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Name: 20230507_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 7, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses recent attacks by Mexican cartels targeting Hispanics and accuses the Democratic Party of profiting from this situation. He warns that cartels will not give up their profits and emphasizes the need for an awakening to address these issues. Additionally, he critiques US actions in Ukraine-Russia conflict, discusses concerns around iodine deficiency, and criticizes globalist agendas including carbon neutrality. --- **Topics covered:** Mexican cartels, Democratic Party, terror attacks, mass casualty events, Living Title 42, border control, second amendment, media, guns, cars, violence, Ukraine-Russia conflict, Putin, Donbas, Homeland Security spending, American middle class, national debt, iodine deficiency, modern farming techniques, X3 product, fish oil, krill oil, brain health, body health, heart health, globalist agendas, carbon neutrality, British monarchy **Key phrases:** Mexican cartel terror campaign, high-level source, Gulf Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel, Living Title 42, destabilization of society, mass shootings, hypocrisy, media focus, exploitation, profit motive, Democratic Party, lawless collapse, Second Amendment, awakening, Ukraine conflict, Putin's response, Donbas, Homeland Security spending, American middle class, national debt, iodine deficiency, modern farming practices, X3 product, fish oil, krill oil, brain health benefits, body health benefits, heart health benefits, globalist agendas, carbon neutrality critique, British monarchy relevance

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Ladies and gentlemen, we're live.
This is an incredibly important transmission.
Sunday, May 7, 2023.
Believe me, you need to talk about it, you know, tune in now.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
All right, I told you two weeks ago on air,
That I met with high-level federal officials concerning the total collapse of the border two weeks ago, and that we're going to be breaking major news here on air.
Now, I'm going to do the best job I can here today to lay this out.
We have a special guest joining us as well.
You're looking at footage right now of the man who was arrested, reportedly, in Brownsville, Texas, for running over dozens of people, killing at least seven of them.
And viewer discretion is advised.
I'm showing you this because
You need to know how serious the situation is.
People mowed over illegal aliens at a migrant center by Hispanic male, according to local reports.
That's in the local news in Brownsville.
The state police have said that they are not showing this on the national news.
We're also going to show you footage right now of your TV viewer.
And the footage has all been posted in fullwords.com of the shooting yesterday in a suburb of North Dallas.
We're including a five-year-old little girl with her head blown off.
We do not enjoy showing this, but you need to know how real this terrorism is.
So, here's what happened.
One of my journalist sources has proven to be extremely accurate, sort of calling me desperately yesterday morning, before the attack in Dallas.
And he said, I'm authorized to tell you off record and name names the name of the intelligence officer who gave him this information.
But he said, do not go to shopping malls or grocery stores.
That the two largest drug cartels have not worked together in more than 20 years have made a deal and are working with the Biden administration to launch terror attacks inside the United States using operatives where they'll kidnap their mother or their son or their daughter and say, if you don't run people over, if you don't go shoot people, we're going to kill your sister, your daughter, your mother, your father.
Hours later, what the source told us was imminent happened.
The source started calling our other source Friday night.
He didn't talk to him until 10.30 in the morning.
He checked his phone record.
This happened, what, 1.32 p.m.
in the afternoon.
So that's powerful, and it fits into the whole picture.
Biden said there's no crisis at the border for two and a half years.
He said surge the border, out of control crime, out of control murder.
Now, as the border completely collapses and up to 80,000 people are set to come across on Thursday when Title 42 expires in El Paso alone,
Suddenly, they say, oh my gosh, it's a giant crisis, and here's how it's going to work, according to the sources, and I agree with their analysis.
They activate the cartels that do this stuff every few minutes in Mexico, every few hours.
They rule by terror.
They start shooting people, bombing people, running people over through their operatives.
And then Biden comes and says, oh my gosh, we've got to take the Second Amendment, and I will secure the border, and I'll bring in a new title.
This is footage this morning in Brownsville of a food truck being ransacked and robbed as they try to hand out food.
And I know some people on Twitter said, oh, that's not El Paso.
Look at the lower right-hand corner.
El Paso, fighting hunger.
No, that happened.
I checked the local news.
It is complete bedlam.
Our crew will be down there Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
I will be deploying down there very, very soon as well.
But Owen Schroer and our people are going.
Pray for us.
But the entire stretch of the border
300 plus miles of it is a war zone right now.
Even areas in the middle of the desert have people coming across it.
Promised they could come into the U.S.
by Biden.
The drug cartels on the surface are angry because if Title 42 gets lifted, they won't have people being deported all the time so they can make money 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times off of them paying $10,000, $5,000, $20,000 to come across.
But it's being allowed to happen by the Biden administration, wink wink, the cartels the CIA works with, because this will be the terror they need as the pretext to take the American people's guns.
And Biden put out a press release saying it's time to confiscate all semiannuals one hour ago.
We can save the Republic together, but we've got to face the facts.
America is now under leftist-coordinated terror attack, just like the attack in Tennessee was a leftist.
They're still suppressing that information.
Stay with us.
Piles of dead bodies, including children in North Dallas.
A car ramming through more than 25 people, killing at least seven in Brownsville, Texas on the border.
We're showing TV viewers, radio listeners are spared this, the full video if you want to see it, it's on Infowars.com.
But we're showing this to our TV viewers and TV stations because you need to see what real terrorism looks like.
Alright, the border has completely collapsed.
Millions of people are on their way.
Hundreds of thousands of different cities are stacked up, ready to come in when Title 42 goes through.
Because these are people that don't have the money to pay the cartels the minimum $7,000 to come across.
If you're from China, it's $50.
The cartels are making tens of billions of dollars a month off of this.
Africa, $20.
We've watched the congressional hearings.
And Biden, by saying, surge the border immediately if I get elected,
Has made it many times worse than it was even under Obama.
Trump basically shut it down 98%.
The Border Patrol did an excellent job and they had good leadership.
The Border Patrol, more than 10,000 feds have been whistleblowers.
I myself have been in private secret meetings with high level, I mean high level federal officials.
Not just FBI agents, not just federal marshals, not just Navy SEALs, but
We're talking Zoom meetings with top people two weeks ago saying this is all coming.
One of my other big sources started calling me at 1030 on Saturday.
His sources started calling him, that's when he talked to his source, and said they're going to start launching terror attacks first in Texas and all over the country, targeting migrant centers, illegal aliens, because the cartels want them to know if you come across without paying us money, we're going to kill you.
And I asked the sources, well, doesn't Biden know?
They already work with the cartels.
Nancy Pelosi said MS-13's God's children.
They said, absolutely, they're going to use this hysteria and this new war with the cartels as the pretext to take the Second Amendment.
About an hour ago, an hour and 10 minutes ago, Biden called for repealing the Second Amendment and taking all semi-autos.
So this is what came in before the shooting yesterday.
And then I talked to the sources joining us in about the source with the sources in about 20 minutes.
I just heard something sick from my best source.
Almost made me throw up.
The insider said the cartel sit-down says, this happened two weeks ago, he thinks this operation may come from way on top.
Two top rival cartels never sit down to coordinate.
He thinks the entire scheme is to give Biden what he needs to justify not lifting Title 42 and make him look like a hero.
But the criminal regime Obama holder
It came in before this happened.
The high-level source contacted Pete Santilli that's joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Friday night, said, please call me.
Santilli didn't call him until 10 in the morning, called me right after.
And I'm like, okay, they're going to attack, they're going to have terror.
And then a couple hours later, it happens.
And then a truck attack in Brownsville, running over 20, maybe 30 people, they're not sure, at least seven dead.
We're going to show you the footage of people's legs, arms chopped off, blood spraying everywhere.
We do not enjoy showing this, but you need to know how serious this situation is.
Viewer discretion is advised, ladies and gentlemen.
And people are mad about this.
Walter Cronkite in the late 60s showed little girls with their skin burned off with napalm.
People need to see the reality.
It's not the gun.
It's not the SUV.
It's the evil people doing this.
And you ask, how do they have, and show the footage of the Hispanic male,
Looks like a military contractor being arrested and the police saying he's the one that did it.
We'll show that footage in a moment.
Well, guess who the reported
Killer in North Dallas is Mauricio Martinez Garcia, high-level security contractor with multiple certificates for armed security, dresses up in a paramilitary all-black outfit and goes to a mainly Hispanic mall and sprays a bunch of Hispanics
Congregating outside the doors of the mall.
Anybody that goes to a major mall knows Hispanics are like old-fashioned people, like white people did 50 years ago.
They hang around and talk outside of markets, outside of malls.
So mainly, that's what the footage shows, a bunch of Hispanics are hanging around outside a mall in North Dallas, including little kids.
This guy, overhead shot please, Mauricio Martinez Garcia, no criminal record, high level,
The answer is the police officer with a gun.
The answer is the concealed carry holder with a gun.
I mean, what are you going to do?
The answer.
This other guy just used a truck.
He used a gun.
The media is suppressing all this because, according to the intel, the cartels have probably kidnapped their mothers, their wives, their children, and Zoom them or FaceTime them and say, here's your five-year-old daughter, here's your wife, here's your mother, I'm gonna blow their head off, and by the way, let me just cut your finger off right in front of you right now.
Or they'll have a couple of the daughters and the mom there, they'll go ahead and just slit the mom's throat and say, if you don't kill people right now,
We're gonna kill your daughters.
That's how they do it.
Now, for the average person that doesn't study super-dirty black ops and dirty war, they'll just hear the media.
There's suddenly bombs, I predict car bombs, and mass shootings and car attacks and truck attacks, and they'll think, what the hell's going on?
We gotta give our guns up.
The last thing we're gonna do is be like Mexico that has no Second Amendment, so they're a failed state.
We're not giving in to this terror.
And like Governor Greg Abbott said, the answer is more guns, not less.
And a good man with a gun stopped this guy.
But let me tell you, Devin Centilli called me up yesterday.
I was trying to spend time with my youngest daughter, and my mother-in-law's in town, and we're out swimming at a local community pool.
And the phone's over and over again.
I'm like, what is going on?
Until he's like, they're going to start attacking people as we mass murder.
We got to tell everybody.
He's been on the inside of this for a long time.
And I was like, okay, well, all right, we'll talk to you next week.
I'm going to the board.
We'll do it.
And then hours later, this happens.
And I'm thinking, wow, that's really chilling.
Maybe that's what's happening.
And then there's a car attack.
I mean, folks, this goes on in Mexico all the time.
The cartels will order, say, take Cancun is controlled by the government, the military.
One of the few zones that's somewhat safe.
And they don't pay enough protection money.
You'll see dozens of robberies, murders a day, bombing, shootings to the cartels.
That's what they do.
And here in America,
If you've got millions of people coming across the year, paying on average $10,000, $15,000, the lowest is $7,000 according to congressional testimony, and I agree with that analysis.
It's been looked into.
I've talked to my sources.
What's millions times $7,000?
Or $10,000?
It's billions.
And so all hell is breaking loose, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, the backdrop of that is an uneducated public, an uninformed, half asleep,
No major memory.
Public will just think, well, my gosh, there's mass shootings and car attacks and all this.
We've got to take the guns.
And that's the goal here.
We're in a major war.
The dollar's dying.
There's absolute tyranny unfolding.
The government's declared any opposition to what it's doing is terrorism.
And meanwhile, Biden said, immediately surge the border if I get elected.
And then now two and a half years later, he's like, oh, the crisis got so bad.
Oh, I'm going to fix it.
And his press secretary says, you know, it's all Trump's fault.
When Trump stopped this, the Border Patrol did a great job, really hard job stopping this.
I mean, they cut it back 98%.
It was basically shut down.
And now it's completely out of control.
And again, the cartels are like, you're going to end Title 42?
Where people actually don't get deported?
Because this is going to legalize everybody.
And people heard that and came in and said, we're not paying the cartels.
We can all just come across.
The cartels are like, oh, really?
We're going to bomb you.
We're going to shoot you.
We're going to run over you with cars.
The sickness of this is, the word is from the highest levels, it was green lit.
Because Biden's going to bring back Title 42 but selectively enforce it later.
But right now he's letting the chaos break out.
So everybody, you know, tune in now, however you're listening.
This could not be more critical.
We can stop this together or it's the end of the republic.
Emergency terrorism alert!
Emergency terrorism alert!
Emergency terrorism alert!
Texas mass shooting, truck attack, beginning of Mexican cartel terror campaign.
We are live, Sunday night.
All right.
Here's what we know.
Yesterday at about 2 p.m.
in the afternoon, Maurice Martinez Garcia with no criminal record and level 3 security training certificate, which means armed security, in a black tactical gear outfit attacks a shopping mall, reportedly, and guns down Hispanics.
Want to know where to go kill illegal immigrants?
They're just like any other culture 50 years ago.
They go hang out in front of markets.
And I've looked at the people in the piles of dead bodies.
The eight dead people and the wounded.
Every one of them I saw was a Hispanic.
Another Hispanic man today in Brownsville runs over 25 to 30 people killing at least seven.
The reports are coming in that more may have died.
I'll show you that graphic footage to show you how serious
Situation is.
That was a quote migrant processing center in Brownsville.
There's a man with his leg cut off.
Foot cut off.
Why are Hispanic males?
Targeting Hispanics.
Well, I got the call from a high levels.
Very connected individual.
Who's been nothing but dead on?
His reports.
That his federal source, who he's confirmed to me the identity of, told him this was imminent on Friday.
He talked to him Saturday morning, hours before this happened.
This is what the cartels do in Central and South America and Southern North America.
This is what they do.
This is their MO.
Do you think they're going to give up tens of billions of dollars a year with Title 42 not letting them, when people get deported, bring them back in?
Think they're going to just let all those people come up there and not pay them and put arm bracelets on to come in?
They're going to kill them, and they've said they're going to kill the migrants, the illegal aliens, all over the United States.
Then Biden swoops in, supposedly takes out the cartels, which he won't do, puts in a new Title 42, which he selectively enforces.
The Democratic Party could take all the laundered money from the billions being paid to the cartels and continue this scam on.
But they plan to use this to come after the Second Amendment and for further destabilization.
Here again is a screenshot of the video of Maurice Garcia.
Maurice Martinez Garcia.
We actually have the footage this is from.
We'll show you.
Where they're shooting through the coffee shop window after he's shot by the police.
Let's see the graphic aftermath of Texas shooting on Infowars.com.
Here are the images of the little five-year-old girl with her brains blown out.
Sorry to show that, but the Second Amendment stopped more of that happening.
These individuals, dead.
Almost all reportedly Hispanic, like this person.
Why are Hispanics, Latinos being targeted for death by Latinos?
Who does that?
Oh, he had gang tattoos on him of an affiliated major gang, the second largest Hispanic gang in Texas, that reportedly does murder for hire for the cartels.
Think about that for a minute.
Allen, Texas shooting.
Tango Blast Gang, a prison gang affiliated with the very Mexican cartels.
We were told we're going to do this.
Texas mall shooting updates.
Domestic terrorism probed as possible motive.
Yeah, I think so.
ABC News.
Texas Governor Abbott, usually behind the curve, calls for addressing mental health issues in wake of a Texas mass shooting.
Really, you got a security guard with the highest level security certification, level 3, killing people.
That's like saying you can't trust the cops with guns.
You have to look into who may have gone after his family and what really happened.
That mall was a gun-free zone.
There's their official page saying all of that.
The Tango Blasking.
All right, so that's where we are right now.
And the media, the controlled corporate media, is doing everything it can to not focus in on this.
They're saying they don't know who did it.
They don't know their race.
Just like they won't release the manifesto of the trans man, who was a woman, killing all those people, including children, at that school in Tennessee.
But what's not really getting reported is the car attack, the truck attack.
And again, are we going to ban cars?
Because someone used an SUV wrong.
Remember Kenosha?
When the racist black man ran over a bunch of people, killing a bunch of people, including children?
They said, oh, it's an SUV attack.
And they're saying it's a gun attack in North Texas, in Dallas.
But it's not the silver SUV to blame.
We all know that.
It's like the car.
This isn't Stephen King's Christine.
It's not a car going out and killing people.
People laugh at that.
But when it comes to guns, it's like, oh, if we just took the guns, it would happen.
Yeah, there's the reported man that drove the truck, running over men, women, and children.
And of course he's a white supremacist.
But of course he's not a white supremacist.
But what will the media plant?
What will the media say?
What will they do?
Do I need to explain to listeners that...
We're not in the New World Order.
We're deep inside it.
And we need everybody to realize this is an information war.
The truth of this needs to get out.
A lot of brave people giving us information so we can get this information out to you.
Please take the live show feed from Band.Video.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Please take clips out of the show and share it.
Please pray for an awakening to stop this.
But they've allowed a lawless collapse border, bordering a failed state.
What do you think's going to happen?
And why suddenly is this happening?
And what our sources say makes a lot of sense.
You have cartels making tens of billions a year off this, and if Biden just outright legalizes them all, they won't be ever getting deported so they can't get multiple people paying them over and over again to come into the United States.
We showed the footage earlier, go ahead and play it with audio, of the food trucks pulling up in El Paso this morning.
It says El Paso on the side of the truck, and the media is saying it's fake because they can't admit this is going on.
Look at the lower right-hand corner.
El Paso.
That is El Paso right there, ladies and gentlemen.
Tens of thousands already there.
Sixty, seventy thousand ready to come in just in one city.
El Paso fighting hunger.
See on the truck?
But they think the public's too dumb to realize who's causing the crisis.
So we'll go along with it, but we're not going to.
We're going to blame Biden and the deep state that allowed this lawlessness to take place.
They want to make the entire republic a failed state.
We need to get a hold of this and eradicate this now.
We need to shut that border down.
Alright, Pete Santilli, investigative journalist.
Par Excellent joins us on the other side.
Stay with us.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
Yeah, we got all the King Charles news and all the Russia war news and end of the dollar news.
We got it all coming up next hour.
But Pete Santilli, incredible investigative journalist, joins us.
He began frantically calling me at about 10 30 yesterday and I didn't start reading his text later in the afternoon and talk to him.
And he's like, man, they're about to launch terror attacks using the Mexican cartels because they're mad about title 42 ending and Biden's green lit it because he wants to be the hero and he'll be the one to stop it.
But he controls the cartels and
Okay, great.
We'll talk about it next week because he brings a lot of big stuff.
It's always accurate.
Then the shooting starts in North Dallas.
Then a massive truck attack with another Hispanic man running over 25 people, killing at least seven.
We have all the footage of that.
It's not in the national news.
Viewer discretion is advised.
But Pete has high-level federal sources.
That he has revealed to me.
I already know he has those sources.
I know who the source is.
I have similar sources telling me the same thing.
So explaining what's really going on is how you destabilize a country.
Say, come out with the Second Amendment.
Because the American people just see a bunch of people being killed.
They don't understand that this is how the Mexican drug cartels operate.
This is how the cartels operate, period.
So, Pete, start at the beginning here with the calls you started getting Friday night.
It's on my phone.
It's on record.
You were calling me at, you know, 10, 30, 11 with this.
Hours later it starts happening.
I don't think there's any way to say this is wrong.
Hispanic men randomly shooting up Hispanics.
Randomly running over Hispanics at a migrant center in Brownsville.
I mean, wow.
And it ties into Fast and Furious and Holder and Obama sending hundreds of millions of guns to the Mexican cartels that were later then sold to ISIS.
This is just incredible.
This is the definition of terrorism, the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
Sinaloa and Gulf cartels convened a meeting two and a half weeks ago to decide on launching terror attacks and mass casualty events in order to stop lifting Title 42.
They do it all over Mexico and Central and South America.
Why wouldn't they do it here?
Why would Hispanic males start randomly killing Hispanics?
Because their wives, their daughters, their fathers, their uncles are held captive.
That's what I would speculate.
It's how the cartels work.
Pete Santilli, incredible information, dead on.
Tell us what's happening.
You know, originally when the report came from an insider that was actually in the room, as they say, but at the compound, where an unprecedented meeting took place, where the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel got together.
Why is that unprecedented?
Well, rival cartels don't typically get together to plan events.
They're against each other.
They're killing each other.
But it was actually about a week and a half or so ago when that meeting took place, a call went to my source.
And he found it to be unbelievable, but really didn't take it as seriously as it should have been.
But he got a call, I think it was on Friday night in advance, telling him, now this wasn't supposed to come forward, I had to actually ask because it's a matter of such high public importance, this is a terroristic event, so I said we need to make this stuff public.
By the way, let me just back you up.
This is so bad.
That I had meetings two weeks ago with top federal officials.
I mean, people would know who they are, I said.
So that's how concerned they are, telling me basically lawlessness is about to break out, the cartels are about to attack.
They didn't go as far as you were with the specifics.
They just said, what can you do?
We're calling everyone.
I said, we're not making this up.
There was a warning to my source who
We're good to go.
Major events, mass casualty events, and then basically blame it on this mass migration that's taking place to stop the Title 42, because the cartels have tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars at stake.
Now, of course, we know who's behind that, allowing it, the regime that's in place, Obama, you know, two, three, four point... And obviously, they knew the cartels would do this when they're cash cow.
They make more money off human smuggling than off everything else.
And for those who don't know,
The average person three, four, five times goes back and forth in a revolving door.
That's where the real money's at.
Now, this is effectively at two of the top cartels.
One which controls the border and the other, of course, down below the border that have essentially decided to launch terror attacks on the United States in order to affect political policy with respect to lifting Title 42.
That, when you couple that with what we know about Eric Holder and Fast and Furious and supplying guns down there and the deep infiltration, if not collusion,
Uh, with the cartels, especially with respect to human trafficking, sex trafficking.
Shoot, I was down on the border of McAllen, Texas in 2014 and saw them funneling, you know, children.
They get their pick of the litter, of course, and they send them to the Catholic charities and then, of course, distribute them.
I don't know.
And that's why they're launching this attack.
Now, the cartels, a lot of rumors out there.
Yeah, that's right.
Now, this is the way it came to me, is that there were imminent attacks that were already predetermined.
They're not necessarily going to blame it on the cartels.
They're going to blame it on the migrants.
That's the way it was told to me before the Saturday events came.
And I was told that they were imminent.
And they happened.
And I was like, holy cow.
I mean, look at my text messages.
You're on record before this happened, saying it was going to happen.
And then the truck attack just confirms it.
Yeah, and then another truck attack.
And I'm being told that this is nothing.
There's going to be a massive wave.
There's going to be no doubt about the pressure for Joe Biden.
Now, this is a total twofold effort.
They're going to try to also never let a good crisis go to waste and make Biden look like he's going to clamp down on the border and shut down the mass migration.
Because they know the public doesn't have a memory that he said, if I get elected, immediately surge the border.
Once it peaks and it totally collapses, then he poses as a savior.
Makes perfect sense.
It's just like a triple false flag going on to make Biden look halfway decent for political purposes, shut down the border, make sure the cartels maintain their dominance in gun running, sex trafficking, human trafficking, so on and so forth.
Now, here's another concern.
I've been talking to Michael Yan, of course, supplementing the work that he's been doing on your show.
Yesterday I conducted an interview with him.
He is a famous reporter, former special operations guy.
That's right.
He never gets mad.
He's really upset.
He's been out at the Darien Gap.
Down in the Darien Gap, Special Forces operator, a great journalist, photographer, traveling all over the world.
He's been everywhere from Hong Kong to Iraq, Afghanistan, one of the best investigative journalists of our age.
He's listening down at the Darien Gap, and you had him live on the air talking to a Chinese national, but he's also listening to those around him.
He just got footage he put out on Twitter yesterday.
We should play it.
We have too much video to play.
It's on my list to play.
He saw dozens of Chinese meetings with a party official saying, okay, members of the party, they're having a communist meeting right there at the Darien Gap.
That's absolutely correct.
That coupled with what he sounded the alarm on yesterday in my interview, it's not shocking.
It's just a high level of alert that we need to understand where we're at.
And explain the cell phones, because they're handing them all UN cell phones and prepaid debit cards so they can coordinate and have operational control.
Explain what that means.
They can actually deploy, because they have direct contact, even micro-targeting, and deploy people to come to your house and take it over.
That's right.
They can send a text, one move, thousand people at your house.
So this is Red Dawn.
In Red Dawn, they parachute in.
In the 21st century, this is how they infiltrate.
I hate to pick on the front face of it, which is just Obama, but there's an entire regime from Obama to Eric Holder to Susan Rice, this communist regime.
And we're showing on the screen all the big banks giving free $5,000 debit cards to everybody to come here.
I mean, this is all government-run.
You know, imagine, Alex, picture this.
Right now, we're seeing through Michael Young's footage out of the Darien Gap, we're seeing massive tent cities.
These tent cities down in the Darien Gap and hopscotching all the way up, they have brand new, with UNICEF logos on it, UN logos on it, EU logos on it, United States of America flags on it.
This is modern warfare.
This is government-directed collapse.
Now imagine that all of these migrants have all these great brand new facilities.
They've got brand new buses, air-conditioned.
These people are living in a lap of luxury.
Isn't it amazing how they get to the border and they're dumped in the streets of America?
And the cartel is saying, they gotta pay us money.
We're gonna start killing them if they don't pay us money.
That's why they're threatened.
That's right.
Now, UNICEF, they're handing out, the UN organizations are handing out condoms because they know all these women are getting raped.
Not only are they getting raped, and that is the perfect picture right there, on all these brand new tent cities.
These migrants coming up, they're paying, some of the Chinese are paying upwards of $50,000.
That's right, the lowest is $7,000, the highest is $50,000.
So it says UNICEF, the U.S., and the EU.
That's right.
And they're providing them with all of the resources that they need.
This thing is being fueled.
We're not talking about hundreds of thousands.
There's millions of dollars that are going towards bringing these migrants up.
By the way, this just happened this morning.
You can see on the side of the car, it says El Paso.
This is El Paso.
Look at the lower right-hand corner, folks.
This is El Paso today.
This is the insanity happening right now.
And imagine what's Title 42 next Thursday.
We're going to be there on the ground in El Paso.
Imagine what's going to happen then.
Pete Santelli.
Now it's above my pay grade.
I think that the powers that be.
Whoever was able to convene an unprecedented meeting between the Gulf Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel, whoever makes that call to make that happen, that's way above my pay grade.
There must be a battle going on where both sides are pushing.
You got the black hats that are saying we still want to make money on the illegal activity, and you guys are allowing it to be legalized.
There's a conflict here.
I don't know what's happening, but all I do know is that the chaos that's being created is initiated.
This is not some spontaneous... Yeah, why would a random Hispanic man bravler people with a truck in Brownsville?
Why would a Hispanic man go shoot a bunch of Hispanics, Latinos?
No, no, this is how the cartels work.
Have their families been kidnapped?
Now, even within the, even within the, if you have a source that's in the room that knows about this meeting taking place, and when these folks, insiders, are concerned about what's going on, that means that there's a call above their pay grade.
Something huge is going on here.
When they start making calls like that, breaking operational security, to warn their friends.
Why would top federal officials two weeks ago meet with me saying you've got to do something, what do we do?
Because everybody, I was telling them, I don't know what to do.
They thought I would know the answer.
This is like insane.
You know, Alex, I mentioned it to you earlier.
I want to get away from, I don't want to use the leftist tactic where after a mass shooting, you know, to start pointing our energy at the gun and say we need to disarm everybody.
It's the person behind the gun.
We have to resist that temptation using the Second Amendment or the, you know, the assault rifle analogy to not yell at the white buildings in Washington, D.C.
and our bureaucratic institutions
Because that's the gun.
It is a well-oiled machine, it's very powerful, and it's designed and used to go get bad guys.
Like the FBI and the CIA.
No, I agree.
There's a battle over our agencies, over our government.
The government's not the enemy.
It's the criminals that have hijacked it.
Those agencies are now being weaponized and pointed towards the American people.
We got white hats within the FBI, within the CIA, I do know this, that they want to help save our country, but I'll tell you what, they don't know how the black hats are operating their communications operationally.
You know how they're communicating?
I found out through sources they're talking Alex Jones on child porn servers that the FBI is running on government property.
How did I find this out?
That came out in the news three weeks ago, exactly.
Guess who uncovered it?
Norm Pattis was the one that exposed it, I think maybe a couple years ago.
Norm Pattis was the one that exposed that the FBI was running child porn servers on government property.
From that, we now discovered that that's how they're communicating their operational orders, is in the chat rooms.
They're communicating on gaming chat rooms.
But that came out in the congressional hearings a month and a half ago.
They're using illegal chat rooms.
They're using illegal chat rooms.
That's correct.
That's how they're communicating.
So our white hats within the system know that they're abusing the power of the full force of the government and these investigations going on at the FBI, setting up child porn servers under the pretext of conducting investigations, and they're doing it on government property.
Go take a look at the chat rooms and see what their next plans are, because that's where it's happening.
Why do they do that?
Because guess what?
I was actually almost entrapped.
To convey, I wanted to take a screenshot of some evidence of what website they were using.
And if I had fallen into that trap, I would have been arrested for dissemination of child pornography.
The reason why they do this is they can do it because nobody else can go in there.
It's illegal to go into these child porn websites.
Another one is the gaming chat rooms.
Norm Eisen, Neil Keitel, Mark Elias, they were running ballot stuffing
Operations prior to 2020.
I published an article.
So these black operatives are communicating their orders.
We're wondering how they're able to affect all these false flag operations.
How they're able to steamroll people like Alex Jones and Sandy Hook trials.
They're able to communicate in black channels.
They're able to subvert the Constitution.
They're able to
To cherry pick all of your communications and communicate it to either opposing counsel or whatever.
They're doing it behind the scenes.
They are a lawless group of criminals who believe they're invincible and they've made their move.
They're committed.
So let me ask you this.
What are they going to do next?
Because the border is collapsing and once it totally collapses, how does Biden look good?
Well, he poses as a savior.
And that's what they're doing now.
He does pose as a savior, but Biden is a puppet.
He is a tool.
We have to recognize their methodology, that Hegelian dialectic, never let a crisis go to waste.
Everybody needs to get educated on the chaos that's already created.
So what do you think is coming next?
A truck attack in Brownsville?
A mass shooting in Dallas?
You called it was going to happen.
What does the Deep State want to get out of this?
Because Biden already came out two hours ago and said we're taking your guns.
I believe that there are going to be, and this is just what I'm being told, is that we have seen nothing yet.
This is not going to be isolated to the border.
This is going to happen across the country.
I'm expecting, I can fully expect, because
My source was told stay out of the grocery stores and he didn't tell me this information to bring it public.
He was told this information for his own personal safety and he's nowhere near the border.
I'm expecting that we're going to see major attacks like this that have been initiated by the cartels.
You won't see it as a cartel event but it's going to be blamed on the migrants and it's going to happen in major cities across the country.
To get that full imagery in effect to give
Biden that opportunity to exploit the crisis that they in fact created.
His regime, Obama-Biden regime, is behind all of this.
They're doing it secretly.
They're having open meetings that even the insiders within these groups know that orders are coming from higher above.
I'm being told that these cartels know that it's coming from higher above.
Why would a clean-cut Hispanic man
Looks military.
Ram a car over a bunch of people and kill seven or eight people today.
Why would a Hispanic man with a security clearance, an armed security guard, go attack and kill Hispanics?
That's what the cartels want folks to know.
You don't pay us money, we kill you.
Yeah, I don't know exactly what the front face of this thing is going to be, but I know who's behind it.
It's going to be the cartels.
The cartels are going to claim credit for it.
They're going to blame it on the migrants.
They're going to blame it on the migrants and the criminals that are hiding, just like the Palestinians.
Very sympathetically, the Palestinians that are poor, they're shillers, they're throwing rocks, but they're used as human shields.
These migrants are going to be used as human shields for a very nefarious criminal entity that's going to come up through the border.
And that's who they're going to blame it on.
That terrorists are coming over.
That these very dangerous criminals, like MS-13 gang members, are coming over the border.
Why they use this guy, it's perplexing to me.
So they heat up the crisis, they open the border.
And then right when the border collapses, they go, oh, we're going to fix the border by taking all of your rides.
Pete Santilli, it makes perfect sense.
We'll talk to you again in the next few days on the weekday show, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Thank you so much.
Pete, how do they find your show?
That's the best way to find me.
You'll find our live streams.
We broadcast six, seven hours a day.
All right.
And X3, the ultimate ionine, sold out for more than half a year, is back in stock.
It's amazing.
Brain Force Ultra, Brain Force Plus, Turbo Force, all back in stock.
It's the products that fund us, plus their amazing products.
We'll be right back with a second hour.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Our number two, Pete Santilli.
We've got more to add.
Pete, take it over.
You know, Michael Yan yesterday, who I have so much respect for, and as a Special Forces operator, as a former United States Marine, his level of expertise, you know, on the ground as a Special Forces operator, as a Green Beret, when he sounds the alert, I'm going to honor him and I'm going to repeat it.
And I'm going to say this, because I don't want to be overly sensational or cause
You know, any fear or panic, but everybody needs to wake up to the following.
You need to have full situational awareness as well.
You need to recognize what's happening.
And for every day that you don't, that's the desired effect.
They don't want you to know what's happening around you.
They don't want you to know what fifth-generational warfare is.
Fifth-generational warfare is warfare being perpetrated upon you psychologically.
They're not even firing a shot, so you don't think it's warfare.
That gives them one more day to plan operationally and get away with advancing their agenda.
Everybody needs to wake up if you are lawfully a concealed carry and you're thinking about going to the grocery store and you normally, you know, maybe you leave your, you know, you let your guard down.
Don't let your guard down.
You're at level 10 right now.
Everybody be on the alert as to what's happening.
You need to know what's happening.
Because, I'll give you an example.
Do you remember when they attacked Tucker Carlson because he brought up the conspiracy theory of replacement migration?
They call him a conspiracy theorist.
Well, they had operational plans in place.
UN has a 177 page document.
On replacement migration, a large portion of which, how they're going to replace Americans because of our aging population.
On one hand, they're of course causing us to become a bunch of homosexuals and basically non-reproducing drag queens.
You're not going to get babies that way.
And then they're going to replace us because we're not having enough children.
So, do not let your guard down.
Have full
Situational awareness of what's happening and know that there's a reason why they're giving cell phones to every single one of these migrants that are coming over the border.
And it's not to send them health care apps and to keep give them warm and fuzzies.
It's to extract because the majority of these migrants are human shields.
They're being exploited for human and sex trafficking.
They are the human shield to this thing that also includes
Military-aged men that can now receive their communications device here on the ground as soon as they come in and make contact with our government authorities.
And, of course, the good folks, the White Hats at the DHS and the Border Patrol, they think it's neat that they have these phones and they're helping to facilitate this thing.
Well, guess what?
These people that have been operating behind the scenes to destroy our country, communicating covertly, launching false flag attacks, using gaming channels.
By the way, if you think it's a conspiracy theory that gaming chat rooms are used to communicate,
By the Intel Services and talk to their good friends over there at ISIS and Al-Qaeda, their operatives at ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
Go take a look at what the CIA operators were doing during the attack on Benghazi.
What were they doing?
That one of the top game players on Eve
During the attack on Benghazi, he was in those chat rooms.
And that's how I discovered these techniques.
And that's how we caught them prior to the November election.
Norm Eisen, Neil Keitel, and Mark Elias were deploying their assets to stuff ballots.
This is how they communicate.
So, you're not going to get this information in the mainstream media.
We have the best resources.
White hats that know what's going on.
We don't know everything.
But everyone is upset about what these evil covert operatives are doing to overthrow the United States of America.
Ladies and gentlemen...
This is not to alert you, but it is to forewarn you and to cause you to raise your level of awareness to protect life, liberty, and property at your household, your domain, your king of your castle.
Take care of your family, and you better snap out of it.
This is a war just because you don't have bullets flying at you.
Alright, Pete Santilli, great job.
Thank you so much.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
So, let's shift gears right now and talk about real crime statistics.
We're being told that white people commit most of the crime in America.
Even though whites are still 52% of the population, most of them old people, young whites and minority, we're told by CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, CBS News, that whites are just running around murdering everybody.
And until two and a half years ago, we had accurate crime statistics from the FBI, but still the state statistics are reported.
So Elon Musk last night began to tweet this graphic.
Black on white crime.
It shows the graphic.
The biggest.
Black on Hispanic.
White on black.
The smallest.
White on Hispanic.
Very small.
Hispanic on white.
Not as big as black on white, but still big.
Hispanic on black.
Very small.
But whites are the majority, so per capita, they have the lowest crime rate.
Lowest crime rate is whites.
But we're told whites are committing all these crimes.
Big article on InfoWars.com.
I'll have it added to the live show feed so everybody can find it easily.
Elon Musk, why does the mainstream media misrepresent interracial crime stats to such an extreme degree?
This one article on Infowars.com is so important.
Go there, find it, share it.
And it shows all the federal statistics, the actual statistics, so you can see it for yourself.
So why is the media promoting this?
The media is saying white people are devils, white people are the worst things on earth, white people need to die.
But we have Jordan Neely,
We've been arrested more than 40 times, including kidnapping seven-year-old children, assaulting people more than 20 times.
You have a video, we got the full video, you want to see it?
Of two black passengers, a Hispanic passenger and a white passenger, subduing him when he was attacking him, saying, I'm gonna kill you.
But the media would have you believe this guy's the number one issue in America, that whites are just out murdering black people.
Now I've done the numbers.
You can look them up for yourself.
But here's a clip of a statistician using CDC homicide victimization statistics and using the equations to break it down.
Here it is.
At this point, you've probably heard the 1350 statistic and how it might be wrong.
God made me Asian for a reason.
So the biggest problem with the FBI's 50% number is that those are arrest totals and that the true number could be different for a lot of different reasons.
So I decided to calculate the true number using the National Crime Victimization Survey and what we know about interracial crime.
Because if you can't arrest a perpetrator, you can always take a look at the victim.
You don't have to know what any of this shit means, but according to the NCVS, 52% of all homicide victims are black and 42% of all homicide victims are white.
Using FBI crosstabs, we can figure out that 88% of white murder victims were murdered by other white people, and 81% of black murder victims were murdered by other black people.
From there, we get this equation where the total number of white murder victims is the amount of white people murdered by white people, and the amount of white people murdered by black people, and the other way around.
With some algebra, we convert this into an equation that calculates the proportion of white and black perpetrators.
So with this method, we can calculate that the true number isn't 50%, but 60% of all murders were committed by black people.
So it turns out that the FBI was wrong.
It's not in the direction that most people thought it would be.
But if you believe the corporate media, you believe the lies.
And again, I don't want to be at war with black people.
The average black person is not a committing crime.
But a minority of black males
Commit 80%, you just saw it, of the attacks on white people.
Because they believe they deserve to die.
It's the same everywhere.
It's become a sport to attack white people.
It's become a sport to say we deserve to die.
It's become a sport despite the fact that 90 plus percent of people living in this country did not even have ancestors in North America until after slavery was banned.
That's right.
90 percent of the people in America, their ancestors came here before the 1860s or after the 1860s.
But you see the left saying, oh, we're going to pay black reparations.
That's just like Biden saying you get free tuition.
He's going to forgive your student debt.
Did he do that?
No, he said he'd do it.
He said, sorry, I'm not doing it.
It's all a joke.
I can show you 100 videos every day of crazy black people attacking black people, white people, you name it.
Do whatever they want.
Mentally ill, totally in town.
Here's an armless man, handicapped, physically attacked by a big black man three times his size.
Now, can you imagine if there was footage of a white person doing that to a black person?
We don't blame all white people.
We don't blame all black people for that.
But if a white person did that, all whites would be guilty.
Yeah, play this audio if we bleeped it.
Of the protest in New York over the death of Jordan Neely.
Arrested 40 plus times.
We're attempting child kidnapping, assault, you name it.
He's telling people on the train, this is black people that first start fighting him and they can't kick his ass.
So a white guy jumps on him and puts him in a chokehold.
The black people are helping him because he was attacking them.
And they're normal black people.
They're going to their job.
They're living their lives.
They don't care what color you are.
It was a crazy white dude on that train.
He get his ass kicked.
Here it is.
That's what they do.
That's what they do.
Do something.
Do something.
That's what time it is.
There's black cops at the protest where they're blocking the trains, the subway, attacking people.
And there's a couple black cops and the black people are in their face saying, you helped kill a black man.
And telling him that he did something wrong.
Meanwhile, the number one cause of black death in America is abortion.
The number two cause is black-on-black murder.
But see, oh, when a black person kills a black person, it's no problem.
It's those rare cases where a white person does it that everybody gets to get upset because the media gives it attention.
And the media blows it up and makes it a huge deal.
This is mind control, ladies and gentlemen, and we're smart enough to see this.
Our country's collapsing.
The borders are wide open.
We're losing our jobs.
Inflation's out of control.
They're shipping fentanyl in.
It's the number one cause of death now.
And whether you're black or white, it doesn't matter.
We're all getting killed by this.
This is stupid!
I don't get ahead when black people are suppressed.
You don't get ahead when white people are suppressed.
The establishment is manipulating this.
Meanwhile, the Mexican drug cartels are launching, the evidence is overwhelming, terror attacks inside our republic that the deep state's going to use to try to take our right to self-defense and bring in a total dictatorship.
You think the police state's bad now?
Wait until the border's completely gone.
And that's what's happening here.
But you gotta go to InfoWars.com.
You gotta read this article.
Elon Musk, why does the mainstream media misrepresent interracial crime statutes to such an extreme degree?
Because it follows the narrative they want of black and white attacking and killing each other.
All the globalists take full control of civilization, society, and steal everything we got, including stuff nailed down.
It's that simple.
This graphic says it all.
These are off FBI statistics.
Black on white.
Highest crime rate.
Black on Hispanic.
White on black.
White on Hispanic.
Hispanic on white.
Pretty big.
Hispanic on black.
Doesn't even exist.
And the truth is, look at the statistics.
Whites are killing each other.
Blacks are killing each other.
Hispanics are killing each other.
And whites are committing suicide at the record rate.
And that's the reality.
And those are real numbers.
So when you watch the news and the corporate media, realize that's the enemy trying to destroy you, trying to divide you, trying to control you.
We need justice.
We need jobs.
We need a future.
We need to stop World War III.
I've got news on that when we come back on the other side.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Well I gotta tell ya, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who's a Democrat, stands heads above Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and all of them.
There's a two-hour interview with him on Infowars.com that literally knocks it out of the park.
Where he explains what really happened in Ukraine.
Where he explains where all this is really going.
RLKJr says Russia faces existential fight and cannot lose in Ukraine.
Let's play some of those clips back-to-back.
Here it is.
This is no longer a humanitarian mission.
All the decisions the United States has made since the start has been about prolonging the war, about maximizing the violence of the war.
And being absolutely intransigent against the many opportunities to actually settle the war.
And that my understanding of the war is that not that Zelensky is pushing this war as hard as he can, but that the neocons in the White House want this war.
They want regime change with the Russians.
They want to exhaust the Russian armies.
This is what Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in 2022, our objective.
Is to exhaust and degrade Russian forces so they cannot fight anywhere else in the world.
And President Biden acknowledged that one of his objectives in the war is regime change in Russia, removing Vladimir Putin.
Well, if those are the objectives, that is the opposite of a humanitarian mission.
That is a mission to maximize casualties, to prolong the war.
It's essentially a war of attrition, and that's what we're seeing.
Julian Assange is a newspaper publisher.
He published leaked documents.
You know, why are we... I mean, if I was any newspaper publisher in this country, I would be worried about that.
That now he can go to jail for life because he published leaked documents of great import to the American people, of things that should not have been secret, that we should have known about.
Revelations that affect our civil rights.
Affect our foreign policy, affect things that we have a right to know about.
And you know, it's really, it's strange that there's any support for his imprisonment among the press.
And I think the press is beginning to figure this out finally.
The most controversial of those figures is Edwin Snowden.
But Edwin Snowden released documents that showed us that we were all being spied upon.
And that's important for Americans to know.
And in fact, it was so important that Congress pass laws based upon his revelations to protect the American people.
So why are we punishing the whistleblower rather than punishing the people who were, you know, who were illegally spying on us?
That's what we should be doing.
We shouldn't be jailing dissenters in our country.
We shouldn't be.
Jailing whistleblowers.
We should be jailing the people who break the law.
This is a war that is proceeding in a very cataclysmic trajectory.
The answer to your question about how we got in this war goes back a long way, but I would say that the real story starts in 2014 when the U.S.
government and particularly the neocons in the White House and elsewhere
Participated and supported the overthrow, violent overthrow of coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of the Ukraine and put in a very, very anti-Russian government.
This prompted the Russians who then believed that the U.S.
Navy was now going to be invited into the Black Sea to have a port at Crimea.
It prompted the Russians to preemptively
Invade Crimea.
At the same time, the government that came into the Ukraine began enacting a series of laws that turned the Russian populations of the Donbass region into second-class citizens.
They illegalized essentially their culture, their language, and they began ultimately killing them.
They killed 14,000 of them.
And it prompted a civil war in the country.
And the Russian response, which was illegal.
I have no sympathy toward Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin is a gangster and he's a thug.
But his response in the Donbas was not irrational.
This is no longer a humanitarian mission.
All the decisions the United States has made since the start has been about prolonging the war, about maximizing the violence of the war.
And being absolutely intransigent against the many opportunities to actually settle the war.
And that my understanding of the war is that not that Zelensky is pushing this war as hard as he can, but that the neocons in the White House want this war.
They want regime change with the Russians.
They want to exhaust the Russian armies.
This is what Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in 2022, our objective.
Is to exhaust and degrade Russian forces so they cannot fight anywhere else in the world.
And President Biden acknowledged that one of his objectives in the war is regime change in Russia, removing Vladimir Putin.
Well, if those are the objectives, that is the opposite of a humanitarian mission.
That is a mission to maximize casualties, to prolong the war.
It's essentially a war of attrition, and that's what we're seeing.
If you throw in the Homeland Security and all the surveillance and security expenditures at home, it's $1.1 trillion a year.
That's $1.1 trillion a year that is attributable to essentially to our, you know, warmongering.
And I don't think we can afford to be policemen of the world anymore.
We have 800 bases around the world.
We need to start rebuilding our middle class at home.
We need to be responsible with our debt.
And we need, my grandfather always said, we should make America too expensive to conquer.
We should make fortress America.
We should arm America to the teeth at home so that no, so we're too expensive to conquer.
And then we should concentrate on building up our economic power and a robust middle class.
That's what's going to make America strong.
And instead of projecting military strength abroad,
We ought to be projecting our economic strength and a marketplace of ideas and economic power.
Do you believe they murdered or were involved in the murder of your uncle?
What would have you come to personally?
The CIA?
Yes, they were definitely involved in the murder and, you know, and the 60-year cover-up.
They're still not releasing the, you know, the papers that legally they have to release.
But I don't think there's any doubt if you look at this.
Huge, you know, mountain, monumental mountain of evidence and confessions and, you know, so many people have confessed to their involvement and for anybody who has doubts about that.
I would recommend a book by Jim Douglas called The Unspeakable, because I think he's done a better job than anybody else at kind of assembling and... Well, we're out of time.
Final segment before Owen takes over.
He's loaded for bear at 6 to 8 p.m.
I've got a bunch of other news to hit.
Final segment straight ahead.
I want to thank the crew for a great job.
This news about the Mexican cartels and the deep state and the terror attacks is dead on.
It's just so incredibly serious.
We'll be back during the weekday shows.
11 A.m.
Covering it all the right back.
to 3 P.m.
Please stay with us.
Great job, group.
So powerful globalist forces are in control of the United States.
They plan to bring it down.
But they want to use us as levers to take down the rest of the planet for a new dark age on which they'll build their AI technocracy.
They're in competition with freedom.
They want to shut it down.
They don't want you to be mobile or free or have options.
They want you poor so they can dictate the terms of your surrender.
We're here to counter that.
So here's Pentagon spokesperson and backup White House spokesperson, Kirby.
Being asked by a journalist about the death of the dollar, then back-to-back, J.D.
Vance, member of Congress, talking about our failed foreign policy.
Japan holds 1.2 trillion dollars, the largest U.S.
debt, and a growing number of countries seem to be moving away from the use of the dollar.
Is there an understanding of this, of a concern for that, as the world reserve currency is really a big part of why the U.S.
is able to exert its leadership?
Is there an understanding of the fact that countries are
I'm going to have to take your question sir, I don't have a good answer for you.
We have built a foreign policy of hectoring and moralizing and lecturing countries that don't want anything to do with it.
The Chinese have a foreign policy of building roads and bridges and feeding poor people, and I think that we should pursue a foreign policy, a diplomacy of respect.
Now I want to play two clips back-to-back.
One is from this morning in El Paso, Texas as a food truck by missionaries is literally besieged and taken over.
And the next clip is a homeless man complaining in another U.S.
That the free food he just got hasn't been done properly.
Now the reason I play this is to describe when we have 60 million people on EBT cards, 100 million plus on food stamps, there's inflation so the money they are getting now doesn't pay for it.
What are they going to do in society as things break down?
It's going to be a political bomb that brings down the civilization.
That's why they're undermining the food.
That's why they had years of lockdowns.
This is you'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, you'll like it.
This is their program.
So first let's play clip 13.
Homeless man complains about free food.
Then we'll play the clip of illegals that have been told to come here by Biden assaulting a food truck.
Hi guys, this is the meal that I got today from the Fred Victor Homeless Shelter.
Let's open it up and see what it is.
Okay, so we have one styrofoam container here.
We have one oatmeal styrofoam container here as well.
There's some plastic utensils.
Over here we've got two packages of ketchup.
Before I open up and see what's inside, the styrofoam, Fred Victor, is not environmentally friendly.
Can you guys use eco-friendly packaging?
I think that'd be a much wiser choice.
Same with the utensils.
A lot of people in the comments have said, Jack, can you recommend to Fred Victor to use single-use utensils and not plastic ones?
Maybe wooden ones?
I think that's the wise alternative.
There's two ketchup packets.
I won't get into that but obviously ketchup is a long story guys.
The ketchup has tomatoes and not only are tomatoes out of season and also high sugar.
Let's open up this container and see what's inside the main meal.
Here we've got two unshelled hard-boiled eggs and some potatoes here.
Fred, Victor, you guys forgot to de-shell or un-shell the eggs.
Please try to remember for next time to un-shell them.
I really appreciate that.
The potatoes are, they're just potatoes.
Yes, yeah, you know, these are the carbohydrates.
This is not healthy food for sure.
If we're going to go by Dr. Gundry, Dr. Cruz, so on and so forth.
But at the same time, I think we need to give
Fred Victor like the opportunity to improve and they need some time to obviously change their procedures and processes and so it takes time to achieve excellence and to move towards it for sure.
And in this container here let's open this up see what's inside.
This is oatmeal.
Oatmeal is one of the I think it's one of the most dangerous foods according to Dr. Gundry.
Dr. Gundry states that
The oatmeal has high lectins, and he goes on to state that the oatmeal is also toxic.
That's why I try to avoid the oatmeal.
Can't really do anything with it.
So this is way better than school lunch program.
Alright, that's enough.
He wants free food, and he's complaining.
That's the perfect trendy there.
As civilization collapses, you've got this well-educated, complaining, whining person.
Meanwhile, on the Texas border, this is what's happening at food trucks.
The radio listener.
Hundreds of people lined up, just grabbing whatever they can get, running off.
All part of the stabilization of the country after years of lockdowns in Latin America, so they could not feed themselves.
This is the planned takedown of civilization.
So let's move on to this.
Remember last year, eight, nine months ago, it was a huge top story.
Biden was going to set up an office of disinformation.
And that weird woman that would sing like the Little Mermaid songs and all the rest of it.
But they already had it set up.
That was just the coming out of it.
The public face of the government surveils you and watches you and censors you for your own good.
Well, now the story's up on InfoWars.com.
Biden federal government to create new disinformation office.
Deep State is attempting to resurrect another Ministry of Truth after a disastrous DHS rollout of Disinformation Government Board.
Foreign Malign Influence Center, which means any opposition to tyrannies far and run, unless she was a terrorist, will support State Department's Global Engagement Center, which the Twitter files have shown targeted and censored conservative voices
On social media.
So anybody criticizing forced injections, lockdowns, open borders, fentanyl, the Afghan withdrawal, it was like 20 things.
You're a terrorist and now the government can use the NSA to come after you.
Like they remember two years ago, oh we're gonna have the FBI, the CIA come after people protesting at school board meetings against critical race theory and transgenderism.
People said, screw you, we don't care.
We've taken over a bunch of school boards since then.
Record level.
So it's all a paper tiger.
It's all intelligence agencies giving orders to people to call us foreign agents and call us spies and attack us, but no one's buying it.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, ODNI, formed a new office.
It's supposed to be illegal to have intelligence agencies focused domestically, but they're doing it.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, ODNI, formed a new office to oversee the intelligence community's efforts to quote, fight disinformation, that's Americans fighting back, and foreign influence campaign in the United States, Director
Arval Haynes announced Thursday, in a meeting with the Senate Armed Services Committee, Haynes unveiled the Foreign Malign Influence Center, FMIC, which would be focused on foreign malign influence amid a U.S.
elections, but also public opinion within the United States.
Not just Obama 10 years ago legalizing domestic propaganda within the United States by the CIA and lying, but now literally codifying what they've already been doing into a federal agency to affect public opinion.
We have a rogue government.
Tomorrow on The Weekday Show, I'm going to read this whole article and play some Senate clips from the hearing and go over what they're doing.
But this ties into the Restrict Act for Total Citizenship and Control.
It ties in everything.
This is not the sign of a powerful elite.
It's the sign of an out-of-control group that's hijacked the country and is totally illegitimate and is now financing terror attacks inside the United States of America.
Final segment on this live Sunday broadcast when I come back before Owen Schroer, 6-8pm, takes over with Sunday Live with incredible analysis, news and information.
And I've not been playing Owen's clips because I've been so busy, but man, he's been hitting on all cylinders covering the transgender cult rallies here in Austin, Texas.
I know he's got that ready.
It's all coming up.
When we come back, I'm looking at dozens of stacks of articles here.
What do I want to hit next?
We'll cover it when we return.
On the other side, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, Bandot Video.
Those are the coordinates of Freedom.
Please share them.
All right, final segment of the Sunday Alex Jones Show, 4 to 6 p.m.
Owen Schwerer coming up in the next two hours.
Please spread the links so we overcome the A.I.
Humans have incredible power, but you've got to use it.
So we talk a lot about Mexican drug cartels that have killed hundreds of thousands in Mexico in the last few years.
We talk about the clear cartel attacks with the car attacks and the mass shootings, everything that's happening.
But don't forget, fentanyl kills over 100,000 people a year on the estimate.
Maybe half the people that die of fentanyl get diagnosed of dying of fentanyl.
The number's probably even higher.
Fentanyl overdose deaths skyrocket 279%.
In just the last few years, here's the article right here.
And then we've got the alert of the Biden administration saying the number one threat is Americans free speech.
Yeah, because we're opposing what they're doing to us.
These are incredibly sick, evil people.
And we've got battles at nuclear power plants in Ukraine and drones hitting the
Russian capital, the equivalent of their White House, in Red Square.
What's coming next?
We've entered that point in history where things go completely insane.
Yes, it's got World War III written all over it.
We're already inside World War III.
The question is, how bad will it get?
Black people are our enemy.
Brown people are our enemy.
White people are our enemy.
The Russians are our enemy.
The U.S.
government is not our enemy.
It's evil globalists that have put their people as Klaus Schwab rags.
We've penetrated the parliaments.
We've penetrated the cabinets.
We are in control.
And they're the ones steering the world towards collapse because they want a post-industrial world and they believe the elites can steer that collapse into total control.
But it is a death sentence to attack the Capitol in Moscow.
It is a death sentence to go along with these attacks on the Kremlin.
Imagine if the White House was attacked.
But that's where we are in the year 2023.
Meanwhile, they're cutting off the coal power plants, the gas power plants, the major pipelines.
Energy is our food.
Energy fertilizers grow our food.
Energy to us is a hamburger, or a broccoli, or an onion, or oatmeal.
But to the globalists, they understand that the precursor to all that energy, for machines and humans, is petrochemicals, is oil.
And they're blocking all the real developments, all the real future systems, while bringing in systems that are abridged to nowhere, to make us think they're developing a future, but they're not.
China and India and Mexico and 160 plus other countries are making zero carbon cuts.
Only the West, the British crown-controlled systems, are creating the feudalism where it's not allowed to operate.
So I wanted to air a couple clips here.
TV viewers will get the irony.
Jimmy Savile was a confirmed pedophile that raped and murdered children.
He was the best friend of King Charles III.
So we'll roll a little b-roll piece somebody put together of his coronation yesterday.
Instead of the crown being put on his head, the head of Jimmy Savelle with a cigar in his mouth is the crowning achievement of Prince Charles.
Totally and completely disgusting.
We've seen all the news.
Worshipping King Charles III.
America was founded on July 4th, 1776, saying no to the crown, saying no to the imperialism.
We saw all the articles, ABC News, CNN.
Here's a headline right here.
Remember when an Australian model stole a kiss from then-Prince Charles?
They're the rulers.
Oh, he's so cool.
He's so sexy.
Another article.
In photos, Queen Elizabeth's Kamala-style evolution.
As a king is crowned, some Britons ask why the monarchs persist.
It's all vestigial.
It's all a joke.
And they act like the nationalists do.
Oh, it's all that's left of Britain is our royals.
But it's the royals running the project of globalism to destroy those nation states.
It's Prince Charles calling for a war on carbon.
His father said he wanted to kill the majority of the world with a deadly virus.
Prince Philip, look it up.
Here's Senator John Kirby, I won't play it at all, destroying Secretary David Tuck's global warming proposal.
None of this is based on science.
The majority of scientists don't say this.
It's not about saving the Earth, it's about power and control.
Here it is.
Give me your best estimate, just an estimate I know, of how soon you think the United States of America will be carbon neutral.
So, I think, according to the climate scientists around the world, and certainly the cutting-edge scientists that we need to rely on here in the U.S., we've got to get carbon neutral by 2025.
Back this up.
Back up the start.
The cutting-edge, magic word, science, mask works, the shot works.
It's all the top scientists say, and it's a long clip, but Kirby goes on, Kennedy goes on to say,
Well, no, the rest of the world's making cuts, so how does that affect things?
Well, we're not going to talk about the rest of the world.
Go back to the club.
Give me your best estimate, just an estimate I know, of how soon you think the United States of America will be carbon neutral.
So, I think, according to the climate scientists around the world, and certainly the cutting-edge scientists that we need to rely on here in the U.S., we've got to get carbon neutral by 2050.
And I'm very comfortable with that target, and I think that's the appropriate target.
By 2050?
Which is only 27 years.
That is not a long time away.
And how much will that cost?
So the cost that I focus on even more is all the costs that are going to happen if we don't get our act together.
How much will it cost to get us carbon neutral?
It's going to cost trillions of dollars, and it'll cost tens of trillions of dollars if we don't get our act together.
How many trillions?
I don't have the estimate or the numbers in front of me.
I've seen a variety of different estimates, but it's a large amount, fundamentally transforming our energy economy.
Tell me the estimates that you've seen.
I don't have those numbers right on hand.
So you're advocating that we become carbon neutral, but you don't know how much it's going to cost?
So there's an awful lot of estimates out there, it depends on technology improvement and other kinds of things.
You're the expert.
I know with a certainty of all the experts I've spoken about, it's cheaper to get our act together than it is to not get our act together on climate change.
Then tell me the cost versus the cost if we don't do it.
I think it's orders of magnitude different.
I know that, but you don't have a cost?
You want us to get there, but you can't tell the American taxpayer how much it's going to cost?
Is that your testimony?
It's going to save us money, and there's a lot of jobs.
Well, how do we know if you don't know how much it's going to cost?
The big banks want total control.
It has nothing to do with the environment.
Here's Senator John Kirby, Kennedy.
I keep saying Kirby.
Here's Senator John Kennedy.
If electric cars are so swell, how come the government has to pay people to drive them?
So I think?
Like most government policies, right, are put in place to incent certain behaviors, and so that's part of the policy?
Is that if we want more electric cars?
Yeah, but if they're so swell, why couldn't they, just in a competitive market, why wouldn't they be choosing electric cars over internal combustion engine cars?
Why do we have to pay people to drive them?
I wouldn't characterize it as paying people to drive them.
We're giving them a big ol' tax credit.
Sure we are.
I would characterize it as the government having a policy to incent more purchase of electric vehicles.
Senator Stabenow.
Again, they're getting rid of cars on record.
They can never build enough electric cars.
It's about shutting down the economy and taking our resources.
We're the number one, number one, bigger than Russia, bigger than Saudi Arabia, number one oil and gas kingdom.
And Canada's got almost as much as Sweden.
But they don't want us to have that because they want control, they want you poor, they want to run your life.
Speaking of poor, we can't finance this operation without your support.
I ask for your prayer, I ask for your financial support, my products, themfootworkshore.com, but I ask you to share the articles, share the videos, keep taking the clips, keep sharing them.
You're doing a great job.
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Or 888-253-3139.
I know Owen's coming in.
He's going to do an incredible job the next two hours, but I didn't get to a lot of this news.
I'll come in tomorrow with all my other news.
I'll put it on top of this news, but a bunch of this I didn't hit.
I'll hit tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central, right after American Journal with Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
Central to 11 a.m.
Central at Infowars.com.
Great job to the crew.
We'll have more on the Mexican cartel terror attacks tomorrow.
We're still on air.
11 a.m.
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