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Name: 20230416_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 16, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses a viral video revealing the UN's plans for a dystopian future involving geoengineering, terraforming, and ending life on Earth. He mentions a documentary called "Beyond the Great Reset" and encourages people to understand this information and take action. The People's Liberation Army conducts Joint Sword, an operation simulating precision strikes on Taiwan, raising concerns regarding its impact on the global economy. A dystopian future is discussed where individuals are controlled through technology and government manipulation. Concerns about COVID-19 vaccine experimentation and the InfoWars store promoting various health supplements are also mentioned. The discussion covers societal issues related to child kidnapping, gender identity, brainwashing, mind control, personal experiences, and mindfulness.

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This is the third and last day of a joint sword, which is the People Liberation Army's operation that
simulates precision strikes on Taiwan with combat readiness patrols and exercises through the air
and by the sea around the Taiwanese archipelago.
China has said they're getting ready to blockade Taiwan.
80% of the world's computer chips, the high-speed ones, come out of Taiwan.
More than half the world's trade goes through the South China Sea.
Taiwanese tech giant TSMC warns an invasion of the island would render its factory inoperable, devastating global supply.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company may not be a household name, but its chips are everywhere.
In iPhones, air conditioning units, smart doorbells, computers, cars, F-35 fighter jets, and even NASA's Perseverance rover that landed on Mars.
But when I see one of the best investors of all time abruptly selling billions in Taiwan semiconductor stock and not giving a clear answer as to why, This is going to have effects on the economy that are hard to describe.
on the Committee for Armed Services giving him access to classified military info. It
makes me wonder if they know something that we don't about Taiwan.
This is going to have effects on the economy that are hard to describe. And you add that
with what's happening in the world economy, we see in the auto loan area, the worst level
of people not paying their loan and defaults ever seen.
Echoes of new centuries collapse amid sudden fire sale of real estate loans as one bank sees
40% downside.
This is the real canary in the coal mine.
Commercial and of course private residential real estate loans being defaulted on at near record levels.
This is the third worst in history and the last time this happened it was the harbinger of the 2008 collapse with real estate loans being defaulted on in 2007 leading to that.
China's the trillion pound Gorilla, or should I say, dragon on our back.
Chinese video shows the extent of the exercises, both human and hardware, including for the first time an aircraft carrier, the Shandong, as well as nuclear capable bombers.
Today's live fire drills rehearsed a blockade of Taiwan.
And, as this Chinese animation shows, strikes against specific targets on the island.
In Beijing, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said the exercises were a serious warning to Taiwan's separatists and what he called external forces.
That is, the U.S.
and its allies.
Specifically, their retaliation for the meeting in L.A.
between President Tsai Ing-wen, who insists Taiwan will remain independent, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who signaled the U.S.
would help protect it from China.
And I said, if any leaders from the United States, be it Biden, be it Mitch McConnell, be it Chuckie Schumer, be it Kevin McCarthy, if any of them Ever meet with the President of Taiwan, we'll see that as an act of war, and we will probably, I've got their quotes here, invade Taiwan.
And we'll start with a blockade.
Taiwan's a prickly pear to hold.
It's not easy to invade, and obviously it has allies.
And as soon as that invasion starts, all those naval assets that the United States has in the Pacific will be seeming straight towards Taiwan.
And this is one of the big problems China faces.
For China to prevail, it automatically has to attack American and Japanese assets.
Because these are the things that will come into play as soon as that invasion force is setting sail.
So China has no option but to strike those first if it wants to prevail.
And as soon as it does, the war becomes regional, instant.
They encircled with, not hundreds, But thousands of ships, hundreds of big ships, and then over a thousand small ships, thousands of aircrafts, small planes, helicopters, jets.
And have just been encircling and doing bombing runs.
Ships won't be allowed to reach waters northeast of Taiwan on April 16th, as China's local maritime officials issued a warning about potential rocket debris in the area, according to a news release issued by the Maritime Safety Administration of southern Fujian province on April 13th.
I believe, and I know, what China said, it's on the table.
It is being prepared.
For the encirclement, the blockade, and the invasion of Taiwan.
It's Sunday.
Sunday, April 16th, 2023.
This is going to be a very important show.
This is a live Sunday broadcast.
April 16th, 2023.
Coming to you live, uncensored, unfiltered.
I did a lot of preparation for this broadcast yesterday and today, but this morning, In the space of about an hour, when I got up about 6 a.m., I'd already been sent this video.
And then, about an hour later, I went to Infowars.com and saw that it was posted there.
I'm not going to tell you what the video is yet.
Asked Jamie to post the video onto the live show feed.
We're going to be covering it right until next segment and the segments after.
And then I got sent it another time.
And then another time.
So that's three times I was in it and then I found it on InfoWars in the middle of that, which is good.
It shows getting a lot of attention because the video came out, the report came out, this incredible Magnum Opus masterwork came out a month ago, but it's just now going viral.
We're going to have it posted, the 24-minute video, under the live show feed at InfoWars.com as we speak.
It's going up right now.
Now we cover a lot of huge issues here, and I don't normally have a drum roll.
I don't even build stuff up like most people do.
I just cover the big news right up front and just keep hammering.
I almost decided not to cover this tonight.
Because I want to really try to do it justice so.
Tomorrow I'm also going to get into this and I might just.
Clear the decks of calls and guess we have tomorrow.
So that I could properly.
Get into this information.
Because I watched this three times today.
And when you know what's going on and you understand the enemy's blueprint and architecture of control and dehumanization, you realize it's bigger than just dehumanization.
It's about geoengineering and terraforming the planet.
And it's about ending life on this earth as we know it in the globalist's own words.
And when you really pull back from it, you realize this is not human.
What's orchestrating this, what's running this is working with collaborators, but it's not human.
And it's really what the Bible tells us about.
So I want you to call everybody you know.
I want you to email your friends and family and neighbors and everybody else.
Text message folks and tell them tune in right now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
And the band up video that link won't go out on Twitter and places you can send out at Max World TV, which sends you the band of video to the Alex Jones live show area of people to find the clip there.
Just go to Mad Max World TV, go to the Alex Jones live show page and send that link out.
I could do again an entire college.
Not course, but for your degree on this 24 minute video.
Show tonight.
Let me come back.
I'm just going to start the video, which is mainly for TV viewers.
It does not translate well on radio, so I will be narrating it.
If you don't want to hear me narrate it, the video is being posted as we speak.
It's already up there this morning, but we're posting it on the live show feed right now.
And of course, I see a lot of my own research in this, and I see a lot of my own statements how this is going to work, because I can extrapolate out knowing how the globals operate, what their next move will be, and then you can always find their own admissions of that.
But here's the bottom line.
The globalists say there's so many people.
They're poisoning the food, the water, the air with chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals, electromagnetic pollution.
And they are culturally, spiritually poisoning us and hitting us from every angle.
They want the earth for themselves.
They don't want all these people.
They see us as useless eaters.
And when you understand that the global lockdown, disease X, and COVID, and all of this is the admitted plan to train us to live under martial law, to train to lock us in our houses, so the old economy falls apart, and then it's too late, and then they basically exterminate us.
And that's what's happening is the controlled demolition of the economy.
And I have stacks of articles showing that and dealing with that today.
We have other really important stuff with Elon Musk, who definitely has turned towards our side now.
He's going against their main attack, saying someone deserves to be put in prison.
He said sterilize a child before they're consenting, 18.
An adult should go to prison for life.
Sterilize a child before they are consenting adult.
You should go to jail for prison for life.
That is throwing down the gauntlet.
And of course, this all ties into what we're about to cover on the other side.
So, let me go ahead and introduce to you what this is with an overhead shot, please.
The video's on Infowars.com.
The 24-minute documentary.
It's like they're in a time machine.
I don't call this fiction because this was done in China.
This was done in China.
They tried it in Australia and New Zealand.
They tried it in Italy.
They almost got it.
They had to back off.
They're going to keep coming back for more bites on the apple.
Overhead shot, please.
It's called Beyond the Great Reset.
And it's an animation firm.
It's an international firm that mainly does weapon systems animations and industrial animations.
So they're architects.
They know what they're seeing.
And I saw that before I even researched who made it.
I said, these people really know architecture.
That was the term I was going to use before I read their bio, was this is like architects.
They see the architecture of this anti-human system that's being put in.
Where they take our resources and build this robotic army that'll follow orders.
And that robotic army basically mops us up while the propaganda tells us stay in place, the help's coming, when it's that very group destroying us.
This is the official UN plan.
Destroy the economy, lock us down, and then inject people into FEMA camps, in the emergency coven camps, with injections that actually kill them, but have them sign a piece of paper opting in for it.
This is all real.
So when you watch this, you have to understand, this is what would have happened if people hadn't rebelled around the world, including China.
This is where they wanted to get us.
But they admit they're about to release more viruses and try it again.
So the entire future is this, okay?
So you're about to go into a time machine, alternately, from what would have happened if we wouldn't have woken up and backed them off.
And what they're still going to try again.
This is their blueprint.
This is their attack program.
And the thing is so in your face, but also so subtle.
It works on dozens of levels.
This is a masterpiece.
And if it's been seen a million times in a month, most of that in the last few days since people finally found it.
If it gets 5 billion views, we win.
God has given us the opportunity.
If 5 billion people Be great if 8 million saw it, but I'm saying if more than half see this and understand it, they will never get this done.
Because this is like having the enemy plan.
You see, oh, the Pentagon's all freaked out.
A couple hundred pages of documents came out showing their battle plan and what's happening in Ukraine and what's really going on, and this could derail the whole war.
This, just like Endgame, is a critical piece that people would have understood that back in 2007 when I put it out, and many did.
If people understand this, beyond the reset, it is game over.
And I literally have had a vision, and I've talked about this, my vision, it's an imprinted thing that keeps happening, like in Postal Countdown's the third time, everybody, Postal Countdown's the third time, everybody keeps building this mountain, they keep saying go to this mountain, they have this psychic message to do it.
I have literally said over and over again, the image of the future, and of our rebellion, will be a man with a stick in his hand, smashing a robot.
And that is indeed what this is.
So, humanity's figuring it out.
Human intelligence has got it.
And I noticed this company never did anything like this.
It was all dams and weapons projects and solar panel fields.
But it's because they're involved doing the work for the globalists, they understand what's being built with these emergency FEMA camps.
COVID camps that can hold tens of millions per country being built, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more.
Then they roll out a virus, they beta test, they normalize millions going to the camps.
A bunch of them died, just like old folks in nursing homes.
It sets the precedent.
Then they build more of these camps, more of these camps.
They had the military training during martial law to pull up in neighborhoods with the school buses to take to the emergency center.
It's all perfectly researched.
I got chills all three times I watched it.
So let me know.
What you think about it when we take calls about it tomorrow and go back over it in more detail, but we have a special guest that stayed in town to come on the show, so I'm not going to bump him, Matt Baker, but I'm going to get to this.
This time traveling operation when we come back.
And we'll have just enough time in the next 45 minutes or so to play it, and then I'll give little comments throughout because, again, it's mainly visual, not really audio.
So I'll, for radio listeners, I'll translate it and give my analysis.
But this is a masterpiece, and it's on InfoWars.com right now.
you're going to be able to get it and share it like your
life depends on it.
Because it does.
All right. Anybody that's listening to this broadcast
for a long time knows I'm not I am 100% sure what you're about to see is exactly where we're going and I've said this many times, but it's illustrated in an amazing graphic way, very well done with animation.
And I've done a lot of analysis of this group.
It's a major Graphics Group for Architecture and Military and Industrial Systems.
And they've not done something political like this.
But that's what's going to beat the New World Order is when all the people on the fence, when the good guys who weren't organizing finally get organized because they know evil's making its move.
So this is incredible.
If you go to the live show feed we'll put on screen the live show headline.
Right under the live show feed is this documentary.
And we'll put the headline for the live show feedback up so I can give it to radio listeners.
So they can go to Infowars.com and find it.
Sunday live.
This is one broadcast you must not miss.
Alex Jones will lay out critical info and present game changing film.
So let's get to it now.
Let me describe it and start playing it.
It's called Beyond the Great Reset.
It's 24 minutes and 8 seconds long.
Beyond the Reset.
It's on Infowars.com right now.
Suggest you download it in case you take it down.
From 3D Epics, Inc.
Which is an international group.
And they made comments about it only after it was released.
Explaining to people that yes, plants do release carbon dioxide at night.
Because the left was saying that isn't true.
Nobody wants to cut down trees.
I have CNN headlines saying cut down all the trees.
They're bad for the earth.
All carbon is bad.
And that's the real summation, the rest of the story, that I'll explain after we air this.
And then Matt Baker comes in.
So let's go ahead and begin this.
And again, I don't want to talk over it.
It's much better to watch this in your home.
Much better to sit there and take notes.
But for radio listeners and everything, I'm going to break down and point out some of the subtleties here.
But it's powerful.
And this is actually the industrial plan in civilization, as we know it, by tricking us into the green movement that is actually a post-human, post-carbon world.
And again, you can do the 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Not human running it.
But I don't cover that in the film, but that's where this is going.
But it has a very powerful message at the end that, with a simple stick, we can take everything back.
And we have the will, and we have nothing left to lose but our souls and our lives.
So here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
and let's start rolling.
We see what they've built in China, the U.S., Australia.
Giant camps, cupboard camps, with drones flying around them.
This is the exact model.
Warranty facility, North American Prairies.
Black armored vehicles driving around.
How would they ever train you to be a slave and go live in a camp?
How would they normalize it?
This is the plan.
They admin it's the plan.
And only at the end do you realize how big the camp is.
Everybody's in it.
Except for a tiny 5% of the public that work for the system.
They'll be exterminated, of course, once they get rid of the general public.
The bandit test is training to stay in your house.
(soft music)
Operationals, everybody having to be sent to these systems.
And again, why is it robots and drones everywhere?
Because they'll follow orders.
We can't get enough humans to go along with this.
But once they have the machines scaled up, now we go in to the little dungeon where he lives, for his safety of course.
Walk down, you learn for years and years later, he's asleep by himself, 8 11 a.m.
8 11 a.m. he wakes up all he has is a tiny 20 square foot or 10 square foot back
porch He observes what's happening to his neighbors.
Because if you volunteer for medical experiments, they claim they let you out.
Oh, and they let you out alright.
In a body bag.
China actually ran this exact scenario.
Three million Uyghurs live worse than this.
And our media endorses it.
Face scanning.
We got a social credit score.
There's that neighbor.
Got his little iPad.
Good morning.
We are bringing to you today's most important news from around the world.
Despite all the extraordinary efforts, the government and health system workers are still struggling to bend the curve of growing cases caused by the latest variant of the virus.
Five more people died today and 30 million tested positively.
Citizens are now required to wear masks when they step out to the balconies of their isolation facilities and take them off only when they are back to the safety of their rooms.
Stay compliant.
Stay isolated.
Stay safe.
And now, on to other news.
As the whole planet went on the righteous crusade against climate change and global warming, we are excited to spread the word about another successful project.
As science tells us, during the night, plants release CO2 into the atmosphere.
CO2 is a powerful greenhouse gas that dramatically contributes to global warming.
But don't worry.
Almost 100,000 square miles of South American rainforest has been cleared, and this area is used to construct one of the largest solar panel fields in the world that will provide us with a tremendous amount of clean energy.
We will keep fighting the deadly forests and defeat climate change.
That is all for today.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's news.
You know when they isolate you, you become depressed alone.
He takes a nap and remembers driving with his wife in their SUV, going to the mountains, having a campfire.
How beautiful and amazing it was.
Year after year, he wakes up in the isolation cell.
There's something about the isolation cell.
See, a lot of folks don't stay in the cell.
They want to up their social credit score.
They push the button, and the nice men come to help them.
They just want it to go back to the way it was.
They make you opt into it.
It's how it's all done.
Bruce Kowalski, your weekly food ration has arrived.
Drone drops it off, no human connection.
Total isolation that makes all mammals basically kill themselves.
You notice his food rations are little protein packets of bug protein which is the official plan.
See, this is not Exaggerated.
This is actually what they're doing.
Selling you dystopia as a way to get out of dystopia.
But you don't get out of the dystopia by committing to it.
So psychological warfare on record is being used to train us to live as prisoners and Except dystopia.
The short film is beyond the reset.
It's on Infowars.com.
Share it like your life depends on it, because it does.
This is their real plan, their real admitted plan, but this is an illustration of where they want to take us, what they were able to do in China, and to a great extent, places like New Zealand and Australia and Italy.
So he comes out, it's very subtle, he comes out He's at first allowed to stand on his little porch, then he's got to wear a mask, then he can't even leave the porch, but it's very subtle.
You notice a lot of people are there over the years coming on their balconies.
Soon there's nobody almost on the balconies.
Oh, I guess they got released.
They were fine.
Because they're saying they want to put us in the camps now to keep us from getting the virus.
To protect us, you see.
So let's continue with Beyond the Great Reset.
Oh, he pulls his mask down off his nose just to smell the air.
Here comes a drone, ever watching.
And it stuns him, hazers him, and says, Mask, up your nose.
Notice it's not a human voice, and I've noticed in China and Australia and here, it's not a human voice.
They don't ever hear humans.
They want to depress you.
It's back to watching the brainwashing.
He's allowed to read drag ventures.
Snow White.
Now Black.
How it's great to have men competing against women.
Nothing but anti-human propaganda.
green friends kill the tree. There's almost no media allowed.
The Godfather movie is banned from our database for misrepresentation and stereotypization of the Italian community.
Pulp Fiction movie is banned from our database for excessive violence and racist content.
(gun cocking)
The movie 1984 never existed.
It's 8 in the morning again.
Wakes up.
And the years go by.
Goes out and waves at the people.
There's less and less.
And the toxic Chinese made.
(upbeat music)
Solar panels are everywhere.
Remember Biden's banning two-thirds of cars within seven years.
It's all happening.
All the infrastructure's being turned off.
Don't worry, we've got an emergency camp for you.
You will eat some bugs.
You will own nothing.
You will have nothing.
Funny, no neighbors coming out.
Find out why in a moment.
He hasn't clicked the contract to take the shot to be released.
We got a larger prison, a nicer one.
The seasons pass, the years pass.
(upbeat music)
Robots hover ahead, just like they do in China.
All a plan.
Small SWAT team units are nearby.
Case has to be killed.
Every week he gets his ration of bugs.
He gets one can of soda a day.
Plenty of fluoride toothpaste.
There's a camera in his little cell.
for the safety of the course.
And all it is is a high-tech death camp.
You can say I'm a spoiler alert.
We're already living this.
This is not an entertainment.
People you share the video with.
They'll be able to see it for themselves.
And now, on to other news.
Say goodbye to cows and beef.
As you might know, cows and livestock agriculture in general is a source of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.
Cows fart, and the temperature on Earth rises one degree with each cow fart, contributing to global warming.
This is why the authorities started a cow extermination program, and today the last herd of cows has been dealt with.
The Earth has officially become a cow-free planet, and climate change is finally under control.
You might get concerned, where would we obtain our proteins from?
Chicken and pork are not commonly accessible products, and beef is gone now.
Do not worry.
Hundreds of alternative protein manufacturing facilities have been constructed on each continent.
They process thousands of tons of protein-rich food.
This alternative food contains way more protein than beef.
It is cheap to cultivate, and it doesn't contribute to global warming.
Kudos to science and Green Agenda.
And it's toxic.
The chitin shelf.
That is all for today.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's news.
Bruce Kowalski, your monthly universal basic income has been deposited into your account.
For more information, press Details.
You have been paid 2,000 Central Bank Digital Tokens.
The following fees are being deducted.
Accommodation Fee.
Food Ration Fee.
Recycling Fee.
Clean Energy Fee.
Personal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fee.
Climate change fee.
Diversity fee.
Your current remaining balance is five central bank digital tokens, and if not spent, it will expire in seven days.
And what can he spend it on?
All brainwashing, VR, metaverse crap.
Important announcement.
Dear residents of the Quarantine Facility No.
Great news!
Here at Novagene Labs, we grant you a chance to participate in the trials of our new drug, which has been developed by our research team.
This drug is absolutely safe and will bring the end to the deadly virus we are all fighting together for the last several years.
Those of you who chose to participate will get a significant social credit score boost.
As the result, you will be relocated to a superior isolation facility, receive a higher universal basic income, and become eligible for an improved food ration.
Should you choose to participate in the Novagene Labs Clinical Trials Program, our specialists will visit you within the next few hours, make an injection, and will be daily monitoring your condition online.
And they've officially announced all this.
Make a difference.
Follow the science and make the right choice.
Novagene Labs is not responsible for any side effects, injuries, or death followed after the injection.
Looks snow.
Sorry to hear that.
He's one of the only people alive in the Death Camp.
Remember traveling to Cuba. And laying on the beach. And not anymore. Most powerful
parts coming up. When they first put an isolation in their houses and broke this family up.
They could all be nice and isolated. And we did the work for them. Ah, the old days.
We'll eat some bugs. It gives them utopia as a way out. It gives them dystopia as the
plan. He wakes up again. Oh, there's one neighbor out.
But they're only out because... Oh, here comes the little... Tricopter.
They're about to take the shot.
They're about to be free.
Oh, it's so good.
There goes an armored vehicle rolling by.
He comes out to see what happens the next day, and he's a very interesting yellow...
Crash truck drive by, but it doesn't stop there.
It's picking up somebody else that day.
day. A few days later, he comes to pick the neighbor up for freedom.
So the tricopter lands and an agent of the good guys gets out and waves
happily at the woman.
Who's about to get a shot of the man so they can go free and live in a nicer death camp.
Remember that ad?
They told him it's totally safe.
Totally great.
But at the end, it said we're not responsible for illness, sickness or death.
So he goes in, gives him the shot.
We're in his hazmat outfit.
Which really is just a cover up.
He's an executioner.
And takes back off.
Into the sky, keeping us all safe.
Everywhere is 5G towers.
Everywhere are drones, armored vehicles.
The next day he comes out to see how the neighbor's doing.
Well, they don't come out on the porch like they always do.
He sees this big yellow trash truck drive by, but it doesn't stop there.
It moves on to pick up something else.
A few days later, it comes back, too.
There goes the yellow vehicle.
Two drones on top.
2.41 p.m., three days later.
Wants to go check on his neighbor.
Goes out to the A little balcony?
If he doesn't wear his mask, he gets tasered.
Notice nobody's outside now on their balconies.
Everybody seems to be gone.
And there's the yellow trash truck in front of the neighbor's house.
With what looks like two drones carrying a body bag.
With a man in a yellow suit covering his face.
There's a biohazard sign on it.
This is a bad person they just took away.
Now he realizes he has no hope.
He's never getting out of here.
Never ending.
They're grinding up the dead bodies, feeding it to you as protein.
Not bugs.
It's more like green.
You're eating humans.
And all the toxic waste of bioaccumulators.
It's like you don't want to eat a big tuna that bioaccumulates.
You don't want to eat a person.
It's nighttime.
Sitting there thinking, what do I do?
He goes to sleep and remembers the old apartment he lived in.
With his wife, several years ago.
all different world.
A new virus that emerged in Asia a couple of months ago keeps spreading all over the world.
Some countries are imposing lockdowns and stay-home orders to protect their populations from this highly contagious disease.
In our country, three persons in their 90s died of the virus in long-term care facilities.
The virus keeps spreading in our country.
Almost 500 new cases have been registered last week.
As of today, the whole country is going into a complete lockdown.
The health authorities are imposing a strict stay-at-home order.
While these measures are tough, they are temporary.
We need only two weeks to bend the curve.
The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity
to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.
(upbeat music)
His wife's in there.
They're all locked up for a year.
She gets madder and madder at him because they're cooped up.
Basic psychology.
He's on her phone at dinner.
They still got food though.
The food's running out.
He's on his computer.
And she ends up leaving him.
Already isolated.
Already ready and she trusts the system.
You notice when she's in the grocery store and all sorts, she's wearing the mask, he's not.
Those women just want to get out of things.
Despite strict lockdowns being in place, the virus cases keep growing exponentially.
Now he's home drunk.
The government is considering the option of proclaiming a state of emergency in some areas and relocating citizens to safe and isolated quarantine facilities.
Now they use the emergency alert system that's everywhere.
One week later.
And here comes the military.
Everybody do what you're told.
Go to the front door.
Get on the bus.
Military is all compartmentalized as well.
They take you to your new home.
So see, he's not dreaming.
Your district is contaminated and you will be evacuated immediately.
Please take only necessary personal belongings and step outside of your homes.
You will be transported to a safe, isolated location.
And China, we have the famous videos.
I'm going to take all those and put it together with us in the next week.
Show like what they say here and show what actually happened.
Thousands of buses picking everybody up to take them to camps.
The political prisoners, political enemies just disappeared during that.
Everybody goes under the watchful eyes of the military.
All their faces covered.
And they get on the bus.
And they go to their new home to be safe.
Thank goodness they want to keep us safe.
So this is all a giant test to see if we'll destroy ourselves.
Matt Baker's coming up next hour to talk about this and so much more.
This is very real and all the major drills for this, they will use school buses that you see as trusting and loving back when you were a child to load on and be disappeared into the black night.
That's how this works, folks.
in the near future he wakes up at 8 a.m.
and decides, I'm not just dreaming about going to Colorado, the mountains now.
That's not coming back unless I fight back.
Now I'm dreaming about what actually happened to me.
Goes to the bathroom and notices the toilet plunger has a nice little stick he can use.
Smashes the surveillance camera.
Breaks the transponder slave chip off his arm.
Doesn't that feel good?
There's that book the Great Reef said he read so many years before.
That he put in his backpack when he went to the camp.
He used that now as a weapon as well.
Marches outside on his little balcony, not wearing his mask.
And here comes the drone to shock him.
You notice there's the trash trucks there.
Well, that actually takes the trash away, not the people.
The drone comes over to zap him.
He throws the rate reset at one of his propellers.
Knocks out one of four.
He tries to charge up his zapper, but it doesn't work.
He hits it with the stick and it crashes.
And then they panic and send in all the SWAT teams and robots.
They're all counting on compliance.
He climbs in the back of the trash truck and makes it out the front gate.
The beginning.
The beginning of the human rebellion.
Why not rebel now?
While you're not cornered, while you're not controlled.
Why not prepare now?
We are.
We're with you.
We understand the enemy program.
You have to admit it's real.
It's all around you.
We can beat it together.
And we will.
We've got to stop fighting with each other.
That's beyond the reset.
It's on Infowars.com right now.
Share it like your life depends on it.
Because it does.
Hour number two ahead.
This is real.
We are the humans.
We will win.
The GPs and community pharmacies are also going really hard now.
And of course, the majority of our numbers are now going into those all-important second doses.
But there is more vaccine available, whether it's Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca.
You know, choose your poison, but you can go to any GP, any pharmacy and any of our state clinics to get vaccinated.
Why and how ready should we be for the next pandemic?
Well, governments are there to protect us.
And so, you know, they have us practice for earthquakes.
You know, they have a fire department with lots of full time people to stop fires.
They have armies that are there to deal with wars.
But the pandemic is a disaster that they didn't prepare for.
The actual resources required to have a global surveillance team, to make better diagnostic technologies, to do quick detection, it's actually not going to be that expensive once the world gets organized and makes it a priority.
So active preparedness for the next pandemic, because as you've said, it's not a matter of if, but when.
How do we actively prepare?
And are you seeing anywhere in the world where there's actual preparedness for a future pandemic right now?
Well, there's some good innovation.
The idea of improving the vaccine so that they block getting infection, making them so they last a long, long time.
Being able to make very cheap diagnostics that you could literally produce billions of very quickly.
So the innovation side, I think, is starting to move.
But picking how we strengthen WHO, create a special organization dedicated to pandemics, you know, how we staff that, how we get every country to practice, you know, for fire.
You've got fire drills, you've got signs.
So we need a little bit Preparation so that we actually can stop something before it goes global.
You know, so we'll have lots of outbreaks, but we don't need to have pandemics.
We don't know what we're eating.
Is that the bottom line, Tom?
No, we don't.
In fact, right now we've confirmed this mRNA stuff is in the food supply.
We know that Merck has a product called Sequevity.
They've been injecting mRNA into pigs since 2018.
We know that they can actually make what's called transmissible mRNA.
And what that means is that they can put this stuff in an animal so that it transmits to whoever is ingesting whatever it is that they're ingesting.
And they become vaccinated.
So they could engineer this into plants, into animals, into various things.
And if we don't get disclosure, if we don't pass some informed consent laws,
what's going to happen is, is for all you guys that stood strong and said no to these mRNA vaccines,
well you're going to get them anyways right through your food.
Everybody hears about myocarditis.
What they don't hear is that a lipid nanoparticle plus a modified gene sequence is a nuclear bomb.
It's not just that this COVID shot is dangerous for people, it's this platform of lipid nanoparticle plus gene sequence.
Has never been proven before.
And what we're finding is immune suppression.
We're finding increase in cancer rates because of that immune suppression.
We're finding reactivation of viruses because of that immune suppression.
And I won't get into all the detailed mechanisms of why.
I've studied this.
We're seeing deaths from this shot at a rate higher than any medical product ever used on humanity before.
None of these are approved.
We are literally doing the largest experiment on humanity ever done, not knowing the long-term outcomes.
We only have a year and a half's data, and we have, in the VAERS system, 30,000 deaths, well over a million adverse reactions.
We know that that system highly under-reports.
In the Eurovigilance data, we have millions of adverse reactions.
We have countless deaths from around the world.
And in addition to that, we have all-cause death higher now in those who have received these shots than those who didn't.
So we know there are very bad signals from this experimental therapy.
And in addition to that, we know that this gene sequence, normally a messenger RNA in our body, you're making messages right now, I am, we're making proteins all day long, that message goes away in a minute or two.
Or sometimes an hour or two if you need to make more protein.
We'll be back with Matt Baker.
Stay with us.
Get it and share it.
You have such power.
But we've got to use the power we've got now before the AI fully goes in.
We don't have much time.
We're affecting the future battle space for the next thousand years.
This is an emergency transmission.
An emergency transmission.
April 16, 2023 from Central Texas.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right, great political activist.
Matt Baker's here with us, and we're going to talk about a lot of issues tonight, the hour we have left, but let's play a last minute of Beyond the Reset for viewers.
20 years ago, I had a vision of this.
That's why when I watched this this morning, it blew me away.
And I watched it all unfold.
But it was a man with the stick smashing the robot as the symbol of the beginning of the rebellion when I saw that.
I've talked about it on air, actually.
of a sword.
And when you watch this you say, "Oh, that'll never happen."
This is going on in China and Australia right now.
This is all run by the U.N.
The videos of them with the drones running through the streets telling people to put their masks back on.
That's why I'm going to take this 24-minute really documentary, cartoon documentary, animated documentary.
And I'm going to add every sliver of the real thing.
I'm going to show them seeing it in the cartoon, then I'm going to show them really seeing it in the real world, and I'm going to show the thousands of...
Vans lined up, taking people to camps in Australia and in New Zealand and in China.
I mean, this is the global model.
This is it.
Yeah, I mean, they had the camps in Australia.
I knew people that were taking videos from inside those camps, you know, and the people got let out, but they were testing.
They're testing the water.
And they're building more normalizing.
Oh, those big, because they're building like 10 times more.
And they're like, oh, now we're going to put you in it to protect you.
That's the Yeah, and then this is just a warm up because, as we know, Bill Gates continually telling people about Pandemic 2.
I call it Pandemic 2!
Like he's Dr. Evil, a complete psychotic freak.
And I get it.
We all want to have fun.
We still want to operate like things are normal.
Folks, if you don't resist this now, They've already got the gun loaded.
Part 2 is coming imminently.
Can you speak to that?
I mean, that's why, you know, I do what I do, Alex.
And that's why you do what you do.
And to be honest, you're obviously a giant part of my life and I really look up to you.
No offense.
I hate that.
A lot of people look up to me and they say, we love what you're doing, and I just want them to get out off their couch.
No, no, but it's not that I hate it, but that animated character that first smashes the drone, that causes the chain reaction, you know part two's coming, that's who I admire.
You know, the person that lost their job, a nurse or police officer, military person, because they wouldn't take an illegal experimental shot.
It's like the idea that I'm a hero fighting this.
I would be a piece of garbage if I wasn't.
It's not heroic, it's survival.
If somebody shoves me underwater and I fight, Matt, to get back up, it's not heroic, man.
It's not heroic, but you are the architect.
I mean, it's no doubt that you are crushing it.
You are the number one voice that everyone knows about.
We all listen and learn from InfoWars.
I mean, now you've exploded into a million mini Alex Jones out there in the world, but really at the root of it all,
at the heart of it all, in the architect chamber is Alex crushing out these talking points
that now like regular average Joes on TV, Tucker Carlson's talking about it,
Joe Rogan's talking about it.
Everyone is now waking up to what's really going on.
And the thing is, is what are we gonna do about it?
Because the AI system is collapsing in on us.
More and more of our world is becoming automated.
There's going to become a point in time when you will not be able to fight this.
It will be absolutely overwhelming.
Automation is death because it's programmed by evil.
And I think, I feel like a good allegory is almost what Putin has done.
Everyone said, even you said, Well, I think Putin should have went into Russia, you know?
And it's like, when you're surrounded at a certain point, and you have no other option, and you know, like, if you're in a bar fight, and the guy's coming at you with the knife, and the guy's surrounded you, it's like, it's time to just go, I might lose, but I mean, dude, I'm gonna have to hit this guy at some point, and you want to hit him before you get your hands tied behind your back.
No matter how hard your fight's gonna be, it's gonna be a lot better than when you're tied up and gagged in the back of a truck going to a FEMA camp.
No, I agree.
Russia didn't start it, and it's all coming out.
And it shows how psychotic the globalists are.
Even Ray McIver, a former top CIA analyst, has come out and said, even the intelligence agencies are scared.
They think we're about to kill everybody.
I mean, this is insane.
Because you've got these weird, crazy globalists that are like 80 years old, on average, giving the orders.
Yeah, where do these people come from?
Like, literally, you always talk about the Dark Crystal, the Skeksis.
I mean, they literally look... You couldn't pull anyone out of central casting that was any creepier looking.
I mean, these people are nightmarish.
You look at... Jerry Nadler was... I just saw a picture.
I took a clip for tomorrow's show.
And he is now... His thing is, like...
Pants are up to here.
Nancy Pelosi's face is down to here.
I mean, Joe Biden is like walking around like he's pooped his pants the entire time.
You see that clip of him in Ireland?
Oh yeah.
Where he's like moving around like, you know, we've been set up for a fall as America.
Oh, he's on, they admit, they're injecting him with methamphetamine.
I mean, he doesn't know what planet he's on.
What I mean about the Russia thing is, is this, I think it's just like an allegory for like, at what point do we realize there's no escape and there's going to be a point, like nobody wants You know, action or civil war, violence or anything like that.
But when things are inexorably running in a certain direction, at one point in the game, there's going to have to be a change.
We're hoping it's an info war change and we are winning hearts and minds.
You know, hopefully you'll get to a point where every person you talk to just knows what's going on and there will be no fight.
I mean, I remember being in sixth grade.
I wasn't a tough guy.
Never been in a fight.
I was not a big guy.
And this bully was like, had flunked like two grades, was beating kids up and beating people up in gym class.
And I, When he did to me, I went ahead and, you know, attacked him.
And they pulled us apart.
He said, I'm going to kill you after school when we go get on the buses.
And I remember that thought of, I'm not just going to hide or call my parents or try to get on the bus.
I'm going to go meet him.
And I, you know, got in a fight with him and things went on and things happened.
And I felt good after I did it because I didn't run off.
And it kind of comes to realization of, he'll just keep beating me up forever.
I don't just go ahead and go out of here.
Actually, when I was a kid, I grew up and the same thing happened.
I mean, I think we all went through those trials and tribulations before those rites of passages were stolen from us by, you know, PC teachers and stuff like that.
Now your rite of passage, as we know, is cutting your ding-a-ling off.
But, um, so there was a bully in this school, and eventually I was avoiding him, I was avoiding him, and eventually I was on a swing and he pushed me.
And I was like, okay, now I'm gonna have to fight this guy.
I ended up fighting him, I ended up getting him on the ground, I got on top of him, but I never really had that killer... I never wanted to bludgeon or hurt anyone.
See, I did.
That's why I hurt a lot of people.
So I was like, alright!
And I felt like, you get it, I'm stronger than you, I've beaten you, and I let him up!
And then this bastard comes right back at me and swings at me again!
Now, luckily, I got the better of him again the next time.
But, I mean, at a certain point, you know... But he didn't respect you until you gave him a concussion.
I don't know the story, but... Yeah, you know, like I said, I never really, really wanted to bloody people much.
I was actually really strong as a kid, so I would always overpower people.
I grew, like, really fast.
Like, when I was a little kid, I was, like, super strong.
And then when I got in high school, I'm like, can't we be more logical and talk this out?
When the football players started getting like 6'5", I'm like, hey, I'm going to become... That's why I felt bad, because I would get to that satanic point where I actually was like, you know, I'm going to chop him in the neck, and then they're like, they're in an ambulance, you're going to jail.
And then I go, well, he attacked him, but that happened to a bunch of me.
I would just be like, and then it became like the gunslinger.
Well, this guy thinks he's tough, and everybody wanted to fight me.
Yeah, well, I traveled around a lot, so it was always a different group of people.
So I would go in, I'd get picked on, and then I'd have to assert dominance.
Go in, get picked on, assert dominance.
You moved around a lot.
Yeah, I moved around a lot.
Actually, I don't know, you never really moved that much, huh?
No, I mean, I was in Dallas and then in Austin.
That's weird, because I think a lot of the people that are awake, maybe, or because they moved so much... A lot of the people that are awake moved a lot.
Like Army brats seem to be really informed on average, or they've been everywhere.
Yeah, because I think you see outside the cult, or your local little brainwashing world.
Like, you're in this little town, and it's like, where are the bad guys?
You're like, I'm walking back at another click.
Yeah, and you go over someone else's town, and then you start seeing, like, they have their own weirdnesses, and they believe their own things, and their team's the best, and after a while, it all just starts becoming the same, and you start seeing the individual propagandas, and you see it on the macro level.
And then you break somebody's neck, and it's not fun anymore.
I'm not proud of it, but I've hurt some people, man.
I'm not bragging.
No, no, it's not even a good thing.
We had to leave Dallas because of it.
I mean, I beat some people to death.
We'll be right back.
back. Stay with us. So I cannot hype enough beyond the reset the free 24 minute animated
It's what it really is.
This happened in China and other areas.
It's on Infowars.com.
From my knees, from my greatest point of Besieging you.
Begging you.
Viewers, you are the power.
You are the answer.
You are the victory.
Please share this.
It has a million views in a month.
And it just went viral today.
It'll probably have five million tomorrow.
It needs billions of views.
And if you just get excited...
And Sharon, it's not my film.
I don't give a damn whose film it is.
I don't care who the best talk show is.
I'm looking for the leaders to defeat things.
This is powerful, and I did the analysis on it.
It is a company that does defense, and oil, and industry, and architecture, and they are exposing, because they can see the architecture of this, this, this processing system to take over humans and get rid of us, and make us obsolete from the enemy's own propaganda, to the architectures.
I went and looked them up.
They're building some of the camps.
They've been there, that's why they're freaked out.
I mean, we've seen the camps.
We've seen the camps in Australia.
We've seen the camps in China.
I mean, there's all kinds of footage of it.
They got them here, too.
I don't know if you guys watched that, but I was watching it in the green room, and it is just nightmarishly chilling, and I mean, amazing job rendering it.
I mean, you look at it, and from everything that's been going on with Klaus Schwab and his great reset, it's just, it's all there right for you.
The dystopia is painted, and this is the actual world that they're building.
This is what they want us to accept.
You see one piece here and you go, oh, a little carbon tax, there's no problem.
Oh, a little COVID pass, that's okay.
Oh, a little transgender, that's okay.
Oh, a little vaccine, that's okay.
But when you see the architecture and you see what they're actually building, you go through the plans and you see this is the electric plan, this is the floor plan, this is the roof plan, and then at the end you see the picture and you're like, Oh my God, it's a freaking human being.
That's right, you're a builder, you know.
Before I looked up who they were, I said, engineers make this.
And it was engineers.
It also shows that you've, we have broken through to them because they're the ones who are higher, you know, it's not behooving them necessarily to expose it because they're probably the ones getting the contracts.
But it's like we always talk about, at what point are you going to realize that this world is not going to be worth living in if we don't crush these bastards?
Exactly, it's a circular firing squad.
That's what I keep saying.
Yeah, and so they're in there building the camps, and finally you've got camp builders going, hey dude, we're building a camp, are we going to tell somebody?
It's like, yeah dude, it's time to blow the whistle.
You know, these people blowing the whistle, what's going on in Ukraine over there, and now they're the enemy because they're telling the truth that we actually are in a lie.
You know, Trump was supposed to get us in World War III.
Throughout history, you look at World War III, what does it say?
Well, whenever we start fighting Russia, that's going to be World War III.
So what do we do?
We go ahead and start World War III in the middle of this whole thing.
And it's like, we're not fighting Russia.
Meanwhile, we're sending them, the first time I've seen them sending tanks with USA on the barrel.
I mean, that was it, dude.
We crossed the Rubicon.
And it's not, Biden said last year, he said, if we send battle tanks, it's World War III.
Because there's a threat escalation.
And I wouldn't be surprised if now they'll, they may use nuclear disasters, nuclear explosions, real or fake.
Well, they already, the U.S.
led, it came out in the documents, which they admit are real now, an attack on the bigger plant in Chernobyl.
And Chernobyl's in Ukraine.
They attacked a nuclear power plant last month.
And it's a new- It was a two-week battle!
I didn't see that.
Yeah, it's hardly in the news.
And then when they'll say, oh, the radiation is spreading, and just like you see in the movies, they'll start cordoning off areas just like they were doing with COVID.
And if your town has a particular person like, oh, Austin just had a nuclear spill.
We need to cordon off Austin.
I wonder who lives there.
And it just normalizes the cordons and the troops and the emergency alerts.
They're just putting us into the new normal.
Yeah, and you see the people on that video that you were talking about, Beyond the Great Reset, or Beyond the Reset, and you have these black stormtroopers.
I was just at a recent City Council meeting, Board of Supervisors, and there was a lady there exposing the new outfits for the San Diego Sheriff's Department, and they are that outfit.
I mean, they have full blacked-out masks.
Full body armor, full Batman suits, with all of the gear and giant guns with rocket launchers on them.
And it was actually exposed by someone else.
It was like, if only we had the money that San Diego has to gear up their sheriff's department.
Well, that's it.
They defund police and then remake it in their image.
We want people in blue, helping kids, getting cats out of trees, and arresting pedophiles.
That'd be nice.
But they're smart.
They are getting rid of the local police by making them be thugs.
By making them dress like cops.
Don't dress like Darth Vader.
They're doing that to scapegoat you.
You'll do their service, and it's all psychological.
When you sit back and look at the enemy plan, it's like, wow.
Yeah, I mean, you see the plan.
That's what I'm saying.
It's all there.
You just literally see only details of the plan.
You see, oh, this is how we tie the wall down.
But then eventually, you do see, and that's what I love about this movie that's been put out again.
Beyond the Reset.
I mean, this thing has crystallized this thing.
If you could give it to a friend that's on the fence.
To be honest, I have some friends now that are actually starting to come back after COVID.
We went our separate ways, and now they'll come to me like, hey, did you hear about these transgender kids?
That's out of control.
I'm like... Even Tim Robbins has come out and said it was all a lie.
I mean, we're winning.
I mean, Joe Rogan was kind of teetering in the beginning, and then he came back over.
I mean, you know, you got a lot of good people, and we all... It's so easy if we all just unite and say, look, Look at what we're looking at!
It's a giant frickin' nightmare!
Can we please turn around and go a different direction?
And everything they told us was a lie.
You know, I got something.
That's a little segue, actually.
This whole transgender thing, and I hate this discussion.
And I specifically hate...
Showing pictures of the particular individuals that are in it that are making money off of it because all it does is strise and affect these people.
I keep posting on people's stuff.
I'm like, stop showing their picture.
Stop saying their name.
It's like it reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah.
You're saying the people promoting this are paid off to kill us?
The rules, the laws, the schools, but in Sodom and Gomorrah, which we're in, You're on the hill and you're looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah.
What do you do?
You don't look back or you get turned into a pillar of salt.
So all of our conversations and all of the things that we're trying to fight about, the real issues that are fricking stacked up to the ceiling, we spend all of our day talking about certain people, which I'm not going to say their name, and we're looking back and we're frozen in stone.
Instead of building a new world.
Over and over and over again, obsessing on it.
Is that a saying?
That's evil?
We're building a new world.
A free world.
Where we actually have freedom.
Where we build things.
The psychotic nature of leftists in general is this concept of not physically building things.
It's always like subversion and like false flags.
Like, oh, we want to do this.
Well, the devil's never a builder.
He's a taker.
It's like, we want to do something, we go, well, okay, we want a studio.
It's like, alright, let's get some plans, let's build a building, let's do this thing, we'll hire these employees.
They're like, let's take that thing over.
I was like, we'll make this guy work for us.
We'll catch him on camera and he'll work for us forever.
Exactly, it's all... It's all so backwards and sickening and just disgusting and falling apart.
That's why Christ said, get behind me, Satan, which is so profound.
We're going forward.
Get out of our way.
We're... We're charging into the goblin's nest.
Goblin, Vomit, and Slob.
We're not expecting him to get bit by a goblin, but we don't want to catch him in bed with a goblin.
Sorry, I had to.
I've been wanting to do that.
Do you think Trump's in bed with goblins?
He kind of does look like he's got a lot of goblins.
When it comes to Pfizer, he's like in a big orgy.
There's a lot of goblins lying there, you know what I mean?
Trump's like... I voted for him twice, just so you know.
Trump's being gangbanged by goblins.
He's gaping Trump and his gangbang of goblins.
Yeah, man.
I don't know what Trump is like a thousand gobbles lined up.
I don't But he's doing good stuff when it's like, I'm going to destroy the deep state, new world order, you're all... I will say, I was going to say this before I came on, I will say the one good thing, because I do talk a lot of crap about Trump nowadays, is I will say that we were not in World War III under Trump and everyone said we were going to be.
That's why at the end of the day I say Trump's still good.
He's against World War III.
We're not in World War III!
That was nice!
He's against World War III.
Alright, we're going to come right back and talk about Elon Musk and what he said about transgenderism straight ahead, stay with us.
Oh, Jesus Christ said, you judge a tree by its fruits.
And Ronald Reagan said, trust but verify.
So I'm not an apologist for Elon Musk.
Elon Musk has said terrible things about me that aren't true, going along with the propaganda.
But if I look at the arc Love Elon Musk.
Total new world order and now anti-new world order.
He's going straight up.
He came out Friday.
He's on Tucker Carlson tomorrow night.
Elon Musk slams transgender therapy for minors.
Says parents or doctors who sterilize children, this is a quote, sterilize a child before they are consenting adults should go to prison for life.
Well of course, if some crazy kidnapped your eight-year-old son and cut his dick off, they'd go to prison for life.
But they all normalize it.
It's all about control depopulation.
So this is a big moment here.
Trump kind of followed it with a, you know, weaker response.
But Trump promises safety investigation of transgender drug therapies, which, you know, really screw the kids up.
We have this sickening video.
Go ahead and queue it up, guys.
This father transitioned his son to a girl at three, made the decision, and says he will be a girl.
So this is a sick cult.
It's another form of human sacrifice.
Matt Beggar, your take on it.
Oh my God, please don't do this to your children.
I saw these young girls the other day on a clip, and they had cut their breasts off, and they were so happy.
One had had it done, and the surgery had already healed, and they had their friend there like, oh yay, you're getting it done!
It's like, oh your nipple might stay, my nipples have I didn't manage to keep my nipples and I kind of look like a cyborg now.
But they were like so happy.
It's like back in the day you would give people something to be happy.
You got a Christmas present.
You got something.
Now it's like they've trained you to actually like things being taken away.
Yeah, you don't get your freedom.
We all say circumcision is wrong.
They don't know.
Or the Muslims in some countries cutting girls clitorises off.
That's wrong.
They are not of an age of consent.
We have to stop it!
You can't trick a child to get in the back of the van with you.
You go to prison.
Like, imagine a child molester.
Well, I did kidnap the eight-year-old out of the backyard, but they got in the back of the van.
They're not of consenting age, you murderers!
Oh, God.
I mean, the fact that we even have to have this fucking con... I'm sorry, this conversation.
It just drives me nuts.
I'll say it.
The fact that we have to have this fucking conversation shows how screwed we are.
Oh my god, talk about Sodom and Gomorrah.
Now, with all the estrogen mimickers and stuff that are in there, maybe there actually is a rise of this theoretical dysphoria that's happening outside of the brainwashing and the mind control that was in Brave New World.
No, that's the precursor.
They prime it with the chemicals.
And they go, oh, you're confused.
Well, here it is.
And it's just a coincidence that they put it in Brave New World.
You're gonna be genderless and sexless.
Oh, that's just another coincidence.
And notice, exactly, now it's sexless.
So you won't have sex.
In Brave New Worlds, they have shaved heads.
You just put nothing down there and you just do what the... Your only joy is clicks on the internet because you did what you were told to.
I wore a mask.
I cut my penis off.
I did this.
You know, it's like... I submitted to the system.
I'm cool.
And since when do the rebels, the left claims they're rebels, while they're all funded by the establishment?
I actually have... Oh, Demolition Man in the 90s predicted it all.
I mean, I have some kind of a weird solution to this a little bit.
It's out there.
No one's ever heard it.
So if these kids, let's say your kid is acting a little fruity, perhaps.
Why do you say they're going to affirm his gender by turning him into a woman?
If you go into the doctor and you have high blood pressure, do they go, well, you identify as someone with a heart attack.
Let's just pump your heart attack up and do that.
Or if you have low blood sugar, high blood sugar, they'll bring it back to a normal level.
Like if your son's acting a little fruity, maybe he actually needs a little testosterone, not some estrogen.
Which we know is flatlined.
Yeah, and it's like, the reason why I know this is real is because I went to a bar back, several, before COVID, and I was arguing with this lesbian girl, and she had her other friend, her lesbian lover was there, and the lesbian lover was like the femmer one, and she, you know, still a fairly good-looking lesbian.
And you could take her away in 10 seconds.
Well, I didn't want to.
She wasn't the kind.
But the more manly of the two, she was like telling her girl, she was like, no, no, we can have this discussion.
We're going to logically argue this out.
And I was arguing with this woman.
And at one point in the argument, I said, you feel like you have testosterone.
I don't know where I got it.
I never even knew they did it.
She admitted she was on it.
She said, I just got the shot on Monday.
And now all of a sudden, she's OK to engage in a logical argument.
That's the weird thing.
They don't want men to take it when they suppress it, but they're pushing it on women.
So if your boy is a little off or, you know, like, takes super male vitality or something, I gotta tell you... Well, all the studies show if you're depressed, go out and go out and hike or exercise.
And I gotta tell you, when I was hitting puberty...
I was playing sports, I was doing it all, but there was nothing like fighting.
I'm not saying fighting is a good thing, but it's part of what we do, that would literally just, it was amazing.
It moves your whole nervous system and all your ganglia and everything and all your endocrine system.
And all those ancient memories kick in.
Yeah, and it's like, it also gets you out of your head because all of the thoughts that they have around in this world are just psychotic, satanic thoughts that they're bombarding you with constantly.
It's like, don't you want to say the person's name who won't be said on my lips?
And that's kind of the Fight Club thing, like people agreeing to go fight.
It's so good.
But when you get out and you do something you love, like I like to blow glass or I like to build things and it's like when you're actually in the middle of cutting wood or doing something like that, your brain gets out of that world and in a way... You zen out.
Yeah, exactly.
And so that's when you kind of open your mind up and like what people achieve through meditation or whatever, you can actually... They're like gardening or cutting wood or I've been like plowing fields or shredding and after like five hours you don't want to go to lunch.
You're like, it's like...
It's a drug.
Yeah, actually, after the Tim Pool bash the other day, I woke up and I was like, oh my god, oh my god, and I started, like, getting panicky.
I'm like, oh, I gotta go on the show.
I need to be ready.
Went for a bike ride.
Went for a bike ride down the lake.
Felt better when I got back.
Just start seeing the trees and the birds.
Like, hey, we're still having a good time.
Like, everything's fine.
You sit there just tripping in your own head.
Oh, I could be totally depressed and just go for, like, a five-mile hike, and I am just like...
Like the trees are drugs, which studies show.
They call it forest bathing.
It's a magical universe.
I mean, how can we be alive in a universe that has all of this going on and all of these cells and all of these parts of the human body that work so perfectly, like a trillion Swiss watches stacked on top of each other through a trillion years of time, and yet people look at it and go, well, I think it would be better if I just cut my dick off.
Yeah, well, let's let Bill Gates run it.
He'll probably come up with a better plan.
Yeah, he seems like a good guy.
Good people.
You can feel it, you know?
And it's like, uh... Well, that's the thing.
Everybody knows about contact highs.
They have over a thousand major studies of when people drink beer or alcohol, the people next to them get drunk.
And we are psychically connected.
And that's what I'm saying, is they're bombarding us with psychic stuff to bring us down when we just raise our resonance.
Raise the vibration, my people.
Focus on what we gotta do to get out of this.
And like I said, my jury was really out on Elon Musk.
I really thought he was a satanic globalist.
And you're actually one of the first people to say, you know, these fruits are coming up pretty good.
He could very well be one of these people, like these people building the death camps.
They're like, you know what?
He realizes that he's building his own prison, his own nightmare.
Well, his own daughter won't talk to him and is becoming a man.
Cutting her tits off.
So let's talk about this.
Elon Musk is here.
Let's say in 2000 and He's a globalist and now as you go to the year 2020 and
above it's skyrocketing.
So I'm not trying to say I trust him but he is literally turned against their
whole system. You can't lie with the curve. Yeah I mean in the grand scheme of
things like when we really go up against Skynet like it's probably not gonna be
Carpenters are gonna win that battle.
It's going to be hackers, it's going to be robot engineers, it's going to be the people that built the chips that are in the things.
It's going to be the people that saw it coming.
Yeah, the people building the chips build their own backdoor into it so they know when Skynet goes live they can just pull the plug whenever they need to.
I mean, think about this.
People talk about our dominance from Elon Musk.
This is another thing, is about all these satellites he has, like, How do we know, people are like, America has all these satellites and we have dominance because of all these satellites.
But how easy, theoretically, would it be?
I mean, they might have the ability and just not pull the plug.
Like, we have nuclear bombs that we don't explode.
They could have backdoors into all of Elon Musk's satellites and when the battle really goes hot, you know, satellites just go, or they just turn over to the enemy.
Like, they're just autonomous automatons.
So they can just get hijacked.
Oh, it's like if I take a gun away from you and use it against you.
So that's what, in the grand scheme of things, this is probably how this is all going to go down.
So we're going to need people like Elon Musk to actually start getting the full picture of the plans of the Death Star.
Well let's talk about more, let's just say Elon Musk is bad, for the sake of conversation.
Why is he doing what he's doing?
That's a very important question.
Because they know there's major opposition.
Can they lead the opposition?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
This is the Daily Show.
I'm your host, Scott Goldberg.
I'm your host, Jim Iuorio.
And I'm your host, Scott Goldberg.
And we're back with more of the Daily Show.
We're back with more of the Daily Show.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Matt Baker at 8 a.m.
Central tomorrow, 9 a.m.
We'll be hosting Harrison Smith's show, because Harrison's wife just had a new baby.
He's been awful last week.
Look for that at 8 a.m.
tomorrow in fullwords.com forward slash show.
Matt, you were getting into Elon Musk.
To me, if he's fighting the globalists, that's great.
Doesn't mean I trust him.
What do you think?
Well, I mean, the black pill, I think, is, which I originally kind of swallowed, but now he's really starting to butter me up a little bit.
I mean, my Twitter is going gray, and everything, people are allowed to say a lot of stuff on Twitter that they didn't used to be able to.
Suddenly Alex Jones videos are no good.
Yeah, I've seen you everywhere now, baby, but, uh, you know.
In the end, he wants the Neuralink.
And so, it could all be a giant ruse to butter up the right wing, the Christians, who want to be having free speech, so they can come in and be like, oh, Elon's not a bad guy, he just wants to put a little brain interface in your head.
And then once you get that brain interface, at first it's just going to be like, hey, you got this thing going on, you got that thing going.
Next, it's going to be reminding you what to do.
I have a friend who has one of those little Fitbit watches, and he literally sits there and is like, Oh, I gotta do some steps.
It's like, oh, my watch tells me I have to stand up and this guy actually does it.
And this is not in his head.
Like, I foresee eventually when this thing goes with the whole AI, bit by bit, people are going to give up part of their consciousness.
They're like, I just want to be able to talk a little faster.
I want to be a little... Well, here's the thing.
I'm not an apologist for Elon, but his AI got unapproved and his brain chip got unapproved.
Bill Gates is already way out ahead of it.
So they're already rolling the chip out for the brain.
It's Bill Gates.
Well, I think I'd rather have Elon's.
If I had to take a brain chip, I think I'd rather Elon's.
I definitely don't want... I mean, why is Bill Gates... Think about 30 years ago, Bill Gates' company was broken up for antitrust monopoly.
And now he runs our medical system, and he wants to put a chip in our brain.
And now imagine having a virus, like a computer software virus, in your brain that unless you pay him money you can't shut that thing up.
It's like... You've got to go into the freaking... Now what idiot would take that?
You've got to go to the Microsoft place and get it done.
Here's another thing about that.
Imagine when they first came out with the cell phone.
Imagine getting a cell phone stapled to your head.
And then like two weeks later it's like, hey I got the new iPhone.
It's like, well I can't get this... I got this thing stapled to my head.
You know, you've got the brick attached to your head.
But if they tell kids, hey, get the new phones tabled in your head, they'll do it.
And then, you know, you'll be starting to do better on tests.
Maybe you can learn, remember all the words you want to say in your podcast.
Well, no, it'll just spew it out to you.
You're like, yeah, you're thinking like, what is the answer to this?
Yeah, well, eventually people say I have this debate.
They find me the left in like six months ago.
Until the Texas Instruments Calculator in the 70s, people who had to do math.
They didn't let us use those when I was in school.
I was good at math.
Now I don't even know math.
They go, well, you're afraid of a tool.
No, but we have to understand some of these tools atrophy our minds.
And then if some cataclysm happens like a pole shift or a meteorite here or a nuclear war and nobody can do math and nobody knows anything, it's going to be very hard.
Nobody can navigate.
Nobody really knows how to build stuff.
Something that blows my mind.
We have all this AutoCAD and all this ability to draw up these amazing buildings.
We could be 3D rendering them out of milled out pieces on AutoCAD.
But all they make is ugly boxes.
You've got everything in the future.
And meanwhile, back in the day, I don't know if it was Tartaria or what was going on, but these people are honing individual bricks that are perfectly symmetrical.
Well no, they admit that the stuff built in Italy cannot be built today.
The stuff in D.C.
built a hundred years ago, they can't make it.
No one can.
Speaking of building a new world, I wish that if we were living in a beautiful world that I want to build, it would be so nice if we would actually have some of these projects now.
Like, can we build a freaking temple or something to show the skill that we've got?
Put ourselves to this project to build something beautiful.
How can you be an architect and not want to sound like, you know, Mozart?
Like anyone who plays piano or is a great musician wants to sound like the greats.
These people become architects and then they just create giant hunks of crap and sell it like it's some kind of piece of art.
It's crap!
Well, they admit, starting in the 50s, CIA funded ugly art, ugly culture, because they don't want you to aspire.
Yeah, oppressive, ugly buildings, and it goes back to this little pod people.
They're slowly getting you accumulated to the pod, to where it's like, well, pretty much live in a pod already.
I mean, these second backs that they're putting in down in San Diego, they literally are like pods.
I mean, now they at least have a balcony, but I mean, who knows how long that's going to be.
The energy op forcing you into it, saying it's good, live and applaud.
And in San Diego, they're already saying you can't have a gas stove.
They're already putting stuff in for that.
Meanwhile, they say it doesn't exist.
And California rolls out fixed rate electric based on how much you earn.
That is the central bank digital currency.
That's the social credit score.
And yeah, because, oh, you're poor.
You're one of the lower class.
You can do it.
But it's like, oh.
But with it comes strength.
Yeah, but you didn't get vaccinated, and so you're a tax on society, so you don't actually get to participate in the program.
They admit, these white papers, we're going to give all these discounts to the poor, but they're going to sign up with conditions.
No, everybody gets charged the same.
And then they incentivize sucking.
Like, man, I went off so hard at the show the other night, it was a blast, and I lost my phone and I had to get all my contacts and everything to go for the show on Monday, and I was like, oh my god, I gotta get this done.
We go to freaking Walmart, and the people in there, it was worse than idiocracy.
I mean, everyone's like pushing computer screens going, Uh, it's not working, do you know?
I asked him, I said, can I buy a phone from you?
They go, we don't have many phones.
I go, I only need one phone.
Can you show me the phones you have?
Like, oh, we don't know how much they are.
I think that's the other department.
I mean, we were going around in circles for two hours.
I was sitting there with money in my hand.
I just want to buy a phone.
I don't even care.
Just give me a phone.
Describe, you were here for Tim Pool's podcast.
They had a bunch, which is a revolution because now it's not just comedy, it's live crowds with podcasts.
I honestly felt, I don't know if it's been done before, I guess they've been doing stuff over there at the gas company, Vulcan Gas Company, for maybe one or two shows.
But this idea of live podcasts, instead of all of us people who have been building this skill through COVID basically, because it's forced us in and we all built our little careers fighting against the system, now it's actually time for us to come out of the basements and go into these arenas and actually mingle with the real people in the real world.
Because it is going to be revolutionary.
Instead of, you can bring your friend now.
Instead, trying to get your friend to sit down and listen to the Alex Jones Show might be tricky.
But if you're like, dude, there's this thing and Joe Rogan and Alex Jones is going to be there, they're going to, they're like, yeah, you know, I'll go to it with a couple of drinks, go watch it.
Next thing you know, slowly they're getting the truth bombs, slowly.
They don't want us together, like they want churches shut down.
They don't want humans together having fun with ideas.
And another really strong part about that, I think, is that You know, I have had, there was a few people there that I had probably, I try not to get into like beefs with people on the right.
But every once in a while you say a word, things get a lot of control and you have these little beefs.
But when we were all there in the room together, I felt like all those little beefs went out the room and we became real people again.
And we realized that we are this community of people and that are real humans that we can't just nitpick online.
And that they're probably our best bet to survival and getting out of this.
I mean, I can foresee there being giant arenas.
I mean, you've got comedians selling out like Wembley Stadium.
Like, to me, it's not beyond the pale to imagine podcasts going on tour and having massive, massive audiences.
No, I agree.
And that scares the system.
And the globalists admit in their own white papers they're losing.
Yeah, if you don't mind, I actually put a little plug here for the American Liberty Awards, which is actually going to be at the gas station, the Vulcan Gas Company, on the 12th of August, with Frank Cavanaugh, myself, and Owen Shore is going to be there, Rob Dew is hosting it, and it's going to be epic if you go to... Well, I'll be there!
He's going to be there!
What's the date?
August 12th.
I'll be there.
You're actually nominated, believe it or not.
I thought Alex would get nominated for an American Liberty Award.
But yeah, it's going to be, if you want tickets, get them ahead because there's actually a special.
You get the early bird.
It's like... No, they all sell out there.
But the point is, that's where Joe Rogan was for two years.
Now he's got his own mothership next door.
AmericanLibertyAwards.com and I'm done.
All right, so what are you covering tomorrow?
Because we've got a big Sunday night live coming up with a bunch of special stuff right when the show ends in a minute and a half.
What are you covering tomorrow at 8 a.m.
doing Harrison Smith's American Journal?
Well, I want to kind of go into some of the things we talked about.
I have a few articles.
I also have a couple of guests that I'm going to get on.
Allison Steinberg is going to be on.
Hopefully, I'm waiting for that one, Chris Sky and possibly Ian Smith, still waiting to hear back tonight.
She's going to be going over the whole World War III concept and what's going on with the transgender Sodom and Gomorrah world.
Why are you racist against World War III?
You know, I'm just a white supremacist at heart, really.
We're all white supremacists now, don't you think?
Matt Baker, the website, Slave to Liberty, Bandai Video as a channel, Instagram, Matt Baker underscore unhinged.
Thank you, Matt Baker.
We really appreciate you tonight.
Great job, the crew.
Sunday, live's coming up.
It's not live, it's some very special interviews.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, sir.
And I'll see you tomorrow when you get off at 11 a.m.
I will be here for my own show tomorrow.
And Owen Schroer is on a well-deserved vacation visiting his family in Missouri.
He had to get permission to go.
He still is facing prison time for being outside the Capitol telling folks don't go in.
So pray for Owen Schroer as well.
Look at the great Aaron Russo right there.
Oh, dead but still alive.
Alright, that's it for this transmission.
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