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Name: 20230404_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 4, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics such as the indictment of former President Trump, concerns about public schools promoting cult-like brainwashing, and opposition to radical Islam. He criticizes leftist judges for weaponizing the legal system against people, especially conservatives. He also talks about the controversy surrounding Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders and her statements on child masturbation. In another segment, he discusses the Nashville shooting and its connection with the right-wing moral panic over transgender people. Throughout the show, Jones promotes various products available at InfowarsStore.com to support the platform.

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There's Trump right there, waving to the crowd, and he is now going into the courthouse.
This is just unbelievable.
With all the crimes Biden's committed, Obama, the Clintons, the Soros, the Democrats, Hunter Biden, 10% for the big guy, and there goes Trump into the courthouse.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, April 4th, 2023.
Trump Indictment Hour.
Tomorrow's news, today.
This is election meddling.
This is the country falling into a banana boat republic.
This is the deep state openly flexing its muscles and letting us know that we can't vote for who we want to and that the corrupt blue cities and states are establishing a
Absolute tyranny over us.
And the main target, ladies and gentlemen, is our children.
And so we'll be focused a lot today here with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Roger Stone, and many other experts joining us.
But the big picture is this.
The Tavistock Institute, on record, created in the 60s the Trans Agenda.
It had already been planned by
Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley, who ran the UN, as a way to end the human family as we know it, and create chemicalized, sterilized creatures for depopulation, and destroying the existing human order.
And that's why it's being promoted by everything from CMT to CNN.
Now in public schools across the country, thousands of them, they are keeping the brainwashing programs to get small children to believe they're another sex, or not a sex at all, secret from the parents.
And they even have spy grids and create files on the parents and their siblings on how they're going to successfully brainwash and sterilize the child.
Big article from Fox News on that.
With the school documents out of Colorado, in elementary, middle school, and high school, it is total cult brainwashing.
We're going to keep you safe.
You're really another sex.
We're not going to tell your parents.
People are out to get you and persecute you.
We're going to give you a new secret name.
This is 101 hardcore cult brainwashing.
This is what the National Education Association is.
This is what the teachers unions are.
It's the exact same program from Australia to Germany to Canada to the U.S.
They're rolling it out in Africa.
They're rolling it out in Latin America.
They're rolling it out in Asia.
The only place they don't allow it is Communist China and Russia and some Muslim countries.
And as bad as radical, even orthodox, Islam is,
It is a savior.
If Christianity won't stand up for itself, and I don't mean a savior like Christ, but a savior compared to this.
And you know I'm a big opponent of what is really radical, but orthodox, expansionary Islam.
But I've got to be honest, Islam is like a fresh and clean drink of mother's milk.
Compared to this, and the Muslims are not putting up with it.
All over the West.
They're the ones fighting back, peacefully, but pulling their kids out, filing lawsuits, not putting up with it.
Anyone that's insane enough to put their children in a public school, or even most of the private schools now, where this is actively going on, is insane.
So, MTG did a great job on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl,
When she said, you call Democrats pedos, she said, yeah, what do you think it is?
Taking them away from their parents?
Brainwashing them?
That's how you control a child more than anything, is sexual identity.
They're not supposed to do that until they hit puberty, and then they learn themselves, and their family protects them when they're in society.
And they're taught morals.
To have the state form a sexual relationship with children in the crib, as Bill Clinton's
Sergeant General said, reach down and masturbate the babies.
She said that.
They want to put their hands on your children's genitals.
It's a pedophile cult, folks.
In your face, run by scientists.
They want to own your bodies.
They want to put poison shots in you.
And they want access to your children.
This is a worldwide death cult.
Now arresting our president.
Welcome to this live Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 transmission.
If you're watching us via television stations, cable stations, or the internet, you can see a shot in front of Trump Tower.
We also have shots in front of the courthouse.
We'll be intermittently going back to where President Trump at 2.15 Eastern Time today, 1.15 Central Time today, will be turning himself in to the George Soros-installed puppet.
And the documents and articles are all out and are all confirmed that Jordan Soros put this guy in, he promised to arrest Trump, and an Obama lawyer is inside his office orchestrating it all.
So when we talk about Joe Biden and his administration, it's really the third administration of Barack Hussein Obama that's backed by the Bushes and the rest of them.
So we go back to George Herbert Walker Bush, the Grand Poobah, the New World Order.
That's one administration.
Then his son is two administrations.
Then Obama is two administrations.
And now Biden is the sixth administration of the CIA coup against our country.
And then we get a president in, love him or hate him, who actually was the president, and actually was calling the shots, they ignored most of his orders, and it is anathema to this group that believes they own this country, and they believe they own your body, they believe they own your children, and they have said, hey, prosecutor investigates my son, I hold back a billion bucks, son of a bitch, he's fired in an hour.
Remember that Biden clip?
Or Biden saying, doesn't matter, the Russians invade, we will get rid of the Nord Stream Pipeline.
Nord Stream 2.
And they blew it up.
And they get some more TV and says, no we didn't.
And all the documents have come out.
They've been kept from Congress.
By the way, how is Biden launching this giant war without congressional oversight?
And they went and trained separate
Regular Navy construction crews, because the Navy SEALs, under law, special operation, have to report back to Congress.
So that can be kept secret.
They had regular crews train and blow it up and it's all come out.
The whistleblowers.
I raise that because these people are lawless crooks who are endangering the whole planet.
And then of course we have a clip I'll play right now of Biden
And this is Biden saying Trump is not going to be allowed to be president.
This is in September of 2022.
Last year, he was asked about Donald Trump running again.
He said, we have to demonstrate that we will not take power.
Read this again.
We have to demonstrate that he, we have to demonstrate that he
Will not take power if he does run by making sure he, under the legitimate efforts of the Constitution, does not become the next president again.
Boy, that's a mouthful.
We just have to make sure he can't run again, legitimately through the Constitution.
Coming from the big guy, coming from one of the most corrupt people ever on planet Earth, Joe Biden, a man who literally
Grubs children in front of everyone, a man who sold us out to China and Russia, a man who's liquidated the border with massive human smuggling, and now President Trump is going to be arraigned today, and they're saying Trump's going to be charged with 34 felony counts, no handcuffs, no mug shot, no jail cell, because they know that image
Really illustrates that they are incredible criminals.
While there's lawlessness and murder and death in all the major blue cities, including New York, and the same DA just this week charged a parking garage attendant who saw a man breaking into cars.
It's on surveillance footage.
He came over and the man attacked him, took the gun away,
But before he took the gun away, he shot the attendant, and the attendant took it away from him and shot him.
So, literally, someone pulls a gun on you, they shoot you, you pull it away and shoot them, and you get charged with attempted murder.
And illegally owning a gun, even though he didn't own the gun.
I mean, I read the indictment a few days ago, on Saturday, and I just couldn't even believe it.
Someone attacks you with a gun, you fight for your life.
And you get charged.
That's who these people are, folks.
I remember 20 years ago, a man in rural England had been robbed dozens of times.
His RV had been stolen.
He'd been mugged.
He'd been beat up in his house by gypsies that kept robbing him.
So he found an old hundred-year-old shotgun he got from somebody.
And when they came back, he shot and wounded one of them, and he spent something like 12 years in prison.
There was another case in England where a thief was on top of somebody's roof who had a skylight, fell through and broke his leg, and he sued and won against the person.
These judges that are leftist know they're bringing down society.
They're not bleeding-heart idiots.
They're at war with us.
And so every historian, every analyst,
agrees that this will tear the country apart and this will weaponize everything and this will move towards Republicans now starting to indict former presidents.
And that's what happens in third world countries.
That's the hallmark, one of the hallmarks, one of the earmarks, the signature of this.
And they don't care because it will destroy the country.
Just like dissolving the borders and cutting off the pipelines and brainwashing the children that they're in other sex and trying to put them on deadly puberty blockers that stump their growth and screw them up for life and then have them cut body parts off the deeper they get them into the sick cold.
Oh, you're a victim.
You're depressed because you didn't cut your penis off.
You just took chemicals that made it shrivel up.
Get rid of that thing.
I mean, that's who we're dealing with and
Everybody is beginning to realize this who's not part of the cult, but they've got the brainwashed seminaries, the brainwashed colleges, the brainwashed government workers to a great extent, and sitting on top of it, the Justice Department and the FBI that is more than happy to persecute their political enemies while protecting criminals as the whole society collapses.
Meanwhile, I said this last week, and now they've got Peter Strzok and all the usual suspects from the FBI all over TV saying Republicans are going to start killing people, bombing people, shooting people.
It's imminent.
That means they've got meth-head mental patients that are schizophrenic in hotel rooms right now with literal MKUltra programming, which is a real thing.
It's all come out in the news, telling them that
They're the Messiah.
They're going to save the earth.
It's a well-known brainwashing pattern.
That's one of them.
CIA just apologized to Canada for the seeking immunity last week for more than 10,000 children they kidnapped in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
And they were trying to create mind control assassins with them.
The Fox News, again, Friday.
Look it up.
I mean, you know, I mean, they created armies of these people.
Sirhan Sirhan drugged up.
He didn't shoot Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
in the back.
The CIA operative from the Skunk Works did.
And that was all witnessed by people as well.
Sirhan Sirhan was drugged up on an amnesia drug.
He didn't remember any of it.
He was there with a gun in his hand.
Did none of the shooting.
So, they've got Sirhan Sirhans and John Hinckley Jrs.
In the hotel rooms, in the farms, you know, in the woods, they've got them outside the cities and outside the towns, ready to roll them in with truck bombs and just machine gun attacks and everything else.
And this is the last phase.
Indict Trump, start blowing stuff up.
And if I was evil and if I was them and the same group that runs things today, did Oklahoma City and so much more,
Hopefully we can stop them by talking about this, but they've got the truck bombs loaded right now.
You can bet your bottom dollar in this coup against America.
And of course, when they blow up stuff, I will be blamed.
And so will you.
But remember, we told you who had the motive, who did it in the past, and who stands to gain.
We'll be right back with so much today, but our country is under attack.
America and our great republic could not be taken down from without.
But it can be taken down from within.
And that's exactly what we're all witnessing here today.
The weaponization of the legal system, the criminal justice system, but everything has been weaponized against us.
We have to recognize that a predatory corporate world model that is designed to destroy society is in place
Working against us right now.
I mentioned this Joe Biden clip from September of last year.
Here it is.
To your predecessor, who is about to launch another campaign.
So how do you reassure them if that is the reason for their questioning that
And there you go!
Total election meddling, telling 90 million people that voted for Trump, you can't vote for who you want.
You can't vote for a former president we stole an election from, and we're going to charge him at the state and federal level all over the country.
They're now reporting, oh, suddenly all the other investigations are hot and more indictments are coming.
And that's their strategy.
Okay, New York and
The Manhattan D.A.
put in there by Soros.
This has made Trump go up 30 points in the polls.
But once they start hitting him with Georgia, and then with D.C., and then with federal, well, he must be bad.
I mean, there's all these indictments.
Trump charged with 34 felony counts, no handcuffs, no mug shot, no jail cell.
New York has introduced legislation that's set to pass overriding the judges.
And because they want this to be a televised kangaroo trial, he will be again showing up at 2, 15 Eastern, 1, 15 Central.
We'll have live coverage and we'll also skip the breaks when that is happening.
Trump's trial could be televised under new Albany bill.
Trump returns to New York to face historic criminal charges.
Trump arraignment.
Judge denies motion to allow live cameras as former president faces criminal charges.
Roger Stone says Trump gag order could constitute election interference.
Think so?
Trump is losing his capacity to control his fate with legal threats swirling.
Video, former anti-Trump FBI agent claims GOP criticism of FBI will lead to violence.
And that's what the mayor of New York is saying, that MTG coming and protesting, who has no criminal record and is calling for peace, is hate speech and warns her.
These people are thugs.
As Marjorie Taylor Greene leads protests against Trump indictment, New York City Mayor has a message for her.
You gotta see this.
About the misplaced anger and rabble rousing and hate speech.
Ex-AG Bill Barr, Trump indictment an abomination that makes us look like a banana republic.
When we don't look like one, we are.
Jim Jordan, Trump indictment is about going after anyone who opposes the left's agenda, the establishment's agenda.
Breaking attorney, Matt Colangelo.
I'm saying that right.
Colangelo is the link between Soros, back DA Bragg's office and the Obama White House and the Biden DOJ.
Trump taps white collar attorney to helm indictment defense, Todd Blanche.
Manhattan's DA office purges executive staff section from website.
And of course, it's a bunch of Soros and communists and leftists.
It's an incredible breakdown.
Meanwhile, President Trump is way up in all the polls since indictment, crushing the field.
That's just some of the news and information we're going to be laying out here today.
But Trump arrived last night.
He's in New York.
You can see the crowds out there.
It is a carnival atmosphere.
It's beyond upsetting what's happening because this is the takedown of the country.
And then I have clips of New York Assembly people, of New Jersey Democrat leader, of the Press Secretary, of the Governor of Arizona.
I mean, I've got dozens of these.
And videos all over the country of trans rallies that happen, I guess, every weekend now around the country in different cities.
Being asked, will you decry the woman, or man, that went and killed
The three little children and the three adults in cold blood was trying to kill more, trying to kill a bunch of police.
And she shot at them out the window as they came in.
And they say, no, we won't.
And just everywhere, the left has been celebrating it and saying, this is what you get.
So those nine-year-old children that she gunned down, that's what you get.
And the internet just flooded with, I mean, I'm not even looking for it, it's just everywhere, with both trans people saying, we're oppressed, you're killing us, we're gonna come kill you.
And they go, we have the highest suicide rate, we have the highest death rate, because they're almost half of them in studies are sex workers.
And are in a really destructive lifestyle, in a sex cult, and they're killing themselves and they're being killed, not by us, but by their pimps and all this.
And then they point at conservatives thinking we want to run around and quote, hurt people in drag, or we want to ban books.
No, we're saying you can't have pedophilic books telling kids to get in the back of a van with a guy when they come to your backyard.
And then it shows the man having sex with a child and how wonderful it is.
That's just one of the books.
We don't want that in school libraries, and people get up and ask legislatures, they get up and ask city councils, we've played the videos, they start reading penthouse write-ups about sex, that's about adults having sex, and they say, would this be okay in the school?
And they say, we can't answer that, because everybody knows you don't put penthouse in the elementary school or the high school.
But Penthouse doesn't tell, hey, if you're in a backyard and a man next door invites you in his shed and wants to give you a blowjob, go ahead and go over.
It'll be fun.
You'll like it.
Ask the man to give you a blowjob.
And then, oh, if a man asks you to... These are books in school.
If a nice man wants to just give you pleasure... Remember what Oprah Winfrey said a few years ago?
She said, well, kids don't know it's abuse.
They like it.
Of course, she was famously abused, and a sex slave, and then a prostitute, and all the rest of it.
So, I mean, these people are a sex cult.
And they are sexualizing our children.
It is a pedophile cult, because that's how you control the future.
If you can form their sexual identities, you've won.
All right, this massive Trump indictment, 34 indictments, is a felony action by Alvin the Chipmunk,
And Trump's lead lawyer, I have a clip coming up of that, made that point.
He said, this is a felony to leak this.
But of course, it was a felony to leak the Supreme Court ruling.
But the FBI can't find out who did that either.
Because they probably did it.
And you remember Comey telling Congress he never leaked anything.
And it turned out he leaked over 500 times, but he went, oh no, I gave it to a university professor dean, who then gave it to the media.
That's like a mafia don on the stand saying, I didn't order the murder of, say, a rival crime boss, I ordered the captain
In that area, to order his soldiers to do it.
Oh no, we... We don't leak anything, we just give it... to a university professor who does it all.
Hmm, okay.
So that'd be like... If I was a kingpin drug dealer,
Selling a thousand keys of cocaine a month.
And they caught me ordering my minions to go sell it.
And I go, well, I don't deal the cocaine myself.
I don't break it up and cut it and mix it and then distribute it.
I mean, I just ship it in from Columbia.
I mean, I'm not the cocaine dealer here.
And they just, none of this even makes sense.
They just bombard us with nonsense and just normalize all this craziness.
It is a felony in a lot of Congress, and Comey did it over and over again.
All of them did it.
And the only person I haven't seen lie in front of Congress are these people, from the tech heads, you name it, is Redfield.
He's like, yeah, we made the virus, cooked it up in the lab, probably released it on purpose, and we're making stuff even worse, let's just stop.
I'm not gonna lie.
Meanwhile, all the other scientists get up there and go, we haven't, we've never even heard of gain of function.
We're like, well, here's 50 emails of you saying this is the greatest gain of function, we need to do more of this.
It's just the level of the lying and the level of the spin
Is insane.
And the thing is, they're not getting in trouble for it.
So you've got to ask what's coming next.
Well, Roger Stone's going to talk about that with us in the next hour, then Judge Andrew Napolitano joins us after that.
It is a circus circus in New York.
A lot of people asked me, they said, why didn't you send Owen Schroer up there to cover this?
Oh, Owen's not allowed to leave.
He's on pretrial probation.
Charged facing a year in prison for being with me outside the Capitol trying to stop people going in.
And by the way, in their filing, post-arrest, the FBI and the Justice Department, I've read it on air, said that Owen went to the Capitol and attacked people.
Now it's all verifiable on body cams, they did no such thing, but they don't care.
Because they can commit felonies.
The judges have said, the FBI is allowed to lie.
The judges don't even think it's a big deal.
They're like, oh, okay.
He went inside and attacked people and led people into the Capitol and attacked inside the Capitol.
Okay, okay.
And they're going to, if he doesn't plead guilty, they're going to put him in a new DC jury.
And they're not going to let him put on any evidence.
They're just going to say, well, the FBI agent,
He says that you did this.
And here's a sworn affidavit from the Justice Department.
It's like saying Dumbo's a documentary and elephants fly with their ears.
And it's such a level of evil and it's so transparent.
It doesn't make me mad anymore.
I'm like, why do you people act like this?
Why would you want to do this to your own country?
Why are you so horrible?
What is your problem?
Well, look at Strock's testimony, how demonic he looks.
Like, if I tried to look demonic, and I'm pretty good with my facial expressions, I couldn't look that evil.
As if going... Like Gwymer Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings.
I mean, it's like, who are these people?
Yes, sir.
It looks just like Strzok.
I can't even make the faces.
There's an animated GIF of a bunch of Strzok's faces together that shows it.
I mean, these people are frickin' crazy, man.
They are nuts.
And all I want is away from them.
I don't want to be in power.
I don't want to be in Hollywood.
I don't want to be in the DC Club.
I just want you to leave us alone, you evil people!
I mean, I've got stacks of them.
All the major hospitals in the country, I mean the big ones, are gearing up to perform millions of castrations of little boys.
I've got the articles right here.
Hundreds of thousands ain't enough, folks.
So let's get into that, and let's get into the latest developments with the Restrict Act, because
All of this is part of the net we've been caught in by these psychotics that are putting themselves in the net too.
They really are demonic.
They really want to hurt good people.
They really want to hurt children.
And I've got video after video.
I played them some last week, but I watched like 15 of them this weekend.
Of Democrats going, got what you deserved!
You guys tried to pass a law to persecute trans people in Tennessee, and you saw what happened.
Yeah, we saw you shoot at the cops and kill little kids and shoot them in the head, shoot them in the chest, and shoot the teacher, and shoot the principal.
Man, we saw it.
She's a victim!
He's a victim!
That poor victim, she sure showed you!
And it's not just crazy leftist rallies that are like, we're not going to decry what he did!
You persecuted us!
The hell we did!
You're a damn cult, run by the CIA and the Tavistock Institute, taking over our world and coming after our kids!
20 years ago, if you imagined something like this, it'd be fantastical.
I told you it was coming, reading their documents.
But it's something entirely different when you're actually living it.
So, we're gonna go to break, but I'm gonna start getting to these clips.
Here's MTG being gaslit by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes.
And she says, the Democrats are pedophilic?
No, the whole globalist system is.
All the big corporations are funding this.
To form a relationship with a child, to keep it secret from the parents, to tell them they're another sex, to try to get them on chemicals that affect their puberty and stunt their growth, and to put them on skids, on rails, to be sterilized.
That's beyond just molesting them.
That's trying to destroy them!
But they made it fashionable and a right and said the group they're targeting is being persecuted by those of us trying to save them.
Everything is inverted with these people.
Here they are gaslighting.
Says that are over-the-top like... The Democrats are a party of pedophiles.
I would definitely say so.
They support grooming children.
They are not pedophiles.
Why would you say that?
Democrats support, even Joe Biden the president himself supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries.
Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children.
Jocelyn Elders, when she was being confirmed, she wasn't confirmed, as the Surgeon General in 1993, and you can read her writings everywhere, said we need to masturbate the boys and girls at six months of age and that the preschools need to be trained by law to diddle the children.
I mean, you imagine you walk in and your husband or wife is diddling the baby, you're gonna go to jail.
You're gonna break their neck.
But they just do it right out in the open like, we're good, we're gonna diddle your children.
We're gonna reach down and masturbate to them.
So what's the hallmark of a child abuser, of a molester, of one of these truly evil scumbags of scumbags?
They have techniques and they have systems of training children by increments to accept more and more abuse and then never tell authorities or their parents.
And now you're just seeing the complete mainlining of that.
I just want to play the MTG clip one more time.
Because when you see these articles coming out every day, they come out in Texas, they come out in Colorado, they come out in New York, they come out in Tennessee, they come out in Idaho, they come out in California, they come out everywhere.
It's the same in Australia, same in France, same in the UK.
All the western countries, massive corporate funding, and they go, oh, sexualizing kids is drag queen time.
Not that we're against men dressing up like women.
I mean, hell, Bob Hope did that.
The Three Stooges did that.
Police Academy's hilarious where they dress up like, you know, girls that will trade the prostitutes.
The point is, Steven Crowder's gone and done that.
I even dressed up like Wonder Woman as a joke on a comedy show once.
It was hilarious.
But I wasn't shaking my ass in front of kids and telling them they're in other sex.
That's what this is.
I didn't have little kids putting g-strings in my thong.
I mean, putting $20 bills in my g-string.
I wasn't wearing a g-string either, I was wearing a funny wig, but... So they misrepresent that, oh, you want to ban books?
No, we don't want you giving pedophilic books that are probably illegal to children.
Oh, you want to ban drag shows?
No, knock yourselves out!
Just don't have them be sexually lewd and have children there.
So we all know what this is.
This is all accepted fact.
But you always see it as an article here, an article there.
It's going on everywhere.
And you've got to go read the article on InfoWars.com.
And then you read links through to the Fox News article because I spent an hour this morning.
An hour I didn't have.
I got up about 5 a.m., got some coffee, took a shower, about 5.30,
One of my friends sends me a Fox News link, and I'll show you the article, and I ended up clicking and reading more than 30 pages of the school documents.
And ladies and gentlemen, they hand out little brochures to the elementary kids and say, you could be
A walrus, you could be a tiger, or you could be a unicorn.
You could be things that don't exist, but it's important when you're deciding, maybe you're a boy, maybe you're a girl, maybe you're something else, that you not tell your parents because you're gonna be a superhero now, just like the ad singer superhero when you take the shots.
And you don't want your parents to know.
And then here's the key.
It goes through how the school, working with outside NGOs, intelligence agencies, profiles the parents and siblings in a file.
These are school records that the parents can't see to decide if the parents can be told their child as young as five is transitioning.
They then give the child, these are their teachers, they believe they're going to instruct them,
That they're another sex, they're given a new name but told your mommy and daddy might hurt you, you're persecuted now because you're in this special group and have won this prize.
These are children!
The types that would get in the van with a killer because they don't know, hey I got a puppy, hey I got candy.
They tell them, you are like a superhero, you could be anything you want.
You could be a unicorn, you could be a bear, you could be a boy, I'm a girl, you could be a boy.
We're gonna have a drag queen come in here now and tell you that, okay?
He's a convicted pedophile, but it's okay.
So, this is such psychological abuse to then get them in the system, confuse them, screw them up, get them on puberty blockers, and then have them surgically remove their breasts, their penises, and their testicles.
Here's the boil-down article on InfoWars.com.
Colorado district keeping schools sanctioned, gender transition secret from parents.
And then, again, the gender unicorn.
They start teaching them in elementary school that they could be different, and then they ask little boys, are you attracted to little boys?
Well, little boys are obviously attracted to little boys to play with them with blocks and with toy guns and fort.
And they ask little girls, do you like boys or girls more?
And when the little girl says, I like girls more, because girls want to play with girls mainly, you are a lesbian.
You love girls.
And the little girl says, yeah, I like girls.
This is written by psychological warfare experts, the same curriculum, worldwide, corporately force-fed.
And they go, oh, you're abusing the children!
They're in the elite club!
That's why in places like San Francisco and Seattle, up to 60% of the children identify as trans.
Because they think they're being like, it's like a superhero.
What superhero?
Are you Aquaman?
Are you Wonder Woman?
No, no, no!
And it's all the documents.
Look at this.
Where it says we have to profile the siblings, we have to profile the parents, and we cannot let them know in elementary, middle school, and high school that this is going on, and these are secret documents for the safety of the children.
A total cult.
Here's the full article.
Fox News.
Colorado District
Equality docs, equity docs reveal the methodical system to deceive parents.
On in-school social transitions.
See, because they don't want a school where you learn reading, writing, arithmetic, agriculture, how to be successful in life, business, sports, your body's healthy, camaraderie.
They're literally brainwashing facilities to get people on the fast track to be sterilized and totally screwed up into this cult.
And it gets worse.
Boston Children's Hospital director calls for drastic increase in capacity for gender surgery for minors.
And they're gearing up, they're saying, we make a lot of money off this A, and B, suck off plastic surgery, but they'd get like twice the money.
But it's attached to a whole political system.
We need to be able to serve.
Millions of people.
It's like, oh, we're all so loving.
We're all so open.
We want to put kids on drugs and sterilize them.
Oh, we're all so nice.
I mean, that's what evil looks like, folks.
That's what a cult looks like.
And I grew up in Dallas, and I liked football, but I got so sick of the Dallas Cowboys and the cult of the game, and it's all everybody talked about, and the flags everywhere, and it was just... By the time I was, you know, older, I just hated it.
But that wasn't a cult teaching kids how to cut their penises off.
Or not telling parents they're brainwashing kids, illegally, right under their noses, and premeditatedly doing it all.
But I was in New York a couple years ago, we were on some podcast, and it was Gay Pride Month or whatever, and it was rainbow flags everywhere, people marching everywhere, little kids, all this, and it was just everywhere.
This is the culture, this is what we get, and it's being forced on us, and it's mutilating children, and destroying parental rights.
It was just everywhere.
Look at this, Bud Light makes special
We're good to go.
It gets worse.
MSNBC talking head says, guns are our new moloch.
And then after the school shooting said, we're being hunted.
Trans are being killed.
Totally made up.
Bud Light stands by partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney despite backlash.
So when a mosque gets shot, it's a hate crime to the left.
When a synagogue gets shot, it's a hate crime to the left.
When a Christian school gets shot, little kids get killed, why do these people hate trans people?
So there you go.
It's all the corporations, they're literally at war with us, ladies and gentlemen.
And Kid Rock shot up a 12-pack of it and got millions of views, and everybody's celebrating, and I get what he's doing, but how about you just throw the Bud Light in the trash?
We don't even want him.
In any level, you know, they've got images everywhere and they're all talking about how they're going to kill us, how they're going to shoot us, and how we deserve to die, and the kids deserve to die.
Let's not meet that with the type of vitriol they're trying to incite us into.
But I still like to shoot beer cans anyways.
I mean, sometimes I'm going to the shooting range.
I want a fun target to shoot.
Pull over and 12-pack a beer.
Cheap beer.
And shoot it!
I've shot Bud Light, but not because they're in line with the globalist agenda to force-feed all this tyranny.
All right, we're going to get back into the Trump indictment.
We've got Roger Stone joining us, and we've got Judge Andrew Napolitano, and I've got a bunch of other news on the internet censorship with Matt Taibbi and this Restrict Act.
He's had time to read the whole bill.
His analysis is exactly as mine was a week and a half ago.
Again, total straitjacket, total surveillance, total control, 20 years in prison for no reason.
It's all coming up next hour.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
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But kids can be boys or girls.
But maybe non-binary.
Excuse me, it's ma'am!
It is ma'am!
I need your corporate number!
Because I'm gonna call them and talk about how I was misgendered several times in this store.
You're not being polite to the pronouns.
Okay, forget about the disrespect.
Facts don't care about your feelings.
It turns out that every chromosome, every cell in Caitlyn Jenner's body is male with the exception of some of his sperm cells.
You cut that out now or you'll go home in an ambulance.
That seems mildly inappropriate for a political discussion.
There's all these calls here.
For the international day of rage of the trans people.
Men that think they're women and women that think they're men out with sandwich boards with images of rifles saying trans rights or else.
And the main trans resistance movement came out and said the shooter's a victim too, you made him do it.
When it's a her.
One of the things that we saw during the midterm elections is that people don't want their freedoms to be taken.
They want us to fight for their freedoms.
And so it is shameful, it is disturbing, and our hearts go out to the trans community as they are under attack right now.
In the fight for human rights, we must affirm that trans rights are human rights.
There is still a lot that we don't know about Monday's horrific and deadly mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school.
But after police said the suspect was transgender, one thing is clear.
Tennessee's already under siege transgender community is terrified.
One advocate told NBC News, we are already fearing for our lives.
Now it's even worse.
The right-wing moral panic over transgender people living their lives or seeking medical care or simply existing, obviously predates the Nashville Massacre.
But some on the right are linking the tragedy to their raging nationwide crusade against transgender people in ways that are just dangerous and
Frankly, evil.
Three adults, two nine-year-olds, and one about to turn nine had been shot dead.
Moreover, when we advance equality and racial justice, and invest in young people, protect the LGBTQ plus individuals, our societies are not only fairer, but they're stronger.
International day of rage and violence coming up.
April 1st, and it's an image of a trans person with an AR-15.
Nobody's gonna save them!
The state isn't getting access to children to sterilize them.
They're putting up a little bit of a fight.
So the answer is, let's go out and get violent.
Notice a pattern?
Colorado Springs shooter identifies as non-binary.
Denver shooter identifies as trans.
The Evaldi shooter was into that too.
Aberdeen shooter identifies as trans.
Nashville shooter identified as trans.
Confused, freaked out, whacked out people on major, major, major hormones.
Someone who identifies as transgender, however, that's not a problem in their body.
Gender identity, all identities, they're in our thoughts.
Thoughts and feelings, those are not hardwired, they develop.
And they may be factually wrong or factually correct.
The definition of a delusion is a fixed false belief.
A lot of these people that I identify as non-binary or transgender are high-functioning autists.
You'll see now in the media they're talking about Aubrey Hale as a high-functioning
So that is the crux of this problem is that we're basically enabling people that are actually mentally challenged.
It's even stronger than gender dysphoria.
They're actually suffering from autism.
And that is why this society is getting so bad because the increase rate of autism is going to only increase the rate of transgenderism.
And it's very sad, but they're howling, they're barking at the moon, they're chirping, and they're just rolling them in, like, here's where you're loved, here's where you're accepted, here's some fat men, dressed like Hit the Clown, many of them convicted pedophiles, and this is just the army of evil rolling forward.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is under globalist attack.
Because Trump is the president and is going to win re-election handily.
They have 34 indictments he set about an hour and 10 minutes from now to turn himself in.
They know that it's backfired on them, so they're not going to have him in handcuffs.
He will not be put in jail.
There will be no mugshot.
But this was only the opening salvo.
As Roger Stone predicted a week and a half ago, he said they're still going to indict him.
I don't believe this hiatus.
And there'll be more indictments after that.
This is just the opening salvo.
These people cannot help themselves.
No other elites in 240 plus years ever did this.
This opens Pandora's box.
This is so incredibly dangerous.
So nobody other than Trump has been
As in deep a fight with the deep state as Roger Stone.
I've been one level removed and it's been hell.
And I'm not complaining.
I'm not being a wimp.
I'm not saying poor me.
I'm a warrior.
I asked for this.
I stepped to the plate.
I told Roger seven years ago, when Trump, six and a half years ago on election night.
And he's told the story many times.
I said, now they're coming after us because Trump is a maverick.
The bureaucracy is going to try to destroy everybody.
I could feel the danger at a spiritual level.
A danger I'd never felt.
I knew the enemy was coming then.
And here we are.
So when I tell you that, and when Trump tells you, hey, they're not coming after me, they're coming after you, I'm standing up for you.
That's why they're coming after me.
I really care about you.
I'm interconnected.
I have empathy as an instinct that God gave me, because how you get treated is how I'm going to get treated.
The left, again, are like people that piss in the public pool.
And enough of them do it.
The pool is full of acid and they have to drain it and it's hellish.
The globalists are like people that take dumps in the pool.
It gets on them too, but they don't care.
And now the pool looks like a giant open-air port-a-potty.
I don't know.
It then gets turned on them.
I don't want to turn this on them, because then it'll get turned back even worse, and it goes in this cycle, this cauldron.
So there's so many facets to this, Roger, and I want to go through your key points you want to get out right now, and then at the bottom of the hour, I tried to bring this up with you last week, and you kind of stepped over it, and so did
Alan Dershowitz, and I don't know why, but obviously the next move
And I've now seen their usual FBI suspects all over TV saying, the right wing are going to kill people, they're going to blow stuff up, they're going to shoot people, they're going to attack federal buildings, it's imminent.
And knowing the whole history of Oklahoma City and the same crew that ran that is running things today, the next card, the only way they pull their bacon out of the fire on this, it's all turned against them.
But I think they knew that though, that was a no-brainer, is the false flag.
And so I'm calling for extreme peace, extreme discretion,
And no offensive violence.
Obviously defend yourself if you're attacked.
And I just think we need to get that message out because they're even celebrating the transgender lady, man, that killed those kids now.
I've got a bunch of clips here.
So the left is beyond crazed.
They're mad dog.
And I don't know how we thread the needle and protect ourselves, save the Republic.
And then deal
Back in bankruptcy court today, but things are going well there.
The Chapter 5 trustees put a big report out that has a few criticisms, but says I've been extremely transparent, that we've been telling the truth, and that what we saw on the news, that I made 62 million dollars.
Last year is a total lie.
The profit was $62 million over like 14 years, and most of it was paid to the IRS and for infrastructure.
So, good things happening on that front.
I'm not going to really get into that today, but the point is, is that I have to leave to go get on the court virtually here at 2.
You're going to be back then.
Judge Andrew Napolitano is coming up.
Roger Stone, I'm going to try to give you the floor on the rest of this segment the next, but what do you want to tackle first?
Well Alex, I think you pointed out a very good starting point, which of course was election night in 2016, when we were together.
Think about it wistfully now, I was a bullion.
You were kind of downcast and I was surprised about that.
I remember we were together looking at early returns.
I looked at the returns from South Florida and I said, I don't know, Alex, these margins out of the three most liberal counties, I just don't know if Trump can overcome this in the central and northern part of the state.
And then the rural areas came in with record turnouts, Florida turned to Trump, and within a few moments it became very clear that victory was ours.
I was celebrating, and you were rather downcast, and I told you that I thought that Trump would save the country, save the republic, and you were kind of, well,
You know, I don't know if he knows what he's up against.
And of course, as it turns out, he didn't know what he was up against.
That is kind of the beauty of this moment, which is to say he is poised to grab a second term as president.
He made some mistakes in his first term.
He did some really great things.
Energy independence, racking the courts with conservative appointments.
By the way, Roger, I said I was going to give you the floor, but he just left Trump Tower.
We're going to skip this break.
In fact, we're going to skip the next two breaks.
We never do this, but this is historic.
I'm sure the radio stations are skipping breaks as well.
They certainly should be.
This is historic.
I want you to talk about, finish your point, and talk about how this is historic as TV viewers see the footage of Trump with the Secret Service in his motorcade going to turn himself in to the Soros DA.
Please continue, Roger.
Look, this is a man walking right into the belly of the beast.
I spoke to him last night after I was on with Tucker Carlson.
I had a short bit in which I talked about the fact that if they put a gag order on him today, which he is about to find out, it would not only be unconstitutional.
Nowhere does it say if you're charged with a crime, you lose your free speech rights.
But it would also be obvious election interference.
He is a legal, filed candidate for President of the United States.
But if there is a gag order today, or within the next 48 hours, it will really be a reflection of the fact that the Deep State, of which Alvin Bragg is just a minor appendage, realize that this is backfiring very, very badly on them.
And I expect that they will move to silence him because his handling of this has been masterful.
He is the single greatest counterpuncher in American political history.
And he's used even his diminished presence on social media to completely turn the tables
Let's be clear.
Say what you want.
He was really the president.
He was working for America.
Made some mistakes.
He has ice water in his veins.
He looks better than before he ran eight years ago.
He looks like... I'm not kissing his ass.
He looks like a superhero all of a sudden.
It's true.
He looks so angry and powerful in the videos and photos I've seen.
The real Donald Trump.
And he's, like, glowing, basically.
He looks like he's lost 50 pounds.
He's just... I've never seen this aura.
You've known him for 45 years.
Are you seeing a new Donald Trump?
Or is this the real Donald Trump?
Because this is not Mr. Friendly Nice Guy right now.
When I saw him get out of the car and walk into Trump Tower last night, it was like... I mean, let me just be honest.
I've... I mean, you didn't see John Wayne in movies resonate that amount of masculinity.
I'm not kissing his ass.
I mean, you can see it.
What the hell's going on?
I think it's very, very clear.
He understands that he has a rendezvous with destiny and that he was made for this moment.
His whole life has been brought to this moment.
The Christian prophet, Kim Clement, said he would serve two terms.
He is on his way to do so.
This is sadly part of that process.
The deep state has miscalculated badly.
This is backfiring, but it is galvanizing Americans across the country, including those Americans in the middle who weren't quite sure whether he was the right man to lead the country over the next four years.
This is history in the making.
We are seeing it.
Unfolding right before our very eyes.
Donald Trump is above all a warrior, a fighter, a man who will never bow and will never quit.
Do you agree with me that he looks 15 years younger?
And I mean, I'm being honest, folks.
When I look at Trump, he is really radiating power.
I mean, I'll be honest.
Well, he's an individual of enormous self-confidence.
The media types who keep calling me, who know that we speak, and while I'll never talk about the contents of our conversations, they say, well, he's hysterical, isn't he?
I mean, he's scared, isn't he?
I mean, isn't he furious, like throwing, you know, scotch tape to spend?
No, that's not the Trump that I'm talking to.
That's not the Trump to see.
That's not the Trump I will see this evening.
If anything, he's serene.
He's extraordinarily calm in the face of this.
The guy has a giant set of cojones.
I mean, he really understands that this is his destiny.
It is just part of the process.
Is he angry in the sense that he is upset with the injustice of all this?
Yeah, it's entirely unfair.
But then he's been treated unfairly and completely differently and held to a different standard than any political leader in our country.
Let's put that image up of him taking a telephoto lens as he walked into Trump Tower yesterday.
You know, we've all looked at Trump a lot.
We know his face well.
That look is not putting on an act.
It's not even confidence.
It's determination and will.
I mean, I study body language.
I'm good at it.
We all are, but I'm particularly good.
That is absolute resolution.
I mean, I would call that resolute right there.
Yeah, when his jaw is set like that, you're absolutely right.
So, um, I think he understands that he actually wins this round.
And as I say, if there is no mug shot, I think he'll actually be disappointed because he would have slapped it on a coffee mug and made another $6 million.
We learned they weren't in the mugshot this morning.
The shirts being made are done in one week.
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So we are basically made our own InfoWareStore.com.
Roger, since you talk about this, some stations probably didn't skip the break.
A bunch of them did.
We're going to rejoin stations in about a minute and 16 seconds.
And then I want to play your appearance with Tucker Carlson last night and have you continue.
But what else is on your radar screen right now?
Well, the leaks are really problematic and it shows you the real problem of a potential gag.
That story you just showed us was written by Mike Isikoff.
Now, how do we know that there are 34 counts in an indictment that has not yet been released?
In fact, it is a Class E felony in the state of New York for Mr. Isikoff to have that document, but I think people need to examine who exactly Isikoff is, because he's a deep state actor, he's a rodent-like individual, he is the guy who pushed
They leaked the Steele dossier, he got it from the FBI, he wrote it for Yahoo, and then they used his story in the fake FISA warrant filing to spy on Donald Trump's campaign.
So this is the problem with the gag order.
They leaked everything with impunity while you, of course, are not allowed to publicly defend yourself.
We're going to rejoin stations in seven seconds.
All right, Roger.
I'm going to make that announcement.
Most stations did skip the break, but here we go.
And welcome back to live continual coverage of Trump.
His motorcade is driving towards the Manhattan courthouse where he'll be turning himself in.
He will not be mug shotted or handcuffed or supposedly put in jail because they don't want the public to see that archetypal image.
They know that this has backfired on them.
Roger Stone is here with us.
We'll go live as we are now to the scene with audio.
As soon as his motorcade arrives here in just a few minutes.
We just joined us.
Roger's talking about a very key point and Trump's new lead lawyer brought this up.
We'll have a clip in a moment where he said it is a serious felony to leak info and the New York Times is a cop says he was leaked the info so it's real easy you you you go and you talk to him and then because because this is not like
Elena Haba tells CNN that Bragg's office leaked a number of counts against Trump.
The press information the Trump legal team doesn't have and that's a felony.
Here it is.
Former president and do you, do the legal team, do they, the unsealing of the document, do you support that?
Does he support that?
Yes, I think it will happen no matter what.
I would like to see what the basis is for this.
Let's remember that the real crime here that we have is that DA Bragg did leak that there were 30 to 34 counts.
We already know that that in itself is a felony.
You are not to let that go.
So at this point, I mean, and I like everybody in this country to be treated the same no matter what we know.
Alina, we don't know if the DA leaked that.
That is speculation.
Well, we don't have that information.
So, well, it's not speculation.
We don't have the information.
So, it came from their office.
Roger Stone responding to that.
Here he is letting crime run rampant.
I'm sure you heard a parking attendant caught a guy breaking in cars.
The guy turned and shot him.
He took the gun away and shot him.
They're charging the guy that barely saved his life.
I mean, these people are lunatics.
Yeah, let's go through that because I think it's important.
Either this information was leaked by someone in District Attorney Bragg's office, or a single member of the grand jury, which is highly unlikely because the grand jury wouldn't know what conclusions the prosecutors had reached.
So, again, let's put his picture up here.
Mike Isikoff, deep state actor, the exact same FBI shill
That they gave the phony Steele dossier to, then he wrote the story about the dossier as if it were real for Yahoo, then the Department of Justice took his story, which they had planted, and presented it to the FISA court as evidence to justify the spying on Donald Trump's campaign.
So they always return to the scene of the crime.
Mike Isikoff isn't a journalist.
He is a rat-like creature who is an FBI show.
He's a deep state actor.
Absolutely, Roger.
Trump is arriving here in just a minute or two.
Let's go to this live feed with audio.
There's President Trump right there.
A circus-like atmosphere.
Thousands and thousands of people there.
The New York mayor's been threatening MTG and others, acting like they're violent, saying don't be violent.
Total defamation.
President Trump's about to get out of his armored SUV.
This is a disgrace among disgraces.
President Trump leaving the spot right there.
President Trump is just now going inside.
Go back to the ground shot.
Roger, you were trying to talk, but they had you muted.
What were you saying?
You know, it's amazing Alex, even in deep blue New York, the New York Young Republican Club turned out literally thousands of people lining the entire block outside the courthouse as close as they could get to these proceedings.
At the same time, Mayor Eric Adams is telling Trump supporters, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, who went there for a peaceful protest, to behave.
With all due respect, Mr. Mayor, tell your friends in Black Lives Matter to behave.
Tell your friends in Antifa to behave.
Take a look at the crime statistics for New York City that were released yesterday.
Uh, every single category of crime, including violent crime, up dramatically under the failed leadership.
There's Trump right there, waving to the crowd.
And he is now going into the.
This is just unbelievable.
With all the crimes Biden's committed, Obama, the Clintons, the Soros, the Democrats, Hunter Biden, 10% for the big guy, and there goes Trump into the courthouse.
Roger, please continue.
You were making great points, but I cut you off.
Not at all.
Look, I think the president is extraordinarily resolute, and as you know, he will leave New York flying back to Palm Beach.
Now, what's going to be very interesting is, obviously he has prepared remarks for tonight, but Alex, those remarks may have to be completely recalibrated because we don't know if the judge is going to issue a broad or even a narrow gag order on the president.
I'm fairly confident that if there is a gag order on him, his lawyers will appeal the constitutionality of that, the legality of that, but that appeal could never be heard today.
So the president may be limited to a more muted response tonight, unless of course he decides to ignore said gag order based on its unconstitutionality.
I doubt his lawyers would
Well, I mean, as you said, as you said in videos you've been putting out, this is major election meddling to tell the frontrunner, much less any candidate, they can't talk, is preposterous while all his enemies will be lying about him 24-7.
Well, and while they're leaking against you, I mean, that's really the process.
When I was under a gag order, I would wake up in the morning and CNN would be reporting that Robert Mueller has Roger Stone's tax records for the last 10 years and all of his banking records.
How could they possibly know that?
So it's not just the gag.
It's while you are gagged, malicious actors like Alvin Bragg and the people that work for him are leaking, just as they leaked the existence of this indictment to the New York Times last Friday, just like they leaked the fact that there are 34 counts in the indictment.
I don't
Key point 10 minutes ago before we had to cut to the live breaking news of Trump quote turning himself into this kangaroo system about election night 2016.
We found some of that footage.
I want to come back to that and talk about what we discussed that night because it was really a portent of everything that actually unfolded.
Then I want to play your appearance on Tucker Carlson.
And more with Roger Stone here today.
Roger is still one of the most targeted people out there.
Be sure and support him.
Great t-shirts, books, and more at StoneZone.com.
Find his own weeknight show 5 p.m.
Central or Eastern on Frank Speech TV.
And of course, I'm Alex Jones from InfoWars.com.
Also targeted, and I am in your hands.
I am in God's hands first, but I am in your hands whether you keep us on air or not.
So thank you for your support.
Ladies and gentlemen, nobody, even on the controlled left, is saying this isn't over-the-top dangerous and historic.
To indict a frontrunner in a political campaign, much less a former president, who everybody knows they stole the election from, is just over-the-top insane.
25 to 30 point increase since this started.
The numbers show it's only going up now.
He may be 35 by tonight.
Above everybody else.
Fundraising tens of millions a day, breaking all records.
And statute of limitations is up.
Alan Dershowitz says it is the weakest case he's ever seen on the show Friday.
And they still did it.
Roger Stone, I go back to what we talked about 20 minutes ago, 25 minutes ago when you first came on.
I only see them being successful here if they stage terror attacks or mass shootings or things along those lines and blame us.
And I said that last week.
I said it last Friday.
And then now we've got the usual suspects, Peter Strzok and others, running around like chickens with their heads cut off, saying, the right wing is calling for violence and we're going to get violent, when 99% of us are saying, let's not be violent, and we're not the ones burning down cities.
You kind of got into that with Black Lives Matter earlier.
And you have the mayor saying, you don't be violent, you Republicans, when they're the ones that let the criminals run wild and bail out arsonists and all the rest of it, like the vice president does.
I mean, they're telegraphing and manipulating the mind space and I think, I don't think, I know, telegraphing what their next move is going to be.
Can you elaborate on how this has gone for them and other ways you think they could somehow extricate themselves from what they've done?
Well, Alex, I have to be honest with you.
While I don't rule out what you say is true, that they may stage some kind of false flag or seek to goad somebody into an act of violence that they could then blame on Donald Trump and his supporters, I think what is far more likely is what we're seeing here is just the first step in a plan of lawfare.
We know all about this, don't we?
So, everything you see going down today, this will all be duplicated in Fulton County, Georgia, in a matter of weeks.
So much focus on what's happening in New York, very little focus on the fact that Special Counsel Jack Smith hauled several Secret Service agents in front of the grand jury to testify regarding matters pertaining to President Trump's handling of federal documents.
So, let's be very clear.
This is, this is going on today, Fulton County, Georgia, equally bogus as an indictment for anybody who will bother to read the entire transcript of the conversation between Trump and the Secretary of State, Raffensperger.
Trump does not direct him to go magically find 11 votes.
That's 11,000 plus votes.
That's a fabrication, but they have every intention, I believe,
Biden himself blurted this out.
We're not going to let him take power.
We're going to use the Constitution.
That was the hint that their intention within the confines of the January 6th investigation is to try to somehow fabricate a charge of sedition against the President under the 14th Amendment.
And that is the only circumstance under which he would not be legally eligible to run.
If he
I think so.
A crime of essentially conspiracy against the United States under the 14th Amendment would stop him from being president.
And Alex, that is precisely what they have planned.
Old man Biden blurted it out the other day.
That is the plan.
Well, that's right.
In fact, there's a bunch of clips of him saying this.
Here is Biden in September of last year.
So I guess that's about five, six months ago.
Here he is saying exactly what they've now done.
Just like when he bragged about blowing up or the plan to blow up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
Well, we just have to demonstrate that he will not take power.
Okay, so let's unpack that.
There it is.
I mean, look, they know they can't beat him in an honest, fair, transparent election, and therefore they have to derail his candidacy.
What you're seeing today is just the first step, or I should say the next step, in their effort
This investigation doesn't leak, but there you have it.
Joe Biden just blurted it out.
They have to somehow disqualify Trump.
There's only one way to do that, short, of course, of killing him.
And I pray to God for his safety every single day, the safety of both the president and his family.
By the way, let's elaborate on that.
When you and I talked about they could assassinate him because they hate him so much, that's a no-brainer.
It's why he has a secret service.
It's why world leaders have security entourages.
But the media is like, oh, they're crazy.
They say somebody might kill him.
While they're constantly calling for somebody to kill him, if he beats these cases or he's going to win the election, I really think they're going to try to assassinate Trump.
I mean, that's just part of history.
That's what goes on.
Well, they killed one American president that we know of, John F. Kennedy.
I wrote a New York Times bestselling book on it.
It was the occasion that you and I first met on the anniversary of his death.
So it is not beyond them.
It was amazing, Alex.
People do raise this with me all the time, and the people who do raise it as a concern
I don't know why that is, but many, many pastors, priests, rabbis, and others raised the question with me of the President's personal safety and their prayers for him.
No, I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility if you understand the context of American history.
John Kennedy was murdered because he was about to take down the deep state.
He said he would smash the CIA into a million pieces and scatter it to the wind.
Weeks later, he was dead.
Richard Nixon was planning a complete reorganization of the government and was preparing to take power from the intelligence agencies and the national security apparatus.
It is memorialized in his biography.
That's why they took him down after winning a landslide second term in a silent coup known as Watergate.
Now they know because he's written, he's drawn this line in the sand.
On March 16th he made it very clear he will completely reorganize the government and he will take power away from the national security apparatus, the intelligence agencies and the deep state.
And replace those people with America First advocates.
This is a declaration of war and therefore no tactic is beyond them.
This lawfare that we see today, this abuse of the judicial process that we see today, false flag attacks in which we blame patriots.
This is why it is essential.
Peaceful and legal.
Peaceful and legal.
If you're angry today, if you're upset today, if you choose to protest in any public way, keep it peaceful and legal because they would like to blame violence on us.
Eric Adams, we're not that stupid.
It's your allies who are violent.
All our listeners know that.
Conservatives are historically the most low-crime level, non-violent people out there.
We know that.
The fact is, they're trying to tell the public we're about to be violent, which is, again, telegraphing what their next big move is going to be.
Let's come back with Roger Stone.
And talk about the censorship grid and what's happening with this legislation that's very close to passing the Restrict Act and how it is the jewel in the crown of total tyranny.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone, StoneZone.com.
I'm Alex Jones with Banned.Video, BadMaxWorld.TV.
We are hurtling into the year 2024 and the election.
Trump would win hands down by any poll.
He's 10 to 15 points ahead of Biden, 30 points ahead of DeSantis.
I think so.
Next Tuesday, we're going to do this.
Hey, get ready.
And he said, look, this is tyranny.
They went, oh, you're crazy.
You made it up.
But now we all see how real it was.
They just lie at every angle, even when the truth would serve them better.
But you've hammered the point.
But they also do this out of desperation about all the bad things about them in the news.
And the Bidens and the Chinese and the Russian money and all the rest of it.
And you've also hammered over and over again.
The issue of if we don't have a voice in America, these tyrants will win.
And despite all their suppression of Trump, he's gotten stronger, not weaker, when he's representation of the populist rebellion, though an imperfect vessel we all are.
So I want to play a few minute clip of Matt Taibbi, who's had a chance to read.
The Restrict Act.
It's very close to passing.
That's 20 years in jail for disinformation.
20 years in jail for using a VPN.
It takes all the illegal surveillance and censorship they've been doing and codifies it into law with these Democrat think tanks through the intelligence agencies and the Justice Department coming after the American people.
So they're really trying to cement all the evil stuff they've already done and expand it in the future.
Can you speak to that?
Yeah, communications is the single most important thing to us.
If we cannot talk to our supporters and to everybody else, we cannot possibly galvanize the people to take appropriate political action.
We can't have free, fair, and honest elections.
We've seen unprecedented censorship.
You and I, Alex, and so many of our friends like Laura Loomer, for example, have been victims of
It is really shocking the courage of Elon Musk that he has pulled away the veil.
Matt Taibbi has been particularly effective in terms of demonstrating how the government abused its power in terms of that particular social media app.
But the idea that we're now sending a young man to jail for 10 years
Because he created a meme that was offensive to Hillary Clinton, tells you what a slippery slope this is.
They cannot stand the truth.
They have to silence you to win, because they can't win a debate of ideas.
They can't win in a level playing field of communications.
And this is the giant disadvantage that we are at.
This is George Orwell.
This is 1984.
This is the most dangerous thing I've seen.
If this becomes a law of the land, and it is very brutally enforced, it really is over for America.
Communications are the key to everything.
You know, we found a whole bunch of communications just recently about in preparation for a hubbub they were all having at the Aspen Institute in 2021 where they were discussing ideas like the Restrict Act, which is being proposed for, you know, in response to TikTok.
There's, I guess, the European Digital Services Act or whatever they call it.
That's what they're thinking about for the EU.
The ideas in both of these bills are sort of wish lists that have been passed around in this community for a long time.
The governments want absolute, full and complete access to all data that these platforms provide.
And then they want a couple of other things that are really important.
They want to have the authority to come in and moderate, or at least be part of the process of moderation.
And they also want, for people who are called, like, trusted flaggers, that's how it's described in the European law, they want those folks to have access to these platforms as well.
And what they mean by that are these sort of outside quasi-governmental agencies who
Tell these platforms what they can and cannot print about things like vaccine safety, right?
And then we found out more about that, where they're openly talking about censoring true information.
So yeah, we're still finding out a lot of stuff about this, and I think there is more to find, unfortunately, which is kind of disturbing.
I'm good.
Straight out of 1984, all this stuff.
If you look at the Digital Services Act, it's a lot like the recommendations of the Aspen Institute, and it's got a lot in common with the Restrict Act here in the States.
When you look at the sections about giving the government access to data, what they really mean by that is they want
We're good to go.
Automatically generate a transcript quickly so that whatever AI they're attaching to surveil and monitor people has to be able to look out for keywords quickly.
And it's funny, we did a thing about this thing called the Morality Project, and they were upset.
One of the things they were upset about when they were reviewing COVID information was that a worldwide freedom rally that was held last year, I think, or two years ago in Europe had been organized on Telegram.
Where they couldn't search it.
Where they didn't know it was coming.
And so, like, that's part of their thinking.
We don't want any more of those spaces where we can't search.
We want everything searchable and we want it instantly searchable.
This is a desperate ruling class that's totally corrupt and bankrupt morally, trying to maintain control.
But no matter what they do, evidenced by Trump, it doesn't work, so they double down.
Where do you see all this going, Roger Stone?
Again, I think you're going to see the continuation of lawfare against the President.
You're going to see a continued effort to control all the news.
See, that is the real danger of this speculated gag order.
While you are gagged,
They can, without any consequences whatsoever, they can leak all of this information to their allies in the fake news media and the jackals at CBS and NBC and CNN and MSNBC and New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and so on.
They just run with a completely fraudulent narrative.
That is the story of the
We're good.
There was no coordinated or effective Russian interference in our 2016 election.
But yesterday, Hillary Clinton is out yet again, spinning the same fake narrative over and over again.
That's the thing about the left.
It doesn't matter how discredited or debunked any of their narratives get, they will always return to them as if no one has ever raised the question.
I'll give you an example.
COVID-19 vaccination, Alex, absolutely effective and perfectly safe.
They're just ignoring the mountain of information now that disproves that as if we haven't heard it, as if it's not true.
They always return to their same fake narrative and they double down.
And when you have a near monopoly on the output of information, as they have had until recently, it makes it a lot easier.
Roger Stone, I've got Judge Andrew Napolitano coming on next hour.
You're going to pop in and host the last segment with him ahead of Alex Stein and Owen Schroer with live Trump coverage in the fourth hour because I've got to go to a bankruptcy court hearing.
Thank you so much.
We'll be back in touch with you in about 50 minutes.
Glad to be here, Alex.
God bless you and God bless you.
May you have the Lord's protection in the bankruptcy court.
God bless you.
Thank you, Roger.
We've got live footage, Trump reportedly about to come out here very soon.
We'll be covering that live here on air.
If it happens during a break, we'll obviously replay it for you when we come back.
Let me just add to what Roger was just saying.
We're under attack.
You're under attack.
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And we have
I think so.
After being suppressed for almost a year by the US Department of Health and Human Services, a new report has been released which uses dozens of studies to prove that fluoride consumption lowers the IQ of children.
Internal email
We're good to go.
Health officials delayed report linking fluoride to brain harm.
Quote, Last May, the National Toxicology Program was set to release its eagerly awaited report into the cognitive and neurodevelopmental impacts on humans from fluoride exposure.
It was to review studies which link fluoridated water to cognitive harm in children.
But, quote, before the NTP could release the report, they were blocked, said Linda Birnbaum, NTP director until 2019.
Apparently, the U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services hid the report after criticism from organizations that advocate water fluoridation.
Such as the American Dental Association, who casted doubt on the report.
In February of 2022, the American Dental Association emailed Rachel Levine and others, asking the NTP to exclude or carefully consider how to characterize any lingering neurotoxin claims from the report because it might, quote, undermine national, state, and local efforts to expand community water fluoridation.
Well, that's the whole point in reviewing if fluoride could be a neurotoxin.
To avoid more harm to people, especially children, through water fluoridation.
Let alone expand the practice, a practice which most of the world rejects.
And many countries have even outlawed it, especially in Europe.
So after a subpoena forced the NTP to release the report, it was quietly published for the public to view.
In the report's overall findings, they concluded, quote, "...the data support an inverse association between fluoride exposure and children's IQ."
They even put it more simply, stating, quote, "...evaluated IQ in children provide consistent evidence that higher fluoride exposure is associated with lower IQ scores."
Even adding that, quote, "...subtle shifts in IQ at the population level have a profound impact."
However, even though 52 of 55 studies found decreases in child IQ with increased fluoride, the National Toxicology Program says they have found, quote, no obvious threshold for total fluoride exposure or water fluoride exposure.
Just like with COVID, it's a tale of two sciences.
So why does the U.S.
government fluoridate our water?
What science is there to back up the fact that 73% of people connected with community water systems receive fluoridated water?
Just over two-thirds of the U.S.
It's important to point out that fluoride is a term generally used to refer to a variety of chemical compounds made from fluorine.
These chemical compounds are the toxic waste product from various industries, such as nuclear weapons manufacturing, aluminum production, and the mining of minerals used in fertilizers.
Because the proper disposal of such toxic waste is expensive, these industries have found a way to make their waste product profitable.
By selling it off as a helpful agent of dental hygiene.
However, these compounds are toxic to the human body, to our bones, our hormones, and our minds.
To learn more about the history of fluoridated water, read Christopher Bryson's book, The Fluoride Deception.
Or watch the documentary, Fluoride, Poison on Tap.
Directed and produced by the same team who brought you COVID Land with Info Wars.
The documentary features Edward Group, Mike Adams, and various scientists and health experts who break down the entire fluoride hoax that's been perpetrated on the American people.
Also, remember to filter your tap water, because chances are our government will never stop pouring toxic waste into the water supply.
Visit InfoWarsStore.com to browse which filtration system is best for you and your family.
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com
Informative guest.
Couldn't be a more perfect time to have him on.
Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Host of his own very popular TV show and podcast.
Obviously a former top legal contributor at Fox News.
Judge Andrew Napolitano teaches constitutional law.
He's been a judge.
I'm not going to go over all his awards and background.
Everybody knows who he is.
Podcast Judging Freedom available on YouTube.
Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Here at this historic moment, there's footage about an hour ago of Trump turning himself in, and then we also have the live camera shot of when he's reportedly going to be coming out soon.
He's quote, being processed, never before done in America.
Why do we not let local prosecutors indict former or current presidents?
Well, you see it happen in terrible countries all the time.
You know why.
Major constitutional crisis.
And then you've got the DA clearly needs to be investigated for committing a felony, leaking the 34 count indictment to the New York Times.
That's not journalistic rights and sources because that's Trump's personal data that his lawyers deserve to get.
At the same time as everybody else, that's why they have felony laws in New York.
Judge Napolitano has been a judge in New York and a judge in other places, so he can definitely correct me if I'm wrong, but we're just really seeing an orgy of tyranny here, a real miscalculation.
Trump's up 30 points against DeSantis right now.
He'd beat Biden right now in this election by 15 points, the polls show.
Judge Andrew Napolitano, thank you so much for joining us.
Wow, what a time to be alive.
Well, it's a pleasure to be with you, Alex, no matter what we're talking about.
I'm dying to read the indictment to see if it's claptrap, to see if it's gross exaggerations, or to see if there's a there there.
I didn't know about the leak.
I've actually all morning and in the early part of the afternoon, it's two o'clock here on the East Coast, been trying to get a copy of this myself.
My fervent hope
Was to be able to evaluate the indictment for you, and my intrepid producer is pulling all the strings he can to try and get... No, no, no, it's not out yet.
Only the New York Times gets to see it.
Well, whoever has it has reported that there's 34 counts in there.
That means 34 different felonies.
That means one of two things.
Either they have charged him with matters in addition to the Stormy Daniels,
Other felonies that we don't know about.
It may be the so-called catch and kill, which I can explain in a minute.
Or every time Donald Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for the Dormey Staniels payment, Cohen paid her $130,000.
Trump reimbursed him in $13,000, $10,000 checks.
And then the Trump organization reimbursed Trump.
In $13,000, $10,000 checks or wires.
There's your 26 transactions there.
We're almost up to 34.
The catch and kill actually sounds sexier than it is.
Trump would go to the National Enquirer and say, there's a lady out there claiming I slept with her.
I didn't, but I really don't need the PR.
Can you buy her story and then kill it?
So the National Enquirer would approach her, pay her $100,000 for the story, interview her, write up the story, she'd approve the story, and then they'd say, we're going to kill the story.
And then Trump would reimburse the National Enquirer $100,000.
That is arguably fraud on the lady, because she's signed an agreement saying she can't discuss this with anybody except a reporter from the National Enquirer.
Listen, I don't know if this stuff is in there.
Women have been claiming to have sex with him for years.
I don't know if their claims are true.
He is confronting a lot more serious legal issues than this, but this is the first one to come down the pike.
I agree with you.
I come on your show to talk about the law and the Constitution, but politically, that's the prosecutor himself.
That's the DA.
That we just saw.
That was Alvin Bragg.
That's right, for TV viewers, the Soros creature, Alvin Bragg, just came out of the courthouse.
Go ahead.
Yeah, he left his office to go up to the courtroom, which is where the actual arraignment will take place.
Now, I normally don't opine on political matters, but just as sort of a political junkie, I worked at Fox for 24 years,
It would seem to me that this will seriously embolden Trump's base.
This might scare away some of the more skittish voters, but the base in the Republican Party, as you pointed out, is decidedly moving to Trump.
And quite frank, I've nothing against Ron DeSantis.
I know him and I like him.
I don't agree with him on a lot of things, but I like him.
I don't think he knows how to handle this.
I don't know if Chris Christie's going to enter the race.
The others that are in the race, in my view, don't stand a chance of laying a glove on Trump.
That's former governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, former governor.
So that's my question to you, a really smart political person, not just a legal, great legal mind.
Why would the establishment, with all the stuff the Bidens have done, all the other things the Clintons have done, go after Trump on things like this, knowing it would embolden him?
The establishment wants Trump to be the Republican nominee.
Joe Biden wants Trump to be the Republican nominee.
Many Republicans fear Trump being the Republican nominee, not because they don't want him as president, they do, but because they believe that if Trump is the nominee, Joe will not have to defend his utterly indefensible, deplorable record as president of the United States.
Because the issue won't be Joe's presidency, it'll be Trump's character, personality, and alleged crimes.
So this is all part of the establishment.
I said that last week.
They're doing the indictment as a smokescreen because they, just like Hillary wanted Trump, she thought she could beat him, but she pushed him to push him up front because she thought she could beat him.
Now they're doing the same mistake again.
So this is not the strongest case against him.
He's going to be on trial for rape in New York City in three weeks.
Not criminal rape, civil rape.
This lady alleged that he raped her and addressing Roman Bergdorf Goodman, a high-end, doesn't exist anymore, high-end department store in New York.
15 years ago, the state of New York in its infinite wisdom has opened up the statute of limitations for adult survivors of sexual assault.
And this lady sued him.
The case is going to federal court.
He's going to testify just a few blocks from where he is now.
Then there's the Atlanta, Georgia case.
Then there's the two federal cases.
There's Mar-a-Lago.
And then there's January 6th.
These cases are far more serious than this one.
But the establishment believes that by ganging up on him this way, it will generate support for him.
He will knock off Christie, DeSantis, Hutchison, Haley, whoever else runs.
And he'll be the nominee and Joe can win.
Then Joe will resign.
And whoever the Veep is will become president.
Now, who do you think that Veep will be?
Well, I mean, who do you think?
Mrs. Clinton.
Mrs. Clinton.
You heard it here first.
This is part of their scam.
If you see her being mentioned as Joe's new Veep, I don't know what they'll do with Kamala Harris, give her some federal judgeship or something.
Then you'll know that she and her husband are behind this scam.
You heard it here.
Well, you made a lot of predictions that have come true, so you're saying, is that your own political analysis, or are you getting this from your sources?
Well, I'm getting this from Democrats, candidly, who can't stand her, but believe that she's orchestrating this.
So, I don't know.
I mean, maybe that's part of the equation.
Nancy Pelosi in a bizarre video, we have it, called her Mrs. President, Ms.
President yesterday, and said the Russians stole the election.
So, it does seem like she suddenly resurfaced for this.
What do you, Nancy, view as the biggest threats and challenges facing our democracy, and what are the opportunities to try to stop that backsliding and turn it around?
Well, I appreciate that question, but I also appreciate your leadership in this regard.
I hope.
But when Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and First Lady, but especially a Secretary of State in more recent... Let me guess.
She said Trump has to prove his innocence.
Well, that is insane.
You know, you would flunk a high school social studies course if you say the defendant has to prove his innocence.
We all know that Donald Trump is innocent.
All defendants are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty.
Look, Trump has a very interesting defense in this case.
Stay there, Judge.
We've got to go to break.
And I'll actually play the clip of Pelosi and Hillary, and Pelosi calling Hillary the president.
And then you can get into Trump's interesting defense.
Couldn't have a better guest on today.
We've also got that live feed up there when Trump comes out.
We saw Bragg come slithering out earlier.
We'll be right back with Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Please stay with us.
And we are back with Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Could not have a better legal mind on what is today with what's happening.
Judge, you got cut off by that hard break with the satellite fees, the radio and TV stations.
You were getting into a very interesting defense that Trump has that nobody's talked about yet.
Even if everything that the government says Trump did, he did do.
Thank you, Alex.
That is, he used corporate funds
Uh, to pay for a campaign expense.
If it was not a campaign expense, if it was to save his marriage from the embarrassment of what Stormy Daniels would say, rather than his campaign, then it is perfectly legal.
Now, if he gets on the witness stand and says, I did this to save the marriage so Melania wouldn't throw me out, I don't know how the government could possibly counter that.
So that is a very strong defense that he has because they have to show, the government has to show intent and intent to defraud the government because the corporate funds are non-taxable.
They're ordinary corporate expenses.
If it comes out of his pocket, then he's got to pay income tax on it.
Either way, if it was to save the marriage,
It's lawful.
And look, Inside Baseball, remember the New York Post shots of Melania in that gorgeous, I mean, I'll be honest, you know, lesbian soft porn scene, uh, you know, with another woman, um, that was leaked by Trump because he thought the base would like that.
He's never said he was a choir boy or any of that.
Uh, and so I always wondered why he would make a payoff.
To her, when he knows his base.
Christian conservatives don't like it if you say you're this eunuch, basically, and then you're something else.
But if you've never hidden it and you agree with their ideas of politics, I found they're very forgiving.
They're not hypocrites, the average Christian.
They like what Trump does, but they get it.
I don't know why the hell he would make a payment to her.
You know, I don't know that.
And unfortunately, that type of argument goes more toward this is political rather than familial.
If you look at the timeframe, Alex, this payment to Stormy Daniels was two weeks after the big brouhaha over the Access Hollywood tapes, which caused some Republicans to flee from Trump.
You know, that was his hot mic off the record, didn't know he was speaking, boasting about his sexual conquests.
I think that Paul Manafort and Steve Bannon and the folks advising his campaign at the time
Said, you know, we can deal with one of these.
We can't deal with two.
You got to pay off this crazy lady.
By the way, Donald, we never heard of her.
He goes, ah, it's not true.
Is it true?
They don't care if it's true or not.
They just cared about paying her off.
And Michael Cohen came up with this scheme to pay her off.
Here's another defensive.
Trump had reimbursed Cohen out of Trump's own money and then not taken reimbursement from the corporation.
No crime.
The only crime is the use of corporate
Or non-taxable funds to pay a campaign debt as if the campaign debt were an ordinary reasonable corporate expenditure.
Sure, so shifting gears.
What about selective enforcement?
I mean, I'm not a famous judge like you and a university scholar, but to me this is selective enforcement.
If you've got the Clintons and the Obamas and the Bidens just running around like people swinging off the chandeliers, they're so corrupt, and bragging about their corruption, and then they're going after Trump over a high-end hooker, I think that's what the polls are up.
It just doesn't sit well.
Even if this is true, it just doesn't compare to the other stuff.
Well, that is an argument for the jury if the judge lets them make it.
Normally, judges won't let you make that argument to the jury because that's a form of jury nullification.
Now, you and I believe in jury nullification.
It is the law of the lands.
Judges hate it because it requires the judge to say, if you believe the defendant is guilty but should not have been charged,
For public policy reasons, then you may find him not guilty.
That is the law of the land.
They can do that, but judges will never tell them that.
Selective prosecution, unfortunately for Trump, has to be for the same crime.
I agree with you.
There is the public view and it's well grounded.
That Joe Biden received funds illegally from people in Ukraine through circuitous routes involving his family members.
That Bill and Hillary did the same, not with respect to Ukraine.
That Hillary has pretty much boasted about her failure to safeguard state secrets.
So the only crime that the court would look at to determine if it's selective prosecution is the exact same crime, which is
False bookkeeping intended to hide or mask a campaign contribution as if it were a corporate expense.
They would not look at other things that Biden and the Clintons did because they're different crimes.
What does this do in general?
Why do they call this a constitutional crisis?
Why do we even have Bill Barr coming out and saying this is preposterous and super dangerous?
You know, other well-known top lawyers, Alan Dershowitz says he's never seen anything like this.
I mean, pretty much across the board, even the feds didn't decide to charge Trump for this.
Why do you think they didn't, but now Bragg has made the leap?
All right.
It's an odd situation.
So the feds charged Michael Cohen.
And Michael Cohen testified against himself in a courtroom about all of this.
The trial judge, it wasn't a jury, it was just a guilty plea.
But in federal court, you take an oath, you go on the witness stand, you testify.
What did you do?
Why did you do it?
Who else was involved?
How did you do it?
Et cetera.
At the end of that testimony, the trial judge says, okay, I accept the guilty plea, but there is an unindicted co-conspirator in the case.
He happens to be in the White House.
So the feds decided, hmm, let's prosecute Trump on this.
Cohen wouldn't even talk to them because they just put him in jail.
COVID came along.
Cohen gets out of jail.
It was a low-level prison farm.
They shut the whole place down because of COVID, because everybody lives in the same dormitory bedroom.
Then they asked to talk to Cohen.
They interviewed him three times, including two mock cross-examinations of him.
And they decided, well, this guy stinks.
This guy's terrible under cross-examination.
We can't build a case just on him.
So we're not going to prosecute the president.
Cohen gets the idea of going to Bragg, saying, well, Bragg wasn't in office.
He went to Bragg's predecessor, Cy Vance, saying, why don't you use me as a witness against the president?
Cy Vance.
Says, okay, let's develop the case.
Cy Vance decides not to seek reelection.
Brad comes in, looks at the case, goes, I'm not going there.
My job's to clean up the streets.
I don't care about Donald Trump.
Prosecutors quit.
You can't make this stuff up.
Writes a book about all the evidence against Donald Trump.
Bragg reads the book.
Decides they better gin up this investigation again.
They interview Cohen 21 times with four mock cross-examinations.
They do.
This time Cohen is well prepared.
He does well in the cross-examination.
Yeah, they're basically training him.
So he's going to college for this.
Pretty much.
So Bragg's team of prosecutors say
Cohen is credible.
The federal team of prosecutors say Cohen is not credible.
Bragg says, give me the documents to back up what you say.
Cohen gives them a mountain of documents.
Trump documents, Trump organization documents, Cohen law firm documents, Cohen personal documents.
They analyze everything and they say we have a case here.
We're going to come right back with Judge Andrew Boltono and a bunch of other angles of this to hit.
This is riveting stuff.
He's going to finish this story that's so historical when we come back.
Be sure to check out his website, ladies and gentlemen, and his show that he does, JudgeNab.com, Judging Freedom.
Trump is about to be brought out.
We'll be right back.
Will you come speak to us, President Trump?
What incredible footage of your TV viewer.
The 45th President of the United States coming out of the courthouse in New York.
Regardless of what you think of Trump, this is selective enforcement.
This is a lynch mob.
And it's just the beginning of federal and other state indictments, as Judge Andrew Napolitano was just saying.
We're going to talk about gag orders and more.
We still haven't gotten the 34 indictments.
It's still not there.
We're going to be learning that, hopefully, in the next 30 minutes to an hour, right through this show, right into the war room today with Owen Schroyer.
Before I go any further, ladies and gentlemen,
They decided to not perp walking, not put him in handcuffs, not do a mug shot, because they knew that that would help Trump.
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Now back to Judge Andrew Napolitano.
You wanted to get, we were talking during the break, you wanted to get in, and that's one of my questions I forgot to ask, the gag order.
I don't know if the judge did it.
No one's reporting it yet.
Is it constitutional?
Could they actually do it?
Would it be election meddling?
Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Well, judges are understandably loathe to impose gag orders.
I mean, the First Amendment says Congress shall make no law bridging the freedom of speech, but today it means no government
Federal, state, or local, executive, legislative, or judicial shall interfere with the freedom of speech.
I mean, Trump may be a criminal defendant, but he's innocent until proven guilty and he has the same free speech rights as everybody else.
Uh, if he begins aggressively attacking the prosecutors to the point where they feel threatened, or the same with respect to the judge, they will caution him and warn him and ask him to stop.
And if he doesn't stop, this will build up a bit of a drumbeat and they may impose a gag order on him just with respect to this case.
Now, that is the last thing that Joe Tacopina and the president's lawyers want, uh, because Don slams judge.
Well, I'd like to hear what he said because
If this keeps up and the judge orders him not to attack the judiciary or judicial system, look what they did to Roger Stone, who's going to be on the show in a few minutes.
Roger Stone suffered under the most aggressive unconstitutional gag order I've ever heard of in the modern era.
The appellate court wouldn't rule on it until after his trial was over.
But Roger quite properly complied with the gag order because he didn't want to go to jail.
I don't know what Trump will do.
So most gag orders are limited just to a certain area of speech, but courts are reluctant to do it.
How they could silence him when he's running for president, consistent with the First Amendment, is beyond me.
I've got a Daily Mail report here we'll put up on the screen.
Do you think the Democrats knew how bad this would blow up in their face?
But like you said, I think they're so desperate politically, they wanted to actually bring him back into the news, even though it makes him bigger, because then he energizes their base and everything becomes Trump instead of all their crimes.
Whereas if we had a new Republican, and I'm supporting Trump and I'm backing him and this is wrong, he's being persecuted, and he really, you know, I mean, I'm not, I'm just saying separately,
We had a new smart, clean candidate who would just promote basic Americanism.
Then we actually get stuff done.
It's like with Trump, it sucks all the oxygen out of the room.
Well, I agree with you, Alex, that the Democrats want to energize Trump's base.
The base they are energizing is in the Republican Party.
The Democrats want the Republicans to nominate Trump for president.
Because they believe, and here I agree with them, if Trump is the Republican nominee, then the issue is not Joe Biden's stewardship as president, which in my view, and your view, and the view of almost everybody watching and listening now, is indefensible.
The issue becomes Trump's character, personality, and alleged crimes.
And Trump energizes the Democratic base, which is far larger than the Republican base, to come out and vote for old Joe in droves.
Now, whether Joe would serve the full term,
Or pick a new vice president, one for whom he would graciously resign and hand the presidency over?
I don't know.
But it's clear that the establishment has lined up all of these cases, the civil rape case coming in two weeks, Mar-a-Lago, January 6th, Atlanta, Georgia, this one, in order to energize Trump's base.
I happen to think that other Republican candidates, we can get into names if you want, would be stronger because they would focus the media on Biden's horrific presidency because they don't have the baggage that Trump does.
I didn't think Biden could hang on this long.
He makes a clown of himself every day, but I guess the deep state kind of likes to undermine the country like this.
But looking at the Fetterman model, been in the hospital six, seven weeks, can't even talk, hears voices.
I guess having idiots as leaders is the new globalist model.
I don't think Joe Biden's running the federal government.
You know, he's their front person because he was elected.
I think military decisions, which are leading us into World War III, are being made by Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken, and economic decisions are being made by Janet Yellen.
And Joe, whom everybody knows is challenged mentally due to his age, is pretty much just their yes man.
He can't debate Trump or anybody in a debate today, can barely answer questions from reporters.
But Jake Sullivan, his head of national security, his national security advisor, is of the view, I believe, that Joe can get reelected if he is a wartime president.
And they're nudging us every day, closer and closer to war in the Ukraine.
Well sure, and Woodrow Wilson was president for a long time in a coma.
And they think that Roosevelt was dead a month before we got told about it.
So they've had dead presidents before, so don't think just because he's corpse-like that he couldn't do it again.
They'll just roll him out like with a big glass jar with a brain in it.
Well, you know, they will stoop to conquer.
They're stooping to manipulate the Republican votes in the Republican primary with these prosecutions.
Only one now, but you'll see others soon against Trump.
That's their mantra.
All right, Judge Napolitano, stay right there.
Final long segment coming up.
Roger Stone is going to take over.
I've got to go to a bankruptcy hearing.
That's all going well.
We've told the truth.
It's all coming out.
The other side's upset, but whatever.
It's all part of the political lawfare stuff that's going on.
So we're going to go to break.
Final segment, Judge Napolitano.
Then, Alex Stein on the ground in New York, outside the courthouse.
With Owen Schroyer next hour.
So that is coming up.
And please don't forget, we're Lister Supported.
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So, it's almost hard to believe that the Republican Party's leading presidential candidate, as of tonight, by 30 points, could be told by a judge that he will go to jail if he dares to defend himself in his own criminal case.
Could that actually happen?
Well, it happened to Roger Stone, and nobody seemed to care.
We did, no one else did.
Roger Stone is a longtime Republican strategist, worked for Richard Nixon through the rest, up to and including Trump.
...runs stonezone.com, joins us tonight to assess this.
Roger Stone, thanks so much for coming on.
You're the first person we thought of, because this happened to you, and I remember people saying, well, Roger Stone's a troublemaker, it's okay if he's not allowed to defend himself, and CNN can attack him, but he can't fight back.
Maybe this will awaken people to how immoral this is.
Look, I think the idea that they might gag Donald Trump is really a testimony to his effectiveness as a counter-puncher.
He's used social media and his interviews to very effectively question the falsity of these charges, question the political motivations and funding of District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and to question the bias of this judge.
But more importantly, not only do I think the gag order would be unconstitutional,
Nowhere does it say you lose your free speech rights if you're charged with a crime, but more importantly, it's election interference.
He is a legal candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination.
He's leading by closer to 40 points in the polls, and this is a very clear effort to try to break his momentum.
You can see in the polls, and in the money that he is raising,
That the stronger they hit him, the harder they hit him, the more his support grows.
So I think cancelling him now, gagging him now, is a reaction to the way he has rebounded and actually benefited from what is a naked, partisan attack against him.
But to use the legal system to effect an attack like that is just beyond the pale in the beginning of the end.
I remember when Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who's completely out of control, did this to you, and the pretext was, well, if you talk in your own defense in public, you could influence the jury.
But she didn't gag CNN, which spent a year attacking you every day, or MSNBC, or the New York Times.
Like, this doesn't even make sense as a legal order.
Well, not only that, but she kept the gag order in my case in place after I was already convicted, after there was already a verdict.
I would have gone to jail under a gag order if President Trump hadn't seen the unjustness and ridiculousness of the charges against me.
By the way, there was never any evidence of Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration, or...
This is part of the campaign against Donald Trump.
But if you can't speak in your own defense in public, then only your critics have the freedom of speech.
I mean, you know, at that point, darkness has descended.
And I don't think it's an overstatement.
Roger Stone, thank you.
Thank you, Tucker.
That was me last night.
Okay, I'm sorry.
That was me last night.
I'm Tucker Carlson.
Now I'm stepping in for Alex Jones, who, as you know, was called to the Bankruptcy Court.
And to help us break this down, well, one of the most brilliant legal minds in the United States, perhaps in the world, my good friend, Judge Andrew Napolitano, joins us now.
Roger, it's a pleasure.
It's an unexpected pleasure.
I didn't know that you'd be filling in for Alex, but a pleasure nonetheless.
Of course, I'm not dressed appropriately for the Stone Zone.
I thought I would raise that before you did.
But to be serious, your interview with Tucker was terrific.
I remember suffering through this with you, writing publicly and aggressively when I was at Fox.
Against what Judge Jackson did to you, and even interviewing you on my show, and we had to be so gingerly, God forbid, I should have asked and you should have responded anything about the case that probably would have indicted the two of us for conspiracy to violate her gag order.
Fortunately, most judges, in fact, every judge I know, I don't know Judge Jackson personally, and I don't know the judge in Trump's case, are loathe
To impose a gag order on anyone, much less a public figure.
I would be surprised if a gag order comes.
Now, as we speak, I don't know if the president is still in that courtroom.
I would imagine if a gag order has been issued today, we'd know about it by now.
I'd be stunned if it is.
I would think.
It would have to be some showing that Trump's First Amendment rights are being used or abused to impair the judicial system, as the case law reads, before they would impose a gag order.
So I don't expect one today, Roger.
Stated differently, the former president will be treated far better by this New York State judge than you were treated by a federal judge in Washington, D.C.
a few years ago.
Well, in all fairness, that is exactly the point you made on the Stone Zone earlier this week.
I still think it remains to be seen.
By the way, they did not levy or issue the gag order against me at arraignment.
It was only after my lawyers proved that the FBI never inspected the computer servers at the Democratic National Committee that they decided that my speaking openly made me an enemy of the state and I had to be gagged.
Judge, I guess my question is, in light of this stunning leak today, how could it be that Mike Isikoff, the very same reporter who the FBI gave the Steele dossier to, and whose story regarding the Steele dossier, fed to him by the FBI, was then subsequently used by the Department of Justice
As evidence to justify their false FISA warrant pops up with this story today.
It underlines the precise problem with any potential gag.
Even before we have a gag, Donald Trump learns that he's going to be charged not by formal notification of the government, but by a leak to the New York Times.
We learned that there's 34 charges against him, or counts against him, not in any formal proceeding.
But in a story leaked to Mike Isikoff, of all people.
Is that not the real danger here?
In other words, he's a candidate for president.
He has got, obviously, First Amendment rights.
But whether there's a gag order or whether there's not a gag order, Alvin Bragg has already demonstrated that his office will leak like a sim.
How does the president deal with this?
Well, the government of the best leakers around and the best leakers in the government are the FBI.
You know that personally from your own prosecution.
The former president knows that.
I don't know who the leaker is in Bragg's office.
In the federal case, they leaked information and bootstrapped that into what they use to get warrants, which is probably criminal.
In this case, it's only a violation of legal ethics to leak something an hour before it's going to become public anyway.
But the government has its favorite leakies, people to whom it likes to leak information, because those people, like Michael Isikoff, will get it out there and will get it out with spin that the government wants on it and will get it out there before the public has the chance to examine the document on their own.
Now, as we sit here, it's five minutes of three.
On the East Coast of the United States, Donald Trump has already pleaded not guilty.
I have not seen, you have not seen, the public has not seen the indictment.
It sounds like no one has seen it except Isikoff and whoever works for him.
So I don't know if it's just Stormy Daniels or if it involves other cases as well.
I don't know what all 34 counts would be unless every time Trump touched a piece of paper in the case.
That's a different count.
Otherwise, I'm at a loss to explain what's in there until I read it.
Just based on what we do know, assuming that Alvin Bragg is successful in taking a business records reporting misdemeanor and twisting it into a felony, has not the statute of limitations run on this long ago?
And what of the district attorney's argument that COVID-19 somehow stops the clock in that regard?
I've never seen any such law that says that.
Well, Governor Cuomo, when he was the governor of New York, was given extraordinary emergency powers.
And he did toll all, toll meaning it's the legal phrase, legal word, stop the running of all statutes of limitations during the COVID emergency.
But I don't think Alvin Bragg will make that argument.
Has the statute of limitations run?
Well, the underlying crime, alleged crime, the one to which Michael Cohen pleaded guilty,
Which is the use of corporate funds for campaign finance.
That's five years that happened in 2016, obviously more than five years ago.
The government will argue that while Donald Trump lived in the White House and voted from the White House and then renounced his New York citizenship, moved to, lived in, and voted from Florida, the statute was told
That the statute was only running when Trump was physically located in New York.
And when I was on the bench, I rejected those arguments because if that's what the drafters of the legislation wanted, they would have put it in there, but they didn't.
However, the prevailing view among judges is that that view holds.
So that argument is worth making if you're Joe Tacopina, but he'll probably lose it.
The fight against the New World Order is now the top story in the world.
The globalists are in deep trouble, but they're striking back with all their deep state operatives to shut down info wars and other truth tellers like James O'Keefe and Tucker Carlson and countless others.
So please pray for us now more than ever.
Spread the word about the broadcast and get great products to keep us on air.
You know these days happen way more often now.
There'll be days where Alex and I are both in court
And today it's Donald Trump in court, or who knows, a jail cell maybe, and now Alex Jones is having to go to court, but I'm here now, I'm good, no court for me today.
But this is what it's like, or back when I used to host with Roger Stone, who just has left us, there'd be times where he'd be dealing with court and going through legal stuff, and then I'd have to host the show and he wouldn't be on that day.
So this is what it's like.
To be politically persecuted.
It's just a regular thing now.
Constantly dealing with court.
Constantly dealing with lawyers.
Constantly dealing with the legal issues.
And this is what happens when the government gets weaponized by a criminal faction, by a corrupt political party.
And we all know it as, in the year 2023 in America, the Democrat Party.
So it's going to be interesting to see what the real world response to this is.
Because everything politically works in margins.
So Trump getting arrested.
Is really only adding small margins to his support base, but the larger margins are going to be seen in the centrist.
The larger margins are going to be seen in the anti-establishment liberal that hasn't completely lost their mind.
And they're going to say, wow, Donald Trump is really being politically persecuted here.
And for him to be the one.
To take the fall for the corruption in D.C.
is just pathetic.
But that's not even what they're claiming his crimes are.
They're not even saying he was doing anything while he was president.
They're saying, oh, look at all these women he used to sleep with, and did he have hush payments?
So it's not even what was going on in the White House.
It's not even what was going on when he was president.
It's stuff from years ago.
But I gotta tell ya,
Looking at all the footage from New York City and then the circus that's out there, tell me, how many people know what Joe Biden did today?
Anybody know what Joe Biden was up to today?
No, everybody's focusing on Donald Trump.
Who's the real president?
Joe Biden has done some events.
He's done a handful of events on the road since he's been elected president.
Was there ever a media gaggle?
Was there ever a press circus?
Was there ever the energy, the attention, the attendance to anything Joe Biden has done as president?
I'm not even talking about Trump rallies.
That's a whole nother story.
I'm talking about look at the circus in New York City today.
The press.
The support, the hate, all of it.
Trump's the real president.
Not Joe Biden.
And it's just total proof that all even the Democrat media can talk about is Donald Trump.
That's all the Democrats talk about all day long is Donald Trump.
Not what Joe Biden is doing.
If he's even doing anything at all.
No, it's Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.
And this trend is not going to stop.
Because Trump's running for president, and next they're going to be coming after him in Georgia, and then in D.C., and then who knows what else, as laid out in the last hour by Judge Napolitano.
But when we rejoin the show after this short break for the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, we'll go over some of the sights, some of the sounds from New York City today.
Marjorie Taylor Greene getting on a bullhorn.
Just the mass amount of people that are out there.
And Elon Musk has just shared a Donald Trump meme.
He might have made this one himself.
I'm not sure.
I hadn't seen it before.
Is Elon Musk, who said he's not a Trump supporter, could this even get Elon Musk to become a Trump supporter?
Well, Elon Musk has just shared this meme.
Not sure if he is the creator.
Picture of Donald Trump with a quote from 1980.
Why do time travelers keep trying to kill me?
I'm just a realtor.
Donald Trump, 1980.
Elon Musk says, if the Democrats had a time machine.
That's good stuff.
Very true.
Very true.
But they don't have a time machine.
What they do have is an army of trannies, and an army of perverts, and an army of delinquents, and an army of lazy bum commies, and an army of brainwashed zombies, and an army of politically corrupt bureaucrats and attorneys and judges.
And so while their attempts to kill Donald Trump
Or maybe that hasn't been attempted yet, or maybe who they sent back in time to kill Donald Trump failed.
And so now they just send the entire political system against him.
I mean, it's almost unbelievable, but Hillary Clinton admitted to, I think that they paid the fine just like a year ago, Hillary Clinton admitted to
Using campaign funds to pay for the Steele dossier.
They had to admit that.
So, it always comes full circle.
The Steele dossier proves Trump-Russia collusion.
Uh, no it doesn't.
And actually, the Steele dossier was made up and paid for by Hillary Clinton.
And it all comes out six years after the 2016 election, and the media lied to you, and they lied to you for years, and then Hillary actually settles and says, yeah, well, actually, we spent $113,000.
It's true.
We paid for it.
Okay, we'll pay a fine.
I'm sorry.
And the media went along for the ride.
And did they ever apologize for lying to you?
Eric Trump is reporting this now, breaking right now.
The Ninth Circuit just awarded Trump $121,962.56.
Gotta get it right down to that exact cent.
In attorney fees from Stormy Daniels, order just released, this in addition to roughly half a million she already owes him.
Yeah, I was gonna say, she already owes him money, so she just got hit again!
No, it's Hillary Clinton that got caught with the campaign finance violations.
No, no, no, no.
It's Ilhan Omar.
It's AOC with the campaign ethics finance violations.
But they go after Donald Trump.
Even though he's already won lawsuits against Stormy Daniels.
And has her signature on a paper saying she never took hush money.
But what are the 37 or 47 or however many
There are attorneys and prosecutors in New York that are saying this is the most we've ever seen from a grand jury even in even in
Rape cases and child sex abuse cases, they won't even go over 30 charges because it's just, I mean, it's just, it's just ridiculous.
I mean, even if you want to throw the book at somebody, like 20, 25 is usually the number there.
That's like the book is 25 charges.
They got him on 37 is what the leaked documents, whoever they were leaked to.
That's what they're reporting.
37 charges.
So, obviously monitoring this situation, Alex Stein is going to be joining me in 20 minutes.
My intention when I host The War Room is to take calls from end to end.
I don't believe, do we have any guests on The War Room today?
Last I checked we didn't, so...
We should be end to end your response to this.
Has this made you like Trump more?
Like Trump less?
Do you think it helps Trump politically?
Hurt Trump politically?
Is the deep state desperate?
Or is this going to be a true, a true exhibition of just how powerful and corrupt they are with nobody to answer to?
And you know, I got to tell you though, as I see this, really, it kind of breaks my heart because
I don't know if it's the... Did I choose the political life?
Did the political life choose me?
I really can't stand the politics because it's so divisive.
And you've got it again.
It's 2016 all over again.
A group of Trump supporters behind a barricade and then the group of the Trump haters behind the barricade shouting at one another, screaming at one another, shouting the obscenities.
Everybody's got their signs and everybody's got their...
Paraphernalia and everything else, and it's just sad.
It's just sad.
Now, as sad as it is, the honest truth is obviously, hey, you don't have to like Donald Trump.
I can understand why you don't like Donald Trump.
But if you're out there as an anti-Trump protester saying this is a good thing he's being arrested, you're a brainwashed idiot.
And it's sad that this is what we're up against.
So it's symbolic.
It's symbolic.
The will of the people united could actually do wonders to help this country.
And that's us.
And then we have to stare into the face of these brainwashed zombie hordes that call us racists and bigots and transphobes and homophobes and xenophobes and everything else simply because we want to have a better country, simply because we have envisioned a better future and we see where the trend is going right now into authoritarianism.
And we would just like to stop that and reverse it.
And then here are these brainwashed freaks, screaming in our face, spitting in our face, celebrating our demise.
And then they're aimed against us.
So it's the brainwashed hordes being aimed against us, and now it's the corrupt government institutions and agents being aimed against us.
So yeah, Alex couldn't be on air to do extended coverage today because he's got to be in court.
And yeah, Donald Trump just got arrested today because the Democrats are trying to take him out as he's running for president.
Or do they think this is going to boost him?
And maybe that's why they're doing it.
Not exactly how I see it.
And maybe Alvin Bragg has just gone rogue.
Since I can take calls and just keep the same callers on the line heading into the war room, why don't I give out the number now?
I imagine everybody's got something to say.
Or to think about.
The situation with Donald Trump today.
Now we know it.
He's, I guess, being arraigned right now.
It's happened.
Who knows?
He might be in cuffs right now.
Might be in a cell.
I don't know.
They said no cuffs, no mugshots, all that stuff.
Do you trust these crooks?
I don't for a second.
So we're watching, monitoring the circus scene.
Truly, it is a historical moment in American history today.
The images of Trump, the motorcade, the scenes, all of it is going to live in American history forever.
The image of Donald Trump's gold head bobbing up and down amongst all the Secret Service agents in the suits is going to be a famous one forever.
Him waving, going in and out of the building.
These are timeless images.
There is no doubt.
Love Trump, hate Trump.
We're witnessing American history here today and we are documenting it for you right here on the Alex Jones Show at Infowars.com and Vanned.video.
Of course, funded by you.
Now, they say, okay, we're not going to give them the mugshot, which tells me they know that this is actually helping Trump and now it's backfiring.
So maybe that's an argument to, hey, they thought that this would hurt Trump and now they just misfired again.
Because if they really wanted Trump to win and they thought all this persecution was helping him, they'd put out the mugshot and make him more famous than ever.
But they didn't do it.
But we were prepared at InfoWarsStore.com.
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Infowarestore.com Limited Edition Trump Political Prisoner t-shirt.
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Donald Trump on the shirt.
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Alright, we're getting your calls lined up and we're going to be taking your calls for the next four hours, or really I guess three hours and forty minutes when the war room kicks off.
We'll keep taking calls.
Elon Musk at it again.
Rage for the machine!
Man who agrees with the media, universities, corporations, and Hollywood thinks he's part of the resistance.
Rage for the machine.
Yeah, you're so... I'm anti-establishment.
And I do everything the establishment tells me to do, like hate Trump.
It's truly astounding, isn't it?
And there's basic principles that you need to understand.
It's kind of like the laws of physics.
There's laws of politics.
You can't avoid the laws of physics.
You can't avoid the laws of politics.
A liberal, a leftist, your average Democrat, if they're still loud and proud, Democrat, they don't have any foundation anymore.
They don't have any beliefs, fundamentals.
It's all what you support, they oppose.
That's all it is now.
So you like Trump?
They hate Trump.
You don't want to see minors get genitally mutilated?
They love it.
They're going to march for it.
They're going to promote it.
They're going to protest for it.
They're going to make a big scene for it.
They're going to rally for it.
So that's how this goes.
So that's what it is.
It's rage for the machine.
But how they don't see the irony of thinking they're anti-establishment when everything they do is exactly what the establishment tells them, how can they not see that?
Again, it's the laws of politics.
Because their whole ideology is based off being against you.
That's the laws of politics.
I can't change it.
I didn't write them.
But that's what it is.
So you're confused.
Why does the liberal that say he's anti-establishment do everything for the establishment?
Because you're now anti-establishment.
So he's now pro-establishment.
See how that works?
That's how it works.
That's the laws of politics.
The raging progressive liberal democrat is just anti-you.
So that's why they get so confused
When I go out to an event and I'm pro-abortion, and you can see their entire political paradigm breaks down.
Or I go out in the tank and I say I'm pro-for-the-war-in-Ukraine, and it's like, what?
Or if I go do a comedy bit and I'm pro-trans kids.
Because now they don't know what to do!
Because now, if I'm pro-trans kids, then they must be anti-trans kids.
But what?
That's not what they're taught.
That's why it's so easy to break these people down and they go into an absolute mental breakdown and conniption fit.
I've documented many times this with the crew.
Alex Stein as well, who's joining me in 10 minutes, can tell you all about it and his recent sights and sounds and scenes dealing with these crazy trans people and then also outside of Trump Tower in New York.
So that's all coming up.
But again, folks, remember, if you were anticipating the fun t-shirt with Donald Trump's mugshot on it, but, oh, you thought we're going to be let down, there's no mugshot, think again.
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And if you're wondering, hey, why isn't he in an orange jumpsuit for this?
Well, we wanted to be factually accurate here, and when you turn yourself in and then you get arraigned, even if you do spend a couple hours in a jail cell like I did, they don't actually put you in a jumpsuit for that.
Now, if they decided to not release him, which would shock us all,
But I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility.
If they decided to not release him, then he would be putting on a jumpsuit and probably going to Rikers Island, just like the man that worked for Donald Trump that they claimed was guilty of tax evasion because he was driving a car.
He was driving a car owned by the Trump company and he wasn't paying taxes on it because he was driving a company car.
First of all, that shouldn't even be a crime.
But second of all, it's total political persecution and torture.
Sending him to Rikers Island with some of the worst criminals from New York.
Total political persecution.
And this has happened to a lot of people around Donald Trump.
Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, you name it.
So, this is what it's like.
This is what it's like.
I mean,
People are stunned with the stuff that I go through and they think, you're not that controversial.
I don't understand.
Well, let's keep in mind that they're throwing nukes at Alex Jones every day and I'm Alex Jones, you know, next door neighbor.
And I'm like hanging out at his house a lot, having dinner, and so like he's getting nuked, like yeah, the radiation is hitting me, I'm getting nuked too.
So you might not think I'm that controversial, or you might not think I'm that big of a deal, but the establishment hates me too, and I'm getting some of the flack that Alex takes every day.
So same thing happens to Trump.
And then they come after your family too, but I don't want to get too much into this.
Because I want to take your calls in response.
Positive for Trump?
Negative for Trump?
I mean, what are your friends and family saying?
Are they commenting on this?
The apolitical?
We're going to be doing this for the next four hours right here at InfoWars.
Myself with you finishing up the Alex Jones Show.
And then all throughout the War Room, Alex Stein coming up as well.
Let's start though with Rick in Arizona.
Rick, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Uh oh!
It's the clown world!
And I'll tell you what, we got to get the elections handled.
Because it doesn't matter what kind of crap show is on here and what's going on, if the votes aren't, you know, on our side, if they cheat, if they have more votes than we do... Let me just pause you right there.
Because you bring up an extremely important point that I don't think you're wrong about.
And I really had a deep thought about this last night.
Because one of the hardest things for us to do is to see the world through somebody else's perspective, or even just from a larger, drawn-out perspective.
And while, yes,
There's no reason to think they won't steal the election from Trump in 2024.
In fact, there's every reason to believe they will.
Now, will it work?
Can they beat a landslide?
But here's what I think it comes down to, Rick, because this is what we have to understand.
The awakening has to happen before there's going to be any real change.
I think that's what we're learning here.
We can't vote our way out of this, and we can't even have a cultural revolution out of this.
The infrastructure created by the Deep State criminal cabal is just too entrenched.
Even when we get somebody in the White House, it's too entrenched.
But so imagine this, though.
You're probably right.
Let's say Trump gets massive landslide of support after this, heading in, and then is the nominee, and in 2024, same story, massive rallies, 50,000 at every rally, three a week, you name it.
And then he loses again?
That might be the one where the average American finally says and realizes, okay, my country is gone.
I didn't vote for Trump, I'm not even political, but everybody I know voted for Trump and somehow he lost after 90 million votes?
Joe Biden gets 100 this time?
Nobody's gonna buy that.
Okay, it is now official.
Donald Trump has left the courthouse and we're assuming on his way back to Trump Tower in New York City with, of course, his massive motorcade.
And police escort.
So it went like this.
He turned himself in.
I'm assuming that they never cuffed him.
We never saw him in cuffs.
I'm assuming they never put him in a jail cell.
Because that was never reported.
So that means they took him, they processed him, they probably at least fingerprinted him.
I don't even know what they did that, because normally this process is... I mean, I've been through it.
You go in there, you wait for the agents to make the arrest, they make the arrest, they take you to processing, that's where you'll, I mean, sometimes they'll cuff you there, just cuff you to a bench or something, and then until they have the available officers to come over there, take your mug shot, take your fingerprints, anything else, at which point, then they'll cuff you, take you to a jail cell, and that's where you wait until you get arraigned by a judge,
I don't
They processed him without cuffing him or jailing him.
They probably made the arrangements so that he went right in front of a judge, got arraigned, was read all the charges.
That probably took a minute since there's 34 of them, to which he pled not guilty.
Trump pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts falsifying business records.
Okay, then he got released, and now they are on their way back to Trump Tower.
We are getting connected with Alex Stein, who's been out there on the streets of New York City, and in front of Trump Tower, watching this.
But, you know, it's like, is it even worth getting into what probably happened here at worst?
Is it even worth it?
Does it even matter at this point?
Because you could sit here and say, okay, well, even though Michael Cohen already signed the documents, and Stormy Daniels already signed the documents, saying that this is not what happened, but what they're trying to claim happened, and we'll see what happens when the 34 charges come out, is that Donald Trump used campaign money to pay Michael Cohen to pay Stormy Daniels hush money.
And so, I mean, that's worst case scenario if that's even true.
And so if that is true then, Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen have just falsified their own legal records with their signatures and committed crimes as well.
So that means that Brad, Cohen, and Daniels all committing crimes here.
Who leaked the 34
It didn't come from Trump's office because they never even got them.
Which again is totally normal.
When I knew I was getting charged and had to turn myself in, we did not get the actual charges.
We didn't know what they were until I got in front of the judge.
So all types of shenanigans.
But again, whether Trump made the payments or not,
Whether it was illegal or not, whatever happened, it really doesn't even matter.
Because this is total political persecution, total selective enforcement, and the Democrats interfering with an election.
Like they always do.
And then blame you for that.
So, it's... We're gonna see the response of the American people.
Again, I've got the phone lines lit up.
We're gonna be taking your calls all afternoon.
But I've got Alex Stein joining me now, and I...
I'm sorry because I'm a little off kilter here.
Are you back in your pimp in a blimp studios?
Yes, we are in the mother blimp right now.
Primetime 99.
I'm on the grind all the time.
I'm in New York City.
The next day I have obligations at the Blaze I have to fulfill.
So we have an incredible show this evening, but it's an honor to come on with you, Owen.
So you were out there in New York City.
You saw the scenes, the chaos.
I mean, let's talk about it.
How insane was that?
Well, I mean, really, the energy around the courthouse was kind of how you expected.
A lot of people, like all the mainstream media, was just looking for Donald Trump, wanting to, you know, try to get the one shot of him walking in the building.
So, like, all the hungry media were out there.
That was, you know, kind of interesting to see.
And then there was a lot of supporters.
I mean, yesterday I was there and there's only a few, quote-unquote, counter protesters.
But most of the people there were
Fans of Donald Trump, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't even say it was just fans.
Even the people that don't like Donald Trump there knew it was a sham.
Like the homeless people that were walking by, the crackheads on the street.
Those people are like, this is a joke.
So if those people that are high on fentanyl know that this is a waste of resources, then I think the American people will feel that same way.
Well, and I always try to draw myself back, whether it's from my own bias or my own bubble or my own worldview.
And because, you know, we all tend to do that.
And I'm thinking, how does this look to the bigger picture?
How does this look to the average American that, quite frankly, is just not informed?
And they just don't really care about politics.
But they're gonna see this.
They're gonna see Trump getting arrested.
And I think the average American response is gonna be, this is persecution.
This is bullcrap.
Trump is the bad guy.
Trump's not the problem in D.C.
I might not like Trump, but I know he's not the problem.
Is that what you think is going on here?
Because that's what I think is going on.
Well, I don't want to be doom-pilled or black-pilled, but I think...
This will give a lot of the people that are moderate something to hang their hat on.
They're going to say, oh, Donald Trump was, he was charged with a crime, so he's a criminal.
So I think some of those, you know, soft-brained people actually will be convinced by this.
And they'll think Donald Trump is, you know, some sort of evil person.
But the people that are actually paying attention, it's going to radicalize him.
Similar to Roe vs. Wade, when they overturned that and we thought there was going to be a red wave, it kind of radicalized the last Republican vote.
But I think this is going to radicalize the right even more so.
I mean, we were radicalized when Peter Gage, Jeffrey Epstein,
All the elite people that are doing terrible things.
We were kind of radicalized by that in 2016.
We thought, oh, it's not going to happen to us.
But now the people that are actually paying attention, they're seeing the illegal persecution of Donald Trump.
When you look at Joe Biden's illegal business deals in the Ukraine, you look at Hillary Clinton's kill list, you look at Barack Obama's marriage to a boy, more than likely.
You're saying there's a lot of other things that we should be covering and not some misdemeanor buddy-duddy thing that should not even be focused on.
Oh, absolutely.
A potential World War III situation where the U.S.
has no allies?
I mean, literally all of our allies are abandoning us now.
Japan just abandoned us.
I mean, we have no allies anymore.
Joe Biden has... We have no allies if a world war breaks out.
I don't know what...
America does, quite frankly.
I mean, so that's the situation.
And the U.S.
dollar is potentially on the verge of collapsing because now all these other countries are deciding, hey, you know what, we're going to deal in the Chinese yuan or we're going to deal in the ruble or we're going to deal in Indian currency.
And so this is I mean, people don't even understand how big of a deal this is.
And only Trump is the president that can get in there and maybe try to reverse course on this and get us back on track where we need to be as far as geopolitically.
But I think that the American person, you know, the soft people, like, look at it like this, because I feel like this is 2016 all over again.
And let's not forget that most conservative media was against Donald Trump.
The Republican Party was against Donald Trump.
The political landscape has changed entirely heading into 2024.
Now most of the Republican media is going to be supporting Trump.
And even though the establishment GOP might be against him, it's not a whirlwind.
Yeah, but Owen, this is the problem.
We don't have any allies, but none of that matters because the only thing America still produces are bombs, our weapons, Alibert, Raytheon.
Those are basically the only industries that we have left as a country.
So if there's any war, even if we don't have any allies, we're going to be the ones selling them all the bombs.
So that's why the multinational corporations love the war.
And then you talk about how weak we're getting.
Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, he was actually loved by his people.
He was loved by his people.
Gosh, you just lost me!
No, we got you, we got you.
Uh, sorry, sorry about that.
Oh, and we're having internet issues.
Okay, my point is, Muammar Gaddafi, I want to talk about this real quick, in Libya, I know we gotta go to break, he tried to take them off the African dinar and put them on, excuse me, they tried to take them off the American gold standard and put them on the African dinar, and that's why they killed him, and that's why there's slave auctions in Libya today.
Except it's not going to be Libya and Hillary Clinton laughing about how they killed Gaddafi.
It's going to be Putin, it's going to be Xi, it's going to be the Saudis, it's going to be India, and now Japan.
Final segment here of the Alex Jones Show, Alex Stein with me, Owen Schroer here, as we're monitoring Trump's motorcade.
Left the courthouse, we're assuming back to his golden penthouse at Trump Tower.
The man's got class, you know?
I wonder if Melania is there waiting for him, and did they have to make adjustments to the doors so that 7-foot-tall Barron Trump could get in there?
Again, folks, if you're just joining us, Trump pleads not guilty, 34 felony counts, falsifying business records.
You know, I'm kind of fed up.
Already with Kevin McCarthy as the speaker because he's done zero.
As far as I can tell, he's got a zero on the board a couple months into his speakership.
If this doesn't motivate, if this doesn't put wind in the sails of the Republicans, I mean, it seems like the only one who's moving the needle at all now is Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I like Jim Jordan, some of the stuff he's doing, and Rand Paul going against Fauci.
But I mean, as far as somebody who's hitting the ground every day, I mean, maybe Matt Gaetz.
What are you seeing?
I mean, if this doesn't galvanize the Republican Party to defend Trump, I don't know what will.
No, I think a lot of the people are afraid of Trump, especially the people that are quote-unquote conservatives.
I mean, Kevin McCarthy, you think he likes Donald Trump?
No, these guys are the GOP, the grand old party, and Trump is...
Not necessarily, you know, that's not where he was born and bred.
That's not where he's from.
So I think that that is the biggest issue is that the people on Trump's side don't even like him.
And God bless Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Some people, you know, you might not agree with her a hundred percent, but she actually cares about America.
She's out there fighting for what she feels is right.
And she knows that this is an illegal prosecution.
I mean, we just are going to sound like a broken record.
But this is what makes me the most frustrated.
Well, other than I don't know why they haven't shown the mugshot, because I want to put it on a t-shirt and sell it so I can become Grifter of the Year two times in a row.
But other than that... No, they didn't do the mugshot.
They didn't do the mugshot.
And we've already had the t-shirt, so sorry.
That's what I'm saying!
Everybody's going to be selling that dang t-shirt!
Everybody's going to make money on that t-shirt.
They don't even want us to make money!
They don't even want us to have a dropped mugshot!
They'll never stop us!
No, we will figure out a way to do it.
There's our t-shirt.
We beat Alex Stein to it.
Go buy that shirt, please!
Go support the Info War!
Because, like, you know, there's always that cliché, you know, Trump's not, you know, they're not coming after Trump, they're coming after us.
Trump is just in the way.
I don't even know if I said that cliché right.
My point is, if you can see the illegal business dealings that all the prior presidents have done.
I mean, you got Bill Clinton's actually getting BJ's in the Oval Office.
He's on Jeffrey Epstein's plane 26 times.
Yeah, let's not forget about Paula Jones.
How much did Clinton play Paula Jones, guys?
Was it $300,000?
I mean, they paid hush money, hush money, hush money to everybody!
No, it's absolutely insane.
But Alex, while you're here, I gotta get into something with you because...
You're one of the few individuals that understands this and exposes it to the level that you do.
I mean, you've catapulted into the stratosphere as far as your popularity is concerned.
And that's the culture jamming.
And something that I've really come to understand at a really deep level is that the modern day American leftist liberal progressive democrat
The reason why we're so confused at, hey, why do they claim to be anti-establishment, but now they're pro-establishment and all these other double standards and double thinks that they have.
And I've really had a deep understanding.
Oh, there it is.
Bill Clinton paid her $850,000 of hush money.
So we got that.
All right.
But Alex, here's what I've really come to deeply understand.
The average progressive liberal democrat now, the only principle, the only value, the only foundation they stand on is opposing you.
That's it.
They're not actually anti-war, they're not anti-Big Pharma, they're not anti-establishment.
That's all now been proven in triplicate.
So the reason why what you do is so great, and sometimes I do it too with the culture jamming,
The reason why they get so confused is because they don't know what to do.
When they see Alex Stein supporting trans kids, or when they see Alex Stein promoting, you know, the gay agenda and all this stuff, their worldview and their paradigm just breaks down because they're supposed to be against you!
So when you promote what they love, they have mental breakdowns!
Yeah, no, it definitely puts them in this weird mental gymnastics mode that they already live in.
So really, they shouldn't be that surprised.
But listen, it's like the old saying, when a dog chases a car and actually catches a car, they don't know what to do.
And that's why they demonize people like Alex Jones is because they need a boogeyman.
They need a villain.
The media has to have some sort of physical embodiment of what they think a villain is.
And so that's why they
Go after Alex Jones.
That's why they go after Donald Trump.
People don't care about Donald Trump.
People don't hate Donald Trump.
They hate what Donald Trump stands for.
They hate what Alex Jones stands for.
So that's why it gives them a villain.
Oh, that's why I hate them.
So that's why I use the Culture Jam is I try to appeal to them and I try to use the most absurd parts
Of their, you know, ideologies in order to make them question themselves.
Is this really how I feel?
Do I really sound this dumb?
So I try to be the opposite of the villain.
I try to be their superhero, but their gay trans superhero that makes them all feel like they're stupid and need to actually, you know, maybe do some self-reflection on some of their decisions.
So, Trump still on his way from the courthouse, I'm assuming to his golden penthouse in Trump Tower, much better than in a rotting, stinking jail cell.
Oh, he's going, I'm sorry guys, in my ear, what was that?
Is he going to the airport?
Is that what we're being told?
I think he's on his way to Florida.
Yeah, so he's going, you're right, you're right.
He's going to the airport now.
He's going to go down to Florida.
He's going to have a press conference.
We'll be carrying that live right here at Banned Out Video.
So just following the motorcade heading towards the airport now.
But yeah, the last number I saw, Alex, was $8 million has been raised by Donald Trump's campaign since the indictment, or since the news of the indictment dropped.
I believe it was last Thursday.
$8 million.
You know, not bad.
Not bad.
I guess this is definitely working in Trump's favor as far as that's concerned.
But you know what else is amazing about this, Alex, is the attention on Donald Trump is like
I don't know, a thousand times the attention on Joe Biden?
A hundred thousand times?
A million times?
I mean, it just shows you who the real president is.
Nobody gives a damn that Joe Biden is napping, you know, 20 hours of the day or whatever, or they have to lure him to work with an ice cream cone and a kid holding it.
Nobody's talking about Biden because he's irrelevant.
Well let's put on our tinfoil hats, we are on Info Wars, let's go full conspiracy mode.
Now we have the trans, put it on, we have the Transgender Shooter is dominating the news.
Now we have Transgender Awareness Week.
We're basically all of the people that are just so pro-progressivism and so pro-social justice.
Everything they stand for became a school shooter.
Like literally, the whole embodiment of the trans movement.
A person that the media can't even label correctly.
They don't know whether to call them their boy name or their girl name.
But this is like who they love.
The trans community.
And they go and they kill six people.
They kill three kids.
They kill three adults in a school.
And they want to try to take away your guns because of that.
So that's dominating the news.
And it's making everybody on the right look correct.
And we say, oh, there's a serious mental health issue with a lot of these transgender people.
So as soon as all of that
That blows up conveniently.
Even though right before they announced that they were going to indict Trump, they said that they weren't going to reconvene for a month and that it was probably going to be a month later.
So I just think it's very unusual timing.
And just like you said, nobody's talking about Joe Biden.
All we're talking about is Donald Trump.
So they're doing this to distract us from what we really should be paying attention to.
Yeah, and then there's no doubt that this is a major moment in American history.
It is a huge story, the political persecution.
You know, most people I think are starting to understand that, but what are we missing?
We're missing all the damage being done right now by this Biden administration.
I mean, the big story here is that the entire world has basically moved on from the United States.
I don't know how else to put this.
All these foreign countries are no longer dealing in the U.S.
That's what kept it strong.
The petrodollar collapsing.
We don't even make oil anymore, so now OPEC is in complete control of most of the energy production and distribution when it comes to gas.
And even Japan has now said, OK, well, I mean, Joe Biden is asleep.
I can't even get a hold of him.
So I guess we're going to start to work with China and India now, too.
I mean, Japan, Japan.
Folks, if we lose Japan, I'm telling you, we're done.
We'll lose them all.
We'll have no allies left.
Yeah, but Owen, do you have any faith that we could win a war?
I mean, we lost to the literal Taliban.
All they had were Toyota Tacomas and old weapons that we gave them to fight the Russians.
I mean, I guess that's true.
I guess it'll stop the war because Biden will have no support.
We'll just have to surrender.
We'll just say, oh, we surrender.
I mean, listen, American greatness is almost like an afterthought now.
They actually want to have this country where the 45th president is somebody that's beloved by the majority of Americans, and now they give him a perp walk so that the whole entire world has a negative reflection of America.
So you're right.
This only weakens us.
You would want to protect the people that are the most powerful and important people, quote unquote, most important people of our country.
Yes, they shouldn't, you know, there shouldn't be rules for thee and not for me.
But honestly, if you're the President of the United States, we should have some sort of decorum and respect for our country by not charging him with a misdemeanor.
So this is just, you know, the self-destruction of a once great nation.
Alex Stein, he's a pimp on a blimp.
And you'll be on a blimp live tonight on BlazeTV.
Yes, and I'll be talking to you later.
I've got a new podcast coming out.
I want you to be on one of the inaugural episodes.
We're going to do this very soon again.
That's great to hear.
I'll be connecting to Alex later.
In the meantime, folks, stay on the line.
War Room starts in two minutes.
I'm taking your calls.
The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this.
Some are good, some are bad, some are a mix.
But the good ones don't ever want to organize.
The bad ones don't want to organize because they lost after power.
Powerful consciousnesses don't want to dominate other people.
They want to empower them so they don't tend to get together until things are really late in the game.
Then they come together.
Evil is always defeated because good is so much stronger.
And we're on this planet, and Einstein's physics showed it, Max Planck's physics showed it, oh, there's at least 12 dimensions.
And now that's why all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out saying, it's a false hologram.
It is artificial.
The computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected, and gravity's bleeding in to this universe.
That's what they call dark matter.
So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in some computer program, some God's mind, whatever.
They're proving it all.
It's all coming out.
Now, there's like this sub-transmission zone below the third dimension that's just turned over to the most horrible things is what it resonates to.
And it's trying to get up into the third dimension that's just a basic level consciousness to launch into the next levels.
I think?
I believe they're racing using human technology to try to take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're going to merge with machines, transcend, and break away from the failed species of this man, which is kind of like a false transmission because they're thinking what they are is ugly and bad, projecting it onto themselves instead of believing, no, it's a human test about building us up.
And so Google was set up 18, 19 years ago.
This was, I knew about this before it was declassified.
I'm just saying I have good sources.
That they wanted to build a giant artificial system.
And Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity with billions of people wired into it with the Internet of Things.
And so all of our thoughts go into it and we're actually building a computer that has real neurons in real time that's also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that
They will have current prediction powers, future prediction powers, a true crystal ball.
But the big secret is, once you have a crystal ball and know the future, you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions that control the future.
And so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals, as you know.
And a true 2.0 in a very bad way, hive mind consciousness,
With an AI jacked into everyone, knowing our hopes and dreams, delivering it to us, not in some PKD wire-head system where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure, but because we were already wired in and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to this system, our daily decisions, that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.
There's now a human counter-strike taking place.
To shut this off before it gets fully into place, and to block these systems, and to try to have an actual debate about where humanity goes, and cut off the pedophiles and psychic vampires that are in control of this AI system before humanity is destroyed.
This is an interdimensional force that wants to influence us to build something that absorbs us and kills us, rather than the divine free will we're given to build something much better that empowers the species.
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