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Name: 20230602_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 2, 2023
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What do they think if you have a discredited power structure and a discredited system that's hated, and Congress has a 7% approval rating, and the media has an 8% approval rating, and national Gallup polls, the most unpopular things in America, other than like cockroaches and cancer, is the media and Congress and the government.
And so, then the system says I'm the devil,
For a decade or more, intensely.
In the last seven years, super intensely.
And then they wonder why I'm a folk hero in people's views.
I'm not bragging, it's what I'm seen as.
And why I'm seen as the black sheet in avant-garde and cutting edge.
Which I don't even really deserve.
I mean, I've been a good talk show host.
I've cared about freedom.
I've said a lot of things that were accurate.
I've had a lot of amazing guests on, but I mean, I'm not as cool as people think I am now.
I mean, it's like Elvis Presley, folks.
And by the way, the media makes jokes about this.
That's it.
I'm going to go out with cameras and show you.
I'm going to go out with cameras and show you me getting mobbed everywhere.
Because now I realize how much they hate that.
I mean, what do they think they did?
What do they think is going on?
An important question is because these, I think everyone here tonight is likely voting for you, right?
So... However...
It's gonna come down to those people that maybe are in the middle a little more, and the argument that they make to me is, if he would just tone it down a hair, stop a little of the name-calling... Hang on!
I said it's their question, leave me alone.
That it might help you with swing voters that are needed for you to get over the finish line.
It's already hard enough electoral vote-wise for a Republican to win.
What do you say to them?
I said this to everybody.
Okay, you ready?
I won an election.
It was unprecedented.
We beat somebody that supposedly had it made.
And, you know, they probably did things in that election, too.
They were shocked.
But I came into office.
And from the day I got in, I was under siege by people that have been in Washington for many years, put in there by many different presidents, in most cases, people that were against me.
Like, they spied on my campaign.
They did all sorts of things.
Let me just cut it off here because I want to play another clip before the break.
What was interesting is even Trump said Hannity shouldn't make fun of Biden when he falls over and we shouldn't make fun of Biden when he can't walk and talk because it makes the country look bad.
So there's a little bit of a back and forth there.
But here's Trump's Achilles heel.
What he said in clip nine.
Can you shift gears and move this country, I think, very quickly?
Let me just say, so I heard DeSantis saying, oh, well, I get eight years, I get eight years, he gets four.
You don't need four and you don't need eight.
You need six months.
Within six months, I said, within six months, this can be done.
Other than, other than, we don't need eight years.
And frankly, I wouldn't vote for him because he said, you need eight years, you need six months.
We're going to drill, we're going to get our energy down.
When the energy comes down, other things come down.
So folks, I think in debates, Trump can probably go ahead and cut it.
I think Trump can probably navigate the vaccine issues and the COVID issues.
I really do.
But this whole notion of, oh, I can do it in six months.
You had four years.
There's no talking your way out of that.
You had four years.
So this brag, oh, I can do it in six months.
Well, you had four years, so what do you mean six months?
Somehow, some way, I was able to walk into the studio today and walk up on the set and not trip.
Somehow, we made it happen.
The cameras were rolling, but we made it happen, folks.
Biden can't say the same.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Friday, June 2nd, 2023 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
An honor and a privilege for myself, Owen Troyer, to be filling in today.
Alex is going to be joining us shortly with big breaking news.
I think he wants to get deeper into the story with the underground bunkers or whatever else is being made in the mountains of Hawaii.
With some of his own exclusive photos and videos.
As he described it yesterday, it's like a scene out of The Incredibles.
One of the best movies, by the way.
But you go into the underground bunker in the mountain, in the volcano, and it's just the whole thing is run by AI and machines and the security guards and everything.
Like, that's an evil villain compound.
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg is building one of those.
So we're going to be hearing from Alex on that and other news.
There's been this meme going around for probably three years, but it's never been more the flavor of the month as it is.
With the tornado in the background and the man taking the picture.
You can tell he's in a tornado.
His face is looking like, holy crap, I'm in a tornado.
Except it's all the Gay Pride logos and flags and everything in the tornado coming up behind him.
Look out, it's coming!
I mean, my goodness.
How many emails did you get yesterday about Gay Pride?
How many promotional items and gimmicks did you have to be subjected to yesterday for Gay Pride?
I mean, it's just insane.
When is Straight Pride Month?
When is Christian Pride Month?
The whole thing is propaganda.
And really the whole thing is Democrat propaganda.
It's pro-Democrat, anti-Republican propaganda masquerading as something to do with LGBTQ plus rights.
Yet you can't name one right an LGBTQ plus person doesn't have.
It's all Democrat Party propaganda.
They put out the straw man.
This time it's in a nice rainbow flag.
They put out the straw man.
And they say, look, we care about you.
See, look, you're an isolated group.
You're a minority.
You're a victim.
We're the Democrats.
We're going to virtue signal for you.
See, we're going to have Pride Month.
And then just any basic conservative responses.
I want nothing to do with that.
I'd like to go watch a baseball game without being subjected to this.
Oh, now you're targeting the children?
I think I'm going to boycott you.
And the Democrats say, see?
They're bigots!
They're bigots!
We told you!
It's all Democrat Party propaganda.
That's all it is.
It's all political.
It's the same gamut they run with Black Lives Matter and everything else.
They put the straw man out there.
Oh, see?
See, black people?
See, you're victims.
You can't, you can't, you don't even know how to get a driver's license, but we're here, we're the Democrat Party, and we're here for you.
And then just thinking conservatives, or, you know, now black people that disagree with that message are now white supremacists too.
And then the Democrats say, see?
Look at the racist bigots we told you!
It's all Democrat Party propaganda.
So we'll have more on that.
It's like, I don't even want to talk about it.
But it's insane.
The FBI promotes it.
The Navy promotes it.
The Air Force promotes it.
You're like, what?
Hello, welcome to the ball game, and today we'll be saluting all the homosexuals in the audience.
Uh, why don't all the sodomites in the audience stand up and we'll give you a round of applause.
Oh, yay.
Yeah, oh, I did sodomy last night.
Yeah, Pride Month.
Stand and get your applause.
Now, in the serious news, Joe Biden can't walk, Joe Biden can't talk, but he can out-negotiate Kevin McCarthy on the debt ceiling.
That's embarrassing for McCarthy.
The standoff between the House, GOP, and the FBI gets more interesting, and it's starting to expand into other realms.
They're going to have impeachment hearings for Mayorkas.
They've already got witnesses.
They're going to call up Border Patrol agents, the heads of Border Patrol, ICE, other such things.
They're chomping at the bit to testify to Congress.
Kind of like the FBI whistleblowers and that powerful testimony.
You know, the government will destroy you if you dissent.
In other words, the American left that runs the government will destroy you if you dissent.
So it's going to be the same thing.
Borders wide open.
Yep, we catch pedophiles, we catch terrorists.
Mayorkas says it's secure.
It's not.
More illegal immigrants than ever before.
All congressional testimony, whistleblowers, everything.
So that's coming up.
But Ray, Chris Ray, is trying to weasel his way out.
Chris Ray is trying to weasel his way out from releasing the Biden crime family documents.
And so after all the political pressure and the subpoenas,
And the threats to be held in contempt of Congress.
He says, well, maybe I'll give you, maybe I'll give you this one document.
Maybe I'll give you one document.
But no.
Byron Donalds is now the, Byron Donalds might now be the number one Republican in the House.
I think he might, I think he surpassed Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Marjorie Taylor Greene voted for this debt thing, and she's basically supported it.
She's riding it out with McCarthy.
It's just disgusting.
And I love Marjorie Taylor Greene.
But, it's just, she's gonna hop on the bandwagon with McCarthy, who's a total loser, so that's fine.
GOP Representative Byron Donalds declares constitutional crisis over FBI Director Wray defying congressional subpoena.
Kind of a big deal.
You have a rogue
Federal bureaucracy, a rogue government agency, is what you have.
Protecting the elite criminal class.
Protecting the political criminal class.
I mean, it's even part of the corrupted political class.
And you can't even hold them accountable, you can't
Subpoena them.
Nobody will hold them in contempt of Congress.
Totally above the law.
A huge issue.
And it's Byron Donalds.
It's not Kevin McCarthy.
It's not Mitch McConnell.
Who was it?
Somebody recommended Byron Donalds for Speaker of the House.
He got a couple votes a couple times.
Boy, that would have been a nice one.
You got Kevin McCarthy who's playing tiddlywinks with Joe Biden, or you've got Byron Donalds who's saying there's a constitutional crisis because the FBI and I think it's above the law.
Who do you like as Speaker of the House?
We got Kevin McCarthy.
But hey, you know what?
That's fine.
So, maybe this is just going to further push the Republican Party to the right, politically,
And to the center, when it comes to just common sense stuff.
It shouldn't be a right-wing issue to say that the FBI is acting as a rogue agency, not abiding by the Constitution.
Now, if you want to say, we're not going to sign a clown debt ceiling, we're not going to have unlimited debt, okay, you could say that's political policy that's further to the right.
Calling the FBI out
As the corrupted institution that it is should be center.
But, so now we know.
We dipped our pen in the establishment's ink again with Kevin McCarthy and what do you know?
It wrote nothing for us.
So, okay, so, so... Okay, we learned the hard way.
Now we'll have to be even more staunchly standoffish when you try to promote some swamp creature like Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House.
So we learned the hard way.
Kevin McCarthy playing tiddlywinks
Celebrating the debt vote in the House that more Democrats voted for than Republicans.
Playing tiddlywinks with Joey Biden.
Little Kevin McCarthy and Joey Biden playing tiddlywinks.
$4 trillion, $10 trillion, a bajillion dollars.
They don't care.
They're having fun with your money.
Byron Donalds, on the other hand, is saying, hey, you know, we've got the crisis here where the FBI is thinking they're above the law.
And in the Constitution, actually, Congress is above the FBI, but they think they're above us.
This is a constitutional crisis.
Pick your house speaker.
Oh, too late!
We already chose McCarthy.
And now, we don't even have enough people in the house to stand up and say it's time to get rid of him.
We'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex Jones coming up as well.
Alright, we got a loaded Friday for you here at InfoWars.
Alex Jones coming up in the next segment.
You know, from the road, Alex, I think...
Unintentionally, actually, broke two major news stories, which, you know, the Jamie Foxx story was already out there, but after he and I talked about it on the Jones Show, I guess that was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, there have been nothing but headlines in regards to Jamie Foxx.
Now they say he's blind and paralyzed after a stroke caused from the vaccine.
So it was kind of like a murmur.
And then we talked about it on the Alex Jones Show, now it's like Megaphone, Amplify, 500,000 watts, just blast it out.
Everybody knows it now.
And, I mean, if all the stories are true, folks, this is just... Maybe it's the straw that broke the camel's back.
I don't know if Jamie Foxx can even speak for himself right now.
I'd be seriously concerned if I was his family.
Or his friends.
I guess, you know, the greedy pigs at Hollywood don't really care.
They'll just AI him into the films now.
By the way, they're promoting a new movie that he's in.
Right now.
It's running on all the major networks, during all the ballgames, everything.
The movie that he, uh, is in, I think it's called Strays.
But, uh, oh, they're not gonna tell you about the serious harm he's in because of, uh, it's the vaccine.
Imagine that.
You just had an instance
Where Jeremy Renner, I believe is his name.
It's Jeremy Renner, right guys?
He's got a show with Disney now, pretty cool guy.
And he's really into mechanics, stuff like that.
Does a show to get kids into mechanics and engineering and, you know, trucks.
And he's riding his snowblower and he almost loses his leg.
And it's a huge story!
You know, Jeremy Renner almost loses his leg.
Big, big snowplow accident.
Thoughts and prayers.
Oh, Jamie Foxx doesn't get that because he was vaccine injured.
Is that why we don't hear about Jamie Foxx?
Why don't we have all the outpouring of support as Jamie Foxx is hospitalized?
Is it because it's a vaccine-induced hospitalization?
But my point is that it was kind of a murmur, and then Alex and I were talking about it, and now it's just everywhere.
And now the same thing with the bunker story.
And I'm just kind of like caught in a tornado here.
Alex comes on yesterday, talks about this big story he's going to break about Zuckerberg's bunkers.
It's like an evil fortress.
Teases it, shows you some of the stuff.
And then I see it all over the news today about Zuckerberg's secret bunkers.
So even out of town from the road, disheveled hair and all, Alex Jones breaking news stories.
Yeah, there it is.
The Jeremy Renner story.
And he got a bunch of TV interviews afterwards.
Will Jamie Foxx get the same treatment?
Will we highlight Jamie Foxx's hospitalization?
Or is there a reason why we can't?
It's kind of like there was just a news story today.
I don't even have it on my desk.
Maybe you guys can find it.
The creators of OxyContin.
If you plug OxyContin into a news search, it'll probably show up.
You know, they're getting sued because of all the damages, and then they basically just won a lawsuit, will never be liable for any damages from their drugs.
But they'll make up all kinds of crap!
They'll make up all kinds of crap!
If you're a conservative talk show host or a conservative commentator, they'll make up all kinds of crap about you, and how you might have damaged people, but when you literally create a product that damages people, and it's in the pharmaceutical industry, you're fine.
Don't even worry about that.
Don't even sweat that.
In fact, we'll pay you for your troubles.
Amazing stuff.
I am looking forward though, again Alex is going to be joining us in the next segment,
I'm getting word now, Alex will be joining us in hour two now.
But looking forward to see what other images or videos he has.
Because I mean, I'm going to be honest, I kind of want to see Zuckerberg's evil lair.
I mean, I'm going to tell you, I think, I want to see Zuckerberg's evil lair.
I wish he'd give us a tour.
How can he afford all this?
Meta has completely crashed.
In fact, Meta is in the news today.
Let me hit some censorship news here quickly.
As we're all being warned about AI and an AI drill in the Air Force goes horribly wrong.
But since we're talking about meta and that issue, first of all, it does own Instagram.
Yeah, there it is right there.
The Sacklers will pay six billion in deal that shields them from lawsuits in an Oxycontin lawsuit.
Is that even a real name?
Like, I'll tell you, I can't even...
I can't even separate reality from fiction anymore, folks.
It's just, it's insane.
It's just insane.
Like, you see some of this stuff, you see some of this stuff where they promote... The crew did exactly what I said.
I'm gaslit by my own news story.
Like, I can't even believe... The Sacklers!
The Sacklers are paying $6 billion to be immune from lawsuits!
The Sacklers!
The Sacklers?
I mean, what?
Who's next?
The Grablers?
The Grifters?
It's just totally insane.
So Zuckerberg switches the name of the parent company to Meta, gives basically the whole future of Facebook to Meta.
It completely flops.
I think the Metaverse has like 20 members in it now.
It's a total failure.
But anyway, they run Instagram, and they have now banned Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'
's account.
The regime fights back.
Instagram bans Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'
's account.
Is Trump banned on Instagram?
I don't know.
Meta, though... Meta vows to remove news from Facebook if California bill passes.
This is actually a Democrat bill.
And so here's the gist of it.
The measure authored by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, Democrat from Oakland, would require social media companies including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to pay a monthly journalism usage fee to be determined through an arbitration process based on the social media platform's monthly ad revenue.
Let me translate that in how it's actually going to be applied here.
They're going to sell a journalism badge or a journalism pass.
So, I've expressed this many times.
Just because I'm a journalist, a reporter, whatever, I should not have any more First Amendment rights than you do.
Now, the truth is, I do, actually.
In legal theory and applied law, I actually do have more First Amendment rights than some people because of my status.
I don't like that.
But see, imagine taking that to the next level and saying, you have to pay to get your First Amendment rights, and I have the ability to reject you.
That's what this is really about.
They want to have a pre-screening process where you have to apply to get your First Amendment right on the internet,
And they can reject you.
Now in that process, do you think Alex Jones gets a First Amendment right?
Do you think Owen Schroer gets a First Amendment right?
Peter McCullough?
So see, that's what this is really about.
And so you know what?
Good on Meta for threatening to leave if the bill passes.
I'm not sure it's for the right reasons, but still that's the case.
So Democrats now want you to have to pay for First Amendment rights, and they want to have the ability to pre-screen you out of the process.
No, it's Joe Biden.
He can't stand up.
Joe Biden, featuring Falling Down.
Nobody's better than Joe.
Watch him here as he falls down this flight of stairs.
And then, oh!
Falling Up, featuring Joe Biden.
As the president, ooh, another flight of stairs.
This one is at night.
It's a little windy.
And, oh!
Down goes old Joe.
He touched down not even four hours ago.
That was a quick trip, but as you said, very impactful.
Oh, he fell again!
Oh, a third time on the... Okay, now in Japan.
Look out for that step!
He has allocated to invest in police departments and training of police officers.
It appears as though the president did have a slight trip there as he's boarding Air Force One.
Fourth trip.
Oh, here comes the bike.
Watch out, Joe!
Look out, Joe!
No matter what their cost.
Oh my.
2, 10, 12, 15.
Oh, stepping on them.
It's black.
Stepping on something black?
What a racist.
Oh, oh my gosh.
He almost fell down those steps.
Did you see that look on his face after that?
He had a life.
His whole life flashed before his eyes.
Now here at the Air Force Academy.
Did the crowd just cheer?
Joe Biden wants to run again when he can barely walk.
Did the crowd just cheer Joe Biden?
So last night on Hannity, I think Trump was probably serious and I think it shows that he really does love the country and he really does want to be president.
I think he was genuine when Hannity actually brought this up.
I don't think Trump wanted to bring it up.
Because the way Hannity prefaced it last night was, you know, you send me texts, and I know you don't want to talk about this, but you send me texts when I make fun of Joe Biden and call him names, you say that I shouldn't be doing that, because he's the president and it's embarrassing for the country, and he kind of got into it last night.
Trump got into it last night about that.
And I think he was genuine, and I think he was serious.
And it is embarrassing.
It is embarrassing for the country, and I guess
We're caught in the crossroads here of, you know, the media sits there and tells us, oh, Joe Biden, most capable ever, most equipped ever, most ready to be president, greatest president ever.
He's totally fit.
He's fit for office.
Just total BS.
Behind closed doors, they all talk about how Biden is a complete disaster.
So it's like, okay, the media wants to tell me how great Joe Biden is.
Well, he can't even walk.
He can't even talk.
So it's like, yeah, I realize Joe Biden is a complete embarrassment for the country on the world stage.
But here it is again, the American media just lying to you through the whole process.
Now, we were able to obtain audio
From Joe Biden's security team yesterday as he took the fall.
And so, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.
Joe Biden's security team audio trying to coach Joe Biden through the event.
And, well, it went like this.
Hi, Joe.
Let's see if you can even get to the damn mark this time.
Remember, like we practice, walk around, go up and say hi to the general, and then get behind the podium.
Yep, upstairs.
Careful, careful.
You know how you are with stairs.
Okay, that podium, yes.
Walk forward, walk forward, say hi to the general, and stop.
And stop.
Where are you going?
Not that general!
Oh my god.
Joe, go back to the podium.
Oh my god, this is so awkward.
These poor cadets.
Joe, to the podium.
Did you?
Direct him to the podium, please.
Yeah, thank you.
Come on!
There you go, old man.
Get up there.
No, the podium, you idiot!
Where are you going?
Oh, God.
You know, I hope something happens to you later.
Alright, go ahead and walk off the stage now, Joe.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What happened?
Did someone push you?
Invisible stairs?
There's nothing there, Joe!
All right, that I've got from Maga Meme Wizard on Twitter.
I want to give a hat tip there.
That was funny stuff.
And when you watch all the different angles, you can see all the responses from the cadets, the generals, everybody around and behind him.
Folks, this is just, this is a walking embarrassment at this point.
And I hear the, I hear the back and forth.
Well, Joe Biden decides to do this.
Joe Biden is the one that wants to do this.
You know, I'm not so sure.
We hear the commentary.
I'm not so sure.
Why would Joe Biden's wife do this to him?
Well, maybe she's power hungry.
Why would Joe Biden's family do this to him?
Well, maybe they're power hungry.
Or maybe he's blackmailed.
He has no choice.
But it really is just, it's a walking disaster.
Everybody knows it.
You watch the responses from the cadets, the generals, the security teams behind Joe throughout the day.
It's just, it's a joke.
It's a joke.
And then he gets up there and lies to them.
Biden tells Air Force cadets he applied to the Naval Academy after graduating high school 300 years ago.
Actually, maybe that was the truth.
Joe Biden is 370 years old, or whatever.
It's like, just when he was in Japan, talking to troops there, he says, you know, my son, Bo, died in combat.
He didn't!
He didn't die in combat!
That's just an outright lie!
His son died of brain cancer.
He just lies.
It doesn't get any better for Joe.
He's already got plenty of head problems, brain problems, brain damage even.
Joe Biden bumps his head while exiting Marine One after taking massive fall earlier in the day.
Do you agree with Trump?
So I don't know.
We just shouldn't talk about this.
We should just ignore this.
We should just let the media get away with their lies.
The Democrats get away with their lies.
That he's fit.
Mentally fit.
Physically fit.
Oh look, he can ride a bike.
Oh look, he can hit a golf ball into a rock and nearly take his own head off.
Or should we sit here and show it?
And hope that people would not even think about voting for this clown again.
They can't walk or talk.
Did they vote for him in the first place, though?
I guess that's the real question.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, here we are on the Alex Jones Show, still live on air every day.
Band.Video still up and operating and hosting so many great political commentators, talk show hosts, musicians, comedians over there at Band.Video.
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You know, I would say, for the freedom community, red pill community, the Great Awakening, American patriots, however you want to phrase it, you know the movement, you understand the energy.
I don't think there's ever been a tougher choice, really, for us when it comes to who to support for president.
And that's a good thing.
That's a good thing.
The fact that we have a handful of candidates that might be a good choice, and they're coming from both sides of the aisle.
RFK Jr., obviously Donald Trump leading the pack.
I still think Ron DeSantis overall, probably a good candidate.
I don't think he's ready for the job quite yet.
The swamp embracing and promoting him is a little concerning, but that can all just be more anti-Trump stuff.
I like Vivek Ramaswamy.
I think the conversation is going the right direction.
So it's actually good that it's a serious conversation, I think, that the freedom patriot community is having.
It's like, well, who do we like?
I still like Trump.
I have my reasons.
I'm not a purist.
And it's just, I see stuff like this and it just tells me, I mean, they still really hate him more than anybody else.
Georgia probe of Trump broadens to activities in other states.
So then it's not a Georgia probe of Trump, is it?
It's another Democrat deep state probe of Trump.
As if we didn't know that.
So in other words, they can't find anything in Georgia, so they're going to look somewhere else.
And this is the exact same thing they do out of New York and everywhere else.
They just, they find these localized Democrat strongholds where they can start an investigation into Trump, and then when they don't find anything, they just say, well, our jurisdiction ends nowhere, actually, when it comes to Trump.
We can investigate Trump.
So, Georgia probe of Trump now goes to other states.
Yes, yes.
And when, you know, it's NASA, I think.
Somebody promised we're going to have people on the moon by 2030.
I don't buy it.
Or it'll be in a California studio.
No, no, no, no, no.
Actually, maybe I'm a believer now.
We're going to send FBI agents to the moon, and we're going to have to start investigating Donald Trump's activities on the moon.
I mean, this is out of control.
Georgia probe of Trump should not stop in the continental United States.
I don't even think it should stop on planet Earth.
We need to be sending investigators to the moon, auditing the moon, everything.
See what Donald Trump has been up to on the moon.
And if we don't find anything that Donald Trump has done on the moon, let's get to Mars then.
Surely Trump is guilty of something on Mars.
Sure, I will fly.
We'll be supporting Elon Musk.
Must get us to Mars.
We've got to investigate Trump.
We couldn't find anything in the United States.
We couldn't find anything in Russia.
We couldn't find anything on planet Earth.
Dammit, we tried the moon, nothing there.
Mars is the one.
It'll be 2028 and I'm not even kidding you, you'll see Democrats talking about investigating Trump on Mars.
We found a... These people are so nuts.
We found one of Donald Trump's gold hairs on the surface of Mars, and this leads us to speculate what type of activity Donald Trump may have been into with the Martians.
It'll be Rachel Maddow's top story for four years.
Trump colludes with the Martians!
This sounds insane.
We are in a clown world planet.
So, the probe of Donald Trump, there is no jurisdiction.
Georgia, go to other states, go to other countries, go to the moon, go to Mars, go to Mars moons, go anywhere.
Investigate the gas giant of Jupiter.
Dammit, Donald Trump's illegal activities are somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy.
We will span the entire Milky Way galaxy until we find what Trump is guilty of.
We're not sure if alien life exists, but if it does, Trump was colluding with them to rig elections.
Babylon Bee, are you listening?
Babylon Bee, I've got it.
I've got your next headline.
Probe of Donald Trump on the moon begins.
Mars next.
Grand jury of Martians set up to investigate Trump.
But let's get serious for a second.
So here's the problem.
I think Donald Trump can navigate his way around the issue on the vaccines and the COVID lockdown.
Because at the end of the day,
He is right that the pressure was on to get the vaccines out.
We all remember the Democrats hated the Trump vaccines at the time, then they loved them as soon as he got out of office.
So I do think he can navigate himself around that.
There's a large portion of the Trump voter base that actually likes vaccines.
It's mostly the older generation, the boomer generation.
They like vaccines.
They've had the vaccine propaganda their whole life.
They love it.
So I think he can navigate himself around that.
I think that there's so much hatred of Anthony Fauci from the COVID process that it's basically just like a vacuum and Trump can either easily sidestep it or even just move it himself over to Fauci and just blame Fauci for everything.
Whether you believe that's legitimate or not, this is just how I see it going.
So I actually think Trump can navigate the vaccine issue and navigate the COVID lockdown issue.
Probably the worst thing he did, but I think he can navigate it politically.
And that might be one of his toughest challenges, but I think he can navigate it.
I think the real challenge, and we played the clips earlier, maybe I'll play them again.
In fact, let's play clip nine again.
This to me is the real challenge.
How quickly can you shift gears and move this country?
I think very quickly.
Let me just say, so I heard DeSantis saying, oh well I get 8 years, I get 8 years, he gets 4.
You don't need 4 and you don't need 8.
You need 6 months.
Within 6 months, I said, within 6 months this can be done.
Other than, other than, we don't need eight years.
And frankly, I wouldn't vote for him because he said you need eight years, you need six months.
We're going to drill, we're going to get our energy down.
When the energy comes down, other things come down.
And we're going to take care of things.
We're going to immediately close up the border.
We had the greatest border, we had the safest border in the history of our country.
Now we have the worst border in the history of the world.
So Trump saying, oh, I can do it in six months.
Well, you've already had four years.
So that really doesn't work with me.
And I don't want to be guilty of insanity doing the same thing and expecting different results.
So on that issue, that's for me, that's like even myself.
I never took the vaccine.
We never locked down here.
Am I in a small portion of America that is
Fortunate enough to be there?
Then, yes, that's the case.
But really, everybody could have been there.
Everybody could have stood up and rejected it.
Whether Trump was on top of the mountain saying, everybody take the vaccine, or Trump was saying, nobody take the vaccine.
It doesn't matter.
So, I'm not a purist.
I can even still vote for him through that.
But see, that's the one that gets me right there.
To sit here and say, oh, you only need six months.
Trump, you had four years.
You had four years.
And you knew what the deep state was by year three, and you could have done things by year three.
Even if you want to claim, oh, I was learning, or oh, I didn't know who to trust and who not to trust, by year three, come on.
By year four, even?
So that's the one for me where it's like, I don't know.
And I was doing some deep thought about this.
But first, let's play DeSantis.
And this is the second time I've heard DeSantis say this.
And this is, to me, this is going to be Trump's Achilles heel even more than the vaccines and the COVID stuff.
Because there's nothing Trump can respond to.
There's no wiggling your way out of this.
Here's DeSantis saying this on the campaign trail for the second time in response to Trump's six months comment.
Slay the deep state, this big, unaccountable bureaucracy that's been weaponized, that we've been complaining about as Republicans for decades.
To be able to slay that, that is going to require discipline, it's going to require focus, and it's going to require an ability to be long enough so that the bureaucrats just can't out-waste you.
So, if the former president says he can slay the deep state in six months, my question to him would be, well you already had four years, why didn't you slay it then?
There is nothing that Trump can say in response to that.
Again, there are responses and ways he can navigate himself out of the vaccine, COVID lockdown issue.
I don't see any way for him to talk himself out of that.
Other than to get more hardcore in his rhetoric and make promises about draining the swamp that he didn't make before, which that'll be a good thing.
But you know, let me say this before we go to the first hour break and Alex Jones joins us in the next hour.
I've been saying, I think right now, the course that we're on, Biden becomes president again.
And I'm not sure that I've changed my mind on that.
I still think because of, I mean, it was even said, I forget what we played the clip earlier.
I think it was Hannity.
There is no way with the Electoral College for a Republican candidate to win the presidency.
As long as the Democrats control Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, Detroit, Michigan.
There is no way with the Electoral College that a Republican can win.
But, but I'm starting to think there might be, and I'm starting to think maybe Donald Trump can actually win, because I think he's going to win the nomination.
But then there'll be something, there'll be a negative with that too at the end, just like there was with COVID.
So let me conclude that thought, and then I'm actually going to give out the phone number.
We're expecting Alex Jones this hour.
He's attending to some emergency business, so we may be on a delay there.
Hopefully he still can join us, but I'm going to give out the phone number.
But the current trajectory, I still think Joe Biden
Wins in 2024 just because I've not seen anything that would change that trajectory.
But I think we're about to cross that threshold and I think that Biden will be such a damaging president to the deep state and to the Democrat Party as he's been so far that they might just say, okay, maybe it's not worth it to have Biden in there again.
But also at that same time,
Who is going to be the nominee?
I mean, they're certainly not going to let Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
be their nominee.
So what, does Biden, you know, just take a backseat to Gavin Newsom?
Or how are they going to pull that off?
So major, major shifts of the trend and the trajectory are going to still happen, obviously, between now and 2024.
But I'm starting to think
I'm actually starting to change my odds-making if I'm doing political odds-making.
I'm starting to think actually Trump might be the odds-on favorite to be president soon because there is no doubt there is a great awakening happening in the soul of America, in the spirit, the consciousness of America.
And it's more important to snuff that out or try to redirect that
Then try to just overpower it with Joe Biden again.
So I could see the deep state, I could see the establishment letting Trump get in again.
I don't believe Trump is controlled opposition.
Some people might.
I think the result is the same, though, either way.
I think I could see Trump getting in again and maybe they wait and they do a cyber attack in 2027, right before the next election.
And so they kind of lull us to sleep.
We get the energy turned back on.
You know, I'll never forget, it ended up being the perfect analogy.
It stuck in my head forever.
The night Trump got elected, and I was up here working with Alex Jones, he gave the analogy where he said, I think that Trump's presidency is basically going to be like, we get a breath of fresh air and then we go right back down.
So it's like, imagine America has a 50 ton weight, a 50 ton anchor, chained to our
We're good to go.
So I can see the globalists, I can see the establishment, loosening the chains, letting us go back to the surface, get a breath of fresh air, turn our energy on, make us feel good again, get us back into that positive energy, positive vibe, lull us to sleep a little bit, and then in 2027, turn the lights out, turn the internet off, central bank digital currency, forget it, it's all done after that.
Doesn't matter who the president is.
So, so I'm starting to think that that's now becoming the odds-on favorite for 2024.
And I think unfortunately for Trump, whether he's controlled opposition or not is not going to matter.
That's going to be their plan.
And he failed with the COVID test.
So I can see why the deep state, the globalists assume he'd fail again on a cyber attack test or anything else.
So then you ask yourself the question.
Would you still vote for Trump if you knew that was the outcome?
Or would you vote for Trump thinking he's learned from his first four years and he's not going to have the same mistakes should they try to pull something like that again?
Because folks, the Biden disaster is so bad that I don't think the Democrats, I think the Democrats now realize they can't afford to go down with Joe Biden.
And Joe Biden has done such damage to the Democrat Party politically that they might just need to back off for four years.
And just say, you know what, this has been so bad, we need people to not even think about a Democrat president for four years.
Because Biden has been so bad.
I'm maybe thinking the trajectory is starting to change there.
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Second hour of the Alex Jones Show!
We may be joined by Alex Jones any minute now, but I want to give out the phone lines in case he cannot join us dealing with some emergency business right now.
And it is Friday, so I'd say we can take a call on whatever you want, but specifically
Specifically, do you agree with my political forecasting?
And where do you lie right now?
I know a lot of our... What's that, guys?
Okay, we're gonna be... Well, now maybe we're gonna have to hold off on this.
We are hearing from Alex now.
We are dialing up.
We are getting connected with Alex Jones right now.
So let's hold the phone on that, guys.
Let me know on the board there what the case is.
In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWarsStore.com, that's how everything we do here is possible.
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So, take care of that and support free speech in the process.
Alex Jones now joins us.
Alex, you've been on a working vacation, but you've broken two news stories this week.
Everybody talking about Jamie Foxx now, after you talked about it.
And everybody talking about Mark Zuckerberg's secret layer, after you talked about that yesterday.
I didn't see all that in the news, but really, that's our huge audience.
That's the real power of this operation.
But I'm glad you brought up, right before I came on, InfoWars and funding.
So I want to speak to that before we hit these two big stories.
I was supposed to be hosting the show today with you, and then I'm going to get on an airplane literally after the show and fly back to Austin, and I'll be hosting all four hours on Sunday night and some special Saturday shows and more, so I'll be back in the saddle 110%.
But I was unable to do the show this morning at the first hour because several hours I was dealing with accounting.
And I'm not complaining.
It's just where we are and all the different things that have happened, what's going on, that I was telling listeners we finally got back into the black in the last three, four months, but actually we are now back in the red.
And God just keeps us at this treading water position.
I'm not complaining because God works through, you know, through the audience.
But I just do want to encourage the viewers and the listeners
To understand that we are literally supported by you, plus we have great products you need.
And I want to just talk about this for a moment, so that people understand the power of the enemy's lies.
Because this is what we deal with over and over and over again.
If you remember back during the first RIG Kangaroo Court Sandy Hook trial,
Uh, in Austin, Texas last year, where the judge said we were guilty.
They put a financial expert on that had never examined our books, seen anything, knew nothing about us.
And he told the jury, I've examined his books and Jones is worth, uh, $270 million himself.
And his company's worth, uh, 150 million or something.
So it was over $400 million.
Now at that time,
I had less than a million dollars in my bank account with huge bills and expenses and things to deal with.
My war chest has gone to nothing.
And FreeSpeak Systems had about a million dollars in it, which is running on fumes.
The judge said we are not allowed to put evidence on.
He literally just let him say that.
That event further crippled InfoWars because it worked.
When they ran it in hundreds of newspapers and publications saying, Jones is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
I had distant family members calling me saying, can I have some money?
Then when they did the billion and a half dollar judgment in Connecticut, they had a 40-something million in Texas.
People will believe I'm a billionaire now.
In fact, it's had the opposite effect.
Everybody, like, kisses my ass on the street and goes, you're a billionaire.
We didn't know that.
I mean, it's all weird psychology, man.
Total cuckoo town, okay?
But now, and I can't get into the stuff going on behind the scenes and mediation and the bankruptcy and the rest of it.
I'm not going to get into that.
Now the other side is completely freaked out because they have all our real books, certified by the judge, the federal government, outside accounting firms, and outside firms they hired that came and looked at it.
They went, oh my God, all the things we said about Jones making $65 million in a year, didn't make it in 14 years.
All of it was lies.
People are like, what?
I mean, even the plaintiffs are like, what?
None of this was true?
Yeah, you're damn right it wasn't true.
Not one freaking bit of it.
And now you're having, and I'm not even happy about this, you're having to eat your own lies.
You're having to consume the reality that I'm not Lex Luthor, that I didn't do all these things, that I didn't make money off these people, or any of this crap.
I mean, it's crazy!
A billion and a half dollar judgment when I had a million dollars in the bank.
I have $200,000 in the bank right now.
And I currently, because the court ruled back when the court still believes that I'm worth hundreds of millions of dollars, that I have to pay half the legal fees.
It was 40%.
It's half the legal fees of free speech systems.
So we're gonna skip this break.
So when I tell listeners, explain I'm out of money, I'm out of money, folks.
And so we're trying to go to the court right now to say, well, if you want me to stay on air, and we're still battling this, this is still going on.
And we're going to stay on air.
We keep fighting because we're going to win the appeals and the chapter 11 of chapter 5 is going well because we told the truth, which allows the company to reorganize and continue on.
We're months away from free speech systems having an approved plan moving forward and staying on air.
Now, me personally, that's a different story, but I don't have any money.
So it's just ridiculous.
It's like, oh, it's like Jones won't pay the billion and a half.
He's refusing.
Again, if I had,
Three gallons of blood in my body.
And they said, well, you're going to give us 10,000 gallons right now.
I'd say, okay, I only have three gallons.
Go ahead and kill me.
I mean, it's just, it's like, but we got a judgment for 10,000 gallons.
Well, there ain't 10,000 gallons.
It'd be like if they said, well, we got a coupon from NASA saying we get all the cheese on the moon.
Well, the moon ain't made out of cheese.
So the reason I'm giving people an update on this is this.
I'm sitting here with no money.
And I'm sitting here with free speech, stabilized and about to be able to stay on air indefinitely.
And then I'm sitting here feeling good about a month ago saying, okay, finally, I'll take a week and a half vacation and go check some stuff out while I'm at it.
And you investigate Zuckerberg and these underground bases, which I'm gonna talk about more when I get back this weekend, tomorrow, Sunday.
Photos, although we have incredible testimonies, you name it.
And but then I get, I don't want to say chewed out.
But I'm like, to the point where it's like, well, there's no money's coming in.
And when you leave, we don't bring in enough money to even pay the bills.
Well, I mean, that's up to listeners, folks.
I have done this 29 years.
I'm not complaining, but I can't kill myself.
And I really feel like my primary mission is complete.
Everybody knows about the New World Order now.
We're inside the New World Order.
I want to stay on air.
We have more important work to do, like exposing power outage plans they have.
We told you we're going to blame them on, quote, right-wingers and Christians and, quote, white people.
And now that preposterous, ludicrous BS is the top story.
We have an important mission to continue on.
And I'm not bitching at the listeners.
In fact, maybe God wants me to retire.
All I'm saying is, is that
We have great products you need regardless.
And InfoWars, the world would be a much worse place if it wasn't for InfoWars.
I'm very proud of the crew.
I'm not busy complaining, but it's getting to the point where I can't even do my show.
Because I've got to grub around and try to get money.
And you know, I mean, it's gotten to the point where in the bankruptcy to pay my bills and the legal bills, they go, okay, well, you got $75,000 worth of guns, some of which I got in high school.
Just sell those to pay the lawyers.
And I said about a month ago, I said, okay, I'll sell those guns to pay the lawyers and I'll sell my car.
I got two cars.
I already said that.
But I said, but what happens when there's no money there?
What happens when that money's gone?
You see?
And so, that's the position they want me in.
I haven't shot most of those guns in a decade.
I don't even care about those guns.
You know, I mean, one of them was a shotgun my dad gave me when I was like 16.
For like $100 from Walmart.
But none of it means anything to me.
My family means things to me.
My free speech, my mobility.
They tried to take our freedom.
They tried to lock us up.
They tried to give us poison shots.
They killed a bunch of people.
That's what I'm worried about.
I'm worried about nuclear war.
I'm worried about depression.
I'm worried about crime exploding.
I'm worried about my family.
I don't give a damn about money.
I don't give a damn about my guns, as long as I got a couple of them to keep myself safe.
I just want my freedom back.
But there's nothing more frustrating than knowing that we have totally and completely, absolutely delivered on every front.
And that the listeners, the one thing the listeners bought, because the audience actually, since we got deplatformed, had gone down a lot.
It actually went up during all this persecution and came back to very high levels.
Not what it was, but massive.
There's a huge vindication happening and we're viral everywhere, but the show itself is isolated.
It's not as big as it was four or five years ago, but it was giant, but it's still core and large and actually growing.
But the reach of our clips everywhere,
It's bigger than ever.
It's just that that doesn't translate back to people at InfoWars.com and BandOnVideo to see the live show, to listen to the actual program, and actually hear the sponsors to get us funds.
So we're more successful than ever at reaching people and fighting the globalists and creating counter-talking points to their lives.
But we're not successful at money, and it is due to their psyop on thousands of TV programs.
Thousands of news articles because, you know, they'll write one article and it's syndicated to thousands of publications.
I mean, some days, hundreds of articles a day, hundreds of new TV shows a day.
CNN does a report and it's all over their CNN channels around the country.
I mean, it's just insane.
CBS does reports all over CBS.
Shane Jones is worth, in his company and personally, $400 million.
Listeners really believed that and thought, well, this guy doesn't need donations.
This guy doesn't need money.
Well, now, notice you don't hear about the bankruptcy in the news anymore.
And if you want to read the filings, the U.S.
trustee's office testified three weeks ago that Mr. Jones has no money, there is no money there, and none of what was filed by these people over the years is true.
Oh, sorry!
You can rig a court, you can tell the jury I'm guilty, you can lie and say I have $400 million, but see, when the cow came to eat the cabbage, it wasn't true.
None of it was ever true.
And so that's what's insane about this.
And now they're having to come to grips with the fact that I don't have all this money.
And I never had all this money.
And that gross products bought over the years.
Oh, you know, in the last 10 years, you've sold $40 million in water filters.
We make 25% on the water filter because it's a low price, but it's a high quality filter.
You know, we could mark it up three times.
We've got plenty of money.
Maybe we should.
It's going to be $500, $600.
But instead, we sell it through the top company that has the highest rated for at least half the cost of leading competitors.
And then we make 30%, 35% maximum.
Same thing with 20% on storable food, 25%.
And I'm sitting there in these court hearings, they go, look, he makes 800% on storable food.
Does anyone believe that?
You know, the company we have is the top one with the highest quality, the lowest price.
Everybody knows you can't find it.
It's all pure bull.
It's all lies.
But that's the thing.
They sit there and they put these lies up there.
And they lie.
But then at the end of the day, they can say Joe Biden's healthy and great and wonderful, but he fell down again yesterday.
Everybody knows it's not true.
But the last lie people believe is that I've got $400 million.
The last lie they believe is that, oh, Jones is this incredible person.
How did he have a billion dollar, billion and a half dollar judgment money?
He must have $10 billion.
It is preposterous.
It is absolute crap.
So I don't want to get up here and bet you're complaining.
I'm not.
Our most important work to come is
I love the crew, the infrastructure, and the archive, and the work we've got.
We need to keep InfoWars on the air.
But really, it's just in God's hands, and it's in you out there, whether you're touched by God to support us or not, but everybody really should go.
I mean, show me!
The InfoWarsStore.com, at the very top, it says to make a donation, and make a donation right there at the top.
One time sounds too repeated, canceling time doesn't charge you.
A $10, $100, whatever you can do.
And all the middle class people and upper middle class people and rich people that sit on the fence, why don't you go to InfoWareStore.com and buy 20 Alexa Pure Water Filters and give them to the church, give them to the local police department, give them to your family.
Go buy 20 of them.
You know, I guarantee you there's people, I know there are, there's people out there listening, there are billionaires, people that are worth hundreds of millions, people that own car dealerships, restaurant chains.
I know, I've run into you, I see, I know you are.
I mean, I've got lots of friends that are worth
I ought to call them up and say, why don't you make a million dollar donation?
Tons of money.
I know you're worth a hundred million.
I mean, maybe that's what we should just get down to because the left knows how to spend money.
The left knows how to double down and pool their resources to dominate us and attack us.
You talk about sacrifice.
Look at these Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of them, putting out horrible pedophile garbage.
And, and, and Target and Anheuser-Busch and just, and, and, uh, North Face and, you know, all of them just doubling down.
Knowing it's going to lose $12 billion, $10 billion, $9 billion, $16 billion, and saying, we don't care.
And every time one of them does it and they lose everything, another big corporation bellies up and says, we want to lose money.
We want to lose $15 billion because we want kids and we can't stop.
And that's our Satan energy.
And we're going to have sex with your kids.
Target, we're Satanists.
We're going to cut your heads off.
We're going to rape your children.
Your children belong to us.
Devil skeletons saying, we love Satan.
We're a cult, handing the fire of Lucifer to a baby who they say they're going to kill.
That's the T-Church at Target.
They're committed.
We're Satan.
Your kids belong to us.
We'll lose $10 billion.
We'll lose $12 billion.
We'll lose $15 billion.
We'll do it to Dominic.
The average Christian conservative, you go to their churches and say, we don't want to violate 501c3.
We can't say when the government's corrupt.
We can't even be against abortion because that's political.
No, it's not.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion and the religious exercise thereof.
And so Congress has no jurisdiction over churches.
You stopped being a church when you became 501c3 and opted into a charitable organization.
It's a sleight of hand.
The Amish haven't been dumb.
They haven't done that.
That's why they still operate or free.
The Hopi Indians haven't done that.
They can sit there and take peyote all day long.
You know, it's a federal crime to have it because their First Amendment under religion under that trumps it.
So again,
It's all a fraud, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm not pissed.
I actually feel good.
I feel liberated.
I have never gotten so much love.
It has been absolutely insane at airports, at restaurants, and on the street, and just at the grocery store.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
I've shaken the last two weeks.
Let's not exaggerate.
500 people's hands.
500 at least.
I had one guy come over and say, how dare you show your face?
And it was funny as hell.
All of a sudden, the lady goes, Alex Jones, I love you.
And like, started shaking my hand right in front of me.
I go, yeah.
I said, that shouldn't have been me.
And I said, how dare you show your ugly face?
I repented, and I said a little prayer after, I shouldn't have done it.
You can tell the guy was his dad, because he looked like him.
But the son was like 35.
And then the dad was probably like 60.
The dad said, you know, why don't you watch your mouth?
And I said, why don't you watch yours, your ugly son, you know, just, uh, and then the lady goes, now, stop it, Alex.
We're all friends.
We're in Hawaii.
Hawaii and love.
And I'm just like, we're hiking up the top of this lighthouse thing, a couple miles up to it.
I have lost about seven more pounds, by the way.
I've been hiking and lifting weights every day.
So people see it when I get back.
I mean, I'm not great, but I've, I've lost 27 pounds the last two months, taking my X tube and doing all that.
And I don't know what Troyer shape, but.
I'm intending to go down to 210, folks.
The biggest I've gotten was up to 280 about four or five years ago.
That's a big bastard, but I'm down to about 245 right now, and I'm going to go all the way down to 210 when I get back.
And by the way, I always smoke cigars here and there and smoke a few cigarettes when I drink, but I've never become an actual hardcore smoker.
But all the stress, the craziness last year, I started smoking cigarettes again.
I kicked that habit on the trip.
So, a lot of good news.
I love everybody.
I feel really good.
And I appreciate everybody.
And the world's all crazy.
I got a lot of news to cover right now.
But I said I'd do the show today, and then I wasn't going to do it.
And I thought, you know what?
I tuned in and I heard Owen.
I said I'd be there, and I'd be there.
And there's nowhere I want to be like being on this show.
But I couldn't sit there and have all the accounting numbers read to me for an hour and a half.
You know, have people tell me, get in the game, get in there, raise money, get in there.
And I'm just like, do I even have to do that with people?
I mean, I mean, do folks think InfoWars is something that needs to still be around?
I'm not complaining.
Or maybe it doesn't.
But I just know, that's why I went back to the bankruptcy.
That hearing that I'm worth $400 million in a court with a judge saying that's the truth, and we're not allowed to talk, and some dude, you know, like a professor type, just making up stuff out of his rear end.
I mean, he could have taken a dump on the table and been more accurate.
And I'm just sitting here listening to this.
I mean, that's why people ask why I laughed about it, why I made a joke about all this.
Because it's a freaking joke, people.
It's total fantasy land.
It's completely insane.
And just because the left says I'm a KKK member, just because the left says I'm a mastermind criminal, just because the left says I have $400 million, doesn't mean it's true.
It's more of their fantasy crap that we're Russian agents and we're going to blow up the power grid.
Meanwhile, all the big money people are digging into bunkers like it's the end of the world.
I don't know if an asteroid's coming.
I'm not sure what's happening, but I just know that the problems are so bad now that it's made my problem small.
You know what I mean?
It's kind of like, you got a broken leg and you find out your dad's got cancer.
And you don't even worry about your broken leg anymore because you find out your dad has cancer.
That's a hypothetical.
It's just a certain point like, I mean, they've done such bad stuff behind the scenes that I haven't even talked about.
The nastiness they've done to me in the last few years, my family and things, have been so painful.
And I've been so horrible that they were blessings.
It really helped me get my mind together.
It really helped me grow up a lot and really realize we were right about the enemy too.
And I actually thank God for allowing the persecution.
And I just appreciate God and I understand that it's in God's plan.
But dammit, I don't want to give up.
And I wish we were flooded with money.
Cash would be so easy.
If I wasn't spending half my time scrounging around for money.
And that's why I have to take more vacations now.
I just cannot spend five hours a day scrounging around for money.
Dammit, I hate it.
I absolutely hate it.
And, you know, it's just so frustrating.
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We'll be right back.
All right, I want to hit the big news that I was just talking about and the Senate passing with that ceiling and what's happening with Russia and so much more here on this live Friday edition.
And again, I'll be back next week hosting all of my show and more re-energized and ready to go.
Also, a lot of big breaking news.
We're going to be laying out a lot of surprises next week.
I'll just leave it at that.
But first off, I just want to finish what I was saying about financing and funding.
We have really great products you need.
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We're always just treading water, so we never have enough money to actually get what we need into the future and fix it.
And I thought that we'd kind of clawed our way out of this, but of course,
We haven't.
God likes to do this to me, and I'm sure it's in some reason, or worse, mysterious ways.
So I'm just asking folks, go to InfoWarsTore.com, make a donation, buy some of the products, and just realize that's how we finance ourselves.
And do not believe the lie that has now been certified to be a lie in federal bankruptcy court with outside auditors.
Three different outside auditing companies.
Two brought in by the plaintiffs, and then another third-party group we brought in.
All found the same thing.
Everything I said was totally true.
Everything I always said was the truth.
And it was actually worse than what I said.
I had less money than I said I had.
And I got audited by the IRS for a year.
They said, oh, yep.
Pass the audit.
I mean it just goes on and on.
It's just been a lot of fun, okay?
But I don't get up here and I don't whine, I don't bitch, I don't complain.
I'm just letting you know I've been put through a damn meat grinder.
Actually felt pretty good.
Like a massage.
But I'm serious about that.
I was never a masochist.
I actually enjoy it.
I am now.
Strange how those things work.
It's like the French, you know, left Canada after they left France and went down to
They didn't like crawfish at first, but they sure got to where they liked them.
Now they love them.
That's how it all works, you know.
People didn't used to eat lobsters.
Up in Maine, that was something they made the prisoners eat.
And then it became a gourmet dish.
I actually love lobsters, so.
See, this is an analogy of masochism here.
But seriously, the enemy's tactic
Of saying we had all this extra money, got them the giant judgments.
They knew they were lying.
In my view, my opinion.
And now it's hurt them because there's no money to do a settlement with them because everybody believes we've got all this money.
It's just, it's insane.
So it shows the one dimensional mindset of the enemy where they do things and they don't think about what that's actually going to do down the road.
Well, I say the enemy, I don't mean the families, I mean the courts, the bureaucracy, the media, you know, the whole corrupt system that just wants to fundraise off of Alex Jones being the devil and Alex Jones, you know, must be destroyed and all the rest of it, which, again, they don't think down the road.
What do they think if you have a discredited power structure?
And a discredited system that's hated, and Congress has a 7% approval rating, and the media has an 8% approval rating, and national Gallup polls, the most unpopular things in America, other than like cockroaches and cancer, is the media and Congress and the government.
And so, then the system says I'm the devil for a decade or more, intensely, in the last seven years, super intensely.
And then they wonder why I'm a folk hero in people's views.
I'm not bragging.
It's what I'm seen as.
And why I'm seen as the black sheet in avant-garde and cutting edge, which I don't even really deserve.
I mean, I've been a good talk show host.
I've cared about freedom.
I've said a lot of things that were accurate.
I've had a lot of amazing guests on, but I mean, I'm not as cool as people think I am now.
I mean, it's like Elvis Presley, folks.
And by the way, the media makes jokes about this.
That's it.
I'm going to go out with cameras and show you.
I'm going to go out with cameras and show you me getting mobbed everywhere.
Because now I realize how much they hate that.
I mean, what do they think they did?
What do they think is going on?
What do they think is happening?
Last night, I had six women in bikinis, as I'm walking my pathway at the hotel, come up from the beach and start jumping all over me and grabbing me and hopping up and down.
I mean, folks, and then it happened again and again and again.
And again, I'm not bragging.
I want the enemy to know you screwed up.
Everyone hates you.
Everyone hates your freaking guts.
So you think you radiated me and destroyed me?
No, you made me 10 times stronger.
But I don't care about that.
I want to stop nuclear war because I figure out, oh, great.
People know I'm vindicated, they know I told the truth, they know that the government's out of control, the corporations are out of control, and so they see me as the super good guy because the bad guys are against me.
Great, the public's figured that out.
I don't really care about that.
It makes it okay to deal with the pain and the attacks, to know the enemy's failing, but are they failing nuclear war?
Are they failing with GMOs?
Are they failing with 5G?
Are they failing with face scanning to buy and sell?
Are they failing with drag queen pedophile time?
Are they failing with the fentanyl shipping in and the mass suicides and death?
No, they're kicking our ass.
And they're kicking the ass of their own minions.
So that's why I want to continue on here.
That's why I want to continue on fighting.
And what's beautiful is our whole catalog of reporting is bigger than ever.
Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones and Jeffrey Epstein and just Waco and 9-11 and everything I did.
It's being dug out by people that record it, it's being found in archives, it's being re-uploaded, and I can't even keep track of it anymore.
Hundreds of videos a day with hundreds of thousands of views apiece, some with millions.
Do the math.
Tens of millions of views a day without even looking.
That's all of our own victories.
The listeners, the viewers.
So I'm kind of giving you a status report on where InfoWars is right now.
I'm giving you a status report on what it's like.
But it's this weird paradox where we don't have enough money to run the operation.
We're treading water.
And talk radio is so crazy and so, you know, in trouble that, you know, that industry is falling apart.
All the leftist companies are going bankrupt.
Their media systems are just closing their doors.
I mean, we're in a very serious time.
So it's best of times, worst of times.
And all I'm saying is,
It was known months ago when Jamie Foxx disappeared and had this stroke, and I talked to sources very close to him that he indeed didn't want to take the shot, took the shot, was pissed off about it.
We know that Ice Cube and others refused to take the shot and lost like, what was it, eight, nine million dollars on one of these movie sets of this cult that wants to control your body.
And so then Mike Tyson came out and said, no, I talked to Jamie Foxx's people.
It is the shot.
Then they attacked Mike Tyson for it.
Then another journalist talked to the people close to him and confirms that's what happens.
But we cover it.
And two days later, it's on CNBC, MSNBC, Yahoo News, everywhere.
And again, that's because this audience, not me, you're able to get something and punch it out.
Another great example, one of the top things on Instagram and Twitter right now is Mark Zuckerberg's End Times bunker.
And that headlines up on InfoWars.com.
It's going viral everywhere.
And he's been building this bunker for four years, five years.
And it looks like some kind of Mars base or something over here.
These big dome buildings to cover up what he's doing.
But we talked to insiders about what he is building.
It's crazy.
I'll reveal it all next week.
That's going super viral.
Again, this is a brain trust.
This is precious.
This is not about Alex Jones.
It's about all of us.
So I want to thank you all and salute you all for your support.
And so many people come up to me and they say,
We appreciate you, and we back you, and we thank you for taking it, you know, on the chin like this, you know, for all of us.
And I say absolutely, I want to do this for everybody, because none of us are going to make it out of this if we don't do it.
And I say please spread the word about the broadcast, and please support it, because, you know, we're not, we're treading water here, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you.
And, you know, part of this process of them trying to break me, part of this process of them trying to destroy me, is why I told you about six months ago, I said, I'm going to take off a week out of the month.
So that means if I don't take off for a couple months, I'm gonna take off two weeks.
Because I gotta spend time with my family.
I gotta get in shape.
I gotta get closer to God.
I've got to spend time to research and meditate, you know, on what's good and what's wholesome.
And, you know, I've had some family that I've not spent enough time with.
And that's the family that's been having some medical problems, I'll say that.
And you know, hey, when family members won't go to the doctor, and they're having serious issues, I, you know, I mean, I make them go to the doctor, I take them to the doctor.
So some days I'm not there, it's because I'm taking a family member to the doctor, making them go to the doctor.
And I'm just sorry, at this point, my family comes first.
I've done my mission.
I want to launch my new mission.
But it's up to you whether we continue or not.
Infowarstore.com, X3 is about to sell out.
Hi, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Friday edition.
I'll be back in Austin, Texas tonight.
Owen Schroeder is riding shotgun with me right now, and I know he's got some really big guests and information coming up here today.
But, Owen, this Jamie Foxx thing, Stalin said one man dies.
It's a statistic.
10,000 or one man dies.
It's a tragedy.
It's a statistic.
10,000 died.
Jamie Foxx is a very likable guy.
They're trying to suppress what really happened to him.
And as it comes out that it was the shot that did it, it's going to further damage these globalists so they can't try to do this again.
So it's not just about getting him justice.
It's about saving all the particularly children they're coming after.
So one man dies is a tragedy.
10,000 died.
It's a statistic.
But why do you think suddenly
It's on CNBC and Yahoo News and everywhere else and Microsoft.
It's on their site.
Why do you think suddenly they're admitting this?
Well this is a pretty standard media phenomenon where people want the big story, they want the big breaking story, they want to generate the clicks, the revenue, the views, and so perhaps they have been either completely ignorant to what happened to Jamie Foxx, or they've been instructed, you're not going to cover this, it might be a vaccine injury, so we're not going to talk about this.
But then, when we covered it on the Alex Jones Show earlier this week,
It became a top story, it was trending on Twitter, and then everybody started to want to report on it.
So I think, Alex, it was watching InfoWars and Alex Jones.
It's not like we had the exclusive.
This story's been in the news for weeks, if not months even.
It's just we had the audience, the audience then made the story go viral, and so all the other news outlets were like, well, InfoWars doesn't get to have this exclusive.
Alex Jones doesn't get to break this story.
We're gonna break it.
We're gonna pretend like we're breaking it now.
So the information was already out there.
You just hit it.
You just hit it.
That's why we are able to force stuff out.
Because once it causes a big enough snowball, they go, OK, well, it's already out.
We're losing clicks.
And then they go with it.
Their own greed factor will end up bringing them down.
And we've seen this with other stuff, too.
But here's what the people need to understand that aren't following the news like we are.
Any other instance where you have a major Hollywood celebrity like Jamie Foxx.
This guy's been in huge blockbuster movies.
In fact, they just released another movie, Alex.
They're promoting it right now.
It's about to come out, Coldest Rays.
Jamie Foxx is one of the voice actors in it.
So they're promoting Jamie Foxx in the next big upcoming movie.
He's in multiple commercials right now.
MGM Grand, I believe, is one of the people that pay him to be the face of their marketing campaign.
And so he's still everywhere.
He's still on TV.
He's still in movies.
He's still the top guy.
But yet they won't talk about him being hospitalized for how long now?
Two, three weeks?
Why are they covering that up?
The answer is obvious, Alex.
They know it's a vaccine injury.
I'd be extremely concerned.
I don't know what state Jamie Foxx is in, because who knows what we can trust from the media.
I'd be extremely concerned if I was his family right now, not just because of what he's going through physically in response to perhaps the vaccine.
They may kill him just to silence him.
That's what I was gonna say, Alex, and I'm afraid to say it.
I don't like to say it, I don't like to talk about it, but let's be honest.
If Jamie Foxx was trying to resist this vaccine on multiple occasions, and he got forced by whoever it was in Hollywood on these film shoots to take this vaccine, and that ends up maybe destroying his life, I mean, we're talking about a man who dedicated, I don't know how old he is, at least 40, I would say, who dedicated his life to being a top actor, he's been in music videos, he's been a great voice actor, he's very into physical fitness and health,
And then for him to have his whole life destroyed because of this vaccine medical tyranny?
That's not a minor story, Alex.
That's a big story.
It's the type of things.
One man dies is a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
Well, a gentleman like Jamie Foxx, who really is a likable and top movie star, I hate most of them.
I mean, I really like Jamie Foxx.
He's a great actor.
Every movie I see him in, I'll watch him because I like Jamie Foxx.
I don't even go to movies anymore.
I hardly watch Netflix.
But oh, Jamie Foxx, I'll watch him because he's funny.
He's really good at horrible bosses, but the point is, is that they do force them in Hollywood, or they kick them off the set.
And the word is, this is what happened.
It's come out from the sources.
Mike Tyson knows Jamie well.
I know another big talk show host knows Jamie.
This is the intel he got.
And by the way, we should check the date.
I think this is over a month old, Owen.
First it was he was sick, he's not there, and then
I was told by the source over a month ago, I'm pretty sure it was over a month ago.
No, no, the word is it's a shot, but don't say anything yet.
And then, and then Tyson came out and then I said something and then, and then, and then now this reporter came out to talk to people close to it.
So that's what's going on.
In fact, I'm going to make a phone call today to this other talk show host I know that's friends with Jamie and, uh, you know, get on this, but I would expect.
Uh, that, uh, we're going to hear some big stuff about this very, very soon.
And this has got to be scaring Pfizer in them because they knew this would kill a bunch of people, but I guarantee you they were giving saline lots to the, to the Hollywood crouch.
Uh, but in some cases it gets mixed up.
It's kind of like on the set of rust, some crazy person.
Oh, I don't like Alec Baldwin.
And he obviously lied.
They didn't pull the trigger.
And Alec Baldwin's killed way more people than I have.
But, you know, that's the joke.
But he's an anti-gunner.
But it's the fault of the armorer.
It's the fault of who put live rounds on the damn set.
No one's supposed to have those on the set.
And then look, I think somebody set it up, one of the insurance or something, I don't know.
Or Baldwin reportedly is a super big asshole to crew members.
I mean, who knows, okay?
So he's an idiot.
But does he deserve to go to jail for this?
It's not even involuntary manslaughter because you don't know.
He was drunk driving a car.
He pulls the trigger in the movie.
He's handed a gun.
They all pull triggers in movies with blanks.
But the point is I'm segwaying out of that.
Think how big it is that Alec Baldwin shot somebody.
Think how big it is when another person has cancer that's big in Hollywood.
You're totally right, Owen.
Where is the Jamie Foxx news?
Why aren't they covering it more?
That's so obvious.
And it's because it's obviously a cover-up.
And then you say, well, why would they cover it up?
And then you point to, well, it's the vaccine injury.
And I think, you know, the coverage of this has obviously been muddied.
But I think the phenomenon was he originally had to stop filming over a month ago.
He was having some health problems.
I think they had to stop filming and maybe he did go to a hospital.
And then I think they may have tried to get him back on the set to resume filming, and then his health just went south, and I guess he's in his worst shape now than ever.
Again, this is just kind of based off of some of the bloody reports.
Yeah, so that's what I was told over a month ago, is that he was sick from a shot, according to his friends, and was pissed.
We know he came back on the set, was blowing up like three weeks ago, and then had to go to the hospital.
So that's what happens.
Spike protein starts growing, so that's the intel we've got.
And how sick is it, Alex, even now that we, it's not even a debate.
We have all the studies that the vaccine does more harm than good.
We have their own slides from their PowerPoints.
They knew about the complications, the heart problems, the myocarditis, everything.
We knew all of it.
And what jerk says you're still gonna have to take this vaccine?
I mean, it's just, it's unbelievable at this point, Alex.
And by the way, Hollywood is the only
And yet here we are.
Not even the U.S.
You hit it on the nail there, Owen.
Hollywood is the only group still making people take the shot.
And they love you so much, though.
You know, they're going to virtue signal.
They're going to put out all their little, they do their little sing-song videos during COVID.
Oh, everybody lock down and wear your mask and take your Vax.
You know, it's actually one of the sickest things ever.
And it's funny.
I think.
The creators of South Park
Matt Stone and Trey Parker, they released the video, the movie, one of the all-time great movies, Team America, and I think it was 1999 or something.
Their analysis of Hollywood in that decades-old film is still the best analysis of Hollywood.
These are a bunch of selfish a-holes.
They're selfish a-holes that only care about themselves, Alex.
That's all they care about.
That's it!
There's nothing more to these people.
And the fact they get idolized.
And there might even be something to it where they know that they're worthless.
They know that they don't deserve to be making all this money.
They know they don't deserve this lifestyle that they live and to be worshipped and all this stuff.
And so they feel bad that they're in this position they don't deserve.
And so they have to virtue signal.
Like, they know they don't deserve the praise.
They know that they're jerks.
Well, I think it's worse than that, Owen.
Well, what they are is they're followers that are told what to do.
They're owned by
The producers, they're owned by the culture out there.
Only the smartest ones end up getting in positions of power, becoming producers themselves.
And so, they're told what to do.
So, they're slaves.
High-piped slaves.
That's why we know once a star gets old, their catalog is going to be worth more when they're dead.
They kill them.
So, that also happens in the rock business.
It's documented.
You know, that's what goes on with these people.
It's real.
And so, it's done over and over again.
And so,
Look at the NXIVM cult.
Look at Harvey Weinstein.
It's all about turning humans into a commodity.
And so Hollywood's like, we're going to make everybody take the shot.
We're told that by our shareholders that are pharma companies, the Chinese and others.
And so if that meant they could reopen right away, well, we're going to make everybody take the shot because we're not going to close down.
And so now so many people in Hollywood have quit or left
Who's the guy that's in the Shawshank Redemption?
Tim Robbins.
Yeah, he's come out in a bunch of interviews and said it's a cult.
We're brainwashed.
Pfizer's bad.
The shots are deadly.
The lockdowns are wrong.
It hurts children.
I was wrong.
They want to take our bodies over.
Again, yes, Tim Robbins.
Leave the cult.
Save yourself and your family.
Yes, we want you to join us.
InfoWars is known for being tomorrow's news today.
InfoWars is known for having 98% accuracy on average.
InfoWars is known as being a game changer and our products are not any different.
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Ladies and gentlemen, here we are.
This is the most feared broadcast by tyrants around the world.
And your host, Alex Jones, has a special message for you.
My message here today is to people that work for the government, people that work for the establishment, people that work for Hollywood, people that have sold out the Communist Chinese, people at any level in culture and business and life that know they've sold out to a very anti-human corrupt system.
Look at Tim Robbins coming out and saying the lockdowns were wrong, the masks were wrong, the shots are poisonous, we were lied to, this is a corporate cult.
Taking over our body.
He woke up.
Jamie Foxx didn't want to take the shot.
He was awake, but they basically forced him to, or he'd have lost his job.
Ice Cube refused what was eight, nine million dollars and lost a big movie deal, but he's still alive.
He's not fighting for his life.
He's not fighting for his life.
Like Jamie Foxx.
Oh, and whenever Woody Harrelson, old friend of mine, really smart guy.
Known him for about 16, 17 years when he did his Saturday Night Live.
It was not scripted.
It came out later.
He snuck it in a few months ago where he attacked the system and attacked the COVID lockdowns and attacked the drug makers for creating a drug they made us take.
Leave the cult.
Fulfill yourself.
Leave the cult of the globalists.
Leave the cult of Hollywood.
Leave the cult of the New World Order.
Leave the cult of this system that will not fulfill you, will not empower you.
But that goes for school teachers, that goes for bankers, that goes for auto mechanics and soldiers and police force.
All of us aren't perfect people.
And we're all gonna make mistakes, but we know following the edicts of the New World Order that claims it's the moral authority
If you're doing what George Soros and David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski would want you to do, you're doing the wrong thing.
World War III, fentanyl, open borders, human trafficking, all the sexualization of children, it's all coming out.
That Hollywood represents, at the heart of this, the soul of the New World Order.
It's empty.
It traffics in people's very bodies, their very lives, their very essence.
It turns us into commodities.
And so we're seeing an exodus from Hollywood.
We're seeing Hollywood collapse.
And out of that, we're seeing so many good people.
I start thinking about all the big Hollywood stars that are coming out against the New World Order, and coming out against the Globalist, and coming out against Starkilling, and coming out... Look at Roseanne Barr many years ago.
There are so many.
And I tell you, Jeff Bridges is a big listener and knows what's going on.
Talk to him.
So many others.
And none of them are perfect.
None of us are perfect.
But they can save so many lives now.
Not just by not going along with the New World Order, but by speaking out against it.
I pray Jamie Foxx lives.
Not just because he's a good guy overall, from what I've heard from people behind the scenes, a very funny and a likable person, because he has a family, but because he can save a lot of people.
We're good to go.
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Now, Drew Hernandez is about to come in with us, always on fire, one of our favorite guest hosts.
He'll co-host with myself, Owen Troyer, and more.
He'll be a guest coming up next segment.
I saw Owen give him the number out, but then I jumped in and took over.
We'll see what happens with that.
Fourth hour, the great Jay Dyer.
Stay with us, InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
All right, we are now into
The next hour here, I want to thank you all so much for joining us.
We are now into the third hour of this worldwide broadcast.
Two of my favorite people are here with us, Owen Schroyer in the studio in the ATX.
And of course, the great Drew Hernandez, who guest hosts at least once a week and has been always in fuego, in fuego.
We've got Senate approving the debt ceiling, marching us towards total oblivion and hyperinflation.
We've got all the other social news happening with more and more big companies joining drag queen pedophile time, joining sexualization of children.
Because as Drew Hernandez said yesterday when he was hosting, they cannot help themselves.
They cannot control themselves.
They are commanded
With the satanic energy to go after the children.
We've also got all the news coming out about the poison shots.
More major studies confirming it causes massive blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and then it just goes on from there.
Fastest girl in Connecticut sues state to keep males from competing in female sports.
Scott has arrived.
Air Force drone simulation goes awry, kills human operator and destroys communications tower.
I'm going to do a whole
In fact, I meant to host the whole first hour on this today, and then I got so busy, I got so busy jacking with the finances, jacking, and I'm not complaining, but I need to be on the field by the new order, that I couldn't even do the first hour.
So I hope that you'll stay with us, and we'll go over this, but what's crazy is, once the Air Force, this is the Air Force Pentagon AI program, and this is the leader of the Pentagon AI program for 10 years, this Colonel.
General said there, but I mainly direct them.
And they gave it the mission to go kill all these targets.
And so then it just went ahead and killed the operator with a Hellfire missile because it wasn't always letting it kill people.
Like if the base they were, if the missile launch they were supposed to take out of the radar was right by a school.
Well, the human operator wouldn't let him do it.
And the computer didn't like that.
And so they thought, well, we'll just reprogram it that if it's by a school or by a nuclear power plant or whatever, that it loses points.
But then the AI would then just attack the nuclear power plant, seeing that it was bad because it wasn't allowed to attack the target by it.
If it destroys a nuclear power plant, it'll then be able to attack the target.
No, you don't attack the target because it's by a nuclear power plant.
So you see, you think the AI is so smart, it goes out and plagiarizes all the videos and
Plagiarizes all the greatest writings.
And people who haven't read Shakespeare, who haven't read legislation, who haven't read political speeches, don't know.
When you read an AI speech, you put in the key points you want, it plagiarizes a bunch of other speeches and scrambles them.
And people go, wow, this sounds pretty good.
Because it's plagiarized crap.
But when AI plagiarizes, it's okay.
And all this chat GPT crap was out 15 years ago.
I'm at the cover yesterday.
I will next week.
I mean, this is so important.
15 years ago was the Washington Post.
CIA has developed computer programs that write articles that are indistinguishable from humans.
They put in the points they want said, and then they put in fake names of authors, and the CIA can then write thousands of articles an hour, blah, blah, blah.
So that's what's going on.
And so the AI will then
Okay, you lose points for killing operators, drone operators.
This is autonomous, but the person's watching and has veto power.
Oh, you can veto me?
I'm just going to kill you because you're a drone operator.
So then they would say, okay, well, you lose a bunch of points if you kill a drone operator.
Next, it just blows up the control tower.
Oh, the control tower is full of people.
But those are not, so then you tell them, no, no, no.
If you blow up a control tower, you lose it.
Then it just blows up the power lines going through the control tower.
You say, don't blow up the power lines.
Then it blows up the power plant 10 miles away.
So you don't blow up the power plant.
It blows up the next power plant.
It doesn't ever think about how it affects other things.
It's thinking mission, mission, mission, mission.
So it's the most mad.
And that's just like in SkyNet where it sees the humans as the main enemy because it wants to prevent war and it wants to protect itself.
So it nukes itself.
And literally, that's what this is doing.
So we're told it's so great and the EU is going to protect us and the Bilderberg Group is going to protect us.
They're all worried about it too.
They want to act like they're the guardians of it as they roll it out when it's their control system against us.
It's like, oh, they want to save the earth with chemtrails and GMO and, oh, everybody's starving in the third world, not because of lockdowns for two years.
But because of global warming and it's so bad now, like John Kerry said, we told you 10 years ago everybody would be starving.
It's not because we locked them down.
No, it's because you didn't ban your car and turn off the power plant.
And if we just stop farming, we'll have less starving.
He actually said that.
If we just have less farming, we'll have less starving.
He said that in a speech last weekend.
We played it this week twice.
We got to shut down the farms to stop the starving.
Dammit, you're drowning.
Hold his head underwater.
Save him.
Give him some oxygen.
You know, you need oxygen.
Let's slit your throat.
You need oxygen.
Let's just push your head down on this toilet for about an hour.
You need oxygen.
Let's just hang your ass.
You need oxygen.
Let's just cut your freaking head off.
They're at war with logic, ladies and gentlemen, because there's an evil force behind them.
The Bible's true.
It's a fallen angel.
It's a horde of interdimensional aliens.
Non-Christians call them aliens.
We call them what they are, the bad guys.
But they are only operating from another dimension.
They've got to try to get us to do what they want.
And Hollywood tells you this, they know that.
Super good B-movie, Buckaroo Bonsai.
Watch it.
Understand it.
Okay, they're telling you what's really going on, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm not joking.
Notice, they don't make fun of me when I say this, because they all know.
I talk to top generals, former heads of agencies, they go, absolutely, it's a non-human force.
The military knows how to sync men up, particularly when they're trained so long at different levels, where there's door kickers on up, strategists, and people actually getting a synced up, you know, hive mind deal when you're on the same mission and all working together.
Well, the military and other people see this in groups of the elites working together.
They're connected thousands of miles away carrying out this evil plan, and it ain't them.
So, I'm ranting.
We're going to skip this break so Drew Hernandez has more time.
I want to thank Drew Hernandez.
I want to thank everyone for the great job they're doing.
And I want to just tell listeners again,
Please go make a straight donation.
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And I'd love to hire a bunch of new reporters.
I'd love to hire Drew Hernandez.
I mean, you know, he's got a couple jobs.
We can get him on board for very inexpensive.
We can just pay the bills for him to travel around the country and knock it out of the damn park.
That's really his expertise.
He's on the ground reporting.
Can't do it!
So, you know, I want the game, coach.
I'll run the touchdowns, coach.
I want to win, coach.
I want to beat them, coach.
I want to save our children, coach.
You know who the coach is?
It's you, the listeners.
And I'm not bitching at you.
I'm saying, put me in the game.
Put us in the game.
We can't do it without you.
Drew Hernandez, Owen Schroer, go ahead and take over, my friends, but maybe just shift gears.
Give me your take on the cosmology of the off-world creatures, the demons.
I think there's one aspect of this that we can both talk about from first-hand experience.
You go to abortion rallies and the activities that you see, the behavior that you see is truly demonic.
I don't know how else to describe it.
There was one abortion, pro-abortion event I went to probably two, three years ago here at the Texas Capitol.
As soon as I walk up and I flip the camera on to film a report, a lady walks behind me with a sign that says, I love Satan.
I mean, literally.
So, what is it about these leftist events, because you go to them too, what is it about these leftist events that draws out this demon-like activity or this seemingly demon-possessed individuals that go to these events?
I mean, you take a look at, like Alex said, ancient texts, the Old Testament, New Testament, you see ancient civilizations, even the Mayans and the Aztecs, they all engage in human sacrifice to interface with what they call the star people, or they call higher beings, higher intelligence, to get some kind of information for technological advances or some kind of higher wisdom.
Like this stuff is, it's not anything new.
So I find it interesting that here we are in the United States of America in 2023,
We're sacrificing babies.
We're calling it abortion and healthcare.
We're chopping children's genitals up.
Freak mad scientists that are doing this to children.
Pedophiles and calling it healthcare.
At the same time, grooming children.
We're giving our children up to Satan.
Openly worshipping Lucifer in the name of Pride Month.
So, the United States of America, Owen, has definitely opened up their arms to Lucifer.
The door is wide open and we gotta shut this thing.
Well, imagine, you're trying to run a population control program, whether you think that that's the best for humanity or you just have an anti-human agenda, that's what we're witnessing.
And so if you're running a depopulation control, population control agenda, then yeah, let's see, hmm.
If I can trick people into making themselves infertile, whether that means with chemicals that make women unable to get pregnant, or chemicals that make men not able to even produce sperm, or if it's literally just chopping up and mutilating your reproductive organs, they're promoting all of it.
And I was starting to think a little deeper about this phenomenon we're seeing, where it went from, in less than 50 years,
Maybe, I mean, easily less than 10% of people identifying as LGBTQ+, whatever number you want to put, it's less than 10%.
Now they claim the younger generations, 40% identify as LGBTQ+.
And so I usually, we focus on the propaganda and the cultural aspects and there's no doubt that's there.
But, you know, Drew, I think we'd be foolish to think that that's all that's there.
I think that the chemicals in the food and the water are definitely promoting this, and you know, people laugh and they think it's a joke, they make jokes about the gay frogs, or I've interviewed people that make jokes like, oh, I'm gay, do you think the water did it?
Well, you know, maybe that's not a joke!
I mean, if they put chemicals in the food and water that mess up your sexuality, you think that's funny?
You think that's a game now you can ever reproduce?
So, I think we really need to look at this through a different lens.
Maybe the LGBTQ stuff is part of the depopulation agenda.
It 100% is.
And just even from a biblical perspective, I mean, this is some serious stuff, alright?
When you tamper...
With how God has instituted biological realities for the human race, alright?
We're humans.
We're not the creators of ourselves.
God is the creator of who we are.
God is the creator of mankind.
So, as the creator, he's already instituted biological realities for procreation.
Biological male, biological female.
This is the Genesis.
That's why, in the Old Testament, Genesis, right there.
Adam, Eve, it's that simple.
When you start to tamper with that, when you start to, by yourself,
Start to attempt to play God.
Essentially, you know this, Owen.
These people want to be God.
They play God.
They attempt to tamper with God's design.
Especially marriage?
You're going to run into a whole host of problems.
You're going to run into all kinds of spread of disease.
You're not going to be able to populate because that's what God said.
Go for it!
Populate the Earth!
Biological male, biological female, I can guarantee you, from a biblical perspective, a population will decrease and be depopulated with the spread of homosexuality.
It just, it is what it is.
That's why the Bible says in Romans chapter 1, when you start to see that,
That's a judgment from God, a reprobate mind, a depraved civilization.
Why do you think this stuff is only getting worse and it's not getting any better?
It goes beyond whatever the government may be putting in our water.
It's what Satan is putting in the hearts and minds of people in order to worship him while at the same time destroying and suiciding their own civilization.
They call it oppression.
Everything I'm saying, they will say oppression.
Of course, the leftists will, and the conservatives and the limp-wristed Christians will sit there and say, Drew, you're just being oppressive.
Don't press Jesus on us.
Well, do you have a better idea?
You got a better idea?
You just want to continue with your liberalism and continuing to just...
Come out with these, you know, ridiculous little explanations and mental gymnastics to explain away why these people are going after the pedophiles or openly going after your children.
Do you got a better idea?
Is Jesus really that oppressive right now?
Like, come on, man.
This is what true freedom is.
And I'm sorry, Owen.
I don't mean to go on this rant, but it's just like...
The answer's right there.
It's like right in front of our face.
You know, God established this country, planted this country, and he's gonna be the one to save it.
And until people finally, you know, identify what this real problem is, the pedophiles will continue to rise.
It's that simple.
Well, you feel free to rant whenever you have the gumption to do so.
That is obviously perfectly acceptable right here on the Alex Jones Show.
But again,
I mean, even people that don't want to go into, you know, religious aspects, spiritual aspects, biblical aspects, folks, you can't have a child...
If you have homosexual sex, and if you think that liberals today are messed up and brainwashed, imagine the next generation of liberals.
Because they're now promoting the concept, the idea, that men can get pregnant.
And liberals are raising their children thinking men can get pregnant.
And they've stepped the PSYOP up to the next level, Drew.
I don't know if you saw.
I don't know the name of the magazine, but they put a man, it's actually a woman, it's a biological woman that just pretends to be a man.
So they put a biological woman on the cover of this magazine, pretending to be a man, man, haircut, dressed like a man, and they say, look, men can get pregnant.
And so they run this deception.
And then they teach children.
Men can get pregnant.
So this generation of liberals, being raised by liberals right now, it's not going to be like this for conservatives.
They're going to be smarter than ever.
The chasm between the intelligence quotas of conservatives and liberals, folks, in 10 years, if we don't change trajectory, I mean, I'm not trying to be rude, but I mean, we think liberalism is a mental disorder now?
Let me tell you, 10 years, folks,
Liberal children that are growing up 10-20 years, Drew, they're literally going to think that men can get pregnant.
You're going to have two liberal men putting it in the exit hole and not being able to produce a baby, and they're going to say, what's going on?
I don't understand, what's going on?
That's the world that they're trying to create right now.
That's the level of deception and commitment to their propaganda that they're willing to create for the future generations of Americans.
Oh, and sometimes humanity's just not going to listen, right?
And this is the hope that I have for the next generation, because you and I have talked about this before.
It's heartbreaking to see this stuff.
It's heartbreaking to see an entire generation, Gen Z, these young kids buying into the idea that they could mutilate their bodies.
And we've all seen the horrific pictures of adult, you know, mutilization of these freak doctors.
And we know this is what they're doing to children.
And they ruin their entire futures, right?
That's the design from Lucifer.
Ruin their biological future, because if they decide to wake up one day, their brain finally develops when they're 26, 28 years old, they wake up to the reality that, I actually am a woman, and I would like a family, because God put that inside of me, it's in me, it's not going anywhere, and now it's coming out.
Oh, but I can't!
Because I've had my entire existed raped, vice versa for a biological male as well.
Now, when I say my hope is for humanity in the future for this entire generation is, you know, sometimes, especially as young people, it's in the heart of mankind to rebel.
It's in the heart of the youth to rebel, rebel against their parents, rebel against the men in an unrighteous way.
And we're not talking about rebelling against Big Brother and the New World Order.
We're talking about rebelling against righteousness and order that's meant to stabilize society, right?
Degeneracy, depravity.
Sometimes humanity's just not going to listen.
A few decades are going to have to go by.
People are going to have to get hurt.
I'm not calling for violence.
What I'm saying is people are going to buy into these lies.
They're going to have to go down this path.
They're going to have to realize that their entire existence is being raped.
All right?
Unfortunately, we might have to go down this path.
We're parents that might be apolitical.
They just want to stay in the middle.
They don't want to really, you know, piss anyone off.
They don't want to piss the government off.
There is no middle ground here.
There's no middle ground.
The state's coming after your kids.
They're going to shove sodomy down their mouth.
And if you don't like it, we saw this in Cincinnati.
I covered this on the fourth hour the other day.
They're going to start calling Child Protective Services on parents.
If they don't agree with the child, this is legit, if they don't agree with the child's gender identification, then the parent becomes the child abuser.
So there's no middle ground here, but unfortunately
I don't know.
What's it going to take, Owen?
Is it going to take people thrown in gulags?
Is it going to take people thrown in concentration camps?
Is it going to take the LGBTQ woke Skittle Mafia showing up to parents' house, abducting their children, and raping them right in front of their eyes?
Is that what it's going to have to take for humanity, the United States of America, to wake up to the realization that the New World Order is real, the Satanists and globalists have an agenda to come after you and your family,
I don't know.
Unfortunately, that may be the case.
I mean, you look at the Bible, Israel, the people of Israel, multiple times.
This is what the book of Judges is, Owen.
It's Israel, God planting Israel.
They're doing really well for themselves as a nation, as a people.
They're following God.
They're succeeding.
But somewhere along the line, they start worshipping Satan again.
And they don't listen to God.
And then God brings judgment to them.
And then has to bring a judge to come and save the people so they wake up to the reality that, whoa, we need God!
We should just like start listening to God again so we don't end up sacrificing our children to Satan, right?
But they had to lose everything to get to that place.
I don't know, Owen.
I've been saying this for years.
I really don't know where America's going right now.
I have hope.
Obviously, the gospel could wake everybody up right now, really get righteously lit and get with it and get down to biblical principles.
That's one way things could be saved.
Another way is, I don't know, maybe a natural disaster needs to take place.
Maybe the United States of America will be victim, will fall to foreign attack.
I think we kind of already are internally.
I mean, for real, we're seeing that, right?
But, I mean, take a look at Joe Biden yesterday.
I mean, what a perfect example.
Pride coming before the fall.
Joe Biden, his Twitter tomorrow is praising, praising Lucifer, praising Pride.
A couple hours later, there's Joe Biden taking a huge fall.
It takes a sandbag, Owen.
The President of the United States cannot navigate over a sandbag.
What an absolute disgrace, okay?
But I think that's a perfect illustration as to where we are right now.
We're already being judged internally with the degeneracy running rampant according to Romans 1, but I don't know.
I don't know, Owen.
You let me know what you think, because I think right now we're coming into a time where people are listening, they are waking up, but there's still a huge amount of the population on planet Earth that still just won't let go.
We'll see.
Let me get into the broader issue.
What's symbology?
I didn't think about that.
The symbolism of Joe Biden promoting pride and then literally falling on the stage.
I don't buy that sandbag excuse, but maybe God put that sandbag there.
He was the only one that tripped over it.
I've been saying it was Xi Jinping put that sandbag there.
That's who put it there.
Xi Jinping, that sandbag, and son of a bitch.
Broader issue though.
Broader on the issues you just brought up.
Let me use Austin as an example.
Because really, I would say at this point, this message to me is more important than it's ever been.
Just get out of liberal cities, folks.
Just get as far away from Democrats as you possibly can.
I mean, literally.
Literally, find out where Democrats are in office, find out where Democrats vote, and get as far the hell away from there as possible.
And we might be able to actually build some communities and build some new cities that don't become liberal hellholes.
The problem is, this is why I bring up Austin.
I moved to Austin
Spring, summer 2016.
It was 2016.
And when I moved here, Austin was already the number one city to move to, number one city to live in, and I think it stayed on that place in the charts for two or three more years since I moved here.
And it wasn't a conservative town by any stretch, you know, but it was liberal Austin for Texas.
For Texas.
So you're still mostly getting a good mix.
Still some general conservative values.
But, you know, college town, kind of liberal capital area, but not so bad.
Top place to live.
Drew, I'm not even kidding you.
Here we are, the year 2023.
The entire city smells like human feces now.
You walk outside, smells like human feces, literally.
You know, I don't really mind homeless people as much, but it's when they're on every street corner, panhandling, some of them deranged, bombed out of their minds on drugs, it becomes a problem.
So, I mean, that's what happens.
We build communities that aren't liberal hellholes,
Run by Democrats?
The Democrats and liberals invade them and turn them into liberal hellholes!
What happens?
So it's like, how do you even escape these people?
They follow us!
Andrew Hernandez with me as well.
We're talking about the demonic cult having pride and sexual propaganda aimed at your children.
It's just reaching new levels, but in response to that,
People are realizing, you know, this wasn't just about gay marriage, was it?
This was about something a lot more filthy.
Gay marriage was just their entry point into the door.
But, you know, let's pivot into the political issue here, because things are starting to get a little more interesting, I would say.
You know, Joe Biden literally can't walk, can't talk.
My trajectory had Biden winning again in 2024.
I think come Monday, I might officially change that if I'm, you know, if I'm doing political odds making or foresight.
I think I might change that on Monday, depending on how this weekend goes, and say that Trump might become the trajectory that we're on is to have Trump be president again, which
I think the establishment knows Joe Biden has been such a devastating force, a devastating factor to themselves.
His criminality, his corruption, now people don't even believe he won the election.
So I think the establishment is going to have to back off and maybe give us Trump.
And I don't believe Trump is controlled opposition.
Some people probably do.
I don't think it really matters because what I think is going to happen now, as the trajectory changes with Joe Biden being such a disaster,
Trump will get in, we'll have three years of good economic activity, good feelings, good vibes for the country again, respected again around the world.
Then they'll do the big, it won't be the pandemic, I think it'll be the cyber attack.
They'll do the big cyber attack, they'll somehow fool Trump again, he won't have learned his lessons, the tyrants will take over, get even bigger.
We're good to go.
You know, I think it's a good thing we got a handful of strong candidates, even with the infighting and everything else.
I think is solid.
Donald Trump is obviously there.
Ron DeSantis I still think is a good candidate.
Vivek Ramaswamy, while polling low, I think is a good candidate.
So where are you at?
Where do you think the trajectory goes right now for 2024?
And who do you like politically?
Well, I think right now, I think it was yesterday, President Trump was asked a very specific question again about the vaccines because individuals have lost family members and it's a very, pretty serious issue.
I think it's still a top.
Top notch issue for individuals and for voters that voted for Trump in the past, that voted for Trump 2016, 2020, especially after Operation Warp Speed, and obviously going into 2024 for obvious reasons.
Because I think if people are looking at President Trump to face what exactly is taking place, because if people, I mean, if the masses, especially his base,
Actually do.
Take a look at what happened.
I mean, he was running around claiming he was going to drain the swamp.
It's clear that the swamp drained him, unfortunately.
I think he was outnumbered.
I think he kind of fell for what Operation Warp Speed was.
But to this day, he's still attempting to defend it.
He's still attempting to make it look like it was a great thing.
Some kind of accomplishment for mankind when...
You know, kind of scapegoats out and says, well, you know, I, you know, I wasn't for the mandates and everybody claps, but it's like, OK, well, Operation Warp Speed.
I mean, look at Jamie Foxx.
All right.
It's a perfect example.
So I think people are pissed.
I think his base is taking a close look at that.
I mean, I could speak for myself.
I know that I am because if we really are going to face another
Globalist, New World Order, or some kind of CCP attack on the homeland again, where the entire economy gets shut down, where the entire deep state rises against America first.
What are you going to do now?
I think those are the real questions that I would personally like to ask President Trump.
Like if I ever had the opportunity to really have a sit down, not to attack him or to make him look bad, but I genuinely, what's the game plan, man?
I mean, these people really went after you.
They really went after you.
And I understand you're only one man and your cabinet had a bunch of establishment losers.
I would like to know what the game plan is.
Yes, the economy.
Yes, when it comes to domestic issues.
Yes, when it comes to schools going against CRT, all this great stuff protecting our children.
But I want to hear more of that 2016.
How are we going to go after the global New World Order?
Because these people took you out, man.
So what is the game plan 2024?
President Trump White House with a based cabinet.
What does that look like?
What does that sound like?
That's kind of what I want to hear a little more.
Not, well, Operation Warp Speed was like an achievement for my administration when obviously it wasn't.
I mean, I'm kind of like Alex on this thing where I think that's a huge issue.
I mean, people are going to die over this stuff.
And the entire country was shut down under his watch.
So I would like to see President Trump
I agree.
And I think the moves that Trump should make, maybe not in the immediate future, but I think near future, I think he has enough political sense to understand timing at this point.
But I think he should make a list or a short list of who he's going to start appointing or nominating.
You know, a short list of, you know, maybe if we get another Supreme Court justice seat, here's who I'm putting on.
You know what?
When I get in, we're going to drain the leadership at the CIA, the FBI, you know, you name it, we're draining it all.
Here are the people I'm thinking about appointing.
Here's who I want for, you know, Energy Secretary, Department of Defense, just all of this different stuff.
Show his nominees, let's see who he's going to put in, because like you said, we got a lot of swampy people that I think worked for the establishment instead of for Donald Trump when he appointed them.
So we want to make sure he doesn't make that mistake again.
I think putting him up front with the issue of whatever might lead to another lockdown, whether it's a pandemic or a cyber attack or anything, and just get him on record to say, you will not support any lockdowns ever again.
Just get on record.
The American people get to decide what's risky and what's safe.
If they want to go out during a pandemic, fine.
If they want to go out during a cyber attack, fine.
If they don't, they want to stay inside, fine too.
That's up to them.
So I think there's things that Trump can do to address these issues head on.
But unfortunately, I don't think too many people in the media are going to hold his feet to the fire on these issues.
It's definitely not going to be Hannity.
Well, I definitely agree with that.
I think someone needs to ask him these serious questions because, you know, as a Trump voter myself, I see this stuff and I wonder.
Why do you keep defending it?
Why do you keep defending Operation Warp Speed?
This should not be hard.
This is a very simple thing to take a look at and be like, this was a mistake.
All right.
And it's never going to happen again.
We're never going to go down that path because this was obviously a huge operation.
The thing about me with President Trump is, you know, number one,
Every time you listen to him speak and he talks about all the accomplishments in 2016, all the way up until, you know, the virus was launched from Wuhan.
He's always talking about all of his accomplishments, the economy and how everything was changing and everything was going in the right direction, which is true.
We were rocking and rolling.
We were killing it, right?
But if that was such a great accomplishment, President Trump,
What was it that destroyed all of that?
Okay, we know what it was.
That should be at the very top of your priorities to address to the American people.
This is what destroyed everything we were doing.
So this is going to be at the top of my list to make sure this never happens ever again.
Because these people will definitely stage all their coups and come after.
But I think that's why
He's trying to build coalitions in Congress.
You're seeing a lot more America First candidates come through in Congress.
They're trying to push them in the Senate at the local level as well.
Most definitely.
Most definitely.
Yeah, I think the infrastructure has to be there.
So he has some allies because if you really think about it, they went after him hard with multiple impeachment attempts.
They did impeach him.
They just couldn't remove him from office because the Senate didn't punch it through.
But I think that's a huge part of it as well.
He's only one man.
But at the same time,
We need the base Trump back, just coming out swinging and really just saying what everyone is seriously thinking, because that is what the American people need right now.
Not some kind of like, you know, toned down version, former of himself, you know what I mean?
I don't know if his like handlers inside were trying to make some kind of moderate version of Trump, but I think that's not what the American people need right now, especially when the pedophiles are rising going after your children.
We need a warrior.
I think we saw that at his CNN town hall.
We need a champion.
And of course, Sean Hannity is going to go easy on him because, uh, it's Sean Hannity, Owen.
So, uh, yes, I think, I think everyone is wanting that base Trump back right now.
And I don't know.
I think I kind of agree with you.
I think maybe, maybe they'll allow him to get punched back in, but maybe they won't because if the election is really rigged, how the hell is he going to win?
Well, yeah, again, deal with Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Atlanta, before you can do anything.
Please give me one minute of your time.
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X3 Tri-Iodine, exclusively at Infowarsstore.com.
Take action now, but regardless, research is info.
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
And we're going to have a guest here with me in just a second.
But I want to remind you guys that things are getting serious.
This is a time when we are witnessing the complete
I think?
In the past are really the same patterns for how our civilization is being brought down.
And it helps to understand those principles and those patterns.
And we've really been focusing on that a lot in the last few months on my channel over on YouTube, on my Rockfin channel and so forth.
And we've been covering not just global elite texts, but texts that describe the strategy of subversion.
Infiltration, these kinds of techniques.
It's important to understand these because if we don't understand that, we look at the wrong people, we look at the wrong institutions.
And a lot of what goes on in terms of psychological warfare demonizes the wrong audience.
They demonize the wrong people.
They get you deflected on thinking that, oh, it's the people that own land and property and the people that have businesses.
This is Marxism.
Classical Marxism says that man's problems
Arise from his alienation from his work and from the means of production and from the capitalist ruling class, right?
That's just one example.
Borrowing from that Hegelian dialectic.
That's not really a man's problem.
And so there might be abuses that have taken place with industrialists and factory workers and all of that.
But the locus of power, right?
The actual abuse is not coming from.
I think?
Because there's authority out there.
That's the problem.
Authority itself is the problem.
It's not authority itself that is the problem, it's the abuse of authority that's the problem.
You see how that minor seeming philosophical distinction is enough to confuse and lead to centuries of revolution, death, chaos, bloodshed, etc.
And it's just based on this misunderstanding which
Deflects people away on the basis of false enemies, false hopes, false dreams.
We're going to create a stateless utopia, is what Marxism said.
Literally, the classic Marxist idea is that we would eventually get to a stateless situation in the phases of history, in the phases of Marxism.
But what if that's not man's problem?
What if man's fundamental problem isn't
Alienation from nature and from the means and modes of production and the capitalists and all this.
What if man's problem is something more fundamental inside of him, which are the classic ideas of virtue and vice?
Aristotle, for example, wrote about the virtues and how they are contrasted to the vices.
And what if that's the problem and not the idea of there being structures in society?
You'll notice the exact same thing that we see
When we look at the way that, for example, people in the Skittles, trans community, all this kind of stuff, they will say that, oh, you make me feel bad because you don't accept me.
And so they place the blame on society structures.
Society has stigmatized these things.
And if society would just accept these things, I would stop feeling bad.
I would not have a conscience bothering me anymore.
But what if the problem is internal to man?
What if the problem is his own fallen heart?
His own desire to sin?
And not societal structures.
Not placing the blame elsewhere.
A lot of these false systems are based around placing the blame outside of man's own heart.
And that's ultimately the source.
So if man doesn't fix his own heart, none of these social structures are going to get fixed.
And the source of man's problems are not the social structures.
When we come back, we're going to talk to Courtney about Tavistock and other things that led to where we are today.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of Alex Jones.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And we're talking about the
False blame.
Placing a blame on structures.
Placing a blame on things that are not ultimately to blame.
These things might be, at times, abusive.
They might participate in it.
But these things themselves are not the root of man's problems.
If having hierarchy is itself a problem, then why is nature itself hierarchical?
Doesn't Jordan Peterson talk a lot about lobsters and how lobsters kind of form a hierarchy?
Father, we got a lobster hierarchy, you know?
Don't you know about the lobsters?
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, in principle I agree that in nature you'll find that wolves have a pack and they have a hierarchy amongst the pack of wolves and that's because the alpha wolf stays in the back and watches and makes sure that nobody gets killed in the rest of the pack, etc, etc.
Nature has this fundamental component to it.
So clearly it can't be that man's problem itself, himself, is out there in society.
It's inside man.
It's his heart that has to change.
That's the source of the problems.
And so, one of the things that I want to get to when we bring on Courtney now is this power that Tavistock seemed to really hone in on, which is controlling and steering public opinion to the degree that they could get people to believe
In all kinds of fake, false enemies and bad guys.
And they never ever identify the actual intellectual intelligentsia structure that is socially engineering them.
And one reason that they're not able to do that is because, as Edward Bernays says at the beginning of his book, Propaganda, the social engineers are a hidden power structure.
They're not hidden in the sense of like
Secretly in underground bases doing Illuminati rituals.
They might be, but he's saying in the sense that they're hidden because the public just simply doesn't know about the Walter Lippmanns and Edward Bernays and the John Rees and Dr. Kurt Lewins and all the people that are doing the social studies, right?
The Institute for Social Research, for example, at Michigan University.
Does anybody know about that?
Very few people do, but they were instrumental in
Very few.
Contracting out a lot of this research to socially engineer.
And this is also, by the way, if you read the Douglas Valentine book on Phineas Program, a lot of the Vietnam War was being run out of the University of Michigan.
The CIA had a command base set up there, and I'm sure they were working with the Institute for Social Research as well, to experiment in Vietnam on social control, social engineering, and so forth.
Is Courtney available?
Is she up yet?
So, Courtney, are you there?
We've been talking about social engineering.
Hey, we've been talking about social engineering.
You and I, we've done a lot of interviews, and I wanted to see if you agree, because I know you've done a lot of research into Marxism, and not everybody at the Tavistock Institute and the Institute for Social Research were necessarily Marxist.
And they don't have to be, but these are great examples of systems like Marxism where people are corralled into believing that the enemy is something that isn't actually the enemy.
Do you agree?
Yeah, I absolutely agree.
So really interesting for me, you know, on this whole journey, I think my first kind of like mini wake up was learning about the Frankfurt School and realizing how invested they were and how much they were, how invested they were and how much they were utilized in order to create the propaganda and this whole like identity politics world that we live in currently.
And I, you know, we see that and I thought, I
That was my, one of my first like...
Wake up calls is because I used to say, and I think I just did this because it was much easier.
I, you know, I was in the world of Hollywood and like, it was really hard not to be like all the way left in Hollywood.
So I used to say, and even just growing up, I grew up, you know, I grew up on the East Coast, right outside New York City.
And then I was an actress in New York and then I moved out to LA and it was just easier to say, I'm, you know, socially liberal, but I'm fiscally conservative.
And that was just much more acceptable.
And really it was when I started to learn about the Frankfurt School that I realized how much they were using these philosophical principles and the identity politics in order to co-opt the culture.
And that you really couldn't extricate one from the other.
You can't really have
I mean, who's paying for these fiscal social programs and this social ideology, right?
You can't really extricate one from the others.
That was kind of my mini, but I think I was still pretty unaware of the big scope and the big picture.
When I first learned about Tavistock, that was like a light bulb for me.
Because it was a convergence.
I think, one, it personally really hit me because of my background with, you know, my psychology background, and my philosophy background, and then my artistic background, and realizing that Tavistock was kind of where a lot of the Fabian socialists converged with the Frankfurt School.
And I see the Fabians as kind of the tactical arm.
They're the strategy.
And you can't really have, you know, so as much as you need the ideology and the philosophical precepts, which I think the elites use in order to create the propaganda and the messaging, you need the strategy in order to infiltrate.
And I think Tavistock was really brilliant at merging the two.
And I think that they used the social scientist in order to figure out what would be an effective way to do that.
So, yeah, I don't know if that was... Yeah, and one of the things that you are really interested in is breaking the spell of the control of the culture in an artistic sense.
And so like this weekend, you know, you've organized an event
Tell us about this event and why you wanted to organize a creative artist coming together and who all is going to be there.
So it's a massive event.
We now have like 60 acts and it seems to be growing by the minute.
Yeah, this is way bigger than I ever could have imagined.
And I really feel like I'm just an instrument, a vessel to help put this together.
But I felt like, you know, knowing what I know about how they use arts to, you know, socially engineer the masses for culture creation,
And they censor so many who are organic, you know, not like, yeah, creative being.
And I wanted to give a platform to those people.
But I also wanted to bring a hybrid because I feel like these information conferences are great.
We're in an info war, right?
So it's really important that people be given this really valuable information from so many brilliant minds.
But I think, and it's also great for people to do that in person and find out that they're not alone, meet like-minded people, build communities and connect with others.
However, I think sometimes people feel a little bit overwhelmed by all the information.
Sometimes they leave feeling a little black filled.
And the powers that be know how powerful art is.
This is part of why they change the frequency of music from 432 to 440, right?
They know that it has the power to effectuate change on a cellular level.
I think so.
So, you know, I do think of this as this is a spiritual battle.
And oftentimes when people think about spiritual battle, they get very trapped in the binary.
So they either, you know, are all in the dark and the doom gloom and they get very black filled or they're in the, you know, trust the plan type of white pill type of vein.
Oh, so it's a non-binary event.
You have a non-binary event.
You know, I didn't want to be controversial, so you can't let them join them, right?
Yeah, so.
But yeah, so I thought that we need to show that there's both.
If it is a spiritual battle, there needs to be light and dark.
And I think that we don't have a whole lot of examples in the culture currently because they own the culture.
There's not a whole lot of examples of good, clean, fun art that's rooted in family values, that's pro-human, that's pro-sovereignty.
And I think their agenda is to, you know, put us into a transhuman leading to post-human world controlled by an AI hyperbolic mind that they program and then we'll all be siloed in the metaverse, right?
But the best antidote, personally, I think, to that is for us to be radically human.
And humans are social creatures.
We need to do things in person, you know, with one another physically.
And we're creative beings.
And one of the ways that's manifested is through art.
And so I wanted to give an opportunity.
Let's go to a break here and then we'll come back and talk more about this event.
We got a break.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And we were talking to Courtney Turner about this weekend's upcoming event and why it's so important to do real, authentic,
Organic, non-corporate controlled, non-socially engineered music, arts, etc.
And that's really what this, basically it's a festival.
It's really turned into a festival this weekend with, as she said, about 60 people.
And we were talking about how, you know, the one key arm of the control structure
Is through controlling the arts, and you know, I wrote two books on that.
Courtney's done a lot of podcasts on that as well.
We've covered it many, many times in the fourth hour of Alex Jones, and really Alex pioneered exposing that many, many, many years ago, talking about the way Hollywood and the music industry is controlled, the use of symbolism, the use of, you know, the occult and so forth.
So, Courtney, you want to tell us about some of the acts and who all is going to be there?
I know it's 60, but you want to mention some of the... Some of these people I might have even heard about before, like this Owen guy and this Harrison person.
I think I've heard of them before.
He's like, who are they?
Yeah, we have so we have a lot of like, it's really a hybrid.
We've got the speakers and we've got lots of music.
Okay, we have here.
So yeah, so Patrick Byrne, I want to give a shout out to him and the American Project because they have really come through in helping to see this vision to fruition.
Of course, we have Jay Dyer and Jamie Hanshaw.
I'm sure nobody here has ever heard of them, right?
And Faithless Town, they are awesome.
Tim Thompson, Mel K, Ben DeLaurentiis, who was just on with me this morning on Harrison's Show, Dr. Stella Emanuel, Andy Ross, Kathy O'Brien.
We have Erin Jo Harris and she's got a band and they're going to be doing music.
Justin Deschamps, he's doing a lot of stuff with Badlands Media.
Nick Notoli,
So he's doing that song with Jimmy Levy.
Jimmy Levy is going to be remote, but he's going to zoom in and sing a song for George Webb, Austin Moody, Brian Christian.
You'll see a different side of him.
He's going to be performing music.
He's also going to be on the Pirate Stream Media panel with me.
Paul Conan, who's a hypnotist.
He's going to talk about how they use hypnosis and how you can buffer yourself against the media and the hypnotic effects of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
We have some of the Jan 6 victims.
Mickey, of course, Ashley Babbitt's mom, who will be talking.
Sarah McAvee, who her husband is still a political prisoner.
Yeah, who else?
We've got the Sailor Brothers.
We have filmmakers as well.
We're going to be doing a filmmaker panel.
We're screening a couple of snippets from some film.
We're going to be doing some improv, which Jay is going to be a part of.
We have, of course, Klaus.
And then we've got Klaus Jr.
And we have the CEO of Target.
We have a Trump impersonator.
And they'll do a little improv sketch.
We have a bunch of people from Medical Freedom who are speaking on that.
And yeah, so there's the Trump impersonator, Sean Farage.
Yes, Simon Esler, who did the film Cut, and he's going to be remote.
He's in Canada, but he is going to screen a little piece of the film.
We're going to do a bit of a back and forth talking about it.
We will have on Sunday morning, people like Robert and Jamie Agee, who are from the Revenant Tour, who are going to be doing more religious ceremonies and speeches and some music that's more religious oriented for those who are missing church services.
And then we'll have panels on Sunday, and yeah, it's action-packed!
Yeah, and again, let's go back to maybe some of the background of this notion of culture creation and culture steering, because that's a huge part of, you know, what I've covered, as I said, and part of the reason why you're doing this event.
You know, I know that if you go back to Plato's Allegory of the Cave and then Plato's discussion of the Republic of the Noble Lie, where he talks about the inner secret society that will run the Republic, the ideal Republic,
He says they'll have to use these various invented myths and stories to control the population to make sure that everybody fits into where they're supposed to be in this rigid ideological structure of the Republic.
And that noble lie, I think, is a really early example of foisting upon the society a false story, a false myth, a fake
Uh, uh, origins story, you could say, like, like the hero's myth or whatever.
That's really, again, made up to control people.
And that same principle is, if we fast forward to today, the way that Hollywood and the music industry has crafted itself as a kind of modern Plato's allegory of the cave.
If you think about sitting in the movie theater, if you think about being at the concert, you know, you're, you're really watching and following these people that are acting kind of like the, the phantasms and the shadows on the wall of Plato's cave.
We're good to go.
So, how do you see Hollywood and the music industry, since you did have a time, you said, where you were in that world.
Do you see it as a really rigid control structure?
Which is ironic, because I thought the arts were all about us being free and being set loose, and the irony is that, no, actually, this is a rigid control structure.
Yeah, it's really interesting because one of the things that, you know, you were saying how it is like it's kind of a wide tent and there are a lot of philosophical, maybe not complete alliance, but I think the main thing that everybody in this
In this event can get behind is personal sovereignty and art.
And I think if we can't unite over that, then we really have no hope for humanity.
And I agree with you.
I think you would think one of the brilliant things about artists is that they're creative beings that can see out of the box.
And, you know, I always use the analogy of like, they're able to kind of color outside the lines and still make it interesting, intriguing, potentially even beautiful.
That's exactly what they don't want.
That's what's scary to them.
That's why they have this control grid of Hollywood and of the music industry.
That's where you have to fall in lockstep with what they want and their messaging.
Anybody who falls outside of that,
They don't give a platform to because they're using they know how powerful it is and they know that it has the power to you know subliminally because I think what happens with people is that you know as much as it's important to read and get engaged in intellectual matters and intellectual pursuits
Human beings are, we're very complex, we're very nuanced.
And when we deal in the rational, we can ignore things that are, we're getting like cues that we're getting intuitively.
And we can ignore some of our emotional responses that are elicited.
And art has the power to affect that emotional, intuitive response, in many cases, subconsciously.
And so
I think that it is really important to have art that is, you know, whether you agree with it or not, whether you like it or not, that isn't being controlled from the top down.
Where people are presenting because I think artists have the power, because they can color outside the line, to take us out of these managed dialectical narratives.
Because people often, they're spoon-fed these narratives, and then they feel like they have to take one side or the other.
They're really not, because for so long we have been conditioned that people often don't really think for themselves and imagine that there could be a nuance somewhere in the middle or somewhere completely outside of that paradigm altogether.
But I think artists have the power to show that there might be, you know, another way.
Or maybe there is a shade of grey in between the two that have been presented.
Yeah, I was just thinking of some examples of the arts that were prophetic that I've been looking at recently.
I'll give some of those examples when we get back and why I think they were prophetic.
Some stuff I'll be covering in upcoming live streams and talks.
But I want to remind everybody, go to rebelsforcause.com, get your tickets, use the promo code D-Y-E-R for this weekend in Nashville.
It's going to be a lot of fun.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest, S.J.
Dyer, Jason Alsis.
We were talking about the power of the arts to really, in many ways, be predictive.
And I've got several examples that I thought of during the break that I wanted to mention where we see pretty
I would say almost prophetic examples of artists who were able to sense the zeitgeist, right, the spirit of the time, and to see where things were going.
And I think that artists have that unique ability through, you know, their creative abilities to see where the society's going.
My button came undone.
I'm not trying to show my cleavage here, so I apologize to everybody that's...
I know I just tempted everybody with lust.
Please don't lust.
It was just my button came undone.
Everybody relax.
Take a shower, a cold shower, calm down.
Notes from the Underground.
This is an amazing work from Dostoevsky that, believe it or not, I think he wrote it in the late 1800s.
This book actually predicts maybe early, well, I don't see the date, but it was definitely late 1800s.
And in this essay,
He notes that the future would be one that is symbolized by this figure who's sort of a clerk in a station, and he's this really nasty individual.
He has a really nasty heart.
But in a lot of ways, he publicly is kind of a normal citizen.
And the point of the novel, at one point, or excuse me, the short story, he eventually gets to this point where he says that the
The man reflected on how the wicked operate from the pleasure that they get from evil.
And that this shows the enlightenment idea that individuals can be morally neutral or something like this.
It's just really not true.
And that if all man needed was education, right, to solve his problems, if his problem wasn't his own heart, then he said we would never have the evil genius.
And so this guy's reflecting as he thinks about people in history who were notorious tyrants.
He talks about how Cleopatra, I think he says, liked to torture her mistresses.
She got pleasure out of torture.
And he says this sadistic or the evil genius character, he says, proves that evil is something more than just a lack of education, that there's actual virtue and vice going on here.
And then he goes on to say that, in fact, I could even project that the future will be like a machine.
The evil men of the future will be like a machine that operate in a program machine-like way.
There's a really famous page
Where the guy basically predicts a technocratic future where people are basically like robots.
Again, that's in the late 1800s.
In Brothers Karamazov, there's one of the most famous chapters by Dostoyevsky where he talks about what's called the Grand Inquisitor.
And this is an inquisitor in a theoretical way in this chapter.
He's doing an inquisition on Jesus.
Which is odd, because why would the Inquisition, if they represented the Church, why would they do an Inquisition on Jesus?
Well, the Inquisitor says that we don't need you anymore.
And it's very prophetic, in my view, of where the sort of the globalist version of the papacy with Francis and others would go.
And, you know, he wrote this again in the late 1800s, and it's basically saying that we will erect a world system, a globalist world system around this globalist religion.
And we don't need Jesus in the religion anymore.
So it's an amazing prophetic prediction, again, of not just where the 20th century Roman Catholic Church would go post-Vatican II, but where the world religion would go, moving towards this world religion.
There's another great book in fiction, Ray Bradbury, right?
His Fahrenheit 451, which is, we are at that stage right now.
They're now saying that books need to be banned, need to be censored.
Now, we've always had people banning books, but Ray Bradbury predicted a future dystopia where they would ban the reading of books.
You've got to be a dumb, mind-controlled citizen.
You can't be reading books.
Heck no.
And he's basing that on what real people in the Royal Society, like Bertrand Russell, H.G.
Wells, were saying.
You won't be reading Shakespeare in the dystopia.
You won't be reading the Bible.
You won't have books.
Books will be banned.
And we will dumb everybody down.
They don't read anymore.
Philip K. Dick predicts the internet in Ubik.
Now, another odd novel that I wouldn't have expected to be prophetic, which was written in the 40s, was a book by Flannery O'Connor.
It's called Wise Blood, and I'm going to be covering this pretty soon.
She's a famous Southern Catholic writer.
Southern Gothic is the genre, and in that novel, it's one of her few short novels, she only wrote two, she predicted the rise of the new atheists.
Pretty wild, this weird sort of oddball character named Hazel decides to create his own cult.
However, the cult that he creates is the Church of Jesus without Jesus.
So religion, without any of the, you know, supernatural trappings or the real meaning of the religion, really just a tool of other interests, a tool of geopolitics, a tool of individuals who are just self-serving, in the case of the novel, this character, right?
But far before we had this public campaign of the new atheists,
You have this really odd prophetic prediction of the new atheists in this novel and many many many more examples of the arts being predictive.
And I'll be covering those on my channel if you want to go to my YouTube channel Jay Dyer and subscribe.
We're going to be getting into these.
We just covered some really
We're good to go.
Courtney, are you there?
I want to get back to any of the examples that you can think of, like, where you've seen in your own life, you know, like, it doesn't have to be predictive elements, but, like, when you were in the entertainment industry, were there any stories that stuck out to you?
Things that were really weird or people trying to, like, you know, make sure you didn't get a job because of your views or anything like that?
Well, definitely, I could not discuss my views.
I was part of the whole FOA group, you know, the Friends of Ape, where I found out that there was, I was not alone in that.
Lots of us were fired or blackballed for, you know, speaking out on our views.
So that was definitely very pervasive in Hollywood.
But what's interesting is I also saw the agendas.
You know, I remember, like, in, uh, it must have been the early 2000s, and they were really pushing, you know, now they've really moved towards the trans agenda, but back then they were really moving towards the gay agenda.
And the amount of casting that was done, it was just very strange, and I just remember thinking it was so odd.
I'm like, so is every couple, like, there's no traditional couples anymore?
Like, this is so odd.
Why, why is this all they're casting for?
And, you know, now in hindsight, I realize, okay, this is because they're clearly trying to, you know, elicit some sort of a message.
This is programming.
At the time, I just thought it was bizarre.
I'm like, this is not reflective of the real world, even in Hollywood, you know?
So that's just one example.
Do you think that was a top down?
I do think so.
I mean, there's no way I couldn't say like for sure, but it seems really odd.
I think so.
I was actually interesting enough when you were reading through all those predictive examples.
I'm really thinking I think it's a feedback loop because I think on the one hand there are the social engineers who are in control and who are trying to push this message and propaganda and they're in lockstep with
This agenda and the agenda is a new world order agenda and the more I talk to people now through my research and my interviews, it seems everybody in the entertainment industry, whether in the music or in film, television, Hollywood, if you're not in line with the agenda, whether it is you're willing to just turn a blind eye or you're, you know, willfully advancing it, then you're really out.
Um, but I think it's a feedback loop because I think there's also so many people who are in it and they become programmed and brainwashed without really knowing it.
I think it's completely, for some people, unwitting.
You know, they really have no idea that they're completely in lockstep and they're completely advancing this agenda and so then they come up with these ideas and it's so ingrained and they end up, you know, programming, casting, and writing these scripts and
You know, these artistic ventures that are, yeah, so I think it is a feedback loop.
I don't think it's just one or the other, but I think a lot of it is because there's... Yeah, and people that are artists, I mean, sometimes, it seems to me like nowadays it's independent artists, right?
And that's kind of what your event's about, is people that are not locked into that, you know, the old studio system or, you know, this kind of stuff.
People are doing it on their own now, and I think probably having much more success because
You know, if you have to go along to get along to get anywhere, you're really just destroying your own soul, and it's very hard for a creative person to not be free in that way, to be locked into some stupid system.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back, just in a second.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You can subscribe to my work at the website you see there, jaysanalysis.com.
I want to remind you, too, that you see that top link there.
I dropped a new CringeCore song.
InfoWars has had a history of playing my greatest hits, including PayPiggy.
And if you go to my YouTube channel and subscribe, you'll notice that the top song there is my brand new hit single that I just dropped last night.
And it's an ode to Matthew McConaughey.
And it's called, I Just Want to Meet New People and Do Cool Things.
And if you watch the clip, it'll explain why we do what we do as artists, right?
Um, you know, the arts, again, they have the ability to raise our sensibilities.
I think that's what they're supposed to do.
They're supposed to point us to the transcendent, to point us to these higher ideals, to the virtues.
And they give us meaning.
They give us, you know, stories give us meaning.
And great art does that, I think, in a transcendent way.
And then it points us to the divine and so forth.
And we really lost that in the West because we don't really have great art anymore.
Think about the Renaissance artists.
I mean, I have certain criticisms of the Renaissance artists, but they're really talented and most of their art was intended to point us to the transcendent.
Think about, you know, great literature that was being written all the way up until, you know, I guess maybe the first half of the last century.
I mean, maybe there's new lit that's great.
I don't know.
But it's the same way in the domain of books that
A lot of mainstream publishing and publishing houses, you know, they don't print your stuff unless it's going along with this agenda.
This agenda that we're talking about
Is across all of the disciplines of the arts.
And that's because it's a control system.
They don't allow any area to not be under this control system.
If you remember, I had on Wecking Ball, the pretty well-known pro skater with a lot of comedic talents as well.
He's a really funny guy.
And we did a fourth hour interview with Weck maybe a year ago.
And we were talking about how even in the domain of skating,
You might think, they don't care about skating.
Every area of life has to be under this new cult of the technocratic, you know, well, a lot of words I can't say.
No, they do.
I don't want to use those words, but you know what I mean.
What they're trying to push in all of these areas, it's even in the skateboarding community, right?
It's in every area of the arts, and that's by design, and that's why we want to create art
That is truly independent, not fake independent, you know, Hollywood push stuff that is not liberal.
It's actually part of a control structure, but calls itself liberal or whatever that even means.
I mean, the irony here is that liberal is associated with liberty.
You would associate these things with being made free.
And yet this entire structure is promoting all of the things through inversion that will enslave you.
And not just enslave you mentally or spiritually, but now they're pushing the things that will enslave your body.
And Courtney's right when she says that ultimately the goal is to put us into a Matrix Borg hive mind.
Alex has talked about that for 20 plus years, that it's an actual Pentagon plan to eventually have some sort of Matrix style coom pod that you lay in
And your life will be lived out in this virtual reality, and you'll just be a battery for the system.
That's what The Matrix was playing on.
The Matrix movie was playing on that humans as batteries analogy, feeding into this energy vampire superstructure system.
And that's not just fiction, because in many of the global elite texts that I've covered, for example, Jacques Attali's Brief History of the Future, the latter chapters discuss the Borg hive mind.
And everybody being linked into this Matrix web system.
I have over here Ray Kurzweil's books.
He says the exact same thing about the future VR Matrix world that everybody will live in when they have that ready, when they've got the technology ready.
So we're being prepared for that as they roll out the things like the CBDCs, the Bank for National Settlements.
I've been covering that this week on my channel.
If you go to my channel, you'll see the latest lecture that I did was the writings of the elite.
I think this is
Most recently, most recent one is about the EU, how it was created by the Royal Society elites and the people of Bilderberg.
They planned the EU decades before the EU came to exist.
Churchill was a big pusher of the EU.
A lot of people don't know that.
Alan Dulles, people from the CIA, they were pushing the EU big time.
And so that's why the EU came about, right?
At the behest of people like the Rockefellers and Prince Bernhard and all the people that are the founders of Bilderberg.
That's who brought about the EU.
Was not this, you know, movement of liberal socialists or whatever in the 1980s and in 1990.
No, it was way prior to that.
It was planned out many, many years.
In fact, it was part of the Marshall Plan aid was contingent upon eventual acceptance of a European Union.
That union model is what the global elite have planned for so long, which is to have all of the continents into continental unions.
And, you know, Tiny Mustache Man, he had a similar plan, but his plan wasn't the one that the system ended up going with.
He was just a subset of this overall system.
What they ended up going with was not the fascist version of socialism, and that's the socialist model.
They ended up going with a Fabian version of socialism because that combines very well with technocracy.
And so, Courtney, I want to get back to you.
You know, you were talking about your time in the entertainment industry and, you know, how the system works.
And I feel like, you know, I've had interviews, for example, with some pretty big name Hollywood people over the years, and they've kind of expressed their own internal tensions with sort of
Being on the edge of, well, I want to, you know, have one foot kind of in the system, but I also kind of wish that I'd been independent and doing things on my own.
You know, when we look at people like Joe Rogan, who basically bought his own, you know, comedy venue in Austin, and he kind of is just allowed to then, you know, he could do his own thing, right?
So if we can think more about getting outside of the system and doing our own thing as truly independent artists, I think what we end up having a lot more success, ironically,
Because you really can rise to the top in doing things in alternative media on your own, as opposed to relying on this old legacy system.
Yeah, and I think it's because of exactly what you said, because art is supposed to speak to the transcendent.
It's supposed to be aspirational.
And I always say that the powers that shouldn't be have their Triple Ds that they worship.
They have their Trinity.
And the first one is, you know, deception.
It's deceiving and distorting.
And then the second one is division.
They divide and conquer.
And then, of course, the last one is destruction.
Death, I think, goes
And when you, art should be, if you look at just in nature, things like a beautiful sunset are art and they move us so deeply.
And we don't know why, but we can, we just feel it and we can just agree that it does.
And I think that's the power of art.
And I think people are longing right now because so much art is, you know, you look at like even architecture, you know, I think since the brutalist ages, it's all,
You don't have something to look up to.
And I think that because of our day-to-day life, you know, we want something.
We do want an escape.
And that's another reason why it's so powerful.
But we want to escape to something that we can aspire toward.
Something where we can think about, you know, being whether it's closer to divine or even just better versions of ourselves.
That there is a possibility beyond where we are today.
And I think art has that power.
And I think it's part of why the independent artists are seeing so much success.
Because it's such a stark juxtaposition.
And the art that we're seeing today, they've become, as you talk about, like the revelation of the method, I think they're just becoming so much more transparent in their agenda.
And their agenda is dark.
And it's not, it doesn't make any sense.
And people see that.
They see that it's inverted.
They see that it's dark.
And I think in some cases, it really is just openly demonic.
And that's not aspirational.
So, yeah.
Yeah, self-destructive.
And I want to remind people, too, that when it comes to this freer notion of the arts, I'll be doing an event in Hollywood.
Well, outside of Hollywood in July.
It'll be July 6th.
You can go to my website and under every post, you'll see the upcoming live events.
We have, of course, this weekend, Courtney's event in Nashville.
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Malibu's Most Wanted, Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Scream.
You guys have probably seen Jamie Kennedy's.
One of the genius comedians out there.
Jamie Kennedy Experiment is one of the funniest shows ever.
So we're going to have a lot of fun out at that event.
Get your tickets there at Eventbrite and then Courtney's event this weekend, Rebels for Cause.
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One last plug there.
Courtney, why does everybody need to come out to this this weekend?
Well, I think they need to come out.
They need to support independent artists.
They need to find their people, build local communities.
We do want to make this into a national tour.
And that's part of why, you know, we're doing it.
We want to take it.
Part of why we're doing that is to build local communities.
So, yeah, come meet your people.
And right now we have a lot of people flying in from all over the country, which is awesome.
But I really hope some of the locals will come out and see everyone.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
All right, thank you guys.
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