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Air Date: June 11, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses the indictment of Donald Trump, claiming it is fraudulent and part of a larger coup against democracy. He raises concerns over government control and parental rights while criticizing Republicans for inaction. Robert Barnes joins the show to analyze legal historical analysis and election meddling regarding Trump's case. The deep state is attempting to undermine presidential authority and control, aiming to establish legal precedence to prioritize their interests over elected Presidents. The indictment poses a threat to democracy and constitutional power held by Presidents, while the speakers discuss potential constitutional issues that could arise from indicting Trump. They also mention politically motivated prosecutions in history and criticize the weak factual, moral, political, legal, and constitutional foundation of the indictment against Trump. If Trump returns to power, he should purge the political hierarchy from positions of power and rebuild the police and national security system from scratch. The deep state seeks to remove Trump as a frontrunner and is against false charges regardless of which party the person belongs to. Finally, the speakers encourage viewers to support InfoWars by purchasing products, promoting their show, and visiting their website for content.


And the third aspect of all of this, I believe, is it's leverage for Biden.
It's a tool by which Biden can use to potentially pardon himself, his family, his son, his sister, his brother, his political allies, many of the deep state corrupt people named and mentioned explicitly in the Durham report.
And what it does is that when he does that pardon down the road, he can throw in a pardon of Trump as political cover for his pardoning himself and all of his corrupt allies.
That it's effectively something he can put in his back pocket just in case Trump wins the election.
And let me stop you because what you just said is the most stunning, powerful, accurate analysis.
And I've been watching a lot of the pundits.
I've not heard one of them make that point.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
Oh, wow!
This is not going to be a boring, uneventful, non-important broadcast.
It's going to be edge of your seat, like they all are, but we're not spectators in this war against tyranny.
We are on the field.
It is Sunday, June 11th, 2023.
And I've had time to really analyze this indictment and spend, no exaggeration, just since Friday when I got off the show, probably,
15 hours talking to a lot of experts in my own research looking at it.
Trump did absolutely nothing wrong.
This is a total and complete fraud.
And I want to make just a statement here up front.
Regardless of what you think about Trump, and I've got big issues with him, this is about stealing our right to vote for who we want.
And this is about a permanent bureaucratic intelligence agency corporate coup over this country.
So, Trump going along with these criminals on the poison shot, that's a separate issue, and I'll be rattling this cage about it forever.
And if they ever indicted some of the globalists and we found documents that Trump knew the shot was hurting people, I'd say put him in prison, but we don't see any evidence of that.
We know Fauci and the rest of them knew that, and it just came out Friday in federal lawsuits, Pfizer, Moderna knowing the shots didn't work and hurt people.
That's in the stack.
Massive bombshell.
But that's completely separate from this permanent coup that knows he's 30-something points ahead of DeSantis.
He gets 69% in national polls against all of the Republicans combined that are running against him.
It's just incredible.
He's 15 to 30 points, depending on the poll, ahead of Biden in just of general voters across the board.
So this is a big, big, big, big, big deal.
And this is a coup.
It's been going on for a long time.
I mean, they killed Kennedy.
This group's been in main control of the country, not full control for a long time, but now they want absolute dominant control over every facet of our lives as they slowly turn off the resources and drive us all into bankruptcy so they can control us.
This is siege.
There's a lot of facets to this, but I'm going to say this again.
For everybody that likes Robert F. Kennedy Jr., I'll support him as Democrat nominee.
I think he's a great guy overall, despite some of the things he does, but he's the real deal.
And he's got skin in the game.
Well, Trump's got skin in the game.
They are literally railroading him with a total fraud.
They've got more indictments ready.
And if they can get him, they can get everybody, and that's their plan.
The Feds, the rogue Feds, the rogue government has declared any opposition to be terrorist
And we've got new documents came out on that, and we already knew this, but this is so confirmed.
The government planned to list any parents protesting peacefully as terrorists.
That's all coming up today.
The federal documents.
Remember, they acted like, oh, it's just the teachers unions want this.
It wasn't our idea.
Homeland Security was running it all and wants to say, peaceful parents saying, you're not going to teach my five-year-old boy he's a girl.
You're not going to teach my five-year-old white kid that he's bad because he's white.
Well, guess what?
You're a terrorist, and we want to put you in prison.
And they got legislation introduced in California to put you in jail.
If you tell your seven-year-old, no, you're a boy, you're not a girl,
Jail time, baby.
They can confuse your kid at school.
I mean, this is a criminal group coming after parental rights, all of our freedoms.
It's insane.
But I'll say this again.
Yeah, the crew's putting on video.
The other one's reading out of the bill, AB957.
There's the legislature.
I mean, you can't make this up.
You can't make this up.
They're coming for parental rights.
We always knew they were going to do it.
They said it was their plan.
Here it is.
Why are we here?
Because McCarthy and the Republicans didn't file articles of impeachment when they got in a few months ago and go on the offensive.
Because they never go on the offensive.
That's why we're in so much trouble, is McCarthy.
He never goes on the offense because he's a coward, because he doesn't want to get indicted by the Justice Department.
That's how they rule, by fear.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
It is Sunday, June 11th, 2023.
I'll be hosting my regular Sunday slot 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, but I'll also be hosting some into the 3rd and 4th hour with the great Owen Schroer and Alex Stein in studio.
So big 3rd and 4th hour.
This is the Alex Jones Show Sunday edition.
Sunday live is 6 to 8 p.m.
with Owen Schroer and other guest hosts.
We have massive amounts of news on the economy, on world digital IDs, what is the Mark of the Beast system.
We have incredible speeches that Trump gave in multiple states yesterday, where he really throws down the gauntlet.
We have armies of people marching to elementary schools, LGBTQ, Satan-esque, saying, we want your children, you will give them to us.
Just, I mean, this is just spinning out of control very, very quickly.
California's introduced legislation that if a parent tells their seven-year-old, no, you're really a boy, you're really a girl, you're put in prison.
They say they have the votes to pass it.
It is all completely insane.
And it's coming up tonight.
Also, I got really criticized for this 15 years ago.
Because I was reading a Wall Street Journal report that had a pie chart in it, and I asked some folks I knew in Hollywood, they said, no, that's true.
And in 2007 or so, the biggest group that owned, not the majority, because a lot of hundreds of groups, but the group that owned the biggest slice of Hollywood was Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.
So I said the Arabs owned Hollywood.
Didn't say they ran it.
And then a few years later, China really moved in, and now China owns the majority, or the largest slice.
Actually, the majority.
The Muslims never had, or the Arabs never had a majority.
They said the biggest minority slice of one group.
New numbers are out.
And guess who's about to be the biggest owner, not just of big slices of Hollywood, but also sports, and that's Saudi Arabia alone.
So put that in your pie, Paul, you white supremacist.
Thought I was, like, defending Jews in Hollywood.
Nothing to do with that.
I was reading a pie chart of who owns what dumbos, and it was the Muslims.
I was making that point.
Well, here it is.
Who owns the PGA now?
Oh, the Muslims.
And it's in the Wall Street Journal.
They're set to buy up all the other sports.
They've already bought off half the soccer teams in the world.
I mean, all I'm doing is reading the damn numbers here.
You know, like the U.S.
three years ago was the number one exporter of oil.
Now, Saudi Arabia is.
It's just statistics.
Don't be scared of them.
Skip this network break coming up.
I want more time with Robert Barnes.
All right, so that's all coming up.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes has also done legal work on the election fraud for President Trump.
Had his ear very close to the ground on this.
I want to sum up his legal historical analysis of where we are, and then obviously just point out what this really is.
This is what I wrote for the live show headline, the preemptive stealing of the 2024 election.
This is election meddling.
They're trying to outlaw saying that they election meddle.
This is it.
They also tried to disqualify Gozer and MTG and what, at least 12 other members of Congress for being able to run again in court because they were, quote, Partisan 6.
So yes, they're election meddling.
This is the mother of all election meddling.
I've looked at every angle of it, and he did absolutely nothing wrong.
They're misrepresenting all this, and that's why Jack Smith, the U.N.
Tribunal operative, that's what he is, is so nervous in the three-minute
Statement he made Friday because he knows I think they're blackmailing him or something.
I mean, they got his kids in a cage or something.
So we're going to be getting into all that.
Trump says I'll never leave.
Trump vows not to quit presidential race even if convicted.
That's the answer he's got to have.
More indictments coming.
Speaker McCarthy says Trump indictment will disrupt the nation.
House Republicans will not stand for it.
Oh really?
Why didn't you impeach Biden for all the crimes he committed?
Why didn't you go on the offense?
Why didn't you start impeachment for the weaponization of the Justice Department?
Why didn't you start the impeachment of the FBI Director or the Attorney General?
Why didn't you do it?
They've all lied to Congress!
FBI unit leading Mar-a-Lago probe earlier ran discredited Trump-Russia investigation.
That everyone's pissing on the president.
100% made up!
But it's okay, the FBI documents confirm Joe Biden is the big guy though.
Actually on the Chinese Communist payroll.
You know, I love this headline today.
Biden finally admits China spying on us in Cuba.
They're spying on us with this guy on the Chinese Communist payroll!
It's like a fox telling a group of hens, yes, yes the weasels do want to hurt you, but let me in, I'll take care of you.
Alright, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, is here to break all of this down.
Alan Dershowitz has said Trump's a little dumb to spout off about this in front of the media because they twist things, but he did nothing wrong.
There's a lot of deception going on here.
So the question is, why did they jump the shark?
Why have they done this?
And looking forward into the future, how do you think this is going to unfold?
Robert Barnes, thank you for joining us on this Live Study Edition.
What I see is a three-fold approach that's taking place here.
First of all, the Deep State wants to take Trump out from being competitive in the 2024 election.
As you noted, it is a preemptive strike against the 2024 election.
They assume that the indictment will have enough voters to doubt President Trump, that they will be able to defeat him in the primaries or in the general election.
The second goal, which is co-equally important, they are trying to establish a legal precedent
That the Deep State has priority over the elected President of the United States.
It's important, I mean, the idea of classification, the idea of national security information, all that derives from the power vested constitutionally exclusively in the elected President of the United States.
They're trying to establish a legal precedent that the President of the United States cannot even disclose to the American people the secrets of the Deep State.
Because that's the underlying allegation here, is that he told media members that General Milley was lying when General Milley was accusing Trump of trying to wage war in Iran.
He said it was actually Milley who was trying to wage war in Iran and Trump stopped him.
And they're saying that was a criminal act!
So they're saying that if the elected President of the United States discloses to the American people the secrets of the Deep State, they can go to prison for it!
And they want to establish a legal precedent of that so that this unelected, administrative state, bureaucratic state, Deep State, and the intelligence community has legal, constitutional control over the elected President of the United States and can prohibit and prevent those secrets from being disclosed to the world.
That is the legal precedent they're trying to establish through the Trump case.
So this isn't just about taking out Trump.
This is the deep state versus democracy.
This is the deep state trying to take out the Constitution itself.
This is the deep state trying to remove the power of the elected president to share the secrets of the deep state with the American people.
So, I mean, they assassinated President John Kennedy, they assassinated presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, they were behind the impeachment and resignation of Richard Milhous Nixon, they were complicit in the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, and now they are trying to not only take out President Trump, but permanently take out the constitutional power of the President of the United States sharing the deep state secrets, the warmongering machine, with the American people.
So that's the second very perilous precedent trying to be established here.
One is to interfere with the 2024 election and punish Trump for being an independent voice on foreign policy.
The second is to prohibit any president from being an independent voice and exposing the deep state secrets.
And the third aspect of all of this, I believe, is its leverage for Biden.
It's a tool by which Biden can use to potentially pardon himself, his family, his son, his sister, his brother, his political allies, many of the deep state corrupt people named and mentioned explicitly in the Durham report.
And what it does is that when he does that pardon down the road, he can throw in a pardon of Trump as political cover for his pardoning himself and all of his corrupt allies.
That it's effectively something he can put in his back pocket.
Just in case Trump wins the election.
And let me stop you because what you just said is the most stunning, powerful, accurate analysis.
And I've been watching a lot of the pundits.
I've not heard one of them make that point.
That was actually in my list of things.
I've made the point, you've made it previously, but almost no one's making the point that this is the National Security Act.
Of 1947 on steroids.
For those that don't know what that is, we can elaborate on it, but the CIA was created, this wall was put up, in the name of the cold, we disagree with Jonathan Turley's analysis.
I'm dead on with what, you know, obviously a lot of other top lawyers like Alan Dershowitz have said, but I've read the law on this, I'm not even a lawyer, this is all very cut and dry, and I read what the Obama judge said when there was issues with Obama, and the federal judge said the president can do whatever he wants with these documents.
And so the idea that Trump can't have documents about the Iran strike plan, they didn't even give anybody, is just ridiculous.
And then he had spies inside Mar-a-Lago running around trying to behave like, you know, that this was evil that he had these documents.
Well, meanwhile, George W. Bush has them in a Chinese food restaurant and Biden's got them in another place.
I mean, it's just all scrambled around everywhere.
They always haul off their documents because they don't want people using them against them.
And we should probably explain to people there's different types of documents.
There's stuff that remains classified, there's personal documents of the President, there's National Archive documents, and all three can be interchanged.
You want to explain to people?
Yeah, and it's totally up to the President to unilaterally determine which is which.
So the president, I mean, this has already been litigated.
You know, Judge Jackson dealt with it in D.C.
when Bill Clinton kept national security classified information in his sock drawer.
I mean, that's why Trump is calling it the Clinton Sockscape.
And what the judge said is it's up to Clinton whether that is a archives material, whether that's personal records, or whether that's governmental records.
And it doesn't matter if it includes national security information.
It doesn't matter if it includes classifications.
All that matters is that the President himself, Clinton, made the decision about the designation of the document.
The entire Presidential Records Act reflects Article 2 of the United States Constitution, which says that the Congress cannot restrain the President
I see people saying Congress controls classifications.
They can't!
Imagine if Congress passed a law tomorrow that said we hereby make it a crime for the President to exercise his constitutional authority.
That's an unenforceable law.
That's an unconstitutional law.
The president only has funding mechanisms and oversight.
The president is involved in the executive branch and the armed forces.
Congress is in control of the purse strings.
So that's the separation of powers.
So you just said it.
That's what this is.
A giant bureaucratic power grab.
Never until Trump did the National Archives start complaining and bitching publicly and then demanding that the president give them all the documents.
That is again a bunch of bureaucrats that he could have that agency abolished if he wanted to.
Telling the dog what to do.
That is a flea on the tail of the dog saying it's the president.
And I can't believe how ignorant the American people are that they don't know this.
But I guess we live in a country where 30% of people think two men can have a baby, Robert.
That's exactly right.
Increasingly, that's what they want to use this case to prove.
They want to use this case to convince the courts to establish a precedent and the American people to believe that Deep State illegally, constitutionally runs our country, even though it's abhorrent to the Constitution.
There's no place for a secret police in our Constitution.
Our Constitution explicitly made the President the sole arbiter of all of this.
So he decides what documents are classified and which ones are not.
He decides which ones are personal records and which ones are not.
Because somebody's got to be in charge or it would be constant internal warfare.
Just like they're trying to create right now.
Can you imagine if they have their way and they turn all these little agency kings, with all the secrets they've had, they've used to rob us of our freedom, and now if somebody big releases a document, they all decide to put them in jail, but then they can leak stuff selectively all day long when they don't have a right to do it.
It's a felony when they do it.
Well, I mean, we see that right here.
Right here, General Milley lied, leaked national security information to Woodward, and told Woodward that he stopped Trump from waging war on Iran, when in fact the actual information showed that it was Milley trying to sucker Trump into waging war on Iran.
So here you have Milley, who is not authorized to declassify information, not authorized to declare what's personal and what's presidential record.
And here he is.
He's violating the law flagrantly, openly.
And as you know, he had a history of doing it during the 2020, between November and January of 2020.
But here he commits the crime as admitted in the indictment.
He's not indicted at all.
He's not even investigated.
Trump, for rebutting Milley's lies,
Trump, who has the authority to declassify whatever he wants, to declare something a personal record and no longer a presidential record.
However, people that don't know about this, flesh out, they don't know that Milley claimed that Trump wanted to nuke China and nuke Iran.
Trump said, no, actually, I've got the documents right here where I actually stopped it.
And they're just mad he's exposing their lies.
That's exactly right.
That's what this whole indictment is about.
You look at the underlying facts of the indictment.
That's the entire basis of the claim.
That's what sets everything into motion.
Bob Woodward sits down with Trump and says, Milley says you were trying to wage war in Iraq, in Iran.
You were trying to initiate war in Iran.
You wanted to start a war in Iran and he had to stop you.
And Trump said that's completely false.
I have documents here that are my documents.
That may still be labeled classified, maybe still labeled a secret, but what these documents show is irreversible proof, uncontestable proof, that it was Milley who was trying to wage war in Iran, and I'm the one who stopped it!
That's what they're indicting him for!
They're indicting him for stopping the war!
Totally top secret, super secret documents that the government was losing the war but didn't care.
They were just making money for special interests and he was called a hero when he released it and he wasn't even the president.
So when you release something that's exposing criminal stuff, the law is now you're a hero, a whistleblower.
So it's almost like Trump isn't just the president, he's now the ultimate whistleblower and has a known naval intelligence operative trying to set him up.
And then that's why Dershowitz says Trump is dumb to be talking to this known operative.
But Trump has done nothing wrong.
He's like, I've got the documents right here.
I mean, these people are sick.
Oh, completely!
I mean, it goes even further to the scope and the scale of it.
Because as you know, Bob Woodward is the one who did Watergate.
Bob Woodward was a Naval Intelligence, Yale background, Skull and Bones kind of guy.
Connected the Yale Secret Societies all the way back.
The connected Alexander Haig, all those other types who are probably complicit in the Watergate conspiracy.
And then you have, you add to that, that Mark Felt was head of COINTELPRO.
People don't know, Nixon passed him over to run the FBI after Hoover died.
Mark Felt was Deep Throat, and Mark Felt was the guy who was running all the illegal black bag operations.
Spying, blackmailing, and extorting Americans en masse for 20 years, using deep state institutionalized power to disrupt protest movements, civil rights movements, anti-war movements, all across the United States of America.
People exposing FBI corruption, running illicit investigations of people like Jack Anderson and others, trying to blackmail these people, trying to extort these people from exposing secrets of our high-ranking government officials and our illicit activities.
And that's who this is a continuation of.
This is a continuation of the deep state now wanting to establish legal and political precedence that they can stop an elected president of the United States from even having the legal constitutional power that the Constitution and the Presidential Records Act explicitly gives them and must give them.
This is a bureaucratic coup.
Do one more segment with us to talk about the timeline with these cases, how this could shake out, what we can do to support President Trump.
But just looking at this, this really is an open, bureaucratic, deep state coup against our country.
A very, very, very, very sad day.
We've got to talk about it at Barnes when we come back.
What is Trump's problem having Kushner in the White House?
Why is he spending reportedly months in the last few years with Woodward?
Why does he get these people close to him?
Like, everybody knows Kushner works for the New World Order.
Everybody knows Bob Woodward.
I wouldn't get within 100 feet of Bob Woodward.
The guy is a total liar and wrote horrible books about Trump.
And then he just brings him back.
So Trump is kind of an idiot savant.
I'm just gonna say it.
But look, it doesn't matter, okay?
Because he's our president, he won the last election, and now they're trying to take our right to vote for him away.
So whether he was a good guy or a bad guy doesn't matter now.
They're taking our rights away.
They're openly setting up the final pieces of a total coup over this country.
We gotta back this guy 110%.
He's silly and ignorant, but he's our guy.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Robert Stone's coming up.
He had Trump on his show today on WABC.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
By the way, Trump doesn't like talking to me.
Because the way I was just talking about him last segment, I told him to twist face.
Because, I mean, I bet on Trump.
I think he's a good guy overall.
He tried to stop the globalists, and he would have all these globalists around him who lie to him, and he just doesn't have the background study of these people.
I wouldn't tell him how to build a 50-story condo, but I can sure as hell tell him who the players are, so can Robert Barnes.
We can finish each other's sentences because we're fascinated by the history.
And I've been doing this 29 years and interviewing all the experts and Barnes is obsessed with it as well.
I'm not tooting our horn, just we know who the players are and Trump needs some real advisors around him that know who the deep state is.
Remember four years ago?
Headline, Washington Post?
Chief of Staff's mission is to keep InfoWars and Alex Jones away from Trump.
That's because I was talking to him quite regularly, and I had Roger almost every day giving him info.
And folks, they got so mad, they literally had the FBI and CIA harassing me on a weekly basis.
And people wonder, like, why'd they freak out about Alex Jones attacking him so bad?
I'm lucky they didn't kill me.
But the point is, I didn't shut up.
I didn't care.
Trump didn't know when they were all over TV with Brennan and them at the CIA headquarters and having press conferences that soon he'll be gone.
And they go, impeachment?
They go, nope, the other way.
They all start going, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
And I get on the phone with Trump and I go, they're threatening to kill you at the CIA headquarters on TV, having Brennan come visit them.
The Secret Service investigated that and went and talked to Brennan, but no one would even tell him, not his kids, any of them.
I think Don Jr.'
's good.
Look, I'm ranting.
Robert Barnes is here.
I don't yell and scream a lot anymore on the show.
People used to like it when I did that, but it's happening today because this is my future, your future, our birthright being stolen.
The deep state's been out of control forever, but this is the final nails in our republic.
While the globalists dissolve the border, cut off our energy, and then come after our kids with LGBT pedophile networks?
I mean, it's so horrible.
And I love Trump in so many ways.
He's done so much good work.
When he's right, he's right.
But speaking to where you think this is going in the future, but first, what is your assessment of why Trump has these snakes around him?
Well, Trump reminds me a lot of John Kennedy in 1961.
Someone who was very naive and idealistic about our system of government and our society writ large.
And he always thought, look, that he had just some common sense ideas and that just some people in power had lost their common sense and that once he got in they would recognize the wisdom of his common sense and his negotiating skills and they would embrace him and they would work with him and they would go along with him.
And he has never understood fully why they're waging war on him.
That this is a system that is fundamentally broken and institutionally corrosively corrupted.
Because it's a government intelligence multinational crime syndicate that is waging war on humanity that are eugenics based.
That's why.
That's exactly right.
And that's what he has never understood or appreciated.
And even when he's been told that by people like you, by people like me, by people like Robert Kennedy in the vaccine context, he thinks maybe, but he's like, oh, they can't really be that bad, right?
Nah, they probably just need to be talked to or discussed and then they'll see that things can be done different.
Um, because he experienced that on the foreign stage, right?
He discovers, you know, I probably could, that he could do a peace deal with North Korea.
That he discovered that Putin wasn't the pure evil that everybody had said.
He could get a peace deal done with Putin.
So the, he got, uh, he, what he, what he didn't understand is the worst actors out there, other than aspects of China, are the Five Eyes.
And he's now said that.
He said, I used to think China and Russia and the Islamists were the big threat.
Now I know it's the people that have hijacked our government.
Exactly, and what he said yesterday, he said he's not even gonna call him Deep State because he considered too soft a term.
He says they're just commies.
And what he's right about is that's the mindset.
They're not necessarily ideological Marxists, but what they are is power-hungry.
If you want a government that looks like the government they want from this indictment, it looks like a Soviet-style government with a bunch of little bureaucracies competing with each other for ultimate political power, and there's no elected democratically elected official anywhere with any real power.
Yeah, this is the bureaucracy pissing in our face, letting us know, we don't care, we rule you and your family, we're above the law.
Here's a short clip of Trump saying he's going to fight the globalist vultures and the Washington swamp.
Here it is.
We're going to fight the globalist vultures and the Washington swamp, just as we did before, and we're going to win.
We're going to have tremendous victories.
I said we're going to beat Hillary.
I was right.
I said we're going to beat
That was actually more right.
But we're gonna beat him this time, and we're gonna watch those votes.
You know, with COVID, you couldn't go there.
Your people sent in the votes to get all these ballots.
They sent in the votes.
Millions of, tens of millions of votes coming out, going in.
Nobody knew what the hell.
They knew what was happening.
All right, so Barnes, let me ask you this.
What's the timeline?
What do you make of this latest indictment?
What else do you think is coming down the pike?
And I'll tell you, what did you make of the body language of Jack Smith, the U.N.
prosecutor, that's what he is, now brought to the U.S.
to do this?
He was having trouble speaking.
He was shaking.
He looked visibly scared.
I've never seen a prosecutor looking this freaked out.
I wonder what he knows that we don't know.
I mean, do they have secretly his daughter in a gulag or something?
What's going on?
Well, he kind of let the cat out of the bag.
Who did he think?
Who did he say he brought the indictment for?
He didn't say he brought it for the American people.
He said for the men and women of the intelligence community.
That's who he said he brought the indictment for.
That's who we think.
That's who he said this was all about.
The men and women of the intelligence community.
Since when do they control the Justice Department?
Since when do they control the presidency of the United States?
They don't constitutionally, that's for sure, but it's clear they want to.
And they've been trying to now ever since 1947.
And they have fundamentally corrupted our government to such a point that our constitutional government will collapse unless we resist this.
The best way to resist it?
Do the one thing they don't want to see happen.
Vote Donald Trump into the White House.
Now, can they stop him?
No, they can't, effectively, by this case.
Constitutionally, they can't remove him from the ballot because of this case's existence.
The District Court judge assigned this case to a Trump appointee who's already expressed skepticism about this case previously.
And he's not going to detain him pending trial.
He's not going to gag him pending trial.
So he's going to be freely able to compete in the election, number one.
Number two, you can freely vote for him.
They can't take his name off the ballot, legally, constitutionally.
That's already established.
Comey even said that in a speech.
He said, we'll probably end up, best case scenario, is him the president from prison.
Well then he just pardoned himself, Comey!
Yeah, exactly!
Look at the length of time of the case.
They may schedule a trial date on Tuesday in a couple of months, but that won't mean anything.
A typical white-collar case like this takes 18 months to reach trial.
There's going to be constitutional issues about whether the indictment violates Article 2, whether the indictment violates the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, and the Sixth Amendment.
Issues of grand jury abuse, issues of governmental misconduct, issues of threatening witnesses, issues of trying to bribe witnesses.
Prosecutors who have a long notorious history of being judicially found to engage in ethical misconduct.
Not only Jack Smith, but several of his key colleagues that were involved in the prosecution of this case.
First Amendment Selective Prosecution issues.
The Impeachment Clause.
Does the Impeachment Clause require any president to have to be impeached before he can be indicted?
Because that's how the Impeachment Clause reads.
Uh, the, uh, whether the First Amendment Selective Prosecution Provision prohibits someone from indicting their political opponent in the upcoming election.
That's a new, novel issue that's never been tested before because nobody's ever tried it before!
So let me ask you this.
Getting back to Jack Smith's body language, do you agree he looked totally freaked out, A, and then B then, if it's so flimsy, which it is, why would they go ahead with it?
Just desperation?
Oh, it's because of the... it's cockiness.
It's cockiness.
The Deep State demanded this be brought, and so Jack Smith has been the Deep State cleanup boy for a while.
He's just not the sophisticated one that Robert Mueller is.
He is not the cover-up guy that John Durham is.
He's not the enabler that Bill Barr is.
He's more your mediocre B-team amateur minor leaguer whose main utility to the deep state is he does whatever they tell him to do, even when he brings indictments like the ones against John Edwards that backfired, like the ones against McConnell that backfired, like ones that have backfired at the Supreme Court level.
He's been repeatedly rejected for his dumb legal theories he's used to go after political targets.
So he's not known for being a good trial lawyer.
He's not known for being a smart trial lawyer.
He's just known for being a rubber stamp for the deep state.
And so they're basically just throwing him at Trump.
Yeah, correct.
And their hope is that the mere fact of the indictment, the legal precedent they can establish with the courts, they're hoping the judiciary are cowards rather than having courage, and that the American people won't see through this, the scam that it is.
Well, notice they're already trying to intimidate the judge saying she's a Trump stooge.
Let's stop the political hierarchy from their positions of power in the entire national security state and start from scratch all over again.
Let's rebuild our police and national security system from scratch.
Let's get rid of every single agency that exists and say let's go back from scratch and what agencies do we actually need?
What services do they actually can provide?
And how can we make sure this doesn't happen again?
Because we have a corrupt deep state that is going to kill America, kill liberty, kill constitutional governance if we don't stop them.
This started with the assassination of President John Kennedy, but it hasn't stopped since then.
And what we have is the political assassination ongoing of Donald Trump.
And if we don't stop this, if we don't find a way to end this, and the only way to end this is just to end these agencies.
Defund them entirely.
As you noted, the President of the United States has the power to just eradicate these agencies.
That's what it's time to do.
That's what you have to do.
We don't, you don't have a choice anymore.
It's the way Trump used to describe having to go after ISIS.
He's like, we don't have a choice.
This is what we have to do.
The same is true here.
We have to just purge these agencies, go back from scratch.
We have a great founding document that gives us directions and guidance as to what the foundation of this American constitutional democracy should look like.
Let's return and revert to it and get rid of all these deep state, get rid of the positions by which the deep state has legal power to begin with, by which they have money to begin with.
Just scratch it entirely and rebuild from the bottom up
To reward people based on merit, no longer based on politics.
To strip them of such disparate influence and power.
To take away their excessive budget.
Policing should be a local matter.
It should have never been a federal matter.
We don't need an FBI and we never have.
We now know what that looks like.
Just get rid of 90% of it.
Reassign those agents to local governments across the country.
Return policing to the local level.
And by the way, let's go back to the hearings three months ago.
Where everything we said came out.
It was already in the legislation.
They already snuck it through in defense spending.
That the CIA and other agencies were working with big tech and the FBI and the Justice Department to censor everybody.
Even people that questioned the Afghan withdrawal were being censored.
I mean folks, this is out of control.
This isn't the makings of an authoritarian totalitarian system.
It is it.
We are now deep into this.
Now, America is resisting it.
We still have instincts to say no.
There's a lot of good people whistleblowing as well.
But at the end of the day, folks, this country has terminal cancer.
And Donald Trump, for all his issues, is seen by them as the cure.
And I want to say something to the bureaucracy that hasn't studied history.
Most of you have been chosen because you're yes-men and women and you went to the leftist colleges, but you know now you're part of a real corrupt system that really is totalitarian.
And you know they're dissolving the border, dissolving the energy as a Cloward and Pliven strategy to collapse things.
So even if you don't care about liberty and freedom, the average bureaucrat will have less freedom
Be less safe.
In this system they're setting up, we'll make Venezuela look like a walk in the park if things go belly up here.
Because we're a big giant empire, folks.
And so we won't go quietly like Venezuela just collapsing into the jungle.
We will turn into a Mad Max nightmare operation.
And that's a guarantee, ladies and gentlemen.
That is a guarantee.
We've pissed off so many people that if we don't reform and fix things and get soft power back,
I don't think the world has a future.
I mean, I'm talking about end-of-the-world scenarios here, Barnes.
I know you're quite the novice lay historian.
I don't call it novice, but I mean that in a complimentary way.
Anybody can be a historian by studying it.
You're a very good historian, lay historian.
You think I'm exaggerating about the end-of-the-world type scenarios?
I mean, look, nobody ever sent heavy weapons against the Russians.
They're like, well, we can survive a nuclear war.
All the normal conventions that save civilization are being thrown out the window by these people.
Yeah, we have basically a dumbed-down version of the dangerous early 1960s.
I mean, as you know, the reason why Dr. Strangelove was put out as a film, used as the backdrop today for the show, is that it was actually gonna happen.
There were people like Curtis LeMay, who, like, there's a classic example, John Kennedy promoted Curtis LeMay.
He had no realization of who and how dangerous LeMay was.
Even George Wallace had to apologize because of how crazy LeMay was when he was vice president, talking about wanting to do, vice presidential candidate, wanting to talk about nuclear war efforts.
We're good to go.
And so you combine those two, and you have an extraordinarily dangerous time.
As we know from history, you know, like, before World War I, you had the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire that had lasted centuries.
But they were a trophy, and what happened within ten years?
All three empires were gone off the face of the earth.
We have those kind of dangerously incompetent moral evils running in positions of power.
And that's what makes it even more terrifying.
They're ready willing right now to wage nuclear war over eastern Ukraine!
I mean, it's insanity times insanity.
And it's why they're desperate to take out Trump.
It's why they're desperate to establish this precedent that they run the world.
But if they're allowed to actually give them that power, they will destroy the entire world, not just America's constitutional democracy.
Well that's what's frustrating is, I don't want to be in D.C., you don't want to be in D.C., we don't want power, we don't want to be part of the power structure.
And then there's all these selfish, greedy, crazy bureaucrats and their corporate controllers that literally are going to destroy the whole world so they can be totally in charge and no one can even debate them.
I mean, that is crazy.
Julius Caesar, and you know what happened to him, and he was a good guy compared to these people, he had someone behind him every time he had to do a big public event to say, remember, you're just a man.
Remember, you're not a god.
Remember, remember to be humble.
Even though he knew he was humble, he knew how dangerous it was.
These people don't want someone there even saying to them, hey, please don't blow the world up.
And then you've got Sean Penn and Alexander Soros and all these former peaceniks saying, well, nuclear war's survivable.
We need to go ahead and maybe have a nuclear war.
And they don't even know how to put on combat boots or shoot a gun!
Then you add to that these eugenicists that are in such great degrees of influence and power, like the Bill Gateses of the world, and you have people who think a dramatically reduced population would be net good for them, because they think they would survive.
I mean, look at it.
You've been talking about it for years.
Why are all these billionaires building these huge bunker complexes all across the globe?
It's because they are just fine with a public disastrous event because they think they will survive and even potentially thrive in that environment.
Much as they profited and gouged on riches during the COVID lockdown that almost all the big tech billionaires got fat off of.
So this is an unusually dangerous times because we have unusually dangerous people in positions of power.
Because they combine levels of inanity with insanity.
And that is a dangerous marriage of traits to have in people of power.
That's why it's more important now than ever to stand behind President Trump because in doing so you're standing behind constitutional democracy, you're standing behind American liberty, and you're standing against deep state institutional corrupt power that will kill all of us if given the chance.
Well that's right, and in closing, Mr. Howard, Roger Stone's coming up.
He just interviewed Trump today.
I want to be clear.
I'm very critical of Trump on the shot.
Know how he got set up.
Wish he'd come out against it.
Says he's gonna have an autism commission, all that.
That's all side issues.
The deep state's trying to remove the frontrunner from not just the Republican numbers, but he'd win 15, 20 points today against Biden.
So they are trying to steal our right to vote for what we want with false charges.
And even if Trump was a Democrat,
I would be against this being done if it was false charges.
Because you let one person go to jail who's innocent, we could all go to jail.
This is the President, the real President of the United States, and we're all in danger.
Barnes, I know you do shows on Sunday.
You do shows during the week.
Very popular shows with Viva Frye.
Tell us how people find your broadcast.
Sure, so people can go to Rumble.
We'll have our Law for the People show tonight that will break down all the legal constitutional issues with the Trump indictment and other big cases.
And then otherwise, they can find everything that we do at vivabarneslaw.locals.com.
And I want to remind everybody that it's critical that
Networks like this one stay alive because it's the only way people know what they're doing, that people can see through this effort.
If we just had gatekeeper institutional Pravda media covering the Trump indictment, everybody would be ready to lynch him.
We don't because they know the truth because of networks like this and Infowars only exists despite all their efforts.
Because the ordinary person continues to support InfoWars by going and making themselves healthier, wealthier, and wiser by buying products they need, they like, and deserve at InfoWarsStore.com.
Continue to do that because this is a critical voice, a critical network.
Now, maybe more than ever, as our fate and future of not only our constitutional democracy, but the future of humanity weighs in the balance of these dangerous, dark elites that would like to seize power from the rest of us.
So go to Infowarsstore.com, continue to support, and buy things you like, buy things you need, buy things that you want.
And in the process, keep InfoWars on the air, continue to share the links, continue to share the information, because that's how we fight back.
With Paul Revere's ride is always the answer to any form of tyranny.
And the InfoWars audience is the tip of that spear and the leaders of that.
Well, I'm glad you said that because, I mean, it's really true.
The info you put out becomes national talking points in the Republican Party.
The info I put out, I mean, the left admits that.
Media matters hate it.
Because we really do the analysis.
Other people don't seem to be that smart in the Liberty leadership, though they care.
So they kind of, let's just say, not as informed as we are.
They then take our research, check it, and then use it, which is great.
And so that's why this show, your shows, and others are so precious.
I want to thank the listeners for their support.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much, my friend.
Glad to be here.
All right.
Roger Stone is loaded for bear.
He interviewed Trump today.
He's got a lot to say.
This is our Republican crisis, but we will save the Republic together.
We'll be right back.
Hour number two.
Thank you so much.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, just hours ago, Roger Stone, top political analyst and confidant of Trump over many, many years, interviewed the man that pardoned him for his political prosecution a few years ago.
Here's a few minutes of Roger interviewing the president.
We're going to post the full interview on Infowars.com.
We've got a lot more to talk with Roger about, who's live with us via video uplink right now.
But here's part of that WABC interview.
Now it is my honor to welcome the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
Well, Roger, thank you very much.
It's my honor to be doing your first show.
Your show is going to be very successful.
I know you.
You have a lot to say, but a lot of smart things to say.
And I think you're going to have a tremendous success.
So it's my honor to be on your first show and I guess your first guest.
Mr. President, I cannot thank you enough.
Let's get right into it, because there is so much news.
I saw you yesterday on the stump.
I really think your speech in Georgia was one of the best stump speeches I've ever seen you give, and I'm a longtime observer of the Trump magic.
I saw it when we went to New Hampshire in 1988.
You were never that interested in running for president that year, but I really wanted you to run.
But I saw the chemistry that you had with voters, an ability to reach voters that, let's face it, Mitt Romney, John McCain could never reach.
It is therefore extraordinary to me that now, when you are the overwhelming favorite for renomination and leading Joe Biden in the general election polls, that special counsel Jack Smith has dropped an indictment on the exact same day that House Republicans discovered undisputed evidence that Vice President Joe Biden
So I don't think so.
I think they are bad people.
I think they're thugs.
If you remember, this was the learner.
This was the person that was so bad on the IRS scam.
I guess it's Lois Lerner.
It was a disaster for Christians, for evangelicals, and for people of faith.
He was horrible.
He was just absolutely horrible.
I saw him yesterday.
He was shaking and very nervous at the podium.
He spoke for two and a half minutes.
And he couldn't get off fast enough, because, you know, he has the power of the Justice Department, and he plays that big because he's a bully.
But he's had a lot of losses, and this is a disgrace.
This thing is a disgrace.
And virtually everybody other than a lowlife like Bill Barr, who, as you know, I terminated because he was gutless.
He wouldn't do what you're supposed to do.
But everybody says this is a disgraceful indictment.
It shouldn't happen.
It was done for political reasons, but it was also done, I guess, to cover up
The kind of a massive crime that's now being revealed by the Republicans in the House.
It's incredible when you look at what happened, when you look at the kind of money that flows into the Biden family and to Joe Biden, by the way.
And so they wanted to do a distraction.
They'll probably come up with a jaywalking charge on Hunter in the not-too-distant future.
You know, a very small charge so they can say, well, it's fair.
But this is a very unfair situation.
We're living in a very, very corrupt country.
We have open borders.
We have horrible elections.
I mean, just horrible elections.
You take a look at what went on in the... And Trump is the fanfare for the common man.
We're going to skip this network break so we have more time with Roger Stone, but I wanted to play some of this powerful interview.
We're live right now, but once Roger's off with us, we're going to take this interview and post it to Bandot Video with the entire Roger Stone Trump interview up there for you to see that and to share that.
Roger, I want to get into this case.
I want to get into Jack Smith.
I want to get into their desperation.
I want to get into the timing and what you've learned since this happens.
As we talk Friday, we know a lot more now.
But the bottom line is this, and I want to just say this to my listeners.
Nobody is more upset at Trump about some things he's done than I am.
But Trump is a good guy and the deep state hates him.
It's coming after him.
But regardless, this is to keep us from voting for who is in the front-runner position.
They stole the last election.
We're good to go.
Not the stuff of just banana republics.
This is the stuff of North Korea that we're witnessing.
So we have to absolutely get behind Trump through this and not be distracted with the fact that he wasn't perfect on policy or he should have done this, he should have done that.
Because the deep state, if they're able to take him out, they're never going to take their boot off our neck, Roger.
Alex, I agree with you.
I mean, look, there's a video out there, you can locate it, several months ago, where Joe Biden just openly blurts it out.
Well, don't worry about Trump.
We're not going to allow him to run.
That's what this is really about.
And I imagine that they are increasingly hysterical to see polls, respectable polls, legitimate polls, polls whose methodology I respect, showing that Donald Trump has a hefty lead against Joe Biden.
This is a direct manifestation of the impact of the Biden policies on America, record energy prices,
Food shortages, record inflation, a disastrous foreign policy where we're shipping billions of dollars to Ukraine, but not keeping track of where the money's going, inching us closer and closer and closer to World War III.
The Chinese are emboldened.
They're buying up half of America.
They're buying up the prime ranch land, farmland, bridges, tunnels,
We're good to go.
I think?
With 14% saying that they lean to Trump.
That would put Trump at 75%.
This is a new, different Republican Party than we had under the Bushes.
So they have done what they did with me, what they did with General Flynn, what they did to George Papadopoulos and others.
This is lawfare.
They're going to use the full weight of the judiciary system, the judicial system, to try to somehow
Disqualify him?
You know, Alzheimer patients sometimes do.
A week, months ago, I've seen that clip.
And by the way, since you mentioned he's done it several times, I think this is the clip you're talking about.
It's only 41 seconds long, so I like to show folks things when we can get it from the archive quickly.
Great job, crew.
Here it is.
The G7 conversation was tied to your predecessor, who is about to launch another campaign.
So how do you reassure them if that is the reason for their questioning that
The former president will not return, that his political movement, which is still very strong, will not once again take power in the United States.
Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power by, if he does run, making sure he, under the legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next president again.
By the way, Trump should show that to the jury if it ever gets there.
Here's the sitting president saying, through the legitimate efforts of the Justice Department, knowing the outcome, that he runs an agency.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
I'm glad you raised that, Roger.
I'd forgotten that.
Is that the clip you wanted?
Yeah, it's exactly the clip that I was referring to, and now you see it coming true.
And as I said on the Stone Zone show at StoneZone.live on Friday, and I had a nice clip of Judge Andrew Napolitano, mutual friend of ours, who says, look, I don't think that this is the end of the indictments.
We're going to have a big problem, but absolutely.
You didn't walk into the trap.
You had a bad feeling.
Couldn't get to the crowds.
You didn't go anywhere.
I got there trying to stop it.
And then they still try to put us in jail saying we ran that.
When now, did you see the congressman have now released a video of the police there, DC police, not Cabo police, ordering, commanding people to go in and going into the building.
So it's all coming out that indeed this was staged.
I saw it.
The whole thing is a fugazi.
There's no question about it.
But they would love to stage another one.
And therefore, for patriots or any citizen who goes to Miami on Tuesday, which you have an absolute First Amendment right to do, keep in mind that it must be peaceful, it must be civil, and it must be legal in order to make it effective.
Do not get stampeded.
Do not get
You're getting ahead of that.
If a car backfires, you and I and Trump,
We're good to go.
I think it's always been understood that the Department of Justice would not levy charges against someone who's a candidate for federal office in the period before that election.
It has always been a long-standing policy, but as I understand it,
The special counsel actually subpoenaed Trump's lawyers, got a D.C.
judge to order that the lawyers had to violate the attorney-client privilege and testify against Trump, as if there is no Sixth Amendment.
I've never heard of such a thing.
I don't know how they justify that.
Now, I'm not a lawyer.
I haven't read the indictment in detail.
I'm reading some excellent, Jonathan Turley had an excellent piece on it, and others.
But I think everybody misunderstands that if this was meant to take Donald Trump down, all you've done is turbocharge his campaign.
All you have done is made him stronger.
He is more resolute.
I specifically asked him today, look, Mr. President, I got to ask this question.
I've known you 44 years.
I think I know the answer, but is there any circumstance whatsoever that you would drop out of this race?
And he said, no, absolutely not, under no condition.
So, and I believe that to be the case.
Well, I was honored to have him, and he gave me more time than I expected to.
But it was a wide-ranging interview, and he's absolutely about right.
This is about keeping the disastrous policies that the country is suffering from today in place.
I asked him specifically, because I think this is a key point.
Eisenhower was elected on a pledge to end the war in Korea.
Nixon was elected on a pledge to end the war in Vietnam.
Trump has pledged to end the war in Ukraine.
He is the one person uniquely situated and qualified to do so.
He is the one who cut off the Russian pipeline.
He is the one who supplied offensive weapons to the Ukrainians.
He is the one who told Vladimir Putin to his face, attack Ukraine and we will attack you.
And as he's said in numerous interviews, Putin didn't know whether I was kidding or not.
And he said, Putin said, you won't do that.
Trump said, yes, I will.
And because Putin believed there was a 10 percent chance that Trump might do it, we had peace.
There were no new foreign wars started during the four years of Donald Trump.
In fact, he brought a number of our troops home.
Let's talk about this.
China won't even meet with U.S.
officials now.
North Korea won't even return phone calls.
Everyone knows Biden's a joke.
This is incredibly dangerous.
So let me expand on this.
We've talked about it twice, but I want to go back over it because it's so important, Roger, and you brought it back up a minute ago.
Their main talking point Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and today
We're good to go.
Seven years with made-up crap!
I mean, look, I don't want to say it was fun, and they've hurt us a lot with inside stuff and scams and the money it took to fight it, but I'm more popular than ever after two show trials.
I mean, like, the love's like 99% now instead of 90%.
Okay, so, if that
And that was a more sympathetic, made-up, you know, exaggerated story they attacked me with.
I'm not saying they didn't have it.
I'm saying their attack on me is not what I actually did.
The whole corporate media's attack.
But if that blew up in their face, and Trump is 100% innocent of all this stuff, don't they understand they don't get to like... I mean, it's almost becoming Christ-level with beating him with bull whips and crucifying and stabbing him with spears.
I mean, it's really getting ridiculous here.
Yeah, but every time they say the same thing.
We've really got him this time.
This time we've got him.
This time he's going down.
I saw the Drudge headline.
Is this the end of the Don?
No, it isn't.
I would say the Don is energized.
I would say the Don's campaign is turbocharged.
He's going to take this fight to the American people.
Look, it is a tortured path.
270 electoral votes.
But I think they have virtually assured his nomination.
I'm sorry, but Governor DeSantis had
Yeah, I don't even think
I don't even think DeSantis enters the discussion now.
We shouldn't even talk about him.
Let's put that CBS scientific poll of voters across the political spectrum.
Look at that.
That's GOP likely primary voters.
76% say it was motivated politically.
And go over those numbers again.
We just saw a Rasmussen poll.
69% of Republicans are going to vote Trump.
I mean, with a lead like that, that is insane.
You had 62% for Trump, 23% for DeSantis and CBS poll, but Alex, another 14% said they were leaning Trump.
So if you add 61% and 14%, that's 75% of Republican primary voters.
This party, the grassroots, is an America first party, and they see through the politicization of these charges against him.
So they have turbocharged him.
Look, the difference in energy
In his support at the time he announced, and today is like day and night.
I predict that his poll numbers will hold up.
I predict that there will be a huge surge of small donations into his campaign, resulting in millions of dollars.
Trump has never gotten money from the fat cats.
He's never gotten money from the corporate elite.
He's never been successful in raising a lot of money from the wealthy.
That's not where his support is.
His support is in millions of small and medium-sized donors.
How do you think Jack Smith feels and his boss, Obama, how do you think they feel seeing his poll numbers explode even more with the new indictment?
They say to themselves, well, why don't we indict him two more times?
That's all going to change.
That's conjecture on my part.
And I don't know that that's going to happen.
Judge Napolitano who was on my show Friday thinks strongly that it is.
There's some indication that that is the case.
I mean, he's gonna get re-elected, then he can just pardon himself.
So when Trump gets back in, barring assassination, what does he do day one?
What does he need to pledge to right now?
Roger Stone's our guest.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Okay, if you're a TV viewer, you can see that I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 stacks.
And all of these are bombshell articles.
I got ready for hours before the show, have not covered really any of this because I've been focusing on the coup over our country, which is very important.
But tomorrow, there'll be all the news I read tonight, tomorrow morning, and this.
I'm going to cover all of this.
This is all insane.
But don't worry, when Roger leaves us here in about five minutes,
I'm stealing part of Owen's time next hour.
He loves and he understands it.
Alex Don's coming in second hour with Owen.
I've got this other great little 10-minute video I'm going to play as well, but I'm going to do a little bit of the next hour to hit some of this.
Because, I mean, folks, I mean, I knew the left was crazy, but man, these people are freaking nuts.
I mean, the stuff they're doing, the stuff that I haven't had time to get to, it's just cuckoo.
But Roger, let me ask you these two questions.
And we weren't complaining during the break.
We were talking about the great victory and how we're waking the world up and how it's great to be in the battle.
But we were also commiserating about what it's like to be broke, which makes our enemies happy.
So we're gonna talk about that here in a moment, too.
Because people want us in the fight.
We're like pit bulls.
We won't stop.
But if you don't feed us and give us water, and after the fight, bandage us up, you can't expect us to be in the next fight.
So we've won some big fights.
We're like, you know, cockfighting.
We're like both champion roosters that, like, killed 50 other roosters.
But we got one eye.
We're kind of stumbling around.
Take care of us a little bit before you throw us back in the ring here, or go ahead and I guess just turn us into soup, I guess is the main plan.
But if the globalists win, but seriously, Roger, two questions.
What the hell does the Republican House need to be doing here to back up the president?
Needle Dick McCarthy.
And then you've got, and I love MTG and all of them, but they need to put major pressure now.
I want impeachment against Biden.
I want action.
I know they think he's weak, but that goes after the deep state.
I want impeachment of the FBI director.
I want impeachment of the idiot Attorney General.
I mean, just all these crooks have been open borders, open and shut.
They did it.
Open borders, selective enforcement.
I mean, just all the stuff they've done.
How do they get on the offense and then separately
What do we do in a year and a half when Trump is the president again?
Because any scenario but assassination, folks, where he walks through and he wins, he literally just comes like, well, the main scenario, I believe, is he'll be in jail, elected president.
Well, yeah, and then he pardons himself.
I mean, don't you guys, or if they kill him, that's even worse for him.
So, Roger, those two important questions.
First of all, I really like James Comer.
I really respect Jim Jordan.
They've now told us, as has MTG, that they have the goods.
They have absolute, indisputable proof, both in terms of witness testimony and documents, that indicate that Joe Biden is guilty of treason as well as bribery.
And if that is the case, this is the one branch of the
Half of the legislative branch that Republicans have control of.
They need to exercise their power and they need to vote articles of impeachment.
You'll remember that Al Green, a congressman from Texas, very early endorsing articles of impeachment against Donald Trump.
Everybody laughed him off as a progressive lunatic and a radical.
But it was only a matter of time before the full leadership of his party embraced that position.
So it is time to use the legislative power.
If what they say to us is true, and I believe it is, that they have the goods.
You have a press blackout.
All the press is about these charges against Donald Trump.
Excellent piece in today's New York Post, for example, about the entire lack of interest in the mainstream media.
Regarding the corruption of the Bidens.
And they try to say, oh, those are the discredited charges brought up a year ago by Rudy Giuliani.
None of that's true.
But that's not what Comer and Jordan, who are very serious guys, are telling us.
So they need to make their move because neither Joe Biden nor the media can ignore articles of impeachment passing the House and the scheduling of a trial in the Senate.
Whether the votes are there in the Senate didn't phase the Democrats.
Exactly, because we put their ass on trial and fry them for Russiagate and open borders and the fentanyl and the weaponized judiciary and Hunter Biden.
They can play the clip off his laptop saying, I work for the head of Chinese intelligence.
I mean, we'll fry their ass.
Go on the offense.
But the Republicans are scared of the Justice Department indicting them.
They're gonna indict all of us if we don't beat them.
I mean, folks, at a certain point, you gotta stop being scared.
And Roger's proven he didn't back down.
They were on the news.
They told Roger.
They told his lawyers, you just fry Trump, we'll drop these charges.
And they convicted him in a kangaroo court, and he still didn't lie about Trump.
Because there was nothing there.
And I'm telling you, more people, America was built off huevos, folks.
Not a bunch of chicken shit, coward, goddamn, excuse me, Lord.
Excuse me, I apologize for that.
I just, I am, you know, I'm my old self here, really getting angry, cutting over people, interrupting, and trying not to blow up, but dammit man, we're having our whole future stolen by a fricking out of control, snot-nosed bureaucracy with little gremlins like Peter Strzok!
I mean, I will not sit here and be ruled by these pedophiles!
Alex, you've got to quit mincing words.
You've got to quit holding it all in.
You've got to tell people what you really think.
Let me go to your second question, which is what should Trump do
Well, if he is reelected, I should say, when he is reelected, because I believe he will ultimately be reelected.
He needs to do what John Kennedy said he was going to do, smash the intelligence agencies into a million pieces and scatter them to the wind.
It is time to clean houses the FBI and the CIA and the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security.
It's so funny to watch the Democrats constantly talking about the rule of law.
This was the famous saying of Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin.
And no one is above the law when they are above the law.
They told us about Nixon and Watergate.
No person is above the law.
What about Hillary Clinton?
She destroyed 33,000 emails, some of which even James Comey said were classified.
And now she's selling ball caps saying, oh, what about her emails, making jokes about it.
Yeah, no, they're mocking the two-tiered justice system that you and I have both lived through.
So, look, Trump has got balls of steel.
He is a superman in the sense that he is undaunted.
He is determined.
He's more resolute than he's ever been.
He's not depressed.
He's not hysterical.
He's not unhinged.
He's not exhausted.
All those things are fake news media.
I've never actually seen him this resilient.
His speech in Georgia was one of the best speeches I've ever seen.
I've been watching Trump's speeches for 44 years.
I don't know how a man 76 years old keeps up the pace.
And that's why the media spun it that it was his biggest low-energy speech ever.
Because they took a few parts out where he was being calm.
So in closing, Roger, let me just bring this up here.
We've both been through the gauntlet, you and I, for the truth.
And it was a lot bigger than Trump.
We understand they're coming after our republic for our children, our grandchildren.
You have grandchildren.
I don't yet, but I hope to have some.
We got to do this as men.
It's not about machismo.
It's not about being arrogant.
It's not about being macho.
It's that I have trouble bowing down and being a slave.
And look, if the globalists just wanted to run things, they stole power, but they wanted to still let everybody kind of live their life, I'd fight them, but I wouldn't risk my life.
These people are so bad with the sexualization of children, and all the pedophilia, and all the just, all the corruption that, I mean, I have to oppose them, or I am complicit.
And I don't think they understand the spirit of the American people.
When I get up here and I say I'm a public figure, and all I'm getting is love, when I used to get a lot of hate,
That is a bellwether, not of how good I am, but of how angry the public is at the system.
And I don't think the system, in their bubbles, understands they've screwed the pooch.
In closing, what should Trump do when he gets in office?
You said get, I mean... Day one, what does he do?
Fire the FBI director, fire the U.S.
What else does he do?
I don't
We're good to go.
That's not what he said before.
So I just used that as an example.
I asked him about UFOs.
He said, well, I don't want to talk too much about it, but you know, they've got some reports that are quite serious.
I think you have a new Donald Trump.
I think he'd be a very, very different and better presidency in a second term.
Get more support.
So I'm not bitching.
I'm saying, who brung the fight?
You want somebody to fight for you?
You want somebody who's fearless?
You got it right here.
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And I'm not bitching at you.
I get it.
I get kind of punch drunk in this fight so long.
Well, everybody will just do it.
I can retire.
And believe me, folks, I'm a fighter, but at a certain point, you know, it just becomes like, I get it.
We're all punch drunk here.
So, Roger, how do people support you?
Because I know you've got 16 lawsuits against you.
You've gotten dozens defeated.
You got pardoned by the president, but you're still crawling through all of that.
And if people would just a little more, you know, 1% of our listeners never buy anything.
We know that.
If 2% bought it, we would have 10 new reporters and we'd be kicking ass and taking names and dominating.
But instead, we're literally sitting here on empty, nervously looking at the gas tank, and I'm not complaining, I'm saying, I know the world's glutted with media, but dammit, people like Alex Jones, people like Donald Trump, people like...
Roger Stone, people like Tucker Carlson, we're the tip of the damn spear, people.
We're the ones they're coming after.
So if you want to know what horse to bet on, bet on the one that keeps winning, but the one that's bleeding freaking snot out of its mouth and got blood coming out of its ass.
Because I'm not ever giving up, but I will give out if you don't support us.
So belly up or roll over to Biden and the Chai Comps and stick your ass up in the air so they can screw you in the ass.
You want to be fucked in the ass by these people?
They keep fucking bowing down.
You want to fucking win?
Get on board right now and give us a gun.
Goddamn money!
Go ahead, Roger.
Non-insurance cancer payments.
I still have living expenses.
Believe me, folks, they almost destroyed me.
You can go to StoneDefenseFund.com.
There were once 17 of these lawsuits.
Today, there's 11.
With your help, I will win all of them.
But Alex is right.
I'm not quite as vociferous about it.
But yeah, I need help.
There's no question about it.
Please help us out, folks.
God bless you.
God bless you, Alex.
Calm down.
I want you to have a heart attack.
Roger, I'm just being a trillion percent clear here with people.
I'm not bitching at the audience.
They're badass.
I love them.
But that we've been under attack so long, they just kind of get used to us being attacked by a bunch of sharks.
And, oh, there's a leg bit off.
Oh, there's an arm.
Oh, there's, oh, Alex is biting the shark.
Roger's poking the shark in the eyeball.
I'm just saying to people, do they realize how real this war is and how they're trying to get to you through us?
I don't give a rat's ass about the money, except it's fuel in my army tank to politically, non-violently run over the enemy.
So I'm not bitching at anybody.
I appreciate all the support.
But people need to understand, this is an urgency for everybody.
And we're so close to winning.
And look, we don't have Alex Soros giving us money.
We have you.
And I appreciate the viewers and listeners.
Roger Stone, thank you so much.
Alex, God bless you.
Take it easy.
I don't want you to stroke out.
Where do you go?
Where do people go to?
You have so many websites.
Where do they get a Roger Stone, Still Do Nothing Wrong shirt?
Then go to StoneZone.com in the shop.
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That helps, too.
God bless Mike Lindell.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm worried about you.
I gave you a hell of a plug right there.
Yes, you did.
Hey, man, I appreciate you.
No, seriously, I don't like losing, but I'll tell you what I hate worse than losing.
Knowing we're winning intellectually, culturally, and still, if people just put more energy into it, we would be done with these people very quickly.
We wouldn't be in some utopia like they promised, but I mean, it'd be a lot more stabilized and wouldn't have total psychotics in complete control.
I mean, folks, we're very close to nuclear war.
I mean, we're very, very close to them releasing a new virus and more lockdowns.
And I mean, I'm really pissed, okay?
I mean, I don't want to be locked down and watch them kill a bunch of people, maybe me and my family.
I don't want a nuclear war.
I mean, they're systematically cutting off all the energy, rolling blackouts to start everywhere.
I told you over and over again that's coming.
They are training you to be a slave.
I mean, look, I mean, if my neighbor
We're good to go.
Pedophile stuff with our kids, fentanyl, open borders, devouring the dollar, World War III.
I mean, folks, people think, man, this guy is really weird.
No, if you knew your ancestors 200 years ago, 400 years ago, they were way, way more upset than me.
They were normal, folks.
I mean, if people saw their rights being taken when they had to fight for them before, they would get really pissed because they had just gotten their rights.
And that's where I'm at.
People sit there and think, like, you know, I went to the, uh, Plandemic... Not Plandemic, the, uh... Yeah, Plandemic 3 is the overall series, but it's, uh, The Great Awakening.
And I get up there and I say, you need to get this film out or you're going to be dead.
And people are like, man, he kind of went a little too far.
I mean, they freaking killed a bunch of people with the ventilators and blocking therapeutics, and then the deadly shot millions and millions of people, and they're planning something far worse.
They say targets children.
And no one will ask if they release it in a year or two or six months when it targets kids.
Why'd Bill Gates say that?
Because he loves to let those of us in the know know he's doing it!
He's laughing about it!
See, I have a normal affect.
This is what people were like before we were slaves.
This is what people were like.
I'm red-blooded.
I have a lot of stamina, I have a lot of energy, I have a high libido, just like Trump does.
I'm not dead, folks.
I'm not a dead person.
Watching psychotic lunatics run around and destroy the world, I am legitimately pissed off.
I am legitimately pissed off.
And I don't take solace in the fact that the scum and the left and the devil worshippers are going to be destroyed in the process of my destruction.
Because I don't care about them.
I care about my children and your children and innocent people.
So I don't take any pleasure like, well, at least when it all collapses, they'll pay.
These people are already gone, psychically, spiritually.
They're gone!
They don't matter!
I care about us!
That's why I don't want the system to go down.
I want to take the system and fix it.
I said I'd cover a bunch of news, now I'm just so upset.
I mean, have you watched video of Peter Strzok in Congress literally looking like a cross between a gremlin and a vampire, sneering and baring his teeth at Congress?
I mean, he's so mentally ill.
He's so pathetic.
That's the type of mentally ill person they get to run all this.
I mean, we have crazy people running everything.
And those of us that aren't nuts, they turn around and say, we're crazy.
No, I'm not crazy.
I'm not crazy at all.
If I saw a woman every day who lives by a major highway put her three-year-old out and throw a ball for the three-year-old to go get into rushing traffic and no one cared, I would start yelling and screaming and I'd call the police on the woman and the police did nothing.
I'd have to stop the woman myself.
It's the same thing.
Everybody just keeps acting like this is normal.
Oh, let me throw the ball out on the highway for the two-year-old to go get it.
It's crazy!
It's crazy!
It's crazy!
And then they put out that big lie, which was successful.
Jones has $400 million.
Don't hear about my bankruptcy anymore, because it's all federally filed, all checked by the federal courts.
No money.
A little bit of real estate.
A house and a little farm.
They know all that now.
They know all that.
And so you never hear about it anymore.
But the lie worked with a bunch of the audience.
Well, Jones doesn't need my support.
He's got $400 million.
It's just, it's so ridiculous how these people lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie.
It's all they do.
And then all the minions of the system who are just normal people, but they think going along with the system is what a winner does.
No, going along with the system when it's got cancer is crazy, like the Germans with Adolf Hitler.
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All right, I'm going to end the Alex Jones Show.
You kind of got old-fashioned Alex Jones tonight, didn't you?
I've been controlling my anger, folks.
Exhaust me later when I do it.
I don't like it, but we're going to come back, start the next hour.
Got a lot of important news I'm going to hit that no one should take over.
Tomorrow's news today, so stay with us.
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