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Name: 20230317_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 17, 2023
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The Alex Jones Show features co-hosts Owen Schroyer, Roger Stone, and Martha Chansley discussing domestic terrorism and the lack of media coverage on leftist groups like Antifa. They criticize the double standard where those concerned about education or attending political events are labeled as domestic terrorists while actual violent acts by Antifa go unreported. Jones encourages support for InfoWars to keep the show running, and Owen Shroyer shares his personal experience of being assaulted by Antifa.

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The fact that there's 370,000 homeless veterans in this country, but we're shipping billions of dollars to Ukraine.
President Biden tells them we're not going to give them Abrams tanks.
Then we give them Abrams tanks.
Then he says we're not going to give them certain fighter jets.
I believe those fighter jets are on the way.
And they'll be asking for billions more as they walk us right up to the precipice of World War III.
This is the most dangerous time ever in American history.
And if you are the Iranians or the Chinese and you see nothing but weakness from this administration, well, weakness is provocative.
I think the Chinese, just as the Russians did not invade Ukraine during the Trump presidency, Trump's been very candid.
He told Putin directly, said this publicly, that he would launch an attack on Moscow if that happened.
And he's also said, you know, I'm not sure whether Putin believed I would do it or not do it, but even if he thought there was a 10% chance that I really would do it, it kept him from launching an invasion into Ukraine.
That's the whole point of leadership.
Now, as this administration demonstrates nothing but weakness, weakness in Afghanistan, it is a clear sign to the Russians and to the Chinese that there are no consequences for their actions.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty, it's Alex Jones!
It's Friday, March 17th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We've got a big broadcast, as usual, lined up for you today.
Tomorrow's news, today.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's a live Friday transmission.
And I wanted to be here for the whole broadcast today, but I've had some family issues come up that I've got to attend to, but I'm going to be in and out of the office here today during the broadcast.
Owen Schroeder is going to be hosting with Roger Stone, co-hosting in the first hour.
They're coming up in about five minutes or five minutes exactly.
And then in the second hour, Martha Chansley, mother of Jake or Jacob Chansley, the J6 Q Shaman,
We'll be joining us and I'm going to tape something that I'm going to air right before she comes on because I'm going to issue an apology to Jacob Chansley for the way I handled things in hindsight then at the time.
Because I knew he was innocent.
I knew he was being set up.
I was a little mad at him when he came on the show, I think two days after.
But in hindsight, I could have done a better job.
So I'm going to talk about that.
Coming up, there's also a give-send-go for him.
Free Jake.
We saw Elon Musk come out just last week and say free the Q Shaman.
That's what he's known as, not Jacob Chansley.
And we're all Jacob Chansley because they let him in, they brought him in, he thanked the police, they thanked him.
And that was not allowed to be seen by the jury.
And he's spending four years in prison.
When the left runs around burning down whole cities and then gets bailed out by the now Vice President Kamala Harris.
So that's coming up.
Now, that's in the second hour.
World War III, the election, DeSantis, Trump, the poison shots, what's happening with J6, all of it, with Roger Stone, with Owen Schroyer,
Coming up in the first hour.
As I said, Martha Chansley, mother of Jake Chansley, K6 political prisoner, aka the Q Shaman, in the second hour today.
And they have launched this fundraiser, the goal
Is $55,000, which is nothing for legal bills.
And he's raised $20,000.
I really want to raise that money today.
And I know I come to the well, I come to the audience constantly.
We had James O'Keefe on yesterday, relaunching his new O'Keefe Media Group.
And I'm just here supporting, if you choose so.
And then I'm supporting this guy, I'm supporting that person, this lady.
I'm just trying to do the best job I can.
You choose where you want to support.
You choose what you want to do.
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We won't be here.
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It's super high-grade for 50% off.
We'll find it anywhere we have it in the dropper form and in the gummy form.
But we're really a mothership or a platform of awakening and resistance and support for people in the fight.
And I realize that support is you, who are the foundation and the superstructure and the whole building.
You're not the tail on the dog.
You're not even the dog.
You're the whole dog, the whole tail, the fur, the skin, the brain, the eyes, the guts, the bones.
You are everything.
So I'm very humbly thankful to all of you.
But you also realize what's done to Alex Jones today, what's done to the Q Shaman today, can and will be done to you tomorrow.
The Justice Department just announced yesterday they're planning at least a thousand new indictments and arrests.
Throw people under their federal prisons.
They're in their district of Mordor.
Satan on the Potomac.
So, very dark times for the Republic, but the world's waking up, and the globalists are cornered rats.
They're being forced out in the open, and that's why they're so incredibly dangerous.
All right.
Thanks for joining us on this Friday edition.
I'll be here Sunday night.
Host the whole enchilada myself, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
this Sunday as well.
Spread the word about the Friday edition.
That's how we get past the censors.
That's how we override the tyranny.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
And we have a lineup of guests for you today.
I'm gonna let you know right now.
Roger Stone is connected, on the line, gonna be with me for the entire hour.
Look at that smile!
There he is right there!
Oh man, that brightens your day right there.
That brightens my day, I'll tell you that.
Roger Stone in the first hour.
Pete Santilli and the mother of the Q Shaman, Jacob Chansley, Martha Chansley, with us in the second hour.
Savannah Hernandez in studio in the third hour.
She recently got chased.
Away from a Turning Point USA event by a bunch of radical leftist Antifa members, and they hunt her down and they say, find the Info Wars girl!
Find the Info Wars girl!
And really, she hasn't even worked here in years, but I guess her most impactful work was here, so they just call her that.
And then fourth hour host, Jay Dyer, I'm back on The War Room with Jerome Davidson at five o'clock and The Great Revenge of the CIS podcast at six.
So loaded guest schedule today.
I'm looking forward to speaking with all our guests, including Roger Stone, who I hear you got a little nice love letter from Hunter Biden's lawyers this morning.
Roger, do you want to do you want to let us know of the love that Hunter Biden feels for you?
Well, first of all, Owen, it's great to be back with you.
Feels like the old days at the original War Room, the real War Room, where we were colleagues and turned out an enormous amount of important information for the American people.
And I miss those days.
I miss everyone at InfoWars.
You've carried on a great tradition.
This is now the second time that Hunter Biden's lawyers have threatened me by letter.
In the first letter, which was several weeks ago from Abby Lowell, who's an extraordinarily expensive, high powered Washington attorney.
Essentially urging me to preserve all the documents in my possession pertaining to Hunter Biden's laptop.
Which would be none whatsoever, other than of course, news stories.
Because everything I know about Hunter Biden's laptop, I know from one of two places.
I read about it at the New York Post, or actually the New York Post or Breitbart News, or I read the extraordinary report put out by the Marco Polo Foundation, which I think anyone can go online and get it, Marco Polo USA
I believe it is.
It's about, I don't know, four inches thick.
It's extraordinarily detailed.
Today I got a second letter.
This is a cease and desist letter instructing me to stop talking about the contents of the laptop, which are completely mapped out in great, great detail and documented in the Marco Polo report.
I'm not going to discuss the content of the letter beyond that because I haven't had a time to digest it with my attorneys, but oh, and this is, this is yet again, an attempt to silence any discussion of, of the deeds of Hunter Biden as detailed in the laptop.
And in my case, it's a continuation of, of war, of lawfare.
In other words, it's bad enough.
That I lost my home, my car, my savings, most of my insurance.
It's bad enough that my wife has struggled through stage four cancer under those circumstances.
It is bad enough that I already still have 11 pending, totally frivolous, totally baseless, totally groundless, but heavily sensationalized lawsuits against me.
But now I have Hunter Biden's extremely expensive,
And nasty lawyers threatening me because they don't want me to come on, oh, I don't know, InfoWars or on my own show, StoneZone.Live, StoneZone.Live every day at five o'clock to talk about what can be seen in the public forum, in the public realm, which has all been fully published.
It seems to me a rather foolish strategy, but
Again, if people want to help me fight legal action against Hunter Biden's laptop, pardon me, against Hunter Biden's lawyers, they can go to stonedefensefund.com.
I wouldn't ask if I didn't need it.
Roger, I'm a little confused because this was in the news today as well.
Hunter Biden files counterclaims against computer repairman over handling of infamous laptop.
So as you were mentioning, he's dealing with the lawsuits as well.
But I'm confused here, Roger, because first the story was...
There is no story.
The laptop doesn't exist.
It's Russian disinformation.
And then after the election was finished, now the laptop is real, and the contents, however, are irrelevant.
What is relevant is the people that were talking about it when they were telling us it was fake.
Do I have this right?
Yeah, I think that's exactly right, Owen.
This is a classic tactic of the left.
Let's not focus on the actual emails from the DNC or from Hillary Clinton as published by WikiLeaks.
Let's only focus on how that information became public.
The false narrative continued to be repeated in the media still today that the Russians hacked the DNC and somehow gave that information to WikiLeaks.
A claim for which there is no proof or evidence whatsoever.
In fact, the head of CrowdStrikes, the private company that made that claim publicly, admitted in his sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee that neither he nor the DNC had any evidence of any of that happening.
But what better way to distract from the evidence of corruption, Hillary's personal involvement in dirty tricks, and so on, and the doings of the Podesta brothers, as revealed in those emails, rather than to kick up a dust storm about how the information became public.
As far as I know, and I'm not an attorney, I stress that, but basically everything that I have read leads me to believe that Hunter Biden gave this laptop to a repair shop man, John Paul McIsaac.
McIsaac has a signed service agreement that stipulates that
If the laptop is not picked up and paid for after the requested work has been conducted, then it reverts to the property of the repair shop owner.
So I believe it became his property.
He did what every upstanding citizen would do.
He turned it over to the FBI.
So I don't know.
Now, the FBI did nothing for 15 months with it.
It's a separate question, but I think this lawsuit
Well, I don't know.
He's shocking, to say the least.
You can get that yourself, by the way, by going to MarcoPoloUSA.com.
It is available to the public.
Well, and there's so much to unpack here.
One, I believe Hunter Biden is going into court proceedings right now because of his
We're good to go.
That the Bidens were taking money from the Chinese, as many as four Biden family members taking money from the Chinese in 2017 while they were investigating Trump.
We now know that the contents of the laptop were real.
How do you fathom this?
How do you fathom the fact that your...
Having legal action taken against you for doing nothing wrong, nothing illegal, but the actual crime family, the Bidens, receiving money from the Chinese and the alleged activities we see on this laptop, nefarious as they are, no legal action against the Bidens!
Yeah, it's the two-tiered justice system that we seem to live under.
I think that this whole attack on me and others is the brainchild of a Hollywood lawyer screenwriter named Kevin Morris.
This guy has actually written out a Unabomber-like chart
That has one of my personal attorneys, Tyler Nixon, who's been on the show many times.
I'm in the chart.
Well, this guy sounds extremely stable.
Roger, first break.
Folks, don't go anywhere.
Owen Schroer filling in for Alex today.
Roger Stone is with me.
We're talking about...
He's now received, I believe, Roger, your second cease and desist from the loving Hunter Biden lawyers.
They love you so much.
But folks, you need to understand something.
The fate of Infowars, the fate of Roger Stone, is your fate.
And when I hear what Roger has gone through, really the last five plus years, before even this Hunter Biden laptop scandal, and then the scandal becomes how they're suing people that talk about it,
You have to understand this is now their plan is to sue all their political opposition out of existence.
They did the test run with Alex and Infowars.
You saw the result.
Now they go for Roger Stone.
They go for Donald Trump.
They go for Tucker Carlson.
They go for Fox News.
They're coming for everybody.
But again, Roger, the one the one thing that stands out to me about this, which is just
I can't even fathom it.
I'm just, I'm at a loss for words.
How is it that legal action is being taken against Roger Stone and not Hunter Biden?
I mean, of all the things, I'm watching the news last night, Roger, and you know how much coverage I saw of the four Bidens getting millions of dollars from the Chinese?
How about none?
How about not a single minute?
Now, if it was Donald Trump who got a penny from Russia or China or anywhere else, it'd be the top news story for the entire week.
But when it's the Bidens, nobody blinks an eye, and now they come after you, Roger Stone, for talking?
I mean, outside of just this impacting you and your life, what do you think about this?
How do you react?
How do you respond to this?
It boggles the mind.
I mean, Paul Manafort went to prison, did a hard time, solitary confinement.
He was even incarcerated prior to being found guilty of any crime for lobbying for the Ukraine without registering a Foreign Agents Registration Act registration.
It's abundantly clear, based on what I read in the Hunter Biden laptop files published publicly and in the New York Post, that Hunter Biden acted on behalf of foreign companies and governments, but he never filed such a registration.
We know that Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager and
In his own right, a heavy-duty Washington Democrat lobbyist who represents the largest telecommunications company in China also failed to register on behalf of Ukraine.
No action was taken against him.
So, it is really extraordinary that if you are a truth teller, as Garrett Ziegler is, who by the way is an amazing young man, very precise, very organized, very credible, who has taken on the enormous project of taking the entire
We're good to go.
He's never advocated the election of or vote for or against any candidate or party.
There's no violation there.
He's entitled to publish this material.
And then secondarily to somehow come up with the diluted claim that I was involved in this information becoming public, which is categorically false.
And now he's issuing a cease and desist letter saying that I can't speak about it in public.
It is really, it's quite extraordinary, but it is par for the course.
We have a two-tiered justice system.
I may not agree with everything Alex Jones says, but he certainly has a First Amendment right to say it.
For that, they're trying to destroy him.
They're trying to bankrupt him.
They're trying to close down InfoWars.
Which has been a beacon of truth now throughout, you know, the Trump years and even before.
Look at it this way.
Where could I go today, right now, to tell people that Hunter Biden's lawyers are threatening me if there was no InfoWars?
I mean, look, I do a show, StoneZone.Live, same time as The War Room.
This is one of the great tragedies of Western civilization that you and I are on at the same time, so folks have to watch one of us in rerun, but that's okay.
But if there was no InfoWars, I would not be able to put out the Clarion call and tell people of this harassment.
So it's important that people support InfoWars, people go to your product page.
If you're not interested in buying something today, and there are many great products that I love, there's a button there where you can make a contribution.
Alex Jones is a fighter.
He's a warrior.
I've never seen lawfare at this level and he deserves your support.
Well, it must be nice to be the Bidens receiving millions of dollars from overseas so that they can just sue whoever they want.
You know, I wish I had a gigantic fund to just sue whoever I want and threaten and harass whoever I want, Roger.
I guess that would be a nice thing.
Actually, I'd take that back.
I'm not even sure I would want that.
I'm not even sure I would want to do that.
But the point is,
This is what the Bidens are doing to you.
And again, when the House GOP Oversight Committee yesterday releases the document showing four Biden family members receiving millions of dollars from the Chinese Communists, and nobody covers this, while they were doing their fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion investigation, I mean, that's the whole story right there!
I'm just, again, I'm just at a loss here and I guess I'm talking myself in circles.
No media coverage?
I guess at this point I shouldn't expect anything from the media.
I mean, is that how fallen we are as a nation state?
That the Biden crime family can just do whatever the hell it wants?
Nothing from the FBI, nothing from the Department of Justice, nothing from the American media, and they can just criminally harass whoever they want?
It underlines the importance of alternative media because you're absolutely right.
You're not going to see anything about this on network television.
You're not going to see it certainly at CNN or MSNBC.
You're not going to see it in the Washington Post or the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal.
You're not going to see it in the so-called legacy media.
These outlets have been protecting Joe Biden since before he was nominated.
And if it weren't for the Infowars or Tucker Carlson, for example, there would be no alternative coverage.
I must say, we've got about a minute and a half, but I have never seen a public assault on a public figure like the assault on Tucker Carlson.
And he's standing up to it in a way that is really inspirational.
He is a man of steel.
He is a true patriot, a man of enormous integrity, and the attacks on him for simply revealing the truth and documenting it with video, it's breathtaking.
It really is.
Well, and I'll tell you too, just to follow up on that before the break here.
When I see what you have done, Roger, in your, not just your career, but in more recent years, dealing with the persecution and the attacks and the lies you've gone through, working with Alex Jones, seeing that, you mentioned Tucker Carlson and some other people that have been inspiring to me growing up.
I've got to tell you, as somebody that looks at all this and just says,
You know, I'm only human, folks, and sometimes I look at all this, I look and I'm like, just get out.
Just get out.
These people are going to destroy your life, they're going to ruin you.
Just get out.
Just go out to the country, work for the rest of your life, just get out.
But I see inspirational figures like you and I say, why would I give up?
If Roger Stone hasn't given up, how can I give up?
If Alex Jones hasn't given up, why would I give up?
And then I remember
That the freedom, the prosperity, and I believe the country, the United States of America, is worth fighting for.
Roger Stone is with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Let's get into the Trump campaign on the other side of this break with the great Roger Stone.
Well Roger, it's pretty clear at this point that the deep state is going to do anything they possibly can to keep Trump from running.
And of course the lawfare is their go-to tactic right now.
This is from Axios.
Looming Trump charges threaten to inject chaos into his 2024 campaign.
Now let me ask you this historically first, Roger.
At any other time in US history, if there was a phenomenon like this, where a presidential candidate was being politically persecuted, then it would be viewed as just that.
Political persecution, trying to interfere with a campaign, interfere with an election.
But that's not the narrative now.
The narrative now is Trump must go down, Trump should not be able to run.
What do you attribute that to?
How are they able to get away with this clear political persecution because they don't want Trump to be president again?
I mean, even a decade ago the media would be calling this out for what it really is.
What has happened, Roger Stone?
Uh, what you see here, I think is the palpable fear of the two party duopoly who simply do not want to face Donald Trump at the polls again.
Uh, and therefore the Russian collusion hoax failed.
The Ukrainian impeachment failed.
There's still two ongoing investigations, one into January 6th, one into his handling of classified or secret government documents.
We don't know the outcome of those either.
But to charge him now on this
Extraordinarily minor matter, the statute of limitations of which I believe has run out anyway, really shows you the desperation of the establishment not to run against Donald Trump.
So in one breath they say he's damaged, he's disgraced, he's virtually in exile.
He'll be crushed.
He can't possibly win an election.
And then they say, oh my God, we don't want to run against that guy again.
And what's interesting, and I think this is absolutely key, we saw this after the raid at Mar-a-Lago.
Is that the American people rally to Donald Trump when he's under attack?
If they bring charges against him in any of these matters, it will simply turbocharge his campaign for the Republican nomination and ensure that he is the Republican nominee.
Now, perhaps.
In a misguided political judgment, that's actually what they want?
I mean, Jimmy Carter and his advisors actually wanted to run against Ronald Reagan.
They thought he would be the easiest candidate to beat, when in fact he was the strongest candidate against Carter.
This mistake was repeated by Hillary Clinton and her advisors.
They actually wanted to run against Donald Trump in 2016.
He had no political experience.
They saw him as a caricature, as a cartoon character.
They didn't understand the strength of the America First message.
So perhaps in some perverse way,
They believe that this persecution will ensure his nomination because they believe, I think falsely, that he is easily beatable in a general election.
What will the economy be like in November of 2020?
I don't even want to imagine actually.
But they're obviously working in small margins here.
They're obviously walking a tightrope because
I mean, they know if they charge Trump or arrest Trump that things are just going to start coming apart at the seams.
And I think people that may have even been anti-Trump in the past will come out and say, this is ridiculous, this is out of control, this is clear corruption.
I hate Trump.
But he's not the problem that this country has.
He has not been in government for decades like Joe Biden.
This is completely out of control.
They have to be aware of that, but at the same time, they also feel like if we don't get rid of Trump, let's say put Trump behind bars, then he's going to continue to be a threat to us.
So, how do they balance this, Roger?
I mean, that's clearly what they're trying to do, is this balancing act of, well, we do want to destroy him completely, put him behind bars, whatever, because he's a threat to us.
But also, we realize that the more we do that, the stronger he'll actually get.
And, perhaps more importantly than Donald Trump, the more aggressive the people would get against the deep state tyranny.
Well, first of all, to be very clear, we're not advocating violence against the government or any kind of uprising if Donald Trump is arrested.
That's not what either one of us are saying.
But I do think it will awaken a lot of voters and a lot of Americans who may be unclear about what's going on in the country.
Secondarily, I think they might be looking at this from both a short term and a long term
If Donald Trump has any kind of charges filed against him, it'll be the worst possible day of Governor Ron DeSantis's life.
We've already seen this phenomena in the wake of the raid on Mar-a-Lago and therefore I think opposition to Trump within the party will virtually collapse if there are charges filed against him.
Now they may believe that these doom him in a general election.
They didn't think he would win the last two elections either.
And of course this is the Democrat Party that has
Rejected every presidential election that they've lost in the 21st century.
So that is ironic, but all facts aside, don't let the truth get in the way of a Democrat lie.
Roger, is Joe Biden the worst president you've ever seen?
It appears that way.
I mean, I never thought I'd say that.
You know, prior to this, I would have said that Barack Obama was the worst president in my lifetime.
Prior to that, I would have said Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter, if we read the press reports, lies near death in a
I don't
Turned on that that would benefit the United States, who would possibly think that?
Oh, and I went to a supermarket the other day to buy a steak.
Well, it wasn't really a steak.
It was really two bites of a steak.
And it was $7.
This was not enough to sustain a grown man.
So the food prices, if you can find the items you're looking for, we have a shortage of chicken wings going on here in Florida.
That's hard to believe.
Then you add into that the inflation, the fact that there's 370,000 homeless veterans in this country, but we're shipping billions of dollars to Ukraine.
President Biden tells them we're not going to give them Abrams tanks.
Then we give them Abrams tanks.
Then he says we're not going to give them certain fighter jets.
I believe those fighter jets are on the way.
And they'll be asking for billions more as they walk us right up to the precipice of World War III.
This is the most dangerous time ever in American history.
And if you are the Iranians or the Chinese and you see nothing but weakness from this administration, well, weakness is provocative.
I think the Chinese, just as the Russians did not invade Ukraine during the Trump presidency, Trump's been very candid.
He told Putin directly, said this publicly, that he would launch an attack on Moscow if that happened.
And he's also said, you know, I'm not sure whether Putin believed I would do it or not do it, but even if he thought there was a 10% chance that I really would do it, it kept him from launching an invasion into Ukraine.
That's the whole point of leadership.
Now, as this administration demonstrates nothing but weakness, weakness in Afghanistan, it is a clear sign to the Russians and to the Chinese that there are no consequences for their actions.
But Roger, Ari Melber told me Joe Biden is the best president of his life!
Ari Melber!
Roger, I know you respect him a lot.
MSNBC host, come on now.
You know, I gotta tell you quickly here, Rhonda Stone with us.
Last night, I did a deep dive.
To try to understand where Joe Biden is getting this idea that fighting a war with Russia is a good thing.
And it turns out that he really thinks he's going to be some sort of a Dwight Eisenhower or FDR type.
And his campaign staff is basically saying yes, encouraging this.
And so it's a dangerous thing and last night I'm doing a deep dive and I'm looking at these Democrat think tanks and these Democrat roundtables and they're all saying the same thing.
We need to fully support Ukraine, give them whatever they need to win this war.
And folks, it's an unwinnable war for Ukraine.
The only way Ukraine wins would be if the U.S.
and NATO and the rest of the world decided to get involved and fight a world war over it.
And I'd rather not do that.
Now we'll continue with Roger Stone here in a second, and I do want to ask him some other questions.
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All right, Roger, I want to kind of conclude here with the Biden stuff.
What are you hearing?
Who's really running the Biden White House?
Because we don't ever hear from Joe Biden.
I mean, it's really actually incredible the tiny amount of exposure Biden has to the media.
So that shows you they know he's an embarrassment.
They know he can't talk.
Same thing with Kamala Harris.
We get maybe 30 minutes to an hour of public exposure from Joe Biden a week.
That is, Donald Trump would do that before lunch when he was president.
So who's really running the White House?
And who is putting this idea into Biden's head that if we just give as much military and money support to Ukraine as possible they'll win, when really it's just a black hole?
You know, I think this is the de facto third term of Barack Hussein Obama.
There's actually an interview you can find with him in which he said he's often dreamed about a third term in which he doesn't have to leave his basement, that he can have a microphone hooked up to earphones of whoever is the acting president and give directions.
I think that's pretty much what is happening.
It's not incidental that Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, the new chief of staff, all of these people are veterans of the Obama administration.
So Joe Biden, I think, is a figurehead president.
His wife, Dr. Jill, is in charge of trying to keep him looking alert.
But he's an embarrassment.
I don't think he is making any of the decisions.
That doesn't mean like Woodrow Wilson where they would put a pen in his hand and then his wife would move the hand.
He's probably signing the documents in that way, but I don't think he is running the country.
I think Barack Obama is.
Now again, just historically speaking,
Has there ever been a president that does less than Joe Biden?
And it's odd to say, because of all the things that are going on, it's hard to believe that he's doing so little with all the developments.
But I mean, really, my guess is right now, let's see, it's 11.51 here Central Time, 12.51 on the East Coast where Roger is at.
He's probably already jet set it off to a vacation in his beachfront mansion, just like he does every Friday.
Has there ever been a president that
Does nothing!
I mean, like, he doesn't do anything!
I could sit here and list off ten things that he should have had a press conference on, five places he probably should have gone and been there in person, and he's 0 for 10, 0 for 5.
Has there ever been a president that has so little time in front of the American people?
Well, I think we have to only look at our modern presidents, meaning presidents during the time, you know, when we had mass media.
Woodrow Wilson was virtually incapacitated through most of his presidency through a stroke, but we didn't know that.
What I think you're really asking, Owen, is has there ever been a president who has been so protected by the mass media so that it is not apparent that he's not doing anything?
Let me give you an obvious example.
It is disgraceful that he has not gone to East Palestine, Ohio.
My grandson, my oldest granddaughter, and my only great-grandson lived miles from where that toxic spill took place and the conflagration that was a controlled burn that was clearly not controlled.
The child still has
Uh, a fever, a rash, chronic diarrhea.
Oh no, no folks.
Don't worry.
The, the water, the air, it's all perfectly safe.
Uh, it took, uh, Donald Trump to go there and show leadership.
It gave Donald Trump to go there and give people hope and inspiration.
But the president acts like.
It never happened.
He still has no plans to go there.
And then when his Environmental Protection Agency director does go there, he admits that he wouldn't let his own children drink the water.
I think it is the perfect example of where Joe Biden is derelict in his duties as president.
It's truly, I mean clearly the handlers and Kamala Harris as well have realized that the less the people see of Joe Biden the better.
Same thing with Kamala Harris.
They might have thought at one point in time she would be a media darling.
We found out real quickly the cackling hyena is not.
So, uh, so warming to the American people.
So they pretty much just keep both of them silent.
I mean, that seems to be the initiative here is make sure Joe and Kamala are never seen by the American people.
Nobody needs to see this embarrassment.
All right.
One more thing for you, Roger.
One of your favorites, Eric Swalwell.
I know you're a big fan.
He was recently on MSNBC.
He says,
Violent Republican rhetoric put a target on the backs of all law enforcement.
Oh geez, the irony.
If you're hearing defund the FBI, you don't distinguish between an FBI agent and a police officer.
You think people are that dumb?
Really, Eric?
Like you, I guess.
You consider it as law enforcement and the deep state.
So, the same party that for years
Chanted, defund the police, and then actually did defund the police.
The same liberal media and the same Democrat party that put a target on police backs that resulted in hundreds, thousands of them being attacked and hospitalized, many ambushed and killed, are now saying it's Republicans that want to defund the police?
And they're saying that if you say defund the FBI, that's the same thing?
Roger, your response?
Eric Swalwell for two and a half years insisted that I was a traitor, that I was a Russian spy, that I had worked with Russian intelligence to subvert the 2016 election.
It was a vile lie.
No evidence to support that was ever produced by anyone, including in the Soviet-style show trial that I was put through, where I was charged with lying about Russian collusion.
Involuntary testimony, Russian collusion that never actually happened.
And then we learned that the guy who was infiltrated by the communists was none other than Eric Swalwell.
Eric Swalwell penetrated a Russian, pardon me, a Chinese woman spy who then penetrated his office.
Why is this significant?
Well, because as a member of the House Intelligence Committee at the time,
He had access to classified national documents and secrets.
Eric Swalwell is a disgrace to the U.S.
And frankly, it's not enough, in my opinion, just to throw him off the House Intelligence Committee.
Given his active involvement with a Chinese spy, I think he should be expelled by the entire House.
Roger, final 60 seconds with you here.
Where's your barometer of hope that we're going to finally root out this corruption and save this country?
Because it's really, it's reaching levels unseen, unimaginable.
My faith is entirely in Jesus Christ.
I'm living proof that Jesus Christ can do anything.
When people ask me, what's your strategy?
So I'll tell you my strategy.
Prayer is my strategy.
I don't believe the Lord will let this great nation founded on Christian principles be destroyed.
I'm not the person I was 10 years ago, even five years ago.
Roger Stone, always a pleasure to be reunited, and it feels so good.
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And we have
I think so.
Well, the Deep State and the Democrats are protecting their own when it comes to this Silicon Valley bank bailout.
This story just went live.
Janet Yellen admits smaller regional Midwest banks will not be bailed out, only big banks deemed worthy by Biden regime.
So in other words, only the woke banks and the liberal leftist Democrat banks that fund all their projects, all their startups, all their green new bull crap, that all
Went broke and bankrupt and now got bailed out.
But then all the other people that actually suffered that weren't doing corrupt business deals, they're gonna take the loss.
Is this big.
Let's not forget about the SVB-Epstein connection.
Weeks before the Silicon Valley bank collapse, several executives sold off large shares of stock, while mainstream media tells its audience to invest in them.
On March 9th, the day before the collapse, Israel's two largest banks pulled up to $1 billion out of SVB.
While Peter Thiel's Founders Fund withdrew millions and advised their clients to do the same.
The next day there was a run on the bank and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.
Is this evidence of a controlled demolition or a hasty one?
The day before the collapse, a U.S.
judge ordered JPMorgan Chase to turn over documents in a lawsuit accusing them of aiding in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation.
The team behind this lawsuit was the same team who successfully exposed the involvement of Deutsche Bank, and they subpoenaed several other banks they believe were involved in sex trafficking.
Including Silicon Valley Bank and Bank Lumi, the Israeli bank that drained a billion dollars out of SVB the day before it collapsed.
Whatever the reason, the U.S.
government's response threatens to collapse the world economy.
The FDIC insures up to $250,000 for each depositor.
But now they are going to cover all depositor losses.
And they don't have enough to cover the $175 billion of SVB losses, let alone the trillions of dollars to be lost on the near horizon as banks across the world begin to break.
The systemic risk among GSIBs, Global Systemically Important Banks, is that they are so deeply connected that when one falls, they will all follow.
Much of the world's economy is already collapsing due to the actions of the U.S.
government and the Federal Reserve banking system.
And much of the world has been preparing for the end of the U.S.
dollar as a world reserve currency.
After all the smaller banks die, the people will be left with the central bank.
And their solution is the CBDC.
CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency.
With CBDC, there are no more options.
Everyone's account is run directly through the central bank system.
As the financial system gets more controlling and more invasive, it's a little bit like bringing up a corral around us.
And CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Vaccine Passports or Digital IDs, are sort of the last shutting of the gate.
It's hard for many people to imagine the risks here because we're so used to living
With financial transaction freedom and we don't understand that.
When this gate closes on us, we literally will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe that our assets belong to them and they can dictate where we can spend money and what we can spend money on.
If you don't behave, you can have your money turned off.
There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks, which are located in cities being considered for the 15-minute city model of the World Economic Forum.
This is where it's all headed, and there isn't much pushback in the federal government.
Utah Senator Mike Lee introduced the No CBDC Act last September, which will likely go nowhere.
But we the people have much more sway over our local governments.
An Oklahoma House committee unanimously passed a bill to protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a CBDC.
It's time for we the people to unite with our neighbors and local communities and prepare to liberate ourselves from the central bank system.
Recall our corrupt county officials and start looking into local barter and trade systems because central bank digital currency is coming at us quickly and it equals financial enslavement.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We are now into hour number two on this Friday, March 17, 2023 transmission.
And Martha Chansley, mother of Jake Chansley, the J6 prisoner, aka Q Shaman, is joining us live.
By the hand of Otondo and Schroyer and her, give Sin Go, free Jake.
Elon Musk last week said free him immediately.
He is absolutely innocent.
We have them leading into the Capitol, leading him around taking selfies, the police into the Senate chambers, him then telling everybody get out of the building.
I was mad at him at the time and others who didn't realize they'd been set up.
And if it came off like I was blaming Jake for what happened or that he was a bad person, I did not mean that.
I was upset by how he got set up at the Capitol.
And since we've learned he's a loving, smart, good person, who has a lot of charisma, been put in jail for four years for doing absolutely nothing.
Now they want to charge a thousand more people.
They've already charged 990-something people.
This is the beta test to say the American people are terrorists and start just throwing us in jail for even peaceful protesting.
Ray Epps isn't in trouble for saying he orchestrated the attack on the Capitol to Congress, but Jake, as his mother calls him, Jacob Chansley, is.
So Gibson go.
Free Jake.
And I really appreciate her.
I apologize that in my anger at the time at the system, if I was a mean to a Jake, but you know, hindsight is 20-20.
And we really need to free him.
What happened to him is absolutely wrong.
Of course, he's not in as bad a shape as...
Some of the folks that actually got murdered that day, none of them were police, five of them were citizens.
But this is a form of living death for us all as this tyranny begins to take over.
So I want you to hear from his mother and from somebody who's also been a political prisoner.
And who can parallel all the things that are happening right now.
Pete Santilli with Owen Troyer.
I intended again to be here today, but I had some emergencies come up.
So I can only be here for a limited time.
But I want to invite Martha Chansley.
And as soon as we get Jake free, obviously, in studio, we'll fly him down here.
And I believe he will be freed.
If we don't free him, then it means our country is doomed.
I think he's a bear in the coal mine.
We have the Trump-appointed judge who allows DOJ to hide
Exculpatory evidence from jury in Proud Boys January 6th Sedition Trial.
I mean, this is such a dangerous moment we're in right now.
So, Owen Schroyer, Pete Santilli, take over right now with Martha Chansley.
Please donate and get this political prisoner out.
He's a symbol, a archetype, a figurehead for us all.
Give Shin Go.
Free Jake.
And now, back to the live transmission.
Thank you, Alex.
Pete Santilli with me here.
Owen Troyer on the Alex Jones Show.
Shortly going to be joined by Martha Chansley.
And you know, Pete...
If there's anybody that can provide hope, that has the experience of being a political prisoner a long time, political prisoner, it's you.
And while I've spent a couple short stints in jail cells because of political persecution, I feel lucky that I'm not in the situation that Jacob Chansley or other January 6th defendants are in.
Because this is what happens in corrupt countries.
This is what happens when corrupt political parties take over.
They arrest, they disappear their political opposition.
And so, Pete, before we get into this situation with Jacob Chansley, looking at the larger issue,
Hundreds of January 6th defendants rotting away in jail cells, being tortured, being tormented.
We do see some signs of hope.
We have been able to communicate with them.
We've even seen some of their smiling faces and hear them sing the National Anthem and pray.
What type of messages for hope would you give these defendants that I'm sure some days feel hopeless?
You know, the same level of hope that I had that the truth would set us free when I was behind bars.
We knew that the truth was that we did nothing wrong.
We didn't break the law.
We as defendants.
You know, I don't like to go back, oh, it's old news, it's Bundy, you know, Bundy Ranch news.
No, it was actually a microcosm of what's going on today.
I was actually, believe it or not, I don't just say this, I was blessed.
With the opportunity to go behind the scenes and have access to tens of thousands of pages of discovery.
And what we discovered was in fact the criminals were the people in the US government that have been perpetrating what we're seeing here on January 6th.
They do their surveillance months in advance.
They reverse engineer an indictment, and I'll probably say that a couple times throughout the conversation.
Reverse engineering, meaning that months in advance, they knew that there was going to be some sort of an uprising or a protest.
So the FBI began early on recruiting people, informants, so on and so forth.
Then they start their social media influence operation.
Weeks in advance of January 6.
So they're trying to lure people in.
Then they've got their operatives.
This thing was not spontaneous that took place on January 6.
It was actually manufactured by the same people that entrapped and manufactured and ran an influence operation back during the Bunny Ranch thing.
So here's the hope that everybody should have is that the truth will set us free.
I know
First hand that there are whistleblowers internally right now that are chomping at the bit to come forward and expose the truth in the Proud Boys trial right now, which will essentially, if this truth comes forward, that all of the frontline breachers
We're through facial recognition, identified as feds, as military personnel, as Joint Terrorism Task Force team members.
There's a small group of people that had access to all of that facial recognition, and it called upon to testify.
They will testify truthfully that the majority of the people at the frontline breach, where you see Ryan Samsell breaking the barricades down, it was done by federal agents.
Now some of that started to come out in court, and this is public knowledge because Norm Pettis, attorney for Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, was actually hitting the FBI agent, and I say hitting,
Under cross-examination, starting to reveal some of the truth about this facial recognition, them being very selective about who they prosecuted in that crowd initially.
So they started to identify the doors open.
I'm hoping that these whistleblowers will be able to come forward.
And if they do, Owen, all of these cases go away.
Now, this is what happened in the Bunny Ranch trials.
Now, of course, I lost 619 days of my life.
Through the process, but ultimately, when the government perpetrates misconduct, outrageous government misconduct, a judge has to dismiss the case.
And in the case of the Proud Boys trial, it was Jenks violations with basically withholding material that they were going to present during eyewitness testimony on the stand.
It's called Jenks material.
There's something called Giglio material that has to do with confidential informants, and then they also have Brady material, which is exculpatory information.
All of this has been withheld from not just the Proud Boys, but every single January 6th defendant.
Well, and I just gotta say, I'm grateful for Pete Santilli.
You're a motivational factor for myself.
And, you know, just kind of quickly as an aside here, folks, as we're talking about this, you know, InfoWars and Alex specifically are kind of going through some stuff right now.
And I don't care to talk about it.
It's Alex's story to tell if he decides to tell it.
But all I would ask is that you continue to pray for Infowars, you continue to pray for Alex.
Yes, obviously the financial support is key, but that's not even what I'm talking about now.
So just know that the men...
That have been waging their lives, their treasure, their blood, their sweat, their tears against this tyranny.
I feel like, Pete, we're kind of getting into the final phases here.
I kind of feel like the make or break is in the near future.
Is freedom, truth, prosperity, and justice going to win the day for America?
Or is it over?
Is that it?
Is it it for individualism?
Is that it for self-government?
Is that it for prosperity?
Is that it for freedom?
I mean, this is what it feels like right now.
And when you can just put away your political opposition, silence them, disappear them, that's dangerous.
A couple of headlines here with Pete Santilli.
He has the proof.
Gulag political prisoner and decorated Army Special Forces soldier Jeffrey McKellip reveals extent of government agents at J6 Capitol protest.
It was a complete setup with audio from the Gateway Pundit.
Pete, I know you were alluding to that earlier if you want to expand.
And then there's this, and really I kind of want to get your take on this.
Biden's DOJ tells court more than 1,000 people could still face charges in connection with January 6th.
Now, I've been warning people that this was their plan all along.
I've said it on air how they're essentially going to keep all of these folders as potential arrests from January 6th forever.
Like, consider it like a blackmail type of campaign.
With certain media members that were there, certain individuals that were there, maybe they went to the Capitol, maybe they didn't, but guess what?
Now they've got these charges and you step out of line, they can send you a little reminder.
Hey, you know, we got you in the Capitol on January 6th, you haven't been charged yet.
Would you like to see these papers?
Would you like to have these served?
Well maybe you should shut up about covering that story you're covering.
Oh no?
If you don't think that could potentially be going on, then you have no idea what country you live in.
But upon seeing this, even though I've felt that way and warned that that is the case for a while, why would they be promoting that?
Why would they be telling the public that that's a potential?
Or, is this a save face campaign?
As they're losing the narrative and losing the momentum, saying, hey, well, wait a second though, we've still got more people we want to charge.
How do you see this, Pete?
I know exactly how to see it, because they did the same thing to us.
And what they do is they'll kind of put the rumors out there because they're listening.
But they want to see who's talking.
They're continuously listening.
A lot of people may have gone, quote unquote, dark because they went in and took a selfie in the rotunda.
But they got quieter.
Basically, they're putting it out there.
They're floating it out there to cause some fear, cause people to talk.
They did the same exact thing to us.
We had 28, I think, total defendants.
And they said that they were going to round up thousands of people that went to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
It was all a rumor.
And again, they have very sophisticated surveillance technology.
They're listening.
Now, right now it's a race to get this information out and here's the information we're talking about.
There's a lot of stuff that I haven't been able to even make public.
Because we want it to come out in court.
We want them to be shocked.
Shocked that we know the truth.
We want shock in the courtroom and bring them to their knees because here's the truth.
It was really not just a color revolution.
We're talking about the military being involved.
Some of the military personnel that had shoot to kill orders came from
From a 30-mile away Quantico, Virginia, off-site location.
The FBI deployed those military personnel and special forces operators into DC.
Now, if you have US military active duty, they've got a little-known technique that they use, which is they put them under the supervision of the FBI, and they skirt posse comitatus.
Well, we had military personnel, some of whom may have thought, because they were compartmentalized, that they were participating in something completely different.
Maybe they were briefed and told that there were terrorists who were going to be on the ground.
And in fact, guess what?
There were Ukrainian
Nazis on the ground January 6.
One of whom was pictured with Jacob Chansley.
So as you can imagine, even Jacob Chansley, you gotta figure Ashley Babbitt was surrounded by these operatives, a large number of whom were in the military, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Special Forces operators, and all under the purview and supervision of the FBI without, listen to this, congressional oversight and Capitol Police oversight.
There's rogue operators out there.
Now, we're going to be connecting here and I want to kind of set the stage.
The front face, for their benefit, a false narrative, the front face of the January 6th, it's the most beautiful patriotic event that I had ever been to.
I say it was the largest civil rights march in US history.
It was.
And, you know, someone who is an activist and has been.
In fact, I know somebody that went to high school with Jacob Chansley.
So I started asking questions.
Now, who is this guy?
He's a little bit, you know, eccentric.
He's got the horns and there was a lot of attention placed on him.
But that's who he is.
As far as eccentricity, I knew him to be, and I was told this by John Ritzheimer, who just so happened to be a co-defendant in the Bundy Ranch trials.
John Ritzheimer went to high school with Jacob Chansley.
He said, he's a great guy.
He will give you, because I was asking about the shirt.
It was freezing out there.
He said, you know what?
He probably, because of his character, gave his shirt to somebody who was cold.
He's that kind of guy.
Warm, genuine, an activist, making his point, but certainly not a violent person.
This was told to me by somebody that knew him for many years and a fellow activist that was out at protests.
The truth about Jacob Chansley, what they do is they get their imagery, Owen.
They had cameras.
This was a false flag operation.
They knew well in advance.
It was all scripted.
They knew that their operatives were going to be in there provocateuring and causing other people to do things that they normally wouldn't do.
Well, guess what?
The cameras are there for the mainstream media.
And guess what else?
Another operation that was going on is all the documentary film crews that were out there.
Those documentary film crews were Intel operatives, and they were the ones to get the appropriate images, cherry picking the violence and anything that they could use for the benefit of propagating this false narrative that people went there to perpetrate insurrection.
Well, I'll tell you what, the truth is now coming out.
And I'm proud to announce that I'm joined, and this is an exclusive for
For InfoWars, Alex mentioned something in his pre-recorded message that maybe he, I'm not going to put words in his mouth, he can go back and listen to it, but I do believe that even I judged Jacob Chancellor.
I didn't know who he was.
I had to find out a little bit more about him.
I don't know him personally.
But through my conversations with his mother, people who know him, and of course, the videos that we've recently seen.
We now know, ladies and gentlemen, that Jacob Chansley, as he went into the Senate and he was being escorted by law enforcement.
Now, from what I understand, and he was saying this right from the very beginning, he was offering to help.
He didn't want bad things to happen inside the Capitol, and he offered to help the police.
That's why
He was not just being escorted.
He was actually part of law enforcement to help tamper the ground down and to deescalate.
He offered to do that.
They accepted his offer.
And that's why he was standing there in and out of the Senate chamber to deescalate.
And then when they asked him to leave, guess what?
He left and he left peacefully.
That truth never made it to the judge, never made it to even the prosecution and the defense.
I think the defense attorney originally, you know, as they typically do, I'm going to let Martha Chansley speak to this.
And is she joining us next segment, Pete?
Okay, so this is coming up on the other side of this break, and I want to even expand on what Pete was saying there, because folks, I mean, you're talking about agents literally giving this guy a tour of the Capitol.
Folks, the setup was on.
Imagine you go to the Capitol, you're walking around, and then a bunch of
Government employees, police officers, feds, whoever, say, oh, here, we're going to lead you around the Capitol.
Here, look, come over here, lead a prayer over here.
Here, look, lead a prayer over here.
Hey, come over here, come over here.
And you follow them around.
They're like an escort.
And by the way, they tried to do that to Alex Jones, folks.
I mean, look, quite frankly, like people think that
Something is going on behind the scenes.
Folks, we're so discombobulated half the time, I'm lucky my head is screwed on straight.
And so, we were so discombobulated that day that the government agents that were trying to lead us, the same way they led Jacob Chansley, the same people that tried to escort us, that escorted Jacob Chansley, basically just fell out because we were so discombobulated, discoordinated, trying to figure out what we were going to do that day, that it didn't work out.
But for Chansley, he wasn't so fortunate.
He did have the
Pete Santilli joins us once again here with Martha Chansley, the mother of Jacob Chansley, January 6th prisoner.
Thank you so much, Martha.
First of all, I want to say thank you for the honor of having this conversation because you and I, I would say, began talking maybe a year ago and I shared with you the experiences that I had.
But thank you for the honor of helping lay out the truth, because it's been a hard slog to get the truth out about Jacob Chansley.
And what he was involved in was one of the most beautiful patriotic events on January 6th.
And it was hard to get that truth out, hasn't it been?
Yeah, it has been hard to get it out.
And thank you so much for having me, Pete.
You know, Martha, I want to, first of all,
I wanted to make sure that these voices are tampered down, obviously, to keep a very powerful influencer.
Can we call him eccentric?
He can stand out and he's a very, very articulate person.
I've heard him on the stage, extremely wide awake.
He has an awesome, powerful presence.
That's why you would want to keep somebody like him in a box like he is right now.
So I want to use this opportunity right out of the gate.
So I want you to speak to our listening audience and right now, until he's relieved, that did a little bit, but I want you to be his voice, his megaphone right now on his behalf.
And you tell our listening audience what message you can convey on his behalf to the audience.
Well, as far as what's recently taken place, you know, he's very happy that this information has come to light because this is the very thing that he said happened.
So it is definitely vindicating to say, look, this is what I said happened.
And now you see, here's the proof.
Here's the film.
And let's revisit that because I remember you told me that right from day one.
And I told you from a defendant's perspective, I knew I was innocent.
I didn't break the law.
So I was listening to what you were saying.
And I heard very clearly that when, I was actually kind of shocked, when you said he was offering, I say shocked in that they allowed him to, but he was offering to law enforcement to help deescalate the crowd inside the building.
I heard that a year ago, I think.
And guess what?
That's come out, hasn't it?
It's never been made public until recently.
But what you said in the beginning, what Jake tried to tell people, is now we have documentary proof of that.
And his attorney knew that part of the story as well.
But he said that right from day one.
He wanted to help law enforcement because he didn't want violence.
He's not a violent person, is he?
He is not a violent person.
No, he is very peaceful, loving and kind.
And as you mentioned before, yes, he would give you the shirt off of his back.
I heard that, as I said, I know somebody who went to high school with him, and that was the conversation.
You know, another thing that we were all hoping for, and I was there.
I was hoping that something would have happened, that maybe Mike Pence would have said, that's it, enough is enough.
Maybe him and President Trump were working.
There's a lot of uncertainty, but we held a lot of hope.
So the words that you hear for like if it was me and I had horns and my you know and I wouldn't go shirtless it was too cold anyways but uh he's a much more courageous man than I am but the words he was speaking like this is it let's go let's do this because we were thinking that something spectacular was going to happen and also
I knew that the Patriots that were there with Kevlar helmets and body armor and all that stuff, they were there to protect the crowd from Antifa.
There was a mixed bag and we weren't going to be afraid to go to Washington, D.C.
So that whole mixed bag of stuff, if you listen, and I'll throw back to you so you can speak to this, if you listen to Jake's words and he's saying, man, this is it, we're gonna do this.
I mean, they convert that to, like, he was conspiring to do bad things, when in fact, we held out hope that something truly historic was going to happen on that day.
That's why we were there, we were present.
Can you speak to that?
He held out a lot of hope for his country.
He's a Navy veteran, is he not?
He is a Navy veteran, yes.
So, speak to some of that as to what he may have told you he was, you know, hoping may have happened.
I know it's real positive stuff.
Well, he was hoping what we all were hoping is that Pence would have not signed that.
That he would have said, look, we need to investigate.
We need to find out what's going on.
That's right.
That's not what took place.
I will also say myself, I was thinking to myself being now, Jacob Chansley is a Navy veteran.
I'm a Marine Corps veteran.
I was hoping that the military at some point would get involved because everybody knows that now we now know that January 6 was part of a military coup.
We now know this.
And it's going to come out in court.
But I digress.
I was hoping something spectacular like that may have happened.
Set that aside.
And then so when I saw the stuff like with the smoke and it was so awkward and it was so completely the opposite of the reasons why we're there.
I thought it was kind of like this is kind of stupid right now.
What's going on with the smoke and why are the police firing into the crowd?
So now I'm going to throw back to you again.
What do you remember about what he said?
He's been very consistent.
When he went inside, he didn't want stupid things to happen.
He didn't want our house to be vandalized.
He wanted people to be peaceful.
And in fact, he's been on the record saying so.
Our commander-in-chief said, go home.
Let's go home.
He took charge of the situation.
Did he not?
Yeah, I thought he did.
As you mentioned before, and I've mentioned too, that he volunteered to help the police to de-escalate and help get people out.
So there's actual video out there that you hear him saying, let's respect the blue, I think he said.
Respect the blue, the men and women in blue, is what he said, as they're escorting everybody out.
And then you see other video of him standing outside that door where people were trying to go in.
Did you see that one as well?
And he's telling people everything.
President Trump said he wants you to go home.
It's time to go home.
Time to go home.
And even read the tweet.
Somebody pulled up the tweet.
Donald Trump.
His present state, I'm understanding he's strong.
Everyone wants to hear that.
I want everyone to hear that.
How's he doing?
And what does the future hold for him?
As in, how much longer could they possibly hold him and torture him in the fashion that they are?
Stay right there.
We'll be going to a break here, and then we'll talk about that on the other side.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're tuned in live to the special broadcast here on Infowars.com.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in studio for Alex.
We do have Pete Santilli hosting right now with the mother of political prisoner Jacob Chansley, Martha Chansley, and I can't even imagine what she is going through.
Watching her son go through this, but both of them clearly strong, and so we are praying for them.
Quickly, before Pete takes back over, folks, remember to keep this transmission on the air by shopping at infowarsstore.com.
I just figured out another product hack.
The ultimate bone broth plus in a cup of hot coffee.
I never saw this one coming, but I am enjoying it listening to Pete and Martha talk here.
A cup of coffee with a scoop of Ultimate Bone Broth Plusnet really brings out the flavor.
I'm telling you folks, give that a try.
I never saw this one coming.
I am going to be enjoying this in the future.
Now, back to you Pete Santilli with Martha Chansley.
Thank you, Owen, and it's amazing seeing, you know, and I'm going to say even Martha as a family member, it is a, and I'm not saying we're victims, okay?
We are the politically persecuted.
And when I say victim, when you have the full force of the government, Martha Chansley, coming upon your family.
This is what you're here to represent is to tell the story because Jacob Chansley has not had the opportunity to come to the microphone.
Now, of course, he went there.
He was on camera.
We could have
We have eight, nine minutes in this segment, so I don't want to consume too much time about the pre-planning, the pre-staging.
They want to have his face, his imagery, with the backdrop of an insurrection, because they script all of that.
They get all their shots set up.
It's a reverse engineering of an insurrection.
They wanted the insurrection before we even got to Washington, D.C.
They lure people in.
They put Ukrainians around Jacob Chansley.
I have a picture of a known neo-Nazi Azov battalion member who was facially recognized.
And he's, of course, with Jacob Chansley out in front of the Capitol.
So going into this, he's hopeful.
We go to a great protest, a patriotic event.
It's awesome.
And then he starts coming home and he's driving home.
You live in Arizona.
And he heard that he's wanted.
And he's a Navy veteran.
He's a law-abiding citizen.
So he's like,
I mean, I want you to tell that story.
He picked up the phone.
He called the FBI and said, I understand you guys are looking for me.
And he didn't think anything of it.
This is well documented.
He contacted them, didn't he?
Yes, he did.
He called them and said, I understand that you're looking for me.
Yes, he did.
And they said, I'm sorry, who are you?
Who is this?
It's amazing.
Truly amazing.
For somebody who was really wanted, he had to go through some channels just to get to the right person to talk to him.
People, they ended up calling him back.
And he answered.
There's three different times.
If you see his conduct, I'm going to mention this as well.
Because the left, because they've got their insurrection narrative.
Of course, you've got to stick to that insurrection narrative.
And you can only go by their prescripted shots and narratives and imagery and fire and, you know, and police getting bit.
You have to go by their narrative or else.
And anything that you see in the form of a documentary or in the discovery, they say that's cherry picking.
Well, that right there alone, is it not?
The most outrageous statement right there because the truth is in full context.
Martha, you and I know that when you see the truth in full context with all of the video,
That he was not a danger to society, he was helping law enforcement, and all eyes were on him.
He had a calm demeanor, and in fact, many instances where he said, everybody calm down!
And the president said, go home, we're going home.
Did he not say that?
Tried to lead everybody to go home.
Absolutely, all of the above.
That's what he did.
Very calm, cool, and collected.
When he read the text out there in front of the Capitol, when President Trump sent the message out in front of that crowd, what did he refer to President Trump as?
The Commander-in-Chief.
I'm sorry, I didn't want to throw you off guard.
He said, our Commander-in-Chief.
Our Commander-in-Chief, yes.
Those are the words spoken of a man that has sworn an oath, a Navy veteran, somebody that's not afraid of the chaos of the war that was perpetrated upon him and everybody else there.
So he was leading the charge and said, our commander-in-chief says go home.
That's it.
We stand down and go.
Well, you know, it's good to show that he was definitely leading his own charge.
You know, and also, again, helping people and getting them to be calm and look, this is what our Commander-in-Chief said, this is what we need to do, we need to be respectful.
As a leader, to suggest that, but then again, I also heard him say, you're a man or woman of free will, this is the United States of America, you can stay if you want.
And then people started to push back and he said, you have free will, you can do whatever you want, but that's what our commander in chief says.
And but you know what?
It's okay to say that in front of the crowd.
You know why?
Because nobody planned to do anything other than to be supportive of our president anyway.
We weren't there to do that.
That's why we were there because we were supporting our president and our right to
He's fully protest, I guess.
That's right.
That's right.
Now, we have here, and of course, I'm going to have you on my show for, I say, a longer format because there's stuff to tell, and I believe that your family deserves to be honored.
Tell that story about Jacob to undo the damage done by the mainstream media because they will not only steamroll their political adversaries, but they're after a different entity.
And if Jacob Chansley and your family is thrown to the woodchipper, that's the disgusting part of what's happening here.
Right now your son is not only in great spirits from what I understand, talk about his current spirits, he's in the process of getting out and then he's still going to be under the thumb of the government.
But I believe, Martha,
That he should be walked out the back door right now just on the information that Tucker Carlson has been exposing.
Now what we know the truth to be, that even his own attorney didn't have all of that information and offered the plea agreement.
Do you believe that your attorney right now, Mr. Simply,
He could appeal to some mechanism in the courts.
Here we've got two minutes and 30 seconds to go, but I want to get your family to support because Mr. Shipley can do something to get him to walk out the door and to help our nation start to heal, correct?
Yes, so Bill Shipley, he has already done and put the paperwork through to
To the court system.
And so now we're waiting.
So we just hope and pray that, you know, let's cross our fingers that Judge Lambert is going to say, you know what, in lieu of this information that's come out, Jacob should be free.
But there is a process to it.
We have to honor that process.
And I'm in agreement.
It would be great to have him just say,
You're free.
So that's our hope and our prayer.
That's right.
Now, I'm going to say this because I have watched and I've tried to help and be supportive and volunteered my time to multiple teams because there's hundreds of defendants.
It actually, we have right now attorneys that are working for free, but it still costs money to investigate and do filings.
Uh, when you go up against the government in court, it costs millions of dollars to defend yourself.
Somebody like Mr. Shipley and your family.
Now, this GiveSendGo, givesendgo.com forward slash free Jake.
It's really imperative.
Didn't I tell you I want to help your family and Mr. Shipley?
Whatever it takes, we're going to rally together because I believe that your family is great ambassadors for this message.
I'm going to give you the last 30 seconds here to give that final message.
Thank everybody and to stay tuned for more information to come from your family in 30 seconds.
Well, thank you so much everyone for your love and support and help.
And if you like, you are definitely able to do that through the Give, Send, Go Free Jake.
If folks would like to help with the J6 defendants, there's another fund for that as well, Pete.
And we got 10 seconds to go.
I want to thank you so much.
And of course, everybody stay tuned.
You can go to band dot video.
That's where my channel is.
And we're going to be posting more updates here in the coming days, weeks and months.
The fight against the New World Order is now the top story in the world.
The globalists are in deep trouble, but they're striking back with all their deep state operatives to shut down Infowars and other truth tellers like James O'Keefe and Tucker Carlson and countless others.
So please, pray for us now more than ever.
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Well, it's happened again.
Alex Jones was right.
Here's a video clip of Alex predicting that the big banks would be bailed out, the liberal Democrat banks bailed out, and then the smaller banks, the conservative banks, would take the losses.
Here's that prediction from Alex, and then Janet Yellen admitting that's the plan, following it.
Go back the last six months, just grab four or five, because I know I've said it about a hundred times.
Times that I said next they'll start collapsing regional and lending banks to consolidate them into the big six globalist banks that own the private Federal Reserve and the European Union Bank and the rest of it and then out of that they will call for central bank digital currencies to be rolled out just on Wednesday Biden the third administration of Obama
Put out his big new national directive.
In fact, I forgot to re-pull that from Wednesday's stack.
The big quote, new cyber security initiative.
And you read it, it's really to roll out a central bank digital currency that tracks and controls everything you do.
And they'll try to ban all the normal cryptocurrencies that are actually independent and decentralized power.
That's all announced in there.
And I said on Wednesday, look for them to crash the regional banks.
To bring in total control.
We know the enemy's playbook.
I said, will it be a banking collapse?
And the Central Bank Digital Currency Casual Society rollout?
Will it be a cyber attack to bring that in?
Will it be both?
Will it be a massive new terror attack?
An escalation of the war?
These are all cards, because I've been looking over the enemy's shoulder what they got in their hand.
I don't know exactly how they're going to play the cards.
I don't know
When they're going to play the cards, but I know what cards they got.
And that's a lie.
So General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former top national security advisor to President Trump and a true patriot, will be joining us here in about 57 minutes from now.
And we're going to cover the waterfront with the General commercial free for an hour straight once he gets on with us.
So we're going to hit.
Start with some of the banking issues we're dealing with on it.
Will the deposits in every community bank in Oklahoma, regardless of their size, be fully insured now?
Are they fully recovered?
Every bank, every community bank in Oklahoma, regardless of the size of the deposit, will they get the same treatment that SVBP just got or Signature Bank just got?
A bank only gets that
Treatment if a majority of the FDIC board, a supermajority, a supermajority of the Fed board, and I in consultation with the president determine that the failure to protect uninsured depositors would create systemic risk.
So what is your plan to keep large depositors from moving their funds out of community banks into the big banks?
We have seen the mergers of banks over the past decade.
I'm concerned you're about to accelerate that by encouraging anyone who has a large deposit in a community bank to say, we're not going to make you whole, but if you go to one of our preferred banks, we will make you whole at that point.
Look, I mean, that's certainly not something that we're encouraging.
That is happening right now.
That is happening because depositors are concerned about the bank failures that have happened and whether or not other banks could also fail.
No, it's happening because you're fully insured no matter what the amount is if you're in a big bank.
You're not fully insured if you're in a community bank.
Well, you're not fully insured.
You were at signature and it just barely met that threshold.
You were at signature.
Okay, so it's pretty obvious what's going on here now.
And as soon as they start really promoting the central bank digital currencies, that'll be the proof in the pudding.
They collapsed, they shorted the big banks intentionally so they could bail out the big banks and now they're going to consolidate all the smaller banks into the big banks and then roll out the central bank digital currencies with less banks to have to agree to it.
They realized that the shots were causing the explosion of chronic disease, asthma, neuroimmune diseases like psychosis, ADHD, autism, cancer, cancer, cancer, autoimmune diseases.
So they realized in 2011, they caused it all.
So, or in 2009, and when our paper came out, they realized that these were the shots were associated strongly, very strongly.
Who are asymptomatic carriers of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 and other XMRVs, other manufactured mouse, monkey and human viruses.
The game was premeditated murder of the 42 million people you're liable for their injury.
Premeditated murder.
If you give somebody who already has an antibody a shot, you will get antibody-dependent enhancement.
Oh, so they were getting rid of the people they'd already poisoned knowing that giving them a second or third or fourth dose would kill them.
Kill us, cremate us, add a mask, add a mask and isolation and you'll blame the people for COPD or any of the other co-diseases.
You never inject an HIV positive person with any vaccine.
We never did.
Never until now.
You do not drive the disease-causing
Why do we know that all over the world that people that have had the COVID vaccine are testing positive for HIV?
Is that because of the spike proteins from HIV?
It has GP120, glycoprotein 120, absolutely.
It also has the monkey mouse and manufactured as XMRV.
So the spike protein is killing, you know, literally the 12%.
So you're saying it's a binary weapon where they already are preloaded with it and this triggers the next phase?
And the more vaccines you got, especially Gardasil, because that has the toxic synthetic lipid nanoparticles similar to the one in the COVID shot.
Prior to the COVID shot, the deadliest vaccine, we saw athletes dropping dead on the field, passing out, falling down, all the things... Yeah, why is it particularly the athletes?
Um, because they operate at oxygen max, um, capacity max.
They're, they're operating at such a high level in their mitochondria.
This is an energy production, oxygen, um, necessary disease.
So they create, that's what they're finding.
They turbocharge the blood clots.
And ischemia, lack of oxygen.
So constricted blood vessels too, because athletes are running, they're constricted, they're working so that the blood flows and it doesn't flow, which is why your nitric oxide product, that new product, I hope you'll show it, because that's a very important thing to have for acute events.
It dissolves under the tongue, gives you an instant relaxing of your endothelium, your vasculature.
You looked at our nitric oxide.
I saw it was the top rated, they let us private label it.
It's the best seller.
You've looked at our formula.
You like it?
I did and I do.
I'm not a scientist like you.
What do these compounds do creating nitric oxide?
What does it do?
It relaxes the vasculature.
So the clot will go through and not restrict.
It allows it to relax.
It lowers the blood pressure.
Back here live in studio, the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex today.
We do have another guest coming up in studio, Savannah Hernandez.
But first, this video of Alex Jones on Rogan from years ago is going viral and it's being considered one of the more powerful Alex Jones moments.
Do you remember this one in clip three?
The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe, and they want to know all this.
Some are good, some are bad, some are a mix.
But the good ones don't ever want to organize.
The bad ones didn't want to organize because they lost half their power.
Powerful consciousnesses don't want to dominate other people.
They want to empower them, so they don't tend to get together.
Until things are really late in the game, then they come together.
Evil's always defeated, because good is so much stronger.
And we're on this planet, and Einstein's physics showed it, Max Planck's physics showed it, oh, there's at least 12 dimensions.
And now that's what all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out saying.
It's a false hologram.
It is artificial.
The computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected, and gravity's bleeding in to this universe.
That's what they call dark matter.
So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in some computer program, some God's mind, whatever.
They're proving it all.
It's all coming out.
Now, there's like this sub-transmission zone below the third dimension.
This just turned over the most horrible things is what it resonates to.
And it's trying to get up into the third dimension that's just a basic level consciousness to launch into the next levels.
And our species is already way up in the fifth, sixth dimension, consciously, our best people.
But there's this big war trying to, like, basically destroy humanity, because humanity has free will, and there's a decision to which level we want to go to.
We have free will, so evil's allowed to come to contend, and not just good.
And the elites themselves,
Believe they're racing, using human technology to try to take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're going to merge with machines, transcend, and break away from the failed species of this man.
Which is kind of like a false transmission because they're thinking what they are is ugly and bad, projecting it onto themselves instead of believing.
No, it's a human test about building us up.
And so, Google was set up 18, 19 years ago.
This was, I knew about this before it was classified.
I'm just saying I've been sourced.
That they wanted to build a giant artificial system and Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity with billions of people wired into it with the Internet of Things.
And so all of our thoughts go into it and we're actually building a computer that has real neurons in real time that's also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that
They will have current prediction powers future prediction powers a true crystal ball But the big secret is once you have a crystal ball and know the future you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions that control the future and so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals as we know and
And a true 2.0 in a very bad way hive mind consciousness with an AI jacked into everyone knowing our hopes and dreams delivering it to us not in some PKD wirehead system where we plug in and give up on consciousness because of unlimited pleasure but because we were already wired in and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to the system by our daily decisions that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.
There's now a human counter-strike
Taking place to shut this off before it gets fully into place and to block these systems and to try to have an actual debate about where humanity goes and cut off the pedophiles and psychic vampires that are control of this AI system before humanity is destroyed.
Wait a minute, humanity is only controlled of AI?
How'd the pedophiles get in control of AI?
What are you talking about?
What is that?
Is that Satan?
That's Satan.
Let's see.
But explain that.
You're saying something insane.
Well, it becomes something that, you know, the stupid preacher tells you about who's totally controlled or something you read about, you know, in the news or TV.
But this is an interdimensional force that wants to influence us to build something that absorbs us and kills us rather than the divine free will we're given to build something much better that empowers the species.
So the species is now making a decision about its entire future.
Where are you getting this from?
That's what it is.
But where are you getting it from?
I know, from looking at all the data, researching it, studying it, watching the enemy.
That's the big decision that humanity has now got before us.
There it is, Alex Jones on one of the most, it might be the most, Rogan podcast of all time.
You don't get commentary and breakdown like that anywhere else.
Alright, the Alex Jones Show rolls on.
Remember, we have Savannah Hernandez coming up in studio in about 20 minutes.
There was a gigantic terror group outside of a Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk event the other night.
The media didn't cover it, and so a bunch of men clad in black hoodies and face masks were chasing a woman around, terrorizing her, and that woman was Savannah Hernandez.
We'll be right back.
At the beginning of this year,
We are confronted with unprecedented and multiple challenges.
We need to overcome the most critical fragmentation.
And the most critical fragmentation is between those who take a constructive attitude and those who are just bystanders, observers, and evil
Go into see negative, critical and confrontational attitude.
There it is out in the open.
You know, you know who he's talking about, you know, who has a negative and confrontational attitude.
Hey, those that are critical against the World Economic Forum and the New World Order, you want to know who Klaus Schwab is talking about?
The man that people claim doesn't exist?
The man that the deep state and the shadow government claim isn't real?
That these people aren't out there in Switzerland meeting together talking about how they're going to oppose people that oppose their agendas, that are satanic, that are tyrannical, that want to shut down the free world and shut down free humanity and their freedoms?
He's talking about you, ladies and gentlemen.
He's talking about Alex Jones!
He's talking about Infowars!
He's talking about Bandot Video!
He's talking about the free world!
He's talking about the United States of America!
He's talking about anybody that opposes everything that these people stand for, which is Satanism, Luciferianism, and ultimate tyranny, not only in the real world,
But they want to take it into a VR AR world as well because they want to control your mind.
What he is talking about is opposing everything that you love, everything that you stand for, everything that you've ever known, because they're envisioning a new world where it's controlled by these global elites, where it's a virtual reality matrix.
We're good to go.
We're good.
We're good to go.
And it is to stand against them and their tyranny.
This is exactly why we need to support free speech systems.
Because if we don't have this, if we don't have an alternative economy, if we don't have alternative media that is standing alone, standing their ground, we will get defeated by Skynet.
We will get defeated by the New World Order.
And thank God people are waking up to the reality because of clips like this that these people are
A, in existence.
B, homicidal tyrannical maniacs.
And C, they literally are opposing the free world and free humanity.
This is why we need to support InfoWars because this is everything we stand for.
It's bigger than Alex Jones.
It's bigger than InfoWars.
It's bigger than me.
It's bigger than you.
This is about free humanity.
This is about good versus evil and God fighting the devil.
You got to pick a side now.
So let's take a look now at the latest with the Silicon Valley Bank, and it looks like this could be a major pivot moment to move us into the central bank digital currencies.
Kevin O'Leary, SLAM's idiot manager of Silicon Valley Bank, says we should have let it fail.
Yeah, they were Democrats, but they did let it fail.
Now they're bailing it out and consolidating.
Biden's bailout of Silicon Valley Bank helped save investment flow to sensitive Chinese aerospace and defense ventures.
So the people paying Biden's millions of dollars and the Democrats all getting bailed out here.
But the little guy is going to suffer.
Deutsche Bank and World Economic Forum look towards the end of cash, so this is definitely going to be their moment.
But the problem is, they would rather have four or five banks that they already know are committed to the central banking digital currency than 400, 500 banks where they'd have to go to each bank and each independent bank and community bank and credit union to try to convince them to go under it.
Pentagon mobilized to support tech startups after bank failure.
Again, all these liberal leftist groups.
The Silicon Valley Bank CEO that cashed out $3.5 million of stock right before his bank collapse is now enjoying his time at his $3 million mansion in Hawaii.
He's a huge Democrat, so nobody's going to be looking into that.
And SVB has now filed for bankruptcy.
So this could be their major move.
Consolidate the banks.
Let's discuss what would have happened.
If the Fed didn't step in.
And by the way, just because I think the Fed did the right thing on Sunday night doesn't mean I can't blame them for the things they did wrong in 2021.
Both can be true.
You know, they did the right thing one night.
They did the wrong thing for 10 years.
Any event.
What would have happened
What I saw happening on Friday with all the money flowing out of banks, I can tell you where the money was going.
It was going out of regional banks and it was going into top four banks.
Because what happened in 2008, remember when they had this whole too big to fail thing?
What people don't understand is they actually canonized too big to fail.
So it wasn't just this one-time thing.
They actually wrote it into law and instead of calling it too big to fail, they call it Systemically Important Bank, a SIB, S-I-B.
And there's four systemically important banks.
They're the trillion dollar club.
They have over a trillion dollars in assets.
And everybody who's below that, the kind of the regional banks, they're not systemically important.
What does that mean?
The Fed has basically guaranteed everything in the SIBs because they've said that, listen, we can never let one of these banks go down because it'll take down the whole financial system.
So this is what everyone was talking about on Friday.
They're like, oh, wait a second.
If the Fed is going to protect the SIBs,
But not protect all these regional banks.
Why would I ever put my money in a regional bank?
And it wasn't just SVB.
SVB was done at that point.
It was First Republic and it was PacWest and it was 20 other regional banks who were under massive stress and all the money was leaving and they're gonna Jamie Dimon.
And I kept saying, you know, that the person who's licking his chops over this whole thing, who doesn't want to bail out of the regional banks, is Jamie Dimon, because he manages JPMorgan Chase, the biggest bank.
So I don't get all these, like, would-be populists who think they're being helpful here.
All they're doing is being useful idiots for the big four banks, because without the government intervening to solve the mess that they created,
All the cash will be going to the top four banks.
And my view is we need a vibrant regional banking system in this country.
Because if you don't have that, our freedom is going to be greatly curtailed.
I mean, you talk about the risk of a social credit system.
The easiest way to have a social credit system would be to force everyone's money into four banks, and then they can just implement the system through their terms of service.
And who runs these four banks?
It's always people who are politically connected in Washington and Davos.
In fact, there's a special version of the SIBs that meet in Davos called the G-SIBs, the Global Systemically Important Banks.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
It's institutionalized.
The only way to push back on this is to have a diverse set of regional and community banks.
And this is how you have to see.
There's only two teams to be on here, Jimmy.
You can be on Team Sib or Team Regional Bank.
I'm on Team Regional Bank.
And I'm sorry that some people don't like that some of the depositors of one regional bank or people they don't like, but we got to see the bigger picture here.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer filling in and Savannah Hernandez in studio with me now.
And I guess it's become such a common occurrence for leftist groups clad in all black with their faces covered and weapons destroying property, intimidating, harassing, terrorizing people.
It's such a common story now that the mainstream media just doesn't even cover it.
And Savannah has been on the receiving end of these violent, terroristic threats for years now, most recently in California, and I asked before we went live here, hey, has anybody asked for an interview from Cable News about this?
Because usually they would want to cover this stuff, and you said no.
Do you think it's just such a common occurrence now for us to see leftists, Democrat terror groups out there that, oh here they are smashing up a college campus, here they are attacking, intimidating, harassing, terrorizing women, here they are vandalizing public property, here they are attacking police officers.
It's just so common now that I guess we just don't even care to cover it?
And you know, again, I just want to highlight how this is an intrusion on my First Amendment constitutional right of freedom of the press, right?
The video that I put out on my Twitter basically details how I go out and when I cover these types of events, my journalism is very neutral.
It is point and shoot.
I basically give the location of where I'm at, a quick and neutral description of what's going on.
And I allow the footage to speak for itself.
And for the crime of doing that,
Time and time again I have been hunted down by the Antifa mob and this is just a normal everyday occurrence for journalists like myself.
So it's really not newsworthy which is a very sad thing.
I mean keep in mind that Andy Ngo suffered a brain bleed just a couple years ago and now we fast forward to 2023 and you have journalists who are fearing for their lives and you know the best part about this story as well is I am
Of about a hundred Antifa circling the campus looking for me.
They had already identified me at this point.
The police turned me away.
And if I'm being honest with you, the police presence at UC Davis was quite frankly pathetic.
And I understand that we live in a country now where police do have their hands tied post George Floyd riots, where if they enact the law, if they enforce the law, they are the ones that are going to be prosecuted.
And they're the ones that are going to be put in jail just like Derek Chauvin after George Floyd.
We've seen this time and time again.
So I understand why the police don't want to push back and that's why Antifa was able to go and break down the windows.
But it's really sad to see because after Antifa broke the windows as well, I just want to give this viewpoint too.
If they were really about going in and shutting down fascism and Nazism, they would have opened the doors.
Because they could have.
They broke the windows in and they would have opened the doors and they would have stormed in.
But they didn't.
Because they're scared.
Because they're LARPing.
And the only thing that they really can do is intimidate young journalists like myself and mob up on us.
They don't really want to be arrested.
They're not really fighting for anything.
Again, too, pathetic performance from the police, and I don't understand why the DOJ and the FBI are able to find, charge, and imprison peaceful January 6th protesters.
I was there, by the way, and it wasn't that scary, guys.
I somehow got through it without PTSD.
The FBI and DOJ able to go and use all of their time and resources for that, but domestic terrorists are allowed to impede on my constitutional rights and nobody gives a damn.
Well, and let's be clear what's going on here.
The system has now made it so that leftist terror groups are allowed to operate.
And that's what this is.
If you're a conservative and you wave an American flag in D.C., you're arrested, you're a terrorist, you're a criminal, you're going to be prosecuted.
If you're a leftist terrorist that destroys property, attacks people, threatens people, harasses people, you're allowed to do that.
That's perfectly acceptable.
I mean, the video proof, your eyewitness testimony is all you need to see.
And let's take it a step further, too.
If you're a parent who has the audacity to care about what your child is being taught in a public school and you go to the school board, the DOJ is also going to label you a domestic terrorist.
So understand that it's not even like antifa and protest on the streets.
To the audience, they already know this.
But it's also parents who just care about their children and want to have a say in what they are being taught.
This country is out of control.
But the video that you shot, where you have a group of these, I mean these are domestic terrorists, these are criminals, why else would they all be in the same uniform, covering their faces, clad in black, I mean it's, you know, typical what you would expect from a criminal, and there's a line of them, and they're allowed to just march right up to the people that are lining up to go to this event?
I mean that is unacceptable!
I mean, why did the police not step in right there?
They should have been bashing skulls!
Or, okay, let me just calm myself down.
They should have at least stepped in between!
I mean, how do they allow this?
How do they let a group of thugs, a group of violent thugs, walk up to a group of people just standing in line like that?
That is ridiculous!
Oh, and that's not even the worst part.
They went up to the police and did that as well, and they started mobbing the police, pushing the police up against barricades, and the police just stood there and took it, and I heard through the grapevine on the ground that the police didn't want the attack to be directed towards them, which is why they were trying to remain as neutral as possible, and were basically allowing Antifa to run rampant.
And keep in mind, too, that there were UC Davis students who were simply curious, wanted to see what was going on, so they were filming, because it's not every day you have a mob of domestic terrorists
I don't
I know that they're essential for society, but I am going to start calling this out because it's absolutely unacceptable that for the past three years I have watched police officers arrest American citizens for defending themselves.
I have watched police officers direct Trump supporters into a mob of BLM.
I have watched police officers stand down as domestic terrorists have terrorized American citizens that are exercising their constitutional rights.
This is not the first time.
This is not the second time.
This is the third time.
Well, and that's the problem is it's going to create a phenomenon where we cheer on defunding the police because they're the ones standing in the way of justice at this point.
Now, you take a look at that one video where there's a guy who comes up.
I mean, this looks like a pretty strong man here.
He looks like he's over six feet, probably at least 250 pounds.
Looks like he hits the gym regularly.
And he takes on a whole mob of these fascists.
But here's the problem.
If you take justice into your own hands and he decided to beat the pulp out of one or ten of these little soy boy twigs, then he would have been arrested.
And so it's going to reach a point where we want the police defunded so that we can defend ourselves.
Because at this point, if you defend yourself,
You're gonna be the one that goes to jail.
And here's what I've noticed.
They always want to go after the weak.
So they go after a girl who's out there reporting.
They go after some little college student who's out there reporting.
They show that big man.
I'm not the biggest guy in the world.
I can handle myself.
Like, when I step up to these people, they back away.
They don't want to come after me.
They don't want to go after the 6'4 guy that's 250 pounds, probably could bench press five of them.
No, no, no, no.
They don't want to touch them.
They want to harass a reporter.
They want to harass a young college freshman that doesn't know any better.
Have you seen that pattern?
Absolutely, time and time again.
It's why I'm targeted over and over.
And I just want to clarify, I'm not calling to defund the police, but I am calling for the modern-day police officer to understand where we're at and to make the decision consciously to do your job and protect American citizens when we ask you for it.
Or let us protect ourselves.
Again, if the police were like, okay, these thugs want to show up and start harassing and intimidating people, and that guy that you filmed who looks like he could probably take down all of them, he could probably take them down like a bowling ball, if he decides, you know what, I'm going to go ahead and smash some skulls.
I'm going to go ahead and...
Boom, skull number one, who's next?
Boom, skull number two, who's next?
And the police are gonna say, oh yeah, well, you asked for it, mutual combat.
Then okay, that's one thing.
But we all know, as soon as one fist hit a face of one of those poor little soy boy antifa mentally deranged people, he would get arrested and spend a night in jail.
It's totally wrong.
So that's the problem here, is that the left has been promoted to act as terrorists, and now they know that they're above the law.
And they know the Justice Department won't go after them.
They know the local police department won't go after them.
Doesn't matter what...
Level of terroristic engagement they put on display, destroying property, harassing people.
It doesn't matter.
They've been given carte blanche.
I'm talking with Savannah Hernandez in the break about this bubble that's been put over the leftist terror groups like BLM and Antifa.
They can go destroy cities, destroy towns, attack journalists, attack women, attack police officers, and then you can't do anything about it.
They're protected by the Justice Department, protected by the FBI, protected by the Democrat Party, protected by the American media, but you know
Soon as one of their skulls smashed into the concrete and started squirting blood all over their fellow comrades, that, oh, that person would be the terrorist, that person would be the bad guy, and once again that would send the message that you don't touch our terror groups.
Now that is unless the police decided to stand down and maybe let a couple commies' skulls get crushed, but let's just say there's a reason I don't go out into these crowds anymore, folks.
And people are always asking, you know, Owen, how come you don't go deal with these?
How come you don't go to these protests?
How come you don't?
Folks, I get attacked every time.
If I defend myself, I get arrested.
You're not going to see me for months.
That's it.
I'll be gone.
Game over for Schroyer.
So I'm appreciative that Savannah Hernandez goes out and deals with this stuff, even though she shouldn't have to.
But, you know, even even your desire to cover this as a hungry journalist is starting to wane.
It is and it isn't.
It makes me more defiant when a lot of these Antifa types come and tell me that I can't report.
As soon as anybody tells me you can't film, it's game over for them and I'm filming everything at that point.
Like Pete Butt, Judge Secretary?
Oh yeah, he was a fun one.
Don't misgender her.
Or was it a him?
Oh, oh, the press secretary.
I thought you were talking about Pete himself, our favorite diversity hire.
Yeah, Pete and the press secretary.
That was a very fun environment to be in.
And, you know, it makes me defiant because I understand the foundations of this country.
I understand what my rights are.
And I understand that commies can't come in and tell me what I can and cannot do on public streets.
Uh, in America as a journalist.
However, with that being said, yes, I am tired of being beat up.
It's not a fun thing for me.
I am a small woman, and after I did get beat up in Austin, I didn't have a good time after.
I was nervous.
I had to go to boxing classes for about a year because I had so much pent-up anger and frustration over the fact that I was beat up, and I couldn't retaliate at all.
I couldn't go and find these people and try to give them a piece of my mind.
The police didn't do anything about it.
The police that night, as soon as I went up to them, said,
Go ahead and call the police department and file a report.
And I asked them to walk me back to my car because it was the middle of the night to which they responded, no.
So, I mean, again, I care a lot.
I care a lot about this country and that's why I will go and report on these things.
But at the same time, if the police do want to continue to have us supporting them, they need to step up and they need to defend our constitutional rights and they need to stop defending domestic terrorists.
And it's going to go one of two ways.
And the situation that's happened in Austin is that the police are just quitting.
And there's basically no police in this town at all anymore.
And you know, I've been through this as well, living in Austin for a while.
And the problem is that at the top, the Democrats run the police departments.
And so a lot of the police officers are good.
Men and women that want to do their job, and they're held back by the Democrat Party.
Multiple times here in Austin, I've been, I mean, folks, I don't have to tell you, you've seen it, I've been assaulted, spat on, punched, death threats, everything, and the police officers that are on the scene, who are good people, say, absolutely, they assaulted you, absolutely, that's a credible death threat, absolutely, here's the police report, I'm gonna help you, I'm gonna file it.
Some of them I even followed up with, they were trying to help me, and every time it gets to the top,
They see, oh, Owen Schroer?
Throw it out.
Oh, another death threat against Schroer?
Throw it out.
Oh, Schroer assaulted?
Throw it out.
And they tell me that this is what goes on, by the way.
I mean, I talk to these police officers, so this is what's going on, so they have a choice.
Do they either continue to prop up the Democrat Party-run Austin that attacks people, or do they just quit?
And sadly, they're quitting.
But you're no stranger to this.
In fact, the first time we went out, it was probably like 2018 or something, you may remember, we were out at some Antifa event at a park, and you were filming at the time.
You were filming me doing an interview with a lady who was holding an infant.
Remember this lady holding an infant?
And I was interviewing her about this event, and an Antifa guy comes up and shoves you, because you were holding the camera.
Do you remember that?
I do now.
This woman had an infant in her arms, and a radical Antifa comes charging in to shove Savannah Hernandez.
Yeah, that was a fun time.
And, you know, Antifa continues to run rampant because they know that they can.
Funny enough, I had put this video out on my Twitter explaining what happened, and my dad commented, and he was like, well, the DOJ can't find them because they commit their acts of terrorism at night.
And I was like, oh, right, right, because remember Merrick Garland.
He can't figure out who's attacking pregnancy centers in the United States because the crimes are happening at night.
What a mystery!
I know, I know.
It's too much for our Justice Department, sadly.
But if you were peacefully walking around the Capitol on January 6th, R.I.P.
to you.
You're still going to be rotting in prison.
I know so many people who are still being politically persecuted by our government.
It's absolutely disgusting.
Why is Jacob Chansley even in prison right now?
I don't understand where we're at.
I mean, I do understand, actually, because we've been doing this.
We've been reporting on the streets for the past couple of years, and we have seen how this country has degraded.
And, you know, Owen, as well, I'm not just doing the Antifa reporting.
I'm also going out onto the streets of UT campus to get insight into the minds of our next leaders, the next generation, to understand how we have gotten to where we have gotten to as a country.
The brainwashing, the indoctrination that I have been faced with of these students is horrifying.
None of them can think for themselves, and I have to be happy... You mean that green-haired liberal commie with ten nose piercings doesn't know what's going on?
I know, I know.
It's extremely surprising.
But I've started doing this new thing, right, where I'm not necessarily trying to own the lives, but I'm trying to make them critically think.
So when I go and I speak to them...
They end up owning themselves.
I ask them, I say, hey, hey, why do you think that way?
Who taught you that?
And I love asking them this because then they have to think about the fact that this is not their own thought process.
This is not their own idea.
And it kind of breaks their brain a little bit and breaks their conditioning because they go, I actually don't know why I think this.
And it gets the, you know, gears turning in their head, which is a great thing.
But why is it that we have such a huge majority of our youth
Who think that they have white privilege?
Who think that they're oppressed just because their skin is brown?
It's absolutely horrific and disgusting.
Like, I can go to UT campus right now and go find you a black student who will say, I'm scared of the police because they hunt black men and women down every single day.
That's not true.
You know, this is actually a really important thing you're getting into here, because a lot of people go through this, including myself.
Now, I was never a radical leftist commie, but I definitely had some liberal indoctrination and beliefs after going through college, like I was anti-Second Amendment and some other things for a short period of my life.
And this is really why they hate Infowars so much, because really, more than anything, forget about the information that we cover.
We make you think.
And so you tune into an Alex Jones Show, or an Infowars Show, or a Savannah Hernandez Show on Rumble, it makes you think.
You may agree with what they're saying, you may disagree with what they're saying, but it makes you think for the first time in your life.
And so there's this huge phenomenon, and this is what you're exposing on the streets.
These children, is what they are, they've never thought for themselves before.
Everything they think, everything they believe, is something injected into their mind, like inception.
And that is the direct result of our education system.
And I was thinking about this earlier because I was like, how did we get to the point where SVB collapses, right?
And the average American who is going to be paying that off is not going to understand, you know, why everything is so much more expensive, why they're feeling the pinch in their wallet.
And it's because of our education system, right?
It has to do with the fact that we don't teach our children about money, how inflation works, how taxes work, and what is our school system focused in on.
Teaching these kids about white supremacy, teaching them that the KKK is running rampant, and that minorities are oppressed, and that America is horrific, and that it was built on the backs of slaves.
We're teaching our children and the next generation everything all wrong, and that's why in the modern day, you go and you ask people, hey, why is there inflation?
Why are things a little bit more expensive?
And they go, because of Donald Trump.
Oh, what happened with SBB?
Oh, it was Donald Trump.
Oh, why are the food prices more expensive?
Because of Donald Trump.
And that's all they can ever continue to repeat because the education system has specifically taught them not to be leaders but to be subservient followers who listen to what they're told, who never break the rules, who never think for themselves.
And again, that is why our country is currently demolished.
We have been subverted culturally, intellectually.
Good luck to us because we are now the country of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that is why North Korea, China,
And you know, there's this phenomenon of
I mean, it's not really cherry-picking, and I get why people do it, but you go out, you find an Instagram model, you find an Instagram thought, you put her on your podcast, she says stupid stuff for two hours, you get viral clips.
I get it.
It's low-hanging fruit.
The issue is not these girls, you know?
I kind of, in a way, I feel bad for these girls.
They've never learned anything.
Also, it's not cherry-picking.
That is what the average modern woman thinks.
But my point is that
I actually feel bad that they've been so misled.
And that now they're being used as fodder on podcasts.
So it's like, hey, let's not help them and build them up.
Let's put them on podcasts and show you how pathetic they are.
Can't be.
I mean, I know you don't like having women portrayed like that, and that's obviously not who you are, but I just see it so much.
And it's just like, this is what these girls are taught.
I don't know what you expect.
Savannah Hernandez, where can people follow your work?
Go follow me on YouTube, Sab Says.
Twitter at Sab Says as well.
Great time as always.
Thanks for having me on.
Alright, we'll have a little bit for you coming up here on the Alex Jones Show from Jay Dyer and from Alex.
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I think it's pretty clear, Alex.
I think we're seeing what we've been talking about, what you've been talking about for decades, is the fall of the Republic, this infiltration of globalism where they want to destroy any shape or form of nationalism for the American people.
A few years ago, Alex, it was you.
You were in the hot seat.
You've been the trailblazer from the beginning.
They decided to target you in Infowars because that's what you represented.
Nobody thought that they would go after Trump just as harshly.
They de-platformed a sitting United States President.
They did.
They silenced and
We're good.
It's backwards, and this is what people need to understand.
Because I know a lot of people sit back and they watch what happens to you, Alex.
They watch what happens to Joe Rogan, these big guys.
And it's like, you know what?
They're probably going to make it.
They're going to be fine.
But what's happening is, we are all Alex Jones.
We are all Joe Rogan.
We are all MTG.
It doesn't matter what side you find yourself on.
These people just want one thing.
It's power and control of your mind and your life.
And people need to just set aside the political differences and see that they're literally intentionally pinning us against each other.
They want to spark a civil war so they have an excuse for complete total government overreach to control every single one of us.
And at this point, Alex, that is not a conspiracy theory.
That is quickly becoming reality and we're watching it unfold.
It is in the process right now.
It's being installed.
So I hope we don't have to continue to go down this dark path where... I don't know, Alex.
Is Disney just gonna start pushing out open child pornography?
Is that when we're gonna draw the line, Alex?
That's not when we draw the line.
We don't draw the line when they're openly creating child porn and pushing it out and shoving it down your mouth and saying, you must accept this!
If you don't, you're a bigot!
That's not when we draw the line, Alex.
We draw the line now because they're opposing child grooming laws.
People need to understand.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis, and today we're going to be talking about the history of secret societies, because
People get the idea that secret societies are some recent development that resulted in the deep state, as we hear about, and the shadow government that runs the U.S.
and perhaps even the majority of the Western world.
But in reality, the history of secret societies goes back to the ancient world, and the notion of a secret form of government is, in fact, throughout Plato.
And we've mentioned this many times, of course, but in the Republic, Plato talks about the noble lie.
And this is a lie that the state has to tell, the all-powerful God state has to tell, in order to keep the populace in line, to keep them marching in step and to believe the narrative, whatever that narrative may be, that the secret council of the elite passed down.
Now, in the Republic,
Early on, Plato had this as a philosopher king at the top, and it's that pyramid, right?
Below him is the guardian class, who's more or less a communist class, and then there's a worker class that's completely controlled.
And that becomes the model for all socialist and Marxist governments in the future, and also by extension of the coming emerging technocracy.
That's what they want to put in place.
Bertrand Russell says, in Impact of Science on Society, that the model for the coming technocracy is Plato's Republic.
Now, Plato wrote another lesser-known book towards the end of his life called The Laws, and in The Laws he even expands on this notion.
He comes up with this idea of what he calls the Council of Night in IGHT, which is odd because they meet at night in secret.
And he says that this is going to be a council of ten or eleven elders, not necessarily old people, but wise people.
And in the West, we eventually even get something like this, where people talked about the wise men that run the West, people like Kissinger, Brzezinski, and others are known as the wise men coming out of the intelligence apparatus.
And one of the strictures that Plato has in the law is that other people that could be admitted to this Council of Night for the ideal republic, the super state, would be individuals who had engaged in foreign intelligence and reconnaissance.
So it's actually Plato proposing, in the laws, a deep state, a shadow government, literally run by a secret society that engages in deception, that engages in running things from a shadow nighttime government, right?
So it's shadows, it's in the shadows, council of night, right?
Nighttime, that's the significance there.
And so right there in one of the most famous books in the history of all philosophy, and perhaps even in all Western civilization, is the positing of an ideal society being run by a shadow government, by a secret society.
And unfortunately, it's just sort of bound up almost with the history of empires and the history of the state that they're run or they're consorting with.
Some form of secret society.
One reason for that is, as the famous historian and scholar Francis Dvorak says in his book on the history of intelligence agencies in terms of empires, is that the intelligence apparatus, the reconnaissance, right, the secrecy needed for engaging in those kinds of operations necessitated something like a secret society.
So, binding people via oaths and whatnot, as he discusses in his book, goes back to the ancient world.
And some of the first spies were, in fact, mailmen.
The mailmen that would deliver the letters or the scrolls for Caesar or for, you know, Pharaoh or whoever.
They were oftentimes spies.
And so they were, you know, the most traveled and the ones that were getting the most reconnaissance.
And so that, again, lines up with kind of what Plato was talking about in the Council of Night and the Laws.
The same idea, of course, has always kind of been there because every government ever, every state ever has engaged in espionage, has engaged in intelligence operations and activities.
Now, typically, though, in the history of the world, intelligence was part of military.
It was part of the apparatus of warfare.
It was an element of gaining, you know, information on the enemy and whatnot.
And in the Art of War by Machiavelli,
There are significant sections in the book that discuss this in great detail, particularly book six, because book six is all about trickery, deception, reconnaissance, false flags, you know, all kinds of things that can be done during warfare to gain the upper hand.
And Machiavelli wrote that, of course, kind of giving attribution to Sun Tzu's classic Art of War.
And Machiavelli's text is really one of the texts that characterizes modern warfare.
It's one of those key sects where we have a pivot out of medieval warfare and into modern warfare.
So we know that there's always going to be this kind of tendency towards secrecy in the military and that kind of a reconnaissance and intelligence apparatus.
But what we don't always see necessarily is that secret society oath religious element.
But more and more we do see that as we dig into history in terms of coming up into the modern period, particularly with the post-Enlightenment era.
And the reason for this is that certain secret societies that had been suppressed in the Middle Ages, such as the Knights Templar, for example.
The Knights Templar famously were suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church and the King of France in the 1300s.
I think it's the Council of Dien, 1312, somewhere in there.
Where we are told that the Templars were engaged in nefarious activities and kissing the butt of somebody and worshipping a dead rat or cat or something like that, something crazy like this.
Again, we don't know if that's true, but it was very likely, right?
There was something going on.
And they represented some kind of alternative form of power, some alternative nexus to the existing King of France and the papacy at that time, the 1300s.
And at that time, the papacy was very wrapped up in geopolitical operations amongst the Franks, and then it's shifting over into the Germans and into the time of the Medicis.
And so then we get the Renaissance.
Now, the Renaissance, especially the Italian Renaissance, particularly before the Elizabethan Renaissance, the Italian Renaissance saw this birth of this re-interest in magic, neoplatonism, and secret societies.
And we had a promotion of a lot of this through those benefactors of the Renaissance, you know, the Medicis and the Pico della Mirandola, these characters who were really interested in bringing back the ancient Greek mysteries.
And so they had this great affinity for Plato, especially.
And remember, Platonic government is a government by secret society, taking oaths, initiating you into mysteries.
And if you know Platonism, you know that Platonism is very similar to the Orphic mysteries.
And a lot of Platonism has parallel with Pythagoreanism.
It borrows from Pythagoras.
Pythagoras had two key beliefs, according to the classic text by James Billington, Fire in the Minds of Men.
And now, this is not a conspiracy text.
He's a famous librarian of Congress who wrote this history of all revolutionary thought.
He says, if we come up to the 1700s and the time of, you know, the French Revolution and the influence on the French Revolution by certain people who have been influenced by Adam Weishaupt, that is the Bavarian Illuminati founder, he says, Billington says, there was two dictums from Pythagoras that the Illuminists and the revolutionary socialists at that time, the communists, borrowed.
And that was, number one,
The laws should be made to perfect man.
So laws exist not to restrain evil, but to bring about ultimately the virtue of man, supposedly, or the perfection of man.
And this is why the Illuminati themselves became known as the Perfectibilists.
The original Bavarian Illuminati were called the Perfectibilists, and they believed that you could perfect man via some sort of purely natural law or natural religion.
And so they went into various churches, various groups, various sects, including Freemasonry, to infiltrate it and to utilize those lodges to promote their principles.
They were successful at least in sparking the French Revolution and of course in influencing other areas, but whether or not there's an actual Bavarian Illuminati that continues to today is up for debate because they were essentially rationalists.
It would be people like Voltaire, the Jacobins of the French Revolution, characters who were radical communists.
The other dictum of Pythagoras that Bischoff said would be needed would be the dictum of holding all property in common amongst all men.
Now, they knew that not everybody was ready for that, so the true communism existed at the highest levels.
Highest levels of Bischoff's Illuminati, for example, were atheistic and communistic.
And that influences, that secret society network influences later figures like Karl Marx.
Karl Marx will found his own secret society, the League of the Just, and in success of other secret societies that he was connected to, that become networks for again this promotion of radical communism, radical egalitarianism, and the overthrow of all existing structures to bring about the next phase of revolution, which is a never-ending revolution, according to Lenin and Trotsky.
So you're beginning to see, I think, how the revolution is never ending.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to show you how today we're running the exact same way or the same model of a deep state.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And as you can see, now that I have these Boomer reading glasses on, I'm actually a lot more authoritative and a lot more scholarly.
So, I'm even more reputable now that I have these glasses on.
You have to listen to me even with all due reverence and submission because I can scowl at you over these.
Like this.
You see, doesn't this make me look academic and authoritative?
Now, we were talking about James Billington.
Fire in the Minds of Men, the History of the Revolutionary Faith, I was talking about how we were getting up to Weishaupt and the Illuminists, and a little bit before Weishaupt and those guys, in England we had the outbreak of a lot of secret societies and the spread of Masonic lodges throughout Europe.
Probably the world's most famous secret society is Freemasonry.
And what we're doing today is really kind of a demystifying operation, because people sort of get bamboozled by a lot of the symbols of, ooh, ah, the mysteries, and all this kind of stuff.
And I'm going to do a little bit of a demystifying today, a little bit of a debunking.
What are we debunking?
That these secret societies are all powerful.
That they are anything other than collections of human beings with common cause, purpose, who engage oftentimes in espionage.
And this is the key connection here, that secret societies are quite often
State actors or co-opted by state actors or co-opted by foreign actors to engage in espionage and reconnaissance and subversion.
Not always.
There may be some weirdos that create their own little sect or cult or group.
So not every cult or every sect is necessarily the creation of some state or part of some vast conspiracy.
But many of the more famous, famous secret societies in history have been, in fact,
The tools of various powers and maybe not even state powers, maybe even very powerful financial powers, very, very, very powerful private financial powers have perhaps created secret societies.
In fact, we'll see that when we talk about Cecil Rhodes and the Milner Roundtable groups in a moment that Dr. Carol Quigley covers because he explains the secret society behind that whole British Empire operation.
Now, in terms of masonry, for example,
If you go back to the 1600s, as Masonry was beginning to get really popular throughout Europe, in what they call the speculative lodges, and this is more of a mystical and kind of esoteric approach to the Mason's Guild of the Middle Ages, which were a Catholic institution.
We're good to go.
There was this explosion of Lodges and Hermeticism, and this is roughly around the time of the Elizabethan Renaissance, and a lot of these characters who wrote famous plays and wrote famous poems, you know, Ben Johnson and William Shakespeare, Edmund Spencer, they would actually encode a lot of Hermetic alchemical messages in their writings.
I studied a bunch of this in grad school.
And that's because it was all the rage at this time to be interested in the Hermetic Arts, the Secret Arts, alchemy and this kind of stuff.
And one of those figures, one of the most famous figures in the history of British intelligence, was a famous occultist Secret Society member.
You may have heard of him.
His name is Dr. John Dee.
Dr. John Dee is famous because he's the first 007.
He would sign his letters with a
Kane and two balls.
That's a two-ball Kane, literally, to the Queen so that she would know when she saw that little symbol, okay, this is from our boy Dr. John Dee.
Dr. John Dee was a famous occultist and he believed that his Neoplatonic mysteries and magic would eventually achieve, you could achieve deification or apotheosis, that man could become God through this process in the Dr. John Dee system.
He's also the creator of what's called Enochian magic, this elaborate system of language and symbols that supposedly is to contact angels.
But, in my estimate, what this is about is spycraft.
What better way to send messages back to the Queen, there's John Dee with the Queen there, doing his magic spells and whatnot, than using this arcane, absurd, invented Enochian magic.
In other words, it's a tool, it's a cryptographic technique for encoding messages for the Queen.
So, I'm sorry to demystify a lot of this stuff.
Now, that's not to say that there are no subversive occultists or that there aren't people that take it seriously.
There are!
But what we're talking about today is this element that's often overlooked, which is that a lot of secret society networking and all this kind of stuff is merely intelligence apparatuses of the state or some powerful interest.
For example, there's a famous historian's text, Builders of Empire, Jessica Harlan Jacobs.
And she is a mainline historian from the University of North Carolina Press.
She teaches at the University of Florida.
Nothing to do with conspiracy texts, purely academic texts.
And her book, Builders of Empires, is just about how the Masonic Lodges, by the time of the founding of the Grand Lodge of England, became the intelligence network of the British Empire.
And if you watch movies, for example, like The Man Who Would Be King, with Michael Caine and Sean Connery,
You'll notice that they are essentially spies.
They're reconnaissance operators for the British Army, and their job is to go around to various Masonic lodges and gain intelligence, and they end up being these scallywag conmen.
And that's a famous novel, I think, by Kipling, right?
So, the
Real history, the real machinations behind that gets back to things like the Royal Society.
And this is a book that is written by a Mason.
Robert Lomas wrote a book called Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science, and it's his account of the history of the Royal Society.
And in that book, he basically says that modern scientism is really the product, the invention of, the promotion of the Royal Society.
And that's really the ideological underpinnings of the British Empire.
So, British intelligence a la the
Structures like Oxford, Cambridge, and so forth.
They're really eaten.
These things are the brains, you could say, of the British Empire and the British intelligence apparatus, going back, as I said, even to the Warta, even before the establishment of MI6.
And so secret societies, as you can see, they form this very important network for the state or for, again, other interests beyond the state.
And that's what we're going to look at next.
What about non-state actors?
Is there such a thing as secret societies that might serve private interests?
Private corporations?
Corporate interests?
A corporate secret society?
Could that exist?
Is there such a thing?
Yes, absolutely.
In fact, there's many of these.
Now, there's a movie that's no good.
I think it has Julia Roberts in it and maybe Clive Owen or somebody or Pierce Brosnan.
I don't remember who's in it, but there's a movie about corporate espionage with Julia Roberts.
And so if you're looking for an example of something like that, you could watch that movie where it's something goofy, like one spy is trying to steal the
The secret recipe for Coca-Cola for some other company like Pepsi is something ridiculous like that, but there really is such a thing as corporate espionage and oftentimes they will recruit people out of the government sphere, the civil sphere of espionage to go into working for some corporation to do that kind of operation.
So that does exist, but I'm talking about something bigger than that, something bigger scale.
What about a financial secret society?
A secret society
Arranged around the idea of revolution.
Yeah, that's it.
Clive Owen, that's it.
Is there such a thing as a secret society that might be interested in reorganizing the entire world around a technocratic style of governance?
Perhaps private banking interests that have a secret society.
We're going to look at Dr. Quigley saying yes, there is such a thing when we come back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're talking about the history of secret societies demystifying
The secret societies and explaining them to be what they really are, which is adjuncts of the state or networks for reconnaissance, intelligence and subversion, revolution, etc, etc, etc.
And it may be many different cults or groups, right?
For example, the Central Intelligence Agency has a history of utilizing and infiltrating and using many cults over the last 50 or 60 years.
So it's not restricted to, oh, there's one cult running everything.
Rather, various powers will utilize these networks and utilize these societies for various purposes.
Now, is there such a thing as a private central banking secret society?
Well, according to Dr. Carol Quigley in his famous book, The Anglo-American Establishment, he begins one of the most important chapters, Chapter 3, by noting that, yes, in fact, the Secret Society of Cecil Rhodes, the Rhodes Rothschild Milner Roundtable Group,
That is, of course, as we've lectured for the last several months, where we get the UN, where we get the IMF, where we get the World Bank, where we get all these institutions that we know about in the modern world as basically kind of running the world, so to speak.
They come from this society, from this group.
And who is this group?
Well, it's made up of an inner party known as the elect.
And a society of helpers, which is a couple thousand people recruited out of the key universities.
Now at this time, back in the 1890s, when Lord Milner and in this case specifically Cecil Rose, when they set up their secret society, they decided let's model it on the structure of the Jesuits.
And it's not Jesuit, but it's modeled on that structure.
All right, this is the British Empire's structure, not the Jesuit structure.
Now, the Jesuits eventually become part of this, I would argue, by the 20th century when we get into Dr. Wim Hof's text, excuse me,
Mr. Wimhoff's text where he discusses the co-opting of the Jesuits by the CIA.
But I don't think at this time this is a Jesuit creation.
A lot of people get confused over this because they mistake the structure of the society modeled on the Jesuits as if the Jesuits run this.
It's not Jesuits.
It's the Rhodes Rothschild Milner Secret Society network set up in this structure as you can see as Quigley himself outlines it.
With an inner party of the elect
An outer structure of helpers, which is a few thousand academics who believe in the cause.
But remember that only this inner party of the elect, the chosen, actually knows what's going on and how this is really working.
And that is, at this time, some of the most powerful people in the world.
And in fact, one of them is one of the Cardinal Manning.
So actually, they did have a Roman Catholic Cardinal, but it wasn't all Jesuits that had set this up.
So they did have an inroad to the Vatican even at this point.
And outside in this outer ring is the academics who are the helpers, and this is people recruited from Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, etc.
So that's the structure of the Rhodes Rothschild Milner Secret Society of the Elect that really utilized the British Empire as its engine and as its front.
So imagine that the British Empire is this thing which people think, oh that's serving the British people.
That's serving the British people!
It's serving this inner core.
Doesn't mean the British people are bad, but it's run by this secret society oligarchical clique, which just happens to look exactly like what Plato describes in the laws.
This is the Council of Night, exactly as Plato described it in the laws.
And it's not just Dr. Carol Quigley, who is not a conspiracy writer, but is in fact an apologist for this system.
He believes that it is the best system and structure for the world.
This is actually described by a couple of the most famous books in the 20th century.
Actually, more than two, three of them, four of them.
Now, we've covered two of those in the past, at length, three of them, because C.S.
Lewis's book, The Abolition of Man, and his third in the Space Trilogy, is about technocracy and this clique.
In fact, the third of the Space Trilogy is specifically about Tavistock and these people.
Another famous book that you've probably heard of, 1984, is about these people.
Ing Sok is English Fabian Socialism.
Lord Milner and those people are behind Fabian Socialism.
And Fabian Socialism is synthesized with Monopoly Capitalism.
It's reformed Marxism that synthesizes with capitalism to bring about the dialectical synthesis.
Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
That's everything in Hegelianism.
And Marx was part of a group of young Hegelians, which adopted Hegelianism.
So it's not exactly true that the world power, the technocrats, are all Marxists.
They are Marxist capitalists.
That is the synthesis that the Fabians always envisioned, and which was always the plan
of the real Marxists.
Now, for example, in 1984, when George Orwell is describing the structure of this group, it is pictured as one of its key members or operatives, the character of O'Brien.
O'Brien is characterized as one of the most evil men, I think you could say, in all literature.
I did a video on who is the most evil villain in all literature, and I picked
Not Saruman or, you know, Sauron, but I picked, in fact, O'Brien.
Because O'Brien wants Winston to understand that all reality is determined by the party.
The party is essentially this inner elect, again modeled on the Rhodes, Rothschild, Milner, Fabian socialist society, and that
You can't beat this group because this group is obsessed with controlling both sides of every conflict.
That's the model here.
It doesn't mean that they do, but that's what they want to do.
And to back this up, if you haven't followed my work, if you go to my YouTube channel, we've been lecturing through various interrogations that occurred.
During the Stalinist purges, one of those interrogations was the NKVD interrogation of the famous socialist Khrushchev Rakovsky, the Bulgarian socialist.
And when he was an avid, committed Trotskyite who was arrested by the Stalinist NKVD.
And during this interrogation, he goes into all this depth about the real secrets of Marxism being run by finance capital.
And he says, this is essentially a secret society.
In fact, we use secret societies.
Exactly what Quigley says, exactly what Professor Anthony Sutton says.
Another example, this would be Professor Anthony Sutton's Skull and Bones book.
He's the classic authority and writer on the history of Skull and Bones, Yale University.
Now that Skull and Bones Network, which is the secret society at Yale, that's the basis for the OSS and the CIA.
The OSS and CIA come out of the Skull and Bones Society.
And that's pictured even in famous movies like The Good Shepherd.
When you see Matt Damon being inducted into the OSS and he's rolling around in mud and getting peed on and confessing his sexual proclivities to an image of eulogy or whatever, that is part of the initiation and the degradation that is discussed in a lot of these texts, including
It's C.S.
Lewis' third book in the Space Trilogy.
He says that, yeah, you have to be degraded when you're brought into these secret society networks because that ensures that you are part of the system, that you are blackmailable, that you are on board.
And you're not going to go against us because as soon as you do, all this dirt, all this information about you comes out.
Now, Rakofsky says in the interrogation, as he's being interrogated by the NKVD, he says that true Marxism is intentionally contradictory.
Because true Marxism wants to see finance capitalism, monopoly capitalism, give us the victory because it is truly who has funded us.
So he says that the secret societies that we've used and we've infiltrated, like Masonry for example, he says that, he says, do you think that the workers, the proletariat, he says, do you think they were running the economic system?
Were they causing and creating wars?
Were they actually running the workers themselves?
Finance capital was running economics, creating wars, and funding workers' revolutions.
Workers don't revolutionize, they don't fund their own revolutions.
And he proves this by making that point.
And he says that some of the most famous spies, in fact, in the 20th century, like Sidney Reilly, the most famous British spy, Sidney Reilly, ace of spies, was in fact an agent of this secret society.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We're covering the history of secret societies, demystifying secret societies in terms of what, in a pragmatic sense, the purposes that they really serve.
Typically, most of the time.
Not always, but most of the time.
No, there's another famous book, one of the most famous books of the 20th century, which many of us had to read, and we probably didn't understand, and I'm going through it now my third time, and that's called Brave New World.
And in Brave New World, there's actually a form of a secret society governance here as well.
In fact, Mustafa Mond, the main protagonist villain character, who's one of the ten World Socialist Controllers, well, there you go, ten World Socialist Controllers, that kind of matches up to the Council of Night, doesn't it?
Ten wise men that run various sections of the globe.
In this novel, which of course Aldous Huxley said was a real plan, it is the final revolution.
It represents the culmination of all the previous revolutions, all the way back to Vyshopped, to the Jacobins, to, you know, all those figures up to today's revolutionary characters.
According to Huxley, he says that, and this is projected of course to be in the future, he says that in the future there will be this synthesized Brave New World model, and if you notice, all the characters in the novel are named after both industrialists and Marxists.
And that's because the novel is about the great synthesis that I'm talking about, the Fabian socialist synthesis.
And of course, again, Huxley was in the circles of the Royal Society.
He's in the circles of all these people like Bertrand Russell, like H.G.
Wells, who are part of this clique
Part of this group who wants to push this technocratic Brave New World scenario, this 1984 scenario.
That's why the characters in the book are named.
Lenin, or there's Lenina, but that's the feminine of Lenin.
Marx, Bernard Marx, Ford, Rothschild, Watson, Ingalls, Malthus, Bakunin, Hoover, are all explicitly and continually mentioned throughout Brave New World.
That's on purpose.
You don't know fiction writers choose the names of their characters almost always with some kind of significance, some kind of symbolic significance.
And that's no different in Brave New World, where Huxley is telling us that the future is a synthesis of monopoly capital and Marxism-Socialism, Fabian-Socialism.
And it's run by a secret society.
And other writers have pointed out in the last few years, in fact, that even one of the writers who formerly collaborated with, who's been on Alex himself, who collaborated with Professor Anthony Sutton, Patrick Wood, right?
Patrick Wood has the excellent books on technocracy, The Hard Road to World Order, and he also wrote Technocracy Rising and Trilaterals Over Washington with Sutton, right?
And that's all the same model.
That's all what Sutton's writing about is this group.
The same things that Quigley's talking about.
Sutton is more critical as a professor and a historian and economist.
Quigley is a defender.
So if we see that both the critic and the defender are saying the same things, then we know there's something to this.
Likewise, when we look at other entities like the Federal Reserve, right?
Books like The Creature from Jekyll Island, the classic from G. Edward Griffin, right?
That's outlining the same things.
That we're talking about in terms of all these people, the Milner, Rothschild, Rhodes, this group that ran the British Empire, that brought America back under its sway, this deep state, allied with Harvard, Yale, the Eastern Seaboard establishment.
It's not the British Empire that's running everything.
It's those elites aligned with the elites of the UK who use these secret societies, use these networks.
To create things like Operation Gladio.
Gladio was the secret society network of stay-behind units that... I thought I had my Gladio book in here.
I have one of these books that utilized, yeah, for example, what we've been lecturing through lately.
Various Gladio texts.
Paul Williams' book, Operation Gladio.
Daniel Ganser's PhD thesis, NATO's Secret Armies.
These are classics on the origins and history of Gladio, which was a secret society network that utilized various Masonic Lodges that had become fascist.
P2 Masonic Lodges into fascism, which had recruited a bunch of the Cardinals and members of the Vatican, famously, to sign on to this Gladio network for the purpose of a secret society secret army that would stave off a potential Soviet invasion.
Now, the Soviet invasion didn't happen, but the justification for why it was needed was, of course, well, if the Soviet Union invades Europe, we want to have these secret armies ready there.
But what these secret armies actually did was engage in a bunch of money laundering, a bunch of Vatican Bank scandals, a bunch of collapsing banks in other countries, which, by the way, mimic and model the FTX model exactly.
If you read the Paul Williams book, you'll be like, hey,
This Gladio black money Vatican Bank scandal here, Banco D'Ambrosio and the various banks in the Caymans and Bahamas and all that, it's exactly the same as what Sam Bankman Freed was doing.
Because actually criminals study previous crimes and previous scams to do the same thing over and over.
It worked in the past, let's run it again.
The only difference is that that scam was with crypto.
And, you know, these scams were older 60s, 70s and 80s scams that utilized the BCCI.
In fact, I listed a whole bunch of shell banks in Paul Williams's book here.
He says the shell front banks connected to both the CIA and the Vatican Bank were things like the Castle Bank and Trust, World Commerce Foundation, Mercantile Bank and Trust, Nugent Hand Bank, International Diversified Corporation, Underwriters Bank, BCCI, which, of course, is the Iran Contra Bank.
Franklin National Bank.
If you read about the collapse of the Franklin National Bank, you'll notice it very closely resembles the collapses of the banks in the last week, as well as FTX.
The Hambrows Bank, which was an OSS bank.
Banca Privata, which was a Vatican connected bank.
On and on and on.
There's just tons and tons and tons of these shell corporations and shell banks that were created, all connected to the Vatican Bank scandal.
And again,
The Vatican Bank scandal is just an image or a piecemeal, a picture of the kind of things that we're talking about and seeing today.
So the Federal Reserve model is itself the mega model of these models, you see.
So FTX, very similar to these older Vatican Bank scandals.
These older Vatican Bank scandals, basically the same thing as the Federal Reserve Bank.
It's like mega, mega, mega scale, right?
And if you read quickly, he says that.
He says that the Federal Reserve model that the elites here set up is based on the Bank of France and the Bank of England model.
That's the origins in terms of modern world
Of the Federal Reserve fiat fractional reserve banking model.
And if you didn't see Max Keiser's interview that he did recently with Tucker Carlson, go watch that interview because he goes into all this as well.
And he talks about the virtues of Bitcoin and what's going on in El Salvador, which is pretty amazing.
You look at the salvation of the currency there via adopting the hardest asset, the hardest money out there, the real ethical money, something like Bitcoin.
That's the
Antidote to these guys.
And again, you might say, well, G. Edward Griffin, he's more of a conspiratorial person.
No, no, no.
G. Edward Griffin is describing what the defenders of the system argue.
You understand?
Again, quickly in Tragedy and Hope, in the first 200 pages, he says, how do we get to the modern world?
Through the fiat banking system.
That's how.
The modern world dominates
The domination of the modern world is the fiat banking system, and that comes out of the post-enlightenment period.
That's how we got to where we are.
That's the control structure.
That's how the world is actually controlled.
And according to Quigley, that model is a kind of inner secret society.
It's not masons that are running everything in the world, but people above that, is what I'm trying to say.
That's what Rakowski says in his interrogation.
Those people are a lot more powerful, a lot more wealthy than any specific group of Masonic Lodges.
But those groups are used at times.
That's what I'm getting at here.
So, that model is, we're beginning to see this scam fiat Ponzi scheme model break down
Because it's all based on lies and based on fraud and based on deception.
You can't keep building an edifice that's not grounded or built on anything solid.
It'll eventually collapse.
And that was, of course, why the removal of the gold standard and all that was so important for
Getting the U.S.
First, it was a Federal Reserve Act back in 1913.
Then it becomes eventually moving off to the gold center, the shock doctrine, and then it becomes just insane levels of money printing.
And we've seen nothing but more and more consolidation, more and more transfer of wealth, especially in the last three years due to the coup, which is, again, part of this overall plan of bringing in the technocracy.
So, if you want more on this, I would say definitely watch that Tucker Carlson interview with Max Keiser.
I would say also, you know, I've written a lot of books on this too.
I've written two books that cover the deception and the scammery in secret societies in Hollywood.
What movie degradation and toxic culture did through through Hollywood in my Hollywood books, but you can also get my 600 page book all my essays on theology and philosophy in this in the red book available at my website jasonalsys.com you can get it in the shop.
You can also get my other book on philosophy, Metanarratives, which is just an introduction to philosophical texts.
There's the shop there if you see on the front page of my website.
Also go check out the recent interview I did with Dr. Steve Turley.
Great interview on Trump, Putin, geopolitics, spirituality, we get into it all.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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It's, uh...
It's with God, and I know you speak about that often, and I believe, look, we need God more than ever, and I know that there are people listening perhaps that don't believe in God, but I'm a big believer in having faith, even though I'm rather pessimistic, I do know how the book ends, I know how the story ends, and we do prevail.
Exactly, there are no atheists in foxholes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
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Think bigger, look bigger and look for the
I use the analogy of that great movie that's based on composite true stories, Horse 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
We've been through all this and nothing!
Nothing but... You have to let nature take her course.
I think we've already blown the enemy.
We just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that, and if anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you!
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.