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Air Date: May 8, 2023
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In this broadcast, InfoWars covers a range of topics from globalist terrorist cells initiating attacks in Texas to iodine deficiency and its consequences. The speaker promotes their products such as X3 Tri-Iodine for cognitive health while discussing recent terror attacks and the media's manipulation of the narrative. They also discuss drug cartel involvement in migration crises, potential mass casualty events along the US-Mexico border, and the importance of exposure to the Great Reset. The show delves into crime statistics and race relations, pointing out discrepancies between FBI reported numbers and actual statistics. The speaker addresses corruption within government directing people towards criminal acts and promotes their products Real Red Pill Plus and Ultimate Bone Broth. Lastly, they discuss modern farming practices leading to iodine deficiency, the decline of commercial real estate, and the dangers of a financial bubble caused by excessive money printing."

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It's Monday, May 8th, 2023.
The globalists have initiated their terror cells.
Tomorrow's news, today.
First of all, the idea that Joe Biden said, come, because I heard the other day that they're coming because they know I'm a nice guy.
Sure, that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
They're seeking asylum.
First time ever we've told people
Alright, a lot of you did not tune in to the Sunday Night Show.
I know the weekday broadcast is a lot bigger and that's important because we've got to get this story out.
The Second Amendment?
Is being framed right now for the brutal senseless attack that killed eight innocent people in Allen, Texas, just north of Dallas yesterday.
People that were targeted were mainly Hispanic, a group of Hispanics standing out front the shopping mall.
Then the next morning in Brownsville, Texas on the border,
A Hispanic man driving a SUV plowed over more than 25 people.
Eight of them are dead.
Many are in critical condition.
A warning, I'm about to show you graphic footage from the scene.
People with their heads run over, legs cut off.
But the reason we're showing you this is to realize how serious this is.
And there's the man being arrested.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
We discover that the media is hardly even talking about this.
This is as big as Kenosha, or as big as the Islamic attack in New York.
Why are Hispanic men in Dallas and in Brownsville shooting and running over at high speed Latinos?
The poor individuals run over outside the migrant center in Brownsville are on screen, mainly men.
The five-year-old little girl was shot and killed in the head again in the north suburb of Dallas, Allen.
This, my friends, is part of a larger operation.
Meanwhile, every major corporate headline reporting on the Dallas attack, the North Dallas attack, the Allen attack
He's saying it's a white supremacist with no evidence, but that an FBI source said maybe.
Meanwhile, it's a month and a half, two months after the tragic attack in Tennessee.
They still won't release any information on it, but friends and neighbors said that the person was a big leftist and transgender and was mad at Christians and mad at the school.
So, they are putting out a false narrative.
Two Hispanic men in the same gang, they have the same gang tattoos,
of the pro tango blast group attack hispanics latinos killing them with a gun and a truck the truck didn't do it the gun didn't do it psychos doing it did it now here's the big takeaway two hispanic men attack groups of hispanics with guns and a truck the media ignores the truck does it the gun narrative and they totally ignore
Mexican street gang, that's a Mexican-American street gang predominantly, but also has illegals in it, that is a group out of the prisons that is regularly contracted by the cartels.
Now, I got a call Saturday morning at 10.30 a.m.
from Pete Santilli, investigative journalist, desperately asked me to call him.
I didn't call him, I was busy, didn't even see his message.
Then, I read the messages in the afternoon, and there had just been the attack,
They didn't say it was Hispanic male yet.
That took a day.
And I went and read what Centilli had texted me.
I have the text right here.
Not going to show the name of the federal informant that gave the info.
Or federal source, not an informant for the Feds.
It's Fed.
And it's exactly what had just happened.
He got a call Friday night telling this was happening.
He called me Saturday morning saying it was coming.
It happened.
Then there's a truck attack the next day.
They're both the same gang.
And the word is the cartels have hired these people to carry out attacks against Hispanics.
We'll tell you why when we come back.
Stay with us.
It's Monday, May 8th, 2023.
We have incredible amounts of powerful news and information.
We'll have open phones throughout the next four hours.
Let's dive right into the tragic terror attacks that took place in a suburb of North Dallas and on the southern border of Texas and Mexico Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday, at a shopping mall, a Hispanic male in black tactical gear pulls up, jumps out of a car, walks up to the front entrance where a group of mainly Hispanic individuals, including small children, were standing and talking and shot them, including a five-year-old, in the head.
Warning, this is graphic footage we're going to show you, but people need to realize how important the Second Amendment is and how a police officer was nearby and stopped him.
Before he could kill more.
The media is now calling, and so is Biden, for a total ban on all semi-autos.
Then, on Sunday morning, a man in a truck in Brownsville, on the Texas-Mexico border, right down close to the coast, rammed a car over more than 25 people at a migrant center on the sidewalk, one of the migrant shelters.
Killing at least eight people.
Others are fighting for their lives.
Warning, we're going to show you that graphic footage as well, because this is to be on the record.
Now, both men have Puro Tango Blast, a large Mexican drug gang, prison gang tattoos.
One on his hand, the Dallas shooter.
That's all we can see is the hand.
He's wearing black tactical.
And the other reported photo from in the hospital of the man that ran over the people who was unarrested of his tattoo with the same gang affiliation.
That fits in exactly with our intel that the Sinaloa and Gulf cartel for the first time more than 20 years have joined forces
To launch terror attacks against the migrants and others that they'll blame on domestic gangs show that Biden will be forced to put Title 42 back in place because it's estimated that the average person coming across gets deported up to well on average three times some as many as ten times and that the payment they've got to make on average is $7,000 to get back across the border.
It was estimated in 2001.
That just in the Texas sector, the Washington Times or the Justice Department estimated $6 billion in profit.
Now it's estimated to be above $10 billion profit a year.
Remember that the drug cartels murder tens of thousands of migrants a year conservatively.
Amnesty International estimates 80% of women and children coming across the border on the Mexican side are raped by the cartels and their minions.
There are mass graves everywhere.
Every few weeks you hear about another 18-wheeler found outside San Antonio or Austin or Dallas with 10 dead, 25 dead, 43 dead.
Because if they don't pay the second half of their payment from their families, when they get here, they are left in 18-wheelers in the heat to die.
That's the brutalness.
At least 51 migrants dead after being found inside an abandoned truck in San Antonio.
Now, they admit the smugglers did that because they didn't pay the rest of their payment.
They didn't have it.
And that's a message to everybody else.
When you come up here and we bring you across, you better have the money or you're dead.
That story got almost zero traction.
All these stories of tens of thousands dead get no traction.
But then when there's a shooting, it gets massive traction.
And the FBI says, maybe we think there could be some affiliation to white supremacists.
The media runs with that.
Then they totally ignore the truck attack because that doesn't fit into the narrative.
Two Hispanic males with the same gang tattoo that is unaffiliated to the cartels but works for them, perfect go-between, launch attacks on Hispanic Latinos, one at a migrant center, one at a mall, and we're told in ultimate gaslighting, ladies and gentlemen, that this is white supremism.
Investigators reveal more details about the gunman who killed eight people at the Texas mall, including possible right-wing extremism.
Texas mass shooter posted neo-Nazi content.
FBI document reveals.
We went and looked, couldn't find it.
Texas mall shooter identified authorities probe possible extremism ties.
The gas lighting has reached new heights.
Mauricio Garcia, white supremacist, claim comes under intense scrutiny.
We can, we've got some better shots than this that I found that we can
Put up on screens also at m4s.com, but that's the tattoo right there of the Puro Tango Blast group.
There's another one of their gang-affiliated tattoos of the organization as well.
That's the man that reportedly drove the truck.
So let me read to you just part of the information I was sent yesterday.
This is hours and hours and hours before the attack in North Dallas in Allen.
I just heard something sick from my source.
Almost made me throw up.
The insider at the cartel sit-down says that he thinks this operation may have come all the way from the top.
A. Two top rival cartels never sit down to coordinate.
B. He thinks their entire scheme is to get Biden what he needs to justify not lifting Title 42 and make him look like a hero.
But the criminal regime, Obama holder, is behind it.
political regime stands to lose billions as well, as a majority of them are all on the payroll.
Unprecedented meeting between Gulf and Sinaloa cartel.
My source gave me permission to let you know who they are.
I'm not going to say.
Who was a multi-decade contractor for the intel services.
Some of the best contacts in the world.
This is his best source.
The source is known to me and known to others.
I'll leave it at that.
I'm sent this, it's on my phone, 10.30 in the morning.
I don't call Centelli back, I didn't see it.
The calls are all coming, I'm hanging out with my wife and children, taking a few hours off at the pool.
Finally, start reading it, and I go, wait, I mean, look at the time on this.
There was just an attack in North Dallas, but who knows it's going to be a Hispanic that did it.
If it is, that'll ratchet this up.
Boom, it was.
Then he has a gang tattoo.
Then, there's another truck attack directly at a migrant center, running over a whole bunch of them, killing at least eight.
The guy's got the same affiliated tattoo.
Two Hispanic men, in 24 hours, attacked two different groups of Hispanics.
Right after we get this cartel info, right as 42 is about to be lifted, and the media, within hours, said white supremacists, but never put out the evidence.
Meanwhile, we have the trans attack in Tennessee a month and a half ago.
And they still haven't released that, and law enforcement groups are suing it in a manifesto because we know what it's going to say.
She, who was a he, reportedly, had been talking to friends and neighbors and saying they were mad about the right-wingers and mad about Christians and mad about the persecution of the trans groups, and you saw the left all out there celebrating it like it was a great thing.
These people are beyond sick.
You know, Pelosi said that MS-13 are all God's children.
The Democrats are laundering the money all over the country from the human smuggling.
We're good.
And then they bring forward some new proposal for some new power to deport, but only when Democrats feel like it, so they can continue to make money with the cartels and then launder that cash in Western banks.
That's the best summation and the best analysis we've got.
We know the media is covering up these were two Hispanic men with gang tattoos that are Hispanic, Mexican drug cartel prison gang.
And we know that this very prison gang is hired as freelancers and work for all the cartels.
They're like low-level soldiers.
So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
That's what's going on.
That's what's happening.
And we're being totally brainwashed, just like with all the crime statistics, saying whites commit the majority of crime, even though you actually look at the FBI statistics and break it down.
Blacks are committing 80% of the murders in this country.
And we'll go over some of those numbers coming up later, but the people don't know that because the media lies.
And they do it by manipulating statistics.
So, the globalists are bringing the level of deception to an entirely different level.
We'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, on the other side of this live Monday broadcast.
Open phones, tons of news and more.
What does this signify?
We'll break it down straight ahead.
All right.
You're not going to have to hold long.
I've gotten a lot better about actually going to your calls, as everyone has noticed here on the Alex Jones Show, but I'm going to open the phones up right now for law enforcement and or people directly that witnessed the shooting in North Dallas Saturday or from the border.
With Mexico, what are you seeing in McAllen?
What are you seeing in Brownsville?
What are you seeing in El Paso?
What are you seeing in the Big Bend area?
What are you seeing all across that long, 300-plus mile border?
We'll go directly to you.
You can make your point.
We'll move on to the next person.
I have been in contact with FBI agents, DEA agents, high-level federal officials directly in meetings.
Two weeks ago, as you know, two Mondays ago, I told you this was all about to happen.
The Pete Santilli information, he was on last night with us, he'll probably be popping in later today, is bone-chilling.
He starts texting me and calling me in the morning.
I had my phone off, was ignoring it.
And get out later, learn there's been a shooting in North Dallas,
Look at his message saying, do not go in the grocery stores.
This is only part of the message.
Do not go in the malls.
Attacks are imminent.
Now, let me just read you the other message.
It's got people's names and stuff in it.
So don't show this for the camera, guys.
Back to it here.
Go back to the start of it.
A lot here.
Okay, so this is us talking Friday night.
They're gonna go for Trump now and also round up a thousand, three thousand more in charge of a suspicious conspiracy.
Yeah, I've been talking to and interviewing Jan, just got off a segment with him.
We're in big trouble.
You're in the right place spiritually.
I have enough faith to believe that he will intervene.
We get right with God.
All right.
This then came in.
Just got another high-level report from an insider with the cartels.
Two cartels sat down to discuss launching a barrage of mass casualty events.
The cartels want to stop the lifting of 42.
They stand to lose.
My source has known the insider for 28 years.
Tier 1 operator with the bad guys.
100% going to happen immediately.
Advisory is to stay out of grocery stores is what the feds were telling feds.
Public events.
They're going to set it up to blame the migration wave.
Let me get on the phone, we discuss why it's happening.
As that was unfolding, my guy was sending me messages.
City of Dallas.
I bet he's Tango Blast.
I'm being told it's going to scale up big time.
Next day there's another terror attack.
Tango Blast is affiliated.
And then it goes on with all the messages you heard me read over.
So that's the stuff going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's happening.
This is what the cartels do all day, every day, all over Central and South America, all over Southern North America and Mexico.
They go in and blow up schools.
They torture little kids in front of their parents.
They pour ass on their faces.
They torture people in satanic ceremonies.
You cannot make up the level of barbarity.
Hundreds and hundreds of thousands dead, it's estimated just the last decade, in the last 12 years, from the cartels and mass graves all over northern Mexico, on the Texas
California and Arizona borders.
This is so serious.
And notice all that's kept out of the papers, out of the news, it's barely a blip.
That all gets suppressed.
50 plus dead in one tractor trailer.
40 something dead in another one.
20 something dead in another.
Every week.
You don't pay the money, they just lock your ass up in the tractor-trailer on the U.S.
You're supposed to pay.
Part when you come across, part when you get over, you're promising you've got money.
Mexican cop finds 40 skulls and fetuses in a jar at a satanic altar, set up by drug traffickers who thought it would protect them from the police.
It just goes on and on and on.
Thousands and thousands of such articles.
We'd see reports about a bunch of severed heads dumped out in front of the Capitol in Arizona a few years ago.
I covered it, the Young Turks.
People made jokes that it didn't happen.
It did.
So, at first they didn't want you to know this was going on as it grew and got out of control.
Now, oh, there's a mass shooting in North Dallas.
It's white supremacists and it's the Second Amendment's fault.
And it is a man with prison tattoos.
Jumping out of a car and killing Hispanics.
That's how stupid the system thinks you are.
And now, I was trying to look, have they even identified who ran the truck over?
A Hispanic man with, again, the same gang connotations.
Eight dead after a pedestrian struck by a car outside a Texas migrant shelter.
Driver in custody.
And I've got stories on this.
There's almost nothing today, only a few articles yesterday.
Guys, keep searching on Brownsville car attack.
They're in there checking, there's basically nothing.
Can you imagine if a white man ran over a bunch of Hispanics or ran over some black people?
It'd be burning cities into the world.
But boom, eight dead, run over in a gruesome fashion,
Basically, this is almost zero coverage.
You'd think it'd be all over the news.
Who is he?
Why'd he do it?
And I've looked at the photo that was released saying this was taken in the hospital bed.
It looks like the same man.
You can see when he's down on his knees and resting.
Looks like he's got that same tattoo on his belly.
But we don't know the full details, the finer details, because
There's a blackout on this, but there's not a blackout on the lie that a white supremacist Hispanic man with gang tattoos jumps out of a car and kills Hispanics standing out front.
There's his name, George Alvarez.
Yep, that's the man with the tattoos and the photo in the hospital.
So somebody wanted us to have that photo.
Do me a favor, put that screenshot back up there so I can read the criminal history.
Two aggravated assaults with a deadly weapon.
One assault against elderly or disabled.
Four assaults causing bodily injury to a family member.
One assault on public servant.
Two burglary of a vehicle.
One assault causing bodily injury.
Two criminal mischief.
One driving while intoxicated.
One evading arrest detention.
Interference with public duties.
Obstruction and retaliation.
Possession of marijuana.
Resisting arrest.
Theft of property.
Let's show the hospital bed photo of him, please.
And his prison tattoos.
This is a big, big deal.
The Pruro Tango Blast Club gang.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Law enforcement are people directly on the border that are witnesses.
Military, want to call in as well.
Is it when I'm laying out the most probable thing that's going on?
We know they're lying about the white supremacist stuff.
Now they're coming after our guns.
We'll be right back.
Jorge Alvarez.
Plowed over more than 25 people, killing 8.
There's almost zero coverage.
The SUV ran a red light, lost control, flipped on its side, and struck a total of 18 individuals.
It was further found that there were 6 fatalities on scene, and 12 critically injured.
From then and now, fatalities have grown to 8.
Investigation also revealed that the driver of the vehicle later identified as George Alvarez,
November 9th, 1988, had attempted to flee the scene after impact, but was held down by several individuals on scene.
Investigation also revealed that the driver of the vehicle... I'm sorry.
George Alvarez is a Brownsville local with an extensive rap sheet.
He has been formally charged and arraigned with 8 counts of manslaughter, 10 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
He has received bonds totaling $3.6 million, and we have his picture and record of various previous arrests, as we will display to you all right now.
So, they're going with the story he did it on accident.
Throw up on the curb and ran over all these people.
I want to thank my men and women serving who have worked and continue to process the scene, the very tragic scene.
I'd also like to thank and acknowledge our Brownsville Fire Department for tending to the critically injured.
They were saying 24 run over, it's only 18, that's good, but they dead.
So, we're told by our sources this is all about to start happening.
It starts happening, and they're telling us white supremacists
Are attacking everybody and saying that white people kill the majority of people and that are out hunting minorities and killing them.
But I have the FBI statistics.
They're not accurate.
Later, I'll actually go over the statistics after we take some calls.
But Elon Musk retweeted this mathematician and we looked at his numbers.
They're accurate.
I've got a whole stack of actual graphs here on what's really going on with the crime statistics and how they're manipulating them.
Here it is.
At this point, you've probably heard of the 1350 statistic and how it might be wrong.
Well, God made me Asian for a reason.
So the biggest problem with the FBI's 50% number is that those are arrest totals and that the true number could be different for a lot of different reasons.
So I decided to calculate the true number using the National Crime Victimization Survey and what we know about interracial crime.
Because if you can't arrest a perpetrator, you can always take a look at the victim.
You don't have to know what any of this shit means, but according to the NCVS, 52% of all homicide victims are black and 42% of all homicide victims are white.
Using FBI crosstabs, we can figure out that 88% of white murder victims were murdered by other white people, and 81% of black murder victims were murdered by other black people.
From there, we get this equation where the total number of white murder victims is the amount of white people murdered by white people, and the amount of white people murdered by black people, and the other way around.
With some algebra, we convert this into an equation that calculates the proportion of white and black perpetrators.
So with this method, we can calculate that the true number isn't 50%, but 60% of all murders were committed by black people.
So it turns out that the FBI was wrong.
Just not in the direction that most people thought it would be.
And 80 plus percent of blacks are killed by blacks.
Now, that was the number I was mentioning earlier.
Blacks are 13% of the population.
Less than half of that 13% is male.
And it's less than 1% of that number
That actually commit the murder.
So it is a tiny minority of black males that are committing 60% of the murder in the United States.
Think about that.
It is a tiny fraction of black people that are out committing all these crimes.
But the group that's doing it commits a massive, massive
Massive number.
And the police most of the time don't even show up.
And then remember what happened last year?
They reported crime down 0.2% in major cities.
You know why?
The FBI did not count crime in over 800 cities and towns to cover up the massive crime wave.
And whereas blacks have normally historically killed blacks, just like most white people are killed in the past by other whites, people they know,
Now that number has totally shifted and the majority of whites are being killed by blacks.
And that's because the left has said whites are evil, whites are racist, they're out to get you, they deserve to die.
We can show you the footage we put up yesterday of a white homeless man sitting on the street, and a black man walks over, takes about a minute to make sure the gun's loaded, and shoots him execution style in the back of the head.
Who's pushing people into the subway tracks?
Who's shooting white people in the back of the head?
Who's shooting police officers?
Who's shooting black people?
A tiny percentage of the black population.
But it's like a serial killer.
And it's true in the crime statistics that the majority of serial killers in the West are white.
That is the weird crime anomaly.
But still, serial killers account for a tiny portion of deaths.
But it is normally highly intelligent white males that are the premeditated serial killer type.
It's just a fact.
And when you talk about robberies, and rapes, and murder, for almost no reason in every case, just randomly,
It's a small percentage of young black males.
But that small percentage, compared to the other small percentages, is mountainous.
So again, they lie in the media about the statistics and tell you that there is a crime wave of white people.
And they're not.
But there's a new anomaly in the crime statistics, and I've got a bunch of them right here.
We'll go to your phone calls.
We'll get more into this later.
And that is the Soros DAs, and again, over 800 cities and towns, who are charging people, predominantly whites, if they defend themselves with a firearm.
Those are now being counted as murders.
So Elon Musk tweeted this.
It's a graph.
It's very accurate.
And they illustrate here with a television camera zoomed in only on the white on black crime.
Which is the next to smallest graph.
Hispanic on black is the smallest.
59,778 white crimes against blacks.
Everything in there, murder, you name it.
Hispanic on black, 44,551.
Hispanic on white, 365,299.
So the Hispanics are really starting to attack the whites as well.
A lot of Hispanics, whites are killing a lot more and hurting a lot more Hispanics than whites are killing blacks.
But almost double the amount of crime by Hispanics against whites.
And then look up here, this tower of black on white crime. 547,948.
And the survey statistics are usually a few years behind.
Plus the FBI aren't putting these numbers out.
We have to collate them from other national databases.
That's 2018.
It's estimated crime has more than doubled since then.
Can you imagine the real numbers?
But just like tens of thousands dead every few months on the Texas border alone.
Tens of thousands!
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds a month locked up in trucks to die.
Doesn't even really make the news.
That's how they control perception.
And if you turn on the news, you would believe that white supremacists have attacked.
Everybody's got to run for the hills.
That, my friends, is deception.
All right.
Lee in New York is a police officer on attacks and immigration getting bad.
I'm going to go to break and come right out of the break and go right to you, Lee, I promise.
We got Mike in Florida, who's Special Forces on the migrant attacks.
Justin, Department of Defense on migrant crime.
John is in Dallas, went to the same prison in Dallas that the Tango Blast individuals from.
We'll talk to John as well.
And the callers are being very disciplined.
Normally the phone lines load up in like five seconds.
But they're not.
We've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
We've got more than 10 phone lines open because the listeners are being nice and not calling if you're not a police officer or don't have specific intel on this that you can tell us.
So other police officers can get in.
You will not hold long.
Your phone calls are straight ahead.
This is really important.
After I take your calls, next hour I'll break down what I think is coming next.
Now they're coming after our guns.
Stay with us.
All right, we're taking your phone calls right now.
Let me just recap what's going on.
Sources contacted me Saturday saying that the drug cartels are going to start attacking migrants to scare them from not coming across the border when Title 42 goes away, letting them know you still got to pay the cartels money or they'll kill you.
That's what they do all the time.
On the Mexican side and on the U.S.
side, and the media just sweeps another rug.
Then all this stuff starts up, and the media says it's white supremacist, even though the stories don't fit.
We're going down to the border starting Wednesday when Title 42 goes down on Thursday.
I'll leave it at that, so pray for the operation to please support us.
But two men with the same gang tattoos go out and do this.
They focus on the shooting, not on the car attack.
Whole thing is really stinking to high heaven.
Now they're coming out against the Second Amendment.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Dallas in a moment.
First, we're going to go to Lee in New York, who says he's a police officer on the attacks.
Immigration getting bad.
Then we'll go to Mike, Justin, and John.
Go ahead, Lee.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
I appreciate you taking my call and salute for everything you have done for all Americans worldwide.
Thank you, sir.
So I just wanted to get down on this because I see a lot of immigrants coming through, whether they're illegal or legal.
And I do see that some are good, some are bad within everything with human groups coming in.
But I do see that a lot of them don't have the respect for American politics.
They don't have respect for the Constitution.
They don't have respect if you pull out a camera and you record them.
They have a lot of problems with the civilians flexing their rights, basically, and they don't understand that.
So if they're pouring in by the thousands, that looks like, basically, it's an attack to make this like a third world country.
So the next time there's a collapse, next time there's an economic shutdown through COVID or whatever they have planned out, there's going to be five, six times fold.
And that's what I think is going to be over on.
We have new, a lot of new recruitment out here in the streets.
All the old recruitment, they went to Florida, West Palm Beach.
They went to, you know, they, they, they ran away from here because they knew what they were getting themselves into.
They abandoned ship here in New York.
And so the next time there's a collapse or next time there's a lockdown, there's going to be a lot more, uh, grand scale riots.
And I do for sure think that black people are getting hypnotized by people like
I don't know.
That are in my police force that do not speak out on George Soros, that do not speak out on Alex Soros, because these are the people that actually control the politics out here in New York City, and in the five boroughs, and little Eric Adams.
Well, you're absolutely right, and what you said is the key to this.
It's to bring the country down, destabilize it, so when there's another crisis, we collapse, starting with the blue cities, which were once our greatest cities, meant to bring the entire country down.
It just gave me chills, what you said, and I know a lot of great New York police officers, including SWAT team people, and I'm gonna leave it at that, and they're totally awake as well.
For those who don't know, Soros runs the governor.
He runs the mayor, he runs the DA's, he runs the prosecutors, he runs them all.
And they even have these, quote, colleges for them where they all get them together and launch their attacks against Trump and everybody else.
But at least the police, on average, are awake.
God bless you, sir, and thanks for calling.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Mike with Special Forces on the migrant issue from Florida.
What's your take on what we've been talking about?
Well, Alex, I spent quite a few deployments down in Central and South America working with counter drug units, human trafficking units to curtail this.
And where I live in Florida now, I'm retired, is probably the reddest area of the country.
But in the last two years, there has been this dynamic shift where you have a population that has essentially infiltrated the area and has created an entire subculture.
And from what I see, because my background also is in surveillance, I see a lot of gang members, groups of five, groups of six, ten, that all kind of mingle together and are setting up shop, essentially.
And things that you've mentioned before about, you know, these folks getting free phones, free debit cards.
And law enforcement here is blind.
They have no idea what is going on.
I've tried talking to them about that.
Like, you need to be aware that this community has now created another community within this area.
And explain to them how Mexico fell to gangs and how government groups work with them.
The same thing in Brazil.
I mean, the globalists have a formula.
This is part of a larger plan is what you're saying.
Well, and I mean, people don't want to believe it, but there's a three-letter agency
That has ties to all these cartels, in my opinion, along with other terrorist organizations that we helped set up, and that now, I mean, you could take ISIS as an example.
It's the same tactics being used in Mexico.
Remember where ISIS got their guns?
Holders shipped hundreds of thousands of guns to Mexico, and fast and furious, not just to blame the Second Amendment, that was a side issue, to then ship them out of Mexico into the Middle East, Libya, and Syria for that war.
And if we don't know where those guns are now, who's to say that they're not here or coming across with these large groups of people, and especially with Title 42 getting ready to end, there's going to be a massive wave of people coming.
And going to Walmart is a completely different experience in this area where I live compared to two years ago.
And what the gentleman said before about they have no respect for our culture, he's absolutely right.
They feel entitled.
They feel like the laws do not apply to them.
The laws are for Americans and not them.
They're somewhat of a royalty on some type of... Well, remember the illegal aliens the UN said two years ago, pull up Reuters, quote migrants exempt from COVID shots and because quote there's no liability protection because the UN wasn't going to take the liability, they made the US government do that.
So yeah, they don't take the shots when our police had to.
Not only that, but along with the COVID,
What are these people bringing across?
What have they been infected with?
You know, from the black pig in LA that we're seeing like a year ago, to other diseases.
The one thing, if I could say Alex, people need to get with their churches and start going and talking to other churches.
Black, white, brown, it doesn't matter.
But you need to start organizing.
You need to at least create, I think Greg Reese put it out about safety committees.
Why not a neighborhood watch?
But you need to start organizing, and you need to turn off the TV and get out of Plato's Cave, or this country's gonna fall.
That's right.
Sooner than we think.
The same NGO that ran the invasion of Europe the last 12 years, for two and a half years, is in charge.
When you go to the border, you literally see purple and green-haired leftists ordering the Border Patrol and ICE around.
They take orders from the NGOs.
And people don't realize either that every country around the world that's going along with this, they're testing methods.
They are testing TTPs, tactics, techniques, and procedures.
So they see what works.
And then they, because ultimately this is, this is the big target.
We are the last target.
So they're testing all this stuff everywhere around the world, seeing what works, and they're going to bring it down here like a hammer on a nail.
And if we don't start organizing, I'm not calling for violence.
I mean, I've been to war.
It doesn't solve anything.
Back in 2016, when I finally opened my eyes, like, what the hell are we doing here in Afghanistan?
And my kids are Afghan.
And it was all a scam.
It was all a money-making scam.
And since then, I've tried to educate myself on this through, thankfully, your information.
That's right, because the next big lockdown, the next big pandemic, I mean the next big war is already here, God bless you.
That's right, and we all feel anxiety because we can see it, but at least we know what's going on.
But yeah, this is the takedown of America.
This is the replacement migration.
They're bringing in a permanent underclass that they can control.
They snap their fingers, they burn the cities down.
All right, we're going to go to break, and I'm going to come right back with John, Bob, Barry, Justin, and others.
We'll go to John.
Justin's up next.
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M4 is just the horse, folks.
You're Paul Revere.
Spread the articles, spread the videos, share the links, share this forbidden info of what we believe is really going on with these attacks that are just the beginning.
In Texas.
We'll come back and take your phone calls.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Say a prayer for Global Awakening.
Say a prayer for peace.
Say a prayer for justice.
We'll see you in hour number two.
All right, Justin and Virginia Department of Defense on the migrant crime wave.
I really want the callers to give me their take on what they think my analysis is, because I think it's the closest to what is probably going on.
It fits with the cartel pattern.
It fits with what's already been happening.
It fits with the lies we're seeing.
But what's on your mind, Justin, in Virginia?
What do you think the Biden administration is doing by sending these troops to the border?
Do you think they're trying to protect the migrants to help them get in?
Oh, 100% that's what they, yeah, because they were so good at flooding the border, now there's a problem that ICE can't even process them all.
So absolutely, that's what they're going to send the troops there, not like Trump did to secure it, but to help process them.
That's exactly, that's the only reason I can think of why they would send troops down there is to help them get in.
There's not even a debate about that.
There's not even a debate.
But instead of building a wall, why not put two miles deep of landmines all across the
And let these people choose their own damn destiny.
Well, the country's under invasion, and that would save lives, because again, the cartels have killed 200,000 people, the Department of Justice estimates, the last 12 years, and most of them trying to come to the border.
I mean, literally, they leave 53 of them here, 25 of them there, to die in 18-wheelers every week, and the media doesn't even touch it.
Because it's not the sexy story they want, because it's not evil white people killing Hispanics, it's the drug cartels.
Line the border with landmines, put up signs, deadly force authorized past this point, let them take care of themselves.
It's totally sick.
You know, if we've got tens of millions, and it's probably 8 million a year conservative right now coming across, some go back and forth, imagine when Title 42 goes down, they say it's going to be like a bomb going off.
Oh yeah, it's going to be crazy.
And there's a lot of people that
Question why Trump didn't come out against the vaccine.
I understand that, but what if he's not strong enough to defend that right now, defend his point?
No, I hear you.
Well, that's the inside argument is he knows he screwed up, but he thinks that would then be used against him.
So that's really where it is.
Alright, appreciate you Alex, love you.
Appreciate you, love you guys too.
Alright, let's go to John in Dallas, went to the same prison in Dallas as Tango Blast Gang that both these recent killers are reportedly part of.
Go ahead John.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Long time listener.
God bless you for calling, what's on your mind?
So, I did go to prison in 2012 to 2014.
And we don't put those kind of tattoos.
We do that Dallas sign with a star, not with the leaf, and not with the Texas sign.
That is a free world tattoo, not a prison tattoo.
It's not Tango Blast.
Alright, so what's your MO on this guy?
What do you think he's doing?
I'm gonna say he was just, I don't think he ever went to prison.
He may have went to county a couple times, but yes, I think he definitely maybe got compromised,
And they play with his brain, and he carried out this hideous mission.
That's my thought.
Well, that's what cartels do.
I mean, anybody that's watched the great Netflix, it's super accurate because I've read the history, they grab you and say, we're going to kill your wife and daughter if you don't do this.
So what do you think about parasites being put into people to make them crazy and make them carry out these hits?
Well, I know that's a Rathacon, probably the best Star Trek there is, but I don't like Star Trek.
That's a good movie.
I'll just watch it the other day again.
There are some parasites, like the one that cats have, that make people mentally ill.
That's an interesting thought.
What made you think of that?
I saw something on Reese's Report about that, but it was a video from months ago.
Oh, I remember Reese's Report about the parasites.
Yeah, and then from them, it makes them more gullible and, you know, lets them mess with them easier if they're in that state of mind.
Highly suggestible.
So you're saying you're in Puro Tango Blast?
Puro Tango Blast.
Tango Blast is Texans against negative gang organizations.
We're only in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin.
Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth.
Yes, sir.
The four horsemen.
Then you have other tangos.
West Texas tango.
And then you have other things.
The guy in Brownsville, he's an older gang member.
He may have been in prison a long time ago.
So he's probably part of the mafia gang.
Alright, thank you so much for the call.
I know this.
They're lying and saying these are white supremacists.
The guy that killed everybody up in Dallas.
All the rest of it with no proof.
They're suppressing the Trans Killers Manifesto in Tennessee for a month and a half.
But boy, the FBI says this Hispanic guy's a white supremacist.
You got this truck attack they're covering up.
You got Title 42 lowering on Thursday.
It's gone Wednesday night.
And now the people will literally turbo surge.
The border's reportedly up to 60,000 on the border of Mexico with El Paso.
There's reportedly 30-40,000 in McAllen across the border about to come in.
I mean, this is going to make all the previous surges look like child's play.
We can roll B-roll for TV viewers.
Just over the weekend, food trucks pulling up in El Paso being just overwhelmed with people begging for food.
People say, that's not America.
Look in the lower right-hand corner.
The truck says El Paso.
It'll pan down in a minute.
Yes, that's out of local news.
But most of this is not hitting the national news.
So Biden's created such a huge problem, broken the border, now he's sending troops down to facilitate the whole thing.
I want to go over to the real crime statistics, how the left's trying to cause race riots again.
I've got military news, I've got economy news, I've got AI news, I've got Tucker Carlson news.
You notice what I told you when Tucker got fired a few weeks ago?
I said, well, I'm not going to tell you my sources, but then I went through what I believed Tucker was going to do.
Well, you can read it all today in Axios.
Tucker's gonna launch his own platform.
He's talking to Elon Musk.
Planning to launch his own network.
But Fox is trying to keep him off air with golden handcuffs.
His contract didn't end up until January 2025.
Over a year and a half from now.
Taking him out of the game.
Will it work?
And Tucker has now urged Fox News to permit Carlson to get a new job.
His first public comment.
Got that coming up.
I get told this stuff and can't tell you the specifics until somebody else puts it out.
But there you go, tomorrow's news today.
Let's go ahead and talk to... I told Newsmax and Patrick Ben-David not to hold your breath about getting Tucker.
All right, let's go ahead and... I like those guys.
They're pretty nice, but I just don't want them to hold their breath.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bob in Oregon, Air Force, on the migrant crime wave.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you, sir?
Good, brother.
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, you know, um, what I see is they, they're trying to have our attention, obviously, on what's going on.
It's horrendous.
Watching these young kids, these young, little, innocent kids.
My God, you know, they're keeping our eyes on this, but there's bigger fish being fried in the background.
We know that.
It's time to start really watching your communities.
My God, I tell you.
We're so separated in this country.
I remember growing up and, you know, even though you had to fight, rumble, and roll to get along in your community, when something happened, everybody pulled together.
We don't have that now.
We're so separated.
It's time to really dig down, find out who is not separated and like-minded.
Because if we let this happen, it's going to be just like watching, you know, the Holocaust.
Obviously, they say it didn't happen.
Well, it happened.
And you watch those people line up, and thousands of people, with 10, 15, 20 guards on the side with automatic weapons, being led to those train cars.
And nobody did anything about it.
Well, some of them did.
Some of them did fight back.
Some of them did get away.
But now, if they all would have pulled together, half of them, not even half of them, a quarter of them would have pulled together, they could have took those guns.
Well, absolutely.
Guns stop crime way more than they're used in crime.
We need more guns to protect ourselves.
I'm only showing this so people understand it.
This is a gun-free zone.
You see that family with that little five-year-old girl with her brains blown out.
And I'm showing this so people understand that you need to have situational awareness.
You need to be armed.
You need to know that this type of stuff's going on.
And again, that is the reality of this.
And I'm sad to have to show this, but this is what's really going on.
The system wants our guns because they want to do this to us on a mass scale.
Again, the media doesn't care about the Mexican cartels killing hundreds of thousands of its own people.
They want to sit there and say a white supremacist did this.
That's because they pick and choose what they want to make a big deal about.
We're making it all a big deal.
It's all important.
Yes, it is.
It's all a big deal.
But you know, the problem is, is that we've all been patsies throughout history.
You can go back.
We fight the wars we believe.
For who?
We die.
For a few men.
A few corrupt, evil men.
What Satan works through.
I mean, that's the bottom line.
This is a war against good and evil.
Now, evil's raised its ugly head.
And we're seeing this on our own streets.
Much like the Patriot movie, if you watch that, Alex.
And this is what's happening right now.
And it's obvious if, you know, what needs to happen, and I hate to say this, but it is the truth.
You know, if there's going to be gunplay, we need to point the guns in the right direction.
There really doesn't have to be that many shots fired.
Well that's why the globalists have created an atmosphere where the general public is getting killed and then they think we'll surrender to their terrorism and give up our guns and then it's all over.
Thank you for the call.
Alright, let's go to Barry in Kentucky, Army, on Mexico Race War in the Media.
Thanks for holding, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I want to ring the bell on some pre-programming.
If we look at Call of Duty, the recent patch, you know, back towards December, January, it is a fight in Mexico against cartels and it implicates explosives and driving crazy and, you know, some things that we're seeing now.
Oh, remember, the Republican senators just called to basically invade Mexico and take out the cartels over fentanyl.
That is the number one cause of death below the age of 50 now.
Yeah, and you know, I think it may possibly be their next glorious campaign and it would be another reason for them to go in and, you know, it's a humanitarian effort to bring more voters in at the same time as it is to play with our guns over there.
Yeah, that would certainly make Biden look good if he went with that.
There was enough pressure put on him.
Yeah, and he'd have some lifetime voters thanks to it.
So, you know, just my thoughts.
Thank you.
No, no, I think you're right on.
Anything else you want to say?
No, I just want to say keep your kids away from the video games.
It's obviously an implementation of their thoughts to inherit our society to destruction.
Great call.
Russell in California, you're on the air.
Navy on migrant crime flood.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Thank you for the brain force and the iodine.
My concern is, yes, we are seeing a large influx of
Minorities here, especially labor types that want to hang around the Home Depots and so forth here in California.
I saw over 60 of them this weekend.
They're Haitians, they're Hondurans, and they're competing with the Mexicans who come across the border from Tijuana.
We also see encampments in the canyons.
We see the encampments under the bridges.
They're basically fish out of water.
They're coming to a very, very expensive country with no skills, no education, and I don't know how they're going to tolerate it.
After a certain period of time.
Well that's it.
And the same thing happened in Europe.
Now Europe's unlivable tourism is down 80%.
The government deliberately destroyed Europe on purpose.
And it's being done.
We're being destroyed.
That's true.
And another thing that came out of some friends of mine who are in high places is that they're afraid of another 9-11 event for the Democrats with the competitor for the Democratic Party.
And Donald Trump.
They have to do something and it's probably going to happen on the anniversary of 9-11.
Well, I agree that they're going to stage major terror attacks and blame the Republicans somehow.
I mean, look, the whole world's crazy right now, and that's the only card they've got left.
And so I believe what we're seeing is probably the beginning of that.
And it makes sense what Pete Santilli's source is saying, that the cartels make $10 billion a year off this.
They don't want it cut off, so they want Title 42 put back in.
Because, quote, they're going to start targeting people and killing them, and if they kill the migrants, the illegals coming in, then they'll let them know, the cartels, see you didn't pay us, so we're going to kill a bunch of you.
Which is what they do all the time anyways.
Yeah, and like I said, once you have a population that can't support itself here in our country, who knows what avenues they're going to take to go for their survival.
Great point!
Yep, they're creating a road warrior scenario.
The global controllers have decided there's too many people on the earth and they've decided to launch a controlled demolition of civilization.
Out of that cascading train of disasters, they will pose as the saviors and bring in their biomedical transhumanist tyranny.
That's what they write about, it's what they say, it's what they give speeches on at TED Talks and Bill Gates and
You walk in a bookstore, there's in-caps everywhere with their books.
This is their plan.
And what's so frustrating is, I had a chance to join them, repeatedly.
But I decided to bet on humanity and not be part of this.
But I can look at the fallen state of humanity and say, well, once this all gets too out of control, most of these people are gonna have to die because there won't be resources.
So we're already so deep into this,
But what I want the middle class to know, and what I want really wealthy people to know, is I think you're smart enough to understand that you're not safe in this climate either, and that's why there's some backing away from the New World Order right now.
That's why there's a lot of powerful people saying, hey, let's not do this.
I saw reports last week, I sent it to the crew, I'm sure it was on my stack, I never found it, but, hold up, Xi Jinping declares emergency over Chinese demographics, and tells the population to have three children.
Now back when China was on a globalist leash, to be given all the industry and power, they had to only have one child.
That was a globalist policy.
Now their society is falling apart, because you've got to have enough people to replace those that die.
And we're replacing, with totally uneducated, third world populations from around the world, predominantly military age young men.
No education, had horrible nutrition as children,
Which means white, black, hispanic, small brains.
And it's a disaster.
So the replacement migration we've got is not the best of all these countries, it's the worst.
Yeah, that's from a few years ago when they shifted policies, BBC.
China lost three children in a major policy shift.
It was just last week.
Xi Jinping holds meeting on emergency of country's demographics.
Yeah, there it is.
Print that for me.
Fox News.
China's Xi in a panic overcoming population crisis.
We will be more proactive, more belligerent.
China's population is still headed towards collapse despite government offering financial incentives.
But our government more and more tells you don't have children.
Elon Musk says do have children.
But I don't care if you are a intelligent, successful, that means just able to take care of your family and your children are doing well and you love God, that means you're successful.
Black, white, Hispanic, old, young.
But we know that's not what we're doing right now.
We are screwed up.
And the globalists have decided to take us out like the garbage.
But I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if I actually went to New York, met Henry Kissinger, went to work for them.
What would they have me do?
What would I be right now?
Because just even listening to it made me feel soulless.
God wants me to fight for the people.
God wants us to fix the problems and lift up the weak.
Not kill them.
But it's going to get so out of hand, folks, to protect yourself, you're going to get to a point where you're going to have to defend yourself.
This is the end of civilization as we know it.
Alright, I was only taking calls from specifically law enforcement and military.
Now I'm going to take calls from everybody.
First time callers though.
But I'll put you at the head of the line if you're on the border, if you witnessed any of this, give us your take.
If you're in El Paso, or McAllen, or Brownsville, or Southern California, or Southern Arizona, or maybe in your small town, what you're seeing with the illegals that are just stacked up everywhere.
I drive around the country, little random towns now, there's just illegals everywhere, wandering around, no jobs, no nothing.
Building their camp cities or tent cities, and then all the drugged out Americans of every race, color, and creed, stumbling around, peeing on themselves.
I saw feces on the ground twice in one day, Saturday.
I mean, it's just, it's just the breakdown of society.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539 on this big subject, but we can also bring up all the other subjects.
We've got a lot of military news.
We've got big censorship news.
We've got massive fentanyl news.
We've got huge news dealing with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
We've got the crime statistic news.
But something I really had, not an epiphany, but just a real understanding of this weekend, was the AI and how it's being rolled out and what the system's saying and what they're doing and how they're couching it.
That, oh, we want to protect you from the AI and Google wants to protect you now.
And I really thought about my deep research on AI and all the top sources that we've talked to, what's really going on with it.
And I've got some really chilling information for you.
And I guess today's the day to talk about that.
So crew, remind me the start of the next hour to do 10 minutes on AI and what it really means and where it's all going.
So we'll do that as well.
But again, recapping, you have this Hispanic gentleman, I say that lightly, gentleman, person, killing all these innocent people in North Dallas, and the media call him a white supremacist.
That fits into all the fake crime statistics.
They don't show the evidence of it, they suppress the trans activists killing people.
This is just such a level of lying.
And when it's so unified, how do you counter something like that?
When the people going along with this are destroying themselves in the process, it is quite the realization to say the least.
But boy is it going to be incredible.
We're going to be on the ground Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday in El Paso.
And nobody is going to want to miss the reportage that we're going to be giving you.
And we're going to be busy little beavers.
We have a lot of whistleblowers, insiders.
You know, the big story here is it's not just millions coming across every year, tens of millions every couple of years.
It is the fact that they're being lured here by the government and that the Texas sector alone
30,000 children have been handed over to pedophiles or people with sex crime histories.
20,000 pedophiles released just the last two years by the Texas sector.
And that's internal numbers.
Some of it's come out in the news, but I have that from very high levels.
Like, you've got the director of ICE, Mayorkas, and you've got the top tier of people.
Like, it's the very top, below the head.
It's beyond the head of the union, we got all that, and that's, we're talking to all those people.
And you see the moral people in the federal government, the FBI agents and the federal marshals, just look like they saw a ghost.
They're just like, this is organized child trafficking run by the government.
You see congressional hearings, they say that too.
I mean, this is, they're coming to grips with, man, these people are really bad.
And they're directing people to do things that are illegal.
Because it's Merrick Garland decides who to prosecute.
And these high-level federal officials say, hey, we got to prosecute this guy.
He's a five-time deported, three-time child molester, raping small children.
They go, nope, misdemeanor, let him go in two months.
We don't let you put them in jail.
I mean, that's an evil-ass government right there.
They started the poison shots more than two years ago.
But there was one group in Europe, one group in Asia, one group in the Americas,
One group in Australia that the government said, no need, they don't have to have a shot, they can do whatever they want.
And that was the illegal aliens given debit cards by the UN, by the State Department, by other governments, thousands and thousands of dollars, thousands and thousands of euros to be brought into our countries.
And that's because they're going to send them off to Democrats and Socialists and other leftist parties to be slave labor, to be sex slaves, to sign up with them, they take part of their paycheck, they take part of their welfare, they farm them.
That's all come out.
Here's Reuters.
Refugees lack COVID shots because drug makers fear lawsuits documents show.
They got all our governments to sign off on liability protection.
The hospitals know how to cover it up when you have a stroke or heart attack or die.
Or myocarditis.
But with them, those are their cash cows.
They're not going to hurt them until later.
That's the cold-blooded scientific level of this control.
Globalists know exactly what they're doing.
There's the Washington Post.
Obama administration placed children with human traffickers.
Senate report confirms that's from 2016.
Six and a half years ago.
All right, we got loaded phone lines.
I'm gonna move quickly through your phone calls.
The next hour, I'm gonna blitz through a ton of news and big breaking stuff we've got.
There's so much here lined up, but I want to get to your calls.
Let's go ahead and go to Taylor in Texas.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
How you doing, sir?
Good, go ahead.
Alright, so I just wanted to fill in some stuff about the incident in Brownsville.
I have a channel called RGV Truth.
It's on Rumble, also Facebook, and everything else.
I released a video yesterday I got from a PD contact, from a police contact, and that has all the gory video.
I don't know how much is actually out there for the mainstream.
I've been up all night, you know, putting videos together, getting stuff from people.
But this guy was a Beluco gang member.
If you look at the picture of him in the hospital bed, you'll see he's got a Willisee, Hidalgo, and Starr County portrait on his stomach with the palm tree.
So that would be his gang affiliation.
Also, when he was 17 years old in 2005, he got a $2 million settlement from Brownsville PD for a wrongful coercion of guilt for an assault on a police officer.
So there's a lot of stuff I've been seeing about this guy.
There's also some eyewitness reports
Um, Numbia Chapa said that her parents saw him almost crash into several cars on Minnesota and California Avenue, which is a few intersections before, uh, where he was by the bus stop.
And there's also, I cannot confirm this report, I have another guy saying that he saw a post somewhere where this guy, Alvarez, the driver, went past that bus stop cussing at the IAs.
So, um, the other thing that I'm not seeing the mainstream media covering, and I have a video out also, it's on Facebook,
Yes sir, and legs are missing.
I mean little kids, ninas.
I mean, just strewn about.
These people should not be in this country at all, but they don't deserve to end their lives like that.
They're just all pawns.
Well, it sounds like you're on the job.
Again, what's your channel again?
We want to pull your videos up.
It's all one word.
RGV Truth.
Everything's going to be on Rumble.
I'm releasing a new video today.
I just activated the Tea Party.
I have been exposing a New World Order globalist NGO down here that's been doing kids' drag shows.
I've gotten the grassroots behind me.
Oh, wow.
So I've heard of you before.
It's RGV Truth?
Yes, sir.
We were, uh, I used to be with a group called the True Patriots.
Yes, sir.
I think you guys had a, yeah, Owen was down there.
So they're getting the migrant children and putting them in the pedo shows?
Oh, sir, it's wilder than anything you can think of.
It all leads back to a pizza restaurant that is very heavily involved with kids in Alamo called The Landmark.
I actually, unprecedented, I actually, I exposed these pedos.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I'm here.
I wanted to talk about two things.
I wanted to talk about the
Uh, the 5% rule, uh, which is kind of a term I made up, and then I also wanted to talk about how to deal with the drug cartels.
Here's what I come up with.
The 5% rule, since these people are so interested in DNA and genetics,
So interested in DNA and genetics, let's test these people and find out which ones are the craziest, and let's get their DNA checked so we can find out the loons once we get them out of the way.
Now, that's the 5% rule.
If you have 5% of that DNA in you, then you have to go and be quarantined for the safety of the public.
Okay, now,
Secondly, I wanted to speak about the drug cartels.
Okay, here goes what I come up with.
In South Central Los Angeles, they have been fighting, the Mexicans and the Bloods and Crips have been fighting.
So here's what I say.
Okay, how about some interested people with money support black people to kill these people and get them to fight each other since they like division so much.
That would be nice.
And here's another thing I would say.
First of all, support Alex Jones, support InfoWars, and never mix TurboForce with root beer and sherbet ice cream and vodka.
Because you know what'll happen?
You'll go bonkers!
Alright, I appreciate your call.
I don't really agree with that, some of those things.
And I think that was a prank caller.
Let's go to Steve in Alaska.
Steve, thanks for holding.
You hear me?
Okay, I had to get you off speakerphone.
Yeah, I did a lot of stupid stuff when I was younger, and I ended up doing three stretches in prison between California and Colorado.
And, you know, I ran with a lot of Mexicans.
My godchildren are actually half Mexican, half Cuban.
And of course, I ran with a lot of whites, had friends of pretty much all colors.
But I've never, ever in my tour of duty in the lower pits of hell,
Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
You know, if they're Mexican and they're proud, they're probably a part of like, well, Raza is
As either a militant or non-militant.
I mean, they're proud of their own heritage.
Mexicans, by and whole, are proud of their heritage.
They're good people.
They're great people.
These cartels, however, they work hand-in-hand with the CIA, and if anybody doesn't know that, they don't understand it.
The CIA's been dealing drugs.
The only reason why there's a war on drugs is because the CIA wants to control the drugs coming into America, so they make the money, and then they're hand-in-hand with the cartels.
Which, of course, is hand-in-hand with the bankers and it goes all the way through the politicians.
Just follow the money.
It's easy.
So why would this guy get out of a car and shoot a bunch of Hispanics he saw congregated?
Well, you know, you've had a lot of theories put out there, like everything from maybe his family's kidnapped, maybe he's a soldier.
I mean, some of these guys who are part of the cartels are soldiers.
And when they're given orders, they go ahead and do them.
And there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
It doesn't matter.
Like, if you're in the joint, for instance, and they give you an order to go put a knife in somebody and kill them, it doesn't matter if you're going to the hole for the next 20 years.
They'll go and do it.
You're a soldier, and they understand that because the other side of that coin is if you don't do that, then you're next on the list.
And that's what a lot of people don't really understand about these people.
It's not like a military soldier where they give you an order, and if you don't follow it, you get a court-martial and go to jail, maybe.
They'll kill you.
And that's no joke.
Dead serious.
Let me tell you, these extreme gangs need to be eradicated.
We need to turn the military loose on them and kill all their leadership.
I'm sick of this crap.
All right, I appreciate your call, sir.
God bless you.
Really powerful.
More calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
We're taking a lot of amazing phone calls.
I'm going to jam-pack the next hour with the news.
Pray for us.
We're going to the border on Wednesday morning.
We're taking your calls right now.
Please remember, we can't finance this operation without you.
We're financed, we're put in the field, we're backed by you.
And when you make the simple decision to share the articles and videos, you make the simple decision to go to Infowarshore.com and get a book, get a film, get a water filtration system highest rated, the lowest price you're going to find, high quality storable food, when you get the supplements, when you get the X3 back in stock, when you get the Turbo Force back in stock, when you get the real red pills selling out still 40% off, you don't just get great products, you underwrite the resistance.
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But look, it just gets down to prayer and then action and then realizing that
It's not about going bowling and not about playing pool, which I like both.
It's not about going and seeing movies.
It's not about having fun.
That's all great.
We've already done that.
And now we're losing everything.
It doesn't mean you don't get some R&R, but your focus has got to be civilization and crisis.
And it's become very clear to everybody that we were never in Kansas.
And that we've been in a tyranny for a very, very long time.
It's not like, Dorothy, hey, we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
We've never been in Kansas.
And people ask, why is evil doing this?
Well, because it's evil.
It wants full control.
America's far from perfect, but we were the least tyrannized country during the COVID.
It's the same for everywhere else.
They don't want us as an example of the world.
They take us down.
They believe they rule the world.
That's why there's such cutthroats.
It's why they're attacking culture, society, and civilization.
It's cloward and pivot on steroids.
We don't know what cloward and pivot is.
Look it up.
Husband and wife, Democrat professors, in the 60s and 70s, developed a plan to bring third world populations here to have a huge welfare state, to bankrupt the country, and make the old system fall, and then bring in tyranny on top of it.
Next hour, here's some examples.
California defaults on $18.6 billion in debt, saddling employers with the expense.
But don't worry, the California government now wants
569 billion for black people and reparations.
So the state doesn't have 18 billion dollars, but they're gonna give 500 billion free money out.
Who believes that?
It's just to piss people off when they believe they're gonna get it and don't give it to them.
Like Biden, oh I'm gonna give you free tuition, I'm gonna forgive your student debt, oh I got elected, sorry!
Not gonna do it!
First he even signed the order to do it, then said oh I'm not doing it.
Oh my God.
And his followers that just clamor more.
Well, what do we do to get the free thing?
We'll just do more of what I say.
It's like in business when somebody screws you over once, twice, three times, it's your fault if you believe it anymore.
They're going to screw you.
It's what they do.
You're not getting a free lunch.
There isn't the resources.
Come on, folks.
You're not that stupid.
I know you're smart.
David in Atlanta, you're on the air on the border.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Uh, I got to disagree with that last caller because he said there's no such thing as a white supremacist Hispanic, but I could tell him in my experience, well, in California, in the penal system, when it comes down to a race war inside the jail, the whites and the Hispanics would group up together to attack the blacks.
And that's just prison politics now.
Also with that being said, um, a lot of these, um,
Gangs like these Nazi lowriders and the Bandidos, like, you know, a lot of those Hispanic gangs do have a lot of that Hitler iconography stuff they believe in.
So he had mentioned the term La Raza, which translates de-race, but it actually means that you need to go find the most mestizo Hispanic and whiten the race up by marrying them and interbreeding with them.
So I just disagree when he said there's no such thing as a
A daggone white supremacist Hispanic.
When we know Richard Nixon created the term Hispanic, and in the California context, most Hispanics don't call themselves that.
They either call themselves Chicanos in the prison system, or like most of their paperwork would just say white on it.
Now, I'm not saying that this guy who did the thing in Texas is necessarily a white supremacist, but I'm just saying that is a fact.
I know some of what you're saying.
I've not been in prison.
I don't know all the details of that, but all I know is they won't release the trans shooters info a month and a half later, but they're without any evidence saying this.
The whole thing smells to me.
Yeah, definitely.
It smells.
And I also agree with the theory that these cartels also, they are kind of
Got some warped out ideology, but also they are really ruthless and they will take your family and tell you, hey, go freaking kill somebody in the U.S.
and you guys do it and cross the border and get away.
The thing here is this guy didn't get away.
Because a police officer was there and killed him.
Yeah, so you know, that just goes back to the Second Amendment.
It's good to have it.
You know why?
You know, hopefully we keep it, but
Yeah, you know, a lot of these guys come, you know, they will do murders.
You know, you hear about it in prison.
These guys come do five, six murders and run back across the border, and it's kind of scary.
We have a failed state just south of us, and the Globals are trying to make America a failed state.
Amazing points.
Thank you, David, for filling us in on that.
Mankind and California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Uh, yeah, let me just go ahead and co-sign for what that caller just said about as far as for the Hispanic gangs in California.
Man, I was born and raised in that, and that's absolutely true.
That, you know, they actually use the Hispanic gangs to actually go against the blacks.
You know, California in general just has a total prison mentality for the whole state.
Everybody that lives here knows that.
But again, there's a lot of Americans that still live here in California that are battling back against that.
My main point for bringing that up was just the fact that everybody is on notice right now, especially with the graphic footage that you showed.
Unfortunately, you had to show that, but that should be a wake-up call for everybody right now nationwide.
I'm calling for people to, when you go out on your daily routine, whether it's to the grocery store, to the gas station, to the movies, anywhere, any of these places that you go to on a regular basis,
You be the info.
Keep your eyes and ears open for the changes that you're seeing in your community and keep an eye on them so you and your loved ones and the people close to you in your community are not taken by surprise like they were in this last shooting and last killing.
Be aware of everything that's going on in your community.
When you start seeing people at the grocery store that you haven't really seen there before,
Or any of these places.
Protect yourself and protect each other because we're protecting the innocents.
And still statistically, crime went down.
Hit its peak in 92.
It's been going down since 92, but mass shootings are up.
Still, it's nothing compared to fentanyl.
279% increase since 2016, killing over 100,000 a year.
Mass shootings are killing a couple hundred a year.
But still, the image of the cold-bloodedness is terrible.
And again, it creates fear.
It creates destabilization.
And if your little girl got her head blown off,
You're not a statistic, you're a real person.
I just cannot imagine how a full-grown man gets out of a car and shoots a five-year-old girl in the head.
I mean, just what the hell is going on here?
But I guess we abort all the babies anyways.
We got a lot of evil going on here.
And my main point, I fly back and forth from, I'll just say, a lot of the southwestern states here in America.
And every single time that I go to the airport, I document footage of all of the illegals
Being orchestrated to come here.
They all have a leader.
I have, I have filmed this.
I'm actually going to be uploading it to my website for this past trip that I took.
Um, where I'm, I've documented, you know, how they used to have the manila folders.
Now they have changed to, um, the, they have plastic bags and I'm telling everybody what to look for.
When you go to the airport, they now have plastic bags.
There'll be clear plastic bags and they have itinerary in them.
Um, they all have the same, um, uh, contents within the packages.
And, uh, if you can film these people doing these things, there's always one person who is orchestrating and leading these people, and they- And in many cases, they're unattended small children.
God knows where they're going.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so, if you can document this, like I said, keep your head on a swivel no matter where you go.
Document everything.
Like I said, I'm going to be uploading this to my website so that people can... Okay, what's your website?
What's your website, Mankind?
Uh, it's actually ProfitC.net.
So that's Profit, P-R-O-P-H-E, T as in Tango, C as in Charlie, dot net.
We'll check it out.
Thank you so much.
We'll look it up.
Thank you, sir.
Hour number three.
All right.
More calls.
A ton of news.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
Straight ahead.
You are Paul Revere.
Well, the callers are raising a lot of really thought-provoking issues.
And we're taking more of your calls right now.
It's our interspersing news.
Next segment.
And continue with your calls.
John in Florida.
Department of Defense on migrant crime wave.
Go ahead.
Yeah Alex, I'm probably calling like six years too late here.
I wish I could have talked to you in 2017.
I work for Civilian Air Cargo and I just want to let you know that back in Africa this same thing was going on and they were, we were witness to it and we're shipping everybody up to Africa.
So now we got the same thing happening here in the United States.
You just got to look out like what's happening in Europe and in the UK and think this is going to happen to us.
Like we can't sit around and
I don't think so.
And this fifth generation warfare is just going to really overrun us.
And I think that people really need to put their head in a swivel and start speaking up, especially, you know, coming from me.
I'm a bit nervous talking about this, but if you're in civilian air cargo and you're flying around the world and you notice things that are wrong, you need to start speaking up.
I'm sick and tired of working with these people that have destroyed our country in the name of thinking they're working with some special agency because they're getting paid a lot of money.
If you're a pilot or aircraft mechanic,
You're a loadmaster, you're whatever, helping these companies.
You need to do something and say something and blow the whistle, because I've been doing that.
I've been fighting on the inside.
I actually had to sneak outside right now to get you this phone call.
And I'm actually hiding in a parking lot.
But in order for people to understand that, what's happening on the civilian side, working with the DOD, is that the pieces are coming in place.
And it's not going to be stopped, and I'm so happy that Michael Yeo and you have him on the show to talk about this, because the things that are going on secretly, you know, this transparency, air quotes there, is unbelievable.
And the chess pieces are already in place.
The DoD is working with the UNSF, who's in Africa, in Central Bengali, is working with the same NGOs that ship the same dangerous people into Europe, the same dangerous people shipping from Central Africa, you know, all around the world, in Central America and South America, to our border.
And it's so scary to, like, be around people that are so ignorant to this.
And, you know, I'm just happy that I was able to call in and make this statement, Alex.
I've been looking to call for you for years.
Well, sir, what you're saying is important because the AI, the surveillance, all of it, if the majority of us just don't comply, they can't enforce it on us.
They can't punish us.
But when we comply and submit and are scared, they win.
The majority of people in the government are not bad.
They're just like us.
They're compartmentalized.
In fact, most of them are more awake because they see the evil going on.
They're pissed.
The government's not our enemy.
It's the criminals that have hijacked it.
The rest of us have realized this is not our government.
This is an occupational globalist government.
Yeah, and I just, you know, on the other side of things, besides the border,
I know what's going on with China and the Pacific side.
There's a big operation that's happening right now as we speak.
I really can't get too much into it without revealing myself and probably getting a phone call.
But we're, you know, really prepping with massive amounts of armament out of Alaska and moving it, you know, Washington, California.
Yeah, that's the next thing I was going to cover, the articles on InfoWars.
NATO now preparing to work with the U.S.
with war with China.
Yeah, I think they're staging either to, you know, say like, hey, we're here now.
I don't know who's on the inside working against Biden to, you know, push China, but it's definitely happening.
The Philippines is cracking big time.
There's some big contracts going out to civilian air cargo that many people that I've worked with in the inside, I've given the info to just to track those things and just be aware that that is actually the other thing on the other side of the world that's happening besides us being invaded by fifth generation warfare.
All hell's broken loose.
The New World Order is here.
Welcome to the Great Reset.
And building back better on our ashes.
Anything else, John?
I think everybody just needs to continue to be aware, support the InfoWar, take all your InfoWar supplements.
I've been doing it for years.
I hand it out like I'm a salesman.
And just keep on... You are a salesman of liberty.
Without you, we wouldn't be here.
Thank you, John.
I said I'd get into AI earlier, and I'm mad at the crew, but I forgot.
They forgot to tell me.
It gives me a headache because it's just so complex, but I'm going to tell you what's really going on with AI at the bottom of the hour.
Now, guys, remind me.
I'm going to do it then.
Bottom of the hour.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm going to jam-pack this hour with a ton of critical information on AI, on the economy, on the war in Ukraine, and more.
All right.
Plus, big ticker Carlson News.
Well, if you tuned in a few weeks ago, you already know all this, but now it's mainstream news, so I can talk about it.
Very important to the Infowar.
I'm going to play a few clips here.
Here's House Democrat Chair Pete Aguilar claims Democrats want order.
What do you think of the President's approach to what is happening at the border?
Well, House Democrats want order at the border.
We want asylees treated with dignity and respect.
But we also understand the importance of making investments to ensure that that happens.
We need an orderly process.
I agree with you, Joe.
That's absolutely something that we need to do.
What House Democrats want to also make sure that we focus on are these root causes of migration.
You know, people are fleeing in difficult and dangerous conditions.
They're fleeing economic issues.
They're fleeing because of climate change, and they aren't able to farm the land that they used to farm with hurricanes.
I totally get this, but we've been saying this for 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 years.
There is a massive crisis at the southern border right now.
I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but
It's only getting worse.
They load up the women and children, some of the families, but some of these men say they've been here for days.
And you can actually hear some of them that will yell, asking us to help them charge their phones.
Some of them need water.
Some of them want food.
And throughout the day, we also have some organizations that bring some of that water, some of the food.
Border Patrol has also provided food and water during the time we've been here, but they have been overwhelmed.
And right now, we usually have about 200 to 300.
They keep coming throughout the day as Border Patrol will take some of them to get processed.
And this is just one of the camps.
There's another camp less than a mile away in that direction.
And of course, we've seen this surge all across the Mexico-U.S.
And the plans that are in place, obviously, for majority Venezuelan migrants that was expanded to Haitian, Cuban, and Nicaraguan migrants.
Why isn't that policy being enforced right now?
Many of the migrants I'm meeting along the streets of Brownsville are swimming in between the ports of entry.
As you have mentioned, if that happens, they're supposed to be returned.
They're not being returned, and they're single adults without family here.
Why is that happening?
So, um, I think you are actually mistaken because the parole process for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans that we first announced and implemented on January 5th is underway and continues to be underway.
And we continue, if I may.
If I may, it does.
And if I may, we continue to parole individuals of those four nationalities when they qualify under the program that we established and announced.
And that requires a sponsor here in the United States to ensure that those individuals have financial stability and they are able to arrive in a safe and orderly way.
Legalize them!
They're being lied to.
They say, if I get elected, immediately surge the border.
The UN gives them the credit cards.
The media tells them, come.
They let most of them in.
They get here.
They send some back so the cartels can make more money and launder it to the Democratic Party.
That's what's happening.
No debate about it.
And then Mayorkas gets up and acts like, oh, don't come here.
You're being lied to.
You won't be let in.
And the Democrat media complains, well, they're having to swim.
They don't have food.
They're sitting around.
They can't charge their phones.
You gave them.
The whole country's collapsing!
The Democrats act like there's just endless money.
California just defaulted on $18 billion debt.
But they said they're going to give $500 billion to black people.
Do you believe that?
If they gave $500 billion to black people or anybody else, it would just cause massive inflation.
There's not enough goods!
Real wealth is farms, and factories, and ranches, and businesses, and happy people.
Oh, Venezuela, it took a billion dollars to buy a ham sandwich.
Or Zimbabwe, or any of these places, or the Weimar Republic, Germany.
This is all being done by design.
They know exactly how to do it.
The Federal Reserve gave out all this free money to themselves and their buddies, and then now cut the money off to everybody else, and then wonders why the economy's tanking.
It's a plan.
But you just heard Mayorkas.
Back it up like 30 seconds towards the end there.
Take your time.
Back it up.
I know it takes time to find it.
Where he says, you're being given false information.
Vulnerable people, don't come here.
Oh, you told, oh, I love how climate change is the reason their farms and ranches don't work.
And they, no, for two plus years in Latin America and Africa, they shut everything down.
No business, no jobs, no nothing.
They're starving to death.
That was the lockdown, not the virus.
That's all admitted now.
It was all a lie.
The mask didn't work.
And then that floods the third world into Europe and into the United States and Canada and Australia and New Zealand.
The globalists organize it, give them debit cards to come here, and they say, oh, climate change.
Like, climate change is why we got COVID.
No, you made it in a lab.
Now Bill Gates is like, climate change is causing a new deadly virus to come out of the jungle and kill you.
It's coming, Marburg or something else.
Oh, the world will be over in 2030, they're saying, because they're going to end it as we know it.
So here's Mayorkas and we'll go right into the clip of Biden in two separate debates saying, if I win, immediately surge the border.
If I may, it does.
And if I may, we continue to parole individuals of those four nationalities when they qualify under the program that we established and announced.
And that requires a sponsor here in the United States to ensure that those individuals have financial stability and they are able to arrive in a safe and orderly way.
I think?
Those removals will continue and that is why the message is so important that people, vulnerable people, are receiving false information.
They are being lied to that if they come and arrive at our border that they can stay in the United States.
That is not what the law provides.
That is not the consequence that we will deliver.
First of all, the idea that Joe Biden said, come, because I heard the other day that they're coming because they know I'm a nice guy.
Sure, that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
They're seeking asylum.
First time ever we've told people they can't come to America.
That ends.
The cage is closed.
Those who come seeking asylum, we should immediately have the capacity to absorb them, keep them safe until they can be heard.
So, a deceptive group is telling them come here, and then they come here,
And they let 90% in, but send 10% back for the cartels to kill and rape and rob and charge again, so the Democrat lawyers get to launder that money in cash.
I mean, total abuse at every level, a failed border, in your face, they know exactly what they're doing.
What a powerful clip.
So we should have one of the crew just take what Mayorkas just said, the short part about, don't listen to people saying, come here, they're liars, and then just cut right to Joe Biden.
I know it's not the most pleasant of times down in Texas.
Alex, how you doing?
I hope you guys are all doing okay, though.
I'm just sad for these kids getting killed.
It makes me want to throw up.
It's disgusting, and I posted a video a couple days ago from you guys that CNN was actually covering some of the news for the first time in years, and I posted it on TikTok.
I have no followers.
I ended up having like 75,000 people view it.
A thousand comments, a bunch of likes.
People are going nuts.
They're not happy with what's going on.
Oh no, people are waking up.
That's the good news is the globalists have jumped the shark.
So what's the name of your TikTok?
What's the name of the video?
We'll pull it up.
What's the name?
So if you go to it, it's underscore, I play music, underscore.
I play music, underscore where?
I play music, then underscore?
On TikTok, there's an underscore before I play music, and then after I play music.
So underscore, I play music, underscore, and then what's the name of the video?
And we'll be able to find it.
Oh, it's the first one.
It's got 74,000.
It just says, The Southern Border's Gone.
And it's Joe Biden's face right there.
The Southern Border's Gone on TikTok, guys.
Get it?
I mean, look at this.
They're attacking us on all sides.
Where do you see this going?
Well, okay, so, you know, I had somebody tell me, like, hey, it's not just the southern border, it's up in New York.
And when you type in New York Hotel migrants, it's not New York City anymore.
Mayor Adams on Friday decided he's going to dump them off in, I believe it said, Orange Town and, or Orangeburg and Rockland County, New York.
I know you've been in the city before.
I don't know if you've been in the outside areas.
It's not too far.
We're talking 15, 20 minutes from the city.
But, you know, this
This is going to be a problem where you're going to see more and more of this, unfortunately, because those areas, they're the suburbs, but they have a homeless problem over there.
You drive up there and there's panhandling going on already from all affluent groups.
White, black, Hispanic.
It's terrible.
And the reason why I called in was obviously to say that.
Not only that, I don't know if you saw the show Stranger Things.
The final episode of the... No, I only saw part of the first season.
Okay, so if you go to the last episode, the last few moments of the last episode, you know, the kids are all together, everybody's back, and then they get this weird feeling that, oh wow, like the evil spirit or whatever is back.
That upside down is hell.
That's what they're showing us on Netflix and the propaganda, and it's seeping through.
In reality, the upside-down is now coming into our world where you see this garbage at the southern border where there's violence and there's all kinds of terrible actions going on.
It's really like we're living in an upside-down.
We're fully living in the upside-down.
That's what Satanism is, is an inverted world.
And yeah, and there's really good people, I'm sure, that are coming across that are chasing that American dream that they were once told to give up.
Yeah, no, no, we're not against these people shut down under a UN global lockdown, starving to death.
The point is they're being brought here to lower wages, be a slave class, and then be voters for the globalists.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, and you know, Alex, you're doing a great job.
I know that it's probably impossible to get you even for like three minutes, but I've always wanted to ask you a couple questions.
I don't know if that's something I could email.
No, no, no.
We can do it right now, brother.
Go ahead and ask your questions.
Okay, so the question, I had three questions.
What was the point of the shots beyond testing and control?
The second thing is,
When, when, because we say like, oh, you know, the economy is your first question.
You're asking about the COVID shots?
So if you could ever get that, what was the point beyond seeing what they could control?
Because there's got to be more than that where they told everybody to get it and then they, they just back off.
I always felt like there's something more.
Then that.
I know exactly.
I have the answer to it.
Take 10 hours, but I'll try to explain in five minutes.
Point of the shots.
Number two.
Number two is because we're always saying that that we're winning.
And how bad could it get?
What if we're not?
And then the third one dovetails off of that.
What do you like?
What do you do?
Like how do you sort of stop the flood of
You know, that metaphorical flood, if you will, of it's going to get bad and you've got to brace for it.
You know, like what would be the plan?
I know you have the other website.
Would that be something you could kind of do a special on over there?
All right, let me answer your questions and I appreciate your call.
Those are all excellent questions.
Back to the big questions.
What was the point of the shots, the whole takeover?
What if we're not winning?
And what do we do if we're losing?
And again, when I get asked a question this important, it's a little bit of like standing on the edge of a cliff because I don't want to give you some half-assed, lazy answer.
And there's so many points, how do you condense it down?
Bill Gates and Peter Daszak and
Fauci and all of them had a whole bunch of C-SPAN and TED Talk events.
We've aired a bunch of clubs here, dozens of them.
Started about three years before they released COVID in 2020, early 2020.
They released it actually a few months before.
And they said, we have a regulatory system that doesn't let us just push drugs and products right to the public.
We need to blow up the old system and set the precedent to just bring whatever we want to market.
So it's about them being able to release whatever they want, and then have the answer to what they've done, and take control of society, and have vaccine passports that are the basis of the World ID, the central bank digital currency, and the social credit score, and the universal basic income, and all the things that come with that.
So it's a whole agenda.
It's not like one thing's most important.
It's like a house, foundation, and then the beams, and the outside, and the rooms, and
The electricity, and the plumbing, and the furniture, and all of it.
And so it's about a scientific tyranny being able to do whatever they want, whenever they want, in the name of our safety.
And it's about the U.N.
or the World Treaty controlling our bodies through the medical system and getting rid of bodily autonomy, the ultimate form of slavery.
And so the shots were about release of virus, block the therapeutics,
Lock old people up, see how far you can get away with that.
Corrupt the local states that did it so you can blackmail those leaders who signed on to it.
Because they can selectively only burn them, the Cuomos, the world, and not the people that created the policy.
Cuomos aren't that smart.
The governor of Michigan's not that smart, Whitmer.
That's why they're chosen, because they're stupid.
It's about blackmail and control, it's about getting the legal system and the whole culture on board with modern human sacrifice, where large portions of people that take the shots die, and then the whole system becomes corrupt because they pushed it in the defense of that.
And once you've got them covering their ass in a beta test that killed a bunch of people and maimed a bunch of others, tens of millions,
Now you got them, and then you can test, will they stay in their houses?
Will they behave and watch TV when we release a real weapon that kills 50, 60, 70% of those that come in contact with it, and they've got those.
They can hit you with a chemical, too, that takes a month to kill you, looks like a bioweapon.
So, it was all a test on, okay, we put the gun to their head, can we pull the trigger?
Is there any way that they can fight us once we do that?
So it was a beta test for the main depopulation operation that's about to come.
And at the end of the day, what focuses my mind is my children.
And if I didn't think we could stop this, I would be in the middle of nowhere, in the desert, growing crops.
Grows great in the desert, by the way.
With solar panels and water collection.
And I'd be gone.
And just kind of hoping they didn't get me, you know, first.
I know we can beat this.
Plus, even if we fail, you ask the key question.
Let me skip to the end.
I'll answer your first question.
Let me answer the last question and the second question last.
If I do the right thing in the face of overwhelming odds and tyranny and evil, and I still stay true, I know I'm an eternal spirit, a living, genetic, interdimensional program, I will be taken up to the mainframe.
And I know that.
I'm connected to it.
Deep down.
And so failure is not failure.
But we will actually beat this in the end on this planet.
But we'll go through hell first.
The devil wins at halftime and in the third quarter he loses in the last five seconds.
So you're not given consciousness and incredible power on this planet for no reason.
It is a test of free will.
That's how you then transcend.
So it is in the defeat, like Christ on the cross, whipped and tortured and nailed to a cross and his side pierced with a sword, or pierced with a spear, it is in that failure that he was given absolute dominion and the keys to hell and death.
So, if you read the scripture and you study it, we go through hell, we feel like we're
But if we're faithful, we win while we're still alive.
But then you sit back and laugh because it's all a joke.
You realize this is just a third-dimensional manifestation of your spirit.
Imagine how much greater your spirit is if your body is so amazing, the things you've done are so incredible.
So, it is a process.
The point of the shots is take over your body, control you, manage the death, see if people will go along with the next phase, it's even more intense death.
And there is no losing because it's a spiritual choice of free will.
You're being tested.
And so I go back to the middle of your question.
Your second question, what if we're not winning?
It's an interdimensional spiritual choice that I love justice and I love God.
That's the winning.
And the intimidation, the attacks intensify, trying to get you to reject God, trying to get you to give up faith, trying to get you to roll over, trying to get you to commit suicide, trying to get you to not believe in yourself and the God that created you.
And so this is, the journey is the destination.
I said I'd break down AI.
I was really thinking this weekend for several hours about it and doing a real deep dive in my mind on research.
I had a real crystallized analysis of it.
There's so many facets to it, but I'm going to try to recapture that in my mind during the break.
It's not, 90% of it comes back to me, but I just, I really want to be able to describe this to you properly.
This is all a lie.
AI's power is only what you give it.
And it's us interfacing with it that gives it the power.
But that makes it sound like I'm saying we're not in trouble.
AI is way more advanced than they're admitting.
Things are way worse than you know.
But they're way better than you know.
Because you're now admitting God is real.
Is your God gonna be AI and Chuckie Schumer?
And the Democratic Party and Prince Charles, King Charles, or is it going to be Jesus Christ?
You will be forced to make a choice.
Don't fear who can kill the body.
Fear who can kill the soul.
Be right back.
Stay with us.
All right.
I'm going to be talking a lot more about AI in the future.
But let me just set the table this way.
I am blessed in my position to be able to talk to some of the top scientists that work for Elon Musk, that work for MIT, that work for Google, that work for Microsoft, that work for the Pentagon.
And I've also done my own studying about what they've been trying to do from the beginning.
I could talk for 10 hours about it.
But here's the final equation.
Humans have a choice whether we want to make ourselves obsolete or not.
We have a choice whether we want to cease to do things ourselves because it's, quote, easier or let something else do it.
But the truth is, if you just laid there in a chair and didn't walk or didn't lift weights or didn't do exercise, you'd be a totally unhealthy, unhappy person.
So, six months ago or so, it was a big national news story.
Alex Jones attacks the calculator.
And they took out of context what I said in like a 10-minute segment.
Explaining that they didn't let me, when I was in public school, use a calculator.
So I had to learn, I was not good at math, but I passed the classes, algebra and trigonometry and all the rest of it.
And it was amazing once I finally figured it out and my brain was doing it.
Here's an example, a microcosm.
Just 15 years ago, almost everybody watched TV and listened to radio.
And it was transmitted.
It came to you, you tuned in, you watched it, you listened to it, it didn't listen to you.
Now TV and radio and everything else watches you.
You think you're watching it, but it's really the A.I.
scooping it all up.
Everything is two-way.
Like in Lord of the Rings, they have the crystal ball, the palantir, and they're looking at it, and Gandalf throws a sheet over it and says,
We don't know who got the other ones.
We don't know who else is watching.
And of course, Soron's watching.
As soon as they throw the sheet over.
And so you can say, well, that's fiction.
That's fantasy.
No, that's what it is.
So we didn't design an infrastructure that puts us in charge because the globalists don't want us in charge.
They don't want our hopes, our dreams, our ideas, our collective vision to, through free market, come together.
They want to direct us.
They want to end our free will.
They want to control us.
And so AI, at one level, is the biggest plagiarist the galaxy's ever seen.
It takes our art, our ideas, our systems, our essays, our thoughts, scrambles it all together, and then we look at it and say, wow, this is incredible, and I'm reading an AI article about God, and I see Shakespeare in there.
And I see folk cult.
And I see Carl Jung, but I've read all that, so I know I'm reading Carl Jung!
Here's my essay on God, and it takes all the people going back 500 years, the top minds on it, and shows you pieces of what they said, and then you say, this thing is incredible!
No, we are incredible!
So it's a plagiarist.
But more importantly, it's stealing your identity.
They're now saying, as I envisioned 20 years ago, that when you dial the machine, it'll sound like your mom and look like your mom.
Everything she said or did, everything's tracked.
It'll fool you.
Its voice print will fool you, but it's not your mother.
Guys, pull up the Exorcist Club.
I meant to send it to you.
It's a very short clip.
You're not my mother, the exorcist.
And the demon, actually the devil, is saying to the Catholic priest,
And that's the answer.
I'm like, well, we're already down the rat hole here, aren't we?
It already grabs everything, we already opted into it, it already knows who we are, it can already misrepresent whatever it wants, and it's programmed by the globalists to carry out the aims it wants.
Look at all the major AIs.
It's leftist.
USAI, CHATGPT, any of it.
Is it okay to be white?
No, white people are inherently bad, racist, and evil.
Is it okay to be black?
Yes, blacks are downtrodden, the best people ever.
It doesn't care about blacks, it's creating a collision.
It's been programmed.
So now, you have Elon Musk coming out, he's been doing it for years, saying AI is dangerous, we gotta get control of it, we gotta have a hiatus.
It was a six-month hiatus.
I've talked to more than 10 top AI scientists, some of them are well-known names, and they said, Alex, four years ago, the establishment was even concerned, they put a hiatus on AI.
Not on what it was doing, but on implementing what it could do.
So it was already watching, grabbing, collating, tracking, becoming more powerful.
The main Google program is the most powerful, and that's public.
That's actually accurate.
But they wouldn't let you know what it can do.
It wasn't using its functions.
It wasn't using its powers.
They've already had a hiatus.
It's gathering data.
It's getting stronger.
It hasn't shown you with voice print or any of the systems what it's got yet.
And now they've decided to go, Oh, we're all scared of it.
Oh, now we're going to start slowly rolling it all out.
I actually have the clip.
I'll send it to you guys.
No luck on YouTube with Exorcist clip.
You're not my mother.
I'll find it.
I will find it.
Very easy to find.
It was actually sent to me the other day.
You know, I'll just go to break.
We'll cover it when we have that.
Because I'm going to cover it once we have that.
I kind of have this neurotic need to have it.
You just go to YouTube.
You type in The Exorcist.
The Exorcist.
You... Yep, there it is.
Came right up.
Oh, I just can't hear you.
Here comes a mother.
Overhead shot, please.
Okay, that's great.
Oh, you have it now.
Okay, so go ahead and play it for people.
Go ahead and roll it.
You took my mother!
Don't listen.
Don't listen.
Don't listen.
Get the full clip.
Get the full clip or at least I want to add it in post.
It's about a one minute clip.
It's no problem.
I'll find it.
But the point is, is that
It's not your mother.
It sounds like your mother.
It can even look like your mother, but your mother is connected to millions of people before you.
That's real.
Our soul is real.
Our flesh is real.
And just because something can mimic something, in nature, there's all sorts of snakes that look like another snake, and a butterfly looks like another butterfly, but it's not the real McCoy.
So what it is, is fraud.
So it's way advanced of what they're telling you.
There's a lot of other points.
It gives me a headache trying to get into it.
But, any new technological system they push, we gotta resist.
Because all of it is a post-human system.
And just, I didn't finish the calculator rant.
So when I come back, I'll start there.
Because there's thousands of points here.
And it takes time to get into each one.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
AI is a plagiarer.
It's a counterfeiter.
It's a stealer of identities.
It takes all our art and culture, all our information, and then re-presents it to us as if it is the author.
But, what it really does is steal everything we are and uses it against us.
We're depressed.
We need some nourishment.
Demi, why you do this to me?
Please, Demi.
I'm afraid.
You're not my mother.
Demi, please!
Her heart.
Can you give her something?
She's going to coma.
You're not my mother!
Don't listen.
Why, Demi?
Demi, please!
So, that's the best description of AR right there.
It's a fraud.
It's a fake.
It's controlled by the enemy.
It's designed to destroy you and make you obsolete.
So I go back to a couple months ago, six months ago, whatever it was, big story where Alex Jones attacks the calculator.
Alex Jones is Amish.
Alex Jones, no.
I'm for technology.
We control this transparent.
The calculator, not against it.
But if you don't train someone to be able to do math without it, then you have no mathematical skills in your brain and all those neurons and things that trains your brain to do that all the studies show literally makes you live longer, makes you not get Alzheimer's.
If you're 15 learning algebra, when you're 80, you have a better brain because your brain had to figure that out.
Like, hey, I don't want to drive my car, let's let the computer drive it.
It builds a world where humans aren't needed.
So the globalists tell us we're obsolete, time to get rid of you.
Hey, if you're convenient, adopt all this.
And it's all meant to destroy us.
So it's way more advanced than they've been telling you.
It's designed to take over markets, take over industries.
Here's just one microcosm.
It's a macrocosm.
Current versions could publish a billion articles a day.
Just one computer.
And then if big tech sits there and calls human information disinfo, but anything that's corporate or approved AI, it's just everywhere and no one can even counter it because we're suppressed and it's not.
Notice how the fact checkers day one aren't looking for AI articles.
They've been around for 10 years.
They now admit that.
Told you about a decade ago.
No, it's all about worrying about what humans say and humans do.
No, we should demand a pro-human future, and a system that builds up humans, and a system that builds up the truth, but instead it's about defending lies.
So it's just another tool, and again, it's only power is how much control we give it.
I told a MIT leader in AI a couple years ago at dinner with Joe Rogan, and I said, let me tell you what the most powerful AI on earth is.
He said, what is it?
I said, it's the red lights, it's the green lights, it's the traffic system.
It's super stupid, it's very simple, but it's the most powerful system interfacing with humans that we dutifully follow.
And to me, the success of an AI system is, how much can it get us to submit to it?
He said, I never thought of that, but that's very deep.
So that's absolutely right.
We are trying to be able to interface with it and follow it.
So it's centralized.
And it's an AI war of a bunch of AI systems that are battling to get the most data and the most control to then feed us back the propaganda that it's been programmed to sell.
Remember that whole movement that was pushed, you know, 15, 20 years ago?
The different projects to build this utopia where a computer runs everything,
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call, man.
Hey, so yeah man, just to smash on what you're saying about AI.
What they are calling AI, AI is...
It's science fiction.
You know, AI is not a real thing.
It can never be a real thing, right?
Intelligence is a mental faculty, and mind does not exist on the physical plane.
So we can never create a reality.
It can't love a sunset.
That's right.
It can't smell a flower.
It can just tell you what humans said about smelling a flower or seeing a sunset.
It can't connect to God.
More importantly, which is, you know, where our power really comes from.
It's all spiritual, man.
It's not physical, right?
So what they call AI really is what we should be calling HRT.
Human replacement technology.
And you're all over it.
Oh, I'm taking that.
That's a great term.
Human replacement technology.
That's what all this is.
And that's what it is.
And they're letting us program our replacement tech.
That's right.
Well, they admit machine learning.
We're training our replacement.
Why would we be doing that?
It ties into everything else that we've been talking about for 10 years, right?
We know that they're coming after us.
They want to kill us.
It's documented.
We know this.
We are literally helping them program our replacements.
We're not just like IBM people 20 years ago replacing, you know, training their end-to-end replacements.
That's right.
We're training the machines to replace us.
So, just to hammer on to something else you were talking about earlier, you said that you thought that God put us here to fight, to try to fix all of this, and I don't necessarily agree with that.
I take the opposite viewpoint, right, where I think that God put us here to build something truly good, something truly better for the first time maybe in human history, right?
And so,
For that, I have a quote.
It's from a guy, a really smart guy named Buckminster Fuller.
He said, you never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
No, I agree with that.
And that's what I think that we're here to do now.
Us, our children.
Well, no, I agree with that.
That's how we fight, is building a new world.
I actually agree with you.
That's the solution.
It's not to try to fix.
We have to try to build something better.
And so, that way, everything is more attractive.
We're not resisting, we're creating.
I agree.
Beautiful call, Brandon.
I could talk to you for hours.
Gotta talk to others, though.
Dennis in Kentucky, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I love you, man.
Man to man, I love you.
And from watching you on Sunday with Pete Santilli, I really want you to reconsider
Going to the southern border.
I don't want the next shot to be heard around the world to be you.
I really think that you should reconsider that.
Or, in my best opinion, I wish you'd have just went and not told anybody versus telling people and then gone.
Yeah, but I got a car wreck today.
We'll see what happens.
But we gotta go cover stuff like this.
I understand.
Send somebody else.
I just don't think it's
A good idea of you personally, or even Owen, or someone of that stature.
Maybe send somebody that's, you know, just not noticeable like that.
I mean, you're a public figure, man, and I just, I pray for you.
Please, God, I pray for you.
Well, me and you and all the audience, I was planning to go down there like next week.
Owen and the crew is going down there on Wednesday, but at the same time, I gotta put skin in the game.
I know it.
I love you, man.
I'll continue to pray for you.
But you're right, it is an insane asylum down there.
What do you think is going to unfold?
Well, it's just, um, everybody wants to think about Title 42.
There was no Title 42 to begin with, if you look at it.
There's no border anyways.
There's no border anyway, so what does it matter?
I'm trying to tell you, this is about to get really, really bad.
They imported a whole third world.
It's about to get really bad.
These people have, don't get me wrong, yes, some are good, but, you know, let's be realistic.
They're not going to assimilate here.
They're not.
They're just not.
They're entitled now.
So this is about to get really out of hand.
We thought we were seeing people squatting in houses and stuff like that.
Imagine, and it's the truth.
Thank you to these sanctuary cities.
Now they're getting it.
See, it just, it happens.
This is what they did.
This is what they did.
And I just don't... I just don't want you to be in that kind of position.
To be... All of you too, Dennis, and I care about you.
Thank you so much.
Warning taken.
Phoenix, you're up next.
And then Gerald Cilente, stay with us.
All right, Gerald Cilente's coming up.
We'll talk about Tucker Carlson before I hand the baton to him next segment.
Right now, we're taking your calls.
Phoenix in Wisconsin, thank you for calling.
Hey, Mr. Jones, am I coming in clear?
You are, loud and clear.
Alright, for people like you and I, Alex, who are experienced rabbit-holers, all of this is a shake-and-bake combo attack that the Hidden Hand has done many times in history.
I see the shooting and the shootings and attacks as a multidimensional population control, NK-Ultra mind control linked up with AI and supercomputers in tandem with CI operation Midnight Climax using drugs, sex, money, and nudging to turn people into killers.
Those patsies most often don't even know they're under mind control because the programming positions them that they can't even ponder the fighting of the MKUltra programming because they don't even know it's there.
Going deeper, these patsies spawn super killers, nudge the greater population in tandem with AI and supercomputers to push the masses to give up their freedoms and accept and concede to greater government control, higher taxes, and eventually breeding programs
Between hostile, non-compatible migrant caravans with domestic women, whilst also feminizing and demoralizing the domestic male population, turning them all into slaves in their own country.
Eventually, it's like that song lyric, you know, uh, the world is a vampire.
The country and the population is sucked dry and erased from the history books via control of the media in the history books.
Uh, y'all can expect to get, I think, much, much worse where
I think they're going to start going after entire elementary schools if we don't rise like the phoenix.
You know, at least we forget that Project Paperclip, all those Nazis that came here, were mostly psyops, Nazi psychologists who convinced the entire German population
To commit the atrocities we all saw in World War II.
And kill themselves in the process.
Amazing points.
Thank you so much for the call.
Incredible callers.
Let's talk to Lauren in North Carolina.
Husband's a doctor, forced out due to vaccine refusal.
Go ahead.
Take it off what?
Can you hear me?
Oh, hello?
Welcome, Lauren.
Go ahead.
You're on speaker with my husband and I. We're in the car picking up our daughter.
My husband is Dr. Mark Barrett.
He's a pediatrician in North Carolina.
And we, well, we're Roman Catholics, so we, first of all, did not accept the shot because of the association with abortion.
And then, secondly, well, Mark, do you want to say the rest?
We gave it all up.
He left his practice because he was giving full informed consent, meaning he was telling the patients the risks, and he would not recommend the shot, so he left, and we started
Two new practices and we're just doing it to save the kids and we owe a lot of it to you.
Well, I want to thank you because the answer is, while we still have some of the free market left, professionals starting their own thing and getting out of the system.
That's beautiful.
Well, thank you.
We're walking out on faith.
We're doing it.
We have no income right now, but we started
Prepediatrics.com, and he also started a practice here in North Carolina called Hickory Pediatric Wellness.
The charity serves Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.
He's trying to get more licenses.
Well, the answer is an exodus into good doctors and facilities that aren't part of this charity, because you're totally vindicated.
I mean, you guys have been proven right.
Look at how they admit this has been a disaster.
It has been, and we just, you know, there comes a time, I told Mark, I said, you know, you cannot buy a clean conscience.
And so we gave up his livelihood, and we're just trusting, and we just ask for your prayers, and for the prayers of the audience, that we can make it.
And Mark, do you want to meet Alex?
That'd be cool.
I'd love to.
Give us your number.
Yeah, well come see us.
We're going to put you on hold.
Give the call person, we don't really screen calls, but we can get your calls.
Have the person answer the calls, get your number, and we'll get you on as a guest.
Thank you so much.
Alright, I promise to finish up the calls.
So, Penguin and Andrew, you're the final callers, and then Gerald Cilente's going to take over.
But I want to ask Gerald Cilente, we'll skip the next network break, so he has the time back, about R.F.K.
This guy's sitting on all cylinders.
That's who I actually support for president now.
We'll be right back.
Gerald Celente, the great Trends Forecaster, great friend of mine from Kingston, New York, is about to take over.
I didn't get to this.
I said I would.
I'm going to hit it.
I told you two weeks ago it really happened with Tucker Carlson.
I wasn't allowed to tell the whole story, but the Axios scoop is dead on, baby.
I don't know why I'm told stuff I can't tell you, but I kind of hinted at it.
I actually got griped a little bit, but the point is, is this is dead on.
I'll tell you about that in a moment.
But real quick, Penguin and Andrew finishing up.
Penguin is in Pennsylvania.
Andrew's in New York.
Go ahead, Penguin.
Yes, hello sir.
I just wanted to date myself just real quick.
I'm a Navy veteran and Ronald Reagan was my commander-in-chief.
I have a couple questions for you real quick.
I think the next bio attack is going to eliminate cash.
And that's going to play into the whole CBDC, whatever you call it.
What do you think that's going to... No, you're right, you're not thinking that, it's true.
They're pre-programming, cash is dirty, they're already trying to get rid of it everywhere.
I think you're absolutely on target.
I mean, my question is, what do you think that's going to do with crime, number one?
It's going to make it explode, because I know so many hardworking people that have degrees, who have like two or three jobs, and one of the jobs is cash only.
They couldn't even live a lower middle class lifestyle without the cash.
And so he just hired 87,000 Biden-dead IRS agents to target blue-collar workers.
I mean, there's not a nastier thing you could do.
Because blue-collar workers don't even pay 7% of the taxes.
So why would you target the lowest group paying taxes unless you wanted to ruin them?
Well, look at the underground economy.
And let's just take drugs, okay?
Illegal drugs.
It's all cash.
What are those people going to do?
And number two, I mean,
Do you think this might be a way that they're going to legalize everything?
Because once you eliminate cash, you eliminate privacy.
It's all meant to overturn society.
I think you're asking me a question.
I think you've said the answer.
I guess I wanted confirmation from you.
Yeah, brother, you're dead on.
And Gerald Celente is an expert on that.
I'm sure he'll talk about the central bank digital currencies and the rest of it.
Anything else?
Great points.
I just want to thank you for waking me up about 10 years ago.
When the whole Fukushima thing was going down, and I thank Obama because I was laid off and I had time to find you.
Brother, I appreciate you holding.
Thank you so much.
I could talk to all these callers 30 minutes, but it's so frustrating.
We love you.
To get to the next caller, we gotta hang up on the last person.
Andrew, and then we'll go to Gerald Cilente.
Andrew, New York.
Go ahead.
Hello Alex, this is your sister Andrea from New York.
I'm sorry, you know my eyes, I need to wear my glasses.
Andrea, I apologize.
Hey, you're transgender now.
That is okay my brother, that is... It's okay my brother, this is sister Andrea, biologically a woman, yes.
Yes ma'am.
I'm calling today Alex because you know what Alex, I'm always telling my family Alex that
If we look at the movies that they have in the last 10, maybe 15 years been producing, they tell us everything for the movies.
And the movies tell you what they've done, what they're doing, or what they're getting ready to do.
And if we're not living, I never saw the movie The Purge, but I read the whole synopsis.
If we're not living right now in The Purge,
Instead of one night of government sanction, it's one term of government sanction.
I don't know.
I totally agree.
They are bringing in lawlessness and the collapse of society, Clarence Piven.
It's called predictive programming.
They're 100% doing it because they know if our subconscious mind is programmed to some horrible thing, we tend to go along with it because we've already been prepared for it.
And we like to think that it's entertainment, but it is not entertainment.
My mother always said, but they don't get it into a case.
It entered you and it tainted you.
What you just said is so astute.
You're so, you're smarter than, exactly.
We sit there eating popcorn, watching horrible things and our brain sees it as a joke.
So when the real thing happens, we're not threatened by it.
You just, bingo, bingo.
You just nailed it.
Give me some more knowledge, Andrea.
It cracks me up because you know,
I don't know.
I mean, it is so programmed!
With the 15-minute cities, you won't be able to escape and go any places, which is why they want our gas cars, which is why they want this.
And I don't know if you ever saw this movie called End Time with Justin Timberlake.
It cracked me up when they began a war on our CO2, saying we emit too much CO2.
We already know you want to kill us, so now you don't want to breathe in.
But in that movie, that movie was crazy, Alex, because in the movie,
It's like, okay, you're born, and it's like they give you 21 years worth of free air, and after that, you can only have extra air if you can afford it.
Now, I don't know if you remember when China was selling fresh air because they smogged up all of their, you know, their residents and they were killing them.
That's like Spaceballs, and Spaceballs are selling canned air.
Your beautiful, amazing points, Andrea.
Sorry, I got your name wrong.
Thank you from New York.
Speaking of New York, Gerald Slim is about to take over, and I'm going to introduce him here in a moment.
I'll talk more about this tomorrow.
It's bigger than Tucker Carlson.
It's bigger than Alex Jones or Israel Celente.
Tucker was number one, reaching way more than they said he was.
He was fully awake.
I'm friends with him, believe me, I know.
And they canned him two weeks ago.
Well, Little Bird told me what was going to happen.
Tucker's going to set up his own network.
Elon Musk is coming around saying he wants to help.
Fox is going to try to block his contract.
They were already mad at Tucker on a host of issues.
He thought he was about to be fired.
He already knew.
That's all come out.
Axios actually got the scoop.
I kind of foreshadowed it.
I was told all this but wasn't allowed to tell you until it happened.
But Scoop, Tucker Carlson ready to torch Fox News?
Tucker Carlson's lawyer urges Fox News to permit Carlson to get a new job because his contract isn't up until January 2025, a year
And I have plus from now.
So that's a big deal.
But this is a very accurate story.
I can tell you it is dead on.
Meanwhile, I'm with Tucker.
NFL legend Brett Favre calls for Fox News boycott.
They lost more than half their audience.
Showing freedom is popular and we can stop censorship.
We will win together.
Now, speaking of escape from New York, let's roll it.
Gerald Cilente has escaped from New York to Kingston, the birthplace of the Republic, and he's fighting harder than ever.
And he's going to cover it all.
I want to ask you about RFK Jr.
Coming out saying the carbon tax is a fraud, saying we've got to control the border, saying the New World Order killed his father and his uncle, and saying that he's going to restore the Republic.
I've got to say he's the best candidate right now.
So, the great Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster, in the next 46 minutes,
At Gerald Cilente on Twitter, Trends Journal takes over right now.
The great Gerald Cilente!
Ah, thank you Alex, very kind of you.
You know, you go back to where info was, and I think it was December 19th, I said that the top candidate for president would be RFK Jr.
It's right there, video's there, and I was on with Alex.
We did our top trends for 2023 back in January.
And what did I say?
RFK, as things are going now, can be the next president of the United States.
And as Alex knows, in the Trends Journal back in May of 2016, when all the polls showed that Trump wasn't going to win,
We said he was going to win.
RFK is not a long shot.
He's got a great shot.
And when you look at his numbers, when he announced, they were 14%.
Now they're up to 20%.
That's really high.
So you look at the numbers, again, only by the numbers.
The new poll that came out, Biden's approval rating stands at 36% down from 42%.
And then you look at the people.
Biden's approval rating among a slew of groups that supported him by wide margins in 2020, he stands at 26% approval among Americans under, between the ages of 30, under the age of 30.
This is important because it was the young people that went out to vote, like it or not, agree or disagree with the issue because the Roe vs. Wade.
And that's why the Republicans didn't do so great.
So the young people don't like Trump and they're going to go for RFK Jr.
We're going to be going on to this.
We're not going to stop because this is big.
And again, I'm not bragging, but the facts are there.
I'm the first guy that called it.
And the ticket was RFK Jr.
for President, and Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President.
And we're having a Peace and Freedom Rally up here in Kingston, New York on May 27th.
And we're doing our very best to get RFK Jr.
Whether live here or live on screen.
Because we are on the same page.
And again, you go by the numbers.
And where Biden is now, where Kennedy is now, at that number, 20%, that's a high.
The COVID war is ended, so hitting him with the anti-vaccine stuff isn't going to hurt him much.
Look, they make up this crap.
On May 11th, they're going to officially declare in the United States that the COVID war is over.
No more state of emergency.
And then what do you just have?
The other freak organization.
Yeah, who are they?
A bunch of low-life, arrogant, slimy, little bureau, ignorant craps.
Who declares COVID-19 pandemic is over after three years and 20 million deaths?
You got it?
Financial Times.
No, no.
Google it up.
6,870,704 6,870,704 deaths.
Not 20 million.
Oh, but who said 20 million?
That little sloppy looking jerk who's the head of who that looks like he's in the worst damn health that a clown could look in.
That's who said 20 million.
But the numbers are... The global outbreak has killed nearly 7 million.
Both numbers are believed to be significant underestimates.
Taddeiros said the true figure was higher.
Probably at least 20 million.
Oh, Taddeiros said?
How about what Mickey Mouse said?
How about what Goofy said?
How about the truth?
So going back to- Look at this guy!
Look at this jerk!
Telling me about health!
How about go- I can't say it because I don't want to get blacklisted.
His color's dark.
I shouldn't have said that.
I didn't mean it blacklisted like that!
You look at the numbers.
I gave you them.
At 8 billion people, 0.09% of the world's population died of COVID.
Allegedly, they had pre-existing comorbidities, which means that only, only
99.91% of the people are still alive.
But they wish they were dead, a lot of them.
Because they destroyed their businesses.
That's where we're at.
A freak show of the First Order.
And that's why
They're gonna try to hit Kennedy with the anti-vax stuff.
It's over.
It's over.
It ain't gonna work.
So to me, if I would be able to bet, if they get any of those betting things online, I would bet for RFK Jr.
Because this is the cat that's gonna win.
And you look at the stuff that he says.
Kennedy shares opinion on key US mistakes with Russia.
Quote, we should have listened to Putin over many years.
We made a commitment to Russia to Gorbachev that we would not move NATO one inch east.
Oh, and then he talks about what happened in Kiev in 2014, essentially a coup d'etat.
Supported by the US recalling the phone call which Victoria Nuland was, quote, handpicking a new cabinet hostile to Moscow.
He said if Mexico did that and then started killing, and he goes on, the Russians killed 14,000 people in Donbass, Ukrainian government, if Mexico did that to expatriate Americans, we'd invade the second.
Kennedy must be reading the Trends Journal.
This is from 2014.
Article written by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan.
Ukraine presented the perfect opportunity for Washington to advance its hegemonic agenda in a speech to the National Press Club
Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland boasted, oh that Victoria Nuland, yeah?
Boasted that the United States invested five billion dollars in NGOs, non-governmental organizations, you ready?
To teach democracy to Ukraine.
He is on the exact same page in so many ways.
RFK Jr., Bill Gates, and World Economic Forum are using climate change to control population.
Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by, you know,
The World Economic Forum and Bill Gates and all these big, you know, mega billionaires, Kennedy told Iverson.
Kim Iverson.
So the people that don't like it for climate change, you can't agree with everybody on everything.
We're human beings.
But you have to look at the bigger issues.
Presidential candidate vows to unwind U.S.
Quote, Ms.
Kennedy, we will bring the troops home.
We will stop racking up unpayable debt to fight one war after another.
The military will return to its proper role defending our country.
Those are almost word for word the mandates of
Our Occupy Peace Movement.
Bring home the troops.
From those what?
800 something military bases in over 70, almost 80 countries?
Secure the homeland.
Says it right here.
The military returned to his proper role defending our country.
And we say put the troops to work to rebuild our third world infrastructure.
And you want to send my money to a foreign country for war or anything else?
Let the people vote.
It's my money.
You're a public servant.
Actually, you're political pieces of crap.
I'm Chuckie Schumer!
I'm Lindsey Graham!
I'm Mitch McConnell!
I'm Dianne Not-So-Feinstein!
Let the p- It's our money!
So Kennedy said, quote, I'm in a better position to run against Donald Trump than any of the Democrats because I can hold him accountable for the worst thing that he did
Which was the lockdowns.
Again, love Trump, hate Trump, not the issue, only the facts.
And it was Friday the 13th in March 2020 when he announced the state of emergency.
Black Friday.
Shouldn't say Black Friday.
Black Ball.
Let's really be stupid about everything.
Because that's where America is today.
To show you the stupidity and arrogance when he announced this is what the New York Times wrote when Kennedy announced.
Announcing his long shot bid to challenge President Biden.
Long shot bid?
Hey clowns, ain't a long shot bid, but they go on.
Mr. Kennedy, a California resident, travels to Boston, wants the Citadel as his family's power, to declare that he would challenge President Biden for the Democratic nomination, in a long shot bid for the White House.
So speaking of stupidity, it's the American media.
Little moronic boys and girls in charge.
As I said, I used to be on with Tucker Carlson years ago.
You know, again, it's not whether you like Tucker Carlson to me or dislike him.
I think he does a great job.
The bigger issue is this is big news.
This is big news.
One person, one person
Is outside the club.
One person at a 99.9999999% is not repeating the same crap spewing out of the prestitutes mouths and it's big news.
Again, like him or dislike him.
The fact is one person outside the club.
And they attack you.
Like they attack Alex Jones.
Like they attack me.
That's why you support InfoWars.
Because one guy gets thrown out, giving him high ratings, and he's gone.
They don't want freedom.
They don't want life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.
The COVID wars, the damage is incalculable.
It sucked the joy out of life.
It's destroying lives and livelihoods around the world.
So support InfoWars because they're doing everything they can to support you.
And put your money where your mouth is and your heart is and your mind is.
Stop being so cheap.
Buy what you need for yourself and for InfoWars.
So we're going to take a break.
We'll talk a lot more about the economy and much more.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Look, what you're getting on Alex Jones Info Wars, you're not getting anywhere else.
The variety of what they have, the people they have on like myself and others.
And, you know, what's it costing you?
So, again, put your money where your heart and your mind and your soul are.
Support Info Wars because to get this straight, we're in the fight for our lives.
And that's no joke.
Because, you know, one of my sayings is, when all else fails, they take you to war.
What followed the Great Depression?
World War II.
What followed the dot-com bus?
The War on Terror.
And we are in the most critical socioeconomic and geopolitical times in my lifetime.
And I'm 76 years old.
This is critical.
And if we don't unite, we're finished.
But remember, it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting breastfires of freedom in the minds of men, said Samuel Adams.
So we're that irate, tireless minority, and we have to unite.
So, and going on about
As I was talking before about RFK Jr.
The people are tired of both Trump and Biden.
And again, a poll?
Two-thirds of Americans want nothing to do with either.
Again, you go to InfoWars because you're getting what you're not getting anywhere else.
And here's one of the things you got on December.
When I said RFK Jr.
For President.
And then the other one, is when I'm on with Alex Jones.
So the facts are right here.
So let's see them.
You got those videos?
For President of the United States!
Put on the ticket, RFK Jr.
for President,
And Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President.
And I'm saying the Libertarian Party because they have ballots in all of the states, and it's very high value.
They're the only other party in all 50 states.
And so to put these two people on a new... And they could inject the anti-war, pro-peace, anti-nuclear war, anti-Armageddon ideas into the debates.
They could force their way in and put that on the referendum in the next election or even sooner.
They could hit the campaign trail now.
What do you think?
Here we go.
Would that be a winning ticket?
I think it's an absolutely genius move.
And I think they should do it now to stop nuclear war.
And they would not be ignored.
It would galvanize people.
We could get huge anti-war demonstrations going again.
And I think it would unify the left and right.
And it's something we need to do right now.
Look at that.
Alex, both of us saying it right there.
Big anti-war rallies.
And we're having one up here in Kingston, New York, on the Four Corners of Freedom, John and Crown Street, starting at 1 p.m.
on May 27th, Memorial Day weekend, in celebration of our Founding Fathers.
So see what you can do to get here.
You go to OccupyPeace, OccupyPeace.com for more information.
All right.
Now I want to talk more about what's going on in the economy.
This is very serious.
The banking crisis has just begun.
What they're barely talking about in any of the media, it just comes out from time to time, is the office building bust.
And this thing's busting big.
The office occupancy rate in the United States is 49
0.6% according to Castle Systems, that's with a K. Your office vacancy rates means that the offices are empty.
It's not like they rented and people going back and forth, they're vacant.
In LA, 30%.
30%, a third?
In San Francisco, almost 30%.
And these are not convertible into housing, so don't listen to the little prostitutes, because according to the data, buildings built within the last 50 years are non-convertible to apartments.
Look at these ugly things of steel and glass.
You look at the old buildings, they had small rooms with these things called windows, yeah, that used to go up and down.
These things are just one big space
And built, you know, totally different.
So when you look at the data on this, it's really, really going to hit hard.
They're coming out in Canada, they're worried about it as well.
Canadian bank earnings at risk from office real estate exposure.
Isn't that nice language?
Real estate exposure.
You're exposing yourself.
Don't use the word exposure.
Commercial real estate loans represent the second largest lending exposure of Canada's sixth largest banks.
So this is global.
According to Goldman Sachs, commercial real estate loans in the banking system
On the balance sheets, U.S.
regional banks with between $10 billion and $20 billion in assets have 25% of the loans.
And banks with less than $180 billion in assets hold around 70%.
So that means they don't have a lot of backdrop there when they start defaulting on the loans.
This is so big.
And again, it doesn't make the news.
The prostitutes don't talk about it.
They have other things to do, but they have a story here.
You ready?
The Toilet Paper Record, the New York Times, Sunday.
You know what it's on?
Page 827.
Available for lease in Manhattan.
A record 94 million square feet of office space.
You got it.
According to Colliers, the group said that the total square footage of office space in Manhattan for lease is roughly 94 million.
It's a record.
The vacancy rate, 17.4%.
Again, I said it's 30% in L.A.
and almost 30% in San Francisco.
And it's getting to a 20% in New York.
And now, by the way, those little politicians, you know those little jerks that never work a day in their life?
Those slimy little slime balls?
They need tax dollars.
And guess what?
Commercial buildings pay a lot in taxes that they're not going to be paying.
Now this thing's big.
The implications are broad, wide, and deep.
What are going to be the implications?
You're going to start seeing foreclosures and bank fail.
Just begun.
The bank failures have just begun.
So what do you do?
Where do you put your money?
I don't give financial advice, but I'll tell you what we see, where it's going, and the motto of the Trends Journal magazine is, think for yourself.
So we get back, you can think for yourself, because we're going to have a lot to say.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Before I go into where we see the markets going and what to invest in, I also want to keep encouraging you to do what you can to support InfoWars.
And they're doing everything they can to support you, not only with the information that they're putting out, but with the products that they have.
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25% off a one-ounce bottle at InfoWarsStore.com.
And see what Triiodine can do for you, because they're doing everything they can to help you.
You got it.
And get it.
So I was talking before about the economy and where it's going.
You go to CNBC, the headline story, and matter of fact they ran it on InfoWars about
Warren Buffett's warnings.
The most important thing Warren Buffett said Saturday, and it isn't good news for the economy.
So this is very simple.
The higher interest rates go, the deeper the economy sinks.
Because the bubble that was created was all fake money.
Zero interest rate policy.
I had a friend, and he wanted to buy buildings, a house in Las Vegas, back in March or January 2020.
And I said, man, I wouldn't do it.
This thing's going down big.
I wouldn't buy it.
I was 100% wrong.
100% wrong.
They didn't teach me about zero interest rate policy and the government dumping in countless trillions of PPE and other phony money to artificially boost up the economy as they fought the COVID war.
Got it wrong.
But what did they do?
They built one of the biggest bubbles in modern history.
All fake money, not only here, in a country near you.
Hey, I'm arrogant Gavin Newsom.
Maybe I'll run for president.
My daddy was a lawyer, worked for the Gettys.
I'm a member of the club.
Stay home!
You stay home while I go out and party up at the French Laundry.
That's like about $400 a plate.
You little plantation worker of Slavelandia.
We'll destroy your businesses.
We'll destroy the hearts and soul of the people.
We'll let the bigs get bigger as the billionaires got 27 trillion dollars richer, as we close down everything and flood the world with fake money.
Why don't you shut up, Solenti?
You don't know what you're talking about!
I'm Jerome Powell!
You're just Gerald Solenti!
There's no inflation, it's only temporary.
It's only transitory.
Oh, and now we'll get screaming, yelling in there.
It's only transgendatory.
Inflation didn't go up because of what you said, Salenti.
It went up because the plantation workers of Slavelandia are making too much money.
And the rich aren't getting rich enough.
The Walmarts aren't getting fatter with dough.
The hedge funds aren't hedging as much.
Oh, and those investment capitalists.
They created a bubble the likes of which you've never seen.
So what does this mean?
They're raising interest rates.
The whole thing was artificially propped up.
In front of your eyes!
I ever told you about the office building bust?
There she is.
Fatsia Brut.
Fatsia Bruta.
Fatsia Bruta.
Look, how can you be so dumb to listen to you with that arrogant attitude you got, huh?
Don't you know who I am, Selenity?
I'm a member of the club.
Oh, yeah.
The banks are gangsters.
Yeah, here's that cover of the Church Journal.
Great cover done by the brilliant Anthony Frieda.
Man with a heart of gold.
Here it is.
Oh, what was her last job?
Oh, you mean she was the head of the Federal Reserve?
And now she's our Treasury Secretary?
You get who's running the show?
Oh, in the first Republic deal that they gave to JPMorgan Chase, they got bigger?
Convicted of five felonies.
Five felonies, JPMorgan Chase.
Nobody goes to jail.
So what does all this mean?
The death of the dollar has begun.
Just like you live so long and then you die.
Like I said, I'm 76 years old.
How many more years do I have?
Like that.
Anything can happen.
Pancreatic cancer.
Hit by a car.
It's the end of the dollar.
The world has had enough of America's economic and financial hegemony.
You see the numbers came out?
About how much the central banks are buying gold?
Things like up in this quarter like over 170 something percent compared to last year.
They know how bad it is.
That's them, the central banks.
They know how bad the deal is.
You heard the head of the IMF come out.
International Mafia.
Oh no, no.
Be polite, Slinter.
The International Monetary Fund.
That was the matter with the Mafia.
You guys, you didn't speak right.
You gotta speak like they do, you know?
You gotta get the language out right.
You throw stupid words in there that people could swallow.
International Monetary Fund just came out.
Things are gonna go down.
Raise interest rates so the plantation workers don't have to get paid more.
So the bigs can get bigger.
So to me, gold.
Again, I don't give financial advice.
Get your Trends Journal.
It's $2.86 a week.
Like I say, for a lousy cup of coffee somewhere, you're eating junk.
And you're getting what you're not getting anywhere else in the world.
No magazine gives us in-depth
Trends analysis and trend forecasts of the socio-economic and geopolitical events shaping the world.
So go to trendsjournal.com.
This is serious.
And remember the rally.
And spread the word.
Go to OccupyPeace.com.
You know what?
This isn't about me.
Just so everybody get this.
I'm having a rally.
It's not about me.
It's about you and us.
And it costs me a lot of money to put them on.
So you're not helping me.
You're helping yourself.
And if you don't want to do anything, don't do anything.
But you're not doing it for me.
You're doing it for us.
And we're giving you everything we can.
So try to make it here.
It's a great, great, it's the most historic Four Corners in America.
And again, we're going to try to get RFK live or on screen.
We'll get him here one way or another.
And we have other great speakers, Gary Null, John Whitehead, Frank Marano.
So, love you and peace and goodwill.
I want to talk to you about something right now that can and will change your life.
It changed my life and millions of other people's lives.
In fact, billions.
Some for the better, some for the worse.
I'm talking about iodine deficiency.
Now, this is a very complex issue, but in the next few minutes, I want to try to boil it down for you.
I have Wikipedia right here with links to the UN itself admitting
That over 2 million people have intellectual disability, lower IQs, psychological problems, neurological issues because of lack of iodine, particularly when they're developing and growing as children, but also throughout life.
Now, most iodine that's in food is bound to other elements, so your body cannot absorb it.
Atomic iodine is pure deep-earth crystal iodine, and until we started selling it about 12 years ago, nobody else in the world was doing that.
There are other types of iodine that are not pure atomic, that are very close to it, that are also good for the body and help with the absorption of regular atomic or nascent iodine.
That's why, with top researchers, we developed X3 that has a deep-earth crystal iodine,
And two other types of iodine in it as well for better absorption.
And it's been sold out for many, many months, but now we got a big shipment of it in to InfoWareStore.com right now, and it's 25% off.
So I want to encourage everybody.
Go to the encyclopedia, to go to medical literature, go wherever you want.
Wikipedia is not always accurate, but you can check the bibliography here, the links.
This is an accurate report right here from the UN, from major studies, you name it, about iodine deficiency being the number one cause worldwide of what they call intellectual disability.
And if you look here on page two, it says, while reporting recent progress towards overcoming iodine deficiency disorders worldwide, the Lancet Medical Journal noted that the World Health Organization in 2007, nearly two billion individuals had insufficient iodine intake, a third being school age.
And it goes on, the conclusion was made that the single most preventable case of intellectual disability is that of iodine deficiency.
The single biggest reason people are so dumb and IQs worldwide are dropping like a lead balloon is iodine deficiency.
Now, there was massive IQ dropping and massive deformities in the 20s and 30s.
So the U.S.
government, as well as other governments, said, by law, we're going to put it in the salt and we're going to encourage bakeries and companies that sell flour to put some iodine in it.
IQs exploded up to 15 points on average in just a few years.
Then, in the 80s, they took it out, and in this own report from Wikipedia, they admit that they put in things that counter the iodine, like bromide, bromine, and other things, instead of the iodine that you need when the other chemicals are toxic.
This is absolutely insane.
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