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Name: 20230517_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 17, 2023
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Infowar calls for humanity to stand against deception in a world full of it. Topics discussed include RFK Jr.'s book on Anthony Fauci, JP Morgan Chase's involvement with Epstein's human trafficking operations, concerns about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), iodine deficiency as the leading preventable cause of cognitive disability, and Alex Jones' criticism of the New World Order. The podcast also features discussions on Elon Musk challenging the New World Order, Bill Gates controlling weather through jet fuel additives, Conor Biden's potential indictment, Chinese Communist spies and pedophilia allegations, hospital deaths during COVID operation using fake doctors and nurses as evidence, Seymour Hersh's report on Ukraine debunking media's claim about Patriot missiles shooting down all Russian missiles, YouTube censorship affecting alternative media platforms, the importance of decentralization, and support for InfoWars through donations and purchases at InfowarStore.com.

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There is nothing more frustrating than having the documents that people don't know!
So last year they tried the disinformation board with the crazy lady that sings Little Mermaid.
She was just the front.
But because it was called a disinformation board for the American people, it blew up.
So now they're calling it countering foreign disinformation board.
But it's all pointed at us.
And now they've gotten the documents, the screenshots, the videos that are about to be released.
Biden administration launches an issue to train public how to spot radical conservatives and fight domestic terrorism.
So the entire Homeland Security apparatus that was set up supposedly for the Muslims, I always told you back at the time, was for us, also put on screen the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, June 2021, where he officially said the main terror threat is white people and conservatives.
Basically a non-existent phenomenon of white supremacy that isn't federal.
Most of it's synthetic.
DHS producing videos teaching citizens how to identify radicalization of conservatives.
They were given by whistleblowers screenshots of the videos.
Big article on ZeroHedge.com.
We posted it to InfoWars.com with the screenshots.
And it literally says, anybody promoting nationalism, conservatism, or questioning elections, or pro-gun, or questioning the border, or questioning lockdowns, everything in the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, it's just the same thing, being put into function.
That's the government literally, not just saying we're going to surveil you and censor you and debank you, we're coming after you.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight.
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
As illustrated in RFK Jr's 's book, The Real Anthony Fauci, AIDS and AZT was Fauci's first official go at state-sponsored depopulation.
Celia Farber writes that Peter Staley is the most iconic AIDS activist in the world, and that he was the guy who made AZT happen.
The well-hyped media story goes something like this.
Young gay activist Peter Staley came out as a homosexual in 1985 and inspired his older brother, Jess Staley, to join him in the fight against AIDS, which for them meant demanding more drugs, faster drugs, and cheaper drugs from Big Pharma.
While posing as the voice of the downtrodden LGBTQ consumer, With the almighty support of the mainstream media behind them, the two brothers demanded that Big Pharma put speed ahead of safety and efficacy.
This campaign directly resulted in the rapid FDA approval of AZT in 1989.
Big profits were made, shortcuts were taken, and AZT killed thousands.
Jess Staley worked for JPMorgan Chase and became a pioneer of woke LGBTQ banking.
And after 30 years at JP Morgan and nine years as CEO of Barclays Bank in the UK, he resigned last year after an investigation into his ties with Jeffrey Epstein was launched as part of a U.S.
Virgin Islands lawsuit.
According to the lawsuit, JP Morgan knowingly, negligently, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise.
Human trafficking was the principal business of the accounts Epstein maintained at JP Morgan.
Jeff Staley exchanged several hundreds of emails with Jeffrey Epstein.
Some of them coded like the infamous Pizzagate emails.
Staley to Epstein, say hi to Snow White for me.
Epstein to Staley, what character would you like next?
Staley, Beauty and the Beast.
Jess Staley is accused of forcibly and violently raping one of the victims and is said to have told her that Jeffrey Epstein authorized him to do whatever he wanted to her.
Jess Staley was set to take over for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who some believe will be charged with criminal conspiracy for his service to Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking operations.
A New York federal judge threatened JPMorgan Chase with contempt of court if it does not speed up in producing evidence related to Jeffrey Epstein.
Jamie Dimon is scheduled to be questioned under oath later this month on his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.
Throwing gas on the fire, 19 Republican states just accused JP Morgan of closing bank accounts on political or religious grounds.
In a letter to CEO Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Bank is accused of cancelling major organizations' checking accounts and then screening them with questions focused on religion and politics before reinstating them.
The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, and it holds no reserves.
It is a private bank owned by its member banks, and overall, owned by the same big banks deemed too big to fail, like JPMorgan Chase.
So when the CBDCs come to supposedly save the day, remember that these banks are run by child rapists and human traffickers.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well this is going to be a fascinating, frightening, invigorating, empowering transmission today.
Wednesday, May 17th, the year is 2023, and we are inside the New World Order.
But humanity is awakening and fighting back.
The battle is joined!
All right, we have Steven Crowder, the free speech crusader, joining us at the bottom
of the hour in T-minus 27, 28 minutes from now.
*laughs* Then, we have Marjorie Taylor Greene with big news joining us in the second hour, open phones and news in the third, and the great Kate Dowling in the fourth hour.
Do my Ric Flair there.
It is on like Donkey Kong.
The news today is insane.
Wow is all I can say.
Here's the first thing I'm going to bring up.
Rick Reese's new report's out, and it's got all the documents in it, and Biden has officially launched, not just a ministry of truth, Run by the CIA against the American people.
Completely illegal.
On a scale of one to ten, it's a ten and a half.
They're putting out public service announcements saying watch conservatives and don't trust white people.
The transcripts of what's in the ads is now out.
The ads aren't out yet.
The big banks, like JPMorgan Chase and others, are kicking sporting goods stores, churches, you name it.
Conservative groups, mainline groups, off their banks, a bunch of other big banks are doing it, and making them do sensitivity training to be able to get back on the bank.
Full total weaponization.
Elon Musk has come out against George Soros and said he hates humanity.
And wants to destroy civilization.
What do you think the new world order is?
I mean, what do you think a post-industrial world is?
I've got Scientific American today saying population will change the world for the better, and that human civilization disappearing is a good thing.
I mean, that's what is taught.
That's what it is.
And then Elon Musk kept knocking it out of the park.
Say what you want about him.
I mean, coming out against George Soros, saying he wants to destroy civilization.
What do you think he's doing?
Here's Politico's headline.
George Soros, quiet overhaul of the US justice system.
Oh, he overhauled it.
And you've seen the overhaul.
Doubling in the murder rate, massive crime, rape, carjackings, major store chains around the country closing down in blue cities because they're just hell holes.
It's George Soros' New World Order, war in the streets, blood in the streets initiative.
Mostly peaceful.
And of course the ADL crawled out from under its rock, the Anti-Defamation League, and said that Elon Musk is anti-Semitic.
So if someone happens to be Jewish and is a bad guy, And there's bad people.
You know, there's a lot of good Germans.
I think Hitler was bad.
Do we blame all Germans?
Well, if you don't like Hitler, you're anti-white.
Or you're anti-Germanic.
And if you're anti-George Soros...
Who's an atheist, by the way, he says.
Really a Satanist, in my view.
Then you're anti-Jew.
Well, Elon Musk slapped him down again and said, you should just take the A off ADL and you are the Defamation League.
That's what they do.
The Censorship League.
The League of Criminals.
Because there's a lot of great Jewish organizations, a lot of great Jewish people, some of the best folks out there, in my view.
Some of the worst in the world.
The ADL is an un-American totalitarian danger to humanity.
They're quarterbacking this whole labeling of the American people as white supremacist terrorists to literally trigger a civil war.
And here's the key.
To cover up for the end of this bubble that the central banks have created and to bring in their central bank digital currencies in the system.
So, we are going to get to all of the Elon Musk clips when he was on CNBC and knocked it out of the park.
Knocked it out of the park.
People say, you think Elon Musk is good?
What he said is good.
What he said hurts the New World Order.
Make no mistake.
Then we've got just so much more.
I meant to get to the Sheshtay, but CBS says Bill Gates is controlling the weather by spraying stuff out of jet engines that are added to the fuel.
Oh, I never knew that.
But it's for your own good.
But if you say it's happening, it doesn't exist, but it's happening and it exists.
That's called cult brainwashing.
Absolutely insane.
The word is, and I'm not holding my breath, That prosecutors are set to indict Conor Biden either today or tomorrow, but of course on the gun charge.
The most petty that they think leftists will go along with.
To then divert away from the Chinese Communist spy situation and the pedophilia and the taking other foreign money.
We've got all that as well and so much more.
And there's a clip I got to get to today.
I didn't get to, well, several clips.
The new thing with liberals that bully their children and tell them they're another sex from birth is that it's sex abuse if your baby wants to hold you or reaches out for you and you shove its hand away and say, don't touch me, you're an abuser.
And if you have beer commercials with women in bikinis, that's abuse too, and you know M&Ms.
The girl M&Ms can't wear pretty boots or dresses, because girls can't wear dresses.
Only drag queens can wear dresses.
Silly women!
Women's dressing rooms and pretty things are only for big, fat, ugly men.
Silly kids.
So, it's all coming up, and so much, so much more today.
Attorney Tom Renz has been Knock it out of the park, and he's got incredible new evidence that the hospitals knowingly killed people and used fake doctors and nurses to do it during the COVID operation as a test.
We already knew that, but now it's confirmed.
He has recordings of hospital heads admitting it.
It just gets more and more wild.
So all of this and more today.
Crowder's on for 30 minutes.
MTG's on for 30 minutes.
So we'll be able to hit all of this news in between and probably Get some of your amazing calls on in the third hour, but who knows, I may just cover news third hour, because I'm going to cover all of this and more today.
Big developments, Seymour Hersh is reporting on out of Ukraine.
The media said that Patriot missiles shot down all the Russian missiles.
It wasn't true.
The Patriot batteries got blown up.
Again, they just lie in every way.
That's all coming up.
Stephen Crowder's at the bottom of the hour, and I was like, so you're sure you want me to host your show?
YouTube will probably ban it.
He said, I don't care.
That's the whole point.
Well, Media Matters tattled and said it wasn't allowed, even though that's not an official rule of YouTube.
And, uh, well, then YouTube dutifully obliged and said, one more thing, Steven Crowder, and you are banned.
Well, good news is, he's converted 70% of his gargantuan 6 million followers on YouTube to... Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro-Ro-Rumble!
Oh, let's get ready to rumble!
And so...
Really standing up for the First Amendment and for Infowars and for all of us.
That's why he's under such attack and under a campaign of lies and disinformation by the left and the right, by Conservative Inc.
and by the Control left as well.
He'll be joining us bottom of the hour here in just about 16-17 minutes.
We're coming to a break at 33 after.
Please remember, I'm not fun about George Soros, I'm fun about you.
But listen, that's important to do to keep us on air.
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Everybody's going to have to put skin in the game to beat these pedophiles.
Well, we now know why YouTube Took down Steven Crowder's show.
They officially say, and I have the documents that they sent Steven Crowder, that when I said that we witnessed babies being handed over at the airport to complete strangers, which we have on video from two years ago.
Guys, cue that up when he's on next segment.
And the same woman all day, every few hours, brings a baby and says, this is my baby.
And the woman goes, OK, it's your baby.
You're allowed to give it to us.
And they just hand a baby over, like an eight-month-old, 10-month-old baby.
And when we have it all on tape, and they just said, you're not allowed to say that.
But we have all the footage.
Oh, they're not smuggling humans.
Literally protecting human trafficking.
Who do you think these people are?
This is a big story, folks.
It's a lot bigger than Steven Crowder or Alex Jones.
That's coming up.
But let's start getting into Musk.
Then MTG joins us at 30 after next hour.
I'll be playing all of these before she comes on.
It is gold.
So, George Soros, and I'm not going to torture you with his voice, but I'm going to have reposted to the live show feed, I think it's called The Ultimate George Soros Compilation, it's not really The Ultimate, it's like six minutes long of him saying, best time in my life was rounding up the Jews, and I feel good about it, it was happy making time, and it was invigorating, and I don't feel any remorse for it.
This is a very nice person, alright?
Now I guess if I'd have rounded up a bunch of Jews, I'd get an ADL award, but I haven't, so I'm the bad guy.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
It'd be comical if it wasn't so serious.
So Elon Musk comes out and says George Soros wants to destroy civilization and humanity.
Well, everything the globalists are pushing is doing that.
And so we're going to play that clip.
Clip 2, Elon Musk is asked about a tweak saying George Soros reminds him of Magneto.
And then they spun it and said, Magneto is Jewish too!
He attacked Magneto!
Magneto, a villain, is now good because, I guess, I didn't know he was Jewish.
He learned something every day.
What does this even mean?
The ADL is no longer the ADL.
The Anti-Defamation League.
They've always been and are the Defamation of America League.
The Destruction of Free Speech League.
The Legion of Tyrants.
Hiding behind the Jewish people.
Very sick.
Very corrupt.
Very dangerous.
Very evil.
And it creates things like Kanye.
Because just because the ADL's bad, Kanye, Which I told him 15 times at least, does not mean Hitler's good.
Hitler was a competing evil.
And the average Jew did not deserve to be shipped off to slave camps and then murdered.
But you hear the media saying white people are inherently evil.
All the major universities teach white people are inherently bad.
Christians are inherently bad.
And the ADL is the tip of the spear on the Southern Poverty Law Center and others, literally creating Hitler-level anti-group hate in front of us.
But they're just part of the bigger agenda.
The ADL doesn't run it, but they definitely are a handmaiden of this whole New World Order plan.
That says there's too many people.
Let's get rid of people.
Boy, I heard that from somebody else who had a weird mustache.
You know, where you cut the sides off and it's only in the middle.
What's that guy's name?
He would say, Zeke Hire!
Zeke Hire!
So, let's go ahead and play Elon Musk taking George Soros to the woodshed.
How do you make a choice?
You don't see, I mean, in terms of when you're going to engage.
I mean, for example, even today, Elon, you tweeted this thing about George Soros.
Back it up, I'm going to play it in a minute.
I love the whole connotation, like, this reporter later says, this anchor later says, you know, why don't you just keep your politics to yourself and just not talk?
Or just maybe tell your friends, but why don't you just keep your mouth shut?
How offensive and un-American and illiberal is that?
But they just normalize, like, come on, don't talk about George Soros.
He only overthrew over 20 countries pension funds, robbed tens of millions, hundreds of millions of old people.
I mean, when I was growing up, Soros was a known supervillain on the news.
I mean, that's what he does.
He's as bad as it gets.
He's here, Politico, George Soros, quiet overhaul of the U.S.
justice system.
He literally runs every major city.
And man, if you're a white person, defend yourself, you're going under the jail.
But if you're a brown person committing a crime, you go free.
What is that?
That's a genocide, folks.
He literally has created the closest thing to Hitler in my lifetime I've seen of anti-white.
Even though he's white.
Even though he's got blue eyes.
I mean, this guy's frickin' dangerous.
I mean, look at what he's doing in front of you.
He served Hitler and helped round up Jews like Anne Frank.
He didn't get her, but Jews hiding.
He was 14 when he did it.
He did 14, 15, 16.
Three years.
He's from Europe.
On record, he's written books about it.
He brags about it.
He's proud of it.
And he looked like he was 10.
He looked really young.
So he would infiltrate and find the Jews.
The Nazis called people like him bloodhounds.
Alright, go to the Elon Musk Club.
How do you make a choice?
You don't see, I mean, in terms of when you're going to engage.
I mean, for example, even today, Elon, you tweeted this thing about George Soros.
Well, I'm looking for it, because I want to make sure I quote it properly.
But, I mean, you know what you wrote, but... You know what you wrote.
You know what you did.
Calm down, people.
This is not like me to pick a pivotal case out of it.
You said he wants to erode the very fabric of civilization, and Soros hates humanity.
Like, when you do something like that, do you think about... Yeah, I think that's true.
That's my opinion.
Okay, but why share it?
Why share it?
Especially, I mean, why share it when people who buy Teslas may not agree with you?
Advertisers on Twitter may not agree with you?
Why not just say, hey, I think this?
You can tell me, we can talk about it over there, you can tell your friends, but why share it widely?
I mean, this is freedom of speech, I'm allowed to say what I want to say.
You absolutely are, but I'm trying to understand why you do, because you have to know it's got a... It puts you in the middle of the partisan divide in the country, it makes you a lightning rod for criticism.
Don't want that!
You know, people today are saying he's an anti-Semite.
I don't think you are.
No, I'm definitely not.
I'm like a pro-Semite, if anything.
I believe that probably is the case, but why would you even introduce the idea then?
That that would be the case.
I mean, listen, we don't want to make this a George Soros interview.
No, God no.
I don't want it at all.
But I'm, what I'm trying, it even came up though in the annual meeting.
I mean, you know, do your tweets hurt the company?
Are there Tesla owners who say, I don't agree with his political position because, and I know it because he shares so much of it.
Or are there advertisers on Twitter that Linda Iaccarino will come and say, you gotta stop, man.
Or, you know, I can't get these ads because of some of the things you tweet.
[Crickets chirping]
That's a pause.
[Crickets chirping]
You know, I'm reminded of... There's a scene in The Princess Bride.
Great movie.
Great movie.
Where he confronts the person who killed his father.
And he says... Offer me money.
Offer me power.
I don't care.
See, you just don't care.
You want to share what you have to say?
I'll say what I want to say, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.
We'll be back!
Gosh, red tide?
Are you serious, man?
No, no, no.
I completely understand.
I totally get it.
Thoughts and prayers, buddy.
I really hope you get well soon, and we'll see you back in the studio soon.
So, yeah.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, so guys, looks like Steven's got the red tide again, and it's spread, and he doesn't want to infect us, and so he's not coming in today.
Dude, so what?
We're screwed now?
It kind of looks that way, Toolman.
I'm sorry.
I don't know, really, what we're going to be doing.
What about the red phone?
We couldn't, man, right?
I mean, it's been so long.
I don't know.
Do you really think it's time?
Yeah, it's time.
Yeah, yeah, no, no.
Look, Steven's not gonna be in today and we really need you to come in and host the show.
What do you think?
What do you say?
Can you help us out?
What'd he say?
What'd he say?
He said he's on his way.
What the hell is a red tide?
Alright, well I've been a fan of Steven Crowder for over a decade, been friends with him for years, and when nobody would defend me who had a big media platform, when I was getting totally banned four years ago, he was pretty much the only guy.
Joe Rogan a little bit later helped out, but to say it was wrong.
So I'm always indebted to him for that, but he has a lot of courage.
But I said this when I hosted his show Monday.
He's the first person to convert the big mainstream platform audience to a new independent pro-free speech audience and pull the majority, 70 plus percent of it currently, three, four, five million people a day, as big as Tucker Carlson's show on Fox.
So that's how big it is.
That's why he's under attack.
And when they asked me last week to host the show, I said, are you sure about that?
They said, yeah, Steven doesn't care.
His words are F YouTube, F everybody that isn't for free speech.
So, I think he knows what he's doing.
Then the Media Matters kooks came out and tattled Monday, like we were doing this secretly, and said, Steven Crowder openly flouts YouTube, lets Alex Jones host the show, and promote Infowars.
Oh my gosh, well there's not even a YouTube rule saying that.
So, obviously this is outrageous, but what's so exciting is that no other platform can handle Two, three million people on it once.
Rumble's finally able to handle what Steve has been doing.
So this is a big deal.
They're really upset.
They're really scared.
Everybody should go to Rumble.
It's free there.
Subscribe so you get to feed.
And of course, they also have the subscription.
We need to get behind what Steven Crowder's doing.
Without further ado, I'm going to bring him in to talk about this.
We have all the screenshots he posted on his Twitter of why they did it.
And they took down the video where I Solve the border we showed video of it on not on his show
but on my show and Owen was down there last week And I mean literally what we said is true
They're handing babies over with no paperwork to people at airports and buses and they just disappear with social
workers and other people with Random people and and they they took that down covering up
human trafficking, which they admits going on. So they
Pre-prepare the show they go over the news. We went over the news. We researched all was all fact-checked
I got there hours before and we covered real news.
I mean, everything we said, we put stuff up on screen, and It's because it's true, and it's powerful, it's popular is why this happened.
So now he's one strike away from being taken off YouTube, but I don't think, as he said, he gives a flying you-know-what.
So Stephen, congratulations on being a real trailblazer when it comes to fighting censorship that's the key to saving not just our country, but the world.
Tell us the backstory and where you're going from here, and congratulations on being number one, not just on Rumble, but dwarfing all the other podcasts.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
And by the way, yes, I knew the risk.
I saw the ride, and I bought a ticket anyway.
I didn't think they were going to act so quickly, right?
Because you'd been a guest on the show so many times, and they've made it very clear that's because you were filling hosting.
But here's the weird thing.
They've changed policy for us because the channels should technically be removed, right?
Three strikes and you're out.
This was five strikes on two different channels after we've already had strikes on the channel.
So they've said, well, since you already have strikes on your channel, We're not going to put on another strike.
It's a warning.
And I think a big reason for that, Alex, is first off, people need to know this.
You were unbelievably reasonable in your presentation with the show.
And I know that you're very respectful of this platform, just as if I were to fill in host for you, right?
I wouldn't go off on something that I know you wouldn't agree with.
It's your show.
So you did a fantastic... Nothing you did would cross the lines.
Nothing you did would violate any terms.
As a matter of fact, you were probably softer, right, on the humor side of things than we would be, typically.
You're a gentleman.
It's really just the fact that they don't like you, and here's the thing, it's an intimidation tactic.
They don't want conservatives.
YouTube does not want conservatives to see this channel removed from YouTube.
Because I know that would be tantamount to saying conservatives aren't welcome.
Basic, we're basic pumpkin spice Christian conservatives here.
We're not even libertarian.
We're not fringe, alt-right, or conspiracy theorists.
It's pretty mainstream conservatism.
So to get rid of this channel would be to say conservatives aren't welcome.
They don't want that.
But they want to let us know that they'll keep us in line.
And I can't tell you how many calls, Alex, that I have had.
With YouTube.
With people where they say, well, you know, so-and-so conservative doesn't do this.
Well, that's not us.
And you know what?
I'm not going to be intimidated into abandoning my friends.
You're a friend.
You know, Brian Callen went through his controversy, right?
The whole Me Too thing that turned out to be verifiably false.
He's a friend.
Nick DiPaolo's career has suffered.
One of the greatest stand-up comedians of all time.
He is a friend.
Mr. Guns and Gear, right, he's been throttled, shadow banned on YouTube because he teaches actual firearm safety.
We just went after him and said, hey, look, can we provide you with some support?
So if YouTube thinks that we're going to stop, if YouTube thinks that this is going to intimidate us into abandoning our friends, that's not how we do it.
And so, yeah, Mug Club just got that much larger.
That's a subscription portion.
People can join up if they want.
Right now, there's the offer where people can get three months free or they can get $10 off.
Loddorthcreditor.com slash Mug Club.
The promo code is EFFU.
Because this is...
There's a real change in tone, Alex, too.
At one point in time, this would have been catastrophic.
This is annoying, but it's maybe a 20-25% haircut on the show because most of our viewers have migrated over to Rumble or they're on Mug Club.
That's a tectonic shift in the media landscape, and it's one that you and I both know conservatives have fought for a very long time.
They say, we're just doing our job, business as usual.
You too.
YouTube has not given us answers beyond the fact that, Alex, I'm sorry to say, I don't mean to hurt your feelings.
You know I like you.
You have a lot of good qualities.
YouTube does not.
They don't like you.
That's the reason.
Well, let me just expand on this, and I know you're adding more shows.
I've really been, I mean, I've been watching a long time.
I love Gerald Morgan, your CEO.
He is really smart, and a close second to you.
He's a good man.
I think he should do his own show.
He really hosted the show.
I got there and I said, man, you guys vet everything and you double check and it's so complex.
You've got all this stuff going on.
I said, Gerald, hold my hand, training wheels.
He was really the host of the show.
So really, technically I wasn't hosting.
I was just sitting in your chair.
No, no, no.
You're giving him too much credit.
And here's the thing, Alex.
Gerald is smart, but Gerald's a good man.
That's what matters here, too.
You know, Gerald's a good man.
You met Johnny Boy.
I've known him since I was 12.
He's a good man.
My father's a good man.
We have people who've worked here.
I've either known for decades or we've worked here for as long as the company has existed, right?
And that's even before we were on YouTube, back when it was just on AM radio.
We have people who have been long.
There are real friends and there are friends in the media.
I consider you a real friend, and I clarified this today, Alex.
You know, when we came out and defended you, at that point in time, it's not like you and I were close friends.
We became closer friends because I felt compelled to defend you, even though at that point, you and I didn't run in the same circles.
I was dumbfounded that other conservatives didn't step in and do that.
And the reason why?
Because I knew they would be coming for other people.
And that's what's happening right now.
You did a fantastic job.
I just want to say this because I don't want you to feel any... You did nothing wrong.
If anything, let's blame Gerald.
Let's say he screwed it up.
You do the reasoning.
They don't like you.
They don't like you.
And guess what?
That's not a reason to censor speech when you benefit from Section 230.
That's it.
I don't care.
Screw them.
We'll let the cards fall where they may.
Well, obviously...
All the political analysts have pointed this out.
We need to be a political PhD to know this.
If we don't have free speech, and if we can't put forward our ideas, we're going to lose the country.
And as you said, they're now moving on to what I would call very entertaining, very funny, but very careful, mainline, Christian conservative shows like yours.
And if people don't see them coming after you as a danger, it's insane.
I mean, there should be congressional hearings on the type of stuff that's happening, but people have been introduced to this idea of censorship.
Being okay, and it's just, it's everything, because we can debate whether or not they stole the election, but even Professor, and so many other political scientists, but Professor Epstein, three years ago said, the algorithms 90 plus percent against conservatives, it doesn't let you even see the voting information, it suppresses the stories, obviously 100 Biden laptops, a big example, but that's one of thousands.
Can I jump in Alex?
Because I want to give you credit here.
You were talking about the border issue, right?
And you covered some of that on my show, and I know you covered it on your show.
Here's the thing.
It's not just about censoring Alex Jones.
Ooh, Alex Jones is eccentric.
No, no.
When you are covering that, people need to understand there are more slaves right now on Earth than ever in recorded history, and a good portion of those are sex slaves.
And a good portion of those people come through an open border.
The information that you provide and the information that we provide you here, even when we have a sexist Miller Lite puppet can, is to draw attention to the truth.
When that truth doesn't get out, guess what?
We can't enumerate it.
Is it another 10,000 sex slaves that are trafficked over that border?
Is it another 100,000?
We don't know.
But we do know that if people are not aware of the sex slavery problem with the open border, that ruins lives.
It's not just about us talking.
It's about people being aware of the fundamental issues.
It's not only freedoms that are eroded, but lives that are ended.
That is so pernicious and so evil.
And for you to draw attention to that is important.
And for people like YouTube and Facebook and Big Tech, To silence it is to put those sex slaves into the bondage of slavery.
And I say that, Alex, without a hint of hyperbole, so thank God you have the balls to do it.
I just wish that everyone could hear it.
And that's why we decided to say, screw you, YouTube, and migrate to Rumble, because I'm not playing that game anymore.
Well, let's expand on that.
We only talked via text last night, saying, hey, will you come on my show?
And you said, yes, I will.
That was it.
But I intended to bring this up, and then you brought it up.
The main thing that they said that upset them, we have the stuff they sent you, is the video of me describing what we saw at the border.
We've shown all that video here.
Everybody knows they're smuggling kids.
Everybody knows they're handing them over without paperwork.
And imagine, people should be more outraged by that, that what they took off air, and what they cited, is us talking about a collapsed border and human trafficking, which they admit, that is so dirty!
That is so evil!
Yeah, and what bothers me more is when you have people on the right, when you have so-called allies, who say, hey, that's the business model, man.
We can't run afoul of YouTube because, hey, if we do that, if we violate the rules, then we won't reach anybody.
No, look, there are certain wounds that you have that sometimes you need a suture up, you can fix them.
At a certain point, it requires amputation.
We are at the point where YouTube, Facebook, there needs to be Uncoupling from them.
There needs to be amputation.
And the good news is, for the first time, it's viable.
There are alternatives.
Now, Rumble has some stuff to work out with the server issues.
We understand that because so much traffic has increased.
But that was a partnership that we were looking for.
And by the way, so that people like you, so that other people also have a chance at bringing up their channels.
That's not going to happen on YouTube anymore.
YouTube might as well be called NBC, ABC, CBS, Viacom, News Corp.
That's what they want, those who are spent, the people who spend the advertising dollars.
At one point in time, this would have been catastrophic for a business.
It really would have been bad.
No, look, hey, you better send an army, YouTube.
I talked about this today, because we have one.
And that army is MugClip.
And by the way, we have an offer out right now.
If you are a paying member, because, look, Alex, you mentioned this, where people will come up to you.
Some people joined Mug Club, let's say, last year, and what happened is, you know, with contracts, this is just what happens in business, right?
You have contracts, they lapse, okay.
Some people didn't get their mug, or they weren't able to get a refund, or sign up where we remind them to.
That's right, well you didn't do your new contract, let me boil it down, because I explain this to people on the street, they love you, but they've been upset.
You leave because your contract's over, and then if the other group doesn't give you your subscribers, that's their fault, and so you've made it good, even though I know it's been really hard, so tell people about it.
Yeah, so what people can do is, if you have signed up at any point in the last year, any point in the last year up until May, you can send your proof of subscription to any right-leaning streaming service to freemugclub.com and we will give you three months free.
Just send your proof of purchase.
And by the way, you don't have to cancel anything else.
You just send it in.
We're going to send out an email where you get three months free, and if you don't like it, you can leave.
Well, that's awesome, but this is bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than Tucker Carlson.
I want to explain this to listeners.
I know they know this.
I know a PR campaign when it's launched because I've been through it a bunch.
As soon as you came out and explained...
I want to open up freedom for everybody.
I've been offered a bunch of money, but they want to control what I do, and this is the problem.
And if conservatives would just build their own thing, this wouldn't be happening if they had spines.
Not just the controlled conservative ink, who have got a lot of great people and I'm not saying they're all bad.
They didn't just attack you.
I saw the bots.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Media Matters, all of them swing in.
I see the attacks.
I see it on the national news.
Because they're threatened by what you're doing.
So this is bigger than Steven Crowder.
And people who haven't been through this just see the spin and think, oh, you know, Steven's, you know, you'll be in a baby over there or whatever because he didn't want to do this big contract.
It's not like he's a baseball player, folks.
This is the future of our country and the world.
So I'm telling you the inside baseball.
Steven Crowder and his team are embattled and they're the heroes in this fight and they are leading the exodus out of Big Tech and building a new system.
This is everything in the fight.
Or you know what?
Or we'll fail trying.
But at a certain point, you have to make a decision.
You say, you know what?
It's not worth it.
At a certain point, I say it's not about reaching the unreachable on YouTube because we cannot speak the truth.
And by the way, for people out there, we're just, there's nothing official, obviously, but you and I have talked about this, where we would love to have you guys under the same umbrella, where people can get access to you and Alex and your show and Mug Club.
We need to have alliances.
We need decentralized, right?
an alliance where people get more for their money when they subscribe because the problem
is right now people have pay fatigue where they subscribe here and they subscribe there
and they subscribe here because the models from a lot of both on the left and on the
right is to separate people from their money.
You know this is what's happening with Twitter, the new CEO, we talked about this yesterday.
She's talking about rebuilding Twitter in the eye of the advertiser.
No, no, no.
True North is the person watching right now, listening.
True North has to be the viewer, the person who actually values the content, not only the person who wants to sell the content.
And we have lived in a model, and legacy media, and yes, a lot of conservative media, where it has all been about serving the almighty advertiser, not the viewer.
That's what it's about.
That's why we're an army of mug... We're sponsored literally by viewers.
We have a couple sponsors every now and then.
Not too many.
You guys have your own store, right?
You're not beholden.
We're boycott-proof, we're cancel-proof, and most importantly, most important of all, is censor-proof.
Because people need to understand it's not about whining with censorship and, oh, it's a private company and the libertarians come in from the Brookings Institute.
No, no.
Let's just take that one example, the border.
We can get to vaccines, mRNA vaccines.
We can get to the most free and fair election ever.
We can get to the Second Amendment.
But just that issue, the fact that you highlighting the crisis on the border, which, by the way, irrefutably contributes To the 40-something million slaves right now on earth, a huge portion of which are sex slaves.
The fact that that information is silenced is an evil that almost is beyond compare.
We do not live in a free society if we have laws or we have rules.
You only live in a free society if they are applied equally, and conservatives need to start standing up for what they believe is equal.
That's right, and I'm going to say this.
Either equally, or we're taking our ball and going home.
I'm going to say this right now.
I know all the major, you know, conservative leaders, you know them as well, that are in media, or most of them.
And they're all scared.
The biggest podcasters are scared.
And they still let the tail wag the dog.
It's got to stop.
So that's what you're doing.
That's what I'm doing.
And you're trying to make it contagious.
And a few months ago, you tried to put that on the radar screen and say, this is wrong.
And people need to get that, understand.
We are building our own thing.
We're doing it, and we need the synergy.
We need people to get excited, which they're doing, because we're changing the world, and the system is scared.
If the system's coming after you, that means you're over the target.
And that's why this is so important.
So where do you see yourself in the future?
You've converted, like you said, 75% of the audience to your rumble and to your mug club.
It's exploding.
Rumble's running ads at the Super Bowl.
I mean, it's great, and it's an example to others.
It's an example to Elon Musk.
He sees which way the wind is blowing as well.
Yeah, I think, look, right now there's a sprint to the next election season, right?
We had the biggest election stream the last election, and then they made sure to remove us for midterms.
And then we had the biggest election stream off of YouTube that existed at that point.
Say that again, they took you down off YouTube for the midterms.
Think about that.
They took us off YouTube.
Yeah, within days, right?
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That's election meddling.
That There's nothing worse than someone who gets theirs, they become a headliner, and they pay the opener a few hundred bucks.
I don't want to pull the ladder up behind me.
I want other people out there to see a future and not have to decide between compromising their values or discussing what matters to them and remaining on the big tech platforms, or sacrificing all the revenue and a business and it becoming a hobby.
That's no longer the choice.
That's not the economy that people are facing.
That's my goal.
We have a sprint through the next election season.
And really the overall vision is to have as many people under the umbrella as possible so that the viewer gets the most amount of value for their dollar with the most amount of people they want to watch in a daily basis.
It's determined by the viewers.
I want every listener, because half your show's free, the rest is paywalls.
You can build this infrastructure.
Nowhere is money better spent than the Mug Club.
How do my listeners go, and how do they get signed up, and what do they do?
So, LightEarthCreditor.com slash MugClub, there's a promo code right now, F-E-F-F-U, you get $10 off, or you can get three months free if you're subscribed somewhere else and you want to see what MugClub is all about.
LightEarthCreditor.com slash MugClub.
We stop.
Look, this is over when MugClub, when people, when this army, the army of viewers, of listeners, of supporters, say it's over.
It's not over when advertisers say it is, it's not over when big tech says it is.
Curtains is called when MugClub says it is.
So, we just ask people to check it out, and if you like it, stick around, and if you don't, then we need to do better.
How long do you think you're gonna be on YouTube?
Because it sounds like you're done trying to bend over backwards for their crap, and you've successfully worked with something that's trailblazing and revolutionary.
How long do you think?
I would love to be gone now as far as streaming.
I would love to be gone now and just upload clips to YouTube.
The problem is there still is shakiness with servers because live streaming requires so much bandwidth.
We're going to be there soon.
I would say probably after the election is the plan right now.
The next election, take all of our live viewership off of YouTube and just use them as we see fit to upload clips.
That's what I would like to see conservatives do.
That way there can be an exodus of at least half Half of the American user base at some point where they have to go somewhere else.
I can't give an exact timeline.
No one is quite capable of handling everything that we need to be handled without YouTube supporting some of the bandwidth right now.
As soon as that's the case, boom, we're gone.
YouTube, you don't want us, we don't want to be a member of a club that doesn't want us in there anyway.
What do you want to say to Media Matters that tattled on you?
What's your views on their anti-free speech behavior?
Well, thanks for the Mug Club membership, because they even tattle on stuff that's on Mug Club only, so that means they've actually paid for subscriptions, so I really can't do anything other than thank them.
Look, the smear campaign, I don't care whether it's Media Matters, some tabloid journals with a substack, the New York Post, or the devil himself, it doesn't matter.
At some point, we'll address all of this spin, like you've talked about, the smear campaigns, but, you know, there's a court of public opinion, there are the actual courts that you need to work through.
We'll address it, but today is not that day.
I know how this ends.
I know how it ends.
What do you think of Elon Musk?
Whether he's good or bad, he's really going in the right direction.
And this latest thing coming out against George Soros, that's like sticking your peepee in
an electric socket.
He had to know what he was doing.
He is coming out against the ADL, he's coming out against the censorship, he's coming out
against the depopulation agenda.
He says George Soros wants to destroy civilization.
That is what the depopulationist, anti-industrialist, post-industrial world left wants.
And he's just calling out the elephant in the room.
What do you think is happening with Elon Musk?
It's absolutely true.
He believes in a population problem and we will have the opposite.
We are going to have a depopulation problem.
This is a man who not only decided to rat out Jews to the Nazis, but said that he felt fine about it.
It was a very easy decision to make.
He slept like a baby.
Here's what I see with Elon.
I see it a little bit like Donald Trump.
Donald Trump wasn't really conservative.
He became more conservative as he was a president because all of his buddies at cocktail parties, who he thought were his friends, turned on him.
I think Elon Musk started veering to the right, you know, he was more moderate.
And then he's sitting across from these people who treated him like a media darling.
This was the guy who spearheaded the modern electric car movement.
He's going, wait a second, I thought you were my friend.
And so because he's been pummeled, because he's been mugged, he's becoming more and more conservative.
I think it's a huge mistake.
Well, you know what he's doing.
much power in the hands of this new CEO.
Yaccarino, I believe, is the name, which is Italian for one who never shuts up.
Well, you know what he's doing.
He's very good at playing both sides, but he is moving towards freedom in his actions,
but in his rhetoric, he will kind of play ball.
Very sophisticated, and he's right here in Austin, Texas now.
It's just amazing how all the blue cities are collapsing.
Everybody's moving to Texas.
You've been here for a long time.
Steven Crowder, we've got a minute left.
I salute your courage.
You've got a really nice crew, hardworking people.
The only other crew that I think is as good or better is mine, but I want to salute your crew and your whole crew.
Final statement.
Well, you know what, they all love having you here, Alex.
I gotta tell everyone out there, Alex Jones, you know, it's no secret that Alex Jones has impulse control issues and that he just, he's like, you have one of those memories that you can pull anything, you can retrieve it from rope, but Alex is a consummate professional.
People here love working with him.
I understand your loyalty to people who matter to you.
We're the same way here with actual friends.
We have your back and we're not going to be intimidated into booting you, so I hope to have you back as soon as we possibly can and people can, if they want to see more of it, And if they would like to see more Alex Jones potentially at Mug Club, they can sign up.
BloodEarthCreditor.com slash Mug Club.
And hey, if you don't like it, that just means we have to do better.
I'm okay saying that.
We're looking to improve.
Stephen Crowder, thank you so much.
Talk to you soon.
God bless you.
Thank you.
God bless you, sir.
Our number two straight ahead, MTG, more of the incredible Elon Musk, Barnburner on CNBC.
We'll be right back with our number two.
Tell everybody, you know, tune in now.
You are the Paul Reveres.
You are the info warriors.
Amazing time to be alive.
Thank God for Steven Crowder.
I got a lot of courage.
Iodine is naturally acquired through the soil, which is at the foundation of our entire food supply.
Modern farming techniques have stripped the soil of this essential trace element, which has caused an iodine deficiency in about half the population.
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white supremacy as I did my inaugural address to a single out
And I'll make it easy.
I won't even bring up the fraudulent elections.
is white supremacy.
Congress, I'll give you five damn good reasons why the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden,
should be impeached.
And I'll make it easy.
I won't even bring up the fraudulent elections.
Number one, treason.
Chinese nationals affiliated with the Bidens created limited liability companies in the United States
and then in a short period of time transferred their interest to a Chinese company that
sent money to the Bidens.
Number two, mental fitness.
According to the 25th Amendment, Joe Biden does not have the mental fitness to be president, and even he knows it.
You know, you don't have to stand every time I hear Harold the Chief wonder, where the hell is he?
Took me a long while to think I'm joking, I'm not.
Turn around and where's the president?
Where's the president?
Number three, economic sabotage.
Joe Biden has single-handedly driven the nation to the brink of a collapse
after shutting down our resources, depleting our oil reserves, and bleeding our military dry,
all in the name of a foreign globalist agenda.
Number four.
All the kids under the age of 15, come on up here.
Heinous felonies.
There may be compromising evidence that Joe Biden is a hardcore pedophile behind closed doors
while overseeing a global sex trafficking operation.
And five, national security breach.
Aside from allowing the Chinese to gather key information on our military installations via spy balloons.
The idea that it was a dereliction of duty, I think is a...
It's a bizarre notion.
Biden told the crowd at a private fundraiser in New York, we have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Don't think there is any such thing as the ability to easily use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.
Since Joe Biden took office, 5 million illegal border crossers encountered, 2 million illegal aliens released into the country, another 2 million, over 370,000 unaccompanied alien children have been encountered on the border, and the Biden administration has lost track of 85,000 kids.
85,000 of that number, and nearly 200 on the terrorist watch list have been encountered on our border.
Here's the kicker.
It's all been done intentionally.
Day one, January 20th, 2021, Joe Biden said, no more wall, no more remain in Mexico.
You get to the border, you get released into the country.
Of course, Joe Biden is merely the current visage of a cabal caught with their pants down by the Durham investigation, a treasonous bureaucratic media monstrosity that knowingly lied to the American people, yet faces no repercussions.
Do you have direct evidence of collusion with Russia?
Well, I think there is direct evidence.
While there is abundant evidence of collusion, but as I've said along, there's plenty of evidence of collusion.
Donald Trump engaged in perverted acts with prostitutes.
In reality, A, a bunch of the dossier has proven to be true.
The FBI and the CIA have reportedly validated parts of it as true.
Investigators have corroborated part of the dossier.
ICA has been corroborated by the intelligence community.
investigators have corroborated some of the allegations in that dossier.
We do know that parts of it have been corroborated.
Some of it, we did corroborate in the ICA.
And of course it appears that more of it has been corroborated.
Many of the things represented in the Steele reports were in fact true.
So Andrew, in the Durham report it says the FBI never had evidence of collusion, that's not a legal term we should note, between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016, should never have launched a full investigation.
What's your response?
Yeah, I vehemently disagree with Mr. Durham's characterizations of what we did in the report.
The time for weaponizing the Department of Justice needs to come to an end.
And because you refuse to prosecute real criminals that are violating all the crimes here in Washington, D.C., and you want to talk about D.C.
residents, they are victims of your abuse of power.
And because of that, I am introducing articles of impeachment on you, Mr. Graves.
Immediately, the thoughts of impeachment bring up the nightmare of a Kamala Harris presidency.
My mother used to, she would give us a hard time sometimes and she would say to us, I don't know what's wrong with you young people.
You think you just fell out of a coconut tree?
You exist in the context.
But isn't that the very reason she is there?
Impeach Joe Biden now or suffer the consequences before irreversible damage is done.
John Bowne reporting.
We'll be back.
Get ready.
Waging war on corruption, crashing the lies and disinformation.
Well, this is a powerful, informative first hour with Steven Crowder and more.
MTG is coming up in about 27 minutes from now at the bottom of the hour.
Thursday after, she'll be with us.
All right, let me just start plowing into this news because it's just insane.
I told you about this years ago because it was in the Defense Authorization Act that Obama put into Operation when he left in January of 2027.
The 2017 Defense Authorization Act said we're not just going to use domestic propaganda against American people.
We're going to have all 17 intelligence agencies track and surveil and censor people.
And then when Trump got in, I kept telling him about it.
And that's when they went completely ape and you saw the Politico headlines.
The chief of staff's main job is keeping me away from Alex Jones and InfoWars.
Because Trump would call me up just to pat me on the head and tell me I was doing a great job, and I'd say, listen, you got the Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act, and it's a stay-behind network.
What's a stay-behind network?
You know, people left over from Obama in the intelligence agencies working against you.
When he was president-elect, I told him that.
Had several conversations right after he got elected, and I just kept, thank you for thanking me, sir, but will you listen to me?
Listen to me.
And obviously they were listening to him.
Talk to me.
They're like, we gotta keep this guy in the dark.
Now you've seen the congressional hearings, six years later, six and a half years later, all of it's true.
But it was all right there in the frickin' legislation!
There is nothing more frustrating than having the documents that people don't know!
So last year they tried the disinformation board with the crazy lady that sings Little Mermaid.
She was just the front.
But because it was called a disinformation board for the American people, it blew up.
So now they're calling it countering foreign disinformation board.
But it's all pointed at us.
And now they've gotten the documents, the screenshots, the videos that are about to be released.
Biden administration launches an issue to train public how to spot radical conservatives and fight domestic terrorism.
So the entire Homeland Security apparatus That was set up supposedly for the Muslims.
I always told you back at the time, it was for us.
Also put on screen, the National Strategy for Counter-Domestic Terrorism, June 2021, where he officially said the main terror threat is white people and conservatives.
Basically a non-existent phenomenon of white supremacy that isn't federal.
Most of it's synthetic.
DHS producing videos teaching citizens how to identify radicalization of conservatives.
They were given by whistleblowers screenshots of the videos.
Big article on ZeroHedge.com, we posted it to InfoWars.com with the screenshots.
And it literally says, anybody promoting nationalism, conservatism, or questioning elections, or pro-gun, or questioning the border, or questioning lockdowns, everything in the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, it's just the same thing, being put into function.
That's the government literally, not just saying we're going to surveil you and censor you and debank you, we're coming after you.
This is the path of tyranny.
It's the threat ladder.
You just go up and up and up or down and down and down into hell.
Big article.
America First Legal releases new internal DHS documents revealing the government is funding training intended to target conservative Americans.
You've got to go read these articles.
Meanwhile, you've got the Patriot Front that is totally rejected and is phony as a $3 bill.
And I even go on the, you know, big liberal sites and the black Twitter and they see right through it.
But who's behind this?
Obama, the globalist, and of course George Soros.
George Soros quietly overhauled the U.S.
justice system.
Oh, it's an overhaul, like when you take your car in when it's got 150,000 miles and get it tuned up and checked and replace a few parts and maybe get a new paint job.
Because you like old Betsy.
That's not what this is.
This is George Soros literally controlling 800 plus county attorneys, district attorneys, and 20, what is it, 21 or 22 state attorney generals.
And they just say, yeah, he runs things, big deal.
He's a Nazi collaborator, but that's liberal.
And if you talk about it, well, we're going to call you anti-Semitic.
So I played this clip earlier last hour.
I'm not going to play the whole clip.
I've got a bunch of Elon Musk clips ahead of MTG joining us.
But let's play the first part of Elon Musk clip four.
Now it's a. It's clip two.
Here's clip two where he describes what George Soros really is.
Against humanity, trying to bring down civilization, which is a perfect definition.
Here it is.
But how do you make a choice?
You don't see, I mean, in terms of when you're going to engage.
I mean, for example, even today, Elon, you tweeted this thing about George Soros.
Well, I'm looking for it, because I want to make sure I quote it properly.
But, I mean, you know what you wrote, but... You know what you wrote?
You know, this is like, you know, calm down people.
This is not like me to make a federal case out of it.
You also... You said he wants to erode the very fabric of civilization, and Soros hates humanity.
Like, when you do something like that, do you think about... Yeah, I think that's true.
That's my opinion.
Okay, but why share it?
Why share it?
Did you hear what he just said?
Let's not make a federal case out of it.
Ha ha ha!
Because he knows, you do this, you talk about King Daddy, Who, by the way, wrote in a book in the 90s he believes he's the Messiah.
Day late and a dollar short there, buddy boy.
He knows they'll come after him for this, so he's thrown down the gauntlet.
I mean, why share it when people who buy Teslas may not agree with you?
Advertisers on Twitter may not agree with you.
Why not just say, hey, I think this?
You can tell me, we can talk about it over there, you can tell your friends, but why share it widely?
I mean, this is freedom of speech, and I'm allowed to say what I want to say.
You absolutely are, but I'm trying to understand why you do, because you have to know it's got a... It puts you in the middle of the partisan divide in the country.
It makes you a lightning rod for criticism.
I mean, do you like that?
You know, people today are saying he's an anti-Semite.
I don't think you are.
No, I'm definitely not.
I'm like a pro-Semite, if anything.
I believe that probably is the case.
Why would you even introduce the idea that that would be the case?
I mean, listen, we don't want to make this a George Soros interview.
No, God no. I don't want it at all.
All right, that's enough.
So what did he say?
He says, you assume they have good intentions.
They have not.
They are not.
He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization.
Soros hates humanity.
Then he goes on to say, Soros reminds me of Magneto that wants to destroy civilization.
But what do you think cutting the Keystone Pipeline off does?
What do you think all this does?
So you have this hysterical reporter and you have the Washington Post and everything else.
Elon compares George Soros to Jewish supervillain Magneto.
What does him being a Jew have anything to do with it?
Elon Musk pauses for 12 awkward seconds when asked about conspiracy theory tweets.
Let's start going to some more of these clips.
We'll come back and get to the rest of them.
Let's play clip three where he talks about Hunter Biden and election interference, which blocking that information, the FBI doing that, is election interference.
Here it is.
I mean, you know, you do some tweets that seem to be or at least give support to some who would call others conspiracy theories.
Well, yes, but I mean, honestly, you know, some of these conspiracy theories have turned out to be true.
Which ones?
Well, like the Hunter Biden laptop.
That's true.
So, you know, that was a pretty big deal.
There was Twitter and others engaged in active suppression of information that was relevant to the public.
That's a terrible thing that happened.
That's election interference.
But how do you make a choice?
You don't see, I mean, in terms of when you're going to engage.
I mean, for example, even today, Elon, you... Oh, even today?
I mean, what are you doing having your opinion and your views?
That's so un-American.
Let's play another clip and go out to break with this.
Let's play... You know what?
Let's just go to break because these will take too long.
And I'm going to come back with these when we come back.
Yes, that's redundant.
I'm going to come back to these when we come back.
But the system is hated.
The system is reviled.
Again, they put on Instagram a clip of Bill Gates.
And it gets 300,000 comments and 10 million views, and you literally have to read for hours before you find one positive comment.
Same thing with George Soros when he said, I did not die.
I did not have a heart attack.
And it was just tens of thousands of comments.
I read for like 45 minutes and found one pro-Soros comment.
I mean, you guys are a joke.
Welcome back to the live Wednesday, May 17th edition of the Alex Jones Show.
MTG coming up in T-minus 13 minutes.
But first, more of Elon Musk blowing the doors off yesterday in Austin, Texas on CNBC.
You know, you do some tweets that seem to be, or at least give support to some who would call others conspiracy theories.
Well, Yes, but I mean, honestly, you know, some of these conspiracy theories have turned out to be true.
Which ones?
Well, like the Hunter Biden laptop.
That's true.
So, you know.
So I thought I'd get that in there again.
Now let's go to clip five.
Musk doubles down on his claims that there's no evidence that Allen Texas mall shooter had white supremacist beliefs.
Yeah, it came out.
That he was on social media, confirmed to be him, saying he hates white people and wants to kill them.
That story, with his post, was on Infowars.com last week.
Oh, and they still won't release, the feds are suing to block the release of the transgender shooter in Tennessee.
So this is how they misrepresent, and they're calling this a conspiracy theory.
Here it is.
But, I mean, when you link to somebody who's talking about the guy who killed children in a mall in Allen, Texas, and you say something like it might be a bad PSYOP, I'm not quite sure what you meant, but... Oh, in that particular case, there was a...
Somehow that that's not not not that the people killed but the it was I think incorrectly ascribed to be a white supremacist action and the evidence for that was some obscure Russian website that no one's ever heard of that had no followers and the The company that found this is Bellingcat.
And you know what Bellingcat does?
I couldn't really even follow exactly what it was you were trying to express there, so that's part why I was curious.
I'm saying that I thought the ascribing it to white supremacy was bullshit.
And that the information that came from an obscure Russian website and was somehow magically found by Velencat, which is a company that does psyops.
And there's no proof, by the way, that he was not.
I would say that there's no proof that he is.
Hit pause.
Back it up ten seconds.
There's no proof he's not an Easter Bunny, or a unicorn, or Santa Claus, or the Loch Ness Monster.
There's no proof he's not a elf.
No, there is proof.
In fact, I sprung this on the crew, but it was on Infowars.com Thursday last week, and it was in the local news, it was confirmed, the guy was anti-white.
I mean, this is just ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen.
We know they rigged the Crown statistics.
They've been caught over and over again.
Finish up.
...obscure Russian website, and was somehow magically found by Valencat, which is a company that does psyops.
And there's no proof, by the way, that he was not.
There's no pr- I would say that there's no proof that he is.
And that's a debate you want to get into on Twitter?
Because we should not be ascribing things to white supremacy if it's false.
All right, so the crew found it and reprint me that.
Hispanic, white supremacist, mass shooter.
Mauricio Garcia said, white people are a race I don't like.
And he went on to say he didn't like other groups as well.
So, and by the way, he didn't like anybody that wasn't a Mexican.
So he was a Mexican supremacist.
They confirmed this is him.
And CNBC saying there's no proof he wasn't a white supremacist.
Well, there's no proof that I'm not running a meth lab on Mars.
Because you haven't been there and you haven't seen.
Maybe Alex Jones and Elon Musk were making meth on Mars.
Maybe I'm from Pluto.
Maybe I'm Superman.
Maybe I came from Krypton.
Maybe Lex Luthor's real.
Maybe monkeys fly out of my rear end.
I mean, it's just...
But it's the agenda of the intelligence agencies to say, Americans that don't want to be under the New World Order have your energy cut off and have fentanyl and have your kids cut their wee-wees off.
If you don't like that, you are a white supremacist.
Screw you, man!
Arnold Schwarzenegger told Rolling Stone Magazine he admired Hitler.
The ADL gives him awards.
I'm tired of it!
How can you get mad at...
Kanye saying he loves Hitler, which I think is ridiculous.
I disagree with.
And then not get mad at George Soros that said it was happy making time.
It's quote, the best time of his life.
The groups doing this are soulless and they're beyond evil.
I've got more of his clips here.
Let's play clip six, because he talks about...
The Princess Bride.
And maybe when Marcos uploads this later to Mandot Video, will you put a note in the show file, show log, because we add things that I don't have time to get to.
Add the Princess Bride clip up front to the show right now, to this segment about Musk.
And then we'll actually go to him saying, and here is Musk talking about, he doesn't care, his free speech is king.
Here it is.
I don't want to at all, but I'm, what I'm trying, even came up though in the annual meeting, I mean, you know, do your tweets hurt the company?
Are there Tesla owners who say, I don't agree with his political position, because, and I know it, because he shares so much of it.
or there are advertisers on Twitter that Linda Yaccarino will come and say,
"You gotta stop, man," or, you know, "I can't get these ads because of some of the things you tweet."
This reporter's showing his ass here.
Oh, advertisers control you.
You're not independent.
You know, I'm reminded of... There's a scene in The Princess Bride.
Great movie.
Great movie.
Where he confronts the person who killed his father.
And he says... Offer me money.
Offer me power.
I don't care.
So you just don't care?
You want to share what you have to say?
I'll say what I want to say, and if the consequence of that is losing money, so be it.
And the fact that this is so avant-garde, so cutting-edge, so shocking, shows how far we've fallen as a Western culture that put free speech as the top thing.
Free open society.
And people will say, well Elon Musk won't bring you back to Twitter.
Yeah, it's very hypocritical, and I know why he's doing it.
They've done so much demonization of Alex Jones, multi-years long, like they were invading a country.
Beyond that, literally more demonization coverage of Alex Jones before the first or second invasion of Iraq.
Literally, we've looked it up.
Hundreds of thousands of articles, they repost them, thousands of times a piece.
Thousands of TV programs, conservatively, saying I'm Satan and making stuff up I never even did.
to demonize the idea of populism and men standing up to tyranny.
They're attacking all men standing against evil when they do that.
And so he knows there's that battery of lies charged up, so if he frees Alex Jones, then
they could probably bring him down. But he can free everybody else, and he's starting to go in
that direction. So I'm not even defending it. I don't need to be on Twitter.
We're everywhere because you're uploading things, you're sharing.
Great job.
But I understand why he did it.
I don't agree with it.
I just go all the way.
But Elon Musk is very sophisticated and smart.
But that's where I stand on this.
All right.
Somebody we know is awesome.
Marjorie Taylor Greene.
MTG is scheduled.
There may be a vote going on, but we'll see if we can get her, hopefully, in the next couple of segments.
And then, oh man, I'm going to blitzkrieg the news in hour number three and so much more today.
The mighty MTG is on her way to her office.
She'll be with us in a matter of minutes.
Broadcasting Worldwide.
Alright, MCG is getting to her office there, and she'll be on with us in a few minutes, cover huge things she's doing, major action against the Deep State, wait till... She joins us, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray for lying to Congress and more.
That is coming up.
But please remember...
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Now, we're waiting for MTG to get to her office.
So much going on.
It's always like that with congresspeople and congresses in session.
Like when Ron Paul used to come on like every week.
Remember all that?
It was just, you know, he never came on right when he said because there's a lot of stuff going on.
We appreciate her trying to get back to her office to be with us, but let's talk about what she's doing.
I said this right when he got elected, and he turned off the Keystone Pipeline, and everything went Hunter Biden, and the election meddling, and the ties to Chinese spies in Ukraine, that Biden should be impeached.
Now with the border being wide open, and him violating federal law.
And now with starting World War III and the evidence coming out that he is a Chinese spy, there are so many reasons to impeach Joe Biden.
John Bowne put a report out today that we aired at the start of the hour that should go viral.
Five reasons to impeach Joe Biden.
The time to impeach Joe Biden is now.
But there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Mayorkas needs to be impeached for lying to Congress and so much more, but we have him dead to rights on that.
It's like getting Al Capone on tax evasion.
He did so much other bad stuff, but they can prove that.
MTG is going after the FBI Director.
She is going after the system because he has done so many things that are illegal.
Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray.
Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, this was a few days ago, introduced articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray.
Under Wray's watch, the FBI Intimidated, harassed, and entrapped American citizens under the whole fake Russiagate situation that has been deemed extremes of the Biden regime.
As such, Director Wray has turned the FBI into Joe Biden's Merrick Garland's personal police force.
The Soviet-style tactics used by FBI against normal Americans are unprecedented in this country.
FBI whistleblower Garrett O'Boyle has told congressional investigators that the FBI created a
terrorist threat tag following the Dobbs Supreme Court decision. It goes on from there to lay
out her amazing, pro-blazing actions that take a lot of courage because when you do this, they
try to put you in prison or kill you, is the great Marjorie Taylor Greene. Congresswoman, we love
you. Thanks for being here.
Yes, hi Alex. Thank you so much for having me on.
Well, let's jump right into it.
What you've introduced, what's happening?
Well, I just heard your last comment, and it does take a lot of courage to do this.
I described what I'm doing, filing articles of impeachment, basically against the deep state, the weaponized government that has been pointed directly at the regular American citizen, the patriots that love this country, pro-life, Protesters, Catholics, parents wanting to hold their school boards accountable, and also people that just walked through the Capitol on January 6th.
And it does, it takes a lot of courage to do this, because once you, you know, once you go after the deep state, they basically have six ways from Sunday to come back at you.
But I'm a big believer in God, and I believe in doing the right thing, so I hope to have the support from the American people.
Well, it's a bold move.
I mean, this is the coup.
This is the deep state.
The tip of the spear of the New World Order is the captured Justice Department.
It's all in your press releases, but describe why you're doing this, and why a lot of folks believe it has major traction in what he's been caught doing, and how the viewers and listeners, millions of them right now, can get behind this happening.
Yes, and I would love everyone's support, and I believe I have it.
The amount of phone calls coming into my office are absolutely amazing, and I thank everyone for showing your support and calling in.
Here's what's happening.
The Department of Justice, the FBI, has been weaponized against conservative Americans, against Trump supporters, for too long now.
It's been almost two and a half years.
And someone has to hold them accountable.
And we have to use the tools that we have at Congress in order to do that.
Impeachment is a tool to hold people accountable.
You know, I want to make a case for impeachment.
I come from the business world, and in the private sector, when you have employees that are ruining your business, when you have employees that are overspending your money, when you have employees that are corrupt, when you have employees that are doing things that are destructive within your company, you fire them.
And that is the appropriate response.
People get fired every single day.
It's a necessary tool by business owners and managers in order to make sure that their company is whole, it's legal, and it's intact.
Well, that is our tool in the federal government.
It's impeachment.
Impeachment is our tool to fire very important leaders People that are elected, but also people who are appointed, in order to get rid of them, because we have to.
Look at the situation we're in.
We have, the first one, the first articles of impeachment I filed was Matthew Graves.
Matthew Graves is a very high-level attorney at the Department of Justice.
He has the unique ability as a U.S.
attorney, U.S.
attorney to prosecute local crime in Washington, D.C., and federal cases.
Matthew Graves completely chooses to ignore and does not prosecute 67% of the crime here in Washington, D.C., but yet uses his office, abuses the power of his office in the Department of Justice, and persecutes people for walking through the Capitol on January 6th.
That was one single day in history Crime happens every single day in Washington, D.C.
Therefore, I filed articles of impeachment on Matthew Graves.
Christopher Wray.
Christopher Wray is the FBI Director.
Christopher Wray has weaponized the FBI against people he deems as political opponents or political enemies.
Let's take, for example, the unconstitutional raid on Mar-a-Lago.
That is one of the prime examples that we can use Uh, for impeachment for Christopher Wray.
He harnessed the power of the FBI.
Even though the FBI was completely talking, having many conversations with President Trump, they had been there, had actually looked at the documents, said everything was fine.
They only asked to put a lock on the door.
Of course, President Trump complied with that.
But then all of a sudden, what happens?
An unconstitutional FBI raid.
There's many other things the FBI has done.
They have targeted pro-life protesters, people praying outside of abortion clinics.
They have targeted parents at school boards.
And they have targeted so many innocent Americans simply for their political beliefs.
Not because they've actually committed any crimes.
That is the weaponization of one of the highest, most powerful agencies in our federal government.
That is why I've introduced articles of impeachment against Christopher Wray.
The third one that I've introduced is also articles of impeachment against Merrick Garland.
Merrick Garland is the highest level attorney in the United States of America.
As our Attorney General at the Department of Justice, Merrick Garland has the most important job.
His job is to prosecute real criminals.
He is not supposed to have any other political bias.
Just like Christopher Wray should not have a political bias.
Just like Matthew Gray, as a U.S.
Attorney, should not have a political bias.
But Merrick Garland has an extreme left political bias.
And the way he conducts himself as Attorney General for the United States of America is one of the most dangerous weapons that the left has created and the power that the Democrats hold.
This is a true abuse of power, which is high crimes and misdemeanors.
Merrick Garland must be impeached.
Our entire country is not safe when we have an Attorney General for the United States of America that is willing to use the power of the Department of Justice just for politics.
That means that our country is completely in the wrong direction.
Well that's right.
And Congresswoman, to say this is the key issue, censorship is almost as big, but if the Justice Department is captured and they can persecute and prosecute Republicans and patriots and populists declare us all white supremacist terrorists, and then protect all their people while they're Chinese spies and Russian spies on record.
We now have the Durham Report confirming, I mean, they're the ones that are getting, you know, three million bucks like Biden from the mayor of Moscow, not us.
I mean, everybody knows right-wing Republicans aren't Russian agents.
The Democrats are famously the ones doing that.
The way they flipped this whole script, I mean, they've done a thousand times what McCarthy ever did.
I want to talk about that some, but look at this headline.
Politico's proud of it.
George Soros Quiet overhaul of U.S.
justice system.
Oh, he runs our justice system.
How nice.
They are literally taking over.
So you're going at the very heart of their beachhead, beyond the beachhead, that has allowed them to carry out this coup.
We have a Justice Department, Deep State, Obama's third term.
So how do we get behind this?
I know there's a lot of public support for it.
The public knows we've got an occupational government.
We know we're basically in a coup.
And so you're striking right at the heart of this.
How do we get behind this and how do we make this happen?
Alex, I need everyone's support.
I know I am in an uphill battle.
But here's what I do know.
I don't believe in the power in Washington.
I believe in the power of the people of the United States of America.
And the people have more power than they even realize.
And I want them to understand the power they possess.
They have the power not only in their votes and how they vote in elections, how they choose to vote, whether they vote or they don't vote.
They also have the power in their donations to the politicians they support or who they don't support.
But they also can do things like they can call people's offices.
They can call all of my colleagues in Congress, and I'm only one of 435 members of Congress.
They can call members of Congress like people call my office every single day, and they can express their support for these articles of impeachment.
They can urge their representative to get on board to co-sponsor.
They can urge our conference to pass these articles of impeachment.
It's our job.
It is our duty as House Republicans To set the gold standard in place for what the Republican Party should be doing to protect America and stop this communist takeover.
And you mentioned George Soros, one of the most dangerous, actually the most dangerous Democrat donor in American history.
This man is using his billions and billions of dollars supporting radical ideology to fundamentally change the United States of America.
But I believe the people of the United States of America can stop George Soros.
And the way that we stop George Soros, the way we stop Democrats, the way that we put a check, it's a check and it's a balance, and it's to make sure that we hold power where it should be.
It's to put it back in place.
That's what impeachment does.
You know, I have some of my colleagues that argue with me and they say, Marjorie, impeachment should be rare.
It should be only used in extraordinary circumstances.
Well, I would argue back on behalf of the American people, on behalf of the base that I listen to, on behalf of the people that voted for me and sent me here in Congress to represent them, I would argue that we are living in extraordinary I totally agree.
We're living in the most extraordinary.
So let's expand on that.
What about an impeachment of Joe Biden?
I know that means Kamala Harris, but I say justice be done, may the heavens fall.
Totally open borders, caught working with Hunter and the Chinese spies.
I mean, the list of things he's done, cutting off the Keystone Pipeline, just absolutely dereliction of duty at every level.
What about impeaching him?
Well, Alex, I thank you for that.
And I want you to know that I'm calling this week Impeachment Week.
I've only done three people so far, but there are more people coming.
So I ask you to be patient with me this afternoon and tomorrow.
The American people will see more work in what I'm doing this week and what I call Impeachment Week.
This is a very important week.
Where I am basically laying the line in the sand and hoping that my Republican colleagues, hoping that the people all over the country will fall in line in support for this using their voice, using the power of social media, using the power of the internet, using the power of their phones, their emails, writing letters every single way they can in support of impeachment.
Because there's a lot of people that need to be fired in Washington, D.C.
and impeachment is the only way that we can get it done.
Wow, so you heard it here first.
She's going after the Justice Department that are the kingpins protecting the communist Chinese agent that destroyed our borders and allowed the human smuggling.
But you heard it here first.
This is impeachment week.
And so a little bird just told me, I guess live on air, the beautiful and talented and smart MTG, my favorite person in Congress, Matt Gage is a close second.
You're telling me that right now I can hold my breath?
That we're going to be seeing impeachments of good old Peto Joe?
Well, let me just say I'm not finished yet, and I plan on to continue going.
Again, watch this afternoon and watch tomorrow.
I have a press conference at 9 a.m.
Thursday, which is tomorrow, and I really, I really ask everyone to pay attention to that press conference, and everyone will find out the reasons why and exactly what we need to be doing.
Well, you are just totally kicking butt.
Let's talk about big picture, the persecution of Trump.
He said he's innocent, never met this woman, so he's found to defame her even though he's found innocent of raping her in the Sybil Court.
They said that didn't happen, but he's guilty $5 million Sybilly for saying he's innocent.
Since when can you not say you're innocent?
This only made his poll numbers go up even more.
He's like 35 points ahead of Meatball, sorry, DeSantis.
He's 15 points ahead of Biden.
Seems like this is backfiring.
What's your view on that?
Well, I think what we're seeing is that was a very unfair trial and the court was unfair to President Trump.
There was a lot of evidence that they would not allow to be introduced, even the name of this woman's cat, which was a very vulgar name for a female body part.
This is a woman who expressed her sexual fantasies about rape.
This is a woman that clearly is unhinged, and she's deranged, and she hates President Trump.
That's the only reason why she did it.
This is a woman that wanted her notoriety to be this lie.
I was going to hire somebody for a movie to play a lunatic.
I mean, she is a rock star.
I mean, she's a 10 out of 10 for just looking and sounding like a fruitcake.
Yeah, Alex, she really is.
But here's the good news.
The American people are awake, and the American people are not stupid.
And that's the problem.
Washington, D.C., and the mainstream media has really taken for granted the intelligence level of the American people.
And the American people are fed up with the lies.
They're fed up with the spun-up political attacks.
And they're just sick and tired of watching courtrooms, judges, Washington DC, our agencies spin up these lies about President Trump and about conservative Americans.
And they just aren't going to tolerate it.
So of course President Trump's.
Poll numbers went up.
He is going to be our primary nominee for president in 2024.
And I'll argue that he will win the presidential election in 2024.
And I, you know, again, I stick with what I said about the election of 2020.
It's my opinion that he won the election of 2020.
And we saw real election fraud.
But it's, you know, it's these true elites that want to lecture us.
And look down on us.
Remember, Hillary Clinton told us we were all deplorables.
And of course, Washington, D.C., the elites, mainstream media, and Hollywood fell right in line behind her.
And they treat the American people like they are subclass of citizens in America, when indeed they are not.
No one is a subclass citizen in the United States of America.
Well, I totally agree.
You've got to leave in like two minutes.
You're gracious with your time, racing to your office here.
In closing, we have this total branding of anybody that is a populist or conservative or just not a communist as a white supremacist.
Now we've learned that the Biden administration has launched an initiative to train the public how to spot radical conservatives and fight domestic terrorism.
And that they're rolling out this Orwellian new ministry of truth run by the intelligence agencies.
I mean, I think that is an impeachable offense against Biden, but also the head of the CIA and others.
I mean, this is totally illegal.
We saw those hearings a month and a half ago that I know you were part of, where it all came out that the intelligence agencies meddled in the election.
The last two elections, they censored the people.
I mean, this is an ongoing coup.
How do we counter that?
Well, I think everyone needs to watch what Republicans in the House do with Antony Blinken.
He has to be held accountable.
He led the lie.
He led the 51 members of the intelligence community to sign their name to a lie about Hunter Biden's laptop.
But it goes much further.
The Durham report was damning against the deep state and it proved what all of us knew all along.
Alex, you have been a true leader.
You're an original.
You've always been telling the truth to the American people and making sure that they're informed on everything.
And I really thank you and I commend you for standing in the face of unbelievable attacks against you.
Not only you, but your family that stands behind you and your staff.
That worked so hard to end this important cause.
You were right all along.
This is an information war.
And it's time for our side to start fighting that war.
And fight it in the same way that they fight us.
And we should not be afraid.
We should not be intimidated.
We have to have courage and we have to take on this fight.
But I intend to continue this and continue leading Alex.
And I just rely on the American people to let my great colleagues here in Congress know that this is their will and this is what they want.
And the Republican Party can be the party to save America when we have true courage and be willing to take action.
I totally agree.
In closing, what is the best site for people to visit to get behind this impeachment?
I know you have your public one and you have your congressional one.
Where's the best place for people to go and then share the link?
Well, I'm here right now in my Congressional office in the Cannon Building, so I ask everyone to go to green.house.gov.
Green with an E on the end.
That's where articles of impeachment can be found and updates can be found there, as well as follow me on social media.
I'm on every single platform there is.
Just make sure you're not following any fake sites.
Fake news and fake social media sites are not good ones.
But thank you so much, Alex.
It was good to talk to you today.
Thank you.
You're an example to us all.
We love you.
And we're going to have Harrison Smith's live show is live before mine.
We're going to be covering your press conference live tomorrow.
Will that be on your website as well?
Yes, that information will be there.
It'll be live from Washington, D.C.
Thursday morning, tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.
Big news.
Thank you, MTG.
Thank you, Alex.
Man, her energy, her mind, everything.
She is the future.
People like her, a real powerful woman that's pro-human, pro-America.
All right, we're going to go to break, start the next hour.
I'm going to blitzkrieg through tons of news.
You heard it.
Articles of impeachment on Biden's ass tomorrow, baby!
Now we're cooking, baby!
Hell, I'm gonna probably come in and do Harrison's show with him tomorrow.
That is big, big time!
Oh my goodness, I'm feeling good right now.
There's a disturbance in the force.
The last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master.
The plans you refer to will soon be back in our hands.
We'll be back!
With our number three!
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We're coming up on an election.
I mean, it's a ways away, but it's going to all start.
President Trump is allowed back on the platform, he hasn't actually come back.
But one would imagine if and when he does, or there are others who will say the 2020 election was rigged.
Is that something, I assume that's not something you believe?
I, well, I think the answer is nuanced.
Like, do I believe Biden won?
Yes, I believe he won.
And you voted for him.
I did, actually.
Do you regret that?
Man, I wish we could have just a normal human being as president.
That's what I want.
I think if we could, you know, there's that old saying of like, we're better off being run by people picked at random from the phone book than the faculty of Harvard. I don't know who
said that but it was someone who was very wise. And I would say if we could do that for
the president, that would be great.
You think that would be beneficial? Obviously you're not happy with Biden.
Don't we all just want a normal human being? Whatever that means. I'm not even sure anymore
what normal means. I mean like, you know, just, I don't know, just a...
You want somebody who's competent. That's helpful.
Yes, I think definitely somebody's executive ability is underrated. Since the president
is effectively the chief executive officer of the country, it actually matters if they
are a good executive officer. It's not simply a matter of do they share your beliefs, you
know. But are they good at...
Getting things done.
There's a lot of decisions that need to be made every day.
Many of them unrelated to moral beliefs.
And you just want a good executive.
Because they're CEO of America.
They are.
They are.
We want a good CEO of America.
But how do you make a choice?
You don't see, I mean, in terms of when you're going to engage.
I mean, for example, even today, Elon, you tweeted this thing about George Soros.
Well, I'm looking for it, because I want to make sure I quote it properly.
But, I mean, you know what you wrote, but you basically... I said it reminds me of my deedos.
It's like, you know, calm down people, this is not like a medical case out of it.
You said he wants to erode the very fabric of civilization, and Soros hates humanity.
Like, when you do something like that, do you think about... Yeah, I think that's true, that's my opinion.
Okay, but why share it?
Why share it?
Especially, I mean...
Why share it when people who buy Teslas may not agree with you?
Advertisers on Twitter may not agree with you?
Why not just say, hey, I think this?
You can tell me, we can talk about it over there, you can tell your friends, but why share it widely?
I mean, this is freedom of speech, but I'm allowed to say what I want to say.
You absolutely are, but I'm trying to understand why you do, because you have to know it's got a... It puts you in the middle of the partisan divide in the country.
It makes you a lightning rod for criticism.
I mean, do you like that?
You know, people today saying he's an anti-Semite.
I don't think you are.
No, I'm definitely not.
I'm like a pro-Semite, if anything.
I believe that probably is the case, but why would you even introduce the idea then?
That that would be the case.
I mean, listen, we don't want to make this a George Soros interview.
No, God no.
I don't want it at all.
But I'm, what I'm trying, it even came up though in the annual meeting.
I mean, you know, do your tweets hurt the company?
Are there Tesla owners who say, I don't agree with his political position because, and I know it because he shares so much of it.
Or are there advertisers on Twitter that Linda Iaccarino will come and say, you gotta stop, man.
Or, you know, I can't get these ads because of some of the things you tweet.
You know, I'm reminded of...
There was a scene in the Princess Bride.
Great movie.
Great movie.
Where he confronts the prince and becomes his father.
Alright, so, we're back here.
These clips are so good, I've played some of them twice.
Before I get to all the rest of the news in the third hour, and I wanted to take calls, but I can't, because I've got to cover this.
I've got like 15 things to cover.
I've got to get to it all.
I want to talk about humanity and empathy, and why it's so important, and why it differentiates civilization from hell on earth, when we return.
But most of the people telling you about empathy all day, the so-called left, well statistically, they're the worst people on earth.
Even mainline psychological studies show that.
They commit the most crime, they're the most stingy, they're scum, folks.
We are back, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.
Let's come on with that next segment.
Yeah, you bend them guitar strings.
But see, the top I want is not power in D.C.
and the New World Order.
The power is the people.
The power is you and I together and our children into the future.
Standing up for what's right, making our ancestors proud, making our progeny even more proud.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Man, we got a lot of news.
A lot of news.
You know, this was known A hundred years ago, the chemists knew.
And I'll get to this later, but lightly cooked beef is so good for your heart and brain, so good for your whole body, and literally children given beef from a very early age, and there's studies out on it now, have way higher IQs and the brain is bigger.
We just love cows.
There's a reason the ancients in the Middle East, you go back to the Bible, but it's in the Egyptian hieroglyphs, worshipped cows.
You got milk from them.
You could make everything out of it.
You got beef.
And everybody knew that was the best thing to eat was beef.
I mean, beef's king, daddy.
There's cows everywhere but Antarctica.
Red meat is not A health threat, new study debunks years of junk research.
But they knew, ladies and gentlemen, and they knew that butter's good for you.
And that milk's good for you.
It's the GMO milk people have intolerances for.
Your body loves it.
And that's a side issue, I'll get to it later.
But that's the type of news we got here.
Bill Gates, mainstream news, he's weather modifying, he's doing it for real good, blocking out the sun.
Oh, we add these chemicals and different elements to the fuel and the jet engines put it out and then it saves the earth.
We got that clip.
We've got more of their global warming garbage.
We've got the mainstream media calling for depopulation.
We've got it all today.
In this hour.
We got Russian news.
We got Ukraine news.
We've got border news.
We've got carbon tax.
New World Order shut off the farms news.
It ties into the meat.
The President of the Netherlands saying we will ban everything and force you to eat the bugs.
And I've got more articles on that.
Kids TV shows are telling them eat bugs, it's for the earth.
We are loaded for bear in this third hour.
But what I wanted to hit first is this.
There are a whole bunch of videos that I saw on Twitter last week, and I began following these threads,
and I found out at the universities of the incubators for all the tyranny, as you know,
that they're teaching women that when your baby wants to suck your breast, newborn babies,
and that when your 10-month-old wants to hug you or needs you, that they're assaulting you.
Now that sounds pretty asinine, but hey, it sounded asinine 50 years ago, in the 1960s, when the mainstream media and the universities began to tell people that all sex is rape, and that men are oppressing women.
And we pledged yesterday at the Miller Lite Ad where they told Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney, hold my beer.
And the woman goes around and says, don't show women in bikinis.
Women invented beer.
And women are standing up against the men.
I mean, it's all corporations trying to divide us, to depopulate us.
That's their admitted goal.
They don't care about women.
In fact, they hate you.
Remember, M&Ms can't show M&Ms dressed like girls, because a girl wearing a dress or pretty shoes, well, that's objectifying women.
No women can be powerful, successful, and use their beauty.
Only a fat man saying he's a woman can dance around scantily clad, in front of children, wagging their ding-a-ling in their face.
So, this next level of evil, and how the left all over the place says, oh my baby is transgender, my baby's gay, sexualizing them out of the gates, brainwashing them, hell, half the Hollywood people you've seen make their sons wear dresses, and the sons think it's cute and funny, and the left all says how cute, these are child abusers that want to induct them into sexual mutilation to be cut up in pieces.
So, the next frontier, And I followed this through and looked it up, it's true, this is not a joke, is that baby suckling is an abuse of the mother.
Well yeah, you had the baby, it loves you, it's part of your body, it needs you.
And so imagine, you're a year old and the mother says it's me.
You don't know what's going on, you're just being rejected.
You're eight, nine months old.
Ten months old like this baby, and it's reaching out to its mother, and the mother is saying, you have to ask permission to touch me.
It can't, the child can't talk, you witch!
That's why, 80 years ago, the documents came out for Edward Bernays, the behavioral psychologist.
They said, tell women to put the babies in cribs.
And tell women it's dangerous to sleep with their babies.
But the studies show 20 IQ point increases when a woman, until at least age 2, sleeps with a child up against them at night.
Baby whales sleep next to their mother.
Baby monkeys sleep next to their mother.
Thons, baby deer, sleep next to their mother.
Can you imagine the mother deer?
When the little fawn comes over, it's a month old, and it curls up next to her for warmth in the woods at night, with the coyotes and the wolves and everything, and the mother goes, gets away from me!
You're abusing me, my feminism!
If you can't get a mother to abort the baby, can't get them to cut their penis off, well the best thing you can do is reject them.
And so we're all just taught, oh babies go in cribs!
It's this new accoutrement you get.
Started 150 years ago in England.
Nobody put babies in cribs.
The only time they put babies in cribs is if they took a nap and the mother wasn't there.
But at night, the baby sleeps with the mother.
That's the biology.
Again, where do baby monkeys sleep?
Up in the nest they build.
Little tree nests.
Little beds.
With their mommy.
Do we need to show them CNN and explain to the monkeys that's bad?
Little baby whales, little baby dolphins at night, when they go to sleep, nudge up against their mommy and stay with their mommy.
And that is rape!
The baby dolphin is raping the mommy!
We're going to show you a baby assaulting its mother.
This is brutal misogyny because it's a baby boy.
And she's letting that 10-month-old baby know, you little son of a bitch!
You little bastard!
How dare you try to touch me!
How dare you need me, you filth!
I'm a liberal!
I'm a Satanist!
Welcome back to this live Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
InfoWars.com and Banned.Video are the coordinates of Liberty.
Okay, so let's talk about this.
First time I saw this was about 15 years ago.
Universities were teaching, and we played clips of this being trained, that when you ask your baby to change its diaper, you ask consent.
Because all human activities rape.
Women in bikinis on beer commercials are rape.
But big fat men dressed like women, shaking their wieners, and little kid's face is okay.
So, women being feminine, men being men, normal human activities, evil, dirty, bad, the Gillette commercials where the guy asks a girl out on the street, says, hey, I'd like to date you.
The guy says, hey, don't talk to her.
Don't even talk to women.
Now let convicted pedophiles come talk to kids.
But now they've extended that out to a major movement teaching babies from birth that they're abusing their mommies by touching them.
Now, for those that don't know, it's not just the mammal kingdom where babies stay next to their mother for protection and milk and love.
I know the milk's raping the mother as well.
It's not normal.
We should have a robot feed them.
But now, this is not just one crazy woman.
This is all over the place, because I saw this last week.
Or days ago, and then I saw all these links to other stuff under it.
I couldn't believe it, but I did believe it.
It's the next step.
Telling a 10-month-old baby...
That it is about consent.
Don't touch your mommy unless mommy says.
So she says, you have to ask permission.
The baby can't talk, has no idea.
It just knows its mother is pushing it away.
You want to have a screwed up basket case?
Boy, this is it.
But I mean, these are the same liberals who want to cut the little kid's wiener off.
So this is sick.
Play the clip.
You may not touch my belly button.
That's my body and I don't want you to touch it that way.
Yeah, you may touch your own bellybutton, but I do not want my bellybutton to be touched.
Poor child.
Yes, I am in charge of my body, and you are in charge of your body, and right now I don't want my body to be touched on my bellybutton.
Yeah, okay?
So you can touch your bellybutton, because that's your body, but I don't want my body to be touched right now.
Yes, okay?
Oh, really?
Do you want your bottle?
So, the ten-month-old, that's what it says, looks maybe nine months, is literally saying, Ma, Ma, Ma, I love you, I want to be in your arms, Ma, Ma, first word, it's like, No!
You don't get love!
I'm liberal!
I'm liberal!
Here is an alligator, the first month or so, they break the eggs when they hear him squeaking, and they get in her mouth for protection.
So that giant ancient reptile loves its babies and puts it in their mouth to protect them.
Because they're squeaking.
They want her.
How dare her protect them and carry them around just like a cat picks up its kitten or a dog picks up its cub or a bear.
I see liberals online when they see a bear pick up its cub by the fat on its neck.
Look at that mama attacking.
They're mentally ill, sicko freaks, ladies and gentlemen.
An alligator, a crocodile keeps its babies in its mouth.
Scorpions The female scorpion has the babies on her back for the first month to protect them.
Look at that.
Does the female scorpion tell her babies, you've got to ask permission to stay on my back?
This is our biology people shutting us down, screwing us up, and they make it a liberal fetish.
Then as they get too big over the next month, they fall off.
But they're protected that first month.
It's mama, ma, ma, ma.
Just sitting there like, look at the little sweet angel.
You're my mother.
I love you.
Please, please, please, please just hold me.
It's a good little case, not even crying.
Little baby.
But you don't get any love.
And I'll bet you're my bottom dollar, this little boy is being lined up for some surgery.
Yeah, there's spiders.
They stay with their mommy too.
But, you know, that's just part of biology and life.
Let's get rid of this.
We live in the George Soros world.
So crocodiles and alligators and scorpions and monkeys.
Now let's go to the next clip.
These are langur monkeys.
And the scientists introduced a doll of a langur.
And they think it's a new part of their tribe, their troop.
They believe it's dead and for days they mourn.
And they cry and they hold it.
They hold each other because they have empathy.
They care about each other.
They're monkeys.
They have empathy.
They're not cool sociopaths, psychopath liberals that would like, oh cool, it's dead, let's eat it.
And many species of ape and monkey will try to put leaves on her, hide the body, and will guard it.
Elephants will sometimes starve to death guarding a loved one, guarding a baby particularly.
Sometimes whole groups of elephants will just stay there and die because the baby dies and they feel so much pain.
The little baby holds its mama's tail.
He doesn't ask.
He just reaches up and grabs her tail.
Does she turn around and say, you didn't ask permission and shove him away?
She should.
She should cut the little male's penis off.
She should tell him you're not really a male.
You're not really a female.
They should cut the baby elephant's breast off.
That would be really sick and evil.
I mean, liberal and loving.
So let's show some footage of monkeys who've been introduced to a doll of a langur monkey, and they think it's dead, and they mourn for days.
Oh, but see, they're not liberal sociopaths.
here it is.
So they gave it a little robot doll and they pick it up and they get really upset.
They think it's dead.
They hug it, they kiss it.
Oh look, they thought it was asking for help, they picked it up!
That female monkey is giving up her feminism by letting that little monkey rape her.
I mean, just hugging it's rape.
Which led to something extraordinary.
The liberals can see this and say, oh, they all get around it for days and it's so sad.
The Langers gather around to pay respect to what they believe is a dead monkey.
They're not liberal, they're not trendy.
They smell it to see who it is.
Hugging and consoling each other because they're upset over a dead baby.
They're not the left like, hell yeah, kill that little bastard.
See, they're not liberal yet.
A sense of grief and empathy falls over the colony of langurs.
For days, they're upset.
Because they care about each other.
Because they have empathy.
They're made by God.
They have a spirit too.
Not like ours, but they have a spirit.
And PBS will let you have that soul for a baby that's not even real, a doll.
That the researchers programmed with a speaker to make the call of a hurt monkey.
But that mother sat there and told her ten-month-old, going, ma, ma, ma, ma, mama, mama, mama.
It's like, no!
And I did call him, I said she called him a son of a bitch, but I guess he is the son of a bitch.
I mean, what a filthy, evil, sick, freakazoid.
What a child-abusing monster, in my opinion.
When that baby begs for its mother and human love and her powers to say, no, I don't consent to you.
I just laid down and had sex and had you and now you're just a pawn.
And the left loves sterilized little boys.
Not have to put them on Ritalin and Prozac, not have to let them play dodgeball, not have to put them in dresses.
We're gonna cut your penis off.
Because we're Hellraiser, and we love Satan.
I mean, we're liberal, and we like it, and we're gonna keep going and you'll never stop us!
More news straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today, today, today, today.
It's a long way to the top if you want to defeat the New World Order.
They're like, we're putting pressure on you.
We're torturing you.
We're going to kill you.
And I'm like, woo!
You didn't know I got into this to burn your ass down?
Ha ha ha!
I'm riding the hygiene bomb down, baby!
Like Dr. Strangelove!
I'm here to tell you, it's harder than it looks.
Ha ha ha!
Let's do a little bit more of this.
There we go, baby.
Gettin' had!
Gettin' took!
Broken bones!
Broken legs!
And a lot more than that.
Get Pumpkinhead off there and show that hydrogen bomb gettin' dropped, you know, that cowboy ridin' in.
Cause that's us.
That'll be our motto.
That'll be our symbol.
That'll be our logo.
More news coming up, my sweethearts.
Escape is not our plan.
Faded out yet?
You have walked right into our trap.
Ha ha ha!
Yeah, you cowardly pedophiles!
We're gonna burn your world down.
It's you that's going down, not us.
Hotel Motel!
Makes you wanna cry!
Underpaid, yeah!
That's how it goes in a rock and roll band!
And here's the good news.
We opened those Bombay doors years ago, and I got dropped on the top of that hydrogen bomb, and we already blew their ass sky high.
They're dead already.
The question is, can they take us with them?
That's the 64 quadrillion billion dollar question, my sweeties!
Such a long way!
Such a long way!
Within 28 years of our operation, we achieved our primary mission, mobilization and awareness of the New World Order.
Now you see people waking up and resisting everywhere.
But I believe I've got more missions ahead of me, but I can only do it with your support.
So I humbly ask you now, spread the word.
Go to InfoWarshaw.com and most importantly, pray for this broadcast.
The Hooves of Destiny.
Such a long way.
Such a long way.
Such a long way.
I've already competed.
We've already completed.
We've already released our first payload.
Now we're heading on to secondary targets.
Let's uh...
Let's uh...
Go to this next clip.
This is CBS News that he literally spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year with.
Look it up.
With his tax-free foundation.
He loves us.
His money's all tax-exempt.
Little Billy Boy Gates, who would be the Messiah.
Just like Karl Schwab and, of course, the wondrous, loving George Soros.
The boys that would be king.
CBS News pushes Gates' plan to fight climate change by blocking the sun.
In 1992, two scientists were given a Nobel Prize for a plan to add to jet fuel, or kerosene, aluminum dioxide, barium salts, and some other chemicals that would then be aerosolized through the jet engine and create nuclear in the atmosphere to form artificial cloud banks to bounce solar radiation from the sun back into space, stopping global warming.
That program began, and what you know is chemtrails become an everyday notice.
The companies don't know.
There's only three major companies that make the kerosene.
They agree to add the chemicals.
It's part of a national security initiative.
There's U.N.
treaties on the weather modification, all of it.
And the program begins.
And you can pull up BBC headlines from a decade ago.
Earth was at 20% or is it 30% darker due to condensation trails.
Well, until the mid-90s, I remember looking up at the sky when, growing up in Dallas, Texas as a little kid, some of my earliest memories.
My father pointing at the sky and I said, Daddy, what are those?
He said, well notice, they're ice crystals, son.
That's why, in just a minute or so, you'd see the jet make it at 35,000 feet, and its leading edge of the plane, of the wings, would create some condensation and enough nuclei, just by that condensation, to create an ice trail.
And then, within a minute or so, you'd watch the trail dissipate and go away.
But, I've seen videos out of South America and places, whether it's smaller airlines and countries that aren't part of this geoengineering, and they still have ice crystals, they still have condensation trails, contrails, and you still see them.
Yeah, just type in, headline, click web, Earth made darker by plane exhaust, or by condensation trails.
But now they spin it.
The Earth's getting darker due to climate change.
Oh, that's what it is.
So it's a program.
It's going on.
It's massive.
I mean, in like year 2000, they were spending $5 billion a year, Department of Energy, for the geoengineering project.
And we had the CIA director before Obama left office in 2016.
Brennan saying, we are chemtrailing.
We are controlling the weather.
We are doing it.
We have Secretary of Defense 2007.
Cohen in the Army Times saying we're manipulating the weather already.
We have all of this.
We have it.
We have a CFR saying we're geoengineering.
It's all going on.
Guys, pull in JetTrailsMakeEarthDarker.
Click web.
You'll find it.
Everybody out there listening, don't let the crew do it.
You can do it too.
Just listen to what I say.
Write it down.
Look it up.
And now, Bill Gates has come out.
And as the savior, and it's exactly what we told you 20 plus years ago, they're doing, we'll cover it next segment.
And I will, on the article about the Earth's 20% darker, the Earth's 3% darker, there's different headlines.
Because of the wonders of jets, could we do it artificially?
They're doing it artificially.
And anybody that's 40, 50, 60 years old remembers when condensation trails or contrails disappeared within 60 seconds because they didn't have enough nuclei to form a cloud bank.
But something changed.
And we all know that.
And then the Doppler radar put in energizes it, we have the patents to make it even more powerful.
Don't be too surprised, my friends.
Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed.
Another example is the array of technologies, often referred to collectively as geoengineering, that potentially could help reverse the warming effects of global climate change.
One that has gained my personal attention is stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.
An SAI program could limit global temperature increases, reducing some risks associated with higher temperatures and providing the world economy additional time to transition from fossil fuels.
This process is also relatively inexpensive.
The National Research Council estimates that a fully deployed SAI program would cost about $10 billion yearly.
As promising as it may be, moving forward on SAI would also raise a number of challenges for our government and for the international community.
On the technical side, greenhouse gas emission reductions would still have to accompany SAI to address other climate change effects, such as ocean acidification, because SAI alone would not remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
On the geopolitical side, the technology's potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations.
Others might seize on SAI's benefits and back away from their commitment to carbon dioxide reductions.
And as with other breakthrough technologies, global norms and standards are lacking to guide the deployment and
implementation of SAI and other geoengineering initiatives.
The earth was 30% dimmer.
Now they say global warming has caused it, but now they say they're going to spray more to save the earth, and Bill Gates is going to save us.
Go ahead and play the CBS Bill Gates clip.
It's up on Infowars.com.
What exactly is solar geoengineering?
A set of proposed technologies to rapidly cool the Earth by reflecting sunlight back into space.
The idea is based on the cooling effect of volcanic eruptions.
When Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991, it spewed 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the sky.
That reflected so much sunlight, global temperatures dropped by an entire degree the following year.
So one notion is that we could mimic those volcanic eruptions by sending specially equipped airplanes into the stratosphere to do exactly the same thing.
The U.S.
government is now flying high-altitude planes through the stratosphere to study what sun-blocking gases may already be there.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates backed a major project at Harvard using balloons to deploy aerosols, but tests were put on hold after some pushback.
And while it may seem far-fetched, a recent United Nations report seriously considers using giant space mirrors to deflect sunlight, while other scientists propose mining moon dust and launching it at the sun.
At the Palo Alto Research Center in Silicon Valley, this white tent is a makeshift lab for experiments with something called marine cloud brightening.
This will generate the plume that will contain the aerosols.
It injects salt water into clouds over the ocean.
The idea is you'll make the clouds a little brighter and that will reflect more sunlight back up into the atmosphere?
That's the idea.
Those effects can be beneficial or they could be negative.
Alright, let's just stop right here.
Let's just stop right here.
So, more carbon dioxide means plants grow faster.
Blocking the sun kills the earth.
So they tell you have solar panels are going to block the sun.
It's really simple.
Oh, airplanes accidentally dim the earth 30%.
We just showed the article for radio listeners.
You can find it for yourself.
We'll put it back on screen.
I'll read the headline.
So let's take the third biggest food producer in the world.
Who do you think it is?
It's not China.
It's not Vietnam.
It's not Russia.
They're the second largest.
It's not the U.S.
number one.
It's the Netherlands.
Little country.
Incredible people.
The best farmers in the world.
I'm not allowed to say that, but Michael Jordan's the best basketball player.
It's a fact.
Mike Tyson was probably the best boxer.
Maybe Muhammad Ali, but... World Economic Forum puppet Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Root, is closing down independent Dutch farms en masse with the intention of replacing them with WEF food intervention hubs of insects.
I'm going to show you the article here in a minute.
They're cutting off the food to the world.
They're blocking the sun and charging taxpayers to do it.
Denying they were doing it in the last 25 years, now admitting they're doing it.
So they don't want us to be part of the debate.
Oh, it's not happening.
Be quiet.
But we're going to spray stuff to make the earth dimmer.
Play the clip.
So the role of businesses in the agri-food sector should be stimulated and able to create scalable solutions.
And here I'd like to highlight a World Economic Forum initiative in this regard, the World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs.
And these hubs in Africa, in Asia, in South America and in Europe Will allow businesses to connect regional stakeholders to skill innovations, because this is key.
Skill innovations that can address food systems challenges.
And here, I'm particularly proud to announce that the Netherlands will host the Global Coordinating Secretariat of the World Economic Forum Food Innovation Hubs, which will connect all other food innovation hubs, and I believe this is important, because it will be facilitating to create the partnerships we need.
That's the Davos group, the Davos Agenda.
So they cut your food off, and they go, don't worry, we will produce the bugs in Africa.
Don't worry, you won't make cows and milk and grain, no more wheat, we will give you ze bugs.
You will eat ze bugs, you will like ze bugs.
CBS Saturday morning, put bugs in food supply to stop climate change.
They tell liberal mothers, feed your child bug protein.
The shells of bugs are super toxic, cancerous, but it's okay, it's liberal.
I guess the babies will do better than having their penises cut off.
Or their mother saying, it's rape if you touch me, the baby.
That was earlier, we showed that.
MP, Member of Parliament, plumbing birth rates are biggest threat to Western society, which is totally true.
For every two adults, we're having 1.3 children.
Total collapse of civilization.
But, oh, the scientific American comes out.
Population decline will change the world for the better when society and industrial systems collapse, which they're artificially doing now.
Anyway, it's the...
Soy, which shrivels you and makes you feminine and gives females cancer.
And you are not to eat ze beef.
Oh no.
Ze beef is ze bad.
Red meat is not a health threat.
New study debunks years of junk science.
It looks like red meat isn't so bad for your health after all, as a recent study debunked years of claims that consuming red meat leads to a host of health problems such as stroke, heart disease, and cancer, according to Big Thing.
Scientists at the University of Washington's Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation analyzed past research that led to the demonization of red meat and found the research to be supported by weak evidence and lazy scientists.
Burned meat is carcinogens and bad.
Lightly cooked red meat is mama's milk.
We found weak evidence to associate between unprocessed red meat consumption and collateral cancer.
Or colorectal cancer.
And it goes on from there.
There's the big study right here if you'd like to look it up for yourself.
Health effects associated with consumption of unprocessed red meat.
A burden-approved study.
Yeah, a bunch of rotten meat in a hot dog.
Most of it, you know, a bunch of other crap.
Part of it, human DNA.
They won't say why.
So much of the hot dog stuff has like 2% human DNA.
Type in.
processed meat supply, 2% human DNA.
They won't say why.
I don't know why.
Sounds crazy to me.
Meanwhile, Costco Organic Apple Supplier confirms apples contain Bill Gates' toxic A-Peel, a carcinogenic, estrogen-based plastic spray that leaches into the food, being sprayed on apples, avocados, and more.
Thank you, Bill Gates.
You're so liberal.
Thank you for all you do.
You're so sweet.
You're so nice.
You're so cool.
Rob Dew is taking a new one-minute Fifteen minute city video put up by the WEF will play at the start of the next segment.
It's a joke voice, but they actually said everything they're saying, because radio listeners are going to hear this and say, is that really happening?
No, it's he's reading the script that's on the screens.
They put those videos out without a voiceover, just with text.
That's coming up.
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Hour number four!
Maria Z. and more!
Straight ahead!
The amazing, the informative, the beautiful Kate Daly is set to take over here in just six minutes from now.
But first, this is not a joke, ladies and gentlemen.
WF puts out these videos with no voiceover, just text.
So Rob Dew, our news director, decided to add a voiceover.
Here it is.
This is Paris' first zero-carbon neighborhood.
In Ile-aux-Fertiles, or Fertile Island, four buildings surround a central garden.
Within this small locality, you can live, work, shop, or play sports.
It's built on a 1.3 hectare former industrial site, bordered by railway tracks.
I wonder why we'll need those.
The buildings are made from locally sourced materials and low-carbon concrete.
They are designed to minimize the need for heating and cooling.
Heat pumps extract the warmth from gray water, that is, from showers, sinks, and washing machines, and use it to provide hot water around the site.
Swipe left for more!
I'm the tyrannical wisp.
Just give us the gas, the pump, the truck.
Spare your lives.
All right, Kate Daly set to take over and then Owen Schroer in T-minus 57 minutes from now, the war room.
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I want to commend you all, I want to thank you all, and I ask you to go there now.
We've been talking about this quite a bit.
Global warming.
World on track to reach 1.5 degrees of warming in the next five years.
We've been told for 20 years we're going to go up a degree and a half, but they say maybe it's going to happen now.
So give up all your rights to the globalists.
I want to play this clip of Federman.
It's on the list here, guys.
A bunch of mainstream media reporters got caught editing what he said and rewriting what he said and making up what he said so it would make sense, but he didn't actually say that.
So, Dianne Feinstein's back.
She doesn't know who she is.
That's in the news.
She reportedly didn't even know she left the Senate.
And here's Fetterman, who is the example of what they want.
Biden, all this.
A brain-dead zombie who's the front for the WEF and the globalists.
That is their admitted plan.
So here is this really sad clip.
Is it a staggering responsibility that the head of a bank could literally crash our economy?
It's astonishing.
That's like if you have, I mean, like, and they also realize is that, that, that now they have, it's in the guaranteed, a guaranteed way to be saved by no, again, by no matter how, you know, so it's, it's, you know, isn't it appropriate that those kinds of, this kind of control should be more stricter?
To prevent this kind of thing from going?
Or should we just go on and start bailing and sailing whoever bank regardless of how their conduct is?
Ederman Feinstein.
I'll give you an example.
20.4 The Republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP.
A hungry family has to have these kind of penalties.
So they're cutting energy and food off, but we need to feed a hungry family.
You have to resale your bank with billions of your bank.
because they seem to be more preoccupied than SNAP and the requirements for works for hungry people.
The wages of sin or death.
Protecting the taxpayer.
Very sad, but that's what working for Satan does for you.
Host Kate Dally, katedallyshow.com, text over.
Send in the clowns, don't bother, they're already here.
Kate Dally, straight ahead. Isn't it queer?
Please give me one minute of your time.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from KateDallyRadio.com.
Oh, that made me laugh.
That was great.
That was great.
That Fetterman clip, I call him Sling Blade.
It's Sling Blade in Office.
Do you guys remember that movie?
Anyway, it's only astonishing, Sling Blade, that he was elected.
And I'm thinking he was probably placed.
Don't you?
And, well, I don't know, unless he's the most popular man in history.
That's what they told us about Joe Biden.
Joe Biden got 6% of the Democrat Party vote in 2016.
What does that tell you?
I have so much to say today, so much to go over, so many points to make.
It might seem a little ADD, but whatever.
I want to start off, well I'm going to talk about mass shootings in general, because there's a point to be made.
I made a point last week, I just want to add on to that.
Mortgages, the AP in the Ukraine.
I know, so random, but you know what?
There's just a lot of things to talk about.
What can I say?
You know, let's talk about the AP or just let's talk about the news.
The AP controls all the news.
The AP took over the elections in the mid 1800s.
They appointed themselves the assessor of all, and they're going to come up in today's conversation.
And that's why I'm kind of going there first.
But here's the deal.
So we're getting a lot of censorship.
We're seeing this everywhere, all the way down to local, and you're seeing all kinds of people shoved out.
Ten people witnessed a car crash, right?
You've got 10 different angles of the same car crash.
The car crash is the truth of what happens.
But you have 10 people looking from different angles.
Maybe one person sees the cat that went out into the road.
Maybe one person didn't see the cat.
Maybe that the car swerved and got in an accident.
Or maybe, you know, everybody sees it from a different angle, okay?
So all the reports are going to differ a bit.
And so this is why people cannot judge what is truth or not.
That this is going on all over the country.
Everyone has a different perspective of the truth.
So, listening to different perspectives is sort of a vital part.
Wouldn't you want to listen to all 10 people tell you about the car crash if 10 witnesses were there?
Of course you would.
And so it can't be based on opinion only.
That's where you get my truth.
I want to say my truth.
Is there anything so silly as that?
My truth.
No, it's the truth and you have a perspective on it.
Now, is your perspective Conceived also with context and history.
That seems to be a big base of the truth, right?
I try to do that.
Everyone here tries to do that.
You have history of context are huge and principles, of course, a huge, huge part of how we can get to the truth.
I don't have an agenda.
There's no reason for me to be here other than I want to get to the truth of how they're saying things, what they're saying, what the actual truth is.
And it's a big deal.
Because we're so void of it today.
Because why?
Because they control the AP.
And they control Reuters.
And those are the only two places that the stories come from.
And they come all the way down to your local news.
No wonder they said in the mid-1800s, we're going to be in charge of elections.
We're going to call elections.
Why the AP?
Why the media?
The media has been abused for centuries.
In the back in the day, I was gonna say in the olden days, but I'm old.
So back in the day, right, you would have opinion pieces.
Ben Franklin wrote opinion pieces.
Everybody uses the media to sort of have people understand and or give in context or sway or whatever the case may be.
That's how it's done.
So to think that the media right now, all on one accord, singing one song, always one song about everything, isn't on the same page.
I mean, it gave me a break, right?
So you've got one of the 10 people that saw the car crash giving the news all the time from their only angle, everyone else shoved out.
So the omission of facts and truth is super prevalent today in mainstream media all the way down to local newspapers, you name it.
So when a story hits, like let's say a news publication did a story about a shortage of beds.
This was a prevalent story, right?
Shortage of beds in 2022 or 2021, okay?
Now, did they ask how many beds were there the year before?
Because that would tell you a lot if there was really a shortage.
If the hospital wants the media to do a story, what's the angle, right?
Is there a reason?
Do they want that news story out there to solidify an opinion, right?
Well, what if the number of beds was curtailed in 2021 and 2022?
So of course they ran with the story, shortage of beds, without ever asking, well wait a second, how many beds were always there in the ICU?
Oh, that's right!
They cordoned them off!
And now it just looks like a shortage.
We see how it's done, right?
Okay, so this is why we must fight for and always stand up for truth in media.
We must always be on the front lines fighting for that.
Because if those messages aren't heard, if things and perceptions and all of these things are wiped out and people are only getting the one eyewitness to the car crash, this is why we need all 10 witnesses all the time.
So everybody can assess the truth, not be told the truth from one particular angle.
Really, really important.
I also want to talk about, because we're going to get back to that, I'm going to circle back to that.
So of course today, Supreme Court allows Illinois assault weapons ban to take effect.
Now, last week I talked about the overall plausibility of an event where someone is so angry, they go and shoot anonymous people.
All right?
Now, I've done a lot of research and a lot of shows on the fact that going up until we get into the 90s, really the 2000s, You're gonna see not very many instances.
The 40s, the 50s, the 60s.
I mean, you could literally order a gun from Sears Roebuck.
It would land right on your doorstep.
No checks.
No, you didn't need to fill anything out.
And of course, the amount of just anonymous mass shootings didn't really exist.
I mean, it was very, very, very hard to come by a mass shooting.
Because if you look, the incidences are actually detailed out by the decade.
And you can actually see for yourself that when you go back and you do the research, that it was always a targeted thing.
You know, you walk into a school, you're targeting somebody that hurt you, a teacher, a principal, somebody that you had felt like you'd been wronged.
But not just anonymous people.
So the ratio has to be, if the ratio of mass shootings to anonymous people go up, then you would see a thousand times more targeted shootings.
But that's not what you're seeing at all.
In fact, it's just not there.
So the plausibility overall doesn't exist.
But now let's talk about something else that's kind of interesting, right?
Because when we could pick up these firearms and such, there wasn't really an issue with people going out and committing mass problems, mass shootings.
What are they blaming it on now?
Mental health.
And it seems as though on the right and on the left, we're all on board, right?
See, I don't care who I offend, the right or the left, because I just want the truth.
I want the truth, baby.
So here's the deal.
In 2020, we didn't have any mass shootings.
Do you find that kind of interesting?
What they did was they changed the data.
The FBI said a mass shooting is four people that die from a situation.
Whether they exclude the perpetrator or include the perpetrator, four people, okay?
But they're not really talking about, and they don't really exclude, even though they say they do, they don't really exclude the events where a family member kills off the family or a neighbor kills, you know, the people next door or whatever the case is.
They actually do include those things.
So if you go and you look for 2020, they'll say that there were 614 mass shootings.
That's actually not true.
I went back and I looked at every single detailed account of the year 2020.
Because if people are having mental health problems, okay, if you're severely mental and that's why you go out and you commit a crime, well, my gosh, 2020 would have been the perfect way to do it.
Everybody was at home.
Nobody was leaving their house for most of 2020.
Everybody in lockdown.
And what would get to somebody more than being at home, right?
And not being able to work and not being able to meet the bills and your business crashes and all of these factors are coming in.
Not because if people were sick, because we know that wasn't going on.
The people who were dying were dying in ICUs on remdesivir and a ventilator.
So, How does that work?
Why did we have not really any mass shootings of anonymous people in the year 2020?
You had some shootings, but they were not anonymous and it wasn't a mass shooter going in where people were vulnerable and shooting the place up.
That would have been the year that you would have seen major mental, mental health issues.
Would you not have?
You would have seen that surface like it's nobody's business.
Because people were in a state of panic and they were losing things.
They didn't have enough money.
If anyone was going to drive anybody to go do that, it would have been in 2020.
But oddly enough, our government's focus wasn't on that in 2020.
It was on COVID.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Delly, your guest host from Kate Delly.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
How are you doing today?
Oh, I hope you're good.
So here's the deal.
When it comes to these kinds of shootings, I hope we look at the overall plausibility and the overall reasons that we're giving, because I think the mental health reasoning doesn't really add up.
In a time when mental health should have been probably at its worst, during a time when people were told they were going to die from this terrible disease.
Do you guys remember seeing people just drop dead that were walking along on the street?
Oh, that's right.
That didn't happen.
People were told they were about to die.
They were afraid of a germ.
We made everybody OCD.
We were ruining our everything.
We were actually, you know, they were giving us little bits of money, of our own tax money back, that didn't do any justice, right?
And then also, we were at home more, where people were more aggravated towards each other, right?
And you had all these other problems.
It doesn't make sense.
That you wouldn't have anything really going on in 2020.
And then very few in 2021.
Like four.
Four mass shootings.
And it's hard to say on those whether they were even the kind of mass shooting that the media concentrates on.
Because in most of the instances, they knew who they were shooting.
I mean, it was a little bit more targeted.
There were only two that weren't, like, That you couldn't figure out that they weren't really targeted, just more anonymous, or the person was just upset.
Strange, right?
Same thing in 2022, it kicked up, right?
2023, really kicked up, right?
Maybe that's just where the government focus was.
Maybe the government focus was just on different things in 2020.
Hmm, just food for thought.
I love food for thought.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that you had under 3,000 victims in 2020 of any kind of murder, okay?
So a total murder of 2961 in their victims.
In a country of over 330 million people, do you think that's low?
victims. In a country of over 330 million people, do you think that's low? I would think
so. I would definitely think so.
Since those are targeted, they would happen regardless of whether we had anything going for the gun control folks or not.
Those would happen regardless.
I mean, we've always said, right?
Hey, yeah, go do that test run.
Go take guns from the criminals and see how it works out and then let us know.
We'll let you do it to the rest, right?
So, you have a significant issue there going on that they were steadily ramping up until now.
Okay, so it can't be really mental health, because look at it this way too.
In the United States in 2017, they said 42% of all households in America are armed.
of all households in America are armed, 42% of households, okay?
We more than double any other country.
Any other country.
Yet our gun rate, our gun crime is under way under 1%.
Way under 1%.
Can't even quantify as a 1%.
Not even close.
Not even in the same category.
Isn't that interesting?
So is the USA the only people that have mental health problems that are going out and doing these things?
How could that be?
If somebody wanted to get a gun, they get a gun, right?
So let's go back to anonymous.
The anonymous shooter doesn't make any sense.
Because with the anonymous shooter, that means that every country would have so many mental health cases going and doing this too.
But the United States seems to be, you know, the only one.
Yeah, we have more gun ownership, but you find that a little strange, especially when we blame it on mental health?
It doesn't add up.
It can't add up.
It's not there to add up.
Same thing with the plausibility factor of the ratio.
If you only have this many targeted events in the last 100 years, then that ratio would have to jump up in order to accommodate the very rare, rare, rare anonymous shooting.
But anonymous shootings are way up?
Way over-targeted?
Doesn't make any sense, does it?
The ratio doesn't work out.
And also, I just wanted to say, after 2012, when it was our Republicans that actually passed the Smith-Munn Act re-up, where they could propagandize to us.
And Obama, of course, signed it.
I'm sure he was thrilled to sign that.
And they re-upped the legality, I'm going to say legality, of propagandizing to Americans.
Not just to now foreign people, but to Americans.
Once they did that, All of a sudden, all the numbers jumped up, and I mean a crazy jump.
In fact, it was like 2006 was 3, 2005 was 2, 2003 was 1, and then it went, oh my gosh, 10, 12, 11.
I mean, it went up into high numbers.
Very, very strange.
I'd be very careful when I blame mental health on everything though, because mental health Is, I think, slowly going in the direction of, you know that Christian right-winger, that person that shows up at the Capitol on January 6th, all lumped together as a mental health problem.
And you can imagine a society that's, you know, half-whacked now.
Can you imagine a society that goes, yeah, they're crazy because they're on the right.
They're crazy because they're a Christian.
They're crazy because they actually understand history and know what's going on.
Jail them.
You can kind of picture that.
So I'd be really careful before I blame mental health for mass shootings.
I blame government for mass shootings.
Anyhow, I also just, we could go through lots of numbers, but that's not the point.
I just want to make sure that people realize that the plausibility isn't there.
The other thing I wanted to mention in the border bill that we, again, are Republicans passed through, because like I said, it doesn't matter the right or the left.
It matters what's right and wrong.
And the border bill had some good things in it for the states, right?
They said, well, this will allow the AGs to do what the AGs need to do, the Attorney Generals.
That ability is still already there.
They don't need to write it in a bill.
And people get confused.
They think it's not there, so it needs to be written.
That's not true.
It actually is already there.
The states are the states.
They can do what the states want to do.
And so to say that the feds in this federal bill for the border have to give this to the states is ridiculous.
It's an excuse.
It's a scapegoat for what they're doing.
But one of the things you have to be really aware of though in this is the big loophole with E-Verify.
E-Verify is dangerous.
E-Verify Right now, they have nine states in America that do E-Verify.
And E-Verify is the, or as Thomas Massey, I love Thomas Massey, says, V-Verify for vaccine status.
And what that would mean is, it would go in mandatory to every single state.
You would have E-Verify in every single state.
And the E-Verify employment thing is very weird because its tentacles, I think, reach beyond Employment to many, many other things.
So what we're really doing in that border bill is we're not building a wall, which we should.
What we're actually doing is just laying more tracks for the V-Verify system that enslaves us, the vaccine system, because they're getting some more shots ready.
I don't know what they have coming.
But I will tell you, they won't do it in the same way, for sure.
They won't.
Because people have had it.
And they've let that be known.
So they won't do it in the same way.
But that bill is heavy laden with E-Verify issues and problems.
Lou Rockwell, on lourockwell.com, there was a wonderful article pointing that out and talking about the fact that this is going to be a big, big issue that we're not really aware of.
So, make sure you realize that there are a lot of problems, but there always are.
They always state that they need to pass bills to give us what we already have, while there are all kinds of Trojan horses in those bills.
And that's the thing we need to make sure that we realize.
What are the Trojan horses?
You should always be asking, what is the latest Trojan horse in the latest federal bill?
Because it's the only way to get it done.
Blame it on a good thing that we already have, and then slip that sucker in.
For the Alex Jones Show, so good to be with you today.
Let's talk for a moment about the things that affect your daily life right now, because I know everyone goes, what?
Those things that I know that you're worried about, I know that you're thinking about, and I want to share something with you that's kind of interesting.
You know I love research, right?
So there's a couple of things.
California is trying to pass utility income-based payments.
California is what a mess.
I mean, honestly, the welcome sign should be like, are you sure?
Do you really want to go in?
I mean, that should be on like the welcome to California.
Are you sure?
And the only reason I can get away with saying that is because I was raised there on the beach.
So, I definitely know what I'm talking about.
Look, around every corner, they want to do something insane.
So, that's their latest insanity.
And Gavin Newsom is going to run around the country telling everybody what a great job he did with California as people are leaving in droves and you can't even hardly hire moving companies to get you out of there quick enough.
Anyway, utility-based income payments, mortgage holders being fined in Biden's America, king fraud a lot, with fines for better credit.
Oh, you have better credit?
Yeah, that's going to be like 60 bucks.
Yeah, 60 bucks a month for you.
Yeah, you got to pay for the people, the jack wagons that can't afford a home.
And then you have drought narratives.
Now the drought narratives are going to go crazy right now because, you know, we're in season.
So pretty much the country had problems with flooding.
I live in a desert and it was hailing last month on the way to work.
So, you know, I mean, we have the drought headlines coming in full force right now and conservation.
All right, conservation is about the same argument as climate change.
For years and years and years, decades and decades and decades, about six or seven decades, we've been told that we're about to die, gaslighting in the worst way.
You're about to die because you don't have enough water and you have to conserve water.
They use the exact same excuses, the exact same arguments.
Let me put it this way.
Do you have faith in God?
Do you feel like God would put us on an earth without enough adequate water?
Do you think God would know that governments would strive to control water and that water would be used as a tool to tax us and enslave us and it would be a Trojan horse and a gateway into making sure that laws were passed and heavy-handed measures to really make you realize that you don't really own the property you think you own?
Yeah, I'm gonna go with you on that one.
So, I don't think God Would actually do that to us.
I really don't.
And so what have they been doing?
I play clips on my show for like six decades of you're about to die water conservation methods.
In New York in the 19, I think it was the 1980s, 1980s or 1990s, they were playing all these commercials about, you know, put your sister in a tub of water, in a half tub of water.
So you can conserve water.
And they were coming out with good old Ed the Mayor and they were talking about conservation.
You've been hearing about this a long time, but oddly enough, we're all still standing.
Isn't that strange?
The only difference is we're paying a lot more for it.
So you're going to see these headlines over and over again.
And you need to call up your news organizations and tell them to stop doing it.
You need to call your governors and tell them to stop doing it.
Because I'm pretty sure at the last Governor's Association meeting, It was all about measures, too, that they can implement in their state for that, and then they were all fighting over who gets the newest Pfizer plant.
Yeah, my governor, he was, you know, licking any boots he could to go get that Pfizer plant.
They want, it's anything about control.
The Governor's Association was really put out so the governors would be very, very controlled and go in lockstep with whatever they were going to do in the future.
And that's really why we have a Governor's Association.
You should never have an association for governors.
Governors should be very, very independent and very different from one another.
But no, we have an association, wink, wink, you know, because you got to spread those messages and spread them deep.
Right, Deep State?
Of course.
So let's talk about mortgage for a second because I know you're all a little bit more worried about this.
As we know, FedNow is coming in.
They lied to you guys.
They told you FedNow was brand new and they just unveiled it a couple of months ago.
But I actually had screenshots from 2020 when they included FedNow and they named it FedNow in the digital currency that they were going to implement in 2020.
They took it out right before they passed the bill.
That was the COVID bucks.
That was the big, you know, trillion dollar COVID dollars.
So they lied to you again, the AP.
It wasn't brand new.
Three years later, it was actually already constructed quite a long time ago.
FedNow is sort of the vehicle.
FedCoin is the destination.
So FedNow gets implemented, then FedCoin.
Okay, that's kind of how it's going to work.
We've had numerous articles telling us about this, right?
Telling us about digital currency and, ooh, won't this be nice?
And we'll use it as an alternative.
So, there was a comment made that, and I looked at this, as far as mortgage payments have to be accepted with cash, right?
So, if they dumped the system, like they've always promised to do, and you come on a Monday and they have a banking holiday, and all of a sudden they go and they wipe out the accounts and they put in digital currency.
We've talked a lot about this, talked a lot about this on Alex's show.
But here's the deal.
What would happen if you went in then, and that was the only way you could pay your mortgage, but your contract states that if they plummet the system and replace with digital currency, your original mortgage contract still says that you can pay with fiat currency?
And the problem would be is how are they going to identify the value of digital currency?
Would it be different too?
And so if it's not in the contract already and you go to pay cash and they don't accept that cash, is the contract null and void?
Now, if you go and you look at fact checkers, I love the fact checkers.
It's like, hmm, what's my opinion?
So, fact checkers are kind of like the crud cockroach of society, like the gnat on the flea on the cockroach of society, okay?
Because they love to use personal opinion or algorithms to try to influence what is fact and what isn't.
You got to love that, especially in a country called America.
But here's the deal.
The AP, of course, said this is false information.
False information.
Don't worry.
We're going to still get you on the hook for your mortgage.
Don't worry about it.
But I want to tell you what they actually said because I thought this was kind of interesting.
So the headline went down as this.
You know the TV expert.
I'm a TV expert.
TV experts agree.
Mortgages, well they didn't say TV, experts, mortgages won't be voided by a digital currency.
Now that sounds pretty absolute, right?
Mortgages won't be, not could be or maybe not be, but won't be voided by digital currency.
But then you get into the article and it said, claim mortgage contracts will soon be null and void because U.S.
banks are switching to digital currency.
And then they wrote AP's assessment.
Remember the good old AP?
AP's assessment, their assessment of it.
Not just the AP, but their actual, they had to write out assessment.
When was the last time you saw that?
So basically they're saying the AP's opinion and it says false.
It says false on this mortgage claim, but this is what it says.
Experts say the introduction of a digital currency Wouldn't automatically void home financing agreements.
And there are no imminent plans to adopt nationwide digital currency regardless.
Well, AP, we know that's not true because you've been writing lots of articles about it.
But isn't it interesting that they shifted the conversation to, well, there is no digital currency right now and no plan to do it, so don't worry about it.
No biggie.
Then they went on to say the Federal Reserve has been exploring the idea for years.
You think?
Anyway, but has consistently said such a system wouldn't replace physical cash, right?
And the decision would rest with Congress.
Okay, that's true.
There are some laws that have to pass before digital currency comes in.
Did you know that?
There are some things that have to happen in the states.
They're busy, they're trying to do it.
They're implementing digital currency measures through the Uniform Code, okay?
And this is why South Dakota said no to the Uniform Code changes because they knew it was digital currency coming in.
My state, not so lucky.
They embrace it, hug it, and love it, caress it, kiss it.
But no, South Dakota actually stood up and said no.
But what's interesting is, we know it's a lie because we know FedNow is already here and it's already been here.
But what's really interesting in the rest of the entire article, it was about, oh, there is no digital currency, so don't worry about it.
And also using words that are very, well, not right away it wouldn't do it.
And I was thinking there's something very wrong with this information.
Very, very wrong with this information because they couldn't really definitively say no.
So there really shouldn't be definitively saying false because they couldn't back it up in their own article.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
So glad to be with you.
So I mentioned the mortgage thing.
This has been going around and it's making people think a little bit because I remember Catherine Austin Fitz talking about the fact, you know, we need really people need to work on their software skills, their hacking skills, things that will help us in the future.
Wink wink.
So there's that.
But also the fact that we need to be very astute in contract law because there's going to be, I think, loopholes.
There's always things they don't want you to see, don't want you to know, ways that you can fight things, but then they don't want you to know what those things are, obviously.
And the mortgage thing was interesting because AP did not, AP was just certain of their headline.
Experts say that you can't get out of your mortgage if suddenly they dumped into the digital system, but your contract that you signed, because it's a contract, they can't just change it.
Same with the Constitution, you know?
It's not a living thing.
You can't change it, it's a contract.
The contract that you entered into for your mortgage never mentions digital currency, it mentions fiat currency and how you pay that payment, okay?
And the ways that you can do it.
If they violate the ways that you can do it, then does it nullify the contract?
They must be kind of afraid of something here.
And this is the reason I'm bringing it up.
Yeah, you can go look, your fact checkers, whatever, your MSN robots will all say, no, you can't do that.
But they're never, ever giving you any context.
They're never, ever giving you any concrete legality.
So when they made this claim and said, this is the claim, People are saying you'll get out of your mortgage this way.
What's very, very interesting is, this is all they said to it.
They didn't give you any legality.
They didn't back it up.
You know, for being the AP, where's all their facts?
They didn't back it up with facts.
You know what they said?
They said, there's no truth to the notion that the country is ditching, they use the word ditching, ditching the use of physical dollar coins in favor of totally digital form of currency anytime soon.
Nor that doing so would let borrowers off the hook for repayments.
They just made a statement.
There was nothing to back that up.
You always have to look at what's not being said and what's not there in context.
Because it was missing any factual evidence of what they were saying to be true.
So go get out that, you know, contract because I'd like to know how contracts are being changed right now.
The contracts that we enter into right now, like let's say you go buy a car or a home.
Are those contracts now including digital currency?
That would be very interesting.
So there's your homework.
The other thing is, remember I said the Conservation Act, and I've mentioned this several times on the show because I think it's really vital, and most people would not be privy to this information.
But the Conservation Act of 2014, when you signed your land over to keep it in your family name, but you let the government kind of partner up with you, so it's like Smith Family Farms still, but they get to kind of toe the line on your property, and you get out of paying the taxes because the taxes might be too high for a Social Security income.
It's kind of one of the ways they're absorbing property.
It does say in the contract that you are signing over the land to the United States and its successor.
And I always wonder what that successor is.
And I have found the word, the same wording in other things too, which is kind of bizarre.
The United States and its successor?
Is there a successor of the United States?
You tell me.
But I will say this.
I saw this creep up and I thought, okay, this is interesting.
There's a new mortgage company, AltaSource Portfolio Solutions, real estate provider and marketplace.
And they just added the new cryptocurrency payment option.
And I wonder if it's in their contracts too.
I would imagine that it is.
But we all notice these things kind of creeping up.
But I often wonder this with the mortgage creep too.
I think there's something they don't want you to know about fighting the digital currency thing because I think that, yeah, they could probably land you in court.
Yeah, they could probably land you in court if you didn't make your payments and you could fight, you could fight this and what have you.
What would happen if a lot of people tied up the court system with their assets as they try to go after their assets because they don't want to be part of digital currency?
What would happen?
It's a good question, right?
I think good enough to still kind of think about.
I do think we should be thinking about this a lot.
In fact, we should be spending time, instead of watching their Netflix offerings, we should be really, and this goes for me too, I'm calling myself out too, we should really be interested in wanting to make sure we understand contracts.
Moving forward and how to solidify, like I talked about the land deed.
You have to get a land deed because all you have are the warranty, the land warranty deed, right?
The warranty deed.
And the warranty deed isn't good enough.
They stopped doing it in the 40s.
They stopped giving you the actual title to your land.
They just started giving you a warranty deed in your mortgage paperwork.
And I have somebody that works on that.
I know somebody that works on this for people, and it's about a thousand bucks to do it to get your actual title because it actually includes the minerals under the ground, which they don't want you to have.
There's a reason they stopped doing that in the 40s.
They stopped giving you your title to your property.
It's very weird.
People think they have a title.
Go back and look.
You have a warranty deed.
It's a piece of paper that says that you're basically the owner, but it's not the title.
And that actually is a little process, takes a couple months.
But I would, if I were you, I would actually move towards getting that.
I think that's a really important thing.
The last thing I want to mention, and I hate having to talk about him because he's such
a little puppet with his little, I don't know, pasties and heels with his little boy band.
But Zelensky, the hired comic talk show host, president puppetry of Ukraine.
And yes, I did notice that Jill, little Jill and her granddaughter wore the colors of Ukraine at the coronation.
One wore blue and one wore yellow.
How fun.
Yeah, it's nauseating at best, but whatever.
We could do a whole show on the King's coronation and all the little things that were going on that were very weird about that.
But Zelensky is a really interesting guy, isn't he?
Back in 2022, he was asking for money and they met and there was a lot of articles talking about the fact that they were going to meet.
So July 4th, 2022, last July 4th, when we were begging to be able to be let out so we could have sparklers.
July 4, 2022, when no one was really paying much attention, they did have a meeting in Switzerland about this money that BlackRock was going to control, right?
That's kind of interesting, too.
But they warned about the colossal work ahead.
Now, they'd only been You know, at war for a pretty short time, right?
At war for a pretty short time.
So it was kind of interesting that they were already talking about Marshall Plan and, oh, we got a Marshall Plan Ukraine and rebuild his war-torn country.
But in the article in the Kiev Post, it actually talked about the fact that they were already planning on doing some of these things, some of this reconstruction and restoration.
Isn't that interesting?
There are already plans for some of this.
What I find kind of stunning is the fact that you don't see a whole lot of pictures of the buildings that have been wiped out because Russia wiped them out, right?
You haven't seen a whole lot of that.
And apparently, according to the AP, we wiped out a whole fourth of the Russian military force.
A fourth?
Little Ukraine matched up to big Russia wiped out a fourth of Russian military forces.
That's kind of interesting, isn't it?
Can they really back that up?
I don't know.
I thought that was kind of strange.
But I also did think it was a little strange that they had already been talking and already wanted to plan some of this.
Repurposing of Ukraine and reconstruction of Ukraine early on when it really wasn't a significant need.
Then Kiev Post, which is actually bought and sold news so it was kind of strange, were actually questioning the amount of damage that had been done.
They were also just questioning the fact that in the news a particular city had been mentioned, that they had wiped out, that they were actually wondering why they were naming that particular city.
Do you think there might be a lot more to the eye than what's going on?
Of course there is.
Rebuilding Ukraine, they said, is going to cost, you know, hundreds of billions of dollars.
Really, hundreds of billions of dollars.
And that was clear back in July 4th.
I find that a little weird.
You should too.
You should too.
And the fact that they put these articles out on July 4th when no one was paying attention because we're having barbecues and watching fireworks, I thought that was a little weird too.
But man, were they gaslighting for this money over all of this reconstruction that had to take place.
All these things that had been wiped out.
We still have yet to see the pictures.
We still have yet to see anything.
And they also, in these articles too, talked about the fact that there was already infrastructure needs and all kinds of different things already requested by Ukraine.
So was this war, sorry, but was this war the reason for that?
Was this war sort of like, we talked about the fact that they wanted to turn the Ukraine into a smart country, not just a smart 15 minute city, but a smart country.
They wanted to turn it into a beacon on the hill for the rest of the countries to look at and desire because, you know, it's all NSA and surveillance and, you know, the whole nine yards.
Is that what they're doing with the money?
Who knows?
I don't know.
There's certainly more questions.
And even Kiev is really questioning all the facts about this altercation.
I'll call it that.
All right, you guys, thanks for listening in.
This is The Alex Jones Show.
Watch The American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at band.video.
The American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at band.video.
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