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Name: 20230425_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 25, 2023
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In a monologue, Alex Jones discusses topics such as child abuse by political parties, manipulation in schools, the UN report promoting child sexual abuse, parental awareness and responsibility, Tucker Carlson's firing from Fox News, upcoming fundraiser shirts at InfowarsStore.com supporting Trump, the New World Order, resistance against tyranny, congressional hearings on border security, hydrofluorosilicic acid in drinking water, promotion of high-grade water filtration systems at InfowarsWare.com, support for independent news sources, book sales, globalist agenda in controlling media outlets, removal of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, importance of supporting InfoWars financially and through word of mouth, global awakening against the Great Reset, preparedness with health supplements and nutritional products, meeting with Tucker Carlson, independent media outlets countering New World Order's attempts at silencing dissent, vindication of influential individuals who exposed deep state and New World Order, deplatforming of personalities like Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Alex Jones himself, comparison to movies Ford versus Ferrari and Rollerball, control over bodies and children by corrupt elites, support for InfoWars products at infowarstore.com, dangers of hydrofluorosilicic acid in drinking water, Kennedy Jr.'s speech on America's place in the world and corruption within US government, Austin's statement on being in Ukraine to exhaust Russian forces, Biden's aim to depose Putin using Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between great powers, TurboForce Plus for increased energy, resistance against tyranny, collaboration against evil rather than targeting specific groups or institutions, prayer for guidance and empowerment in becoming better people, strong impulse to fit in with the group, advocating for truth despite negative consequences, hope for individuals who challenge mainstream opinions, society becoming satanic, advocating for order and good against destruction and evil, need for support at InfoWars Store to keep platform running without succumbing to tyranny, criticism of American news media taking money from big pharma companies and discrediting anyone questioning their safety or effectiveness, controversy surrounding secret biolabs in Ukraine potentially linked to nuclear weapons given to Zelensky by US government.

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So here's why Tucker Carlson was canned.
For quote, being out of control.
But he took a lot less money to be able to have control of a show and he was knocking heads with them on a continual basis.
And continued to say what he wanted.
They got rid of him because he got too popular.
And upset the globalist apple cart.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
[music playing]
[theme music]
I wanted to find something for you tonight.
The definition for pervert.
It means to lead someone away from what is considered right, natural, or acceptable.
There's no such thing as someone else's child.
The question today is, who is the pervert?
No such thing as someone else's child.
We know who the perverts are.
There's one political party in this country that supports this junk.
It's the Democrat Party.
It's a party that castrates children, mutilates children, perverts children, grooms children, murders children, and indoctrinates children.
We know who the perverts are.
Who is the pervert?
Our nation's children are all our children.
All over the U.S.
there are passing laws or set to pass laws where schools talk to children as young as five years old and convince them they're another sex and then deliver them to a facility and the parents are not told where the children are and the police under law say we don't know where your child is even though they've been kidnapped.
That's the next step.
Meanwhile, the UN has put out a report they've been working on for two years, put out by the ICJ, with over 60 judges from around the world.
In Section 8, let's look at Principle 16.
This is on page 22.
Consensual sexual conduct with respect to the enforcement of criminal law.
Any prescribed minimum age of consent to sex must be applied to a non-discriminatory manner.
Enforcement may not be linked to the sex, gender of participants or the age of consent.
Moreover, sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum, whatever your country is, they override it.
Age of consent to sex may be consensual, in fact, if not in law.
In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under the age of 18 or age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them pursuant to where evolving capabilities and progressive autonomy versus under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them with due regard to their age maturity and best interest as a specific attention to non-discriminating guarantees.
And when you read this, the legislation that passed in Washington State and is introduced all over the country, and when you read the UN saying, we're going to ask your seven-year-old if they want to have sex with men or adults.
In the past year, dozens of world leaders have joined my circle of leadership to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse in UN operations.
This was already years ago.
I reported this 15 years before this ever came out, because it was already known in Germany and in Canada.
In one city alone, over 40 years, 30,000 children were placed with convicted child rapists as young as age 2 to form a new family, boys with pedophile men, girls with pedophile women, so they can be recruited to form a new civilization.
And you've got to go read what they do for the children.
This is done in the middle school, middle school Flash 2 edition.
Identity terms, and they just say, what are you?
Female, queer, cisgender, gay, transgender, trans, gender, you don't learn reading, writing, or hypnotic, you learn this, gender fluid, bisexual, straight, male, lesbian.
I mean, they're jumping over the line a million miles.
I mean, they're not crossing the line.
They are just, just absolutely no parental rights.
Your children belong to us.
We'll give them abortions.
We'll sterilize them.
We'll cut their genitals off.
We'll take them away from you.
We won't tell you where they are.
I mean, this is what every authoritarian state does.
They just usually turn the kids into spies and workers and soldiers.
But the globalists are like, oh, we're going to sterilize them and turn them into sex workers.
Annie, what happened after you left your village?
[speaking foreign language]
If someone just molest your son or daughter, they can get over it.
But if someone could brainwash your son or daughter to be chemically castrated so they're stunted,
so they have major health problems, so they're dwarfing,
so they then have their genitals cut off, isn't that far more brutal than just raping your child?
It's Tuesday, April 25th, 2023.
We are live.
This is it.
This is the end of America.
This is the takeover.
This is the new world order.
It's already lawless.
It's already gone to hell.
This is a takeover.
And you can sit there and play games all day long.
Stalin just wanted totally obedient slaves for his industrial revolution for global domination.
He was willing to kill 40 million people to do it.
The New World Order is worse than Stalin.
It wants to kill you in a very orderly fashion.
Okay, I'm not up here saying all this wild stuff to sound shocking.
You think I want to take on these psychotics for no reason?
You think I got a damn death wish?
I have the opposite of a death wish.
Going along with this is a frickin' nihilistic death wish!
This is survival you're seeing!
This is resistance you're seeing!
This is not some heroic exercise!
And so all the middle class and all the nouveau riche and all the wealthy people that aren't globalist don't get organized and don't dedicate their time and energy to fighting tyranny.
Or they try to hide and keep themselves safe.
And that's why you're going to lose everything.
Keeping safe with a criminal takeover ensures you get destroyed.
Yeah, maybe you get eaten a little bit later.
Where are your instincts?
It's all the folks that live in the country clubs that think they're safe and that think that they're isolated from everything else who are gonna wish to your dying minute you'd have done more when you had a damn chance.
I'm dying in your beds many years from now.
Would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance,
to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom?
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, and just a few weeks ago, on March 8th,
here's just a 26-second clip making the rounds on Twitter, but we're pulling the full video.
I predicted they were going to be firing Tucker Carlson very, very soon.
Now, I have a lot of contacts, not just Tucker Carlson, and I know why Tucker Carlson was fired.
The media is reporting that Tucker doesn't know why Tucker was fired and that's not true.
They're also saying it's because a woman filed a sexual harassment suit because they hung up pictures of Nancy Pelosi with her breasts partly showing and Tucker laughed about it.
That's not sexual harassment.
You can have drag queen story time with giant fat men shaking their Ding-a-lings in front of little kids and that's okay, but if a conservative makes fun of Nancy Pelosi, oh my gosh, we're filing a lawsuit!
Why the producers hung up pictures and made fun of her.
You go around this office, there's stuff like that everywhere.
There's stuff of me looking ridiculous, Owen looking ridiculous, politicians looking ridiculous, Joe Biden with three heads growing out of his head.
That's in one of the break rooms.
How do women work on the Howard Stern Show when he has strippers in there sucking each other's breasts?
Oh, he's liberal though.
So women can work in a work environment like that, which I would not want my wife or daughter to work in.
And that's okay.
Never hear a problem there.
Or these Hollywood sets that are like whorehouses.
But oh my gosh, Tucker Carlson, he's out at Fox.
We're going to show you the evil Nancy Pelosi photo.
That's why, no, that's a cover story.
And so I'm going to tell everyone why Tucker Carlson was canned.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
has his idea for it.
All these other people have their idea, but I know Why?
Even though Tucker is not talking to his producers or anybody right now.
And that's probably because of a contractual reason with his contract.
And he knows that anybody he talks to could lie and say that he's talked.
And so they could try to pull his contract before he can set up new operations.
And you better believe he's going to be doing that.
And I'm going to really push Tucker to launch quickly.
And obviously, Tucker's made a lot of Comments about InfoWars and has shown an interest in how this operation runs and he's been down here.
I'll just leave it at that.
But no, Tucker Carlson is not going to be joining InfoWars.
Obviously the door is wide open, but that's not going to happen.
Tucker's his own man and wants to be able to have his signature and what he does.
But Tucker Carlson will be launching his own network platform system very, very soon.
And so Tucker pushed the envelope as far as he could, and they violated his contract because he took a lot less
A lot less money to have what he was told in his contract, that by the way is not public, is total freedom.
But as soon as he shot to the top, since his 2016 contract, replacing Bill O'Reilly, they began to put pressure on him.
And I have a lot of examples of this and a lot of information, and I know for a fact why Tucker was let go.
And simply put, I'll walk through it here exclusively, In the next segment, but here's the reason.
Was it for taking on Big Pharma?
Was it for trying to take on the illegal war in Ukraine?
Was it for exposing the open borders?
Was it for pointing out replacement migration and the UN and you will eat the bugs?
And the answer is, it was all of it.
It was all of it.
It was the fact that he was becoming a super political populist icon, not just here but around the world, and was so measured and reasoned and charming, and a real populist, that they couldn't bend to their will with incredible offers.
Most people at Fox have a contract that you will say what they want, when they want.
You have teleprompter reader contracts, You have contributor contracts, and really what News Corp has done since Roger Ailes got merged with it in the mid-1980s, in late 1980s, is control the conservative movement, not just here, but in the English-speaking world, through Sky News, also owned by the Murdochs.
They have, just on Fox News, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds Last number I saw was over 300 paid contributors just on the political side, and the average amount they're paid is $50,000.
And when they're paid $50,000 to go on shows and be well-known and all the rest of it, they tell you, you can't go on any shows unless we say, and you can't have anybody on unless we say.
So most people at Fox are kept.
They are owned.
They are mouthpieces.
Not Tucker Carlson.
Not Dan Bongino.
And only a few others.
And remember Lou Dobbs over on CNN was number one with bigger numbers than Tucker even ever had.
And they fired him for being a patriot.
Remember back when CNN in the mid-90s was dominating with Lou Dobbs, who's just a guy that didn't want to destroy America, just a smart businessman, just a patriot.
So, that's what goes on here.
And I know all about News Corp and all about Roger Ailes, and they offered me jobs and everything else.
I know all of it, okay?
And I'm going to tell you what's really going on when we come back.
But this woman's lawsuit that's completely frivolous has zero, zero to do with the removal of Tucker Carlson.
So, I am going to be really getting deep into the Tucker Carlson situation, because if you understand this, you understand how things really work, and understand the next phase of the massive purge and censorship and control this country is going under.
I'm going to say something that is beyond critical right now.
The public is now understanding that globalism is going to destroy them, impoverish them, and in many cases kill them.
Totally collapsing the borders, collapsing the currency, massive wars, forced GMO, forced nanotech additives in the foods already happening, poison shots, no bodily autonomy, just dystopia by design.
That's this form of governance.
That's the New World Order.
And they cannot allow there to be iconic populists like Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson or Lou Dobbs.
Now Joe Rogan, who I love to death, knows every bit of this I know.
He's just as smart as I am or smarter.
And that's why five years ago I went crazy on him because he was becoming a leftist and going along with their agenda.
And I knew full damn well Joe knew what he was doing.
And I'm not saying going after him made him tack and change his direction, but he Later apologized to me, and I apologized for going too far.
And over time, Joe really recognized that the dystopia he was seeing was real, and the globalists were real, and that Big Pharma and the New World Order is bad, and he has two daughters, three daughters, two of them are biological, and that He had to fight them.
And he's really started hitting on all cylinders.
And I'm not the judge up here.
I'm not the arbiter up here.
I'm not policing people to make sure that they're good guys.
But if I've been friends with somebody a long time, and I know full well that they know what's going on, and they join the New World Order, I'm going to come after them.
Because I come after anybody That's prominent.
Even passively going along with this agenda because that will destroy them as well.
And that's what people really have to get into their minds and have that burned into your psyche.
Where to start here, because this is really what I call a Rosetta Stone or a master key, a skeleton key, because if you understand this issue, you understand the entire war for the future.
Now Tucker at the Heritage Foundation had a speech and a dinner after his show Friday night.
Knocked it out of the park and the full speech is on InfoWars.com.
And we're going to have our next sub-submit coming up today ahead of some amazing guests.
And he said, it's the herd mentality killing us, and it's all the yes men and women, and it's people following this globalist program That is going to destroy us and we have to get off this track.
And there he is with some of the most elitist conservatives in the country.
Nodding and clapping.
So he's well spoken.
A gentleman.
Very charming, and he's an ambassador of liberty, and that's why the system hates him, and he's winning.
He's helping us win.
The show was about 30 minutes to airtime yesterday, and the producer walks over and says, Fox just put a press release out.
Tucker Carlson's been fired.
And when I learned that news, it was like being punched in the stomach.
Because I'm not in competition with Tucker Carlson.
I'm trying to defeat the New World Order.
And I had some conservatives call me and text me, and even one person in the office, great person, God love him, said, wow, well, this just makes us bigger.
Or, wow, you know, you're back to being the top dog now.
Limbaugh's dead and Tucker Carlson's out at Fox.
And I'm going to tell you something, it's that type of thinking that's going to lose us the whole damn planet.
We're not up here trying to win a popularity contest.
We're not here to have the biggest bank accounts.
We're not here to be number one.
We're here to kick the New World Order's frickin' ass!
Excuse me.
These people are coming down on us!
Trying to take over our bodies!
Replace us with robots!
Massive child sex trafficking on record that they're running!
And I'll get more into Tucker next segment, but let me say this.
I got up at like 4.30 this morning, and I didn't know they had more Mayorkas hearings yesterday.
And I watched those congressional hearings.
They had Senate hearings a few weeks ago.
And I watched probably two hours of it this morning.
And I liked what I saw.
Those congressmen, particularly the Republicans, were not trying to score points, and they were not Putting on their normal affect of being Washington heads.
They were desperate, saying, we have the border patrol confirming tens of thousands of kidnapped children, tens of thousands released pedophiles, foreign spies, Al Qaeda, ISIS, total bedlam, mass shootouts every few hours, our constituents are dying, fentanyl death everywhere.
You are a criminal.
You are lying saying the border is secure.
How can you sit here and do this to our country and do this to the people coming in?
This is a war and you are directing it with Biden against us.
That's the rhetoric we need because when you're being hit by something this corrupt, this evil, this out of control, And it sounds so crazy to even then state what's happening, that's how the enemy keeps winning, because they have all of this outrageous road warrior bedlam and insanity going on, and they've totally broken the border, and Mayorkas is saying, quote, the border is secure.
I could play hours of these hearings, they're incredible.
You should go find them.
We'll have them posted at Infowars.com.
In fact, that's where I saw them this morning.
I started watching them.
It was Infowars.com.
So, the good news is there is a beyond sense of urgency now, and the people aren't even looking and talking to Mayorkas like they're hating.
They are saying, how could you be such a mass murderer?
How could you be so evil?
That we can't believe you guys are actually doing this and that you're sitting there smirking about it.
And you can see the nausea and the revulsion.
They don't hate him, they are revolted by him.
And they realize, and they said, our constituents are dying, everything's collapsing, and there's a sense of do or die, and that people are finally getting it.
That we're gonna lose civilization and everything we've got if we don't remove these crazy people that have hijacked the world and are insane.
And that are starting World War III.
Tucker Carlson realizes it.
I realize it.
Joe Rogan realizes it.
You realize it.
And we now just have to, in every way we can, say no to this New World Order, Great Reset, collapse of civilization.
I'll come back, stay with us.
So, Sunday night I came in here on air, and I raised the alarm, and I said, They're getting ready to take out Tucker Carlson.
And I played the clip five times.
And I played it on Monday of AOC with Jen Psaki on MSNBC.
saying we must ban Tucker Carlson and all the other conservatives because they're dangerous
and they're called for violence, which none of that's true, off of the airwaves with a federal
law. I told you that's a talking point. You can see all the 60-minute shows and everything else
attacking Tucker in the last week. I said they're coming for his head and then they're coming for
you next because they can't carry out all this criminal activity unless they can do this.
Because if there's anybody rallying against it, what they're doing is so atrocious, so criminal,
so horrible, so destructive, that they'll never get it done.
But they really are going to try to continue to execute this operation, because they've done it in countless other countries, and they want to set up their final global cashless society to control every facet of our lives, and make current communist China look like a liberty-based wonderland.
So, here's a clip from myself back in June saying they're going to fire Tucker Carlson.
And I believe Tucker, he's hardcore, he's awake, the left admits it, and so I predict he won't be at Fox News in the near future if he's unable to put this out.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
Alright, so.
We're going to play the full clip later where I broke down the fact that he's going after the war, going after the poison shots, going after the border, explaining it's a plan, a designed operation by the globalists, whole programs coming out, documentaries on Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset, the New World Order.
They cannot allow it.
So, here is AOC responding, saying de-platforming works.
Yes, silencing your opposition, just like Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin, or Fidel Castro, or Xi Jinping.
I mean, this is bonafide tyranny.
You know, if tyranny was a alcohol, then people like Richard Nixon was 4% beer, 4% alcohol.
And then Obama tried to bring in 200 proof or moonshine level tyranny.
We only got it up to about 100 proof.
And of course, George W. Bush helped get the Patriot Act in.
Same thing.
Now with what Biden and the globalists at Klaus Schwab are doing, they're going all the way to 200% proof or 100% alcohol.
I mean, this is what AOC is saying here is Joseph Stalin, V.I.
Lenin level, open in your face.
See, I told you Tucker would be gone.
You see what we did?
See how we steal elections?
See how we election meddle?
See how we surveil you?
See how we come after you?
So dangerous.
So let's go ahead and play her little celebration.
Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News.
Couldn't have happened to a better guy.
What I will say, though, is Well, I'm very glad that the person that is arguably responsible for the some of the largest driving some of the most amounts of death threats and violent threats, not just to my office, but to plenty of people across the country.
I also kind of feel like I'm, like, waiting for the cutscene at the end of a Marvel movie after all the credits have rolled.
And then you see, like, the villain's, like, hand re-emerge out to grip over, like, the end of a building or something.
But, de-platforming works.
And it is important.
And, um, there you go.
Good things can happen.
So that's how they've repackaged tyranny.
If it was Hitler or Stalin in a military uniform in front of a military parade, we'd say, my gosh, that's pure tyranny.
But it's a little, cute, sweet, nice little lady.
And that's the future Democratic Party.
Packaging their authoritarian, totalitarian systems with women leading it, as if she actually leads anything.
So, here's why Tucker Carlson was canned.
For quote, being out of control.
But he took a lot less money to be able to have control of a show and he was knocking heads with them on a continual basis.
And continued to say what he wanted.
Now he was told, you can have any guest on, you want your contract.
He was told, no Alex Jones, and it made him so mad.
And so that's why he would almost every week say, Alex Jones is right, Alex Jones is right.
I mean, probably a hundred times, Alex Jones is right the last four or five years.
Two, Alex Jones, you know, predicted all of this, Alex Jones, and he knows he's just turning the knife in him.
And sending people to the show, and that made the assistant man.
And having Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
on and promoting him and pointing out that the other big networks particularly took all that big pharma money so they can control the narrative.
Sponsored by Pfizer.
You saw that on all the networks.
Fox, not as much as the others.
At least at Fox National, almost none.
So he went directly to the heart of the matter.
The police state, the weaponized IRS, raising taxes on poor people, hitting on all cylinders.
And so now they provide the false story that it's because they hung up a picture in the office of Nancy Pelosi walking on a boardwalk with her ginormous breast.
And we showed that back at the time.
It was funny.
I mean, it's PG.
That's what they fired him for.
No, they got rid of him.
Because he got too popular and upset the globalist apple cart.
So here's some of the headlines.
Fox Corporation shares plunge by 4% after Tucker Carlson's abrupt firing.
Here's a shot of the last five days.
You can see the massive plunge right there.
Fox News loses nearly a billion in value after firing Tucker Carlson.
Tucker Carlson departs Fox.
Pushed out by Murdoch.
And it goes on from there.
In a lawsuit, Tucker Carlson is accused of running a hostile work environment.
You read it, oh my gosh, they hung up a picture on the wall of Pelosi, and the woman claims an intern said something anti-Semitic.
Okay, there you go, it's all his fault.
Here's the evil photo.
Nancy Pelosi walking at the beach.
Oh my gosh, it's sexual harassment.
And the media is reporting on it, Newsweek.
Oh, Nancy Pelosi swimsuit pictures of Tucker Carlson's office raise questions.
Oh my gosh, that was a month ago.
Fox fired uncontrollable host Tucker Carlson to badmouth bosses.
This Bloomberg article is actually more accurate than the others.
And yes, that's it.
Rupert Murdoch has been shopping around the big institutional buyers who sell Fox News.
He already split the company years ago, what, six years ago, and sold part of it to Disney.
And so Rupert Murdoch is looking to cash out.
And to do that, he's got to make it more of a leftist network, even if it kills the network, because that's the point.
They're going to pay him a giant sum.
I bet when they do, it's going to be like $60, $70 billion is the number I would guess.
And the money he's being paid is to kill it.
Because the globalists have unlimited money.
So he'll get $60, $70, $80 billion and sail off in the New World Order sunset.
He knows his kids can't run it.
He knows the globalists don't like it.
It was designed to control the conservative opposition by having almost the entire conservative field as contributors with their secret contracts.
On average, $50,000 a year for complete control over what they say and what they do to be on Fox, the little conservative beauty pageant.
Blindsided, Tucker Carlson still has been given no reason why he was fired, as speculation is rife over Murdoch wants to sell Fox News, but would find it harder with Firebrand host as the network's main star.
That's an accurate headline out of the Daily Mail.
So, here's a false story, CNBC.
Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News in wake of Dominion Defamation Settlement.
That's not why it happened.
We've got a lot more on this coming up and excerpts of his heritage speech where he points out we have to stop.
If you go to the live show feed at InfoWars.com today, Tuesday live, Biden fumbles reelection launch as Deep State and Big Pharma scramble to bury news on lethal jabs, failed border, plummeting dollar.
And then we also break down the whole Tucker Carlson situation.
I went ahead and put up some private photos from Thanksgiving out in Florida.
And Tucker is nearby, pop by to hang out with the family and have breakfast.
And he's just such a great guy. So real. We talked for about two hours about the future
and everything that's going on. There's a shot with Tucker and my wife.
But the point is he's just a real guy.
And a real patriot.
And we're going to go hunting soon.
And he just loves this country.
What you see with Tucker Carlson is what you get.
And here he is with my five-year-old daughter right here.
She really likes Tucker.
She wants to know we're going to go back and see Tucker again.
Obviously in the morning having breakfast.
So that's what it comes down to.
It's just Americans wanting a future.
For our children.
And our children have no future if we don't have a free country with a free press.
You can go to Erica Wolf Jones on Twitter if you want to retweet that photo and rub it in the left's face.
Because yes, those are two modern, leading Paul Revere's.
And I'm not bragging to say I'm a modern Paul Revere.
All of you are That spread the word and stand up to tyranny.
Men, women, children, brown, black, white, all of us with red blood, wanting a future that is pro-human and that's anti-globalist.
And our talking points of the Great Awakening versus the Great Reset, of a pro-human future versus an anti-human future, are now the talking points.
You as an audience of activists have broken through.
We're winning, the enemy's losing.
They admitted their own internal papers that have leaked.
They're going to lose their new world order if they don't silence us.
But you heard AOC.
Tucker Carlson's the villain and she doesn't want him climbing back up out of the muck.
And when he tries to launch his own platform, we've got to de-platform that.
That's why InfoWars is so critical.
That's why any other independent outlet is so incredibly important.
The Jack Posobics, and the Drew Hernandez's, and the Savannah Hernandez's, and the Paul Joseph Watson's, and the Darren McBreen's, and the Owen Schroyer's, and the Harrison Smith's, and the list goes on, and on, and on.
And the icons that came before us, like Bob Fletcher, we never talk about.
And G. Edward Griffin.
Bob Fletcher is still alive.
I had a dream about him four or five days ago.
It was a dream like, I'm around a table with Ted Gunderson and Red Beckman and Bob Fletcher, literally having a discussion about how to defeat the New World Order.
And so I went to the producers and I said, call Bob Fletcher, see if he's still alive.
And he is.
And so he's coming on the show tomorrow.
And G. Edward Griffin is still around.
I haven't been able to get him on in a year.
I saw him pop up on one show and he looked still smart as ever, but like he's, you know, aged quite a bit.
Looks great for his age, but he used to look like 30 years younger than he was.
So these are the people we've really got to thank and appreciate.
You got to realize the footprint of a Bob Fletcher or a Ted Gunderson Was like a millimeter.
Compared to Tucker Carlson, that's like a thousand yards.
That's how big the footprint is of a Tucker Carlson.
Or a Joe Rogan.
Or an Alex Jones.
Because The Awakening's so big.
So as bad as we think it is, it was those little pebbles in the water.
With people like Fletcher, and people like Anthony Hilder, countless other incredible people, General Benton K. Parton, so honored to have known all these men.
Some still with us, some not.
And women.
The Phyllis Schlafly's, and there's so many amazing ladies that have fought, like Charlotte Isserby that exposed the entire deep state, with Anthony Sutton, and Anthony Sutton, and just amazing individuals, the Ron Pauls, the Barry Goldwaters, Ronald Reagan, when he ran for office, talked about the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, and the New World Order.
I mean, that's who America is.
We are the resistance, and our resistance is way bigger, way bigger, than it ever was.
And we made the enemy come out of their holes, and surveil us, and censor us, and bully us, and try to imprison us, and show the world who they are.
Another icon, what, 73 years old.
Hung out with him like the day before his 70th birthday at his house, many times, but just... Ted Nugent!
That guy was in the early 1970s, hell, late 1960s talking about the globalists and the New World Order.
These are the incredible people that we are!
All vindicated, stronger than ever, and the enemy is absolutely reviled.
I remember a year and a half ago, the National News came out and said, Joe Rogan is lying and Alex Jones is on.
And they say that Bill Gates says his new vaccine makes 80% of people sick.
I called Joe up and I said, I'm going to send you the clip of him saying that.
He goes, you don't know, we played it on the show.
And so he just tweeted or Instagrammed that and the video last time I saw it had like 10 million views and literally had hundreds of thousands of comments and you could scroll for hours and not find one comment pro Bill Gates.
But he still goes on these speaking tours and goes and pays for the media to have him on and tells us he's going to run our lives and he's going to control our bodies and he's going to make us eat bugs because he has to save face.
But he knows They know they're reviled, they know they're hated because of their actions.
AOC, I get death threats and they're mean to me because of what you do, what you push, you monster.
Tucker Carlson isn't saying, come after your miserable ass.
In fact, the last thing we want is somebody to blow you away because then that turns you into a victim.
We want to destroy your lives, intellectually.
We want to culturally take back the minds of the world to free them.
And we're doing it.
So, Tucker Carlson is now complete.
And I'm sure he'll go even further now.
But it's not until you've been de-platformed, it's not until you've been lied about, it's not until you've hit the top, and then been removed because you won the race.
Just like in Ford versus Ferrari, that's a true story.
About Shelby and the top British driver.
That all happened, just like it is in the movie.
Because I know some of those folks.
They tell me it's dead accurate.
But went on out in West Texas and the rest of it.
With the Shelby Laboratories.
And he had a driver that could beat everybody.
But the owners came and said, we're putting three drivers on the road.
And we want you to lose.
And that's what the system loves.
Just like in the movie Rollerball, the original one in the 70s, with James Caan.
Watch that movie, because that's their plan.
No more nation states, only megacities with the globalist control.
No paper, everything digital, no history anymore.
And the executives come and demand James Caan's wife.
And he has to give his wife over to one of the top executives.
And then they're jealous of him and want him to lose the game.
So they start killing off all of his team.
But still he wins.
And the final equation, it's about the Rupert Murdoch's and people above him being able to sit back and watch greater men than them be destroyed for their own selfish power trip.
That's why they want control of your bodies.
That's why they want control of your children, because they are miserable trash.
So it's your duty, as Paul Revere is to share the articles and videos from this show and others, and please just support the broadcast by getting great products at the same time.
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keep us on air.
But I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen, they got dirty tricks going behind the scenes
you wouldn't believe.
They've got whole teams at the Justice Department trying to frame me and put me in prison right now.
But that's okay!
Paul Revere was getting shot at by the British!
I know who I'm up against.
I know what I'm doing.
I'm only asking you to pray for us, and to support us, and to magnify us, because I'm not doing this to lose.
I'm doing this for my children to have a future.
And winning doesn't even mean Alex Jones lives, or Alex Jones doesn't go to prison.
Winning means, in the end, these people don't blow up the planet and our children have a future.
That's my victory.
I'm honored to take these people on head-on.
But I need your help.
I need you to commit to the fight.
Spread the word.
Pray for the broadcast.
And go now to infowarestore.com.
We'll be back with our number two jam packed.
In the early 1900s, certain companies were off gassing highly toxic fluoride gases into
the atmosphere.
The surrounding communities began to get sick.
Laws were enacted to compel these corporations to install scrubbers to convert these gases into fluorosilicic acid.
Still highly toxic, but containable.
Now these companies had a stockpile of this poison, and there was no affordable way to dispose of it.
Lucky for them, one of their major stockholders was also the Secretary of the Treasury, who was responsible for the Public Health Service at the time.
And by 1950, the U.S.
government began buying this toxic, untreated industrial waste product and dumping it into our drinking water.
Reputable studies show that it's causing various cancers and other disease.
With the Alexa Pure Pro, you can have clean drinking water and a remedy to this madness.
Available now at InfoWareStore.com.
All right, we have a huge guest coming up, very informative in the third hour, but I want to air a lot of excerpts of the things that have really got Tucker Carlson banned.
Biden's announced his re-election bid, so much big news coming up.
But here he is talking to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., just a couple days before they took him off air, hit him on all cylinders.
So you are, of course, being dismissed as a vaccine nut, but watching your announcement today, it wasn't about pharma even so much as it was about America's place in the world and what do we do about it.
If you wouldn't mind summarizing for our viewers where you think we are and what you think we ought to do.
Well, I gave a long speech, Tucker, and thank you again for having me on.
Of course.
And for that very kind introduction.
You know, I think that the general theme of my speech was this corrupt merger of state and corporate power.
which has gotten, which is turning our country into a corporate kleptocracy,
into a system of socialism for the rich, and this kind of cushy socialism for the rich,
and this kind of brutal, merciless capitalism for the poor.
It keeps us in a state of war.
It bails out banks at the same time.
This month, last month, the United States government told 30 million people it was cutting their welfare,
their food stamp checks by 90%.
It took 15 million people off of Medicare the same month it gave $300 million
to the Silicon Valley Bank and tapped up the cost of the Ukraine war to $100 million.
We're sending $113 billion to the Ukraine.
The entire budget of EPA is $12 billion.
The budget of CDC is $11 billion.
We have 57% of American citizens could not put their hands on $1,000 if they have an emergency.
A quarter of our citizens are hungry.
So we're cutting welfare and food stamps by 90%.
And we're paying and we're bailing out the bankers.
We're paying for a war that, you know, we can't afford.
And the way that we do this is by printing money.
We've printed 10 centuries of money in the last 14 years.
And that causes the inflation, which raises food prices, which they tax on the poor.
Oh, you know, we've raised food prices for basic foods like chicken, dairy, and milk by 76% in the last two years, and now we're cutting people's food stamps and bailing out banks the same month.
It doesn't make any sense.
And we need to get rid of this kind of corporate control of our government.
It comes from this, you know, our democracy is devolving into kind of a corporate plutocracy.
I would think that what you just said, and I'll just be honest, I agree with most of it, but even if I didn't, I would think, boy, that's a really interesting thing to say.
You have a coherent worldview.
You've written a lot of books on these topics.
You've clearly thought about it.
You're not in it for the money.
So don't these issues deserve a wide hearing before the public entering a presidential year?
It seems to me that they do.
I would think they would, and particularly the issues of war.
My son went over and fought in the Ukraine, as I said today.
The major doyens, the most respected diplomatic gurus like Henry Kissinger and Jack Matlock and Larry Wilkinson, I've always said that Ukraine war is a huge problem for our country because it, from a geopolitical standpoint, is driving the Russians close to the Chinese, which is the worst thing for us.
But we're there for the right reasons because we have tremendous compassion for the Ukrainian people and the illegal invasion, the brutality, and also their valor and their courage.
My own son was serving over there.
He joined a special forces unit as a machine gunner.
He fought in the Kharkiv offensive.
Americans care about the underdog.
They care about that kind of suffering.
But the question is, why are we in the Ukraine?
Because Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense, said that we're there to exhaust the Russians.
President Biden has said that we're there to de-platform, to depose Vladimir Putin.
And if that's why we're there, then we're killing a lot of Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two great powers.
We'll be back.
Here's one last thing I would say.
Nobody talks about this.
Jesus, you got me.
Freedom, you got me.
America, you got me.
Honor, courage, will, you got me.
New World Order, you got my commitment to come after your ass and never give up.
And it's a funny thing about the world.
It's not just evil in it.
There's good.
And all of you that care that are in this broadcast are at the heart of that resistance, and I salute you.
All right.
Let's tie it all together and then start getting some of these Key Tucker Carlson clips that are so important in his excerpts of his Hour-long speech that's posted on Infowars.com from the Heritage Foundation after his show Friday night.
Normally hosts his show from Florida or Maine, but was actually there at the Heritage Foundation in D.C.
doing it out of the Fox Studios, so his last show out of Fox.
And again, it's bigger than a microcosm.
It's the entire globalist playbook to punish and make examples out of anybody that opposes them so that other people see that and keep their heads down.
But it's the keeping our heads down that's cooked our goose.
There's not much time to turn this around at this stage before things get really bad.
And we'll turn it around after that.
But do you really want to go one room down the ladder again and slide into some even deeper tyranny before we go, man, this stinks.
This sucks.
This is not good.
And again, I have an open hand.
An outstretched hand to people in the system.
The government is not our enemy.
The corporations are not our enemy.
The universities are not our enemy.
The churches are not our enemy.
The black people are not our enemy.
The white people are not our enemy.
The brown people are not our enemy.
Evil is our enemy, and evil has unlimited money through the fraudulent banking system.
More than all the real assets in the world, over a hundred times it's estimated conservatively.
And so that's why they can just endlessly fight us and do outrageous things that no one would accept in their right mind because they're able to find people that will take the money.
But there becomes a point where things are so horrible that the money, you can't even spend it anywhere.
You build a prison around you and then you're in the prison with the worthless money.
And that's really the best analogy.
It's like you climb down in a mine full of gold And then you dynamite the entrance and cave it in on yourself.
So, yeah, you're a rich skeleton down there with five tons of gold.
If you told somebody, hey, we'll let you have five billion dollars of gold at the bottom of that mine.
You can go look at it and see it.
It's yours.
Here's the contract.
But we're going to set up 500 pounds of TNT in the mine shaft and blow it shut and kill you.
But that gold is yours.
No one People would say, oh yeah, I guess there's a few suicidal crazy people, but who would do that?
Gerald Rundus, a great pastor and friend of mine, said one of the ways he would wake up non-believers is asking them, would you give up your eyes for a billion dollars?
Ten billion?
Would you give up your soul for a billion dollars?
Because that's way more important than your eyeballs that are just stalks that grow in the embryonic phase of development in your mother's womb.
They're windows to the soul because they're literally brain tissue.
When you look at somebody's eyes, you're looking at their brain.
Stalks that grow out and look at you and then get processed by the brain.
Would you give up those eyeballs?
Well then why would you give up your son's family jewels?
You know, why do people always call it, oh that's my grandson, that's my firstborn son, that's the family jewels!
Because those are incredibly valuable.
That's the history of your family.
That's your genetics.
That's who you are.
That's the continuation.
That's the pride.
That's who's going to take care of you when you're old.
Now it's fashionable to cut those off.
And people line up to do it because they see the national news, the culture, and they think, I'll be accepted.
I'll be progressive.
I'll show that as a sacrament to the new leftist religion of depopulation.
Which they now admit is a religion.
And so Tucker has now entered That rare space where he was censored and fired and besmirched and demonized and defamed.
You know the talking point.
Oh, you mean Tucker Carlson, the white supremacist.
When did you ever see Tucker Carlson promote racial division?
The answer is never.
When did you see Democrats promote it?
The answer is incessantly.
Immediately every day.
First thing they do.
So it is an honor to have this scum come after you, and it is Tucker Carlson, to use a Lord of the Rings analogy, fighting the Balrog.
Gandalf the Grey falls, after what seems like a million years in another dimension, battles it and finally slays the Balrog, and then he rises again as Gandalf the White.
And that's the allegory.
Or Obi-Wan Kenobi getting cut down by Darth Vader.
Comes back more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
But only when the people back an Alex Jones or a Tucker Carlson do we come back stronger.
And that's an allegory or a subset of how it works for God.
God needs us to do the right thing.
And then once we do that, God opens up our discernment, gives us more strength and more will, and gives us aid.
But you have to get in the position of danger and skin in the game, because if you don't have skin in the game, God does not give you the next level of understanding to lead, guide, and direct us.
I need to talk to my dad.
I want to write down the prayer that he said every night and almost every morning when we sat down around the dinner table.
It was only about a minute long, and I don't remember the whole way it goes, even though I heard it thousands of times, but it ended with, in nourishment to our body, we thank you for this meal.
And we ask humbly that you lead, guide, and direct us to be good people in your will that stand together and that empower humanity for your glory.
Something like that.
And I want my dad to, because I remember asking him as a kid, I said, what's that from?
And it was some Bible studies seminary thing when he was a kid he went to.
And that was the prayer he always said, but that's absolutely right.
We don't go to God and ask God, give me a Corvette or give me wealth.
People don't get those prayers answered, folks.
When you go to God and you say, I am a broken creature, but I love you and I want to be better.
Can you fulfill me?
Can you empower me?
Can you take control of me?
Can you lead, guide, and direct me?
I need you to lead me.
I need you to guide me.
And finally, I need you to direct me.
But not until you ask God to lead and guide you, and once you start following that, only then will you be directed.
And these evil-doers and these servants of Satan They are directed by their energy field, by their spirit, by their force.
Imagine how sick and sad and miserable, and things get worse for them, and things get more terrible, but always more.
If you just serve evil more, if you do something nastier or worse, then you'll really get power.
But all they really are is slaves, ladies and gentlemen.
So that's what this comes down to, and it's this animating contest.
It's this battle with evil that shows us who we are.
It's by descending into the pit, and like Christ, picking up your cross, and like Christ, marching into hell and getting the keys to hell and death.
That's what we're designed to do.
And none of us are perfect.
We're not Christ.
We're not God.
But we are to try to emulate that and ask God to lead, guide, and direct us.
That is your mission if you choose to accept it.
Now, I want to play a seven and a half minute excerpt from his big speech Friday night.
But I've watched the whole thing.
A lot of it's him having fun and being charming.
But here's some of the more serious parts of it that upsets the power structure.
He was not fired over a Pelosi picture with her boobs hanging out.
You know, dressed and everything, but just a picture of her at the beach.
A joke.
He was fired for taking on the New World Order and not backing down.
So here's part of the speech.
I hope you share it.
When I started at Heritage, the presumption was, and this is a very Anglo-American assumption, that the debates we're having are kind of rational debates about the way to get to mutually agreed upon outcomes.
So, like, we all want the country to be more prosperous and free and people to be less oppressed or whatever, and so we're going to argue about tax rates, and I think higher tax gets us there.
I'm a Keynesian, and you disagree, you're an Austrian, or whatever.
But the objective is the same.
I'm just saying this as an observer of what's going on.
There is no way to assess, say, the transgenderist movement with that mindset.
Policy papers don't account for it at all.
If you have people who are saying, I have an idea, let's castrate the next generation.
Let's sexually mutilate children.
I'm sorry, that's not a political debate.
It has nothing to do with politics.
What's the outcome we're desiring here?
An androgynous population?
Is that really what we are?
Are we arguing for that?
I don't think anyone could defend that as a positive outcome.
But the weight of the government and a lot of corporate interests are behind that.
Well, what is that?
Well, it's irrational.
As you look around and you see so many people break under the strain, under the downward pressure of whatever this is that we're going through, and you look with Disdain and sadness as you see people you know become quizlings, you see them revealed as cowards, you see them going along with the new new thing, which is clearly a poisonous thing, a silly thing.
You know, saying things you know they don't believe because they want to keep their jobs.
If there's a single person in this room who hasn't seen that through George Floyd and COVID and the Ukraine war, raise your hand.
Oh, nobody?
Right, you all know what I'm talking about.
And you're so disappointed in people.
You know, you are, and you realize that the herd instinct is maybe the strongest instinct.
I mean, it may be stronger than the hunger and sex instincts, actually.
The instinct, which again, is inherent to be like everybody else and not to be cast out of the group, not to be shunned.
That's a very strong impulse in all of us from birth.
And it takes over, unfortunately, in moments like this, and it's harnessed, in fact, by bad people in moments like this.
To produce uniformity.
And you see people going along with this, and you lose respect for them.
And that's certainly happened to me at scale over the past three years.
But because I'm sort of paid to predict things, I try and think a lot about, you know, what connects certain outcomes that I should have seen before they occurred.
And in this case, there is no thread that I can find that connects all of the people who've popped up in my life to be that lone, brave person in the crowd who says, no, thank you.
You could not have known who these people are.
They don't fit a common profile.
Some are people like me.
Some of them don't look like me at all.
Some of them are people I despised on political grounds just a few years ago.
I could name their names, but you may not even know about their transformations, and I don't want to wreck your dinner by telling you who they are.
But there's in one case someone who I made fun of on television, and certainly in my private life in vulgar ways, who was really the embodiment of everything I found repulsive, who in the middle of COVID decided, no, I'm not going along with this, and once you say one true thing and stick with it, all kinds of other true things occur to you.
The truth is contagious.
Lying is, but the truth is as well.
And the second you decide to tell the truth about something, you are filled with this, I don't wanna get supernatural on you, But you are filled with this power from somewhere else.
Try it.
Tell the truth about something.
You feel it every day.
The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become.
That's completely real.
It's measurable in the way that you feel.
And of course the opposite is also true.
The more you lie, the weaker and more terrified you become.
We all know that feeling.
You lie about something and all of a sudden you're a prisoner of that lie.
You are diminished by it.
You are weak and afraid.
But you look around and you see these people and some of them really have paid a heavy price for telling the truth.
And they are cast out of their groups, whatever those groups are, but they do it anyway.
And I look on at those people with the deepest possible admiration.
I am paid to do that.
I face no penalty.
Someone comes up to me and says, you're so brave.
I'm a talk show host.
It's like I can have any opinion I want.
That's my job.
That's why they pay me.
It's not brave to tell the truth on a cable news show.
And if you're not doing that, you're really an idiot.
That's not really the case in a tyranny.
George Orwell said, telling the truth in an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
You did pay a price now, Tucker, and now they're going to come after you.
But he knows that.
He's there trying to get them to not be liars, to get them to be stronger, to get them to be leaders.
But they do it anyway.
And I look on at those people with the deepest possible admiration.
I am paid to do that.
I face no penalty.
Someone comes up to me and says, you're so brave.
I'm a talk show host.
It's like I can have any opinion I want.
That's my job.
That's why they pay me.
It's not brave to tell the truth on a cable news show.
And if you're not doing that, you're really an idiot.
You're really craven.
You're lying on television.
Why would you do that?
You're literally making a living to say what you think and you can't even do that?
You just go into little re-education meetings and you're like, yeah, diversity is our strength, that's exactly right, we need equity in the capital markets.
Okay, alright.
So if you're the one guy who refuses to say that, you are a hero, in my opinion.
No one is trained to stand up in the middle of a DEI meeting at Citibank and say, this is nonsense.
And the people who do that, they have my deepest admiration.
And so their example really gives me hope.
It thrills me.
I talk to them all day long, people like that.
That's the first thing.
If you say, well, you know, I think abortion is always bad.
Well, I think sometimes it's necessary.
That's a debate I'm familiar with.
But if you're telling me that abortion is a positive good, what are you saying?
Well, you're arguing for child sacrifice, obviously.
It's not about, like, oh, a teen girl gets pregnant, and what do we do about that, and victims of rape.
I get it.
But when the Treasury Secretary stands up and says, you know what you can do to help the economy get an abortion?
Well, that's like an Aztec principle, actually.
There's not a society in history that didn't practice human sacrifice.
Not one.
I checked.
Even the Scandinavians, I'm ashamed to say.
It wasn't just the Mesoamericans, it was everybody.
So that's what that is.
What's the point of child sacrifice?
Well, there's no policy goal entwined with that.
No, that's a theological phenomenon.
And that's kind of the point I'm making.
None of this makes sense in conventional political terms.
When people, or crowds of people, or the largest crowd of people at all, which is the federal government, The largest human organization in human history decide that the goal is to destroy things.
Destruction for its own sake.
Hey, let's tear it down.
What you're watching is not a political movement.
It's evil.
Good is characterized by order.
Calmness, tranquility, peace, whatever you want to call it.
Lack of conflict.
Cleanliness is next to godliness.
It's true.
It is.
And evil is characterized by their opposites.
Violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth.
So if you are all in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes, what you're really advocating for is evil.
That's just true.
Those are manifestations of some larger force acting upon us.
It's just so obvious!
It's completely obvious!
And even I have concluded it might be worth taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will.
Alright, what have I said probably 5,000 times in the last 20 years?
I didn't figure this out the first nine years on air.
If we identify the enemy as satanic and out to destroy things because they like it, and that it's a religion, Then we beat them.
Because then it all makes sense, and you understand they're not doing it for rational reasons.
But if you sit there and listen to every excuse they've got for what they do, you get caught in the mindless minutiae.
And everything you heard Tucker say there, you've heard me say.
And it's not because he tunes into the show, which he does.
And it's not because we talk, which we do.
You heard him say, I could talk forever with these people.
And that's what he does.
He's real.
And he disdains the people that are liars because he knows he was lied to by them and he believed in the system till he woke up.
And this show, he's told me in my face, was the critical.
Catalyst for that, and the left hates me for that.
They hate you for that, for supporting the broadcast, and you waking up others, because they can track back, and this has been all over the news, so many of the people that are now opposing him, Alex Jones, had the triggering key domino event in that, and that wasn't Alex Jones, that was God working through me, and working through you.
So as negative as all this is on the surface, it's very, very positive where we've come from and where we are now.
The problem is they're going to try to start nuclear war.
They're going to release more viruses.
They aren't going to give up.
So that's why I need to talk to all the people that have been on the fence, keeping your heads down and going along with the system.
You know we're going to be destroyed if you keep doing that, because it's not the evil people that love it and know what they're doing that are going to destroy us.
It's you and I.
Being cowards, and being lazy, and saying it's too big a problem, and not beginning to attack the problem, piece by piece, everywhere you are.
Because it's not going to be you and I that fix it, but it's going to be all of us together, with God leading, guiding, and directing us.
You have to open up to God, the creator of the universe, and just open up to God and say, I want to be good, I want to help people, show me what to do.
Touch me, show me, and you will feel the atmosphere change and the oppression just leave your body and then start telling the truth and start challenging evil.
I walk into the most leftist areas of Austin, right into restaurants with my head held high, and they don't say a word now for at least eight, nine months.
And when they get in my face, I sit there most of the time.
I don't get mad back at them.
Well, they said, we're going to kill you.
We're going to kill you.
And I'm waiting for you at the door.
Then they got their cameras.
Oh, Alex just blew up at us for no reason.
At a chicken fried, you know, chicken place.
No, they come over to my table with my wife three times and whispered in my ear, I'm going to kill you and walk off.
I'm going to kill you and walk off.
And the newspaper said, we don't know that's true.
So they came and asked the manager.
They said, yeah.
He complained and the guy was coming over to his table.
But it was all about poking the bear, poking the bull.
Huh, yeah, let's, let's, there's tables outside that place.
But I was in a little inside area eating.
It was hot outside.
And the Antifa people, that's who we later learned they were, would just come over and say, I'm gonna kill you.
You're going down, scumbag.
F your family.
Did it three times.
And I didn't get in his face those times.
I just called the manager over and said, will you please, after the first time, or two more times, he said, stop that, stop what you're doing.
So I had a record of it, but they got me the fourth time when I opened the door up, and there they were at the door, laughing at me.
And I should have just said, I'll pray for you, you're pathetic, and left.
But they got me to charge the red cape.
And behind it was the sword.
And it didn't do anything.
The truth came out.
But that's what they do.
But you don't see the other hundred times they didn't bait me into it.
But see, now they don't do that.
They don't do that anymore, because they know they're suckers.
They know they signed on to Satan.
They know I'm trying to save them and myself at the same time.
And we're reaching the tipping point where people figure that out.
All right, bunch of news, critical intel.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
You know, they don't want Tucker Carlson to be heard, and you know I love talking.
I got a lot of news to hit.
Another big guest we got next hour.
Got some huge guests throughout the rest of the week as well.
But he did an opening monologue.
That's clip five.
A few days before his last show, that was Friday, April 21st, this was Wednesday, April 19th, where he basically lays out how the people running our culture are literally out to get us on purpose.
And again, once you know that, it's game over for them.
Unless they get their cashless society and their control system in place and cut their resources off, then the average person will be so desperate, they will follow most of the orders, then we go to full physical war.
All right?
So everything I do is about averting that.
But we are being made a failed state right now because all nation-states must implode into the New World Order.
It's the Great Reset, the Build Back Better.
So here's Tucker Carlson, who played part of the monologue from April 19th.
Here it is.
Give it to Tucker Carlson tonight.
Sometimes you wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are.
You'll be in the shower and you'll think they're bad, but how bad are they?
Well, here's one measure of their badness.
You can try this at home.
Ask yourself.
Is any news organization you know of so corrupt that it's willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers?
Anyone who'd do that is obviously Pablo Escobar level corrupt and should not be trusted.
What would that look like?
That level of corruption.
Well, imagine that the Trump administration had made it mandatory for American citizens to buy MyPillow.
That's one of Fox News' biggest advertisers.
Imagine the administration declared that if you didn't rush out and buy at least one MyPillow, and then at least another Booster Pillow, you would not be allowed to eat out.
You couldn't re-enter your own country.
You couldn't have a paying job.
MyPillow, they told you with a straight face, was the very linchpin of our country's public health system.
Now imagine, as they told you that, that Fox, as a news organization, endorsed it, amplified the government's message.
Imagine if Fox News attacked anyone who refused to buy MyPillow as an ally of Russia, as an enemy of science.
And then imagine that Fox kept up those libelous attacks, even as evidence mounted that MyPillow caused heart attacks, fertility problems, and death.
If Fox News did that, what would you think of Fox News?
Would you trust us?
Of course you wouldn't.
You would know that we were liars.
Thank heaven Fox News never did anything like that.
But the other channels did.
The other channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from big pharma companies.
And then they shilled for their sketchy products on the air.
And as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products.
At the very least, this was a moral crime.
It was disgusting.
But it was universal.
It happened across the American news media.
They all did it.
So at this point, the question isn't, who in public life is corrupt?
Too many to count.
The question is, who is telling the truth?
There are not many of those.
One of them is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert Kennedy knew early that the COVID vaccines were both ineffective and potentially dangerous, and he said so in public to the extent he was allowed.
Science has since proven Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
right, unequivocally right.
But Kennedy was not rewarded for this.
He was vilified.
He was censored.
Because he dared to criticize their advertisers, the news media called Bobby Kennedy a Nazi, and then they attacked his family.
But he kept doing it.
He was not intimidated.
And we were glad he wasn't.
This is one of those moments when it's nice to have a truth teller around.
It's helpful, because suddenly the stakes are very high.
Considering what's happening in Ukraine, a topic most of us don't know much about because the details are not reported.
It was a year ago that every media outlet in the United States, from USA Today to the New York Times, told you it was a dangerous conspiracy theory to believe the U.S.
government had ever funded secret biolabs in Ukraine.
The idea was ridiculous.
In fact, it was Russian disinformation.
And then one day, in sworn testimony, Toria Nuland of the State Department accidentally admitted that it was true.
Yes, she said, there are many secret biolabs in Ukraine.
And, quote, we are now in fact quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of them.
Wait a second.
You may be wondering.
Let's stop there, back in five seconds.
And then he drops an even bigger bombshell.
It went on for 45 minutes.
He points out that they say there's sensitive U.S.
nuclear material at a nuke reactor.
And the intel's coming out that they're making nuclear weapons.
They're giving Zelensky nukes to then basically threaten Putin, which will cause World War III.
I mean, the recklessness of this is, attends the worst.
This is a 5,000.
I mean, it's, let's blow the planet up crazy.
And throughout history, at the bottom of the decadent cycle, you get crazy elites that have never been challenged, never been stopped, who then do something that destroys everybody.
So, That's where we are.
Remember those biolabs?
We had all the documents two years ago, even before the war started.
We knew it.
We reported here.
We had experts on.
Top former UN officials.
And the guy that wrote the US and UN laws, Dr. Boyle.
But, again, they just say, oh, it's a conspiracy the Russians put on, the Russians, the Russians can't find their hand, their ass with both hands compared to the Chinese or the US, which is a problem.
I wish our elites were as, you know, I mean, the Russians just want to have a bunch of wealth and, you know, hang out and drink vodka, seriously.
And they're not trying to cut their kids' peckers off.
And they look at us, they go, you people are nuts.
It's not that they're perfect, but I mean, they are not captured by this, this sickness.
Let's continue.
That Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of them.
Wait a second, you may be wondering, why does the US government maintain secret biolabs in a primitive country like Ukraine?
Why not Austria?
Why Ukraine?
And why didn't we dismantle and remove these secret biolabs when the war with Russia started?
Nobody ever explained that.
This show was attacked for asking the question.
Now we have learned that actually it is far worse than just biolabs.
Not only has the Biden administration been maintaining these labs in Ukraine in the middle of a war, it also has, quote, sensitive nuclear technology in Ukraine as well.
And no, we're not making that up.
They admitted it today.
While Ukrainian staff are still operating the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, it does fall under the control of Russian armed forces and is currently being managed by Russia's state-owned nuclear energy firm Rosatom.
A significant concern and essentially in this letter that has been reviewed by CNN sent by the US Department of Energy to Rosatom, the US government has essentially warned Moscow not to touch the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant because of this sensitive American nuclear technology at the plant.
So many questions here, but we'll begin with the biggest one.
What exactly is, quote, sensitive American nuclear technology?
Sensitive American nuclear technology?
Probably not to produce energy.
No one in the media is going to ask that question.
But if it's in the middle of Ukraine, in the middle of a war, it stands to reason this sensitive American nuclear technology has military applications.
In other words, these are nuclear weapons.
What else could they be?
We'll stop speculating there.
But take three steps back.
This is all so crazy and so reckless, it is hard to believe it's happening.
Here you have a Democratic president gone completely off the rails, completely, with existentially dangerous consequences, prosecuting a war that can only hurt the United States.
Alright, let's stop there.
A war with no upside.
It's not just what he's saying, he's got a whole backstory.
Ukraine admits they're developing nuclear weapons.
You've got surrounding countries saying they're giving them nuclear weapons.
Zelensky says he wants NICS to then attack the largest nuclear power in the world.
That's in the news.
I mean, you're actually hearing that.
You look at that nuclear power plant of your TV viewer, you notice it's all shot out the windows.
They had a big battle there, where tens of thousands of troops reportedly died in the surrounding areas, and now the Russians are in a shot-up nuclear reactor, and it just goes more and more insane from there.
I mean, it's just totally demonic, totally insane, and our corrupt CIA doesn't want you to know about it because they're busy trying to blow the planet up.
We'll be right back.
Headed on the highway, looking for adventure.
And whatever comes our way, nothing's gonna make it happen.
Fire all of your guns at once.
Explode into space.
All right, we have a special guest that I'll surprise you with a great talk show host, great esoteric knowledge coming up next hour.
We got some really big guests throughout the week as well, even at that.
But let's start plowing through some of the news here.
But I got to tell you, the whole Tucker Carlson Speech at the Heritage Foundation about evil's real, it's moving against us, that's its goal, it wants to dominate, it wants to hurt people, let's break with it.
And that's the message the enemy cannot defeat because it is the truth.
So, let's look at some of these headlines that tie together.
I already played this clip last hour so I will not subject you to the narcissist demon.
AOC... I won't subject you to playing it again.
AOC celebrates Tucker Carlson's exit from Fox News.
Deplatforming works.
That's right.
Disinformation in the state.
The aptly named Restrict Act.
By the Mies Institute.
The Austrian economics juggernaut.
And it explains that it takes the Patriot Act and enslaves all Americans, totally surveilling us and putting us in jail for not using an internet ID.
We've already talked a lot about it, but that's the backdrop where she says we need to outlaw speech that we don't like and it works.
That's not a 7, it's not an 8, it's not a 9 on a Richter scale, it's a 10.
Did Biden steal the election?
Ron Paul, big article on InfoWars.com.
And the answer is just with election meddling, suppressing the Hunter Biden story and hundreds of other big stories and blocking voter information and banning or shadow banning thousands of candidates, 100% that's the most basic form of election meddling.
Regardless of machines that we know are hackable and regardless of all the mail-in ballots and all the crap we saw in key battleground states, yes, they stole the election.
And national polls show between 70 and 85 percent of Americans across the board, Republican, Democrat, independent, non-voters, all of them together, believe the election was stolen.
So just keep telling us it wasn't.
And just keep telling us there were no feds on January 6th.
And just keep telling us that there's not a fentanyl problem.
Because you know they get talking points for Jimmy Killen, Jimmy, whatever the hell his name is, Kimmel, and all of them, Stephen Colbert, and I don't even, they have almost no viewers now, but I still see the clips here and there, and about six months ago, they all in one week, all the big nighttime hosts, We're not big anymore.
Came out and laughed about fentanyl and claimed Republicans claim it's a problem.
Ha ha ha!
Big deal, fentanyl getting high.
It's literally killing a hundred plus thousand people a year conservatively.
Almost everybody I know has had family die from it.
In many cases not knowing they were taking it.
And they're joking!
What type of monsters joke about fentanyl death?
Well, these people do.
Because they got to get you used to death and destruction all around you.
Did Biden steal the election?
Do bears take dumps in the woods?
Excuse my French.
Biden fumbles.
Re-election launches.
Deep State and Big Pharma scramble to bury news of lethal jabs.
Yeah, we've got the videos.
We've got it all.
He couldn't even do a live announcement, and he bumbles and fumbles the recorded one.
You don't want me to subject you to three minutes of Biden, do you?
No, I don't think you do.
I'm not going to play it.
You want to go watch it?
You can.
It's on Infowars.com.
So, this is the plan, ladies and gentlemen.
And when you read these headlines like, how greening the economy will destroy America, it's not greening, it's redding it with crime and murder and collapse and it has nothing to do with the environment, everything to do with China.
And all the other globalist slave states getting all our jobs.
It's about making America impossible to do business in, so they can produce it in a slave country, and its middlemen ship it back here and control us.
That's all this is about.
All right.
Continuing, Biden announced his re-election bid saying battle for nation's soul isn't complete.
That's right, you haven't gotten all our souls yet.
Trump on Biden, re-election announcement, he is worse than the five worst presidents combined.
I absolutely agree with that.
And Trump also came out and said it's treason.
That the 51 current and former intelligence officials who signed the letter claiming Hunter Biden's laptop was fake were involved in treason to steal the election.
Here is the clip of President Trump.
...revelation that this was incredible, that 51 intelligence agents totally lied.
I think it's treason.
They totally lied.
Just before the election, right before the vote, they lied and they said that the computer, which had all crimes on it, was Russian disinformation.
51 top people, the top people in the country, they lied.
I actually think it's treasonous.
And by the way, that's just another way that they cheated on the election.
They cheated in many ways.
You should revoke, would you revoke their security clearances?
A lot of these people still, they're contractors, they're still intelligence professionals, and they have access to our secrets.
Should they lose that?
The security clearance of every one of those people should be immediately revoked.
So, also in election news, The Hill reports, which I've been saying, RFK Jr.' 's long-shot presidential bid may still give Biden a headache.
Yeah, pointing out Biden's a lying tyrant, injecting real issues into the campaign, yeah.
Only way Kennedy loses is by not running, because even if he loses, he injects truth in.
See, resistance is victory.
We don't know who of us will take it over the top, who of us will score knockout blows, but if we don't get in the ring, If we don't get in the arena, then we've lost already.
I wanted to play this clip, though.
You know, let's do this next time, because we're going to break here in about four minutes.
But I love Hillary Clinton, which means I hate, and Susan Rice and all these warmongers, and Victoria Nuland, by going, yeah, I convinced Obama to bomb Syria.
Yeah, she's giggling.
Why don't they get off on the power?
Obama, you know, nobody's better than killing than me.
Predator drones.
It's fetish behavior.
And when I see some colonel that I knew served 20 tours in wars, and I saw some military person that has killed a bunch of people say that, I would think they're the worst person ever.
You know what?
I've never met anybody in the military, quote, war heroes and people, that sit around and brag and, hey, I killed a bunch of people because I actually did it.
But all the people that could not Wipe their ass with both hands.
They're all, Hillary, we came, we saw, he died.
We have to watch all these sick, weird witches who literally couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag.
Tell us how great death and destruction is.
That's coming up next segment ahead of our special guest.
But these people are sick.
All right, we're gonna go to break in a few minutes.
Look, here's how it works.
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And we're barely in the black, able to pay the bills, want to thank you for your support, plus we have great products you need.
But there's been a lot of stuff behind the scenes that's gone on, where I'm told one thing, but it's always something else.
And so I've done everything I've done in good faith with everybody.
Everything I've said has been 100% transparent, that's all come out.
And I've done everything I can to keep InfoWars on the air, and to keep this operation going.
If I'm going to leave InfoWars or I'm going to shut this down because I can't do things that I think are immoral and the pressure is put on me in this process that's going on.
You will be told and there will be months until InfoWars shuts down.
But I have to come to the point here of telling you that we are approaching a point Where I'd say a 20% chance that if that starts to happen, I'm going to tell you and let you know, because I'm not going to be pushed around.
I turned down jobs from the New World Order and Roger Ailes and Fox News and Henry Kissinger and everyone else.
And my loyalty to my crew is paramount.
But I have a loyalty to the truth that's even bigger.
It's not my crew that's bad.
It's the things that are going on.
So I've got to jerk some people's chains here a little bit and just let them know, and I'm doing it right now on air, that If I get lied to or thrown on the bus one more time, maybe that's what you're looking for, you're going to get what you're looking for.
But first, you're going to get a full exposure.
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We'll be right back.
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Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Say what you will about elected Democrats, but they know where the power is.
They're like truffle pigs for power.
No matter how thick the forest is, they will find it.
Here's one example.
In his very first hours in office, literally on inauguration day, Joe Biden named a new head of the criminal division at the Justice Department.
Now, Biden spent that same day, you will remember, lecturing the rest of us about equity, meaning that straight white men are bad.
And yet, strangely, the person he chose for this job was not a member of a racial or sexual minority.
He was instead a highly privileged, straight, white guy.
He was called Nick McQuaid.
Nick McQuaid went to private schools.
He rode at Wesleyan.
He went to Columbia for law school.
He was definitely not oppressed, but that did not matter to Joe Biden.
Some jobs are too important for affirmative action.
McQuaid's main qualification was being the former law partner of Hunter Biden's criminal attorney.
In December of 2020, Hunter Biden hired a Latham & Watkins lawyer called Chris Clark to defend him against potential federal tax charges.
Just a month later, Hunter Biden's dad hired Chris Clark's partner, Nick McQuaid, to oversee the agency that could bring those federal tax charges.
That seems like an obvious and glaring conflict.
But no, Nick McQuaid did not recuse himself from the Hunter Biden investigation.
And so, more than two years later, not surprisingly, no charges have been brought against Hunter Biden.
And it's not for lack of evidence.
For years now, the FBI has had possession of Hunter Biden's laptop.
On that laptop, as you know, is a detailed account of how the Biden family made millions of dollars from foreign governments selling access to the U.S.
government through Joe Biden.
So the question is, among many, did Hunter Biden pay federal taxes on all of that dough?
What do you think?
This is a guy who left a crack pipe and his driver's license in a rental car because he was too high to put them back into his pocket.
Did he pay all his federal taxes?
Let's just say Hunter Biden does not fit the profile of a faithful taxpayer.
But he is the President's son.
And that's why when he was asked about the criminal investigation into his taxes two years ago, he didn't seem that worried.
At the end of last year, Biden acknowledged an ongoing investigation by federal authorities for potential tax law violations.
Is your legal team working on any kind of a plea deal?
Oh, no.
I am absolutely certain that what we're doing is being completely cooperative with whoever is asking from any authority whatsoever.
The implication all through the campaign was that your efforts had somehow benefited your father financially.
Have you ever given your father money from any of your business ventures?
Not a nickel?
Not a nickel.
Directly or indirectly?
Directly or indirectly.
Not a nickel ever.
Oh, you lie!
You lie!
That was two years ago.
Weirdly, we haven't heard a lot about the federal tax investigation into Hunter Biden since.
And it is strange if you think about it, since we now have tens of thousands of new IRS agents to enforce tax law.
And in fact, it wasn't that long ago that the Biden Justice Department, do you remember this?
Indicted Donald Trump's 75-year-old accountant because he failed to declare the full value of his work vehicle.
I think he was in handcuffs.
But somehow these same enforcers of the law cannot be bothered to bring the Hunter Biden investigation to fruition, not when they have a laptop proving that he took millions from the government of China.
How does that work exactly?
Did he pay every dollar in federal taxes?
Did he fully declare the value of his work vehicle or of his crack?
What about the Russian hookers?
By the way, at the same time, DOJ doesn't seem interested at all in the fact that Hunter Biden lied on a federal gun form.
Go ahead and try that yourself at home.
It's a felony.
You'll go to jail.
But Hunter Biden is not in jail.
He's making art in his garden in L.A.
Is what we're seeing what it looks like?
Well, we can finally answer that question, thanks to a career special agent at the IRS who's decided to blow the whistle on the corruption in the Biden administration.
All right, this is why they took him off the air, all of it.
The poison shots, the war, the deep state, the illegal spying, Hunter Biden, special guest trade ahead back in 60 seconds.
We are now into our number three, the embattled ship in full wars.
Scarred, but never more successful thanks to you constantly, second to second, energizing us with your prayers, your word of mouth, and your financial support while getting incredible products at infoawardstore.com.
You cannot imagine what the image means of the people standing against tyranny and how the globalists can't stand it.
They need total submission to win.
Well, I've seen this guy's work for years.
I wanted to get him on.
Daniel List, goes by Dark Journalist, and he has got a whole raft of big subjects
we're gonna get in to today with him. We're gonna talk about what's really
going on with Blue Beam, what's really going on with the Flying Saucers, and a
lot of what Tucker Carlson's covered, but the next level of that, talk about R.F.K.
Jr., recapturing Camelot, Mystery Schools, the connection connection with the deep state, the call of Tesla's
connection to Dr. John Trump, President Trump's uncle and exotic technology, the secret
space program, Continental government, UFO file 2024 and the election and
why they're priming us for a fake alien invasion. So joining us is dark journalist,
Daniel List.
Thank you for coming on with us, Daniel. Good to have you here.
It's great to be here, Alex. Thank you very much.
You want to give us a 35,000 foot view, just as a human and American on what you think is going on
in the world right now that we can drill into any of these topics you want
Absolutely, yeah.
Well, you mentioned the election there, and I think this 2024 election is about as crucial as it's ever going to get.
We've got RFK Jr.
coming forward, and if you really go into the background on that, as you've covered extensively, You know, the Kennedys are a major threat through the decades to the deep states.
And this is kind of a recapturing of Camelot with the first Kennedy who's gone on the record, you know, saying that the His relatives, his uncle, and his father were assassinated by the Deep State.
And that's huge.
And that's really when the coup officially takes over.
1913 with the Federal Reserve, the income tax, and the Senators becoming federal, not appointed by the state legislatures.
That's their beachhead.
But I would say 1963 in Dallas in November, I would say that's the real coup.
And it's fascinating if you get into the work of Professor Peter Dale Scott, he calls it the first deep state revolt against the White House.
I think that's how we have to think of it.
And from there, you know, they would kind of keep the presidents on a very short hook, including the fact that LBJ doesn't run for reelection and they get Nixon out.
So if you look at that presidential lineup through the years, to get somebody of the stature of RFK Jr.
running against the establishment, which at this point is as corrupt as it's ever been, then I think we're looking at a political earthquake going into 2024.
And they're aware of it.
You know, originally Biden said, well, I'm not going to announce until September.
And now it's all the rage.
Today's the announcement.
He's in there.
He's in it to win it.
And so they're rolling out Biden for term number two.
That's all due to the fact that RFK Jr.
came up there at the Park Plaza and I was there.
And he said, look, you know, I am looking for a new kind of role for America in the world.
And I want to bring the troops home and I want to end this kind of marriage of the state I mean, I agree.
It was a declaration against globalist fascism.
a huge earthquake and I think the electricity was definitely in the room at the time.
And I mean I agree it was a declaration against globalist fascism.
Exactly yeah.
Which his father was assassinated while leading in the polls for doing as well.
And it's kind of interesting.
I mean, there's a lot of strange parallels going on with this because they're going to have the DNC, you know, the entire convention is going to be at Chicago this time.
And Chicago was the convention in 68, where we had all of those problems 55 years ago.
So when we think about this... For those who don't know, there was a federal bombing plot.
They were planting a false flag there.
Sorry to interrupt.
Keep going.
No, absolutely.
And it's very interesting, too, if you think about that convention that really lost the Democrats the election that year.
And that's how it went to Nixon, because they were beating people on the streets and this whole thing.
This thread of history, I mean, we have to remember that RFK Jr.
was there.
He was there with his dad.
He was 14 years old on that campaign trail.
He remembers and he knows and one of the early signs that he was going to break with the establishment was when they had the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.
And he sat down with Charlie Rose and he said, no, you know, I can tell you that my father never believed the Warren Commission.
And, you know, he starts to intimate that the CIA was behind John F. Kennedy's assassination.
That's a huge earthquake because the Kennedy family has kept pretty quiet about it, which you can appreciate on a number of levels.
But we can see that RFK Jr.
is kind of the transparency candidate, you know, and he has to start with himself and his own family history.
And I think he did a really good job starting off that way.
I agree, and I can tell you, I've talked to people involved in it, in the John Lennon situation, to John Lennon's family, son, you know, obviously, wife, all of it.
They knew the Feds killed Lennon, and they knew there was another shooter, but the FBI sat on him for over a year, threatened him, same thing was done to the Kennedys.
So the rest of the Kennedys are captured, RFK is literally risking his life in the arena as a gladiator for us, going up against this with the very people that killed his father.
Exactly, and that brings us really into a dynamic situation that, you know, wasn't here before, because the Deep State's battle against the Kennedys goes back.
It goes back actually into the 50s.
And, you know, John Kennedy's father was very against giving the CIA so much power, and he was on some of these committees that were looking into limiting that power.
So you got instantly running afoul of the intelligence agency early on.
That's Joe Kennedy.
That's Joe Kennedy, yeah.
And Joe had some, you know, kind of incredible connections and he had the political savvy of Godzilla.
I think by the time that we get to John Kennedy being in the White House, he is so, you know, if you look at some of those accounts, he's so freaked out by the time he gets into the White House about the power that the CIA has to overthrow other governments, to conduct their own foreign policy, to run their own Air Force.
Uh, so he instantly, you know, sets about controlling and narrowing that power base of the Central Intelligence Agency.
And that whole presidency is about three years of a battle between the executive branch.
And the Central Intelligence Agency and the groups around the Central Intelligence Agency.
And they've got to be having a nightmare right now, because the deep state is not as competent as it once was.
They're battling Trump, who for all his problems is actually trying to be the president, and now RFK Jr., who looks just like his father and is probably even smarter.
I mean, it's just the nightmares are getting worse by the minute here.
Well, you make a great point about RFK Jr.
as well, which is he's not just coming in there On his father's name.
He is an environmental lawyer.
He has a great background of courage of beating Monsanto for the farmers.
Yeah, real environmental activism.
And we need to have more of that.
You know, I think we have so much of the Green New Deal nonsense that we forgot that the environment, you know, is genuinely important.
All the people running the Green Deal are the ones killing the planet.
This is the nature of the problem.
And they've looked at it as an opportunity, you know, carbon credits and all the things that you've articulated so well in this program, and they've created an environment where, you know, what we're looking at is they're taking all the issues that should be good, you know, things about equity or, you know, people having equal rights and the environment, and they're turning them all to this centralization machine, which has nothing to do with that, because we know For the most part, these people don't care about the environment at all.
Oh, they just camouflage themselves in a liberal rap, but it has nothing to do with what they are.
And this is the nature of the problem, I think, when we get into it.
The interesting thing is the political process brings us right into the same day that RFK Jr.
announced They had a UFO hearing in Congress, the UFO defense office, in fact, and they set about their public findings.
Now they're being public with this.
It's like the breakaways are breaking back in, right?
They need to roll out this technology now that they've developed it in secret.
for eight decades. And um... This is like they rolled out stealth bombers 30 years after they were out there.
Explainment breakaways using a lot of key terms, sophisticated understanding. Let's layman this
down. A lot of our audience gets it, some don't. We want everybody to understand. Dark journalist,
Daniel Liss, stay there. We'll get into the breakaway civilization is now coming out of the
closet with all its super technologies.
It's about to try to absorb civilization, roll out the robots, all of it, and use the fake alien invasion as a pretext.
You'll come back, get into that on the other side of this break.
YouTube, Dark Journalist.
I'm Alex Jones at Band.Video.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Dark Journalist, Daniel List of DarkJournalist.com.
A very articulate, very smart individual.
And he studied the deep state, he studied the breakaway civilization, so why don't you quantify briefly where you think the world is right now, how it's going for the deep state, what a breakaway civilization is, and then plow into why we're approaching this quickening and why so much is coming out right now and who you think the main power blocks are on the planet.
Thank you, sir.
Absolutely, yeah.
Well, they're rushing.
They're definitely rushing their program.
And another piece of that was basically the COVID part was a rush as well.
But I've often pointed out that if people thought the COVID op was something, wait till they get to the UFO threat op, because that's really what they've been lining up for a number of years.
We've heard rumors of things and street legends of things like Blue Beam, for example.
But they have a genuine program in relation to this and we saw a kind of a test run of this in February with the China balloon and that whole thing about shooting down UFOs over Alaska and Canada.
That was no accident that we never found the debris on those.
That was a setup test to see how this would look to the world.
And the person they put out there, interestingly enough, it wasn't President Biden.
It was General Van Hurk.
Who is the combatant commander of the United States.
He is the NORTHCOM commander and in charge of NORAD.
But the nature of the whole thing was unusual.
And when they asked him, this New York Times reporter asked him, well, you know, Helene Cooper, who writes these kind of op-ed UFO stories that have a CIA threat narrative involved.
She asked him, well, can you see that this was done by extraterrestrials?
And he said, I'm not ruling anything out.
Now think about that, you know, he's a NORTHCOM general.
For him to say that, he knows all the headlines are going to pick that up.
So it was a dry run, it was a data mining operation for this UFO threat program that the CIA has been putting together for decades, since 1947.
And let's be clear, It's not Art Bell, who's a great guy, or George Norrie, who's a great guy, looking at stories and reporting on it.
It's so fascinating.
This is the Pentagon saying, we believe alien motherships are in near-Earth space sending probes to Earth.
I see a lot of the aircraft, you can see their advanced drones, mainly the U.S., Europe, the U.K.
China's way behind, but has a bunch of wild stuff, satellite killers, you name it.
But I've talked to the airline policy and I've seen things do 180s at Mach 20.
Nobody's got that.
The Russians, the U.S., nobody.
So clearly most of it is human, but a lot of it is obviously something else.
That's got to really freak out the globalist control freaks.
Yeah, that's an excellent point.
Well, a lot of this stuff did used to be in the category of, like, the X-Files, or it would be, you know, something on coast to coast, like you said.
And it's interesting that they used to marginalize it.
As a matter of fact, the Central Intelligence Agency came out With an article in the New York Times in 1998 and said, remember all those sightings that you were seeing and, you know, the 50s and 60s that were UFOs.
That was just us testing advanced craft.
That's what they said on the record.
They didn't want people to believe in it initially.
And 2017, that all changed because they were ready with their narrative to go forward.
I think the only problem with the thing that they rolled out in 2017 is they expected Hillary to be in there and Trump was in there.
And there's a real split inside there about the UFO file when you're dealing with the Trump group versus this other group.
And they're totally different.
Trump coming in with the Space Force, you know, it's quite overlooked and miraculous if you think about being able to accomplish the Space Force, what it is and what it's for.
Now yesterday, B. Saltzman, Chance, Chance Saltzman, he's the general there who heads up Space Force.
This guy comes out and says, we're in a new era of dealing with threats not of Earth.
Well, what are you talking about then?
So are they coming out and giving us the Sadavuchi language saying, well, you're dealing with a UFO threat.
This is what we're going to bring in.
So in your research view, is all of this advanced technology or is there outside things?
Well, a lot of it, this is an interesting thing because there's a whole thread of aerospace groups who, believe it or not, worked in the 19th century and came over here from Germany.
So that gets into a whole thread early on before the Wright Brothers, before all that.
So there are hints of very advanced aviation, airship sightings, massive sightings.
Well that's right, they had dirigibles, they had rockets, they had a bunch of stuff before supposedly the Wright Brothers and Kitty Hawk.
And this is what's interesting.
There's a group inside the government called the Cosmos Club.
It's still there in D.C.
and you could call it a kind of UFO Bilderberg.
They get together and discuss that.
Well, that's where the Wright Brothers actually lived for a while, right there in D.C.
at the Cosmos Club while they were getting to, you know, going to be ordained as the ones who invented flight.
So there's a lot there in the story that doesn't fit a traditional timeline.
So I believe a lot of the technology is developed inside of these secret societies that deal with aerospace and that they've been going on for a long time.
The thing is, all of it can't be explained that way.
So there's an off-world aspect to it.
And that's another piece that I think they want to keep heavily covered up.
They want to kind of feed us their version of this.
I mean, the Central Intelligence Agency is taking a big lead All of the major organizations.
Sure, sure.
And so is the Vatican.
This is a big narrative.
What do you make of all the admitted real radio transmissions of the Apollo crews, Senator, being followed by Kraft?
Well, I think something else was operating up there.
And this is the nature of, you know, getting deep into it.
Also, when you think about the Apollo part, you know, you get to 1972 and then they never go back.
So now we're talking about it.
Hey, you know, Mike Pence, when he was VP said, we're going to set up this program.
We're going to go back to the moon by 2024.
Well, that didn't happen.
But, um, why the 50 years of not going back to the moon with a manned mission?
What happened?
Was there something there that we just couldn't keep secret?
Well, that's what gets us into the whole thing, which is a big part of the X-Series that we do on my program, which is called the Secret Space Program.
Because the Secret Space Program runs deep into all this.
Well, that's what I was told by Apollo program leaders.
Raymond Teague was one of them.
He was Air Force Intelligence Vietnam.
Super secret.
He had like presidential letters in his house, you know, from the president.
You look at him in the famous black and white footage.
He was like running the whole optics program and the cameras.
And he said, listen, they went out there, but there was a whole nother more advanced program and we weren't part of it.
And he literally could hardly, he said, I can't talk about it.
But we knew there was a whole shadow program and that basically what we were showing people was just one part of it.
Wow, well that's exactly right.
And it's those types of disclosures that really, you know, are much better than tons of New York Times articles talking about the Tic-Tac.
Tic-Tac is pure Lockheed Martin, by the way.
They've been developing that stuff for years.
And I think in the case of some of these Navy pilots that they used during the whole to the stars push on this in the New York Times, Basically, all they were doing were training exercises, and they freak these guys out with their new technology, and then those guys can come forward and come on CNN and be like, I saw a UFO.
Well, you know, that's a lot different, I think, than some of the genuine stuff, you know, because those sightings by Navy pilots have been going on since the 1940s.
Well, exactly, but I haven't just talked to William Cooper, who sought the Navy and Navy intelligence, I've talked to Navy officers who said, we have seen giant ships Come out of the water at 500 miles an hour, nothing can do that we have, and go right back in the water at a thousand miles an hour.
I mean, so they're, they see this stuff and they're like, well, nobody's got that.
Nothing we have can slam into the water a thousand miles an hour and then come right back up.
Well, this is an excellent point that I think the group that developed this is a group inside the government.
I've referred to them as ex-protect.
And I think that they got their hands on the technology early.
And I think a lot of this is advanced human technology, but there is also the UFO recovered.
All right, stay there.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
I'm not a gambling man when it comes to things that don't matter, but I'll gamble for freedom and roll the dice against tyranny every day.
Because I'm betting on you.
It's all a game to me.
7 or 11, Snake Eyes watching you.
Crank it up!
It's the Ace of Spades.
The Ace of Spades.
Death is the great equalizer.
In 1952, they designed the SR-71 Blackbird.
they designed the SR-71 Blackbird. In 1957 it was in full service for 20 years
and we're told it's still the fastest plane on earth.
Does anybody believe that?
I've seen, and I've got one hanging in my house at home, graphics from 1910 by a French artist that is the SR-71 Blackbird.
Max Planck, who was the real master, the Palpatine of quantum mechanics, nothing against Albert Einstein, he just took the work and popularized it and they made him, like the Wright Brothers, the father of it, in the 1890s did the equations for atomic weapons that work perfectly.
So what our guest, dark journalist Daniel List is saying is that we've not been in Kansas for a long time.
Mr. List, please continue with the Secret Space Program.
Absolutely, yeah, and his stuff was absolutely fascinating.
It's interesting, there's a guy in the same period named Delshow, and he was part of the Sonora Aero Group, but he came over from Germany, and some of his artwork that was found later of these fantastic machines, one of those machines said Trump in the middle of it, and it's not a hoax or anything, it's been in museums for years.
But it just so happens that there were Trumps who were associated with that early aerospace group coming out of Germany to America to California.
So, you know, we've got threads that go all the way back there.
In terms of what they did when they let go of NASA telling the truth about things, there was someone they call the NASA hacker, it was Gary McKinnon.
And this guy hacked into the NASA computers in the 1990s into the early 2000s, and he found a lot of information pertaining to an off-world officers list.
Now, this is where the real secret space program information comes from.
There's been a lot of junk around the subject, unfortunately, that I think has been put out to obscure it.
But the Secret Space Program existed and I think what they did was they took the secrecy rules of the Continuity of Government Program and they applied them to space.
Because COG is the most, you know, that's the most secret program that we have.
The UFO file resides right inside of that X technology.
So the UFO file was Someone who was very close to it, Robert Sarbarker, he was a physicist who's been kind of rubbed out of history.
If you look for him, even in Wikipedia, he's not there, but he was as big as Oppenheimer or anybody.
But what he did in 1952 is in the cover of Saturday Evening Post and all this kind of stuff.
So the country knew him quite well.
And he said, well, UFOs are above the atomic bomb in terms of secrecy.
We have to understand the level at which they'll go to protect these kind of things.
The other thing that's important about Saar Barker is he said, look, we've been looking at the crashes.
We've seen bodies inside and they're kind of insect-like.
And we figure they're constructed by somebody to sustain all that G-force and everything else.
So you have a lot going on there, a lot more than meets the eye, and certainly a lot more than just a UFO threat.
This is technology that we've been developing inside the government, but there's also something outside.
Well, let's elaborate on that.
This is all mainline news.
So people go see Captain America and Red Skull has this big space plane and he's going to bomb New York in World War II with nuclear weapons.
The Captain America gets on board and stops it and crashes and gets frozen.
That's the next episode.
Because that was the first Red Skull, first Captain America.
But in reality, the Nazis were building The first space shuttle with Wernher von Braun that he later brought to NASA that was a nuclear attack bomber, atomic bomber, that was designed to fly in space and drop bombs on New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
And that was actually a real program they were working on.
So that's all mainline history, but maybe one out of a thousand people even knows it's real, then they put it in a Hollywood movie, people don't take it seriously.
Well, they lay it on like a sci-fi concept, but little by little, it's forming a thread in your own subconscious, which is that they're letting this out a little bit at a time.
And now with the UFO file, you know, I've been saying this about the UFO file.
2024 is a big disclosure election.
Whoever is running for president In the middle here, Trump, RFK Jr., Biden, they're all going to be dead center of this UFO disclosure.
They certainly had a dry run for it.
Whenever they start the year off like that, you know that something is coming.
But it's interesting what you say about Von Braun.
One thing I want to keep in mind about him, which is once we had him from over here, he brought someone with him who he got out of the judgment at Nuremberg, who's Walter Dornberger, who developed some of the very secret X technology, X planes, and all the rest for us.
And this guy has a very interesting history.
Von Braun himself asked one of the main people who developed the remote viewing program at SRI, Russell Targ, who I interviewed extensively, and Targ said that, you know, the thing that he wanted him to do was develop an ESP machine for testing astronauts' psychic ability, and he did it.
He created this machine to do it, and Von Braun would be testing the astronauts for their psychic ability.
So when we get into that, you know, we have to understand there's something more than just technical pieces going on here.
They realize with the advanced technology, it has something to do with your own psychic process.
That's a big Kind of understanding for us to catch up on in terms of it's not just technology, but it goes to the human interface Absolutely, I know people that were top of their class and my dad wasn't involved in NASA program secret stuff But he wasn't in the psychic program, but I know a major Hollywood producer major movies.
Okay, I'll leave it at that I'm not gonna I'm not gonna even hint at it because people didn't figure out who it is But I know some major filmmakers and this this guy told me 20 years ago And he'd show me some of the documents want to make a movie about it That he, when he was in elementary school in Houston, was put in a secret NASA psychic program.
And so you're talking about that.
This is a big, big producer.
And I said the name, most people know who it is.
So, I mean, this stuff is like everywhere.
This is a whole program.
It's something that they've been developing.
They've kept it out of sight very well.
You know, once in a while you'll hear a wild story in relation to this.
Or, you know, they might have kind of the The Doppelganger version of it, not the real genuine thing.
Love a decoy.
Yes, exactly.
We see that a lot.
You know, there's a lot of news stations that put out this kind of stuff, the History Channel and all the rest of it, but it's not very potent.
It's not the real thing.
But this is a real program of developing with heavy-duty psychics and people who can remote view and they get that going with them and identify them at a very early age and then somehow there's an interface and interlock with the space program.
Because I think what they started to realize with the technology they were developing, especially the stuff that were crash retrieval programs, that it involved some kind of mental interface with the technology, and that takes us to a totally different place than just saying, well, you know, aliens can't get here because, you know, it would take too much fuel or whatever.
You know, we're thinking in the wrong types of terms about it.
Because there's a, just like radio, there's a subspace transmission or many psychic fields they know are communicating.
Exactly, exactly.
And when you get groups of people doing that together, you know, we have echoes in our own history.
And, you know, I get into a lot of stories about Atlantis and things of this nature.
But if you look into the histories of someone like Edgar Cayce, when he went back and looked at all this, he said these groups would get together and that their collective mind power was the technology.
So things like, we can't understand now, and we look back on it, like the great pyramids, Legacies from this older culture have to do a lot with a secret psychic function that got lost over time for general humanity.
I don't say this to be impressive.
I'm just full disclosure.
My family doesn't know much about it.
It's all secret.
But my my grandfather's mother was involved in that program in Dallas and they would get together and U.S.
presidents and people would come.
That's all I know.
But it was definitely that's what they were doing.
Oh, they would use them.
That's fascinating that that happened.
It'd be interesting if you could get more details about it, too.
My family doesn't know, but it was involved with Germans.
That group was German, but they were successful inventors, very wealthy, and it was a whole program.
My grandfather totally disavowed it, would never talk about it.
But he was involved.
He knew Varner Von Braun, I know that.
So he can't make this stuff up.
We'll be right back.
That's quite a friend.
Oh, it's crazy.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Folks, I haven't told you 10% of it.
It's just too fantastical.
But the truth is, there is a war going on for the future.
Amazing interview with dark journalist Daniel List.
We're going to do, soon with him if he'll do it, a two or three hour podcast that's live.
Those get millions of views, but are commercial free.
He can send us a whole list of things he wants to play.
Pun intended.
And then we'll go through it, all of them.
But a great brand.
I saw you years ago.
One of the producers, you know, for some reason, fell through the cracks.
I'm glad you're here now.
We got 10 or 11 minutes left in this segment, a little short segment, and we're gonna let the guest host take over.
But you've got the floor about where you think this is going, how humanity is doing, what we can do, what you expect to happen, why they're mainlining the UFOs.
I mean, big picture here.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's great to be here, too, and I appreciate it.
One of the things I would say that we need to be aware of immediately is that all of the UFO disclosure piece that they're putting out through the mainstream media is a completely false meme.
And this one is developed by the Central Intelligence Agency.
They've been putting it together.
Their personnel are right in the middle of it.
So when you're reading about these people and it says, oh, he's a whistleblower against the government.
When you double check, those people are still working for the government.
So they're not ex-government, they are the government.
And so there's a big separation there that needs to happen about UFO file research versus the CIA disclosure thing.
I think the UFO disclosure, the way they're doing it with the threat operation attached is very dangerous.
And that's why we saw the continuity of government piece up there.
Let's imagine we get into the 2024 election.
Biden isn't doing so hot.
is running away with it.
Trump is rising in the polls.
Well, what is he going to do to remain in power?
They might pull the UFO threat at that point.
And they can pull it to the degree that they could put the continuity of government combatant commander in charge because we've seen them do emergency powers left and right.
I mean, Emmanuel Macron in France, he just pushed up.
We're under an emergency now.
They just have to turn up the heat.
And so now the thing that we were used to maybe is them doing it with COVID and them doing it with these other things, you know, 9-11 and all the rest of it, the incredible things that you've covered over the years.
Now, what we're looking at with the UFO part is totally different.
They've been planning this one for eight decades, you know, they have it dialed in.
And we remember in the late 90s when these documents tumbled out of the government, thanks to the JFK assassination records review, We found out about Operation Northwoods.
So, you know, this is the kind of stuff and Kennedy basically walked out of the office and discussed when they came forward and gave him this plan to basically sabotage these airlines and blame it on Cuba.
So, you know, we've been dealing with this push-pull for a long time.
I think the fact of RFK Jr.' 's entry into the race puts us in a totally different field
Yeah, let's talk about his family, aren't just federal judges, they're at the highest levels of the breakaway civilization.
And a real quick aside, from my research, and it all oversides, it overbleeds,
there's six or seven major factions of CIA, a couple in the Justice Department,
but NASA with Kennedy, which obviously happened before, was a breakaway group to separate it.
So you have biological, you have nuclear, you have human intelligence, and all groups overlap,
but NASA was really this breakaway civilization, secret society movement, that goes back to Aleister Crowley
and so much more.
There's a whole magical aspect around NASA and the people who were involved in setting it up.
And that's why all the patches and missions have all this magic surrounding them and magic codes.
I mean, they don't deny that.
They believe this is a big magic they're doing.
There's no question about it.
And the whole voyage to the moon and the way it was portrayed has a very magical incantation piece to it.
The whole idea of space, it's interesting enough, That, you know, Jack Parsons, who we've done a number of shows on, and this is a guy who they've really, you know, let out a lot of information about, but he's still a very unusual character.
He was back there and created the American rocket program, but he was a full-blown disciple of Aleister Crowley.
And this is the guy, you know, who set up the Jet Propulsion Lab.
That's the foundation of NASA.
That's how we got it.
So basically... For those who don't know, a full-blown sex magic cult.
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, good point.
And when you think about Crowley, you know, you're looking at somebody who had a great affinity for other beings.
If you look at some of his early, you know, portraits of the beings who are interacting with him, they look just like the alien Greys.
You know, his character Lamb has the big white head and all the rest of it.
He goes to the Great Pyramid, does his ritual, a little grey alien comes out.
And it's interesting, too, because Parsons did his own ritual with L. Ron Hubbard, who would start Scientology, and we know where that went.
The interesting thing, I think, about this is that when they were doing that, immediately afterwards, we get all of these sightings.
We get this incredible wave of UFO sightings.
Now, there have always been UFO sightings, even through ancient history, but we got this incredible wave that brought it forward, and there were two things that happened in that period.
The atomic bomb, and the height of this Parsons ritual with Crowley.
And remember, Crowley had been doing this since the Golden Dawn.
That's the 1890s, so when you get to the 1940s, that's 50 years, and he was a master black magician.
So, uh, I think that we have to look at those aspects and see that there's an occult aspect instantly as a signature around the UFO file.
There's no question about it.
So, I know it's all speculation.
We know they're obsessed with this.
It's going on.
It's real.
But what is it?
What is it?
And what do you, uh, clearly they've taken it out of deep freeze and beta.
It looks like they're getting ready to go operational.
How does the fake alien invasion work?
I think there's two tracks for it.
First of all, I think the real part is getting harder and harder to conceal.
That is the genuine UFO file piece.
It's been out there too long.
Too many people know about it.
So what they want to do is they want to steer people away from that.
They've been working as a breakaway group.
Working on the technology, the technology's advanced.
But now the breakaway has developed all this stuff, what are they going to do with it?
Well, they need to kind of run the world with it and control things from space, which was the original plan of the Nazis, which was to go up there and control the planet.
That also has an occult aspect.
And how does Musk tie into that, to interrupt?
I'm sorry, but fascinating.
No, well, Musk is very interesting because of his obsession around X and, you know, the X-Dagonography series that we do follows that that's the signature of the advanced technology.
And it goes back all the way through the FBI setting up the UFO file originally.
Musk, by identifying with the X technology, being put in this position of a kind of a super Howard Hughes, Uh, you know, and I'm not denying the good stuff that he's done around Twitter and all the rest of it, but I think we have to see him on a much different level, which is he's there to roll out this aspect of space in the UFO file.
And I think that people on his level and people on Trump's level are aware that this is coming out and this other group is manufacturing their own version.
So the CIA alien invasion version has nothing to do with reality.
There's no CIA UFO.
There's no UFO threat.
There's a CIA threat.
That's the way we should think about it.
But they will and they have the technology to roll out an invasion like that.
They've been prepping people Uh, for a number of years around.
My prime, prime quadrant scanning into this is, stage of attacks, say aliens did it, and the hysteria it would create and the unification around the world and the answer to that, uh, would be incalculable.
And, um, but look, they've already jumped up with the UFO file.
They've already said, Hey, look, we shot down two UFOs and we did it with who?
We did it with Canada.
That's weird too.
So they're instantly introducing this idea of NORAD.
And you know, whenever he talks about the United States, he always says Homeland.
That's the General Van Hurk.
It's interesting if you go into Van Hurk's background a little bit, because he comes out of the 509th.
And the 509th is the group that discovered Roswell.
So, uh, you know, he wasn't around in that period, but the lineage there of him being part of that 509th squadron, which was the only squadron that could handle the atomic bomb in that period, but they were the ones who recovered the wreckage at Roswell.
The fact that the NORAD COG commander Wow, it's just insane and it's all coming to a head.
is really a signature of this group that's operating in the background.
And I think that they want a UFO threat, and I think they've been preparing for it.
Now the fact that they've been manufacturing this thing doesn't mean there isn't genuine UFOs out there,
but they're at the point where they can really do this on their own.
Wow, it's just insane, and it's all coming to a head.
Would you say humanity is in the driver's seat or winning or totally losing?
And I mean, I guess there's all these factions, but it's just it's fascinating.
Yeah, absolutely.
I agree with you.
It is fascinating.
I think we're coming into a period of awareness around it.
And a lot of this is coming on a great, vast part of humanity that is very much asleep to it and has been caught up in, you know, Netflix, news media, MSNBC and all that stuff.
So they're in for a really rude awakening, and the rest of us, I think, are just planning on how to figure out to navigate this type of situation.
And I don't think it's any accident that people like RFK Jr.
are coming up in the middle of that, because here we are, the original Kennedys, what they wanted was freedom, transparency, that original political wave, and now we have this dynasty down 40, 50 years later, and he's coming back to really... That's right, history repeats.
One more segment, dark journalist, very impressive.
Final segment with Daniel Liss, darkjournalist.com.
He'll be back with us very soon.
Impressive work, find it at darkjournalist.com.
Maria Zee from Australia with huge guests that broke the information that Greg Reese has been covering about the spike protein, what it's really doing.
You do not want to miss this interview coming up.
But sir, in the five minutes we have left, you have the floor.
Well, that's great.
Well, I want to mention that with everything that's going on with Tucker Carlson, it's interesting to me because the last interview that he did with President Trump, where Trump starts in the middle of it, starts talking about John Trump, his uncle, who was the MIT professor, the longest tenured, he said.
And I've done a lot of research around this and it gets into some very wild territory because I think Trump is saying this for a reason and putting it on the record.
He's not being prompted about it.
And he went on a podcast immediately afterward and starts talking about John again.
Well, John has a very interesting tie-in with the UFO file, and it has to do with the fact that he was the protege of Vannevar Bush, who was the scientist at MIT, who, you know, basically navigated the UFO file for three decades.
And that, according to Robert Saubacher, the physicist I mentioned earlier.
And John Trump being his mentor, Vannevar Bush being his mentor, Bush sends him in to get Nikola Tesla's papers in 1943 after Tesla dies.
And he gives a series of interviews before he dies, John Trump, about those incidents.
And one of the things that he says is what they were looking for was a weapon inside of Tesla's information.
Now, John Trump had those papers in his possession and they required him to write a kind of a cursory thing like, oh, I didn't find anything in there.
But in fact, he was able to capture all of Tesla's information except for one trunk, which disappeared.
Now, interestingly enough, um, John Trump having the connection going in.
Uh, to the UFO file from Vannevar Bush, then he is appointed by Bush to go and get these records that Nikola Tesla left behind.
One of the things he says the FBI people told him that they were looking for was the ability to take down flying objects at a distance.
So that if you're in Hawaii somewhere, you can press a button.
If something's going over the UK, you take it down.
But they didn't identify what kind of flying objects.
So that brings us into the whole piece about the advanced technology that John Trump had.
Well, when Trump is bringing this up, and you know, Trump, one of the people who brought him to prominence was Roy Cohn, and Roy Cohn understood the aerospace aspect and the deep state aspect.
He'd been there since the McCarthy hearings.
This is a guy who went very deep.
So Trump going in has the knowledge from his uncle, and he'll often say in those speeches, Oh, my uncle shared these things with me.
You know, and he shared with me about the power.
Do you understand the power?
And this kind of language, which I think he's giving that message, like, you know, if you're hunting around after me with these court cases, if you're hunting around after me in relation to Mar-a-Lago and classified documents, I'm going to let this stuff out.
So I think Trump right now is playing a very hardcore card game with the deep state, just like he was when he was in the presidency.
And I think we're looking at a kind of a almost like a maximum peril situation for the 2024 election, because all these things are coming to a head.
And I think the firings of these people are also involved with this, because this story, I think when it gets out is gigantic.
And it shows that Trump has that direct connection to these deep air aerospace groups.
I totally agree.
And I remember Trump in his inaugural speech said, we've got all these advanced technologies to heal people, we're going to release them.
They were lying to him and got him to go with warp speed to discredit all that, because they actually want to discredit all this technology by giving us the bad technology.
Very impressive, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liz.
Thank you so much, darkjournalist.com.
I'm going to be...
Take care of stuff this weekend, but if you want to tape or do a live show in like eight, nine, ten days, not this Saturday, but next Saturday, I'd love to go two hours.
You can send us a whole, you know, raft of what you want to hit.
We'll go over it all with you and really knock it out of the park, but we can see all your great work at darkjournalist.com.
Thank you so much.
That would be fantastic.
Oh, great.
I look forward to it.
Look forward.
Great job.
All right.
Maria Z, Loaded4Bear, huge guest.
Critical info, but you want to tune into this.
Owen Schroer in 55 Minutes, The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
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God bless the tip of the spear, the InfoWars crew, and every single person that makes this broadcast
You know, when I heard the news about Tucker, I wasn't all that surprised, to be honest with you, because he really was the last man standing on, in any sort of, on television.
Let's just say it for what it is.
And InfoWars has been the alternative to the lies for so long.
So much of what has been exposed on this network, if you will, is coming to pass now.
I just interviewed Steve Quayle last week and he said everything that used to be future is happening right now.
But why are broadcasts like this so crucial?
Because this is the information that will literally save the lives of humanity.
And it's making such an impact that the World Economic Forum just wrote an article titled, Agenda 2030.
Why civic participation is key to meeting UN sustainability targets.
The team's got it up on the screen right now.
I want to read you just one section from this article.
Threaten to unravel achievements in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs.
They are weakening action to tackle economic inequality, gender imbalances, corruption and environmental degradation.
Let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, this is fantastic news.
This is the World Economic Forum publishing an article But people who are on the right side of freedom, people who are on the right side of history, the side of truth, are making such a dent in their goal for depopulation, for changing what human beings are, for bankrupting us, turning our cities into smart city ghettos.
We're making such a dent in their plans.
This is an admittance of these people that this is a threat.
To achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
So this is why this broadcast is so crucial.
This is why your support of InfoWars and independent media is so crucial, because you're not going to hear this information anywhere else.
You're not going to hear about the transhumanist agenda anywhere else.
And that brings me to my guest today, Dr. Anna Mihaiča.
Greg Rees has done a couple of really, really fantastic videos on transhumanism.
He's spoken about what is in the shots.
Dr. Mihaiča just so happens to be one of the leaders in exposing what she's found in the shots, in the
blood, and explaining the core of the transhumanist agenda.
Dr. Maheitra, thank you so much for joining us today.
Thank you so much, Mariana, for having me.
Well, it's truly an honour.
As I said, Greg Rees has done a couple of videos where he's spoken about your work.
For anyone who's not familiar with it, you can see her substack on annamaheicherphd.substack.com.
I encourage everyone to get on there.
She's publishing stuff that no one dares to touch.
On the transhumanist agenda, what's been injected into humanity, and it's truly, truly groundbreaking stuff.
But I guess for anyone who's not familiar with your work, Dr. Mahecha, I really want to start from the beginning.
How they are advancing their transhumanist agenda and how the C-19 shots were the first crucial part of this.
You tell me where you want to start.
Well, just to kind of explain to people, you know, I've treated COVID, I'm an internal medicine physician, and then I met Dr. David Nixon, who actually looked into what is in the Pfizer vials, and one day he said, hey, do you want to have a look?
I saw self-assembling nanotechnology and it changed everything because I understood that this agenda is way bigger than what we have been told.
And so, as you know, many teams around the world that have investigated the vials didn't find mRNA.
They found all kinds of metals like gadolinium, cesium, cerium, all kinds of Things that are toxic to the body as well as Dr. Szymon Janowicz and Dr. Nixon found self-assembling nanotechnology and the fiber optic cables that are communicating between the microchips that have been seen started to appear these similar fibers in live blood analysis
Initially in vaccinated blood and then in unvaccinated blood.
And this is where really the alarm bells just went off to try to investigate, you know, what is this and what is the background?
And then I really found out that the transhumanist agenda didn't start with the C19 shots,
but really via geoengineering and the spraying of these heavy metals,
as well as synthetic biology, which is known as morgalans,
which is a hydrogel-based life form, similar to what is in the shots,
the ingredients of polyethylene glycol in Pfizer and SM-102 in Moderna, a hydrogel.
So what is that?
That's a self-assembly polymer that when combined with metals and carbon nanotubes,
which is also known as graphene, can build these electronic devices
that are senders and receivers.
So they are basically digitizing all life on Earth and they're surveilling it.
And so this has been going on for a long time, but now with these shots, there's a whole new level.
And what was very interesting, Maria, was that I also found a chemical analysis from 2012 of these environmental filaments, and they were containing a derivative of butyric acid.
And it turns out that In the FOIA request for Pfizer in Australia, similar substances were found as part of the lipid nanoparticles in the C19 shot.
So I found this very interesting and this broadens the view of what we should do for treatments for people because we need to detoxify this nanotechnology.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I think that First, as with anything, acknowledging the problem is there is the beginning to dealing with the problem, which is why this research is so crucial.
And you're doing the absolute best that you can, along with the others that you mentioned.
We've featured the findings of Szymon Janowicz and Matt Taylor on this broadcast before with the fiber optic cables.
Dr. David Nixon, one of the most viral videos that I've released, On the robotic arms, actually, inside the vials, you know, you can see this thing has a mind of its own.
And all of the, you know, articles that I'm reading of late show this nanotechnology is kind of becoming aware or it's being made aware from an outside influence.
It's all very, very fascinating, really Twilight Zone stuff.
I keep saying that.
But the problem I think that many people need to come to terms with is that Medicine and synthetic biology is so much more advanced.
Technology in general is so much more advanced than we've realized.
It's been kept hidden from us for so long because of this, you know, eventual AI agenda.
Just like the previous guest with Alex was talking about, you know, this disclosure of aliens, which aren't aliens at all.
I won't get into that right now, but this is why your work is so crucial, Dr Anand.
You've sent some slides through to us.
The team have got those.
If you want to just start, we've got about a minute and a half until break.
If you want to just start and let the team know, what's the most crucial bit of information that you want to bring up from this presentation?
We want people to see the images of the live blood and see these structures.
So some people are calling this parasites, these long fibers that we're seeing, but they're not parasites.
They're actually synthetic biology that's made from this hydrogel and they grow under EMF and electrical exposure.
So I have worked with Clifford Carnicum and we've done experiments with unvaccinated blood that by just applying a low-level electrical current,
the blood was transformed into something unrecognizable, a fiber network that literally looked exactly the same
as if La Quinta Columna had heated a drop of Pfizer vial content and they were also developing the same
And it turns out that Morgallons also looks the same way.
So, I think the optical, the visualization of seeing what this looks like is really important to see the similarities.
And that allows us to kind of answer some of these questions a little bit more.
Well, that's that's slide 12.
What we'll do is we'll get the team if they're able to bring it up right after the break so that people can see it on slide 12 of your presentation, because it does show the the Pfizer drop heated.
It shows what happens when this stuff is exposed to EMF and EMF is a crucial part to the story.
We'll be right back after this short break.
Don't go anywhere, Dr. Anna.
What an amazing woman.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We are here with Dr. Anna Mihaiča.
She is an absolutely amazing, amazing person who's been bringing the light to this subject that so many people don't understand or aren't even aware is going on.
Dr. Anna, please take us through.
I think the team have the slideshow ready before we were talking about slide 12, which shows La Quinta Columna's C19 Pfizer drop.
You know, you take over, Dr. Anna.
I'm going to just step back here.
So, if you actually see these filaments, this is similar to what Clifford Carnegie and I found by applying low-level electrical currents to blood.
That would be slide 9 in comparison.
And the reason why this is so important is really endeavoring to find out what is going on with humanity's blood.
How come all of these practitioners around the world are seeing these changes?
And this is correlating with these symptoms that are affecting not just the vaccinated but also the unvaccinated.
I see more and more people who have brain fog, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, all kinds of symptoms that were previously attributed to the spike protein.
But what it turns out is when I look at their live blood, then I find these filament structures That you can see and the problem is that if you do not get this out, the symptoms progress and people continue to have issues with sleep.
This stuff is very responsive to EMF frequency, 5G frequency, so if people are surrounded by that, their symptoms also get worse.
And so I think that this is a very important question to address because many of the VAX injury protocols do not take into account the metals that we're being sprayed on via geoengineering that are also in the vials.
as well as this programmable matter hydrogel platform, which is literally a polymer plastic.
And so this can grow from nano-size to centimeter-size in minutes.
And one of the issues is that, like I said, EMF radiation does make it grow.
By the way, there is a correlation to what Mike Adams found because he investigated the clots of the cadavers of people who died from the shots and found that this wasn't blood.
It was a self-assembly polymer with metals in it that was extremely resistant to any type of dissolution.
And one of the concerns that I have is that this is really something that that is now shedding or transmitting also to the unvaccinated.
And so if you are looking, for example, on my slides on slide 15, we we incubated Live blood of unvaccinated people and vaccinated people.
And within a week, these filaments grew over time.
And again, this is the same stuff that we've seen in live blood.
And if you look at the next slide, slide 16, there are people who have used anti nanotech devices, for example, with magnetic fields.
And you can see what comes out of people's body.
This was previously from nanotechnology from more gallons.
And what I'm seeing now on the other side in people's live blood are these filament structures that are completely transforming the blood.
So Clifford Carnicum and I, we did studies on electrical conductivity of blood and showed that it was up to 50%, 47% reduced compared to normal values.
So imagine electricity is It's basically our life force.
This stuff is hijacking our life force, causing chronic fatigue.
In my clinical practice I've seen accelerated aging by decades in a few months.
And if you do not take this stuff out of the blood, it really, this process progresses, it causes extreme acidity.
I've seen turbo cancers now in the unvaccinated.
And I want to show, so on slide 17, you can see one of those blood clots that were taken out of And if you look at slide 18, this same stuff was seen in unvaccinated people.
So this is an individual who just went to a infusion clinic and they couldn't get the access and these rubbery clots were taken out of an unvaccinated person.
And then, as you know, Maria, we found it in meat.
And I went and analyzed meat samples.
And if you see slide 19, the same filamental structures were in different types of meat, grass-fed meat.
I found it in half and half.
And the issue is that really there is now this concern that this stuff is also in the food supply.
If you look at slide 22, you can see the comparison between something that David Nixon found in the Pfizer vial growing and the beef juices blood that we looked at.
And so you can see how there's an absolute correlation.
It looks similar.
And so I think that hydrogel-based carbon nanotubes with metals are part of this biology.
In this slide right here, you see that this was in half-and-half milk.
It doesn't belong there.
So I believe that all of humanity is under threat, that the transhumanist agenda wants to basically merge us with synthetic biology and artificial intelligence.
And the danger of this hydrogel is it can mimic every cell.
It can create brain cells And neurotechnology that basically can take over our thoughts and manipulate those as well as transmit your thoughts to the cloud.
So, Juval Harari's dream of creating automatons that have no soul and no spirit, I believe that this is the technological platform that we are seeing.
This is why we're sounding the alarm, because I'm concerned about an extinction-level event for humanity.
I think you're absolutely right, Dr Anna.
These people haven't hidden their agenda from us.
They make it very clear.
You mentioned Harari talking about the fact that humans are now hackable animals.
We can manipulate them, we can control them, we can make them do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do.
We can coerce them.
These are all statements made by these organisations.
And you've got articles out there talking about human beings being antennas, being receivers.
There's a patent, oh I can't remember the patent number right now, maybe I'll search for it in the break, that talks about controlling people's minds.
Well how are they going to control people's minds You know, you've got propaganda and what, you know, the rewiring of the brain through our devices is already causing.
That's part of it.
But these people are talking about something totally different.
They're talking about hijacking the human brain.
So we definitely want to talk about some of the success that you've had in getting this stuff out of people and all of that.
We'll save that for the last segment.
In the next segment on the other side of the break, Dr. Anna, I really want to talk about you mentioned the words programmable.
You mentioned the words that, you know, how this stuff hijacks.
your brain neurons and all of that.
I want you to talk about what you've been able to find to establish that this technology is in fact doing that
and what it could mean for people, what it means about waking people up.
And then we'll talk about the success that you've had in getting this stuff out.
We're here with Dr. Adam Aheita.
Don't go anywhere.
This is so, so important.
We'll see you right on the other side of this break.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
The genetic editing of plants to contain edible vaccines is well underway.
Work is being done with bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, rice, wheat, soybeans, and corn.
Companies like Medicago are using gene editing to turn plants into mini bioreactors.
Medicago's manufacturing facility looks like a nursery, but inside these plants, they're growing a new kind of vaccine.
The technology is called a virus-like particle.
At Medicago, we use a careful step-by-step process to develop vaccines, using our plants as mini bioreactors.
We start with the gene sequence, or code, of a virus.
We then use our technology to synthesize the virus code into a real biological product.
The code contains genetic instructions that our plants can read, and we insert it into
bacteria called Agrobacterium tunfacens.
We submerge the plants in a bath with the bacteria that carries the information into
the plant cells.
And using a vacuum, we suck out the air between the plant cells and replace it with the liquid.
The plants absorb it like a sponge.
At the end of their bacterial bath, we return our plants to a carefully controlled greenhouse
to let them get on with their natural growing business for at least four days.
Now the plants will start producing the most important ingredient of our vaccines, virus-like particles.
Gene editing is now officially in our meat industry.
Lobbyists for the Cattlemen and Pork Associations in several states have confirmed that they will be using the mRNA COVID vaccines on their livestock.
Attorney Tom Renz has been warning that there is no law requiring anyone to give informed consent for vaccine food.
There are no laws requiring anyone to tell you the food you are buying has been vaxxed with the spike protein clot shot.
The UK recently passed into law the Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Bill.
The bill amends the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 to exclude references to precision-bred organisms so far as they relate to marketing.
Precision-bred organism is another term for gene-edited.
So now in the UK, food that's been gene-edited can be legally marketed as non-GMO.
And if this UK gene-edited meat makes its way to America, it can be labeled non-GMO here as well.
And so long as it's butchered in America, it can be labeled product of USA.
The fake alternative meat being pushed by Bill Gates and others is made of immortal cell lines.
In other words, cancerous tumor cells.
Real meat is being blamed for climate change.
And a recent independent study suggests that most of our meat is already contaminated.
Using infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy, Dr. Ana Maria Mialcia has been studying the blood of the vaxed and the unvaxed for over a year now.
And at first, she was finding the same contamination in only the blood of the vaxed.
A contamination that she describes as ribbon-like structures, much like the mysterious blood clots being found by coroners.
But lately she's been finding these ribbon-like structures in the blood of the unvaxed as well.
By measuring the frequency of one of these mysterious rubbery blood clots, Dr. David Jenigan has developed a way of detecting the same frequency in the vaxed.
Recently, he's found this unique frequency in the meat being sold in his local grocery store and asked Dr. Mielcia to confirm his findings.
Her microscopy showed that the blood samples taken from products in the grocery store were all contaminated with the similar ribbon-like structures found in the blood of the vaxxed.
Most of the meat in the grocery store is from overseas, and if we want to eat uncontaminated meat, we'll have to start buying direct from farms in America that still produce all-natural organic protein and take back control of our democidal government.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
And I want to say that there is a huge library of interviews with Dr Anna Mihaiča, Dr David Nixon, Shimon Yanowitz, Matt Taylor, some of the real, the most dedicated people researching this stuff on zmedia.com.
They're not all up on band.
We've been, I mean, At Z Media, we've been speaking to these wonderful individuals for months now, long before we had a banned channel.
So please do go to zmedia.com and watch the extensive library of these interviews, dating back to the first round of discoveries till what we've found now.
I just want to mention that patent, Dr. Mahecha.
It was US 535-636-8A method of and apparatus for inducing desired states of consciousness and
it says quote "improved methods and apparatus for in training human brain
patterns employing frequency following response techniques facilitate attainment of desired states
of consciousness."
So please spend a few minutes talking to us about the fact that, you know, are people now programmable?
How is the hacking able to happen?
How is this stuff mirroring or mimicking the brain neurons?
Yes, so first we have to understand that in the military and DARPA, they have studied this for a long time.
So for 60 years, science has actually found a way to map resonant frequencies of brain activity and create artificial brains.
And in the same way, this has been used for mind control purposes, There is the technology that was, for example, developed at MIT to link six different brains together for problem-solving.
If you have more than that, you know, people have significant brain dysfunction.
This has been done in animals and in humans.
So, this idea of the hive mind, which is really what this transhumanist agenda wants to achieve via artificial intelligence, has already been done.
So, we are electrical and electromagnetic beings of light and sound, and our brainwaves can be decoded.
That has been done.
There is technology that is able to See exactly what you're thinking, your imagery, decode this.
In the DARPA and CIA programs it has been possible to influence dream states and they are literally also working on what's called hijacking the soul and that is possible because if you are no longer able to have control over your own thoughts and an external frequency that you cannot sense, you cannot detect, Can just implant thoughts within you then you have Manchurian candidate like programs here and the issue is really that so this programmable matter the hydrogel what it does so it can mimic every neuronal cell in the brain and the carbon nanotubes they are exactly the same diameter as microtubules
and microtubules are the structures in the brain where consciousness is being processed.
And literally it's been shown that in the microtubules, it's like a different DNA that contains billions of years
of information on the quantum level.
So all of this is happening really in the realm of the extremely tiny.
And so if you now are injecting something into humanity like hydrogel that can mimic and create a secondary brain
within your own tissue that takes over a parallel processing, then you can control somebody
and also affect their soul.
Because if it's no longer your own thinking and your free thought and free will is being affected, Then your soul is affected and can actually be severed.
So here's where you get the automatons that are just being influenced by this external frequency and ultimately it is to upload every living being into the cloud so that people live in the metaverse as just these unconscious consumers.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
So we've got to go to break, Dr. Anna Mihaychuk.
We've got to go to break.
We'll be back in about 10, sorry, break in 10 seconds.
We'll be back in a moment.
You're right.
I saw something about hijacking the soul.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Resident psychopath Yuval Noah Harari once said, we humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls.
We are now hackable animals.
That's what we are.
Dr. Anna Mihaiča is here with us explaining what this technology actually is, what their vision is for it, how they've realized this vision for the most part.
Before the break, I cut you off, Dr. Anna, please continue.
Well, I think it's just really important for people to understand that there is this dimension and in order to protect themselves or to help with detoxification and to limit this accelerated aging that clearly is present, if you think about how many millions of people have what's called long COVID, And in my practice, looking at the live blood, these structures that you see behind me, they are seen right after people have acute COVID.
They're seen in long COVID.
They're seen in shedding, where people are getting really sick that are unvaccinated who are around vaccinated people.
I've now seen accelerated aging processes as well as blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and turbo cancers.
So, but it's important to... Dr. Anna, sorry if I can pause you, if I can pause you there, I apologize, but you once told me that you had a patient that was perfectly, her blood was fine, she went to dinner with her vaxxed friends, came back and her blood was full of this stuff, is that right?
Yes, so I believe that there is a shedding phenomenon that is physical so that these filaments are transmissible, as well as that there is an electromagnetic issue where people just via frequency can also be sickened.
If you look at the slides on slide 23, I'm showing an individual with significant symptoms that came to see me and the quality of the blood has definitely worsened over time.
So last December I was still seeing some unvaccinated people who didn't have these structures in their blood.
Now we don't see them anymore and I always discuss these findings with our colleagues in Australia and New Zealand and other places.
and they have the same findings.
And so now we see what we call sludge, where instead of rouleau formation,
rouleau is the stacking, you can hardly differentiate
that there's blood cells in there because it's so mushed together.
And then you have these structures that cause acidity, that cause microclotting and a lot of problems.
So these red blood cells do not give off oxygen appropriately.
So that causes extreme fatigue, brain fog.
And so because of the hydrogel issue, Karen Kingston found a patent that clearly showed
that one of the antidotes for the hydrogel is EDTA, which happened to be something that we use
for metal detoxification.
I'm a certified chelation practitioner, so I was using this in people and pulling out the metals that are also interfering with the electrical conductivity.
And if you look at slide 24, this is the same individual three days later, and what happens is that the blood is completely cleaned of those structures, that the blood cells are, you know, now flowing normally, that this sludge is dissolved, and people feel a whole lot better.
And the reason why I keep talking about it is because if people are unaware that this hydrogel graphene technology with these metals are in the blood, then they're not going to use something like EDTA chelation and ultimately are missing what is really causing this accelerated aging and the technology that's affecting us.
I am endeavoring to encourage people to look into this and one very easy way to verify whether or not the modalities are working is to do a live blood analysis.
That's just a poke in the finger and you look at it on the microscope.
It's amazing what you can see.
So in addition to your vitamins, your nutrients, You know, I would add the EDTA chelation.
I also use anti-aging peptides like epithalon.
That's been very helpful because again, this seems to be an accelerated aging process and so age reversal modalities are very helpful.
Other molecules are things like umic and fulvic acid has been shown to dissolve graphene and it increases electricity.
High doses of vitamin C like Linus Pauling used to talk about up to 10,000 milligrams is important. Nitric oxide is important to help the gut
microbiome to detoxify from this. I use methylene blue a lot because it's an
electricity donor. Again we've shown in these blood connectivity studies how much
the blood electricity is decreased. So you want to give back molecules that
enhance electricity. So I found this treatment approach very successful and I think
it's important to know about it because if now the entire biosphere is
contaminated with this We have to do everything in our power to clean it up.
And on the other hand, people need to wake up that the transhumanist, satanic agenda is trying to kill us every which way.
And people need to wake up and fight this because there isn't much time remaining.
If you age the entire population like this, and you're going to have people who can't think because they're so tired, They can't fight.
They can't function.
This is not good.
And this isn't going to be, you know, in 20, 30 years.
This is in the next couple of years, you're going to see devastating things.
And if they start a 5G blast, you know, then even worse, because people have this antenna in their body and it can be used as a weapon.
Well, Dr. Anna, I think at one stage you were talking about the fact that this nanotechnology was appearing, disappearing, reappearing.
It seemed to be something, some sort of instructions that were coming from the quantum realm, potentially the demonic realm.
I mean, this is another very deep conversation Dr. Anna and I have gone into.
I encourage everyone to go to zmedia.com, a huge library of interviews with Dr Anna, really long interviews as well, where she explains the quantum realm, she explains how this is actually a spiritual thing that's happening.
And when we say spiritual, we're not talking about weird New Age stuff, we're actually talking about the demonic Influence on people, and I want to just encourage people right now, your faith plays a huge role in this.
You know, your faith is a shield against a lot of these attacks, so I don't want people to feel hopeless.
Dr Anna, you mentioned nitric oxide.
I want to give a plug to the Infowars store right now.
Nitric boost, really high quality supplement as well.
But what I wanted to ask you, Dr Anna, was You previously told me the nanotech was appearing, disappearing, reappearing.
Is that still happening with the EDTA collation or is it seemingly getting rid of this stuff?
So remember, in the human body, we've never seen the microchips.
The microchips develop when you have them under the microscope.
This is directly from the Pfizer vials.
So we've seen microchips that are trihedral in Morgellons victims and how they were coming out of people's body.
So, what we do see are the filaments, the optical communication cables that we believe are made from hydrogel because the infrared spectroscopy is showing in the blood that there are hydrogen-based chemical groups.
So, that is what is disappearing and it stays gone if people are limiting exposure.
If they are continuing on a regimen that supports their immune system, but then I have recommended in my office, you know, that people like once a month, if they're able to get an EDTA chelation IV, we also have the cream.
So just to continue this cleanup, because if they're spraying it on us via these geoengineering programs, which we know there is, that's clearly happening.
You know, nobody can stop breathing in regards to, you know, keeping themselves safe.
And now that's in this food supply.
Dr. David Nixon saw that people who are fasting, they had much less of these ribbon-like structures.
So he was kind of wondering, hey, is part of the recontamination happening through the food that is That is contaminated.
So starting to look at live blood of animals and the problem is if they're breathing the air from this stuff as well, you know, what can you do?
We've found hydrogel in injectables like other vaccines, like insulin.
Other teams around the world have found the same thing.
It is now in the water filtration system in cities.
They use hydrogel so the water gets contaminated with this stuff.
And again, if it is exposed to electromagnetic frequency, it grows and it can grow huge.
So I think that people really need to start fighting and demanding answers and, you know, go to your senators and say, you need to answer this.
What is this?
You know, get us clean food.
And who is doing the geoengineering?
NASA and these covert programs that are endeavoring to, you know, dim the sun.
That needs to stop.
That's poisoning the entire biosphere.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
We're almost out of time today, Dr. Anna, but we so, so appreciate all of your work.
Again, you can find her articles on annamaheicherphd.substack.com.
Go to zmedia.com.
I've got a recent interview with Dr. Anna.
I've also got a recent interview with Dr. Nixon on the meat, their latest findings.
Dr. Nixon found a lot less of this in his local butcher's meat than the supermarket meat.
It seems to be that the major chains is where the biggest The bulk of the problem is, which is fine, we want to support local business anyway.
Again, Dr Anna Mahaicha, thank you.
Thank you everyone for tuning in.
I'll see you all soon.
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