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Name: 20230430_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 30, 2023
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The video discusses various topics including conspiracy theories, political events, and product promotions. It mentions the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and their connection to the CIA, organized crime, and the U.S. federal government. The Alex Jones Show criticizes hypocrisy surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and shares a woman's experience of having a microchip implanted in her arm. It also discusses censorship of conservative voices and criticizes the Democratic party for being incompetent, dishonest, and phony. RFK Jr. talks about the alleged lack of safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines, citing higher excess deaths in heavily vaccinated countries compared to those that did not vaccinate. The video discusses various controversies related to politics and media including Kevin Spacey's trial, Israel's involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, Pfizer, and Ukraine biolabs, Hunter Biden's ties to Medebiota and Ukrainian biolabs, the FBI's search for Ghislaine Maxwell, and the lack of hearings on Jeffrey Epstein. The passage also promotes a natural energy supplement and criticizes Joe Biden's administration for allegedly being a puppet for globalist interests.

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Just a few months after being sworn in as president, John F. Kennedy, RFK Jr.'
's uncle, said the following in a speech given before the American Newspaper Publishers Association.
The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society.
And we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.
We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it.
On November 22nd, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.
There are hours of damning evidence clearly showing that the CIA, organized crime, and the highest levels of the U.S.
federal government
We're all involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, including the magic bullet, the grassy knoll, and the presence of young CIA asset George H.W.
Bush in Dallas that day, a day that he claims he could not remember.
But the entire operation was blamed on a single lone gunman.
An hour after hearing that his brother was assassinated, Robert Kennedy told his close aide that he was surprised it wasn't him.
He thought that he would be the one they would get.
Over the next few days, he wrote letters to his children, charging them with the responsibility to love and serve their country and to remember what their Uncle John had started.
A few years later, the New York Times published an article claiming that President Kennedy told one of the highest officials in his administration that he wanted to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.
On March 16th, 1968, Robert Kennedy officially announced he was running for president.
On June 5th, following major victories in the primaries, he was gunned down after giving a speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California.
Nina Rhodes-Hughes was one of a small few who witnessed the assassination.
And she claims there was another shooter.
She later expressed outrage that the police ignored her statement.
The shot that killed Robert Kennedy was fired up close in the back of his head.
And the whole operation was blamed on a single lone gunman who was standing in front of him.
But it appears that they concluded within about an hour's time that Saran acted alone.
Or that was going to be their conclusion.
And they thereafter tailored all of the evidence to fit that conclusion.
Regicide is the ritual killing of a king to memorialize a subversion of power.
And while the Kennedy family is as greasy as the rest of the swamp, the two brothers stand out like mythical kings.
Aside from Dr. Ron Paul, who said we need to get rid of them completely, nobody in government questions the crimes of the CIA.
While promoting a book on television in 1978, a young RFK Jr.
referred to American politics as a one-party system and his father and uncle's demise as an occupational hazard.
In March of 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr.
had a meeting to plan a run for the 2000 U.S.
Senate election against Hillary Clinton.
Four months later, he died in a fatal plane crash with all the telltale signs of a cover-up.
Recently declassified documents show that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged lone gunman in the JFK assassination, was a CIA asset.
is running for president in 2024 and calls out the CIA for the deadly vaccines.
He also blames the CIA for the murder of his uncle, which he calls a successful coup d'etat from which our democracy has never recovered.
And he believes that his father was assassinated by the security guard who shot him from behind after pushing him into their patsy, Sirhan Sirhan.
One of the interesting things about this case is that Sirhan Sirhan was reportedly in front of Robert Kennedy and investigators initially said that he was murdered by a gunman.
Alright ladies and gentlemen you can find the full Greg Rees report at band.video and now RFK Jr.
Barnstorming against the swamp and the mainstream media doesn't want to give his campaign any attention so we will make sure to do just that.
An anti-establishment left
And an anti-establishment right coming to the fore.
Well, here we are on this Sunday evening, April 30th, 2023.
This is the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer.
Honored to be sitting in for Alex Jones on this Sunday evening.
And glad to be spending it with you.
We're looking at all the big news on this Sunday night, wondering what the lead is.
And you've got a situation at the southern border that's about to get out of control.
You've got some breaking Jeffrey Epstein news, which is what we already knew.
It just continues to come out with more receipts, more documents.
They all knew what Jeffrey Epstein was doing.
They all knew about his island.
And yet they all continued to mingle because they were into it too.
And then there's a bunch of other news.
And then right before we go live, new documents drop and we have them at InfoWars.com.
This is unbelievable.
And we're kind of numb to it at this point.
Since we were speaking out against the vaccines.
When Trump was president, and even the Democrats, like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, they were saying, I will never take Trump's vaccine.
That's going to be a bad vaccine.
You should not take Trump's vaccine.
Now, now they promote the vaccine.
Once Biden got into office, all of a sudden they were the major promoters of the vaccines and they were mandating the vaccines.
The ingredients didn't change.
The manufacturers didn't change.
Nothing changed.
Just Biden became president.
Now the vaccines were good.
That's science.
This is the party of science.
That's their science.
Trump president, vaccine bad.
Biden president, vaccine good.
Same vaccine.
But no, we shouldn't be so numb to this.
Because this is premeditated murder.
This is a crime against humanity.
And still, to this day, nobody has been punished.
And we've had all kinds of hearings.
We've got all the documents, we've got all the science, there should be no doubt anymore.
But the headline at InfoWars.com right now, bombshell, Pfizer and FDA aggressively pushed COVID vaccine on pregnant women despite knowing mRNA shot caused dire fatal, or excuse me, fetal and infant risks.
Fatal, I guess I'm being Freudian slip here.
Pfizer and the FDA knew by early 2021, oh like everybody else, that Pfizer's mRNA COVID vaccine resulted in horrible damage to fetuses and babies according to the pharmaceutical company's own clinical trial documents.
So do you see how frustrating this is?
And here's the document right here that has just come out.
Cumulative review from pharmacovigilance database, pregnancy and lactation cumulative review.
And this is the results from the vaccine.
And again, this is linked up.
You can find this at InfoWars.com, where this story derives from.
Now, why?
Why, despite knowing the risks, were they pushing the vaccine on Americans, and specifically in this case, pregnant women?
Is it because the government bought all these vaccines and they figured, well, we just gotta get them into arms.
Safe or not, effective or not, doesn't matter, we gotta get these vaccines into arms.
Is that what it was?
Well, that would be the more innocent.
That would be the more innocent of potential scenarios here.
Or did they just want you to die?
Is that it?
I mean, there's your scale.
There's your margins.
Either they just said, we bought all these vaccines, we gotta get them into arms no matter what, or let's kill them.
Maybe it's somewhere, maybe it's somewhere in there.
But, but that's your scale.
We've been talking about this since early 2021.
We're numb to it.
Just like in the document, it says, just like when they knew it.
Oh, what is Pfizer going to say?
What is the FDA going to say next time they get subpoenaed to testify to Congress?
What are they going to say?
Oh, we didn't look at the document!
Ah, darn it!
If only we would have seen the document!
Of course we would not have pushed them onto pregnant mothers!
That is our fault!
Oh, did you even do the studies?
Oh, you said safe and effective, but you never looked at the studies?
No, folks.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
And now, you know, the good news is, I guess, that most of the people that even got one shot did not go back for their second.
So, really, at this point,
You're still in the trial.
You're in.
You are still the study.
If you took the mRNA injection, if you took the COVID vaccine, you are still in a study.
You are still being studied right now.
You are still in a study, and it really won't conclude for probably five or even ten years.
We're not hearing as much about all the vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths, so maybe that's a good sign.
Again, most people got it once, so maybe you're kind of through that trial of, you know, you're gonna make it through this thing.
But the side effects continue.
The strokes are increasing, the heart attacks are increasing.
Most people know somebody that have had a vaccine side effect.
Most people, if not all at this point.
I'm still hearing about it all the time.
And they knew it.
So who in Congress, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who in Congress is going to have enough tenacity and courage to actually go after the FDA
Really, that's what they should do first.
Then you can go after Pfizer and the rest, but since it's Congress's job to have oversight over these federal bureaucracies, they need to go after the FDA first.
They need to go after the FDA first.
And really, it should probably be shut down.
But it's like, oh my gosh!
InfoWars sells supplements that aren't FDA approved.
Oh no!
Well, okay.
What about that shot the FDA approved that killed 100,000 people in America?
That's right.
That's right.
That's... That's your loving FDA.
Yeah, you wanna know why?
You wanna know why?
America is so fat?
You want to know why America is so unhealthy?
Just ask the FDA.
I wonder, if you had a graph, you can obviously see United States obesity going up.
We've all, we've witnessed it.
I bet you there's something that that coincides with over there at the FDA.
The FDA.
They're out there.
The Food and Drug Administration wants to protect you.
Yes, yes, yes.
That's why they recommended the COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant women, despite knowing that it was going to have an extremely high risk factor.
That's your FDA.
Oh, but we're still waiting on the verdict for the Proud Boys trial.
You know, the Proud Boys with their insurrection, you know, when they can't even organize a taco lunch.
They can't even get together to organize a taco lunch.
They can't even decide where to go get a cold beer half the time.
They can't even get along to figure out where they want to go have a drink or have tacos in the middle of an insurrection.
But over there at the FDA, they knew that shot was gonna kill ya, they knew that shot was bad for pregnant women, and they still stuck it into your arm!
And none of them are waiting on their verdicts, none of them are waiting on trial, none of them are sitting in the courtroom looking at a jury that determines their fate.
That's who belongs in the courtroom!
So, I could spend two hours on this, and probably should, considering how big it is, that they wanted to forcefully inject
Pregnant mothers, they wanted to forcefully inject everybody.
But I mean, aren't we supposed to have a little more compassion for a pregnant woman?
No, no, no.
Poison them too.
Just go ahead and kill them and the baby too if we can.
That'll be great.
You know, good old Billy Gates does his TED Talk and says, well, we need to get this number, this equation down to zero.
That's a P for people, Bill.
What do you... Well, the closer we can get that to zero, the better we'll be.
Here's some mosquitoes for you.
Oh, you got cholera now.
Oh, Zika.
Oh, give that pregnant woman the vaccine.
All of a sudden... You remember this?
You remember this?
You didn't see Bill Gates on TV.
You didn't see Bill Gates doing interviews.
You didn't see Bill Gates on TV.
I don't remember ever seeing Bill Gates doing TV interviews in my life.
Oh, then all of a sudden, here comes COVID and lockdowns.
Now Bill Gates is on every channel!
He's on every channel, every day, pushing a vaccine, pushing a needle into your arm.
I didn't know he was a doctor!
What in the hell?
What in the world?
The guy that wants you to drink poop water?
Chug it down!
Bill Gates!
Oh, he loves you.
Yes, he does.
He's got a little special gift for you.
Well, if we can't vaccinate him, we'll just put vaccines into mosquitoes and just release them into the wild.
That'll be fine.
We'll figure out a way to vax those pesky humans.
But no, let's tie it into the larger issue, which is censorship.
See, because this is how it goes.
The war on free speech is really a war on the right to criticize the government.
This is from Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge, and it is absolutely correct.
So imagine it like this.
They tell you the vaccine is safe and effective, and of course it's not, but if you say
Otherwise, you get censored.
You get debanked.
You get shut down.
Oh, you were right?
Now the damage has been done.
It doesn't matter.
That's why the First Amendment is so important.
That's why they engage in censorship at such a high level.
And why does Big Pharma have to spend billions of dollars?
Why do big pharmaceutical companies have to spend billions of dollars on TV marketing?
Well, that's not because they need to market their product to a target demographic, potentially in the audience.
No, that's so that they can pay for the mainstream media's silence and cooperation.
That's what it's really all about.
They're not marketing a drug.
That's not where the drugs get sold.
The doctors are pushing the drugs.
They are paying, not for time, they're paying for protection.
The mainstream media mafia!
They're paying for their protection!
Don't talk bad about our vaccines.
Like, you know, they put out the flu vaccine every year.
You know that the flu vaccine never works?
It's literally impossible for any flu vaccine to ever work.
And they know that!
Everybody should know that!
But you don't, because big pharmaceutical companies own your politicians and your media.
So will anything get done about this?
I'm not gonna hold my breath.
But this is why they have to censor the information.
Okay, so now let's tie it to the larger issue, which is the incoming global technocracy tyranny.
And see, the rollout of the vaccine and getting you to comply with that was really just a pressure test.
And quite frankly, the United States of America
We stood up pretty well to it.
All things considered, good job to this audience, good job to this crew, and to those that were able to stave it off despite all the pressures.
Kudos to you.
And we were able to force enough of the information about the vaccines out there that a lot of people didn't want to take it and they didn't go back for round two or three.
So, that's good.
They did not get the level of compliance they wanted, believe me.
That's why they got so frustrated in Canada.
That's why they got so frustrated in Australia and all the other places and they had to go into full tyrannical mode.
We were able to kind of stave a lot of that off.
I mean, it was bad, but all things considered,
But you know they're gonna bring it back, and so the trick is, as they're getting it ready, the forced compliance, and the central bank digital currency, forcing you, right now it's a chip in your card, they want it to be a chip in your arm, and so then what happens when you don't comply?
Then what happens when you don't get your vaccine?
Then what happens when you say something you're not supposed to on the internet?
Or who knows, even in person?
And all of a sudden, lights out.
And so here's a perfect example of a woman talking about getting her microchip, and then how her entire life got ruined afterwards.
I put a microchip in my arm, and it's the best thing ever.
This chip is a powerhouse.
It's got everything I need.
My credit card, my ID, my medical info, and even my keys.
And when it's time for groceries, you just tap your wrist, and bam!
Transaction done.
It's like magic.
In a medical emergency, it can save my life.
Experts can easily identify me and my medical history.
I feel like a sci-fi character, and I'm loving it!
This amazing chip is totally free.
That's right, no more digging into your pocket.
And the best part?
The surgery is quick.
They'll give you cookie afterwards.
The government has frozen my bank account, and it could freeze yours too.
You have to listen to my story quick and fast because time is running out.
A few days ago I made a post on social media about a danger of having a chip implanted in my arm.
I thought I was exercising my right to free speech.
This morning I woke up only to find that the video I posted was gone.
And it was just the beginning of a nightmare.
As I was trying to pay for my coffee, the microchip in my arm stopped working.
I couldn't even pay for anything.
And when I got back to my apartment, it locked me out too.
Everything was in there, including my cat Misty.
This is why I posted this video as a warning and a plea for help.
So, you get the picture?
You see where this is going?
The owners, they believe, the owners of this planet, the slave masters of this planet, they need a compliant population.
And you see, the founding fathers were well beyond their years, and their understanding of, even back then at the time, globalism, was superior, superiorly advanced knowledge.
And you can read their literature and find that out.
But see, that's why they wrote the Bill of Rights, that's why they wrote the Constitution.
They saw all this coming.
I mean, they might have been visionaries, they might have been like oracles, even, to see all this, just like you can, just like we can.
So you see how it goes?
In order to have a global government with a totally compliant population, they have to have the mechanism, the control mechanism, in you.
And they had to get you used to that with the COVID-19 vaccine that forced compliance so that you get used to it.
You've already been raped by the government.
You've already been raped by Big Pharma.
They've already penetrated you.
Now you're going to lay down again.
Now you're used to it.
Now you're already abuse victim.
But that's what it looked like.
Oh, you got your microchip.
It's so convenient.
Oh, but then they turn it off because you didn't get your vaccine or they turn it off because you said the wrong thing.
Well, Carrie Lake gets it.
If I had a hundred people in Congress like Carrie Lake, or if I had ten governors like Carrie Lake, and this is why you know they couldn't let her get in, I think the country would be going in a better direction.
Carrie Lake gets it.
She tweeted this out moments ago with an Anthony Fauci clip from CNN over the weekend saying,
We need to get away from the blame game.
Oh, Fauci doesn't want to play the blame game.
Why would that be?
I can't imagine.
Fauci tells CNN, we need to get away from the blame game.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like five people dead at the scene of a crime and you're standing there with a bloody knife over their bodies.
Hey, hey, hey, let's not look into blaming people for anything here.
Says the guy with the bloody knife with the five stab victims, oh yeah!
Kerry Lake says, we're not seeking blame, we're seeking justice.
Anthony Fauci should be in jail for what he did to us for life.
Cue the round of applause, please.
And you see, this is why it's so important.
Because we have politicians that
I'm not going to curse because it's the Lord's Day on Sunday, but we have politicians that are cowards.
Sure, we have ones that are corrupt.
That's fine.
We expect that.
But it's the cowardly ones that are the problem.
It's the ones that aren't corrupt but that are cowardly and won't say the truth because they're so afraid.
Not Carrie Lake.
Not Carrie Lake.
There's not enough of them, but that's why they couldn't let her be in office.
You see that now, don't you?
You see that now, but oh.
This is why they attack the First Amendment, folks, because they don't want you to be able to criticize them when they commit crimes.
They don't want you to be able to share the evidence of their crimes, just like with the Hunter Biden laptop.
So they censor you.
And they want to live in a one-world government where that's their duty and that's their ability and they can censor and silence you no problem at all.
And if you really get... If you really get nasty with them, they've got the microchip in your arm, they'll just shut you down completely.
Can't start your car, can't open your door, can't buy your groceries.
So you need to go to your...
Government building.
And get your shot of lithium to calm down.
You need some lithium.
It's all their globalist nightmare.
That we will not be going into that dark night quietly.
No, I don't think so.
In fact, I would say the awakening is on, and I could talk for hours about that.
You may be witnessing it too, and I've got some videos, I've got some news stories on it.
I mean, the average person now sees that the American left, the Democrat party under Joe Biden, is just one of a handful of things.
Completely incompetent, complete liars, complete frauds, complete phonies, and now they're starting to realize probably the source of most of the problems we have in this country.
That's done.
They're not going to be able to put that back in the bag.
And so that's what I'm saying.
When Joe Biden gets 500 million votes in 2024, I mean, it's going to be so ludicrous.
So it's like we either completely turn over to the totalitarian state at that point, or we just fundamentally reject everything that the U.S.
government tries to do and tries to pull.
Now before I go on, ladies and gentlemen, we are funded by you in the audience, and that's why we don't have to censor ourselves.
And that's why we don't censor ourselves or our guests, is because we are supported by you in the audience.
Truly, the biggest grassroots news organization in the world, and I guess that's why they have to ban us everywhere.
But we've got great products at Infowarsstore.com.
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All right.
You know, we have a big border situation that's about to be rearing its ugly head.
We've got mass caravans heading to the southern border right now.
Already tens of thousands are starting to land.
And then once the Title 42, I think it was, once that expires, it's game on.
And they tried to pose, they're like, hey, we're shutting down the Darien Gap.
The Biden administration, because they knew about 2 million illegal immigrants were about to head to the southern border this year.
They were expecting about a million illegal immigrants this spring into summer.
That's when you get the most activity.
And they were expecting about a million, and so, they said, we've got to put a yellow light on this, or a red light on this.
This is just crazy now.
And so they said, the Dorian Gap is shut down,
Do not come here, do not come through the Darien Gap, excuse me, the Darien Gap.
Well, we have intel from people that go to the Darien Gap regularly, a lot of them have been guests on the show, and the truth is, it's not shut down.
The problem that they're having is, it's so overflowing and overwhelmed, I mean, you're talking about, this place is in the middle of the jungle.
And all the, millions of these people have to go to this one little facility, if you could even call it that,
It's one little camp, and they get a Biden t-shirt!
It's like a parting gift.
It's like, okay, you just spent your night.
It's like a trip to Disney World.
You just spent your night inside the Biden-Darien Gap border facility, the illegal immigration pipeline supplied by Joe Biden and the federal government.
Here's your, you get a little gift bag.
Here's your Biden t-shirt.
Here's your prepaid debit card.
They give you a nice little envelope with instructions, bus tickets, plane tickets.
Ah, a little parting gift for you.
Very nice, very nice.
So that story's about to rear its ugly head.
There's going to be no way for them to put that story away.
Eh, but hey, it's just every year under Joe Biden this happens, so who cares?
2021 it was out of control, it was record highs.
2022, same thing.
It's 2023, we're going for new records!
Which there likely will be, since the word is out that the southern border is open and there's free goodies.
It's like a treasure hunt.
Why would people
And it's not like they're coming here for a new life where they can be free and they have an idea that they want to make something or build something or work at something or work somewhere.
No, they're just coming here with no prospects, hoping for free stuff.
And that's how it goes.
And then they sit and they fill up these hotels that we pay for
And they just fill them up until they find somewhere to go.
And this gets documented every year, and it'll happen again this year.
Chicago officials say city facing humanitarian crisis amid renewed illegal surge.
So they fly them to Chicago.
But of course, this is Democrat-run Chicago that's a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, so that's where they belong.
You guys voted for the illegal immigrants to be in your city.
Don't complain about how many illegal immigrants you have.
You asked for this.
Same thing in New York, too.
It's like, we don't know what to do with all these illegal immigrants.
Well, you put them there, so why don't you close the border?
You ever think of that?
Roy, the podium is yours.
I'm gonna be fine with your jokes, but I'm not sure about dark Brandon.
So that's it then.
The Democrats are officially out.
They are the bad guys.
They have accepted their role.
They are the bad guys.
They've decided they're the Bond villains.
They've decided they're the evil in the good versus evil equation.
They've just totally embraced it.
Oh, it's all funny.
Look, I'm Jill Biden.
I wear aviators.
I wear aviators when major diplomats from around the world come to town because my eyes are so jacked up and my brain is so messed up.
I've got to wear aviators.
And it's funny, we're all going to laugh at the correspondents' dinner.
The correspondents that I have to script my press conferences with and they don't say anything.
ABC's Martha's Raddatz surprised to find Pennsylvania Biden voters rejecting Joe Biden in 2024.
Regret, disappointment, and frustration.
And they play these interviews on their weekend news.
They just can't believe it.
Biden, he's let them all down.
He didn't have the support to begin with.
75 billion votes.
Oh, I can't wait.
I can't wait till Trump gets 80 million votes and Biden gets 81.
Or Trump gets 90 and Biden gets 91.
I mean, it's going to be hilarious.
And then they're going to do the same interviews.
Oh, I don't really like Joe Biden.
I don't know anybody that voted Joe Biden.
And then they're going to say, well, how does this happen?
That's just, I don't know.
Golly gee, how does a virus come out of a Wuhan lab?
No, but I'm telling you the awakening is on and I don't really know how we can properly measure this other to just see the signs and symbols in our everyday lives like this happens to me almost all the time now whether I'm
At the gym, in the locker room, or the sauna, or I'm out at dinner, or I'm at a ball game and I'm talking with somebody and, you know, we're talking politics.
Somebody overhears it and wants to chime in about how they agree.
Well, yeah, they saw that too.
They couldn't believe it.
And the anti-establishment left is starting to find its sense again, thanks to RFK.
Because they really have been at a loss for leadership.
You know, they thought maybe AOC was going to be the gal and obviously she turned out to be a complete sellout.
And now she's probably got a bunch of
We're good to go.
Here's a definitely leftist talk show host Charlamagne calls DNC whack for not allowing Biden primary challenges.
Oh, the Democrats are rigging their election again?
What is the deal with liberals though?
Seriously, what is the deal with their minds that it takes them so long to learn the lesson?
It's like somebody comes up and slaps you once in the face.
You're like, hey, you just slapped me in the face.
And if they rear back to hit you again, you think, oh, I'm going to get out of the way, or I'm going to block this.
I don't want to get slapped again.
No, with them, it's like, oh, you just slapped me.
Hey, you just slapped me again.
Hey, did you just slap me again?
Hey, I just got slapped again.
Whoa, whoa, why are you slapping me?
Stop this.
They rigged it from Bernie.
Charlemagne said nothing.
They rigged it from Bernie again.
Charlemagne said nothing.
Now, though, okay!
Hey, the DNC's rigging elections here!
Wait a second!
Oh, but...
You don't want to be called an insurrectionist, do you?
You don't want to be called an election denier, do you?
You don't want to be put on a federal government watch list, do you?
You don't want to get indicted, do you?
You don't want to lose your social media platforms, do you?
You don't want to lose your big media contracts, do you?
So shut the hell up about rigged elections.
Unless a Democrat loses, then go ahead and make a fuss.
You can go anywhere right now and ask the average person filling their tank with gas or at a grocery store getting their groceries and say, hey, you know, how do you feel about Joe Biden?
You really think you're going to get a lot of positive response there?
No, I don't think so.
Only, I mean, let's be real, only the dumbest people in America, I don't even know if dumb is the word, ignorant, brainwashed, only the most ignorant brainwashed people in the country would still tell you that they like Joe Biden or say he's doing a good job.
Or really, sadly, it's the most hateful people because they hate you or they hate Donald Trump so much that they just have to gaslight you.
And they know if they tell you how great Biden is, that's gonna make you mad.
But it's true, it's true.
If you want to anger a liberal, tell them the truth.
If you want to anger a conservative, lie to them.
It's just true!
You can test it for yourself.
I've been doing it for a decade now.
It's true.
If you want to anger a liberal, tell him the truth.
If you want to anger a conservative, lie to them.
But that's why it's so frustrating when they lie to us about the vaccines.
That's why it's so frustrating when they lie to you about RFK Jr.
and censor his interviews on ABC News.
Because I actually get mad at that.
I get mad at Lindsay Davis from ABC News for lying to the American people.
That really makes me mad.
I get mad when they tell you a vaccine is safe and effective for pregnant mothers when they know it's not.
I get mad when they say a vaccine is safe and effective for all Americans and it kills tens of thousands of people.
That makes me mad.
Senator Chris Coons says Kamala Harris is ready to run and ready to be president.
Uh-oh, we've got some disarray here because Kamala Harris has come out.
She's behind Joe Biden.
She's fully behind Joe Biden, or at least Biden seems to think so.
Because he's telling you how him and Kamala are coming back to finish the job and Kamala says she's gonna be with Joe.
She's back in with Joe, even though they don't get along.
And Biden only chose her as a safety net, a safety valve.
Hey, hey, you gonna get rid of me?
You gonna impeach me?
You want that dingbat running the country?
And to which, of course, they say, yikes, we better not impeach him.
We don't want that dingbat running the country.
Honestly, as bad as Joe Biden is and as corrupt as he is, it might be safer than Kamala Harris because
I mean, at least Joe Biden will try in some semblance to keep the lid on things.
Kamala gets in, the lid is off.
It's just, forget about it.
Clown world unleashed.
Can you imagine it's like a Karine Jean-Pierre presidency?
That's Joe Biden's safety net.
It's Kamala Harris.
He knows they'll never impeach him.
No matter how many crimes get exposed,
They'll never impeach Joe Biden because Kamala Harris is in line behind him.
It's the greatest safety net of all time.
He's a political genius.
You gotta give it to him.
So what is Chris Coons doing rattling the cage?
Yes, but you know there's an internal debate with the Democrats right now.
They don't want Joe Biden.
Biden's just, he puts on his aviators.
He says, F you, I'm running again.
Nobody wants him.
It doesn't matter.
And he's got Kamala Harris as his safety net.
It's just brilliant.
It's just brilliant.
Senator Ron Johnson.
New emails show Tony Blinken lied to U.S.
Senate under oath about meeting with Hunter Biden.
How much you want to bet Tony Blinken gets away with perjury?
Because some people are above the law.
Mainly Democrats.
So, Joe Biden commits all the crimes, he doesn't get impeached because he's got Kamala Harris behind him, and Tony Blinken perjures himself, lies under oath, and he's not gonna get indicted because he is part of the Biden administration and he's above the law!
But, uh, I don't know, maybe Ron Johnson and others will actually do something about this, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
So the corporate media is trying to suppress the campaign and the message of RFK Jr.
So we will be the anti-corrupt corporate press and we will amplify RFK's message.
And so here were some powerful moments from an interview he had this weekend talking about the vaccines.
You've been opposed to vaccines now for a long time.
Very heavily critical of the Covid vaccine.
That's not true!
You're not a vaccine denier, but you are a very, very sceptical, very public voice of scepticism about the efficacy of vaccines.
Would that be fair?
What I've said is vaccines, I'm not anti-vaccine.
I think vaccines should be subject to the same level of rigorous testing as other medications.
And that is the only thing, my only position.
Listen, I fought to get mercury out of fish for 40 years and nobody called me anti-fish.
I'm not anti-vaccines just because I want safe vaccines.
And I think everybody wants safe vaccines.
And as we all now recognize, the COVID vaccines were neither safe nor effective.
Well that is, but that is, is that, but actually, hang on, hang on.
That is, as you know,
Heavily disputed by a lot of top scientists who say that, comparative to other vaccines, it was very safe.
Obviously, like all vaccines, it's had issues.
Obviously, they had to move at the speed of light because it was a novel virus that was killing a lot of people.
But it wasn't an unsafe vaccine.
You look at the countries that did not vaccinate.
They had the lowest death rates, they had the lowest COVID infection rates, and if you look at the Johns Hopkins data, which is the data everybody relies on, there's a direct correlation between excess deaths in nations, in the Western nations, and heavily vaccinated, and the level of COVID vaccination.
So if you look at excess deaths, how many people
I don't
We're one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world.
We also have the highest COVID death rate in the world.
So we have 4.2% of the global population.
We have 16% of the COVID deaths.
That's not a success story.
How can anybody point to that and say, you know, the vaccines were a benefit?
Listen, we've run out of time.
I've got to end it there.
We have 1,400 studies
Peer-reviewed studies published on NIH's website, PubMed, linking various vaccines to all of those injuries.
So what are they doing this for, money?
Well, they're making $60 billion a year selling us vaccines, but they're making $500 billion a year selling the remedies for the injuries caused by vaccines.
So, the diabetes medication, the Adderall, the Ritalin, the Concerta,
The Advair inhalers, the albuterol inhalers, the anti-seizure medications, all of those, this is a really great business plan for these companies.
You make people sick and then you sell them the lifetime cure.
Measles, they weren't making any money.
If you get measles or chicken pox, the cure is chicken soup and vitamin A, and you can't patent either of those.
And you're well in a week.
There's self-limiting illnesses that go away in a week.
But if you can give somebody that vaccine and make them diabetic for life and you got a permanent customer or ADD or ADHD and you know many of the vaccines are for illnesses for which there is zero risk.
One day old baby has zero risk of getting hepatitis B if the mother doesn't have it.
Which every mother is tested for.
You can only get it from, you know, unprotected sex or from sharing needles.
Why are we giving one day old babies a vaccine for hepatitis B and they admit the vaccine only lasts five years?
That baby is not going to have sex with a prostitute in the first five years of life.
There's zero risk.
And yet it's a very, very dangerous vaccine.
Yeah, I mean, I could make a joke about that unless they go to a gay pride parade or a Joe Biden event or Epstein Island.
But all jokes aside,
RFK knows his stuff, folks, and the anti-establishment left finally has a real voice and a real leader.
And Patrick Howley joins me fighting against the corrupt corporate press, and we've got news.
On the Epstein saga here, private calendar reveals convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein met with Biden's CIA spy chief and other leftist individuals after sex crimes convictions.
Let's not forget his bodyguard went and got trained by the CIA too when he served that light prison sentence while the Democrats were just waiting for him to get back out so they could go on the pony rides there at Epstein Island.
So, it's amazing the corporate press tried to silence this story.
We've seen the hot tape of Amy Rohrbach at ABC News saying, yeah, I was going to cover the Epstein story, but they told me I couldn't do it because I had to protect the Clintons.
I think that would be a bigger story, but they all covered it up.
And you know, you got to give the liberal left credit.
They really do protect their own, even if they're sex trafficking minors like Jeffrey Epstein.
Amazing stuff.
Patrick Kelly.
How does the corporate press get away with this?
How do they get away with this?
Why is everybody with an Epstein connection not being called in for investigations and testimonies right now?
You know why, Owen?
Because it's called the Mockingbird Media.
The CIA set up something called Project Mockingbird, and they do the Mockingbird Media.
All of these networks, all these years, you always thought, oh, it's Tom Brokaw says it, or Dan Rather says it.
It's the mockingbird media.
It's all the CIA.
We know now it's a matter of public record that the CIA was involved in 9-11.
Alex Jones has been saying this for years.
Now we have the Epstein private calendar revealed.
William Burns of the CIA is part of the Epstein network.
Catherine Rumler of Goldman Sachs, a member of the Rothschild dynasty, Henry Kissinger's consultant.
We already knew about Woody Allen.
We already knew about Chelsea Handler.
We already knew about Harvey Weinstein, the guy who they would thank in the Oscars acceptance speech all the time.
We already knew about Bill Gates, the guy who dreamed up this scandemic.
We already know about Jeffrey Lander, okay?
Biden's top White House science advisor.
We already know that Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Israeli spy Robert Maxwell.
We already know about Kevin Spacey.
All of a sudden, all these people show up dead who are going to be part of the Kevin Spacey trial.
You know, give me a break.
It wasn't like three in a row?
Wasn't like three Spacey accusers in a row met their demise?
And of course his show, House of Cards, which was so glamorous when I was in D.C., it was all about glamorizing the corruption of Washington, D.C.
So all these little kids would go there and think, oh, I'm going to be like House of Cards, Kevin Spacey, and, you know, screw over the American people on behalf of some congressman.
They were just trying to glamorize that to get out ahead of it.
Before all this stuff came out.
But all this stuff is out now, okay?
We know all this stuff.
We know that Israel, the nation-state of Israel, which Jeffrey Epstein was working for, according to Ari Ben-Manash, even confirmed by Rolling Stone.
We know that Israel was working with Pfizer, had a covenant with Pfizer.
Very, very early on in this process, even before they admitted, we know that Ukraine, we know that Hunter Biden was an unofficial lobbyist for Medebiota, which was setting up all those Ukraine biolabs over there.
Meanwhile, the U.S.
Department of Defense, the Pentagon, the U.S.
government was funding all these biolabs.
I was the one who reported that.
All these people who want to say, oh, I'm out of the game.
I'm such a crazy guy.
Give me a break.
I was the one who broke the Ukraine Biolab story.
OK, come at me.
Come at me.
I'm right here.
I'm not going anywhere.
We're not going away.
We know that the Obama-Biden administration is linked now to the little house called Tucked Away in New Hampshire that Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding at.
Okay, when the FBI was looking for her, we all know that this is a big criminal scam.
We all know about it.
We all know about it.
Exactly, it is we all know.
No, no, really though, it is, it is we all know about it.
I don't care.
You could talk to the farthest left liberal.
I mean, even a Biden voter knows Jeffrey didn't kill him.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
I mean, you talk to any far leftist, even they'll say, yeah, Epstein was a bad guy.
He definitely didn't kill himself.
So it's like, where, I mean, if anything,
is is centrist on an issue.
You can have a bipartisan effort, but no effort.
There's no hearings on Jeffrey Epstein.
I mean, there's nothing.
No, of course not, because Kevin McCarthy is the Republican House leader, and he's a globalist stooge.
And all these Republicans that went for Kevin McCarthy are just being stooges for this globalist scam.
And thank God for Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert.
They fought it to the end, but they were some of the only ones.
Fox News went hard against them.
We know, obviously, Fox News has controlled opposition by their treatment of Tucker Carlson, the greatest host of all time.
We know this.
They want their war against Russia.
They want their war with Ukraine.
Lindsey Graham, all these neocons, all these Karl Rove people who still control the Republican Party and conservative media, they want their war against Russia.
Take on Russia, they want the New World Order.
Okay, that's what they want.
They're on the same exact side as Biden and the globalist Democrats.
They're on the same exact side and we have to stop pretending they're not.
There's no two-party system in America.
It's a uniparty in Washington, D.C.
and we the people are suffering from inflation.
We the people are suffering from open borders.
We the people are seeing the child sex slavery
That gets imported up over here over the southern border and we're sick of it.
We are so sick of living in this strip mall labor colony in which we're just supposed to go spend our money at Walmart.
And that's our whole thing, as little economic units.
Enough of this!
I don't care about the GDP.
I care about the moral fabric of this country, and the moral fabric of this country has been torn apart by the Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein network, and all the blackmail that has taken over the politics of the United States of America.
Yeah, and they try to glorify this stuff, by the way.
This is a syndicated story from Yahoo News.
Masked neo-Nazis crash world's largest satanic event.
We can now add fascists vs. satanists to the list of iconic crossovers.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Nazis are socialists.
Let me just, let me do a little editorializing here, guys.
I gotta get a doc cam here.
I'm gonna have to, because your editor, Victor Sweezy over at Yahoo News, your editor failed you here.
Actually, Nazis are socialists.
So I'm gonna do a little...
I used to be an editor back in the day.
Uh, yeah, okay, so it's originally from the Daily Beast, that's what I'm saying, or Reuters even, I don't know, it has Reuters on here.
The point is, this is a nationally syndicated story.
It's like they're glorifying it, it's like, oh look, fascist and Satanist, as you were talking about the moral fabric.
But no, Nazis are actually socialists.
I just want to make sure we correct the record there.
They're actually socialists, but they don't want us to have that bad connotation of the word socialist because that's what they are now in the Democrat Party.
Unfortunately, that's what we're dealing with.
Yeah, the issue of Jeffrey Epstein should be a bigger issue.
None of the politicians will touch it.
None of the media really wants to touch it either.
And they would make the argument at the time, hey, hey, even convicted pedophiles or even convicted sex traffickers should have a bank account, but now they don't want a basic Trump voter to have a bank account.
Conan O'Brien hosted the Bohemian Grove variety show.
Jack Black, the comedian, admitted on the Tonight Show that he sold his soul to Satan.
Is an arm of the deep state.
Tiffany Fitzhenry, who's a great researcher, has proved that definitively that the Department of Defense has been behind a lot of these Hollywood productions.
They have used the mockingbird media, including cable news, including Hollywood, to dupe you into the idea that there's some kind of stability.
That the TV is the official arbiter of what's true or not.
And it's not.
The TV is a liar!
The talking box in your house is a liar!
Tucker Carlson was great, but he's cancelled now.
You see how it goes?
You see how it goes?
You can't be a truth teller on the TV box too long.
And let's be honest, they can't have Tucker Carlson, you mentioned earlier, they can't have Tucker Carlson on Fox News when they're getting ready to go to war against Russia.
Because let's be honest, Fox News is used by the neocons to get conservatives to agree to war.
Oh, it's literally Karl Rove's network.
It's like Karl Rove producing the Merv Griffin Show from the 70s.
It's like, you got Geraldo there, you got all these old stars, these fading stars, and meanwhile it's all about the Karl Rove, Dick Cheney agenda.
That's always been Fox News.
I was pretty surprised when Tucker became as big as he did on Fox News, but he just, he was so good that they just couldn't stop him, you know what I mean?
But now, eventually, they've said, hey, enough of this.
Shut it down.
Shut it down.
And they don't even care about the ratings.
The ratings are tanking.
They don't care.
They just want to shut him up.
It's all about a political agenda.
Bigger than money for them.
Well, right.
And imagine if they say...
Well, we're going to lose X amount, or they lost a billion dollars in their market cap after firing Tucker Carlson.
I don't know where the number is now.
But here's what they figure is, hey, hey, we're going to get that billion dollars made up by big pharmaceutical ad buys, and so it's definitely going to be worth it.
And by the way, our friends, wink wink, that have stocks in Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, they're going to do well too, so we'll make up that billion dollars somehow.
Matt Taibbi, who is a Democrat,
Was the one working with Elon Musk to expose the Twitter files.
And since, he's been attacked from the left for doing so.
And he's been very confused.
And people are noticing some of his recent interviews and reports.
Matt Taibbi, America, the single opinion cult.
In his recent piece, America the Single Opinion Cult.
And this is what people are starting to learn, Patrick, is that it's really been a one-party system, a one-party culture that is really just leading them into what at the bottom line is a death cult, quite frankly.
That's why they love the abortion so much and all the other
Things like forcefully injecting you with a vaccine that you don't need.
I could go on.
I think the American people are seeing through this, and when the Democrats are going after their own on the anti-establishment side, like a Matt Taibbi or a Michael Schellenberger, or now an RFK, what do you think the political consequences of this are going to be for the Democrat Party?
Look, I've been waiting for a political realignment for a long time.
Conservative media, including Ben Shapiro for a while, was shilling
For the coronavirus injection was shilling for the death jab, okay?
We have to stop thinking about this in a right-versus-left paradigm.
The right-versus-left paradigm is their mechanism of control.
If that was real, do you really think they would put that on cable news and put Rachel Maddow against Sean Hannity and say, oh, this is what it is?
Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson comes along and says, no, it's a little bit different than that.
You have to understand that both of these sides are working together.
And you know what?
They kibosh them, and they send them away, and they think people aren't gonna notice.
And five years are gonna go on, and then they'll just accept Brian Killmeade or whoever.
I don't think Fox News will be that... I mean, you know, I don't know, after you fire Tucker Carlson, maybe you are suicidal, but... I mean, Killmeade?
Come on.
It's ridiculous.
Look, Iraq, the Fox News Channel was the biggest cheerleader of the Iraq War.
I remember it well.
You know, all these people want to say the millennial generation is so lazy, so awful.
Well, it was a lot of my friends who went over there and fought that war.
We're good to go.
This is, I mean, we are a strip mall labor colony.
We're Walmart after Arby's, okay, after Denny's.
I mean, you have illegal immigrants throwing their Denny's Grand Slam wrappers out the side of the car on the side of the interstate.
I mean, there's beautiful land in this country, but it's been paved over for Walmart, Denny's,
I mean, Taco Bell.
I mean, give me a break!
I mean, this is all just a big highway country now.
We're so sick of it.
We're so sick of being a strip mall labor colony of the globalists.
And they think they can just mandate a vaccine and get you to inject the Mark of the Beast 666 poison into their veins?
You know?
I'll admit something to you, Owen, right here, which breaks my heart, which is that I couldn't save my sister from taking that god-awful needle.
And it's weird.
I'm bringing the campaign show back in a week, by the way, on Bandop Video.
I'm gonna bring it to these people like they have never had it brought to them before.
And you know I can do it.
You know I can do it.
Well, you know, did you see the documents?
Because all I'm motivated by is Schadenfreude.
I'm motivated by Schadenfreude.
I'm motivated by their lives should be worse for what they've done to us.
Yeah, Carrie Lake called for Fauci to be in jail for life today.
That's the right messaging.
And I don't even know if she saw the new documents that got released.
We just published them at Infowars.com, the new documents.
The FDA and Pfizer knew the vaccines were extremely high risk for pregnant women and they gave them to them and they promoted them anyway.
Oh sure, that's the point!
They're genociding us!
We're farm animals in their eyes!
We're cattle!
They're genociding us!
And by the way, they're putting the mRNA injection in the food supply!
So one way or another, Bill Gates, that demon, is
He's determined to get it into all of us.
He's determined to do that.
Him and his little apparatchik Fauci, his little Gollum Fauci, his little troll Fauci.
I mean, enough is enough of this.
Enough is enough of the lies of the mainstream media.
It's all been exposed.
But Fauci, no!
No, no, no.
Fauci, he did an interview this week.
He said he never called for lockdowns.
No, not me.
I never called for the lockdowns.
It's kind of like Trudeau.
Trudeau comes out, he's like,
I never said the vaccines were mandatory.
I never said any of that.
It's like, wait a second, what's with the change of spirit here?
You guys were all gung-ho!
You were gung-ho about the lockdowns!
You were gung-ho about the vaccines!
You guys were the cheerleaders!
But now you're like, oh no, not us!
It wasn't us!
Everything they say is a lie!
That's not mine, baby!
No, I was the one who broke the story about the Higgins report, by the way.
The Las Vegas shooting, a former top Trump advisor named Rich Higgins, who's now dead, got a report saying the Las Vegas shooting, all these connections to ISIS and Antifa, all this reporting that he got, nobody in the mainstream media would touch it.
You know who the only
In 2020, who I could go on and I could say, you don't want to take this bioweapon.
You don't want to take this genocide needle.
It was Alex Jones.
What has happened?
Alex Jones has been demonized in the mainstream media.
Oh, don't be like Alex Jones, normies!
They are desperate to try to control the information so that the real information doesn't get in the minds of critical thinking people.
Once the real information gets in the minds of the critical thinking people, their thing is done.
Their fiat currency is done.
Their war machine is done.
All their media propaganda is done.
This is an information war.
It's an electronic war, as Andrew Breitbart said.
That's what it's all about.
That's why this censorship is happening.
It's all about the freedom of people's minds.
By the way, this is... We need to free people's minds right now!
This is what I think, since you're bringing this up, this is what I, when I watch Space Odyssey, and when you think about the obelisk, that's what it represents.
Why do the monkeys go to the obelisk?
Why does that cause evolution?
Because it makes them think!
It makes them think.
They see something that's there that wasn't there before.
That's like Alex Jones.
That's like Tucker Carlson.
We're the obelisk.
And when the people, when the normies, as you say, when they see the obelisk, and they touch the obelisk, and they start... The whole world changes!
Correct, and it's all about child trafficking, Owen, you know that.
Kamala Harris was called into the state to represent the opposition against a mother named Tammy Reif on her son Jonah Reif, who was allegedly, and very credibly, according to the evidence, put into child sex trafficking.
Why did they have to tag Kamala into that?
Why was Nancy Pelosi personally renting office space to First Five Sam Mateo?
Which was run by a convicted pedophile!
A convicted pedophile who died in prison for pedophilia!
Then there's the Ed Buck connection, there's the open border that Homeland Security is telling people it's a giant sex trafficking operation and testimony, amazing stuff.
Patrick Howley, your channel on Bandot Video is on fire as well as are you.
We thank you for joining us this Sunday night.
We love you, Owen.
Thank you so much.
Ladies and gentlemen, when I come back, the phone lines will be open.
If your fingers are fast, you can call now 877-789-2539.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, that's right.
And now your calls on this Sunday evening edition of the Alex Jones Show.
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Biggest grassroots for the People News organization on the planet.
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Yes, yes, and yes.
All right.
To the phone lines we go.
Let's go to John in New Hampshire to lead us off tonight.
Go ahead.
John, you're on the air.
Hi, Owen.
How are you?
Howdy, John.
I'm alright.
It's kind of funny.
I'm the first one you said, be quick with your dial.
I ended up being the first one.
That's actually kind of funny.
You've got the fastest fingers in the West today.
Yeah, real quick.
So we got, here where I live, the next town over, we got every Friday out on the Common and the town center, we get a group of communists that stand up.
And this is a bunch of your old, your classical old liberal, 50s, 60s, probably... So just like, you know, pot smoking hippies?
Yeah, basically, basically.
And they're all standing there around the Common holding their BLM signs, pushing the communism crap out every day.
And it's sickening to me to see how much, how
Every week their support is growing larger.
I don't understand where these people are coming from.
They must have some good stuff, you know?
Whoever I talk to, whenever I interact, they don't think the same way.
But then all of a sudden I see, it's almost like they double every weekend.
It's weird.
They're coming out of the woodworks now for some reason.
New Hampshire!
So there's just commies just gathering in New Hampshire now.
Well, I think they're coming from Vermont is where I believe they're coming from.
They stand right in the middle of Claremont and they push their commie crap.
They've actually bled into the local school board and whatnot, and it's ridiculous.
I have a really good friend, my former roommate, actually.
He had a girl he met online, whatever, hit it off.
She moved up here with her kid.
Kid was a perfect little girl, 12-year-old little girl.
Oh, gee.
Oh, no.
They've got, like, the gay club they've got started.
It's a secret little gay club they've got at the Claremont Middle School and High School, where the teachers get together and they talk amongst each student about what students are bad, what students are good.
They pick on the students.
It's pretty sickening what they're doing.
This is disgusting.
No, no, no.
It used to be, like, after-school clubs for, like, science or engineering and stuff like that.
Now it's like, oh, the after-school LGBTQ plus Satan club!
And it's not even after school though.
It's going on like during school hours.
So instead of teaching math, they've got their little LGBT group meeting in the corner.
And the kids don't know any better and they just go along with it because they think, oh, I'm getting out of school.
You know, it's like you have a school event and you get out of class or something.
Your kid's like, yeah, I'm out of class.
So they're just like, oh, the gay stuff.
Yeah, I'm out of class.
They don't even get it.
Oh boy, that is just awful to hear.
John, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Bill here in Austin, Texas.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, so I just wanted to call and say it was neat to see Ali Alexander come back on Twitter.
You know, he had such a cool handle on Twitter, A-L-I.
And then it was neat to see him come back from J6, that whole thing, and come back to InfoWars bringing, of all people, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos.
And it was just so cool to see how close Ali is with Alex.
And then to get all of the information about Ali grooming young men and soliciting dick pics from them and this being a well widely known thing among his circle, you know, it's really cool to see how the people that you lie down with, the people that you make business with,
I don't know.
So, I don't really understand the point of your call.
I can sense the sarcasm.
I mean, is there something you want to say?
Or are you just going to kind of come on here?
I don't get it.
Are you trying to gaslight me?
No, I want you to talk about Ali Alexander.
Because Milo dropped all this loathe about Ali being a predator.
Okay, so that's good for Milo.
Hey, that's fine, Bill.
Look, I don't mind you calling in and talking about this.
The problem is, I'm not going to waste the audience's time on this subject material, you understand?
And so, you can call in and talk about it, but let me just put it to rest like this.
Folks, you notice, I mean, I'm not going to speak for Alex, but you can tell what InfoWars does, but I'll speak for myself.
We don't go into these rumor drama cycles with the rest of the media, okay?
We don't do it.
And we like to stay above that.
Because there's real issues.
So this guy is a perfect example.
He wants me to talk about Ali Alexander.
The audience doesn't want me to talk about
Ali Alexander.
They want to talk about the New World Order.
They want to know about how we're going to stop this.
They want to talk about is Trump going to be the next guy or should we go with somebody else?
You want me to go into the depths of the internet rumor drama world like I'm a high school student?
I'm not.
I'm an adult.
Okay, now, if I want to do a response to all the other rumor mill crap that I get brought into, then I can do an hour-long video every day, and I could divulge into that stuff, and I could lower my own standards, but it's not going to happen.
So, let's take another call here.
And let's go to Andy in Florida.
Andy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, and wow.
Hey, what a loser, that last caller.
He was just trying to bait you.
Hey, my question, sir.
How are we going to win the election no matter who we choose?
And I think I prefer Trump at this point, but DeSantis, you know, he's okay.
I don't know if I trust him 100%, but seeing how they stuffed the ballot boxes in all those urban centers, you're a bright guy.
What are we going to do to win the election?
Because if we don't win,
Well, I'm really short on time here, so I'll try to wrap this up before the break.
But I've discussed this before, how right now there really is no path to victory for any Republican candidate because of what the Democrats do in Phoenix and in Atlanta and in Detroit and in Philadelphia.
And in Milwaukee.
And until you address those issues, or do something to counter those issues, you're never going to win Arizona, you're never going to win Georgia, you're never going to win Pennsylvania, you're never going to win Michigan, and you're never going to win Wisconsin.
And if you can't win those five states, I see no path to victory for the Republican Party.
So the answer is, they're not going to win the election.
But, the more people get involved, and the more people watch and notice what's really going on, how there's no chance Biden beat Trump in 2020, or whatever's gonna happen in 2024,
The more The Awakening is going to have people asking questions and trying to fix it.
Alright, closing out this evening's Alex Jones Show with your phone calls.
And we now go to Michael in Texas, wants to talk about RFK Jr.
Michael, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Owen, good Sunday afternoon to you brother, how are you?
Thank you, great.
Uh, yeah, so, RFK is like, he just came out of nowhere.
And, you know, announcing his presidency and coming out, exposing everything.
I don't even think he's going to make it into the primaries, you know?
Yeah, the Democrats are going to rig this thing.
Of course not.
And it's great.
I'm excited to watch him rig it against RFK.
I mean, it's bad for the country.
He's a great candidate.
I even like him.
Wouldn't mind him being president.
But yeah, they're going to rig it and we'll all watch it and it'll be great to see.
Yeah, but, you know, how does that help us?
I mean... Because, Michael, because, Michael, most Americans still don't get it.
They still don't get it.
And so they're going to have to see it to get it.
And you're going to have a lot of Democrats that like RFK Jr.
and they're going to get behind him.
And he's going to grow in the poll numbers.
And everybody knows Biden's not popular.
And then they're going to steal it from RFK.
And then those Democrats are going to finally say, OK, you know what?
We're sick of the rigged system.
We want to talk about it and do something now.
I don't think they're going to get it until they're standing behind the fences in their FEMA camps.
And you know, by then it's of course going to be too late.
Uh, yeah, it's scary.
I mean, Trump, I don't, I mean love Trump, but you know, taking money from big pharma as well and still, you know, supporting, you know, his warp speed and
Uh, it's just, I don't know, it's just in perilous times, for sure.
But, um, I did want to ask you, uh, about something, on a side note, as helping you guys, helping InfoWars.
I've been listening for well over a decade, been supporting and stuff.
Um, I sent you guys a sleeping bag, and I was trying to, you know, sponsor with you guys, uh, my Comfy Feet sleeping bag.
Uh, I don't know... Well, look here, I'm just going to stop you right there, because I
It's good to talk to you, buddy.
Love hearing from you.
Real quick, I had a product plug.
I just wanted to shout this out.
I don't think you guys have it in stock right now, but the Survival Shield X2 is amazing.
Dang, is that out of stock?
That's too bad.
Well, hopefully we'll have it back fast.
One thing I don't think people know, I'll say this real quick and then get onto my point.
This has 600 servings in it.
600 servings.
And that can last you a long time and it has a lot of value to it.
I have to be honest, I'm a hoarder.
I'm a survival shield X2 hoarder.
I'm not kidding.
I have like a whole collection.
It's like in case of an emergency thing.
Part of my bug out stuff.
I'm waiting for you guys to get it back in, brother.
But my point that I was calling in today was the gun-free zones that the Detroit City Council is trying to put into action in certain areas of the city that I used to go to a lot.
Kind of ill-advised, Detroit's not the safest city in the nation.
Oh yeah, you don't say.
They're trying to put in these new gun-free zones in Greek Town and the Riverwalk, which I used to, I'm a CPL holder, I'd take my wife down there, go for a nice stroll by the river, and now it's to the point where if they're going to start enacting these new restrictions, I'm not even going to go to the city anymore.
Well, let's call it what it is, like a federal judge has now.
Federal judge halts state's, this is in Illinois, so your neighbor there.
Federal judge halts state's new assault weapon ban, cites likely Second Amendment violation.
Oh, really?
Shall not be infringed?
Yeah, so these gun-free zones are totally Second Amendment violations.
That's the right idea.
Absolutely, and they make it sound like it's going to keep the city safer and it's going to try to help prevent gun crime.
Look, there's no other way to put it.
It's just like the ex-U.S.
Army PSYOP expert said.
We live in a land of semi-lobotomized, quasi-retarded people.
Anybody who thinks putting up a sign that says gun-free zone or signing a law that says gun-free zone is going to stop a criminal with a gun is part of the semi-lobotomized, quasi-retarded population.
By the way, that
That ex-U.S.
Army SOPS expert might be a guest on InfoWars soon.
Just throwing it out there.
Maybe that'll happen.
Alex, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Andrew in New York.
You're on the air, Andrew, go ahead.
So, like, remote viewing is, like, when, like, uh, they had it actually for, like, intelligence agencies and stuff, like, they were actually able to see, like, from a distance, like, even, like, into, like, military bases and stuff, like,
Alright, I've got to stop you.
You jump right into a deep, deep subject material without providing any context at all.
So like, stuff in Stranger Things?
Yeah, stuff like that.
I think there's a movie that like, uh, men hystericals too.
Yeah, right.
George Clooney.
Like, uh, government's like doing all kinds of experiments.
Well, sure, and you know, this is what I'm saying.
You're jumping into this deep subject material and people probably hear you like, what is he talking about?
Well, think of it like this, folks.
Really, you know, we think of space as a mystery and something to be explored.
But the human mind is the mystery.
The human brain is what's to be explored.
And you have the U.S.
government and other governments running all kinds of secret operations figuring out how they can use and abuse and manipulate the human mind.
And what type of things the human brain is capable of that we just can't get access to for whatever reason.
It's well known we only use like 13% of our brain.
I mean even the smartest person will use like 15%.
You know, maybe the average level 4%.
But the point is, we have all these abilities as humans, we have all these untapped abilities in our brains that we can't access for some reason, that they run all kinds of tests and try to find out how they can access that.
And yeah, it's deep stuff, Andrew, but we're short on time and I want to take other calls here.
So let's go to Randy in Oklahoma.
Randy, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Owen, you did an awesome job, brother.
Thank you for calling.
Let me be real direct.
The previous caller, your response was excellent, because yeah, 15% of the human brain, at a max, there's a secret to bypassing that.
We get overloaded, okay?
There's a secret that God provided in the Holy Spirit, right?
When you learn how to pray in the Spirit, go look at Jude 20.
You're doing this in love.
You will destroy the enemy.
Yes, exactly.
Actually, what he's talking about, folks, it's... See, this is the stuff they do secretly and they don't tell you.
Some of it gets out.
Like, if you can map the human brain, which is not perfectly mapped, but if you can map the human brain and the brain activity, what Randy is talking about here is you can map it when you are spiritual or when you're grounded
Or when you're on your knees praying to God, there's activity in the brain that normally wouldn't be there.
You're firing up a part of the brain that otherwise is dormant.
And this is why they like to test with these drugs like LSD and DMT, because they run these tests and they can activate these parts of the brains that they can't get access to normally.
And it's like these drugs are like the gateway, the chemical gateway to doing such a thing.
There's a spiritual gateway to doing such a thing also, and that's why
The expert Buddhist monks will sit in silence, or sit in solidarity, or sit in darkness for years, and they'll reach such a place of deep trance that they can actually see other worlds.
So, you can chemically do this stuff with DMT, you can also do it spiritually, but that's like expert master level.
In fact, what is the great philosopher, Alan Watts, talked about this, how
Using drugs is just a shortcut, a chemical shortcut, kind of a cheat code.
He didn't really like it.
A cheat code to understanding that spirituality or understanding that deep, deep consciousness or even the connection to creation that you can feel when you have it, but it's like cheating when you do that with chemicals.
Yeah, now just don't confuse what the Holy Spirit does with what a Buddhist does or DMT or some psychedelic.
There is total difference.
Holy Spirit takes over and bypasses your soul, so your emotions and your intellect are actually set aside.
You read what Jesus said about the spirit of truth that he would send after he ascended.
He sent the spirit of truth, right?
And you allow, you get filled with the Holy Spirit.
It's like downloading programs and then you install it.
You know, you can download massive amounts.
Yeah, like the most ancient knowledge there is.
Yeah, it's instantly available to you.
You do need to understand Christ is King, Jesus is Lord, and then you can do it.
Well Randy, unfortunately we're out of time for tonight's transmission, but thank you for the call.
Sorry to the other callers we couldn't get to.
And ladies and gentlemen, we've got something special coming up here on Sunday Night Live.
Info Wars will be back tomorrow morning with Harrison Smith, Alex Jones, and myself.
Don't tune out.
We'll see you then.
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