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Name: 20230522_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 22, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics such as the Cloward-Piven Strategy, inconsistencies in political viewpoints surrounding the US government and vaccines, the Durham report, Jeffrey Epstein scandal, iodine deficiency, history of fluoride gas pollution, benefits of clean drinking water and fish oil, need to fight against lies of the New World Order, and importance of selecting a presidential candidate who is not controlled by the deep state. He criticizes mainstream media for not questioning narratives and applying rules inconsistently, urges support for InfoWars, and promotes products available on InfowarStore.com. Jones also rants about hypocrisy in criticism towards Donald Trump and Anthony Fauci, lack of consequences for Deep State actors, low ratings for President Biden, debt ceiling negotiations between Biden and McCarthy, regenerative farming, FBI abuse of power, and double standards applied to the Biden administration and Trump's time in office.

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The truth about the Durham Report is extremely ugly.
The truth about the Durham Report is that it was indeed the Obama Administration and then members of the Deep State, FBI, CIA, what have you, they are the ones that ran a coup.
They ran a coup in 2016 and then they ran a coup again in 2020.
Censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story, just one of the instances.
The impeachments against Donald Trump, it was all a coup.
They're the ones running the coup.
They're the ones running the insurrections.
And now, everybody knows it.
Even liberal members of the media are now opening up and being honest about what was in the Durham report.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
The Cloward-Piven strategy was developed by Richard Cloward and Francis Piven in the 1960s.
It outlines a strategy for radical social change by way of abusing the system to the point of destruction.
You know, we were associated with the social work tradition, which said that the programs worked as they were supposed to work.
But they didn't work as they were supposed to work.
And it was out of that realization, that insight, that we developed the strategy to end poverty, which called for a massive mobilization of social workers and lawyers and organizers to get people the benefits to which they were entitled.
We were proposing a kind of movement that demanded what people were already entitled to by law, by regulation, by propaganda.
The primary goal of the Cloward-Piven strategy is to create a political and economic crisis that would destroy capitalism and lead to the implementation of a socialist system with a guaranteed income.
The strategy involves enrolling large numbers of people into the welfare system.
As many people as it takes to overwhelm and strain the system until it collapses, everyone enrolled into the welfare system is also used as an army to carry out the destruction of the current system.
They are registered to vote and instructed on how to vote.
They are organized and mobilized and made to appear as grassroots organizations demanding more from the system.
The ideal outcome of the Cloward-Piven strategy is to collapse the current system.
According to their theory, this will compel the government to implement a universal basic income, which would then shift the U.S.
towards a more socialist system with increased government control over the economy.
Everyone is being encouraged to do it.
Burn it down is the new sexy ring.
In high school, they compare it to the American Revolution.
The Cloward-Piven strategy is a political gambit designed to overwhelm the American government by placing so many demands on the bureaucratic structure that it collapses.
It's sort of a shock and awe campaign, a surprise attack on entrenched systems meant to force major changes to the ways that things are handled by the government.
It may be messy, but it does harken back to a fundamental ideology of the American Republic.
If it ain't fixed, break it!
All of this explains the likes of AOC.
What people like AOC are doing, what the squad is doing, is really very important.
Very important.
But at the same time there is this
Movement, which is so big.
Some people say it's the biggest movement in American history.
It's hard to know because it's hard to measure a movement.
But it is big and it is interracial and it penetrates into every small town.
I now am in upstate New York.
The town I'm closest to has maybe 2,000 people.
You know, we have little demonstrations in front of the post office for Black Lives Matter.
And this is Trump country.
Nevertheless, there is a Black Lives Matter demonstration.
So it's a very potent and important moment in American political development.
And we have to make the most of it because if we don't,
We don't know what's going to happen, but it's not going to be good.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
And they say, oh, that's like 1776.
Well, here's an idea.
I don't like the FBI.
Why don't we just shut it down?
How about we don't collapse the country?
How about we identify the problematic bureaucracies and just shut them down?
No, they'd rather destroy things.
That's what they're into.
An honor and privilege to be with you here on this Monday, May 22nd, 2023.
You know, there's one thing I think we can all agree on.
Even, you just heard from Cloward and Piven right there.
Is it fair to say that the U.S.
government is the primary source of the worst evil on the planet?
Is it fair to say that?
Is it fair to say that in your experience in this life that the US government is the most evil entity you've ever encountered?
I think that might be fair to say.
I think you could probably find people on all political spectrums that would agree with that.
But see, the difference is
Where do you then distribute the power?
Do you distribute the power to the individual in a self-government system in a democratic republic?
Or do you distribute the power to a centralized group that then determines how you will live your life?
And ultimately, in the second situation, you end up becoming the source of evil.
The government.
And isn't that what is really at the spine of this news organization?
Isn't that what is the guts of InfoWars?
Isn't that the soul of this audience?
The U.S.
government as it stands is the highest level evil entity on the planet.
It is the most destructive interference in your life.
And you'd think
We, the people, all of us of this country, could at least agree on that.
But oh, it's kind of like with the vaccines, isn't it?
Remember when Trump was the president in the latter months of 2020, and we had the first COVID-19 vaccine,
And you had Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and other members of the Democrat Party and the liberal leftist elite establishment.
And what did they tell you?
Do not get Trump's vaccine.
I will never take Trump's vaccine.
Trump's vaccine is the worst.
It'll kill you.
Don't take Trump's vaccine.
Let me just write that down.
Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, mainstream media, Democrat Party, Trump vaccine, bad.
Do not ever take Trump vaccine.
It'll kill you.
Got it.
Well, then what happened as soon as Biden got into office?
All of a sudden, the vaccine was great!
All of a sudden, the vaccine was spectacular!
And it's so great, in fact, we should mandate it, even though we deny we mandated it, even though we did mandate it.
That's how great it was.
But the ingredients of the vaccine never changed.
The manufacturers of the vaccine never changed.
In fact, the vaccine itself, nothing changed at all!
All that changed was that now Joe Biden was the president instead of Donald Trump.
So now the vaccine is good?
Now it's that same logic that the left would have you believe about the U.S.
Oh, when it's Bush!
When it's Trump!
Their wars are bad.
The U.S.
government, the executive branch, evil when they're in charge.
And I wouldn't even disagree necessarily that it was evil when Bush was in.
In fact, I would say probably in my life the only non-full evil entity that was in the White House was Donald Trump.
Not saying he was perfect, he made plenty of mistakes.
The vaccine being one of them.
But I believe that was a mistake by Donald Trump.
Big difference.
Oh, but now that Biden and the Democrats are in control, no big deal!
The government's back to being the good guys.
If it's Obama, the government's are the good guys.
If it's Biden, the government's are the good guys.
If Trump's in office, the vaccine is bad.
If Biden's in office, the vaccine is good.
So, right there, you understand the logical fallacies, inconsistencies, and just straight-up lies.
But I didn't even mean to go off on that jag.
It's just, when I...
Saw the Gregory Special Report on McLeod and Piven.
It's funny to hear anti-establishment leftists talking about how evil the government is.
It's like, oh yeah, here, here, here, here!
Hi, I agree, let's shut down the FBI and the CIA and the State Department.
Well, no, no, no, no, we just need to run it.
That's the problem, see?
If you just put commies in charge, then everything will be better.
The hell?
We do have a lot on this though, because it's all over the news, including the mainstream news, that
The truth about the Durham Report is extremely ugly.
The truth about the Durham Report is that it was indeed the Obama Administration and then members of the Deep State, FBI, CIA, what have you, they are the ones that ran a coup.
They ran a coup in 2016 and then they ran a coup again in 2020.
Censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story, just one of the instances.
The impeachments against Donald Trump, it was all a coup.
They're the ones running the coup.
They're the ones running the insurrections.
And now, everybody knows it.
Even liberal members of the media are now opening up and being honest about what was in the Durham report.
Like Chuck Todd.
So what does that mean?
What does it mean that Joe Biden can't even open an umbrella, can't even walk upstairs, can't even ride a bike?
He's in Japan embarrassing himself.
And who is in charge of this man where he goes out on a bike ride
And he's got that goofy helmet on.
Okay, fine.
Wear a bike helmet.
Safety first.
The point is, he rolls up on a bicycle in front of a media gaggle.
Like, who organized this?
And he's sitting there like a complete goofball.
Like a three-year-old kid with a bike helmet that's too big for him.
Like, sliding off of his head on the bike that he can't even ride.
He looks like a damn three-year-old.
It's embarrassing.
But I guess not nearly as embarrassing as the crimes his family has committed.
Now McCarthy is balking, I think, saying, the FBI is getting ready to charge!
The FBI is getting ready to go after Biden!
Why do you do this, McCarthy?
Why do you do this?
You're batting, you're like 1 for 100 as Speaker of the House.
I mean, you are a miserable failure so far as Speaker of the House.
And then you actually finally do something last week, holding that press conference, making some strong statements,
And then you follow that up by claiming that the FBI is finally going to do something right?
Oh ho ho!
And you just lost all the ground that you gained and you go right back to zero.
Bottom of the barrel.
Potentially even corrupt.
Now speaking of corruption, it's how it all works
Jeffrey Epstein appeared to blackmail Bill Gates over his affair with a Russian bridge player.
Bill Gates, Russian bridge player?
Bill Gates colluding with the Russians?
Is anybody else blackmailing Bill Gates over his Russian affairs?
Is this why his wife eventually left him?
We'll have more on that.
More on the Durham Report.
They're telling you the big story is the debt ceiling today.
Okay, sure.
The clown debt.
The clown currency.
Yep, that's what you should be concerned about.
The clown currency that they're just gonna honk into oblivion.
Some news out of Ukraine.
The American left is now more racist.
This is the most racist the American left has been since they were wearing white hoods.
And, oh my gosh, what the left is wanting to do to children now, what the Democrats want to do to children, calling them trans kids.
Yeah, you won't even believe this.
All of that and more coming up today on the Alex Jones Show.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
That goes both ways.
That goes for the satanic globalists.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
But that goes for us, too.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
That used to be the United States of America, but they got us in their clutches now, don't they?
Last night, I did a classic talk radio format transmission with callers discussing a single topic, which was, who is your frontrunner for 2024?
With the ultimate backdrop being the understanding that
The establishment, the deep state, is already getting their ducks in a row to select and to put in their own candidate, which is obviously not Donald Trump.
And so there's more on this today and yesterday.
And I gotta tell ya, it's...
It's a surreal thing because I've been broadcasting for over 10 years and when you see something in the news and then you take it to your broadcast, that's part of the process.
Well now...
It seems like everywhere I turn, every station, every radio station, every internet show, what have you, it seems that now their narratives, their talking points are pulled right from InfoWars.
Now, I have no way of knowing whether they're actually getting the talking points of their narratives from InfoWars, if they're listening to us or not, but it would be hard to believe if they're not, but that would be even better news that they're getting it for themselves.
I mean, it's everywhere I go.
It's like every guest on the Tim Pool Show.
It's guests that they have on Fox News.
I can just tell the Fox executive is probably clenching, clenching their you-know-whats when these guests go on the air, like what happened on Fox News.
Former Deputy National Security Advisor claims FBI, CIA, and DOJ will rig 2024 presidential election after successfully rigging 2016 and 2020 elections.
Now this is former Deputy National Security Advisor under Donald Trump, Katie McFarland.
She was on with Maria Barcheromo.
And she was discussing the Durham Report, amongst other things.
And she's alleging that the Justice Department, the FBI, and the CIA are planning a coup for the 2024 presidential election.
Now this is already ongoing.
This is already ongoing with all of the political persecution of Donald Trump supporters, the continued political persecution of Donald Trump himself.
And you know, we tend to forget.
Sure, we'll ask, how many federal agents were on the ground on January 6th, provocateuring events?
It's like we found out in the fake plot to kidnap
Governor Whitmer.
You say, well, how many FBI agents were a part of that plot?
And it turned out of the 20 people involved, 17 of them were feds.
And in the three guys that weren't feds that gotten trapped in this scheme, clearly orchestrated and run by Democrats, 17 FBI agents set up three men and they get arrested.
So we understand, okay, they put people out in the field, they run entrapment schemes, they run provocateur schemes, they've got field agents running all kinds of shenanigans whenever there's big events like this, but we tend to forget Operation Mockingbird.
We tend to forget Operation Mockingbird, highlighted in the JFK files, where the CIA and the FBI had their people in the media telling you the false narrative,
But now we forget.
Is it insane to wonder how many federal agents might be on television every day posing as newscasters?
Is that crazy?
Have I lost my mind?
Because the media is every bit a part of this coup against the American people and Donald Trump, and every bit a part of this coup
Against our elections to rig elections.
So am I crazy to think, hmm, if former national security advisors are warning about the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ rigging elections, and I already know that the mainstream media likes to lie in regards to elections as well, well when do we start asking the question,
How many members of the media are actually federal agents?
Or have I completely lost my mind?
Or does Operation Mockingbird not even exist?
Or did the revelations in the JFK files talking about their operatives in the media just not exist?
Thank God for Maria Bartiromo.
Her Sunday morning show breaks news almost every week now.
I wonder if there'll be a new lawsuit that gets her off the air like they did to Tucker Carlson.
And then there's RFK, and I'm just going to be short on time here.
Robert Kennedy Jr.
on Durham Report.
The report is appalling.
You have 50 top-level CIA agents who agree to collaborate in a project to fix the election.
Here's presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
The Democrats don't like, and the mainstream media is not really talking about the Durham report.
For me, because I've been concerned for so many years about the CIA's illegal propagandizing American people, which it's not legally allowed to do, that report is appalling.
And it's not just the report and the guy who did it, which you can say
You know, it's the transcripts of the conversations that the CIA and FBI agents were having where they were acknowledging that what they were doing was wrong, that it had no basis.
And so you have the CIA coming in, 50 CIA, top-level CIA agents who agree to collaborate in a project to fix an election.
And to discredit one of the candidates.
I don't like Donald Trump.
I don't think he was a good president.
But people are allowed to disagree with that.
And I can be friends with people who don't agree with me.
And I can listen to their point of view.
We need to apply rules across the board.
We can't just say it's okay to shut up Donald Trump, it's okay for CIA agents to fix an election against him.
It's unbelievable how many people have this binary thinking because I'll say something about this, like how horrible this whole Russian investigation was, and people would be like, oh so you love Donald Trump?
No, I think Donald Trump was a horrible president on many fronts.
I will never forgive Donald Trump for funding the Saudi war in Yemen.
I will never forgive Donald Trump for blowing up budgets in the reckless way that he did.
And I will never forgive him for keeping Fauci as the head of the task force through all of 2020.
Or how about locking down the whole country?
Yeah, and supporting it, at least, as the governors were doing it.
However, I can also look at the information here and go, look, it's pretty clear that this was a frame job.
And what you have here is the intelligence agencies framing the sitting president of the United States for treason.
Now let's come back and unpack that on the other side.
And there's one thing missing here.
There's one thing missing here.
I'll explain on the other side.
You know, one thing I like about RFK, that he may even have an edge on Trump, is he's an honest man.
Now I'm not saying Trump is a bona fide liar, but he has lied to us, specifically about the vaccines.
And so that's not something I forget or take lightly.
Now again, I'm not a purist and it's a very complex thing weighing potential political candidates, presidential candidates.
In my view.
And while I might disagree with Robert Kennedy Jr.
on a lot of things, having an honest man is extremely important
And maybe in some regards more important than policy.
I think there's a balance there.
But I want to go back to this clip for a second because I want to highlight something and unpack something.
And I see this trend all the time and I call it out all the time as well.
It's kind of like the Elon Musk interview that went viral last week on CNBC when the guy says, well, don't you think that people will get upset if you say something negative about George Soros?
Or if you say something negative about trans kids and Musk just kind of sits there like indifferent like, what is this interview here?
Because it's this implication, it's this overarching implication that somehow having a conservative view or maybe having a right-wing view on something or even a centrist view at this point is somehow controversial and somehow everyone will disagree with you.
When really the exact opposite is true.
But let's say Elon Musk came out and said, I think abortion is great.
Do you think the CNBC interviewer would have said, you know, you said you like abortion.
Don't you think that would anger people?
No, he wouldn't say that because you're just supposed to accept that left-wing ideologies and left-wing policies are popular when they're not.
So you can say all kinds of liberal BS.
You can talk about chopping off kids' genitals.
You can talk about aborting your children.
You can talk about all this other crap.
And nobody in the media will sit there and say, hmm, do you maybe think you shouldn't say that because you might upset some people?
But oh, you mention how George Soros is funding all these prosecuting attorneys and completely overwhelming the justice system and you say you don't like it, all of a sudden that's controversial and maybe you shouldn't say that.
So it's this...
Implication, this applied understanding that somehow the left-wing ideology and the left-wing worldview is the consistent one that we should all be thinking about and it's the center of all of our ideologies and beliefs and everything stems from that and anything against that nucleus is just wrong and controversial.
So it's the same thing here in this RFK interview, and I want to unpack this.
It's the same thing.
So, oh, Elon Musk says something about George W. Bush.
Oh, that's controversial.
People are going to be upset with you.
But if he said he loves to chop up kids' genitals or he loves to abort babies, they wouldn't have asked that.
It would have been great.
It wouldn't have been controversial.
They would have celebrated it.
That's propaganda right there.
That's propaganda right there.
And see, Elon Musk is smart.
He knows it.
That's why he doesn't even blink.
During that interview.
But let me show you another example of this in the RFK interview.
Now, I have no problem with RFK saying Trump is a bad president.
I have no problem with the host of the interview saying Trump was a bad president.
But I want you to listen to it again, and I want you to hear exactly what I'm talking about.
So here they are saying why they don't like Trump, but let's watch this again and listen to this again, and let's ask the obvious question here, which is, why are you scolding Trump for that?
Here it is.
I don't like Donald Trump.
I don't think he was a good president, but people are allowed to disagree with that, and I can be friends with people who don't agree with me.
And I can listen to their point of view, and, you know, we need to apply rules across the board.
Yeah, I completely agree.
We can't just say, it's okay to shut up Donald Trump, it's okay for CIA agents to fix an election against him.
Yeah, exactly.
It's unbelievable how many people have this binary thinking, because I'll say something about this, like how horrible this whole Russian investigation was, and people would be like, oh, so you love Donald Trump?
No, I think Donald Trump was a horrible president on many fronts.
I think, like, I will never forgive Donald Trump for funding the Saudi war in Yemen.
I will never forgive Donald Trump for blowing up budgets in the reckless way that he did.
And I will never forgive him for keeping Fauci as the head of the task force.
Okay, so pause it right here.
So, okay, fair criticism of Donald Trump.
Totally fair.
I'm sorry, what was the host's name again?
I was trying to listen, guys.
What was it?
Dave Smith.
So I have no problem with Dave Smith's analysis there.
Dave Smith.
But you see the same assumptions are happening there in that interview that happened in the CNBC interview.
Donald Trump funding the Yemen-Saudi Arabia war.
That's been going on for decades.
That's been going on long before Donald Trump ever got into office.
Ask Obama about that.
The atrocities going on in Yemen are decades old.
Now, I'm not defending Donald Trump trying to win favor with the Saudis by supporting them.
But see, it's the same thing.
All the other politicians, candidates, you can fund Saudi Arabia forever, they can destroy Yemen forever, but Donald Trump is the problem.
Donald Trump is the problem.
Donald Trump blowing up the budgets.
You're absolutely right.
Donald Trump definitely blew up the budgets.
Cannot deny it.
So did every other single president before him.
Does that make it right?
But did the other presidents get the same criticism?
How about Anthony Fauci?
Anthony Fauci has been in the U.S.
government for what?
Four decades?
Five decades?
The major AIDS scandal that they made a movie about?
Dallas Buyers Club?
Yeah, you know the bad guy in the movie Dallas Buyers Club that killed all those gay men?
That was Anthony Fauci.
So yeah, was Donald Trump wrong to put Fauci in charge?
Is that a fair criticism of Donald Trump?
But again, where is all the criticism of Fauci?
He's been in government for 50 frickin' years!
But now Trump is the bad guy because he put Fauci in the government, even though he's been there for 50 years.
Including the massive aid scandal.
So you see, it's the same thing!
It's like, oh wow, you say something bad about George Soros, oh boy, people are going to be really upset about that.
But hey, you say something positive about trans kids or abortion or something like that, hey, no controversy there.
We don't need to worry about your potential customers or clients worrying about that, right?
Because everybody loves that.
It's the same thing.
Oh, Donald Trump funded the Saudi-Yemen war.
So did everyone before him.
Oh, Donald Trump blew up the buzzards.
So did everybody before him.
Oh, Donald Trump put Fauci in the government.
He was already in government for five decades.
So it's like this weird thing, it's like anything on the right wing, anything conservative, anything Republican, is already bad, even if it's been going on long before they were in, even though if it's actually populist to say George Soros is a problem, no, if you don't have the establishment left-wing view, then somehow you're criticized.
Or if you come into office and do the exact same thing every president before you has done, but your name is Donald Trump, you're the one to blame.
Now, again, the interview there, I think it's powerful.
Everything he says is accurate, I'm not denying it.
Here's what's missing.
Here's what's missing.
From Ben Weingarten, real clear investigations.
The Durham report indicts the Deep State and the media.
Yeah, except here's the problem, nobody's been indicted.
Nobody's been indicted.
That's the problem.
Everybody knows it happened.
Everybody knows the media lied to us.
The media at this point should know that they were lied to by the intelligence agencies, or maybe they're a part of them.
And yet, no indictments, no charges.
So you see, it's the same thing.
It's the exact same thing.
Well, because they were going against Donald Trump,
Because they were going against the American right, because they were going up against the Republican Party and conservative values, it's okay, we don't need any indictments.
I don't even know how to properly lay out this phenomenon.
I don't know if there's even a word for it.
I mean, propaganda is what it is, but it's like, is it Stockholm Syndrome that we just assume
We should just, everything should stem from the left wing, even though the populist movement is clearly on the right wing here?
Alright, Kevin McCarthy's claiming the FBI is getting ready to move against Biden.
Do you believe that?
For a second.
I don't.
Maybe we'll open up the lines on that later here on the Alex Jones Show.
By the way,
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All right.
Biden gets low ratings on economy, guns, immigration, and AP NORC poll.
You know, I got to tell you, too.
I'm not like somebody that likes to eavesdrop per se, but when you work in radio and media, you develop a very keen sense of sound.
Well, you can imagine.
I mean, I've got my earpiece in my ear.
I'm listening to the crew talking to me.
Sometimes I'm listening to clips.
Sometimes you're talking while doing all of this.
You know, sometimes you're on the phone and you need to listen to something.
So I've got a very keen sense.
And it's like everywhere I go, if I hear somebody talking politics, it's how bad Biden is, how bad the country has been since he got into office.
And these don't sound like Trump supporters, by the way.
These sound like politically indifferent or apathetic people that are just looking at the neutrally observable fact that life in America has gotten worse under Joe Biden.
700 gajillion votes and most popular president of all time, but...
But hey!
Low ratings on pretty much every important indicator in a presidential election cycle.
Economy, immigration, security, he's pulling extremely low.
But hey, hey, hey!
When he gets that nomination from the popular RFK Jr., and then he beats Donald Trump without even having to campaign...
With the perfect amount of votes showing up at the exact right time before the buzzer, you better not ask any questions, you better not execute your First Amendment right, or you're going down at the hands of the U.S.
And I've got other news on that as well, folks.
I'm telling you, I'm telling you, it's not properly understood the evil wickedness that is the Democrat Party.
And you know, I've decided, because I don't want to be labeled a Republican, I'm not a Republican,
I lean Republican.
I'm a Republican voter because their policies are obviously best for the country.
But there tends to be this thing where if you say negative things about the Democrat Party, people just assume that means you think positively about the Republican Party when that's not the case.
But no, the Democrat Party needs to be understood by the American people as
Some of the worst political movements in the history of the world.
When it comes to targeting their political opposition, destroying their political opposition, imprisoning their political opposition, silencing their political opposition, and do I have to tell you where that all leads?
But let's get back to the Biden news.
Debt ceiling negotiations crumble.
McCarthy and Biden to hold Sunday call as impasse intensifies.
Can you imagine being on a phone call with Joe Biden?
What do you think that is like?
Can you imagine the confusion?
So now today on debt ceiling, Biden and McCarthy to meet Monday as negotiations keep working to resolve standoff.
And then what is McCarthy's problem?
McCarthy knows the Biden crime family.
McCarthy knows Joe Biden is corrupt.
And he just goes in there and has these clown debt ceiling meetings as if everything is cool.
As if Joe Biden is the real president.
The clown debt.
What are we at?
Like $38 trillion in debt now?
It's like $96,000 of debt per U.S.
Oh, and see, now you know why they hate your cryptocurrency so much.
I've got news on that coming up.
Majority of Americans believe Joe Biden committed impeachable offenses.
Poll shows.
Rasmussen poll found 53% of Americans believe Joe Biden committed high crimes and misdemeanors since taking the White House in 2021.
And now the T word is getting thrown around a lot, including from Donald Trump.
And that is not something to be taken lightly.
And I'll tell you that the T-word is the... I mean, that's like Voldemort in D.C., folks.
That's like Voldemort in D.C.
You don't say the T-word.
Because they know that up and down the streets of Washington, D.C.
in the Capitol building, treason gets committed every single day by these crooks.
Every single day they're committing treason against you.
Every single day they're committing treason against your Constitution and your Bill of Rights.
But don't talk about it.
No, don't talk about it.
And people continue to ask.
And by the way, it's not just left-wingers, it's not just David Hogg.
There have been conservatives that this has happened to as well, like Laura Loomer.
And by the way, I support David Hogg's right to free speech.
But people ask me, they say, Owen,
And they send me all these examples.
Owen, here's a bunch of other people doing exactly what you did, but actually theirs was even longer and they even resisted the arrest.
Yours was in less time and you cooperated with law enforcement.
How come you're still in court every month for the disruption of Congress with Jerry Nadler that happened in December of 2019?
Yeah, I'm in court every month and going to be in court again in June.
Oh, and why are you still in court dealing with this stuff?
Everybody else that does this, they get either the case is tossed out or it's finished within the first court date.
Why are you still dealing with it?
Because I said the T-word, folks.
That's a no-go zone.
You don't say the T-word in the Capitol.
You don't say the T-word in front of these politicians.
That's why I'm still being politically persecuted.
Because I said it right to their face.
And now Speaker McCarthy says FBI is ready to turn over damning document alleging criminal bribery scheme involving Joe Biden.
And then the FBI tells him to pound sand.
McCarthy, you're not that dumb, are you?
McCarthy, you don't live under that illusion, do you?
The FBI has been well aware of the Biden crime family for at least four years and has done nothing.
Iodine is naturally acquired through the soil, which is at the foundation of our entire food supply.
Modern farming techniques have stripped the soil of this essential trace element, which has caused an iodine deficiency in about half the population.
And there are two things we need to do about it.
We need to practice more regenerative farming.
There are plenty of proven technologies in permaculture and biodynamics that will naturally keep the soil rich with iodine.
And we need to ensure that we get the sufficient amount of iodine every day.
Derived from ancient sea salts found thousands of feet below the Earth's surface, our InfoWars Life Survival Shield X3 is hands down the best.
Pure nascent iodine, stabilized in an activated triiodine form.
For a healthy thyroid and a healthy metabolism, get yours now at InfoWarsStore.com.
It's probably important that the American people understand the flow of power, if you will.
Folks, these federal bureaucracies have no real jurisdiction.
And it is actually upon Congress not just to do oversight, but also command and control if that becomes the circumstance warranted.
So let's just see how pathetic Kevin McCarthy is on this when he says that the FBI is ready to turn over the documents showing the Bryden crime family bribery schemes and then the FBI won't do it.
Well, Kevin, it's now your job to do something about it.
The FBI, the FBI answers to Congress.
The FBI answers to Congress, but something, something very twisted, something very dark has happened to this country, and now it seems that the FBI and the CIA are running the entire show.
And it seems they're now above Congress, above the law, above the very republic that we call the United States of America.
And I have zero faith in Kevin McCarthy to do anything about it.
So this is going to be another cucking moment for Kevin McCarthy in my eyes.
And by the way, I want to be clear.
I'm rooting for Kevin McCarthy.
I'd love for Kevin McCarthy, who fought like hell for that gavel, to actually use it for good.
To actually...
Be an American hero instead of another American loser that goes through Congress enriching himself, building his own prestige and legacy.
I'd love for Kevin McCarthy to be an American hero.
I'd love for Kevin McCarthy to actually do the right thing, but I have zero faith that he will, and I really don't see any reason to believe he's going to do his job and make sure proper oversight
Or punishment happens at the FBI for all the crimes that they've committed.
So what's the problem now?
Where Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House in Congress, who's supposed to be doing the oversight of the FBI, and when he says, hey, you guys need to release the Biden crime family documents now, and they say, screw you, Kevin.
Well, that's when Kevin McCarthy and the Oversight Committees are supposed to be taking action.
So what is the hold-up, Kevin?
You're not all twisted in front of a fireplace with Frank Luntz now, are you?
He doesn't have you pinned to the ground in front of a fireplace, does he?
Do we need to send help?
Even Chuck Todd!
You can't even believe it!
This is like eating out of the garbage, but I mean, Chuck Todd floats church committee style investigation into FBI after fallout from Durham report.
Citing how the people have lost trust in the FBI.
Chuck Todd, meet the press!
That's like a Democrat puppet.
It's like a Democrat mannequin they're calling it at.
It's RFK!
It's the host of that interview!
It's Chuck Todd!
This is so open and shut, McCarthy!
People on the left and the right know the FBI is corrupt!
And you still can't make a proper move!
You still can't spearhead this movement!
Oh, that's nice.
You did a press conference last week.
Good press conference.
You said the right things.
We'd like some action.
We'd like some action.
Now, okay.
We can email Kevin McCarthy.
We can call Kevin McCarthy's office.
But do you agree with Kevin McCarthy?
He thinks the FBI is going to turn on Biden.
He thinks the FBI is going to release the documents.
Did you not just see the hearing where the Democrats and the FBI were working together to destroy Donald Trump and silence his supporters?
Did you not just see that hearing?
Did you not see the Democrats pissed off because the FBI whistleblowers were showing the crimes that are run against the Democrats' political opposition?
What is wrong with Kevin McCarthy?
He thinks the FBI is going to expose the Biden crime family?
Kevin, are you even paying attention to your own House committee?
That just had the FBI whistleblowers up there with the Democrats running cover for the FBI and their criminal activity against Donald Trump and against Donald Trump supporters and against conservatives?
Were you there, Kevin?
Are you awake?
Are you playing tiddlywinks with Joe Biden on the phone?
I'm just confused, Kevin, if you even have a clue the country that you're supposedly the Speaker of the House in.
Just curious.
Because, man, I mean, it really seemed like you wanted that gavel badly.
But, uh...
Where you at, bud?
Where you at?
Oh, oh, oh.
Court filing review.
Court filing reveals FBI...
Abused warrantless search powers more than 278 times in 2021.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I read that wrong, guys.
Let me just correct myself.
Court filing reveals FBI abused warrantless search powers more than 278,000 times in 2021.
No, not 278 times.
278,000 times.
Ah, yes.
And notice, notice what that date is.
As soon as Joe Biden got into office.
As soon as Joe Biden got into office, 200 and... How do you even do that?
In fact, guys, can you pull out, pull up a calculator?
What is 365?
Or what is 278,000 divided by 365?
Math is my weak point.
I mean that, what is that like?
Is that like 200 warrantless searches a day?
Somebody bail me out here.
I'm a 21st century moron that can't do math.
If we can, get up a calculator here.
Let's see.
I'm so bad at it.
Excuse me, guys.
761 is what we have here?
Is that correct?
761 warrantless searches in the year 2021, as soon as Biden got into office.
Am I hearing this right?
Is that our math that we've done here?
Oh, it's actually, well, we round up here, so it's actually 762.
You know, knowing this demonic government, I'm surprised they didn't go for the 666 number every day, just for fun, you know?
Just for funsies.
Kind of like what they do with these COVID bills, like COVID Bill 666, we're gonna inject you with this mRNA 6 Bill 666.
It's like Bill Gates Bill 060606, nanotechnology in your brains.
It's like they don't even hide it anymore.
So geez, FBI, you actually missed your number.
It was supposed to be 666 warrantless searches a day.
You guys went over, you did 762.
As soon as Biden got into office, as soon as Biden got into office, 762 warrantless searches per day by the FBI.
You know, I was thinking about this too, because again, I've covered this ad nauseum, so I don't want to go into the details here, but I was thinking about it.
What does Trump need to do to really win over my unequivocal support?
What would Trump have to do?
Because right now it's more just like...
To me, Trump's the frontrunner.
I'd like to see a potential revenge tour, redemption tour, and I mean, I like RFK Jr., I just don't think he has a chance.
I like Vivek Ramaswamy, I just don't think he has a chance.
So it's like Trump's the one with the chance, Trump's the one that can get in there.
Whether I think he's the best candidate or not, that's just my realistic take.
But I'm thinking, what does Trump need to do to really win my full support again like he had in 2016 and 2020?
And maybe he's thinking about this, but to me,
The normal political timing for a presidential campaign is now thrown out the window.
So forget about the normal timing to do things.
Donald Trump needs to come out and he needs to actually put together his list of every nominee or every person he's going to put in charge.
So for example, Donald Trump should come out and say, I'm either going to fire Christopher Wray and abolish the FBI or I'm going to fire Christopher Wray and here's who I'm going to put in charge.
And he should do that for every cabinet seat.
Because that's one of our biggest concerns about a potential President Trump is he's going to put the wrong people next to him again.
He's going to put the wrong people in charge again and it's going to sabotage his presidency again.
That's one of our biggest concerns.
So he should probably put out a master list of all his potential nominees or all the different roles and cabinet positions and who he's going to fill them with.
Including what he's going to do about this corrupt FBI.
I think that would be very important.
But hey, I mean, you know, who cares if the FBI does 700 and whatever warrantless searches a day as soon as Biden gets into office?
They're Democrats now, so it's okay.
It's kind of like with the vaccine.
Hey, when Trump's in office, the vaccine is bad.
But when Biden's in office, the vaccine is good.
Same vaccine!
So, oh, if the FBI was doing this when Trump was in office, it'd be abuse of power?
They'd need arrests?
Shut it down?
But when Biden's in office, it's all good, baby!
And we know why.
Bank of America handed FBI payment records of people in D.C.
on January 6th, whether they were a suspect or not.
So, uh, sorry to say, but whoever was involved in this at Bank of America probably needs to be subpoenaed, indicted, charged, and same thing with whoever was doing this at the FBI.
So, uh, Kevin McCarthy?
Paging Kevin McCarthy?
Paging Kevin McCarthy?
But oh, McCarthy says the FBI is gonna show us all the Biden crime documents they have, oh.
This is what you get, folks.
You want to know what it's like when Democrats are in charge?
You want to know what your future beholds when Democrats are in charge?
Feel sympathy for Peter Schwartz, but understand this is your future under the current trajectory with Democrats in power and the abuses of power within the federal government.
J6 political prisoner attacked by guards after complaining about raw sewage on the floor of his cell and asking for running water.
And we've seen inside the cells.
And let me just, because I get this question a lot.
There's been a lot of January 6th defendants and prisoners that are doing interviews and people keep sending me their contacts saying they want to come on the show with me.
Folks, I'm not allowed to talk to any January 6th defendants.
I'm not allowed as part of my probation.
So I'm not ignoring these men.
I'm not ignoring these victims.
But I'm not allowed to talk to them.
So I'm still being politically persecuted because of this.
But the point is,
We've seen inside the cells.
They literally, their toilets get overflowed and feces runs over.
They don't have running water.
The sewage just sits on the floor and just stinks up the room.
I've been in the D.C.
It's the worst prison you've ever seen.
You can't even believe it.
I don't even know how it's legal.
But that's the treatment the January 6th defendants are getting.
But understand this.
That will be you.
That will be you if you are not a good slave.
If you dare not be a willing slave to the regime, if you dare not be a willing slave to their political policies, ideologies, persecutions, if you don't go along with this regime currently operating out of the Democrat Party, they will censor you, they will debank you, they will try to destroy you, they will imprison you,
And you know what happens next, folks.
If these sickos, if these sick freaks inside the federal government and the Democrat Party are willing to put non-violent, innocent men in a prison being flooded with raw sewage, you really think that's as far as they'll go?
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Where to go from here?
Where to go from here?
Well, sadly, I've got a stack of this absolutely disgusting stuff that the left wants to do to your kids.
It's hard to really reason with this in any other way, shape, or form other than to just say, are you guys pedophiles?
Are you guys serial child abusers?
Because that's what it looks like to the general public at this point.
With your drag queen sexy time for kids shows.
With your cancelling of gay pride parades because you can't do lewd acts on the streets in front of children.
With the pornographic material you want in the classrooms for them.
Now, I wanna
Get into this news, and I want to use this story as bookends, because if you understand this, you understand what it's really all about.
Oh my gosh, I'm getting nauseous watching this.
If you're an audio listener, it's a male stripper dressed as a woman with a child, looks like maybe a six-year-old girl, in the chair.
Like, you ever been to a bachelor party, or you ever had a party with your friends, and
You'll have a dancer there, and you put your bachelor friend on the chair, and they do a little strip dance for him.
Well, that's what they're doing to little girls now, with men pretending to be women, with their junk hanging out.
And they, you know, put it right in front of these kids, folks.
I mean, I don't know what else to tell you.
That's what's going on here.
It's hundreds of videos.
Believe me, I'm as disgusted with it as you are.
You think I like covering this crap?
You think I like going to the Capitol and facing down these wicked monsters?
So use this story as the bookends for this segment.
America's most closeted state revealed.
Where residents come first in the nation for googling the terms.
Am I gay?
Am I lesbian?
Am I trans?
CCI study highlighted a nationwide increase of 1300% in searches related to sexual and gender identity questions since 2004.
Now folks,
Who do you think is searching that on the internet?
And why do you think they're searching that on the internet?
Because of the propaganda that the American left is feeding them in the classroom and in the media.
You know, if you're gay, you probably know you're gay.
Am I trans?
Well, if you're trans, then you've had a surgery.
So again, why are children, all of a sudden, at an increase of 1300% searching, am I gay, am I lesbian, am I trans?
Because they get introduced to all this propaganda, it confuses them, and so then they look it up because they're not sure.
Because they're told all this bullcrap, that doesn't actually make any sense to them, but they're told, no, this is normal, this is what you are.
So they have to go to the internet, to figure it out!
So keep that in mind for a bookend.
Lawmakers want answers on NIH trans kids study that led to two suicides.
These people are sick freaks.
They run trans kids experiments.
They're experimenting with children.
I mean, this is Dr. Mangala level stuff.
This is like Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein.
I mean, these are mad scientists using children
For political experimentation!
Oh, we're going to prove how great trans are for kids!
And then two of them commit suicide.
Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have demanded answers from the National Institutes of Health over a two-year study involving prescribing gender-changing hormones to hundreds of children as they emerged that two of the youths ended up killing themselves.
Was that a successful study, liberals?
Was that a successful experiment?
I guess so.
Two of them killed themselves.
That's what you guys like.
You're a death cult.
You're mad they got out of the womb.
So let's chop them up!
So again...
Two kids kill themselves because of a trans kid study.
1300% increase in am I gay, am I trans?
Who's doing this?
Where is this coming from?
What is the source?
Is this not evil?
Target becomes the latest target of anti-woke boycott as it sells satanist pride LGBTQ plus products for kids.
Folks, this is getting out of control.
It's not just putting girls' clothes in the boys' aisle.
It's not just putting, like, an I'm-gay-with-a-rainbow-flag shirt in the boys' aisle.
It's going to dark, sordid places you can't even imagine.
Target under fire for selling clothing made by creepy, satanic, transgender designer that promotes drugs and violence.
Yes, folks, that's how bad it's gotten!
They do studies where kids end up killing themselves!
Now, there's multiple threads on this currently on Twitter if you want to find them.
Scarlett Johnson has one.
AristosRevenge has one.
And you can see these people love to dress up as Satan.
It's like they worship Satan.
It's like... I mean, I want to be accurate here.
If I go around wearing a St.
Louis Cardinals shirt, do I worship the St.
Louis Cardinals baseball team?
No, I'm just a fan.
I like the logo.
I'm just a fan.
I like the team.
Well, that's what they are with Satan.
They like Team Satan.
They like the Satan brand.
They cheer for Team Satan.
That's why they love abortion.
That's why they love trans kids, because they're on Team Satan.
So if I'm watching a Cardinal game and the Cardinals are winning, I'm saying, yeah, go Cardinals!
These people see kids committing suicide, these people see kids getting murdered in the womb, and they say, yes, go Team Satan!
And now Target is bringing them into your children's aisle.
Folks, I'm telling you, the stories at Infowars.com, I just can't even look at this sick crap.
So, anyway, I wouldn't be shopping at Target if I were you.
It's literally now beyond just the LGBTQ themed stuff.
It's satanic drug themed stuff.
And it's not even like, oh, like, oh, I'll go, like, I'll take my kid to a concert or something.
Then they'll have some crazy images, like psychedelic images on the screen.
No, this is like full on branding of drug abuse, satanism.
Nebraska State Senator throws a fit debating sex change bans for minors.
Why do they get so mad?
Why do they get so mad?
I'm up against a break here.
When we come back, I'm going to play this clip.
Look at this deranged freak!
She belongs in a mental institution, not the Nebraska State House.
State Senator Michaela Kavanaugh.
You know, you wouldn't elect a Nazi to office, would you?
So why do you keep voting for Democrats?
You wouldn't elect authoritarian control freaks, Satanists to office, death cult members to office, would you?
So why do you keep voting Democrats?
That D actually stands for death cult.
So we'll play this absolute deranged lunatic on the other side of this break.
Now I'm not saying I would support this, because I wouldn't support this, but you know that the quickest fix, the easiest way to save this country would just be to put all radical left-wingers into a mental asylum, a mental institution.
You do know that that would be the quickest fix to this, right?
I'm going to show you another example.
But by the way, as I'm telling you, because I wouldn't support that, I don't want that.
But you know that's what they're trying to do to you!
You know, the left-wing has decided if we get rid of all right-wingers and Christians and conservatives, then that'll save the country.
And they're actually trying to do it!
And they're running entrapment schemes against you.
And they're censoring you and imprisoning you.
Ah, yes.
And you know the final stage of this.
So here it is.
Tell me, does this woman belong in the Nebraska State Senate or does she belong in a mental institution?
Here is Michaela Kavanaugh supporting trans surgery for minors.
Trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
Trans people belong here!
We need trans people!
We love trans people!
You matter!
You matter!
And I am fighting for you!
And I will not stop!
I will not stop today!
I will not stop tomorrow!
You are loved!
You matter!
You belong here!
Mental institution or Nebraska State Senate?
Where does Michaela Cavan all belong?
Now, let's put aside our own politics here for a second and think about this as an issue.
If you really believe that there's some sort of discrimination or hatred or bigotry against trans people, and you really believe that, okay.
But where does that rank on the issues that we're facing in this country?
How many people are affected by transphobia?
You'd be tough to find one, wouldn't you?
How many people are affected by our gas prices going up, our energy prices going up, the grocery bill going up, property taxes going up?
Well, gee, that's just about everybody, isn't it?
But no, they want to get up there and rant about trans people because they think it's some sort of a virtue signal cause.
Even if you do believe that's a big issue, it's like not even in the top thousand issues this country is facing.
But you know, I think about this.
I think about this because we actually have a growing trans and gay population here in Austin.
I'm not saying that these things coincide with one another, but you know, Austin, when I moved here for multiple years straight, was the number one city to move to and live in.
We're now at number 40.
I'm not saying that has something to do with the trans community moving in here or the gay community moving in here.
I just think it's more about just the left-wing ideology taking over, the Democrat Party taking over, is what takes it from number one to number 40 in less than five years.
And, you know, seeing trans people everywhere or having a new blossoming gay strip downtown is just kind of a sign of that.
Now, I don't really, I'm not really bothered by it.
I like having fun.
I've got a bit of a degenerate side to me.
I like to drink too much, probably.
Not as much anymore, but when I was younger.
And so, I don't care.
I'll walk down the gay strip.
I see people having fun.
I'll laugh.
It's all fun.
It's all fine.
I have no problem with that.
Or... I mean... You go out to eat or you go to restaurants here in Austin, there's actually a chance a trans person is working there and making your food.
And so I see this and I think about it and I, you know,
I'm like, I have no problem if this person wants to dress like a man or a woman, and if they do a good job making food, then fine.
I'm a human, they're a human, they got a job to do.
If they make my food good, then I have no problem.
If they provide good service, then it's fine.
We're all in this together.
But, see, the issue gets conflated here.
Because, should I be concerned
Because you've got all these people now in this local trans community that take my clips of me confronting them at the Capitol and they take them out of context and they say I'm a transphobe and I'm a homophobe and all this other crap that's totally not true.
And then they share it out to the trans community here as an effort to put a target on my back.
And so now should I be concerned if I go out and I'm having somebody that's behind the counter or in the kitchen making my meal that might be a trans person?
I mean it's already going on with leftists and liberals.
But see, the issue here gets conflated.
I'm not against trans people.
I'm not against cross-dressers.
I'm not against drag queens.
I'm against propagandizing children into mutilating their bodies.
That's what I'm against.
I'm against propagandizing children
And grooming them sexually!
That's my issue!
But see, they conflate it, and they take it out of context, and they say, you hate trans people, you're against trans!
No, leave the kids alone!
Again, back to the story.
Why have you had a 1300% increase in children searching, am I gay, am I trans?
You have confused an entire generation of children!
You have confused them!
And they go to the internet asking these questions because you put them in their heads!
That's my problem!
The U.S.
states, mapped, the U.S.
states where school librarians face years in prison and tens of thousands in fines for providing harmful books for children.
They want to argue, this is just biology.
You can go look at any 5th grade science book, biology book, whatever, and it'll have pictures of the human anatomy.
We probably all remember.
They have a scientific, medical picture of the human reproductive organs, and yes, maybe even mammaries, female breasts.
And you might even remember when you first saw it in grade school, maybe you had a little giggle, a little chuckle.
Look, it says testicle!
Look, it says breast!
Ha ha!
But it's clearly a medical picture, not sexual at all, a biological, scientific, medical picture to explain to children, here's what the human body is like.
Here's the reproductive organs.
This is a man's body.
This is a woman's body.
That's learning.
No, now they depict... I can't even believe it.
I mean, do I really have to say it?
I mean, they depict all the most sordid, disgusting sex acts that you can commit, folks.
You know what?
We all like to have a good time with our spouses, significant others, whatever.
We all like to have a good time.
There's stuff that they depict in this textbook that probably 90% of the people in this country would never even think about doing.
And they put that in children's textbooks and they say, no, no, no, this is for educational purposes.
No, it's not.
You're putting pornographic, sexually explicit material in front of these children.
You're putting ideas into their heads that even as adults they wouldn't be interested in.
Book removals may have violated students' civil rights, education department says.
So, okay.
Now, see, you think about the culture jamming aspect of this.
I'm not suggesting anybody does this for obvious reasons, but, you know, this would be the culture-jamming phenomenon.
Oh, I'm gonna go into the classroom and I'm gonna put down a Playboy magazine.
I'm gonna go into the classroom and I'm gonna put down a Maxim pornographic adult material magazine.
And don't tell me that's porn!
Don't tell me that's illicit material for adults only, because that violates the students' civil rights!
That's madness!
That's insanity!
That's criminal!
But oh!
If you put the LGBTQ pride flag, and you say it's LGBTQ educational, then sure!
Sexually abuse the kids!
Sexually groom the kids!
Show them pornographic material!
Do you have a 1300% increase in children searching, am I gay?
Am I trans?
We all know why!
We all know why!
They're trying to normalize sexually grooming and abusing children, folks.
That's what they're doing.
Back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Still plenty more news to cover.
Man, oh man.
Imagine being in Nebraska and you've got your state senators up there ranting and raving
About trans kids and trans people, and you're like, yeah, hi, can I get my property tax lowered?
Or, like, maybe do something about the energy costs?
I'm struggling here.
And they're pounding on the desk, we're gonna have more trans people!
We stand for trans people!
It's like, what is that, .001% of the population?
Okay, gotcha.
Glad to know where you stand on that.
Now, there's a big conversation going on right now
And it's sad where the race relations in the U.S.
has gone again, thanks to the American left.
But the conversation is just not being had in reality.
And so, clearly, culturally, at this point, assumptions are made
Well, how can you even properly lay this out?
Other than just to give you some examples.
Look at the Jordan Neely situation.
Where this deranged individual, Jordan Neely, has been harassing people on New York City subways for decades.
And he's such a known entity of a disruptor and aggressor on the New York City subways, that there's entire threads and forums on internet chat rooms saying, look out for a deranged Michael Jackson impersonator.
Keep your friends and family away.
And so, an incident occurs again, people are feeling threatened, and so a man steps in to subdue the aggressor.
Unfortunately, Neely passes after being subdued.
Now, I am curious, I don't know if there's been a toxicology report, I mean, did they decide it was the strangulation that killed him?
Or is it like a George Floyd situation where actually he overdosed on drugs and died while in police custody?
So did Neely actually die from the strangulation, or was something else at play there?
I don't know if I've ever seen any reports of that, but... Oh, the Marine is the bad guy, and now it's another thing because of racism, and so the white person, who's the good guy in this equation, he has to go to jail and he has to be demonized.
Now, a similar situation has happened on a Chicago train,
Jordan Neely 2.0, passengers intervene as security struggles to contain aggressive individual who was threatening people on CTA Blue Line Grand Station in Chicago.
And of course now these people are heroes, because it's not a white man going against a black man, that's racism.
So now they're the good guys.
Which they are, it doesn't matter what color your skin is.
Jordan Neely was self-medicating with K2 before his death, which, folks, probably means there were other things in his system as well, but I don't know if there's been a toxicology report on that.
But nonetheless... So... The good guys step in to subdue the aggressor in the Chicago train, and that's good.
That's good.
But, mmm, if their skin color was different, maybe it would have been bad.
So, you don't want to step in and stop violent criminals anymore, especially if you're white, because you might end up losing your life.
Angry thugs brutally beat, kick, and stomp on helpless man for several minutes in downtown Los Angeles.
And you say, well, several minutes?
Why didn't anybody step in?
Well, because you step in and stop a criminal, you're now the bad guy!
You're now the criminal!
You're now gonna get a worse prison sentence than the guys actually beating someone half to death!
I'm stunned that women aren't taking a more serious issue to this.
Notice how everybody just sits there and watches this group of non-white supremacists beat up a white guy.
You don't step in and stop non-white supremacists because then you're the racist criminal.
But how are women not more concerned about this issue?
Do you really want to live in a society where deranged lunatics can harass you and be aggressive to you in public and now a good guy who might be there on the train or on the sidewalk won't step in to do the right thing because he's afraid that he'll lose his life if that happens?
Why aren't women taking a more serious issue to this?
So now good men in public doing the right thing is a crime.
I'm surprised women aren't taking a more serious issue.
But so, this individual's not going to be called a racist.
These individuals stomping out this deranged lunatic on the Chicago subway, they're not going to get arrested.
I guess that's because they're not white supremacists.
Even though these are guys doing the right thing.
These are concerned citizens doing the right thing.
So why do you see a group of non-white supremacists beating a white person senselessly in the streets and nobody steps in?
Finally somebody steps in and stops it.
Why doesn't anybody stop this?
Because now, if you step in to stop a crime, specifically against the wrong skin color, or you have the wrong skin color, you're the one going to jail.
You're now the criminal.
White people told they're not welcome at BLM-inspired London play.
That's right.
But that's not discrimination.
That's not segregation.
That's not racism.
By the way, as a white person, I don't give a damn.
Have your own black exclusive events all you want.
And I would never want to have a white exclusive event.
But let's say somebody did.
Well, you know what that would be.
The NAACP, black advocacy group, warns against travel to Florida.
This is just ridiculous.
This is just insane.
As if Florida is a racist state.
I think maybe potentially the best congressman, Byron Donalds, black man from Florida.
You think he's worried about racism?
No, he's really popular actually.
Oh, but see, they're gonna boycott Florida now because, you know, it's a red state.
So we gotta boycott Florida, and DeSantis is stopping our propaganda, so we gotta boycott Florida.
So really, it's like, yeah, good leftists, why don't you all leave Florida?
If all the leftists and liberals left Florida, it will become the place to live, probably in the world.
Lawyer for pregnant nurse harassed at New York City bike rental plans on suing media outlets for smearing her and pushing lies about the incident.
Uh, that would be nice.
But see what happened here.
See, again, skin color shouldn't even come into play here.
Really what we should be looking at is gender roles.
Why are a group of young men trying to steal a bike from a pregnant woman?
That's the question here.
It's not, why is a woman trying to remove a bike when some black men want to take it from her?
No, it's, why are a group of men trying to steal a bike from a woman?
Pregnant woman.
A nurse.
And what happened to the American left?
Celebrate woman.
What happened to the American left?
Celebrate nurses.
Boy, the hell went out the window quick.
And odds are, this woman is a liberal democrat, by the way.
She lives in New York.
They try to steal the bike from her.
She is called the bad guy and a racist when she's the victim of an attempted theft.
But again, why is the story here not that these men didn't let a pregnant woman have a bike?
They should have been, oh, here, let me help you get that bike.
Here, do you need any other help?
Yeah, let me get that bike out for you.
Oh yeah, please, you have the bike.
You're a woman, you're pregnant.
Please, here, this is your bike.
Yeah, here, let us help you get that bike out.
Oh, that'd be great.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Instead, they try to steal it from her and then they somehow become the good guys.
UC Berkeley hosts exclusive black-only graduation ceremony in defiance of civil rights laws that forbid racial segregation.
It's Democrats, it's liberals, it's racism!
And you should see some of the sights and sounds from this, by the way.
We'll have clips later on during the war room.
But this is just the left destroying culture.
This is just the left destroying general human relations, race relations.
They just destroy everything, including works of art.
We continue to see this.
Unhinged climate activists dump black gook into historic Trevi Fountain in Rome.
There's an inevitable conclusion to this.
Obviously the climate change thing is a lie.
I'll talk about that coming up in the next hour.
But at some point, people that have pride in their nations are just going to start beating these people senselessly.
I'm not supporting this.
Let me be clear.
I'm not supporting this.
I'm not condoning this.
I'm just telling you, you know, some people have pride in their tradition.
Some people have pride in their country.
And so if you continue to spit on it and crap on it, somebody's going to come and put your head under water and give you the what for because you're behaving like a child.
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The threat of white supremacy looms large.
A chilling sight in the nation's capital, a white nationalist group known as the Patriot Front.
The leading white supremacist group.
Motivated by racism, white supremacy, hatred of government, and immigrants.
Life, liberty, victory.
Life, liberty, victory!
Growing concerns over white supremacy in America as President Biden issues this new warning about the threat that it poses.
The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.
The most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland.
White supremacists.
The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
We have seen a rise in white supremacy.
The number one threat to this country, domestic terrorism wise, is white supremacy.
Look at these guys.
Where's the fat people?
How come they're all wearing the same clothes?
What the f*** is this?
Have you ever seen anything that looks more like feds?
Tell me that doesn't look like feds.
These were members of the hate group Patriot Front.
These were not Antifa in disguise, nor were they FBI members in disguise.
Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th?
Yes or no?
I can't answer that.
For me, it was surreal to watch the hearings and they're acting like I wanted to attack the Capitol.
Then they omit the footage of us trying to stop people going in the Capitol.
They really don't want us to talk about raps.
Who is Ray Epps?
I'm aware of the individual, sir.
I don't have the specific background to him.
We need to go into the Capitol!
I'm the one who asked Merrick Garland.
I showed him the tape of Ray Epps.
I had to show it on an iPad for Merrick Garland to watch it and then he refused to say how many feds were there.
I'm not going to comment on an investigation that's ongoing.
Feds, agents of the federal government, were not just there, but were also encouraging people to riot or go into the Capitol.
That's exactly right.
Federal agents encouraged the violence that day.
And the government is openly organized to physically go to war with the American people and provide the false flags as a pretext, and then our civilization will descend into something that makes civil war sound like a walk in the park.
I'm deleting the video.
No, you're not gonna touch my phone.
You're not taking a video of us.
I recognize you.
Yeah, I know you do.
I'm deleting the video.
Why are they wearing masks, by the way?
Because they're cowards.
Or they're feds.
Seat f***ing high.
Let's f***ing go.
White supremacists are some of the biggest threats to the country according to a new report from the Department of Homeland Security.
The threat of violence by white supremacists is very real.
The assault on black Americans has continued.
Pay attention, folks, because this is a problem that we need to confront.
This virus of hate and white supremacy and white nationalism in our country is not done yet.
And it's happening amid this.
Unrelenting wave of white supremacist motivated mass murder.
This is not going to be the end of MAGA terrorism.
This will only be the beginning.
No matter how many times they push this conspiracy theory, this lie, it'll never become truth.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
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All right.
By the way, the crew brings me this in the break.
I just... I don't even know how to properly respond to this.
It's just so outrageous.
There's a group here in Austin called Out Youth.
You can imagine.
Out Youth, counseling for children ages 5 to 11,
OutYouth has been a leader in providing support to LGBTQIA plus adolescents and young adults through a range of services including mental health counseling.
What do you think that is like?
OutYouth for kids 5 to 11.
Again, why is there a 1300% increase in am I gay, am I trans searches on the internet by kids?
Because they're being confused, they're being tricked, they're being lured into this, they're being sexually groomed.
It's kind of like if, well we had this story at the migrant shelter in McAllen, Texas, that big monstrous facility they have, and we had inside sources talking about how young kids, ages like 5, 6, 7, were performing sex acts on each other.
And so the obvious question would be, well, how is this happening?
How did they learn this?
Why are they doing this?
Because it got done to them on their way into the country.
They got abused.
They got sexually exploited and abused on the way to the country.
And now they're just repeating what happened to them to the other kids in the camp, and that's just what they're doing.
Why is there an increase 1,300% in am I gay, am I trans?
Because they're being told, you're gay, you're trans, you're all this other stuff.
Confusing the children.
Abusing the children.
It's like if your kid came home from school, like your first grader, your second grader comes home from school,
And they start making a drawing about gay sex or something about that.
And you say, well, gee, what the heck?
Where did you learn this?
You're just a kid.
You're not thinking about this.
Where did you learn this?
Obviously, you didn't come up with this thought on your own.
Oh, yeah.
Mommy, Daddy, this is what they teach me in the classroom now.
Oh, yeah.
Say what?
Say what?
Totally unnatural.
Totally inorganic.
Clearly grooming sexually is what's going on here.
Out youth?
And they have this list of pronouns here on their website.
Preteen drop-in take form and agreement.
Preferred name.
None of these even exist.
The only pronouns that exist as far as I can tell in the English lexicon are he, him, his, she, her, theirs for individuals and they, them, theirs for plurals.
And now they have any pronoun.
Oh yeah, just call me anything.
I don't know.
E-M is A-M airs.
It, it, it's.
Oh, you're an it?
See, you know, whether you like Putin or not, you have to understand how the American left has set him up to now be a figurehead and a world leader.
You're clearly engaged in sex abuse of kids.
And so all Putin has to do is say, well, you know, gee, if we end up in a war with the West, if we end up in a war against America, boy, that's going to be easy to justify for my people because you're engaged in ritualistic child abuse and sexual grooming of children.
It's kind of like
Well, gee, if we have to go to war with the Nazis, they're rounding up Jews and putting them into concentration camps, so it's kind of justified if we have to take up that fight.
And by the way, that's what the Russians did.
And over a million of them died.
And the Nazis were defeated.
And it was the Russians in Berlin, and it was the Russians in Stalingrad.
That lost millions of people and ultimately defeated the Nazis.
So, I don't want war with Russia.
I don't want war with anybody.
And I certainly don't want American children being sexually abused and groomed so that when they're five years old, they're being taught about
All kinds of sordid sexual activity that most American adults are not even interested in.
And this is what they're doing to your children in the schools.
This is what they're trying to indoctrinate your children.
So if you see your child, if you pull up on your internet search, let's say you've got a internet savvy child, maybe they're seven, eight years old,
And they pull up an internet search that says, Am I gay?
You see that?
Am I trans?
Well, you know exactly where that came from, don't ya?
Or, what are my pronouns?
You know exactly where that came from, don't ya?
That wasn't an organic thought.
They didn't come up with those ideas themselves.
That's not...
Childhood progression, that's indoctrination.
That's propaganda.
That's grooming.
That's abusing.
There's no other way to put this.
Five through eleven LGBTQ plus support groups.
What in the hell does that even mean?
You know, it might not be such an issue.
If they at least waited till high school, maybe?
I mean, I could be open-minded if you said, you know, there's some bullying that goes down and a lot of kids realize in high school that maybe they're not heterosexual and maybe we should have some support groups for this.
I mean, that would be one thing.
Folks, they're marketing this to children age 5.
How many, what percentage, what percentage of American children can even read at age five?
Ride a bike?
And before they can do these basic human skills, you have the left injecting sexual ideology and propaganda and grooming into their minds, before many of them can either read, or write, or ride a bike, and then 1300% increase in searches, am I gay, am I trans.
That's the American left sexually abusing an entire generation of American children.
This will be stopped.
This will not continue.
So, this story was from M.N.
Gordon at economicprism.com.
How corruption makes you poor.
If so, you've likely noticed that things don't quite add up between what you're regularly told about how the economy and financial markets work and what you actually experience.
Now, obviously we can understand
Generally speaking, how the corruption in the U.S.
government has certainly lowered the standard of living for the average American citizen.
I mean, honestly, American citizens should be living like kings and queens.
But our money gets stolen by our government, redistributed by our government, and so our jobs get shipped out of country, and then they hire cheap labor from other countries that they're bringing in right now.
So how corruption makes you poor.
But the biggest corruption that won't just make you poor, but will completely destroy your future, is the climate change lie.
Exxon crushes progressive dreams that net zero has any chance by 2050 it would mean collapse in global standard of living.
See, I just wish they would be honest about what stopping man-made climate change actually means.
We'll tell you what it means.
You can no longer drive a vehicle.
You can no longer own a house.
You can no longer have a living structure, a home, however you see fit.
20,000 square feet or 2,000 square feet.
You don't get it.
You don't get AC.
You don't get heating.
You don't get red meat.
You don't get anything.
You become a global surf-slave class citizen.
With access to no energy, and no private property.
That's what stopping man-made climate change is really about.
Now, if you had that honest discussion about these climate change activists, if you had that honest discussion with them,
Would they still want to do net zero and just say, okay, you're going to live in a cave, or you're going to live in a pod, and you're going to eat bugs, and you're going to own nothing.
Until you die.
And by the way, you're going to be sterilized, too.
And you won't even be allowed to have children without proper government permission, if you can even get it.
It's the end of man.
It's the end of human civilization.
But that's just if they want to be honest about what it really means.
They aren't even honest about what happens with their new energy sources.
So here's a video out of Scotland.
Scotland's wind turbines are secretly using diesel generators and they have to use these things for the wind turbines to work.
Here's the video.
I think?
Scottish Power said they were forced to hook up 71 windmills to the fossil fuel supply after a fault on their grid caused the system to fail to keep the turbines warm and working during the cold month of December.
Other concerns from the whistleblower included thousands of liters of leaked oil from hydraulic units and technical faults that see turbines taking energy from the grid rather than producing energy.
This is the case with pretty much every alternative energy source, is it actually ends up using more energy.
The electric cars use more energy than combustion engine vehicles.
And their shelf lives, if you account for the battery, are shorter than combustion engine vehicles.
I mean, hell, you take good care of a car, you take good care of the engine, a lot of these cars they make nowadays, you can get 200,000, 300,000 miles out of them easily.
With an electric vehicle, you've got to replace that electric battery.
What is it, like every 20,000 miles or so?
That's an expensive purchase.
And the lithium mines, like the ones that have destroyed the rainforest in the Philippines, oh, they don't tell you about that.
Hey, we want to protect the rainforest.
We need to stop man-made climate change and protect the rainforest, so we need to drive electric vehicles.
Where do you get the batteries?
Did you know that the batteries for your electric cars destroyed the rainforest in the Philippines?
Were you aware of that?
So you've got to do the strip mining.
You've got to get the materials.
You've got to transfer the materials.
You've got to build the car batteries.
All of that consumes more energy than driving a combustion vehicle.
And you have to repeat that process how many times for the equivalent of driving a combustion engine vehicle for 300,000 miles?
10 times?
20 times?
Folks, they don't have the alternative energy.
The alternative energy we should be utilizing is nuclear.
Yeah, we understand the threats that come with that.
But, gee, we are smart people.
We are extremely capable human beings with superior intelligence.
I think we can handle ourselves using nuclear energy.
But no, no, no, no, no, no.
You don't get new energy sources.
You just lose the energy sources you have.
And they don't have an alternative energy source.
And even the alternative energy sources they have are not reliable and they aren't energy efficient.
And so they just lie to you about everything.
How corruption makes you poor.
This is the highest level of corruption.
The corporate world government wanting to shut off your access to energy.
And you need to understand.
The people, the individuals that think they own this planet and think that the human race is their slave class, they're sick of you.
They're sick of you having access to food and energy.
They're sick of the standard of living that the United States of America, a free republic of people executing self-governance, they are sick of the standard that is set for the world.
So it has to be destroyed!
And all the lessons we learned from the creation and success that the United States have had must be eradicated.
That's why Barack Obama and John Kerry go to Africa and they say, no industrialization for you.
No air conditioning for you.
No combustion engines for you.
Because it's all about keeping the people down.
It's all about keeping the people in a serf class.
Keeping the people in a slave class.
Same reason why they don't want you to have a gun.
Exact same reason.
You're not allowed to be prosperous.
You're not allowed to be successful.
This is THEIR planet.
John Kerry even says, I get to fly around on jets because I'm more important than you.
Spoken like a true liberal.
How corruption makes you poor?
Just wait till you see what happens if and when they kick in their Climate Change Net Zero Green New Deal.
Oh, you think your energy bill is high now?
You think your gas bill is high now?
Soon it'll be a year's salary just to heat your house for a day.
But hey, it's saving the planet!
Die to save the planet!
All right, some quick programming notes here.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour of today's transmission.
I'm going to be back hosting the War Room.
Don't worry, I've got an entire slate of news ready for the War Room today as well.
You think, how could you do six hours of news?
Well, there's definitely six hours of news out there, and you'll be seeing just that.
Of course, everything we do here brought to you by youshopping at infowarsstore.com.
But I'm debating doing a segment or two of calls here just to kind of give me a little buffer on the news.
So let's put out the phone number.
Anything we've covered on today's Alex Jones Show is fair game.
Do you agree with Kevin McCarthy that says the FBI is going to finally expose the Biden crime family?
Yay or nay?
What do you think about the radical left throwing temper tantrums because they can't genitally mutilate children, and they have groups promoting sexual depravity to kids as young as five?
We've got that.
What do you think about RFK Jr.'
's statements with Dave Smith about Donald Trump and the Durham report?
We'll probably be able to squeeze a call in or two even in this segment, but we will take at least a segment of calls just as a little buffer here today.
I want to hear from the audience.
In the meantime, Jeffrey Epstein appeared to threaten Bill Gates over his affair with a Russian bridge player.
I thought it was just a business relationship.
The billionaire pedophile and billionaire Microsoft co-founder had a more complicated relationship than was previously known, reporting the Wall Street Journal.
And Epstein was threatening to expose Bill Gates' affair if he didn't participate in his charitable fund.
The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Epstein wanted Gates to invest in a multi-billion dollar charitable fund with JPMorgan back in 2013, and Bill Gates refused.
Oh, there it is, JPMorgan again, and Gates refused, and so that's when Epstein said, oh, you refuse?
Well, you remember that Russian bridge player, Mila Antonova, that you had your affair with?
Yeah, we wouldn't want that coming out, would we?
I think you should give me some of that money.
Bingo, bongo, boingo!
And so, is that another agent of Epstein's?
How many of these sex agents did he have out there?
That's what they do, folks.
That's how they blackmail everybody into submission.
Jeffrey Epstein threatened to expose Bill Gates' 2010 affair with a Russian bridge player after he refused to participate in a multi-billion dollar charitable fund with JP Morgan.
That's how it works.
Give the Democrats money.
Give our political candidate money.
Give our non-charitable, or excuse me, charitable fund money.
Oh, you're not gonna?
Oh yeah, remember that Russian you had an affair with?
Yeah, she's one of my agents.
You want that coming out?
Oh, you remember that person that you ended up in that room with on my island?
Yeah, she was actually only 15.
You don't want that coming out now, do ya?
Oh, remember all that money I laundered for you?
Yeah, I wouldn't want to release that to the IRS now.
So, go ahead and make this charitable contribution to my political candidate.
Go ahead and make this charitable contribution to my charitable group.
And if you don't, well, it's gonna be bad news for you.
Yes, indeed.
That's how Epstein's blackmail operation worked, and Bill Gates was all in on it.
He was all blackmailed.
And who knows how bad it really is.
Because the US government and the American media are covering the whole story up.
So you don't get to know who Jeffrey Epstein's clients were?
You don't get to know all the individuals that Epstein was blackmailing?
Though, I get the feeling that the Wall Street Journal is going to continue to leak this stuff out.
Somebody over there at the Wall Street Journal has a lot of intel.
And they are just slowly dripping it out.
Boy, it'd be nice if there was some interest from our justice system in finding out what was going on with the largest ever blackmail ring, human trafficking, sex trafficking ring,
I mean, in American history?
In world history?
I mean, you know.
But they're not interested.
They're more interested in covering it up.
Because they were involved.
All right.
The callers are already on the board here.
We've got them filled up.
Let's start with Thomas in Seattle on the vaccines.
Thomas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, and pleasure, man.
Hey, real quick, I just wanted people to know about the vaccine mandates.
The post office was never on the hook.
This is what I heard from people in the post office.
They were never on the hook.
If you remember, there was a big stink, very short stink, about why we were off the hook as far as the post office was concerned.
And I just started wondering why that would be.
You know, the military,
You know, you had career guys, Navy SEALs, right?
They were all let go.
They were all let go.
So somehow a Navy SEAL and a Marine and a guy flying in a cockpit alone.
That guy is a threat.
But somehow a mailman who goes into every nursing home and school who was never they were never mandated for that vaccine.
So I always ask people what what was the reason for this?
And why did people just forget about it?
It was a very it was a
Sort of, uh, an issue with it.
And then they came back and said, Oh no, no, no.
No, the government said, no, no, they're going to get, they're going to get vaccinated.
And I couldn't, you know, I I've asked other mail carriers and stuff and they would say, no, we were never, we were never on the hook for it.
So I always go back to the elections because Nancy Pelosi called a special session in August of, uh, 2020.
And they wanted to probably get on board.
We're good to go.
In my opinion, the reason that the post office was never on the hook for it was because it was a favor back to the administration for helping him basically be installed.
Well, you know, this is an older story.
I remember the controversy at the time in 2020, and I remember there were conflicting narratives out there.
Some people saying no, there was a vaccine mandate, and others saying no, there wasn't.
And then there were different reasons given, different branches of the government, different
Hey man, it's a pleasure to finally be able to talk to you guys.
I wanted to go over censorship and the profiling Alex was talking about the other day that they initiated in 2020.
For instance, I've been censored left and right on this stuff.
Especially, I've even been censored from contact and able to actually watch Bandot video along with being able to call on here to be able to talk to you guys.
So, I mean, the whole profiling behind this stuff for white supremacy and patriots and, you know, people that are blue collar, that care about the others, their communities,
You know, what do you think the solution is to kind of get back to normal, you know, get back to be able to have your freedom other than having to riot, or not riot, but protest and kind of combat?
Well, again, the simple answer to all of this is just, you know, get rid of liberals and Democrats.
Now, obviously, I'm not saying that that's a real solution.
I'm just saying that'd be the simple solution.
They're the ones censoring everybody.
Well, look, people are creating alternative platforms.
We had to build our own platform.
It's not perfect, but it's there.
We're here.
You know, Rumble is up and coming.
There's apps competing with Twitter when that was getting censored, but now MustBot Twitter.
So there's kind of free speech there.
So we're kind of seeing this all play out.
All right, I'm taking another segment of calls before Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Then I'll be back hosting the War Room right here with more breaking news.
But right now, we go back to the phone lines, and let's go to Todd in North Carolina.
Todd, you're on the air.
Hi, Owen.
Go ahead.
I wanted to ask you if you knew about the event that RFK Jr., Vivek Rivaswamy, Cynthia Loomis, and Tulsi Gabbard all spoke at this weekend.
I don't believe so, no.
It was the Bitcoin Conference 2023 in Miami.
Okay, yeah, I saw that Bitcoin conference.
I didn't know they spoke at it.
Yeah, it's pretty interesting.
brought up what made him a Bitcoiner, and that was the trucker convoy in Canada and how their funds were cut off.
And he proposed that if their money had been in Bitcoin,
Then Canada, Trudeau, couldn't have touched them.
So it's this idea that Bitcoin, which I didn't quite get until I started listening to a podcast called Simply Bitcoin, but their motto for Bitcoin is, Bitcoin is the separation of state and money.
And I'd love to hear you guys interview the hosts, Nico and Ossie.
They're both from the Southern Hemisphere.
Nico, he's from Venezuela, and Apti, he's from Mexico, and they really see Bitcoin as an opportunity to uplift the global South, Africa, all the unbanked nations of the world, countries like Lebanon, you know, that... Yeah, sure.
So let me just stop you right there.
Here's the challenge.
Here's the challenge about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, is that
You have to find a way so that the transaction economy can run off of it.
So in other words, in order for the Bitcoin dream to really work, this is my opinion, I'm not the biggest crypto guy, this is just how I view it, so crypto people listening to this may be like, you know, getting nauseous over my coverage here, but
The whole goal needs to be, can I go out to lunch and purchase my meal in Bitcoin?
Can I pay my electric bill in Bitcoin?
Can I make real world transactions in Bitcoin?
Because to me, the whole cryptocurrency thing is basically like a glorified crypto stock market at this point, and not a true transactional currency.
Now, in El Salvador, they're trying to embrace that, and maybe that could come in the future.
That's the hurdle we have to leap.
Now, there's a story in the news today.
Lawmakers clash over regulation of stable coins.
In other words, the government knows what cryptocurrency represents as a threat to their power.
And of course, the central bankers understand that if there's an alternative currency that they can't control, then it's game over.
The entire global enslavement central banking system is dead.
So they are truly scrambling to find a way to put this to rest.
So imagine it like this.
The greedy criminal government always has to get their hands on every transaction.
They gotta get their cut.
So it could be anything.
We could decide as a people that monopoly money is now going to be our real currency.
And we can just decide, we're not using any fiat central bank currencies anymore, we're just going to use Monopoly money.
Or we're just going to use bottle caps.
Or we're just going to use trading cards.
And then if all the people in the world decided, okay, from now on, we're doing transactions in Monopoly money, in bottle caps, in whatever.
Well, you see, the government can't stand that.
They've got to get their cut.
And they've got to have control over the cash flow and the banking system, because ultimately, at the end of the day, that's their true source of power.
Food supply, money supply.
So if they lose control over the money supply, it's game over for them.
So they're trying to find all kinds of ways, without being egregiously aggressive and over-the-top with this, so that the people don't understand their true control here, and their true lust for power here.
But you watch.
As soon as there starts to be a truly viable transactional community with cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or anything else, the U.S.
government will step in to stop that in any way they possibly can.
And they're already trying it with this unrealized gains tax.
And they want to claim that, oh, if you have Bitcoin and it's worth X, Y, or Z, then you're paying taxes.
Total criminal activity.
Total authoritarian, centralization of power activity.
And so that's why they are panicked.
That's why they are panicked.
So again, I'm not a big crypto guy.
I'm not a big Bitcoin guy.
I understand the goal, I think.
How do you get people universally to flip that switch and say, we're taking Bitcoin now, and everything changes, the whole game changes.
You know, I mean, how are they going to tax it?
How are they going to tax those transactions?
How are they going to tax you getting paid in Bitcoin?
They can't.
They can't.
That frees humanity from the central banks.
So that's why they're totally panicked over that in D.C.
That's why the central bankers are panicked over that.
So I wouldn't be surprised if it really starts to get close to a situation where you might actually have a transactional economy with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
They'll just make it illegal.
They'll just outright make it illegal and they'll claim it's a money laundering scheme or a Ponzi scheme or something like that.
And they'll just try to shut it down.
And, you know, if you're an accelerationist, you might be okay with that.
Just, you know, show us who you really are.
Show us how the central banks really have to control us.
Show us how we don't get a choice over what we can use for currency.
If I decide I want to use seashells for currency, I should be allowed to do that.
If a restaurant decides they're going to take trading cards for currency, then they should be allowed to do that.
But see, then the U.S.
government loses that ability to take their cut of every transaction and tax you on every transaction, and then they lose their power.
They can't launch every war they want.
They can't launch all the initiatives they want.
And then ultimately it's their death.
So they will fight like hell to make sure that cryptocurrencies or any other alternative currency that the central banks don't control will be snuffed out.
And depending on how real this gets, I mean, they're either going to try to just outlaw it or, you know, maybe major crypto people just start winding up at the bottom of rivers.
So, let's hope it doesn't go there, but you know the central banks will do anything to protect their power.
All right, let's go to Mike in New York.
Mike in New York, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, oh, sorry, yeah, I was Mike in Chicago, but yeah, I wanted to defend- Chicago?
Well, I'm sorry about that.
We got New York here, but go ahead, Mike.
No, I'm trying to get out.
I'm getting to Idaho as soon as I can, but no, I wanted to defend Dave Smith.
You were very bipartisan in your analysis, but I did want to build a little context if that's okay.
Yeah, sure.
So, yeah, he was trashing Trump on the war thing because that's a big reason that he supported Trump in the beginning, 2016, because he did run on ending the wars.
And yes, the defense to that is he got duped by his generals, although he did run again on draining the swamp.
I think that's a good question.
Well, let me be clear here.
I wasn't being critical of Dave Smith.
As you know, I was trying to make an example of this assumed approach to politics and policy that somehow everything, the nucleus is left-wing ideology.
And anything against the left-wing is now considered an outlier, or not popular, or controversial.
That was my point.
I actually think Dave Smith did a great interview.
It's kind of like the same thing with the Elon Musk interview with the CNBC guy.
He did a great interview, but it's that same approach where it's like, oh my gosh, anything that's not centered or the center of it is not from the left-wing ideology, then somehow it's controversial.
I'm looking forward to Dave Smith, if he decides to run and what he has to say.
And I think it was a great interview.
All right.
Well, hey, I'm excited.
You guys are killing it.
Owen, I love that you got that lady out of prison in Texas during the COVID lockdown.
She really inspired me.
So just wanted to say, you proved that we can do it.
You just got to get your ass up and stop being lazy.
Thank you, Mike.
Thank you, Mike.
You know, um, boy, he brings this up.
You know, folks, I'll just put it like this.
InfoWars never gets the credit we deserve.
And even when we're directly responsible for things like that, the individuals whose lives potentially we save, still snub us and turn their back on us.
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That's okay.
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Take action now, but regardless, research is info.
We are live and we are into the fourth hour of the show.
And while recent news events continue to suggest that diversity pretty much equals no white people,
Big controversy in London which I'm going to explain a little later in the show about a play in the diverse East End area of London where white people have been told not to attend.
But first in the United States, this is out of information liberation, Uber's Asian diversity chief put on leave after hosting Don't Call Me Karen event addressing anti-white racism.
Yes, the Uber diversity hire actually considered
The diversity concerns of white people and she is basically out after the social media mobs, after the employees there at Uber demanded that she be punished for daring to countenance, daring to even consider the fact that some white people, especially white women working for Uber,
feel that they're being discriminated against in another example of institutionalized racism, which seems to only go one way these days, doesn't it?
And increasingly, it doesn't seem to be going against black people, Hispanics or anyone else, but white people.
This is Uber diversity chief Bo Young-Lee.
And she wasn't an Uber enough diversity chief, as it turned out.
Has been suspended from her job for hosting a Don't Call Me Karen event for the company's white female employees to discuss the American white woman's experience in dealing with the anti-white Karen slur.
And you've seen it over and over again, whether you think that it's being oversensitive, trying to discourage, trying to ban this Karen slur, which of course is a meme that emerged back in early 2020, I think the fact is that it is.
Prejudice, pejorative term, used primarily, used exclusively in fact, against middle-aged, generally middle-class white women, and they're called Karens.
We saw the bike Karen incident of course last week in New York, I'm going to get to that video later, where she was vilified, monstered by social media mobs, they exposed her career to harm, the hospital she worked for actually threw her under a bus and put her on leave,
Again, her private information was doxxed, she was exposed to the sycophantic social media mobs.
For the crime of paying for a bike, paying to hire a bike in New York City, but of course because two or three black men walked up to her and claimed that it was their bike, suddenly the mass media reported that she had stolen it, that it was a racist act of Karen-hood.
And again, she was vilified, she was monstered.
Turned out, of course, the lawyer had the receipts.
And she had indeed rented the bike.
If anyone was stealing the bike, it was the group of black men who approached her.
So indeed, it is a slur, it is a racial pejorative used against middle-aged white women, generally, also younger women in that case.
But the New York Times reports, Uber's diversity chief put on leave after complaints of insensitivity.
And that basically equated to the diversity chief considering the sensitivities of white women, which apparently you're not allowed to do.
Because white people aren't included in diversity and inclusivity.
And of course, as I've told over and over again, it's impossible to be racist against white people.
Uber has played its long-time head of diversity, equity and inclusion on leave after workers complained that an employee of Enchi Moderator called Don't Call Me Karen was insensitive to people of colour.
Basically, a bunch of employees, white women at Uber, complained that they were being smeared with this Karen terminology in the private employee chat logs that it was being banded about on Slack.
They complained about it.
This diversity chief, this Asian lady, basically gave a meeting, a conference saying, please let's stop using racial pejorative slurs against our white employees.
And basically there was massive uproar.
The black employees, some of the Hispanic employees at Uber, basically erupted with outrage.
And now, because of that outrage, she has been placed on leave.
Uber has put its chief DEI officer, Bo Young Lee, on leave after they complained that she dare consider the sensitivities of white people.
We're going to get more into that and into the London white people not allowed play after the break.
Now this Uber diversity head being put on leave for not being diverse enough in daring to include the sensitivities of white employees at Uber
Again, this story was reported by the New York Times, but it was actually first reported by journalist Richard Hanania a couple of days ago.
He got all the chat logs where this internal outrage erupted that the concerns of white women being called the Karenslow were being voiced in the private Slack chat logs.
He said, it doesn't appear many men are involved here.
Below are the advertisements for the session and the email announcing the leave of absence.
So this didn't even go public.
For Uber to put her on leave.
This is merely an internal rebellion from some of the diverse employees within the company.
And it shows from these chat logs that.
Basically, no one was offended by this to begin with.
Many of the Hispanic employees didn't see a problem with it whatsoever.
It was basically a couple of black women in the chat logs that got angry.
And then, because their concerns are vastly inflated over everyone else's, it blew up massively.
It became a big internal issue.
Says one of the female members of the Blacks at Uber group, which apparently is a thing,
Tries to shame the Latinos at Uber organization for not being outraged enough and gets a few to respond.
He notes that one of these employees said that they should not be triggered.
That was the initial complaint.
Oh, this is triggering!
They said not everything that's perceived as triggering is actually triggering.
That's a thought crime, you can't say that.
Goes on to say more from the Latinos at Uber channel.
Women rushing to reassure the original triggered woman.
So it's basically one or two people who got offended by this, and now this diversity chief is basically, she's on her way out.
So the original Triggered Woman said their feelings are valid, there's Latinos also very, very upset, so the Latinos only got upset when they were told to be upset, basically.
Chris Menehan points out that this is quite similar to Apple's diversity chief, Denise Young-Smith, who is black, being fired from her job
And replaced, ironically, by a liberal white woman, because she said that a group of blue-eyed blonde men can be diverse.
No, you can't have diversity if it includes white people.
I keep trying to explain that.
During an appearance at the One World Summit in Bogota, Colombia, back in 2017, Smith had the temerity to say that diversity is a human experience.
Again, no it isn't.
According to them,
According to their rules of segregation, of disinclusivity, white people aren't part of diversity, so you can't say that.
She said, I get a little bit frustrated when diversity, or the term diversity, is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or LGBT.
Again, they're the special protected groups.
Diversity only applies to them.
They only get special provisions, special considerations, special benefits.
She said, get this, there can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room, and they're going to be diverse too, because they're going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.
Again, she's not understanding that it's not about that.
It's about institutionalized racism against white people.
It's about segregation.
It's about non-inclusivity.
He goes on to say, we're told incessantly by the media and our ruling elites that America is a white supremacist nation, and yet non-white diversity chiefs can't even discuss anti-white racism without losing their jobs.
She was fired for saying that, and this Asian head of diversity at Uber is now on leave.
Speaking of institutionalized anti-white racism,
This is up on summit.news.
White people told they're not welcome at BLM-inspired London play.
Yes, segregation is back and it's progressive.
Once again, diversity equals white people.
White people have been told not to attend a BLM-inspired theatre production in London so that black audience members can enjoy it without being subjected to the white gaze.
Which again suggests that they would be uncomfortable in the mere presence of white people.
What could be more segregationist than that?
What could be more vilifying?
What could be more dehumanizing to even suggest that white people being in the same vicinity would what?
Make them wretch?
Make them gag?
Make them run in fear?
Apparently that's what they mean by the white gaze.
This is the Theatre Royal Stratford East, which is located in a diverse area of London, which means not many white people there.
A vastly declining number of them has been accused of setting a dangerous precedent after it was revealed that white visitors have been told to stay away from the July 5th performance of Tambo and Bones.
And in fact, we've got a clip from the director of this play, Matthew Gere, explaining what it's all about.
Let's go to this clip.
Right now.
Hi, my name is Matthew Zia.
I'm the Artistic Director of Actors Touring Company and I'm really excited to be bringing Tambo & Bones to Theatre Royal Stratford East.
Tambo & Bones is a darkly provocative satire on race and performance and it looks at the confluence of capitalism and black performance.
It's funny, it's hilarious, it's provocative, it asks an awful lot of its audience in terms of interaction and response.
It's written by an amazing writer called Dave Harris from West Philadelphia, born and raised
In the playground is where he spent most of his days.
It's got a hip-hop concert in the middle, for those of you who do know.
Those of you who don't know, I spent 15 years as a hip-hop DJ, supporting all sorts of acts like Grandmaster Flash, De La Soul, lots of UK acts like Plan B and Estelle.
And so for me to be returning to Theatre Royal Stratford East, which is a theatre I grew up in, with a hip-hop inspired satire
Now note how he said there that the two main characters in this play, to which white people have been told not to attend,
For one night only, thankfully for them, because they'd make no money, they'd basically go bankrupt, it'd be a massive loss financially, because black people generally don't tend to go to plays in London.
The people who attend theatre productions in London are white, middle-class progressives who are themselves trapped within the confines of white guilt, so in fact that's the very kind of play that would only appeal to them,
Black people would probably not be interested in it, because if you look at the figures, they're not really interested in theatre and play at all in London.
So they basically wiped out their actual main demographic audience that would end up going to this show.
But note how he said there in the clip, the director, that these two characters in this BLM-inspired race grievance play, which is basically every other play in London now, in the West End, it's either about that or it's awkwardly crowbarred into it.
He said the two main characters in the show end up doing, quote, the only thing that is possible to do to really break out of the white gaze.
Gee, I wonder what that is and if it has anything to do with extinguishing white people altogether.
I don't know, I haven't seen the play.
But he left the question hanging there, didn't he?
You also mentioned that the two characters stage a hip-hop performance in the middle of the show, and I've read reviews on that, even from left-wing progressive media outlets, and they basically said it was tawdry and horrible.
And then they become activists for Black Lives Matter, so it's basically an out-and-out politicized BLM race grievance play, so it's no surprise that white people have been told to stay away, at least again for one night.
Theatre organisers said the one-off Blackout event would serve to create a safe private space for an all-black identifying audience.
All-black identifying audience.
So maybe if you identify as black, maybe if you do a Rachel Dolish haul, you can turn up.
Maybe if you get the boot polish out, I don't know.
A Blackout night is the purposeful creation of an environment which an all-black identifying audience can experience and discuss an event.
However, Britain's first black police and crime commissioner has come out and said that it sets a poor and dangerous precedent and strongly urges the theatre and director to cancel the event entirely.
This isn't just the directors, this isn't just the people behind the play.
The theatre itself, it was basically their idea to say, white people, not allowed, they're not part of diversity.
Summit.news, we'll be back, don't go away.
So, white people have been told not to attend a BLM-inspired play in London, part of the continued cultural segregation that we see going on, as multiculturalism, as diversity, is rammed down our throats.
White people, it seems, are being increasingly pushed to the fringes and told that they're not a part of that, and in fact the only legal institutionalized racism that we see in many Western countries now is increasingly against white people.
Of course, in the United Kingdom, for example, we have had since 2010 the Equality Act, which allows for positive action when employers are hiring staff members, employees, when it comes to their race.
So, for example, if both candidates, according to the eyes of the employer, are both equally of merit, equally suitable for whatever particular role it is,
It's completely lawful to pick the non-white candidate and relegate the white candidate based on their race alone.
So again, a piece of legislation introduced to address racism actually enforces racism, institutionalized employee racism against white people.
And we see another example of that today out of this RT article.
London bars whites from internship posting.
This is a paid internship posting at the UK government transit body Transport for London, which is obviously the body that runs all the underground trains, overground trains too, in the capital, which is restricted to non-white applicants and it's triggered widespread outrage after being posted to social media.
This is a Stuart Ross communications internship which pays a total of $27,000 a year.
For 11 months of London-based hybrid working with one or two days per week in the office, and it requires, the applicant requires, white people not allowed again, this is diversity, to be of black, Asian and minority ethnic background.
Bear in mind of course that in London, in fact not just in London, in Manchester, Birmingham, other major UK cities, the biggest UK cities, white British people are now majority minority.
And in London it's down, now I believe according to the latest census, into the late 30s in terms of percentage of white British people who live in the capital city of England.
But apparently we need to discriminate against them more by saying they literally can't apply for jobs.
Again, the applicant has to be a black, Asian, and minority ethnic background defined as having some African, Afro-Caribbean, Asian, or other non-white heritage.
They deliberately specify non-white.
The racial qualification is listed ahead of the requirement that the applicant be either an undergraduate or recent graduate on track to receive a 2-2 in any degree.
And it goes on to basically say,
White's not allowed.
Farage on Twitter posted this.
He said, what if there was adverts saying blacks need not apply?
There'd be massive outrage.
And again, despite the fact that white British people are indeed a minority, majority minority at least, in these big UK cities, they are still being discriminated against.
And it's all legal.
It's all lawful, as I just said, under the 2010 Equalities Act.
Now we're going to get into the latest transgender propaganda news and all the fun and goodies that the alphabet people are bringing us.
But first let's touch on a bit of good news because I've got this clip which some of you will have seen, some of you won't have seen of Elon Musk talking to an NBC journalist and it ties into this article.
Polls shows how radically different Americans opinions are from liberal corporate media narratives again.
We have this wall of the censorship industrial complex, we have the wall of fact checkers, legacy media outlets, trying to push one narrative, trying to monster vilify anyone who disagrees with that narrative, and trying to portray them as a tiny extremist minority fringe.
Turns out, that's complete BS!
And journalist Glenn Greenwald has highlighted how a new Harris-Harvard poll, which has been covered practically nowhere in the mainstream media, gee, I wonder why, displays how Americans hold almost wholly opposite opinions to liberal corporate media narratives.
Again, the dominant narratives that they will have you believe are embraced and compassed by 90 plus percent of the population are simply not.
They're being rejected in greater and greater numbers.
Majorities of Americans consider Russian collusion as a false story.
Believe the Hunter Biden laptop story was never misinformation.
He goes on to say the majority of Americans believe the Bidens have engaged in criminal activity and that the FBI is refusing to investigate.
All along down the list of these dominant media narratives, Americans are rejecting them in droves.
Which brings me to this video of Elon Musk being interviewed by an NBC journalist and he basically made his head explode for daring to say he will not value making money over promoting the truth.
This is called, he just can't understand it.
Let's roll it.
A legacy media journo was left confused when Elon Musk tried to explain something to him that he couldn't possibly understand.
But not absolutely everything you do should serve the interests of obtaining money and power.
An incredible thought, I know.
You tweeted this thing about George Soros.
He said he wants to erode the very fabric of civilization.
But why share it?
I don't know, maybe because it's true?
Why share it when people who buy Teslas may not agree with you?
Advertisers on Twitter may not agree with you?
Why voice an opinion when Procter & Gamble might not like it?
Which is obviously the most important thing in society.
Or there are advertisers on Twitter that Linda Iaccarino will come and say, you gotta stop, man.
Or, you know, I can't get these ads because of some of the things you tweet.
Wait for it.
You know, I'm reminded of, uh, the scene in The Princess Bride.
Great movie.
Great movie.
Um, where he confronts the person who killed his father.
And he says,
Offer me money.
Offer me power.
I don't care.
Offer me money.
Offer me power.
Anything you want.
I don't care.
See, you just don't care.
You don't care about sacrificing all your principles to bloat the bottom line of transnational corporations.
You actually care instead that when you die you'll be remembered for something real.
Something other than being a complete sellout for the almighty dollar.
What a truly bizarre concept.
I'll say what I want to say and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.
The host David Faber then shared his utter bewilderment that Musk would dare use his platform to challenge the mainstream narrative on a certain recent mass event.
And that's a debate you want to get into on Twitter?
Because we should not be ascribing things to white supremacy if it's false.
The sheer temerity of Elon to challenge the agreed-upon fake consensus.
Bethany McLean, a CNBC contributor, was equally flummoxed.
To me, he sounds like a spoiled child when he talks about free speech.
If you run a business that depends on advertisers, you might have to think about it a little bit differently.
And Musk seems to be utterly unwilling to make that distinction.
Oh no, he might!
He just might!
Man, I know this sounds crazy.
See his role in the world as something beyond pleasing the banal sensibilities of big corporations.
A concept that's totally alien to regime sycophants.
Because they can't begin to fathom an existence beyond obeying and amplifying THE MESSAGE.
Lest it negatively affect their ranking in the peanut gallery alongside other obsequious, conformist, NPC slaves.
Or place their...
Now I want to get to this video which I put up just a couple of hours ago because it really ties into the spiralling crime problems being experienced by people in major cities, not just in America but in Europe as well.
Of course we've had San Francisco experiencing spiralling problems with homelessness, with open-air drug use, similar situation in New York and of course this is why many of the big box retailers are hightailing it and getting out of there altogether.
Now we learn, and this is an article out of Moon Battery, social service kiosks for thieves!
How could progressives keep progressing after the ultra-leftist Bill de Blasio appeared to take Moon Battery to the last possible extreme?
Well, they're dealing with the massive rush of thieves stealing products because, of course, as in many of these cities, it got lowered from a criminal offense to a misdemeanor.
They're now having to put, of course, many products, not even expensive products, behind glass cases, locked cabinets.
Well, they've got a solution in New York City.
As the Democrat Mayor's plan laid out in a bullet point format during a local Fox 5 broadcast included providing de-escalation training for retail employees.
Because of course the criminal thieves when they rush in there in their bicycles with their giant bags just hoovering up products from the shelves and hightailing it out of there, of course they're going to stop for a de-escalation conversation with the store employees, aren't they?
That's really going to work!
But they've also suggested
Putting kiosks in stores that connect would-be thieves to social services.
So yeah, they're going in there with the intent of raiding all the store shelves, filling up their goodie bag with stolen items.
But if you just have a quiet conversation with them and say, no, we can have you chat to someone, maybe get some therapy, that of course is going to stop them right in their tracks, isn't it?
Telegraph reports San Francisco crime surge drives tech chief Exodus to London.
San Francisco's millionaire tech entrepreneurs are quitting the city in favor of London amid soaring crime rates in Silicon Valley.
Is that really the best idea, given that we've just recorded last year the highest ever crime records in the United Kingdom, particularly in London where stabbing street muggings are completely out of control?
Which brings us to this next video, which is a big controversy today about the behaviour of a certain TikTok prankster and what he gets up to filming himself committing crimes for clout, for social media dopamine, on
This 18-year-old TikToker thought it would be a fantastic idea to film himself committing crimes on camera for social media clout by chasing people in the street while wearing a balaclava asking them if they want to die.
So it's you!
Where I'm going from?
Is you the closest?
Well yeah, do the tag!
I need to have a look at this.
Oh no, no, it's not.
Basically, man saw you from over there, yeah?
Take a seat.
Take a seat, bro.
Man just saw you from over there, innit, yeah?
And you didn't like it when I told him, get a dye.
But it's just hair dye.
Look, dye.
It's hair dye, bro.
It's just hair dye.
Wow, that's hysterical.
Ready to ride the pastures?
Let's go!
You know what you're doing.
But also, you're better at something.
Come to the front door right now, please.
You man come?
Hello, James.
We need to speak to James.
Do you have James?
Is this where the study group is?
What number is this?
Home invading a family with young children.
Bro, that's so humorous.
You should do stand-up.
Interesting, isn't it?
How not a single one of the targets of his pranks ever realizes that it's a prank.
This is like, if I can get books from the library... ...calibre since Bill Hicks or Richard Pryor's hair while asking them if they want to die.
You've got some nice hair.
It's nice and luscious.
Do you want to die?
I'm asking you a question, a serious question.
Do you want to die?
Half-speak, I'm talking to you, bro.
You don't want to die?
Again, the world hasn't seen a comic genius of this calibre since Bill Hicks or Richard Pryor.
Mizzy has also inspired his diverse fanbase to organise flash mobs of looters who like to ransack stores.
Wow, what a hilarious...
I mean, fair enough.
If any of Mizzie's pranks were in any way funny, satirical, or a facilitator for social commentary, but they're not.
They consist entirely of just frightening people and acting like an obnoxious little twat.
Take this stunt, where he walks into a library and starts ripping up books.
Alright, boom, we're in the library.
I'm sorry.
Come, let's go.
Excuse me, what can I, um, get a book here?
Uh, I just gotta get a plate of cookies.
Alright, okay, just one minute.
If I can get books from the library, why can't I rip the pages out of the books as well?
Because then other people can't answer.
So who gives a fuck about other people?
Can you get this?
Can you get Adam please?
Again, hilarious.
Maybe if Mizzy's age matched his behaviour, and he was an 8 year old kid, it might be cute.
It isn't.
Despite being exposed as perhaps the most annoying little prick to ever grace the internet, Mizzy was unrepentant, saying it was all worth it for the clown.
I don't let things affect me because you guys are on social media giving me what I want basically at the end of the day.
You're commenting on all these videos, you're engaging, you're posting me more, sharing me everywhere.
It's just making my ting blow up.
We are going viral lads.
More viral than I've been.
In the past that two, three years.
And it was all made possible by the cancer on society that is TikTok.
From human trafficking, to dangerous TikTok challenges that have led directly to children killing themselves, to the sexualization of kids.
Although it has clamped down on the most dangerous thing to exist ever.
Right-wing political opinions.
So the media largely gives it a pass.
Mizzy's luck finally ran out, though, after he was arrested for picking on the wrong person.
He filmed himself assaulting Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill, an area of London with a large Jewish population, by leapfrogging over their backs in the street.
Mizzy f***ed around and found out.
Police held the TikToker for 36 hours before charging him with racially aggravated assault.
But the cops went soft and he only ended up being charged with the far lesser crime of criminal damage.
Just yesterday Mizzy posted a video of a police officer reading out a list of crimes he'd committed that's as long as your arm.
But crucially, the teenager's offensive behaviour doesn't seem to have challenged any of the sacred narratives.
He's no threat to the message.
So unlike some people in the UK who get years in prison for mean tweets, expect Mizzy to get away with a slap on the wrist.
But in a stunning coincidence, the media and MPs only really went after Mizzy after they had the ingenious idea of exploiting his antics to justify passing the online safety bill, an odious piece of legislation working its way through Parliament that targets free speech via the back door.
Under which social media giants would have to remove, at the threat of being hit with massive fines, lawful, but nebulously characterized, quote, harmful speech.
There's been a big struggle over whether that definition will be included in the final version, but left-wing parties are also lobbying to have health-related misinformation and disinformation included, as well as all manner of other sneak attacks that would extinguish freedom of expression.
MPs warn vile prankster that new law will force social media sites to delete his videos.
Paul Scully, Minister for Tech and Digital Economy, has warned TikTok that the forthcoming online safety bill will mean social media companies would have to delete the content.
Oh, that must mean the online safety bill is a good thing then!
But wait, TikTok and all the other platforms already ban content that encourages or enables criminal behaviour.
Well, we have several new stories about the ongoing Alphabet People propaganda campaign and how it ties into big retailers.
Of course, Gay Pride Month is coming up next month.
We're going to see the LGBT flags.
We're going to see the Tranny flags.
Gonna see all the giant corporations supporting this supposedly marginalised movement that enjoys the support of cultural institutions, governments, banks, big business, and now Target has become the latest target of anti-woke boycotters that sell satanist fried LGBTQ plus products for kids.
Hans, are we the baddies?
Target has become the latest entity to face widespread boycott from Americans who are sick of corporations using wokeness to market products to children.
And now they're stocking products literally designed by a Satanist featuring occult imagery.
Because that's the kind of healthy motif that we need to be pushing on children, isn't it?
Wisconsin activist Scarlett Johnson brought attention to Target's stocking products from a designer going by the name of Apralen, some of which embrace Satanism.
The items include We Belong Everywhere, Messenger Bag, a Too Queer For Here Tote Bag, and a Cure Transphobia Not Trans People Sweatshirt, all listed as Pride Adult Clothing.
But it was a Satan Respects Pronoun Shirt that garnered the most attention.
Now, if your movement is garnering respect from Satan,
Maybe that tends to suggest that you're not on the right side.
With the description about LGBTQ+, people being so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God's will, but being more accepted by the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple, by society at large, yeah.
If your biggest cheerleader is literally the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple, chances are that this hashtag be kind movement isn't really very beneficent.
The Satanists don't actually believe in Satan, he's merely used as a symbol of passion, pride and limited liberty.
Well yeah, some of them do believe in him, even those who don't are obviously using it as an excuse to justify their own degeneracy, their own evil, by merely claiming again that they're not responsible for any of their malevolent behavior, not beholden to any kind of responsibilities.
Goes on to say he means to you what you need him to mean.
Which is basically the satanic credo, isn't it?
Do what thou will, shall be the whole of the law.
Basically do whatever you want, sod everyone else.
Commit evil, be malevolent.
So for me, Satan is hope, compassion, equality and love.
The description claims, adding so naturally, Satan respects pronouns, he loves all LGBT plus people.
And that's a fantastic mascot to have for your movement, isn't it?
Other products feature skeletons draped in Pride and Trans colours.
Gay cult stuff.
Again, it literally says, we're part of a gay cult.
And this is what Target has chosen to endorse and sell in its stores.
Again, Target, the same company that is busy pulling some of its stores out of major cities because they keep being looted over and over again.
Now choosing to go down the Bud Light Dylan Avery route and risking another potential massive successful boycott.
So good luck with that!
Meanwhile this came out last week and most people didn't even see it.
Transgender mass shooter also targeted Cathedral during a killing spree.
Transgender mass shooter Audrey Hale
Also targeted a neo-gothic cathedral attached to the Covenant School.
This came out as a result of an article written by a family member of one of the victims who revealed this detail which hadn't so far been revealed in news media reports that the killer targeted a cathedral, shot out some stained glass windows and then it was reported again last week
That this manifesto, of course whenever there's a manifesto online from a white shooter, or indeed an obscure profile on a Russian social media website that fits in with the exact narrative that the regime wants to push, that was very convenient wasn't it last week?
Well, it's released within 24 hours.
Everybody knows the history of the shooter, their motivation, their latest Facebook post, every single intricate detail.
And we're now, what, getting towards two months after the Nashville shooting.
The manifesto, which is voluminous, if reports are bitter-believed, has not been released.
No plans to release it.
And it, in fact, came out that this is part of a litigation.
And it's, in fact, the parents
Of the dead children who don't want the manifesto released.
Says no one was more traumatised or has suffered more than families of the victims and survivors of the Covenant School tragedy.
No one can claim a remotely similar interest in whether the writings of the shooter should be released.
Dates a legal brief.
They say...
The Manifesto of the Work is the work of a mentally deranged person and is dangerous and harmful.
A lot of people would counter that and say, we need to understand the motivations behind what is increasingly becoming a violent movement to try and prevent such tragedies from happening again.
But that is one of the main reasons why we haven't seen the Manifesto so far.
Meanwhile, Daily Signal reports exclusive, this just came out in fact today,
Leaked policy exposes Fox News stances on woke ideology.
Says Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity rather than their biological sex.
So, hairy men wearing dresses are allowed to go into female bathrooms, basically.
And they're permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender.
This is Fox News, the conservative broadcaster.
Says they must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace.
That's come out as part of Fox News' workplace transition plan, which has now been revealed.
Again, drilling to the core of the fact that Fox News is a complete front when it comes to representing conservative voices in America.
They're complete sellouts, they're beholden to the regime, they're fake loyal opposition, and that's one of the main reasons why they got rid of Tucker Carlson.
Meanwhile, U.S.
State Department offers counseling to staff after pronoun glitch.
Again, Fox News would be presumably right on board with this policy.
The U.S.
State Department has offered free therapy to employees who were hurt or upset when the email system misgendered them.
Oh, poor babies!
With random he, him or she, her pronouns!
Amid its embrace of all things LGBT, the State Department now reportedly requires all employees to list their pronouns in their email signatures.
So basically, they're offering therapy to the people who are so grievously harmed by being accurately described as their birth gender.
Let's go to this final video now.
A bit of a change of gears.
I'm talking about the emergence of non-native big black cats in the United Kingdom.
Fascinating subject.
This video is called They're Here.
Let's roll it.
Well, there's no doubt about it.
They're here.
No, not them.
I'm talking about big cats being sighted across the UK.
And finally, some previously elusive scientific evidence that the phenomenon is indeed real.
The Cotswold town of Chipping Camden is buzzing with reports of a black cat patrolling its rural outskirts.
Jane Wolfe saw the big black beast along Conduit Hill about to pounce on something going up a tree last month.
The creature was also seen by another person.
And a Facebook post from this morning relates a similar tale.
The man was driving down into Westington, which is just down the hill from Conduit Hill, at around 1am last night.
He saw the black beast dart out behind his car and across the road.
He said it was much bigger than a domestic cat and almost the size of a dog.
Another black panther was also spotted earlier this year in nearby Paris.
Per sure.
In fact, Gloucestershire in general has been awash with reports of black panthers and black leopards.
Concern is building because there have been numerous sheep attacks linked to the sightings.
But now we have firm proof that, yes indeed, big cats are running wild in the UK.
A hair sample from a barbed wire fence was tested after footage emerged of a big cat a few miles away.
The farm in question lost two sheep to predatory attacks, and toothpick analysis showed they'd been killed by large carnivores.
Mitochondrial DNA analysis of the hair ascertained a 99% match to a big cat species.
There's no longer any doubt that they're here.
In Gloucestershire, the big cats are becoming so common, they're being seen near airports and on the side of motorways.
How many of these things are just skulking around out there, breeding with each other?
Now obviously, big cats roaming wild around the countryside aren't native to the UK.
So how on earth did they get here?
Some more imaginative types have tied the whole phenomenon to the weird and wonderful world of cryptids and UFOs.
But the more likely explanation is far more down to earth.
The Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976 made it illegal to keep big cats without a license and stringent accommodation regulations being followed.
Well, particularly in the southwest of England.
Many of the people who had been keeping them as exotic pets simply released them all into the wild.
What could possibly go wrong?
Because releasing them into the wild wasn't banned until the 1981 Countryside Act.
So these big cats being witnessed now were the offspring of those that were released in the late 70s.
Crucially, it's being reported that these big cats now seem to appear healthy, confident, and comfortable in their environment.
They're not recent escapees, they're permanent residents.
Which means the government may have to act if they keep increasing in number and killing livestock.
Have you seen a big cat in the UK?
Let me know in the comments below.
We're not going to have time to get into these final stories in any detail, but Bud Light Distributor sends out a public plea to bring back customers.
They continue to hemorrhage money as a result of backing woke insanity.
Target take note.
Bud Light Mulvaney ad may violate ethics rule against promoting booze to kids.
The fallout continues.
It shows no sign of stopping.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
War Room is next.
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