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Name: 20230410_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 10, 2023
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including transhumanism, globalist conspiracies, China’s aggression towards Taiwan, self-defense, and the weakening position of the U.S. dollar. He also touches on commercial real estate prices potentially falling due to rising mortgage rates, RFK Jr.'s candidacy for the 2024 Democratic field, preparedness during emergencies or war, criticism towards Arnold Schwarzenegger's vaccination promotion, and the impact of COVID-19. Jones encourages his listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing products from the InfoWarsStore.com, donating copies of his book to libraries and schools, and making direct donations during a critical time for the platform.

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They didn't even talk about this under Trump because they knew he wouldn't put up with it.
But they know something that's key.
They know Biden's going to sit there and go along with it when it goes down because we're diverted fighting Russia because NATO pushed up to their border and attacked them.
And yeah, the Ukrainians have beefs, the Russians have beefs, and I'm not defending Vladimir Putin, but I'm talking about in the real world, on a scale of 1 to 10, Putin's got an 8.
To want to be pissed at the West, we're on his doorstep.
We're doing nothing to China.
We've given them everything, total control, and they've taken the ball and run.
The globalist elites, while they're too busy trying to bully the average conservative, or the average Christian, or the average homeschooler, or the average farmer, or the average small business person, like a meatpacker that's small, they shut all those down.
While the globalists are busy hiring 87,000 IRS agents and arming them, that article's on that today,
While they're busy gearing up to bully the hell out of us at a level never before seen and declaring conservatives and people that support Trump as the number one terror threat.
That's official U.S.
While they're busy trying to bully the American people and blame us for violence when conservatives and Christians and concealed carry holders have the lowest crime rates out there and everybody knows it.
While they're busy trying to bully us internally, the chi-coms have said, you are nothing.
The chi-coms have said, you are a joke.
You're a bitch.
And you're gonna take it!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones!
Austin, Texas, a dynamic city long known for its quality of life and scenic beauty, is today the fastest growing metropolis in the South and Southwest United States.
Austin, Texas, once a quiet haven for free-minded Texans, has become a cesspool of leftist, invading state populations of George Soros-fueled lawlessness, hurtling the capital of Texas into chaos.
Bartering with criminals instead of sending them to jail.
Chas Moore of the Austin Justice Coalition saying, quote, Someone breaks into my home, I call the police, and then what?
Even if they find the person, now the person goes to jail.
We didn't really fix anything.
I would actually say instead of sending her to jail, let's say she pays me back by cleaning my house for the next six weeks.
Clinton Rarey, combat veteran and an ex-candidate for the Austin City Council, has been relentlessly drilling into the rot prevalent in the local government of Austin, Texas.
Recently uncovering a possible Democrat Party scam where ActBlue, whose mission is to empower small dollar donors, could quite possibly be a money laundering scam acting as a non-profit technology organization
Which enables left-leaning non-profits, Democrat candidates, and progressive groups to raise money from individual donors on the internet with ActBlue's online fundraising software.
So what led me to ActBlue was the James O'Keefe Media Group.
Seeing them post that video on Twitter.
Contributions through ActBlue.
An inquisitive detective with bright line investigations for Election Watch brought us the latest unwitting contributor.
I'm just going around asking questions regarding donations.
It says that you made 26,000 donations.
Would that be the case for ActBlue?
Because that was over six years, so that's 11 donations a day.
I'm getting ready to get on a website and check my ActBlue.
I would definitely check it to make sure that nobody's taking advantage of you.
Thank you.
I don't know what's really going on because there's not a level of transparency to see where exactly the money's coming from.
With the FEC website, you can see who's donating money and to what organization and that's basically the level that you're going to see on where that money's coming from.
And so when you have people that are 70 plus years old and they're donating 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day over a two-year period, it just throws a huge red flag up on, hey, there's some shenanigans going on here.
And there needs to be a deeper level investigation into this, especially when I go talk to this lady and she can't even get out of her chair.
And she's talking about, yeah, I was just about to go check out my Actablew account.
But she couldn't even get out of her chair to check it when I was in the house.
It would seem that someone in print or broadcast media would have already been all over this, but now it takes concerned patriots like yourself to investigate government corruption.
How was the response from lapdog media when you finally reached out about this?
So after I posted the video and it went viral on Twitter, I reached out to a bunch of local media outlets here and I was like near zero response.
I just wish we had some coders that we can go through all this data because it is very time consuming to scroll through and find out okay who's donating a hundred times and then you got to
Then go through there, pull their name, put it in the FPC website, and then figure out, okay, are they donating a lot?
Because you are scrolling through, and it is time-consuming.
I mean, it took me almost three days to go through all the names just to find one person.
Other independent investigators have followed suit.
And I found out that, uh, your address, uh, August, that you have, um, donated 10,000, over 10,000 times within two-year time frame from 2021, uh, 2020 to 2022.
How much money? $106,304.45.
That wasn't me?
The Democratic Party's tentacles of corruption, hellbent on a downward spiral into fraud and totalitarianism, must and will be removed from its New World Order brain.
John Bowne reporting.
It's Monday, April 10th, 2023, and we're already about 80% of the way from Austin to Dallas.
Myself and the intrepid Rob Dew.
It's Alex Jones on his way to be live in studio with the great Steven Crowder and crew.
So we're going to kick it off right, ladies and gentlemen, before I break down some of the latest developments taking place in the world today with your 6 a.m.
news update.
Good old Ted Nugent.
I think he's coming on the show this week.
He's been on fire lately.
He's always on fire.
Well, welcome ladies and gentlemen.
Rob Schofield at my house at 4 a.m.
this morning.
We're on our way to Dallas and I'll host my show from Steven Crowder Studios after I do his two-hour live show.
Of course, he's being blocked on YouTube right now, but it doesn't matter.
He's on Rumble with millions and millions of viewers every day, and that is very, very exciting, as they've really broken through.
And here we are on Rumble right now, and we'll also post this, obviously, in FullWars.com, a band out of the MadMaxWorld.tv.
People are always saying, where's Alex Jones at?
Well, I'm at InfoWars.com every day on radio stations across the country.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
So, let's talk about what's going on.
To say all hell has broken loose, not just with Russia and Ukraine, but now China, in a giant military drill, the biggest China's ever done, has encircled Taiwan and is simulating attacks on the country.
And old Sleepy Joe is busy saying the number one threat is the American people.
Oh, and of course, TikTok.
He's got legislation that totally takes over the internet and ends all free speech.
Even Fareed Zakaria saw a clip of his show last night.
I think so.
A lot of insane things unfolding.
The Ukrainians are getting ready to launch a big NATO-backed offensive.
The Pentagon confirms hundreds of pages of secret documents were released and have come out breaking down how all that's happening.
And so the world is just escalating into insanity.
India, Russia, China, Brazil are all going with the BRICS, their new currency.
And then there was the Friday night show
I'm Dr. Carlson, it's always excellent, but his first 60-minute monologue where he laid out the trans agenda in the name of the video they posted on Fox was supposed to enforce as well was, the trans movement is the most dangerous extremist movement in the United States.
I want to be clear.
We're not going to see all people that want to do that with their life.
You want tattoos?
Want to put fake breasts on?
Want to body modify and put horns on your head?
I'm not attacking individuals.
I'm attacking people that go after the kids.
But he lays out how it's a government, corporate-run, sponsored cult.
And how the people basically are being told they can be God and that you have to accept, like the old South Park episode from 10 years ago, that if someone grasps a fake
We're good to go.
Men can be in women's sports.
The list goes on and on.
They have to kill our rationality.
They have to kill our common sense.
They have to get us to basically accept the illogic of what they're doing.
Because globalism is so horrible, and this transhumanist movement is so antithetical to what the people want, and what's common sense, they have to again completely confuse us and turn us all around.
We're good to go.
In the piece, he plays the White House Press Secretary, Bozo the Clown Lady, saying, our trans people are fighting back and they're fierce, and we commend them, right after the shooting.
And they never even condemned the shooting.
And then a lot of other leftist commentators said, well, you know, that's what you get.
And then all these different Democrat operatives, National, State, the Press Secretary of the Governor of Arizona,
You know, the same guy who just stole the election from Kerry Lake.
She put out a picture of people with guns saying, we're coming after you.
And then they look at the statistics of, quote, trans people having the highest level of suicide, murder, you name it.
It's because they're unhappy.
They're on a bunch of hormones.
They already had mental problems before, and a large portion of them.
They just get deeper and deeper and deeper into the system's clutches.
And it's all these big children's hospitals and major institutions are just licking their lips about the billions they're going to make on these so-called surgeries.
And I was watching clips last night of the doctors
On TV, from these big university and children's hospitals, say, when a child transitions at age 7 or 8 or 9 before puberty, there is not enough tissue to create the vagina when we remove the penis.
This guy had like a weird Klaus Schwab voice.
They all seem to have some real reason.
I don't even know how to say it in German, but it's weird.
He was here in America.
I'm going to play the clip today on my show.
And he says, so we use tissue from the colon and the anus to produce the vagina.
Of course, it's not a vagina.
It's a big open wound.
And again, if someone is an adult,
Really feels like they're a woman and wishes to do that body modification.
As long as the taxpayers don't pay for it, that's your issue.
And, you know, there's a lot of people that are attracted to men, that would be male, feel like they're a woman, they go into it.
The point is, children, you can get a group of children, six, seven, eight, in a room and say, who wants to be Batman?
Who wants to be Superman?
Who wants to be Wonder Woman?
Who wants to be Aquaman?
And then they'll pretend that they are that thing.
They use the same psychology.
You see the videos of the elementary schools where they tell them, well, you could be a boy or a girl.
You could be something else.
That's why there's hundreds of genders now.
I'm going to play Tucker Carlson on my show today.
The whole thing is so powerful.
He did 15, 16 minutes of what I try to do.
It took me an hour and a half of air time.
With breaks, it's about 15 minutes.
It took me an hour Friday to lay it out.
I think we did a pretty good job, but Tucker in 16 minutes is an absolute must-see.
And really documents it.
And you notice how militant the trans people are and how they're attacking folks everywhere.
That's because they've really been brainwashed that they're victims.
And also, in England statistics are out, they're similar here, but in England around half of the trans kids are autistic.
It's about 40% here.
And I saw some really sad, very very sad videos of Down Syndrome young men
Dressed up like women, and shaking their butts and things on a play today.
And that's what the system's doing.
It's saying, you're girls.
Now let's sterilize you.
So, this is all just eugenics.
It's how they make sterilization, how they make transhumanism, and the sideburn addicts, and all the things that are coming.
Just normal, because anybody can be anything.
And so there's no bottom, basically, to anything.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are starting the broadcast a little late today, but you got to see some of the footage that we shot on the way up here to North Texas to be on Stephen Crowder's great show here in studio.
And I am broadcasting out of his studios here today.
I'll be back in Austin.
This evening and back on the radio 11 a.m.
Central Standard Time at Infowars.com and on hundreds of radio stations and TV stations across the country.
A lot of big breaking news obviously in world developments.
A lot of developments here in the United States we'll be laying out today.
We also have some big guests and more coming up that I'll tell you about next segment.
So here's what we've got on the plate.
Everybody's talking about the ruling last Friday in Austin, Texas, by the Soros Communist Judge, where he withheld evidence and ignored all the video footage of the fact that the police said the guy did nothing wrong, where it's an Uber driver and people surround his car, the guy comes over and aims a gun at him, who'd said that he'd like to use the gun on police, but they would
That's a big story.
I'll be covering it later next hour.
The situation in Louisville.
is important.
Four dead, eight injured, including two officers downtown Louisville.
But still, statistically, mass shootings like this are not even the top 10 causes of death.
Bad people use guns.
Good people use guns to stop them.
And Stephen Crowder made great points on his show today that the mayor and others got up in Louisville and kept saying, well, the evil man came in with a gun.
We need to ban the guns.
And the officers responded and did a great job.
Yes, with
Now they're saying maybe the shooter committed suicide.
But this is evil in our society, and that's what we're dealing with.
The truth is, mass shootings and overall shootings hit a low in the mid-1990s through to about six, seven years ago.
So crime explodes in the 60s, 70s, 80s, goes way down from about 92 till 2007, 8 or so.
It starts going back up.
It's still not approached the level it was, say, in the 1980s.
At the height of the crack cocaine epidemic.
But it's still a serious problem.
Let's not lie about that.
But the answer is more good people with guns for the bad guys understand they are outgunned.
That's what all the statistics and numbers show.
We're going to be getting to all of that coming up here today.
But the two big things, really three big things, tie together that I want to really hit on first.
It's China.
China has said they're getting ready to blockade Taiwan.
80% of the world's computer chips, the high-speed ones, come out of Taiwan.
I think it's like 79.6% last time I checked.
More than half the world's trade goes through the South China Sea.
So if this goes down, if this happens,
This is going to have effects on the economy, not even to mention militarily and potential nuclear war that are hard to describe.
And you add that, and we'll be getting to it in great detail here, with what's happening in the world economy, the epicenter being what happened at Silicon Valley Bank a month ago, or five weeks ago.
Seems like a million years ago.
We see in the auto trading area, an auto loan area,
The worst level of people not paying their loan and defaults ever seen.
We've been covering that the last few months.
Now this big zero hedge article up on InfoWars.com.
Echoes of new centuries collapse amid sudden fire sale of real estate loans as one bank sees 40% downside.
It's a very detailed report with a lot of graphs we'll be going over.
But this is the real canary in the coal mine.
Commercial and of course private residential real estate loans being defaulted on at near record levels.
This is the third worst in history and the last time this happened it was the harbinger of the 2008 collapse with real estate loans being defaulted on in 2007 leading to that.
So this is a big big
And we're going to be talking about that because this affects everybody in a big, big way.
And then militarily, tying it back in, you have the Ukraine war and these hundreds of documents.
That got leaked over a week and a half ago now, it's been big news the last few days, with supposed real troop death numbers on the Ukraine side, the Russian side becoming offensive of Zelensky into Crimea, and what Russia's saying they're going to do to respond to that.
Russia has basically said that if they start losing against all these NATO forces, and the documents have been NATO's running it, that they will use tactical nuclear weapons
And then NATO's saying they'll use the weapons back and then we're only an inch away or a millimeter away from thermal nuclear war and those Russian submarines right off our coast.
And yes, the Russians will be destroyed, but so will we.
So this is beyond a Mexican standoff.
So that's what I'll be covering when we come back next segment.
And then we've got
Some very important information dealing with the vaccines and Marburg and the fact that they're hyping up a new pandemic, as you said last week, is right around the corner.
But don't worry, the UN World Treaty to give them control over the U.S.
and every other major government's medical system is the answer.
But at the same time, people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who said he admired Adolf Hitler in a Rolling Stone magazine in 1978,
Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out with the famous clip, screw your freedom, take your shots, stay in your house, wear your mask, yes, do it!
Well, he's come out and said that he's so sorry for saying that and issued an apology because he knows it's blown up in his stinking totalitarian face.
So we've got a lot of that to be breaking down.
Also, GOP embraces new policy.
Bomb Mexico to stop fentanyl.
That's the Politico deceptive headline.
That's not what the U.S.
is saying.
We're saying this is killing over 100,000 Americans a year.
It's way higher than that, the way they count statistics.
Everybody I know has friends and family that have died of fentanyl.
I'm not going to get into personal stuff here, but it's just bad.
I was driving up here today with Rob Dew and one of his very close family members at a party basically got spiked with it and died.
And everybody I know has had these same cases happen.
Almost every guest we have on has had a family member die.
I mean, it's not 100,000 here, folks.
They manipulate these statistics.
It's way worse.
You can't swing a stick in the dark and not know somebody that's died or almost died from this crap.
And so we're going to be talking about that coming up as well, and the fact that we have to take action.
And yes, if the U.S.
government gets behind it into the Ukraine war, like Trump said, it'll be over.
And if the U.S.
government wants to stand up to China, they won't invade Taiwan.
But everything's green lighting, all these different groups to attack us, and China is behind the fentanyl they allow to be produced as unconventional warfare.
It's in their own Chinese defense ministry, Department of War, their Pentagon's own reports.
The U.S.
government's been basically allowing this.
And so it is an act of war that the Mexican cartels shipped these in.
The U.S.
government's been heavily involved in cocaine and other narcotics brought in the U.S.
going back to Iran-Contra.
But if the U.S.
government has a real policy to stop the fentanyl, it will stop.
And so I am, for the U.S.
military, attacking Mexican cartels with the U.S.
This is a real threat.
We'll be right back.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And we are back live on this Monday edition coming to you from Steven Crowder's Amazing Studios, the secret location in Texas.
What a world we live in today.
I am going to, again, get into the weaponization of the judicial system, the criminal justice system under the Soros occupation of this country coming up.
I'll tell you about some of the guests that are coming up next segment.
Also, we are going to open the phones up as well, and we have some guests.
They're going to be in studio in the third hour today that I'll be interviewing, along with Owen Schroyer, from here at the Revenge of the Cis Guys Inn.
So that's just some of what's happening here today.
This whole transgender cult is finally waking the public up.
It's very important to talk about who's behind that, where that's going, and some of the new developments.
I'm also going to be hitting that.
But right now, I mentioned it earlier, let's get directly into it.
And that the Russians are just all-powerful and control everything.
The Russians have the biggest country in the world.
The Russians can't synchronize their stoplights.
The Russians are ham-fisted when it comes to manipulating the U.S.
They're lightweights.
Nothing against the Russians.
I'm just saying it's a joke.
The Communist Chinese don't just control Pelosi and Swallow's Well and Dianne Feinstein and
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and China Joe, you know, Uncle Joe Biden, Creepy Joe, Hopeless Joe.
They own four of the six major Hollywood production houses.
They put out the wokest stuff to tear the nation apart.
They're the main group doing it, allied with the Bill Gateses.
And the Klaus Schwab is the world on record.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say, and Warren Buffett says, and Charlie Munger says, he's like their granddaddy, that China's the model and we need to be like China and arrest our political dissidents and ban free speech.
I mean, I've played the Charlie Munger clip probably 15 times from a couple years ago where he's sitting there on national TV, or was it PBS, with Warren Buffett,
Talking about, we're going to get rid of freedom, we're going to arrest political dissidents.
It's a wonderful thing.
So China doesn't allow the movies they produce here in the U.S.
and around the world to poison the planet to air in their own country.
So China's the trillion pound gorilla, or should I say, dragon on our back.
And it's on the Chinese people's backs as well, of all the terrible things they're doing.
Three million Uyghurs in slave death camps.
I mean,
These guys would make Hitler blush.
And they are up our butt, as you would say.
They are up our rear end on so many levels.
And starting the last few years of the Obama administration, the globalists figured out that China was double-crossing them.
They were the model of tyranny.
They were the testing ground.
They were the beta test.
But they said, you know what?
Kind of like Stalin and Hitler were buddies at first, but then a couple of years into World War II, turned on each other.
They turned on the globalists and said, we're going to be in charge, we're going to run everything now, and that's just the way it is.
And they said, if any leaders from the United States, be it Biden, be it Mitch McConnell, be it Chuckie Schumer, be it Kevin McCarthy, if any of them
Ever meet with the president of Taiwan, we'll see that as an act of war and we will probably, I've got their quotes here, invade Taiwan.
And we'll start with a blockade.
So starting about six days ago, they encircled with not hundreds,
But thousands of ships, hundreds of big ships, and then over a thousand small ships, thousands of aircraft, small planes, helicopters, jets, and have just been encircling and doing bombing runs, and the government of China has put out official videos, we showed one earlier, showing the simulated bombardment of all the U.S.
ships and Taiwanese ships there in the
Straight there by China, there on the Taiwan Strait, and of course just a few miles away is then Japan, saying we're ready to take out your power plants, your capital buildings,
And you notice most of those missiles are going to the water.
We're ready to take out Western ships.
Because where those missiles in that video, in that simulation, are raining down is where the U.S.
aircraft carriers and the U.S.
missile cruisers and the U.S.
destroyers and the U.S.
submarines are.
So, China has just simulated the biggest bombing run ever.
We'll also put this map up if you can.
This is our official invasion map that I've got here right now that also sent the crew.
So, China is saying that their invasion could be imminent.
Now, remember six months ago, a month ago, I said the next thing is a blockade.
They may be having the archivist find it, just so I'm not claiming that.
Archivist, in fact, Rob New's here.
Rob, call the archivist.
Fine in the last six months where I said, in the next year, China is probably, currently considering, depending on how Russia does, diverting us off and using up all our munitions, is going to go ahead and do the blockade and the encirclement of Taiwan.
Then they'll have their operatives and commandos that are within the country start killing the political leadership ahead of an invasion, hoping that most of Taiwan's military basically stands down.
So I believe
And I know, well China said, it's on the table.
It is being prepared for the encirclement, the blockade, and the invasion of Taiwan.
Now again, 80% or 79 plus percent of all of the high-speed processors in the world are made in tiny Taiwan.
Imagine how energetic and smart the Chinese would be on the mainland
Well, there's billions of these people compared to just Taiwan.
They weren't under the communist tyranny.
Look, South Korea is one of the most popular, one of the most profitable, powerful countries in the world for production.
Compared to North Korea, who can't even keep their lights on.
It's a tale of communism versus some form of freedom.
It's not that it's perfect freedom, or even the kind of freedom we would accept as freedom.
Taiwan's not totally free, nor is South Korea, but it's an example, a tale of two cities, a tale of two peoples, even though they're, in the case of Korea, the same people, but one communist, one quasi-free, since the whole Korean conflict.
So, this is a big deal, and we're already in a two-front war, we're already running low on ammunition with the Russians, and that whole war that's about to go into super overdrive, and China sees this as their moment, Iran sees it as their moment, Iran's starting to attack a bunch of targets in the Middle East, into Syria, into Lebanon, into Israel, and there's the headline right there from Drudge, I have it in front of me, this headline, Chinese military rehearses encirclement
Of Taiwan, BBC.
China's military ready to fight after drills near Taiwan, says their military.
Navy challenges Beijing and South China Sea amid Taiwan drills.
Warship conducts freedom of navigation operation near the Spratlys.
Move comes as U.S.
set to hold military drills in the Philippines.
The United States is holding war games.
China's holding war games right up against each other and saying invasion, encirclement, blockade could be imminent.
That is where the world is today.
And we'll come back more and talk about Russia and Ukraine and the developments that are unfolding there.
On the other side, I'll tell you who's coming up as guests today and more also intend.
So when the phone's up, and as I said, we will get into the weaponization of the criminal justice system, federal and local, all under the tutelage of George Soros.
I'm Alex Jones.
Madmaxworld.tv is the non-censored link that will take you to Bandai Video.
We'll be right back.
Man, shoot his ass!
Shoot his ass!
Man, shoot his ass!
Shoot his ass!
The footage you just saw is real.
It's not something out of a zombie apocalypse movie.
And I've got the case, and where it happened here, Montgomery County Deputy cleared after a fatal shooting man who attacked him, but the left wanted him arrested.
The deputy did not miss him.
The guy was out of his mind, attacking people like a zombie on a roadside.
He shot him 12 times in the chest with a 9mm.
Dear TV viewer, you missed it, and you'll probably be glad you missed it, but
Uh, the point is, can you believe that officer was even reviewed whether he'd be indicted?
When he's hitting him over the head with a... axe handle, basically?
A deadly weapon?
Well, we have the Texas case, and we have cases all over the country, from the Kluskys in St.
Louis, they break down a metal gate, hundreds of people threatening to kill him, all they do is bring guns out to protect themselves, and they get indicted by another Soros DA?
We'll be talking about that coming up.
We'll open the phones up as well.
Owen Troyer will be co-hosting with me coming up the middle of the next hour.
Revenge of the Sith is going to be in studio as well today.
But all these stories are interconnected.
Why is Soros doing this?
Why is the Deep State doing this?
Why do they want to prosecute people for protecting themselves, whether they be citizens, regular citizens, or police officers?
Because they can't get your guns.
The gun culture is winning.
In areas that have massive gun ownership, crime is actually going down.
Everywhere where you don't have high gun ownership, crime is exploding in the blue cities and blue states.
So they just want to simply criminalize the act of defense, which is what communists and authoritarians always do, for everyone but themselves.
And it's outrageous, it's hypocritical.
Members in Minnesota, in Minneapolis a couple years ago, in 2020,
They fired half the police, but then the City Council hired 24-hour multiple security, two armed security guards for each member of the City Council.
Multi-million dollar contracts per year.
Think of that.
They should all be run on a rail.
That's real discrimination.
We're all taught it's black versus white or white versus black.
The real discrimination, folks, is the government and the elites and the globalist rich people that are anti-free market, that are anti-you having wealth, you being successful, me being successful, setting it up where you don't have a right to defend yourself, but they have armed security guards you pay for.
I know that's been said a thousand times, ten thousand times, but it's so true.
We'll address that coming up.
But, my friends, this issue of China, knowing it controls China Joe, his son's laptop that we had back in 2000, and I listened to the audio files.
We played it probably 50 times on air.
Where he's sending audio recordings to his dad saying, I don't know what to do, Dad.
Yes, you know, we work with the head of Chinese intelligence.
He's worth $3 billion.
And he's disappeared.
And I think they grabbed him and I don't know what to do.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
I'm an agent of China.
I mean, he's there saying he's a Chai Com dude, a Chai Com quizzling, a Chai Com operative.
And the FBI just runs around and tells the media and the internet and big tech, do not report this.
Do not put this out.
This has absolutely got to be suppressed.
Almost knocked over my Topo Chico.
Layling in my arms.
So, that's where we are.
Yeah, they're playing it right now.
You see it right there.
Maybe we should play it again.
It's so fantastical.
All confirmed to be real.
Not Russian disinfo, and now the CHICOMs who control 97% of rare earth minerals worldwide.
That's all of the different compounds and molecules in the dirt that you have to have for semiconductors, for computer chips.
You don't just think China and Taiwan, but China and Taiwan combined is like 90% of world production.
You don't just think China and Taiwan got control of all the compounds for computer chips by accident.
The globalists made it where no Western company could ever go get these products, couldn't ever go extract these minerals.
So they were positioned to control the world.
They were positioned because they were good little globalists and were going to dominate trade, but the West would dominate military, and they believed that would be the new multipolar world.
Not just the U.S.
Empire, not just the Bald Eagle, controlled by the globalists, but the CHICOM order, those two systems.
But starting about 11 years ago, the CHICOM was broke and said, we're not following your orders anymore.
And by the way, we're infiltrating your politicians, and we're funding race war in America, and we're shipping in fentanyl, and we're blasting your youth with weaponized TikTok, and we're going to do it, and you are going to sit there and take it because you're decadent, and your time is over, and we control your leaders.
And now they are encircling Taiwan.
They've already taken over Hong Kong.
80% of high-speed ships are made there.
And they're saying, we're getting ready to invade.
They didn't even talk about this under Trump because they knew he wouldn't put up with it.
But they know something that's key.
They know Biden's going to sit there and go along with it when it goes down.
Because we're diverted fighting Russia because NATO pushed up to their border and attacked them.
And yeah, the Ukrainians have beefs, the Russians have beefs, and I'm not defending Vladimir Putin, but I'm talking about in the real world, on a scale of 1 to 10, Putin's got an 8 to want to be pissed at the West.
We're on his doorstep.
China, we're doing nothing to China.
We've given them everything, total control, and they've taken the ball and run.
The globalist elites, while they're too busy trying to bully the average conservative, or the average Christian, or the average homeschooler, or the average farmer, or the average small business person, like a meatpacker that's small, they shut all those down, while the globalists are busy hiring 87,000 IRS agents and arming them.
Got articles on that today.
While they're busy gearing up to bully the hell out of us at a level never before seen and declaring conservatives and people that support Trump as the number one terror threat.
That's official U.S.
While they're busy trying to bully the American people and blame us for violence when conservatives and Christians and concealed carry holders have the lowest crime rates out there and everybody knows it.
While they're busy trying to bully us internally, the chi-coms have said, you are nothing.
The chi-coms have said, you are a joke.
You're a bitch.
And you're going to take it.
So I say to people, high level, mid-level, and low level, in the corporations, in academia, in the banks, in government, everybody, why are you so insane?
Why do you have such a chip on your shoulder against real American power that's about freedom and prosperity and free market capitalism and libertarian laissez-faire that made us so great?
Why are you threatened by that?
Because you're authoritarians.
But you're such fools that you don't even understand that it's been that freedom, that quasi-freedom, it's been far from perfect, that has energized us and made us so powerful.
So you're at war with what makes you powerful.
You hijacked the country!
You're in control of it, but you still gotta run on the ground because you still think you're rebels against the country you've actually captured.
That is insane.
And I remember
There was an article in the Washington Post in 1993 when Bill Clinton was inaugurated, and they were movie producers.
One of them was named, I think, Ron Silver.
They were sitting around with Hillary Clinton.
They were so anti-American, so anti-military, that groups of F-16s flew over at the Clinton inauguration.
You can look this up.
Remember Rush Limbaugh covering it, but actually went and got the Washington Post and read it.
They were proud of this.
And the producers look up and they go, how dare them fly over us!
That's the U.S.
Like Jane Fonda up on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, you know, decades before.
And Hillary said, it's okay, Ron.
And to the other producers, that's our military now.
Those are our jets now.
Now, as evil as Hillary Clinton is, she at least understood that.
So they've run the engine into the ground.
It's like in
Animal Farm!
With the pigs, and the sheep, and the goats, and the cows, and the horse.
The pigs say, four legs good, two legs bad.
Later, well, two legs good, four legs good.
Later, well, two legs good, four legs bad.
Once they've taken over, once they're the tyrants, there's this big workhorse to help get them into power, help run the revolution.
And then finally, they don't like him because he's strong and powerful.
They sell him to be slaughtered and turned into glue.
That's what Elmer Schlozman out of his rotting horse hooves.
So, the point is, the revolutionaries, the communists, always get rid of those and help them get to power.
And everybody that serves the system needs to understand, this is a suicide pact.
And while you're busy trying to kick Americans' asses and show the good old boys they're nothing, the whole world's turning against us because the globalists are scum.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
They decided to not perp walking, not put him in handcuffs, not do a mug shot, because they knew that that would help Trump.
Didn't they know this would backfire?
We were waiting for the mug shot.
We learned today they wouldn't have it, so we've made our own.
And it says political prisoner.
With an image of President Trump.
The shirt is being printed now in Texas.
It'll be shipping out to you in one week.
Political prisoner.
With Trump on the front there in a mug shot.
Jail background.
It's a fundraiser shirt.
It says InfoWars.com on the back of the shirt.
We also have Alex Jones for President.
No, I'm not running for President.
It's a really nice navy blue, high quality shirt.
Red, white, and blue.
Alex Jones for President.
2024, it's a fun conversational piece and a limited edition shirt.
Great way to fund the operation.
So get your Alex Jones for President and Trump mugshot shirts at InfoWarsTore.com or by calling toll-free, AAA, 253-3139.
So during the last outbreak of armed extremism, which of course was the BLM riots of 2020, a former army sergeant called Daniel Perry was driving for Uber in Austin, Texas.
He was an Uber driver.
He's in his car and a mob of rioters surround him in the middle of the street and begin hitting his car.
One member of the mob was a man called Garrett Foster.
Foster is a militant with a history of waving his rifle at people.
He approached Perry's driver's side window with an AK-47.
Then he raised the rifle, and when he did that, Perry shot and killed him in self-defense.
The lead detective in the case and the Austin police concluded it was a justified shooting.
If that's not a justified shooting, there's no such thing.
But because Austin, Texas, the justice system is overseen by a Soros-funded DA, Perry was charged with murder for defending himself.
And tonight, we are sad to tell you, this man, a military veteran driving an Uber car, was convicted of murder.
It means that in the state of Texas, if you have the wrong politics,
And what does that mean?
You're not allowed to defend yourself.
So this is a legal atrocity, it's so obviously unjust, that tonight we extended an invitation to the sitting governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, to come on this show on Monday.
And we wanted to ask if he was considering a pardon for Daniel Perry.
But for some reason, Governor Greg Abbott's office told us he just can't make it, and that we should talk to the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, instead.
So that is Greg Abbott's position.
There is no right of self-defense in Texas.
We're going to keep trying to reach the Governor of Texas, get his views on that, and the Attorney General, for that matter.
And ladies and gentlemen, we are back.
Thank you so much again for joining us here today.
Let me plug my headset back in.
I am coming to you from a little makeshift studio.
Steven Crowder, his crew, was gracious enough to set up for us.
We've now learned more developments.
Four dead, eight injured, including two officers from downtown Louisville shooting suspect, alleged shooter and a 25-year-old National Bank employee, Connor Sturgeon.
And this is just evil in society.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me put that on screen for folks.
That it's now an option, an idea to go postal and go kill people when you are mad at him.
They're now saying they think he committed
Well, what is the answer for people like this?
I played this earlier, but I'm going to play this again.
And I saw this two years ago when this first happened.
It's clip two.
We'll play it again with audio in a moment.
People thought this was a zombie movie.
No, this was real.
Montgomery County deputy cleared after fatal shooting a man.
This ties in everything else I'm about to cover with the George Soros garbage.
That they tried to charge the police officer when people called that this man is running around attacking people with clubs and breaking windows out.
The officer gets out, he starts beating him over the head.
Witnesses said, I've read the court transcripts, that they didn't get footage the first few minutes.
He hit the cop in the head a couple times, knocked his cap off, broke his
Police cam.
Body cam.
And then on tape, hits him a couple more times.
And finally, he shoots him 12 times in the chest, which shows what a weak round the 9mm is.
He shot that guy with a 30-odd-6.
I don't think he'd be standing.
That's more like the movies where he shoots somebody and they fly back a little bit, or at least you can go back.
I mean, I gotta say, 9mm, even regular .45,
I've just seen what it does.
Uh, but not 9mm.
But the point is, what would you do when a crazy psycho is attacking you?
And why would George Soros want to put you in jail for defending yourself?
There's a larger plan.
And we'll talk about it when we come back on the other side, joining some stations in T-minus 60 seconds.
I'm going to go through the big Texas case that's got so many people's attention.
InfoWars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, MadmaxWorld.tv.
Please share those links.
And we are back live on this live Monday, April 10th, 2023, worldwide transmission.
I'm coming to you from North Texas, the secret location of Steven Crowder's command base.
Very nice facility, great people, wonderful folks.
We appreciate all their professionalism and hospitality.
It's great to be working with Steven Crowder and co-hosting the show with him, and I'm going to be popping in from time to time doing that.
Also coming up, is it Thursday or Friday night?
Rob, look it up.
I meant to look it up.
They were telling me this weekend, I forget.
Vulcan Gas Company, it's already sold out.
I'm going to be speaking at an event and co-hosting with Tim Poole.
I would imagine Joe Rogan is going to be coming by.
And so look for that coming up.
I forget, type in Tim Poole comes to Austin.
I sent it to my wife and said, hey, we're going to go to this.
She said, hey, you said that's Thursday.
That's Friday.
It is Friday, seven o'clock.
It is Friday.
Fulton Gas Company, downtown Austin 6th Street, so wear body armor.
I'm serious.
I don't know why the hell they build those clubs down there, but they are nice clubs.
I like the Fulton Gas Company.
Nice people.
I hang out with Joe there all the time, until he opened the mothership.
Now that's two doors down.
And, uh, that's, uh, I think sold out for a year now.
And, by the way, the great news is, I went and saw a couple comedy shows there.
Joe invited me to the premiere.
And I was hanging out there with a lot of great patriots, like, uh, Curry and others, Adam Curry.
And the entire, they had like eight comedians up, amazing comedians.
Tim Dillon, you name it.
But they were all anti-New World Order.
They were all anti-woke.
And what was refreshing, they weren't like a standard right-wing Republican anti-woke.
They were
Scathing, and hit them at every different angle you can imagine, and just absolutely excoriated them.
And they're sold out for a year.
You can buy tickets, I guess, $1,000 apiece from scalpers.
So, the hottest thing out there is anti-New World Order.
And look, I don't just say that when I tell you about me.
Oh, I'm famous.
Oh, I'm successful.
People love me.
That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm a major target.
I'm demonized.
I'm attacked.
I'm lying about the systems after me because they thought, oh, if we just destroy this one guy and they don't stand up for him, we can get them all.
But now people realize they're coming after everybody.
So I want to tell our enemies this because I'm just a gauge.
I'm a sensor.
I'm a weather vane on top of barn.
It tells you which way the wind's blowing.
And again, I've said this a thousand times, I'll say it again.
Listeners, you have your anonymity.
You have your private lives.
That is so valuable.
I admire you.
I envy you.
You just quietly spread the word, support the broadcast, support the broadcast.
Before I hit all this negative news, I want to restate this to our enemies.
No wonder you want to start World War 3 and just overturn the chessboard, because you know you've lost your ass.
You're like Skynet and the 1980s Terminator movie that's already lost in the future, so you want to send your Terminator back to the past.
You don't have time machines.
Well, guess what?
All they can do is start a nuclear war or a total crash or a new viral release, or all three at the same time, and hope we buy them as the saviors so they maintain and continue control.
I don't see that happening as we expose them, as we point out what liars they are.
Even the Nazi Schwarzenegger, who says he loves Hitler, has come out and said, I want to apologize to all of you
I did not mean it when I said, screw you!
Screw your freedom!
You will take shots!
You will stay in your dirty little house!
You will wear your mask!
So... The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
They've been doing it for a long time.
And... I mean, I'll just tell you.
It's crazy.
And I'm at the news.
I go all over the place, most of the time without security.
I go to a big public event, I gotta bring security.
And when Trump first got elected, if I walked down the street walking my dog, cars would ride by honking, but somebody would pull over and say, you're a Russian, and spit at me, or throw their drink out the window, and have me dump coffee on my head.
It's been caught on video a lot.
But for every time it gets caught on video, it would happen 10 more times.
It was rough.
Roger Stone talked about it.
This is a gauge, though.
Starting about three years ago, right before they stole the election from Trump, it went down to I'm getting yelled at in the grocery store once a month, not every time I go.
Then they stole the election from Trump.
Everybody sees COVID as a fraud.
And now, knock on wood, it has been
Six months at least, and I go everywhere.
I mean, I go get my dry cleaning.
I go wash my car.
I go to the grocery store.
I go pick up dinner when my wife doesn't want to cook it.
I go to the events.
You know, I mean, I go everywhere.
It has been, I was thinking about this this morning driving up to Dallas from Austin.
It's probably been eight months actually.
Maybe longer, since I've had one person say, screw you, one person attack me.
Other than, I guess, the Connecticut and Texas show trials.
I got yelled at a little bit there.
But other than that, I mean, what happened to the New World Order, folks?
I'm the most demonized guy, other than Trump.
I'm the worst person the planet's ever seen.
I am Satan incarnate.
The last three times, and I'm not bragging.
Again, I'm letting you know the good news.
The last three times I went to restaurants.
And I went out to eat Saturday before I went over to my parents for Easter.
We did early.
And we died eggs.
And I'm in a side room.
They just put me in, figuring I want to be left alone.
And they seat one family later, because the restaurant was full, in the private room with me.
And it's a big private room, like six tables.
I'm over here in the corner, my back's turned.
I order the food, I eat.
It's all paid for.
The last three times I went out to eat, my dinner was paid for.
But it gets crazier.
I go into a convenience store, because my wife wants me to pick up a six-pack of beer for her before I'm going home, and I get some ice cream.
And I walk up to the guy at the counter, this is yesterday, because I didn't do the show live on Sunday, but I was at the office working, about two o'clock, and I come in, I get some gas, and I come in, and I come up with the ice cream and the beer, and the guy goes, you know, this is free.
And I said, no, no, no.
He goes, I'm going to pay for it.
Anything else you want here?
And I'm like, no, no, I really appreciate this.
So great.
Thanks for challenging the narrative.
Thanks for flipping the paradigm.
So I want the enemies of this broadcast to know the American people aren't as stupid as you think they are.
And if you take a gauge of how I've been treated in my 29 years on air in like a week, it'll be 29 years.
It is a spectacular turnaround.
So as bad as everything is, folks, you
Don't have the misfortune of being a public figure and being famous.
I do.
I did it because it was the right thing to do.
I did it for the right reasons.
I had a very pure heart.
Not perfect.
But when it came to wanting to be famous or powerful, I had a pure heart on that.
I didn't care about that.
And when it comes to, I like to have a good time, you know, women and stuff, I'm kind of been a little devil there and there and I've repented of that.
But in my saga, in my journey, in my quest, I can report to you, ladies and gentlemen, that
They are destroyed.
I mean, let me tell you, I live in communist Austin, Texas.
And if my family wants to meet, my folks like at least every week or two, they like to go out to restaurants, or my wife wants to go out to dinner, I go out to dinner.
And almost every time my dinner gets bought, almost every time I get given free drinks, every time I get mobbed by everybody.
So, what does that say?
It says the New World Order is a paper tiger, the New World Order is a giant stinking joke.
Because of your effort, and your prayer, and you taking action, and you speaking out, and you getting involved, and you being interfaced, and you loving God and praying, we have not come out of the woods yet.
But we are kicking some New World Order ass.
God is kicking New World Order butt.
So praise God.
I'm very humble.
I'm very thankful for all your support.
But here's the problem.
I'll tell them when we come back.
And I'll get it all in the news.
And the Soros rulings.
If the globalists know they're losing and this bad, what are they going to do?
And that's why we shouldn't be celebrating quite yet.
We'll be right back.
Band out video.
Please stay with us.
And we are back on this live Monday edition.
Now, I did not just spend a 10-minute segment.
I want to be one trillion percent clear.
Infinity clear.
Talk about, oh, I'm popular.
It's not about me.
Oh, I'm winning.
I'm a gauge.
And I'm telling you folks, they are screwed.
I went to Mexico a month ago, or over a month ago, for five days with my family.
My parents, my wife, children.
And the Mexicans almost all knew who I was and were coming up about the New World Order.
My wife can speak good Spanish.
She took it in college.
They're like, they're saying positive things.
They hate the system.
You know, they know what's going on.
What do you think of the Mexican president?
You know, he supports Trump.
You know, he's a socialist.
It was just wild.
They have, and it's not that I'm that good.
It's not that Alex Jones is that great.
It's that people go, wait, we hate the system.
The system's corrupt.
The system's at war with us.
If they're attacking this guy, he must be good.
And that's what's so incredible about this.
Despite all the censorship, all the attacks, we as a family are stronger than ever.
But now that leads us to the next topic.
Let's not celebrate because we haven't won the war yet.
We're starting to win battles.
George Washington lost the first five years of the war.
He only won the last six months.
Perseverance is what got him there.
And all of us are in that same foxhole like George Washington right now.
The enemy is going to defund the police, not that they're perfect.
They're going to weaponize, which they've done, the criminal justice system.
They're going to try to tank the economy, which they're doing by design, to make things so bad.
We will accept the central bank digital currency.
We will accept the wars.
We will accept whatever they say.
We'll accept the censorship.
We'll accept the restrict act to take over the internet.
We'll accept it.
I'm just proud of everybody, and I really mean that, folks.
I am proud of you, because most people don't fight tyranny and win in their lifetimes.
We have a really good chance, because God's on our side, to turn this around.
Doesn't mean we'll have a utopia, doesn't mean we're offering some panacea like the communists do, but something a lot better than this, 1950 America 2.0.
People say, oh, 1950, before they got rid of segregation.
It was the 1950s veterans
That came home from World War II and said, we didn't go fight Hitler and all this to then have tyranny here at home.
Black people are going to get the same treatment as everybody else.
My grandfather, who I'm very proud of, my dad's dad, man's man, amazing guy.
Manliest man I ever knew.
Didn't even need to act manly.
He was so manly, it was ridiculous.
He was the first Republican in our family.
And my family in East Texas has been here since the 1820s.
He was the first person in the family to be a Republican.
And members of his family, some of them didn't talk to him for years.
When he became an Eisenhower Republican, ran for local office, won, and they were loved by the black people because they were really trying to help everybody.
But my grandfather was a county tax assessor and things like that.
He didn't just cut the taxes on the black people.
He had a rule.
If people are poor, he'd go out and look at their house.
He'd go talk to them.
You know what?
You don't get any property taxes.
And that's a true government that actually cares about the people.
You look at Joe Biden, hired 87,000.
I got new video of their armed agents they're hiring.
87,000 to literally attack working poor people of every race, color, and creed.
So we're far from out of the woods here, ladies and gentlemen.
But we at least know that we're in the woods.
We at least know we're up the creek.
But here's the good news.
We got a paddle.
We got justice and truth and our will.
And we have to recognize what's going on and what's happening.
And we've got to stand together and not be the fake Robin Hoods of the left that say they're going to go after the rich but actually go after the poor.
We're not communist Robin Hoods that are going to redistribute wealth.
We're just not going to tax poor people.
Because you put all the poor people together, all their taxes don't amount to 6%.
It's a lie.
You shouldn't tax poor people.
It's only done in countries that want to suppress their population.
So all that said, they're going to hit us with war, they're going to hit us with economic collapse, they're going to hit us with everything they've got.
But as long as we know they're the ones behind it, while they gaslight us and say, screw your freedom, if we just hold the line and don't back down, it's going to be them that lose.
So, it's a big Zero Hedge article.
ZeroHedge.com, it's up on Infowars.com.
I suggest, because I could, maybe tomorrow, I may do a whole hour on this.
I mean, don't tempt me.
I did an hour and a half on the transgender cult.
Friday was pretty powerful.
Kind of old school Alex Jones where I just come in with one topic and do that instead of trying to hit everything.
This article should send chills up your spine because the commercial and the residential and the car loan market is in cardiac arrest.
People are not paying their loans and that isn't an indicator, that's a guarantee.
Like you're on TV, you're watching some footage out of Nigeria where somebody walks up and hits somebody in the neck with a machete and
It cuts through half their neck and their head falls over.
You know that person died.
Well, they've already hacked us in the neck.
The good news is we can always regenerate.
A person dies, a system can regenerate and rise from the ashes.
Like Christ.
And that's the archetype we have to understand.
So yeah, they already hit us in the neck with a machete, full power.
They already hacked all the way halfway through, blood spraying out the side.
We are
You can guarantee that if you think things are economically bad now, ladies and gentlemen, they admit food shortages, everything.
I'm not here being negative about that.
I'm getting you ready.
I know you're already ready.
Most of you already know more than I do.
But you've got to know who did it.
Because if you don't blame them for what they've done, they're not just going to get away with it.
They are going to pose as the saviors the entire time.
So, echoes of New Century's collapse.
That was a big bank.
Amid sudden fire sale of real estate loans, as one bank sees a 40% downside, on average is close to 20% downside.
And you go through these graphs, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, look at this graph right here.
This is a... How many year graph is this?
This is a...
Year and a half graph.
And if you look at this graph, I can pull it up.
Look right here.
It's in the negative.
And they go further there, showing five-year graphs, 10-year graphs.
Yeah, there it is on screen.
Do you have any idea what this means?
I think you do.
Are not paying their loans.
And then look at the next graph.
Look at how loans are at all-time highs.
Credit card loans, car loans, commercial real estate loans.
They're all at record time highs.
Just go to the next slide on the article there.
They're all at all-time highs.
So you have record default.
Yeah, both graphs are by each other.
You've got people defaulting down there at record levels.
And then you've got the graph next to it about the loans.
What does that tell you?
And again, I'm not up here the harbinger of doom.
I'm not Mr. We're all screwed.
If we're awake, if we know how we're being screwed, and if we know who did it, we can always rebuild.
We have the infrastructure, we have the know-how, we have the people.
But not if we're race warring, and not if we got district attorneys allowing people to riot and kill people and not get in trouble.
Oh, Troyer's coming up.
He'll ride shotgun with me.
Then Revenge of the Sith is going to be coming in close with him right into the fourth hour.
But I want to come back and get into the grand jury and get into the jury and get into this prosecutor as the Soros model and why they're doing this and how we can stop them.
We'll be right back.
Alright, my friends, so we are in the middle of the fight of our lives right now with the globalists and we are starting to win, praise God, and I want to again thank you all and to burn your brains how important you are.
I'm bringing Owen Schroeder in here to talk about the Texas case that's gotten international attention, not just national attention, and it makes my brain burn.
We have a great crew, but there's so many clips they could never get them all together.
But I'm gonna try tonight when I get back to Austin from
We're good to go.
Not as bad as some areas or St.
Louis, but it happened bad.
I mean, 50, 60 times.
And now they've been chasing police the last few months.
When they come to events of people shooting guns and burning things down, they just chase the police out.
And you have people like the man that got shot, Garrett Foster, saying, well, I'm out here with my gun and, you know, if I use it on the police, they'll shoot me.
Use a gun on police.
What's that mean?
Well, two plus two equals four.
Use a gun on police, you use a gun, you know how to use a gun.
And then he goes up and we have the photo, aims it at him in the car.
And he gets killed.
In fact, pull up Garrett Foster, Ames Gunners, that still shot a video of him.
Just like he said, aiming at him, car stopped, he shoots him.
These people are out there live action role playing, they're LARPing, randomly messing with cars.
I mean, I got courage, but I'm not going to risk my life for no reason.
Unless I'm saving one of my kids.
I'm not going to run around on a highway and a road and run up to cars and aim guns.
I mean, you're going to die doing that.
And so the police, of course, said, and we told him, stop lifting his gun or we were going to shoot him.
And they warned him.
He was going around with a gun downtown like this.
I mean, what do you think is going to happen?
And so that's why I've shown this Montgomery County case where the cops get called.
This guy's attacking cars, running around like a zombie, gets out, knocks the cop in the head, knocks his hat off, starts hitting him.
Cop shoots him 12 times, barely stops him.
They tried to indict him.
Two weeks ago, nobody's even talking about this.
Well, not tomorrow, I'm covering it in detail.
I've already mentioned it a bunch, but a garage attendant in New York City sees a guy breaking a car as he walks over.
The guy pulls a gun, shoots the garage attendant.
He wrestles it away, shoots him.
DA Alvin Bragg indicts him.
You hear these stories and they don't sound real, folks, because it's crazy.
It's designed to destroy society.
If they can't get your guns, they're going to make it illegal for you to defend yourself.
We're going to Owen Schroer, play some of these clips here in a moment and talk about it with him.
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A 360 win.
Owen Schroer, my friend, I wanted to get you on today and revenge the Sith guys or me in studio with you.
I'll continue on with you as well.
But man, this has really captured the world's attention.
Them lying and singing, trying to run over a crowd to spot all the video and all the evidence.
The footage of the gun being aimed down at him as well.
I don't know if we found that clip, but I can probably pull it up on my phone.
It's a Garrett Foster points gun.
Uh, at Daniel Perry.
I know Crowder today showed it like 10 times.
We showed it many times before, but he's got the gun down aimed right at him, ladies and gentlemen.
And then this district attorney holds back evidence, does all this, and has a kept Austin jury give him potentially many, many, many years in prison.
Yeah, there's the footage of his stop car, knocks on the window, lifts it up, looks down the barrel at him to an Army veteran.
What do you think's about to happen?
I'd rather be tried by nine than carried by six, as Paul bears.
And I don't know what you're supposed to do when somebody comes up and points an AK-47 at you with the barrel shoved in your window.
And again, I've been critical of the police.
I've seen some checkpoints looking for bank robbers, and the cops are aiming guns at people.
Hey, you don't know the guys in that car.
Don't aim your gun at them.
Now, I'll pull up to a police checkpoint, they're aiming guns at me.
I don't have my hands up.
I'm not going to shoot the cops.
But I'm still pissed, okay?
I'm probably going to file a lawsuit.
Give me deadly weaponry for no reason.
This son of a bitch, and I'm not happy this blob got killed, but he's out there live-action role-playing on a power trip, aiming guns at people.
I don't know what he thinks is going to happen, Owen Troyer.
Well, it's pretty obvious from anybody who's being honest that the man pointing the gun is the one in the wrong here.
And it's ridiculous that we even have to have this debate.
And that's what's so sad.
But the problem is, Alex, we feel we do have to have this debate, even though the debate is over.
It's kind of like the transgenderism thing.
We all know men can't be women.
We all know men can't be pregnant.
Now here we are having to have that debate.
In a way, a distraction, but it's not a real distraction because it's like, no, no, no, we have to keep truth, truth.
We have to keep reality, reality.
But the problem is, Alex, the left is now learning that they're above the law.
They're getting it now, and they know the whole system is now rigged for them to break the law.
Just look at what happens when a trans individual goes in, kills a bunch of kids at a school, and then the shooter gets memorialized, and the shooter is the victim, and the media is praising the shooter.
But here's what- Exactly, that's why Soros took over, was to greenlight his people being violent.
And now they know.
They've clearly gotten the message now.
And after this case in Austin, it's going to be even worse.
I mean, they're going to be having guns everywhere.
And what I think is going to happen, Alex, in fact, I have this in my stack today.
I was going to cover this.
I'll bring it up with you now and get your foresight on this.
They just passed an assault weapon ban in the state of Washington.
Joe Biden has said he wants to do an assault weapon ban.
So really what they want to do, I think, is they want to disarm the American people, but they want to arm their own people.
And so they're going to have all these little groups like Obama said, these little citizen activist police force groups, and they'll actually get guns.
And so you'll have a team of clown-faced, transgendered individuals walking around your neighborhood with guns, intimidating you, bullying you, and you won't be allowed to have one.
You're the law-abiding citizen.
And here's where the people are going to have to face this out.
That is exactly it.
It's a malice takeover.
Stay there.
Guys, get the clip.
Obama talks about civilian military force.
He goes, we need a domestic force just as big and just as strong as our military.
Go ahead.
Well, and I was just going to say, this is where the people are really going to... Because we have to look at ourselves and say, at what point do we have to make a strategic decision to no longer support the police?
Because as an institution, I want to support the police.
As the individuals that are the good guys, I want to support the police.
But Alex, as I'm sure you're aware, anybody in Austin knows that Austin has become pretty much lawlessness for the last two or three years.
I mean, really bad folks.
But now, they've sent in DPS and state troopers to harass
The local law-abiding citizens!
I got pulled over twice this week, harassed because I have a registration tag that's expired, and you know, I cooperated and I was nice because I know they're just doing their job, but it's like, wait a second, you know what?
I've got multiple assault charges that have been pending for years.
I've got multiple death threat cases that have been pending for years.
I've got a hit-and-run case that's been pending for almost a year, and I get pulled over?
No, no, no, you just said it, you just said it.
They won't respond to killers, rapists, and murderers.
They sick the DPS that just writes tickets on the highway.
That's all they know how to do.
I totally agree.
We'll come back and talk about it.
All right, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Monday edition.
I'm sure I got cut off telling the story about suddenly they went from 1,400 police to 800 police in Austin.
More are leaving because of harassment.
Now you see state police cars.
But state police are trained to pull you over for inspection stickers or things like that.
And so that's all they're doing.
They're not responding to crime.
And even if you
Send criminals, robbers, you name it, to the district attorney.
He lets them out.
Same story all over the country.
So this is the master plan.
We have the Obama clip.
This is Obama when he was running for office in 2007.
So we need a domestic security force just as big and just as strong as our military.
Here it is.
And we're going to grow our foreign service, open consulates that have been shuttered, and double the size of the Peace Corps by 2011 to renew our diplomacy.
We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set.
We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.
And so when he talked about foreign stuff, it was really the strong cities initiative of the UN.
Right before he left office, they put in a place for social workers, but they're not social workers, they're to organize the mob to go out and attack.
Owen, finish your point.
Well it was one thing Alex, and I know you had talked about this before on your show just so people get a little context, when there is no law enforcement in Austin and okay I'm driving around town and maybe I've got an expired registration tag or you know maybe I'm going 80, 90 miles an hour.
So again, it's not like we're out here committing crimes.
I'm talking about a sticker on my windshield, folks.
A sticker.
And I'm getting harassed over that, but there's real criminals that are making this city completely lawless.
I mean, anybody who's visited Austin in the last couple years that's been here before has noticed, huh, there's a real seedy, criminal, deranged, homeless, poverty, crime element in this town that I've never seen before.
Entire tent cities that you would normally only see in Portland or Los Angeles are now popping up in major tourist attraction areas here in Austin.
Well, did you get a ticket?
Or did you explain to the state police, hey, why aren't you stopping the criminals?
No, I mean, I got a warning, but like I said, Alex, we'll see.
If this trend continues, then maybe I'll give the next trooper that pulls me over an earful.
I didn't feel like doing that.
They're just here trying to do a job.
They know that it's gotten out of hand, and that's why they're here.
Okay, you know, we're going to kind of pull over everybody once and just make sure we're finding stuff out?
Okay, fine.
But if the harassment continues, then maybe the next time I'll give the DPS officer or the State Trooper an earful and say, you know, I've been pulled over by you guys multiple times now this month, and yet here's, I can give you a handful of pending charges of actual criminals against me, many times with police as eyewitnesses to these assaults.
I've talked to the detectives, they know how it goes.
As soon as it's Owen Schroer and the pending charges, nobody's going to do anything.
But oh, they'll pull me over, Alex.
They'll pull me over because my sticker on my windshield is not up to date.
Well, that's because citizens are an easy target.
So, looking at China encircling Taiwan, it's now happened.
Looking at Russia and that war in Ukraine.
Looking at the real estate market and the loans on the cars going belly up.
We can now see we're in the crisis right now.
They put us in this crisis.
The question is, is the public seeing through it?
Well, I hope the public is getting prepared, because the threat to the US dollar is so real right now, Alex, I don't know if it's really something we can actually fully comprehend or understand until the bottom falls out.
And I was saying last week that the big warning sign I'm waiting for is to see what Japan does with all this geopolitical realignment.
Japan's supposed to be one of our strongest allies, and now to see Japan... And is now not going along with the Russian oil embargo.
And is saying they're going to be willing to do oil deals and international trade deals not using the U.S.
So, I mean, if Japan is going to the international stage with that, I don't think people realize how much trouble we're in.
And Joe Biden is, I mean, doing nothing.
You know, Joe Biden is doing nothing.
The house is on fire.
And he's sitting in the front lawn in a hammock, you know, having an ice cream cone with little Johnny telling him how good he looks, sniffing his neck.
So, there should be red flags going off all over America right now.
And quite frankly, if we had a real president, he'd be going to Japan tomorrow.
He'd be flying to Japan and saying, we need to talk about this.
Well, even bigger than Japan, you're right to bring up Japan.
Saudi Arabia said last week that we're no longer going to care in the United States, and they're going to the BRICS.
This is all happening.
That's why we've got to have maximum effort exposing the globalists, maximum effort calling for peace.
I'm really worried about them staging false flags because that's the only thing that's going to try to get them to the position they need to be in for their domestic takeover, Owen.
Well, and again, I just...
I don't want to be doom and gloom because I see the awakening happening, Alex.
I know you see it too.
I see good people actually standing up and putting their foot and their hands into the gears and the levers of the corrupt establishment to try to slow this thing down so maybe we can restore this country.
But it's really going to come down to the uninformed masses that are still out there and where they're going to fall.
Are they going to go along with the tyranny because it seems like it's more convenient and easier at the time to go along and get along?
Or, as you were saying earlier, are they going to understand, wait a second, these people are the real threat.
These people are the real criminals.
I might be afraid of what's to come because it's a mystery, but I know if I go into the central bank digital currency, I know if I sign on to the smart city grid, I know if I get into the medical tyranny, that's it for me.
I'm done.
I'm a slave at that point.
Well, that's really the answer.
People say, why are they destroying things?
Why are they?
It's war!
They are annihilating the infrastructure to bring in their new system once we're on our knees.
And people need to understand that if you just go along with the new system, then it only gets worse.
And the good news is, just like with COVID, they thought they had us.
Screw your freedom, said Schwarzenegger.
Now all the CNN hosts, others are apologizing, saying they were wrong.
Schwarzenegger's saying he was wrong.
Now we know they're scumbags, but they know it blew up in their face.
It hurt them bad to do this, so now they want us to forgive them so they can do it again.
No, we don't forgive them.
And we have to remember that the whole thing was planned.
It was not an organic event that they responded to out of the goodness of their hearts and their Good Samaritan humanitarian efforts.
They planned the whole thing.
And guess what, Alex?
They're telling us they're getting ready to plan another one.
Biden, Fauci, both.
Oh, there's gonna be another pandemic.
I mean, when are these bastards gonna finally face some justice?
So, see, this is...
Alex, this is what's so frustrating about the whole local police issue.
If they're doing it at the local level, imagine what's going on at the state level, at the national level, at the international level.
You know, that's just a microcosm of the corruption at the top.
Eventually, that's going to get down to us, and that's when you see it.
When you drive down the street, and you've got criminal activity taken off, and you don't even feel safe in your own neighborhood anymore,
But the real criminals at the top are the ones running the whole thing, funding the attorneys, funding the justices.
I mean, I don't know how much you've been watching or covering this, Alex.
They've basically caught, act blue, the Democrat Party funding group.
I mean, they've basically caught them stealing millions of dollars.
Well, starting with Veritas and then others.
They go to these people's houses who've made thousands of donations, thousands, hundreds and hundreds in some cases, and they know I've never given a donation.
They're using their names to launder money.
Yes, the Democratic Party is fully weaponized, fully, absolutely criminal.
You're going to be co-hosting coming up in the next hour.
We're going to have Revenge of the Cis in studio.
What are some of the topics you want to get into, Owen?
Well, you know, it's funny.
Revenge of the Cis, they named their show that as kind of a joke.
Like, hey, you know, normal binary biology is going to have its time again, right?
But we're kind of in the reverse reality of that.
And now with this shooter in Kentucky with the he him pronouns in the bio, I don't know too many right wing people that put that in the bio.
So we'll probably getting into that.
And then now you had this assault against the female swimmer.
Riley Gaines, she goes and tours the country and does speeches, you know, pro-woman, an actual feminist pro-woman that wants girls to be able to compete in sports and succeed and not get trampled and beaten by men.
And so now she gets attacked, and just on theme, like we were talking earlier, she gets attacked.
And then the San Francisco State University, where she gets attacked, they say, oh, no, no, no, no, no, she didn't get attacked.
Those were peaceful protesters.
She was the violent one.
And you can watch the video!
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No way.
No way.
That's a bridge too far.
That's no, it can't be.
And I said on national television that he was going to win.
All three of the Abrahamic religions teach that lending to the poor is an act of compassion that serves the entire community and therefore charging interest was seen as immoral.
It was called usury and was considered a heinous crime.
The Roman Empire allowed usury, but in 1179, the Catholic Church decreed that usury was forbidden.
This law did not apply to Jews.
While the Torah admonishes usury, Talmudic law allows a Jew to practice usury with a non-Jew, and so money lending became primarily a Jewish business.
Over the years, usury became more accepted in Western society, and we've changed the definition with the addendum of charging interest at an excessive rate.
In the 17th century, the Bank of England began issuing paper fiat money.
This gave the banks the ability to simply print money out of thin air.
And for over a century, this was rightfully called out as fraud, until it became public policy, known now as fractional reserve banking.
What was once seen as immoral is now seen as normal.
Many assume that the financial loans given out by the banks are coming from savings they hold for their depositors.
But this is not true.
When someone takes out a loan, the bank creates new money out of thin air and then charges the person interest to borrow it.
Fractional reserve banking allows the banks to legally create 10 times the amount of each deposit.
This inflating of the circulating currency devalues that currency and allows the banks an opportunity to profit dramatically.
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 began a system of debt designed to inflate beyond its means until it implodes, the exact opposite of sound money.
The banking cartel funded both sides of World War I,
Which led to the Great Depression, which led to the Emergency Banking Act of 1933, which ended the gold standard and made every dollar spent an IOU to further increase the debt, which is ultimately owed by the American people.
The banking cartel funded both sides of World War II, which led to the Bretton Woods monetary system, which made the USD the world reserve currency, and gave central banks the option to go straight to the gold window of the U.S.
Treasury to exchange U.S.
dollars for physical gold.
But by endlessly creating more debt, it became clear that the U.S.
had printed far beyond their gold reserves.
And when several nations came to collect their gold, the federal government dishonorably closed the gold window.
To maintain world reserve currency status, the U.S.
turned to its military, guns for hire to Saudi Arabia in return for the petrodollar, and war with any nation who threatens USD dominance.
A Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors.
And that's what the bankers created.
They profit exponentially off the people's debt.
It was designed to collapse.
And that's what it's doing now.
All the markets are crashing, and the derivatives market alone is in the quadrillions, which is much more than the total financial assets of the entire world.
There is nothing left to prop up the dollar.
This Ponzi scheme is at its end.
What that means is that the money you have in the banks will disappear.
Everything will go to zero, and then we reset.
How we do that will ultimately be up to the people.
The banking cartel knows that the only way they can survive this collapse is to somehow convert everyone to an authoritarian CBDC.
But without the people's trust, the banks will have problems with this.
Many people will lose everything and will want nothing but justice from the old banking system.
But many others will comply.
Hard times are coming fast, and if we were smart, we'd prepare.
Let the big banks die, and create a banking system that serves we the people.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
You know, that's how it goes, isn't it?
Oh, screw your freedoms, screw your freedoms, says Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Then, oh, I'm sorry, please watch my movie, I love your freedoms.
I don't know, maybe he's got a new movie coming out, but that's hilarious.
And I was talking to the boys from Revenge of the Cis before we went live here.
I said, hey, what's your big story?
What are you guys monitoring?
And we were going to talk about the Riley Gaines situation.
And then he brought up the Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Oh, I'm sorry, I said screw your freedoms.
Oh, oh, OK.
We forgive you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I took your freedom.
I'm sorry I disarmed you and raped your family.
I'm sorry.
Ha ha ha.
Like, what do they really think?
Who is it that wrote the story that said we need to have a time of forgiveness after the pandemic?
The Atlantic, I want to say, was one of those.
But one of my favorite things with the Schwarzenegger thing is a lot of these people,
We're good to go.
Yeah, no amnesty for any of these people ever, ever, ever, ever.
My favorite part about like the Schwarzeneggers and all the people like, oh, you know, they all came to us once the myocarditis and once the stuff started popping up and they were like, look, things were said on both sides.
We all did some things and you're like,
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We didn't do anything.
I didn't tell you how to live.
I didn't even tell you not to get the J. You live your life.
I was like, you do what you want to do.
I want to do what I want to do.
And then you said, screw your freedoms.
I'm going to lock you in your homes.
We're going to take your guns.
We're going to take your children from you.
Remember when the Salvation Army came out and said, we're not even going to give like poor kids like toys or donations if they're not vaccinated?
They went that far with it.
No, no amnesty.
It's off the table, in my opinion.
And the people who refuse, who will never give any of us forgiveness.
We don't ever get forgiveness, by the way.
Because how many people get cancelled and you go, oh, I'm supposed to, you know, I didn't mean to, whatever.
It's like forever.
You're barred forever from life.
They're begging for something they would never give us in a million years if we were on fire.
Not only would they wouldn't piss on us, they'd throw gasoline on us because they don't care about us.
And I won't give them that.
People are like, it's a big step.
There's a lot of dummies.
It's a big step, you know, admitting you're wrong.
He doesn't mean it.
None of these people mean it.
They're just having the consequences of their own actions coming back, and they found out that no matter- they used the entire star power, Hollywood, the politicians, and at the end of it, they still couldn't get half the country to do what they said, so they're panicking.
And they're not sorry.
This is literally just a strategic ceasefire.
You know what I mean?
This is just, hey, forgive us, please don't kill us, because we're gonna go back to the drawing board and figure out a way to kill all of you.
We're not- we aren't the bad guy.
Yeah, it's like, no, they're not, you're not even really sorry, you're just going, hey, we need to like, we need to cease fire for a while so we can figure out how to kill these people again.
Well, and the way you said it, the way you said it, I forget how exactly you worded it, but it was right out of the...
Victim versus abused, or abuser versus victim psychology, where it's, hey, we both made some mistakes.
Like, oh, we both made some mistakes.
That's abuser versus victim psychology 101.
Oh, we both made some mistakes.
I said some things, you did some things.
You're like, no, you beat me, is what happens.
I mean, you could get into the aspect of domestic abuse in relationships, but that's what it is.
And then you said it too.
It's like, oh, it's like the wife saying, you know, oh, I've only been beaten six times.
Oh, he's sorry this time.
He really didn't mean it.
We're taking a step forward now.
Well, it's true.
And 100 percent what you said, it is like a domestic abuse thing.
And it's even worse, though, because you're going out and telling people like they're doing this and they're going like,
Yeah, okay, but like, did you scream at him?
Was dinner cold?
Because that's the equivalent of it.
It's like... Yeah, what was he wearing?
And no, and I'm like, no, no, maybe people just don't want their kids' hearts exploding.
I know that's crazy.
I know, I can't believe we're at a point now where you have to explain to people, maybe kids don't want their hearts exploding.
Maybe people want to live their lives.
Because for us at the beginning, when people go, I mean, you guys got it right at the beginning.
We're like, we're not doing this no matter what they tell us.
How did you know?
Bet against the government.
They're always trying to get you.
At this point, it's sad, but that's all it is.
Everything is politicians.
You know,
It's what you just said is so amazing.
It's kind of like people make the joke about Jim Cramer.
I'm sure you guys have seen Jim Cramer.
Always bet against Jim Cramer, and it's like unbelievable.
What they don't understand, what the normies don't understand, or even maybe liberals, you might want to say, who would go to you and say, how did you get it right?
How did you get it right?
Well, when people come to me, it's like, okay, forget about whether I'm smarter than you or not.
Like, forget about intellect, velocity, logic.
Like, don't even worry about that.
I understand.
I know the media's lying.
I know the government is lying.
It's not even about me being smart or making a smart bet.
It's that we've already leapt the hurdle.
We already know it.
The television is fake news.
Your politicians are lying to you.
And when both of them are on the same page and the same wavelength, you know you're getting PSYOPT.
We've accepted that and we get that.
Some people haven't had that understanding.
Well for people like us, for people like us, and what I mean is like people, like viewers of Infowars is a great example, it's muscle memory.
It's, you see something and go, nah it's not, I don't buy it.
For some people though, you know, I feel bad for people that don't, and I think there's a lot of people that are, and you feel bad for them, that are idiots, or going along with what's being said just because they're not political, they don't care, whatever, they have stuff they're doing.
For other people you see it immediately and I always bring it up to like that scene in The Matrix when he's like, what do you look like?
It's just that lines of code.
I just see a Reddit here.
That's what you're looking at.
You go, we know what you're doing here.
This is another PSYOP.
You're messing with us.
And then before, and then before, you know, you brought it up.
I was watching you.
Like they're already planning on the pandemic.
You brought it up.
It's a coming.
And if you think this one was bad, this next one's going to be worse because if this didn't work, like, okay, let's, in my opinion, get 10
Big time.
I don't know if I trust you to.
Jim Jones just came out with a new punch.
You want some Jim Jones cola?
I'll have a Monster, thanks.
It's gotta be a little bit better.
But it is like muscle memory.
They've studied ground animals or even tortoises whose main prey is a bird, right?
They just know.
If they see a shadow, like a shadow goes over their head, boom, they go into the shell, or the prairie dog goes into the burrow.
It's muscle memory.
It's the same for us.
It's like, oh, here comes that government tyranny.
It's got all the earmarks.
It's got all the shapes.
It's got everything that we're totally used to.
So we don't even have to think about it.
Yes, it's just, oh no, they're lying.
I'm not falling for that.
Even people that wouldn't even the politics are going like, what do you mean my kid still has to wear a mask?
Why do I still need to do this?
Why are there still so many vaccine requirements?
Because they're pretending like there's some places it's still vaccine requirements.
I can't believe I still see people in a mask.
No, I see it all the time.
And you're looking at like, what do you I see people outside in Florida occasionally with a mask on.
And I'm like, it's this is they're called New Yorkers.
Yes, that's true.
That's a good point.
That's the plate I never want to see.
I see it even in Austin though.
Rarely, rarely, but actually even just this weekend I got a ride home from a ride app and the driver still has his mask on and I don't know if that's the policy for the ride service or whatever, but you can tell he doesn't want to have it on.
He's got it under his nose and he kind of has it fluffed up like the old face diaper and it's like, dude, just take it off.
Well, let me give you a white pill.
We got in an Uber, and the guy was a huge InfoWars fan, the guy that drove us.
So there's both sides of the coin.
The guy's like, oh, InfoWars, you're so cool.
I love them.
Hey, let me start playing stuff.
So there's a lot of people.
That's what they can't control.
And it's obviously because
Thanks for watching.
Well, and it is kind of like the fight club.
It's like, you don't talk about fight club.
It's like, oh, your face is kind of beat up.
You look like you had a fight last night.
It's like, yeah.
It's like, oh, hey, I think I saw you last night.
It's like, oh, you didn't take your vaccine, huh?
And then bruises under their left eyes, and they never explain.
Spot each other.
Oh, you got a shirt with an American flag on.
I know you're not a liberal.
OK, Ray Epps.
We're going into the Capitol.
I let people in the Capitol.
I'm not a fed, though.
I'm not a fed.
Alright, we're going all over the map here.
Revenge of the cis in studio.
Now we're talking about cracking, crack-smoking gay prostitutes that Obama used to have a good time with in limousines.
Because we were thinking, believe all women, except
Here's your list.
Believe All Women Except... Ashley Biden.
That's right, with her diary, where Joe Biden would rape shower with her.
Rose McGowan.
Rose McGowan.
Ooh, Tara Reid.
Tara Reid, another Joe Biden accuser.
Don't forget Tara Reid.
Believe All Women Except Tara Reid.
Paula Jones, Kathleen, Willie.
Who else was there with the Clinton?
God, there's so many.
Literally the entire Clinton family.
Anyone that Bill Clinton was ever with, pretty much.
The women that came out against Andrew Cuomo.
Oh yeah, there was like a whole team of them.
They were like marching down the street by the dozens.
Well, he had, uh, Royce told me the story of Andrew Cuomo.
I guess there was like a cop, like that was from New York State or whatever, that was allegedly, you know, banging his daughter or whatever.
And he had that cop reassigned.
He reassigned him to Niagara Falls.
Oh, I did hear about that.
He just disappeared off the map.
He was like, yeah, you're still a cop.
I can't fire you technically, but you're in Niagara Falls now.
But I'm going to move you so far, you're going to see the Mounties on the other side of the river.
Yeah, like a guy going from, you know, like nuclear command base to like a basement archivist or something.
And they move them up.
But that's what they do, man.
And they move stuff around.
But look, here's some people you don't believe.
Any woman that was on Epstein's Island.
Like you go down the list.
Virginia Guffrey.
Yeah, no.
They're all liars.
Yeah, everyone's a liar unless it benefits them.
Because if it's Kavanaugh, you know, I mean, that guy's clearly a racist.
Yeah, send someone with a gun to kill him!
Immediately do that.
But don't defend yourself, because you're going to... By the way, I'm joking.
That's what the left did.
A guy showed up at Kavanaugh's house during the protest to shoot him.
Showed up with a gun.
His plan was to assassinate him.
But see, liberals will hear that and be like, Oh my God, we got it!
We got InfoWars calling for violence!
Cut this up!
And it's like, no, that's you guys.
Send it out!
Well, they do it all the time.
And then, if you defend yourself, you go to jail here, too.
Well, you guys caught a little bit of Austin.
I don't know how many times.
Have you guys been to Austin before?
This is my first time, anyway.
First time?
I saw somebody in front of the Capitol building, literally on our way here, that was doing fentanyl.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, in the morning.
What were the 10 giveaways?
Was he chanting how much he loves Joe Biden?
It's very easy, though, to see when they're setting up their rig and everything.
No, I mean, it's bad.
They were right there setting it all up and there was like a little huddle going on.
It actually is sad.
It's actually sad.
I mean, we joke and laugh, but it's kind of sad, actually, to see that.
It's sad, but they think they're helping them by just letting them do it.
That's the part that's really sad.
It's like, you know, Mercer's bringing it up earlier off here, but Philadelphia, I mean, look at all these cities.
Yeah, Kensington, Philly.
This is the endgame.
And the cities that survive, like Austin's a great example, because it's surrounded by red, which kind of insulates it.
Because if you left it alone, it'd be California.
So that's the only thing that keeps it safe.
And it's funny because, you know,
The tax-paying people and stuff, and the people that work hard here, are funding basically open fentanyl markets.
What do you do?
And they pay for these nice parks, which Austin is a beautiful little downtown.
There's a nice little park there, and it's like, okay, so you pay for this park, and then it's not safe enough, even in daytime, to walk your dogs or your kids through, and it's like, so what are you paying for?
You're just paying for a homeless tent city for people, like you said, to just have an open-air fentanyl market, and it's really depressing.
Hear me out.
Open-air fax injection sites.
Those already exist.
Oh, that's right.
They're called hospitals and doctors.
No, no, no, no, no.
I went to a Austin FC soccer game.
You're looking at streets from Philadelphia here.
That's Kensington.
It's just so bad, really.
It's the ultimate decay.
No, I was at an Austin FC soccer game.
It's a local MLS team here.
Very popular.
Last year.
And they had a free COVID vaccine tent right there at the game.
Oh yeah.
I'm like, I'm trying to go.
I'm telling you, man, it was crazy.
I'm trying to go to a soccer game, right?
Like, I just want to have a good time.
I don't want to think about this bullcrap.
I walk in, I've got 30 trans flags waving in my face.
No American flags, plenty of trans flags though.
And then I walk to my seats and I have to go through a COVID-19 vaccine tent.
I'm just like, am I at a sporting event or a freaking communist propaganda campaign?
Well, look at the Foo Fighters.
We were just talking, the Foo Fighters were doing that at their concerts.
They were like, oh, no one's allowed to come to the concert.
I don't know.
I don't
We're good to go.
He was anti-vaxx, but he never wanted any credit or anything.
He didn't want to go public.
But yeah, he was actually definitely doing that.
And you know what's even funnier?
The Foo Fighters, I believe it was probably produced by Dave Grohl, they did a movie called Studio 666.
Oh God, yeah.
Right before Hawkins died, he did that movie and it was where he killed all of his band members.
This is a guy that, you know, after Nirvana, after the end of Nirvana, when Kurt Cobain died, now he's doing the Foo Fighters.
So it's absolutely crazy.
I mean, I don't even want to get... Hopefully it wasn't Courtney Cox this time like last time, though.
Courtney Cox?
I mean, sorry, Courtney Love.
David Arquette's wife murdered Kurt Cobain?
That's a wild theory, and that's not one I've never heard.
Now they're going to keep that up for worse, and that's going to be the thing.
It's so confusing.
How can you keep up with all of it, though?
But nobody trusts anything.
You know, isn't that like the ultimate thing now where that's the problem that we kind of have to deal with with all these people waking up and all these new internet activists, let's say, or internet archivists and stuff.
It's like nobody believes anything anymore.
Like I'm looking at the DeMar Hamlin situation and guys are like, look, there's no tattoo.
There's no tattoo.
My God, it's fake.
And I can look at the picture and I'm like,
I literally see the tattoo.
It's literally right there.
What is that?
It's like a psychological phenomenon where we're so distrusting of anything, it even messes with our sight.
Well, every time something happens, I mean, I'm sure we all catch ourselves doing like, I don't believe it.
But you know, you look into it, maybe it's true.
That's a good point.
But I think a lot of the times that this is what always happens is that people, people
I think there's a lot of sides where people go in there and try to make conspiracy theorists or whatever look crazier that way they lump everyone together you know where you go like hey man I have some questions about this vaccine it's like what do you think there's lizard people no no I'm asking about the vacs so if you lump everybody together and make them crazy I think that the more Hanlon thing was one of those people
The reality is
Being like, okay, I have some concerns about, like, the intelligence community.
What did they know?
Who knew what?
Was this... And then it becomes like, yeah, and ask about the lizards.
And, oh, and the energy-directed weapon.
Or a hologram.
A hologram.
And you're going, can you please stop?
Like, I'm trying to get some real questions in here.
Like, hey, it's like, hey, I'm just a little confused how six passports somehow magically were in pristine condition on top of a pile of rotten magma.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know.
And the whole Bush dynasty was basically, like, started as, you know, when he was head of the CIA, and he was in Dallas.
And Bush's brother, running security on the building.
And they go, okay, lizard people, got it.
The insurance, the insurance taken out a month before.
Two trillion dollars that had just misplaced the day before?
No, no, no, no, you must believe in lizard people holograms!
And we've got the hosts of Revenge of the Cis in studio with me, and now we're talking butt light.
And that's going to be what it's called now.
But it's funny, we did go out this weekend and we had a couple adult beverages and I did not drink a single butt light.
I would not even have considered it.
In the past, I might have.
If I was going to be out drinking cold light beer, I might have considered a butt light.
Not even on the radar now.
But I don't know if you guys saw the executive.
Did you guys see the video of the executive explaining her decision yet?
I saw it floating around but I have not seen the video yet.
Did you see it?
I have not yet either.
So basically, it...
It is happening.
Nobody's buying Bud Light like they used to.
The shelves are completely stocked up.
It can't sell.
I would imagine bars are having a similar issue, but maybe not as much as the store shelves.
And so she says, basically, how long is this video, guys?
Let's just go ahead and play this and let's get the response.
So this is the woman behind the new, we're going to hire a man dressed like a woman in a bathtub to promote a beer meant for alpha men that work 15 hours a day with their bare hands and just want a cold beverage at the end of the night.
And so this is the woman now who's in charge of the Bud Light marketing, Bud Light executive, explaining why she made the decision.
I'm a businesswoman.
I had a really clear job to do when I took over Bud Light.
And it was, this brand is in decline.
It's been in decline for a really long time.
And if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand, there will be no future for Bud Light.
So I had this super clear mandate.
It's like we need to evolve and elevate
This incredibly iconic brand and my what I brought to that was a belief in, okay, what does what does evolve and elevate mean?
It means inclusivity.
It means shifting the tone.
It means having a campaign that's truly
I mean, Bud Light had been kind of a brand of fratty, kind of out-of-touch humor, and it was really important that we had another approach.
Ma'am, you're an executive at a beer company.
Don't use the word hangover in your pitch.
Or young drinkers.
Yeah, young drinkers.
That was weird, right?
They're like, all right, hear me out on this.
I'm just brainstorming.
A baby bottle with the nipple on it filled with Bud Light.
Bud Light baby bottle.
Back in the market.
We already have a beer for trans people.
It's called White Claws.
So there's already... Come on!
We already have...
We're good
I saw her, I go, oh I know what the problem is.
And make sure when you feed her, you keep your palm open so they don't bite your hand.
The apple.
Um, she she 100 percent these diversity hires.
It's this out of touch deal.
You said Merce brought this up that I forgot.
I want to chill.
It was like, yeah, because a bunch of construction workers want to come and be like, hey, let's watch that Dylan Mulvaney video.
I'm a big fan.
Do you see that Dylan Mulvaney in the bathtub?
I'm feeling like some Bud Light!
Oh yeah, let's drink boys!
Like, I don't feel bad for Dylan Mulvaney, but I also realize that he's being used.
I mean, this guy's clearly being used for an agenda, and he's just figuring, I was a failed actor my whole life, and now I'm finally making it once I put on a dress and a wig and shot my dingaling off.
So, I mean, now I'm making it, I guess I'll just embrace it.
But it's like, we're not going to let this defeat us.
I'm not going to sit here and be told that a man dressed as a woman is going to be a successful marketing campaign in America, because I don't believe that is the case.
But going back to what the executive said, listen to what he said.
Oh, Bud Light's been an iconic brand, and it's been frat dudes and all this stuff.
OK, so yeah.
And Bud Light does pretty well.
Maybe it's been a tough last couple years because seltzer is hitting the market and maybe, you know, people maybe decided they're not going to drink as much.
I don't know.
Here's an idea.
You want to sell 30 packs of Bud Light?
Do a retro can.
That's it.
You know what?
It's done.
You're actually 100% right.
I'd go buy a retro beer right now.
If you were to throw it back, just dump stuff like that.
If you go to a place and you see a Coke in a bottle, when they have, oh, I'll have the old retro one.
You do that too.
It's a little thing.
You're right.
Well, you have Memorial Day coming up.
It's a good point.
Hear me out on this.
God forbid, an American flag can.
I know that sounds nuts.
Wait, what?
I know that sounds insane.
No, no, no.
Hear me out.
Trans flag.
Oh no, that's what they'll do.
Hold on, it's a trans beer, but when you drink it, it's actually orange juice.
There you go.
Identifying as a beer?
Identifying as a beer.
Hear me out.
If you saw, if you were, like, let's say you're going to have some people over this weekend.
You're like, I need to get a couple, I need to get a couple 30 racks.
And you walked by and you saw two, and you saw Bud Light had a throwback can.
Like, let's say the silver with the red outline and the blue Bud Light going sideways.
You'd probably pick it up and say, oh, that's, oh, I'm going to get that classic Bud Light.
Me and my friends used to drink that back in the day.
Throw it in the cooler.
I mean, a hundred percent.
But it's.
It's the ripping off their nose to spite their face.
They don't understand.
Yes, in the short term, is this giving them exposure?
But Bud Light isn't a brand you need to remind people exists.
It's like Coca-Cola.
Everyone knows it exists.
But they're doing it because they're being told to lean into it.
I think?
Genitals, in some cases.
What do you have left?
Subservient people.
But look, I agree that this is 100% done on purpose.
And yes, people are talking about Bud Light again.
But I honestly think that at the end of the day, when all this blows over, most people are going to go, I don't need to drink this.
I don't really care.
Bud Light tastes like every other light beer, in my opinion.
There's a bunch of other people.
And the people that say nothing now, have you noticed something?
The people, the companies that don't go woke, they don't have to even agree with you.
As long as they shut up,
I don't know.
Most recently, like 10 years ago when I was still running bars, Bud Light was always the number one beer selling in any bar.
It's always the number one beer.
In fact, I used to hate Bud Light because of the amount of Bud Light I would have to order every week and it would take up so much space in the storage area because you had to have no less than seven cases of Bud Light to get to the next Friday.
And it was just like every other beer, you'd be like, eh, we get a case, we'll be alright.
Well, by the way, I mean, it's already in the news, Bud Light sales plummeting.
I have a friend who's a manager of a large grocery chain, and he said, yeah, we actually, the sales are so down, we cut the price $3 for a rack.
Oh, that means a real three buck.
That's a big cut.
Yeah, they're cutting it.
And you got to wonder, these diversity hires are the big reason, but a lot of people like,
The diversity hires on purpose.
Because when you don't have, when you're not hiring people based off of like who's best for the job, you could cherry pick the people you want in there that are going to do what you say, and then before you know it, it's like, hey, look, the NFL's gay now, but life better be gay too.
We're all gay here now.
Well, actually, there's a reason for that.
I'll show this on the other side.
The Human Rights Coalition started up this, you know, always funded by George Soros, money.
It's like CEI or something like that.
It's, it's something, but basically they have their own.
Sounds like CIA, but okay.
Well, they have their own credit score now for corporations where they give the corporation a credit score.
If they're not green and if they're not gay, you're not getting a score and you're not getting, you know, whatever.
I saw that, yeah.
The businesses.
That's right.
Yeah, yeah.
That's at the next level of the ESG thing.
It's all coordinated.
We all need to be the goo-backs from South Park.
We have to look alike, drink the same goo, and just... Yeah, but light.
But light!
You're going to drink your Bud Light and then you're going to have your Beyond Meat Burger when you're going to finish off with a little Grasshopper Delight.
That's the future.
I can't wait for the Bud Light Soy Beer.
Coming soon, folks.
Joe Biden will be waiting for you in the next room and you're going to do service to your country.
I know, he's sniffing me.
Warm up the shower, Joe.
You know, they always said no publicity is bad publicity.
I think we have finally found the instance where that's not true.
Hey, wait a second.
You know, I think we're doing pretty great, buddy.
I think we're killing it, to be honest with you.
What are you talking about?
We're killing ourselves after this guy.
Yeah, that's a good point.
I'm talking about you and you embrace the leftist anti-American agenda.
I think it's bad publicity now.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
No, 100 percent.
Yeah, no, it's I and the thing is, is I don't even I wasn't talking about you.
Is that what you thought?
Did you think I was making a joke?
Oh, man.
I have a little fun around.
I didn't know.
I was going to say, I didn't know you were trans.
Guys, guys, guys.
My pronouns are on Twitter.
Oh, you're not though.
Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.
Ratings are down.
Somebody be trans.
I don't think it's a leftist thing.
I don't think it's a left or a right thing.
I just think people are sick of getting their agenda pushed on them.
And I just think it's like, you know, I think people can deal with a little bit of a corporate message like, hey, you know, don't litter and be a nice person or whatever.
But now it's like, you know, cut your kids genitalia off and let us groom them.
And it's like, yeah, we're not.
We're not doing this.
Remember the reasonable stuff?
Merch pointed, we're in the elevator, and it was something as reasonable as, hey, recycle your plastic bags.
And I'm like, remember when that was the only propaganda we had to deal with when you're like, oh, recycle.
That was a big like, hey, man, clean up.
I'm like, OK.
Smokey the Bear says don't start forest fires.
No, I
I don't even like Bud Light!
I'll give you my kids, but don't make me drink Bud Light, please!
Come on, man.
I rate just one thing at a time.
They're gonna do the Steve-O, uh, Steve-O butt chug for Bud Light.
It's gonna be mandatory.
That's right, dude.
I'm gonna have a bunch of products that have Bud in the title, dude.
Just tired of him.
But this is the first, I mean, you know, you could probably point that, yeah, even what might be considered bad publicity sometimes has turned out to be a positive for people.
But with this, with the Bud Light deal, that's clearly not been the case.
I mean, when you're cutting prices for a 30 case at grocery stores, two, three bucks, you're in problem territory.
And you have a lot of country singers that are saying it privately, a couple in public are coming out and saying like, you know, no, I won't push it anymore, sorry, we're done.
Even bars are just like, nope, we're just gonna pour it out.
I don't know if you know this Bud Light, but there's like a lot of options for crappy beer, so like you're easily replacing them.
This is America, this is the land of crappy beer.
The literal like shelves of it, casinos.
Stone Cold used to swim in it.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, so I'm not, uh, I think they probably made a bad move here.
It's like you said, this is, Bud Light was always a trucker, you know, a plumber, you know, a working man's, you know, get home and have a beer, and it's like, uh, they're getting like, alright, miss me with all this gay stuff.
But you know what?
I teased it, and the problem is, we sit here in the breaks and we just keep talking.
Like, the show doesn't even stop.
And I teased this and I forgot, but now I'm remembering.
Guys, pull up the website.
If you plug into a Google search like Human Rights Commission Climate and Equity score or something like that, you might have to dig a little bit, but it's the official logo with the two yellow bars on the blue background.
And then the funny thing is, you go to their website...
They always claim to be commies.
But you go to their website and they have a pop-up that's trying to sell you a rainbow flag gay hat.
It's like the first thing that pops up.
It's like $500.
You get a gay rainbow flag hat and you support.
Yeah, there it is!
They got it pulled up!
See, I told you!
I wasn't kidding!
Look, they're asking for hundreds of dollars for this hat!
But anyway, you go, there it is, the Corporate Equity Index.
Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equity Index is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices, and the benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees.
So there you go.
So it's like...
Oh, big pharmaceutical company puts out a vaccine that kills tens of thousands of people and maims millions.
That's all good, baby.
That's all approved.
That's all above board.
But hey, if you're a company out there, you better do something gay now, or you're not going to get an equity score.
Oh yeah, well it's like the old World Peace sketch, the Toss It Project one, where he's basically like, yeah, this is 2020, and if you're not cool with teachers teaching your kids about butt sex, that's the way it goes now.
We have now gotten to a point where you're not even allowed to not be comfortable with this being discussed.
They pushed the Overton window for years and it used to be like, alright, just don't say anything at work, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna not be a part of this, right?
But now it's gonna be like, they're gonna browbeat you and they're like, you didn't donate?
You didn't get a $100 hat for the corporate equality?
It becomes like, no, you are going to sign on the dotted line and say that you agree- He won't wear the ribbon!
And it's
Look, listen, you're going to put the genitals in your mouth or you're going to lose your kids.
That's how it is.
Now put the rainbow flag back, hat back on.
Oh, by the way, we closed all small businesses down.
Go work at Amazon because that's all that's left.
Good luck.
Go piss in a Gatorade bottle.
Oh, yeah.
And now your currency is being deflated, too.
Yeah, exactly.
There's just nothing left to enjoy.
Like, they really are just taking everything.
It's like, man, you know, at least we had money a few years ago.
That was nice.
I think, you know, The Awakening is definitely on.
It's really just a matter of, to me it's like a race against time.
Is everything going to have to totally collapse?
Like, is that really what it's going to take?
Does everything have to collapse?
Or can there be enough sense of urgency where people finally take their head out of Kim Kardashian's ass or whatever, you know?
I mean, look, I like watching sports, but, you know, take the head out of the center's ass, okay?
Like, let's look around here.
You're putting face paint on for a ball game, okay?
That means nothing to you.
Alright, you know?
So, it's like... Well, it's a ball game, but yeah.
That's so true.
You know, literal war paint.
Like, so you could just drink your Bud Light and... And that's how great we had it!
And so that's awesome.
You could go put your war paint on for a football game and get massively drunk.
That's how amazing it was.
It's all going away.
So can the sense of urgency beat...
Wherever the threshold is for the World Economic Forum, great reset plan to just totally take the country down.
Well, they want you to still put makeup on.
It's just female makeup and a dress when you go to games.
That's the only difference.
I mean, honestly, the best way to fight back, in my opinion, is just ignore them.
But what can you do?
There's alternatives to everything.
I mean, that's the one thing that we're finding out.
The problem is, and I'm sure you've all seen it, they're trying to limit the free market, right?
Because the whole argument always was like, if you don't like it, go do something else.
But it's like, now we have like seven companies that own everything and you, and you, oh God, I'm seeing the queer kid stuff.
We've covered her before.
She is insufferable.
But this is what it is.
And they tell you, well, why do you care?
Because I don't think kids should be talking about sex, whether it's gay or straight.
And I used to be something that, for the most part, reasonable people agreed with.
And we're not, we're not there anymore.
Well imagine, the debate that used to be had, I mean, I'll never forget it, it was, it was, oh man, there was a, WWU used to do, or it was WWF, they used to do the female lingerie matches, right?
And so, but that was like the big thing, it's like, okay, this is on cable television, it's like, do we really need the WWF doing female lingerie wrestling matches?
And, you know, it'd be like, hey, you're just, you know, you're just not,
Even Sunday Night Heat was doing good.
And it's like, okay, keep talking, we're number one, we're number two, we're number three, we're number four, and we're number five.
Keep talking.
Now it's like, oh, oh, did we offend you?
I'm sorry.
Do you want me to put a dress on?
Yeah, I mean, I think what you're saying is that that was the golden age of America.
We peaked back then.
I want to do a whole podcast about that.
We need to go back to broad panties matches.
We need to go back to Stone Cold with the beer truck shooting beer all over the arena.
I'd say let's go for it.
I've actually wanted to do a whole podcast and just a call-in show.
What was the best decade in American history?
And you'd have to obviously talk about the decades we're alive.
For me, I think it's got to be the 90s.
Everyone's going to tell you the decade they remember the most fondly.
That's what I want.
For me, the Matrix was right.
Humanity peaked in 1999, and then after that it was just all a mistake.
But you know, the 90s, look, here's the thing, I don't know if you guys know this, there was gay people in the 90s.
The problem is it wasn't all in your face, everyone kept to themselves, and they were like, yeah, Terminator's out, let's go watch that, and stuff like that, but now it's... America died when WCW went out of business.
That's true.
That's true.
You should have been the new commissioner.
I don't know, you know.
We kind of do look like that.
He does, actually.
He looks like he could walk right out of the locker room right now.
I'm also as trustworthy as him.
Yeah, but I mean, look, man, what do you do to fight back?
I always tell people, it's like, this can be overwhelming.
The main thing is to take care of your family, take care of your kids, make sure you're protected, and be ready for the worst.
I mean, and that's not to sound too dire, but like, you should.
I mean, I tell people to enjoy life, you know, go to the Pro Bowl, if you get tickets, have a fun weekend, do your thing, but also maybe learn how to 3D print stuff, and maybe learn how to grow some vegetables.
It might help you down the road.
The other thing, too, is I think just
It's not even about a conservative thing, just American patriots.
Don't, just don't, don't give these people any wind.
You know, the centrists out there, the neutral people need to see you having a good time, living your life, smiling, being a good person, being informed, being aware, and not backing down.
And then eventually they'll be like, actually, I'm with them.
Also learn how to 3D print stuff.
Go to Infowarsstories.com.
That's how you support people.
Wow, he just did my work for me.
Revenge of the cis guys, thank you so much.
I intend to take the InfoWars armored truck out, or the InfoWars tank as it's so lovingly called.
You came through yesterday and shopped at InfoWarsStore.com, so I'm gonna be able to take the truck out.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And like Owen said, you know, as he's checking out over there, you know, go to Infowarsstores.com and do what you can to buy what you can to keep the truth alive because boy, they're killing it right in front of our eyes.
Ah, breaks my heart.
You know, when they showed the homepage of TrendsJournal.com,
The cover of the magazine this week, another brilliant cover by the brilliant Anthony Frieda, Death of the Dollar.
In God we don't trust.
The world has had enough of America, economic hegemony, and militarily.
Now the Yuan isn't going to replace the dollar right away, the Chinese currency.
It'll be a while, but the end is coming near.
So here's the story, and here's our trend forecast.
In a couple of weeks, first week of May, the bankster bandits that they call the Federal Reserve are going to have their meeting to decide how much they're going to raise interest rates.
The bid on the street keeps going back and forth from zero to 25 basis points.
If they raise them 25 basis points, our forecast is finito.
That's as far as it's going to go.
It's finished.
And it's going to start coming down from there.
And they always lower interest rates, not always, but a lot, during the presidential election, before it, because the guy running the show wants to stay in there, the party.
And look who's running the party.
Who is the Fed head?
Janet Yellen.
Oh, she was the Fed head.
Now she's our Treasury Secretary.
You mean the head of the Federal Reserve is now your Treasury Secretary?
That's right.
The banksters are running the government.
Again, nothing changed.
And we just celebrated Easter.
And here is our cover from Anthony Frieda back in 2012.
Same bankster band instead, just different names now.
So, anyway, going back to the dollar, what all this means.
You got the Feds are running the show.
And they keep the party in power in power.
They're getting along, which they are.
So they're going to lower interest rates.
When they lower interest rates, the dollar is going to go down.
The dollar is only strong because of the high interest rates.
So when interest rates go down, the dollar goes down, and it's the beginning of the death of the dollar.
It's on the deathbed already.
Maybe it'll get COVID and go out.
So, what else does it mean?
When the dollar goes down, look at that thing, man.
Happy, huh?
A little bit of satanic demonic in that note.
When the dollar goes down, inflation goes up.
It costs you more to buy things.
We are headed for the death of the dollar.
Gold prices, I see this year, going well over $2,200 an ounce.
Well over and can go much higher.
Because there's a lot else going on.
And when we come back, we're going to talk about it.
Because one of the big things is the commercial real estate bust.
You go to our top trends for 2023, office building bust.
We've been warning about this for three years and now it's just starting to make the news.
Just starting to make the news.
You think that Silicon Con Man Valley bank bust was bad?
Ain't seen nothing yet.
So, stay tuned to InfoWars.
They're doing everything to help you prepare as we are with the Trends Journal.
We're going to take a break and we'll be right back to see what's next and what to do.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And again, do everything you can to support InfoWars because they're doing all they can to support you.
So, going back to the commercial office bust.
Office building bust, we call it.
This is now, it's just making the news.
As people listening to InfoWars, you know I've been saying this, subscribers to the Trends Journal, TrendsJournal.com, say we've been warning about this.
So that's what we do.
We give you history before it happens.
So we help you prepare, prevail, and prosper.
So, if you're making bets, you want to bet in the right way.
So this came out on Friday.
Commercial real estate prices could tumble 40%.
Commercial real estate prices could plummet as much as 40% from their peak in the worst crash than the 2008 financial crisis.
Oh, you mean Salenti said that?
No, when Salenti says that it doesn't mean anything, that's according to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.
Oh, Wealth Management.
Oh, you mean for the rich dad, the wealthy?
And 2008 financial crisis?
Oh yeah.
Gerald Cilenti who took out the domain name The Panic of 08 in November of 2007.
Grave Outlook is based on a wrath of headwinds buffeting the commercial real estate sector.
More than 50%
The $2.9 trillion in commercial mortgages will need to be renegotiated in the next 24 months, when new lending rates are likely to be up by 350 to 450 basis points, according to Lisa Shalett from the Goldman Global Investment Committee.
Banks hold 80% of commercial real estate debt outstanding.
So, you have floating mortgages on these things.
A lot of them.
So now, here's the deal.
According to the Castle System, that's the K, you can look it up, the office occupancy rate in the largest cities in America
It's 49%.
Hey, let's go back to when they launched the COVID war and called a state of emergency on March 13th, 2020.
Black Friday.
Why you racist, selenity?
No, no, they call it Black Friday.
Everybody, after the lockdowns, when they were first locking down, making this stuff up, political science.
It'll come back.
It'll come back.
Oh, after Labor Day, everybody kept saying.
After Labor Day, do people be going back to work?
September 2000 came.
People didn't go back to work.
Here's the deal.
They made you stay home.
You can't go out, you can't buy anything, you can't go to a restaurant, you gotta order online.
And people are now staying home week after week, month after month.
And they're saying to themselves, holy Christ, I'm getting up at 5 o'clock in the morning?
To commute an hour and a half each way?
I'm not gonna do this anymore.
I'm not gonna do it anymore.
Oh, and they flooded out of the cities.
What did New York City lose?
They lost like over 100,000 people already?
And by the way, a lot of them, they moved up here into Kingston, New York.
It's becoming libtard land now.
So now, you got office space.
Are you going to rent as many floors that you had before?
I'm the owner of the building.
How am I going to pay my mortgage?
How am I going to pay my commercial-backed mortgage?
You're not.
Tell the bank, keep the building.
This is unprecedented, what's coming down.
It's beyond anything we've seen.
Him, another one.
Morgan Stanley issues apocalyptic real estate warning.
A $1.5 trillion war of debt is looming for commercial properties.
See all these commercial-backed securities that they're not going to be able to pay.
Again, $1.5 trillion.
Wall Street Journal.
April 8th.
Office vacancies.
High rates.
Press property bonds.
As of Wednesday, the average extra yield on a spread above U.S.
Treasuries that investors were demanding to hold commercial-backed securities, with a triple-B rating, the lowest broad investment, that's a lousy one, investment grade.
9.2 percentage points, according to ICO Bank of America Index.
You ready?
That was up from 7.6 percentage points at the end of February.
Now here's what they say that we've been saying now warning that this is going to happen.
Commercial real estate loans could be even bigger problem for regional banks which are responsible for nearly 30% of commercial real estate lending.
Economists in turn have warned that challenges at regional banks are likely to reduce overall lending.
Oh, you mean so they're going to be lending less?
Because they've got all these problems?
Oh, that brings down the economy deeper.
Delinquencies have been rising fairly steadily since the middle of last year in the category that most concerns investors.
And there's wide agreement on Wall Street
That delinquencies and defaults should continue to climb going forward.
No kidding.
This is just making the news.
We've warned about this in detail now, going on when they first started locking down the nation.
That is a large part of soaring office vacancies in many cities.
In downtown areas, the office vacancy rate reached 17.6%.
It was 10.8%.
There you go.
San Francisco has a vacancy of 30%.
Look at this.
Look what's going on.
High interest rates have also raised the risk of defaults.
Owners with floating rate mortgages, as I said, are making larger debt service payments, cutting into their cash flow.
And some with fixed rate mortgages might have a hard time refinancing their loan at higher rates when they come due.
Coming in.
This is going to... Oh, you think you have crime problems now in the big cities?
Ain't seen nothing yet.
Oh, and all those businesses that they used to depend on commuters?
Dry cleaners are drying up.
Hey, and you know what?
Most people don't want to go in on Friday.
They want a longer weekend.
No more happy hours.
No more happy times.
It's America!
It's America!
The low-life scum clowns, the political freaks, have destroyed this country with the COVID war.
The damage is incalculable.
We're going to take a break.
We'll be right back.
A lot more.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, to all you Cancer Support Info Wars, censorship is the American way.
I was on with Alex in early January, and I was talking about who should be president.
And I made two suggestions.
The vice president and president.
The vice president, I want to see Andrew Napolitano.
And remember, this is back in January.
No, I think it was December, actually.
No, I said it in December on InfoWars.
That's right.
I think it was December 7th or something.
So here's the clip.
Here's what I had to say.
For President of the United States, RFK Jr.
There it is.
December 19th.
This is how they wrote about it and buried it.
In the mainstream media.
Last Wednesday when he announced it.
So this is like on Thursday's report.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
files to run for President as a Democrat.
This is the Wall Street Journal.
Anti-vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
filed paperwork Wednesday to run for president as a Democrat in a long shot bid against President Biden.
This is not journalism.
This is a lot of prostitute crap.
You're a reporter?
This isn't a reporter.
You're a prostitute.
You're a media whore that gets paid to put out by your corporate pimp or your government whore master.
This is not journalism.
I, Gerald Solente, am the publisher of the Trends Journal magazine.
I am a journalist.
We give the story the way the story is.
And then we give our trends analysis, how we see it, and our trend forecasts, where we see it going.
But that's not what they did right here.
They call them anti-vaccine activists.
Oh, that's the only thing you've ever done?
Environmental lawyer and other?
No, that doesn't count.
And Sabrina Sidiqui wrote this and a long shot bid.
Oh, that just made a forecast.
But you don't call that a forecast.
You say to the people, swallow my crap.
Be a good American.
Swallow the crap that they shove in your throat in the mainstream media.
Eat crap.
Swallow the crap.
And puke out the crap.
It's America.
Mr. Kennedy, son of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, declared his candidacy by
Filing statement with the Federal Election Commission.
You ready?
He joins self-help author and activist Marianne Williamson in a 2024 Democratic field.
You ready?
That is unlikely to include any major challenges to Mr. Biden.
So, the election's over.
We had Sabrina Siddiqui tell us exactly what it is.
Mr. Kennedy, 69 years old, a former environmental lawyer.
Oh, he's not an environmental lawyer anymore.
Um, who has spent more than a decade pushing, you ready?
Anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.
Conspiracy theory?
Oh, yeah.
That the COVID shit.
Hey, I'm that guy Barola from the drug dealer, uh, Pfizer.
Yeah, you don't remember me?
I told you all you needed was two shots and it had a 96% efficacy rate?
Oh, you forgot that one?
How about that for conspiracy theory?
Get the booster, get the booster.
Hey, get the booster, don't get COVID.
Like they all did.
Obama, Clinton, Biden.
All of the celebrities.
That is a curse word.
What do you know how to
Play somebody that you're not?
Hey, I could sing better than you.
Yep, there he is.
Conspiracy theorist.
Mr. Kennedy has also pushed claims, you ready?
Debunked by public health expert.
Oh, public health experts?
You mean these little bureau craps?
These little arrogant boys and girls that can't get a job in the real world and suck into the political system and then become the most arrogant?
Oh, I know this is the this is the the RFK Jr.
that wrote about the real Anthony Fauci.
Gave us AIDS scare.
Gave us COVID, health experts.
Oh, we got Lola over there, playing the one that's the head of the United States team, Rachel Levin.
Yeah, Lola.
Now there's a health expert that debunked Kennedy.
How can anybody with a brain bigger than a pea listen to Rachel Levin with more chins than Chinatown?
Don't know who I am, but I'm here today.
Be somebody tomorrow, tell you what to do.
No natural healing.
I know better than you do.
I know better than you do.
That is the way the media is.
As soon as RFK Jr.
came out, that's the way they're debunking him.
And it's one after another.
Here is the toilet paper record.
The New York Times.
Page A18, buried at the bottom.
Right here.
Page A18.
Oh, wait a minute, if Nikki Haley was running now, oh, that's big!
Well, maybe Liz Cheney would get a lot of press.
Kennedy Jr., Fauci critic,
Files to run for president.
Total propaganda.
And that's why everybody listening, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Because they're giving you a lot of what you can't find anywhere else.
And of course, if you want to know history before it happens, you subscribe to the Trends Journal.
We're going to be back a lot more coming up.
Stay tuned.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, you know, you better do all you can to support InfoWars because they're doing all they can to support you.
And, you know, I was mentioning about RFK.
Here's a guy.
I just happened to get these things.
I found them.
That's his father.
RFK goes home.
Goes home.
Buried him.
Legend pages, stories, and photos on Senator Kennedy's funeral.
Here it is.
This guy's father was assassinated.
And then?
His uncle.
President killed, Governor Connally shot.
And of course I showed you that picture another time of me and Governor Connally in front of the Book Depository.
So I'm mentioning this because think about it.
Suppose your father was assassinated
And your uncle, look how happy he is before he gets killed, was assassinated.
You think he'd have a different heart and soul than anybody else?
Could you imagine?
Could you imagine?
So to me, you know, and I was a speaker at Ron Paul's War on Us event back in 2021 in DC.
And RFK Jr.
followed me.
And as he walked off the stage at Ron Paul's event, he said, I will fight to my death for freedom.
The motto of the Trans Journalist, think for yourself.
Anyway, that's the way I see it.
And that's the way I'm the first person.
You saw the clip.
December 19th.
December 19th.
He announced it on April 5th.
So, again, we give you history before it happens.
So going back, you were going through very difficult times.
I started off by telling you what we're forecasting for this office building bust and the implications.
And then there's wars ramping up.
As I say, when all else fails, they take you to war.
You do it in Israel now with all the problems that Netanyahu's going.
More and more bombs away in Syria.
Bombs away in Gaza.
On and on.
The mosque situation.
Things are ramping up.
United States, same thing.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
Following the Great Depression, World War II.
Following the dot-com bust, the war on terror.
So what you want to do, again, I shouldn't say you want to do, what I want to do, what I do do, is I prepare for the worst.
One of my GC's, Gerald Salenti's, GC's, 3G's, God's goal in a getaway plan.
And you also want to have a situation where when the worst happens, you're prepared.
And you can get your favorite high quality storable foods, water,
And air supplies.
And they're back in stock now, and they're at Infowarsstore.com.
So you really want to prepare for the worst of what's lying ahead.
You get your water filter, you want to get everything that you can.
You want to get food supply, whether it's for a year or a month.
You want to get something to have.
You prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen and you're prepared,
You don't lose anything.
If the worst happens and you're not prepared, you can lose everything.
So make sure you're prepared for emergencies because they're right around the corner.
By stocking up on food and water supplies.
And again, you could do it long term, short term, you know, you make up your own mind.
And again, I, you know, pure water systems, I have them.
You know, and look how they're poisoning us in so many different ways.
You worried about COVID killing you?
How about all those microplastics?
Aren't they great in your body?
I like those forever chemicals.
Yeah, they're terrific.
So anyway, do what you can.
Get all these powerful products today at InfoWarsStore.com.
And talking about how they
Sell fear, lies, and hysteria.
You know, the news coming out, they're gonna find us over here.
Yeah, here we go.
Yeah, that guy Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Arrogant Arnold.
I could lift weights.
I know how to build my body.
I got all this stuff injected into me.
This is the guy
In August 2021, when they're selling the jab, no jab, no job, no freedom, no rights, we cannot just say, I have a right to do X, Y, and Z. I grew up in Germany!
Heil Hitler!
We cannot, we cannot have the right to say X, Y, and Z. We can only say F, U, and I can't use the other words when we're in charge.
When you affect other people, that is when it gets serious.
He said this on August 21st.
There is a virus?
It kills people?
And the only way to prevent it is?
You ready?
Get vaccinated.
Hey, how about that for conspiracy theory?
No, it came from Arnold Schwarzenegger!
And the people elected him as governor!
Because he was a celebrity and they're so stupid?
I know you're into the jail out of pumping up the body.
Did you ever hear of natural healing?
I was on 18 supplements and vitamins.
Didn't get sick at all.
Haven't had a cold in over three years.
You mean the shot that they said all you would need was two and then you get boosted all the time?
There is a virus here?
It kills people?
Who is it killing?
60% of the 1 to 17 year olds that were hospitalized according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 61% were obese.
People that died had, what, 2.3 or 2.6 pre-existing comorbidities.
The only way to prevent it is to get vaccinated?
Wear masks!
Do social distancing!
The laptop air only blows in straight lines one meter!
It doesn't go around or up and down!
Wash your hands before you do this?
All the time?
And not just think about it!
Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here?
He said, screw your freedom.
That's today quote.
And you hear that, uh... David Crosby died?
Oh yeah.
Fully vaxxed.
Told you to get one too.
This is...
The damage of the COVID war is incalculable.
We'll get back to some of the calculations.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
Here we are, back on InfoWars.
Remember, go to InfoWarsStores.com and get what you need because they're giving you what you need.
It's a two-way street.
So, and again, you want to read history before it happens.
You want to subscribe to the Trends Journal.
Go to the Trends Journal subscription page and listen to what the people have to say about it, like Robert Kiyosaki, Gary Null, one after another.
Anyway, David Crosby dies during battle with COVID-19, according to Graham Nash.
This came out over the weekend.
After three days of rehearsals, you felt a little sick, you already had COVID, and you had COVID again.
Well, you had COVID again after you got vaccinated a couple of times, right?
So now, let's go back to March 4th, 2021.
Rolling Stone.
Classic rockers are getting vaccinated.
Could they tour soon?
Holly Parton, James Taylor, Elton John, Graham Nash, Brian Wilson, Willie Nelson, David Crosby, John Fogerty, Loretta Lynn.
This is Paul Stanley.
My arm's a little sore, Nash tells Rolling Stone.
One after another.
One after another, they all got vaxxed.
And they all told everybody to get vaxxed as well.
One after another.
So we wrote, back in the Trends Journal, after that happened,
Once upon a time, not too long ago, artists, creative free thinkers, challenged and protested nearly everything the government imposed upon them.
Now, beholden to their corporate masters, inflated with arrogance and ignorance of hard data and scientific facts, today's artists do everything Big Brother says.
Making the news headlines, the United States of America's anti-Vietnam War era rockers sparked protests.
And boycotted the streaming platform of Spotify that hosts the popular podcast Joe Rogan.
They accuse Rogan of peddling COVID-19 misinformation, and I think misinformation is a sexist word.
I think we should call it gender information.
This'll really be stupid.
And anyway, they go on to say, um,
Official government lies, the mainstream media narrative on the virus.
Neil Young started the anti-Rogan protest, was quickly supported by Joni Mischel and his former compatriots, Crosby, Stills and Nash.
Rogan defended his interviews and pointed to his guests.
McCulloch has been widely published and Malone is considered one of the leading founders of MRNA technology, which is used in Pfizer and Moderna jabs.
That's how they attack you, but not spewing out the crap that they're selling.
And so what you're getting on InfoWars, as you well know, are the other sides.
What you get with the Trends Journal.
So remember, they said that everything was going to come back.
It's not coming back, and it's only going to get worse.
They have Pew Research Center, and they say the damage that the COVID war has done is incalculable.
Nightlife now ends really early.
It's a whole different world.
The Pew Research Center found in a nationally representative survey of U.S.
full-time working adults that 41%
Of workers with jobs that could be done from home are now working hybrid.
That's up from 35% of January last year.
It's getting worse.
And here is this what I reported before.
Castle systems.
The most populous U.S.
cities was 49% of pre-pandemic levels.
Pre-pandemic, huh?
It wasn't a pandemic.
So I did a little numbers here.
They report that 6,882,000 deaths worldwide happened.
That's over three years.
Out of 8 billion people?
You're calling this a pandemic?
That equals 0.09% of the world's population.
Which means that 99.91% of the people are just fine.
Oh yeah, but if we save one life, it's worth it.
And we'll destroy the economy.
We'll let the bigs get bigger.
The rich get richer.
Nobody's saying what I'm just saying.
It wasn't a pandemic.
I ask everybody, how many people you know?
Well, I don't know anybody, but I know a friend that has a friend.
Oh yeah, my grandmother's great-grandmother was, uh, yeah.
In Italy, the first country to lockdown, the average age is 81.
81 years old.
81 years old.
You never die.
You never die.
Spanish flu.
Killed 50 million.
You mean COVID killed 6 million? 882,000?
And the Spanish flu killed 50 million?
Out of 1.8 billion people?
We added 7.2 billion people in about 100 years.
Could you imagine that?
Oh, there's an overpopulation.
My Aunt Zizi in my book, What Zizi Gave Honey Boy, that they made a movie of, Zizi and Honey Boy, you can look it up.
It only went for 15 minutes because Doris Roberts, the woman who used to play the mother of every one of those Raymond, died 15 minutes into the movie.
My aunt used to say to me, too many people on earth.
So anyway, 50 million died out of 1.8 billion.
That's 2.78.
It's almost 3% compared to 0.9%.
But they call it a pandemic.
It wasn't a pandemic.
It was based on political science.
So, in the United States, we have 332 million people.
1.4 million allegedly died of COVID.
Which leaves 99.67% of the people alive.
And 0.33% dead.
Which means, you know, the numbers are right there.
99.67% of the people are just fine.
And again, if you had pre-existing comorbidities, you had a heart attack and you found out you had COVID, you died of COVID.
I want to put this into perspective.
They called it the COVID war.
That's all.
They all said we're going off to war.
Every one of them.
The United States, since World War II, is invading countries to make them, quote, safe for democracy.
So we're talking about how many people died in the COVID war and how they destroyed our lives.
I gave you the information on the commercial
The office building bust and on and on.
America's 19 wars, this is according to World Future Fund, had 19 wars since World War II.
The death toll of people killed by American troops in all these wars put together, 12 million.
But the headlines
A couple of days ago, Russians killed a father and his daughter.
America talking about Russia?
Again, totally opposed to Russia's invasion.
But again, as he wrote in the Trends Journal back in 2014, an article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, totally understand why they invaded.
19, the 2014 coup, on and on.
Violation of the Minsk agreement.
So anyway, the future is in your hands.
Don't drop it.
We're going to have a peace rally, peace and freedom rally in Kingston, New York on May 27th.
So far we have Judge Napolitano, John Whitehead, Gary Null, and more to come.
So stay tuned.
Unite for peace or die in war.
The future's in your hands.
Don't drop it.
See you soon.
When I sit here and hammer and beg and plead on air, promoting great products that you already need that are amazing, we're able to be in the black.
You probably noticed the last three weeks I've barely plugged.
I haven't hammered things because I don't like coming up here.
I want to cover news and information and just begging and pleading and explaining.
We did the accounting yesterday.
We're back in the red.
We've just gotten out of it.
And I guess this is where God wants to keep me.
It's all in God's plan, I'm sure.
But you need these products anyways.
These are great products that are life changing.
And we won't be here if you don't support us.
So Trump has a war chest of 400 million dollars.
That's great.
He deserves it.
Everybody's supporting Trump.
We don't have a war chest of a million dollars.
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