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Name: 20230612_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 12, 2023
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In this text, Alex Jones discusses various topics including arson causing wildfires, opposition to being part of the Washington pedophile crime network, support from listeners, the history of slavery, donations to InfoWarsTore.com, concern over society and tyranny, a secret U.S. government study involving 1000 children, criticism towards those not actively fighting against tyranny, arrests of Antifa members setting fires, promoting nootropics available at InfowarsTour.com, Trump's assertion that a globalist multinational criminal force has taken control of America, top-level military leaders being infiltrated by globalists, pre-programmed narratives surrounding bio labs in Ukraine, ongoing wildfires being confirmed as arson but not making national or international news, MKUltra news surrounding the death of the Unabomber, Al Gore's lies being caught, Fox News' response to Tucker Carlson's cease and desist letter, how the globalist industrial complex keeps Americans sick, fat, and sad, promoting Super Female Vitality, discussing the benefits of "Super Female Vitality", the history of fluoride and its effects on health, promoting a fundraising shirt featuring Alex Jones with a mugshot, discussing the New World Order, the Trump indictment, Chris Sky's predictions, leptospino operations, world government, central bank digital currency, ESGs, the Ukrainian dam situation, the negative effects of vaccines, studies from the CDC showing an increase in heart inflammation cases after receiving the COVID vaccine, a lawsuit against BioNTech over alleged side effects of their COVID-19 vaccine, Joe Rogan criticizing the Biden administration and its criminal activity, media bias in reporting on such topics, multinational corporations posing as liberals and pushing agendas that undermine parental rights and individual freedoms, a study showing an increase in myocarditis cases after receiving mRNA-based COVID vaccines, questioning the motives and actions of those in power, promoting his book, "The Great Reset and the War for the World", and urging listeners to support InfoWars as a means of resistance against

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You ever wanted to know what the beginning of the end looks like?
Now you do.
We've all got front row seats to the disintegration of civilization.
Trump says a globalist multinational criminal force using communist techniques of control has seized America.
That's the 45th President of the U.S.
saying it, and he's 100% right.
No exaggeration, no hyperbole.
If anything, it's worse than he says.
He should have added there devil worshippers and pedophiles, a lot of them.
Senator Josh Hawley, former Attorney General of Missouri, says we have a criminal group that's hijacked the nation, is planning to set up an authoritarian, totalitarian, permanent dictatorship, and the end of America is here.
It's all true!
Now admitting how much trouble we're in is where we can fix this.
And not letting them start a physical civil war.
The average federal bureaucrat, not our enemy.
The average FBI agent, not our enemy.
The police are not our enemy.
The ideology of the globalists and the high-level managers in control are the enemies.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
During the most catastrophic forest fires in all of Canadian history, experienced local firefighters are being sidelined.
Retired forestry technician Peter McIsaac put together an experienced team of firefighters, contacted the government, and offered to volunteer their support.
As things progressed last week and buildings were burning and people were being evacuated, I realized that Nova Scotia had a resource of retired technical staff that were experts at fighting fire.
I called some of these guys up and I put together a crack team.
On the first team I put together we had close to 200 years of experience of fighting fires here in the Acadia region and our own government passed over an opportunity to hire a team of professionals to come in and help
Our team stayed on standby hoping that we'd get a call all week and that call never came.
So if you lost your house and fires remained out of control, when a politician looks you in the eye and says we did everything we could, they're lying to your face.
While the government lets Canada burn, they blame climate change.
But other than all the fires, nothing significant has changed.
And the massive amount of wildfires just started a few years ago.
So what happened?
Over 90% of wildfires are caused by humans, and many of them are intentional, which is known as arson.
During the surge of wildfires along the west coast of the United States a few years ago, several people were arrested for arson, including a 41-year-old man who admitted to starting 11 fires.
Security cameras show people's houses being set on fire.
A homeowner caught an arsonist dressed in all black.
And a member of black-clad terrorist organization Antifa was arrested for arson in Washington State.
Just months before the 2020 wildfires, Extinction Rebellion published a poster with a burning forest and the words, declare a climate emergency.
And in Canada, in 2021, a woman was charged with 32 counts of arson connected to numerous wildfires in northeast Alberta.
Last year in British Columbia, a 42-year-old woman was arrested and charged with four counts of arson.
And this year, there is much more.
In Alberta, the RCMP are searching for a suspect after a fire broke out in Grand Prairie.
The suspected arsonist was reportedly wearing all black.
The RCMP's Serious Crime Branch, the Forestry Crimes Unit, have been investigating multiple wildfires and arsons, and a 29-year-old man has been charged with 10 counts of arson.
In Nova Scotia, the RCMP believe at least three of the fires in Pictou County were arson.
Satellite imagery shows that on June 2nd, most of southeast Quebec went up in flames at the same time, which demonstrates a highly coordinated arson attack.
Somewhere between Wyoming and California, 30 tons of ammonium nitrate reportedly disappeared from a train.
Ammonium nitrate can be used as an explosive, and it can also be used as an accelerant.
On its own, ammonium nitrate will not burn under a flame, but mix it with sawdust, and it quickly ignites and burns everything it can.
And now the federal government of Canada is creating a special national disaster response agency, their very own FEMA.
They create the problem, and your reaction demands that they provide a solution.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, not just our Republic, but the world is under a globalist coup, but humanity is awakening.
We're live Monday, June 12th.
Stay with us.
The globalists are technocrat eugenicists, using fascism and communism for control.
They are the new world order.
They're much worse than just the communists.
They're the fathers of communism.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Monday, June 12th, 2023.
And we are inside the New World Order now.
I want to play some clips, four, seven, and eight, of some of the powerful things that Trump said the last few days about the nature of the globalist New World Order we're up against, and then something that Senator Josh Hawley had to say, and then we will continue into this live, teleprompter-free, worldwide, forbidden-for-voting transmission.
The stakes of this election could not be more stark.
Either we have a communist state.
You know, they used to use the term deep state.
I'm stopping it.
I'm using it Marxist.
I'm using it fascist.
I'm using communist because deep state is far too soft.
Partly troubled.
At the end of the day, either the communists win, destroy America, or we destroy
The communists, because that's what they are.
They may go by a different- We are a failing nation.
We are a nation in decline.
And now these radical left lunatics want to interfere with our elections by using law enforcement.
It's totally corrupt, and we can't let it happen.
This is the final battle.
With you at my side, we will demolish
The deep state.
We will expel the warmongers from our government.
We will drive out the globalists.
We will cast out the communists.
We will throw off the sick political class that hates our country.
We will roll out the fake news media.
We will expose the rhinos for what they are.
We will defeat Joe Biden and we will liberate America from these villains once and for all.
We will liberate.
We're going to liberate our country.
It is my conviction that we stand at a moment of great peril when it comes to our American civilization.
Do you agree with that?
We are at a moment of danger, a moment of inflection, a moment where the things that we do, the decisions that we make, the choices that we pursue in the next four or five or six years
More than that, it will determine whether or not we have a country in the next 50 or 60.
Do you agree?
It is a moment of danger.
Because the left, even as we speak, the left is assaulting the very foundations of our American nation.
They have decided that they no longer believe in the rule of law.
Look what happened just yesterday.
Former President of the United States indicted.
The first time in American history that a sitting president has tried to indict and jail his opponent.
I mean, all I can say about it is this.
If the people in power can put in jail their political opponents, we don't have a republic anymore.
That's the danger we're in.
And that's exactly what this is.
Using the justice system that's totally captured to preemptively steal the 2024 election.
What a time to be alive.
And notice, they had to get me off air, or try, before they did all this.
Because who had the biggest voice, who had the biggest audience of activists, with the best guess and analysis, predicting all of this to a tee?
We did.
And that's why they put us under FBI and CIA investigation, infiltrators, everything.
And the depositions, who runs you, who funds you, who gives you your orders.
Well, I'm not a follower like you guys.
I actually study history and I'm into this and really love freedom.
I give the orders.
I'm in charge.
Just like the average American is in charge of their life.
We're certainly trying to be in charge.
We don't want to be part of your Washington pedophile crime network.
We don't want to have giant armies of people going out and hunting down and taking people's children because the parents won't chop their genitals off.
We reject you, we see you, we know what you are, and we're done with you.
And we are going to liberate this republic from the globalist occupiers.
As I've said thousands of times the last 20 years.
I know there are 29, but it's the last 20 I figured this out.
This would all come to a head at a certain point.
And that we had to point out that it was multinational corporations, in concert, working against the people, to buy off government and other corporations and systems and universities and academia and the ecclesiastical system as well, to get full unified control of society to carry out their transhumanist agenda.
And now you see it all out in the open.
You see their entire program.
But the minute you understand that
BlackRock and Vanguard are owned by the same handful of families, and that through fraud in our investment, giving them our money, they are, quote, controlling us through the money, and we are their slaves.
I mean, Larry Fink bragged a few weeks ago that, yeah, we control the governments of the world, we're going to control the people with the ESGs.
He's saying, with the cashless society, with the mark of the beast.
Whether you believe in the devil or not, or Revelation or not, or God or not, they certainly used it and said, this is a great idea to enslave people, this book about Satan taking over, let's do this ourselves!
So, people like Jules Verne, 20 years before the Wright Brothers, for the first time supposedly invented an airplane, and took flight in Kitty Hawk, envisioned flying planes.
And people 130 years ago envisioned atomic bombs and mathematical equations, and 60 years after they envisioned it, it had been able to be made.
And so these globalists are envisioning our enslavement and envisioning this nightmare world.
Instead of envisioning a better world, they're envisioning this horrible world where the small, tiny elite rule over all the impoverished slaves.
You think, what a horrible system!
Well, if you study history,
Whether it's the ancient Chinese, or ancient Japanese, or what was happening in what is Russia today, or Western Europe, or Africa, or what's Latin America today, Mesoamerica.
In every culture that became complex, they wanted to decline at some point, and the elites began to human sacrifice, dumb people down, starve people on purpose, and the systems called feudalism.
Where if you were, say, a wheat farmer,
In ancient, what is England today?
Only if you were an upper class slave or serf, because you would have a dog.
And if your dog, if you had a dog, it had to have the half its digits cut off with a hatchet, when it was a puppy, so that it couldn't run fast and couldn't hunt the king's deer or pheasant or rabbits.
And if you got caught eating a rabbit in your stew pot,
People came by every day.
The Lord's men would come by every day in most little towns and villages and outside villages.
Not as much, they'd still come.
And they'd say, I smell meat.
Where did you get meat?
Did the local town lord authorize the slaughter of a cow and maybe give you a little bit of meat occasionally?
You ate a rabbit.
You're going to be put in the stocks for a week.
And you're pinned out in the middle of the town with your hands in a torture device standing for a week.
Total torture.
The next time you do it, you're dead.
The next time you do it, you're dead.
You're dead for eating a rabbit.
And there was different manuals written by different feudal lords.
It was always the same.
That if they caught somebody being self-sufficient, they might become uppity at a certain point.
And then they found would rebel later.
So they had to keep them starving at a low level.
And normally they would keep the serfs on about 10% of the land and leave 90% for the royalty all open.
And the slaves were kept on a very short leash in every culture.
Every culture had this, and generally they enslaved their own people.
In history books, they only teach the modern pop history about blacks and slavery, and the particular types carried out by white people.
But it's the same all over the world throughout history, and that's what the New World Order is.
That's what cutting off the power plants and shutting down the farms and destroying all this and dumbing people down is, is putting you in a feudal state for control.
That's what Black Rock and Larry Fink are.
Would-be feudal lords and masters.
But they don't want to just deport slaves.
They want to get you dumbed down and then just kill you.
They want to depopulate you.
All right, when I say I've got a big broadcast lined up for you today, I have mostly incredible off-the-chart news I didn't get to yesterday, because I was mainly focused on Trump's incredible indictment of the deep state beyond taking the mask off, pulling its pants off, and trying to openly rape us.
And then I've got all the new insane news today.
I mean, big developments with the Ukrainian offensive getting completely devastated in just a week.
We have massive pedo news with the left all over the U.S., all over Europe, all over Canada, with armies of marching people literally chanting, we're coming for your children, your children are ours.
We have the footage.
I mean, and it's only going to get worse.
Literally saying your children belong to us.
And we're way far from them hitting peak pedo-ville.
So that's all coming up.
Tulsi Gabbard's coming out and saying it's a pedo sex cult.
It's time for folks to grow a pair and point out what's going on here.
And then we have a stack.
There's like 30 other stacks here, literally.
I say and.
There's this stack that is of the last week of news I've been compiling.
Because every day after the show I go through stacks that I didn't get to and I always promise, oh I'll get to this tomorrow.
And then it starts stacking up.
Just this stack here
Is about 15 articles, and it's the worst, most powerful stuff of the last few weeks or so.
Last eight, nine days.
And one of these is so bombshell, it should just be the whole show.
And that is the CDC has now put out another study that it authored, echoing the one from December 2021.
That they know there is a massive, multi-thousand percent increase in myocarditis, that's heart swelling and heart attack death, from the shot, and it is the shot.
Another study, authored by the CDC.
Right here.
I mean, just think of the, we already knew it, but I mean, they knew it and they keep doing it, and we're the only country to target little kids.
Because the government's out to get us.
I mean, the government at the top is a scientific depopulation army whose job is to get rid of the uppity Americans.
Then there'll be no hope.
You understand that's not rhetoric?
The people at the top knowingly want to murder your children, okay?
With horrible, debilitating heart problems.
You know more than 50% of folks that develop this type of microcarditis are dead within five years.
Something like 70-something percent, look it up, are dead, depending on the study, within 10 years.
It's a death sentence of pain.
I personally know three people that are young that took it.
They have microcarditis.
The doctors have said you'll be dead within 10 years.
Dead within 10 years.
Dead within 10 years.
Your government murdering you.
Murdering you with loving liberalness.
Coming to chop your children's penises off.
I mean, this is real, folks.
But it's so horrible.
See, they think you can't handle it.
Okay, see, I'm digressing.
Listen to this.
Zuckerberg says establishment asked Facebook to censor COVID misinfo that ended up to be true, and they knew it was true, and quote, undermines trust.
Now no one trusts Facebook.
No one trusts the government.
No one trusts Big Pharma.
Fox News.
I have the video of him saying it right here.
Oh, that's just two of the articles?
I told you there's like 15 here?
Oh, here's another one.
government study that only looked at a thousand children and more than a hundred of the children suffered seizures.
Secret U.S.
Take a little study!
And a hundred of them had more than a hundred had seizures.
Oh my goody goody gumdrops.
I mean, I'll just be completely honest with you.
If we don't take this government back and put all these people in prison, I think we kind of deserve.
Maybe they're right.
Maybe I'm on the wrong side.
Maybe I should go kneel to Bill Gates and say, these people are scum and don't care about themselves.
You're right, sir.
Let me join you.
I'll help you kill them.
Now, I'm not going to do that, but I've actually wargamed that.
Not that I would ever do it.
I didn't consider it.
I just thought, why do people join them?
Well, a lot of them are really just sick and twisted and evil, like Bill Gates.
He likes doing all this.
And likes setting up a psychological system where people are weak-minded and go along with it.
So, he's the real villain here.
But, if the public doesn't have enough life force, or enough common sense, to stand against this and say no to it, then I guess the public deserves to die.
But you've heard what I've said a million times, the children don't.
And so, God's watching.
But I have to tell you,
There is a selfishness in the public, where people love to be a victim of some imaginary, you know, mental disorder that the liberals will give you, or, oh, the victim of gender dysphoria, or, you know, they love to be the, you know, liberal colleges, which is all of them now, teach that
If a man asks you out at a coffee shop on a date, it's a form of harassment and you shouldn't do it.
But if a convicted pedophile wants to shake their fat belly and pecker in front of your five-year-old, that's a good thing.
And they say, we're here to groom your kids.
So, people are so selfish that they don't want to admit they're under attack, because that'd be something they'd have to deal with.
They delusionally decide to just ignore it as the tyranny grows, as the insanity intensifies.
As the monstrous crimes metastasize in front of our faces, and everybody's too busy having a good time, as the infrastructure and the funds and all the largesse are cut off, as the third world starves to death, as the third world is imported here to be a permanent underclass, and as we see the rot and collapse all around us, and every metric shows it,
And now they're really moving in to cut the power off, and the blackouts are starting, and the fentanyl mass death is intensifying, and every indicator is, the dashboard's flashing red everywhere.
Alarms everywhere, and they were like, man, I'm going to play golf.
Hey, Alex, we're glad you're fighting them, because we're going to go play golf.
And look, I like golf.
I like everything.
And it's good to play.
Look, if you were fighting this 10 hours a week, go play golf or go see a baseball game.
But the guys playing golf and playing baseball all day are going to NBA games.
Literally are doing nothing to fight the tyranny.
And so we're going to lose everything.
But at least they're not active leftists trying to brainwash children and setting arson fires everywhere.
Because of course they've arrested a bunch of leftists who are Antifa and have leftist backgrounds setting fires.
It's only in the local news, in the west of Canada, in central Canada, in eastern Canada.
Just like they arrested over a dozen Antifa members, setting fires all over California, remember, in the 2020 election, and it would be in the local news, but if somebody tried to put it on Facebook, oh, disinfo, you can't say it's Antifa.
Sure, the fact checkers said they were Antifa, but no one can prove they were under orders from Antifa to do it.
It's like they arrested a known mafia henchman, soldier,
For committing a murder, and then like, well, you can't prove this boss is gay in the order.
You know, they're innocent.
I'm fine.
Of course they are.
So, that's where we're at in all this.
I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of fires all over Canada, all started the same day, and they're just catching people running around in black uniforms setting fires everywhere.
It's in the news.
Greg Rees had a report on it.
But it's just local news, you know.
Oh, there's just armies of people setting fires everywhere.
Because it's the name of the game.
Shut down society.
Collapse civilization.
Extinction Rebellion.
The Animal Liberation Front is Extinction Rebellion.
It's all the same group, all financed by the King of England.
If you ever wanted to know what the beginning of the end looks like, now you do.
We've all got front row seats to the disintegration of civilization.
Trump says a globalist multinational criminal force using communist techniques of control has seized America.
That's the 45th President of the U.S.
saying it, and he's 100% right.
No exaggeration, no hyperbole.
If anything, it's worse than he says.
They should have added their devil worshippers and pedophiles, a lot of them.
Senator Josh Hawley, former Attorney General of Missouri, says, we have a criminal group that's hijacked the nation and is planning to set up an authoritarian, totalitarian, permanent dictatorship, and the end of America is here.
It's all true!
Now admitting how much trouble we're in is where we can fix this.
And not letting them start a physical civil war.
The average federal bureaucrat, not our enemy.
The average FBI agent, not our enemy.
The police are not our enemy.
The ideology of the globalists and the high-level managers in control are the enemies.
Barack Obama's.
They're puppets like Biden.
People like Lloyd Austin.
People like General Milley.
These are sworn globalists, sworn to bring down this country.
Trump was naive and thought, oh the military is super patriotic, they're the best guys in the country.
No, for 50 years they've been putting their people in and now at the top they're almost all bad.
Flynn was all business and never political.
And they had no idea because Flynn operated like a robot.
And then when Flynn found out what they were doing, he started to buck them and then he went and told Trump what was going on.
That's why they flipped out, because Flynn knew all the stuff they were up to.
So Flynn got through on them.
He is the exception.
Are there some Flynn's in the government?
But not many of them at that top level.
Are there a lot of Flynn's at the mid-level?
I'd say a lot.
But at the top, the country is hijacked, and we all know that, ladies and gentlemen, and we're in a lot of trouble.
And they have been pre-programming that they're going to cut the power and say that it's a cyber attack.
I don't think they'll blow out the transformers because that's too hard to fix.
But they've already pre-programmed that the right wing, the Trump supporters, are going to cut the power.
With no history of it, no evidence, and when they stand to gain from it.
By the way, I have a stack of news here, and I remember hearing this a few weeks ago when they blew up that big dam and flooded much of southern Ukraine and the Crimea.
And so, I went and did a little searching last night.
And lo and behold, I found a whole stack of news here where the Ukrainians said that they'd blown up other dams and that it did a great job to block the Russians.
And so they were going to blow up that dam and that they'd shot it with missiles and artillery to make sure they could hit it.
And they were planning to blow it up.
And then once they blew it up, they turned around and said the Russians did it.
I mean, what's crazy is that, remember they just said last year, you're a Russian agent, if you say there's any bio labs in Ukraine.
Level 4 bio labs.
We went, well look, we went and got press releases when Obama opened the damn things and sent the US ambassador to the EU there to cut ribbons on them.
Ten years ago.
Gosh, I guess that was 12 years ago.
So you can pull up the New York Times.
Biden sends an EU ambassador for ribbon-cutting and bio-defense lab that studies the most deadly pathogens in the world.
And then later this year they go, of course, the Russians are going to get our bio-weapon labs.
So it's just all constantly changing.
It's all constantly BS.
And if you've got a memory, you can go see what's really going on.
It's total insanity.
It's total cuckoo land.
So I said I'd mention all the stuff coming up today and kind of halfway cover, then get back into it.
Huge developments in the Trump indictment, what that signifies, and the coup d'etat.
Big developments there.
Trump appointee, judge will remain judge in the document case.
The federal clerk says the Democrats are going to have her removed.
Zuckerberg says establishment has Facebook to censor COVID misinfo, then it'd be true.
And then a whole bunch of news about them knowingly killing everybody and the CDC being part of it, and the CDC reporting on themselves.
And you say, why did they do that?
They hide it and blame you.
Yeah, we authorized it, we killed a bunch of people and it didn't work.
So what?
Huge pedo stack, just insanity with a Pride Pedo Month going on.
Global Central Bank digital currency is being officially rolled out by the UN.
Southern Poverty Law Center identifying all conservatives and Christians and anyone that questions lockdowns or open borders as white supremacist terrorists and running a secret database for the FBI along with the ADL.
So they're the bosses of the FBI.
They tell them who terrorists are so they can open a file on you.
I mean, just so criminal, so illegal, so sick.
Big stack on the wildfires being arson confirmed, but never making national, international news.
MKUltra news with the death of the Unabomber.
He was also in secret transgender studies there with the CIA.
Can't make that up.
Got mainstream news on that.
We also have George Soros handing the power to his demon son, Alex, at 93 to the 37-year-old.
We also have Al Gore caught in new gigantic lies, topped by an administration official, admits to lying to Congress.
Of course, won't get any trouble for that.
Fox News, since Tucker Carlson's cease and desist letter, his lawyer responds.
I've got the inside baseball on that.
I'm going to be getting into that.
And we also have how the globalists
Industrial complex keeps Americans sick, fat and sad.
We're going to be getting to so much more today.
And Chris Sky is going to be joining us as well with some big breaking news out of Canada.
We'll cover the waterfront with him and then I've opened phones in the third hour into the fourth hour today.
But before I go any further, I need funds to operate.
And you notice our bankruptcy isn't in the news anymore because all the lies about us having all this money were just total lies.
Anybody else following those lies?
You know, they'd have criminal charges filed on them, but they're the Democrats, the Liberals, they can, you know, they can file the Moon's Medici's if they wanted to in federal court.
But none of it's true, I have basically no money, and all that's come out, and you can go read the federal filings on Alex Jones, and see that all the stuff you heard was a total lie.
So, when I tell you I need funds for free speech systems, we do.
We are barely in the black, barely stabilized, and I want to hire great reporters that are ready to be hired to come in here and help us take the fight for the New World Order ten times harder.
And we're the most effective organization at battling the globalists in the world, period.
And our talking points and understanding has become the dominant resistance understanding worldwide.
That's a fact, not bragging.
So I pray that you will pray for the broadcast.
And I pray you'll share the articles and videos and clips like you're doing.
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History repeats over and over again.
But if you add all the new technologies and weaponry into the equation, it's going to be very dangerous, extremely lethal, beyond explosive.
The New World Order, with all these weapons and all this technology, is going to try feudalism.
Neo-feudalistic fascism on the top.
Communism as implementation system with a technocracy on the bottom.
So I've already mentioned and covered a lot of the news, but I really want to drill into a lot of this.
So let me do this.
I'm going to talk with Chris Sky about the Trump indictment, because it ties into what the politicians and deep shit are doing there to political dissidence in Canada.
We'll do that next hour with him and get into the arson fires and the next big pandemic they're planning, because Chris is really good at predicting things very well.
Particularly skilled at it.
I'd say almost as skilled as I am.
And that's, I think, saying quite a bit.
But I think the listeners are just as skilled as both of us when it comes down to it.
Once you know the enemy's modus operandi and what they do.
Then I'm going to get into all the leptospino operations that are just mind-blowing.
I mean, it's moving quicker than I thought it would.
It's fascinatingly disgusting.
But I'm going to talk about the real reasons they're coming after our children.
I mean, there's a spiritual bedrock reason at its core, but the different corollary reasons that that's happening, that's all coming up and it ties into the world government, central bank, digital currency, and the ESGs and more.
But let's go ahead and just drill into this now.
Let's go ahead and drill into this now.
And then the Ukrainians saying that they were going to blow the dam up is fascinating.
And they're now saying the Russians did it.
Even though the Ukrainians have all the motives.
It's like Biden, we're going to blow up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and say the Russians did it.
It's just next level, but it's about rubbing our faces in it.
But like I said, I went back and found the articles in the New York Times and places where they were like, the brave Ukrainians already blew up one dam and now they're going to blow up the next to flood the Russians for part of their grand offensive.
And then they went, you know, actually, it doesn't look good flooding all these villagers.
Let's just say the Russians did it.
And then send out a bunch of news crews to show Ukrainians saving dogs and cats that are drowning.
I mean, it's just so ridiculous.
And the Ukrainians are so undisciplined, they'll have a film crew behind the person with the camera, shooting that, and they release that themselves, showing it scripted.
I mean, it's just amateur hour, ladies and gentlemen.
And the Russians are amateur hour, too.
It's a disaster leading to Armageddon, if it doesn't stop.
A Slavic civil war, with a bunch of weird little vampire bats like
McCain is now dead in his mini-me, running around salivating.
Lindsey Graham over this death and destruction, that's all coming up.
But let's spend a few minutes on these little jewels.
Joe Rogan really got upset last week several times, and just the versions I saw on Twitter had like 18 million views, so pretty devastating to the establishment there.
And, uh, we could play the clip if you'd like, but he just came out and said, how dare them say, still, that the COVID shot protects you from the shot, lessens infection, and lessens death, when all the studies say it increases infection and death, and then he, and then Joe starts showing the studies on air.
And then notice, they don't even dare say he's wrong now, because they know damn well he's right.
They just hope you don't go, look, see, that's victory right there.
Now, now they don't say we're lying, they just shut their filthy, murderous mouths.
But, there's a third group trying to extricate itself, like the Planned Parenthood lady that became the main vaccine spokeswoman, that Asian lady, I forget her name.
A whole bunch of these people have come out and said, oh no, no, I'm not part of this, like Redfield.
Zuckerberg says establishment asked Facebook to censor COVID misinfo that ended up true.
He says it undermines trust and no one believes the government or Big Pharma anymore and that they need to not get it wrong next time.
Oh yeah, it was all a big mistake.
He censored 18 million posts on saying the shot didn't protect you, saying it was tied to myocarditis, saying it was never properly approved, saying that there were therapeutics like vitamin D3 or ivermectin.
Yeah, that's what they censored and helped kill a bunch of people, Zuckerberg.
And now he knows it's a giant disaster for the establishment, and he's saying I'm not part of it.
Come out about everything and you can be forgiven.
Maybe you are a real boy.
Maybe you have a heart and a soul.
I don't want to just hate you, Zuckerberg.
I know the ADL's called for you to be put in prison because you didn't fully bow to them, so maybe you're not all bad.
Show us.
Establishment asked Facebook to censor true COVID posts.
Fox News, Infowars.com.
You can watch the video if you want.
Joe Rogan defends the Gateway Pundit, discusses report on Cleveland Clinic peer-reviewed study on COVID vaccine versus infection rate.
This mainstream media won't take on Joe, but they'll take on like the Gateway Pundit, going, oh look, this obscure site, which is bigger than the New York Times online most of the time, some days.
Boy, this is big.
They're sitting there showing peer-reviewed studies, showing this, so the media attack them.
And Joe goes, no, that's not true.
Here's the study.
That's kind of an oblique attack on Rogan.
Here's one of the studies.
Microcarditis reported after mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S.
from December 2020 to August 2021.
That's right.
At the start of the program, found a multi-thousand percent increase, including fatal microcarditis.
That's a CDC government study of the mRNA Pfizer Moderna shots.
Now, they've got a new study just came out reporting the same thing.
But I thought I'd just show everybody the study.
Pull this up yourselves.
And here's even NBC News.
Oh, small study points to possible case of myocarditis following mRNA vaccine in young men.
Oh, really?
That's why they've had hundreds of deaths, when usually one death in all sports a year from a heart attack is a big deal.
Now hundreds a year.
Yale study reveals insight into post-vaccine heart inflammation cases.
Dahu News.
Mark Adidas and young males for COVID vaccine.
New studies suggest that may cause the rare heart condition that's not rare anymore.
What explains the rare heart condition?
See, that's the spin.
Oh, is that why insurance companies say there's a 46% increase in death?
In World War II it was like 9%?
I'm sorry, World War I was 9% globally.
World War II was 6% increase.
This is a 40-something percent increase in death.
Myocarditis, pericarditis, incidence low across 10 million doses of mRNA public vaccines.
You actually read the study, it says it's high, but that's how they spin it.
BioNTech faces first German lawsuit over alleged COVID vaccine side effects.
And it goes on and on.
DHS sought to assign social credit style risk scores to social media users that criticize the shots.
Moderna knew mRNA vaccine technology was dangerous before COVID crisis began.
2017 documents show they said, well, we could make a lot of money with this, but for a small percentage of people, it kills them.
Go read it for yourself.
Here's the actual study.
Myocarditis cases reported after mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S.
There's the study right there.
Here it is.
This is from the Journal of American Medicine.
Myocarditis cases reported after mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S.
December 2021.
New study shows even worse numbers.
There is the CDC study if you want to go read it for yourself.
White House mandates masks.
This is for unvaccinated despite emergencies end.
Oh, the emergency supposedly over, but it's never going to be over.
It's how they harass a lot of people that haven't taken the poison shots.
They knew vaccines would hurt some people and tried to fool us.
Another big report on that.
And of course they lied about the origin of the shot.
Another big study.
More than 100 young children suffered seizures after COVID vaccination in a study, a small study.
So a large percent of them had that happen.
And Bill visited Epstein 37 times on Twitter said, if Alex Jones has to pay 900 million, no, no, no, no, it's 1.5 billion, sorry, for offering people, for offending people with words, what do the pharmaceutical companies have to pay for actually physically hurting and killing people?
Well, the folks that put out hillbilly heroin and killed millions paid a couple billion.
So, you got your answer.
Free speech is what's bad, taken out of context and twisted, and found guilty by a judge.
So, do I sleep good at night?
Absolutely, I sleep good at night.
I question every big event.
From Jesse Smollett, to who blew up this dam.
But see, I'm a Russian agent, if I tell you the Ukrainians blew it up, even though I haven't been in the New York Times saying they were going to blow it up.
When they launch their offensive.
You're supposed to forget that was ever in there, and just be a good American and cut your son's penis off.
That's how you prove you're a good American.
Do what Alex Soros says and cut your daughter's breast off.
Take your children to drag queen pedophile time.
Take fentanyl and die.
Hell Satan.
Actually, don't hell Satan, hell Christ.
We'll be right back, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
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I think?
All right, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Chris Sky's got huge news that affects the whole world, not just Canada.
Is there the beta test?
Joining us next segment, he'll lay on the Trump indictment and so much more, the arson fires.
But I wanted to play a clip because I mentioned it.
Joe Rogan's really been going off and that's a big deal because that hurts the establishment bad, reaching tens of millions of people every time he does it.
And the left listens to Joe.
Here is Joe talking about what a joke the criminal Biden's crime syndicate is.
What's this?
What is Biden doing?
He fell down again?
Is this today?
I can't anymore.
I can't.
Well, here's the sad thing, man.
And I say this because, look, my dad was 70 when I was born.
My dad was an old man.
So I grew up around a lot of, like, uh, environments where sometimes people would take advantage of my dad because he was old.
But he just fell.
He didn't even fall for a reason.
Right, but it's just not fair.
Like, at a certain point, you can't... It's not cool for old... It's not cool to old people to do that to them.
Like, he doesn't know this is happening to him.
Yeah, but he kind of does he's kind of a well that could be true, but he doesn't know He's always been a oh if you go back and listen to that guy lying about his his education Record and lying about his accomplishments and like she's always been a problem.
Yeah politician Paul.
Yeah, it's can
And also, the stuff with his son, and the ties to Ukraine, and China, and the money, the family, they got paid millions of dollars, and everyone's trying to obscure it, because, well, better than Trump!
Better than Trump!
If that guy was a Republican, they would be up his... microscope.
I know, it is unbelievable.
But he represents what they thought was a sane alternative to what President Trump was.
They thought, this is insane, Donald Trump is the president?
F*** that, anything is better than him.
And so they went with this corrupt career politician.
I mean, it's wild stuff, man.
They even got the FBI involved in telling Twitter to censor the information about the laptop.
It's crazy!
But how do we get out of that space?
How do we, because we're starting to turn into one of those kind of like, uh, Central American countries where the government is so comp... Like, it's crazy.
It used to be a long time ago, like, if the secrets of our country got out, like during Watergate or whatever, right?
People were like, no.
But now, if the secrets get out, people are like, yes, tell us what's going... You know what I'm saying?
It's interesting how that's kind of changed.
Like, before it would be like, if any, like, top secret documents or whatever were released, it would seem like, um...
Uh, wrong.
Well, but now if they're released, we want to know what it is.
It's like, does that make any sense?
Well, when was top secret documents released that are showing that someone is behaving in an illegal way, where it's bad?
I mean, Watergate, that was what Watergate was all about.
They found that Nixon was spying.
I mean, I think the problem is that, first of all, the media is overwhelmingly left-leaning.
And if you have a left-leaning politician, or a left-wing democratic politician, and then you have this media that essentially works to support that person, I mean, they ignore any information that leads to distrust in the government, or distrust in this administration, or distrust in this party, this political party?
It's the dark arts, man.
It is the dark arts.
That's the real dark arts.
Now, for our listeners, you're like, yeah, tell us something we knew 25 years ago.
But for the main line, this is their waking up.
So the learning curve is very quick.
It's not just liberal bias.
It's multinational corporations posing as, quote, liberals.
They want to end parental rights.
They want to end the right over your body.
I'm good.
And it shows a doctor looking at a woman who's nine months pregnant, and she says, is it a boy or a girl?
The doctor says, we're going to let your kindergarten teacher, the kindergarten teacher, decide whether it's a boy or girl.
I mean, let that sink in.
This is the state literally messing with the identity of your child.
It's a total power grab.
Chris Sky is our guest.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, we got the president federally indicted, basically a coup over the country, total insanity.
We've got massive developments with the Ukrainian defensive getting wiped out.
We've got a major world government, new world digital currency announcements.
All this is going on.
We have pedo rings all over the Western world saying your children belong to us.
And the video of children in elementary school and in high school in DC, in New York, in California, being told you'll be sent to the principal.
Or I'll call the police, or I'll put you in in-school suspension for a year, if you don't watch Dudes and Girls Make Out, and if you don't... I mean, just totally grooming, and the young people are like, leave us alone!
This is weird!
It'd be weird if they said, now let's watch a video of a girl and a guy making out.
You'd be like, why is my teacher showing me this?
Because it's a corporate agenda to come and destroy your identity and to tie your sexual identity to this sex cult, to this gang.
It's psychological warfare.
But I got Chris Sky on because he is being persecuted.
And what's happening to him is the communist globalist playbook.
Put somebody in jail who's popular.
Now, Chris is also a businessman and a very successful contractor.
And that's why he's a smart guy.
He actually lives in the real world.
And he's the most vocal, effective person in Canada battling what is now recognized as the tyranny of Trudeau.
Tucker, a few months ago, said we need to liberate Canada from the authoritarianism.
I mean, Trudeau said, I want to be a dictator.
I love dictatorship.
I love basic... I love Xi Jinping.
He only got 30% of the vote, but manipulated it with the Parliament to stay in power.
And the police horse is running over people, and a year in jail for peaceful protesters over lockdowns, and now they're announcing they're going to join the Netherlands and Ireland in banning farms and cows and pigs.
I mean, it's crazy.
We've got the arson, hundreds of fires, satellites showed across the country.
It's the same hour set.
And then Trudeau's saying he's going to take power using that.
And he's shut down the farms because of that.
But the reason I wanted to get him on is, this is breaking news, is they're trying to put him in jail.
It's incredible.
And they're banning him from advertising that he's running for mayor of Toronto because they're so scared of him.
This is the same playbook they're using on Trump.
The same playbook they've been trying to use on so many members of Congress.
And it's the same playbook worldwide.
So Chris Scott joining us with breaking
News today on what's happening with you, and then I want to pick your brain with the U.N.
ending the so-called pandemic, claiming a new one's coming, what you expect them to pull next, because you've been deadly accurate on the enemy's operations.
Okay, well, first of all, like you said, I'm running for mayor.
They tried to stop me from day one.
But while I was trying to get here from Alberta, my wife and I were arrested in the Edmonton Airport and banned from flying at the Edmonton Airport.
So we had to drive to Calgary just to come here.
Before I even became a nominee, I was getting threatening emails from Elections Toronto telling me they were going to use selective enforcement and even try to prosecute me and throw me in jail if I tried to run.
Once I became a nominee, I even got messages, not even messages, direct mails from the largest law firm in the country representing a certain political party trying to stop me from running.
That didn't work.
They started getting all of my venues to cancel my events on me, citing that I was not able to be able to have these events there because I was not the type of person they wanted there.
I was harassed by the police when I arrived in Toronto.
Pulled over while I was already pulled over and given seven citations, including a careless driving charge while I had not even been driving.
And it just kept getting worse and worse.
They try to cut off my funding.
They try to get people, they try to slander me.
We just lost this Skype.
We're going to get him back on.
But folks, you have to understand, Canada, according to even international rating groups that look at the scale of totalitarianism, is very high now.
Remember when I went up there to cover Bilderberg,
In 2006, they arrested me and they said they were going to put me in the Toronto prison.
And then once the press got involved and said it was wrong, they let me out and I covered the Build-A-Bear meeting.
Now, all these years later, 17, 18 years later, it's way worse than it ever was.
And it's completely out of control.
So what's happening in Canada, Klaus Schwab says, is the blueprint for the rest of the world.
So that's why
Canada is as bad as Australia.
So Chris, can I continue?
Well, yes, that's why I was running for mayor of Toronto.
But Toronto is like the crown jewel in the World Economic Forum agenda, and they want to use their 15-minute city global carbon allowance and all the rest of their digital ID, digital currency agenda to enslave us, starting here and spreading it out throughout Canada and the U.S.
And that's why I came in to stop them.
And as I was saying, the government-funded media is literally owned and controlled.
So anybody that they put on the media, the so-called top six candidates, the only ones they put in their polls, the only ones they talk about, the only ones that get covered, the only ones that are invited to debates,
These candidates are also controlled, just like the media.
They will not allow me to participate in their debates.
They will not allow me to advertise on TV, radio, bus... And by the way, Chris Sky, this is not hyperbole.
For folks that don't know, and Biden's been proposing that here, remember when Drudge was on like 10 years ago, or 9 years ago, or whatever it was, 8 years ago, he said this is what he was told by Clarence Thomas, that the future was going to be.
And it's where it's not just PBS or NPR that are government funded.
All of the old corporate media get giant government funding.
In Canada it's billions, going to be tens of billions here.
And then only they are the approved select groups.
So Google this year in the U.S.
is starting a trusted media system with only 150 media sources that it will allow to be shown.
And so there's a fight in Canada right now.
We're going to skip the break to give Chris more time.
There's a fight in Canada right now where Facebook is starting to shut down there because the government's going to make Facebook and Google pay the government to then pay trusted media.
But then only trusted media is then authorized to have debates and they choose what candidates to show.
So they're like off sourcing
The censorship and control and really turning the media, not just into state-run media, but then arbiters and controllers of elections and of vote tabulation.
So when I say Canada is the model, folks, it is the damn model.
Listen to this, because there's this instinct, particularly of Americans, and I love Americans, I'm an American, but we have the lowest level of passports.
We're the lowest level of any industrialized country for traveling.
We don't get how little the world is, okay?
You can fly around the world in like, you know, 25 hours, okay?
You can fly to Australia in 16, 17, you know, Tokyo.
So understand me people, you can fly to Moscow in 10 from Austin, Texas.
10 or 11 hours.
Understand that what's coming for you is Canada like next year.
So listen to him.
I'm sorry to interrupt Chris, but listen to him.
Listen to what he's saying.
And I'm not being aggressive here.
I'm just, I'm not mad at the listeners.
I'm saying, do you understand?
So, the media, as we know, is controlled.
The media, as we know, has banned me.
And they wanted to take it a step further.
Uh, so I was working with the head of the Daily Bread Food Bank who hosted the official debate.
And we were working together for a couple weeks and we came to terms to host a second debate that was going to have me as a candidate as well as many other candidates.
It was going to be nationally televised and everything.
Because he told me, and we have the correspondence of the... You're driving me crazy.
Not only is the Skype keeps cutting out, that's why I'm talking over him.
But, it's done it again, but it's okay.
If we have to, just get him on the phone next time.
We need to create just a rundown here.
Or maybe do Zoom or something.
The Skype's not working.
At a certain point, we're going to have to reassess this and just not keep doing the same thing because the definition of insanity is the same thing happening over and over again.
And by the way, we haven't gotten to that point yet.
It's not the crew's fault.
It's just this technology.
It's really magic we can see people anywhere around the world.
I think it's emblematic of how he's being censored and is now being arrested, been arrested, he's going to get to that in a moment, and why they arrested him, with no evidence or no proof.
In Canada, someone just has to say that you threatened to hurt them, and then with no proof, you get put in jail, and then you get banned everywhere, and the person with no proof never gets in trouble.
Similar to how roughly half of the
Rape allegations in the United States turn out to be 100% false.
Alright, let's try it again, Chris.
This is Critical Info, continue.
This is very critical info.
This was a very important event.
It was going to legitimize myself and other candidates as other top candidates and other viable candidates to vote for.
And after everything was approved and ready to go, and we even had the moderator and rules in place, I got a message from the CEO of the Daily Bread Food Bank who informed me that the board of directors had said they did not have the resources to do the debate.
So it was cancelled from up above.
I told him I was going to expose this story for the corruption it was.
All right.
Three times the charm.
Get him on the phone.
I'm making the call.
No more.
All right.
We're going to get Chris on.
He's such a great guy.
Obviously, where he is on the road is not having the best Skype here.
But folks, this is really a big, big, big deal.
I can't wait to pick his brain about the forest fires, about everything else.
But Chris, if it cuts out again, let's
This reminds me of like the talk shows where the caller calls in and then the prank caller keeps saying, hello, hello, hello, and they keep saying, hello, hello, hello.
We're gonna get you on telephone here so that this doesn't happen anymore.
We're gonna get Chris Sky on telephone right now.
But there is a model worldwide of the control that the system is bringing in and
What's so frustrating to me is I'm not the smartest guy around.
I'm not the most well-organized guy around.
But I see full-grown adult men
That know everything about Marvel and DC Comics, and they get so excited about going and seeing these children's movies that are badly done, that look like CGI video games, and they literally archetypally think what a man does is watch Marvel Comics movies.
And I'm not putting you down if you like it or think it's entertaining and you don't have fun with it.
And then it's like guys that only care about sports but don't care about actual New World Order poisoning the shots, Kim trailing, setting up world government, dissolving the borders, enslaving the general population, coming after you, and this is like a real fight, coming after our children to sexualize them.
Pedophile armies!
And the average man's like, sorry, I'm gonna watch sports and Marvel comics.
And it's just, it's disgusting.
And I'm not saying you're bad if you've watched a Marvel comic.
When you're on an airplane or something.
I did that the other day.
It's just so ridiculous.
I mean, it was just, it's so cheesy.
It's good.
But I know a lot of men that just love it, think it's like the real world and know everything about the characters, these imaginary universes and about these villains.
We have real villains that make Marvel villains look like lightweights that are actually killing and enslaving us and setting up world systems of control.
Do you as a man like being enslaved?
Do you like having your future taken?
It's Arrested Development.
All right, we got him on phone.
Without further ado, we've certainly built this up.
Chris, guys, start over.
So you're already contender.
You're very popular.
You're running for office.
They're scared.
And now, suddenly, this national debate you were setting up was going to be all over the country, because Toronto's the unofficial capital there.
Obviously, it's Ottawa, but that's nearby, just to the west a few miles.
And so now things get really crazy.
Just like they're trying to take Trump out with criminal charges.
Tell us what happened to you.
Okay, so as soon as I told the CEO of the Daily Bread Food Bank, which has huge connections politically, that I was going to expose them, which would expose the entire media apparatus for exactly what you said, being an arbitrator of this election, trying to pick and choose who is a viable candidate, who people are even eligible to vote for, well guess what?
I got a call, and as of tomorrow, I gotta go and turn myself in to the police, because I'm being arrested for the 27th time, I'm being charged for the 73rd time, and I'm gonna be put in jail, and I'm gonna have to make bail, and I'm gonna have to get out, and I'm gonna have to clear my name once again.
And they're doing all this,
Because they don't want me to expose how controlled the media is, how the government, the media are one and the same apparatus, and the so-called top candidates that they're putting on the media are also controlled and part of the same apparatus.
And if people really want change, the only way they're gonna get it is if they vote for me.
Because I'm the only one that's talking about any of this.
I'm the only one that's talking about SOGI, sexual orientation and gender identity, and how dangerous it is for our children.
I'm the only one talking about the agenda that you've been trying to expose on this whole
We're good to go.
I was called an anti-LGBT bigot, and Josh Matlow spent his last 30 seconds not trying to convince the people to vote for him, but trying to convince the people not to vote for me.
That shows me that the so-called top contendents see me as a threat.
They don't want to be in the same room as me, they don't definitely want to debate me, and they rely on the government and the media to insulate them and provide them these scripted, pathetic
For 10 debates and all these other pre-scripted, pre-planned events where they don't even get the support of the people, but they do get the support of the media and in this country they believe that's enough to sway voters.
We also uncovered that there are now, and this is the first time ever in the history of elections in Canada and probably anywhere, 300,000 newly registered voters just for this by-election.
We went from 1.6 million to 1.9 million voters, and this is the first time that they're going to have mail-in voting eligible for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people.
So they're literally setting up the script for the same type of mail-in voter fraud as they did with Biden and Trump.
They're literally setting up the script to have me arrested and dragged through the mud to try to prevent my campaign from being successful, and to try to basically just get me off the board, as they say.
But as always, I will persevere.
As always, the people will rally behind me.
And on June 26th, the best thing every single one of you can do is get out and vote.
They want you, the seniors, to believe that I'm not the only one that's going to lower their taxes.
That's the reality.
I'm the only one that's going to have a fiscally responsible... No, obviously, if Canadians want to get and stop the tyranny and stop the next lockdown and stand up against the police state and everything, they should vote for you 110 percent.
You're right.
They're so panicked that they've just brought in all these fake new ballots because they're running the same program worldwide.
People need to go to the site.
You've got a couple sites.
What is the best place for people to go find out everything?
About your run for mayor there in Toronto.
That's our site.
You can see our platform.
You can find out where I'm going to be.
You can donate.
Even if you're not from Ontario, you can't donate to the election campaign.
But since I just got arrested, I'm going to have a legal fund and all kinds of other places where anybody in the world is eligible to donate to if they want to stand up to this tyranny.
And by the way, expand on what you told me on the phone last night, or in your messages.
This has been done to you before.
An anonymous person says you threatened them, and then they don't have to have any proof, and they can do it over and over again, and you get arrested.
That's exactly it.
This person sent a text message where I literally said, I'm going to expose you for corruption and then followed it up saying that I called them and threatened them on the phone.
That wasn't recorded.
The threat wasn't recorded.
But actual contrary evidence where I didn't threaten him was recorded.
So all it takes for me to get arrested is for any random person to call the police and say, Chris Sky said this, or Chris Sky did this.
And I will get arrested, I will get charged, I will have to make bail, I will have to pay all the legal fees, and I'll have my name dragged through the mud for months, if not years, to get myself cleared of the ridiculous allegations.
I'm not going to get into it, I'm not going to get into it, but about two months ago, somebody filed in the local Austin court.
A totally fake report, just totally insane, and then the judge demanded we respond to it to an anonymous report of somewhere I wasn't at, didn't do, but said, I want to know what you're doing.
I mean, these people are out of control.
They are totally insane.
Now, obviously, there's big news around the world.
It's important what you're doing there.
But you've been really a great activist.
Not just for Canadians, but around the world.
You've been dead on predicting two and a half years ago, three years ago, what they would do next with the lockdowns, with the shots.
What are you predicting now they're going to do around the world and just big picture with their central bank digital currencies, their ESGs and more?
Very, very quickly, I'll tell you.
Well, we already know in 2019, before the 2020 where they declared the COVID emergency, in Canada they declared a climate emergency.
I don't
We're good.
Attract your carbon footprint and limit your carbon footprint.
Just like the mayor of New York limited the amount of meat people can have at public institutions and just how they wanted to start tracking your groceries for your carbon footprint, they're going to be doing that same push everywhere.
And they're going to be coming after your children at fever pitch.
They want to use this LGBT pronoun, 76 gender agenda to take control away from the parents and confuse pervert
Sexualize children and make them wards of the state.
If you look at the LGBT community... By the way, I want you to get back to that in a moment, but just to back you up.
In the U.S., in areas in the U.K., in Europe, you now try to go to grocery stores, they say no one can use cash or even a credit card or even a debit card or even your smartphone.
You must register with a QR code for them to buy and sell.
So they are bringing the central bank digital currency in.
It is happening right now.
But get back to the literal assault on our children.
We're going to cover that more after the break.
This is the deep state global corporate program literally going after parental rights and to form a weird psychological state connection to your child who they will then sign up under their prerogative to be basically taken from the parents.
It's about making the state the number one influence in the child's life.
That's it.
If you look at the LGBT community, number one, they are the most compliant with the government.
They had the largest uptake for vaccinations for COVID.
They had the largest compliance with masks.
They trust the government because they create a special protected minority class for them.
So why wouldn't they?
The other thing is, LGBT members of the community spend an average of over 1.5 million dollars more than so-called cisgenders of the community on Big Pharma over their lifetime.
So for every 1 million new children you create into that community, you've just created 1.5 trillion dollars worth of revenue for Big Pharma over the next few decades.
And that's why, if you look at so-called gender clinics,
In the year 2000, there was maybe two or three in the entire North America.
Now, there's hundreds.
Because they are actively doing everything they can to create this.
And that's what this new curriculum in Canada is called SOGI.
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.
And it is 100% about sexualizing, confusing,
Chris Sky, stay there.
Chris Sky, stay there.
We're going to see you during the break if we can mess with your computer, maybe close some functions on a different wireless network, see if we can get you back on video, but it's great to have you audio-wise.
I want to go through this big move against our children that's being run by the UN and big corporations globally, what Tulsi Gabbard's had to say, and more.
But this thing is in high gear, folks.
Stay with us, we'll be right back with Chris Sky.
Alright, the severity of the situation cannot be overstated.
I made a little sub film before Dr. Michael Kaufman, who was a big part of Endgame that I made in 2007, died, called Endgame 1.5, because I was planning to make Endgame 2.
And he showed a bunch of documents in the 60s and 70s where major universities in the UK and the US said to depopulate people, we have to end the nuclear family.
To do that, we're going to promote homosexuality and transgenderism.
But it turned out Theodore Kaczynski, who was in the CIA Mind Control Program, MKUltra, this is in the LA Times, was in some of the first transgender studies as well.
Uh, and was considering transitioning to a woman.
That's the Unabomber.
So, this is a CIA, MI6, Tabastock Institute program.
Here's Tulsi Gabbards, who's been a liberal and army veteran, uh, telling the truth.
But this is not about, oh, let gay people get married five years ago.
We're like, sure, live your life.
Oh, next, give us your children.
Let us cut your son's
Private parts off.
Let's cut women's breasts off.
I mean, oh, they deserve medical care.
And then, you know, this famous woman that had her breasts just cut off, she says she heard voices telling her, cut your breast off, cut your breast off.
You know, that's when you're supposed to go to the mental institution when you need medication.
But if you show up now and say, doctor, I want to cut my arm off, there's a whole movement where they're now cutting people's arms and legs off.
They're calling it trans-able.
So they're enabling the mental illness and pushing it to have an empty lost society and then they push dehumanization.
Now Canada is at the tip of the spear for government sponsored, pushed, forced suicide of the mentally ill who they're wards of though.
So that's the next big thing they're going to be celebrating.
How brave it is to kill yourself.
Canada's already running TV ads doing that.
We'll get Chris Guy's really expert take on this.
The guy's one of the smartest people out there.
But here's Tulsi Gabbard's.
By-product, unfortunately, of today's Democratic Party's blind pursuit of power and their rejection of this truth, that we are all God's children, is that they reduce each of us to the color of our skin, or our gender, or our sex, and they're using identity politics to tear us apart, fomenting anti-white racism and fanning the flames of divisiveness just so they can score a few political points.
What's so disturbing about all of this is this is not something they're trying to hide.
They're proud of it.
They celebrate it.
They promote it at every opportunity, even though what they are actually doing is betraying the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.
Their actions betray his wish that we would be judged not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.
They have become, in doing so, the racist that they claim to hate.
You heard from Riley Gaines earlier, what an incredibly brave and courageous woman, who embodies the consequence of what happens when the Democrats reject the existence of objective truth.
They reject the truth that we as women exist, and even as they continue to claim that they are the ones who are champions for women.
They are the ones, my predecessor, not my predecessor, but the woman who held the seat that I served in in Congress.
She was one of the leading advocates for the passage of Title IX over 50 years ago.
And you look at what they're doing now, spitting in the face of every woman and girl who has benefited from the passage of Title IX, by saying that actually women don't exist, that we're just a construct of someone's mind, that anybody at any time can say, well you know what, I'm a woman too.
There's literally no greater expression of hatred and hostility towards women than to erase us as an entire category of people.
Title IX says you're going to have government funding for sports that's going to be equal to women.
I've got three daughters and one son.
I don't care if I had no daughters.
I would support that.
That's real freedom for women.
And now this cult says women don't exist.
I'll tell you why.
Corporations want to make the babies.
They want replicants.
They're already having a bunch of quote babies in the UK that are from three parents.
You study what humans are.
They're making two men's genetics a baby.
There's no mitochondrial DNA pass.
That's not a human, folks.
That's in the science.
But if you can say two men can have a baby, you can make a corporate creation that's a humanoid and say it's whatever you want it to be.
So a man and a woman can be on a deserted island.
And if there is food and resources there, they can make a future.
Okay, a man and a woman together is a terraforming operation.
We're powerful.
We're the species.
They act like a nuclear family just got invented.
It's why our species is powerful.
And all the higher orders of birds and you name it, mate for life, ladies and gentlemen.
And then groups of monkeys are in troops to protect themselves.
Lions are in prides.
They're families.
They're groups.
And they're attacking that, because if the lions weren't in a family, the hyenas would kill them in a day.
Chris Sky, we skipped the break.
Give me more time.
Lay into these people.
Well, everything she says is 100% true, and it does come down to the core of trying to erase and destroy and attack women.
That's the reality.
They say it's all pro-LGBT.
No, it is anti-women.
And why do they want to attack women?
Because women are the core of the nuclear family, and women are the ones that will stand up for their child to the death.
So by destroying what it is to be a woman, diminishing what it is to be a mom, and all the rest of it, and taking women out of the equation, they're setting up the stage to destroy the nuclear family.
And why do they want to do that?
We already established.
It creates profits for Big Pharma, but more importantly,
It creates compliant citizens to the government agenda.
The people that are turned into this LGBT community that are now wards of the state, that now have the influence of the teacher and the government as the number one in their life, they are far more likely to support every government agenda on TV.
They're more likely to wear a mask, more likely to support the mandates, more likely to take a jab, more likely to support climate change, more likely to support the war in Ukraine.
60% want government cameras in all homes last week.
There you go.
They will support whatever the government says, because the government to them is their God.
The government has replaced family, the government has replaced religion, and they put themselves in that place where they are now the number one influence in that person's life.
So it's in the government's best interest to continue their quest for control, to try to transform as many of our children into LGBT wards of the state as possible.
And the teachers are more than happy to do it.
In Canada, they literally passed laws where the teachers can start calling your children the child's preferred pronoun, obviously taught to them by the teacher, and they will not even inform the parent, let alone ask the parent for consent.
And this is a hotbed of discussion in Canada right now.
And New Brunswick was the first province to pass a law against this.
And I believe this is going to be the beginning of massive pushback
We're good to go.
And when I become the mayor, we are going to simply enforce the laws on the books.
People can look this up.
In Canada, we have a law, 171.1 and 171.2, against the sexual exploitation of children.
And it says in big black and white, this does not mean child porn.
This is just things like drag queens, like we just had in Pride Month in Ontario, coming to a park, going on stage, and literally stripping
I don't believe in pride.
I support the LGBT community, but pride is now coming for the children.
And these children recognize that, and they're standing up to it.
I don't
You have to accept all of it now because it's a big train of evil.
So I oppose it all.
And because you have to, because it's the Democratic Party and your party up there, the establishment globalist parties are 100 percent behind this.
They created it.
They push it.
So the U.N., the big corporations, the Democratic Party run pride.
It's their flag.
And have you seen in the U.S.
they're putting it
Up above, ladies and gentlemen, up above the American flag.
Up above.
That's when you're captured.
So it could be a black flag.
It could be a green flag.
It could be a football flag.
I'd be, why is the Dallas Cowboy flag in the center at the White House with American flags below it?
Yeah, I mean, there's a federal law.
I've got it right here.
Give me an overhead shot.
I mean, there's actually a law on displaying the flag because it's the symbol of the country and they knew people would try this crap.
This Skype cut out again, but we're going to reconnect.
So this is the reality, folks.
This is when you're conquered, and it means the entire agenda that is connected to this.
Oh, gay marriage!
Remember, just five years ago, six years ago, oh, gay marriage!
And now it's give us your children.
Let's go ahead and go to a clip while we're reconnecting, Chris.
This is a high school in California.
With the math teacher telling him, I'll put you in school suspension for a year.
A year!
If you don't sit here and watch a video that shows girls and guys, I'm not going to play the whole thing, but these are underage people kissing.
And then all this other crap.
And people are like, why are you doing this?
Why are you
I mean, if a teacher was talking about heterosexual stuff and saying, you should go out and do this, people would say, why is a teacher teaching that?
They want to form a sexual relationship with you because the corporations can then connect their political movements and controls to that.
Here's the clip.
So let's go over, while we're trying to reconnect, some of these links here.
Joe Biden says people in America are being thrown out of restaurants for being gay.
Not true.
Not going on.
Not happening.
But at universities all over the country, they say, this is Gay Day.
No one who isn't gay or LGBTQXZPZS, you're not allowed to be here.
And they're literally telling kids, we're going to put you in school suspension for a year if you don't sit here and watch this, if you've grown.
White House accused of U.S.
flag code violation over Pride Month display.
Now here's who's actually being persecuted.
I have the clip of them introducing the bill and saying, yes, you'll go to jail.
If you don't do this.
California bill would take kids from home if parents don't affirm gender.
And she talks about a seven-year-old.
If a seven-year-old thinks they may be another sex because the school told them, like, are you Batman?
Are you Robin?
Are you, you know, Aquaman or Aquagirl?
And then you don't go along with what they're doing, they take your kids.
So you're just babysitting now for the state before they sterilize them.
Now it's Satanism.
Backlash rattles U.S.
Pride events.
Rattles events where it's all about kids?
Florida anti-LGBTQ laws prompt families who feel unsafe to flee.
Christian preachers arrested for quoting Bible verses across the street at a Pride event.
That's America.
We're the ones being persecuted, ladies and gentlemen.
Now the one out of Canada is even more insane.
We'll show some of this video.
We've got Chris Sky back.
Leave our kids alone.
Canadian Muslim and Christian parents protest LGBTQPS, now they say it's Satanism, indoctrination.
Children stomp trans flags because they recognize it's the gang trying to dominate them.
It's the gang trying to control them.
It's the gang trying to destroy their innocence.
This is so crazy.
I mean, listen, I've got four children and
If either one, because I've been married twice and neither wife ever did this, started telling my five-year-old about adult sex and things, I'd say, you're a weirdo.
You don't teach them that until right before puberty.
And then it's just scientific.
You explain the dangers of it and the good things about it and marriage and the rest of it.
That's a parent's role.
But I mean, imagine if your wife or husband, you come in and your wife is shaking their ass in front of your kid's face and tell them about blowjobs.
I mean, and folks, I hate to talk about it on air, but I mean, they're teaching seven, eight-year-olds stuff that I didn't even know until I was like 20.
In these public schools, and some private, they get grants for it.
I mean, brutal stuff.
They were teaching middle schoolers in Massachusetts 20 years ago, World and Daily reported on it, about fisting.
And I know listeners don't want to hear this, but it's happening to kids, you gotta know.
That's shoving your whole arm up somebody's rear end, causes serious medical problems.
This is what they're doing, ladies and gentlemen.
And so they want to screw your kids up and make a political connection to that trauma.
That's what cults do, is mind control.
And to sexualize a child is trauma, then you control their identity and attach yourself to it.
So the footage out of Canada is just wild.
And again, you've got like 800 LGBTQ people going, your kids belong to us because the elementary school, the public school has announced all children will use pronouns and they're going to teach them LGBTQZS Satan stuff.
And so the Muslims with the conservatives, with the Christians are saying no and the left doesn't know what to do.
Because they've been given an order, get the children.
I mean, you couldn't write a Hollywood script that's insane.
But again, even though it's a minority, it's weird, it's twisted, once we oppose them and the media makes them the victim, it elevates it now to this giant globalist move.
But Chris Guy, your take on where this is going?
Well, I can tell you right now, I've met with a mother whose six-year-old child's homework asked if she was a boy, a girl, or non-binary.
I met with other parents,
Where they found a book in the library, part of the SOGI curriculum, and this is in U.S.
schools as well, called Gender Queer.
And it depicts male-on-male prepubescent oral sex in the book, in cartoonized form.
And this is supposed to be for children.
And then I have a friend of mine who just got suspended from his school for 20 days for saying that two men can't have a baby.
20 day suspension for saying this.
This is where it's headed.
We already know where it's headed.
When they hand out to your elementary school student a sheet and say, are you a boy, girl, or other, the child doesn't know.
If they get confused and say non-binary, they're put in a file that then makes it secret, and the process of taking your child begins the minute they circle that.
Go ahead.
As soon as the child circles that, they start them down the path of potential transition, and they'll exclude the parent from all discussion.
You also touched on the assisted suicide.
They call it MAID here in Canada.
MAID was responsible for over 30,000 deaths last year.
In Quebec, the province of Quebec, it is the third leading cause of death in the entire province.
Assisted suicide by the government.
They actually run commercials for it and try to sell it to you like they're selling you a used car or something.
And now, they're trying to make it available
We're good to go.
I totally agree.
You know, I, um...
I'm thinking about my six-year-old daughter right now, and just how innocent she is, and how good she is, and how she's everything to me.
And I've made the decision to not even have her in private school, because a lot of them are getting grants, you can't even trust them.
But for people that don't have the money to homeschool or private school, this is a global crisis.
I mean, this is crazy.
And I think it's important to call it right out of the root, and just point out that it's the corporate takeover of parental rights and our children's future.
And how?
Does the average leftist go along with this?
Well, I'll tell you this, folks, okay?
I mean, if you really have ever gone to a hotel or something when you're on a business trip and you didn't know it was a, quote, LGBT hotel, and I've been to those, you know, because you go to L.A.
or you go somewhere you don't know or you go to New York and you just book someplace, you walk in, there's an LGBT party, it's a bunch of rich people, it's a bunch of good-looking people, there's no kids there, and I'm not defending these groups, I'm just saying,
But then when you go to these, quote, trans kids or liberal kid things, it's a bunch of gross sickos and pedophiles and perverts.
So I'm not defending the lesbians and gays.
I'm just saying, I've been to beaches, I've been to places, I've seen their weddings, I've seen their events.
It doesn't look like a bunch of mutants.
But the people that are the LGBT, we want to help your kids, are literally a bunch of pedophile demons out of hell, that are the ugliest, sickest, craziest looking people ever.
Where are the quote, gay and lesbian groups, I know they're starting to say stuff, to say you do not represent us, because, I mean, this is an evil corporate takeover of our children, it's coming out, they're maiming and sterilizing children, and they're committing suicide at record rates, not because we're mean to them, but because in government studies, the kids are killing themselves in the government studies.
So I want to say to the quote, you know, homosexual lobby out there, I'm not after you.
I'm not attacking you.
But you better do something about this.
And you better stop letting them speak for you.
Because because you're going to lose this fight that you're not going to get our kids.
You've already gotten a bunch of them.
But in the end, the people involved in this are going to pay.
You want to speak to those folks?
Did you get my point, Chris?
Well, there is a massive group called Gays Against Groomers, and they have a big social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, etc.
And they are exactly as you described.
They are members of the LGBT community that just want to be left alone, that want to have their lifestyle amongst adults, which I believe everybody should have the choice to do what they want amongst adults.
Like, there's people that do really, really, really weird shit that I don't agree with, but I believe in freedom, and if you're a Muslim...
It's 100% true.
They want to put them on puberty blockers as young as 6 or 7.
They want to remove their breast tissue when they're 9 or 10.
They want to remove their penis.
And they tell you they're going to create a vagina for you.
But what they really create is a never healing canal that is literally an open wound in your body.
A gunshot wound!
They don't tell the people this when they're transitioning.
But they have to put the equivalent of a sex toy into that canal
I don't
People do not know, do not fathom the full consequences of the actions.
And those are adults.
So imagine when you're doing this to children.
Children that wake up and say, hey, I want to eat ice cream for breakfast.
Oh, are you going to give them ice cream for
Chris, I want to give you some closing comments.
Chris, we've had technical problems today, but you've been off the chart and informative.
I want to get into the wildfires.
Do a few more minutes with us on the other side.
We'll plug your campaign again.
Do a little bit more on the wildfires with us.
We'll come right back.
I've got to stop right there, though, because we need funds to stay on air.
We're hardcore.
We don't back down.
We just tell the truth as we see it.
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Plus, I'll be honest, I want to expand.
I got a bunch of reporters I want to hire.
I want to be back on the road, back at the border.
You've seen some of that since we stabilized, but I don't have any budget to do the stuff I want to do.
So, I don't want to live here on fumes.
I want to get back in the game.
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Alright, final segment with Chris Sky, running for mayor in the criminal regime of the North, people are really waking up to as a tyranny.
What about the wildfires?
For those that don't know, Canada wildfires intensify could last all summer.
Hundreds of fires simultaneously started across the country.
Media blames climate change for Canadian wildfires despite arrest of multiple arsonists.
Just absolutely insane.
Cold Lake area man faces 10 arson charges after string of wildfires.
And you notice, how does the global warming theory explain that the forest fires stop at the U.S.
This is so obvious.
Chris Sky, what's really going on here?
Well, it's them trying to promote the climate change agenda, and whenever they're trying to promote an agenda, whether it's COVID or whether it's climate change, their number one tactic to get people to comply is fear.
So now they're trying to tell everybody, oh my gosh, if you don't live in your 15 minute city, if you don't track and limit your carbon footprint, and if you don't do everything we say, oh, the forests are going to burn and everyone's going to die.
They're starting those fires themselves.
We already have multiple people charged with arson.
We already have multiple videos emerging of friggin helicopters dropping flames on the forest.
They're not dropping water on the forest, they're dropping fire on the forest.
And that's why you can have hundreds and hundreds of fires start simultaneously at the same time.
I was about to say, seeing dozens of fires per region at the exact same time on satellite, even mainline retired forestry service people who quote, the government won't hire.
In every other case of big fires, they hire the retirees back to help assist and be in charge and for backup.
None of them are being hired now, even guys that are 60 and just retired, because the word is it's the government doing it itself.
Yep, and they want to cause as much chaos as possible, because like we saw with COVID, the more chaos they cause, the more control they try to take.
And they know that people are not going to go along with the climate change agenda lightly.
They got people to go along with COVID because there was the pressure of a public health order, there was the pressure of fines and arrests, there was the pressure of, oh my god, there's a scary virus that's going to kill you.
With climate change, they're trying all the same boogeyman, but nobody's buying it.
So they're literally burning down the forest, well, to try to convince people to start living the type of life they want you to live.
I was about to say, the good news is, without even looking Chris, Twitter and Instagram and stuff is flooded with forestry, former forestry people, locals across the country saying, this is the government doing this.
It seems like people are seeing through this.
Of course.
The people started seeing through the government at the end of COVID.
Now we're at the point where the government, the media, and the medical establishment is the least trusted and least respected in its history.
And that is what's basically setting up my run for mayor, because everybody knows the government's full of it, everybody knows the media is part of the government, and everybody knows together they're the problem.
So how do you get rid of them?
You don't elect another politician.
You elect a representative of the people.
And how do you know I'm a representative of the people?
Because I'm about to get arrested tomorrow for the 27th time because for the last three years, I've been fighting for the people.
Not only have I been telling people what they're going to do, not only have I been telling people how it's going to affect their lives,
I've been providing solutions to every single problem these politicians have been causing.
I told you, and that's what I was telling you, that's why I didn't even have to dwell on it that long, because the evidence is out there.
It's overwhelming.
It's overwhelming that it was a coordinated effort started by arsonists on the ground and arsonists in the air, and every expert, everybody that's ever worked in fires or forests or any of those fields knows that this is 100% government funded.
This is the left attacking.
Okay, final segment, stay there.
You, you, I'm totally behind you for mayor.
Regardless, you win by being part of the debate, subjecting, you know, truth.
That's why everybody should run for office like you're doing.
But the way you're being persecuted, that's how you know people are real.
Trump's real.
Chris Sky's real.
I'm real.
Steve Bannon's real.
Roger Stone's real.
Now look at them.
They'll call that a controlled burn, but my God, that's not how you do a controlled burn.
You do a controlled burn on the side of a road or something.
You don't do it right through the, oh my God.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Chris Sky's our guest.
All right.
Some stations don't carry the first five minutes, but let me tell you, Chris Sky, Canadian activist running for mayor in Toronto.
Just knocked it out of the park.
Canadians know, coast to coast, hundreds of fires have been set.
And in many cases, satellites show, in just a one-hour time lapse, even mainstream news admits it, that it is arson.
They've been arresting leftists all over setting the fires, but they all claim they're acting on their own.
Just like 2020 in California, Oregon, and Washington, the left set fires everywhere to blame Trump.
And to say it was global warming.
So we're showing you satellite footage.
It's not storms, it's not lighting, it's not an act of God.
Remember, Pat Robertson, I thought overall was a good guy, died earlier last week, a few days ago, and the media would always attack him because he would say earthquakes or things should be God's judgment.
Well, you could say, you know, a tidal wave or whatever, it could be God's judgment, but the left's saying we've been bad and we have cars and we have air conditioners, so we're being judged by Mother Earth.
But then,
We look at who's actually starting the fires.
Clearly, this is organized, even organized crime.
Couldn't do what you're saying.
That's government, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what former forestry officials are saying.
They're saying, this is military.
This is, this is, this is happening all over the country the same day.
Coast to coast, okay?
So, understand, ladies and gentlemen, that they're now saying it's your fault, it's climate change, we need climate lockdowns, you have to move into the compact cities, or everybody's gonna burn down.
And that's what Chuckie Schumer's saying, and that's what John Kerry is saying, and that's what they're...
They're all pushing, and Al Gore is back.
Remember he said in 2009, by 2013, the cities will be flooded.
Then he said 2017, it'll all be flooded.
He's back saying the same thing again.
So they're really, really, really, really, really pushing this.
Turns out the ice caps are bigger, not smaller.
There's more polar bears, not less.
They're lying to you to get you to accept having less to be poor, so they can control you.
Chris Sky, recap what you were saying about these incredible fires.
Remember, they said, oh, it's not the Wuhan lab.
Global warming made it come out of a jungle or a cave.
Oh, it's not the lockdowns that caused the third world to collapse and tens of millions of refugees.
No, it's COVID that did it and climate change.
So they create the policy to collapse the third world, flood us, and then say it's an act of God.
But it's not an act of God.
It's an act of the New World Order.
Chris Sky.
Very simple.
It's the same old adage.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Climate change is the problem.
The fires are the reaction.
The solution is more government control over our lives.
Forcing us to be in the city.
Forcing us to have the 15-minute city.
A carbon footprint tracker.
A digital ID and a digital currency.
All for the greater good of climate change.
And of course,
Out of chaos comes order.
Never the kind of order you want.
The kind of order that orders with an iron fist that collapses society and destroys the opportunities for our children.
So that is what we're up against.
We're up against- we're at the fork in the road.
If we go along with it, if we go along with the climate change agenda, your children and their children are guaranteed to have less opportunity, less financial freedom, less freedom in general,
And virtually no opportunity to be successful or pass success down to the next generation.
So basically, humanity will be put on a standstill and these people will retain a two-key system of ruler and slave for generations to come, barring a violent revolution.
How do we fix this and not lead into their trap of a violent revolution?
Because they want to have a violent revolution, but I would stand to the Declaration of Independence and I'm not calling for violence.
Clearly there were less abuses when we got violent 250 years ago than there are now.
So under the Declaration of Independence it points out your inalienable right when you have a destructive, tyrannical government like Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin or Xi Jinping to stand against it.
I don't think any of us disagree with that.
Well, I think that's why I'm running for mayor.
Like we said before, Toronto is like the jugular vein of the World Economic Forum agenda.
So I'm going straight for the jugular.
And when I get in there as mayor, and I draft policies that block the 15-minute city, and I draft policies that block any future pandemic, and I draft policies that are going to preserve and create opportunities for the people, and create revenue and GDP for the city, and eliminate the budget deficit, and enable and lower taxes, and basically solve all the problems
We're good.
And by the way, this isn't just idle talk.
The globalists in their own documents admit
If one governor or one mayor can turn back their operation, because it is artificial, we love prosperity.
We can do anything.
We're incredible.
Everybody's incredible.
Humans are incredible.
If we didn't have artificial feudalism to make us poor to control us, not a new idea, it's the oldest idea of government, if we didn't have this seriously regressive idea that calls itself progressive in the way of our real progressiveness, everything within is inversion, we'd already be, you know, in Alpha Centauri's by now.
And so,
That's why they're so scared because a few governors, take DeSantis, he's not perfect with his pedigree but he did later stand up against their agenda and the state did great and he was a hero.
Well imagine having a bunch of people better than DeSantis and to spotlight how liberty is popular and works and is great.
Liberty and prosperity.
When you can show the people that just a different way of managing the city makes positive, tangible differences in their lives, their communities, and the opportunities for their children, and they see their lives physically get better.
That is the most addictive thing in the world.
Every single person is going to want that in their city.
We are going to be the envy of the entire country, and they're going to have no choice but to follow the lead.
Yeah, let's expand on that.
Let's expand on that.
The east coast of the United States is super gorgeous, amazing, but it's commie run, everybody's leaving.
Texas has some pretty places, but it's 110 degrees in the summer, and fire ants everywhere, and just all, I mean, you know, I love Texas, but just because it's a little freer than beautiful California, everyone's flooding here.
So imagine gorgeous country like Canada, free, I'd go live there!
I mean, I love Canada.
People say, oh, Canada's decadent, they're evil.
No, they're asleep.
You know, let me ask you that.
Why are Canadians so damn nice?
Because I get mad at Americans being putting up with crap, but my God, it's good to see the Canadians are starting to get pissed, though.
Yes, you know what?
Canadians have been programmed to be nice.
And I try to tell Canadians, I don't want you to be nice.
We need to transform nice into good.
And it seems like a very minor distinction, but it's not.
No, no.
They think being nice is being good.
It's not.
Being good is being nice when you're supposed to be nice, but being real aggressive when somebody's running over you.
Thank you.
Because a nice person will not stand up to tyranny.
A nice person will not stand up to mandate.
A nice person will not fight for their family in the face of injustice.
But a good person will.
A good person will do the right thing every single time.
I'm going to steal that.
I am not a nice person.
I'm a good person.
You can steal it all day, Alex.
No, but that's a great, what you just said is so thoughtful.
Skip the break, guys.
What you're saying is so true.
And I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I mean, I really love people.
I don't like seeing people get screwed over.
And remember, it's a great novel, Oil, got turned into There Will Be Blood, and he sees people doing well, and he says to his, you know, friend, he says, I don't like seeing people do well.
I have a competition in me.
Well, I don't like people taking what I got.
But if they innovate and build something, I celebrate it, it makes us all wealthier.
And so I don't have the globalist instinct to want to see people do bad.
And people have to understand the Democrats are the there-will-be-blood villain, okay?
They do not want, and the socialists, the communists, you know, the Trudeaus of the world are the most wicked, evil people behind the scenes, folks.
Talk about the mindset of the WF in your study.
Well, the WF is as sinister and evil as they come, and then they pick puppets like Trudeau for the very express purpose that he looks and sounds like an idiot.
And why is that beneficial?
Because it's a lot easier to forgive and forget the idiot.
Oh, he didn't know what he was doing.
He's just being told what to do by other people.
But the moment you realize that behind that goofy smile and that list,
He knows exactly what he's doing.
You just said the key.
That's why they're putting women in charge.
And I'm not saying there aren't competent women, but they're putting ditzy women in charge and weird little fairy guys, because we take it as not Hitler in a uniform.
We see that as threatening.
But we don't see threatening some giggling goofball when he's just a puppet.
You just nailed it.
That's right.
And then it's also easier, the psychological operation on the people once they get swindled.
They are less likely to retaliate against the fool than they are against the person that they knew exactly what they were doing.
And remember in ancient Europe, China and Japan had them too.
The archetypal jester or the joker in the deck.
The joker is allowed to say what nobody else is allowed to say to bring truths out and to do bad things as well.
And so literally they use these joker types, just like Biden.
He's bumbling, he's falling down, he's pooping his pants, but it's okay because he's an idiot.
You hit the nail on the head.
They don't want to put a strong leader in place because then when they have a strong leader in place and they're imposing an iron will and things that are against the people's best interest, people will rightfully be afraid and people will rightfully be aware.
So they use these completely bumbling idiots and complete people that could never be threatening, and they do the exact same thing with their agenda.
And it keeps most people apathetic, compliant, and asleep to what's going on.
Does Trudeau know that he's a bumbling idiot?
I'm sure he does.
I'm sure he's been told by his mother many times growing up.
Well, Chris Sky, you always come up with really original but totally true thoughts.
I mean, we're not nice, we're good.
I don't want to be nice.
I want to be good.
And nice guys finish last, folks.
Everybody knows that.
Good guys finish first in the end.
But people have got to figure out who the bad guys are first.
And you just explained how it works, how they put these dog kings, what the Muslims call it,
You know, it's like, why did Caligula marry his horse or make it the head of the Senate?
To humiliate them that a horse is above you.
So it's all part of a humiliation, but then people also then blame the horse.
It's like a, no, no, Biden isn't running things, the globalist are.
Chris Sky, again, everybody needs to get behind you.
Let's not wait until after the election.
Come on, right before the election.
Come on next week.
Come on tomorrow.
Once you get to a good place, it's got good internet connection.
We'll be praying for you.
You've been arrested 20 plus times.
What are you expecting tomorrow?
I'm expecting, if it was anyone else, I wouldn't even be charged under these circumstances.
If it was someone they really wanted, I'd be charged and given a promise to appear.
But because I'm in a very special category of my own, I'm pretty sure they're going to take me in, and they're going to try to keep me as long as possible.
I'm going to go in around 7 in the morning, and technically by law, they can't keep me more than 24 hours without bail court.
And since bail court doesn't start until 9am the next morning, that would mean they'd have to let me out before keeping me overnight.
Well, I'm not doing this to brag and toot my horn, but I want other people to realize who they wake up, who they mentor, who they talk to has ripple effects many years later.
You've been listening to the show since you were 14.
How old are you now?
39, I'll be 40 this year, sir.
I want to make a very good point.
First of all, I want to say
You are the one that inspired me.
You are the one that woke me up.
So anybody who wants to give credit to Chris Sky has to give credit to Alex Jones first because I wouldn't even be doing what I'm doing if it wasn't for you.
And they say you should never beat your heroes but I did get a chance to meet mine and you lived up to everything that you were supposed to live up to.
So everybody needs to give you a round of applause because if it wasn't for you the world wouldn't be where it is today.
I wouldn't be where I am today and I have to applaud you for that.
Well, I appreciate you, brother.
God bless you.
We'll talk to you soon.
People need to go to his website, ChrisSky4Change.com.
But it's not about me, folks.
It literally is just studying history, my family, what they saw, everything that I was shown as a child, everything that God put me through, and then the Holy Spirit experience when I was 18, and then again about 22.
And it's 100% on Alex Jones.
And I want you to know that so you understand you can dial in to the God that made the universe.
God's ready to enlist you in an army for war.
Psychic, spiritual, economic, cultural, physical war.
And the war means getting up at 3 a.m.
when your child's sick and taking care of them.
And the war means cooking breakfast.
And the war means being strong.
And the war means planting tomatoes in your backyard.
And being nice to your neighbors and visiting your grandma in the nursing home.
And the war means standing up to evil people and not caring what they do to you.
That's the key.
The war means I'm not a nice guy, I'm a good guy.
And I'm not gonna roll over to you.
I'm not gonna bow to you.
And all the ancients said it, it's in the Old Testament, it's in the New Testament, it's in the Egyptian text, it's in all the ancient texts, that there is a dimension above our dimension that is five times stronger.
And then each dimension, it just exponentially goes up like an earthquake, goes up on a Richter scale ten times stronger each level.
A two on the Richter scale is exponentially bigger than the first, and it's exponential again.
And then now they've scanned everything and all these light sources and all these spectrometers and machines, and the supercomputers go, there's an outside force five times stronger holding us together.
They had mathematicians, one in France in the 1870s, said if we could ever fly a space probe over Saturn, from my mathematical calculations, there'll be a hexagon
On the on the North Pole or South Pole and of course they flew probes over it's on both poles because of the interdimensional vortex and all those mathematics.
The point is we got powerful brains.
I mean, I wasn't given a brain like those people that could like figure out the mathematics and Einstein type stuff.
But all I'm trying to explain to you is we've never been in Kansas.
Oh, we're not Kansas anymore, Toto.
Is that saying?
Baby, you were never in Kansas.
And so what I'm trying to explain to you is there is a mighty God that is so mighty you can't even imagine, that literally wants a relationship with you right now, wants to interface.
Wants to plug in.
But this God does not plug in unless you want it.
Satan will sneak around and try to stick his plug in your rear end as fast as he can, and you never do, it hits you.
That's why they want our kids, because they don't know what they're doing.
That's why we got to protect them.
God does not stick his plug into your third eye until you ask for it.
And God will first say, you like that?
You sure you want that?
And for most people, God just is a comforter and pats you on the head, and I'm gonna take care of you, and you know, just we love you, we're gonna be here, you know, the angels love you.
But if God chooses you and knew you before you were created,
That's not everybody, but it's a lot of you out there.
If you're predestined, and I don't go the Calvinist view, it's more sophisticated than that, but it is true that certain people are predestined for a mission.
And you literally get a commission.
Everything man does is a copy of God.
It's like the Congress commissions officers and all this.
Well, you as listeners commission us when you buy products and spread the word and pray for us.
It doesn't mean I'm a perfect, by the way, as an officer in the fight against Satan.
I mean, I am.
I'm terrible.
I repent so much.
Because let me tell you, I pray that I won't use the Lord's name in vain.
I pray that I won't yell and scream and cuss.
You notice I do it a lot less than I used to.
I mean, 99% better.
But I blew up.
In the last week on Air Once.
It wasn't fake.
I mean, I'm legitimately pissed off about what's happening and I'm always being so truthful that when I feel like that, I can't hide it.
Like when the cops pulled me over three years ago and they said, have you been drinking?
And I said, yeah, I had a half bottle of wine.
You're arrested.
And I knew it was going to happen, but telling the truth at that moment was more important than being arrested.
And notice I blew under.
I told him it was a half bottle of wine.
I drank like an hour and a half before.
But I just, I just said, yeah, I drink a half bottle of wine.
You're arrested.
And it was because I just, I tell so few lies now.
I tell so few lies.
I still catch myself later, like, oh, that was a lie.
Why did you do that?
It's usually not to hurt somebody's feelings.
But the more I don't lie, and I'm like one of the least lying people now that you'll ever meet.
But we're lying because we're fallen.
We can't help our nature.
Your brain synapses gear up where they don't have to worry about lying anymore.
And then it just works way better.
So it's not like, oh, I'm good.
I don't lie.
Oh, I'm such a nice person.
I don't lie.
It's that you don't want your brain having to calculate lies with all the other info.
You've heard like liars have to think about what they said before and keep all their stories together.
It is addicting not to lie.
But then at the moment of truth, have you been drinking?
And I sat there for a minute and I went, yeah, I was at a Japanese restaurant.
I had half a bottle of sake.
Get out of the car.
They said, stand on one leg and stand.
And I said, listen, my Achilles is gone.
I can't really do that, but I'll try.
They said, well, you failed the sobriety test.
And I said, and I'll pass the breathalyzer.
Because I knew two glasses of wine probably two hours before.
And then now, 30 minutes to the police station, I'm like, yeah, I'll blow under.
I did blow under.
And when I blew under, I said, I told you.
Told you the truth there, too, didn't I?
So the point is, my brain couldn't make a calculation like that if there was any lying.
Once you start eliminating lies, it just gets so good.
I mean, it's like, because God doesn't lie either.
So see, you cannot get in alignment with God unless you, and I get militarily, you know, in the Old Testament, you know, the Israelites would lie to defeat an enemy and you had spies and stuff.
And I think God forgives people for that.
And war is deception.
I mean, I understand all that, but that's why war is so evil.
Because it makes us lie.
And just lying is a disease.
Lying is a fallen thing.
See, we already had the knowledge of good.
We were pure.
Then we got the knowledge of evil.
And the knowledge of evil is how to run scams and how to manipulate people and get power out of it.
But it ends up hurting you in the end.
It's just not good.
I know I'm ranting.
And I've got more to cover.
Man, I tell you, the reason I don't cover so much this news, I get ready for the show, is I just can't do all this justice.
I think we are doing it justice here.
And, you know, the craziest part about this is feeling like you're a liar too.
You know, I told stories on this show about things I did and things I saw that were all true.
Doesn't sound real, does it?
But that's because I was chosen to go through all this so that I would have the understanding of experience.
I was not given most of my knowledge through revelation.
I was given most of my knowledge through experience.
Because God knew I was a jackass that had to physically experience it before I knew it.
And then once I went through that, then I was given revelation.
And I have been given revelation.
The problem is my little brain and my little soul has trouble deciphering or computing at all, but I'm trying.
That's why I've been taking more time off because I've learned, though I love being on air, the more time I spent cogitating on the information I've been given, the more effective I am at bringing you this knowledge that is out of this world, not of this world.
And so I'm done talking about that.
We'll go to break.
And you know what I'll hit?
I'll hit the Russian news.
It's pretty spectacular when we come back on the other side.
And then I'll get into the Southern Poverty Law Center listing you and your family as terrorists because you went to a city council meeting or a school board.
Talk about dangerous, evil people.
They're it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We have a situation in Ukraine, and I got a bunch of these clips.
Can I get the latest Lindsey Graham on with John McCain?
I just had the latest clip I sent him.
I played a clip last week, some Tucker Carlson, where Lindsey Graham was just over there.
He's like, this is the best money we ever spent killing these Russians.
It's really just sick how he's getting off on it.
God, I love it.
Because you're not supposed to do that.
Even if a war is good, you're not supposed to be just really proud of the death and licking your lips.
It's really creepy.
But then I ran back into a clip we played like three years ago before the war officially started, and it's Lindsey Graham with John McCain, when he already had a brain tumor over there, just saying, get on the offense, attack the Russians.
We're gonna get you the funding, we're gonna get this war going.
Well, nine years ago, the U.S.
government with Soros bragged about it on CNN.
On Fareed Zakaria, just type in George Soros brags about overthrowing Ukraine.
They overthrow the government and burn down the Capitol building and kill a bunch of police and put their guy in and then started attacking the Russian areas in the east that have always been Russian.
And then got the Russians to come in and take over Crimea.
And now they've lured them into a full war.
And now there's been this, quote, offensive with hundreds of German tanks and hundreds of U.S.
fighting vehicles and 30-something Bradleys and, I mean, hundreds of Bradleys, 30-something Abrams.
And obviously it takes three to one in tank battle terminology.
Two, three to one to take over a position.
The Russians found how much they had to lose to take over what they got.
And so now, they launched their offensive, really a month ago, but the main offensive a week ago, and reportedly, something like 500 armored vehicles have been destroyed, something like 40-something, CNN's saying 30, leopard tanks, a bunch of U.S.
weapons, a whole bunch of Bradleys, because they're driving across open fields with Russian artillery just destroying the hell out of them.
And Russian helicopters.
So I'm sad about the whole thing.
I'm not sharing either side.
This is disgusting.
Loss of life.
It's dangerous.
It's escalating toward nuclear war.
It needs to stop.
Even Henry Kissinger came out six months ago and said stop.
And the Pope said stop.
But the neocons and the crazy left, they just... I mean, you got the globalist Pope and the war criminal Henry Kissinger saying it's not good.
So, then I remember a few weeks ago when they blew the dam up.
I get busy, I get tired.
I was on air, and I just mentioned, I said, hey, I remember like months ago, it was actually like six months ago, the Ukrainian head general said that they'd missiled and shelled this big dam, I always mispronounce it, the Kakha, or Kakhova, and that they were ready to blow it up to flood the Russians if the Ukraine launched a defensive.
So I could look at what it flooded the main Russian defenses and cut them off from resupply and say, well, that's probably the Ukrainians.
But our media was saying the Russians did it with no proof and the Russians denied it.
So I went, well, let me let me I finally got around to it a week and a half later.
I said, let me go search engine.
News articles about Ukrainians say they're going to blow the dam up, and I found where they blew up three other dams and bragged about it, and where they said they attacked this dam, the big one, that just flooded Crimea, and that they were going to attack it, and they had attacked it.
So I'm just going to show you those articles.
So, I mean, it's like, it's like Biden saying, I'm going to blow up the dam, or I'm going to blow up the Nord Stream 2, and even April Gillespie, the U.S.
ambassador says it, then they do it, and they say that
Putin did it with no proof, and then if you say, hey, I think the West might have done this, you get censored.
Because you're telling the truth.
So they blow up the biggest dam in Eastern Europe.
That's what they say.
It's right by the biggest nuclear reactor in Eastern Europe.
Both are right there.
And it floods the Russian positions.
And then they say the Russians did it.
It's like when Zelensky fired last year two missiles into Poland and blamed the Russians.
This is very dangerous.
And called for a nuclear attack on Russia.
I'm not against the Ukrainians.
I don't want to have a nuclear war for you guys, okay?
Especially if you're a corrupt regime.
So just stop.
You've gotten $200 billion.
We have bridges collapsing.
Veterans are homeless.
I've never been to Ukraine.
I'm not your enemy.
But, I mean, you've got a weird gay prostitute who dresses in high heels and black fishnets saying he wants a percentage of our GDP.
I mean, just leave me alone, man!
You want to go call Russians?
You suit up and you go do it.
I'm not part of it.
So here's some of the reports here.
If anyone thinks the Russians blew up the
How do you say it, guys?
Kakava Dam and flooded their own positions, making an amphibious assault possible while cutting off the water supply to Crimea.
Seek help immediately.
It's curable, but it may take time.
And then it goes on.
Here's some of the headlines.
April 27, 2022.
Ukrainians flood village to keep Russians at bay.
New York Times.
I got a bunch of examples.
Ukraine has blamed Russia for Nord Stream, Poland Missile, Kremlin drones, Dugan assassination, prison, Kremlin breach, Kerch breach, everything.
And now the DM.
After you destroyed Nord Stream, the bridge, the prison, flood your own positions to ensure victory.
Blame the Russians.
And here's an article where again, 2022, they flooded the villages by blowing up dams.
Why would Ukraine do this?
I don't know.
Maybe Major General can explain it.
The Ukrainians, he said, even conducted a test strike with a missile launcher on one of the floodgates at the dam.
And they went on to say, we may blow it up to stop a Russian defense when we assault.
And by the way, obviously this is CG, computer-generated, of Zelensky, but this is actually a show he was part of where he kills the Ukrainian parliament and becomes a dictator.
But of course, that's what Soros really did.
Let's go ahead and play the warmonger duo.
McCain and Graham in 2017 is the year of the offensive go kill the Ruskies.
Here it is.
Your fight is our fight.
2017 will be the year of offense.
All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia.
Enough of our Russian aggression.
It is time for them to pay a heavier price.
I believe you will win.
I am convinced you will win.
And we will do everything we can to provide you with what you need to win.
Now we go kill Russians.
So let me show you a new video out of Kharkovka.
So now that the reservoir has gone down in that valley, it is showing the dead
And yes, it was built in 1950 after, but there were so many hundreds of thousands of dead German and Russian and Ukrainian soldiers, that there's hours of these videos of just dead bodies, skeletons everywhere.
From World War II.
One of them has the German Kurtzel helmet on, because it had been strapped on.
You can see the strap behind it.
And he's dead in the mud.
Right there where he died in 1944-45.
And there's just skeletons all over the place.
It's all a forgotten war, it's all over now.
You know that German soldier probably thought he was fighting for the good guys.
But that's... that's where we're headed, that's what's going on here.
It was a nuclear wasteland.
It was once said, we don't know, you know, we know how World War III will be fought with nuclear weapons, but we know that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
That was, uh, Einstein.
I probably butchered the quote, but basically it's, World War III will be fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
And I got an Alexander Schultz and Eatson quote, too, when we come back.
Stay with us.
Alexander Schultz and Eatson, the most important influential
Anti-Soviet, anti-communist, dissident of the Soviet Union era, and a true intellectual towering above basically anybody else.
Read three of his books.
Every page gives you a headache because it's so thought-provoking and powerful and deep and multi-faceted.
I'm going to talk about Alexander Solzhenitsyn and time into O.J.
Don't think anybody's ever done that.
is a very likable fellow.
You know, he gets millions of views for every Twitter video he puts out.
And I've only seen a few of them, but I saw one in the feed about Trump.
So I thought, let me look at a few more of his videos this morning.
And one really struck me where he said, it's American suicide to question the government and not trust them.
No, OJ, that's the definition of national suicide.
You need to love your country if it has a good constitution and system and good history.
If it doesn't, you need to set up a new one.
But you're the one that says Mark Furman planted your blood at the scene and planted your glove at the scene even though the glove had a cut in it on the same spot you had a cut on your finger.
From a knife.
I think you killed your wife.
I get it, you were pissed off, she was cheating on you and getting your money out of control.
But whoever did it,
The point is, you say the police are white supremacists, and that they framed you, and you can't trust the government at the local level.
I give it to you, maybe they did.
But then you turn around and say, I'm a Russian agent?
If I don't believe them on the shots, and on everything else they lie to us about?
Come on, man.
You're just kissing the system's ass.
So here's Alexander Solzhenitsyn who has spent decades in a forced labor camp.
He says, we know they are lying.
They know they are lying.
They know we know they are lying.
We know they know we know they are lying.
But they are still lying.
Now that's a boiled down version.
It's actually in one of his books.
Here's the full quote.
We know that they are lying.
They know that they know they are lying.
They even know that we know they are lying.
We also know that they know we know they are lying, too.
They, of course, know that we certainly know they know that we know they are lying to us as well.
But they are still lying.
In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category, but the pillar of industry of this country.
That is what America is run by at the top.
And if we accept this, rotting from the head down, we are that.
I reject it, I am not that.
It's like for the LGBT people.
Okay, if you don't support grooming kids and trying to cut their penises off and breast off, come out and say you're against it.
Because I'm saying this is not my government, it doesn't represent me.
You've got to stand for something or people are going to take your identity and say that you belong to this.
So here's OJ Simpson.
Who made Jim Brown's death all about him in a video.
I ended up watching like 10 O.J.
Simpson videos.
He's a very likable guy.
You can't stop watching him, actually.
But I'm intellectually going, this guy's not good.
I'm going, but damn, I sure like him.
He'd be fun to hang out and drink a beer with.
But here he is telling you, questioning and not trusting your government is what Xi Jinping wants.
Oh, yeah.
China owns Hollywood now.
They own like four of the six production houses and they fund all the black on white stuff and whites are evil.
Yes, it's actually true.
But does he speak out against that?
He just sits there and tells you that if you don't trust the voting systems or if you don't trust the Justice Department, well, you might be working for the Russians.
No, no, no.
Listen to this for yourself.
Here it is.
Hey Twitter world, yours truly here.
Let me see if I got this right.
Don't trust the media.
Don't trust our security agencies, FBI, CIA.
Don't trust the Justice Department.
Don't trust the Executive Office.
And don't trust our election procedures, our voting.
Isn't this what Xi Jinping and Putin
All my life, this would be called communist propaganda.
And now we're doing it to ourselves.
I'm just saying.
Take care.
Except we have the communists in charge right now.
Telling us our country's bad, that we should all kill each other, and then we're saying you can't trust who's hijacked the country, and you go, oh no, you must be a communist if you're against that.
Here, let me play a Trump clip for you where he explains it.
He says, calling them globalists isn't enough.
They call themselves globalists, by the way.
He says they're really communists.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
The stakes of this election could not be more stark either.
We have a communist state.
You know, they used to use the term deep state.
I'm stopping it.
I'm using it Marxist.
I'm using it fascist.
I'm using communist.
Because deep state is far too soft.
It is.
Far too soft.
So, O.J.
Trump also talks about this, because that's what's in there.
I started looking at the Hunter stuff a couple years ago, and I told my crew, I'm ordering you not to look at it.
I rarely tell crew what to do.
I said, that's child porn.
And the FBI has it.
Independent media can look at it.
We're going to get set up looking at this.
And that's what Trump says.
It's him having sex with, like, 12-year-olds, Hunter Biden.
But the bigger thing is, he says, I'm a Chinese communist agent.
I'm under control of the head of the CCP.
In audios, he sends out.
That's real.
Off the laptop, they don't deny it.
So, hey, OJ, you've got the Justice Department prosecuting Trump for doing nothing while protecting Biden and people, and you're telling us we shouldn't question that?
We should just trust that?
You know, I bet you if I went to him, this is hypothetical, I wouldn't do this.
If I went to OJ's house and I waited for him to come out to play golf in the morning, I followed him to his golf course, I can find out where he lives, go there, and I bet if I got out of my car with a machete and said, how you doing OJ, I want to talk to you, I bet OJ would pull a gun out or run or fight me or whatever.
I'd say, hey OJ, don't be a Russian spy.
I mean, don't question this.
I just got out of my car, I got a machete, I'm walking towards you.
That's kind of Soviet propaganda, that's kind of Chinese propaganda that you're thinking for yourself, that I'm bugging my eyes out at you, walking up on you with a machete, or maybe a butcher knife, maybe a dagger.
Maybe the Jews can't move as quick as you used to.
The point is, is that when you're getting approached with a guy with a knife, what are you going to do?
You're going to just think I'm there to play patty cake with you a little bit?
You know all about that, approaching people with knives.
So, that's what I'm getting at here with you is, you're doing that to lick the butt of the New World Order.
You're doing that to kiss the ass of the system like you always did, and it's disgusting.
That's where I stand on OJ Simpson.
I mean, it just makes me want to throw up.
Hey, OJ, why don't you come out against the transgender stuff with our kids?
Why don't you come out against all this stuff?
No, you're just gonna sit there and tell us, trust the government, whatever it does, that you're a Russian agent.
I think I've heard that before.
I'll give you one better, hypothetically.
Well, do I really need to give you one better?
We've been lied to, we've been assaulted, we've been given poison shots, and now we're tired of it.
And let me tell people that serve the system, like O.J.
Simpson and everybody else, you think kissing the ass of this system, when it's going belly up smart, you're only going to ensure our group destruction in the process that needs to stop.
I got some more news I'm going to hit as we go into the next hour.
And then, Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Please remember, Erwin Schroer is coming up in about an hour and eight minutes at InfoWars, hour and five minutes at InfoWars.com.
Ford's last show at the War Room.
Harrison Spitz doing a great job.
Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m.
And I'm back in the saddle.
I'll be doing a Saturday show and a Sunday show this week.
I'll be working around the clock.
So much is happening.
We got a bunch of big guests coming up later in the week as well.
Please don't forget that I'm not funded.
By big corporations, or by Avis Rent-A-Car, like OJ Simpson, or by George Soros.
I'm fun about you.
And I'm here to tell the truth, and if you want me to keep fighting in the fight, I'll do it.
But I need funds to continue on.
People thought we'd already be gone.
We're still here.
A lot of folks hung up the tally.
Well, Jones is done.
But our hardcore listeners, they knew I was for real.
They kept backing us.
And thanks to that hardcore, stalwart, hold fast, remnant minority, we're still here.
But I don't want to just be here.
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We'll be right back.
Every move the globalists make, every breath they take, I'll be watching them.
General Celente always does a great job.
He's about to take over.
They don't want Schroeder in an hour.
You know, just watching O.J.
He's a smooth operator.
State of the world.
You should trust your government.
You should trust the voting.
You should trust the intelligence agencies.
You should do whatever they say.
When they told us Trump
Was a Russian agent, and it turns out that was a fraud and a lie from the beginning.
And all the fake impeachments were a lie, and everything else they said was a lie.
They've covered up for all this corruption, and then we've got all these big pharma companies that, it turns out, knowingly put poison drugs from Vioxx to... I mean, the list goes on and on.
On the market, hillbilly heroin.
Knowing it's gonna kill people, and they don't care!
And now they put these shots in the market that don't protect you and make you sicker and die and then hurt you.
And OJ's like, hey, I'm just saying, questioning things is what the Russians want.
Did the Russians kill your grandma?
Did the Russians open the southern border of the Russian ship in the fentanyl?
Did the Russians try to teach your seven-year-old how to cut their dick off?
I'm tired of scapegoating the Russians.
If the Russians did anything to me, I'd be their enemy.
They haven't done anything to me.
I'm not a Russophile.
But I'm not a Russophobe.
I am a globalist phobe.
I hate them.
I know they're the biggest dog on the block.
They're the scientists.
They're the crazy people.
They're the New World Order.
They're the ones killing everybody.
Here's Peter Christian Goethe, medical doctor, former leader of one of the biggest medical centers in Copenhagen, Denmark, talking about the elephant in the room, the prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death, not just here, but in Europe as well.
And they know it.
And they know exactly what they're doing.
But they don't just pitch you drugs like Rendesivir that they knew would turn your kidneys off and kill you when you had COVID.
They then try to block the nutraceuticals and the supplements and the things that are on record defending you.
But more and more doctors are doing the same thing.
They're saying this is a fraud.
More and more nurses are coming out.
More and more people are rolling the whistle.
They're not listening to OJ Simpson.
Just trust the system and do whatever they say and everything will be fine.
Or you end up like Joan Rivers when she exposed Big Mike.
And he knows that.
He knows exactly what he's doing.
So here's that clip of the doctor and then we'll go straight to Gerald Cilente.
My name is Peter Gertscher.
I'm a director of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen and professor of research design and analysis at the University of Copenhagen.
Two years ago I found out that our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
Our drugs kill around 200,000 people in America every year and half of these people die
While they do what their doctors told them.
So they die because of the side effects.
The other half die because of errors.
And it's often the doctors that make the errors because any drug may come with 20, 30 or 40 warnings, contraindications, precautions and so on.
No doctor in the world knows about all this.
So, they give patients drugs that they should not have given them, that interact dangerously with other drugs, or food items, or so on.
And then the patients die.
That's the other half.
So, the other thing I found out two years ago was that much of what the drug industry does fulfills the criteria for organized crime in U.S.
And they behave in many ways like the mafia does.
They corrupt everyone they can corrupt.
They have bought every type of person, even including ministers of health in some countries.
There is a huge amount of corruption.
In my country, for example, Denmark, we are regarded as having very little corruption.
But yet we have thousands of doctors on industry payroll, although we are just 20,000 doctors.
So this is an effective kind of corruption.
The drug industry buys the professors first, then chiefs of department, then other chief physicians and so on.
They don't buy junior doctors.
So when several thousands are on industry payroll, it's really, really bad.
You're going to want to pay attention to what I'm about to say in the next 60 seconds.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do everything you can to support InfoWars because they're doing everything they can to support you.
Alex was talking about OJ Simpson.
And, uh, I wonder the jerk of, you know, oh jerk, Simpston.
This is an article back in February of 1994.
CBS shoots Solenti for 48 hours.
48 hours used to be a big shot.
There's an OJ Simpson story to this.
This was the beginning of the death
Of mainstream media.
Week after week.
Month after month.
OJ Simpson on the night of June 12th, 1994.
Remember, this is February.
So June, July, August, September, October, November, January, February, right?
February, February, March, April, May, June.
Four months later.
Goes on, Simpson's ex-wife, on the night of June 12th, 1994, Simpson's ex-wife and Goldman, and Goldman, Ronald Goldman, was stabbed to death outside her condominium in Los Angeles.
And Simpson quickly became the prime suspect.
Rather than surrender to police after being notified of impending charges, on June 17th,
He hid in the back of a sports utility vehicle driven by his friend, AC Cowlings.
After being told that Simpson had a gun to his own head, law enforcement officers followed the vehicle at low speed for more than an hour.
The attempted escape was televised live nationally, seen by 95 million viewers and hundreds of Simpson's fans.
Line the streets to support him.
Simpson was formally arraigned July 22nd, 1994.
The criminal trial was acquitted in 1995 of a murder of his ex-wife.
I'm mentioning this because that's all the media talked about was O.J.
Simpson and was he responsible
They're killing his wife's boyfriend.
These are the little clown, arrogant, arrogant- Hey!
I can play football, Celente!
What's the matter with you?
If I was around today, I'd get a hundred million dollars to catch a ball!
But we don't want any facts, we'll just listen to the crap heads!
How about Crosby, Still, Nash and Young?
Get that, Vax!
Get that, Jeb!
We know crap!
We're little cowards!
We'll tell you what to do!
Hey, how about that arrogant Kimmel boy?
Listen to a comedian!
Grow the hell up!
Listen to that little...
Clown boy called Bear!
Listen to the clowns!
Be a good American!
Bend over and take it up to you-know-what!
Who the hell cares what O.J.
Simpson says?
Not O.J.!
How about F.U.
Once upon a time,
There used to be a thing in America called freedom.
I remember this song when I was a young guy.
Don't tell me what to say.
Don't tell me what to do.
I'm free and I love to be free.
Who the hell are you to be free?
I'm Gavin Newsome!
I'm some arrogant slimeball!
My daddy was a lawyer for Geddes!
My daddy was a lawyer for Geddes!
One of the biggest oil magnets in the world!
Close down your business!
Stand six feet apart!
Put on your mask!
And before you masturbate, don't forget to clean your hands, because I'm a masturbator!
Look at the clown show we got in front of our eyes!
Hey, check out the main- Oh, CNN got rid of that guy, Lictor, whoever he licked, the head of CNN.
And they're gonna find another clown.
Remember that guy Zucker?
Remember that guy Zucker?
I think they spelt it wrong.
It's not Z-U-C-K.
You gotta put another letter in front of it.
Yeah, that letter.
In your Trends Journal, we wrote an article about how that arrogant Zucker
Told the staff, stay on this COVID.
Stay on the COVID.
It's bringing in, it's bringing in a lot of viewers.
Their viewers are going down in a turlet, where they are back now.
They only get views by selling fear and hysteria.
So what's the big CNN story today?
Go to the site.
See what they have.
Some stupid stuff that this woman charged with husband's murder tried to change life insurance policy.
Wait, who the hell you talking to?
What am I, six years old?
I gotta know that?
And what's that other one down there with that woman that, oh, they're mad because the people that take up two seats gotta pay for two seats in airplanes?
That's news?
We're giving you news.
InfoWars gives you news.
The Trends Journal, only magazine, only magazine in the world that gives you trends analysis and trend forecasts of socioeconomic and geopolitical events.
Nobody else does it.
You know why?
They don't know how.
You're too damn arrogantly stupid.
Hey, every new year, every new year, this is the new year and the Cartoon News Network, New York Slime, all the rest.
This is what happened in 2022.
Hey, Gatson!
What's gonna happen next year?
Shut the hell up, Salenti!
We don't know what's gonna go on!
We don't have a clue!
We're nothing more than prostitutes!
We're media whores that get paid to put out by our corporate pimps and our government whoremasters!
We do exactly what we're told to do!
We say what we're told to say!
That Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda!
Oh, go back to Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.
Look at the real numbers of people they had on the mainstream media that said it was a lie.
Oh, about zero to nothing percent.
Oh, remember they fired that guy Phil Donahue because he was against it.
That's what's going on.
That's what's going on.
It's a freak show.
And the freaks are in charge.
It's right in front of our eyes.
Again, that article they had in there about that, they have this woman that's, you know... The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus went out of business.
They're trying to come back.
When I was a kid, they had the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.
Step right up!
Step right up!
See the fat man!
See the fat man!
See the tattooed lady!
See the tattooed lady!
You don't gotta go to the circus anymore!
It's all over the place!
Obesity changes the brain with no signs of reversibility, expert says.
Oh yeah?
Obesity may damage the brain's ability to recognize
The sensation of fullness and to be satisfied after eating fats and sugars.
A new study found.
No kidding.
Blow me away.
How can you be happy looking like that?
First book I worked on was Natural Healing back in the 1980s.
Info Wars are giving you those products that you need so you're not like that and you can rise to a higher level.
And we'll be right back.
So stay tuned.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show, and as I keep saying, and we'll keep repeating, do all you can, put your money where your heart is, and where your brain is, because, you know, people ask me, what could I do?
Well, I say the first thing you have to do is you gotta get in the best shape you can.
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And they give you information, you know, that you're not getting in many other places, hardly anywhere.
You know, we give you what we give you in the Trends Journal, of course, is different than what they're giving you, because we do with the trends analysis and trend forecast.
But as far as broad range of information that you could use, you're getting it from InfoWars.
So, you know, one of the articles up there on InfoWars today, and one of the big things they're covering is about, you know,
This new world disorder and the possibility of a nuclear attack.
Here it is.
Yep, emergency broadcast.
Right there.
Desperate deep state moves to arrest opponents.
Kidnap American children and launch nuclear war.
And they're not only saying that.
We've been writing about it, talking about it.
And they're right on trend.
Because this is from the toilet paper record.
The New York Times.
On... June 10th.
Two days ago.
You see, by the way, that's what I do.
These go to the writers of the Trends Journal.
I underline the salient points of the stories.
And make notes.
And there's one note I have right here.
officials... Officials.
Well, U.S.
How about official pieces of crap?
What's this official garbage?
Some little Bureau crap?
Hey, remember all those health directors?
Remember those... Remember Rachel?
Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola.
Oh yeah, the clown boy-girl that plays our health minister?
Nah, not Rachel Maddow, the other one, the, uh, Rachel whoever, you know?
Rachel what, what's, what's that clown name?
That, that's the head.
Anyway, these jerks telling us what to do to fight the COVID war.
Nobody says to get healthy, only get the jab.
And while U.S.
officials, Rachel Levin, that's it.
And while U.S.
officials have said the risk of Mr. Putin using a nuclear weapon have receded,
American intelligence agencies say total defeat in Ukraine or loss of Crimea are two scenarios under which Mr. Putin could potentially order the use of a nuclear weapon.
All right?
They're talking nuke.
So there's either going to be a false flag or something will happen.
Or the blow up of that nuclear power plant, where they just cut the water off to it.
They blew up the dam.
Oh no, the Russians blew up their own dam.
Yeah, we'll get to that later.
Dam news.
This is the stupidity, the ignorance, can't understand why they just fired 10% of their staff.
Business insider.
This is a top story in Yahoo.
Today, if a nuclear weapon is about to explode, here are 17 things to do.
I'm not making this up.
How about bend over and kiss your butt goodbye?
Oh no.
Oh no.
A bright flash caused by a huge fireball, which can cause temporary blindness.
Oh yeah?
17 tips.
How to prepare.
One stupid thing after another.
One dumbbell statement after another.
And they quote the CDC.
Oh yeah, what the CDC says, I would do exactly what they say.
If there is a nuclear war, it is the end of life on earth.
There are ways to enhance your chance of survival if a nuclear bomb were to hit your town.
Once upon a time, back in 1963, June, there was a person by the name of John F. Kennedy, and he was President of the United States.
And he gave a talk
Graduation of the students at American University.
It's all about peace.
And to paraphrase what Kennedy said, if there is a nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia, the world will be destroyed in 24 hours.
Generations, it'll be destroyed.
And I got these little clowns telling me what to do.
Business inside.
How about business down the crapper cider?
What to do for nuclear?
Oh, don't forget to stand in the middle of the room and wash your clothes.
One dumb thing after another.
When I was a kid, in school, during the Cold War, it's going on now, what, 75 years?
He had us hiding under a desk in case an atom bomb went off.
Like, that's gonna make a difference.
They're telling you in this stupidity, if you see a nuclear flash, to lay down and put your hands underneath you.
So you don't burn your hands.
These are coming from the officials.
The official pieces of crap.
The bureaucrats are the most arrogant, ignorant slimeballs running the show.
Because they suck into the political system because they can't get a job in the real world.
And they get into the political system and they become the most arrogant.
I'll tell you what to do.
I'll tell you what to do!
You pay me to tell you what to do!
Public servant?
F you!
Anyway, we come back a little bit more on the Ukraine war.
We're going to talk about the economy because Wednesday is a big day.
And Thursday is a big day over there in the EU.
Because it's going to be interest rate day.
Where are interest rates going?
What's it going to mean?
How's it going to affect the economy?
How's it going to affect your life?
Don't worry about it.
Let's see what yelling yells out.
We'll puke face power.
Let a clown, a clown show.
The banks, the bandits.
Wednesday's the big day.
It's going to make a big difference in the equity markets and gold and the real estate market.
We'll be right back.
So stay tuned.
Support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
I'd like to cover that Trends Journal says, you know, debt ceiling, just another tower of babble.
That's all it is.
I mean, it's a joke.
We'll get into that in a bit.
But again, like I keep saying, you know, they're censoring everybody.
You just saw that thing that came out with the FBI censoring people on Twitter because they didn't buy the baloney of the Ukraine war.
And again, anybody that supports the Ukraine war, fine.
Go over there, like little Lindsey Graham, the fat little slob that couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag that keeps calling for more and more war, and little Chucky Schumer, and Diane Not-So-Feinstein, and beer barrel Bernie Sanders, and AOC that voted to steal our money to give to Ukraine.
Go over there and go fight!
And you send your money, don't take mine, or else shut your mouth.
So, getting censored, and all over.
Again, I just showed you articles.
I used to be on 48 Hours, on Oprah twice, selling books, Trends 2000.
Nope, we don't want you on Salenti.
You're not a prestitute.
You're not a whore.
So what Infowars is giving you,
Is the news and information that once upon a time was part of the media.
And I'm telling you, that 48 hours I spoke with the woman right after they filmed me.
I said, what's going on with all of this damn coverage about OJ Simpson?
I said, this is destroying the media.
And she said, yeah, I agree.
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And that's where we have to go.
The next level, because... All the cats my age, man.
We all say it.
We all say it.
Glad I'm older, man.
Wouldn't want to raise a kid in this life.
When I was a young guy, you look at the polls, not making this up,
Remember, this is after World War II.
America's at its height.
It's at its height.
The polls used to show the future would be better than the past.
Things were growing and everything was just so great.
Now it's the exact opposite.
Make America great again.
We gotta go back.
Gotta go back.
Gotta go back.
We gotta go forward.
Because I'm tired of this freak show, man.
It's a freak show.
So, I mentioned before, I'm going to talk a little bit about the economy.
You know, there's a road blew up over there, a truck blew up or something, Route 95 over there in Pennsylvania, not far from here.
It's going to take months to restore.
If this was China, the thing would be fixed in a week.
It's a joke.
Our infrastructure's rotting and slime ball Biden and all the other criminals that keep stealing our money.
Biden administration announced $2.1 billion weapons package last week for Ukraine.
Over $130 billion since the war began earmarked for Ukraine.
February 24th, 2022.
Since then, almost $130 billion as our infrastructure is rotting in front of us.
Last week, I couldn't go outside.
Had to close all the windows for a couple of days.
The smog, the smoke.
I'm only four hours, four and a half hours from the Canadian border over here.
Spewing down here.
That little Trudeau, that little arrogant boy, another daddy's boy, born on third base and thought he had a home run.
The guy playing the Prime Minister that locked down the place, arrested people for not wanting to get the vax if they went over the border driving a truck, stole money from him.
You're that guy?
You can't put out a fire?
Oh, you're the clowns that say we're gonna win wars?
You can't put out a fire?
And then you read the data how they cut back over the years on fire protection?
You can't put out a fire!
You're going to win a war?
Anybody that votes for war, go fight or shut your cowardly mouth!
Don't want to hear it!
Every clown, every clown politician that votes to steal our money, to give it to another country to go fight a war, you go there and fight, or shut your political crap mouth!
You're a bunch of arrogant cowards!
It's simple.
It's simple.
Anybody that votes for war, go fight or shut your mouth!
What a clown show!
What a freak show!
The freaks are in charge in a country near you!
Little Godzilla Macron with his fake hair, little Rothschild's boy.
The guy that's the President of Ukraine used to play a comedian.
You can't make this stuff up in a sitcom on TV.
And play the piano with his penis.
But believe everything he says.
When Zelensky speaks, it's the truth.
You know, playing the piano.
Let's sue that clown over there in the UK, after the clown before him, Boris Johnson!
Oh, Boris Karloff!
Look at the clown show!
I'm down, sir, ain't I?
Be a good American.
Listen to the mainstream news.
45% of the American people, almost 45%, get their information from the mainstream news.
Mainstream crap.
So I support InfoWars.
So going back to the economy, Wednesday's a big day.
If they raise interest rates, poof, this economy is going down and so is gold prices.
If they keep them stagnant, markets are going to go up and so too will gold.
That's our forecast.
And we come back, we're going to tell you why.
And by the time we come back, you'll be buying products on InfoWars.
We'll be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, keep supporting InfoWars because InfoWars is supporting you.
So, going back to the economy.
Europe is in a recession.
Got it?
Two quarters of negative GDP.
Actually, they're calling it stagflation.
It's not stagnant, it's down.
It's dragflation.
Economy down, inflation still high.
But inflation is going down, one of the main reasons being energy prices.
So you're looking at crude, Brent crude now, it's around, you know, near the $70 mark.
I would have never thought it would have gone this low.
The reason it's going so low is that there's a global slowdown.
Again, Europe is in a recession.
And Germany, the biggest economy in
Europe, fourth largest economy in the world, they're in a recession.
You know, I'm going to talk about, well, Europe is in a recession, but they're, they're, they're doing lousy.
And one of the big factors that's barely reported in news is that yeah, consumers are spending more, but the manufacturers are manufacturing a lot less.
The manufacturing indexes are down.
Across the globe.
From China to Europe to the U.S.
That's a big indicator.
Yeah, people are spending money on services.
Yeah, restaurants gonna travel.
Yeah, fine, but that's not generating manufacturing income is where the real story is behind it.
And then you look at the numbers coming out of Lowe's, at a Target, at a Foot Locker, one after another.
Macy's down, down, down.
So people are buying less, spending more on services.
So now on Thursday, the European Central Bank is going to announce whether or not they're going to raise interest rates.
The guests on the street for America, 70% say they're going to hold them steady.
But that might change.
Because they said in Australia that they would hold them steady and they just raised them 25 basis points.
Up in Canada, through Dopeland, they said they were going to hold interest rates steady and they rose, they jacked them up another 25 basis points.
I have to make this very clear.
It takes you about a year
Before the effects of the high interest rates start hitting the economy.
And that time is now.
They didn't start raising interest rates until March of 2020.
They lied or were too stupid to say that inflation was rising.
They said it was temporary, then transitory, and now transgender-tory.
So they were very late in doing it.
But now you're feeling the implication.
And then the big story, the higher interest rates, again, you'd cover your Trends Journal about the Tower of Babel.
You know, the dollars is just a fake thing.
The higher the interest rates go, the more you have to pay your debt, particularly government debt and, and, and commercial real estate debt, of which in the United States, there's some $20 trillion worth.
$20 trillion worth of commercial real estate and the office sector, as we have forecast, is going to bring down the banking sector.
Because they have floating loans and these interest rate type of loans.
So as interest rates go higher,
As they're losing tenants, how are they going to pay off their loans?
Again, the total commercial debt is $20 trillion.
Your office vacancy rate means the offices are empty.
In San Francisco, it's almost 30%.
In Los Angeles, 30%.
In New York City,
They're closing down hotels in San Francisco.
Business travel is one of the big ways the airlines make money.
Business travel didn't come back to what it was pre-COVID war 2020.
Back in 2019.
So that means people aren't staying in hotels.
And that means all the people that aren't going back to work five days a week
All the businesses that depend on them are losing money.
The delicatessens, the restaurants, the shoemakers, the dry cleaners, they're drying out.
So this is really serious.
So, going back to Wednesday, the guess is that 70% are saying they're going to hold interest rates where they are.
If they hold them where they are, that's going to be bullish for gold,
And bullish for the equity markets.
You go back to your Trends Journal.
November of last year.
We're data driven.
We said the S&P 500 is going to go up.
Following the midterm election.
We looked at the data.
40 midterm elections over the last 60 years.
The S&P went up
16.3% on average.
Guess what?
It's getting close to that average now.
The S&P 500's up almost just about 12%.
But then there's China.
And their markets are going down the toilet.
Because China's the one that launched the COVID war.
And they had their zero COVID policy.
Tens of millions of businesses went out of business in China.
The housing boom is over and it's ready to bust.
Again, look at your oil prices.
Look at the manufacturing index.
China's is way down.
Exports were way down.
So this is serious, what's going on.
But don't worry, when all else fails, they take you to war.
You ready for this?
I mean, we're being able to talk about stupidity.
Biden and Sunak.
Sunak, this arrogant little multi, multi, multimillionaire.
His wife, get the dough from his wife.
President Biden and Prime Minister Rishi.
Sunak of Britain affirmed their support for Ukraine on Thursday, pledging to continue drumming up financial and military aid for Kyiv as fighting intensifies on the Russian front.
And Sunak said, there is no point in trying to wait us out.
And Biden said, well, he said this all, we will be there as long as it takes.
That's what Sunak said.
And Biden said, I believe we'll have the funding necessary to support Ukraine as long as it takes.
Adding that the vast majority of his critics in Congress would agree.
That funding Ukraine would be better than allowing Russia to go unchecked.
So keep stealing the money from the plantation workers of Slavelandia, as your roads are rotting in front of you.
Everywhere I go, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
They can't fix a bridge over there in Pennsylvania.
You can't put out a forest fires, all you official freaks.
But we're gonna steal your money and kill people as long as it takes!
I'm the warmongers in charge!
I'm a little clown boy that never fought!
But we'll send your kids to go get killed!
And when that nuclear bomb falls, don't worry about it.
Just follow what the CDC says.
Or the World Health Organization.
Or Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.
Because that's who's running the show.
So, as I say, hey politicians, who the F are you to tell us what to do?
Get them at TrendsJournal.com.
Well, as we warned you would happen, the deep state, the former UN prosecutor, has indicted President Trump for having documents presidents are legally allowed to have.
They're coming after everybody.
But the good news is humanity is waking up now more than ever and is seeing through this.
The globalist's only hope is to censor and to silence and to shut down voices like myself, Tucker Carlson, and others who tell the truth.
That's why your word of mouth about the broadcast is so key.
That's why you sharing the articles, the videos, and clips of the show is so incredible.
And you've been doing it.
And you know you are.
So I salute you and I thank you.
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