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Name: 20230510_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 10, 2023
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In his monologue, Alex Jones talks about various issues such as Biden's failed promises, California defaulting on debt, welfare, the New World Order and globalists, and the battle against wokeism. He mentions intergenerational aspects of fighting wokeism, the importance of prayer, potential actions by globalists including false flags and bioweapons. Additionally, he discusses topics such as human trafficking, civil war, and revolutionary war. The speaker promotes regenerative farming practices and getting sufficient iodine intake every day to maintain a healthy thyroid and metabolism through InfoWars Life Survival Shield X3."

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All right, the videos are all on Infowars.com.
See Watson article video.
150,000 illegal immigrants are camping out waiting to surge the border tomorrow.
That's Border Patrol estimates.
We have the Fox News report.
The warning.
The Guatemalan president reportedly tried to give the White House, but they ignored it.
From Town Hall.
They said at least 80,000 have crossed in just the last week out of Guatemala, from Venezuela, running from the communist dreamland, and are headed towards the U.S.
border ahead of 42's expiration tomorrow.
Now, what is this crisis that's been created?
Well, if you watched the congressional hearings back in 1986 and 7,
I don't
To bring in a civil emergency and a suspension of Congress's powers under executive orders.
Those executive orders have been continued on.
You can go to the Wikipedia, you can follow links to YouTube, you can watch the hearings.
We played hours of these over the years.
I put clips of it in my police state films.
And Reagan did not implement the operation, but it has now been implemented.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones!
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Under U.S.
Code Title 42, Part G, in Section 265, with the approval of the President, the Surgeon General has the power to prohibit foreign immigration in order to avert the dangerous spread of communicable disease.
This was enacted in 1944 and used in March of 2020
When the Trump administration issued a public health order calling for the rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to protect against the spread of COVID-19.
But the borders remain open, as they have been for years.
Millions of people have migrated into the U.S.
illegally to cash in on the robbery of America's wealth and the destruction of our society.
In April of 2021, we exposed a massive child trafficking operation being operated by the federal government in concert with Catholic charity organizations.
In March of 2022, the Biden administration formally exempted unaccompanied children from being deported under the Title 42 policy.
Last month, a whistleblower from Operation Artemis testified before Congress that the U.S.
government has been acting as middleman in a multi-billion dollar child trafficking black market.
Title 42 is set to expire this week, and U.S.
immigration facilities are already at 150% capacity.
So the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants waiting at the southern border will just have to be taken care of at the expense of the U.S.
taxpayer during the biggest financial crisis in U.S.
If this doesn't make sense to you, then you need to realize that America is under attack.
Last weekend, two separate terrorist attacks were carried out in Texas by members of the same prison gang syndicate.
And if the U.S.
government cared about keeping the peace and the rule of law, then this sort of activity would obviously catalyze stricter border policies.
But our government isn't doing that.
They are opening the borders while U.S.
judges let loose violent criminals.
Because America is under attack.
Michael Yaun has been reporting from the Darien Province in Panama, at a place known as the Darien Gap, where U.S.-funded invasion camp, Las Blancas, has been processing hordes of military-age members of the Communist Chinese Party.
Michael, can you speak more on why you suppose these are spies as opposed to simply economic migrants?
So how are all these people getting these passports?
And how are they showing up with lots of cash?
They have a lot of money, these Chinese coming through.
They take a special route through Darien Gap.
They take boat routes, and then they'll walk about two days through the jungle through a much safer route.
It's still a little bit difficult, but it's nothing like the epic
We're good to go.
If this doesn't make sense to you, then you need to realize that America is under attack.
In the book Unrestricted Warfare, senior military advisors of the Communist Chinese wrote that the only way for China to defeat the US is by deploying several levels of unconventional warfare.
Direct military confrontation would not succeed.
You can call it communism.
You can call it globalism.
Whatever it is now has complete control over the U.S.
federal government and is waging war against every single American.
Life as we know it is quickly coming to an end.
And whether you like it or not, the option to do nothing will soon be over.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, the quickening is here, ladies and gentlemen.
It's May 10th, 2023 on this live Wednesday broadcast.
This is going to be an incredible transmission.
Owen Schroyer working with Michael Yon on the border, now in El Paso, and so much more today.
And we have a PSYOP expert coming on to talk about the deep state's manipulation of our minds.
This is not a drill.
This is the collapse of the Republic.
The border has been completely removed.
Millions are being held in federal centers now that have been overwhelmed.
The border is collapsing now.
Millions are coming.
The southern border has been completely collapsed by design as a direct attack on the United States of America.
Our city is being overrun.
92% of the people out here are military age males.
It's Wednesday, May 10th, 2023.
I'm your embattled host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and honored to be here.
Very thankful, humbly, for your support and your prayers.
Please pray for our crew, Owen Schroer and others, Rob Dewey and others, and our security team is in El Paso.
They're linking up with Michael Yan, reporter, former Special Forces operator and great patriot.
This is going to be massive coverage today, tomorrow, Friday, into Saturday and over the weekend.
And I'm planning to get down there very, very soon as well.
I'll just leave it at that.
There is a lot going on.
Obviously, let me give you a little prelude of what we're going to be hitting.
BBC reports.
First humanoid baby born made out of three people.
Journal of Science confirms chemicals in the water supply are sterilizing not just amphibians but the fish.
Mainstream news.
All hell breaks loose at nuclear-armed Pakistan after former president's arrest.
That spills over into Europe.
European study confirms COVID jabs causing long-term brain damage.
We have the Sybil ruling by a kangaroo court in New York with absolutely no evidence that Trump defamed a woman by saying he didn't sexually assault her.
Next level twisting.
The woman then did a victory tour on CNN and sounded like a complete and total maniac saying rape is hot and telling Anderson Cooper he's hot.
Trump's never met her.
There is just, there is just so much insanity going on, ladies and gentlemen.
Trump to appeal jury finds liable for sexual abuse.
We'll break that down.
Congressman George Santos charged with fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and false statements.
What he did was one one millionth of what the Clintons have done.
He admits to lying.
They all lie constantly, but of course they're not getting arrested.
And that ties into this news.
We'll be playing the video.
House Oversight Committee had a press conference this morning.
The Biden family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies, mainly the communist Chinese and the Ukrainians.
But of course, the Justice Department will do nothing because we have a coup.
We have more on the collapsed border.
New York suburbs panic over New York City Mayor announces migrant relocation program to ship the upwards of a million illegal aliens into the suburbs and have taxpayer money pay to house them indefinitely in hotels.
The exact European collapse model.
Chelsea Clinton pledges to forcibly inject American children.
The View says subway passengers should just have given their money to serial criminal Neely.
Tucker Carlson announces Twitter show.
Elon Musk tweets, cool, welcome.
I've got the inside baseball on that.
Why it's so important.
A lot of critical AI news we're gonna be breaking down.
Texas AG to investigate hospitals that provide irreversible gender transition care to minors.
We have grisly video and photos of how they give girls a penis.
They chop most of the meat off their forearm, create an artificial penis that normally rots and falls off.
It's beyond Hellraiser, it's what they're doing.
We will continue on from there, looking at new evidence of how electric cars have a bigger carbon footprint than gas cars.
We'll break that down.
That's right, it takes more fossil fuel to create one than a car driven on average 100,000 miles will ever use of petrol.
of gasoline, as we call it here in America.
RFK repeats assertion that CIA killed JFK on Fox News.
Ex-Russian space boss finds no proof Americans land on the moon.
It goes on and on.
But obviously, even bigger news than the collapsed border by design and the UN replacement migration operation
Is the humanoid baby born in the UK?
Now this is obviously not the first but they're saying it's the first because now they're rolling it all out.
Baby born from three people.
That's a humanoid.
First born in the UK.
We got a lot of reparations news as well and what the real plan behind all of that is here today.
But the first thing I want to get into
We're going to have a lot of border coverage later in the broadcast and over the next few days.
Title 42 expires tonight at midnight.
But they're not waiting for that.
It's effectively gone.
The Border Patrol's reporting 150,000 people are currently on the Texas border about to come across in the next 48 hours.
But let's go ahead and get to the death of justice in this country and what that
Really signifies.
We have a statute of limitations for a reason.
And for rape, depending on the jurisdiction, it's five to ten years.
We know, according to federal studies, and I agree with the numbers, I've seen it myself, that upwards of half or more of reports of sexual assault are false.
This woman has no proof, this woman has no witnesses, this woman has nothing.
None of the so-called evidence she was going to bring was ever brought in because it wasn't true, in my view.
And Trump has been found liable $5 million, not for raping her, but reportedly lying about her when he said he was innocent.
It is your constitutional right in civil and in criminal proceedings to declare your innocence.
Everybody knows that.
Don't need to be a lawyer to know it.
And so he was found guilty of saying, I don't know this woman.
This isn't true.
Now, I happen to know Trump's M.O.
because I'm good friends with his wingman of 44 years.
And off record, I mean, Roger's not going to get in trouble for this, but I've really picked his brain about Richard Nixon, who he was confidants with, and Donald Trump.
And Roger Stone has been both men's after Trump met him 40 plus years ago.
And of course, after
Nixon got out of office, he got to be a lot better friends with Roger, and Roger knew both men's women.
He was beyond a wingman, I'll leave it at that.
Donald Trump lavished his women with praise, is nothing but nice to them when he wants a woman, and is nothing but a pure gentleman, but if a woman is mean to him or is rude to him, one time he drops them like an old shoe.
Would never be peed on.
That's why I started, you know, really picking Roger's brain off record about Trump years ago.
I said, is any of this true?
And he said, absolutely not.
Trump had to actually do anti-aversion therapy.
That's a little secret.
He actually trained himself more than 30 years ago and was consulted with psychologists and experts to be able to shake people's hands.
Trump is a germaphobe.
And courts women for a while and really gets to know them and things, and then he's with that woman, but there's an issue, he goes with another woman.
So he's not even promiscuous in the classic sense that he's like, you know, like these Hollywood people with three, four women a week.
It's not like that.
He pursues a woman, he goes after them, he's with them usually a year, two, three years, and then there's a problem and it's over.
And so I've done the background research on this, and he likes big bombshell powerful women.
The opposite of what pedophiles want.
I mean, look at his wife.
I mean, that lady's like, I've seen her, I've met her, intimidating in person.
That's the kind of woman Trump wants, is a flamethrowing, you know, thousand horsepower woman.
Pedophiles want control and power over little kids, and there's no evidence Trump was ever, you know, around any kids with Epstein, and they've definitely researched that.
So it's not his MO to rape a woman.
But regardless, we have a statute of limitations, and we have weaponized courts, and this is a travesty.
So we're going to cover this when we come back, because it's so incredibly important.
But no, Trump was not in a Moscow hotel being pissed on.
And Trump did not rape this woman.
And no one's buying it, but the system doesn't care.
They're just going forward as if all these weaponized courts are convincing us.
No one's convincing us that our country is totally hijacked by criminals.
And now they admit the pee garbage never happened.
All right, so there are dozens of investigations going against President Trump, federal and state.
He's been indicted in New York, as you know, and then this woman, E. Jean Carroll, comes out a few years ago, for the first time ever, and says Trump, almost 30 years ago, 29 years ago, raped her in a department store changing room that she reportedly followed him into.
I mean, none of this makes any sense.
And then you listen to the woman, and you watch the woman, and she comes off, in my view, like a complete lunatic.
She's a cross between Gozer the Destroyer from Ghostbusters and the Prophet from Poltergeist.
So, let's play a clip of her talking about... Most people think of rape as sexy.
No, most people don't.
The word rape carries so many sexual connotations that this was not sexual.
She goes on to then start hitting on Anderson Cooper.
He ends the segment early because she's embarrassing herself so much.
Here's the clip.
I was not thrown on the ground and ravished.
The word rape carries so many sexual connotations.
This was not sexual.
It hurt.
I think most people think of rape as a violent assault.
I think most people think of rape as being sexy.
Let's take a short break.
Think of the fantasies.
We're just going to take a quick break.
If you can stick around, we'll talk more on the other side.
You're fascinating to talk to.
What a kook.
What a weirdo.
And then Trump isn't allowed to say he didn't rape her?
Everybody knows you're allowed.
You'll be caught robbing a bank with bags of money in your hands.
You can tell the jury you're innocent.
But what did they say in my Connecticut show trial last year?
The judge said you're not allowed to say you're innocent.
Not allowed to say you don't have hundreds of millions of dollars.
All that proven a lie now.
They put on their fake evidence.
They tell the jury I'm guilty.
This is what happens.
Trump's type is not the prophet from poltergeist.
Come to the light, little girl.
Absolutely frightening.
Trump's put out a statement.
It's a disgrace.
I don't even know this woman.
President Trump promises to appeal New York sexual abuse jury verdict.
So he wasn't found criminally guilty.
It wasn't a criminal trial.
And they didn't find that there was evidence of rape.
They said it was a lie that he didn't assault her with no evidence.
Think of the mental gymnastics of that.
Meanwhile, the border is wide open, hundreds of thousands of children a year being smuggled in, many into sex slavery, many into sweatshops as young as seven.
That's all confirmed, even the Washington Post reports it.
But that's okay.
This lady, says Donald Trump, grabbed her crotch 29 years ago, and they built it all around him, saying, women don't like doing anything when you're famous, why don't you just grab them by the... He was just saying that as an example.
But off of that comment, he's now guilty.
Billionaire who funded E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit against Trump visited Epstein's Island many, many times.
Isn't that interesting?
A Democrat millionaire who funded E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit against Trump visited every Epstein's private island and met him on at least two other occasions, records show.
Trump was ordered to pay a New York City jury to pay $5 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll for sexually abusing her nearly three decades ago in a department store changing room.
The former president was found responsible for defaming Carol by calling her a liar after asserting that he had never even met the woman.
Not allowed to have your statement.
You're not allowed to.
You're innocent.
Trump called the case a con job, posting on Truth Social that he has absolutely no idea who the woman is, and the verdict?
A continuation of the greatest witch hunt of all time.
The Sybil verdict, which was overseen by Clinton-appointed judge Lewis Kaplan, is likely to remain tied up in appeal for a significant amount of time, during which Trump won't have to pay Carroll anything.
But they'll call him a rapist when he does the scene in town hall.
Democrat megadonor Reid Hoffman is currently funding a lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll accusing Trump of rape.
Even though she once said rape is sexy.
And it just goes on.
From there.
Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is a known serial rapist who settled claims of it.
But that's okay.
Because he's a Democrat.
E. Gene Carroll says, verdict in Trump case, it's a victory for all victims of sexual assault.
Not the kids being smuggled across the border.
And it goes on and on.
Trump world books CNN, hoping for a big audience.
Now they're in for the thick of it, where he'll be massively attacked.
Politico reports.
New York Post says this verdict will hurt Trump more than some backers think.
No, nobody buys this bull.
They know it's all rigged.
Courts, where they file these suits.
Sexual abuse verdict reduced Republican doubts about Trump's electability.
No, it only made people support Trump more because they know this is a load of crap.
He's not Jeffrey Epstein.
He's not Harvey Weinstein.
He's not Bill Clinton.
And this is deranged behavior.
And it's the same thing with Congressman George Santos.
I don't like him.
The guy is a hilarious liar.
And a lot of the lies he tells, the guy's a complete fraud.
But he came out and said, well, most people in Congress lie.
I'm just being like them.
I admit I'm a fraud.
That's refreshing.
Oh, but now they're saying campaign finance, since he lied about stuff in his campaign.
That's a finance.
Like they're getting criminal charges ready.
The special prosecutor is on Trump for quote, lying and saying there was election fraud and raising money off of it.
Well, Trump's allowed to have his opinion, plus there's massive evidence of it.
But now he's got to be indicted for campaign finance fraud.
That's what they've done in New York with Alvin Bragg.
Because he reportedly gave a woman some money.
People see right through this.
Congressman George Santos charged with fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and false statements.
So that's the low-hanging fruit because he's a Republican that wanted a district.
They're not going to let that happen, but the Democrats can lie all they want, all day long.
Now let's shift to this clip.
Joe Biden's son.
Joe Biden's brother's wife.
Joe Biden's brother.
Hunter Biden's girlfriend or Beau Biden's widow, however you want to write that.
Nine of them.
Hunter Biden's ex-wife, Hunter Biden's current wife, and three children of the president's son and the president's brother.
So we're talking about a grandchild.
That's odd.
Most people that work hard every day's grandchild doesn't get a wire.
From a foreign national or anything like that.
So, uh, that'll conclude our, our question.
We got more of the press conference coming up.
Over $10 million, mainly from shy comps.
We have Hunter Biden's recordings.
I work for the head of Chinese intelligence and he's been gone for a month and no one knows where he is.
I don't have anybody to give me orders, Danny.
What do I do?
I'm a Chinese spy.
But don't worry.
We've got Donald Trump indicted and they're trying to indict everybody else.
This country has just had a cool over it.
And now the very globalists that have a coup in the country are destroying it and starting World War III and dissolving the border right in front of our eyes and lying to black people and saying they're going to get 800 billion in reparations.
That's what California is promising.
We're going to explain a lot of that coming up as well.
Big broadcast, stay with us.
Oh, and of course, humanoids now born in the UK.
It is not an overstatement.
In fact, words cannot properly describe it.
to lay out what's happening to this country and the rest of the Western world.
We're witnessing a controlled dismantlement, a controlled demolition, the end of civilization as we know it, a social contract from the globalists declaring war on our livelihoods, our very lives, our freedoms, and our children.
Our reporters are on the ground now.
We'll have them on later in the broadcast and right through the War Room today, 3 p.m.
We're linking up with investigative journalist Michael Yon in El Paso.
We have a special guest joining us in the second hour that I'm really excited about happening on.
Army PSYOP expert, Fox News, fired Carlson to maintain semi-lobotomized, quasi-retarded population.
We'll have a bunch of Tucker Carlson news and why that's
So important with Scott Bennett coming up next hour.
The third hour I'm going to focus on transhumanism and how the whole trans movement is just the leading edge of the murder of logic.
Humanoid babies are being born all over the world.
They've been doing it for at least 25 years that we know of in the medical journals, but now it's hitting mainstream news.
BBC reports first humanoid born in UK.
And that ties in to all this other news we have on the revolution we're facing.
But I want to explain this one more time.
99.9999999% of you will be hurt by this and will be destroyed by this.
You can pretend you're part of the system.
You can depend, you can play along with it all you want.
You can try to profit from it.
You are
Dumping gasoline on yourself and lighting yourself on fire in slow motion.
You'd do better to go jump off a cliff than serve this system.
This is insane.
These people running the planet are completely insane.
They are total evil.
And that is the best description of them.
Total evil.
Alright, the videos are all on Infowars.com.
Steve Watson article, video.
150,000 illegal immigrants are camping out, waiting to surge the border tomorrow.
That's Border Patrol estimates.
We have the Fox News report.
The warning!
The Guatemalan President reportedly tried to give the White House, but they ignored it.
From Town Hall.
They said at least 80,000 have crossed in just the last week out of Guatemala, from Venezuela, running from the communist dreamland, and are headed towards the U.S.
border ahead of 42's expiration tomorrow.
Now, what is this crisis that's been created?
Well, if you watched the congressional hearings back in 1986 and 7,
I think?
To bring in a civil emergency and a suspension of Congress's powers under executive orders.
Those executive orders have been continued on.
You can go to the Wikipedia, you can follow links to YouTube, you can watch the hearings.
We played hours of these over the years.
I put clips of it in my police state films.
And Reagan did not implement the operation, but it has now been implemented.
It was meant to break down civil society.
New York suburbs panic after New York City Mayor plans migrant relocation.
Rich New York suburbanites are in a huff over a plan by New York City Eric Adams to relocate migrants that they told to come here to hotels in their towns.
The NIMBY New Yorkers reacted with shock and dismay
At Adam's Friday statement that he plans to pay to house 300 migrant men.
It's millions, folks.
Always a small amount first.
In two hotels in Rockland, Orange County, the illegal immigrants were bused there from Texas and other places.
Millions are coming across.
When 40-something got shipped to Martha's Vineyard, they kicked them out in less than 24 hours.
Not in my backyard.
So we're gonna be looking at more of that coming up
Here today.
But this is the absolute planned destruction of the country.
Now, we still have a lot of time in this segment, but I want to get to this next segment and tie this all together with so-called reparations.
And what that's really being done to do, to bring in the social credit score, to bring in the universal basic income with all those controls,
And to basically form people into racial gangs controlled by the Democratic Party to persecute and terrorize white people into a larger endgame of societal race war.
They're hitting us from all sides, but everybody, no matter what color you are, is in the crosshairs of this attack.
That's coming up.
And it ties into all the Walmarts and T-Mobiles and grocery stores and Whole Foods and just Walgreens closing all their stores in major cities like...
Chicago and San Francisco.
And then you watch the governments double down on those policies.
That's because whether you're in Australia or whether you're in the U.S., whether you're in Germany or Canada, it's the same policies, the same blueprints, the same operation.
It is to own nothing and have nothing and like it.
In fact, we have a Klaus Schwab clip in French, but it's subtitled, where he goes further.
He says, you'll have no rights, no freedom, we'll serve everything you do, and you're going to have nothing.
But it's loving.
But under their New World Order regime, we've gone from a few hundred people having half the wealth to a few hundred people having 80% of the wealth.
So, when they talk about this, it's not for them, it's for you.
They want a permanent, poor, underclass that they can do anything to.
That's coming up as well next segment.
Let me go ahead and just do this now.
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We'll be right back.
I got down on my knees.
And I begin to pray.
God is the answer.
By the way, I was just reading Scott Bennett's bio that's joining us next hour.
This guy's incredible.
I mean, I already knew who he was for years, but I'll just reread this.
Army Special Operations Officer, 11th Psychological Operations Battalion.
He's the guy that exposed the Clintons and Obama giving weapons to Al Qaeda.
And they put him in prison for it.
He's about to expose the New World Order big time and what they're doing.
Next hour, ex-U.S.
Army PSYOPS expert Fox News fired Carlson to maintain semi-lobotomized closet retarded population.
That's coming up.
Alright, so I'm gonna just ask everybody.
I don't care what color you are.
Y'all got red blood.
God made ya.
God loves ya.
I'll ask everybody a question.
Did Biden give everybody the free tuition and the loan forgivance like he promised to in his campaign?
No, he's so nasty he signed an executive order and then withdrew it.
Here he gave them something free, but he didn't.
They can't give you something free.
California just defaulted on their debt.
It's a failed state of 18 million.
The state board and the local boards have promised 800 plus billion dollars to Californian black people.
Now you could print that much money up, I guess, and then suddenly a hamburger would cost $50,000.
I mean, does anyone believe this crap?
But, oh, once you get a universal basic income, you'll get $1,000 a month, but you'll get discounts because you're black, but you're in a database, you're being controlled, and now we're in the system.
Do you think welfare was good for black people?
I mean, LBJ created it and said, we're going to control these people.
They're not helping anybody.
When you're hunting deer and you put out corn feeders for a month before deer season, are you giving the deer feed because you like them?
No, you want them right where you want them, so when you want to take them out, you can.
You want them on a real short lease.
Pigs, on a farm, getting fattened up before they're slaughtered, are they giving the pigs food because they like them?
Come on, people!
This is beyond communism, though.
It's culture war.
It's race war.
It's cloward and pippen to bankrupt the country and all the quote craziness you hear about in universities 20 years ago is now reality because it's a plan to take us down just like sterilizing children and cutting their genitals off or cutting little girls forearms off and pull those photos up of somebody this morning to give them an artificial penis that doesn't even work.
These are the horrors of government and the horrors that they're just normalizing all by design right now.
As the first humanoid is born in the UK
So now T-Mobile shutters flagship San Francisco and mass exodus escalates.
Whole Foods all closing.
All over the country in big cities.
And here's another one.
They've announced that by 2030, 90% of farms will be shut down because, quote, farms are bad for the earth, because plants and animals create carbon dioxide.
See, we produce it too.
How does that make us wealthier to cut off the third largest food producer in the world?
You can have all the money all day long.
Maybe you can wipe your ass with it.
But it's digital.
I guess you can't even do that.
Where's the wealth?
They're killing the energy, they're killing the culture, they're killing the education, they're killing the food production, but promising you $800 million?
And I got a bridge I'm ready to sell you, an oceanfront property in Arizona.
And from my front porch you can see the sea.
And if you'll buy that, I'll throw the Golden Gate in free.
I mean, come on, people!
And it goes on from there.
City Council urges white business owners be forced to pay black and brown-owned businesses.
That's now what the government in California is pushing.
Total discrimination!
Well, they've got to get us ready for the social credit score.
Here's Professor Thomas Sowell explaining it, and no one's legitimizing slavery, but there are six African countries that still have slavery.
There's slavery in areas of the Middle East.
America's less barbarous than other countries.
But there's this idea that, oh, we're evil, so we're going to lift the black people up.
And you see the black people, some of them, the one being conned, and white people, going to city council meetings, going to state meetings, saying, I want $200 million!
It's ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's Thomas Sowell.
Slavery has been a universal institution for thousands of years, as far back as you can trace human history.
And what we're looking at is if slavery is something that happened to one race of people in one country, when in fact the spread of it was around the world.
In 1776, which is when Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations, as well as when the United States got started,
He said that Western Europe is the only place in the world where there is no slavery.
And even the Western Europeans had vast numbers of slaves in the Western Hemisphere, but not in Western Europe itself.
And so if you're going to have reparations for slavery, it's going to be the greatest transfer of wealth back and forth
And cross-hauling, as they say in the railroads, because the number of whites, for example, who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States and in the American colonies before that, put together.
But nobody is going to North Africa to ask for reparations, because nobody is going to be fool enough to give it to them.
Here, we have intellectuals
Who can imagine a different history from the rest of the world, even though it's so similar to the rest of the world.
Let's lay out some more numbers.
Anybody can look these up.
I went off memory.
I told the crew, pull up when Germany abolished serfdom and when Russia did.
The 1860s and 1870s.
White people lived on the land, were sharecroppers, had to stay on the land, were slaves.
They were so brainwashed they liked it, most of them.
The Hessian soldiers, the German soldiers that wore the Hessian tall black boots that we fought in the Revolutionary War, they were born and bred to be war soldiers.
They gave them fancy uniforms so they liked it.
A lot of them actually got here and actually defected to the American side.
So, it gets worse.
Look up the demographics.
After 1865, 1866, slavery ending, is when the majority of migrants from Europe came here.
More migrants, more immigrants came here after the Civil War, so the majority of white people, that all of us are related to, were never involved in touching a black person or black slavery.
In the South, 2% of the population owned slaves.
It was the big fancy corporate farms with the big antebellum mansions.
Most people were dirt farmers, white people.
It was an elite that had the slaves.
There are not many people around, folks, that ever have even ancestors that owned slaves, especially if you live in the Northeast or the West Coast or places like that.
Yes, a lot of people from the South did have some ancestor back there that had slaves.
But those are realities!
How the hell if my father, hypothetically, committed a murder?
Or my grandfather did?
And then their grandkids come to me and say, you gotta pay money.
Your daddy shot and killed my grandma and he served 20 years in jail for it and you owe me money.
I'd laugh at you.
But this is even more crazy.
So that's the plan.
California panel approves reparations of $1.2 million each for black residents.
$200 million is demanded.
California defaults on $18.6 billion in debt.
San Francisco backs reparations plans including $5 million to eligible black adults.
California reparations task force approves proposal.
$569 million.
Now they've come out and said they want $800 million.
This is sick, ladies and gentlemen.
This is teaching people that the system's going to give you something free when it's not.
Yeah, I'm going to start to define as trans black if that's the case.
Oh, but then I can't be.
This is all just to get us at each other's throats, ladies and gentlemen.
This is all psychological warfare.
And yes, yes, there will be reparations in this country.
They're going to sell the social credit score and the universal basic income.
Shane, minorities deserve it, and every group will have some reason they deserve it.
And with the $1,000 or $2,000 a month you get, as inflation gets worse, the $50,000 you get, you won't be able to even pay for your apartment or a car or food with that.
That's inflation.
But you don't worry.
Yes, on the path we're on, you will get the reparations.
Hey, I wonder if all the kids getting killed in the womb, I wonder if they're going to get reparations.
Oh, no.
Well, they don't count.
So this is a sick plan, and we're right here in the middle of it, and the big think tanks of the CIA have cooked all of this up.
Now I'm going to go to break in this little no-man's-land five minutes that some stations don't carry.
I'm going to air a very important clip from the Congressional House Oversight Committee hearing confirming over $10 million of laundered money from the Chinese Communists given to the Biden family, and it's all hidden in plain view that our special guest
We'll be joining us coming up.
We've got the whole trans cult news as well that we're going to be hitting in great detail.
All of it here today.
Please share the links.
Infowars.com forward slash show and band up video.
Tell everybody on Twitter and everywhere else, Alex Jones is still on air.
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Where he's still on air?
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It's about to sell out.
First, what we're seeing here, what we're witnessing with the Biden family,
Frankly, it's just a web of concealment, of deception.
A lot of people would say corruption.
But let's be very clear.
You have this many companies involved, this velocity of transactions, size of transactions.
Like my colleagues have said, this is not how normal businesses operate.
I had the ability with Chairman Comer and other members of the committee to go over to the Treasury Building and review documents.
And having read those documents, one thing is became pretty crystal clear that there were many people who had serious questions about the transactions and about the velocity of these transactions.
And they either get very, very, very deep into concealment, hiding money, shifting money.
And for the purpose, we don't know, because one thing everybody in this room and the American people definitely know is that the Biden family doesn't really have a business.
There is no business structure around this family, except politics.
And since Joe Biden has spent decades in the Senate, served eight years as vice president, and is now president of the United States, and the family's getting money from various countries and foreign businesses through various shell companies and this web of LLCs.
I mean, guys, you in the press, this is easy pickings.
I'm giving you Pulitzer stuff here.
All you have to do is literally look at our memo and see the level of detail upon which they have created this.
And it's very, it's very, very frustrating.
We have now been able to clearly see that the Biden's associates, like Rob Walker, Eric Sherman has been discussed, created at least 16 companies while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.
16 companies created while he was vice president.
Now the list is 20 and as we continue our investigation, that list is growing.
And like I said before, the question is to serve what purpose?
And the purpose of all these companies being created is to conceal money that the Biden family has been gaining because Joe Biden has been sitting at the upper echelon of our politics for almost five decades.
That is the entire purpose here.
Here's an example of what I mean.
You have Rosemont Seneca Partners, Rosemont Seneca Advisors, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, RSP Holdings, RSTP2 Alpha, RSTP2 Bravo, Rosemont Seneca Thornton, Rosemont Seneca Bohai, I want to make sure I pronounce it right, Bohai, B-O-H-A-I.
And the list goes on and on.
Cycling through this many companies serves no legitimate purpose.
And as somebody who actually worked in banking, I did that long before I came here.
Whenever there was like this many companies just laying all over the place and you see wire transfers and cashier checks over here going to random members of the family for no apparent purpose at the size and velocity at which all of this was being conducted, the only logical conclusion of a financial professional is you are concealing money.
Let me restate this.
You are concealing money from either the IRS,
Or from credit agencies or from other people in general.
That's the only reason you set up a structure like this.
Some of these companies were connected to Hunter's personal professional company, Oswego, or skinny Atlas, scale Atlas, however you want to pronounce it.
And the list goes on and on.
And Mr. Biggs, he talked about Hudson West three and some of those other issues that were going on as well.
One thing I want to make sure is that all of this has happened and Joe Biden is aware
Nobody in this room can logically sit here and say that the President of the United States had no idea that these companies were being formed while he was Vice President of the United States.
And I will add to you, he was probably in better mental shape then than he is today.
You know, I'll throw that out there.
And so what this committee is going to continue to do is pursue this investigation.
We are going to continue to document, and we're going to provide that information to all of you in the press.
So to help you, and frankly, you know, like Congressman May said, and probably help the DLJ along with their investigation.
One quick note, it's interesting that the Department of Justice has been investigating Hunter Biden for quite some time, and we seem to just never really get anywhere.
All right, the full press conference is about 45 minutes long.
We're posting it at InfoWars.com under the live show feed.
Our special guest joins us on the other side, Scott Bennett.
This is going to be extremely informative.
And this information can save our republic.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Well, we have a real American patriot on with us in the next hour joining us now.
We're very honored to have him with us.
Army PSYOPS expert Fox News fired Carlson to maintain semi-lobotomized quasi-retarded population, Paul Joseph Watson wrote a week or so ago.
Former U.S.
Army psychological warfare officer says that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox because of the regime's agenda to maintain a uniform semi-lobotomized quasi-retarded population, close quote.
Remarks were made by U.S.
counterterrorism expert Scott Bennett, who is a hero,
You look at the Clintons and Obama and the Fast and Furious and the guns to Al Qaeda and ISIS and the money laundering and the Clinton Foundation.
We know about a lot of it because of Scott Bennett.
And just like they're trying to put me in prison and Roger Stone and Elon Musk and Donald Trump.
They put him in prison, but he was vindicated.
He's been vindicated.
I'm not going to go over his lengthy anti-terrorism background, but it is substantive.
I know he doesn't want to talk about his curricula vitae, but he should probably spend a few minutes about himself for folks that don't know who he is.
He's a U.S.
Army Special Operations Officer, 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs Psychological Operations Command, Global Psychological Warfare Counterterrorism Analyst.
It just goes on for hours.
And his website is shellgamewhistleblower.com, shellgamewhistleblower.com.
I'm going to try to give you the floor to go where you want with this, but obviously, Tucker Carlson is just a window into this larger real world.
You see the congressional hearings the last two months, where now they admit what we already experienced.
Hell, I watched the congressional hearings, Armed Services Committee of the House, saying I'm a Russian agent.
I've experienced the CIA.
I've experienced the PSYOPs.
Now there's other white hat groups that have really helped us, and we've broken a lot of information.
So the government's not the enemy.
Criminals have hijacked it at the top.
It's like if you're on a plane and a guy, you know, pulls out a bomb and puts the captain's uniform on.
That's not the captain.
So the airline and the pilots aren't our enemy.
He's tied up.
We got people that have hijacked the country.
So he can give us a window into Obama legalizing, what, 10 years ago,
Congressionally using domestic propaganda here.
Now you're seeing the full extent of that and then the Restrict Act saying they'll put us in jail and they're resurrecting the new Ministry of Truth run by U.S.
intelligence agencies pointed at the American people.
So what brought down Rome, what brought down Venezuela, what brought down Germany, having your intelligence agencies and your military against you has now happened.
It's called cultural, political, national cancer.
Is that right?
Can we unseat this coup without violence?
What do you think their next tricks are?
There's a million places to go with your expertise.
I hope you'll join us again soon.
An hour is not enough.
Maybe we can do a commercial-free podcast sometime for two hours, maybe fly you down here.
But congratulations on your work, sir, and being vindicated.
So, where would you like to start?
Well, let's start with the word of the Lord.
He says, when a man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.
And blessed be the Lord my strength who teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.
And I was just down in Texas, and I'll say, if all the republics of the world shall fall, Texas will be the last man standing.
And, uh, it's an honor to be on your show, Alex.
I just wanted to put that on there for white purposes.
Um, I was a Army Officer, Direct Commission, Psychological Operations because of my advanced degrees.
I was at the State Department Counterterrorism Office under General Del Daly, Joint Special Operations Command.
I worked in Joint Military Information Support Command, Crystal City.
We're good.
So Tucker and I sort of had some parallels.
He was growing up in La Jolla.
I grew up in Laguna Beach, California.
But I went out to Washington, D.C.
in 1998 to do the good fight.
And it was there that I sort of cut my teeth in government and think tanks and went into the military.
As a direct commission and I specialized in psychological warfare, counter-Islamic theory, CIA had picked up some papers of mine and I was known in the community and when I went into Booz Allen Hamilton and Special Operations Command, to make a long story short,
I started seeing the direct connection between Union Bank of Switzerland, the Clinton Foundation, a law firm called Covington & Burling, Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, a whole assortment of colorful clown characters from the Obama administration.
Uh, filed reports and I gave briefings and the next thing I know I'm arrested at the front gate and told I filled out my housing form improperly.
I thought it was a CIA test, but it wasn't.
It was a deep state reaction to the explosive suppositories that I seem to be inserting into their gullet.
And they threw me in jail for making a false statement on a housing form because they said I circled the wrong bubble.
But in reality, White Hats had been directing me and had said, Scott, you're going to be going in.
And it was to track a Swiss banker that a colleague of mine, Ed Snowden, had been tracking.
Ed and I were at Booz Allen together.
He was in Hawaii.
I was in Crystal City in the Pentagon.
But the Swiss banker was the key to 19,000 bank accounts, hundreds of millions of dollars that the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and a guy named Robert Wolf, chairman of UBS, were using in financing black operations from Syria to Libya to Ukraine to Iraq.
And that report came out in Shell Game and that's on the website.
People can can go there and see it.
Shell Game is a military whistleblowing report that was sent to Congress.
There's a chapter called Follow the Money and you see all of the congressmen and senators that received a copy of it.
Mike Pompeo, Jeff Sessions,
Among many, many others.
And absolutely nothing was done.
And I wrote it as a military officer who had been shanghaied by the Obama administration.
And Michael Isikoff and Tom Hamburger, two CIA journalists, came up and debriefed me.
I then had my family's homes broken into and their safes stolen.
So there, yes, there were some nefarious overlaps.
But we wrote the Shell Game Report.
We sent it out.
And what, to make another long story short, Alex, is my connection with UBS and Direct Intel in Hong Kong and elsewhere built up a dossier, which I gave to President Trump and many others.
I even, in fact,
I was at a conference in Dallas and I met Sidney Powell and Joe Flynn, and this is when General Flynn had just been incarcerated, and I said, you know the law firm your brother's using, Joe, is a terrorist financing law firm.
They're stabbing in the back.
He has to fire them.
And next thing you know, I told it to Sidney Powell too,
General Flynn fired Covington and Burling and hired Sidney Powell and Sidney Powell contacted me and asked for more information on Covington and then I wrote an amicus and she submitted a brief and the Justice Department dropped all charges because she said, I'm the new attorney and I want to know everything that's been said between Covington and Burling and the Department of Justice.
And they didn't want it to know that they had an incestuous relationship and that they had stabbed General Flynn in the back.
So that's why he's free.
That's why he's alive.
Because the Justice Department didn't want this connection known between their law firm that finances and is the legal cover for UBS, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Chinese Communist Party, all sorts of bad operations.
So that's just a General Flynn sideway.
But the UBS connection is extraordinarily significant because I was invited back to be part of Donald Trump's election analytics team where we looked at the election fraud, the documents, the algorithms, and I had special intel coming to me from a variety of sources I won't go into, but I put together a briefing that showed
How Union Bank of Switzerland entered into a contract with the Chinese Communist Party going back to 2009 that evolved from 2009 up until 2020 where UBS and the Chinese Communist Party created UBS LLC and then worked through Staple Street Capital to acquire Dominion, ES&S and Premier Voting Machines.
That was a direct national security threat to the United States.
It shows a foreign entity influencing our elections by purchasing the voting machines.
We know the algorithmic impregnation that occurred later.
But that's the Union Bank of Switzerland, Chinese Communist Party connection to Dominion, ES&S, and Premier.
That's all incredibly important and I want you to continue and then I want to look at the current landscape and the PsyOps.
I mean I've seen other former and current CIA, defense intelligence, other people on the air.
Last year an incredible series of reports on OAN where they explained that
Some of these guys actually developed these tactics that they said were too extreme and dangerous to even use on Muslims, and in the Middle East, and in Central Asia, but then they're using these incredibly dangerous systems here domestically, and we can see it everywhere.
Everything's a giant psy-op right now, and we'll get your view on how it's going for the globalists, where you think they're going to go, how we counter it, the collapsing border, kind of a 35,000 foot view of where the Republic is right now, because we really respect your view.
Well, the UBS and the connection of the election analytics I presented, this is significant too, Alex.
One of the documents I presented was AFL-CIO connection to senior executive service.
And they're planning on the January 6th event and all sorts of other nefarious activities.
So we gave a briefing ahead of January 6th and advised President Trump to engage military operations because they were going to try and overthrow the government.
And they did.
And so let's slow down.
Let's go back to the AFL-CIO, how they did it.
We know Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard.
Milley threatened to basically resign.
So this all historically happened.
And I know that you were the guy that they're warning him.
So let's flush that out.
Well, the AFL-CIO had prepared a document that they shared with 10 people across the nation, high-level legal minds, and this document described how they were planning on disruptive operations and they had connected with senior executive service and other parties, which to me is a seditious conspiracy and an act of treason for which they should be executed after due process of law, of course.
But this briefing was presented to Pat Byrne, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and an assortment of other people close to Trump.
And I emphatically advised and warned, this is a war.
This is a guerrilla operation.
This is asymmetric war.
They are engaging in the same tactics of burn, destroy that they've been doing in Wisconsin, burning down cities.
We need to engage them and call them domestic terrorists.
Well, for a variety of reasons it wasn't done the right way and the domestic terrorists came up on January 6th with Ukrainian operative thugs that they had used in the overthrow of Ukraine, the overthrow of Yanukovych back in 2014.
We know that, Biolabs and all the other things of Ukraine.
I was part of that documentary too.
But they came in and disrupted just January 6th as a psyop.
You're talking about psychological operations.
The psyop of January 6th was to
Traumatize the Congress in a sense into giving them justification to rush through the false fake president, Joe Biden, as a certification of the votes and to brand every Trump supporter, every Republican, every conservative as a domestic terrorist.
Which Biden then in June of 2021 officially made the main US directive
For counter-terrorism saying white supremacism is the number one threat, then defining white supremacism is not wanting lockdowns, not wanting forced shots, not wanting open borders, and anything else they deem as bad.
Now that is white supremacism, and now you've been labeled a terrorist, so they can then try to use the entire apparatus against you.
That's right and amplifying that is the mental degeneration from the COVID-19 vaccine that is lobotomizing everyone who gets it before they die.
A slow blood clot infertile death which we know is happening from the Senator Ron Johnson and other reports and I think there's
Anyone with a brain understands that.
Bioweapon, which I would argue has been originated in the Ukrainian operations, 46 biolabs, not just 11, 46 that the Russians... And remember how last year they denied that and said it was Russian disinfo?
Now Victoria Nuland testifies to Congress that indeed those are bioweapon labs.
Yes, they are, and they've been developing strains of pathogens and diseases that would be aerosolized and delivered against Russian-speaking populations in eastern Ukraine for the purposes of disintegrating the population centers and advancing
I'm not a Putin apologist at all, but I am a true speaker and a traditional family values conservative, and I see Russia was forced to go in and stop this
Bio lab war that we were initiating under NATO and the European Union and again Victoria Nuland John Kerry Barack Obama Joe Biden and another significant aspect of the Ukrainian situation Alex which you know well too is the biochemical labs were funded by Rosemont Seneca
MetaBiota, one of the organizations that was responsible for a lot of the experimentations as a government contractor, was previously called Global Viral Forecasting Institute.
And you've got Paul Pelosi Jr., you've got Christopher Hines, you've got Hunter Biden, you've got an association of these, you know, children of the greatest criminals this government's ever produced.
Uh, involved with the chemical bio labs in Ukraine, uh, that were creating things that one could argue were shipped back to Chapel Hill, which was one of the contractors on the intelligence documents.
Uh, then to Fort Detrick and then Wuhan and this whole shell game of moving things around occurred, but it really originated in the Ukrainian operation and that
That's why Joe Biden and his puppet handlers, I should say the Obama administration third term, Obama is really behind the curtain, is the little man with his Michael LaVaughn Robinson standing next to him.
Obama is the one pulling the strings of Joe Biden.
And the massive money laundering, the massive corruption, the massive child trafficking, the criminality in Ukraine is voluminous.
And, you know, another reason that they're engaging in this war.
And FTX, there's another card to play.
They're doing massive money laundering.
And I want to walk through all that, but give me your 35,000 foot view.
They admit they're trying to destabilize.
Klaus Schwab says you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing.
They are erasing the border.
They're flooding us with fentanyl.
They are brainwashing our children.
They're financing race war.
The globalists are launching this war with Russia.
While they, at the same time, attack America, which is hurting the dollar.
Obviously, I know they want to bring down civilization and then use that collapse as the saviors to come out on top.
But I don't actually see it even going well for them.
The whole world's starting to wake up.
People are turning against them, but they seem to only be doubling down.
Or, do you think the globalists are winning right now?
I think you're right that the American people are the leaders in so many ways of the world because of their strength of heart.
And I don't say that arrogantly, I don't say that with exceptionalism or any of the slogans, but the American people have been on the land that God put us on, and we're especially blessed.
And I think the best of the Americans, which I think largely are an audience of your show, ironically enough,
The best Americans, the smartest Americans, the toughest Americans, those Americans that cherish their God, their family, their land, have woken up.
They haven't let themselves be poisoned with this shot.
They're not letting their children be poisoned by the brainwashing of wokeism, rainbow flags, transgender surgery, which is really a form of child sacrifice.
We are rising up as separate entities, separate leaders, separate voices.
And that's going to carry the day, Alex, is for individual counties and towns and states to say, no, we're not accepting the jurisdiction of Joe Biden.
We're not accepting him as a president in our school district and our county supervisor.
And that's the good news.
People recognize he's not real.
It's the third emission of Obama.
Football teams, basketball teams.
College and NFL, everyone's refusing the visits.
The players are saying, we're not going.
And they try to order them to go, they won't go.
That's never happened before.
People recognize this isn't real.
That's been what has been required is this awakening, this transformation, this sense of loss.
You cannot get into a fight until you've had everything stripped of you, until you have been completely purged of the materialism, until you have been slapped awake out of your numb fuzzy intoxication from football games on the weekend to all sorts of leisure and intoxicants which
I totally agree with you.
He used to, I would get persecuted, and I didn't like it, but I fought through it.
I'm not a masochist, but now, I know that's something over the target, now I enjoy the pain.
And it's been quite the process, and I'm not trying to brag, I'm just saying it's the Holy Spirit, but now, I enjoy it, actually.
It's wild, and it's like a V for Vendetta, where V's putting her through that psychological operation, and he goes, alright, well you're not going to turn your friends in, I'm going to kill you.
She goes, kill me.
He opens the door and he says, you're free now.
I think that's the point a lot of people are getting to.
Is that what you're saying?
Yeah, they're waking up and they're finding their strength.
You know, the joy of the Lord is your strength.
We're to be joyful, happy warriors.
We don't submit to their rainbow flag woke-ism.
We don't submit to any of their tyranny.
We're not a racist country.
We're not a bigoted country.
All of that is propaganda and psyop.
So we're seeing states break up too.
I think you're going to see a reorganization of the national republic.
You're going to have some areas like New York and Chicago and elsewhere that are just going to disintegrate into the swamp of their own decadence and violence and stupidity and madness.
But then you've got great states and republics like Texas, like Florida, like the Midwest, who are, you know, people are leaving California and elsewhere to be a
And people need to be prepared for that.
And that's what makes an exciting time is in the end, you know, we rise up.
It is the V for Vendetta moment.
We're rising up with great strength and we're inoculated, to use that term loosely, against the lies of the deep state.
Now, I do anticipate they're going to accelerate their international conflicts to try and create the smoke and fire to cover their own domestic terrorist
I've seen polls that upwards of 80% of people below 25
Or pro-American Iran.
Same thing in Russia.
They're smart enough to know they've got leaders that they don't like, but they understand we're still the best house in a bad neighborhood.
Yeah, they do.
That's a good way of framing it.
And they have a love for America.
When I was in Iran, I saw smiles and joy.
I never had a sour look.
I never had any feeling of negativity.
And I was there with other former government officials.
You know, I won't go into names.
Scott, stay there.
We got to go to break.
You got so much to share with us today.
Incredible guest.
Got to get him back on again soon.
Find his website at shellgamewhistleblower.com and his book.
This is really down the rabbit hole, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
What happens when the curtain is pulled back?
If you think things are bad now, we've just begun to pull the curtain back.
I'd say it's back 20%.
What are we going to see once it's fully down?
I don't see the globalists surviving this, but how do we not let them take us down with them?
I'm Scott Bennett, former Army Psychological Operations Officer and a real patriot who's giving us incredible analysis.
We're going to get his take here in just a moment, but here's a metaphor and an allegory of what we're dealing with.
Please, sir!
We've done what you told us!
We brought you the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West!
We melted her!
Oh, you liquidated her, eh?
Very resourceful.
Yes, sir.
So we'd like you to keep your promise to us, if you please, sir.
Not so fast!
Not so fast!
I'll have to give the matter a little thought.
Go away and come back tomorrow.
Oh, but I want to go home now!
You've had plenty of time already.
Do not arouse the wrath of the great and powerful Oz!
I said come back tomorrow!
If you are really great and powerful, you keep your promises!
Do you presume to criticize the great Oz?
You ungrateful creatures!
Think yourselves lucky that I'm giving you audience tomorrow instead of twenty years from now!
Two days ago at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting that Bill Gates was at with Warren Buffett, one of the major shareholders got up and exposed them and Jeffrey Epstein their whole evil plan.
They had him arrested!
But that's not a sign of their strength.
That's a sign of their weakness.
So the curtain's being pulled back.
What are we really going to find on the other side?
It's already so horrible.
And how do we peacefully stop these people?
I'm going to shut up and give Scott Bennett the floor here.
Scott, please continue.
Well, you know, previously you'd asked about Tucker Carlson, Alex, and I had the good pleasure of meeting Tucker Carlson at the San Francisco studio he came out to broadcast at, and I would do broadcast from the studio too.
So it was Tucker, myself, his makeup girl, and a friend of his wife's, and I gave him a copy of my book, Shell Game, and I said, Tucker, you know, be careful with this because CIA and all sorts of operations have come against me.
But I told him my credentials and background,
And Tucker looked at it and he read through it and he thumbed it and he goes, huh, okay, okay.
You know, it is Tucker way.
And we talked for a little while about everything that happened to me and the 35,000 foot view of what was really going on with the Obama administration and Biden and
And people really need to know that prayer is the most powerful weapon in the universe.
So I want to encourage people to pray for you personally, Alex, to pray for your people and your staff and your channel.
Pray for me.
We are rising to serve our country, to serve out of loyalty and love to our Constitution, our family, our liberties.
We are rising up and sacrificing for a greater good because our Heavenly Father is calling us to this fight.
And this is also a fight that's intergenerational.
When you played that clip of Dorothy and Toto, the thought came to me, one of the most powerful things that can happen, that can set the deep state in their minions, their priests of wokeism and transgenderism and every evil thing and school boards and such, the most powerful PSYOP is for a young boy or girl between 12 and 14,
15 to go in even younger than that if they're skilled to go in and speak and say my name is Betsy Sue and I do not want to become a boy.
I do not want to cut my breasts off.
My name is Johnny and I don't want to cut my penis off and become a girl.
And I'm offended that you're trying to push this down my throat.
I'm offended when I see books about little boys being raped by men in the shower.
I'm offended and disgusted by you.
And God says, vengeance is mine.
I shall repay.
God says it is better for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and cast into the farthest parts of the sea.
For a child to stand up, maybe that's a child shall lead them, for a child to stand up and roar, the righteous are as bold as a lion, for them to stand up and make these declarations to serve them notice, as part of the legal documentation I always train people in, serve them notice that they are doing evil and will be punished eternally for it, as well as in this terrestrial plane, as America rises up and reclaims our
Our states and our federal government and our agencies.
This is the way to make them fall backwards.
This is the way to make school boards run in terror for the evil they're doing is by little people, small people, young children going to the podiums and declaring with righteous boldness with the strength of Samson that they just won't tolerate this brainwashing being pushed into their schools
For a woke agenda of these old people over 40 or 50 that have never been married, that don't know what a man or a woman is, some purple haired multiple pierced rainbow flag worshipping lunatic from San Francisco that happens to move into a school and corrupt a school board in Texas or Idaho.
Of course, I don't think Texas allows them.
This is the way to fight back is by going into your counties, going into your school boards with groups of people.
We've got an entity on our website
GlobalFreedomTV.com called the Constitutional Law Enforcement Committee.
This is a committee people can form.
It's like the Committees of Safety, but it's about going and saying, we are not allowing anything that violates the Constitution in our county, in our school boards, and we will sue you civilly and criminally for corrupting a minor.
You're teaching religion when you teach transgenderism.
And the Constitution says you will not establish and teach a religion.
And now they even have New York Times articles admitting transgenderism and the fake environmental movement is the new leftist state religion.
And that's right.
And look, Texas is okay compared to some states, but Austin's totally captured.
It's just as bad.
They parade the elementary students around at the LGBT events.
It's all happening.
But what you said about Tucker is absolutely true.
I'm not going to get into inside baseball, but he was never anti-Christian.
He's talked about this.
He was Episcopalian.
He wasn't sure about it all.
But he really knows good and evil now.
He's had an experience.
And experiences and knows the truth.
And that's why they really came after him.
He was enlightening Americans.
He was coming from a moderate position, a curious position, an intellectual position.
He had been at Heritage.
Heritage is a wonderful think tank.
I was there.
It teaches you the conservative encyclopedia of reading from Sowell to Burke to Eliot to all sorts of other authors.
And Tucker was a rational thinker, an academic, an intellectual who was testing and hypothesizing and theorizing.
He had brilliant people from Jordan Peterson to, you know, a variety of other authors and speakers who were happy warriors of truth.
And we've got to go to break, but what you say is so key here.
That it's a process of realizing there really is good and evil, and the system doesn't want us to be able to differentiate that.
And you get back to local government.
You're a former military officer, psyops expert, and you're explaining it's the people, it's what the feds are scared of, it's what Obama's third term tried to, you know, sick the FBI.
People at school board meetings.
Because this is our country.
This is our nation.
And if we simply occupy it peacefully and say no to them, they can't win.
But they want to bully us and intimidate us to bow to them as if they're the moral authority.
They're not the moral authority.
You're right.
And serving them notice, the most powerful thing someone can say is, be advised, you're hereby served legal notice.
You're violating my rights under 18 U.S.
Code 241 and 242, deprivation of rights under color of law, and conspiracy to deprive me of my rights.
You can be criminally charged and thrown in jail for 5 years, 10 years.
I'm also warning you and serving you notice of 42 U.S.
Code 1983, 84, and 85 civil rights violations.
I'm giving you notice now, Mr. Police Officer, Mr. Government Official, Mr. FBI, and I will sue you personally and your agency and your field office for violating my rights.
Scott Bennett, stay with us.
All right, stay there.
All right.
When I was on air 29 years ago, almost nobody knew about the New World War and the globalists, maybe 1%.
Now it's half the public.
People know what's happening.
It's all over the world.
Tucker Carlson is a perfect microcosm of all this.
How the media spins everything.
He goes, I'm going to Twitter.
And they spin it and say, oh, you don't have a deal with Elon Musk?
Well, Elon Musk has Section 230.
He doesn't want to run his own programs.
By Musk opening up Twitter, it is where Tucker can go.
So he's doing it with Twitter because of that.
They're going to go, well, it's out of your house.
Yeah, with 25 million views per video instead of 5 million on Fox.
They try to spin it like, oh, it's not at the establishment studio.
It's not important.
It's just crazy how they try to sign up this whole thing.
And I'm really concerned for Tucker.
I'm concerned for safety because he's really, really broken out as one of the main anti globalists in the world.
Scott Bennett, getting back to you with your incredible background as an army officer in special operations, psychological warfare, seeing all the issues against the American people.
What are you concerned the globalists have up their sleeve, what they're going to pull?
I'm worried about false flags.
They're trying to start a race war.
Now the globalists are coming for Biden to get rid of him, to bring in their next puppet.
Obviously, like you said, they want to start a bigger war as a distraction.
They're talking about war with China, who I'm obviously not a big fan of.
But I mean, it seems like the globalists really
I don't think so.
Well, I don't have any fear from Iran or Russia engaging in a military operation against us.
They know we're in a civil war.
I say this all the time when I'm on Russian TV.
And they have a love and a respect for America.
Many of them studied in America.
So, we put a lot of our interviews that I do on Russian TV to give people a flavor of that.
I am concerned that you're right.
The globalists are in desperation.
Prayer is changing things and we're rising up.
And remember this, the left, the transgender, the rainbow flag, as much as we pray for the salvation of souls,
Some of these people are going to go homicidal, lunatic, mad dog crazy, and they're all into their demonic agenda.
So there are portions of the population that are going to even become more zombified, violent, subhuman, if you will.
What I see happening on a political, pragmatic level is the bringing in of Gavin Newsom in to replace Kamala Harris.
Either they'll get rid of her one way or another.
They'll move Gavin Newsom into the vice presidency.
Then they will either kill or take out Joe Biden and slip Gavin Newsom in ahead of 2024.
And then they'll try and suspend the elections and say, you know, we're suspending it because
Some Trump supporter, you know, person is engaged in domestic terrorism.
I think they're going to bring in Gavin Newsom and that's their plan.
They've been doing false flag shootings.
Nashville was a false flag shooting.
You put up that picture of the shooter with two different pairs of tennis shoes.
I think they're amplifying, trying desperately to do false flag shootings, to try and trigger a Second Amendment disarming of America.
But as you know, Americans aren't going to fall for that.
They're never going to surrender their right to keep and bear arms.
That's just a confirmation.
We've got lunatics running around killing everybody.
We know we're not doing that.
We do that for defense.
Just like this guy used a truck to kill a bunch of people in Brownsville.
We don't give our trucks up because he used a truck bad.
Yeah, yeah.
So they're going to be increasingly desperate and violent and crazy and, you know, we have to break it down to the small county town levels.
Your sheriff is the most important law enforcement officer.
Your sheriff should be saying not a single FBI agent, not a single DEA agent,
Or any ATF agent shall be coming into my county to do anything to my citizens without a warrant, a wet ink warrant, and asking permission.
That's how we take the country back is through small sheriffs, small local groups,
Define this tyranny.
And I would also say the border is going to be overrun by 700,000 to a million people.
The border states need to declare not a single bus, not a single plane will be transferred across Texas lines or Arizona lines or New Mexico lines.
We will stop the bus, stop the plane, arrest the bus driver for violating 1382, illegal entry of an alien into the United States.
These border states need to shut down this entire invasion that the federal government is trying to facilitate.
I was about to say, I've talked to super high-level federal officials just in the last three weeks, and they were explaining that they will have people smuggling a busload of people who are convicted pedophiles.
They gave me examples.
And the Justice Department will not allow them to charge them with human smuggling.
They'll say, too much for illegal entry.
And then they let the person out.
I mean, it's just, it's total criminal activity.
Total enablement.
They need to break it down and arrest them on a small level.
Texas needs to arrest them.
Arizona needs to arrest them.
Forget the federal government.
Forget the federal law enforcement.
There is no law enforcement.
There is no justice.
There is no respectable FBI or court system anymore.
Look at what they've done to Donald Trump.
This is a confirmation that the country has gone rogue.
We've had a communist takeover, a coup d'etat on January 6th.
And we've been in a train wreck ever since.
And this flooding of the border, the invasion of military aged men from Central America, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, all these areas are really the dregs of the society of those areas.
They're bringing in the dregs.
Across into America and you will see an explosion of crimes and horrors that unlike any other time in the history for that reason every veteran group every National Guardsman every Civil Air Patrol devil dog see cadet every militant component of a state's authorities need to be mobilized to defend against this and say in a sense to hell with what the federal government says or does and
We are defending the land of Texas.
Texas borders will not be violated by a single invader and we are not giving jurisdiction to the CIA or the FBI or the ATF or the Border Patrol to do anything.
This is Texas land.
And we're stopping it right here and now.
That's what needs to happen.
We can't allow this kind of invasion because they're going to go up into every other state.
They're going to go to Idaho, go to Vermont, go to North Dakota, go to Ohio, go to Missouri.
That was my next question.
Biden and Obama wanted to break the border and said surge it when he got elected or stole the election, but they've broken it too good.
This is even out of control for them.
I mean, the flood they created is absolutely waking people up.
Well, you create a buffer zone, you electrify the fences, you send the military down there, you shut it down like it was an invasion.
And then people know to stop coming instead of saying, come!
And you go down into South America, into Central America with special operations teams and you disrupt the flow, you disrupt the parades, you disrupt their vehicles by all means necessary.
We had the Guatemalan president last week trying to get a hold of Biden.
He wouldn't even talk to him.
And then Kamala Harris is on the job.
She's going to run the AI task force.
Give me a break.
Telling her this was happening.
And of course they don't take the call because they're behind it.
Uh, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, these states need to be also volunteers from other states need to come down as special operations Sicario deans, if you will, and disrupt the invasion from the origin sources.
So, they need to be going down and flanking these parades.
And cutting off the U.N.
government and the State Department funds UNICEF to do this.
The U.S.
Yes, and a variety of other non-profits are involved in this, and it's an act of treason.
Again, you have to take control on your state level.
If you had real manly leaders as governors in these states, they would say to their sheriffs, not a single bus or plane crosses Texas territory.
I want the buses arrested, shut down, take everybody off, load them on a boat, and send them somewhere else, but not into Texas.
And we don't care what the federal government says.
You know, in a sense, in a way, we have to declare independence from the acts of treason and tyranny the federal government is doing under the perversion of the Refugee Resettlement Act.
Refugees are the Vietnamese that escape their torture and death under Vietnam.
Refugees are not people coming from Central and South America looking for a job.
That has been corrupted and perverted.
It is not covered under the refugee resettlement law.
It has been completely perverted.
And that is one of the legal justifications.
All right, Scott.
Scott, we got to go to break.
Do one more segment with us.
I want to hear your message to people in the system, what they can do, because we know it's hijacked at the top of the system.
There's still a lot of good people.
I want to talk to you about that.
Your book, again, can be found at shellgamewhistleblower.com, by the same title, shellgamewhistleblower.com.
Don't forget, folks, we're listener-supported, selling books, films, t-shirts, high-quality supplements, X3 back in stock.
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All right, our guest is amazing.
He's staying with us for another 15 minutes.
Some stations don't carry this first five, so I wanted to answer that big question about his message to people in the establishment that don't want to be part of this destruction but don't know what to do.
He's one of those guys that went public, went through a lot, has been vindicated.
We'll talk about that coming up in about six minutes.
What do you think?
I mean, we know about the deep state and the U.N.
replacement migration says they're doing this, but you see the Democrats having to live in the blue cities they've created.
They're wrecked.
They're wrecking everything.
And I just don't see, I kind of ask you to answer the question now, we continue next segment.
Why is the establishment thinking, Scott, that they're going to be insulated from what they're doing?
Tyrants do that throughout history all the time, but they always get consumed by the crises they create.
There is a certain bureaucratic mindset that afflicts the two-dimensional.
They don't have any creative adaptability or flexibility.
They don't imagine.
They just, you know, hammer away at their mundane existence and jobs and their mundane minds.
So there is a softness and a cauterization that has occurred in their mental processing.
They don't think about these things.
They're cowardly.
They're fearful.
They're weak, ultimately.
That's what defines a lot of people in the bureaucratic circles.
They care about their chunk of cheese and their retirement.
But the globalists on top of them are a lot smarter.
How do they think they're going to be insulated from this?
They're hoping people are going to die off, Alex.
They're hoping for all sorts of COVID-19 related mass deaths, mass lobotomizations, mass deterioration of the physical body of humanity.
Look at what we have allowed to happen with giving people this COVID-19 vaccine on the military level and the government level.
Everybody who got that vaccine, sadly, and I've met Mikovits and a lot of other doctors and scientists,
Everybody that got that shot, I'm convinced, sadly, is going to demise very, very quickly and possibly with a mental fog.
This is what the vaccine does.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a bioweapon.
Let's call it that.
I keep having to get corrected.
It's a biochemical weapon designed to
Crush and destroy the DNA of human beings and everyone who got it, if it wasn't a placebo, sadly is going to have to process through that.
That's I think the motivation of why they're trying to rush this through.
Look at Europe.
They have forcibly jabbed people with this bioweapon.
They are forcing people in Europe to eat bugs.
Exactly, it's build back better.
They say they've got to destroy this world before they build their utopia, but all they're building is hell on earth.
They are.
It is hell on earth.
And that's the difference.
We recognize it.
We smell the death.
We sense the evil behind their animated lies and demonic smiles.
And it's causing us to retract and pull back and say, no, we're going to create our own communities, our own tribes, our own
Why can't the United States do that?
Why can't states do that?
And all of the other dysfunctions that follow the homosexual, transgender, surgical alteration, we're creating a generation of madness.
And I've said this before too, we are suffering this curse, this affliction, because of the bloodshed and chaos and violence that we've unleashed upon the world for the past 20 years, starting with 9-11.
So Bush and Cheney and these other traitors and Obama and Biden that launched us into this military juggernaut since 2001 onward, we're now reaping the benefit of that curse, or I should say the horrors of that curse.
And that is the spiritual moment where people need to, as God says, if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and praise, I will heal their land.
We have to pray for a healing of our land.
We have to also stand up.
Stay there, sir.
Back in 60 seconds.
On target.
Scott Bennett.
All right, we're now into hour number three.
Our guest leaves us here in about 10 minutes.
I'm going to cover all this other insane news I've not hit yet.
At your discretion, we'll be advised.
Our team's now in El Paso with Michael Yeun.
They'll be reporting throughout the War Room today live from the collapse of the border that's already happened, but will accelerate tonight when Title 42 expires at midnight.
Scott Bennett was commissioned into the U.S.
Army as an officer, special operations, 11 psychological operations, Italian, I'll go over his whole background.
Shellgame, whistleblower.com, he's got a very important book that's a report to Congress you should get.
In the time we have left, that message to the minions that are just going along with the system out of fear of losing their job versus the globalists that are in control, 99 plus percent of people are going to be destroyed by this new world order depopulation program.
Go back to Carnegie Endowment after World War I. They said the way to have peace is to have tyranny, trigger wars beforehand, depopulate.
So that decision by the ultra-rich has been made.
They don't like looking at masses of humanity.
But the rest of us going along with it is purely satanic agenda.
This is their program.
It's suicidal.
Plus, we're designed to stand up.
And build communities of humanity.
It makes us feel good.
It's who we are.
So for all the people that have been asleep or serving evil, you're not empowered because you're not being a good person.
And I think there's always time, except for certain really evil individuals, to turn back.
I think that's the story of, and the truth of Christ on the cross, where one person repented and the other didn't.
Or look at Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus.
Directly addressing those in the system.
You already addressed those fighting it, and it was great advice, but for people out there that have gone down this road of evil so long now, it's so clear that true wickedness runs our government and other major governments.
What is your message to them?
Well, behold, I am the Lord who heals.
Let thy light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
We can all cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ to come into our hearts and heal us.
And our past sins are all forgiven and forgotten and our future sins as well under the blood of Christ.
So even if you are a diabolical devil minion doing all sorts of evil and corruption and abortions and all sorts of bad things, whatever it is,
Christ heals.
Christ calls us.
The thief on the cross had the moment and God said, today you'll be with me in paradise.
So Christ is our source and our healing and our support and he is taking away from us, Alex, the idolatry which America has worshipped
For 20, 30, 40, 50 years.
And that idolatry is being peeled away from us and we're rediscovering the manna in the desert, our complete dependence on God.
And I think that's the real awakening.
He's unleashing this in America and other parts of the world too.
So, my message to those who are part of the evil cabal or the demon crats and such, cry out to God.
He will heal you.
If he knocks, open it.
Behold, I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No man cometh to the Father but by me.
There's one name under heaven by which man can be saved.
And the most important words, Alex, that people can say?
When you go into a supervisor's meeting, when you go into a school board meeting, and you go to that podium and speak, or your little child goes, you say, I am an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ.
He says, be my ambassadors.
He is in my heart.
And I'm telling you right now that any evil, any corruption, any of this perversion that you try and advance, you will be held to account.
You will hear the words, depart from me ye who do iniquity.
I never knew you.
So be the ambassador.
Be bold.
Now is the time to be bold because you're right.
They try and intimidate.
They try and bully.
They try and threaten.
They try and say, well, we're the FBI or we'll come after you.
You have no power except what my Heavenly Father gives you, Christ said.
The federal government, these federal agencies are falling apart.
I'll say this, this border invasion is the one moment where these states have to bind together and say, no, we are not going to allow an invasion into the United States that will only get worse and worse and worse and completely corrupt our body politic into a cancer.
And we've been saying it's only going to get worse when Obama accelerated it, Trump stopped it, now it exploded.
I mean, if we think a million on the border right now about to come in is bad, the numbers are, the UN estimates they want to bring 680 million people here.
And there is the end of the United States.
This is the one time and juncture that the states need to defy this fake Biden presidency and these lunatics in Washington and say, no, we are not allowing one bus, one train, one plane, one car, one caravan, one donkey to come into Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona.
We're cutting it off and we're asking all the other states to send their people down
And we know, we know in the 80s they came to Reagan, who overall was a good guy, he got misled some and presented him a martial law plan under a collapsed border.
He said no, but they are definitely resurrecting Rex 84.
Yes, yes.
Reagan was wrong in that original amnesty that they've done, but this is a world-changing event, Alex.
You said it well.
They're going to flood this country with every third world population person so that there is no United States of America.
You have an escape from New York
You know, District 9 garbage heap, and you think little girls being snatched off the street while they're on their little scooters wearing pink dresses is not going to happen?
You have another thing coming.
These cartels are going to transition their economies into human trafficking, sex trafficking, and they're going to target the little girls in your neighborhoods and your little boys very quickly.
This is going to turn into a nightmare.
No, I don't.
That's when the Second Amendment comes in.
That's when hunter-posse groups come in.
That's where men and women rise up and say, not in our community, not in our town, not on our street, not in our court.
And by the way, the only safe places in Mexico is where the farmers have illegally gotten guns and started doing that.
You have to meet this enemy as an enemy.
It is a foreign invading force of demoniacs, MS-13 lunatics with faces covered in tattoos.
Yeah, you can say they were trained by CIA in the early days, but they are now invading the United States and it needs to be stopped by all means necessary.
And we are in a civil war.
We're in a revolutionary war.
We've been in a civil war, revolutionary war since this fake president was pushed in by the PSYOP of January 6th.
I saw all the documentation.
I was right there in the middle of it.
And their agenda is to destroy this country, destroy the patriots, destroy those Trump-supporting patriots.
And again, how does the average
How do they get these people to do something so evil against their own family?
How do they think what they're doing isn't going to affect them?
Like you said, it's two-dimensional thinking.
Yeah, a lot of the FBI and these agencies and these police have never been in the military.
They've never sworn an oath as the military officers or military enlisted.
The difference between a military person and the police or FBI and such, we've sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.
That oath does not go away.
Whether we're retired, whether you're from Vietnam or Korea or Iraq or anywhere else, this massive pool of veterans between 30 and 90, this is the army of the United States that needs to step in and defend our country, defend our children, defend our families, defend our borders.
We need to rise up because the ATF, FBI, and these other federal agencies
No, that's right.
America is a failed state now.
We need a new Declaration of Independence, a coalition of states to reconvene and create a new federal government.
This current one is totally occupied.
Very impressive.
Scott Bennett, join us again very soon.
People should get your book there.
Thank you so much and God bless you.
And I hope to have you in the studio soon.
God bless you, Alex.
Happy to, anytime.
A lot of breaking news, a ton of stuff coming up.
Thank you.
Just stay with us.
That was an amazing interview.
We're going to post it to Bandai Video.
Please share it.
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There are plenty of proven technologies in permaculture and biodynamics that will naturally keep the soil rich with iodine.
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One of my journalist sources, who's proven to be extremely accurate, started calling me desperately yesterday morning.
We're good.
Using operatives where they'll kidnap their mother or their son or their daughter and say, if you don't run people over, if you don't go shoot people, we're going to kill your sister, your daughter, your mother, your father.
Originally, when the report came from an insider that was actually in the room, as they say, but at the compound.
Where an unprecedented meeting took place where the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel got together.
Why is it unprecedented?
Well, rival cartels don't typically get together to plan events.
They're against each other.
They're killing each other.
Hours later, what the source told us was imminent happened.
The source started calling our other source Friday night.
He didn't talk to him until 10.30 in the morning.
He checked his phone record.
This happened, what, 1.30, 2 p.m.
in the afternoon.
So that's powerful.
The border is not open.
We can't treat people like criminals when they're crossing the border.
Biden said there's no crisis at the border for two and a half years.
He said surge the border, out-of-control crime, out-of-control murder.
Now as the border completely collapses and up to 80,000 people are set to come across on Thursday when Title 42 expires in El Paso alone, suddenly, oh my gosh, it's a giant crisis.
This is a manufactured crisis and a crisis that manufactured by the Trump administration.
Manufactures crises.
And the fact is, President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis.
We are clear-eyed about the challenges we are likely to face in the days and weeks ahead, which have the potential to be very difficult.
We are taking this approach within the constraints of a broken immigration system that Congress has not fixed for more than two decades.
And without the resources we need, personnel, facilities, transportation, and others that we have requested of Congress and that we were not given.
Recently, the Democrats gathered on the Hill to oppose a measure condemning voting in U.S.
elections by illegal immigrants.
As part of the H.R.
1 election proposal, rejecting the Republican portion, allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote, devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of the United States citizens.
Instead, opting to support illegal voting currently underway in local elections.
And here's how it's going to work.
They activate the cartels that do this stuff every few minutes in Mexico, every few hours.
They rule by terror.
They start shooting people, bombing people, running people over through their operatives.
And then Biden comes and says, oh, my gosh, we've got to take the Second Amendment and I will secure the border and I'll bring in a new title.
Second Amendment is not absolute.
Well, the tree of liberty is not water in the blood of patriots.
What's happened is if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15.
You need something a little more than a gun.
No, I'm not joking.
Think about this.
Think about the rationale we use.
That's used to provide this.
And who are they shooting at?
Shooting at these guys behind me.
No amendment to the Constitution is absolute.
I think this presents us with some significant opportunities to make some real changes.
And now's the time when things are shifting.
There's going to be a new world order out there.
Drug cartels on the surface are angry because of Title 42 gets lifted.
They want to have people being deported all the time so they can make money five, six, seven, eight, nine times off of them.
And I'm being told that this is nothing.
There's going to be a massive wave.
There's going to be no doubt about the pressure for Joe Biden.
Now, this is a total twofold effort.
They're going to try to also never let a good crisis go to waste.
I mean, folks, this goes on in Mexico all the time.
The cartels will order, say, take Cancun is controlled by the government, the military.
One of the few zones that's somewhat safe.
And they don't pay enough protection money.
You'll see dozens of robberies, murders a day, bombing shootings.
The other cartels, that's what they do.
And here, in America, if you've got millions of people coming across the European on average, $10,000, $15,000, the lowest is $7,000 according to congressional testimony, and I agree with that analysis, that's billions.
And so all hell is breaking loose, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, full report at Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
And the viewers are doing a great job taking these clips and posting them everywhere.
You are really kicking ass.
I see it all over the place.
Let's intensify our efforts.
You can see how real this is.
We've still got some time to the break, but here's what I want to do.
I want to hit the AI news that's really important.
I want to hit the electric car news that's key.
Got some amazing Klaus Schwab clips.
Big Tucker Carlson news.
More on Biden's disinformation office they've relaunched that makes it criminal.
They say you're not truthful.
Gotta love that.
One of the biggest liar's plans ever seen.
But viewer discretion is advised when we come back.
And I actually have surgical videos, but we're not going to show those.
Of them chopping little girls' breasts off.
Chopping little boys' testicles off.
But they also chop parts of their arms off.
And again, this is beyond a Clive Barker novel or a horror movie like Hellraiser.
That's a movie.
This is really happening with the establishment up there saying, we're the medical system, this is good.
So, we're going to show you what's going on, what they're teaching the kids to do, and they're taking children from parents all over the world now, including the U.S., and literally, we'll wait till you see it.
It's too much to watch the videos.
Okay, I'm chopping the penises up and cutting the uteruses out and cutting the breast off.
But I'll show you photos, okay?
And I'll give you the medical background on that type of surgery, particularly coming up.
Please remember, the only way this hardcore news and information gets out is you.
You're the ambassador of the information.
You're everything.
You're the Paul Revere.
We can stop these people.
We've got a good chance of doing it, but it's going to get worse before it gets better.
And we hit a point of no return at some point, so we're not there yet.
But man, we've got to be praying, we've got to be active, and you've got to support the broadcasts, share the articles, videos, like you're doing.
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Thank you for your support and thank you for your prayer and your word of mouth.
You are victory.
You are literally the front line.
You are the hedge.
All right, we shall return with nightmares upon nightmares so we can expose it and so we can stop it.
Stay with us.
The major corporations, the big banks, the media, they're all trying to sexualize our children.
It's on record to screw them up and form a relationship with the system and the medical system.
And there's major studies out on suicide, death, highest rates of people in government studies.
So these aren't people being abused because they're transgender by all the mean people who are trying to reject this attack.
This is
Being done by the system.
Now look at this doll.
This doll's being pushed all across North America and in Europe.
Many other dolls like it.
Little girls with penises.
To confuse children.
And to sexualize children so they become interested in what that is.
This is the whole pedophile system.
Phalloplasty was invented in 1936.
It first performed in 1946 in Russia.
In a man that had his genitals blown off.
And it doesn't work.
It creates a mess.
It almost always rots and falls off.
It doesn't have any real feeling in it.
The nerves are all dead.
How do they do it?
Here it is.
This is being done to tens of thousands of girls a year in the United States that quote, want a penis.
They cut off the forearm skin and tissue.
This is a girl's forearm.
Her muscles have been framed to create a fake
Phallus that doesn't function.
So they take the skin and the muscles down to the bone.
They will take and make her a fake urethra.
She'll probably be incontinent.
She will certainly never function like a man and her muscles won't grow back.
Google phalloplasty or phalloplasty.
There's videos that are being done.
I'm not going to show it to you.
This is what they call care for young, mentally ill individuals.
Cutting off their arm and their tissue to make them a penis.
Legalizing horrible mutilation.
Here's a young woman that's had her breast cut off.
This is right out of Hellraiser.
You take a closer look at the young girl, you notice a lot of cutting marks from self-harm.
This is a sign of severe mental illness, and don't worry, the state's more than happy to complete that for her.
This is the fake penis, where they cut off the muscles of the tissue.
They then form it.
In almost all cases, it rots off and causes infections.
It has to be surgically removed within a year on average.
They are taking thigh tissue to make the penis.
This is the total psychotic government that we have.
Washington Democrat Governor Inslee signs controversial bill allowing government to take away minors from parents and not tell them where they are and cut their breasts and uteruses off and cut parts of their arms off.
Republicans demand answers after suicides in NIH Transgender Study.
And it goes into the high level of suicide with people in the government's study.
They're literally killing people.
They want to euthanize you, this is as close as they can get.
But now all over the western world they're saying that they are going to, they're not saying it, they're saying, hey, we're going to have state push you to commit suicide, and the state's your guardian when you're mentally ill, we decide to kill you and say you agreed to it.
A child or a mentally ill person is out of the age of consent.
Texas AG to investigate a hospital that provides irreversible gender transition to minors cutting their penises and breasts off.
This is psychotic.
This is a cult.
Look at this transgender woman right here.
Trans woman is cleared of flashing her penis at three moms using Ohio.
YMCA judge said she's too fat, he's too fat, for his genitals to be seen.
This is all just pervert planet.
Ladies and gentlemen, trans Starbucks barista screams at customer for misgendering him.
Assaults man filming the outburst.
And it goes on and on.
Meanwhile, coming after your children, Chelsea Clinton is working with the WHO and the Gates Foundation to have the largest child immunization effort ever in the next year and a half.
He's also pushing genderqueer to be in all elementary and middle schools that teaches children to go with adults that want to have sex with you and have sex with them in the shower or in the back of their car or in a shed.
So they're priming children to be kidnapped, in many cases murdered.
You're like, this makes no sense.
These people are a psychotic demon cult in control.
Of course it makes sense.
That's who they are.
And it just goes on and on.
They're also giving us the poison shots.
Here's Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation coming for your children with poison shots.
I do think, though, you know, when you ask about the role of public-private partnerships kind of after the last few years, I think we spend so much time, understandably, focused on the mRNA vaccines and technologies.
I spend a lot of time thinking about the really
Unfortunate to try to use a not too judgmental word kind of rise in not only kind of vaccine hesitancy and questioning but outright kind of rejection of vaccines and of kind of science and the scientific kind of process and also too often on our scientists, our epidemiologists, our frontline health care workers.
And so I do think we need to have a much more robust
Because I think we are less prepared today than we were arguably in January of 2020, partly because of the kind of lack of trust and confidence in not only our scientists, but in science itself, and certainly in the public health professionals.
And so I think we need to pause.
Because you block the therapeutics and lie to everybody and release the virus and then poison everybody and they admit the shot doesn't work but it makes you sick or kills you?
Lack of faith in our science!
Our science!
Our science!
Are just buzzwords!
Oh you're in a worse position!
Yeah because we know you're a bunch of mass murdering pedophiles!
Continue with this monster!
Certainly in the public health professionals and so I think we need kind of the public sector to hopefully stop doing things like stripping away public health emergency powers from state public health agencies
Oh, we don't want to strip emergency powers from her wanting to put something in your kids.
It's all about rape of children, rape of the future.
That's satanism.
Continue with this satanist.
Help candidly, like, do a better job of helping explain kind of the science that you are already commercializing and bringing to market, but also what you're working on.
Commercialize and they force it out.
In the broader conversation, not be uncomfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty.
Pause again.
It's well known that child molesters will use a woman to trick kids to get in the van.
And that's all she is.
That's why they put all these women in charge as the spokespersons, because we epigenetically don't see a woman as threatening like a man.
And that's all she is, is luring you into the truck.
Luring you into the van.
Not be uncomfortable with the discomfort of uncertainty.
And so I do think we need really good ideas for how best to do that because we all deserve to hopefully not be as unprepared as I worry we are at the moment.
And the last thing I'll say is a new effort that we're a part of is the new initiative launched by the World Health Organization last week to try to catch kids up on their routine immunizations.
In 2021 alone, more than 25 million kids under the age of one missed at least one
Routine immunization and so we're working with WHO and the Gates Foundation and others to hopefully have the largest kind of childhood immunization effort ever over the next 18 months to catch as many kids up.
Did you hear Webster Hubble's daughter?
Because no one should die of polio or measles.
Oh yeah, the main death of polio is from the shots.
Shut her up!
I can't listen to her.
Webster Hubble's daughter.
So, so that's the reality.
So we're gonna catch the kids up.
Catch them, yeah.
You monster.
But God will punish these people, make no mistake.
And everybody hates them now.
Again, there'll be 10 million views on a video, hundreds of thousands of comments, five of them are pro-Bill Gates.
Everybody hates you.
No amount of censorship will fix it.
We know you're a monster.
We know you're a killer.
We know who you are.
Now, the Tucker Carlson thing is big, and it's important, and the fact that from his house he can have ten times the viewers of Fox isn't a slight on him, it's a slight on the system and how pathetic they are.
Now it's a giant collapsing fa├žade, we're going to hit that.
I've also got another important clip with Russell Brand taking Big Pharma to the woodshed and more.
And then, we've got a big guest host of the fourth hour, and then Owen Schroyer with Michael Yon from the border, 3 p.m., spread the word, you are the Paul Reveres.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
The pandemic created at least 40 new big pharma billionaires.
Pharmaceutical corporations like Moderna and Pfizer made $1,000 of profit every second from the COVID-19 vaccine.
More than two-thirds of Congress received campaign funding from pharmaceutical companies in the 2020 election.
Pfizer chairman Albert Baller told Time magazine in July 2020 that his company was developing a COVID vaccine for the good of humanity, not for money.
And of course Pfizer made $100 billion in profit in 2022.
And may I just mention, finally, and this is also a fact, that you, the American public, funded the development of that.
The German public funded the BioNTech vaccine.
When it came to the profits, they took the profits.
When it came to the funding, you paid for the funding.
It's difficult not to... Okay, but I will just add one thing.
It is possible that these are...
Reading Capitalist made a lot of money, and also, there are a lot of people who did need the vaccine.
There are a lot of people who did need the vaccine.
I never wanted to be told I was one of them, who had to take it.
But there are lots of people who needed that vaccine and would be dead without it.
That is true too.
That is true too.
More facts.
All I'm querying is this.
Is if you have an economic system in which pharmaceutical companies benefit hugely from medical emergencies, where a military industrial complex benefits from war, where energy companies benefit from energy crises, you are going to generate states of perpetual crisis, where the interests of ordinary people separate from the interests of the elite.
Good evening my friends, and welcome to an Alex Jones Emergency News Alert.
And good evening, welcome to Tucker Carlson.
There isn't just evil in the world, there's also good.
And a few weeks ago, Tucker Carlson, with the top news show in the world, got fired from Fox News for telling the truth.
And I told you back then, I won't bore you with all the videos, regular listeners saw it.
I told you that he would not go with Newsmax, he would not go with the other shows that are offering money.
He wants to be totally independent and control his new show.
Because somebody very close to Tucker Carlson told me that.
And also said, look for him to do a deal with Elon Musk.
I'm on record.
Viral news stories all over the news be saying it, it's there, it's on record.
So yet again, InfoWars.com, Alex Jones, tomorrow's news today.
It is so exciting that in Maine and in Florida, he'll be hosting a show 12 months out of the year, weeknights, with Tucker Carlson tonight.
This is so exciting.
And look, you can say what you want about Elon Musk, but putting Tucker Carlson on the air, who is not going to be censored or controlled, is another major feather in Elon Musk's hat.
So we salute Tucker Carlson, we salute all of you, and I want to remind you, his first video he put out a few weeks ago has 25 million views.
That's four, five, six times all the viewers that Fox News has every day.
His latest video, just launched a few hours ago, millions and millions of views, it'll have 50 million views.
This is so exciting.
People don't want networks, they don't want corporate establishment, Disney or Hollywood or any of that.
They want authenticity, they want reality, they want pro-human information.
And Tucker Carlson is the essential example of that, and so is InfoWars.
So we're battle-hardened, we're under attack, but you recognize the fact that we're under attack by these evil forces shows how bona fide and authentic we are.
I'm not financed by George Soros, Democratic Party, Republican Party, any of that.
I'm financed by you, your word of mouth, your prayer, and supporting us at InfoWars4.com.
So here is Tucker from his great compound in Maine.
I don't know.
And it'll be even bigger on the internet, just like Joe Rogan, and we'll then end up on every channel.
So, Joe Rogan is huge, he's the king of the hill right now, and I love Joe.
He's a good friend of mine, lives right here in Austin.
Hell Studios is a mile away.
But, look out, Tucker Carlson's about to go from iconic to game-changing historic.
And I'm just blessed and honored to be here.
So, we're still at InfoWars.com, and we're still on the air every day, seven days a week.
11 a.m.
Central weekdays, InfoWars.com.
Here is Tucker Carlson talking about the reality of what's happening.
And remember, I told you all this.
I said, don't hold your breath, Newsmax.
Don't hold your breath.
Patrick McDavid, who's a great guy, he's not gonna go with somebody else controlling him.
He's gonna go with an independent platform where he has full control.
So if you thought Tucker Carlson was hardcore before, you ain't seen nothing yet.
And this is another archetypal Carl Jung story.
of the Hero of a Thousand Faces.
This is happening now.
Evil is not the only power in the universe.
There's also humanity as well.
So here's Tucker Carlson with his big announcement that just came out about an hour ago, going viral now.
But regardless, we'll see you weekdays, 11 a.m.
Central, InfoWars.com.
God bless.
Hey, it's Tucker Carlson.
You often hear people say the news is full of lies.
But most of the time, that's not exactly right.
Much of what you see on television or read in the New York Times is in fact true in the literal sense.
You could pass one of the media's own fact checks.
Lawyers would be willing to sign off on it.
In fact, they may have.
But that doesn't make it true.
It's not true.
At the most basic level, the news you consume is a lie.
A lie of the stealthiest and most insidious kind.
Facts have been withheld on purpose, along with proportion and perspective.
You are being manipulated.
How does that work?
Let's see.
If I tell you that a man has been unjustly arrested for armed robbery, that is not, strictly speaking, a lie.
He may have been framed.
At this point, there's been no trial, so no one can really say.
But if I don't mention the fact that the same man has been arrested for the same crime six times before, am I really informing you?
No, I'm not.
I'm misleading you.
And that's what the news media are doing in every story that matters, every day of the week, every week of the year.
What's it like to work in a system like that?
After more than 30 years in the middle of it, we could tell you stories.
The best you can hope for in the news business at this point is the freedom to tell the fullest truth that you can.
But there are always limits.
And you know that if you bump up against those limits often enough, you will be fired for it.
That's not a guess.
It's guaranteed.
Every person who works in English-language media understands that.
The rule of what you can't say defines everything.
It's filthy, really, and it's utterly corrupting.
You can't have a free society if people aren't allowed to say what they think is true.
Speech is the fundamental prerequisite for democracy.
That's why it's enshrined in the first of our constitutional amendments.
Amazingly, as of tonight, there aren't many platforms left that allow free speech.
The last big one remaining in the world, the only one, is Twitter, where we are now.
Twitter has long served as the place where our national conversation incubates and develops.
Twitter is not a partisan site.
Everybody's allowed here, and we think that's a good thing.
And yet, for the most part, the news that you see analyzed on Twitter comes from media organizations that are themselves thinly disguised propaganda outlets.
You see it on cable news, you talk about it on Twitter.
The result may feel like a debate, but actually the gatekeepers are still in charge.
We think that's a bad system.
We know exactly how it works, and we're sick of it.
Starting soon, we'll be bringing a new version of the show we've been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter.
We bring some other things, too, which we'll tell you about.
But for now, we're just grateful to be here.
Free speech is the main right that you have.
Without it, you have no others.
See you soon.
That is so powerful.
So iconic.
Way better than Tucker in some fancy studio, but in his house, talking directly to the people.
That's what humanity is looking for in his
His real focus on justice and freedom and unifying left and right and creating a pro-human populist movement is so beautiful.
It's what we're all looking for.
So again, we salute Tucker Carlson.
We salute Elon Musk for this.
This is such an exciting moment.
It's going to have tens of millions of viewers a day, probably hundreds of millions.
And this is just an example of how evil is not the only power in the world.
Is way more powerful if we exercise it, but we've got to exercise it.
So for myself and the crew, we salute her Carlson.
We salute listeners and viewers for what we've done together.
This is a historic time.
This is the new Renaissance being born right now.
And I'll see you live weekdays, 11 a.m.
at Infowars.com for his last show.
You better believe we'll be covering Tucker's new exploits that are about to drop and about to make the globals pull their hair out.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently...
It's Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
The Taurus comes to mind.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are...
Please give me one minute of your time.
Please write this down and please go look this up.
It will change your life.
The UN admits and the Lansing Medical Journal admits that upwards of 2 billion people have mental disabilities and declining cognitive abilities.
The term they use is intellectual disability because of lack of iodine.
Most iodine in the environment
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X3 Tri-Iodine.
Exclusively at InfoWareStore.com.
Take action now, but regardless, research is info.
I welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com, The Kate Dally Show.
So glad to be with you today.
I hope all is well.
This will be a pretty informative hour and I really do hope that this hour makes you think for the coming days.
I really do.
I have a lot to say and there's so many things that I want to talk about.
The things that we don't have confidence in and maybe some things in the way back machine that maybe we do haven't thought of before.
So I'd like to bring those to the forefront if you don't mind.
So obviously we had the Texas mass shooting at the mall in Texas.
And I have a lot of questions, of course, but I'm actually not going to go into those today.
There's a lot of questions, the tattoos that are in the booking, you know, the mugshot of the killer and then not present in the kill shot on the ground, neck tattoos that I don't know how they would just disappear, things like that.
There are so many things like that.
And honestly, I want to talk about it in a more general way, because this is something we haven't actually, I've never really brought up, I don't think, is the overall plausibility of such an action.
And I don't think, we've been told over the last, you know, three or four decades about these things, how somebody just wants to go in and shoot up anonymous people they don't know because they're so unhinged, mentally unhinged or uncorked or whatever you want to say.
Let's talk about just the overall plausibility.
On this show, I shared that there were reports done on, let's say, mass school shootings of anonymous people.
And in the 1940s, there were only eight.
In the 1950s, there was one.
In the 1960s, there was six.
In the 1970s, only 13.
Those events were all targeted events.
They were targeting a teacher.
They were targeting a student.
Somebody they were very, very angry at was going to get the brunt of what they were feeling that day.
We'll put it that way, okay?
So, completely targeted.
Never an anonymous mass shooting of people that people don't know.
And I ran across this comment out there in internet land and I thought it was very stunning because it really sums this up beautifully.
So let's just take a step back because I've gone over all kinds of mass shootings.
And so this actually really I think sums up.
Let's look at how they're taking place and why.
These frequent killings of groups of random innocent people just aren't really possible.
They're not possible throughout history.
They're really don't happen.
It's very strange.
People in the United States, if they're actually going to arrive at a point where they're willing to kill a group of people, are many thousand times more likely to kill a group of people that they feel engaged in injustice against them, or people they know or care about.
That you can understand.
That we can see in history.
It wasn't until they started the mass gun control, taking away of the Second Amendment, that we started seeing all these mass shootings.
If these random mass killings were legitimate, there would also simultaneously be thousands
Killings and bombings of politicians, CEOs, bosses in meetings, malpractice, churches, molestation cases, abuse cases, police departments.
You would see such an uptick in that to then have to correlate with the random mass anonymous shooting that you would see the numbers just through the roof right now.
Killings of random people in so-called safe places, like schools, movie theaters, restaurants and malls, okay?
And churches.
They are really non-existent in comparison.
You would see one of those for every several thousand of ones that are targeted.
But we're not seeing that, are we?
And every week we seem to have a new one.
The odds of that happening are a trillion to one.
They would not, in fact, be happening because it's not laid out in history.
You can say people are unhinged and, oh my gosh, they're mental, or Trantifa, you know, Little Miss Nashville shooter, Antifa Trantifa, the trans activist.
But you know what?
You would see a correlation, and we're not seeing it.
It's just not there.
Think about that.
Every single week, an anonymous shooting, a guy goes in for no reason or a
Tarantiva goes in for no reason and all of a sudden you have this major mass shooting for no apparent reason of anonymous people?
It doesn't happen, folks.
It never happened in history.
In all the reports I've ever done.
It's not possible.
You would see a correlation.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally from the Kate Dally Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
The only reason that these events would be possible
Is if the CIA were staging events to scare people into believing that they're not safe anymore.
And that police expansion and support of military invasions is needed to help keep them safe.
And that's exactly what we're seeing, isn't it?
The overall plausibility of any event like this happening in the way that we're told just isn't there.
You would have to see patterns in history of this.
The only patterns we're seeing is in this
Fraudulent presidency?
I can't even call it a presidency.
Fraudulent King Fraud-A-Lot?
You're seeing it weekly.
Because one of the agendas is to take your Second Amendment.
Your God-give-it Second Amendment.
Crazy, right?
Think about that, though.
It just wouldn't happen.
But I want to take you back to an event, because this event is very interesting.
You know, there's lots of events in history where, in recent history I have to say, where the only reason we don't, you know, or people are shunned from bringing up the obvious questions, and by the way, the questions only arise, it seems to be, in the events where mass shootings of anonymous people take place.
Those are the only ones I really have questions about.
Isn't that odd?
Those are the only ones where the pictures don't add up, the circumstances don't add up, something's wrong.
But what's interesting is the card that's played to get you to not talk about that is respect for the victims, okay?
But we have trials every day in America about going after the truth for a victim.
You would always want the truth, wouldn't you?
I would think so.
But when it comes to anonymous mass shootings,
You're not allowed to look for the truth.
It's always about, but we have to respect, but we have to, oh, you can't say anything.
You can't say anything.
Very strange.
Those really truly are the only questions I get, right?
Or have, are in those types of events.
And I've done hours and hours on it, pointing out all of the weirdness, all the crazy.
So I want to take you back to Waco for a moment, because I wonder if we got that right.
On the right, necessarily, we kind of come up with this, but WACO, and yes, we know what the Feds did, and we know the display, and we know a Jan or Reno's involved, and we know all of these things.
But do we ever even question WACO?
Because when I was talking about CIA staged events, how do you know this isn't one, too?
Let's just take a look at a couple of things that don't add up.
Because I think this is very interesting.
According to Dick Morris, Janet Reno made a statement, and the statement was, long after Waco, and she said, if you don't appoint me, I'm going to tell the truth about Waco.
But what exactly was that truth?
Because I think a lot of people think the truth was that the Feds just went in and annihilated this group.
That's normally what I would think, right?
I'm going to tell the truth about Waco.
We set this up, we went in, wanted to make an example out of them, and we did it, okay?
But is there more to the story than that?
David Koresh's name is actually Vernon Howe.
And he was well-funded.
And that's always a big question mark for me because when I see somebody well-funded, I always think that's really, really strange.
You see somebody like a Warren Jeffs, that evil little, little piece of action.
And Warren Jeffs, the investigation took an awful long time to get to the point where they were actually going to go in and take him down.
And he was extremely manipulative, very evil guy, okay?
But it took a long time.
He was well-funded through his organization, but this wasn't an organization where the money was flowing in.
This only had about 70 followers, not exactly the richest people on earth, okay?
So, this land, this Mount Carmel Center commune piece of land,
Um, was occupied by him and he actually took this land.
Um, and this was all according to Lieutenant Barber's report, um, that, uh, he operated this religious cult commune at Mount Carmel Center.
And he adopted the name David Koresh a year before.
This wasn't like it was really going on with 70 people.
I mean, up until about just a year before.
That property was owned by a different individual who was kind of a cult guy.
And you guys remember the show I did about the farm, right?
The farm, the biggest commune in America's history, well-funded.
Man, those people had 100 buses, gas money, food money, could buy land.
And what did they blame it on?
They blamed it on, oh, well, people had inheritances.
Young hippies that are 20 years old suddenly walk into inheritances?
Who could afford all of that?
I don't think so.
It never made any sense.
And they showcased it on the media from the moment it began.
And I talked about this on the show, right?
So you have this religious cult with about 20 people and then David Koresh, Vernon Howell, has enough money to travel around and recruit members around the world from different places like Hawaii.
He goes and he has the funds to travel and recruit.
He couldn't come up with more people in the United States than 20.
My gosh, even the farm had like 300 immediately.
He goes around and he says, you know, he has to travel to recruit these members and these members come in.
If half the group of the 70 people that were there were all from outside the United States, why was an immigration called in?
Strange thing.
Immigration wasn't even involved.
They didn't even care.
Wouldn't you want to see people's passports?
Wouldn't you want to know who these people are?
One would think.
Anyway, that's just a side note.
They get this property and the taxes, the back taxes were owed since 1968.
That's a whole lot of taxes.
But the state never took the property.
Why is that?
Very strange.
So he goes in in a gun battle, where charges, a gun battle.
With various people to get this land and no charges ever came, the acquittal of charges I should say, came about because of this.
Nobody ever fried for any kind of gun battle or actually went to trial and actually ended up with any convictions.
And it was a gun battle.
That's kind of interesting.
He was able to take over this property and have it for his so-called followers.
The Feds followed him around, alright, to gun shows, knew that he was getting all of these shipments in, called mag bags, right?
And they knew exactly what were in these shipments.
Shipments from Idaho, shipments from gun places, okay?
Ammunition, all kinds of things.
So they absolutely knew, but he wasn't dangerous enough to arrest, only dangerous enough to follow and start making a case over this.
The whistleblower was a Branch Davidian.
He didn't call the local police, he called the BATF, Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms.
Why is that?
What a strange phone call to make.
You want to alert about somebody with only 70 followers, not really doing much, but you want to call the BATF?
And you also want to get the BATF of Little Rock, Arkansas involved.
Remember, Clinton was over.
Really strange.
Why them?
Then there was the outside report by an anonymous person outside the state.
Two Joyce Sparks, Texas Department of Human Services in Waco, received a complaint, okay, that David Koresh was abusing young kids.
But when they went in, they didn't exactly do the report on this.
They weren't even curious about it.
And David Koresh just went down and showed him the bunker of all the guns included in the report.
But they didn't really interview anyone about the sexual abuse claims.
That's kind of strange.
In Normalville, you would actually do that.
You would actually make that part of your report.
Something in there would be very interesting to read about whether or not you assess that that is happening or not happening.
But the report ended up really being about the firearms.
Teaching kids about firearms, right?
Because they said that they were trained to use these firearms in a bus down in the bunker below the Mount Carmel Commune.
But that was kind of strange.
And if you really did feel like you needed to have this report, why wouldn't you go a little farther and ask about these things?
That was strange too.
You would, in fact, take somebody down that you thought was dangerous, right?
Before it ever got to the point where you would land on their property with all cameras visible for an event in front of the whole world.
Certainly, with the shipments, if you really thought somebody was dangerous and abusing people, you would take them down far before.
But this event was a big event.
Was it a staged event?
I don't know.
Was it a staged event to then criminalize militias?
And start on the road to developing homeland security?
That is a really interesting question, isn't it?
Because that's what came later.
In fact, there were articles written about this very thing.
And they said the modern day militia movement owes its existence to Waco.
No, modern day militia movements are not exactly modern day.
They've been around for a long time.
Just more on the down low.
But they wanted this to come out and they wanted to do a lot of press on modern day militia movements for a reason, right?
We have the right to militia movements in this country.
We have the right, and I shouldn't even say movement, just militias.
They wanted to demonize it.
I have a little more on this and some other questions I have too.
I'll be back.
And I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from Kate Dally Radio.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally from katedallyradio.com.
So glad to be with you.
I'm bringing up a lot of questions.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe I'm wrong about some things.
I don't know.
Certainly are too many questions to ask, though.
It is very interesting when we get to anonymous mass anything or the staged events of history, possibly, that you're not allowed to ask any questions when obvious questions come up out of respect for the victims.
But if you're a single victim of a crime, then you can go to court.
And then it's only justice that where the truth can prevail and you can finally find out what happened to your loved one in court.
But if you're in another type of accident, you know, not accident, but shooting, it's not possible to ask questions.
I always find that a little weird.
Don't you?
So let me talk about Waco for just another moment because I think maybe if we could shift some perspective to see this in a different light, and I know that this might infuriate people, right?
That's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay to think.
It's okay to think.
They didn't see him as a danger, but they wanted to just watch him for a very short period of time.
You know, when they went in to get Warren Jeffs, that took years in the making.
Years in the making to finally realize what was going on in his religious group.
And this was very quick.
In a year.
Very strange that you would have this happen that quickly.
Very strange that you would have a whistleblower from the Branch Davidians.
Was this a Fed?
One might think so.
One might ask that question.
Whistleblow right directly to the BATF.
I was Little Rock involved.
I don't know.
Did Clinton have something to do with that?
Did they owe him something?
Why were his bodyguards involved and BATF agents?
Doesn't make any sense.
But they were on site.
And there was a fire.
And nobody, there were no autopsies.
People were burned up.
The one guy that was killed, it was a Branch Davidian, was quickly cremated.
Family not allowed to see the body.
That's kind of strange.
That doesn't happen, really.
Just doesn't happen.
The plausibility of all of it.
Very, very strange.
So then there's no autopsies, okay?
No way to really go after the truth in that.
So that's kind of different.
And it was broadcast.
They wanted to make sure that everyone saw what was going down.
Now, we all know what the feds can do.
We're all really aware of how the feds can demonize and their role in entrapping.
Most of their job seems to be kind of an entrapment arm now.
And so, and I say that because they were found to have the most child porn sites on the dark web, right?
Owned by them, monitored by them to entrap, okay?
I get when people do things wrong.
Who doesn't want to see somebody, you know, the child porn guys go to prison forever or castrated or whatever.
But it is strange that the entrapping thing is a big deal.
But this was pretty obvious because the Feds went in and were, you know, basically annihilating the people in Waco.
But why would they want to show you that?
Was that the truth Janet Reno was talking about?
Who knows?
But that was really strange.
It was the beginning of really establishing the Department of Homeland Security that would come in 2003.
The fake need for this agency to exist with no authority to really exist in America.
There is really no authority for Department of Homeland Security federally.
Every state can take care of their piece of the land, so no reason for them to exist.
But between this and Oklahoma, by the way, Timothy McVeigh was on site, right?
For Waco?
He was on site.
Not part of the Waco.
I mean, not part of the Branch Davidians, but on the other side, right?
Very strange.
And we all know Oklahoma.
There's too many questions about Oklahoma.
But here's the deal, though.
This article that came out in Mainstream said, one Department of Homeland Security official put, the modern-day militia movement owes its existence to Waco.
That's really strange.
The Davidians, I guess, hung a bedsheet from the window that said, Rodney King, we understand.
They were into political messages, too?
Does that seem a little strange to you?
I don't
I mean, if Waco, if this was happening more and more and they had to develop a Department of Homeland Security not only for 9-11, and let's not even go there, but also because of Waco, wouldn't you see these groups pop up all the time?
Wouldn't this be something that we would see, like the plausibility of these action groups?
Warren Jeffs' group wasn't even a militia group, just a religious group.
A religious weird group, right?
Okay, under his control.
So I found that to be a little strange.
The Bureau of Alcohol Firearms, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives was founded in the late 1800s and it was a branch of the Treasury Department.
But after this Waco event, they moved it under the Department of Justice.
That was weird because it was under the Homeland Security Act.
They had over 500 agents, some say 800 agents on site.
That's a little weird too.
Why so many?
Why would you need that many people for such a tiny group?
Makes no sense.
Some people will argue, well it was training exercise, right?
Who knows?
But that seems like a huge amount.
They wanted the presence to be known, they wanted this event to be known, and they wanted you to think militia groups were on the rise, and that they were dangerous of course.
Which we know that
People in militias are actually really, mostly good patriotic people that care about their country that know and can read, obviously, the Second Amendment and the founders as to why they wanted to make sure that the people could defend themselves against what?
Not just somebody coming in to hurt them, but their government, right?
So everyone can understand that.
The land was just taken over, cremations, no bodies observed, bogus investigations, well-funded,
One of the things that's really, I think, something very interesting to key in on is how these things are funded, because they don't make sense.
They don't make sense.
Warren Jeffs had a bunch of people who were contributing with their jobs in the outside community to help with the money.
So that you could see.
But on this, there was never an explanation as to far as where the money came from.
To buy the land, to take this over, to do all these things.
Seems a little more orchestrated
Or the entire event, does it not?
I think that these things, when you don't have the plausibility level, and like I stated before, if you have somebody going in and shooting up anonymous people for no reason, I'm sorry, but you can't just say bad mental health.
That doesn't work.
Because it doesn't go along with the nature of man.
When you go back into history and you look at all the mass school shootings, and really they weren't mass, right?
Because in history, they were always targeted.
It was for one person only or outside the school boundaries, one entity.
And that was included in those numbers.
It was very, very rare.
And you can't even blame video games at this point.
Video games doesn't make you get up and shoot a bunch of anonymous people because it doesn't happen.
People used to bring guns to school for Pete's sakes.
We had target practice utilizing weaponry at school and you didn't have those kinds of things happen.
But I don't blame mental illness and video games.
I think these things are more staged and I think it's convenient to blame mental illness and video games for these things.
I do.
I think it's very convenient because you can blame the culture.
But still, going up and shooting up anonymous people isn't as plausible as you think it is.
And really there should be much more events have been targeted if that's the case.
I'll be right back.
I have more.
More questions, of course, on the Alex Jones Show.
Shouldn't we be questioning everything?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com, The Kate Dally Show.
I'm so glad to be here with you because, look, you can always ask questions, right?
Questions never hurt anybody.
And I always want to see things from different vantage points.
I like the challenge, personally.
I really do.
Because it makes me think.
And our narratives are so strong that sometimes we pick and choose which narratives we want to look
Look at everything.
Question everything.
And then see what sticks.
And then see what has the plausibility factor.
Big time.
There was a huge event, right, last week about Russia threatening nuclear revenge.
And in December we heard he was readying the nukes.
I mean, not just looking at nukes, but readying the nukes, you know, to come after us.
And a lot of people thought within a couple of days everything was going to be nuked.
And I said, no, I said, they love this threat.
This threat is, it grabs headlines, there's fear, the boogeyman, woo, you know?
And they've been doing this for 80 years, okay?
70 years.
And so, what was interesting about it, though, was I had just read a piece questioning the Trinity.
Trinity was the nuclear weapon test, right?
For the Manhattan Project before the detonation of the bomb.
Well, Japan had already surrendered.
There was never really a reason to drop that bomb.
So why did they?
In fact, they surrendered twice, I do believe.
So there was never a reason for it.
So why did they do it?
That's an interesting question because there had to have been a much bigger reason to drop a bomb when somebody already surrenders.
And they're using this over and over again.
I could go back to 1980 headlines right now that would tell you the exact same thing.
Oh, the nukes are ready.
We're about to get nuked.
Everything was about nuclear warfare and it always has been, right?
That's why we made North Korea the enemy.
We'd put them on the stage.
I can just picture like a clown dancing on stage, you know, when you bring out the next enemy, you say they're going to nuke us.
We could take out North Korea in two seconds.
I mean, it was ridiculous, but people believed it, right?
So, this was kind of interesting.
We have this new movie, Oppenheimer, coming out.
And whenever I see a movie that is sort of highlighting, if you will, the narratives of our time, and they love to do this, okay?
You'll always see the movies backing it up, right?
You'll always see a dramatic movie to get the emotion behind it on the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb.
And so, when I see a movie, I'm always a little intrigued to go look at the events from another perspective to see maybe what we were lied about.
What they lied to us about, okay?
Trinity, and maybe they didn't.
I just want to bring this up because I think it's worthy of a question.
Trinity was the code name for the first detonation of the nuclear weapon and it was conducted by the United States Army as part of the Manhattan Project, July 16th over the summer in 1945 in New Mexico.
We're good to go.
And the base camp was constructed and there were about 425 people present on the weekend of the test.
And the code name Trinity was assigned to Oppenheimer.
But really, the guy really behind all of this that's never truly mentioned was Vannevar Bush.
He was a guy that was in policy, he had the presidency, or he had a ton of power.
Remember Valerie from Iran that had all the power in Obama's regime?
The little whisper, the ear whisper?
This was the same kind of thing.
Vannevar Bush was this guy at this time, and he was the one that orchestrated the whole Manhattan Project and Oppenheimer to do this.
But oddly enough, the movie's about Oppenheimer.
However you want to say it.
You know I'm the name murderer, so whatever.
Anyway, get over it.
So, the test was an implosion-designed plutonium device named the Gadget, and the same design as the Fat Man bomb, later detonated over Japan.
And then, of course, the complexity of the design.
This was going to be the first nuclear test ever, OK?
It was directed by Kenneth Bainbridge.
Also, in this same thing, right, they said the rise of the fascist governments in Europe led to a fear of the German nuclear weapon project, especially among scientists who were refugees of Nazi Germany and other countries and so forth.
And so this was the reason they put out in order to get the funding and the OK to do all of this.
So Julian Mack and Berlin Brixner were responsible for photography.
The photography group employed some 50 different cameras taking motion and still photographs.
They had special Fastax cameras.
Now we all know that many companies, I'll say this lightly, many companies that dealt with cameras and such were CIA ops.
But I just want to throw that out there because we know this now.
So they were taking these photographs, but wouldn't you know that only one photograph actually came into fruition?
Only one faraway photograph by one obscure person named Jack Aby actually got a picture of it?
And did you know, and it's kind of blurry and it's off, but did you know this?
That the only picture that was ever taken that was actually well exposed, they had all these cameras, they knew what they were blowing up, right?
But then they couldn't get a good shot of it, but just the one guy had one picture.
They wanted his negative.
They handed the negative over, and the negative doesn't even exist today.
It's kind of like the moon with NASA.
Not one single document about how we got there or what we were doing ever showed up again and was lost.
Because somebody lost the key or I don't know what happened to the storage unit somewhere off somewhere, Washington, D.C.
that it was stored.
Who knows?
Anyway, the only negative of this photo was lost.
Man, the only negative of the nuclear test that would set off the nuclear program was lost?
Gosh, so weird.
All right, so here's the question, and this was written by Russ Winter just lately, and I love this, so hat tip to him.
Was Hiroshima firebombed and not nuked at the time?
This is a really, really good question, because I want to read to you the testimony of U.S.
Major Alexander Saversky, who died in 1945, coincidentally, died right after this, right after he said this, inspected the bombed towns of Japan, and this is what he said.
In Hiroshima, I was prepared for radically different sights, but to my surprise, Hiroshima looked exactly like all the other burned out cities in Japan.
There was a familiar pink blot about two miles in diameter.
It was dotted with charred trees and telephone poles, and one of the only city's 20 bridges was down.
Only one of the bridges was down?
Only one of the city's bridges was down?
It's weird.
Usually it just decimates everything, doesn't it?
So we were told, anyway.
Hiroshima's clusters of modern buildings in the downtown section stood upright, he said.
It was obvious that the blast could not have been so powerful as we had been led to believe.
It was an extensive blast rather than intensive.
Think about that.
It was an extensive blast rather than an intensive blast.
I had heard buildings constantly consumed by unprecedented heat, yet I saw buildings structurally intact.
And what is more, topped by undamaged flagpoles, lightning rods, painted railings, air raid precaution signs, and fragile objects that were just standing there.
Hmm, they weren't decimated?
At the T-bridge, he said, the aiming point for the atomic bomb, I looked for the bald spot where everyone presumably had been vaporizing the twinkling of an eye, but it wasn't there or anywhere else.
I could find no traces of unusual phenomena.
What did I see in Substance?
A replica?
Or the Tokyo suburbs?
The familiar residue of an area of wood and brick houses raised by uncontrollable fire, he said.
Everywhere I saw the trunks of charred and leafless trees burned and unburned chunks of wood.
The fire had been intense enough to bend and twist steel grinders, yet to melt glass until it ran like lava, just as in other Japanese cities he had seen, where they were firebombed.
The concrete buildings nearest to the center of explosion, only a few blocks from the heart of the atom blast, showed no structural damage.
Even cornices, canopies, delicate exterior decorations were intact.
Window glass was shattered.
But, of course, the single panel frames held firm.
Only window frames and two or more panels were bent and buckled.
And the blast impact, therefore, could not have been unusual.
And this event was not unusual.
But he expected to see it, just didn't see it.
And oddly enough, the victims were flown over here right away for care in our army hospitals.
Strange, right?
I thought that U.S.
Major Alexander, I should say D. Seversky, I thought his words were interesting.
Don't you?
Somebody that was there, that saw it, that had these thoughts.
Very, very strange.
Something to look at, something to keep in mind.
Think about narratives.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally from katedallyradio.com.
Good to be with you.
As we sum this up, I want to bring up just some points I've been thinking about, okay?
We know that these people are full of narratives, okay?
And I'm sure that we have weapons of destruction.
There's no doubt in my mind.
What do you think they've been working on and have black budgets for?
Many black budgets we know nothing about.
That's why they're called black.
And obviously, we know DARPA, all the agencies have been really hard at work at developing things.
But sometimes I wonder if maybe, just maybe, and I know this is very controversial, so whatever.
Get over it.
Just think about it for just a moment.
What if the nukes are disinformation to the things that they actually have?
Things that maybe they could blame on something else in the future.
Maybe even aliens, who knows?
Because that seems to be the card they want to play.
And the stuff that they've come up with, they'll blame it on aliens so that we can't counter it, right?
So we don't have any action against it, so we can't do anything about it.
So I have to wonder, because
Let me give you a couple more points of interest on this, because I know how controversial this is going to be.
I know that brains might be exploding right now, because we don't really question this, do we?
But in Liddell Hart's History of the Second World War, they claimed that the Japanese on the ground didn't even know they'd been A-bombed till long after the war.
How would you not know?
Allied occupation authorities also clamped down on eyewitness testimonies.
Testimonies that did come out often had a scripted, deceptive quality to them.
I'm thinking 9-11 too.
Same kind of thing, right?
The accounts themselves have been describing a napalm bombing, but then suggestive phrases are inserted in the narratives like, strange yellow ray and sun ray.
There are also, and it is kind of strange to have multiple people describe it in that way, right?
There are also accounts of a single B-29 flying over, and flying over at 32,000 feet, and the bomber would not be visible from the ground, nor would a small fleet, okay?
But, however, there was a father, a clerical father,
Well, that's kind of strange.
And I don't know that the father would lie about that.
He said that was the rumor.
And the bombing planners drawing from their science of mass killing first spread and send incendiary material to prep the target.
This soaked kindling that could have been lit like a match from a small high-flying fleet of B-29s.
This makes it possible to destruct the target with even less than 66 aircraft and would make it highly contained and highly controllable.
And then of course the absence, remember the cameras I mentioned at the test, the Trinity test?
The absence of the mushroom cloud photos from the ground in Japan among the very few photos of the Hiroshima bombing that do exist.
And by the way, why aren't there more photos of it?
You're going to drop an A-bomb and you're not going to have any pictures?
Just a couple?
Does that seem strange to anybody?
Look at how many cameras they had set up for the test.
It didn't exactly work out, but still, they had a lot of cameras there, did they not?
You wouldn't want to photograph this for all the world to see?
Because it did become the big nuke program, and then that has been used as the boogeyman ever since.
I have to call strange on that.
And of course, the following three suggest a raging firestorm, not a nuclear explosion.
The photos appear consistent with the others shot at different distances and angles.
And the firestorms which were described at Hamburg in 1943, Dresden in 1945, and other various Japanese incinerations of 1945 look oddly similar.
Was it an A-bomb or a firestorm?
In the book, Osada's Children of the A-bomb, a survivor described a scene that is altogether different from the A-bomb, saying, I looked up in the sky, streamer of smoke, perhaps 50 yards high, rising from the center of Hiroshima, about two miles distant.
And at the top of the column of smoke was a ball of fire, which seemed to be about the size of a large oil tank.
Anyway, so I bring you this just to think about this.
Because when the people were brought over here for medical care, that was strange.
They said that the radiation exposure did not cause genetic damage, which it would have, one would think.
A 40-year study of thousands of Japanese who survived the so-called atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima, right?
And there was an intense study of 70,000 offspring of the atomic bomb survivors that failed to identify an increase in congenital abnormalities or cancer or mutational blood protein changes or anything.
And that was a 1990 study in the Journal of American Medical Association.
Really strange.
And I think strange enough to ask more questions about it.
And maybe, I don't know, there's just something that's kind of wrong with, I think, the information that we get.
And so it's worthy of a look, one would think.
The other thing I want to end on is something more recent.
And I want to talk about public health for just a moment.
Public health is a really interesting thing because in a free society, you don't need public health.
The individual within a state just goes for their medical help.
Am I right?
You go in to see your doctor.
What do you mean public health?
It's a very, very strange thing.
It was a creation, a Rockefeller creation, and the organization started in really the late 1800s, but early 1900s is really when they put themselves on the map based on a lie.
They had to because how do you construct public health when it's not necessary?
So they said they solved or ended hookworm.
Hookworm was like 400,000 people in the entire United States.
Down in the South, hookworm was already being cured because the only cure was put some shoes on.
That's easy.
So what they did was they became an entity worthy of money being given to it by the Rockefellers, became a government entity that took some of the duties away from the country doctor at the time.
And at the time, they wanted to be in charge of prevention.
That was what the doctors were in charge of.
They wanted to be in charge of all these things.
And so when you think about it, we are a country of individuals that can seek out health issues individually, not in a collective manner.
And public health was there to basically push shots for pharma.
That's really their whole role.
If there's a problem, they have a shot to solve it.
Do they not?
That's really what they're about.
And so what's interesting about this, this is exactly why they were created, for sure.
But they were put out as the centrally organized arm of the federal government that was basically the control mechanism.
So in the emergency orders of late,
You had this public health, everything was blamed on the public health.
The schools blame public health, the store, the signs on the store windows about wearing a mask and all of this, all blamed on public health.
There's public health officials now that run public health departments that are coming out and going, well, yeah, I mean, it was a minor respiratory, sorry, but no real accountability.
They had website ticker clocks for the amount of so-called deaths, or I love this one, the projected death toll always, right?
And the deaths they knew at the time on these death tolls, on the websites of all the public health agencies in the country, of the counties and the states, were all giving the same ticker clocks and the same information and I mean verbatim from the CDC.
The CDC was allowed to control every single one of those health departments and nobody in the health department spoke up.
Nobody in the health departments contradicted the information.
Only a few.
I had a guy that was local that kind of said a few things locally.
I don't know.
But still it was shored up by public health.
They even put in their own brand of CIA agents that actually work in public health and ousted the long-standing, this is what happened in my state, ousted the long-standing public health state guy and put this new fresh CIA agent in as public health administrator, right?
And so you had the CDC working through all the states.
The reason I say this is because, why isn't there any accountability?
They were in charge of shutting down the nation, truly, because everybody blamed them.
And they didn't exactly say they had questions.
They didn't say, well, you should think about this first, or maybe, maybe not, or geez, it looks like a cold or flu or whatever.
They went along with the lie.
Not only went along, but advertised the lie.
And then, of course, would show up and talk about the big danger.
Did it make them feel important?
Is that why they did it?
Did it make them feel like they had the world stage?
The only way we're going to solve the next time they get away with doing this, or they try to, is to fight this in every single county in America.
Start to make them have the accountability for what they lied about.
What they did when they knew they didn't have any proof.
Because they all know that car accidents and cancer and Alzheimer's were all chalked up as COVID deaths.
And they did nothing to tell you the truth.
And if you go county by county, public health department by public health department, and people actually sued their public health departments, can you even imagine what would happen?
Can you even imagine the fact that we could take down their very structural, centrally organized organization?
Because that's how they did it last time.
Everything, even the government, relied on public health to shore them up.
Public health was an entity that never should have been, and the whole thing was founded on a lie for organization.
I'm Kay Dally for the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks for thinking with me today.
Thanks for this hour.
I really appreciate you guys tuning in.
Watch the American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at band.video.
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