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Name: 20230604_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 4, 2023
1440 lines.

Alex Jones discusses topics like anti-Semitism, Capitol riot case involving Stuart Rhodes, Joe Biden's corruption, public belief in Biden's involvement in an illegal influence peddling scheme, domestic terrorism, propaganda labeling others as radicalized, House investigations into the First Family's international business dealings, portrayal of far-right extremists while ignoring violence committed by Antifa and BLM during the George Floyd protests, conviction of a man involved in the murder of retired police captain David Dorn, bomb threats received by Target from LGBTQ advocates, dangers of untreated industrial waste being dumped into drinking water supplies, conversion of empty office buildings in Chicago into government-assisted housing, shutting down farms due to environmental concerns, control exerted over people by governments and corporations, hydrofluorosilicic acid used in water supplies, personal experiences and cases of persecution for telling the truth about tyranny and corruption in power, his co-written book "The Great Reset and The War for the World", the importance of understanding information war, studying mice utopia as an allegory for societal issues, and connection to species collapse. The speaker also criticizes the medical community for promoting consensus over new evidence and alternative hypotheses, questions whether the current medical consensus on COVID-19 is accurate or helpful, and emphasizes the importance of an open and critical approach to understanding and addressing the pandemic.

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It's Alex Jones!
This strategy includes over 100 bold and unprecedented actions that government agencies are going to take to counter anti-Semitism.
And that includes calls for action for Congress, state and local governments,
America sits quietly as the tyrannical New World Order injustice system throws patriots behind prison walls for merely expressing their natural-born rights.
Stuart Rhodes learns his fate finally.
In the longest sentence yet related to the Capitol riot, Rhodes has been ordered to spend 18 years in a federal prison.
A good hard look at where we are and what has been done to, not just us, but other people that's going to continue to be done in the name of stopping the insurrection against the entire MAGA movement.
They call us all insurrectionists, all those
To be radicalized in Joe Biden's America is to demand an end to his corruption and fraud.
There have been many developments in the House investigations into the First Family's international business dealings recently.
There's one committee trying to get an FBI file alleging that President Biden took bribes.
There's another IRS whistleblower who's alleging there's a cover-up in the investigation.
There was a Harvard-Harris poll this month that found that 53% of the public, including a fourth of Democrats, believe, quote,
Let's go.
Let's go.
So the flames are fanned by propagandists like Michael Jensen, senior researcher at the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland, and the leader of the Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the U.S., a project known as PURUS, a database tracking how U.S.
extremists can be radicalized.
Jensen claims that, according to his data, 90% of the cases of U.S.
terrorists are classed as domestic.
Of those domestic extremists, 95% are far-right.
Jensen lists them as white supremacists, Proud Boys, anti-immigrant groups, and anti-government groups.
It's as if the multi-million dollar, country-wide, Antifa and BLM carnage resulting from the George Floyd PSYOP never happened.
Federal agents forced them to the west, but they soon returned around 1130 p.m.
That's when agents again tried to push back the crowd with tear gas and pepper bullets.
About an hour later, around 1230, protesters again showed up on the west side of the federal courthouse.
This time trying to set a fire to the outside of the building.
Investigators want to talk to them about the murder of retired police captain David Dorn.
This man will never speak a lie today.
Cannon was convicted of six charges including first-degree murder.
Dorn was shot and killed while responding to a burglar alarm at a friend's business in North St.
Dorn confronted looters who had broken into the store during a protest of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.
But of course, it is actually Biden's Marxist minions that are radicalized, protected by Democrat extremists, and continuing to openly wage domestic terrorism.
As Jamie White reports, a Utah target was evacuated after multiple store locations received bomb threats from LGBTQ advocates, according to reports.
The threats appear to have been made by trans extremists triggered over Target's decision to pull LGBTQ merchandise and sever ties with a satanic trans artist following massive public backlash.
I started noticing that there was an influx of videos being made by members of the Christian right in the United States who were taking pictures from my Instagram and from my web store
Um, and claiming that that was being launched in Target.
They were taking work like Satan Respects Pronouns.
The person who sent us this threat said that Target turned its back on the LGBT community.
A little before 12.30 Friday afternoon, 19 News received this email.
The sender claimed they placed a bomb in the Target in Stowe, a Target in Jackson Township, two Targets in the Mahoning Valley, and one in Pennsylvania.
Joe Biden.
Americans defending their constitutional rights is at the heart of being an American.
There is a limit to how far this can be tested.
John Bowne reporting.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Sunday, June 4th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, very honored and blessed to be sitting here in the Austin studios of InfoWars on this live Sunday broadcast.
All right, Kent Heckin-Lively, an incredible author and scientist researcher, will be joining us in studio coming up in about 30 minutes.
We're then going to have, riding shotgun with him, Dr. Judy Majkovic in studio as well.
And they were both here in town, along with a lot of other amazing individuals, for the premiere of The Great Awakening.
A film by Mickey Willis that is excellent.
He's already made some incredible films that helped break the back of the globalists, but this one is even more powerful, exposing their authoritarian endgame goal and how we can, must, and will stop them.
I have a book coming out with the same title, The Great Awakening.
A lot of people have asked me why I've been talking about The Great Awakening for 20 plus years on air.
Well, that's because I've been talking about the New Renaissance for 20 plus years.
And there have been hundreds of what they call Great Awakenings.
But in the Renaissance tradition, it started right after the invention of the Gutenberg Press.
We're good to go.
So we've said for years the counter to the Great Reset
Is the Great Awakening.
And you, my friends, are that Great Awakening.
So we'll talk about what the Great Awakening means versus the globalist Great Reset with Kent Heckin-Lively coming up in studio here now in about 25 minutes.
Then Dr. Mijkovic will be joining us throughout the second hour.
And then in the third and fourth hour tonight, I'll introduce it.
We're going to air this new film, The Great Awakening.
Pandemic 3.
We're going to be airing what I think is the best of the films he's made on the subject.
Those are excellent.
Tonight here.
Now we also have links to it where you can get it at InfoWars.com for free on the HiWire site, on Mickey Willis' site.
But we're going to be streaming it out here tonight to a lot of TV stations and a lot of radio stations and of course to our audience.
But right at the top of the page we have big links to go over to the HiWire and find it there.
And the amazing work of Del Bigtree, who helped get this done and who was doing a fabulous job as well, because it's not just the scientists and doctors, the general public that have broken the back of the New World Order's biggest attack plan.
It's been people like Mickey Willis and Kent Heckin-Lively and Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan and just so many others, folks like Del Bigtree.
And make no mistake,
This next pandemic's coming, and if we don't get on the offense exposing the globalists, they may be able to completely take over and put us under permanent lockdown.
So find the entire Great Awakening film for free and share it and spread it right now on InfoWars.com.
We'll be streaming it coming up tonight with some of my commentary and more, so definitely look forward to that.
But the coordinates to Liberty are InfoWars.com and Band.video.
I must have been hiding under a rock.
I didn't know that back in, I guess it was April, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the so-called scientist, the guy's very funny, fun to listen to, a likable guy, but he's a total cult leader of the globalists.
You couldn't be worse.
He says science is doing what the consensus says and following what the big corporations say, when science is about always questioning.
And he went on to say that, in a debate with
Tell Big Tree that I didn't even know it happened months ago, even though it went viral.
I missed that one until I saw the film.
And it's part of the film and part of the intro as well.
And he says, no, we don't listen to all these procedure scientists.
We listen to the consensus.
No, science is about challenging and not having, quote, a consensus of two men can have a baby.
And X and Y chromosomes don't exist.
That's what they teach now in U.S.
and European colleges, that X and Y chromosomes do not exist.
From the age of science, they're telling you that chromosomes don't exist.
This is absolutely savage brainwashing.
And if you understand the tactic he used, he kept saying, science, science, science, science, science.
I don't look at your facts.
I only go with the consensus.
Well, there is no consensus.
It was a corporate force feeding operation.
So I'm going to play, it's a long debate, but I'm going to play five key minutes of it with Dr. Judy.
Michael, it's coming up in the second hour today and get her take on that.
Just absolutely, absolutely brutal.
Obviously, we have a lot of big news here.
Oh boy, do we.
And each one of these stacks is absolutely key.
I'm going to bring these up with our guests as well because we're not just going to focus on the poison shots and on the next rollout of the next plague they're preparing to release.
Instead of preparing to release, we're going to spend a lot of time on that.
We're also going to spend a lot of time on the other angles and arms of this.
We're going to be looking at the Biden administration is officially asking the UN to come in and sanction the United States for reparations, saying that America was founded on slavery and is inherently evil, and that the UN should come in and help administer $5 million of US taxpayer money to every black person.
Now, obviously, it's about a UN takeover.
How would you ever have a UN takeover?
We'll have them take over the medical system and have a UN treaty.
And be your savior.
And, oh, we're going to give all the brown people free money.
Are they going to go to China and get reparations for the 3 million Muslim Uighur slaves in Western China?
And if you bring it up on a basketball court, they'll kick you off.
Like you've seen with the NBA.
No, no, no, no.
It's all about America being bad and this carrot being dangled of, go along with the UN, go along with the world government, and it's going to give you reparations.
It's the UN building the refugee centers after they ran the lockdowns worldwide that starved over 50 million people in the last three and a half years to death.
They're murdering people en masse.
Paramilitary UN troops are slaughtering people all over the world.
You know, you watch a movie like Black Adam with The Rock, and most of those movies are unwatchable.
They're super cheesy.
I can't stand the whole Marvel comic universe.
But I was on an airplane flying back to the United States from the United States, from Hawaii, Friday.
And I said, let me just watch this show because I want to see the propaganda in it.
And it was all about evil British white mercenaries enslaving a mythical African country.
That has this magical element in it, similar to Black Panther and Wakanda.
And I'm sitting there watching the mercenaries.
You know who the mercenaries work for.
They work for really one of four or five groups, but it's the UN's the main group that has mercenaries slaughtering and enslaving, just like the movie, literally.
And then there's China, is the next biggest.
And then there's an Anglo-American-Dutch contingent that's kind of in this movie that's real.
And then there's the United States.
Comes in with mercenaries and kills people en masse and takes their land.
I mean, it's been in the UN articles.
They admit it.
I read a New York Times article like 10 years ago where it was talking about, well, to create carbon offsets for carbon, you know, for mining in this area of Central Africa.
The UN came in with tanks and helicopters and the locals resisted being pushed off their land.
So the UN-backed mercenaries killed 10,000 of them last month.
Number was probably higher.
And I'm just, New York Times, I'm sitting there reading coffee, reading and drinking coffee, and it's just right there, yep.
And of course, you can go read about it in the foreign press too, but just, yeah, the UN came in and just killed 10,000 people.
So you see these movies and the UN's the savior, and there's this UN group of superheroes that come to create stability and battle Black Adam because he's too violent, and they're the UN and they're gonna save the world, when it's the UN that is the biggest group running those lithium mines and those slave camps.
They run it, they control it, they get a big cut of the money from the multinational corporations.
And who gets 98% of rare earth minerals out of the ground in the world?
The Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chicoms.
So in most cases, the Chicoms don't run the enslavement.
They run the civilian side of it, extracting it and controlling the slaves.
But the paramilitary camps are run by the U.N.
on record.
But when you watch a movie from Hollywood, it's the U.N.
saving everyone from the mercenaries.
A lie, a lie, a lie.
All of it, a big, giant, damn lie.
We don't hear about the UN paying reparations for all the African slaves they got right now, or for cutting the damn food off.
They're alive right now.
The UN did this.
They should be executed.
Welcome back, my friends, to the Alex Jones Show, Live Sunday Edition.
Good to be back in Central Texas with a great crew and all of you watching and listening.
All right, so here's the bottom line.
The New World Order is out in the open now.
They're making their move.
And folks are really starting to wake up to how serious it is.
And one of the biggest takeaways that's now unfolding is that people really understand now that domestic operations of Western intelligence agencies are taking place in our countries and are totally illegal.
I told you this decades ago because it came out in congressional hearings here and there.
But now, with the hearings a few months ago in Congress and others coming out in the UK and Canada and Australia, it is being confirmed that the military's main mission, and the CIA and MI6 and MI5 and the FBI and all the other intelligence agencies across the Western world,
was unified to go after populists, to go after Christians, to go after conservatives, to go after people that didn't want their borders open, to go after people that didn't want forced injections or lockdowns.
And now more documents have been released.
Secret UK government unit worked with social media to, quote, shut down lockdown critics, calling them terrorists.
Same thing in the US.
Same thing in Canada.
Same thing in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, everywhere!
That's, quote, in the Western Alliance.
And that's New Zealand, that's Australia, that's Western Europe, that's the UK, that's a lot of Latin American countries are on board, a lot of African countries, not a lot, they've kind of gotten out of it, they used to be, and some Middle Eastern countries, a lot of Asian countries like South Korea,
Japan, they are on board.
BBC leaked messages of the plan to frighten the public.
That's from back in March.
So we told you all of this.
Exclusive ministers had chilling secret unit to curb lockdown dissent.
They were going to keep you locked down forever.
The plan is to collapse civilization and society.
And now it's all confirmed exactly what we told you.
So let me show you a little bit of this and explain what they're doing.
Have you noticed whether in Detroit or Chicago or LA or San Francisco or New York City or any other leftist run jurisdiction that crime is completely out of hand?
And the worst it's ever been in U.S.
history, and the only people being prosecuted are people that shoot armed robbers in their businesses or their houses.
Or if a man's trying to kill people on a subway, and a black man, a white man, a Hispanic man, fight him for more than 10 minutes, and he dies in a chokehold, and now the white guy gets arrested?
And charged with murder?
What's this really about?
Well, they know if you go in and tell everybody, go home for several years and don't go to work, that's going to kill all the real estate.
And they know if you let crime run rampant, let them rob all the stores, all the criminals, it's going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
With Black Lives Matter, Soros, UN, State Department funded, burning down billions of dollars of, in many cases, even government project buildings.
This is meant to bring down society, and then the globals to bring in tyranny later, and then they will absolutely enslave all of us.
And they even admit in the San Francisco Chronicle, oh, they're 40% empty, their business, real estate, all those big high-rises, and especially the stuff on the street, it's all empty in many areas.
It's more like 50% in Chicago.
What's their answer?
60% in Detroit.
What's their answer?
Oh, everybody will get universal basic income and part of the welfare will go in the government check to pay to convert these business buildings, these business high-rise business centers into quote, affordable housing.
And then there'll be all the crime and controls.
So now you've got to have your digital passport and your face scan and drones.
And now you're in your prison city.
And they admit that's the plan.
That's why whether you're in France,
Or whether you're in the Netherlands or whether you're in London, England, it's the same plan.
Collapse society.
Defund the police.
Prosecute people that defend themselves.
Allstate drops California.
Will not write new insurance policies over wildfires.
Joining more than 50 other insurance companies saying it's uninsurable.
That's when you're in a failed society.
Allstate will insure you in Mexico, in Guatemala,
But they will not insure you in Venezuela or North Korea or Somalia.
And you look at them and go, oh, they're mismanaging.
No, they know exactly what they're doing.
Command destruction.
There's another one.
America Today, a Starbucks where you can't sit, a Walgreens where you can't shop.
You have to come in, you can't sit down, you have to go to the window where everything is locked up in the store, and you go to a kiosk, and then a robot goes, and it goes on conveyor belts, is what they're building in many places, on the ceiling and comes to you.
So there's conveyor belts, they're putting these in all over the place, that go down into these locked up cases.
It goes down and gets what you want, an apple, a pack of razors, aspirin, tampons, whatever it is you want.
And then the robot either goes and gets in on the ground or it goes and there's a conveyor belt that's on the ceiling that then takes it and drops it into your basket.
No more checkers.
And again, no one would have put up with this unless it's too dangerous to be there or to have a business.
It'll be so dangerous you can't leave your house.
So then a robot again has to deliver it to your door.
It's all planned and it's all right here in articles I've got.
They're making it a dystopia so you'll accept their so-called fix.
Oh, we locked everything down.
Oh, we locked everything down.
Take the shot.
The third world collapsed from starvation.
Now they're coming here.
John Kerry says it's global warming.
That's why they're starving.
No one's on record.
The lockdowns are why they're starving.
All planned, all designed, and we sit here and we take it like fools.
Look at this.
How banks, investors make millions from police brutality bonds.
Did you know governments per major city invest hundreds of millions instead of schools or hospitals or libraries or jogging paths or bike paths?
In some cities up to 10% now it's higher of their budget is for police brutality bonds and it turns out city officials are actually invested in the police brutality bonds and they make money off these huge payouts of 50 million dollars.
Just somebody committed suicide in the jail cell.
I've got more articles right here where they're proposing in San Francisco
And in Chicago, turning all these empty office buildings into government-assisted housing.
But it'll be run by corporations, and it'll be part of your universal basic income.
But to get you to accept it, you've got to have all your jobs taken.
But then who's going to supply you with the food?
Oh, don't worry!
From the U.S.
to Canada, to the Netherlands, to Australia, they're shutting off a large part of the farms.
And John Kerry said last week, because farms are killing the earth, we've got to shut down farms to stop starvation.
That's right, you gotta chop your head off so you don't bleed to death.
And they're just doing it!
Total assault because we are a lost people.
We've been born into the technology, into running water, electricity, our houses, food abundance.
We just think it's always going to be there, and it's all being incrementally taken away from you and replaced with things that don't work, that aren't designed to fulfill.
But they make you think you're going to be fulfilled.
They make you think you're a leader.
They make you think you've got the answers.
But you've been led into the deeper level of control as the noose gets tighter each time.
All right, our special guest, best-selling author, researcher, will be joining us, Kent Eken-Lively, and then Judy Michovitz, as well, the doctor, in the second hour.
We've got so much to hit.
I've only scratched the surface of what we're hitting.
Turns out Hillary Clinton's funding all these environmentalist terror groups.
We've got that news as well.
Stay with us.
Well, a lot of people come up to me, especially at this massive movie premiere last night, and say, thank you for being persecuted for the truth.
Thank you for all you've done.
And every time they do it, I look at them and I say, listen, what I've been through is nothing compared to people like Julian Assange.
And so many others that have been locked up in solitary confinement, in some cases even killed for telling the truth.
And things are going to get a lot worse for everybody if we at some point don't begin to understand we've got a real case of tyranny coming down against humanity right now.
And talking about Dr. Judy Michalich, that's going to be joining us in studio with Kent Hechenleible in the next hour.
Kent's here right now.
She was put in jail by Fauci for exposing him and has been totally vindicated.
And I didn't even know, or I'd forgotten, with Mickey Willis, who's a really good friend of mine now, and I really respect him, he's got a great soul and a smart guy, that his brother got HIV and they gave him AZT and it killed him, which we know Fauci knew was killing people, just like Rendezivir does with COVID.
So man, talk about skin in the game.
All the persecution I've gone through, it's not as bad as what happened to Mickey Willis and his family.
Now my grandmother was told,
Back in the mid 1950s, my mother was four years old.
She got the first round of the polio shot.
Then they gave her the live polio shot that you take in your mouth.
And her doctor, when she got polio a week later, got paralyzed and almost died.
She lived to 92, though, but was in a wheelchair most of the time.
Tough lady.
She'd get up in crutches and do a lot of work, but usually get in a wheelchair if she was going somewhere because she couldn't walk more than 100 yards with crutches.
It ate up half the nerves in her body.
And the point is, is that her doctor told her, sorry, Benny.
It was Benny Grace Hammond.
Sorry, Benny Grace, you got this from the vaccine, which they now admit.
And now they admit the number one cause of polio worldwide is Bill Gates' vaccine.
That's Reuters.
That's AP.
So what's crazy is this stuff is hidden in plain view.
So we know that great evil, that great depopulation, that great reset,
It's happening.
It's been going on a long time.
Joked about his vaccine.
Shocked the inventor.
Gave him a bunch of people polio.
There's too many people.
Said, oh, it's okay.
Look up the quote.
It's even on Boston PBS.
His deputy admitting he did say that and made jokes about it.
Those are quotes in magazines.
You got to read Prince Charles saying he wants to kill the majority of us or Prince Philip.
You got to look this stuff up.
Yeah, there's AP.
More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus.
Okay, so this isn't a game, all right?
Mickey Willis' brother got killed by these people.
My grandmother got maimed for much of her beautiful life by it.
This is big.
This is serious.
So we know about their great tyranny.
So why have I been calling it for many, many years, the Great Awakening?
And I'm getting a lot of people asking, what does that mean?
Well, there have been a lot of great awakenings throughout history, and they called the Greeks and the Egyptians a great awakening of civilization.
And then you have the Protestant Reformation, they call, you know, as the first great awakening, the second, the third.
Then you had blacks and white abolitionists after that great awakening, the 1700s, the 1800s, saying, we're not going to have human slavery anymore, and leading the fight against slavery, starting in England, against the slave trade worldwide, and then against slavery here in the United States in the Civil War.
And so that was the third great awakening.
But there have been others.
And depending on how you look at it, even before the, quote, first, the 1730s, the big Protestant awakening, you have the great awakening of the beginning of the Renaissance, the Gutenberg Press, and the printing press.
And so I'm not saying this is an anti-Catholic movement, because seeing it as a great awakening, that was against the power and the stagnation of that time.
The Great Awakening today is about fighting the New World Order and the entire globalist program and bringing a new renaissance.
So Kent Heckenliebly is here.
I'm not going to go over his whole bio, but he is a prolific writer, a top writer.
He's written so many, I won't even try to go over them all.
And he helped me write The Great Reset and The War for the World.
We're working together right now.
Intently, every day, on the new book that we're going to announce here today, and that is The Great Awakening.
And he's here to give you the full breakdown on that.
It's up on InfoWars.com live show feed.
The Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
He's got a bunch of other points he wants to go over as well, but for anybody wondering where The Great Awakening came from, that is a term used in association for over 500 years with the renaissance.
It is not a cue thing.
I noticed the cue cards are out there.
Attacking Mickey Willis in his movie saying, you know, oh that's something JFK Jr.
invented and all this cuckoo land stuff.
Great Awakening means the fight against tyranny.
Humanity waking up.
The Renaissance.
I don't own it.
You don't own it.
No one owns it.
It's about us waking up and saying no to the system.
That's why I just gave you some background on what the Great Awakening means.
And that's why, without even thinking,
Six months ago, five months ago, we had the idea for The Great Awakening.
Mickey Willis was in there a few months ago saying, please help me promote my new film, The Great Awakening.
We're not in competition.
We're all in The Great Awakening.
It's our movement, ladies and gentlemen.
The human movement.
A quest for a pro-human future.
So Kent, congratulations on all your great work.
Incredible premiere last night.
We should probably talk some about that and then get into just what this renaissance book means to you.
And we're going to talk about your book, The Plague of Corruption, that helped lead to Mickey Willis' first pandemic film and just so much of this renaissance we've seen.
Yeah, so it's really great to be here, Alex.
And I think we got to take a moment and celebrate
Chuck Todd's resignation from Meet the Press.
Chuck Todd has been my nemesis because on May 17, 2020, when this book, Plague of Corruption, and Mickey Willis's 26-minute plannedemic video that I wrote the opening narrative for was screaming up the charts, Chuck Todd did an unconscionable five-minute segment
Where he never mentioned the name of the book but he talked about conspiracy theories and he talked about this book and this video and he had somebody on from the Stanford Research Institute talking about the kindling of conspiracy theories.
So I think Chuck Todd is one of the most reprehensible
People in all of broadcasting and I celebrate his resignation.
I hope he goes and spends time with his family and never shows his face again in public.
So we got to celebrate the victories when they come, Alex.
Well, they're all dropping like flies.
I mean, populist pro-human media is exploding despite censorship.
And then everything they do turns to pure crap.
I mean, CNN has 100,000 viewers on average now, and they have headlines about, can it be revived?
No way, it's over.
It's, it's, it's, it's, they've lost.
Yeah, and you know, one of the books that I wrote was called, This Was CNN, with Project Veritas whistleblower, Kerry Porch.
And Kerry Porch entered CNN as a Bernie Sanders supporter.
And the first job that he went and worked
The first job that he went and worked was the Charlottesville riots.
And so he saw what President Trump had said, and then he saw how CNN just completely changed the meaning, cut it up, edited it, and he went from a Bernie Sanders supporter to working for Project Veritas,
Showing all of the bias at the at CNN and what we did in our book was we also found that more than 21 top employees at CNN had intelligence experience.
So when you wonder why the news that you're getting doesn't seem to reflect reality, I always say, you know, you're getting the intelligence news network.
That's what's happening with our media.
We confirmed that when they started it in the early 1980s, it was CIA-funded, run, and used military satellites from the beginning.
So that's how they were able to do it.
There were not TV satellites for that type of thing for cable then.
They used Pentagon satellites.
Yeah, and you know, another thing that we found out was that they have this incredible digital intelligence group of more than 220 employees, and when I talked to top experts
And again, Obama legalized, two years into his office,
Through congressional legislation, lying to the American people using domestic propaganda.
We're going to skip this break, guys.
So, yeah, Alex is called the Global Engagement Center.
Now, this is what the government does when they want to pass something which is, you know, inconceivable.
They give it some
Fun little name like who doesn't want a global engagement center but you go and you look at the the details behind it and you find out that it allows them to lie to the people of the United States.
The first iteration of it had all of these figure out who is really in charge of warp speed.
It really seemed like the
Big pharma representatives were telling the intelligence agencies and the government scientists what to do.
So, I mean, that's an insider.
And you know, I asked him a lot of tough questions about, you know, what do you think was going on?
You know, why did Trump not do this?
And he said, you know, even in the inside, they were saying, you know, that he they they speculated that
There were threats against Trump's children, against Trump himself.
Well, in December of 2019, they had the emergency UN meeting in Switzerland of the UN body over vaccines.
And the deputy head of the WHO.
And she said, hey, our doctors are faltering.
The shots worldwide are killing people.
The polio shots are killing people.
We showed AP earlier.
And she said, we've got to do something.
We're not testing any of this.
Big Pharma tells us what to do.
We're not in charge.
As she was speaking, they'd already released COVID to create such a new big story, it would cover up the fact that the UN itself, and I made a big deal about this in December 2019, now three and a half, four years ago.
And we made a huge deal here, but no one paid attention to it.
It's a two-day conference with the head of the vaccine program saying, we don't know what's in it.
This is before, before the mRNA.
So they were collapsing at that point, so they had to have a bigger crisis.
To cover up the last crisis, that's my concern.
Now they're seeing a new virus is coming, they're getting ready for the next one.
That's why...
This is
They ended the last pandemic as I predicted.
I said within a month they'll announce they ended it to declare victory so they can tell you another one's coming.
Exactly as I said, Ted Rose.
Heather W. H. O. One month later came out and announced victory did a great job.
Let us be in charge.
The next one and the next was gonna be much bigger and target Children.
They talk to you like you're an idiot, like you're been hypnotized so that when it happens, you think, Oh, they're so smart.
They know exactly what's happening.
No, they tell you what's happening in Operation Lockstep and the rest of it because they're executing it and they get caught.
They say, Oh, it's just a drill.
It's just a tabletop.
No, it's a manual, an attack profile on how they're executing an operation like a bombing run.
That's what attack profile is.
We're sitting here looking at this, and it is, again, beyond critical to understand that we're in an information war and that we've had major victories.
We've got major beachheads, but now is the time.
So go to InfoWars.com.
Under the live show feed, there's a link to Amazon.com.
Get The Great Awakening, my new book.
The book, I would say, is what, 80% done?
And we're going to be working to more today, tomorrow.
We're working over the phone.
We talk all the time.
And it's been so collaborative.
And he takes what I say to him.
He records interviews.
He goes and vets it and checks it.
And I'm not bragging, but I think you said like 95%, 98% of what I've told you, you found word for words, but accurate.
Sometimes I kind of conflate things, but you're helping me get it right.
Yeah, I call myself the Alex Jones bird dog.
You shoot the thing and I run into the tall grass to see if I can find it and 95-98% of the time it's there.
What are some of the things you couldn't find and I'll guarantee I can dig them out?
Uh, the flea story.
Well, that one I said to you, no one's sure if this is accurate, but it's a good allegory.
Yeah, it's a great allegory.
So that was it.
When you're talking about chickens and hawks flying over and never having seen a hawk before and they get scared, I was able to find research about that on ducks, but not on chickens.
So, very minor differences.
And I forget the rat study.
What's the famous rat study?
Oh, the mouse utopia.
The mouse utopia is awesome.
And that's in there?
Oh yeah, 100%.
Because the globalists, that's their model for us.
That is terrifying.
Explain it.
They create the artificial utopia, and then what, four or five generations, we all extinct each other.
Well, in the mouse utopia, what they do is they basically remove any stresses from the mice.
So, you know, there's no predation going on, and so what happens, but there's overcrowding.
And the overcrowding seems to drive some of the mice to become hermits.
What will happen is usually that they're usually in a regular rat colony.
There are alpha males.
And so the alpha males then have access to their breeding harem.
But because everybody's together, what happens is those who fail to mate keep fighting with the alpha.
Homophilia, transgenderism, it all happens.
Well, they've got these mice who are constantly preening themselves and looking beautiful, and then the females come up to them, but these males don't want to breed.
And so you find yourself saying, well, what the hell is going on?
So much of what we see in society, I mean, with the transgenderism and so many of these other things, and you know, the young people not getting married, not having kids.
Not wanting to learn how to drive a car, that's just sitting there.
Not having sex?
You know, I'm sorry.
You know, something's going on.
And it's questionable whether our society is actually heading towards species collapse.
I mean... And for folks who don't know... Elon Musk talks about that.
We're good
Well that's just some of what's in.
The new book, The Great Awakening, you can find it at Amazon.com, and normally I, you know, whatever, business doesn't matter.
The point is, it's the real New York Times bestseller list.
So yes, the book that I co-wrote with Kent Hecken-Lively, The Great Reset and The War for the World, did go to number one for about two weeks on the New York Times.
But they said, we choose not even list it.
If they would have listed it, it would have got picked up more places and sold more, but that's okay, it was still a bestseller.
And it was in the top of the charts for six months.
You can still get a copy of it or sign copy of it at InfoWareStore.com.
But the only place to get this in pre-order right now is Amazon.com.
We'll put it back on screen.
It is the Great Awakening, ladies and gentlemen.
You need to get it.
The Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
And you better believe once this goes to number one again, there'll be 20 other titles of the same name, which I want.
Because The Great Awakening belongs to everyone that wants to have a free, open, powerful, pro-human society.
But Kent, you were excited about the last book.
You are really excited about this one.
We were already past 300 pages weeks ago, and we've decided, how long is this baby going to be?
Because we're adding pages every day.
Yeah, so I think it's going to be 275, 300 pages.
But we're already at 300.
Are you going to cut some out?
Is the publisher giving us trouble?
The publisher's not giving us trouble.
I don't think we'll have any trouble with that.
I think we should.
We were at 300 a week or so ago.
240, probably.
Well, I guess you're telling me on the phone it's going to be longer because I've given you so many recordings.
Yeah, so the first book was 55,000 words.
I'm at 75,000 right now.
I'm expecting it to go probably 80,000.
Okay, so it is bigger.
There's so much to add.
What is so amazing about this book is it feels like it's writing itself.
In going to see The Great Awakening, Mickey Willis' film, here I have been in this world for 15 years and I'm learning things that I did not learn.
And so every day as I'm working on this book I'm learning new things and I think it's just going to be great for people to read and
You know, I think reading is a different experience than a show or video.
And so I'm really hoping that, you know, I heard this joke the other day that, you know, people saying,
Don't do your own research.
And this comedian said, didn't that used to be called reading?
Oh yeah, that was the New York Times and a bunch of the publications said, do not.
That was, what's that guy's name?
Charlie Worzel.
He wrote an article saying, do not do your own research.
It's bad and dangerous.
I mean, folks, you're in a cult when somebody says, don't question, don't go outside the building and don't look up at the stars.
You know, don't read a book.
I mean, you're in a freaking cult, man.
So the comedian was saying something like, so if you go to buy a car,
Are you going to
Hold on, hold on.
Listen, we're going to go into the next hour.
Judy, Mike, your favorite person is going to be in here, one of my favorite.
We're going to talk about everything.
We'll talk about that coming up.
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We'll be right back with hour number two.
It's been said that my people perish for lack of knowledge.
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Knowledge is power.
It's also been said that God helps those that help themselves.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to help yourself and help your family and help your community.
If you research the iodine conspiracy and discover that in the U.S.
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Not high quality iodine, it was still bound iodine to other elements, it was really cheap iodine, but it boosted IQs, knocked out the infertility, really did great things to stop a lot of the mutations.
Look it up for yourself.
These bad halogens that counter and block iodine are purposely putting the food in water.
They even admit that here.
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Best-selling author Kent Hecking Lively and a really smart guy is here in studio.
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But I have been unable to get him to do that.
We'll see.
He's told me an incredible story behind the scenes.
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Well, because there's different genres.
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But there are a lot of different things, different ways.
We take them together.
Look out.
Available at infowarestore.com or 888-253-3139.
Before we go to break and bring in Judy Michalich, who's just such a patriot, such a hero.
Spend a minute and a half or so, because we're going to run this as well, explain to people what this new book that I'm writing with you is going to break down.
The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalist, and Launching the Next Great Renaissance.
Well, you know, Alex, I think that what people really need is some hope.
They need to understand what's going on with the world, but then they want to read something positive.
And time and time again, in every chapter that I'm working on, I find the hand of God
Moving our world in a positive direction.
I mean, I look at what's happening in the political world.
I mean, you have Trump staying strong against the other rhinos.
You have RFK Jr.
rescuing the Democratic Party and returning it to the honor of people like Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy.
And then you've got the new generation, Vivek Ramaswamy, showing that the American Dream is still alive.
And in every aspect of when I think I'm going into a chapter and I'm wondering if it's going to be dark,
I find this incredible light, like when I was going into the fact that you've all know a Harari talks about useless eaters, okay?
And I hear the dog whistle of genocide when he says- That's a Hitler statement!
Yeah, yeah.
The useless eaters.
And, you know, the way he's selling it is he's selling it as, well, what we're going to have to do with people is we're going to have to give them drugs and computer games.
So Mark Zuckerberg comes around with meta.
Well, what does he do?
He loses!
Billions on it!
People totally reject it.
If you go back to Why the Future Didn't Need Us, a big article in Wire Magazine by the head of Sun Microsystems, 23 years ago, they met at a big computer meeting and decided to give us computer games and drugs instead of killing us.
Breaking news, the president declaring a national emergency.
The new stay-at-home order.
We will shut you down.
Don't think you can get on a plane or a train.
This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
And we will take you to jail.
We've got to get them vaccinated.
Or we will keep you in a facility longer.
As the world was descending into synchronized tyranny, I began to ask myself, how did they get everyone to go along with this?
Oh, it feels so good.
I know.
Obsessed with finding the answer, I began studying every moment in recorded history where masses of people acted against their own self-interest.
The only mechanism that could explain what was happening in society.
When they say, you'll be happy, what they mean is, you'll be enslaved.
Today, we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale.
Who masters those technologies will be the master of the world.
Those who control the data control the future, not just of humanity, but the future of life itself.
Every aspect of our life has been infiltrated by people that do not have our best interests at heart.
There are forces using fear and isolation to induce mass psychosis.
I don't want you to be hopeful.
Climinal doom.
I want you to panic.
It will kill your children.
I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.
People are starting to wake up.
They're starting to wake up.
Across the world.
I'm seeing people come together from all walks of life, finally saying enough is enough.
We didn't come here for no reason.
We have a voice.
We're here to share it.
We have to be the solution.
We cannot rely on the media, the president, or whoever to fix these problems.
I would rather pick up cans on the side of the highway than to live out of alignment with my truth.
We're all being driven back to the dream.
As you see in the audience, Democrats, Republicans, white, black, everyone all in between, this is the example that they do not want to see, but they have no choice.
The masses of humanity have been slapped awake.
Open your eyes.
It's time to wake up.
This is The Great Awakening.
People cannot go back into the Matrix now.
A lot of people are trying to.
They can't.
Well, we're now into hour number two of this live Sunday worldwide broadcast at the establishment's battle to keep off the air.
But evil's not the only force in the universe.
Good is there because of you, the viewers and listeners.
Because of your support, your word of mouth, and prayers, we're still here in many ways stronger than ever, though scarred.
Certainly stronger than ever.
Dr. Judy Minkovits is here with us.
She's got an incredible bio.
She's a former political prisoner put in prison by Fauci for exposing his plans.
The real DrJudy.com.
And it was Kent who's here and was her co-author at Heckin Lively that helped get the first what became best-selling book out.
There have now been several he's written with her, that then inspired Mickey Willis, who was already a very successful Hollywood director, but who'd woken up to make the first plan, and now the second, now the third.
They've all been powerful, but the third one is incredible.
So, Dr. Judy Mikovits, I really appreciate you.
It was amazing last night.
You feel like we're winning and we've turned the corner, even though the enemy's planning new attacks.
Give us your take on the film and why it's so important.
The last film's been seen by hundreds of millions of people.
This one is destined to reach
Tens of millions, bare minimum.
Probably more.
You seem very, very upbeat right now that the enemy's in a lot of trouble.
And we see evidence of this all over the news.
Even MSNBC and CNBC reporting that, okay, Jamie Foxx took the shot that might kill him.
I mean, the dam has broken.
Where do you see this going?
Where are we in history?
Well, we are at that renaissance.
We are at that great awakening.
And I did just buy the book, by the way.
Thank you.
We are at that renaissance and at that great awakening that we have won this.
It's not we're winning.
It's when we can talk to each other and see the perspective.
And it was really interesting why I am so upbeat about the film last night.
Was how Mickey did it in the rough cut formats and then listened to the audience and looked at the audience perspective.
So he was panning the audience as they were watching real time.
What G. Edward Griffin was telling us in the 1960s, 70s, 80s.
So it goes back to HIV AIDS and it shows you COVID and it shows you same playbook.
And they killed the director's brother.
I mean, you start getting, he starts coming home how bad they've hurt us.
My grandmother paralyzed her daughter, told her, from the polio.
But what we showed was, even through the injury, even through the censor, if we keep talking to each other and we keep looking at the perspective, you said right there and then, Mickey Willis, you know, his brother died of AIDS.
But when Mickey and I sat down and talked about our story, this whole story through Plague of Corruption, it was supposed to be a promotional video.
And we sat for weeks and I talked about my arrest and my jailing and nothing
Hit him.
And then one day he said, you know, my brother died of AZT.
And I said, without missing a beat, I said, don't you mean AIDS?
And we looked up at each other and we looked up at each other and we both just.
And then I stopped myself and I said, oh, no, he was an antibody positive.
He wasn't immune.
He wasn't injected when he was already infected.
And Mickey's just slowly shaking his head.
So here he was, hired to make a promotional video for the book.
That's what he does.
He makes movies.
And all of a sudden, he knows you're telling the truth.
And then he starts sharing with you.
This happened to his brother.
And then it becomes films.
It becomes all this.
It's reached hundreds of millions of people.
Boy, I bet Fauci isn't feeling too good right now.
Yeah, and what's important about that is showing the perspective.
Brilliantly in the show last night.
Watch it when you show it again.
In an hour, because Fauci's only portrait is what he did in AIDS and then compared to 1986 to 2020.
The same playbook.
Any criminologist will tell you, particularly the higher functioning psychopaths, follow exact crimes and do them over and over again exactly the same.
And nowhere could you say this is an anti-vaxxer meeting.
You don't, he doesn't show any of the doctors, not Dr. Tenpenny, not Paul Thomas, not Andy Wakefield, not Judy Mikevitz.
He doesn't show any of that.
And the Robert Malone's or the Frank Rossetti's, our book, Ending Plague, the staunch NCI, all of a sudden are coming through and saying, yeah, when they can hear us, when they can listen.
So it wasn't that they could see us.
It's that they could hear us.
We have been silent so long, censored so long.
You know what has been so exciting for me in this journey with Judy, is Judy was the original gangster, okay?
She was the first one out there, 2014, when our book came out and we went after Fauci in it.
Nobody was hearing us about Fauci.
Now the whole world knows about Fauci.
With our second book together,
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
writes the foreword for it, and he's running for president, and he is looking to- And he's tied against Biden.
And he's tied against Biden, so how much do I see the hand of God working in our world that brave people like Judy are standing up
Like you, Alex.
I mean, I am so incredibly proud to have my name on the book with you because I feel like I am making the decision to get in that plane with you, fly through the flack and get destroyed the target of the deep state.
And I appreciate you going next level skin in the game, but getting into Judy and you because I mean, it's not about praise here, but it's about victory.
You write the book with her.
It gets turned into films.
I mean, there's five or 10 things that really helped devastate the globalist operation and their whole New World Order rollout.
It's been Judy and you.
So how good does that feel, just from not a pride position, but a satisfaction of knowing that you guys have really torn up the New World Order and saved hundreds of millions of lives?
Yeah, we just skipped a break.
We just skipped a break, so we are now back.
Some stations jumped away from us for a minute, so I wanted to come back for the few stations that cover that up.
Most of them will skip the break, go with us, because that's a network break that I was just skipping.
Most of them don't.
Please continue with what it was like.
Yeah, I want to tell you the next thing, because there's another piece of God in it that was so brilliant in the film last night.
Because nowhere in that film is there an anti-vaxxer scientist of any kind.
Especially not me.
And all you have to do.
So you can't say Bobby Kennedy's an anti-vaxxer.
He's environmental safety.
He's true wellness and health and keeping water, air,
No, no, I know.
They call everybody anti-vaxxers.
It's that these vaccines have just become a way to put something secret in our bodies.
It has nothing to do with even the original science of, quote, inoculation.
Why not, as a scientist and a vaccine expert, explain to them what this cult of scientism is, which is a real term, folks.
The cult of people claiming they're scientists and saying, don't question them, versus the real scientific method.
Well, it's the whole, you know, you believe us.
You believe the consensus.
It's we decide.
Science isn't democratic.
Science is data.
And so they put statistics to data, and if it doesn't match a certain power, or when they review the journals, everything about it is fraud.
Because if you have an idea,
That is that jump.
Well, here's an example.
Take zero point energy, which thousands of universities and tens of thousands of regular people have done with magnets on a low scale and proved you can do it.
Now, wide scale, will it work?
Well, I'm sure we can develop a way, but certainly it's real.
The physics show it's real, but because they put out a story 30 years ago saying it wasn't true, the consensus is you can't have that energy.
Then it just totally suppresses that whole area.
And in medicine, it's take a drug, use it in the wrong person, at the wrong dose, in the wrong time, in the wrong formulation.
As Frank Ricetti writes in Ending Plague, run a big expensive trial if you're a company, it becomes dog shit, and they never use it again right.
That was Sermon.
That was a 100-year-old essential medicine.
They use it at such high a dose, they didn't appreciate the mechanism of it, and maybe we couldn't have because our technology was advanced.
But Bob Navio did a double-blind placebo-controlled study, 2015, and I consented the kids into it.
25 kids, and we found the needle in a haystack.
When we see the biology, and you have true biology, we can teach this and we can heal everybody from nothing.
That's why I'm so optimistic.
So what they're doing is suppressing all the real treatments.
Right, and now people know they've suppressed.
Well, we just saw it.
They were rating doctors and giving people vitamin C IVs.
Now vitamin C is bad during the pandemic.
Well, but vitamin C IVs are loaded with glyphosate.
And you can't infuse things because that's not how God presents it.
So you actually have feedback loops.
It's a scientific term.
Amazing what God provides to us, right?
You know, and when the pandemic was starting, I was saying, this is crazy.
From what I've understood with my work with Dr. Judy is, you know, what you need to do is you need to go out in the sun, you need to exercise, you need to be healthy, you need to have good social relations.
And every single thing they did to us in the pandemic was designed to affect our immune system and suppress our immune system.
So whatever this virus is going to do to you, it was going to do it in space.
Well, that's my next question.
We've talked about the past and what's currently happening.
I want to play the Niels deGrasse Tyson clip where he says, I am science.
I don't care how many prestigious people you have.
I am science.
I am the consensus, meaning the big corporations, the intelligence agencies we now know worldwide that actually suppress the truth.
We've been vindicated.
They've been proven totally wrong.
I want to talk some about that with you guys next segment.
But while we still have time on the other subject,
Judy, Dr. Mikovits, what is coming next?
We know the shots lower immunity.
We know they're full of spike protein.
We know they're causing infertility, massive increases in cancer, massive blood clots.
That was warned about before they ever gave the shot by Dr. Michael Giedon and others, and you.
So what was their endgame?
What were they really planning with this?
How do they think they would cover up the fact that it erases your immune system the more of the shots you take?
And I even saw Pfizer execs brag, oh, after three shots, you have no immune system, you'll need our shots forever.
I mean, why are they giving interviews saying this?
You've been around these people, what's wrong with them?
Well, that was the goal.
COVID was premeditated murder of, you know, 35 years of unchecked, untastetested
Unsafe weaponization, bioweapons, monkey, mouse, kidney, aborted fetal, you know, all of those viruses.
But what's next is never another shot.
None of them were ever tested.
They're fermented products.
Never another shot.
And go back to God-given immunity.
We have the patents.
We have the drugs developed.
You know, we know how to use things like natokinase, natural products.
We know nitric oxide, cardiomiracle.
Sure, but I'm asking, what are they going to do next?
We've got formula.
What was their plan for the people that took two, three, four of the shots?
Because you got Borla wearing masks, saying they had a Pfizer, science will win.
You got Fauci saying, I am science, I am the Senate, like Emperor Palpatine.
I mean, these guys are ridiculous.
And the plan was to kill you.
But we've told you, with a couple of nutrients, with a couple of nutrients and things, we can absolutely put back down the foundation to detox.
We don't count calories, we count chemicals.
We're being poisoned.
But we can't, we have no nutrition because our food is poison.
Our food is GMO.
We have to end the food.
We know what comes next.
Now they're doing their nitrogen game.
Our soil is dead, it doesn't... Oh yeah, they're announcing they want to ban nitrogen.
Yeah, of course.
So everything God created they want to ban and put us in a place.
All we have to do is walk away from their system and we have the solutions right now.
So stop complying.
Stop complying.
We've got to cut off the farms or people will starve to death.
He says we've got to shut these farms down or there'll be mass starvation.
So they run the lockdowns, shut down the farms and ranches in the third world.
95% of the Gallup poll of illegals coming are saying they shut down my business, my farm.
I can't feed myself.
And then the UN brings them here and says global warming caused the refugees.
And now the answer is shutting down farms in the West.
I mean, can't the public put two and two together?
We're going to shut farms down to stop starvation?
But that's what Mickey did last night.
The Great Awakening.
It's up to us.
Stand up together.
Truth in love.
That's what he showed.
We end up happy.
That's what he showed you.
Right now, we already won.
Because we survived this one.
And now we know the game plan.
No, I agree.
It's going to be very hard for them to launch another one now that people, a large minority becoming a majority, has their number.
But do you think the psychos are going to quit?
I mean, Fauci says, I am the science.
Which, again, is a science cult.
Well, I'm never going to quit obeying God and just moving forward according to my purpose.
And that means right now Ephesians 5, 11, shouting from the rooftops in one sense, but the Great Awakening with Mickey Willis, speaking the truth in love, forgiving people, bringing them back, moving that middle, showing that emotion like that film that people didn't know.
They did not know.
Yeah, folks, Mickey Willis has made a lot of great movies and was a big Hollywood producer for ads and movies and documentaries before.
And he was already awake a lot, but then meeting Judy and Kent really, really woke up, I guess, about three, four years ago, four years ago.
And now these films are just devastating the New World Order.
You can find it for free at InfoWars.com.
We have the links to it right now.
The great
Awakening, part three of the Pandemic Series, free at InfoWars.com.
We're going to air it coming up at 6 p.m.
Central in about 33 minutes.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
They were calling it a conspiracy theory when Alex Jones, many years ago, said that they want the U.S.
to be like China with the social credit score.
Not for nothing, he got demonized in the media.
I remember being a kid.
Everything he said that was going to go down, it's all going down.
The model for internet censorship is going to be phased in, Chinese-style net censorship.
Net IDs, net taxes, three strikes and you're out, net rules.
But before they get to that, they're going to phase in.
It started
Starts this next year in China and they're already lining up with Facebook, Google, all of them agreeing with China, Microsoft, to implement these systems where China already does it and then they beta test there and then bring it here.
Everything you do in China from your credit score to what you buy, to discount cards, to your internet records, to what you say on social networks,
He's integrated into an algorithm, and if you criticize the government basically once...
You can't even buy or sell.
You can't get a hotel.
You can't travel.
Now, I know this was coming, but to see it actually happen is so bold.
It's so over the top that I get why people just can't believe it.
This ESG is a social credit score.
If you don't play ball, they're not going to bail you out.
So, of course, they want to push this electric so they could turn your bike off whenever they want.
So if there's another situation where there's a medical reason why everybody needs to stay home,
They could just turn everything off.
That's why they want the electric.
Could you imagine living in a world where they just turn your bike off, turn your car off?
And it's happening now.
Electric bikes people rent.
When the rental's over, it just locks the gears up.
Incredibly dangerous.
That is the whole system.
The Great Awakening, Part 3 of the Pandemic Series.
All right.
Mickey Willis knocked out of the park.
All basically inspired by the great lady we've got here with us today.
Dr. Judy Mikovits.
And of course, Micah Vitz, and of course, your website is TheRealDrJudy.com.
And of course, Kent Hetkin-Lively is also working with me on my last book and on the latest book, also called The Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
But today, it's all about Mickey Willis' film.
Dr. Judy, you got caught off by the break.
You were making some really key points.
Like Jerry Maguire movie.
Talk to me like I'm in the fifth grade, because you're really smart, you move quick, and I know all this stuff, and I can barely follow it, and then I realize you're saying some really crazy important stuff.
Slow down and explain what you're saying about Dr. Malone and all these people, which they admit this now, being inspired by your research, because they're scientists too, but they weren't in the middle of it.
You've helped decompartmentalize people and helped them have epiphanies, basically.
Well, exactly, and that's because, in fact, Kent Heck and Lively,
Nobody would understand it.
He's a sixth grade science teacher.
So he was able to show the perspective of how doctors and students are supposed to be taught.
But for at least the last decade, medical students, college students, they haven't been taught biology.
They haven't been taught the biology according to God, according to nature, the base pairs that make up your DNA, A, C, T, and G.
Now, A and G are purines.
Caffeine is a purine.
Oh, that's something, a chemical in nature.
Well, they increase heart rates, things like that.
Well, ivermectin is a purinergic modulator.
Oh, that means it's an in nature, an antiparasitic because of how it changes the sensors to poison
Yeah, on the cell.
And cancer is a parasite of your own body, and so that's why all the science now shows, like you said years ago on the show, it literally blocks cancer.
Yeah, because oxygen kills cancer because it turns on the immune system.
And the viruses of your own God-given viruses say that's the type of poison, that's the parasite that has me turning on.
That's what's robbing oxygen.
ATP energy goes outside the cell and kills it.
And our book on the case against masks was banned by Amazon because we dared to say that what's going to happen when you're wearing a mask is you're going to get less oxygen and you're going to get more carbon dioxide.
And all the studies showed that.
And you're going to cause cancer and it's called hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha.
So when I say that,
Robert Malone says, of course.
And then when you start talking about microRNAs and long-chain non-coding RNAs, our own God-given immune defenses that turn on antimicrobials.
Just explain, the entire protocol they gave us was designed to grow cancer and turn off immune systems.
Correct, but God gave us the knowledge and that was my research.
Got to turn back on.
And what is happening now that doctors are seeing all over the country and all over the world?
They're seeing turbo cancers.
They're seeing these people whose cancer... That's the main pathologist society in Germany.
First, a year and a half ago, they were seeing an increase.
They published a new paper, I'm sure you saw it, saying there's no doubt that these shots make cancer come back in cancer patients.
Can I just say, turbo.
Blow on a fire, what does it do?
It goes turbo.
That's turbo.
You took a mask away from him.
You starved oxygen.
You know, you starved oxygen.
Hold on, so when she uses terms, or Kent does, they're not just using terms.
That's turbo is when they inject oxygen into the gasoline to make it explode higher and better, okay?
You got turbo and you got superchargers.
So this is literally turbocharging cancer.
Start over and explain how it works.
So doctors use that term because you rob oxygen.
So the mask wasn't just inconvenient, it turned on viruses.
Because you were trying to send immune cells to the fire.
You were being hypoxia, is lack of oxygen.
There are God-given factors that when hypoxia goes on, you get cancer.
So this is the opposite of turbo, it's blocking the oxygen.
And it's a cancer, it's a drug target.
And we know those drug targets.
That's what we did.
That's what Robert Malone did.
Oh, and then we patent a drug because you can't patent God and just making sure you don't put a mask on and take oxygen away and induce the expression of F1-alpha.
Our entire medical system is not designed for people's health.
Our entire medical system is designed to create drugs to return money to the shareholders.
That is something that every person in this world needs to stand up and understand.
And that's the money incentive at one level.
I agree.
Like at the 50th floor, that's it.
But up at the 60th floor or the top of this building, whatever number you want to give it, is the depopulation agenda.
They know how to incentivize it through money.
But I mean, here's Bill Gates giving speeches at TED Talk.
We've got to reduce the population by 90%.
He means it.
But it was always the Darwin.
That was Darwin's thesis.
We think it's natural immunity by natural immunity.
Or, the subtitle, like our books, the subtitle is Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.
Well, there's no struggle for life in God's world in the Bible.
There's no struggle for life.
That's racist.
That's genocide.
For those that don't know, Hitler got everything from Darwin and Galton, and then the liberals worship this because when I call them Nazis, the left makes jokes and says Nazis didn't exist until the 1930s or whatever.
The National Socialist Workers' Party.
No, the eugenics that was developed in the UK that went worldwide was cited by Kaiser Wilhelm, the Institute, and the Nuremberg Trials.
So this is proto-Nazi.
Yeah, and also the Cold Springs Harbor.
The Cold Springs Harbor from 1910 to 1945 was the center of the eugenics movement in the United States.
That's in the New York Times.
That's something that people are going to find out in the Great Awakening book.
Because, hey, you know, most of the times I'm quoting mainline sources because what I've learned about the mainstream media is that they will tell the truth.
But you have to wait a couple years, sometimes 50 years for him to tell the truth, but you can get it from the mainstream sources.
So for all of those people who have criticized you for your sources and everything, all I can say is 80-90% of the sources in our book are going to be from mainline sources that nobody can doubt.
That's right.
Once the fight's already over, they'll tell the truth later.
So let's get to this.
And I don't want to subject the listeners and viewers to this, but we've got to do it.
I normally know everything that's going on, basically.
But I was sitting there watching the movie last night.
And I didn't know that the great Dale Bigtree, who I just admire, what a great researcher and journalist, I didn't know that he had Neil deGrasse Tyson in studio three or four months ago, and that Tyson did the scientism cult of, I am science, do what I say, that's the opposite of the scientific method and Newtonian physics and the rest of it, and literally says, do not question me, I represent the consensus, I don't want to hear what anybody else's study or any individual says, unless we decide, the corporate
Consensus, the corporate board, we don't look at that.
Meanwhile, everything the corporate consensus told you, the censorship, the surveillance, the mask are great.
You know, vitamin C is bad.
Ivermectin is bad.
It's wrong.
The consensus was, back to meteors, until the Shoemaker-Levy comet hit the gas giant, was that we get hit every 50 million years by a giant comet or asteroid.
Now they know, from satellites, there's giant impact points everywhere.
We get hit every couple hundred years.
Yeah, yeah.
It's, you know, people are talking about what caused the Younger Dryas period 11,000 years ago when the mammoths and the saber-toothed tires disappeared, and why there's the scab lands in Washington, which show that probably meteors hit the... Every 10, 20,000 years a big one hits, but big ones are hitting all the time.
Well, you know, it's important that, you know, science is based on technology, data, and measurements.
Science isn't a belief system, you know, and it is.
It's a cult until you can measure it and prove it.
So our technologies, we didn't know there was an endocannabinoid, endogenous, God-given cannabis system, a dimmer switch on inflammation.
That is the plants, an entire family of them with hemp and they make rope and fibrosis or anitis.
Stop those processes.
We didn't know about that till 94.
But we knew that hemp and cannabis in elixirs as in the 1930s were wonderful.
I see the videos on the studies where a guy that has Parkinson's takes full-spectrum CBD and all of a sudden his hands aren't shaking.
Let's go ahead and roll more of Nils deGrasse Tyson.
I mean, it's incredible.
We've got to get the rest of this.
It's hard to listen to, but this is a guy saying, I can't debate you, please be quiet.
Here it is.
So you don't have to have the conversation with me.
But I want, I want science.
And so here's what we have.
We have Peter, we have Peter McCullough, world-renowned heart doctor, saying, I am seeing a rise in myocarditis because of this vaccine.
We have the leading ICU, second most published science, Paul Merrick.
I'm just, I, hear me out here, hear me out.
I know you, I know, all right?
These have all been on my show.
Dr. Robert Malone.
Part of the inventing factor behind the mRNA vaccine.
All these people have been censored.
They were shut down.
They were kept from talking to the people in Washington.
Johnny was putting out the data.
Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Martin Poldorf, Oxford University, Harvard School of Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine.
I'll show you.
They put together the Great Barrington Declaration, which was an approach towards this to say, let's do protect that super small... 936,000.
That's not a consensus.
...needs to be protected and figure out a way the rest of us can establish a herd immunity around them.
And the NIH, who's supposed to be objective on this, we now have internal email, because this is what I do.
I actually put in FOIA requests.
We know that this is what Francis Collins said about those people before even talking to them.
There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of the premise being brought by these scientists.
That was the approach to science.
No other science can be allowed in here.
You started this out by saying every challenge should come in.
Every way to say that we don't agree with the hypothesis.
Maybe these people say, you don't need the vaccine, there's a way through this.
Or, we should be tactical with the vaccine.
All of these people were kept out of the conversation.
All I can comment on there... And you are wanting me to sign on to a social contract where the scientific method isn't being used.
That list of highly pedigreed medical professionals that you are citing, I'm not interested in medical pedigree.
I'm interested in medical consensus.
In scientific consensus.
The moment someone says, well, I'm of this highfalutin school or this, that's like, okay, that means they're going to say something that goes against the consensus, and they want to use that to follow what it is they say.
That's insane!
I'm just saying, you need someone who represents a medical
Well, the consensus is two men can have a baby, doctor.
And that X and Y aren't... You know, major universities teach now there are no chromosomes.
Major U.S.
universities know X, Y. Right.
But see, we have the data... Hit pause real quick.
Back in 20 seconds.
Go ahead.
So, you see, we have the data.
And we knew it all along.
Plus, I know you're a woman, I'm a man!
But more important, in the book Ending Plague, first time ever, Frank Ricetti and Luke Montagnier ever spoke about what really happened with gain-of-function, HIV, you know, and because they were outcasts.
Luke Montagnier won the Nobel Prize in 2008, and what it was used for then was to silence him, because he was telling the truth.
You know, and Alex, to your point, 98% of drunk college freshmen can identify as female.
But they tell us, I've got articles here, major universities today are saying, no, anybody can be a woman.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a woman.
I'm not.
It's easy because it's all about X. The X chromosome and the Y is the problem.
And we know we can help the problem that these men can't think with both brains at the same time with your Nitric Boost.
And I'm a 6'4 NBA player.
Nitric Oxide works to make one of the... You did a plug for Nitric Boost.
You love the ingredients.
It sold a lot of it.
What does something like Nitric Boost product do for your blood?
It allows it to flow regularly.
It allows this guy to use both brains that he has that Y-chromosome problem that doesn't exist if you want to use that certain target bathing suit.
We're getting off here.
But the point is, again, he's saying consensus.
Highfalutin school, Harvard, that takes these outliers.
No, Harvard is creating the sentence.
The consensus.
That's where all the corruption came from.
Ian Lipkin, John Coffey.
We should talk about Harvard in a whole interview sometime, but it seems like, people say, who runs the world?
It seems like Harvard Mafia runs it.
But that's what we show.
Harvard, Columbia, Yale.
Who's the top?
Columbia, Yale, to all the places, Tony Fauci, Georgetown, GW, where he's going and giving consensus speech, because that's a cult.
When you see how the cult is run in presidential takedown, what I uncovered is that every year the NIH gives out
I think?
For a comparison, the 2020 election to elect the President of the United States was $5.6 billion spent.
So every year, this medical mafia is basically spending six times the amount of money by the consensus of the scientists.
So how does this house of cards, how does this medical mafia work?
It works because they're stealing our money.
But the good news is they've doubled down and now they're failing.
So despite everything they've done, they can't put Humphrey W. back together again.
Let's play the last few minutes of Tyson because Dale Bigtree really gets his face.
That list of highly pedigreed medical professionals that you are citing?
I'm not interested in medical pedigree.
I'm interested in medical consensus.
In scientific consensus.
The moment someone says, well I'm of this highfalutin school or this, that's like, okay that means they're going to say something that goes against the consensus and they want to use that to help other people follow what it is they say.
I'm just saying you need someone who represents a medical consensus here to have that conversation with.
We had a medical consensus around a product that we knew nothing about, and a medical consensus around a virus you told us they knew nothing about.
They kept telling us we know very little about it.
So why was there a medical consensus that was keeping out renowned scientists from the conversation when they were telling us on television we don't know a lot about this virus, we're trying to figure it out.
Scientists that were on the ground, that were dealing with patients, were being censored, were being shut down, their YouTube channels were being shut down, their LinkedIn's were being shut down.
Because the individual scientist does not matter.
We started this conversation on that very fact.
Yes, of course it does.
And the scientific method, producing a consensus.
And whatever is that consensus... Alright, then I'll tell you this.
When I can look, when I can look now in the rearview mirror and said it while it was happening that there is a... and by the way,
All the scientists I just showed proved to be right.
They told you that this virus, that the vaccine would not end this and would actually cause an endemic because you've now made people that cannot clear this virus and kill it, they're all asymptomatic carriers.
That's all this vaccine keeps doing.
So now we're stuck with this virus.
We didn't follow the same path we always have with every other illness like former coronaviruses and most of the time flus.
The hospitalizations are low.
For now, for now.
But as you and I both know, these variants continue to be out there and we are all worried that there could be a variant in the future that could be dangerous.
But all that being said, in the end, what I am standing for is that there's no challenge being allowed.
That the NIH, when it's telling us it's objectively looking at a virus they're telling us they don't know much about, is pushing out
We're good.
All right, and I sent them that clip, the full clip.
He says, I need you to back up science.
I need you to stop this.
I need you.
We'll post the full interview to InfoWars.com.
We're going to come back with Judy Mikovits and, of course, our kid, Heckin Lively, here to talk about this.
But we're going to break right now.
Stay with us.
Hour number three and four are coming up.
We're going to talk a few minutes in the next hour, put a bookend on this, and then air
The Great Awakening, Plandemic 3, next hour.
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Hour number three straight ahead.
The Great Awakening is live.
The great Dr. Judy Mikovits is our guest.
Be sure to check out her website, TheRealDrJudy.com at True Hero.
Best-selling author, researcher, and science teacher.
Kent Heckin-Lively's here.
All right, we're gonna be able to air about 90% of...
We're good.
You are the resistance.
You could overpower their AI systems.
They're scared of you.
But Kent, you wanted to say something in closing, and so did Judy, because we went up to break with that ridiculous Niels deGrasse Tyson.
You were saying it's just crazy.
That's what I'll close with.
The interesting thing about that is Robert Malone discovered the mRNA technologies.
And it was data that said they were bad.
So he won't even listen to, he said they, highfalutin titles, only consensus.
You can't have consensus unless you have the same education and the same perspective.
Well, exactly.
You have a consensus by the mRNA experts.
By the data.
And the father says we did it, it's bad.
But expanding on that,
They know it's not a consensus.
That's why they censure all of us to create a false consensus.
But consensus of data is validation.
Validation is what you do with science.
In a cult, you have consensus.
You validate data.
You replicate data.
You replicate it using the same methods.
It's not data otherwise.
That's science.
It's not an opinion and it's not a consensus.
And new technology sometimes proves it ultimately wrong.
But that's what we found out about making synthetic virus-like particles.
And making them go through the air like normal viruses.
The immune system can't cut them up and respond.
So they become immune compromised because of the synthetic nature.
So the vaccines didn't work because they were injected.
And it didn't matter what it was.
And we know that now, and thanks to your trailblazing and Kent's trailblazing.
Literally, you were the first at the whole start of this to warn it was coming.
Publishing a book right as it began that had been written over a year.
But then what was their master plan then?
Because these are criminals.
They had a larger plan.
What were they planning to do?
Well, God caught them.
Science, data, never lie.
COVID-19 was premeditated murder.
Drive that other narrative.
Cremate the victims and call it something else.
You've created your genocide.
You've weakened our immune system.
You've made us dependent on the poisons and the toxins.
That's what Mickey and Dell and this collaboration show you.
And you set yourself up as God that you control people's bodies.
And that's the Great Awakening.
When he saw it from his avenue, we saw it from ours.
Kent, the historian in sixth grade science... All of us together combined are unstoppable.
That's it.
You know, for me, when I finished watching The Great Awakening,
I just felt so incredibly humbled.
Now, you've been great on talking about all the books that I've written, but I found myself going, like, I am so inadequate to the tasks before us.
But, you know, I am inadequate to the task, but with God's help, we're going to do it.
I just wanted to say something was absolutely terrifying to me about Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I want people to think about this.
Neil deGrasse Tyson said, the individual scientist doesn't matter.
What I heard
Is anathema to science.
What immediately came to my mind is what would Neil deGrasse Tyson have done to Galileo when he was under the control of the Catholic Church?
When he said it moves.
Take your time.
Describe what happened to Galileo for those of us who don't know.
So, Galileo was imprisoned by the Catholic Church for saying that the earth moved around the sun.
Galileo was threatened with burning at the stake.
When I hear Neil deGrasse Tyson say the individual scientist doesn't matter, I think that Neil deGrasse Tyson is the kind of tyrant who would have put Galileo
At the stake and burned him.
That is what I hear when Neil deGrasse Tyson says the individual scientist doesn't matter.
The individual scientist doesn't, does matter.
The individual matters so much.
He discredits himself.
He's an individual scientist.
Why do we listen to you?
Where does it start?
The individuals make up the collective.
And Ken, how did they carry that out?
What did John Coffin
At PNAS, in the National Academies of Science, who reviewed our 2009 science paper, and then destroyed it, and turned it into science.
What did he say he was going to do to me?
He said her faithful followers will canonize her, and the scientists, the consensus, will burn her at the stake.
Wow, they said that about you!
So they even know, they're literally an inquisition!
They literally called you a witch!
It's in our first book!
You can't make that up!
She's Joan of Arc.
That's what I was saying.
These people are so freaking stupid and arrogant that they think they're going to get away with it.
Now, they're not confessing.
They're bragging about their power.
And that is what brings them down.
That is how God brings them down.
All right.
You know, be humble.
I mean, you know, it's been a great experience working with Judy because she is so incredibly God-centered.
She just says, you know, am I doing God's will?
That's all I need to be thinking about it.
And, you know, doing these books, it's been an exploration of my own spirituality because I see God moving through the world in positive ways, giving power to the truth-tellers and disempowering the liars.
Well, look, a lot of folks are going to like it from this film, but people also need to read books.
So tell us about Ending Plague, because this is how you counter the enemy, and where do people get Ending Plague?
Well, Ending Plague you can get at therealdrjudy.com in our Get Healthy store.
Of course, you can try to get it on Amazon.
It often gets censored.
Don't bother.
But major booksellers.
But more importantly, what Ending Plague is, and you said, what's the next thing that's going to happen?
We already told you and so it won't if we stand up.
This is what Mickey knows.
This is what... But look at their propaganda.
What do they plan to release?
They already told us and they already injected us and God already won and we're already healing them and they've already... I was about to say SV40.
I saw big articles, mainstream news this week that they're finding in the Pfizer shot SV40, the monkey virus, monkey cancer virus.
Of course, they grew them in monkey kidney cell lines.
We've injected these viruses
In polio vaccines since 1962.
We've already won.
So, they're going to read the book, people ship it out.
For people that are out there, how do we counter the spike protein, the cancer virus, what do we do?
That's what everything is right here.
We've already done it.
We cured AIDS.
No, not one thing.
Not one off.
That's right.
We don't ever give another shot.
We neutrify.
We detoxify.
We stop eating glyphosate.
We stop everything.
Their poisons can't penetrate us if we don't inject them.
The most important thing?
Never another shot.
We have alternative systems set up for wellness.
New academies.
New education.
Academy of Abiding Wellness.
It's all on the real, Dr. Judy.
We've been building the alternate system.
When they fall apart, we will welcome everyone, and we will all heal our land.
Alright, that was powerful.
Kent, no pressure.
You gonna stay tomorrow and do the show tomorrow, or you gotta go?
I gotta go, Alex.
I understand.
Hey, you got exciting stuff you told me about.
Yep, absolutely.
Super exciting stuff.
Maybe somebody will be able to tell that story on air.
Yep, happy to do it.
Alright, The Great Awakening.
The new book, Defeating the Globalists and Launching the Next Great Renaissance.
Be the first to get the book.
Pre-orders now on Amazon.
We want to push it to number one.
We want to thank you all for your support.
All right, great job to the crew.
Great job to Judy.
Great job to Ken.
We're going to now just go right to it, and we're going to air the new film, The Great Awakening, that's got Dr. Judy in it and so much more.
And I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing, 11 a.m.
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