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Name: 20230321_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 21, 2023
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In this discussion, Alex Jones and guests discuss topics such as political corruption, vaccines, and the fight against the New World Order. They criticize politicians for personal attacks rather than addressing important issues like CBDCs. The speakers express hope that Trump and DeSantis can compete without engaging in destructive behavior. They also discuss the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the importance of self-accountability, and some of the biggest risks facing humanity.

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I know it's scary to admit there's a global government that wants to control your body and that wants to bare minimum sterilize you and kill you then get away with it.
But that's what you just witnessed the last three years.
And it comes from a group of people who are admitted eugenicists who on record say they want to depopulate.
Everybody knows Bill Gates gives all these speeches about wanting to reduce world population down to 500 million.
But he wants you to take a shot because he doesn't want you to die.
And that shot doesn't work and actually erases your immune system and makes you sick.
So that's why it's so important we have this free speech.
That's why it's so vital.
This is the war.
If we don't have an independent populist media system, these people will get away with their entire takeover.
I'm about to hit a horrifying example of where they're getting away with it.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
The Alex Jones Show.
Believe me, they wanted this shut down for days like this.
But we are live on this Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.
March 21st, 2023, every day is history now.
As we are living through truly the most corrupt times in American history.
With Biden running around taking money, acting illegally as a foreign agent, he and his family even getting millions of dollars from Chinese communists in 2017 while they were sniffing around for Donald Trump and Russians.
Does the name Tara Reade ring a bell?
I'm just gonna throw that out there.
And now they're coming after Trump for charges that have already passed their statute of limitations over a man's testimony who is a convicted liar over charges that would normally be basically booking errors and fines.
But they really built it up and lied to their people again and said this is it for Trump.
Now ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones has been with Steven Crowder this morning and he is going to be joining us right now over the phone to cover this and all the other news and the fact that the First Amendment, Alex, it's winning!
It's proof!
Here you are!
Well that's right Owen.
I just wanted to say this.
They rolled out the red carpet here and I guess with their new show they asked People who they wanted to be the guest, and they got the most requests from me.
So I'm hosting today, which we just did, and tomorrow.
They rolled out the red carpet, but they're still tweaking stuff in Crowder's studio for me.
So I wanted his huge rumble audience, record audience, just as big as the biggest streams on YouTube that's tuning in right now at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
They did the same thing we did last week with Crowder, saying tune in, make his show even bigger.
All people tuning in to us, it's an information war.
I want to ask all the great Steven Crowder fans that are tuning in to know that I'll be live
in about 10-15 minutes. They're getting it all set up right now in his studio. They sent me up
a special studio in his studio. And we got some big guests today and a ton of news, Owen, that
you're going to be covering as well. But history's happening. The Trump arrest watch is unfolding
right now. So I'm going to let you hold down the fort. You guys are doing a great job. I'll be
back in about 10-15 minutes. I want to welcome all the new viewers that are tuning in right now to
infowares.com/show and band.video and madmaxworld.tv. I want to encourage all of them to spread the
word, encourage those folks to spread the word, and then it creates a chain reaction.
There you have it.
And it's true.
New World Order, anti-grape reset, pro-America speech to be number one.
It is number one.
We're winning.
The tide is turning.
This is an information war.
Now I'm asking the audience to take action, spread the word, and I've got huge breaking
news on massive fronts and big guts today, all coming up.
Back to Owen Schroeder.
There you have it.
And it's true.
The rumble crowds are getting bigger and bigger.
And so this is the answer, and that's why they want to make it impossible by putting
us on a central bank digital currency that they can totally control and pick winners
and losers, and you won't even be able to organically actually build something and fund
They'll just shut you down.
And right now they have the legal, the lawfare ways of doing it, like they've tried to do here, they're trying to do to Fox News.
Others have endured this over the years.
That's a little too hairy.
So they just want to be able to control the flow of money completely, the digital currency, with the social credit score, and you'll just be shut down.
Maybe you used a little too much carbon this week.
We're just gonna shut you down.
So, wow.
But I will say, I mean, all signs right now indicate that they at least Aren't going to have the balls to arrest Donald Trump today.
Do we kind of want to just, you know, they let their audience down again.
They told you Trump would be in cuffs and fingerprinted today.
We want to stop tyranny.
We are in the business of fighting tyranny.
And business is booming.
Let me tell you.
Lot of tyranny to be fought.
Now how obvious, how bad is it going to get?
Will they really arrest Donald Trump today?
Will they really arrest Donald Trump at some time in the future?
Will they try to cause another provocateur event?
How many laws being broken in the meantime?
By lifelong politicians like Joe Biden and his family?
How many times will the media lie to you about what's really going on?
It's amazing, isn't it?
You know about the name Stormy Daniels, but you don't know about the name Tara Reid.
You know about Trump-Russia, but do you know about Biden-China?
So we're going to be covering this with Alex Jones today and other special guests.
Now Alex Jones is north of here in Dallas at the Steven Crowder Studios and he was the guest host on the Crowder Show this morning.
It blew up on Rumble, went totally viral and Alex will be hosting with Steven Crowder again tomorrow.
But Alex has connected and is connecting right now actually through Crowder Studios and he's going to be hosting with me coming up here in about 10 minutes.
So, we're going to have his take on all of the latest and of course we'll be watching what's going to be going on in New York today as well.
But, watching the news last night and seeing what's developing today, At this time, it looks like they're at least going to the delay the arrest of Donald Trump or completely end it with this case because we haven't seen anything yet.
And I would have expected us to, if Trump's going to be taking off from Florida or landing in New York or anything like that.
But what we are going to be showing you is all the different responses, all the different angles.
But once again, it's the left media last night and today in the press telling their audience that Trump will be arrested.
We guarantee it.
The walls are closing in.
This is finally it for Donald Trump.
It's all over now.
We've got him.
And then meanwhile, they don't tell you any of the facts about the case.
The statute of limitations is up on the case.
Michael Cohen is a convicted liar.
A known liar.
Who they're supposed to be trusting as the testimony here.
The charges would amount to a bookkeeping error and a fine, a misdemeanor in any other case.
And so there's all kinds of different reasons why nobody in the federal government took this case and why this is an embarrassment of a case.
And to arrest Trump on this case would be monumental In his political campaign as a good thing because it would never it's never been more obvious.
I'm listening to conservative talk radio.
Last night from yesterday.
And this morning and all the callers are saying the same thing.
And we're talking about more.
Let's say drive-by media viewers.
Boomer conservatives.
Who have pretty much just.
Enjoyed their lives in America and not really wanted to think too much.
They have a good idea what's going on.
They have the right values, but it's so obvious now that it's just stunning at this point.
How Joe Biden, we can sit here with bank records, with him and his family taking millions of dollars from the Chinese Communists, and we can have Biden's business partners coming out and saying, yeah, we've been doing international business deals, and then meanwhile they're trying to focus on Donald Trump and things that never happened.
You've got Hunter Biden's laptop and the text messages and the videos and everything else.
They're telling you about Trump and Stormy Daniels.
You've got Tara Reade, who worked for Joe Biden and has credibly accused Joe Biden of sexual assault.
She can't even get an interview.
Meanwhile, the media is talking about Donald Trump 24-7 and ignoring Joe Biden because the supposed President of the United States never even shows his face.
Never even shows his face.
Showed his face yesterday for 10 minutes, said he was Persian.
And Dr. Jill said, OK, honey.
OK, this one's over, guys.
You know, he just he Joe Biden.
Hey, Joe just said he was Persian.
Pull the plug.
Get him out.
Pull him out.
Pull him out.
What do you think the Secret Service nickname for Joe Biden is?
Oh, we can get creative here, huh?
So it's all The callers in a talk radio.
How is this?
It's never been this bad.
It's never been so obvious.
The double standard.
The two-tiered justice system.
This is the left.
You could argue the Democrats have never been more powerful than they are right now.
And you're seeing what they would do.
But what the Democrats are doing is just like a taste or an hors d'oeuvre Or like the red carpet to the main event, to the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates' plan for the planet, which is the global government medical tyranny, human depopulation, population control agenda.
So if you don't like what the Democrats are doing, just wait till you get the Bill Gates bladder cancer tumor meatloaf.
Yeah, that's gonna be some good eatin'!
He's got a special one for you!
Oh my gosh, it's just ridiculous.
It's just ridiculous.
So Alex is gonna be coming up and covering all of this.
I think Alex actually ate my Bill Gates platter cancer.
That was in the fridge.
I know you ate it, Alex!
Unbelievable, man.
This is our world.
This is our world.
And they want to tell you, Donald Trump is the boogeyman!
Look out for Donald Trump!
Look out for Alex Jones!
Bill Gates is out here, Oh, I just, I made some mosquitoes in a lab and now they're out in the crowd with you!
Ho ho!
Drops a bunch of mosquitoes in Brazil, all of a sudden Zika breaks out.
Drops a bunch of vaccines in Africa, all of a sudden polio breaks out.
Says in his TED Talks, we need to get the population lower with vaccines, we can do just that.
And then COVID breaks out and here comes Bill Gates on all the mainstream news.
Oh, we need more vaccines.
But by the way, one of the greatest, It's alright.
It's alright.
Well, maybe.
But one of the greatest clips of all time happened.
And that's Anthony Fauci.
Did you see it?
Anthony Fauci saying, Republicans don't like being told what to do.
This is incredible from Fauci, guys.
Let me hear the clip.
What are we going to do about those other states?
Oh my God.
They're going to keep the outbreak smoldering in the country.
It's so crazy.
I mean, they're not doing it because they say they don't want to do it.
They're Republicans.
They don't like to be told what to do.
And we got to break that, you know, unpack that.
Oh my gosh.
So, so there it is from Anthony Fauci.
There's never been a greater endorsement to vote Republican in your life.
Anthony Fauci saying, Republicans don't like being told what to do.
We gotta break that.
So look, I don't work for the Republican Party.
I'm not in regular talks with Republicans.
But look, if you're in the Republican Party, you need to be making that into a dance mix.
You need to be remixing that into a song.
You need to be cutting ads and spending millions of dollars to play that on television.
I mean, Anthony Fauci just gave you a golden nugget.
The guy that helped fund the pandemic to start the virus, blaming you for it too.
Alex Jones coming up next.
All right.
I want to thank the Great Info Wars crew down in Austin, Texas for helping me get on the air today.
And I want to thank the amazing folks here at Stephen Crowder's operation in Dallas.
They are just knocking it out of the park and an example of the power of free speech to override the censors.
Just amazing things.
Obviously, we're here going through the indictment watch of President Trump.
We're going to be laying out all those big developments and the constitutional crisis that that stands for.
We also are going to have Dr. Judy Mikovits on, who is one of the main whistleblowers exposing the man-made origins of COVID-19 and all the crimes, the poison shots that have come out of that and how the whole dam is breaking.
New interviews with Dr. Redfield, the former head of the CDC.
coming out and tell the world that it was a man-made virus released by the US government
on humanity through the Chinese as a pretext for a total takeover. So the rats are leaving
the sinking ship very, very quickly. That is massive news.
Silk of Diamond and Silk, obviously with the late Diamond, will be joining us to
cover what's happening in the world and so much more in the third hour. And then we'll continue
on with phone calls and more and special guests with Maria Z into the fourth hour. But
before I hit all the hardcore military news, economic news, border news, there is so much we're
going to be laying out here today for everybody.
Before I go over all of that, I just want to talk about winning the InfoWarp, and Steven Crowder is a great example of that.
You could argue that back when Joe Rogan was still on YouTube, he was the biggest thing on YouTube that was political, and Steven Crowder was a close number two, despite all the censorship and all the attacks, but what he's been able to do with Rumble Now launching his show here mainly is to get millions of viewers a day and upwards of 200,000 consecutive viewers in any one second on Rumble.
Now some of the biggest shows Joe Rogan ever did, it's not about competition with Joe Rogan, it's just a benchmark example, was Elon Musk and Alex Jones.
And those shows had 150 to 200,000 people consecutively watching and I've been there in the control room when they're really excited that they're breaking records.
So I've seen it.
So when we see Steven Crowder...
Not just defeating the YouTube censors, but drawing that giant audience over, successfully converting it to rumble.
That is the model of the people coming out of Egypt.
That is the exodus model for victory.
So with Elon Musk freeing up, I'd say, 90% of where Twitter was.
It hasn't gone all the way.
He should go further, but you gotta give credit where it's due.
You can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
What Elon Musk has done is exposing all the rest of big tech and their crimes and their collusion and their censorship and surveillance.
Because Twitter's just a window into that wider world of control, and now with people like Steven Crowder not going along with the censors.
And when everybody else was just going along with me being censored when it first started happening five years ago, I was scared to have me on.
It was not something that Steven Crowder was scared to do, so that's why I support Steven and I'm so successful.
I mean, I'm so excited that he is so successful because his success is going to be all of our success and Rumble's success revolutionizing what's happening and really giving YouTube a run for its money and running ads on Fox and at the Super Bowl and the major investment that Rumble's put in is game changing.
So that really is a big news item.
That Steven Crowder, on the first and second day of his new launch of his show, after taking off a few months, has now dwarfed anything that's going on political on YouTube.
And so that is a model of success, similar to how Joe Rogan, so he wouldn't be censored, left YouTube, he still puts clips on there, and went to Spotify.
But Spotify, it turned out, was not really as free speech as they said, and I'll leave it at that.
And it still tries to put pressure on people.
But that's not the case at Rumble.
And so it's very, very exciting.
And of course, you know, the media is going to try to downplay things and, you know, say, oh, well, you know, he's not doing that great.
He is doing spectacular.
And it's big news.
And the world is watching, ladies and gentlemen.
But free viewers, millions a day tuning in.
And that's, this is the Seymour Crowder Show, and that's something that people really, really in the establishment are scared of.
So I know there's hundreds of other big issues.
We're going to be going over them all today.
They got big guests coming on as well.
It's just that this is a victory for everybody.
And with the rumbles, and with the gabs, and with the Twitters, and with the truth socials, and with the InfoWars.coms, and Bandai Videos of the world, all of us together Are going to expose the whole New World Order paradigm and we're going to win.
And that's not hype.
We have gone from everybody being censored and nobody allowed to talk about it being made in a lab, to the shots being poisoned, being censored, to now everybody basically knows and they can't stop the dam breaking all the way.
Unless they launch World War III, which is why Lindsey Graham and a lot of these other warmongers are trying that so desperately.
So again, I want to thank Prowder's crew for having us here in studio today and tomorrow.
I want to thank the InfoWars crew, Owen and Harrison and all the rest of the producers and camera people and researchers for the work they've done.
Because again, InfoWars was seen as the lead elephant that the Deep State wanted to take down as a model of taking everybody down.
And so all of us collectively in this fight are starting to win because of one thing.
And that is an audience of viewers and listeners, not just here but around the world, that are aware of the New World Order, that know it's destructive, and know they can't roll over.
And so that's the real reason we've been able to do this.
Yes, it took perseverance.
Yes, it took dogged determination.
Yes, it took incredible commitment.
But I believed in the public.
I believed in the will of the people.
Doesn't mean we've won the war yet, but we're winning battle after battle after battle.
And on every front, the globalists are being exposed.
Every one of their criminal projects, from the central bank digital currencies, to the open borders, to the fentanyl, to the surveillance and censorship and weaponization of the state.
Against the people, to where the virus really came from and how the shots are poisonous.
The whole house of cards is coming down right now.
Make no mistake, we're winning the biggest battles we've ever won.
So the thanks number one goes to God, but God inspiring through listeners and viewers and great activists spreading the word through the talk show hosts, through the analysts, through the media people, through the Cy Hersh's and through countless other folks that are telling the truth.
We have now come to this point together.
And so we have to value the fact we're still on air, we have to celebrate the fact we're still on air, in many ways stronger, and let the enemies of speech know, you will never silence us all.
You may be able to take out individuals, but every time you do it, five more sprout up, a thousand more sprout up.
So, I want to do this exercise before we come back and cover all the news.
I want to encourage all the great Steven Crowder, Rumble viewers, and YouTube viewers that are coming over today because Steven understands it's a war.
He plugged probably 15 times the show today.
Other talk show hosts are scared to do that.
They think, oh, they're going to lose audience if they promote another show.
We're going to lose all free speech to the whole country and the world if we don't energize the outlets together with synergy that are fighting for freedom.
I mean, I would conservatively say a million people today will probably extra tune over to Band.Video and InfoWars.com and MadMaxWorld.TV is the URL that gets around the censors for now, that they're not blocking the text sheet of Band.Video.
We can find the live feed of my show, the live feed of Owen's show, the live feed of Harrison Smith's show, and everything we're doing here.
But I am so excited about the caliber of news coverage and comedy coming out of Ladder with Crowder, and I'm just honored to be here.
So we're going to go to break.
I'm in here in the control room of the show, and then we're going to come back with a ton of news and analysis.
And we are back.
Again, thank you for joining us on this live Tuesday edition of the World Wide Broadcast.
Owen Schroyer is riding shotgun with us.
We have Dr. Judy Mikovits coming up next hour, and then we also have the survivor from obviously the great duo Diamond and Silk.
Silk is going to be on with us coming up today in the third hour.
Okay, let me just recap what I was just talking about then get to the really big news here that Owen was actually mentioning earlier.
And I'm glad he was because almost nobody else is.
And it's this.
I know it's scary to admit there's a global government that wants to control your body.
And it wants to bare minimum sterilize you and kill you then get away with it.
But that's what you just witnessed the last three years.
And it comes from a group of people who are admitted eugenicists who on record say they want to depopulate.
Everybody knows Bill Gates gives all these speeches about wanting to reduce world population down to 500 million.
But he wants you to take a shot because he doesn't want you to die.
And if that shot doesn't work, it actually erases your immune system and makes you sick.
So that's why it's so important we have this free speech.
That's why it's so vital.
This is the war.
If we don't have an independent populist media system, these people will get away with their entire takeover.
I'm about to hit a horrifying example of where they're getting away with it.
And they've already set the precedent to do it over and over again.
This is the fifth round of this that I have studied going back in the literature into the 1950s.
This is at least the fifth round of this going back into the 1950s and this hit my grandmother.
Her doctor told her when she took the second live polio shot that she was given It on accident, but it turned out that the higher-ups, not her doctor, knew that this was part of a larger plan and socked it, invented it, later admitted it, said, hey, there's too many people.
They put cancer viruses in it, so much of the cancer we've seen from the polio, both the shot and the live drips.
First one she had was a shot.
The next one was the liquid drip that you see on this screen right here in front of you.
Now, remember, this is deja vu.
They did it in the 1950s, they did it again in the 70s, they did it again in the 80s, they did it again in the 90s, so this is the sixth time.
I guess the sixth round's beginning, excuse me.
They did it again in the mid-2000s, like around 2010, and this has been a big national story before.
Remember, I was on Joe Rogan A couple years ago, and he was doing this fact-check thing.
He didn't tell me he was gonna do that when I got there, but I was fine with it.
So he fact-checked everything I said.
I said, you know, Bill Gates' vaccine program in Africa and in Asia was the number one cause of polio.
He goes, okay, excuse me, that can't be true.
They look it up, AP, it's all there, exact headline.
Now, why would they even admit that?
Because they're just setting the precedent, because they've been doing it since the 50s.
Well, that happened in the mid-2000s, about 12, 13 years ago was when there was a big global Pandemic in Pakistan, in India, in Afghanistan, there was a pandemic all over Africa, or major outbreaks as they call it, pandemics.
There was an outbreak in Latin America and it was all directly confirmed that it was from the polio live vaccine and it was just an accident.
Millions of children paralyzed.
Millions, millions died over the years from it.
That's just the last round.
So it's like deja vu around Bill Murray and Groundhog Day.
We are waking up and seeing the exact same headlines 12, 13 years later that we saw them from beforehand.
So it's not just anecdotal that my grandmother, Benny Grace Hammond, Was told by her medical doctor that she and a bunch of others got polio in the mid-1950s from the second round.
The first was an injection, the next was a trip.
Take it in the mouth.
Live virus.
Her doctor told her that, but she forgave the system and thought it was for the good and everything.
She was a very Christian-loving lady.
Well, now you fast-forward to all these other events.
I guess the sixth event is happening right now.
All over the world, this is happening.
The third-world populations, they can target away with it, and they're giving it to them, and then even the local news and the national news and the regional news and the world news admits it.
Associated Press.
More polio cases now caused by vaccine than by wild virus.
Okay, now that's the article from a few years ago.
Now the exact same headlines are out, and we'll put those up on screen, that the new polio outbreaks around the world in Africa and other countries are caused by the shot.
And again, that's an article.
I forgot when I left Austin to get the latest one.
So what I was showing you was the last round of articles.
You guys, please simply go to Google.
They have it there.
They're not hiding it.
And for the crew.
And just simply type in polio cases caused by vaccine.
You'll get ABC News.
You'll get AP reporting on it.
I covered it yesterday.
But this is, or I can pull it up on my phone.
Here, I'll do it.
But it's critical to understand that this is currently happening.
'Cause when I ran off yesterday and grabbed my stack, I grabbed the old stack.
There it is, polio cases in Africa linked to new oral vaccine.
And again, that is mainstream news, ladies and gentlemen.
And what's happening is they're spinning it like it's just a normal thing.
Oh, you know, it's it's it's it's the outdated vaccine or it's a problem vaccine.
Oh, it's it's causing the polio.
Ladies and gentlemen, they know exactly what they're doing it.
They're doing it over and over and over and over and over and over again.
And what are they doing?
They're not.
That's why it's important.
They're normalizing That that's the way this works.
They're normalizing that that's Just something that we have to deal with, just like they've done with the COVID shots.
That they don't work, they make people sick, they cause autoimmune problems, they cause myocarditis, they cause heart attacks, they cause all this stuff to happen, but now they're just normalizing it where, well, we're going to continue the shots, and that's just the way it is.
Just like, oh yeah, these polio shots are the number one cause of polio, and it's back in the news, but it's just, oh, a minor footnote, ABC News.
When we go to break, I'll find the articles, the new ones.
That's what this comes down to, ladies and gentlemen.
The article we had was Gateway Pundit yesterday, and then in the Gateway Pundit article about it, just go to the front page of Gateway Pundit, do Ctrl-F polio, then you'll see the Gateway Pundit article, and then all you got to do is the second paragraph is a link to the ABC News article.
That's why I hate doing my show on the road.
I need to just take a printer and my own equipment and my own deal and just get all ready myself.
And I'm not complaining.
I just, you know, there's nothing more frustrating than wanting to show you something and not having it.
But everybody knows it's in the news.
Everybody knows you can pull it up.
Everybody knows you can find it.
Everybody knows that this is going on and it just tears my guts out to have this going on.
Absolutely tears my guts out to have this going on and to know that there's... There it is.
There's the ABC News thing I wanted.
There's the Associated Press.
That's what I wanted.
I've got what I wanted!
Now I can die!
Now my life is finally complete!
I just had a frickin' psychological orgasm.
Burundi officials detect polio outbreak linked to vaccine.
And then there's the ABC News headline.
Officials confirm polio outbreak caused by vaccine.
That is this week, ladies and gentlemen.
That's just four or five days ago.
So there you go, over and over and over again, and my problem is I am cursed with having a memory and knowing about this.
And it's not like it's the poor Africans getting killed.
I feel bad for them.
My grandmother was on frickin' crutches and she was a beautiful beauty queen and a wonderful lady.
I gave birth to my mother and my uncle, was an amazing person, lived to 92 years old, but she was in excruciating pain because half the nerves in her body got eaten.
One of her legs was flaccid, didn't even work.
One of her arms was flaccid, didn't work.
Half her back didn't work.
Muscles in her neck didn't work.
And she was in torture because these people did this and they got away with it and now they're doing it to people all over the world.
The lucky ones are the ones that die.
That's also that psychotic murderer Bill Gates can get off on whatever he wants to do because he's God.
He wants to put a shot in every arm.
He wants to control your life.
He wants to rape you with his needle and put poison in your body because him and his father and the rest of them were a bunch of murderous eugenicists that don't give a damn about you.
In fact, they want you dead.
They're greedy, horrible, killer psychotics.
I'm going to come back and Owen Schroyer's take on this.
And we're going to get to Dr. Redfield's giving a new speech exposing that yes, it came out of a lab.
Yes, it's a bioweapon.
And yes, the U.S.
government's involved.
Stay with us.
And we are back on this live Tuesday broadcast.
I'm coming to you from Steven Crowder's control room.
Appreciate them setting me up to do this.
Again, co-hosting with him this morning.
I'll be co-hosting with him tomorrow as well.
Owen Schroer, writing Shotgun.
Dr. Judy Mikovits coming up with huge news next hour.
Silk of Diamonds and Silk and more.
But seriously, to all the new viewers tuning in, I know you already know this, but this is a revolutionary act we're doing here.
And I get upset When in Pakistan or in Africa, African nations and other places, the UN with a Bill Gates sponsored program is giving people polio and going, oopsie.
Oh, it was oopsie with Benny Grace Hammond in 1954 or 5, whatever it was.
It was oopsie in the 60s and 70s and 90s and 2000s and they do it over and over again.
And it's oopsie, oopsie, oopsie, oopsie, oopsie.
It's not oopsie.
It's smoking gun.
And the UN got caught, they admit, adding to tetanus shots a female hormone released in the second trimester so the body has an autoimmune response and attacks and kills the baby.
You say, well, maybe there's too many people.
They're killing you too.
They targeted my grandmother.
They're coming after everybody.
So I care about the Africans, and I care about everybody else, ladies and gentlemen, and that is the reality, and that's why I get so upset about this, that again, they're normalizing just, oh, it's ABC News AP, we gave you polio, sorry.
Oh, it killed a bunch of people, made a bunch of people sick, oopsie, we got more shots for you.
What company, what industry, what business, what nation, what government gets away with this over and over again?
It's the UN.
It's the IMF.
It's the World Bank.
It's the central banks.
They are literally playing God.
You can say, well, there are too many people.
Okay, well, you're getting targeted too.
And they're using the pretext of this to have total control.
And now they've gotten the doctors and the lawyers and the scientists and industries and the media paid off and on board with this COVID rollout.
That's what I'm telling you is they've been giving poison shots to people in Latin America and in Africa and Asia.
Now they're going to give you the poison shots openly and run the same game plan because they got away with it.
And that's why Dr. Redfield is now coming out on another television program.
And I've got the quotes right here.
We're going to play the clip in a minute.
The former CDC director saying the pandemic was caused by science.
The so-called science we're supposed to worship.
And what he said in front of Congress that the U.S.
government cooked it up, Obama cooked it up, it was illegal, there was a scandal in 2015, we told you about, they moved it to Wuhan, said plausible liability, they released it to Bring down Trump to destabilize America, to bring in the UN, to bring in the lockdowns, to bring in the social credit score, to bring in the universal basic income, to bring in the vaccine passports, to bring it all in, and that's what they're doing now with the banking crisis they've engineered.
We'll get to Dr. Redfield in a moment, but Owen, I was really glad when you were filling in for me when they were getting everything set up today in the first 15 minutes that you brought this up without me bringing it up to you because you realize it's so important.
Why is this story so important, Owen?
Well, Alex, I think it's hard for people to comprehend this, but we're in the science fiction future.
It's just not flying cars and jetpacks and pill-formed meals.
It's the enslavement of mankind.
And that's what this is all about.
It's depopulation.
It's degradation.
It's your cities falling apart.
You're funding a war in a country you can't even locate on a map.
This is the science fiction future that we're in, not the one we were promised on television.
And so I think it's hard for people to comprehend something that's so difficult as population control or they might be getting targeted to be killed.
In this population control agenda.
So, yeah, I mean, when you see this, oh, the vaccines are killing people, oh, I was told I have to have a vaccine mandated so that I can go to work?
Well then, yeah, that's going to be a problem.
And I have to tell you, Alex, I was one of the many that was tuned in watching you and Crowder this morning, and you guys were cracking me up.
I gotta tell you, you guys were definitely cracking me up.
And it's good to see you having a good time, and it's even better to see that Free speech is winning.
They really thought that they could intimidate you, Steven Crowder, Donald Trump, anybody else into shutting their mouths.
And you didn't.
You didn't.
You didn't shut your mouth.
You didn't give up.
You didn't give in.
And they probably underestimated, I think, the fight and the will of the American people.
And I think we're hopefully about to have our major renaissance.
And maybe that pivotal moment is among us now, Alex.
Well, that's exactly my point.
I was having some fun, you know, the old cartoon, I'll crush your head or whatever, because I'm big on the big screen here, so sorry I'm being goofy.
But absolutely, it's the best of times, it's the worst of times.
The world's waking up, free speech is starting to win, but then we're also facing the horror But I took this position because I feel very strongly that we need to have a moratorium on gain-of-function research.
I told you that the great pandemic is coming.
over and over and over and over again, Owen.
Let's go ahead and go to Dr. Redfield with some of his latest statements.
They are so scared of this.
But I took this position because I feel very strongly that we need to have a moratorium
on gain-of-function research.
I told you that the great pandemic is coming.
I think it's gonna come not from spillover.
It's gonna become from gain-of-function research or intentional bioterrorism, right?
It's going to be a bird flu virus that is manipulated to be able to transmit human-to-human, very similar to what we saw with the COVID.
You know, in 2014, that laboratory published that they finally learned how to take their COVID virus and have it bind to the H2 receptor in humanized mice and therefore it could go human-to-human.
I mean, they did the experiments.
They published them in 2014.
And now we see that there's a COVID virus, which is, I think, has a number of signature sequences in it that aren't normal.
The fear and cleavage site, the fact that they use the nucleotide triplet for arginine that humans use, not bats use.
The fact that COVID right now can barely infect bats but can infect humans I should tell you that there's a lot of evidence that this virus was manipulated to be able to be highly transmissible among humans.
I think it was done probably as part of a biodefense program that largely was trying to make a vaccine vector that would be used for good purposes but unfortunately that virus escaped and it was highly transmissible for you.
Humans and you saw from the time it escaped which was probably somewhere In the September timeframe, you remember in September that laboratory did three things.
They changed the management from the civilian to military.
They deleted all the sequences of the viruses and they put a contract in for a new ventilation system.
That's about the same time they began to see some illness in the area.
So I think that's when the epidemic started and I do think the gain-of-function research moratorium is something should happen.
It shouldn't be decided Just by scientists.
I happen to be a scientist.
But we shouldn't decide this ourselves.
There should be a broader debate of society whether this research needs to be done or not.
Tony will argue it needs to be done.
Collins will argue it needs to be done.
I think that debate should happen.
No, Tony argues they're not doing it and lies to Congress and says he isn't.
Let's explain.
They made a five virus chimeric mutant creation.
That would have never shown up in nature, totally impossible, and then they happened to just so develop a vaccine for what they released.
They obviously did it.
On purpose.
We're going to go to break here, come back with Owen Troyer and Morgan, his take on the situation in the next five minutes.
And Dr. Judy Mikovits is going to be joining us.
She's always a fiery guest, an incredible whistleblower who knows Fauci, who's exposed him for decades.
This is so critical because all the World War III news is important and all the banking news is important, but the medical cartel, the UNU's, to bring in this tyranny and this power grab must be brought to justice.
Or they'll do it again.
And they are doing it again with the polio, and it's always the same players.
Bill Gates and others.
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Hour number two, Owen Shorter's gonna host the next five minutes with other points he'd like to make.
I'm going to come back with Dr. Judy Mikovits and hit all of it and so much more.
I'm not just going to talk about COVID with her.
I'm going to get her take on World War III, the Ukraine situation, the banking crisis, the censorship, the control.
It all ties together.
Hour number two straight ahead.
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Second hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Alex will be rejoining us on the other side of this segment,
and if you're tuned in, as many people are to the news today,
for the Trump arrest watch, Trump indictment watch.
It looks like they're going to at least push this back, delay this, punt this,
maybe eventually just drop it altogether.
Such a reach.
That the federal prosecutors didn't even want to take these charges.
It took a loony tune Democrat named Alvin Bragg.
Even Cy Vance, when he was in charge of the same district, didn't want to touch these charges.
So, maybe it was an escape hatch.
Maybe it was reigning him in.
But for all the big talk, and I got a stack of the headlines here, And it was all over the mainstream news last night.
Trump to be arrested.
Trump finally going down.
Walls are closing in.
This is the end.
Is it the end of his campaign?
His supporters can't support him now.
He's a criminal.
And now here we are today.
No arrest.
And then, of course, the response to all of this has been interesting to watch as well, but we'll have more of that coming up later today.
I want to play this clip because I'm really amazed.
Now, this was one of the top clips on the Internet yesterday.
So apparently the story is this clip is a couple of years old.
And when Fauci and Bowser were going around D.C.
trying to convince people to take the poison injection, I mean, my God, what sickos, what psychos, and then scolding you when you didn't want to.
Wow, talk about rude.
Apparently this is years old and it was so bad for the vaccine and for Mayor Bowser that they canned it and made sure nobody could see it afterwards.
And they said, we're going to keep this.
So I don't know how it leaked out.
It's still unclear to me.
But it is a couple years old, I believe, is what the reports are.
And they basically said, we're not going to release this footage.
It looks so bad.
Well, now it's been leaked out.
So there's a bunch of these clips, like, for example, this one right here where this gentleman's house they go up to, and he just schools them.
He schools them on the vaccine and then just Dikembe Mutombo rejects them.
I mean, just couldn't have been done any better.
Despite the bullying and then the rudeness from Fauci and Bowser.
But there's one clip that really should just live forever.
If not that clip of that gentleman, it's this clip.
This is truly unbelievable from Anthony Fauci who funded the gain-of-function research and wants to blame you for the pandemic if you don't get a vaccine.
But if we don't make this into a timeless clip forever, then that's on us.
Here it is.
Oh, those are the states.
Oh, my God.
They're going to keep the outbreak smoldering in the country.
It's so crazy.
I mean, they're not doing it because they say they don't want to do it.
They're Republicans.
They don't like to be told what to do.
And we've got to break that, you know, unpack that.
How you guys doing with vaccines?
So first, he says, oh, you're responsible for the pandemic if you don't take a vaccine, even though he's the one funding the gain-of-function research that caused the pandemic.
But that's just hilarious irony.
What's even better is Republicans don't like being told what to do.
We need to break that.
Quote, Republicans don't like being told what to do.
We need to break that.
I mean, if you're the Republican Party, how are you not taking that clip and turning it into a remix and a dance song and spending millions on ads and playing it all over the news?
Fauci, like THE bad guy!
Anthony Fauci, one of the lowest approval ratings of any health official ever, and that's actually one of the most trusted groups in polls, and Fauci's the least trusted of them all, and he just said Republicans don't like being told what to do.
Boy oh boy!
You know, I got a feeling that's not just Republicans.
Maybe it's Americans.
Maybe it's you.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe it's Alex Jones coming up next.
Maybe it's all of us that don't like being told what to do by rats, like Anthony Fauci.
Alright, a few weeks ago when Dr. Redfield, former head of the CDC, went public that we're
still making such a big deal about because it could bring down the whole deep state.
When he went public and said, "Look, it was cooked up in a lab.
They covered it up.
It's gained a function."
All of that.
I said, "We've got to get Dr. Judy Megowitz on the show ASAP.
She's a major insider running a lot of these big programs who exposed it more than a decade ago.
There's been major films made about her story.
She doesn't really need an introduction.
But for new listeners who may not know who she is, especially I was on Steven Crowder today.
He had a record large show with his new broadcast.
Millions and millions of viewers.
He was very kind and told people to tune into my show today.
So a lot of those folks are tuned in.
Maybe they don't know who Dr. Judy Mankiewicz is.
So I'd like her to recap her story.
What she went through, what she witnessed, and then what does she make of all this news coming out that indeed the shots are poisonous, as she warned years ago, that indeed it does erase your immune system, it creates a autoimmune disorder similar to AIDS, they're calling it VAIDS, and where does she see this going?
And then I want to tie it into the weaponization of the state against the people hearings the last two weeks, the surveillance of doctors and scientists, the censorship run by the White House, Against them and this organized crime operation and we'll tie it into all the other big news Happening in the world today because she's not just a scientist and a amazing lady with a lot of courage and an author She is also somebody who's really smart about the general world.
So I want to pick her brain about that as well And we'll also again put our website on screen for everybody, and she's on Twitter at Dr. Judy A. Mikovits.
And that's Dr. Judy A. Mikovits.
So, Doc, thanks for joining us today.
What would you call this moment in time we're in?
What do you make of all the revelations?
Total vindication for you and others.
I know you don't want the vindication, but you were warning before this happened, it was going to happen.
We care about vindication because now people know we told the truth.
Now I think we can expose people behind this, hopefully bring them to justice so they don't do it again.
Yeah, that's where we are and it's really not Indication at all, because while I was held in jail as the really first political arrest by Fauci et al., as we know from our books Plague, Plague of Corruption, and our last book, our latest book, which published in 2021, called Ending Plague, A Scholar's Obligation in an Age of Corruption, it tells the whole story at every level of the government.
How this has been going on for more than 40 years.
So I was jailed as a felony fugitive from justice without so much as a parking ticket and arrest warrant on November 18, 2011.
And the fugitive from justice was Tony Fauci's justice.
And so over the next five years, while he held me silenced, And I'm not a CFS researcher.
I'm a cancer and AIDS researcher, a drug developer.
My PhD research solved HIV AIDS.
Our 2009 paper, science paper, solved CFS, showing the causes Were the gain-of-function studies that have been done since 1980.
So where Robert Redfield is full of it, and I say it like David Martin said it a few days ago, tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and you'll know that he and Deborah Birx did a gain-of-function bioweapon in the 1990s for HIV, injected the military, In this experimental program caused myalgic encephalomyelitis, which is inflammation of the brain and muscle.
It wasn't HIV.
It was another virus, another family of viruses that women and children were getting from a contaminated blood supply.
Remember Arthur Ashe.
Remember Ryan White.
Remember, you know, for four decades, For decades, Fauci said women and children can't get HIV.
You know, they don't have AIDS, therefore, because HIV causes AIDS.
None of these viruses cause disease.
It's the purposeful dysregulation, the purposeful causing of the strongest in our society.
The strongest, the athletes who we all know.
The injection, the mandates.
They can't play their job.
They can't play their sport.
They can't do their job.
This has been going on for four decades.
We solved it then.
We solved it with peptide tea, with cerumen, with ozone therapies.
A lot of us aren't scientists like you are.
So I remember my dad, actually, back in the 80s, because he was a doctor and researcher, he was saying all this same stuff.
I know it was the literature even then.
And then, of course, you were one of the top researchers that exposed it and really upset their apple cart.
But what are these other viruses?
What are they doing?
And then what's COVID all about?
They're all in the database.
They publish not only SARS-CoV-2, but dozens of viruses, hundreds, in the Vero Monkey kidney cell line, which is a continuously growing manufacturing plant.
Since the 1960s that they've added all kinds of viruses.
This is where we grow our polio vaccines.
So they're injecting these animal, human, mouse, monkey manufactured gain-of-function in every single polio shot since they created SARS-CoV-2.
In 2004, the paper's more at all in the Journal of Virology.
You see Germany, you see China, you see Harvard.
They don't release them, they shipped it around the world.
When Tony Fauci couldn't do gain-of-function in Fort Detrick, he just prepared a little package of the cell lines with all the viruses and they shipped them around the world.
We all remember when they got caught with the MMR and the William Thompson confession from the CDC fraud.
This was the Dell Big Tree, the vaxxed movie in 2014.
You know, Fauci just simply shipped Ebola to Liberia and killed 21,000 innocent black people by way of a vaccine program.
And they just continue to do it over and over again.
And he got caught, and all we needed was a smart doctor who led this Christian missionary team to go help them.
The book is called "Called for Life" in the biblical sense, and it's in our Get Healthy store,
'cause unless we understand "Called for Life"
that you can cure, one smart doctor stopped that Ebola outbreak with hydroxychloroquine,
saline infusions, and prayer, and then Tony Fauci and Obama took Dr. Kent Brantley
back to the CDC and they pretended like the magic antibody from San Diego, the Regeneron cured everybody,
and they just recycled it and called it COVID.
And we know all of this, and they weaponized our entire defense industry in the age of Ronald Reagan, when they made everyone a contractor and not a principal investigator or scientist.
So we were the weaponized hired guns, and this is the story we show.
In 2021, the leading cause of death of women of childbearing age was HIV AIDS, spread through a contaminated blood supply and vaccines, and they never took it out.
That's what Robert Redfield and Deborah Burke started with their little gain of function.
It was the J&J format where they put the envelope of HIV.
Well, I want to be clear.
I've said Redfield's a rat leaving a sinking ship, but I think it is overall positive that he's admitting that COVID's man-made and he's definitely got pressure on him to be doing something like that.
I want to get your take on that when we come back.
And then look at what you think they're going to do next, and obviously all this news, and we'll have the articles pulled up, the current ones, not the gold ones, we'll show those too, where ABC News AP is reporting the new global polio outbreak is being caused by the vaccine, Bill Gates, yet again, they do it over and over and over again, and they get away with it.
It's just simply insane.
Dr. Judy Megowitz, stay right there.
We'll be right back with you.
Everybody should visit her website right now.
It's amazing information.
Find all of her shows, her writing, her books, the films.
It's all there.
And this platform, InfoWars.com, having the real whistleblowers on.
All right, Dr. Judy Mikovits is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host here out of Stephen Crowder's amazing studios in Dallas, Texas.
The crew is down in ATX in Austin, Texas.
And Dr., you're an amazing individual and your whole story is incredible, but you just threw out there they had you arrested.
We now see them trying to arrest President Trump.
We now see the total weaponization January 6.
There's been films and books written about your story when you blew the whistle and you exposed what was happening.
But for folks who don't know, why don't you recap that story?
Well, I was arrested November 18, 2011.
Um, at my house with no warrant, no, no anything.
My house was searched, my husband was terrorized, even, even a neighbor was terrorized because in fact, um, we had the truth and we had all the truth and we would not stop talking.
So I was arrested I was held in jail in Ventura without any kind of warrant without on a bail hold a bail hold I couldn't bail out what I was told to do over those five days in the suicide watch where they essentially torture you and get you or your husband to you know to get you to commit suicide or see if they can "Get your husband scared enough."
They actually, my husband actually ransomed me out of jail five years later by making a drop in the middle of the
night supposedly of the notebooks,
the proof of all I was saying planted in my house.
Well, we didn't even have to do that because the FBI and the DOJ had all of this information
and we refused to shut up.
We have all of this information in our lap.
This is why I'm angry about Robert Redfield.
He knew exactly what was going on and he's one of the ones that set this up.
So I would be arrested.
Everything, I was fired September 29th, 2011.
When we proved in a talk in Ottawa, Canada, that all of the viruses are in fact gain of function, that polio has been always caused by the polio vaccine, but it wasn't that polio virus.
It wasn't that enterovirus.
It was only that variant.
So the CDC said, We can't call that polio.
When kids were getting polio every year, they made us call it.
By the way, that's what they do now.
They say we've eradicated polio, but it's a polio-like virus where they admit it's from the shot.
That's ABC News, AP Today.
They do it every few years.
What's going on there?
I mean, it's so obvious they're doing it.
But it was 2011!
It was 2014!
So what's going on there is they were getting caught by people like Bobby Kennedy, by the World Mercury Project, before it was Children's Health Defense, by Informed Consent Action Network.
You know, we went to Congress on March 31st, 2017.
On March 31st, 2017, we the doctors from every state, we sat with Jason Chaffetz, the head
then of the House Ways and Means Committee, I think, Bobby Kennedy, me, Del Bigtree, every
single advocate, fighter who knew.
We sat there.
It's on our website today.
We show you my talk at the Press Club, March 31st, 2017.
They knew all of this.
Everybody sat in the office and said all the vaccines have always been causing this and not a single safety study was done.
Not one single safety study on any shot.
They are all Let me ask you this.
What is the endgame?
every single one since 1986.
This is what the Informed Consent Action Network, Dell Big Tree, Aaron Seery,
the lawyers that fought tirelessly, who never stopped showing what these shots were doing to--
Well, let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this.
What is the end game?
What's the larger operation?
Clearly, world government respond to diseases they create, the social tracking systems, the casual society.
Why are they doing it?
Well, right now, it's premeditated murder of all the people they injured so they can drive the new narrative.
Yes, it's genocide.
Reduce the population.
They've told you.
World control.
You cremate everybody.
You don't need to cremate anybody with an RNA virus, folks, because you don't make RNA after you're dead.
That's molecular biology.
It's not rocket science.
It's molecular biology 101.
No RNA virus survives without oxygen.
It's the anaerobes that were causing the problem.
The mycoplasma, the mold, TB.
It never was HIV.
That was my PhD thesis.
Ozone therapies.
All you're talking about.
I want that toothpaste.
Everything we're talking about.
The fluoride, the poisons, the cyanide.
You know, ivermectin with cyanide.
and fluoride is called remdesivir. It's new patents, new drugs.
Just do the exact same thing. Look at the industry they created with HIV, your first gain-of-function study.
And now it's kill everybody because we caught them and we'll see those
sequences if we don't cremate them. That's what Bontenier said.
He said don't get the flu shot.
The flu shot in 2019 caused 36% more likely to get a diagnosis.
By the way, for folks who don't know who Montagnier is, explain how prestigious these virologists are that are saying what you're saying.
Lou Montagnier in 2008 got the Nobel Prize for the isolation of HIV, but that in fact was not what he isolated, and this is why people say he recants now.
He isolated lymphadenopathy virus, it's called LAV.
He associated it with gay-related immune deficiency, GRID.
This was never It was never HIV and it was never AIDS.
And this was my first run-in with Tony Fauci in 1983 when he tried to get that isolate and that paper that my mentor, Dr. Frank Rossetti, who had In our lab, we worked with Luke Montagnier and we actually showed that, confirmed his work, isolating it from the same people, the same isolate, it never was HIV.
So Tony Fauci got that virus, he and Bob Gallo did gain-of-function studies on it so they could get a patent.
You know, they invented it.
God allows us to discover, you know, the natural.
Luc Montagnier discovered.
They made gain-of-function.
They made it something it wasn't.
They spread it through a hepatitis B vaccine, which they forced everybody to get.
Hepatitis A is an enterovirus, so you could start thinking about where we're going as we poison it.
Any enterovirus that normally infects the gut We'll give you the opportunity to infect the brain, especially if you have those little bioweapons they have in those synthetic lipid nanoparticles, which is a virus.
All you need to know is the synthetic viruses.
You've injected the virus.
You've allowed your own body to create your own viruses and spread them through your home family.
And this is not just the COVID shot.
This is every single shot.
For 40 years, the end game is to murder everybody, cover up your crimes, you know, silence, arrest, kill people like me who will not stop telling the truth.
And by the way, you're moving faster.
Come back and explain this.
They want to cover up all the other viruses they put in us, so now they create a master shot, get liability protection, and know it's all going to come out, but blame that for all the other stuff they did.
Correct, and it's not going to all come out if we keep cremating people.
So on May 20, Luc Montagnier said, you know, don't, don't cremate anybody.
And they spliced in his voice to say, he said, cremate them.
There's no hope.
Oh, there's hope.
Because all we have to do is walk away from them, walk away from their stores, walk away from their products.
Never get another shot.
Not one single shot has been tested.
If you are a doctor, if you are a pharmacist, if you give that clear shot and you don't know the ingredients, you will be held liable.
Stay right there.
We're talking about clear shot.
The whole paper is clear.
They don't say what it is.
We'll be right back.
And you're listening to our special guest, Dr. Judy Megibetz, author, researcher.
Be sure to check out her website.
We'll give it to you in a moment.
But first, listen to what she's saying.
From all my research, all the guests we've had on, she's dead on here putting together the final pieces of this.
They have been loading cancer viruses and all these other deadly viruses into vaccines from the beginning.
They've been using it as a depopulation weapon from the beginning.
If you look at the graphs all over the Western world, by the 20s and 30s, sanitation, that's sewage and bleach and things in our clothing, had made infectious disease go way down.
As soon as vaccines started, it starts going back up, actually, because they're not vaccines.
So this has been their Trojan horse from the beginning.
And now all the lawsuits and then the UN three years ago, plus having an emergency meeting and saying,
the whole medical world's turning against the shots.
They know it's contaminated.
They know it's killing everybody with viral contamination.
What are we gonna do?
Well, don't worry, boom, in comes, ladies and gentlemen, this shot that they won't tell you what's in it,
but now we learn it's a cocktail of everything that's already been done so they can claim this shot,
did it all, and then it covers for all the other soft kill weapons.
And the reason I know that's true is not just the research.
You look at the SPARS 2025-2028 document, you look at all these documents, and the globalists talk about how it's going to come out this shot causes myocarditis, and this shot causes autoimmune deficiency disorder type systems, and this shot erases immune systems.
And that's, I was like, why do they war game that they know this is going to happen?
Well, it's because they plan to blame it all on this and put it all on this and then just move on.
That's why they gave this shot.
Total liability.
It's why it came out that they had secret agreements, Pfizer and Moderna, with over 100 governments literally turning over their national domestic product and their infrastructure and their national parks in the name of defending Big Pharma.
Because Big Pharma knows they're about to be the fall guy in this larger cover-up That is the entire globalist project.
So they're going to have their cake and eat it too.
Dr. Judy McGuinness, is that an accurate way of describing this?
You're the expert, can you correct me?
Yeah, that's a very accurate way to describe this.
And in fact, with people like Robert Redfield, who are criminals, because as I said, they've done this for 30 or 40 years.
He could have stopped it in 92, when he injected the military along with Deborah Birx.
With an experimental HIV shot that literally gave people HIV.
It was this envelope protein, they now call it the spike protein.
Yeah, that's what it was.
So he's guilty of that, so he's getting a free ride because he's got a literal and figurative gun to his head as he tells just enough to placate them and make them think it hasn't been happening for 40 years.
That was my next question, and elaborate on this.
Because you've been attacking him for over a decade and you've been dead on.
But I agree with you, but how big a symbol is it that one of the main rats fled the ship?
Elaborate, why is he doing this now?
What's the gun to his head?
Uh, to let us think it hasn't been going on forever.
To let, to let, to cover up the fact that... So he's now officially, what I already said, what you said, he's now just moving it on to the next phase?
So he's covering up the fact that not a single shot has ever been tested.
We've experimented.
That's against federal law and the 1986 Act.
That was supposed to be the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act when Tony Fauci and Big Pharma went to then President Ronald Reagan and said, And said, vaccines are unavoidably unsafe because all the lawsuits were winning.
And so Ronald Reagan said, make them safer.
And Tony Fauci said, you can't.
Oh, who are they going to kill?
The black people he was talking to in the beginning of that.
Oh yeah, the Hispanics, the poor, the military, the people that can't stop eating glyphosate, the people that have to work and have to be mandated, the athletes, the athletes.
Why does an athlete have to get jabbed?
Well, every time he plays.
Why do we do that value shaming or whatever we call that when an athlete's bleeding on the court and everybody runs out in guns as if they're contagious?
No, they're not.
So he's right now just covering up his ass and what he's did.
All of them should be charged with crimes against humanity.
charged with these crimes.
So when they cremate everybody and cover it up, they can say, I don't know, the contractors
did it.
You know, the hired guns did it.
When I changed Fort Detrick into military operation run by a contractor, starting again
with Ronald Reagan.
Oh, and he got shot too.
Oh, by vaccine-injured.
You know, what was Sandy Hook?
Oh, a vaccine-injured Adam Lanza was injected with neuro-AIDS, which they call, oh, it's HIV, and they call it Borrelia.
Oh, they call it Borrelli, because they stopped.
They caused all of this.
He knows exactly what he's doing.
To take away our guns, our constitutional right to defend ourselves.
They can come shoot you anytime you want.
Well, I said from the beginning.
Well, Dr. Minkiewicz, you're a visionary.
When I say that, you put all the pieces together like nobody else.
Let me ask you this then.
How is it going for them?
What do you expect them to do next?
They're trying to start World War III, the borders are imploded, they're killing the dollar, bank runs.
Big picture, this is an American, not just a scientist, but you know, as a patriot.
How would you describe where humanity is right now?
Well, on the precipice of choosing God or evil.
You know, because anything that has anything to do with a Nobel Prize, Alaska Award, it's invention versus discovery.
God allows a scientist to discover.
So if we all walk away right now, that's where the fun is.
We're in charge.
So now that everybody sees the ridiculousness of The arrest, when they see the story, when they watch shows like this, when they turn off the lies from the criminal media.
See, everybody's responsible right now, including Congress, including Jason Chavis, who walked away.
We showed him March 31st, 2017.
The FBI has had every word of every one of our book as a legal document, all the samples, all the proof.
All of it, since May of 2014.
Think about your timeline.
Since May of 2014, when I had a four-hour discussion with the FBI here in Ventura, with my lawyer and Dr. Rossetti, and we showed them absolutely every Let me just say this.
I've studied history.
I've studied politics.
hard drive. Where are we going? Freedom. True freedom.
Where we live in love.
That's why I got my rather beat-up love hat on now because yeah it's beat up but
if we all just walk away and say no thank you never again I will not risk
the rest of humanity. I don't live in fear. Fear is the virus.
Let me just let me just say this I've studied history I've studied politics I
love it. I don't see how they reverse this now they could I don't know exactly how we're going to win, but you can see the tides turned, the enemies panicked, and they are in a lot of trouble.
I'm just concerned about what do they do to try to grab victory from the jaws of defeat.
Well, what they do is try to scare us into that last shot.
What they do is try to convince us that we're the crazy ones, and what people need to do is buy from InfoWars stores, buy from, you know, support, inform the TV shows, the Informed Consent Action Network, Children'sHealthDefense.org, go to the real Dr. Judy.
The data are all there.
We have a free newsletter.
We have a free subset.
Arm yourself and your family.
Learn to speak the truth in love.
love because there's a lot of forgiveness that has to happen for all of us because we
believe the liars.
And so that's, you know, we against God.
So I believe, I know for a fact God's already won, that love wins, and all we have to do
is walk away and say no thank you.
We don't have to argue with him, we don't have to say a thing.
We don't care.
It really is a spiritual decision.
Let me interrupt you, but you're right.
It's a spiritual decision.
It's a spiritual decision.
It's who are you choosing this day.
As for me and my house, I will choose the Lord.
I will choose the only God.
There's only one God, and it's not you, and it's not Tony Fauci.
That's why I went to jail.
I said, uh-uh.
You're not my God.
I don't believe in scientism, and I will never bow down to you.
And that's what we're promised, that God will honor us, and we'll stand strong in that as we always have.
Alright, final segment straight ahead.
Incredibly powerful interview.
I'm going to give you the floor when we come back to cover any other issue you want to hear, but man, what a time to be alive.
It's just insane what we've been through the last three years.
A bio attack, and then a shot that's even a bigger bio attack.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, I began to see reports two weeks ago, and I've confirmed from my sources, that the Justice Department is preparing to try to go after some of the leading doctors who they're already suing, who they're trying to take their licenses away from.
You know all the names of the people that have gone public.
And that's what Dr. Judy Mikovits has gone through herself, but that's a badge of honor.
And whereas I don't want to be indicted by these people, we have to stand up for the children.
And you have to understand that Again, my grandmother, it's not like I can just read this in the news, my grandmother, Benny Gray Salmon, was an amazing lady and lived to like 92, died about five years ago.
But her doctor told her that the second vaccine she got in the 50s, the oral one, gave her polio.
Her doctor told her, we're sorry, we gave you polio.
And now they're doing it again.
So we have nothing to lose but our slavery by telling the truth here.
And I know it's scary 'cause you're an average person that just wants to go to work
and be with your children or family and go to church and go to the ball game
and go for a hike and you wanna go eat dinner.
You don't wanna kill people because you're not a psychotic.
But you have to understand, historically, mad scientists basically end up running society
and criminals that have high IQs don't just kidnap people out of their backyards and kill
They do it through the state.
And look at the Nazis and what they did.
And so, Dr. Minkiewicz, I really appreciate you and the time you've spent today.
We got 10 minutes left.
I'd like to give you the floor just to talk about whatever you want.
Well, what I always like to talk about is solutions because that's the simple part.
So here's the summary of what we've just said over the last 40 years.
We all know now that it always was infection by injection.
It's infection by injection.
So if everybody out there who is fearful right now, what do I do now?
Look how simple it is.
Never get another shot.
Never do another injection.
And I mean no chemotherapy.
It's poison.
They are poisoning you.
They are causing the cancers with the shots.
We know the viruses are there.
They're dysregulating your immune system with all the ingredients of the shots.
So the easiest thing in the world to do is never get another shot.
Walk away.
And why that's so easy to do is we know It doesn't spread secondarily, you know, outside of your family.
We know Lee Merritt's work, other people's work, that literally if you put a glass in between the diseased animal and the other person is on the other side, there's no spread.
But if you put a prism and the poison. If you focus the energy, the wavelength,
then the poison transmits.
So that's not a contagion. I saw some studies on that, I don't mean to interrupt, but why they didn't want us out in
the sun?
Because the sun doesn't just kill viruses, it activates our body.
It activates our vitamin D. You can't put vitamin D back in.
God gave you wavelengths across the entire spectrum of a rainbow of protection.
And so when we're poisoning our environment with the aluminum, with the geoengineering, with everything we're spraying in there, think about how they've tried to poison us.
Think about how strong we are.
I'm sitting in front of you a couple of weeks away from turning 65.
I have I've been exposed to Ebola.
I've been exposed to HIV.
I've been exposed to everything.
I sat in those labs and did that work.
Never wore a mask.
All you have to do is do the opposite.
That's what the word repent means.
So humble yourselves.
Get out of your ego and your arrogance.
You're not going to fix this on your own.
You're not going to fix it without a true belief that your God gave you all you need in an immune system, and all you need in our planet, and all you need for food.
And it's not crickets, folks.
Human beings don't eat crickets, according to God.
It's not plant-based food.
It's not science-based food.
That's not food.
That's poison.
So it's so easy.
And so repent means do a 180.
Do a 180.
So if they say it, do the opposite.
It's easy.
It's how our moms taught us.
It's how your grandmother taught you.
Hey, we see with our own eyes.
You know, who are you going to believe?
Me or your lion eyes is the old joke.
Well, we just keep believing Fauci and company and the One World Order.
What you just showed, the poison is that TV screen.
Turn it off.
That was PlandemicSeries.com.
Watch it again.
Watch edifying shows like this that strengthen you to say, oh yeah, there are products.
Don't go in a grocery store with a pharmacy in it.
They're just shooting the poison all over your food.
And we've got all these champions like Like, like Mickey Willis.
What a beautiful soul he is.
And we've got Mickey Willis.
We've got, we've got Del Bigtree.
We've got Children's Health Defense.
We've got all these people.
Dr. Suzanne Humphreys, all the way back decades ago, showing... By the way, what do you think of RFK Jr.
running for president?
I would support him over everybody.
I would vote Democrat.
I would support him just because he's so, you can just tell he's so real.
Oh, well, I mean, if that's what he wants to do, I would support him, too.
But I even make it more fun with him.
I tapped Mike Hugo.
Mike Hugo is the attorney, my friend, who wrote with Barbaralow Fisher, the national vaccine injury.
Compensation Act into law as to what was injury and everything. So I thought who better than that lawyer
Maybe Attorney General maybe running way Mike Hugo lifelong Democrat
From Boston. I'm just throwing him under the bus Yeah
I love it because we can take back this country and and clean up our entire environment by the two best
Environmental lawyers I ever met Bobby Kennedy and and Mike Hugo
Well, that's what scares the Democrats is the old-fashioned Democrats were good people overall and they're really
waking up right now Yeah, and so I love that idea.
If he's on board, I'm on board.
Why don't I know if you missed it?
He's talking about running for president.
Well, I hope he does, yeah.
I've been, my phone got hacked again and my, it won't charge.
I tend to just drop it.
Oh, I'm not blaming you.
There's so much news, I miss half of it all the time.
Let me, let me ask you, not a selfish question, but it's about the platform.
Because we just did the final accounting about a week ago for free speech systems.
We're barely in the black.
And we could see the one product that actually in the last three months made us profitable from when you were on.
And I know we go out and see what's the best selling and what's the highest rated.
So we probably labeled a national brand of nitric boost and then they allowed us to sell it.
But you looked at the brand without me even asking you and said, why nitric boost is so good?
What nitric oxide does in the blood?
And when you did that, It's just a selfless question for the show, because listeners really listen to you, and you made that a number one bestseller and actually kept us on air.
Your little two-minute plug without me asking about Nitric Boost, when you looked at that product, what does nitric oxide do in the blood, and what did you see in that product that you think is so important?
Just a minute or two on that, and we'll close out talking about your website and your books and what you've been doing.
Well, nitric oxide is a key.
It's made by our own bodies again.
It's made by L-citrulline and L-arginine, the amino acids.
So we're fed.
You can get it from beet powder and other things.
So you don't want to give nitric oxide.
This would be Viagra.
And that can kill you.
In fact, doctors are right now giving people Viagra thinking they need nitric oxide and you can't do it like that.
It's formulation.
I'm a formulation chemist.
Just like you want your own body to make vitamin D from the sunlight, you can't force it back in.
In people who can't make it, it can actually hurt them.
It's called peroxynitrites.
So, you want to boost your own body's ability.
The nitric oxide relaxes the endothelium, the vasculature.
It relaxes the vein.
It's a natural blood pressure.
In fact, there's another food product called Cardio Miracle.
And it not only has the nitric boost, but it has... So, I use the two.
Your Info Wars, I keep that on my shelf.
And I feed myself the Cardio Miracle, which is straight food.
It's a different formulation than that one and the two together are a one-two punch.
So you get in your food the ability to make what you need and no more.
No more than what you need.
So, you know, if you go out in the sun and you burn, that's why your skin gets dark for your vitamin D receptors, the sensors on the surface of the cell relax.
So everything works With nitric oxide.
It was a key in HIV AIDS.
We knew it in my PhD thesis.
That's why this is so important because we have all the cures and that's why I get so frustrated.
Those five years I was held silent after I got out of jail.
I couldn't do it again, which was tell the truth.
Or I would be arrested and this time I would be killed.
And what I was told is we got OJ, didn't we?
That's what your lawyers are doing right now.
So I love the nitric oxide products.
We have on our website that cardio miracle.
There's one called proline greens that gives you the greens you need, the chlorella and the spirulina.
There are three foods, three powders in a drink every day and you will get, you will change your world.
You will not.
We got to go to break for two minutes.
I want to finish up with this because I don't want to get graphic here, but I'm going to tell a personal story because it's not a joke.
And, you know, I'm not trying to be catty here with this, but my wife, like last week, said, well, what's going on here in the bedroom?
I mean, look, I'm going to explain when we come back.
We'll be back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
Alright, final segment with Dr. Judy Mankiewicz, and then we have Silk joining us, Diamond and Silk.
Can't wait to talk to her about all the big world developments that are unfolding.
But this is a true story, so let's just realize how important it is.
I don't claim to be Mr. Universe or Mr. Superhealth.
I just know what's good and what's high quality and what we promote, so we can fund the show and see good results that come back.
But I remember going out to this big manufacturer that already supplied a lot of our products and saying, what's your best seller right now?
They said, well, we have this Nitric Boost product under another name.
You can private label it, sell it to your folks.
It helps the blood, helps the blood vessels, the heart.
It's really the hottest thing.
You already sell a VasoBeats product that has concentrate that does similar things.
This just has more ingredients in it.
And I said, that's great.
So we started selling it six months ago, and it was already a good seller, but then Dr. Megamix plugged it, it became the number one bestseller.
Like literally paid the bills last few months.
And so I thought, well, I mean, I take a lot of the supplements, but I, you know, I need to take this.
I started taking it about a month ago, and my wife came to me about a week ago,
I don't wanna get graphic here, but it's a true story, and she said, "Honey, are you taking Viagra or Cialis?"
She said, "You're always there and ready to go, "but man, it's like, are you on something?
"Because it's totally different."
I don't wanna get into graphics here, but let's just say, it's like I'm 16 again, okay?
And, you know, Darth Vader's a lot healthier, a lot bigger, a lot happier.
And the point is, if it does that for your libido, and it's so manifest, that I never needed Cialis or Viagra, I'm not gonna lie.
I've tried it before to see what it does, any man does that.
This, for me, being on this every day, is like five times that, and it's exactly what she just brought up.
So she as a doctor brought this up, so I was just bringing it up to back up.
If it's doing that, What else is it doing?
But she was saying viagra and things do it wrong with the nitric oxide.
This is doing it naturally.
So imagine if it's doing it for your libido and it would just be point blank for an erection, like taking it from normal to like Godzilla.
What is going on here, doctor?
Well, it's our natural body processes in response to poisons.
So, we know that, you know, we see TV commercials for Roman, you know, young men who have no libido.
That's what they were trying to do to us is take away, you know, and your CBD product, that full spectrum is going to add just that little bit of extra.
to your life as well.
And again, what is going down here is God gave us everything we need for food
and we can live, I mean, Genesis says 120 years.
My husband was 83, I'm six year, he was 20 years older than me.
And I guarantee you he was fine up until the day they murdered him and called it COVID.
So, and--
And you can withstand an awful lot and you can have a great life if you just simply turn back to God and you know and again your full spectrum CBD along with that nitric oxide boosted.
And you've got so much more joy in your life and calm.
It's the dimmer switch on.
But it's just crazy because I had the product I was selling on.
It was great.
I think I needed it.
And then I wasn't even paying attention.
My wife, like, what's going on here?
Did you?
I mean, you know, I don't want to go into graphic details, but it's like dramatic.
It's it's it's all right.
You know, what you're saying is a natural compound, way more powerful than a drug.
And we knew it in 1980 with the AIDS epidemic.
That's the point.
We used it then.
And these guys came back to life.
And they were, you know, all you had to do, no matter what they had to take, forced to take the AZT, forced to take the remdesivir.
How do you heal it?
Nitric oxide boost, MCBD products, turmeric, everything you're showing there.
Just feed your immune system.
We've been poisoned.
With genetically modified organisms.
All the food is poison.
All the GMO is poison.
How simple it is to stop buying poison.
Start buying this stuff.
Give us a year.
Give you a year.
We're out of time.
You've got to come back soon.
We've got to do a commercial-free interview soon.
They can find your books, your films, your incredible work, your podcast, everything.
It's TheRealDrJudy.com.
And I know as an audience, you're awake.
Share her link to everybody.
That's how we defeat the global stock.
20-second closing comment.
Yeah, that's it.
Here we have our freedom again.
Love wins, God wins.
Thank you for everything.
You've stood there for the last 30 or 40 years, and probably as long as I have.
So thank you for never giving up on us, and we won't ever give up on you.
All right.
One word.
Check it, bookmark it, share it.
Dr. Judy A. Mikovits on Twitter.
God bless you.
Thank you so much.
The globalists are in deep trouble, but they're striking back with all their deep state operatives to shut down Infowars and other truth tellers like James O'Keefe and Tucker Carlson and countless others.
So please pray for us now more than ever.
Spread the word about the broadcast and get great products to keep us on air.
and fund your operation while at the same time enriching your life.
Now we've got three new products available at InfoWarsTore.com and a best seller back in stock. We have the amazing Dr.
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InfoWarsTore.com We have the Ashwagandha Root Pills with Black Powder Extract
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at InfoWarsTore.com so please take action now. Enrich your life,
empower your body, and keep us on air. Please take action now.
InfoWarsTore.com Alright, I really have wanted to get this lady on the last
few months.
She doesn't want to get into, and I understand why, what happened to Diamond.
But we really appreciate her continuing on the fight for freedom and liberty and exposing the censorship of the control and we see it all coming out now with the congressional hearings and the gain of function being exposed with Fauci and so much more.
So total vindication for Silk of Diamond and Silk.
You can find her on Twitter at Diamond and Silk and on the website DiamondandSilk.com and on FrankSpeech.com they have their own or she has her own great show that she continues on.
And I wanted to get her on and cover the waterfront.
You know, I'm not going to get into your co-host and the sad, you know, passing.
But I just want to say she's an amazing lady.
She lives on through you and, you know, your family and everything else.
And we love you.
And I just feel bad that I was on vacation the one time I got to get on your show and I had technical problems.
So I apologize.
I apologize to that.
But Silke, you look great.
It's good to have you here.
Thank you, no worries.
I don't have a problem getting into what happened to Diamond with you.
I would prefer to explore it with you instead of with these mainstream, lame-stream networks because a lot of times the networks wants to censor you and censor what you can say.
But with your show, I can tell the naked, nasty, low-down, gutter-ridden truth without being censored.
So, I don't have a problem discussing what happened to Diamond.
Well, I misread what my producer wrote.
Okay, absolutely.
Well, I'm glad because people really want to know about that.
Do you want to tackle that right now or do you want to get into all of the big issues?
We can go right into it.
You know, I want to first start off... Well, beautiful, you got the floor.
Let's talk about this beautiful lady, you know, your beautiful family and what happened.
Well, I want to first start off by saying that it doesn't matter if you're V.A.T.S.
or not V.A.T.S.
It's something called shedding that's going on out there from the vaccinated.
And this is based on scientific studies, on doctors, on the different research that I've done with interviewing different individuals.
That's how we know exactly what's going on in our country, how our own government is involved.
And that's the shameful thing that we're basically being killed and poisoned from within.
Diamond was not vaxxed.
She was not vaxxed.
But her body mimicked all of the adverse effects from a person that's been shedded on from a vaccinated individual.
You all saw her from neck up.
I saw her from neck down and how her body was riddled with blood clots.
I know that on the death certificate, it states that the immediate cause of death is unknown.
But it also has a place on the death certificate where it asks what was the last known disease or thing that she was being treated for.
And her doctor lied and put something about hypertension, heart disease.
After going through my sister's medical records, I do not show where she was being treated for heart disease.
Even in the doctor's notes, I do not show where they even put anything about heart disease.
My sister was being treated from thrombosis, from pulmonary embolism.
From blood clots.
And she had the type of blood clots that would not go away with doctor medicines such as Aliquist, Warfarin, Pemperin, Levanos.
For the last 10 months of her life, she battled with blood clots.
Now, let's keep in mind that over 10 years ago, she did have an issue with blood clots, but it went away with the regular medicines.
She didn't have, she wasn't bothered with blood clots for a whole 14 years up until 10 months before she passed away.
Wow, and we know that COVID itself is a bio weapon that creates blood clots and the shot can shed and do it.
Wow, that's incredible information and it's just such a beautiful person.
Yeah, and see, what I really hate, Alice, is the fact that the media love to hop on a story like a puppy hopping on a pillow, and they hop on it and they spread these lies instead of coming and getting it from my mouth or waiting until I decide to speak out about it.
I was there with my sister.
I was there looking at the scans.
I was there looking at the blood clots.
I was there in the room.
I was there when she took her last breath.
Okay, so I know what happened and that's why I said you can't call me a conspiracy theorist because I know how it happened, when it happened, and what happened.
I was there when it did all go down.
Now, before my sister passed, about 10 minutes before she passed, she was happy.
She was not sick.
She was not feeling any bad way.
She was actually happy.
We was talking about going back out on tour, going back out doing our book tour because we didn't get to really do our book tour because of the scamdemic that they put in place trying to lock people down in their homes and so forth.
So, but she was happy, and I stepped out the room for a few minutes, and when I came back in, she was on the phone talking to my younger sister, but she didn't look right, and I told her to go ahead and hang up the phone, tell my sister she'd call her right back.
And when she hung up the phone, she looked at me, she said, I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
And about five minutes later, my sister was dead.
We tried to revive her, revive her, but you know, we could not.
She was, she was dead at the age of 51 years old.
The sad thing is that we have what's called a Republican Congress that can shut all of this bull crap down.
They can shut it down.
They have the power to shut it down.
They have the power to recall these clock shops.
But they won't do it, okay?
And then here's another sad thing.
The same company that is distributing these clot shots is the same company that is the maker of the medicine used to help the clots dissolve.
And I'm like, okay, something don't feel right here.
We are being poisoned.
I can honestly say that.
I believe that Americans are being poisoned through the medicines.
Not only through these clock shots, but also through the medicines as well that individuals are taking.
Because it's not doing what it was designed to do, and like it used to do back in the day.
Now, it's like somebody is just profiting off of human beings being sick.
I'm looking at the uptick in cancer, the uptick in lung cancer, kidney disease, all of these different diseases and the individuals that are supposed to be responsible for the people.
Our elected officials are doing absolutely nothing but sitting there watching America die.
That's right, and before you said that, I don't mean to interrupt, so, before you were going to say that, I was going to say, this is not anecdotal, this is not your opinion, what happened to your sister.
We have a 26% increase globally in death after the shots began, and we have studies from Pfizer and Moderna admitting it sheds, and I know it almost killed members of my family, it's killed my friends, and I know it's real.
And I know I didn't take the shot and it made me sicker than I've ever been.
I'm tough.
And I've got family that didn't take the shot that's got blood clots.
I got friends that got them.
Nobody had this until now.
We can look around us.
We know what's going on.
We know what's going on.
And you cannot call me a conspiracy theorist on this.
I've done my research.
I've talked to the appropriate individuals.
My sister did not have an autopsy done because she didn't want to have an autopsy done.
We already talked about if she should pass what she wanted, okay?
I did what she wanted.
But there was no reason to have an autopsy done because we have the scan.
We have her medical records.
We know everything that she went through.
Her body went through.
It's written there, clear as day, in her medical records.
Alright, so stay there.
We've got 45 minutes left.
Please stay there.
You're beautiful.
I'm so glad you want to put this on record.
I misunderstood what my producer said.
I misheard what she said.
She said you wanted to get into it.
I know you hadn't wanted to get into it, so I'm glad you want to get into it because this is so important.
We'll come right back.
Did I mention the right websites for folks to follow as you continue your ongoing FrankSpeechTV show you're doing?
DiamondsAndSilk.com, Twitter, DiamondAndSilk, all that's good?
Yes, all of that is good as always, Diamond and Silk, baby.
All right, stay right there, Silk.
They got a tiger by the tail, folks.
We'll be right back.
And Silk joins us of Diamond and Silk.
She is on fire.
And we just want to continue on.
So you've got the floor.
I didn't mean to interrupt you with that break.
Please continue.
I just want to say that America Americans are being poisoned today.
And even down to this 5G technology, turning our country into a magnetic field, so that they can overpower us.
To take over our way of living.
We can see it clear as day.
Diamond and Silk was the first one on top of this back in 2020, when this planned scam-dimmit all went down.
What they tried to do was silence us and censor us, and that's because we were over-target.
We knew it was a scam, because it didn't make sense.
They didn't shut down the country for the flu.
They didn't shut down the country for Ebola.
They didn't shut down the country for HIV.
But they shut down the country for this bioengineered weapon?
This is a bioengineered weapon.
This so-called virus, this thing they call a virus, is not of a natural occurrence.
This was made in a lab, okay?
And if it's made in a lab and it can be patented, because you can't patent something unless it's of a natural occurrence.
You can't patent that.
You can only patent stuff that's engineered, all right?
So this weapon, bioengineered weapon, was created in a lab.
For what?
For what?
And now they want to say, well, was it deliberately, did they deliberately do this?
In my own heart of heart, in my own opinion, I believe they did do it.
Because whenever it was released, they tried to hide the fact.
About it being released.
They wanted to make us think that this was just an accident.
This was just by accident.
Well, some things don't make sense to me.
It really doesn't make sense to me.
Even with China buying all of the PPE and then turning around reselling it back to America.
I mean, they already knew back in January of 2020 about this thing, what was going down.
And I believe that this actually was released back Back in 2019.
I really truly believe that.
The science is coming out that you're right.
How do you deal, because I know you're a loving person, and so is your sister who's alive and having a day, and your great family.
How do you deal with the anger?
Because just listening to this, how many friends they hurt, how many people I lost, it makes me so angry.
And I want them to be brought to justice, not because I'm a vengeful person, so they can't keep doing this.
The way I deal with it is continue to talk.
Diamond brought the fire.
Silk is stoking the flames and my plan is to burn down this whole corrupt system by continuing to talk about it.
Call these bastards out from the gate.
I don't care what they can do whatever to me.
I don't care.
But as long as God gives me breath, I'm going to continue to carry the torch that my sister, the heel that my sister died on was to save America.
I'm picking up that torch and I am working hard day after day to save America.
I'm bringing on guests, okay, on the Diamond and Silk Chit Chat Live Show.
I'm bringing on guests.
Yes, my heart is broken.
and verify the very things that my sister and I was even talking about, thinking about.
And what they're doing is verifying that what we was talking about and thinking about is
So that's how I channel my anger.
Yes, my heart is broken.
Yes, it hurts.
If I can save somebody, if I can touch somebody and they can hear my sister's story and save themselves, then guess what?
Her death won't be in vain.
It would not be in vain.
And as long as I'm alive, I'm going to make sure that it's not in vain.
We're going to keep talking and spreading the truth.
The naked, nasty, low-down, gutter-ridden truth.
I don't care how you slice it or dice it.
We're going to continue to spread and tell the truth.
I want to get into any other issues with the poison shot and how that's happening.
I want to talk about them trying to arrest President Trump, what's happening in the world, the awakening, the weaponization hearings they had two weeks ago, the head of the CDC admitting it was a weapon.
I mean, this is an incredible moment that we're now learning what we researched, what we thought was true is true.
It's just wild.
It's very wild.
But the fact, you know, when it comes down to President Donald J. Trump, they're just trying to make an example out of him.
They just want for the next person with balls big enough to go against this cabal, they want you to know that this is what we're going to do to you.
We're going to prosecute you.
We're going to persecute you.
We're going to keep investigating you.
And they don't want nobody to be able to come up against their corrupt system.
They know President Trump.
He's not afraid to go toe-to-toe against the status quo.
He's not afraid to call out the obvious.
They always say, okay, Trump, yeah, he's rough around the edges.
But what I tell people is we need those rough edges to cut through all of the bull crap that's going on up there, on the Hill, in government, okay?
Because, see, our wealth is being stolen from us.
Okay, and people don't want to talk about it.
Our way of living is being stolen from us.
We have been infiltrated here in America, and they don't want to talk about it.
Shame on our media.
Shame on our left-wing media.
Shame on our right-wing media.
Shame on you!
Now we have to go through the underground media just to get the truth.
Because see, as far as I'm concerned, they're all bought and paid for.
And one thing about Diamond and Silk, we refuse to allow you to pay us to tell people lies.
That's why we are no longer on the mainstream network.
Because we refuse to tell lies.
We refuse to sugarcoat the truth.
We refuse to tell half-truths.
If we couldn't tell the whole truth, and nothing but the naked truth, then there wasn't no sense of us being there.
You could not pay us the millions of dollars to sit there and tell lies.
No, we just got away from that.
That's why I refuse to do any interviews with the mainstream networks.
Because what they want to do is take and capitalize off of the death of my sister for rating.
I'm not for that.
I'm about telling the truth.
What's happening here?
What's going on here in our country?
And shame on our elected officials.
The Republican elected officials.
Shame on you for having the opportunity to shut this crap down for what you're doing.
You're going right along with the Democrats.
And see, when I look at Democrats and Republicans, they're one and the same.
One dirty bird with two corrupt wings.
Both sides are corrupt.
I totally agree.
But with the Republican Party, we see a populist movement to get control of the party.
That's why they're scared.
I think the hope is in the Republican Party right now.
But I'd love to see Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
with the nomination of Democrats.
I would support him.
I'm not a Republican or Democrat.
I just want freedom.
I just want freedom, and you know I'm a Trump supporter all the way.
My sister and I was number one, day one, with President Donald J. Trump.
One thing about President Donald J. Trump, he knows where the rats are at, he knows where the roaches are at.
All he got to do is go in and flip the light switch.
That's all he got to do, and those bastards will run.
He knows where it's at.
All you gotta know, and he's not perfect, and I totally agree.
He's not perfect.
I agree.
All you gotta know is the real deal, though, is how much the bad guys hate him.
Right, right.
He's not perfect, but neither is no man.
No man is perfect.
But see, I want a president, and I'm not looking for a priest.
I want a president, I'm not looking for a pastor.
I need somebody that's not afraid to go on up in there and kick every last one of those bastards out.
That's what I need.
President Trump was already there.
I don't need somebody that's gonna come here, try to form a committee, so we can do a hearing, we take and go back and forth, and nothing ever gets done.
Let's talk about that.
Silk, you're on fire.
We'll be right back.
You're amazing.
Stay with us.
You know, they say if it bleeds, it leads, ladies and gentlemen.
And I was literally out there in the hallway congratulating Steven Crowder on record level views.
And then they said, you're back on air.
So I turned and they got this wood paneling on the walls.
So I turned right at the edge of the wall.
It's OK.
This nose has been broken like 20 times.
So it's not a big deal.
It'll just add to my beauty and my ambiance here.
But I'm not trying to be dramatic.
This just happened like two minutes ago.
So I'm not going to be able to Stop the bleeding on air.
But it's like Mazel Tov.
I got a Jewish wedding.
They stomp on a glass like this is a, you know, big event.
We're breaking the china here.
So, uh, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer here, ladies and gentlemen.
But let's go back to Silk right now, ladies and gentlemen, with the incredible information she's talking about with the huge... This is really fun.
The huge, the huge situation.
Hey, this is nothing.
I'm alive, man.
I got red blood.
I'm on a reptile.
I'm not an alien, ladies and gentlemen.
I made a move on him, I tried to like attack his dog, he like punched me in the nose just now.
Sorry, go ahead Silk, I'm sorry.
I just want to say this little thing that for those that seem to have a problem with me being on with Alex Jones, they can kiss my brown ass.
That's what they can do.
Because see, if I was on the mainstream network, they would have me off in three minutes.
You wouldn't get to hear the whole truth about what's going on.
And plus, other talk show hosts don't come on air bleeding.
So, you know.
Well, I mean, you know what?
And don't keep the show going.
They would have shut the show right on down.
So, I love the fact that you are real.
Because, see, like I said before, Alex Jones was right.
You was right about everything.
Everything that's coming down the pipeline, they called you a conspiracy theorist, they called you a nut job, they called you all of these damnable names, and don't be mad, they called Diamond and Silk the same thing.
But you were right about everything.
Totally right about everything, and I'm so glad.
If it takes me to let the world know that you was right about everything, you was right about everything.
And I once again prefer to come on a place and a space where they're talking the truth and trying to help America instead of be somewhere where they're trying to take and satisfy their network.
Okay, so that's just the way it is.
Well, you're a sweetheart.
I mean, there is a Global Awakening happening right now, and I'm actually glad that I've spilt blood here at the launch of the new Stephen Crowder broadcast.
It's like a sacrifice of Alex Jones's nose.
But enough about me.
Let's get back to your sister.
The Global Awakening is happening right now.
Well, once again, Diamond brought the fire, and I will continue to stoke the flames.
My sister loved this country.
She did whatever she could for this country.
She wanted to save this country.
She hated the fact that it was going straight to hell.
She hated the fact that it was being seized by these global elitists.
She hated that fact.
She hated the fact that they were prosecuting and persecuting President Donald J. Trump for no reason.
All she want is good.
She wanted good for everybody.
That's all I want is good for everybody.
I don't think that it's fair that I can eat a steak, but they want you to eat bugs.
I don't think that's fair.
I don't think that is fair that they can take and poison our air.
Before my sister passed, she was talking about something being in the air.
Something just don't feel right.
Something is in the air.
Every time she walked out into the air, something gets down into her lungs.
Now, my immune system may be built, you know, built up enough to be able to take it, but hers, unfortunately, was not.
But then, they called us conspiracy theorists.
Now we're finding out There is something in the air going on, you know, and who gonna talk about it?
You raised the 5G though.
Studies before the pandemic happened admitted that it was causing autoimmune disorders and breathing problems and what they describe as like asthma and it causes a problem in the lungs with oxygen in major studies.
So a lot of 5G gets blocked by walls.
Was she living in a major town in her 5G?
Well, we saw where a tower was going up.
She complained about that tower.
They wanted to bring certain things in her alarm system.
They wanted to bring certain things in her home, and she said no to it.
My husband and I now are checking radiation levels, and we're finding out that it is high.
It's high around the area that we're in.
You know, so we got to see what is it that we can do to protect ourselves and how is it that these people can infiltrate our country with this technology that hadn't really truly been studied on as it pertains to the health of a human body or hasn't been studied on and they know that it would kill us and that's why they're putting it up.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but I am trying to get down to the bottom of it.
Who the hell are these people?
And why the hell are they infiltrating our beautiful country and got it looking like it's in hell here?
I'm not used to no third world country.
And I feel that anybody that want to govern a third world country should go to a third world country and govern that.
This is the United States of America, not the United States of China.
It's not the United States of no foreign country.
And another thing.
This regime and our elected officials cannot talk about Putin.
They can't talk about these other dictators and the way that they're doing their citizens.
When I see how they have these Jaysisters locked up, calling them like political prisoners, calling them domestic terrorists and white supremacists.
The real white supremacists and the real domestic terrorists is this regime.
These doggone Democrats and these deep snake, these deep snakes.
Deep snake?
Oh, you just coined a term.
The deep snakes.
I'm stealing that.
Can I use that?
You can have it all, baby.
You can have it all.
These snakes, Republican, is exactly who they are.
And nobody wants to say nothing about it.
So they want to look at me as just somebody just out there talking, a black woman just out there talking and don't know what she's talking about.
Let me tell you something, honey.
Silence can be a little violent.
I know how to get into my books, into the weeds of everything and read what's going I don't have to look at the pretty rug sitting there on the floor.
I know how to pull the rug up and uncover all of the mess.
Sweetheart, you got my attention.
That's why you've been so successful with your sister and now you're on fire.
That's right.
That's right.
In fact, it seems like you've gone from on fire to like super hot.
Well, you know what?
They're trying to burn us up anyway.
Hey, so why not take and start the flames and continue to burn their corrupt system down?
We got to know what's going on here, y'all.
I think you just said we got to fight fire with fire.
That's right.
We gotta fight fire with fire.
That's right.
I don't have a problem with doing that at all.
I don't have a problem with doing that at all.
I might have sat down in the background, alright, and did all the technical stuff.
But, you know what?
Like God said to me, I needed her more.
So if God needed her more spiritually, he has me here realistically.
So now y'all get to hear what Silk Has to say about this whole thing and Silk don't like it.
I don't like it at all.
Silk, I was about to say, because usually your sister did 80% of the talking.
I always thought what you said was great.
But you are like on fire now.
It's amazing.
So it does seem like the Lord's working in mysterious ways here.
Most definitely.
And see, like I was telling, I was talking to my daddy the other day, like I was saying, Daddy, I am merely a vessel now.
Because if you ever want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.
I had no plans for this.
My sister, before she passed, we were already planning on what we were going to do.
And now that she's gone, I am just merely a vessel to continue on with whatever God say.
That's just who I am now.
I'm not planning nothing.
I ain't trying to do nothing.
I'm going with the flow, and I'm walking through the fear of the unknown, and I'm not scared of nail one of these bastards.
Nail one of them, and I'm keeping it clean for the, you know, Christians in the back.
No, I understand.
All right, stay there.
Final segment.
You are on fire.
Silk of diamond and silk.
And I don't normally walk into walls.
Maybe done it twice in my life.
I'm so excited here at Crowder's New Studio.
I'm like, you're winning!
You're getting record ratings!
I look like an idiot, just like running into a wall.
So Alex Jones is literally running into walls now.
But I'm here, and this is not a stunt.
This is not like professional wrestlers that cut themselves with razor blades.
I just turned right into the side of a big Wood panel wall.
I'm gonna call OSHA on you.
You should have padding on those.
I'm the idiot that ran into the edge of a wood wall.
You know, I think of the christening of a battleship, or in famous cases where they launch a new ship, they smash a bottle of champagne on the bow of the ship.
Well, Crowder has launched his new incredibly successful broadcast, and I'm kind of glad in my celebration I ran out and saw the news, like three million viewers, hundreds of thousands concurrent, YouTube records, records on Rumble.
And I'm like, you're winning, you're winning, it's great!
And I turn into the wall.
It's like a wood panel wall.
Slice my nose open.
I love it.
I literally bled on the bow of the new ship that they're launching.
I have now christened the new Crowder operation.
And I'll be back, hopefully, hosting tomorrow.
Co-hosting, whether I don't, uh...
you know, kill myself in the process or something. I don't mean that literally, folks, but it's just crazy.
But what serious times, though, I'm making jokes about this, this is a very serious time for our
world, a very serious time to be alive. We're talking to Silk, who's the great sister of the
Amazing Diamond, and she's here with us now, and we're seeing all these things unfold and all these
things go on.
But I'm actually glad.
I'm so excited about our victories.
I'm running into walls like a cartoon character because it's going to take that type of excitement to get out of the doldrums, to stop submitting to tyranny and say no to the New World Order.
In the 10 minutes we've got left, and I'm so appreciative of you being here with us today, we love you so much.
I want to apologize to you, not because of really what I said, but because I didn't think how they misrepresented.
Because I was trying to get in contact with you when your beautiful sister went on to the next level to join Christ a few months ago, and I said, I don't know, she took the shot.
I don't know if she didn't but what her sister and others have said a little bit cryptically is it sounds suspicious so I think something went on and then the media took that out of context and said that I said she was killed by the vaccine or killed by not taking it.
I didn't say that but you said something when I was on with you guys in like November of last year when I was on vacation and you guys said you apologized to me.
And I said, apologize for what?
So I don't think you owe me any apology.
You guys defended me when I got banned.
You stood up for me.
So I didn't understand that, but you never elaborated on why you're apologizing to me.
Well, certainly, you know, a lot of times the media have a way of influencing a person about a person.
And that's what the media did, especially when Diamond and Silk first came on the scene back in 2015.
It was like they wanted us to stay away from you because something was supposed to be wrong with you.
But see, as we continue to grow Diamond and Silk, our brand continued to grow.
We started getting that same treatment where the media was telling people basically to stay away from us, that something was wrong with us.
So we were able to relate.
To what was going on with you.
And as everything began to unfold, I'm like, no, Alex Jones already said this.
Don't y'all get out here acting brand new.
It was Alex Jones that said this.
So that was, that's what the apology was for.
Because you was right about everything.
The media, there's a power for truth.
It is a powerful tool to try to influence you and steer you away from what the truth really is.
They want you to stay stuck.
On their narrative and it seems as though that they would do anything in order to do that.
Even down to the 2020 stolen fraudulent election.
I want to let everybody know in my own humble opinion that the coup d'etat took place on November the 3rd, 2020.
That's when the real insurrection happened.
When they stopped the counting, okay, and they stuffed the ballot box, all
right, and then we woke up and Jim Crow Joe, they said, was in the lead, okay. That's when the real
insurrection took place.
My patriot American citizens that went up there to Capitol Hill
They was going there to protest against this fraudulent election.
They were not going to the Capitol, which is the people house, paid for by taxpayers dollars.
They were not going there to overthrow the government.
Why would they want to overthrow Trump when President Trump was the government?
What it was is these deep state snakes And these doggone Democrat rats did not want we, the people, to see all of the evidence that was about to be disclosed and exposed there on the House floor.
They started with Arizona, starting to display everything, and they didn't want we, the people, to see that information.
And that's why I feel that MAGA was infiltrated by this Antifa Black Lives Matter, uh-huh, that was infiltrated, and the FBI also, Okay, I don't know who these police officers were, but the one that was... Ray Epps admitted to Congress that he, quote, orchestrated the attack.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That was beating up American citizens, that was spraying mason and throwing bombs, firebombs or whatever, grenades and different things into the crowd to take and incite this here particular thing that was taking place there on January the 6th.
This here was orchestrated from the inside.
When I see the videos on how the doors was opened from the inside, that lets me know that this was an inside job.
When I understand that Nancy Pelosi's daughter was there with her documentary team, all right, videotaping this thing, all right, why was she there?
When I see where it was a Black Lives Matter advocate That was there videotaping this, then turned around and sold the video footage to CNN.
Did they arrest him?
He was inside of the Capitol.
See what I'm saying?
This was an inside job.
I saw the doors open from the inside.
I saw patriots, fellow Americans, walking through the roads.
And that's not Nancy Pelosi.
It wasn't Nancy Pelosi House.
It was the People's House.
And we have a right to protest against this fraudulent election that took place in 2020.
It's our voice, it's our First Amendment right to be able to protest and speak our truth about what actually took place.
Now, I feel that this planned scandal was all planned.
Because see, President Trump had no place to go but up.
The economy was good.
People was happy.
People was able to work one or two or three jobs if they choose to.
Now they got to work five jobs just to pay one bill under this bastard Jim Crow joke.
And then for everyone that voted themselves into this, I hope they now see what they voted themselves into.
But now to the ones that want to vote for this again, then you deserve everything that you're getting right now.
High gas prices.
You deserve everything you get from this here illegitimate, imbecile, bastard.
I have to call him a bastard.
He's not a president.
Yes, Jim Crow Joe.
He is not a president.
He's a resident.
That's what he is.
He don't even know if he's here.
And they want us to depend on him while he's probably wearing the pins.
You know, this here has got to stop, but we got to continue to call this here out.
The 2020 election was stolen fraudulently, okay?
They had already put this stuff in place, alright?
And then they weaponized, alright?
They weaponized our own government against we, the people.
Now, here I am, a black woman, and they want to call me a white supremacist.
A black woman, they want to call me a domestic terrorist.
After 9-11, a lot of our laws and rules and different things were put in place for terrorists.
The terrorists that walks around with machetes and chop off people's heads.
I ain't chopped off nobody's head.
The Jay Sisters, they ain't chopped off nobody's head.
But to take and keep them in a place where the water is brown, where they're being abused, where they're not getting any sunlight, you know, that Right there.
It's demonic to me.
And it's got to be called out.
And as long as God gives me breath, Silk is going to continue to call these evil bastards out.
Well Silk, I gotta say this.
You were always on fire.
And your sister was on fire.
But wow.
You are blowing me away.
Do five more minutes.
We got a two minute break.
Do five more minutes.
Can you do that?
You're a sweetheart.
I'm here.
Because we're going to go to break.
We're going to go to break right now.
There's breaking news.
I predicted this.
It wasn't hard to do because I talked to the people in the Trump campaign.
But we have the information.
Trump will not be arrested today or tomorrow.
They're going to indict him tomorrow.
It's now being announced.
He'll be indicted tomorrow and then he'll turn himself in in New York with the Secret Service next week.
They've done it.
Biggest constitutional crisis in U.S.
Crazy Town, never been done in U.S.
It is now official.
We're going to cover that, and I apologize to the crowd that I came here and walked on this wall.
It happened.
It's a funny thing.
It will become the news story, but it's not the story.
What happened to Diamond is a story.
What's happened to America is a story.
What's happened with the Poison Shots is a story, but we're going to cover it all when we come back.
Silk State, right there.
We're going to come right back in two minutes and start the fourth hour here today.
My Band-Aid soaked through so I can get another Band-Aid.
We are going to do really good here today.
And look at that ugly ass nose.
Doesn't matter.
Might as well cut that old thing off.
We're into the fourth hour with Silk of Diamond and Silk exclusive.
Trump will not be arraigned this week.
Former president is expected to be indicted tomorrow and Secret Service will make plans for a surrender and appearance in New York next week.
Donald Trump will likely be indicted tomorrow, but won't appear before a judge in New York until next week.
Daily Mail has learned.
It's what I predicted last week.
There will be no arraignment this week, a source familiar with the proceeding told Daily Mail.
For a president who is currently in Florida, suspected to be formally charged tomorrow, and which the Manhattan district attorney's office will reach out to Trump, the Secret Service has failed to make arrangements for a surrender, which they've already done, according to the insider.
So Silk, this is quite a moment, a true coup.
He's the real president, he's the frontrunner of the Republicans, and now they're trying to tell us, you can't vote for him.
This is election interference for one.
And indict Trump for what?
candidates like Gozer trying to say because they protested the election, which is the
right Democrats have done as well, because they've done that, now they can't run for
Court said that was wrong.
But here they are trying to literally election meddle everything they blamed us about.
This is just, this is incredible.
Never been done in US history.
It shows how desperate they are.
This is election interference for one.
And indict Trump for what?
Because of a hoe?
A slut?
Oh no, don't call her a hoe, a slut.
Well, a tramp?
Because see, you got to understand, Michael Cohen is the one that paid her.
Michael Cohen is the one that did that NDA with her.
It wasn't Trump that gave her a check to lay on her back.
And by the way, that's what her job was anyway.
But something that happened over 18 years ago, now they want to come back?
Oh, they say, oh, he put something wrong.
He wrote something wrong down in his bank ledger.
Well, guess what?
Hillary Clinton funneled almost a million dollars to pay for that Russia dossier, okay?
And in her bank ledger, she wrote what?
That it was because it was for her lawyer, for her attorney fees, is what she wrote.
They didn't indict her.
What they did is just gave her a fine and sent her on her way.
But they want to continue to try to tie Trump to this hooker.
To this porn, they call her a porn star, I call her a porn maker.
It's what they're trying to do here.
So you want to take and indict President Donald J. Trump for something that is really truly a misdemeanor.
And if you think about what Hillary Clinton did, she tried to cover up a felony.
That's what she tried to do.
Trump did not do that.
Michael Cohen was Trump's personal attorney.
He has to pay his fees to his attorney.
Michael Cohen is the one that paid off this whole story.
That's who did that.
They need to be going after Michael Cohen, not after Trump.
But once again, they're trying to make it look a certain way in front of we, the American people, thinking we're going to turn away from that.
Well, let's talk about Congress real quick.
What about they hush up slush fund that Congress is using American tax dollars to pay off people that accuse Congress members of sexual assault?
All right?
They've already done been paid off.
Is that election interference?
Is it?
And what about it with it being American tax dollars?
We need to see the names of the congressmen or congresswomen that had to pay off these people that accused them of sexual assault.
Is any one of them going to get it done?
I'm glad you raised that.
I forgot they set up that fund.
I forgot they set up that fund that's paid out tens of millions of dollars.
That is incredible.
Well, we love you.
We love your sister.
We pray for you.
Your great work you're doing.
Silk, everybody can find you at Diamond and Silk on Twitter.
We love you.
Come back again soon.
And I'm sorry I changed the subject by walking into a wall like an idiot, but that'll become a bunch of new memes.
We love you, beautiful, and your sister lives on.
I just say a prayer for the memory of your sister to work on through all of us to defeat this tyranny and save the children and save the innocent.
God bless you, Silk, and your incredible sister, Diamond, and your whole family.
We love you so much.
We love your courage and we love your truth.
Thank you so much for the love.
I just want to say you can see me at Diamond and Silk, Chitchat Live on FrankSpeech.com every night at 10 p.m.
Eastern, 9 p.m.
And Alex, I thought it was because of my beauty that you walked into that wall.
They say that I have that type of effect on people, you know.
I think you do, sweetheart.
We'll see you.
God bless you.
(upbeat music)
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Good afternoon, everyone.
Thank you for tuning in.
Our next guest here with me today is Anomaly.
He's a rapper, musician and a news analysist.
You can find him on his platforms on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.
The best thing about Anomaly is that he cannot be controlled.
I love this guy.
He's very controversial and a lot of people get upset with him because he just says the truth and speaks it like it is.
And for some reason that's offensive these days.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z. Such an honor to be with you all today.
Anomaly, where are you?
Are you here with us right now?
I'm here.
Thanks for the nice introduction.
I appreciate you and shout out Australia.
Well, we love you here.
A lot of my viewers really, really enjoy, you know, our chats on Instagram.
And it's just great to be with you on here, reaching a larger audience.
I want to talk to you about a few really controversial topics today, which is your forte, and I love you for it.
But before we do that, you spoke about something really, really powerful just the other day.
I watched one of your broadcasts, and it was about the fact that podcasters and independent media There seems to be a disconnect between the people and the way that the people on the ground actually feel and the way that Independent News is presenting.
And so I think we need to start there, Anomaly, because I want to hear from you.
Is there actually a disconnect?
Are a lot of podcasters becoming just like the mainstream media, essentially telling people what to think rather than facilitating free thought?
No, I think a lot of people got into this game and got into independent journalism or media because they saw how dishonest the media was.
They were lying.
They were trying to destroy our countries.
But I think a lot of influencers turned into professional, I call them bobbleheads, you know, it's like a little thing you put on a desk and it just bops its head up and down.
They're not really journalists.
They don't analyze.
They're not willing to go against the grain of their own party.
Or perhaps maybe they picked a certain politician and that's all they are.
They're a professional fan.
Give them some cheerleaders.
Hey, I'm a fan.
You know, so when push comes to shove, like something like Operation Warp Speed
or, you know, dual party, you know, donors kind of sucking up all your favorites
and certain things that they're not doing, you know, most people just go along with it
and make excuses for it.
So that's what I've realized recently is I think a lot of influencers
have turned into professional, you know, coattail riders instead of doing
news analysis and journalism.
And they're just professional activists for certain brands.
And the truth is too, Maria, that a lot of people are being lobbied themselves,
not even just by money and paid off, but, you know, they're going to dinner with politicians,
they're going to these big events and it's a social thing.
So now if they question.
politician that they've sat at dinner with four times, they might seem unloyal.
You know, so there's not a lot of really journalists and news analysts out there.
It's a lot of professional bobbleheads and, you know, cheerleaders.
Yeah, I have to agree with you.
It's, it's, I don't know at what point certain politicians or certain
figures stopped being held accountable.
You raised something really, really important, um, as well in that particular
broadcast that I'm referencing, uh, which is Donald Trump.
Now I have to acknowledge every single wonderful thing that Donald Trump did for his country.
I believe he loves his country.
Um, and, and he was a great president, but we can't ignore Operation Warp Speed.
We can't ignore the fact that he continues to, you know, refer to himself as the father of the vaccine.
I mean, I don't know the last time that he made that statement, but to me, I watch that and it absolutely breaks my heart every time I hear him say it.
So, you know, and it seems like if you bring that up, there's excuses made for it.
And that's just not the approach that we need to have.
We need to be holding people accountable.
In fact, even more so, Um, you know, this, as you said, the disconnect, if the majority of the people were actually pushing him to respond to this issue, like, by the way, Alex Jones has done.
Alex did a huge call out to Donald Trump some months ago.
I respect him so much for it, to come out against the injections.
So, um, you know, talk to us through that and talk to us about why people aren't sort of piercing through that.
It seems like a blindness.
Yeah, for your audience, I want to preface it with, you know, I was invited to the Trump White House in 2018.
I'm mostly white, as people can see, but I'm part Puerto Rican as well.
And I was invited for the Hispanic coalition.
So I've been to the White House under the Trump administration.
I appreciate him.
I voted for him in 2020.
I'm not a hater.
I'm not CNN.
I'm not a phony.
I just try to do journalism.
And I back them when it's right.
But recently, obviously with the vaccine, first of all, the entire vaccine, like a lot of influencers would be like, oh, I'm against the mandates, but I'm not against Operation Warp Speed.
It was a good thing.
It wasn't a good thing.
It's socialism.
All these people pretend to be capitalists when the government gives $16 billion or whatever they did to AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson.
That's socialism.
That's not capitalism.
And then the government buys their doses.
Trump buys 100 million Pfizer doses, Moderna doses, Biden buys them.
It's all socialist.
That's why they're free, because it's not free.
It's your taxpayer money.
So to say just the mandates are bad is a lie that everybody's saying just because Trump is the Operation Warp Speed father of the vaccine.
If Hillary Clinton did it, it would be bad.
If Obama did it, it would be bad.
If Ron DeSanctimonious did it, it would be bad.
But when Donald Trump does vaccine socialism, it's good.
And then you fast forward a couple years where most Republicans have woken up to the lies, even like mainstream ones.
And you even, honestly, even Bill Gates, everybody on Alex's platform knows who Bill Gates is.
He even says there's three problems with the vaccine.
He's willing to say that there's three bad things.
I think there's more than that.
But Donald Trump won't admit any of that.
And the reason he won't admit it is because he did it.
He rushed it.
He's part of the socialist scam.
And to be honest, RFK has pointed this out many times.
Trump said he'd never take donor money and Trump took a million dollars from Pfizer.
He hired Alex Azar, a pharmacy lobbyist for HHS.
He hired Scott Gottlieb at FDA, who ran off to Pfizer afterwards.
His entire cabinet was filled with swampers.
Mitch McConnell's wife, pharmacy lobbyist.
Trump did a horrible job hiring.
Oh, we hate Mike Pence.
We hate Bill Barr.
Trump hired all of them.
To me, he's like an actor.
And I love the guy.
I went to the White House.
But now when I'm looking back at it and I'm looking at how he has all of these influencers
under a spell, everybody's like too brain dead to admit that Operation Warp Speed sucks.
They're willing to make excuses for vaccine socialism and a product that was rushed four
years ahead of schedule.
Like that's a good thing?
Like that doesn't help Big Pharma?
It's absolutely insane.
It's not just Democrats that are brainwashed, you know?
There's a lot of people on the right that are under a spell.
And like you said, the most important part, if you bring this to his attention and you have a spine and a soul and you use the brain that God gave you, you know, I think the Republican Party and Trump will be forced to really make moves on it.
But if everybody just licks his boots and says it tastes like chocolate when it's really dirt, You know, he has no incentive to do better next time he's in office and the chances are we're going to get scammed again because the same donors and the same billionaires are controlling the Republican Party too.
They have donors just like the left has, you know, the Soros types.
I absolutely agree with you and the whole point of, say, the right, I mean, I hate this language of left and right because to me it's just right and wrong.
I'm not necessarily right, I just Stand for the right things.
And so I'm sure the left would say the same, but you understand what I mean.
The whole point of the right is to challenge what is wrong in society, to stand for conservative values, to stand for the right things.
We can't do that and we can't be effective if we're just going to ignore and glaze over certain things because someone's our favourite.
That's what the left does.
And so we're employing the same tactics that You know, those that we criticize the most do in society, and that's just not okay.
You know, I am really, really, you know...
I'm upset about Operation Warp Speed.
I'm really angry that Trump won't speak about it.
I'm angry that he defends this.
But at the same time, I can look at what's happening right now with, you know, this nonsense with Stormy Daniels and say it's a load of hogwash.
You know, they're trying to get him on something that really, you know, it shouldn't even still be a discussion.
They've dug and dug and dug for years to try and pin something on Donald Trump and this is what they have left?
You know, so I'm capable of being fair and this is what we should be doing in this space.
Right, and I'll always have his back when the left is lying about him and the media is lying about him, but this is how crazy it's got in the influencer world, is like, I listen to Trump interviews and he'll say, you know, I want my base to take credit for the vaccine.
I did it.
I rushed the FDA.
I rushed Fauci.
Trump himself wants credit, right?
That's just what he wants.
We don't want it, but he wants that.
So I say that, like, they'll call it the Fauci vaccine, and I'll be like, well, Trump wants credit, and people will lash out at me like they're filled with demons.
Like, how dare you?
Who paid you to say that?
Who paid me to say it?
I watch Trump interviews.
He wants credit.
So it's like they get mad at me for giving him the credit he wants because they have to make this alternate reality just to defend him on something he doesn't even want to be defended on.
So it has gotten really weird.
With that being said, you know, the Biden mandates are a disaster.
I think the Republicans are the lesser of two evils, but I don't think it's going to get better until people, you know, wake up to this kind of like WWE style like worship of politicians.
Yeah, I absolutely agree with you.
I want to keep talking about that right on the other side of this break.
Don't go anywhere.
This is awesome.
Just love your take, Anomaly.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z, here with Anomaly, who is immune to the Matrix and plowing through the theatre and distractions with the truth.
Anomaly, I want to talk about something that happened just, I think it was yesterday, where Governor Ron DeSantis He spoke very little on what's happening with Trump, and he spoke about the fact that he's working on banning CBDCs in his state, which is an absolutely monumental statement that I thought, wow, the whole world needs to hear this.
Now, I'm not here on the Trump vs. DeSantis train.
I'm not interested in that nonsense in that theatre.
What I look at is merit, and I criticise where criticism is needed.
DeSantis was focusing on something that we need to be demanding of every single so-called leader to put an end to this digital enslavement of CBDCs.
Your thoughts?
Yeah, I'm glad you brought that up because really that got overshadowed by the whole Trump arrest and like how he responded to it.
But he was talking about banning central bank digital currencies.
And this is what I think a lot of people are losing for some reason where, you know, if Trump and DeSantis can like battle each other and both get better, that's a good thing.
But if, you know, even with Trump where he's just trying to bring up personal tax against DeSantis, I don't care.
I mean, it's a little low blow, but just get better.
Like, don't just drag each other down to the pits of hell.
If he's going to ban the central bank and digital currency, then Trump's like, I'm going to ban the digital.
Like, I hope they compete like that because it seems like DeSantis.
It's not like I fully trust him or I think he won't sell out.
Who knows?
We'll see what he does and there's been things I disagree with.
But that's a huge move and he seems like the only one that's actually making moves like that every week.
What is the governor of Texas doing?
What is the governor of South Dakota doing?
If that's possible...
Then we should look at that.
Also something interesting he did, Biden vetoed some ESG or one of those like environmental policy things and he put together a coalition of Republicans like almost like a chess move to be like, all right, well, we knew you were going to do that.
So now we have a coalition of states that aren't going to.
Follow along.
And this is what I hope with Trump.
I pray that he is willing to get better and look at the things that DeSantis or other people do and say, hey, that's actually a good idea.
I want to do that.
As opposed to, in my view, how I see it now, it's more like a let me just destroy anybody in my way and just like anybody who doubts.
And it's like, Yeah, I think the central bank digital currency thing was great, and you really don't see much of that in Republican politics.
It's a lot of chasing the tail.
They always go what the Democrats are doing, like a cat with a laser pointer.
They're like, oh, here's the next narrative, here's the next narrative, you know, creating your own narrative and getting ahead of the curve.
Is something I think Republicans aren't used to.
They're used to basically playing the victim, getting got, and then flailing their hands in the air.
And I think that's one reason that people like DeSantis.
With that being said, like you said, I'm not trying to fight over the false paradigm.
I'm not trying to cry.
I want to see both of these people bring our party somewhere, not like fight over personal tax and stuff.
But yeah, central bank digital currency ban, huge move and definitely forward thinking.
That's a lot of politicians don't think like that.
Absolutely, and this is something that you said is just so crucial.
I interviewed Michael Yon recently on the subject of fifth generation warfare, information warfare.
I know Alex has had him on.
And he said, you know, these people will get you arguing about statistics and chasing your tail forever.
Meanwhile, they're already onto the next narrative.
You know, where the Great Reset is concerned, where the New World Order is concerned, they're always Ten steps ahead.
So the point is to be ahead of them and see where the agenda is going and implement things to stop that from affecting your state, apparently, you know, like DeSantis has done.
You know, he's done some really great things as far as protecting children from sexualized material in school, you know, banning critical race theory in the curriculum.
You know, I mean, I see some really positive things there.
And so it is actually possible.
To not be chasing your tail and be 10 steps ahead.
Why do you think he gets it and others don't?
I mean, some people doubt him where they say he's just doing that to win or, you know, he's copying Trump on the Ukraine war because he wants to look good.
It's like, if you can adapt your policy to be more populist or to be more honest, that's a good thing.
Honestly, I think because I listen to him and Trump speak at Turning Point USA, And Trump is very funny, charismatic.
It's obvious why he's popular.
But DeSantis seemed very pragmatic, in my opinion.
And I know people are going to cry over this, because it's like this false paradigm.
Oh, he's the outsider, he's the insider.
I see the pros and cons to both, right?
He seems very pragmatic.
And I think a lot of Republicans don't do that.
They do chase the tail.
You look back to, like, the George Bush era.
They're easily tricked.
Like, the Patriot Act is, you got to go fight the Muslims.
And, like, it's like, you know, they know how to play to the America first, like, oh, we love America, so we
got to go fight the Iraq war.
That was a lie.
Then you had Obama versus Mitt Romney, which was a false paradigm.
Like the media made Mitt Romney look like the villain, but that doesn't make him the
He was just, they're both puppets and they both were going to the same place.
Same policy, same stuff.
It's no different.
Obviously, Trump seemed a lot different.
His cabinet wasn't so good.
He kind of played along with the lockdown, kind of fought it, like kind of was wishy-washy.
And now we're in this position where they're creating this false paradigm where it's like
Trump versus DeSantis and you got to beat each other up.
But, you know, to DeSantis' credit, for whatever reasons he's doing it, I don't know particularly, but I think he seems like every week I'm going to do something.
And to be fair, I don't think Republicans think like that.
I think they like to just pretend like we're going to cut the deficit when we're in office.
They never cut the deficit.
We're going to stop spending money like Biden.
They're not going to stop spending money.
They like to just pretend and play off the left.
Honestly, whether people like it or not, I think that's how DeSantis operates.
He's like, I'm actually trying to do something versus just following what everyone else does.
And I hope Trump takes a page from it and does it instead of trying to Stormy Daniels and Brett Kavanaugh him.
Because I think I'd much rather Trump win and get better than just him try to do what the left does to him to DeSantis.
I see that as kind of like a petty move.
Yeah, I have to agree.
I mean, you raised a really good point about that in that talk that you did about DeSantis' announcement on CBDCs or banning CBDCs.
And you said, you know, Trump put out, and maybe you can speak more to this, he put out something about, oh, I hope DeSantis needs to be wary of the fact that something might come out about him with a dude or underage women or something like that.
And it really is the same sort of tactics that are used against him, which isn't fair.
That's not fair.
Yeah, I want to talk about self-accountability and self-awareness because the elites will treat us like sheep if we act like sheep.
You get what I'm saying?
It's not always their fault if we're willing to act like a sheep on a conveyor belt.
So it's our responsibility to not act like animals and farm You know, animals on a conveyor belt getting vaccinated and sent to the slaughter.
So with that, it's like people cared more about the Trump versus how DeSantis acted towards the Trump thing.
I understand it's a big deal, too.
No one even talked about the central bank digital currency.
So for a Kardashian culture where we want to eat McDonald's, we want to pop pills in our mouth.
You know, we're going to get fatter.
You know, they're going to treat us like that.
So nobody even cares about the central bank digital currency.
It's all about this Kardashian-style thing.
And when it comes to Trump and DeSantis, this is my thought about Trump.
As much great stuff as he did, as great as I think he could be, I don't think he looks at the things that DeSantis is doing and being like, oh, I should do that and execute and actually get stuff done.
I think he sees it as a disloyalty thing where he's like, I will destroy DeSantis or anybody that turns against me no matter what it costs.
I don't care what I do.
And you see that with the influencers.
They kind of cuck to Trump like little boys, like where it's like, he's like, I'm the father of the vaccine.
I rushed it.
I did it.
And they go, Oh yeah, that's good.
That's okay.
You know, he, he's got like, it's like, I don't think he's interested.
And that's the part that bothers me.
I don't care if he beats DeSantis, but I want him to get better and do the right thing, not just destroy anybody else and then ignore the central bank currency, ignore all that stuff.
I see that.
I don't think Trump actually cares about any of that stuff.
I just think he wants to win and maintain power.
But that's just my perspective.
No, I agree with your perspective.
We've got to go to break.
We're going to be right back and we want to talk about this ban on Christianity in Israel.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
You know, I did an interview recently.
Someone interviewed me and they asked me, does Alex or does the team ever tell you what you can and can't say on InfoWars?
And I laughed at that.
I said, no, they've actually never told me what I can and can't say on here.
And this platform is so unique and powerful in the sense that It allows for free thought.
It allows for controversy.
And that's what we need in society.
We are missing the ability to, or we're seeing this encroachment on our ability to think freely.
I mean, it's not even encroachment anymore.
They just want to take over all thought.
And this is something, this leads me to my next point, Anomaly, which is this ban on Christianity in Israel.
I know that you've already responded to this.
This is absolutely shocking news.
Israeli lawmakers have introduced a new bill to effectively ban Christianity in the state of Israel.
The law will aim to punish Christians with automatic jail time.
For sharing the gospel, even messaging the gospel.
If there's a non-believer that has questions about Christianity and the person responds to those questions, even online, they could be facing a year of jail time.
If the person's under 18 that they're responding to, we're looking at a potential of two years jail time.
This is absolutely insane.
So I want to get your take on this.
And then I want to talk about the war on Christianity in general, because I've got some stuff that's happening in Australia that I think people need to know about.
Yeah, so it's two politicians in Netanyahu's coalition, so people gotta understand it hasn't fully passed yet and it's not every politician.
There's obviously hot debate in Israel right now because Netanyahu's coalition is way more orthodox and extreme, you know, in their views.
It's funny because in America, the Netanyahu coalition is very tight with Republicans and it's like this, our greatest ally, you know, the Orthodox, but these are the Orthodox ones that are suggesting it.
And, you know, if they have a lot of power and other people agree, it could pass.
We'll see.
I'm not surprised by it personally, because I have respect for everybody, you know, Muslims, Christian, Islam, I don't care what race you are, religion.
But I feel like for a long time Republicans have been deceived.
There's a lot of donor money going into both sides and I think a lot of the donor money is by people who love Israel more than America.
And some of these speech laws that they've gotten Trump and DeSantis in Florida.
DeSantis flew over to Israel and passed this like anti-Semitism bill.
Trump did an executive order on college campuses to basically try to outlaw anti-Semitism.
And there's a specific set of rules that they claim.
It's not just violence.
Obviously, violence is illegal.
It's not right.
But they're trying to criminalize speech and protests.
And it's the Republicans doing this for their donors.
And when you say that, they'll call you an anti-Semite.
But it's just that they're not waking up and thinking this stuff.
They're doing it for the donor class.
I think there's a disconnect there.
And I think eventually Christians need to realize that if they want to be Christian, be a Christian, not a Judeo-Christian.
You don't see Muslims saying, I'm Judeo-Muslim.
Are you a Muslim or are you a Jew?
Which one?
Islam is different than Judaism.
Judaism is different than Christianity.
Christians have this unholy Zionist alliance, in my opinion, and it's based on, in my view, donor money and control over the party.
I don't think they cared about Israelis when Israel was being forced vaccinated and there was this whole crazy Pfizer scheme and all these Israelis are being persecuted.
Where were all the Republicans then?
I don't think they care about Jews.
I don't think they care about Christians.
I think it's a very unholy Christian Jewish alliance going on in Republican politics, in my view.
Yeah, I also think that there is a general war on Christianity and this is really, I mean, you could go into it really deep in the sense that everything that's being promoted in society, particularly by the left, goes completely against any Christian values, right?
So people might say, well that's not a war on Christianity, it's a war on religion in general, Or it's a war on just what's right.
Well, I would ask, where does what's right come from?
But, you know, that's not necessarily what we're talking about here.
In Australia recently, we had a tragedy in the state of Queensland, and the mainstream media has come back, Channel 9, with an absolutely deplorable hit piece.
And I want to say it right now, that after Zero Time airs on zmedia.com tonight at 8pm Sydney time, They're going to be sorry they ever did that hit piece, let me tell you right now.
So for everyone watching, tune in 8pm on Zero Time on zmedia.com tonight.
You're not going to want to miss this.
But the whole thing that happened, Anomaly, was that there was a shooting.
Many, many questions about this story.
Lots of holes in the story.
The mainstream media hasn't answered any questions.
The police haven't answered any questions.
What they've done is now come out and say that it was the first case of Christian terrorism in Australia and said that anyone who believes the Bible or the last book is essentially, they're painting them as potential domestic terrorists.
It seems to be in line with, for example, where the FBI was recently found to have been investigating Catholics in particular in the United States.
There is a huge, huge eye on Christianity right now worldwide.
Would you agree?
Yeah, I can't speak on that specific story, but there's a double set of standards too, like when the left riots for George Floyd, they get to push their ball down their court and advance policy.
When something happens on January 6th, the opposite happens.
So there's double standards, there's hypocrisy, and it looks like all over the world Christianity is under attack.
I'm not pro-Russia, I'm not pro-Ukraine, these aren't my countries, I don't live there.
But Russia seems to be a strong Christian country and coincidentally there's a war going on over there.
Ukraine as well, and I mean both sides are dying, they're being sacrificed and at a certain point this war needs to stop for both sides.
But, you know, going back to that law in Israel, too, I think it's interesting because I say this with no hate in my heart because I love all people that are good.
Obviously, people that suck suck.
It's not a racial or religious thing to me, but Christians believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
You know, that makes you a Christian.
Muslims love Jesus as a prophet, but they don't think he's Lord and Savior.
But Muslims love peace be with them.
You know, they love Jesus.
You know, Jewish people, it's a mixed bag.
There's some messianic Jews, there's some, but Christians I don't think understand this.
When you see this bill passed, it's not surprising because a lot of their ideology is the rejection of Jesus Christ.
It's the rejection of the Bible.
And there's been this like weird unholy alliance where I understand loving people and supporting them and I have no problem with it, but I think a lot of Christians are going to be shocked.
Like, what?
Orthodox feel that way?
If you think that's shocking, wait till you see some of the text in the Talmud.
And I'm not trying to be, you know, rude, but it's like there's absolutely a lot of people who reject your Lord and Savior, and not just reject them like Muslims as the Lord, don't like them at all.
You know, there is a portion of the population that feels that way, and I think Christians are in for a rude awakening when they find that out.
Yeah, and it's definitely the double standard.
So, you know, you can't criticize Jews or you can't criticize Israel or anything like that.
It's hate speech, but it's cool if that country bans the religion that dominates the country that's not allowed to say things about their religion.
I mean, it's astounding to me.
And I know that you've, I mean, we probably don't have that much time to get into this, Right now, Anomaly, but maybe in the next minute or so before the break, I know that you've openly spoken about the Synagogue of Satan, which is essentially the false Jew group in the world that is referenced in the Bible.
Do you think that that is why this huge attack on Christianity is coming?
It's in Revelation twice.
It says there are those who say they are Jews but are not, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan.
In the one it says, I will make them bow before you to know that I've loved you too.
I take that as just like, you know, there's good and evil people all over the place.
I'm not bashing one group or not, but Christians in some cases, they've been brainwashed to be like, oh, they're all godlike.
And it's like, no, God also said there are Those who are not that are working for Satan.
So there's good and evil and you have to understand people that reject Christ and people that do wicked things are not above God.
It's not there's not this fake religion where they are God also.
I mean, I definitely think that's part of it.
And in America, I just want to say this real quick.
The same type of blasphemous speech laws that are being passed in Israel, they're being passed in America by Christians against their own religion.
DeSantis isn't on it.
Trump isn't on it.
I know this is hard for people to realize, but one of the speech laws that they're passing through legislation says that you can't say that Jews killed Jesus.
I mean, that's an interpretation of the Bible that a lot of Christians hold.
You know, some think it was the Romans.
I'm not here to debate scripture, but They're outlawing parts of the Bible under the guise of anti-Semitism.
And I don't believe in hate speech for race, religion.
If we live in America and we have free speech, why would Christians be selling out their own right to have a biblical discussion?
You got to ask yourself.
It's the donor class.
In my opinion, Trump versus DeSantis is a false paradigm.
And, you know, that's a topic people really don't want to look at because they're afraid of being called hateful.
I agree with you.
We'll be back right after the break, continuing on this topic.
All right, we've got one more segment with Anomaly.
We're super grateful for his time and all of his input.
Anomaly, I want to sort of wrap this up with the things that really matter in the world because, as I said, we need to be focusing on the things that are actually putting us at risk and not the theatre that's going on around us.
I see some of the biggest risks as CBDCs, the social credit system that they're trying to put in place everywhere, mass surveillance, the WHO wanting to be the medical dictator of the world, inject us endlessly with poison and, you know, this real shift towards the transhumanist agenda.
So, I guess, where do you think we are on that timeline?
Do you think that The globalists are currently still advancing that plan or are they currently on the back foot because so much truth's coming out?
Where do you see we are?
With the lockdown obviously that was one of the craziest things I've ever lived through, you as well, and it's hard to really say which way that went.
On one hand I think humanity kind of failed because I don't really even believe we earned our freedom back.
It felt like they just kind of gave it to us and people would have listened for longer if they had to.
Like the compliance rate for the vaccine was too high.
The compliance rate for forced masking was too high, even in a lot of Republican areas.
I think, you know, there wasn't as much like peaceful noncompliance.
So it felt like they really got a lot of data of what would happen if they shut down.
And I don't think we looked very good in it.
On another hand, it seemed like they kind of blew their load too hard.
And for a horrible metaphor, I should eat something else.
But you know, it's like, did they kind of do so much and not get enough in return that now if they try to do it again, that people would be aware and they'd fight against it?
It's hard to really tell.
For America, I want to say, you know, I see big pharma as one of the biggest threats.
Yeah, there's some good medications.
I'm not saying they do nothing.
But for the most part, they've swallowed up our media.
I think America, maybe New Zealand or one other, You know, there's certain rules that the rest of the world rejects and like over 75, I think, percent of our media or something to that extent is big pharma.
It's pill, pill, pill, pill, pill.
Obviously, the vaccine industry, they have no liability for side effects, injuries and deaths under the PrEP Act and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.
They've swallowed up our food supply.
Bayer, a company out of Germany, merged with Monsanto, created a mega company of drugs and seeds and food.
And to me, it's like the Democrats are in on it.
They mandate.
Trump sells a vaccine.
He takes money from Pfizer.
He hires pharmacy lobbyists.
To me, that's a huge, huge threat because they even have the power to merge with government and shut us down.
So I see that as a big threat.
Obviously, the currency, the banking stuff.
This is why I go so hard at Republicans, and sometimes people misconstrue it, at least in this country.
It's clear the Democrats are not going to save us.
They have nothing for us.
Their party is completely co-opted.
The media is compromised.
If anything's going to come, it's going to come through the quote-unquote small government side of the right wing, who campaigns like they're libertarians, and then they govern like they're communists and socialists every time.
And people think because of Trump that it's going to be different next time.
Just like Democrats thought because of Obama it's going to be different.
No, no, but not only you don't understand, it's different.
Trump's different.
It's like that's how they got you because you're not even willing to go past the character and go to what he actually did and what he's actually talking about.
So it just shows me that they got you by the balls no matter who he truly is or not.
So that's why I want Republicans to wake up because I think if we get power again in 2024, you know, that's really make or break for America at this point.
It's like, will you have a leader that goes against the central bank digital currency that calls out big pharma that actually wants to, you know, rein in the banks to some extent?
Or are you going to have another clown show where the guy says all the right things with a script that someone else wrote for him and does nothing?
And I don't know if Trump or DeSantis is going to do that.
And this is the annoying part.
I'm sure you've seen it a little too.
It's like, if you say this, people are like, Oh, what are you a dissent?
Do you work for DeSantis?
Is he paying you?
I'm saying the same thing I said two years ago.
It's like, I don't trust DeSantis either.
I just think he has the benefit over Trump in the sense of like, he hasn't been president yet.
So there's this idea of like, maybe he will do it when we know Trump was in and some people think he did, some people think he did it, but it's like, he'll probably sell out too.
You know, I'm not, I'm not like overly like, oh, he'll say, but if the Republican base and the conservative base or the freedom base, whatever people want to call themselves, if they hold firm and don't get tricked, to me, that's where the party's going to do the right thing.
But if people want to fight over the Trump DeSantis false paradigm, if people want to cry and be emotional and act like, you know, they want to Stormy Daniels this and that, it's like, it's, it's not going to happen.
So it's hard to tell how much success the elites have had and whether they overplayed their hand or knew what they're doing, but.
It's really on us.
God gave us the ability to have a brain, to have a spirit, and we're not cheerleaders.
You're not just a sideline person.
If Maria can do it, if I can do it, if millions of people can do it, business owners who stood up against the lockdown, so can you.
We need less Trump cheerleaders and bobbleheads and more American patriots or Australian patriots.
Yeah, I agree.
How do you unite the people?
Because, you know, there's a lot of talk about unity and I don't even know if unity is a real thing because everyone wants it but isn't willing to do the hard yards to get there.
How do we achieve the unity required around the things that actually matter to get the people mobilized against the steps of the New World Order?
It's tough because some people are so brainwashed that it seems like there's the old saying, you could lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
You know, everyone's not going to wake up.
But I do think that at least for myself, when I go into a topic, I try to be.
It's not always, I'm not always perfect.
Thoughtful, compassionate.
When you look at 20-year-old liberal women who are brainwashed, right?
Say you're a 35-year-old guy.
Do you look at them with evil and disgust and be like, I hate them?
Or do you look at them with a little compassion, like their parents did a bad job?
They lied to them.
They got fooled by the media.
They got fooled to music.
I don't look at these people like they're specifically the enemies.
They got bamboozled, to be fair, like a lot of us did when we were younger as well, because that's the world you grew up in.
That's the culture you grew up in.
So I think with a little more compassion and thoughtfulness, these battles can be won.
But this is the interesting part even about Trump is like because of the media coverage around him and because of his style, they've done such a good job of brainwashing so many people into thinking he's like a Disney villain.
Right. And then on the right, he's like a God.
He's like a Disney hero.
And it's just like false paradigm of both sides of like, he's the villain.
He's a cruel, a devil.
And then they're like, no, we need to, you know, he's Martin Luther King.
Someone said he he got persecuted more than Martin Luther King.
And it's like Martin Luther King got killed.
But also, I understand like Trump also is getting persecuted, too.
I get it. But, you know, I think that really people need to create a narrative,
be thoughtful, compassionate, really try to get people on their side
and, you know, not just get caught in someone else's story.
Because I see the right wing, a lot of people, they're just following.
Following what Trump says.
Following what the media says.
And I think that's part of the deception, but who knows.
I agree with you.
I think before where you made reference to us being, if we behave like sheep, they'll continue treating us like sheep.
And so independent thought is required.
It's very hard to get people that think independently to unite though.
That's the beauty of free thinkers.
They think for themselves.
So it's not an impossible task, but I think it just requires us to be very realistic when approaching these issues, which I think you do a phenomenal job at, by the way.
So please let people know where they can follow you, Anomaly, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.
Where else can they follow you?
I'll just keep it simple.
I have all my links there.
I have like a site with all the links.
So it's DreamRareLinks, D-R-E-A-M-R-A-R-E-L-I-N-K-S.
You can find everything there.
I have alternate platforms, regular and You know that's really it and I do pray that people wake up to you know their power as far as you don't have to just wait for Donald Trump you know and I'm not this isn't even a knock to him because I know people perceive it that way but I've literally had people like behind closed doors off camera
Panic at the thought that Donald Trump won't save their whole life.
At best, he's got four more years in him, and then he's going to be 85.
He's not going to be a 300-year-old king in your fantasy world.
Eventually, there's going to be another leader.
And if you're a Christian, you should believe in the Lord and Savior, not a politician who sells vaccines harder than Bill Gates.
That's why people are so broken and lost.
It's because they put their God-like faith in a vaccine salesman.
So they spiral at the thought of him not like resurrecting America, which he almost definitely won't.
You know, God gave you the ability.
He gave you the power.
And in the age of social media and digital tech, you know, we have the beauty of starting your own business, creating your own reporting.
If you see a void in the matrix and something that you don't like, you can become the change you want to see in the world.
So I think America and the world will do better if everybody kind of takes self accountability, self responsibility.
And kind of plays their role in The Awakening is the best version of their self because whether Trump or Biden wins, you know, the food supply is still going to be tainted.
Whether Trump or Biden wins, Big Pharma still controls our country and none of them care at all.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, you bought into the character of them, they don't give a crap.
You just think they give a crap, you know, because it's easier to just like play sideline, like you're watching Naruto or something, some sort of anime show.
Instead of realizing what politics really is, and it's really sad because America needs help.
Kids are dying of fentanyl.
Kids are dying of opioids.
Big Pharma has probably killed millions upon tens of millions of people on record with overdoses and such.
Our life expectancy is going backwards.
We're fatter than ever.
Our food supply is more disgusting than even Australia and Europe.
And we're supposed to be the better country?
Trump doesn't give a crap.
Biden doesn't give a crap.
And that's not a knock.
It's just the reality.
Wake up, get out of the false paradigm, play your role, and may God bless America because we need help.
We're definitely not where we could be.
Amen, I agree with you.
Just as much as we want to be independent, we need leaders that want to be independent from the globalists, and that's where we need to go, and that's what we need to demand.
Again, Anomaly, thank you so much for your time.
Thank you to all the viewers today.
Support InfoWars.
Keep the truth out there.
On to the war room with Owen Schreier.
It's, uh...
It's with God.
And I know you speak about that often.
And I believe... Look, we need God more than ever.
And I know that there are people listening, perhaps, who don't believe in God.
But I'm a big believer in having faith, even though I'm rather pessimistic.
I do know how the book ends.
I know how the story ends.
And we do prevail.
There are no atheists in foxholes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
So don't lose hope.
get discouraged. I know that there are people out there thinking, "Well, you know,
what's left for me to do?" One of the things, and again, this is not a shame or
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Well, I just can't say to our listeners how much the Enemies of Freedom hate this show, they hate your show.
I mean, I will plug for you and for me.
Folks, you want us to fight?
We will do it, but it's like sending military out to war without ammunition and weapons.
I mean, we'll... and I'm not bitching, I just...
I just, back in 2016, we had plenty of money.
Our subscription service said it's free now.
I barely was plugging.
We had all this extra money, and now I wish back then I would have pushed harder, saved up money, because now with the deplatforming and the attacks, folks, you know...
We need support, so do you.
But what we really need is people to share the links and articles to our videos and your videos,
your reports, Doug, because the public's ready.
The ground's fertile right now.
The minds are ready.
It's easy to outpace your supply lines, and I think that's where a lot of us are.
We're in so deep that we can't, look, we need that support.
You need that support.
So again, folks, please, support Alex Jones, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
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There it is, turmeric toothpaste.
I love that too.
My wife does as well.
Big fan of all of your products.
Okay, folks, don't lose hope.
Please don't do that.
Um, I- I know that things look bleak but we again we know how the story ends and I think look at everything that happens not through not with blinders but with in the context of a larger agenda.
Think bigger, look bigger and look for the Connections.
I use the analogy of that great movie that's basically a composite for stories, Horse 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
We've been through all this and nothing!
Nothing but... You have to let nature take her course.
And look, I think we've already blown the enemy.
We just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that.
And if anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you.
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.