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Name: 20230505_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 5, 2023
2497 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including the Proud Boys show trial, potential pardons for J6 prisoners by President Trump, and the end of the COVID global public health emergency. He also shares his thoughts on marijuana use and its link to schizophrenia, as well as the rise in fentanyl- related deaths. Jones interviews Norm Pattis about the criminal activities behind the scenes in the Proud Boys trial. Additionally, he promotes X3's Tri-Iodine which is back in stock at InfoWars.com and discusses Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s views on global warming and immigration, as well as the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border with Title 42 set to elapse.

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Friday, May 5th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
All right, we have another gigantic, incredibly informative, revolutionary transmission lined up for you today.
Then, Lord willing, I'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
with the Sunday Night Show, and right after that, Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
with Owen Schroyer.
I'm here weekdays, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
And I come on right after the great Harrison Smith, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
American Journal.
Okay, we have another ultra-massive transmission lined up for you.
Coming up in 30 minutes, Norm Pattis, another one of the lawyers from the Proud Boys show trial, one of many in D.C., four men being given the terrorism conviction.
We're doing absolutely nothing.
The feds have zero evidence, but they have kept controlled juries.
They're in the district of Satan.
And finally, the lawyers will be able to tell you what really went on behind the scenes.
Lawyers will be able to tell you what really went on behind the scenes.
A lot of just incredible criminal activity, total proof of the feds orchestrating the actual break-in, the judge suppressing all of that.
You will get that information coming up at the bottom of the hour, in T-minus 27 minutes or so.
J6 political prisoners, attorneys, evidence confirms J6 was an organized government plot.
There is no evidence of conspiracy by the Patriots.
We'll be going over that coming up, as I said.
And here's a quick clip back from January that the media has now pushed again of Trump saying if he's re-elected as president in 2024, he will pardon the J6ers.
Here it is.
And another thing we'll do, and so many people have been asking me about it, if I run, and if I win, we will treat those people from January 6th fairly.
We will treat them fairly.
And if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons, because they are being treated so unfairly.
Meanwhile, JFK Jr.
has come out and said that he would pardon Assange and Snowden.
That is something that Trump should have done that Trump didn't do.
And I'm sorry if I'm bumbling a little bit here at the start of the show today.
I got particularly ready for this show.
And sometimes when I really do a ton of research, there's so much going on in my mind that it's just hard for me to even try to collate it all, much less cover it all.
We're going to do the best job we can today.
Former CIA officer says decision to drone attack criminal was made by the United States.
I totally agree with that.
And of course, there's a lot of evidence that shows that.
We'll get into that stack and the incredible escalations there.
Who declares end to COVID global public health emergency?
Also, mental strain, marijuana may be behind a 30% increase in schizophrenia in young men, major NIH funded studies suggest.
Well, I don't need studies to know that's true.
I am not for marijuana criminalization, but I am for decriminalization.
I'm not for total legalization, but I have known so many people
That became intense potheads and with the new weed that's so strong, they became outright schizophrenics.
Two people that worked here, I guess synergistically smoked tons of pot together all day.
And I knew both of them, one of them for like 14 years, the other for about six years.
And they both went insane.
I don't know.
Wait till you hear that news, a 279% increase in deaths from fentanyl.
Man, we've always got a lot of incredibly important news to cover, but today it is particularly jam-packed and, quite frankly, horrifying, invigorating, amazing, disgusting.
All points of the compass are covered here.
But I gotta say something.
I've known for a long time that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
has been a listener of the show.
I'll just leave it at that.
We have the same book publisher as well, but he said they would use it too much against him politically and spending things if he did come on the show and I fully understand that.
The reason I'm getting more and more behind him is he came out and said the whole global warming system is a scam by mega banks and the ultra-rich like Bill Gates to take over all of civilization and transfer all wealth to themselves and enslave us.
Now he comes out and says that the globalists are destroying our borders to collapse the United States and bring in slave labor.
He went on to say that he's not anti-immigrant, he's anti-illegal immigration and collapsing the country.
I mean, he just is awesome.
He knows what's going on.
Very, very powerful.
Meanwhile, new footage shows El Paso engulfed in mass migration dumpster fire as state of emergency declared.
A lot of people have asked, why have we been down to the border in the last year?
Well, Owen Schroeder's not allowed to leave Austin.
And his pre-sentencing, pre-trial probation officer from January 6th won't let him leave Austin.
They let him leave a couple times a year to go back to
Kansas City to see his mom and dad.
And again, Owen was outside the Capitol.
Owen tried to get people to not go in the Capitol, and he's still facing years in prison.
You just saw the setup of the Proud Boys, who in my summation did absolutely nothing.
Certainly nothing compared to the left, and they're now facing 20 plus years in prison.
With all the charges, something like 35 years in prison.
We've got their lawyers coming on and joining us with the inside baseball of what the feds covered up and the total evidence of the feds being the ones that orchestrated the attack on the Capitol.
That's in about 20 minutes with Norm Patus and others.
So, look for that.
We're going to be looking at the incredible footage as Title 42 is about to elapse.
Members of Congress have introduced emergency Title 42 alternative.
It's all part of the U.N.
replacement migration operation.
Biden's now acting like he didn't say immediately surge the border.
Biden is now acting like he wants to save us from a collapsed border.
This is just insane.
And the clown that is the White House press secretary said, this is an administration that has taken challenges to the border very seriously since day one.
Mike Pence tells Fox News a storm is coming one week from today.
That was a few days ago, so it is incredible.
There's hundreds of thousands waiting to get in just at the El Paso crossing alone.
Upwards of 50,000, we're told, by the Border Patrol in the McAllen area and just millions more on their way.
This is beyond dangerous, but we will be going back to the border very, very soon.
I will be going back down to the border.
And I will be covering what's going on.
We're also going to get Drew Hernandez to go with us down there as well and others.
But they're not hiding anymore.
We were down there 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and a whole bunch in the last 2 years, 2, 3 years.
It was not getting covered by the national news.
Now they're like, oh, there's this giant problem.
Gee, we need more funding to then process and bring the illegals in and fly them around the country.
The reason they're putting troops on the border is there's so many tens of thousands a day per checkpoint that there's no one to load them on the buses, no one to load them on the planes, no one to load them up with all their free gift cards and maps of, you know, where to go in the U.S.
to be brought into blue cities.
You've got the blue city mayors in New York and Dallas and Chicago and everywhere bitching and complaining.
And rightfully, in many cases, blaming Biden.
But they're not against the open borders.
They want billions of taxpayer money to now cater to the illegal aliens.
But remember, they don't want them in Martha's Vineyard.
Only 41 of them, or 42 of them, got shipped there one time, and it was a national emergency.
The rich billionaire globalists.
Why, Barack Obama's house is there.
You can't have 41, or what is it, 42 of these people wandering around aimlessly.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
They kicked them out of the town and called it humanitarian.
Yeah, not in your backyard, right?
We've got all that news.
We've got the insanely important news, as things have escalated exactly as I said they would.
And I'm not bragging.
I just show I do my research and when I talk about something geopolitically, I know what I'm talking about.
Or if it's an area I don't know, I'll go research it and tell you.
I have to reserve comment until I have time to research it.
But I know exactly what's going on in Russia and Ukraine.
And I told you that they would invade in late February, in October the year before, just a few months before.
And I told you that they were going to start launching more drone attacks inside Russia as a provocation.
They would then claim that it was Russia doing it to itself.
That is exactly what the State Department has now done.
And former top intelligence case officer, analyst, so much more, Larry Johnson has come out and basically word for word said what I said about that situation.
The reason that's important is it's not about saying, oh look, I was right.
It's not just him, it's a bunch of other experts saying the same thing.
It's that I'm going to tell you what I believe is about to come next, so that is next segment.
Also, I want to open the phones up in the second and third hour today, and I want to have a quiz on several topics.
We haven't done this in probably a decade on the show, but I want to bring back quizzes for people.
And see who can answer the question right.
And whoever does answer the question right, give us your address and we'll mail you one of our new t-shirts in the size that you request as a prize.
And we're going to start doing this I think every day when we take calls.
Sometimes we'll have multiple prizes.
Dozens of prizes.
But today we're just going to give out one t-shirt on this question.
So we'll go ahead and throw the question out now and I'll repose the question next hour and then it'll be very informative when we get the answer.
WHO declares an end to COVID global public health emergency.
The question is, why are they doing that?
I told my wife about a month ago that when you see this, this is what this is going to mean.
So this morning, I hadn't seen the story.
I'd missed it somehow, even though I was getting ready for the news.
She got up a little bit earlier than she normally does, about 7am, and said, have you seen this?
And I said, yes.
What does that mean?
In my opinion.
Is this cause for celebration, or what does this really mean?
So, obviously, we'll just take calls until somebody gets the answer.
And I'll give the toll-free number out at the end of this hour when Norm Pattis and one of the other Proud Boy attorneys that's joining us leave us.
It's going to be Norm Pattis and Steve Metcalf.
And this really is going to be a big interview because obviously I've known what's going on the whole time during the trial and before the trial because I know some of the lawyers and I was not at liberty to tell you what was going on because that would give up the sources and you can't do that during a trial.
I was able to bring out the fact that feds were involved in that.
They were provocateur in the operation, but now you're going to get to learn what really went on.
We can talk about how it wasn't a fair trial all day, and that's true.
Now it sets the precedent for this to be the model around the country to put people in prison.
And we've got lots of different organizations like the PETA project.
I'm sorry, that's the Lincoln Project.
Coming out and calling for my arrest after this and Roger Stone's arrest.
And the guy actually says that I am guilty that I ran the attack.
I don't have the money and time to sue people like this, but it's just it's preposterous.
I almost went back to the hotel because my wife was freezing.
I didn't want to lead the crowd to the Capitol.
I had no idea there was no security at the Capitol.
He had a space to speak between the Capitol and the Supreme Court.
That's all on record.
I don't go launch violent attacks in the streets.
I don't go riot attack capitals.
I went and protested in different parts of the country at capitals with no incident in the months before January 6th.
Everybody knows that.
And to sit there and preposterously say that I wanted that disaster to happen, that hurt our country, is a pack of lies.
If somebody donates the money, I'll fall suit on the guy.
I don't know.
Because, man, I'm getting sick of hearing these lying pieces of garbage.
Be right back.
So, two days ago, two drones launched somewhere inside Russia were launched at the Kremlin at Vladimir Putin's residence.
It's the equivalent of flying drones into the White House.
They were shot down using electromagnetic weapons.
The Russians don't have a motive in this and the Ukrainians have been launching attacks for the last seven months into Western Russia, into the suburbs of Moscow, into Moscow.
They've been blowing people up in their cars.
They've been shooting people.
They've been poisoning people.
They've been blowing up power plants.
They've been sabotaging.
And they've been bragging about it.
And they said, we're going to launch more attacks.
We're going to park tanks.
In Red Square, out front the Kremlin.
That's what their head of their military said two months ago.
And we know Biden bragged they're gonna blow the pipeline up and blew it up.
But the controlled media is so bad in the West, the BBC and others are reporting, full of Yahoo News, that they think Putin blew up the pipeline.
With no evidence of that.
Or pipelines.
This was obviously meant, and I said this on
Wednesday in Crowder's studio, and I said it again yesterday in studio, this is done to push the Russians to escalate so NATO can officially get in the war.
That's how crazy and what Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
said deranged this is.
He said this is incredibly dangerous and is deranged and is insane.
Deranged is the proper word for this, okay?
What would we do if the Russians flew explosive drones into the White House?
We would go completely ape.
So, the new spin is the Russians did this with no evidence.
And the Russians have been trying to de-escalate this to get a peace deal.
That's what they've been saying for nine years.
We've been at war with them for nine years in a proxy war.
Putin was losing a year and a half ago, so he launched this invasion.
Now, I covered all this on Wednesday and Thursday, but here is a former case officer, top analyst, you name it,
Former CIA officer says decision to drone attack Kremlin was made by the United States.
He goes on to say, we know this because the United States is running NATO and running the attacks and that's all come out.
I told you U.S.
troops were fighting Russians six years ago in Ukraine.
I know troops that have served multiple tours.
I have friends that have been there for years fighting Russians, killing Russians, and having their friends killed.
They didn't give me the details of the secret operations, but they've been there.
I know a lot of people in the military that have been there.
I've had family that's been there.
Officially in Poland.
Not in Poland.
I told you that before the war officially started last February.
The year before this February.
So, former CIA officer says decision to drone attack Kremlin was made by the United States.
Former CIA intelligence officer Larry Johnson says the decision to launch a drone attack on the Kremlin was made by the United States.
The Wednesday attack, which was likely to have been
Targeting Russian President Vladimir Putin was stopped by electronic warfare systems which disabled the drones before they could reach their targets.
According to Johnson, the attack must have been spearheaded by the Biden administration and the U.S.
military-industrial complex because, quote, decisions on such attacks are made not by Kiev but by Washington.
Washington should understand clearly that we know this, Johnson told reporters.
Although the attack, which Ukraine denied, was involved and it failed to accomplish its tactical goal, it was still highly symbolic, according to Johnson.
He goes on to say they're trying to trick the Russians into escalating.
Drones over Kremlin likely launched from inside Russia.
experts say, U.S.
News & World Report, they go on to imply that means the Russians did it.
Oh, so when Alexander Dugan's daughter gets blown up and they try to kill him or other reporters get blown up and other journalists, because it's launched inside Russia it means the Russians did it?
Wagner boss makes major battlefield exit after grisly video.
Says his troops that have been winning the war have no ammo and that the general staff are against him and so he is pulling his troops out saying we are not here to carry out a suicide mission.
Even though 60% of them have been dying with ammunition.
And it goes on from that point.
Terrified Russian men are changing their gender to avoid being sent to war in Ukraine.
All right.
That's the news on that front.
I want to play a clip from Scott Ritter, former top UN weapons inspector and former nuclear arms negotiator with the Russians back in the 1980s and 90s.
One of the top experts out there.
He's reporting from Moscow.
Let's go to Scott Ritter.
Hey, Alex, this is Scott Ritter talking to you from Irkutsk, Russia, just with a brief comment on the
The drone attack against the Kremlin that took place last night.
Right now the feeling is that this was an attack carried out, if not directly by Ukraine, definitely on the orders of Ukraine.
And I think Dmitry Medvedev, the former president of Russia, has said it best, that the Zelensky regime and Zelensky himself will probably have to be liquidated, which means killed.
Now, some people out there might think that that's a rather harsh response, but I would ask them to consider the following.
If there was a hostile actor who had said they plan on attacking the White House with drones, and then drones attack the White House,
How long do you think it would take for the United States to eliminate them from the face of the earth?
And the answer is not very long.
So it's a double standard, a little bit of hypocrisy to have a situation where the Ukrainians say, we plan on sending drones to attack Moscow on or about May 9th, Victory Day, and then a pair of drones arrives in Moscow and attack, hits the Kremlin.
The Ukrainians said they were going to do it.
It was done.
And now I think the Ukrainians are going to be held fully accountable for it.
How and when this will occur, it's a decision only the Russian government can make.
But I think Dmitry Medvedev's sentiment is shared widely amongst the Russian people, and there will be an accounting, and it isn't going to end well for Zelensky.
Again, Alex, thanks for giving me a chance to address this, and hope to talk to you soon.
All right.
Glad that he was able to send us that report.
Thank you, Scott Ritter.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back with Norm Pattis and other lawyers from the show trial.
They should send a cold chill up all America's spines with the total weaponization of the courts.
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We'll be right back.
I warned everyone with the Sandy Hook show trials that were totally rigged where I was found guilty by the judges and the juries were told to find me guilty.
Guilty until proven more guilty that it was a beta test to take everybody else out and now they admit that with Fox News.
Well, Norm Paz is one of the main lawyers on the nearly five-month trial there in the District of Mordor.
First, they came for Alex Jones and you cheered because you disagreed with him.
Then they came for the Proud Boys because you cheered because you disagreed with them.
Then they came for Donald Trump and you cheered because you disagreed with him.
Then they came for you.
And that is exactly what has happened, riffing off the famous pastor that said, first they came for the trade unionists, and I wasn't a trade unionist, so I said nothing.
Then they came for the communists, I wasn't a communist, so I said nothing.
Then they came for the Jews, I wasn't Jewish, so I said nothing.
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to stand up for me.
Now, we may have to hold these guys a little bit the next hour, or we may have to skip this next break, because I want them to really drill in and say what can be said now that was secret in the trial, that the judge didn't want you to know.
That they had feds there helping break into the building, they had feds inside the Proud Boys trying to provocateur them, and CIA connected operatives, and sex operatives, and that none of this was ever allowed to be shown to the jury.
And that's why there were so many days where they would shut down the jury, and then the judge would kick the media out and explain, you're not going
We're good to go.
That we ran the attack.
No, I didn't.
I protested at dozens of capitals.
I had rallies with 500,000 people the month before in D.C.
I've never attacked people at rallies.
I don't believe in offensive violence.
And I have no history of that.
And I tried to stop people going in the building.
And how dare you!
How dare you imply that I...
Ordered and commanded this.
That is outrageous, and you know it's not true.
And I'm not a litigious person, but man, at a certain point, I gotta start suing people.
This is outrageous.
Absolutely outrageous.
Norm Pattis was my criminal lawyer on this when I was deposed by Congress and the J6 Kangaroo Committee.
He went through all my phones, all my emails, interviewed my staff, and he said, you aren't just somebody that tried to stop it, you were a hero.
I'm not saying I was a hero.
But the point is I went into the tear gas to try to stop the situation because it was a disaster for our country and let them demonize the American people as terrorists.
Here's a short clip of the Lincoln Project founder defaming me and saying he wants me, not just, he's not just lying to hurt me or put me out of business or take me off the air, he wants me behind bars for decades!
Here it is.
Yes, they've arrested a bunch of these like lower tier J6 who also deserve to be charged, deserve to be punished.
And these guys deserve to be charged and punished too.
They're only a little higher up the food chain though.
And the important thing here is that the food chain doesn't just go from the J6 guys to the Proud Boys.
It goes up.
It goes up from there.
There's a layer of people like Roger Stone and Alex Jones and Steve Bannon who are all involved in this.
These guys are too dumb.
Today's a good day to accuse me.
of orchestrating that fiasco.
I wasn't Ray Epps out there days before saying attack the Capitol.
I didn't testify to Congress that I sent text messages like Ray Epps did saying he quote orchestrated it.
I didn't help ram signs over the police.
I went and tried to work with the police to get on their speaker systems that they wouldn't use to tell people get the hell out of the Capitol before Ashley Babbitt died!
Norm, I'm ranching.
I want to give you the floor and Steve Metcalf, one of the other great lawyers that took on this rigged case.
I know you fought like the devil to try to tell the jury the truth, but we're stopped.
So you can lead this here, Norm, but I really want to get into all the stuff that I was told by sources that I brought to you that you said you would later be able to talk about with this really being evidence of how this was orchestrated.
So Norm Patus, start wherever you'd like, my friend.
There was no conspiracy.
There was no plot.
There was no implicit understanding among anyone to do anything of the sort on January 6th among the Proud Boys or as near as I can tell anyone else.
And the United States government knows it.
Because when they argued in closing arguments in this case, they said the conspiracy may have been formed instantaneously.
That conduct reflected this understanding.
Here's what happened in the January 6 trial.
Whether rightly or wrongly, Donald Trump believed the election was stolen.
He got 70 million American votes.
He wanted to stop the steal.
He turned a lawful process.
He wanted people to turn up at the Capitol to protest.
He urged them to do so.
And from the ellipse outside the White House that day, he directed people to the Capitol.
It was an angry crowd because the
Commander-in-Chief said the election was stolen, stop the steal.
These people went to the Capitol and a match was lit and we don't know who lit it.
There's Ray Epps who's never going to be charged.
Some people say the government did it, Alex, I don't see evidence of that, but here's what I saw at the trial and I don't mean to hog the stage from my colleague, Mr. Metcalf, who I'm introducing you folks to today, a brilliant lawyer, young man who I hope to know for many years to come.
But here's what happened, as near as I could tell, and here's what we can talk about at the trial and what we can't.
And this is a note to Jim Jordan, if you're watching.
Get that Weaponization Committee to subpoena the trial transcripts, in this case, all of them, including the transcripts that are under seal.
Because Steve and I are still prohibited from speaking about what we heard in closed proceedings.
But what we can say, at least what I believe I can fairly say, is the government fought
To prevent the truth from being presented at that trial.
And the truth is that the FBI has a program in which they register confidential human sources that are engaged or embedded within or are reporting on domestic groups.
And they keep that as a closely held secret.
They keep it secret from prosecutors, they keep it secret from the courts, they keep it secret from other investigators, and it's only accessed on a need-to-know basis.
And so we wanted all that information.
We were prohibited that information.
Instead, the government folded and as a compromise gave us a stipulation there were at least eight
Maybe more confidential sources reporting to the FBI on the Proud Boys from the election of 2020 through January 6th of 2021.
We use that to argue to the jury that don't you think if the FBI had its knuckle draggers in the group and there was some conspiracy somebody would have reported something?
Well they didn't report anything because there was nothing there.
So in this trial, in this historic trial,
The text messages of patriots who were upset about what was going on in this country were used to prove that when they went to an event that turned into a riot, they planned the riot.
Alex, excuse my language, excuse this, I know it's a family show, if that is pure and utter
And the United States government knows it.
And so for these people on the Lincoln Project to sit back and say, Oh, Alex should be prosecuted.
Oh, Roger Stone should be prosecuted.
I've been up one side of your communications and down the other for years.
I've gotten to know everyone in your organization.
I've gotten to know you.
I've sat through a four and a half month trial.
I've reviewed the trial transcripts of the Oath Keepers.
There is
There's about as much evidence that you were involved in planning this as there was the Lincoln Project.
And so that is an utterly irresponsible and defamatory accusation by a thug in a car.
And what that thug wants to do is he wants to put a thumb on free speech and say, if you agree with me, you can talk.
But if you petition for redress of grievance and something goes wrong, you're going to go to prison.
Absolutely chilling day, Alex.
Absolutely chilling day in American jurisprudence.
I was so devastated after the verdict last night.
So angry, humiliated, disturbed, depressed.
I just came and sat in my room all evening.
And then went out later in the evening to have a couple drinks with Steve.
But it was a total, total disaster for people who believe in freedom of speech.
And I do believe
Prosecutors have discretion about what to charge and what not to charge.
First they came for you with deplatforming and this bogus Sandy Hook thing.
Then they came for the Proud Boys and they got you.
And they got the Proud Boys.
And next it'll be Trump.
And when they've run out of enemies, it's gonna come down to the people who supported all of you.
And you need to fight back now.
Norm, introduce Steve Metcalf to us.
Steve Metcalf, I had the pleasure of meeting.
He's from New York and Baltimore.
He represented Dominic Pozzola.
Pozzola was the fellow you saw on films using a shield to break a window.
Pozzola was the only proud boy to be acquitted of seditious conspiracy.
That was an enormous accomplishment for Mr. Metcalf.
But Steve is a street fighter.
He's a lifelong friend.
I spent four and a half months with him.
Ask us about Nigel and Rupert a little later, Alex.
Steve, what do you think happened at that trial?
Here's Steve.
Well, I got the pleasure to sit next to Norm every single day.
I learned a lot from him.
We tried to make the best of it.
We tried to have fun.
We tried to laugh, even during some of the darkest times.
And when I mean the darkest times, Alex, they literally took private messages from these individuals, their most deepest messages.
I'm talking about one of the defendants, his messages to his mother were displayed for the jury.
It was disgusting.
How far they went and how much they cherry picked to put together some sort of orchestrated scenario that never actually made sense.
Still to this day, I was able to stand up in front of the jury and talk about the timeline.
What timeline are we even talking about?
When did this conspiracy even start?
When did this conspiracy come to fruition?
Who was even a part of this conspiracy?
There was nothing.
All these questions were not answered by the U.S.
And still somehow, some way, they convinced this jury and have convinced people for months that there was this grandiose scheme that was conducted by Theriot or involved Theriot somehow as the leader that
It's almost mind-blowing.
In my closing, I said it was fairy dust.
That it was a fairytale story that does not exist.
I wanted to compare it to a Disney show or to something that Steven Spielberg could write because it was that bizarre.
A lot of people rain on your parade saying you're a conspiracy theorist.
The real conspiracy theorist in this case was the United States government.
They took isolated strands of evidence and stitched it into a narrative and sold it as a conspiracy against the right.
And the Lincoln Project's running with it, trying to up the ante in the next round of indictments.
I didn't mean to cut you off, Steve.
I did it on trial.
That's fine.
Why should today be any different?
Alex, I saw this coming from a mile away.
Even before I met Norm, I did everything I possibly could to distance Dominic Pozzolo from everybody I possibly could.
And I was able to effectively do that just enough
To get him out of this group, in front of this jury panel, D.C.
jury panel.
That was my next question.
What is wrong with D.C., New York, and Austin juries?
They're known to be the most, San Francisco's almost as bad, but all the lawyers I've talked to say D.C.'
's the worst, then New York, then Austin, Texas, then San Francisco, then some areas of Connecticut.
I mean, these people will convict a newborn baby of mass murder.
How are they able to do this?
We fought like cats and dogs just to get the case transferred out of D.C.
Nobody's won that fight, Alex, with regards to these January 6 cases.
So now we're in D.C.
on a political case that is based on politics.
I think that the numbers are even higher than 92%.
Now, Alex, we spent over two weeks trying to pick this jury, and these potential jurors were coming into court saying that their preconceived notions of the Proud Boys were that they were white supremacists, that they were racist, and we would flag this for the court every single time, and without fail,
The judge would let them be a prospective juror.
And then we only had 12 preemptory challenges.
Norm, you remember that whole battle in the beginning?
I do, yep.
I made a motion that I wanted additional preemptory challenges for every defendant because we only had 12 preemptory challenges.
The judge gave us two more for five defendants.
I got up on, I got, I made a written motion, Alex.
By the time I got up to the podium, I was so disgusted at what I saw.
And the select committee was going on at the same time, making the same allegations about Trump and that they were going to come to this, this.
It's on every TV channel saying they're white supremacist and terrorist in the same town.
And here's the deal.
They're not.
I mean, I've gotten to know these guys.
We sat with them for months, half a year in court proceedings.
We've read hundreds of thousands of text messages, emails.
I've read every book I can find on this.
When you pick up the paper, they're a group of white supremacist extremists.
When I talk to them, they're my next door neighbor and they're wondering what the hell's going on in this country.
Most of the people who joined the Proud Boys, well, not most, many who joined the Proud Boys and who testified at trial talked about how they were radicalized in the summer of 2020.
Everybody was locked down for COVID.
Their businesses were suffering and struggling.
And on television, while they're told to stay home or mask up when they go to the grocery store, they see people in mostly peaceful protests downtown and they see their communities going up in smoke and they see people who think like them being attacked by a mob and police did nothing.
They thought the American dream was
Let me raise this.
And I know I have sources, the same sources around you.
You were very tight-lipped.
I would call you about intel I got and you'd say, well, that's pretty much what we're seeing, but I can't talk until this is over.
Now you're saying you can't.
But what about how the judge would not let the evidence that they had informants in
The group and the informants were testifying and in the reports to the FBI, they were not planning this.
I mean, I knew the Proud Boys.
They were there in case Antifa attacked people.
That was their only plan is what I heard about.
There was no plan to attack the Capitol.
I know once it was tear gas and police and provocateurs that weren't them attacking the police that they started, you know, having scuffles with them.
Okay, that's a year or two in jail if you don't hurt a cop.
But no cops were killed.
They lied about that as well.
So I was not expecting this because we've never been violent anywhere else.
They've not been offensively violent anywhere else.
So what can both of you say about what the judge suppressed from the jury?
We had to fight very, very hard to even open the door to confidential sources.
We weren't able to name three of them.
We weren't able to name five of them in this case.
We weren't able to find out how many there were.
There continued to be disclosures during trial, including late in trial, that not just the FBI, but the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C.
had informants in the Proud Boys.
One of Mr. Metcalfe's colleagues, Mr. Roots, made a motion
What the fuck?
Excuse my language.
This is the United States of America versus the Proud Boys, versus our clients.
That's what the caption read.
And you're telling me that party can't tell us what it's doing?
Steve Metcalf, do you have any comments about what the judge suppressed?
I do.
Alex, we had a little binder that had probably about a hundred pages in it.
And it was a CHS binder.
Now in this binder, we could not know people's identification.
We could not know their names.
We could not know a lot of different scenarios because of all the heavily redacted documents that were contained in this binder.
We could not discuss this with our own clients.
Still can't discuss this with our own clients.
When we would find out something throughout the course of this trial and bring it to the judge's attention, all of a sudden a whole team from the government would show up and figure out a way to stonewall the situation.
Steve, tell them what happened.
There are so many informants in this case.
Tell them what happened when Carmen started cross-examining and even the government didn't know the guy was a CHS.
Remember that?
That's just one of the many.
Alex, let me tell you this.
If Norm or I wanted to mention the word CHS or anything about these individuals, we had to ask for permission in front of the jury.
We had to go separately to the phone and ask for permission to be able to raise one question about it.
Norm actually did it first.
I'll never forget the way Norm did it.
Um, he actually was crossing a witness and said, Judge, we got to step to the phones.
And then that was the first time that the jury heard about there being CHS's in this particular, in one particular instance.
But yes, there, there were times, Alex, that we were talking about an individual that nobody on the defense side even knew was a CHS.
And then we were finding that out.
One of our own witnesses we found out.
There was another attorney, another, the attorneys from Florida, Representative Terrio, had one of their first witnesses the day before they were supposed to take the stand and testify, found out or were disclosed that that person was a CHS.
Were you able to bring up, I mean I know you guys tried, what about Ray Epps?
I mean he says, going to the Capitol the day before the day, he's there helping ram signs in the first breach over the police.
He tells the J6 kangaroo committee that he quote, orchestrated the attack.
Sent his text messages, bragging to family about it.
How the hell is he not arrested or indicted and is now a victim according to the media?
Alex, you gotta look even further.
Right there, at that scene right there where you see the guy with the red hat, Ryan Samsel, Reyevs goes up to him right there.
Seconds after that, the first gates start, that's the first breach.
Then they go up all these stairs and they're in the, um, they're in the, um, the yard right outside of the west, the lower west side.
And you see Dominic Pizzolo, my client there.
Ray Epps comes to him and is speaking to him.
This is moments before people start getting shot with rubber bullets from an elevated position.
Ray Epps is all over the place.
I can't tell you how many times we would be dissecting a video in court and out of nowhere, Ray Epps happens to be right in the middle of it.
And here's something that's very interesting, Alex.
In our fights with the government about confidential informants, they would always take the position, we can neither confirm nor deny that this person is a confidential informant.
And from that, we were supposed to take that they weren't.
Because if they were, we would be entitled to know about it.
And so this was their position with regard to apps.
We can't confirm it or deny it.
But if your viewers or you watched the 60 Minute piece, they came out and denied that Epps was a CI in violation of their own stated policies.
So they went way out of their way to protect this guy.
Watching the footage, and I've looked at a lot of it, you've looked at more of it, it's like he's the Tom Brady.
He's the quarterback.
He was, as Steve pointed out, he was in the middle of this too many times and for all these other incidental players, the people you're all seeing on your screen right now to be arrested and he not.
Somebody's got some explaining to do.
He's either a CI or he's got nude photographs of somebody because he's walking away from trouble and I don't understand it.
If our clients did what you're seeing on your screen right now, there'd be a lip reader, a mind reader, and some Kreskin person to interpret what he just said.
It doesn't make any sense.
Gentlemen, big picture here.
I know our listeners know that January 6th was a provocateur to action, but the listeners need to know, the viewers need to know, that the left, the deep state, they admit this is a blueprint to criminalize speech, and if you go out to a demonstration and one person does something wrong out of 100,000, you go to jail too.
If I write to you saying, I don't like what's going on in downtown Austin, somebody ought to string up city council, and I could say that, I'm a hothead, and we go to a demonstration that night and somebody breaches a barricade and throws a rock at a city council member, I'm as guilty of conspiring to cause that event as the Proud Boys were for appearing that day.
This weaponizes speech in a way that cannot be permitted to stand.
Alex, this weaponizes dissent to a whole nother level.
The Proud Boys trial that we just underwent was the U.S.
government testing its limits and where it could go.
We did not, I mean, every single day, Alex, we came to court ready to fight.
I know you've got a lot more to say.
Hold on, Steve.
Do 15 more minutes with us, guys, okay?
Yep, absolutely.
They've already served years in jail, solitary confinement.
We're going to go to break, start hour number two, then I'll get it all in the news.
Take your phone calls for 15 more minutes with our guest.
Hour number two, tell everybody to tune in.
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Hour number two with so much more.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
All right, some stations don't carry this first five minutes.
We got another 10-minute segment after with our guest.
I'm going to try to just go to Norm Pattis and go to Steve
I guess they're the patron saints of lost causes going up against this evil.
And just continue, Steve, we got cut off by a break.
What this means to America, people that aren't constitutional lawyers, people that don't know history.
I mean, the left even admits this is their plan to arrest their opposition.
You have Pelosi out there months with troops at the Capitol, Barbara around it, parading them around.
We have Biden saying the number one terror threat is Trump supporters when no statistics show that.
The good news is polls show the American people don't think January 6th is important.
94% think it's garbage.
So their attempt at shelling this martial law has failed, but they don't care.
They're still in special jurisdictions able to manipulate juries into literally turning those little jurisdictions into the Soviet Union.
I was talking to Norm last night, I guess when you were at dinner with him,
He made the point that D.C.
was set up so that outside groups couldn't influence the Capitol and take it over.
But instead now they've set it up as its own little private Potemkin village that is now taking over the rest of the country.
So can you speak to that?
I mean, the U.S.
Where to begin?
Capitol Police have now expanded in various different ways across the country than ever before and since 9-11.
But to go back, Alex, and talk about the significance of this particular case and what this means for the future.
This was a scenario where the government was testing its limits.
And how so?
Enrique Tarrio, the mastermind leader, was not in Washington, D.C.
on that day.
That was a big leap for them.
That was a huge scenario that they had to really fill in that void and see how they could actually prove it.
And this, I believe, was a test run scenario as to where they're going to go from here.
They had to add force.
They had to add someone who looked angry, someone who quote-unquote broke a window.
That's where Dominic Pizzola came in.
Dominic Pizzola, I essentially argued before the jury was a pawn in this situation.
He was someone who was put there that day to muddy up the rest of these guys and to make it look or to tie a link
To Enrique Terrio who was not even in D.C.
on that day.
So now the government is armed with this scenario where the only person who was found not guilty of seditious conspiracy out of those five gentlemen was my client Dominic Pizzolo.
So now they have
Essentially been successful in being able to prove that Enrique Tarrio, who was not there in DC, who was in a hotel room in Baltimore, Maryland on that day, is capable of actually committing this crime.
Now, this is a civil error.
I don't know.
Where he basically asked the witness, well, which one of these knuckleheads over here is going to be the Secretary of Transportation?
Who's going to be the Vice President?
I mean, it's out.
It still blows my mind, Alex, that they were charging seditious conspiracy in these cases.
Now they got it on three Oath Keepers and now the Proud Boys.
The precedent is set.
For them to go after anybody now, even if you weren't there in Washington D.C.
on January 6th.
Hold on, hold on Norms.
We're going to break and come back and explain this, but the guy they say is a mastermind working for Trump wasn't even there.
Then, the man they claim was ordered, the only one that did some violence, with a shield breaking a window, nothing compared to Andy for the left.
Kamala Harris bells those people out all the time that shoot at people and burn buildings down.
We're not defending that.
Mostly peaceful protest.
So, the low-level guy they claim they're commanding is found not guilty of being in a conspiracy.
So how is there a conspiracy if the low-level guy is not in a conspiracy with the higher-level people?
Am I saying that right?
Yes, essentially.
And then another point is, when was this conspiracy formed?
So, Alex, they actually argue, but didn't argue, that on the ground that day, on January 6th, there was a march from the Washington... Hold on, we'll be back in 60 seconds.
Stay there, Steve Metcalf.
This is a bizarre scene two years and four months ago Pelosi parading in front of the National Guard troops mumbling under her
You can't hear a damn thing she's saying.
Meanwhile, they would not feed the troops, they treated them like crap, made them sleep on the floor.
This is just a group of clowns.
So the bad news is they're trying to set up a classical tyranny with high-tech overlays.
The good news is they're completely incompetent, and the American people see right through it.
So, we're talking to Norm Pattis, we're talking to Steve Metcalf, both
We're good to go.
Kyle Rittenhouse is bad.
When people are chasing him, shooting at him, him saying, we're going to kill you, the left says he's the bad guy.
So it's just more of the same.
Please finish your point than any other points you and Norm Pettis would like to make about this historic show trial.
Absolutely Alex.
So what does this mean?
It means, and Norm and I saw this coming from a mile away, it means that the government can actually now prove a conspiracy based on it happening almost instantaneously or on the ground that day.
With the Proud Boys, 10 a.m., they met up at the Washington Monument, they marched together, they stopped at a reflecting pool, they took a picture, they said a couple of prayers, they then walked around a little bit more, and they stopped at an area with a whole bunch of food trucks.
Now without, now being a little bit, because there is no evidence to show that there is anything at all that happened during that time.
There's influences and innuendos thrown out that all of a sudden this plan was hatched at that time or around that timeframe.
And that led up to the video that you showed before, which is Ryan Samsel at the fence and Ray Epps goes and whispers in his ear.
And then we have the footage of Reince helping with the fences ram it down.
So let me give a parallel.
Let me do this though Alex.
I see time is short.
Here's what's going to happen.
I mean, the foundation has been laid to indict Donald Trump.
And let's talk about something Steve and I haven't mentioned yet.
A new theory of liability in a criminal court that was introduced for the first time in this case.
So-called tools theory.
It's the three of us Alex, you Steve and I agree to commit some unlawful act and we start running our mouth about it after the agreement and before the act.
Each one of our statements is admissible and as evidence against one another as a statement of a co-conspirator, if that statement is in furtherance of the conspiracy.
In this case, people the Proud Boys never knew, never met, were held to be their tools, and their statements and conduct was admitted into evidence.
All these people you see in this crowd, all these people you see on the screen, these were deemed to be tools of the Proud Boys, influenced by them.
Here's the significance of this.
For Donald Trump standing on the ellipse that morning talking to the crowd, I believe the government will now claim that Donald Trump was in a conspiracy with several people in his office to engage in seditious conspiracy.
I meant to raise this.
That's what they're talking about with this prosecutor Smith.
They're actually saying they're getting ready to indict Trump now with these convictions claiming he was commanding them.
I suspect that'll happen.
The Proud Boys, to the degree the Proud Boys use tools, they're openly saying the Proud Boys were the President's tools.
There's no evidence of it.
The smartest thing that Donald Trump could do right now would be to call Steve Metcalf.
Because all my pride is wounded.
I didn't get an acquittal for my client on Seditious Conspiracy.
He got one for Dominic Pozzola.
And here's what the Trump legal team needs to be doing right now.
They need to be finding people who
Understand the chaos of that day.
Steve would be one of them.
I would be another.
They need to get these lawyers in a room.
They need to debrief grand jury witnesses and they need to start figuring out how they're going to defend Donald Trump.
Because as God is my witness, I predict by the end of June, there's going to be indictment of Trump and some part of it's going to be related to January 6th.
They're going to claim he engaged in conspiracy, that Stop the Steal was fraud, and that he used the protesters as tools in part of his conspiracy.
And the special prosecutor has telegraphed that.
So let me raise this for viewers that are as old as I am or older like you, Norm.
I remember... Hey, wait a minute.
Where's my cane?
I remember in the late 80s, whenever it was, the John Gotti trial.
And back then, the FBI had to plant microphones out in the street, hide them inside the building.
Gotti knew they were being spied on, so they'd walk around the street and plan murders and plan stuff.
And that was proof that they had the conspiracy, they had him planning stuff, and then they caught
The people going out and doing the murders.
And then they had witnesses, uh, I guess, uh, you know, Sammy the Bull or whatever his name was, who was actually- Yes, Samuel Garano.
Yes, so they had a witness- Samuel Garano.
They had a witness that was there, they had audio and video, and they barely convicted him.
They have them saying nothing!
They have no proof, and they've just been convicted.
This case eliminates, usually there's a staying in the law, post hoc ergo proctor hoc.
Just because something happened before an event doesn't mean it proved the evidence, the event afterward.
You have to prove a mechanism.
You have to tie things together with evidence.
This case eliminated the requirement for evidence and transformed the law, the law of conspiracy, into what Steve called fairy dust.
They can just say, hey, you said this yesterday, you did this today.
That's a conspiracy.
And if they did it to the Proud Boys with the nominal evidence they had in this case, how much more powerful will their case be against Donald Trump?
And what will that do to the Republic when a man who 70 million people voted for and who tens of thousands turned up at the Capitol to protest?
They chose to believe their commander in chief.
The government says, hey.
I think you got more like 80 million votes and yeah, about a million people showed up in D.C.
that day.
Okay, well I don't know what the numbers were, but I mean the point is, who are the proud boys and who are the crowds supposed to believe?
The commander-in-chief or the thief?
And when it becomes a crime to believe your president, they've declared war on the American people.
They're trying to ban the American flag now.
And they have.
Sorry, Steve.
Go ahead.
Alex, you hit the nail on the head in talking about John Gotti's case and when investigations used to be investigations.
I want you to think about this.
I want the listeners to think about this one more time.
The tools theory.
This is the first time I've ever seen or heard anything like this being introduced in a conspiracy case.
That is essentially
One person can use another person as a tool and that tool doesn't even know what they're being used for if I wanted to basically benefit or be in furtherance of the conspiracy that I plant.
So here we have no conspiracy whatsoever, but if another guy who's affiliated with the Proud Boys sprays something towards an officer,
That we never knew, never spoke about, never crossed paths with any of these five defendants.
All of a sudden that's going to be showcased and blasted before a jury as if it was ordered by one of these defendants in this case.
That's how bizarre this trial got.
This stuff that was coming in had nothing to do with these guys whatsoever.
And that's where they needed the force.
And that's what the left does, though.
They say anybody that wants to control the border is a white supremacist.
Anybody that doesn't want election fraud is a white supremacist.
Anybody that doesn't want to take a shot is a white supremacist.
It has nothing to do with being a white supremacist.
They just label us all as that.
And then Biden, in June of 2001, declared all his political opposition terrorists if they believed in over 20 things, including, later, the Afghan withdrawal.
I mean, it's just anything I don't like, you are a terrorist.
They say white supremacists are terrorists, you're a white supremacist.
And it's garbage.
People need to say, you know, when you hear somebody call you a white supremacist, your first remark should be, what is it you want from me right now?
How are you trying to shake me down?
This land is your land.
This land is my land.
There's no color that's a barrier to entry.
And I have had it up to here and beyond.
Guys, this is too important.
Don't hang up.
Do 10 more minutes.
I promise you'll be gone at like 28 after.
And then, folks, I got tons of news.
Your call's coming up.
Go on.
I want to live.
No, no.
Stay right there.
Don't leave.
We're going to go to break.
We'll do 10 more minutes with both these guys on the other side, let them finish their points.
But folks, this is bone-chilling.
And remember, I got skin in the game.
They are admittedly trying to put me in prison, claiming I ran the quote, attack on the Capitol.
Believe me, if I ran an attack on the Capitol, it would be a lot different.
Plus, the Capitol doesn't run anything.
It's just where they vote.
It's all out at Cheyenne Mountain, and Site R, and Site M, and in Colorado Springs.
I mean, you take over the U.S.
government, you need about 10,000 nuclear weapons.
I don't want to take over the government with violence.
I want to take it back with ideas.
The idea that I wanted this fiasco, that let the tyrants take over, is preposterous.
The globalists have the motive, and their fingerprints are all over it, and the media is defending Ray Abbs.
Stay with us.
Final segment with two lawyers.
The patron saints of lost causes, but it's not a lost cause, in the District of St.
Mordor, in D.C., for another show trial.
Norm, we were talking last night, and just repeat what you said, you said it very eloquently, explaining, and of course I know the history, it's accurate, but I mean, you said it better than I would, explain the legalese, why they have the District of Columbia,
And how that was set up so that the states couldn't override it, and how that's been used to reverse it, and how it's literally setting up its own little kingdom.
Yeah, so the District of Columbia is one of the few original federal territories established by the Constitution.
It was initially, I believe, a five-square-mile area, and it was designed to not fall under the influence of a particular state, to be independent, so that no state would have too much influence on the federal government.
At that time, the balance of federalism was tipped vastly in the direction of the states and they had more power.
The federal government was supposed to be one of enumerated and limited powers.
Over time, as we all know, the federal government has become an instrument of a deep state, quite frankly, a sense of universalism and has acquired incredible powers over us and is seeking even more.
And the result in this district is that
It's a company town.
Almost everybody here either works for government, is a lobbyist, serves the government, serves government interests.
You see on license plates here, uh, D.C., you know, taxation without representation, we're not a state.
You don't need to be a state.
You control the whole frickin' country and money's flowing in here like, like, like blood into a satanic vessel.
It's the richest city in the U.S.
by far.
And so, you know, we knew we were going to have problems on our hands when we couldn't get the case moved out of D.C.
This is a company town, and the business of Washington, D.C.
is the business of government.
You know, one of the things that was so moving to me in this experience is I took my first tour of the Capitol and they show you a film.
E Pluribus Unum, they say.
Out of one many.
This is where the people come to become one.
Well, this is only supposed to be a forum that you visit to establish laws to take home.
When people made it a home of their own,
They've decided that that home is the metropole of a giant plantation and that we, the people in our various states and locations, exist to serve it.
That's never been the American way.
And I repeat Jefferson's word.
When the people fear government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears people, there is liberty.
And I'm proud to have represented the Proud Boys, and to those Proud Boy affiliates and members out there, you'll know what I say when I say the following.
That's their greeting.
And it's Swahili for freedom.
And that has been the gamble of American history throughout our lives.
I love how they're white supremacists whose motto is the Swahili word for freedom.
Oh, and of course, Enrique Tarrio.
It couldn't be said enough at trial.
He's an Afro-Cuban, and many of the witnesses we called on behalf of the Proud Boys were persons of color.
We had Hispanic witnesses, we had Jewish witnesses.
But no, they're white supremacists, and it's because you're a white... that's an easy way to demonize dissent.
Call somebody a bad name and they're afraid to step up, step forward.
I don't know what your perspective is on that, Steve, but I found we were able to eliminate that rhetoric, I think.
We were, but we stepped into this equation at trial at such an unfair advantage.
The terminology, or just the word insurrection or insurrectionist, being used and splashed across the country for two years really set the stage.
And then the terminology of white supremacy being linked to the Proud Boys is something that actually
Stuck with people and it resonated with people and made people in D.C.
actually fear the Proud Boys or fear some of these men.
So when the media, we lost the media right off the bat for the last two years.
The left did an amazing job at demonizing these men.
Oh, I believe me.
They try you in the press.
Then the judge finds you guilty.
Then you can't defend yourself.
And they testified that I sent people to pee on graves.
No evidence.
Talk about defamation.
Just completely made up.
They gave an FBI agent who I never said his name, never showed a photo of him, didn't know who he was until he sued me, 90 plus million dollars.
And then the January 6th committee.
I don't believe in coincidences.
And Norm and I kept having these conversations back and forth.
Alex, the day that we started picking the jury was December 19th.
They set this whole thing up at the January 6th committee that weekend, going into that week of December 19th, that they were coming out with the decision that was going to be against Trump.
Every day we had to go in and make a new motion for a mistrial, basically stating that we were so precious.
They ended their show committee right as the show trial started.
That's right.
Well, and then get this, Alex, the very day that the jury goes to deliberations, that morning, Joe Biden announced his presidential campaign, and what do you think he had as an image on the presidential campaign but a smoldering Capitol, and the sign of unrest there, and his promise to save democracy, which was the very theme that the project introduced in their closing statement.
The listeners know it was a federal provocateur operation.
So here's the bottom line to listeners.
They say, stop telling us what we already know.
That's not what we're telling you, listeners.
This is their blueprint in the official terrorism, anti-terrorism manifesto Biden put out in 2021 in June, that this is their plan to take the country over.
And now they keep winning these cases.
As you said, Norm, this is their move.
I'm really concerned about false flags they're going to stage or provocateur actions of some real terror they're going to blame on their opposition and blame on Trump.
Well, they may try, but I think patriotism begins at home.
And it's not a crime to believe in this country.
It shouldn't be a crime to read the Constitution.
It shouldn't be a crime to reach across the fence and shake your neighbor's hand and say, I believe in freedom.
Do you?
And I think we the people need to form powerful associations with one another and with shows like InfoWars.
And we need to go, and people do need to support the InfoWars.
People do need to support this show.
Look at what happened to Tucker Carlson.
I liked his voice, but he's gone.
And depending on what you read, it's because he, you know, he pissed off the people at Fox News for one reason or another.
I think he just became, I think he got fed up and he started telling too much.
I predicted on January, excuse me, I predicted on March 8th, he'd be fired within two months.
And now there's a new video that he cut weeks ago for a big summit in Europe that he's not at predicting he'd be fired.
I'll play that next segment.
And I know exactly what happened with Tucker, but
I'm not allowed to get into it, but you were dead on.
Where's he gonna resurface, Alex?
I'm dying to know.
Are you able to say?
Yeah, alright.
I'm the one being interviewed.
I'll stop.
People shouldn't be holding their breath for him to go to Patrick Ben David or whatever his name is.
Nice guy.
Or Newsmax.
They shouldn't be holding their breath.
Let me end with one note.
I think people need to join the Fully Informed Jury Association.
We need to bring back jury nullification in the United States.
And we need jurors to be able to decide not just the facts, but whether the law is being justly applied.
I was stopped any number of times in my closing argument.
There was even a disruptor in the gallery who was removed by the marshal.
And I argued as close to the edge of nullification as I could and was stopped repeatedly by the judge.
There was a time in this country when jurors got to decide not just the facts before them, but whether the law was appropriately applied.
And when dissent is being criminalized... That's right, the citizens had a veto.
Only 30 seconds left.
Closing comments, Steve Metcalf.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Absolutely, Alex.
Always a pleasure.
It's always a pleasure to be near Norm.
We need to have the facts of this case and the transcripts of this case actually exposed and out there for everybody.
The appeal on this case is going to be massive.
And that tool theory is going to change American jurisprudence forever.
I firmly believe that.
And this is only the beginning of the fight right here, and we have to be very vigilant and know what's coming, because this is, they're not stopping.
They're only building from here.
Steve Metcalf, real quick, do you have a Twitter or where do people find you?
Metcalf Law, NYC.
I do have a Twitter.
I do have an Instagram.
It's on screen, thank you.
Alright, I just spent an hour on January 6th, because it's all come to a head now.
And we're not going to lie to you, it's a big victory for the police state, for the weaponized judiciary.
We're having a lot of victories as well in the hearts and minds of the enemy.
Controls the bureaucracy and the infrastructure.
They're attacking us at every level, annihilating our borders, shipping in drugs, attacking our children, persecuting people that defend themselves.
The case here in Austin, where that man aims an AK-47 at him, and the veteran shoots him.
Veteran, no criminal record.
Hell, war hero.
Active duty.
Happen to have another job just to pay the bills.
He's supposed to let somebody point an AK-47 at him.
Kind of like this Uber Eats driver last week in Florida.
He done like 30 deliveries.
Last delivery of the night, 2 AM.
MS-13 guy takes him, steals his money, executes him, dismembers him.
I guess when MS-13 pointed a gun at him, he should have not fought back.
I guess he didn't.
He got killed.
And we now know what happened with this case of this mentally ill, schizophrenic black man.
He's been arrested 40 times, more than 20 of them, for aggravated assault and battery.
40 arrests!
And it turns out, the full video, we can show it, I guess we'll get to it next hour,
A black guy, a Hispanic guy, and a white guy, when he's threatening to kill him, we have all these videos of him now, it turns out there were like warnings by the subway, warnings online.
If you see the Michael Jackson impersonator, look out.
This guy starts charging him, pushing him, attacking him, saying, I'll kill you.
I don't care if I'm gonna die.
And so the black guy starts wrestling him because he got in his face, and the white guy jumps in to help the black guy, and now he's a white supremacist that just murdered a black guy for fun.
No, he's a big, powerful, 6'3", schizophrenic.
And I'll tell you, I've been to New York a lot, and it's always been bad.
When I was a kid, we went there, it was super dangerous.
Giuliani, not a perfect guy, but he cleaned it up, and since then,
I'm a tough guy.
I mean, I'm not the toughest around, but I don't want trouble.
I'm not getting on the New York subway for all the money in the world.
It's a freaking underground lunatic asylum.
There's human feces and needles and crazy people, black, white, running around like maniacs.
And this guy was arrested 40 times.
And yeah, you put somebody in a chokehold, sometimes they never wake up.
But AOC comes out and says, it's a white supremacist attack, he was killed because he was black and poor, and calls for demonstrations, and even the black mayor says, stop it, you don't know the facts, stop it.
But they want another George Floyd, folks.
They want another George Floyd.
Nobody's happy, the schizophrenic's dead.
They got rid of the 80s of the funding for state mental institutions and now anybody that's been in a big city knows it's an open-air mental institution.
Every week or so, I have to dodge some crazy schizophrenic running across the road.
You'll see a black man run across the road, a white man run across the road, an old lady, an old white lady.
Just a couple days ago, I'm driving down Ben White.
I'm driving down 71.
In the middle of Austin, 70 miles an hour is the speed limit, and a naked woman, looked like she was about 65 years old, runs across the road in front of like three cars in front of me.
They almost hit her.
We literally live in a lunatic asylum.
This morning I go get gas.
In a nice area of Austin.
It's not super nice, but it's a nice area.
And I step out of my car, there's a pile of human feces right there.
I decide this morning that I want some food, so I pull over at a breakfast place.
And there's another pile of crap by the door.
It's a lunatic asylum.
It's a open-air,
Lunatic asylum.
You say, why do you live in Austin?
Well, my family's been here since the 1820s.
And this is where the infrastructure is built.
And I don't have the money to move this someplace.
Believe me, I want to.
Because it's dangerous.
I still love the town.
I grew up here.
But yeah, we're looking.
That's why I've got offers in Florida to work with somebody else.
I've got offers, a lot of offers.
But I'm loyal to the crew, and I'm going to stay here as long as I can.
But it's so sad to see the fall of your city.
And Austin is a paradise compared to New York.
I was in New York twice the last two years.
And man, it is surreal.
Needles, garbage, feces.
And gay pride flags everywhere.
And just... I mean, I was there about a year ago to be on a big podcast.
I was on Michael Malice's podcast and I was on Schultz's podcast, the comedian.
And... I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.
Piss, crap, needles, everywhere.
Pools of pests everywhere, crazy people running around like zombies, and little kids marching with rainbow flags.
Last time I was there it was like Gay Pride Month or something.
It was just like, I'm living in a frickin' twilight zone, man.
These are cursed cities.
And I've got all this news I want to hit.
We'll take calls next hour.
Give the number out next segment, but... This is a planned takedown of civilization.
I got a bunch of articles I'm gonna hit next segment but let's play this clip I mentioned it in pre-recorded message Tucker Carlson predicted his own ouster from Fox News this week in Europe in Hungary they're having CPAC Europe and so he taped this it looks like the Thursday before he was fired so about two weeks ago I guess two weeks ago exactly now and
It's prophetic.
He says, if I'm fired, next time I'll be with you.
So this, I told you this will all come out.
I mean, Tucker knew it was coming.
He wasn't sure at the exact same time.
He came over to visit me.
He came over to the house.
And, uh, you know, um, and Thanksgiving, we had a long conversation, a couple hour conversation, but that's all a private conversation.
Our other conversations are private, but he knew it was coming and that just makes him cooler.
Because he didn't back down.
I'm not going to say why he got fired, other than to say everything he did is why he got fired.
And like Roger Stone astutely said a week ago, he got fired because they were scared of what he was going to do next.
Same reason they want me off air.
But here's the deal.
I don't work for Spotify or Fox News.
I got my own operation.
The only reason this dog hunts is because of you.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com.
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That sale is about to end sometime next week.
So many great products.
Get a book, get a film, get a t-shirt.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Let's go to break with Tucker Carlson predicting his firing in his last days at Fox that just aired.
Here it is.
Greetings to CPAC Hungary and to all you Americans in the audience.
You are very brave.
You have wounded up on one of Samantha Power's lists.
The State Department is keeping track.
You went to a forbidden country.
I wish I was there in Budapest.
If I ever get fired and have some time and can leave, I will be there with you.
But in the meantime, Godspeed.
We are thinking of you and cheering you on.
Are you gonna lay down and take it?
Because here's the bottom line.
Laying down and taking it only makes it worse.
I don't agree with the Japanese that if rape is inevitable, enjoy it.
If rape's inevitable, bite their dick off.
That's what I tell my daughters.
Somebody attacks you, kill them.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, let's hit the big news right now.
And I'll give the number out to take your phone calls next hour on any topic you want to raise, any question you want to bring up, all I ask for is first-time callers.
And I gave out a quiz earlier that we're also going to be getting to.
And so you can bring up any topic you want, but all I ask you to do is first try to give me the answer to the quiz.
It's my opinion, but it's my view of what this means.
And whoever wins it gets a free t-shirt, either a Trump political prisoner shirt or an Alex Jones for President shirt.
Just give us your address, the size you want, we'll mail it to you.
We'll also throw in a copy of my book.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
For whoever answers this question, this is a very important question.
And the real reason for the quiz and the real reason for the game is to get everybody using their noggins to ask this question to yourself, and I think you know the answer.
Will it take two calls?
Will it take ten calls to get the answer?
You can just give me your answer, whether it's wrong or right, and then make your point.
But every caller has to give me your take on this.
Who declares, that's the World Health Organization, and the Marxist, Communist, Ethiopian, that killed over a million of its people, total Chinese front man, who declares end to COVID global public health emergency?
Why are they doing that?
And let me put a cap on it.
I'll take 10 calls, and if somebody hadn't figured it out after 10 calls, I'll give you the answer.
Because I'm not sure you're going to get the answer.
It's a profound answer.
It's how my brain works.
And I told friends and family that when you see this happen, you think this is good?
I'm not going to give you any more hints.
WHO declares end to COVID global public health emergency.
Tedros Adhamo
Why are they declaring it over now?
And what's in the SPARS document?
That when it came out, the shot didn't work and was deadly?
They would then start having public health officials resign three years into the pandemic, and then they would use all the lawsuits that came out of that to bankrupt the countries, and the vaccine makers have liability protection.
CDC Director Walensky announces departure today.
Why are they announcing the end of COVID?
Why are they doing that?
The answer to that, you know, the answer to everything.
intelligence is covering up the fact that it knew about COVID-19 in November of 2019.
Knew about it?
They created it.
That's come out in Congress.
So the toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
2-5-3-9-8-7-7-7-8-9 Alex.
You can cover any topic you want, any issue I've raised, any issue I haven't raised, it's a free-for-all.
But you first gotta give me the answer.
Or what you think the answer is.
And I'm not poo-pooing your answer, I'm not saying I'm right completely, though I know that I am in the general sense.
I know why they did it.
And if you understand that, you understand a lot.
I really want to see if you can come up with the answer.
The frustration is thousands will try to call in.
Only a few will get on.
And I'm sure some of you out there right now know the answer.
But the whole point is this processes, this process of getting people to think.
Why is their big power grab, their big U.N.
operation, the thing that gives them their world ID and their control, all of it, their social credit score, their vaccine passport, why are they saying their key to power
He's no longer there.
Well, there's a lot of reasons that lead up to that.
We're not buying into it, and people know the shot doesn't work, and almost no one's taking it.
Yeah, yeah, we know all that.
They were gonna push us as far as they could.
They could take over with just this, they'd have done it.
But it's failed.
Giving you a lot of hints here.
Let's see if you can answer the question.
Let's see if you've got the answer.
All right, let's do this now.
Since we're talking about ways they are attacking us, not just the poison shots, but the rest of it, let's look at a couple more of these stories.
Fentanyl overdose deaths skyrocketed 279% in just the last six years.
It's now the number one cause of death below the age of 45.
Hundreds of thousands a year die.
They say it's 100,000, but they think only a fraction ever get diagnosed that it was fentanyl.
With the coroners.
With the pathologists.
Big article on InfoWars.com.
So let's shift gears over here.
Oh, look at this.
University slammed for erasing the word woman from its maternity and menopause policies.
We'll cover that coming up, but let's look more at this.
Mental strain.
Marijuana may be behind a 30% of schizophrenia that's off the charts.
Cases in young men.
Major national institutes of health, that's the UK, funded studies suggest.
I remember telling Joe Rogan on his show like six years ago that schizophrenia was exploding because of marijuana.
He didn't know it then.
Since then he's researched it and seen a lot of his friends go crazy on it.
But here's a study that the weaponized super strong marijuana is a hallucinogen and is causing serious mental illness.
What else are they pushing?
Mobile phone use increases heart attacks and stroke risk, study claims.
Because you don't walk outside as much, you don't move around as much, it also electromagnetically is toxic.
There's a lot of reasons this is going on.
This is out of the Express newspaper of UK.
Researchers claim people who spend 30 minutes talking on their mobile phone a week have a higher risk of stroke and heart attacks.
A team of scientists, what's an electromagnetic microwave relay tower?
A team of scientists and radio waves emitted by the
Endemic devices can cause high blood pressure in users for a long period of time.
Experts said data shows those taking on a cell phone for 30 minutes, talking on a cell phone 30 minutes or more a week, had a 12% risk of a higher condition than those who spent less time chatting.
Yes, they are microwave ovens held to your head.
All right, let's talk about Woody Allen when we come back, and Jeffrey Epstein, and the CIA director, and the Mossad director, and the head of MI6.
That's all coming up next hour with so much other news we've not gotten into yet, plus all the worship of the British, who aren't even British, royals, with the coronation of the king that is imminent.
It's all coming up today.
In our number three, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The Coordinates of Liberty are Band.Video, Infowars.com, Newswars.com, and of course, Madmaxworld.tv.
I want to talk to you about something right now that can and will change your life.
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I'm talking about iodine deficiency.
Now, this is a very complex issue.
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I have Wikipedia right here, with links to the UN itself, admitting that over 2 billion people have intellectual disability, lower IQs, psychological problems, neurological issues because of lack of iodine, particularly when they're developing and growing as children, but also throughout life.
Now, most iodine that's in food is bound to other elements, so your body cannot absorb it.
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So I want to encourage everybody.
To go to the encyclopedia, to go to medical literature, go wherever you want.
Wikipedia is not always accurate, but you can check the bibliography here, the links.
This is an accurate report right here from the UN, from major studies, you name it, about iodine deficiency being the number one cause worldwide of what they call intellectual disability.
And if you look here,
On page two it says, while reporting recent progress towards overcoming iodine deficiency disorders worldwide, the Lancet Medical Journal noted that the World Health Organization, in 2007, nearly two billion individuals had insufficient iodine intake, a third being school age.
And it goes on, the conclusion was made that the single most preventable case of intellectual disability is that of iodine deficiency.
The single biggest reason people are so dumb
And IQs worldwide are dropping like a lead balloon is iodine deficiency.
Now, there was massive IQ dropping and massive deformities in the 20s and 30s.
So the U.S.
government, as well as other governments, said, by law, we're going to put it in the salt and we're going to encourage bakeries and companies that sell flour to put some iodine in it.
IQs exploded up to 15 points on average in just a few years.
Then, in the 80s, they took it out, and in this own report from Wikipedia, they admit that they put in things that counter the iodine, like bromide, bromine, and other things, instead of the iodine that you need when the other chemicals are toxic.
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All right, we're taking your calls in the order that they came in.
We're going to Michelle, Rusty, David, Eric, Derek, Terry, Buzz, Matt, Losumbio, Gabe, Michael, and others.
But first off, Michelle in New York.
We're having the quiz.
The WHO declares end to COVID global public health emergency.
Again, I'm not saying this is the perfect answer, I'm not saying it's 100%, but I believe it's being done for a certain reason.
What do you think that is?
I'm not nearly as intelligent as you, Alex, and God bless you, but it's a distraction.
End of story.
Whatever it's for, it's an absolute distraction.
Whether that's the climate lockdown, or CBCD, or I can't keep up with all the little acronyms anymore.
Or the huge global banking meltdown.
Well, I don't think any answer is wrong, because it's for a lot of reasons.
I think that you're close to it, but that's not the answer.
What is your view on New York City?
What's happening there?
I'm going to try to do this without crying.
So I'm in show business.
I've lived here.
I'm born and raised my entire life.
I live at the foot of one of the bridges, which will go unnamed.
When you spoke so beautifully of Austin and why you're not leaving,
I can relate to that.
It was so eloquent when you spoke of that.
Like I said, I'm born and raised here, and believe you me, I own property here.
I own the house I live in.
I had a rental property, I say had because it's almost been stolen.
This is the ground zero experiment for what they want to do in every single way.
We are flooded with immigrants.
You know, God bless them.
They were lured and manipulated here.
Um, a lot of them.
I mean, some of them we know might be criminals.
Um, I cannot imagine how this city is not intrinsically changed within just the next handful of years because we're saturated.
And they have nowhere to go.
So that's one thing.
Your description of the trains.
I don't take the subway.
I drive everywhere.
Everyone laughs at me.
Now it's very difficult to do that because they want us out of our cars.
There are bike lanes everywhere.
During COVID, they took the opportunity to put them literally everywhere.
So my house, we used to be able to park, is now a highway of bike lanes.
The thing you don't hear spoken of too much is commercial landlords.
And I know, boo-hoo, not all landlords are bad.
They don't want private ownership in this city, for sure.
They did the eviction moratorium.
That went on until the beginning of this year.
A lot of people don't talk about this.
In New York, the eviction moratorium was not lifted until just four or five months ago.
So I had a tenant for three years not paying rent.
And wouldn't give me the keys back, and I only just got it back having to pay a mortgage for two and a half years without any income.
There was no assistance or relief for commercial landlords.
There was no assistance or relief for the property taxes, which are... Sure, remember the CDC tried to say, no more rents forever, which again, would collapse society.
Right, my commercial property happens to be in AOC's district, and he told me, AOC told me, my tenant, I don't have to pay rent.
And, you know, and let me tell you that the courts upheld that.
So, you know... It's totally designed to collapse society.
Incredible call, gotta move the next person.
Thank you so much.
Rusty in Colorado.
Do you know why I believe the WHO declared an end to the COVID global pandemic health emergency?
I believe I do, Mr. Jones.
I believe that the WHO wants to strip away our sovereignty, and when we start prosecuting people based on what they said, for treason, they're going to come and occupy us.
And then we'll never, we'll never get rid of them.
Okay, but let me ask you a question.
Sure, they've got the WHO treaty.
You're right, they're taking over our medical system, trying to take over our body.
But if the source of their power is the COVID emergency, why would they be ending it?
So that the people who refuse to give amnesty to the ones that, you know, enforced all of this on us, okay?
They'll see that as a militant action, like we're in a new state of emergency, and that we can't save ourselves from it.
So they'll come here, and they'll occupy us, and that'll be that.
There goes our sovereignty.
We'll never get it back.
Alright, well there is a U.N.
takeover of our sovereignty, you're dead right about that, but that is not the answer.
You wanted to say something else?
Yes, my sister, but she was on Adderall for a long time, and when the shortages happened, I went and got her a three month supply of the Brain Force Plus, and at this point, she's not even taking the Adderall anymore.
She's using Brain Force Plus almost daily.
What does she think of it?
She likes it.
You know, she took advantage of the sales.
I told her to jump on it before it ends this week.
You know, I heard somebody, I don't know, maybe last week say that the sale's going to end soon.
Of course, I bought myself some Red Pill also.
Well, I appreciate your support, but definitely there are natural, healthy stimulants that are way better than the ones that are being pushed on people.
And I would say, never get into stimulants, period, that aren't natural.
But once you've been on artificial ones, it's a must to have the natural ones.
So, folks, we'll check out the real Red Pill, Brain Force Plus, Brain Force Ultra, and Turbo Force.
Thank you so much for calling, Rusty.
Alright, David in Wisconsin.
Again, the quiz is not what the answer is, but what does Alex Jones think the reason is the UN has announced the end of their COVID power grab?
I think the reason Alex Jones thinks the World Health Organization declares an end to the global health emergency is because Title 42 is
Suspected to end next week and that's going to open the floodgates of tens of thousands of illegals, untested, unvaccinated people to just rush our border and they can't test them and that's what I think you think.
That is a great angle and all of your answers are right.
I'm not just being like everybody gets a trophy.
All these answers are correct.
It's all part of a larger reason, but there's a larger reason
They are doing this.
There's a larger reason they're saying it, and I'm going to get to that if ten callers cannot figure it out.
Yeah, I'm honestly looking forward to your answer, and another reason I called in is I listened to yesterday's show with you, and you were talking about Crank Salone.
He made that disgusting deepfake of
Tucker Carlson's voice and was saying some really horrible things about, like really just gross things to you in Tucker Carlson's voice.
But according to Prank Salon's Twitter, he was arrested two hours ago and they have a nice photo of him being hauled out in handcuffs by some agent with a badge on his coat.
So just a little FYI to people being disgusting and
Trying to imitate, I mean, Tucker's such an honorable person, trying to imitate him and, you know... Is that a joke?
Guys, guys, go look up... No, no, no, pull up his Twitter right now, Alex.
No, no, I'm not denying you're wrong, that's just... Look, look, when I said he should be arrested, it's because he made a big joke about it.
He literally stole that idiot's phone number, like swatting.
He programmed Tucker Carlson's number in, called me, and then said sexually aggressive things, which an average person wouldn't know that was fake.
I figured it out pretty quick.
But it's very aggressive.
I think that's identity theft.
Yeah, same here.
Same here.
I think that as well.
According to Twitter, his mom posted on his Twitter, this is Prank's mother, Pranika.
I don't know if that's real or not.
That name just seems fake to me.
But according to his mother, he was arrested, and it does show a photo of him being arrested, so... Alright, brother, we're gonna go to break.
We'll have to look into that.
I don't know if this is real.
It may be him joking around.
It looks like somebody... Go ahead.
Yeah, I just... Thanks so much, Alex.
Thank you.
God bless, man.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, we'll be right back.
On the other side, why are they announcing the end to the UN COVID power grab?
Why are they doing that?
Terry, Buzz, Matt, everybody else, your calls are straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Promotes white supremacy.
Professor tweets that white people should commit mass suicide.
College professor says kill cops, kill all white people, and kill the straights.
Professor says all I want for Christmas is white genocide.
Georgetown professor says all white people are racist.
Trinity College professor calls white people inhuman.
Let them f***ing die.
College professor says believing in hard work is a white ideology.
College professor says white people are conditioned to commit mass murder.
A professor equates math with white privilege.
A professor says white supremacist patriarchy is responsible for the Vegas shooting.
Professors hold a white racism course at FGCU.
USC professor calls for a holocaust against all white people.
Professor says I'll teach my children to be cautious and distrust friendship with white people.
Baltimore professor says white people need to personally give all of their money to black people.
College professor says some white people may have to die to solve racism.
College professor says white masculinity is a problem for America.
Georgetown professor says all white people are racists.
Rutgers professor was taken to the NYC hospital for psychiatric evaluation.
After he tweeted threatening to kill white people.
White professor calls all white people to mass suicide because of slavery.
Here's a slide from a college classroom that says white tears on a mug.
Here's another slide from a college classroom that says white people stay colonizing.
White privilege does exist.
Bigfoot, unicorns, reverse racism.
What do they all have in common?
Stating that reverse racism isn't real.
Y'all white people are dangerous.
The horror story.
White people are a plague to the planet.
Here's one that says white people are crazy.
And finally, how white people... Plague society.
So, breaking medical examiner rules.
Repeat violent offender Jordan Neely's death.
A homicide.
New York City braces for riots.
40 arrests.
Over half of them for assaulting people.
Black, white, you name it.
Assaulting people on the train.
A black man tackled him.
The Hispanic man tried to help.
A white marine choked him and killed him.
Because he was telling them, I'm gonna kill you.
You think these people wanted to do this?
No, he's a mentally ill man that should be in a mental institution.
And I'm sad he's dead.
But the media is seizing on that.
I've got like 10 videos, literally 10 videos of him beating people up and attacking people.
They put up advisories a decade ago about him.
He's been going crazy that long.
And got killed.
And none of us are better off because he's dead.
But imagine if they showed all the footage of black people attacking white people, and then said black people are to blame because a bad black person does something wrong.
Just because a white person does something wrong, or in this case, defending themselves, doesn't mean we're all bad.
It's this idea that, oh, they were slaves hundreds of years ago, so we're all guilty.
Most white people's ancestors immigrated here from countries that were involved in slavery.
But again, if my daddy was a bank robber and served 20 years in jail, I'm not guilty for what my daddy did.
But their authoritarianism,
Under fascism, under totalitarianism, under communism, you are guilty.
In World War II, when the Nazis came through Eastern Europe, there's famous cases of this.
If a regular troop got killed, they'd kill 20 people.
If an officer got killed, they'd kill 100.
They'd say, hey, somebody shot our officer, killed him, we're gonna kill hundreds of you now.
They'd put him in a church and burn it down.
Look it up.
Does that sound like a good system?
You're a great, great, great, great, great granddaddy.
You don't even know.
Supposedly did something wrong, so now you're guilty because you got a leg up because of that?
What the hell does that mean?
That's tyranny, ladies and gentlemen, and they're not trying to offer all these free deals and money to people because they love black people.
Biden, three years ago, promised free tuition for everybody.
He was going to forgive all student debt.
And then he didn't do it.
Oh, he signed a law, but didn't implement it.
It's all lies.
They're not going to give you anything free.
Anything you get is going to come with major strings attached.
But I'm asking the big question here.
Why has the U.N.
and its big power grab ended the COVID crisis?
I have the answer.
I want to hear from you.
Terry in Alaska, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, can you hear me?
I can.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I think it's one of two things.
It's either their numbers are showing that nobody wants their poison anymore or they're getting ready to release the next bioweapon.
He wins!
Get his name, get his address, he gets a signed copy of The Great Reset and The War for the World, and he gets a choice of Trump political prisoner shirt or Alex Jones for president.
You tell us what you want, give us your address, and make damn sure, Cruz, I'm going to start doing this prize thing almost every day.
Can I say something else?
No, no, no.
First off, you win.
Go ahead and make your point, and then we'll go back.
I'm actually very impressed with the sixth caller I think we took.
Got it.
Go ahead.
I'm very impressed.
Go ahead.
Um, I'd like to see a guy named Paymon Matahede on as a guest sometime, hopefully.
Okay, don't know who he is.
Tell me his name is.
And guys, when you talk to him, get this written down too.
Hold on.
Paymon who?
Paymon Matahede.
Who is he?
He's an Iranian-born citizen, came to America in 94, and anyway, he's never paid taxes.
He's fought the U.S.
Tax Court and won.
He hasn't paid taxes for 30 years.
We'll get him on.
You got my promise.
If he can be gotten on, we'll get him on.
But let's talk about the super hard questions.
I didn't come up with an easy one.
And I'm extremely impressed by our audience that thousands tried to call in, 20 got on the line, and the sixth caller got it.
So I'm very impressed right now.
Terry, very impressed.
Tell us about yourself and how you came up with the answer.
Gee, I don't know.
I just thought about it.
I used to take your magazine that when you publish that and I live right here by two military bases one's Army and one's Air Force and I take your magazines out and drop them off at the Army base and then one day I took them out to the Air Force base and the visitor center wasn't open where they check in and give you a pass so I shoved it through the doors and
About five copies.
And then I went to leave, and behind me is two guys with fully automatic weapons.
They want to know what the hell I'm doing.
And so I told them, and they go, well, you can't be doing that.
I go, they said, you know, it's closed anyway.
They go, come back out another day.
So I went back out another day.
They were open, and I handed them out.
And they liked it, and I tried to leave, went to leave, and one of the guys came out from the back room and said, sir, we need you to stay here.
And then I ended up getting interrogated by some guys in suits and they wanted to charge me with distribution of propaganda on a military base.
Well, that just shows how many tyrants they've got.
They were just trying to intimidate you.
Let me guess, nothing happened?
Well, they were setting up a court date, and I went back in and reminded them that the two guys that caught me on the Saturday when I was there said, come on back out another day, and they decided not to do nothing.
Well, no, it's all intimidation.
It's the First Amendment.
So they're telling an American, you can't hand out a well-known pro-America person.
It's just, it's so sick.
But I'm gonna hold you over.
Because you're the winner.
Get his name, get his number, just get his address.
And what t-shirt do you want?
Do you want Trump?
Political President or do you want an Alex Jones for President shirt?
Alex Jones for President.
I wish he'd run.
Alright, well, we're going to get your address right now and it's coming to you in the mail by Monday.
So just don't hang up.
I'm going to come back to you because you nailed it.
I'm going to explain this.
This is really important when we come back.
You nailed it.
Alright, so Terry with the incredibly hard question I asked.
I'm surprised actually a caller got it.
I thought we'd take 10 calls and I would answer the question.
I was happy to send out a book and a t-shirt.
I'm blown away that he got the answer because I only this morning saw it and months ago and told my wife and family when you see this this means they're about to make their next move and I hadn't set it on air yet.
Yes, the world's saying no to the shot.
Yes, all these officials that push us are resigning.
Yes, it's coming out that they have secret liability protection programs with Moderna and Pfizer.
But when they end the emergency, it's so they can declare victory and claim all their lockdowns and all their controls saved us and that they defeated it.
And so,
You can read the tea leaves, maybe a month, six months, probably next year.
Probably early next year, they start the new pandemic and the new virus.
And they'll say, hey, we saved you from COVID with the lockdowns, the controls, and the shots.
We ended it together.
We're victorious.
The UN did it.
That's why we've got the UN treaty.
You need to ratify it, and we'll protect you from this new thing.
Whether it's Mousepox or Morberg or a new strain of COVID that they've cooked up.
So, what a hard question.
What an incredibly complex question of thousands of answers.
And then the other callers brought up issues that were corollary to it, that were part of it.
But not the main issue.
I am very impressed.
So, nothing against your sagas and what you've gone through to spread the truth, Terry, but those are side issues.
We love you.
Sitting there thinking about the question, how did you come up with the answer?
Because what this means is, they're preparing the next assault.
They say the disease X is coming.
They say the next pandemic's imminent.
They've already told us.
So we can telegraph how they're preparing.
But this is what's happening.
Make no mistake.
Thinking about this, understanding it, and you watch in six months, a year, you'll see it happen.
You have enough pressure, they may back off.
Our only predictions that don't come true are the ones we stop.
Believe me, I want to be disproven here.
I want to stop it so our prediction doesn't come true.
But we'll be sitting here in six months, a year, and it'll be, oh my God, he did it again.
I didn't do it again.
I didn't do it again.
I know the enemy's operation.
They did it again.
So, go back, Terry, in Alaska,
To the thought processes, when you're listening to me, when you come up with the exact answer, one out of a million, how'd you do it?
Uh, I just kind of put two and two together.
I don't really know how to describe it.
Yeah, well, they need to declare victory that they saved us the last time.
They have to declare victory.
They have to say they saved us so they can save us again.
See how it works?
When are you going to be getting some more vitamin mineral fusion?
I wish it wasn't sold out.
I wish we had the money to buy products.
We barely have the money to buy what we've got, but we're barely in the black right now, and I thank you for your support, brother.
Anything else you'd like to add, Terry?
Yeah, last year I sent an email to Rob Dew.
I was trying to get you guys to come up and go salmon fishing and get you to relax a little bit, but you're in the middle of your... I think he actually brought that up to me.
I've never been to Alaska.
I'm told it's spectacular.
It is.
You'd like it.
When should I come?
Well, if you want to go salmon fishing, uh, do I. Guys, give me Terry's number.
I was already thinking about going up there in July.
I was thinking about, never been to Costa Rica, never been to, uh, Kosovo.
They say that's incredible.
Never been to Egypt, but Alaska was on the list.
You know what?
I'll come see you in Alaska.
Put him on hold, get his number.
I'm going to Alaska now, because I got to answer that question.
That is such a hard question to answer.
I mean, that's very impressive.
Six phone calls.
Fifth or sixth was six phone calls.
He nailed it.
And let me tell you, that's what's happening.
They are going to say, we saved you last time, we're going to save you this time.
They're reloading again, ladies and gentlemen.
Very impressed, Terry.
All right, Buzz, you now want to get into the indictment of Trump, because the quiz is over.
Buzz, go ahead.
Alex Jones.
God, strike me down right now.
I swear to God, I had the exact answer that your previous caller just answered.
Well, that shows how smart the audience is, so give us your take on that.
Well, yeah, I just wanted to add a few extra points to it.
It is the fact that they're preparing ramping up the next thing, but it's bigger than that.
I think it's setting the precedent that they say when a pandemic ends,
No, I wanted to say because the WHO changed, or no, the US Senate gave
Complete control to the WHO by signing over the pandemic treaty right and changing the name from a treaty to an accord, thereby advocating our responsibility to declare when pandemics start next.
They're testing their power to say when one starts and when... and that's the sub answer.
The main answer is they're getting ready for a new one.
They want to declare victory that they beat the last thing to pose as saviors.
But the second corollary issue is they want to declare when a pandemic happens and be in control of it.
Yeah, but here's a quote that I found on an article from this one doctor who was represented by the WHO.
He said, the danger of keeping it forever, meaning the pandemic, is diluting the tool.
You need it to retain its force.
So basically, they're removing the tool to keep the power there, essentially.
It's a cycle.
They've got to cycle on, cycle off.
Which signals the end of this, and they're reloading for the next attack.
I'm going to put you on hold.
I'm very impressed.
I'm going to put you on hold and get a signed copy of the book and a t-shirt of your choice.
Do you want a Trump political president or an Alex Jones for president?
What were the options?
We only got two t-shirts right now.
We do limited editions now.
Trump political president shirt with a mug shot or Alex Jones for president?
That's it.
I'll do Alex Jones for president.
All right.
Put him on hold.
Make sure customers... Sorry, go ahead.
You should be president.
Yeah, well it's a fun shirt for thought-provoking stuff.
I'm really impressed right now.
Thank you, Buzz.
Make sure he gets it, okay?
We're gonna start this new thing.
I did it years ago.
We're gonna do it again.
Let's go to Matt in Minnesota.
Go ahead.
Matt, you're on the air.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
Just to piggyback off what everyone else was saying, I think a lot of us share the same thought process.
I definitely was on board with what they're saying.
But it's to show that the World Health Organization and the UN control our governments.
You know, what they say it's over, all the other governments fall in line and say... That's right.
You're right, you're right.
I think it's a dual answer.
It signifies they want to be the savior, saying we beat the last one, but we're in charge of it.
So that way they know, hey, we do have all the control over these governments because we said it and they're doing it.
So we have all the right controls in place.
Yeah, I think that's a dual, I think that's a dual accurate answer.
So you get a free book and a t-shirt too.
You know, I gotta be honest with you, I already have the book.
You know, I went out and got a signed copy as soon as they were available.
So what free gift do you want?
Because you didn't answer it.
You want a bottle of, how about a bottle of X3?
You know, I have iodine.
I think you surprised me.
I usually do vitamin, mineral, you know, but whatever you... You want a Turbo Force?
Sure, that sounds great.
Alright, put him on hold, get his name and number, his address, get him a TurboForce.
We got a minute to break, what else do you want to say, smart guy?
Um, you know, just thank you for everything you do, and is it okay if I plug somebody else that you guys carry on bank?
Sure, sure.
Um, you know, I love your show, I love Owen Schroyer.
I love all the shows, that's why we love it.
Who isn't?
But if you need a little bit of extra macroaggressions, Charlie Robinson is fantastic, and it's just an hour
You know, I think it is two one-hour episodes a week, so it's, you know, a good little supplement when you need a little bit of extra to listen to when you've listened to all the other InfoWars shows.
He's really great.
I will check it out, Matt.
All right, get Matt's address.
Bottle or canister of TurboForce for him.
Very impressed.
All right, I always pronounce names wrong.
I can barely speak English.
Is that right how I say that?
Yusabio in Tennessee.
We're coming right back to you and then Michael and Derek and Cindy and then the next big guest host takes over, Jay Dyer.
All right, we are back live broadcasting worldwide on this Friday transmission.
I'm gonna be up here tomorrow working.
I'm not sure we're doing a live show.
I got a bunch of interviews, but just look for that at InfoWars.com.
I'm going to go back to the callers, but I'm not buttering up the listeners.
I didn't think when we took like 10, 15 calls, one person would get the answer, much less in the first few calls.
Very, very amazing.
But I said, it's my opinion.
This is why they're doing it, which is a big part of us.
And there's a lot of other reasons in their calculus they did it.
And then three callers, including the guy that got it, the next two said,
Very eloquently, but it's really about them being in charge at the UN and saying when a pandemic begins and when it ends.
And I really thought, wow, that's just as important.
That's the main two reasons.
That's why I gave them prizes.
Because they taught me.
That's why I took the calls.
I didn't think of that.
And that's the synergy of humanity.
I was seeing, and telling the family, when they declare an end to it, because they want to say they're the saviors, that means the next one's coming.
But it's also about them being in charge of when they say what happens when one ends.
That's why we take the calls.
That's impressive.
I mean, average talk radio is smarter than the general public, but my God, that was incredible.
I mean, I am just in awe of this audience.
The Emperor Constantine back in ancient Rome to convert to Christianity.
That guy's name was Eusebius of Caesarea.
So they named me after that guy.
Alright, so first of all, I just want to say it's an honor and a privilege to speak with you, Alex.
And I want to say you woke me up in 2010 when I saw your documentary with Joel Skousen, Strategic Relocation.
It so blew me away.
That I had to look up every last word that both you guys uttered in that documentary, and it just sent me on a trip that's not ended today.
It's scary how smart Joel Skousen is.
Like, every damn thing he says is true.
And you're like, the guy's a brainiac.
Yeah, absolutely my book.
So, by the way, I happen to be a board-certified psychiatrist with 32 years experience.
I hope you don't hold that against me.
You said 30 years experience at what?
As a board certified psychiatrist.
No, that's okay, brother.
We got good psychiatrists and we got bad ones.
We got good cops, we got bad ones.
Go ahead.
I actually listen to all the stuff you say about, you know, mental health issues and whatnot.
I want you to know you're totally spot on.
What are you seeing with marijuana, man?
So many friends of mine have gone crazy.
It's so strong now.
Well, you've actually commented on this many times, which is that all bets are off when anybody uses anything from the street.
You can throw anything in there.
Rat poison, you name it.
I tell people all the time, stay away from anything that comes through the street like that.
Hell, even prescription medications, amphetamines and the like.
They will throw you straight into the hospital with an acute psychotic break.
Listen, Alex, I wanted to tag, if I may,
On to what the other folks said, because this is such an important topic.
I just wanted to throw my two cents in there for whatever it's worth.
Can you still hear me okay?
I can, go ahead.
All right, great.
So regarding that question, you know, the reasons for ending the pandemic, I'm just going to give you, you know, a quick blurb.
So the first reason is, first of all, and by the way, everything I'm about to say is overwhelmingly stuff you've already said, all right?
So here goes.
I'm going to kind of channel Alex Jones right now.
So the first one is, COVID was only the beta test.
They already accomplished their main goal.
They didn't accomplish everything they wanted there, but they accomplished the main goal.
Secondarily, very closely related to that, they did the damage.
It's a slow train wreck.
You know, it's a soft kill, like you said.
It's already bringing down the economy.
So, I'm not going to expound on that.
You've already elaborated on that, you know, tremendously many times.
So, the damage is already done, and it's going to continue to go, so they don't need to keep this thing going.
Thirdly, they know that the public has reached some sort of critical mass the world over.
And since the masses are onto the, you know, shots, compliance is plummeting.
I agree, they push as far as they can and then back off and prepare the new attack.
Great points, God bless you.
Alright, let's talk to Derek in Kentucky and then Cindy in Delaware.
Go ahead, Derek.
Alex, it's an honor to be here.
I've been listening to you since 2006.
I'm a health freedom advocate, so you really drew me in.
You're one of the most prominent voices talking about Big Pharma and how they were basically taking over every aspect of our lives.
And as far as the big question, I think y'all had a pretty good outlay of it.
I believe that it is mission accomplished.
It's their mission accomplished moment where they can just declare victory while playing damage control.
And then they've already used the Trojan horse.
Why do they need it anymore?
They've already gotten through.
They've already established their systems of control.
They've done as much as they can do with that tool for now.
So they're going to put it on the back burner.
They're still maintaining all the emergency powers.
It's still in their pocket to bring out any time in the future.
And so we got to be vigilant and we got to be aware when it happens again.
But in the meantime, they're just going to pivot to the banking crisis, the immigration crisis, the next new cyber attack that might happen.
They push their agenda as far as it works, then they back off and move with something new.
That's right.
I'm calling on a very important matter.
I'm facing trial in the state of Kentucky.
I presented myself as a whistleblower in the very beginning of this to the police department.
I wanted criminal investigation.
I believe that a crime has been committed against us.
Our constitutional rights have been violated.
And so they came after you for that?
No, they wouldn't listen to me.
The police departments were closed.
The courts were closed during COVID under the state of emergency.
So basically our constitutional rights were suspended.
Yeah, and then the rates of crime exploded in my community.
And I couldn't, you can't even get in a police officer to come out for a report on burglary.
And they have trials that are backed up two years.
For, you know, all sorts of issues, because they closed our courts down.
And so, I was trying to petition for redress of grievance, which is our constitutional right, but there is no... Well, the big part of that is, by having the police stand down, the prosecutors are almost all Soros, then they can commit all those resources to go after the American people.
And they did.
They came after me big time.
I was posting letters of public indictment, taped to the sides of the media operations,
So what are you facing trial for?
Tell us your name, what's happening.
Sure, so what happened?
What'd they do?
And they basically sent the Department of Homeland Security after me.
They did forensic analysis on the Christmas card that I was sending the detective.
I was playing Richard Kimball, leaving evidence at the crime scene.
Sure, just like they sent Homeland Security after the parents protesting critical race theory at the school boards.
Right, it's outrageous they spent that much resources to track down a man for posting letters of indictment.
They weren't helping old ladies getting raped and robbed.
Brothers, send me a letter.
Let me know.
I want to cover your story.
Alright, final segment.
First segment of the next hour.
Cindy, you're up.
And then, Jay Dyer is an incredible researcher.
Everybody needs to stay tuned.
Watch it and share it.
This whole show will be posted to me in a video tomorrow.
I'll be here at the office.
I haven't decided if I'm going to go live or take a special show.
I'm doing some interviews, but I'll be up here.
Beavering away against the enemy.
And then Sunday, if I'm not dead, 4 p.m.
Central with the Sunday Show.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Final segment before Jay Dyer takes over.
We'll also play a short clip next segment.
We're in.
2002, I predicted everything that's currently happening when they take the country down.
The lockdowns, the attack on the dollar, the wars, the forced injections.
How did I know?
I've saved the enemy.
That's coming up at the start of the next segment in about six minutes from now.
But right now, let's go to Cindy in Delaware.
Cindy, you're our telegunner.
Thank you for calling.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, Alex.
You know what I think's going on?
I think that we know that they plan all these pandemics and everything they do way ahead of time, okay?
One of the things they're trying to do is they're trying to make all medicine, all medical care from the top down.
They want to be the ones to tell you what you're going to take, what you're not allowed to take.
Yeah, that's why they're trying to ban all therapeutics.
That's right.
If the World Health Organization really cared about people, why are there so many poisons allowed in our food here in the United States?
Ones that aren't allowed in other countries, right?
They don't care about that.
But I think
Just like this Geagle report, I think they try and pick and choose.
They're farming us, all right?
They are farming us.
They're trying to decide what countries are going to prosper, where the sickness is going to be, who's going to survive.
And this next pandemic, they're going to have the cure.
They're going to tell people they have the cure, just like the jab was supposed to be the cure.
And people are going to fall for it.
Sounds like it's going to be Marburg or some deadly flu or something.
But the main thing people can do now is get ivermectin, NAC, lots of vitamin C, the whole thing.
We've seen what happened with their run through.
Now we have to be prepared for the next one.
I totally agree with you.
What else is going to happen?
They're going to have major lockdowns.
The other thing is, make sure you have plenty of food.
A way to purify your water.
It's on.
I totally agree with you.
What did you think about my question of why they're declaring the end of the pandemic?
I was seeing it as a way to pose as the saviors and say they beat the last one, so do what we say on the next one.
I think that's the paramount thing, but secondarily I agree with the callers.
It's also so they tell you when there's a pandemic, and when there isn't, they're in charge.
That's it.
It's also that they're acclimating the people to who's in charge, who's calling it, you know?
I mean, look how people bounce down to this last one.
And this was just a trial run.
And they also want to get us used to the idea of patterns.
You know, there's a pattern to all of these epidemics.
We got over this one.
Now there's going to be another one.
And they've said there's going to be another one.
Thank you so much, Cindy.
All right, Jay Dyer is a best-selling author and researcher who has a degree in studying media.
One of the smartest people out there about giving you the core documents from the enemy.
He's about to take over.
But I noticed, again, I was trending at the top of Twitter yesterday, and they're promoting this video.
They take down as fast as it goes up.
The whole video is like an hour long.
It's about a minute and a half when we come back, where I predicted in 2002 exactly what would happen when the takeover happened.
So we're going to play that clip when we come back, and then Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis will be taking over today.
And then in one hour, like 57 minutes from now, Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
And yes, next week we're going to the border with Title 42 collapsing.
We'll be down there.
I'll be down there.
We'll always have a crew member down there in the next few weeks because this is a bomb going off.
This is... I think the border was broken before.
This is the complete collapse of the border we'll be covering in here.
All the while we stay on air is your word of mouth.
Just as important as buying the product and spreading the word is praying for the broadcast.
Pray for me.
Pray for the operation.
Pray for the crew.
Pray for our discernment.
Pray for a hedge of protection.
Please say, God, InfoWars isn't perfect, but we love InfoWars, and InfoWars loves you.
Please, Heavenly Father, send angels to protect InfoWars and the crew.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
I need that prayer.
Most important, more than the word of mouth, more than spreading the word, more than buying the product.
Please pray for the broadcast.
It's real.
It's a spiritual war, and you see that now more than ever.
Tucker gets it, and everybody else gets it.
Steven Crowder, and even Joe Rogan's close to understanding it.
It is a spiritual, interdimensional attack.
I need your prayer.
I'm humbly asking you right now.
We're going to break to pray for this broadcast and our provision and our defense and our discernment.
Lead God and direct us in the name of Jesus Christ.
All right.
Jay Dyer takes over our number four, then Owen Schroer.
Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis set to take over.
But first, from the Time Vault, 21 years ago, Access Television, Alex Jones, predicting what the enemy takeover would look like.
Yes, there have been corrupt empires.
Yes, they manipulate.
Yes, there are secret societies.
Yes, there have been oligarchies throughout history.
And yes, today, in 2002, there is a tyrannical organization calling itself the New World Order, pushing for worldwide government, a cashless society, open borders, total and complete tyranny.
And by creating open borders where there's no national sovereignty and only global bodies that control all the resources, by centralizing and socializing health care, the state becomes God, basically, when it comes to your health.
And then by releasing diseases and viruses and plagues upon us, we then basically get shoved into their system.
The ultimate goal that these people have in mind is the goal to create a one world government.
Run by the banking industry.
Run by the bankers.
There'll be no more cash.
And this is getting me straight from Rockefeller himself.
This is what they want to accomplish.
And all money will be in your chips.
And, if you're like me or you, and you're protesting what they're doing, they can just turn off your chip.
And you have nothing.
You can't buy food.
You can't do anything.
It's total control of the people.
And that chip's connected to a database that has your purchasing records, what you do, what you sell.
Everything is in there.
Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know, we were talking last week about the Luciferian initiation that we read about in a lot of the globalist texts, especially the Psychonauts.
And I talked about the Doors of Perception from Huxley, and there's an amazing essay that was appended to this book that I read last night, and it's about
His take on drugs and the drug war and all of that, and what the possibilities would be for the usage of drugs in this so-called drug war, and how drugs would actually be the future for controlling society.
So, at the same time as on the one hand admitting that Brave New World is a discussion of a dystopia where everyone's controlled by drugs,
He also says, amazingly, that this drug society would also be freed up and it would be the new type of religion based around mystical direct experience through drugs.
So, which is it?
Is it a dystopia or is it a freeing society based around libertarian do-what-thou-wilt?
But the irony here is, of course, that all of the psychonauts had the same methodology.
And so after reading Doors of Perception, I went ahead and read his other text called Heaven and Hell, which is the second half of this book here, Doors of Perception.
So I want to talk about some of the other psychonauts because he actually lists many of them.
He mentions Dr. John C. Lilly, the Dolphin Creeper.
He mentions the other MKUltra doctors.
And he doesn't say, oh, this is a big conspiracy to change society.
Others of them actually do, though.
He says it's not a conspiracy to change society, it's a way to make everything better.
It's a way to give everybody freedom, to give everybody the holiday that they actually want, which is from their own lives and from reality.
But if we go back to the 1960s, there's clips of, even on YouTube, of Dr. Timothy Leary
Openly saying, as he sits underneath the banner of an Aleister Crowley poster of Christ with 666 above Christ's head, Timothy Leary is saying that he worships and follows and continues the work of Aleister Crowley, the beast.
He says, I'm continuing this work, and he says, if you want to thank anybody for the 1960s counterculture revolution, he says, you may look no further than the CIA, who he was working for.
Other books like Jay Stevens' book Stormy Heaven talk about the history of utilizing drug warfare as a means of controlling society.
And even though many of these 60s counterculture people thought they were initiating a new society that would be based around more libertarian freedoms and whatnot, it actually was giving way to and steering us towards a brave new world scenario of total control.
And so, you might think, well, is there some connection between... Yeah, that's the clip right there.
There's other clips where he says the same thing.
But what about brain chips?
What about transhumanism?
What about the connection between MKUltra and the 1960s counter-crypto?
Well, according to Huxley, it's all there.
In fact, in his essay, at the end of this book, I'm not talking about Heaven and Hell, there's another essay called, The Drugs That Shape Men's Minds.
He says that, you know, the more that we study drugs, the more we were able to understand the psychochemical makeup of mankind.
And of course, he always layers it and masks it in this cloak of giving mankind freedom.
But he starts by saying that if you look at drugs, actually drug studies showed us that you can be born as an addict.
And maybe addiction, he says, maybe addiction is genetic.
He starts talking about how many of these things are actually genetic problems.
And why does that matter?
Well, if you look at his brother's writings, for example, books on revolutionary philosophy that Julian wrote, Julian's book on the philosophy of UNESCO, you notice that they see man as a completely biologically determined entity.
And so if man is a biologically determined entity, if he's only made up of chemical reactions, then it stands to reason the way you would treat people would be through other chemicals.
So if man is a psychochemical being, we're going to steer him and control him through external stimuli and psychochemical, psychophysical means.
And that's something that pretty much all of the mKeltra doctors held in common.
Huxley is a bit of an outlier on this specific point because he thinks that man isn't solely a physical being.
He doesn't exactly know how to explain it or what's going on with the spiritual realm but he does say that
When people engage in various drug trips and mescaline DMT, all these kinds of things, he says that it is tapping into other dimensions and other regions that areas of the brain somehow function as gateways to.
That's his view.
So I think that's weird and whatever.
That's his view.
That was part of the point of the essay of Heaven and Hell.
That's what he thinks.
But whether you believe in a spiritual realm or not, the people who he's working with, his compatriots, the other people involved in the M-Cultural Project,
And I think that as we read this essay, we actually find out that he's absolutely 100% tied up and involved in MKUltra.
He's just in the British version of it, which preceded the American version of it.
And he says that one of the things that comes out of a lot of these mystical experiences is the idea that we are all one.
The idea that, oh, we're all one, dude.
Is that the case, though?
Are we all one?
Well, in a lot of these philosophies and these world religions where you have the idea that everybody and everything is ultimately only one, there's this idea that we got to get rid of all of the things that make us distinct.
And so that's actually a very useful philosophy for the global power structure, because if everything is one, it gives them a basis to say that we got to erase and destroy all of your unique identifying attributes, cultures, heritage, etc.
Everything must be blended into the global blob.
And believe it or not, Aldous Huxley wrote another book called The Perennial Philosophy, where he argues that the future world religion that's emerging, that will come about, will be a generic syncretic blending of all the religions into a monistic blob.
All is one!
Because when the religious mystics, when they have their mystical experiences, well, they all realize that we're all one, man.
And he says that we could look to the ancient religious sects, like the Bacchanalian sect,
The Greeks who worshipped Dionysius and Bacchus because they felt that through wine or through imbibing alcohol they would immediately tap into some sort of mystical unity with the One.
And he goes on to say that societies that give in to chemical dependency end up controlled.
And he mentions the history of opium and the history of the British Empire's opium war, this kind of stuff.
He goes into this in some detail.
And you begin to see that this is not just an essay about mystical experience and liberation through drug experience.
It's actually an essay on the sociological control mechanism behind drugs.
And that the power structure has known this for a long time.
And you remember last week I talked about
I endorse a perception.
He said a lot of similar things.
He talked about the connection between drugs and society and how when he wrote Brave New World, that was really what he was thinking about was preparing for and sketching out the future dystopia control mechanism.
But I'm trying to explain to you that this just comes out of the older British model of imperial warfare, not just through guns and bombs and whatnot, but also through cultural warfare, through drug warfare.
Anyway, this is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about the control of society through cultural warfare, which doesn't begin with the 1960s or even the 50s.
It goes back to the drug war.
And I don't mean the drug war of the Reagan era and the DARE program.
I'm talking about the British Empire and their strategy of
Making a lot of money and exercising a lot of cultural influence and control through the sale of opium.
And when we look at the history of pharmacology, we see that, again, I'm emphasizing this because I want you to understand that the idea of culture warfare, which is a huge part of what we're experiencing today, what we're undergoing,
You can see that this is old.
It's not new.
A lot of people are still, they can't understand the idea that culture is created and steered.
They think that it's just a purely organic thing, and I'm trying to explain to you that if you can understand that through the history of drug warfare, that that's a huge part of culture war.
You can begin to see that our society is really controlled.
Our society is a top-down dystopia that kind of already exists, and
In Huxley's scenario, he's describing the future religion, the future society, in an essay that's not part of Brave New World.
And he's not saying that this is going to be some top-down thing, but it will be introduced.
That's where it starts getting wilder and wilder in this essay.
It says that there will be future drug laws against certain drugs, but there will be the proliferation of other drugs precisely for social control.
And he even goes on to say that psychiatry is engaged right now.
He's writing this back in the 50s, I think, when he wrote this essay, in perfecting pharmacological means for creating new drugs and new synthetic ways of escapism, so that eventually there can be the release of this on society.
To the extent that chemical restraint will enable the dictatorships of tomorrow to actually deprive men of their freedom, who will willingly give it away in exchange for a chemical-synthetic form of happiness.
All of this, he says, will be chemically induced, and thus man's achievements may turn out to be incompatible in terms of liberty and freedom and economics.
None of that will compare to
The pleasures that he will get from future drugs and future synthetic control mechanisms.
And what I'm getting at here is that he's not talking about street drugs.
I mean, obviously there are street drugs.
But in my view, yes, fentanyl and all that is totally a ridiculous, absurd crisis that's engineered and so forth.
But I'm talking about Big Pharma.
That's the real drug dealers.
And they're at the top of the pyramid.
And the big pharmaceutical companies who were intently involved in the last three years,
Billions of dollars of profit and controlling a society on an unbelievable scale in the last three years of nonsense.
That's what he's talking about.
He's saying that you're going to be under a medical pharmaceutical dictatorship of the future.
Not a jackboot dictatorship.
Now, I mean, in some places it turned out to be that, like Australia.
But who was really calling the shots?
It wasn't really Fauci.
It was the international oligarchic elite that run these corporations.
That's who's calling the shots.
And that is who was really in the background of MKUltra and all of this widespread research.
Yes, there's government elements to it, but it's flip sides of the same coin, right?
The big pharmaceutical companies, the big corporations, they're in a revolving door scenario with the people who go to the CDC, who go to the, you know, all the government agencies.
They're the same people.
And so it might as well be a government owned by these people.
And so these people, these pharmaceutical companies, these are the ones that were studying MKUltra.
Yes, again, there was army military research, but that's not who's really calling the shots.
It's these companies.
And they were the ones studying intently the effects of peyote, the effects of LSD.
And all of its derivatives back in the 1950s and 60s.
And they weren't studying it because they were interested in human liberation.
They were studying it because they wanted, yes, to synthesize it, have synthetic versions of all these things for human control, sure.
But it's ultimately about social control.
MKUltra was not about primarily creating super soldiers.
Not about assassins.
It's about social control on a mass scale.
And a big part of that is not just the drug culture.
It's the toxic pop culture.
Those two things go together because they come out of the same labs, so to speak.
He goes on to mention that in his day, it was being intently studied.
The ascetic practices of various mystics of different religions, fakirs of India, and their bodily punishments and whatnot that would lead to altered states of consciousness.
He mentions John C. Lilly, the float tanks, all this kind of stuff.
He says that ultimately, all of this is being combined into a future offering that will be given to the population, to the public, to control them.
And make them happy.
He says all of these things will soon be on the market.
How did he know that?
How did he know that all of these high-level drugs would soon be on the market?
And in my view, this is a big part of why so many people in society are going nuts.
There's the toxic culture, the brainwashing in the schools, the terrible food and diet, the stabbies, but there's also
Countless people on countless pharmaceutical drugs.
Bombing their minds on a daily basis.
And they have been for decades.
Because if you remember back in the 90s when they really started pushing, for example, the SSRIs, the pharmaceutical answers to you having a bad day.
Oh, it's unnatural.
You've been diagnosed with a genetic predisposition to depression.
It's abnormal.
And so it's a chemical imbalance.
All based around the idea that just throwing chemicals at a problem solves the problem, because man, it's just chemical reactions anyway, right?
But ironically, Huxley's basically saying that you understand what's been rolled out as a control mechanism.
And we just watched Apocalypto the other day.
Remember the Mel Gibson movie?
Great movie.
And, you know, when you get to the last, you know, the third of the movie,
Climax of the film, when they get to the temples there, the ziggurats, the Mayan Empire, you'll notice that the society is based around even this drug experience.
It's not really highlighted in the movie, but they were really into those hallucinogenic drugs, you know, in the Mayan Inc.
and all those kinds of Latin South America, Central America.
I don't know.
I'm not saying that everybody that does hallucinogens is going to require human sacrifice or be initiated into a Mayan cult.
I'm just saying that that's a feature of that religion and those religions and those cultures.
And they did start requiring and asking for human sacrifice on a mass scale as part of social control.
They weren't just mad people out of their minds, they were.
They were also very interested in social control.
And in that movie, they know that the eclipse is coming.
And so they duped the population who doesn't know calendars and dates, and they don't know that it's an eclipse.
And so they've fooled the population into thinking that they can kill and resurrect the sun, right?
The high priest and the emperor.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We are going through the plans and the machinations of the oligarchs and their discussions.
Very open, by the way.
Hidden in plain sight.
What they plan to do with a lot of the technological means as well as the drug means of controlling society and erecting the Brave New World scenario.
And I found this sort of obscure essay from Huxley covering how drugs affect men's minds.
And he ends this essay by talking about a future world religion.
And it just made me think about what I'd watched in Apocalypto, the excellent Mel Gibson film.
Where you had the high priest and the emperor there engage in the human sacrifice and that they had duped all the people because they knew about the calendar and the eclipse that was coming and the people thought, oh, well, I guess he was able to resurrect the sun.
And I was pointing out that when Gordon Wasson and these different figures who were actually bankers went and studied the cultures in Latin South America, Central America to understand the mushroom, to understand the ergot and all that, to synthesize and create LSD, which is what eventually happened.
You know, that actually came from a banker.
He was part of the Macy Foundation.
This figure, Gordon Wasson and his wife,
And they figured out how to synthesize LSD and that was later Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and the CIA and all that.
They were definitely involved in this, but you begin to see the interlinking of these organizations, government entities, as well as these giant pharmaceutical companies.
And Huxley says that one of the reasons that these societies were studied was the amazing amount of control that could be had when you take something like
The drug trip and you turn it into a social control mechanism, right?
And that's what he's describing in this essay.
He's saying that we will even get the churches on board.
Now, this didn't really happen.
The churches didn't really hop on board with psychedelics.
Maybe some churches did, but he says that maybe we could try to get the churches involved in this.
And he says, and if the churches don't go along with the counterculture that's coming, by the way, how do you know that the drug counterculture was coming?
How did he know in the 50s that the 60s counterculture revolution was coming if it was an organic revolution?
It wasn't organic.
It was steered by Esalen Institute, by these foundations, by the pharmaceutical companies.
Changing images of man.
White papers written about using counterculture, using alternative lifestyles to steer society.
That is why all of this is out in the public now.
All of the T-R-A-N-S agenda.
All of the vegan agenda.
Do you understand this all comes out of think tanks?
It's not just random liberals organically deciding to come up with stuff.
It's not just random professors.
All of this comes out of Tavistock, think tanks, Rand, MIT.
They come up with this and they push it in society.
Just like they pushed the last three years of stuff.
It was war game for decades.
With all these different event scenarios.
Blade X, 201, Crimson Contagion, on and on and on.
Well, in the same way, the same countless think tanks, NGOs, foundations, war game, and roll out new religions, new ideological movements, new scenarios,
To steer society.
And the 60s counterculture was crucial for where we are now.
Do you think you could have the Rainbow Revolution and the Trans Revolution without the 60s counterculture?
No, of course not.
But it comes in phases.
And it's just the latest instantiation of revolution.
And that's, by the way, one of the elements that Huxley got right that George Orwell did not get right.
Which is the intense sexual element of the dystopia.
The clown world dystopia is a rainbow dystopia.
It's not just a dystopia of a Stalin-esque, you know, top-down dictatorship.
It's the pleasure-based model of pharmacological and sexicological control.
I made up that word.
And so, Huxley says that if we don't get this world religion, it's eventually going to emerge on its own.
It will be a new world religion that emerges out of the spiritual experience of the beyond through people taking drugs and rejecting institutional churches and religions.
And of course, the oligarchs have captured most of the institutional churches anyway, so they're captured institutions.
So you can see how they sort of game it both ways.
Well, that the religious institutions are captured and they're turned into essentially just liberal NGOs and forms of soft power.
That's what most of the churches are.
Then now people will turn to alternative religions and alternative religious experience.
And those are also promoted by the exact same oligarchs.
That's what Leary is saying in these essays.
And again, he says that this will come.
You will have this rolled out.
How does he know?
Is he a prophet?
He's part of this inner structure, part of these people who know what they're rolling out, and they talk about worshipping and serving Lucifer.
Now, some of them think that's a symbolic thing.
They don't think that there's some real spirit.
They just see it as a Promethean symbol to emulate, to be like the rebel angel.
They see it as something to model yourself as, as a kind of rebel against even nature itself, right?
To transcend humanity, transcending the limitations of nature and the created order.
And so we get people like Dr. John C. Lilly, who begins to have fixations for dolphins, and he gives them LSD and puts brain chips in the dolphins.
I mean, just mad science people, okay?
But they also typically talk about interacting with the entities on the other side.
Both Huxley and John C. Lilly talk about on their intense drug trips, getting information and getting interaction with entities.
The clockwork elves of Terrence McKenna, talking to beings, having conferences with these entities.
You've watched the movie Altered States with William Hurt, right?
Exactly what's in that film.
And so you have these figures continuing on this research from the time of Huxley on until now.
And even still to this day, MIT, Berkeley, various universities doing the same types of research with very powerful hallucinogenic drugs to try to tap into the other side.
But here's the question that's never asked.
How do we know that the entities are good entities?
It's just the assumption is that, well, it's a spiritual experience, it must be good.
Well, maybe they're lying, deceptive spiritual experiences.
Maybe the entities that are telling you to have a world government and to kill everybody, maybe they're bad guys.
Do you ever think about that?
Maybe they're demons.
Oh, that's crazy.
You're a fundamentalist.
Wait, I mean, you're sitting here telling me that entities are telling you to kill everybody.
Sounds like a demon to me.
I mean, why do they always have the same message?
They always say, erect a world government, cut down the population.
That's exactly what all these people say.
So, maybe these people are inspired by a malevolent force.
Well, how come nobody considers that option?
Seems pretty no-brainer to me, but... I guess if you don't have any discernment, you wouldn't be able to see that.
Your discernment is gone.
In fact, in McKenna's books, for example, who's continuing on this tradition in his Food of the Gods, he says, I'm continuing the work of Timothy Leary and all of these people, and I want to bring a shamanic initiation.
That's exactly what Leary talks about at the end of his essay, Drugs and the Mind.
He says that we're bringing about a shamanic initiation for the masses.
But I don't think he's interested in a real
Flourishing of human experience and freedom.
He's actually talking about fitting into the Brave New World scenario.
And it's nothing new because the same oligarchs running this now are the same oligarchs 100 years ago, 150 years ago, that were running drug lanes as described by Professor Anthony Sutton in his classic book, America's Secret Establishment, Order of Skull and Bones.
The origin of the OSS and the CIA comes out of what?
Skull and Bones.
And what do these families do?
How do they make their money?
Oh, well, they were just really hard-working individuals who were very moral and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.
No, no, no, they'd run drugs.
Did you not know that?
You thought they just started Walmart and did all these things because they're good business people and they're very moral?
They're evil.
And they take you to be dupes, you see.
You, the middle class, are the dupes.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about pharmacological means of control.
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So we're talking about the Drug Lanes, Drug Networks, America's Secret Establishment.
This classic text from
Professor Anthony Sutton, and we've been covering a lot of Anthony Sutton books lately.
I stumbled upon one that I didn't know about, which he wrote with Patrick Wood.
I know Alex has had Patrick Wood on many times, but this is actually written in the 70s, and so I'm really enjoying this text.
And it relates to all this, too, because we start to see that it's really the same power structure that's kind of been there, this oligarchy that's been there for a long time, particularly the last hundred years or so in America, right?
The American oligarchical power structure.
Which is the same power structure described by a lot of the elite techs, Dr. Carol Quigley and others.
And I want to remind you guys, too, that I've lectured through 60-ish of these texts, and I've got more.
I got more in the mail.
Good news.
Just got this classic.
So, years before Edward Bernays wrote propaganda, Walter Lippmann wrote public opinion.
So we'll be covering this one in the next few weeks.
It's going to be a lot of fun.
And I've enjoyed reading all these other Huxley books, Huxter books, Aldous Huxter books, Aldous Huxley that I'd never read before, because there's a lot of insights.
Everybody knows about kind of the famous books of Orwell or Huxley, but turns out that a lot of times they have these other lesser-known books and essays and writings that give you a lot of nuggets, a lot of gems, a lot of insights into what else they were up to and what was really going on.
And I was mentioning, you know, covering
John C. Lilly's books, covering Terrence McKenna's books, the Psychonauts.
The Psychonauts are really important because, although they weren't necessarily running the whole New World Order, they were really the visionaries that were playing out and planning out and experimenting with future means of control.
And one of those visionaries, far prior to Huxley or any of these killers, Wells, as we said, and H.G.
Wells, was talking about the future world religion in the 1890s.
He wrote a book, God the Invisible King, where he said that the future world religion will be a New Age kind of Luciferian religion.
And in my view, the British imperial superstructure, that inner core, the shadow government of the British Empire, the Milner-Fabian circles, they were actually running and controlling the Theosophy Society.
And so, Theosophy, with its promotion of Bolshevism, its promotion of Soviet
The Fabian Socialists and the Tavistock Institute.
And so, again, we've covered this book, this 500-page classic text on the history of that conspiracy, which is a real geopolitical power structure.
It is the Anglo-American establishment.
That's who we're talking about here.
That's the same as this.
They're the same.
These are not conspiracy books.
These are actual historians and professors, and this was also written by Professor Anthony Sutton as well, explaining this power structure in detail.
And Huxley is really just one of these figures that is an arm of this power structure.
One of these people in these circles.
And so his writings are crucial, instrumental to understanding how this control structure works and how it rolls these things out over time.
And so, you know, when we cover Brave New World in depth, we saw that he wasn't just writing something that was a theory or fiction.
It was a plan that would be rolled out.
And I want to say, too, that if you want a deeper analysis of that, I will be covering that in detail this week on my channel, on my member section.
We're going to be covering Heaven and Hell, the essay, that's the second half of this book, The Doors of Perception.
We'll be doing that tonight.
But the Psychonauts are crucial.
The Psychonauts are a big part of this.
I hope you understand that.
But ultimately, all of this is about total control.
So it's not a bunch of different conspiracies.
There's only one
Conspiracy, and it's really just world domination and world power.
That's it.
And a big part of that, as you said, is more than just culture.
It's energy control.
Energy control via, you know, the bringing in of the technocracy, energy control by banning cars, banning stoves, energy control via controlling you, because you are a being that uses energy.
And so controlling population is not just controlling the numbers of the population, it's controlling you on a day-to-day constant basis.
The 15-minute cities, the ESG regulations and control mechanisms.
I noticed I was looking at plane tickets the other day, and now there's these alerts about which airlines have more CO2 emissions.
This is ridiculous.
This is all control and social engineering.
Nothing to do with the environment.
100% totally to control you,
And that's what banning meat is.
The vegan movement is part of this.
The Wildlands Project.
The UN Biodiversity Project.
Now you can begin to see why- and anti-family movements, you see.
Now you can begin to see why anti-natalism.
This actually fits in with that Apocalypto human sacrifice religion.
They've just taken the human sacrifice religion of the Mayans, via Apocalypto,
Turn that into a new Earth religion and a new world religion based around worshipping the Earth.
Which by the way, there was articles in the news last week about this.
Earth Time Magazine.
Earth Day needs to be a new religious holiday for the world.
And that's about Agenda 21.
Go back to the Bush-Rio Treaty.
Agenda 2030, etc.
All of this is the same agenda.
The austerity agenda.
The IMF austerity agenda.
It's this.
It's the same stuff.
You understand?
And so the drug culture contributes to the social revolution because they think they're the tip of the spear, as Jacques Attali calls them in his book, Brief History of the Future.
They think they're the tip of the sphere for
Making a better society when they're actually the tip of the sphere for the final revolution of the enslavement of humanity and the transcending of humanity through transhumanism, as the Huxleys themselves write in their books.
The cleansing of the doors of perception is really just mass mind control.
I'm not saying that everybody that's had a drug experience is mind control.
I'm not saying that.
Saying that the overall strategy of this being let loose on the population, not even through the 60s counterculture, but through Big Pharma.
That is ultimately to control everyone.
Corporate dominance.
Corporate mind control.
And Huxley is ultimately serving that agenda.
And that's what Brave New World is about.
That's what Doors of Perception is ultimately talking about.
It's about controlling you, controlling energy, controlling everything.
Reducing population.
Remember the Georgia Guidestones?
Vastly reducing it down.
Even Putin has been talking about the golden billion.
Have you heard of this?
Reducing the population down to first a billion, and then they want to get it down to 500 million, and then they want to get it down to even smaller, you see.
That is what all of this is about.
It's in its one single agenda.
And all of these people write about that single agenda in their books.
And I cover that over on my channel.
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Some for the better, some for the worse.
I'm talking about iodine deficiency.
Now this is a very complex issue, but in the next few minutes I want to try to boil it down for you.
I have Wikipedia right here with links to the UN itself admitting
That over 2 million people have intellectual disability, lower IQs, psychological problems, neurological issues because of lack of iodine, particularly when they're developing and growing as children, but also throughout life.
Now, most iodine that's in food is bound to other elements, so your body cannot absorb it.
Atomic iodine is pure deep-earth crystal iodine, and until we started selling it about 12 years ago, nobody else in the world was doing that.
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Go to the encyclopedia, go to medical literature, go wherever you want.
Wikipedia is not always accurate, but you can check the bibliography here, the links.
This is an accurate report right here from the UN, from major studies, you name it, about iodine deficiency being the number one cause worldwide of what they call intellectual disability.
And if you look here on page two, it says, while reporting recent progress towards overcoming iodine deficiency disorders worldwide, the Lancet Medical Journal noted that the World Health Organization in 2007, nearly two billion individuals had insufficient iodine intake, a third being school age.
And it goes on, the conclusion was made that the single most preventable case of intellectual disability is that of iodine deficiency.
The single biggest reason people are so dumb and IQs worldwide are dropping like a lead balloon is iodine deficiency.
Now, there was massive IQ dropping and massive deformities in the 20s and 30s.
So the U.S.
government, as well as other governments, said, by law, we're going to put it in the salt and we're going to encourage bakeries and companies that sell flour to put some iodine in it.
IQs exploded up to 15 points on average in just a few years.
Then, in the 80s, they took it out, and in this own report from Wikipedia, they admit that they put in things that counter the iodine, like bromide, bromine, and other things, instead of the iodine that you need when the other chemicals are toxic.
This is absolutely insane.
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