already see that in Detroit.
You already see that in Baltimore.
The more incompetent and tyrannical they become, the more empowered we are to handle ourselves and our own business.
Well, that's what I was about to say.
What do you think Alvin Bragg types put in by Soros, because here in Austin we have one of the worst Soros, not saying something, one of the worst Soros DAs for three years.
And it's in the news, they defend it.
There was a guy just last month that gave five years probation.
who raped a fifth woman in the last two, three years.
He's been let out four times.
On the hike-a-bike trail at like high noon, he rapes this woman.
She won't spread her legs. He breaks her leg and then rapes her and breaks her nose, and they gave him
Why would you let men compete in women's sports Why would you let men rape women?
Like, what is this attack the women thing?
Or is it just, I mean, why would a Soros prosecutor say we're going to let men brutally rape women at the Austin High School?
It's also white women.
It was a white woman.
I mean, I think the reason that they're attacking the Karens so much and white women are the new punching bag is because they already destroyed white men.
White men are, as far as the media and abuse... They've run the white flag up.
Alright, we ruined white men.
They're at the all-time historical suicide rate.
That's taken care of.
Lowest college rate.
We demoralized them.
We cleaned up that mess, and now they're destroying white women.
It's just, look at Bill Burr's comedy.
It's all like, white woman!
They think that they're oppressed, and they were part of slavery too!
And everyone's like, yeah!
Because they know they roll over.
Yeah, so they moved on to the white women.
Yeah, well it's like the lesbians are like, want to have their own woman thing, and I get it, they want women for themselves, I would too.
But now it's like big fat men say they're lesbians, and they change it, and they're mad, like, wait, don't you get this?
Yeah, Karens don't like me.
I love Karens.
They are the Larry Davids of society.
They are out there going, what are you doing here?
What's going on here?
What is that?
What's in that bag?
Like, I wish men did it more, but women seem to be the only ones standing up for some sort of societal cohesion anymore.
They're the only ones asking people, what are you doing around here?
And that Central Park Karen, who everyone just accepts is a racist, her life is destroyed.
The guy she spoke to has his own show, a bird show.
Uh, now on, I don't know, the Discovery Channel.