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Name: 20230413_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 13, 2023
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In this episode of "The Alex Jones Show," Jones discusses various topics including Disney's association with pedophilia, the White House's influencer army targeting children, corporate support for degenerate ideas, independent media's role in communicating important information, and promoting products available on InfoWarsStore.com. He also criticizes American society's current state regarding gender identity and representation, arguing that those who oppose his views are part of a larger agenda to suppress dissent and promote globalist ideologies. Throughout the show, Jones encourages listeners to engage with his products and support his work in order to continue fighting for truth and freedom."

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There's been a globalist corporate coup over America and over most of the world.
They're at war with the average family, the average business.
They are using economics as a form of siege to make us poor so they can dictate the terms of our unconditional surrender.
And the fact you've got Elon Musk at the World Government Summit of the WEF saying your plan is evil and bad and dangerous.
You've got Ron Paul saying there's been a coup over America and the election was a total fraud.
We have a permanent bureaucracy.
You have Trump saying it.
And Rand Paul saying it.
And RFK Jr.
saying it.
And now Marco Rubio starting to say it.
And Senator Cruz saying it.
And Josh Hawley saying it.
And Senator Cotton saying it.
And the new Swiss ...leader and the new leader in Sweden.
It's just the new leader of Italy.
Goes and gives anti-New World Order, anti-Bilderberg group speeches to millions and talks about their plan to destroy the family and cut off the gasoline.
I mean, people are really getting it!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
Patriots Worldwide in Defense of Human Liberty.
Tomorrow's news.
today. The Russian foreign ministry is claiming that the US and...
and Russia are now in a hot phase of the war, and implores the U.S.
to resume some kind of dialogue.
But NATO is not interested in peace talks.
The U.K.
is sending depleted uranium, and the U.S.
is continuing its biolabs program in Ukraine.
The largest military air exercise in NATO history is scheduled for this summer.
They have to call it an exercise, otherwise NATO would have to admit that they are at war with Russia.
Starting next month, thousands of NATO troops will create a united front in Europe against Russia.
The U.S.
has been exposed for destroying the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and America's facade of a moral high ground is quickly fading.
The Pentagon leaks say that Ukraine is losing the war.
Both sides have threatened the nuclear option, and the Ukrainians have already attacked a nuclear power plant.
We are one desperate action away from a nuclear war with Russia.
China is now simulating precision strikes on key targets on Taiwan.
And the moment they invade, the U.S.
will go to war with China.
The Uniparty and the media have been focusing on China for several weeks now, and U.S.
Senator Lindsey Graham is already prepared to start sending troops.
But the Department of Defense is warning that the U.S.
doesn't have enough munitions to fight China.
The millions of rounds of ammunition that the U.S.
has sent to Ukraine has drained stockpiles, which will take years to replenish, making it an opportune moment for the CCP to invade.
Days after Xi Jinping brokers a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Rocket attacks are launched at Israel from multiple locations.
Last week in response, Israel launched attacks against Lebanon, Gaza and Syrian military targets.
The Jerusalem Post is calling it a multi-front Middle East war against Israel and claim that Iran is behind the attacks.
Israel has been calling up battalions of reservists.
The Iranians are reportedly preparing to attack Israeli ships sailing through the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.
Last week, the U.S.
deployed a submarine with a Tomahawk missile payload to support Israel.
If Israel goes to war with Iran, the U.S.
will be involved.
The U.S.
is looking at three different theaters of war.
They've already depleted their munitions in their losing proxy war with Russia.
And they've depleted their military with clotshots and tranny psyops.
Meanwhile, the Bank for International Settlements, or BIS, is preparing for a one-world digital currency.
The BIS was created in 1930 to centralize the central banks.
Project Icebreaker is the BIS plan to control all international transactions between central bank digital currencies.
Similar to what Fed now is planning to do in America on the national level.
The decisions being made by the big banks for the economic reset are hugely unpopular with the awakening masses.
But these criminal big banks have three catastrophic wars to launch as smoke screens while they eliminate their opposition and write the history books of tomorrow.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Thursday, April 13th, 2023.
big broadcast window for you today.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!"
(audience laughing)
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I don't have to tell you that all hell's breaking loose and civilization is spiraling out of control.
But we gotta hit the bottom before we come back up.
Stay with us and spread the word.
It's an info war.
Ladies and gentlemen, It's Thursday, April 13th, 2023.
I'm your embattled host, Alex Jones, bringing you tidings of great danger, but also incredible opportunity.
All right, I've cleared the slate of guests today over the next four hours, and we are going to be opening the phones up throughout this transmission on all of these topics that I'm about to hit.
Then I'll give the number out at the bottom of the hour and we're going to take hundreds.
My goal will be about a hundred calls here today.
So let me just get in a little bit of what's on the plate here.
Huge economic developments, admissions that were in a recession.
It's been that for a while, but they've been suppressing it.
Stores closing all over the United States because of the crime waves.
Another very serious economic news coming in.
We're going to look at that.
We know that was all part of the plan.
We are also going to be laying out the latest in the culture wars and really a huge development we've known is coming for a long time.
Obama promised to bankrupt coal in America and he shut down more than half the plants.
Trump was unable to open any of the systems and Biden has continued for two plus years wrecking what's left.
Power prices have roughly tripled across the United States, devastating the average person and the economy.
And you saw California always the testing ground, the bellwether.
Last year, they banned most small combustion engines on golf carts, on Things like leaf blowers and lawnmowers.
And the same thing's happening in Europe.
They're moving in to ban single-family dwellings.
Well, Biden's been saying he'd do it.
Remember a few months ago, they were like, well, we're going to ban gas-powered stoves.
People made the come and take it flag with the cannon.
So the cannon, it's a gas stove.
And then they backed off of that, but now they're back to it.
Well, well, here's the new announcement.
They've now released draft plans of the two big announcements that Biden's set to put out.
They've already trial-ballooned it.
This is Town Hall, gets it right.
Biden administration moves full steam ahead with effort to ban cars.
This bans the combustion engine.
And says that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and so because your car puts out carbon dioxide that plants breathe but then put off oxygen for us it's only a trace gas and much higher in our past that's associated with higher crop yields better health and humans everything.
Just one of the provisions bans carbon dioxide coming out of a tailpipe.
Same thing they did with the coal power plants.
We have the cleanest plants in the world.
All that comes out of them is carbon dioxide and water vapor.
But they'll aim a camera on a cold day at a coal power plant and say, look at all that smoke!
Notice the smoke goes away in a couple hundred yards because the hot air cools off and hits the same temp.
Just like when you're breathing in the cold air and you're 98 point whatever it is, oxygen is coming out, air is coming
out, and it looks like you're breathing smoke.
Well, by the time you're three or four, you learn that's not really smoke.
But it's the same trick that they aim at the top of power plants and say, "Look, it's
a smoke, it's getting us."
Meanwhile, in China, and in India, and in Mexico, and 160 plus other third world nations,
they have zero emissions controls.
That's why if you're in Mexico, you see a coal power plant right across the border supplying power to the US, you see black smoke coming out.
Not, not, not water vapor, not what looks like white smoke, black smoke.
And they're just burning dirty coal with the mercury and all the rest of it coming out.
And polluting everything, including their own people.
But that's okay.
Because the globalists own and control that area, and they're going to continue the industry there.
It's just Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US.
The Western world is to have its energy cut off, a globalist sanction.
So, it's the same thing.
Oh my gosh, we gotta ban coal power plants because carbon dioxide is a pollutant listed by the EPA.
Never passed by Congress.
Remember, over a year ago, the Supreme Court ruled, like two years ago now, and said all these EPA rules are unconstitutional, banning coal power plants, saying carbon dioxide's a pollutant.
You didn't pass a law.
You can't do that.
Congress makes laws.
Well, guess what?
Ignoring the Supreme Court ruling.
And so we need action on that now, ladies and gentlemen.
The Biden administration is preparing two sets of new rules to limit vehicle emissions in a move critics say proves electric vehicles would fail in a free market.
The proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulation would set limits on emissions for all types of vehicles and fundamentally transform the auto industry as manufacturers who do not get in line will face regulatory penalties.
The proposal, at least 54% of new vehicles sold would need to be electric in just seven years.
67% may need to be electric by 2032.
This is more strict than the 50% EV regime the auto industry agreed to in 2021.
And there's not enough cobalt and enough of all the different rare earth minerals to build the damn electric cars.
And you have to, on average, travel with a standard electric car, I've seen the numbers, 60,000 to 70,000 miles before it starts becoming competitive on not releasing carbon with a gas car.
Because it took that much carbon to build the car.
Which, by the way, is great.
We're carbon-based life forms.
Carbon's good.
Carbon good.
Carbon not bad.
Carbon dioxide good.
Not bad.
So this is just an amazing situation.
We're going to be getting into that.
CNN came out and said, Bud Light's inclusive ad campaigns are good for business, experts say.
But they're not really.
And I've seen this spin that the term, get woke, go broke, isn't true.
And that this annihilation and now $6 billion in market cap lost in Anheuser-Busch is an anomaly.
That's not true.
That's a liberal talking point.
The NFL saw half its ratings go away when it became all woke.
Same thing with the basketball league, the NBA.
And there's countless examples.
Hollywood, with all its woke movies, every one of them has crashed.
And it's basically bankrupted Hollywood.
And I'll give you a thousand other examples, but I gotta say, I've been hearing, I've been seeing articles on InfoWars that say, well, Really, it isn't get woke, go broke, but here's a real example of it.
It's all over the place.
The problem is the big central banks have unlimited money, and like zombies, keep pumping it into Hollywood and CNN and the rest of it.
The difference is they just don't have any audiences.
So they can just keep them up there and prop them up, but they have a fraction of the audience that they normally do.
So no, they're losing the culture war.
We are winning the culture war.
And here's that same crap.
about how this bud campaign is good, experts say, like a circular firing squad. So losing $6 billion
and the average liquor distributor group, I saw on the numbers here, is they're seeing
orders in just a week go down at least 40% nationwide for Anheuser-Busch products across
the board and even higher numbers for Bud Light itself.
So having a 40% plunge in sales across your entire company and 6 billion loss or 6% of their stock price is good and two men can have a baby.
I mean, give me a break.
This is beyond gaslighting.
This is idiocy.
Absolute BS.
All right.
I'm going to hit some more of what I'm going to drill into when we come back, but I got to play a clip of Marco Rubio where he knocks out of the park.
Everybody knows I've not been a big fan of Marco Rubio, but he's kind of coming along and getting with the team now because he sees the establishment imploding.
That's what I've been explaining is humanity's waking up big time.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right.
Yesterday, I talked a lot about this.
We're going to play a compilation coming up here in the last segment of this hour of world leaders, U.S.
leaders, saying there's been a globalist corporate coup over America and over most of the world.
They're at war with the average family, the average business.
They are using economics as a form of siege to make us poor so they can dictate the terms of our unconditional surrender.
And the fact you've got Elon Musk at the World Government Summit of the WEF saying your plan is evil and bad and dangerous.
And you've got Ron Paul saying there's been a coup over America and the election was a total fraud.
We have a permanent bureaucracy.
You have Trump saying it.
And Rand Paul saying it.
And RFK Jr.
saying it.
And now Marco Rubio starting to say it.
And Senator Cruz saying it.
And Josh Hawley saying it.
And Senator Cotton saying it.
And the new Swiss leader.
And the new leader in Sweden.
It's just the new leader of Italy.
Goes and gives anti-New World Order, anti-Bilderberg Group speeches to millions.
And talks about their plan to destroy the family and cut off the gasoline.
I mean, people are really getting it.
Imagine being Jim McGriffin telling people about this 50 years ago, or myself 29 years ago.
When maybe 1% of people knew this was real and happening, but now it's here.
So as negative as things are, what they're trying to force through and people realize is designed to control us.
The head of the European Central Bank just last week, LeGrand, those famous Russian pranksters that prank US senators and prank governors and prank British Prime Ministers, you know, that always call in and say there's Zelensky here.
Thank you for talking to me.
How are you doing today?
There's a new video I meant to get to a couple days ago, but it's all over.
You've probably already seen it.
And they go, so your central bank digital currency will control your people.
We like that.
He's like, yes, it will control them.
I mean, it's just come on.
They're a bunch of bond villains.
They're ridiculous.
And again, if you believe this carbon BS that carbon dioxide is evil, China is building new plants every week.
Mexico is building them every couple of weeks.
India is building them every few weeks.
They're all up for business.
We're being shut down.
Remember, it's all one planet.
So carbon dioxide is so evil, and all these other companies and countries are ramping up the release of carbon dioxide, but we're killing the production of carbon dioxide.
And all over Europe and Canada, they're shutting down natural fertilizer production.
I mean, they are turning the lights out, baby.
And people need to realize how extreme it is.
It's not an environmental policy.
It's not misguided idiocy.
It's a plan.
And good job Town Hall getting it right.
Biden administration moves full steam ahead with Everett to ban cars.
In just six and a half years, They want 60 percent, 54 within six and a half years, within eight years, 67 percent, must be electric, period.
That's banning the cars.
And then they're coming out with new regulations on carbon dioxide release from the cars.
The cars are left.
This is just, this is so savage.
This is so sick.
This is so premeditated.
Marco Rubio sums up the many problems That are hammering the United States, and he's not wrong.
The Twitter user says, wow.
Marco Rubio slams Biden and defends Trump in epic rant.
And for him, the neocon establishment got to start talking like this.
It shows they know the people are awake.
This is what he had to say.
Look, we have a world that realizes we have a president that can barely put together complete sentences, appears incoherent, oftentimes doesn't even know where he is in many cases in some of these places, that allowed spy balloons to be flown over our head, that abandoned billions of dollars of American military equipment left over into the hands of the Taliban, and spends all day talking about electric vehicles and solar panels that he knows we're going to have to buy from China.
We have a justice system that indicts political opponents and former presidents and leading
presidential candidates.
A justice system that infiltrates sources and tries to spy on Catholic churches, but
allows criminals to destroy San Francisco and Baltimore and Detroit and Washington,
D.C. and Los Angeles and Manhattan.
We have a military that doesn't spend its time talking about new weapons systems or how to care for veterans that are committing suicides at historic rates.
They spend their time talking about transgender issues and all kinds of racial disparity stuff.
Not defending our country.
We have a media that's become a joke.
A media that's wasted two and a half years of our time on a Russia collusion situation.
Then they moved on from that to cover up the Hunter Biden situation.
It's now a full-blown investigation Our universities are a forum for crazy things to happen.
You can't even speak on a university campus.
People being assaulted by men wearing dresses and these violent protests and shutting down speech.
And our culture, what is what we focused on as a culture?
We're focused on the fact that now some man pretending to be a woman gets paid millions of dollars to sell Nike sports bras and Bud Light.
So, the world looks at that and says, this place is a laughing stock.
And they react to it.
And I could go on for an hour about all the things that we are, we are being embarrassed on the world stage, our adversaries are taking advantage of it, and our friends are saying, hey, we may have to go on on our own here, because these guys look like they're about to commit societal suicide.
Marco Rubio warns of the United States committing cultural suicide.
When America was promoting Freedom, and justice, and right to self-defense, and John Wayne.
Everybody wanted to come here, and it was an example, and authoritarians all over the world didn't like it.
They wrote white papers and books on it, and the globalists in the 50s and 60s said, we can't have this anymore.
They funded the little cultural revolution here, the hippies.
They exacerbated all of America's problems and created more divisions.
They began to undermine the economy and the family and all the systems that underpin the social contract.
So the world now sees us as a big, fat, evil, demonic joke so that China and others can rise.
But at the same time, China just double-crossed the globalists.
So it's a very schizophrenic policy.
They've got to suppress the American people.
To control us, but then they're actually suppressing the engine, because they've already hijacked the country, of their global domination.
And you see the caliber of the globalists going way down, because these are grandkids that inherited the world their grandfathers hijacked.
And Prince Charles is a joke, and his family's a joke, it's all a joke.
We have a psychotic ruling class, with a group of mad scientists, In control of the military industrial complex, starting massive wars everywhere, dissolving our borders, hammering us with electromagnetic radiation and GMO and poison shots.
But this is part of a larger master plan.
And of course, we all know that we fight not against flesh and blood, but the powers, the principalities of the air.
And that's what it is, the transmission.
Satanic broadcast.
That we all can tune into.
We can fall to.
Or we can tie into the Holy Spirit and transcend it.
But only God can block the enemy transmission.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
All right, I'm gonna give the phone number out.
You are welcome.
I'd love to hear from you, to call in on any subject you have.
Any questions?
Any comments?
It's a free-for-all.
Interspersed with news and breaking information we'll be covering here on this live Thursday edition.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539. 877-789-2539. First-time callers, long-time callers, agree, disagree. All I
ask is that you have a clean telephone line and that we get to your calls quickly.
I got really bad the last few years about not taking a lot of calls, and when I did, letting a caller go on for 10 minutes and not getting everybody.
I've turned that around about 80%.
I've improved, and I'm telling you, I'm not going to be rude today, but some of these calls are so good, I let them get three or four minutes in, and then I miss all the other good calls.
So no matter how good you are, I'll give you two minutes, because I just got to get to everybody.
Okay, I only scratched the surface.
I probably covered 15 different topics and stories.
I want to drill back into a lot of these.
But, man, it is hard.
Where to go next?
But I got to tell you, at the end of the show yesterday, in the fourth hour, and I was handing the baton off to Kate Daly, so I guess the show really continued on another 50 minutes.
She did a great job.
What a great lady.
I started to get to the Elon Musk interchange with the BBC reporter who finally just cut the interview off and left.
We're not going to play the whole thing, but we're going to play about four minutes of it.
Because I could teach a college course on this, dealing with the media and philosophy and how they operate.
Because the facade of the corporate state-run establishment, enemy of the people, media, is they just dictate pure lies, pure crap, disinformation.
Like, global warming's man-made and is bad, or carbon dioxide's evil, or two men can have a baby.
And then they ridicule you and attack you if you don't agree, and they create these false consensus.
But he's there talking to this guy, and he says, well, you're putting out COVID disinfo, or you're not putting the COVID alerts out.
And he said, yeah, COVID's over.
Just what about you at the BBC?
What about you lying about the vaccine being safe?
Or you lying about masking?
And the guy didn't know what to say.
He said, hey, I'm interviewing you.
You're not interviewing me.
But see, that's totally fair in a debate or a discussion when someone accuses you of what they themselves are doing.
You hit them back with what they've done.
People say, well, are you saying Elon Musk is good?
No, I'm not saying Elon Musk is good.
I'm not saying Marco Rubio is good.
I'm saying, why do they sound like us now?
Because they know the worm has turned.
Elon Musk came out three months ago and he said, listen, I make nice EV cars.
And they make the nicest ones.
But he went on to say, we need coal, we need fossil fuel, and we can't get rid of the cars.
There's not enough resources to make enough electric cars, basically, ever.
It's a godsend we have all this oil that God gave us, and gas.
And he said, we need to have more kids, and we need to take care of old people, and we need to have a pro-human future, not this globalist future.
So he's definitely going against their program, at many levels.
And you can say, well, that's because he wants to take over their program, or that's...
Whatever reason it is, Donald Trump sounds like Alex Jones.
Elon Musk sounds like Alex Jones.
Bolsonaro sounds like Alex Jones.
Tucker Carlson sounds like Alex Jones.
Joe Rogan, the list goes on and on.
Why is that?
Well, it's because we've been going off the globalist source documents, and we warned people for so long, they heard us warn them about it, and now that they know we told the truth, now they're all, all those people.
Tune into the show.
And that's why the broadcast is so important.
That's why your calls are so important.
That's why the great guests we have are so important.
Because Alex Jones is just a part of this whole operation.
This operation belongs to you.
And I really want that to burn into your brain.
That's why I say it every show, every broadcast.
You're not the tail, you're the dog.
The globalists in Hollywood aren't even the tail.
They're a flea on the tail of the dog.
And we have to stop giving them the power and bowing down to them.
Also, he's put out an AI warning.
We'll get to it in the next segment.
But let's go ahead and play the clip of him and the BBC puppet.
Let's play the long clip.
Four minutes, 18 seconds.
Here it is.
I would only just add that we have spoken to people who have been sacked that used to be in content moderation, and we've spoken to people very recently who were involved in moderation, and they just say there's not enough people to police this stuff, particularly around hate speech in the company.
What hate speech are you talking about?
I mean, you use Twitter.
Do you see a rise in hate speech?
Just a personal anecdote.
I don't.
Personally, for you, I would see I get more of that kind of content.
But I'm not going to talk for the rest of Twitter.
You see more hate speech personally?
I would say I would see more hateful content in that.
Content you don't like or hateful?
What do you mean?
Describe a hateful thing.
Yeah, I mean, you know, just content that will solicit a reaction, something that may include something that is slightly racist or slightly sexist, those kinds of things.
So you think if something is slightly sexist, it should be banned?
I'm not saying anything.
I'm just curious.
I'm trying to understand what you mean by hateful content.
And I'm asking for specific examples.
And you just said that if something is slightly sexist, that's hateful content.
Does that mean that it should be banned?
Well, you've asked me whether my feed, whether it's got less or more.
I'd say it's got slightly more.
That's what I'm asking for examples.
Can you name one example?
Honestly, I don't... You can't name a single example?
I'll tell you why, because I don't actually use that feed anymore because I just don't particularly like it.
A lot of people are quite similar.
I only look at my followers.
Well, hang on a second.
You've said you've seen more hateful content, but you can't name a single example.
Not even one.
I'm not sure I've used that feed for the last...
Well, then how did you see the hateful content?
Because I've been using Twister since you've taken it over for the last six months.
Okay, so then you must have at some point seen, for you, hateful content.
I'm asking for one example.
And you can't give a single one.
And I'm saying... Then I say so that you don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, because you can't give a single example of hateful content.
Not even one tweet.
And yet you claimed that the hateful content was high.
That's a false.
You just lied.
No, what I claim was, there are many organisations that say that that kind of information is on the rise.
Give me one example.
You can look at something like the Strategic Dialogue Institute in the UK.
They will say that.
Look, people will say all sorts of nonsense.
I'm literally asking for a single example and you can't name one.
Right, and as I've already said, I don't use that feed.
But how would you know?
I don't think this is getting anywhere.
You literally said you experienced more hateful content and then couldn't name a single example.
And as I said, that's absurd.
I haven't actually looked at that feed.
Then how would you know if it's hateful content?
Because I'm saying that's what I saw a few weeks ago.
I can't give you an exact example.
Let's move on.
We only have a certain amount of time.
Covid misinformation.
You've changed the COVID misinformation.
Has BBC changed its COVID misinformation?
The BBC does not set the rules on Twitter, so I'm asking you.
No, I'm talking about the BBC's misinformation about COVID.
I'm literally asking you about, you changed the labels, the COVID misinformation labels.
There used to be a policy and then it disappeared.
Why do that?
Okay, COVID is no longer an issue.
Does the BBC hold itself at all responsible for misinformation regarding masking and side effects of vaccinations?
And not reporting on that at all?
And what about the fact that the BBC was put under pressure by the British government to change its editorial policy?
Are you aware of that?
This is not an interview about the BBC.
Oh, you thought it wasn't?
I see now why you've done Twitter spaces.
I am not a representative of the BBC's editorial.
So there you go, folks.
Look, their facade has collapsed.
They're gaslighting everyone.
We're supposed to just bow down to them and take whatever they say is real.
It's a bunch of criminals, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back with more news.
Stay with us.
Men and women don't have different chromosomes.
Carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas.
And yes, the Easter Bunny is real.
But they're gaslighting the young people and folks that have bought into the system, believing that once the New World Order gets in, they're going to have this wonderful life with a universal basic income.
Yeah, you're going to be in a 250 square foot coffin apartment, bombarded by 5G electromagnetic radiation, eating GMO bug parts.
That is literally the hell they've built.
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll like it.
Oh, you don't like the hell you're in now?
Well, we got something way better for you.
And it's just like a compulsive gambler.
They get down at the slot machines, or at the craps table, or at the roulette wheel, or at the blackjack table, and they go mortgage their house.
Because they gotta win all that back.
And people that invest in this system are exactly the same.
Instead of saying, wow, this is really bad.
This is really dystopic.
And then you get the internal documents where big tech's plan for 30 years is to isolate you and make you depressed.
And you have all these master criminal James Bond villain types giggling and hopping around as they get out of private jets on mountaintops bragging about it.
Oh, the future doesn't need you.
The end of humanity's here.
World government's here.
Humans aren't the future.
In fact, I sent it to you about a week and a half ago, guys.
I never played it.
It's my fault.
It's only like a 42-second note.
You all know a Harari clip.
And he just says, humans are obsolete, period.
You will accept it.
You will merge the machines or you will be worthless and we're going to get rid of you.
I mean, that's what Hitler said.
So I was like, oh, but he's Jewish, so it's okay.
And he's gay.
So, you know, and Tim Cook's gay and he runs death camps in China.
It's like, well, those are kind of cute.
And the owner of the big Warriors basketball team said, I don't even think about the 3 million Uyghurs in death camps who are being sold.
They don't even rise to my consciousness.
I don't care.
It's laughing on TV.
I don't care about death camps.
That's a real spirit of evil.
And how would somebody think they're safe in a world where nobody else is safe?
Oh, you guys found the clip.
Well, you guys found that fast.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
On the one hand, the emergence of a new upgraded elite of superhumans enhanced by bioengineering and brain-computer interfaces and things like that.
And on the other hand, a new massive useless class A class that has no military or economic usefulness and therefore also no political power.
You know, we have time later.
I'm going to play this clip as we take calls.
Joe Rogan issues warning after AI generated version of his podcast comes out.
It looks like Joe.
It sounds like Joe.
And you simply put into the word processor.
Whatever you want, and then it does a deep fake or you can have.
the so-called AI, after you give it parameters of what, I want it to be liberal, I want it to be this,
I want it to push that, you tell it what you want, then it goes out and plagiarizes everybody,
mixes it all together, and then it looks like Joe Rogan, it sounds like Joe Rogan,
but none of it's what Joe Rogan actually says.
And of course, the issue is, People need to know the source they're going to.
They need to respect the source they're going to and disrespect the sources they know are bad.
And you don't get that out of some fact-checking service.
You've got to promote real, bona fide, trusted sources to the human intelligence network and never rely on AI to say what's real or good.
But notice the globalists and Bill Gates saying, no, no, no, AI is already policing to censor us, show that they can force this in.
And immediately, with the new AI chat services that have come out that are terrible, don't work hardly at all.
You've had colleges and high schools and everywhere just start letting it write the assignment, start letting it take over.
Oh, I don't need to know how to do math.
I've got a calculator.
Well, now I don't even know how to think or come up with ideas.
I just put in the parameters the basic mission we've got, brainwash these kids, teach them about transgenderism, whatever the mission is, and then it just spews it out.
So let's get to this next clip.
Then I've got an interesting compilation I want to get to.
People talking about how we're living in a coup.
Part two of what we covered yesterday.
This is a powerful video, must warns, AI will surpass humans if not stopped by guest host Chase Geyser.
Doing a great job filling in for Harrison Smith.
He's got another baby coming into the world right now.
So let's play that clip.
Mark my words, AI is far more dangerous than nukes.
I try to convince people to slow down, slow down AI, to regulate AI.
This was futile.
I tried for years.
I'm really quite close to, very close to the cutting edge in AI, and it scares the hell out of me.
It's capable of vastly more than almost anyone knows, and the rate of improvement is exponential.
It feels like we are the biological bootloader for AI, effectively.
We are building it.
And then we're building progressively greater intelligence.
And the percentage of intelligence that is not human is increasing.
And eventually, We will represent a very small percentage of intelligence.
Freedom consists of the distribution of power and despotism in its concentration.
And so I think it's important if we have this incredible power of AI that it not be concentrated in the hands of a few and potentially lead to a world that we don't want.
All of us already are cyborgs.
So you have a machine extension of yourself in the form of your phone and your computer and all your applications.
You are already superhuman, but by far you have more power, more capability than the President of the United States had 30 years ago.
So everyone is already superhuman.
We're rapidly headed towards digital superintelligence that far exceeds any human.
Powerful video.
It's up on Bandai Video.
Great job, Chase Geyser, for putting that out.
Now, that premiered on American Journal this morning, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m., right before my broadcast.
We'll unpack that and take your calls next hour.
I wanted to get to this short little compilation.
It can be hours long.
There's so many of these clips of different leaders, not just around the world, pointing out we live in a coup.
We live in a tyranny.
It's illegitimate.
And if you have the AI, you have to make the decision.
We decide our evolution.
And I'm not getting into a debate about evolution and Darwin.
I mean, the evolution you see in technology in our lives that's very rapid-paced right now is hurting us, is dumbing us down, is isolating us.
It's not making us superhuman.
Yes, we can use these tools to do incredible things, and a lot of people do.
But in the aggregate, it's making us slow, lazy, dumb, and obsolete.
So why would we choose to make ourselves obsolete?
Why would we empower this thing that's being programmed by people that want to get rid of us to begin with?
Very, very simple.
You have to decide, hey, we're banning biological weapons.
We're banning the use of nuclear weapons.
We've survived so far.
And with this, we have to get control of it as well and shun the robot delivery services and the shops with the robots.
Not just jump into it and love it.
But that's the process that's happening.
So we have to take control while we're still in control of our future.
And build a world for us.
Not for the technocrats and the machines.
That's my manifesto.
Here is a short compilation of some of the folks breaking down the code.
The CIA is somehow involved with the assassination of JFK.
The nephew of JFK goes public after Tucker Carlson's insider bombshell and says the CIA's murder of my uncle was a successful coup.
I do believe there has been a coup, and it's been taken over, and if I want to, if I can, I want to just put the date in my mind, and you, anybody could pick probably any date in the last hundred years, but I have picked, uh, I have picked November 22nd, 1963.
What happened on that day?
That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government.
You know, by the CIA.
One of your fellow journalists said, uh, who's the biggest problem, sir, is it China?
Could it be Russia?
Could it be North Korea?
No, I said the biggest problem is from within.
It's these sick, radical people from within.
So I think we want to be a little bit cautious about being too much of a single civilization, because if we are too much of a single civilization, then the whole thing may collapse.
We have been witnessing a global coup d'etat.
What we're talking about is a control system that's going to be implemented in a global coup d'etat.
There is a globalist coup going on.
Some people are laughing at me.
This is a global coup d'etat against liberal democracy across the planet.
Boy, somebody's been hammering that every day for decades, saying if we got to the point of realizing it, when they launched operations, we would be able to defeat them.
And yes, it's happening.
We have the initiative.
We control the future.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hour number two.
Stay with us.
They decided to not perp walking, not put him in handcuffs, not do a mug shot, because they knew that that would help
Didn't they know this would backfire?
We were waiting for the mug shot.
We learned today they wouldn't have it, so we've made our own.
And it says political prisoner.
With an image of President Trump.
The shirt is being printed now in Texas.
It'll be shipping out to you in one week.
Political prisoner with Trump on the front there in a mugshot jail background.
It's a fundraiser shirt.
It says InfoWars.com on the back of the shirt.
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Great way to fund the operation.
So get your Alex Jones for President and Trump mugshot shirts at Infowarsstore.com
or by calling toll free triple-8 253-3139 This is Uncle Sam with music and the truth until dawn.
Right now, I've got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone.
The chair is against the wall.
John has a long mustache.
This is the heart of 1776!
It's 12 o'clock, Americans.
Another day closer to victory.
And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song.
Gee, does the government really think when the gloves come off
that you're going to win this physical war with us?
Not now.
Because people know who you are and what you did.
Yeah, maybe five years ago, you might have been able to pull off a revolution and bring in a permanent tyranny.
You might have gotten away with them.
Let me give the New World Order report.
Everybody knows I make a lot of good analysis and predictions.
You've lost your ass.
You're blown.
You're done.
You need to give up and stop it.
And you can run off with your stolen wealth and live like kings.
Because we don't want this war with you.
People say, well, why would you?
It's called sitting someone into abstention.
That's what you do.
Instead of having a big war with them and cornering them, because they can really wreck stuff, and start a nuclear war, we're like, hey, just go away, and we will not prosecute you, convict you, and hang you.
But if you've got to go that way, we're not backing down.
We're identifying you.
We're beating you.
We're not going away.
Understand, there's nothing you can do to us to stop us.
You can put us in jail.
You can kill us.
You can attack our families.
We already know our families are gone anyways, and we don't beat this.
So, that's what I call commitment.
And people have to get it in their brain that you are under attack.
That's not rhetoric.
This government is more at war with you than Communist China.
Remember what Trump said when Trump says the biggest enemy is the globalists that have hijacked the country.
A, that's true.
And B, everybody's saying it now and they cannot get away with this once that happens.
So the mission was to expose their illegitimate, expose their out-to-get-us, expose their horrible people.
Most of them are pedophiles at the top.
It's all about their selfishness.
They're Satanists.
You're identified, dumbass!
Klaus Schwab and all of them write books and say over and over, and we've played the clips, well, we're bringing in a global crisis to get rid of the old system and we'll be the saviors, we're bringing in the new system.
That only works if people don't know you're the bad guy!
And I keep hammering this point because it's essential.
So we're in a war, they're the bad guys, 99.9999% of us are going to be absolutely harmed by
this in horrible ways.
And by the way, 100% will be harmed.
The tiny, globalist elite of a few thousand owners of this fraud all fight with each other, all spy on each other.
Most of their kids commit suicide.
They are miserable scum.
And they're projecting their hatred of themselves onto us.
So everyone loses under this.
It's a satanic plan.
It comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
Reject it!
This is not even a discussion.
It's not even a point.
And it's not heroic to fight it.
You'd have to have the most insane, blind, nihilistic courage to work for this thing.
And destroy yourself just to be a horrible, nasty person?
And feel like you're in charge for a season?
You could be honorable.
You could be strong.
You could be part of the future.
You could have God's providence.
But so many of you are so far gone, I'm talking to the globalist, that you just don't even... I mean, you know what I'm saying's true, so you hate me because you know I made the right decision.
And you made the wrong decision, and you have committed the ultimate sin by screwing kids and stuff like that, so you can't come back.
So all you can do, like your boss, is claw us into hell with you.
Well, guess what?
You're not getting my soul, scum.
All right, start your engines.
I'm going to record your calls after this 60 second break where we join some stations.
And we will go to your calls and cover the waterfront.
Love the wild card nature of the calls.
Who knows what we're going to be hearing about or what we're going to be talking about, what we're going to be answering next.
Ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Band.video is a very important website.
Hundreds of sensor contributors are there, and they even censor the URL, so share the URL madmaxworld.tv.
We'll be back.
We are now into hour number two of the Alex Jones Show, and I'm taking a hundred phone calls.
Until I go off air today.
We're going to do it.
As soon as you hear a caller hang up, that's your chance to call in.
Alright, let's take them in the order they were received.
Susan in Florida, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, how you doing?
I'm still kicking, still fighting them, and we're seeing a lot of progress.
Alex, I want to thank you because had it not been for you, I'd be a serious dumbass.
Like, not knowing anything about what's going on.
When I started hearing you, you mentioned globalists, oligarchs, chemtrails, and I'm like, what the hell is this man talking about?
So I started researching, and I found that everything you said was right.
Alex was right.
And I want to thank you for that.
Well, I want to thank you because we're all on this planet together.
Thank you, Jesus.
I also want to thank you.
I want to tell you, Trump 2024, and I think The best choice for Vice President would be Robert Kennedy.
I meant to call Roger Stone about this yesterday because Roger doesn't make stuff up.
You know, he's got the reputation as a dirty trickster.
He's like a choir boy compared to the Democrats.
But he's never lied to me and he doesn't make stuff up.
He talks to Trump basically every day.
And I can tell you that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is being considered as Trump's VP.
That would be fantastic.
He's been fighting and he's been communicating for decades.
About the waters, about the fluoride, about the 5G... And wouldn't that be an amazing bipartisan ticket?
We need it.
This planet has been seriously contaminated.
87% glyphosate in the waters.
Well, I'll say this.
Trump needs to be back in because they stole the election from him.
I mean, just right there, the people voted for him.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., they murdered his dad when he was one of the primaries in LA.
So, yeah, I definitely like Robert Kennedy Jr.
I don't agree with all his politics, but he's a good man.
The system hates him, and I think he's a fabulous person.
And he's officially running against Joe Biden right now, so the question is, would he Would he run with Trump and switch parties?
All right, thank you.
That'd be a very hard ticket to beat.
Even with election fraud, that's just a dream ticket.
I think, because I know him better and he has better policies, I think Rand Paul would be better as well than RFK.
But it's a very close second RFK Jr.
Okay, Corey in Florida.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
I'd like to talk about the assassination of Donald Trump.
I feel like we're being shoehorned into them doing this, and everybody's going to be aware of it now.
Just like you were talking about with Robert F. Kennedy's uncle.
History not only repeats itself... No, no, no.
Not just Robert F. Kennedy's uncle.
JFK was murdered.
His father was winning in the primaries and was murdered.
Correct, correct.
And again, we already know the CIA did it.
They're going to do it again.
It will be obvious to everyone.
And much like everything the left does, they're going to fail.
It may look like they've gotten him, but trust me, mark my words, he will not be gone.
He will be back.
And God help them when he does come back.
Well, I mean, imagine if they just winged Trump.
Yeah, it may look like they actually got him, and the world might think that for a while, but no, they're not going to, it's not going to happen.
He will come back again, and again, they're going to feel his wrath.
And unfortunately, we got the real Trump now, and we should have been thankful for it and appreciated it, because once he comes back, no one's going to oppose him.
I appreciate your call.
This is kind of sounding a little Antichrist-y to me.
The Antichrist gets shot in the head.
Dead and basically comes back to life. That's one of the big the first big miracle he does
I don't think Trump's the Antichrist and I don't think he's Jesus either interesting call though, sir. Thank you Robin,
Texas. You're on the air. Welcome Hey Alex. All right. So after the fact over the past three
years you've been proven right about everything You've cataloged and documented your points, but now we
need to counter enemies and make sure it can never happen again
So I think for the solution we need to look back in time How the founding fathers solved their problems and address
their grievances with a formal document?
We need to make a new social contract, a new Declaration of Independence of universal truth.
And then imagine a great signing ceremony.
We need people like Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, Donald Trump to sign this thing.
Imagine a new John Hancock is Donald Trump's signature on this document.
This could be your next great work.
Well, I do think, I mean, I do think we need a new Declaration of Independence against the globalists.
That's a great idea.
I've thought a lot about that.
And then you can pass around your copy, your version.
Everybody should write a new Declaration of Independence.
We should have like a $10,000 contest.
Give people a month to write it.
We put them on InfoWars and then that will spur.
It's too hard to organize all those folks.
I've tried.
Then that will spur other people to have committees and meetings and then have Trump put out a new Declaration of Independence.
Musk is talking about putting out a new idea for global civilization to challenge the globalists.
He's developing that right now.
So yes, a new plan for civilization, which we're not going to follow.
We're not saying it's the plan, you know, it's dictatorial.
It's an idea to cause a thinking process and a larger debate.
But absolutely, we're announcing it now.
$10,000 contest.
We'll put the rules up by Monday and it needs to be, you know, I mean it can be a page long, it can be a hundred pages long.
We'll then take, you know, the serious versions of it.
That'll be the first part of the contest.
We'll choose, you know, which ones, because if it's illiterate and doesn't make any sense, we're obviously not going to put that up as an insult to everybody.
We won't get a lot of those.
We'll get some.
But anything serious, even if we disagree with it, if we get a communist manifesto, if we get some new plan for tyranny, we're going to put that up too.
And then I will decide who the winner is.
I mean, we'll cover a bunch of them on air and maybe have a vote on the side of the top four or five.
Then out of the top four or five that folks think are the best, we'll kind of pare it down to that.
Then I will go over it and say, I think this is the winner.
And then that will cause a major debate in and around that fabulous, fabulous idea, Rob.
Thank you, Alex.
That's all I've got.
Thank you.
I love it.
Guys, I get so busy with the next thing, the next thing I forget.
Stay on me today.
I've got to write up the rules for this.
I say Monday.
I'll never get to it.
I just say Monday.
I'll try to get it out today or tomorrow.
Or at least this weekend.
I'll come up here Saturday.
I'm just working until like midnight tomorrow night, so I'll take off at least one day.
But I'll come up Saturday and make sure it gets done.
So that is a very good idea.
Let's go to Brenda in Nevada.
Brenda, thanks for calling.
Oh, okay.
That was a call that was lit up.
Let's jam in.
Wild in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Mr. Jones, I'm a big fan.
I wanted to talk about the RNC and the DNC.
They just announced the DNC is going to take place a month after the RNC in Milwaukee.
Well, the RNC is in Milwaukee and then the DNC is going to be in Chicago.
So I wanted to invite you and everybody who can make it, you know, as many people as possible to Milwaukee here and enjoy some beers and cheese.
And I think we need to have a party and have lots of fun and love.
Because I agree with Nikola Tesla that, you know, it's the love you give, not the love you make and the love you take.
So I think we should make a...
Really good fun time here and coordinate to have a bash, you know, a wild party.
Well, you know, for me, when I go cover RNC and DNC, I'm mainly doing a bunch of interviews and documenting what happened.
But yeah, we're definitely going to be at the RNC and DNC.
And I didn't even plug last hour for us to be able to do that.
I appreciate your call, Wild.
Hope to see you up in Wisconsin.
We need money.
Man, we don't have a budget right now.
We're barely in the black.
So yeah, we'll have some presence at the RNC and DNC.
And I want to do Bilderberg.
Looks like it's in Portugal this year.
Not sure we got the money.
We're looking at it right now.
All that stuff we used to do, we can do if we get the funds.
So we're not going anywhere if you decide to buy the products.
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This is 10 hours of incredible energy, and it does it in a healthy way.
TurboForce, back in stock.
Jack Teixeira.
It is going to be going to Leavenworth for quite a while, if it's true.
Breaking, Massachusetts Air National Guardsman named Jack Teixeira identified as the leaker of the sensitive U.S.
intelligence documents.
officials identify leaked classified documents suspect 21-year-old Air National Guardsman.
What was he doing with top-secret battle plans?
That's very suspicious.
Leaker of classified military secrets on Discord works at U.S.
military base.
Pentagon Documents Leaker has reportedly been identified.
Does not say he's been arrested yet.
It's one thing if you're a journalist, like Daniel Ellsberg, and you get documents and then you release them.
That's legal and lawful.
But if you sign the national security agreements and you're in the military, and you release secret documents, you're going under the prison.
So, people need to know that and be aware of that.
So this is serious.
But they lie so much, who knows what's even true.
Who knows anymore.
Let's go right back to your phone calls here on this Live Thursday edition.
Let's talk to CeCe in Chicago.
You're on the air, welcome.
Hi Alex, love you.
I'm loving all the suggestions I'm hearing from the callers.
Great calls.
Great calls.
I'm calling today about, I'm reading about the livestock, the milk, the cows, the mRNA shots that are
being injected into them and going into the food supply and also about the Chinese
doing experimentations and the milk with the mice and it occurred
to me I started thinking about it I was like oh my gosh everything's going
to be in the food What are we going to eat?
And also I was reading about how now they're seeing the clotting in unvaccinated people.
Is there mom in the food with it?
Yes, yes.
And I was like, oh my gosh, what are we going to eat?
How are we going to avoid all this and everything else?
Then it occurred to me, the people I know in my life Who are involved with tech.
I've got a friend whose son lives in Amsterdam.
He's very highly up there involved with AI.
Another friend whose son lives in San Francisco and works for a very known company, Hi-Tech.
All these tech people that I know that travel around the world.
Another who lives in Germany.
A couple in South America.
These are just people that I know that have Kids who work in tech or people who are in their 30s who work in tech and the common denominator I realized of knowing these people is Every one of them or the vegans I know are these people involved with tech and they've been vegan for quite a while In fact the one who came back from Amsterdam to visit who is in the state My neighbor remarked to me.
He found it odd how his son-in-law is only ate oatmeal. Basically the whole time he was there he
didn't see him eat anything but oatmeal.
Well look, it's definitely a leptis cold. But they need to know they're not just hitting the meat
with these mRNA injections, they're engineering whole plant lines that grow the virus in them.
So in fact it's easier to do that with plants and have it actually activate and stay there
and actually get into your body than it is in meat. I appreciate your call, Cece. Let's talk
to Chris in Kentucky. You're on the air, welcome. Hey Alex, first I just want to say
I'm sorry I hadn't done this before but I just went on InfoWars.org.
the other day and signed up for a $25 monthly donation.
Thank you.
Recurring and that's just so easy to do. I just want to encourage everybody that is so simple.
If you don't have time to figure out what you want to buy or what you need,
you know, half a million of us would do that. It makes your life so much easier and I just appreciate it.
We could be 24 hours a day with other great hosts.
We could have reporters like we used to, 10 or 15 of them.
At one point we had about 6 or 7, but I would even have more.
And we could be all over the place reporting on everything, everywhere.
If we have less than 1% of the audience buys products, if just another percent Well, I want to talk about election integrity.
much more. So thank you. Thank you so much. If you go to Infowarestore.com, there's a
donate button to a one-time, a recurring, or sign up for auto-shipping products you're
going to need again and again, cancel anytime for free, but that way you don't forget to
support the broadcast. Thank you so much for doing that.
Well, what's on your mind, Chris?
Well, I want to talk about election integrity. I live in Kentucky, I think we're one of about
seven or eight states that have elections in these odd years. One key race that is going
to help in our state this year is the Secretary of State's rights.
I'm supporting Steve Nipper, and I'm just asking for all my fellow Kentuckians to vote for Steve in the Republican primary.
And I want to give out a website that a lot of people have talked about Eric and really don't know what Eric's doing for voter rolls, don't know what Eric is.
It's a website.
Know the number two.
N-O, the number two, Eric.org.
Gateway Pundit's got some good articles there.
You can find out if your state's connected to Eric, and if your state is, sign that petition and forward your information on to your Secretary of State to tell them to get you out of Eric.
But I'm just trying to move the needle just a little bit every day.
I got involved quickly last year, and this year I just decided to Well, Chris, absolutely, and that's something I meant to get to.
Trump calls for Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor, to be removed by the DOJ after the latest illegal leak to the Washington Post.
And they're investigating Trump for fundraising, talking about election fraud and saying he would spend money to investigate the fraud.
They're acting like it's illegal to challenge an election when the Democrats always do that.
We have massive evidence of it.
But despite their gaslighting and saying no one can question an election, everybody is questioning it.
I mean it's just incredible and the people know the truth and now this act blew out of Texas and other states.
It's coming out where not just Veritas but others have now gone to hundreds of people's houses.
That supposedly donated, in some cases thousands of times, small numbers.
None of them ever knew they were donating.
So they're doing it in their name with somebody else's money.
So the Democrats are a criminal organization.
They're election meddling by censoring and blocking.
We know that.
We know there was like Arizona with ballots that were two inches too short.
So they didn't work.
So, quote, they had to count them in a central facility.
They sabotaged this.
Of course they did.
And we are not going to be intimidated into shutting up about it.
You're exactly right.
I just encourage everyone to find out more about your local election system, what you can do to get involved.
I think the simplest thing is for us to all go back to paper ballots and count it.
Osage County, Missouri was the first county in the country to go back to paper ballots.
And by the way, third world countries have better elections than us.
They do that too.
You count it at the precinct in front of everybody.
And then you have that number that's public, put on the board, and you can add them all together, and fraud is almost impossible.
Thank you so much, brother.
Great call.
All right.
We're going to go to break again.
We've got longer segments coming up, and we're going to take five phone calls the next segment, and we're going to take six phone calls the next segment.
It's the longest segment of the hour.
So everybody, get ready.
When I come back after break, we're going to Brian.
We're going to Carlos.
We're going to John.
We're going to James, Brenda, Pete, Michael, Angel, everybody.
We're going to get to all your calls here today.
And on Intersports Breaking News as it comes in, there's a bunch of other news I haven't hit yet, but yeah.
I really want to go cover Bilderberg.
I want to cover Davos.
I want to cover RNC-DNC.
We got to have security.
I mean, it's dangerous.
So we need money.
If you want to see us do all that, go to Infowarswar.com.
Commission us to fight for you in the Infowar.
I can't do it without you.
Nobody really likes Biden.
And in polls everywhere, two-thirds of Democrats don't want him to run again.
But Biden's not running anything.
He's a placeholder to take the blame for all the unpopular stuff the globalists are up to.
They're like, oh, Biden to ban cars in the U.S., gasoline cars.
Biden to open the border.
Biden does this.
Now, Biden, when you hear Biden, you know, New World Order, the globalists, the Debo script.
But I want to go back to your phone calls, but here's a few clips of Biden, who wouldn't ever go To the train derailments.
He would never go to the toxic waste dumps.
Wouldn't go to the border.
Wouldn't go to Ohio.
But he would go to Ireland, where I guess he thinks he's got an audience that likes him.
The Irish are great people, but they're also very hospitable, so he's coming to honor the Irish, so they're out there, you know, actually showing up with large crowds.
Something he can't do anywhere else.
And it's really very exploitive.
But here he is on the trip with his crackhead Chinese Communist spy son.
It's all coming out.
The Chinese government's now releasing documents.
The company's releasing documents confirming they were on the payroll.
We already knew that.
It's just a mess.
It's a total mess.
Here's Hunter Biden steps in to help his father understand a question he's being asked.
And if you're a radio listener, you can't really make this out, but he looks like when you visit a nursing home,
and you see the old man on a walker going down the hall that doesn't know where he is or where he's at.
You know that man should not be driving a car.
That guy needs help wiping his butt.
And so does Biden.
And that's our president.
And that's who the globalists stole the election to put in charge.
Absolutely insane.
Let's play clip 12.
Reporter asked Biden, do you have an update on the leak investigation?
And just back-to-back, go ahead and play clip 13 and 14 back-to-back.
I mean, this guy is out of his mind.
Do you have an update on the leak investigation?
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I can't watch anymore of it.
I can't watch anymore of it.
I mean he does not know what planet he's on.
There's another clip where he says, "I'm not going home, I'm staying here."
Yeah, I bet he wants to.
He's a human shield, folks.
He's a meat puppet.
Go ahead and play that clip.
Go ahead and play it.
Thank you all very much.
And I'm not going home.
I'm staying here.
This is an incredible place.
All you American reporters.
Looks just like the White House, right?
All right, let's go back to your phone calls.
I shouldn't waste time on Biden, it's so sad.
Brian in Toronto, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, it's a great honor to talk to you, and something specifically important to me is coming up a date two days from now is the 10-year anniversary of when you woke me up, which was the occurrence of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Hearing your analysis of what was taking place completely shocked me.
And transforming me.
I call myself Brian 2.0 now because I'm not the same person because I guess I wasn't paying attention but I didn't realize how terribly corrupt this world is and I guess there's a couple of topics I wanted to check in on with you.
One of them is President Trump.
I think that he, you know, is a master of looking at, you know, reading the media and The actual context and I think, you know, if you're going to be the president for all the people.
Knowing that a lot of them believe what they're told, I think that's where the whole vaccine thing came in and he felt that it would be better to let that kind of take care of itself and then he can address it later instead of coming out initially and saying all the things everybody wanted him to say.
If you look at it now, it looks like it's probably going to work out okay, I guess.
That's what I think.
Except for all the people that got sick or irrevocably damaged.
Listen, they lied to him.
He believes in science.
So he believes in the military.
He doesn't understand that the globalists have put their people at the top of the military.
He thought he could trust the military leadership.
They were some of the worst globalists.
And he was like, hey, therapeutics, hey, vitamin C, vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, you know, all this stuff.
And they're like, yes, sir.
And sorry, it'll be five years for a vaccine.
He said, warp speed that, because they already had the warp speed plan.
They basically set him up.
You know that.
I understand that, but he had to get back in the position of power to make effect change for all of us.
And it's terrible that there are casualties in that, but there are casualties in war.
We're in war.
I don't agree with any of it, but I do agree with him wanting to win a contest of popularity where half the people are crazy and they want to take the shot.
So I'm not arguing with you.
I believe that he was assessing correctly what he needed to do to get in that seat again.
Sure, sure.
And that's the argument.
My argument is leadership is about changing their minds and not going along with their delusions.
But I hear you.
The globalists hate him.
They're out to get him.
He's a new Trump.
And obviously I'm not going to support Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom over Trump.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in New Jersey.
John, thanks for calling.
Well, hello there, Alex.
It's an honor to be speaking with you.
Honor's all mine.
Well, so I just wanted to talk about the book of Revelation a little bit, which might seem a little cliche, but... No, it's not cliche!
We're living it, brother!
Right, right.
Exactly, Alex.
And, you know, it's kind of like God gave us a little roadmap, if you will, of what to expect at the end.
And there's a lot of, you know, Translating you got to do because a lot of it's symbolic, but if you're able to do that and come to kind of a coherent analysis of it, you really can see that, well, for one thing, it's going to get a lot worse than we already are.
And I think that that's a good thing in a strange way.
I don't think we're quite at the end yet, if you will.
Oh, no, no, no.
We're getting on the roller coaster right now, and it's just starting to click, click, click, click, click, click, move up.
Yes, indeed.
And I think that, you know, God loves this nation.
This is a special nation to God.
I really do believe that.
I think the people are special to God.
And just, for anybody who's listening and might not really take, maybe you take that for granted a little bit, get right with God right now, because we're in a opportune time to make things right, have a fresh start, and be ready for what's coming, if it is coming.
I do.
I catch myself on both sides of the coin.
I can see us approaching the end pretty rapidly.
But I could also see, you know, maybe some grand event that we can't foresee happening because enough people, you know, come to their senses and, you know, kind of come together in a way that hasn't been seen before in the history of man.
And maybe we can flip this whole thing over.
And I totally agree with you.
And God gave us the blueprint.
Yeah, and you can really see that.
gave us free will, but he also warned us what was coming so we'd make the right decision.
There's no doubt there's a world government.
There's no doubt it hates God.
There's no doubt it wants to kill, steal and destroy.
There is no doubt that it's completely out of control and that everything Revelation
predicted is now being set up and manifest.
Yeah, and you can really see that.
The whole, if you really look at the whole agenda 2030 and everything, there's one thing
that stuck out to my mind when I first saw the terribly cringy commercials for it is
that America will not be the head of the world anymore.
It's going to be a handful of nations.
And that's right, that's literally out of Revelation.
I mean, a handful of nations control the Earth at a certain point.
Oh, America's not special.
America's evil and bad.
We're the best house in a bad neighborhood.
We're the freest country when it came to COVID, as bad as we were.
So people don't know how bad it is other places.
That's why we've got to save the Republic.
Thank you so much, John.
Carlos, you are up next when we come back.
And then Michael, Angel, and so many others.
Back in just a few minutes.
Please tell everybody you know, tune in now.
All right, there's a lot of big news to hit, but I'm really enjoying your phone calls.
But I'm going to intersperse a lot of this big news next hour.
I talked about this with Mike Adams yesterday, and I've got the documents right here.
Alex Jones Info Wars, specifically named in government censorship tools, marketed to big tech by the CIA.
They said, stop people like Alex Jones.
I'll give examples of how to do it.
That's the AI.
That's the control.
Story's up on InfoWars.com.
It was actually out yesterday, but I didn't cover it.
That's the type of stuff we've got here.
So, I mean, it really is the fact that they can't win in this horrible world they're building if they're identified.
They're authoritarian.
They're not American.
They're criminals.
And it's that simple.
And I'm not saying everybody in the FBI or the CIA or any of that's bad.
A lot of them are good people.
But the top is run by bad people.
They have an occupied, hijacked government.
And it's really just that simple.
So we need to be honest with ourselves about that.
This has come out in Missouri versus Biden.
And this has been listed as documents in the court case by the Attorney General of Missouri that's suing Biden.
And it's right here.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
And you read these documents from 2000-2001.
That's the documents they've gotten.
And it's all stuff that's now confirmed.
Jones is saying math's don't work.
Gotta banning.
Jones is saying there's side effects from the shots.
Gotta banning.
This is the criminals covering up what they were doing to you.
In fact, why don't we print all these articles because they've got the URLs here.
I mean, I showed a New England Medical Journal report about the vaccinated with a COVID shot having an 82% increase in miscarriages in the first trimester and a 23% increase in the third trimester.
It's a freaking major study.
We got to not let the public know.
That's aiding and abetting consciously the murder.
As RFK said in that speech a few days ago that we aired yesterday.
So it's definitely next level.
Let's go back to your calls as promised.
Carlos in Canada.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless.
I wanted to mention something to you, which is symbolized best in a sculpture that was done in the 1800s.
It's a sculpture called Athlete Fights Python.
And it really represents... Did you say... I'm stuttering.
I want to pull it up.
Is it athletes, athlete fights... Athlete fights python.
Athlete fights a bison, a buffalo, athlete... Python, a snake.
Oh, I've seen that one.
OK, so athlete fights python.
All right.
Got it.
And when we look at what we are now experiencing worldwide, the pressures and differences The inversion that is in progress has happened in history in the past.
It was actually a precursor to the Dark Ages of medieval Europe.
And now we are in an inversion where, you know, up is down and left is right.
And you would say fair is foul and foul is fair in Shakespearean terms.
How do we untangle ourselves from this inversion?
I know that for a fact this inversion has come about As a single, single theme based on what Jesus Christ did by throwing out the lenders, money changers, out of the temple.
He mentioned something, he did that violently, because it wasn't good for society for them to be close to the high themes of spirituality of man.
They were putting paying them for access to God.
They were putting themselves between God.
And you cannot have a world run By people whose financial interests are so great, money lenders want to be paid back.
So let me explain to you something that you have from InfoWars, which is just very simple.
A little skit of a man who puts on a pair of glasses, he looks at billboards, he sees right through the PR, and he sees the truth.
He takes the glasses off and the billboard becomes a marketing lie or whatever.
He puts it back on and he sees the truth.
Do the same thing.
Put in your head the simple way of doing away with this inversion.
Think of money lenders need to be paid back.
When they don't get paid back because of freedom, they have to make sure you don't have that freedom not to pay back.
So they have to control you.
Otherwise, how can they make money on lending?
Because lending is a great loss when you lose nine out of ten, because you get one back in percentage, but you lose nine.
So, the whole history from Jesus onward was a warning.
Be careful.
Money lenders want to get paid back.
You want to be free?
You have to be free.
Well, the specifics of what they did is they made them buy sacrifices of cows, which was the biggest sacrifice they had for cattle, like pigeons.
At the temple.
And the prices had always been low, you know, biblically.
And you didn't bring any sacrifices.
They said, you got to buy it from us, and you got to use this rare coin that in that case was worth about 10 times its weight in silver, though it was a silver coin.
So it was a classic example of fractional reserve banking, where they were just raping people to buy their sacrifices.
And so you're absolutely right.
Thank you, Carlos.
Amazing points.
Always good to hear from you.
Michael in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, in the morning to you.
It's definitely an honor to speak to you.
I've got three important things I wanted to talk to you about, if possible.
Yes sir, please.
Can you hear me okay?
I can, thank you.
I'm very nervous.
Don't be nervous, go ahead and tell us.
The people that laughed at the Trump when he was arrested, That was not funny at all.
It's a serious situation, you know, so people need to take it seriously.
And something else I wanted to tell you is that before my dad passed away, he was a UMWA man, so he was a Democrat.
You know, I was trying to tell him to vote for Trump or, you know, Trump, you know, Trump would be better.
He's done a better job in office.
And he's, you know, he's talking about how, you know, he didn't care for him.
And I said, hey, dad, I don't want to have a beer with him.
I want him to run my country.
That's what I want.
And anyway, he passed away, took three Moderna shots, was very healthy, had just built a huge shed for a tractor, and then, you know, just died.
I'm sorry to hear that, my friend.
Thank you.
On the cars and the environmental situation, you know, old Bob Lazar had a hydrogen car, a hydrogen Corvette, and it was, you know, it's something that could be used by everybody in the United States, and I don't know why it's not, you know, Well, hydrogen is great, we'd have to build the infrastructure, but the Japanese have actually built hydrogen cars that are very economical and work very well.
The way he had it, you do get your hydrogen at your home from some kind of device that you put in your garage, and then outside of that device you have a solar panel that You have a processor that grabs hydrogen out of the air, and then you use the solar panel for the electricity, and then it concentrates the hydrogen, and then it goes into the tank.
They've just got to armor shield the tank, because it's highly explosive.
So is gasoline.
I've looked a lot into hydrogen cars.
They're pretty amazing.
The way he had it done, it would not be explosive, and it would only get the hydrogen when it needs it.
Anyway... Listen, I'm sorry to hear about your father, but he still believed in America, and he still believed in the social contract.
He thought the government was good like he was.
He projected his goodness onto them, and I'm sad to hear what happened to him.
Thank you so much for the call.
Alright, we're gonna go to break.
And everybody else, we're going to get to Angel and Mike and James and Brenda and Ray and everybody else when we come back and start the next hour.
And I'm looking at all this news.
I need to hit some of this.
The vaccine news is big today.
The economy news is big.
The Russian news is big.
The China news is big.
And oh, we now know about both shooters in Kentucky and in Tennessee.
Both were under psychiatric care, hopped up on psychotropic drugs.
We knew that was going to be the case.
If Alex Jones runs for president in the Republican Party, he has a chance of winning.
If you just tuned in, you may be noticing I'm wearing an Alex Jones for President 2024 shirt.
I am not seriously planning to run for president.
This is an idea the crew had.
To have a triggering shirt, kind of next level.
Alex Jones was right.
There's Infowars.com on the back, Alex Jones for President 2024 on the front.
It's a fundraiser shirt.
It's made out of really nice fabric.
It's high quality.
And it is a exclusive shirt to Infowarsstore.com.
And when the shirts are gone, they're gone.
We're doing one run.
We're doing something here together that the establishment hates.
shirts and we'll have a historic memento, be able to spread the word, meet a lot of
like-minded people and you'll be able to keep us on the air.
No way, no way, that's a bridge too far. That's no, it can't be. And I said on national television
that he was going to win.
At InfoWarsTore.com.
We're doing something here together that the establishment hates, an electric digital town
hall on radio stations and TV stations and huge audiences online in defiance of everything
they've done.
And I cannot stress to you enough the fact that the globalists are being exposed.
We are doing really well.
Things are terrible.
They were going to do all this.
It was part of their plan.
But at least now when they do this, it creates more opposition every day.
So we're in a fight, but at least we're not in a coma and we actually are fighting back and we're winning.
But for those that are unconscious of this, it's a death sentence.
Just like the man that called earlier whose dad took the three Moderna shots.
Those are the strongest ones, by the way.
That's the equivalent of four... twelve Pfizer shots.
It's the same exact shot, just the equivalent of four, each one.
It pisses me off.
Angel in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi Alex.
I showed my support for InfoWars and you.
Thank you.
By donating.
And I'd just like to say thanks for waking me up.
I'd actually like to show it.
And the best way to show it is actually supporting y'all.
And I'm actually excited because two days ago I bought a cow at my family's ranch in El Salvador.
Yeah, it's my backup plan, but I don't plan to go over there.
I plan to stay here, fight the good fight.
Hey, what do you make of the new president there and what he's doing?
Oh, he's amazing.
My mom loves him.
She doesn't like Trump, but she's coming around because she's seeing all the crap that Biden is doing and how he's demonizing him and just showing that they're true colors.
Actually, JFK running is actually a good idea because he's going to inject real ideas.
He's going to set brush fires of liberty into the hearts of the prodigal Democrats.
The Democrats are good people, but they've been skewed away with this ideology of Satanism.
That's what it is in the end.
Yeah, the Republicans aren't that good at the leadership level either, so.
Absolutely, but Trump is great because if he brings JFK in and both of them mesh in, it becomes this equal balance.
Well, Roger Stone texted me during the break, and he said, "Call him."
He said, "This JFK/Trump thing is going on."
I don't know what's going to happen, but it's definitely being discussed.
One last thing, too.
It also would satisfy the Q movement, because they have this weird prophecy of
John F. Kennedy Jr.
being alive it would actually be a good deep fake because...
No I hear you but isn't that classic you've got a real you've got a real RFK whose
brother you know his dad was also killed the Attorney General who then ran
for office was winning ran for presidency and like there's the real JFK
right there that like you can support and instead they're like you know
talking about his brother and I look I've talked to the family I've talked to him his
brother's dead or his cousin's dead you know JFK jr. is dead absolutely
I totally agree with that.
I'm not going off of the QAnon thing, but it would all actually be a... Sure, I mean, they've had rallies in Vegas, I've seen the video, where they put a dude on the stage and say it's him.
I mean, it is just crazy.
And just like, just like, oh, Biden's gonna be removed on January 20th, 2021.
It's just all of this.
It's delusional.
I had Steve Bannon on yesterday saying, Yeah, the Q thing is bad.
It's not real.
And I'm not against the people that are into it.
They just need to stop.
I appreciate your call, Angel.
All right.
Some stations are about to join us.
Some stations don't care the first five.
We're going to go to break and come right back with Brenda and others.
And again, folks, I'm not trying to bash the Q thing.
It's just give me a break, ladies and gentlemen.
Give me a break.
Don't trust the plan.
Don't mindlessly believe what Anonymous people say.
Trust your own inclination, your own instincts, and your connection to God.
And trust your own eyes.
And realize, who's going to save us?
We're all in this together.
We're going to save each other with God's help.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
They're cutting the energy systems off.
They're imploding the border.
They're shipping in fentanyl.
They've defunded the police in blue cities across the nation.
Crime is at one of the highest levels ever in our history.
All of it is to demoralize you and make you give up.
Don't do it.
Expose the globalists and point out they're the ones creating the policies that are doing that.
Here's a couple of examples of this.
Walmart closes half of its Chicago stores signaling urban struggles.
You've got Walgreens closing its last stores in San Francisco.
I've got other articles here.
Coffee shop in downtown Portland closing due to crime and extreme violence.
Everywhere the Democrats are in control, this happens.
The collapse of civilization.
And then you say, well, let those neighborhoods collapse, they burn down their own stuff.
Then, it goes out from there.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brenda in Nevada.
Brenda, thanks for calling.
Hi, thanks for having me on.
I appreciate it.
First off, I wanted to plug your CBD, full spectrum, thousand milligram, the tincture.
I've been using it.
I have a daughter with autism, and I've been using it for her, and it's really helped her with her focus, her sleeping.
She's farther down the spectrum, so she has, you know, some different things that she struggles with, but it has really helped her, and I'm on my third order now.
And I'm just going to keep buying it.
I love it.
So, thank you so much.
Well, thank you.
Before we get to your political point, yeah, this is a highly rated private label of one of the highest qualities you can get at around half the price you would pay other places.
It really is amazing.
Whether it's the 25 milligram or the 10 milligram or the 1,000 milligram, they're all there at InfoWarsTore.com.
People really need to get this CBD oil.
What it does for your neurological systems, What the studies show with people with all sorts of problems, whether it be epilepsy or whether it be Parkinson's or whether it be autism, it just takes all those misfiring, overfiring storms in the brain and calms them down and just does incredible things.
We don't promote stuff that doesn't work.
And there's a lot of great CBD out there.
Again, it doesn't get you high.
I remember when I first started promoting CBD, like 15 years ago, I had family that saw one of my free magazines in Austin that had a CBD ad in the back with a marijuana leaf on it.
And they got very upset.
He's now dead.
He's one of my great-uncles.
He goes, we don't promote marijuana in this family.
And I said, listen, I've smoked pot sometimes, but not often.
I'm not going to be hypocrite about it.
Yeah, I can make you lazy and dumb.
This doesn't have any of the THC in it.
It's all the good stuff.
And I gave him something he thought was amazing for his joint pain.
So yes, everybody should get the CBD oil at InfoWarsTore.com.
And then when you order too, with your points that you get back, it's even a greater discount.
And so you're really providing a huge service to my family.
I just want you to know that.
And I really appreciate you.
And I also wanted to bring up Dr. Reema Labow.
She still has a lecture that hasn't been wiped yet, but it's called Codex Elementarius and Food Notification.
I've been watching her for years, but this lecture is very old.
It's actually when she used to be on your show a long time ago, and that's about when it was on YouTube.
It talks about everything that's happening now, and especially with the mRNA vaccines and the food.
So, I don't know, I was kind of wondering if you were ever going to have her back on to maybe talk about this lecture, because everything she states in it is happening.
I have seen the lecture.
She's an incredible trailblazer.
And last time I tried to get in touch with her, I couldn't.
How do we get her on?
Yeah, it'd be great to have her on again.
But I mean, I guess I'll look up her website and find out.
So she's still doing stuff.
Yeah, yeah.
I still see... Well, this video is from 2009, so this one's way old.
But I still see some of her videos currently that you can find before they're wiped on YouTube.
And Rumble hasn't really picked up on her yet, so I haven't really found anything on Rumble.
But I believe through her website is... Well, I promise you, I promise you, Brenda, that I am going to get her on the show if she's able to do it.
Thank you so much for the call and your support.
Ray in Kentucky.
Ray, you're on the air.
Alex Emmerich Jones, how you doing, man?
Man, it's the best of times, worst of times.
Alright, so depopulation I think is the main thing that the people on the lower levels are looking at right now, or we need to be focused on.
They're attacking us, right?
My whole reason for calling is just to touch on that and to make sure that folks are monitoring the food intake and all of that stuff because it's already happening.
They already execute this crap and then bring it up to us like an afterthought because they're sick, twisted, satanic cultists and this is true.
I want to kind of just put that out there and let that stew a little bit.
But also, what's Trump going to do?
I mean, what's, where's the direction going?
Just to like jump onto Donald Trump.
That was my main reason for calling.
What is your view of what Trump should do?
Yeah, and I think, I've said in the past too, I think this guy needs to just come out, start spitting all the truth, drop the theater nonsense, and come out and say, yeah, look at all of the, from Question Bot to Google, boom, boom, boom, all of the data capturing they've been doing for their AI crap.
I think Trump needs to come out And my wife's talking.
Hold on.
I think Trump needs to come out and just start connecting with the people.
Drop the veil of secrecy about everything.
I mean, this is the disclosure project like a genesis, right?
We need to just start telling the truth 100%.
Not working with these people, but putting their sins out in the forefront and saying, hey, this is what we are.
If we're ever going to heal from it, we need to acknowledge we're bad.
But once again, we're dealing with sociopaths.
Well, I totally agree that he needs to get more hardcore, but isn't it fair to say he's getting more hardcore?
Not being right in front of it, it's easy to speculate that, oh, this might not be true or there may be more to this or whatever.
I think Donald Trump just needs to step up.
He needs to have good people like you in his corner and others that are going to, you know, kind of bend him to the truth that's going on and get him to feel the plight that the people are really going through.
Because we're hurting.
I mean, we are hurting from all of this crap.
And it's severe.
Thank you, Alex.
No, I agree. We're in a war. We need to recognize it and end the games.
That's why I don't like the party atmosphere at Mar-a-Lago.
This is not a party. This is a war.
Ray, thank you. All right, let's go to Pete in Washington.
Thanks for calling.
Thank you, Ellis. I just wanted to say that today Elon said accelerating synthetic mRNA tech was the silver lining of
the whole Vax program.
So, what I'm wondering is, if you could get on Judy Mikovits and Peter McCullough, Robert Barnes, Francis Boyle, and ask them if they see a path forward with Trump to deal with mRNA vaccines and mRNA in the food.
I'm really worried about the food, and it's convenient to the Chinese to put it in milk when they're 86% lactose intolerant.
And, you know, Europeans tend to be around, you know, Ireland's 4%.
Sure, exactly.
They're going to be exporting that into the United States.
Again, they're not really, I said this too, so I'm not criticizing you, they're not putting it in the milk.
The cow udders grow the virus.
It's in the milk.
They're not injecting plants with viruses.
The plants produce it.
Does that make sense?
Yes, and it's also in tomatoes and lettuce.
They're also capable of doing it.
But it'd be great to hear from Francis Boyle and say, you know, given the landscape that you see before us, is there a way to protect America if you've got somebody who doesn't contend the facts?
I really worry Trump's the pharma candidate.
Well, that's why I agree.
That's why I like Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
is, you know, he's bad on guns, at least in the past, and abortion.
So it's like, how do you weigh the two?
But I think both men mean well.
Here's my dream.
I know the establishment hates them both.
Who do you like better, JFK or RFK Jr. or Trump?
Here's my dream.
If Trump came forward and said, "I want RFK Jr.
to be my vice president.
I'm going to give him full latitude to deal with the danger of mRNA technology and issues relative to the Nuremberg Code.
I'd be on it like a bite on rice.
That would be incredible.
But, for, Kennedy really needs to be able to move on that issue or I can't see them getting together in a million years.
Because, I mean, children's health... No, no, I hear you and I agree, but how crazy is it that we have R.F.K.
Jr., a major leader, already polling higher in the polls than Joe Biden for president?
And if you're black, particularly, and you think the Democrats in the deep state are going to help you... Well, I got a bridge I want to sell you.
They're out to get everybody.
We're going to go back to your phone calls.
We have some big breaking news.
You know that Michael Young, investigative journalist, former Special Forces officer, has been all over the Darien Gap between Central and South America for the last year.
Tens of thousands have died.
They're coming in from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, everywhere.
And so much pressure has been put down there.
There's a big article on Breitbart we'll put on screen that shows the mass graves and the death and 50 miles of jungle you've got to go through then the UN pays for you to get into the United States.
Mayorkas was just down there in the last two days.
President Joe Biden's border chief is shutting down the deadly Darien Gap because of massive pressure.
The deadly jungle trail in Panama He built for migrants in 2021.
They told him, come.
There's this huge wave of northbound migrants.
It's now overwhelming his border management plans.
Now, they're not really getting rid of it, folks.
They just can't build big enough centers because the rush is too big.
He's saying, oh, we're going to shut this down so that they can cut back because the flood is so huge of millions, they can't even control it.
This is just them kind of putting a governor on it.
But still, Hey brother, God's providence is good.
I've been watching you ever since the Barnes-Nicks-Fuentes debate.
bilateral joint statement issued by Panama, Colombia, and the border chief, Mayorkas.
We'll continue to watch that as it unfolds. Mike in Tennessee, welcome sir.
Hey brother, God's providence is good. I've been watching you ever since the Barnes-Nicks-Fuentes debate.
Oh yeah?
I was writing a book on that subject and I just love that debate.
Your question at minute marker 29 was awesome.
What was the question?
Oh, your question was awesome.
It was to Barnes.
Well, Barnes, what do you think the percentages of evangelicals that support modern-day Israel Is it based upon what they think the Bible teaches, or what their political beliefs are?
And this is... I love Barnes, okay?
I love him.
But I think he lost the debate on that question.
He said, well, I think it's 90% political and 10% biblical.
And I'll segue that into my actual comment, because that is actually split.
It's actually opposite.
Unfortunately, we live in a day where dispensationalism runs the church, and they're all Zionists.
And so here's the play of the New World Order.
It's not Russia and Ukraine.
It's not China and Taiwan.
World War III, according to Albert Pike and a lot of these guys, it's all going to be between Israel and Iran and the Muslim world.
This is what Brzezinski did with Russia and... Well, sure, to be clear, the Bible says it will trigger the world war.
Well, I'm a preterist.
I'm an author.
I'm a debater.
I don't kind of come from the John Hagee view.
Let me see if my memory serves.
A Preterist believes that 70 A.D.
when Titus sacked Jerusalem, that that was actually the revelation.
Yes, I sent you two copies of my book, Armageddon Deception, a few months ago.
I didn't see back then a market that means to buy and sell and a world government and all the things you're describing.
Sure, the 666, that's Nero Caesar.
It was a common cryptogram.
And it says that the number of the beast is 666, and his name, Nero Caesar, comes to 666.
It says that his reign would be for 42 months.
Nero's reign is 42 months.
So you're saying in the last 2,000 years, or 1,900 and something years, that we've been living in utopia and Christ has returned?
We're living in what the Bible calls the New Covenant Age.
The Jews understood there's this age, which was the Mosaic Age, and then the age that was about to come, and that's the New Covenant Age.
And so when Christ is talking about coming upon the clouds, He comes upon the clouds as the Father had come upon the clouds in the Old Testament.
He came through armies.
So when He says, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, that was the Roman army!
That's not a battle in our future.
In Rome, they went away for a period, and all the Christians left because they remembered what Jesus said, and they fled to Pella and were safe.
And so the coming of Christ... Sir, I'm not cutting you off, but I promise each caller two, three minutes.
I gotta jump.
Thank you, Mike.
Christopher in New York, go ahead.
Yes, go ahead.
I just looked on the Children's Health Defense News.
Biden to spend $5 billion on new coronavirus vaccine incentives supported by Bill Gates, Fauci, and Republican lawmakers.
It's called Project Next Gen.
Successor to Operation Warpspeed.
And Trump needs to decry that.
That's the politics.
Now, something more important that personally involves you.
I have a Hunginger chair, which was a Victorian folding chair that my family, up in Carmel in New York, bought from the apartments of some rich person back in the 1960s, and they said it belonged to P.T.
Now, when we got that chair, they had Carnival paint, red, white, and blue on the top, but my father refinished it, and it was a bad thing to do, but he did it.
I think your derriere would fit very nice in it because I did a thousand hours of research on it.
I cannot verify it, but I don't see any... It was from Somers, New York.
That's the birthplace of the circus, the American circus.
So if you... Well, brother, if you want to... I'd love to see it.
I'll send you a picture, and I'm pretty sure, because I saw the paint when I was a child, when I was young, and I don't see any reason to put that type of paint on that type of furniture, because that chair is sort of a famous make.
Well, I want to see it.
I just want to see it.
So we'll get your name and number.
We'll give you one of the producers' emails to make sure we get the photo.
I'd love to.
I love stuff like that.
OK, your derriere would fit very nice in it, because after I die, it's going to go in the garbage.
Well, you're awesome, brother.
You learned about Biden to spend $5 billion on COVID vaccines.
Yeah, no one even wants them.
And I did see that, not from Children's Health Defense and Robert F. Kennedy, but I had seen they're doing that.
It's just insane.
All right.
Give me someone, I'll give them my email and I could send you a picture.
All right.
Thank you, Christopher.
Guys, get Christopher's name and number.
And please, I want to see this chair.
I'm begging for it, but I haven't even seen what it looks like.
PT Barnum, that's pretty cool.
My derriere.
I've been accused of being like PT Barnum.
They act like that guy was some master criminal putting on circuses.
Back then, that was seen as corrupt.
Now, like, I wish they still had the circus, but oh, it's politically incorrect, so it's all gone.
We'll be right back with more phone calls.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
I want to say something about the caller before last.
I was talking about the whole Preterist movement that believes that when Titus sacked Jerusalem in 70 AD that he was the Antichrist and that prophecy's all been fulfilled.
Okay, well, where's the devil in chains for a thousand years?
Where is Christ returning to earth?
Where are the giant pillars of fire that, you know, destroy whole cities?
Where's the market of the beast to buy and sell and everyone in the world sees the beast at the same time?
And what's basically described as like 30-40 foot tall holograms, that's the AI, folks.
And so I'm not going to bash people that are preterist or that are pre-tribulation or post-tribulation.
We know evil's real.
And we know Bible prophecy is being fulfilled.
I'm not going to sit here and fight with people about arguing about different views on these things.
You can have whatever views you want, but this obviously 1,900 years after the fall of Jerusalem is not Christ on Earth utopia.
This is not that.
The devil has his counterfeit to control us through the attack on free will.
Christ has the opposite of AI that's beyond AI, that is spiritual, where we unify through free will.
But I'll say this.
I read all the literature.
I mean, I say all of it.
I read tons of literature by the big billionaires and the engineers and the top quantum mechanics physicists.
And most of them were atheists.
And most genetic engineers, even 30 years ago, were atheists until they saw the code, until they looked at everything and they said, listen, this is not man-made.
And now they know that the dark matter is the majority universe and they have mathematical equations that is other higher dimensions or larger dimensions, more powerful dimensions that are holding this dimension in place, that this is artificially made.
And you can just look around, you're on a planet in space, all this is going on and there's a spirit, there's a transmission that people are picking up to serve evil or to serve good in God's plan.
And this is all a big test but People imagine, well I die, I just go away forever, but we now know that our genetics is just a template that manifests in this dimension and that energy then overlays into that and that basically our bodies are simply the footprint of our powerful spiritual beings that we are.
It's a signature.
The spiderweb is not the spider.
It's what the spider creates.
I don't compare us to a spider, but that's basically the analogy is the spiderweb is not the spider.
A photo of a Bengal tiger is not the Bengal tiger.
This is just a manifestation of what we are, these ethereal beings of light that God created, and the mainline scientists, you name it, and I've been around, Bilderberg group members, top millionaires, all of them, none of them believe that we came out of pond scum.
None of them believe we crawled out of a lake.
None of them, no, they all know it's spiritual, and spiritual just simply means what we don't know.
But as we learn more, we see what the ancients said is absolutely true.
Not just the Jews, not just the Christians.
And I'm not saying that Christianity isn't the way to go.
I believe that it's the truth of God.
I'm saying the ancient civilizations all basically said the same thing.
And they said, there are creatures that work for God that came here and were involved in developing us under God's plan, God's gardeners, and then there's a group that broke away, like a union dispute, and it's out to do bad stuff and create its own universe and its own reality.
Well, what are the globalists doing?
We're going to build AI, metaverses, new realities, and now they say, oh, this is a simulation, something else is running.
We're going to free you, come to our simulation.
Well, I'll take God's simulation any day, which is a simulation in this dimension of the higher dimension.
The planets are real, the suns are real, our DNA is real, our grandfather and grandmother and great-grandmother, they were real, but it's only an energetic manifestation.
It's like a computer screen is zeros and ones.
You're talking to your mom and your brother, your wife, whoever, your boss, and it looks like them.
It sounds like them, and that's them on the other end.
It's interfacing, but that's just digits.
And that's what our genetic code is, is digits.
And so our bodies are like talking to your best friend when they're on a business trip in, say, Japan, and you're talking to your friend, and they're there.
They're not in the room with you, but that's digital information put in, reconfigured on the other side.
That's baby-level tinker toy stuff compared to humanity.
And I remember being about 15 years old, And I didn't usually hunt with my dad, still in a deer stand, but you know, we said, hey, let's hang out, let's talk, let's get in the deer stand and talk a few hours.
And I said, Dad, do you really believe in God?
And do you really believe we're eternal?
He said, well, I've had spiritual experiences and I've had some too, and I've had a lot more since then.
He said, I know it's real.
I've had discernment.
I've had things, you know, the dreams I've had come true.
I know there's a lot we don't understand and I have a relationship with Christ and yes, I believe that.
But he said, you have to understand, just like computers can download something and then re-upload it or make copies.
That's basically what this is. Is your energy is going to go to the lower dimensions and chaos and
destruction and Satan or it's going to resonate up into God and
And if it's accepted by God, then you will ascend into that.
You won't become God, but you will be in God's court.
You will be in that realm.
And I'm not saying God doesn't have all the power.
God has all the power.
But God set this plan in motion, and you decide to not go with God.
You decide to not cry out for God.
You decide to not make the electrochemical, spiritual, interdimensional connection That then will take over your life for the good till you're ready and prepared to go there.
So hell is being cut off from God.
Can you imagine eternity with the energy of Satan and devil worshippers and pedophiles and backstabbers and liars and corrupt people and you are energetically Not in the third dimension, but in their own phantom zone they created because they wanted to be God.
So Satan was allowed to create his own dimension in and around this planet and try to get us to help him manifest a further creation out of that.
Because we are made in the image of God.
We're way more creative, way more powerful than Satan.
He's just older and has been there since he was made by God, one of his master builders.
And so, this is a rebellion in the heavens, and I've been there, I've seen it.
I'm not going to get into it all, folks, but just let me tell you something.
When I go to sleep at night, it's like a hundred lifetimes.
Most people don't have rapid eye movement until the last hour of sleep.
I go to bed, I go to rapid eye movement, I've set up a night vision camera, you know, in my bedroom years ago.
Twenty minutes in, night, you know, I mean, you talk about the Sandman, you talk about sleep.
And all that is is water coming out of your eyes, saline solution because your eyes are moving so quick.
Folks, I wake up an hour after I go to bed and I gotta go take a piss or whatever, I have sleep already all over my face.
I wake up and I have to barely open my eyes and just wipe it off.
And that's when your brain goes to that spot.
I am so blessed.
And it's only been the last six, seven, eight years that I've just REM sleep for seven hours.
And it's because that's when you're really opening the gate, folks, the third eye that is, you know, is the pineal gland, all of it.
And it's incredible.
I mean, the stuff I've seen, I could go, and I'm not bragging, I just want you to know this.
These are things never before seen.
They're not in movies, they're not in literature.
You think they've invented everything?
You think you've seen everything?
You think you've, you think Hollywood's, no, no.
There's a lot of this stuff that is shielded from the evildoers.
They're not allowed to know this stuff.
And I'm not claiming to be some holy man or have all the answers, but I definitely love justice and love God and I'm not a coward.
I have experiences when I'm asleep that are the download of the information and then I have to later What I can remember, try to piece together and see it, but it's always super advanced, over-the-horizon knowledge, and it's not coming from my brain.
It's being beamed into my brain.
And why do the globalists hate me so much and get so upset?
It's the potential I have.
It's the potential you have.
There's something about Trump they don't like, too.
He's worldly and got issues, but he doesn't want them to be in charge.
So they definitely don't like him because he thinks he's better than wants to be in charge.
You can say he's evil, say he's good, say he's a mix.
But no, Trump is something else entirely.
And we're living in a spectacular time right now.
So nobody should be bored.
Nobody should be saying, man, you know, the dreariness of life.
This is exciting.
This is awe-inspiring.
This is fantastic beyond any imagination.
No, I mean, I... I told you the stuff.
It's unbelievable.
You say that you want to go to the land that's far away.
How are we going to get there?
where we're living today.
[ Silence ]
[ Silence ]
[ Silence ]
[ Silence ]
All right, let's jam in more of your phone calls here.
Head of the great Drew Hernandez taking over.
taking over.
Dustin in Florida, thanks for calling.
What's up Alex?
Yes, I don't know, this might be a crazy idea, but I believe if we all gathered in masses,
I mean, 'cause what they're doing is they're gaining control over every other country right now,
and they're saving America, in my opinion, for last.
So if we gather in masses at the border, which I don't know if it's bad enough
for that to happen yet, but and block what's happening down there from coming in,
then they would have to expose everything that's happening down there by TV cameras, drones,
you know, just record it all.
Because what would they have to do?
Bring in the military to stop everybody from being down there?
And also, like Michael Yon, Michael Vaughn, we need to start anybody that can speak Spanish or any other language needs to start relaying to these people that they're being used for the election.
You know, and relay that message to them.
Absolutely, and what happened is the rush was so big, millions of people a quarter coming in, that they're claiming they're shutting it down just to slow it down, because they're even breaking through the processing centers.
They want to give them phones, give them documents so they control them.
They're not even in control of them, so that's why they're trying to put a little bit of a damper on it.
Right, Obama phone.
We were the beta test for that.
Obama gave us the phone, he's going to do more.
Guys, pull up Obama Phone Lady.
I want to play that clip.
Dustin, anything else you want to add, brother?
We just got to keep getting the information out there.
We're doing it, brother.
Love you.
Appreciate you.
Thank you.
Scott in Tennessee.
Hey Alex, this is a long time listener here.
I got something I want to tell you first, and then I want to tell you why I called.
But first thing is, I was the guy that called in many years ago, probably around 2009, 2010.
You had Willie Nelson on the line, in the studio actually, and I said, hey Willie, why don't you do a 9-11 event?
And he said, you know what, Scott, I'm going to take you up on that.
And he said, I can't believe a caller called in Scott from Arizona at the time.
That's where I was living and got Willie to agree to do a benefit concert.
So I was that guy.
I just wanted to throw that.
I remember that.
That was your idea.
So I just wanted to say that.
That's how long I've been listening for.
And I'm glad that actually happened.
But what I really called about today, Alex, is I have a I'm out here in Nashville.
I'm a singer songwriter, and I have a buddy, a good friend of mine, who is the chief songwriter for Bon Jovi.
He's written about 70 songs that have been on records for Jovi over the last 20 years.
And he's like us and, you know, knows everything that we do and follows and listens to you as well.
And he's seen that you've gone through, you know, some hard times with this court case.
And he decided, though, he knew all these things that had come true that you predicted, so he decided to write a song, a real pro song here, it's awesome, it's called Alex Jones Was Right, and I've got it, and I want to send it to you.
I think you're gonna love it, I think it could be your theme song, it's a well-written song, he did a video for it and a whole bit.
And I'd be tickled to death to get that.
Well, I'm honored, not blown away.
I mean, there's some other versions of Alex Jones was right.
People done music.
And we can also just put the lyrics out, let everybody else make their own version of it.
So give the guy some credit, unless he doesn't want the credit.
What's his name?
Billy Falcon.
He was actually an artist on Jon Bon Jovi's label back in the day.
In the, you know, like 89, 90 time frame.
He had a couple hit songs out there.
And, um, but he went ahead and, you know, he's, he writes on the side, still writes for Bon Jovi to this day.
Well, that's great.
Uh, so, so you want us to give you an email or we'll talk to you?
Cause I want, I want to see it.
Is the music video out yet?
Can we, can we see it?
No, he doesn't want it.
He doesn't want to put it on YouTube cause he has a YouTube channel.
He doesn't want to put it there because it'll get taken down.
He doesn't want his YouTube channel to get taken down.
He wants to be able to put it on your band video thing.
So he wants to get an email address.
and then send it to them. And so that's that's okay good well I'm gonna put you on hold then and
give this to Rob dude let's make sure we don't forget to do it and then I'd love to see it and
then this is what it's all about culture it's all about art beautiful Scott anything else?
Good Alex I appreciate the time.
I appreciate you, Scott.
Put Scott on hold, please, and give his number to Rob Due, and let's see this music.
I love the call earlier about a Declaration of Independence, and I'm thinking, yeah, I could write a Declaration of Independence, which I'll probably do, but we need to crowdsource that and have a lot of versions put out, and that's what will lead to other producers and other writers and other people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and others to look at it.
Let's go to... We have the Obama phone clip.
Let's play that.
Here it is.
There you go.
Melanie in Illinois, you're on the air.
low minority got Obama phone.
Keep Obama in president, you know.
He gave us a phone.
He gave you a phone.
He's gonna do more.
How did he give you a phone?
You sign up, you're on full stamps, you're on social security,
you got low income, you disability.
I have a voice.
Okay, what's wrong with Romney again?
Romney, he sucks.
There you go.
Melanie in Illinois, you're on the air.
Thank you for calling.
I can, thank you.
Okay, there was like a static that went through.
I understand.
So, since this is a wild card, I'm looking at investing into like our Roth or a new Roth separate from my husband's work.
And we've invested in things like physical gold and silver for stability, storable food, ammo and guns and all that.
If, and God willing, we do turn this around, where does the average conservative Christian put their retirement money to avoid funding companies that we just don't agree with?
Well, everything is about not supporting BlackRock, and that's been happening.
That's why they're having to back off on some of their globalist plans right now, but that's a big question.
I think we're a long way from defeating the New World Order, and we should create new, you know, pro-populist, pro-human, pro-family, pro-God funds that then, you know, basically are very public and You could have online systems where the shareholders could vote, down to the smallest person in the aggregate, for what policies they would want to see that investment put into.
But I think what you raise is a central issue.
Okay, so I've been doing my research and like I said, I'm just now looking into our Roth.
My husband's in the military, so I'm not worried about his retirement, but I am worried about another retirement income.
So I found something called Timothy Plan US and Timothy Plan, there's one like Inspire International, Inspire, I'm just reading them all down the line, but I don't want to put my money in like Schwab and Vanguard and all of these, you know, ETFs or whatever they are.
Like I said, I'm still learning, but I just don't know.
Like, is it even worth putting into this if the system crumbles?
You know, am I better putting it into my physical gold stash and my ammo?
Well, I mean, I told people ten years ago that gold was going to go down for a long time and that I was no longer promoting gold for a while.
It was good to have as an emergency backup.
Now I've been saying for three years, get back into gold, it's gone up $1,000 an ounce.
So I don't think it was hard to make that call.
I'm not the financial master when it comes to stock picks or any of that, but I think I mean, I think if you are investing in things that help people, whether it's good energy companies, or whether it's self-defense, or whether it's good medical stocks, I mean, I think it's really up to you.
That's a super huge issue.
I mean, I don't invest.
I don't have any stocks, any bonds, nothing, because I would have to spend all my time trying to figure out, is that the right thing?
Is that the right company?
I've just decided not to be in that.
I've just been mission-oriented, spending all the money we've got to fight the globalists, but that's a larger debate we should have, and it's a market people should serve.
There's a lot of telecom companies and cell phone companies that are Christian or conservative that actually do good work, that way your money's not going to leftists.
And so I think that's really what it comes down to, is you've got to study each service you need and really decide first where you spend your money.
That's the biggest power you have.
And then, yeah, I would...
I would invest, and I'm not giving you advice, I would invest if I had extra money in companies I thought were good.
Right, good morals.
I mean, take Rumble.
It's a public company, isn't it?
I don't own any stock in Rumble, but they're really not censoring, they're doing a great job, they're offering a great service.
I would just invest in what I think is good, and not even worry about whether it made money or not.
But I think Rumble's gonna be a winner.
I mean, Joe Rogan told me six months before the Spotify deal was announced, he was going to Spotify.
I even knew when it was gonna happen.
He really trusts me.
I didn't tell my wife, didn't tell my family, didn't tell you.
I didn't buy Spotify stock.
It basically doubled right after he did that.
Went back down later, but that would have been insider trading.
I didn't do it.
So, you know, there's a lot of questions.
Thank you so much, Melanie.
I really appreciate your call.
The globalists have launched their project of dehumanization.
We have launched our project.
A pro-human future to the stars.
The battle for the future of humanity is happening now.
InfoWars, thanks to all of your support, has successfully triggered a chain reaction of global awakening to the New World Order's operations.
And now...
The next phase in the fight for human liberty has begun.
We have achieved liftoff.
Let's go to Doug in Florida.
Doug, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, how are you?
First-time caller, very long-time listener.
Before I get into the serious topic, and I know you're blowing through calls right now, I just had to ask a question first.
Are you a Rush fan by any chance?
I heard the two previous breaks before when you were talking about breaking down in code that we all are.
There's Rush albums, Signals, Grace Under Pressure.
We're literally living in this time period where everything that you were saying sounds exactly like Neil Peart had written your dialogue.
And I was just curious if you've tapped into that, because I've heard some of their songs in your bumper.
And I don't know if you've ever delved into those albums, but I mean, we are literally living through lyrically periods of time that you were, it sounded like you were just lifting it from a lot of his words and music.
Is there any kind of truth to that?
Well, I do like Rush, and I've never really studied the lyrics.
I like how it sounds, but no.
I mean, this is, the ancients talked about it.
It's all there.
I mean, that's what I see going on.
It was just a quick question I just wanted to ask off the top.
No, but I definitely need to read, what are some of the songs, lyrics that I should look at?
Well, you should definitely look at anything from signals and grace under pressure stuff.
There's three parts of fear, which would be witch hunt, the weapon.
The Enemy Within, but what you were kind of leaning towards was with the Body Electric, and then there's a song called Dissonant Early Warning, which talks about the DEW line up in Canada that had existed there with, you know, nuclear warfare, and I don't even think that exists anymore.
I think they've adopted a new system up there.
But, you know, Lost Generations, as far as the song Between the Wheels, and I mean, there's literally, once you start digging into it, you'll understand exactly.
Digital Man, The Body Electric is really about AI control, we become androids, and everything in the course is 1001001 SOS.
Well sure, I mean I think it's not just me or you seeing what's coming, I think those guys back when we were kids or before some people were born saw it.
I think humans all see the same threat, and so I think you're going to hear the same message from people, you can call them visionaries over and over again.
Thank you so much.
Go ahead, go ahead.
I'm sorry, I didn't get to ask my question.
The thing is, I worked as a state investigator and then I worked as a contractor in Texas.
I lived in Ellis County and I would be out on assignments in the Guadalupe Range and working down in Fort Stockton and everything as far as trafficking.
And what I want to talk about really quickly was the black community and the Hispanic community is in this intertwined civil war.
That nobody talks about.
And I know the media intentionally is burying it, but I saw it firsthand.
I saw the bodies firsthand.
I saw the actions of the Los Zetas cartel that has really just infiltrated all throughout North Texas.
And it's really spreading out throughout the Gulf Coast.
Extremely alarming.
And as the immigration push has happened through Texas, And through California, it has spread out into former red states that are rapidly becoming purple and blue, where communities that were routinely safe communities for black communities, you know, at 80%, 90% rates, if you even remember back to the 90s, Compton was predominantly black.
It's overrun.
And what happens is, is the cartels are now placing family members in positions who come in and they take over
apartment complexes, condos, subcultures.
And they're working with the Democratic Party. I hear you.
Amazing call.
Thank you so much. Your Hernandez, straight ahead.
I intend to take the InfoWars armored truck out or the InfoWars tank as it's so lovingly called.
You came through yesterday and shopped at Infowarsstore.com, so I'm gonna be able to take the truck out
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alan Schreuer takes over in 54 minutes with the War Room, 3
to 6 p.m.
Central, Infowars.com, banned out video and stations across the country.
The great Drew Hernandez is here hosting Thursdays on a routine basis, fourth hour, DrewHLive.com, hosts a whole bunch of very popular talk show hosts daily, and we're very, very honored to have him take over right now.
DrewHLive.com, Drew Hernandez.
Thank you, Alex, for having me here on the fourth hour.
I want to welcome all the info warriors out there, the thought criminals and those that identify as based or red-pilled.
Did you guys see that recently?
The FBI is designating using the word based or identifying as red-pilled as right-wing extremism.
And you're a domestic terrorist because you have traditional pro-America views.
So, I mean, if you're if you are just like a based individual in existence, According to the FBI, you're a radical right-wing extremist.
I mean, but you know, this is a part of the psyops that they run on the American people because it's not about truth.
It's not about error.
It's not about, you know, what's right or wrong or anything like that.
They will just designate whoever's an enemy using any buzzword they want because that's how the deep state and the authoritarian regimes have always functioned from the very beginning.
So, I mean, If you just, like, in theory, I guess I could say, you just say something that's based, you don't even say the word based, you put the word based on a t-shirt, radical right-wing extremist, because you love America, you love patriotism, you love the border, you love national sovereignty as a United States citizen.
Because that is what the New World Order hates, and they've mobilized the FBI, they've mobilized and weaponized the CIA, the NSA, they're going after the military, that's why they defunded the police to reinstall their own regimes, that's what exactly that was all about, not just like total anarchy across the entire board, but, I mean, take a look at that!
Slang terms!
Based in Redfield!
They're racially motivated, violent extremists!
I mean, the FBI has been hijacked by the New World Order, and I always make this very clear, there are still some good guys, some good women in the FBI and these three-letter agencies that love America, because anytime you actually talk to someone from the inside, and they love this country, and you ask them, like, is there really some kind of internal civil war going on within these agencies?
And they always say yes!
And it's interesting to see just where this is going to end up.
And you know, it comes out in the real world how the FBI gets mobilized and weaponized against President Trump multiple times, literally raiding Mar-a-Lago to the point of storming Mar-a-Lago like President Trump is like some kind of He's some kind of like authoritarian fascist dictatorial figure.
They think he's Adolf Hitler.
But I mean, it's not just with Donald Trump.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Roger Stone.
Look what they did to James O'Keefe with the internal psyop that happened with Project Veritas.
I mean, look at look at all this stuff that's taking place and that's being launched strategically at perfect times.
Because the devil works very, very strategically.
That's why the Bible says, be on guard, wear the full armor of God that you may withstand the schemes of the devil.
What does that mean when you read that in the Greek?
The strategic plans of Satan.
And we know the agents of Satan, of Lucifer, the New World Order that are within the federal government, the local government, within the whole woke, clown world, skittle people movement.
Anything you see right now that is being launched against anyone that just loves America, loves traditionalism, loves Christianity, loves Jesus Christ, if you just simply do not go along with these woked-hard losers, You're excommunicated, you're cancelled, you're eradicated out of society because that is how the cult absolutely functions.
So I just want to welcome everyone that is watching the show today.
If you are easily offended and you need a safe space, I will definitely tell you this is not the time to watch whatever you're watching right now here.
Because, you know, we hold nothing back!
And if you watch my shows, you guys can go find me.
Go look at my Twitter or Getter or True Social at Drew H. Live in the link in my bio.
I host my show Drew Hernandez Live at least twice a week on Rumble exclusively.
I also host a show called Frontlines with Drew Hernandez five days a week on Real America's Voice.
You can find all those links in the bio on my Twitter.
Well, let's get into this because I really wanted to comment on this.
This bombshell report That has been all over the place, exclusively from InfoWars.
Alex Jones and InfoWars are specifically named in government censorship tools marketed to big tech.
This is huge, and it's not a surprise.
Alex Jones and InfoWars are specifically mentioned in government-developed online censorship tools marketed to big tech.
Mike Adams of Natural News revealed on the Alex Jones Show on Wednesday, this revelation is the latest to come from documents related to discovery in Missouri's First Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration, which already shown how the government has been working with big tech to censor conservatives.
Alex Jones is named in those documents.
Well, of course, and I wanted to comment on this and start the hour with this because people will sit here And no wonder why it is imperative to support InfoWars and Band.Video and every single link that has to be generated because everything that InfoWars puts out gets not only shadowbanned but obliterated all over social media because they want to stop the truth from coming out.
They want to stop real information that is imperative for people to not only hear but to digest.
To take a look at and dig into for themselves.
This is what you get from InfoWars.
And this is why they want to shut them down, not only at this federal level, but at the worldwide New World Order level for obvious reasons.
And people might sit here and say, why is it so important to support?
A machine like InfoWars.
It's because of that very reason.
It goes beyond Alex Jones.
It goes beyond Owen.
It goes beyond me.
It goes beyond anyone that has ever had the opportunity to sit here and speak on the airwaves of InfoWars, whether radio or the internet.
Because we live in the digital age where the New World Order understands that suppressing truth and suppressing correct, very informative information is imperative to win this war that they are waging against humanity.
So this is why it is imperative and absolutely important to support InfoWars and check out the store because, listen, you lose this, guys, you lose independent machines that have been built up from the ground up You have nothing.
Okay, if they could do it to Alex, if they could do it to anyone, shut down something built by you yourself, which is quite literally the American dream, especially when it comes to the free press, the media, journalism, reporters speaking out.
Hosts, radio hosts, news anchors, you name it, whatever you want to call it, all that that is supported and covered by the First Amendment by the free press, you let the deep state go after these apparatuses that we've built, you let them go after and shut them down, you lose absolutely everything.
We lose the ability to communicate with each other, we lose the ability to transmit information towards each other and through each other that is imperative to understand.
So, I mean, you take a look at this story, and that is what all of this is about!
This continual witch hunt, going after the villain, Palpatine in their eyes, Alex Jones, okay?
What is Alex Jones' crime?
What is Infowars' crime?
What is the worst thing that they are putting out?
It is just news!
Just saying things that should be said!
Speaking out against a global satanically charged and empowered New World Order that is attempting to hijack everything you know and love.
Okay, when it comes to the pedophilia bleeding through Disney, we're going to address that as well.
When it comes through these psycho freaks that claim to be women like Dylan Mulvaney, we're going to get into that as well.
I mean, you're seeing Bud Light, you're seeing these alcohol parent companies lose absolutely everything because why?
Because they're siding with Satan and Lucifer himself.
Kind of a good sign when you see these boycotts take place, when these corporations decide to side with the devil and side with total degeneracy, targeting children through the mentally ill and the mentally unstable.
I mean, but this is what you start to see.
And you see it all the way from the top, all the way down.
At the federal level, in the White House, where they're getting ready to, you know, launch an influencer army, it's just gonna be a bunch of woke-tard, mentally ill, hyper-sexualized, probably sex offenders, running around the White House trying to influence your children to get them to believe that pedophilia in grooming is totally normal, and to get them to believe that just chopping the genitals off is just something that's totally relevant and cool to do in 2023, because I saw Dylan Mulvaney on TikTok So that inspired me to chop my penis off!
That inspired me to chop my breasts off as a little girl, cause that's liberal and normal and it's got a rainbow on it!
That's amazing!
That's incredible!
Yeah, that's- let's just do that!
We are in trouble.
We'll be right back.
We're in an interesting spot in the timeline.
Wouldn't you agree?
Where, uh...
American society, not only American society, but societies across the globe, some are still pretty based and have the ability to understand basic biology, you know, to understand truly what a woman is, truly what a man is, what a female and a male is, the chromosome differences, But in the United States of America, where the woke, tarred losers out here claim that we are so advanced, we are so progressive, and we've made so much advancements, not only technologically, but socially!
On a social level, on a cultural level, we are in the future, man!
Who would have ever thought that the future would be Americans not being able to understand what a woman is?
And not only that, but taking it a step further and taking a biological male And parading this individual that belongs in an asylum around the entire culture as the face of everything for all women.
Now, I find this interesting because not only is this like the epitome of total depravity, but it's a total, I'd say, a big F you to women.
And if you're a woman out there, you know what I'm saying, man.
You see stuff like this.
You see individuals like Dylan Mulvaney and you're like, That's the representation of females on planet Earth?
This dude that has lost his mind that is targeting children on TikTok to introduce them to alcohol?
Which is, like, standard practice for pedophiles and groomers?
Talk about some seriously misrepresentation because these people are always like, oh, we need representation.
We just need representation in Disney because the black people don't feel like they have enough.
The brown people don't have enough representation.
The gays, the groomers.
I'm telling you, man, that P is coming.
That P is coming.
Drew, what are you talking about?
The LGBTQP pedophile?
It's going to be inserted.
And it's gonna be normalized, and you're gonna have to accept it, because it's a sexuality.
It's a sickness.
Remember all those, like, depraved TED Talks in, like, 2018, 2019, where, like, oh, pedophiles are just sick people.
They need help, and, you know, it's just...
They don't, they can't help it.
They just have bad thoughts and people need to be nice to them because, you know, yeah, they're having a sexual attraction to children, but we shouldn't demonize the pedophiles.
We shouldn't demonize the minor attracted people.
No, we have to be nice to them and give them a safe space because if we hurt their feelings, something bad might be done by themselves.
It's like, dude, I'm telling you, that's why the whole groomer movement was fully launched in 2022 and Disney fully backed it up.
You know what I mean?
They fully backed it up because why?
Because it's always about the kids.
It's always about the children and these people damn well want your children.
Like I said, speaking of women, here's another poppin Article on Infowars.com.
You guys should go check it out and share it everywhere you possibly can.
Women are burning their bras to protest Dylan Mulvaney's Nike endorsement.
Women who feel they are being demeaned by biological male.
Dylan Mulvaney, partnering with Nike to promote sports bras, have launched a new burn bra challenge on TikTok.
Well, yeah, because actual biological women are like, look at that, dude!
You know, I always see people like these woke-tard losers, you know, like these pedophile simps and these, you know, these simps for like Dylan and all these losers and the comment sections, they're always like, oh, you know.
Yeah, you guys, you right-wingers are just talking about Dylan Mulvaney all the time while he's just laughing his way onto the bank, laughing his way to the bank with millions of dollars.
Oh, yes, there he is, Dylan Mulvaney, having the time of his life.
Well, yeah!
And I don't say that that's a good thing.
I agree that this guy is making an absolute Building an empire based off of crapping all over biological women and targeting children and introducing them to alcohol via the CCP psychological apparatus that warps the minds of children known as TikTok.
It's not a good thing that this guy is making a lot of money doing this.
It's quite a pretty interesting grift, but it's lucrative because we've allowed it to get to this point.
And I've always said this!
You don't tell the children no, You don't draw boundaries in society when it comes to morality.
It gets to the point where innocence starts to get violated, to the point where these people make millions of dollars building empires and careers off of normalizing mental instability and making money based off of introducing alcohol to children on TikTok!
It's insane!
You sit here and you say you're describing absolute, total insanity, mental instability.
It sounds like you're describing someone that belongs in an asylum.
Yes, absolutely!
People like this are being normalized in society for a reason.
It's to desensitize you.
It's to destabilize the culture.
To destabilize any form of morality that we know in our culture, whether it be American, whether it be European, you name it, this is how they start to desensitize the public, and that's why they're doing it on TikTok, to desensitize an entire generation!
But you know, this depravity does have its consequences, and we do see a bunch of people that are simping for this stuff, but there is some good news as well.
Anheuser-Busch loses more than $6 billion in market value following transgender, so-called transgender.
I'm so sick of these headlines, dude.
Like, I really am.
Transgender people are not real.
They're not real.
If it's gender dysphoria and it's a mental illness, it's a figment of their imagination and their minds.
No matter how nice the person is or... It doesn't matter.
Guys, this is what I'm saying.
We cannot tolerate mental instability and reward it and say, hey, it's totally fine because they're nice or they're one of the good ones.
No, that's not love.
Love is having the hard questions answered and giving some hard answers To a harsh reality to someone that is trying to live outside of reality.
You don't lie to someone like that.
That is how you get a cucked out society like the one we have here in the United States of America.
Telling people some harsh truths, that's real love.
Quote me on that.
Telling some people some harsh truths, that is real love.
But Bud Light, man.
Anheuser-Busch loses more than $6 billion in market value.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, look at the VP of Bud Light, okay?
All these people ever do is double down, double down, double down.
Because they care more about all their hyper-sexual propaganda targeting children.
More than anything in the universe.
These people love money.
But if you've noticed this common thread, they're willing to lose a lot of money over this LGBTQ, skittle people, cult, hyper-sexualized, groomer garbage.
I mean look it, Bud Light VP says using trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney is inclusive, lighter, and appeals to women and to men.
We just need to make beer totally gay and homosexual and yeah!
That's right!
That is totally right!
She even went on to say that it's too fratty.
I guess like taking a shot against fraternities and bro culture.
I'm not an advocate for being a drunkard, but what I will say is everything that they identify with masculinity in their definition is toxic.
So they're always gonna have to go against it, feminize it, make it all feminine, homosexual,
all limp-wristed, from beer to Legos, to Oreos, to your children.
I mean, but hey, society doesn't wanna say no to these people, and you just gotta deal with it,
unfortunately, but you know what?
We're gonna say no.
We'll be right back.
Your kids are not safe, man.
And I don't say that to just, you know, fear monger.
I don't say that to be provocative and, you know, get people going.
I mean, that's just the reality, dude.
I mean, the so-called public education system, right?
I mean, we know the universities have been indoctrination camps for decades.
But you look at the so-called public education system, K through 12, The developments of groomers being fully mobilized and in full motion, full swing.
Just targeting your children all over TikTok, being unapologetic about it.
I mean, Disney coming out and pretty much stating that it's a not-so-secret gay agenda, targeting your children with all this hyper-homosexual, gay, queer, it's all their words!
It's all their words!
Fully open about targeting your kids, warping their minds.
And you know, the interesting thing is, and if you ask yourself, You ask yourself, you know, I was a youth pastor for about five years.
And, you know, some of the kids, they get lied to.
They believe some of this garbage.
You know, when they get older, they realize that it's all propaganda.
It's all lies.
But some of the kids, when I was a youth pastor, were pretty based.
Like, they totally got it, man.
Like, they totally got it.
They're like, this stuff is garbage.
These people are liars.
Why are they trying to, like, shove, like, all this sexual, homosexual, queer, lesbian stuff?
Like, why are they trying to, like, get us to just, like, embrace that no matter what?
Like, why don't they ever show— I'm telling you, I'd have conversations with some young individuals that, like, see through this stuff entirely and are like, I want nothing to do with it.
I want Jesus.
I want truth.
I want something normal and moral.
I see what my parents were trying to tell me.
There's obviously a culture out there that's trying to target me.
And some of these young people are waking up.
You guys have seen detransitioners like Chloe Cole and various other individuals that are coming out and speaking out that were indoctrinated at a young age and that are now waking up that they've been absolutely lied to and their bodies have been damaged.
I guess what's in my mind and what I'm thinking is How will the left-wing cult, the LGBTQ alphabet mafia, and those that are trying to normalize grooming, how will this cult respond to little kids that I guess they would call right-wing?
That they would call based?
That they would call true traditional?
That if there are some young Christian kids out there that are, you know, Under the age of 18 that see through this stuff?
They exist!
But they never talk about it!
Because everything you hear in the media is, Oh, trans kids, trans kids, and the gay kids!
If we don't cater to their lives, they're just gonna take a gun and shoot themselves!
Oh, now it's the guns' fault!
So now we need to go after the Second Amendment because they're intertwined and the guns are waking up in the morning and the guns are deciding to just get up and get out of bed and shoot gays!
Yes, this is how these people talk, and this is how they think!
But when you don't sit people down and give them a heavy dose of reality, and you just let them continue to live off of la-la land, they begin to believe in some real lies, believe into some kind of alternate reality.
It's just across the entire board.
So my question is this.
This is my question, guys.
And let me know what you guys think.
And shout out to those that are watching live on Getter, watching live on Rumble.
I see you guys in the chat.
How will they respond to kids that come out publicly and start saying the things that I'm saying right now?
How will they respond to kids that come out publicly and start saying the things that Alex Jones says?
Or maybe your based local pastor that gets it!
How are they going to respond to children that do not accept their propaganda And their pedophilic propaganda that is trying to warp their minds.
What is the next step for them?
And we could take a look at what happened in Tennessee.
A so-called trans, mentally unstable individual decided to take matters into its own hands.
This person is a monster and murdered three Christian little kids.
Three Christian educators at a Christian school.
Is that going to continue to be normalized?
Is that going to continue to be the narrative that's set?
That if Christian little kids do not comply with the Alphabet Cartel Mafia's agenda, what happens to the little kids?
I think that's a genuine question to ask, because that's what you're going to start to continue to see in society right now.
I'll even prove it to you.
Take a look at this story.
Trans Florida teacher Ashley, okay, who allegedly said they were going to shoot the kids, then themselves remains in classroom despite parents' complaints.
Listen to these details.
Parents of students at Fox Chapel Middle School in Hernando County, Florida, are demanding answers from the district after a teacher made concerning comments Allegedly made about harming children and themselves.
Also the district investigated the comments and found them concerning the teacher was not fired and is back in the classroom.
Several parents contacted Fox 13 with each sharing the same story that the teacher made comments about harming students and then herself.
And of course this individual ...is apparently in the process of transitioning.
The report notes that this teacher is a biological male, but, quote, is currently in the transformation stage of becoming a woman, and that, quote, Ashley is taking hormone medications and is planning on having surgery over the summer, unquote.
Well, you see, in this situation, who gets protected?
Who gets protected in this situation?
The mentally unstable individual that's on drugs, okay?
When someone cannot correspond with reality, and someone cannot get...
Basic reality down, that is obviously mentally unstable.
You don't start rewarding that and making matters worse with pumping drugs into that mind that makes that mental illness even amplified.
No, you do that if you're the New World Order and you want a bunch of mentally ill, useful idiots running around doing your bidding.
But in the process, I think this goes directly to my question, who got protected in that situation?
Shouldn't it be the children?
Someone making some serious comments about harming kids that's mentally unstable to begin with?
That's on drugs?
That is concluding in their mind that, hey, maybe I should just harm these kids that I don't like?
You know how many stories that we've heard of base little kids mouthing off to these mentally ill snowflakes?
You guys know what I'm talking about.
There's a lot of TikToks out there that libs of TikTok put out there.
Of these teachers that are like, oh, oh my god, this little kid misgendered me.
And I feel like they were doing it on purpose.
I can't believe that this six-year-old had the nerve to misgender me and not address me by my pronouns.
I feel like they were doing it on purpose.
Can you believe that this six-year-old hurt my feelings?
One of those TikToks, one of those woke teachers was like, I think that the parents are Christian, so it's not the kid.
They're all just Christians.
Why won't they accept me?
Isn't it obnoxious?
And then these people take it to the point of violence!
Violence and murdering your kids if they don't comply!
Because that is how the commies function.
That is how these globalists function.
You're either with us or you're against us.
And what that means with them is that we will not only excommunicate you out of society, it means that they, they them, It means that they, them, will take it to the point of violence if you do not bow down to the regime.
They'll take your family, they'll take your kids, they'll take your job, they'll take the economy right under your feet.
They will punish you for not complying with the LGBTQ alphabet mafia.
Of course they will.
Why will they do that?
Because it's about power and control.
And they're willing to use all these people that are, have you guys noticed?
It's this minority of people, this tiny little, not even a fraction, little, little less than a decimal point in the population.
They've given a gigantic microphone to, and they utilize these people to shut you down.
It's quite effective if you think about it.
And I don't say this positively, but it's quite genius if you think about it, but that's how the devil functions.
How did I start the top of this show?
The strategic schemes of the devil, they're all thought out, they're all pre-planned, and they are all for a purpose.
And if you're not paying attention, I guarantee you, my friends, if you are not paying attention, you will fall for them, and you will be blind, and they'll run circles around you.
We'll be right back.
I'm reading your guys's comments in the getter chat rumble as well.
And I really love this one from at the dream 888 says mental illness privilege card is new currency in victim economy.
What a what a true statement.
I mean, I think everything I'm talking.
I mean, I said a lot today, but that statement pretty much wraps it up, man.
This mental illness card is like the new social currency in this total Pampered.
You know what I'm saying?
Safe space.
Where everyone's a victim.
There's something wrong with everybody.
If there's something wrong with you, then you know what?
We're not gonna make you stronger.
We're just gonna pamper you and make you weak.
That's what victim culture does.
You know what victim culture does?
When you take minorities, when you take less than a decimal point of the culture, These protected classes, you make them weak while at the same time you empower them because they become invincible.
You cannot speak out against them.
They do not have thick skin.
You cannot say any criticism against anyone that is a part of the victimhood culture, protected classes.
You can't genuinely criticize anyone a part of these protected classes.
And that's not a way to live.
It's not a way to live at all!
Because everyone deserves some genuine criticism, especially if they're living a total degenerate, immoral, disgusting lifestyle.
Everyone deserves some genuine criticism.
Because it makes you a better person.
It makes you a stronger person.
But the New World Order wants you weak, cucked out, limp-wristed, afraid of everything and anything, on drugs, losing your mind.
But at the same time, they do that strategically because of what I said.
They use these people and make them invincible because these are the people that become the useful idiots that do all of their evil bidding.
And they definitely want you unhealthy.
They definitely want you living, you know, like that scene in WALL-E where the humans are all like super overweight.
They're just like, you know, they got like AI goggles on.
They got like, you know, VR goggles on and they can't even move on their own.
They need some kind of like assisted, you know, wheelchair to get around.
And they just want you jacked in, not conscience of anything, not thinking for yourself, totally unhealthy.
And they say, you're just fat shaming.
How dare you speak out against Lizzo!
Do not speak out against people that are unhealthy!
You just be totally unhealthy and lose your life!
I don't want people to die!
I don't want people to have a short lifespan.
Of course, no matter what, I want you to put your faith in Jesus so you have eternal life.
But God gave you this temple for a reason.
Take care of it!
God doesn't want you totally unhealthy, unstable.
The New World Order does and the devil does.
So you're a sitting duck.
That's how they take you out.
They don't want healthy alpha males.
They don't want healthy alpha females that are totally on point, that are jacked and they're just totally jacked out of the matrix.
And they're just on the wavelength of information?
Their minds are just on point every single day?
Full discernment on total high alert?
No, they don't want that!
Because those are the types of people that become a threat to the regime!
No, they want disgusting heifers like the one on the screen, so that they're totally controllable, and they can't go anywhere!
That is what the New World Order wants!
Because they hate humanity!
They hate us that have been made in the image of God.
But like I said, speaking of those that are part of the protected class and have this little pass, you know, in the victimhood culture, look how far this really goes.
Biden's DOJ seeks no jail time for convicted trans vandal charged with hate crime for defacing Catholic Church, assaulting staff member in Washington State.
This individual smashed two glass doors with rocks.
And spray-painted messages on the church's outside walls including F Catholics, rot in your fake hell, kid groomers, and women haters in June.
Oh, but the Proud Boys take down a BLM... You know what I mean?
The Proud Boys take down a BLM poster on a Catholic church and... Oh my God!
All of a sudden we care about Christian persecution!
We care about churches!
What an evil thing to do!
You get those domestic terrorist Proud Boys and you throw them in prison to rot forever!
Yeah, as it's politically motivated.
They don't care about Christ.
They care about BLM and their cults.
That's what they care about.
And making an example out of anyone that disagrees with it...
But you see a situation like this, someone a part of the Alphabet Mafia showing up to spray paint and vandal and make threats towards Christians, Catholics, those of the faith.
They get away with it.
The DOJ is not going to look at it.
The DOJ is going to turn a blind eye at it.
Because this is a protected class, ladies and gentlemen.
When you make protected classes, these people can do whatever the hell they want!
That's the truth!
That's the reality!
And that's not how society or humanity should function!
There's consequences to everything!
Regardless of your skin color, regardless of your religion, regardless... it doesn't matter!
No one is immune or should be immune of criminal activity, of degeneracy and going after children, threatening people's lives, No, no, no, no, no, no.
But once you start creating protected classes, that's exactly when you start to run into situations like this.
Staff members get assaulted, Christians, Catholics get persecuted, which is nothing new, right?
It's to be expected, especially from the woke mob and these people that serve Lucifer.
What I'm saying is, you continue down this path, all these people are going to do is continue to get empowered, become emboldened even further, And these are going to be the so-called IRS agents, the so-called social workers that are going to be mobilized by the federal government to start knocking on your door with BLM tatted all over their foreheads and Ukraine flags pinned to their chests.
You name it, whatever's the current thing to believe, showing up to your house.
Do you believe what we believe?
Do you think your children should be introduced to sodomy?
Oh, you don't?
Then give us your children!
Give us everything you have!
Let us in there so we can have whoever's in there!
Sodom and Gomorrah, ladies and gentlemen, that's what you're facing.
I've always wondered, I wonder what that was like, not because I wanted to partake, but you read the Bible, you're like, was that really how it was?
Homosexuals running around just demanding to have sex with anyone, willing to just tear down doors and plow through someone's private residence to get to someone to have them.
I mean, take a look at the recent Transurrectionists.
Looks kind of familiar!
I'm just saying, man!
I'm just being totally honest, but I mean, these people will always be victimized, and they're given a pass to do whatever they want, because they're cowards, too.
I mean, I think this article pretty much sums that up.
LGBTQ activist group issues travel advisory for Florida.
An LGBTQ activist group has issued a travel warning for the state of Florida in response to legislation that prohibits experimental child sex changes and bans pornographic books from being on school library shelves.
Oh yeah, because the LGBTQ, these advocacy groups, oh no no no!
You don't let pornography in these school books!
You're a bigot.
You're homophobic.
You're not accepting.
You don't let us promote experimental surgeries, mutilating the genitals of kids.
You're transphobic.
You're homophobic.
It's 2023.
Get with the times.
You should allow us to target your children with pornography.
That's exactly how these people think.
And they get a pass!
Because why?
Because they have that.
They have that victim card.
They're a part of the protected class.
You cannot speak out against these people.
You cannot say anything against these people.
You must accept these people, even to the point of their pedophilia and their murder.
And the White House is coming, man.
Here's another article, I'll give you guys another one.
White House to employ an influencer army ahead of 2024 election.
Yeah, while they censor everyone on social media, while the FBI starts to say, if you say the word base or red-pilled, you are an extremist, while they continue to shadow ban everyone all over.
I'm still shadow banned on Twitter.
Ain't nothing changed for me on Twitter.
Elon hasn't helped me, I'll tell you that right now.
But still, on Instagram, on YouTube, Right?
Does it start to make sense?
You see that Alex Jones and Infowars are in official government documents for censorship tools?
Get ready, guys.
2024 is going to be wild, and we all see it coming.
And I'm going to call it again.
These people are going to rig the election, dude.
They're going to do it.
It did it once!
Why wouldn't they do it again?
And they're getting an influencer army, a bunch of Dylan Mulvaney's, mentally unstable, perverted, targeting children.
Because they hate you, and they hate this country, and they hate your children, and they want your children.
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It doesn't matter how discredited or debunked any of their narratives get, they will always return to them as if no one has ever raised the question.
I'll give you an example.
COVID-19 vaccination, Alex, absolutely effective and perfectly safe.
They're just ignoring the mountain of information now that disproves that as if we haven't heard it, as if it's not true.
They always return to their same fake narrative, and they double down.
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