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Name: 20230512_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 12, 2023
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In this episode of InfoWars, host Owen Schroyer confronts Border Patrol agents in El Paso, Texas, transporting buses full of immigrants. He criticizes open borders and welfare state policies, while highlighting the role of NGOs and Biden in controlling troops sent by governors to transport migrants across the US. Alex Jones discusses iodine deficiency as a cause for cognitive disability and promotes X3 Tri-Iodine. The speakers address various topics including feudalism, Biden's administration, electric vehicles, globalist agendas, self-sufficiency, and promote InfoWars products available on their store or by calling toll-free.

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Yeah, we could say America's collapsed and be negative Nancy about it, but the truth is, it doesn't... America will rise again.
Human freedom is not going to be snuffed out, Alex.
Human freedom and prosperity and self-government and independence and fulfilling your own destiny, choosing your own fate, that's not going to be snuffed out.
America will rise again.
But there's no doubt.
We're down and out right now, Alex.
I mean, the American people are getting hurt every which way, but we're getting flooded at the same time with all these illegal immigrants getting everything paid for.
It's going to replace the working class.
It's going to destroy the middle class.
I mean, it's just a total attack on our country.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Tomorrow's news.
It's Friday, and we are live, broadcasting worldwide.
We now take you to Owen Schroyer, last night, confronting the Border Patrol, when they were secretly sneaking in illegal aliens, with the U.S.
military overseeing it all.
So ladies and gentlemen, this bus, they have dozens if not hundreds of these buses all throughout El Paso, all throughout Texas, taking illegal immigrants everywhere.
And it's more important to protect the illegal immigrants and drive this bus through a ravine across the border so they can get them on without the American media seeing them.
And this bus is going to take them somewhere deep in the heart of Texas, drop them off.
But Border Patrol tells us the border's secure, nobody's crossing, nobody's coming in illegally,
As it happens, right in front of our face.
Get out of the way Americans, there's illegals coming in.
Get out of the way dirty Americans, we got non-citizens we gotta help.
You dirty, stinking Americans!
This isn't your country!
Get out of the way!
I'm so glad that we're making sure that the media can't see Biden's border invasion.
They drive 30-foot buses through ravines so the media can't see Biden's border invasion, and they send border agents out here telling us it's not happening.
So are they going to block our cameras too?
Yeah, make sure we can't see it.
Very nice.
Make sure nobody can see Biden's border invasion.
Make sure nobody can see the illegal immigrants.
You dirty, stinking Americans!
I'm sorry.
Your country gets more... Yeah, you dirty Americans!
Get out of the way!
This is the illegal immigrants country!
What do you guys think you're doing?
This country is for illegal immigrants!
You guys are dirty Americans!
Get out of the way!
How rude of you!
How rude of you to think you have a country anymore.
Hey, let's get another truck up here so no media can see this.
In fact, let's just ban the media.
Hey guys, we're going to need you to shut your cameras off.
We cannot document Biden's border invasion, okay?
Everybody shut your cameras down.
The border patrol's here to tell me to shut up too.
No free speech.
Sir, sir, he says, an American citizen, an American citizen.
This guy's ridiculous!
Please allow the other media to be able to cover this.
No, no, no, no media!
No, no, no media though!
Hey, no media!
Nobody see the illegal immigrants!
It's not happening!
It's not happening!
Sir, am I okay to be upset?
Do I have the right to redress grievances here?
But you're not being, you're being discourteous to your country.
I'm being discourteous!
A wide open border!
But I'm being discourteous!
Oh, I love it.
They can record.
I love it.
Nobody's stopping them.
Nobody's stopping them except you guys.
Look, she's trying to stop the media.
You guys don't want us to see this.
You drove a bus through a ravine.
You drove a bus through a ravine so we couldn't see this.
Do you think the American people are stupid?
Do you guys think the American people are stupid?
Do you guys like this?
Get out of the way, dirty Americans!
Shut off your cameras!
Nobody's allowed to see!
There is no Biden border invasion!
Shut your cameras off!
Everybody go home!
What have you done for this country?
What have you done for this country?
Excuse me?
What does that have to do with anything?
I'm asking you!
What have they done for the country?
I pay for their bills!
I pay taxes!
Okay, so what's your point?
So you're okay with the illegal immigration?
You're cool with that?
Should we fund endless wars in Ukraine?
Should we fund endless illegal immigration?
Is that your policy?
You like that?
Are they illegal?
Because, according to me, if I were to do it, I'd be silenced.
Okay, so we should just get rid of the whole immigration system then, right?
So let's get rid... Well, then why have it?
Why have an immigration system?
That's not what I'm saying at all.
So let's have an open border and a welfare state.
This is an attack on the country, folks.
That's what this is.
If you can't see it, you're oblivious.
And we sit here and film it and take this from our government.
But hey, don't worry.
They'll get taken care of.
Alright, Owen Schroeder always does an excellent job.
But man, the team is just dozens of idiots.
20-30 a day like this.
That's only half of it.
It gets more insane.
It's all at Bandot Video.
It's all at Infowars.com.
Only way the world gets warned and sees what they're trying to hide is if you go to Bandot Video and share the link.
Most places, they block Bandot Video, so share MadmaxWorld.tv.
We'll be right back.
Friday, May 12, 2023.
Well, the Infowars team has been at the border the last two days, and hands down, they've got the most incredible footage and events that we've ever gotten at the border.
I got up at 5 a.m.
I mean, I tried.
this morning.
I tried to watch all of it, and I wanted to watch all of it.
They must have done 30 videos yesterday.
They've already done like 15 today.
It is just insane.
The drone footage they've got is epic.
It's all free-to-air.
It's all waiting for all of you to share it, use it, re-upload it.
I don't care to warn the people.
We are the Paul Reveres.
Look at this footage the crew got.
They told our people on Wednesday and Thursday that there were no people in El Paso and go away, but our high-level sources said that's a lie.
They bring them up to the border at night and then hundreds of buses take them to different parts of the United States.
And sure enough, Owen and the crew just staked out one of more than 40 crossings, and they watched more than 30 buses just there, and they could see buses off in the distance at other points, and the lights, and the same thing just everywhere, buses everywhere.
Hundreds of buses!
And the U.S.
military is there to stand there with their guns and stare at U.S.
Get back!
Get back!
We're bringing the illegals in right now.
They got footage of them giving them cell phones that the Democratic Party controls so they can be told where to go and how to vote and what to do.
And debit cards without names.
That's the reward for getting here.
Free money.
Here's the packets.
Oh, here's your cell phone.
Here's your money.
We got it all, ladies and gentlemen.
We got it all.
All designed to collapse the country.
There's a great graphic on Infowars.com down at the bottom of that cartoon section that shows the border and how much illegals are going to cross.
On the other side, they're at the ballot box, bloop, voting, which the Democrats are doing in all their major cities.
Totally illegal.
And of course, there's humanity here.
The globalists locked their countries down for years.
They've done polls of them.
Over 90% say there's no jobs since, quote, COVID.
They collapsed it.
And then now they're here.
This is what's going on in America.
This is what's happening right now.
And there's
Six and a half billion people in the third world and they all want to come here as the country collapses into crime and homelessness.
There's no police when you get carjacked or robbed or hit in the back of the head because you're white.
But boy, they got police to continue and complete the smuggling.
But don't worry, Biden sent troops.
So did the governor of Texas.
And then they get there and they're under the command of the NGOs and Biden.
They say, all right, Governor, thanks for sending troops.
Troops, get over here and load these people up in these trucks.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
And the whole world sees this and they call back to their families and they say, hey, I got my cell phone I got up here with, with the UN money, the State Department money and the NGO money, but now I got a new cell phone, all paid for.
Oh, it gets better.
It gets a lot better or worse.
Listen to this.
They are setting their immigration hearings for 2035 or 12 years from now.
That's pretty interesting, isn't it?
Here it is.
Illegal immigrants get free smartphones paid for by U.S.
Some do not have a court date until 2035.
This is the footage that our crew down there with Tyler Hanson got.
Federal judge blocks Biden administration from releasing migrants without court dates.
Asylum 42 expires so they just set them for 12 years from now.
Biden's America, armed federal agents protect privacy of illegal aliens from reporters in El Paso, Texas.
His title 42 expires.
See all the footage at Infowars.com.
I'm going to have one of the writers take all the latest videos from last night and today and post them to the live show feed so you have one easy spot to find them.
Or you simply go to Madmaxworld.tv, which takes you to Bandot Video.
That's the URL to share.
You can see right there, Biden's border collapse.
And they're all there.
Not just the reports the last three days, but going back years.
The smuggling of children.
All of it.
Remember, they released 20,000 pedophiles the last two and a half years under Biden in the Texas sector alone.
And over 30,000 children were with them when they were released.
So on average, they had about a child and a half with them.
One to two children.
Convicted pedophiles.
Some with five convictions.
Some deported as many as seven times.
Brutal rapes of children.
They know who they are!
And they're bye-bye fly birdy.
Because we love the migrants.
We love the third world.
We're being nice letting this happen.
And of course, the jobs aren't going to be there for them, just like in Europe.
There'll be a permanent underclass under the system.
The border is officially
Being erased criminally because the Justice Department will not prosecute anybody.
And Biden has ordered the border completely erased.
The fall of the Republic in our face.
Now, Gavin McGinnis is going to be popping in next hour to give us his take on this and more.
But also, the phone's up to take a lot of your calls.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
has come out again and said this is about human smuggling and collapsing the country.
He's also come out against the environmental movement saying it's all about carbon taxes and enslaving people.
Wow, he's really awake.
We also have the latest on Twitter and the World Economic Forum, some big news on that front.
Yale Research accidentally proves liberals more racist than conservatives.
More farms in Europe being shut down for environmental targets.
New York City to bust migrants out.
Texas sends more buses.
Also, it's resurfacing on viral interviews I did with Dr. John Coleman.
I'm going to play some excerpts of that and point you to it.
So you can see some of these interviews that I'm going to have reposted in fullwars.com.
But I'll tell you this, as bad as things are, it's causing people to really wake up.
Suddenly, all over the internet, all these old interviews I did,
With all these experts predicting all this 20 years ago, 25 years ago, 10 years ago, are going viral.
I mean, millions of views per video, per day.
I can't even keep track of it.
It's very heartening that all their persecution of Infowars has done is make people look for it.
I went out to dinner with my wife and a musician friend of ours last night, and I went to a little Italian restaurant.
It was pretty early, and there was nobody in there.
And then four groups of people came in of every race, color, and creed, and all of them came over to the table and said, we love you, and took pictures with me.
Then I walked out to the parking garage, and all three groups of people I ran into, a black woman with her dog, a Hispanic gentleman with his wife, and a white lady and her husband, all listeners saying, we used to be liberals, we're awake, we know what's happening, we love you.
So every person I talked to,
From the Italian restaurant to the parking garage 50 yards away, every person I ran into was a listener.
Every person I ran into supported the show.
How's that going for you, New World Order?
And it's not about Alex Jones, it's about I'm a gauge.
As I've said, I am a censor to let us know how much effect we're having.
And let me tell you, it is massive.
So, they may be flooding the border, they may be starting World War III, they may be
Creating all the inflation.
They may be promoting pedophilia, but it's really waking people up.
But you see their answer.
Do you think the illegal aliens are going to stop drinking Bud Light?
Do you think they know what's going on?
It'll take a generation to get them informed.
And that's the plan.
The globalists know they've lost.
They got to bring in a group that can't communicate, that they control, and have a very short leash.
And that's why they're doing this.
This has got to be shut down now.
The country is collapsing as we speak.
Every night across the Texas border, Arizona, New Mexico, California border, tens of thousands of illegal aliens told to come here, shipped up here by the UN, are given debit cards, cell phones, put on buses, and shipped in to be signed up in sweatshops, put on welfare.
The Democratic Party uses lawyers to skim upwards of half their paycheck and half their welfare check, and they are a permanent slave class who will also be directed where to vote, or they'll be deported back.
All controlled by their smartphone and a database that tracks them run by the CIA.
It's all come out.
They did the same thing in Europe with the United Nations, the same NGO that ran the destruction of Europe.
Tourism's down 80% on average.
Places like France is running this attack.
And that's in all our previous reports at Mandobideo.
Showing you who the groups are, how they're operating, right through to the current reports we have today in the Biden border collapse special section.
But I want to shift gears into just how despicable the corporate media is.
We saw Trump do the CNN town hall because he's banned on Fox.
And they got actually good ratings compared to what they usually get, nothing.
And Trump with this woman, Dylan Mulvaney, constantly on him.
Oh, I'm sorry, the name is Caitlyn Collins.
I get them confused.
Anyways, Caitlyn Mulvaney, or I'm sorry,
Yeah, Caitlin Mulvaney.
Oh, Dylan Mulvaney is the name.
Sitting there, literally not letting him talk, and she's either so ignorant or thinks her audience is dumb, she says, what about NATO?
What about Ukraine?
He goes, well, why have we paid $170 billion?
It's actually above that.
And why have they paid $20 billion?
If they want this war so bad, they should be paying for it.
That's one way to cut it off is to cut the funding.
And she goes, why don't you talk about Ukraine when I ask about it?
It just shows a level of ignorance.
They're that ignorant.
And then an incredible clip of one of the top globalist heirs to trillions, Anderson Cooper on CNN Town Hall with Trump.
You have every right to be outraged today and angry and never watch this network again.
But do you think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make that person go away?
So they're desperate for the ratings.
But at the same time, they can't stand Trump.
They thought they'd destroy him by talking over him and yapping, but instead, everybody agrees, it blew up in their face massively, like everything they do.
But, like crazy people, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.
I've learned with crazy people, you just, you can't change them.
You just can't get through to them.
You can just avoid them.
I mean, the level of lies about me in the media, and it's not about me, but it's the level of lies is insane.
Like you've seen, and don't show me the headlines, I'm not giving it attention.
Headlines everywhere, Alex Jones is a deadbeat dad, Alex Jones doesn't pay child support.
Now folks, in the state of Texas, if you don't pay child support for two months, they grab your bank account and your paycheck.
And if you don't pay it after that, they arrest you.
Secretary of State's office.
I have never missed a child support payment.
These articles say Jones won't pay child support for his son and older daughter.
Well, they're 19 and 20.
My son's 21, moved out.
And then my 14 year old.
Decided because I guess she gets to do more stuff or whatever that she after living with me forever that she wants to stay with her mom That's fine.
So I pay child support headlines everywhere Jones doesn't pay child support and then the newspapers reach out and say do you want to fact-check this?
They just want to engage me in more BS folks.
It's not true.
Anybody knows that
You can go to the Secretary of State's office online and see that I'm in good standing and ahead of my payments.
It's not true.
But that doesn't matter.
It's the same thing with wars, and the same thing with open borders, and the Border Patrol saying there's no illegals here, and then we wait till the nighttime and they all pour across.
It's just, it's deception, ladies and gentlemen, and it's next level.
So you have to understand that...
If you're not a public figure, you think they're lying some.
If you're a public figure fighting them, believe me, you get an incredible education, ladies and gentlemen, in deception.
And, I mean, it's like with all the bankruptcy stuff.
Jones made $60 million last year.
Totally untrue.
Didn't make $5 million.
Didn't make $2 million.
All came out in court it wasn't true.
Notice you don't hear about it anymore in the news.
Because they just look for anything to turn it into something it's not.
And they do that to the whole country because they're at war with us, ladies and gentlemen.
They know they're at war.
They know they want our free speech.
They know they want to shut you down.
They want to shut me down.
And we keep thinking like they're crazy liberals.
Yeah, they're crazy like a fox on PCP.
No, man, they run stuff.
They rule us.
And all the people that work for the system.
Pretending like they're part of the power structure.
Pretending like they're winners.
Pretending like you're doing good being part of this lie.
You're destroying yourself!
We're circling the toilet bowl!
You're not going to get your heaven of socialism when this is all over.
Did you get your free debt forgivance for student loans?
So let's play the clip of Dylan Mulvaney at the town hall with Trump and then Anderson Cooper.
Can I just follow up on that?
Can you say if you want Ukraine or Russia to win this war?
I want everybody to stop dying.
They're dying.
Russians and Ukrainians.
I want them to stop dying.
And I'll have that done.
I'll have that done in 24 hours.
You need the power of the presidency to do it.
I'll have it done.
But you won't say that you want Ukraine to win.
You know what I'll say?
I'll say this.
I want Europe to put up more money.
Because they're in for 20 billion.
We're in for 170.
And they should be.
And they should equalize.
They have plenty of money.
They should equalize.
I got with NATO.
When I sat down, I got them to put up hundreds of billions of dollars that they weren't paying under Obama and Bush and all of these other presidents.
That's why they're able to help them fight the war because of the money I got.
But I want Europe to put up more money because they're laughing at us.
They think we're a bunch of jerks.
We're spending $170 billion for faraway land and they're right next door to that land.
And they're in for 20.
I don't think so.
She doesn't know that NATO's involved in Ukraine.
She doesn't know the funding's what runs it all.
And he's saying, I'll cut the funding off.
That's how he'll end the war.
Like a light switch.
Media's like, he wouldn't be able to end it as president.
Bull, horny, hot dog.
Dylan Mulvaney, stick to selling Bud Light, okay?
But Dylan Mulvaney literally thinks that the new CNN anchor... Yeah, they hired Dylan Mulvaney.
It looks like Dylan Mulvaney.
I'm joking, folks.
They are literally thinking the public's stupid and doesn't know that NATO and funding of a war is everything.
He cuts right to the chase.
I'll cut the funding.
Well, what does funding for a war have to do with a war?
What does putting gas in your tank have to do with your car starting?
What does drinking water have to do with not dehydrating yourself?
I mean, maybe she is just that stupid.
Because let me tell you, I've been around liberals and leftists.
They literally don't know how anything works.
But they've got their moron talking points.
That they just parrot and parrot.
I went to that clip too late.
We'll come back and play the Anderson Cooper meltdown.
I don't normally play clips of these anchors, but man.
He's like, I apologize to have that rise.
And we're so sorry, but we have to show it to you.
And I watched the thing yesterday morning.
Trump told nothing but the truth the whole time.
And then he's going, we're sorry you had to hear that terrible lie.
He wants the dying to stop.
And he says he'll cut the funding off the president.
This is terrible.
We're so sorry.
It was so terrible you had to see that.
Meanwhile, Biden says the border is completely under control.
Immigration is down 90%.
It's like up 400%.
We'll be right back.
You are listening to a frontline report.
Well, the footage that our crew
Is getting down on the Texas border, that is, no more, is beyond epically horrific.
Hour after hour of it, every minute of it, compelling crime by our hijacked government.
The Mexican government worked with Trump and basically cut illegal immigration down to nothing, because in Mexico they have Central and South American gangs that come up there and shoot up their towns, kill the police, and have endless wars.
They almost took over Cancun four years ago.
The Mexicans don't want this.
And the Mexican president said Trump was doing a good job.
Not Biden.
Not Biden.
You can get mad at Trump bringing in a ton of Indians, but they're smart and hardworking, to get the jobs back here.
You can say Americans get those jobs, but it was a tech boom.
But Trump wanted people with degrees that don't have criminal records.
He loves them if they got brown skin and they're like that.
Me too.
I don't care what color your skin is, if you're a smart, good person.
But if you're going to be brought here and put on the government payroll and brainwashed and be under their control, you are a tool!
And you are a weapon!
Do I blame the people?
If I was them, I'd be doing this too.
They cut off most of the farms, the agriculture, for two plus years in Latin America.
They've had major polls where 90 plus percent say, I came here because there's no jobs, because of the COVID lockdowns.
The IMF and World Bank control those third world countries.
They weren't locked down for six months or a year.
They were locked down for two plus years.
And again, if we could outreach them and give them a cell phone and get them to know about the New World Order, we might be able to take half of what's coming in, if they weren't cutting off the energy and the pipelines and the infrastructure, but we can't.
The country's falling apart.
67% of Americans
Have less than $1,000 in the bank, and in a big national survey done last month, 67% live paycheck to paycheck, less than $1,000 in the bank.
That's never happened since the Great Depression.
And the answer is tens of millions of people to go on welfare?
It's game over if this continues.
And they fully intend to steal the next election and just accelerate this.
The UN plan is 680 million illegal aliens in America by 2035.
Put it in.
I mean, it's on their website.
Yeah, the ADL has summit meetings and says, Jones is a white supremacist and arrest anyone that says replacement migration.
What the hell does that have to do with white supremacism that the UN says they're going to bring 600 million people in here?
We couldn't take 80 million.
680 million people?
To then be brainwashed that I'm bad because I'm white?
And you know what they teach on these universities?
The ADL says nothing.
There's a larger plan of divide and conquer.
They teach that Jews run everything, and Jews are evil, and go look at leftist curriculum.
Why is the ADL not criticizing that?
Because it's all part of this divide and conquer strategy.
Because the more anti-Semitism there is, the more the ADL does good.
Then they can blame innocent people for what they themselves are cooking up.
And they don't speak for Jews.
You know, there's always a big third rail of wanting to say the Catholics run it, or the Masons run it, or the Jews run it.
Folks, there are evil Catholics, there are good Catholics, there are evil Jews, there are good Jews.
There are good Masons, there are bad Masons.
None of that.
It matters what you do and what you stand for.
Some of the best people I know are Jewish.
Some of the best people I know are Catholic.
And some of the worst people.
Some of the worst people I know are Protestants.
Some of the best are Protestants.
But the point is, is that
They're manipulating everybody and playing us off against each other.
It's an evil globalist cabal.
Xi Jinping's Chinese.
He works for Joe Biden.
It's evil people with a globalist agenda.
It's globalist!
And if we just oppose their policies and don't get down into fighting over what color we are, then we can fix this, fix the third world, help them, not collapse them under the same globalist policies that made them come here.
They stampeded like a herd of cattle.
I'm not comparing people to cows.
Am I against cows?
I'm saying I'm compared to a stampede.
They stampeded them with lockdowns and no food or medicine up here, and if they stampede, they'll run over your ass and kill you.
So that's the issue here.
The globalists did this, and now this is the next part of their trick.
And the whole world sees the borders wide open and it's gonna be, this is 10 times worse than it was a few years ago, it'll be 10 times worse than this in a few years.
It's 680 million they say they want here.
680 million.
680 million, a bunch of poor people with no education, wandering around in circles, being force fed CNN.
That's the New World Order checkmate, that's their battle plan, that's their Hail Mary.
It's outrageous, it's illegal, it's insane, it's gotta be stopped.
Go ahead and play the Anderson Cooper clip, again, talking about, yes, everything Trump says is a lie and you have a right to be angry and never listen again, but we need to let you know how evil he is.
Meanwhile, I watched the thing, he didn't say one thing that wasn't true, and all they did was lie and yap like crazed chihuahuas.
Here it is.
Many of you have expressed deep anger and disappointment.
Many of you are upset that someone who attempted to destroy our democracy was invited to sit on a stage in front of a crowd of Republican voters to answer questions and predictably continued to spew lie after lie after lie.
And I get it.
It was disturbing.
It was disturbing to see and hear that person refer to a black law enforcement officer as a thug, an adjective he used many times to describe black men, and call Caitlin Collins, the moderator, nasty, which is what he calls any woman who stands up to him.
It was disturbing to hear him speak so highly of QAnon conspirators and insurrectionists who assaulted police officers in our democracy on January 6th.
And it was awful to hear him spread ridiculous lies.
Hit pause.
You know what?
Hit pause.
You know, I'm going to have to unpack these lies just because everything he says is a lie.
Trump said there were many good people, a million plus that came to protest the election and only a small group did bad, and then he said, be non-violent in his tweets the day before and that day, and to support the police and military.
We played the clip yesterday.
That isn't supporting QAnon lies and supporting the insurrectionists.
He's not been found guilty of launching an attack on the Capitol.
You just lied.
Then he calls somebody a thug just because they happen to be black and you say he's being racist.
Then because he stands up to a woman that won't shut up and let him even get an answer in, who's yipping and yapping at him, a horrible moderator, and says it's because she's a woman.
Every stupid, dumb trick.
It was certainly disturbing to hear that audience, young and old, our fellow citizens, people who love their kids and go to church, laugh and applaud his lies, and his continued defamation of a woman who, according to a jury of his peers, he sexually abused.
Pausing again.
Found guilty, not of rape, they said, not of rape, but of saying it wasn't true.
So you say, I'm innocent, I don't know this woman, defamation, the jury thinks you defamed her, saying it's not true.
Since when can you not say you're innocent in America?
See how they've inverted reality?
He's stealing your rights to due process, to being innocent until proven guilty.
He's doing it right in front of you, right now.
Everything he says Trump's doing, he's doing.
Kim, it is impossible to fact-check fully because he lies so shamelessly.
Now, many of you think CNN shouldn't have given him any platform to speak, and I understand the anger about that.
Giving him the audience, the time, I get that.
But this is what I also get.
The man you were so disturbed to see and hear from last night?
That man is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president.
And according to polling, no other Republican is even close.
That man you were so upset to hear from last night?
He may be president of the United States in less than two years.
And that audience that upset you?
That's a sampling of about half the country.
They are your family members, your neighbors, and they are voting.
And many said they're voting for him.
Now, maybe you haven't been paying attention to him since he left office.
Maybe you've been enjoying not hearing from him, thinking it can't happen again, some investigation is going to stop him.
Well, it hasn't so far.
So if last night showed anything, it showed it can happen again.
It is happening again.
He hasn't changed, and he is running hard.
You have every right to be outraged today and angry and never watch this network again.
But do you think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make that person go away?
Wow, they are in full panic mode.
Look what a predator Anderson Cooper is.
Do you know about his family history?
Heroin dealers.
Organized crime.
Master criminals.
He's a predator.
We are back broadcasting worldwide.
Gavin McGinnis joining us next hour.
Open phones after he leaves us.
On the road again.
Up on stage.
Here I am.
Here I am.
Playing the star again.
Turn the page.
All right, let's get right into it right now.
A lot of the videos and interviews we've done the last 29 years are now resurfacing and going mega viral everywhere.
And a couple of John Coleman interviews from my show are getting millions of views on Twitter and Instagram as we speak.
And that's really a good thing.
And the reason I want to raise this is I'm going to have this interview, two of these interviews, one of them is an hour long, one of them is 34 minutes long, reposted to InfoWars.com right now so you can share them with others.
And I want to encourage and thank those that are going and digging out and ferreting out all the old, even more powerful interviews.
They're evergreen.
They get better with time, because it's all come true, to continue what you're doing.
But the real reason, there's a lot of little sub-reasons, the real reason I'm going to cover this is I had Christy Lee, who's a great independent reporter this morning, interviewed me for like an hour for a podcast she's doing.
And she asked me a question about
What is your advice to somebody recently red-pilled?
And I went on for about 10 minutes to answer this.
It's a very important question.
And not really a question I've ever gotten, but I've thought about that we should talk about.
When somebody first starts waking up, how do they ensure that they don't go down rabbit trails or get distracted or get off into fake conspiracies?
And it's really pretty simple.
You research source documents
And you go back and look at who said 50 years ago, 30 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, what was going to happen, and who's been accurate.
Accuracy is the barometer of the person.
You don't go off made up rumors or, you know, the distractionary stuff that goes on.
Because the enemy attacks those of us that are telling you the truth with this info and with claims that we're loyal opposition.
And it doesn't really affect us, but it affects new people that we can wake up, who now don't trust anything because they've been lied to.
Well, with us, we show you what we're saying.
When we make a claim, we show it to you.
And I don't sell his book, we should, but I meant to check and see if he was still alive.
Let's see what's going on, Doctor.
John Coleman.
I interviewed him many times, he was in MI6, and I read his book, and the way The Globalist operate, what he said is totally true.
But I read in the comments, I didn't have much time to read, but I scanned a bunch of them, on a couple different videos that had hundreds of thousands of millions of views, the trolls saying, this is theater, this isn't happening, there's no ruling elite, there's no 300 that control things.
And what John Coleman says about the Committee of 300 is dead right.
The Committee of 300 is a real thing set up in the 1760s.
Even before that, but officially in the 1760s, which was the British aristocracy through the British East India Company, and later merging with the Dutch East India Company, with the goods coming out of China and India.
And so they had gotten control from the Spanish and the Portuguese, who were the previous dominant empire, control using opium, addicting the Chinese and others, by addicting them to drugs, of that trade, which at the time was the dominant trade on the planet.
Tobacco and
Things out of the New World were a close second, but it was still silk and opium and spices out of Asia.
And so that's who runs this, and it's in mainline history books, it's just not on the news.
So I see the commenters, though, and they just don't understand history.
They hear this man talking, and they think, well, that's just his opinion.
No, it's not his opinion.
He names who runs it, he names who controls it, but whether it's the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the other roundtable groups, the Cecil Rhodes set up 150 years ago, it's all the same group, and it's really less than 300.
It's a couple hundred, and they've usually got their aides, but let's say 300.
You count their aides, a thousand, but it's a couple hundred people, what Rothkopf, the Kissinger Group, calls a superclass.
That run and manage everything in the Anglo-American establishment.
And it's called Anglo-American because that was the name also of one of the big companies.
You have Anglo-American oil, you know, that did the coup in 53, of Mosaddegh and Iran.
I mean, when you study history, it's these guys.
It's not the British people.
It's the empire that came out of that.
So, we'll post both these interviews at Infowars.com.
But let's hear a few minutes of Dr. John Coleman.
Hope you'll share them.
And this is, what, from 2010-2011?
Here it is.
They are caught in this giant organization called the Committee of 300.
And they took this name from a family of 300 very powerful merchants living in England.
And they began with a charter from the Queen to give them the right to go and invade countries and make war against them.
And it all, of course, was based on the Chinese Okium trade.
They had a huge treasury of money gained from the Chinese Okium trade.
They even got a charter from the British government to go to war against China.
That gives you some idea of the power of these people.
It's like a private organization that really is the government of the world.
It is a worldwide control body with enormous powers because it's invaded every government on the planet.
There's not a single government, maybe, maybe with the exception of China, and latterly Russia, since the demise of Putin, of their previous president, and with the coming of Putin, of course, things changed in Russia.
Then, of course, Russia today is still a thorn in the side of the plexiglass organization, because they have not joined it.
In spite of the pressure to wreck their economy, which very nearly succeeded at one stage, but
Thanks to Putin coming in, they managed to pull themselves around.
And you can know that they're vast, vast natural resources.
Russia should be one of the greatest countries in the world.
But they've been robbed blind by people in the past, these enormous, powerful combines.
And Russia was teetering on the very, very brink when Putin came to power.
And he cancelled all these monopolies and all of these international bankers fled.
Many of them fled to England.
Most of them went to Israel.
But as I said, Russia has been on the forward and the side of the Committee of 300 for many, many years.
From Stalin's days, they were accused of obeying the dictates of the Committee.
Pause it there.
In the first five minutes of the next hour, I'm going to air five more minutes of a key part of this, and then Gavin McGinnis is going to be joining us.
But in the book, he names and names the groups, corporations, and I've done all the research.
It's all true.
Just like if I told you, Paul Schwab says he'll put a chip in all of you by 2030 and you'll own nothing and have nothing and they're going to take over your body, I can play him saying it in English to you and French.
And then watch them do it.
I mean, it's like, please listen to me.
They're doing it.
And they decided, we got robots now, we don't need people, just kill everybody.
And I can see the argument.
There's a lot of people, a lot of people milling around doing stupid stuff, but it's not up to them to kill everybody.
And then I look at the Globos, they're a bunch of pedophiles and inbred spoiled brats.
How about you go first?
How about you all kill yourselves first, and then we'll talk about it?
Oh no, you're too important, Anderson Cooper.
One of the main heirs to this.
You're not going anywhere, are you?
You just want me to go somewhere, my family.
Well guess what, buddy boy?
Not without resistance.
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The great Gavin McGinnis joins us in T-minus six minutes and Biden's announced he doesn't want to ban your range stoves.
Now they want to ban your dishwashers.
They're coming for everything.
The full interviews are on InfoWars.com.
We'll be back with the great Gavin McGinnis.
They refuse to obey the dictates.
I wanted to ask you about something Kanye said on your show about the Committee of 300 and the book that Dr. John Coleman wrote in the early 90s, which the CIA posts in PDF on its website.
How accurate is that book?
How does it tie into the World Economic Forum?
And where is Dr. Coleman today?
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
I don't know if Dr. Coleman is still alive.
I interviewed Dr. Coleman
Probably 6, 7, 8 times.
I think the last time I interviewed him was like 15 years ago or so.
And I was never able to get him back on.
Last time I heard he was sick.
That was a long time ago.
But the Committee of 300 is dead on.
If you look at the Trilateral Commission, or you look at the CFR, or you look at the Club of Rome, or you look at the WEF, or you look at the Knights of the Royal Family in England, and if you look at who is on the boards,
Of all these different globalist groups, it's the same hundred people or so that are on all the boards of the key chairmanships.
And there's a couple hundred under them.
So Bilderberg usually has about 120 members.
Another hundred or so guests, that's 120 people at it.
But yeah, he worked for MI6.
I think Dr. Coleman was absolutely dead on with what he said.
I mean, I read his book.
25 years ago?
Conspirators hierarchy, the true story of the committee of 300, Dr. John Coleman.
And they put that back up, great job.
I guess they found one of my interviews with him.
Infowars.com, John Coleman.
And let me guess, is that still on YouTube?
Where'd you guys find that?
Yeah, let's show the YouTube channel.
Dr. Coleman, great to have you with us today, sir.
Thank you so much.
All right, in the 46 minutes we've got left now, time is flying, you've got the floor.
What is the Committee of 300, what is the world government, and where is it taking us?
The Committee of 300 is the world government.
It's one of your previous programs as a gentleman asking about the New World Order.
How is it run?
Well, it's run through the Committee of 300.
They're also known as the Olympians in the early days, and men spoke about them under their breath, for fear of them.
This is a massive organization which in the beginning was run by, mainly by the royalty in Europe, but now of course it's spread all over the world.
The American Eastern Liberal Establishment was allowed in to join it and several of the other countries came in as lower echelon members.
And this committee was the group that was begun actually by the drug trade with China.
That's where they've amassed their fortunes.
And that's where they got their beginning.
But of course, they've gone from that to every level of society, every facet of our civilization.
And they have people who have introduced population control, a wide variety of devices to keep control of everything that's happening.
Now you can say that this is like a huge corporation where you have the CEO at the head, you have his
We're good.
Yeah, I think so.
And by the way, you're a political scientist and economist, and I've read your work for more than 15 years, so I vouch for what you're saying, but perhaps you should give people a few dates, because you went and got source documents from the Office of Naval Intelligence, from retired admirals, from retired commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence.
From government documents.
The full interview is over an hour and a half long.
All right.
Two different interviews.
They're now on Infowars.com.
They've been reposted to Bandai Video.
The great Gab McInnes is straight ahead talking about world events and major developments.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Back in 60 seconds.
And the mighty Gavin McInnes is our guest.
Amazing syndicated talk show host in his own right.
The founder of Vice that he's now been talking about going belly up along with the Bud Light and the rest of the leftists.
Get woke, go broke system.
I want to get his take on the border collapsing, the insanity of the left, all the criminal attacks on anybody resisting the globalists, the railroading of the Proud Boys, a group that he founded but hasn't led for many years.
So many things to talk about.
Censor.tv to find everything, Gavin McInnes.
Gavin, great to have you on with us.
I know you can only go to the bottom of the hour, so I'm going to skip this network break, my friend.
What do you want to plunge into first, my compadre?
This border thing makes no mathematical sense.
There's supposed to be refugees, asylum seekers, right?
So you have to have come from Mexico.
I've seen footage of these guys with turbans on, hordes of guys from Pakistan, Bangladesh, you've got guys from Haiti, you've got Africans coming in here.
How do you say, I'm seeking asylum, and you don't go to the next country, you go seven countries over?
Well, that's for people that know the law.
Explain to them what the refugee law means and how it's being misused.
Think of a Croatian, right?
During the Balkan War.
She's got to get out of there.
It's bombing.
She's got her kids and she goes, I have to get to Beverly Hills.
I need to escape this.
No, you just need to escape the bad area.
You don't get to go seven areas away.
That's not the way asylum seeking works.
And the Biden administration just goes, well, it'll bring votes.
So who cares if it destroys the country?
Man, what do you make of Biden?
I mean, he can't even talk now.
He never knows where he is.
I mean, within six months of this rate of degeneration, he'll be as bad as Dianne Feinstein.
He's a perfect tool for the globalists because he'll do anything you say.
I could probably make him just take his pants off.
If I worked for Biden and he was doing a speech, I said, in the middle of speech, take down your pants and pull your penis out.
He'd go, all right, got to take the pants down.
Here we go.
Come on, man.
If you pull your pee pee out in his note cards, he'd do it.
That's right.
Absolutely, on a shadow of a doubt.
He wouldn't even go, that's unusual.
He says it himself, he goes, I don't know what I'm signing.
As he just signs stuff all day.
And he says, my butt's been wiped.
My butt's been wiped.
Yeah, he said that.
It's become a game to figure out what he's going for.
Like you, you dissect his sentence and all the mistakes and you go, oh, I think I might know what he was going for there.
It's, it's like speaking another language.
So I asked you a question about six, seven years ago.
It's incredible.
I said, what's the bottom or what's the peak of Lepus and Sandy?
You said there is no peak.
And I think we're seeing that here.
Yeah, everyone's, like, I talk to guys like cops who go, I'm glad it's getting bad.
I want it to get worse.
I'm armed.
I'm ready.
Then they can see what it's really like with no police.
That's a dumb theory.
The idea that it's going to get a little worse and then we'll go, oh, OK, get woke does mean go broke.
And America isn't a racist, sexist hellhole full of transphobia.
I guess the meritocracy thing was right.
That's never going to happen.
Look at South Africa.
They have no electricity.
They have no running water.
They're stripping down radio towers for the copper and the steel to sell to scrapyards.
And they're still going with their bullcrap.
It never ends with these people.
You're talking about South Africa.
Yeah, South Africa is a totally failed state and the left loves it.
You know what you need to get a high school degree there?
You need to have a zero.
They went from 51% down 40, 30.
Now it's zero.
Like nothing means anything anymore.
The police are totally non-existent.
It's all vigilante justice over there.
And going to bed at night takes about 30 minutes of locks and glass and razor wire and tripwires and generators and all of this stuff.
And that's how bad America will get before anyone does anything.
No, I totally agree.
I mean, here's an example.
I don't know.
And they said, oh, these are all, you know, 18 and 25 year old males.
I thought it was families coming over.
So they go, OK, no problem.
Now they're kidnapping kids and kidnapping random woman and putting them together to make a fake family because it's a good photo op.
These kids are they don't know where their parents are.
And then they send the kids back down and they loop them around.
And they also have you notice they keep using footage and B-roll of Mexicans from like years ago.
It's Pakistanis now.
They're wearing turbans when they come across.
It's black males.
It's not these cute little families just looking for a brighter pasture.
A greener pasture.
But I think your analysis is dead on.
It gets way more dystopic.
What does the elite think though?
Because this will collapse society on them.
Why are they still accelerating it?
I think it's a game to them and they have the Thanos mentality of let's obliterate half the population.
So I'll just destroy, you know, South Side of Chicago, Baltimore, Manhattan, East New York.
I'll just let all those places go.
I'll still have my mansion and then we can start from scratch and build it in my image with my laws and my grand plan.
I mean, you predicted this 20 years ago and it's happening.
I'm watching it.
What do you think about Trump and what's happening to him and all the political warfare, all the lawfare, all the fake criminal charges, the so-called civil court saying, well, he didn't rape her, but he's not allowed to say he's innocent, so he's liable for saying he's innocent and he doesn't know this woman.
Since when does saying I'm innocent make you liable for $5 million?
You didn't rape her, but you called her a lying bitch.
Yeah, she's a lying bitch.
You just said the exact... To accuse someone of rape when it's not true is a bitchy thing to do.
And she was lying.
And they changed the law to make it happen.
Dude, we're living in the third world.
I just got my motorcycle license plate renewed.
I couldn't go to the DMV.
It was a madhouse.
I couldn't get on their site.
So I pay a guy 50 bucks, and he knows someone who knows someone who calls his cousin, and then they give me the tags, and I put it back on the bike.
That's Sicily.
That's Reggio di Calabria.
We are living in a third world mafia town where it's bribes and they change the laws to fix things.
And I pray to God people see that Trump thing for what it was.
A total and utter scam, a dereliction of the law.
And I pray to God that people saw the same CNN show I saw, where someone basically committed suicide by cop.
They went to attack Trump with a knife and he just went, boom, you're dead.
Like that woman was completely annihilated.
Everyone loved, even Trump's enemies must have loved that thing.
And you know CNN's ashamed of it because you can't find it anywhere and they cut it 30 minutes short.
I'm gonna have the crew pull up the Raiders of the Lost Ark sword scene where the guy swings his sword all around and then Trump just goes boom.
But yeah, she wouldn't let him talk but still he won the debate and it just shows how insanely desperate they are.
And it showed how naive they are.
I mean, I think the left has been spoiled rotten.
They send in a guy like Fetterman, who says, the Eagles are way better than the Eagles!
He wins.
They've got Pete Buttigieg.
They've got AOC.
They've got Nancy Pelosi with the eyes of a dead goat.
And they keep winning.
So you get spoiled when you win that much.
And then they send in this fashion editor to take on the Mike Tyson of media.
What do you think was going to happen?
Don't charge cops with a knife!
So what do they do now when Trump's 35, 40 points ahead of everybody, he wins the nomination, and then they try to put the nominated person in prison.
What happens with that?
They ballot harvest, they change the laws again, they find someone to say he raped tons of chicks, they incriminate him.
Can we win?
I don't think the last election was fair.
It's called a lie to say it was rigged.
No, it's a theory that it was rigged, and it's a strong theory.
It's a good hypothesis.
But we know from Professor Epstein and others
That it's not even the ballots or the voting data, it's the fraud.
It's the manipulation of the media and big tech and blocking voter information and skewing 98% leftists.
That's the election meddling.
What they claim the Russians do, they did.
Yeah, they always say, like with Jan 6, they go, seditious conspiracy, that's hard to prove and it was proven.
No, the opposite happened.
The media has brainwashed these juries into thinking that an insurrection happened and it was planned, so they go guilty.
Like, the fact that Proud Boys, Max and John, did four years for a fistfight with Antifa isn't proof they were guilty, it's proof that you can't get a fair trial in New York City or DC.
These juries are like little kids who watch Sex and the City, and they go, oh, I'm stopping fascists.
I heard there was a racist around every corner.
You're heroes, and, well, I mean, in my cases, and in the Dominion case, the judge said Fox was guilty.
And the judge told the jury he's guilty, just decide how guilty.
I mean, this is what they're doing now.
Dude, if a trial, if you had a trial, Alex Jones, for jaywalking, the jury would say you should be fined a trillion dollars.
I mean, this is why, you know, when cops have a case, the city will settle for five million, because they know no matter how innocent the cop is, the jury hates cops in New York City so much that they're going to say, give him 500 million.
Money's magic.
Just give it to him.
Give him 50 million.
Our justice system is dead.
Our election is dead.
I'm paying dudes to get my license plate.
Like, do we have a country anymore?
There's no such thing as a border.
Let me back you up.
I had like a 10 year old Ford Raptor and my dad really liked it so he bought it from me like three years ago.
But it took him, because the DMV and the registration system was, the title companies were closed for years, it took him two years to be able to change the title.
And that's what you're saying, just trying to get tags for motorcycle.
And he literally had to call somebody and have them come in and meet to change the title.
I mean, it's literally, like you said, it's a joke.
And when we try to fix it ourselves, we go to jail.
Like this Jordan Neely guy.
He's got 40 felonies.
He's punching old ladies in the face.
Collapsing their orbital sockets.
He's a maniac.
And he's a terrorist.
Trying to kidnap seven-year-olds.
And black people with the white guy are trying to subdue this guy.
He's now been charged by Alvin Bragg.
So what do you do now?
When you see an old lady getting punched in the face, you just go, I can't get involved, I'll go to jail.
Like, that's worse than anarchy.
At least with anarchy, you can fix your own problems.
We're now sub-anarchy, where we're not allowed to fix our own problems.
I'm not going to fix your problems, but you can't fix them either.
No, you just nailed it.
It's worse than the purge.
Because at least in the purge, everybody that wants to kill each other can do it.
This is where it's only a purge for the left.
They can burn down cities, they can murder, they can kill, and the vice president bails them out.
And then Republicans get attacked with tear gas and beat up a few cops, and the whole country's terrorists.
That's my goal.
My goal is to get up to anarchy, where we can all have a gun and fend for ourselves.
We're way below that.
We're like communism levels, where you're not allowed to arm yourself.
If we can get up to anarchy, we can maybe start to even dream of a true society.
Because I was never for anarchy.
No, no, no.
I agree.
I've been a libertarian overall.
But I get it now.
Because nothing's fair.
If it was just anarchy, we'd win.
Because we're competent.
We built a new civilization, but instead, we can't even protect ourselves when we're being attacked.
We're the bad guys.
Give everyone a gun.
Don't call 911.
Handle it yourself.
That's how we started this whole thing in 1776.
We built it from scratch.
We can build it again.
But we're up against the dumbest and most powerful enemies in the history of Western civilization.
And isn't their ignorance almost a form of power?
Because they're just like zombies.
Yeah, like Fetterman.
Was that a flex?
Like, did they know that he's brain dead?
Even Biden.
Prancing Biden around, that might be lauding it in our faces.
I don't know if it's incompetence or just this sort of strange, sadistic bragging where you say, look at this, I can even get this guy to run the country.
Because the globalists have bragged that they want to discredit national governments and they don't want a Trump or a Putin, not Trump or Putin or Putin, but they don't want a guy that actually runs things.
No, that's it.
They want committees and bureaucracies and collapse things where no one knows who's screwing them.
That's what this is all about.
Hiding the fraud.
And you know, ultimately, it doesn't matter if it's incompetence or it's malicious, because at the end of the day, we're still borderless without justice and without laws.
So the end result is still the same.
This country is falling apart.
And the strange part is that the enemies they're facing that they keep louting are all straw men.
The Proud Boys are white nationalists.
John Kinsman just did, I'm going to have him on my show today, he did four years because he's part of a white nationalist club.
His black wife and his three black kids didn't see their daddy for four years because the media called him a racist.
You know, at one point, he was the... They were together, by the way, him and his black wife at the trial.
Every time she went to the bathroom, the cameras came out, hysterically shooting.
And when she came back, the cameras would stop.
At one point, he goes like this.
He's like, get out of the way, get out of my way.
A journalist, a photographer, lay down on his back, shot up.
So it looks like he's Zeke Hyling, which I can't even do or someone will freeze frame that.
And that was the picture of the Daily News printed, was John Kinsman, Zeke Hyling.
That's right.
The media knows they're being deceptive.
So let me ask you this.
What is the way out?
How do we win?
Is there a path towards this?
Or do we all just run to the countryside and dig in for Road Warrior?
Just keep fighting till your last breath.
You know, I say this to cops, too.
They say, I can't do my job.
If I pursue someone, I'm going to get sued.
Not sued, but I'm going to get arrested.
The truth of the matter is, you just gotta keep fighting.
And I say to cops, get fired.
Do your job the correct way, and then when you get fired, get fired.
You know?
You gotta be yourself and true to the country.
If someone butts in line, you gotta say, hey, get back.
You don't care if it's gonna go viral, you'll be called racist, whatever.
I gotta die with my boots on.
There's no way I'm gonna go run hiding from this and act
I totally agree with you, but are you optimistic?
Because I do see a great awakening.
Because like five years ago, I'd go out in public.
Most people shook my hand, but I would get attacked basically every time.
I went out to dinner last night.
Literally the whole restaurant came over.
I walked out of the parking garage 50 yards away, ran to three groups.
We're all listeners, black, white, Hispanic.
So I'm getting nothing but love on the street.
That tells me something's happened.
Yeah, me too.
We're under the tyranny of the shrill minority.
It's a few bombastic lunatics with green hair that are in our government, defining the media, and they don't represent the average Joe.
Like, you leave Manhattan and you see nothing but Trump signs everywhere, American flags.
I was wearing an American flag on the subway the other day in New York.
This guy starts guffawing at me for having such an outrageous, racist shirt, like I was wearing a Confederate flag around my neck.
These people that are in charge right now, the Fettermans, the Pelosi's, they don't represent America.
Well Trump said that during the whole Charlottesville thing.
He said they don't want the Confederate flag, they want the American flag.
And soon enough, a year later, they said ban it!
The American flag's become the Confederate flag.
If you're a kid in school right now, especially in Texas or California, and you wear an American flag on Cinco de Mayo, you'll be sent home.
That's incendiary.
You're trying to pick a fight.
That actually happened in California ten years ago, yeah.
And the state ruled, yeah, the American flag cannot be worn on Cinco de Mayo.
What the hell is going on?
Well, we're being conquered.
Look, I got a million questions, but Gavin, we got six minutes left.
What else do you want to impart to the audience?
I think that the future is independent media.
I think Tucker going on Twitter is a way of saying we're done with the gatekeepers.
I think we have to just do it ourselves now.
We're basically building up from scratch.
And the worst thing you could do
Would be get on mainstream media, get on Fox, CNN or watch Fox or CNN.
Those people are all manipulators and you have to, you have to look it up yourself now.
Even guys like you and I, I would encourage everyone watching to go look up what we said about Cinco de Mayo and the American flag shirt and see if that's true.
So there's a lot of homework to do.
You can't really trust anyone anymore.
But I think DIY is the future of America.
And I think big corporations are starting to realize that, that we can do it ourselves.
I agree.
What do you think of this next election?
I mean, this is going to be the most insane thing ever.
I think Trump will win.
I think they will fix it.
And Biden will be declared the victor.
And we will have another four years of Mr. Magoo president who shits himself, has no idea where he is, can't string a sentence together, can't read, and soon he's just going to be a corpse.
It's the last three years of Biden are going to be Weekend at Bernie's.
And I can't wait to see it.
What about Ukraine and Russia?
What a money pit.
I don't care about the non-Western world.
I feel nothing.
When I see a mudslide in Bangladesh, I yawn my face off.
I don't care if Russia obliterates Ukraine.
I don't care if China destroys Taiwan.
The non-Western world can sink into the sea for all I care.
So, the fact that we're funding Nazis in the name of fighting the evil Russian Communists is embarrassing.
And the fact that it's costing us hundreds of billions and they think that's not going to affect the economy is a catastrophe that our grandchildren are going to have to pay for.
Okay, we've blackpilled this, and I agree we need to be blackpilled to admit how much trouble we're in, but what do you think of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.?
He is literally coming out against the fake environmental movement, coming out against open borders, coming out against the poison shots, coming out against the WEF, coming out against the war.
I like this guy better than Trump.
I like him too.
He's stirring up the dirt.
You know, Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
He said some stuff that's way too over the top for me, like there's machines available that can harness the energy of the universe and fossil fuel companies won't let you use them and stuff like that.
So he's pretty far out there.
But like you, I want guys out there saying these things.
So people have to look it up, you know, stir up the dirt and let's let's pan for gold.
He can never win, though, because his voice sounds like he just got dumped.
I know it's a biological disease and you shouldn't mock someone who's impaired, but sorry, Americans just cannot listen to a guy who sounds like he's crying.
Oh my gosh, too bad they can't repair his voice.
Yeah, it's unlistenable.
It's worse than Fetterman's.
In closing, what is the number one thing the average viewer or listener can do right now to try to save civilization?
Be curious.
Look it up.
Being incurious is the left's most successful weapon.
Because they tell you something, like Trump raped a woman at Bergdorf Goodman, and you go, okay, that means he's a rapist.
Got it.
I don't want to vote for him.
Stop falling for these dumb myths!
Look it up!
You know, the guy on the subway is a bad dude.
George Floyd was a bad dude.
Trayvon Martin was a violent guy.
Breonna Taylor was a gangster.
She was posing with weapons.
These aren't innocent people walking down the street.
The cops are not racist.
The cops...
I was about to say, if you pull back from this,
It's like a circular firing squad and it's totally insane.
It's all based on lies and people just have to figure it out or be destroyed.
And I don't know.
Civilization had a good run, Gavin.
I'm more and more, I tried to fix things more and more.
I'm going to shift into how do we just protect ourselves and what do those of us that are awake do to survive this?
We're on the back nine.
Even your, like, my home is fortified with security and guns and everything.
But even that, you hear Amazon owns the footage?
Like, even your cameras, you gotta be careful.
So, we're not, what we're saying is not mutually exclusive.
Yes, you have to batten the hatches and make sure your home is secure, but you also can't go running and hiding.
I go to Manhattan every day.
Well, that's right.
We've gotta have a redoubt to protect ourselves.
We have to foray out and wake people up.
How do people find your show, Gavin?
Yeah, they took a long time to go broke, but I guess it did eventually happen.
All right, Gavin.
Thank you so much.
I look forward to being on your show.
Thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
To tune into that and to spread the word about that coming up here in about an hour and a half.
But I want to open the phones up.
I want to take your phone calls.
First-time callers, long-time callers, agree, disagree.
We want to hear from everybody here.
The toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
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The missing link, the number one cause of cognitive disability is iodine deficiency.
Most iodine is bound to other
I'm looking at this news here, and it's all about collapsing the country.
And it's all about cutting off your resources.
It's all about making you poor.
Because the globalists are following the most ancient form of governance, and that is feudalism.
Let's put the definition of feudalism, please.
But it's where you're kept at a subsistence level as a sharecropper or a slave, where the resources are reduced and restricted to you, so that you're so busy just trying to live, you can't ever build a better society or ever demand more in life.
America has to be destroyed because it raises expectations, not that America was ever perfect, but it raises expectations that you could have more, you could demand more, you could do more, you could be more.
The dominant social system in medieval Europe, in which the nobility held lands from the crown in exchange for military service, and vassals, that's the slaves, were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants, villagers, or serfs were obliged to live on their lord's land and give them homage, labor, and a share of their production in exchange for military protection.
And that's why they're turning off the resources.
That's why they're doing this.
We have to be honest with ourselves that we're facing neo-feudalistic fascism.
So here's the latest article from Just the News.
It links to the Biden announcements in Bloomberg Law.
In fact, print me the Bloomberg Law article.
It's linked right here in the fifth paragraph.
Now remember, about a year ago, Booty Judge
Announced that we're gonna ban all new sales of gas-powered stoves and ranges.
Then they said we're gonna ban gas-powered heaters.
Then they said we're gonna ban all gas, including gas cars.
That gas is completely clean.
So first they ban coal, then they ban gas.
No matter what you go to, they're gonna ban it.
Because they got you by the short hairs then.
As George Carlin said, it's a big club and we're not in it.
When their official Department of Energy plan came out, people went crazy and said no, and they literally had fact checkers and the media go, no one said that, no one wants to do that.
Even though New York, California are now banning gas stoves.
But if you look at the list of things, it's civilization itself.
It's not just Biden saying, you know, 75% electric cars by 2030 and all banned by 2035.
This is now your washing machine.
Oh, it uses too much power.
Oh, see, it's not just if it's hydroelectric shutting down or nuclear shutting down.
Now they go with windmill, a bridge of nowhere that can never scale up for what we need, that uses more carbon to make the windmills.
In fact,
On Tuesday I was going to play a clip of a scientist, he does a great job, look if you guys can find it, because I looked the numbers up, he's right, of how much energy it takes to make an electric car.
50,000 tons of rock just to make the batteries.
Incredible amounts of carbon to make it, if you believe carbon's bad.
It's not bad.
It's good.
It's a trace element out there, carbon dioxide, that we need.
We're carbon-based.
They want to ban the cows because they're carbon.
Well, we're carbon too.
I mean, folks, look at how bold and insane and over-the-top this is.
So, dishwashers join growing list of home appliances targeted by Biden.
Last week, President Biden's Department of Energy announced congressionally mandated proposal standards for household dishwashers, but they never actually passed that in Congress.
Supreme Court rule last year, none of this is law.
Announcing the proposed dishwasher restrictions for Americans, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the Biden administration is using all the tools available to reduce carbon pollution and combat climate change.
The standards are just the latest in a series of proposed climate-friendly regulations on technology products and industries throughout America, increasingly including everyday home appliances.
Here's the list of items in your home targeted by the Biden Administration Climate Warriors.
On Friday, the Biden Administration Department announced new efficiency standards that make them obsolete, to limit water usage, or water's bad now, and energy consumption for new dishwashers.
If implemented, the rules would require that dishwashers cut water and power uses by 34% and 27% respectively, according to new Bloomberg Law.
For smaller models, the mandatory reduction is 22%, and it goes on from there.
So they're creating systems that are impossible that they can't do, as they cut your power off.
We'll play that clip on what electric cars really do to the environment on the other side.
But it's not the carbon they produce that's bad, it's the toxic waste of those mines, the strip mine, Africa and other areas, to produce one electric car.
It's insane.
And the windmills take more carbon to make one than they'll ever produce.
That's on record.
But they need to give you a bridge to nowhere, so you feel like there's a solution, but there's not.
We'll be right back.
Do we want to go all electric by 2035?
Is it practical to do it now?
Well, we can make this whole discussion easy with the two-letter word, no.
There's no such thing, of course, as a zero emissions vehicle.
The real question is, where are the emissions associated with the electric car?
Because what you do with an electric vehicle is you don't eliminate emissions, you export them somewhere else.
You have to dig up
About 500,000 pounds of materials to make a single 1,000 pound battery.
It takes 100 to 300 barrels of oil to manufacture a battery that can hold one barrel of oil equivalent of energy.
Just manufacturing the battery can have a carbon debt ranging from 10 tons to 40 tons of CO2.
And the plans that are in place to increase the use of batteries will require an increase in production.
Are you ready?
Yeah, what's the answer?
Can I talk?
Can you mind?
I would like for you to answer the question.
Okay, it's very simple to answer.
That's why I asked it.
It's very simple.
You're a nasty person.
Desperate low-rating CNN and its arrogant base of TDS sufferers are now regretting the decision to allow rising propaganda star Caitlyn Collins to engage with the voice of the silent majority, former President Donald J. Trump.
Why did you wait three hours to tell them to leave the Capitol?
Nancy Pelosi and the mayor are in charge.
I assume they were able to do their job.
They weren't.
And a person named Ashley Babbitt was killed.
She was killed and she shouldn't have been killed.
You know what?
And that thug that killed her, there was no reason to shoot her.
He went on television to brag about the fact that he killed her.
The officer was not bragging about the fact that he killed her.
Can you give us the nature of some of those threats?
They talked about, you know, killing me.
You know, very vicious and cruel things.
Racist things?
There were some racist attacks as well.
It's all disheartening because I know I was doing my job.
Will you pardon the January 6th rioters who were convicted of federal offenses?
I am inclined to pardon many of them.
I can't say for every single one because a couple of them, probably, they got out of control.
But, you know, when you look at Antifa, what they've done to Portland, and if you look at Antifa, look at what they've done to Minneapolis and BLM,
Many people were killed.
But you have two standards of justice in this country.
Because what they've done to so many people is nothing.
And then what they've done to these people, they've persecuted these people.
Does that include the four Proud Boys members who were charged and convicted of seditious conspiracy?
I'd have to look at their case.
I don't know.
But I will say, in Washington, D.C., you cannot get a fair trial.
You cannot.
Just like in New York City, you can't get a fair trial.
A Manhattan jury found that you sexually abused the writer E. Jean Carroll and defamed her.
You've denied this.
But what do you say to voters who say it disqualifies you from being president?
Well, there aren't too many of them because my poll numbers just came out.
They went up.
I have no idea who the hell, she's a whack job.
Mr. President, you did not testify.
Brainless Alexandria Cortez channeled her TDS by attacking our former president rather than addressing the lunacy surrounding the blatant setup and manipulation of New York statutes expected of our lawmakers, instead going all in to get Trump.
What we saw tonight was a series of extremely irresponsible decisions that put a sexual abuse victim at risk.
It was shameful.
The fact that New York passed this law, the Adult Survivors Act, they passed it just a few years ago.
Were it not for that law, you never would have been able to bring this case.
And I just think it speaks to the importance for a lot of other survivors.
Well, EJ actually helped to get that law passed.
It passed last year.
We filed, it was Thanksgiving Day, it was the first day you could sue.
We filed at Fairhall just after midnight on Thanksgiving.
Hours after the town hall, Joe Biden and his Twitter intern scrambled to ask America if they wanted four more years of, quote, that.
Biden and his Twitter intern were then massively ratioed, crushing the bots under the weight of the outrage for Biden's dumpster fire presidency.
Let me say, Joe Biden won.
I'll get him next time.
Do something to try to reach out to the suburban voters that he just repulsed, who ran from the Republican Party in 2018, 2020.
When it was all said and done, even the audience turned on CNN.
Does it bother you that he keeps talking about 2020 and not 2024?
I'll ask you first.
This is Jonathan Leslie.
He's 40, Republican, voted for Trump twice.
How do you feel about those lies?
So I feel like part of it's also the media narrative as you guys asked him the first question at the town hall about the 2020 election, rather than current stuff.
So don't you think he could say it's time for me to start talking about 2024 and not lies that aren't true?
Couldn't the media ask him a question about 2024?
Well, there were questions, but you're right, that was the first thing, but that's something that was on our mind.
CNN proved that the sleeping giant is wide awake and is putting his boots on.
My question is regarding the economy.
Over the past two years, we have seen the prices for everything skyrocket.
From food to gas to utilities and insurance costs, many people's bills are up several hundred dollars a month, including mine.
If elected president again, what is the first thing you would do to help bring down the cost to make things more affordable?
Drill, baby, drill.
John Brown.
Say what you want, the guy is a war machine.
And I want to believe in him.
I want to believe in Elon Musk.
I want to believe in these guys.
But the fact that they've got to sing our tune shows that we're actually winning in the culture war.
That's a fact.
We're winning hearts and minds.
The world's waking up, not just America.
I want to go to your phone calls.
We have loaded phone lines.
All next hour will be your phone calls.
I'll go to your calls as soon as the next hour starts.
But let me, let me hit this.
I've got a lot of questions about it.
I saw the news last night.
Elon Musk, who's done a lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff, and he's moving in the right direction.
I'm not saying I trust him, I'm just saying it's cool he does good stuff.
Like, right?
Has gotten a new former NBC executive who also was one of the directors of the World Economic Forum.
Now obviously that's the 300 committee, that's the New World Order, that's the globalist, he needs to make money, he's gonna bring those people in.
But Twitter's really upset and it's one of the top trending things right now, this woman.
And so people are really pissed off right now.
About this.
So that's something callers can call on about, people can talk about as well.
It's official!
Top NBC Ad Exec and World Economic Forum Task Force Chair, Task Force Chair, is Twitter's new CEO.
It's official, it's now happened.
NBC confirmed that the head of advertising is leaving the company.
NBCUniversal today announced that Linda, how do you say her name?
How do you say it?
Docorino is leaving the company.
Effective immediately, Mark Marshall, currently President of Advertising Sales and Client Preparedness Partnerships, will become Interim Chairman of NBCUniversal Advertising and Partnership Group, according to Mark Lazarus, Chairman of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming.
Mike Kavanaugh, president of Comcast Corporation, said we are grateful for her leadership at NBCUniversal advertising sales business and for the innovation team and platform.
So she is moving to be the CEO of Twitter, the World Economic Forum.
So Musk used to be kind of 50-50 with what he did.
And he was against the war and against depopulation and, you know, against
All these issues against the poison shots.
So he got, he was winning with this.
He goes right back to where it was kind of like, I'm like, who's better Trevor to San as well.
It was neck and neck that Trump was out against world war three.
It becomes Trump.
Uh, you can give me your take on that as well.
Uh, but again, nothing against women.
Women are great.
They do a great job in business.
They're smart.
Nobody denies that.
But most of the new heads of companies are women and they do that as the board and the shareholders say, oh, you can't hit a woman.
You can't criticize a woman.
So they'll carry out the agenda.
So is she defected to Musk?
Is she going to now be against the globalists?
I wouldn't hold your breath.
I think it's not a good sign.
But hey, I may be wrong.
But those of you rooting for Mustard to be a bad guy, man, I sure hope he's not a bad guy because we need to turn this around.
But if he is, we'll have a debate about it.
And, you know, we take your calls uncensored, unscripted, you know, we just ask you have a clean phone line and have your point.
So that's something else everybody's welcome to talk about.
Next hour, all I know is I'm for real.
I'm not infallible.
I'm not perfect.
But man, I love liberty and I hate tyrants and I'm trying to stay on air.
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Hour number three, your phone calls and more, straight ahead.
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All right, we're in contact with our reporters on the Texas-Mexico border.
They've got huge breaking news.
Look for that to pop in during this hour.
We're taking your calls right now.
I've done a better job lately actually getting your calls, and we only had two callers on hold yesterday when we ended the show, and we were able to get one of them back on the line.
So we'll go to everybody else after this.
Wayne in Texas, thanks for holding over from yesterday.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on.
Hey, the reason for my call is I wanted to see if y'all had heard anything about this.
There was an anonymous tip that came in to WFAA, the local news station, here in Dallas about a litany of about a thousand planes that were sold illegally through an airport in a town outside of Lufkin called Onalaska.
And those planes were sold to an Argentinian international fugitive with the last name Machado.
I believe his name was Frederick Machado.
And Frederick Machado is believed to be a narco trafficker with huge ties to Colombia, which is interesting given that Argentina is a Belt and Road Initiative country.
That, you know, it shares with, you know, China over 3,000 miles of coastline, strategic military important site, and then, of course, Colombia with the dairy gap.
But what essentially was happening is they had a relationship with a broker for airplanes where they were setting up an illegal trust to where they were able to purchase illegally over 1,000 planes.
Uh, with the special end designation, which gives them, you know, a pretty good amount of anonymity, a lot less scrutiny when you have that end designation through this system of trust that was set up.
And, uh, of course they want to extradite this guy.
There was like seven other people that were also indicted and, uh, they're having trouble extraditing him, uh, back here to Texas.
But, uh, you know, it's just another example where we're under attack.
We know, you know, Mayorkas' involvement with the Darien Gap there in Columbia.
I mean, it looks for sure 100% like there's a major pipeline coming up through there with this.
Well, we know there's a giant pipeline.
I'm not familiar with what you're talking about, bud.
I mean, I know that the criminal elements of our government
Triggered the border surge, triggered the collapse, and are now having the Border Patrol, the military, run it.
Oh, Biden sent troops down there, yes, to help load them on buses.
Now we got the footage last night of them secretly doing it.
military criminally violating law and federal court orders doing this.
The U.S.
You're absolutely correct.
Yeah, and I think even more so than this, you know, everything ties back to trying to peg the yen to an oil petrodollar to the yen.
For sure.
The globalists are cutting off our energy, working with China to turn all that infrastructure over.
This is the double-cross.
It's happening right now.
Yeah, and inevitably what it leads to is that once they can get the yen pegged to the petrodollar, then they want to switch everything over to where you go to a digital currency from there, and inevitably we compete with resources
Yeah, they're attacking civilization.
But China and India and Mexico and 160 other countries, zero cuts.
I mean, this is war.
Our government is imploding us bringing in more people while turning off our energy.
If we had unlimited energy, we could take 60 million, 100 million people.
We can't do it without energy.
No, no, we can't.
And they want us to compete inevitably with the artificial intelligence solely for the use of those energy.
Because the AI, nobody talks about cutting off big tech synergy.
You just hit the key.
Yeah, exactly.
We're on the same page, Alex.
And also, I wanted to tell you, too, because you're talking about the Committee of 300 and the Olympians.
What you want to do is look up the Emperor Tiberius and his reign as it pertains to how he closed all the imperial cult worship centers of the divine genius.
And, uh, you read about that, the divine genius, because it really gets into the ideology of what the Romans believed, and that pertains into, once you read about the divine genius, uh, let me find it here, uh, the divya,
The days in the news.
You want to read about that because that... Amazing call.
We are taking your always thought-provoking phone calls right now on Friday, May 12, 2023.
Our reporters have just filed more insane reports, but if I play them, I can't take your calls and cover news, but...
I'm torn.
I don't want to cut off Jay Dyer next hour.
You just got to go to MFullWars.com.
You got to get these Owen Shorter reports.
They're just all of them out of the park.
They have caught them secretly smuggling people in, covering it up, lying, just the military facilitating it.
It is what I say.
It's bombshell after bombshell.
This just went up minutes ago.
Texas National Guard working.
Hey Alex, so I love our country.
My family's been here and fighting for it for centuries.
I could agree that it's smart to have a contingency plan for every potentiality.
Earlier, in Harrison's program, he briefly mentioned hearing rumors or whispers that the Russians would be, or may be, opening up asylum channels for American Christians.
I was wondering if you had heard anything about this?
Who's setting up asylum?
Harrison has heard rumors that the Russians might be opening up asylum channels for American Christians.
Yeah, no, that's not a rumor.
About four years ago, Russia opened up asylum for European Christians and homeschoolers having their kids taken away because they wouldn't let them teach the kids transgenderism.
So Russia, I think you can find articles on that, Russia has opened up asylum programs and they've actually invited Europeans and others to Russia and to give them free land for farmers to go to Russia.
Yeah, Russia... Let me think of the exact headline, hold on.
Four years ago, so don't clip news, click web, search... Russia offers asylum...
Children and specifically pregnant women hadn't been seeing much of that, but we are seeing some of that today.
So we're going to see just how overwhelmed El Paso is.
As last night, we watched into the late hours of the night, buses going into Juarez and then back into Texas.
We follow these buses through the processing centers and now deep into the heart of Texas.
So coming to a Texas city near you, overcapacity, overwhelmed with Joe Biden's illegal immigration pipeline.
All right, we'll get to Ellen's report later.
This is all digital.
Go ahead and turn that off, guys.
My mic just cut off, and it was just a weird thing with the computer over here, so that was not some big secret thing with ghosts calling about does this happen.
So let me go back to the crew and tell them to search this, but click web because it won't be on news.
It's like four or five years old.
Offers asylum to European Christians.
Russia gives free land to Christian farmers.
So yes, that's not a rumor.
Yeah, there it is.
The United States welcomes Russians seeking asylum from President Putin.
No, that's the United States welcomes Russians offering asylum.
That's not what I was asking for.
We're talking about, I'll fight it during the next break.
I'll do it, it's fine.
But yes, that's true.
So go ahead and finish your point, Gust.
Oh, that was just it.
I have a bunch of other points, but that's just kind of what I wanted to ring in about today.
So, thank you for the information, Alex.
Thank you, brother.
Appreciate you.
Up next is Turner.
My mic doesn't turn off again.
Turner in Georgia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Pleasure to talk to you, man.
Appreciate all y'all doing info wars.
I just kind of wanted to go into like the 35,000 foot view on all this stuff.
I mean, it's just the Stockholm Syndrome is insane.
I mean,
Back in the past, if you study history, which you should, it's interesting, but when an army size of military-age males walk into your country, you're at war.
I mean, that's what it is.
But simultaneously, they're starting World War III and attacking recruitment, basically, on our whole military.
Nobody's going to want to join with drag queens on there.
I mean, I come from a family of patriots, and I wouldn't join right now.
But it's just this inverse, satanic reality.
I just don't get how people don't see it.
And your point about feudalism, that's the whole goal.
I mean, am I right saying that?
No, that's it.
The whole goal is feudalism.
I mean, and then these blatant liars on the media, they're lesser people than all of us.
They deal in lies.
But just like President Kennedy said, these people have secret oaths to secret societies, whatever it may be.
But their oath is not to the Constitution.
So, I mean, it's just kind of coming to a time where it's such an inflection point and it's just hard to try to drive it to these people, drive it home and go, this is a really big issue, you really need to pay attention.
Well, it's not just a very big issue, it's the globalist waging war against civilization and totally and absolutely taking over.
Oh yeah, I mean... I mean, this is it.
They're literally turning off the energy, turning off the power, locking us down, coming with total control, and we're just sitting here letting it happen.
I know.
I mean, they're just hitting us at every angle.
Psychological warfare non-stop.
I mean, it's gotten so to the front, I just find it hard to see that people can't see it.
It's ridiculous.
I agree with you.
And again, as things incrementally get bad, the public just demands more free stuff.
I don't understand the globalists are making them poor to be able to dictate control to the social credit score, the universal basic income.
That's the goal.
Get you so poor, you've got to be fed by them.
And don't worry, they've got plenty of bug protein and plenty of drag queen story time.
I mean, yeah, exactly.
As soon as they give you the handout, they've got you right where they want you.
And it's just, where's that self-sufficient American mentality?
I don't understand how people can't think like that, but I know most of the audience is not thinking that way.
Everybody's on board here, so... Alright, well, thank you so much, Turner.
Great point.
Robin Washington, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Good, brother.
Go ahead.
Hey, I'm a 20-year listener.
I just wanted to say I don't know when we're going to get over this.
I was listening to you and Owen talking about this peaceful protesting, but I don't know how far this can go peaceful.
This has been going on for a long time and now they're just, they're systematically shredding the Constitution and our declaration where Joe Biden says that they're not absolute.
And I don't know who they are to say that, but the red stripes and that flag do not resemble, in our flag, do not resemble a peaceful protest.
And I don't know where we can go with this, but these pipeline buses that are coming in through Mexico at midnight, there's a way to stop that.
There's a way to stop that.
And how do you stop that?
I'm listening to you.
How do you stop that?
Well, yeah, there's a way to stop it.
I don't understand.
How is it, if you can ask Dershowitz the next time you have him on, how can they seek asylum down there in the United States if they're getting loaded on buses in Mexico?
I don't understand that.
No, they're not seeking asylum.
They're not following the law.
But Biden said the border is controlled.
He says there's no problem.
Okay, so the bottom line is, our biggest hurdle in the United States right now is the media.
Which is, I think you're going to end up being number one.
You're going to end up being number one because I'm really sketchy on what Elon Musk just did with that gal that is working with, she's affiliated with the WES.
She's not as affiliated.
She didn't just go there.
She was a global task force head.
Okay, okay.
And yeah, the peaceful protest I saw you in Seattle a couple of years ago.
And some guy threw coffee on you when you're downtown.
You're just down there just trying to get people's opinion and he almost threw his thermos at you.
Now that's not peaceful.
So I'm wondering when are we going to start fighting back?
I'm in a very red, red county in Washington State.
I'm surrounded by liberals and I'm watching all this and I'm losing every ounce of sleep every night because I cannot believe this.
I've never seen anything like this before.
And I question what Elon Musk is doing with this.
The biggest thing is don't give any big globalist corporation any money if you can do it.
I agree with you.
And just only support independent media and independent organizations.
It really comes down to economic warfare.
That's what globalism is.
That's what the lockdowns were.
It's what the shots are.
It's what it's all about.
I understand your concern, Rob.
We're here just trying to fight this.
Thank you.
All right, Matthew, Wayne, William, Paul, Julio, Caleb, Alicia, Carlos, Matt, Rick, we're taking every one of your phone calls when we come back.
Please stay with us.
Ban.video, InfoWars.com.
Yeah, I heard there was a rumor that Klaus Schwab wants you to eat bugs and says you'll own nothing and have nothing.
No, you can actually go to the WEF's own website and watch him say it.
You can read his book where he says it.
So a caller called in and said, Harrison Smith said there was a rumor that the Russians were giving free farmland away to Christians and farmers and others.
So I thought, why don't I actually just pull up the articles, and as I said, it was four or five years ago, it's actually longer than that, six years ago, 2016, here's all the mainstream news headlines.
Russia offers free land to Russians and foreigners to come be farmers.
You'll read the whole article right here.
Russia- briefing.
Here's another one.
Why Russia is wooing South African white farmers.
The sale pitches includes abundant land, relatively safe, and Putin's disdain for the liberal West.
London Guardian.
Here's another one.
The truth about land giveaways in Russia.
Putin's war seduces European farmers away from the Green Deal.
The Green Deal is shutting them down?
He's actually doing organic farming.
Russia offers free land to all citizens willing to move to the Far East, including foreigners.
Washington Post.
Okay, so, not a rumor.
What I hate is rumors.
What I love is reality.
And so I've seen the news reports all over where they're like taking Christian families, kids in Germany and France.
They're going to Russia, hundreds of thousands of them.
So that's true story.
It's not a rumor.
It's true.
Let's go to Matthew in Wisconsin, Trump and the next president 2024 and the cyber attack.
Go ahead, Matthew.
Hey Alex, I love you so much and I just want to pray for you right now.
Yeshua Hamashiach shield you and everyone in InfoWars, Owen Schroeder, all down at the border.
We love you guys and we just pray that God gives you strength and courage to keep on fighting.
Now, I gotta plug.
I have to plug.
Now, I start my day every morning with
I put a little bone broth in there.
I take my DNA force.
I take my nitric boost.
But here's the thing.
I can only take one real red pill plus because it's so strong when you mix all of them together.
And I'm telling you, I take that with my filtered water from my Alexa peer.
And I'm telling you after I drink that, I'm charged, ready to go to work.
Now I work at a shipyard that Trump
I don't know.
Now, I don't, you know, as far as... Oh, wait, you mean your own government's working against you?
Right, you know what I mean?
Like, I don't, you know, it's just crazy.
You know, I don't even know what to do, but we've been paralyzed now for like a month.
We can't do anything.
All the computers are down.
You know, I don't even know.
But I kind of also wanted to tell you a little bit about my story here, right?
I grew up Democrat, you know, Democrats for the poor, Republicans for the rich, you know.
I go to prison.
And he's talking, I start listening to him and he's talking about, you know, why are we in Afghanistan?
What are we doing over there?
And an army officer calls up and says, we're over there for the poppy fields.
And he hangs up.
After that, I was like, wow, because now my community has been devastated by heroin.
I live in a little small town where you would never think that this stuff would come to.
And all of a sudden, I know plenty of people dying from this stuff, right?
So I'm thinking in my head, like, wow, this is what's really going on.
Then I start,
Fast forward to 2012, I get out of prison, and I'm finding Bohemian Grove, and I see your video.
And I'm like, dude!
That changed my whole life.
Then I started listening to you, and I started really paying attention to politics.
And with Trump, but when Obama, I didn't think Obama was going to leave office.
You know what I'm saying?
I thought he, I thought it was a wrap then, but when Trump came in, I was like, sweet.
Now I started really paying attention to Donald Trump.
I had a dream about him before he was president.
All right.
I had this dream where I meet him and I'm like, Hey, what's up?
It's Donald Trump.
And I come walking up and I shake his hand and I pull him close, like a hug, you know,
And I whisper in his ear, I say, hey, you know they're going to try to get you, right?
And he pushes me.
He's like, you don't believe in that conspiracy theory crap, do you?
And he walks away.
And as he's walking away, like my jaw hits the ground.
But as he's walking away, the shadows on the ground on the walls are growing.
And then he gets to the end and he looks back at me.
I don't know.
I can't believe they wrote Donald Trump on their steps or whatever.
They had a big thing.
It was hilarious.
But I love you, Alex.
I know, the left called that a physical attack.
Oh, the Republicans wrote with chalk!
It's killing us!
It's terrorism!
Amazing call.
Love you.
God bless you, brother.
Amazing call.
Wayne in Nebraska.
You're up next.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Long time listener.
First time caller.
I kind of have two things I wanted to talk about with you today.
The first being Anderson Cooper, right?
I mean, you look at this guy, you look into his family history.
I mean, his great, great grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt, right?
This guy, if he was born in today's age, he'd be probably the richest man in the world.
I mean, involved in the steamboat, he's a steamboat pioneer.
He donated steamboats to, you know, the American Army during the Civil War.
He's involved in railroads.
He's involved in all this.
And then you have Anderson Cooper up there, acting like he's the authority.
Who, by the way, Anderson Cooper is the heir to the Vanderbilts.
Yeah, and how many... By the way, he is the heir to the Vanderbilts.
They say he has no money when you look him up.
They estimate he's as rich as the Rothschilds.
The guy's worth trillions.
Yeah, and on top of that, he spent two summers with the CIA in Langley, Virginia.
They didn't send him to Washington, they sent him to the CIA headquarters.
And, I mean, you look at that little interview that you played in today's show, and it's like, it's just like textbook CIA propaganda, you know?
Like, he's demonizing us.
He's like the Jack Nicholson or Tiger Woods of lying.
I mean, he literally, everything he says is a lie.
It's like hard to tell a pure lie.
He just does it like, everything out of his mouth is a lie.
And that little quick interview that you played, it's just him.
I mean, look at it.
He's just laying the freaking narrative for the whole everything.
Oh, 50% of the country believes in this.
These are people that, your family members, this and that.
And it's just like... Yeah, he's there protecting all the stolen power they've got.
Yeah, exactly.
And then... Excuse me.
I had my first time calling.
I'm kind of... I'm wired right now.
I mean, as far as everything with the border and Owen, he's been getting tremendous amount of footage, everything.
You know, this is just, I mean, you call it as it is.
Everybody that I know that I talk to, you know, it's an invasion.
That's what it is.
We have to call it what it is.
We have to pray for our country.
That's right, only God can get us out of this.
We have to pray to God, to lead God, and direct us to be the leaders.
And we'll do the little things together that do the big things, that do the massive things that change the world.
And I could talk to you forever, but I gotta get to the next caller.
Thank you, Wayne.
William, Paul, Julio, everybody, your calls are straight ahead of that.
Owen Schroeder is gonna pop in with us from the border.
They have, the team has done an excellent job.
I am just, it's too good.
There's just too much footage to even watch it all.
Every damn video is incredible.
We are the survivors, the black survivors, and the black folks have survived.
They've been through hell.
In the near future, I'm going to talk about black people in great detail and how much I love them, but how much they've been manipulated and we got to save ourselves together.
The black people were put through hell, not just here, but around.
I don't know.
Because, not because segregation was good, but because they didn't, they weren't victims, they built their own thing.
And what those black people did, is what Americans did coming to America to have a freer world.
Didn't mean we were perfect, we were doing something better than the last thing.
And so, not being a victim, but overcoming, and energizing yourself, people want to suppress you, and building your new economy, that Louis Farrakhan talks about, he's not perfect, but he's right about that.
That's the answer.
We've got to take Black America's example after the Civil War as an example for us, and take the example of what they did to Black people in the 1960s to now as what to not do.
So Black people are the example of what to do, and they're also the example of what not to do.
Because the program they run against them is a program they run against us all.
Let's come in with Bob Marley, the survivors.
Next segment.
Let's go to William in Detroit.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Thank you for having me on there, Alex, sir.
But there's this thing I want to bring up there, with all this border surge on the southern border.
Let's be clear, this isn't a surge, this is a total collapse.
Yeah, it is.
But there's a movie, Cheech Marin, the movie was born in East L.A.
The scene in the movie there, close to the end,
We're like, he's like, uh, we're storming, like, uh, the border there.
And the agents there were pretty stunned as, like, hundreds of Mexicans are storming the border there.
It was, like, back in, like, 1987 there.
But the thing was, all this fictional stuff with the predictive programming,
It seems like there's just all these movies, TV shows.
It's all programming.
America owes you.
America's bad.
Well, if it's so bad, why are you trying to get here?
I appreciate your call.
Let's go to Julio in Colorado.
Julio, you're on the air.
Alejandra, hope all is well.
Numero uno, in Denver yesterday, Denver Union Station already swarmed with illegal migrants in their white plastic bags.
I tell you what, Denver already has a massive drug problem and a massive homelessness problem.
It's only going to get worse.
Number two,
Yeah, I love how New York and Chicago complain about a few hundred when they've already infiltrated.
Imagine being in El Paso and there's hundreds of thousands of illegals running around.
It's a catastrophe, Alex.
Number three, homework assignment for the listeners.
Air Force War College, 1996.
Alternate futures for 2025.
Security to prevent surprises.
In this, they talk about four scenarios.
One, the U.S.
overwhelmed and preoccupied with worldwide commitment.
Two, multinational corporations dominating international affairs.
And say that say that government report again because that's just a repeat of Rex 84.
It's also a series of documents that I spoke about a decade ago, Owning the Weather in 2025.
This document, again, alternate futures for 2025.
The sub headline is security planning
I've seen the report.
They've been planning this for a long time, and it's not our military that are bad.
The people that run the military, the military ran the bio-attack, they run the injections, the Pentagon is captured.
And lastly, Alex, they're doing all of this.
They're bombarding the U.S.
population with so many psyops to break the will.
I just implore everyone to stand strong, hold the line, pray, because
It's only going to get crazier, Alex.
I heard from a source who has a spouse working for the Department of Energy.
They're telling them by June, they've got to start looking for a new job, which means to me if the debt ceiling continues to prolong and the fights continue in D.C., we're going to see massive blackouts.
That's right.
They're about to break the country.
By the way, I've known you 15 years, CeeLo.
You've been a big reporter, what, in TV news, radio news.
Hopefully, if it makes it to the bankruptcy, maybe we should try to hire you as a reporter, brother.
Love you.
Thanks for the call.
That's why he's so articulate.
Amazing guy.
Matt in Colorado.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, man?
Good, brother.
A big shout-out to what you do.
I just want to know, what would be the real signature of a real resistance here in America?
As opposed to government-staged terror?
What kind of targets will we see them pick?
Well, I think you're smart, and I don't want to say targets, but obviously it wouldn't be black people at a grocery store, it wouldn't be white people at a school, at a Christian school, it would be George Soros and Bill Gates and Peter Daszak, but I don't want any harm against them, but it would be people like that.
What could be something we could look for on TV that would give us hope, that we know there's somebody fighting for the home team?
Well, I mean, I thought about this this morning, and I'm not calling for violence because they can spin it against us, but Peter Daszak and Bill Gates and all of them have started the Gain of Function bioweapon program, which has already been going.
They publicly rubbed it in our face yesterday, and they need to be stopped.
And I'm not saying anybody should go kill them.
I'm just saying the FBI and everybody else, like you got kids too, man.
I mean, come on.
It's like the Hitler general staff were bad guys, but two years before the war ended, they knew Hitler was losing.
They tried to kill him.
Well, Biden's a puppet, so nobody should kill him, turn him into a martyr.
Do not do that.
The problem is it's a bureaucracy.
So with a Julius Caesar or a Hitler,
Or if Fidel Castro, you got a target.
The globalists are smart.
They got this big blob of bureaucrats and corporate people.
So, I mean, look, if Bill Gates died tomorrow, they got 10 more right behind him.
I mean, it's a hard thing to crack.
That's why this enemy is so powerful, is they know what they're doing.
I mean, what do you think we do?
Oh no, man, we just need a win for the home team, man.
We need to get the moralization up, you know?
I think the American people are demoralized, and if we can win one for the home team and get the morale up, that'll rally the Patriots.
Well, I'll say this.
I would not cry at night.
I don't want anybody to be violent or launch any offensive attacks, because they'll spin it against us.
But if God did it, and God's real, if God struck down a thousand Globals tonight and struck them with lightning, I would sleep really good, brother.
All right, thank you.
I mean, look, I'm not a guy that calls for violence, but I also can't be a liar.
Don't be violent, they'll spin it.
You shouldn't do it, okay?
So I'm not like you're like, oh, don't be violent, but maybe we should.
I'm telling you what I really believe.
I'm just saying, they got gain-of-function labs everywhere with stuff that'll literally kill half of us or more.
I mean, just as a man, this morning I was reading this stuff.
And last night, I was just like, you can't lie to people.
I mean, we are authorized for violence, but they'll spin it, we shouldn't do it.
But come on, I mean, listen, I wish we had one Hitler to deal with, and I wish the German General Staff would have killed his ass at the Wolf's Lair with that bomb, but it failed.
Because evil protects itself.
But we're not dealing with Hitler!
We don't have one guy to kill!
If there was one guy, I'd say, violence, get that son of a bitch.
But, it's not, it doesn't work like that.
Our enemies are cowards, they know how to hide, they know how to manipulate.
So, obviously the military, don't kill them, don't kill the police, don't kill anybody, okay?
And I don't say that because they're gonna come arrest me if I say it.
I say what I believe is the truth.
We, this is the Satan we're up against.
This is sophisticated, working through people,
In The Exorcist, do they go kill the girl who's possessed?
They rebuke it in the name of Jesus, and both priests have to die to get the devil out of her.
That was the Christ-like story.
It's so powerful because... It's a very complex question.
But, you know, they are producing bioweapons against us, and they should get the death penalty for that.
But that needs to be done properly.
Not the victims, the survivors.
The strong ones.
All of us are survivors.
Black, white, brown, old, young.
And the globalists are the number one threat.
Yeah, we got beefs, we got problems, we got history.
None of that matters.
The New World Order shut down the third world for three years.
Now they've imploded the borders.
They're flooding in people they control with cell phones and money to vote how they want.
The people running the attacks on humanity are running this.
You don't save them by opening the borders up.
Also in the next hour to go to Carlos and Alicia and Paul and Rick ahead of Jay Dyer taking over.
He knows sometimes I take some of the time, but I'm gonna get to every one of your calls.
But Owen Schroer, just want to, seriously, you guys always do a great job, but you have grand slammed it.
The only problem is it's gotten a lot of attention.
Millions of views on Bandai video.
Millions of views on Twitter, but it's frustrating.
I'll see one video you've done with 500,000 views, another with 300,000 views, with 200,000 views, 100,000 views, you know, dozens of videos with hundreds of thousands of views.
You're Paul Revere.
Then I'll see some, the best video you did with 500 views on Bandot Video, not on Twitter.
You're on the world.
And it makes the top of my head blow up because you guys have probably filed 60, 70 reports the last two and a half days.
Give us a boil down, as you're down there in El Paso, the Texas border, of what you're witnessing, because this is insane.
I mean, I don't even know.
It's like drinking out of a fire hose.
I don't even know how to describe it, much less be there like you and the team.
Well, let's start off with just how Twilight Zone it is that today, Karine Jean-Pierre, this happened just an hour ago, Karine Jean-Pierre at the White House press conference told the American people that there is no illegal immigrants crossing the border.
It does not exist.
It's not happening.
Alex, this story has never been bigger.
There's never been more media covering this story.
From Brownsville, to El Paso, to Yuma, to San Diego.
They're not covering this thing up.
Everybody is seeing this.
So for Karine Jean-Pierre to still go up there and tell that lie.
Again, she outdoes herself every day.
Biggest lie ever told.
But here's what's amazing, Alex.
So there were some questions.
What is it going to look like when Title 42 ends?
And what is it going to look like now that the Texas National Guard has been sent down here to spread razor wire over some of these openings?
Well, it deters them for a couple hours and they just have to basically keep walking.
Until they can find a gate or a port of entry like right here at Gate 42, where we've been breaking news every night.
We're breaking news here Wednesday night, Thursday night, and we're back out here Friday.
But Alex, some of the videos we shot late last night, a lot of it was already on Banned Out Video on Twitter.
Even more is coming out now.
It hasn't stopped.
We watched busload after busload after busload after busload after busload.
All through the night, we get here, we went to a couple other locations to see, to try to find out where they're dropping them off, and we get back here today, and I don't know how well you can see, but behind me, a group of, it looks about 30 migrants, are there at the gate, waiting to get in, and there was even a little bit of a tussle, and it sounded like a tense struggle, as voices were raising, and the fence was shaking, and Border Patrol was trying to get it under control, but eventually, they're assuming they can get in, and my guess is, eventually, a bus is going to pull up here.
And there's a video of
A National Guard guy almost running over a state senator with a car?
It was totally out of control.
There was a Border Patrol vehicle that almost ran into a ravine here, Alex, and just completely smashed it.
When they were backing out one of the buses, it almost hit some cars.
I think it ran over somebody's equipment.
It's unruly out here.
I mean, it's just out of control.
And it doesn't have to be this way.
When we have the Texas National Guard laying out all these razor wires, guess what?
They can't get in if they turn around.
Well, by the way, you get pulled over and I get pulled over by the state police that the governor put in Austin because we have a lawless system, and they say, why is your inspection sticker out?
Because the frickin' place is never open, man!
Like, they should like, oh, inspection stickers are down here.
Rape and robbery's up here.
But no, they're not doing that.
It pisses me off.
Well, and I can also tell you that some of the journalists that are down here covering this have actually received speeding tickets from the El Paso police.
Imagine that.
You watch them just bring in undocumented immigrant and a total lawless situation.
Human smuggling children.
It's like that great screenplay written by...
By Millis, uh, Apocalypse Now, and he says, they would court-martial, this is a true story, the airmen for putting cuss words on the bombs when they drop napalm on children.
It's like riding speeding tickets out of the Indy 500.
Yeah, and it's obviously a growing frustration for Americans that continue to see the lawlessness, whether it's at the southern border in Washington, D.C.
with the Biden crime family, just total lawlessness everywhere.
But then you are constantly dealing with government intervention in your life, tic-tac-side patients pulled over for all this nonsense.
And I think Americans are really growing frustrated with it, Alex.
And I don't know how much longer they're going to sit here and take the White House just blatantly lying to them.
I mean, even Democrats.
No, but they said it's 90% down.
They said the border's total control though.
Yeah, I mean, it's just absurd.
You don't believe the walking colostomy bag, Joe Biden?
No, no.
I'm not even sure.
Every time I see Joe Biden now, he seems to be forgetting where he is.
He can't read the teleprompter.
He can't even speak properly.
I mean, it's bad.
Well, let me ask you this question.
The last caller brought up something, and I'm not going to dodge it and be a wimp.
I literally don't believe in offensive violence because it's so complex and I'm not a general.
But when they're refunding gain-of-function and releasing viruses to kill us, I can't lie and say, no, these people don't deserve to pay what they've done.
But if they've created anarchy, they want us to go into anarchy with them.
But at a certain point, what is your view on
Because it's not offensive when they're creating anti-function, opening borders, attacking us.
But I'm not green-lighting violence.
I'm saying people are thinking that, saying that.
I think they want to lure us into that.
I think we need to be Christ-like, or like Gandhi following Christ, or Martin Luther King Jr., and not be violent right now.
But what are your comments to people that are, like, legitimately saying, look, we're under attack.
What are we supposed to do?
Well, let me just first say this, because I've actually thought about this issue a lot, witnessing this, Alex, because I was explaining this to you yesterday.
I mean, just seeing it like this again is really, it's altered my worldview a little bit.
And I mean, it's fair to say, in many ways, America is on life support, or it's just collapsed.
And just to be clear, here's how I feel about it now.
Yeah, we could say America's collapsed and be negative Nancy about it.
But the truth is, it doesn't, America will rise again.
Human freedom is not going to be snuffed out, Alex.
Human freedom and prosperity and self-government and independence and fulfilling your own destiny, choosing your own fate, that's not going to be snuffed out.
America will rise again.
But there's no doubt.
We're down and out right now, Alex.
I mean the American people are getting hurt every which way, but we're getting flooded at the same time with all these illegal immigrants getting everything paid for.
It's going to replace the working class.
It's going to destroy the middle class.
I mean, it's just a total attack on our country.
So America is going to take a lot of this.
We're slowly waking up and understanding it.
As far as people that feel that way, look,
We're not.
We didn't get into this to be violent.
I'm not a violent person.
I'm not.
I'm not a violent revolutionary.
I've never been a violent person.
I don't have any history of violence.
I'm really, Alex, we're more like philosophers or logicians and people that just want to peacefully try to restore the republic.
So it's not like we have ever had any inkling to do anything like that.
But there's no doubt that's how they want to frame it.
There's no doubt that's what they want to depict us to be.
They want to fight and they're going to start one.
So we have to at least think about this and realize even though we're not looking for a fight because we don't need to prove ourselves.
It's like that Who song.
I don't have to have a fight, you know, to prove I'm right.
Well, at a certain point, they're going to demand a fight.
Well, look, anybody who's been in a street fight or a bar fight knows that
Uh, usually the smart ones are not the ones that provoke the violence, but anticipate it and respond accordingly.
So, uh, you know, I don't know if a bar fight analogy, maybe a crude analogy at this point, but it's just how much more can America take Alex?
I mean, how much more can the American people take?
I mean, I'll tell you this, you know, we're going to lunch around here.
We're going to local taco shops and we're talking to people that work at the hotel and stuff.
The citizens of El Paso can't stand this Alex.
They can't stand what's going on down here.
The border areas are going red.
Well, that's right.
We're sitting at breakfast today, and they've got The View on the television, and I'm talking to the lady that's bringing our breakfast out, and she's wondering why I'm taking pictures of The View.
Joy Behar has a shirt on that says, read banned books.
And she's like, oh, why are you taking that picture?
I was like, well,
Joy Behar is wearing this shirt that's promoting pornography for children, that's promoting sexually explicit books for children in this school, and she kind of looks at me and she goes, yeah, they're all full of bullcrap, and I'm censoring that for radio.
And then we started talking and she's like, yeah, Biden's a piece of you-know-what.
So it's like, everybody down here gets it.
We're out here, citizens come up to us, they hear what we're talking about, they say, yeah, here's what's going on.
We've put some of those interviews up on Banned Out Video, we've showed some of those interviews on the show.
The understanding is there.
The attitude is there.
The problem is we're so overwhelmed with the propaganda.
I mean, the White House... Well, that's what Michael Yonstad broke an arrow four days ago.
We are overrun.
Totally, and they even admitted it to me last night, Alex.
I was telling you, we started calling it the Migration Pipeline Valves, because they can turn them on and switch them off and move the water whichever way they want it to flow, and the Border Patrol spokesperson that we spoke to last night basically told me that's exactly what they do.
He admitted it to me.
I mean, anybody can see it that's following it, but he admitted it.
He was like, yeah, we got overwhelmed here in El Paso, so we steered the rest of the illegal immigrants on the ground there.
Finish your points and what's coming next.
I'm gonna take a few final calls ahead of Jadar taking over.
Hour number four straight ahead and then you're taking over in one hour.
The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, Central, Central, Central.
We're the survivors.
Owen Schreyer's on the border.
He'll be hosting in an hour.
War Room, 3 p.m.
I'm gonna get a quick report from what's coming up next.
Then we're gonna go to your phone calls, Carlos.
Lisa and Paul before Jay Dyer takes over.
They shut off the third world, starve to death, and flood us with them.
All part of their plan.
All right, real quick here, because I've got to get back to work on your new show in less than an hour.
So much coming up.
The whole site's peppered with your incredible reports.
What else are you looking at?
What else do you expect to cover?
Well, they still have tens of thousands, I mean really it's hundreds of thousands, but there's tens of thousands right at the border on the Mexico side that are going to be trying to get in today, tomorrow, over the weekend, and this is being highlighted from journalists both on the Mexico side and the American side.
And let's be clear, they load them at night to sneak them in.
That our government isn't just letting it happen, they're facilitating it.
It's undeniable.
We already proved that back in 2021 and nothing has ever stopped.
You've filed like 50 reports or something.
Which one's the most powerful?
Because I tried to watch them all.
They're all amazing.
What's the most powerful?
You know, we just put up, Rob Dew just put together an excellent compilation report on Bandot Video of all the activity from last night.
But quite frankly, there was so much activity that actually he's going to release a part two that he's working on now.
But it's three busloads coming in and out.
And then, you know, it's just so pathetic, Alex, that we just sit here and take this.
And so, you know, I basically give the media the what-for for not reporting on this accurately.
I give the Border Patrol the what-for and the how-to as we watch them just load up the illegal immigrants and then block the American media.
I think that has to be the most shocking thing, Alex, is that we had Border Patrol blocking the American media from filming.
What the hell is that?
What in the hell?
I've never seen that.
They literally pull up their SUVs, pull up their trucks in front of the media so that you cannot see the migrants.
No, no, they get in your face and tell you to stop talking.
Oh, and we're not going to stop talking.
Band.Video, MadMaxWorld.TV.
All the reports.
Great job.
Be safe, brother.
Great job.
Thank you.
Amazing to see him and Savannah down there.
All right.
Carlos in Canada.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air, Carlos.
I'd like to talk to you a little bit about artificial intelligence.
Because it's a balloon that has to be pricked.
However, we won't have much time about that.
I'll hold you over if need be.
Jay and I are going to skip some breaks so he gets more time.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Well, if it's about artificial intelligence, I'll tell you that I once developed a semantic analysis program having cognitive psychology experience.
And so what I wanted to tell you is that I came to the conclusion that you really have to have artificial intelligence.
It has to be adaptive.
And if it resembles in any way human intelligence, it has to have errors.
It has the capacity to interpret and misinterpret things.
If it misinterprets things, then you might as well find an intelligent expert in every area of the field.
Yeah, and what are you going to do at that time?
Are you going to call a non-artificial intelligence psychiatrist?
Please give me a break.
Please, no.
Yeah, so it has psychosis from the beginning.
Yeah, you have this program, it's so superior.
I remember in the 70s people saying, we're running through the computer and computer says, and you're supposed to believe because the computer said, and then people realized with time, hey, garbage in, garbage out, right?
So in this instance, I'm not saying that it's garbage in or garbage out.
What I'm saying is that AI, the moment that it becomes adaptive and it becomes super intelligent, it has to be truthful.
And if you ask it,
You just said the key.
Only truth can take it to the next level.
That's why, oh wow, this is so sophisticated.
60 second break.
Stay with Carlos.
We'll go to Alicia, and then Paul, and then Jay Dyer takes over.
Please give me one minute of your time.
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Take action now, but regardless, research is info.
They're shipping hundreds of thousands of children into sex slavery right now.
And calling it humanitarian.
So sick.
Carlos and then Alicia in Arizona.
Carlos, finish your point.
Thank you, Alex.
I'll be brief.
I just wanted to mention to you that if artificial intelligence is ever going to be playing any part
Then he has to be truthful, because the moment he tells a lie, which is human intelligence-like, then it's not reliable anymore.
If you ask it, is there a God, and God says, and artificial intelligence says, of course there is God.
You know why?
It says why?
Because God is something.
And nothing, if there was nothing, then you and I wouldn't be talking about God.
How's that?
So all of a sudden you flip and you say, you're right, God is something.
It's a concept that, exactly, it's real regardless.
And so to finish on this, it's already become a fake, fake, fake.
Because the moment you ask it, who killed President Kennedy, and it gives you blah blah, or if you say, which political party is better, this one or that one, and it gives you blah blah, you're going to have the leaders of this pseudoscience try to edit artificial intelligence, not to say this, not to say that, not to say that, not to interpret this, not to interpret that.
With that garbage, that's not artificial intelligence, that's fake intelligence.
You want true artificial intelligence?
Get a calculator.
Get mortgage rates.
That's accuracy.
You're not going to have that kind of accuracy with an adaptive human intelligent copy.
That's all I wanted to say.
Beautifully said.
Our imperfection is our perfection.
Thank you, Carlos.
Alicia in Arizona.
Last caller before Jay Dyer takes over.
Go ahead.
How are you today?
Hi, Alex.
I'm inside the New World Order now, I tell ya!
I know, it's a little bit overwhelming to say the least.
I'm calling because I live in Arizona, and we're definitely a border state, and I have been following various prophecies for the last 30 years, and some of the prophecies state for what they call a Red Invasion through Nicaragua, which that was stated in 1987.
Well sure, that's Red Dawn, that's REC-84, and it's not like they're all communists, but they're all with cell phones under leftist control.
It's the political Red Invasion.
We're looking for Russian tanks or Chinese jets.
No, it's people.
Right, right.
And that's what it was, you know, talked about anyway.
But my concern is the H.R.
645 mandate that they introduced when Obama was in office in 2013.
I don't
Military to the border.
Well they won't call it martial law, they'll call it a civil emergency.
But yes, we're already in an emergency.
COVID was about trainings for the next emergency.
They're preparing a new monetary system.
They're preparing all these new... We're so confused and so upset.
We accept what they do when they bring it in.
And that's like one of the largest spies ops that the government has been putting in place.
And I just wanted to know what your feelings were about the coming FEMA camp.
I mean, I know we have several few here.
And they primed that with the COVID camps all over the world.
Yeah, and so one of the interesting things is I talk to people about this all the time, and their eyes bug out of their head, and I'm like, listen, they just keep rewriting it and rewriting it.
Well, that's because they've lived in freedom so long, like a dodo bird, they can't believe they're being attacked.
Thank you so much for the call.
Thank you for holding your amazing.
Jay Dyer of Jason Ellis, author, researcher, expert on the New World Order, takes over right now, and then in 50 minutes, Owen Schroyer from the border,
So important this gets out, Paul Reveres.
Everybody tune in.
Biden border collapse.
Border and Biden is Borden.
Biden border collapse today.
We're covering at 3 p.m.
The next 50 minutes, Jay Dyer takes over.
Welcome to the Fourth Hour.
This is Jay Dyer.
As Alex said, glad to be back, glad to be here.
You know, we've been getting deep into the history of British intelligence, the British Empire, Cecil Rhodes' last will and testament.
Actually, I have that right here with me.
But what we want to talk about today is more of what you heard Alex talking about, I think, in the first hour, which is this figure of Dr. John Coleman and the Tavisock Institute.
But before that, I want to give us a reminder of how we got to where we are in terms of this, the erection of this shadow government, this deep state.
Where did it come from?
How did it get here?
Well, remember that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Milner Group, the Rothschild Rockefeller Combine,
decided that there could be a model in the U.S.
for how to run an empire of an inner circle and an outer circle, the Society of the Elect, and then they have the Helpers, that superclass that you heard Alex talking about with Rothkopf.
That is modeled on this steering committee inner-outer party model that comes out of the Milner-Fabian circles.
And so this is also known as the Cecil Block.
In 1909, the Milner Group created MI6, and it was chaired first by the Milnerite Secretary of War, Richard Haldane.
Its first chief was Mansfield Cumming, who appointed
It was appointed by F.O.
under Secretary Charles Harding, protege of the Cecil Block founder, Lord Salisbury.
And Cummings is the guy that would sign everything as C. So he was the head of British Secret Intelligence Service at this time.
And if you've watched James Bond, you know he has a handler, M. That's representing this Cummings character who would sign everything just as C. They just change it to M in Fleming's novels.
In 1940, the Milner Group was headed by Lord Lionel Curtis, who was in charge of the Foreign Office and controlled MI6.
Lord Halifax was at this time Foreign Secretary and fellow Milnerite member Lord Lothian was British Ambassador to the United States.
It was a part of the Milner Group's expansion when they set up an American station called the BSC, the British
Security Coordination.
To make Americans feel bad for not wanting to participate in foreign conflicts in European wars.
So they began with Wellington House, the British intelligence warfare outfit back at World War I, coming out with this idea.
That was Arnold Toynbee and other figures.
And then they morphed into the Tavistock Institute that then utilized this technique of weaponizing words to make you feel bad, to make you go along with groupthink.
And there was a famous
No, I can't find the book, but Walter Lippmann's Public Opinion book, which I had here with me somewhere, but Lippmann in 1920 wrote Public Opinion, and he wrote that several years before Bernays wrote Propaganda.
Now, both of these texts, again, come out of the Tavistock Institute, so when we think of intelligence services and this kind of stuff, we think of them as doing James Bond stuff, or policing and keeping America safe, fighting terrorists,
And that's not really what these people do.
They're engaged in culture control, culture war, in a bad sense, and essentially steering public opinion and steering people's thought processes, mainly through mainstream media.
And so in 1920, Walter Lippmann wrote Public Opinion, and that was about how they could control the masses through polls and polling.
Because through groupthink, nobody would want to be seen as an outsider, so everybody would opt for being part of the group.
So they utilize their intelligence assets and their people in media all throughout media.
So this idea of, you know, Operation Mockingbird, which comes out later on in the U.S.
in the 70s, 80s, Woodward Bernstein, all that kind of stuff.
That's actually an older British style of buying up and controlling the press.
So if you read Dr. Carol Quigley, he talks about how the oligarchs, the super elite in the UK, they'd actually bought up most of the universities and the press.
They controlled most of that in the time of Lord Rothschild, Lord Milner.
And Cecil Rhodes.
So they already controlled the academic university system.
That's where they would recruit people.
So Oxford, Cambridge, Eaton, London School of Economics.
These are all entities created by, fostered by, and run by these groups.
Especially the London School of Economics, which was created by the Fabians, as we know.
So this becomes recruiting ground, just like in the U.S.
The recruiting grounds are Harvard, Yale, Skull & Bones.
That's where we get the OSS and the CIA figures.
But this British Security Coordination Office is really crucial.
So when we come back, I want to talk about that a little bit because that is the basis for how America was turned into a foreign policy police engine rather than a so-called isolationist nation.
So this goes back to World War I and the failures of Woodrow Wilson for the globalists.
He did get a lot of things done for them, but he also failed in certain ways.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
That's right.
So basically the origins then of
The Woodrow Wilson administration, as many of you may know, is not really from a public consensus in the American electorate, right?
There's a lot of evidence to suggest that, in fact, Wilson himself was perhaps sexually compromised.
And so he had a handler, this figure named Colonel Edwin Mandel House.
If you've read G. Edward Griffin, you know he talks about this.
And House was an agent for this British inner circle that we're talking about, the Royal Society, Chatham House, etc.
And they basically cajoled Wilson into this idea of setting up the Federal Reserve System and beginning to support the Bolsheviks.
Because initially America, obviously at the grassroots level, didn't have any interest in supporting Bolshevism and the revolution in Russia.
But British intelligence definitely did, and that's why the elites over there put a lot of money into supporting Trotsky and Lenin.
And that's precisely why Woodrow Wilson granted visas to these people.
They used things like the Red Cross as a cover to go and send aid to Trotsky and then to Lenin.
And so this becomes a model for how this foreign group will subvert the United States government
Which is actually still, to a degree, you know, controlled by the people.
To a degree, there's, you know, people being elected, and especially at the local level.
And by the time of World War II, after the League of Nations fails, right, which that was underneath this administration, well, the Wilson administration, they wanted to have World War I to get the League of Nations, and that was supposed to be the initial Fabian Socialist World Government.
That didn't work because
The U.S.
was still anti-policing and it was anti-United Nations at that time, anti-League of Nations, I should say.
And they saw it as a way to subvert American sovereignty.
And so then we decided that the elite decided that it's time to have another world war.
And that's why Quigley talks about Schroeder Bank.
Which was also the same people at the bank where Alan Dulles worked at the Schroeder Bank and worked with the Bank of England.
And that's the same people that funded Tiny Mustache Man.
So Hitler's funded by the same banking power, the same structure that brings the Dulles family to power, right?
In the United States, which is essentially the Rockefellers.
And this is the origin of why the OSS and the CIA had links and alliances, not just with Reinhard Galen and the Nazi network and the Operation Paperclip and all that, but it's also why they would aid and fund and work together with Mao and Mao's guerrillas.
So, build on them and train Mao's guerrillas and help set up the Chinese Communist spy network.
That was because David Rockefeller has always been a fan.
I don't think so.
There was no worker revolution.
So now it switches into reform Marxism and that's Fabian socialism.
And that's the game plan model of the people at the CFR, at the roundtable groups, at the Milner group, etc.
That's their ideological game plan.
That's why you had Blair and Clinton being proponents of the third way.
Same idea.
And Bill Clinton studies under Dr. Carol Quigley at Georgetown.
That's his mentor.
His mentor to be brought into and trained in the ways of this system.
So what we're talking about today, this Carol Quigley stuff, this Milner stuff, Bill Clinton learned that in his college days or even earlier.
When he was recruited into this work.
And so we get under FDR, as we said, the rise of the security state.
How do we get this?
Why do we get this?
And who's involved in this?
Well, it's key British operatives who are sent here from these British Royal Society elites to set up this shadow government.
When we come back, we're going to get deep into that.
You're going to understand how it occurred through sexual entrapment.
All right, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and we are covering the history of
Media and how it relates to the intelligence services and the national security state apparatus how this is patterned on the British model if you go to my channel a couple days ago on YouTube I did a three-hour lecture and I did it because I found this excellent documentary from it looks like maybe from the 90s and believe it or not.
It's actually narrated by Charlton Heston and it's it's an excellent documentary and I've actually found several of these and they look like old history channel documentaries.
I'm not exactly sure but
They're great because even though they're just sort of mainline documentaries, you've got Charlton Heston on there explaining the whole history of how this all went down.
So all this stuff that people think is, quote, conspiracy theory, they think it's, you know, made up, it's tinfoil hat, it's not theory, it's actually just history.
This is a completely mainline history documentary series.
I think it's called Cold War Espionage, something like that.
But I did a whole three-hour commentary on this video.
You should go watch it if you want the deep dive, the really, really deep dive.
Because Charlton Heston goes into detail about this British Security Coordination Office and how they sent over this curious, nefarious figure named William Stevenson.
And he was a Canadian intelligence guy who was recruited ultimately by British intelligence.
And they gave him an office at Rockefeller Plaza.
That's right.
And so people didn't want to be involved.
So William Stephenson said, all right, we're going to have to set up a means by which we can bring everybody into this war.
And the first thing they did was they got FDR and others to sign off on the OSS, which is the secret security service, the secret inner core shadow government, you could say, which would be operating in the style of the shadow government of the security services in the United Kingdom, in the UK.
And this again, where does this come from?
People say, how do you get, you know, this coronation, for example, with Charles, how do you link that to the World Economic Forum and corporations?
Because it seems to me that aren't corporations and British monarchy and royalty, is it that antithetical?
Wouldn't that be opposed to one another?
No, the origin of modern corporations is the British East India Company.
And as Alex mentioned in Hour One, their merger with the Dutch East India Company.
And out of those corporate governance models, that was really what was kind of the engine of the British Empire when the British Empire was at its peak, was this inter-corporate government.
That became the model for Cecil Rhodes to set up his British South Africa company, which was basically a slave labor operation where you enslave the locals and you have a monopoly on diamonds, De Beers, etc.
That's how the model of the Cecil Rhodes control structure happened.
That became the model of how the inner party of the Society of the Elect that he talks about
In his last will and testament of Cecil Rhodes, right, so this is an actual thing, this is where we get Rhodes scholars, okay?
Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar.
What does that, where does that come from?
Comes from Cecil Rhodes.
And what was he all about?
He was all about setting up what I'm talking about.
The idea of a Anglo-American Atlantis' power block structure.
That would run the world.
Now, a lot of people hear that and they think, well, that's, uh, what's wrong with that?
That's us.
That's, that's, uh, us running.
No, you understand that this is a super 0.01% technocratic banking and corporate elite that believe in Malthusianism.
So it's nothing to do with you.
It's not America.
It's a inner party structure that uses these things as cutouts, as fronts.
So you think about the mafia, you know, using a laundry service or a garbage disposal service like Tony Soprano does.
Those are cutouts, fronts, right?
For something else.
From the vantage point of these people, the whole country is a cutout.
It's a tool for this, for this operation, for this engine.
That's why America's foreign operations and foreign wars don't serve America's interests.
That's why things don't get better as we engage in more and more of this.
Things get worse.
Because it's nothing to do with benefiting a nation-state.
What's the lecture that the guy, the oligarch magnate, the vanguard blackrock magnate guy in the movie Network, Jensen, you remember when he gives that speech to Howard Beale?
Because Howard Beale is the angry TV man who's going on these rants.
And Jensen, who's doing the corporate merger, taking over the network and selling it to some other big corporate entity, he says, you have messed with the primal forces of nature.
There are no nations anymore.
There are no people groups.
There's one corporation that is coming.
And that corporation, he says, a lot of people forget what all is actually in that corporate.
It's called the corporate cosmology speech.
It's a very famous film clip.
He says that what's coming is a corporate-installed, global, technocratic government.
And that corporation, that one corporation, Mr. Beale, he says, will give everybody their kibbles and bits.
Everybody will get tranquilized.
Everybody will be drugged.
Everybody will have their entertainment from Megacorp.
He says that's the future, Beale.
And he says that human beings are essentially humanoids.
He says they are not actually human anymore.
And we have absolutely every intention of mutating them to no longer be human, he says.
They will be cogs in this global technocratic system.
So that's the link between the coronation of Charles and corporate governance.
They're all part of the same structure.
And all the Christian larping and trappings of that coronation service have nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever.
From the vantage point of the state, or from the corporate state, those are just other brands to be controlled and used.
Christianity is a brand to be used to control people.
Yes, this is an excellent scene.
Is it possible to play that scene?
I don't know.
Do we have time to play the speech?
Because it really hammers home everything that I'm saying.
Can we do that or is it not doable?
I know it's kind of improv here.
What's that?
Yeah, so maybe when we come back from the break, we can play this amazing sequence.
And if you've seen the movie, you'll remember this.
It's one of the most memorable scenes probably in all cinema history.
And he's pictured at the end of this table because he's sort of a godlike figure, right?
We are down here with Beale as this, you know, far removed from the elite, this
Vanguard BlackRock sort of CEO character who's giving Beale, the angry TV man who's ranting about, you know, everything being messed up, he's giving him the speech that social Darwinism is what runs the world.
And that's the philosophy of the British Empire, right?
They're the ones that gave us social Darwinism.
And he says that we will rule because we have the Darwinian impetus to rule.
And that rulership will be to create a completely homogenized, standardized humanity.
In other words, everything that's in Brave New World, right?
Because you don't have individuality in Brave New World.
He says that the enemy here is the individual, Mr. Beale.
The individual is the competitor to the global market that has to be stamped out.
And we will homogenize human beings.
And we will tranquilize them.
And we will mutate them into being cogs.
Being a programmer.
He says it will be programmed robots.
And the Faye Dunaway character in the movie represents what Jensen is talking about here, if you've seen the film.
She is the humanoid.
She has a love affair and her lover doesn't understand her because he's an older guy, older generation.
He says, you are a humanoid.
You're not human anymore.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest.
Don't go anywhere.
You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won't have it!
Is that clear?
You think you merely stopped a business deal?
That is not the case!
The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back!
It is ebb and flow!
Tidal gravity!
It is ecological balance!
You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples.
There are no nations.
There are no peoples.
There are no Russians.
There are no Arabs.
There are no Third Worlds.
There is no West.
There is only one holistic system of systems.
One vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars.
Petrodollars, Electrodollars, Multidollars, Reichmarks, Rings, Roubles, Pounds and Shekels.
It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.
That is the natural order of things today.
That is the atomic
And sub-atomic and galactic structure of things today!
And you have meddled with the primal forces of nature!
And you will atone!
Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?
And by the way, he atones by being assassinated.
That ends up being his atonement here.
Your little 21-inch screen and howl about America and democracy.
There is no America.
There is no democracy.
There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon.
Those are the nations of the world today.
What do you think the Russians talk about in their Councils of State, Karl Marx?
They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do.
We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale.
Operates like a giant corporation.
The world is a college of corporations.
inexorably determined by the corporate cosmology immutable bylaws of business.
Social Darwinism.
The world is a business, Mr. Beale.
It has been since man crawled out of the slime.
As we said, social Darwinism.
And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that
Perfect world in which there's no war or famine.
Here you go.
Here is 1984, Brave New World as the corporate plan.
One vast and ecumenical holding company for whom all men... Black Rock Vanguard.
...serve a common profit in which all men will hold a share of stock.
All necessities provided.
DBI, Basic Income, Fidnoxic, Doompod, Smart City.
Metaverse, Matrix.
So it's a new gospel?
Sixty million people watch you every night of the week.
Notice that you can see Beale, but his face is blacked out like he's unseeable.
And he says, I've seen the face of God.
You just might be right, Mr. Beale.
That evening, Howard Beale went on the air to preach the corporate cosmology of art.
So as you can see, the corporate cosmology speech actually lays out a Brave New World scenario.
The Spring of the World scenario includes something akin to a Great Reset scenario.
This is the idea where to bring about a total state of peace, global peace, we're going to have to get rid of a large portion of humanity.
Now, that's not really mentioned in that movie.
That movie's not about Malthusianism per se, but it is about a future technocracy that is coming that mass media serves as the engine to convince people of.
And throughout the film network, the 1976 film, it actually portrays the media as a quasi-religious thing.
Howard Beale, as you know if you've seen it, he's kind of presented more and more as a kind of a TV preacher.
Now, he's not actually preaching a religious theology.
In fact, he actually says at one point that he's teaching a kind of a quasi-New Age philosophy, where he says that he's discovered his inner light, his prana, he says.
And so his job is to get you angry, to get you agitated, to get you upset.
And the whole film, I mean, I'm not saying that he doesn't, you know, have good points when he does his lectures and his rants.
He does.
Many of the lectures are really good.
The rants are really good.
But the film is actually a satire of the godlike status and place of media as an engine for mind control.
And as we pointed out many, many times, the heads of media, when it comes to CBS, ABC, and eventually NBC, they were all from wartime intelligence.
They were OSS people.
Sarnoff, Haley, and others.
And eventually they started bringing in consulting men, admin, consulting agency men, Lipman, Sullivan, Cromwell, lawyers, right?
Wall Street.
They all sort of combined.
That becomes the focus and the locus of the energy behind
The original security services in the United States as people recruited out of these entities in these institutions.
Originally, it was a lot of just millionaires, playboys, these kinds of figures in the days of, you know, war adventure, adventuring war heroes in the days of Donovan and others.
And then it turns into more and more of a corporate structure.
And so there's a sort of a merger between Wall Street and the intelligence agencies because, as Dr. Anthony Sutton says,
The corporate sphere, the economic sphere, they're very perceptive and good at understanding how to see other countries as potential markets.
So the real motivations for the Bolshevik Revolution ultimately weren't about bringing about communist ideology and equality.
There were a lot of communist people that were dupes really believing the ideology.
But that was actually funded and fostered by very wealthy Wall Street corporations, all run out of New York City, as Sutton Pruce in his book.
So what does that mean?
Well, that means that the whole purpose of the ideological changes serves a corporate agenda.
But that's just one level of understanding this.
That's like, you know, even people like Noam Chomsky, who's a kind of a gatekeeper,
He understands that level of this.
There's a level beyond this, which is this inner party structure that we're talking about, that Quigley writes so extensively about in his books as a member of.
He's not at the top of the pyramid, but he's an outer sort of archivist historian trainer for this group, training the Rhodes Scholars, people like Bill Clinton, who would then be kind of given a place in this power structure through the Clinton Foundation and so forth, right, as well as Hillary.
They serve this agenda of a future global order.
So it's not even about just promoting wars for pay-to-play, right?
Hillary talked about that in her emails, remember that?
She wrote an article for Brookings Institute saying that if we go in, we can get Gaddafi's loot and if you donate to my campaign, I'll divvy it up for you, right?
That's pay-to-play stuff.
A lot of people know about that, right?
But it's even beyond that.
It's not just about running big money scams and laundering money and all that.
That's a big part of the system, sure.
But there's an even longer-term plan that we've talked about so much, which is technocracy, and that's based around global reset.
That is the Great Reset.
That is what Davos, the World Economic Forum, promote publicly.
And Klaus and Davos were set up as another one of these arms of these steering committees, the institutes,
Kind of like Bilderberg.
Klaus used to be at Bilderberg.
Set up by Kissinger and the Harvard Project.
The CIA.
That's who set up Klaus and all that.
So when King Charles goes on Klaus's podcast, which he did a couple years ago,
Instead, this is our opportunity to grasp the Great Reset and utilize this COVID for Great Reset.
That is the same plan.
That's the same.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, we've been talking about the meaning and significance of the coronation and how, you know, Charles represents the head of His Majesty's Secret Service and the British Secret Service.
We're good to go.
Which is more of a private shadow government answerable only to corporate elites and not subject to the laws of the land.
And that's why there's so much corruption in the country, is that these are the people that are really kind of running and steering the country.
Not you, not the elected officials.
Now there is still a degree of, you know, control at the local level when it comes to politicians and whatnot, but even those are fast being subverted
And I think there's a kind of a death knell sort of grasping when it comes to the election of the president.
And we see some of that with people, you know, reacting by electing Trump.
And I think that, you know, Trump is still speaking to that grassroots base that is figuring out something's wrong with the country.
And even RFK Jr.
is saying a lot of the same things that resonate with people that are figuring things out.
So what his motives are, whether he's going to be a viable candidate, I don't know about that.
But we see Trump capitalizing on the anger at his CNN.
We're good to go.
But what's great is that even without the President being able to necessarily fix things, a lot of truth is coming out through both Trump and R.F.K.
And so I think that's the bright side of all this is that they do get to speak a lot of truth.
But you see this pageantry and all this was basically just a kind of more of a Masonic ceremony with Christian trappings.
And you have all the other world religions there reading scriptures and doing prayers with Hindus and Buddhists and Muslims and the standard sort of ecumenist approach to religion, not really Christianity, but with Christian trappings and pageantry and costumes, sort of a LARPing exercise.
And if you know the history of the British elite, you know, as Alex always points out, these are Saxe-Coburg Gotha.
They're not Anglo-Saxon, you know, native Albion people.
They, according to Charles himself, come from Romania.
I'm not dissing Romanians, but...
You know, this celebration here has nothing to do with anything that relates to the native British people.
And that's why, you know, this family and these rulers have been disastrous for the native United Kingdom Albion people.
And it's just really sad because, you know, these people are part of the corporate internationalist superstructure that we've been talking about, the oligarchical elite.
And I want to add to that, you know, if you go over to my YouTube channel, Jay Dyer on YouTube, you'll notice that at the very top is a deep breakdown of the movie Network, which we were referencing in the last segment.
So if you want a longer deep dive, we go into depth on that.
But right below that is my deep dive on the history of the intelligence services.
So see that right there at the top?
The real story of the intelligence agencies with that
Check with the gun there.
Go watch that because that's a three hour breakdown of what we're talking about right now.
This right here, this three hour breakdown.
I go really deep into the Charlton Heston documentary that gets into the history of all this.
And I want to remind you too that if you go to my website.
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And yes, I still have all of my older books as well.
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So again, this secret Milner Rothschild Rhodes inner circle click of the British Empire that was the real powerhouse behind the British Empire.
They were intent on bringing America back under its fold.
And one of the things that Cecil Rhodes had an idea to do was, he said, you know, look at the Jesuits.
The Jesuits have this sort of commitment to an international entity, the papacy, the Roman Catholic Church.
He said, why don't we utilize that structure?
And Quigley talks about this in The Anglo-American Establishment, the whole section where he talks about Cecil Rhodes using the Jesuits as the model.
He says that, you know, Rhodes realized that the Jesuits were a kind of international intelligence agency.
The Vatican had this international intelligence agency operative for centuries, right?
Even before the Jesuits, you could argue that the Vatican was kind of an international corporate intelligence agency.
So maybe even the British East India Company is modeled on a kind of a prior corporate structure like the Vatican.
And that's covered in detail in the lectures that we've done through the Operation Gladio book, the connection between the CIA, the Vatican, the Mafia, and particularly the Vatican Bank, all right, and the P2 Lodges.
Now, if you go into the lectures that we've done on that and on these books, you're going to see that this other world really works.
It doesn't work as we think what's out there in public purview.
It's actually run by wealthy people.
And not just wealthy people.
I'm not a communist or a Marxist.
I'm talking about extremely powerful, extremely wealthy people like these people.
Now, I don't think Charles is at the top of the pyramid, right?
You know, you can find pictures of certain people above him putting their finger in his chest telling him what to do.
But this family has, I think, billions of dollars in land and holdings.
So they certainly do have a lot of wealth and power.
They are up there on the power structure.
And they're all openly Malthusian, right?
Countless quotes.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
They talk about it.
I wish I could come back as a virus and kill all humanity.
Can't you guess?
Don't you know?
Can't you guess?
I mean, they talk about it, right?
And their cohorts, the people that they made an alliance with in the U.S., the Rockefeller family, Carnegie family,
Vanderbilts, Oppenheimers, Guggenheim, all of those wealthy oligarchic robber baron families in the U.S.
who made this alliance that makes up the Anglo-American establishment, the Eastern Seaboard elite in particular.
They also, shocker, 100% across the board all believe in Malthusian Dysgenics.
All of them.
So that's how we get things like the last three years of COOF and this giant
Black Ops operation of trying to get a billion people or more to take this experimental genetic therapy quote-unquote bioweapon.
Because they're Malthusian.
They have this attitude.
And the people that run the corporations are all in the same groups as these people.
That's why the people that go to Bilderberg go to Trilateral Commission.
And they also go to the CFR.
They're all part of the same steering committees.
This is all public.
It's all on record.
It is not a conspiracy theory.
That's the amazing thing is that
All of this is in public purview, hidden in plain sight.
Hidden in plain sight is also a kind of a tactic, a technique, that Tavistock talked about.
And I mentioned these earlier, but this is not about hidden in plain sight, but here's what I've been telling you, right?
Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion.
This is about how he wrote this in 1920, even prior to Edward Menezes' famous book on propaganda.
Walter Lippmann wrote about
Controlling people through mass media in 1920.
So you think it's a conspiracy theory?
Well, the people who run this, the people who produce studies for the Rand Corporation, for the CIA, for the CFR, right?
That's what Tavistock does.
They produce research and R&D for the power structure.
It's just one of many.
It's the premier psychological warfare think tank using behavior modification.
That's what this is, behavior modification, on a mass scale.
And, you know, his cohort who wrote Propaganda, Bernays, right, five years later, said about this guy that we are controlled by an elite that most people don't know about.
Most people don't know who Walter Lippmann is.
But yet, in the very first page,
A propaganda, which is one of the most famous books on this topic by Edward Bernays.
We are controlled by an invisible government, a ruling power that has nothing to do with the elected officials.
This is the logical result of so-called democracy.
We're not a democracy.
Republic is not a democracy.
Different things.
But this invisible government, he says, constitutes a true power structure and nobody even knows the names of these people.
Watch the American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at band.video.
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