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Name: 20230523_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 23, 2023
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In this episode of the show, Alex Jones discusses several topics related to the Information War. He talks about iodine deficiency being the number one cause of cognitive disability in the world and promotes X3's Tri-Iodine as a solution. He also mentions national debt, rise of cashless transactions, social credit score control grid as part of the globalist agenda. The speaker discusses how farms are closing down and people will be left with little to no choice but to rely on bug factories for protein sources. Jones criticizes recent news stories and calls for exposing lies propagated by the media. He also promotes his products like X3's Tri-Iodine available on Infowarstore.com and Alexa Pure Pro as a solution for clean drinking water.

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A former deputy national security advisor who was on Fox News laying out the truth, saying the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA will rig the 2024 U.S.
presidential election following their success in rigging the 2016-2020 election because they won't allow any candidate to win that would hold them accountable.
There's also an interview with a congressman on Infowars.com right now, and I'll get to that later, Where the Congressman says on national TV, look, the Justice Department doesn't respect us.
They don't care how many crimes they commit.
We've had a coup.
We are ruled by the Justice Department in an alliance with the Democratic Party and the big corporations that finance them.
And that's just the truth.
Now, I've been saying that for decades, but now it's out in the open.
And that's the good news.
It's going to be very hard for these criminals to govern us and rule over us when they're financing the drugs, the open borders, the child kidnapping, the pedophilia, all the corruption that's coming from the top.
And the Justice Department is there at the top to protect it.
And they think they're going to get away with this?
They're not.
Again, there are so many high-level federal judges and high-level border patrol and high-level agency people that hate this and know it's wrong and know it's pure evil.
And they're speaking out, and there's whistleblowers.
So that's why I keep saying, the government is not our enemy.
It's fashionable to say, oh, you know, let's arrest all the FBI and put them all in jail, or let's abolish the FBI.
That'll probably need to be done.
But the key here is, is that we have to prosecute the globalist crime cabal that's at the top.
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, May 23rd.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, reporting from the road.
I'll be back co-hosting with Owen from the road on Thursday.
But again, today and tomorrow, I'll be filing video and audio reports on the major developments happening in our world.
Coming up at the start of the next segment, I'm going to lay out what's really behind the big Freak out going on with the national debt, the debt ceiling, and the bonds.
Will there be a big default?
This is all part of what the globalists call the managed decline of the West, but really it's a managed decline of the entire world and a destruction of the Western Renaissance, our social contract of upper mobility and an egalitarian system.
Uh, that believes in empowering humanity.
This is a totalitarian, transhumanist death cult.
And the reason humanity is in so much trouble is because we will not admit to ourselves that true evil exists, and when methodologies of total evil and corruption are being carried out against us, we will not come to grips with the fact that we are truly facing absolute, pure, total corruption.
And a scientifically deployed system that is designed to bring in the end of humanity as we know it.
That is what we're facing.
And any rational person that even scientifically studies what's happening comes to that conclusion.
Then you study the Bible and history and our enemies and they are a consortium of people following what can only be called satanic principles.
So Owen is about to host the rest of the segment.
I'll be back to give you my breakdown on the other side.
Please stay with us because, remember folks, if you're watching or listening to this broadcast, you are the resistance.
Thank you, Alex.
We are now live in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And we are just loaded with news today.
False flags abound And it's hard to separate what is real and what is fake.
But you know, as just kind of a starter for today, yesterday there was something fake.
And you know, over the years, you learn how to differentiate what's fake and what's real.
It is perhaps harder now than ever just because there is so much fake stuff out there.
But it's like, there's real videos out there, for example, of on September 11th, 2001, and there's real videos out there of the Pentagon, and you can clearly tell there was no plane that went into the Pentagon, there's no plane damage, there's no plane parts.
Those are real.
But that somehow doesn't have an impact, that somehow doesn't make a mark.
But yesterday, there was a fake It was an AI-generated image of an explosion at the Pentagon.
And I saw it, and I looked it up, and there was no report, so I knew it was fake.
But it went viral on the Internet.
People kept sharing it on Twitter.
And now the headline today, Stock Market Takes a Brief Tumble After Fake AI-Generated Photo on Fake Bloomberg Twitter Account Shows Explosion at Pentagon This Morning.
Now, that was yesterday.
But see, there's a lesson in this.
Okay, this isn't just about fake AI image that people thought was real and got tricked and then maybe affected the stock market.
No, think about it like this.
Think about this as like a key, a map key into how the propaganda works, how the globalist propaganda works.
They run fake stuff all the time that then has a real world impact.
So this is just some, probably some person that makes the fake AI Pentagon thing, it goes viral, has little impact.
No, the globalists do this stuff intentionally, and it makes permanent impact.
It's Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023.
I'm your host Alex Jones, reporter for The Road.
Owen Schroer with a raft of very informative guest information is going to be taking over here in just a few minutes.
Now, later in the hour, I'm going to air a speech that was just given at the European Union Parliament dealing with the fact that leftist woke transgenderism culture Is part of a globalist communist takeover of the means of production right down to the human beings themselves.
This is a absolutely key speech that is 100% dead on.
That is coming up.
Also, the former Deputy National Security Advisor really did a great job over the weekend on Fox News, the videos on InfoWars.com, laying out exactly what all these new documents and the Durham Report confirms.
That we've had a coup in America, And the deep state is planning to steal the next election.
They've even said they are.
So we're in a coup, but America's waking up to the fact that we're under a coup.
That's coming up.
But first off, everybody's asking, will the U.S.
default on the national debt?
Will the bond market crash?
Will Moody's downgrade the United States?
Will we officially become Mexico or Venezuela or worse?
And the answer is no.
That's not going to happen next week.
I do not believe they're going to default the national debt.
They're going to jack it back up.
The Democrats are asking for a huge number.
The Republicans are asking for another giant number, but not as big.
But make no mistake, both parties have gone along with increasing the national debt massively.
In fact, Trump, one of the things he did that was wrong was basically go along with this.
But in the last two and a half years of Biden, they have printed more than half the money
ever printed or ever issued in the history of the United States.
So it accelerated obviously the last 30 years, got incredibly bad under Obama, got bad under
Trump continues acceleration and has just gone off the deep end since then.
And all around the world, coordinated central banks are all devaluing their currencies.
And in the short term, using it to buy up all the infrastructure, all the intellectual property, the media, and basically give unlimited funding to their woke cult.
But I do not believe that they will default now.
They are just training us and getting us ready for this into the future, but they're not quite ready to roll out their central bank digital currencies.
They're still testing them in China.
They're still testing them in places like Italy.
They're starting to roll them out.
It's all part of the universal basic income, social credit score control grid.
But yes, we're very, very close.
If you go to basically most restaurants, most shops, Uh, particularly in large cities or even mid-sized towns, they'll tell you, sorry, credit card only, and all the regular checkout lanes will be shut down that are human checkout lanes, and it's all self-serve, and they'll have signs up saying, hey, sorry, you can't use cash.
I was in two different drugstores yesterday, because I was trying to use cash.
Means a fight in the globalist just at the micro level and both of them both of bonds and a CBS Would not take cash And I had to call a manager over make them open up a lane and make them take the cash And he said in the future they will not be doing that so I better get used to it So this is all about control everybody knows it.
It's completely and totally predatory This is the designed, managed decline of civilization.
And I know as listeners you know that, but the general public still doesn't understand that the globalists believe a major crash and major wars coming, showing their methodology, they want to trigger smaller wars and controlled crashes, that's their argument for tyranny, so that They control the booms and busts.
And of course, consolidate power and make themselves fabulously rich.
But in the final equation, it's about cutting off resources to humans to starve us to death.
All over the Western world, they're shutting down 10, 20, 30% of the farms each year.
Within five or six years, there'll basically be no farms.
But don't worry, they've got the bug factories, the big bug warehouses where they raise the bug protein, coming online.
So it won't matter if you want beef, won't matter if you refuse the bugs,
in their system you'll have to eat the bugs because that's all that's gonna be available.
Total dystopia.
And remember, that's what the lockdowns were about.
Getting you used to dystopia, getting you used to not being able to leave your house,
getting you used to doing things that are classical tyranny.
That's why they're building all the emergency COVID camps around the world.
They're expanding as we speak, getting ready for the next disease they're going to release.
And the UN has been openly bragging about that.
So there's many angles to this, but it's all part of a larger shutting down of industrial society to carry out depopulation.
The globals will be exempt.
We, the people, will be total slaves.
Look at Ireland.
They've now introduced legislation to outright ban all private air travel, saying it's bad for the earth, and that only commercial planes will be able to operate, they'll pay a large carbon tax.
They're taking everything away.
And until people realize it's being done by increments, we cannot stop them.
But once people realize it's being done by a successful approximation, we can become aware of it and struggle to fight the thousands of different ways they're attacking us, but each one of those little attacks combines into a larger attack.
Only full awareness of this can set us free.
More special reports I'll introduce coming up.
But first, Owen Schroer is here with the latest breaking news.
Thank you, Alex.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you what we have in the news.
How do you... I mean, this is so out of control.
Like I said at the opening, false flags abound.
And I mean, the stuff we see is so ludicrous now.
That nobody is really buying it at all, but who's ever running these operations is obviously still in operational mode.
I mean, even with this Patriot Front group that seems to have no clear identity or leader, and they show up and it's a bunch of fit dudes in khaki matching outfits with their face masks covering their faces.
And it's like, well, what part of the movement is this?
Where do these guys come from?
But see, it's the same propaganda.
These are white supremacists!
These are Trump supporters!
These are Republicans!
These are conservatives!
These are your enemies!
And then you've got all these instances now where they try to tie it to Nazism.
Which, again, gets down to this problem we have now in our society that words have no meaning.
When they call somebody a Nazi, as they're saying, this individual that crashed a U-Haul, Was a white supremacist neo-nazi.
Oh yeah, people love renting U-Hauls from Missouri and then crashing them in D.C.
and then leaving a Nazi flag on the ground outside.
That's what they do.
That makes sense.
But again, it's the same propaganda.
They want you to think that these Nazis are everywhere and that's your average Trump voter, Republican voter.
Which is obviously just absurd.
That's propaganda.
But words have no meaning anymore.
What do they mean when they say Nazi?
Do they mean that it's a German soldier with loyalties to Adolf Hitler and the motherland?
Is he fighting for the motherland?
The Deutschland?
No, his name was Sai Varshith Kandula from Chesterfield, Missouri, where there actually is a large Indian-American population.
They do well out there.
They make good money.
Oh, that's a Nazi.
Oh, maybe he's a, maybe he's a National Socialist then.
Because I don't think 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula is working in Hitler's army.
I just, we can all agree on that, right?
I mean, he's not actually in the SS.
He's not actually a Nazi.
So is he a National Socialist then?
You call him a Nazi, so then, I mean, he's not, he doesn't, he's not from Germany!
He's not wearing a Hugo Boss SS uniform!
He's not Heiling Hitler, with Adolf Hitler giving a speech!
So what do you mean you call him a Nazi?
So is he a National Socialist?
Oh, so he's a Socialist, so he's a Leftist!
Oh, okay, is that what you're saying?
Words have no meaning anymore!
And so now they've taken this word, Nazi, and all it really means now, Well, it really doesn't mean anything.
It's a projection.
It's a projection.
You know a Nazi is bad.
So it's a projection onto their political opposition, which at this point is, anything to the right of trans kids surgeries, abortions for all, and you name the rest.
So, I didn't even get into the rest of the news, but this is a big story today too.
Alright, let me do a proper layout.
Of the news waterfront today and what is going to be coming up on the Alex Jones Show, including Alex Jones himself.
He's going to respond to what a former security advisor said about how bad the corruption truly was with the Durham report and how bad it truly is under Biden.
And really, I think the story that's being missed here.
Is that I don't know if Obama is the origin.
I don't know if Obama is the the Alpha.
But Obama was certainly the nucleus of the entire what ended up being the entire Russian hoax Russian collusion.
Narrative that then led to the political persecution the spying.
Crossfire Hurricane and everything else.
So yeah, Hillary Clinton and her people were running the opposition research and Hillary Clinton and her people were running the attacks on Donald Trump.
Obama turned it into a government, federal government bureaucracy operation against Donald Trump against the will of the people.
It was Obama.
And so that's kind of missing from this, from this thread and this understanding now.
So Alex is going to be commenting on that coming up in the first hour.
Then in the second hour, the speech that Alex is talking about, where a gentleman shows how the modern day trans movement is Maoism, Alex is going to be introducing that and playing that in the second hour as well.
Now again, I got into this in the first segment.
I'm not going to spend too much time because I want to cover it and then tell you what else is coming up too in the news.
19-year-old Missouri man arrested in U-Haul crash at White House security barriers.
And the optics of this are so absurd.
The gentleman's name is Sai Varshith Kandula, and yes, I mean, he appears to be an Indian American, just like his name would suggest.
And so he's now the latest Nazi white supremacist that the left wants you to think are running around everywhere.
But here's what we need to understand.
When the media and the left say Nazi, they don't mean Nazi.
When the media and the left say white supremacist, they don't mean white supremacist.
They mean conservative.
They mean Republican.
They mean Trump supporter.
But for them to come out and say, look at this Trump supporter that crashed a U-Haul with a Nazi flag.
That's just a little too obtuse.
That's just a little too obvious.
So they play this little nuanced game of connections.
And they hit you with the propaganda.
Trump supporters are Nazis.
Trump supporters are Nazis.
Trump supporters are Nazis.
And they just, boom, boom, boom, just hit you with it.
And then, oh my gosh, here's this 19-year-old crashes a U-Haul truck.
Oh my gosh, and now there's a Nazi flag out on the streets.
Oh, see, Nazis are everywhere.
And then they're just expecting, in your head, you're making that connection.
Oh, it's a Nazi.
Oh, it's a Trump supporter.
So they don't have to say the ludicrous.
Which is, look at this 19-year-old Trump supporter, because nobody would believe that.
But of course, nobody believes that that's a Nazi either.
It's all propaganda.
Now, what's the real story?
Who really knows at this point?
I don't even think it matters, quite frankly.
Because at the end of the day, it's the same story.
The media is lying to you.
The left wing is lying to you.
They're putting out These red herrings, these straw men, so that they can point at and scream and say, that's your enemy, it doesn't even really exist.
And so then they go up there and they punch a straw man, and they say, see how strong I am?
I'm defending you!
So, that's going on.
There's some big economic news today, and it's just... There's things that you're experiencing in life now, and it's also all over the news.
And I was just looking at the housing market here in Austin, and I'm a homeowner, and I'm looking at it and I'm thinking just, holy smokes, the housing market in Austin has truly crashed.
It has truly crashed.
I mean, there's still some areas where you might do okay, but it's not looking so good.
Because if you bought a house, nobody's buying houses really since Biden took over.
And that's just a sign of the economic times and the difference between when Trump was president and when Biden is president.
And so I saw it in the news today.
housing market sees biggest one-year drop in a decade.
In a decade.
Now this can be recovered.
But that's big news that needs to get a lot more attention.
And now also the mortgage rates are going up as well.
That's just some of the economic news.
Major layoffs going on still.
Democrats increasing your taxes.
That doesn't help anything.
So we got that coming up.
Now There was this story, I didn't get to it yesterday, but there's some other stories in the news today that I think it applies to, so maybe it was better off.
Poll shows how radically different Americans' opinions are from liberal corporate media narratives.
And so, basically, the phenomenon here is, if you watch the media and you believe the media, then your view of what Americans really think and feel is wrong.
But the problem is, if you don't understand that paradigm, you fall into the trap that thinking the things the left is promoting are popular, like trans kids, or the war in Ukraine, or all this other garbage.
It's not popular.
It never was popular.
It was media propaganda hyping it up, amplifying it so that you think it's popular, Even though it's not.
Poll shows how radically different Americans' opinions are from liberal corporate media narratives.
So I got all kinds of examples of that in the news today as well.
The next pandemic will be even deadlier than COVID, says the World Health Organization.
Why hasn't anybody just shut them down already?
So we got some other news on the health stuff.
Some big news when it comes to election and the voting process.
We're going to be covering, and man, look, I'm just as sick, oh my gosh, and it's not even Pride Month yet, I'm just as sick of the LGBTQ plus pedophile thing that I just, after covering it yesterday for probably like an hour, I'm thinking to myself last night, I can't cover it again today.
And then it's just all over the news.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
And it's not even Pride Month yet, and you're just drowning in the LGBTQ plus pedophile propaganda.
I mean, it's just insane.
And it's not even Pride Month yet.
So it's just, they're just, they are, this June, this Pride Month, folks, is going to be so absurd.
Because they know their time is short now.
They know their sexual propaganda perversions.
And grooming of children.
They know that the clock is running out.
So they're just going hog wild, man.
I mean, they are just going hog wild with it.
So we got that in the news today as well.
Including some other important video clips.
On this Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer filling in today.
So yesterday, There was a fake image, an AI-generated image of an explosion at the Pentagon that ended up getting shared a lot on Twitter and then had stories written about it on the Internet, and it was fake.
It actually had an impact on the stock market that day.
It really did recover, but in that hour or two when that was going viral, it did impact the stock market.
And so why am I talking about this?
Because you have to understand that while that might have been some isolated individual that pulled off a prank, the impact was real.
And We have a government, the U.S.
government, federal government, that runs real PSYOPs and real false flags to make real world impact, seemingly every day now.
And so if you understand the dynamic of a fake image that leads to a stock market crash, Then you understand why the media today is telling you that a neo-Nazi white supremacist named Sai Varshith Kandula crashed a U-Haul into a structure in Washington, D.C.
Same reason why they Tell you January 6th was an insurrection.
Same reason why they tell you Donald Trump is a racist.
Same reason why the media lies to you every day.
They do it to have a real world impact.
So again, an individual making a fake AI photo of the Pentagon with an explosion outside, for whatever intended purposes, That looks like it's probably an isolated incident, an isolated individual.
The U.S.
government does this intentionally.
The U.S.
media does this intentionally.
To you, directed at you, every day, to have a real-world impact that is permanent.
Because nobody ends up coming out and saying, oh, that's not true.
Donald Trump's not a racist.
No, they double down, triple down.
They tell you it for five years, ten years.
Nobody's gonna come out and correct the record and say, hey, conservatives and Christians and Trump voters and Republicans, they're not Nazis, they're not white supremacists.
That was fake.
That was fake.
Nope, nobody's correcting that.
So that's the real world AI Pentagon explosion video, except that's real world federal government liberal propaganda intended to make a real world political impact And a permanent one at that.
Take the Russian collusion hoax.
Again, totally fake.
Trump never colluded with Russia.
Had a real world impact.
But are we understanding that now?
Do we have a general understanding?
Everybody knows today that that image of the explosion at the Pentagon is fake.
There is no doubt.
That's settled.
Fake image.
Was no explosion.
Well, Donald Trump never colluded with Russia.
That's as fake as that AI photo of an explosion outside the Pentagon.
But is that the universal understanding today?
Is that the general consensus for every American today?
Because the people that ran the fake Russian collusion hoax did it with intention to be a permanent impact.
Not like some individual that puts a fake explosion at the Pentagon, probably as a prank, that ends up having a momentary real-world impact.
Now we know it's fake.
The fake Russian collusion hoax is still impacting our country, and we all can't come to the conclusion that it was fake.
It was fake.
Trump-Russia collusion is as real as the AI-generated photograph of an explosion outside the Pentagon.
The difference being, we all know that that was a fake photo.
Some people still believe in the big lie of Trump-Russia collusion.
And so, there are, I mean, examples of this everywhere.
Now today, it's the white supremacist thing.
You know, it's just an amazing thing.
Again, words have no meaning.
Nazi doesn't mean Nazi.
White supremacist doesn't mean white supremacist.
They both mean the same thing now.
It's code word for conservatives, Christians, white men, Trump voters, Republicans.
But they know you're not going to believe all these lies just straight up at face value if they say it's about your Republican neighbor or your Christian family members or your friend that's a Trump voter.
But see, they make the connection, and they say, Trump supporters racist, Trump supporters Nazis.
And then they run their hoaxes, and they say, look, there's a Nazi!
And they just want that, with the psychological operations against you, for your brain to make that connection, even if it's subconsciously.
Just say, oh look, there's a Nazi.
Oh, I was told Nazis are Trump supporters.
So Trump supporters are Nazis, and wow, that must be a Trump supporter.
Even though it's all fake.
And so they're doing it again.
But let's look back.
This was last week.
This was last week on the Atlantic.com website.
Latinos can be white supremacists.
Latinos can be white supremacists.
These words no longer have meaning, folks.
What is a white supremacist?
By definition, it's not how it's getting used here.
So you're telling me, if I go talk to, in this case, they're talking about the shooter from a couple weeks ago
in Dallas, that some people think might have just been a fan of manga, I think is what it's called,
it's like anime, comic books and stuff, that feature Nazi stuff in it all the time,
it's like part of that culture, it's a totally different world, and they have Nazi symbolism
and Nazi all over this stuff, and some people think he was just a big comic book guy, and maybe that's why
he liked it, 'cause he was into manga, I'm not a big expert on that stuff.
But really, do you think that individual, if you walked up to him and you said,
"Hey, you're a white supremacist, aren't you?"
What do you think he would say?
Do you think he would say, yep, I think white people are the best thing on the planet and everything else is inferior.
No, that's ludicrous.
He's not a white supremacist.
Liberals are liars.
It's the fake AI generated image of an explosion outside the Pentagon.
It's not real.
Words have no meaning.
This individual, Sai Varshith Kandula, is not a Nazi.
He doesn't wear a Hugo Boss Hitler SS uniform.
He doesn't speak German.
He's probably never been to Germany.
He doesn't love the motherland.
He's not a Nazi.
The Nazis have been defeated.
Where are the Nazis?
Where is Hitler's army?
So he's not a Nazi from the 1940s?
So is he a National Socialist?
Is that what you're saying?
Certainly you wouldn't be saying that because then you'd say he's a Leftist, he's a Socialist, that's the AOC wing, that's the Democrats, so they can't actually mean that he's a Socialist, right?
So what do they actually mean?
Their nuanced language is He's a Trump supporter.
He's a conservative.
He's a Christian.
He's a Republican.
It's all propaganda.
It's the fake AI image of an explosion outside the Pentagon.
It's a Nazi flag outside of a U-Haul truck driven by Sai Varshith Kandula to make people believe, still, that white supremacist Nazis are lurking around every corner, but what you really need to know is they're all Trump voters, and they're all conservatives.
There is no difference between the fake AI image of the explosion at the Pentagon and leftists telling you neo-Nazis are running around.
And welcome back to this live Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
I want to play a very important clip of KT McFarland, a former deputy national security advisor who was on Fox News laying out the truth, saying the FBI, the Justice Department, the CIA will rig the 2024 US presidential election following their success in rigging the 2016-2020 election because they won't allow any candidate to win that would hold them accountable.
There's also an interview with a congressman on Infowars.com right now And I'll get to that later, where the Congressman says on national TV, look, the Justice Department doesn't respect us.
They don't care how many crimes they commit.
We've had a coup.
We are ruled by the Justice Department in an alliance with the Democratic Party and the big corporations that finance them.
And that's just the truth.
Now, I've been saying that for decades, but now it's out in the open.
And that's the good news.
It's been very hard for these criminals to govern us and rule over us when they're financing the drugs, the open borders, the child kidnapping, the pedophilia, all the corruption is coming from the top and the Justice Department is there at the top to protect it.
And they think they're going to get away with this?
They're not.
Again, there are so many high-level federal judges, and high-level border patrol, and high-level agency people that hate this, and know it's wrong, and know it's pure evil, and they're speaking out, and there's whistleblowers.
So that's why I keep saying, the government is not our enemy.
It's fashionable to say, oh, you know, let's arrest all the FBI and put them all in jail, or let's abolish the FBI.
And that'll probably need to be done.
But the key here is, is that we have to prosecute the globalist crime cabal that's at the top.
And you're talking about a couple hundred people in the federal government, a couple thousand managers globally.
Because it's the same system worldwide, but they've taken over.
We're talking about maybe 3,000 managers and a couple hundred controllers.
And by the way, I don't just say this.
Henry Kissinger co-wrote a book or contributed to a book with the head of the Kissinger Group, Rothkopf.
now about 15 years ago called Superclass.
And I've read other books they've written as well.
And they say it's about 3,000 people worldwide that are the main manager class that run it all.
And so it's those guys.
I mean, they're the globalists.
So look, if somebody took over your house, You just have the police come remove them.
You don't burn down your house because somebody moved into it and is squatting in it.
That's the same thing.
This is our country.
These are our agencies.
These are our universities.
These are our systems.
All we've got to do is recognize the New World Order, remove the corrupt cabals from the top, and not have a civil war.
So a lot of people are like, Alex is being a wimp.
He's kissing the system's ass.
He doesn't want to burn it all down.
It's the left that wants to burn it all down, ladies and gentlemen.
They're the ones that want to destroy the infrastructure while they use it to gain power and control.
That's the you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll be happy.
This socialist singularity that Karl Marx talked about that the big banks are financing.
It's a system of total slavery.
Well, they're ultra-rich and we're all slaves.
Communism is the ultimate lie.
Next hour, we're going to hear a very, very powerful, or excerpt from a very, very powerful 30-minute speech that was given to the EU Parliament recently that we're also posting to Infowars.com.
But first, let's go to this clip.
Where she says, we now have black and white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election when they failed to elect Hillary Clinton.
They set out to destroy the Trump administration.
And then she goes through what happened over the last seven years, and now what they're about to do again.
This is really, really important.
Share this clip.
It's on Infowars.com.
And understand, recognizing we live under a coup, recognizing that our government's been occupied by globalist operatives, and recognizing that they're not our government.
That they're illegitimate is the beginning of the end for these people.
We can fix this peacefully with political and cultural awakening, with boycotts, with lawsuits, and with civil disobedience.
But violence is their only hope.
That's why violence is not the answer.
We've got to decry violence.
That's offensive violence.
You know what Obi-Wan Kenobi says, and it's certainly true because they wrote the script based on things in history.
We have to use the force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
Those that shoot first lose.
In fact, if they can trick us into a shooting war, even if they start it...
It's going to go from bad to worse.
The globalists are counting on bringing down society, while they're funding Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the rest of it.
That's why I keep harping on information war and the truth, and realizing the government's not our enemy.
It's been hijacked.
It's too big.
It's got to be reformed.
It's out of control.
But we do not want to be part of the cloud and pivot collapse strategy.
Now, here's the key clip.
We now have black and white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election.
And then when they failed to get their candidate elected, Hillary Clinton, then they just set out to destroy the Trump administration.
So then go back, go up to 2020.
It was the CIA this time that got involved in the 2020 election with those 51 former intel agents who talked about the Hunter Biden laptop as total Russian disinformation.
So they've gotten away with it for two elections.
They're for sure going to get away with it, try to get away with it in 24, right?
Because there's no consequence.
The difference is in 2024, the evidence is there.
We now have the Durham investigation, we have all the congressional investigations.
There is now hard evidence that there was election interference by the U.S.
intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice.
They've got to be terrified.
Those individuals have to be terrified that a Republican president comes in in the 2024 election with a Republican Attorney General, investigates them and charges them all with the crimes they've committed over the last eight years.
Well, we'll see about that.
You're right.
There are questions around these elections because of this interference.
Do you think there will be election interference then in 24?
Take it to the bank.
They will absolutely interfere in 2024.
We're not sure how, but they will Absolutely interfere, not only because they're not going to like whoever the Republican candidate is, but because they're going to protect their own hides.
That's why they were talking to their own people, and the whistleblowers had brought this up, that they were told, don't put anything on paper, just tell us orally.
They knew that they were doing stuff wrong.
They knew that they were going to be liable for prosecution.
Yeah, it's too bad.
I wish the media were more curious about all of this.
Unfortunately, the media takes the narrative of the Democrat Party and runs with it and then tries to cancel anybody who's not on board.
Well, they're in the same position.
They can't possibly admit they were wrong.
Because that just undercuts their whole reason for being.
So they're going to continue to have the fake narrative and they're going to continue to cover up and pretend that nothing bad went on.
I mean, they're all in it together.
This is what the terrible thing is.
These people are selling the country.
They're just selling us out.
Not only to foreign leaders, but they're interfering in our elections.
They're tearing up the Constitution.
Because they want to protect their jobs.
They want to protect their ratings.
I never thought I would be this upset about how anybody in the government was performing, but this is just a gut punch to the American people.
It really is, and it's because you're a patriot.
You don't want to see this kind of injustice.
I agree with you.
KT, it's good to see you.
Thank you.
So when will justice be served is the ultimate question here.
When will justice be served?
There are innocent men and women sitting in prisons right now because of political persecution of the Democrat Party when the real criminals at the top of the Democrat Party like Barack Obama and Joe Biden are yet free, continuing to run their operations against the American people.
Truly a grave and dangerous injustice And the sooner that gets corrected, the sooner we can get this country back on track.
Now, we are going to be hearing again from Alex coming up in the next hour, getting into the speech about how the new trans religion, trans movement, is just like a communist, Marxist, Maoism, Leninism tactic.
And of course, and that's why they want to remove the Bible and the Cross and the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance from the schools, and they want to replace it with pornography books and pride flags and gay flags and everything else under the sun that is unnatural and inappropriate for children.
Don't go anywhere as more breaking news from Alex coming up.
Now ladies and gentlemen, us being on air is still an important thing because we can move the narrative and we can push the Overton window with this platform, with this audience, with the impact and the influence that we have here.
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Here is an important clip from presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
talking about how he wants to deal with the corruption in the medical industry.
My censorship was less impactful on my life.
I have, because of my background, because my history as a successful attorney and the relationships I built over time, I have a certain amount of resilience so that they could not completely crush me.
But there are other people, there are just, you know, there are doctors like Peter McCulloch, who I know is a friend of this show, and Robert Malone, and Ryan Cole, who are, you know, Ryan Cole is just, he's a humble physician and business guy from Idaho, and you're gonna now go in and try to take his life, medical license, and ruin his life, and destroy his family so he can't pay his mortgage, and so many doctors, Suffered like that and that is, you know, that's inexcusable and we need to make sure that that can never happen again.
And, you know, one of the things I'd love to talk to you guys about sometime is just the role of the medical boards in de-platforming.
I just want to say one last thing, which is you brought up this terrible bill in California,
which is now going to say, as a doctor, don't treat your patient.
It's a doctor, you know, that makes, it does something that is really breathtaking, which is it shatters this 2800 year old relationship between physicians and their patients that has existed since Hippocrates.
You know when you go to your doctor that his duty is to you and that he is going to, he's going to use all of his talents, all of his gifts in healing, he or she, to treat you, keep your confidences, and that you're going to be the center of his attention so you tell the truth to him and you reveal everything to him.
And we protect that with laws, the doctor-patient privilege laws, so that they're going to give you, when you go to your doctor, the best treatment possible.
You've now changed that relationship, so the doctor is now, not have this special relationship with the patient, he now becomes an agent of the state.
Correct, yes.
That's what happened in Germany.
As terrifying as it is, As we say, as terrifying as it is to a patient, it should be far, I mean, to a physician.
2098 is terrifying to physicians.
It should be far more terrifying to patients because you can no longer trust that the advice or course of treatment that your physician is suggesting is because he or she believes, based on his or her experience, what they've read in the journals, their background, their training, is the right thing.
Or is it simply because they can't afford to lose their license because they've got a mortgage to pay?
So you can't trust what your doctor says.
Or are they treating you for the good of other people?
So are they giving you this treatment which is not benefiting you but it's good for the community in their minds?
And they have this tremendous power because we represented a lot of these physicians.
One of the things I was doing at CHD was Bankrolling cases for these physicians who are getting steamrolled and then representing them and making sure they have good counsel and those cases always get bought.
We lose them all every time because the power of those medical boards.
The courts look at them as kind of a club, that they're not really a
governmental organization, that it's a club and being a doctor is being part
of a club and if you're part of a club, the club can get rid of you no matter
for good reason or bad reason.
And the club can lie, it can cheat, it can steal, they can do anything they
want and the courts can't interfere with it.
It's really just a, it's a breathtaking power that they exercise.
And you know, when I get in there, I'm going to figure out how to fix that.
I don't know exactly how, because there's state operated, but there's going to be, I'm going to figure out a federal lever.
to either to punish that behavior or just to make sure that doctors never victimize again.
Doctors ought to be able to treat their patients without somebody looking over their shoulder.
It's been terrible what's happened the last three years and doctors are looking.
Welcome back my friends.
We're now at hour number two of the Alex Jones Show on this live Tuesday edition.
Dr. James Lindsay is an incredible man.
He's a mathematician, a scientist.
He's written six books on the whole globalist New World Order program, and I'm telling you, this guy is probably the best man when it comes to describing the nuances and systems they're using for the total takeover
of society.
Now it's a 29-minute speech.
We're not going to air the whole thing here, but we're going to air most of it.
And again, it's been posted on the live show feed at infowars.com.
This is a speech he recently gave as a guest at the European Union Parliament.
People are probably going to say, "Well, I thought the EU was corrupt and bad."
The EU was set up as a steel trade agreement after World War II in 1947 by an unelected
group of corporations.
And then they had the governments sign onto that and give them a blank check of power,
just like the UN is trying to get us to sign on in other countries to this treaty to take
over our healthcare right now.
And once they have that blank check, and once we go along with it, they will be in charge
of our country.
So it's the very same system over and over again.
So in '47, they have the steel agreement.
In '56, they have the Treaty of Rome.
And since then, we've had the European Union.
Now I remember when I was first on air 30 years ago or 29 years ago.
*Burp* The New York Times said it was a conspiracy theory that there was even a European Union.
And then all of a sudden, a few years later, they said, OK, it's real and we're taking over.
And of course, then now they're setting up internal borders to travel in Europe, but getting rid of the borders outside Europe to flood them with third world replacement migration populations.
So he does an excellent job explaining What Karl Marx meant by this perfect socialist society, and that's the reason in his office, in many photographs taken with him, Klaus Schwab has a bust of V.I.
Lenin, one of the biggest mass murderers in history.
So why are the richest people on earth financing and funding communism?
We're going to be laying this out more and more here on the broadcast.
I'm writing a book on the subject as well, but I wanted you to hear Large portions of this speech, and then Owen will come back with breaking news and information and a special guest.
But here is a large excerpt of the EU speech.
Please, go get it and share it.
We've uploaded it at Band.Video, the whole speech.
Again, it's at InfoWars.com.
This information is critical to understand the enemy.
Because if we just attack one head of the Hydra, Critical race theory, or transgenderism, or open borders, or all this genetic engineering, they're going to win.
But if we understand the heart and the core to this quote, scientific takeover, that's why they say trust the science, because it is scientists running it, but it's the science of control.
If we understand the big picture, we're going to win.
I hammer that over and over again.
So here is the speech from the beginning.
I want to encourage viewers and listeners again to share this, and I want to encourage you to remember, the only way we stay on air is your financial support, and I want to thank you for your support.
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But let's first now go ahead and go to part of this very important speech.
Is Maoism with American characteristics, if I might borrow from Mao himself, who said that his philosophy was Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics.
And so, when he says we must seize the means of production, and he's talking about factories and fields, he's actually talking about how we construct who we are as human beings, so that we might complete ourselves, so that we might complete history.
And at the end of history, mankind will remember that he is a social being, and we will have a socialist society.
A perfect communism that transcends private property.
That's how he put it.
In 1993, Cheryl Harris wrote a long article for the Harvard Law Review called, Whiteness as Property.
She explained that whiteness, or white privilege, constitutes a kind of cultural private property.
She says it must be abolished.
In order to have racial justice, just like Karl Marx said that in the Communist Manifesto he wrote, Communism can be summarized in a single sentence, the abolition of private property.
Why on earth is this very American phenomenon about slavery and so on that doesn't apply to our country, why is it popular here?
It's because it's not about history at all.
It's not about Slavery at all.
Those are excuses that they use.
It's about creating a class consciousness that's against this form of property called whiteness.
That's against the dominant culture that may just be a matter of fact, say, if you're in Europe.
I wrote a book called Race Marxism, and I defined critical race theory as it really is.
In that book, on the first page, I said that critical race theory is calling everything you want to control racist until you control it.
Woke is Marxism.
Evolved to attack the West.
If you don't understand that, you will not act correctly.
You will not cure it.
And it will conquer your countries.
It will conquer all of Europe.
and we will have a very, very long, sustainable, and an inclusive future with absolutely no freedom.
Hello, thank you. I'm glad to be here.
I want to address something Tom just said, which is, in fact, that WOKE is supposed to advance equity in Europe.
So here's the definition of equity and see if it sounds like a definition of anything else you've ever heard of.
The definition of equity comes from the public administration literature.
It was written by a man named George Fredrickson.
And the definition is an administered political economy in which shares are adjusted so that citizens are made equal.
Does that sound like anything you've heard of before?
Like socialism?
They're going to administer an economy to make shares equal.
The only difference between equity and socialism is the type of property that they redistribute, the type of shares.
They're going to redistribute social and cultural capital in addition to economic and material capital.
And so this is my thesis when we say, what is woke?
Woke is Maoism with American characteristics.
If I might borrow from Mao himself, who said that his philosophy was Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics.
Which means woke is Marxism.
That's a very provocative statement.
It's something you will certainly hear it is not.
That it is different.
And the professors and the philosophers will spend a large amount of time explaining to you why.
No, no.
It's about economics when it's Marxism.
This is social.
This is cultural.
This is different.
It's not different.
I need you to think biologically for one moment.
And I don't mean about your bodies.
We could do that.
That's a different topic.
I want you to think how we organize plants and animals when we study them.
They're species, but above species there are the genus of the animals.
So you think like the cats, all the cats, but you have tigers, you have lions, you have house cats, you have whatever, leopards, many different kinds of cats.
If we think of Marxism as a genus of ideological thought, then classical economic Marxism is a species.
Radical feminism is a species in this same genus.
Critical race theory is a genus, or sorry, a species in this genus.
Queer theory...
Marx is a species in this genus.
Post-colonial theory that's plaguing Europe is a species in this genus.
And they have something that binds them together called intersectionality.
That makes them treated as if they are all one thing.
But the logic is Marxist.
And I want to convince you of that.
Because Marx had a very simple proposition, but we get lost.
We think that Marx was talking about economics because he often talked about economics.
He wrote a book called Capital.
It's a very famous book.
And we think, well, this is about economic theory.
But this isn't true.
It's only true on the surface.
If we go below the surface, what Marx was talking about was something different.
We know what Marx's hypothesis was, was that we must seize the means of production if we're going to bring socialism to the nations.
To the world.
We have to seize the means of production.
So we have to ask, what does he mean?
And if we think that it's about capital, Then we miss what he means.
If you think it's about the means of production in the factory with a hammer, and the means of production in the field with a sickle, then you miss what it means.
Because Marx explained what makes human beings special in his earlier writings.
What makes human beings special is that man is a being that is incomplete and knows that he is incomplete.
He is a man whose true nature has been forgotten to him, which is social being.
He is a socialist at heart who doesn't realize it.
And the reason he doesn't realize it is because of the economic conditions operating as a means of construction or production, not just of the economy, But of him, but of man, of society, and particularly of history.
Marx said that he had the first scientific study of history.
How is history produced?
By man doing man's activity, and man's key activity was economic activity, as he saw it.
And so economic production doesn't just produce the goods and services of the economy, it produces society itself.
And society, in terms, produces man.
He called this the inversion of praxis.
And so, when he says we must seize the means of production, and he's talking about factories and fields, he's actually talking about how we construct who we are as human beings.
So that we might complete ourselves.
So that we might complete history.
And at the end of history, mankind will remember that he is a social being, and we will have a socialist society.
A perfect communism that transcends private property.
That's how he put it.
He said, in fact, that communism is The Transcendence of Private Property as Human Self-Estrangement.
That's a quote from the Economic Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844.
So Marx was interested in controlling, or understanding and controlling, how man produces himself.
And he writes about this exclusively in the 1840s.
Very deeply.
How do we do this?
And he looks at the economic conditions and he says, this is where it is.
And that's why we get economic Marxism and that's why we think Marx was an economist.
But Marx was never an economist.
He was a theologian.
He wanted to produce a religion for mankind that would supersede all of the religions of mankind and bring him back to his true social nature.
This is the true fact of Marx.
And what the goal was, like I said, is to complete man.
So what he said is, well, how are we building man currently?
All of his economic analysis is about how are we building man at present?
Through what he called material determinism.
And he said, well, what we have is a special form of private property in our society.
Our society is organized around private property.
So all of our thoughts organize around private property.
In other words, there's a special kind of property that the bourgeois elite class has access to, and then they organize society to exclude everybody else from access to that property, through exploitation, through alienation, through estrangement, through oppression.
And so what Karl Marx was proposing is that economics becomes a vehicle to separate society into a bourgeois class that has access to a special form of property, The people who have access wish to retain that, so they oppress people and keep other people out of that special form of property.
They erect a system of classism to do that.
It's enforced by an ideology called capitalism that believes that this is the right way to engage in the world.
And what we have to do is awaken the underclass, the proletariat, to the real conditions and the fact that they are historical agents of change and bring them To do a revolution and transform society so that we would have equity.
Or socialism.
Whichever word you want.
They have the same definition.
Now let's say that we step out, we step back from this species, this economic species, Homo economicus, and we step back to the genus and we look at this idea, a special form of property that segregates society into people who have the bourgeois and the people who do not have, who are in class conflict with an ideology that keeps this in place.
And the Lunder class must awaken with consciousness to fight back and to seize the means of production of that form of Deterministic property.
And now we say, change out class, put in race.
And watch, we get critical race theory falls out of the hat.
Just like that.
Very simple.
In 1993, Cheryl Harris wrote a long article for the Harvard Law Review called Whiteness as Property.
She explained that whiteness, or white privilege, constitutes a kind of cultural private property.
She says it must be abolished.
In order to have racial justice, just like Karl Marx said that in the Communist Manifesto he wrote, Communism can be summarized in a single sentence, the abolition of private property.
Well this is why critical race theory calls to abolish whiteness.
Because whiteness is a form of private property.
People who have access to this property are whites, or white adjacent.
Or they act white.
These are words out of the American lexicon that they've used to describe how people gain access to the private property.
People without that are people of color and they are oppressed by systemic racism.
Systemic racism is enforced by an ideology of white supremacy instead of capitalism.
If you think of whiteness as a form of cultural capital, white supremacy as they define it is identical to capitalism.
It's the belief, it's not believing that white people are superior, it's believing that white people have access to the control of society and should maintain that.
Even if you don't actually believe that.
If you merely support that, you have adopted the ideology of white supremacy into your mind.
And so you have the exact same system.
And the goal is to awaken a racial consciousness in people so that they will band together as a class and seize the means of cultural production so that white cultural production is no longer the dominant mode.
It's a big mystery in Europe, I know.
In the UK, throughout Europe, I hear this question again and again.
Why on earth is this very American phenomenon about slavery and so on that doesn't apply to our country, why is it popular here?
It's because it's not about history at all.
It's not about Slavery at all.
Those are excuses that they use.
It's about creating a class consciousness that's against this form of property called whiteness.
That's against the dominant culture that may just be a matter of fact, say, if you're in Europe.
That's why.
Because it becomes a site by which people can come together and they can channel resentment and try to claim power.
I wrote a book called Race Marxism and I defined critical race theory as it really is.
In that book, on the first page, I said that critical race theory is calling everything you want to control racist until you control it.
But couldn't we say the same about Marxism?
It's calling everything you want to control bourgeois until you control it.
But those mean the same thing.
They mean exactly the same thing.
But what about, say, queer theory?
How is that Marxist?
It's very strange, all this gender and sex and sexuality.
Well, Tom said, what is woke attack?
It's the idea of being normal.
Well, the queer theory thinks that there are certain people who get to set the norms of society.
They are privileged.
They call themselves normal.
They say, this is normal.
It's normal to consider yourself a man and look like a man and act like a man and dress like a man and eat meat like a man.
And then there are women.
This should be feminine and pretty and all these things.
And so they get to define what's normal.
They're heterosexuals, so they get to define the heterosexuality as normal and other sexualities are abnormal.
And so you have a conflict across this cultural property of who gets to be considered normal and who is a pervert, or a freak, or some other term that gets used in their literature.
But technically, who is a queer?
Which sounds like a slur, but they adopted it, and it's a technical, academic term now.
It means an identity without an essence, by the way.
An identity that is strictly oppositional to the concept of the normal, as defined by queer theorist David Halperin in his 1995 book, Saint Foucault, Toward a Gay Hagiography.
I didn't make that up.
I'm not extrapolating.
So you see, queer theory is just another species of the genus of Marxism.
What about post-colonial theory, which is plaguing Europe, thanks to Frantz Fanon and his biggest European fan, Jean-Paul Sartre?
What about this?
Well, it's the same.
You have the West as the oppressor.
They have access to the material and cultural wealth of the world because they've decided their culture is the default and have gone and colonized the world to bring culture to the world, as they say.
And so the oppressed, the natives around the world, the people have to band together and their activity is going to be called decolonization.
They have to remove every aspect of Western culture.
So when they come to Belgium, or they come to France, or they come to the United States, and they say, we're going to decolonize the curriculum.
Or they go to the UK and say, we're going to decolonize Shakespeare.
This is what they mean.
We're going to remove the cultural significance of your cultural artifacts.
Because those cultural artifacts themselves are oppressive to us.
This is the same system.
It's another species.
And the exact same genus, and that genus is Marxism, which is a way of thinking about the world.
And the goal is always to seize the means of control of the production of man and history and society.
Marx merely believed it was through economic means.
Now it's through socio-cultural means.
The evolution into this sometimes called Western Marxism began in the 1920s.
We had a Russian revolution in 1917, and this did not happen in Europe.
And the Marxists in Europe were confused.
And so Antonio Gramsci sat down and wrote out some things, and George Lukács sat down and wrote History and Class Consciousness after the failure of the revolution in Hungary.
And they wrote what became cultural Marxism.
The idea that we have to enter the cultural institutions in order to change them from within, because Western culture has something about it that's repelling socialism.
So we have to go inside and change the culture to make it socialist.
Now you aren't allowed to talk about cultural Marxism now.
They've categorized this as a conspiracy theory.
They say that it is anti-Semitic.
This is not true.
Antonio Gramsci wrote books.
George Lukács wrote books.
You can read those books.
They have a philosophy.
If they don't like the name Cultural Marxism, we can use the name that other people at the time used, Western Marxism.
So, much like, I don't know, a virus adapting to the conditions, it changed to try to infect a new host.
It worked in feudal societies.
Marxism took over in Russia.
It took over later in China.
It took over in all of these kind of agriculturally driven feudal societies.
But it wouldn't work in actual capitalist nations because Marx was wrong.
Then several Germans from the Frankfurt School started to study this phenomenon in more depth and they evolved the idea further.
They evolved the idea into what's called critical Marxism.
They developed what's called the critical theory.
And Max Horkheimer, who designed the critical theory, explained the critical theory.
And what did he say?
He said, well, what we came to realize was that Marx was wrong about one thing.
Capitalism does not immiserate the worker.
It allows him to build a better life.
So I developed the critical theory because it is not possible to articulate the vision of a good society on the terms of the existing society.
So critical Marxism criticizes the entirety of the existing society.
Everything is somehow ...needing to be subjected to Marxist conflict analysis.
But how is that to be done?
They sought an answer through the middle part of the 20th century and World War II breaks out.
The Frankfurt School comes to America, which in this metaphor is the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because gain of function began to happen on the Marxist virus very quickly.
In America.
And American universities adopted these professors from Germany.
And Herbert Marcuse, writing in the 1960s, said extremely clearly, this writing in 1969, not only did he say capitalism delivers the goods, gives people a good life, makes them wealthy and comfortable and happy, he also said that the working class is no longer going to be the base of the revolution because of these things.
In other words, we don't have to be responsible to the working class anymore, which opens up the ability for Marxists who are seeking power to make friends with the corporations.
The bosses are no longer the enemy, they're an opportunity.
Because the working class is irrelevant.
He said the energy is somewhere else.
He said it's in the racial minorities, the sexual minorities, the feminists, the outsiders.
That's who he said have the energy for a Marxist revolution in the West.
Not the working class.
And so Marxism was able to evolve to abandon... Let's go back to this powerful speech from Dr. James Lindsay.
...culture industry.
An industry that commodifies and packages culture and sells it back to people.
Supposedly stripped of what it actually is.
Abstract now.
And so what of course did they do?
They seized the means of production of the culture industry.
Because that's what they do.
And so they started to transform the culture industry to sell racial, sexual, gender, sexuality-based agitprop.
As though that were genuine culture.
And so we get concepts like cultural appropriation.
We get concepts like cultural relevance.
Cultural this, cultural that, cultural everything.
And it's all provided in pastiche.
It's all provided as a mockery of what's really going on.
And this evolved in America's highly racialized context.
And we ended up with WOKE, a form of identity-based Marxism, a constellation of Marxist species that all work with the same operating premise but locate themselves in different, and I'll use the German term here for this, folk.
LGBTQ is a folk.
And they get folkish identity there and become activists.
The black community is a folk.
How do I know?
That's what W.E.B.
Du Bois said it would be when he laid down the foundations that became Critical Race Theory later.
They think of themselves as nations.
Don't they all have flags?
Don't they put them on your buildings like colonizers?
Don't they hang them in your streets?
They think of themselves as occupying nations, but they see themselves as bound together just like the various colonized nations around the world in seeking liberation from Western civilization.
And so we end up with Western Marxism taking many forms... Alright ladies and gentlemen, now this is a long speech, there is some time remaining on it.
We're going to stop this right here, and I will let you know, the full speech will be posted to Banned.Video.
In fact, it's already up on Banned.Video.
If you guys could just put that on the screen for me, I'll give them the title.
And of course, the link is also at InfoWars.com.
So if you're looking for the full clip there, the full video, InfoWars.com and Banned.Video, there's a channel called Transwar on Humanity, and the title is Woke Culture is Modern Maoism Tailor-Made to Destroy the West.
And that's where you can find that full video clip, as well as many other video clips on Band.Video.
Banned video clips that the corrupt establishment, the corrupt government, does not want you to see.
All right.
I do have a bunch of news.
On the other side, though, after this segment, Alex Jones is going to be returning with some other major breaking news reports.
And now they're claiming this individual, Sai Varshith Kandula, who rammed a U-Haul video into a structure in Washington, D.C.
by the White House.
I guess it was the White House gate.
And then had the Nazi flag perfectly laid out.
Isn't it amazing?
This is the video clip we get of a Nazi flag just perfectly laid out on the ground of the U-Haul crashed Into the gate there.
I mean even the crash is suspect.
I just doubt the whole thing.
I'm sorry.
I just why it's just it's so absurd It does beg a lot of questions no doubt But once again, this is clearly propaganda.
This is clearly words have no meaning and If anything, this is a deranged lunatic individual that obviously has Mental problems at his young age of 19.
So we'll see what happens with more background information on this.
But they're running their same gambit.
Oh, it's a Nazi.
Oh, it's a white supremacist.
It's just absurd.
And they don't mean Nazi.
They don't mean white supremacist.
That is propaganda.
That is code language.
For Trump supporter, Christian, conservative, white man, Republican.
That's what they really want you to think.
That's the connection they want you to make in your head.
That's why they're constantly calling those groups Nazis and white supremacists, even when they're black people or Jewish people.
Yeah, a Jewish person that votes for Trump is a Nazi.
Yeah, a black person that votes for Trump is a white supremacist.
You liberal Democrats are sick freaks.
And now you've got Representative Jayapal Is she encouraging an insurrection?
Is Democrat Representative Jaya Paul encouraging an insurrection in clip four?
I think there would be a huge backlash from our entire House Democratic caucus, certainly the progressives, but also in the streets.
I think that it's important that we don't take steps back from the very strong agenda that the President himself shepherded and led over the last two years.
But if the President agrees to spending caps, or if he agrees to work requirements on certain social safety net programs... It's going to be a problem.
We do not legislate for the debt ceiling for this very reason.
There's gonna be backlash.
It's gonna be in the streets.
It's gonna be a problem.
Are the liberal Democrats getting ready to peacefully riot again?
Are the liberal Democrats getting ready to fiery protest again?
Is another Democrat summer of rage ahead of us?
Isn't it just... It's sad, though, actually.
It's sad that these people are such scum.
It's sad that these people are such liars.
And it's sad that they, it's like they don't even have a soul.
They don't even have a conscious.
They don't even have a moral compass.
They just destroy.
They just lie, deceive, destroy.
And they'll arrest anybody on the opposite side of the political aisle that dares step foot outside their house in a form of peaceful political protest.
But they encourage rioting and violence.
And they say that's justified because you're a leftist, you're a liberal, you're fighting Nazis.
All lies, all propaganda.
But then when you have a real problem like this, Jose Roberto Hernandez Espinal, you won't hear about this white supremacist being facetious, an illegal immigrant who raped a woman last Tuesday on a hiking trail.
Days before that, he raped a 15-year-old girl This happened in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Jose has been in America illegally since 2013.
In 2019, County Executive Mark Elrick, a far-left Democrat, made Montgomery County a sanctuary county by executive order.
The order made it illegal for police to ask about immigration status or cooperate with ICE.
This is what the far-left American Democrats want for us.
A child was raped because the liberals put America last.
But you won't hear about that You won't hear about that criminal.
You won't hear about his victims.
He won't be called a white supremacist.
They won't lay a Nazi flag out of the crime scene where he raped people.
No, don't expect that.
Now here's Joe Biden.
This guy can't stop lying.
He's told this lie about a dozen times now.
Uh, see if you catch the big lie that Biden keeps telling here in clip one.
He's in Japan talking to troops.
Here it is.
My son was a major in the U.S.
Lost him in Iraq.
So, okay, there you go.
That's fine.
It's bad audio.
He says that his son, Beau, died in Iraq.
Folks, that's just a lie.
It's just a flat-out lie.
So is Joe Biden lying about his son for clout?
For political clout?
For votes?
Or is Joe Biden's brain so broken, so damaged, that he actually thinks his son died in Iraq?
Either way you slice it, it's not good.
It's not good.
Then you've got here in clip five, I guess we can get ready for more of this, pro-abortion professor curses at pro-life students and vandalizes their table.
Just put the b-roll on the screen as we go to break here.
This is the left, folks.
They encourage their side to get violent.
They encourage their side to get violent, get radical, and commit crimes and hurt people.
And they say, it's justified, you're fighting Nazis, you're fighting white supremacists.
And then if a conservative steps out onto the White House grass with a sign that says, Free speech?
Well, they're going to end up in jail, and their lives are going to be destroyed, and their information is going to be turned over to the FBI.
So yes, the understanding is this.
The largest terrorist hate group in the United States of America is the Democrat Party.
This needs to be understood and taught to our children.
Welcome back to segment five of the second hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Owen has a special guest, an amazing pastor with millions and millions of viewers and listeners who's moved to Texas and is doing a great job on the border covering what's happening there.
He'll be joining us coming up in the next hour in studio.
But I wanted to point out to the viewers and listeners that we really are facing a satanic conspiracy.
And people that hear about that on the surface, who don't know history, think that sounds crazy.
But if you study history, every human culture goes through cycles.
And during the collapse portion of the cycle, before rebirth, what can only be described as demonic, satanic cults take over.
Doesn't matter if it's in ancient Asia, or Africa, or Europe, or the Mesoamerica, the exact same thing happens over and over again.
And at the heart of Hollywood, and at the heart of all these systems is Satanism.
There was a report on Infowars.com yesterday that I'm gonna be filing a report on tomorrow
because I wanna put all the imagery together 'cause there's so much of it,
that Target stores haven't just come out with whole sections nationwide,
worldwide, wherever they have stores, teaching girls they're boys, boys they're girls,
and just all this other crazy dehumanization garbage.
But they're also selling toys and apparel that shows guillotines.
And it says, kill anti-trans.
And it's not just that one shirt or that one piece of apparel.
Literally, dozens and dozens of pieces of apparel, clothing, jewelry, saying, we love Satan.
And we're gonna start killing people that are oppressing trans.
Well, the trans people are killing themselves because the drugs they're put on, how they're brainwashed.
The NIH just did a big study of 200 people, and two of them committed suicide, a bunch of others went completely crazy.
We're talking kids, young children, 8, 9, 10, 11 years old, that they put on these drugs.
So, this is mind control.
They take them, they tell them they're in other sex, they put them on a bunch of drugs, they stunt their growth, they cause all these health problems.
In many cases, they go ahead and just cut their genitals off.
And then, when they're unhappy and depressed, they blame society and say you're being attacked.
And of course, we now know they're suppressing the transgender attacker in Tennessee's manifesto, because the word is, of course, she was anti-Christian and pissed off and also attacked the school chapel, but the media suppressed that.
So, openly saying they love Satanism, In fact, we'll put on screen right now that Target article
from Infowars.com.
Go read the article and look at it.
It's got more than 10 tweets in it with images of what's being sold in Target.
But I spent like an hour yesterday going through the full apparel line, and I'm telling you,
ladies and gentlemen, it's we love Satan, we love death, we're going to kill people,
we're going to chop your heads off, we're going to smash your head with clubs and with
hammers and with maces.
We're coming.
We're an army.
you this is target doing this Okay?
They're absolutely proud of this.
They're coming after our children.
This is the externalization of the hierarchy.
Externalization of the method.
This is Satanism, period.
So Gregory sent a quick report on Ricky Schroeder, who Obviously he's a famous Hollywood child actor saying that they basically tried to induct him into one of these cults and I can tell you from a lot of sources it's also come out this is absolutely dead on and absolutely how they do it and this is how they recruit you.
So here's the report. We'll be back with Owen Schroer and a special guest in studio.
Alex Jones revealed over 20 years ago how world elites reenact human sacrifice every
year at Bohemian Grove.
"Midsummer sets us free!"
And there have been several whistleblowers reporting that satanic ritual sacrifice is at the highest levels of our society.
Ritualized murder is, after all, the ultimate expression of tyranny.
And as disturbing as it is to most people, it has commonly been used as a form of blackmail.
Former child actor Rick Schroeder recently released a video of a childhood experience he had in Hollywood, where he believes he met members of this cult.
Let me explain.
When I was young, I couldn't drive yet.
I was hanging out with the older guys.
And on Point Dume, somebody popped in a cassette tape into a VHS player.
There was a room with a body, I believe it was a male, laying on a table.
And people came around the room, it was dimly lit, but they had hoods and robes on.
And they had some sort of ritual where they took out a knife and they cut him down the side.
It was his right side.
They took out parts of him, and the blood started flowing.
And they were chanting.
And, um... Some... There was women there, and they took off their clothes.
And then they took the blood, and they smeared it on their bodies, and started to be sexual with each other.
It was, uh, quite disturbing to see.
And so, uh...
They gave me the cassette and I took the cassette to somebody I trusted.
And we watched it.
And they said, never watch that again and give it back to whoever gave it to you.
So I did that.
But I was always confused about why they didn't ask where it came from.
And so, I believe that I met some of the cult members when I was younger.
If, in fact, we have no accountability or justice, it could be because these people that are supposed to bring us justice and protect and defend the Constitution are corrupted by this cult.
I have no fear of them.
You know, I only fear Jesus.
And so, Perhaps whoever's investigating these folks needs to go a layer below the top and come up from the mid-level who are not cult members, been blackmailed by the cult, possibly.
Because that's the only explanation I have for why we haven't had accountability and justice for what they've done to America and continue to do to America while we all just watch.
I share this with the hope that those mid-level people that are investigating in the FBI and the CIA will understand that their superiors, perhaps, will never give us justice because of the level of blackmail involved.
Alright, that's off my chest.
That feels better.
Now you all know.
God bless America, and God bless those trying to defeat this cult.
In Jesus' name, I give you this message.
Again, this is all just the tip of the iceberg.
I want to direct all radio listeners and all TV viewers to the article on Infowars.com.
I'll have it reposted on the front page.
Target becomes the latest target of anti-woke boycott as it sells satanic pride LGBTQ products for kids.
Now, there's hundreds of these images that are on t-shirts.
Let me just show you a few.
Here's the guillotine for cutting the heads off people that try to protect the children.
Here's the mace they say they're going to use to bash our brains out.
And here is the sickest thing, hands down, out of all these images.
And it says it all.
It is an adult skeleton in a church saying it's a religion, saying it's a cult.
And they admit this.
And actually the t-shirts say this is a cult.
This is a death cult.
It's a satanic cult.
Join our cult.
The fires of today's trans adults will light the way for tomorrows.
And it goes on.
So that's it.
They're coming for your children in a satanic cult and saying it's a satanic cult and saying it's a new religion.
This is real, folks.
This is happening.
Biggest corporations in the world are at war with us and they serve Satan.
And we've been warning you.
We've been warning about this, preparing for this.
Now, the mask is off, folks.
The death cult is here.
And you know, sadly, most people at the bottom of the barrel on this really don't understand what they're taking part in.
A gigantic blood sacrifice, a gigantic satanic ritualistic sacrifice.
Turning children into eunuchs.
Murdering them by the millions, calling it healthcare.
It's a giant satanic death cult, folks.
Controls the planet.
And that's why things feel so off.
And things don't seem to make sense.
And people search for justice and truth in these times of confusion.
It's a satanic death cult controlled planet that we are up against.
And now, more than ever, the world is waking up to realize it.
And so it's just getting more aggressive in their attacks coming after the youth.
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I want to talk about a headline that was in the news yesterday that directly ties into what we're seeing now with this satanic death cult targeting the children, using the corporations, Using the government, the Department of Education, the classroom to indoctrinate and propagandize children into this satanic death cult.
Yes, it is the trans kids movement turning children into eunuchs.
Yes, it is the abortion is healthcare movement murdering children in the womb.
And this was the headline from the Hill.
Does God exist?
Only half of Americans say a definite yes.
I see it all stems from this, folks.
It all stems from this.
And to me, denying creation is one of the most foolish things that you can do.
It is one of the most denial-of-your-own-existence things that you could ever do, is to deny that there is truly a divine power at work and there is truly a divine creation that we are a part of.
And when you deny that, you devalue yourself.
And when you deny that, you devalue life, and you devalue this experience, this consciousness.
And a lot of what we're dealing with in civilization today is because of that.
Because of that devaluation of human life, and because of the, I wouldn't even say devaluation, there's no value to it at all if you deny God.
There's no value, you have no value in creation at all if you deny that it's divine.
And so it all stems from there.
And this is why there's all kinds of stories like this.
They don't get consistent coverage.
Living in fear.
Arson is the latest in a string of attacks on Minnesota mosques.
It's not just mosques getting attacks.
It's not just Jewish synagogues getting attacks.
It's not just Catholic churches or Christian churches getting attacked.
Folks, all these religious entities are getting attacked.
All of them are.
And it's really an overall attack on God and creation.
And so I noticed, again, part of this is abortion is healthcare.
That's part of the satanic death cult deception, that abortion is healthcare.
And this story went viral, and there's actually a similar one.
But I'm just going to choose to use this story today as the example.
New Mexico mother, 19 years old, admits to tossing newborn baby into hospital trash can.
It came out and I didn't know what to do.
She didn't want it, so she threw it in the trash.
Now folks, how does one even get to that point?
It's the devaluation of life.
You have such a low regard for yourself and for now the life that you've brought into the world that you throw it into a trash bin.
That is heartbreaking.
That is diabolical.
But what's worse has been the response from the American left.
Because they've taken this story and they've defended the young women And they've taken this story, again this is not the only story of a woman tossing her baby into the trash can, there's other stories.
And so the American left, the pro-abortion left, is taking this story and running with it, defending this young girl.
My heart breaks for her, just like it breaks for the baby.
But they're defending her and they're using it as an excuse To legalize abortion!
And they're saying, this is what's going to happen when you take away our healthcare, aka abortion.
Now ladies and gentlemen, anybody with any sense at all, with the ability to use the internet, can search and find out that abortion is not illegal in New Mexico.
You can have an abortion in New Mexico.
There were no laws In New Mexico that stopped her from getting an abortion.
Now there might be some day, but there weren't.
So they defended this girl saying, hey, she threw her baby in a trash can because you wouldn't let her have an abortion.
That's not even accurate.
And the fact that you race to attack people that want to stop baby murder, instead of saying, gee, tossing your baby in a trash can is diabolical, we shouldn't do that, shows you how far down this death cult the American left has truly fallen.
We're now joined by Pastor Dave Scarlett of HisGloryTV, at HisGloryMe on Twitter, on YouTube, HisGloryTV.
They've got a big movie production coming out we're going to be talking about, but Pastor Dave, I want to start off on topic of what we've been covering here, and we just see this everywhere.
From the trans kids surgeries that they promote, the genital mutilation of children, to the gay pride parades becoming just sexual debauchery.
...exercises for sexual degenerates aimed at children, to the abortion is healthcare argument, and then defending a girl that throws her newborn baby in the trash can, claiming she couldn't have had an abortion when she could have.
When you see all this stuff...
Do you see this as a sign that the satanic movement is actually desperate right now and maybe flailing because they're losing their position?
Or do you see this as it's more aggressive than ever, it's feeling more empowered than ever, and that's why it's louder than ever?
Pastor Dave Scarlett.
Oh, and hey, first of all, thank you for having me on again.
It's great to see you.
I think the point you just made is spot on.
Evil knows that the light of Christ is coming and they're frantic.
They're in a panic mode.
So they're coming out with everything they got to stop this great revival.
You and I have talked before about this revival that will come through the kids, the children, the younger generation that is the furthest from the Lord right now.
That's the Joel 2 movement.
Even though it looks dark and we're in a Sodom and Gomorrah type of moment, We're on a tipping point for the Lord to show His glory and His mercy.
And you're going to see these prodigals return.
I have no doubt about it.
But we have to lean in.
We have to pray.
And more than just pray, we have to take actions as believers in Jesus Christ.
I'm seeing the awakening.
I mean, there's no doubt people are having this understanding at least of the evil that is present in front of them.
And I think there's a natural human response that's built into us to want to be good again.
You know, even if you're not necessarily a bad person, you've just kind of maybe lost sight of your moral compass or maybe you've lost sight of your values or your principles.
But now it's like we see this evil encroaching.
And I think naturally the response from people is, wow, I need to be a better person.
I don't want to fall into this.
Yeah, you're exactly right.
I've talked to people that have, they're atheists, they're agnostics, they're like, this immorality is gone, and they have no belief system.
So it's even shocking for people who are not following a particular religion.
This is a wake-up call for not only America, but for the world.
This is a Sodom and Gomorrah moment, and I really believe that we're sitting on the precipice of the greatest revival in the history of the world.
It does feel like it's starting to boil over and really, you know, the political aspect of it, to me, is important simply because I think that everything, you know, we always hear that culture or politics, you know, streams down from culture, basically culture and then politics.
I actually, I've actually decided I disagree with that.
I actually think that politics has been steering culture for far too long, and this assumption that we have that, hey, if we change the culture we can change the politics.
No, I actually think most of the problems we have are stemming from our corrupt politics.
I think our government has gotten so evil, and all the attachments now that are working with it, you know, corporations, NGOs, all these 501c3s, even churches now, All these different institutions that are working with the government, to me, they're the ones controlling culture.
I don't see culture controlling politics.
I completely disagree with that.
I think we have to clean up our politics.
I think we have to get the rot gut out of our government, and then maybe we can take the culture and the politics back.
But I don't really see the cultural revolution really winning until we correct the political issues.
Do you agree?
I agree with you.
American people are realizing whether you're left or right or center that we can't trust our own government.
That's something that Alex has been saying for years and he's been absolutely right.
And now we're getting them, the three-letter agencies, admitting themselves how bad this is.
This Durham report has put it over the top.
And you're seeing people from the left, you're seeing people from the center, you're seeing people from the right saying, our government is out of control and we need to get it back.
We need to get morality back and we need to change our government as it stands today.
Well, and you just look at how corrupt it is.
There's no denying it.
I mean, they can try to cover it up in the media, but what I've noticed, I don't know if you've noticed this too, is I talk to average people, I don't know, left, right, center, indifferent mostly, I would say, indifferent.
And they understand, wow, you know, I've always known the government was corrupt, but I thought I could live my life and not have it affect me.
Not anymore.
They know that this is really affecting them, whether it's their bottom line with their energy bills, the price at the pump.
Whether it's they send their kid to the school and they bring back a textbook that has pornographic imagery.
I mean, they're seeing it everywhere and they're realizing, wait a second, no, no, no, I can't avoid this now.
This is encroaching in my daily life.
This is encroaching in my children's lives.
If I don't do something about it now, it's going to be worse for future generations.
You're absolutely right.
I mean, it hits everywhere.
It hits the public schools, as you said, that they're out of control with the curriculum that they put into our kids, teaching our kids, having these drag shows, FBI overreaching into churches and Catholic churches and that, and also mRNA into our cattle and our food system.
Americans are saying no more.
We the people have to stand up for our constitutional rights and say, you know what, you've overreached.
They're beyond overreach.
This is an invasion of our own government.
I'm actually stunned that there has been no response.
I've seen no response unified from the Catholic community.
I've seen no unified response from the Christian community.
Why do you suppose that is?
They're afraid.
They're afraid that if they stand up, they're going to be next.
And you know, it's the same thing with January 6th.
We need a remnant of people that are not afraid to go to prison ministry.
And that's to do it for the Lord and stand up for truth.
Because if we don't stand up, this nation as we know it is gone.
And it's happening inside the Catholic Church.
It was at our tent revival in Texas.
We had the three-letter organization in the crowd trying to infiltrate our tent revival.
And we just waved and we prayed for them and said, if you want prayer, come on up and we'll pray over you.
That's an interesting term, prison ministry or prison revival, and I'd like you to expand on that.
And look, I'm not going to sit here and act like I like going to jail or anything like that, but I mean, I get what you're saying.
I stood right in the Capitol knowing I was going to be arrested and I thought to myself, you know what, if I have to spend a night or two in jail to stand up for free speech, then to me that's worth it.
That's a political issue.
We're now talking about, hey, where are Christians?
Where are Catholics saying, we're being wrongly persecuted by the FBI here?
They should be standing up.
Explain what you mean when you say prison ministry.
Prison ministry means that you're going to put it all on the line.
You're not worried about your tithing.
You're not worried about your 501c3 status.
You're not worried about your image or your congregation not coming anymore for Populator.
You're standing up for the truth.
The truth of the Constitution.
The truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
And that means putting it all on the line that if you have to go into prison like the Apostle Paul does, We sing hymns and praise and we do prison ministry.
We start praising him in prison.
I mean, if it's good enough for the Apostle Paul, why isn't it good enough for us today?
We can't be afraid of that.
Yeah, and it is.
It really is that fear.
And I think that that's kind of the major tool, if you will, that the far left is using.
They want you to be afraid.
They want you to be afraid to tell the truth.
They want you to be afraid to say there's only two genders.
They want you to be afraid to say Trump didn't collude with Russia or whatever other propaganda they're trying to sell you.
How do you try to convince people that, hey, you've got to get over this fear?
Well, you just have to go back to the Scripture.
Jesus never wants to, as He tells us, to fear.
The only fear there is, is fear of the Lord.
And that fear of the Lord means that we are not obeying His precepts and commandments.
And the only fear I have of the Lord is I'm not doing what He wants me to do for His will.
But other than that, He says, I got it.
Trust in Me, and you'll have the shalom and peace.
And when you trust in Him with all things, you have the peace that the world can't understand.
And you're not going to quit, because our home is on high.
This is just boot camp for eternal life.
Pastor Dave Scarlett is my guest, HisGloryTV at HisGlory.me.
Now they've come out with a new film from His Glory Ministries, and I want Pastor Dave to tell us about that on the other side, and we're going to show you a little premiere of the trailer right here on the Alex Jones Show as well.
So don't go anywhere, folks!
It is the Alex Jones Show at Band.Video, InfoWars.com slash show, brought to you by InfoWarsStore.com.
Pastor Dave Scarlett is our guest.
HisGloryTV, HisGlory.me is the website.
Now Pastor Dave, I know that you guys have a new film coming out.
Why don't you tell us about this film and then you can pitch to the trailer and we'll go ahead and air that trailer too.
Yeah, this is called Holy Land.
This is one of our trips to Israel in November.
This is done, narrated, and produced by Mickey Willis.
And it gives you a capture of the nation of Israel, the miracles of Israel, but also biblical Israel, and how important it is for us to know the historical and the biblical parts of Israel.
Once you go to Israel, your life completely changes.
And to be baptized in the Jordan, there's nothing like it.
To walk the places where Jesus walked, to walk the places where King David walked, It makes the Bible come alive.
We take three trips a year to Israel and every single person that goes with us comes back and says that their walk with the Most High is so much significantly better because their Bible comes alive.
So let's go ahead and see the premiere of the new film brought to you by HisGloryTV.
It's a miracle that Israel is still in existence in this part of the world.
It's a very, very tough neighborhood.
Pick up your Bible.
Come to Israel.
See these places that Jesus walked and King David walked.
It'll change your life forever.
It'll make the Bible come alive for you.
It's going to get you stronger in your faith.
We have to support the nation of Israel.
Biblical Israel.
And so there are the future tour dates for this year.
So, Pastor Dave, what was the motivating factor for this film for you?
Well, it was with all the world events and how close we are to Matthew 24.
That was the theme of that.
So Mickey Willis and I decided that we needed this.
The timing is perfect with what people have gone through the last three years to see that we really are close to the end days.
We are in the end days and how to bring the nation of Israel and all the prophecies alive.
And that's exactly what we did in this film.
I'm the co-chairman of the board of Newsreel, so I have contacts with high-ranking generals in Israel.
And in this movie, you're going to see conversations with generals in Israel about what they have to deal with every day and how the Bible's coming alive, how the prophecies of Ezekiel and Jeremiah and much more and Matthew 24 of Christ are literally being fulfilled right before our very eyes.
And it gives you a spirit of hope, not fear.
Because we knew, we know, that the Bible tells us these events would happen, they're happening,
and we should fear not, but get in his glory and do things for his purpose,
because you don't want to have tears of regret by not leaving it all on the field for him.
You know, I also, you know, people notice how crazy the world is getting,
and people can look at the Bible and say, this is prophecy.
I mean, there's no doubt, whether you think the people that think they own this planet or run this planet are just trying to fulfill the prophecy themselves, or if this is just, it was always going to be this way, there's no doubt that that's what's going on.
You know, do people come to you, because you bring up the words fear and hope, do people come to you in fear when they see what's going on, ever?
Yes, I witness this everywhere I go across the country, but the more they tune in, the more they see that we're not fearful.
We embrace what's happening.
We believe it's the greatest time in the history of the world to witness, to bring people to Christ, and that's what it's all about.
Have that shalom that can only come from Him.
You know, we get asked that question all the time.
When the world's melting down, you don't seem like you're ever fearful or panic or frantic.
It's because we have the love of the Most High Christ in us and He's got it!
He's won!
He just wants us to participate in these end-time events to bring people in for His purpose and His glory.
What types of people?
You brought up some of the generals in Israel.
What other types of people have you met along the way in your journey that have really impacted and shaped your worldview?
We've met with many ambassadors of the Israeli government, with leaders of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, we've also doctors, Israeli doctors and scientists, many of them are asking the questions around which was never heard of before, they're asking the questions about what, what, tell me more about this Messiah.
I have seen more people of the Jewish faith come to Christ in the last one year or two years than in my entire lifetime.
They're asking questions.
They know that the world is in a meltdown, and they know there's a higher purpose.
So they're asking questions, especially around Matthew 24.
They see the Scripture.
They see the book of Revelation.
They say, this beast system is already here.
Tell us more about this Messiah.
And they're giving their life to Messiah.
You know, one thing that always makes me hopeful, too, We met maybe summer 2020 or 2021.
I don't know if you remember the exact date.
Do you remember when it was we met?
I know it was in Dallas.
It was in Dallas, yeah.
I think it was summer 21, if I'm not mistaken.
It was the Reawaken America tour in Dallas and we met.
And it was the first time I'd met you.
It was the first time I'd seen the great production work that you do and learned all about it.
We did an interview.
And so one thing that always gets me hopeful is watching the progress of independent media, alternative media, Christian media.
And so I'm looking at your studio.
Looks like maybe you've got some new studio digs there.
Because to me, this is this is a success story when independent media, especially in this age of Chilling free speech.
Censoring free speech.
Trying to get rid of the First Amendment.
To watch independent media flourish and prosper, to me, gives hope.
Is that a success story for you?
Amen, it is.
We have a facility in Ohio and when I was with you and I think it was in January in your studio, I told you we're coming to Texas and that's where I am now.
We're in Texas.
We're in process of building a 12,000 square foot facility here in Texas that will be all videos.
It will be 24-7 TV.
We'll be doing more movies and also we're doing, we'll have our own His Glory music label.
So we'll be recording music here in Texas as well.
Yeah, so that was in late 2021 when you and I met.
Man, time just flies.
And again, because we tend to, people tend to lose hope and it's understandable why.
You know, I've been on the receiving end of censorship.
I'm very grateful that we have Banned.Video and Infowars.com and a great audience here, but to me, to see independent media Getting bigger, even in this age of censorship, is a success story in and of itself.
I mean, how much of what you do has to be independently funded?
How much access are you able to get to social media?
Has that affected you at all?
We've been banned by YouTube because of our relationship with General Flynn and General McInerney and some of the generals.
They've completely cut all of our Bible studies out without any warning.
We've been shadow banned.
We have about 2.2 million followers on Facebook, but we're shadow banned.
So we had to do what you had to do.
We went and had to develop our own servers.
So everything we do is on our own servers now so that they can't they can't touch us on www.hisglory.me or .tv But it's been a war, but we I'm a Marine so I'm used to that and we're never gonna quit We're gonna keep forward and bringing the truth out to America and the world We have a great audience of 20 million plus people literally in every country of the world.
That's Pastor Dave Scarlett, hisglory.me.
We'll be right back Pastor Dave Scarlett is our guest HisGlory.me is the website.
You can follow on YouTube at HisGloryTV, on Twitter at HisGloryMe.
Now, Pastor Dave, I actually, I kind of want to get into the dirt with you here.
I want to get a little, I want to get our hands dirty here, because I, the circumstances, the scenarios that are currently in front of us when it comes to the Christian Church, the Christian body, Catholic Church, these other churches, Um, like for example, if I drive around in Austin, Texas and I'm looking for a church...
Catholic, Presbyterian, whatever.
I could drive in a ten mile square radius and I'll find ten churches and probably nine if not ten of them will have the gay pride flag on the side of the church or some other leftist propaganda or they'll do drag queen story time for kids.
I mean I go to churches and I confront these pastors that have these drag queen for kids events and I say I think you're a false pastor.
I don't think you're a pastor at all.
I think you're lying.
I think you're using this church for some other agenda.
You know, even with some of the non-denominational stuff.
And so, my question is this, and I mean, I'll even make it personal.
I don't know if the pastor of a church or a priest or what have you is supposed to use that pulpit as a political pulpit.
I'm not saying that's the case, but to me, For the church to not be guided politically in these times is a misdeed.
It's missing the boat.
If your church leader is not addressing the real evils in front of us that, yes, do come from our government, do come from our politicians, I would argue the U.S.
government is the most evil entity on earth, perhaps, at least in my experience.
So is it wrong to To expect or to desire a church leader to use his pulpit to get into politics and direct his church in the right direction?
Because the left is certainly doing that!
Yeah, absolutely.
You have to, as long as it matches God's precepts and commandments.
Our theology is the Bible is the infallible word of God, so as long as you're obedient to his precepts and commandments, that's the problem with these churches today.
Like you said, they're not Christians.
There's no way you can have drag shows and drag queens and do all these things that are against God's precepts and commandments and call yourself a pastor and call yourself a Christian church.
You're not.
And it needs to be called out.
God's obedience and his precepts and commandments in the 66 books by 40 authors is very, very, very simple and very easy to follow, but they don't want to because of itchy ears.
And that's where the, you know, the prophets told us in the end days that they would have itchy ears telling people what they want to hear instead of the Word of God.
That's it.
It's the Word of God.
And we have to be obedient to that.
I mean, to me, right now, I mean, let's just look at the two obvious ones, and that's the trans kid agenda, and the abortion is healthcare agenda.
I mean, to me, if your church body is not addressing these things head on, and not at least getting involved in some way politically to make a voter block to try to stop it, or a You know, political movement or protest or anything to try to stop this.
I just have a hard time respecting those churches.
I'm just going to be honest.
I have a hard time respecting any religious leader or church leader that isn't willing to address these things head-on, Dave.
Am I wrong for that?
No, you're absolutely right.
I've had an opportunity here in Texas.
We changed our Sunday service to Saturday.
So I, on Sunday, toured different churches here in Texas and all the world events going on like this with Target and all these other horrific things.
I've never heard a single pastor that I've been in a church bring these issues up.
It's like they're living in a different world.
These need to be addressed.
These are against God's precepts and commandments and the congregation needs to hear this from the pulpit.
They need to know the Word of God and show how this is not right.
We're in this situation because of the church and because of the silent pulpits and the itchy ears.
If the church did what they were supposed to do, this would not happen in the United States of America.
Yeah, I agree, because there is no doubt the Catholic Church, the Christian body here in America, should be able to move mountains politically.
There is no reason why the left and their activist, funded by George Soros, should be able to move the political mountains that they've been able to move without any pushback, and yet it happens.
And you just kind of said it, you said it's like they don't live in the same world.
That's exactly it!
That's exactly it right there.
It's just how can people continue to go to a church where the pastor seemingly doesn't even live in the same world?
It's like they don't even know what planet they're living on, not addressing these issues.
And sadly, I think, like you said, that's part of the problem because people just leave the church because they're like, well, this pastor doesn't even know what's going on in the world.
You know, these people are hurting.
They're suffering.
We had a pandemic thrown at us.
We've had businesses lost.
We've had government overreach and crops and everything we do.
And the pulpit is staying quiet.
Like, this is not happening.
It's affecting every single person in that congregation.
And the pastor needs to stand up and take leadership.
That's what a pastor means.
It means to be ahead of the sheep, to guide them, and guide them in the Word of God, and be an influence to the world, and stand up for the right and the wrong of the world.
And not be afraid.
Not be afraid of what the world is going to say about you, or them stripping your 501c, or whatever tax status, or coming after you.
Like I said earlier, it's prison ministry.
If we don't think we're going to get... Jesus told us that we were going to be hated for his namesake, but he overcame the world.
Who are we to think we're any different than the Apostle Paul that had to stand in the gap and sing while he was in prison?
We have to have that leadership from the pulpit today.
Another great pastor I met at the Reawaken America Tour is Pastor Greg Locke, and I'm wondering if you've had the same experience as he has had, which is basically, when you do, it's not by design, it's not intentional, it's not a politically motivated thing, it's how it should be.
When you do turn the pulpit into a political tool against Satan, The church just explodes.
I mean, Pastor Locke's church has just grown immensely since he's really become fiery going with the political issues from the pulpit.
Have you experienced the same thing?
I mean, I imagine that the pastors that do go down that road, those are the churches that are going to be growing.
Those are going to be the churches of the future.
We've seen the same thing.
Pastor Locke's a personal friend of mine.
His explosion is the same explosion his glory has had.
We go around the world and so many people have come up to us and said to us, you know, I was not a Christian before I listened to you, or I was a lukewarm Christian, but because of what you're telling us, the truth of Jesus Christ, we search for it and we have a hope.
We have a better relationship with our Lord and Savior right now.
That's why we've baptized I think it's over 5,500 people on these reawaken tours.
The people are just coming in by the thousands, literally, to be baptized, to renew their life in Jesus Christ and say, you know what?
I'm not going to take it anymore.
I'm going to finish the race, as the Apostle Paul said, doing the will of the Lord.
Yeah, and I think protecting the children is obviously one of the most important aspects of this.
And, you know, maybe there's an instinct that doesn't kick in with people until they do have children, but that to me is a no-brainer.
And that to me is where Christians have to be to protect these innocent children from this satanic agenda.
You're absolutely right.
If you can't wrap your heart around an innocent child being killed in the womb or at nine weeks or whatever the weeks are or what they're doing to these kids in schools, these drag shows, how a parent or grandparent could sit and watch that filth, it's just absolutely mind-blowing.
It breaks my heart and I know it breaks the father's heart.
I mean, you'll walk into a Target, I don't go to Target anymore, but I mean, people probably should boycott it at this point if you haven't already.
You walk into a Target and it's just outright Satanism marketed for children!
I mean, that is unreal stuff that this is the current state of affairs we're experiencing!
Yeah, you hit a point earlier on, you said Satan is desperate, they're frantic.
Evil is so in our face that we know where that side is.
Now we have to focus on, we can't fix that side, but we can fix the fence.
Satan owns the fence.
We got to get the Christians and non-believers off the fence and end this battle for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
And that's where they're coming in, by the droves.
That's Pastor Dave Scarlett.
HisGlory.me is the website.
That's where you can find the new film as well.
We'll come back.
Final segment with Dave on the other side of this break.
Don't go anywhere.
The Alex Jones Show brought to you by InfowarsStore.com.
Last segment here with Pastor Dave Scarlett.
And just to make sure, that is where people can find your new film, right?
Yes, they can find it on HisGlory.me and they can find it on HisGlory.tv.
Both will be able to get you to it.
Wonderful, and that is available now?
Not yet.
It will be later this summer.
Deep tees then, folks.
You'll have to wait.
We'll get Pasteur Dave back on about that.
All right.
I want to ask about you, actually, now.
I want to hear about your journey from Marine to Pasteur.
What fueled that journey?
What put that course in front of you?
Well, I went from being a Marine to the corporate world.
I was the director of three Fortune 100 companies.
A long story short, I lived the corporate world that made a lot of money and I had an experience.
I had botulism toxin and I died and went to heaven, saw the Lord, saw heaven, and a long story short, He sent me back and said, I want you to start a ministry called, by my name, His Glory.
And the rest is history.
It took years of going into the cave and learning His Word and being trained by Him.
But he's been absolutely faithful, so I'm a very unique pastor that gave up the corporate world to get to become a pastor.
Yeah, and you know, I think that that probably helps you be relatable with the body, the congregation.
I would imagine that's a very relatable thing.
Absolutely, because everything that the Lord uses us for in our life is for such a time as this.
You know, everybody that's watching this today, you're going to be used by the Lord if you ask Him to use you.
And your life experiences up until this point are all pointing to what His purpose is for you.
And that's why He had to make me a Marine.
That's how I had to go into the corporate world and then be humbled by Him to get rid of self and go out for His purpose and His glory.
You know, I was having a health conversation last night on a podcast that I host, just getting into health and getting into stress.
And the reason I bring this up is, you know, When you realize that God's plan is inevitable and the good and the bad and the ugly that happens to you in your life is all part of God's plan, the stress just washes away.
And I'm not saying that means you don't have to be concerned or respond or anything like that.
It's just in those moments there's a comforting knowing that, you know what, this is part of God's plan and so I'm going to roll with this now.
Even when you go through the hardships.
I look at some of the mistakes I've made in my life.
I look at some of the things in my life that happened that at the time looked really bad.
Like, wow, this is going to be really detrimental.
But in the end, it was part of God's plan to put me where I need to be today.
It's very relatable for what you're talking about, too.
And I think a lot of that, too, is I did not, I was not a very patient person.
I'm probably still not a very patient person, but compared to what I was as a younger man, I'm extremely patient.
So what can you talk to when it, When it comes to just relieving that pressure, relieving that stress, understanding that it's all part of God's plan, and if you have patience, it doesn't mean it's going to be fun, it doesn't mean it's going to be easy, but if you have patience and understanding, eventually you'll see, wow, that happened for a reason.
Right, so that's why we have such an addiction problem in the world.
People are searching for answers to relieve stress or burdens or whatever it may be in our life.
And the only way to overcome that is the blood of the Lamb and having that peace of Jesus Christ.
To absorb His Word, give Him your life and let Him guide you.
And when you let Him guide you and you see the supernatural come forward with His hand on it, you know He's got it.
And you know, and I've had the ability to see Heaven, so I know what the Bible says is true because I've been there.
And some people need to have extremes in their life for them to get it, but this is a time that the only shalom you're going to get in your life Is that the same message you would give to somebody?
I encourage every single person today to get in the word of God, get on your knees
and say, "Lord, guide me."
Because he'll take that stress, he'll take that fear away, and he'll give you that supernatural shalom,
and he'll guide your steps.
Now is that the same message you would give to somebody?
Like, you know, I was raised Christian, I was raised Catholic, I've been through
the confirmation process in the Catholic Church, I've been through the born again process
in the Christian Church.
And so for you to say something like that to me, "Okay, I can get that, I can do that,
"I can kick that into gear."
Is that the same approach you might take towards an atheist or towards an agnostic
that might be curious about what we're talking about?
No, what you have to do with somebody that's in Judaism or Islam or Atheist, you have to plant seeds.
They're not going to take that and say, okay, your Jesus is going to, if I just get in the word of God, there's going to be peace come upon me.
They're going to shut their ears.
But you've got to plant seeds.
So you need to be educated enough about other religions like Islam.
I've studied the Quran.
So I know how to plant a seed to an imam or somebody of Islam to go search it for themselves.
That's why we've had thousands of people in Islam come to Christ, including two imams.
Same with Judaism.
You plant who the Messiah is from the Old Testament so that they search for themselves.
Same with an atheist.
You plant supernatural events on how incredible prophecy is and let them go and search themselves and they come back and that's how the only way that they're going to find the Lord.
Alright, now, if people are interested in His Glory TV, or if people are interested in maybe being a part of your congregation, or visiting your facilities, where can people get that information?
How can people get involved?
How can people get in touch with Pastor Dave?
You can go to www.HisGlory.me or download our app.
We're looking for more volunteers.
We're looking for more people to expand.
We're in a rapid growth space right now where we're growing a 12,000 square foot facility here in Texas.
But join all of our programming, our Bible studies, our trip to Israel again.
Going to Israel is an eternal investment.
People's lives are changed once they go to Israel with us because they come back on fire for the Lord.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, again, all the outlets just laid out.
Twitter at HisGloryMe, YouTube at HisGloryTV, HisGlory.tv, HisGlory.me are the websites.
Pastor Dave, great stuff, great catching up as always.
And when the film is ready, you come back on this show and we'll help promote it.
I love that, Owen.
Thank you so much, and thank you for everything you do.
Great to be joined by Pastor Dave Scarlett again.
We'll see you soon, I'm sure.
Wow, it's just such a relief that there's so many good people fighting the fight in different avenues and different street corners and different ways and walks of life.
It really is.
It takes the hope and amplifies it to a new level.
And again, from a media perspective, to see how far independent media has come in this age of censorship, that's just huge.
Because again, I don't look at it as a competition.
Like, if I'm on the field in a war or something, and I'm slashing and hacking at the enemy, and the enemy's slashing and hacking at me, and then another guy comes up, he's even bigger, stronger than me, with even more weapons, I'm not like, oh no, don't come onto the battlefield, I'm the one that wants to be under attack the whole time.
No, I'm like, get in here, help us out, I'm under attack, slash these demons with me!
That's what it's like.
So that's just great news there to hear all that.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, everything we do here brought to you by InfoWarsTore.com.
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Something very important is developing here.
And I want to be clear about the message.
I'm not telling you we've solved all the voter fraud issues.
I'm not telling you you're not going to be dealing with election shenanigans or even have fair elections in the future.
I'm just telling you there's real developments going on right now that could be very impactful in the near future.
This is from the office of Arizona Senator Sonny Borelli.
Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borelli is notifying all County Board of Supervisors within the state of Arizona via letter today that they must first and foremost prioritize protecting national security during any future elections.
Back in 2017, the U.S.
Secretary of Homeland Security issued a statement clearly designating election infrastructure as critical infrastructure, which means these electronic systems must have safeguards in place to prevent any attacks which threaten our national security.
This session, the Senate passed legislation that would have fulfilled federal government requirements to protect critical election infrastructure.
However, Senate Bill 1074 was vetoed by the governor, Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs, that just won the election that many think was false.
Therefore, with the passage of Senate...
Concurrent Resolution 1037 by the legislature and its transmission to the Secretary of State.
The legislature is exercising our authority to see that no electronic voting machines, no electronic voting systems in the state of Arizona are used as the primary method for conducting, counting, tabulating, or verifying federal elections unless those systems meet necessary standards of protection.
So that's going to be interesting to watch.
The federal government has made it very clear that elections equipment is considered a target by those who want to threaten the safety and security of our country, said Majority Leader Borrelli.
Quote, we have long ignored this elephant in the room by allowing electronic voting systems made with parts produced in countries considered adversaries to the United States to be used as a primary method for conducting our elections.
It is in our state's and our nation's best interest that we comply With the implementation of security measures to protect our Republic.
Now you notice there's a little out there.
Oh, we won't use any electronic voting machines anymore.
Unless they meet the standards.
So they could easily do a workaround here.
But this is... Let me read the rest of these stories and tell you why this is important.
Judge tosses Kerry Lake's lawsuit after trial on fraudulent signature verification shows at least 274,000 ballots were verified in less than three seconds.
In other words, it was impossible.
They weren't really verified.
And those were the votes that gave the election to Katie Hobbs.
Kerry Lake, to make big announcement following judges ruling against her campaign, press conference today at 1.
So actually, that press conference is probably just kicking off right now, I think?
Or maybe it might be kicking off in the next hour, because this is Pacific Time, actually.
So there may be some big news with that press conference coming up here shortly.
Major fraud exposed.
Democrat donations.
Harvesting operation confirmed in Missouri with video proof.
James O'Keefe now has more video proof of the voter fraud with his O'Keefe Media Group.
They've broken at least four of these stories since James O'Keefe went independent from Project Veritas and started O'Keefe Media Group.
This battle is not over in Arizona.
It's far from over.
There is a serious push to do away with the electronic voting machine systems as they stand now, or at least find some sort of protection mechanisms or ability to see inside and make sure no shenanigans go down.
And this is going to be important to watch.
It's going to be important to watch to see what the Republican does to try to write The distrust of our election system.
It's going to be important to see what goes on inside the state of Arizona and how much the Democrats that are in charge there now are going to be trying to protect these voting systems that nobody trusts.
That tells a story in and of itself.
But consider this, ladies and gentlemen, and this is where things get messy.
And this is why you're going to see a massive, massive push to protect these voting systems and not let anything change in Arizona.
Because, ladies and gentlemen, I truly believe if we fix our election system that I don't trust, and if you see a fair result, even if it's just in one state of Arizona, You're going to see Republican candidates win by massive margins.
We're talking 10, 20 point victories for people like Kerry Lake, Blake Masters and others.
And when you see that after just some tweaks to a corrupt system,
all of a sudden every other state will look on and every other American will look on and say,
"Huh, so it was a rigged system."
Please give me one minute of your time.
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Take action now, but regardless, research is info.
What an amazing soldier of truth Owen Schroyer is, and the whole team at InfoWars by the way, but Owen just powers on and powers on.
He's such an inspiration to every single person that is out here telling the truth, let me tell you.
Today we have a breaking emergency broadcast Uh, information from Eagle Pass in Texas.
We have footage that's gone viral, absolutely viral.
Millions of views at this point of the progression of the invasion at the border.
Military aged males being transported to a facility And we've got today Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers, a former Green Beret special flight surgeon, who gave an informed consent briefing to 3,000 soldiers at the time of the injections and was told, you know, after that only a few of those soldiers went ahead with the injections.
He was subsequently Relieved of his duties.
Surprise, surprise.
We've also got Christy Hutchison, a journalist from Women Fighting for America, who's been there, who's coming with this footage.
I want to play the initial footage.
If the team can play the video that they're playing now from the start with sound, and then we'll get Christy and Doc Chambers on straight after that video with us.
I am live in Eagle Pass, Texas, and what your audience is looking at right now is a military camp where they are housing and bringing young adult males of fighting age straight off the river on white buses into this facility.
Those camps are used to bring in only young adult males, all of the males that you're seeing coming over the border.
This is where they're housing them.
This has been a plan-coordinated effort to take down the United States of America.
I believe like a Trojan horse from inside.
So what can the people in Eagle Pass, Texas do in the county that you're in to stop what is happening?
I mean, obviously you're there exposing it.
What should they be doing?
Our congressmen, our governors, they need to act and they need to act now.
I'm telling America right now, stop living under a rock.
This is an active, well-coordinated invasion into the nation.
We have Iran's Revolutionary Guard and Cut Forces flying into Venezuela.
The Venezuelan government is then giving them passports and proper documentation.
They're being absorbed in these caravans.
It's mostly Venezuelans coming in.
All males.
If you think that that fertilizer is not going to be utilized, those ammonium nitrate that can be used as massive bombs.
Timothy McVeigh, when he blew up the Oklahoma City bombing, I think it was only two tons that he used.
26 tons went missing.
Is it going to take multiple little mini 9-11 events for America for you to wake up?
So we've, we all know, I mean Pete Santilli was speaking about this if you didn't catch it.
30 tonnes of explosive chemicals have disappeared somewhere between Cheyenne and California.
A rail car carrying 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in explosives at Wyoming coal mines, left Cheyenne for California on the 12th of April.
That's gone missing now.
And so we think that this is potentially connected.
It ties in with what Pete Santilli and Alex have been warning about,
about this planned invasion, planned false flag attacks.
Dr. Pete Chambers and Christy Hutchison, join us now.
Thank you so much for coming on today, guys.
Thank you for having us.
Good day.
It's wonderful to see you both.
It's great to see you both.
So I guess from the beginning, this is really breaking stuff, what's happening.
You've been out there, Christy.
You went out to this camp, this military camp, and saw that there were fighting aged males being brought in by buses.
Take us through the situation from the start.
Well, I was on the ground on Saturday.
Saturday evening and Sunday, we went to a very specific spot underneath the bridge at the Port of Entry.
And at that time, there was no containers, there was no bobbed wire in this particular area.
We were met by numerous different law enforcement agencies, really agitated and upset that I was there and I was filming and exposing what was going on.
They had six buses, white buses, staged.
And they had, I would say, so how many individuals are on one of those buses?
60, 70?
So you're talking about five, six hundred individuals, single adult, young adult, males.
We filmed this Live while this was going on, they were ushering them privately, processing them by the way, illegally processing them on the banks of the river, putting them on these buses.
And then we wanted to figure out where they were being taken.
We also have some intel on the ground that we work with some local law enforcement officers.
And they pulled me aside and they said, Christy, not even the sheriffs, nobody knows that this particular military style camp is there.
They're housing the young adult males.
This is where they're intaking them and out taking them.
So we got that location and off we went the very next day.
We started exposing that and in one of the videos, again, we're met with individuals writing up to us telling us we cannot be there threatening us.
And of course, we stand our ground because we know Who's telling you, Christy, who's telling you that you can't be there?
I was on the private golf course because I went around to try to get it from a different angle.
I was told and threatened that if I took one more step, they were going to physically, violently remove me off of public property.
Me, an illegal American citizen, all the while they're letting illegals of young adult fighting against this nation.
Well this is absolutely astounding to me.
So you've then, Colonel Pete Chambers, Dr Pete Chambers, you've been involved now.
You found out about this situation.
I know you've been at the border for some time.
Talk to us about your observations on the ground and then we can talk about what's happened since this footage has gone viral.
Perfect Maria.
So, um, she called, uh, Christy called me and said, you need to get down here and look at this.
Uh, some other folks stepped in and said, all right, doc, you need to get down that way.
We're working on the border anyway.
So, uh, getting down here, having been here for the past couple of years in uniform.
Now, I'm down here as a civilian, and I'm just helping out.
And what I'm seeing is that the border is three times as many people coming.
The numbers are out there.
They're talking about apprehensions.
They're not apprehending.
They're turning around and releasing them out into the streets.
This particular spot in Eagle Pass goes directly into town.
There's a point of entry going overhead.
And what we're seeing on the Mike side, on the Mexican side, is the federales are increasing their presence.
And what they're doing is, and you can see the porta-potties coming up.
And so, thank goodness that Christy did what she did, because within 24 hours, 48 hours, a double-stacked container wall was created, is being created as we speak, and 40-foot connexes are being double-stacked with concertina wire so that something could be done, because this is embarrassing to the current government.
And so, look, we've got to get out of here.
That's what we're doing, is telling truths so people will move and act on these things.
Alright, well I've sent through some footage to the team this morning.
We've had some technical difficulties with that footage coming through.
As soon as they've got it, I'm sure they'll bring it up.
We've got photos of some of the barbed wire that's being put up.
We've also got footage of you, both of you, here it is, both of you in the car driving through this camp.
Christy, can you describe what you saw inside this camp?
So, I'm not going to expose who the individual is right now, but one of, a great patriot friend in law enforcement was able to, today, get us inside this camp because, like I said, they would not allow us in.
I want you to see the sophistication and the equipment that is in this camp and how big.
Right there is one of the intakes.
The intake is bus size.
So, two bus loads, side by side, two buses, side by side, can go into that intake.
Then on the backside, which you're going to see in just a minute, is the outtake.
But in between there, there's about five to six massive tents in between.
This is a massive operation.
This is by the federal government.
This is not local or state.
Ran, this is a federal operation, and this is a military-style camp.
And by the way, no law enforcement.
We've been on the phone with the sheriffs in numerous counties surrounding this, and every single one of them were shocked.
They had no idea that this was even built and that this was an operation.
Yeah, Maria, something I'd like to add, too, is we also learned that a company called Deployed Resources is running the contract.
They got put in the queue ahead of other contractors on this.
And these people are connected to Kamala Harris.
The borders are.
So it makes one wonder when you see border patrols.
This is a federal controlled installation.
It's empty right now, as far as we can tell, but we were allowed access through our contact and doing the homework and then finding out who's contracting it.
And it went up over 72 hours and this is in his county.
He has no idea that he's about to get this influx of extra illegals coming in.
And if it is true that these people are going directly and they're from the border, Fighting Age Males, that's a concern.
Oh, it's beyond a concern.
I mean, this is, again, this is something that Alex has been warning about.
He's had intel from the top levels saying that there is a planned series of false flag attacks.
You know, Pete Santilli said, stay away from shopping centres, stay away from public places.
There's clearly something more than just what we're seeing on the surface.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back with more of this from Lieutenant Colonel Chambers and Christy Hutchison.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee of ZeeMedia.com.
We are here with an emergency broadcast with Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers and Christy Hutchison, who's a journalist, exposing this invasion.
Military age males being brought to government-run camps.
And it's exclusively males that are being brought in on these white buses.
We know that Info Wars has done such a great job.
Owen's done a great job exposing what's happening there at the border.
But this is next level.
I have more questions, guys.
So first of all, you mentioned people from Venezuela.
What is the likely demographic of these males that are being transported?
Yeah, so the intel that we're getting after talking to numerous different agencies who are helping to facilitate the processing of them, they are all saying consistently most everyone that they're seeing are from Venezuela at this point.
One of my concerns, Maria, we've been doing some intel on this for a very long time.
We went all the way back to the summer of last year, looking at some aircraft that took off a mysterious plane.
And we started looking at cargo and container and air traffic.
We know that Iran's Revolutionary Guard has taken off from Iran.
They go into Venezuela, Caracas.
They also have landed in Mexico and in Buenos Aires.
On there, not only was there one of the head leaders for Iran's Revolutionary Guard flying this U.S.
sanctioned aircraft, but they also had highly sophisticated cyber intelligence equipment.
Fourteen Venezuelans were cyber intelligence operatives.
We know this because Uruguay turned this plane around because they ran the actual numbers on the plane, and we're able to tell that it was a U.S.
sanctioned aircraft.
But what our also intel is learned twofold.
One that the Iranian, Iran is sending their guardsmen and Quds forces to Venezuela.
Then the Venezuelan government currently Maria is giving them
passports and legal documentation stating that they're Venezuelan citizens.
And then they're utilizing that documentation, we believe, to embed themselves in these caravans and come over the
border and asking for asylum.
The other part of that is, we know for a fact, we've identified three training camps that the cartels are
And they're actively training with the Iran's Revolutionary Guard right here
along the Texas and Arizona borders.
So on the camps, Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, maybe you can speak to this.
With your history, did you notice any particular training areas within the facility that are likely used to train military men?
Great question.
I think that this is more like a reception facility because when we go, let's say I go to basic training and go to a reception site first, this looks more like that because of the way that it's up against a large avenue of approach.
If I was to do a training area, I would do it somewhere away.
But I think in the darkness of night, you have the fences all blocked out, you have Bus bays that are blocked from view because this is a problem you've been seeing with some of the other InfoWare people trying to get video of them loading.
You're not getting those anymore when you put them inside these camps with double wall closures.
Now, there's another important point.
History shows that the Quds Force were the same people that we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan that trained those fighters, Mahdi Army, etc.
How to use organophosphates, this type of material that's been stolen.
We're not, I have no connection between that just yet.
But we've got to consider the most dangerous course of action.
These type of bombs, homemade explosives, can be formulated and that is a typical technique used by a US force.
And the arrangement between Venezuela and Iran is not, no, it's not new.
This has been decades in the making.
They've been training down there for decades.
So we have to look at all these factors and then that's where we do analysis and we figure it out.
And so we're measuring three times right now, just to cut once, but it'll happen.
We'll figure it out.
Do we have any indication as to whether they'll be arming these people within these camps?
No indication from my standpoint, nothing within this camp that was visualized.
But it doesn't mean we're not going to stop trying because if enough people hear this, this is the importance of your show, of all these shows, is enough people start paying attention.
We'll get the eyes out there and somebody will come forward.
The whistleblower right now is the Paul Revere.
And that's what we need.
I want to ask, is it...
Sorry, go on, Christy.
So, Maria, if you go back over to where...
two years almost into the Biden administration, me and my team had followed some of this activity
all the way up into outside of Alma, Michigan.
We know for a fact that they've taken either at-risk boys youth camps.
They've also taken senior living facilities and through NGOs for some of this and then other through the military have turned in some of these private properties where they were purchased.
And now they're fortified camps.
So we are going to get to the bottom of this.
And two weeks before Christmas this past year in Yuma sector in St.
Louis County, I was riding along with my dear friend, Police Chief Jessup at the time.
And we also uncovered one of the biggest, most sophisticated tunnels ever, ever found on U.S.
So much so that when we rolled in and found this tunnel, the Biden administration had scientists there, a three-letter agency, and a special division in Homeland Security.
This particular tunnel, why is it of interest?
It had fortified walls and ceilings, 25 feet underneath the ground, rail system, ventilation, fiber optics, air conditioning, and electricity.
It was four and a half football fields long.
Started in a warehouse, came up in a home across the way.
What were the scientists doing down there?
What are they looking for?
Are they looking for particles?
Are they looking for bioweapons?
You know, we have a very serious national security threat.
Eminent at our doors, if not only the people don't act, but our legislators do not act.
Well, you're speaking to a wider problem, Christy.
It's not just, I mean, what we're seeing on the surface with the border is the result of The deep state destroying this country for some time and we're actively working against the people of America, the people of the whole world.
You reference biolabs.
We only know what's been discovered in Ukraine.
The Doherty Institute in Australia, their connection to the biolabs in Ukraine collecting blood serum samples and God knows what else to create gene-specific bioweapons or Carry out specific attacks on certain races.
I mean, this is something that we now have evidence of that was exposed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Who knows what else is happening underground?
So, I mean, this is everything that you're saying is not a stretch.
And again, what we're seeing now, everything that you and Lieutenant Colonel Chambers are talking about today is really just a symptom of the greater problem.
But I don't trust these governments, I don't trust these people that are installed by the New World Order to destroy our countries, to destroy the West.
And I fear there's something much more sinister here, particularly again in light of the intel that both Alex and Pete Santilli have been bringing forward.
I want to ask you, these males that are coming in, they're not coming in with the masks as you're saying, are they actually being specially brought in?
Well, what's going on is there's massive groups of them together, and they're separated, and they're put on these buses.
And, you know, we can only right now at this point, you know, give our best guesstimated professional opinions on what we believe is happening inside these processing centers.
And to what I'm thinking from a military perspective is just like you do.
You process, you bring, you have an intake.
Well, then you identify and then you separate and then you put and you identify who and where you want that individual to go.
What type of possible Skill sets they have.
I know for a fact, me and my team, and if you followed us on WFFA.win, you'll see a lot of our video.
We have Russians, we have Chinese military, we have guerrilla type guys who we've actually taken photographs of where they've separated them out and put them in a separate area and then put them on buses to go to probably processing facilities like this.
And by the way, this isn't the only one that we were told exists.
We're going to find out where every single one of these camps are and we're going to bring it to light.
Well, and so you should.
Don't go anywhere.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Lieutenant Colonel Chambers and Christy Hutchison right after this short break.
Truly, truly shocking intel from the border.
We're here with Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers, also known as Dr. Pete Chambers, and Christy Hutchison from Women Fighting for America.
Dr. Pete, I want to ask you, is this on public land or historically military-owned land?
These camps that they're bringing these military-aged men to, they seem to be new facilities.
Right, in this particular facility, and there's two places that we visited today.
We visited the waterfront at Eagle Pass, which the waterfront, typically under the POE, is owned by the Immigration Customs, to a certain degree, and so many hundreds of meters in.
But down about 8 miles, maybe 10 miles to the north, In the border with Kenney County and Maverick County.
Yeah, that's where that camp is roughly located.
So, that is private land.
It's probably leased to them.
Now, I don't know.
I didn't do the homework yet because we're just on this thing, but we'll figure it out.
But we did, like I say, figure out who was on that contract that was moved up in the queue probably with their friend, The Borders Are.
Yeah, well I just had a quick look at deployedresources.com.
It says that they stand ready to support emergency services, rapid deployment of temporary facilities, and providing logistics management for government and commercial contracts.
And you're saying, Dr. Pete, that this is directly connected to Kamala Harris.
Do we have confirmation of that?
No, I don't have confirmation of it.
I just know that in speaking to people in the contracting business, they know this company is doing that.
And the other thing is this company and typically I've been in hurricane situations down in RV Katrina Rita on the Gulf Coast that this company is typically suited for more of a natural disaster type response.
Now that's where we've seen them.
But I can't I can only speculate as to with that connection.
I am searching it on W White House dot gov.
Because there are contracts that are listed there.
This all just happened.
So we'll get to it.
We'll find who is over that.
But if she is over the border and she's involved somehow, we'll figure it out.
Oh, absolutely.
I have no doubt.
And I'll just say this is, for the viewers and the listeners right now, this is literally something that's developed in less than 24 hours.
We're catching up and really just finding out new things as we go.
Chris, you do go on.
You wanted to say something.
Well, yeah, this company was awarded over $7 billion to facilitate and house these temporary type situations.
So that's quite a lot of money.
We're going to get to the bottom of it.
That's a colossal amount of money.
Okay, so just to be clear, there are no women or children that you've seen within these facilities?
No, and I've spent three days out there filming and watching the comings and goings.
And so far, it has all been the single young adult males.
And I also got confirmation from a local law enforcement who put me on to this.
I can't say his name for fear that there will be repercussions from him.
But they're the ones who gave me the intel and said this is where they're taking the adult males.
I want to ask, actually before I talk about the replacement migration that Michael Yohn's been talking about, and I know that you have a lot to say about that, Dr Pete, do we have signage around there?
Is there military signage, National Guard, any military vehicles?
Who's actually responsible for this?
Right, this is being, this is still under, now, two separate entities.
We have the river where the connexes are lined up, the 40-foot containers.
That is being run by DPS as the lead, Department of Public Safety, that's our Texas state officials, and they are running the lead on that.
They are utilizing the Texas National Guard.
We did run into them on the border.
They are stationed about every 300-400 meters separated behind that wall that was created over the last 48 hours.
Then the separate entities, Border Patrol, those are typically out there, and then ICE up on the bridge, you know, Immigration Customs Officials.
So you have those different federal versus that.
But yes, Border Patrol, I'm sorry, DPS, Troopers, and National Guard are working that operation there.
And I do have to commend Governor Abbott for doing that pretty quickly, regardless if it was secondary to Christie's report on the border, that's fine, or it was just a coincidence.
Not too many coincidences nowadays.
Well, I was about to say that, you know, as soon as something explodes on social media, all of a sudden something's done about it.
But this is why independent media is so crucial in your work, Christy, and again, the work of Women Fighting for America.
Very, very important to continue getting this information out there because In a lot of respects, we thwart a lot of the plans by doing that.
People look at reports that come out before the fact, before something's happened, and then they say, well, it didn't happen.
Yes, it didn't happen because the efforts were thwarted before they happened.
This is why this particular subject is so, so crucial because we think that there may be something very, very sinister happening, especially with the cartel involvement.
The two cartels meeting recently, as Alex was talking about, and Pete Santilli.
I want to talk to you, Dr. Pete, about the Great Replacement, everything that Michael Yon's been exposing on the border.
I know that you've been there for some time as well, so talk to us about some other observations that you've got on the ground and how you see this as really the Great Replacement, or Replacement Migration, I should call it.
Right, so we talk about the Clower-Piven Doctrine and things like that, but honestly this goes further back.
In the midst of chaos, that's when things can change.
If we want to change, we create chaos.
And so this was done in Ukraine with Stalin.
This was done in Europe post-ISIS attacking into Syria.
This is being done on our border.
When we push these numbers through, and these poor people are being used as pawns.
But in the midst of those pawns comes I call it the needle in the stack of needles, the fentanyl movers.
The people moving weapons either north or south, money going south.
You also have, obviously, the slave trade traffic which is going on.
And so all this happens in the midst of this chaos as the system is overwhelmed.
We can't control that.
And that was an intentional Marxist technique which then goes to the Clower Piven Doctrine which says, overwhelm the system, create a serf class, Through handouts, through free cheese, if you will, and say, OK, now we can just survive and we'll be happy and we'll own nothing.
And where have we heard this before?
So this is, to me, if you hear a hoof beat, you think about a horse and not a zebra.
And here's the thing, I mean, all of these people from the left And I really hate referring to the left and the right because it's really good and evil at this point.
But all of these people from the left who are claiming that they care about these migrants and, you know, we should let more migrants in.
Just recently I spoke about how they're doing this in Australia.
It's much harder over here to invade like they are in the United States.
But we have an influx of, they say, 700,000 new migrants by next year expected in our country.
Now, that may not seem like a huge number, but with a population of about 26 million, it's pretty significant.
And so, you know, this is happening worldwide.
It's a United Nations strategy.
You can Google the words replacement migration, United Nations.
Everyone watching or listening can Google that right now.
You will find it.
They call it Replacement Migration.
The agenda is in the name.
So it's very, very clear what's going on here.
Talk to us about what people are doing.
I mean, are a lot of people there getting involved in this?
Do more people need to be there?
Yes, okay, I'm going to kick this off.
First of all, the humanitarian crisis, I've seen it for the past couple of years.
Using people to do really nefarious things, but also, there's nothing humanitarian about a mom or a dad dropping a child over a wall.
There's nothing humanitarian about a lady falling off a wall, breaking her neck and dying in some concertina wire, and somebody finding her body several days later.
There's nothing humanitarian about torsos hanging upside down on the Mexican side because they refused to pay a tax to the cartels.
With all these numbers comes the exploitation of these people.
These simple people that want a better life.
There's nothing wrong with that.
But there is something wrong when you overwhelm the system and it can't handle it.
It backs up.
That's what this whole thing is doing on the humanitarian side.
Maria, you know, I can share video and photographs.
Some of them are pretty graphic to be displayed.
So you would have to have definitely a disclaimer.
But we've been to them.
We call it the Mexican Highway.
Me and my team have been doing this since two weeks into the Biden administration.
And, you know, the Mexican highway is where it's a pretty tough terrain.
It's typically in the middle of where there's not a lot of law enforcement or Border Patrol activity.
Hang on, Christy.
We've got to go to break.
We've got to go to break.
I really want you to continue this on the other side of the break.
Don't go anywhere.
This is crucial information.
We'll be right back.
Just before the break, we were discussing here how the left, or what I like to call just the evil side in general, claims that they care about these migrants and yes, let's bring more in, we've got plenty of room, but really are just completely unaware what is past the virtue signaling on the surface of claiming to care about people, claiming that this is a humanitarian effort.
Just over the break, Christy, who's with us now, sent me some pictures which I haven't been able to send to the team in time, but It's absolutely shocking.
You know, and I mean, I don't even know if we could air these pictures.
They're so grotesque.
Christy, go on and please tell us what you've been seeing over the time that you've been
covering this.
I think we've lost your sound there.
Or can I just not hear?
Can you hear me?
Yes, we can.
You're back on.
Okay, perfect.
So from the humanitarian perspective, the things that we've witnessed in the last two plus years since Biden decided to open up the borders, I have seen the dead bodies.
I was just now showing Maria and sending her some of those photographs.
We've been up to what I was talking about is the Mexican highway.
So these are particular areas where the coyotes will usher in women and children who are earmarked and already sold to buyers in the United States of America.
And those, they track them up in areas where they don't want to get caught.
And then there's these staging grounds.
They're very difficult to get up to some of these places.
Me and my team Takes us sometimes an hour and a half to two hours just to hike up to these locations.
And that's where you'll find the remnants of the rape trees.
Where, and I'm going to show you really quick what a rape tree looks like.
I won't show the other graphic pictures.
But this is, for your audience, this is just one of what a rape tree looks like.
You'll see the shackles buckle to the trees.
They take ropes or chains and they tie them through those shackles.
And they tie the women and children down to the ground.
And then they violently, repetitively gang rape them.
When they're done, I will show you and send you some of the other aftermath pictures.
They then take their bras and their panties and they throw them up into the tree and it's a trophy.
And that signals to the next group that will be bringing in, this is how many women and children we got to rape into submission.
And then we've actually captured Coyote's phones, we've downloaded them to the buyers.
Throughout the United States of America, they are then taken down to the side of the road and the highway where they're put on transport and then they're shipped to their different locations.
All the way as far as Baltimore, New York, Ohio, we've seen almost every single state.
That is, I mean, I'm sick.
I feel sick to my stomach, Christy.
This is just, you know, where are all the people talking about humanitarianism now?
Where are all the people actually fighting for basic human rights for these people, you know, who are saying, yes, bring more in, bring more in.
Are you aware that this is happening?
Are you aware of the rape trees?
I mean, this is just, this is absolutely shocking to me.
That this, you know, this is what should be in the mainstream media.
The fact that there are camps where military aged men are being brought illegally.
The fact that women and children are being mistreated like this.
This is what the mainstream media needs to see.
I wonder how the left would respond if they saw that.
Well, you know, it doesn't fit into their narrative, does it, Maria?
This is political.
This is not about the safety and security of not only American citizens, this is not about the safety and security of the illegals trying to come up for a better way of life.
This is an agenda-driven mission, period.
And, you know, me and my team, there's some of the things that I can't even describe to you what we've seen.
Some of the footage we have, little babies decapitated, their bodies thrown on the side of the banks of the river, men being gutted where their organs are literally laying out on the side because they didn't pay the cartel.
This is time and time again, a woman who fell to her death and entangled in the barbed wire because her husband and the coyotes were bringing her over the fence.
This goes on all up and down the border, let alone the bodies that are strewn through the desert or on Texas ranchers' property.
And they can't even bury them anymore because it's overwhelming the system.
This is what they don't want the American people to know.
And we have got to get this out there.
And again, I have no problem sharing the footage with InfoWars because this is truth.
Video doesn't lie and photographs do not lie.
Well, I agree with you that everyone needs to know about this.
And I'm asking whoever's watching or listening to go back onto Band.Video or MadMaxWorld.TV, find this, share it everywhere, make this interview viral.
And then I want to talk about where people can find more of your work, Christy.
But before we do that, Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, I always ask you every single time you and I interview, because you are a military man and you think like A military man, which is what is needed as we are clearly at war.
The globalists have waged war against the people of the world, innocent people of the world.
It's not a war that can be seen on the surface, but those who are aware that it's happening know.
What do people need to know now?
Now that they have this information, what do they need to do?
What they need to do is understand that we, the people, are going to pull through this.
I may be wearing a white hat, but there are no white hats.
We've got to stop with that facade.
The other thing is we've got to stop trusting legislators when they talk about Title 42 and Title 8 and Title this.
Those are shell games.
Those shell games are used to keep us placated and discussing these things in Hegelian dialectics.
So this is an information war, info wars, as the show says.
And this is an information war, but it has second and third order effects, which are these humanitarian crises, which are the overwhelming of the system, which they'll eventually lead to a collapse of the system as we know it.
And maybe that perhaps is what it's going to take to wake people up.
Well, we don't want to get there.
We don't want to go to the most dangerous course of action.
We want to be somewhere in between what's happening right now and us stopping it with we the people.
That's why we have to get together.
And this is this is our warfare right now.
The sword of truth.
If you believe in the Bible, you know that the Bible is the word and the word is a double edged sword.
And the only thing that we can do is we can we can look at that book and we can figure out as a field manual what we need to do.
And first of all, we operate out of love.
But there is such a time for righteous anger and it's coming.
And anger is his, sayeth the Lord.
But we've got to be the eyes and the ears right now and we need every person to step up and work together in this.
Yeah, I agree with...
That was overwhelmingly... Oh, sorry, Christy, you go and then I want to offer my thoughts on this.
Yeah, I agree with Lieutenant Colonel Pete Chambers.
You know, when you look at even the sheriffs, there's also a coordinated effort when you think about what they're doing.
They're actually coaching the illegals who now are coming over, and they're asking them to literally withdraw their asylum, and then telling them to go back over into Mexico, go through the Port of Entry, and enter through that way, so they can have this invasion continue.
Because if they cross the river, they ask for asylum, They will not qualify.
So our own Border Patrol has been told from the top to tell them to withdraw their asylum, go back over the border and go through the ports of entry.
America, we are under an attack.
This is an invasion.
And I know Pete and I both have some very specific instructions that we want your listeners to do.
And I'm going to give you a course of action because we're an action kind of group.
And we want to tell you what you can do to change the course of history.
Yes, yes, absolutely.
We've got about two and a half minutes, Christy, if you want to say anything else on that and then I really want people to know where they can find out more from Women Fighting for America and also follow you, Dr Pete.
So first and foremost, if you are a retired law enforcement officer or military and you have time on your hands, or you just simply are in that category and you have some time on your hands, I want you to write this email down.
Vet, V-E-T, contact at Protonmail.com.
That's Vet.
Contact at Protonmail.com.
Please send us a message.
We will get back with you.
We have something very specific we want to have you do.
Second of all, go to wffa.win.
You can follow us It is important work we do.
We need your time, talents, and treasures to keep us out here uncovering the truth.
We can't do it without your partnership because we're all in this together.
We the people are the solution and the answer.
We're going to be coming to a town near you, training you how to geofence your home and your community, and telling you what you need to do for the coming war that's going to be on our soil very soon.
Well that's very sobering and necessary words, Christy.
Lieutenant Colonel Chabers, where can people follow your work and find out more about what you're doing?
There's my dog in the background.
So drdrpeatschambers.com, that's my lines of effort page.
People get on there, we share things, we go back and forth.
I improve it pretty much weekly now, and that's where I can get information out.
If you want to follow that or go to that, that will help, but also contact me through that page and give me any updates.
Well, I really appreciate both of you.
Thank you.
Just know, you are the eyes and ear.
You are the heartbeat of our nation.
If you see something, say something, send us information.
We will investigate it.
I really appreciate the both of you coming on today, all the work that you're both doing.
Dr Pete is a personal friend of mine, a dear friend, and I just think that overwhelmingly the heart of people to see a win, the heart of people to stand together as humanity and preserve humanity is just so strong and there's no giving up.
There's no giving up in the people of the resistance.
Can you see it?
Can you feel it, people?
It is coming.
The right way.
Justice is coming the right way.
We will never give up.
God bless you both.
And I'll see everyone very, very soon.
Thank you for joining us today.
Share this everywhere.
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