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Name: 20230323_Thu_Alex
Air Date: March 23, 2023
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In the United States, absence rates from work increased dramatically after 2019, particularly in 2021 and 2022. Work time loss rates also went up significantly. This information suggests that vaccine injuries are occurring in the form of absences and sicknesses, which is contributing to the overall decline in productivity in the U.S. economy. Edward Dowd refers to this as VAIDS or Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. He claims that people who are not vaccinated have noticed that their vaccinated coworkers tend to be sicker than they were before receiving the vaccine. Dowd has written a book about these findings, and it is already a bestseller. The raw data in his book does not address who or why this situation occurred, but the evidence clearly shows a decline in the health of the nation due to the vaccines.

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First off, Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg caught hiding nearly 600 pages of exculpatory evidence from the New York grand jury in Trump case.
Audio, video, letters, you name it, which we've all heard the Cohen audio from like four years ago, where Cohen comes in and says, we got to pay this lady off.
And Trump says, no, we're not.
We're not going to give her money.
So then Cohen goes and he does it.
And now he's changed the story again.
It doesn't matter.
It's seven years old, five-year statute of limitations.
It's not even a state crime.
Even mainline Democrat lawyers are saying this is insane.
They're also trying to spin it like Trump made it up that they were going to indict him on Tuesday.
No, they told the Secret Service, get ready for indictment.
They started putting up the barriers on Monday around the courthouse.
Trump did not cry wolf.
But because he stood up to it, now they may back off.
I still think they'll indict him.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
Signed in 1787, the U.S.
Constitution states that no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin, a tender in payment of debts.
In 1791, to help pay for the Revolution, Congress established the first National Bank of the United States.
Within a decade, it became evident that taxes were being sent to the crown, and the bank was not renewed.
A political battle ensued which resulted in the formation of America's first two political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.
The framers of the U.S.
Constitution left out any mention of political parties because they saw them as corrupt relics of the British Crown's divide-and-conquer system.
The second central bank was chartered in 1816 and shut down in 1832 by Andrew Jackson, who wrote that the bank was unauthorized by the Constitution, subversive to the rights of states, and dangerous to the liberties of the people.
For nearly a century, America thrived without a central bank.
Until 1914, when the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system was quietly given power over America's wealth.
In 1933, the U.S.
government declared bankruptcy and the Fed shifted to a debt-based economy.
And after the U.S.
dollar was made the world reserve currency, the entire world became dependent upon debt.
A currency backed by nothing but debt and IOUs was doomed to eventually fail from the start.
And that day appears to be coming soon.
These big banks have funded wars and criminally profited off human suffering for decades.
Credit Suisse alone has been fined over 50 times for over 10 billion dollars for money laundering, fraud, espionage, drug trafficking, and stealing money from the people.
Every person in the civilized world is now feeling the same financial pressure being subjected by the U.S.
Federal Reserve Bank.
Nations of the world are buying up record amounts of gold.
Three-quarters of the world have joined BRICS to prepare for a new world reserve currency after the end of the U.S.
Zimbabwe and Mexico are now joining BRICS.
But it's important to remember that the Federal Reserve Bank is operated by BlackRock.
BlackRock is operated by the Rothschild City of London banking cartel.
And so even if the Fed collapses, BRICS is most likely another proxy of this old banking cartel.
The idea for BRICS was born in 2001 from Goldman Sachs.
The Federal Reserve Bank's digital currency, FedCoin, is already hugely unpopular.
CBDCs are being rejected upon arrival.
But that isn't stopping the federal government and the failing big banks from luring the population into their new nightmare system.
This July, the Federal Reserve Bank will be launching FedNow and managing practically every transaction made in the United States.
Then all they have to do is what the Nigerian Central Bank just did, shred and destroy mountains of cash and stop filling the ATMs.
But we're not slaves yet.
And if we want to have financial freedom, then it's time to fight back against the CBDC concept and return to lawful constitutional money.
Oklahoma has a law in the works that will protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a CBDC.
And Florida is now working on a law that will expressly prohibit the use of a CBDC.
Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis is calling on other state governors to do the same and fight back against CBDC nationwide.
At least a dozen states have passed laws to begin accepting gold and silver as cash on the path to returning to a lawful constitutional money system.
Several states have begun printing their own goldbacks, a currency shaped like notes made of thin layers of pure gold with a polymer coating, making it easy to spend a dollar's worth of gold.
And the free market has been busy figuring out blockchain banking since the Bitcoin white paper.
We don't need a central bank or a government.
And I am back in studio after two days.
Co-hosting with Stephen Crowder and hosting the Alex Jones Show from Dallas.
I am back in Austin, Texas on this Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 transmission.
We're going to be here for the next four hours ahead of the great Owen Schroer coming in at 3 p.m.
Central today.
Edward Dowd, an amazing analyst and economist.
There's been a lot of predictions that have come true and broken a lot of groundbreaking information about the poison shots and the faltering economy.
We'll be joining us in the third hour today.
Paul Joseph Watson will be hosting the fourth hour.
I intend to open the phones up in the second half of this hour and in the second hour as well.
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Now, I want to hit all the big world news and all the huge developments and all the things that are unfolding here today, because every day has a lot of important news.
But today has particularly important news.
And information to be going over.
So let's go ahead and tie these two big stacks here together.
And we'll go to break, come in and cover them in more detail here in about eight minutes or so.
First off, Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg caught hiding nearly 600 pages of exculpatory evidence from the New York Grand Jury in Trump case.
Audio, video, letters, you name it.
Which we've all heard the Cohen audio from like four years ago, where Cohen comes in and says, we gotta pay this lady off.
And Trump says, no we're not.
We're not gonna give her money.
So then Cohen goes and he does it.
And now he's changed the story again.
It doesn't matter.
It's seven years old, five-year statute of limitations.
It's not even a state crime.
Even mainline Democrat lawyers are saying this is insane.
They're also trying to spin it like Trump made it up that they were going to indict him on Tuesday.
No, they told the Secret Service, get ready for indictment.
They started putting up the barriers on Monday around the courthouse.
Trump did not cry wolf.
But because he stood up to it, now they may back off.
I still think they'll indict him.
Trump takes 28-point lead over DeSantis.
Ex-presidency surge in support.
The Democrats didn't think that would happen.
Now they're second-guessing.
People know it's about frustrating the election.
The Mexican president came out and said, America isn't a free country.
It's been hijacked by criminals.
Julian Assange is in prison for telling the truth.
President Trump's done nothing wrong.
They're trying to indict him because he's going to be the next president.
And a lot of other world leaders are saying the same thing.
I mean, this is what happens in third world countries.
And now the leader of the richest third world country in the Americas, Mexico is the richest country in Latin America, but they're still a third world country, not putting Mexico down, which is true.
You've got a third world country pointing out that we're much worse than them in many ways, which is true.
I said that last week.
I said, there's all these travel advisors about don't go to Mexico.
In certain areas of the country, which I agree, don't go to those areas.
But if you look at the statistics, Chicago, and Detroit, and LA, and Oakland, and areas of Houston, and Dallas, and many other places, like Miami, are more dangerous.
So, again, it's not about shaking my finger in America, it's about don't let the State Department shake its finger in other countries that have a lot of problems, when we've got some problems bigger In some ways.
Absolutely true.
New York City Grand Jury to reconvene Thursday to consider charges against President Trump.
Additional witnesses could be called.
Smoking gun letter from Michael Cohen claiming he was not reimbursed by Donald Trump.
And here's one of the letters.
So they've got big problems.
Smoking Gun 2018 letter from Michael Cohen, lawyer on Stormy Daniels, states Cohen used his own personal funds and that Trump did not reimburse him.
Trump wants to be handcuffed for court appearance in Stormy Daniels' case.
And I've confirmed that's the truth because they want to put him in jail.
So they don't want the handcuffs to make him look like a victim, but they want to put him in jail.
Why not let them follow regular procedures and not give him special treatment?
I think Trump is right to say that and to be doing that.
Now, this is a very important story because you see it happening not just at the state level in New York, But you see it happening all over the rest of the country, especially in D.C.
with the feds.
Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg caught hiding nearly 600 pages of exculpatory evidence from New York Grand Jury in Trump case.
And why is that important?
Because that's exactly what's going on here.
And I start this breakdown of news with an image, a nice meme, of Ray Epps.
It says FedEps instead of Federal Express.
DOJ informants invaded and interfered in Proud Boy's defense strategy, attorney claims.
That was filed in court last night.
I learned about it yesterday morning.
informants invaded and interfered in Proud Boys' defense strategy.
Attorney claims, shocking report, D.O.J.
embedded an FBI informant inside the defense team for non-violent January 6th prisoners and former U.S.
Marine Zachary Real.
And it's a woman!
There's another woman that was embedded inside of them who worked for a member of the CIA who on January 5th brought a document to Enrico Tario that he never looked at but got filed online calling for a violent attack in DC.
So more of the FedEps phenomenon coming out.
And that ties in to this piece of news we'll play when we come back from break.
Senator Kennedy, do you know what the Brady motion is?
Biden judicial nominee.
It's not coming to mind.
I believe that the Brady case involves something regarding the Second Amendment.
It requires prosecutors to disclose evidence to the defense.
Well, they already got caught three weeks ago hiding evidence, thousands of pages, 300 and plus items, including informants, and that the informant said that there was no planning for violence, and FBI agents spying on lawyers, defense lawyers.
The judge said that's okay.
Never been okay before, but now it's okay.
Well, it's the same thing.
Here you have another judicial nominee of the federal bench, just like the hearings we saw a few weeks ago, who doesn't know what anything is.
Members of Congress will say, what is Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution?
I don't know.
What is separation of powers?
I don't know.
What is... they don't know what anything is.
Just like the new FAA head they want.
They said, what's a flight plan?
I don't know.
What's a...
What's cruising altitude?
I don't know.
I mean, literally, that's who the government's putting in.
The bureaucracy is because they don't want leaders in charge that know what's going on.
So basically, when the cat's away, the mice play.
And that's what we have is a runaway, out-of-control government with nuclear weapons that started a war with Russia.
So we're going to be talking about all that and so much more today.
It's a big broadcast.
I've only scratched the surface on what's coming up.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We have Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg caught hiding nearly 800 pages of exculpatory evidence for the New York Grand Jury in the Trump case, which violates federal law and all the precedents of the Brady motion that's been around since the 1950s, and similar laws and regulations before that, that if a prosecution hides evidence, it doesn't matter how guilty somebody is, they've got to go free, because they're rigging the court case.
Now that doesn't really branch over to Sybil, but what happened with the kangaroo cases I had last year?
The judges found me guilty, wouldn't let any of my evidence be put forward to the juries, and then let fake evidence with no ability to challenge it be shown.
And then people ask, why are my lawyers so bad?
They weren't allowed to defend or talk.
They were then sanctioned for putting on any defense.
So that's the model of the kangaroo courts they've got.
So here's Senator Kennedy talking to one of the new judicial nominees.
Tell me how you analyze a Brady motion.
How I analyze a Brady motion?
you know what article 5 is? They don't know.
They don't know any of the basics and that's why they're being put in positions
of power because they'll follow any Soros orders they get.
Here's the latest clip. Tell me how you analyze a Brady motion. How I analyze
a Brady motion? Yes.
Senator, in my four and a half years on the bench I'm not, don't believe I've had
occasion to address a Brady motion in my career.
Do you know what a Brady motion is?
Senator, in my time on the bench, I've not had occasion to address that, and so it's not coming to mind at the moment what a Brady motion is.
Do you recall the U.S.
Supreme Court case Brady v. Maryland?
I do recall the name of the case, the senator, yes.
And what it did hold?
I believe that the Brady case involves something regarding the Second Amendment.
I have not had occasion to address that.
If that issue were to come before me, I would certainly analyze that Supreme Court precedent and apply it, as I would need to, to the facts in front of me.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
But of course, the Brady Act was a federal gun control law.
It was later overturned.
It has nothing to do with the Brady motion and the Supreme Court ruling that if courts catch prosecutors hiding evidence, the case is thrown out.
And that's why that dovetails with what's currently happening with the Proud Boys, in the federal case in D.C., and all these other cases, and now this new one with Trump.
With the Manhattan D.A., Alvin Bragg.
These are basic laws.
And they're not following the laws.
They're doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want, and it is incredibly dangerous.
Here's another clip of Congress a few months ago with more of the judicial nominees.
There's hours of these, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, the new FAA nominee doesn't know what a flight plan is.
Here it is.
Judge, on the far end, tell me what Article 5 of the Constitution does.
Article 5 is not coming to mind at the moment.
How about Article 2?
Neither is Article 2.
I remember being in 9th grade and one of the required courses in high school was US History.
And I remember having to pass tests on all the articles of the Constitution.
And when I first saw this clip months ago and we played it, I went, isn't Article 5 to do with Congress and just how Congress operates, the rules of Congress?
I was right.
And it deals with constitutional amendments and how you do that.
I mean, that's just from memory from high school.
Article 2, I was like, that's the presidency, isn't it?
And looked it up.
Yeah, it's the presidency.
Article 2.
The executive power shall be vested in the President of the United States of America.
He shall hold his office during the term of four years, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term he elected as follows.
And it goes through that.
Article 5.
Congress, whenever two-thirds of both houses shall be deemed necessary to propose amendments to the Constitution, or the application of legislatures to two-thirds of several states, shall be called a convention proposing amendments.
And it goes on.
So, I knew this and hadn't looked at it in decades.
And these are judges that they want to put on the main appellate courts, the 5th Circuit, the 10th Circuit, the 2nd Circuit, and they don't know that.
Just like the new head of the FAA, if he's approved, doesn't know what a flight plan is.
They also asked him the name of the national radar system.
Didn't know.
They told him the name.
He didn't know what that was.
And I'm not a pilot, but I know what it is.
So, this is idiocracy.
This is rule by morons.
But it's being done by design.
You don't think the establishment isn't putting these people in because they couldn't find somebody who did know?
They want idiots in charge to undermine the country.
To destroy the Republic.
So they will go along with decisions and things that are absolutely untenable.
So that leads us to this next big stack.
And this is such a big, big deal, ladies and gentlemen, that we have now in the Proud Boy trial, a federal informant, at least one, a woman, Talking to the families, talking to the lawyers, talking to people in jail, including Joe Biggs and others, about their case and finding out what their strategies are for the case.
That right there is a mistrial, 110%.
But don't hold your breath.
Second big controversy in two weeks, three weeks.
I'm sure the judge will say that's fine and dandy as well.
Because the sky is now the limit.
Here's Red State.
DOJ informants invaded and interfered in Proud Boy's defense strategy.
Shock report!
DOJ embedded an FBI informant inside the defense team of non-violent January 6th prisoner and former U.S.
Big, long article on Gateway Pundit.
Here's the motions that have been filed.
I got a heads up on this yesterday from the defense attorneys.
Obviously, Julie Kelly's been doing a great job leading the way, exposing all of this.
But this is organized crime, writ large, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.
Our country has trouble criticizing Russia for what they do, or China, or anybody, because we're becoming just as bad or worse in ways.
Like this clip, and I'm not going to play it, it's in Spanish.
It's on Infowars.com.
A Mexican president says Trump arrest is about keeping him off the ballot.
He went on to say America has been hijacked by criminals, and that they've got Julian Assange in prison, and blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.
And he went on to warn the American people that you need to clean up your own problems before you try to tell Mexico how bad we are, which is true.
I don't want to see a bunch of fingers shaking in Mexico anymore because we're as bad or worse.
Let's admit it so we can fix it.
And we are back live on this Thursday Worldwide Transmission.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Alright, I already covered judicial tyranny in this country, the real bellwether, the real canary in the coal mine of a nation in absolutely terrible decline.
But the bigger issue is they're now reporting, you saw the stock market plunge the last few days, that more banks are going insolvent, more banks are going belly up, and the Federal Reserve still, yesterday, raised interest rates.
I'm sure you noticed that, despite the fact that they knew that that would crater the economy.
And you can say, well, we'll have inflation if you don't do it.
Well, we've still got inflation.
So you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.
And it's been the private Federal Reserve, Greg Reese put out an excellent report today, only four minutes long, that boils all this down.
So we've been maneuvered into this position.
And the globalists have said it's the Great Reset and they're about to take everything we've got and that soon there won't be a lot of private home ownership and soon you'll own nothing and like it.
And as this banking bubble we've been in for 70 plus years comes to an end, they want to build on its assets the central bank digital currency system.
That is the plan.
That's been the plan.
I know I've harped on this a lot, but if they get that plan in place, Katy, bar the door.
Because then every angle of our lives is surveilled, tracked, controlled, they can turn your money off, they can devalue your money, they can tell you where the money can be spent, and they've said that that is indeed what they are planning to do.
And so everything we've warned about For these decades after decades, their whole New World Order plan is now here.
It's now upon us.
And I'd like to know from listeners, when we open the phones up, coming up next segment, in fact I'll give the number out here in just a moment, what do you think we should do about this and how should we organize to say no to this?
That's the big question.
I have for you because everything else is really just window dressing.
They want to control our bodies with the poison shots and new viruses they're going to roll out they've created.
They want to control everything we buy, sell, and do and look at through the surveillance grid.
And so I ask the question, what as a culture and a society are we going to do to stop this?
Because if you think things are bad now, this will Look like heaven to what we're living through today in the future.
And it's so frustrating because everybody should organize against this.
Everybody should be against this.
This is so obviously evil, so obviously wrong, so obviously controlled by people that have nothing but bad intent, predatory intent against us.
And who believe that they are absolutely Completely above the law, and can get away with anything they want.
Now I've got several clips from these hearings.
Moderna CEO tells Senator Rand Paul that they paid NIH, and a lot of this money goes to private patents by members of the NIH and former, 400 million dollars.
That's just Moderna.
They only sold about 20% of the poison shot.
The rest was Pfizer.
Moderna CEO tells Senator Rand Paul, it's the same patent, it's the same shot.
Moderna's three times, four times stronger.
It's the equivalent of four shots.
Moderna CEO tells Rand Paul that they paid NIH $400 million in royalties last year.
Now we knew that.
We talked a lot about that.
But the Moderna CEO wouldn't even say That that was a conflict of interest.
Moderna CEO lies as Senator Rand Paul during testimony on COVID vaccines, microcarditis risk.
He says the evidence is you have less risk.
Michael Carditis, if you've taken the shot, despite the fact the FDA now admits a major increase in myocarditis, and we've seen myocarditis explode, not in the first year of COVID, but in international and national statistics across the world in people that have taken the shots.
And Edward Dowd, who's got all the statisticians, had a bunch of whistleblowers go public, but a clearinghouse for it will be joining us in the third hour to specifically Talk about this and how crazy this level of deception really, really is.
But here's the shorter clip.
The full clip's on Infowars.com with the testimony.
This is Moderna CEO tells Senator Rand Paul that they paid the NIH $400 million in royalties last year.
Recently paid NIH $400 million.
Do you believe it creates a conflict of interest for the government employees who are making money now off of the vaccine to also be dictating the policy about how many times we have to take the vaccine?
Good morning, Senator.
Indeed, we recently made, before Christmas last year, a $400 million payment to the NIH for an old patent that they had developed, not related to COVID, but useful in the development of a COVID vaccine to pay them for their work.
It's for the U.S.
government to assess how that money should be used.
You think it creates a conflict of interest for the same people deciding the policy of how often we have to take the vaccine to also be making money the more times we take the vaccine?
Yes or no?
This is for the government to decide, Senator.
You have no opinion on whether or not it creates a conflict of interest.
Well, there you go.
And I already mentioned the clip where he says there's no microcarditis, or that there's more microcarditis if you haven't taken the shot.
I'm going to play that with Edward Dowd.
Edward Dowd coming up.
In the third hour today, but I want to give the number out specifically on the central banks, on the central bank digital currencies, on the cashless society they're bringing in.
You see it everywhere.
You see so many stores and businesses now saying they won't take cash, including restaurants, coffee shops, not like it's big box stores.
Don't people realize the holy grail of control is this system and that we cannot allow that to happen?
We absolutely must not put ourselves on this new global system.
It is the main battle point.
It's the twin.
It's the other side of the coin.
One is autonomy of our bodies and not letting them put these poisonous shots in us.
And the other is not letting them get their central bank digital currency in over us or over other people.
But they've done it in places like China.
They've done it pretty much in India to horrible effect.
They've done it.
And a lot of other nations as well, like Nigeria, but they've been rioting and fighting it.
We have to organize and say no to this.
I specifically want your take on the economy, on the interest rate hikes, on where you see all this going.
That's the topic.
We're opening the phones up on 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, and we will open the phones up on that subject
ahead of Edward Dowd joining us.
And interspersed in all of this, there's a bunch of other news I'm going to be getting to.
I mean, I laugh because I'm about to cry.
A Sky News television news program out of the UK reports for the first time ever they caught doctors Secretly selling people's organs.
Ladies and gentlemen, they caught people in the 80s in Dallas, Texas, where I'm from doing this.
They caught them in Chicago in the 90s.
They caught them in Austin, Texas just a decade ago.
They catch them all the time.
But the point is, this is going on, and every time they get caught, they always report, oh, it's the first time they've ever been caught.
It's all part of the predatory system that we're dealing with.
We're also going to be getting into this stack of news.
Every major publication, the corporate media, gives Woman of the Year awards to men.
It's been done again by USA Today.
Again, picks biological man as Woman of the Year.
here. 877-789-2539. Two men can have a baby. Men and women don't have different chromosomes.
All of this is getting you to buy any incredible lie the social engineers put out.
Just like the horrible idea that you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, and like it under the New World Order.
Why do they just normalize something so horrible?
Because they're going to do it, and so they might as well spin it and normalize it in everybody's minds.
USA Today again picks Biological Man as Woman of the Year.
That's just rubbing it in.
Your face.
Today has picked a trans-identified male as its Woman of the Year for the second time running, and this time it's someone who advocates for child sex changes, which is sterilization of children.
So over the top, so hard to believe, so evil, but it's pushed by all the major corporations.
Here's another one.
Pentagon doctors say seven-year-olds able to consent to sex changes.
So, you know it's hardcore pedophilia to have sex with a seven-year-old.
But they can consent to have their genitals cut off.
Imagine if a sex criminal, a pedophile, grabbed a kid and cut their testicles off or their breasts off.
They'd get the death penalty.
But when it's done by the system, by the bureaucrats, by the psychologists, oh, it's beautiful!
A team of health care providers at U.S.
military bases has come out in support of minors having access to experimental sex change procedures, arguing that children as young as seven are capable of medical decision-making, and suggest that using psychotherapy to treat gender distress is conversion therapy.
So teaching some child that's already been confused by the school system, or by sick parents that want to be part of the trans cult, that's a bad idea, shouldn't be allowed And now more and more our military is involved at the cutting edge of pushing all of this.
This, my friends, is abject, absolute, pure evil.
We know it.
We all know it.
They know it.
And this is how they make it fashionable to sterilize people.
Truly sick.
But they think if they have enough corporations and enough Hollywood and enough politicians and enough taxpayer money, not just here but around the world, that we'll break and give in and let them have access to destroy our children even further.
This is a war on humanity.
And thank God for broadcasts like this one and thank God for viewers and listeners like you that have kept us on the air because everywhere the numbers show more people are against transgenderism than ever before.
All the Caitlyn Jenner garbage, all of the brainwashing is backfiring now and we've just got to Keep fighting through the censorship and keep battling through the system and more and more victims who got sterilized when they were young because they were pressured and brainwashed or filing suit and taking action and we're going to defeat the tip of the globalist spear that is the transgender cult.
All right, I want to go to your phone calls on the economy and the central bank digital currencies and how it's all being rolled out and what you think is coming next and how we can fight it.
But I also want to make some exciting announcements.
I told you six, seven, eight months ago we went into bankruptcy for free speech systems that we had hundreds of designs of t-shirts, some were best sellers, some never really sold well, some I think were great designs, some were okay, because a lot of mine designed, but I'm not the best designer.
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All right, we are now into hour number two.
This is a short little segment some stations don't carry, so I'll come back in six minutes to take all your calls.
But I wanted to play a little clip from Steven Crowder's show that I was co-hosting a few days ago.
I think it's the best breakdown of how pedophilic Joe Biden is.
And it's a remake of Radiohead, and it's called Creep by Steven Crowder.
And yes folks, I'm a big fan of Steven Crowder.
Not just because he's funny and smart, not just because he supported me when I was being censored, but because if you look at the numbers he's getting on Rumble, Two million views a day.
That is helping cause the segue of Russell Brand and countless others over to Rumble, which has given the globalists a big run for their money and really shaking up the system.
So I love it.
I'm excited about it.
And so that's why I'm cheerleading it.
Because I just want more great shows that are fighting tyrants.
I want to be made obsolete.
I want there to be so many people out there exposing the New World Order that Alex Jones doesn't need anymore.
We're still far from that point, but we're getting closer.
Here is Creep by Steven Crowder and his great group.
When you were here before, could have guessed that you were fine.
You smell like a bagel.
Adult girls make me cry.
You float my old tugboat.
In my bountiful depends.
I wish I was special.
You're so f**king special But I'm a creep
I'm a bad dog How the hell did I get here?
How did I get here?
I know my butt's been wiped My butt's been wiped!
I can't help when I pee I want a perfect toddler I want a perfect tween I hope they don't notice When I'm sniffing around You're so fucking special.
These kids smell so special But I'm a creep
I'm a bad dog How the hell did I get here?
How did I get here?
Oh, oh, I'm sick Yum, yum, yum, yum
Yeah, yum, yum Yum, yum, yum, yum
Yum By the way, he gave me permission to touch your car
He said the kids makes me happy It's all I ever want
They smell f***ing special These kids smell so special
But I'm a creep I'm a bad dog
What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here.
I don't belong.
I played a club about two months ago, several times on air, of Paul Ehrlich, who wrote The Population Bomb and is the big guru of depopulation.
He's still alive today.
And one of Obama's main advisors when he was president.
And the mentor to John P. Holdren, who was the White House Science Czar, and he said in 1970 on national TV in a five minute clip we played many times, that we're going to break up the family.
We're going to degrade men in sitcoms and shows.
We're going to tell women they don't need men.
We're going to destroy the family and then we're going to start sterilizing the kids.
And that's what this whole trans agenda is about.
But I saw this clip last night and I wanted to play it.
Here is the Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby saying LGBTQ rights are the core part of our foreign policy.
So the core of America's policy is promoting this to families and promoting this in the world.
That's what people are being taught American values are.
Not due process, not a Bill of Rights, not a Constitution, not private property, not religious freedom, but the whole evil agenda that's connected to that.
Hey, support gay marriage!
And then now, support drag queen pedophile time.
And it discredits America worldwide.
It doesn't make America the shining Sitting on a hill, it makes it something everybody actually recoils from, which is part of the larger plan.
If you're globalist, you don't want a rich, powerful country where people can be free.
You don't want people to aspire to that.
You've got to undermine it, discredit it any way you can.
At the end, you've got to bring down the dollar and bring in a new global currency controlled by the very same central banks.
that ran America and the world on the ground, that controls every facet of our lives.
We're going to be taking your calls on that subject in literally a minute, but here's the
John Kirby clip. I mean, President Biden has been nothing but consistent about his
belief, foundational belief, in human rights and LGBTQ+ Alright, let's start taking your calls.
Hardy in Florida, thanks for calling.
back to the earlier question. We're never going to shy away, be bashful about
speaking up for those rights and for individuals to live as they deem fit, as
they want to live. And that's something that's a core part of our foreign
policy and it will remain so. There you go. All right, let's start taking your
calls. Hardy in Florida, thanks for calling. Go ahead. Hey Alex, thanks for
taking my call.
Now to your question, you know, how do we fight back?
How do we stop this?
We've been asking that question for many years, you know, and I don't think the answer is to continue doing what we've been doing.
I just think back to the revolutionary times when the King was telling the colonists, you know, you can't do this, you can't do that.
Well, we just did it anyway.
We just did it underground.
So if they're going to ship our manufacturing overseas, then we just have to do our own underground manufacturing.
If they try to cut off supplies, then we just make it ourselves.
But the problem with that, though, is that at some point they're going to come in and try to use force.
I mean, just look at co-op food collectives, you know, where you try to get raw milk and organic food.
They'll send in a SWAT team and, you know, they'll raid the store.
At some point, you know, force is only Overcome with equal or greater force.
So, I mean, if we're just going to continue allowing ourselves to get punched in the face, then we're never going to win.
You know, that's just that's just my opinion.
Well, when people talk about force, you're right.
Historically, that's where things generally lead.
Where do you first apply the force and who first will apply the force?
Because for people that are on the side of violence, I always ask, well, then where do you implement that?
And don't hang up and put you on hold to make a point.
I'll come back to you.
The media took something out of context Tuesday, when I was on with Stephen Crowder, when he said, what do you think about Trump's letter last Friday saying, take America back, protest my illegal arrest, when and if it happens.
And I said, I agree with protests, and I agree with Trump's right to say it, but with all the provocateurs trying to set us up and make it violent, shouldn't he say peaceful?
Well, the media came out and said, Jones is against protests.
And Jones is against Trump.
No, that is not what I said.
You notice in all those articles, they don't show a video clip.
They show little quotes out of words, create a word salad and misrepresent what I said.
So look, it is violent to target children and try to sterilize them.
It is violent to let fentanyl be shipped in.
It is violent to allow massive human smuggling.
It is violent to start a war with Russia.
I'm saying I've looked at history and warfare and the way things operate, and the old days you had chivalry where two militaries would line up against each other.
And it was seen as, you know, criminal to attack civilian populations.
And is the average cop our enemy?
Because they're a representative of the state.
Is it the FBI?
Well, I mean, the higher-ups are corrupt and bad, but I mean, what is it going to do to go kill some FBI agents?
If a million people show up in D.C.
to say we're angry about an election fraud, and then they trick a few hundred of us to go in the building, what if we had taken the building over?
I mean, what if people that thought that was a good idea succeeded?
Then there would have just been the military going in there to kill them.
So, in the modern world, 95% of war is information war.
Just 50 years ago, it was 90%.
So it's information warfare.
It's the censorship that is the modern battlefield.
And it's allowing that censorship that is allowing us to be defeated.
That's why Infowars being successful.
That's why Rumble being successful.
That's why other things being successful.
It's such a strike back against that.
But I want to be clear.
I don't want any violence against Biden.
Or Obama, because at the end of the day, they're still just puppets of a corrupt power structure.
And when the power structure is made up of hundreds of powerful globalist owners, and tens of thousands of their minions and servants, that even if you were to go out, and I'm saying don't do this, this is a hypothetical, and kill a bunch of globalists, the system's still there, and their minions then just step into their shoes.
And then things rapidly deteriorate.
So even targets, if you were wanting violence, you wouldn't go blow up a police station like Antifa does, or fireball a police station.
You wouldn't burn down a federal building.
You would look at who the main kingpins of the New World Order were in your town, and then you would follow them.
And I'm not saying do this, folks.
Do not do this.
And you'd wait until they go to the grocery store.
Or they walk the dog, and you would decapitate them.
Now, that's what goes on in real wars, okay?
So, all this talk about violence we always hear, is always, let's have a million man march and take over D.C.
is not where the government operates out of.
And you go, okay, well let's go to Cheyenne Mountain, or let's go to Colorado Springs and take it over.
It's all been decentralized and it's run by central banks.
It's run by globalists.
It's the UN.
It's the IMF.
It's the World Bank.
It's these powerful institutions that are creating global policy.
So you kill the policy.
You expose the globalist institutions, you discredit their operations, you discredit what they want to do where no one accepts it and no one complies what you said earlier about building our own system and civil disobedience.
So I believe the best path is what Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi did, civil disobedience.
I believe civil disobedience, non-violent civil disobedience is the answer.
And I don't believe the more sophisticated physical warfare model of decapitating the globalists is the way to go, because they'll just replace them.
And you certainly 100% don't have a war with your own infrastructure.
It's kind of like when black people riot or other groups riot, they burn down their own neighborhood.
Like, what does that do?
What is burning down your own grocery store, your own gas station?
Your own daycare center, your own public housing do.
And so I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back to you, Artie, because I get your point about farming and buying local and local machine shops and repairing old vehicles and hell, you can have cities and counties get together.
It's so inexpensive.
Just like cities used to finance coal power plants and gas power plants.
You can have city co-ops get together.
And have your own oil company that went and drilled for oil and got you local oil.
And then you're a shareholder, so you get oil out of the gas station that you paid for.
I mean, there's a million ways to do this, and we've got to go in that direction.
But I'd rather just discredit the globalists and shut down their predatory system.
I'm going to come right back to you, Hardy, on the other side.
We are back.
So, he just joined us.
I was asking listeners to call him, we're going back to your calls, on how do we expose the central bank digital currencies, the next level of total control, the mark of the beast, how do we fight it?
It's his specifics about educating the public, getting Congress to move, getting legislatures to move, getting us to, you know, not support the end of cash, to not support this new system.
And the caller called in saying, we'll build our own economies.
No, that's great, we should build our own economies regardless, but how do we stop this at the central level?
We discredited it.
And then he was talking about force.
So, who's the general that's going to lead us in this force, or what type of force are you talking about here, Hardy?
So, a real good example is like taking children out of school because of all the sexualization that's happening.
Well, one thing that's been happening is, uh, CPS.
The government just, the school just called the government.
They send CPS out and then they look for a reason to take the children.
So, I mean, as, especially as men, you know, I hear a lot of people say things like, well, you know, I'm just gonna lay my life down to prove how good of a person I am.
It's like, okay, well then you're just abandoning your wife and your children to the state and everybody knows what's going to happen to them.
So, I mean, at a certain point, you know, it's like, It's like anybody that's ever been mugged and tried to talk their way out of it knows that talking isn't the way to go.
And yes, we should always be trying to wake up our neighbors and our friends, but there's always going to be a portion of society that just goes along and doesn't care.
They'll just submit to whatever authority there is.
No, I think that it's going to come to a certain point where if they continue to push far enough, then we'll just have a mass awakening and then everyone will just start going to their local city councils, the local county board of supervisors, mayors, and all that stuff, and they'll just demand that they push back By the way, that's why the DOJ came out and said, peacefully protesting transgenderism or critical race theories and act of terror, to try to intimidate parents from not going and peacefully speaking up, because they're so threatened by that, and I totally agree with you.
Thanks for the call.
Alright, let's go to Nico in Colorado.
You're on the air, Nico.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Hey, um, I'm just calling because, dude, this is ridiculous.
I'm 23.
I was born in, uh, January 28, 2000, here in Colorado, and my generation, Gen Z, they're having a meeting today in Congress for TikTok.
It's an information war, and my generation is sick of it.
Like, what are we supposed to do?
I- I just don't understand.
Like, this isn't... It's so frustrating.
Well, I saw the headline on CNN, I just sent it to The Courier right before you went on air, actually with a headline, TikTok's CEO confronted that TikTok's killing people.
Well, the dopamine, the depression, the control is.
What do you think Facebook does?
What do you think these systems do?
Well, that's obvious.
That's what I'm saying.
That's what their platforms have been doing, but all of a sudden, since information is such a big deal, this is the number one priority, not everything else.
So, that should say something.
I agree with you, but the specific question is, what do you think of the cashless society programmable digital currency they're coming out with?
It'll track everything you do.
It can be devalued with a click of... It's bullshit, dude.
It's bullshit because it's not real.
9% of the money that's out of trillions and trillions is cash.
It's not even real, and then that cash isn't even backed by anything.
Exactly, they're taking us out of one Ponzi scheme into one even worse.
Alright, let's talk to Carl in Canada.
Carl, thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, long time listener, first time caller.
I'm basically, to your question, you know, the social contract is broken.
And so, my plan, or what I think what we should do is, because they're planning to demonetize us, I think we should actually demonetize them by way of removing our taxes and sending them a notice and having it staggered, just like they've staged us several times with these, you know, kill shots and what you want to call them.
But we should just let them know, say, listen, effective immediately or whatever, you send the notice to the city treasury, state treasury, whatever.
And you let them know that we're not going to be paying our property taxes anymore.
We're not going to be paying our business taxes.
We're going to continue this until you guys smarten up.
And this isn't a permanent thing to sort of defund, because that's not what we want to do.
We just want to get their attention.
We want to say, hey, all you complicit people in the system, That's right.
Not paying taxes is one of the most recognized forms of civil disobedience when the government's become destructive of the people.
And it's what the Boston Tea Party was because there was a tax on that tea.
And if they're trying to put us in a position to micromanage and control every facet of our lives that's so criminal at every level, then I agree.
There should be strikes, there should be walkouts, there should be boycotts, there should be civil disobedience on taxes until our government and other governments then recognize we are not going to accept the private central banks taking full control of our lives.
Right, because this would be a shot across the bow for the globalists as well, because they have the minions working for them.
So if the minions aren't going to be paid, And the enforcement is not going to be paid, and the judges aren't going to be paid, then nobody works for free.
And so what will end up happening is all these people that have been, you know, sticking their head in the sand and hoping that this is going to go away is now not going to get a paycheck.
And I know that there are good people in the system, but it will force them to say, hey, look, we need a better solution.
And this isn't it.
So either we have a discussion about this.
Or we're shutting everything down because all power comes from the people and we are the currency.
Well that's right Carl and look at your own country that's now a model of this.
Trudeau declaring an emergency and then saying if you were in a peaceful protest we're going to take your bank account and control you.
They admit as soon as they get this in place they're going to use it.
Exactly and what the truckers did was they took the fight to them.
And they told them that we're not going to tolerate this garbage.
So here we are.
Let's have a discussion.
Let's have a debate.
And when you point that out and you showcase it to the world, and this isn't just here in Canada or the US, this is globally around the world, you send notice to your treasury, whether it be city, state or province, whatever you want to do.
And you say, look, Taxes will be removed.
We're not going to be funding our own enslavement.
So either you come to the table and we have a discussion, or, you know, there is not going to be any more taxation at all.
Because as far as I'm concerned, I hate that word tax, you know, taxpayers.
We're shareholders.
We are stakeholders.
Well, you said it when you first came on, the social contract's been broken.
And we have to say, look, You break the social contract, we break with you.
And that's what we have to do.
We're being abused, we're being enslaved.
This is a global predatory corporate system.
It's posing itself in the nation state.
That's why whether it's in Canada, or whether it's in the US, or whether it's in Europe, the politicians are doing things that fly in the face of the public.
It's like the German minister said, I don't care if 90% of Germans are against war with Russia.
I don't care what they want.
We're going to war.
Well, I mean, who died and made her God?
We have to start explaining to them these are our countries, it's our will, and not your psychotic will.
I appreciate your call, Carl.
All right, we'll go to break.
Long segment coming up.
Jay and everybody else, we're going to come right out of break and go to your phone calls.
Bam, bam, bam.
Jay and Mike and Savicks and Alex and so many others on the other side.
But yeah, we're having a larger discussion.
About the new system coming in on the ashes of the big bubble that is popping and going down.
The globalists should all go to prison for their Ponzi schemes, but they want to get us in a deeper Ponzi scheme and pose as the saviors in the crisis they created.
We're going to be here exposing it so that doesn't happen.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's go back to your phone calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jay in Ohio.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, sir.
Three things.
One, I just received an order, and I got all your supplements.
Two, I want to say hello to my wife, Renee.
And three, you were great on Crowder.
I watched you this morning, and I couldn't stop.
I was laughing so hard I was crying.
And your program, you give everybody all good information.
And I pass a lot of your skits and your videos off to a lot of my friends.
And you got a lot of the puzzle pieces all there.
And I liked General Flynn saying, march around all of the courthouses on July 4th
and let the courthouses recognize that we can do something together and unite.
And that's what uniting and showing the government that we don't have to march around
any one particular courthouse or House of Representatives or nothing.
Just, if everybody was to take July 4th and maybe set off some fireworks and maybe even show up with some Second Amendment weapons, just to let the courthouses recognize that, and the police to recognize, that we are a strong faction.
Well, I think the power structure realizes that the people are dangerous to their tyranny, and that's why they've been trying to settle this up.
But I do agree in a peaceful exercise of our will to let the system know that we're awake and not rolling over.
And I've been converting all my, you know, I like that last guy talking, you know, I hate paying taxes.
I make an okay living.
I'm a truck driver.
The bottom line is, my money, it doesn't go anywhere like it should be going, obviously.
Everybody knows that.
And why?
Because, well, everything has, you know, you pay taxes on your taxes and you pay taxes on the taxes of the taxes you pay.
It's retarded.
And if everyone were to not send in money and not pay taxes, Yes Alex, I'm going to give you an idea for a limited edition shirt after my comment.
I don't know.
Well, that's why they're trying to bring in the robots and all the rest of it, but none
of it's going to work.
The globalist think there's too many of us.
They think we're obsolete, but they're the ones that are going to get destroyed by their
own system.
Thanks for the support, Jay.
Good to hear from you.
Sabics in Seattle, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, I'm going to give you an idea for a limited edition shirt after my comment.
So it all started with fear.
The fear of getting robbed, losing your cash, then they came up with their solution, quote
unquote, of a debit card.
Now you're hooked.
Now you're part of our system.
It's the convenience of, you're not going to get robbed.
All you got to do is report a loss and we'll give you a new one.
You're hooked for life.
Now, with this digital era, that's how they, with the mind control, they started Putting us in this system to accept and do the cashless society.
So now the economy.
I just spent the last week in Mexico City at a governmental hospital where my mom is after the three shots.
And it's filthy, my friend.
Where is the toilet paper?
Where is the soap?
If they're so worried about the viruses, what's going on?
Well, I'm sorry to hear about your mother.
Are you saying she's in the hospital after taking three shots?
Yeah, she got cancer near the pancreas.
They don't want to admit it.
They don't want to admit it, but... Well, that's exactly where the mRNA so-called vaccine really attacks is the pancreas.
We've seen a lot of evidence it's linked to pancreatic cancer.
Yeah, and everybody's sleeping because they don't want to admit it, even though I warned them three years ago.
So now it's...
Crazy that we need to wake people up about these things that they got us hooked in the debit card, in the credit card, and there's no way out of it unless, you know, we need new inventors.
Like they were saying, the number one career should be survivalism.
What we need is people that work for the system to realize, whether it's government or corporations or academia, this is destructive.
Stop going along with the destructive system from the top that's out to get you.
It's like your family.
They take the shots, they get sick, they still want to admit they're wrong.
You love them, they're not bad people, but because they are good people, They project the fact that they never do that to somebody onto their controllers, onto their enemies.
And it's just a fact that we have evil people out to get us in control.
And it's not just, you know, Mexico City.
I've only been there once, but it's all over the place.
I go in the U.S.
It used to be nice.
It's just falling apart.
It's because people don't care anymore and they're losing their life force.
It's very, very sad.
I appreciate your call, Savick.
Very sorry about your mother.
Jefferson in Virginia, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Yes, sir.
You know, they told us the World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones and rocks.
But we have to go through the period of World War III first, where the technologically advanced
beat themselves up and destroy themselves.
But we really need to get back to a system where, at the very least, all corporate revenue
has to be conducted, at least 30% of it, in cash.
That would require a workforce to both be cashiers and to protect the money supply.
So all the humans would have jobs again if there was a cash basis.
Well, that's almost a form of fractional reserve banking, which is bad enough.
We've gotten away from that.
Now it's just there's nothing tethering it.
But yeah, it's like gold used to be the standard.
So it tethered money to that.
They got rid of that in the 70s.
And so now it's out of control.
But you're right.
If a certain amount of business had to be conducted in cash, that would put a control on inflation.
Right, and the dollar bills would all have denominations up to a million or a billion dollars if necessary.
People like Elon Musk would be permitted to own a billion dollar bill.
He'd have a hard time cashing it anywhere.
But the money would be a gated contract.
So if you had your bill issued in 2023, 10 years later it would be worth, let's say, 10% more just the cash money itself.
So you're saying it'd be like a bond?
So that would handle the whole inflationary issue, and the bank's not giving you any credit for having held onto your money.
But it's a better system that employs people again, and then people would have to be able to do mathematics.
It's the solution that's too obvious.
It's just like the sticks and stones of World War IV.
Sure, that was the famous physicist, of course, that said, I don't know what World War III will be fought with.
It was Einstein, but he said World War IV only fought with sticks and stones.
Right, and the way we make this happen is what Trump is talking about.
He says we have to have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which relies on force when people fail to appear for their summons.
That's the only force that is legitimate.
We give someone an opportunity to show up for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, where they have to tell the truth.
And if they show up, they can't be harmed.
But if they fail to show up, then they themselves can be harmed in the effort to bring them to justice.
You're a smart caller, Jefferson.
Any other ideas on how to create a new monetary system?
Because the old monetary system is going under.
What do we do after this?
Do we accept their new horrible system or do we offer something new?
That's really what I'm saying is we, and I'll talk about it in the next segment, but this is a really important point.
We've beaten so far their poison shot rollout.
We've beaten a lot of their agendas.
When we get mobilized, we can beat it.
So we better get mobilized about the central bank digital currency.
Yes, yes.
And we're spending way too much time talking about Trump's indictment instead of talking about the central bank digital coin, which is death.
It's how they locked us in the cage.
And it's a terrible thing that we've gotten this close to it, and we spent this little time talking about what they're up to and who's behind it.
But like I said, if Janet Yellen were told, you need to appear before a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and explain what you're up to, she'd have a hard time explaining The system she's advocating for.
She had a hard time just before Congress making sentences string together to make any sense.
It's just amazing that we have these people that are supposedly superior to us that don't even understand the system they're running.
We have advocated our responsibility.
We've turned over our lives, these people.
And that's why the joke's on us.
We let it continue.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
Great points, Jefferson.
Amazing callers.
And Mike!
And many others.
Your calls are straight ahead on the other side.
Remember, all the band videos, hundreds of contributors, not just my show and others, they're all at band.video.
Josiah in Kansas, thank you for holding her on the air.
What is up, Alex?
I love you, brother.
I love you.
Been listening to you for like 10 years.
I'm 31 years old.
And if you mix the Vazzo Beats with the Nitric Boost, It's going to turn you pretty much into like a superhuman beast in the sheets.
So get your nitric boost immediately.
And we don't even advertise nitric boost for that, but that's what it does.
You are a rhinoceros.
Let's put it that way.
And onto what this is the plan that will save America.
I feel like it is.
No discussions, no negotiations with these Democratic terrorists.
Step one, text it, we reformat us into the nation's capital, start drilling oil immediately.
Number two, Alex Jones or President Flynn, election, governor, president, whatever, whatever.
Three, we take our military back.
Four, not a gold-backed dollar, screw crypto, literally a gold dollar, gold foil inside the dollar, take Obama's stupid blue line in our $100 bill, we turn it into gold.
Number five, free market, capitalist, Christian-based, constitutional, communes, organic farms, retired vets, senior citizens who live there, and number six, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, need to pay for that.
These sunshine patriots, so-called patriots, he's on testosterone, he's on HGH, how about you use a little bit of that energy, Joe Rogan, and use some of that money, buy us about, you know, a million acres, And you let retired vets live on it.
And you let senior citizens live on it.
Let them transform that land with permaculture and organic farming.
That needs to happen right now, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, Mr. Big Bucks, okay?
Mr. Sunshine Patriots.
Because I guarantee you, Joe Rogan, if you weren't on TRT and HGH, you don't want to meet me in the octagon, brother.
Well, I mean, I think Joe's been getting better and better about the New World Order, but I appreciate your call, sir, and I appreciate your support.
Let's go to Jesse in Florida.
You're on the air, Jesse.
Hey, Alex.
Long-time listener, first-time caller.
I'd like to talk about the central bank digital currency and how bad it really is.
People need to understand that that's a straight-up attack on all the rights we hold dear as Americans.
And just because the government's going to force us into an unconstitutional form of currency doesn't mean we have to put up with it.
People can start transacting in gold and silver.
The banks, the fiat Fed note, that's on its last legs.
When they start talking about insuring all deposits in the banks regardless of amount, that's how you know the system's breaking.
I encourage people to take their cash out and start converting that into metal.
Use that.
Businesses, start advertising.
You accept constitutional forms of money as payment.
It's not that we don't need to wait for the government to put us back on an actual standard like our Constitution says, but people can take that in their own hands.
They can start doing that now.
That's the greatest threat to their entire system.
They're tied up in two quadrillion dollars of derivatives in these stock markets.
The whole house of cards.
It just takes the people... Jesse, keep laying the knowledge on us.
We want listeners to know you know exactly what you're talking about.
Their system of derivatives, their fraud, selling mortgages hundreds of times apiece, it's all coming to an end and it's preposterous that the very group that did all this would now bring out a total system to track and trace and control everything we do.
If you think the debanking and the surveillance and the censorship is bad now, folks, we've seen nothing yet.
That's right.
It's up to us as Americans, as free men and women, to listen to what our founding fathers told us.
Gold and silver will be the only form of money used in this nation.
It's up to us.
We don't need the government to tell us we can or can't do that.
People can start doing that on their own.
And people want to talk about hyperinflation.
Well, I don't know if they've ever gone to their local coin dealer recently, but you've got to put stacks of fiat Fed notes on the counter just to get an ounce.
An ounce of gold.
The hyperinflation is already here.
People need to wake up.
They're forcing this CBDC because they know the dollar is about to go bust.
They're trying to trap everybody in it right now.
You know, when you said that when you first came on three minutes ago, Jesse, that's the point I wanted to make.
I shouldn't have said, what do we do about the CBDC?
What do we do about the fact the global bubble is popping now?
And how do we affect that and have a better solution to their nightmare solution?
Because that's really the issue is, we're to the end of the line now.
All hell's breaking loose.
Wars, collapsed borders, everything.
Because this system's coming to an end.
The Founding Fathers wrote it in the Constitution, the only form of money in this nation should be gold and silver.
It's a perfect form of protest if people just wake up and they start converting these fiat Fed Notes into actual money.
Morgan said it.
The only money is gold.
Everything else is credit.
Appreciate your call, Jesse.
Great points.
Deshawn in California, welcome.
What up, Alex?
Okay, um, I want to talk about the cashless society right quick.
If it goes cashless, all you're going to see is all hell break loose.
We're already in the revolution, but what will happen is, say if they got the chip in their finger or even their eye, it'll get so crazy out here to where people will be so hungry they'll be cutting out people's eyes and fingers just to find out if they can eat off their body parts.
And like I say, if it goes to just a card alone, Um, you stick your hand out to go buy something at McDonald's, somebody's gonna be there with a machete and chop it right off.
That, if they drop the cash, this is how it will be.
Because a lot of people, uh, get money different type of ways from cash.
You know, sometimes you find cash from the ground.
You can't find digital cards on no ground.
Well, I mean, I know so many people with college degrees that work two or three jobs just to pay the bills, and one of the jobs will be cash, because if they weren't getting cash, they couldn't pay their bills.
You get rid of cash, you get rid of the underground economy that's keeping things going, which is their goal.
Just like the lockdowns were designed to destroy small businesses and vertically integrate society, they are at economic war with us.
We need to keep cash and expand it.
Yeah, but another thing, like I said, it's falling.
We're in a revolution.
We have to realize that.
This is what's going on.
And another way to take over the country, too, is like I said.
One state has to just start arresting their governors and mayors, then it'll really kick off.
One state, all we need is one state to start doing the right thing, and we'll be all right.
And don't be afraid of the military.
The military cannot beat the American people.
We are under the impression that the military is, we're so scared of, they're not gonna do nothing.
And if they do do something, we're gonna surround every base they got over here.
And they'll never fly a damn jet to go fight Russia or China.
That's what will happen.
They cannot beat us.
They cannot.
When we was at that Capitol, they was scared as hell.
There wasn't enough army men to do that.
And Trump should have stayed in office.
This is because he ran.
That's why they after him.
He fled the office.
Now they going hardcore in them.
And look how curvy talking.
They all with this LGP, man, all type of letters.
This is crazy, man.
They know they got us conquered.
And they push all the power to China.
And they coming for us, man, period.
We have no military.
You're absolutely right.
The military, by and large, is full of good people.
But I see these Democrats go, like Swallow's Well, we'll use nukes on gun owners.
Or, I see all the time, oh, we got the military.
The Russians have a huge military because the Ukrainians are fighting.
They can't even win.
It's not like the military marches out and beats everybody.
If the public doesn't accept an occupation, the military will lose.
Just like our military couldn't beat the Vietnamese because they didn't want to give up.
So absolutely, the idea that the military is going to win a war for the globalists is asinine.
But we don't want to make the military our enemy.
We want to educate them.
We want them on our side to take the republic back peacefully.
But if the globalists think they're going to stage terror and start a physical civil war, they will lose.
I agree with you.
Yeah, but no, Alex, it's the people, man.
Don't worry about it.
The military doesn't even know the Declaration of Independence, half of them don't.
And a million of them, they're all communists.
Everyone in office is communist if they spit in this LGBTQ stuff, period.
And like I said, they're just setting us up.
We've been set up.
They're disarming us right now.
They're disarming our military.
And Russia just put out that they can sink the whole US military in one blow.
All it's taking right now because of Everything is so advanced now, man.
You cannot fight long wars now.
And Ukraine, them getting mopped up, they got drones all over their head.
Who fight like this anymore?
We cannot fight the old way.
It's just new, and it gotta be advanced, and it gotta be quick.
So we, like I said, we got all them boats out there, thinking that we running things.
Man, they're gonna nuke us in one blow, and it's just gonna be the American people to themselves after that.
Well, it is true you can't fight big real wars anymore because of nuclear weapons and the globalists think they can, which is totally insane.
I appreciate your call.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
Even Biden said six, seven months ago, he said, you can't send tanks.
That'll escalate nuclear war.
Now they did it.
And that's what I'm saying, folks.
They're not following any common sense.
They're crazy.
Like trying to indict a former president.
Nobody's ever done that because you're not supposed to.
It's a constitutional crisis.
But they're doing it because they're out of their minds.
Look at Biden.
He gets on a platform and starts running around smelling every woman and every kid.
I mean, it's like you got a crazy person.
Who does that?
Well, the person they put in power over us.
That's a big sick joke on us.
All right.
Hour number three is coming up with Ember Dowd.
I'm gonna jam in a few more phone calls as well.
We'll be right back.
The fight against the New World Order is now the top story in the world.
The globalists are in deep trouble.
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Signed in 1787, the U.S.
Constitution states that no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.
In 1791, to help pay for the Revolution, Congress established the first National Bank of the United States.
Within a decade, it became evident that taxes were being sent to the crown and the bank was not renewed.
A political battle ensued which resulted in the formation of America's first two political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.
The framers of the U.S.
Constitution left out any mention of political parties because they saw them as corrupt relics of the British Crown's divide-and-conquer system.
The second central bank was chartered in 1816 and shut down in 1832 by Andrew Jackson, who wrote that the bank was unauthorized by the Constitution, subversive to the rights of states, and dangerous to the liberties of the people.
For nearly a century, America thrived without a central bank.
Until 1914, when the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System was quietly given power over America's wealth.
In 1933, the U.S.
government declared bankruptcy and the Fed shifted to a debt-based economy.
And after the U.S.
dollar was made the world reserve currency, the entire world became dependent upon debt.
A currency backed by nothing but debt and IOUs was doomed to eventually fail from the start.
And that day appears to be coming soon.
These big banks have funded wars and criminally profited off human suffering for decades.
Credit Suisse alone has been fined over 50 times for over $10 billion for money laundering, fraud, espionage, drug trafficking, and stealing money from the people.
Every person in the civilized world is now feeling the same financial pressure being subjected by the U.S.
Federal Reserve Bank.
Nations of the world are buying up record amounts of gold.
Three quarters of the world have joined BRICS to prepare for a new world reserve currency after the end of the US dollar.
Zimbabwe and Mexico are now joining BRICS.
But it's important to remember that the Federal Reserve Bank is operated by BlackRock.
BlackRock is operated by the Rothschild City of London banking cartel.
And so even if the Fed collapses, BRICS is most likely another proxy of this old banking cartel.
The idea for BRICS was born in 2001 from Goldman Sachs.
The Federal Reserve Bank's digital currency, FedCoin, is already hugely unpopular.
CBDCs are being rejected upon arrival.
But that isn't stopping the federal government and the failing big banks from luring the population into their new nightmare system.
This July, the Federal Reserve Bank will be launching FedNow and managing practically every transaction made in the United States.
Then all they have to do is what the Nigerian Central Bank just did.
Shred and destroy mountains of cash and stop filling the ATMs.
But we're not slaves yet.
And if we want to have financial freedom, then it's time to fight back against the CBDC concept and return to lawful constitutional money.
Oklahoma has a law in the works that will protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a CBDC.
And Florida is now working on a law that will expressly prohibit the use of a CBDC.
Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis is calling on other state governors to do the same and fight back against CBDC nationwide.
At least a dozen states have passed laws to begin accepting gold and silver as cash on the path to returning to a lawful constitutional money system.
Several states have begun printing their own goldbacks, a currency shaped like notes made of thin layers of pure gold with a polymer coating, making it easy to spend a dollar's worth of gold.
And the free market has been busy figuring out blockchain banking since the Bitcoin white paper.
We don't need a central bank or a government to manage our money.
Well, incredible developments in Congress in the last three weeks.
The former head of the CDC, Redfield, coming out and saying the U.S. government created
the virus and is covering up the biggest gain-of-function disaster in world history.
Now more insurance actuaries from around the world coming in, confirming a 26 percent global
average in increased deaths directly linked to those that are supposedly safe from the
We have a lot to break down today.
We had him on last week on the economy and what's happening there.
We'll get an update on that.
But first, Edward Dowd's a former Wall Street professional, HSBC, BlackRock.
The list goes on and on.
Twitter at Dowdward and on Getter at Edward Dowd.
And he's here with us now to talk about The devastating data now confirming what he and his whistleblowers have been exposing the last two and a half years.
So, Edward Dowd, good to have you here, my friend.
I'm going to try to let you roll through all of this and the latest information coming out.
Thanks for joining us.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for having me on again.
So, you know, we started this journey with excess deaths, and then we moved on to disabilities.
And now we have the third bucket, the third piece of the puzzle, injuries.
And my two partners at Finance Technologies, Carlos and Yuri, discovered within the U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics data, annual data on absence rates and work time lost.
And let me explain what an absence rate is.
It's an instance where you miss work for several days.
It's counted as a unit of one.
The rates on these things are pretty steady and they don't really deviate that much.
So, if your producer has the first chart, I'd like to look at the absence rates and show you what we discovered.
If that's available.
If not, I can just speak to the numbers.
The bottom line is this.
Absence rates from 2002 to 2019 were trending at a very stable rate, deviating up and down one or two percent a year.
They went off the rails.
They went up a little bit in 2020.
Obviously, there were lockdowns, confusion, so people missed work.
And they went up three standard deviations above trend.
That's big.
That's not the chart, but no matter.
It's okay.
You sent them the chart, so let's just start over because this is an important presentation you're going to show.
We're going to focus on what you're saying.
You're directing the show.
Edward Dowd, start over.
What graph do you want first?
The U.S.
absence rates.
First chart showing U.S.
absence rates, yeah, go up.
There's a different one.
It doesn't matter.
Let's just speak to the data.
The U.S.
absence rates went up.
It's let me put it this way.
It looks like this trending for years, decades on end.
And then I went like this.
And in my world, that's what we call a huge trend change.
And what's alarming about it is the absence rates went up a little bit in 2020.
Yeah, there it is.
This is wartime data, but it looks just like absence rates.
Let's just leave that up.
So basically, it went up into the right.
and absence rates went up three standard deviations in 2020.
They went up seven in 2021 and up 11 in 22. Work time loss, which is what you're seeing here, went
up 13 standard deviations above trend in 2022. It got worse every year.
So what's going on?
Why are people missing work?
And why is this?
Why are they missing lots of hours of work?
These are 25 to 54 year olds, 35 hours or more.
So they're full time employees.
This is this does not include part time.
This is devastating and it shows to us that vaccine injuries are occurring in absences and sickness.
And you know, as well as I do, there's a Cleveland Clinic study that suggested those who get more doses get sicker and get COVID more easily.
Well, this is what we, I'm dubbing this VAIDS, Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
And it, you know, the anecdotes from everybody in the workforce who is not vaccinated is all the vaccinated co-workers are much sicker than they were before the vaccine.
And you can see here this chart in 2022, work time hours lost was 50% above 2019.
So whatever is going on is accelerated in 2022, and it's a complete disaster.
So we have three buckets.
We have deaths, we have disabilities, and now we have Injuries, which manifests itself in work absences and hours lost.
And the cost of the economy is pretty staggering.
We're going to put out a report next week.
We're going to put a number on it, and it's multiples above the revenues that Pfizer and Moderna earned.
So, for every dollar that Pfizer earned, next week we're going to reveal that X number of dollars was a cost to the economy.
This has got devastating economic implications.
We've already talked about the disabilities in the labor force, absences, people mysteriously wondering why there's not enough labor.
Well, disabilities is one part of it.
The other part of the labor problem is people calling in sick, not going to work.
That then stresses out the people who are healthy and they're overworked.
And so people are burning out and quitting as a result of being overworked.
Those are the anecdotes I'm hearing now as well.
Uh, picking up the slack, uh, are working much longer than normal for not as much pay.
So this is, this is gonna, uh, hamper the productivity of the U.S.
That means GDP is gonna be affected.
And, uh, we're gonna be with, this problem is gonna be with us for decades, unless there's a recognition that the vaccines are doing this.
We know that I know it to be true, you know it to be true, but we haven't gotten to the level of the mainstream media or Congress, the FDA or the CDC.
This needs to stop because we're literally destroying the immune systems of the nation for those who are still taking boosters.
Now you've written a book that's already a bestseller.
Breaking down these facts we'll put on screen, and you don't get into who's doing it or why, you just cover the raw data.
But like I asked you last week, pulling back, clearly this is a destabilization plan, a societal collapse plan, cause unknown, the epidemic of sudden deaths, and now the curve is just going straight up.
Looking at motives, because this thing's obviously planned out, what is the point here?
Well, people say it's just a depopulation plan.
You know, as an analyst, it's seeming more increasingly to me that something was planned.
But let's forget there was a plan.
There is a de facto depopulation going on according to these numbers.
And then we're going to start looking at the birth rates.
The data on that hasn't been as good, but we're getting to the point where we're going to show a persistence of trend in a decline in birth rates.
So forget about The who and the why.
There is a depopulation occurring as we speak, and I blame the vaccines.
Full stop.
And until there's an awareness of this problem, and people admit there is a problem, they admit they made a mistake, that you can't heal the body if you have no idea what's going on.
The people who are clueless, who have no idea the vaccine is doing this to them, are going to their doctor with different types of symptoms.
It presents differently because it's an immune system issue.
So they go to their doctor, their doctor goes, oh that's curious, here's a pill.
And they come back again, here's another pill.
So then you're going to get people hooked on pills that are also causing interaction problems.
So this is a devastating impact to the health of the nation.
And at this point, you know, is it a plan?
It's increasingly looking like it might be to me.
And the net effect is the same, so it doesn't matter.
We are in crisis.
Well, that was my next point.
The news spin, and we'll play some clips coming up, by the head of Moderna, the head of Pfizer, is, no, no, no, no.
It's long-haul COVID.
That's why you've got all this death and disease, even though they ignore the statistics as the vaccinated, the most sick, were most of the problem.
I think, like, 90% of the numbers I've seen, where the problem is, well, if the shot supposedly worked, then you'd be protected anyway.
Regardless, what we've been told is a lie.
Yeah, let's go back.
Let's rewind the tape.
I put out a tweet today showing Biden in December 2021 saying there's a winter of death coming for the unvaccinated and their families and they're going to overwhelm the hospitals.
Yeah, and as it turns out, this was a complete lie and an inversion of the truth.
In fact, it doesn't stop transmission of COVID or prevent you from getting COVID.
And in fact, the Cleveland Clinic study, again, this is not my data, this is an actual, you know, renowned scientific Stay there.
I actually hit your Skype button.
I was talking to you.
I was off air saying, get his clip.
Get his clip off Twitter.
I want to show your tweet and show that clip when we come back.
We've also got this insane testimony by the Moderna CEO, like, yeah, we gave $400 million to the government.
Big deal.
And just that incredible conflict of interest.
Stay with us.
Well, it was over two and a half years ago that Edward Dowd went public and he brought forward all these whistleblowers about the insurance numbers coming out showing massive increase in death of the so-called vaccinated, increased hospitalization, illness, death, and he said in the congressional hearings it's all come out and now mainline news out of the US, Australia, Europe, Canada shows exactly what he was saying a couple years ago.
This is a big deal.
Obviously, it's a big deal.
It's so crazy that they've done this and they hope it all goes away.
And they're only talking about new pandemics and new four shots and new lockdowns.
But here's the clip he was mentioning on his Twitter where Biden was talking about this horrible winter of extreme death and the rest of it.
And it's spreading and it's going to increase for unvaccinated.
We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for unvaccinated.
For themselves, their families, and the hospitals, they'll soon overwhelm.
But, there's good news.
If you're vaccinated, you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death.
Now, recap what you said, now that we have the graphs and statistics.
It's the opposite of what they've said, isn't it?
Absolute 100% satanic inversion straight up.
So just look at that's work time lost.
That is 13 standard deviations above trend and just three standard deviations happens .03% of the time.
So the odds of this being just chance are billions to one.
This is a joke.
So when I when we saw this data because this to me.
It maybe can resonate with the liberals and people who bought into this.
If you're feeling like your health has stunk the last year or two, You are a victim of this and injuries lead to disabilities and disabilities lead to death.
Sometimes the deaths just occur swiftly, but you're in one of these three buckets and your health is impaired and you need to fix this.
You have vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
This is evidence that something has gone on in the country.
Now, let's just stop for a second and talk about the 2020 pandemic.
We didn't have numbers like this.
And the excess deaths are now exceeding 2020.
And the disabilities are well above 2020.
So what do we have now?
We have a pandemic.
This is actually, these are pandemic numbers that we're not talking about.
This is actually a pandemic of the vaccinated.
Full stop.
And what blows my mind is All the fear mongering that went on in 2020, the numbers I'm seeing don't even compare to 2020.
So, people, we are literally in a pandemic, and it's not even being talked about.
This is mind-blowing to me.
I'm just a numbers guy.
And I just report facts.
And here we are.
And something needs... I'm getting to the point where I'm very irate.
I want Congress to start the COVID hearings.
I want to be invited.
I want to testify.
I want a bunch of people to testify, all the doctors, all of us with the data.
We need to stop this and make the general public aware because, you know, they're the true believers.
They're lost.
But most of the people in our country just went along with the program and they don't know.
Well, that's right.
And you've gotten to the irate part.
I'm kind of mad at myself, and I'm going to be honest with the audience, I've gotten to a point now, beyond sadness, where this is so clown world, that I'm, for the first time in my life, and we're talking 29 years on air next month, I've gotten where, I don't want to say I'm resigned, but I've hit a point where if the public doesn't wake up to this, I don't want them to be hurt, I love the children, But, I mean, what's wrong with us as a species?
Why do we sign on with Stockholm Syndrome to this death cult?
Why are we doing this when it's, like you said, I look at the graph of death over a hundred years, like you said, one in a billion, it's never happened before.
It goes like this, and all of a sudden, after the shots, it goes straight up.
I mean, good God, I don't need to be a statistician to see what that means.
Reveal a little bit of our report on your program.
I'm going to talk about not that I won't reveal the dollar amount, but I'll talk about the number of people that have been affected in these 3 buckets and our numbers are conservative.
They're probably higher, but you know, we err on the side of caution and trying to be as accurate as we can be.
So here are the numbers.
We think about 300,000 people have died from the shots.
That's probably on the low side.
1.36 million people have been disabled from the shots, and those who are chronically sick and ill missing work is 13.3 million.
So we got about 15 million Americans conservatively that have been affected by this shot.
That doesn't factor in all the family members affected by the death, the disabilities, and the chronic illness.
And then the knock-on effects through the supply chains, lost productivity, cognition impairment, because when you're chronically sick, your IQ goes down.
That's a fact.
So this is This is devastating.
15 million Americans conservatively have been ravaged by this shot.
That's about 5% of the total population.
Obviously, I think it's more, but those are the numbers we're going to be going out with next week.
We'll put the dollar amount on it next week as well.
The good news is Congress is starting to talk about this.
But is it enough?
I mean, when you see these clips, I'm sure you saw them, where the Moderna CEO, I mean, did you see those where he's like, oh no, the myocarditis is in those that didn't take the shot, and oh yeah, we gave $400 million to NIH for patents for our shot, but you know, that's up to you.
That's not a conflict of interest.
No, that's this guy.
So let me give you a little inside baseball on this guy.
I know someone who's very close to a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley who years ago met with this man and they they passed on investing in Moderna because of this fact.
They said they couldn't get over the fact that the CEO was a pathological liar.
So, somebody in Silicon Valley sniffed that out, had discernment.
Now, they didn't make the money on the scam, but good for them.
They know, you know, you only get in bed with people that tell the truth, and this guy clearly has a problem with the truth.
So, this is everything that comes out of his mouth.
I mean, lies hatch from his mouth like eggs from a poisonous snake.
That's what I think of Bansal, the CEO of Moderna.
Speaking of that, there's a bunch of these clips, but let's play the one on myocarditis.
As the FDA admits increased myocarditis, as the German government says massive increase, which is a big victory, they said that last week, he's saying no, no, no.
You take the shot, you're protected.
Here it is.
Is there a higher incidence of myocarditis among boys 16 to 24 after they take your vaccine?
The data I've seen from the CDC actually show that there's less myocarditis for people who get the vaccine versus who get COVID infection.
You're saying that for ages 16 to 24 among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease?
That is my understanding, sir.
That is not true.
The annals of medicine that say the complete opposite of what you say.
I also spoke with your president just last week, and he readily acknowledged in private that yes, there is an increased risk of myocarditis.
The fact that you can't say in public is quite disturbing.
So myocarditis is off the chart.
He's saying it's not, and we're down.
Well, so let's unpack that.
You know, so I just told you that, you know, this guy's a pathological liar.
He then perjures himself, you know, Senator Rand Paul.
Calls him out on the medical literature.
Then he says, I talked to your president privately who admitted it.
His own president in his own firm.
This is what we're dealing with.
This is the level of individuals that have gotten into these seats that are totally trying to gaslight us.
So stay there.
Tell me what comes next, because it's horrible, but you have the head of the CDC coming out saying it's man-made.
a big bio release and you got other people coming out saying that's true
then we got this guy lying what happens next? Edward Dowd stay right there.
Alright Edward Dowd who is again you have to understand folks he came out two and a half
years ago and nailed what was happening.
He then got the major whistleblowers, who he said he had two years ago, and then six months later, a year later, they came out.
It was like the top statisticians, some of the most respected insurance company actuary experts, who then testified to Congress, you name it.
I mean, this guy's brought the goods here, okay?
And since then, it's all over.
Mainline news and mainline insurance company news that there's a 25, 26% increase globally in death after the shots, which is just unprecedented.
So you were getting into some big news as we slammed into break.
Please continue.
Well, I just want to, my message is to the liberals and, and, and to the, those who followed Trump in the vaccine, this is not blue team, red team.
A lot of people on both sides jumped on board this vaccine out of fear.
At this point, the data is undeniable.
You've been played and played hard.
We were lied to.
Everyone was lied to.
The propaganda campaign, which is so ridiculous and over the top, it was a military-grade PSYOP.
Your president basically got out there in December and told you you were going to die.
But if you took the vaccine, you weren't going to get COVID illness or transmitted.
All lies.
100% proven at this point.
So at this point, Don't get into the emotional, I'm not going to admit I'm wrong.
We all have to admit that this is a problem.
And once everybody admits it, then we can begin healing.
So I'm calling on everybody, the liberals, the people who believe in Trump and the vaccine.
Everybody's going to get on board this.
No more sitting in your ego and trying to prove that I'm wrong.
I'm not wrong.
The data is overwhelming at this point.
We have a pandemic of the vaccinated.
Full stop.
I'm saying it and I don't care.
I'll take whatever criticisms I get.
I'll go before Congress.
I'll let them do opposition research on me.
I don't care at this point.
This is a joke.
Continue laying that out.
So, what we have now is a huge part of the population is not even aware of the problem.
And unfortunately, I was talking last night.
I was with a bunch of people on Maui and some big hitters in the media who I had dinner with.
And I said to them, maybe I'm an unwitting agent of chaos because I'm bringing the truth.
And the lies were so bad, and so many people were convinced that by exposing this, are people going to get red-pilled too fast and stay in anger rather than getting to acceptance?
So we have to worry about that, Alex.
What are these people in the trade going to do when they find out?
And that's why I'm worried about the financial collapse, which we see really accelerating in the fall.
Yeah, that was my next question, because you were on a year ago, six months ago, two months ago.
You said, two months ago, you said, I believe the collapse has already begun.
You said, I don't know if it's going to start in the bond market.
I don't know if it's going to start in housing loans or in car loans.
You said a bunch of stuff.
In fact, I meant to get the archivist to go grab that, but you called it in.
Now I've got a clear picture of where it's starting and what's going to happen.
So, you know, the money supply went negative year over year in November of last year.
Every time that's happened, we've had a financial panic.
Last one was 1930.
So my thesis is this.
This is beyond everyone's control.
The Fed, the global governments and the unwind has begun.
The question is, can they manage it slowly or does it get too fast for them?
And we're seeing economic degradation into the fall.
I think we're going to see lots of News flow on many fronts.
You know, there's just... I'm a news junkie, you're a news junkie.
I can't even keep up with it anymore.
I can't either.
I was about to ask, what does it mean the Fed raised rates?
What was the question, Alex?
Why'd they raise rates?
I know they're damning you, damning they don't, but what does that signify, they raised rates?
So they raised rates because they signaled they would, and they don't like to surprise people.
But they made language saying that they made pause.
What the bond market did yesterday, the bond market leads the Fed.
That's the little known secret.
Usually the Fed follows the bond market.
And the bond market interest rates started going up, so they raised rates.
So here we are with a bank financial crisis looming, which is deflationary.
So the bond market yesterday, it's called the Fed Fund Futures Curve, has already priced in Four rate cuts this year.
So they're anticipating that the Fed's going to not only pause, but going to have to do an emergency rate cuts at some point in this year and start lowering interest rates.
Now, I will say this.
The Fed usually has always historically followed the market.
If Jerome Powell keeps raising, we're currently at 5%, and he wants to go to 6%, That, in my mind, would be at that point a knowing, willing demolition of the banking system.
That would be on him if he doesn't follow what the market's suggesting he should do.
If he's stubborn and raises in the face of this, it's a demolition full stop.
Well, I'm not a big financial guru like you, but I can historically see that exactly.
And I think the fact that they went ahead and raised it again looks like it's a controlled demolition of the smaller banks to consolidate power.
Yellen said a week and a half ago in testimony that we're only going to bail out the big banks.
So it looks like another vertical integration.
Well, Yellen is out of her mind contradicting herself.
She said that we're going to guarantee all the deposits.
Then while Paul was speaking yesterday, she said, no, we're not.
The stock market plunged on that.
So we have this And that shows, exactly, the whole point is the U.S.
He asked her, you know, what's the deficit number over the next 10 years?
And that was the purpose of the hearing, was to go over the CBO projected deficit for 10
She didn't even have the number at her fingertips.
She started fumbling through pages and reams of government documents.
And that shows exactly, the whole point is the U.S. deficit.
She doesn't even know what the deficit is.
So she said, for those that don't know, in fact get the clip guys, next segment.
She said 109% spending above even the inflated budget is fiscally solvent.
And Senator Johnson pointed out the deficit over the next 10 years.
I think the number was $17 trillion.
She didn't know that number.
And his question was, who's going to buy all that debt and what interest rate?
And she didn't have an answer for any of that.
I'll tell you who's going to buy that debt.
It's going to be us, the American citizens, because when the government gets too big and has these deficit spending with a banking crisis, they're going to funnel every last dollar out of risk assets into safe Three month T-bills, one year... And what does it mean once they monetize that debt?
What's that?
What's it mean once they do that?
What it means is that they're going to crowd out private investment and it's, you know, the only jobs that will be available will be government jobs.
The monster just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
You know, 30, 40 years ago, the government was 15 to 20% of GDP.
In the COVID year, it leapt up to 43%.
So this monster is crowding out private investment and the beast needs to be fed.
We're going to break.
I want to come back and play a clip of what you just mentioned.
But what are strategies out of this?
You said, I think enough awake people, what you said is so key last week, that understand the basics and not buying it.
That gives us a seat at the table to demand real monetary reform.
What would that monetary reform be?
You know, that's the $1,000 question.
And if we get a seat at the table, I know lots of smart people who have different ideas on how to create a new system that's more fair, that isn't a Ponzi scheme.
So, you know, I would defer to the experts on this, but these are experts that have good intentions that are, you know, not trying to design a system where they sit on top of it and skim profits.
I mean, there's so many alternate systems.
We have so much potential.
And you're right.
I looked at Yellen because I watched that.
At least Alan Greenspan could talk.
At least Ben Bernanke could talk.
She can't even string a sentence together like Biden or Fetterman.
What is this new thing where we have leaders of institutions that can't talk?
Like, how did we get to this point?
You know, this is a big pet peeve of mine.
We have no adults in the room at these institutions.
These people are way above their pay scale, are way below their pay scale.
They're getting paid big bucks to make big decisions, but their intellectual abilities are well below that.
And this is a big problem.
At least when we were getting ripped off, we had people that actually knew what was going on in charge that could at least Yeah, you know, give us some sort of confidence.
We have incompetence in charge, and I don't even think they know the knock-on effects of what's going on and what they do.
I think a lot of mistakes mean unintended consequences.
No, I agree.
Stay there.
You're absolutely right.
All right, final segment ahead of Paul Joseph Watson from the UK taking over with Edward Dowd, really smart, dialed-in individual who's done so much to expose his evil.
You got caught up in the break, I want you to finish your point, but also I want you to get into positive facts.
I mean, watching these hearings on the deep state persecution and gain of function with Redfield going public and now all the grilling of the Moderna people, I mean, it does seem like a year ago none of this was coming out, now it's all coming out.
That's got to be a positive, and it almost seems like we're close to breaking the dam, but what will that dam breaking look like?
Yeah, so to finish up my thought from the last segment, These people are incompetent and it's, you know, it's beyond the pale.
Like you said, they can't even speak.
And, you know, I'm going to say some speculative things about what's going on potentially, and I don't know this for a fact, but there are neurological issues associated with these vaccines, especially in older people.
And I don't believe these people took saline shots.
I actually think they took the jabs.
And I think you're seeing cognitive decline.
The Queen of England, her death was linked to taking three of the shots.
So we're seeing cognitive decline in our leaders right before our eyes.
It's pretty amazing to me.
I mean, this is beyond the pale.
So we need a change of leadership.
We need adults in the room to fix what just happened to our country.
What's it going to look like?
My biggest concern is that we red pill people too fast and they stay in anger and they don't get to acceptance.
Because, you know, a lot of us came to our discovery of how the world really operates slowly and we were able to do it in private by ourselves and we didn't have our worldview changed by finding out we were just poisoned by institutions that we trusted.
So this is going to be a rude awakening for lots of people.
Coupled with the financial collapse that I see coming in the fall, the next six months are going to be very dicey in this country, and we have to have a lot of compassion and try to, you know, help the people that are waking up.
You know, give them the roadmap, but also not let them, you know, despair.
Because there is a lot of hope, and out of every great evil comes a great good.
That's what history has shown.
Well, that's right.
Look, you and I have been on this game for a while, Alex, and the evil's been hidden, but now it's out in front of everyone's purview.
The evil's been going on for a long, long time.
It was just behind the scenes, beneath the surface, and now it's in your face.
And that manifested into the death jab, in my humble opinion.
That's when the evil finally went too far, and they said, hey, wouldn't this be neat to, you know, monetize A ton of money from what we call the COVID lockdown economy.
And sure enough, a lot of people went along with this plan because rather than, you know, thinking everybody had a seat at the table when this plan was hatched, a lot of people just glommed on to the momentum and the money-making aspects of it.
They're like, well, I guess this is the way it's going to be.
We're going to have vaccine passports and quarterly jabs.
How can I make money off this?
And that's, that's, that's right.
They went with a social contract, not knowing it was broken.
So let me give you an example of this.
Biden says eight months ago, we can't use Abrams tanks since World War III.
They do it.
Nobody's ever indicted a former or current president because the Constitutional crisis.
They're moving to do it.
It's the same thing on issue after issue after issue.
Nobody's ever said an unapproved shot is now going to be instantly approved.
They broke all the rules that all the previous elites didn't break because they knew things got out of control when you do.
Was it they were wimps?
Does it mean they weren't evil?
They knew, you break these rules, things get out of control.
They've broken the rules now, things are out of control, and instead their answer is, let's break them more!
Yeah, and I want to give you an example.
This is a global problem.
When Credit Suisse got in trouble over the weekend, this past weekend, the central bank and the government of Switzerland decided to throw their laws out the door and jam these two companies together and destroy the bondholders and stockholders against the laws written on their books.
They rewrote the rules over the weekend.
So whatever precedent you had to make decisions from, That was wiped off the face of the earth in one weekend.
So this is a global problem.
The rules are being tossed out everywhere.
So it's not just the US.
And what is that an indication of?
That's an indication of a collapsing, desperate global regime that is looking at what's going on.
And it's spitting out of control.
Honestly, Alex, I think this is beyond their control.
And it's going to get pretty wild and woolly over the next 6 to 12 months, in my humble opinion.
Well, I totally agree with that point.
In the five minutes we have left, looking at the economy, you called it, you know, just a few months ago, you said, I think the collapse has already begun.
Do you still agree with your view on that, which I think has clearly happened?
And again, it's hard to give a prognosis on how it's going to unfold, but how bad and how fast is this going to unravel?
So we put out a report in November, my team, an economic report.
We said a bad recession was coming in 2023.
And we said it might be as bad as the 2000 recession or the 1990 recession.
Well, given what's going on with M2, the banking crisis starting to cascade, it's looking like potentially as bad as the 2008 crisis, maybe worse.
But let's just go with that for now.
We're looking at that kind of crisis.
that kind of economic slowdown.
And it's the numbers that we analyzed as of February suggest that it's accelerating lower.
March was a little bit of an uptick, but not much.
And it's gotten worse since we put out the report in November.
So the tail end of all the quantitative easing is ending?
Yeah, I mean, the bottom line is the system needs constant growth.
That's the very nature of a multi-generational Ponzi scheme.
Bernie Madoff, let's use the real world example of a Ponzi scheme.
Bernie Madoff had to keep growing his customer base to pay off the other ones.
Once his customer base stopped growing, the Ponzi was revealed.
In this multi-generational Ponzi, the credit needs to continuously grow.
And when it doesn't, we have big problems like panics.
And here we are, the last financial panic of any real, I mean, we had a great financial crisis, but it pales in comparison to the Great Depression.
The last time money supply year-over-year growth went negative, we had 1930-29 disaster, Great Depression.
Contracting because there's no one left to borrow.
There's no one left to create money from debt upon debt.
So this is where we are.
It's a credit contraction of epic proportions.
We'll see global sovereign debt defaults at some point.
I can't predict the timing, who or when, but you know, the fuse has been lit.
And again, my thesis is this is beyond everyone's control.
It just, it's just the nature of a system, a system that is, you know, designed to fail at some point.
And, you know, I love there's a movie that, you know, as a young man, I watched called Rollover 1981.
It was about the end of the monetary system.
It's always fascinated me.
And there was a quote in that movie by Maxwell Emery, the head of the Federal New York Bank, who ended up killing himself.
His quote was, money capital has a life of its own.
It's a force of nature, like gravity, like the oceans.
This is true.
You know, this is God's realm and there's cycles and the powers that be have been
trying to put off the natural cycles to the economy for decades.
And now that the bill is due.
In closing, just as a bellwether, trying to indict Trump with sexual
limitations is up or a non-crime is emblematic of the insanity of the
system when every analyst says Trump went up 28 points ahead of DeSantis.
He's now in polls getting like 70% of Republican votes.
Why would they do that?
I could tell them trying to indict Trump for a hooker is going to make them love Trump.
So why would they do that?
It's what I'm saying.
They're not smart, which frightens me.
I want an elite that's smart.
I may oppose them.
I may fight them.
But my God, it's even more frightening, like you said, that they are idiots.
They're idiots.
They don't know what they're doing.
And that's I worry about the unintended consequences of their stupid decisions that, you know, Thank you so much.
Your book, I've read it.
It's amazing.
and we're like a freight train going into a brick wall.
Like you said, I wish we had smart enemies.
These people are dumb and desperate, and that's the worst type of enemy.
Yeah, 'cause a smart enemy's not gonna make a move that blows them up and us.
These people don't even know what, I've never seen anything quite like it.
All right, thank you so much.
Your book, I've read it, it's amazing.
How do people get your book?
Amazon, cause unknown, the epidemic of sudden death in 21 and 22.
I wrote it for my loved ones.
I wrote it for your loved ones who don't think anything's wrong.
They read this and at least hopefully they become aware of the problem.
The who and the why are left out because so many people can't handle the truth.
But what they can't deny is it is occurring.
There is a pandemic.
The pandemic is now.
It wasn't 2020.
Compared to what we have now is a pandemic three or four times bigger than COVID-2020 in my humble opinion.
All right, Edward Dowd, thank you so much.
I appreciate your time.
Thank you, Alex.
Take care.
All right, Paul Joseph Watson is about to take over.
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(upbeat music)
We are live, it is Summit.News edition, March 23rd, and we're going to start again with
a common theme that's been emerging in recent weeks, because both in Italy and the United
States we've had two more major examples of these biological men, transgender identified they call
them, at the summit.
Absolutely dominating, absolutely crushing the competition in cycle races and then claiming that their critics are transphobic, that they're Nazis.
With many of the female competitors that they race against now having to just give up and retire because whereas before they were on top of their game now they're consistently finishing Second, third, fourth.
There was even a case where one of the biological female competitors finished fourth and was prevented from being on the podium because there were two biological males pretending to be women that were better than her, supposedly better than her.
So we're going to get into that because I made two videos about it over the past two days.
But first we have this, out of redux.info, which again is a really great resource about this.
Ireland, and of course we've seen many cases in Scotland in recent weeks to the point where it's almost toppled the government there.
Biological men committing sexual predatory acts against women, against children, and then before they're convicted, before they're sent to prison, identifying as women so they get sent to female prisons because Pedophiles don't do very well in male prisons.
That's quite a recurring theme over the years, isn't it?
So they get convicted, they decide to identify as women, completely abusing the system.
The LGBT crowd comes out in full vocal support of them, as we saw in Scotland.
And in many cases they get sent to female prisons.
Ireland, extremely violent trans-identified male sentenced to women's prison after threatening to rape, murder mother.
This is 21-year-old Barbie Kardashian.
Yes, that's what they them is calling themselves now.
And the picture in this article is quite the doozy.
A trans-identified male considered an extreme risk to public safety has been sentenced following a series of disturbing threats he made against his own mother to kill her.
So, uh, old Barbie Kardashian there is being sent to a female prison despite being a biological man.
In Canada, Dangerous male pedophile transferred to women's prison.
Same thing as we saw in Scotland, as I just talked about.
Dangerous male offender serving time for sexual violence against a minor has been transferred to a women's prison after identifying as transgender.
Gee, I wonder why he did that?
Possibly not to get beaten up every day in that male prison?
Carissa Marie Radcliffe, previously known as Frederick Radcliffe, ...was transferred from the Bath Institution, a federal institution which houses male inmates, to the Grand Valley Institution for Women approximately two months ago.
So after all this occurred, Heather Mason, a Canadian advocate for incarcerated women, first called attention to the transfer on March 7th.
Court records show Radcliffe has an extensive criminal history dating back decades.
While Radcliffe has been convicted of non-violent crimes such as theft, criminal harassment or criminal misconduct, The majority of his crimes were distinctly sexual, and then it goes on and it blists a litany of them, including victims which were 15-year-old girls, 13-year-old girls.
This goes back to the early 90s, that this cretin was abusing sexually assaulting teenage girls, minors underage.
Sent to prison again, we get this new woke religion of LGBT, of tranny identity, and this pedophile, Takes full advantage of it to get sent to a female prison.
And Canadian authorities, which of course we've seen numerous other cases of this, have bent over backwards and said, yep, you're welcome, get straight to that women's prison.
Not only a danger, of course, to the other women in a prison, but also abusing the justice system, identifying as a fake gender to avoid proper punishment.
When we come back though, we're going to tell you what's happening in Hammersmith Theatre with their new gender-neutral bathrooms.
We'll be back, don't go away.
So, in Canada and in Ireland, we have dangerous sexual predators once again being sent to female prisons to avoid proper punishment.
And in England, in Hammersmith in London, The Telegraph reports theatres all gender toilets make women incredibly uncomfortable.
Of course the government here, one of the few good things it did, was pass a law mandating distinct male and female bathrooms in public buildings, but of course they can't enforce that in private locations.
So you have this trans bathroom insanity accelerating As Lyric Hammersmith claims, it provides a range of facilities to meet the needs of all the individuals who use our building.
Basically, they've got male and female bathrooms, but they've also got this new bathroom, which is kind of somewhere in between, and a sign on the door says, Lose all genders welcome, with a drawing of a urinal times five, and a drawing of a proper toilet times one.
Telegraph article says the Lyric Hammersmith has been criticised for leaving female theatre-goers uncomfortable with their gender-inclusive lavatories, which feature five urinals and one cubicle.
Women going to see a play at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.
And again, if you've ever been to the theatres in London, they're always packed.
The bathrooms are tiny.
Always a long queue.
Hard to get in.
They've got women walking into this gender-neutral bathroom in this theatre, having to walk past five urinals, with men standing there with their tally-whackers hanging out, to get to the one cubicle at the end of the bathroom!
Now unsurprisingly, the women aren't too happy about this.
Neither are the men.
The London Theatre claims that it provides a range of facilities to meet the needs of all the individuals who use our building.
The, what, 0.2% potentially of transgender identifying people who are even going to go in there.
That figure is obviously rising given its promotion and I'm going to get on to that.
But Joan Smith, a journalist, author and member of the Sex Matters Advisory Group, claims she was left feeling, quote, incredibly uncomfortable after using the theatre's all-gender lavatory.
Yes, she wasn't happy.
Walking past five men with their todgers hanging out.
Is she transphobic?
The women's rights campaigner visited the theatre on Tuesday evening to watch the accidental death of an anarchist.
However, during the interval she did not have time to find a gender-specific lavatory and so reluctantly used an all-gender one behind the main bar.
I was confronted with five urinals which I had to pass to get to a single locking cubicle.
Now, they've made sure to put the actual toilet at the back of the room, so you have to go on this display of penises, basically, to satiate the transgenders.
She said, I felt incredibly uncomfortable about the lack of privacy for myself and any man who might come in.
And in fact, she said a man did come in, saw her just ahead of him and left because he was embarrassed.
She said, I do not wish to see a man's penis in a public place!
And I doubt whether many men want to expose themselves in this way.
She has since written to the theatre, as well as Andy Slaught, the Labour MP for Hammersmith, to voice her concerns.
And she actually... She actually rolled out the bombshell, which was this.
There are plenty of religious women who can't be in a private space with men.
Muslim card.
Muslims versus transgenders.
Currently, Although it's changing.
Those oppression Olympics are changing all the time.
That league table can shift.
On a whim, currently the Muslims are ahead of the transgenders in terms of the oppression Olympics.
So if you cite the sensitivities, the religious sensitivities, cultural sensitivities of Muslim women, then you win.
You have the trump card.
And that's what she did.
Then again, most Muslim women aren't going to be going to Theatres in London's West End.
Not their kind of thing.
She also tweeted a picture of lavatories in question which feature a picture of five urinals, one lavatory and the door beneath the words all genders welcome.
Now also in this article is this new poll and we've seen this in America with one fifth of Gen Z now identifying as LGBT in America Of course, those percentages have increased rapidly over the past 25 years.
Gay people, the LGBT movement, the gay lobby, claims that people are born gay.
Now, if that's true, you would expect the same percentage of people, if they're all born gay, and it's all natural to be gay now, as there were the percentage of gay people in the year 2000, in the year 1995.
But that's not the case, is it?
Now a fifth, and I think that's actually going to be a quarter if they do another poll now, or in a year or so's time, a fifth of Gen Z in America now identify as LGBT.
Not because they're born that way, but because of the social engineering, the indoctrination, the coercion in schools, the brainwashing, as I'm going to get on to.
Comes as a new study published on Wednesday in the UK, Revealed that nearly a quarter, 23% of Gen Z now identify not just as LGBT, but as using a non-gendered pronoun such as they them.
Yes, 23% of Gen Z kids now, young teenagers and kids, 18 to 24, now say that they are a they them.
Now are they doing that because they really struggle internally with gender identification, or are they doing it because they think it's unique?
Because they think it's subversive?
Because they think it's trendy?
Because they think it's cool?
Because they've seen a parade of other Narcissistic attention seekers on TikTok making videos saying, I'm a they-them.
Give me attention, give me likes, give me dopamine.
Is that the reason why that 23% figure is now in effect?
Given that as little as three to five years ago, it probably would have been half of that.
No, of course it's the social indoctrination.
It's the constant propaganda.
It's the TV commercials.
It's slipping in completely obscure storylines into books and movies, like the Tom Hanks movie recently.
Again, based on a book written by, I think it was a Scandinavian author, inserted into this movie, I forgot what it's called, but it's the recent Tom Hanks movie, a character Who is transgender, and then much of the second half of the movie is about the struggle of this transgender character to have her pronouns respected and her identity dignified.
Again, did not appear at all in the original book that the movie is based on.
That's social engineering.
That's what kids are being exposed to.
It's what teenagers are being exposed to in universities.
I've mentioned before, I have a half-cousin, Who was completely normal.
Then she goes to a university in a far-left area of the country.
A year later, she's changed her name.
Now she's non-binary, or transgender.
I don't know what she is at this point.
She's talking to activist doctors, who are literally transgender activists, trying to convince her to get her breasts surgically removed.
This all happens after she starts university.
The survey of 2,000 people conducted by one poll found that younger generations are eagerly embracing issues around birth, sex, and gender identification.
And again, because it's promulgated, because it's forced upon them by every single cultural outlet.
They think it's a form of rebellion, and yet it's being imposed top-down by the establishment cultural institutions, by the mainstream media, by all these organs, as well as the state, That are completely establishment.
This is not something that's ground up rebellious or punk.
You're being brainwashed by the system.
Nearly half, 48% of those 18-24 now state their pronoun on their email signature or social profiles.
Nearly half of those polled were supportive of people having the right to identify with a gender other than their birth.
With 34% against and 19% undecided.
Then it goes to the rest of the country with 62% Saying basically this whole transgender thing has gone too far.
It's now disproportionately pandering to the wishes of a small minority.
And when we come back after the break, I'm gonna tell you how it's benefiting an extremely small minority in terms of biological men crushing the competition in female sports events.
We'll be back.
don't go away.
So the Telegraph reports on this new poll that shows 23% of 18-24 year olds in the UK are now "they/thems".
They identify as non-binary.
The wider population, 62%, think that the transgender issue has basically gone too far.
78% among those over 65s think that, but that falls to 48% when you ask Gen Z.
Why are 23% of Gen Z identifying as basically having a mental illness in the UK?
Well, it's because of the schools.
One of the primary vectors of this social engineering is the schools themselves.
Telegraph also reports here, if you don't know who you fancy then you're queer, schools tell children.
This is Edinburgh's top state school, just telling children as young as 11.
That they're queer if they don't yet know their sexual orientation.
And I mean, you've been there.
Some people get those kind of feelings earlier on.
Some kids don't get them until they're teenagers.
It's not the role of the school to tell them how to define it though, is it?
Eleven years old and they're telling them they're queer.
Teaching materials at Borromeo High School, Edinburgh's top state school, also claimed there are three biological sexes.
Only three?
I thought there were like 52.
Probably transphobic to say there are only 52 now.
There's 10 million!
Suggests that highly controversial concepts around sex and gender are facts.
A presentation prepared for classes in the first year of high school.
And again, that's 12 years old, basically.
In this country is now being reviewed it follows a backlash from parents who feel the lessons have been taking place without their knowledge for several years well of course they have because whenever the parents find out about it there's a backlash it gets in the media they have to back away of course some of these schools up north you have the scenes of muslim parents Staging protests outside and, oh, they had to back down then, didn't they?
Because as I explained before, Muslims are above transgenders.
Muslims are still above LGBT in the oppression Olympics in this country.
A separate gender-neutral language guide prepared for staff at another Scottish school tells staff not to use terms such as mother, brother or sister to avoid upsetting pupils who identify as trans.
And again, Three years ago, that would be zero pupils.
Now, because they're coercing them, they're shoving this mantra down their throats, they're re-educating them via the culture, now you get more and more Gen Z identifying as this, thinking that this is why they feel weird when it's completely natural to feel a little bit off when you're growing up.
It's called adolescence.
Doesn't mean you're queer.
Doesn't mean you're non-binary.
It means you're an awkward teenager growing up in a high-stress-pressure world.
The solution is not to tell them to identify as non-binary or queer, is it?
And that's why you get those polls again.
They say people are born gay.
Well, why is the percentage increasing year after year after year?
Let's go to this video now, though, because a very small minority of people are benefiting from this, including in the United States, where 46-year-old Tiffany Thomas is absolutely crushing the competition In female cycling.
This is called I Don't Understand.
Let's roll it.
Congratulations to 46-year-old Tiffany Thomas, who despite being twice as old as most of her competitors, just won the Randalls Island Crip Cycling Race in New York.
And it gets even more impressive.
Thomas only took up the sport in 2018 after turning 40 years old, yet started dominating the female division almost immediately.
She went from total beginner to elite level in just five years.
Incredibly, she also just landed a spot on the LA Sweat cycling team, despite her oldest teammate being just 32.
All this while juggling her important work as a lab director in the daytime.
As Thomas said, a scientist by day, an athlete by night.
What an awe-inspiring example to others of true female empowerment and truly having it all.
I was really disappointed to read hateful comments on Twitter from other female cyclists accusing Thomas of cheating.
What on earth could they be referring to?
Just sounds like bitterness to me.
The same kind of bad loser behaviour I've seen in response to the fantastic and well-deserved victories enjoyed by Leah Thomas, Laurel Hubbard and Sese Telfer.
I think it's time to stop hating and work harder.
Just do better, girls!
Speaking about her LA Team Sweat kit, Thomas said, quote, I'm not going to lie, sometimes it made me feel like a superhero when I wore it.
Thomas really must have access to superhero powers.
How else could she be totally blowing away the competition despite all of her competitors being much younger and having been involved in cycling their entire adult lives while Thomas only rocked up after she hit 40?
I'm struggling to understand the explanation behind all this.
It seems almost miraculous.
I've been racking my brains for hours trying to figure out how she could be so much better than all the other athletes.
The mind truly boggles.
She must just have the privilege of supreme natural talent.
But I don't know.
Can any of you in the comments help me answer this baffling mystery?
And of course the answer to the baffling mystery is that Tiffany Thomas is Trent Thomas.
And Trent Thomas is a man.
Sky News reports World Athletics to exclude transgender women from female events at the national and international at least.
They're actually having to crack down on this because it of course completely derides the foundation of international athletics tournaments.
World Athletics has decided to exclude transgender women who have gone through male puberty from female events because it would make a complete mockery of all the events, as you've just seen.
People with barely any training, they basically just get fit, even in their 40s, still decimate the competition.
And the people they're up against, especially in cycling, are 10-15 years younger.
The body's president, Lord Cove, said decisive action had been taken to protect the female category in our sport.
So again, we've seen that, I think, with the swimming sports authorities as well.
They're actually having to crack down on it now.
But still, at the national and local level, they're not doing anything about it.
And these individuals, who would be absolute failures in the men's division, are basically on the podium every single time.
USA Today again picks biological man as woman of the year.
Go feminism!
USA Today has picked a trans-identified male as its woman of the year for a second time running.
And this time it's someone who advocates for child sex changes.
Oh, even better!
The media outlet has chosen Leigh Fink As it's Woman of the Year for Minnesota, I think it was the first transgender legislator to be appointed to the Minnesota House of Representatives in November.
USA Today says the awards are a way of highlighting local and national heroines who make a positive impact in their communities every day.
Yes, USA Today thinks people lobbying for children to have their genitals mutilated is a positive impact.
Pink has made it a priority to ensure children are allowed to have access to gender-altering surgery, recently sponsoring a bill to make Minnesota a trans-refuge state.
In other words, a state in which mental illness is coddled, people are called transphobic, people are vilified, simply for saying, leave the kids alone.
I've got one more video about this when we come back, then I'm going to get into the technocratic control grid.
Summit.News, don't go away.
Now, we told you about Tiffany Thomas crushing the competition in New York in the United States, born Trent Thomas, a biological man, literally 46 years old and crushing the competition, which is half his age.
Well, not to be outdone, over in Italy, we have another Transgender biological male cyclist who is similarly decimating other genuinely female competitors.
This video, and I promise I'll stop talking about it after this, is called They Them Smashes It.
Let's roll it.
Watch this clip of the finale of the Italian Women's Indoors Masters Championship in Ancona and see if anything stands out.
Sanulli Petrillo Petrillo sul finale.
Well, I'll fill you in.
This was the winner, 50-year-old Valentina Petrillo.
Issue being, Petrillo was born Fabrizio.
According to Marco Alciator, a statistician working with the Italian feminist post, a difference in physicality was immediately noticeable and the female competitors were unable to hold their own against Petrillo, who effortlessly dominated the competition.
If Petrillo had been competing in the men's equivalent of this race, they then would have finished down in 14th position.
Christina Sunuli, the athlete who finished second in the race, complained that she and other female competitors felt, quote, very discriminated against.
Transphobic bigot!
So we are not running at par, although the personal path Valentina has taken is respectable, athletically speaking it is not.
Sunuli would have actually set a new indoor women's record, If only she'd been competing against other biological women.
At the end of the race, you just watched an enthusiastic supporter chanted, That didn't go down with Petrillo, who responded by shouting, Before the event, feminists successfully campaigned to have Petrillo use a different dressing room to the female athletes.
This also angered Petrillo, who in a Facebook post accused his detractors of being on the same level as Hitler and comparing sex-based sports categories to a 1936 ban on Jewish athletes.
Everyone who points out the physiological differences between men and women is Hitler.
Oh, but they then wasn't finished.
The dressing room segregation, according to Petrillo, ...was on a par with how plague sufferers were kept separate from the healthy population.
Wait a minute, aren't you supposed to do that anyway?
Unsurprisingly, Petrillo has been winning gold medals in female competitions for years.
He holds eight women's running championship titles compared to when he was competing as a man.
When he won a Big Fat Zero.
Oh, and because he says he's got a long-term eye degeneration disorder.
He also competes and completely dominates in competitions designated for disabled women.
So he's crushing it in both the women's tournaments and the Paralympics events too.
Perhaps opening the door for future competitors to follow in his footsteps.
By identifying as disabled.
Petrillo hasn't undergone any sex change surgery and hasn't legally changed his gender.
Petrillo also says that when he was called Fabrizio, he was a tough guy sexist who disliked women.
Well if you can't beat him, join him!
Let's move on to some technocratic control grid news now because we still have Covid paranoiacs bubbling up in the background trying to bring back restrictions, like Japanese soldiers still fighting the war 20 years later.
You would hope, but who knows, maybe they'll be successful at some point.
Daily Skeptic reports 40% of Brits still wearing masks and taking Covid tests as experts call for new mask mandate.
There hasn't been a mask mandate in the UK since January 2022, over a year ago, Some people really just miss wearing those moist face diapers.
Millions of Brits are still taking Covid tests and wearing masks.
Three years after the nation was plunged into its first lockdown, the zero Covid fanatics renew their call for mitigation measures such as mask mandates amid a rise in infections.
The rise in infections is literally a tiny blip on the graph.
They're still not giving up on it though.
There's four in ten people in the UK are swabbing at least once a month.
And again, I've explained it before.
They know that if they test COVID positive, despite the fact that at this point, people who get COVID don't even have any symptoms in many cases, they get to be lazy, they get to stay at home, or even just get to work from home, which is now this new culture that's swept the entire country, where nobody even goes into the office to work anymore.
Again, rewarding laziness.
So again, it's in their interest to constantly test themselves over and over again.
Says 1,500 people in Britain quizzed on whether they were maintaining pandemic era habits.
One in five people said they tested once in the last month.
A tenth have swapped twice.
And again, it goes on to say that Many are still wearing masks, despite the fact that now we know, and we had this study of studies, the Cochrane Review.
This was a systemic assessment of all the medical research on masks ever conducted over the past few years.
It found, quote, wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference.
This same study group Which, by the way, is recognized globally as the highest evidence-based study group, the most credible across the entire board.
Again, these trust the science people, though suddenly not interested in the science.
They did a similar study in November 2020.
That got blocked because it didn't fit the narrative at the time.
But again, this is written about by Geoffrey Anderson in the Daily Skeptic, is there no cure for mascoholics?
He says, specifically, the study found wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza-like illnesses or to the outcome of laboratory-confirmed influenza, SARS-CoV-2, compared to not wearing masks.
Again, we knew this from the very beginning, the Dan Masks study.
This is why Fauci, in his own emails, and all the other medical experts in March 2020, said don't wear masks, they do nothing, and in fact in some circumstances can make it worse.
Then everyone got the memo saying no, masks are a tool of population control, this is how we keep people Constantly within their own mindset, fearing the fact that they're in a pandemic, reminding other people around them that they're in a pandemic.
It was a tool of population control.
They knew it.
They ignored the science from the very beginning.
And now even when we get it confirmed by this Cochrane Review Board, The most credible, the most esteemed, the authority on medical studies across the board, they're still in denial, they're still wearing the masks because of course the masks to them have gone beyond even accepting that they're a tool of population control.
They're a religious symbol, a totem, a badge of honor, a status symbol that they use to broadcast to everyone else that they're a good person.
Well, they'll scream at you in your face for not wearing one.
Meanwhile, myocarditis spiked 130% in US military in 2021.
New study shows.
Gee, you wonder what happened in 2021 to cause that.
Unheard reports.
Why doesn't Britain regret lockdown?
Now, we get up on here every day.
We say all the evidence is out now.
We were right.
The lockdown, the pro-lockdown people were wrong.
It was incredibly damaging, harmful, long-term consequences.
That's all admitted.
The conspiracy theorists were right.
And what does the population believe?
The exact opposite, of course!
Says if you agree with the above statement, and the statement is in retrospect lockdowns were a mistake, I'm afraid you're still in the minority.
Three years to the day since Britain brought in its first nationwide lockdown, the latest wave of unheard Britain polling shows that only 27% of voters agree that lockdowns were a mistake.
54% disagree.
So even after everything, all the vaccine damage, all the missed cancer screenings, all the lowering of IQ, harming of children's education, The sheer social consequences of people missing the funerals of their own loved ones, of not being able to visit them in hospitals, all that, all the science proving we were right, that lockdowns are going to kill more people than they ever saved, that the masks don't work, all the science confirming it, still, the clear majority of people in the United Kingdom believe it was all correct, it was all proper, and what does that tell you?
Well, If it happens again, they're gonna comply, they're gonna submit.
After everything that's come out, they still cry in unison, Lock me down harder, Daddy!
Summit.News, we'll be back.
don't go away.
We are back and we have some actual good news for a change.
You will remember the former citizen movement in the Netherlands, of course, now holding more seats in the Dutch Senate than any other party after romping to success in last week's provincial elections, of course, with the EU trying to shut down Up to a third or more of farms in the Netherlands using this control on nitrogen emissions as the excuse.
Of course, the same control methods won't be applied to the airline industry or other heavy industries.
Only the farmers?
Well, in Germany the revolt continues.
Breitbart reports hundreds of tractors protest EU Great Reset Plan to reduce number of farm animals.
Hundreds of tractors have descended on German coastal towns to protest Great Reset measures imposed by the European Union.
400 tractors reportedly descended on the North Sea town of Bussum on Wednesday to protest against Great Reset policies.
So a similar wave of rebellion happening in Germany that you've seen in Holland.
And this brings me to this video now, which is the fact that we have Government councils across the United Kingdom in pursuit of quote climate change solution measures chopping down thousands of trees and I explain why in this video.
It's called Happy Now.
Let's roll it.
Hundreds of trees to be felled for Cambridge bus route to tackle climate change.
Save the planet by Chopping down all the trees.
Hundreds of trees in an orchard designated as a habitat of principal importance in England should be felled to build a new busway to tackle climate change.
Councillors in Cambridgeshire voted on Tuesday.
Is that why they call it net zero?
Because by the time they're finished, the number of trees will be...
Net zero!
Ah, good one Paul.
Cotton Orchard contains about 1,000 trees and grows 26 varieties of apples as well as pears and plums.
Yeah, get rid of them, it's eco-friendly.
Same thing happened in Plymouth.
Suddenly I see all these lefties piping up about the evil Tory councillors chopping down trees in the middle of the night.
Then I go on the council website and it confirms they chopped down the trees to build a new cycle route.
Extinction Rebellion types lobby for all these new cycle lanes.
Then express utter bewilderment when all these trees are felled to make way for them.
Congratulations, idiots.
Happy now?
This is also happening all over London.
Hacking down beautiful old sumptuous trees to make way for cycle lanes.
Jeremy Clarkson talked about how they were trying to do it around Holland Park.
This is Holland Park in London.
One of the most beautiful streets in London because of all the trees that line it.
And these are trees that the Mayor of London wanted to pull down to make way for a cycle lane.
Well, he can fuck off.
I mean, the man's obviously deranged.
He can't pull trees down so that people can cycle.
I mean, I know that cycle lanes now are seen as the single most important thing in the world by all those lunatics with five hardened bananas on their head and a little GoPro.
They're not.
He also explained how these cycle lanes were causing more congestion and chaos.
I was just coming, just now, into London on the A40.
Well, they'd taken one of the lanes away to make a cycle lane.
Massive traffic jam resulting from it.
And stuck in it is an ambulance.
Someone is dying of a heart attack somewhere up in Acton.
Ambulance can't get there because they're building a cycle lane.
We live in absurd times.
Watch how cyclists behave when using them.
There's at least 50 of these across London and they've expanded under Sadiq Khan, the Labour mayor.
And they're controversial because as you can see behind me there's a zebra crossing but it's barely marked and what we're witnessing is scores of cyclists streaming through without stopping for pedestrians.
They constantly whine about drivers putting them in danger.
Then they go and do precisely the same thing to pedestrians.
What we've seen is almost all the cyclists failing to stop at the zebra crossing when there are pedestrians or bus passengers waiting to stop.
In one case we saw a man on crutches who was waiting to cross the zebra crossing and 17 cyclists streamed past without stopping.
It's like cyclists are this new elite special class of people that we constantly have to pander and genuflect to.
Look at you, Les, the ultra-low emissions zone that Sadiq Khan is now expanding to the whole of London.
It affects the drivers of cars manufactured before 2015.
They'll have to pay £12.50 a day, every day, just to get around.
And who drives those older cars?
Poor people.
It's another tax on the poor.
Oh God, Ian Reading, Penelope and Jonathan from Richmond driving around their brand new Range Rover SE won't be affected.
Those dirty paupers with their 2008 Citroens, yeah, we need to milk them for more cash.
What else is our council tax being spent on?
For people to go around putting Enviro Crime stickers on dumped rubbish rather than clearing up the actual rubbish.
Now they're telling rural residents already living in fuel poverty to get mandatory heat pumps installed by 2026 when new boiler installations will be banned for off-grid homes.
Heat pumps cost 15 to 30 grand.
Most people can't afford them.
Another tax on the poor.
You'd think the lefties would be up in arms, wouldn't you?
No, they're all lobbying for it.
They're calling the people protesting against it far-right.
All this goes to show that environmentalists at the very top don't give a shit about saving the planet.
They couldn't give a monkey's about all them trees being chopped down.
If the trees are in the way of imposing totalitarian levels of technocratic control by means of the crusade against private car ownership, net zero and 15-minute cities, then the trees just have to go.
Breibart reports EU told Dutch government to double down on forced farm closures to gain more flexibility on green regulations.
Again, they said, not enough farms are going to be shut down by these draconian nitrogen emission control measures.
We need more!
I want to get to this final video now though, because some of you will have seen the harrowing, disturbing video out of a subway in New York, which showed a toddler being racially abused and harassed.
Well, where are those kind of people getting those ideas from?
I explore this in a video.
It's called, It's Okay When They Say It.
Let's roll it.
Remember when Scott Adams got cancelled for saying this?
Just get away.
Because there's no fixing this.
Hundreds of newspapers dropped his cartoon, his publisher ditched his book.
Adams himself said there was no coming back from it.
His entire career as he'd known it for decades was finished.
Now listen to what leftist author Robin DiAngelo said during a Zoom meeting with other progressive activists.
And see if you can spot any similarities.
I'm a big believer in affinity space and affinity work.
And I think people of colour need to get away from white people.
And have some community with each other.
Really not much different, eh?
People of colour need to get away from white people.
Your terms are acceptable.
People of colour need to get away from white people.
It's okay when they say it!
Reminds me of when people on the right are monstered and vilified for talking about replacement migration.
But when Joe Biden and others on the left celebrate it as a wonderful thing, they receive nothing but adulation.
D'Angelo is no obscure author.
This woman's work has deeply penetrated American institutions.
Her book, White Fragility, is a foundational text for woke revolutionaries.
She's basically the queen of critical race theory.
Leaked information from an online training course for Coca-Cola showed D'Angelo urging people to be less white.
During the George Floyd riots, her book shot back to number one in the New York Times bestseller list.
With white liberal Americans so voraciously eager to self-flagellate in unison as part of a nationwide white guilt trip, DiAngelo must have grifted an absolute fortune.
She's perhaps the foremost influencer when it comes to, quote, Yeah, sounds like it should be an autobiography.
for schools, non-profits and major businesses.
And D'Angelo's book was even required reading for new service members in the US military.
Last year, she published another book called "Nice Racism, How Progressive White People
Perpetuate Racial Harm."
Yeah, sounds like it should be an autobiography.
People of color need to get away from white people.
(dramatic music)
From one disturbing viral video to another, viral video shocks Germany gang of girls,
tortures 12 year old girl for hours, mother collapsed when she saw the video.
basically beating her around the face, cutting cigarettes out on her skin.
Turns out it's probably a racially motivated attack.
Meanwhile, in the UK, we have open borders causing the return of polio.
Diversity is a strength.
Polio is back, London relaunches vaccination campaign against previously eradicated disease.
We haven't had a case of paralysis polio since 1984.
The virus itself has been rendered completely extinct in Britain since 2003.
But according to this report, Because people in foreign countries are having this oral live polio vaccine.
They're then coming into the country, thanks to our open borders, shedding these vaccine spikes and causing polio infections across the country.
They found it in recent sewage samples and now it's causing problems once again.
The reintroduction, thanks to mass migration, thanks to open borders, of something that we haven't even had a serious case since the early 80s, and we supposedly eradicated completely 20 years ago, is now back, thanks to open borders, thanks to these people flooding in in boats, which the government can't do anything about, seemingly.
Once again, diversity proving to be a great strength, as we welcome The gracious return of polio.
That's going to wrap it up for the Summit News.
Our War Room with Owen Troyer is coming up next.
Keep it locked in.
When everything is a lie, which it is now, there's only one place to find the truth.
And it's not in government stats or government reports or declarations.
It's with God, and I know you speak about that often, and I believe, look, we need God more than ever, and I know that there are people listening, perhaps, that don't believe in God, but I'm a big believer in having faith, even though I'm rather pessimistic, I do know how the book ends, I know how the story ends, and we do prevail.
Exactly, there are no atheists and foxholes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
So don't lose hope.
Don't get discouraged.
I know that there are people out there thinking, well, you know, what's left for me to do?
One of the things, and again, this is not a shame or this is not a plug, but you know, we need to support your InfoWars store.
We need to support yours.
By the way, my wife loves American 95.
Her joints have never been better, okay?
So, folks, make sure you support InfoWarStore, okay?
Please do that.
Well, I just can't say to our listeners how much the enemies of freedom hate this show, they hate your show.
I mean, I will plug for you and for me.
Folks, you want us to fight?
We will do it, but it's like sending military out to war without ammunition and weapons.
I mean, we'll... and I'm not bitching, I just...
I just, back in 2016, we had plenty of money.
Our subscription service said it's free now.
I barely was plugging.
We had all this extra money, and now I wish back then I would have pushed harder, saved up money, because now with the deplatforming, the attacks, folks, you know...
We need support, so do you.
But what we really need is people to share the links and articles to our videos and your videos, your reports, Doug, because the public's ready.
The ground's fertile right now.
The minds are ready.
It's easy to outpace your supply lines, and I think that's where a lot of us are.
You know, we're in so deep that we can't... Look, we need that support.
You need that support.
So again, folks, please support Alex Jones.
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I know there's things that he won't say that... Look, he needs your support.
We all need your support, but especially InfoWars.com, InfoWars store.
Please do that.
There it is, turmeric toothpaste.
I love that too.
My wife does as well.
Please don't do that.
I know that things look bleak, but again, we know how the story ends.
And I think, look at everything that happens, not through, not with blinders, but in the context of a larger agenda.
Think bigger, look bigger, and look for the Connections.
I use the analogy of that great movie that's basically a composite for stories, Horse 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
We've been through all this and nothing!
Nothing but... You have to let nature take her course.
I think we've already blown the enemy.
We just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that, and if anybody's lying here, Senator, it is you!
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.