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Name: 20230511_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 11, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories related to politics, health, and globalist agendas in multiple speeches. He warns about potential dangers such as drones being used to spray nerve gas on people, a baby born with DNA from three parents, and the ongoing chaos at the Texas border. He promotes preparedness by stocking up on essential food and health supplements. Jones also discusses how leftists are defunding the police and undermining society in order to bring in their own control and organization of refugees. He encourages listeners to spread awareness, pray for discernment and protection, and support InfoWars by purchasing products from their website. Drew Hernandez will be taking over at InfoWars, known for its 98% average accuracy and being a game- changer. The company is currently selling two products, the Real Red Pill Plus and Ultimate Bone Broth, which are now back in stock but will likely sell out quickly. Jones criticizes unhealthy habits encouraged by society and promotes regenerative farming and consuming InfoWars Life Survival Shield X3 to maintain healthy iodine levels. He also accuses the New World Order of subverting and destabilizing America from within, infiltrating every aspect of society including universities, Hollywood, media, politics, and education. The speaker suggests that conspiracy theorists and patriots are being labeled as evil by the New World Order.

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Agenda 2030.
Cloward and Piven.
The Great Reset.
You've been covering it for years.
It's here.
We've got about 10% of Congress maybe that understands that.
We have three presidential candidates right now that I think understand that.
RFK Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy, and Donald Trump.
So we're getting a foot in the door.
We're getting a wedge against this globalist system to try to destroy the United States of America.
But Alex, we can talk about Title 42.
We can talk about Title 69.
I mean, we can talk about it all.
This is an attack on America.
The border has been wide open for every year Biden has been in the White House.
And there is an invasion going on.
That is it!
Forget Title 42, folks!
They can sign Title 42 back into existence or burn it in the White House lawn.
It doesn't make a damn difference!
They're still coming in!
And they're never gonna stop!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones Infowars the most banned network in the world
So I'm not allowed to stand in America I'm not allowed to report in America. He's not allowed to
talk to the media, but criminals rapists pedophiles murderers foreign nationals
Millions of them can come across the southern border all day long and our law enforcement our government pays for it
and Facilitates it I can't even stand on American ground
without getting harassed by so-called law enforcement Oh
Owen Sawyer here for InfoWars.com and behind me is Gate!
Right here in Texas, just outside of El Paso, Gate 40.
One of the major ports of entry, except we're not supposed to know about it.
So what are we doing here?
Well, what goes on behind these gates, whether it's Gate 40 or Gate 42 or many others, is that thousands of illegal immigrants get processed behind these gates before they come into the United States illegally.
Border Patrol, Texas D.C.
State troopers.
They're not stopping them from entry.
They're not there as law enforcement or border patrol.
They're there as the final link in the Biden illegal immigrant chain pipeline.
So why is border patrol even there?
Why are the state troopers even there?
Because they're part of the illegal immigration.
I'm not allowed to go over there and film this.
I'm not allowed to go over there and ask questions.
I'm not allowed to go south of the border, but anybody So let's see if we get kicked off of this land.
the United States of America. Why? Let's go walk over there and see what we can do. Let's
do it. Come on. Let's go. It's all right. We're just going to -- we're making a point.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm still rolling, too. Tell people what we're going to do. So let's
see if we get kicked off of this land. Noncitizens, illegal immigrants, criminals, foreign nationals
are not allowed to film through this gate. Let's see if I'm even allowed to walk through
this gate.
That sign says, do not trespass.
All right.
You're not allowed to go up there.
Sure, okay, so we're just going to make a point.
Put the mic down.
So we can have six million illegal immigrants.
I'm not mad at you, we're just making a point.
You're not allowed to talk to me.
Well, you did just come up and talk to me, though.
So I'm not allowed to stand here.
But there are how many illegal immigrants over there that are coming in today?
So that's okay.
Just say it's okay.
I know you're not the problem.
You're just here to facilitate illegal immigration.
It's fine.
So I'm not allowed to stand in America.
I'm not allowed to stand in America.
I'm not allowed to report in America.
He's not allowed to talk to the media.
But criminals, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, foreign nationals, millions of them can come across the southern border all day long And our law enforcement, our government pays for it and facilitates it.
I can't even stand on American ground without getting harassed by so-called law enforcement.
I'm not mad at you guys.
You guys are just doing your job.
I get it.
Just like so many other people just do their job.
All those people that you see on the other side of that gate, I'm not even allowed to stand on American soil.
I'm an American citizen.
I'm an American citizen, and I can't even stand on American soil, and there's thousands of illegal immigrants on the other side of that gate.
They're going to walk right across that border, and they're all going to get free stuff.
Free phones.
Free phones, free plane rides, free bus tickets, free everything.
But my law enforcement tells me to get off my soil.
Get off the American land, you dirty American.
Get off the land, you dirty American.
This is an illegal immigrant country now.
Unbelievable stuff.
So you just saw it, folks.
You think this is a game?
You think we're messing around?
You think we just make this stuff up?
You just witnessed it.
An American citizen threatened... See how they hooked two?
They hooked two!
Right out of the car!
Hooked two!
Hooked two!
We got an American citizen!
Hooked two!
Stop him!
Hooked two!
Hooked two!
Out of the car!
Sitting up there... Do you want to see the rest of the video?
It's on Bandot Video.
They filed more than 20 reports yesterday and today.
They're going to be up and down the border.
It is total bedlam.
Owen and the crew will be joining us live, coming up in about an hour and a half.
Huge news for Roger Stone in 30 minutes.
It is just insane.
Yep, we're inside the New World Order now and it sucks, doesn't it?
Tomorrow's news today.
Bandot Video.
Mad Max Worlds on TV.
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
That clip you just saw is from 16 years ago at the premiere of the endgame blueprint for global enslavement in New York
York City.
And I'm wearing the same t-shirt today I was wearing then.
I was digging around, clearing out my closet, found this the other day.
It says, hey, still standing, still surviving, still on air, vindicated, thanks to you, the viewers and listeners, keeping us on air.
I don't know how all this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you've got one.
Thank you for joining us on this live Thursday, May 11th, 2023 transmission.
The great Owen Schroer and the rest of the InfoWars crew is down on the Texas border.
They filed incredible reports, more than 20 of them, that are at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
We're going to have some of the highlights or lowlights of this, drone footage, you name it.
It's crazy.
In the next four hours, Owen Schroeder joins us in an hour and a half from El Paso border in Southwest Texas.
Let me, as customarily I do, just read you a few of the headlines we've got here.
Get ready for this one.
Anger as Biden administration hands another $2.3 million to EcoHealth Alliance to research bat coronaviruses.
Where are the folks that brought you COVID-19?
Talk about that for four hours.
DOJ seeks to ban FBI agents from using crime statistics in law enforcement.
Last two and a half years, they've already ordered the FBI to stop collating the data because it shows a 21 to 1 black on white crime rate and shows that blue cities are 10 plus times more dangerous than red cities and towns.
There aren't many red cities.
Senator Ron Johnson, we have evidence Hunter Biden paid sex trafficked prostitutes And the media isn't looking into it.
Well, of course they aren't.
It's not the media.
It's bought and paid for mouthpieces.
Biden family tried to hide over $10 million from the Chai comms to their families.
House GOP investigation.
But the Justice Department is trying to block them getting any documents.
Trump knocked it out of the park last night on the CNN town hall because they won't have him on Fox, so he went to CNN, which I think is a smart move, and the CNN hosts were literally crying.
They hate him so much, but he wiped the floor with them.
You know, I feel really bad having to even look at this, so I don't want to really show it on air, but the French government paid To hang up signs, and we blurred them out on Infowars, but you know what?
We're not going to do that.
Get the unblurred ones.
This was hung up in public and on subways in Paris by the French government.
It shows children bound and chained, being raped by men with giant penises.
And the French President, when one got defaced, said, this is horrible.
You defaced this beautiful art.
Remember he, the evidence is overwhelming, was an underage sex operative as well.
So a lot of the victims of this turn into promoters and proprietors of it.
It continues on.
There's a lot of good news.
The pushback against the tyrants.
Bud Light sales still plunging across the entire U.S.
down 29% in Rocky Mountain states.
HSBC downgrades Anheuser-Busch stock.
Get woke, go broke.
Says son identifies as a female at age 3.
And they're gonna chop him up.
We got a big report on that front.
And some more good news.
State Attorney General's move to block BlackRock's ESG meddling and utility companies will explain what ESGs are.
I know most of you know, but they are the enemy's real next big attack to shut off our energy and plunge us into third world serfdom.
Obviously, confusion reigns the U.S.-Mexican border before a rule change.
Biden now says it's a crisis after having his press secretary say that border crossings are down 90 percent.
No, they're up about A thousand percent from Trump, who shut the border down 95%.
And they're up several fold from Obama, who obviously really accelerated all this and still running things today from behind the scenes.
So we've got all that news.
Border crossings up 10,000 daily as migrants seek U.S.
aid before Title 42 ends.
That's according to the Border Patrol.
But the Border Patrol's told us they're told to lie with the statistics and not report the getaways.
And that's up to 80%.
So you can up that number to 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 thousand a day.
Texas uses aggressive tactics to arrest migrants.
The title 42 ends.
Migrants in El Paso are urged to turn themselves into immigration officials out of 42.
It's already ended.
Reporter goes off on board patrol for a secret human smuggling operation.
Caught on drone.
These are some of the incredible reports.
Up on Infowars.com and banned out video right now that the establishment doesn't want you to see.
But looking at all this incredible news, what really is the most important news?
Well, as soon as I entered the show yesterday, I realized I didn't cover the big topic I wanted to hit.
And I was just sitting there looking at all this news saying, what's most important?
China building up for that.
forces pivoting quickly to the South China Sea.
But on top of all that, you guys reprinted the articles yesterday about baby with three parents born for the first time.
Baby with three people's DNA born.
It's a humanoid.
That's something we should really dive into today because I mentioned it, but it really is a huge deal.
And what it portends for the future in civilization and society.
So I'll be covering that coming up as well.
But the first thing I want to hit, when we come back in the next segment, is this.
And when I saw this this morning, and I went and followed the links and read it, witnessed it for myself, and it's at science.org, the government's announcing it like it's a good thing.
They're studying gain-of-function, which is totally illegal.
So they get caught lying to Congress, they get caught doing it, and their answer is now publicly announced they're doing it, and say, screw off.
They're endangering all of humanity.
They have viruses that don't kill 1% of people.
They have viruses they're ready to release that kill 90-plus percent.
Weaponize Ebola, airborne.
Weaponize Marburg, airborne.
Weaponized respiratory viruses that literally eat your lungs.
And they're all sitting there on their globalist power trip, proliferating into biolabs all over the world, so they have plausible deniability of where it came from when they release the next one.
And the only way you'll be safe is if you are literally in the middle of nowhere on a rural farm and are self-sufficient, and even then you know after they wipe out the major cities and they decide to go with a full depopulation agenda, The drones are coming, the helicopters are coming.
They're just going to spray you.
Spray you with nerve gas.
As soon as they get enough robots in place, as soon as they have enough drills, like the last three years of lockdowns, and believe you'll behave and stay in your houses, it's on the table in their war games to go ahead and just kill everybody.
And you'll know when they're about to do it because the globalists, that's why they should be watched very closely, will all go to their ships, all go to their big yachts, like Larry Page that hasn't left in The South Pacific in three plus years.
He owns a bunch of little islands out there with his private army, founder of Google.
But he's out there because he knows what's coming down.
Same thing with James Cameron.
I knew this 15 years ago, 16 years ago from my sources.
That's why he uses the write-off claiming he's looking for sunken ships, you know, the Titanic and all that.
And the guy has private ocean liners.
Because you'll only be safe on one of those when they kill everybody.
And I don't say this for effect.
I don't say it to be shocking.
Just get right with God.
Because the only reason they haven't released the weapons yet is they don't have full control of Russia.
They have control of China.
If they had control of Russia and China, they have control of the EU, the US, most of the world.
The globalists will release the bioweapon.
And they will kill 90% of us.
That's their admitted plan.
But Russia still has nuclear weapons and the globals are worried it'll get out of control.
Only reason we're all not dead right now is mutually assured destruction.
We'll come back and talk about it on the other side.
Stay with us.
If you're a new listener and you tuned in for the first time and you heard me say that The corrupt globalists, eugenicists, depopulationists, corporate planetary rulership wants to kill 90% of you.
I can play clips of Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, all of them saying that's the plan.
And they finance both government and private entities, private labs, all over the world, on record.
To produce weaponized mousepox alone.
I remember 12 years ago, there was a big expose in ABC Australia, and they just asked the question, back when the media wasn't totally controlled, why did the Australian government crack the genetic code of mousepox, that when it's weaponized to humans kills 90 plus percent, and why did they release the genetic sequence to the world, so that other people could make it?
Well, plausible liability.
So, they're running around creating gain-of-function viruses.
COVID was manufactured, but spread very easily, but mainly only killed old folks.
It was very weak as a test.
But it scared virologists, because when they looked at it, they knew it was man-made.
Now that's all confirmed.
We told you three years ago.
Plus, And so remember them denying it came out of the Wuhan lab, and denying it first got made by Obama, who funded it with Fauci and Chapel Hill in 2012, 13, 14, 15, big controversy, even hit the news.
So they were denying things that were in the news in 2014, 15.
And that the program was stopped here, it was illegal, and scientists went public about it at Chapel Hill.
So they moved it to Ukraine, after they overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2015.
And they moved it to Wuhan so they could have plausible liability to blame the Chinese, who I'm not fans of.
The Communist Chinese.
Just facts.
Now it's come out, the Pentagon was running the whole program.
Anger as Biden administration hands another $2.3 million to EcoHealth Alliance to research bat coronaviruses and gain a function.
We got links to mainline press releases by the federal government, science.org, Daily Mail, Associated Press, a lot of Telegraph, it goes on and on.
So, multirational hearings, there's like eight of them, and Fauci, there's no such thing, we've never done gain of function.
Well, here's emails ten years ago where he said, in favor of gain of function conference, and we're gonna create gain of function, and we're gonna do it with SARS viruses, and Then they had COVID-19 patented in 2019.
That's all come out!
Had it on the damn shelf!
Had the vaccines already ready.
So-called vaccines.
It's so incredible how stupid they think we are.
And now, oh, more funding for the very same thing in your face as if this is the only funding.
But it's about rubbing our noses in it.
Republican lawmakers have labeled as absolutely reckless, close quote, a decision to grant A further 2.3 million to the very same outfit at the center of the likely coronavirus lab leak that led directly to the global pandemic.
Science.org says, NIH restarts bat virus grant suspended three years ago by Trump.
Kerry Sheffield says, what fresh hell is this?
Did we learn nothing?
NIH restarts bat virus grant suspended three years ago by Trump?
This new four-year grant is a stripped-down version of the original grant to the EcoHealth Alliance.
Of course, that's just the federal grant.
Google gave $10 million to the initiative.
Facebook gave, what, $6 million?
Oh yeah, they're all involved on the team, making the stuff to get rid of us.
This was just the drill, the fire drill, the Kool-Aid drinking drill.
You know, Jim Jones, every day, three times a day, drink your grape Kool-Aid, drink your cherry Kool-Aid, drink your root beer Kool-Aid, until the day it has cyanide in it.
And you drink it and die.
As reported in the Daily Mail, the Biden Administration, via the National Institutes of Health, has renewed the taxpayer grant for Ecovillage Hawaiians to research the coronavirus over the next four years, with the proviso that no gain-of-function activity is carried out, even though the whole thing is a gain-of-function program.
Funding was previously blocked when it emerged that zoologist Peter Daszak had enabled the funneling of the money to the Welland Institute of Virology, where the research into making the virus more deadly was carried out, which they had met.
What do you think about that?
Does that make you a little angry?
When you tuck your children in at night, or you go visit your mom in the nursing home, or you, you know, go into work and see your crew members, or when you go to church and go to Sunday school, or when you go to the bar and have a beer with the buds and maybe a hamburger.
But while you just want to live your life and be a nice person, these crazy mad scientists are running completely roughshod over everything, saying, trust the science and transgendering and sterilizing our children.
They're waging war on us because their religion is eugenics, their religion is depopulation, their religion is taking full control of culture and the world.
We'll talk more about this as the day goes on.
We're also going to get into what I mentioned yesterday we didn't cover.
First baby with three parents, born.
It's not a human.
It is a humanoid.
We'll be explaining that.
It's not the first one born.
They're just coming out of the closet with the whole New World Order agenda right now.
All right.
We're gonna go to break.
Come back with Roger Stone and look at some of the excerpts of Trump's powerful town hall last night.
The aftermath of the civil conviction for defaming a woman by saying he didn't rape her and he's innocent.
Well, she runs around on TV and says rape is hot, rape is sexy, and just acts completely bonkers.
Reportedly, her cat's name is Vagina.
She called her black husband the ape.
They had the evidence of this and witnesses, but weren't allowed to bring it in.
The woman looks to me like an insane person, but whatever.
We'll talk about that in the depth of due process.
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Roger Stone, straight ahead.
Please welcome the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, former president Donald Trump.
Well I did not watch Trump's town hall last night, but I got up at about 5am.
and I did.
I was spending time with my wife and my six-year-old daughter.
And he knocked it out of the park.
And, you know, I've got major issues with Trump, but the way he's being persecuted, the fact that he won the election, they stole it from him, the fact that he's been way more hardcore when and if he gets back in, the fact that the deep state hates him so much, the fact that he's declared war on the New World Order.
They are so afraid of Trump.
And now with this fake indictment and then this fake trial where he couldn't put on any of his evidence and When this woman is running around making bizarre statements about how hot rape is and how women love rape.
I don't know any women that like rape.
I don't like rape.
And then she went on shopping after supposedly 29 years ago he touched her.
It's just crazy.
So Trump is 35 points ahead in basically every poll.
Even with the skewed numbers, he's 15 to 20 points ahead of Biden in national polls.
This is unprecedented.
Even with election fraud, the numbers are they can maybe still 5, 6, 7 percent.
They can try to manipulate elections beforehand, obviously, by blocking voter information.
And Roger Stone's an expert on that.
He's the guy that is Trump's closest confidant on politics, the guy that really helped him run for president.
And he joins us now to cover the waterfront on The Amazing Town Hall.
We'll play some excerpts.
And of course, just the next level of persecution, he breaks it down better than anybody.
Maybe we should start first with his civil conviction, his civil finding.
Not that he raped the woman, but that he was wrong to say he was innocent.
Why she's telling the truth and he's not allowed to say it's not true.
So he's not found guilty, but now civilly, they say you're liable because we think you did it.
I mean, this is talking about a miscarriage of justice, Roger.
Uh, you know, Alex, it really, it does defy any rationality at all.
So basically they held him liable for sexual assault, but they said of defamation because he denied raping a woman at the same
time they held that he had not raped her.
So this whole thing is indeed a travesty of justice.
There's a couple of problems here.
First and foremost, the New York state law was specifically changed so that this case
could be brought in the civil courts because this allegation, supposedly this event took
place in the 90s.
The statute of limitation would have run out long ago.
Secondarily, Trump is not allowed to tell the jury that the entire lawsuit is being financed by a left-wing billionaire, associate of Jeffrey Epstein's, a guy named Hoffman.
Who's a major donor to left-wing causes and the Democratic Party.
He is not allowed to show the jury that incredible CNN interview where his accuser, this woman E. Jean Carroll, says women think rape is a hot sexual fantasy.
I think she's the one who had a fantasy.
The president, I think, was very strong last night and has been strong in saying he doesn't know this woman.
This never happened.
Her entire claim is in fact illogical.
What was he doing?
On the third floor where the women's changing rooms are in Bergdorf Goodman, a department store that is catty corner to Trump Tower.
She claims that she pulled him into an empty dressing room.
The whole thing makes no sense.
But it is it's part of their lawfare strategy, as you pointed out, Alex.
They are petrified about running against Donald Trump in the next presidential election.
They are petrified that all of their tricks, the two bogus impeachments, the Russian collusion hoax, their attempts to smear him regarding January 6th, none of these things so far have worked.
But that doesn't mean that they won't continue to try to mark him up.
And I think that's what this New York event was all about.
Let's play clip 16 first.
Trump in the CNN Town Hall with this topic of Carol being brought up.
And then back to back, play the 16 second clip of her talking about how hot rape is.
Here it is.
Speaking of New York, I want to ask you about a significant verdict that was reached yesterday.
I know this is something you want to weigh in on as well.
A Manhattan jury found that you sexually abused the writer E. Jean Carroll and defamed her.
You've denied this, but what do you say to voters who say it disqualifies you from being president?
Well, there aren't too many of them because my poll numbers just came out and they went up.
I think I'm... I think I'm...
I'm the only person in history who had a charge like that.
And usually you leave office, you say, I'm sorry, but I'm going to back home.
I'm back home to my family and everything.
I'm going to be resigned.
My poll numbers went up and they went up with the other fake charge too.
Because what's happening is they're doing this for election interference.
This woman, I don't know her.
I never met her.
I have no idea who she is.
I had a picture taken years ago with her and her husband, nice guy, John Johnson.
He was a newscaster, very nice man.
She called him an ape.
Happens to be African-American.
Called him an ape.
The judge wouldn't allow us to put that in.
Her dog or her cat I think most people think of rape as a violent assault.
put that in all of these things you but with her they can put in anything access
jury of nine people who found you liable of sexual abuse do you think that that
will deter women from voting for you know it just it hurt it just what it
just you know I think most people think of rape and as a I mean it is a violent
assault it is not I think most people think of rape as being sexy let's take a
Let's think of the fantasies.
We're just going to take a quick break.
If you can stick around, we'll talk more on the other side.
You're fascinating to talk to.
Let me tell you what I think is sexy.
A woman throwing themselves at you and just absolutely having the time of their life.
Nah, we're not into rape, you freak.
Roger, what do you think of this lady?
I mean, she comes off as a total kook, but she had no evidence.
This is crazy.
Yeah, Anderson Cooper sure was in a hurry to get to a break there, wasn't he, when that interview went off the rails.
Look, she's not credible.
The trial said, oh, well, you were found guilty by a jury of nine people.
Yes, a jury of nine left-wing Democrat haters in Manhattan.
I have been in this situation.
I really hope the American people can see through this and I hope they will see through it as they saw through it in the question of this New York indictment by the Soros funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg, where Donald Trump is accused of changing business records in 2017 to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.
Again, chronologically impossible, a fraud.
The hysteria among the political establishment, the hysteria in the two-party duopoly who
is busy destroying this country about the rising political tides of Donald Trump is
What he said in the interview there or in the town hall is exactly right.
With each attack on him, he only grows stronger.
With each attack on him, more and more Americans wake up and see through one of the most vicious
media-driven hatchet jobs in the history of our country.
And watching the CNN town hall, Alex, I don't know any other.
Public figure, never mind politician or political figure.
I don't know anyone else who would have the courage to go into that lion's den completely unscripted, knowing that you were going to have a hostile line of questioning from the moderator.
That certainly proved to be true.
and the potential that they would attempt to stack the audience, which
evidently they did not do, and emerged from all of that, taking the very worst
political attacks and emerging from it triumphant.
This was a triumph, a grand slam, a home run for Donald Trump.
I think it's fair to say Trump is even more focused and more hardcore than ever.
He thrives under pressure.
He's now gotten six, seven years of education about the new world order.
He's born again hard.
That's why they're even in more, as you said, a total panic right now.
But let's talk about reality.
It's not like he's just anti-war because the polls show 80 plus percent of Americans don't want war with China, don't want war with Russia, don't like the Ukraine war.
We had peace under Trump and he was ending all these wars and creating the off-ramp to Afghanistan that then Biden screwed up as he was hurrying to go fight the Russians.
But, you know, to come out and be against this war and to say I can end it in 24 hours, it's true.
The U.S., through NATO, ...is funding and directing the Ukraine war that's leading us very close to nuclear war.
We're already in World War III, all major analysts agree.
So here's Trump last night talking about it, Roger Stone response.
Do you want Ukraine to win this war?
I don't think in terms of winning and losing.
I think in terms of getting it settled so we stop killing all these people and breaking down this country.
Can I just follow up on that?
You said you don't think in terms of winning and losing.
Mr. President, can I just follow up on that because that's a really important statement that you just made there.
Can you say if you want Ukraine or Russia to win this war?
I want everybody to stop dying.
They're dying.
Russians and Ukrainians.
I want them to stop dying.
And I'll have that done.
I'll have that done in 24 hours.
I'll have it done.
You need the power of the presidency to do it.
Before we get Roger's response to that, I want to play clip 19 where he calls out this moderator.
Because I did watch the whole town hall this morning.
Trump, I give him a 99.
I mean, he's just under the pressure.
Nobody can do this good.
It's just true.
But he called her out because she was interrupting and attack-dogging and wouldn't let him.
Every 10 seconds interrupting the entire time.
But despite that, he kicked her ass.
Here it is.
What's the answer?
Do you mind?
I would like for you to answer the question.
Okay, it's very simple to answer.
That's why I asked it.
It's very simple.
You're a nasty person, I'll tell you that.
Can you answer why you held on to the documents?
I was negotiating and we were talking to NARA.
Roger, responding to that.
Look, Caitlyn Collins is a roadkill.
I mean, she was out of line the entire interview.
She kept interrupting.
She was argumentative.
She wanted to dispute anything that he had to say.
I think he basically annihilated her and still was able to get his message out.
In terms of the situation in Ukraine, she kept repeatedly trying to get former President Trump to say that Putin is a war criminal.
What you saw was a future commander-in-chief who was preserving his options to negotiate
a settlement and back us off the verge of World War III.
You can't call somebody a war criminal and then expect them to come to the negotiation
This administration isn't even in peace talks.
There are no talks going on between Ukraine.
Is that really Dylan Mulvaney, that CNN anchor, that CNN interviewer?
Is Collins really Dylan Mulvaney?
I just figured something out. Is that really Dylan Mulvaney, that CNN anchor, that CNN
interviewer? Is Collins really Dylan Mulvaney? Sorry, Roger, go ahead.
You're not the first person who has noticed that resemblance.
But look, there's a larger and more important issue here, and that is Trump is the one who cut off the Russian pipeline.
Trump is the one who gave the Ukrainians offensive weapons when Barack Obama would only give them blankets.
He has credibility in the region.
He has credibility both with the Ukrainians and with the Russians.
He could settle this war.
People don't understand how incredibly and dangerously close we are to World War III.
These recent documents which leaked, which appear to be authentic, indicate that virtually everything we're being told about the war in Ukraine is false.
That if you thought that the Ukrainians were kicking the daylights out of the Russians, that's incorrect.
If you thought that the Ukrainians were taking on far more casualties than the Russians, that's incorrect.
If you think all the money that we've shipped over there, now about $170 billion, has been accounted for, that's incorrect.
A lot of that money is missing.
If you thought that the Ukrainians are prepared, both in terms of manpower and munitions, to
launch a successful spring offensive, that is false.
This is a disaster waiting to happen.
And Donald Trump is the one person who I believe could really fulfill exactly what he said there, get a negotiated peace before the entire world moves into thermonuclear Armageddon.
Now that we've had time, since you were on a few weeks ago, to really look at the timing of Allen Bragg and the Soros persecution, witch hunt in New York.
They're in Manhattan.
They're planning to have the trial during the primaries, total election meddling.
But as you said, it's only boosting Trump, booing him.
What's the latest on how this is going to play out and all the other federal and state indictments they've got planned?
I'm not an attorney, and it's very hard to say.
If you believe the coverage over this last week of the Washington Post and the Wall Street
Journal, Special Counsel Jack Smith has slipped into high gear in both the January 6th matter
and in the documents matter.
Extraordinary amount of time yesterday spent on the question of Trump's disposition on
handling of classified and top secret federal documents.
I think that was a tip off as well.
So we don't know.
I have to presume that some illegitimate fabricated charges will be brought against the president.
They just can't let him get to a general election unencumbered.
They're scared to death by these newest poll numbers.
This Washington Post The ABC poll, which came out the day before the New York judicial decision, has him with the largest lead yet over Biden, as well as the largest lead yet over the strongest potential challenger, Governor DeSantis.
Believe me, those in the two-party duopoly, look at those poll numbers and their blood runs cold.
So there will be further efforts to destroy Trump through the use of lawfare.
This past week, Alex, you and I once again smeared, once again, No, I totally agree.
Let's talk about that.
We know nothing about something the FBI investigated thoroughly in March of that same year.
But that doesn't mean that they won't come back and try to smear you again.
No, I totally agree. Let's talk about that. Here he is talking about January 6th in the town hall last night.
So when they went to the Capitol and they were breaking into the Capitol, smashing windows, injuring police
officers, why did it take you three hours to tell them to go home?
I don't believe it did.
Oh, let me pull it out.
I have to pause.
So if you look at...
On January 5th, the day before, I said, please support our Capitol Police and law enforcement.
They are truly on the side of our country.
Stay peaceful.
Stay peaceful.
This was the day before, and this was in the form of Twitter.
Now use truth.
Truth social.
I think it's far superior.
I hope everybody's okay.
I hope everybody's on truth.
If you look, January 6th, before 2.30, I am asking for everyone at the U.S.
Capitol to remain peaceful.
This is right after, as it was happening.
But what happened is they took it down.
I don't know why.
I think they took it down because it was so good, they didn't like it being up there.
I am asking, this is, and we didn't know until I got it back, because now I have 90 million people waiting for me to go back, but I'm on truth and I'm staying on truth.
Listen, I am asking for everyone at the U.S.
Capitol to remain peaceful.
No violation.
We want no violation.
We want no violence.
Remember, we are the party of law and order.
Respect the law and our great men and women in blue.
Thank you.
That was at 2.30.
That was very early.
Mr. President, I looked at the same time.
So, they branded the American people terrorists, they're all over the news saying arrest us, that we masterminded it after the Proud Boys conviction that was another total kangaroo trial.
What do you expect next to come out of this?
Because polls show Americans, like 6% think January 6th is important in Gallup polls.
People totally see through this.
But they're not stopping their tactics, Roger.
Well, I suspect that they would like to charge Donald Trump with the one infraction that would legally prohibit him from running for president.
That would be a violation of the 14th Amendment, you know, something that was put in place after the Civil War.
That's really where I think this is going.
I hate to have to keep saying this again but any claim that either you or I knew in advance about, participated in, or condoned any illegal activity whatsoever on January 6th is categorically false.
You can speculate about it as much as you want but there is no evidence that would prove that because it is false and frankly it grows tedious.
I'm tired of I'm tired of getting attacked in restaurants.
I'm tired of getting attacked in drugstores.
I'm tired of getting attacked in grocery stores.
I'm tired of getting attacked by lunatics in airports.
The left in this country has gotten increasingly intolerant, increasingly militant, increasingly violent.
And frankly, the whole thing is extraordinarily tedious.
Uh, as well as defamatory, but that doesn't stop them.
Uh, this is the tactic of the left.
Repeat a lie over and over and over again until people believe it.
Big picture.
Biden literally wanders off worse than ever, can't even string a sentence together.
It's a giant joke.
I don't see how he stays in through this campaign.
What's the inside intel on who they're planning to replace him with and how that would happen?
Alex, I stand by my previous prediction that the Democratic Party nominee will be Michelle Obama.
The fact that they have changed their Democratic primary selection process to do away with the historic Iowa caucuses, do away with the historic first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary, begin the process in South Carolina, the state that Michelle Obama claims as
her native state because her grandparents are from there, a state
where there is a strong plurality of African-American voters that dominate that
state's Democratic primary.
I still believe, given the nature of Joe Biden's weak announcement a couple
of weeks ago, where he announced by video, there's no rallies, there's
There's no fundraising events, there's no announcement tour.
That's because I don't believe in the end that he is really running.
If you want to figure out whether the establishment and Barack Obama are going to replace Joe Biden, then I think you have to look and see what the news coverage is like in the next couple of days regarding these recent revelations.
By Congressman Comer and the House Oversight Committee, which we have learned, shockingly, that members of the Biden family took millions of dollars from Chinese and other interests.
If this ends up getting a very substantial amount of coverage, then I think we can conclude That the powers that be in the Democratic Party have decided to replace Joe Biden, that he is dispensable, that he is too damaged to go the distance.
Well, we can already see the reportage.
They're all turning against him now.
I haven't had a chance to really look at today's coverage, but what normally happens is you have these bombshell revelations.
They're all over the front page of today's New York Post, for example, but they become one day or two day stories and then the thread is gone.
It was only days ago that a whistleblower came forward who claimed the Department of Justice and the IRS were shielding Hunter Biden from prosecution on various crimes.
What happened to that story?
Where is that whistleblower?
When is that hearing?
Where is the follow-up?
I haven't seen anything more about it.
If that were true, and if this whistleblower had proof, it would be proof essentially that the Attorney General perjured himself in his testimony in front of Congress, something that I was falsely accused of.
But the story dies after a day.
So you will know whether the CNNs and the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal pick up the thread of this Biden corruption.
Because if they do, it is a sure sign that the political establishment has decided that Joe Biden has got to go and he has to be replaced.
With a with a stronger nominee, that's right bottom line living in crazy time stone zone calm they can find your weekday show 5 p.m Eastern and more at stone zone calm Roger stone.
Thank you so much for joining us today Today five o'clock stone zone dot live check it out.
Thank you Alex.
God bless you don't zone dot live But you still got stones on calm to write Yes, that is correct.
but to go to the show, go to stonezone.live at 5 o'clock Eastern.
All right, thank you, Roger Stone.
And again, that's how we spread the word.
I know as an audience you know what's going on, but other people don't.
Share that link, shareinfo@wars.com.
Forward slash show.
Band out video.
Okay, next little segment, I've got some excerpts of Owen Shorter's reportage on the border.
I'm going to come back, get all the other economic news, the Russian news, the new DOJ,
trying to ban statistics on racial crime, so they can lie about white supremacy.
That's all coming up next hour.
Then Owen Schroer from the ground in about 35 minutes on the Texas-Mexico border with huge developments.
Hour number two straight ahead.
You are the Paul Reveres.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you offer assistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in the wrong.
This is Alice Jones.
So we are in downtown El Paso with the remnants, what is left of what was once more than 3,000
illegal immigrants in this small downtown area, probably no more than a 10 block area.
3,000 plus of them smushed in here and it was so bad that even local residents and local businesses who normally are able to walk the streets in peace are being forced to lock up and deadbolt Access to their homes their apartments their businesses because it's been so out of control, but Mayorkas sent Border Patrol down here last night to round up as many as possible and get them out of sight Anticipating that the media was on their way down here So there's a lot of similar things like the manila envelopes that you can see here that they have
And that's where all their information is.
Their bus tickets, plane tickets.
If there's a language barrier problem, there's instructions written out for them in English and in a Spanish translation.
And what we've learned is that they just write them a citation to appear in court.
Their court date isn't for three years.
Most of them never appear in court, disappear, go back and forth over across the border a dozen times.
It doesn't matter.
Now, they're also getting fed and clothed.
As you can see here, they're going through some clothes by the local Catholic charity groups that are down here, just like what we saw in the Rio Grande Valley and McAllen and others.
They also provide them with three meals a day, hot food.
They come down here.
And they basically get to take their pick out of bags of clothing as you can see here and then they have food services that come by and give them three hot meals a day but as you can see what is left In this alley, just a day ago, this whole alley was filled with people just shoulder to shoulder, not just this alley, but multiple alleys around here, all down the street corner.
So the Biden border invasion is still on, but Mayorkas is trying to make sure that the American people and that the
media can't cover it accurately, specifically right here in downtown El Paso.
We are here with an El Paso resident who has witnessed the crazy activity here for the last 48 hours and beyond,
Let's first start by asking you this.
When did this area of El Paso start becoming overwhelmed with the illegal immigrants?
It's been, it's been, gosh, over a month, you know, a couple weeks.
I mean, it's just, it's just building, building, snowfall, snowball effect, but it finally, they just started cleaning up last night.
They started moving them out.
You know, according to people I talked to, they just started telling these people, hey, we'll get you in line for your registration paperwork.
Take this packet and, you know, we'll move you on and get you out of town.
But we hadn't seen or heard of that until last night, really?
More or less, yes.
But you were also telling me that you witnessed the same thing before Biden came to town.
So it appears that the Biden administration and Mayorkas don't want the media being able to report on what's actually happening here.
They did the same thing right before Biden came to town.
They had a little roundup and moved him out.
A lot of it's a lot of smoke and mirrors, but it works.
You know, the public perception, you know, the American people just don't remember too much.
And now the media is down here too late.
Most of them didn't see the scenes from the last couple of days.
We're expecting it to get crazy again.
What are the local residents talking about?
I mean, is this a big story here locally?
Yes, locally it is.
You know, it's more of a human catastrophe, but, you know, we're seeing it in town on different streets, just, you know, at the bus stops, just people roaming around, walking.
I mean, it's everywhere.
You can't miss it.
Come to El Paso.
Of course, right here, they really cleaned it up.
I'll give them credit.
They cleaned it up real good.
Now, do you expect them to try to clean it up permanently, or is it going to kind of remain trash like this, or are there going to be more illegals coming in?
What do you expect?
There's going to be more.
I mean, they're just waiting across.
But in my humble opinion, they cleaned it up because you guys are coming to town with the media.
You know, if there's nobody to see anything, there's no story.
But there will be a surge again.
It's definitely coming.
We'll be here to report it.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you.
Thank you, appreciate it.
Owen Troyer from the Texas-Mexico border in El Paso joins us in about 25 minutes from now.
I'm gonna open the phones up the third hour after he leaves us, but man, I am sitting here looking at this news and it is just crazy.
But for TV viewers, I first wanted to just show you an image.
This is Dianne Feinstein, who's refused to step down, has been missing for months and months and months in Congress, finally was seen popping back up for the first time, and look at her.
This is literally a globalist skexy, holding on to power, and that's what we're up against.
People like her, and Biden, and all of these globalists.
These are slaves of Satan.
But they're willing to commit the crimes and they're in control of the Justice Department.
But they're not all 100 years old.
Some of them are like French President Macron, who reportedly had a relationship with his wife when he was 14.
His wife's 25 years his senior.
And reportedly was a child sex slave.
Now that's come out in the news.
And Francois Mitterrand, many presidents before him, back in the 90s, Literally pledged himself to Lucifer publicly and had the Louvre designed with 666 pieces of pink glass, the pyramids.
But now, the French government put up in public what they call art.
And these are big, giant paintings.
And I'm going to go ahead and show the unredacted stuff.
This is in public in France.
I'll show the unredacted one.
Back it up, there you go.
Of children with their hands bound behind their backs, being raped by an adult man.
The children look like they're about five.
So, somebody threw purple paint on it, and the President of France came out and said, it's wrong to do that.
He didn't criticize leftists when they throw paint on things for greenhouse gas emissions or whatever.
When they go attack Van Gogh paintings of sunflowers.
But this, this is just terrible.
So he comes out and he's defending it.
French President Macron condemns vandalism of art piece promoting pedophilia.
Macron defends art piece featuring what appears to be a child, two children actually, in bondage performing fellatio on an adult male figure.
French President Macron raised eyebrows this week after condemning the vandalism of a vile piece of art accused of promoting pedophilia.
I don't think it's accused of promoting pedophilia, it is.
And these are the type of books that Chelsea Clinton promotes for elementary and middle school students like genderqueer where it shows even more graphic images of adults having sex with children.
So Macron felt like he should put out a tweet about this.
On May 8th, when we celebrate the victory of freedom, I condemn the act of animalism committed yesterday at Palais de Tokyo, Macron tweeted Monday.
The attack, a work, is to attack our values.
In France, art is always free and respect for cultural creation is guaranteed.
Really, you arrest people for their nationalist views, for criticizing Islam, BS.
It's a direct attack on freedom of expression, which is quite serious, added French Minister of Culture, Reema Abdul-Malik.
I love how the head of French culture is not even French.
On Sunday, an elderly...
Vandal spray-painted artist Miriam Kahn's painting, F-Obsession, inside the gallery in Paris.
The perpetrator of the spray attack, described as elderly according to the source close to the case, was unhappy with the sexual portrayal of a child and an adult presented in the painting, but was not affiliated with an activist group.
Times of Israel reported.
So the media is reporting like this person's bad for not wanting a public display of pedophilia.
The piece features what appears to be a child in bondage performing fellatio on a male figure.
The piece, which has been on display since February, was condemned in March by a group associated with lawyers for children who argued the painting should be taken down for representing rape of a child, a naked child bound, being raped.
Con Meantime Maintainer painting depicts war crimes in Ukraine.
Yeah, right.
This painting deals with the way in which sexuality is used as a weapon of war, as a crime against humanity.
Lawyers for the children sued at the painting removed on grounds of the French law forbids the exhibition of pornographic representation of minors, according to Alternet.
And of course, the new big con film festival.
Winning movie is about kids being raped.
Ladies and gentlemen, they're not just raping him sexually, they're raping them with the transgenderism, with the chemicals, and the mutilation.
And then of course we've got this.
Senator Ron Johnson, we have evidence Hunter Biden paid sex trafficked prostitutes, that's kidnapped women, a lot of them look underage, and the media isn't looking into it.
Then there's pictures of him naked, sitting around with his nieces and nephews, In sexual poses.
I mean, just these people are sick.
During a Tuesday interview, Senator Ron Johnson asserted that Congressional Republicans have unequivocal proof that Hunter Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars to an international sex trafficking ring for prostitutes with money given to them by their father.
Senator Grassley and I, in our September 2020 report, laid out as much evidence as anybody would need to lay out of the Bidens as corrupt.
Johnson told Fox News, adding that it was well known that President Biden would be highly compromised, but the corrupt media ignored it and censored it.
Yeah, I've looked through the laptop as much as I can stand.
It is grisly.
Absolutely grisly.
But that's who these people are.
Biden's family tried to hide $10 million in foreign payments.
That came out days ago, and the FBI is now blocking congressional subpoenas for more documents.
The FBI refuses to give Congress informant follow-up.
Biden took bribes as vice president.
We have the damn recordings and his text messages talking about the payments, talking about the bribes.
It's all open and shut.
But they're setting the precedent to commit whatever crime they want, whenever they want.
However they want.
And we are supposed to just sit here and absolutely take it.
But don't let them break your will.
This is about you giving up, about it being so overwhelming you think you can't stop it.
They're turning the whole world off to what they're doing.
People are having really awakenings of conscience.
More information is coming out, and they are grinding to a halt.
They're imploding the universities.
They're destroying the blue cities.
They're destroying the borders, doing everything they can to bring us down because they believe they'll be on top of that collapse.
But in the end, the pit they've dug for us will be the pit that they themselves fall into.
Now, I want to get into the manipulation of statistics.
We all know they do it.
But starting with J. Edgar Hoover and his problems, modern statistics began to be kept.
And he was one of the top statisticians in the world, at least the system he set up was.
And you could really go off FBI statistics.
Cities famously would cover up crime.
The FBI would give you a pretty accurate number.
No statistics perfect, but they were seen as some of the best numbers in the world.
By insurance companies, you name it, who have to bet on those numbers.
Well, starting two and a half years ago when Biden stole the election and got in, they started manipulating numbers and not counting numbers, but now they've ordered the FBI not to use crime statistics.
Well, you use crime statistics to know where crime's happening and how to stop it.
I mean, everybody knows that.
This is, again, beyond defunding the police.
And it's bigger than just censoring us and surveilling us.
It's about censoring the reality of what's going on to feed us lies.
We're going to come back, talk about that, and then Owen Schroyer joins us from the Texas-Mexico border straight ahead.
Please share the link.
You are the Paul Reveres.
We'll be right back.
Yes, every free nation on earth, and there's not many, is under attack.
Yes, the corporations see us as animals that are coming after our very lives.
But humanity is waking up now more than ever.
All right, here's the article.
It's on Infowars.com from InformationLiberation.com.
DOJ seeks to ban FBI agents from using crime stats in law enforcement.
Attorney General Merrick Garland wants to ban FBI agents from using crime statistics to guide or inform law enforcement activities.
The Daily Caller exclusive DOG proposal would ban FBI agents from using community crime statistics in law enforcement doc shows.
A Justice Department draft proposal for updated anti-discrimination guidelines would prevent FBI agents and other federal law enforcement from using crime statistics in law enforcement activities, documents obtained exclusively from the Daily Caller show.
Now there's obviously a thousand angles to this, but imagine not being able to have crime maps of where to put police.
I mean, Again, ladies and gentlemen, this is about total information control.
Not just censorship of you, but censorship of the real data that can be put in computers.
These are the people programming the AI.
It's why it's so woke.
So dangerous.
The documents were provided by a source familiar with the proceedings who requested anonymity due to fear of professional retaliation.
Again, the good news is tens of thousands of whistleblowers now.
The DOJ's new policy would expand restrictions against the use of protected characteristics in law enforcement activities, including the use of facially neutral factors as proxy.
That's why the media, when a brown person commits a crime, won't say what color they were.
We're looking for a man, but we won't say what color he is.
If it's a white guy, they say it's a white guy, but they won't if they're black.
For certain protected characteristics, FBI agents and other federal law enforcement officers would be banned from using a person's actual or perceived race, ethnicity or gender, nationality, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, disability status, or gender identity in any degree the documents show.
So, if it's literally a black or brown person who just robbed a bank and you have 10 witnesses, they cannot put out in an APB that it's a 6'2 black man wearing a purple shirt.
Now, you've already seen the media do this for decades.
You've already seen it build a crescendo, but now it's being codified into the documents that the Daily Caller got.
In fact, I meant to print those documents.
You guys linked through and printed me the documents, so I forgot this morning when I sent you to do that.
A specific example cited in the document is high crime areas typically subject to aggressive law enforcement.
Directly or indirectly using protective characteristics to find suspects reflects and invites bias, making it prohibited by the proposed DOJ guidelines.
They go on to say tattoos that certain groups like to have.
Don't look at that.
So MS-13.
Officers and agents should not use statistics about arrest rates, particular communities, when making decisions about where and how to focus on their activities.
So let's not tell officers when they're being told to serve warrants by a federal or state court, this is the most dangerous zone in the city or the state.
This is where the most police get shot.
Two police officers got killed here last week.
You're not supposed to say that when you go into this no-go zone, Islamic area, whatever it is, that's like in Europe.
England did this like, what, the UK did this a few years ago.
They said, we're banning statistics in these areas.
Because it came out that 98% of the kidnappings and rapes were being done by Asian men.
But they weren't Asian men, they were Pakistani men who do it as a business.
And I'm not saying all Pakistanis do this, but it's a fact that they don't respect women as a culture on average, and that sex trade goes on there, and that the majority in many towns, 90 plus percent, was Pakistani men.
It wasn't Saudi Arabian men.
It wasn't all the Muslims doing it.
It was Pakistani men.
As a business.
As a business.
So, it just goes on.
That is propaganda.
That is brainwashing.
And look at this.
and unreliable and using them reproduces the very discrimination the DOJ policy
is designed to eliminate. The documents continue. That is propaganda. That is
brainwashing. And look at this, another article on Infowars.com.
Elites manufacture hate crimes as pretext for mass spying, blacklist,
and They say in these documents, whether it's in New Zealand, Germany, or the U.S., all the same ADL propaganda, that white people committing racial crimes is the number one crime.
When you go to the statistics, they won't give it to you.
And of course, it's all made up in lies.
But in two and a half years, we haven't gotten new statistics because Biden's blocked them.
But up until two and a half years ago, we had the statistics.
But I'll ask everybody out there, it's not about tackling anybody.
Do you really believe white people, per capita, per 10 white people versus 10 black people, per 1,000 white people versus 10,000 black people, do we really believe the FBI that the majority of crime per capita is committed by white people and that it's racially motivated?
That is preposterous!
I'll say it.
Go around the country.
Most of the white people that are young and of the age to be committing crimes are video game heads and couldn't pick up a bowling ball with both hands.
The idea that there is a scourge of white people running around raping, murdering, and killing black people is preposterous, but they're blocking the numbers and putting out fake numbers that it is an epidemic and the number one crime in America is a wave of white supremacist killings.
Yeah, last year or two years ago, some lunatic went into a black grocery store and killed a bunch of people.
Terrible person, working with FBI informants and former feds and all this.
I mean, it's terrible.
You had a guy five, six, seven years ago, whatever it was, go into that church in South Carolina and kill a bunch of black people.
That happened.
But statistically, it is incredibly rare.
But I could sit here and show you today 50 new videos of black people shoving white people on the subways and black people shooting white people for no reason and beating them up because, well, they're white, they deserve it.
I mean, whites are bad and the media teaches it.
Trying to manipulate black people to do this.
The majority of black folks aren't doing this.
They're wonderful people.
We love everybody.
But we need to challenge racial attacks on any group and say it's wrong.
And I'm going to explain the inside baseball here.
The fourth dimensional operation.
Everybody gets this.
This is not even that complex.
When white people continue to get attacked everywhere, and no one does anything about it, they're going to become racist and anti-black.
Just like the police slow roll into black neighborhoods now because they know they're not going to have backup and they're going to go to jail to protect anybody, you hear the Chicago Scanners with the police saying, okay, let them kill each other, we're not going in.
And then who's the number one victim of black crime?
Black people.
The number one victims of this racism, state-run divide and conquer, are black people.
And I'm not some white liberal up here trying to kiss black people's ass or feel sorry for people and, oh look, the poor black people, that's who's being targeted!
Yeah, a lot of whites are getting chewed up.
A lot of bad stuff's happening to Hispanics at the hands of crazed, black, racist mobs.
But those mobs are groups of young people, brainwashed, who are not a indicative cross-section of the black community.
And the black community is pissed off and wants crime control and wants police.
It is the leftist media and the leftist-controlled, Soros-controlled prosecutors and city councils that are cutting off the police to our underserved neighborhoods.
And it is a plan to implode the country using the black neighborhoods at the center of the blue cities.
All right, the great Owen Schroeder is going to be joining us.
Iodine is naturally acquired through the soil, which is at the foundation of our entire food supply.
Modern farming techniques have stripped the soil of this essential trace element, which has caused an iodine deficiency in about half the population.
And there are two things we need to do about it.
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There are plenty of proven technologies in permaculture and biodynamics that will naturally keep the soil rich with iodine.
And we need to ensure that we get the sufficient amount of iodine every day.
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So, the Border Patrol is not our enemy, and we're working with the highest levels of the Border
Patrol, but they've been ordered to help smuggle people across and to cover up the numbers.
At night, they load them on thousands of buses across the U.S.-Mexico border, hundreds in Texas, and ship them to military bases to be loaded on planes and flown to different parts of the United States.
The Democrats sign them up, put them in sweatshops, sign them up for welfare, take part of their paycheck, and take the whole welfare check that's come out.
They're making more money than the smugglers are off of this each year.
And Owen Schroyer and our team got on the ground yesterday in El Paso.
They have knocked it out of the park.
They have filed more than 30 reports that are at Bandot Video in the Biden border collapse crisis page that I'm going to have linked under the live show feed right now.
It's up to you, the listeners and viewers, who are amazing, to go get the videos, the ones you think are the most important.
And upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.
You are the reason we're reaching tens of millions a day right now, because the listeners realize you are not the tail, you are the dog.
You are in control.
You decide how high the amplification is on this broadcast.
So go now to Bandot Video.
We'll top link it on the front page of InfoWars.com to the Biden border collapse page.
Where it's got to be 30 videos.
30 reports our crew has filed.
They'll be there right through this weekend.
I want to play a short clip of one of the confrontations where he goes up to an area where they're staging.
They have the drone footage.
Thousands of illegals right across the border.
The border fence is inside the U.S.
They simply try to come and show it.
They're told get out of there by the border patrol.
Let's play a little bit of that clip and then go to Owen Schroyer.
So I'm not allowed to stand in America.
I'm not allowed to stand in America.
I'm not allowed to report in America.
He's not allowed to talk to the media.
But criminals, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, foreign nationals, millions of them can come across the southern border all day long and our law enforcement, our government pays for it and facilitates it.
I can't even stand on American ground without getting harassed by so-called law enforcement.
The full report is on InfoWars.com.
Owen Schroer, we're going to him live on the border there with the Trump's border wall that was never completed behind him to give us an update in the last 24 hours on what they've discovered there in just the El Paso area.
InfoWars.com, host of the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
weekdays, Owen Schroer.
Well Alex, let me just tell you, we have two more incidents now, very similar to that clip that you just played that happened this morning.
Those videos are coming on Band.Video as we speak.
But Alex, before I get into the details of what we're learning about Biden's border invasion and the collapse of the southern border, I want to really focus with you for the rest of this segment because We tend to lose the forest through the trees and we tend to focus on a lot of the noise and forget the signal.
Alex, we have to have a serious discussion.
We don't have a country anymore, brother.
I mean, we really don't.
We've got to be honest about what's going on here.
We've got a foreign agent in the White House who's opened our southern border.
I mean, this is so clearly an economic bomb.
This is so clearly an attack on the United States of America.
It's unreal.
There's only one way.
I'm at gate 42 right now, Alex.
There may be a press conference out here.
We're waiting.
We don't know.
There's thousands that they're processing right behind this gate right now.
And this is a one-way street, Alex.
It's a one-way street.
You can come in, but nobody can come out.
We should be asking some serious questions when that's going on.
We don't have a border.
We're supposed to fight a war against Russia and Ukraine.
And the President of the United States takes millions of dollars from foreign countries.
Alex, I don't know if I want to sit here and say America's dead.
America's probably on life support and it can come back.
I mean, America coming back is inevitable.
America will be back.
We will restore the Republic.
It's just a matter of, are we going to accept the situation we're in here?
I mean, how many illegal immigrants have to come in?
How many times do you have to sit here and witness the one-way path?
Witness Americans getting harassed?
Witnessing media getting harassed?
How many billions of dollars do we have to give to Ukraine and illegal immigrants while Americans are suffering economically?
How many more years do we have to have a foreign agent in the White House?
So that's the larger issue, Alex.
That's the real signal.
Agenda 2030.
Cloward and Piven.
The Great Reset.
You've been covering it for years.
It's here.
We've got about 10% of Congress maybe that understands that.
We have three presidential candidates right now that I think understand that.
RFK Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy, and Donald Trump.
So we're getting a foot in the door.
We're getting a wedge against this globalist system to try to destroy the United States of America.
But Alex, we can talk about Title 42.
We can talk about Title 69.
I mean, we can talk about it all.
This is an attack on America.
The border has been wide open for every year Biden has been in the White House.
And there is an invasion going on.
That is it!
Forget Title 42, folks!
They can sign Title 42 back into existence or burn it!
In a White House lawn, it doesn't make a damn difference.
They're still coming in, and they're never going to stop.
And even Greg Abbott, who's trying to make an effort, he can't stop it either.
And he ends up just busting them deeper into the country.
Because once they know the border's broken and the UN sets up the migrant invasion centers, just like with Europe, there's no way to stop it.
And then you see the blue cities, New York, Chicago, complaining about all the illegal aliens and no jobs, no where to live.
And their answer is, house them in hotels.
I mean, this is crazy.
America is turning into an open-air refugee center and prison at this rate.
Now, Alex, let me tell you about what we're learning today.
They have this illegal immigration pipeline so down to a science.
What we're calling it now is the migrant valves.
They can switch the valves on, they can switch the valves off.
So when nobody's in El Paso, they turn the El Paso valve on and you see them all rush to El Paso.
We saw the thousands in the streets.
Well then the media showed up.
And then Mayorkas said, oh, no, no, there's nothing to see in El Paso.
And they cleared out the streets, they turned off the valve, and then they turned the valve on in Brownsville.
And now there's the tens of thousands coming in through Brownsville, the tens of thousands coming in through the Rio Grande Valley.
Now the media is going there.
So I won't be surprised if they close the valve on that and then turn it back on El Paso when the media goes to these other cities.
They have this thing down to a science, Alex, all the way down from Central America in the Darien Gap.
And let's be clear, the same head UN NGO that ran the Europe invasion the last 12 years is officially running it in Texas.
The Border Patrol, they all take orders from an NGO.
And Alex, I mean, look at this.
We got Border Patrol out here.
We got media members out here.
We're all great Americans.
Hey, our country's being invaded, you know?
Our country's being overrun.
It's kind of a big deal.
I don't know.
I don't know, Alex.
Just an invasion going on.
Let's be clear.
The state police, the National Guard, the Border Patrol, they're just there under orders to facilitate processing them in.
I deal with more harassment.
I have more restrictions on me than these illegal immigrants.
I mean we have it on tape!
How many times do we have to put it out to the world?
It's unbelievable.
And yes, we have now discovered the reason why you don't see all the thousands of the people on the streets in El Paso is because they're putting them on buses back there and driving them out of these gates deep into the heart of Texas.
It's a three-card money, Alex.
It's a three-card money.
The globalists, the Democrats, they have this illegal immigration pipeline down to its sides.
The biggest human trafficking operation on the face of the planet.
And we're just supposed to sit here and take it.
We just really do.
And we do!
And remember, remember the Senate report last year Obama was in a minute they knowingly placed tens of thousands of children with child traffickers and pedophiles now the numbers are off the charts and we were told by high-level sources 20,000 pedophiles released by Biden in the last two and a half years in Texas alone with 30,000 children up to two children per person they catch him with pedophiles and Merrick Garland the Attorney General will not allow prosecution And that doesn't even count the 80,000 unaccompanied minors that have gone missing.
And Alex, let's not forget.
Let's have a memory here because most of the media will want you to forget.
Remember what happened in Ohio when that woman had to cross state lines to get an abortion.
Well, what did the story end up being was she was basically pimping this girl out to other illegal immigrants.
It is what the story ended up being, and so they buried it.
She had to go across state lines to get an abortion.
Look at the oppression.
Look at how bad Republicans are.
And then people dug into it, found out she was a minor, and it looked like the boyfriend or client of the lady she was living with, and all of a sudden it was media silence.
That's what happens to these kids, Alex.
It's heartbreaking.
This is a humanitarian crisis, and it's all about collapsing the United States.
It's all about ending sovereign nations, bringing in the one world government.
And look, they could claim a pandemic started.
Oh, six million illegal immigrants come in here untested.
Tuberculosis, polio, who knows?
There's an outbreak.
Now there's a pandemic.
Shut down the United States.
Welcome back.
We're showing drone footage in El Paso that our crew shot and that we're putting out.
If you go basically anywhere by city on the Texas-Mexico border, this is what you see across the border.
Mile after mile after mile after mile after mile of it.
Owen Troyer is on the Texas-Mexico border in El Paso.
He has a local.
And so folks who want to interview, yeah, Owen, take over this segment.
Interview the local.
Why don't you walk around?
Just go ahead and take over.
This is a 10-minute segment.
Go ahead and just take over.
Give us a tour.
Sure, sure.
My new friend Jesse here is a local.
He's also a veteran and a great American.
And so come on over here, Jesse.
Let's get you in the frame quickly.
So you're a local here.
What have you witnessed since Biden got in office?
I mean, I know it's been a big story the last couple weeks, but even since Biden got in office, has there been a significant difference just in the activity in El Paso?
Oh, most definitely.
I'll just hold it for you.
We've seen a lot of Immigrants come in and out.
We've seen buses, white buses, unmarked buses, loading in downtown, greyhounds, El Paso limousines.
Who knows where they're sharding them?
And now we're waiting until midnight to see what actually happens.
This is getting bad.
I've never seen El Paso in this state.
We have porta-potties everywhere, trash, immigrants crossing the border.
We almost hit one actually about three days ago.
Oh, see Alex, the dirty Americans have to move again.
Alright, hey hey Alex, the dirty Americans.
Are we good over here?
Alright, alright.
No donde estoy.
No donde estoy.
I don't know where I am.
All right, we're good to stay here.
All right, go ahead.
First of all, nice to see you, Alex, and thank you so much for everything you do for us.
Yes, as I said, this country has been in a bad state ever since Biden got into office.
Our economy's bad.
We have thousands and thousands of veterans like myself that served in the streets and all that.
Yeah, instead of helping them, they're helping illegal immigrants.
I always say that us as taxpayers, we're not getting anything.
These people come over the border, they get free phones, free income, setting up in Holiday Inns and all that.
I don't stand for that.
We don't hear enough of that, actually.
We don't hear enough about how many veterans are struggling right now.
And you know what?
We're not supposed to be a charity.
Yeah, what about the $150 billion to Ukraine?
But yeah, $150 billion to Ukraine.
We gotta protect Ukraine's border.
But they ignore veterans.
Yeah, that money going to Ukraine, that's money laundering at its best, in my opinion.
I mean, what else can it be?
And we're supposed to protect Ukraine's border, but not our own.
And unfortunately, it is where we are, but I'm sure, I'm not going to tell any veteran that's pissed off here, and I'm sure we're going to stand up and fight.
I mean, this is not going to go down easily.
I mean, I'm sorry, but we're not going to put up with it.
I mean, this is our city, and this is our country, and every country has a border, and we have to stand up and defend it.
Ask him about Ukraine.
We're supposed to spend billions to support their border.
Meanwhile, I've read about the crime wave.
It's bad all over the country, but the crime over the border, as they say, is record level.
Ask him about the crime.
Yeah, Alex wants to know about the crime that you're seeing in El Paso.
Oh, most definitely it's gone up.
We've seen a lot of shootings, a lot of robberies, home invasions.
And like a lot of the people that I talk to, it's only, it's going to get worse before it gets better.
And that's something that's done about it.
I mean, just people are coming in, pouring in.
We don't know who they are.
And among that, we have all these immigrants coming in and most of them, we don't know who's gang members, MS-13 and all that, you know?
Just like what happened, what probably a month ago in Florida, this Uber driver that delivered food and MS-13 driver, They dismembered him.
They killed him.
And it was an immigrant.
So... Who knows?
I mean, what's gonna happen?
All we gotta know is we gotta... We gotta be looking over our shoulder constantly now.
As you can see, there's houses over here.
All they gotta do is jump over the border.
Well, we're hearing about that.
We're hearing about people that live down here having their houses broken into, stolen items out of their vehicles.
My mother-in-law lives right here on the street, midway.
And she's alone.
She's a widow and all that.
So, yeah...
I handed her one of my handguns.
She needs protection.
Oh, but then the Democrats want to take that away from us.
Good luck with that.
Why do you suppose that it's like a total pincer attack?
Any other questions, Alex?
No, just any final comments he's got, and then walk around, Owen.
Give us a tour there.
Yeah, final comments.
All right, Alex, we'll walk across here.
I'm just going to let you know they're going to try to stop us, so I'm going to have to walk across this.
I'm not going to be able to just stop, but I'll walk across to their side of this with you, Alex, and we'll talk.
Jesse, just final statements about everything you're witnessing.
Come on.
Final statements, Jesse, for Alex.
He just wants to hear your final thoughts.
Well, there's both sides of the party here.
We got people that are for it and me and myself that are against it.
But these people, I don't know, I think they're bought and paid for.
So, I mean, it's just, all I have to say is that we have to stand up as one.
Alex Jones, I followed you since 1990.
You've been correct to the point.
We're against the We're fighting against the New World Order, that's what it is.
God bless you brother, we love you.
All those motherfuckers.
He says thank you. God bless you and thank you for your service man.
Appreciate your time.
So Alex, let me just give you a quick lay of the land here.
So this is gate 42.
There's a bunch of people being processed behind here.
Now, obviously, you know, Border Patrol and law enforcement say, oh, we're not allowed to talk to the media, right?
That's what they always say.
We're not allowed to talk to the media.
So earlier this morning, we were told there was going to be a press conference over here by agents about a mile and a half down.
Now, I don't think that press conference is going to happen, and I think people around here are starting to lose belief that that's going to happen too, though they are still waiting.
But we have seen the buses coming out of here, so that's exactly what we suspected.
The reason why you don't see thousands of people in downtown El Paso is because now they're just being bused deeper into America.
So they get on the bus in Juarez, and then they just go out into the heart of America.
They're not being dropped off at that Catholic church anymore, which was kind of like their hometown.
So that's what 42 expiring means is direct pipeline now, not even a speed bump.
Yeah, I mean, I guess if you wanted to take it to the technicality, yeah, Alex.
I think that that's probably the best way to put it.
So now no speed bumps, no nothing, just boom, straight in.
And again, I mean, we're just supposed to accept it, right?
We're just supposed to accept it.
6 million illegal immigrants.
You know, I was told, and I never did the, I never actually checked the numbers on this.
Maybe the crew could.
And this would really tell you how ridiculous it is.
I was told that there's more IRS agents than Border Patrol agents.
Again, I'm sure you could easily fact check that.
I was told that earlier today.
I didn't have time to look into that.
But if that is true, I mean, it just tells you everything.
The American people are the bad guys.
The American people are the ones under attack.
We have to pay for all this crap.
We have to pay for some war in Ukraine.
We have to pay for an illegal immigration pipeline.
We just gotta pay for everything.
We can't even get our roads cleaned up.
We can't even get potholes fixed.
We can't even get airports that are nice.
We can't even get subways that are safe.
We're supposed to pay for all this other crap all day long.
And we just put up with it, Alex.
And we just put up with it.
And here's what happens to people that don't put up with us.
And this is why everybody else lives in fear, Alex.
People like you, people like me.
People that don't put up with this, they see what happens to us.
We get censored, we get financially attacked, we get legally attacked, we get politically attacked, we get arrested, so I mean... And Owen, you're not a victim, you're not whining when you say this, you're a champion, a fighter, but they're still trying to put you in jail for being outside January 6th trying to keep people from going in the building.
You had to get special permission from your pre-trial probation officer to even go to the border.
That is correct, Alex.
And we can get into the other issues that we have to deal with.
Just operating as Infowars, quite frankly, that's your story to tell, not mine.
But if people knew, they'd be amazed.
But yeah, it's not about being a victim.
It's about showing people the real world.
It's about showing people the world that they live in.
Stop denying it.
Stop burying your head in the sand and accept that this is the current state of the country.
And understand, we are fighting for you because we're fighting for ourselves.
But you gotta know, this isn't a game.
You know, say what you want about Michael Jackson, but I was reading the lyrics to his song, Beat It, just this morning.
But it just describes every bit.
Guys, print me the lyrics to Beat It.
Because we gotta beat this thing.
It's a double meaning.
Like, are we gonna run away or are we gonna beat it?
You're gonna beat it?
You gotta beat it.
You're gonna either beat it and run or you're gonna beat it.
And folks, it's only gonna get worse until we decide to be a man and beat this thing.
That's it exactly, Alex.
And that's why they don't want manly men.
That's why they want feminist men.
That's why they want men that chop their balls off.
Because they know those are the type of men that stand up to this stuff.
That's what they do.
So they gotta make an example.
So I can't tell if you like what I'm saying or dislike, but... Somebody's trying to talk to you.
Bring him on screen.
Yeah, yeah.
Do you want to comment on the air?
We got millions of viewers right now.
So, yeah, here we go.
What situation don't I know about?
Where are your ancestors from?
What does that have to do with anything?
It has to do with your hate towards migrants.
Okay, so she wants to know, Alex, my hate towards migrants.
My family came here in the 1690s.
They were farmers in Pennsylvania for about a hundred years until they dispersed.
Yeah, and people were migrating across the country.
Oh, so we were on stolen land, Alex!
I can shout just as loud as you can!
Okay, so here we go.
So why don't...
Will you pay more in taxes?
I honestly don't want to have a yelling fight with you.
Ask her what she thinks of all the kidnapped children being given to pedophiles.
What do you think about the kidnapped children that come across the border?
That's terrible, but there's a lot of kidnappings happening in this country too.
So it's okay because there's kidnappings in America, so we should have more at the southern border.
So it's Trump's fault?
You're saying the kids Trump kidnapped when they came across the border?
She says Trump kidnapped the kids.
You know Joe Biden showered sexually with his daughter when she was a preteen?
What does that have to do with what you're talking about?
You bring up Trump.
You make up stuff about Trump.
That's the reality about Biden.
I'm going to come back to these people.
Tell them we'll give them the floor.
Let her talk.
Let her talk.
Tell her she's going to have the floor.
This isn't a Republican-Democratic issue.
This has been happening- You're right, it's an America issue.
Yeah, the U.N.
wants open borders.
Oh, and I don't want to hear your Native American thing.
Native Americans are all killing each other and demanding it.
And I'm part Native American.
Hold on, let this idiot- Hold on.
Tell her, wait one minute.
We gotta go to break for one minute.
We'll let this person talk.
Oh, and when we come back, stay with us.
Just let him.
Hold on, we'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Tell her, tell her, just stay there.
Tell her, hold on, give her the floor.
Let's hear from this person when we come back.
Tell her, hold on.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
From the Texas-Mexico border, El Paso.
And as usual, we got brainwashed women leading the collapse.
Alright, this is...
This is gold.
Owen Schroer live at the border with some leftists, telling about how evil America is, how the border should be wide open, 600 million, replace migration.
Back to Owen Schroer live.
Let her talk, Owen.
Let her go for five minutes.
Owen Schroer.
Yeah, Bill Clinton.
I'm not a Democrat or Republican.
I don't buy into the two-party system at all.
They're both equally responsible for destroying the economy in Latin America, and now we have people who are suffering that are trying to find a better way of life, which your ancestors did, which my ancestors did.
And they're not doing it to come and spread some kind of violence like a lot of administrations are trying to make us believe.
They're trying to find a better life.
We cannot survive without migrants working in these farms.
I'm curious to know what happens in Florida now that it's illegal for migrants to work in these farms.
That's where we get our food.
In every single kitchen, it's migrants.
It's people who are building the infrastructure.
Who built this wall?
So why don't we try to find a way to allow them to come in and work?
And that's what's happening right now.
We're trying to find that way.
So these people are coming here to work?
Have you not met any migrants?
Have you had a conversation with one migrant?
Yeah, they hang out in the streets and they get free meals and they get free clothes and they get free shelter paid for by the U.S.
I'm asking you, are you having face-to-face conversations?
So that's not happening?
Are you having face-to-face conversations?
So who's funding the illegal immigration pipeline?
Who's funding it?
Look how much space there is here!
I give you space.
I own a newspaper in Spanish.
This is crazy, Alex.
Now everybody's over here.
We can't even have... Actually, I think we would agree on a lot.
I think we would agree on a lot.
We're both a little... We're both getting a little hyper right now.
Now people are trying to shut down this conversation.
I agree that Central American countries are devastated.
Yes, that's by some of the U.S.
foreign policies.
I will agree with that.
I will agree with that.
Some of that also has to do with their own policies like communism.
And so that's a problem too.
Owen, who is this guy trying to stop you from talking?
The white guy right here, who is this guy?
People aren't coming in here in two.
Why don't you open your door a little?
Well, I would if I had the capacity because if you're- >> So how do we have the capacity?
You're someone that has a- We've got 30 trillion in debt.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're not trying to get into an argument here, okay?
No, it's an interview.
Tell him it's an interview.
Thank you.
Tell him you're illegal aliens, Owen.
Don't they, no, say don't they a story.
No, say don't they a story.
No, say don't they a story.
I don't understand.
Well, because then I can maybe get free stuff and just walk across the border and be allowed to stand somewhere.
Bring up the fact that the UN shut down the third world for two years with lockdowns.
I talked to people in El Paso that don't want this to happen.
There are some people that don't, you're right.
But whatever donations are happening are coming out of the goodness of people's hearts and I don't know why you can be so hateful to them.
Explain to her that the left cut off the food supply with the lockdowns and caused this.
...community centers.
El Paso's come together.
Not everyone's cool with it, but the people who are are finding it in their hearts to help people who have less privilege than you do walking around yelling at everybody.
So hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
The city of El Paso just is donating money that pays for all these border agents?
Who pays for it?
The U.S.
Right, but you're paying for border agents to keep them out.
They're not keeping them out!
That's my point!
They're letting them in!
Thank you!
They're not letting them in.
Oh, and bring up the U.N.
lockdowns causing the collapse of the third world.
The U.N.
Did you guys like the COVID lockdowns?
Did you guys like the COVID lockdowns?
I don't know what you mean by that.
Well, that caused a lot of this immigration too, because it destroyed third world countries.
Yeah, there's an influx of immigration that happens every year.
So how about this?
Hold on, let's try to find somebody we agree on, because I think we could.
I agree, it's not the Republicans or the Democrats.
That's why I voted for Trump, because clearly both parties hate him.
But the point is, we both agree there's a unit party system.
So do we both agree that there's somebody controlling The whole overall status.
Is there a global agenda that this is all a part of?
Or is this just a humanitarian thing?
We should let in as many people and pay for all of it.
I don't think we're paying for all of it.
I think there's definitely... It's more complicated than that.
You know that this is actually going to be used to get more money funneled into Homeland Security.
More money funneled into... Yeah, to open the border up more.
It's not Homeland Security.
It's the illegal immigration pipeline.
They're not stopping people from coming in.
They are stopping people from coming in.
It's really hard.
Do you realize that every year... Hold on a second.
Hold on a second.
Can I say something real quick?
I want you to respond to something.
Every year that Joe Biden has been in office, there has been a record number of illegal border crossings.
Because of Title 42, that migration influx would have happened throughout these years if it wasn't for Title 42.
No, it's a record flood.
So Title 42, hold on, so Title 42 was helping people come in, but now that Title 42 is up, everybody's coming in more?
It was stopping people from coming in, right?
You're not aware of that?
So there you go, so that's a good thing, that's what we want.
We gotta go to Breitbart.
Alright, you can see Owen Schreiers at the border arguing with some mindless leftist woman that just thinks open borders is a great thing, the New World Order is good, it's all great.
This is the idiocy.
She won't notice the crime exploding, she won't notice the energy being cut off.
The same people destroying our country at every level have told the world to come here, they're going to get free stuff, to have a new permanent underclass that will vote for what they want and what they do.
Alright folks, we are back live.
Quite a circus going on here right now.
That lady would not listen to any questions.
She would just yell and scream over and over again.
We're going to leave Owen here in a few minutes.
He can walk around and talk to some more folks if he wants.
That woman did not want to have a conversation.
She loves the open borders, the fentanyl, the mass death, the transgenderism, the UN running the collapse of our border at every level.
But Owen, let's just move away from those people.
I want to find out about the media producer coming over and telling you to shut up, even though there's no story there.
The state police, the Border Patrol came over and said, we don't want to fight here.
You were just having a debate.
But I mean, talking to that mindless woman.
Then walk around and give us more of a tour of what's going on.
You know, Alex, I don't really know how to explain that other than I guess people aren't used to normal people.
I guess people aren't used to people that actually just want to talk and care about things.
We're all just supposed to show up, get in line, do our role, and then go home and the day is done.
We'll do it again tomorrow.
No, that's not how humans behave.
That's how slaves behave.
Not how free men behave, that's how slaves behave.
So, it's a little odd that people try to come over here and stop a conversation.
I believe this, we need more of this.
Even if me and this woman disagree, we'll find something we agree on, but coming together and having the conversation, having the discussion, even if it gets heated, we need more of that, Alex.
This is why the country is so divided.
We won't even talk to one another.
We just want to get in our lines, assume all these other things about the other side, and never actually come together to talk.
This is why they're canceling presidential debates, This is why they won't allow even local politicians to have debates anymore.
But that's why when we come to these events, everybody wants to look at us and put the cameras on us and act like we're the big story.
No, the story is 6 million illegal immigrants since Joe Biden got into office.
Well, it's way more than 6 million, because 80% get past them, so it's about many times that.
But Owen, just for a second, let's just relax for a minute.
I love the lady saying, Mexico has failed because of America, Venezuela has failed because of America.
No, it's the communism, it's the socialism, it's the corruption.
If we're the bad country, why are they all trying to get into it?
They don't understand it was our limited freedom, wasn't perfect, but way better than theirs that created the wealth.
They're not going to get it.
They just want to feel good and go with the corporate media.
She's not smart enough to realize if ABC News and CNN and NPR is on your side, that's all funded by the globalists.
She can't understand that.
So you can't waste your time on her anymore.
She wouldn't listen to questions.
She wanted to just shout at you.
But separately, what are you guys planning to do next?
You want to give us another tour?
Maybe wheel the camera around so we can see what's going on there on the border?
Uh, yeah, I mean, there's not much to see here.
We were expecting, uh, well, again, we were told there was going to be a press conference.
That was, I guess, just an outright lie.
And then they told us that we were going to be able to see, I guess, some of the buses of the illegals coming through this little walkway right here.
Here, let's walk over here and show them, uh, through gate 42.
That drone footage that we showed you earlier, uh, And I love, Owen, how they've got little yellow tape up for citizens to stay in.
All their little borders.
rolled earlier Alex the footage that you rolled yesterday was from gate 40 so an
entirely different gate so it's like what we're talking about with the
migrant valves right okay run it into gate 40 all right shut that valve out
run them into gate 42 okay shut that valve off so they're gonna love Owen how
they've got little yellow tape up for citizens to stay in all their little
borders but oh but you but the illegals can do whatever they want.
Look at this border right here.
Come on, get the camera close.
I want you to see this border.
This is what a border is like, right here.
And I can't cross this border, right?
I'm a dirty American journalist.
I'm not allowed to cross this border.
But that actual border, that one you can cross just fine, Alex.
It's all fine and dandy.
But hey, we're here to document it.
That's what we're doing out here.
And I think the world is waking up, Alex.
I think Americans are waking up.
It's too overwhelming.
It's too ridiculous.
We're not getting any real question and answers.
We're not getting any press conferences.
The White House tells us the border is closed.
Anybody who lives in reality knows that's a lie.
So they're not going to get away with this forever.
Hell, Trump went on CNN last night and got a standing ovation.
I mean, they can't bury this forever.
And, you know, look, I'm expecting them to steal it for Biden again.
Trump will get 90 million votes.
Biden will get 90 million and one.
You know, they'll all come in at 3 a.m.
in the morning, and the media will celebrate saying, look, we got Trump in the race again.
Well, sure, but what I wanted you to say to her, I know you tried, but she wouldn't shut up, is the U.N.
says they did lockdowns to collapse the third world, to flood us with hundreds of millions of people that they control as a permanent underclass.
This is a military operation.
We're not against the poor people they're using, but they're being used as a weapon.
Like I said, I'm not against water.
Love a cold glass of water, need it to live.
But if a dam breaks and it floods and kills me, then I'm against water.
And that's what's going on here, Owen.
Yeah, and I believe it was either, I think it was Thomas Sowell or Milton Friedman, I can't remember.
One of the famous economists said, If you want to have an open border, you can't have a welfare state.
If you have an open border and a welfare state, total collapse.
Total collapse within a decade.
That's where we're at now, Alex.
And that's where we're at now.
It's no secret Americans are having a harder time financially than they were just five years ago.
It's not a secret.
Everybody knows that.
It's widely reported that that's going on.
Yeah, and I agree.
Look at this NGO behind you.
She's powerful.
She's allowed to walk around anywhere.
Why don't you go walk- She has the power!
She has the power!
Why don't you go walk up and give us a tour and talk to some Border Patrol?
Uh, where do you want me to go, Alex?
To the fence?
Wherever you want.
Alright, we'll walk over here and they'll tell me to stop.
But, we'll go.
Let you know.
Maybe they'll say hi to you.
Do you think they'll say hi to you, Alex?
There's no border.
Actually, see, this is an open border here.
See how I'm able to walk right through the open border there?
See, there was no tape there.
So this is now an open border.
Uh, are we expecting a press conference today, guys?
I don't know about a press conference, sir.
Are we gonna be seeing buses come through this gate or anything, do you know?
We're hoping that that will be happening pretty soon.
I don't know.
I don't know about any operations in Juarez.
Juarez is in a different country.
to the Texas side?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You don't know who's on the buses coming in?
I don't know about any operations.
You don't know about any operations?
But you're expecting a bus to come through here?
And what is this in a different country?
So, yeah.
So, but where are the buses coming from then?
So the buses are coming from the USA?
side through that gate?
To pick them up.
So are there buses coming through here or not?
They're going to come from this side over here.
And are those illegal immigrants that are going back?
We'll get more comment.
Buses come from the U.S.
to pick them up and take them across, Owen.
Okay, well he's saying they're not going to go pick illegal immigrants up, Alex.
So that's just not happening.
I guess it's just not happening, Alex.
There is no illegal immigration.
There weren't thousands of people in El Paso.
There's no bus loads.
The border's totally secure.
I mean, it's a freaking clown world, man.
So, that's fine.
America can collapse.
People will lose their pensions.
People will lose their social security.
It'll be a third world in every downtown city.
You'll be lucky if you can afford land out in the country.
And, uh, hey, that's fine.
That's fine.
Let's play games.
Let's play games over semantics, and let's play games over whether there's an open border or not.
I mean, it's just it's a clown world game, Alex.
So we'll just continue to watch America fall under Joe Biden.
And some people will choose to still play games and other people will get sick and tired of it and stand up and try to do something right to fix it.
But that's what you get.
That's what you get, Alex.
All right, Owen.
You've got a lot of great work to do.
Amazing job, you and the crew, posting over 30 reports.
My only frustration is some get 300,000 views, some get 10,000 views.
They all need to go viral.
They're at InfoWars.com and Band.Video and on the Border Collapse page at Band.Video.
Owen, be safe, brother.
We'll continue to track this.
I know you're going to be back on your own show at 3 p.m.
Central today.
They're on the ground.
It's going to be crazy.
God bless you, and you guys be safe.
Thanks, Alex.
What a circus.
Alright, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and open the phones up to balance the hour on any issue, any topic.
First-time callers, long-time callers, agree, disagree, have a question, have a comment, want to yell at me.
It's a total free-for-all, but each caller gets 60 seconds.
Total free number to join us.
Your phone calls straight ahead.
InfoWars live at the collapsed U.S.
Your phone call straight ahead.
InfoWars live at the collapsed U.S. border.
We are inside the New World Order now.
I've worked on climate change for 25 years.
I've worked on climate change since 73.
Just to tell you because I was the person who gave the Club of Rome the first big platform.
I share with you the concern and I think we can solve those issues only if we repair our global architecture and our global system.
You know, anyway you slice it, this is a humanitarian crisis.
I mean, what's going on here is these people have paid the cartels or have smuggled themselves over and they're actually now, believe it or not, on American soil.
All of the people you've seen in there are actually now in America.
And so they are now waiting to go to a processing center.
So this is what it looks like, AOC, out here with your beautiful Biden.
This is how Biden treats his people.
These are on American land right here.
And this, if you thought that kids in cages were bad, this is what you have now under the amazing Biden industry here.
What's going on with Biden?
I can barely talk.
This is fucked up, man.
These people are technically on American soil now, so you could call it a camp, right?
But does anybody care?
Does the left care?
They don't care.
Meanwhile, these people are going to wait with their kids, with no toilets, with nothing, no food.
I don't see any food cooking over there, just a couple of Christians here handing out water bottles, okay?
So they're going to wait and they're going to be slowly processed through the processing center.
And whether Title 42 is going to change it or not, in reality, Title 42 is not the answer here.
The answer is we need to stop telling everybody there's an open invite.
The reality with all of this Asylum used to mean you were being murdered in your country, not I'm broken, I want to come here.
A lot of these people may have had somewhat decent lives, they seem to have okay clothing, but they've taken it upon themselves to come all this way because they believe they're going to get this carrot at the end of this struggle and this trek.
And meanwhile, the people I forgot to go through the cartels.
We've all heard about the kids being raped.
Now they're sleeping on the side of the road in this frickin' cage right here.
And does AOC care?
AOC, are you gonna come down here?
What are you gonna do about this?
This is your country now.
You're running things.
Is this how you fuckin' do things around here?
You know, I'm sick of this shit.
This is a fuckin' humanitarian crisis.
I don't care how you look at it.
This is fuckin' bad, alright?
and I'm, you know, it's fucking pretty bad dude.
[Sounds of a crowd, people talking, and music]
And realize that you are the cancer that is tearing this nation apart!
God dang!
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are back live here. We've got loaded phone lines.
And there's a lot of crazy stuff going on behind the scenes with my crew.
I was talking to the crew in El Paso and some crazy stuff going on we're trying to deal with right now.
So I apologize that I was running that tape.
It's just that it's a full-time job.
This is an insane asylum.
I'm not just some talk show host that gets up here and covers topics.
I've got 20 irons in the fire and I'm not bitching.
I'm just saying sometimes you got to bear with me.
We got a load of phone lines.
Tom, Max, Sam, Tim, Rex, Caroline, Henry, Doug, Sean, Andrew.
We're all going to get to you guys in short order.
But I wanted to air a very important clip here that I saw on the list today that I intended to, uh, that I intended to play.
So I'm just going to sit here and I'm going to read this and I'm going to find it.
We're gonna air it.
Sorry, I can't hear you in my earphones.
Yeah, so that'd be special report one.
I was busy doing administrative stuff during the break and I said I want that special report to air and so we're gonna air that report.
But listen, this is what the end of the world looks like.
This is just the beginning of the end of the world.
I mean, the globalists are not in control, but they're in control.
They're not controlling what's happening, but they're able to mess stuff up more.
They're able to stay in power over us and do worse and worse things to try to control us.
When all they had to do was give us prosperity and leave us alone, they'd be in charge of it.
But they can't help it.
They want that power over children.
They want the power from Macron in France to put up state-sponsored giant paintings of bound children being raped by adults.
And Chelsea Clinton's saying, I'm going to force your kids to take shots, and we're going to make them read books about how they should have sex with adults.
I mean, I don't want to be talking about this.
I'm not thinking about that.
I'm thinking, I had two breakfast tacos this morning and I'm hungry.
But see, to them, they have a hunger for something else.
So here's the report I was talking about, and we'll come back with your phone calls here on the other side.
But that's their plan, is to demoralize us so much with their evil that we give up.
And when I'm telling you that, I'm telling myself that.
Because I'm just like you.
I am just like, what in the world is going on here?
This is beyond insane.
Well, these are insane people.
This is who they are.
So just recognize that's who they are.
It's what they're going to do.
It's like a scorpion in the toad.
Here's the report.
We'll come back with your calls.
It's called the Great Reset.
Tough guy.
It's called the New World Order.
It's called the big banks wanting to squeeze the economy and make people poor so they can loan us fiat money to take control of our lives with a social credit score and a universal basic income.
That's everything.
That's the whole future of our lives.
The whole world's gonna be about surveillance and control and them manipulating and tracking everything you do.
It's all being officially announced.
I've got articles everywhere.
There are press releases saying it!
And then the crew asked me during the break, they go, are you alright?
You really seem upset.
Are you feeling okay?
Atlanta's about to have a nuclear war.
I mean, they're gonna starve a couple hundred million people to death.
Yeah, I'm pretty freaked out, yeah.
But this is real.
This is not, this is not a freaking game to me, man.
I don't understand.
I like living, right?
Don't you like your children at night?
People are starving to death by the hundreds of millions right now.
You know, you never see it on the news.
They're dying right now.
They're in their freaking houses, starving to death, begging for God's help, and no one's coming because God tells us to get up and take action, and then we don't do anything!
And that paralyzes God!
Yeah, God can do it.
But God needs us to do it, because that's not free will.
Once again, not for the first time, what had seemed like a nutty conspiracy theory turned out to be true.
Yeah, I'm upset.
I'm really mad.
I told you last night, what's wrong with you?
I'm really freaked out.
I'm like, yeah, I'm really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out.
I'm really freaked out.
You see, because this is real.
The supply chain being cut off, the energy grid being cut off is real.
And we're going into a time now where we're not going to be on the air.
I mean, if we don't back this off, if you don't get sane people to stop the globalists... I mean... We won't be here in six months.
You won't be here in six months.
Who is the most banned news network in the world?
InfoWars.com InfoWars comes to mind.
InfoWars.com InfoWars.
You watch InfoWars?
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Nice guy.
You must be a threat if they call you out by name.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is the greatest.
He knows who InfoWars is.
They're playing this joke over here.
That's why the de-platforming didn't work.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
Well, Drew Hernandez is a great talk show host, a great pastor, and a hammer of truth.
And I can't wait to hear him in the next hour when he takes over.
He pulled an all-nighter on the Arizona-Mexico border last night, has had no sleep, and shot a lot of the footage you're seeing right now with drones.
He takes over next hour.
All right, we got loaded phone lines.
Let's take your phone calls right now.
Tom in Tennessee, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Thanks Alex.
I called you last year and we talked about seven or eight asymmetric wars that I said we're in.
It's a long five minute call and at the end you asked me if I was in military intelligence, and I'm not, but I've still been working on this and our company does military inspired security stuff and I want to, but that's not why I called.
I called to tell you that you and Drew Bennett, I'm sorry, you and Scott Bennett a couple of days ago had some real important solutions and things that we can do, need to
What I've been working on is the tool, the infrastructure.
Yeah, the Scott Bennett interview yesterday was really important.
Yeah, there's things in there that are great examples of a tool that I want to put on the web, and it's a push
tool that's out there with seven blocks that show you the
asymmetric wars. The important thing is to come up with the right metaphor
They'll get people out of their chair and go do something.
Yeah, because folks need to know.
They're going to lose everything if they don't get engaged now.
That's right.
So, like, for example, one of the metaphors is if you're a mama bear and at school and the kids you're worried about, there's a flotilla out there and you need to get in a boat and it can be your only boat, but when you get out there in the water, you're going to see all these other boats.
So a flotilla is one of the metaphors I'm working on.
But the most important part of this is Reed's Law.
That's an MIT... IT... Let's go back to your flotilla metaphor.
It was like that famous boat lift that happened...
Oh, absolutely.
beginning of World War II when they drove the British Expeditionary Force at
Dunkirk into the ocean and people didn't even get orders.
They all got their small boats that came across and saved a few soldiers a piece but
literally almost saved the entire army 90% the Germans were gonna kill
because they didn't listen for orders they did the right thing. The flotilla
analogy is key.
Oh absolutely it's good and and it's it's more well known than than most
They talk about the Brown Water Flotilla.
That's a flotilla that occurs inside a country.
It's not out on the ocean.
But when you get out there in that boat, you're going to see all these other boats, and you're going to see some that are getting bigger and bigger.
That's right.
Until you engage and get in the war, you don't know how much we're fighting.
So, Reed's Law says that this huge distribution of people that don't know each other They will coalesce and become a network if they get two things.
If they get coordination and communication.
So that's what we're putting together in this app.
I'm not starting an organization or a dot org or anything.
I'm providing this app for counties.
And I want to have one app in each county.
We may have 3,300 Hello?
What's up Alex?
won't we may have 1,500 because of the... Well brother when you launch the app call us again
we'll have you on as a guest I gotta give each caller a few minutes we'll get everybody I
appreciate you. Max in New York go ahead. Hello hello yes Max what's up Alex I'm just calling
because I find what's going on in the border absolutely disgusting I feel like these people
are taking opportunity from the people who are doing immigration legally.
I find it is a very fucked up situation.
And I feel like it's an infiltration of America.
It could be an infiltration of America.
Do me a favor, listeners.
I'm not mad at you, because I don't want to cuss, too.
In fact, I want to say, fuck the new world order, burn in hell, you sons of bitches.
But the problem is we got to delay that, and then all the radio stations don't hear what you have to say.
So let's just not cuss.
OK, go ahead.
I got you.
I apologize for that, Alex.
I was just saying, because what if China just decides to send people to Mexico to just cross over our border?
Oh, it's a perfect military infiltration.
And don't think it hasn't already happened.
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
It's crazy.
And what can we, the people, do about it?
We have a captured government.
We should impeach Joe Biden right now.
The Republicans should have their phones flooded.
There should be peaceful protest.
Biden has violated the Constitution.
The federal government's main job is to protect the border, and they've not done it.
Yeah, that's crazy, but is there anything... I believe you.
I really do, but is there anything we can do?
Because I know the American people are sick of it.
Brother just keeps speaking out and keeps spreading the word and keeps supporting those telling the truth, but I mean, it's a screw job.
Our federal government's captured.
Yeah, well, that's all I have to say, Alex.
Thank you for your time.
I'm a big supporter, big fan.
I just had some Turbo Force Plus.
I'm feeling that energy.
Love you, brother.
Thank you.
Tim in California, you're on the air.
Alex, it's an honor.
Shout out to Owen and the crew at the border for an outstanding job so far this morning.
You know, when you go to a crime scene or you see the old black and white dragnets, when they photograph the crime scene, they'll put a dollar bill down so that when they photograph it, you'll know how big or how small it is.
So right now, as the dam's about to break, I think it's important to take a photograph first so that we can see the before and after.
And right now, under the Biden administration, the amount of illegals that have crossed the border, even by the testimony of our own government, This would be our 17th largest state.
Coming across the border is three Chicago's a year.
And in fact, if you take the top 10 largest cities in America, if you begin with city number six and go through 10, you have to combine them to add it up.
And that would be Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, And San Jose.
If you combine all those, that's how many people have crossed since Joe Biden came in.
That's right.
That's a conservative estimate, by the way.
That's what I'm saying.
It's the end of the country because these folks aren't going to have jobs.
They'll all be Democrat controlled on welfare and a time bomb.
I mean, this is insane.
And they go, oh, be nice to them.
We're not against them.
The globalists shut them down for two years and made them come here.
The point is they're here.
Well, and just, you think about every state out there that if I just start rattling off their names, you know, they've overpassed the whole population of your state.
People in Colorado, people in Alabama.
And these illegals all have cell phones hooked to the U.N.
and the State Department, Democratic Party, to be controlled by them.
They have no jobs, they have no future.
They, just like Europe, they brought in a group totally under their control.
I just, there's just so many things I could go off on a tangent, but we're talking about this today, Alex, and I'm just so glad I had a chance to speak with you, and I thank you for all that you do.
God bless you.
Thank you, Tim.
Rex, in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, que pasa, compadre?
Augusta Comp said demographics is destiny, and I think that's what's going on here.
And I was wondering if this BBB-Biden border blitzkrieg is just like Illuminati refilling of the American herd after their COVID harvest healthcare hospital holocaust with bonus boosters.
No, I agree.
I agree.
Just kill a bunch of people, bring in the new slaves.
Yeah, because the previous citizenry, you know, were not voting right and, you know, have correct beliefs, so they had to go.
And I think this is dangerous in light of coronavirus because after these Different genetic genetic haplogroups come in they can make
a new designer genetic modifying virus
genetically modified virus to attack white people as the previous virus was in Ukraine attacking Slavic people
There's no doubt there is a attack on humanity right now brother
And then this for me personally reminds me a lot of what my relatives from Serbia former Yugoslavia had to deal with
Um, that a bunch of, you know, over there, a bunch of... They brought a bunch of Muslims in and the UN bombs you when you fought them.
So I think that's what the plan is for us, you know, cause they always say Europe's about five, ten years ahead.
Uh, you know, um, Marie Le Pen said that it's basically like a Nazi occupation right now in Paris.
That's it.
God bless you.
Great point, sir.
Thank you, Rex.
More calls straight ahead.
Well, we're not going to have to convince people about the New World Order cutting off your power and dissolving your border and killing your kids with fentanyl or cutting their penises off.
You got a front row seat to it now, ladies and gentlemen.
They want us to be shut down way before they did this, but we're on air while they're doing it.
Our credibility goes way up, which gives us a chance to stop it.
But man, do I wish we stopped before it happened.
People ask, how do I feel every day vindicated?
I don't feel good.
I try to stop this, but I'll be honest with you.
Until about the last year and a half, I had this huge weight on me that, because we had a chance to stop this, and I was just like, so upset.
And now I'm like, I've done my job, we've been vindicated, we'll try to stop the next level of tyranny, but the weight's off my shoulders.
My main primary mission is complete.
Still got a lot of important work to do, but now it's up to you folks, because you're toe-to-toe with the Globals now.
The defense shields went down.
They took over.
And we're in the hands of evil right now.
Total evil.
Total evil.
All right, Henry in Texas, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Oh, I'm doing all right, brother.
Yeah, I don't have a lot of faith that this will connect, but on a personal level, I hope there's someone in your life who truly cares about you and wants to help you.
You're hurting a lot of people constantly, and for margins of no gain, and for people who will not... Hold on, hold on, I'll give you the floor, but quantify I'm against nuclear war with Russia, bad guy.
Against fentanyl, bad guy.
Against pedophilia, bad guy.
Again, against open borders, bad guy.
You just say, I'm hurting a lot of people and you hope I have love.
I had incre- put him on hold.
I had the most amazing grandmothers.
I had the most amazing grandfathers.
I have incredible parents.
I have millions of people that love me.
You say you hope I've got somebody loves me.
God loves me.
I could be alone in a jail cell.
I know God loves me.
So that little leftist tactic of, I'm hurting immeasurable people.
Am I running the new world order?
No, no, no.
According to Henry, it's me.
I'm hurting people.
How am I hurting people, Henry?
Am I off hold?
You know you're off hold.
I just talked to you.
How am I the bad guy?
Tell me how you're the liberal authority, Henry.
I'm not a liberal authority.
You just said I'm hurting people.
How am I hurting people?
Answer the question.
If you make charges, tell me how I'm doing it.
No, Henry, how am I hurting people?
I'm not bitching at the crew.
I'm not bitching at the crew.
You're not?
Oh, we're not talking about the crew.
How is Alex Jones hurt?
Tell me how I'm bad.
You're dehumanizing entire bodies of people.
So the global is collapsing the third world with years of lockdowns to organize them and flood us with an attack.
Is the UN bad?
Is where the lockdowns bad, Henry?
A hundred percent.
You're not going to get me to disagree with anything about that.
But you, as an individual, are causing immense damage to the way that people relate to each other, and the way that you relate to yourself.
And it's very clearly visible in the way that you operate, in the way that you facilitate the relationships that you have.
Look at the people coming to your support.
No one.
Have a good day.
Look at the people coming to my support?
I've successfully, like Tucker Carlson, stood up against the New World Order because our listeners and viewers have supported us.
You heard the leftists.
You're alone.
No one's supporting you.
No one's with you.
Who's going to Infowarstore.com today to get great products that enrich your life and keep us on air?
Symbiotic relationship.
He's calling in to say no one's with you.
You're alone.
You're failing.
No one loves you.
That's always a satanic message.
You're alone.
You're all by yourself.
No one's supporting you.
No one's gonna help you.
That's a satanic message.
The truth is we have incredible people supporting us.
While getting Red Bill Plus, about to sell at 40% off, only 48 hours to get it, X3, all of it, in the face of incredible tyranny, not my strength, but the strength of God working through our audience, and this incredible crew, we are still on air.
And that snake calls in to say that we're alone and we're failing.
What a pleasure to talk to you, Henry.
You couldn't debate though, you had to hang up.
Sean in Texas, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I've been listening to you for about 20 years, I buy all the products, and let me just say, in my opinion, HGH Max Boost is the best product you've ever had, and I can't wait until you get it back.
Now, moving forward, you may disagree with me, but here's what I believe.
I don't think we can get out of this.
happen and here's the solution I also believe that will work.
I know you studied warfare.
If you kind of look at it from a perspective of, you know, if you're caught in a riptide,
you got to swim with the tide.
You can't swim against it or you're going to lose.
I believe that the globalists are going to escalate.
Every time we make a game, they're going to escalate.
I don't think we can get out of this.
I don't think we can win this thing from a standpoint of even winning of hearts and minds.
So here's my solution I believe will work.
I'm a member of some groups.
I hope that the listeners are really paying attention.
What we need to do is you need to back off from a standpoint of focus on a small area, whether it's your community, get your storable food, get your guns and ammo, build your groups.
We need about 5 million groups in this country of 5 to 10, maybe 15 people in every community.
And as the globalists implement this, wait till they go kinetic.
We don't want to be violent.
We don't want to shoot first.
But at some point, they are going to go kinetic.
You're going to see 15 mass shootings a day.
They're going to attack grocery stores, everything you see.
And when that happens, if we have 5, 6, 7 million groups of 5 to 10 tight-knit people that are working together to support each other, the gentleman that called at the beginning about this app, He needs to get that done because then these small groups all over the nation that are patriots can use that app to coordinate and it'll be over as soon as they go kinetic.
We'll get them.
That's what I think we need to do.
I think that's our only way out.
I'll just say this.
I agree with you.
We are in full war right now.
I agree 100%.
They're gonna use our conscience and be nice let the border be open do what the globalists want know
Anything coming out of CNN anything coming out of MSNBC or the New York Times is the enemy whatever they say to the
opposite I Agree 100% I think everything you and your team are doing
is spot-on and I love the fact that you you know You want to try to win this thing?
You know Without the violence that but I just I don't think they're
gonna let that happen I don't care if Trump gets back in.
I don't think it matters what we do at this point.
We keep doing what we're doing, but we need to have a parallel structure at the same time waiting for them to go kinetic because it's going to go there.
I don't know if it's in a month, a year, two years, but it's going to go there.
I don't think we can avoid it.
Well, they're marking us down.
They're making a list of who they're going to kill.
They admit it.
And you know, I, I just, I've done my best job.
I can't stop this.
I try to tell a lot of my friends, listen, you can't be a lone wolf.
There's always a bigger wolf.
You need a group.
You have to have a group of like-minded individuals that are there to help each other.
And when you know what hits the fan, Um, you know, we go out, we sit in front of the grocery stores, we sit around the schools, we wait for these people to engage, and we take them out before they can do anything.
But we gotta let them shoot first.
I appreciate your call.
Andrew in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
I wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you guys do, and uh, love all the products.
I'm 40 years old, I take as many as I can afford every month.
Love you brother.
Wouldn't be on air without you.
I just think that we need to have a few questions answered before we can support Trump again.
2020 was the only time I ever voted and it was for him.
But since then I just feel like we're being set up for something if they allow him to get back into office.
I feel like if he wins again it's because they want him to.
And I feel like they used his last term to invigorate the left.
Turn your basic leftist librarian into a complete insane person, and now I feel like they're putting a decrepit, you know, cryptkeeper in to provoke us now, and then it's just going to be a never-ending cycle, you know, making us hate each other more and more.
I'll know your thoughts on that.
No, I think you're right.
I mean, they used Trump.
He wasn't part of it consciously to energize the left to be totally whacked out.
I agree with you that Trump is very polarizing.
You're right.
Biden as well, I believe, you know.
But Trump is the presumptive nominee.
He's going to get it.
So we have to deal with that.
So how do we deal with that?
The problem is it's a lesser to evil situation.
I feel like we at least need to amplify RFK as much as possible because I feel like he's
saying the right thing.
You know I'll say this, RFK is incredible.
What a blessing.
And it's RFK Jr.
His dad got killed, a patriot, and everything he says is true.
It's just incredible.
RFK is amazing.
I think for now we just need to withdraw as much from the system as we can while still
supporting our families.
We homeschool our kids.
I, you know, still work a normal job, but we need to try.
Thank you, Andrew.
Caroline, Sam, Doug, and Wayne, and then Drew Hernandez.
Well, Drew Hernandez has just been down to the Arizona-Mexican border, and he is ready to roll.
Jim, a few final calls.
The Alex Jones Show, shorter from the border, 3 p.m.
in about an hour from now.
Caroline in Wisconsin, thanks for calling, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, I was wondering your opinion.
In World War II, Hitler had the Hitler Youth, and when Obama got into office, he created the Obama Youth.
What do you think those two groups, what happened to them, and what are they up to now?
Well they're basically Black Lives Matter now and the new quote police system they put in social workers.
Here's actually a clip of Obama right before he got elected saying this.
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.
So they defund the police, undermine society, collapse things, and bring in leftists to organize all the refugees under their control.
So that's your answer.
All right.
Well, thanks.
Have a great day.
Anything else, Caroline?
I started listening to you when the mainstream media was putting you down, so I started listening to find out who you were.
So I've been listening now for a couple years.
Well, Caroline, all I ask is you spread the word.
That's how I reach the people who thank you.
Thank you.
Let's talk to Doug in New Jersey.
Doug, you're on the air worldwide.
Hey, Alex.
I've been listening to you about 16 years.
I was immediately on the same wavelength, if you will, about just thoughts about New World Order.
And like you, at a young age, I work and I still work in a family business.
I had people coming up to me telling me things that I'm like, what the hell are they talking about?
Agenda 21, New World Order.
These are ex-military people, and they would just, whatever reason, they wanted to tell me this stuff.
And then as time goes on, I watch this stuff happen, and I watch it happen.
And I've been sounding the alarm like you for years, and I'm telling people.
And the worst part is, is when this stuff happens, people don't seem to want to believe it.
And I almost think it's at a biblical point now where when you deny the truth so much, so much when you deny the truth that God cuts you off from it.
Maybe I'm wrong.
But I actually think that's right.
I think we need to pray hard.
It's my thoughts, man.
Well, I totally agree.
And I forget the exact Bible verse, but in the last days, God will give them over to a great delusion.
And is this not a great delusion right now?
It's just very disheartening that people I know that are highly educated, they just refuse to see this, even when it affects their own lives.
And it kills me that during COVID, I knew exactly what this was.
As soon as they roll it out, I said they're going to use this against Trump in both ways.
If he doesn't do nothing, he killed millions of people.
If he does do something, they'll pin it on him.
They had it two ways figured out how to get him.
And nobody cares.
A million dead Americans, millions injured from the vaccine, businesses shut down, and people just don't care.
I just don't get it.
It just kills me.
It keeps me up at night.
I pray for an awakening.
You're going down.
Nobody supports you.
You're alone.
No, we're not alone.
We're strong.
They want to demoralize us.
We need your word of mouth, your prayer, and to get products at MFORESTORE.com.
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But whatever you do, take the articles, take the videos, share them.
Word of mouth.
People are ready for the truth.
Your word of mouth is king.
Your prayer is absolutely the top thing.
Please pray for InfoWars.
Pray for discernment.
Pray for our provision.
Pray for our defense.
Pray to send the angels to protect us.
And please support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
Take action now, plus you'll get great products.
Drew Hernandez is set to take over from Arizona.
He hasn't slept at the border.
This is going to be powerful.
It's always powerful.
All our guests are powerful, but he's an amazing, amazing, amazing mind.
Drew Hernandez takes over.
Please give me one minute of your time.
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What's going on, Based Thought Criminals, Based Info Warriors, you are here!
Band.Video, Infowars.com, you are here worldwide!
And you have a front row seat to the end of American sovereignty.
Everything that Alex Jones has been talking about, everything that any Based Patriot that understands and can see the plans of the New World Order, the plans of the One World Economy, the One World Government, the Ultimate Antichrist, The culmination of everything the Bible said would go down?
We know that this globalist agenda does include replacement migration, does include the end of American sovereignty, the end of any form of nationalism, because these people want a global citizen.
They want an NPC.
They want an individual that is void of any kind of patriotic identity.
Not just America, but we know America is currently the superpower in the United States.
Here we are in the West, on the face of planet Earth.
The United States of America has always been problematic for the globalists.
And why?
Because you cannot have a New World Order.
You cannot have a global regime with a superpower that believes in American patriotism.
American autonomy, individualism, nationalism as an American patriot.
Because that stands in the way of an individual that wants you to become a global citizen with a utopia where everything is equal, where everyone gets the same pay, everyone gets the same poverty, everyone gets the same nothing, where everyone gets nothing but bugs, and everyone gets to live in a total degenerate society where pedophiles rule the earth, and you just have to deal with it because they're equal and they're people too, just like you!
With the ultimate dismantling Of American fossil fuels with the individuals at the top, the John Kerry's of the world, the Leonardo DiCaprio's of the world lecturing you that fossil fuels are evil and bad and you need to get rid of your gas stove and you need to just totally just listen to what AOC says and accept the Green New Deal and become a peasant
While they all keep their fossil fuels, while they all keep their jumbo jets, you think that's going to change once they install the new regime?
You think that's going to change once they install the New World Order?
You think these individuals like Bill Gates and John Kerry at the top are going to get rid of their fossil fuels and get rid of their jumbo jets?
When they convince the general public to be a peasant and eat bugs and be a total worthless loser and accept that mentality, As the global citizen and the global society jacked into VR, jacked into AR, where everything is centralized to one place, that is how they move, that is how they dominate, when they have an ultimate technocracy moved into the future, everything is digital, and where everything is a global citizen.
Why do you think the World Economic Forum, Davos 2023, Davos 2022, you name it, Davos 20, Davos 19, as long as these people have been meeting, Okay, Alex Jones was called a crazy person for literally showing the Bilderberg meetings, literally showing that these people meet in Davos, that they meet behind closed doors, they conspire about a New World Order.
Yes, yes, yes, that was all conspiracy, right?
It was a conspiracy.
None of this stuff is real.
Replacement migration is not real.
Dismantling economies by design is not real.
Build back better is not a design.
It's not an agenda to dismantle the American economy.
The Great Reset is nothing but a conspiracy theory.
When Klaus Schwab writes books about it, cites it at all their conferences, all they do is pontificate about literally, you can quote these people, a new world order with a global citizen.
It requires you being removed.
It requires me being removed.
It requires individuals that still have a sense of American patriotism.
Whatever country you come from, any sense of nationalism, any sense of patriotism, love for country, in your heart, in your life, is a threat to the New World Order because that has to be removed and eradicated in order for them to install their regimes.
This is why Bill Gates loves the sense of the global citizen, because the global citizen has no rights.
The global citizen has no human rights.
They say, oh, this is all about human rights.
This is all about equality and everyone having the same opportunities because poverty is just so bad.
That's why we're advocating for everyone to just eat bugs while we stay at the top, while Bill and Melinda Gates sit there and pontificate about, you know, maybe depopulating the earth is not so bad after all.
And they post it on YouTube and it's just like totally normal content.
But Alex Jones, I can't be freely on YouTube without getting de-boosted or shadowbanned, and we all know why.
We're not complaining about that, but we know we're going up against demonic, satanic powers here that not only have an issue with the truth, but they want to deceive individuals to further fall into the deception and ride the wavelength of the New World Order and the coming Antichrist, false prophet, all-empowered by the beast.
This is where we're all going!
This is where this is all pushing forward to, and I'll tell ya, Title 42 is ending tonight.
And if you thought that the so-called southern border crisis, it's not a southern border crisis.
Been down there multiple times with Alex as well, multiple other based journalists and reporters that are actually telling the truth.
It's not a crisis.
It's not something that just happens to be happening.
There just happens to be a damaged hull in the boat that the administration needs to plug up.
No, no, it's deeper and more sinister than that.
The United Nations put out a report in the year 2000 asking the question, the so-called population sector of the United Nations, who were totally unelected.
Nobody appointed these people, but they asked questions and they write reports.
Literally, anyone could go find this.
Is replacement migration good for a aging or a depopulating society?
Okay, this is a globalist mindset.
They believe that they have the ability to ask these questions, write reports and recommendations in the United Nations so that nations can comply and then they talk about it at the World Economic Forum and it's a cult.
And if you have any sense of patriotism, you love the border, you love the sovereignty of your own country, the cult excommunicates you.
Because the globalist cult exists.
And the United Nations has reports and documents pontificating, speculating.
What's it going to be like?
Do we need to use replacement migration to get populations back up in certain countries?
And in the report, they include the United States of America.
And in this report of the United Nations, they specifically say by the year 2050, the amount of so-called migrants from 1995 until 2050 will make up for the large population of the United States of America.
And then you begin to ask yourself, Why are we seeing the open border?
Is this really a crisis?
No, this is a strategic demolition of American sovereignty, my friends.
Regardless of your politics, it does not matter.
These people are not concerned with Republican or Democrat.
These people are not concerned with left or right.
These people are concerned with you are either a part of the new world order, the new regime, Team Satan, or you're not.
That's it.
It's that black or white with these people.
That is how these people get down.
And that is how they function.
Like a mafia.
Like a cartel.
Like a cult.
That's who they are.
And here we are, years later, in the year 2023, with these agendas being fully implemented, installed, right before your very eyes.
If you thought that the formerly known southern border was bad the past Couple years with the installed puppet President Joe Biden?
You wait until the clock strikes midnight tonight local time, especially in Texas where Title 42 ends.
I just got back from the southern border, the formerly known southern border here in Yuma, Arizona.
The Border Patrol are all demoralized.
They're telling me they all feel numb.
They're telling me they see the writing on the wall.
That for the past few years, the current administration has been demoralizing them, using them as a legitimate Uber service, legalizing human trafficking and human smuggling.
This is what the administration has done.
This is what the New World Order does.
They legalize criminal activity.
They legalize lawlessness.
And this is why Jesus said, lawlessness will abound in the last days.
You're watching it.
You don't have a border anymore!
It's gone!
It is gone!
No enforcement!
No enforcement!
No law and order!
It is gone!
The Border Patrol are outmanned, outnumbered, demoralized, numbed to what has been happening, and that is the agenda.
You run your opponents down.
You get rid of the good guys and bring in the bad guys to enforce your tyranny.
And you are watching the ultimate Controlled demolition of American sovereignty.
Title 42 being removed tonight.
And you got a front row seat, especially here on Infowars.com.
Banned out video.
Blast the links.
Get them out now.
This is how we get this information out and wake people up.
We'll be right back.
Conspiracy theorists!
You're all a bunch of right-wing, mega-Republican, Domestic terrorist, conspiracy theorist, alt-right, anti-semitic, white nationalist, racist, you name it!
Conspiracy theorist, right?
Deep state CIA term designed intentionally to smear and discredit the target being called the term.
You know that's changed, by the way.
They still will throw around the word conspiracy theorist here and there.
But the... the PSYOP, which is cancel culture, to discredit the truth teller, or the individual with valid information, is basically the cancel culture you see today.
White nationalist.
White supremacist.
You're a mega-Republican, domestic terrorist, because you're just pointing out the fact that the New World Order exists, they talk about it, the globalist mindset actually is real, and they identify as that, and they actually have plans and ideas for replacement migration to replace the West, replace our culture, replace what we love and know, replace our traditionalism here in the United States of America, regardless of your skin color.
No, no, no, no, no!
You get coined, you get deemed and slandered as a conspiracy theorist because that's been the PSYOP for thousands of years.
Slander from the serpent.
Slander from the mouth of the serpent.
I mean, is it really that hard to see the writing on the wall?
Is it really that hard to see all the plans come together in full fruition?
Is it really that hard to see?
It doesn't take a very smart person to sit here And watch all of the pieces come together.
And watch all of the rhetoric from the World Economic Forum, from people like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the useful idiots and the demonic and the satanic proxies of the United Nations, the EU, individuals that want to push us in a new utopia and a global society.
Why was the UN asking the question?
Is replacement migration good in their official UN documents?
Is replacement migration a solution to an aging or a depopulating society?
And then you see how individuals like Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation run around pontificating, warning, warning the general population, warning the populations of the world that in the future, we're going to be overpopulated.
So some form of depopulation needs to take place.
We gotta, we gotta slow down the populating, populating of the populations of society and mankind.
And then you ask yourself why these people push so hard for what they call women's rights and healthcare, abortion, murdering children, depopulating the earth for decades in the United States of America, convincing women that it's their body, their choice, after they've already been convinced that fornication Is a correct lifestyle.
Just be totally irresponsible.
Catch diseases.
Hell, if you get pregnant, you could just murder the baby because it's your body, your choice for being irresponsible and opening up your legs.
And in some cases, people make mistakes.
But if you make a mistake, the answer isn't murder a human being.
You see the depopulation agenda alongside of the replacement migration agenda.
They do it through so-called abortion.
Sacrificing babies, infants, inside of the womb and outside of the womb in the name of health care and my body, my choice, and women, female rights!
Depopulating the Earth by the day.
Taking us backwards.
Different demographics, targeting different races.
This is what Planned Parenthood was established for, with Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist that believed in depopulating specific races.
An actual racist!
Oh, but the Left and the Uniparty, they love Planned Parenthood!
Yeah, of course they do, because it's the globalist agenda that's depopulating the Earth so that they could replace us all.
They do it with the death jabs.
The World Health Organization, the Dr. Fauci's of the world, that push the mRNA on all of us, that are causing a lot of individuals, they never told anyone just how bad the side effects might be, but you know, You gotta take it where throw my body, my choice out the window, forced inoculations for everyone because you're saving lives.
Booster yourself as many as 10 times.
Hell, who cares?
Because it makes you a better person because you're saving lives.
Well, what about the side effects?
What about the death jab?
What are the potential harms that this could cause to my life?
When the engineer and the pioneer, Dr. Robert Malone, comes out of the mRNA vaccine and literally admits to the entire world, be cautioned!
This stuff could destroy you!
And they implement it.
They launch a death virus.
And they just happen to have the solution on deck.
Moderna, Pfizer, they're just ready, they're there ready to get that vaccine to the public to make billions of dollars while depopulating the earth simultaneously at the same time.
And there they are at the World Economic Forum being praised for their radical quick response to COVID-19.
In the midst of lockdowns.
Yeah, we created these vaccines faster than anyone has ever seen.
A new technology that takes decades to test on human beings to see if it's actually safe, but they don't care about that.
No, because we need to save lives.
We're just going to impose this on humanity.
Cause deaths, expedite illnesses, decrease lifespans.
And then you get into what they're doing with the water.
With the food, with the pesticides, and everything that's decreasing longevity of human beings.
Why do you think they're pushing disgusting beasts like Lizzo?
Why do you think they're pushing disgusting Jabba the Hutt like Lizzo?
Why do I have to model my life based off of a disgusting, unhealthy Jabba the Hutt That represents the global citizen.
Why do you think they're pushing unhealthy lifestyles on the youth?
On the general public?
It's to kill you!
I don't want you unhealthy!
I don't want you to die early!
I don't want you to die and go to hell!
I want you saved, faith in Jesus Christ, over anything!
But God gave you that temple.
You think God wants you unhealthy, unable to take care of your family?
On some circumstances, it's out of our control.
We have to depend on God for strength.
But God gives us health if we are blessed with health.
It's for a reason.
You think he doesn't want us healthy to take care of our family?
To hold it down for our country?
To be able to be sober-minded and healthy to go against evil when necessary?
This is all to kill you.
This is all to depopulate you.
This is all to take away the longevity that God blesses you with.
The New World Order wants individuals with short lifespans.
So they can get rid of the good guys, get rid of the good women, and install the evil.
That's how they control society.
We'll be right back.
The New World Order doesn't have to fire a shot to take down the USA.
They're doing it from within.
Psyops on the American people, taking over the universities, our cultural Marxism, the indoctrination, K-12, infiltrating medicine, infiltrating science.
Infiltrating every channel, infiltrating media, obviously taking over politics, getting you to think that there's actually Republican and Democrat two sides.
No, it's all uniparty.
It's good versus evil, ladies and gentlemen.
They take over education.
They take over Hollywood.
Obviously, Hollywood is in the palm of Lucifer in the New World Order, pushing all their propaganda, getting people used to the ideas of their Plans that they begin to roll out, getting used to something that they've seen on TV, so when it becomes reality, they've already been desensitized to it.
These people don't have to fire a shot!
With the subversion, with the destabilization, convincing millions of people with the PSYOPs that America is evil, and in some regards, yes, America has evil that needs to be dealt with, Like pedophiles and child molesters and rapists, peacefully and lawfully, and a whole host of other problems.
But they say, being an American patriot, loving the Pledge of Allegiance, something as basic as the American flag in their eyes, something as basic as the national anthem they claim is white supremacy.
You love the American military and the flag for what it stands for.
Protecting American sovereignty!
That's white supremacy!
That's evil!
That's white adjacent thinking!
And you're not thinking like a correct person!
You've been indoctrinated by white people because you love America!
Yeah, maybe you've been indoctrinated by demons and Satan to be convinced that the greatest country on the face of planet Earth that you get to enjoy with all these freedoms.
Maybe there's been a psyop run on your mind to get you to become a useful idiot and talking piece for the New World Order, chattering and yapping your mouth like the Squad, like Rashida Tlaib, like AOC and Cory Booker and all these mindless Losers and idiots like Ilya and Omar that are running around claiming that America is so racist, America is so horrible, America is so white supremacist, then why the hell?
Why the hell right now?
Are there tens and thousands of Haitians staged outside of El Paso ready to come into the United States of America illegally, scot-free?
Oh, America is so white supremacist, but the third world is just at the door waiting to come in freely.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
America is so white supremacist that there are people coming from all over the world illegally into the United States of America.
Because it's not about truth.
Like I said, that's the PSYOP.
Conspiracy theorist, conspiracy theorist, white supremacist, America's evil, America's evil, you're a patriot, evil, evil, evil, evil.
The FBI gets on board.
Why do you think the FBI is being mobilized against patriots?
Why do you think the CIA is obviously involved in getting mobilized against patriots with PSYOPs being run on right wing Patriotic, America-loving individuals that love their traditional values?
Why do you think that's happening?
Because these people, they are all on the same wavelength.
This evil New World Order agenda, they're all jacked into the same Into the same frequency, this frequency of evil, this frequency of the spirit of the Antichrist that's pushing planet Earth further and further into the New World Order, the advent of the Antichrist, the advent of the false prophet, the mark of the beast on the hand, on the forehead, you can't gain access to the economy, the one world religion, one world militarized system, the one world economy, you name it!
How do you think they're all in perfect unison?
Across the globe!
Yes, some organizations communicate, but their message is always the same.
Their actions are always the same.
Their agendas, their goals are all pointing towards one direction.
How do you think that happens, my friend?
If you are not a believer, I suggest, I implore you, I beg you, open your eyes and see the reality of who Christ is.
You're a sitting duck in this war, ladies and gentlemen.
You think you're going to fight the Infowar?
You think you're going to fight the New World Order?
You think you're going to fight globalism without God?
Where do you think the revelation of what globalism is came from?
It came from God warning humanity that these things would be!
You and I can do nothing!
You and I can accomplish nothing!
You and I are powerless against these satanic powers, which in the last days, the Bible says, they will be performing mass miracles before your eyes, all empowered by Satan.
Things that defy the laws of physics, the laws of gravity, the laws of science, everything we know.
These things will begin to take place and what will you do?
How will you respond?
Will you be deceived?
Are you born again?
Do you have the anointing of the Holy Spirit to discern truth from error?
And I'm not talking about something that's obvious.
I'm talking about something that is so advanced.
The serpent himself and his demons that are ancient, that know humanity better than you and me, that know what humans Are tempted by, that will fall for, I'm talking about the great deception that Alex was talking about before he ended the third segment.
That great deception, that great delusion will be so powerful, you will be a sitting duck.
If you're thinking right now, I'm not born again, I'll be able to withstand it, you are already deceived by it.
The Bible makes it very clear, the world will fall for the strong delusion that God will Pour upon the earth that will allow to happen and people will fall for this system.
It'll come across as great.
It'll come across as grand.
It'll come across as something that you want to be a part of.
It'll come across something as powerful and unified.
It'll come across as something that the Bible says the entire nations of the world will be saying peace and safety, world peace, a dominating superstar, the Antichrist will be the most popular An attractive figure the world has ever known.
If you don't have the spirit, you will not be able to see these things.
And I say this because look at the agendas.
With the depopulation, I've already explained it.
Forced inoculations.
Death jabs.
Poisoning the water.
Lowering the quality of our foods.
Getting people to remove themselves from healthy lifestyles by pushing Jabba the Hutt Lizzo's.
Thinking that's somehow normal.
Just being totally disgusting and void of health is actually a good lifestyle.
I don't say that to be offensive to people that are struggling.
God wants you.
God will help you to be better and empower yourself.
Wants you to be healthy so you can take care of your family.
And if it's beyond your control, we have to rely on God and that weakness to help us through that.
I say this because it's the New World Order who hates you.
It's Satan who hates you.
It's Satan who props up Lizzo's.
It's Satan.
Why do you think they're all wanting to chop off the genitals of children?
We're not talking about adults anymore, ladies and gentlemen!
These Satanists, Luciferians, and Globalists want to depopulate the Earth!
They're slowing down the populations to punch in the replacement migration, to replace you.
Why do you think they're starting at children?
Oh, trans kids' lives matter.
It's just human rights.
We should allow little kids, if a little boy wants to chop his penis off so he could never procreate, we don't tell him that ever again.
That's totally liberal, progressive, and normal.
If a little girl feels like she's a boy, she should be able to chop her breasts off.
She should be able to create some kind of freak scientist abomination of a neo-penis, they call, right?
She could never, ever become a mother.
She could never, ever procreate sterilized and done.
Get women on birth control.
Sterilize them over time.
Rob them of their fertility that's been given by God.
Push mass replacement migration.
Replace these people.
Replace the patriots.
Replace those that are truly awake.
Replace the Christians.
Replace them all with evil NPCs of the New World Order.
That is happening right now.
We'll be right back.
This is the real deal, ladies and gentlemen.
You are alive for such a time as this.
God has called you.
If you find yourself in this transmission, you have breached the matrix for the purpose of pulling others out as well.
If your eyes are open, if you are truly awake, you are a truly awakened sleeper and Christ has given you the light.
We got to share that light with others as well.
And I want to invite you guys to check out my other shows.
I host a show called Frontlines with Drew Hernandez.
We are covering the border extensively with great reporters on the ground on Real America's Voice.
You guys can find the link to that in my bio on Twitter or Getter or Truth Social at Drew H. Live.
I also host my own personal show, Drew Hernandez Live, exclusively on Rumble.
You guys can find all those links in the bio exclusively at my Twitter, Truth Getter.
And yeah, Truth Social at Drew H. Live.
I wanted to... I really wanted to emphasize this with you guys.
Just so I can visually show you.
Because we get people that come in on the network, different shows, various shows.
You hear what we say, but let me visually show you.
I just got back from the formerly known southern border last night.
The footage you are seeing was just hours ago.
I literally just got back a couple hours ago.
I wasn't planning on going down, but this is just too historic.
Did a last minute trip.
Secretary, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas wants you to believe that what you're seeing is not real on the screen.
They want you to believe that the border is secure.
What you're seeing behind these people is Mexico.
Do you see that little barrier?
Behind these illegals, alright?
These are not migrants, these are illegals.
These people are coming into this country illegally.
These individuals that you see on the screen, ladies and gentlemen, alright America?
These people are the UN, the globalist agenda that they pose questions to.
Does replacement migration work for aging and depopulating societies?
These individuals, look at that line.
Look at these people.
You see that gap right there?
That is America.
That's how easy it is to walk.
And they're wheelchair, they're rolling them in deep, man.
They're rolling in on wheelchairs.
You catch them rolling, they hating.
And this guy's rolling big.
Look at that.
Welfare recipient to the stake, paid by you for their entire life.
And this is the people that they're bringing in.
They're not sending their best, ladies and gentlemen.
And why are they not sending their best?
Because these people are meant to replace every single one of you watching this show right now.
You know, whether you believe in that or not.
Whether you truly understand that this agenda exists or not.
These individuals are here to replace you.
I was talking to those Border Patrol agents you see right there last night.
This is just hours ago, guys.
I just came off the ground.
And I'm going back tonight again.
Gotta come in, do shows, go back.
This is how we do this.
This is a lifestyle, ladies and gentlemen.
We live this.
We live this.
Not for views, not for clout, but to show you guys what's really going down, because MSM won't do it.
Those Border Patrol agents were telling me last night that... Last night, about maybe three to five hundred Crossed within four hours, illegally.
And I asked them, how many of these illegals are going to receive slaps on the wrists?
Notice to appears, NTAs.
They get a court date where they're supposed to show up in an American court to determine whether they're going to stay or get deported.
I said, how many of these hundreds that you're seeing just in this short, short five hour timeframe?
How many of these illegals are going to get those?
NTAs, court dates to return.
He said about 90%.
90% of these illegals are getting NTAs.
And it's just a, it's the honor system.
We're supposed to just trust that they'll, they'll come to court and they'll face their trial to determine their, their future, whether they're going to stay in America or not.
And these people are not getting vetted in any way, shape or form, by the way.
Border Patrol would admit that.
He said 10% and it's probably even lower.
Lower than 10%.
Anybody shocked by that?
Is anybody shocked by that?
Of course not!
Because these people are showing up to replace every single one of you.
Don't let anyone tell you that's a conspiracy theorist.
Don't let anyone tell you that that's a lie.
Anyone goes down there themselves, this is what you see.
And you see it immediately.
In just three hours, I also asked the Border Patrol agent.
Hundreds of illegals crossed.
He said more than 20 countries represented in that short amount of time.
At that point, when I asked that question last night, only three hours passed.
And he said more than 20 countries have already breached the United States of America.
And yes, it angers you that these individuals are just facilitating this.
This is why they're trying to remove good men and women out of law enforcement to get people in that will just facilitate the New World Order, their regime, and their plans.
Because right now, that is what defund the police was.
That is what the woke military is.
Going after the three-letter agencies and weaponizing them by infiltrating them with evil people.
And that's the same thing you're seeing with the Border Patrol as well.
That is why Secretary, DHS Secretary, will sit there and push real misinformation to the American public, to the entire world, that at the removal... Guys, Title 42, I was there last night.
This is the night before.
I'm going back again tonight.
You're seeing it in El Paso, in Brownsville.
It's chaos.
Thousands, tens of thousands are staging in Mexico on the opposite side, Juarez, you name it.
Different regions staging, preparing for the floodgates to open tonight.
It's been bad, you guys, but it's going to get a hell of a lot worse.
This agenda is here.
It is here.
It is being fully implemented.
Title 42 being removed is the full-scale invasion of the United States of America.
Military-aged men.
There's a lot of men down there.
And they claim that it's innocent people.
They claim that it's refugees.
They claim that it's individuals fleeing persecution.
When it's a lot of men down there that are coming into this country illegally.
Isn't that interesting?
The New World Order knows they need men.
They push this dehumanizing agenda, Dylan Mulvaney's, these beta homosexuals, they feminize American culture because when they make their replacement, they know that they're going to actually need males, okay, to rule with an iron fist and to enforce their tyranny and their New World Order regime.
They know they need males.
But that's why their hypocrisy is all by design.
The hypocrisy is all to dismantle what is good and normal so that it's a transfer of powers.
And they're doing it without firing a shot.
This invasion is happening without a shot being fired!
In some cases, the cartels do get violent.
You see that down at the southern border, the formerly known southern border?
These people are not vetted.
We have no idea who the hell these people are, you guys.
And they get an Uber service, bought and paid for by you.
What a slap in the face, isn't it?
Bought and paid for by you.
The federal government facilitating human smuggling, human trafficking, Uber servicing these people and giving them a new ride.
I asked this black lady, I don't know if she was from Nigeria.
I don't care, she's illegal.
I asked her last night, I said, was it hard for you to get in here?
She said, no, not at all.
I said, was it easy to cross the United States southern border?
No, no.
I said, did you receive any opposition?
Was there anything standing in your way to cross that line?
No, not at all.
And then I also asked her, do you think President Biden has something to do with this?
Opening up the doors to individuals to come into this country?
She said, absolutely.
I said, do you appreciate President Biden, I specifically said this, do you appreciate President Joe Biden, this puppet, right, for letting you come into this country illegally?
She said, absolutely.
I am very appreciative.
Of course, because these people are being used.
And then the NGOs come They manipulate, Alex and I have talked about this, they manipulate people's goodwill.
They think that they're out there helping the migrants, helping the illegals.
No, these NGOs are proxies.
Organizations being used by the New World Order to facilitate this agenda.
That is all inspired by the United Nations, by the globalist regime, the replacement migration to replace the Patriot, replace the Patriot, replace the Christian, replace the Western woman, replace the Western man, replace the individual that loves the American Constitution, replace the individual that loves the flag, that loves the Pledge of Allegiance, that loves the National Anthem, that loves any form of American traditionalism.
Replace them all!
So we can have the global citizen that questions nothing, can't even speak the language of the land.
There is no language of the land because we rule your entire life through centralized systems.
You don't even need to be able to talk for yourself.
They will rule all.
Guys, this is getting real.
I'll see you later.
(upbeat music)
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The silent majority is no longer silent.
This is The War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Please stand by for further details.
We return you now to your regularly scheduled program.
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