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Name: 20230609_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 9, 2023
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The speaker expresses concerns over the indictment of former President Trump, arguing it's an unprecedented attack on democracy and the three branches of government. He claims this is part of a globalist coup attempt against Trump's re-election and calls for supporters to stand against it. The speaker promotes two health products available at MFORestore.com while encouraging active participation in history rather than passive observation.

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Jack Smith, the former UN prosecutor, whose wife produced the Netflix special about Big Mike or Michelle Obama, has filed 30 plus indictments against President Trump for espionage.
Now they don't allege he was giving the documents to the Russkies or the Chaikoms or the Ukrainians.
That's what Biden and his crackhead son do.
No, no, no, no.
They're just saying he illegally had them because he admitted in front of aides, oh I could have declassified these documents on the Iran attack he was planning, but he didn't.
But he kept them.
Now the law is very clear.
The executive branch is a separate branch of government.
And if the legislative and the judiciary can ever get control of it, well then we don't have three branches of government, we have two branches.
And then as soon as the other two branches are allowed to take down the other branch, they'll take on each other and now we have one branch and we're back to an oligarchy or a dictatorship of one group of people with similar interests.
So they're manipulating the public's understanding of this or hoping that happens.
They're hoping that the American people are so historically and politically illiterate that they don't understand that a president can declassify anything they want to the public, or the president can keep classified information for themselves and decide not to declassify it.
And as long as they don't give it to a foreign power and use that material to hurt their country, it's their prerogative as the commander-in-chief or the former commander-in-chief.
That is extremely clear.
And even if the president gave it to a foreign power, It would then be up to the American people to decide whether or not they were going to re-elect him or whether or not they were going to support an impeachment of him in Congress.
But instead, now for the first time in over 240 years, We see the indictment of a former president.
Why was this never done before?
Because again, it's an attack on the executive branch or the three branches of government itself.
So they hope the public is ignorant and don't understand what's happening here.
Who elected Jack Smith?
Who elected the Justice Department and their rogue agency that they're deciding that the president who we elected And we elected again in 2000, but they stole it to be the guardian of our national security that now, no, no, no, no, no.
Because he kept some of this material.
He's a traitor and we don't trust him.
Can you see how any president can be removed right now?
It turns out Obama has hundreds of times these documents.
It turns out Biden has massive more and he got it while he was vice president, not protected under the constitution.
But see, that's okay because the deep state doesn't target its own.
But think about this in the future.
The idea that a president knows classified things, the fact the president's seen classified documents, the idea that if the president ever talks to anybody else even about what they've seen that's secret, now the deep state, anytime they want, can come persecute, prosecute that president.
This is the bureaucracy becoming the executive branch.
Something Eisenhower warned of in his farewell address on the dangers of the military industrial complex and the technocracy that was controlling it, in 1961. And they have indeed staged a bureaucratic coup.
They have indeed staged a bureaucratic coup against the American people and are spinning it now
that they decide, the National Archives decides when a president's a traitor and when they're not.
And then the UN --
prosecutors like Jack Smith and their wife, of course, making Michelle Obama movies, they decide who's a traitor and who isn't.
This is election meddling, plain and simple.
Trump isn't just the frontrunner, he's 30 points ahead of DeSantis.
In a national poll of Republicans, he got 69% of the votes in a field of six Republican contenders.
He's 15 to 30 points, depending on the poll, ahead of Joe Biden.
And this is direct election meddling.
Oh, they can claim they didn't steal the 2020 election.
They can claim they didn't manipulate the midterms.
But the evidence is overwhelming.
But now they're openly trying to block the candidate who is way ahead.
If this was the Indy 500, Trump's like 10 laps ahead!
By the way, in the Indy 500, if you're two laps ahead, you're gonna win unless your engine blows.
He's 10 laps ahead, heading into the checkered flag, heading into the homestretch, and they tell you, sorry, he's a traitor.
The traitor that controlled our border, the traitor that stood up to China, the traitor that started shutting down the fentanyl, the traitor that stood up against the gun control, the traitor that stood up against the U.N.
and the W.H.O.
trying to take control of our medical care.
And you notice it's the former U.N.
prosecutor now who's indicted our president.
Just like we have the U.N.
taking over this treaty, our health care.
Ladies and gentlemen, mark my words, this is the end of the Republic as we know it, if they're able to move forward with this.
And look, his poll numbers exploded when they did the ridiculous indictment in New York.
And they exploded when they had the fake rape trial, where they said, well, the jury says you did a raper, but you're not allowed to say you're innocent, so $5 million, you're saying you're innocent.
And now we have this Jack Smith indictment.
And it's only to make Trump more popular.
But they've got more indictments ready as well for January 6th and other issues until he's so overwhelmed and so distracted that they're able to basically take him out of the race.
But Trump isn't going to give up.
So this is a classic case of the unstoppable force comes into contact with the immovable object.
This is going to be explosive.
And that's why it's so important for all of us to not be violent and to not offensively go out and do anything destructive.
That's what the left does.
But they've been pre-programming false flags claiming right-wingers are going to do it and populists.
They've been pre-programming power outages that right-wingers are going to stage.
So make no mistake, we're in for very hard times.
The globalists are making their move on America.
They're trying to get through Trump to get to us.
We'll continue weekdays, 11am to 3pm, with my show, Central Time, Battling the New World Order.
Harrison Smith, 8am to 11am, doing a great job at American Journal.
Owen Schroyer, weekdays, 3 to 6pm, with The War Room.
We will continue to fight as hard as we can at MFORWARS.com.
The only way this message gets past the censors and the AI and the controlled algorithms is you.
And I've seen you taking the show and promoting it.
Taking the articles and promoting them.
Taking clips out of the show and reposting them.
You're doing a great job, but let's redouble our efforts.
Because if you think bowing down to these tyrants is going to make things better, it's going to make it a lot worse.
Now I've been a major critic in closing of President Trump.
He's got a lot of problems.
He's silly, he's ignorant.
But he's got guts and guts is enough to quote full metal jacket.
He means well, he really was the president, he cares about America, he got conned with
the shots, we all know that.
But on the other subjects like Roe v. Wade and so much more, he was dead on.
And now that the system is trying to tell the American voters that we can't vote for
him when he's way in the lead, is an attack on us and our right to choose our destiny.
So that's why.
I was a big Trump supporter previously, got really mad at him trying to get him to do the right thing on shots, and I pulled back.
But with this attack on the deep state, I am henceforth putting myself in 100% to stop this criminal prosecution and to make sure he gets re-elected because that's what you and I voted for and that's the will of the people and that's what this globalist coup d'etat doesn't want.
So now it's up to you, my friends.
It's up to all of us to spread the word, to go to the town halls, to confront Comey, peacefully, with the truth, like Laura Limer did, and like Owen Schroyer did, and like Rob Agueros did, and others, and to let these globalists know everywhere they go.
We're aware of their operation, and we do not submit, and we do not certify, and we do not condone their tyranny.
I'll see you all live at Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
We're in the thick of the fight right now.
1776 Part II is happening in front of our faces.
Let's be part of history and not sideline spectators, which these Globalist hope we are.
Let's be men and women in the arena that actually decide our own destiny.
I'm betting on you, I'm counting on you, and I'll see you on the other side of victory.
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