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Name: 20230322_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 22, 2023
2230 lines.

Alex Jones and Robert Barnes discuss various topics including potential ways Trump can beat the New York indictment, DeSantis being deceived by deep state operatives, a vaccine safety conference, and the Federal Reserve potentially raising interest rates. They highlight Jones' accuracy on various issues and discuss how President Trump is targeted by globalists for exposing corporate tyranny. The show covers banking news, Ron DeSantis' political history and motives, legal theories for vaccine- injured individuals, and promotes products available at InfoWarsStore.com and InfowarsHaw.com.

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Anywhere we stand up with our ideas and intellectually fight the system, we have major victories.
Everywhere we lay down, we lose.
And so that's really what this is all about.
I mean, it sounds incredibly simple, but It is simple.
You've got to have courage, though.
And I go back to the First Amendment issue.
Trump really fell down on defending the First Amendment.
He didn't do anything about big tech censorship.
And finally, he got censored.
Now, he gave some rhetoric, but no real action.
No real action by the Republicans.
No real action back when they had the Congress and Trump for two years.
They did nothing.
But now they know they got stung in the ass over it.
And so we can't sit there and wait for Jim Jordan and wait for Matt Gaetz, and I'm not saying they're bad guys, to do the right thing.
And MTG is doing a great job.
We have to look to the groups, the talk show hosts, the individuals, and the massive people that understand the fight for the future.
We have to innovate.
We have to have an exodus out of this system.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting today.
We're going to be discussing how Trump can beat the New York indictment.
We're also going to be discussing how DeSantis got deceived by the deep state and how he has been a longtime recruit of the deep state and his history in that regard.
We have other big news today.
We have whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise rates and how that will impact the banking system, given issues of global liquidity are appearing to be worse in many respects than they were even in 2008's global financial crisis that almost brought the entire system down.
That, uh, can Pfizer be sued?
We're going to be discussing that at a conference, Vaccine Safety Conference, coming up this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, where I believe there's still tickets available, sponsored by Steve Kirsch of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, discussing a bunch of lawyers and other people are coming together to discuss how can we get vindication?
How can we get remedy?
How can we get relief?
For those that have been injured by these so-called vaccines.
So-called vaccines because they weren't vaccines.
They weren't safe.
They weren't effective.
And they didn't immunize against anything.
The only immunity being handed out was the Pfizer from suit.
But maybe there's a way to get around that.
Maybe there's a way to challenge that.
Maybe there's a way to question and contest that.
We have Jeffrey Epstein coming back in the news through the banks.
JP Morgan and Chase now being forced, along with other banks, being forced to finally be held potentially accountable and subject to discovery for their complicity Uh, involved in the entire Jeffrey Epstein activities, including and maybe going all the way back to, uh, the activities tied to Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell.
And we'll discuss a little bit of that historical context.
But both JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank are now going to have to face the consequences, potentially, of their illicit activities, despite the Biden administration interfering with The Virgin Islands investigation and firing the US attorney there who helped bring about that case in the first place.
So we have all of those factors along with geopolitics, Ukraine, Xi and Putin discussing various aspects of their new China-Russia detente that puts the global order back Uh, and continues to shift it as Ukraine is discussing, uh, ways to get a peace settlement through China with Russia.
Uh, what will happen in that respect?
Colonel McGregor has also reported that the, uh, from the military strategic perspective, what's happening, what's about to happen, what is likely to happen in the coming months in that ongoing war.
As the International Monetary Fund announces for the first time ever, They're going to give money to a country in the middle of a war.
It shows how much the Ukraine conflict is, as President Trump identified it, a proxy war being done by globalist institutions for their own self-propagation and financial self-enrichment.
So a lot of topics today to discuss, not the least of which is how Trump can defeat the New York indictment, how he can defeat it legally, not just in the court of public opinion.
The talk is that the indictment may come down as early as today and that Trump may be arrested or appear in court as early as next week.
At the same time, we'll discuss DeSantis going on his Rupert Murdoch-sponsored tour, and whether or not there has been an effective quid pro quo of the book publishers and deep state allies to effectively buy a lot of DeSantis's new book Uh, in order to guarantee him being a millionaire in exchange, uh, for as a financial reward for him running against President Trump and how the deep state has deceived DeSantis in that respect.
So a lot of topics to cover today and we'll be covering them all here in the first hour as I guest host for Alex Jones for today.
So tune in as you go through and remember the only reason why this network is even on the air is because you folks out there, the audience, continues to make that happen by going to InfoWarsStore.com.
So come on back and we have a lot to discuss and review in a day of big news.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting.
You can find me at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
We're going to be discussing how President Trump can beat back the New York charges that may come down as early as today and may have him arrested as early as next week.
We'll also be discussing how the deep state deceived DeSantis and tricked him into running against Trump or challenging or contesting him as he's currently exploring.
But first up, there's a big banking and financial news today as the Federal Reserve will be deciding whether or not to raise rates.
The assumption has been that the Federal Reserve will continue to raise rates in order to decrease the risk of continued inflation and particularly remove the risk of hyperinflation.
Now, there's good reason to believe that the Federal Reserve's belief that they have control over inflation is more mythical than reality.
Jeff Snyder of Eurodollar University and others, George Gammon, have detailed the various ways you can find George Gammon at Rebel Capitalist and George Gammon on YouTube and other social media sites.
And what they explain is the Federal Reserve's assumptions that they control the inflation system presumes a certain degree of control about global financial liquidity of the U.S.
That's often not the way the real economic plumbing works anymore.
So the assumption with the economic plumbing is that what happens is the bank, the Federal Reserve, prints dollars, that gets circulated, and that if they circulate too many of them, in other words, if they outstrip productivity, There's more there than services and goods, and that will lead to inflationary conditions.
The issue, however, is that ever since really the 1960s, the Federal Reserve has lost control of the issuance of U.S.
dollars globally.
Most of the dollars being listed on banks and non-financial institutions and dollar-denominated debt outside of the United States, this is what's called the Eurodollar system, is not issued by the Federal Reserve, not issued by the U.S.
It's issued simply as a means of keeping accounts, a way of balancing the ledger by banks and other institutions outside of the United States.
This is why they call it the euro dollar.
It's the dollar outside of the United States.
It doesn't relate to the actual euro currency itself.
And the thing is, these dollars, we don't even know how many of them exist.
But they are being used in everyday commerce on a regular basis.
They're being used to keep account at banks around the world.
And the issue is that they can create their own inflationary or deflationary conditions.
They can create their own liquidity flux or in crisis circumstances.
And beginning before Signature Bank, before Silicon Valley Bank, before First American Bank, before any of these other banks that have undergone difficulty, there was signs of a fissure and a crack in our financial system that somebody who understood the global financial plumbing I knew that there was something that could seriously go wrong soon, months ago, because it was showing up in various trades that were taking place and things like Japanese bonds, German bonds, things outside of the United States.
So what's happening?
What's happening is we don't control our own currency anymore.
We don't control our own dollar anymore.
And we don't even know what's often going on in the plumbing.
We're often blind and in the dark.
And the net effect of that is that the banksters and the big central banks and the big government regulators and the statists and the big state planners want to pretend to everybody that they know what's going on.
They want to pretend to everybody that they are in control.
That's why when there was issues with Silicon Valley Bank, what happens?
The Federal Reserve says, initially, hey, we have all the tools we need.
Then, of course, not long thereafter, within actually less than 10 hours, they can reverse themselves and they say, oh, no, now we have a new tool and this new tool will solve all the problems.
And so it's all intended to give the illusion, as also happened earlier this week, where they said, well, we're going to increase our dollar swaps with other banks and financial and central banks and institutions around the world.
The goal is to give the illusion that they can control the liquidity in the system.
But what happens when the central dealers, the people who basically loan overnight collateral in the repo markets around the world, get nervous, is that their natural reaction is just to quit lending, is to go into a hole, to go into a shell.
This is in fact what really happened to Credit Suisse.
Credit Suisse got nervous around October of this year and they stopped lending.
And the sign of this, or stopped doing their overnight activities at the same scale, and the sign of this was all of a sudden people were showing up at Swiss banks at the Swiss auction window.
Similar to what happened this past week to us.
The Fed's open window was called the lender of last resort because there's a stigma attached to any bank going to it to ask for money.
Saw more money being asked for from banks last week than took place at any point during the entire global financial crisis.
That's the scale to which some our people close to our financial system are saying there's a global problem and that this global problem is not in a place or position to be fixed or remedied by central banks.
Well, look what happened to Signature Bank.
They're gone.
Silicon Valley Bank.
They're gone.
What happened to Credit Suisse?
One of the oldest, one of the great big financial institutions of Europe.
They're gone.
They're now part of UBS.
And yet the activities and the steepening of the curves in the Japanese bonds and the German bonds and the United States bonds and the Treasury bonds are all signaling that people that are close to the system believe we're about to experience a massive global financial crisis that will make what happened in 08 and 09 look miniature by comparison.
That's the situation that faces the Federal Reserve.
So as the Federal Reserve continues to often exceed its authority, indeed we are bringing suit.
George Gammon, I'm bringing suit on behalf of George Gammon against the Federal Reserve.
Using the FOIA laws to audit the Fed.
In order to audit the Fed, we need to FOIA the Fed.
And part of it is related to exactly what they're going to be doing this week.
We're also going to be FOIAing these records and their other recent records.
Because they keep creating these new entities that may usually make the problem worse rather than better.
Aside from maintaining and sustaining the illusion that they have a control that they do not have.
They are often creating deeper problems in the system.
They're actually often worsening liquidity.
Indeed, to many degrees, they appeared not to anticipate that raising rates could have a deleterious and detrimental effect on the bank asset sheets and the balance sheets, because many banks had overextended themselves in assuming a low interest rate environment as the secure collateral for their debts and liabilities and obligations to their depositors.
And you know, you have a bank like Silicon Valley Bank that was didn't even hedge that bet and they were uniquely at risk.
Then all of a sudden, the federal government's continuous war on crypto leads to massive withdrawals of Silicon Valley Bank because of their ties to the crypto economy and the tech economy.
And then you tie that into them being over leveraged on issues of treasuries and T-bills that have now become financially problematic due to the Federal Reserve's raising rates without consideration of the contemplation of the consequences of what they're doing in this context.
And you get a bank collapse overnight, one of the biggest bank collapses and on the quickest scale in the history of the United States of America.
So now the Federal Reserve walks in and says, do we raise rates again?
I can tell you that some very smart people on Wall Street and big traders have for several years been betting that the Federal Reserve would reverse course and would be starting to cut rates this summer.
And now things are coming about that make it look like they knew something or saw something that the Fed and others did not.
So expect the Federal Reserve to likely raise rates one more time because the Federal Reserve wants to imagine itself as the substitute for Volcker from the 80s and continue the illusion that they actually can control the rate of inflation in the American economy despite lack of control over global liquidity and issues with stimulus packages from 2020.
When we come back, how Trump can beat New York How DeSantis got deceived by the Deep State.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This first hour being guest hosted by myself, Robert Barnes.
You can find me at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
Coming up in the next hour, the one, the only, the inimitable and the irreplaceable Alexander Emmerich Jones will be back guest hosting or hosting his own show remotely from up in Dallas, near Dallas, Texas, where he was on earlier today with Stephen Crowder, who is back Crowder's success on Rumble shows that Rumble is a promising alternative to the big tech monopolies.
It's something that I've been part of and backing for quite some time.
I was retained as counsel for them to help design and draft and craft their rules along with VivaFry to basically have rules in place that can make sure free speech is protected Without having too much trollish harassment or other bad activities that aren't supposed to be able to take place, but to have a robust debate.
And there's been no better evidence of that than the fact that Rumble has completely protected the Alex Jones Show on Rumble, InfoWars on Rumble.
Not only that, you can get a wide range of independent content creators, because as TheQuartering and Crowder and others have been talking about, Rumble is the future place, the future platform for independent content creators to go across the ideological, political spectrum.
If you want to see RT, RT is banned in many parts of the United States and the Western world, but not on Rumble.
Rumble refused to ban him, even to the degree of losing their access to France, because France said you can no longer have access to France if you continue to broadcast RT.
They said, fine, we would rather not be in France than get into the censorship, state censorship business.
Uh, even when Senator Scott, where Rumble has relocated a lot of their operations to Florida, Donald Trump Jr.
and others were at an opening, uh, there just a little while ago of the, uh, special event, when the Republican Senator from Florida attacked Rumble for, uh, not, uh, uh, removing RT, they said, sorry, we are committed to a cancel-free platform.
That is why they're going to be the place for independent content creators and for you to uncover and discover new independent content creators.
So, you know, the Alex Jones Show is there, InfoWars is there, but not only that, not only is Steven Crowder joined, you have additional shows from across the spectrum.
So Glenn Greenwald has a show that is exclusive on Rumble.
Russell Brand has shows that are exclusive on Rumble.
Redacted News, Clayton Morris has shows that are predominantly, increasingly dominant on Rumble.
Kim Iverson on Rumble.
So those are people that come from the left.
So the populist left, the populist right, the anti-surveillance state, anti-deep state, anti-war left, aligning with content creators on the anti-war, anti-deep state, anti-surveillance state right, are finding a robust platform on Rumble that makes it really achievable.
And increasingly, Rumble is available almost everywhere.
Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV.
And there's some reasons for that.
One, they were able to raise money from the public.
Some people had a misunderstanding and thought Rumble was a public company.
That part's not quite correct.
It is still owned by Chris Pavlosky, the owner and founder who I've had personal conversations with and has repeated and reiterated and reaffirmed his commitment to free speech.
To give you an idea of how committed Rumble is to free speech, I publicly said that if Pavlosky and Rumble publicly said we are committing to a cancel-free platform within the rules of civil debate, And I said, well, if you if you were really committed to that, make that statement public at the time you raise funds from other people, because if you didn't ever break that promise, I'll be the one to sue you into oblivion for fraud on the market.
And they still made the promise, recognized that, accepted that, embraced that, welcomed that, because they want to be held accountable.
And they have proven they're bona fides.
And Steven Crowder is breaking records of live streaming views of any news or comedy or informational show while he and Alex Jones have been on yesterday and today.
Uh, the, and so it shows the power of Rumble to be an alternative platform.
So for folks out there, I encourage you to utilize Rumble.
I believe it will continue to get better technologically.
Not perfect, has a range of limitations.
It doesn't have the scale and scope of YouTube in terms of its resources, but it keeps getting better and better and better.
And it is the critical future platform for independent content creators that all of us need if we're going to break through the mainstream gated institutional narrative.
Eric Weinstein called it the GIN, the Gatekeeper Institutional Narrative, that they have been trying to impose on us through control of big media and big tech and collusion with the government agencies to help achieve it and accomplish it.
Now, of course, the one place that has maintained and retained and sustained its independence at bringing you information, at bringing you critical information, at being at the tip of the spear ahead of the curve for any kind of analysis, whether it was financial, geopolitical, global, domestic, health policy, food policy, you name it.
Things that impact your everyday life.
It has been InfoWars.
But that has only been possible despite the massive lawfare waged against InfoWars over the last half decade.
People know about the insane cases in Connecticut, the insane cases in Texas.
They don't know that there are also a bunch of other insane cases they either tried or were trying to try.
Alex Jones at InfoWars went from never facing suit from anybody, anywhere, anyplace, anytime, To more than two dozen lawsuits in a year after President Trump's election.
The goal wasn't just about Trump.
Trump was representative of the people challenging the corrupt deep state.
But it was beyond that.
It was because InfoWars was, they had discovered from their research in the media databases, there's now published reports from think tanks and foundations on this, that when they were trying to find who is the source, the critical source of independent information, The critical source they kept finding for dissident information, for information challenging official institutional narratives, for information that allowed Trump to pave the path to winning the presidency in the first place, for laying the groundwork, but for fertilizing the soil in such a way so that it was easy to reap the harvest.
What they found is that the rain that fertilized the soil was from InfoWars.
But the only reason why that could happen was twofold.
It was because of ordinary everyday people at InfoWars and in the audience at InfoWars sharing the links, getting the information out there.
It didn't matter how often they or the links or anything else was banned or struck down from Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or YouTube.
They kept sharing it.
They would just create another channel.
They would create another means.
They would create another mechanism.
They would find another method to get the information out there.
So, info is the source of the information, but the audience is the source of that information getting shared.
And it created networks of independent information that were like Thomas Paine's old networks.
At the small taverns across revolutionary America that helped produce the American Revolution, where they would read Common Sense and other books and texts right inside the bar and inside the tavern.
Same thing with Paul Revere's network that allowed it to get quickly lightning-level alert when the British were coming and the Redcoats were coming.
So it's all thanks to you, the audience, that this information revolution is even possible in the first place, that a Trump election was even possible in the first place, that ending the lockdown was even possible in the first place.
And that is thanks to you and how you can keep doing it, that continue to share the links, continue to get the information out there, don't be deterred, don't be dissuaded, continue to be active in the court of public opinion, because you make a much bigger difference than you could ever know.
When we come back, how Trump could beat New York, and how the deep state deceived DeSantis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Robert Barnes guest hosting.
Up next hour, the one and only Alexander Emmerich Jones will be hosting himself, just a little bit remotely, as he was hosting, co-hosting today, as he was yesterday, the Stephen Crowder Show, which was breaking records on Rumble.
And Crowder produced, in particular, a fun version of the song Creep.
That was particularly rewritten and well rewritten, appropriately so, for our current White House occupant, his fraudulency, the second Joe Biden.
We'll be discussing the whether and how Trump can beat the New York charges, as well as how DeSantis got deceived by the Deep State.
But we have sort of our own version of a hush-hush.
You can find other hush-hushes, alternative interpretations of history, throughout time at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
But we saw confirmation of it this past weekend of one of an old one, which was what happened in the 1980 election.
So there has long been stories circulated that when after Carter got in, and after the Church Committee had some meaningful successes, and if Jim Jordan is going to have success with his weaponization committee, then he needs to use the Church Committee, the House Assassinations Committee, as his model.
And that means Speaker McCarthy needs to spend a lot more money and allocate a much bigger budget To have a lot more lawyers and staff on to make that committee an effective committee, not just a committee effective in the court of public opinion, but also potentially in the future in the court of law.
But what the Church Committee did, and for those that don't know or remember, Senator Frank Church was a senator from Idaho, back when a place like Idaho had Democratic senators, but of a populist streak going all the way back to populist Republicans like Senator William Borah and others from the mountain region.
That was the mountain region that heavily backed William Jennings Bryan's populist campaign and takeover of the Democratic Party in 1896, as well as the People's Party of 1892.
That gave it the origins and the roots of the word populist.
That's where it comes from in the American parlance.
Now the history of the idea is connected to populism.
Go back much further and read a book by Adrian Kuzminski called Fixing the System that this populism is just what Alex often calls basic humanitarian principles, universal human being support.
It supports the cultural traditions of the working class communities.
and the economic entrepreneurial interest of working class and ordinary Americans.
That's that populism, those principles, those precepts, those ideas, those ideals
go all the way back to the beginning of man himself.
You can find populist principles throughout the Old Testament.
You can find populist principles throughout parts of the Greek and Roman and Persian and other systems of governance over the years.
Not always those dominated by those in positions of power, but were often those dominating the ordinary people and their political beliefs and filters and framework for which policies they supported.
Behind the peasant rebellions and revolutions that took place from the 1200s forward, including the peasants revolt that helped birth Protestantism as an alternative to the Roman Catholic dominance of the Christian tradition at the time.
So there's a long history of such rich, robust, populist resistance.
And Frank Church came from that tradition.
He also had been illegally spied on by the National Security Agency.
Many people have never put together, why is the church committee the committee named after Frank Church?
Why, more importantly, was Frank Church the guy to do it?
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
At the time, there was no committee governing the intelligence community.
It was created as a special select committee to be chaired by Frank Church because it was payback time.
Kind of like Senator Roth and his review of the IRS in the mid-late 1990s was payback time to the IRS for some things they had done towards him and his allies.
Frank Church was a victim of NSA spying.
That's why he was committed to getting back at the intelligence community and the intelligence corruption of our governance and government.
That was best evident in the assassination of President Kennedy and then his brother Robert Kennedy.
And then assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, assassination of major black urban leader Malcolm X, all of which took place within a half decade.
And soon after we're in a war in Vietnam and we have people like Curtis Bombs Away LeMay talking about trying to get into nuclear war.
Explicitly and overtly in the 1968 presidential campaign is George Corley Wallace's vice presidential candidate for the deep state war machine.
So church committee created that committee Uh, and put it with the right staffers, aggressive, young, smart, savvy lawyers and investigators that knew how to unearth and take apart what was taking place.
And what they did is they exposed the Deep State.
And for the first time in the Deep State's modern history, the current Deep State really being formed after World War II, parts of it were formed after World War I. They tried to form it after the Civil War.
And in fact, the person behind the assassination of President Lincoln was also behind the attempted assassination of the Vice President and several high-ranking cabinet officials he saw as his political adversaries, planned on being the future president, was the head of the then Pinkertons that had been brought in effectively as part of government, was part of the head of the Deep State operation during the Civil War that tried to create an American Deep State.
It ultimately failed.
Their attempt to kill Ulysses S. Grant failed, amongst others.
And to kill Tennessee Vice President Andrew Johnson failed.
And so consequently, ultimately, that individual was not able to seize power.
Though, by the way, that individual who was running the then-American Deep State was the person whose firing led to the first-ever impeachment of an American president.
So that's how deep the Deep State goes historically.
But they were unable to sustain their power.
They would develop power in little bits and pieces, places like the Office of Naval Intelligence that dragged us into war in the Philippines and in Cuba and elsewhere.
Remember, you know, remember the Maine, all of that stuff.
But there was little power.
Then they almost seized power in World War I, aligned with the deep state of Europe,
particularly the deep state, the Cecil Council Roundtable,
the Cecil Rhodes Roundtable, and other organizations like it
that were the British then equivalent of the deep state.
That's where the doctrine originated in terms of ideological framework
was actually an economist publisher talking about the double state,
the dual state in the late 1800s, and to describe the rise of the English-British deep state
that helped sink them and destroy their empire with the disaster of World War I,
much as it destroyed the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire,
aspects of the French and Russian Empire.
So, it was in that backdrop that Deep State was formed.
They really come to power after World War II.
That's when they get the National Security Agency, the CIA, the key people at the Pentagon aligned with Deep State priorities.
As Eisenhower famously warned of the military-industrial complex in his farewell address, was taking over along with an administrative bureaucracy made of professional managerial class people who would corrupt the functioning of constitutional democracy in America.
They had, you know, when anybody challenged them, they just killed them.
And so they had had no meaningful opposition, successful, continuous opposition, until the church committee.
And so Frank Church was bound to expose them.
He did expose them.
And in the process, it was the first time a bunch of CIA folks resigned, a bunch of others were fired, a bunch of high-ranking FBI people either resigned or were fired, and some, like Mark Felt, the real Deep Throat, was actually operating on behalf... The Deep Throat was a Deep State operation, not an anti-Deep State operation.
Himself would be criminally prosecuted.
They conspired and combined with others, with the Iranians, to continue to hold hostages against President Carter in order to assure President Reagan's victory, because they had assurances from the Bush family, as then vice presidential candidate, that they would use their ties to pardon people like Mark Felt.
In fact, Mark Felt was pardoned.
The deep state's deep throat.
And others that were part of that and re-empower and rehire a bunch of those corrupt deep state operatives who would use the Cold War as their excuse for their illicit activities.
And basically help make sure that Carter could not win the 1980 election by going into bed with the Iranians and later, of course, exchanging, getting them armed in exchange for what they did.
This has now been confirmed by a range of people who stepped forward who had personal information about it this past weekend.
So you got to see a real hush-hush confirmed in real time over this past weekend.
When we come back, how the deep state deceived DeSantis and how Trump can beat the charges in New York.
So come back right after the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Robert Barnes guest hosting for this first hour.
Up in the next hour is the one and only himself, Alexander Emmerich Jones will be remote hosting to After a successful show today with Steven Crowder and yesterday with Steven Crowder, that's breaking records on Rumble and showing Rumble as a future functional effective alternative.
Rumble, by the way, caught Google and YouTube committing a range of violations against Rumble.
They have a major lawsuit that's in the discovery stage.
And some people ask me, well, what's going to stop Rumble from getting removed in the way Parler was?
Partially, it's because of some of the key backers.
Uh, of Rumble, uh, not only, uh, Trump and others, uh, Peter Thiel, J.D.
Vance, now Senator J.D.
Vance and others, but also they're already caught, uh, Google doing bad works and Google's, uh, facing major legal liability already.
So, uh, none of them are in a position to try to play around with Rumble.
So that's why Rumble is gonna be a successful, effective new platform for independent content creators anywhere, anyplace.
So I highly recommend getting familiar with it, using it when you can.
Again, you can get the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars also on Rumble, a platform that continues to be a cancel-free platform promoting true, civil, robust debate in America as big tech tries to go in the opposite direction.
We'll be discussing how Trump can beat the New York charges in just a bit and how DeSantis got deceived by the deep state and baited into challenging Trump in a counterproductive, self-destructive manner.
But one other key component on all of this in terms of supporting InfoWars is I have long been a not only a subscriber and a supporter, but someone who has continued to purchase the products mostly because they're just good products.
They're products that Alex has personally vetted and vouched for himself, products he uses himself, products his family uses themselves.
So that's why I've always known it's a reliable product.
But if you go to InfoWarsStore.com, It's a great little way to shove it to the man.
It's a great way to send a message to the deep state.
It's a great way to counteract the efforts of big media and big government and the collusion between corrupt actors that are trying to suppress the message by taking off the financial means of supporting that message and the distribution of that message.
And I guarantee you'll find something at InfoWarsStore.com that you like, that you enjoy.
But not only that, but that you need and that you want and that will make your life better.
As I often say, it's a great way to become healthier, wealthier and wiser.
As you go to InfoWarsStore.com today, find something you like, find something you enjoy, share in the benefits of the good products, but also are part of the key foundation To independent information and content creation, getting out there free from the gated institutional narrative, so that ordinary everyday people can hear the message of truth that they need in the fight for freedom, for our food freedom, our medical freedom, our political freedom, our civil rights freedom, our election integrity freedom, our opposition to war, our opposition to the deep state, our opposition to the surveillance state,
You are very much the tip of the spear.
You are very much holding the line that protects all of those values.
You are the ancestors to Paul Revere.
And I say this as someone who comes from a family, a Barnes family, that was part of the Constitution's founding from its very beginning, going all the way back to Rhode Island.
In addition, some people have asked about the Vaccine Safety Conference.
That is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored by VaccSafety, sponsored by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation of Steve Kirsch.
Dr. Robert Malone will be there.
Dr. Pierre Corey will be there.
My client, the great whistleblower, Brooke Jackson will be there.
A big fraud lawyer going after the government for various forms of fraud.
My co-counsel in the case against Pfizer for its lies to inject this dangerous vaccine on the mass population and stealing billions of dollars from the American people.
Warner Mendenhall will be there, and it's people coming together to try to find a way, how can we help the vaccine injured?
How can we get relief and remedy for the vaccine injured?
What legal strategies can we come up with?
What public opinion strategies can we come up with?
What's the scale and scope of the problem for people who have direct access to the information and knowledge of the vaccine injured?
So I believe there's tickets still available if you want to come.
You can see all of those great guests and speakers, be a part of a critical conversation, support a good organization like Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
And there's even CLE credit for those that are lawyers, if they want to participate.
So I highly recommend it if you're able to do so.
It's the COVID Litigation Conference, Saturday and Sunday at the Starling Atlanta Midtown Hilton.
And they're in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.
Pierre Cory, Meryl Ness, Children's Health Defense, Robert Malone, myself, Brooke Jackson, many others that are coming together for this very important cause.
Now, let's talk about how DeSantis got deceived by the Deep State.
The Deep State has long targeted DeSantis.
They recruited him from very early on.
Here's a guy from a working class family in Florida who goes on to Yale.
Then he becomes the captain of the baseball team.
He goes into the fraternity that has deep ties to the Bush family and Skull and Bones.
Then he goes and gets a privileged gig at a prep school teaching in Georgia.
That they usually give to people they're recruiting.
That's where there's some photos that are probably going to come out down the road that might be unfortunate for DeSantis.
Then New York Times and others are sitting on the story waiting for him to get the nomination to ambush him with it.
Then after that he goes to Harvard Law.
He gets recruited to go to Guantanamo.
Uh, where the rumor is that he was the, uh, that he was involved and connected to various torture activities.
Then he was sent over to Fallujah to work with the Navy SEALs.
Uh, there too, he had connect- I mean, he just researched Fallujah, folks.
Fallujah was a place where a lot of bad acts and bad places were taking- taking place.
Then he comes back and becomes Assistant United States Attorney in the Middle District of Florida where he gets assigned child porn cases and Russian immigration cases.
Cases that have a major political undertone and undercurrent.
As is coming out, there are some deals cut that seem kind of odd, look like sweetheart deals.
Go back and look at my expose here at InfoWars on Robert Mueller and how Robert Mueller used child porn cases to get blackmail information on high-profile people and cut sweetheart deals for those people.
There's evidence that DeSantis might have been tied to that.
Uh, then he goes to Congress where he aligns with the neocons and Tom Cotton, supports the Maidan coup, aligns with Paul Ryan, supports, uh, you know, extending, taking away Social Security and Medicare from all kinds of people.
Uh, then he runs for governor and only then do we see a populist side of DeSantis.
In order to win the primaries, he has his kids build a wall on TV.
He reaches out to Trump.
Trump puts him over the top.
He barely holds off winning in the general against the corruption in Broward County.
He's mostly kind of a nondescript governor until the pandemic rolls around.
And at the beginning, he's celebrating lockdown, saying lockdown saved lives, bragging about his lockdowns.
He initially brags about the vaccines, paid for a bunch of vaccines at taxpayer dollars, had old people take it in high-profile ways.
Some of those people died that DeSantis gave the vaccine to in a high-profile way.
But there was also a populist streak within him.
He was willing to be critical and finally, you know, hire a good Surgeon General in Florida that challenged all the bad pandemic policies.
Open a grand jury, challenging the corruption of Big Pharma, challenging the World Economic Forum.
And that led the deep state to believe that despite all these efforts to recruit him, he was untrustworthy in their minds.
So how do you take him out?
Well, you get him to run against Donald Trump.
By getting him to run against Donald Trump, he takes himself out.
And in the process, damages Trump as well.
And that's how, the way the deep state tricked DeSantis into doing it, is they convinced him that Trump was going to be effectively taken out with a range of indictments.
They told him this in late summer, and even though just months before, DeSantis had agreed, and DeSantis' people had agreed, that he would be on the Trump ticket in 2024, he reversed course in the fall, as reported by a range of people, And he did so because he was convinced that being with Trump would not be successful because Trump was going to be taken out by the deep state through a range of indictments with investigations in DC, Mar-a-Lago, Georgia, and New York.
So that's why this New York case is really coming about.
It's to get DeSantis to run because that was the quid pro quo to get him to run.
Along with a lucrative book deal that appears to have made him a millionaire and if you research book deals a lot of
these book deals tend to be
Look at who's really buying the book often. It's millions of dollars of people who aren't actually buying the book
now How can Trump beat the New York charges?
Well, the charges are legally baseless.
First of all, as Professor Alan Dershowitz, Professor Jonathan Turley, both from Democrats, have already said, there's no legal basis to claim that a non-disclosure agreement and payment of a settlement to avoid suit is a crime.
That's never been a crime.
That's part one.
Part two, he can challenge it because the statute of limitations has already gone way past The statute of limitations on this is five years in New York.
Well, it's been more than six years since the alleged incident occurred.
So there's no basis for it on the statute of limitations ground.
They might try to say Trump was outside of New York and they couldn't reach him.
They couldn't reach the president?
That's preposterous!
So the charges should be dismissed on those grounds.
Then it appears there have been discovery abuses and selective prosecution, constitutional due process violations.
The case can be dismissed on those grounds.
So the Trump case should ultimately be dismissed if he can find a conscientious court.
That will be the key.
Up next in the second hour, the one, the only, the inimitable, the irreplaceable, Alexander Emmerich Jones back to host the Alex Jones Show in the second hour.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Robert Barnes here.
Up next, Alex Jones himself returns to remote host the show in just a few minutes.
A few points I wanted folks to remember.
If you want to go to the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, you can support their efforts there.
If you want to go to the conference, it's still available.
The ticket is still available this weekend.
Definitely any lawyers out there that have any interest at all, you get CLE credits for going, and it's very affordable compared to other conferences of comparable value, and you'll get independent information that you need and will be of value to you in helping the vaccine injured get relief and remedy.
Robert Malone will be there.
Pierre Cori will be there.
The great whistleblower, Brooke Jackson, will be there.
The great counsel, Warner Mendenhall, will be there.
I will be there.
So I do recommend that if you can make it, to make it.
Because the goal is, how can we get relief and remedy for the vaccine injured?
I'll give a preview of one of the things that I think that's possible and one of the things that I think we are capable of doing.
So there's those people that have been injured economically and employer mandates.
I brought suit across the country on their behalf against Tyson Foods, against 3M, against the Madison Square Garden, and against a half dozen other corporate or other entities who are representing and defending them.
And I believe we will be able to get relief and remedy using Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for the discrimination against conscience, the discrimination on backgrounds of disability, As well as assault and tort theories and Nuremberg Code violations.
That relates to one possible theory for pursuit of relief and remedy for the vaccine injured.
Right now, federal law under the PREP Act says that if the federal government has designated a particular drug as a covered countermeasure, then nobody can sue them.
Even if they committed willful criminal fraud.
The only time you can sue for willful criminal fraud is if the U.S.
Department of Justice agrees that there was willful criminal fraud and allows you to sue.
Otherwise, right now, there is no method and no means to remedy.
One thing that we should be advocating for to our members of Congress, including people like Senator Vance, Congressman Massey, others in the House and the Senate, Senator Ron Johnson, is the PrEP Act needs to change.
And not only that, the childhood immunizations law needs to change.
We need to never have a situation where a drug company's only skin in the game is profit, not accountability.
Uh, and it is riches, not responsibility.
And that's currently what the Children's Immunization Laws and the PrEP Act provides for.
Riches without responsibility.
Profit without accountability.
And the, because they're guaranteed profit because mostly it's the government paying them money.
But they have no accountability.
They cannot be sued even if they commit criminal willful fraud outside of the Brooke Jackson case.
That's the only case that can be brought is what's called a Key Tamer False Claims Act claim.
So we need reform of the law.
This is also one of the benefits if Robert Kennedy runs for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.
His father was the last great Democratic candidate for the presidency when he was assassinated in California in 1968.
I have a hush-hush up at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com about the assassination of both his father, Robert, and his uncle, John.
I know Robert Kennedy and worked together with him in a range of cases representing the victims of many of these vaccine-related mandates or other illicit activities by the FDA, by the CDC, by the Department of Defense, and others.
And we will continue to do that.
But one utility of his campaign would be to elevate public attention to the need to reform these laws, where we have a situation and a circumstance where Big Pharma, it's important to note, Pfizer is one of the most criminally fined companies in the history of the world.
You're talking about a drug dealer that has caused more deaths and disabilities than all the cartels combined.
I see people saying, hey, some politicians saying, let's declare war on the cartels.
The cartels aren't killing nearly as many people as Big Pharma is right here in America.
So, let's have a legal war on Pfizer.
That's what we need.
We don't need another war in another place on drugs in some foreign place.
We need the big drug companies here held accountable, and that can start by changing the PrEP Act, by changing the childhood immunization laws, so that nobody is ever immune from bad deeds.
Nobody is ever immune from doing wrong.
Up next, the one and only Alexander Emmerich Jones Remote Hosting.
Come back for Sir Alexander.
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And it's Wednesday, March 22nd.
The year is 2023, and I appreciate the great Robert Barnes sitting in while I was here co-hosting with Steven Crowder
on his new hit show that he's launched on Rumble that has now dwarfed really any of the live show feeds
you see on YouTube of any other political show.
And this is a big success for everybody that cares about breaking the back of the big tech monopoly.
So congratulations, Steven Crowder.
This entire amazing team.
Okay, here's the deal.
We got a special guest joining us that's been over in the Netherlands dealing with the situation with them cutting off the farmers' access to their own land, trying to take their property, all part of the UN program.
That special guest will be joining us coming up in the third hour today, Mr. Jan.
We will also here today be covering a lot of news In this hour and the next hour.
Now look, everybody's focused on the Trump indictment and I said last week and I said on Monday and I said on Tuesday that I didn't expect him to get arrested on Tuesday but that they would probably issue the arrest warrant at some point after that because they said they were.
But they're going to build this thing up.
Now they're saying the grand jury's been canceled for today, and it looks like it might be as far away as next week until President Trump gets indicted.
But they did intend to do it.
They had the barricades out.
It's been their plan.
But now because Trump got back in their face and the American people rejected it, even Democrat pundits are going, this has never before been done in U.S.
It makes us a banana republic.
It's super dangerous.
I think maybe they won't indict him next week.
Because people stood up.
It's called the Second Amendment.
There's a lobby for the Second Amendment.
The people say no.
We're not turning our guns in.
We march.
We demonstrate.
We file lawsuits.
We exercise the Second Amendment.
We teach self-defense and gun culture.
We're winning that fight.
And the moral of the story is, anywhere we stand up with our ideas and intellectually fight the system, We have major victories.
Everywhere we lay down, we lose.
And so that's really what this is all about.
I mean, it sounds incredibly simple, but...
It is simple.
You've got to have courage, though.
And I go back to the First Amendment issue.
Trump really fell down on defending the First Amendment.
He didn't do anything about big tech censorship.
And finally, he got censored.
Now, he gave some rhetoric, but no real action.
No real action by the Republicans.
No real action back when they had the Congress and Trump for two years.
They did nothing.
But now they know they got stung in the ass over it.
And so we can't sit there and wait for Jim Jordan and wait for Matt Gaetz, and I'm not saying they're bad guys, to do the right thing.
And MTG is doing a great job.
We have to look to the groups, the talk show hosts, the individuals, and the massive people that understand the fight for the future.
We have to innovate.
We have to have an exodus out of this system.
And that's what you see happening at Rumble and to a lesser extent on other sites like Bandai Video and InfoWars.com.
And of course, Gab and just, you know, True Social, so many places.
But I'd love to say InfoWars, when it comes to innovation and when it comes to creating a platform that everybody's starting to get on, that's reaching hundreds and hundreds of millions of new people a day, I'd love to say that was InfoWars.
InfoWars was critical At the grassroots level and energizing the public's awareness to the New World Order and the globalist plan.
And we're still having a great, effective Bandai video on Infowars.com.
The crew is great.
The listeners are great.
That's all wonderful.
But when we see something breaking through like Rumble with all the new shows it's launching, all the new things it's doing, it's not about Alex Jones being number one.
It's about freedom being number one.
And it's about energizing those organizations.
So Steven Crowder made a gamble, but he bet on the American people.
And I know the inside baseball, even at that, much worse than what people know about collusion, censorship, manipulation behind the scenes.
And finally, after many years of having one of the top shows, number one show, he has broken free.
And in the first few days, it has been spectacularly successful, which is an example to everybody else.
So we need a gold rush Towards freedom, a gold rush towards free speech, a gold rush towards new platforms, and it'll be that excitement that ignites the new renaissance that brings down the new world order.
So it is a very, very exciting time to be alive, and I am just extremely excited to be here with you, the listeners and viewers, at the very tip of the spear.
But I first want to talk about COVID and them continuing to lie about the origins of it, because COVID, again, is the pretext for the total world takeover by the UN and by the globalists in their own words that we're witnessing, that COVID is their opportunity for total power.
So it's important to expose that before we get back into Trump.
And the border and the economy and everything else coming up in the next segment.
So here's Dr. Steve Hodes.
The ultimate goal is to kill people, killing on board, killing the majority of blacks, now killing us with the shots.
And we know that.
We've got to let that burn into our brains.
ultimate goal is to kill people.
And if you go like, why would they want to do that?
Well, there's always, if something seems strange, ask yourself a question.
What have the Marxists, the communists, the liberals, the leftists been doing since 1970?
They have been killing unborn children in the womb.
So if they'll kill unborn children in the womb, why is it hard for you to think that,
and that was a depopulation plan.
Margaret Sanger wanted to get rid of blacks.
The way you do it is you have abortions, and the vast number of abortions in America since 1970 have been performed on blacks.
Planned Parenthood didn't want blacks.
Margaret Sanger, she was a racist.
They didn't want blacks.
They didn't want that underclass.
So they wanted to kill them.
So now, what are they doing?
They're mutilating children.
That's nothing to them anymore.
If you can kill a baby in the womb, then you can mutilate children.
And they're giving the injection across the board.
Now, most of us listening know this is true, but it's important to let it burn into our minds, burn into our psyches, that this is really happening, and this is who we're up against.
There's no making deals with the New World Order.
There's no compromising with them.
There's no playing patty cake.
We have to go 110% exposing these people for who they are.
Absolute, pure, total evil.
We know their pedigree.
We know their background.
We know their game plans.
We know it all.
And it's up to us to say no to it, because now there's so much evidence on record of what's going on.
If we submit to this, we are aiding and abetting it.
Here's another very important clip that goes with it.
This is John Kirby, the Defense Department spokesperson, says on the declassification of COVID origins.
Listen to this.
It's always a balance between the public's right to know and our obligation to protect national security.
So they create the virus.
It's man-made.
Obama has it shipped out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2015 to Wuhan.
They stew it up there.
They have the vaccine supposedly already ready beforehand.
That's come out in documents.
Then they roll out this huge global power grab in the name of it.
And now the Pentagon tells us, oh, we got to balance national security to not let you know where it came from because it'll bring down the hijackers of our country and the globalist New World Order occupiers that run our nation.
Here he is.
He will declassify COVID origins intel except info that would harm national security.
Is there a bigger national security threat than something that killed 1.1 million people?
Yeah, I've seen some of the commentary on your network about this.
The president obviously has to balance transparency with national security.
Peter, of course he does.
Right when coming into office, ordered the declassification of what the DNI had on COVID origins.
Ordered the entire intelligence community and added the Department of Energy to that list.
And where is it?
Hey, let me finish my answer.
If we're talking about the beginning of his term.
Added the Department of Energy in the National Labs.
Told them to keep studying it.
We have kept Congress informed.
Some of that has to be in a classified way right now.
But it's always a balance between the public's right to know.
Not need, but right.
and our obligation to protect national security.
So one should not read into that statement that he's sort of laying a foundation here
to be overly secretive.
He believes strongly that we've got to find the roots and the origins of COVID
so that we can prevent a future pandemic.
And through his actions, just judge him on what he's done.
Through his actions, he's proven that he's willing to be as transparent as possible with the American people
because he believes that's important.
So they tried to cover up where it really came from the last three years.
They censored and attacked people.
All those documents are public now.
Twitter is just a window into it.
And now Joe Biden, China Joe, paid off by the Chai Coms, he really wants the truth about this virus they use for a giant power grab.
The good news is the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
The bad news is they still think they're going to get away with all of this.
Regardless, I'll be back tomorrow.
11 a.m.
Central Standard Time in studio and that's gonna be awesome.
I've had a great time here and Steven Crowder's awesome compound and to see the fact-checking and the research they're doing and all the great research and pieces they put out special reports is really an example to everybody of really what the future should be and I'm just excited about I'm just excited about being involved in the whole thing.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Bandop Video.
You can't share those links from anywhere, but you can share MadMaxWorld.tv.
I want to thank everybody that's tuned in today.
I want to thank everybody for the great job that they've done.
And I've just had a lot of really exciting things happen here in Dallas to see Steven Crowder go against the system and have just massive, massive, massive effect when it comes to overturning the program because they have been working so
hard to not have any platform that could really reach a larger
You can create a platform that has your audience, but the way the censorship works is they block it for
everybody else.
But what Rumble's doing, what Steven Crowder's doing is really, really exciting.
And I've been really, really happy to be involved in all of that.
We'll be right back with a lot of breaking news and information on the other side.
weapons now! (Applause)
Ban them now!
At this point, it isn't a guarded secret that President Dumpsterfire is merely reading written statements from an agenda conceived in an elitist Bilderberg boardroom.
We're tracking the climate crisis, we're tackling it, we're strengthening the global health and promoting food security.
In the meantime, my executive order directs my attorney general to take every lawful action possible to move us as close as we can to universal background checks without new legislation.
I just, it's just common sense.
Biden is telling us in his own little unique way that his handlers are panicking that 4 in 10 American households contain guns.
I should pass my budget instead of calling for cuts in these services, or defunding the police, or abolishing the FBI, as we hear from our American Republican fans.
Right now you can't go out and buy an automatic weapon.
You can't go out and buy a cannon.
And for those brave right-wing Americans who say it's all about keeping America, keeping America as independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15.
You need something a little more than a gun.
No, I'm not joking.
Think about this.
The blood of patriots, you know, and all the stuff about how we're going to have to move against the government.
Well, the Tree of Liberty is not water in the blood of patriots.
What's happened is that there have never been, if you wanted to think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.
And once we get further down the road of the madness of an engineered economic collapse replaced by CBDCs and 15-minute cities, all hell is finally going to break loose.
The whole 15-minute city ideology is not a grassroots initiative.
It's actually a global initiative.
A top-down global plan under UN Agenda 21 2030 to really roll out the 17 sustainable goals under net zero.
You think it's a green agenda to actually save the planet.
It is not.
It was implemented at the Earth Summit in 1992 by a bunch of oil billionaires, crooks, You're actually protecting your family by getting a vaccination.
Well, I heard that it doesn't cure it and it doesn't stop you from getting it.
It's very, very good at protecting you.
It takes years to create vaccinations.
Well, it used to take years.
You know how many years were invested in this approach?
About 20 years of science.
And nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to be taking no vaccination that you all came up with.
If it allowed thousands of people like you don't get vaccinated, you're going to let this virus continue to percolate in this country and in this world.
Something like the common flu then, right?
You know how many people died of the flu the last year?
I mean not this year, virtually none.
But the previous year, about 20 to 30,000.
You know how many people have died from COVID-19 in the United States?
600,000 Americans.
Well, the number that you all are giving that died, that's once again, that's you all's number.
Our campaign is about fear.
It's about inciting fear in people.
You all attack people with fear.
That's what this pandemic is.
Biden is also desperately bailing corruption out of his sinking lifeboat, as is evident with Hunter's last minute legal attack.
Hunter Biden is going to open up the biggest can of worms on Discovery because he's going to have to show how he was damaged.
Hunter Biden's lawyers are trying to say that this money, these two tranches of $3 million that went to Rob Walker, a Hunter Biden associate, business associate and friend, was seed money, was sort of prepayment for future work to be done.
That's ridiculous.
Hunter Biden and his business partners were doing work for this Chinese energy conglomerate for the last two years of Joe Biden's vice presidency.
They were owed money and the money was not to be paid until after Joe Biden left office.
You know, less than two months after Joe Biden's left office and the first of these three million dollar payments has come through to Rob Walker's bank account and then another one came a couple of weeks later.
Within a few days that money gets dispersed to, we know from James Comer today, to four immediate family members of Joe Biden and that being his son Hunter, his brother Jim Biden, Hallie Biden, who's the widow of his late son Beau, and then there's another fourth family member of the Bidens that James Comer and his oversight committee have not yet been able to find the identity of.
It's just named as Biden.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, a new voice here today now on the Alex Jones show from
the great Bob Barnes to Alex Jones now to myself honored to be here.
We do have a guest coming up in the third hour.
That's Michael Yan.
I want to get into the Trump situation with him.
He's been outspoken about that.
We'll talk about the geopolitical Developments happening right now where Russia and China and Xi and Putin are having these meetings and they're basically saying the world changes from here on out We're gonna do things that should have been done decades ago You know, so we warned you all this was going on and it's sad That our current leaders.
It's not that they didn't know That the balance of power was gonna shift.
It's not like they didn't know the geopolitical Winds were changing.
They just don't care about America.
They've sold you out They have been bought off by the highest bidder, whether it's Big Pharma or the Chinese Communists.
Just ask Joe Biden.
Which brings me to my next point.
You know, it's Wednesday.
We heard about the looming Trump indictment and incoming arrest perp walk Friday.
And so the left-wing media has been in a tizzy just like they have been for six years, seven years over Donald Trump.
And they're producing a bunch of AI images of him getting arrested and they're telling all their audience members he's for sure going to get arrested and this is finally their big moment.
And then still nothing.
Still nothing.
And yet it's Joe Biden not getting the attention.
Imagine that.
Why is Joe Biden not the biggest story?
Why is nobody talking about Joe Biden?
Whether you think he's corrupt or not, he is the president, right?
But no, he's never the story.
Because he's the non-factor.
He's the non-entity.
He's sold you out.
So are the Democrats so afraid of Trump or is the deep state so afraid of Trump that their equation says the only way we can stop him from getting in office again is to literally have him sitting in a jail cell?
which is not going to happen on this deal.
And so Monday, Tuesday, and today, and I'll even know more later tonight,
every caller that calls in to talk radio, and I can open up the phone lines today,
maybe we will on the war room, we have a guest in the third hour,
every caller is saying the same thing, and there's a new anger.
I don't know how else to say it.
They're thrashing.
Why is it that Joe Biden gets away with everything?
I mean, we have his bank records taking money from the Chinese Communists with four of his family members.
We have all of the Hunter Biden information with metabiota, with Burisma.
We have Joe Biden on tape, basically, I mean, what do you want to call it?
A bribe?
A blackmail?
We're not going to give you that money unless you fire the prosecutor investigating my son's business.
Oh, he's fired?
We give you a billion dollars in foreign aid?
I mean, it's all out there.
And then they make something up about Donald Trump.
Oh my gosh.
How many women has Donald Trump slept with?
An 80-year-old billionaire.
My God.
And then they bring these lying lawyers up.
Avenatti and Cohen.
But see, every caller now, this... Whatever you think about Trump, the reality of the situation is this.
Every time they politically go after Trump, including this most recent one, only puts a fire in his base.
And actually, I wouldn't even say that.
It expands his base.
He gets more support.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, one of the big cornerstones, truly, of InfoWars and this audience, we don't just tell you About what's going down in the future, we get you prepared for it.
And so, many people think about emergency food, emergency water, energy, but what about emergency communication?
Have you considered that?
Have you thought about that?
Not just in case something, you know, the worst thing goes down, but maybe you're out hiking, maybe you're out mountain climbing, No service.
What are you going to do?
You're going to want to have a satellite phone and we have those available at InfoWarsPhone.com Now obviously the worst case being if the cell towers go down or if the electricity goes down, you can't get access to a phone signal along with the potential for other sort of power failures.
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Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, how is this going to go?
When it couldn't be more obvious, not only that Joe Biden is the corrupt individual, not Donald Trump, but the media coverage of the two is glaringly different.
In fact, Joe Biden is such a non-entity that you never even see him on the news.
Monday he said he was Persian.
What was his deal yesterday?
He couldn't pronounce a new monument.
He didn't know the name of a monument.
He couldn't pronounce it.
He had to ask the crowd for help.
So that's what's going on with Joe Biden.
I haven't seen a Biden siding today.
He's got his Twitter team putting out tweets for him so he can pretend he's having a pulse.
What about John Fetterman?
Anybody heard from John Fetterman?
Any proof of life there?
So the media is talking about Donald Trump... 95% of their time now?
I mean, I monitor the fake news media, CNN, MSNBC, and, you know, their Trump coverage had gone significantly down.
They were still covering Trump every day, every night, don't get me wrong.
But now it's their top story, it's their segue, it's their last story, they're teasing it, it's their bottom line, it's their headline, it's their... I mean, it's everywhere.
And there's nothing from Joe Biden.
Hey, you know, Russia and China trying to broker a peace deal in Ukraine.
Russia and China going to start doing oil deals without the U.S.
ending the petrodollar.
They got Saudi Arabia to come on board.
They got Brazil to come on board.
You'll probably get Mexico and now everybody else.
And that's going to hurt our economy.
And just nothing.
Just nothing from the American media.
Our banks are collapsing.
I'm just curious.
Are Russian banks collapsing?
I didn't hear about that one in the news.
Didn't hear about Russian banks collapsing in the news.
They keep telling you how Russia's losing the war.
Is it Russia that's being completely destroyed right now?
No, that's Ukraine.
I'm not celebrating that.
That's sad.
That's unfortunate.
I feel bad for those Ukrainians.
And really, it's NATO and the fact that Ukraine has been a proxy state for the West.
For decades, that has caused this.
And you notice, John Kirby, when asked about a ceasefire, says, we'll never agree to a ceasefire.
When asked about a peace deal, we'll never have a peace deal with Russia.
So what are you really doing?
Ukraine's not a NATO country.
So what are you really doing?
You're stealing hundreds of billions of dollars And you know, I had already conceived it in my head, and this is why I was asking the question, kind of, just to throw it out there.
How do you steal an F-16 fighter jet?
How do you steal military equipment?
Like, oh, well, I guess you have a proxy state where you send a bunch of weapons, and then they just disappear.
No oversight.
They just... On to the black market they go.
And someone asked me, had you ever seen the movie The Lord of War with Nicolas Cage?
I had not seen that.
And so I watched it over the weekend, and you see, it's like, yeah, that's how you steal weapons.
You fund big wars, you flood these wars with weapons, and then you just got stockpiles of them and barely any oversight, if any at all.
And when they voted in Congress, they said, we want to have oversight of the money that we send, we want to have oversight of the weapons that we send, and the Democrats voted against it.
So what is really going on in Ukraine?
Well, now they're actually coming out and admitting and telling you that Ukrainians are dying in mass, and so are Russians.
But that doesn't mean the Russians are losing the war.
The Russians have more ammunition, they have more soldiers, and they have more of a will at this point To fight.
The Ukrainians have been devastated as far as their infrastructure.
The Ukrainians have been devastated.
They have like one bullet to every ten that the Russians can fire.
The Russians are pumping out military equipment and now they've got help from China, Iran.
Ukraine doesn't have the capacity.
Ukraine does not have the industrial capacity to put out the amount of weapons they would need.
That's why they're begging the US.
And that's why they're begging NATO.
And that's why they're begging Europe.
But the weapons aren't really showing up and the support is waning.
But that shouldn't even really be our business.
We should be able to deal with Ukraine or Russia, whatever the situation is.
No, the issue is now the entire geopolitical alignment changing.
And it's happening so fast, I don't even know if, even if we got Donald Trump in in 2024, who at this point I think would be the best for geopolitical relations and foreign diplomacy, it might be too late at this point.
Things are moving so fast now and the U.S.
is being left behind.
I mean, it's really not that difficult.
I don't even have to paint the analogy for you.
I mean, Joe Biden is our president.
The guy that can't think?
The guy that can't talk?
The guy that can't ride a bike?
The guy that can't walk up or down a flight of stairs?
The guy that wakes up in the morning and doesn't know where he is?
The guy that speaks in an event and has to ask the crowd what he's doing, where he's at, what's the name of this monument?
The guy that forgets the Constitution?
Yeah, are you really surprised that the world is passing Joe Biden?
Because really, humanity has been so suppressed for so long and even though China has used advancements in technology to suppress their own people, they understand that this technology can't really be kept at bay and you've got to release, just completely unleash energy, completely unleash technology And if you're going to do globalization, you've got to have fair and equal treatment of everybody at the table, and Russia has felt left off.
And now China has said, why don't you come on in, Russia?
And now there's a new alliance forming and Joe Biden isn't even at the table and none of his representatives are even at the table because they're clowns.
So nobody invites Jake Sullivan or Tony Blinken or John Kirby or Kamala Harris.
Nobody wants to deal with them.
They're jokesters.
And where is the American media?
They're talking about Donald Trump.
The fight against the New World Order is now the top story in the world.
The globalists are in deep trouble, but they're striking back with all their deep state operatives to shut down info wars and other truth tellers like James O'Keefe and Tucker Carlson and countless others.
So please pray for us now more than ever.
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You know, I don't think it's time to be bashful.
I don't think it's time to be shy.
I think it's time for the American public to coalesce around the fact that our president is a complete nincompoop if I'm being polite.
And you know what?
I really like the American way of life.
I really like the standard of living.
I like all the ease of access.
I like the cheap energy.
I like all the cars that we have and all the different options for places you want to live and how you want to live and... Man, I mean... I mean, under the Democrats, they're really just going to end it all.
Under Joe Biden, it's really just all collapsing around you.
Isn't it obvious?
I could just cover Infrastructure collapse for three hours a day.
Wouldn't even have to cover politics.
Just sit here covering infrastructure collapse.
Or maybe the violent crime in the cities.
Or maybe the homelessness and the poverty everywhere.
No, it's not time to be bashful.
The Democrats come out and tell you it's the greatest economy ever.
And then they tell you they have to fix the economy because the majority of Americans making six figures are living paycheck to paycheck.
They tell you it's the greatest economy ever and then they have to bail out the big banks.
No, it's not time to be bashful.
It's time for the American people to coalesce around the fact that If we don't recognize what an utter disaster is going on in the White House right now, then we're going to lose everything.
The border wide open.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
The political persecution.
So the story is... Did Donald Trump pay $100,000 to a porn star?
$100,000 to a porn star and they run it all day and they run it all night.
How many people came across the southern border yesterday?
How many people were shot in the city of Chicago this weekend?
What do you want to do, over under 12?
I'll take the over.
Donald Trump!
Oh wow, and now we've got a... Is this live right now, guys?
And now you've got another school shooting happening in Colorado.
School evacuated.
So now they'll come to take your guns.
Some lunatic probably hopped up on pills that pays for the mainstream media.
And now you'll have to turn your gun in.
Yeah, you know, just your Bill of Rights under attack, your freedom, your prosperity under attack, your energy under attack, your infrastructure under attack.
But hey, you know, I think Donald Trump paid a porn star a hundred grand.
Seven people were killed, 46 others were injured due to a series of shootings near the United Center at Adams and Seeley.
That was this weekend in Chicago.
So you see the signs are all around you.
You see it.
We just don't talk about it, do we?
We just don't talk about what's going on.
We just don't talk about what's causing it.
We just don't talk about what it's going to look like in five years or ten years.
No, we want to talk about Donald Trump and a porn star!
That's the big story.
That's what the crowd wants.
That's what the American people want.
No, the story is the Democrats Are trying to arrest their political opposition, the number one presidential candidate from their opposing party.
The Democrats are trying to put him in jail.
That's called corruption.
That's called a banana republic.
That's called your country is in big trouble.
We'll discuss all this and more with Michael Yan on the other side.
And Michael Yan is my guest, a student, a traveler, a lover of the world.
And he joins me now to cover a bunch of topics like the bank failures, the 15-minute cities, what's going on between Putin and Xi Jinping.
Michael Yan, what is your biggest story today?
Where do you want to start?
Okay, Owen, where to start?
I mean, I've been watching you.
I mean, you know, we could start in a lot of really big places, right?
I just left, well, I was just in the United States in Texas, you know, just a couple of weeks ago watching the invasion in Texas of the border.
We have no border.
You know, I'm the one that broke the story about the Chinese coming through the Darien Gap.
Almost nobody knows that because I feed it out to other people.
I'm constantly down, you know, places like Columbia and Panama.
Watching that flood through the through the board through the dairy gap.
For those who don't know what the dairy gap is, the dairy gap.
Is a is a border between Columbia and Panama's mostly jungle.
It's all jungle and they call it the gap because there's a highway that goes all the way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.
I was 1 actually.
And you could actually take a motorcycle or whatever and go all the way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America, except for this one gap that's about 60 miles.
63 miles, there's no road, right?
And so that jungle is an hourglass where just basically about a thousand people per day right now are coming through from all over the world, including China, mainly in China.
But about 140 nations in total all over Africa, all over Asia, South America, including, of course, Venezuela's collapse, Haiti, of course, Let's get to what I've been doing more recently.
looking at the Dominicans build a wall between Dominican Republic and Haiti.
They call it the Trump wall actually. It's pretty amazing how they just
expelled the Dominicans just expelled about 162,000 Haitians back to Haiti.
Anyway, let's get to what I've been doing more recently. So I left Panama, you know
the Dairy Gap in Texas and Florida looking at these things.
And I flew over to the elections in in Netherlands.
I went there specifically because Jordan Peterson, he asked me to go on a show last year and went viral.
And so he asked me to go back For these elections in Netherlands, which I was actually going to do anyway.
So, I flew back to Netherlands and I was just driving all over Netherlands with farmers.
And why the Netherlands, right?
So, I just want Jordan Peterson again and explain this in detail.
But since that time, some other things have happened.
Why Netherlands?
Why do I spend so much time in these places?
You know, if you watch and map the places I go year after year, and you see Columbia, Panama, Mexico, Texas border, Arizona border.
Recently, when I came to the US elections, I went to Maricopa County.
I've been overseas for months and I went straight to Maricopa.
Out of all the counties in the United States, that happened to be the county that It has shown the most trouble with the latest elections, right?
With Kerry Lakin and what not in Arizona.
So watch where I go.
Why am I going to Netherlands so much?
There's a specific reason for this.
And why am I in Japan right now?
Another specific reason.
China, right?
So China and the West, the World Economic Forum, they are so co-sanguinated and co-mingled that they are inseparable.
They don't just cooperate, they're married, right?
And so they're married to the point where, I mean, their intermediate goals are all very similar.
to take control of the world, do a huge depopulation.
Now at the end state, now the West, the World Economic Forum, they call it the West
in the Netherlands, the World Economic Forum and the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party,
are clearly gonna fight.
At the end, as the Hong Kongers call it, Chai Nazis, Chai Nazis, Chinese Nazis.
And I don't use that term lightly.
That's the way Hong Kongers put it.
They wish to basically take over the planet Earth with Chinese genes.
And they're very clear about it.
They don't hide this.
It's not like anything that's, you know, that's not out in the open.
That's why I spent seven months in the Hong Kong fighting in 2019, 2020, until I was kicked out by the Chai Nazis.
For being out, you know, and revealing what's happening in this protest and the brutality.
So many people beaten down right in front of me by the Chi Nazis.
And so the Chinese, the Hong Kongers, would constantly call them Chi Nazis because they're using weaponized migration.
Remember that term, weaponized migration?
Because that's what I'm looking at in all these places.
And so in Hong Kong, the Chinese from mainland China had been pushing in mainland Chinese, Han Chinese, at a rate of about roughly 100 to 150 a day for many years.
These are Mandarin speakers.
They look different.
Their cultures are different.
Then Hong Kongers, who are mostly Cantonese speakers, and the Cantonese-speaking Hong Kongers are being muscled out.
So they're being, with the weaponized migration of the mainlanders, they're just being muscled out of Hong Kong.
And so at this point, you know, the elections are totally, well, you can see what happened.
Hong Kong's been taken over, by the way.
And by the way, I've never seen so many American flags in my life other than on the streets of Hong Kong, because they saw the United States as their only chance to get out of this thing.
And actually, Donald Trump was actually helping them.
And so you'd see Trump signs everywhere.
This is Hong Kong, right?
These are Hong Kongers, right?
So anyway.
Why did I just go to their elections?
If you look at, you mentioned earlier about smart cities.
Right now, the farmers are being knocked off their land in Netherlands to build something called, this is an intermediate goal, tri-state city.
Tri-state city.
When I was just on with Jordan Peterson, he said, To me said something like, Michael, you know, your theory about the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party wishing to push Tri-State City.
I said something like, Jordan, it's not a theory.
I mean, this is actual reality.
They've got a website.
They've got it all mapped out.
Tri-State City.
It's called Tri-State.
Because it is comprised of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
So part of Germany, part of Belgium and most of Netherlands will be tri-state city.
And it's a huge Massive city with about 30 million people that is being worked on now.
We've got to take the farmers land from them first, right?
And there's numerous reasons to get the farmers off the land.
One is to destroy the social fabric of the Netherlands, right?
So there it is, Tri-State City.
And so, okay, as you've got that map up, Owen, thank you for putting that map up.
If you'll notice, there's two, you see Amsterdam there, right?
Close to Amsterdam, south of there is Rotterdam, right?
Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in the world.
It is the biggest port in Europe.
And then just south of Rotterdam is Antwerp Port, Antwerp.
Antwerp and Rotterdam.
Antwerp is the second biggest port in Europe.
So you got Rotterdam and Antwerp.
These are the two biggest ports in Europe.
Think about this for a minute.
There's a train that runs all the way to Rotterdam from all the way over Chengdu and Shanghai, China, and the feeder that you know, basically the big main hub leaves Chengdu, China and comes all the way across Asia and goes right there, right?
And so, If you control those two ports, Rotterdam and Antwerp, and this area of Europe, I mean, that is the beating heart of Europe.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but the Chinese basically have this new dream, they want to build a new Silk Road.
The new one that they're building has to go through Ukraine, correct?
Well, it has different theaters.
You'll see, I mean, yes, it does, but it goes, you'll see, you know, various theaters and math, but yeah, definitely.
So, I mean, this is not all coincidence, right?
It's not a coincidence that I keep going to these places like Hong Kong or why I'm in Japan at this point.
By the way, I've written three books on information war that are only in Japanese language.
They're not even in English.
And the reason why, and I started working on those in 2014.
They've been out for years and they were big sellers here in Japan.
And so, and the reason why I wrote these, and they're only in Japanese, is to wake up the Japanese to the information war that is going on against Japan, to split Korea and Japan in the United States.
It's been now successful in 2019 and 2020.
Yeah, well the good news is we've got Joe Biden in charge, and so certainly Joe will mend these wounds, and he'll put some patchwork diplomatically, he'll fix these foreign relations.
I mean, Joe Biden, he's up and at them, right?
Actually, I don't even think we heard from Joe today.
All right, Michael, we're up against a hard break.
I want you to continue your story on the other side.
All right, Michael, Jan is our guest.
He was all over the map, literally all over the map, in the last segment.
And I don't want to deter his momentum here.
But Michael, I do want to ask you one question quickly, because you were covering the southern border issue, the Chinese nationals coming over.
And when I was down there covering the open border, I noticed something as well.
You can tell the difference between people that are traveling because they're downtrodden, or actual refugees, or looking for some help, or whatever.
But a lot of these people are coming in, they've got fresh clothes, they've got brand new iPhones.
I mean, they get here, they're calling their friends, I see them at the airport talking about the party they're about to go to.
And so I saw the Chinese nationals that was in one of the videos that went viral, and then they were re-seen in Brownsville, and these are individuals that don't seem to be, you know, bad off, they don't seem downtrodden, they have fresh clothes.
What is the story with that?
Well, this is exceedingly interesting.
These are mainland Chinese that are coming in, by the way.
On my last trip to Darien, I'm about to go back, but on my last trip, I took two Chinese.
One was a Cantonese speaker and the other one was a Mandarin speaker.
And the reason I took one of each is because, actually, I wanted to see if anybody spoke Cantonese that was coming through.
And out of about 50 mainlanders that we spoke with, none spoke Cantonese, all spoke Mandarin, All were from mainland China.
None were from like Taiwan, you know, where they speak Mandarin as well.
None were from, say, Indonesia or Thailand.
Tons of Chinese that live in Thailand and Malaysia and Indonesia, you know, all over the place, right?
They were all from mainland China.
They were all from all over mainland China.
None were like downtrodden.
None were, they looked more like, you know, professionals.
Most were military-age males.
There were some family units, or ostensibly family units.
I mean, there were some children, but by far, most were military-age males.
I made a lot of video of it, just, you know, very close and talking with them, chatting with them.
And they come, the mainlanders, like one had just been over in China two weeks before I encountered him in the jungle in Panama, in the Darién Gap, and he had flown.
They all had the same story.
They flew to Ecuador.
So they fly from mainland China, they get to Ecuador, and then in Ecuador, they stay in a series of like a guest house and that sort of stuff.
And then they go up to Colombia, and then they go through the Darien Gap.
And the Chinese have more money, so they take a safer route.
They take a boat, they go from a place called Mecocli up to a place called Percana.
I've also done this boat route, and that's in Colombia.
And then they get, then the people without as much money, they then, that looks like Darien Gap right there.
Yeah, I've spent months down there.
That place is epic.
A huge amount actually die going through there.
But anyway, the people that don't have money have to take the route that you're showing right now.
That's the hard route.
You see, some of these don't look like they've got as much money.
How much of that is coordinated?
Because we see these giant maps that route where they're going to get into the United States.
I mean, there's some level of coordination because they end up in groups, some of them on buses, they get these envelopes.
It's more than some level of coordination.
I mean, I wouldn't go on about that as well.
Now, the Chinese pay roughly $20,000.
Most of them are saying about $20,000 to get from mainland China to that part of Panama.
And then by the time you see them in Texas or wherever, they will have paid about $10,000 more.
So total about $30,000.
These aren't poor people.
As you see these Chinese coming through, they look quite healthy.
They look, you know, they're educated.
For instance, when I'm down there with my interpreters, you know, they're educated people.
These aren't Chinese running from something, you know, they're running to something.
And anyway, The routes.
Now, you may have seen recently in the last few weeks that, you know, you can see that the routes are being coordinated.
You see the maps being revealed, the way stations and how to get legal out.
I'm the one that broke that.
I broke that from the Darien Gap, right?
As they come out of the jungle from the Darien Gap, the ones who survived, there's a guy from Red Cross there, I've got video of, I made the video, and he's showing you a map of where to go.
They got a QR code.
Get your smartphone out, QR code, it'll show you the places to go along the way, all the way through, of course, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and then you keep going, of course, and finally you end up crossing the Guatemala border over to Tapachula, Mexico, where I've done this as well, and then from Tapachula you end up taking buses, and then you end up on the U.S.
border, and this advice that you get along the way, this is aided by the United States of America.
Secretary Mayorkas went down to Darien last April.
I mean, April of last year.
I was there.
I waited for him for days.
Yeah, right there.
You see Bajo Chiquito?
Actually, I'm surprised Bajo Chiquito is on the map at all.
Bajo Chiquito, I've been to that village.
That's a very remote village.
There's no roads to it.
It takes three hours by Pidagwa to get up there, and it takes an hour to get to the
Pidagwa on back road, like you need a four-wheel drive.
And then you get on the Pidagwa, Pidagwa is a dugout canoe.
That's the only thing on those rivers.
And Bajo Chiquita is where the migrants come out of, it's one of two villages where they
come out of the out of the Darién Gap.
And then they finally go to these two camps.
One of the camps is Las Blancas and the other camp is called San Vicente camp.
These are the camps that US taxpayer money is paying to expand and we drone them last year.
For instance, when Secretary Mayorkas, he went to San Vicente camp.
I waited for him on about the fourth day.
He landed.
I saw the Blackhawks coming in three Blackhawks.
I launched my drone.
I've just been sitting there waiting.
I knew where they might land and they did.
And then they went right in front of me into the San Vicente camp and they talked
with the Panamanian government about expanding the camp and we had done it.
So now the flow is about a thousand people per day coming through the Darien Gap and going north.
And we, the United States government, has negotiated this between Panama and Costa Rica, something called controlled flow.
Controlled flow is an agreement between the governments of Panama and Costa Rica.
Actually, we did it, the United States government, to help increase the flow of migrants to the United States.
We're paying for it.
There's something else called IOM, or O-I-M, depending on which language.
It's the Immigration Organization of Migration.
You know, it's IOM in English and OIM in Spanish.
Anyway, so you'll see in Schiphol Airport, for instance, in Netherlands, at departures Terminal 3, Terminal 3 departures.
Go in there and you'll see, go through the little whirly door and to the left, there's an OIM office right there in Schiphol Airport, the main Amsterdam airport, the only Amsterdam airport.
And that OIM office is helps the migrants quote-unquote get on flights to around Europe.
Yeah, it's unbelievable.
So once you get over to Europe, they help you get to different countries in Europe.
They help you get to Europe as well.
So this OIM or IOM again, depending on the language, it's United Nations.
I was just at their terminal, again, sitting there watching migrants come from around the world and get their tickets and get on UN jets that are paid for by the United States government and by other taxpayers around the world to invade Europe, which is really incredibly done, and the United States, which is also, you know, this is a replacement strategy.
We can go on about this for hours.
I understand why it's called weaponized immigration.
You just laid it out.
The questions are pretty obvious here.
Why are millions of foreigners getting paid to come here?
Why are millions of foreigners rushing to come here?
There's an agenda afoot.
There's a mission.
There's a goal.
There's a plot.
There's a plan.
We can get into all the different things.
Yeah, replacement.
And it's funny because they say, there's no such thing as the Great Replacement Theory, but by the way, it's a good thing that it's happening.
Michael Yan is our guest.
And just incredible information we are receiving here on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
Alright, Michael, I know you could talk about this for days.
And I know there's other stories you want to come on and cover as well, but I do want to ask one more question here.
When we talk about Chinese nationals paying $30,000 to get to the United States, I mean, my question would be, why?
Why are they deciding to come here illegally when clearly they could come here legally if they were so inclined?
What is the story there?
Good question.
You know, think about when you see some of these Chinese, they clearly to me, they look like some look like military or intelligence people.
Others are probably honestly family units or something along those lines.
But mixed in with these groups are clearly There's a lot of people that are highly suspicious, not just with Chinese, and they're coming through.
Keep in mind, that's the Darien Gap.
That's only one feeder route.
They're also coming into the Canadian route.
In February 11, I don't know if this number's out there, but about 150,000 migrants, quote unquote, came through the borders.
That had encounters or were getaways with Border Patrol.
Now, that is just the ones who came across that.
That doesn't include the people that say, flew to Atlanta Airport or New York or whatever, or Los Angeles.
It doesn't include the people that came through and had visas or came through and didn't have visas and encountered them at the border, you know, and encountered them as they entered the United States by a port of entry, like, you know, any of the airports or whatnot.
These are the people that, like, for instance, were caught coming over the Rio Grande at night or that sort of thing.
About 150,000 just in February, right?
So, these numbers are swelling.
They're going way out of control.
And let me get back to this, this weaponized migration, because you started to hit on it, Owen, before we went on break.
And the weaponized migration, this is an old tactic in warfare.
I was in Lithuania about a year and a half ago before the Ukraine war broke out.
You know, because actually I was down in Morocco watching Morocco weaponize migrants against Spain and these two Spanish cities called Ceuta and Melilla.
There's these two Spanish cities that are actually in Africa.
They're in Morocco.
And so if you can get into Ceuta or Melilla, which are in Africa, they're in Morocco.
If you get into those cities, Ceuta or Melilla, you're actually in the EU, and therefore you fall under EU law.
So you see Morocco, which is a good friend of the United States, and it was the first country to actually recognize the United States, and we've had great relations, but they are actually weaponizing migrants as well.
And I was over there also on the Turkish-Greece border and on the Greek side with Greek militia actually.
I was there with Chuck Colton, a friend of mine who's actually here in this Airbnb somewhere.
And we've been checking out weaponized migration here in Japan.
Anyway, the bottom line is weaponized migration is an old strategy and it's been used over and over and over in places like Ukraine in the 1930s and before by Stalin, you know, to replace the Kulaks.
It's being used all across Europe right now if you go to Luxembourg with the first time I was in Luxembourg is when I was in the army back in a long time ago and I was there again last year and now approximately 50% almost 5-0 look at their own website their own official website in Luxembourg the country of Luxembourg and it's about It's almost 50% now of foreigners.
And that's a tiny country.
That's the tiniest landmass of a country, isn't it?
It is.
Think about it, though.
Think about it strategically.
If you want to take these chessboard squares, little countries like Luxembourg are important.
They used to be the jewel of Europe.
Now it was a place where, you know, you might let your wife and kids out at midnight, no problem.
Probably like highest incomes, like highest, I mean, I mean, obviously it's a small country, but it was like wealthy, well off.
Super safe.
Not now.
I mean, I saw literally, I saw literally probably 10 or a dozen fights in the approximate week or so that I was there this last trip.
It's just unbelievable.
I mean, African gangs running some of the street corners in downtown Lexington.
Don't take my word for it.
If you're in Europe, get on over to Luxembourg, go to Luxembourg City, get yourself a hotel down by the train station, and watch all the action.
You're going to see fights, you're going to see people doing drugs in the road, you're going to see people defecating in the road, in broad daylight, you're going to see the police not doing anything about it.
Yeah, we can go on about this, but let me talk about Tri-State City just one more thing.
Now, you can see this replacement strategy in the Netherlands and across Europe and the United States is well underway.
Now, Taking that farmland in the Netherlands is key to taking over the Netherlands, which is key to Europe.
Because remember, Tri-State City has what?
Rotterdam and Antwerp harbors right there.
The two biggest ports in Europe are in are in tri-state city is a perfect place to beating heart
of Europe.
If you control that, I mean you've got a massive amount of control over what comes and goes
out of Europe.
That's a big deal, right?
And that'll be a smart city, basically a camp, right?
I mean one of these 15-minute cities.
I mean a total control state, a farm.
So this is like taking the EU, the concept of the EU, but now they're just shrinking
it down and saying it's not a series of countries, now it's a series of cities.
Owen, you're not going to believe it.
Well, yeah, you would.
I see you talking about these things all the time.
Some people won't believe it.
I mean, they're releasing wolves across Europe now.
For instance, in Netherlands.
Years ago, there was no wolves in Netherlands, but they passed a law to protect wolves.
And the Dutch were like, well, okay, we can pass the law.
Why are you trying to pass a law to protect wolves?
There's no wolves here.
And now suddenly there's wolves.
When I just landed in Netherlands on this most recent trip, a wolf was killed close to me, about half a kilometer away, got hit by a car on the highway, right?
So they're eating people's livestock, they're eating their cows and sheep and that sort of thing.
Real wolves, right?
And wolf packs, like in Germany about two or three weeks ago, a German lady, she was on her little electric bike, luckily she said it had a turbo on it, and three wolves were chasing her, almost got her.
And actually wolves got the One of the prized ponies of one of the Ursula of Germany, they call her the evil, the witch of Germany, killed her pony.
Look on the news, you'll see how wolves killed her pony.
This is one of the main globalist women of Europe.
Anyway, bottom line.
It's not like, okay, The EU is going to have some sort of diplomatic influence or even the ability to overpower what your country might want.
Now it's going to be down to a city level where even the city can't be sovereign.
You can't even have local leadership be sovereign from this.
Oh, they're not sovereign, Owen.
The Dutch government is not sovereign at all, and we need to talk about that if we have time.
But for instance, these wolves, these are clearly being used in an information attack right now on farmers in Germany and Netherlands and other places to say, well, the reason that the wolves are killing these sheep and whatnot, of course, wolves will kill like 20 sheep and eat one of them because that's how they roll.
But the media is saying that it's the farmer's fault for having farms there on traditional wolf land.
Well, wolf land, what are you talking about?
A lot of the Netherlands where they introduced these wolves was underwater.
I mean, that was traditional fish land until the amazing Dutch pulled it out of the sea, right?
They reclaimed it from the sea.
But now, you know, you've got, anyway, bottom line is the wolves and Look at the World Economic Forum website.
You'll see they have pictures of wolves and bears and all these other things and these little, you know, natural areas that they're trying to join together and basically get rid of everybody and push everybody into these smart cities.
I was reading a book on cholera about two years ago.
I read a lot of books on pandemics and whatnot and I have for many, many years because I'm a war correspondent, right?
And pandemic famine and war, they go together.
So, I mean, you know, I did all the kinetics in the shootouts and all that stuff for years, but there's other higher levels of warfare.
Information war is the PhD level of warfare, right?
There's many other forms of warfare that don't include guns.
Weaponized migration, for instance, or pandemic or famine.
So you see what's being used is just a combined arms with the death jabs and all these sorts of things to just diminish the population and control what's left.
Anyway, let me talk about... Let me give us a break here.
So hold that thought.
We got our final break, last segment with Michael Yan coming up, and we can talk about the Dutch farmers and the concept of 15-minute cities because...
I mean, obviously we look at this stuff and we're just supposed to accept that it's inevitable.
We're supposed to accept that eventually you're not going to be able to find a steak anymore, or a cheeseburger.
Eventually you're going to live in the megacities.
Well, no, that isn't inevitable yet.
Wow, we've covered so much information here with Michael Yan.
Just a wealth of knowledge.
And the two, well, there's a lot of big issues you didn't get into, but I know two things you wanted to talk about was the Dutch farmers and the idea of 15-minute cities.
And I'm sure that there's a way, at least right now, where they both tie together.
They got to take the farmers' lands in order to basically take control over them, and the Dutch farmers are actually fighting back.
There are mass protests happening.
Do you want to talk about that first?
Yeah, that's important, Owen.
Some interesting aspects unfolding with that.
For instance, the BBB party, which you may have seen in the news, it's been getting international news.
I was there for the elections.
They won in a landslide.
It's called the Born Burger Bewege, right?
In Dutch, it means BBB.
It means the Farmer Citizens Movement, right?
They won in the landslide.
They took, I believe, 17 seats.
Anyway, let's get to that.
I'm in a tiny minority of people that think BBB actually is not good news, and here's some of my support for my reasoning on that.
I think that they're basically a wolf in wolf's clothing.
They're not even hiding who they are.
For instance, I just drove about 800 miles around Netherlands.
I know it's a tiny country, but I was crisscrossing it everywhere, and my GPS showed about 800 miles.
I was going to all these different farms, talking with farmers, going to political meetings, and that sort of thing, doing my job, right?
Now, most of the farmers had switched over from parties like the FVD, which is the Forum for Democracy, and that sort of thing, and they had gone over to BBB.
Now, here's some of my evidence that I believe BBB is a wolf in wolf clothing.
First of all, there are political signs all over Netherlands.
I just drove about 800 miles around there.
Signs are everywhere.
It's B.B.
It's written right on the side.
Build Back Better.
They don't even hide it.
I mean, Build Back Better for the... Now, when I talk with some farmers about that, they're like, yeah, it's B.B.
That's nice.
I'm like, do you know what Build Back Better means?
That is your enemy.
That is your... That's like saying, Heil Hitler.
I mean, it's like...
Build back, they're saying it right on their signs, which is what they often do.
Another, another indicator, there are many indicators, but let's just go to those two.
BB better on signs all over the place.
Another is that this BBB party was getting massive amounts of Dutch and European press,
for instance, and world press.
For instance, I just got a message from Columbia right after the election from a center I know
And she said, she sent me a message and she said, look, Michael, I know you're in Netherlands.
The BBB party just won.
This is a great victory for the farmers.
I said, hold on.
Again, she's a senator in Columbia, the country of Columbia right now.
I said, no, I don't believe this is good news.
It says, they say on their side, why do you even know about Colombia, about some political party in Netherlands?
Why is it getting all over CNN?
Why is it getting Fox and everybody else is talking about the BBB party and they got so much, they dominated the news cycle in Netherlands and it wasn't negative news.
Right now, the competitive parties like the FVD in Netherlands, they were ostracized and demonized and whatnot.
And now they've only got one seat.
They were a dominant party in Netherlands.
Now they're just basically sidelined.
I've spent a lot of time with them.
I was with them on the night of the election for that matter.
So here are two major elements here.
One is BBB on their political science is DBetter.
I mean, how more clearly can you say it?
And another is, they got so much press that wasn't negative, right?
Now, let's go to a third level.
Caroline Vander Plaats, she was the founder of the BBB party in 2019.
It's a new party, highly funded.
Where'd they get all this money?
A lot of people want to know, but the farmers totally went for them.
And I think these are great farmers, good farmers.
I get along with farmers in every country I go to.
That's why when I just went back to Germany, I mean here, Japan, I left Netherlands, I went to Germany, another place.
Now I'm back in Japan.
I was just out with fishermen and some others and farmers.
And that's where you'll get a lot of the graph.
There you go with the BB bet.
Look at the green on the lower left.
See the green?
That's the actual emblem.
If you see green on a political sign in Europe, I mean, you might as well just put a swastika there.
I mean, I mean, seriously, and then be better.
It's right on the sign.
And so and they're getting this huge amount of press right all over.
And so anyway, now, Caroline Vander Plaats, the so-called founder of the BB, but she's, you know, the lead the head of it.
She's talked openly talks about We're not even getting a consistent element here that's causing all these problems?
Depending on which country you go to, it's a different element causing climate change?
Germany right and so they say instead of in Netherlands instead of talking about
carbon dioxide they talk about stick stuff nitrogen right and they make it
sound like nitrogen which is like 78 79 percent of the air we're not even
getting a consistent element here that's causing all these problems depending on
which country you go to it's a different element causing climate change okay all
right it's tailor-made brother Every country you go to, it's tailor-made.
It's like, here are six awful, you know, because they know that, anyway, the carbon dioxide doesn't fly as well in Netherlands.
Now, you cross the border and you go over to Germany and they want to talk about carbon dioxide again, right?
Because Germany and Netherlands border each other.
Oh, let me talk about that.
So I was just over in this protest on March 11th.
There was two protests that day.
I went with the farmers' protest.
And then the Extinction Rebellion, they're like sort of like Antifa in a sense.
They're a bunch of meat bots, I call them.
They're, you know, robotic, you know, they're winding them up.
They hate you driving a car.
They're big climate activists.
And so check this out, Owen.
The Dutch police asked for water cannons from Germany.
Trucks with water and Germany actually sent water cannons into Netherlands.
Which is amazing when you think about it.
With Germany, with Netherlands actually asking Germans to send equipment and then they hose down the... Did they hose down the climate commies or the farmers?
Yeah, not the farmers.
They're like MAGA, the farmers.
So they hosed down the climate commies?
Oh, they hosed them down in the middle of the 8th Love Highway.
But you know, the same water cannons were the same ones that Germany sold to Hong Kong to hose down the people.
When I got hit with them, they sold these $2 million water cannon trucks over to Hong Kong.
Water cannon trucks were developed in Germany, by the way, I think in the 1930s.
The actual, yeah, the globalists in Germany sold them to Hong Kong to help smash the protesters I was with in Hong Kong.
Yeah, they were smashing them hard.
They put these chemicals in there that burned terribly.
You would have Hong Kongers stripping off their clothes in the streets to get that crap off.
And anyway, but now let's go back to now I'm in Japan.
So I left Europe and I came back to Japan.
Again, I've written three books that are only in Japanese language about information wars that are being used here to divide Japan.
Like yesterday, I was with Chuck Colton and Masako Kanaha, the famous Japanese journalist, and we were interviewing a guy who married a doll, an actual doll, an anime doll.
Anyway, but before we... That happens in Japan regularly now, doesn't it?
Yeah, it was really interesting.
We were in his apartment anyway, the doll was there.
Anyway, but before that, we just heard from Ishigaki Island.
Oh man, it's like another story.
But I mean, but so Ishigaki Island, this looks like video I took.
I didn't take that video, but I was physically, I know that spot.
And so anyway, that was Hong Kong.
And so anyway, That looks like Hong Kong as well.
But anyway, yeah, that's definitely Hong Kong.
I mean, that was at some of these fights.
But anyway, so at Ishigaki Island, if you look at Ishigaki Island, that's very close to Taiwan.
Yesterday, we were with the mayor of Ishigaki in his office, and we were talking about potential war with Taiwan, food security, and these sorts of things.
He's worried about potential famine in Ishigaki if war breaks out or if other things unfold.
They create a lot of food there, but it's mostly sugar cane.
People can't live on sugar cane.
So, you know, they've got maybe 20 to 30 percent self-sufficiency.
That's being aggressive.
Actually, it's probably a lot less than that.
Would you say that China controls most of the means of production and movement of the food supply in Asia?
They don't.
They don't directly control it.
But there's a lot of inputs to this, for instance, with the All right.
fertilizers, with the energy and these sorts of things. For instance, when I was just over
in Netherlands with a pig farmer a couple of weeks ago, and he told me about how he
was self-sufficient. He has over a thousand pigs. He uses the pig manure to fertilize
his Christmas trees and pear trees, right?
And I said, where do you get your pig food?
He gets that from Brazil.
And his eyes lit up when I asked him, because he's a smart guy.
And I said, you know, the fertilizer that Brazil uses to create that maize that feeds your pigs, that comes from Europe.
And Europe is now way short of nitrogenous fertilizers, in part because Nord Stream 1 and 2 were cut, right?
Nord Stream 2, of course, was not flowing.
It was pressurized.
And not to mention the...
Fertile soil that we know is in Ukraine.
Man, Michael, there's so much more left to talk about.
Unfortunately, we are out of time for this hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm sure Alex will be wanting to have you back to finish up this discussion.
But it's important, folks, to understand the reason why they need control of the food supply is not just so they can cut off your access to meat, it's so that they can cut off your access to being a sovereign citizen.
Force you into the 15-minute cities where it's the only place you can get food and water.
That's what they really want to do to you, in my view.
Michael Yan, thank you so much for your time today, man.
Great stuff, as always.
Thank you.
And coming up next is Kate Daly, and then I'll be back in an hour hosting the War Room, fulfilling my normal duties here at InfoWars.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
I'm so glad you're tuned in today.
I want to discuss so many different things.
I want to discuss the fakery, the theater, All of it.
I can't wait.
I'm actually excited to talk about these things.
You can find me at katedallyradio.com.
I do a daily show.
And let me just tell you, I'm so happy to be here on Alex's show.
And there was a story.
I don't know if you guys remember this.
This was clear back 1972.
I'm a fan of John Wayne.
I actually like it when men are men.
I know.
Call me nuts.
Call me crazy.
I actually like men to be men and celebrate that.
And I think it's amazing.
And I like being a woman.
I know, in this day and age, so controversial for me to even say that.
Isn't that scary?
Anyway, let's go back to 1972 for a moment.
There was a scene in The Cowboys, if you remember this movie, and Bruce Dern was the bad guy.
And Bruce Dern told the audiences that he was informed that his character had to shoot John Wayne.
And Dern responded by saying, yeah, you know, because John Wayne said, they're going to hate you for this.
They're going to hate you for shooting my character.
And Bruce Dern said, yeah, but they're going to love me in Berkeley, which I would imagine they would have.
And shortly after the film's release, he received, Dern received a death threat and the death threat for his character shooting Wayne in the back.
And he said, I remember the day I shot John Wayne in the Cowboys.
He had never had a bullet hit put on him.
And this was 1972.
And he leaned into me and said, is this going to hurt?
And I said, and Bruce Dern said, absolutely, it's going to hurt.
You should have one of those big, you know, USC marching band Roman shields that we can put in front of you because they're going to blow a hole in your chest.
And he knew that, and he had never done it, had never had it done, and Mark Rydell was the director and decided that the only way the scene could work is if the audience, if they thought that Wayne was surprised by this, okay?
And so unbeknownst to him, they put a bullet hit in the back of his jacket.
He said, I shot him in the back in the first shot and he did not know that was going to happen.
He played it like a pro, went all the way through it and everything, got up and then told the director, Mark Riddell, and I that we were both, I don't know if I can say that word, but anyway, called him a name.
And he said, John Wayne was great to me.
He did something to me that was most welcoming, inviting thing in my career.
He said to me on the first day, I want you to do me a favor.
And Bruce Dern said, OK, what is it?
And he said, I want you to pick on me all day long and absolutely, absolutely careless with your attitude toward me so that these little kids, they're scared of me.
And if you can treat me like that, then, you know, what might you do to them?
Really believe that you're the bad guy.
And it worked.
And Bruce Dern continued to tell this story for years, that John Wayne wanted him to treat him like that.
They wanted us to believe in Bruce Dern's bad character.
They wanted us to believe that John Wayne was startled when he got that shot, and when he had that bullet hit put on him, that he did not know that it was on him.
I go back to this story because what a theater production it was.
It was over the most fake thing that happened.
It was complete fakery from start to finish.
We were watching a movie, but people would actually send death threats to Bruce Dern for shooting John Wayne's character in a movie.
In a movie.
Knowing that this is a scripted, a scripted thing that they're watching, still emotionally involved in this to the hilt.
And what's going on in our day and what's going on with the media right now?
It is so scripted.
It is so to our benefit to be emotionally drawn into this like a soap opera.
And I'm talking about Trump's impending arrest.
I'm talking about January 6th.
I'm talking about the Ukraine.
I'm talking about the banks.
I'm talking about everything.
So scripted beyond belief.
But what do we do?
We play into it every day.
We get emotionally involved in the sides and the right-left game.
We talk about it as if we're at watching a wrestling match.
And those are scripted too.
Everything is scripted, but we still get emotionally involved.
When I come back, I want to expand on the things I just said and maybe introduce a few other ideas to you when I come back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So glad to have you listening.
And I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
You know, Drudge, I always visit Drudge, not because I'm trying to find any truth, but because it's a nightmare website.
It's so bought and sold and so progressive, and all of its messages completely progressive, with a progressive bend.
But I have to go through a couple of the headlines for you today.
So no arrest yesterday, of course.
AI creates Trump arrests.
They're so desperate.
They're so desperate for a headline, for a photo, for something that shows this theater
that they have AI conjure up and literally conjure up a picture
so that you can see a picture of him being arrested.
To what?
To satisfy some crazy liberal dream of this happening?
I have no idea why.
But of course, they have to break out with something.
You can't just have a slow news day.
You've got to actually put something out for the fodder of people, right?
So, and here's another one.
Here's another headline.
So AI creates Trump arrest, like you're supposed to believe the image.
Decades of legal scrutiny building up to climax.
Oh, really?
What's the climax, Drudge?
The porn star, the clerks, the president.
Drudging up this old porn star.
I think this event never even happened.
I think Michael Cohen was paid to do what he did to draw some turmoil into the presidency of Trump.
I think the whole thing is faked.
Um, also here's another one.
Inside efforts to turn arrest into martyrdom.
He wants to be handcuffed.
Grand jury told to stay home today.
Developing story.
Courtroom makes extraordinary late night demands in case.
Proud boy says, you know, F Trump.
Oh, aren't the Proud Boys?
I thought the Proud Boys were on the take.
Or is not, are people not supposed to know that?
Michael Cohen, long arc from ally to chief antagonist.
Yeah, I'd like to know who paid him to be there.
Look, we have a lot of fakery going on with a lot of actors.
And here's the deal.
I always look at the fruit of what has happened.
What is the result?
What are we doing here?
I look back on the four years of Trump.
It's funny that I got into it with several iconic politicians, well-known politicians over this, we fought it out on Facebook, over the fact that I wasn't upset about Trump's Twitter.
I wasn't upset about the comments he made with Billy Bush behind the bus.
I could have cared less.
And as a woman, none of that bothered me.
I mean, I actually really like Trump.
I actually like the way he is.
I think it's actually really nice to see that.
But at the same time, I have to look at what happened over the Trump years and what's happening now.
No arrest from the Mira Lago event that was thrown into the papers for so long after he was president.
He didn't do anything about the election fraud and the coup that happened in our nation.
We'd been couped before, but this coup was a little different because it was so obvious.
So the coup in the nation, nothing was done.
And he had the presidency.
There are some things he could have done.
Mike Pence, so bought and sold, cashing it in at the last moment and letting you know how bought and sold he truly is.
And then, of course, the anti-vaccine to the pro-vaccine, went anti-vaccine to pro-vaccine.
And why I have no idea other than the fact that maybe he truly believed in the COVID vaccine or he was threatened or his family was threatened to go along with it.
I'll never know.
I think the missing piece is always going to be how reluctant somebody is.
How reluctant somebody is going along with these things or just going along with them with the intention of doing what they want, those that run this world.
And I'll talk about those people in just a moment.
But I think that's probably the missing piece for me, is how reluctant are they?
And can you, because I always give people the benefit of the doubt for change as well.
And there was a piece of me that always believed, actually, that Trump really loves this country.
And is he being forced to do some of these things?
I don't know.
But the fruit of the last six years, seven years, as we look back, Hasn't been good for us.
There were some little wins, some little things that you could hang your hat on, and some things that I really enjoyed, like the persecution of the mainstream media.
But what that did was bring about the disinformation fake news campaign that the government embroiled itself into by using mainstream media, so coming down on people even harder.
Also, you have the whole situation of Russiagate.
And Russia, the whole Russiagate thing was, nobody ever went to jail for saying that there was Russia collusion.
Russia's again the bad guy, always the bad guy for 80 years.
As we keep saying, they're going to do something to us that they never do.
But used in the papers as fodder for the whole Russiagate experience during the presidency, right?
Big distractions, big distraction after big distraction.
But at the end of the day, there's still no arrests, there's still no anything, but there's always the threats of it.
Just like the threats of Russia.
Russia's gonna nuke us.
In December, the headlines were Russia was about to nuke us and they were loading up the nukes.
That was three months ago.
Um, and then, of course, we fly a drone into one of their fighter jets to make it look even worse and to make it look like, oh my gosh, there was this altercation in the air, which looked really bizarre and like they were trying to grab a headline as the Pentagon put out footage after footage of it.
They don't release footage for other things, but man, they ponied that up quick, didn't they?
So I look back on the last six years and what truly happened.
There were a lot of actors on the stage acting out the whole Russiagate stage that pretended to be patriots.
You probably know who I'm talking about.
And then, of course, you had the whole victimization thing.
And so right now what they're doing is they are getting the base to get excited, to get mad, to get upset, and want you to protest.
Where they want you to protest.
They want you to come to New York and protest.
They want you to go to the Capitol and protest.
In fact, they're all ready for you to go protest.
One of the biggest lessons that we should have learned from Harold Zeger, the book Freedom's Nightmare.
and coming out of East Germany, was that they didn't actually go to the capital
to protest the East Germans.
What did they do?
They peaceably walked around the churches, not the capital.
They didn't go where they were directed to go, where FBI agents would be poised as,
or their version of the Stasi, poised as citizens ready to annihilate and trade in their fellow citizen.
I can't imagine anything more disgusting than that.
But there are feds that are willing to do it.
Because they're told and they believe it because they're idiots.
They believe that you and I are the problem and that when we go to the Capitol specifically, we're there to do damage.
So they're the heroes in the story by dressing up like average you and me to look like a total Idiot, and then portray themselves as a patriot.
And the FBI is stupid enough to believe it.
They're stupid enough to believe that you and I are the big threat.
So if you and I walk around churches as they did in East Germany, we don't go where they tell you to go, where they tell you, where they really desperately want you to protest, but someplace completely different.
Would the feds then have a different MO as far as going to the churches dressed up as patriots?
If we were East Germany and we started doing what East Germany did to finally end the tyranny of communism in East Germany, they walked around the churches in groups of 10 to 50,000 people.
And the optics would have been so bad for the government, plowing them with bullets, that they opted not to do it.
And East Germany came to a screeching halt.
Because the people protested.
But they didn't go and protest at the Capitol.
They didn't go and protest where everyone wanted them to or they were goaded into doing it.
See, the feds are so idiotic that they actually do believe that patriots like you and I are the problem and that we need to be stopped because we're the threat, not realizing that they're the threat.
They are the threat because they love to criminalize average Americans and they'll even go as far as to entrap them to do it.
How sickening is that?
But what if you told the Fed that they had to dress up as a patriot and walk around a church with a bunch of people that were peaceably just walking around a church?
Well, it'd be harder to sell that Fed on the story that you and I are the problem, right?
That you and I are the jerk.
That you and I are the person ruining this country.
And maybe it might finally get through to that Fed, you know, that Fed that just doesn't understand that they're the problem.
That we aren't the enemy.
And that we are the masses.
They're really afraid of the masses.
You know?
And so we need to make sure that we realize how to fight this fight.
You don't go along with where they want you to go to do things to turn you into a domestic terrorist.
Stay with me.
I have a lot more to talk about.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host, and glad you're tuned in today for today's show.
And talking about the Feds, you might think I'm a little mean to the Feds.
I don't really have a lot of respect for the Feds because without the Feds and without the CIA, the minions carrying out this bought and paid for destruction of our country They wouldn't get very far.
Those at the helm that decide these things, you've got the WEF, you've got the bankers, and you've got another industry that I'll talk about in just a moment.
But these industries that kind of run everything, it's so interesting to me because they could not do what they want to do without very willing participants.
And it just so happens it's mostly our feds and our CIA agents And all of the people so more than willing to do the bidding and sell out their country.
They don't realize that at some point they're going to have to live in the same country.
Destruction that they're creating.
And for some reason that memo never reaches them.
But they think they're doing something courageous and bold by going after you and I, by infiltrating you and I. And that infiltration is going on all over the place.
I noticed it locally.
I noticed how many people, like when I mentioned the Proud Boys and I mentioned all these groups, those are like fed infiltration groups.
It's absolutely asinine to think that these people are patriots.
True patriots.
True patriots are you and I. We don't go dressed up like Chansley in bullhorns and the whole nine yards and wear a fur to an event.
That is not who we are.
We're just normal, average people that love our country.
And I do think he's on the tape.
I don't think Chansley's actually in prison.
I would actually bet money that he's not.
And I think he's part of the intelligence racket.
And I think that he was put there dressed up like what's meant to be a comical lunatic to look and make it look like those pictures as they're splashed about the country is what a patriot looks like.
It is not what a patriot looks like.
Not to me anyway.
It's you and me.
It's the people that just love our country.
And we just want to see it saved from the destruction that our fellow Americans are doing to it.
Trump is theater.
It is all theater.
And I think if you finally realize that we're watching big productions played out in front
of us, this has nothing to do with the reality.
He's playing along with this too.
And I think at some point you have to take that information in.
And it doesn't mean that you don't have a hero any longer to look at to say, "Well,
somebody's got to save us because nobody's going to do it."
In East Germany, there was no hero.
It was just the masses of people walking around the churches and they knew that the optics
would look bad if they started gunning everybody down.
So when it comes to this kind of madness that we're talking about and all these people playing
their parts and all the people that you think are patriots, I doubt really whether they
are because the patriot is just you and me.
It's just you and me quietly working, going about our business, completely abhorred by what's going on in America right now.
But it is not the guy that dresses up in bullhorns and paints his face and wears a fur and goes in looking like a total moron to an event.
That guy was made up to look like the cartoonish version of a patriot.
And I think, you know, when they tell us to come down to be at the Capitol, to do it on their turf, why aren't we always aware of what that turf looks like and why they want us on their turf?
Because they can easily control a situation.
The whole entire January 6th, it wasn't like some feds infiltrated.
A lot of people say that.
This was because it was all an infiltration.
It was completely staged.
A stage show, if you will.
And normal people like you and me weren't duking it out with cops.
There's no pictures of that.
There's no injuries to speak of.
Only a couple of people that might have gone a little too far in their role as a Fed dressed up as a patriot.
But you and I, you and I simply walked through the Capitol as the cops waved people in.
That was all that happened.
There was nothing else and anything else you might have seen with a few pictures, token pictures that they can pick out of it, were a couple of paid actors to make sure they were on scene to make it look like you and I in our brand new MAGA hat that had never been touched before and clearly right out of the package, we're doing the damage.
All of this is theater.
It reminds me too of the Freedom Cities that Trump keeps talking about.
Why is he talking about Freedom Cities when we have 15-minute cities cropping up everywhere?
In my state, they took a piece of ground where a prison was.
Relocated the prison and they're building a 15 minute city in the heart of Utah, where I live.
I didn't grow up here.
I grew up in California, but I moved to Utah and it's become increasingly blue.
We have a total moron, Gavin Newsom lookalike, wannabe, a Biden bootlicker for a governor.
He's terrible.
He goes by his pronouns and tries to get into the schools to talk to our kids about being a pronoun.
He's awful.
He's terrible.
And, we also took $105 billion of COVID bucks into my state and nobody knows where the money went.
Well, I have a pretty good idea that that money might have gone to part of the money, the $105 billion that never gets talked about and accounted for in the state of Utah.
We took more than Florida and California combined and funneled that money through our state.
We were more than happy to do that bidding.
Did that money go into a 15-minute city?
15-Minute Cities are being created all over the United States.
The Freedom City sounds a lot like the 15-Minute City, but it's sold to us with the Freedom title.
It's kind of like taking a bill and slapping on Mom's Apple Pie and America First on it, and then all of a sudden it's a Freedom Bill, right?
As if we're that stupid.
But, call it a Freedom City?
A Freedom City where you can go anywhere in the city under 15 minutes and you're tracked?
People are starting to get phone surveys In like, say, the state of Nevada, I know of a phone survey where the departments are now calling people and asking them for 40 bucks.
Will you sell your soul out and put a tracker in your car or on your phone on an app so that we can track you wherever you go and find out how much you travel to the places you go to?
And are you traveling in that 15 minutes or less?
And people are doing it for the $40 Amazon card or whatever their promise, little Visa card.
It's sickening.
But here is Trump selling us Freedom Cities on top of the 15-minute cities that are being implemented quietly all over the country.
This stuff comes in so quietly and it's never talked about.
Well, it sounds like the same thing to me.
Why is he doing it?
Why is he talking about these things?
Is he told to?
Is he a reluctant person talking about these things being forced?
Or is he in on it?
Is he an actor as well?
I'm gonna probably, at this point, let you know that he's probably an actor playing his role.
Which I know you probably have already thought of.
Because you have a brain, and you have a conscience, and you listen to that little thing called the Spirit of God that talks to you, right?
Because that's the only way I can even know truth anymore, because we're in a game of propaganda that's so horrific.
Whoever is going to vie for that spot, Nikki Haley is one of the young stars of Klaus Schwab and nobody will say it.
Nikki Haley is an atrocity.
I can't imagine people voting for her.
I can't imagine anyone that they prop up in the RINO party of a Mitt Romney.
Succession of idiots that would be that would be the new hero of the country.
But they want us to think and they want to energize our base to get us to think that we could rely on somebody and kick back and just eat popcorn and enjoy the show.
That is not how this works.
People in masses actually had to get up out of their chairs and walk around churches in East Germany to show their strength as the masses of people.
All I'm saying is just don't do it on their turf.
They want you.
They're prepared for you to do it on their turf.
They're not prepared for you to do it anyplace else.
And so when people say protest or don't protest, it's how you protest and where you protest that's important.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host on Alex Jones.
I'll be right back.
I want to talk about the theater of the banking cabal in just a moment.
Stay with me on Alex Jones.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from The Kate Dally Show at katedallyradio.com.
All right, the fakery, the fakery persists.
Aren't you just tired of it?
Do you feel like you've had enough theater for 120 years?
I want to talk about that.
But I also want to say this, is the distraction of the Trump arrest happening, not happening, AI, you know, AI sponsored arrest, whatever the case may be, it's all theater.
What's going on around the world?
What do they not want you to see?
You know, I look at the entire Ukraine, Zelensky Theatre, and here we have another actor, an actor who is obviously in a boy band wearing pasties, dancing around with his little male cohorts, right?
You also have this war, and I find it so interesting that I don't know where the evidence is of this war.
After a year.
I went back to headlines about the same time in March last year and it's always so fascinating to me to go back year after year after year and look at the headlines and nothing ever really changes.
Russia's always coming to get us.
They're always coming to nuke us.
They never do.
And then also we have these staged money laundering grabs where, you know, it never ends.
The war never ends, right?
And no one around Ukraine is even, any country around Ukraine is even concerned about what's going on.
So obviously they're not feeling the threat of the Russia takeover.
And then obviously we're doing their bidding.
We are the ones that continuously come out with the information on Ukraine.
Why is that?
Why are we so deeply embroiled in Ukraine?
Because we own Ukraine.
We might as well just call it USA2 and get it over with.
It is our money laundering operation.
And it's just sickening to watch, but the whole thing is staged.
So the relationships between China and Russia, the ousting and planned ousting of the dollar for digital currency, all of this is happening right now.
And the tracks are being laid by using the uniform commercial code, the UCC code update, In at least 20 states that I know of, passing this new update.
What does the update do in these bills across America?
Because the states, we never really talk, do we?
About the bills that we share, that suddenly were written for all of these different states at one time.
Well, those tracks are being laid for digital currency, for groups to be called in to lead the digital currency takeover.
And this is a slow, slow demise.
to digital currency and the ousting of the dollar altogether.
A lot of people have asked me, "Well, how does that happen?
"What happens with digital currency?"
And there will be people that still try to use cash, but what they'll do is they own all the businesses.
And so what they'll do, all the corporations, the major corporations that we go to and buy products from and groceries and everything else, and you won't be able to buy anything without that digital currency.
And so your currency at home will be used maybe for other things between people or for a while, but it'll eventually be shut out.
And I know that this is coming.
They've been wanting this for a long time.
But I did find the downing of the bank, the Silicon Valley Bank, to be really quite interesting because I think the whole thing is a sham.
And I think the whole thing kind of reeks of what happened in 2008 too.
And it didn't just collapse on its own, it was made to collapse.
In fact, did the people get their money out and then they got the Fed bailout on top of it?
Did it need to be bailed out?
Of course not.
Of course not.
They have insurance for those kinds of things.
They did not need to be bailed out.
But then what we were told in the press was that they needed to be bailed out.
That it was just that bad.
Why was it that bad?
And why was there no precursory anything going on to predict the failure of this bank?
Do you know, to date, the only excuse they can come up with is there was no regulator on site for nine months.
That's not exactly an excuse.
That's not exactly a reason why the bank failure.
There was nothing to say that this bank was going to fail, except for maybe the smaller banks, like the mom and pop stores, are getting gobbled up by the bigger banks.
That's really the only thing going on here.
Because there was no reason for a failure.
There was no reason for anything like that to happen.
But what do they do in the news?
Oh, this bank just failed.
And we're supposed to just believe that it failed on its own?
Just went down?
For what reason?
It had major contracts, it had money, it had money flowing in and out, even on paper, right?
Even digitally.
What in the world, what in the world happened?
There's never been an explanation.
The banking system is not collapsing.
They just want you to think it is.
This is why last week I said they want you to be the reason for your own demise.
They want to get you so freaked out and gas lit in the headlines that you go do a bank run, right?
So that we, so they don't even have to do the heavy lifting.
They don't even have to do anything.
We'll do it to ourselves and then we'll be grateful, right?
For digital currency to step in and seem like it's the most transparent thing on earth when we know it's not.
And this is why no regulator saw it coming.
The banks weren't insolvent.
There was no real problem going on.
They just wanted the bank to fall.
They wanted you to think there was an issue.
And I talked about the fact that over the next six months, we're going to seem very vulnerable.
They're going to show us how vulnerable we are.
We had the airlines, the hacking, we had different things going on that seemed like, oh gosh, we're just so hackable at any moment.
Oh my gosh, we're just going to fail at any moment.
Do you really believe that?
Do you really believe that?
They can't stand there and say that we're the strongest nation on earth and then say, well, we're so vulnerable though.
It's got to be one way or the other.
But they wanted you to believe that a bank would just suddenly drop for no reason.
Now we did have 5,000, almost 5,000 banks go under and now since 1999.
So it wasn't like it was anything new, but they know that you know about digital currency and that is their hill to die on.
It's the next hill, right?
This is what they want badly.
So of course they're gonna use the momentum from a bank collapsing and a bank being provoked to collapse, right, on paper to make it look like it collapsed.
Because I promise you, it's not really collapsing.
It's just money being pocketed and double-dipped.
I don't think those companies lost a dime and I think that they were again shored up and double-dipped by the Federal Reserve.
Federal Reserve raising hike rate again today.
Which is kind of interesting too.
They had a lot of assets.
Are they being taken over by some of our main banks that we know all too well?
I'm going to go with yes on that one.
I'm going to go with yes.
And we have a lot of things being faked in CIA courts.
I do a lot of research on judges.
I do a lot of research on what you can do inside of a state.
What kind of, uh, what kind of verdicts can be had inside of states, right?
We have a lot of CIA courts.
We have a lot of things going on that are not what they seem.
And I know you know that's really light statement.
But there's so much to be said about my saying that.
Because I think so much of this is completely faked.
COVID was completely faked.
I know a lot of people out there go, well, I had it.
I just know I had it.
No, you want to have it because it's 98 symptoms big.
That's why.
All they had to do was say the word COVID and we thought we had this thing.
All they had to do was say the word.
And this is why they continuously gaslight us with, it's a China disease.
And now they're admitting that it's a China disease and the liberals can't handle it.
Don't believe that for a second.
Don't believe that for a second.
It's all misdirection.
This is why your favorite politician Crusader is getting up and still calling it a China disease.
China doesn't retaliate after they're the scapegoat for COVID?
Come on.
Of course they would have.
Of course they would have.
So don't believe that for a second.
This isn't a China disease.
It didn't come from China.
It came from us.
It came from us.
And we wanted the whole world to be afraid of it.
Down in Central and South America, they're still running around like little kids, being so afraid of a germ, wearing masks the whole nine yards.
It's despicable to watch.
It's sad to watch.
I have no idea why that's happening.
You still have hospitals with masks, mandatory masks.
Three years later, the insanity of the medical cabal and how stupid and idiotic they act.
But they're told to do it, so they do it.
They're not American.
We have cabals all around us.
COVID is a name.
It's a name of 98 different symptoms that you can have.
Sometimes you get more sick than other times.
But I know for a fact that in your lifetime you've been around sick people and you didn't get sick in your family.
Things are not as contagious as we think they are or have been sold to think they are.
So don't think for a second that the mask or social distancing or COVID is actually a thing.
Some people just get a little more sick than others and there's lots of reasons we get sick.
Toxic poisoning, Bacteria, all kinds of things, but I guarantee it's not COVID.
Whatever COVID is.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show!
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show, so glad to be with you.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com for the hour.
So much to talk about, how will I ever cram it all in?
That's the name of the game.
Oh my gosh, there's so many lies.
Sometimes I just wish we could take the top off this Truman Show to really see all of the play acting and stage acting, just like in that John Wayne clip.
They desperately wanted you to believe that John Wayne was going to be shot and you know, In that movie.
And Bruce Stern was the bad guy.
You got your bad guys and your good guys.
You got your victimized people.
And then you, of course, have King Fraudelot.
King Fraudelot is trying to make it look like incompetence, but he doesn't have to try hard.
He is incompetent.
He's only lived off the government.
He's just kind of a horrible criminal.
At the same time, they want to make sabotage look like incompetence to us all the time.
BlackRock owns the world.
We never ever talk about, or people out there don't usually talk about BlackRock and who actually runs things.
But they're actually running the whole Ukrainian war, the funding that goes along with it.
BlackRock are the ones that stepped in.
BlackRock actually has had a very, very tiny history.
They hadn't been around very long before.
They were the chosen company to make sure that they controlled the whole housing fallout too.
And now they're controlling the Ukrainian war.
They also are the ones that are basically kind of monopolizing housing, right?
And gobbling up all the housing across the United States.
It's sabotage, but it's made to look like incompetence.
So everybody thinks that Biden is just a buffoon.
No, he's a buffoon.
That is the, they roll him out, you know, they roll him out of his little ice chest to go into the fake theater next to the White House to do his little press conferences and then roll him back into his little cooler again so they can keep him for the next event.
He is just the face.
The incompetent face.
But it's not really incompetence, it's sabotage.
By this entire party that absolutely hates this country.
And when I say party, I mean the Uniparty.
The rhino Republicans and the lefty loonies.
They hate this country.
They want to see it destroyed and they work as one behind the scenes.
The other thing that we never talk about that is behind all of this is the life insurance industry.
They're never ever talked about.
But man, what a stake they have had in the eugenics game and calculating and betting on our lives.
1883 to 1893, Dr. David Martin does a great piece on this, by the way.
Got to give him props for this.
Life insurance industry made more than the coal industry, the steel industry, and the manufacturing industry combined in that 10 years.
If you want to know who runs the world, it's actually the insurance companies.
This is when eugenics became the goal.
Insurance companies put up the banks to be the fall guy so that everybody would say Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and the banksters.
But really what it was, too, behind all of this, in 1904, we had a new president sworn into office, elected in 1904, sworn into office in 1905.
And standing next to him were all the executives of the major insurance companies.
They figured out that they could game life.
And this is when the eugenics programs really kicked it into high gear.
And they sought to not only come out with their vaccination program due to pharma, that would affect all of us and make all of our health worse.
Because the only result of the vaccination program of 60 years is that we have worse health than we've ever had in this country.
Isn't that amazing?
We talk about the bankers ruling everything, but it was really the insurance companies behind them.
And what makes insurance companies work is the term life policy.
See, people start to get their term life insurance policy and the average of 17 years goes by and they go, well, why am I paying this?
So what happens is you stop paying, you get nothing for the 17 years of money you put in because you were just sort of gaming your own death, right?
If something happened.
And the reason and the way that they could do this, they started out with this being the widows and orphans funds.
and that's how they kind of gauged it into existence was the widows and orphans funds through all the ministers
and they used the clergy in America in the 1800s to sort of game what they were going to do.
But then people started joining up, buying their term life insurance policies
and the first thing that happened was World War I.
And in World War I, we lost a lot of troops and those troops never collected
on their insurance policies.
The policies, they never ever really, you know, instructed people how to get their money back, or not money back, but paid for death, right?
The insurance companies realized that they could make a killing off of war and off of all the other things they set out to do.
This is a little bit like why, at the same time in 1905, That the states started telling you you had to have a birth certificate and that that birth certificate turns you into chattel, turns you into cattle, made you a hot commodity on the stock market.
You are bought, sold, and traded on the stock market, your birth certificate from the moment you start your life.
And the reason they're so adamant that you get one, you can't do anything in this life without some form of documentation that suffices to them, is because this is when they really started gaming your death.
Harry Laughlin in 1914, this was the eugenist of the eugenics.
He's never ever talked about, but man, what a history.
What a history is there with life insurance companies.
And so it was the same time they started institutionalizing medicine and changing it to virus.
Virus doesn't exist.
It's invisible.
But They were smart enough to mix it into bacteria and sell it as virus.
So you have a hundred and twenty three years of gaming the system to your death.
They can pretty much approximate when you're going to die.
They can pretty much tell you and game your life and trade you on your birth certificate.
In fact, I think you can go to Fidelity.com and find out how you're traded, what you're traded for.
But it is truly amazing that they turned us into commodities.
I talk about this because we don't ever talk about the life insurance angle because we talk about the bankers all the time.
We just don't talk about the people behind the bankers that propped up banking and that was when they learned that they could make a killing off of you and I and off of life insurance.
In fact, the only couple of articles I've read in the last three years were that life insurance companies were looking at a lot, they were gaming for a lot more death to happen because of the shots.
The shots were then going to cause cancer.
They know these cancers are coming.
It lights up cancer in your body.
And people are told to stay away from doing any scans or anything for a while after they get the boosters for a reason.
It's because cancer lights up.
And so they know this.
They're gaming for it.
And they're kind of hoping that people kind of forget or don't realize they have these life insurance policies out there hanging around, but they do make a killing off life insurance.
It's a really sad state of affairs and something that we need to talk about more and introduce, I think, to the public more.
I don't think we go back to the beginning of the 1900s and realize that eugenics came about because they realized there was so much money in death and all they had to do was profit off of us on the way out using pharma, using their vaccinations.
Your God-given immune system does not reside in a bottle and a needle.
It does not.
It resides in your body.
You have a great immune system.
Don't believe the COVID theater.
Don't believe the banking theater.
It's all theater.
There was never even a reason for that bank to fail, other than maybe some people got some really good old double dipping happening and they got some really big payoffs by the Fed.
There's a lot of money laundering going on right now and a lot of distractions.
The whole Trump arrest thing, so fake.
The whole J6 thing.
Entirely faked and drummed up.
And there's some people paying the price for that because they went along with walking into the Capitol and they were able to make domestic terrorists out of them.
That's very real.
But the whole engineered event of January 6, all fake.
Banksters, all fake.
In fact, when you start to really kind of look under the hood and see really what's going on, It's like the theater of theaters for the last 120 years.
And I hope we can finally put all the pieces together.
The medical institution was gamed to make sure they never talk about health and they only represent pharma.
It's like a big pill-popping mafia is going on and we don't even see it.
You go to your local hospital, they're going to do what the NIH tells them to do.
It's not about your health.
They're not about saving you.
That's why they were eager to give people remdesivir and a ventilator.
The only people that were dying in COVID were in the ICUs.
We got a whole medical cabal going on.
We got the training of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution going on.
We've got, we've got theater in every single area.
So much is faked.
And what do we do as a people?
We stop buying into the fakeness.
Get your kids out of the schools that teach them.
When you're going to a Roman school, you're going to come out a Roman.
Stop putting them in public school.
Stop buying into the lies.
Turn off the TVs.
I love the show Network when he said, turn off your TV.
They're selling you.
They're selling you continuously.
Turn it off.
These are the things we need to be doing and we can do them quietly.
We can do them quietly, but just do them.
Because as we do them, we take away their power to propagandize to us and to sell us.
And that's the most important thing is we see the lies.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from the Kate Dally Show for the Alex Jones Show.
So happy to be with you today talking about this huge theater.
You gotta call it what it is.
It's with God, and I know you speak about that often.
And I believe, look, we need God more than ever.
And I know that there are people listening, perhaps, who don't believe in God.
But I'm a big believer in having faith, even though I'm rather pessimistic.
I do know how the book ends.
I know how the story ends.
And we do prevail.
There are no atheists and foxholes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
So don't lose hope.
I know that there are people out there thinking, "Well, what's left for me to do?"
One of the things, and again, this is not a shame or this is not a plug, but we need
to support your InfoWars store.
We need to support yours.
By the way, my wife loves Samaric 95.
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So, folks, make sure you support InfoWarsTore, okay?
Please do that.
Well, I just can't say to our listeners how much the enemies of freedom hate this show, they hate your show.
I mean, I will plug for you and for me.
Folks, you want us to fight?
We will do it.
But it's like sending military out to war without ammunition and weapons.
I mean, we'll... And I'm not bitching.
I just... I just... Back in 19... Back in, like, 2016, We had plenty of money.
Our subscription service said it's free now.
I barely was plugging.
We had all this extra money and now I wish back then I would have pushed harder, saved up money because now with the deplatforming, the attacks, folks, you know, we need support.
So do you.
But what we really need is people to share the links and articles to our videos and your videos, your reports, Doug, because the public's ready.
The ground's fertile right now.
The mines are ready.
It's easy to outpace your supply line.
and I think that's where a lot of us are.
You know, we're in so deep that we can't, look, we need that support.
You need that support.
So again, folks, please support Alex Jones.
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I know there's things that he won't say that, look, he needs your support.
We all need your support, but especially InfoWars.com, InfoWars store,
please do that.
There it is, turmeric toothpaste.
I love that too.
My wife does as well.
Big fan of all of your products.
Okay, folks, don't lose hope.
Please don't do that.
Um... I...
I know that things look bleak but we again we know how the story ends and I think look at everything that happens not through not with blinders but with in the context of a larger agenda.
Think bigger, look bigger and look for the Connections.
I use the analogy of that great movie that's based on compository stories, Horse 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
We've been through all this and nothing!
Nothing but... Let nature take her course.
And look, I think we've already blown the enemy.
We just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that, and if anybody's lying here, Senator, it is you!
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.