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Name: 20230525_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 25, 2023
2520 lines.

In this week's "The Alex Jones Show," the host discusses various news stories, including Bud Light's partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, concerns over the IRS and FBI protecting the Biden family, and mainstream media coverage of the FBI refusing to cooperate with congressional subpoenas. He also promotes iodine supplements for cognitive health and various products available on his website. Jones criticizes Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign launch as a "miserable failure" and encourages support for InfoWars through product purchases. The show mentions the UN and Lansing Medical Journal admitting that up to 2 billion people have mental disabilities and declining cognitive abilities due to lack of iodine, promoting X3 Tri-Iodine for sale on its website. Other topics discussed include the FBI, IRS, and DOJ's apparent cover for the Biden crime family, a new COVID strain in China, and a lawsuit filed by COVID vaccine injured Americans against the Biden regime for censorship.

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You know, most of the audience tuned in probably understands this.
That's why you're tuned in to this transmission here at band.video, madmaxworld.tv, infowars.com, slash show.
You understand the authoritarian threats, the tyrannical threats against you, your family, this country.
The youth needs to understand this.
There's so much propaganda aimed at the youth that they have to understand this basic principle because it will overwhelm all that propaganda.
They'll understand where it comes from.
Why do liberals claim that conservatives just existing is violence?
Well, because that's going to be their justification for committing violence against you.
Whether that's censoring your free speech, whether that's imprisoning you, or whether that's killing you.
That's going to be their justification.
It's just you existing is violence.
And then they say the same thing about Twitter.
Twitter solidifies its place in the conservative media world.
And that wasn't even the original headline at NBC News.
They must have changed it.
The original one was much more extreme.
But it's basically saying, because conservatives exist on Twitter, it's a right-wing extremist platform.
Just because you exist.
So you see, it's the same thing.
You existing is violence to these people.
They want you gone.
They want you annihilated.
They want you eliminated.
They never want to see you again.
They hate you.
And they're justifying their violent actions against you.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Info Wars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at infowarestore.com.
and never give up the fight.
Well there is no doubt that the awakening is on.
The political awareness, cultural awareness is heightened.
And we have more proof of that today.
There's no doubt, I don't know if Bud Light's ever going to come back from the Dylan Mulvaney disaster.
I guess their only hope was or is, and maybe Ted Cruz will get to the bottom of this with his investigation, That the next generation of Americans will be eunuchs and want to drink a Bud Light.
Is that what the executives were hoping for?
Is that what the marketing team was marketing towards?
Ted Cruz intends on finding out because after all that would be illegal.
It's not illegal to tank your brand if that's what they did, but if you're marketing towards children as in alcohol, Well, now you've got a problem.
But no, it's Target as well, and so we'll see if it has a long-lasting impact like so far has been felt by InBev and Bud Light, but Target definitely taking a hit.
There's no doubt about that.
So that's encouraging.
But I have to tell you, I was a little stunned Reading the news last night, that quite frankly, we have dropped the ball.
And we've been distracted with the whole Target thing.
And I'm not saying that's not a big issue or a big story.
The left targeting your children, grooming your children, sexualizing children, that's a big deal.
That's a major, major aspect of the culture war right now.
But I was just stunned because this should actually be the biggest story in America.
The IRS and the FBI are openly covering for the Biden crime family right now as I speak.
Now what's interesting about this Is that really this whole thing has been a cover-up for Barack Obama.
And so I'm actually wondering who the FBI and IRS are protecting.
Is it Joe Biden or is it Barack Obama?
Because at the end of the day, what do you think Biden is telling potential investigators or telling the FBI director?
If you take me down, I take the rest of you down.
If you take me down, I'll take Obama down.
I'll take Clinton down.
How else is the Biden crime family being so protected by the FBI and the DOJ?
Because at this point, politically, Biden is like ripe.
To be burned and ripe to be turned on.
For the Democrat Party to get him out of the way for 2024.
And yet, the FBI is refusing to cooperate with subpoenas.
That's totally illegal, by the way.
The FBI is not above the law.
And the IRS has refused to show what they've seen in Hunter Biden's finances.
So we're gonna have that today.
This is the number one question, politically speaking, in the United States of America right now.
Why is the IRS protecting the Biden crime family, and why is the FBI protecting the Biden crime family?
It couldn't be more obvious at this point And if we're not sitting here having serious conversations about what's really going on at the FBI, which we're not, we had the huge whistleblower hearings that were huge and we covered last week, and made a lot of headlines, and were a massive warning to the American people just how corrupt the FBI has become, but then target
Shifts the focus, shifts the narrative with their sexual targeting of children.
And we completely forgot what was going on at the FBI.
But this is wild stuff.
Let me just read these headlines.
IRS veteran goes public as whistleblower in Hunter Biden criminal probe.
IRS whistleblower speaks.
DOJ slow-walked tax probe said to involve Hunter Biden.
Second Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower emerges after dismissal despite five years on case.
So that's the IRS protecting the Biden crime family.
Then you have the FBI.
FBI refuses to comply with congressional subpoena on alleged Biden pay-to-play scheme.
Christopher Wray threatened with contempt of court for defying subpoena on Joe Biden's scheme.
Now I do have more news on the Target situation and a ton of other news on my desk today as well.
We're going to get to all of it.
But it's kind of this, whoa, let's all hit the pause button here.
Let's all hit the pause button here.
Let's all hold our horses on this.
What's going on now?
The IRS is refusing to go after Hunter Biden?
Two IRS whistleblowers on the case.
They're telling you.
Obviously, at the very least, the Biden should be audited by the IRS.
At the very least.
So why is the IRS making sure that the Hunter Biden tax probe is getting slow walked and scuttled and shut down?
Why is the IRS protecting Hunter Biden?
Why is the IRS protecting the Biden crime family?
Do you think you would get that same treatment?
Of course not.
Do you think Donald Trump would get that same treatment?
So clearly with two whistleblowers on the Hunter Biden tax probe case telling you the IRS is protecting the Biden crime family.
Under whose orders?
Under whose command?
Then there's the FBI.
Already covered for Hillary Clinton with James Comey.
Already covered for Barack Obama with Operation Crossfire.
Now covering up for the Biden crime family.
So, is this because we don't understand our political system anymore?
Is this because we're distracted with everything else going on?
Have we just accepted that it's par for the course?
That the FBI is corrupt and that the President of the United States is corrupt and there's just nothing we can do about it?
Because Congress has oversight over the FBI.
I mean, that's putting it lightly.
In a flowchart of authority, the FBI is under Congress.
This is a big deal.
This is a fundamental This is a fundamental of our political system and how political power flows.
The FBI is under Congress.
And yet, when you look at this practically applied here in this story, the FBI seems to believe that they're above Congress.
The FBI seems to believe they're above the Constitution of the United States.
The FBI seems to believe they're above the executive branch.
The FBI seems to think they're in charge.
The CIA seems to think they're in charge.
And that everything flows down from that.
That might actually be the reality.
Not legitimate.
Not how our system is meant to be.
Totally illegal.
But maybe that's the case.
Maybe it's time we just accept that that's the case and say, okay, well, what are we going to do about it?
I'm speaking directly to Republicans in the House now.
What are you going to do about this?
Oh, the IRS will go after journalists like Matt Taibbi because he exposed how the Democrats were censoring information on the Internet.
Oh, what information was that?
There it is again.
The Bidens.
Hunter Biden's laptop.
Folks, this is unbelievable.
When you compare and contrast the amount of political persecution that Donald Trump has had to go through, the magnifying glass up his rear end That the deep state has investigating him right now, compared to the FBI, the IRS, the DOJ, ignoring the crimes of Hillary Clinton, ignoring the crimes of Joe Biden.
And yeah, you can throw Barack Obama in there as well, but I mean, this is open and shut.
Yes, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both communicating with one another on private email servers under pseudonyms.
Why were they doing that?
The FBI covered it up.
But now the FBI is acting criminal in nature on its own accord, covering up for the Biden crime family.
Congress subpoenas the FBI, and they ignore that subpoena multiple times now.
Twice they've missed deadlines, and they are refusing to cooperate.
They are refusing to turn over the information that they have on the Bidens.
Even though we have multiple whistleblowers telling you what they have, multiple members of the Republican Party telling you what they have, the FBI won't do it.
Christopher Wray won't do it.
So what the hell is really going on here?
What in the hell is really going on here?
Is it just as cut and dry as the FBI's corrupt and they're protecting the Biden crime family and that's just how it's going to be and we'll see if the Republicans in Congress want to do anything about it?
How this isn't the number one story right now is beyond me.
But I get it, you know, Target puts out Propaganda, sexual propaganda for kids, and they promote a satanic artist that has depictions that encourage the murder of conservatives, that promote the murder of Christians.
So I guess that's a fair distraction.
But we have a rogue FBI, we have a rogue Department of Justice, we have a rogue IRS, that are just completely, completely out of their realm, legally, and are now just a weapon of the Democrat Party, folks.
A weapon and a shield.
The sword and shield of the Democrat Party now is the FBI.
The sword and shield of the Democrat Party now is the IRS.
The sword and shield of the Democrat Party is the Department of Justice.
They censor the opposition to the Democrat Party.
They imprison the opposition to the Democrat Party.
They investigate the opposition to the Democrat Party, and they shield the top Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, from any of their criminal activities being exposed or punished.
Kind of a big deal.
Kind of a shocking, stunning story.
If you got subpoenaed and you ignored those subpoenas for months, you'd be in contempt.
You'd get arrested.
You'd get charged.
But Christopher Wray and the FBI?
Something's got to give here, folks.
But if the American people don't even know what's going on, then nothing's gonna happen.
So here's the problem I face on this Thursday, May 25th edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I got plenty of news.
I can easily cover news for three, four hours, however many hours I'm on air.
Plenty of news to cover.
But this story is cut and dry.
There's really no more for me to say than what I said in the first segment, other than just reading other headlines like this to prove the point.
In triplicate, Biden's Department of Justice drops all charges against Soros-backed Massachusetts DA caught lying under oath.
She's a Democrat.
She can lie under oath.
No problem.
No charges.
What did I say?
The IRS, the FBI, and the DOJ are now the sword and shield of the Democrat Party.
That's it!
That's your story!
There's no need for complex breakdowns or deep dives.
That's the story.
The proof is in the pudding.
IRS protecting the Biden crime family.
FBI protecting the Biden crime family.
DOJ protecting the Biden crime family.
Meanwhile, going after everybody that's in opposition to the Democrat Party.
You stepped on the wrong blade of grass on January 6th in D.C.
You're going to jail.
Hell, you're a bartender, you're a waitress, you work off tips.
They're coming to get your money!
You're a content creator on the internet.
The IRS is coming for you!
Unless, of course, you're a good liberal, I bet.
A good commie, I bet.
And I'll hold off on this for now, because I have a feeling this is going to be a big story in the future.
But, you know, the IRS is going to be targeting content creators on the internet that aren't paying taxes.
And I'm not trying to be rude.
But let's face it, a lot of these people that make content on the internet probably don't have too many real world smarts as far as how they can pay taxes and not get audited.
Well, you don't think that's going to be turned into a political weapon as well?
You don't think conservatives or people that might be anti-establishment, you don't think the IRS is coming after you?
And then they'll protect the liberal commentators?
They'll protect the communist commutators?
I'm going to hold off on that for now because I have a feeling that's going to be a bigger one in the future.
There it is.
So, I'll move on, and I'll cover the rest of the news, but I mean, this is it.
And again, where's any pushback?
Where is any major press conference?
Target promoting sex for kids becomes the big story, and that's fine, rightfully so, But so, it's like, if I'm Jim Jordan, or I'm Ken McCarthy, or I'm somebody in the Republican Party, how do I make this story the number one story?
How do I force the American people to understand, yes, hi, we here at Congress have subpoenaed the FBI, and they are refusing to cooperate.
That's criminal activity.
We are trying to do oversight of the FBI, and they are not cooperating.
That should be the biggest story in the country.
That should be the biggest story in the country.
And it's not.
It's barely talked about.
It's barely covered.
It's barely even a thought.
But it's cut and dry.
It's done.
The conclusions have been reached.
Nobody at the FBI, nobody at the DOJ, nobody at the IRS will go after the Biden crime family.
They will protect the Biden crime family, and they will ignore congressional oversight in the process.
Total criminality, total rogue federal government bureaucracies, totally aimed against the United States of America and its people, and it's barely a blip on the radar.
So we may come back to that.
But look, I got other news here.
Ron DeSantis' launch yesterday.
No, it was a miserable failure.
Anybody telling you it's not is just wrong.
And I'm stunned at seeing people who are in media saying, oh, it's not a failure at all.
He broke the internet.
It means that he's really popular.
There's a lot of people tuned in.
This was a presidential announcement.
This was a presidential announcement, the clunkiest presidential announcement maybe of all time.
We already knew he was running, and then he tries to do this announcement on Twitter, he tries to innovate, okay, maybe give him props for that, and then it ends up being a complete disaster and failure, and people say, no, no, no, this means it's a good thing, this means he's popular.
Well, okay, maybe, maybe it means he's popular.
It flopped!
If I do a show and I say, if I tell everybody listening right now, hey we're doing a show tonight at 8pm, tune in, we're gonna have special guests, we're gonna have special breaking news, 8pm, tune in, and then you tune in at 8pm and it's nothing but glitches and sounds and strangeness and you don't know what's going on, that's a failure!
That's a disaster!
Well that's a news story, a news broadcast.
This was a presidential campaign launch!
No, an absolute failure.
So, I'll even accept your argument that it just shows he's popular.
So many people were tuned in.
I don't necessarily believe that is the case.
I think people were tuned in out of curiosity.
But even if I accept that, that doesn't mean it was a success.
It was an absolute embarrassment for DeSantis, and I think it tells the whole story of his campaign, quite frankly.
So we'll have that.
I've got other big news, political news, Bud Light, Target suffering majorly.
So we got all that.
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You know, it became clear to me Probably maybe a year more ago that the American left has actually now embraced their role as the bad guy.
They don't even try to hide it anymore.
And I think that's why you see the trans crap everywhere and the sexual propaganda and grooming of children everywhere.
I think that the American left has just accepted their role.
They're the bad guys.
They're the evildoers.
They're the ones on Team Satan.
And they're just embracing it.
They're loving it.
Because their hearts are sadly filled with hate.
They hate the world.
They hate themselves.
They probably hate their families and everything else around them.
So for them, that feels good.
That feels right at home.
They don't have the energy, the aura of love that we have.
So this has become pretty evident, and I think this whole Dark Brandon thing is very symbolic of that.
And now Biden's official Twitter team has Dark Brandon verified Twitter accounts, and Dark Brandon merchandise, and Dark Brandon promotions and propaganda.
Like this.
Dark Brandon.
Responding to the flop of an announcement from Ron DeSantis, that's a nifty announcement you got there, Jack.
Would be a shame if Dark Brandon struck again.
So, they're making fun of Joe Biden, but they're embracing all of the issues.
So obviously, they know the whole Let's Go Brandon thing is F Joe Biden, that's no secret.
So they take the Brandon part of that, knowing that you know it means Biden, and then they say Dark Brandon.
So, I mean, it's Dark Biden.
It's Evil Biden.
They don't even hide it.
It's Evil Biden.
And the whole thing with Jack, like, again, this is what we make fun of Joe Biden for, because he can't actually talk.
And whenever he runs into a situation that he can't get out of, he just says, well, that's how it is, Jack.
I'm getting ice cream now, Jack.
Like, that's his F.U.
He doesn't actually say, F you.
Screw you guys, I'm going home.
He just says, I'm getting ice cream now, Jack.
So it's dark Brandon, evil Biden, and then they make fun of the fact that he doesn't even have to answer questions.
He just says, screw you guys, I'm going home.
So they've just completely embraced that they're the bad guys.
But this is just a Segway, really, because he's commenting on the failure that was DeSantis' presidential launch.
Now, again, I like Ron DeSantis.
It pains me that we're basically destroying Ron DeSantis' political future in this process.
That upsets me.
I suppose it's still a mystery whether Ron DeSantis decided to run for president himself, or if he was pressured into this by other forces, but he's in it now, and there's no taking it back.
And now, the man who I think has been the best governor in the country for the last four, five, six years, whatever it is, specifically during the COVID propaganda, plandemic, scandemic, And so now we've taken this governor with an extremely bright political future and huge political potential, and we've basically just thrown him into the gator pit.
And he's getting eaten alive.
Again, I like Ron DeSantis.
I was hopeful that this is a deep bench that the Republican Party has of good, smart, fair-minded people that can be leaders.
And we've just slashed our own debt chart throwing DeSantis in there, unfortunately.
So again, whether he decided that or someone pressured him into that, it's done now.
Why Ron DeSantis' Twitter debacle undermined his 2024 pitch?
That's MSNBC.
I'm watching the Trump haters and I'm watching the DeSantis supporters say, this was not a failure at all!
This was a success!
It shows how popular it is!
It shows how smart he is!
It shows this, it shows that!
No, it shows that he's not ready!
It shows that he's not ready!
And it was so obvious all along!
I was, I was even, I was curious, I was willing, I was like, alright, let's see what a, let's see what a potential DeSantis as a presidential candidate looks like.
And as soon as, as soon as Trump started throwing haymakers in his direction, he was flummoxed!
He's not recovered since!
And, and you know, I mean, this is just the, the nature of the game.
Trump's haymakers thrown at DeSantis are completely illegitimate, completely unfair, Even classless, I would say.
But it doesn't matter!
The Haymakers hit, DeSantis has been flummoxed ever since, and he's stymied.
And now he's just shot.
Now he's just shot.
All the people out there saying, no, this wasn't a disaster, this wasn't a disaster.
Are you serious?
And it's people that, it's people that are smart.
It's people that don't fall for the BS.
It's people that don't lie to themselves and lie to their followers.
And I don't know how, anybody telling you DeSantis' launch on Twitter yesterday was a success, I'm just stunned at how wrong they are.
And I don't want to be insulting, because again, these are people I respect.
These are people that I think are smart, analytical people.
But I mean, Anybody in media knows, if you plan a media event, if you plan a press conference, and you can't even get out of the gates, you're doomed!
If you have a live television show, and you can't even get on the air, you're cancelled!
You're done!
So why is Ron DeSantis' And by the way, all those people tuning in are not tuning in because they're going to vote for DeSantis, they're tuning in because they just want to hear what happens in this Twitter space with Elon Musk, DeSantis, and all the other people.
So, no.
DeSantis' launch on Twitter yesterday was an unmitigated disaster, a complete flop.
And it just is more evidence that he's clearly not ready for the big stage, but he's already there.
They're not taking him off of it.
And so it is what it is.
And he will be an impactful candidate and he will be impactful on this race, but he's clearly not ready.
And, and now I think his only role is going to be to hurt Donald Trump.
DeSantis' only role is going to be to hurt Donald Trump now.
So then after his failed launch on Twitter, he goes on with Trey Gowdy on Fox News.
That was almost just as awkward.
Both of them seemed extremely uncharismatic and awkward.
DeSantis, though, I think this is a kind of a...
Low blow to Trump.
I'm firing Chris Wray, anyone who colluded with tech censorship, not failing to hold FBI, DOJ accountable like other GOP presidents.
That's Donald Trump's way of saying.
So I mean, hey, that's a fair point.
That's what I'm saying.
DeSantis is going to have fair points against Donald Trump.
His handling of COVID, Operation Warp Speed, the vaccines, not firing the swamp.
So now DeSantis' role is going to be to hurt Donald Trump.
So we'll see how that goes.
Now, this is hilarious.
With the DeSantis event, Twitter solidifies its place in the conservative media world.
I'm going to have to come back on this because I'm almost out of time this segment.
But remember the other day, the left claims that you existing is violence.
The left claims that a Christian existing is violence, a conservative existing is violence.
And so when they go out and they see a GOP tent at a college campus or they see a pro-life
booth at a college campus, they go up and they destroy it and they curse out the people
and they say your presence here is violence.
Well now you just existing on Twitter makes it a conservative propaganda front.
You just existing.
You just existing.
So I'm going to cover that when we come back from this break.
But again, understand why.
Why do leftists say that my existence is violence?
Why do leftists say just because I exist on Twitter that makes it right-wing propaganda?
Because folks, you have to understand the three steps.
of leftist authoritarianism.
One, censor the opposition.
Two, imprison the opposition.
Three, kill the opposition.
And they justify it by saying, your presence is violence, so therefore they can enact violence against you.
You know, most of the audience tuned in probably understands this.
That's why you're tuned in to this transmission here at band.video, madmaxworld.tv, infowars.com, slash show.
You understand the authoritarian threats, the tyrannical threats against you, your family, this country.
The youth needs to understand this.
There's so much propaganda aimed at the youth that they have to understand this basic principle because it will overwhelm all that propaganda.
They'll understand where it comes from.
Why do liberals claim that conservatives just existing is violence?
Well, because that's going to be their justification for committing violence against you.
Whether that's censoring your free speech, whether that's imprisoning you, or whether that's killing you.
That's going to be their justification.
It's just you existing is violence.
And then they say the same thing about Twitter.
Twitter solidifies its place in the conservative media world.
And that wasn't even the original headline at NBC News.
They must have changed it.
The original one was much more extreme.
But it's basically saying, because conservatives exist on Twitter, it's a right-wing extremist platform.
Just because you exist.
So you see, it's the same thing.
You existing is violence to these people.
They want you gone.
They want you annihilated.
They want you eliminated.
They never want to see you again.
They hate you.
And they're justifying their violent actions against you.
So just you existing is violence.
Just you being on Twitter makes an extremist.
And quite frankly, this is why many, many liberal Democrat types from a decade ago are now either center or right-leaning because the left has become so extreme and intolerant.
And another example is This account on Twitter, the whole Mars catalog.
So apparently I'm a Nazi now.
Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you can't read a comment from someone with a different opinion without losing your beep.
I consider myself left of center, but people have gotten so intolerant, it's nuts.
So again, this account is not conservative or right-leaning, but because they like Elon Musk, Or because they might share something to Santa said, all of a sudden they're a Nazi!
So again, just center, even center left people, that just have basic questions, or basic common sense analysis, they're getting called Nazis by the far left!
And I say good for the far left, keep doing that, show the world who you are, show Americans who you are.
This is why I'm concerned about where the conservative movement is, as far as the culture is concerned, And then the conservative movement becoming extremely purist, you're going to push these people in the center right back to the left.
It's kind of like Jimmy Dore, right?
That's the comedian's name, guys?
I'm not trying to butcher it.
I think it's Jimmy Dore, right?
Yeah, Jimmy Dore.
He did a bit, I believe it was this last weekend, About how he has these leftist liberals, and he's kind of a leftist liberal himself.
I mean, I don't know if he would identify as that nowadays with everything going on, but he does this bit and he's like, yeah, you know, I kind of lean left, but I just ask a basic question.
I get called a Nazi now.
I just ask a basic question.
People call me a Trump supporter.
I didn't vote for Trump once.
I don't like Trump at all.
I asked if this vaccine is safe and effective.
I asked what's going on at the southern border with all the illegal entries.
Oh, you're a Nazi.
Oh, you're a Trump supporter.
No, I'm not!
I have basic common sense questions, you lunatic!
But yeah, that was Jimmy Dore at a comic event he had over the weekend.
I'm now a Nazi.
I'm now a Trump supporter because I ask basic questions.
No, that's just the far left radicals that are just completely unhinged at this point.
And so the youth has to understand, folks, the youth has to understand.
You need to have your children understand this.
You don't even have to push political leanings or viewpoints or anything on them.
They just need to understand all this propaganda that you're going to be exposed to from the left is only meant for one thing.
It's to get you in a state of mind Filled with such hatred that you will justify crimes being committed against your political opposition because you're so filled with hate that you believe them existing is violence, you believe them existing is wrong, you believe them existing is a crime, so therefore any response to them is justified.
And this has happened How many times throughout world history?
I mean, it's the boy cried wolf thing with the left saying everybody's a Nazi, but I mean, do you use that analogy?
Did Hitler justify rounding up and killing Jews because he didn't like them?
Was that the justification?
Because that's what you on the American left are now doing to anybody that's not in your cult.
And that's what it is.
It's an extremist cult.
And as soon as you stray from that plantation, as soon as you stray from that cult mindset, you're a Nazi, you're a Trump supporter, even though you're neither.
More here on the Tucker Carlson situation.
Tucker Carlson home studio dismantled by Fox News workers.
So there's clearly some bitterness here and this relationship went sour fast.
But my guess is that Fox News probably had some sort of a deal where they still owned the studio or they still owned the equipment or something.
But it just shows how this breakup between Tucker and Fox has been real nasty, real ugly.
I don't think it's over yet.
And, you know, it's kind of interesting though.
Tucker has been off the air for almost a month now.
I don't know, it's weird because it's like, doesn't really feel like it.
I don't know.
I don't know, it just kind of hit me because normally, I mean, I'm a media addict, folks.
And when people are off air for a week or more, I notice it and I can, like, I can tell it's like I'm missing that voice.
It hasn't been that way with Tucker.
Maybe that's just because he's still been in the news every day.
But I mean, it's not like he's making content, really.
It's not like he's hosting a show.
When will Tucker Carlson re-emerge and what will it look like?
And what is the final page in this saga going to be between Carlson and Fox News?
Oh, no, no, no, that's what Tucker Carlson is doing.
He's, uh, go ahead and put that full screen here, guys, so I can read that headline.
Tucker Carlson is seen rebuilding his barn-turned-satellite studio after Fox News dismantled his remote set near Rain Summer Home as loyalists quit the network to join his new secret venture.
And they're talking about some of those producers, I'm guessing, that he, uh, he sharked away.
Or that just said, hey, we want to work with you instead.
So I guess that's what Tucker Carlson is up to.
That mad lad with his axe, he's trying to rebuild the studio that Fox News destroyed.
Well, Fox News, you can destroy Tucker Carlson tonight, and you can try to destroy Tucker Carlson's studio, but you will not destroy Tucker Carlson.
So, there you go.
A little bit of an update there.
You know, this is interesting.
I didn't know about this.
I think I'd seen this before, but I just had never heard the volume on.
So thank you, Media Matters.
You guys have been doing some great work lately.
Your great promotional pieces of me, two of them, Media Matters wrote two promotional pieces for me yesterday.
And now here's one for Fox Business.
Fox Business is airing weekly sermons from a Christian nationalist pastor who has called transgender people a plan of none other than Satan himself.
The network is profiting from right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs' sermons, which have aired dozens of times as paid weekend programming.
Might have to tune in to that.
If your pastor doesn't sound like that, I'm not sure you have a pastor.
If your pastor's sermons don't sound like that, then I'm not sure your pastor knows the world in which he lives in.
They should all be sounding like that, in my opinion.
Glenn Greenwald, regime journalists promote the right conspiracy theories to be successful.
Yes, in other words, you have to promote the fake news, promote the fake Russian collusion hoax, promote that the Biden-Hunter-Biden laptop was not real and just Russian disinformation.
All the fake news conspiracy theories, those are the ones you have to promote.
But if you tell the truth, If you call out the real criminal conspiracies out there, you get censored.
So that's what's really going on when Glenn Greenwald says regime journalists promote right conspiracy theories to be successful.
No, they promote government Democrat propaganda to be successful.
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I'm going to play a little bit of that for you here, and we're going to upload it to Bandot Video.
Here's Alex Jones, Owen Troyer, and Harrison Smith read the Declaration of Independence.
In Congress, July 4, 1776, the unanimous declaration of the 13 United States of America, when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitled them, a decent respect To the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.
Laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.
Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.
And accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government.
and to provide new guards for their future security.
Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies.
And such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government.
The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations,
all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states.
To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
He has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He has forbidden his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance unless suspended in their operation till his assent should be obtained.
And when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
He has refused to pass other laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of representation in the legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public records for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.
He has dissolved representative houses repeatedly for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected.
Whereby the legislative powers, incapable of annihilation, have returned to the people at large for their exercise.
The state remaining in the meantime exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without and convulsions within.
He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states.
For that purpose, obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, this is a pretty cool AI-generated thing.
I'm not gonna lie, there's some of the stuff this AI generation is producing.
Pretty cool!
We're gonna upload that video in its entirety.
We got about halfway through it.
We're gonna upload that video.
Alex Jones, Owen Schroer, Harrison Smith, read the Declaration of Independence.
That is being uploaded to band.video as we speak.
You can share it right from there.
Hour number two of the Alex Jones Show here today.
Still plenty of news to cover, ladies and gentlemen.
But I have to tell you, I was a little freaked out yesterday because on Tuesday, I had the final scoop of Fizzy Magnesium Orange Drink Mix.
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All right.
Let's just start going through some of this news that we have here today.
GOP representative Anna Paulina Luna files another resolution to censure, condemn, and find serial liar Adam Schiff $16 million for his egregious abuse of trust.
Way to go, Anna Paulina Luna.
This is the new brand of Republican we need to embrace and promote and elect more of.
Pushing back against these dirtbag Democrats like Adam Schiff, a true scoundrel.
A bonafide liar.
Produce your evidence of Russian collusion, Adam Schiff.
You swore to Congress you had the evidence.
Produce it, you lying sack of crap.
Senator Rick Scott.
Now this is actually in response, so...
You have all these left-wing outlets like the NAACP and I think ADL maybe too, and they're saying, don't go to Florida, it's racist, it's bigoted, it's misogynistic.
And you know, there's only so much we can do around here.
But I was thinking, you know what would be a hilarious thing?
Is if I decided to do some goofy troll stunt I mean, it'd be so inappropriate, but it would just be so funny, and I know that the members of the audience would love it too.
I could do some goofy troll stunt and say, hey, to all my black friends and black audience members, we're taking a bus to Florida!
And just get like 30, 40 black people on a bus and just go to Florida, and we go to the beach, and we're just loving it.
We're just loving life.
We're playing sand volleyball, we're drinking daiquiris, we're swimming in the ocean, we're You know, surf in everything.
And it would be like, hey look, here's a bunch of black people in Florida.
It's like, how's the racism treating you?
It's like, I love it down here!
This is great!
Thanks, NAACP!
Like, yeah!
So if somebody wants to do that, I think it would be hilarious.
I mean, I could definitely do it.
Me and the crew could definitely pull that off.
Load up a bus.
Hey, hey, the NAACP is warning you.
You're a black American.
The NAACP is warning you.
Do not go to Florida.
So I'm inclined to just say, hey, anybody out there wants to go to Florida that happens to have a dark skin complexion?
Why don't you hop on the bus?
Let's go to Florida.
Let's go to the beach.
Let's go have some fun in the sun, huh?
And then just do this whole, like, anti-NAACP thing, where it's like, the NAACP says that Florida is not safe for black people, and just have all these people, like, surfing, and drinking, and playing golf, and... Anyway, let's go on.
But anyway, so this is her response.
Senator Rick Scott issues travel advisory, warning Florida is openly hostile towards socialists.
I don't mind that.
I actually don't mind that.
I don't know why that's considered to be controversial.
Republican Senator Rick Scott issued a formal travel advisory Tuesday, warning the state of Florida is openly hostile towards socialists, communists, and those that enable them.
In a statement...
Scott said the advisory is in direct response to the Biden administration's quote attempts to erase capitalism and the system that has brought prosperity to Florida.
Quote from Scott's advisory.
Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the state of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of and the challenges faced by socialists and others who work in the Biden administration.
Oppression and poverty that socialism always brings!
The advisory comes days after the NAACP issued its own travel advisory for Florida, citing legislation surrounding AP African American Studies classes and other controversial legislation.
I think this is brilliant.
Again, more of this please.
More of a Republican brand that doesn't give a lick.
About the Democrat propaganda, doesn't give a lick about the lies that will be told by the Democrats in response to this.
Screw them!
Censure Adam Schiff!
Fine him 16 million dollars!
Tell people that Florida is openly hostile towards communists!
This is the brand of conservatism that will win!
But you've got to own it!
You've got to wear it!
And it seems that it's starting to catch on here.
Definitely starting to catch on.
Why is that controversial?
The whole country used to be openly hostile towards dirty communists.
What the hell happened?
Make communist an insult again.
Texas passes bill to become the ninth state to leave the Eric voting system.
They are pulling out of the controversial voter roll scheme.
Only 23 states remain.
And some think that this could be a major breakthrough in stopping massive voter fraud.
This is going to be interesting.
The battle in Arizona is ongoing.
There's back and forth in litigation still between Kerry Lake and Arizona with the election results from 2022.
There's a push to remove all electronic voting systems in Arizona.
Folks, I really believe that there's going to be a case study, and maybe Florida was already the case study, or maybe we'll have a better case study, where if you actually clean up the voter rolls, and stop ballot harvesting, and stop mail-in ballots, and you can have the closest result to the reality as possible with just some of those measurements, And then you look at what happened in Florida.
Republicans had massive victories in Florida in 2020 after they cleaned up the voter rolls.
Even major cities like Miami went red, and Jacksonville and others.
Now Jacksonville's gone back blue, but the point is it takes one, it takes one major example of this, maybe Arizona will end up being this, where if you clean up the voter rolls, or you go back to paper ballots, or you get rid of all these corrupt election machines, And then you see a difference in the results like you've never seen anywhere before.
The entire political landscape changes, folks.
Because you have to understand the winning, the human winning psychology.
If people see Republicans start winning in landslides, they'll say, oh, Democrats were never popular?
Well, never mind.
I'm not going to vote for a Democrat then.
I just did this because I thought they were popular, but they're not.
All right, a couple of breaking news stories here.
You know, my heart breaks.
My heart breaks because innocent men are rotting away in jail cells as a part of the political persecution and corruption of the Democrat Party in the deep state.
Oath Keeper's founder sentenced to 18 years in January 6th's seditious conspiracy case The founder of the Far Right.
No, it's not Far Right, it's Oath Keepers.
They took an oath to the Constitution, and so they started a group called Oath Keepers because so little of the individuals that take that oath actually keep it.
So it's actually just a pro-America, pro-Constitution group, but okay, it's Far Right then.
The founder of the Far Right, Oath Keepers, has been sentenced to 18 years in federal prison in connection with the J6 attack on the Capitol following his conviction on seditious conspiracy.
Folks, it's just sick.
It's just sick.
the judge said you sir present an ongoing threat and a peril to this
country into the republic into the very fabric of this democracy
you know i'm i'm i'm i've had an uplifting message of hope for the future and
and momentum going in the right direction but boy this just
drags me right back down to the depths
This drags me right back down to the depths, folks.
Because they all know January 6th was not a seditious conspiracy,
was not a coup, was not an insurrection.
They all know it.
That it's just an absolute lie.
What seditious conspirators go for a taco lunch in the middle of their seditious conspiracy?
What insurrectionists call it off when they get an emergency alert on their phone saying everybody goes home?
It's absurd.
They produced no evidence.
The juries in these cases even admit we didn't see any evidence to convict them.
We think they deleted all the evidence.
We're assuming the evidence is there but they deleted it and so therefore we find them guilty.
Folks, this is dark stuff.
This is scary stuff.
But here's the ultimate Is to say Stuart Rhodes presents an ongoing threat and apparel to this country and to the Republic and the very fabric of this democracy is so absolutely ludicrous and so absolutely out of this world level of ridiculousness.
Who do you think poses a threat to the Republic and the fabric of our democracy?
Stuart Rhodes or Joe Biden?
Stuart Rhodes or Merrick Garland?
Stuart Rhodes or Christopher Wray?
Stuart Rhodes or George Soros?
This is sick, man.
I gotta tell you, this is... This is a gut blow, and I just... I need to cover this because it shows how dark and twisted the thing currently is in our country, but honestly, it's like, I can't even cover this.
I can't even... I just... My heart breaks, my soul...
Leaves my body, my stomach, falls.
I mean, I just... It's just sick.
I'm not even going to come on here and do some defense of Stuart Rhodes like he needs me to defend him or some sort of argument against Stuart Rhodes' sentence today.
This is just ludicrous.
This is just absolutely ludicrous to act like Stuart Rhodes, or anybody that was there on January 6th, poses any real threat to this country.
These are the people that love the country.
These are the people that are calling out the threats to the country.
And then they're the ones that get blamed for everything?
Stuart Rhodes has never been in office!
How many years has Stuart Rhodes been in Congress?
How many years has Stuart Rhodes been a governor, a mayor, a president?
How are you going to sit here and blame Stuart Rhodes for the decay of our republic that has been going on for decades?
He's never even been in office!
Joe Biden has been in office for 50 fucking years!
There's your threat to democracy!
There's your threat to the republic!
You're going to go after people who haven't even served in office once?
See, I can't do it.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
It's just too much.
And they want to put me in jail.
jail. They want to put me away forever too.
I gotta break this up somehow.
Let's just, um... Let's just play this clip.
This is Representative Jayapal, Democrat representative.
Uh, she's a complete lunatic moron and the host on CNN actually calls her out on this.
You don't even believe this unless you hear it.
Representative Jayapal, majority of Americans want Congress to cut spending, really means most people want higher taxes.
You know, try to figure this out for yourself, folks, in clip six.
New poll out.
I'm sure you've seen it in just the last two days.
And what it shows, really interestingly, is that 60% of Americans say Congress should only raise the debt ceiling if it comes with spending cuts at the same time.
And that includes 58% of independents.
Is your position out of step now, Congresswoman, with the majority of the American people?
I'm so glad you raised that poll because I think it's really important to look at what that poll says.
If you just say to people, should we cut spending?
They will probably say yes.
However, if you say, would you rather cut spending and reduce the deficit by cutting the tax breaks to the wealthiest corporations and wealthiest individuals?
Or, would you like to cut your own health care, education, care for veterans, etc.?
I guarantee you that you would have even higher numbers that say, let's make sure that we're making the wealthy pay their fair share.
That's the other thing we've been saying to the Republicans.
That's not what the poll says.
This is the exact question that was asked of voters.
What should Congress do on the debt ceiling?
Raise only if spending cut, 60%.
Raise no matter what, 24%.
Not raise, let U.S.
default, 15%.
These are what they are saying to this critical question.
Go ahead.
No, I understand.
But Poppy, you can't take tax cuts out of spending.
You know, tax cuts for the wealthiest are spending.
Don't think that that isn't spending.
When under Donald Trump, They added almost two trillion dollars to the deficit because they gave tax cuts to the wealthiest.
That is spending.
And I think the American people understand that that's what needs to change, is we need to roll back those tax cuts and we need to actually make sure that we are reducing the deficit by making the wealthiest pay their fair share, not by cutting working people's benefits.
Very well aware of what those 2017 tax cuts did.
And to your point, you pointed out yesterday the policies proposed by the White House and all.
So that's how dumb Democrat representatives are.
I mean, it's not even worth responding to that idiocracy.
I just had to break it up here because to be sit here and gaslit and told that Stuart Rhodes is responsible for the decay of our republic and Stuart Rhodes is responsible for America going in the wrong direction.
Are you kidding me?
You are sick if you really believe that.
I just... I don't know.
I'm gonna have to recover from this somehow.
This is just too much.
I mean, we just sit here and watch the FBI lie to us.
I mean, like, they're celebrating George Floyd's death anniversary today.
They lied to us about that!
Buildings burned!
Oh, but that's Stuart Rhodes' fault!
Alright, I'm gonna try to refocus myself here.
Re-energize myself here.
It's just, I mean, this is such gaslighting.
This is such injustice.
Honestly, this is such a display of evil and or ignorance.
To say that Stuart Rhodes is responsible for the decay of our republic, the biggest threat to the United States of America?
Folks, this guy was basically living out of his car, couch surfing for a decade while running the Oath Keepers.
So, no.
To not even comment on whatever Stuart Rhodes was doing that day or not doing on January 6th, to say that that's the threat to the republic, to say that that's responsible for the decay of our country is such evil and or ignorance, it's, I'm in awe of it.
I'm like, Let's look at an example here.
So you're probably seeing it today.
The three year anniversary of George Floyd's death.
And they're doing the same propaganda.
And they're bringing her daughter out.
Oh, George Floyd was such a great father, wasn't he?
George Floyd was such a great father that he was high on fentanyl, and he was using counterfeit money, and he was resisting arrest.
That's how great of a father he was.
And he was such a great person that he once held a woman at gunpoint, a pregnant woman at gunpoint, with a gun to her pregnant belly, while his accomplice was robbing the apartment.
Such a great man.
Such a hero.
And I have the autopsy report here, you know, if you want to see it for yourself.
It's public information.
George Floyd had no life-suffering injuries.
Says it right on his autopsy.
If we could put that on the screen, please.
No life-threatening injuries identified.
It's all right there on the screen.
I'm not gonna read it all to you.
It's all right there on the screen.
Now, he did have COVID, but... Okay, I guess that just shows you how stupid that whole thing is.
Did he die from COVID?
Did he die from the drugs in his system?
Like, fentanyl?
Overdosing on fentanyl?
So the official toxicology report, George Floyd had zero life-threatening injuries.
He had COVID and he overdosed on fentanyl.
While breaking the law and resisting arrest.
Now what happened in the aftermath?
Now I don't blame George Floyd for the destruction of our country.
I don't blame George Floyd for the decay of our republic.
He's just a man that made some decisions in his life that may have led to his death.
But what happened in the aftermath of his life ending?
Democrats rioted for months.
Remember, we covered it yesterday.
I mean, you can look it up on the Daily Beast.
175 Target stores closed in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter Antifa riots.
Targets burned and looted.
175 shut down in the process.
That wasn't George Floyd's fault.
He had nothing to do with that.
He was dead.
That was your Democrat Party.
That was your liberal progressive culture that did that.
You know who else that wasn't?
That wasn't Stuart Rhoades either.
It wasn't Stuart Rhoades that burnt Ferguson, Missouri to the ground.
It wasn't Stuart Rhoades that burnt Charlotte, North Carolina to the ground during riots.
It wasn't Stuart Rhoades that burnt Minneapolis, burnt Kenosha.
No, that was not Stuart Rhoades.
That was the Liberal Democrat Party's own movement.
To say Stuart Rhodes is responsible for the decay of our republic is so evil and or ignorant, it just steals the soul right out of your body.
But this is a perfect juxtaposition.
Rioting and looting and destroying entire cities over a lie told by the mainstream media.
That destroys our republic.
The FBI and the CIA and the Democrat Party making up fake Russian collusion.
That destroys our republic.
Intelligence agencies and 50 intelligence agents lying to the American people saying the Hunter Biden laptop is fake.
That destroys our democracy.
I mean, again, I got them all right here.
Biden's DOJ drops all charges against Soros-backed Massachusetts caught lying under oath.
That's destroying our republic.
IRS veteran goes public as whistleblower and Hunter Biden criminal probe.
IRS whistleblower speaks.
DOJ slow walk tax probe said to involve Hunter Biden.
Second Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower emerges after dismissal despite five years on case.
That's destroying our republic, not Stuart Rhodes.
These are the people who belong in jail for decades.
Not Stuart Rhodes!
FBI refuses to comply with congressional subpoena on alleged Biden play-to-play scheme.
Christopher Wray threatened with contempt of court for defying subpoena on Joe Biden's scheme.
These are the people destroying our republic!
These are the people that need to be in court!
These are the people that deserve decades of jail time!
Not Stuart Rhodes!
and me coming on air talking about this risks my life.
So that's fine.
They'll probably tell you, Owen Schroer's responsible for the destruction of the Republic because I was daring to be in D.C.
on January 6th.
Didn't touch anybody.
Told people not to go to the Capitol.
Told people to get down off the steps.
Tried to work with law enforcement to stop the whole thing.
Wasn't even there when the people like Ray Epps were there when they broke through the barriers.
But I'm in court every stinking month.
I'm on probation.
I gotta talk to probation officers.
But A, it's too bad I'm not a Democrat.
It's too bad my last name isn't Biden, because then I'd be above the law.
Maybe I should just identify as Hunter Biden and they'll drop all the charges.
How about that?
How about I decide to identify as a member of the Biden family?
Will the charges against Owen Schroyer be dropped If he identifies as a member of the Biden crime family.
Oh, by the way, this is breaking today too.
FBI identified car used in DNC pipe bombing, but won't ID the suspect.
House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee re-upped demands for a comprehensive briefing on the two-year-old case over which the FBI has refused transparency.
I wonder why.
Your failure to comply with our request is particularly concerning given recent media reports regarding the pipe bomb investigation.
So the FBI is also protecting the pipe bomber!
This is outrageous!
*sigh* Okay.
Here's Joe Biden.
Here's more of your propaganda.
This is what's actually destroying the country.
Joe Biden is telling you, if you're a conservative, if you're a Christian, if you're a Republican, they are going to use the full force of the government to fight you.
Here it is in clip five.
Building cross-community solidarity and collective action to fight hate.
This tragedy includes over 100 bold and unprecedented actions that government agencies are going to take to counter anti-Semitism.
Can't even talk.
And that includes calls for action for Congress, state and local governments, companies, technology platforms, civil society, and faith leaders, all of them to act.
Silence is complicity.
All of us must stand united to affirm that an attack on any one group of us is an attack on all of us.
He can't even read, he can't even enunciate, he can't even open his eyes, he can't even wipe his own ass.
You're President Joe Biden.
Alright, things took a real dark turn on today's transmission because of this news.
It's just, it's just so sick.
And see, I understand how we're all connected.
Folks, if they can do it to Donald Trump, if they can do it to Stuart Rhodes, if they can do it to Owen Schroer, if they can do it to Alex Jones, they can do it to you!
And they will!
Where is the sense of urgency here?
Where is the appropriate response to this?
The American people know the truth.
Almost two-thirds of Americans view media as truly the enemy of the people.
New Rasmussen Poll.
Stories at Infowars.com.
I'm just at a loss today.
It's just that corruption is really in full exposure today, isn't it?
With the IRS and the FBI and the DOJ covering for the Biden crime family.
Committing high crimes and misdemeanors while in the highest office in the land.
The FBI, the DOJ, the IRS covers all of that up.
But my goodness, the wrong person was in the wrong place at the wrong time on January 6th.
And your entire life is going to be ruined and you're going to be blamed for all the things that are wrong in the country.
It's just unreal.
And to make matters worse, there is a thread from America First Legal breaking down, once again, how the Department of State and the Democrats were censoring information on the Internet.
This is a very long thread.
I don't intend on reading the whole thing, but we'll delve into it a little bit here.
America First Legal released documents obtained from a FOIA lawsuit against the Department of State exposing how the Global Engagement Center carries out state propaganda through private media organizations.
The GEC routinely coordinates with a global cartel of, quote, independent fact-checkers, just leftist liberals, led by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, which operates PolitiFact, And members of its International Fact-Checking Network.
The International Fact-Checking Network received its initial funding from the Department of State.
Funded National Endowment for Democracy, the Omidyar Network, Google, Facebook, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Soros Open Society Foundations.
These are the invisible fact-checkers.
They're all leftists, Democrats, globalists, World Economic Forum types.
and they censor the information that they don't want you to see.
These are the people that deserve justice.
And any presidential candidate not properly addressing this, and so this is what's so frustrating, and maybe this will eventually change, but it's just like, what are you waiting for?
The Republican Party should be unified.
And every Republican candidate for president should be unified on this issue.
This should be the number one issue.
This should be the platform issue for the Republicans in 2024.
And that's an entire party promise to finally do something about the corruption in Washington, D.C.
Everybody knows it!
It's called the District of Criminals for a reason.
Everybody knows D.C.
is where the crooks are.
Everybody knows the U.S.
government is the source for evil that you have experienced in your life, probably more than any other source of evil.
They steal your money.
They infringe on your rights.
They sell you out.
And then they come for you.
And blame you for all of it.
But hey!
The U.S.
government very responsible here.
Representative Nancy Mace points out, That's good.
says the government doesn't have to cut any spending but the federal government
spent three million dollars in 2022 watching hamsters fight on steroids
that's good that's a good usage of taxpayer money three million dollars to
inject hamsters with steroids and have them fight [BLANK_AUDIO]
Hey, we all like a good Pokemon battle, but I think you're taking it a little too far.
Whose idea is this?
Let's give hamsters steroids and then let's have them fight and the government will pay for it.
Whose idea was that?
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton calls on Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan to resign, accusing him of being drunk in the Capitol.
Yeah, it appears the guy was wasted in the Capitol.
And this is the House Speaker Dade Phelan who has actually helped the Democrats.
Make sure that some of the good legislation that the Republicans in Texas are trying to pass doesn't get passed.
He lets the Democrats delay, delay, delay, delay, delay until the session is done.
So, Dade Phelan is really barely even effective as a Speaker of the House.
I can't imagine how much more effective he is when he's allegedly drunk.
It's just a disaster. It's like...
Again, I'm no purist here, but it's like, why are you setting yourself up for failure?
There's another great Texas legislator that also is going to have to be resigning because he was drunk flirting with some staffer, some female staffer.
Brian Slayton.
He's a great member of the Texas House.
It's like, well, you've got to lose him now.
It's just a shame.
It's just a shame.
Pure evil leaked memo shows Biden regime is ending DNA testing of children at the border to stop child trafficking.
They love the child trafficking.
Joe Biden is responsible for more children being trafficked into human trafficking and sex slavery than any other president in US history probably combined.
Probably combined.
More children have entered the human trafficking realm under Joe Biden's presidency than any other presidency combined.
And they just write policy to make sure it happens.
Yeah, we're not going to do DNA testing.
So, you know, 25-year-old guy shows up with three kids.
Oh yeah, I'm their uncle.
Okay, bring them in.
How do you think that goes?
How do you think that goes?
And so now that's only gonna be worse, by the way.
So now this policy is gonna be known?
Now even more children are gonna be trafficked across the border.
Thanks, Joe Biden!
Maybe they like stories like this.
Migrant smuggler drops four-year-old boy from top of 30-foot border wall.
We've seen this multiple times.
That's what they like.
That's what the open border does.
Oh, Minnesota to allow all undocumented residents to enroll in Minnesota Care.
There's your nice Commie Care.
There's your nice Commie Healthcare System.
So now anybody coming into the country illegally can go right to Minnesota and you pay for everything they need.
By the way, a lot of them come in here very unhealthy.
A lot of them come in here very sick.
A lot of them come in here with diseases.
A lot of them come in here, the first place they go is a hospital, folks.
And you're paying for the entire process.
Now it's even worse.
Just... You know, I've been positive overall this week, and I'm still gonna try to share a message of positivity, but I mean, my God.
My God, is this country more corrupt than it's ever been, probably ever.
I mean, it's hard to believe that we're living through such an age of corruption in the history of this country.
But I mean, you're in it, folks.
This is the most corrupt time in the history of the United States of America.
This is the most corrupt presidency in the history of this country.
And the fact that that isn't a universal understanding from every American Just shows you why they have to censor, shows you why they have to run their propaganda, and shows you why they have to censor, arrest, and murder their political opposition, and it's only going to get worse until it's stopped.
It's only going to get worse, but the Republican Party won't unify to stop it, so...
Here we go.
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We thank you for that.
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Oh, ladies and gentlemen, we're having fun here.
No, it's okay.
It's alright.
I've just been sued again!
It's fun, folks.
Just been sued again for reading a Washington Post headline.
That's all I can say at this point.
I'm gonna have to meet with my lawyers probably immediately after the show and take care of this.
It's fun here.
It's fun here.
I just, you know.
I tell you what, I'm about fed up for it for today.
I wonder if the Washington Post would get sued the same way I would get sued if I read a Washington Post headline.
All right, I'm going to stop because I just got gaslit by this.
This just got brought to me.
I probably shouldn't even have looked at it, but you know, what are you gonna do?
Tell you what, let's just let's just read some headlines How about that, guys?
How about we just read some headlines?
E. Jean Carroll asks judge to amend lawsuit to seek further damages for what Trump said on CNN Town Hall.
Oh, am I going to get sued for that too?
Reading a CNN headline?
So because of what Trump said on the Town Hall, now E. Jean Carroll is going to try to sue him again.
I mean, it's just insane!
What do you think her friends call her, by the way?
Do you think they call her E. Jean, or Jean, or E. Jean E.?
How do you think that works, by the way?
I don't know.
Senior citizens from Biden's own hometown are turning on him.
They know exactly what happens with age.
Even Hillary Clinton has said Biden's probably too old to run.
Hillary Clinton says Joe Biden's age a legitimate issue.
But says Dianne Feinstein is just fine.
Biden Department of Justice formally shut down Clinton Foundation investigation.
FBI destroyed all evidence.
No, they're the good guys.
They're the good guys.
Jim Jordan vows scrutiny of Durham report findings, threatens to cut FBI funding and reopen Hillary Clinton investigation.
Please do, Jim Jordan.
Please do.
slams political weaponization of the FBI to destroy a sitting president.
Even RFK Jr.
knows that the Democrat Party did this illegitimately.
And he's a Democrat running for president, so you know they're going to do everything to make sure he can't win the primary.
FBI Representative James Comer The FBI doesn't respect anyone in Congress, exactly.
And so the FBI needs to be completely shut down because the flowchart of authority, the flowchart of power, the FBI is UNDER Congress.
The FBI is UNDER Congress.
But there's a new understanding now that somehow the FBI is ABOVE Congress.
And somehow the FBI is ABOVE the law.
So will James Comer and other members of the House GOP be able to do anything about that?
How about a couple Babylon Bee headlines for you as we enter the third hour of the Alex Jones Show here today.
After world realizes he was right about everything, Alex Jones appointed as new head of the CDC.
There he is right there with his He's in his doctor's outfit.
It's Dr. Jones now.
Head of the CDC.
He'd be better than Fauci, probably.
Biden says anyone can crash Twitter.
It takes a real leader to crash the economy.
In response to Twitter crashing last night with the DeSantis announcement.
And by the way, it's still odd that that thing failed so badly.
As if Twitter wouldn't have the bandwidth to do that.
They've had larger live streams.
They've had more people tune in to live streams before on Twitter.
So why is it that that one crashed?
Is there something else going on there?
And you think since Elon Musk was a part of it, he would have made sure that that didn't happen.
But it did happen.
And there's nothing to do to reverse that now.
All right.
Third hour of the Alex Jones Show is upon us.
And boy, oh boy, are we having fun today.
Maybe we'll open up the phone lines.
We'll be back in 90 seconds.
28-year marathon battle with the globalists.
I have come from nowhere, to the very heights of politics, not just in America, but in the world.
We are engaging the globalists at point-blank range in the information war.
But I don't deserve the credit.
Yes, I've persevered.
But the listeners and viewers who support InfoWars are the real reason we've had this success.
We're having now the greatest victories in the fight against the New World Order we've ever had.
We are now entering the final mile of the marathon and that's why today it's more important than ever to realize how important you've been in this fight and and to continue in the efforts you've been carrying out
and to intensify them.
God bless you all.
I salute you, I thank you, and I beg you to intensify what you're doing now
because we are over the target and this grief is happening.
The fight is my fight, it's your fight, it's our fight.
God bless you all.
All right, I'm gonna read some headlines here and then we're gonna take phone calls.
So let me give out the phone number right now.
Anything we've discussed today is fair game.
By the way, Drew Hernandez going to be hosting the fourth hour.
And it's funny, Drew, a friend of mine, I love going on air with Drew, I was going to be thinking about doing some co-hosting with him, but now I've got to handle legal issues.
It's fun, ladies and gentlemen, it's fun being a target.
Let me tell you, actually it's not fun.
I'll be honest, it actually sucks.
But we all know why.
Alright, so let's read some headlines.
The phone number though, we'll start taking calls next segment.
Anything we've discussed so far today is fair game.
Anything we've discussed so far today is fair game.
My big story though is that how is this not a bigger story that the FBI, the IRS and the
DOJ is clearly running cover for the Biden crime family?
I mean, it is unreal level.
But here's some of the other headlines.
The next pandemic, even deadlier than COVID, is coming, warns World Health Organization.
Now, that was earlier this week.
Now, China has just made the news that there's a new COVID strain that they expect to kill 65 million Chinese.
So what is really going on with that?
Meanwhile, because they're gonna make you to take a vaccine in response, London Mayor Khan left barely conscious due to heart attack suffered days after receiving COVID booster.
Gotta stop the pandemic.
University of Louisiana Lafayette champion water skier dies suddenly at age 18.
Dies suddenly age 18.
May he rest in peace.
COVID Vaccine Injured Americans File Lawsuit Against Biden Regime Over Censorship Yeah, you got injured by a vaccine, you wanted to warn other people about it, and the Biden regime censored you from sharing your story.
Beef Company CEO I'll shut down the company before we ship a single bag with mRNA-injected meat.
Says Jason Nelson, CEO of Whole Cows, but of course we know that's the goal, to get the mRNA in everybody.
A conquering of the human genome, a conquering of the human body.
First they try to conquer your mind, then they conquer your body.
Australia ordered social media to censor COVID-related posts over 4,000 times!
Censored non-Australians and memes.
You don't censor somebody because of what they're saying is wrong.
You censor somebody because you know what they're saying is right, and you're afraid of that information getting out.
That's what's really going on.
Back to this Target news here.
So, Target stock has taken a massive blow.
Last I checked, at the end of yesterday, it was down more than 10%.
Target loses $9 billion in a week following boycott calls over LGBTQ-friendly kids' clothing.
I'm surprised people were still shopping at Target.
But I guess now the boycott is starting to catch tread here.
So we'll be monitoring that.
Anheuser-Busch InBev market value has collapsed $15.7 billion since Dylan Mulvaney partnership.
What were they thinking?
Target removes Satan Pride products.
Democrat accuses CEO of selling out LGBTQ plus community.
Selling out the LGBTQ plus community.
Can you imagine?
Think about how much we've been sold out.
Think about how much we've been sold out with the trade deficit.
Think about how much we've been sold out with the manufacturing being moved overseas.
Think about how much we've been sold out with the open border.
Think about how much we've been sold out to Big Pharma.
And then they sit here and they say, because you won't promote Satanism to children, you're selling out the LGBTQ plus community?
What in the hell kind of logic is that?
China has told parents to report their children to the police if they use Telegram or WhatsApp, because those might be encrypted messages that the Chinese communists can't read.
And so now you're not allowed to do that.
And that's where the left is obviously going to go in the United States of America.
They already have.
They've complained.
That you're using encrypted messaging.
Liberals don't like that.
Communists don't like that.
Because then how can they figure out what you're talking about?
How can they control you?
How can they read your messages?
Spy on you?
This is the left.
This is communism.
This is authoritarianism.
This is big government.
That's what they do.
Jordan Neely's uncle, who called for no plea deal for Daniel Penney, arrested in New York City on multiple charges.
He was arrested after being found in possession of a knife and multiple stolen credit cards.
But he says Daniel Penny is the criminal for trying to protect people on the subway from, sadly, his mentally deranged nephew.
May he rest in peace.
The same DC cop who beat innocent Trump supporter Victoria White nearly to death on January 6th was driving around with the DC Antifa leader during the 2020 riots.
That's scary!
Man, oh man, I mean, you just, you really start to look into this and you just realize, you really gotta get the hell away from Democrat cities.
And I understand you can call me a hypocrite, that's totally fair, because I live here in Austin.
But man, oh man, it's like time to get the hell out.
You don't want to be anywhere near these Liberal Democrats, especially one with a badge.
That's even more dangerous.
IRS badge, any other badge.
New York City professor fired after cursing at pro-life students, threatening New York Post reporter with machete.
Said she was gonna chop him up.
Nice, loving, tolerant liberal there threatening your life.
But yeah, you existing is violence to them, so therefore them murdering you is justified, because you just existing is violence, is what they're saying.
And then they have their little pins that say, put your head in a noose if you're a conservative Christian, we're gonna kill you.
That's our truth.
But that's the loving, tolerant left, you know?
That's how it is.
A little Twitter spat between AOC and Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz Uh, commenting about how, and accurately, how the Republicans are the ones that were the party of civil rights, Republicans under Abe Lincoln were the ones that ended slavery, and actually the first Republicans in Congress were black Americans.
And this angers the Democrats that that's not their history because they tried to stop that.
But Ted Cruz points that out.
AOC responds.
Why don't you go ahead and tell people what happened to the parties after that, Ted?
The old lie about the myth of the party switch.
It never happened, folks.
There was no party switch.
The Democrats just lied about their history and now they're trying to cover it all up.
All these Confederates that the Democrats are removing from the Capitol building, the portraits, the statues, the army bases, they are all Democrats.
Literally every single one is a Democrat.
Read a book or several, AOC gets buried alive by Ted Cruz and other conservatives after trying to educate Cruz on the Democrats' civil rights history.
Yeah, they were anti-civil rights.
They were the party of racism and slavery and standing at schoolhouse doors and Joe Biden saying he doesn't want his kids going to school in a racial jungle with black people.
The myth of the party switch from PragerU.
Republicans were competitive in the South.
They didn't need to pander to racists.
Only one of 21 Democrat Senators who opposed the Civil Rights Act became a Republican.
Republicans didn't hold a majority of Southern seats until 1994.
So no, it wasn't being dominated by racists.
So it's just... They just lie, folks!
Democrats are the party of racism.
Republicans are the party of civil rights.
Hi, everyone.
Welcome to our Ron DeSantis Twitter space.
Is my microphone working correctly?
George, can you just wait while we... Hello?
Can you hear me?
We can all hear you, George.
Can you just hold on for a second?
I don't think they can hear me.
I can hear you fine, George.
Just speak to the microphone.
I don't think George knows how to use Twitter.
Can you hear me now?
Can I please make my big announcement now?
Everyone just... Hello?
Just shut up, George.
Can somebody just mute George?
Dick, could you try not to cough on this one?
Okay, so how are we gonna take out Trump, you guys?
Uh, uh, guys from the FBI, this is not a private call.
This is a public Twitter space.
Everyone can listen in.
Anyway, guys, we invited everyone to this Twitter space so Governor Ron DeSantis could... Everyone just shut the hell up so I can make my announcement, okay?
You go, girl.
Wait, the devil is gay?
So what?
Everyone in this call is gay.
*arguing* Guys, can we please just calm down?
*coughing* So anyway, guys, I just wanted to announce that I'm-
I can hear the governor very vaguely.
Shut the hell up, would you please shut up already?
I'm running for fucking president, okay?
Yeah, we kinda already know about it.
We already know, governor.
Congratulations, governor!
Well, that concludes our Twitter space for today.
Thank you to all of our... Hold your horses, Elon.
The real president is gonna say a few words.
The devil, I'm gonna kick your ass very soon.
Hitler, you're already dead.
Dick Cheney sounds like you'll be joining Hitler very soon.
Klaus Schwab and George Soros, I'm putting both your asses in jail.
And Ron DeSanctimonious can kiss my big, beautiful 2024 presidential ass.
Trump 2024, baby.
Alas, Trump 2024, baby.
Let's go.
Alright, some comic relief.
That was shared by Donald Trump on his Truth Social.
And that's just funny stuff.
All right, we've got callers on the line.
Let's start with Mike in New York.
Mike, you are on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
What's up, Owen?
You got me loud and clear?
Yes, we do.
That was hilarious, dude.
I'm still cracking up.
That was great.
That's good.
I just want to say I'm honored to be the first one to call in and speak with Owen Biden.
Yes, thank you.
I'm Owen Biden now.
Yes, exactly.
I am Owen Biden now.
And so I am now immune from anything being done to me.
And so this is ridiculous that I would ever be sued or have to go through these legal cases.
My name is Owen Biden.
All charges should be dropped.
Absolutely, and I hope that Alex Biden is having a good time on vacation, and Harrison Biden is home taking care of his new daughter.
I just want to give a shout out to all the family here.
Yeah, man.
It's ridiculous.
You're my thoughts, man.
I just really want to reiterate that I appreciate what you go through, man.
It would be so much easier to just be like, alright, I'm done with this and go live a life.
You have no idea.
And you know what?
Well, I'll just put it like this.
I hope Sunday, I'm going to have to really just Probably just when I'm finished dealing with this legal stuff today.
I'm just going to have to clear my mind and just kind of hit the reset button.
But I really hope that someday when we're through all this...
I really hope someday we can actually get through all this so we can tell the true stories about what's going on.
And I'm not just talking about myself, I'm talking about Alex Jones, I'm talking about other people.
I'm not going to sit here and spill my guts and my heart and soul on this issue right now, but folks, let me just tell you.
The stuff that we go through here is just unreal.
The position that Alex Jones or yours truly is in, 99.99999% of people on earth just couldn't even begin to believe.
But I don't want to make this about me.
I know I'm reacting because this just happened, but I appreciate your kind words, Mike.
Thank you for that call and those words of support.
We really appreciate it.
Let's go to Daryl in North Carolina.
Daryl, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, hey, Owen.
You've inspired me today, man, about doing something to change.
I got some group of friends here, and what we'd like to do is... We all go to Target.
My daughter loves Target, man.
The toy aisle.
The kids love it.
And she likes rainbows, too.
But it's a kid thing.
So what we'd like to do is propose a coalition to take back the rainbow flag from the LGBTQIAP++ community, and we want to do this respectfully.
Kids like rainbows, it's the colors, but we have some ideas on a new flag that the LGBTQ PIA Plus community could possibly use.
I've got some ideas if you'd like to hear them, or if they have another idea, that's fine.
So you're saying that the LGBTQ community should embrace a different flag instead of the rainbow because that's a promise from God?
Oh yeah!
And kids normally like it.
All kids, you know, ask parents when your kids start first drawing.
The first pictures they draw are like a rainbow because they like the colors and it's easy to draw.
So kids really need to have that innocence back for themselves.
So I think, you know, there are enough level-headed LGBTQ++ people out there who can change the flag.
Is that too much to ask?
Yeah, but you know that's their propaganda.
It's not something that they're, you know, consulting with members of the community about.
That's part of their propaganda, is to steal that rainbow.
But we've got a great idea.
We've been, you know, we've kind of looked around.
We're trying to do some things that represent that community, what we've seen on the news.
So we've come up with a flag, and it's two bearded, pot-bellied gentlemen, Carrying AR-15s, and underneath it, it says, puberty blockers for all children or else.
And we think that that's fair.
Well, that would be more accurate.
Yeah, yeah.
So that's just an idea we're putting out there, if they'd like that.
If not, we're taking some other ideas from them.
So we just want to put that out there and see if they would be willing to just give that little rainbow up.
What do you think?
They wouldn't, but I like the idea as a culture jamming thing, so I think you should go through with it anyway.
Okay, because I can't stop going to Target.
My daughter would kill me.
I mean, she loves that toy aisle.
I'm sure you know what I'm saying.
Yeah, I understand.
There's got to be an alternative, though.
That's what I'm thinking.
I want to take her to the toys, but maybe what I can do is... How about an alternative to Pride Month is Humble Month?
Would that work?
We could have a Humble Month.
How about this?
How about we just stop with these months altogether?
That would be even better.
It's so confusing.
I forget which month is Pride Month, Black History Month, Native Month, Mexican-American Month, Iranian-American Month, and then there's... It's all leftist propaganda, too.
It's all just leftist Marxist propaganda.
Daryl, thank you for the call.
All right, when we come back, we've got Philip We've got Jay, we've got David, we've got Chris, we've got Larry, we've got Tim.
We're gonna get all your calls here before Drew Hernandez takes over in the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're taking your phone calls.
Remember, Fizzy Magnesium, my favorite orange drink mix on the planet, is available at InfoWarsStore.com.
Find out why it's my favorite orange drink mix right now by going to InfoWarsStore.com and securing your own canister.
I've already got mine right here, so I'm gonna be good to go for a while.
I'll be drinking on this.
Throughout the summer, as we enter the summer of 2023.
Let's go back to the phone calls.
We have Felipe in California.
Felipe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Owen, how's it going, man?
Thank you for taking my call.
Thanks for calling.
I was calling today, Owen.
First time caller.
Been listening over 13 years, man, and something told me to call you today.
We have your back, brother.
If anything happens to you, if anything happens, and for worse, I'm ready to die, man.
I'm ready to protect you guys with my life.
I don't want to die, but I'm ready, man.
We're going to take out these sons of bitches.
Ain't going to be fun, but we're going to have to do it if they don't calm down, man.
Well, Felipe, you're very kind.
Your support is appreciated.
You know, just be careful the way you approach it and the things you say for obvious reasons, you know?
But we're peaceful.
Felipe is a peaceful, American, loving patriot.
And so we love you, Felipe.
I love InfoWars.
I love America.
God bless this world.
They're going to destroy the planet, people.
If you don't wake up, then nothing else matters.
We're all gonna f'n die!
But wait a second, you're in California.
It's doing so well.
I've got the news right here.
There's poop everywhere.
San Francisco's office district, not only a ghost town, it's covered in human feces.
Come on, man, you gotta love that!
Oh, and... Man, I don't even know what to say anymore.
But at a thousand and one yards, I can shoot that.
That's good, but you're a peaceful person.
You would never harm anybody.
You're an excellent marksman, but you're peaceful.
We're all peaceful.
We never encourage violence.
We would never do anything violent, but I'm glad to know that you're an excellent marksman, Felipe.
All right, let's take another call.
Let's go to Jay in West Virginia.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
Irony, I've been watching Star Trek and the Picard series and they get the Federation, I know this sounds crazy, but it's parallel with what's going on in the world today and Hollywood wrote it on Gene Roddenberry or whoever it is.
A virus and these changeling people, they took over the government, the Federation and then the kicker was I always loved that Seven of Nine, you know, gorgeous girl, and somewhere in the series they were talking how she had an affair with one of the women on one of these ships, and the Worf guy, who's a big warrior guy, they kind of sissified him, and now he's all reflective and
and caring about people and he's supposed to be like of a warrior group of people there, the Klingons.
And it's just hilarious how we're living in this crazy world
and it's all been, you know, you can read into this stuff, but this guy, I don't know, this,
Owen, I've been listening to you for years and years and you're doing a great job.
I got a new Turbo Force coming with three more of those iodines, and I got a couple of Turbo Forces with me.
I'm a truck driver.
I mix it with my Vitamin Fusion.
I love it.
It tastes actually pretty good.
I don't drink any soda because I'm kind of dieting and I've lost a bit of weight and I
take the diet pause and I got all your pills and all your shirts and everywhere I go people recognize
the shirts and really I don't think we're going to have even if we have an election it doesn't
even matter you can write in if you can write in I'm writing in um Alex Jones what the hell and
And I think everybody should, because the selection has already been made.
This is all, I don't know who it was, one of your hosts, or one of the people that was interviewed, I think it was Patrick Stewart.
It's all been, it's not real, none of this is real.
We're living in a world that it's already been, the propaganda, these people, I still see them out here with masks, I still, you know, there's no talking to these people. I
don't even bother anymore.
It used to bother me. Now I just, I look at them, I laugh at them.
Because, and if they ask me why I'm laughing, I tell them I'm laughing because the propaganda
got you good, you know. I'm all, and to be honest, I got two more,
I got plenty of defense for the second amendment.
I just keep buying it up, buying up the food supply and the seeds and all that stuff.
And I don't want to have it where the world is turned upside down, but it already is.
The FBI, they're covering up, you just said it today, they're covering up for Biden and
the House Republicans.
No, it's absolutely insane.
It's absolutely insane.
It's insane.
I'm out here delivering hazardous waste and that's what I do.
The federal government, I guess they're not going to shut us down because they don't want to have this stuff in their backyard.
And, uh, you know, we move everything from the stuff over in, uh, East Palestine to everything in the nation and we get rid of it properly.
Oh, they moved it to Michigan.
I think they were trying to move it to Indiana.
And then one of the, actually one of the trucks, didn't it turn over and, and like there was a wreck and it got everywhere?
Uh, we take it down to, uh, Texas and they're burning it in Texas.
So that I know.
And so, but, All I'm getting at is, I went to have breakfast at a truck stop, and I had a pretty nice T-bone steak, two eggs, a couple of tater tots, and a cup of coffee, and it was $36.57.
That's crazy!
I was stunned just because, I mean look, I'm like a...
I go to the grocery store, I literally get six dozen eggs, no matter what.
I mean, it's no secret.
I drink 12 raw eggs a day, like so.
I get six dozen eggs every time I go to the grocery store.
And my normal grocery routine was kind of off and I just had to go get some of the essentials and I went and I got the eggs.
And so it was the first time I actually looked at the price of eggs.
How much?
Seven dollars a dozen.
Seven dollars a dozen!
I mean, again, I hadn't looked at it in a while just because it's an essential for me, and I just happened to, it was one of the only things I bought, just a quick trip to the store, and I was like, oh my gosh!
When did that happen?
People that have chickens, that you can buy a dozen eggs for three dollars or less or more.
I mean, I mean, honestly, like this is just I could go to the farmer's market or I have plenty.
I've got a lot of friends, actually, that have chickens that they have too many eggs.
I don't even know what to do with.
I just don't make it a habit to go get eggs from them.
But maybe I start we'll start doing that.
Maybe that's what we should all start doing.
Probably is.
We live in a crazy world, and I'm just buying time.
I've converted most of my money to silver and gold, and I'm just I appreciate you guys being there, because what's next, only God knows.
I love you.
I kind of miss Wayne Allen Root there, and I don't know what happened there.
He was there Tuesdays, and I like Gerald Florente.
I love Mike Adams, and I love all you guys.
I don't know where Alex is coming or going, if he's staying or if he's going to give you the show.
I hope that he's successful, if he joins Rumble or something.
I don't want to see him not have this platform, but I think you guys are going to be just fine.
I think there's a turn.
There's a tide that's turning.
I don't want to get too deep into it, Jay, and I appreciate your call and your support.
Just generally speaking...
As long as we have the financial support at Infowarsstore.com, at least for the foreseeable future, we'll be able to be on air.
But yeah, do not take this transmission for granted, folks.
Do not take it for granted.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
Trans Antifa activists douse themselves in urine outside UK Equality Building.
How you win the culture war?
That's how you win the intellectual debate?
I poured urine all over myself, listen to me!
Excuse me?
What was that, one more time?
O'Keefe Media Group does it again.
O'Keefe Media Group Special Assistant to John Fetterman says the Democrat Senator is okay with overturning the Second Amendment.
Wait, wasn't this the guy that chased a black man through his neighborhood with a shotgun?
That was John Fetterman.
Guns for him, no guns for you.
We're taking phone calls.
My final segment on the Alex Jones Show today.
The great Drew Hernandez hosting the fourth hour.
Talk about a man on fire.
But let's go back to the phone lines, and we've got David in South Carolina dialed in.
David, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Erwin.
I'm 48 years old, and I've worked construction my whole life.
And for a long time, we could have had kids.
And then all of a sudden, we started having kids.
And then I found myself with a four-year-old, a three-year-old, and about to turn two.
And things were getting real hard for me.
It was really hard for me to keep up with the bills and working six, seven days a week.
And I wanted to buy the supplements, but I had to worry about paying my mortgage and I didn't do it.
Um, I gotta tell you, I got a hold of TurboForce.
I started taking it and holy cow, Now, when I'm working, I'm self-employed, so what I produce determines how much money I make.
I got a small handyman company, it's just me doing the work.
Holy cow!
Now, I can do... I don't get tired, I don't mess up my focus, everything, and now I'm making enough money to be able to stay afloat.
And I just want to say, I just want everybody to know, if you're struggling, you know, with all this inflation, everything's so expensive, if you're struggling, come on, man.
Get the TurboForce, especially if you're in a situation like me.
The amount you do is going to determine the amount you make.
Oh, you got to, you got to take it.
Now I can afford to go out.
If I get, if I take my family, I can, I can take Saturday and Sunday off.
If I take my family to a restaurant and I get a hundred dollar bill, it's not a problem.
You know I'm so glad you bring this up actually because I remember mostly in high school where I'd have you know you'd have a day of school and then you'd have A baseball practice or baseball game or a doubleheader or something, and I still want to go out afterwards, say, you know, on a Friday night or something, and it'd be like, okay, a day of school, a doubleheader baseball game, but I still want to go out and have a good time with my friends, but I'm tired.
I'd drink an energy drink, maybe I'd drink another one later on that night to stay up.
Folks, you don't have to sit there and pound two, three energy drinks to get six, seven hours of energy now.
One scoop of TurboForce in 12 ounces of water, 10 hours of energy guaranteed.
I hear you.
I hear you.
And Owen, I gotta tell you, unfortunately, I think we're going to see a lot more persecution in the courts with a lot of people.
This is part of the reason why I left New York.
I came down to South Carolina.
I knew things were going to get worse.
Whether it's forcing your kids or you to take shots or No, that's not an opinion.
There's no religious exemptions up there.
I brought my family down here.
And because the problem is, is that, you know, as you get to know these leftists, these really extreme people, you
know, they're, in my opinion, they're dangerous.
They're dangerous people.
No, that's not an opinion. That's a historical fact, my friend.
I mean, it's unfortunate.
Like, these people, like, they'll just find you guilty, like, without batting an eye.
No, they don't care.
They really don't care.
It's... You know, folks, I'm telling you, it's one thing for you to listen to me or to see people talk about it, but when it happens to you, it becomes all the more real, and you realize just how dangerous it is.
David, thank you for that call.
Let me jump, though, to Chris in Kansas.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yo, what's up, man?
Yeah, I gotta say, I'm blown away talking with you for the first time.
Glad you got in.
Former St.
Louis citizen here.
Oh, right on.
Yeah, so I was wanting to call about one of the things I wanted to talk about was X2, Nathan Iodine.
This is something I've always wondered about because I've been taking it for like, I don't know, four years now and everything that Alex Jones talked about, I don't know, I'm not noticing it.
I've been wondering if I'm just reading the directions wrong or something.
Because it takes, it says take like one drop.
And I'm wondering if, am I mistaking it for like you need to take one dropper of the stuff?
You know, I would say that to each their own, maybe try Survival Shield X3 because it's a little different formula.
It's a triiodine, and so it's a little easier to absorb in the body.
Usually with the iodine, it's going to take probably a month to really kick in, and you really need to kind of combine it with getting the fluoride out of your system.
It's kind of a two-pronged attack to get your body healthy again.
Yeah, one drop is probably not going to do it, especially in a short term.
But maybe try Survival Shield X3 because it's a triiodine formula.
It's easier to absorb in the body.
I would definitely be drinking filtered water, but usually it takes about a month for you to start noticing the difference.
For me, it was more a cognitive thing.
And for me, honestly, in a way, it was kind of like a I don't want to say a spiritual thing, but you kind of feel like you're maybe more in touch with the biochemistry that exists in your brain and in your body.
Okay, well, like I said, I've been taking it for four years, but if you're saying maybe X3 is better for me, then I'll definitely try it out.
Also, Polnablok, are you guys still selling that?
Uh, you know, I think we had it in stock a few months ago.
It might be out of stock.
I don't know if it's coming back or not.
I just, I just don't have an answer for that.
It's a great product, but I don't know if it's coming back.
Cause Pomebloc was a weird one for me.
At first it didn't work for me, but then this last spring I've been, um, I've been taking natural, like local bee honey, but it's just, I still kept sneezing and having a runny nose and all that stuff.
And then I noticed this bottle of Pollen Block that I had in my backpack and I'm like, you know what?
I got nothing left to lose.
And I took one pellet and all of a sudden it's like, All that just went away.
I mean, it was... No, it's amazing.
Actually, for seasonal distress, it really is, like, crazy how fast it acts.
Like, you got a runny nose or a sniffly, you know, whatever, a scratchy throat.
It's like, whoa, it acts immediately.
Yeah, so yeah.
Well, I don't know.
I don't know, Chris.
Unfortunately, I don't know if or when that's going to be back in stock.
I know we're going to probably try to make an effort because it sells out almost every time.
Very, very powerful product.
Chris, thank you so much for your support and that call.
Big, big ups to my fellow St.
Louis in there.
All right.
Let's go to then.
Let's go to Tim in California.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Owen, the Stuart Rhodes story is breaking all over the news, of course.
CNN reports it has 22 have already been convicted of various federal crimes by a jury or guilty plea, and eight of those, including Rhodes, Co-defendant Kelly Maggs, who will be sentenced later today as well, were convicted of seditious conspiracy.
And I'm just thinking about the Summer of Love protests from BLM and, you know, Governor New York City out there in front of Trump Tower with a yellow roller in hand, BLM street-sized letters, you know, all this kind of stuff.
And apparently it was the largest loss of all recorded history for insurance.
Oh yeah, not even close.
It was over $2 billion.
But now, what you may not have heard is yesterday, Richard Big O Barnett, the guy who had his feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk, his lawyer said, hey, you shouldn't get more than six months.
The prosecutors wanted more than seven years, and the judge sentenced him yesterday to four and a half years.
Yeah, I guess they should have been out with Black Lives Matter and Antifa burning buildings to the ground and looting buildings and roughing up citizens, and then they would have been okay.
It would have been no jail time for them.
You know, I'll just say this in closing, Tim.
Thank you for the call.
Drew Hernandez is about to take over.
I do overall have a positive feeling for where America's going.
I don't want to reflect the personal crap that I'm going through on the overall issue, but I will say this.
If we can't turn things around by 2025, it might be time to get the hell out of the country, folks.
I'm just going to be honest.
InfoWars is known for being tomorrow's news today.
InfoWars is known for having 98% accuracy on average.
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Thank you for your support.
What's going on, Baystock Criminals, InfoWarriors worldwide, across the globe, American Patriots worldwide, everybody.
Hey, listen, listen, listen, all right?
We are just about, what, a month and a half out from Groomer Month?
And of course, corporate America, to raise their ESG scores, they're going to side with whatever is the current thing.
And of course, post-2022, we've seen the rise of the normalization of pedophilia through the so-called LGBTQ community.
We're gonna get into all that.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show, the fourth hour.
I am your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
You guys can follow me on Twitter, at DrewHLive, Getter, also Truth Social.
In the link in my bio, you guys can find all my other base shows.
Frontlines with Drew Hernandez on Real America's Voice, also Drew Hernandez Live, exclusively on Rumble.
And I'm telling you guys, man, these people are going into overdrive.
They're only gonna accelerate because this is all based in sin.
And when I use the word base in this sentence, I don't mean positively.
I mean negatively, right?
Sin that leads to death.
It's uncontrollable.
You cannot put some kind of guardrails around it.
There's no safe version of sin, especially when it comes to sodomy and so-called gay marriage and the LGBTQ woke mob that's Pushing all of this stuff on children.
Have you guys noticed this?
Oh, let's legalize gay marriage!
Less than a decade later, let's just groom kids!
You can't say anything against us!
Don't say gay!
You're a bigot!
You see this flag?
You can't speak out against me, or you are anti-gay marriage.
You are anti-whatever they're saying, right?
How quickly it went from, we just want to be able to sodomize each other behind closed doors.
We're not hurting anybody.
Oh, all this nonsense going against God.
And just a few, a few years later, total acceleration.
Now they're coming out with minor attracted persons.
Now they're coming out with that flag, with youth attracted persons, trying to literally groom your children in public school, K through 12.
Introducing your children to pornography all in the name of, oh, this is sex education for queer youth, sex education for the LGBTQ.
So you can't speak out against it.
I mean, you can if you're based like me, but you're going to get canceled.
You're going to get accused of being a right-wing extremist.
You're going to be accused of being a bigot, which is totally fine.
Call me whatever the hell you want.
Because I am under the authority of God, alright?
I want to be what is right under God's standards, God's eyes.
Not necessarily what the culture says, what man says, what America is currently saying is right.
It's what God said is right.
If America can get under that, we're gonna start seeing a lot more W's, ladies and gentlemen.
America starts submitting to God, God's standards, unapologetically speaking out against the degeneracy.
This is a huge problem, guys.
This is why I speak out against it so much.
People want to wonder why.
Is the deep state making advances?
Why is the New World Order gaining traction?
Yes, they take L's every now and then, and we see W's for us, but When it comes to the moral fabric of America, if we have no morality, ladies and gentlemen, no standard of right or wrong, this is where the anarchists get it wrong.
If there is no standard of right or wrong in this country, on planet Earth, lawlessness will abound.
Pedophiles will take ground.
Take your children, alright?
The degeneracy will increase.
You say, Drew, why do you have this in your crosshairs so aggressively?
Well, because I'm in their crosshairs so aggressively.
I'm a born-again Christian, but also, the Bible has made it very clear, this is a massive issue in societies when you go down that path.
When you forsake God's biological standard for marriage, you run into a whole host of evil wickedness within societies.
Within countries, populations of people, this has to be dealt with peacefully, lawfully.
Individuals are seeing the rise of pedophilia.
This is why everyone that's puppets of Satan and the New World Order are coming out and saying, these are our children.
These are our communities.
If they are in our communities, they belong to us.
And if you're a parent, That is nodding your head to everything I'm saying, then you are the one that's a target, and you are the one that's going to get removed from your own biological children, because the pedophiles think your children belong to them.
We got a lot more coming up.
We'll be right back.
Like I said, corporate America fears the sodomites.
The board again, based Christians do not.
Some breaking news all morning, all day, Target bending the knee, backtracking, trying to make it look like You know, you're getting a W trying to make it look like you're winning the culture war.
Target coming out leaking internal emails that are being leaked to journalists and reporters worldwide.
Obviously, you guys know what's going on with Target.
They're pushing satanism on children, satanic clothing, branding.
Individuals that they're working alongside with that are obvious open satanists that push murder, what they call abortion.
Baphomet on children, designer clothing, tucking for your little kid, right?
You got a little so-called trans kid that wants to mutilate their genitals?
Well, there's Target, with customized bathing suits!
Straight from the New World Order themselves, right?
The transhuman agenda.
Target Tried to run cover.
Individuals are pissed off, obviously.
Based moms, based dads that are getting fed up because obviously every single groomer month these people are gonna have sections dedicated to sodomy for children, right?
And people are pissed off.
Canceling, boycotting.
They're losing millions of dollars.
But Target tries to attempt to run cover.
Bud Light did the same thing.
Oh, let's put out camo beer cans.
Let's donate to veteran companies.
How about we just donate to veteran companies without Bud Light?
I'm all for repentance.
I'm all for righting your wrong.
But we all know that these corporate, you know, globalist corporations, these elite massive entities, they only do this to run cover when they start to lose money.
They don't care about your values.
They care about what's going to get them money for the time being.
The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
All right?
Don't fall for this kind of stuff.
Don't fall for it at all.
Target's trying the same thing, by the way.
They're trying to apparently shift gears.
Let's just go to George Floyd month, alright?
Let's just go to, okay, yeah.
Let's go to Fentanyl Floyd month.
That's apparently what Target was trying to do.
They're in total damage control mode right now.
Let's go to Fentanyl George Floyd month.
Let's just worship the black Fentanyl addict, alright, that requested to be put on the ground that was used as a total American psyop on millions of people that caused race riots across the United States of America.
During 2020, during the lockdowns.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!
Let's go from, uh, you know, the, uh, the tucking transhuman pedo swimwear to, uh, fentanyl Floyd.
That was kind of like phase one, I think, of their damage control.
And so they're trying to give an appearance.
Oh yes, the target's coming out.
We're just gonna, we're gonna put our LGBTQ merch somewhere in the back.
No, no, how about you get rid of it altogether?
Get rid of sodomy altogether, alright?
It goes against God, it's disgusting, it spreads disease, and it has no business around children.
At all!
These people hate God, they hate Christ, and pride.
The Bible's very clear.
You want to get based with it?
You guys want to get based with it?
Proverbs chapter 6, chapter 7, the Bible's very clear.
God hates a proud look.
God hates pride.
Is that too much for you?
Is that too much for you?
Is that hurting your feelings?
All right.
Because God, His word stands.
Drew, what does the Bible mean when it says, Hey, well, I'm glad you asked.
It means He despises.
He views it as despicable.
You want to know why God views pride as despicable and why Pride Month is a total abomination in the face of God?
Because it attempts to elevate itself above God.
Why do I say that, theologically speaking?
That is what Satan did.
He thought he could ascend above the heavens, ascend above the throne of God, that he can be God and sit in the place of God himself.
He wants to be God.
These people are on the same wavelength.
There's no good version of this.
I hope this pisses all the cuckservatives off that are total homo simps, alright?
We stand with God!
We stand with Christ!
I don't care what anybody says!
Screw your liberal views!
Screw all your tolerance for sodomy and spreading AIDS and STDs!
The base Christians will rise!
The base Christians will stand!
We will stand with Christ and we will speak the truth!
Because if we don't, these damn people go after your kids!
You cannot get away from it!
Does someone need to come out and just say it?
Well that's why I'm saying it, alright?
There are no guardrails for this kind of stuff.
If you think, are you that foolish enough, especially if you're a Christian, are you that foolish enough to sit here and think that there's some kind of controlled version of sin?
Are you insane?
Are you that blasphemous?
Are you that disrespectful and arrogant towards God?
If that was the case, you guys, cuckservatives, oh, if homosexuality could be controlled, then we wouldn't need Christ.
We wouldn't need God.
Sin is uncontrollable.
All right?
Humans can do nothing.
We are sitting ducks.
That is why Christ was crucified.
To free us from the bondage of sin.
It's uncontrollable.
You cannot be free from it.
That is why the Apostle Paul said, we are slaves.
Slaves to our sinful desires.
This is not going to go away, guys.
It's not going to go away until we all come together and submit to how God views this.
And we start taking action peacefully and lawfully.
I mean, look, come on, guys.
I mean, I'll be the one to say it.
I don't care.
I don't care what the liberals say.
I don't care what the conservatives say.
I don't care what the limp-wristed so-called Christian pastors say.
What you guys have been saying isn't working.
It's not working.
You want to know why it's not working?
It's not working because you guys cuck out and you're afraid to say what I'm saying.
You guys know what the Bible says, especially these limp-wristed pastors.
That are afraid of losing their 501c3 status by coming out and saying what I'm saying?
You guys are cucks!
You're cowards!
You're afraid to speak the truth because you don't want to get cancelled.
But whatever.
I would rather get cancelled by the world than turn my back on Christ.
I would rather get cancelled by so-called conservatives and everyone that claims to be an American patriot that has the name of Christ in their mouth.
I would rather get cancelled by all of these people than turn my back on Christ.
That's where I'm at.
Where are you at?
And I'm not virtue signaling.
This is the reality of my life.
I'm not a perfect person.
But I know where I need to stand.
Submission to Bible.
Submission to Christ.
Submission to his doctrine.
That's exactly where we are right now.
Because lookit!
Target's trying to deceive you guys!
You got a bunch of conservatives running around saying, oh, we got a total win with Target.
Dude, Target internal, this is breaking, an internal email has leaked again.
Here's a statement to their employees.
This was just sent to me right now.
This is what they're telling their employees behind the scenes while they claim to push the LGBTQ satanist merch to the back.
Why, you know, why is LGBTQ becoming synonymous with Lucifer and Baphomet?
Because of everything I just explained to you theologically.
Satan is the embodiment of pride.
The originator of pride.
These people identify with what is literally the theological, known for thousands of years, Christians for thousands of years, the fall of Satan was due to what, ladies and gentlemen?
These people identify themselves openly with the devil, with the devil, with the devil!
Regardless of what jersey they have on, oh, well, they're fiscally conservative, but they're just sodomizing their husband at home.
Oh, yeah!
Total culture win, dude!
Total culture win!
We're definitely gonna obey God like that, aren't we?
Yeah, God says, biological male, biological female, repopulate the Earth.
But yeah, no, no, no, there's the good ones, guys.
Call me a bigot.
I don't give a damn, dude.
I'm a Christian.
I guess Christian is synonymous with bigot these days.
Anyways, Target is telling their employees this.
"To the teams who have been working so hard "on our plans for Pride,
"and now are showing incredible agility as we adjust, "thank you.
"Your efforts will ensure we can still show up "and celebrate Pride in meaningful ways."
These people are not stopping.
All right?
They can't stop, you guys.
Yes, I'm all for boycotts.
We must boycott degeneracy, wickedness, Luciferianism.
Guys, are there any conservatives watching right now like, Drew, you're being too mean.
These people are pushing Baphomet, Satan, openly at Target with these designers on your children.
And I'm too mean?
Screw you, dude.
Get the hell out of here.
Leave the country.
Go to some hellhole.
You could build a little altar and worship Lucifer there.
Freaking cuck.
We got Tim Laisley, Based.CriminalInfoWarrior, in the getter chat right now.
Sometimes you come with some... You guys are super based, man.
This is what Tim is saying in the chat.
Drew, we're living through the bathymization of America.
Why didn't I think of that?
It's 100% true!
It's Luciferianism, pushed on children, pushed on humanity, because that's the agenda.
Satan wants to be God, and he wants to be worshipped as God.
That's why there are idols.
That's why there are so-called kings, world leaders in human history, that identify as what?
Identify as gods.
It's the spirit of the Antichrist, Lucifer, Satan himself, working through human beings to absorb and proclaim the worship directed to him.
The Apostle Paul actually made it pretty clear to the Corinthian Church.
He said, you guys are worshipping idols, and in doing so, you guys are worshipping demons, demonic entities.
An idol could be anything.
What's an idol?
Listen, the Bible makes it very clear.
What did Jesus say when he was asked?
What are the greatest commandments, Jesus?
Number one, you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength.
Your all in all.
And the second is just important, at least you love your neighbor as yourself.
So, if I shall love the Lord God, God in human flesh, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, God, the Holy Spirit, God, the Father, the God of the Bible, Old New Testament.
If I should worship him with all my heart, my soul, my mind, my strength, my entire world, whatever you're doing, that's not him.
That is your idol.
That's it.
That is idolatry, ladies and gentlemen, especially around the 21st century.
What is it?
What is it truly?
People have to identify this and repent.
That's why Christ was crucified.
But these people are pushing the devil out in the open on your kids, because you don't think Lucifer wants the next generation to be a bunch of devil worshippers?
Just totally allegiance to Satan, which is where we're all going, by the way.
New Testament, Book of Revelation, First, Second Thessalonians makes it very clear.
We are all heading into the direction of the end.
Second coming of Jesus, the final showdown.
The Antichrist will rise.
False prophet empowered by the serpent, the dragon, the devil himself, will cause the Antichrist to sit in the third Jewish temple, which is in the process of being built right now in Israel, by the way.
You will sit in the third Jewish temple and he will declare himself to be God.
And it's all empowered, the Bible says, by Satan.
It is all a work of Lucifer.
The Bible even goes as far to say that there will be wonders, mass miracles, being performed by individuals, false prophets, the Antichrist, that are empowered by demons, empowered by Satan.
Imagine, man!
That's wild, dude!
Imagine watching a miracle right before your eyes.
And it not being God.
And it's empowered by Satan.
Miraculous wonders.
Things that go against the laws of physics.
Laws of gravity.
Laws of science as we know right now.
Things that defy everything we've ever known.
Supernatural occurrences right before your very eyes.
What we would call, in this day and age, magic, black magic, which exists and is evil.
Why do you think the New World Orders is so obsessed with interdimensional technology, going beyond what humanity is capable of accomplishing themselves?
You know, it's interesting.
Theologians have always viewed things differently.
And if you take a look at the Bible, isn't it crazy how in times past with the Egyptians and the times of Jesus with the Romans, technology really wasn't something that was advanced.
But they prided themselves, like the Greeks and the Romans, they prided themselves, and the Egyptians as well, they prided themselves in their knowledge, right?
They prided themselves in their knowledge and magic and supernatural occurrences.
They were viewed as that was some kind of, you know, advanced mark of a human being or a civilization.
If you could get involved with supernatural, some type of magic and occurrences.
You see this in the New Testament as well.
Seems like It seems like humanity goes through cycles.
So we ought to be very careful.
I'm not saying all technology is demonic and satanic.
It could be used by demon powers.
It could be used by Satan.
But you got to be very careful.
If you're watching something right before your very eyes, you see something totally supernatural.
You see something totally just going beyond the laws of physics, gravity, what we know.
You gotta be very careful.
Is it coming from God?
Is it coming from Christ?
Is it pointing people into the direction of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the New Testament and the one that was foretold in the Old Testament?
We're living in the last days.
Christ made it very clear.
There will be false Christs, false messiahs deceiving the masses.
And I think this is a perfect example.
Again, Bud Light, I keep pointing, I keep pointing back to these woke corporations that are attempting to make it look like they're actually siding with your values.
They're not.
They're not.
It's temporary.
It's temporary.
Here's a headline, Bud Light to sponsor pride parades despite ongoing boycott.
These people don't give a damn, you guys.
Onward with their agenda!
Onward with their agenda!
Bud Light and its parent company, Anheuser-Busch, are sponsoring at least three different upcoming Pride events despite backlash over the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.
We all know who that freak is.
But they're not stopping.
Bud Light is listed as a sponsor on the Cincinnati Pride Parade website.
Planned Parenthood and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, which medically transitions minors, are both listed.
Meanwhile, also in St.
Louis, Missouri, they're gonna be sponsoring that as well.
There's a sponsorship packet.
There's tens of thousands of dollars going to this Pride event as well.
And various others, and even in Chicago!
So guys, do you see how the deception works?
They try to appear, oh yes, let's just go to Camo Bottles, Camo Beer Bottles.
We hear you.
We hear the boycott.
We hear you guys.
We're going to start donating to organizations that align with your values.
No, no, no.
It's not real.
It's not real at all.
Well, simultaneously, Bud Light is not stopping.
They're going to continue to support and sponsor with tens of thousands of dollars Groomer Month events!
Pride Sodomy Month!
Sodomy Month!
Sodomy Month for Bud Light!
Sodomy Month for Bud Light!
Bud Light is pro Sodomy Month!
They don't give a damn about veterans!
They don't give a damn about organizations that appear to have the same values as you!
Do not be deceived!
I'm all for boycotting, and I'm all for people righting their wrongs, but this!
This is not that!
Because if they're going to stop, they must stop.
And they're only doing it because they're losing millions of dollars, which is good, but they're never going to learn a lesson once it's officially done.
And they're not stopping because they know these massive corporations have been around for a long time.
Oh, let's just do some PR damage control.
Get some camo beer bottles because America loves the military.
Let's donate to some veteran organizations.
That'll make us look good.
We'll get our stock back up.
We'll get our money back up.
But shh.
Don't tell anyone!
We're still donating tens of thousands of dollars to the Sodomites!
So, don't let them know, because we have to make it look like we're aligning with the conservative American Christian values.
So don't tell anybody!
Wanna know how these people are groomers, man?
All you gotta do is keep watching them.
Keep watching them.
These people expose themselves.
What's done in the dark will come to light.
The darkness hates the light.
That's why they never come to the light.
Jesus said that in John chapter three.
I mean, why would they?
Why would they want their disgusting evil deeds seen out in public?
But now we're getting to the point where it's like Sodom and Gomorrah level, where they're just open about it.
They're just totally open about it.
But all you got to do is watch.
And I don't mean just kind of sit there and be cucked out and do nothing about it to save children.
What I'm saying is, these people expose themselves.
I really don't have to say anything, to be honest.
People get all triggered because I just narrate what these people are doing.
It's always the cuckservatives.
It's so wild.
The cuckservatives irritate me the most.
You know what I mean?
They get so irritated.
They think they actually are for America.
They're like, oh, I have Judeo-Christian values.
Okay, well, yeah, gay marriage is not real.
Oh, how dare you?
How dare you?
My favorite commentator is a sodomite!
Yeah, you're not on the right side, buddy.
You're on their side.
You're on Team Lucifer, alright?
Get the hell out of here.
Yeah, but like I said, I don't even have to say anything.
All I do is narrate what these people do, who they are, use the Bible as my weapon to unmask who these degenerates really are, but like I said, these people just, with their actions, show who they are.
All Ages drag show producer claims discrimination After Utah City refuses to allow their Pride event, and apparently the ACLU is, of course, going to be suing, the American Civil Liberties Union and the producer of an all-ages drag show, LGBTQ, have filed a lawsuit against the city of St.
George, Utah, for rejecting their application for an event.
And they're citing discrimination!
They're being discriminated against because the groomers are not getting their all-age drag pedo event!
You're discriminating against us because we can't strip and helicopter our genitals in front of little boys and girls!
We can't groom kids!
Dude, you're discriminating against our sexuality!
Because you won't let the pedophiles strip in front of children!
Queer folk!
What a joke!
These people are pedophiles, dude!
Who the hell is gonna complain about not getting their way When it comes to wanting to put on an all-ages drag show, I'll tell you who!
Class, pedophiles, groomers, and child molesters!
That's who!
All in the name of LGBTQ.
Like I said, these people expose themselves.
All I gotta do is recite what they're doing.
I mean, it's quite obvious, isn't it?
Like I said, there are no restrictions to this.
There is no taming this beast.
There's no taming it.
There's no good version of it.
At the end of the day, it spreads disease, spreads STDs, cannot repopulate, goes against God.
There's a penalty for that error, according to the Bible, Romans chapter 1.
And they're going after children because they are reprobate.
Reprobate minds mean they have lost their minds entirely.
No right or wrong.
No moral compass.
So that's why you have a pedophile and a groomer all triggered because they can't have an all-age drag pedo show!
You know, it's crazy when you see these parents.
It's always like these, like, white leftist moms.
It's really weird.
They, like, with this virtue signal with their, with their toddler sitting there just bouncing with the toddler while the mentally ill man is up there just swinging his genitals around.
They put money in the toddler's little hand.
Oh, here, here you go.
This is, we're teaching our kids how to be inclusive by being in a strip club.
I just, You know, man, it's just these people make it too easy because that's the reality of what it is.
And I don't sit here like, oh, I'm so glad, yeah, another headline to expose these people.
No, no, no.
I really, really hate that this is happening.
Because I know a lot of innocent people, especially children, are going to get raped, are going to get molested.
It's the reality of the situation.
And it's all going to be done in the name of inclusivity and you can't say anything about it.
Because you won't be able to speak out against the sodomites like you can't now!
So now that they're pushing off their pedophilia, minor-attracted persons, youth-attracted persons, with that damn flag, the LGBTQP for pedophile is here, you guys!
It's here!
It is here!
They view it as a sexual preference!
Well, we're just attracted to kids, you know, they're trying to introduce it like, well, we just have an attraction to children, but we don't act on it.
First they'll call it a mental illness.
Then they'll call it a sickness.
And that's why they've recently been trying to just call it a- Well, it's just a sexual preference.
You know, whatever, right?
If the little kids identify as gay, bi, queer, LGBT, whatever, then who are you?
Who are you to get into that relationship of love between a 45-year-old pedophile and a 9-year-old little boy?
Who are you?
If they're both homosexuals and LGBTQI+, who are you to say anything, bigot?
That's where the UN is going.
European Union, they're already trying to push decriminalizing pedophilic relationships between minors and adults.
And everything that happens in Europe is about four years, maybe eight years ahead of the United States of America.
But that's why you've been seeing the increasing of the groomer agenda in the USA.
It's quite disgusting, but it's all blasphemous of Jesus.
People are pissed off at the Dodgers, right?
Because the Sisters of Indulgence have been invited back!
The Dodgers, you know, it's crazy because you take a look at Los Angeles and the demographics, there's still a lot of Catholics out there, Bible-believing individuals in the region that have somewhat of a form of traditionalism.
They go to church, they believe in Jesus, especially a lot of Latinos that are in the area.
So the Dodgers, like, literally turning their back on their demographics was wild to me because you sit there and you see them.
At first, the Dodgers are like, oh, well, we can't do this.
This is too far.
A bunch of tranny nuns, homosexuals running around, you know, staging, you know, crucifixions of Jesus with their sodomites.
I don't think that's going to fly well with our demographics.
So at first they're like, OK, we're going to put a stop to it.
Oh, of course.
Then the woke mob gets all triggered, all the pedophiles and the groomers.
The Sisters of Indulgence should be there for Pride Night, for Groomer Month.
They should be there.
Yes, let's stage, let's blaspheme Jesus.
Yes, with sodomites stripping on the cross.
That's yes, that's inclusive.
It's totally normal and right.
We're more triggered that you're not allowing this in front of children, spreading their legs, using the cross as a strip pole to spread their genitalia in front of children.
That's what the Sisters of Indulgence are all about!
Hell yeah, little kid!
Welcome to Pride Night, Dodger Stadium, with the Sodomites!
Spreading their legs on the cross!
Blaspheming Jesus in front of children!
So the Dodgers invited them back.
They bent the knee.
Because apparently that's more important.
Apparently that's more important!
No, no, no.
People are more triggered than actually getting the real cross in there and preaching Jesus.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no.
It's bigotry and oppressive.
To preach freedom and liberty through the cross, Jesus Christ, introducing children to their creator and their savior.
That's bigotry.
That's offensive.
That's oppression.
That's bad.
But tranny nuns and sodomites spreading their legs in front of children on the cross?
That's good!
That's good!
We love the sodomites spreading their legs in front of children!
That's good!
We love that!
The LA Dodgers cucked out!
We'll see how that flies.
I think there need to be peaceful protests.
The Christians need to rise.
Because this stuff is only going to continue, man.
It's only going to continue if you just sit at home and you do not express that this is a total blasphemy to your faith.
But it's all empowered by Satan, like I've been saying, so it's no surprise.
Shifting gears to the deep state, the Biden regime is lumping Christians—this is not a shocker—lumping Christians, conservatives, and Republicans into the same category as Nazis.
In their new DHS anti-terrorism program, which I don't think anybody is surprised by, especially if you're a born-again Christian, talking like I'm talking, you're gonna be viewed as a threat to the regime, a threat to the New World Order, anyone speaking truth.
That is a clear opposition to their side and their globalist, Great Reset, Build Back Better, New World Order, ESG, demonic, satanic, antichrist agenda.
You will be slandered and demonized and lumped into the category as a domestic terrorist, far-right radicalized extremist.
And the DHS has their programs according to this report.
I think we kind of all knew this.
They're using taxpayer money.
They're using taxpayer money to go after conservative right-wing organizations and build reports in order To build some kind of threat.
So it's legitimized with a three-letter agency, DHS.
This is how they weaponize the three-letter agencies.
And of course, it's the Biden regime that is doing it because why wouldn't it?
I mean, this is American history.
This is the fall of American sovereignty.
This is the fall of the American citizen.
The weaponized three-letter agencies.
Of course, the Biden regime is going to weaponize the DHS.
To go after conservative organizations or organizations that pose a threat to their regime.
Fox News reported the Biden administration is dueling out taxpayer money through an anti-terrorism grant initiative to a university program that has explicitly lumped the Republican Party as well as Christian and conservative groups into the same category as Nazis, according to documents shared exclusively with Fox News Digital.
The Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group, obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act, requests showing a Department of Homeland Security program meant to fight terrorism is funding a group whose work has explicitly targeted the American political right, or whoever they call the American political right.
The MRC outlined its findings in a report arguing what the group found warrants criminal prosecution.
They get to define what's right-wing.
They get to define what's extremist.
They get to define what should be criminally prosecuted.
And they're lumping Christians, conservatives, and whatever they call Republican or right-wing.
This terrorism task force is engaged in an active effort, this is what they say, to demonize and eliminate Christian Conservative and Republican organizations using federal taxpayer dollars.
That's the president of the Media Research Center that has exposed this.
I mean, you take a look at, they have like a whole pyramid in this report.
And the pyramid at the bottom includes Fox News, that's step one, CBN, Other organizations, the Heritage Foundation, the Republican Party's at the bottom, and they even have an American flag there.
That's step one, according to the DHS, of getting radicalized to be an extremist on the right.
Step two has a Make America Great Again hat, Breitbart, PragerU, Proud Boys, Turning Point USA, and yours truly, InfoWars.com.
InfoWars.com, of course, is going to be included in this report by the DHS.
All of you are included.
Everyone that works for InfoWars, everyone that affiliates with InfoWars, especially the most evil man on the face of the planet, Mr. Alex Jones himself, you are included.
Step two on radicalizing anyone to the far right.
And obviously it goes up with Nazi symbols, and it goes all the way to the top with white supremacist patches, you name it.
Top to bottom, bottom to top.
You see, but what's interesting about this is, of course, the Deep State and the New World Order, this is how they strike down their opposition.
Because you have normies, and then you have individuals that just don't really pay attention to anything.
That actually watch CNN, that actually watch MSNBC, that actually get their news from the mainstream, they get their news from the algorithms, they don't really seek truth themselves, listen and dissect what people are saying, trying to find that healthy medium where what's really going on is found right there by the individual.
No, no, no.
The normies and the New World Order puppets The NPCs and the individuals that don't think for themselves, these kind of reports are viewed as legitimate.
Because it's the DHS.
They're not clearly understanding that organizations like the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, they're not taken over by the bad guys.
No, they're the good guys fighting against the domestic terrorists on the homeland.
These are the same people that said weapons of mass destruction existed, pushed for the Patriot Act, we needed to be surveilled in order to keep us safe from Al-Qaeda!
Remember all that?
And now that's being used against us!
These people believe that the federal government, these people believe that these deep state operatives, Democrats obviously, and they believe that RINO Republicans that See this stuff going on in D.C.
They know that these programs are going on, but do nothing, say nothing, don't ring the alarm, don't alert the American people, some do, that are truly America first, that are pro-Christian, pro-humanity, not pro-New World Order.
They just let it slide.
So it gets legitimized in the mind of a normie, and you look like the target.
You look like the threat.
Your neighbor sees you with a mega hat on.
Your neighbor, someone sees you at the airport on your phone watching a PragerU video or a TPUSA or an InfoWars video on your phone.
You're scrolling through your reels.
You're scrolling through your timeline.
They see you watching that.
The next step is kind of what I think it was Australia was doing.
They were encouraging Or New Zealand.
It was New Zealand.
New Zealand, the government, was encouraging.
They put out their reports on how to identify extremists.
It's the same thing, guys.
The New Zealand government said, well, you need to report extremism in your neighborhoods.
You see someone in your community based on these guidelines, you let authorities know and we will take care of it.
That's a good citizen.
Here we are in the United States of America.
DHS is putting out reports on what is right-wing extremism.
We know the FBI has this.
We know that the three-letter agencies all have this.
The next big steps will be a push For citizens of America, you want to be a real patriot?
You want to serve your country?
Then report radical right-wing extremism.
You see it at the airport?
You see someone watching an Alex Jones video?
An InfoWars video?
You see this logo in this report?
You see someone watching this on their phone?
Someone is watching Fox News?
This is a lead.
This is the path to domestic right-wing extremism and terrorism.
You report this to the authorities to be a good citizen of the New World Order because you need to keep your fellow countrymen safe.
Even though you don't have a country, you're just a part of the New World Order eating bugs, serving Bill Gates, sucking at the tits.
Of Klaus Schwab, alright?
Sucking at the tits of all these people.
You own nothing.
You have nothing.
You have no private citizenship.
Excuse me, you have no private ownership.
You have no American citizenship.
You own nothing.
Eat bugs.
Be happy.
Be a loser.
Be an NPC.
But you'll be a good person.
This is how the cult works.
This is how the commies work.
This is how the tyrants function, and they put fear in societies, but it's also like this virtue signal.
Well, you are a real citizen of this land if you expose the enemies of the state.
Guys, listen.
You love America?
You're an enemy of the state.
You love the USA?
You're an enemy of the state.
You abide by the Constitution of the United States of America?
You are an enemy of the state.
You love patriotism.
You love American sovereignty.
You love the Pledge of Allegiance.
You love the National Anthem.
You love your God-given rights.
You love your traditional American values that we've had from the beginning.
The endgame is, you're a Christian.
You're an enemy of the state.
That's the ultimate persecution, and that's exactly where we're going.
Truth seeker, truth speaker, you don't even have to identify as right-wing.
Just be someone that doesn't identify with them.
You're an enemy of the state.
There is no getting on the side with these people.
There is no getting on the side with the New World Order.
Yeah, you could serve the devil for a little while.
He'll give you this.
He'll give you that.
He'll give you pull.
He'll give you security.
He'll give you power.
But the moment you are no longer necessary, no longer essential to the New World Order, no longer essential personnel to Lucifer and his agenda, Overboard you go!
That is why we must serve Christ.
The true honorable one.
The one who's truly righteous and who truly cares about us.
And that will win, ultimately, in the end.
That's the side I want to be on.
Well, my name is Drew Hernandez, guys.
Thanks for tuning in on the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
Follow me on Twitter, at Drew H. Live, Getter Truth Social.
All my shows are the links in those bios.
Frontlines with Drew Hernandez on Real America's Voice.
Drew Hernandez live exclusively on Rumble.
I will see you guys on the next one.
Stay based.
Stay free.
Never back down.
Never cuck out.
I love you.
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