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Name: 20230406_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 6, 2023
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On InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses the importance of resisting globalist control through weaponized information and encourages non-violent resistance. The show features callers sharing perspectives on current events such as potential civil unrest and strategies for resisting globalist agendas. Jones also covers topics including Savannah's reporting, supporting InfoWars financially, the Proud Boys and constitutional conventions, the "Great Reset," Trump persecution, truth power, and New World Order dangers. He promotes his book and products on InfowarsStore.com.

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The New World Order is gonna take everything you got!
They're gonna take your children's soul!
Are you gonna keep bowing down to these people?
You're gonna let this scum rule over you?
It's time to break their will!
It's time to say, I don't care what the hell you do to me!
And I don't know how this is gonna end, but if you wanna fight, you better believe you've got one!
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
We posted this online so that people can contact these people and let them know.
Let them know.
Do you want informed consent or do you want them to sell out to the lobbyists?
Tom Renz, a patriotic American freedom-fighting lawyer, has been sounding the alarm on the awareness of Missouri House Bill 1169.
A bill that merely requires the labeling of products that can alter your genetics, requires companies to share info on transmissibility of gene-altering interventions, and also requires fully informed consent to be given for any vaccine, gene therapy, or medical intervention.
A crucial bill template that should have passed years ago in every U.S.
Yet the RINOs in Missouri, led by the Democrats and Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher, are slow-walking Missouri House Bill 1169 through committee to prevent it from being approved this session.
Missouri lawmakers are claiming that the labeling requirements would be different from other states, and they are worried it might scare people to know the truth.
Passing good bills to protect Missouri farmers.
As Renz points out, the answer is the lobbyists.
Big Pharma has no legitimate basis for publicly arguing against an informed consent disclosure bill, so they have tried to get the agriculture lobby to do their dirty work.
It's two pages, by the way.
No writers, no jokes, nothing, just very straightforward.
You can read it.
It's House Bill 1169 in Missouri.
This has become the most contentious bill in Missouri history.
The mRNA gene therapy type drugs, and by the way, when I say that, just for anybody that doesn't know, I have Moderna's documents.
They call it a gene therapy.
They've been working on it for more than at least two decades.
So what they did was they went to the egg community.
They went to Missouri Cattlemen's Association, the Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Pork Association, Farm Bureau, Soybean Growers.
They went to these guys and said, hey, we need you to oppose this.
Now remember,
The two largest holders of ag in this country are Bill Gates and the CCP.
The vaccine rollout is now a failure.
They're not going to be able to get this material into people's veins with a needle.
So now they'll go to plan B and try to get it into our bodies with the food supply.
The globalists don't want the United States to exist, let alone be strong.
I'm looking at all these, you know,
Oh yeah.
We need to understand that and we need to be serious about how to have solutions.
In 1992, Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN Earth Summit and member of the Club of Rome said, it is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles,
Point is, this all fits together, right?
Like, take over the farmland, buy up the farmland, leave people unable to grow their own food, raise their own cattle, raise their own...
Keeps the neural pathways of the willing minority gaslit and sedated.
Maintaining the psyop that silent weapons of mass disruption and extinction aren't waging a quiet war on an unsuspecting humanity.
If Hitler was still around, he'd be sitting back thinking, I didn't need bullets for a global takeover.
And he'd be right.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this Thursday, April 6, 2023, worldwide transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
All right, I'm going to be here for the next three hours, and in the amazing, informative, fiery, dynamic, Brew Hernandez, one of my favorite talk show hosts, one of the smartest people I know, will be, he's also a pastor, will be hosting the fourth hour today.
So that'll be an hour-long information news sermon that I'll definitely be tuning into while I get things done in the fourth hour around the office.
And of course, I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
as well with a weekday show, and then this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., bare minimum, probably do a special Saturday show as well.
Okay, here's what I want to do today.
I've cleared the decks of guests, and I want to take a smorgasbord of calls from the listeners
First time callers on any topic you want to raise, any topic you want to discuss.
But I'm going to cover news for the first 30 minutes or so to throw some of the topics out there, then give the number out and have open lines interspersed with news and breaking information as it all unfolds.
But wow, is the news not completely insane.
Now we've been focused a lot on the Trump Deep State Coup.
And we'll cover a lot of those developments here today, obviously.
But while we've been watching that, what one hand's doing, the other hand's been doing this.
We'll cover this next segment.
Here we go again.
Dr. Fauci was at a town hall with Jim Acosta three days ago and said, there will absolutely be an outbreak of another pandemic.
It may be next year.
Can a Republican DA please indict this death doctor and find out what he knows?
Now, we actually know that they created the virus years before they released it.
There was a big scandal in 2015 when Obama had it developed by Fauci.
It's a weak version of super powerful versions they've got.
They've also got weaponized Marburg ready to release that kills 90% of those that are infected.
That makes us about 95 times stronger than the COVID variant that was first put out.
They created the whole deal, they gained a function, and it's all been out for three years.
I had the man, the professor that authored the chemical and biological weapons laws that are on the books today in the United States and helped write the world treaties on in February and March of 2020 detailing absolutely every facet of this.
They did the CRISPR gene editing scan, knew how it was man-made, and knew exactly who made it.
And then slowly over the years, mainstream news has to admit it's true, after years of them blocking, even questioning, did it come out of a lab.
But it came out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, came out of the University of Texas, and it was then fenced into China to be released so they could
Have plausible deniability that they did it.
And I hate Communist China, but they didn't release this.
And you've even seen top scientists in Redfield and all of them say, this came out of US labs.
Because they know the Pentagon was instructed to build it by Obama.
They knew the Pentagon put the grants out through the NIH and others.
And then the Pentagon ran the fear campaign, the censor campaign, the forced injection campaign.
I'm not an enemy of our military, but the Pentagon has been seized by the globalists and is in control.
So you have Robert Kennedy Jr.
saying that.
You have Dr. Peter McCullough saying it.
But you had countless others saying it, and the evidence coming out in the emails and documents and meetings and congressional hearings, but we had Dr. Francis Boyle on three plus years ago, dozens of times, he was on a couple times a week for months, specifically giving you the entire battle plan of the enemy.
So when Fauci says an imminent new virus is coming out like he did in 2017,
That Trump will be challenged by a novel virus that will change society forever.
They had the gun loaded, it pointed at our head, and they pulled the trigger.
So that's just one of these articles that we're going to be going over today.
Then obviously we've got the issue of
Alvin Bragg, out of all the horrible Soros DAs, he's one of the worst.
The one in Austin literally calls people at meetings comrades and is a communist.
And he let two people that shot a whole bunch of folks last year on 6th Street just out of jail in a couple days.
Just, oh, you shot a bunch of people, you're being released.
They had a Soros DA in Fort Worth.
Remember the 17-year-old black man, black teenager, shot
And critically wounded three people and he was out the next day.
So, as long as you're black or brown, you're allowed to commit crime.
And I got a bunch of clips today, including the mayor of Chicago.
You thought the last mayor, what a clown, by foot.
Admiral Ackbar, it's a trap.
If you thought she was bad, the new guy is a Marxist-Leninist who says the police should have no jurisdiction over brown people.
White people can be policed, but brown people should not have any police, period.
Which is a way to kill a lot of brown people.
I mean, the main victim of black crime are black people, especially in Chicago.
Oh, but that's your civil right to not have the police respond.
Newly elected Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said black people should not face state-sponsored policing.
He wants his own leftist police.
That's what communists do.
So we're going to be going over that.
That ties into study.
Over 72% of New York City violent crime suspects, free without bail, go on to commit more crimes.
And it is crazy.
And when I say crazy, we read articles and see stories 20 years ago out of Australia or the UK where somebody breaks in your house, assaults you, you kill them or fight them off, you go to jail.
Well, it just happened in New York last week.
In fact, I forgot to cover that detail.
Will you guys print me the article about the parking garage attendant charged with attempted murder and illegal possession of a gun?
Because he took the gun away from the guy that shot him and shot him?
I mean, I know that doesn't even make it through your brain.
My brain doesn't process that either.
Like, someone's robbing cars, you go up and talk to them, they shoot you, you take the gun away and shoot them, you go to prison.
Yes, I just said that.
That's who has charged the 45th President of the United States with an indictment that doesn't allege crimes.
It says you covered up other crimes, but doesn't say what the other crimes are.
Absolutely dumbfounding.
And then we've got more video.
White House Press Secretary says it's not for us to decide if killing Christian children constitutes a hate crime, but she did say
Last week the attack shows that there is a suppression of our trans people and Biden said trans are the soul of the country.
Got more election meddling?
ABC News blurs out Trump donation number.
They don't do that for Democrats.
Already it's being reported around the country that literally no one is buying
Budweiser or Bud Light, you shouldn't buy any Anheuser-Busch products ever anyways, it's a globalist company, but they advertise, we're the common man, we're the average Joe, we're red, white, and blue.
Yeah, maybe 20 years ago, Budweiser is a globalist company and they hired the lunatic Dylan Mulvaney to be the woman of the year and all the rest of it.
She's the woman of the year by a bunch of publications and said, this is what a woman is.
Well, now Nike has piled on.
And is mocking women at sponsoring transgender activists promote sports bra?
So, this is all just a PSYOP to destroy the country.
And yes, why would Knight destroy themselves?
Why would Anheuser-Busch destroy themselves?
Because they're all weapon systems.
The Rothschilds and Rockefellers have quadrillions in money.
Why would Hollywood commit suicide with all the things they've done that made people hate them?
Because everything is being weaponized.
The NFL, the NBA, children's programming, education, the medical system.
It's all a weaponized attack on America to take us down so there's no example of freedom.
The corporations are at war with you.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
You and I, they will forcibly vaccinate and put us in the mass graves.
They're preparing us for an all-out police state.
The entire world being put into artificial upheaval, turmoil, and revolution to bring in the new world order.
You'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and you will be happy.
All right.
All of this information is a theme of the globalists attacking us through asymmetrical fifth, sixth generational warfare.
All of it.
To undermine society, to create a new dark age, except for high-tech reservations, the globalist corporations and governments will control.
And I'm going to tie the poison shots into what they call fluoride.
It's more than fluoride.
It's like the so-called vaccine isn't a classic vaccine.
It's an mRNA function.
Well, a gene therapy, it's the same thing with the fluoride.
It's hundreds of toxic chemicals, up to 300 on average.
Since it's about 380 plus that are in some of the samples that have been tested, that are dumped in your municipal water supply, and it lowers fertility and lowers IQ.
And since fluoridation began in 47, IQ has dropped more than 20 points on average in the United States.
They've got IQ tests they've done in towns in the UK.
Only about 20% of the UK is fluoridated.
People that have lived there over several generations have lower IQs than those nearby.
And they're less fertile.
This is a weapon system.
The globalists want to dumb down the West, impoverish the West, destroy us, so we're not seen as something to aspire to by the third world that's been totally enslaved.
Now, if you go back to early 2017, Trump had gotten into office, and Fauci got up and said, Trump will be challenged by a new virus, a new pandemic.
And we now know that he engineered it, had it all prepared with Obama and the deep state.
That's all come out even in Congress.
We're going to play that clip in a moment.
Now he's come out in yet another cryptic statement three days ago on April 3rd.
We're going to play that in a moment.
But first, here he is in 2017.
Have been around for a while and have had the opportunity and the privilege and the pleasure of serving in five administrations.
I thought I would bring that perspective to the topic today is the issue of pandemic preparedness.
And if there's one message
that I want to leave with you today based on my experience and you'll see that in a moment is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease and we have certainly a large burden of that but also there will be a surprise outbreak and I hope by the end of my relatively short presentation you'll understand why history
The history of the last 32 years that I've been the director of NIAID will tell the next administration that there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
So for those who think that infectious diseases is gone, there's so many people who have made foolhardy statements not knowing at the time...
So they love to tell you what they're going to do and telegraph it to their minions, because they all celebrate in the open criminal announcements.
And there's even worse clips than that.
Two years before the outbreak, he's on C-SPAN with all the different federal heads of agencies, Health and Human Services, EPA, FDA, heads of universities.
And he says, we're going to need a new virus, probably out of China, something like bird flu, to blow up the old system, or it doesn't take years to get a shot approved, and we're just going to roll all the mRNA out and take over.
So, that's what they've done.
Oh, we've got mRNA for cancer and mRNA for depression.
Oh, it's just everything.
It's so wonderful.
It's totally safe, though we're not going to test it.
All those real studies show it hurts you.
So here we go again.
Now, this is him on television, April 3rd, bragging, saying there will absolutely be an outbreak.
Another pandemic, it may be next year.
Here it is.
If we really want to prevent the next pandemic, and there will be one, there will absolutely be an outbreak of another pandemic.
It may be next year, or it may be in your grandparent, your grandchildren, and your great-grandchildren's lifetime.
We don't know.
So now he's being a little more couched.
Now, again, documentaries have been made, books have been written, we've done thousands of shows on this.
We have his emails, we have the witnesses, we have the documents, we have the congressional testimony.
They created it, they released it to then roll out the solution.
What's even worse, the poison shots.
But what is next year?
That's the election year.
When did Alvin Bragg request the judge to launch the eight-week trial, he estimates, of Trump?
At the beginning of the primaries, right through primary season.
To dominate the news coverage.
All a big production.
Now since I mentioned the fluoride, here's some of the reports on it.
Report linking fluoride to lower IQ in children made public after CDC, HHS tried to block it.
It's a report from the bureaucrats in the government looking at 50 plus years of studies and current new studies and showing neurotoxicity, not to mention attacks on fertility, increased bone cancer, the list goes on and on.
Now you need
A little bit of calcium fluoride as a trace element in your food and it's very good for you.
A very small amount, look the studies up, and it's naturally in the water, it's naturally in some foods.
On average, I saw a study last year, what is put in one brand of powdered eggs, wait for this, is over a million times what your daily allowance of
Calcium fluoride ash.
Now, what they call fluoride in the water, and anybody can just look this up, there's been even national newscasts admitting it of all places, is dozens, hundreds, or up to 380 plus chemicals.
One batch out of China got studied over a decade ago.
We had Dr. Conant, who was head of a whole university department at the time, and toxicology came on, and chemistry.
And they looked at just one of the main companies we buy, quote, fluoride from, from China.
It's their toxic waste.
It had 380 plus, I can't remember, it says 383 chemicals, including lead, mercury, arsenic.
The list went on and on.
And the type of fluoride it has in it is hydrofluorocyclic acid.
I always butcher that.
Hydrofluorocyclic acid.
Which, again, has been made highly toxic and highly reactive in the body.
It's an acid.
One of the most dangerous and it'll dissolve body parts.
But that's just one of the deadly ingredients.
We'll talk about this when we come back.
And HHS, the admiral, the dude that says he's a lady, he is very handsome, I will say that.
I'm joking.
Looks like a child molester, I'm not saying he is.
He just wants to have access to your children to sterilize them, which is worse.
We'll be right back to talk about this on the other side.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide on this Thursday transmission.
Alright, let's talk about absolute...
Bonafide proof these people are out to get us.
Since the mid-1940s, mainline scientists said you should not put what they call fluoride in the water.
It gives you dental fluorosis, it gives you bone cancer, it attacks fertility, it lowers IQs, it is highly toxic, and it is an adjuvant in that it is an acid that helps bring toxins through the blood-brain barrier.
It supercharges death.
And you can go to Google even and type in Harvard studies confirm fluoride lowers IQ.
There are literally thousands of them.
They know exactly what they're doing.
In fact, the most popular fluoride until about 30 years ago, the most popular pesticide until about 30 years ago when they banned it, was fluoride.
And you just sprinkle it on the ground and roaches will walk through it, lick their feet and die.
So this is an extreme, extreme poison, ladies and gentlemen.
And under federal law, they're allowed to put hundreds and hundreds of toxins in it and call it fluoride.
There's one Harvard study, Impact on Fluoride and Neurological Development in Children, 2012.
Massive IQ reduction.
That was a condensed 27-study group.
Now they looked at over 200 studies and found cancer, infertility, lower IQ, and the list goes on and on.
But that's okay, because we have the deputy head of HHS, Admiral Tranny, HHS head, hides a report on fluoride toxicity in children.
The story is on InfoWars.com and Band.Video on the Red Pill TV channel.
But because it's an admiral and a beautiful woman who does want to keep secret gender transition brainwashing for elementary students, what a wonderful creepy person, it's okay because, well, that's what Rachel Levine says.
So Rachel Levine
Tried to hide the report.
And here's where you can read about it.
Report linking fluoride to lower IQ in children made public after CDC, HHS tried to block it.
The good news is they're not blocking it.
It's like they tried to block the Pfizer internal study that it was killing a bunch of people with the so-called COVID shot.
A top HHS official blocked release of long-delayed fluoride toxicity review internal emails reviewed for over a year and a half.
Health Officials Delayed Report Linking Fluoride to Brain Harm.
This is Mother Jones.
This is mainstream news reporting this.
Yahoo Finance Suppressed Government Report Finding Fluoride Can Reduce Children's IQ Made Public Under EPA Lawsuit.
So we have to sue to get the government's own reports.
But I just showed you university and government reports
Twelve years ago, saying the same thing.
Dental fluorosis.
Lowered IQ.
These are weapon systems being used against us.
And look, I know, as an audience of great activists, who are the engine behind our success, Morning Humanity know that, but the general public still doesn't get it.
And there have been hundreds of national news stories attacking me over the last 20 years or so.
Didn't happen the first nine years of my operation.
Jones is insane.
He says the tap water is not safe.
You should filter it.
He just wants to make money.
I want to sell the highest rated water filters that will cut all of this crap out because it's something good to sell you.
Well, absolutely.
Like selling somebody when their 16-year-old gets a car, hey, you should buy one of these used Volvos, they're very safe.
I mean, if I was going to sell cars, I'd try to sell a moral vehicle that was a good vehicle and that was reliable and that was safe.
I'm not going to say what brand of car my wife drives, but...
I drive American cars, but when I drive my daughter, I get in my wife's car.
I like a dangerous American car that's like a tinfoil can, but it goes 250 miles an hour.
Don't drive my six-year-old daughter in it.
I get in my wife's European car that has a double steel titanium cage in it, and one day when I wasn't in the car, a idiot woman in a Jeep hit my wife and daughter going about 60 miles an hour when she was at a red light.
In the back, and it broke one of the steel cages, bent it in about half a foot, and the Jeep was crushed three feet back in.
Now, I'm only using that as an allegory to break down the fact that we want to protect our children as much as we can.
These people are bombarding our children with these weapons.
So yes, we sell the Alexa Pure Breeze made by the My Patriot Supply Ready Hour Group.
It's been around about 15 years, became the biggest company in the last six.
They went out, hired engineers, reverse engineered the fancy best water filter system out there that sells for twice the price, and they made it as good
In all the studies, it reduces things to non-detectable levels, thousands of chemicals.
But you can go pay two or three times, there's four or five other filters out there that are just as good.
We sell, and it's not a plug here, it is, but it's really about reality, the very best, highest grade water filtration system for half the price of the leading competitor.
And the media says we're bad and a cult for telling you you should filter your water.
You should also filter your shower water.
That's another way you absorb this crap.
But I'm done talking about that.
The point is, you can get the filters at m4warrestore.com.
They're discounted right now.
Finally back in stock.
All the supply chain breakdowns, they've been sold out for six months.
These people are out to get you, and you can't just sit there and let them do this to you.
You can't just not mitigate it.
It's like not owning a gun in a high crime area.
You're crazy.
You need to filter your water.
You need to know how to use a gun.
You need to not eat a bunch of GMO.
You need to get sunshine.
You need to take your vitamins.
And I'm not up here preaching at you.
I'm just saying God's given us ways to mitigate it.
But think about the level of premeditated evil.
To get up there in all the TV programs and all the stuff you've seen, not just attacking me, but everybody else, saying, no, it's conspiracy theorist, even back to Dr. Strangelove in 1964, the water's safe, you should drink it.
No, it's not.
It's not safe anywhere, even in farming areas with wells.
It's full of glyphosate, it's full of Roundup, it's full of crap.
And that's what's killing us.
But I'm the bad guy for telling you to protect yourself.
They're the good guys telling you there's no problem and suppressing reports that they know one of the biggest causes of cancer and low IQ and infertility is the so-called fluoride that is weaponized, concentrated, electrified, acid-based molecule.
That if you take pure fluoride and you stick your hand in it for two seconds, when you pull your hand out, all the skin is going to slide right off it to the muscle.
If you've got the power and the willpower to stick your hand in that fluoride for three minutes, your arm's going to fall off when you pull it out with the bone sticking out.
We've had the engineers on that have seen it.
You can throw a dead rat in a pool of fluoride.
They're all going to be wearing masks and full hazmat gear.
There's been demonstrations of it.
They've done it.
That rat is dissolved in three minutes.
Hydrofluorosilicic acid is the third most deadly acid on Earth.
The most powerful.
It's like the movie Alien.
When you cut it and that stuff drips out, that's what we're talking about.
In fact, it eats through metal and concrete in minutes.
And they've got our children drinking that.
This is a psychotic death cult.
Case closed.
Out to get you and your family.
And now they're putting the GMO shots in the cows that it breeds in their meat.
You eat the meat there.
We gotta stop them.
We're talking more about their weapon systems.
We'll get the number out when we come back.
We've got big news on the TransCult.
It's not just Budweiser pushing it.
Now it's Nike.
This is going to be critical information.
Stay with us.
So, what you're told is, quote, calcium fluoride that you need a tiny bit of to live is not calcium fluoride.
Powerful acid that will dissolve your body, the whole body, in less than an hour.
Now, I want to show TV viewers this.
Radio listeners can find the archive or the live feed at InfoWars.com or Bandaw Video.
We're also showing some B-roll footage of when we got a tour of the Austin Water Treatment Plant.
They said no cameras, but we secretly shot all of it.
We'll go back to that here in just a moment.
I'll show you the same signs I'm about to show you right now.
But look at this.
This is a material safety data sheet that I have here in front of me.
MSDS is a document that details the hazardous components of a product, its characteristics, effects on human health, as well as its handling precautions.
And this is the data sheet for hydrofluorosilic acid or acid-based fluoride.
Health hazard.
Highest rating for deadly.
Number three, extreme danger.
And it's listed at a four.
It's an oxidizer, an acid.
It's explosive.
And it goes on and on and on.
May deteriorate.
Shock and heat.
Violent chemical change.
So that's what Rachel Levine, the Admiral, says is good for you.
And something that you need to drink if you're the children.
He also wants to cut your children's testicles and penises and breasts off.
Because it's a program of sterilization and death.
That they make fancy and cool and fun and are right.
And they're suppressing what the fluoride does to you and your family, as I showed you last segment.
You can see the ratings on it right there.
The highest level danger ratings listed on it for toxicity and poison.
Now, let's continue.
What is this?
This is a weapon system.
They didn't have guided missiles in Japan.
The Germans had just invented them with the V1 and V2s and V6.
But they had humans that could fly the planes and our aircraft carriers.
Anybody can type in the Lexington aircraft carrier that survived more than 30 kamikazes.
It's now in Corpus Christi, Texas.
You can see it.
And the Kamikazes flying into the aircraft carriers, flying into the ships.
There they are flying into the Lexingtons.
The Grey Ghosts, as she's called.
They tried to sink it in World War II in Vietnam and couldn't.
And when you see Nike destroying itself, endorsing Kaepernick, and endorsing Woman of the Year being a man.
When you see Budweiser and Bud Light
Doing it, you think, this is crazy.
The central banks have quadrillions.
They control all the money.
And so they don't care if they ruin the NFL, or the NBA, or Hollywood, or Nike, or Anheuser-Busch.
Because they have unlimited money to just stand up new groups and new organizations.
Disney doesn't care.
They want to destroy every franchise.
They want to destroy Star Wars.
It's a cultural takeover.
It's scorched earth.
It's information warfare.
And so you ask, why do they destroy themselves?
Suddenly they admit, I've got articles right here, and people shot video in Austin and other areas, I've got that in the stack, where people go in and out of the liquor stores or H-E-B grocery store in Austin, and there's giant piles of Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light, no one's buying it, they keep restocking it because used to they were, and there's just huge piles of it everywhere, because three days after,
They made some crazy dude saying he's a woman, their spokesman, men who mainly drink that beer because they think it's blue-collar and tough, go, I'm never drinking that again!
Why would they do it?
Because it's a weapons system, and I knew when this happened last Friday, or last Saturday, I said, watch, all the other big corporations will now hire
The same individual and make Dylan Mulvaney the spokesperson.
So now Nike came out and said, man, let's join that.
And let's immediately, as fast as we can, hire him to do this.
So that Nike can get on board and everybody else can get on board.
So you're just totally overwhelmed with this lunatic colonizing women's spaces, knowing full well, obviously a comedian, that he's getting massive money to play along with the system as a mercenary.
They want it as revolting and ridiculous and as mindless as possible.
Nike accused of mocking women, we're going to play the clip in a moment with audio, after sponsoring transgender activists to promote sports bra.
And we're live right now, I didn't send the clips to the crew, but in post when this is posted to Band Up Video, it's actually over here in this stack, I want to add the photos and videos.
Not a Kid Rock blowing up the Bud Light, but of Austin and H-E-B and the giant piles of the Budweiser products that nobody's buying.
We'll add that in post.
We don't have it, but it'll be added in post.
But everybody knows it's piling up everywhere, so we'll have that later added to this.
So here is the video of Dylan Mulvaney running around saying he's officially a sponsor, or being sponsored by Nike.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, this is a weapons system.
When you go to the gun store and you buy a box of .357 Magnum or 9mm or .308, whether you're shooting out of a handgun or rifle, you know when you shoot that at a target or at a deer, it's gone.
But if you had unlimited money, you could fire as much ammunition as you wanted.
And that's what the Trans Agenda and the Fluoride and Mulvaney and the Fentanyl and the Open Borders and all the shows showing men being idiots and men not being the leader of the household.
All of this is unlimited ammunition with unlimited money to take every institution to demoralize you and break your will.
The NFL's gone.
The NBA is gone.
Hollywood was always gone, basically.
And so, they just think once they overwhelm you with every institution pushing this, you'll finally roll over and give up.
Instead, you have to simply reject.
All of these institutions and realize they are captured controlled institutions and you've got to support the independent new institutions that aren't controlled by the globalists who can't be bought and who won't back down because you can't
Make us run, and you can't starve us out.
You can't starve us out, and you can't make us run.
Because these old boys were raised on shotguns.
We say grace.
We say amen.
And if you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
Our morals and what we stand for is king.
But you've got to realize the power you've got in this fight to hold the line.
We're winning, but just barely.
They've got all the ammunition and all the money, but we've got our wills and our souls that can't be bought.
Once they get the cash of society and shut down all the farms, then they can starve us into submitting to them.
That's why we all start producing food in our own systems, so that we're not under their control.
And that's why you support independent media like InfoWarstore.com.
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All right, your call's coming up next hour at 877-789-2539.
First-time callers only, 877-789-2539.
Stay with us.
They decided to not perp walking, not put him in handcuffs, not do a mug shot, because they knew that that would help Trump.
Didn't they know this would backfire?
We were waiting for the mug shot.
We learned today they wouldn't have it, so we've made our own.
And it says political prisoner.
With an image of President Trump.
The shirt is being printed now in Texas.
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Everything in the future is about knowing how to run electricity, knowing how to generate power, knowing how to grow food, and knowing how to kick ass.
And everybody better get back to the land now.
On both sides of my family, they left the land in the last 70 years.
But now we're all moving back to the land.
Not just my immediate family.
I've talked to everybody in my family, both sides.
They're all moving to the country.
They're all getting back to where they came from.
And whether you got brown skin, black skin, or pink skin, I guess some folks do have white skin,
I like my light brown skin.
The point is, is that you're going to have to decide whether you're going to be a slave or not, and every one of you can be a country boy if you want to be that.
We need to get the hell out of these cities.
In fact, I'm thinking to start a movement called the Country Boy Alliance.
And what the Country Boy and the Country Girl Alliance means is, we're self-sufficient.
And listen, all you gotta grow is two or three crops, or raise one type of animal, and know how to be a machinist or a mechanic, and you gotta live in a community, and they're gonna have everything else you need.
And instead of going to the grocery store, like when I was a little kid spending two, three weeks a summer with my dad's mother and my grandfather, out in East Texas, my grandmother would say, get in the car.
And we'd drive just 10 miles one way, and 5 miles another, and back another 10 miles.
And we got back, there was a big ol' thing of black-eyed peas, big bag in the back of the car, and a big bag of green beans, and 30-40 eggs, and a bunch of T-bone steaks dripping blood, and some cabbages, and some carrots, and some pickles.
And they eat on that for the whole week, and then she'd go out in her own garden and pull some turnips up.
I remember my grandmother sticking pumpkins in a food processor, and a day later, eat the best damn pumpkin pie you ever ate.
And she had a master's degree, and a degree in English, and taught college the whole nine yards.
But the point was, she knew how to skin a buck, she knew how to run a trot line, that she could pick up
When she was 70 years old, her grandmother's .22 rifle, and she could shoot a cowbird at 60 yards in the head off her back porch.
She had all her bluebirds and all her birds she fed, and cowbirds kick other birds' eggs out of the nest and lay their eggs.
And she, boy, she hated those cowbirds.
She'd go, hold on a minute.
She had a picture window back there.
In the kitchen.
Hold on.
She'd go on the back porch and get that 22 and step right out there.
I probably saw her do it 10 times.
Every time.
That cowbird's head was blown right off.
And man, don't you know when you're five years old, that's so damn cool.
You take these leftists up in these high-rise buildings and learn how to wipe their ass.
I remember my grandfather pulling in at lunch off his tractor.
He'd walk in from some cow he butchered in the morning with a brain in a bag.
He'd smash it right up in front of me with eggs and garlic and cook it all up.
He'd go, hold on, I want a little something extra.
He'd walk out and shoot a squirrel, nail it down on a board, skin it in about 15 seconds, chop that son of a bitch up and throw it right in the skillet, and then feed me squirrel.
Now people think of that as some kind of weirdo.
That's not weird.
That's self-sufficiency.
That's somebody that knows how to live, and that nobody can start out, and nobody can make run.
We want to be like those people again, and we're gonna be like those people again.
We have just begun to fight, my friends!
I'll give the number out again, and we're gonna take your calls and cover a ton of news straight ahead.
The real revolution is here.
Rediscovering who we are.
Getting back to the way God designed us.
Doesn't mean we won't use technology, but we'll use it as a dangerous weapon.
Government is like fire.
A dangerous servant and a fearful master.
Crank the song up!
That is such poetry from somebody who loves God, Hank Williams Jr., but is sick of the fake pastors that don't actually fight tyranny.
They'll tell you you're going to hell if you say, damn, they don't do anything to fight the abortion or real tyranny.
We say grace, we say amen, and if you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
All these hypocrites.
It's form over function.
It's a great line written by Millis in the movie based on a composite of Hearts of Darkness, but also real events that happened in Vietnam, so a mix of fiction and fact.
When Colonel Kurtz is sitting there saying the Pentagon are total hypocrites, they train our Air Force pilots at 300 feet to drop napalm on women and children, but they court-martial them if they write fuck on the side of their airplanes.
You want somebody to drop napalm on people and burn up children, but you're not supposed to say the F word.
And that's the pharisaical corruption of the system.
We say grace.
We say amen.
And if you ain't into that, we don't give a damn, because we're not a bunch of hypocrites.
But when it comes to serving evil, we don't do it!
And we stand against it!
Because a country boy can't survive.
The New World Order is gonna take everything you got!
They're gonna take your children's soul!
Are you gonna keep bowing down to these people?
You're gonna let this scum rule over you?
It's time to break their will!
It's time to say, I don't care what the hell you do to me!
And I don't know how this is gonna end, but if you wanna fight, you better believe you've got one!
And it is that fighting spirit of truth and justice to raise our children and be strong and be good and be honest no matter what damn color you are you got red blood and the creator of the universe made you and you've got to decide I'm not owned by the devil I'm not owned by the new world order and I'm gonna do everything I can to work against this system and to defeat it!
And the first way you do that is breaking with Hollywood and the Democratic Party and the New World Order and every damn thing they push.
Because every damn thing they do is death!
Everything they do is poison!
Everything they do is designed to destroy you and destroy your family!
It's not an ongoing decision.
You make the decision, you commit to not submit, and to fight back with everything you've got.
And that means not caring about the system, and how old your car or your truck is, or what your neighbors think about you, or any of that crap!
What matters is your freedom!
What matters is your integrity!
What matters is who you are!
And that you're not for sale!
And that's why the enemy hates me so much, that's why they hate you so much, because they know we're real.
They know we love God.
They know we tell the truth.
They know we bust our ass to be honorable.
And they know we're out of their grasp.
And so that's why they've hit America, particularly the Midwest and the South and rural areas in the West, with poison in the water, and GMO, and toxic culture, because they've made the decision, we can't make these Americans submit to us, go ahead and kill their asses.
They've banned the mRNA shot all over the world for children.
They're forcing it on them here.
They're doing everything they can to kill us!
This occupied government is not the American government.
It's a pack of criminals and everybody knows it, including those that serve it.
And I want to talk to the people that serve the corporations and government and systems who are mid-level or low-level or even high-level and know it's destructive and know you can't get out of it by going along with it.
The only way you get out of it is understanding that it's a spiritual decision and that you're going to be destroyed by your own actions and inaction by serving this thing and understanding you're not part of the winning team, you're part of a lie, you're part of a psyop, and the biggest fools
Are the people that go along with the destructive death cult pretending you're doing something for yourself and for your family when all you're doing is destroying our civilization and you will never escape the crimes you've committed against humanity.
They will come back on you even if it isn't through the courts.
And you will pay at the next level as well.
Because it's been proven by science as the ancients said.
The third dimension is only a manifestation of the higher dimensions.
And we are dust that starts with a tiny egg and a tiny sperm that create a design and a template in the third dimension of a higher dimensional energetic vortices of higher dimensional or interdimensional energy coming in and forming this electrochemical body that is simply a signature or a
Vapor trail of our soul and our electrochemical signet.
And when you understand you are eternal and that this manifestation of you is a flash in the eye,
You will then understand that nothing the enemy can do to you has any ramifications when you understand this, and that you must break with Satan.
All right, the toll-free number to join us.
We already have a lot of phone lines, but I want people to know that as soon as I hang up on a caller, I'd love to hear from you.
We're taking first-time calls.
And we're going to go to break and come back with Flagman, Angel, David, Jacob, Drake, Rick, Button, Steve, David, Josh, Joe, and others.
Because the enemy hates to hear the people come together in the millions to be heard.
This is unfiltered, uncontrolled.
This drives our enemies absolutely insane.
But I love the wild card nature of it, hearing what you have to say, what you have to state, what you have to ask.
I have so much other insane news, and we'll hit a lot of it here today.
Obviously, we're in a mainline depression.
CNN's now admitting, oh my God, the U.S.
economy's in crisis because they've begun the stampede on the banks themselves that they want to control and pose as the saviors during.
We have a lot on Trump and the incredible disinformation they're putting out.
I saw headlines last night on Drudge.
Trump threatens nuclear war if he is convicted.
He's threatening the judge with nuclear war.
No, he said Biden's starting nuclear war and we should stop it.
What the hell with a citizen and a former president saying, we're going into World War III, we need to stop it.
How does that turn into threatening the judge?
I have the article right here.
But you read the article, it just has a quote about, he threatened the judge with nuclear war.
And we all watched the speech.
He said, we're going into World War III, we gotta stop it.
See, it's just, it's just, it's just, but the people that still believe that laugh that up.
He threatened nuclear war.
Did you hear?
That's why I said he's gotta be careful with his death and destruction quotes, because that was bad what he said.
But now they're just taking stuff he didn't even do and doing it.
We'll be right back with your phone calls and a lot of key news.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to your calls here in just a moment, right through the next hour.
But I'm going to hit some news each segment before I go to calls.
Let me hit this briefly.
Remember New Zealand's Lockdown Queen?
Well, she's now become the Internet Authoritarian.
She is the head of the new Ministry of Truth they're establishing there.
They're setting them up all over the world.
We have similar legislation here.
And they now report they're hiring Democrat and liberal operatives to run it.
Put you in jail for 20 years for quote, disinformation.
Well, she's going to be the new Disinformation Czar.
In New Zealand.
So that's her WEF reward after being voted out of office.
Remember what she said last year?
She said, the government is your single source of truth, unless you hear it from us, it's not truth.
And it was of course, all lies.
Here's that clip from the time machine.
We're good to go.
Dismiss anything else.
We will continue to be your single source of truth.
We will provide information frequently.
We will share everything we can.
Everything you are, else you see, a grain of salt.
And so I really ask people to focus.
What was the greatest example of that appears to be this text which originated in Malaysia and has become a viral hoax in Australia and in New Zealand.
How irresponsible is it that the people that are sharing
They lied about everything.
They said zero COVID.
They put out the poison shots.
They put people in jail for leaving their houses.
They're just slave trainers.
They're just training you to be a slave.
So I thought we would
Get to that piece of information.
But know this, Fauci just said three days ago, new deadly virus is coming.
CDC warns of Marburg virus, a deadly African outbreak.
Kills 90% of those infected, they claim.
And they're now studying it in African caves to protect us.
Yes, I'm sure that's the case.
It's how they get total power, how they get total control in their own war games.
Alright, Jacob in Ohio, thanks for calling.
You're on the air worldwide.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I just want to bring up this Trump indictment.
I was on the fence about Trump, and so was my family.
And after this, I talked to my parents, who are 100% behind Trump.
There's a reason they are trying to attack him so much.
However, I think there's no way they let him win 2024, even if he gets 200 million votes.
Well, that's the problem with election fraud, though it's very hard to beat a giant tsunami.
I think he did get less votes than he got before.
The evidence says he still won, but not by the bigger landslide.
A mega landslide they can't stop.
That's why I agree with you, though, that they'll probably try to assassinate him.
What do you think?
I definitely hope not.
I'll start a civil war if it does.
Well, they're already trying to put him in prison.
Yeah, I know.
I think this all stems from abortion.
The fact that he helped
Overturn Roe v. Wade by appointing the justices to do so.
The left, that is their god is abortion.
And you know churches?
I go to church every Sunday.
I've never heard the word abortion.
They don't fight it.
They just lay there and take it.
Oh, but they'll tell you not to cuss, though.
It's okay to kill babies, just don't cuss.
I appreciate your call.
And again, I'm not saying cussing's good, but they're, you know, killing babies is 10,000 times worse than cussing, and they, but, oh, don't cuss and don't drink, but don't say the word damn.
It's not the Lord's name in vain.
That's the Lord's name.
I've actually studied the Greek, and taking the Lord's name in vain is saying damn God.
Is saying, you know, I'm not going to actually damn God or actually blaspheme because I love Jesus and I love God.
But if you said, you know, to God, I want you destroyed, down with you, blah, blah, blah, down with you, you know, that is blasphemy.
That's what the Satanists do when they, it comes out, they love to do satanic rituals in churches because that's blasphemous.
Hey Alex, so I just wanted to basically
You know, I know you don't like being thanked, but you're awesome, man.
But I think that we also need to gather all these other patriots, all these other influencers who are like Steven Crowder, Jack the Sonic, or whatever his name is, all these other people.
We need to start really teaching them about the New World Order.
We need Trump to actually say the words New World Order.
We need people to actually talk about world government.
We need Tucker Carlson on Fox News breaking down eugenics, breaking down David Rockefeller, Rothschild.
I don't know.
Yes, sir.
I want to see Trump actually go after the private Federal Reserve.
They're the ones who really control this country.
I want him to talk about the Bilderberg Group.
You know, we need Steven Crowder sounding like you.
We need Tucker Carlson sounding more like you.
All these other people who you have, they have your ear.
You have their ear.
Listen, I do talk to those people, but you got to put loving pressure and information on them as well.
But I hear you and that's what we're doing, brother.
And I appreciate everything, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate you.
Thank you.
Flag Man in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Hello, good to talk to you.
I just have a quick question.
If you could time travel and go back to Germany before Hitler did all of the horrible things that he did, would you take him out?
Would you travel back in time and take him out?
I would try to travel back in time and explain to people that British intelligence helped set up Hitler.
He didn't work for them, but they set him up to create a whole new war to bring in the system we have in the UN.
But yeah, I mean, I do think that the world would have been better off if Adolf Hitler would never been born.
There you go.
And you just answered my second question.
If you could go back in time, or if you lived during that time, you would talk and talk and try to wake people up and stop what happened through talk.
Well, my point is, the same thing is going on right now, today.
They're killing us through medical tyranny.
They're killing us through many different ways that you've already covered this morning.
Fluoride in the water system, so forth and so on.
They're talking about another pandemic coming shortly.
I guess preparing for if Trump takes the presidency again, we need another pandemic.
So what is it that we're waiting for?
We see the death.
We see the control.
We see them moving so quickly in these last two to three years against us, constantly talking about their world domination, their world takeover, depopulation plans.
What are we waiting for?
And I really don't care to win a war of morality.
I don't care about a moral victory.
I want to live.
I want my children to live and prosper.
Don't hang up, Flag Man, because you're raising really a central question.
I want to come back and hear more from you, and I'll give you my response to this.
Hitler was actually in charge of Germany.
The Germans tried to assassinate him in his own military two years before the war ended.
If they could have killed Hitler, it could have stopped.
With the globalists, it's an ideology and like an oligarchy of a whole bunch of people.
So we have to identify the oligarchy and who they are first, and then we need to start arresting them.
I'm going to come back to you on the other side, please stay with us.
If you're a TV viewer, we're showing you a very bizarre, voodoo-esque, satanic cartoon produced by the CIA last year.
For recruitment for information warfare against the American people.
Imagine the type of people they're trying to hire.
Schizophrenic criminals.
Alright, I want to respond to Flagman and then go back to him and give him a response to my response.
We live in a complex civilization where we've decided to not use force to settle our differences.
Now within that so-called civilization, they hide the aggression with the poison fluoride, and the fentanyl, and the transgenderism, and the genital mutilations, and all of it.
But you first have to identify the cult, and the globalists, and who they are, because it's not like Operation Valkyrie, where the Germans tried to kill Hitler a few years before the war ended, because they knew they were losing, and that Germany would be destroyed, and Hitler wouldn't give up.
They failed.
They could have killed Hitler and ended World War II and saved 10 million German lives, probably another 10 million Russians got killed in that period, hundreds of thousands of Americans and others, and millions of people that Hitler also killed, political dissidents, Jews, gypsies, folks that didn't submit.
Most of that killing happened in those two years.
In fact, the German general staff
I think?
Yes, it would have been better if Hitler had been assassinated and never born.
Now, that's hindsight's light years times 2020.
This is not like Hitler, where it's one man that runs it.
He was actually in charge.
It's bureaucracies.
It's corporate systems.
It's boards.
It's philosophies.
It's a cult.
We have to kill the ideas of the New World Order.
We have to pull our children out of public schools and private schools that follow the leftist agenda.
We have to turn off Hollywood.
We have to go to the grassroots.
We have to support the farmers' markets.
We have to start our own gardens.
We have to get back to God.
We have to form our new churches that are actually real and oppose all this.
We have to
Live the way we want to live and realize they want to bankrupt things to isolate us so they can force us to the social credit score by increments to bend us to their will.
And so it doesn't matter if Rachel Levine suppresses that fluoride kills kids and sterilizes them and gives them cancer and lowers their IQs.
We just expose that, and we don't drink the water, and we file lawsuits against the Lowell government, and we, at the grassroots, defeat them on every issue and keep educating people.
They want us to get violent, and they admit that in their own documents that have come out, because we're winning hearts and minds, inch by inch, like, you ever watch those best football games where over and over again they get the first down, and it takes them like 14 plays
To get, say, from the 10-yard line where they catch the ball on the kickoff until they march just a few yards each time all the way into the end zone.
We are marching, marching, marching so close to the end zone.
We got 10 yards to go first down, baby.
And we are so close.
People are rejecting it.
They're everything.
So they just over the top it more, show a unified front, look like they're invincible.
They're not.
And their own people that aren't pure evil, a lot of them are pure evil, a lot of them aren't, are going, why are we doing this?
This is really destructive.
This is crazy.
They want us to just run out and fight them because that will organize them into the system they want.
Here's a famous Evian France quote from Bilderberg in the early 1990s that's been confirmed.
Since then Kissinger and others have written books about it, so has Brzezinski, who was his counterpart, saying basically the same thing.
Today, America would be outraged if U.N.
troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow, they will be grateful.
This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
Viruses, uprisings, you name it.
It is then that all people in the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.
The one thing every man fears is the unknown.
So the globalists are pounding us with 5G and GMO and poison shots and lab-made viruses and cultural death and all of it.
They don't care if you blow up a federal building, they love it.
They don't care if you go shoot the state police, they love it.
They don't care, and I'm not saying you're going to do this, if you go firebomb an abortuary.
That makes them the victim and they get even more funds.
But if you pull back from them, never associate with them, speak out against them constantly, build our new civilization right in the middle of their cancer, they're the outside force, they won't be able to get any of this done.
And when I get these calls, and I understand the primitive level, of, let's be men, let's go fight this, let's go do this, I always say, well, who's doing it?
Because if we won't put the energy in peacefully, like I've done for 29 years, and like so many others have done for even longer, then what would you really do in a fight?
And then you always notice when something gets attacked, it's a federal building with a daycare center run by the feds.
That didn't hurt them, that helped them.
So, yes, if God reached down, but God wants to do this ourselves, and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and Fauci and Gates all got struck by lightning, and that's God's decision, I'm not going to launch anything offensive against them, I don't want to make them a victim, but if God decides to strike them down, it would be nice.
But here's the problem.
Maria Branovich with the head of the Rothschilds in front of a painting.
Lucifer rallies his armies.
Lucifer dominating.
What's the name of the painting?
It's Lucifer summons his legions?
Something like that.
So, if they all died today,
They have all this scum under them, that's just as bad, like shark teeth, ready to roll forward and fill their place.
They must be politically, and culturally, non-violently assassinated.
Their ideas, who they are.
And then we can take the government over, and then we can have real grand juries throw them in prison.
And that's how you do it in civilization.
Now that's my view on this flag man, but here's the deal.
We can get rid of all them tomorrow.
If we're not moral and we're not good, we would just recreate it again.
This is a spirit.
This is a paradigm.
Does that make sense to you, Flagman?
It absolutely makes perfect sense, and everything that you said is absolutely 100% the moral fight, and I get it.
But at some point, as they continue to go on day after day after day,
We're losing more day after day after day.
I mean, the longer they go on, the more we die.
Well, they just hit us with a big bio attack and poison shots and it's completely blown up in their face and the whole world's turning against them.
I'm sad they did it.
I wish we could have stopped it.
I tried to.
But I mean, I don't agree with you.
Are you saying they're winning?
Because I don't think they're winning.
Um, as far as the death count, they are certainly winning.
Listen, nobody, but there's a thousand times more of us than them.
Ten thousand times.
Probably four hundred top globals actually run things.
Let me explain it this way, hold you over to me again, it's an important call.
They, in their own internal documents that leak, say they're losing.
They jumped the shark release of this virus.
They'll probably release another one.
And I'll tell you, they'll probably release a new virus that might kill 20% of the public.
But I think that's when things backfire.
And I think that's when the military tries to come out and make people go to emergency centers.
And that's when the rebellion will start, which we're trying to stop.
And then I think we'll have governors stand up and other stuff, the military is going to join us, because they already know the next attack is coming.
And I think then that's when it'll become a hot war if they're dumb enough to do it.
I mean, I mean, I do think they're going to push us into a corner for a hot war.
But it's my job to try to stop that, the information war, which is 95% the Pentagon will tell you a war.
It is not my purview or my avenue to pick targets or lead military attacks.
I'm just setting the battle space about who the enemy is.
I'm gonna let you make a decision about what you're gonna do.
All right, we're talking to Flag Man, but he just hung up.
So I'll go on to your other calls.
I know I said I'd move quick through calls, but his questions were so important.
I wish he wouldn't have hung up, because I wanted him to give a response back.
And I'll just be completely honest with you, because I don't want to cop out on this question that I was really thinking about during the break.
When you have people on record that have created bioweapons, and that have been caught creating them and releasing them, and they say, soon there'll be new pandemics, and their own war games say this is how they get total control, and you know their names.
Fauci, Peter Daszak, Bill Gates, people like that.
If the Justice Department is so controlled in part of this, and won't arrest them,
And we know they're getting ready to do it again.
If I was one of the lab workers, or one of their operatives, or through all eugenicists, that's why they've been chosen and proven they're part of the plan, and I got the order to release it, obviously, I would have to take matters into my own hands.
So, we are really coming up to that point, but we're not like Black Lives Matter or Antihuman that goes and burns down public housing or shoots cops in the back.
And so my bailiwick here is not directing people to go out there against these folks.
They are attacking us.
They are killing us.
And they've normalized that.
And so I can't morally say people are wrong who are thinking about this because we should be thinking about it because they're attacking us.
That's where we are.
But they want violence and you can bet your bottom dollar they're going to stage false flag attacks against innocent groups and blame us.
And so that's not a wheelhouse I want to enter and I really want to just work as hard as we can to expose the evil and try to stop it that way.
So if they're crazy enough to do it again or at least something even worse, people don't go along with it.
And then I don't think they'll be able to control the public.
I think then you're going to have a
Giant French style revolution, and it'll probably kill even more people than the virus itself.
So this stuff is so dangerous and so uncontained, and the globalists are playing with fire here, that I don't even like to pretend like I'm as smart as them because I'm smarter.
They think they're smart.
That they think they can control this, they think they can navigate this, or they're crazy enough to think, well, we just don't care, we're going to do it.
This is our mission to dominate and control.
So, I have millions of listeners.
This is a big show.
This is not a pure pretend land where we're sitting around playing Dungeons and Dragons and, oh, I'm going to slay the dragon and I'm going to roll the dice.
This is the real world.
And so I'm going to aggressively expose them.
I'm going to break down their plans.
And I would not want to be Bill Gates or any of these people.
When their own security people have probably already lost family, and if they do it again, they're saying it's going to be bigger.
They've already telegraphed that.
I mean, I don't know how they think they're going to be safe anywhere.
Because I don't wish to kill Bill Gates.
I don't want to kill Lord Rothschild.
I want him just to stop being evil and repentant.
But obviously, they're so far gone, generationally, that they can't do that.
It's just that I'm not the guy signing the death warrants here like George Washington.
I mean, if we had a general and we'd already taken half the country and all this is going on and the general, you know, had hearings and captured these people, I'd say, well, you know, yeah, absolutely.
But we need some type of
Leadership and some type of political platform for this.
And we have to do that by continuing to educate the public.
And we're just not there yet.
I'd rather let them know that they're exposed, let them know we're aware of their operations, so they're smart and back off.
Because they already own and control everything.
They've just got a fetish to exercise power against us individually.
That's the one thing they don't have left is total control over our bodies.
So the shots, the viruses, the 5G, the GMO, the drugs, the culture, the brainwashing, it's all about the last thing they don't have, they want the full control of that.
And I say if you're aware of their attacks and resist it, it makes you stronger, like lifting weights, or hiking up a mountain, or jogging.
And so really educate people, speak out against it.
Before we talk about going around and killing people,
We need to really do our full exercise of resistance like we've been doing here, like you're doing calling in.
So please don't go out and blow anything up.
Please don't go out and shoot anybody.
Vengeance is God's.
And don't worry, in most analysis of this, this leads into a very dark chapter in the world, worse than it even is now, the worst in human history.
And if you want blood, you're going to get lots of it.
You're going to get more blood than I think you'd ever want.
And I don't think you want blood, but I get your point, is, hey, they're putting poison in the water, they're GMOing us, they're putting out poison shots, they know they're doing it, why are we sitting here?
Well, because the public isn't informed enough yet.
Because they have a captured Justice Department.
But let me tell you, those Justice Department people, they go and take the shot, their kids get sick, they die.
And so they're going to have to experience this.
And you're going to have FBI agents and lawyers and bureaucrats and members of Congress in the next lockdown where millions are dying, tens of millions, and things are really bad.
And they're going to have to sit there and go, wow, we went along with this.
And then they're going to sit there and watch their wife, their kid, them die.
They'll have to face God over that.
That's the good news, and it's the bad news, too, is that all these people playing with fire, like the communists and the Nazis and people in cults in history, they're going to get a front row seat to what they did.
This dinner they cooked up of tyranny, they're going to have to eat the most of it.
So they want to force feed us this crap.
They want to suck our children's souls.
They want to toy with evil.
They're the ones that are going to have to have front row seats to this.
And there are no spectators in what's going down and what's happening.
And so, guard your soul, folks.
That's what really matters in this.
But yes, we're under chemical, biological, radiological, electromagnetic attack.
You know, you have countless people in the federal government, it's not just the CIA, saying, I'm sick, I'm vomiting, I'm nauseous, I can't sleep, I got ringing in my ears, what's going on?
Well, that's the General Public reports that.
Because they live by a cell tower.
Or the school has record cancers and record sick kids and record leukemia.
And they go, oh, you're just kooks.
The studies show it.
It's good for you.
So the CIA is in these buildings with all these giant hidden antennas in the building, even more powerful than civilian antennas.
And all these big government airplanes have got super powerful antennas in the fuselages.
And they're all wondering, I don't know why I'm so sick.
The CIA headquarters is being bombarded by something.
By what you live in!
And it's the perfect microcosm of how they're sick and vomiting and throwing up and have cancer and why are we all dying?
And they think the Russians and the Chinese are doing it.
You're doing it to yourself!
You're doing it to us!
I read all about 10 years ago about 5G and cancer and all the rest of that, and the other stuff does it too, but it's not as powerful.
It's way more powerful.
It doesn't go as far, but it permeates.
I remember when they finally put it all in downtown, on Congress, all the streets.
I'm not a guy that feels bad.
I'm out in the country.
I feel like I'm in heaven, whether I'm in the desert, the woods, anywhere.
But I get in a major city that's got nothing but 5G, and I'm coughing, and I've got a headache, and that's what it says it does, and I feel sick.
Because you can't see it with your eyes, but it's there, it's blasting everything.
And it's not placebo, it's not like, oh, I think I'm going into 5G, I'll feel bad.
It's like, I'll be in an area that's 5G, where you're in it for a long time, driving, and you're like, man.
I can't, you know, oh, and that's what the studies say.
Manipulates oxygen in the lungs.
It even causes skin cancer.
I mean, I'm going to start the next hour, and I promise I'm not going to give callers more than two minutes.
In the last 20 minutes, we brought up a very important point.
Drake and Rick and everybody else, we're going to just bam, bam, bam, bam, take your calls.
But I think this is a very important discussion to have.
But again, these government buildings, particularly intelligence agencies,
I'm not going to go into an hour-long diatribe, but I've researched what's in there.
They've got all sorts of antennas, and all sorts of transmitters, and all sorts of high-powered microwave relay systems.
And they've got systems they line the building with that send a magnetic pulse through the earth.
They communicate with all the ships and submarines instantaneously.
It takes like a half a second.
And anybody that's worked around that in the military will tell you, you get sick as hell being around them.
But they're intelligence agency people.
They're CIA deputy directors.
And they're all getting sick.
And everybody's getting sick in the building.
And this is really happening.
They're like, we found no foreign governments are doing it.
And you're literally in an office surrounded by hidden communication towers.
They're inside the building.
Whole floors are, and then you'll look like on the top floor, it's all communication towers under the roof, you can't see it, and then whoever the section chief is, is like, I've got a bloody nose, I can't sleep, I'm depressed, I'm having hallucinations, there's rain in my ears, because three feet above you is like 14 different communication systems!
You dumbass!
The hell's your problem?
Frickin' idiots!
Because they pretend they're invincible.
They pretend they're part of the power structure.
They pretend they're the rulers.
And you're killing yourself like you're killing us, you dumb bastards.
That's the big takeaway.
Nobody's immune from evil.
If Alex Jones runs for president in the Republican Party, he has a chance of winning.
If you just tuned in, you may be noticing I'm wearing an Alex Jones for President 2024 shirt.
I am not seriously planning to run for president.
This is an idea the crew had.
To have a triggering shirt, kind of next level.
Alex Jones was right.
There's Infowars.com on the back, Alex Jones for President 2024 on the front.
It's a fundraiser shirt.
It's made out of really nice fabric.
It's high quality.
And it is a exclusive shirt to Infowarsstore.com.
And when the shirts are gone, they're gone.
We're doing one run.
Alright, let's go to Drake, who's been holding patiently from the great state of Texas.
Drake, thank you for calling.
Hello, Alex.
I've been listening for a few years now.
I get what you're saying about the transgender and how it's evil, but when you talk about Blair White, it's kind of confusing.
Like, do you think he looks good or something?
No, I mean, I'm not being a hypocrite about that.
I do not dislike gay people.
I do not dislike adults that have decided to be transgender.
I'm saying that the system running it is going after children
And is targeting them to confuse them and try to get them into that.
I don't hate adults as long as they don't hurt anybody else.
And I've been consistent about that.
I don't care if it's heterosexual or homosexual or transgender or whatever it is.
Stay away from children.
I've been 100% consistent.
And Blair White has been the same.
And I think Blair is a very smart, nice person.
That's what I said.
And Blair White speaks out against the targeting of children.
Blair White came on like 10 years ago when Blair first went public as a transgender person and said she was against the left and that they didn't speak for her.
So I'm not judging people.
That's what Blair White has decided to do with
That body, and that is what adults can do, like women get breast implants, whatever.
I'm not judging Blair White, so I think it's very, very consistent.
They say, we hate transgender, we want to stop transgender, we want to hurt transgender.
The transgender movement has, there's always been men that thought they were women, there's always been stuff like that, a very small percentage.
But now they are making it the national motto, they're pushing it on the kids, and it is a weapon system to hurt our children.
Right, but like you still kind of play along with her and like call him or her.
So it's confusing because it's like I'm like Blair White, you know, more like Blair Witch.
And then... Well, I'll say this.
I mean, I mean, look, look, when you have a giant fat dude, you know, in wrestling competing against women or a dude that's two feet taller competing with women in swimming.
And Blair White is not going into women's sports.
Blair White is not attacking women.
Blair White is not doing any of that.
And so I've said that when I've interviewed Blair White.
And I think Blair White's a very nice person.
Oh yeah, not hate them, but I'm saying we can stand against them and reach out to them, but not play along.
I don't know.
Blair White really feels like a woman and it is not a bad person and I'm not attacking her because she feels like she's a woman.
I'm simply saying she's not a biological woman.
He's not a biological person.
It is a nice person, a smart person, a person I like.
I think Blair White's a nice person.
I like Blair White.
So I don't hate, I don't hate gay people.
I don't hate anybody.
I hate the fact that it is the globalists are pushing this agenda on our children and it needs to stop and our children need to be kept innocent.
That's what I'm saying.
But she's like on Instagram with like, it's like the strategic.
Go ahead.
So you just want to say, go ahead and say bad things about Blair White.
Go ahead.
No, not bad things about Blair White, but it's like,
He's posing on the Instagram with like the, uh, like, you know, holding guns and, and American flags.
And it's like that strategic capture you talk about.
Um, like, and then it's like pictures with you too.
And it's like,
I mean, like... Yeah, it's not a secret that I've been on Blair White's podcast.
It is not a secret.
It is not a secret and I did not make it a secret.
And I told you earlier, I am not a hypocrite and I am not up here.
I have my own things in my life that could be better and could be perfect.
I'm not gonna judge somebody that's an adult and has made the decision to live as a woman.
I am not against...
Blair White.
And so if you think I'm like a Baptist preacher that doesn't ever speak out against abortion, but tells you don't say the GD, I'm not that person, dude.
I'm fighting the big, huge issues.
I love God and I love people.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
We're taking phone calls right now.
I'm gonna go right back to your calls.
Some stations don't carry the first five minutes, but a lot do.
That's when they carry news.
And so a lot of you might have missed the call.
A caller called in.
It was very friendly, very nice, very reasonable.
And I appreciate your call.
And said, you're really worried about transgenderism and our children, but you've gone on Blair White, who's a very nice transgender male to female person, who first came on my show as a listener 10 years ago to say that they did not believe in targeting children and gun control and the whole leftist ideology attached to Blair White's decision to be what Blair White is.
And so I said, I don't hate anybody.
I don't want the targeting of children.
I don't want the sexualization of children by Rachel Levine.
I don't want them covering up fluoride in the water for the children.
There's an evil agenda that is behind pushing this to children and Caitlyn Jenner and all the rest of it.
That doesn't mean then I hate people.
I'm not comparing myself to Jesus, but Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors, what was seen as the worst in society, and he pointed out, but look at the Pharisees.
They're doing far worse stuff behind closed doors.
They're hypocrites.
And so, that's where I'm at.
I agree.
We are who we really are born as.
We should accept what God did.
The system's trying to confuse that, confuse children.
But the people that have been sucked in by this, that's why it's gone from one in a thousand being transgender 50 years ago to, you know, one in ten in San Francisco with the kids, is because they're confusing them.
They ask little boys, do you like little boys or little girls?
Well, I like little boys more.
Little boys want to play with little boys.
Oh, you're gay!
Or little girls, you're like, little girls, you're a lesbian!
So yeah, we know the evil agenda.
I spend hours a week, sometimes hours a day, talking about this.
But it doesn't mean we hate the individual.
If Blair White was saying, I want to sexualize children and I want to take kids away from people and sterilize them, I would say Blair White was the devil.
We should get Blair White on the show soon.
But Blair White's been speaking out for a decade since Blair White went public against that.
So all I'm saying is,
I don't hate people as long as they're adults and not hurting any innocent people.
And so to me, to talk about scales of evil, going out and drunk driving where you could potentially kill somebody on a scale of things that's against God is way worse than somebody getting confused when they're young.
Go into this process and then now they are this thing and we're going to hate them.
We should reach out to these people so they're not controlled by the leftist ideology and the left wants to ban.
The populace, the Christians, the right wing, reaching out to people and saying, hey, maybe you're not happy in your gay lifestyle because it's so on average corrupt and uses people and leaves you isolated and depressed.
Not because people are being mean to you because you're gay, but because the lifestyle and the people in it are so incredibly destructive.
So I don't hate the gay man or the lesbian woman.
I'm saying the group you're in statistically is who is abusing you.
And the system likes what's happened to you and is trying to promote it because it sees it as destructive so you won't have children.
It'll break down society.
They're using you as a victim.
And when someone says, hey, I want to be conservative, hey, I want to figure out what happened, hey, I don't like the Levitz agenda, that's the beginning of an outreach to these people instead of hating them.
And that's really where I am.
So I don't sit up here and go, well you're gay and so I'm better than you, because no, I need to understand that, I need to know that, and then it has any political agenda that's leftist or going after kids, you're my enemy!
And they're now trying to get the left and all the people that are confused about what they are to join in the agenda of World War III and open borders and brainwashing kids.
They're sucking them all in and telling them we're all out to get them and hate them.
I think we should be more Christ-like and tell these people, no, we care about you and we really want you to understand the bigger agenda.
We're all discovering this together at the same time.
Rob Aguero is one of the producers, one of the researchers in there.
He wanted to pop in because I was asking the crew their view during the break, and I think Rob had a very important facet to this.
Go ahead, Rob.
Alright Alex, you hit the nail on the head when you said that it's all about confusion.
These people are confused, and that's, you're right, we need to lend a hand out and actually help these people.
And it goes back to, you know, our caller, he's very, he's confused as well because we're pushing, or we're not pushing, we're giving a platform to these people to talk, but it's, like you said, it's because we don't hate them, and we need to reach out and help them and anybody else.
So everybody who, you know, which for lack of better words is a Bible thumper who follows Christ very, very heavily,
They're confused because we're not disowning them, which they shouldn't be doing at all.
We don't hate anybody.
They shouldn't be hating anybody, no matter how different their ideology is.
We should be lending the hand out and helping them to realize that, hey, if you're going to live this Christ-like life, then you want to believe that God gave you
You know the body and you want to trust God and you need to realize that you might be you know confused and we're here to help you so that that's nobody ever hates anybody especially in this establishment all we want is society to get along and help people further because if we keep getting divided and fighting over these stupid things like the Bud Light or like Gillette I mean we're only getting further and further apart and they're only winning
Absolutely, and everything the system pushes is destructive.
And I'll say this, I hate to sin and I can't help it, I hate people that target kids, I hate pedophiles, I hate the globalists, I hate David Rockefeller, I hate Zbigniew Brzezinski, I hate Bill Gates, but at the same time I catch myself sometimes driving in the car just thinking about the most horrible thoughts about my enemies and the horrible things I want to do to them.
And God says, that's not Christ-like.
Defeat them, stop them, and do that, but don't get on their level.
Don't give them the hate back.
Love is more powerful as a stronger force.
And so that's what it comes down to.
I mean, I've gone on Blair White's show and explained how they put chemicals in the water to confuse kids and try to target them when they're little to break them up with their families and how that's wrong.
And then Blair White agrees.
I'm reaching out to that whole audience.
And then you read all these transgender people in the comments going, oh, I see why they don't like Alex.
He's actually nice.
Yeah, I do think they're doing this to us.
Blah, blah, blah.
I don't feel that way either.
We're not letting the Democrats brand who that group is that's growing and exploding because they've set them up as the victims.
Rob, anything else?
No, you said it right.
I mean, they keep coming after our kids and we have to come together.
Like, whether you disagree with what Blair is doing, I mean, she's saving the kids, so at least, you know, reach out a hand and be like, hey, let's do this together instead of hating everybody at the same time.
And you know, the people get mad, you said, sheesh, it's a man who believes they're a woman living as a woman.
And you can say, yeah, that's a biological man.
We don't hate the person.
We don't disrespect the person.
We understand the brainwashing, the programming and the chemicals that have led to all of this.
And we are all in this same process as well.
We need to recognize what's been done to us and pull back in a compassionate way so that those that aren't evil will join us and then we're going to win.
Appreciate you being with us.
Hey Alex, I got a good connection?
There's a lot of problems going on.
A lot of people are talking about different types of monetary systems.
A lot of people have talked bad about the universal basic income.
What I am proposing is something similar to universal basic income, but
A big difference, universal basic income, you have to borrow the money.
What I'm proposing is what's called a national dividend.
For years, I was the producer for Byron Dale's radio show, and we had everybody on with monetary ideas, post office banks, gold bugs, silver bugs.
I think so.
So this is something, I don't know if I'll see it in my lifetime, I doubt if you'll see it,
There are some steps that can be made.
You know Ellen Brown with the state bank system.
That's a public banking system.
It doesn't even have to be a state bank.
I totally agree.
We need state banks.
There was a big fight at the beginning of the country over that and we went with the private bank model.
I think you have government banks and state banks and local banks and private banks.
I think the model is a hybrid of all of them.
And I think we should have competing currencies.
You know, people should be able to accept whatever currency they want, and then the markets that are most inducive to human life will be adopted through the free market.
That's what we'll end up with.
Hold on.
You probably have more to add.
Give me 60 seconds more, David.
We'll come back.
Stay with us.
For those who just joined us, David just called in.
All right.
We held him over from Ohio.
He's talking about monetary diversity.
Instead, we have monetary vertical integration of banks all over the world in just a few megabanks.
And they're bringing out the World Central Bank Digital Currency System that tracks what you do, controls what you do, decides where you spend money, devalues money, does whatever it wants.
It is the absolute endgame of these people.
And he's talking about federal banks, state banks, local banks, and also private corporate banks.
We need more banks.
We need more currencies.
Any other points you'd like to add, David?
Yeah, there's just one more point I wanted to make.
And I make a lot of enemies when I say this.
I want to make it real clear.
You'll hear a lot of discussion about what's wrong with our money system is that our fiat money is not backed by anything.
And I want to make it real clear to everyone, our money, our fiat money is fully backed.
The only way money is created is through a loan.
If you get a mortgage, your house backs the money.
If you get a car, the car backs the money.
If you go to college, your labor backs the money.
That's how money is created.
And if you can go back to the Federal Reserve Act discussion, there were some smart congressmen.
They said, hey, if we do this, what's going to back our money?
And their questions were answered.
All the assets and all the labor of all Americans back our money.
And that's the problem is
That's what backs our money.
So if the Chinese come in and say, we got treasury bonds, we want Yellowstone.
We have to sell it to them.
We want all the docks on the West Coast.
Oh, hey, not just the Chinese.
It's still secret with the U.S.
government, but it came out in Brazil.
They made the Brazilian government pledge the national lands, everything to Pfizer to give an experimental shot.
So they knew it was deadly.
They knew it was a problem.
They knew it would cause liability.
And then those companies now have the country's mortgage to them.
A perfect plan.
Thanks for the call.
Perfect, unless it gets exposed.
Rick in Tennessee, thanks for holding her on the air.
Yeah, hi Alex.
It's an honor.
Just so people know I'm not shooting from the hip, I want to give a little background.
And that is, I was raised as a farm boy.
I lived in land that was taken by New York City for the reservoir.
I ended up in Vietnam and after that I worked for a pharmaceutical company and then I went to medical school.
Certainly I've lost faith in all that.
I think that people have had it too easy for too long in this country.
They need to start practicing hardships.
One thing they can do is they can boycott all these woke companies.
Now when it comes to Bud Light, it's more than that.
It's Anheuser-Busch.
People need to do the research and look at those things and cut them off.
When they have a hundred million people that aren't
We're good to go.
One other thing I want to say is I want to go back to one of your old ads and that is that people are sitting on money.
Your money isn't going to be any good.
You need to get out there and support companies like you.
People need to, if they want to look to the future and what they can do for their families and homes, they need to get your book.
They need to get Flynn's book.
They need to get a homesteading book.
You can't just move from the city out and buy a little piece of country and think you're going to make it on a farm.
Believe me, I know from the farm days, we had a dairy farm and it was constant work.
Um, the other thing is, is that, that words mean a lot.
They really matter.
This isn't corruption that we're seeing.
It's criminality.
These people are criminals.
Uh, you know, all these people we're dealing with are insane.
They don't think of collateral damage.
They have their sights set on one thing.
The whole thing's going to implode.
They're going to lose in the end.
Because truth and rationality come through.
Sooner or later, people have to face reality.
So reality wins by default.
So people can keep their heads about them, look at things, look at the truth, search for the truth, don't believe anything you're seeing and hearing, because it's all propaganda and lies.
That's obvious by listening to Biden.
You know, search for the truth, search for reality, and go that route, because you're going to end up winning in the end.
Well, I couldn't say it any better than you just said it, Rick.
Their system's coming down, their old bubble is collapsing.
They want to pose as the savers as the old bubble goes down to bring in a scam a hundred times worse, and we can't let them do it.
Thank you so much for the call.
We're another call in a moment, but first, please remember, I didn't even plug last hour, we've got the great Alex Jones for President t-shirt, that's a very thought-provoking shirt, great-looking shirt, high-quality fabric, and we also have the Trump mugshot shirt, political prisoner, and it's a fundraiser shirt, they're both high-quality shirts.
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Get the two limited edition shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com.
And I thank you all for your support.
We cannot fund the operation without you.
Thank you so much.
Let's go back to the calls.
Steve in Georgia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Alex, God bless you, brother.
Keep up the good work.
I just want to make a point about Trump.
When he said the first time he was going to get in there and drain the swamp, after it was all said and done, I've heard him on making speeches after, you know, the term was over.
He said he didn't know who the bad people were when he got in there the first time.
And now that he knows who they are, if he gets back in there, he's going to get them.
They're going to prison.
Now, should we give him a second chance or not?
That's what I was going to make a point about, too.
I think we should.
By the way, I love your voice.
I have a great uncle who died a few years ago who talked just like you.
He sounded 100% like him.
And you know who he sounded like?
Festus from Gunsmoke.
Has anybody ever told you you sound like Festus?
No, no, but I went to a rodeo one time.
I was born and raised in Alabama.
Same town Jim Nabors was born in.
My mother went to high school with him.
So, I'm raised in Alabama.
I got this real Southern voice.
And everybody, when they hear it the first time, that's never heard a real Southerner talk, they're like, where are you from?
A lot of folks talk like you in East Texas, brother.
We love you.
And then Biden, that one time I heard Biden say, you know, if we had a revolution, you know, we were to rise up against the federal government.
He just kind of laughed and said,
Do you know what kind of war that would be with them going up against me and my jet and all the weapons that we have?
And I'm going, 331 million people against our military.
I don't know what kind of battle that would be.
Oh, sir, I want to totally agree with you.
If there is a real guerrilla war, and the globalists start it, the people know who the enemy is, they'll be wiped out.
It's like Swallowsville said, we'll use nuclear weapons.
Nuclear weapons destroy whole cities, including their people.
No, you don't take out airfields with your guns shooting on F-16s.
You take out... I'm not saying do this.
You take them out when they're on the ground.
You take out the pilots on the ground.
You take them out of their house.
These people know nothing about warfare that say they're going to start a war with the American people and win.
They're fools.
Yeah, they don't know what they're doing when they get in the fight with the southern people anyway because we're going to shoot first and ask questions later.
And I'm prepared.
I got plenty of ammo.
I understand.
We know how to skin a bucket, run a trot line, and do a lot of other stuff.
Appreciate your call, brother.
Really appreciate your call.
Alright, more phone calls are straight ahead, stay with us.
Alright, I want to go right back to your calls before I make one point, because this is really something that sticks in my craw, as they say, or my brain.
You've seen Biden recently, but a few years ago, Swallow's Well.
A lot of them made the comments about, the right wing wants a civil war, the right wing wants violence, and we'll use the military to crush you, you have the most powerful military on earth.
Well, A, that's a lie.
That we want war with the military, and the right wing wants a violent revolution.
And this short war Swallow's Well talks about.
And it'll be a short war, my friend.
The government has nukes.
Too many of them, but they're legit.
I'm sure if we talk, we can find common ground to protect our families and communities.
And Biden said, you know, they've got F-18s or whatever.
The real war, before it becomes physical, which we want to stop, is knowing who the globalists are, and that they stage attacks, and that they want a physical war because they're losing.
The real war is not having the physical war, winning it peacefully.
But if it does go to that, they release a new virus, you know they already did it, they've done it again, they're the ones that are behind it.
And it's not the military or the police.
They may get in the way of us having to protect ourselves.
They keep attacking us with bioweapons, you know, we're defending ourselves.
But you need to, it's like in a war in the woods, you want to not shoot the trees, that's the police and the military, you know, it's little bunny rabbits, your little demons you're going after.
And so, this is a high-value target situation if it goes to physical war, which I'm not calling for.
So, you see the high-rise apartment upbringing, and I'm not bashing folks that grew up like that, but they don't really know how the world works.
I haven't studied the military, I haven't studied history.
They think, oh, we got nuclear weapons, we got aircraft carriers, that's going to defeat a city.
The Russians have dumped now over 600,000 troops, conservatively, into Ukraine.
They've lost at least 200,000.
And that's because the Ukrainians, a large portion of them, are not giving up.
And they've got old beefs with the Russians, even though they're basically the same people.
The Russians will fight, the Ukrainians will fight, basically pretty close to the same group.
It's a Slavic civil war.
So it doesn't matter how many tanks and helicopters and troops the Russians have, the Ukrainians wait in their foxholes or wait in their dugouts with their rocket launchers and machine guns and wait till they see the Russians and fire from the whites of their eyes, like Colonel Jackson said.
In 1814, we took a little trip, along with Colonel Jackson to the mighty Mississippi.
Took a little bacon, took a little beans.
We fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans.
Let's get that song coming in the next segment.
I'll be back to calls in a minute.
So, I don't want that war, but if the American people know who the enemy is, the leftists, the UN people, the bureaucrats, the people that are giving the orders, it'll be like a moose hunt.
For those that don't know, they only give out a few tags for moose, there's not many of them.
You gotta wait years to get a tag, and then you gotta go out and hope you find a moose.
And then when you find them, they're a big old target, they ain't hard to hit.
So, we don't want to go to that, but
They want to have a war where we're white against black, or all gay against straight, all this stuff.
So when they start the civil war to bring us down, we all kill each other.
We don't want to have a civil war where we don't kill anybody.
But if the globalists know the war is going to be on them, they're not going to start this war.
And that's why it's important to identify they're the ones releasing the viruses, identify they're the ones shipping the fentanyl, identify they're the ones destroying the currency and cutting off the energy, that they're the enemy, so that if they start their physical war,
Then people know who actually runs things.
Like if you want to get rid of a fire ant bed, you can put a biological chemical on it, a biological treatment that sterilizes the queen.
And then the whole ant hive dies.
So if it goes to that, I don't want to go kill all the worker ants and the warrior ants.
I want to get the queen.
And I don't mean physically.
You can sterilize the Queen by exposing their agenda in the New World Order, and then there's nothing they can do because the dog won't hunt.
That's the perfect analogy.
Texas A&M.
Remember, if you lived in Texas, especially in the 80s and stuff, fire ants were in the trees, the ground, all over your house, in your electrical, they were everywhere.
I lived outside Dallas.
You'd go outside, there'd be these black mounds on every field.
Fire ants everywhere.
Texas A&M came up with a way to sterilize the Queens.
They're 90% mitigated.
Which is as good as they killed most of the birds and other animals.
So it's the same thing.
I'd rather kind of like they're sterilizing us.
They don't want a frontal attack.
I want to sterilize their ideas.
I want to castrate their ideas.
And so I keep going back to that.
That's where we're really going to win this fight.
That's why they're all about censorship, because they know we know how to stop them non-violently.
But if it does go to a physical war, they won't be able to get leadership, whoever their local kingpins are running it, if those people
Take a little, uh, dirt nap.
Get little angel wings pinned on their back.
But we don't want to go there.
But we also need to know, if they release another bioweapon, and they're trying to round us up and put us all in FEMA camps, you know, I'm not going to sit here and lie to you.
I'm not going to go out and do anything.
My job is...
I'll be wrong.
They'll kill my ass.
I'm not saying they'll kill me if I go fight them.
I mean, they really dropped the hammer.
There's a lot of folks that are going to take it out.
You'll know that the hammer's getting dropped because a lot of us will get taken out right before they do it.
They'll kill Senator Paul.
They'll kill Trump.
They'll kill me.
They'll kill whoever they know.
It's not going to go along.
I really don't want that to happen, and so I'm working towards stopping it.
But I know this, long after I'm a skeleton in the ground, and not too long after, our enemies will be defeated.
So, that's where we're at.
We've got to win.
The children are counting on us.
That's how serious it is.
David in Las Vegas, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Great to talk to you.
I'm going to be ordering an Electra Pure in about a half hour.
I want to get off the phone with you.
I wanted to talk to you about your friend and major talent, Richard Belzer, who died a few weeks ago.
Thank you.
You had mentioned you were going to maybe get back to talking about him, and I have an amusing story of an experience with him that I think you'll enjoy.
Yeah, Richard Belzer was a great guy, really smart.
Tell me the story.
OK, so I own a company that rents music gear out of Las Vegas, you know, drums, guitar, amps, keyboards, known as Backline.
That's what that type of gear is.
And Belzer, as part of his comedy act, had a little band, a little jazz band he would bring.
So I got sent down to San Diego with a big company to do a corporate event.
And Belzer was the talent.
I was there supporting his band.
And the corporation that was hosting the event was the Association of Pharmaceutical Retailers.
And Belzer completely shredded these guys, you know.
He was a real true classic liberal and a comedian, kind of in the vein of a George Carlin.
So he gets up there.
And they, of course, made the mistake of hiring Belzer for their little pharmaceutical meeting.
He gets up and the first thing he says is, hey, thanks for having me, pharmaceutical retailers.
Anyone here from Bayer?
Bayer Aspirin, anyone?
Of course, the people from Bayer wave from their little table.
And he says, hey, so you guys invented heroin to help people get off of morphine.
Way to go, guys!
And now, of course, ooh, the hush goes over the crowd.
They start squirming in their seats.
He goes over to somebody from CVS or Walgreens.
He's like, you know, he's walking around with a spotlight and a wireless mic.
Hey, what's your name, sir?
You look important.
And the guy goes, John.
He's like, what do you do for a living there, John, at Walgreens?
He's like, well, I'm in charge of distribution.
So you get to work every day.
You get there, you get a cup of coffee, right?
What's your day look like?
Nine o'clock.
What do you got to do?
And I said, well, I get on the phone and I call the distributors and make sure that everybody's getting the product.
And then I shoot off a few emails.
So he's like, OK, so what's that take you about 15, 20 minutes to do that?
Oh, great.
OK, so what's the rest of the day look like?
And of course, this guy is squirming.
And then he goes to a guy next to him.
And what about you?
What's your name?
He said, Bill.
Well, what do you do, Bill?
Well, I'm John's assistant.
I'm like, and he's like, oh, so John, so you don't even call the distributors.
This guy does all the work.
So what do you guys do all day?
It just went on and on.
People started getting up out of their chairs and going for the exits, and he would beg, hey, where do you think you're going?
And he just was riding them like a government mule.
It was just... Hold on.
David, I got to hear the rest of the story.
Don't hang up.
We'll continue in the next hour.
I'm going to get to every one of these calls.
But I want to hear the rest about Richard Belzer.
Yeah, he was a great guy.
Super smart.
We'll be right back.
To all the idiot leftists.
That think the U.S.
military could dominate and control the American people and we didn't want to be.
Look what happened in Vietnam.
We put millions of troops in there over that 10-year war.
About 7 million troops.
And the Vietnamese wouldn't give up, so they couldn't be beaten.
Well, you try that with the American people, you're going to fail.
But we don't want to go there.
Because the feds would just blow up a bunch of buildings and say we did it to set the paradigm, have the general public think that the rebels did it, and we'd be off the races.
You have to expose their system first.
David in Las Vegas, I'm going to rampage quicker through the calls, but you wanted to finish up with your Richard Belzer story.
Oh, just that he was a terrific guy.
And really, that's a classic liberal.
And the power of comedy, it's what we've got as our gift.
To get to break through all the nonsense.
I agree, and I need to do it more.
We need more classical liberals, not all these, what you call them today, fascists.
Yeah, and you know, I just wanted to also speak to Harrison Smith at just what a unique talent that that man has to keep things somehow lighthearted while really hammering home really important points.
Um, and he's just terrific.
And also Owen and yourself, of course, and just the previous caller who had spoken about Blair White.
I think it really speaks to your integrity that you have a relationship with somebody like that and with Gaze for Groomers to see Owen Schroyer, who we all know how he feels about things.
He's not shy.
And he has a reasonable, intelligent conversation with the woman from Gays Against Groomers.
By the way, I want that lady on my show, too.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you, sir.
We gotta move quicker.
Great call.
Let me mention this about real liberals.
I don't agree with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
on some topics, but he's a man of integrity that fights fluoride and poison shots and fentanyl and everything else.
He's a good man.
His father was a good man who was assassinated.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
has officially announced he's running for president.
He didn't just file two days ago.
He came out yesterday and said, I am running against Joe Biden.
That's a good thing.
When they killed his daddy, when it was one of the primaries, he's got a lot of guts and I really support him, the Democratic nomination.
And if he backed off gun control, which he didn't really talk about,
I don't know.
Hey Alex!
Thank you, thank you.
Great to speak to you again.
I guess the first time I saw you was at the second Stop the Steal where you were like, what do we want?
And I was the first one to say it, freedom.
And yeah, you reached over it and you gave me a high five.
That was great.
I'm like, wow.
And again, we went to the Georgia Capitol and went in, we're peaceful.
Went to all those other capitals, we're peaceful.
And we did not go to the U.S.
Capitol to be violent.
No, we didn't.
We were there.
Perfect scenes and everything.
And what I wanted to tell that last caller that was like, Oh, we need to be violent.
We need to flush blood.
Okay, Ray Epps.
Yeah, the military's not our enemy.
They're the ones being hit with poison shots.
We need to win the info war.
And we're winning and we're winning big.
And we just don't see it because a lot of people are focused on the negative.
What is always available is the right thing and the positive.
We're winning the hearts and minds of the people.
Their own people are flipping against them, so if they actually do try to carry out the final plan or whatever they have in store for us, who's to say that their own people are going to flip on them?
It's gonna end up like the beginning scenes of The Dark Knight, where the Joker pretty much kills everyone else.
It's a total setup.
The idiots going along with it are fools.
We need to reach out to those, not the evil ones, they know what they're doing, but most of them are minions.
We gotta reach out to them and at least try to wake them up.
And I've had big success, I think others should do it.
Thank you, Angel.
Buttons in Maine, you're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hi Alex, thank you for taking my call.
Thank you.
I love you and I want to let you know that your products are great.
I really love the Brain Force.
My man loves the CBD oil.
But I'm calling because I wanted to speak about the Proud Boys.
My man's a Proud Boy and it's a really great fraternity.
They've had a really positive impact on our lives.
And I know they're demonized as like a street gang.
No, they never started fights.
They defend to an anti-attack, men, women and children.
They're a great organization set up by the feds.
I mean, there's gay men, black men, Hispanic men.
There's men from every walk of life in the Proud Boys.
And that's why it scared the system.
Yeah, and they support each other to help make each other the best men that they can be.
They support the nuclear family.
I mean, especially the South Carolina boys have been aggressively protesting the groomer clowns down there.
I think Gavin McGinnis is a wonderful person.
I think the Proud Boys are a wonderful group.
And they got set up on January 6th, a very small group of them.
And they're all innocent.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And we haven't forgotten about our political prisoners, not just the Proud Boys, but all of them.
And they're scared of a fraternity of men that are of every group, one group, men, standing up for just being good, decent people.
I agree with you.
And they're very inclusive.
That's why they scared the left so much, why they've been persecuted.
And just like every group, I mean, the majority of them, it's a drinking club.
They tell burp and fart jokes.
They get together one month and have a few beers.
Absolutely, thank you for the call.
It's like when Marjorie Taylor Greene was going to go give a peaceful speech and they physically attacked her and the mayor said she was basically a criminal terrorist.
I mean, they don't want us to have our speech, okay folks, because we're beating them.
Joe in Ohio, thanks for calling.
Hey, how you doing?
Good, thanks for holding.
Hey, I just have two little dirty words for the left, and I don't hear this being talked about very often, but constitutional convention.
That is the most peaceful way that we could
Raise our hands to the government and say, look, we need to change this stuff.
They have layered so many laws over the Constitution, it's not even effective anymore.
What other peaceful means do we have?
Well, constitutional conventions are very dangerous, but they're in the Constitution for a reason.
So if the right states did it and had the right amendments, that would be something that could be good.
But the enemy could hijack a CONCON.
I do a lot of dangerous stuff, but I hear you.
It's in the Constitution for a reason, because it's an option.
What do you think some of the new amendments should be?
Abolish the Federal Reserve?
Congress could do that anyways.
Start our own currency.
Term limits.
Cap on the budget.
No foreign involvement in wars.
There's just so many.
We've come so far from what the Founding Fathers actually intended for us.
I think it's something that should be discussed.
The problem is we already have the Constitution that the President can't launch wars without Congress, but it's still happening.
I think we should enforce the Constitution.
How do we do that?
To do it non-violently?
We see what they did with January 6th.
If you're even carrying a cell phone, you're going to get tagged as, you know, some kind of instigator.
This is why I was thinking the convention, if we could stop them in their tracks.
I mean, I almost wish we could impeach under a convention, because it would seem we need to do that, and our representatives are not fairly representing us.
Everybody blames the Democrats, but
If you look at the Republicans, they allow these things to go through.
They're part of the problem.
Now, I hear you, Joe.
We should have a whole debate, a whole show, with different guests from different angles about a constitutional convention.
Of course, there's two ways to do it.
And then we could do it at the stage or two-thirds of Congress.
Thank you for the call.
We're going to go to break.
Talk to Kristen, a few other callers, and then one of my favorite guest hosts.
Definitely the fieriest and most entertaining.
Drew Hernandez will take over in the fourth hour.
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Hour number four, with your calls, Drew Hernandez, straight ahead.
You know, I have a rule when folks call in from foreign countries, I try to go to them earlier, but I have a bad habit of just looking at how long they've been on hold and going to the next caller in the order they're received.
So Chris has been holding over an hour from England.
I appreciate Christian holding.
You want to talk about the People vs. the New World Order.
Go ahead and thanks for holding.
Hi Alex, it's Christian in Baltimore, England.
And I have information about helping take down the New World Order.
Tell me.
All governance in our countries is based on governance by consent.
Well, there was a guy in Britain, in England, in 2013, proved in case law that they don't actually have our consent.
See, a statute is a legislative rule given force of law by the consent of the governed.
Without the consent of the governed, that rule does not apply.
And he won a tribunal
And he won on those terms, on that fact.
And what was that case?
What was that case?
His name is Baron David Ward, and he wrote something called the Baron David Ward Affidavit.
When he won the case, he then, two years later, it took him two years to write this affidavit, because if you get the facts in an affidavit wrong, you go to prison for a very long time.
He then sent that affidavit off to 657 members of Parliament with the invite to rebut.
None of them did.
No rebuttals.
657 times.
Half of Parliament are lawyers.
And the other half have had that.
Well, there's no doubt these governments don't have the consent of the government and have hijacked things, so where are you going with this?
Well, this is actually case law.
It's court-stamped and signed.
Therefore, they've agreed to it.
Their own system.
So it's a weapon that you can use against them by sending off this case law and affidavit to destroy any and all statutes because a statute is a legislative rule.
Even a year ago the Supreme Court ruled that these agencies like the EPA shutting down coal power plants don't have law.
It's the same thing.
So what's the name of the case again?
The Baron David Ward Affidavit.
The Baron David Ward affidavit.
I'll check into it.
I'll check into it.
Thank you.
Okay, let's go to Sean in Chicago.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Alright, so one thing I've been thinking about a long time and I've been listening to you since 9-11 is they're linguistic geniuses.
They trick us.
They even tricked you and I. We call it the Great Reset.
It's not a great reset, it's a great calling.
And I think if we start calling it that, maybe more people can wake up to see what it is that they're after to do.
I totally agree.
What are your thoughts, my friend?
We should define it.
It's the great collapse, the great depopulation.
A great calling.
Call it that.
I've actually called that a lot many years ago.
That's what Dr. Remo Labo calls it.
That's where I learned it, my friend, listening to you.
No, no, I wasn't like, hey, I said that first, you're right, that's the term to use, is this is the Great Calling right now.
It's the Great Calling.
It's just started, slowly, but it's the Great Calling.
They're setting the precedent to release weapons and release shots that kill us, and just normalize it.
It's upon us.
Now Fauci says a new bioweapon's coming next year.
Yeah, they've already started killing us.
The Great Calling is here.
We're living it.
And it's all a test to see what we'll put up with.
Yeah, and unfortunately, we just keep taking it.
Well, I agree that I wish people would have woken up more of it.
It's woken a lot of people up, though.
Oh, tons of people.
The people all around me.
People are walking up to me at work and talking to me.
You know, they're like, how'd you know all that stuff?
And I tell them, listen to Alex.
And so we got to call Microsoft.
We got to call Bill Gates.
We got to call Congress.
We got to let them all know.
We know you did it.
Do it again.
You know, we're going to bring you... They're already talking about criminal charges in Congress against Fauci.
So, as negative as it is, a lot of positive things.
Great call.
Thank you, Sean.
Now look, I'm going to take calls again tomorrow on Friday.
But don't... Folks, here's the phones.
Remind me tomorrow.
They'll give us their name and number.
Gold, Harold and Josh.
We took like 20 calls.
I don't have time to get to you because I don't want to cut into Drew Hernandez.
Those two syndicated shows a day.
It's gracious to come once a week and do an hour here with us.
So Drew Hernandez is loaded for bear.
I'm going to go eat my lunch, take care of paperwork, work on a bunch of stuff while I listen to Drew Hernandez the next hour.
And then in one hour, Owen Schroyer with The War Room.
I intend to take the InfoWars armored truck out, or the InfoWars tank as it's so lovingly called.
You came through yesterday and shopped at InfoWarsStore.com, so I'm going to be able to take the truck out.
All righty, ladies and gentlemen, Infowarriors, thought criminals, committing thought felonies all over the United States, worldwide, the anti-globalist New World Order movement that finds themselves here only on Infowars.com banned dot video.
Hey, I'm just gonna give a disclaimer right now, all Cuckservatives and CuckNN lovers and anyone that just
Can I hear a difference of an opinion or something that's a little too in-your-face or a little too aggressive politically or ideologically?
Listen, just go to your safe space right now.
Just gonna be completely honest with you right now.
I'm not gonna sit here and try and baby you and coddle you and make sure you feel okay and your feelings aren't hurt and you're mentally stable and your mental illness isn't going off the charts.
No, no, no, no, no.
There's no time for that.
That type of mentality and behavior with all the cuckery going on and the political correctness and people bending the knee to the woke mob and the totalitarian New World Order regimes on both sides in the unit party, do not be deceived.
The two-party system is absolutely against you and your family.
You can identify very quickly who's truly America first.
Pro-humanity, pro-Christ, pro-God, that believes in the traditional values that got humanity to this point here in the future in 2023.
Which, by the way, when you take a look at the radical New World Order agenda, whether it's coming from the left, whether it's coming from the right, it is all anti-Christ, demonic, satanic in origin, and it's always an attack on God himself.
And those that are made in the image of God, which is us, humanity.
And when you speak about the transgender movement, let me just make a pretty obvious point to the viewers right now, is that trans people
Just don't exist.
You know, this is my view.
Because, you know, if trans people have gender dysphoria, and it's a mental illness, let me just put it out there, it's just a figment in their imagination.
It's an alternate reality that these people find themselves living in, and at the end of the day, they're just homosexuals or lesbians, which is against God as well.
You take a look at these woke cards like Dylan Mulvaney, all right?
You got, listen, the New World Order compartmentalizes.
There's ranks, there's systems.
You take a look at how the military is set up.
It's the same way with the New World Order.
You got Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates at the top.
You got these people that are the big, you know, the Rockefellers.
You got these individuals that have been making moves, the Bilderbergs, these people that Alex Jones has been exposing for decades now.
The big players, the George Soros's of the world, with billion-dollar budgets to place in other little agents of Satan, crooked DAs, crooked politicians, that we're seeing fully functional and operational right now, especially in New York, a George Soros-backed crooked DA
That is going after President Donald J. Trump right now with an indictment, an arraignment, an arrest made for the entire world to see.
Which, by the way, in my opinion, only made President Trump look more powerful and stronger.
I don't know about you guys, but when I saw that arraignment, I see Trump walk into the courthouse.
It just, it looks like New York, just straight gangster stuff.
You know what I mean?
Like, to my, the optics to me, I'm like, that's, that's a political martyr right there, man.
Like, that's pretty gangster.
I know Trump's got his problems.
Operation Warp Speed.
And if you're a viewer of Info Wars, you know exactly.
What those problems are and we want to see Trump flip on the death poison.
We want to see him denounce it continually and never fall into something like that ever again.
But, to his credit, the deep state, the shadow government,
The satanic agents of Lucifer are continuing to go after him, his family.
These people have destroyed his family, destroyed his entire legacy.
History will be rewritten by these people that President Donald J. Trump was Adolf Hitler 2.0 and everyone that wore a mega hat was like the next SS.
We all know that because that's why they say that continually.
That's what Adolf Hitler did very
Strategically and effectively, you tell a lie big enough that people will believe it and you continue to tell it continually and consistently and the masses will just accept it as truth.
That is what they're effectively doing with President Trump, his legacy.
I mean, you really think about Trump, a beloved, iconic, not political figure, a cultural figure, right?
With everything that he's done with real estate in New York, an icon for decades, everybody loved Trump.
Black people and rappers always referencing him when they're talking about making big money.
He's literally a metaphor in black culture, synonymous with making millions of dollars.
Come on, dude!
How do you go from such a beloved, iconic figure, the apprentice,
Making all of these mainstream waves in the culture goes from that to someone whose legacy being tarnished and destroyed for all of eternity.
Now why?
The reason why I make that point is because that is how the New World Order functions.
That is how propaganda functions.
They go after your entire character.
This is how the devil functions, by the way.
They go after and they slander your entire character.
They go after your family.
They strike fear into your family so that generations after you will fear and never ever even have a thought of rising like those past before you did rise up against them.
This is about people.
That are identifying people waking up to the reality that A, the New World Order and those in the shadow government exist 100% and you're seeing it on both sides.
Okay, we don't have to sit here and say that over and over again.
It's not that hard to prove.
It's not at all.
And people like Alex Jones have been absolutely vindicated and anyone else that spoke like this in the past 10 years.
Things have been expedited.
Things have been into overdrive.
We are in hyperspace right now, okay?
Because people are just going straight into the future and they're seeing everything just literally illuminated.
Their eyes are being opened and people are getting red-pilled and Christ-pilled and the truth is waking people up to the reality that these things exist and the origin of it all is Satan himself.
Now, the reason why I say this and I bring up President Trump is because this could be any one of us.
Look what they did to the J6 prisoners.
Look what they tried calling anyone that's mega, a mega Republican, a domestic terrorist.
Everything is white supremacist, even if you're black.
Even if you're brown like me, it doesn't matter.
If your ideas are pro-America, if you believe in the United States Constitution, you believe in American sovereignty, you believe in the Pledge of Allegiance, you love the National Anthem, whether you're white, whether you're black, whether you're brown, whether you're green, whatever, it's always the same psychological operation of cancel culture to shut down their political enemies.
That's white supremacy.
That is white nationalism.
That's Nazism.
That's fascist.
That is the white hegemonic power invading your mind to get you to believe that that's somehow normal because anything that's America is white supremacy.
When in reality we have millions of people every single year attempting to come to this country illegally, which
I despise totally, because we've lost our border.
I believe in national sovereignty as a country because that's how God instituted things.
But we also have people coming to this country legally as well.
Now the point with that is, if the United States of America is such a white supremacist, evil white nationalist place where black people and brown people can't even go and walk down the streets of the grocery store without being called the N-word, or Hispanic people being called, you know, the B-word,
Or the W word and there's just there's racism everywhere you look and I can't get a job because the color of my skin.
This is how these people act!
At the federal level, even at the presidency, the so-called presidency right now, with the New World Order puppets that are in there, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, these people peddle these lies at the federal mainstream level as well.
Now, if it's that bad, why are brown people and black people trying to get to this country, both illegally and legally, every single day?
You want to know why?
Because this country is far beyond greater than any country on the face of planet Earth.
Now, it doesn't look like that right now, but the American dream, the light on the hill,
That is exactly what the New World Order hates!
Now the PSYOP is everything I just explained to you.
How do you get an entire generation of American citizens to hate themselves, dismantle their own borders, invade their culture, invade their education, dismantle anything that is pro-America,
That is pro-patriot to their own country!
The commies and the globalists and the New World Order and the Satanists and Luciferians at the top, they successfully infiltrate every single one of those channels to get the American people themselves to hate themselves and their own country and cause a mass destabilization.
But you and I, the Thought Criminals and the Info Warriors, will not let it happen.
We'll be right back.
I need that Alex Jones for President t-shirt.
I'm going to order one right after this show when I'm done here.
I'm behind.
You know, I kind of want a custom one.
I want an Alex Jones for President t-shirt with the old school Cobra Commander on it.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, I would probably buy like maybe five or ten of those and just pass them out, you know what I mean?
Like, it's just, it's such a great concept, such a great shirt.
What do you guys think about that?
I know, and you know, shout out to everyone in the getter chat watching on Rumble, worldwide, on radio.
You know, I just want to thank everyone for tuning in.
That's such a great shirt, man.
Alex Jones for President 2024!
But I want a custom one!
I demand a custom one with Cobra Commander on it right now!
Right now!
Anyways, that's besides the point.
Well, speaking of 2024 and the presidential election, like I was saying before, we went to break.
This could be any one of us, guys.
This could be any one of us.
Just because you see guys like President Trump, you see guys like Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, you name it, right?
These figures that the deep state puts on trial in front of the entire world, political martyrs with their political persecution.
What did you guys see post J6?
They went after the supporters and those that make
Those individuals that listen to them, that follow them, that have the same ideas, have the same views.
Fast forward, 2022, they rolled out the mega Republicans, domestic terrorists.
And even in 2021, they were rolling out the FBI saying, if you wave a don't tread me flag, that's domestic terrorism.
You love the Second Amendment.
That's domestic terrorism.
That's a red flag.
That's a sign that you are being radicalized by the right wing to want to run around and kill people.
The point I was trying to make last segment is the New World Order and these globalist entities, the commies, whatever you want to call them, they're all agents of Lucifer.
They're masters of propaganda.
Linguistics, the way that they speak, the way that they manipulate the minds of people through the words that they say, because the, you know, I wouldn't even say the average IQ individual, the low IQ individuals, the woke-tard NPCs out there that just believe everything, you know, that
The homosexuals on CNN tell them every single day, you know what I mean?
Like, oh, yes!
Yes, Don Lemon!
Yes, I should hate white people!
Even though you're with a white guy!
Oh, yeah!
Yeah, Don Lemon!
Tell me how to live!
Tell me how to think Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper!
Those type of stupid people, you know who I'm talking about, right?
Those people are easy to deceive.
Those people are easy to manipulate.
Those people are easy, you know, the useful idiots, right?
But these people know how to jujitsu their way through words and sentences, propaganda.
Through the optics you see through social media, not just the fake news media cartel on CNN, CuckNN, MSNBC, and all these other outlets that they use, but TikTok, Instagram, big tech apparatuses, you name it, YouTube, that they're pumping all this garbage into the minds of children.
On one end, they know exactly that they're liars, they know that they're hypocrites, they know what they're saying doesn't correspond with reality, but that's not what they're trying to achieve.
That's why they lie.
That's why they propagate.
Because they're trying to mask.
It's a mirage of what the truth actually is.
And you get these people that believe it.
They believe the lies about President Trump.
They believe the lies about Alex Jones.
They believe the lies about Roger Stone.
They believe the lies about you.
And this could be any one of us.
The point here, the point here is what is MAGA?
American values, patriotism, and to Trump's credit, in the 2016 campaign, Roger Stone and all those guys that did a phenomenal job, they just simply branded American values!
They simply branded American values, and they branded the values that have been getting degraded by the deep state and the New World Order for the past 30, 50 years!
That's what amplified and put on a just rocket ship straight into space what this movement really was.
And the reason why I say that is this transcends the person of Donald Trump because the values they predate, they transcend who Donald J. Trump is.
He was just the catalyst.
That kicked this thing off.
So whether Trump is here or gone, these values remain.
They're not going anywhere.
That is what the New World Order hates.
It's about an individual coming out, speaking up, going against the establishment, going against the mainstream narrative, going against the current.
Of the New World Order that is falling down upon all of us.
And it doesn't matter if you're a billionaire from New York.
It doesn't matter if you're Alex Jones from Texas with a huge audience.
They just see them as targets because they have the biggest voices right now.
It could be you.
It could be me.
This will happen in the workplace.
That's what cancel culture is.
We've already seen these PSYOPs run on the American people.
Where you're afraid to say anything in the culture, you get cancelled at universities immediately.
They did it in Disney to Gino Carano.
They've done it in American culture.
They've done it in Hollywood.
They've done it in the music industry.
They've done it in education, in medicine.
Did you not live through 2020 and 2021?
We're the heroes of 2020, the doctors and the nurses that saved people's lives and hospitals by putting their lives on the line.
Oh, when they didn't want to take the death poison in 2021, they became the villains!
They became slandered and destroyed.
The point is, it doesn't matter if you are an individual, a teacher, a school bus driver, any one of us, the way that you get
A target on your back is when you start getting vocal, you start making some noise, and you start telling these people no.
And the moment you do that, you start waking up other people that feel the same way.
That's why they shadow ban anyone on YouTube.
That's why they de-platform anyone on social media that turns out this way, because they want to stop the masses from mobilizing.
So what's happening with President Trump
Just like everything that happened with Alex Jones when he got deplatformed, which in my opinion I think President Trump should have paid a lot more close attention to, which a lot of right-wing conservatives didn't, and now they are because they're all getting hit.
Infowars and Alex Jones was the tip of the spear, deplatformed, censored, destroyed on YouTube, but they're still standing.
We're all here still standing by God's grace, because you could never shut down and defeat the truth, because if God be for us, who could be against us?
That's why Banned.Video still exists today.
The devil will launch attacks until we're all dead and gone and whoever comes after us will pick up the baton and continue on into the future until Christ returns and takes us home.
These attacks are never going to stop.
But by God's grace and God's power, we stand here on our own two feet and we push back.
We continue to expose and we continue to say no.
And we continue to enlighten and wake up the public with true enlightenment.
That's Christ, his word and the light of God.
That's what the darkness hates.
But people need to understand this is you.
This is coming after you.
This is coming after your family because this is about values.
These people hate what you believe in.
They hate what you stand for.
This goes beyond Donald Trump.
This goes beyond Alex Jones, Drew Hernandez, your favorite commentator that's actually real.
This goes beyond any one of us.
Good versus evil, an attack on humanity, the New World Order empowered by Lucifer and the Antichrist going after you day by day, minute by minute.
These people do not sleep.
They do not stop.
If you're not awake by now, you better be awake, because this stuff is absolutely real.
We'll be right back.
Let's, uh, let's address the mentally ill pervert known as Dylan Mulvaney.
Dylan Mulvaney!
The pervert that's running around, targeting your kids, up and down TikTok, an individual being used by the, uh, CCP propaganda machine known as TikTok,
Millions of views targeting minors, little children, indoctrinating, confusing, and poisoning their minds with degeneracy, immorality, depravity, perversion, showing little kids what they call progression, which is actually
Morality being degraded 100%, it's quite the opposite.
But what I'll say is this, and I don't know if the crew, I'm pretty sure they can, if you guys can pull up a picture of Baphomet.
Baphomet with little children around him, right?
The depiction of Lucifer half beast, half man, half woman, always with little kids sitting around looking up to Baphomet.
This has been a depiction of Satan for centuries.
And you want to talk about the so-called trans movement.
I'll just use the term for now.
I don't believe trans people exist at all.
And there it is right there.
Always with little kids sitting at the side.
Looking up.
Half beast, half man, half female.
And you can argue maybe part angel as well with the wings on the back.
Because Lucifer is a fallen angel as well.
What is this really?
I know it's easy to make fun of Dylan Mulvaney because he's mentally ill, mentally unstable, but I think the darker and more serious issue is the state of the culture with the total depravity right now going on with the so-called LGBTQ movement.
Waving that damn flag around, hijacked the rainbow, which belongs to God, by the way.
It just seems like these people steal everything.
They steal the rainbow from God.
They want to steal your children.
They want to steal their genitals, chop them up, sell them for a profit.
Always with children.
The epitome, listen, I'll say this, Dylan Mulvaney is the epitome of evil.
Alright, this is my opinion.
Dylan Mulvaney is the epitome of evil, of Luciferianism.
Because Satan, and the Bible makes it very clear, Lucifer, he masquerades, he counterfeits, and he camouflages as an angel of light.
He appears to be a friend.
He appears to be neutral.
He appears to not be a threat.
He appears to be someone that's safe.
That's what that means.
An angel of light is someone that you come to for protection or you don't see as an enemy or any danger in.
Now why do I say that?
Because what this mentally ill pervert represents is an individual that is specifically masquerading as someone safe in the mainstream that is specifically targeting children.
And with the use and lacing alcohol aside of that, within that, now Dylan Mulvaney, the representation of Lucifer and evil, in my opinion, is the face of Bud Light and alcohol and also Nike.
He's sporting sports bras for women.
We'll get to that as well.
But let me make this point about alcohol, okay?
What do pedophiles and groomers always do to children?
What do they do?
Number one, pedophiles and groomers.
You look at FBI profiles.
You look at everything.
You listen to how they profile pedophiles and groomers.
They always appear to be friendly.
They appear to be safe.
They appear to be a friend!
You don't like your parents?
Your parents are mean to you?
I'll be nice to you, little girl.
You can tell me your problems.
I'm a safe space for you.
I'm someone you can come to for refuge.
Cause I'm not someone that's gonna hurt you!
That's Dylan Mulvaney all over TikTok!
And then groomers and pedophiles and rapists and child molesters
They'll slowly introduce adult themes or adult practices, slowly but surely into the mind of a child to get the child to believe that, well, this is a safe person already.
And if this person is safe, they're never going to hurt or violate me.
So if this person is offering me drugs, if this person wants to touch my private parts,
Or if this person wants to offer me alcohol?
Well, that's a cool adult!
Because my parents don't let me rebel!
Culture and society doesn't let me rebel!
That's frowned upon!
But this adult is letting me drink?
This adult is offering me drugs?
This adult is letting me party and get away with things that are forbidden?
This adult is someone that is not only safe,
But as someone that gives me license to just do whatever I want, and their access to some adult things like alcohol and drugs!
It's like the big bad wolf dressed as a grandma to lure the little pigs in to literally eat them alive.
Okay, that is what Dylan Mulvaney is.
And now that you have this mentally ill pervert, the face of Bud Light, alcohol, and the parent companies,
Who is Dylan Mulvaney's target audience?
Is it Millennials?
Is it Gen X?
Is it Boomers?
Is it anyone over the age of 25?
Dylan Mulvaney's target audience are children, ladies and gentlemen.
So why would Dylan Mulvaney need to be the face of Bud Light or some kind of alcohol parent company?
How is that correct marketing?
Because if you know anything about marketing, and if Alex is listening to me, or anyone that has any knowledge of marketing knows exactly what I'm talking about, one of the first questions...
That you ask yourself or whoever's trying to market you or an advertiser is, what is your brand?
Who is your target audience?
What is the age target audience?
So you could correctly pinpoint who you want to sell your products to.
That is marketing 101, especially in the age of YouTube and social media and especially TikTok.
So I would propose, this is my opinion and my suspicion,
That this is how the New World Order functions?
That these perverts, these sick, disgusting, depraved individuals that know who Dylan Mulvaney's targeted audience is, are children, little kids, even minors, that sit there and digest
His content, every single day, getting indoctrinated and perverted in their minds?
These people know that their marketing and their targeting is going straight to minors to get this safe-looking individual that's a friend, that's mentally ill, just like you, that's lost your mind, that's totally depraved, degenerate, and perverted as well, that your parents don't accept.
You might ask yourself, well, how deep is that really?
It's extremely deep.
Because Dylan Mulvaney represents a part of the culture right now that is attempting to normalize the mutilization of the genitals of kids and the grooming of children.
That is who Dylan Mulvaney, in my opinion, represents.
You tie in drugs, you tie in alcohol, you tie in little kids getting lured into these things thinking they're safe.
This is culture, ladies and gentlemen.
Drew, what are you talking about?
What's the point here?
This is how culture is made.
With corporations,
That coincide with mainstream figures to brand and market their products to the next generation to get them to live certain lifestyles to spend their money and live it at the same time.
These alcohol corporations, Bud Light, parent companies, know just exactly who Dylan Mulvaney's target audience is.
It's little kids, and they are setting a culture of grooming between mentally unstable, grown adult perverts and little kids building a bridge together through alcohol.
And that is a cocktail of pedophilia and child molestation, ladies and gentlemen.
Hollywood 101, New World Order, fully operational.
We'll be right back.
These Skittle people are out of control, man.
I'm just gonna, you know, keep it 100 with you guys.
Out of control!
The Skittle people are running around with their trans-directions.
Trans-erections, as well.
I mean, that's true, man!
These people are just hyper-sexualized.
They love children.
They want to chop their genitals up.
They think grooming is totally normal.
The point where they murder three little Christian babies at a Christian school and three Christian adults because they believe the lies and propaganda that they're facing some kind of genocide?
That they're going to be eradicated from humanity?
You know, why are the Skittle people running around performing trans erections, excuse me, trans insurrections?
Because society is totally cucked out and allowed these people to get to this point!
It's like a bad kid, dude!
You spare the rod on the child, you destroy the child, and the child ends up hating you.
When you let a society, okay, get out of control, and you're afraid to tell them no, because you don't want to hurt their feelings, you don't want to cause them to hate you, and you want to be the cool dad!
You want to be the cool mom!
It actually has the opposite effect, because if there are no moral boundaries within a culture, then you get total moral anarchy, dude.
You get homosexual anarchy.
You get, you know, just absolute fornicating out in the open.
You get Sodom and Gomorrah, ladies and gentlemen.
You get Sodom and Gomorrah, especially with all the trans erections going on.
Insurrections going on.
You know, at state capitals, they're just storming the building, and it's, you know, according to the mainstream media, it's not the worst thing since 9-11.
It's not the worst thing since Pearl Harbor, only when the mega-Republicans do something like that.
But it's because society has gotten to this point where they just allow it.
And you're not allowed to call it out, because if you do, you get cancelled and you're filled with hate.
You're filled with hate.
You're a hate-filled person because you're telling the truth.
No, no.
I'm a Christian, alright?
And the Proverbs make it very clear.
Open rebuke is better than concealed love.
What that means is, if you openly, with love, speak the truth to someone living in error,
That means more and is more valuable and honorable in God's eyes than concealing the truth about who they are and their lifestyle out of cowardice, fear, political correctness, even some kind of virtue signaling morality where, I don't want to judge people, so I'm not going to tell the truth to their face.
That's not how God rolls.
And I'm thankful that's not how God rolls, because if that's how God rolled, He would never have told me the truth, and I would have never been saved by the blood of Christ!
God didn't try and pamper me and beat around the bush.
No, God was straight up.
This is who you are.
You're living in total arrogance.
You need to repent and come to my son, Jesus Christ, immediately, because of what He's done on the cross.
Repent, repent, or you know where you're going.
It worked for me, man.
And I'm thankful God didn't try and, you know, God is love.
God communicates his love and his mercy and his grace.
But at the same time, that does not mean that God beats around the bush and refrains from telling the truth to an individual in error that is literally on a highway to hell, the Broadway, about to fly off a cliff and plunge into eternal damnation.
No, God is fully, fully willing to hurt your human feelings and pride.
At the end of the day, that's what it is.
Getting your pride hurt.
That's what humility is, ladies and gentlemen.
People getting their pride hurt.
That's what the gospel does.
It not only hurts your pride, it shatters and obliterates, destroys, sanitizes pride.
Because one cannot be born again unless they submit, which requires humility and pride being destroyed in the human heart.
And that's the epitome of what movement today?
The Pride Movement!
You see how this all is interconnected and it's weaved together?
It's all spiritual.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, powers, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
And they establish, they establish these human machines, these organizations, these entities.
They camouflage with the culture.
But I'll tell you right now, people like Dylan Mulvaney is in a total assault on God and those made in the image of God.
You want to know why?
We are made in God's image.
God made man.
He created Adam, made in His image.
Biological male.
And out of man came who?
Eve, female.
We are made and engineered for a specific reason by God.
Biological procreation that can only succeed biological male, biological female, because that has God.
That is how God has instituted, engineered, and established it from the beginning.
From the beginning.
You call yourself a Christian, you go to the scriptures.
What does God say?
Is the trans movement, the so-called trans movement, compatible with God's word?
I can't dictate this.
This is not my opinion.
I cannot rewrite how God has engineered the universe and how humanity is meant to function.
Which, by the way, in Romans chapter 1, when you start to go against God's design, when you go out of the boundaries, when it's biological male-on-male sex, or biological female-on-female sex, God gives that society over that accepts that to a depraved and reprobate mind.
That means society loses its mind entirely.
And look where we are today.
Connect the dots.
Guys, this is not my word.
This is God's word.
Go read Romans Chapter 1.
Go read Genesis Chapter 1 through Chapter 6.
The origins, the way that God instituted things.
And pay attention to the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah and the reason why God flooded planet Earth.
And it sounds pretty familiar to the days we are living in right now.
What did Christ say on his Olivet Discourse in Matthew Chapter 24?
As the days of Noah.
That's what it's going to be like in the last days before the second coming of Christ.
That's what Jesus said.
One of the identifying factors that you are living in the final scene.
You're living in the final act of humanity.
You and I are living this thing, man.
We're in it.
This isn't a Star Wars movie.
This isn't an Indiana Jones movie.
This isn't your favorite movie where the final act is on and you're at the edge of your seat.
You're watching what's going to happen.
You are living the greatest story ever told.
And God makes it very clear in his word.
And what did Christ say?
How would the culture be?
How would the world be functioning in the final act of humanity?
Before the rapture and the second coming of Christ and the advent of the Antichrist as well, that the world would be as in the days of Noah.
What were the days of Noah, ladies and gentlemen?
Homosexuals dominating to the point of showing up when angels show up to meet with a human.
They come knocking on the door.
Let us in!
Let us break down this door so we can know that guy in there!
Break down the door!
We want that guy right now!
Break down these doors!
We're going to push our way into you!
Sound familiar?
Sound kind of like the trans-erections?
Guys, I'm just quoting God's Word, and I'm matching it to the reality that I live in right now, because God's Word is reality.
God's Word is reality.
Because God has created the universe.
He's created the reality we live in right now.
He's created the multiple dimensions that we are all experiencing here on planet Earth and beyond.
The question is, are we going to side with God?
This is the real question, ladies and gentlemen.
The real question is, you got to pick a side.
Because Christ said, you're either for me or you're against me.
You're neither hot nor you're cold.
You're lukewarm, so I spit you out of my mouth.
You're either in line with Christ.
Doesn't mean you're perfect, but you do agree.
Christ said, he was questioned, you know, how does one know that they love me?
How do I know that someone truly loves me in the Old Testament, Christ said.
The one who truly loves me is the one who listens to my word and obeys it.
That simple.
You cannot love someone if there's no trust or obedience.
Because if you do not have any of those things, you don't love them.
That's a relationship of fear.
And we are to fear the Lord, but not in that way, but to fear Him and revere Him as our ultimate protector.
Therefore, we trust everything He says and we submit to it because He knows best, better than we could ever know for ourselves, especially for humanity that's fallen.
I'll be right back.
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That's the thing about the left.
It doesn't matter how discredited or debunked any of their narratives get, they will always return to them as if no one has ever raised the question.
I'll give you an example.
COVID-19 vaccination, Alex, absolutely effective and perfectly safe.
They're just ignoring the mountain of information now that disproves that as if we haven't heard it, as if it's not true.
They always return to their same fake narrative, and they double down.
And when you have a near monopoly on the output of information, as they have had until recently, it makes it a lot easier.
They decided to not perp walking, not put him in handcuffs, not do a mugshot, because they knew that that would help Trump.
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