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Air Date: May 18, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses conspiracy theories, calling for President Joe Biden's impeachment due to reasons such as treason, mental fitness, border security, and collusion with Russia. He also promotes various health products available at InfowarsStore.com and shares his views on topics such as the importance of evaluating information critically, the need for accountability, and the dangers of AI.


From England to Morocco, from Israel to the United States, from Canada to New Zealand, through the biomedical complex, and under UN direction, itself given directives by Bill Gates' Combine, the Carnegie Endowment, the CIA, they openly cleared the hospitals, kicked out the regular staff and key facilities, and murdered people in each nation.
It's all coming up next hour with the documents.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
To stand up against the poison of white supremacy, as I did in my inaugural address, to assemble out as the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland, is white supremacy.
I'll give you five damn good reasons why the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, should be impeached.
And I'll make it easy.
I won't even bring up the fraudulent elections.
Number one, treason.
Chinese nationals affiliated with the Bidens created limited liability companies in the United States and then in a short period of time transferred their interest to a Chinese company that sent money to the Bidens.
Number two, mental fitness.
According to the 25th Amendment, Joe Biden does not have the mental fitness to be president, and even he knows it.
You know, you don't have to stand every time I hear, hail the chief lender, where the hell is he?
Took me a long while.
You think I'm joking.
I'm not.
Turn around and where's the president?
All the kids under the age of 15, come on up here.
The idea that it was a dereliction of duty is, I think,
It's a bizarre notion.
Biden told the crowd at a private fundraiser in New York, we have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
I don't think there is any such thing as the ability to easily use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.
Since Joe Biden took office, 5 million illegal border crossers encountered, 2 million illegal aliens released into the country, another 2 million, over 370,000 unaccompanied alien children have been encountered on the border, and the Biden administration has lost track of 85,000 kids.
85,000 of that number, and nearly 200 on the terrorist watch list have been encountered on our border.
Here's the kicker.
It's all been done intentionally.
Day one, January 20th, 2021, Joe Biden said, no more wall, no more remain in Mexico.
You get to the border, you get released into the country.
Of course, Joe Biden is merely the current visage of a cabal caught with their pants down by the Durham investigation, a treasonous bureaucratic media monstrosity that knowingly lied to the American people, yet faces no repercussions.
Do you have direct evidence of collusion with Russia?
Well, I think there is direct evidence.
While there is abundant evidence of collusion, but as I've said along, there's plenty of evidence of collusion.
Donald Trump engaged in perverted acts with prostitutes.
In reality, A, a bunch of the dossier has proven to be true.
Many of the things represented in the Steele reports were in fact true.
So Andrew, in the Durham report it says the FBI never had evidence of collusion, that's not a legal term we should note, between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016, should never have launched a full investigation.
What's your response?
Yeah, I vehemently disagree with Mr. Durham's characterizations of what we did in the report.
The time for weaponizing the Department of Justice needs to come to an end.
And because you refuse to prosecute real criminals that are violating all the crimes here in Washington, D.C., and you want to talk about D.C.
residents, they are victims of your abuse of power.
And because of that, I am introducing articles of impeachment on you, Mr. Graves.
Immediately, the thoughts of impeachment bring up the nightmare of a Kamala Harris presidency.
My mother used to, she would give us a hard time sometimes and she would say to us, I don't know what's wrong with you young people.
You think you just fell out of a coconut tree?
You exist in the context.
But isn't that the very reason she is there?
Impeach Joe Biden now or suffer the consequences before irreversible damage is done.
John Bowne reporting.
In the last 14 hours or so, before I went to bed last night, before I got up at 6 a.m.
this morning, something really happened to me.
I crossed into a new mental space that I've never really experienced before, and I'm having trouble describing it, but it is a
brainwave or mindset that I would describe as a mixture of sadness and of responsibility and of determination and of urgency
But also extremely calm and committed.
Now, everything I'm going to cover here today, we all basically already know is true and going on.
What is wild about it is that it's all being admitted out in the open, and if we do not address this, and if we do not change this now,
We have already basically gone over the edge of a cliff, but we have a parachute we can pull before we hit the bottom.
But we've jumped off the 5,000-foot cliff, and we're already falling about 1,000 feet.
And very soon, if we don't pull the chute, collectively, we are all going to be destroyed.
That's guaranteed.
And then I think about the evil people that are doing this at the top,
Down to their minions at the bottom, and I just see so clearly, historically, how this has happened before, and I can see, really, the algorithm of evil that they're using for control.
Now, each one of these stories, and there's six or seven that all tie together, maybe eight, all complement each other in understanding what's unfolding.
And each one is devastating, devastating in what it means and the ramifications.
And each one of these stories, we could talk for the next four hours about just one of them.
So let me just calmly read to you some of the headlines.
And then get into the stories.
But it's not just the stories, it's that they're telling you this now.
Here's one of them.
A secretive annual meeting attended by the world's elite has AI top of the agenda.
They go on to say the Bilderberg Group is meeting in Portugal and that world leaders will secretly be there along with the heads of big tech and banks.
And that they're going to save us with a world government plan to protect us from the AI they're launching against us.
Now, I'm going to obviously cover that report.
We have the participant list.
Now, just a few years ago, we talked about this.
The ADL would say you were a Nazi.
What does that have to do with Nazis?
To expose people that
Act about as close to the Nazis as I've ever seen.
And then that ties into this bombshell report that's on Infowars.com from the National Archives.
And the ADL is proud of this and wants you to know that for 60 years they've been secret police in America.
That have infiltrated groups, and I believe what they describe as criminal.
They got criminally indicted for breaking into police stations and robbing files in San Francisco and other areas.
But when I tell you the ADL is at the heart of quarterbacking this stuff on the ground, and I describe how they work with the Justice Department and the CIA, they have released this and are proud to let you know because now they've gone from beta to full operational.
From the school boards on up, there are calamities about to hit us economically, culturally, militarily, that are already hitting, that the system plans to really go to the final step of assassinating any populist, anyone that stands against what's happening, and or putting us in slave labor camps, which the left's calling for.
Yeah, there it is.
Oh, Drudge, Bilderberg Elites, Meet in Lisbon, The Future of AI, List Participants.
I thought that didn't exist.
I thought the ADL said, the Southern Primary Law Center, and the New York Times, I remember just like six years ago, said I was insane and racist, and that globalism doesn't exist, and neither does the Bilderberg Group.
So, but let's talk about what's really going on here, because by having the ADL come out and attack anybody that doesn't want to be a slave, and calling everybody anti-Semitic,
That actually paints the target in the media and in the culture that it is Jews that run it.
And then there's persecution of Jews, and the ADL gets more money.
But at the end of the day, there are a lot of powerful Jews that are in the New World Order, but in the final equation, it's not about what religious or racial group people are, it is about
Human-animal cloning.
It is about euthanasia.
It is about forced abortion.
It is about sterilizing children.
It is a biomedical, mad-scientist-y population tyranny at the top that makes Hitler look like a lightweight.
But imagine if the Nazis had been more sophisticated and attacked for the food and water and culture, which they had plans, once they took over, to do covertly.
Imagine if they'd hired a leftist Jewish organization to be their front group.
The Nazis would have won.
Now the Nazis aren't secretly Red Skull running the New World Order.
The Nazis were a bad son or a branch of the eugenics globalist system that was set up and allowed to operate to then bring in the UN and the New World Order we're under today.
So I'm not being an apologist.
For any of these extremist groups, whether it be the ADL or the KKK.
The difference is the KKK doesn't secretly control much of the police and the Justice Department and the rest of it, but there's groups above that as well.
We're going to talk about it today.
But why would they come out and get National Archives documents and then put them out publicly
And say we've been infiltrating right-wing groups and posing as racist to discredit them since the 60s.
Well, we already know that.
What do you think Patriot Front is?
But here they are saying we infiltrate groups and then we try to say racist things at press conferences and things to make mainline conservatives look bad.
It's a false flag.
Well, I told you about some of the employees here before they left to go write exposés about us and be left at STARS.
I'm not going to name their names.
I'm not going to put the articles up.
They went around the office before they quit trying to get us to say racist things.
Of course, we didn't.
But that's ADL.
And I said, we know.
In fact, it came out they were working with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL.
They've written articles about it.
So the level of nastiness here, ladies and gentlemen, is next level.
But that's nothing.
That's only the front of this, okay?
Let's talk about what the New World Order really is when we come back, okay?
In 130-plus U.S.
hospitals, there's now whistleblowers, documents, and recordings coming out.
But we already knew this, but now it's confirmed.
They had special floors set up, in most cases with people that weren't even doctors or nurses but were technicians, so they said your family can't come see you, and had quotas, and we know the $51,000 bonus for killing somebody, but now the insiders are coming out.
Think of the organized evil of that.
That's the point.
Can you organize people to kill people in front of everybody and get away with it?
I mean, people of the ADL, is this really what you want to be part of?
I mean, come on, man.
Really, you're that bad?
God is real.
And only reaching your hands out to the heavens and asking God to come into your cells, into your electrochemical systems, can purge you and block you from the enemy's frequency.
Reach your hands out.
Like a tree's branches to the sun, to the stars, to the firmament, to the proof of God's incredible intention.
And pray.
Pray for an awakening.
Yes, it's begun.
But this is only the start of something that will lead humanity out of the darkness, to the stars, and beyond.
All right.
We have attorney Tom Renz, who's the real deal.
About half the whistleblowers that have blown wide open the game of function and the criminal projects went through Renz.
And he is a man of action.
He now has the witnesses, he has the recordings, he has the documents of what we can see happening.
Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe.
I'm getting chills right now.
This is so horrible.
The UK, Canada, the US.
Took men, women, and children.
And the computers would tell them who to hit.
And they would take them to special floors at 130 plus hospitals in the US alone.
Kill floors is what they're called.
And they would then put them on ventilators even when they didn't need it, in almost every case, and put them on enough drugs to kill them.
We even have, right before they released COVID, the massive stockpiling in these different countries, and news articles about it, of the drugs to do the killing.
Now, when I say the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL and the leftists and anti-fars, just the front of these groups,
Say the number one threat is white supremacy, not Big Pharma and the mad scientists of the New World Order.
They are just the front groups for this.
And the ideology at the top of this is a eugenics-based, transhumanist, mad scientist cult wanting to accelerate the population so the rulers of the planet can enjoy the fruits of the earth without us being, quote, on their land.
So this is beyond
A Hitlerian system.
This would make Hitler blush.
We'll be covering that with Tom Renz and the bombshell whistleblower, audio documents and more next hour.
Then we have another special guest joining us in the third hour.
And then Drew Hernandez is in the fourth hour, Stu Peters in the third hour.
But when we talk about this, I want it to sink in to everybody.
They're not just chemically and surgically castrating and sterilizing our boys and girls.
They're not just shipping in fentanyl, the number one cause of death below the age of 45.
They're not just dissolving the borders and massive human trafficking.
They're not just raping children on Epstein's Island.
They're not just starting World War III with Russia.
They have set the precedent through a global system with global QR codes and global world ID to bring in a new world currency to control all of our actions and movements.
And they have already corrupted thousands of hospitals around the world to be part of a protocol and operation to bring in fake nurses and doctors.
That's why they closed the hospitals, wouldn't let staff in to the other areas.
They use the more high-tech modern hospitals where it's all badge controlled.
They already set it up before COVID was released in 2019, a year before.
They already drilled and then they set the precedent as a beta test to conservatively kill
Around 500,000 people with this method worldwide.
Around half of those in the United States.
We have all the documents, all the proof.
We'll be covering it in the second hour, but just let that sink in.
We have a government following a UN globalist, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci operation.
The original test was HIV and the drugs that actually killed the people like AZT.
And they did the same thing with Remdesivir this time that makes your organs turn off, they put you on a ventilator, when you first go to the doctor sick they say come back if you get sicker, they know you're gonna get sicker, then they put you on a ventilator, then they give you a bunch of different serious drugs that are used in anesthesia and you die.
They kill you with a above hospice level dose.
And they did it to homeless people, they did it to old people, they did it to young people.
They did it as a plan to see if they get away with it.
And could they lock us in our houses?
And would the police attack us and take us to jail if we left our houses?
Could they then push a poison shot on us that all the studies show and what top scientists warned beforehand would happen?
Massive cancer increase.
New Scientist reports, cancer mystery as cases rise among younger people around the world.
And we have the list of countries, it's all the countries that took the Moderna and Pfizer shots.
The biggest two-year increase in history, massive.
They said it's absolutely devastating.
Cancer in young people is up multi-thousand percentage points.
Starting to get the picture here?
I mean, we talk about how they're killing us, and they talk about how they want to depopulate us.
They're doing it while there's this background noise of, oh, the white people are racist, and oh, the ADL, there's white supremacists everywhere.
Meanwhile, we have a global big pharma system.
That has injected millions of people with a self-replicating spike protein that is cancerous, and that is anti-fertility, and that attacks your organs, and your eyes, and your heart, and your brain?
And the death is all around us?
And life expectancy is plunging?
And they created all these new mutated viruses by giving the so-called vaccine during the viral spread, which you never do, because they know it causes mutations and survival of the fittest.
And we are literally living in a Holocaust.
We are in the second great Holocaust that makes what Hitler did look like an unorganized field trip of five-year-olds.
Running around with a bunch of spasmodic grab-assing.
And Hitler was the most organized murder operation the planet had ever seen to that point.
Well, the New World Order said, hold my beer.
And so I want to say to La Raza, and Mecha, and the KKK, and the ADL, and all these different race-based groups,
We're all going to be destroyed by this, and if you think anybody is going to be immune from the hell that's coming down, and what the cutting off the worldwide energy systems mean, and the collapse of the third world, it's over folks.
We're already deep inside the killing, and the only way this turns around is, if not just the good people stand up, but even people that have been serving evil, have that come to Jesus moment, and just admit you are the bad guys.
You're going to kill us all, you fools!
We will destroy ourselves soon.
And we cannot control evil.
We're following the same pattern.
It's taken place over and over again.
This time we've got weapons that will destroy the entire face of the Earth.
There's not much time to repent.
There's not much time to face evil and admit it's real.
And then do something about it.
My God.
I'm back.
I'm home.
All the time it was.
We finally, really did it.
You maniacs!
You blew it up!
Ah, damn you!
Damn you all to hell!
The Rod Serling classic, Planet of the Apes.
He wasn't on a foreign planet, he was back on Earth thousands of years later, after a nuclear war, and only figured it out when he found the melted Statue of Liberty.
Oh, the Bilderberg Group's real, says CBS News.
And they're going to save us with world government.
They'll protect us from the AI they've rolled out against us.
And don't criticize it, or the ADL will break in your house or business and plant stuff on you, and then the FBI will raid you.
The ADL infiltrate employees into your business.
Southern Poverty Law Center will do it.
Does anybody feel safe rolling over to these people?
No, every cell in my body, my instincts, my soul says, we have got to admit we have a global corporate takeover, a bad scientist, and we have to peacefully dismantle it.
But we cannot play their games, because these eugenicists, super Nazis,
Have hired leftist groups like the ADL to be their front.
We have to transcend that and not become Kanye West.
Who I'm not attacking, but obviously has been sucked into the paradigm.
Or who knows, because of his tax issues, he might be working for them.
They might be threatening to put him in jail if he doesn't go around and try to set people up like he did that day, sitting around here in the chair next to me.
But I saw that coming a mile away.
My wife's got good sixth sense.
She said, don't do the interview.
It's a setup.
And I said, I know it's a setup, sweetheart.
But I'm not going to fall into their trap.
I love everybody.
I love the Muslims.
I love the Jews.
I love the Christians.
I love the Animists.
I love the Agnostics and the Atheists.
I really don't want to see us all destroyed together.
I really don't want to see this planetary collapse and hell world.
But no matter what they say or do or how they persecute us, we have to tell the truth and never stop.
And I can try to reach out to those that serve evil, and I do, because that's the right thing.
But it really does come down to those of us of every race, color, and creed who know this is wrong and know this is dangerous and those of us that are smart enough to see through it have to somehow reach out to the general public and inform them of the grave danger we're all in.
It's called a corruption.
You don't just pay somebody off once because
You want that one thing for them to do with a bribe.
By them taking the bribe, they are now entering the world of corruption, and they are becoming slaves of those they took the bribe from.
And when they, through protocols and the bioethics boards, set up a system to sterilize millions of children, set up a system to euthanize
Hundreds of thousands and now millions of people.
That level of institutional organized crime is so evil that institutions will then cover it up and defend it, even though they weren't part of the crime itself, but by covering it up because it would bring down the system, it now makes the system more corrupt and evil.
There was a National Post article ten years ago or so, and it was written by the editorial board.
That's the biggest paper in Canada.
They said, look, our top professors have looked at 9-11 and clearly it was an inside job.
Building 7 was blown up.
And we're not saying there aren't Muslim extremists, but they went on to say that clearly they were aided and this was allowed to happen.
And there was other projects piggybacked on.
They said, this will bring down the entire liberal system.
That's the whole world system, bigger than Republican or Democrat, if we let this come out.
And again, they think we're animals.
So they're writing in the editorial pages of the editorial board of the paper that, yeah, we know it's an inside job, but we have to suppress it because 9-11 treatment got so powerful the first 10 years after that it was unseating the whole system.
And see, it's the same methodology.
When you get people
That I personally know whose mother or father or brother or sister would go in with a bad cough and trouble breathing and they wouldn't give them drugs, wouldn't give them anything.
They'd say, just go home, take some aspirin.
When they couldn't breathe, they'd come back and put them on a ventilator.
And there was the same thing in every Western country.
On average, the equivalent of $53,000 to put somebody on a ventilator.
Another $12,000 if they died.
So the hospital systems were getting more than $60,000.
No matter where you are, it was the same in the UK, same in Australia, same here.
Same program, same deal.
Oh, you can't see your loved one.
Well, they weren't letting the nurses and doctors that normally work there.
They were telling them, oh, we're not doing regular care right now at these key hospitals.
Oh, the hospital's closed.
You'd go there.
No cars are there, but they'd show you, oh, it's so busy.
There's people on hazmat crews.
Don't come to the hospital.
We can't do that elective surgery.
We can't even see people that had heart attacks.
Remember, they had messages.
COVID's so bad, the hospitals are so overwhelmed.
Orders went out all over the world, do not resuscitate someone with a heart attack up to an ambulance because we don't have the staff.
Because they sent them home at most of the major big hospitals for the first six months, remember this?
And said, and you can't see your loved ones either because they were murdering people and setting that precedent to turn hospitals into pure straight up death camps.
We'll document it all next hour.
Now I'm going to ask everybody there.
I don't care if you're an idiot KKK member or an evil, villainous ADL commando.
Come on.
They did the same thing somewhere else too.
Israel had the highest rate of murdering people after the UK.
Oh, the Jews run it all, according to the yeas of the world.
But then, why was Israel the most clamped down on, other than maybe Singapore?
And yet, Yahoo said six months ago, I can play the clip.
He said, hey, Israel's a testing bed now.
We're going to test all the drugs on our people.
We all have a medical ID.
We're going to find out what works, what hurts people, what helps them.
He was so brazen in a Jordan Peterson interview.
I don't know.
Unimagined even and these are just the examples so we can become a lot of stay off Iran become a light on to the nations in groundbreaking.
We have one example.
So you'll see because I don't want to bore you with the detailed detailed plans.
I but they are detailed in my mind.
We came out of covid first.
I described that in my book my conversations with Albert Bourla Pfizer and I persuaded him to give tiny Israel
We're good to go.
To tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people, not individual people, not with their individual identities, but statistically, what does it do to people with, you know, with meningitis?
What does it do to people with high blood pressure?
You know, you want to know that.
What is it?
So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer.
And that's how we did it.
We got out that we gave the information to the world, not only been published in medical magazines and so on.
We're good to go.
of a robust population.
You have to have diversified populations.
We have people from 100 lands.
This is a very powerful engine.
Now let pharma companies, let medical companies, let them run algorithms on this database, okay?
I'm telling you right away that I'll give preference for a few years to Israeli firms, but you can create, and then to the world, but you can create
You know, a biotechnological industry that is unheard of right now.
Unheard of.
Unimagined, even.
And these are just the examples.
So we can become, stave off Iran, become a light unto the nations in groundbreaking.
And it's just like, why?
It's about power.
And it's not just going to be a pedophile to get the club.
These hospitals, people that did this, are now in the murder club.
They now joined the gang.
They now killed a bunch of people and got paid to do it.
This is an operation.
We'll be right back.
From England to Morocco, from Israel to the United States, from Canada to New Zealand, through the biomedical complex,
And under UN direction, itself given directives by Bill Gates' Combine, the Carnegie Endowment, the CIA, they openly cleared the hospitals, kicked out the regular staff and key facilities, and murdered people in each nation.
It's all coming up next hour with the documents.
Now I'm going to ask the FBI, I'm going to ask school teachers, I'm going to ask auto mechanics, I'm going to ask pastors, I'm going to ask
The Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, black people, white people, old people, gay people, straight people.
You understand this is all real, okay?
People ask why I don't have any fear.
Because we are in an ocean of evil and we're all going to be destroyed if we don't stop this.
This is all on record.
Remember, they told you the Bilderberg Group didn't exist.
Now, the Bilderberg Group's real.
All of the news, they're going to save you.
Let's put up the live show headline, please.
Genocide emergency.
hospitals establish secret kill floors to murder COVID patients.
138 U.S.
Whistleblowers and documents now dropping.
And then look around you, everything else that's happening.
They take little girls' forearms and their muscles out of their thighs and build fake penises that almost always rot off and fall off in a few months.
Looks like something out of Hellraiser.
And I didn't know this.
The crew showed me.
I never got to it last week.
The new Hellraiser is a transgender pinhead who actually transgenders people and rips the muscles out of their legs and arms and gives them fake penises.
So they're telling you this is Hellraiser.
And they're doing it at the hospitals.
How much of this are we going to take, ladies and gentlemen?
And then when we criticize this, we're Nazis?
Because we're anti-war, we're Nazis?
At secretive annual meeting, attended by world's elite, AI tops the agenda.
Meeting secretly in Portugal, the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group, is going to save us
From the AI by all the world leaders including the head of Pfizer and others meeting with the World Economic Forum at the Bilderberg Group to carry this out.
CBS News, CNBC, they're all reporting it.
Now, I could spend five hours on this and I'll probably shoot a special report for tomorrow just on these documents.
But here's Elon Musk
being attacked for saying George Soros hates humanity and wants to tear down civilization.
Well that's what the New World Order is doing.
So the ADL comes out and says he's helping Nazis.
So he comes out and says we shouldn't have an agenda to implode society like George Soros has for lawlessness, crime,
Stealing pension funds.
And then the ADL goes, Jews!
To make it about that.
To hide behind that.
Instead of having a discussion about what George Soros and others stand for.
So this article is from Information Liberation.
It's excellent.
It's on Infowars.com.
I'm going to have a link to it out of the live show feed so everybody can share it.
But you need to go read it.
You need to go get it.
You need to see the documents for yourself.
Why the ADL and some of their scholars and others are very proud and want you to know since the 60s they infiltrated populist quote right-wing groups and posed as racist at public events to discredit the groups.
Like the Patriot Front.
And they broke into police stations and did so much more and they want you to know that they're an intelligence agency working with the CIA and FBI.
It's all in the article.
To stop Nazis from taking over and killing Jews.
Oh, so you've got to take all our rights and spy on us, and infiltrate us, and say we're racist, and lie about us, so the tyrants don't take over.
No, you're creating an atmosphere that'll destroy everybody.
I'm not an apologist for Jews or anybody else, but they're individuals.
Do you think the average Jew knows this is going on?
They believe the hype that they're being persecuted, just like black people think whitey's out to get them.
The globalists are out to get everybody.
You need to go read this article and read these documents, but this is from them.
And you go, why does that happen?
Well, they said, well, now we're going to save you on the big stage.
With the FBI and CIA publicly, with TV ads saying, watch your neighbors, you can't trust white people.
That's what Hitler did to the Jews.
He ran newsreels and news articles and speeches that they were a secret evil group that had to be exterminated.
And now the ADL is saying they've got to come after all of us and Sachiko Barron.
What, two, three years ago at their annual meeting said, arrest Zuckerberg if he doesn't censor everybody, and arrest Alex Jones!
The greatest propaganda machine in history, let's think about it.
Facebook, YouTube, and Google, Twitter, and others.
They reach billions of people.
The algorithms these platforms depend on
Deliberately amplify the type of content that keeps users engaged.
Stories that appeal to our baser instincts and that trigger outrage and fear.
It's why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times.
It's why fake news outperforms real news because studies show that lies spread faster than truth.
And it's no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history.
The lie that Jews are somehow dangerous.
As one headline put it, just think what Goebbels could have done with Facebook.
On the internet, everything can appear equally legitimate.
Breitbart resembles the BBC.
The fictitious protocols of the Elders of Zion look as valid as an ADL report.
There is such a thing as objective truth.
Facts do exist.
And if these internet companies really want to make a difference,
They should hire enough monitors to actually monitor.
Work closely with groups like the ADL and the NAACP.
Insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.
And maybe fines are not enough.
Maybe it's time
To tell Mark Zuckerberg and the CEOs of these companies, you already allowed one foreign power to interfere in our elections.
You already facilitated one genocide in Myanmar.
Do it again and you go to jail.
Wow, that's so friendly and nice of you!
He wasn't being the cute little comedian there, he looked super evil.
Because what he was saying was evil because he is an evil man.
He is an intelligence operative, on record.
ADL ran an extensive multidimensional counterintelligence operation to destroy the John Birch Society.
The John Birch Society was 100% dead on.
They were shocked, their founder, by China being handed over to the Communists.
They investigated and found out that our government was funding authoritarianism worldwide.
And they exposed the writings of the CFR and Bilderberg Group and other organizations to bring in world government to control both parties and other parties other nations and they were effectively educating people and they said get out of the Vietnam War in the mid-60s.
So they got infiltrated and here's the ADL
How they infiltrated them, how they demonized them, how they lied about them, how they committed crimes against them, and how they've done it ever since to everybody else, and how good they are.
Yeah, giving Arnold Schwarzenegger awards when he says he loves Hitler.
Giving George Soros awards when he says the best time of his life was working for Hitler.
You guys are evil.
And I know you know you're evil.
You think you're on the winning team.
You like it.
If you study history and if you look how things are going, you're going to kill us all.
I have no desire to be at war with you guys, but let me just explain something to you.
We have run the tables on you.
Do I need to give you examples?
Videos of Bill Gates get tens of millions of views and have hundreds of thousands of comments you have to read for hours.
Before you find one comment that's pro, Bill Gates.
It's the same thing for Soros.
It's the same thing for all of you guys.
You've lost.
But you're going to keep escalating, and you're in an attempt to keep control, and anybody can tell you that when a movable object comes into contact with an unstoppable force, there's a hydrogen explosion.
There's a nuclear bomb.
This is going to destroy everything.
This is insane.
And the government is openly organized to physically go to war with the American people and provide the false flags as a pretext.
And then our civilization will descend into something that makes civil war sound like a walk in the park.
I'll cover more of this.
There's so much I haven't gotten to.
Tom Renz is joining us with all the documents, the whistleblower information, the recordings, all of it.
And I don't even need all this.
You see it.
You know what they did with the ventilators and the drugs and all of it.
But it's so organized and it's so evil.
You know, why couldn't you see your family when they had COVID on a ventilator?
Why would they send the rest of the staff home?
Why was it the same policy worldwide?
Because we're in the New World Order now.
I'm going to go to break.
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And on the tail, you're the dog.
Without you, the dog don't hunt.
All right, folks.
If we don't stop what they're doing, we're accomplices.
I'll be really honest with you.
I feel guilty that I haven't fought harder.
But I promise you this.
I've only begun to fight.
We'll be right back, my friends.
Hour number two, Tom Renz and the death camps that are now established inside hospitals.
Iodine is naturally acquired through the soil, which is at the foundation of our entire food supply.
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Tom Renz is coming up next segment with the biggest news ever.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Infowar and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
As illustrated in RFK Jr.'
's book, The Real Anthony Fauci, AIDS and AZT was Fauci's first official go at state-sponsored depopulation.
Celia Farber writes that Peter Staley is the most iconic AIDS activist in the world, and that he was the guy who made AZT happen.
The well-hyped media story goes something like this.
Young gay activist Peter Staley came out as a homosexual in 1985 and inspired his older brother, Jess Staley, to join him in the fight against AIDS, which for them meant demanding more drugs, faster drugs, and cheaper drugs from Big Pharma.
While posing as the voice of the downtrodden LGBTQ consumer,
With the almighty support of the mainstream media behind them, the two brothers demanded that Big Pharma put speed ahead of safety and efficacy.
This campaign directly resulted in the rapid FDA approval of AZT in 1989.
Big profits were made, shortcuts were taken, and AZT killed thousands.
Jess Staley worked for JPMorgan Chase and became a pioneer of woke LGBTQ banking.
And after 30 years at JP Morgan and nine years as CEO of Barclays Bank in the UK, he resigned last year after an investigation into his ties with Jeffrey Epstein was launched as part of a U.S.
Virgin Islands lawsuit.
According to the lawsuit, JP Morgan knowingly, negligently, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise.
Human trafficking was the principal business of the accounts Epstein maintained at JP Morgan.
Jeff Staley exchanged several hundreds of emails with Jeffrey Epstein.
Some of them coded like the infamous Pizzagate emails.
Staley to Epstein, say hi to Snow White for me.
Epstein to Staley, what character would you like next?
Staley, Beauty and the Beast.
Jess Staley is accused of forcibly and violently raping one of the victims and is said to have told her that Jeffrey Epstein authorized him to do whatever he wanted to her.
Jess Staley was set to take over for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who some believe will be charged with criminal conspiracy for his service to Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking operations.
A New York federal judge threatened JPMorgan Chase with contempt of court if it does not speed up in producing evidence related to Jeffrey Epstein.
Jamie Dimon is scheduled to be questioned under oath later this month on his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.
Throwing gas on the fire, 19 Republican states just accused JP Morgan of closing bank accounts on political or religious grounds.
In a letter to CEO Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Bank is accused of cancelling major organizations' checking accounts and then screening them with questions focused on religion and politics before reinstating them.
The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, and it holds no reserves.
It is a private bank owned by its member banks, and overall, owned by the same big banks deemed too big to fail, like JPMorgan Chase.
So when the CBDCs come to supposedly save the day, remember that these banks are run by child rapists and human traffickers.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Too big to fail.
Banks now connected to Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking.
We'll be right back with special guests.
All across the Western world, hospitals were paid the equivalent of $53,000 to secretly lock people up, put them on ventilators, and then give them a cocktail of drugs to kill them while the families were left outside.
Many of the hospitals where they did this were cleared out of the regular medical staff.
And then many individuals posing as doctors and nurses carried out the killings.
Well, I've been interviewing him for over two years, and I thought he was credible at the start, but I know he's completely credible now.
So many of the top whistleblowers from the DOD, the Vice President of the Eagle Health Alliance, all of them went through Tom Renz.
Attorney, he's a lead lawyer in several major cases brought to Ohio, New Mexico, Maine, and nationally against the CDC, DHHS, and Fauci regarding force vax mandates, big Texas ship, these COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, business closures, false PCR test data, fraudulent death numbers, and more.
And he works with a lot of doctors and scientists around the world.
Renz, R-E-N-Z-Law.com.
This is really a chink in the enemy's army, in the enemy's armor.
This is a lot bigger than the hundreds of thousands of people they killed here and hundreds of thousands more around the Western world.
It's about setting the precedent.
To be able to carry out larger scale operations like this in the future.
This is eugenics.
This is euthanasia.
This is depopulation.
You see Canada saying, we're going to make people commit suicide now.
We're going to kill mentally ill people who are wards of the state.
The ward says, I'm going to kill you.
We're going to kill children who are just depressed.
We're going to sterilize your children.
It's happening here.
This is the weaponization of the medical system against us.
And key hospitals, 139, I said 138 from memory, around the country,
From this whistleblower information and the audio and the documents carried this out.
More modern hospitals, highly controlled.
Remember they would also do the PR stunts that were documented all over the country and all over the world.
But they'd say, oh look, it's overwhelming lines, hazmat, don't come to the hospital.
Can't do your regular surgery.
You got a heart attack?
Don't come here.
But they'd sent most of the staff home and brought in key people to carry out this beta test for what they had done.
Now, the great Dr. Jane Ruby, who we need to get back on the show, had Tom Renz on a few days ago.
It's gone viral.
Breaking whistleblower.
Pharmacist tape confirms hospital murders are intentional, using morphine overdoses to hasten deaths in COVID patients.
But it gets worse.
Remember what happened in the UK.
They got a stockpile
of a drug that's used to put people under an anesthesia and they would kill them with that knowing that if you give somebody even a small amount of this they can't breathe.
Number of prescriptions for the drug midazoplam doubled during height of the pandemic and right before the pandemic started the UK government ordered the biggest stockpile ever of it
And it goes on from there.
FDA reports shortage of sedation drug used for putting COVID-19 patients on ventilators.
Which also means you can't breathe.
Even though you're on a ventilator, it shuts the lungs down.
They give you Mirandezavir that shuts down the kidneys and other parts of the body.
MEDAZO plan was used to end the lives of thousands who were told they've died of COVID-19.
And the NHS document proves staff were ordered to do it.
Now, if they get away with this crime, they can get away with anything.
And Tom Renz joins us.
We'll also air part of the tape.
He'll give us updates on where this is going.
But Tom, I know this is hard work, but I just see your tirelessness.
I see you everywhere.
We salute the work you're doing, and I'm just so proud to know you.
Obviously, we need to expose this because, as I predicted a few months ago, when they ended the pandemic, I said the UN would later say, we ended it because a new one's coming.
They now announced that last week.
So they're getting ready to hit us again.
We've got to take this down.
We've got to intellectually, culturally convict them of the core public opinion so no one goes along with them.
And we see Chelsea Clinton saying there's less trust in the big pharma now than there was three years ago.
Obama came out.
And Pines, for old days when people believed the media and they could control the common set of facts.
Well, the truth is they killed a lot of us, but they really lost in their COVID attack in that they wanted to keep the lockdowns going longer, wanted to set the precedent for the world medical ID.
That has failed by and large.
The new UN treaty to take sovereignty is in deep trouble.
So we're in a fight for our lives.
Tom Renz, we salute you.
Thanks for being here.
It's mutual.
Alex, it's been an honor to get to know you over the last couple years and to stand with you, pushing truth.
You know, the thing about this is, is I was shocked.
And you know, you know this, Alex, when I started fighting this, you know, I'm just some nobody from a little town.
And so when I hear things, you know, I would hear Alex Jones, you know, that guy, he's on, you know, he's talking about how they suppress his information.
I used to hear that.
I think, boy, I don't know about that.
That seems ridiculous now.
Fast forward three years, three years of me getting my chops busted every day for telling truth.
I mean, you know, I'm putting out paperwork that I got recordings.
I've got cited government documents.
I got all this stuff.
And what they tell me is that it's fake news.
Are you kidding me?
It's absurd.
So I got to tell you, Alex, I'm honored to stand with you and to get just a little bit of understanding of what you've been through for so many years.
So I appreciate all that you do as well.
Well, we're not as bad off as the folks they murdered on these ventilators and what they're planning to do next, so...
There's a lot going on with COVID.
I'm going to get updates on all the other lawsuits and things in a moment, but let's drill into the ventilators.
I mean, we know family couldn't visit.
They kicked the rest of the staff out.
Same policy worldwide, bounties to put people on ventilators.
We know the drugs were killing them.
They knew it, said don't give it to someone on a ventilator, so they stockpiled it ahead of time.
I mean, all that proves it was a conspiracy.
We could convict any of them with just that evidence.
But now you've got the big pharmacist groups, everybody, they know what's on the indications and they know what they've been told.
Lay this out for us.
Yeah, so let me start with this from the law, right?
And I want people to understand how this was done.
And so that you don't think that this is an accident or a one-off, I want you to understand the way the law worked on this.
We legislated hospital murder factories, okay?
So this came from our government.
I don't think
That the buffoons that voted for the laws actually knew what they were doing.
I mean, we heard, we got Nancy Pelosi, you gotta pass the law.
No, exactly, you get global policy pushed by the UN, the governments just sign on to it.
It's the people writing the policy.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, you're dead on, Alex.
The people that were pushing this, they were behind the scenes.
The people that voted on it were just too dumb and lazy to read the bills.
So, here's what happens.
We got, and I'm going to use the word law generally, to include policy, regulation, guidance, all these sorts of things.
We've got the law that's shifted, and the National Center for Vital Statistics, the CDC, the HHS, all these people, all law, they say, listen, if you're coughing, if you've got any symptoms of COVID, we want you to call it COVID.
If you've got, it doesn't matter what it is, if it's COVID, if it could possibly be COVID, we want you to diagnose COVID.
And if you diagnose it as COVID, that's fine.
And you'll get a bonus.
If you don't die- And I'm sorry to interrupt, but just to back you up.
Remember, zero flu in all these countries for those years, because they were calling flu that and killing them.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, you got it.
You got an incentive, right?
You got extra money to call it COVID.
But if you didn't call it COVID, you were going to get a call from the government saying, why are you not listing these people as COVID?
Well, what are the symptoms?
And the symptoms for COVID and the flu were identical, by the way.
They were indistinguishable.
I've put the side-by-side up before.
They're indistinguishable.
So, you've got everything being diagnosed as COVID, and you get a bonus if you diagnose it as COVID, because we pass a law that says if you've got COVID, not only can you call it COVID, regardless of what it is, but you get extra money for calling it COVID.
Then we pass more laws.
And the laws, what they do is they make it so that once you have COVID, if you give someone the appropriate treatments, you get a whole bunch more money.
Well, the appropriate treatments start out with things like remdesivir, which causes system failure and kidney failure and organ failure and all sorts of problems.
Not in every person, but in enough of them.
You throw in things like you mentioned, melazepam.
Well, it suppresses your breathing.
Your oxygen levels fall.
So anybody that lost a loved one in the hospital, you can be assured of one thing.
They were probably getting a sedative of some type, and that sedative was suppressing their breathing, which means their oxygen levels and saturation inherently go down, which means then the hospital tells you that you need to go on a ventilator.
Well, they got a big bonus for using their remdesivir in these approved treatments, and then they get another bonus once they get you on the ventilator.
Well, the approved treatments push you towards a ventilator.
So then you're on a ventilator.
Hospital gets another bonus.
Then to top the whole thing off, once you die and they call you a COVID death, the hospital gets another bonus.
So instead of incentivizing hospitals treating patients and getting them healthy, we incentivize hospitals murdering patients.
On top of that, Alex, as if all that wasn't enough, we also passed laws that said if you're treating COVID, you can't get sued unless you can prove that you acted willfully against the patient's interests.
What that means to a lawyer is this.
I have to prove that that hospital meant to kill you to file a lawsuit on your COVID treatment.
So, you as a lawyer, or an expert on this, you see them premeditatedly setting it up to make it harder for them to get in trouble?
Well, you've got to understand, not only do you have to prove that, so in any instance, anytime you have to prove someone acts willfully, that is very difficult in court.
Now, when you combine that with the fact that they've incentivized everybody using the exact same treatment protocols,
What that means is, is that not only do you have to prove that they acted in bad faith, but you have to prove that everybody acted in bad faith.
Because, at the end of the day, what they're going to do when I say, listen, these guys acted in bad faith, they knew they were killing people, they're going to say, no, this is what everybody did.
You can't prove that, we just did whatever we did.
Yeah, we're not bad, we're just following the global policy.
Their defense is, if everybody jumps off the bridge, I had to too.
And so, there ends up, from a legal perspective, they essentially create immunity on a level that is almost impossible to pierce.
Now, when we start looking at and analyzing this from the position of willfulness, well, we're getting to a point now, we're getting to a point now where I think we're just about able to show that.
Because, as statistics, as facts, as evidence is coming out, you know, it looks more and more like this is willful.
These guys knew what they were doing.
Sure, well, of course it's willful, it's premeditated, but if you can expand on that, under international law, common law, common sense, just because they've been given immunity in some regulation, again, willful conspiracy, everything's overridden by that.
Well, as an added bonus, in certain instances, RICO will take precedent over government immunity.
So these crooks in the federal government that were pushing this,
If we get to the right point, we've got the right evidence, we're going to actually be able to go after them as part of a RICO claim, because this was a corrupt enterprise in my opinion.
I don't think there's any question about it.
We're getting closer, but for the people who are impatient about this, and I understand why, because I know how many... I got the phone calls, Alex.
I can't tell you.
I got every day for months on end, phone call after phone call of people telling me, listen, my loved one, my sister, my brother, my aunt, my mother, they're dying in the hospital.
They tell us she's got three days to live, but they won't let us try ivermectin.
They tell us there's nothing else they can do and that they aren't going to do anything, but they won't let us try hydroxychloroquine.
I would open the phones up and people were just begging with loved ones dying who were totally healthy.
I remember we had the whistleblower nurse out of New York where they would just grab homeless people and throw them in.
They weren't even sick, they just murder them.
Yeah, no question about it.
And there's a great image of how empty this was.
The only time you actually saw sick patients was when they set it up for a photo op.
You know, this was unbelievable what was occurring.
And, you know, meanwhile, you see these idiots that were in the medical profession doing this stuff at the time.
And the thing is, is most of the idiots that you're showing right now actually thought they were doing good.
See, they didn't bother to do their homework.
What they did was they read the CDC guidance.
They just sat there.
Most of them got sent home.
The others just put people on ventilators and took the money.
They're dancing while people are dying.
Yep, they read the guidance, they listened to the administrators, whatever the hospital says, that's, well, that must be true.
And the media said they were all heroes.
We'll be right back.
All right, we just joined some stations that just joined us.
Continue, Tom Renz, breaking that down for people.
How this conspiracy worked and what this new whistleblower information is, you have.
Yeah, so, you know, we've been working on gathering the data because we have to show willfulness.
Well, so I get a call from a wonderful lady and she doesn't really want to be public.
I mean, her name's public because she's filed a lawsuit and it's public record.
But she's asked me to speak for her publicly because first of all, she wants to make sure she's not saying anything that's going to damage her lawsuit.
And second of all, she wants to make sure that she's not looking for fame or fortune.
She's a mom of five, she's got a PhD in pharmacy, Stanford educated, one of the most qualified pharmacists I've ever ran across.
I mean the woman is a brilliant pharmacist and her name is Adreni and she comes forward and she says,
I'm a pharmacist.
I had worked in clinical trials with big pharmacists.
I wanted to get back into patient care, went back into that.
While I was at the hospital working during COVID, I was looking at the drugs they were using and I felt that their protocols created an opportunity to hasten death.
Now, hasten death is a term that's used, but don't overthink it.
If I shoot you in the head, I'm hastening your death, right?
It's a polite way of saying killing someone.
It doesn't matter how you hasten death.
Hastening death is still killing someone, right?
So she says, you know, they wanted me to sign off on these protocols that I thought were going to hasten death.
Or that had the potential to cause death as that and other.
I said, well, OK.
She said, well, I applied for a religious exemption because I didn't think that was right.
And they ended up firing her and retaliating against her.
So I want you to understand what I just said, Alex, in plain terms.
You got a Ph.D., super high end, quality educated pharmacist, as credentialed as anybody on the planet.
In a hospital, says to the hospital, your policies
Could result in patients dying.
Can I have an exemption from supporting these policies?
And instead of the hospital saying, oh my God, they could, we need to change these policies or at least reevaluate them.
Instead, the hospital fires her and retaliates.
And won't give her a religious exemption.
She was asking for a religious exemption from being complicit to murder.
In my mind, that's how I view this.
I mean, what can I say about, instead of the hospital saying, oh my gosh, we need to look at this, we need to evaluate, is this right?
Did this pharmacist find something?
Did we not know?
Instead, they triple down and they fire the pharmacist.
I mean, think of how absurd that is.
So, we've got a pharmacist, you know, well, as an added bonus to all this, because, you know, I hear a lot of people tell me a lot of things, right?
And I always have to, you know at this point, Alex, I quintuple verify everything times ten.
Well, it turns out that Adreni not only said it, but she just so happened to record and document everything she did.
So she had recordings, she has paperwork, she has all sorts of things.
Now, amongst those recordings, there was a clip which I just released.
And that clip is between her, remember, the doctor of pharmacy, and a nurse who works in the hospital.
And if you're going to play it, this would be the time, because it's shocking.
Well, set it up for us.
Tell us what we're about to hear.
What you're about to hear is Adreni, the pharmacist, talking to a nurse.
And what they're talking about is
Prior to this, Adreni had talked about how she'd been transferred and they transferred her position for speaking out against what they were doing.
As part of the process, they transferred her and they did everything they could to shut her up.
And she says, you know, they transfer you and it's politics.
This nurse says,
She says, what are we, hospice care?
And she says, you know, this doctor, he's killing patients.
He's telling us to kill the patients.
And she goes on to talk specifically, there you go, so we're killing the patient on this floor because what he's asking us to do.
The other floors don't want to do it.
The other floors don't want to do it.
You're right.
The other floors do not want to murder patients.
And then they talk about the use of morphine that, you know, based on this conversation, it looks like the unnecessary and unwarranted use of morphine, which is what we saw.
A lot of what happened, you know, remdesivir was absolutely poison in my mind.
I think it's absolutely a horrible, horrible drug that should have never been anywhere near a human being.
But one of the things that not many people are talking about, and this is your pro tip for any of the other attorneys that want to get into this.
Remdesivir is a tough one to fight in the courts.
But if you look, you'll find the misuse of other drugs was very frequent.
Not every case, but known drugs.
Morphine, uh, molasbem, all these drugs.
There was a big scandal in the UK.
They admitted that they basically killed people with it.
So let's go ahead and play this clip.
Here it is.
I said, OK, are we hospice floor?
What's the deal?
She said that Dr. Staple said this floor is going to be his patients.
So I was like, hmm.
So you're going to have to always do the... So we're killing the patients on this floor.
Because what he's asking us, well, other floors don't want to do it.
I couldn't sleep at night.
I just, and then when that nurse practitioner, when you got that vision to do the morphine and you're like, she doesn't need it.
And I was just like, this is what I'm talking about.
It's not right.
She doesn't think they're okay.
They're okay.
If they're comfortable, they're comfortable.
We can tell when they're in pain.
We can tell when they're agitated.
We can tell when they're whatever.
That doesn't make that you keep giving them medication just to knock them out.
I remember that day you were like, you got the other nurses to come in and I'm just like, I know, that's what they're doing.
And the big thing I get told by all these top doctors is, especially with COVID, you got to get up and move around.
But these drugs are known to put fluid in the lungs, make you give up, make you die.
And so they prevent it.
But notice, other floors the hospital wouldn't do it.
The special floors would, Tom.
Yep, yep.
And I mean, that clip.
Is monumental.
I mean, this whole floor, how many people died on this floor?
And what I'm hoping is... And that's a nurse practitioner, basically a doctor, agreeing with the Ph.D.
pharmacist this is murder.
I'm not sure if the speaker is a nurse practitioner.
Well, they're talking about a nurse practitioner.
They talk about another nurse practitioner.
I believe the speaker on there is a nurse.
But yeah, they're talking about murder.
They're talking about murder.
And when the pharmacist said, I think this is a possibility, instead of them listening, they retaliate.
They retaliate.
I mean, Alex,
This is evidence of willfulness, right?
Which means there is no immunity.
There's no immunity for willful actions, and it looks like that's what's happening here.
And what I would suggest is, and what I'm calling for, is I'm calling for the AG of Alabama, along with the local law enforcement, to start an investigation.
There needs to be a criminal investigation.
Was there murder committed in this hospital?
And understand, hastening death
Hastening death.
It doesn't matter when that happens.
If you hasten death, it's murder.
How do you distinguish between that and murder?
To me, there's no difference.
So we've got the lawsuit with my client, who's been trying to bring this forward, who tried to bring this to the hospital's attention.
Stay there.
Stay there, Tom Rands, because here's the key.
Not just for the victims, for justice, but they're going to do it again.
We've got to expose them before they do it again.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, a true freedom fighter.
Heads above the rest is Tom Renz, knocking it out of the park with just incredible dedication and hard work and research.
I want to give a few examples of premeditation here that anybody can see, but that are hiding in plain view.
But this issue of liability is really key.
We know it came out in Brazil because the documents leaked, that they wanted Bolsonaro, Pfizer and Moderna
And people say, well, Bolsonaro ran the country.
He didn't.
He didn't run the bureaucracies or the Congress.
So they were trying to sign deals to sign over the National Parks and the National Treasury for liability for an unproven shot.
But they bought off the other politicians, demanding it be done, and saying, you're going to murder us, Bolsonaro, if you don't.
Well, he said, I'm not doing it.
So now the UN is looking at war crime charges against him, and they've raided his house in
Brazil saying someone might have had a fake COVID card.
So, they're using this for control, but we know there's secret agreements with the UK, with Germany, with France, with Israel, with the US, with Canada, with Big Pharma.
For liability protection.
It's the same thing they did to the hospitals.
All of it premeditated.
And remember, we saw the pharmacists and everybody opening up the big white pieces of paper.
Any other drug you buy, by law, that's not over the counter, has that fact sheet in it and everything about it on it.
But when you open this up, it just said what the drug was and where it came from, and it was all white.
Because there was nothing there.
Because you can't attack something if you don't even know what the ingredients are.
Now think about that premeditation, then think about this.
We can put Reuters on screen in a moment.
The first show or open it up for TV viewers, nothing there, totally blank.
Remember what happened a couple years ago, the quote illegal aliens, the migrants, they didn't have to take the shot and Reuters reported
That the U.N.
said, well, we don't have liability protection.
We didn't sign on to Pfizer-Moderna's secret agreement.
So we can't give you an experimental shot.
See how that works?
They've covered all their bases.
But in covering the bases, they show the organized crime.
They show the racketeering.
Refugees lack cover shots because drug makers filled lawsuits.
Documents show.
Oh, but you got liability protection everywhere you did it in the countries, which were the Western wealthy countries you're trying to get rid of.
Tom Renz.
Let's finish up here, because I want to get into other COVID issues with you, on this huge ventilator story, and this huge, these death floors, and what they were doing.
Because I agree with you, this is a real chink in the dragon's armor that could bring them down.
Especially as more witnesses come forward and say that, yeah, we didn't even follow the law, we didn't follow policy.
It was handed down to us to do this.
Yeah, no, we didn't.
And I hope before we're done, Alex, because this just triggered a thought in my mind when you showed that blank sheet.
I would love to break some information about the mRNA that's in these vaccines before we get off of here.
But these killing floors, I mean, it appears to me that this was not an uncommon thing.
OK, so I can't prove.
I don't personally, and I saw that you had some stuff on this, Alex, and I'm going to be really eager to look at it as soon as we get off air.
I don't have the evidence to show that there was a killing floor in every hospital in the country, but it sure looks like it.
No, no, no.
I was saying at the special hospitals, we know they shut down multiple floors, kicked out the regular doctors.
There were different variants.
So when I say killing floor, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, and I'm interested to see because that might tie into our investigation because we're looking how widespread was this, right?
It looks to us based on information that we have that this was not an uncommon thing.
And, you know, this was in an Ascension Hospital.
Ascension is a huge network.
Was it just this hospital or was it in their network?
You know, did they have that same protocol everywhere?
We're working through a lot of stuff on this to try and see how widespread this is.
I mean, we know from Australia to the UK to here, they put them on these drugs, they kicked everybody out, they had special floors where they did it.
I've got a family member that works the VA in Omaha, or it's my wife's family member, and it was the same thing there.
They said they kicked everybody out of the hospital, had special floors, regular staff couldn't go there.
This was done all over the place.
Oh yeah, well let me do this for you.
So right, I'm an attorney, and I always do this for your audience and everybody else.
I always distinguish between what I can prove with court-type evidence and what I believe.
I'm going to tell you outright, based on a ton of evidence that I have, that I don't think quite gets to the level of proof.
But certainly strongly suggest to me this was I mean anyone with common sense would say this is a very is it was planned it was happening all over they were doing this everywhere I mean you get the exact same thing happen you know you know Alex when I was getting these thousands and thousands of calls and literally one of the hardest periods of my life to have person after person call me and die and die and die and die and I couldn't save them all
When this was happening, you know it got to the point where someone had called me, I picked up the phone, okay, how long have they been in the hospital?
Okay, eight days.
What are their kidney numbers?
What is their respiration?
Are they on the vent?
How long have they been on the vent?
I could ask a series of questions and I could tell you and predict with 90 plus percent reliability, despite the fact that I'm not a doctor, how many days they had before they were dead.
And that's all over the country, because the same murder protocol, the same factory death project was done everywhere in the country.
These people, they followed the law, they followed the incentives, they followed the money, they followed the plan, and the plan was to kill people.
We incentivized, and still to this day, the laws have not been changed, by the way.
We have laws on the book that incentivize not the recovery from COVID, but the killing with COVID.
If you have COVID and you die, the hospital gets more money.
And instead of saying, if you get COVID and the hospital cures you, you get more money, they need to drive up death numbers to push vaccines, in my opinion.
That's what I think this was all about.
I think it's, you know, anyone with common sense can see this.
And I'm just working on getting it where I've got enough evidence to make it work in a court of law.
Well, I notice the globalists always sit on multiple fronts.
They need a bunch of death numbers, not really happening, so kill people and set the precedent to be able to kill people.
Yep, absolutely.
You know, I mean, to me, they did.
There were so many things that occurred here, so many different aspects of this.
And, you know, you look at the military, look at the military.
When they started pushing vaccines and this and another, what they did was the best and the brightest in the military quit.
They're gone, right?
So they're left with whatever was willing to just go along to get along.
In the same way, I think we saw the same thing with doctors and hospitals, right?
It was a purge.
It was a test.
Yeah, the good doctors and the good nurses left.
And that ties into the Operation Nightingale stuff, right?
Because you have all these doctors and nurses quitting.
Either they didn't want to get the vaccine or they didn't want to murder patients, so the good ones all quit.
Creates a huge shortage.
So how do you fill that?
Well, you fill that with crappy doctors and nurses who are willing to do whatever they need to to sell out.
Just following orders.
Just following orders.
We've got to purge the free thinkers and get those that will just follow orders at any and all costs.
And that's exactly what was happening in health care and in everything.
I mean, around the board, we don't want anybody who's going to critically think or think for themselves.
And they're gearing up again to do it.
So we're going to break in a moment.
We've got a minute.
Tell me what else is on your COVID radar.
Biggest thing I would love to talk to you next is something called Mod RNA.
I don't know if you've heard of that, but I need to talk about that because it ties in with the food supply.
You know, I've been doing a bunch of work on the food supply, and you've got to understand, I found this, I'm just finding this, and I really would love to break it and make it go viral right here because this is how
They're spreading disinformation about the fact they say, well, we can't make mRNA work in the food supply.
It's a lie.
And I think I figured out they're doing it.
And you're also going to get into what was in the vaccines when they kept it all secret.
So you're learning more about that.
Tom Rins, you're amazing.
Stay right there.
And what's the best website?
You got several.
Tom Renz.com.
We're putting everything on TomRenz.com.
Pushing it right there.
That's where our sponsors are.
That's where everything is.
And Renz is R-E-N-Z.
Tom Renz.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
This is do or die stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
The whole New World Order operation organized this, tested it, created it.
We're good.
All right, so understand something.
So what we found is this mRNA issue with animals and transmissible vaccines, and it's fairly complex, right?
There's plant-based transmissible vaccines, there's animal-based transmissible vaccines, and then there are vaccines that are mRNA-based, but not necessarily transmissible, or we don't know if they're transmissible.
So what that means is we need to distinguish here a little bit, right?
So first of all, if an mRNA vaccine is something that is, oh, I don't know, not necessarily, we don't know if it's transmissible, but it's given to an animal or whatever.
Well, what happens when you eat that animal, right?
mRNA vaccines do have the potential to genetically modify the creature.
So now you're no longer eating a pig or a cow, you're eating a genetically modified pig or cow.
What's that do in your body when you eat it, when you digest it?
And the answer is, I don't know.
I've done a lot of work.
I've tried to find research.
I've tried to find follow-up studies.
There's my sub stack, you know, and we don't know.
Now, with this sub-stack, we talk about eating your vaccines, your vegetables.
This goes to the other issue, which is the transmissible vaccines, right?
The transmissible vaccines.
Now, this appears to be something that can be done in both plants and animals.
And the first study I was able to find goes back to 2005.
They created a transmissible hepatitis B vaccine in potatoes, right?
And if you look, I've got a wonderful article published on NIH where they talk about the various plants that they use, and they say actually one of the most, the best plants that they could use on this for mRNA vaccines is lettuce.
But there's a lot of these plants that they can use.
Alfalfa is listed in that particular article, which is interesting because it's a feed plant for our animals.
But we see that they have transmissible vaccines.
Then we see Medicago.
Medicago is a company, they're creating plant-based COVID vaccines.
They had a greenhouse in San Diego.
I think that's since been shut down.
But I do believe Medicago's plant-based vaccines are actually licensed in Canada.
I'd have to double-check, but I'm pretty sure they're licensed in Canada.
And you eat the plant, you get the vaccine, you're vaccinated, right?
That's the purpose.
There's tons of studies, tons of evidence, tons of information on this, where what they're doing is they're talking about and showing, hey, if you eat your vegetables, you can get your vaccine.
And to the Bill Gates crowd, to the globalists, this is a win.
Because if the globalists can get you to get this stuff more easily, well, they figure more people can be vaccinated.
The problem is, is the way the laws apply for food, you may or may not be getting informed consent.
Then we look at animal vaccines.
And this is where it gets particularly interesting.
And actually for both plant and animal based vaccines, one of the things that I get in response from a lot of the crooked scientists out there, and I'm talking about the crooked ones, is, oh, mRNA is a very fragile particle.
Very, very fragile.
It can break down.
It can fall apart.
It'll never survive digestion.
So an ingestible vaccine is just not a thing.
Alex, this is what I want to break this here.
I want to break this and I want people to hear me.
mRNA is a naturally occurring particle and it is fairly fragile.
What they've done
Is they've produced something called mod RNA, M-O-D, as in modified RNA.
It's a synthetic RNA.
It's not real.
It's not natural.
What it is, is it's something that's created in the lab and they created it specifically to get around the fact that RNA is such a fragile particle.
They needed to strengthen RNA, these RNA platforms, so that they could get them into your system in various ways without it being impossible to transport this and another.
Thank you.
They've been working on this for a number of years.
And by the way, 2015 is when we have whistleblower data suggesting that they created SARS-CoV-2 in the Wuhan lab.
And it appears that they tried to create the cure at the same time as the disease.
But that's another thing.
So when we look at modRNA, the rules for mRNA don't apply to modRNA.
The rules are different because what it is, is it's a synthetic particle.
It's designed to be more robust.
So that explains why we're seeing some of these other studies.
So for example, we've got a study out of China where the Chinese scientists are claiming that they were able to take this mRNA, which mRNA and modRNA are frequently seem to be used interchangeably.
When these psychopaths are talking about it, but there is a difference.
mRNA is a naturally occurring particle.
ModRNA is not.
The ModRNA vaccines given then to these cows.
Well, in this study, these cows then, after being given the ModRNA, their milk transmitted the vaccines, right?
They transmitted, they showed that it was transmissible through the cow's milk once it got that.
Now, this presents a real issue because there's no country of origin labeling.
If you can modify an animal, or a plant, to include a vaccine, and those vaccines can then be used to vaccinate whoever ingests the plant, the animal, the whatever, and it can be done so, and there's no country of origin labeling, so any... It's the perfect way to just interrupt, this is riveting.
But bottom line, Bill Gates has said for 20 years, the key will be vaccines in food and vegetables, meat and vegetables.
They're doing it now.
It does pass over to us.
Even Pfizer admitted that their vaccine can shed.
So that's what they're doing.
And they're just, one way or another, this is so criminal.
So am I wrong?
There's major liability in the fact that all this unapproved stuff is just being put in plants and animals and they're just bum-rushing us.
I would argue that there should be and there probably will be.
They're trying to use some legal loopholes on food versus medicine.
But I'll tell you, Alex, one of the things that I really want to make sure that you hear me on is this ModRNA.
They call it mRNA, but if you look at the Pfizer ingredients or the Moderna ingredients, you'll see that it doesn't say mRNA.
It says ModRNA.
I've got some labels showing that.
That ModRNA, that synthetic particle that they create in a lab, see, what they're saying is... It's nanotech.
It's nanotech.
I got to go to break here in a minute or two.
Can you do five more minutes?
And then we have another special guest joining us coming up after that, Stu Peters.
So stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Tom Renz.
Renz is doing so much great work.
We'll be right back to you.
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We'll be right back.
All right, final segment with Attorney Tom Renz.
Stu Peters joining us with massive news information.
Next segment.
But getting into this mod mRNA, that's another name for nanotech, self-replicating, and it's just insane that the establishment is even doing this, even though they want to kill us.
So dangerous.
So finish up, tell us about that.
Okay, so I've got two studies published on NIH, and I know nobody likes it when you read, but I don't think there's anything more powerful than their words.
This is a study from 2015.
And they're talking about ModRNA.
They talk about challenges that have to be addressed in developing ModRNA, and this is in 2015.
They talk about chemical modifications at the time were relatively primitive, and they need to be improved to allow negligible signals from innate immunity from being elicited, right?
So they need to trick your immune system.
Thank you.
I think?
Now, again, differentiate between modRNA and mRNA.
They're not using mRNA.
They're using modRNA.
And this is critical.
Now, this abstract of this starts with, quote, reprogramming non-cardiomyocytes into cardiomyocyte.
Like cells is a promising strategy for cardiac regeneration and conditions such as ischemic heart disease.
Here we used modified mRNA gene delivery platform to deliver a cocktail termed dot dot dot of four cardiac quote reprogramming genes.
They aren't using mRNA, they're using ModRNA and they are reprogramming our genes.
It says so right here.
It goes on later to talk about, and it says, quote, ModRNA is currently being used around the globe for vaccination against COVID-19.
They know they are creating genetic changes in humanity, and they are doing so intentionally, and they're not telling you.
That's how I read this.
You've got to come back on, and I've seen the documents, I'm familiar with this, but you're really hammering it.
Send us all those studies.
We'll get more.
Come back on next week, and you know, host an hour, host two hours with us, and let's go through all the documents.
But yes,
They admit that COVID shots are modifying DNA, and they've tried gene therapy before, and it kills a good percent of the people that take it.
That's why they can never roll it out.
So now they're just trying to roll it out anyways, just cover up the death, so they find a life extension for themselves, and we're used as guinea pigs.
This is nothing more than the greatest human experiment in history, and the most egregious crime against humanity in history.
This is every bit the equivalent to Nuremberg.
And what we dealt with there.
We have got to hold these people accountable.
There need to be trials.
They need to be public.
There needs to be 100% disclosure and transparency.
These people are intentionally modifying humanity in some genetic way that I don't fully understand.
And I'll admit that.
But these studies suggest to me very strongly that they are aware
Of course they are.
That's why Schwarzenegger and all of them said they're going to live forever.
And President Trump's son-in-law, Jerry Kushner, because they believe out of this, they're going to find a way to live forever, but they're using us as the test.
Tom Renz, thank you so much.
God bless you.
We'll talk to you very, very soon.
In fact, before you go, if you can tell them when you want to come on next week, we'll set it up right now, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Sounds good.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Well you talk about a flamethrower of truth, we were just talking to him in another one.
What a star-studded event here at Liberty.
Stu Peters, of the real Stu Peters, is coming up straight ahead in the next hour.
We are going to knock it out of the park in the fight against the NWO.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live in our number three of the Alex Jones Show on this Thursday, May 18th, 2023 broadcast.
And we are joined by the great Stu Peters right now, StuPeters.com, syndicated talk show host, and absolutely kicking butt out there, exposing the globalists.
I want to get into...
Some of the reports he's done about the latest videos of the globalist high priest, Yavall Noah Harari, and AI controlling elections.
We'll get to that next segment.
But first, the top of the drudge report by CNBC, CBS News, Bilderberg Elites meet in Lisbon to save us from AI that they're deploying in a big article on Infowars.com.
ADL ran an extensive multidimensional counterintelligence operation against conservative and nationalist and populist groups since the 1960s working with law enforcement and the CIA and posing as fake racists to demonize groups like the Patriot Front we are seeing right now.
So just an incredible time to be alive.
We have Obama calls for
Australian-style gun confiscation.
But the first clip I want to play and get Stu's take on here is this piece of information.
Obama pines for old days when media narrative was accepted by all as a common set of facts.
He admits they're losing.
He admits the public is not buying their garbage anymore.
Here it is.
I'm an optimistic man.
But I find myself falling into this space where I have concern about the country that they will inherit once I'm gone.
Post-presidency, what about this country keeps you up at night?
The thing that I'm most worried about is the degree to which we now have a divided conversation.
In part because we have a divided media, right?
So, I'm much older than you, Nate.
You don't look it, though.
That's what I was fishing for.
But when I was coming up, you had three TV stations.
And people were getting a similar sense of what is true and what isn't, what was real and what was not.
Today, what I'm most concerned about is the fact that because of the splintering of the media,
We almost occupy different realities.
If something happens, in the past, everybody could say, alright, we may disagree on how to solve it, but at least we all agree that, yeah, that's an issue.
Now, people will say, well, that didn't happen, or I don't believe that.
And one of, I think, the goals of the Obama Foundation
And one of the goals of my post-presidency is how do we return to that common conversation?
How can we have a common set of facts?
We may disagree on gun violence in terms of what the best prescriptions are, but we can't deny the data that says the United States has levels of gun violence that are 5, 10, 15 times more than other countries.
But we have guns.
Those other countries don't have guns.
They have 5, 10, 15 times the baseball bat and the butcher knife.
But no, we can't agree on your set of facts that two men can have a baby.
We can't agree on your set of facts that Jeffrey Epstein's a great guy.
We can't agree on your set of facts that open borders is good.
Joining us now is Stu Peters of StuPeters.com.
Stu, great to have you.
And you've been popular for years.
Congratulations on how much you've exploded and how much the enemy's coming after you.
I mean, just responding to the Bilderberg Group out in the open.
We've got Elon Musk coming out against the ADL saying they're not the ADL, they're just the Defamation League.
Things are not going well for the New World Order right now, in my view.
They're not going well for us either.
But you heard Obama.
He said people aren't believing our bullshit anymore.
Um, and so what he said about agreeing with, you know, having a common set of facts, like what, what does that even mean?
What does that suggest to you?
What that suggests, what that tells me is that for decades, for years, we haven't had an honest media.
You've been calling this out for decades.
Uh, you've been, I don't know how many times I've said on Twitter over the last three weeks, Alex Jones was right.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex Jones was right.
Uh, but more and more people, especially since like current times with the dismissal of Tucker Carlson.
I'm going to be talking tonight on my show with Victor Davis Hanson, who was a regular on Tucker Carlson.
I mean, when you have all of these different rumors going around about what was the reason, what was the reason for the parting, he was there on a Friday, said, we'll see you Monday, didn't come back on a Monday.
And you have every single dissenting voice in America that has been just completely attacked, but has risen.
So, the trajectory of the rise of alternative media is like something that I never thought that I would ever see, ever.
And I'm so thankful that it's happening.
You're probably seeing it with InfoWars.
I know that we're seeing it at the Stu Peter Show.
And I think that wherever Tucker Carlson goes, his audience will dwarf the audience that you see on the Fox News Channel and during any time slot.
I think that Fox is actually finished.
But when you have an ADL that can literally take anybody off the air, who I believe was ultimately probably behind the removal of Tucker and others from being on the air, when you have an ADL that's that powerful, that has its hooks into the levers of power that is not a government but a corporate crime syndicate,
With Obama sitting at the center, at the helm, really, with Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice that ran his administration, still in the alleged Biden White House where we have an illegitimate president, an FBI orchestrated.
Now we have 300 pages from John Durham showing that this was a complete orchestration set up by the FBI to set up a sitting U.S.
For Russia collusion to make a US president look like he was colluding with an adversary of the United States and we still have these same people controlling the levers of power and then you have a Congress that is doing absolutely nothing about it.
So right now what should happen immediately after 300 pages of stone-cold proof, inarguable, you know, evidentiary substance from John Durham,
300 pages that show that the FBI is a criminal organization, a terrorist network, and should be treated accordingly.
We don't have one member of Congress saying...
They all need to be arrested today.
Just ban them, abolish them, declassify all of their documents.
Did you see Lindsey Graham saying, when the FBI wrongfully put people in jail or call them Russians, they should call and say they're sorry.
And again, I don't want to go to war with the FBI for no reason, but it is totally captured.
The Justice Department is totally captured.
But the good news is, America's waking up that there is a coup.
We have an occupational government.
Literally, we're an occupied nation by the globalists.
And I mean, I don't want to go to war with the FBI either.
I just want to completely defund them and completely abolish them and arrest most of its agents.
I mean, these people are a criminal enterprise.
And when you have a terrorist network, they need to be designated and classified and deemed to be a terrorist network.
And then they need to be treated accordingly, which means that you need to arrest them.
And thank God that Obama didn't, you know, make good on his promise to close Gitmo because we've got plenty of room to house these people.
I mean, these are high crimes.
This is open declaration of war against Americans.
And it's being perpetuated.
No, I totally agree with you that we should put the leadership of the FBI in Gitmo.
And I'm not an apologist to the FBI.
We have over 10,000 whistleblowers in the last year from the FBI, from the Justice Department, from ICE.
So there are a bunch of people there that we should see unending hearings.
We should see the entire leadership impeached and arrested.
I agree with you.
I mean, because they really are an international crime syndicate that hijacks the country.
I mean, that's a fact.
That's not hyperbole.
Yeah, and so start over.
You know, essentially, they cannot be referred to as an elite police force anymore that does, you know, anything to uphold the rule of law here.
They actually do the opposite.
They subvert the rule of law.
Do you think they've realized how much they're discredited, destroyed, or they live in their own little Obama bubble where they still think they have power?
I mean, the answer to that is I don't think they care.
I think that the hubris and the arrogance is just right out in the wide open.
These people are running a coup that is taking over the entire West, and they are destroying civilization.
Tom Renz talking about altering the DNA of people.
This is open declaration of war against freedom and liberty, and they are coming for all of the superpowers in the West.
They're coming for Christianity.
They're coming for the white replacement.
This is all real.
None of this has been conspiracy theory, and they're carrying it out right now.
Yeah, the U.N.
says it's white replacement, and then the ADL says arrest you if you cover it.
The ADL still says the Bilderberg Group doesn't exist, while it's on the news.
Bilderberg Group to save you from AI!
I mean, it's... I noticed some of the left attacked me yesterday, saying, look, Jones claims Bill Gates is doing weather modification.
And they show the CBS headline where Bill Gates to block the sun.
All I did was cover it.
They say I'm crazy, it's not real, while he's on CBS promoting it.
What level of gaslighting is that, Stu?
Yeah, the gaslighting never stops.
I mean, these are the same people that told you that they had safe and effective shots and that you were going to essentially be a murderer if you were not vaccinated and if you didn't stay inside of your own home, that you were not allowed to go and see, you know, your friends and your family.
I mean, your grandma and grandpa, your aunt and your uncle, your mom and dad that are dying in the hospital.
By the way, they walked in under their own horsepower.
But yet this doctor
That's a key point.
Starting three years ago, this was the first we know of directed AI murder.
Forget autonomous drones, AI at these key hospitals ran the murder.
That's right.
And so essentially you have these zombies with stethoscopes and white lab coats that are, yeah, they're human beings, but they're being told what to do by AI.
And that is prescribe this.
So you've got people that walked in under their own horsepower that are suddenly being placed on ventilators.
I mean, that's life support.
Wait, what?
That's what you do for somebody who's dying.
I mean, that's a tragic car accident, something that there's just no way that this person can make it back.
You put them on life support and then allow families to come and say goodbye to them.
We separated them from their families.
Why did we do that?
Why did we give them toxic remdesivir?
Why was that the only treatment that was acceptable from the NIH to give people even after this thing was kicked out?
But what you said about the AI program directing the key hospitals that kill people, that's true.
We think of a Terminator coming to kill us like the old Schwarzenegger movie or we think of the Daleks in
We're good to go.
How much of Q drops were AI?
How much of what we see from responses on Twitter or comments on Telegram or anywhere on social media, how much of that is AI?
And who's controlling it?
Bill Gates has 49% ownership in the leading company developing artificial intelligence that will lead the future.
And you know, you teased out Yuval Noah Harari, this guy talking about controlling a whole lot more than just comments on Twitter, like who cares?
But I mean, we literally had people sitting around waiting for a savior to come based on drops that we attributed to some
Yeah, the whole point of Q was your savior will save you and that your savior was a man.
They had all of us worshiping a man.
Uh, and through 2020, when people were isolated and locked down, human beings worldwide are being abused, victimized, shut away from their families, locked inside four walls, deprived of communities.
Think about the satanic forces that work behind Event 201 and the fake virus.
That no one has ever actually seen or isolated.
So then they have to introduce a problem, and then a reaction, and then a solution.
And that's what Q did, which was a government-run operation.
So the problem becomes the fake virus.
The EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. Lieberman and his Lieberbots, Andrew Huff, the CIA.
And so then you have step two, which is the reaction.
Well, the reaction gets overlooked.
This is where a lot of people don't really pay attention to.
It's like the final solution that they have for you.
But it's key.
They have to create a demand.
And that's exactly what the problem does.
So when you think about the reaction and problem-reaction solution, think about the demand that is created.
This all goes back to Q. This all goes back to the virus.
This all goes back to the Trump administration.
And then ask yourself,
Is this really real?
Is there really a demand for this thing that no one has ever heard of until this week?
Do we really need it?
But we're so easily manipulated.
They tell us that we need a hole in our heads.
They tell us to be pacified, to do absolutely nothing.
That a man is riding in on a white horse to save this country.
No, do not rise up.
This oppressive government will take care of itself.
The Constitution means nothing.
Your inherent, God-given, inalienable rights, they'll be restored.
Just wait, because there's all kinds of white hats.
You know, these people have been executed.
They've gone to Gitmo.
There's secret operations being run all over the place.
Trust the plan.
Don't be the plan, trust the plan.
And this is how they chilled patriotism and then set up January 6th.
In order to put people in jail and make the fear, put the fear of God into people, don't you ever think about rising up against this tyrannical government that is ushering in full authoritarian rule, complete absence of the rule of law, which is the only recipe, you know, ingredient that is required.
And don't forget that Q said that Biden would be removed on January 20th at the inauguration, and then that fear was used to put troops in the Capitol.
So it's both used to manipulate the public and manipulate the military.
We actually clamor for it.
We beg for it.
We demand a hole in our heads when they suggest that we might need one.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
You know, Brian Williams and Katie Couric tell me I need to onboard this bioweapon.
I need to go inject myself.
So I demand that you give it to me right now!
I mean, they turned us into a bunch of Karens.
And then they have the solution.
And what is the solution?
Well, in the sense of the fake virus that nobody's ever isolated, it's the bioweapon.
All of our other CIA friends that were hanging out in China just went ahead and rolled out the bioweapon.
But guess what they did in China?
They banned it!
They banned Pfizer and Moderna's products that we here are still pushing on the Fox News Channel as safe and effective vaccines while Pfizer funds 85% of the media.
These people are criminals and should be arrested immediately.
But all of this comes back to a programming of Americans, a programming of world citizens that says that you need to do a certain thing or else you will die.
Or else your children will die.
Or else you will go to jail.
Or else you will be held without trial.
Or else, without due process, you'll be put into a gulag and held like for two years.
No, no, I totally agree.
So let me raise this.
They had the Ministry of Truth, the disinformation office.
That got shut down.
Now it's back, run by the CIA under another name, countering foreign disinformation.
Just another permutation of what Obama launched before he left office.
They're saying they're going to run national TV ads saying don't trust white people.
There's terrorists everywhere.
I mean, this is their big move.
I think clearly they're planning some really big stuff.
Yeah, you see, and that's because they know that not everyone is going to want to go along with the artificial demands that they create.
And so when they have the problem and then they have the reaction and then they introduce the solution and then they tell you just to sit back and relax and trust a plan and the only source of trusted information should be your government and state-run television and this guy's been kicked off and he's a conspiracy theorist and then you find out through people like Zach Voorhees who worked over at Google
No, I agree.
Let me ask you this.
If this was a football game, what quarter are we in?
Are we losing?
Are we winning?
Or is it tied?
Yeah, I know, and you've asked me that before, and I would tell you...
That biblically speaking, we are in the fourth quarter.
I mean, we are in the end times.
There's nothing that we can do to stop what is coming.
Jesus Christ is coming back.
And we are seeing the deception that we were promised that we were going to see.
We are seeing the trials and tribulations.
I don't think that we have seen a fraction of the death that we're about to see.
I think that things are going to get a lot tougher because, remember, we have to, everybody has to wake up.
And if there is only a fraction or a small portion or which is now rapidly growing of people who are awake to what's happening around them and those people have to still wake up, which is the majority of people, then it's going to take calamities.
It's going to take major, major death, major destruction.
And, you know, God said that it was coming.
And so, I mean, obviously, he is the only source of truth that you can rely on one.
I don't think there's any denial that we have we are entering the end times.
I mean, even if you don't believe in God, they took that and made it a battle plan.
We are literally entering into one world government, one world currency, taking over our bodies, destroying our families, mass death.
I mean, there's no doubt that hell has been released.
Yeah, and so, but if you think about this now, they know that they can't force everyone to comply.
These people in this hijacked government, which I think the whole damn thing is fake.
I don't trust any of them.
I don't believe in any of them.
None of them are doing the bidding of the people.
None of them represent the Constitutional Republic or a two-party system.
I think it's all fake.
100% fake.
But they know that they can't get people to comply.
So they have this whole set of people who won't comply.
So the question that they have to answer for themselves
You know, the Committee of 300, the World Chamber of Commerce, the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the global oligarchs, whatever we want to call them.
The question that we have to answer is this.
How do we neutralize these non-compliant, mule-headed, sovereign citizens?
What will they bring to us?
How do we silence them?
How do we demobilize them?
How do we stop them?
We know that part of the answer to that question is they try to use the rhetoric to marginalize us.
So for the last eight years now, we've all been called racists and bigots and homophobes and transphobes and dangerous extremists and purveyors of myths and disinformation.
But the backlash to that has been strong.
So that's really promising to me.
So if you ask for winning or losing,
I think that in the fourth quarter we're actually winning because the backlash to this is so strong.
I mean we're seeing dozens of states now that are getting on board with banning puberty blockers so that the dissent to the trans agenda is really is really rising as well.
So calling someone a racist now is a joke or a transphobe is a joke.
It has been for some time.
I was about to say the answer is not caring what they call us and just move forward and whatever they say we do the opposite.
Yeah, you'd be completely ungovernable, 100%.
So there's this whole chunk of society who's basically immune to being called names, right, as you suggest, and now it's the same folks who most of them refuse to onboard this bioweapon or inject themselves or accept the edicts of, you know, an illegitimate pedophile in the White House, as my good friend said when she was campaigning, Candace Taylor, for governor in Georgia.
I thought that was brilliantly stated.
So now they need to pacify those people and the last thing that they want to do or the last thing that they want to see is these people get organized.
And then, once they're organized, to get active.
That would be completely destructive to the entire deep state cabal that is running roughshod on our country right now, is if the majority of the people who were awake actually got organized and then got active.
So they have to develop this whole playbook
Which basically is disaggregation initiatives.
They need to keep us divided amongst ourselves.
They need the veterans and the military to look at the sovereign citizens with suspicion.
They need law enforcement to see the true oath keepers as if they're domestic terrorists.
They need to keep the Second Amendment activists on their heels with constant push for gun grabbing.
They need to have the conservative and the populists and the Christians divided over whether so-called Christian nationalism is a good thing or a bad thing.
They need to have, you know, America First Republicans divided with, you know, establishment fossils in the GOP and then, you know, rising firebrands like Marjorie Taylor Greene going to war with, you know, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when basically they're running the same role just on different sides of the aisle.
I mean, the whole thing is a movie.
It's all pro wrestling.
It's all 100% freaking fake.
And they need the school kids and their parents to stay reliant on schools so they have homosexual kid-grabbing, you know, trans-promoting Fox News pundits telling people to save our school boards and go fight with your school boards and this is okay to be in your classroom.
It's all divided and conquered.
Stu Peters is on fire.
At Real Stu Peters on Twitter and StuPeters.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
We've got a lot to cover.
On the other side, stay with us.
He's also a filmmaker.
You know, I really like Stu Peters.
He's been coming on the show for years.
And I think he does a great job.
I love the work he does.
And I get what he's saying about, at this point, he sees it all as staged.
Well, that's a healthy way to see it, because most of it is staged.
But people say Stu Peters is an operative.
I don't think he is.
They say I'm an operative.
I'm an operative of freedom.
There are good people.
There may be good people that are unwittingly tied into agendas, but I really see us waking up.
Now, I don't trust Elon Musk.
Let me ask you this question.
I'm disagreeing with you.
I'm just saying it's a very subtle thing.
I don't trust him.
He's involved in the lure, satellites, and the self-driving cars, the electric cars, and brain chips, and all of it.
But I can't disagree with the devastating things he's saying against the New World Order and coming out against George Soros.
But then he puts a WEF task force person in over the company.
But if you look at the weight of it, overall he's starting to do more good than bad.
Now does he see liberty winning and he's hedging his bets?
Or is it a deeper psyop?
I mean, I think that's the way to look at this.
If it's all staged, that means we're staged.
I think that's probably an overstatement, but I think you say in the main it's staged.
I would agree with that.
But what do you think of Elon Musk?
I mean, it's really hard to trust a person who wants to implant chips into everyone's brains and then control their actions and their thoughts and to control their dreams and to predict their futures and
You know, to essentially recreate the creation of God, you know, and us created in God's image and in the likeness of God.
No, I don't trust Elon.
And, you know, I don't really know why he's saying the things that he's saying.
I don't live in his head and I don't really know what drives him.
But what I do know is that we have to judge people based upon their fruit.
What have they done?
When you hear people call me an operative, okay, well, where's your Died Suddenly film that's been seen a hundred million times, that saved millions of lives, that, you know, is responsible for ending a military mandate for these bioweapon shots, you know?
Well, yeah, if they have any discernment, they know that Stu Peters is not an operative.
You look at the fruits, you're the opposite.
Of an operative of the enemy.
But what I'm saying is, how do you respond?
Because we can sit there and say, when you say it's all staged, I think the prime directives are unified fraud, but I think all of us get manipulated to a certain extent.
Maybe you're manipulated 2%, I'm manipulated 3%, other people are manipulated 80%.
The more awake we are, the less we're manipulated, but part of being human is we're fallible
So, maybe an MTG's manipulated 20%, but she means well.
You know what I mean?
Like, how do we, when you say it's all staged, how do you quantify that?
Well, I guess when I say it's all staged, what I mean is the whole process of our government, the whole representative two-party system.
What happened there?
Did I go away?
It's alright, let me get you back.
Keep going.
Yeah, so I mean, the whole representative two-party system, the whole constitutional republic, the idea of voting itself is completely fake.
You know, the whole premise of elections, the whole premise of Republicans are going to war with this guy and Democrats are, you know, really pushing back.
No, I totally agree.
The Republicans are soft playing it.
They're not really winning.
They're rolling over.
They're pretending.
So what you're saying is the social contract is broken and the main talking points are 100% staged.
I agree.
The political process, it's all theater.
I mean, you know, you have to actually lend some credence and some value
To what you see right before your eyes.
You can't be gaslit into believing that what your eyes are seeing are not really real.
So when I'm looking at Twitter, and I just posted this a few minutes ago, when I see that there are, you know, earlobe differences in this guy or that guy, or when I watch an NFL football player die suddenly on a football field and he needs to be resuscitated, but then they're telling me that he did not die.
Well, if he didn't die, then why does he need life-saving CPR?
Or the shooter in Tennessee was wearing two different pairs of shoes.
You have to.
I mean, yes.
And so don't gaslight me.
So no, I agree.
We shouldn't believe anything up front.
We should always approach everything as if it's fraud.
I agree with that statement.
And I think that the actions that they are trying to take
It's not easy to overthrow a superpower.
It's not easy to take over a country where there are 450 million documented firearms and you know that these people you know ostensibly should not at least be giving up their guns but I don't even know anymore because the American public
Has become so soft and pussified and manipulatable that they will just go along with anything that these elite oligarchs tell them to do.
And so, I don't know, maybe they will all give up their guns.
And if we give up, if we give up even an inch on Amendment 2, if we allow these, you know, now we see the Supreme Court is upholding an assault weapons ban.
I mean, assault weapon?
What the hell is that?
That's a fictitious class of firearms that doesn't even exist!
We don't have assault weapons in the hands of Americans.
I mean... And by the way, I don't want to waste your time playing the Obama clip, but he did call for Australian-style gun confiscation.
That's quite a... quite a... road marker to pass.
Yeah, and so in order to do that, in order to achieve that amazing feat of overthrowing this country, which, I mean, I believe that they are well on their way of doing that.
I don't think that there's any argument to that.
But they need to, as you mentioned before the break, it's about divide and conquer.
They need to keep us divided over our tactics.
In other words, how are we going to take back our nation?
So they want us at each other's throats, right?
They want us feuding over this strategic decision or that strategic decision or, you know, is this guy controlled opposition or is he really leading the charge?
Is he really a good guy?
And most of all, if they can keep the list of potentially active sovereign citizens as small as they can possibly keep it,
So much better for Pfizer and Albert Bourla.
So much better for Microsoft and Bill Gates.
So much better for Moderna and Boeing.
So much better for, you know, the banksters and the criminal central banking cabal and, you know, the finance goons.
So what do you... I mean, I know what their endgame is, but everybody has their perspective.
No, I totally agree.
If they had their druthers and we all just rolled over, what is the new or older endgame?
It's a complete...
World subservient class that can be, you know, isolated to their 15-minute cities and live in their pods and eat their bugs and be controllable.
And anybody who pretends that they're, you know, unhappy or speaks out against that can be, you know, kill-switched because they've been implanted and they can just look like the Matrix, just be unplugged.
The real endgame is the central bank digital currency, the global social credit score, the universal basic income.
Well, that's it.
They get that, it's all over.
And going back to Q, in order to keep the group small of really active dissenting people, they keep the plan trusters sitting on their hands.
Wait for the next Durham report.
Wait for the... And don't you love how the Q thing has crawled back up out of the ashes?
I mean, it is so pathetic.
It's pathetic.
And the fact that people go along with this is just absolutely mind-numbing.
It's depressing to watch people... Here's a Q story.
About four years ago,
Trump had called me in the morning and I talked to him and warned him about stuff.
And then at afternoon I went down to the Texas Capitol for a rally.
And I forgot what the rally was.
And a bunch of people were in Q shirts.
They came over and they said, we used to like you, but now we know Trump, Q doesn't like you.
And we know Trump's Q and we're with Q. And I said, do you understand?
I'm a known person.
I just talked to the president this morning and they all laughed at me.
Like I'm a real person, decades on air.
I talked to the president that morning and they laughed at me and said, Q says you're bad.
I mean, you talk about mind control.
This was insane.
This is a non-real thing that nobody can identify, telling these people to trust this plan and to believe in a man being their savior.
I mean, there you are in the flesh and blood.
And think about that.
Very well-known person on the air, like you said, for decades.
Everybody knows that they can touch you, they can hug you, they can physically threaten you in the case of Marco Rubio.
But you know, I mean, there's these people laughing at you and likely not believing you that you talked, you know, to the president that morning.
Now here we are waiting on what?
We're waiting on another Durham 2.0, the DOJ to finally indict Hunter Biden and Joe and Joe's brother for their China and Ukraine and Burisma scams or pedophilia.
I mean, remember, we were always just on the precipice, always just on the brink of being saved.
Thousands of sealed indictments are going to come out.
They're going to drop.
Or the army of Trump's white hats in the Pentagon.
They're embedded there and we're just waiting for them.
And now, with the very real possibility that Trump could well return to the White House, how many of these plan trusters will continue to be abused by the claims that they were ever going to see remedy?
And let's expand on that.
You raised a point that I never thought of.
It's an original thought.
Just like the liberals trust their leftist plan are being destroyed,
The right wing, I mean about a third of them literally sat on their thumbs.
...with their thumbs up their rear ends, believing everything was handled, because they couldn't handle the stress of, we're getting our frickin' asses kicked.
If I was in a fight and somebody's pounding me in the face, and I go, oh, an angel's gonna save me, I'm gonna die.
But if I know God gave me this body to fight back, I'm gonna win.
And exactly.
It's the perfect way to neutralize people.
And I was warning, they're gonna steal the election.
They're gonna take over.
Everybody's gotta get involved.
Shut up, Jones!
You're not Q!
And it was like, you're sitting there, like, watching them mind control.
It's so sad.
Just chill.
Everything is going to be taken care of.
This is the only way that you take...
A nation, you introduce a virus, right?
You lock everybody down.
You force them to shots.
You scare the hell out of everybody.
You isolate them.
You take them away from their families.
You kill their families.
You introduce economic chaos.
You have, you know, this fake candidate, like, locked in his basement and wearing masks, and 13 people are at his things, and your kids are being taken out of school, and you're losing your job if you're refusing, you know, to get this shot.
And, you know, people are just, it's just constant chaos.
So let me raise that next.
What do you really think of Trump?
I think Trump is flawed.
I think he's pig-headed, but that's why they hate him because they can't control him.
But overall, they did all that to take out Trump.
They pulled that thing they had on the shelf off.
So that's my view of Trump.
I think Trump is a failed vessel, but we all are.
But I overall think Trump is good.
Be honest, what do you think of Trump?
Because I respect your opinion.
I honestly can't support anybody that's continuing to advocate for and push for people poisoning themselves with weapons of biowarfare.
I agree.
I agree.
So what do we do?
No, I mean, I disagree with RFK on so many levels just because of the fact that he's, I mean, he's a liberal.
He's a staunch liberal and has liberal policies.
No, I agree.
I don't believe in lesser of two evils.
What do we do?
I don't know.
I'll run for president.
All right, I'll support that.
So I've been asking a lot of the questions at the time.
We have 15 minutes left.
Let me ask you this.
What's front and center on your radar?
Because I got a thousand questions, but what else are you really focused on right now?
I'm most concerned about AI right now.
I mean, and being poisoned, and people's mind control just escalating, and people being, I mean, they're addicted to these things.
But wait a minute, you didn't see Drudge Report and MSNBC?
The Bilderberg Group's gonna save us from AIs!
Yeah, I know.
The actual manufacturers, the actual inventors, the actual programmers of A.I.s are so concerned about what A.I.s are going to do that they're saying now that it could be decades before we see anything good come out of A.I.s, but that what we're going to see now is that these people, these things, and look, I'm even calling them people, these A.I.s are going to be so human-like that they're going to be undetectable, and if you can't detect them, then how can you combat them?
How can you control them?
Two weeks ago, I'm in an accounting meeting, and it says Tucker Carlson's phone number, so they spoof the number.
And I said, let me step out.
And I just talked to Tucker the day before.
So I think it's Tucker.
And it's like, hey, I want to have sex with you, all this stuff.
And I said, this isn't Tucker, it's AI.
I figured it out like in 20 seconds.
I mean, but just imagine someone can call up sounding like your mother and say, son, I forgot my bank account number.
And then you give them the bank account number.
I mean, this is dangerous.
Even more so.
I mean, at the top of the show, we talked about this Yuval Noel Harari.
Oh yeah.
This guy said... We got the clip.
Introduce it.
Introduce it.
Okay, look at this guy.
He's saying, we will control your elections.
There will be no need for you voters anymore.
You have become so useless you can't even vote.
Here it is.
Look at this guy.
The impact of the new AI tools that can mass-produce political manifestos, fake news stories, and even holy scriptures for new cults.
In recent years, the politically influential QAnon cult has formed around anonymous online texts known as Q-drops.
Now, followers of this cult, which are millions now in the US and the rest of the world, collected, reviewed, and interpreted these Q-drops as some kind of new scriptures, as a sacred text.
Now, to the best of our knowledge, all previous Q-drops were composed by human beings, and bots only helped to disseminate these texts online.
But, in future, we might see the first cults and religions in history whose revered texts were written by a non-human intelligence.
And, of course, religions throughout history
...claimed that their holy books were written by a non-human intelligence.
This was never true before.
This could become true very, very quickly.
Oh, it wasn't true before.
So let's expand on that.
I've got a key point I want you to... Well, first, give me your take on this, and I've got my point.
Well, I mean, he said it all.
He said, we're going to rewrite scriptures.
We're going to have AI that makes basically people into not only superhumans, but can actually turn them into gods.
And this is what they envision.
This is the, this is the eternal life that they think that they can create for themselves, aside from, you know, drinking the blood of young children that they abuse.
This is, this is really seriously an issue when you have a criminal
Openly telling you that they are going to hijack the rest of your life and remove the human existence completely in an extinction level event that will be replaced by AI bots and robots.
That is really shocking to listen to and people just say, you know, well that guy is just crazy.
Everything that this guy says, he fully intends on carrying out.
Everything that these people say, the criminals are telling you what they have to do.
It's part of their satanic religion.
It's part of their devil horn worshipping that they have to tell you what their plan is.
They have to telegraph and project and tell you what they're about to do to abuse and to kill you and to take your kids and to snatch them up and to bring them out.
And why do you think they metaphysically stupider seem to do that?
Well, I mean, that's what they're told that they have to do in order to honor their covenant with, you know, the devil, the real enemy, Satan.
This is the evil that we're seeing.
God demands we have free will, so they have to be honest about it.
So here's what I know.
I'm on an AI computer, but I can see Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
I can look at it.
I remember at the Peek-A-Cube two years ago, two and a half years ago for the election,
Everything that was real, everything that was serious, hey, we're in trouble, they're going to steal the election, everything that would mobilize people was blocked to nothing.
But all the Q idiots thought, oh my God, we're great.
Google and Facebook and Twitter were all boosting QTardism.
Well, that's all my brain needed to know, that it was a system because the establishment was boosting it.
Brilliant deduction.
And, you know, you have people from Google just telling you,
The whole plan for AI with Google has been executed already and is only growing more and more rapidly.
It will be used at speeds that are just absolutely incomprehensible.
You can't even comprehend the speed with which this AI is going to move.
And anything that they deem to be when they program these AIs to be anti-American, or anti-freedom, or anti-individual liberty, or anti-Christianity, or anti-white, or anti-Republican, or anti-Trump, or any opinion... Even if you go out and have a rally and have a thousand people there, it will instantly block everything you're saying online.
Everything that you're saying online.
They will remove any kind of organic support for anything.
I was accused that the film Died Suddenly had inauthentic support on Twitter.
The people at the BBC who I completely chewed up and spit out because they weren't ready for me.
Well, that's another key thing.
They're worried about human disinfo and, oh, you're using bots, which you're not, when this whole thing is bot.
So they're suppressing human resistance while boosting AI takeover.
And these are people who don't even believe in their own cause.
These are people who don't even fight their own fight.
Because, you know, you ask these people who have been pushers of the death jab for the last two years and relentlessly calling us purveyors of misinformation.
They've labeled the disinformation dozen, which are credible doctors who are out here speaking out against all of this.
And these people, you ask them themselves, well, are you vaccinated?
And he goes, well, do you want an answer?
This is on the BBC.
Do you want an answer to that?
Well, I'm not here to talk to myself.
Yeah, I want an answer to that.
Well, I don't feel comfortable answering that.
Well, hold the hell on!
Remember when the head of Moderna said he wasn't vaccinated?
Yep, and this guy wouldn't even answer me, but wait, for the last year and a half, my bodily autonomy has been the world's business.
It's been your business.
You demanded to know if I was vaccinated.
You demanded that I wore a mask.
You demanded that I stayed an arbitrary six feet away from you.
And now you are unwilling to tell me if you're vaccinated or not.
By the way, you did what so many others don't.
We've done it some.
When you're talking to mainstream media, video it yourself so you can show what really happened.
That was beautiful.
So let me ask you this question, Stu Peters.
That, you just hit it.
The people promoting it don't even believe in it.
They don't even take the shot they're pushing on us.
How do the people pushing this, not the top Satanist Luciferians at the top, who are worshipping their God, have been promised immortality if they do this.
They believe genetically, with this technology and this new evolution they've been promised.
They don't believe in God and the afterlife, but they believe in this thing, an immortality that Schwarzenegger talks about they're about to have, and Harari talks about
But what do you say to the minions in the system when they can see this is destructive, they can see it's anti-human?
Where's their pro-human, home team attitude?
Why do people at the minion level still serve this?
Do they pretend to themselves that they're part of the power structure, they're going to win?
Why do you think so many people that know it's all a lie still go along with it?
Because they're followers?
What is it?
I mean, I think that they have bought into the idea that if you don't support this, and if you don't go along with this, then you will be absolutely crushed.
They feel like they're insiders to the plan, so they know that all of the kinks have been worked out for complete world domination.
And they know what the future holds for dissenters, and whistleblowers, and truth-tellers, and that they will be eradicated, and they will be gone.
But don't they get they'll be eradicated too?
I mean, you think this thing just wants to kill us?
I mean, don't they have that common sense?
No, I think that whether you're talking about the launch of the bioweapon or you're talking about, you know, a social credit score or electronic banking and digital currency that completely, you know, forbids you from accessing your smart refrigerator or getting food or any, all of these things, I believe that these people really feel like they are on the inside as a protected class.
And I believe that these people are not morally upright.
And I believe that these people have another thing coming.
Because I'm optimistic.
I'm optimistic.
100% optimistic.
Because we are commanded to pick up the sword and fight.
And at the end of the only truthful book ever written on the face of the planet, God wins.
And his people win.
And so I know what's coming for these people.
But these people, right now, also have an obligation to humanity.
And I am telling you right now, mark my words, there will be a Nuremberg 2.
I heard Renz talking about it.
This is something that we're talking about.
Mass extreme accountability.
The line is really long for these people because there are a lot of people who have openly and intentionally profited from murder for money schemes and killing for cash and are targeting children for death and extinction and complete mutilation.
These people should be held accountable in the most extreme way possible.
And when they're found guilty, the death penalty absolutely needs to be on the table for these people.
Stu Peters, let me ask you this.
I guess I've been interviewing you three years or so, and you were great when I first interviewed you, but you get more and more on fire, which I love and it's beautiful.
What's been your transformation?
Why have you gotten more and more hardcore and just really seem born again hard?
I just think that I'm seeing such a sense of urgency because I have three kids.
I'm a single dad of an 11 and an 8 and a 4 year old.
I've got a little daughter.
I see what's out here.
As you do the show every day, as you very well know, you get approached by people who are in the worst place that they've ever been in their lives.
They're telling some of the most horrific, heartbreaking stories that you've ever seen.
They're emailing.
I mean, for every four stories that we cover a day, I'm getting 400 or 4000 emails from real people.
So your survival instinct as a warrior has kicked in?
I see myself as a leading post-apocalyptic warlord right now.
I think it's a divine calling that is unfortunate because it's painful, and it leads you through some of the most... Well, they definitely... the globalists fear men mobilizing together, and it's going to happen, and we will smash them.
We will beat them.
A hundred percent, I agree with that.
I didn't think that we were going to win.
All day, StuPeters.com.
We have another film coming out, just like Died Suddenly.
This one is called Final Days, and don't worry, there is a Died Suddenly 2 coming out.
We have to save these people's lives.
We have to push back against this.
Alex, thank you so much for having me.
I appreciate it.
Well done, Lord Vader.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Hour number four, I got a few final comments, and then our guest host, the amazing Drew Hernandez takes over.
StuPeters is in fuego.
Stay with us.
Well, this is an amazing broadcast today.
Yesterday was killer.
We had Stu Peters on, we had Tom Renz, and we got our big finisher coming up.
Drew Hernandez, Ed Owen coming in to the war room.
I'm just very honored to know all these people.
I mean, to get to know who stands for liberty, who has a soul.
I look at our resistance, they're just beautiful people.
They're eloquent, they're smart, they're amazing, they're full of fire.
You look at the enemy's minions, they're like zombies stumbling around with snot coming out of their nose.
I remember one time I was about 10 years old, and for some reason I was painting on the back porch, and I said to my dad, I said, Dad, paint the devil.
And he painted, I wish I had the painting, like in 30 seconds, this horrible golem-like creature with snot coming out of its nose and this pathetic thing, and he said, that's the devil.
And it was so powerful when he said that.
In Revelation, after the archangel Michael bounds him, the chain, they put him in a cage for a thousand years for people to look at Satan, and people will say, this is what did this?
This thing?
We were controlled by this?
It's ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
Jerry Hernandez is about to take over.
I want to talk to listeners about something really important here in a moment.
Man, it's all being revealed.
The Bible says everything hidden will be revealed.
It's being revealed right now.
I want to talk to listeners here about victory.
You know, when I ask you for support to spread the word and to pray for us, that's because I know prayer is real.
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It's symbiotic.
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About two weeks in, you kind of feel sick for a few days.
And then it's like, it happens.
That's your brain recalibrating everything else.
Most people that are deficient about two weeks in,
Feel sick for about two days, and then it just gets incredible.
Some people it takes a month, but that's like 10% of people on average, so it's a minority.
I remember Dr. Group telling me 10 years ago when he sold me on this, he goes, you got a few sunspots on your face.
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Libido amazing.
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We'll be right back with the great Drew Hernandez.
Please give me one minute of your time.
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X3 Tri-Iodine, exclusively at Infowarshore.com.
Take action now, but regardless, research is info.
Well, we're now into hour number four on this live May 18th Thursday transmission.
Drew Hernandez, a great political activist, reporter, and pastor, is about to take over in 50...
Four minutes, Owen Schroyer, The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
But both Drew and Owen have been at the border in the last couple weeks.
We've got a lot to report to you.
I just wanted to add again how blessed I am to be involved with all of you.
It has been an absolute blessing to find out who the real people are.
And that really is the empowerment of this journey, despite the persecution, is you get to meet the real people that are touched by God.
I feel so sorry for people that, for whatever reason, never got a chance to know God.
And the journey of knowing God, and the journey of fighting for what's right, doesn't mean we have all the answers, we're not cult leaders, we're not perfect, but we know God's real, we know the devil's real, and that's what this is all about.
And you've got Obama saying, and all the other leftists, oh, no one listens to us, what are we going to do?
They don't believe our facts.
Humanity doesn't know what's happening yet, on average.
But they know they're being lied to.
So they're breaking away from the enemy.
That large portion, a large minority, almost a majority in some areas, are breaking away right now.
And the enemy wants control of the soul and they are just outraged.
They want our children.
But I notice as they come to the shoulder with the transgenderism and the rest of it, that's finally the breaking point where the enemy will go too far.
The enemy can't stop.
It's like a missile on target.
It's going to do what it's going to do.
That's what devil worshippers and Satanists do.
They're going to carry out this operation.
They're not going to stop.
And so you can be guaranteed
That you'll be destroyed if you serve this.
People ask me, how do you have courage?
I don't have courage, folks.
I don't have courage.
I know we're all destroyed if this wins.
Again, if your house is on fire and you pick your kids up and run out of the house, you're not a hero.
You got out of the burning house.
If you're in a sinking ship and you get in a lifeboat, you're not a hero.
It's not heroic to break with the liars.
It's called common sense.
And that's what I keep trying to explain.
The default when things are going bad and you're being lied to is to stop believing the liars and realize that this is a spiritual battle and the devil's real.
But God is real as well and is infinitely more powerful.
But you have free will.
And so our evil manifests that and allows that to operate.
All right, Drew Hernandez takes over the balance of the hour.
Really appreciate his work.
Drew Hernandez.
Alex Jones, thank you for allowing me to host this great show that has always been on the tip of the spear of truth, the tip of the spear on reality.
You know, it's tomorrow's news today.
We're always ahead of what's really taking place.
People understanding what's going along in society with the pedophiles and the groomers and the New World Order advancing on all fronts with the collapse of American sovereignty, with everyone watching.
I mean, even the churches being infiltrated.
You know, with wolves in sheep's clothing, as Jesus said, what happened?
Individuals that claim to be good when obviously they are evil and they are on the wrong side of everything.
You know, right now, more than ever, I want to encourage the viewers, all the InfoWarriors worldwide, Based Thought Criminals, everyone that watches, anyone that's actually telling some truth, that's getting cancelled, that's getting censored, that's losing everything they possibly could have ever had.
You know, this is where it hits you right in between the eyes.
You know, this is why Jesus made it very clear.
Earthly treasures are meaningless.
They mean nothing.
They will rot away.
They will not last forever.
The heavenly treasure will last forever.
That is the end game.
The ultimate heavenly treasure is Christ.
He is the goal.
Eternal life with Him.
Listen, I don't want to go to heaven if He ain't there.
I want to go wherever Jesus Christ is.
If Jesus Christ ain't in heaven, I don't want to go there.
Even heaven itself, yes, is a prize.
I wanna go where he's going.
Alex Jones understands this as well.
And you know this, Alex.
You've been watching this for the past few years, this spiritual journey where people find themselves really understanding what matters the most when you lose everything around you, people you thought you trust, things that we thought were valuable, things that we thought were actually kind of working for us when everything collapses, when these powers think that they're winning, think that they're advancing.
But in reality, Alex,
You're walking with God, you're walking with Christ, and in the end, the only thing that matters is that you're in obedience to Him.
Alex Jones, with the largest audience that he could ever accumulate, the only eye, the only ear, the only attention span that truly matters is Christ Himself.
In obedience to Him, we are winning.
Listen, I don't expect God to be on my side.
God is not on my side.
I'm on his.
I want to be on his side because I am useless.
We are useless human beings.
We cannot win this fight in any way, shape or form.
I want to be on his side.
And if God be for us, who could be against us?
The only way to truly be on his side is if you are in complete submission and obedience to him entirely.
And sometimes
God will allow everything to fall apart in order for you to be totally, 100% dependent, exhausting all fuel, all human ability, all human fuel to bring you to the very end, to open your eyes to realize, alright.
Now it's go time.
God is with you along the entire way.
Drew, I want to agree with you and I don't want to take over the show, but I'm still, I was watching, listening.
I've literally seen God take me right to the brink of destruction and say, tomorrow I'm going to fix it just to show me and God does it.
Like I already know God's real, but it's like God just keeps doing it over and over again.
And I think InfoWars is a testament to that, Alex.
I mean, I watch it every day.
The viewers watch it every day.
Watching InfoWars running less on fumes.
Below fumes, barely making it across the finish line, going, going, going, with all these massive corporations.
Like, the viewers really understand what we are up against on a daily basis.
We're up against corporations, evil individuals, so-called organizations that hide themselves behind the banner of humanitarian.
You name it, AI, right?
We are up against a lot, okay?
And these demon powers that are all influencing and empowering that have been around for thousands of years, okay?
This is what we are truly up against.
The Spirit of God is what is needed.
It is essential to move forward.
Alex understands this.
I know the viewers understand this.
But before we go forward with anything, we really do need to be in obedience to Christ, because I can feel it, Alex.
Can you feel it?
Can you feel like we're on the verge with this next election?
I know we say this all the time on our shows, every single cycle, but this one, there's just something there.
There's something here.
Well, I can feel the spirit of evil really moving, but I feel God coming in big.
I'm not scared of the devil.
I'm scared of God.
I can feel God's moving in right now.
It's big.
And everyone can sense that.
You know, I think everyone on either side, whatever side they find them on, I think people that are in obedience to Satan, that are, you know, they are pro-murdering children, they are pro-mutilating the genitals of children, they know that their time is getting closer and closer and closer to what they believe is going to be the ultimate culmination of the New World Order.
These people know!
That we're moving forward closer and closer and closer to that final showdown!
Just like we know!
Just like the Christians understand fully, fundamentally, that we are moving forward into the timeline that God has created for all of humanity for His specific purposes!
Everyone can see the direction we're going in, and that's why it's interesting, and I encourage a lot of atheists out there that are really skeptical on the existence of God.
I mean, look around you, man.
This stuff is not political.
You cannot sit here and say this is some kind of Democrat-Republican beef going on, man.
Like, this is really just straight Satan.
This is being directed by outside forces.
And you've talked about this for years, Alex, and I think, you know, what's happening with Infowars, I think will be a testament.
I think InfoWars has always been something that's this, uh...
This anomaly, this shooting star that God has always used to just really trailblaze, to show the world what it's really look like.
And you know, Alex, maybe you never intended it to be that way, but I see it that way.
I know the Christians see it that way.
How does this independent machine make it this far against all of these powers?
Is it because Alex Jones is strong?
Is it because the network is strong?
Is it because the internet?
We're in the future?
No, no, no, no.
God has been behind this the entire time, Alex, and God will continue to be with it just as long as we're in obedience to Him.
We don't got to worry about anything.
And I'm not saying just put our heads in the sand.
Don't get it twisted.
That's not the kind of Christian I am.
We will continue to move forward and fight with God's power, but at the same time, we know that God has us.
Alex, I know you understand that.
You're right.
I'm going to stop interrupting.
You take over, my friend.
Love you.
But it's all good versus evil.
It's 100% real, folks.
The devil believes in you.
You better believe the devil's real, folks.
All righty, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWarriors, worldwide, not only in the United States of America, across the globe, tuning in today.
All the Based Thought Criminals out there want to thank you guys for tuning in.
The fourth hour of The Most Banned Show on the face of planet Earth.
Right now here in the 21st century, the year 2023, the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Drew Hernandez.
I am your guest host for the remainder of the Alex Jones Show.
We are going to get lit.
We're not going to hold anything back.
We're not going to get all cucked out and be afraid to hurt people's feelings.
That's not the energy we need right now.
You know, all the cuckservatives and the limp-wristed right-wingers that are like, let's just find common ground with the pedophiles and find common ground with the communists.
Let's find common ground with the, you know, the individuals that just want to mutilate the genitals of children.
Like, yeah, you know,
Let's just find common ground with those people so we could just sit there and shake their hands and, you know, make it look like we're friends while they continue to mutilate the genitals of children.
No, no, no, hell no!
Why do you say that, Drew?
The reason why I say that is because, like Alex and I just got done talking about in the last segment, this is good, righteous,
Verse evil, immorality, degeneracy, and total wickedness.
There is no middle ground.
You want to talk about Christ?
Christ made it very clear.
You're neither hot or cold.
You're lukewarm.
I will spew you out of my mouth.
Christ said you are either with me or you are against me.
Why is that so black and white?
Why is that so 50-50?
Because Jesus Christ is the standard of ultimate truth, the way, the truth, and the life.
He is the pillar of all that is true and that is reality.
Everything that he is, everything that he says, everything that he has created, engineered in the universe, the multi-dimension world that we cannot see, only the dimension we can see up to three dimensions,
Everything that Christ has instituted, every all the principles that Christ has unleashed and revealed to humanity, all that he says goes.
It's very simple for humanity to understand.
And I think this is a perfect.
And when I say perfect, I want people to understand.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual hosts of wickedness, powers, evil powers.
Okay, that are mobilizing and weaponizing the Deep State, the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, the Klaus Schwab's of the world, the Bill Gates of the world, the Adam Schiff's of the world, the weaponized FBI, CIA, you name it.
All of this that you're seeing, this is all an agenda.
People might sit here and say, how could this be coordinated across the entire board?
Is humanity really that advanced?
Well, yes, it would not be that hard.
But at the same time, these demons and these spiritual hosts of wickedness are extremely advanced and they coordinate everything because they never sleep.
They never rest.
They never take a break.
They're always watching, always working, always moving forward, always working against your children, manipulating their minds, manipulating the masses, pumping propaganda, pumping lies, pumping wickedness, pumping perversion.
They never stop, never sleep, never rest.
So what are you doing, Drew?
I ask myself that every single day.
When I sit here and say we need Jesus,
For that specific reason alone, okay?
You wanna go to war?
You cannot go to war without Jesus Christ or the Spirit of God.
I'll give you a perfect example of how the Deep State functions.
How they weaponize the DHS, how they weaponize the FBI.
This is ABC News, alright?
I'm gonna show you guys this.
Because here we are, what, maybe like two weeks out from Groomer Month?
Yes, I said Groomer Month, alright?
All the pedophilia is coming out.
Being protected by that damn flag, on the verge of Groomer Month, and you're starting to see this.
It's increasing.
ABC News, threats against the LGBTQIA plus community intensifying, says the Department of Homeland Security, the DHS.
Anti-LGBTQI plus legislation has been introduced in recent months.
Threats of violence against LGBTQI plus community are on the rise and intensifying according to a new briefing by the Department of Homeland Security.
Pay attention to this and pay attention to the warning in the report.
The DHS documented.
The DHS document distributed to government and law enforcement agencies on May 11th.
It's been distributed to government and law enforcement agencies, said that domestic violent...
And domestic violence extremists and people who commit hate crimes have increased threats of violence against the LGBTQIA plus community within the last year.
With all the grooming increasing in the past year, year and a half, right?
All the pedophilia being pushed.
It's gone into overdrive, accelerated.
And here comes the DHS alerting all law enforcement, hey, hate crimes are coming our way.
Gotta protect the pedophiles!
You see how they do this?
It doesn't stop there.
Listen to what the report said.
These issues include actions linked to drag-themed events.
These are quotes from the report.
These issues and possible attacks on the LGBTQIA whatever-the-hell-alphabet-mafia-skittle-people community.
These issues, the DHS says, include actions, threats, linked to drag-themed events.
Gender affirming care and LGBTQIA plus curricula in school.
That's a quote from the DHS.
You want to know what that includes?
That includes drag themed events, drag queen pedo time.
Drag Queen Pedo Shows!
Where children are sitting there being introduced to male genitalia swinging like a helicopter while these woke moms are sitting there with their babies bouncing on their laps like it's totally amazing and good for their children!
That's exactly what the DHS is saying.
Oh, drag themed events?
You mean like Drag Queen Pedo Time?
We're some sex offender that's, you know, masquerading like an obnoxious depiction of a woman, mentally ill, perverted, is sitting there reading perverted pornographic books about little boys getting an erection at the age of 3, 4, 5 years old to little kids bouncing on their laps while they get an erection at the same time?
Yeah, yeah, you can't speak out against that!
The DHS doesn't like what I'm saying, because what I'm saying now is considered a violent extremist threat, because I take issue with groomers and pedophiles that are going after children, and they do it hiding behind that damn flag!
It's accelerating, ladies and gentlemen.
It's accelerating and getting worse.
The protected class system is a sham, and it's only gonna get worse.
And then they say,
Violent extremists are coming because they're opposing gender-affirming care.
And what do they call gender-affirming care, class?
Mutilating genitals of little kids!
Making micro-penises!
Chopping a little boy's penis off, taking skin from the thigh, and making a fake neo-penis that falls off in the next six months to a year!
Total mutilization!
You can't speak out against that now!
Because now you're an extremist if you take issue with little kids getting their genitals mutilated.
The DHS is gonna come after you, and of course this is being distributed to law enforcement agencies, which I'll give you a guess who those are!
I don't know!
Maybe the FBI?
Maybe the CIA?
I mean, how far does this really go?
Where now you're getting a knock on your door if you speak out against perverts and pedophiles.
By the way, this DHS report that's being distributed to law enforcement agencies saying that attacks and extremists are targeting more frequently the LGBTQ plus Alphabet Mafia Skittle People.
And by the way, the report does not only say that drag themed events are being targeted.
Gender affirming care believers are being targeted.
But it also says, LGBTQI plus curricula in schools.
What does that mean?
So if a mom or a dad takes issue, according to the DHS, if a mom or a dad takes issue with some teacher coming out and not telling you that they're having a conversation exclusively and privately about your son, hey little boy, uh,
Have you ever thought about being a homosexual?
What do you think about that?
Have you ever thought that you're gay, little boy?
You attracted to other boys?
Hey, little Timmy, you see little Johnny over there?
Are you attracted to him?
What does that mean, teacher?
Well, I mean, look, take a look at him.
Are you attracted to his body?
Do you, I don't know, maybe want to touch his penis?
I mean, that means you're gay!
Do you have a sexual attraction?
Oh, hey, little girl!
Hey, little Cindy!
Hey, you have thoughts?
You see Wendy over there?
Are you attracted to her?
Do you like her chest?
You know?
So, if they come out,
And they talk like that in schools, and then they'll just hide, and they'll hide and say, well, well, well, no, no, no, you're saying that I can't say gay!
You're saying that I can't say gay!
Oh, no, no, no, you're saying I, I, I can't talk about homosexuality to, to my children?
My children in my classroom, Mom and Dad?
I can't have a conversation about your kindergartner's sexual attractions?
You're a bigot!
I can't talk to little Timothy if he's a homosexual or not?
Or little Cindy if she's into scissoring like I am?
I'm not allowed to do that?
You are a bigot!
You are an extremist!
You are anti-LGBTQ curricula!
That's how they hide!
That's the PSYOP!
That's how they get you!
And they say, oh, well, you're just against the LGBTQ teachings in school.
Like, oh, yeah.
But if I say the word Jesus in front of a first grader, oh, the entire world is gonna burn down!
If we quote the Ten Commandments and tell little kids that they shouldn't kill people, that's oppressive!
We're so scared!
Oh my God!
Put a stop to that!
Separation of church and state!
But don't separate the pedophiles and the groomers from little kids!
We need pedophiles!
We need groomers with little kids!
Not Jesus or righteousness!
What a joke!
What a joke, dude!
Absolute cuckery, evil wickedness, ridiculous!
I cannot believe that there are people on planet Earth that sit here and say, oh, oh, oh my god, it's the worst thing in the universe for little kids to hear about the greatest human being that ever walked the face of planet Earth that is totally perfect, righteous, and can teach you how to be a good person!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
But the deep state in the New World Order says we can push our gay stuff.
We can push our queer stuff.
We can teach little kids, you know, about sodomy.
Yes, sodomy and how to spread STDs and AIDS and HIV.
Oh, yeah, we could talk about that.
Our LGBTQ curricula, because you cannot talk about LGBTQ without talking about gay sex.
Oh yeah, little girl!
We're gonna teach you how to scissor Cindy over there!
That's what we're gonna teach you, cause that's LGBTQ, yeah, teaching!
I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of it.
All the cucks out there that just do not understand this, that do not understand how these people are pushing their pedophilia while trying to tell you that pushing something that's righteous is like oppressive and evil and wrong, you are a part of the problem!
You are a part of the problem!
You are a part of the problem with your separation of church and state garbage!
We need God!
We need God in everything!
We need him, his principles, especially if we're gonna protect children!
The parents are the ones losing their rights.
The parents have the rights.
And this woke pedophile mob are attempting to separate you from your children.
Why do you think- I think we have the clip, if the crew has the clip.
Why do you think
Peto Biden is making statements that children belong to everybody.
Kamala Harris saying, oh, the children belong to the community.
White House press secretary comes out and says, oh, well, you know, these are our children.
There are children when talking about trans kids.
Trans kids are not real because trans people do not exist.
It's a figment of their imagination, gender dysphoria.
It's not real.
They're all just homosexuals and lesbians.
Take a look at this clip.
This is why they're saying stuff like this.
There's no such thing as someone else's child.
No such thing as someone else's child.
Our nation's children are all our children.
These are kids.
These are our kids.
They belong to all of us.
When we talk about the children of the community, they are the children of the community.
They are our kids!
Our kids, mom!
Your baby, your son, your daughter belongs to Peddo Joe, alright?
Alright, your little kid belongs to Kamala Harris, alright?
Cackling Kamala Harris, that slept her way to the top, right?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
But that's the New World Order.
That's how lawlessness will abound.
That's why there's an attack on the nuclear family.
That's a thought of Western civilization.
No, that's a thought that was hatched from God himself for humanity to function and procreate.
Isn't it interesting?
How it's always like the homosexuals and, like I said, trans are not real.
It's all just homosexuals.
They're all coming out and saying your children belong to us.
And then the puppets that regurgitate that, like the Joe Bidens and the Kamala Harrises, White House Press Secretary, all the homosexuals are always coming out saying that your children belong to us.
Because they cannot have a future.
Here's the biological reality of homosexuality, okay?
Let's just be honest here.
They have no biological procreating
Reality, or chance, or abilities, for the future!
At all!
So why has this community, hyper-sexualized, have openly come out now, and are all in unison, always saying that your children belong to them?
At all!
Violating the rights of the parents.
Violating the rights of everyone that opposes it.
Because it's the only way they could have children.
That, or if they just steal the wombs of women, which they hate women, which is insane to me, because that's just bypassing God's design.
If you're just bypassing God's design by hijacking the womb of a woman to keep your homosexual, so-called gay marriage afloat, that is an abomination as well.
God does not honor that.
If we are going to be in obedience to God, we have to tell the truth.
What I'm telling you are not my thoughts.
These are his thoughts.
He created the world.
He created the universe.
He created all of this.
He knows better than me.
This is where humanity has to humble themselves and be in obedience and submit to what he has said.
Why are we in this position where all these people are coming out and claiming that your kids belong to them?
It's very simple.
It's the only way.
It's the only way to have some kind of stable looking little, you know, home life with a family and have children.
They have to take your kids!
They have to take your children!
There's no other way.
There's no other way around it.
There's no other way of getting around this.
All right?
Like I said, good, evil, you choose a side.
You choose a side.
What God says is good.
Anything in opposition towards what God says, that is evil, because that is what Satan represents and loves.
Opposition towards God, and not what God believes.
This is what God has established.
This is what God has established.
All right?
God doesn't have an opinion, ladies and gentlemen.
God is fact!
God is love!
God is truth!
God is reality!
And we must submit to that.
If not, then you're just living in your own fantasy.
Might as well go hang out with all the so-called trans homosexuals and pedophiles.
I want to thank you guys for tuning in.
Look what they're doing.
Make sure to go follow me on Twitter.
Getter Truth Social at Drew H. Live.
Links to all my shows are in the bio.
You can find them.
I host a show called Frontlines with Drew Hernandez on Real America's Voice and Drew Hernandez Live exclusively on Rumble only.
All those links are in the description.
Like I said, Twitter, Get Her Truth Social and shout out to the Rumble chat.
Shout out to the Get Her Chat right now.
All the based info warriors and based thought criminals in there that are being targeted and monitored by the FBI just for simply speaking truth.
Guys, this stuff is not stopping anytime soon.
It's not stopping anytime soon.
And people always say, you know, the cucks, right?
It's always the cucks.
The cucks are like, Drew, you need to be nice!
You need to be nice!
Your yelling is so mean!
Oh my god!
It's like these cucks, right?
Like, shut up, cuck!
We're sick of people like you!
It's like, you want me to just be nice to the pedophiles?
Are they nice to the groomers?
Oh, pedophile, please just be nice to the kids when you molest them.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Enough with that!
People are so sick of that mentality.
I can feel it.
I can feel it.
I'm not the only one.
Even though you might feel like you're alone, that's why they censor everybody off of the face of planet Earth.
You want to know why?
Because they want you to feel like you are alone.
Like you don't belong.
They want you to feel like you are the minority.
That your beliefs are outdated and extreme.
That's why they nuke anyone on the face of the internet that's starting to populate, that starts to see the same things and that believes and starts to say all the same things because they want to put an end to that.
That's what the New World Order fears.
That's what the globalists fear.
Why do you think they fear Infowars?
Why do you think they fear banned out video?
Why do you think they fear Alex Jones?
Because we wake people up.
We wake people up.
You wake people up.
Sharing information.
Speaking truth to power.
Why do they want to censor us?
Why do the attacks never stop?
Why do these people never sleep?
Relentlessly trying to put a stop to us.
We are gathering.
We are populating.
We are growing while they try to push with their propaganda that we're not.
They fear the populace.
That's what they fear.
They fear you and me.
They fear us!
They are the ones that are truly afraid.
That's why everything's a damn phobia to these people.
Why do you think they're always calling you phobia this, phobic that?
God knows.
Where are we at now?
Like fat phobia?
I don't know where we are right now.
When I was a kid, all I ever heard was Islamophobia, Islamophobia.
Freaking stupid puppet Obama on the TV telling Americans, we should be nice to the terrorists now.
We should stop.
Do you guys remember that?
I totally remember that when I was a kid.
I remember the day sitting there watching Obama telling America, we need to stop using the term radical Islamic terrorism.
You guys remember that?
Gosh, I remember even being a kid seeing that stuff and thinking to myself, who the hell is this guy?
What are you talking about?
These people hate us!
Are you talking about Obama?
Are you talking about the people that chant, death to America?
Death to me?
Death to my existence?
Death to my family?
Death to my lineage?
My future?
And I'm supposed to sit here and just be like, oh yes,
Yes, Obama or the cuck service, yes.
Yes, oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry for getting passionate.
I'm so, oh, yes, just kill me.
I'll be nice when you kill me.
Yeah, take away all my self-defense.
Take away the Second Amendment.
Here, take my children.
Those are the cucks.
Take my kids.
Take my kids.
I just want to make sure I look like a good person and I'm, oh, yes, let's meet in the middle.
Take my children.
Yes, molest them.
Rape them.
Let's meet in the middle, pedophiles and groomers.
We'll meet in the middle!
Come on!
You can just have one of my kids while I save the other one!
Aren't you guys so sick of that?
You know what I mean?
Sick of it.
Look how bad this stuff really gets.
Fury over the World Health Organization's sex education about early childhood masturbation, ladies and gentlemen, and gender identities, this is all LGBTQ nonsense, for under children the age of four.
This is real!
World Health Organization, ladies and gentlemen!
Globalist regime!
The World Health Organization is being urged to withdraw a disturbing guidance to schools about sexuality education for young children!
The program encourages kids under the age of FOUR YEARS OLD
To, quote, ask questions about sexuality and explore gender identities to two- and three-year-olds.
Hell yeah!
The globalist and the pedophile say.
The official guidance also supports providing information to kids under the age of four about, quote, enjoyment and pleasure when touching one's own body.
Each early childhood and teaching, excuse me, early childhood masturbation.
Those are quotes, ladies and gentlemen, World Health Organization.
They're teaching kids, two year olds, three year olds, four year olds, preschool.
About how to touch themselves, and please themselves, and early childhood masturbation, all in the name of LGBTQ.
Let's explore your gender!
Oh, yes!
Let's explore your sexuality!
Because, yes, that's gonna make you a better person, and that's gonna make us feel better.
You wanna know- Listen, listen.
Let me take you into the psychology and into the mind of one of these groomer pedophiles.
You wanna know why they think they're on the right side?
Because they are so totally depraved and void of morality.
They're gone.
These people are gone, okay?
They have no gauge.
But in their heads, they've been convinced that they're on the right side, that they're on the good side.
They're so depraved and perverted in their minds that they actually think, yes, teaching four-year-olds and three-year-olds and two-year-olds that masturbation is a good thing for society.
We're helping children!
I'm not saying that they're excused from their wickedness.
Don't get it twisted.
Pedophiles, legally and lawfully, deserve the death penalty immediately.
Child molesters, child predators, death penalty, legally, lawfully, immediately.
Immediately, immediately, immediately.
Because it communicates to a society
That crap ain't gonna fly here!
It ain't gonna fly here, man!
But no, society is so cucked out.
The World Health Organization, mom!
The same WHO that is pushing forced inoculations, unelected, making recommendations, bureaucrats, to the federal government, the governments of the world, that you must be jabbed multiple times or you can't access the economy or have a job.
Yeah, that same globalist WHO
Under the age of four, to teach them how to masturbate and please themselves.
I mean, you really got to think to yourself, what kind of sick freak would sit in a classroom?
I don't know, of maybe five, 20, three, four, five year olds, kindergarten, preschool, sit in a classroom.
And by the way, these teachings are being distributed.
Sit in a classroom.
Look at a group of children and think to themselves, today's lesson, ladies and gentlemen, excuse me, today's lesson, little kids, we're going to teach you how to touch yourselves.
I mean, it's like you and I are adults, right?
Like you and I are adults and we sit here and like, whoa, teaching kids how to please themselves, masturbate.
Little kids don't know what the hell that means.
How do little kids learn?
Especially at the age of two, three and four class.
How do little kids learn?
Especially if they're not speaking English or their native language as great as they can.
That's why they're in preschool.
That's why they're in kindergarten.
They're learning their ABCs.
They're learning basics in order to be able to raise their IQs and learn and advance further down the line.
How do you really teach a preschooler or a kindergartner how to please themselves and how to masturbate?
I'm asking the WHO this.
I'm asking the World Health Organization this.
You don't take textbooks.
You don't take a curriculum and just put it on the wall.
Yes, these perverts are showing children pornography, which is horrible and evil.
But children are visual.
Especially at that age, they're visual learners.
They're not going to be taught directly these gigantic words straight out of a book.
And these groomers know this.
The World Health Organization, these pedophiles and globalist groomers, they know what I'm saying!
They know that the only way to teach a 3-, 2-, 4-year-old how to masturbate and please themselves is if you physically show them, Mom!
Physically show them, Dad!
These people!
Are Satan, okay?
These people are evil.
These people need to be taken care of, legally and lawfully.
Death penalty for groomers and pedophiles, legally and lawfully, immediately.
My name is Drew Hernandez.
I want to thank you guys for tuning in for the Alex Jones Show today.
The War Room with Owen Schroyer is coming up right now.
Watch the American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at band.video.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
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This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
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We return you now to your regularly scheduled program.
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