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Name: 20230324_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 24, 2023
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In a recent InfoWars podcast, Alex Jones discussed various topics such as politics, health products, globalist elites, deep state, CBDC, COVID-19 patents, alien narratives, and the influence of media. He emphasized exposure to defeat the globalist elite and deep state, encouraged viewers/listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing their products, and promoted his book, "The Great Reset and the War for the World". Jones criticized Joe Biden as a puppet of globalists and called on people to stand against autocrats like him. He discussed opposition to globalist corporate worldwide tyranny and introduced three new products available at InfoWarsStore.com. General Flynn joined the show to cover world events and prevent World War III, while Jones criticized Trump for not addressing the deep state and focusing on gaining control of the Justice Department. The speaker also talked about the importance of individuals at grassroots levels in challenging lies and exposing evil. They mentioned various small group grassroots efforts like Precinct Strategy, Audit the Vote, Moms for America, Women Fighting for America, and Women for Liberty. General Flynn's lawsuit was presented as a way to use the platform and support his book "The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generational Warfare". General Flynn discussed the need for citizens to take action against forces attempting to undermine democracy, emphasizing local actions with national impact. He addressed the exploitation of weaknesses in America's election system by Chinese government and globalist elites who seek control over the country. Jones discussed how COVID-19 was used as a tool to control people and manipulate the 2020 election, highlighting the involvement of certain intelligence communities and labs with Chinese entities. He criticized mail-in ballots for undermining the sanctity of voting and allowing greater manipulation in elections. The speaker called for unity among citizens, encouraging them to find local leaders and organizations that align with their values to create change at every level. They also emphasized the importance of understanding oneself in this ongoing war for information and truth.

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I want to have this fight publicly because I want people to remember the rawness.
The rawness that my family and this country was dragged through.
And what did it lead to?
It led to the Department of Justice dropping my case after a six-month internal investigation that said, you know what?
There's no crime committed.
And basically the behavior that we, the Department of Justice, demonstrated, we demonstrated a real Disgusting behavior internally to the Department of Justice.
Now, some of this is going to come out.
It's going to be a long battle.
But I want people to know, Alex, you know, one of the other aspects of my wife and I sitting down to deciding whether or not we were going to do this again.
Because this actually, talk about tearing band-aids off, right?
This is going to have another rawness for my family and I. But we have to do this.
We have to fight back.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Friday, March 24th, 2023.
This broadcast, like all others, will be particularly informative.
I'm talking next level.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Smoke on the water, fire in the skies.
It's Friday, March 24th, 2023, and humanity is awakening.
Well, we got a huge broadcast.
They're all important, but this one's going to be really out of the park.
So much is aligning right now for good, for bad, and for the ugly.
General Flynn is going to be joining us with huge breaking news and earth-changing analysis in the second hour, and then a lot more.
The first hour is going to be absolutely, totally jam-packed and loaded with massive developments on so many fronts.
But first, here's National Saudi Arabian TV parroting the puppet Biden.
Something our corporate-controlled media will not allow.
But still, the globalist puppet is a joke, and they're a joke.
God bless you, and God bless America.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide in defiance of the censors, the tyrants and the pedophiles.
I'm your host Alex Jones on this Friday, March 24th, 2023 transmission.
All right.
I've got to get to all of this today.
It's all too crazy.
It's all too informative.
It's all too revealing.
Well, Trump has put out new statements.
Threatening death and destruction if he gets arrested.
I'm going to give you my view on these statements coming up in this hour.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Until then.
And all the other things that are unfolding with the case and now they say they won't say until next week if he's going to be indicted or not.
So we have that stack.
Then we have new bank runs and an emergency meeting of the private Federal Reserve.
Yellen convenes emergency financial stability meeting on Friday as banking crisis explodes.
Told you that was going to happen a few months ago and a few weeks ago, but here it is.
We've got more Iranian missiles raining down on U.S.
positions in Syria after yesterday's counter-strike by the Pentagon.
We have a whole bunch of stories that are extremely revealing.
That we talked about many years ago that are now mainstream news.
Congressional hearings and a bill set to pass, it's already passed the House, set to pass the Senate.
Your refrigerator could be spying on you.
Senate committee clamps down on smart devices.
The headline is actually on Infowars.com.
It gets it right.
Senate set to pass a law keeping your refrigerator and light bulbs from watching and listening to you.
It's all admitted.
That's just some of what's coming up today.
You might want to stay tuned with us.
All of our broadcasts are informative and important, but I've done a lot of particular research for this one.
And I hope that you'll stay with us today.
General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, will be joining us live in the second hour to cover really massively important events that are taking place and how we can hopefully derail World War III and more.
So that is coming up, ladies and gentlemen, in the second hour.
Okay, let me just do this.
Let me read some of the headlines and then start plowing into them.
Your refrigerator could be spying on you.
Senate committee clamps down on smart devices.
That headline is really a whitewash.
We'll break down what's really happening.
CNN headline of all places.
Torture, forced abortions, and insects in our food.
No, it's not the U.S.
public schools under Bill Gates' directives.
It's life inside North Korean jails.
We'll be hitting that.
Pentagon official forced to read anti-white statements from its diversity chief in congressional hearing.
We're also going to be tying all this into worldwide investigations being launched in the U.S., Australia, Germany, you name it, against Bill Gates for running the worldwide vaccine programs.
We have some of those hearings from Senates and Parliaments around the world.
Also, Tucker Carlson breaks down the U.N.
plan and how the left wants to depopulate the Earth.
I know that's old news to us, but that being on Fox News is a big, big deal.
One in 36 children have autism, CDC says.
Critics slam agency's failure to investigate the causes.
We actually know the causes.
We'll be laying that out today.
World Athletics, one of the biggest athletics boards in the world, bans trans athletes.
Which is a very, very good thing from allowing men to invade women's sports.
So sanity is starting to come back to reality.
Meanwhile, the left claims the right wing are banning books when the left wing are banning and re-editing and changing books and editing history.
It's not banning books to not allow pornographic publications to be given to elementary and middle students, including pedophilic Graphic novels that show children having sex with adults.
That's all coming up.
Janet Yellen is having an emergency meeting on the accelerating banking collapse.
Massive multi-million person demonstrations in France against the Great Reset, the tyranny that's taking place there.
But first, I want to hit There's a lot more, not just that.
Now I want to be very, very, very clear about this because when I talked about this on Tuesday with Steven Crowder, the media didn't show the clip of what I said.
We made a big splash national news story.
They would just show two or three words and quotes put next to two or three other words and quotes to create a word salad to deceive people about what I said.
But it doesn't matter.
We have millions of viewers and listeners right now and I'll know that you'll get the truth out about what I really stated here.
That's a lot bigger than Alex Jones, a lot bigger than Trump, a lot bigger than you.
It's about us all together.
Trump put out a statement last Friday.
We read it here on air.
Saying, I'm set to be arrested, they're saying, next Tuesday.
And we need to take our country back.
We need protest.
I said, him saying that's not bad.
But the way they've implied that demonstrations are evil inherently if Republicans have them, or populists or Christians have them, but then Democrats can call for violent protests and attack police stations, federal courthouses, you name it, and people like Kamala Harris create multi-million dollar funds to bail them out of jail.
My point was, they're going to misrepresent what Trump says.
He should add the word peaceful to it, or they will misrepresent it.
But yes, we have a weaponized legal system.
Yes, there's incredible corruption.
And yes, we should take our country back.
By the decisions we make, by the way we vote, by being on juries, grand juries, by lawsuits, by civil disobedience, and if they're ever trying to take us to death camps or forced injection camps, which they're normalizing now, we don't stop that global U.N.
movement under their U.N.
treaty they're trying to ram through right now, then there will come a day where, unfortunately, we have to defend ourselves and our bodily autonomy from this Nazi Operation 5.0.
And that's what I said.
Because people are angry, this country's a tinderbox.
I don't believe violence is the way to go.
We need to exhaust every avenue first.
We're having major impact peacefully in the idea of culture.
We're killing the false ideas of the Great Reset, the New World Order, and the left.
We're winning hearts and minds, not just here but around the world.
Globalism is in deep trouble.
Its only hope is to have violence.
As a smokestream for clampdown and to legitimize the censorship and controls they've already put in.
And I think anybody who has half a brain can look at the lay of the land and the political climate and say that randomly storming buildings, randomly shooting police officers is not just not effective, it's horrible and it's wrong.
We have an occupied government by globalists.
The government is not the enemy.
Is it out of control?
Is it too big?
But it lets the globalists get away with what they're doing if we just say it's the government.
That's why Klaus Schwab and the CFR and the UN brag that they've occupied our governments, our governments are getting the blame for all the tyranny, then they can sit back like the saviors.
If the Deimos Group and the UN and the big corporations running it And that's not coming out in hearings all over the world, not just in our Congress.
If it comes out there's a corporate coup with their agents in our governments, the WEF is the best example of that, the Demos Group, then we can remove through voting and lawsuits and civil and criminal action, through the criminal courts, the operatives of Spectre, of chaos, of the New World Order.
This is a lot bigger than what Trump's been saying.
It's about the whole battlefield being 95% psychological and about truth versus lies and that violence must be resorted to if we fail.
And then we should be having a large discussion about what that violence would be.
The rules of engagement.
Because the globalists are killing us with GMO and 5G and poison shots and there is an undeclared silent war that's now in the open.
But you have to identify who the enemy is, how they're attacking you first.
If you're going to have a discussion about, then counter-strikes.
So this is big boy talk here.
This isn't, oh we ought to get violent, oh we ought to do something, oh we just randomly march a million people somewhere and then have it hijacked and turned into a giant fiasco.
We're winning culturally, politically, spiritually.
The enemy's throwing everything they've got at us and they're failing.
So I was simply saying Trump should have added the Proviso peaceful demonstration.
He didn't.
The media misrepresented what I said about Trump to make it look like I was breaking with him on that issue.
Now, that said, he's put out new statements.
And when I read these in the headlines this morning and last night, I didn't just believe it.
I went to Truth Social and I read on his own website what he said.
And I would be dishonest to you and everybody else if I didn't say Trump is playing with fire, he's rattling a saber of his supporters, and he's making not even veiled threats.
And look, maybe he thinks it's 1776 time.
We have a completely out of control government.
It's predatory.
My God.
But let's not lie to ourselves that Trump coming out saying there'll be death and destruction if you arrest me Well that green light's them setting off a truck bomb and blaming it on us.
So it's not good strategy and he made more statements, obviously responding to myself and others.
I've got them all right here about, well who, you know, we gotta talk about being peaceful when they're doing all this tyrannical stuff while they're out of control.
So that's like legitimizing violence.
And then you add to that the icing on the cake Of death and destruction, no sir.
Maybe you're not that smart, Trump.
I think you are.
That is not good.
So he's doubled down, folks.
For me being, I'm a little concerned about not staying peaceful to this.
So I'm going to really talk about this and tell you what I really think when we come back on the other side.
I'm very concerned.
Alright, so the media misrepresented over the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday what I said about Trump.
They said, Jones says Trump's bad calling for protest if he's arrested.
I did not say that.
I said that why not add the word peaceful so they can't misrepresent what he said in case they have provocateurs or anything gets out of control.
And the media misrepresents it.
But now, I am going to criticize Trump.
And that doesn't mean I can't stand, brag, the George Soros DA.
It means, it doesn't mean I endorse Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters calling for violence or Kamala Harris bailing out people that burned down police stations.
It means that we have to be better than the other side.
And we're winning culturally, we're winning politically, not just here but worldwide, and they Inside the New World Order want a violent confrontation that they can manufacture or create or provocateur.
So that they have a pretext to drive this country and the world into even greater crises.
And I believe violence at this stage is not the way to go because I'm actually a novice lay historian that is obsessed with history because it's so amazing.
Most violent revolutions turn out worse than what they replaced.
Almost all non-violent cultural revolutions Driven by free thinkers make society better.
Revolutions of ideas.
Revolutions of innovation.
The printing press.
Those are real revolutions.
The car.
Enshrining the nuclear family, which has always been a revolution, but loving it and providing for it.
America as a beacon of liberty and innovation and opportunity.
Those are my revolutions.
Not having a big moronic shooting war with the police and military that will wreck the whole country and then we all lose.
Now, could you say in the Declaration of Independence, if you read that, do we have a right to overthrow this occupied government because it's become destructive of what it was founded for?
Is doing it violently smart?
Look at the French Revolution.
Look at so many others.
So, here's my issue with Trump.
If Trump wants to get up on TV and say, I'm calling for a violent revolution, and I believe these are the targets, and people should go after these targets, I would not support that, but I would respect that, and say he put his money where his mouth is.
But to sit there and vaguely say there's going to be death and destruction if you indict me, And the country is going to possibly be destroyed, that's what he said.
But then, where has he been for the January 6th people?
A few statements.
Where was he when I showed up at the Capitol, was told to meet him there, and I tried to stop people going in, and he didn't show up.
If he had showed up, he could have stopped it.
All I'm saying is, I'm not here just trying to criticize Trump, but I've lived this, okay?
I thought he was going to speak at a stage in between the Supreme Court and the Capitol.
I tried to get the crowd to not go in the building.
I was there.
Where was he?
And now, in hindsight, after two plus years of a thousand political prisoners and all this tyranny, Trump comes out with statements after myself and others said, hey, you should call for peace.
Senator Kennedy said, hey, protesters are part of America.
They're a good thing.
You should have them.
Just be peaceful.
And maybe Trump should add the word peaceful.
Because they're already saying he wants violence.
They're already saying he wants all this when they're the ones politically being destroyed.
He's up 28 points with them trying to arrest him above the Santa's.
He was only at two points ahead of him a month ago.
So he's winning.
They're acting like fools.
They're the ones trying to use political force, which is a legal force, which is a form of violence, to lock him in a jail.
He could be like Christ or Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr., but no.
He opens the door with these type of statements because he came out on Wednesday and said, I'm hearing a lot about we need to be peaceful.
Look at all the corruption in this government.
Well, anybody can read that and say, well, he's saying violence might be OK.
So then if some provocateur or somebody does something or some crazy person, they can then point to Trump and say, see.
He said, who said we got to be peaceful?
And he likes to act tough, he likes to act like a strong man and powerful, and maybe he is.
Maybe he really believes all this, but that he should get up, and he should say where the protest is, and he should lead it just like I do, and just like millions of my listeners have done, peacefully.
Many times successfully, only to be set up in D.C.
So I'm upset about it.
And look, I don't like the Deep State, the Democrats, I hate them, I'm criticizing them.
I don't like walking into a trap.
And I've got all the quotes right here, we'll come back and show them to you, but you've seen them.
Trump's up there, well who said, you know, why are you telling us to be peaceful after all the stuff you've done?
Burning down America!
Well two wrongs don't make a right.
And why do you want to walk into that trap?
And then his latest statement threatens death and destruction.
I've got the full statement right here.
I don't just believe the media.
I went and read it.
Trump ratchets up violent rhetoric, warns of death and destruction over possible charges.
So to me, that's Trump.
He thinks plausible deniability.
Thinking the threat Of some of his supporters, or people posing as them, to go out and do God-knows-what, that that scares the New World Order?
Oh, if you're the cops in the federal buildings, you're scared.
If you're the workers, if you're bureaucrats, if you're some of those people, because they're on the front line.
The media's pushed that that's what the legitimate targets are.
The left's out attacking police stations, so the idea's out there.
And then Trump just sits back while this goes on.
So we should all distance ourselves from this.
And Trump should change tack here and use his head and not try to walk all of us into a trap.
But as for me, I've already walked into one of these traps and we know the deep state was all over it.
We've been exposing it.
So it really frustrates me to see Trump in a way playing into this cliche.
We got Scott, the lead producers, got some comments on this, Scott.
Alex, the whole thing is, is that until you actually control the media and you can control the narrative, every single protest is going to be, is going to be, could be used as a trap.
Look at how they framed January 6th compared to how they framed Minneapolis and things like that.
They burned Minneapolis down.
They burned buildings down.
They attacked places in Washington or Seattle.
Things like that.
They did actual damage to federal buildings and it was just played off as peaceful protest.
Just think about the Revolutionary War.
If we didn't control our printing presses and they were controlled by England, the whole thing could have never happened because England would have just, well, look at these rabble-rousers.
They're trying to ruin your way of life.
They're trying to do things to make things worse for you.
You have to have a free press and they can't be just carrying water for the administration in charge.
Otherwise, everything you do, they're going to frame in a light that makes it look like you're fighting America.
That's perfectly said.
So I don't want to be here criticizing Trump.
I want to be here supporting him.
But what is your smart guy, Scott?
Do you have my same analysis or what's your view on this?
I'm upset by this.
Well, yeah.
You have to put caveats on what you're saying.
You have to call for things to be done peacefully.
Because you're a leader.
He's the real president.
They stole an election from him, and we've already been through January 6th, and he's not.
He's doubling down, saying, why do we got to talk about being peaceful?
Because you got a lot of power, that's why, buddy!
What are you going to do if this blows up in our face so they set up a truck bomb and blame us?
Thanks, Scott.
You know, when I started, Infowars.com in 1997.
Nobody knew what an Infowar was.
Now it's all over the news and a popular term in culture worldwide.
You know, I've talked to a lot of people that work at the highest levels of the intelligence agencies, and they've said on air, like General Flynn has said, but others off record, that most generals and most operatives really never read more than the seven or eight books they need going through special military colleges about history and psychological warfare.
I, not bragging, it's just true, got obsessed with it when I was about 9 years old.
Because when I was 5 years old, my dad bought me World War I, World War II, the Wild West, all of it, probably 15 different picture encyclopedias about big famous events in history.
Bought me like a 10 set The Occult.
You want to blame Alex Jones on anything and the globalists hate me so much and wonder who I work for?
No, I started reading Time Life book encyclopedias when I was five years old because my parents wouldn't buy me a lot of toys, wouldn't buy me a lot of stuff, made me get jobs when I was like nine years old to pay for things.
But if I wanted books, they'd buy me any amount I wanted.
They had time-lapse book ads all over TV when I was a little kid, and I'd say, I want that.
And it got to the point where every day or two, a new encyclopedia was arriving.
In fact, guys, there's a World War II encyclopedia that I have, and I was like five years old.
The first one I got, it's cream-colored books out there on that bookshelf.
Bring me one right now.
But the point is, it's all adult-level stuff, but a paragraph here, a paragraph there, and then all these great photos, and that's why I knew all this.
And the reason I'm explaining this is, when I get up here, and I talk about history, and I talk about things, I know what I'm talking about.
Not just from reading all those books, and then adult books as I got older.
Well, those were adult books, actually.
It's that I've lived it, I've experienced it.
I think most of the audience agrees, we don't want a violent revolution.
That's the last Desperate emergency button if it goes there.
And then don't worry, all of you that want to kill, and all of you that want violence, and all of you that think it's so fun and so great, you're gonna get your stomach full of it, and you're gonna get to see death and destruction in annihilated cities, okay?
But as for me, I know the real power is in the information war, and that's what I'm trying to do.
So let's be 100% clear.
When I criticized Trump for his rhetoric about death and destruction and all this, the Democrats set the table.
They set the game rules about overthrow, violence, burn down cities, attack police stations, federal courthouses, shoot people driving down the road for no reason.
Because they want to get it violent, because they're losing!
And I get the calls, man, you ought to call for violence, you're a wimp.
Let me see you do something first.
By the way, I'm not challenging you to, because I don't think you know what you're doing.
Does anybody ever call in about taking out Bill Gates?
Anybody ever call in talking about taking out Paul Schwab?
By the way, I'm not saying do that, but in the realm of real war with these people, that's a real war!
Anybody calling him up taking out the Rothschilds?
No, no, no.
It's, let's go attack a federal building.
Yeah, that really does something.
So before you even get to that realm, you should actually study that realm.
You should actually know what realm you're discussing.
Historically, because history does repeat and it does rhyme.
So I'm done talking about this, but don't think the left's on some high horse when I criticize Trump.
They've done a hundred times more calls for violence than he ever did.
He called for peacefully going to the Capitol on January 6th and thought he was about to give a speech there.
He got set up.
That's why I'm a little perturbed now.
Because everything they said about him calling for violence before was not true.
And he's not calling for it now.
But he's starting to climb down into the sewer with these people.
And I'm done Talking about it, here's all the articles that have the quotes in it.
You can go see it for yourself.
Trump posts disturbing photo with Alvin Bragg threatening death and destruction.
They tell us to be peaceful.
Trump issues another threat and tells Soros back to animal.
Alvin Bragg to drop the Stormy Daniels case as the grand jury cancels for the rest of the week.
Trump ratchets up violent rhetoric, warns of death and destruction over possible charges.
Trump calls for removal of every top official investigating him.
Grand jury won't act in Trump hush money payment investigation this week.
And it just goes on from there.
Now here's the deal.
Maybe Trump knows how to deal with bullies better than I do.
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe veiled threats, not even veiled threats, he thinks he'll get us somewhere.
I know the controllers above the minions.
I know who they are.
And they love this.
But who knows, maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe Trump's 5D chess and it's all true and why, you know, he was going to remove Biden before he ever got inaugurated on January 20th, 2021.
But we all know that didn't happen, and we all know that's not the case.
Now I'm out for the governors and legislators getting together and saying the federal government's illegitimate?
And then if Biden crazily ordered the military to attack the people, I'd say, alright, well we gotta fight the military, and most of the military would instantly join us.
If they start it, and they really take the gloves off, and they want some big out in the open war with us, then they're gonna get it!
It's like, 1776 at Lexington Concord in Bunker Hill.
And here come the British troops to confiscate the guns.
They need to protect themselves there in the frontier.
And the Captain of the Guard said, the war isn't going to be started by us here, men.
But if they fire the first shot, it's going to start right here and let it be.
And that's called the shot heard around the world.
But we don't fire the shot!
And Trump's rhetoric is loading the gun and pointing the rifle To fire the shot, and I'm just saying, I don't support that type of rhetoric.
But don't worry, for all you that are just really spoiling for a big ol' bloody war, careful what you ask for.
You ready for the power to be off for a year?
Ready for hundreds of millions to die?
You really ready for total collapse?
Because let me tell you, I'm ready.
I can deal with it.
I'm one mean son of a bitch.
And a sick part of me, the animal side of me, is ready to get this going.
But I don't think most of you running your mouths about it out there actually know what you're talking about.
A lot of you do.
Maybe you're done.
All I'm telling you is, are we the left that's just going to randomly burn stuff down?
I want to burn their ideas down non-violently.
We're winning.
We're going to go to break.
I got all this other news.
So much news to hit.
And we will hit it all, a bunch of it, next segment.
Some good news in Congress, very good news, but also crazy news.
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Welcome back.
General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, joins us in the next hour to cover all the big world events and how he believes we can stop World War III.
It's all coming up today on this live Friday edition.
Let me say one more thing about Trump, then I'm going to move on to the other news.
Trump was president for four years, did a lot of good things, but didn't really go after the deep state, let them take him out, let them censor him, and then stood down on January 6th and didn't come to the Capitol trying to stop things, and I gave him a pass on that, but now you can't have rhetoric like death and destruction, and who says we gotta be peaceful, and the left's violent, well just because they're like that doesn't mean we should act like them.
That's all I'm saying.
You know, if a General Flynn came up with some plan, I would respect it and listen to it.
But Trump does not have historical or military understanding of this and has not studied it.
He has a cartoon view of this.
Maybe he's ready to go to war with the Deep State.
He's had incredible rhetoric like, I'm going to take out the New World Order.
I'm going to take out the Deep State.
I'm going to take out the Communist Chinese.
When I get back in, the gloves are off.
I've woken up.
Okay, great.
That's a very positive thing.
But you do that through getting control of the Justice Department, and firing the Attorney General, and firing the FBI Director, and putting your people in like Bill Clinton did for bad in 1993.
He didn't do any of that, and now he wants to sit there and just talk about vague violence.
Not good.
It buys into their plan.
You think I'm wrong?
I don't think many of you do think I'm wrong.
At the end of the day, I don't care, because I just go with what I think's right.
So, I love Trump being anti-World War III, I love a lot of the stuff he's been doing, and this just really puts a turd in the punch bowl for me.
And after he sees myself and a bunch of his supporter Republicans saying, you might want to add a proviso here about peaceful.
Who says we gotta talk about being peaceful?
These people are bad.
Oh, OK.
OK, well, who are we supposed to target with violence then, Trump?
You know, you can't sit there and float violence without then owning it and saying, this is who we're violent against.
And I wouldn't support that either at this point.
I'm just saying that's more logical.
It's like these black professors and others are financed by big think tanks.
I got a bunch of clips of them today saying, whites are evil, genocide them, kill them, attack them.
We wonder why there's 20 to 1 black on white crime and why whites are getting killed every hour or so by racist blacks in America.
It's because their leaders are like, whites are bad, go get them!
The government's bad, go get them!
Well, what is the government?
It's like when a cop accidentally shoots somebody, or has a questionable shooting, and remember, like, six, seven cops in one day got killed, a bunch in Dallas, and the left's like, well, cops are bad, you know, they deserve it.
So a cop maybe wrongfully shoots somebody five states away, so you go up to Dallas, to a Black Lives Matter event, and you shoot seven cops.
What about justice?
How did the random seven cops deserve to be shot?
It's... Look.
If somebody, God forbid, raped and killed one of my kids, and the police didn't do what they were supposed to, and they didn't get indicted, and some George Soros D.A.
let them off, I'll be honest with you, that D.A.
and the person that did it would not be happy about what happened.
And I'm not trying to act tough.
If I know you let my family get hurt, and you protected who did it, and you got away, you're gonna have a problem, okay?
Because I'm primitive enough where I've got feuds and blood issues with family, and you're gonna get it, okay?
But, if one evil DA let a murderer go that killed somebody in my family, would I randomly drive to a town a thousand miles away and kill some DA?
And it's the same thing.
It's the people that are doing it to us that are the enemy.
The ones that run it.
Not the infrastructure.
Just like people say, why are the blacks so dumb they burn up their own neighborhoods?
Well, that's how everybody else is acting.
And that's how people getting pissed off and angry behave.
We don't want to be in the mob.
So I'm hearing a lot of talk about violence.
I'm ranting, I have so much more to hit.
God, gives me a headache.
I want to be defending Trump right now because what's happening to him is wrong.
I don't want to be up here having to talk about this and have the media take it out of context.
But you know what?
Justice be done, may the heavens fall.
Okay, let's get into some good news here.
I remember 25 years ago, being approached by a very wealthy engineer that had designed
the scientific Atlantic cable boxes that were going in nationwide in Time Warner cable systems.
And he came to one of my events, wanted to meet with me.
I went to his house and he showed me the classified schematics and broke open the machine and showed me a hidden microphone in it And he explained they were using it to grab data and create text messages or files of what was said in the house as a beta test in the future to have intel on the public and marketing data.
That's why everybody knows your cell phone's there.
You talk about something you never talk about.
Oh, you know, my cousin broke his back.
He needs he needs, you know, a expensive bed at home when he heals so he can get out of it.
I'm going to buy him a bed.
And suddenly, without even clicking it online, you get a bunch of special Medical bed advertisements.
That's a real case example.
Happened to somebody in my family.
That was like 10 years ago.
But I had the information from the engineer.
I broke open one of the boxes.
Actually, we had it resealed, and I broke it back open on air.
We haven't been able to find the original video, but I did it live on AXS TV.
And I showed the microphone inside the machine, right up next to a little hole on the front of the cable box.
And all hell broke loose when I did that.
Then I remember 10 years ago, Betrayus, Betrayus, said, soon your dishwasher and toaster will be watching you, Wired Magazine headline.
So I already knew it was there.
I was telling you, the smart TVs, eight, nine years ago, Samsung putting their smart TV advertisement.
Uh, that, and in the Terms of Service, when you open it up and turn it on, it says, click here, Terms of Service.
Well, if you read the 20 pages of Terms of Service like we did and shot video of it, it says, we're going to be listening and watching you and selling the data to third parties, so watch what you do.
And it turned out all the other smart TVs were doing it.
The whole system was doing it.
Well, now, legislation was entered in the House last year.
And again in the new Congress this year, it's already passed the House, it's in committee, they've got the votes, it's set to pass in the next two weeks a bill banning quote smart tech watching and listening to you.
Now see how far we've come where there's a law set to be passed that can do it.
Folks, your smart thermostat has a microphone in it.
Your smart thermostat dials into your phone and jacks all your data and listens off that.
These so-called smart meters outside your house don't just radiate your ass with 4 and 5G, it spies on you.
It's the takeover plan.
But the good news is, this is finally in the news.
Big Daily Mail article, big article by Kit Daniels up on InfoWars.com.
Your refrigerator could be spying on you.
Senate committee clamps down on smart devices.
What it should read is the bill has passed the House.
It's passing committee for a final vote in the Senate.
They have the votes and it's set to happen that they have to at least tell you in the terms of service there's a hidden microphone and camera and or it jacks into your devices and takes over.
This is the new world order revolution.
And you expose the central bank digital currencies, the forced injections, it kills the social credit score, the universal basic income, the carbon tax, the grid.
This is their main attack.
This is extremely positive.
From a military sense, turning off the global corporate combine's tentacles, you can't hardly go to the hardware store.
I've done it.
You have to special order.
Thermostats that aren't, quote, smart, that track everything you do, and that are remote controllable.
I told you 20 years ago they were going to remote control thermostats because it was in the corporate literature.
Now they admittedly are doing it!
This is the hell we're allowing to be foisted on ourselves to enforce the central bank digital currencies.
So here's a short clip of the hearings yesterday.
First, I'm very pleased that we'll be marking up the Informing Consumers About Smart Devices Act, which is a bill that I introduced along with Chair Cantwell.
This important bill will help ensure that the privacy and security of American households remains intact.
As the number of smart devices found in homes steadily climbs, consumers deserve greater transparency about how these devices work and how they impact your privacy.
Americans should know if their fridge is recording their family's words and movements.
and they should know whether their virtual assistant is transmitting audio recordings of private family
Oh, another crazy Alex Jones thing comes right on the open and it is going on, hooked into AI on a mass scale.
The bigger conspiracy is, why can't you buy something that isn't smart?
It doesn't work.
It sucks.
It spies on you.
Reject it.
Throw it out.
Create a new market.
Go back to what works.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
General Flynn, straight ahead.
All right.
General Flynn is connected with us.
Couldn't have a better patriot on with us who really understands What's going on in the military, what's happening internationally, but has also been through the political wars, and is obviously, you know, a father, I guess grandfather, just a great, a great patriot.
We look forward to him joining us, coming up here in about five minutes, but some stations don't carry this first five, so I don't want to have him, you know, kind of have a false start here.
I want to play a quick report dealing with the incredible brainwashing of Fauci and how that whole thing's coming down from Tucker Carlson last night, then we'll go to break and come right back with General Flynn.
Be sure to check out his website.
We'll give it to you in a moment.
We showed you pretty hilarious footage from a new Tony Fauci documentary last night.
It showed that they knew less about science than some random people in the poorest neighborhood in D.C.
It was truly funny.
So today we watched more of it and we were not disappointed.
You really should see this.
The film crew caught Tony Fauci crying during Joe Biden's inauguration.
Today is a combination of so many different things.
It's kind of a diffusion of an incredible amount of pent-up tension and holding back of despair.
Clapping alone in his sad little apartment.
The more you know about the people in charge, the less reassuring it is.
But there were other candid scenes from this document.
We cannot recommend this enough.
Here's Tony Fauci taking his second out of, like, 40 COVID shot.
I got my second vaccine yesterday, and I feel like shit today.
Oh, he had a vaccine reaction.
He must be a conspiracy theorist!
Clint Trappis is with OutKick.com, he joins us tonight.
We gotta kick that man off Twitter, he's claiming he had an adverse reaction to a vaccine.
I want this man.
I know everybody's focused on the Donald Trump perp walk, Tucker.
I want Fauci in handcuffs more than I've ever wanted anyone in handcuffs in my life.
I never would have believed, Tucker, that after O.J.
Simpson got away with double murder, some 80-year-old NIH bureaucrat would have risen to the level that Dr. Fauci has.
You mentioned the guy in DC, on the porch, who questioned Fauci directly.
For two minutes, that guy on the porch questioned Fauci more aggressively on COVID than left-wing media did for three years!
One guy on the porch, and what I love about this documentary, too, is Fauci thought that he was going to be the hero here.
Instead, all it's providing now is a tangible record of all his lies, everything that he has been wrong about, immortalized forever, including some things like masking that he claims he never even said in the first place.
I love it.
I'm going to watch.
I want him in handcuffs.
I think he's already in a sad, lonely hell.
But after, so, he treats that guy like a zoo animal.
The guy has a really good point, like, really?
You can make a vaccine that fast?
No, we can't!
Says Fauci.
And then he goes back in the car and puts on hand sanitizer.
He was in that man's proximity!
He was just dirty!
And how about D.C.' 's mayor is there with Fauci and she says, I wouldn't even be standing this close to you if I hadn't gotten my shot.
And then I think she tested positive for COVID shortly thereafter, of course, because I guess it's going to be the seventh or eighth shot that solves it all.
But Fauci is a fraud.
Rand Paul's right.
This guy belongs in handcuffs.
Can we get a perp walk on this dude sooner rather than later?
I'm not sure I want to see any more documentaries like this.
I don't really want to know what these... They are tone deaf.
They don't know that they're destroying themselves right in front of us.
General Flynn in 60 seconds.
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Well, he was one of the top advisors to Obama and other presidents, and of course, President Trump.
He's the guy that warned that China was going to double-cross the West, and he was right.
And we couldn't have a better guest on with us on this live Friday edition.
He has his new book out that's amazing.
I just got it last week and read it and it has so much with it.
That is The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generational Warfare.
You absolutely need to get it today.
Everybody should be seeing this book and getting this information.
GeneralFlynn.com on Twitter.
Jen Flynn.
General I wanted to get you want to talk about your big lawsuit against the deep state And I know you're a humble guy of course you want to cover other issues, but it's important I obviously want to get the latest developments with Russia and in China and Xi Jinping visiting Moscow just leaving two days ago, and where you see that going But I wanted to also talk about the attempts by the deep state to arrest President Trump the statute of limitations being up all of that but also In a loyal way.
I'm not attacking Trump.
But when he says, let's protest, it doesn't say peaceful.
All I said was you should probably say peaceful because they may have provocateurs and say that you meant violent.
He says, well, who needs to be?
Who's talking about peace?
The Democrats are violent.
Well, just because they're violent doesn't mean we aren't.
Then he says death and destruction if I'm arrested.
He was peaceful on January 6th, so were we.
We tried to stop it.
I'm concerned about this and who's advising him.
And so if you can, also give us your expert take on that.
Because as you said when you were on a few weeks ago, this is an information war.
General Flynn, thank you so much for being with us.
Yeah, thanks.
Thanks, Alex.
And I love the t-shirt, by the way.
It's a great t-shirt.
You know, Alex Jones.
You know, will the real Alex Jones please stand up?
I mean, I love it.
You know, so here's where we are right now.
And I think that, you know, I think that President Trump has got to be very careful because they will take every single word that he uses and twist it.
And they still have a vast control over a large media complex.
So we are, I call this, and I appreciate the plug on the book, We call this a war of narratives.
We are in World War III.
There's some physical components of it, and we saw some of that playing out over in Europe with the recent Xi-Putin meeting.
And there's going to be more physical components.
But right now, it's a war of words.
And that war has to be very precise.
And I think that President Trump, when he's using words like that, that can be taken out of context, I mean, all of us, all of us in positions of influence, you included, myself, when we get on these shows, when we get out there in the public, we just have to be conscious of the words that we're going to use.
And I think Trump in this case, you know, it's one of those emotional moments when I think when you look at it and you look back, you go, you know, it's probably not words that I would have used, you know, Now, but I think that those are the kinds of things that they have to be careful of.
And the people that are advising him have to understand that they have to understand that because we are up against a a body of people that are going to spew lies.
They're going to deceive.
They're going to do everything that they can to continue this narrative that they have.
And frankly, those types of words are powerful, and they're ones that I think that he needs to reconsider.
But I also would say that, you know, as we did this week a couple of times, Alex, we had these prayer vigils.
And I'm a big fan of these prayer networks because they work for me.
And I would offer, and I know that Trump came on, one of them with us on, I think it was Monday or Tuesday night, and it was terrific.
We had 100,000 people, 3,000 pastors that came on a prayer vigil for the president.
And the president made some great comments.
And I think it's that kind of tone.
That's how we fight back.
We have to stop apologizing.
Let me interrupt you.
That was the question this morning before I even got you on.
I forgot it was, how do we fight back right, General?
And you went there without me asking, so elaborate on that.
People are looking for leadership.
We love Trump overall, but he's not an expert on psychological warfare and the enemy, obviously.
But you are.
How do we fight back non-violently, but with strength to win?
Well, we have to expose, number one, we expose their lies.
We have to continue to expose their lies.
And we do it by actually using their own words against them.
Because just like what you just showed, the clip from Tucker's show, the PBS documentary on Dr. Fauci.
I mean, I agree with that guy.
He needs to be perp-walked in this case.
So we expose them, number one.
Number two is we have to stop apologizing.
We have to stop apologizing.
And saying we're sorry for everything, we're sorry for this, we're sorry for that.
Excuse me.
We have to stop apologizing.
The other is we have to challenge them on their lies.
And when we know that something is a lie, and what we have to do is we have to, you know, sort of focus on that.
And once we challenge them, because if we don't challenge them on their lies, we are going to miss an opportunity.
And once that opportunity is missed, we may lose it forever.
So we cannot We cannot sit around and go wringing our hands and say, woe is me.
When we see something, particularly guys like you, particularly people like me, guys like Trump, those of us that have these platforms, when we see these lies and we see that these things are like, like the whole COVID narrative was one big fat lie, folks.
And we have to keep pushing back on it.
We have to keep exposing it.
And if that means Repeating ourselves constantly until we're sick of hearing ourselves, too bad.
We need to keep doing this because there's still people that are out there that are still not believing what it is that we now know to be true, especially about this murder weapon called this vaccine, these jabs.
I mean, you know, you can't say it any... I can't say it any other way than that.
This is a... These people have taken on a component of the population to basically depopulate.
Go listen to what Bill Gates has said.
I mean, Bill Gates talked about this.
Guys like Yuval Noah Harari.
Guys like Klaus Schwab.
I mean, these are people that we're up against.
This is...
It's this globalist elite culture, right?
This elite class against those of us, I call us in the, we're in the country class, right?
We're in the, there's the sort of the working class, the grassroots of America, you know, and there, yes, there are people that are like me that are grassroots people.
There are people like you that are grassroots people that care about the fabric of this country, that care about what it is that we're up against.
And we are facing a globalist takeover.
So we have to push back and we cannot accept We cannot accept their lies.
And frankly, Alex, we should not accept their definitions of good and evil.
They're going to try to define good as something that I think is evil, right?
Don't accept it, you know, and quit apologizing.
And so, you know, to roll into something that I also know you wanted to talk about, and I do want to talk about it, is this lawsuit that I have Going on against the, really, the Department of Justice and the Executive Office of the President.
And for those that want to go to at Jen Flynn on my Twitter feed, I've kept it pinned up there that people can go read the damn thing.
In fact, I recommend people to go read it.
It's a very, very quick read as a filing.
And we do name names in there.
We start with, you know, all the likely suspects of Director Comey's, director, you know, Clapper, Brennan, Strock, Page, all the people that were involved.
There's Joe Pienka, which is another name that people, a lot of people, you know, have forgotten about.
But part of this, it's going to be ugly.
This is going to be another.
And I want to expose this.
And they're going to try to expose and say all kinds of things.
But I want to have this fight and I want to have this fight publicly.
I want to have this fight publicly because I want people to remember the rawness, the rawness that my family and this country was dragged through.
And what did it lead to?
It led to the Department of Justice dropping my case.
After a six-month internal investigation that said, you know what?
There's no crime committed.
And basically the behavior that we, the Department of Justice, demonstrated, we demonstrated a real disgusting behavior internally to the Department of Justice.
Now, some of this is going to come out.
It's going to be a long battle.
But I want people to know, Alex, you know, one of the other aspects of my wife and I sitting down to deciding whether or not we were going to do this again, because this actually, talk about tearing band-aids off, right?
This is going to have another rawness for my family and I, but we have to do this.
We have to fight back.
Those, and I'm fighting back!
General, stay there, stay there, we gotta go to break, but I've been involved in suits, and I understand what you're saying.
You, they tried to put you in prison, but you were, you were stealing about it, and Trump did the right thing, but now, you're putting yourself back where you were, even though you've been vindicated, for the people, and it is a big deal, people should support you, they should get your book, right now, whether it's on Amazon, wherever you get it, you should get the book, At GeneralFlynn.com, because he is taking them on.
We'll come back and talk more about this historic suit.
We'll look at Russia, China, and so much more with General Flynn.
Please stay with us.
All right, Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We've got limited time with General Flynn.
Let's go right back to him.
But I've got to tell you, folks, because of these legal battles, He won the last big one, but the fact that they tried to screw him over and all the corruption in the deep state, he's going back in there is really heroic.
When he said pulling the mandate off, absolutely.
But now in hindsight, it came out the FBI was ordered to go set him up.
None of it was even true.
They were so frightened that Trump actually had one good person in his administration who knew what was going on.
They feared General Flynn so much.
And now we've seen with all these other cases and all the weaponization that it's premeditated fraud.
It's absolutely rigged and weaponized, particularly in D.C.
And now you're filing suit.
I know you can't get into the details yet.
Well, part of it is, is we can't, we cannot stop fighting back and use all the tools that are out, that are at our disposal, Alex.
And so one of the tools that I had to fight back was to sue them, right?
decided to do this General Flynn?
Well, part of it is, is we can't, we cannot stop fighting back and use all the tools
that are at our disposal, Alex.
And so one of the tools that I had to fight back was to sue them, right?
And it's so not about the money, 'cause at the end of the day,
I can't recover the rear end that was taken from me over, and my, frankly, my, and the nation's, you know,
ability to be able to have a guy like me serve as a national security advisor
for, you know, some number of years.
You know, I was going in there to serve the, you know, for the whole term with Donald Trump, but But, you know, there was there was, you know, it just didn't happen that way.
So when I look at everything and what it is that we are doing and why I'm doing it as much to just show people that look.
All of us have a responsibility to stand up against this demon, this big demon called the federal government that we are facing.
And, you know, I don't know what the outcome is going to be.
And I know that I'm up against, talk about fighting City Hall.
I mean, I am, I am fighting the Department of Justice and the Executive Office of the Presidency under Obama, in this case, and other, other name members that are in the lawsuit.
And it's about exposing the corruption.
So I want, because the American people, they know it, they feel it, but I want to bring this out live and raw.
And it is going to be, and I know it's gonna, it's gonna, you know, my wife and I are gonna, we made a big decision to do this.
This was something we could have just said, ah, you know what, forget about it.
But no, because I want people to know that we have to fight back.
Yeah, for folks that don't know, when you sue somebody, you open yourself up to the suit.
And you're taking on Goliath yet again, but really realizing it's something you have to do.
I'd say it's the cliché of the fighting Irish, but that's literally what this is.
You're not backing down, you're not rolling over to what they did, and you're just doing the right thing.
Yeah, I mean, that's exactly what it is.
At the end of the day, it's just the right thing to do when you start to look at all of the different criteria and the conditions and all the people that push back and all the people that tell you this or that and all the hand-wringing and all the nonsense that you talk about.
You know, you have to make a decision.
And in this decision, I feel very good about it.
My family and I, we feel very good about it.
And, you know, again, whatever the outcome is, you know, it's in God's hands.
But going into it, going into this battle, as I said earlier, you know, the battle space that we are on is what's between our ears.
It's the battle space of the mind.
And that's this war of narratives.
That's this information war that we are in.
And not to interrupt, but in general, please get into the info war and I'll shut up.
But for those that don't remember, a recap.
I mean, I remember what happened, but you lived it.
What they did to you as a model for everybody else after that, why you're still in it?
Because this was a monumental screw job.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, you know, and it was monumental.
It was historic.
You know, it's historic and it'll go down in the annals of history.
And when people look back at it, that's generally what they're going to say.
They're going to say, man, this guy, this guy, he was really screwed by the government because After all the things that we learned and this all happened Alex and I and I'll go back to one particular date the 5th of January 2017 in the Oval Office when Obama was still in charge and he's got a group of people in there to include the current occupant Uncle Joe Biden and other key people and we named many of them in the lawsuit that were in the meeting in the Oval Office
Basically conspiring to figure out a way to get me out of that job.
To figure out a way to take me down, so then they could take down Trump.
I mean, there is a famous, famous 302, right?
A deposition by one particular agent, Barnett, who was deeply involved in Crossfire Hurricane, and he gave it in like September, October of 2020.
So, So basically three years later where he essentially says in the 302 the entire effort was get Flynn to get Trump.
I mean these people are so they're so desperate and they're so exposed right now and what I want to be able to do and as you do that you do this really well.
And there's a few other people that do it pretty well, but you do it.
You're a master at this.
We have to expose their lies.
We have to expose their evil.
I mean, these people are evil.
And one of the ways that we do it is we do it by, in some cases, getting right in their face.
And publicly doing this and you can so for the people that are watching this that don't have the platforms of an Alex Jones or a General Flynn and you're down there at some grassroots level in some community, some town, some parish out there in the country.
What you can do is you can get in the face of the local politicians.
Because if we have critical race theory being jammed down the throats of our children, our elementary school children in our schools, then get in the faces of these school board members, right?
Go to these school board meetings and challenge them on these kinds of things.
If you don't like what you hear, go run for officer.
Get behind somebody who's got the leadership skill.
To be able to get into these positions and get behind them and get them elected.
I mean, we're going to have to take this country back county by county.
You know, we have all kinds of different small group grassroots efforts out there like, you know, Precinct Strategy and Audit the Vote and Moms for America and Women Fighting for America and all these, you know, Women for Liberty, all these different groups that are out there fighting.
We are not as well organized as the left.
These people, the people on the left, they are very well organized.
They put the talking points out, and man, they stick to them.
What we've got to do, we've got a loose coalition of various organizations, but we've got a lot of leaders at the grassroots level.
That's how we fight back, and we use our platforms wisely.
And I hope, I pray that, and I feel, I feel very, very good about this lawsuit, that this is a way for me to use the platform that I have, and to remind everybody what What we went through and and and the timing of this is really it is important because we're you know we're getting ready to go through another cycle in these next couple of years where our country trust me 2023 this year and I've been saying this for a couple of years now and I know you this is one of the topics that you talk about a lot because this has to do with China and Russia.
This has to do with, and I think I talked about this the last time that I was on with you, this has to do with the whole BRICS.
You know, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South America, and many other countries.
General Flynn, stay there.
Longer segment coming up.
Two more segments left.
I'm going to give you the floor and we'll come back.
But absolutely, you're the first target of the deep state to bring down Trump.
They admit it.
As you said, it's in their own documents.
It's come out in Congress.
The new hearing showing the weaponization, the attacks on the press, the surveillance of the people.
We have to get ahead of this and stop them before they do it again.
That's why you're leading by example, getting way deep in the arena, not just in the middle, but even deeper if it's possible.
People need to support you, they need to pray for you, they need to go to your website, GeneralFlynn.com, they need to get your book, buy a few extra copies, donate to the library, because it is key.
I read it just last week, blew me away, learned so much from it.
General Flynn is our guest.
The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generational Warfare, GeneralFlynn.com.
We'll come right back and let him get into everything else going on.
General Flynn couldn't have a better mind with us today.
Okay, stay with us.
Alright, I'm going to make a statement in the next 25 minutes.
We have a little bit of flint.
I'm going to try to shut up and let him have the floor because he really gives us a lot
of critical information.
I'm going to make this statement and try to give him the floor.
Everybody says it's a patriot who loves freedom.
Where are the leaders?
Where are the people standing up?
Where is the resistance?
Well, the main resistance was General Flynn advising Trump.
And you notice he was number one enemy that they immediately tried to take out with fraud.
He survived it, but barely.
And he's still fighting now harder than ever.
So that's why what happened in the recent history It's so critical to the enemy's playbook against us in the future.
So I want him to get into Russia and China and Biden and the borders and big picture.
But he keeps going back to grassroots.
The whole Justice Department Deep State move is against mothers and fathers saying no to transgender brainwashing, critical race theory, everything happening in the schools.
And they try to call them terrorists.
There's hearings just this week about it.
It blew up in their face, but they still tried it because they're scared of we the people realizing how much power You have.
So I wanted General Flynn, they don't have the floor on all the topics he wants to cover, I'm not going to interrupt anymore, to talk about Something that conservatives and populists and I think nationalists and Christians don't do enough.
And that's our victory.
Because we're always about the next bad thing happening and beating that.
We don't, I think, sometimes look at how far we've come from 5, 10, 20 years ago to today.
But all over the world, globalism's in trouble.
Every number shows people are rejecting the globalist agenda.
So they're running their attack, but the people are rejecting it.
And people shouldn't feel like just because they control the corporate media and the courts to a great extent that they've won.
They're actually losing In my view, and having to really play their hand, and if you look at the vindication on the poison shots, and the vindication on the private banks, and the vindication on the New World Order, and now how all over the world they're having hearings and governments about Bill Gates and this criminal cabal.
We're just now identifying who's been doing this to us for decades, and I think knowing it's half the battle.
As people wake up to this, we get stronger every day.
The enemy gets weaker.
So talking about just briefly, General, some of the victories we've had, not just here, but around the world, and how would you describe the battle space right now?
Because I see incredible positive trends.
We're winning a lot of battles.
We haven't won the war yet, but I think it's important for people to realize that as negative as things are, that's because the enemy's been forced to surface.
Is that an accurate statement, Policer?
And you take over the rest of the hour.
Yeah, I mean, yes, yes, it's a very accurate statement.
What, and I think that a lot of what has happened and why, it's because we, you know, many of us have been, and you've been right at the sort of the pointy end of the sphere, you know, as have I and others.
We have exposed this and we have not, we have been relentless, Alex, about doing this and we have to continue to be relentless about exposing You know, the Klaus Schwab's, the Bill Gates, you know, the Harare's, all these all these globalists.
I mean, even there's and there's some here right here in the in the United States of America, particularly in the corporate world and in the banking world.
We have to keep exposing this and we cannot accept it.
In some cases, don't comply.
People should not comply.
And this gets back to, you know, what do you do in your own hometown?
And that's where I think our greatest victories have really been achieved.
When I see when I see two years ago, moms being called domestic terrorists for standing up for their children.
You know for their own parental rights and now you know they we I know that the Department of Justice had to back down from that and now we've taken over I can tell you we've taken over just in my own state we've taken over 27 school boards out of 67 counties and that's and that's going to continue to be that way there's been I'm told we're roughly at like 250 to 300 school boards across the country in really key counties where school boards have been overturned.
That's super important.
That means that we are now starting to take control of the country at the grassroots level.
They hate that.
They absolutely can't stand that.
And that's why you see these statements coming out about people being all the domestic terrorists Definitions that the Department of Justice has been trying to stick on people for just standing up for parental rights.
That's number one.
All this business about the COVID and vaccinations and health freedom, this is not about health care.
This is about health freedom and being able to choose what it is that you do to your own damn body, right?
So the idea that And what we have seen, and we've seen this through legal battles, we've seen this through medical battles, where we have some of these great doctors, you've had many of them on your show, talk about the danger that these vaccinations have, right?
And we've now seen in the last two, three months, we've seen so many, not only legal findings, we just had a great case, I think it was Fourth Circuit out of Texas, Yesterday ruled on a great COVID case where the government can no longer mandate, you know, vaccinations of government employees.
And that was from the defendants in that case was a government employee consortium that came together and said, this is crazy.
We're not going to we're not going to allow ourselves to be forced vaccinated with something that we now know is dangerous to our health.
So there's these battles.
It's like we've got to keep fighting.
It's like being in a boxing match.
We get punched every so often.
And you've been punched a couple of times.
I've been punched a lot.
And we get knocked back.
We've got to get up.
We've got to keep fighting back.
We've got to find the different ways to fight back.
That's how we're going to do it.
And I will tell you, we're going to continue to expose this globalist elite class that when we, and you know, these are people, we can put names to these people, right?
I mean, it's the George Soros, it's the Bill Gates, it's the Klaus Schwab, it's the John Kerry's in this country, it's the Al Gore's, it's people in the White House.
I mean, there are those in our country.
So, you know, to take a step back and look at this, what I would tell you is that They I can see I can already sense that they're trying to accelerate certain things and the reason why they're trying to accelerate certain things like the you know we see the Deutsche Bank today is looks like they're going to collapse we see these banks starting to to sort of fold and there's a reason for that and and there's an attempt to try to
You know control could sort of move power of the financial system to a higher level to like only a few banks, right?
So there's going to be some move to do that.
What we've got to do is we got one pay very close attention to it.
So since since your environment around you pay close attention, listen, understand what's happening and then make sure that you're you are protecting yourself.
How do you protect yourself?
You get involved in your communities.
When somebody comes to me and says, well, you know, I did, hey, I did, I did almost three and a half decades in the military.
Five of those years were in combat.
Ten, ten years of my life was, was preparing to fight the Soviet Union, the former Soviet Union back in the 80s.
I mean, I know what warfare is about and I know what sacrifice is about.
And I know, and at this point in time, Alex, I should be the first guy that says, you know what?
Screw it.
I'm done.
I'm going to go off and retire, especially after having gone through the persecution.
I could be the worst nightmare to a guy like Donald Trump, believe me, but I'm not.
This is not about Trump.
This is about this country.
And so what I'm trying to encourage people to do is to fight back, right?
I use the phrase fight like a flinch.
Actually, people gave me that moniker because they saw what I was doing to fight back against, you know, the proverbial City Hall, right?
In this case, the entirety of the United States government, the intelligence community, the security state, the military-industrial complex, and the Department of Justice.
All of them had me in their sights, and all of them, you know, got together to take me out of that particular job.
Guess what?
I'm sitting here today, and I'm going to continue to fight back.
So if I can do this, if I can take these body blows, mental, physical, spiritual body blows, trust me, folks, you can do it.
You can do it at your level, and you're going to be okay.
You're going to be okay.
Let me just add this brief point.
I use the phrase Just a brief point to interrupt.
You're saying we have to realize we're in a war, who the enemy is, and realize it's much worse to roll over than to fight.
What I'm getting is, in all your service to the country, you're doing your most important service now.
Right now.
Right now.
And I use the phrase, local action has a national impact.
You know, I know that I can deal at the Washington DC level, and that's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to fight that.
I'm going to fight at the international level.
I'm going to fight these bastards, you know, in this information war.
We're going to do this by continuing to expose their lies, their deception, and their plans.
But I know that a lot of people, a lot of your listeners, They're down in some county, some town, you know, it's like sitting there going, what can I do?
What they can do?
You can pray, you can provide, you know, you can provide funds to some of these organizations that are out there fighting for you, or you can get off the couch and go get involved in your local community.
Go fight for something that you believe in.
You know, do you believe in election integrity?
Do you believe in parental rights?
Do you believe in medical freedom?
Do you believe in You know, just our Bill of Rights.
You believe in what it is that we are about in this country.
I mean, that's your big message, Alex.
Your big message is this country, right?
I mean, all of us are a product of our ability to have the First Amendment, to have the Second Amendment, to have all the different amendments that we have, right?
I mean, Christ, I've taken the Fifth a couple of times.
Because it's my right!
It is the privilege that our founders gave us to be able to sit there in front of a bunch of Corrupt crooks who are trying to destroy this country and tell them, look, I'm not going to answer your stupid questions because I know what you're trying to do.
You're trying to manipulate the minds of all the other people that are around there.
And it's all of these things that are being That they are trying to take away from us.
By the way, let's elaborate on the 5th because we've both been through this on January 6th and everywhere else.
To take the 5th is not some criminal action.
It is our right when you're in an adversarial position where they have fake witnesses against you and they're planning to use that fake witness to lie about you.
It's a beautiful thing to say, I'm not answering this illegitimate court's questions.
Exactly, exactly.
I mean, you know, the founders were so brilliant when they created that.
And I didn't know that until I ended up having to do it.
And I said, geez, you know, this is exactly why they created it.
Because when we are facing tyranny in the courts, when we're facing tyranny in these special grand juries, in these special councils, we're facing tyranny in our Department of Justice, in our most senior law enforcement organizations and agencies.
You know, you've got to be able to protect yourself for now.
This is how we do it.
This is what we do.
So what I want to do, just briefly, if you don't mind, I really want to talk, because to connect all this, you say to yourself, why is all this happening?
You know, first, these people have power already and they get a lot of money.
Well, they want more power.
They especially want more power and they want more money.
That's just the nature of evil.
It's power, power, power.
So China, Because I've been talking about China for a long time.
You know, I can talk to you all day long about radical Islamists and terrorists.
No, you're a vindicated trailblazer that was the first to raise the alarm in the National Councils of what, indeed, China would do because you went and, as you said, studied and trained with them in these international exchanges.
So you're credited with the guy that exposed what then happened.
So you're the expert on this.
Lay it out, sir.
Yeah, so China.
Okay, China has a hundred-year plan.
Started in 1949, Mao Zedong created it, crafted it.
I've had an opportunity to read some of it.
I've read their doctrine.
I've studied their military.
I've studied their government.
I've studied their political philosophy.
I've studied their history going back a thousand years.
The Chinese have a 100-year plan.
They are right now accelerating that plan.
So their plan was by the middle of this current century, so by essentially 2049, to be the global world power, the dominant, you know, country on the planet.
And so they saw an opportunity in how our election system was completely broken.
Earlier, you talked about microchips and chips and systems and refrigerators and stuff.
Hey, the Chinese put chips into damn near every single system that exists.
This phone that I'm talking off of you on.
All of these machines that are part of our election system.
The thermostats, everything.
There's these little tiny microchips that are in these things, and the Chinese are part of this.
That's tactics though, that's tactics.
The bigger strategy is to understand that the Chinese have been trying to get in the middle of our alliances for years.
And so Saudi Arabia and Iran are cutting a peace deal because of the Chinese.
Russia and Ukraine, believe me, the European nations are talking to China right now because of Xi's recent visit to Russia about peace in Europe.
They're not talking to the United States.
China is going to continue to drive wedges everywhere that they can in all of these alliances that the United States have because we have the weakest, the worst, the most corrupt regime in Washington D.C.
that we have ever had.
And it's sitting in the Oval Office right now.
And I'm sorry to say this, folks, but that's that's what we have.
I don't care whether you're a I mean, I'm a lifelong Democrat and I keep saying that to people and I keep being told I don't don't you don't need to say that.
No, I want people to know that.
This is not about politics.
This is not about being a Democrat or a Republican.
This is about being an American and believing in our rights, believing in our Constitution, believing in this beautiful constitutional republic that we have that is being stripped away by this tyrannical globalist elite, and they are right here in our midst, right?
They're in the media, they're in the corporate world, and they're in our government.
And there is an elitist That look down upon those of us, I call us the country class, right?
We're the country class.
We're out here, the grassroots.
So when the grassroots rises up, when moms, particularly moms, I love moms because moms fight for their, for their children.
And these days in age, we have more moms that are out there, you know, that are, that are out there, single moms, raising children, raising families.
So I get behind these people.
I want our veterans.
I want our veterans that are out there to start to understand that, look, the sacrifice that you gave to our country at one time in your life when you decided to potentially give your life to this country somewhere in some faraway battlefield, you now have to start looking at how can you help our country right here.
And there's a lot of generals and admirals out there, right?
There's a lot of generals and admirals that keep their mouths shut.
They zip their mouths and they're weak as far as I'm concerned.
And many of them will say, oh, that Flynn guy.
Hey, stand up and say something and show your true colors.
Because I will tell you, one of the other things that we must expose is we need to expose who the true enemies are.
And the true enemies are this sort of uniparty, right?
These people.
That's why I lay this out.
We lay this out in our Fifth Generation Warfare book.
We lay out who it is that we have to face, right?
Who are we going to face?
Now, last thing, and I will finish with this, Alex.
No, no, no, don't finish.
You've got nine minutes left, sir.
General Flynn, you've got the floor.
Don't stop for nine minutes.
This is important because they chose the battlefield, right?
They chose the battle space a couple of years ago, and it was actually during the Trump administration.
And how they chose it, and we know this, we know all this, right?
They've been talking about COVID with all these scenario planning sessions that they've had and and and things we've seen in the intelligence community and labs that have US labs and US universities and government labs that have been working with the Chinese for years prior to 2020 prior to the outbreak.
Of this surprising outbreak of COVID.
So they've been working on this a long time.
This is choosing the terrain that you want to fight on.
So they chose the terrain that they wanted to fight the 2020 election on.
And they did it through bringing on this COVID thing, right?
And this nightmare, because it's not a nightmare of health.
Problems until the vaccination gets stuck in your body.
It was a nightmare for businesses.
It was a nightmare for parents.
It's a nightmare for churches.
It's a nightmare for our rights.
So they chose that battle space.
And actually, the first battles, right?
We call these America's first battles.
I would say we lost that first battle, right?
So there was such pressure.
You got to get the vaccine.
You got to get the vaccine.
Mask mandate.
Shut your businesses down.
Churches got to be closed.
All these things that were being imposed.
And so one of the other things that they imposed was they imposed, you know, and they created this need for mail-in ballots, right?
Ballot harvesting, but particularly mail-in ballots.
So to undermine the very sanctity of our republic, which is our ability to vote, right?
That makes you and I equal to each other on the same day.
It makes the poor homeless guy who's a registered voter Living in, you know, County X in State Y, he's able to go in and vote for the President of the United States, and he's as equal as the wealthiest person in that same town that he's voting in, right?
That's what makes us such a great country, is that ability to vote.
Well, they undermine that.
And they, again, they chose the terrain to fight on, right?
Know your enemy, know your terrain, and know yourself, and you'll win a thousand battles.
So they chose the terrain.
And I don't think we understood ourselves that well at that time.
There was a lot of people that pushed back.
I was one of them.
I mean, there's a lot of us, but there, but it was an insufficient number and our voices weren't strong enough.
So now fast forward to where we are today.
And I would say over the last year, year and a half and our voices.
So, so now the terrain has changed.
So we have now chosen the terrain to fight on and the terrain that we're fighting on is the terrain of truth.
And that's how we fight.
That's how we win.
We continue to push, push, push the truth out there.
And when we push the truth out there, they hate it.
And they have to back off.
You know, this idea of calling us names.
They label us.
They'll label us.
They'll define us.
Quit allowing others to define yourself.
You define who you are.
But that's the terrain, right?
They chose it in the early days of 2020, but they actually masterfully planned for it from like 2010 all the way into 2020.
Uh, into 2020.
And then we kind of lost that.
We lost that first battle.
But now we're back.
America is back.
And frankly, the rest of the world, as we see what's going on in parts of Europe today, we see what's going on in Australia.
We see what's going on in Southeast Asia.
There's a lot of pushback going on in India.
There's a lot of pushback going on by people because people are starting to realize that, hey, look, We've been lied to, and it's not just the lie, it's what the lie caused, right?
We are now causing death.
Let me just add this quick point.
You're totally right.
We now know, you and I already knew and others did, but the general public now knows, going along with a lie is destructive and dangerous and only gets worse.
And so what you're telling people is totally true, because you and our public figures, we get to see the good feedback.
The general public's lucky, they're private citizens, but they don't get that feedback.
Which is a problem.
I'm seeing from a hundred people shaking my hand to one person saying I hate you, to 300 people shaking my hand.
I went to the rodeo last night, got mobbed, wearing a cap, glasses, couldn't even be stopped.
You know, black, white, old, young, Hispanic listeners.
Is that what you said is, we now know we're in a war.
Three years ago, Congress didn't understand censorship or deep state.
Now the learning curve is going straight up.
And if you look at that curve, it's got to panic the system.
They know what's happening.
So things are really flipping in a major political realignment.
If they thought the realignment of Trump was bad six years ago, this is a massive global realignment.
And as long as we don't cower, as long as we're leaders, as long as everybody fights local, national, at every level you can, praying to God for guidance, we're going to win is what you're saying.
Yeah, we are going to win.
You know, it's hard to organize 320 million people, Alex.
It's really hard to organize.
It's hard to organize, you know, 100.
But what we have to do is we have to understand, we have to find in our own communities, we have to find those leaders, find those small organizations, or maybe some of these national organizations.
If you're, you know, if you if you look at one and you go, I really like what they do, and I'm going to help them, you know, or I'm going to help You know the Info Wars to continue to be Info Wars and to continue to tell the audience that is smart enough to continue to listen to Info Wars about what the truth is.
So people have got to make decisions and what I want to try to do is I want to try to give people options.
I mean one of the things that we talk about In this book, in this 5GW book, it's really options.
And in fact, we talk about ten rules for victory and we go through an analysis in layman's word, right?
That's why we call it the Citizen's Guide.
Oh, it's incredible.
I just read it last week.
I read it in three days.
Most of it I knew was common sense, but I hadn't quantified it.
It helped me in so many levels refocus.
And it's not a book that's going to put you to sleep.
In fact, it's going to test your mind.
It's going to really, really test you.
And so I want people to know that there is an enemy.
There is a terrain that we are fighting on, and that terrain is our mind.
Right now, the battle space is a battle space of the mind.
And then there's ourselves.
And this is really what's most important in this war that we are fighting right now, is knowing ourselves.
When I, you know, and I'm humbled just like what you just brought up.
I'm humbled by more and more people that come up to me when I'm floating around, you know, the country, you know, doing the things that I'm doing.
I'm absolutely humbled by people that come up to me and say, Thank you so much.
They'll come up and they'll whisper and they'll go, you know, please keep doing what you're doing.
Please keep doing what you're doing.
And I don't ask them, what's your political party?
You know, I just know I can I can see it in there and in who they are and what they're saying and their own compassion.
For what I went through, because a lot of people have come up to me as well and said, boy, I'm really sorry for what happened to you.
Thank you for your service.
Some woman the other day, I'm getting off of a plane, and she comes over to me and whispers in my ear, while we're all getting off the plane, thank you for your service.
That humbles me.
But that also tells me that what we're doing is right.
And I know that Because I, you know, that particular, in this particular example, she was a mom with a couple of kids, you know, who, you know, were crying on the plane.
You know, and I love it when that happens.
I mean, I'm looking at this person, I'm thinking to myself, This is exactly why I fight.
This is exactly why I do what I do.
That's why we're filing this lawsuit.
That's why we wrote this book.
General Flynn, I know you've got to go.
I know you've got to go.
Two-minute break.
Do five more minutes on the book, big picture, and I'll let you go.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Hour number three coming up.
Only got five more minutes with him.
Two-minute break.
Get the book, folks.
I learned so much from it.
You'd think I know all this stuff.
I don't.
I knew about 80% of it, but it just helped focus my mind.
You need to get the book.
All right, final segment with former head of the Fifth Intelligence Agency, former chief advisor Donald Trump, General Michael Flynn.
And listen, listeners, you know this.
I've been on air 29 years.
Next month, people always accuse me of being too negative.
I was just trying to expose the evil.
When we're winning in many levels, I'm going to tell you.
And it actually concerns me how much we're winning hearts and minds.
Because I can see the numbers, I can see the polls.
80% of Americans don't want war in Ukraine.
I go out in public, I get nothing but love now.
It was always a majority love, but it's nothing but love.
It's more intense than ever.
That's a gauge.
That's what General Flynn is telling you.
So positive things are happening.
But I'm really concerned about what the enemy These multinational corporations controlling puppets like Biden and trying to control China are going to do.
So in closing, as positive as things are, what keeps you up at night and what should we be watching for?
Most General Flynn, any other closing comments or any other information about your amazing book?
Well, yeah, so I think that this year, this 2023, from the from the perspective of the globalists, is a transition year for two things.
One is going to be the financial transition of the really the global markets.
And I think that we're starting to see that with some of these Banking collapse.
So those are the things that keep me up at night.
You know, that's one.
The second thing is the and part of that, I want to make sure that I subtext that.
Part of that is this shift to this central bank digital currency.
That's something that keeps me up at night, how that's going to happen and what it is going to cause.
Are things that I'm worried about and I'm trying to make sure that we understand it and we get that word out.
People can go read Executive Order 14067.
Executive Order 14067.
Go look at that, folks.
This current administration signed it.
It's part of what's going to happen in 2023 and what keeps me up at night.
And the UN Health Care, the UN Takeover Treaty of Health Care.
Well, so that's the second thing.
The second thing that keeps me up at night is, as I call it, another sort of health scare that we are going to go through.
I don't know whether it's going to be Marburg or Ebola 2 or HN5.
I mean the H5N1, basically the bird virus, you know, another version of it.
So we're going to see another health scare and they're going to try to drive this thing home and they're going to do it through making sure that we have cards that we're going to have to carry, new IDs and new intrusions into our Into our own privacy.
So we're going to have to make sure that we so we're I'm talking about it right now.
So now you know about it for the audience that's listening and those that will hear this.
So that's that's happening.
So be prepared for it and start to research and start to start to look at the websites.
I mean Alex puts a lot of great stuff on his info Wars website on the one of the things I want to say this because I want to actually I'm going to read a little bit out of this fifth generation warfare and it's one of the reasons why I wrote the book.
You know, and it's really for those of us that have served in various parts of the government, we take an oath to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
And in my decades, I mean, almost nearly four decades of service to the government.
Three and a half in uniform.
Five of those were in combat.
Another, you know, another couple of years working with the government, right?
Either helping a guy become President of the United States or serving as a National Security Advisor to this country.
In all that time, all those decades of experiences overseas, preparing and training, and then fighting to defend our country from foreign adversaries.
I never, I never thought that my greatest battles were going to be with a And as I write here, I never dreamed the greatest battles to be waged would be right here in our homeland against subversive elements of our own government.
I mean, think about what I just said.
And I mean that.
I mean, we are talking about subversive elements of our own government that are actually trying to subvert our Constitution, subvert our Bill of Rights.
I talk about that in the book.
And the other thing about in the book is because it's not always people always go out problem, problem, problem.
What are the solutions?
So we lay out a whole series of solutions.
We lay out things that you that you should start to do now.
And we also give you give you information that is going to basically it's You know, we wrote it using all the experiences that we had in the world of psychological operations, intelligence... Hold on, you can't go.
Some stations join us.
One minute break.
General, you gotta finish.
I'm not trying to keep dragging you on, but I don't want to cut you off.
Back in 60 seconds to finish up, because you're exactly right.
The book woke me up on solutions.
That's where it helped me.
Well, another amazing, thought-provoking, game-changing interview with General Flynn.
His new book is out, The Citizen's Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare.
I got it about a week and a half ago, read it in two and a half days, lost some sleep, and I knew a lot of the basic...
Yeah, and I appreciate your patience and the patience of your audience.
I learned a lot on solutions that really gave me a better game plan.
You were just getting into it for some stations that just joined us into your years of psychological
warfare and as one of the top advisors in the government.
You got caught up on the break, General Flynn, so finish up with that.
Yeah, and I appreciate your patience and the patience of your audience.
I know there's all kinds of different things you got to dance through to make sure that
you run a very effective show, which you do.
And this is informative.
So in my years in the world of information warfare, intelligence operations, psychological
operations and even the ideas of deception.
Battlefield deception, which is a big deal.
You know, all those things, what we try to do in the book is we try to lay out some of these ideas and bring out that those decades of experience and to do it in a way that just a layman, a regular citizen that never had any of that kind of experience can understand.
And I think we've done a pretty good job of doing that.
That's it's really that's why we call it the Citizen's Guide.
And it's very thought provoking and it causes you, it will cause you to think about what you do.
So now I'm talking to your audience, not just you Alex, talking to every, every, all the millions that are listening to this.
It causes you to think about what you as an individual can do, not only, you know, in your, in your hometown, but what you can do as part of an organization, of a team, and maybe even how you can form teams and bring these kinds of solutions that we discussed in that book To what it is that we're doing, and I just I just finished with this and it's really, you know, kind of stepping back and really looking at the world.
Because this is really about America.
So we wrote the book really to help America.
But this is happening around the world because there's people that love freedom and cherish freedom all over the world and in places where they're living in dictatorships, but they still love the idea of freedom and they're trying to figure out how to get out of it, right?
And how to come to places like America.
And we want them to continue to come to America.
We want them to come legally though, right?
We don't want them to be invading our southern border.
So what I believe is that the destiny, you know, the destiny of America, this is really for everybody that's listening, the destiny of America is going to be determined by whatever path you choose to walk upon, you know, right now.
I mean right now.
So if you choose to do nothing, then you should accept nothing.
You should accept the fact that nothing will happen, nothing good will come of that.
But if you choose to stand up, step up, speak up, you know that there's going to be risk involved, then you're changing not only your own personal destiny, but you're changing the destiny of America.
Because if you're standing up, stepping up, and speaking up for freedom, for your family, for your faith, For all the goodness that we have in this country that we've been handed.
You know, I talk about my father and my mother, who are, my father's a World War II and a Korea veteran, and both my parents are deceased now, but they, my parents, handed my nine brothers and sisters a silver, you know, a beautiful country on a silver platter, right, after fighting the Nazis and fighting imperialism and giving us this beautiful country.
And I do believe that we've squandered it.
We've been lazy.
We've been apathetic.
And now and now because of because of those attitudes and and you know and and you know good bad and indifferent whatever now because of some of those attitudes we've we've let people in our government Take on more authority than they deserve to take on.
And we constantly say, well, it's those, you know, those people in politicians, those politicians are all corrupt.
You know, those people in DC, they're all corrupt.
Well, we just kept saying it and saying it and allowing it, right?
And now, now, I think now we know what that means.
What that means is that this, this fragility, this very fragile experiment in democracy that our founders created, You know, using this beautiful Bill of Rights, using this beautiful Declaration of Independence, using this beautiful Constitution that they wrote, you know, and all of it, and, you know, the Federalist Papers, right?
The Federalist Papers, they're these beautiful documents written over the course of a year that actually created the Constitution itself.
I mean, when we understand We've been given this gorgeous heirloom that changed the world for the better.
We've been given this birthright.
This gorgeous heirloom that changed the world for the better.
We've been given this birthright.
We should embrace it.
We should embrace it.
And I know, I know.
So what I'm telling you too, and this is really to your audience, what I'm telling you is I see more and more Americans embracing this.
I see more and more Americans deciding, you know, they are starting to understand themselves even better.
They're starting to understand the battle space, the terrain that we are operating on, and they're starting to understand the enemy that we are facing, right?
And when you know the enemy, when you know the terrain, when you know yourself, in the history of warfare, you'll win a thousand battles.
We are winning.
We are going to continue to win.
And we're winning by exposing, by fighting back, by pushing back, and by not putting up with the conspiracy theory label that we continue to get, right?
Because we know that all of these things that they continue to label us with have all been lies.
It's all been one big deception.
And we continue to expose it.
People go, that's bullshit.
Excuse my Irish.
But this is not true.
So don't tell me that anymore.
Push back, push back, and push back.
And we will win these battles.
And we will win, you know, I call them incremental victories, right?
A whole series of incremental victories will win this war.
And we are taking these incremental victories, you know, here, there, and everywhere.
When I look around this country, we're winning them in legislatures, in states, with laws being passed in certain states.
We're winning them in... And by the way, the enemy of their own white papers...
The enemy's own white papers, they admit populists not just here but worldwide are winning.
And just a closing statement, I appreciate your courage, your honor, your will, the fact that the system was so scared of you and that you persevered.
General Flynn, thank you so much for the time today.
People should get your book at GeneralFlynn.com.
Please come back again soon.
The audience loves you.
God bless you.
God bless.
Thank you, Alex, and thank you to your audience.
You've got a great audience.
Well, thank you so much, General Flynn.
Again, there's the book.
It's so important.
Taught me so much.
General Flynn, thank you so much, sir.
All right, there goes General Flynn.
You know, he did such a powerful interview two weeks ago with us.
I'm going to air some excerpts of that coming up.
Then we'll go into the fourth hour today.
But let me say something now that General Flynn's gone.
You know he's the guy.
Over a decade ago, convinced the federal government China was going to double-cross him.
He was outward-looking.
Their top analyst, the guy that had predicted the most stuff internally, and that was wargaming all these operations and teams all over the world and all the Green Berets and Special Ops and everything.
He was their golden boy, but he was not looking domestically.
Like he said, I could never imagine that it would be this bad in America, because he was so trained and outward-looking that He's the reason that they figured out China was double-crossing the globalists.
He was thinking of it as America.
That's why Obama got so scared when his favorite general Turned against him, and that's why they wanted to take him out.
But it wasn't like he was Darth Vader who was evil and then turned to good.
He was always good, but he was focused like an attack dog for America outside the country.
And as soon as he figured out there was an attack on the country, he turned it around, and that's what they fear most.
And it's beautiful that he has the courage to do what he's doing.
So I'm very, very thankful, General Flynn.
I'm very thankful to all the listeners and viewers tuning in today.
Please remember, we're barely funding this operation.
I'm not complaining.
It's all in God's hands.
I'm resigned at this point.
It's all up to you, listeners.
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I meant to get to all this other news, but I want to air some excerpts of General
You know what?
I'm going to come back.
I'm going to come back here.
I was going to air the rest of the General Flynn interview two weeks ago, but I had to hit some big victories.
So I'm going to continue on live here.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
The fight against the New World Order is now the top story in the world.
The globalists are in deep trouble, but they're striking back with all their deep state operatives to shut down info wars and other truth tellers like James O'Keefe and Tucker Carlson and countless others.
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InfoWarsTore.com Alright, welcome back to this segment of the Alex Jones
Show, 1/20 Central Time.
So the globalists want to carry out their attacks and blame puppet presidents and minions they control.
They don't want to get the blame for their operations.
And the minute they start getting exposed, and their operations get exposed, they will back off.
And they're in full panic mode right now.
Again, I'm not going to give you good news and make it up.
We are stomping the enemy to death right now, politically, non-violently.
But I've literally, in the last two days, seen more than 15 clips of this.
I'm just going to play two right now.
But in Europe, in New Zealand, in Australia, in Canada, in the U.S., in Mexico of all places, in Brazil, the ministers are coming out and saying the shots are poison, Bill Gates controls the medical system, this is depopulation.
I got Tucker Carlson last night saying it's depopulation.
Now, I know as an audience we all know that.
And I know Tucker's known it for a long time, but he's saying it now.
We're winning, people!
But we're not over the top yet.
We were way down.
We were getting the living snot kicked out of us.
But we rallied.
And now I say, full speed ahead, press the attack.
And that doesn't mean blowing stuff up.
Blow up their ideas non-violently.
Expose their frauds.
Destroy them personally with the truth!
The information is the weapon.
Use it!
You heard General Flynn?
The guy the whole system listened to.
Before he turned against him.
Because he never turned against him.
He thought they were pro-America.
Because he wasn't focused on America.
As soon as he looked over, he goes, oh my God, you can't blame that.
He's got blinders, foreign adversaries, he's like a dog on the hunt.
As soon as he went, whoa, whoa, the real enemy's here in America.
And as soon as all of you do that, and I know you've already done that, but new listeners, get what Flynn got eight, nine years ago.
It's game over.
It's not that Flynn was bad.
He was focused, which is what leaders do.
Well, our focus is now on a Republican who took it over.
So here is...
Leading Senator, Malcolm Roberts, identifying Bill Gates as running the whole program.
We all already know this, but the world's waking up.
And once they do, game over!
Game over!
Here it is.
Last year, the Albanese government continued the Morrison government's campaign to sign away Australian sovereignty to the United Nations World Health Organization, the WHO.
Despite the attempt failing, WHO's power grab is ongoing.
WHO is not independent.
Their owners are corporate donors who contribute most of the WHO budget.
WHO's current sugar daddy is Bill Gates, who has made billions out of his investment in the same vaccines that WHO promotes.
Gates bought the WHO and they now recommend his products.
It is that simple.
The head of the WHO is Tedros Ghebreyesus, previously Health Minister of a terrorist organisation called the Tigray People's Liberation Front, where he used international aid to buy power and punish his enemies.
The regions of Ethiopia that Tedros starved for medical supplies suffered disastrous cholera epidemics in 2006, 2009, 2011.
in 2006, 2009, 2011.
One million dead.
Independent investigators found Tedros was, quote, "fully complicit in the terrible suffering and dying
"that spread in East Africa."
He's a killer.
WHO is rotting from the head.
Last week, Associated Press reported on the WHO sex crime scandal, where WHO staffers sexually exploited girls and women during the Congo's recent Ebola outbreak.
At least 83 WHO staff engaged in abuse including rape and forced abolitions with victims as young as 13.
WHO refused to fire the perpetrators using the absurd argument that their actions didn't violate WHO's sexual exploitation policies because the victims were not receiving WHO aid.
The raping part is okay with Tedros.
This is the person who heads an organization that many in government and academia want to elevate above the Australian Parliament.
One Nation rejects the UNWHO power grab and will defend Australian sovereignty.
So should you all.
Thank you, Senator.
Tedros is literally a communist that tried to destroy Ethiopia, so China voted for him to head the WHO.
Figured it out yet?
Now, I told you I've done it as a eclipse.
Here's just one more.
Here's Jimmy Dore with Robert Kennedy Jr.
Exposing again that Bill Gates is quarterbacking the whole attack.
Bill Gates is the number two funder of the W.H.O.
After China goes China, Bill Gates, then like Germany, like countries fund the W.H.O.
Bill Gates gives more than China.
OK, but the U.S.
was the biggest funder and they may now be.
The biggest funder from a single tranche.
But Gates is giving not only from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but he gives to Gavi and I think CEPI and Unit 7 Rotary.
And if you add all those up, he's by far the biggest.
He's a billion dollars a year.
And so now this is his new idea going forward.
After this big experiment failed and he admits those vaccines, he says those vaccines need to be fixed.
Here's what he's saying now.
So now he wants to get a new vaccine the next time something like this happens.
He wants to get it out even faster.
you know, some of the standardized platform approaches, including mRNA, would allow us to do that.
So, you know, it took us a lot longer this time than it should have.
So now he wants to get a new vaccine the next time something like this happens.
He wants to get it out even faster.
Would you have a response to that?
Well, here's the big, the very scary thing, Jimmy, is that, you know, they've got all of these bio labs now,
and they're, you know, Gates and others are involved with this project called the Global Virome Project,
where they're trying to collect samples of every virus in the world that can be weaponized.
And Peter Dayzak was part of it, USAID, and create an archive and an inventory And then they're all working on, you know, in 150 biolabs around the world, 40 of them in the Ukraine and in China and all over Africa.
They're working on Marburg virus, Ebola, Zika, monkeypox, polio, you know, all of these different viruses that they're trying to weaponize.
So, you know, and now they're giving the World Health Organization This is what Biden is doing.
Power to declare a pandemic emergency with no criteria, anytime they want.
And so they can constantly, you know, they could, if they wanted to, they can release these viruses.
They don't even need to release them.
They just declare emergencies.
And once they declare the emergency, then they can force everybody to get these new vaccines that he's talking about for all the new viruses that are rolling out.
See how it works?
You thought you'd take out Alex Jones.
And now everybody's Alex Jones.
Not because they're listening to me.
They see it now.
Game over, New World Order!
Game over, motherfuckers!
Fuck you, Fauci!
Fuck you, Gates!
Fuck you, Klaus Schwab!
Fuck you, Rothschilds!
We got your butt!
You are now in the target zone.
You thought you'd kill us?
You thought we'd roll over and die?
Guess what, it ain't happening!
And how bizarre is it to have Robert F. Kennedy Jr., like a flamethrower, his father murdered by the CIA, just like a dragon, flamethrowing them all.
And it's going to get more powerful, it's going to get more insane.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com, get the limited edition Alex Jones for President shirt.
It's fun, the operation, it's historic.
I want to thank you all for your support.
critical clips of the General Flynn interview, not from today that was live, but from earlier,
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I salute you and thank you.
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Let's go to the health side, because in December, they had what's called the G20 Summit.
And in this particular G20 Summit, there was only G19 because Russia decided to give them the, you know, the Russian salute and not show up.
And there's a reason why.
One of the main reasons was because the keynote speaker at the G20 Summit, which is a big deal, and I don't expect your audience to have paid too much attention to it, but the keynote speaker there was Klaus Schwab.
You know, here, Klaus Schwab.
This is a real Council of Global Governance.
This is key.
Yes, this is key.
And so when we talk about, so what is their cabinet, right?
What does their staff look like?
Well, their staff is somebody like a Klaus Schwab.
Their global staff looks like the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, organizations like the United Nations, organizations like the European Union.
Now, all those people in the media will go, oh, this is all belonging to these big organizations.
No, that's their tools of state They don't have world government summits admitting that they are the world government.
So the World Health Organization, Klaus Schwab, G20 Summit.
Klaus Schwab during the G20 Summit back in December, so only a couple of months ago, he made this big statement about the direction that the world needs to take.
It was almost like a finger in their chest of the most powerful countries in the world.
This is one of the reasons why the Russians didn't go.
Putin and I because I do want to touch on Elon Musk here in a little bit.
Putin has has made a decision a very conscious decision and he's no longer going to be part of this idea of the world economic forum.
He's just he's done with it.
He's done with it and he's done with it because he sees that his civil his you know that Russian society is threatened.
But one of the things that came out of this Bali summit and our government just did a just did a little a little quiet kind of signatory of it.
is this World Health Organization Global Vaccination Card.
Okay, so all those nations that attended the G19 Summit, they all signed off on,
"We're going to have a Global Vaccination Identification Card."
So what does that mean? What does that mean?
Is that a stamp on your passport?
Is it a plastic card that every single human being on the planet has to carry around?
And so if I want to travel to a state, let's say I'm in the United States and I want to travel to a blue state.
I want to travel to a state that's currently controlled By a Democratic governor, Democratic leadership, and let's just take the state of Michigan as an example.
So if I want to go into Michigan, is Michigan going to now stop me, or stop me from buying products, or stop me from visiting my relatives in Michigan, or my relatives in whatever state that is?
Because I can't cross the border or because I don't have my full vaccination.
And what I'm telling you, folks, is don't get that damn vaccination.
Don't do it.
And so now I'm going to be labeled again a Vax Denier.
I'm telling you, there's no or there's very, very few people in your audience and you have millions across the world that listen to you.
There's very few people that have had as many vaccinations or shots Stuck in their arms or their rear ends as I have.
I have a, you know, a list of shot, a shot record that goes probably 12 feet long.
So I'm not denying vaccinations.
What I deny, what I'm in against, is I'm against this, this murder weapon that we have called these, these, these vaccinations that these quote-unquote vaccinations, these jabs they've been Given everybody.
I mean, it's undeniable.
It is undeniable.
So, I don't want to argue, you know, that particular... Well, that's a whole other subject.
I don't want to get into that.
What about the total vindication of all of us from the beginning three years ago?
It's all gone.
It doesn't work.
It hurts people.
You've got the former head of the CDC coming out saying it's a gain of function.
Fauci and all of them are running it.
Yeah, it's a gain of function, which means a gain of function means weaponization.
So, one of the commands is so people know, you know, I'm not just some guy yapping.
One of the subordinate commands that I had was the National Intelligence Medical Command, NIMC, and it's up in, it's on the East Coast, okay?
And one of the missions of them, so I went and visited these folks because they were a subordinate command of mine, they were an organization that I was responsible for.
And one of the things that they were responsible for was examining biological capabilities of other countries and how they would use them to weaponize them.
So I have that background as well as other background on just intelligence aspects of my life that I got involved in that look at nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological warfare.
So I have a fair background in this, more than I want to have.
When we say gain of function, and when we talk about what was happening between different labs, right, in the different undergraduate and graduate level programs here, UPenn or Pennsylvania, Harvard was doing some stuff, MIT's been doing some stuff, and there's been other universities, particularly down in North Carolina, that have been doing some things in coordination with the Chinese government.
So we can't, that's not deniable anymore.
And we have people that must be held accountable.
So the World Health Organization is imposing a global vaccination card.
Our government is all for this.
This digital central bank, digital currency, our government is all for this.
So this is why I say we have to push back so much.
When I tell people They go, they say to me, what should I do?
What can I do?
I don't want you to go do a run of the bank.
I don't want you to go take a vaccine.
I don't want, you know, I don't want you to go run out and say, I gotta go get a vaccine because somebody says we have the, you know, an H5N1 virus now breaking out in West Africa and it's gonna, you know, jump over the ocean to the United States right now.
I mean, they're gonna try to put fear into us, okay?
And you said it a little bit in the tail end of your last segment.
One of the things that they fear, and they being this globalist elite, they fear what they cannot control.
And so, for your audience, you're listening to somebody that they cannot control.
Now, how might they deal with me?
Maybe they'll just go, boom, and I'm done.
I've had enough threats in my life.
I know what sacrifice can be and I know what sacrifice is to a degree because I've
experienced combat operations and such.
I will tell you that we have people that have given their lives for this country
throughout the history of this country.
And so we have to understand that.
The point is, General, to interrupt you, you've made the commitment and people need to make the commitment that if you submit to this, things are far worse.
The children deserve to stand up.
We've got to take action.
And listen, you're on fire today.
You're always on fire.
But I've never seen you like on like this.
This is amazing.
Well, you know.
I mean, I won't even go into a lot of stuff, but I hope you'll do an overview because I agree with you that the globalists set up China as their laboratory of control.
It was then used to infiltrate us.
Now it's taking over the globalists to a certain extent.
So there's a little bit of our military and government waking up, but I'd say that's a minority.
I agree with you, who was the guy that went to Trump before that went to Obama and they
admit was responsible for the pivot towards China.
So you warned, you're the guy they admit, even the establishment does, that was right
about China years before they double-crossed us, that warned the globalists, not as a traitor
You're like warning the government, which was run by globalists.
They know you were right.
You tried to get them to stand up.
You've been vindicated long before Trump got in.
And so you're a world expert on China and their hundred year plan that we're now 60 years into.
So if you please, please, talk about the overview, the hundred thousand foot view, because I think that's critical to understand what's happening.
Yeah, so there is a no-kidding hundred-year plan that the Chinese have had.
It was started by Mao Zedong, you know, and now with Xi, who's leading China now.
He's only really the sixth leader that they've had in that 60 years, right?
So they keep these guys, you know, they have leaders in there for a long time.
And so they're able to do things as a dictatorship, as a communist dictatorship.
To their society, to move their economy, to move their people, and to take things and do them over a longer period of time instead of the madness that we, you know, that we currently go through with back and forth, back and forth with our, with the, you know, everybody's, you know, Democrats come in and they're, you know, they're going after the Republicans, Republicans come in, they're going after the Democrats.
I mean we have got to stop because we right now we're in a crisis period.
That this particular year 2023 I've been saying that it is going to have two transitions.
One of those transitions is the financial transition of the global economic system, okay?
And I'll describe that here in a second.
The second transition is the health system, the global health system.
And Alex, in your lead-in to You know, in the break when you were talking about some of the things that you were showing a clip of me there.
Yeah, it's really I'd been, you know, watching you off and on.
But one of the things and I and I think it was like 2010 and maybe even then before that, maybe 2007, where you were talking about, you know, the health.
Uh, the scares that they were that they were bringing forward, and maybe at the time that we might have had some bird flu or some Ebola.
But I think the the intuition that you had then to talk about where we are now, uh, is was really prescient.
I mean, it was really, really, uh, you know, talk about visionary and understanding what was possible by our own government.
And frankly, you know, the deep state is not just these unelected bureaucrats I mean, and we need to talk a little bit about that for your audience today, you know, who this deep state is.
So we clearly define who the globalist elites are and where they exist on the planet, because it's not just in Washington, D.C.
They're all over the world.
And honestly, the big push behind all of this, Alex, and for your audience, is coming from the Chinese Communist Party.
So there's no doubt about that.
And I know what their 100-year plan is, which essentially started in 1949, and they're executing it, and they're actually speeding it up.
That's number one.
And then the other part of that is that this idea, this notion of unrestricted warfare, in 1998-99 timeframe, I was in a military school at that time for one year, and I had the chance to meet the authors Of the manual called Unrestricted Warfare.
Two Chinese colonels that came over to the United States of America on a bit of an exchange.
And I sat in and listened to them speaking about how they were going to fight this thing they called Unrestricted Warfare.
And it's their doctrine.
People can go find it online.
But before we go into some of that, at the very tail end of the video that you showed prior to me coming on, you showed a nuclear explosion.
And one of the things that is, it is a major, it's a falsehood, and I want your entire audience and anybody that gets this piece of, that gets this clip to understand.
There is no such thing as a tactical nuclear weapon.
We will describe nuclear weapons and people will say it's a tactical nuclear weapon.
We're going to use tactical nuclear weapons.
There's no such thing.
That explosion that you showed right prior to me coming on, that's the, yeah, there you go.
That's the result of a tactical nuclear weapon, okay?
So don't think for a second that a tactical nuclear weapon is only going to blow up the hillside of a mountain.
We can do that with a lot of other munitions that we have.
But when we start to use tactical nuclear weapons, which are Our administration has already talked about, and I actually think when I look back, if we really did the research, we were probably the ones first talking about the use of nuclear weapons, and not necessarily the Russians.
Although now both sides are talking about the use of nuclear weapons.
And what I want is, I want the exposure Because the way we beat this globalist elite crowd, the way we beat the deep state, is we continue to expose them.
I mean, one of the beauties of InfoWars, one of the greatness of your show, and you in particular, and I get all kinds of grief for Even saying that, Alex.
What the great thing is, is you expose things.
Good, bad, or ugly, you expose things.
And that's how we bring evil out into the light.
I want people to go read Executive Order 143.
Executive Order 14067 signed by Uncle Joe, the 8th of March of 2022, and it went into
effect 13 December 2022.
So just this past December.
And there are already corporations and elements of our US government that are already beta
testing what's called central bank digital currency.
Central bank digital currency.
That's what that executive order is all about.
Now, the central bank digital currency, there you go.
And the central bank digital currency is already a global system.
So it's already in effect, so to speak.
The Chinese use it.
They use their yuan system.
But this is a way to control whether or not you can spend the money that you actually earn.
And I'll just give a basic example of how far this could go.
So you can go down to the gas station to fill up your car a second time in a month, and you put your card into the gas pump there, and the gas pump comes back and says, denied.
And the reason it's denied is not because you don't have money in the bank, it's because this environmentalist crowd, this Nazi commu-social whatever, and I say communists, and the hardcore of them are Marxists, and there are Marxists in the White House.
It's a cult of power.
Well, there are Marxists in the World Economic Forum, there are Marxists in the intelligence community, and there are Marxists in the Department of Defense and the Department of State, especially the Department of State.
And one other element there, because I do want to maybe spend a few minutes talking about the Department of Just Us or the Department of Injustice, however you want to call it.
But this central bank digital currency, Alex, and I know you have spoken about this at times.
Many others in the media, you know, I would say others who wouldn't touch this in the past are now starting to talk about this.
The mainstream media is not talking about it.
They won't talk about it because they're all in.
But the other Fox, I think there's been one or two other guests there that have talked about it.
I know that Glenn Beck has talked about it, but only recently.
And I would say Glenn probably in the last couple of months.
This is something that I know you've been talking quite a bit about, and I know I've been talking about this for the last couple of years, because once you control the economic system, you know, the global economic system, where now the U.S.
currency is no longer the currency of choice for global trade around the world, because right now the U.S.
currency is the currency of choice for global trade, And the English language is the language of choice for global trade.
So that has been shifting.
So how do we defeat it?
Well, what's going to have to happen?
This is really to the people, right?
Back to the people of not only your audience, but of this country.
A couple of states right now are putting into bills, and I know that there's going to be at least one or two states that are going to have it as law, where they're not going to accept this form of currency.
So the way to fight it back is expose it, understand it, make sure that we're talking about it, and make sure that we're talking about it with the right facts, the right formats, the right process, the right ideas.
And then we have to talk about how do we stop it?
How do we block and tackle?
Because will it last forever?
I don't know.
I don't know how long we can last in this battle.
But in this particular battle, we can block and tackle a lot.
By making sure that we push not only those in Washington, D.C., but I've said a lot of times, quit worrying about them if you can't worry about them.
Worry about what you can do at your local level and definitely worry about what you can do at your state level.
So I know of a couple of states, Oklahoma is one of them, who has got a bill going into their governor.
And once that happens, and it's going to happen here pretty soon, because this transition is not going to happen on Monday.
And that's my point about taking a deep breath.
Not going to happen on Monday.
This is going to happen over a period of time.
They are trying to move it faster.
They are trying to.
Now I'm talking about the Chinese in coordination with the World Bank and in coordination with Klaus Schwab and team at the World Economic Forum.
General, let's quantify that.
In layman's terms, I agree.
There's a giant alliance of traders in our government, the majority at the top, who are chi-com and want to end the dollar.
They're using this bank fear, and they've said, and Biden on Wednesday put out his new plan for a central bank digital currency that removes the English language from the communication, which removes the dollar and makes it all digital, when right now communication's in English, which is a human intelligence.
What you're saying is very sophisticated.
I don't want to be lost on people.
We don't want them to stampede us with these bank runs into accepting the central bank digital currencies.
We want to prosecute the people that actually did this and control the contagion.
So now I'm speaking to the American people.
So if the American people all of a sudden go on a bank run, then this government is going to turn right around and go, see, everybody's afraid.
We have to transition.
And this is what we're going to do.
And here's our plan.
And we've already got it in place.
You know, it's just like COVID, folks.
I mean, some of the patents for COVID were back in 2015.
Some of the stuff that was developed in order to be ready when they wanted to use it, which was in early 2020, late 2019, early 2020.
The patents for some of that stuff was back in 2015.
You can't have a patent.
Patent doesn't take, you know, it takes like 10 years to get a patent.
They already had them.
So now they already have this idea in place.
I just mentioned the executive order.
They're already doing some what we call beta testing.
So if the American people can remain rock steady, and I mean remain rock steady, and place demands, be prepared, start placing demands.
I'm gonna tell you, if we start to raise our voices up and we raise them through shows like InfoWars,
we raise them through some of these other people that are actually now getting it and now talking about it.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And we're going to talk about something kind of crazy today.
In fact, I did a show for Alex about a year ago, and we covered this topic of the fake alien PSYOP invasion ET mothership.
It's here.
The aliens are here.
Did you know that?
Well, it turns out I'm joking, by the way.
Turns out NBC News played a clip a few days ago, and we'll play that clip here in a little bit, where they actually said on their nightly news program that the alien mothership may actually, possibly, perhaps, kinda, might actually be out there above us.
Right now, this is not me.
This is NBC Nightly News saying that there might be an alien mothership.
This is a course going on during the period when I had a few weeks ago and all that spy balloon drama and all this kind of stuff.
And so I want to go back into the alien narrative and why that's important and why it's a bunch of baloney because it's part of the psyop that I believe they will use.
As they roll out a lot of these narratives and a lot of the control grid and a lot of the transhumanist Skynet stuff that they want to put in place, Aliens really just fosters and helps that narrative.
To what degree they might use some kind of stage thing, Blue Beam or something like that, I don't know.
Very possible.
All these things are always in the cards.
But when we go back to the history of the Alien narrative, what we find out is that a lot of the figures in the first stories, the first cases of abductions, George Adamski, Betty and Barney Hill, right?
These figures, who later sort of got involved in the case of Betty and Barney Hill, was starting an alien cult, one of the earliest alien cults.
This all turns out to have deep connections to the Deep State, no surprise there.
And in the case, for example, George Adamski, it turns out his story of the alien abduction thesis was already in prior science fiction novels.
So we have this model of the abduction narrative that then gets popularized by famous films like Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
And then a host of a million other alien movies and stories that have been promoted.
Going all the way back to, you know, John Carter of Mars, H.G.
Wells' War of the Worlds.
All of those things were written by people who, in the case of H.G.
Wells, were master propagandists.
You know, AC Wells, who we've covered many, many times, was really the father of the modern alien narrative.
The idea of the external threat that threatens the whole world, behind whom the whole world aligns and then gets into a kind of a global socialist world government.
If you go back to the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, which we've talked about many times, which was one of those early formative alien narrative novel stories that was a big sort of blockbuster.
There was a famous CIA operative who actually consulted on that film, C.D.
Jackson, who's the author of the doctrinal warfare program about using the Roman Catholic Church and other religious institutions as part of the West's Cold War narrative.
So this guy who's involved in what we call religious engineering, ...is also involved in consulting and giving information to movie studios on how to construct alien narratives, namely, The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Now, if you've never seen The Day the Earth Stood Still, this is the story of an alien from space who's a carpenter, so he has this Jesus-style image going on, this Jesus-esque image.
And he comes to warn us that the evil aliens are going to come and destroy us.
Klaatu is the evil alien that's going to come and destroy everybody.
And he says, if you don't disarm all of your nations, your national governments, get rid of nationalism and form a socialist world government based around science, the aliens are going to come and destroy us all.
This is precisely that narrative threat that we've heard for so long that the external threat, be it some other nation, be it some other force, be it The, uh, intergalactic entities.
They're going to destroy Earth if we don't have a world government.
In fact, this has even been lampooned in really popular memes.
In the last year where the aliens are coming and they're saying, oh, formal world government, and they're really just projections by the UN, right?
It's a joke, right?
So I'm not saying that aliens are literal projections, although they could be, who knows?
But really, all of this bears a narrative surrounding psychological operations and black ops.
And some of the most recent famous books covering this topic, like Annie Jacobson's Area 51, go into this angle.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
It's important to understand how closely the science fiction narrative behind the alien invasion mythos and the intelligence agency narrative, how they collude, how they collide, how they overlap.
And there's always been this deep connection between them.
Precisely because a lot of the entities pushing the alien narrative overlap with being intelligence operatives, overlap with being propagandists.
Remember, the most famous of these stories, probably of all of them, goes back to H.G.
Wells' The War of the Worlds.
I'm sure everybody has seen The War of the Worlds.
And again, the message of The War of the Worlds is also kind of the same kind of a narrative, right?
That really we must all stand together In some sort of a global governance, or else something, be it aliens, be it nukes, be it biological warfare, pathogens, right, will destroy the human race.
That's a continual crisis, problem, reaction, solution narrative that we find from the propagandists of the globally, the social engineers.
In fact, H.G.
Wells writes many books saying what his ultimate designs are with all this propaganda.
Again, master propagandist.
Wells says that the ultimate goal is to form a world government.
He wrote two books on this.
The Open Conspiracy and the New World Order.
Those are the titles of the books.
And in those books he describes how this world government will be created on the basis of A kind of technocratic socialist program.
And he says a monopoly capitalism, by the way, is not the enemy.
Monopoly capitalism is the entity that will create the infrastructure and then hand it over to the radical Fabian socialists that you've heard me cover for the last year.
So it's not, they're not anti-socialist, they're not anti-capitalist, they're above that.
They're a kind of Fabian's synarchical group that we could say in the long run
believes in a kind of a Promethean, Luciferian kind of deity.
H.G. Wells in his book, "God, the Invisible King"
describes that he worships and believes in a Luciferian kind of God.
He says, "Lucifer is my God, "not anything like you would think of
"in the traditional religious sense."
Now, in terms of the alien narrative, it's odd because many comparative religion writers
have noted the parallels, and pop writers too, between the stories that shamans have
in their traditions of the gods or the interdimensional beings, the entities,
and what we tend to find throughout a lot of these alien stories, the alien narratives.
So there's a parallel between what the gods are in the ancient religions and in shamanism and what the aliens are and the message and the narratives that the aliens have nowadays.
For example, if you go and watch a bunch of people's YouTube videos about their DMT trip reports or their LSD trips, Ones that have interactions with these cosmic entities or the machine elves.
We all know that most famously, Terrence McKenna, right?
The psychonaut.
Well, I spoke to the machine elves and they told me to form a world government and if we don't, everyone's going to die.
That's literally what, that's the whole message, the whole gospel of Terrence McKenna, right?
The machine elves.
So, the world government, the socialist project, It's very well with this kind of a hallucinogenic psychonaut narrative, as well as a controlled religious engineered narrative.
Now, there's a professor that wrote a book that I've covered.
Her name is Dr. Brenda Denzler, and her book is about the history of UFO beliefs and cults.
And she has an amazing section where she cites a Brookings Institute report from the 1960s, commissioned by NASA.
And it mentions the consultation of other figures like Arthur C. Clarke, who, of course, is the author of The Sentinel 2001, 2010, 2000, 3001.
And those are the stories that were the basis, of course, of the Kubrick film.
And we have this monolith that shows, right, that propels humanity into the next phase of a Luciferian evolution.
And if you watch 2010, the movie, you'll see that.
They make it very clear that it's a Luciferian narrative at the end of the film.
And of course, Clark makes this clear in Childhood's End, right?
The Overlord, the Overmind, these entities are actually demons.
They're pictured as demons in Childhood's End.
And so, when Densler talks about this, she says that many religious traditions, including Christianity, have noted the parallels between the UFO phenomenon, abductions, and demonic activity.
And she says about this 1960, I think it's eight or nine, Brookings Institute report, The NASA Brookings Report said Christianity would be particularly compromised by the discovery of ET life.
That is because Christianity makes much of the doctrine of the Incarnation of Christ as a historical event.
Thus, knowledge of the news of Christ's Passion, Ascension, and Atonement are fundamental parts of salvation.
If this was true, then it would mean that Christ needed to die on innumerable worlds to save the aliens, or that the church would have to engage in a missionary project of converting the aliens throughout the galaxy.
So we have to do like a galactic...
Great commission or something like that.
Now, the report goes on to say that this would all be vain because there's no way to evangelize the galaxies.
And then it says, thus the religion would be basically be damaged and it would be irreconcilable with the doctrine of divine providence.
In other words, they're saying that alien life would essentially undermine the entirety of the Christian mythos, the biblical mythos, history and narrative.
So that shows you right there that there's a potential usage for, and a steering for, alternative worldviews and alternative positions.
There's a word in German called Weltanschauungskrieg, which is worldview warfare, and this refers to battling people's worldviews as part of information or as part of psychological warfare.
So in other words, we all know about Sun Tzu, Art of War, But in the modern age, modern warfare is, I think, about 80%, 90% informational.
And you have another, you know, 10% few percentages that are actual kinetic warfare and this kind of stuff.
But the majority of it in the modern era is information and ideological warfare.
And that has replaced ancient and medieval warfare, which was probably the opposite.
It was largely kinetic, largely battlefield warfare.
So modern warfare revolves around info war.
And the social engineers spend all of their time studying and researching ways to tweak, ways to turn, ways to steer people's worldviews and belief systems.
And so that's why you go back a hundred years and you find the social engineers of that time very interested in, very curious about the alien mythos and narrative.
In fact, some of the people from the inside of this system, a famous computer scientist and sort of a Pentagon computer man, Jacques Vallée, right?
He wrote the book Revelations.
He wrote other books about how, in his view, the phenomena of UFOs, UAPs, and all this, It's not completely false, there's something to it, but he says, and he's not Christian by the way, he was into various secret societies and esoteric stuff, so his take is that, well, these aren't extra
Planetary biological life forms.
These are actually terrestrial or they're earthly based things that seem to have some kind of a interdimensional reality.
They exist in a dimension above us.
Which, what do you know, doesn't that parallel very well with the biblical notion of the demonic, right?
Again, think about the parallels to the drug experiences, the hallucinogenic experiences, not just of today's post-1960s counterculture people, but going back to the ancient shamanic traditions.
There's always this interaction that occurs through the rituals, through the drug use, the ayahuasca, whatever.
Where the entities begin to tell you, okay, we want you to do this, we'll, you know, sacrifice your kids to us for this, this, this, this.
It's always the same type of thing.
Now, the narrative is, form a world government and you'll save the planet.
Stop having kids.
That's literally what the majority of the messages that people have when they do these trips.
Now, in Jacques Belize's case, he says that this is something that's intent on deceiving us.
So, on both levels, whether we're looking at just the governmental, black ops, psyops level, or whether we're looking at a more spiritual, transcendent level, Jacques Vallée says that on both of these levels, there's deception going on.
We're being deceived.
We're being lied to.
And many other writers in this field, even people who promote the alien mythos and narrative, admit that there's a lot of lying and deception going on about the intent of what's behind this.
Now, the level one, you could say, analysis of this that goes back to maybe the 70s and 80s is the idea that the government is hiding The history and the background of the aliens.
They're here, they came, and the government doesn't want us to know because everybody would freak out.
That's not true.
In fact, you can go back to the Orson Welles radio broadcasts, where he broadcast HG Wells' War of the Worlds as if it was a real newsreel, and everybody freaked out, and that was actually part of a big PSYOP research program.
We'll get into that in a moment when you come back.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I don't know if we have that clip that I sent.
I sent an NBC News clip.
Do you guys have that?
If you don't, that's okay.
We can just keep going.
Okay, can we go ahead and roll that NBC News clip?
And you'll see this was about a week or two ago on mainstream nightly news.
On his side, Ambassador.
Andrea Mitchell, thanks.
In 60 seconds, the new draft report on UFOs.
The Pentagon's expert warning about a possible mothership coming close to Earth.
Stay with us.
It may sound straight out of a movie, but the Pentagon and a Harvard scientist have collaborated on a new draft report questioning if we're alone in the universe and whether we've already seen evidence of life beyond Earth.
Here's Gotti Schwartz.
Move over Chinese spy balloon or whatever else US fighter jets shot down last month.
Tonight out of Harvard University, a draft paper about mysterious flying objects sounding almost like science fiction.
I think it's very likely that we are not the most intelligent civilization that ever existed.
Renowned Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, teaming up with the new head of the Pentagon's UFO office, dubbed the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office.
Together, they say that interstellar objects detected in space could be signs of extraterrestrial life, and that current sky-mapping technology, like the James Webb Space Telescope, could miss such objects.
It could have been a mothership that released some probes in the habitable...
Welcome back.
There you see it.
NBC Nightly News.
Now, implying, maybe, sort of, perhaps, there could have also kind of been a mothership, perhaps, maybe, but it was, but maybe, but not really.
No, it's not P-Funk.
It's not P-Funk, right?
It's the mothership dropping them zap bombs.
It's the real mothership.
It's not even, I wish it was the P-Funk mothership.
George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.
That'd be a better alien invasion than this fake, staged, fake and gray alien invasion.
When we go back to the history again of the stories behind, or excuse me, the so-called documents, you have Project Blue Book, where the, I think it's the Air Force, was investigating all this, right, decades ago.
Then you have Project MJ-12, right, which in my view was a made-up PSYOP to get everybody believing that there is this alien narrative.
And if you watch the great documentary Mirage Men, I highly recommend watching that because there's interviews in that famous documentary with Air Force counterintelligence people who were involved in crafting and creating fake and staged alien crashes.
Alien takeoffs at bases that they filmed on purpose to kind of put out there and do people so it's an element of psyops And so there's a whole documentary on this again Mirage men famous documentary And in my view, that really lays out what's going on in this whole alien nonsense scenario, especially at the human level.
Could there be some, I'm sure there are unexplained aerial phenomena, sure, but unexplained aerial phenomena does not translate into alien creators, alien panspermia stories of humans being seeded by aliens.
That's always where this goes.
In fact, in Annie Jacobson's recent book, and of course, we've mentioned her text for a long time.
She has a famous book on paperclip.
She has a famous book on the stories of the history of DARPA.
We've lectured through that text on my channel as well.
So all of these, you know, there's a pattern that we see in her writings, which I think are really good.
And that's, you know, she does touch on MKUltra when it comes up in paperclip and in the DARPA book.
And in those projects, we see studies into engineering and controlling belief systems.
It's not just mind control.
It's also belief control, worldview warfare.
So the alien story and narrative is part of that warfare, part of that narrative.
And in my view, my opinion, my analysis of this is that when we go back to the release of these documents and these projects back in the 40s and 50s, Blue Book, MJ-12, these so-called cover-ups, they really underlie the narrative that the intelligence apparatus or aspects of that apparatus have wanted for a long time, which is to create and control and steer a new mythos.
A new narrative for the world to fit into the overall technocratic world agenda.
Now, they may not go with the alien narrative.
It may be at a point where, well, if enough people don't believe that or they think it's silly, they won't go with that.
You know, we had, for example, 2016, the World Economic Forum's video that put out the eight things to expect by 2030.
One of those included the potential discovery of alien life.
As well as, you know, you will eat nothing, you will own nothing, right?
You will be happy.
All of that was part of that eight-point plan projected by the WEF by 2030.
And so they made it a point to mention the alien mythos and narrative.
But again, just think again to the case, I think it's Betty and Barney Hill, It may have been Adamski, but one of the two cases, in fact, I'm going from memory, had the figure of none other than Alan Dulles.
Yeah, it's always, by the way, these really blurry things.
What year is this?
Is this 2003?
Everybody is filming on a Verizon flip phone with 144 pixel definition.
I mean, what?
There's no, like, really good...
Imagery of all these so-called alien objects.
Now, there could be advanced technology that's used by the Pentagon, advanced drones, something like this, sure.
But none of this necessarily translates into or equates to alien life from another planet.
Maybe there is such a thing as that, but I've not seen anything that suggests that or proves that with any evidence.
All I've ever seen is blurry videos, The stories of people that, again, have connections to the Pentagon, to, you know, the Deep State, etc.
There's always these shady intelligence people in the background, especially when it comes to these UFO groups like MUFON and NICAP.
And again, Alan Dulles, again, is one of these figures who steps to the fore to shut down in the case, I think, of Betty and Barney Hill.
It's either Betty and Barney Hill or George Adamski.
Alan Dulles steps in to shut down the exposure and the information coming out about that being basically a giant fraud.
Why would Alan Dulles care about some random UFO quack coming out and being exposed and their story being, you know, basically fraudulent?
Well, it would matter if there's some, you know, connection to these agencies, and there absolutely is.
And, you know, we look back to things like the Aviary, right?
Another one of these alien narrative connected things, and that's all a bunch of CIA black ops people.
And this is what we constantly find is that element in the background of the alien narrative.
And again, the same people now in the government that are telling you that, well, there may possibly perhaps be alien motherships.
These are the same people that told you to get the COOF or to get the stabbies for the COOF.
The same people that shut down the churches and locked down everything.
The same people that like, put your mask on, now take your mask off, now turn, now put it back on, I'm Fauci, put a little bit of flesh-eating disease on the face of a puppy dog.
That's who's now telling you that the aliens are out there.
Consummate liars.
So why would we believe these people by anything?
Much less this alien narrative.
Now again, I'm not denying the reality of spiritual entities, but there's absolutely no reason to think that visitors from other planets are the best explanation for this, or that they're extra biological entities.
And now they switched from calling them UFOs to UAPs, which I guess, oh, that sounds a little more official.
The Pentagon has put out a document on UAPs, right?
Now again, most likely a lot of this is just Surveillance technology from foreign states, etc.
Or it's deep state technology that's used to foster the alien mythos or narrative.
Again, covering up, using this narrative as part of a cover-up, as a shell narrative, a cloak, for black ops and other kinds of things.
And many, many people have come to that conclusion.
You know, in my book, I wrote a significant section of about, I don't know, 80 pages in my first text devoted to this idea of H.G.
Wells' science fiction propaganda and Spielberg's mythos.
And there's a great quote by an analyst named Jeffrey Steinberg, and he said that, Bruce and Russell's description of a scientific dictatorship was matched by the account of Aldous Huxley, the author of the utopian track Brave New World.
A speech on the U.S.
State Department's Voice of America in 1961 of a world of pharmacological manipulated slaves living in concentration camps of the mind through enhanced propaganda and psychotropic drugs.
They learn to love their servitude and abandon all their will to resist.
This, Aldous Huxley said, is what the final revolution is.
So the final revolution, as we said, you know, in these dystopian novels, especially in the figure of Aldous Huxley, is not something that's purely a narrative, purely a fantasy, a dystopian fantasy.
It's actually a real plan.
And the people in the circles of Huxley, the people that he knew, the Bertrand Russells, the Lord Birkenheads in his famous essay about the future dystopian, the Royal Society Fabian Socialists, Lord Milner, the individuals like George Bernard Shaw, individuals like Jacques Attali or Klaus Schwab today.
All have that same plan and that same agenda, which is to erect this global network of technocratic control that supplants and overrides nation states.
Nation-states have to be undone, as she well says, because they're part of the old bourgeoisie narrative.
They're part of that old way of doing things where people are divided on invented notions like class or identity.
That has to be overcome through Marxist-Socialist praxis that's fostered by monopoly capital.
And amazingly, H.G.
Wells even says this.
Wells famously says, and it's either New World Order or Open Conspiracy, he says, all of you street-level Marxists do not understand that there's not the engine and the power to put into reality this global socialist order without the use of Monopoly Capital's money.
He says Monopoly Capital has this powerful engine, right, by pushing The notion of free enterprise.
Now, there is such a thing as free enterprise, but I'm saying that monopoly capital isn't actually what free markets are.
This idea of free transactions and whatnot, liberty in exchanges and commerce, but rather a top-down control mechanism that David Rockefeller and his family have described as their plan in David Rockefeller's memoirs.
So this notion of a Marxist Revolution funded by Monopoly Capital is championed by H.G.
Wells himself.
Excuse me, I gotta drink of water.
Wells notes that the power of Monopoly Capital is such that eventually they will hand over The world government that they've kind of built the infrastructure for to the real revolutionaries, the final revolutionaries.
And I would add to that a lot of what helped build this idea and this structure was studying cults and studying alternative religious movements.
And many, many cults, as you know, have the notion of exo-theology or the notion of an external global threat.
Behind them such as, you know, we think of Scientology, you think of the Ray Aliens, all these different alien cults who have also always had these weird shady intelligence background connections.
And that's because the whole history of science fiction, the whole history of the new narrative that's being crafted is intent on studying religious beliefs and to tailor them and engineer them for a new future world religion.
Now, it's my theory, my speculation.
We don't know exactly what form that future world religion will take, but it's very likely that it will be something like What we see in the pushes for a new syncretistic world religion.
If we go back to Madame Blavatsky, right, and her push for a theosophy-based world religion, you know, she is really the mother-founder of the modern New Age movement.
She and Alice Bailey and Annie Besant, who formed the philosophical religious identity of the United Nations, UNESCO group, At the Lucifer Trust, now called the Lucis Trust.
They were pushing this idea of a cosmic, galactic, kind of theosophical world religion, a New Age world religion, a hundred plus years ago, back in the late 1800s, early 1900s.
And they were really running in the circles of British intelligence at that time, running in the circles of the Milner, Fabian, Socialist cliques.
And they had a lot of connections to Bolsheviks, a lot of connections to KGB people as well, especially during the Trotskyite period, the Leninist period.
When Stalin came to power, he saw this as something he wanted to shut down, and then he went for more of an infiltrate and use the Russian Orthodox Church approach.
That was the Stalin model.
So he didn't really favor this sort of New Age-y kind of stuff.
He wanted something else.
But this reemerged in the 1960s with all the counterculture.
And if you read the writings of Dave McGowan, like Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, or if you read books, mainline books like J. Stephen's Storming Heaven, then you know a lot of that counterculture was actually fostered by the intelligence agencies.
So, in my view, there's not really, it's not accidental that you have the explosion of the mainlining of psychedelic drug use in the 1960s by design.
According to Dr. Timothy Leary, he says that if you want to thank anybody for the 1960s explosion of LSD, he says you can thank me and the CIA.
That was an attempt to alter and steer society in a different direction and to test and to see how people would operate and act if there was this mass releasing of and usage of psychedelic drugs for initiation and for cultural driving and cultural change.
So that was done on purpose, not saying everybody involved was an asset or an agent, just saying that it was promoted and pushed from up high.
And that social experiment was very useful.
Now, Stanford research documents, Changing Images of Man, SRI documents in the 1970s about the future of veganism and alternative lifestyles and anarcho styles of living came out in the 1970s.
And they're mentioned by one of the global elites, Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock and Power Shift.
Toffler talks about the usage of new alternative lifestyles that were promoted in the 60s and 70s on purpose via the push through social engineering.
This is all documented and provable in those texts, but nobody reads those texts.
People don't go and read Toffler.
They don't go and read Jacques Attali.
They don't go and read H.G.
Wells and all these people, but we do do that.
I've been doing that for the last six or seven years in terms of publicly lecturing through those books.
And when we look through those books, what we find is exactly what I'm talking about.
This coordinated narrative.
And it's not so much that anybody cares about aliens per se.
It's that they want to have a system, a belief system that is most useful to steering people into the technocratic agenda.
That's what it's really about.
It's not about aliens.
It's about whether or not the belief system that's being engineered for a future potential world religion has the ability to steer people into the technocratic system.
To get them to accept transhumanist things, to get them to accept, you know, the Skynet system, the surveillance and all that, right?
And what did Klaus say?
We're going to change your DNA!
It's not about just rewriting the ideas that people have.
It's about rewriting human biology.
Rewriting the human genome.
According to Klaus, according to Noah Eval Harari, they all talk about doing that very thing.
And in my view, science fiction is very useful for this because science fiction plays into promoting and convincing so many people of the alien mythos and narrative.
Even though we don't really have any hard evidence, People just believe these ridiculous sort of fantastical stories of, you know, alien craft that crashed in Roswell or whatever.
And, you know, it's like the stuff that's supposed to be an alien craft is like tinfoil, right?
Oh, the tinfoil.
Look, it's got weird alien markings on it.
Like as if advanced species from a million light years away flew here in some sort of tinfoil craft and crashed, right?
I mean, it's ridiculous.
So they get all the way here when they don't have gas to get here and they crash?
I mean, it's like, how do you have an alien craft that travels light years and it crashes?
I mean, it's just preposterous, right?
But this mythos, this narrative is very useful because it fits so well with the agenda of these Fabian socialists, internationals, global elite entities.
Those global elite entities Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
and tweaking and tailoring their positions.
'Cause remember, there's think tanks, foundations, you know, they're constantly writing white papers
about this to steer everybody into that technocratic agenda.
That's what it's really about.
Don't go anywhere, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, Jay's analysis.
And we are discussing the usage of the alien mythos and narrative and how this fits very well
into an overall technocratic plan and agenda.
And we've seen this narrative pushed in so many films.
Think back to something like the movie Prometheus, right?
The Ridley Scott alien story prior to the last one called Alien Covenant.
In Prometheus, right, you had the revelation that the Earthlings were seeded by these engineers and the engineers created us To be we were at accidental creation, right?
So the engineers were interested in the creation of a bioweapon to deal with their own alien enemies and one of those engineers accidentally created the human race.
So the human race was this accidental kind of abortion.
And what we find in a lot of those alien stories and really in the Darwinian mythos as a whole is that humanity is this accidental phenomenon that just sort of emerges out of the universe.
And so perhaps humankind itself is the problem and perhaps man needs to be dealt with in terms of being deleted from the universe, gotten rid of.
That is ultimately the elite narrative.
That's their worldview.
They believe that humankind is a kind of an abortion.
Uh, from the universe itself, that it needs to be mutated or destroyed.
We find that throughout the writings of all the elite, all the elite that we lectured through, all their texts.
That is precisely their view.
Whether it's Bertrand Russell, whether it's Jacques Attali, whether it's, um, you know, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller, whether it's, uh, uh, you know, name, name any of them.
Wells, Bertrand Russell, they all know that human population has to be severely, drastically reduced.
And so when we understand that is the ultimate goal, the ultimate purpose, the telos of all of this, we can begin to understand why they've invested in and recruited so many social engineers, so many admin.
Over many years, they've utilized Walter Lippmann.
They've utilized the, you know, consulting agencies.
They've utilized people from OSS who then went into doing psychological warfare to discuss how to steer and change people's ideas and their worldviews so that they can ultimately be brought into this new technocratic worldview.
And again, it's not like they have to use the alien narrative.
But they've invested so many decades in pushing this story and in pushing this through Hollywood and through science fiction that it seems like they really do want to go with that.
They do find that to be something that is very useful because, again, it blends so well with the Darwinian story that humans are just an accidental sort of, oh, they just popped out of the mud, the primordial muck.
There's no real guiding of human beings, right?
There's no creator.
It's just a sort of accidental emergence.
And then along with that same view, this worship of process, this worship of dialectics and dialectical process of the Marxists and the Socialists, also comes this notion of transhumanism.
So we are meaningless pieces of mock Oh, but we're also gods in embryo evolving to become Starchild, right, when we meld with the technology.
Now, which is it?
Are we meaningless pieces of muck or are we gods in embryo evolving to become gods?
You see that their own narratives don't even make sense.
They contradict on their face.
Noah Eval Harari says that there's no such thing as free will.
There's no free will.
There's no consciousness.
But then he says, we will upload the consciousness to the computer.
There is no such thing as the mind.
There is no free will or the consciousness.
We will upload the mind and the consciousness to the cloud and you will live forever in the zip drive.
Well, those things are called contradictions.
They don't make sense.
Both of those things can't be true.
You can't say there's no consciousness and then turn around and say that your consciousness will be uploaded to a computer.
These are conmen.
These are fraud.
These are liars.
And they sell baloney.
And the alien myth is another element of the baloney to steer you into this stuff, the technocratic stuff.
That's it.
That's the whole purpose of all of it.
And amazingly, even some of the people that believe in the aliens and believe in this story tell you that it's a deception.
If you've watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Spielberg movie, the French guy, Lacombe, I think is his name in the movie, Played by Francois Truffaut, the famous actor.
He's playing Jacques Vallée in the movie.
Which is odd because in the movie, the Lacombe character doesn't say that it's all a deception.
He just says that it's really the fulfillment of all the world religions, if you don't remember.
So if you go watch Close Encounters, and by the way, they have a staged train wreck bio scenario in the movie.
Do you remember that?
Which is odd, given the recent events that happened in East Palestine, Ohio.
Not to mention the movie, Wide Noise, which was basically the same scenario, you know, last year out of Netflix, made in the same town, East Palestine, Ohio.
Again, predictive programming, right?
People say, oh, it doesn't exist.
Oh, really?
So that's just a coincidence?
Is everything coincidence?
Is Dr. Fauci also, is he consistent?
So you understand when you recognize their contradictions, this is why I teach philosophy courses by the way, you can go over to Autonomy University and buy my philosophy courses if you're interested in getting a real deep, you know, history of Western civilization philosophy background.
Go to Autonomy University.
Go to my YouTube page and you'll see it as the first link under all the videos, the new philosophy course.
Why do I do that?
Because it's pretty important to recognize contradictions.
Now, all of us can do this.
You don't have to have my philosophy course to recognize contradictions, but if you're interested in getting a better education in philosophy, I would recommend that.
Because you will notice that worldviews, you will notice that logical contradictions, right?
Things like emotional appeals make up a big part of how the system works.
For example, in terms of warfare, one reason that false flags are so useful, or narratives where they show a child hurt or damaged in warfare, and then that kicks off a war, that's called an emotional appeal in philosophy, but it's a technique in psychological warfare.
And so, in the same way, the actual basis for the alien stories and the alien narratives, the alien mythos, is using a lot of psychological techniques, tactics, and tricks without much actual empirical evidence or foundation.
Now, I'm not saying there's not unexplained phenomena.
Sure, there are.
But in most cases, those unexplained phenomena or the video clips that we see are CGI.
They're fake.
They're blurry old videos of who knows what.
And we also have to take into account that the Pentagon has admitted, if you watch the Mirage Men documentary, that many of these counterintelligence people have admitted to creating these.
So that really throws into question, I think, a lot of the supposed video proofs that we see of aliens and all this kind of stuff.
And with the advances in holographic technology, even things that are actually seen, you know, have to be questioned nowadays.
Because we just simply don't know and it's very difficult to prove In many cases, exactly what was going on in these cases, right?
There's always a blurry light or something floating around in the clouds.
Yeah, but how do we know that's not technology?
How do we know that that's not just an unexplained phenomenon?
Why do we leap to the conclusion that it's aliens?
Well, in my view, we do that because we've been entrained through decades and decades of science fiction to think that, oh yeah, it's aliens!
Yeah, it's the space brothers, man!
But why would we come to that conclusion?
Well, maybe because I've seen like a million movies about aliens coming to E.T., close encounters, right?
And movies have the ability to do that, to form our perception and to form our worldview, even if we don't recognize it.
And not just the movies, but we've also been taught from almost womb to adulthood, through ongoing state education, we've been taught that The evolutionary narrative is the only true religion and only true mythos, and it's treated just like a religion.
You can't question the evolutionary story.
If you do, you are run out of academia, you are called crazy.
Even if you don't believe in the creation narrative, you still can't even question it.
Maybe you believe something else.
I don't know.
Some other view.
Because it's a dogma.
You have to believe in that.
Because it's a religious narrative.
And you can see that the Darwinian view synthesizes very well with the alien panspermia engineer's Prometheus worldview.
And so it's very possible that this will be used for a world religion.
I don't know for sure.
I'm just saying that it has the potentiality for that.
In my view, that's exactly what It may be used for.
And so many of these characters who've been involved in the promotion of the alien narrative have also been involved in black ops, psyops, and occultism.
For example, Michael Aquino, right?
The famous Satanist colonel who was involved in MKUltra projects according to his own admission in terms of studying space comm and space psyops events.
That was what he claimed he studied.
It was all involved in researching as well as writing on PsyOps.
And so, I mean, these are not trustworthy figures.
We're not going to find from them, you know, the real account of what's going on in our atmosphere, right?
These are people who are trained in deception.
So, you know, again, it just makes more sense in my view that the biblical narrative is more accurate, that these are demons, and that's why they're telling you to create a world government.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jay Dyer.
It's, uh...
It's with God, and I know you speak about that often, and I believe, look, we need God more than ever, and I know that there are people listening perhaps who don't believe in God, but I'm a big believer in having faith, even though I'm rather pessimistic, I do know how the book ends, I know how the story ends, and we do prevail.
Exactly, there are no atheists and foxholes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
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I know that things look bleak, but again, we know how the story ends.
And I think, look at everything that happens, not through, not with blinders,
but in the context of a larger agenda.
Think bigger, look bigger, and look for the.
I use the analogy of that great movie that's based on compositor stories, Horse 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
We've been through all this and nothing!
Nothing but... Look, let nature take her course.
And look, I think we've already blown the enemy.
We just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that, and if anybody's lying here, Senator, it is you!
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.