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Name: 20230315_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 15, 2023
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), suggesting it may have been a controlled demolition orchestrated by the U.S government and the Federal Reserve banking system. He raises questions about insider stock selling, the FDIC's ability to cover losses, and the threat posed to global financial stability. Jones calls for people to unite with their local communities against central banking systems and encourages them to explore alternative barter and trade systems. The video also covers various topics such as censorship, spying, climate change, propaganda, government control, conspiracies, health, and conspiracy theories. Jones promotes his own products available at Infowarstore.com to support InfoWars while urging viewers/listeners to purchase them.

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They deliberately imploded SVB Bank.
Now they're imploding others.
This is the biggest bailout, what amounts to a nationalization of banks, not just here, but as a contagion spreads to Europe, all over the world, to have lifetime surveillance of all your finances via the SVB, the Central Bank Digital Currencies.
To quote, protect the world markets from another crash, the crash they're implementing now.
So it's not just the replacement for the old draconian, out-of-control, oppressive system, but it's out of the fire into Hades itself and is being pushed as the solution.
Wow is all I can say.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe it!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Weeks before the Silicon Valley bank collapse, several executives sold off large shares of stock,
while mainstream media tells its audience to invest in them.
On March 9th, the day before the collapse, Israel's two largest banks pulled up to $1 billion out of SVB.
While Peter Thiel's Founders Fund withdrew millions and advised their clients to do the same.
The next day, there was a run on the bank and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.
Is this evidence of a controlled demolition or a hasty one?
The day before the collapse, a U.S.
judge ordered JPMorgan Chase to turn over documents in a lawsuit accusing them of aiding in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation.
The team behind this lawsuit was the same team who successfully exposed the involvement of Deutsche Bank, and they subpoenaed several other banks they believe were involved in sex trafficking.
Including Silicon Valley Bank and Bank Lumi, the Israeli bank that drained a billion dollars out of SVB the day before it collapsed.
Whatever the reason, the U.S.
government's response threatens to collapse the world economy.
The FDIC insures up to $250,000 for each depositor.
But now they are going to cover all depositor losses, and they don't have enough to cover the $175 billion of SVB losses, let alone the trillions of dollars to be lost on the near horizon as banks across the world begin to break.
The systemic risk among GSIBs, Global Systemically Important Banks, is that they are so deeply connected that when one falls, they will all follow.
Much of the world's economy is already collapsing due to the actions of the U.S.
government and the Federal Reserve banking system.
And much of the world has been preparing for the end of the U.S.
dollar as a world reserve currency.
After all the smaller banks die, the people will be left with the central bank.
And their solution is the CBDC.
CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency.
With CBDC, there are no more options.
Everyone's account is run directly through the central bank system.
As the financial system gets more controlling and more invasive, it's a little bit like bringing up a corral around us.
And CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Vaccine Passports or Digital IDs, are sort of the last shutting of the gate.
It's hard for many people to imagine the risks here because we're so used to living With financial transaction freedom and we don't understand that.
When this gate closes on us we literally will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe that our assets belong to them and they can dictate where we can spend money and what we can spend money on.
If you don't behave you can have your money turned off.
There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks, which are located in cities being considered for the 15-minute city model of the World Economic Forum.
This is where it's all headed, and there isn't much pushback in the federal government.
Utah Senator Mike Lee introduced the No CBDC Act last September, which will likely go nowhere.
But we, the people, have much more sway over our local governments.
An Oklahoma House committee unanimously passed a bill to protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a CBDC.
It's time for we the people to unite with our neighbors and local communities and prepare to liberate ourselves from the central bank system.
Recall our corrupt county officials and start looking into local barter and trade systems because central bank digital currency is coming at us quickly and it equals financial enslavement.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
It's the world government, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the New World Order.
It's here.
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It's Wednesday, March 15th, the Ides of March 2023.
This is the day.
2,000 plus years ago that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in the Roman Forum.
Globalist elites for the last 2,000 plus years have seen it as a time of collapse and when major wars start.
In fact, the Romans already thought March was the month of war.
That's why it's named after Mars, or going on the march.
Marching, marsing, warring.
God of war.
Now we've got Russian jets shooting down US Predator drones right over the coast of Ukraine.
It's getting more and more insane by the minute.
But what should be central in all of our minds is that the gate is being closed.
It's like being put in a cell and they close.
The cell door and you're behind the bars, but they've not thrown the lock into place yet.
Former Clinton Treasury and Housing and Urban Development Deputy Head Catherine Austin Fitch was on Tucker Carlson last night explaining how the cow ate the cabbage.
It's a little bit like bringing up a corral around us and CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Vaccine Passports or Digital IDs are sort of the last shutting of the gate.
It's hard for many people to imagine the risks here because we're so used to living with financial transaction freedom and we don't understand
When this gate closes on us, we literally will be sitting in a system where the central
banks believe that our assets belong to them and they can dictate where we can spend money
and what we can spend money on.
If you don't behave, you can have your money turned off.
And they've said it's the final piece or the jewel in the center of the crown, the big
ruby, big diamond.
Once they have it and they will use it for this, we've already seen the giant consortiums
of government and intelligence agencies and dinosaur legacy media along with think tanks
and leptis groups surveilling and censoring and terrorizing and debanking everything else.
And they're feverishly running around like a pack of...
Gremlins that have just snorted methamphetamine, hopping up and down, calling for this power immediately, which has already been used and put into place to disastrous totalitarian control and effect in communist China.
And tying into that, just an incredible new document.
I knew about the DHS organization and I knew what they were doing.
And I knew about the statements that had been made by Democrats targeting yours truly in the last five years and the beta test.
But here it is.
Cybersecurity Advisory Committee.
This document is from last June, but it's only coming out now on Biden's new executive order of last Wednesday to take over all the banking and bring on a central bank digital currency.
The Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Misinformation and Disinformation Cybersecurity Advisory Committee.
And it talks about how anything that they think, even if it's true, if it hurts anything they're doing, it will be banned.
And Homeland Security, again, directs this consortium to illegally control and censor and makes them sign non-disclosure agreements because, quote, it's illegal what they're doing.
So, open, organized, mass crime.
We're going to be laying it all out here today.
But there's no doubt now, hindsight's 20-20.
I wasn't sure on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
But we were sure by yesterday and now it's all over the news and confirmed.
They deliberately imploded SVB Bank.
Now they're imploding others.
This is the biggest bailout in what amounts to a nationalization of banks, not just here, but As the contagion spreads to Europe, all over the world, to have live time surveillance of all your finances via the SVB, the Central Bank Digital Currencies.
To quote, protect the world markets from another crash, the crash they're implementing now.
So it's not just the replacement for the old draconian, out-of-control, oppressive system, but it's out of the fire into Hades itself, and is being pushed as the solution.
Wow is all I can say.
Dow Jones, as of Showtime, is 500 points down.
As banking fears spread, pull the Dow Jones down, see where it is, Dow Jones Industrial Averages.
Also, market price and central banks panic as credit, Swiss, default risk soars, ECB contacts the lenders, that's the European Central Bank.
Carl Icahn says, our system is breaking down.
Have a major problem in our economy today.
Uh, yeah.
Now, how many times I tell you in the last year, like a parrot, Papagano, I think that's how they say it in Spanish, or is that Italian?
But, over and over and over and over again, the next thing will be the banking takeover.
Yeah, they're already in control, but the next phase of the power grab.
Now it's down to 664 points on all of this.
The Silicon Valley bank crisis parallels the 1980s.
I think it's far more serious than that.
Who killed Silicon Valley Bank?
Oh, the media's even getting it right, saying the Federal Reserve raising rates, and then them not going in in the last few months, they knew the bank was in trouble, and simply having a larger bank buy it, that would have stopped all this, but no.
They wanted all this to happen.
Bank runs, crypto concerns, and takeovers.
A timeline of the panic.
American capitalism breaking down before our eyes.
billionaire warns.
A rogue version of chat GPT is predicting the stock market will crash this week.
Here's why the AI chatbot is dead wrong.
These idiotic chatbots.
You know, I've been meaning to talk about this in detail for a while.
And Steven Crowder joins us coming up in the second hour.
But in this hour, I'll do it in the last segment of this hour, or maybe even at the bottom of the hour, because it takes some time to go over it.
I want to explain the so-called high technology craze, and how we're told it's the ultimate answer to everything, and that whatever they roll out will be adopted, is going to be adopted, and it's just the way it is, and you should just accept it or you're a troglodyte.
That is not the case.
We are the species on this planet that chooses our development, chooses our evolution, chooses what we want to deploy.
Take nuclear power.
It's a great source of power, but the companies are corrupt.
There's problems.
They melt down routinely.
We don't have a good history of being able to have such a power.
And so most people agree worldwide nuclear power is not good, even people that were for it before, because it's just not being properly managed.
It could be properly managed, but it's not being properly managed.
And so it's run into a lot of bumps.
But that's a real technology that actually helps us in many ways.
All this other garbage they claim they're rolling out, we don't have to just adopt it.
It's like we don't have to have a nuclear power plant, you know, in every city.
We just decided we're not going to do that, because it's too dangerous.
Too many Fukushimas, too many Chernobyls.
All the meltdowns we've had here, they covered up.
They had one just as big as Chernobyl back in the 60s in California.
Almost nobody even knows about it.
They kept it secret.
For 20 years, and they keep it secret in France, they've had a bunch of big problems last decade, and the radiation levels shoot way out.
They go, oh, we don't know what's going on, everything's fine.
So again, it's like race-specific bioweapons.
They've got bioweapons that'll kill 90 plus percent of whole groups of people with just certain genetic backgrounds.
You can tailor it for whatever group you want.
And it hadn't been released big time yet, and some beta tests with HIV and things, because, well, the governments were halfway sane and decided not to kill everybody.
We don't have to blow ourselves up with Promethean fire.
I'm going to talk about that coming up and tie it into Bill Gates' synthetic meat that's made out of immortal cell lines.
If you don't know what that is, get ready to get your barf bucket ready.
Oh, we don't use fetal cells of dead babies.
We use clones of the dead baby cells.
And mmm, is the meat delicious?
You thought Pepsi was weird, using baby parts for flavoring?
March 15th.
The Ides of Mars.
Thank you for joining us on this Wednesday edition, my friends.
So, we are in the middle of the next phase of the New World Order takeover as they bring out the central bank digital currencies to be built on the ashes of the Bretton Woods Agreement and what we know of as the dollar.
Won't happen this week or next month or probably even this year, but within a year to two years.
The average sheeple already trained with their training wheels of the vaccine passports and the QR code for menus and trusted traveler.
DHS garbage will be where Australia and places like Italy are right now.
Officially not letting you have a job unless you operate with the QR code, which will then be tied to the central bank digital currency.
Let me tell you what's coming up today.
Stephen Crowder comes on in the second hour to cover the waterfront.
That should be very informative.
Lindsey Graham and others are making very hawkish, chicken-hawk type statements.
Lindsey Graham says U.S.
should start shooting down Russian planes now.
DHS is in efforts underway to add censorship of financial misinformation to the CISA's portfolio of critical infrastructure domains, so it can easily classify tweets as cyber attack and thus censor.
We have the links below.
Michael Schellenberger, one of the great investigative journalists testified last week, said the entire government Agency SCISA and DHS should be abolished.
Its lenders and programs have flagrantly and repeatedly violated the First Amendment.
The Supreme Court rejects government censorship, save those rare cases which speech immediately impacts and cites physical violence.
We'll be going over those draconian announcements.
We're going to be, as I said, getting into, do we really have to accept the future they're giving us?
We just accept whatever new technology, system of control they try to force down our throat?
Two big stacks on that front, at the heart of it, synthetic meat?
What's really behind that?
Mmm, wait till you hear about that.
Massachusetts High School solidifies a state title with the help of a transgender girl Policy put under a microscope.
That's right.
A large man, when he won the state championship a few days ago, was quoted as saying to the girls who were complaining, get over it.
Get over it.
Also big stack of news from Germany and Australia and other countries where their governments admit massive increase in severe COVID-19 injury including heart attacks, myocarditis and multiple cases of high school girls falling to the ground with massive heart attacks who are in good shape.
Never before seen now a daily or hourly really occurrence Biden has signed an executive order pledging to ban all semi-automatic guns outside of law.
Now he says they have a new transgender federal law or executive order as well.
The New York mayor now has come out and said that masks are for criminals and for slaves.
That's an Alex Jones quote, but now, three years later, He's agreeing with me as the crime spirals even above levels the Democratic Party wanted to use for control.
But I guess they don't like too much having to take their own medicine.
10,000 plus Dutch farmers protest at the UN.
The UN policy of shutting down their farms.
I guess they know where to protest.
That's all coming up today.
But let me get back to the banks.
If we don't like the big private central banks creating a system and creating all of these quadrillions
of dollars, then raising interest rates and triggering this collapse.
Imagine what it'll be like once they have full surveillance control and full control over a part of our life.
Well, they've said that they will then bring in the social credit score to the highest levels imaginable.
Credit Suisse, shares taken.
Saudi Bakr rules out further assistance.
But that's okay.
California Governor Gavin Newsom has been calling for a full bailout of investors, not just people that had more than a quarter million dollars in Silicon Valley Bank.
But he illegally did not disclose that he has heavy investments In the bank, and the bank has investments in his wineries and chain of winery restaurants, so the governor's illegally lobbying, not only supposed to lobby when you're a governor, much less be getting money for it.
So, absolutely illegal, but he'll get in absolutely no trouble because the Justice Department lets Democrats commit any type of insider trading or scam they want to.
California Governor Gavin Newsom failed to publicly disclose his SVB ties while lobbying for a bailout.
Business Insider.
Here's another one, The Intercept.
Cheering Silicon Valley bailout, Gavin Newsom doesn't mention he's a client and a lot more.
California Governor Newsom failed to disclose it completely and totally illegal, but he is the reincarnation of the American Psycho, so...
It's okay.
Silicon Valley Bank pledged nearly $74 million to Black Lives Matter causes and transgender causes.
Tom Cotton says the Biden administration won't commit to not bailing out Chinese SVB investors, who are the majority of the investors.
It just goes on and on from there.
Markets price and central bank panic as credit suites default risk source.
So we really are witnessing a system breaking down in front of us, but don't worry.
Right as they sink this ship, they're telling us walk the plank.
The frozen ocean saying it's a new ship called the central bank digital currencies and all the horrible things that come with that and the old banking system going through a heart attack is also hurting cryptocurrencies that are independent and which I believe are the answer to central bank digital currencies.
We need a democratized system and people should be able to accept any form of payment that
their company or their business sees fit.
But instead more governments come out and say, like the European Union and Biden and
China that they're looking to ban non-state or non-central bank, which are private but
still act like the state, currencies.
So out of one crisis into a crisis far worse and far, far more intense.
We're going to come back and I'm going to go ahead now and cover something that's very important and that Says it all.
And if you understand this, you understand basically everything.
It's about deciding what our future on this planet will be, and how we individually take control of that process-y.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Alright, I've talked a lot about this, and I made a film based on it, titled Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
And I could talk for 10 hours on the subject, but let me just give you a quick history lesson for those that just tuned in for the first time.
In the 1850s, the British royal family, the most powerful family on earth, backed by the Rothschilds, the most powerful, richest banking family on earth, had dominance over pretty much the whole planet, other than the United States, they were already starting to ally themselves with, but they knew they'd lost a war with 70, 80 years before.
But they had done things hundreds of years before that, 400 years ago or so, where they put forward the equivalent of $100 billion prizes in today's money for somebody that could make a working navigation clock that could tell time to the second and could be on a ship.
And 10 years later they had it.
And nobody could even make a clock that worked, period.
So they pumped what's quadrillions of dollars today From about 450 years ago till now, into new sciences and new systems.
And Sir Francis Galton in the 1850s was their top scientist who got most of the funding.
And he was the father of modern eugenics.
And he invented the word, he invented computers.
as a concept.
He invented biometrics as a concept.
He invented most of the technological systems we have today in concept.
He envisioned atomic bombs in concept.
And then they went out and began funding the mathematicians and the scientists and the people to come up with that.
He also ran a secret breeding program that didn't come out for about a hundred years with the highest IQ families in England who would dedicate at least one of their children to the government program.
And they intermarried the Galtons, the Wedgwoods, the Huxleys, the Blairs, and a bunch of others.
And within three generations of interbreeding these children, a lot of them ended up having serious birth defects or mentally retarded.
But they did get some super geniuses out of it.
And so, you have to understand that they envisioned this whole plan.
Darwin was part of the family as well.
Charles Darwin.
And so, they discovered DNA about 70 years after they began funding the research for it.
They had a lot of ancient knowledge Going back to text and things that have been alluded by the British from around the world about what ancients said it existed before and things like Atlantis.
So they described DNA and they described the double helix and they described what they believe it was going to look like.
You can say they moved us out of the age of ignorance to a great extent to what we are here, but we already had the Renaissance going.
So they kind of bought off the Renaissance for their social Darwinistic Control.
So that said, they are extremely accomplished.
And I don't mean the vestigial royal family you see today that's more ceremonial.
I'm talking about the actual coterie of scientists and mad scientists around them.
And so this whole world we now live in is a 175, 180 year project, or is it
Because it took them less than 10 years to get a clock that was portable enough to be on a ship
with accuracy down to one second a day, but nobody could even make a clock before that.
How'd they know they could do it?
Well, they did that in 10 years.
Look what they've done in 170, 180.
Let's just be honest about the fact that they're visionaries in a very, very twisted, very, very dark way.
So when you see everything around you, it's not just some new development or some new thing that's happening, it's being developed and pushed by them because it's part of the future they want to build.
Anything they don't like, anything that they call disruptive technology gets shelved or put on scientific reservations so the general public doesn't have access to it.
And really, the archetype of that in Hollywood, I'm not saying it's real, but a metaphor is the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where they wheel the Ark into a whole giant warehouse full of tens of thousands of other crates.
And the idea is, how many other secrets are in those crates as well?
So, that's where we are.
Now, That said, I want to be very clear.
They want total world government, total control of their own words.
They just were saying it recently.
Because as Klaus Schwab said a month ago at his World Government Summit, if we don't have total control and if we don't dominate the future, it'll get out of our control and other people will, and they'll destroy us.
So the argument for total tyranny by them is to stop super technology destroying us, but then they're acting exactly like the people they claim they're trying to stop.
And how does cutting off your fuel or cutting off your gas stove or putting chemicals in the water to make your son feel feminine and then Having his testicles cut off?
Or what does having your daughter's breast cut off do?
Now these are, these are megalomaniacs.
These are inbred psychotics.
And with inbreeding, you know, you get paranoia, you get a lot of psychopathic behavior.
And so that's why this happens over and over again from the Egyptians right through to today.
But here's the good news.
The general public figured out that nuclear power, though very promising, is just not up to our management skills and leaks and causes a lot of problems.
And so we've collectively decided to dial it back and basically stop the development of nuclear power until cleaner, better forms can be found.
So a decision was made Buy the establishment to just back off of that a bit.
Don't use it for weapons programs and things like nuclear submarines.
Now that said, here's another great example.
They reportedly put in at Meta over 80 billion dollars of pure investment the last four years for a project that has completely failed.
And they've now laid off another 10,000 employees there, and the metaverse is an empty wasteland with basically no one in it, even though they incentivized people and paid their employees to be in there, gave people cash and other prizes, like a game show, to put on the unhealthy, unnatural goggles and immerse yourself in their hellscape fantasyland.
So there's another example.
Metta will take over.
You will live in the Mettaverse.
Hell, he said that seven years ago before he changed it with Facebook to Mettaverse three years ago.
A famous photo of Zuckerberg with his employees all sitting there hunched over their laptops wearing VR goggles while he walks as a bipedal god man above them.
It's only good for people that are homeless or in a slave camp or children who are about to have a medical experiment done to them.
It's literally a bag being put over your head and putting you into their Proto-Matrix false reality.
So I want to give you some examples of how we don't have to adopt whatever they say
it is we're supposed to do.
No matter how much Hollywood force-feeding, no matter how much financial incentives are done.
Now let's go to this image for TV viewers.
This was tweeted yesterday by Elon Musk and it shows a pile of rubble of destroyed city
with a cyborg humanoid holding high-powered laser blasters in its hands.
And it says the singularity.
No really, it's gonna be great.
But he's somebody more than anybody pushing us into the technologies of the singularity.
I'll explain more and then give you examples of one of the biggest frauds in their so-called singularity model.
And the life cycle of uncomfortable tech.
Now that ties into generative tech.
We really want to understand where the world's going and how we can change it for the better.
We don't have to follow the maps they've given us.
We can make our own.
All right, welcome back.
A little bit more of a history lesson because I was oversimplifying things but it's hard to do if you don't have a lot of time.
So not oversimplifies hard.
But if you go back to the plague that hit Europe and some estimates killed as much as a half the population 500 years ago or so.
The Black Death.
It wiped out so many of the elites and so many of the centralized systems.
It allowed, then, a lot of innovation to take place.
Not because they were overpopulated, but because it destroyed existing orders and marks the end of the Middle Ages and the Dark Ages.
So since then, you've had a lot of powerful elites trying to control science and technology in a race with the general public's development of it.
And along comes the United States 250 years ago and takes the Renaissance into the Industrial Revolution at absolute hyperspeed.
How many years ago did the Wright Brothers first give flight?
Only like 120 years ago or so?
How many years ago did they invent the first diesel engine?
Look at how fast it all moved and look at how it was empowering us.
The New World Order is about not allowing normal technological development that empowers and that the people adopt because it's good.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
It's where they create new systems that are meant to gobble up resources and gobble up time and energy, like transgenderism and all the laziness and the drugging of the population that we see.
So 120 years ago at Kitty Hawk, the Wright Brothers took to the air bicycle makers.
And then you saw the rapid development of it.
But the globalists want what they call an end of history.
Here's another example of something they pushed that didn't make it.
Esperanto was developed in the 1850s and the UN officially by the 70s tried to make it the world's language.
But no one adopted it.
No one accepted it.
But now the world's language is not going to be English.
It's going to be computers and zeros and ones.
And when you hear AI, that means centralized programmed by the New World Order systems to control you.
It doesn't mean some wonderful new thing that empowers you because the real power of AI is how much data can it get and how much can it make you comply with it.
So you can't just predict the future.
You can control, with the inputs, the future.
All of this technological rollout is about making humans obsolete.
And they admit the models of 15-minute cities, and Austin's one of them, where soon you won't be able to drive cars, or it'll be too expensive for the average person, and it won't be mass transit.
Little robots, I shot some footage of Chick-fil-A this morning, In South Austin.
And the little robots will roll out.
And they will deliver your food.
And guess what?
Chick-fil-A will give you a discount if you use the robots.
Now, McDonald's and Chick-fil-A and others are announcing a plan to have robots replace all of their workers.
Robot delivery is available for a limited time at Chick-fil-A.
That's for when they remove the cars from the equation.
It's not a technological development acute George Jetson gadget.
It's removing humans.
You say, well good, they won't need workers.
Well, where are people going to work?
Oh, they'll just play video games all day.
No, the decision's been made.
You will be euthanized.
These have been official discussions.
1999, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us, sheminal article, cover of Wired Magazine, written by the co-owner of Sun Microsystems.
They said he went to a meeting of 200 tech gurus and billionaires, and the decision Was made that they're not just gonna let us sit around like in the movie WALL-E, getting fat and being served by robots.
They're going to get rid of us.
Why are we letting them deploy a system designed to do this, where we only interface the machines, but are programmed and controlled by the central system?
So we hear about a technological singularity by 2045.
The only singularity is that that's a goal chosen by Ray Kurzweil, Google, and the UN of when they want a post-human world to officially be in place.
Now, they roll these systems out like religions and just say, oh, it's technology.
You will adopt it.
All new technology is adopted.
You don't have a choice.
Big article I saw last week.
The Life Cycle of Uncomfortable Tech.
And then it shows examples of things like computers that were first resistant and finally adopted.
Well that's because they're useful.
But then when they're repurposed to control and for a draconian anti-human way, well then we should reject them.
Kind of like pit bulls.
Are responsible for 80% of dog attacks.
I'm not saying ban them.
I'm saying hold owners responsible when they hurt people.
And, you know, don't move in next door to somebody that's got them.
They might be nice, they might not be.
The point is, you want to die, you want your kids to die.
We all know, most of us, that pit bulls are a major problem.
They're nothing compared to this.
Like saying your neighbor's got an alligator.
Well, Billy's nice, I feed him chickens.
But then one day Billy, the 10-foot alligator, decides to eat your toddler.
So we don't have alligators in our backyards.
We don't have nuclear power plants in our backyards.
We sure don't want them there.
They are.
We don't want Esperanza.
We don't want the metaverse.
We don't want transgenderism.
We don't want the New World Order.
If people want to go cut their weenies off, they can do it as adults.
Don't teach five-year-olds to be putting a fast track label to do it.
So they tell you all about the life cycle of tech and the life cycle of uncomfortable tech and how we'll just accept it.
Why generative AI is suddenly on everybody's lips.
It's an open field.
You don't need a lawyer, the computer will do it.
You don't need to know math yourself, the calculator will do it.
You don't need to have writers just put in your basic ideas and then the computer will rewrite all these permutations of it.
But it's not literature, it's not art, it's not smart, it's not cool, it's not amazing, it's all plagiarized garbage.
When you go, oh, AI, give me art, you put in a bunch of terms, and it creates this fabulous, crazy, weird, impressionistic image, or surreal image, and when you know art, you go, my God, that's taken from over a hundred masters.
It just plagiarizes it.
Like if I took some of the greatest literature ever by William Shakespeare and J.R.R.
Tolkien and whoever else I want and then I just mixed it all around and people said, wow, that's a lot of really great lines from Alex Jones.
No, it's called plagiarism.
So it's all a lie.
It's only powerful because it's harnessing us.
Generative tech is the next big disruption in the creative industry.
Oh, yes.
Demand America First, stop scientific money laundering, and billions funded to China via U.S.
funding research.
That's an example of us saying we don't fund gain of function, we don't fund bad things.
In fact, we make it illegal, and if we find you doing it, we arrest you.
But if you don't get control of it quickly, just like fentanyl or open borders, it gets out of control.
And that's where they've put us.
And on to this.
Study Bill Gates' lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans.
They're growing it out of immortal human cell lines spliced with bovine genetics.
An immortal cell never dies.
By the way, it's called cancer.
So, the meat is literally tumors.
Study Bill Gates' lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans.
Uh, yeah.
Business week.
Lab-grown meat has a bigger problem than the lab.
It causes cancer.
Immortalized cell lines used in lab-grown meats can cause cancer.
Really think so?
Think if I eat a big fat tumor?
Oh, it grows so well by itself in a Petri dish.
Hardly needs any nutrients.
Lab-grown meat is tumors made out of chimeric splices of human and animal genetics.
Oh, from that one black lady that died in the 1950s who has the most powerful cells ever seen that they estimate They've created hundreds of millions of tons of her cells for every form of genetic engineering you can imagine.
By the way, I had her in my stack and I mixed it around somewhere.
Will you guys reprint me that?
Oh my God, it's so dark.
It's so over the top.
Let's just reject lab-grown tumor meat that we eat that gives you cancer.
Oh, it bugs!
You will eat bugs.
The chitin shells of every insect out there except grubs.
Humans in Africa and a few places eat grubs because grubs don't have chitin in them and are not cancerous.
You can find the grubs of beetles.
They're nutritious.
Almost every other insect is super poisonous and causes cancer and arthritis and everything else because of the chitin shell.
You cannot absorb it.
So you will eat kite and shells, you will eat cancer, you will eat cancer blobs, Bill Gates is going to grow you tumors, and you're going to eat tumors made out of human cells.
Man, that sounds delicious.
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Bill Gates and his synthetic meat is made out of human cancer cells
that grow in a petri dish.
Aluminum dioxide and barium salt spray in the atmosphere.
Children having their breasts and penises and testicles cut off.
Nuclear war.
Leaking reactors.
Fentanyl pouring across the border.
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks.
Now you're gonna eat her cells at McDonald's.
Bill Gates has his way.
We got Steven Crowder coming up.
I want to I want to address the viewers watching here.
The nightmare of the New World Order that was in beta is now arrived and it's an operational.
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We are connecting with the great Steven Crowder right now.
He'll be with us here in just a few minutes.
And I want to air this critically important clip that everybody needs to share from Bandot Video and Infowars.com.
If you want to stop the banking takeover happening right now to the globalists, the CBDC-CVB
and the Jeffrey Epstein connection, here is Greg Reese's newest critical report.
Weeks before the Silicon Valley bank collapse, several executives sold off large shares of
stock, while mainstream media tells its audience to invest in them.
On March 9th, the day before the collapse, Israel's two largest banks pulled up to $1 billion out of SVB.
While Peter Thiel's Founders Fund withdrew millions and advised their clients to do the same.
The next day there was a run on the bank and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.
Is this evidence of a controlled demolition or a hasty one?
The day before the collapse, a U.S.
judge ordered JPMorgan Chase to turn over documents in a lawsuit accusing them of aiding in Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation.
The team behind this lawsuit was the same team who successfully exposed the involvement of Deutsche Bank, and they subpoenaed several other banks they believe were involved in sex trafficking.
Including Silicon Valley Bank and Bank Lumi, the Israeli bank that drained a billion dollars out of SVB the day before it collapsed.
Whatever the reason, the U.S.
government's response threatens to collapse the world economy.
The FDIC insures up to $250,000 for each depositor.
But now they are going to cover all depositor losses, and they don't have enough to cover the $175 billion of SVB losses, let alone the trillions of dollars to be lost on the near horizon as banks across the world begin to break.
The systemic risk among GSIBs, Global Systemically Important Banks, is that they are so deeply connected that when one falls, they will all follow.
Much of the world's economy is already collapsing due to the actions of the U.S.
government and the Federal Reserve banking system.
And much of the world has been preparing for the end of the U.S.
dollar as a world reserve currency.
After all the smaller banks die, the people will be left with the central bank.
And their solution is the CBDC.
CBDC stands for Central Bank Digital Currency.
With CBDC, there are no more options.
Everyone's account is run directly through the central bank system.
As the financial system gets more controlling and more invasive, it's a little bit like bringing up a corral around us and CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Vaccine Passports or Digital IDs are sort of the last shutting of the gate.
It's hard for many people to imagine the risks here because we're so used to living with
financial transaction freedom and we don't understand that.
When this gate closes on us, we literally will be sitting in a system where the central
banks believe that our assets belong to them and they can dictate where we can spend money
and what we can spend money on.
If you don't behave, you can have your money turned off.
There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks which are located in cities being considered for the
15-minute city model of the World Economic Forum.
This is where it's all headed, and there isn't much pushback in the federal government.
Utah Senator Mike Lee introduced the No CBDC Act last September, which will likely go nowhere.
But we the people have much more sway over our local governments.
An Oklahoma House committee unanimously passed a bill to protect Oklahomans from being forced to adopt a CBDC.
It's time for we the people to unite with our neighbors and local communities and prepare to liberate ourselves from the central bank system.
Recall our corrupt county officials and start looking into local barter and trade systems because central bank digital currency is coming at us quickly and it equals financial enslavement.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
I mean, I would suggest you go share it.
If you try to share it from man.video on Twitter or Facebook, they'll block it.
But the new URL that's working right now, that takes you to the whole site and all the sublinks, you can send out the individual links to everybody you know and everybody you don't know, to warn them about what's happening and tell them to share it, is Mad Max World We're having trouble connecting to Steven Crowder up in Dallas via their Zoom system.
If that doesn't work, we'll go to telephone with him here pretty soon.
Because, you know, phone's kind of retroactive.
I kind of like it and better than nothing.
But we'll see.
Or we'll just take phone calls.
And I got a lot of news to cover regardless.
But I was looking forward to talking to Steven Crowder.
But again, these CBDCs is their whole New World Order.
Takeover plan.
So why would we go along with this?
We should be passing laws.
We should be standing up as consumers.
We should be saying, no, we're not going to be surveilled.
We're not going to be controlled.
This is a nightmare.
Chinese communist system, they admit it.
And it's just like lab grown meat that Bill Gates has rolled out, mainstream news, that is grown out of human immortal cell lines.
Those are cancer cells.
And then he wants to eradicate, quote, the cows because they create methane that's bad for the atmosphere, but he wants to grow in labs?
These things?
You can't make this up.
Bill Gates' lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans.
Synthetic meat has been heavily promoted by Bill Gates and the globalist elites at the WEF as the solution to the so-called climate change.
However, the same food ban has now been shown to cause cancer via the immortalized cell lines used to manufacture it.
And then it goes through some of the big studies that are out there that deal with this.
Other ingredients in fake meat can cause health issues.
Well, it's not really fake, it's synthetic.
Bill Gates' lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans.
Here's another one.
Business Week.
Lab-grown meat has a bigger problem than the lab.
Leading scientists agree that cultured meat products won't give you cancer, really, but the industry doesn't have the decades of data to prove it.
So it's trying to avoid the question instead.
So that's Business Week.
Trying to whitewash.
Oh, 5G won't give us cancer either.
All the studies show it, but they just tell you now it won't.
Just five years ago, they'd tell the truth about 5G and all these studies.
Now, it's almost impossible to find and there's almost no new studies because they're flooding the zone with hundreds of billions of dollars of grant money at the academic level and billions a year, Gates alone, in propaganda money to the news outlets to never cover these issues.
So I got an idea.
How about we just say no to this, ladies and gentlemen?
How about we just reject it?
Immortalized cell lines used in lab-grown meats can cause cancer.
And then it goes through the studies and breaks it down.
Normal meat cells don't just keep dividing forever.
To get the cell cultures to grow at rates big enough, the power of business, several companies are quietly using what are called immortal cell lines, something most people have never eaten intentionally.
And they have two major immortal cell lines.
One's from a black lady that died of a cancer.
They ate half her body in two weeks.
We can put her article back up there on screen.
Another is a aborted white baby in 1972.
This is very rare to find in a mortal cell line.
They reportedly have found some others, but those are secret.
So they've created industries in genetic engineering where they use their cells, then they splice them
and clone them to create growth hormone, thousands of different products.
So they're basically farming human cells and there's all sorts of cancer-causing issues
obviously associated with that.
Does eating immortal?
That means it just keeps surviving forever, never dies?
Cancer cells sound like something you wanna eat?
No one wants to eat that.
No one wants it.
No one wants bugs.
But if they're going to get us ready to eat synthetic cancer cells, like they're food, well, then they've got to tell us to eat the bugs, drink the sewage water.
It's all about lowering our expectations, beating us over the head, And trying to get us to accept any nightmare they want to push on us.
We'll be right back with a ton of other news and information.
More on the mortal cell lines here today.
This is really important stuff.
We've got to get control of civilization from these mad scientists.
Well, Steven Crowder joins us for the Balance of the Hour, and I can't wait to cover the waterfront with one of the biggest independent pro-freedom broadcasters out there.
And so, without further ado, Steven Crowder joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, when we were getting you on the show, you said, what do you want to talk about?
I said, what do you want to talk about?
Tell us about the whole world, about the censorship hearings that were so incredible last week, and the war, and all the stuff you've been going through, and the borders, and the Redfields testimony about gain of function and Fauci lying.
I mean, it seems like the deep state's burning down around us, but they just don't seem to care.
So, Stephen Crowder, louder with Crowder, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you for having me, sir.
Glad to be here.
I appreciate it.
It is a thing.
You'd like to think that Deep State is burning down, but Alex, come on.
You really believe that?
You don't think it's going to resurrect from the dead like a Romero film?
Come on.
Well, I agree with you that they're like zombies.
They just keep coming.
But wow, the stuff I talked about 25 years ago, stuff we've been talking about forever as well, it used to be fringe.
It's just everywhere now.
Yeah, you know, this is a good example, actually, because I know you wanted to talk about the, you know, the gain of function.
For example, you know, January 6th is a big story right now.
Here's the thing, you know, we've sort of been off air obviously for a while, which I'm sure we'll get to, but when I heard everyone talk about the revelations regarding January 6th, I remember, I was going, what revelations?
Well, so they were escorted in.
I'm going, okay, so what revelations?
What's new?
Well, you know, there were feds there who were pushing people over the barricades.
I go, yeah, okay, so what's new?
Same thing, I was on a show recently, they were asking me about the new bombshells of the gain of function.
I'm going, what do you mean, what's new?
Do you mean that someone else admitted to it and it turns out maybe we funded it more than we knew?
I mean, you have Joe Biden saying that he supports.
Right, the administration supporting gain-of-function research.
January 6th, we ran these clips of the QAnon shaman within the month of it happening.
We're suspended on YouTube, by the way, of him talking to a Capitol Police guard saying, all right, we'll bring you in single file and him turning around in his silly cookie monster voice saying, all right, we have to be peaceful!
And we did a whole sketch about it.
We had the QAnon shaman in the studio as an ongoing sketch because we knew that he was escorted in.
So I guess we have a slightly new angle from a different security camera as far as footage, but There's no really new information.
Like you said, you've been talking about a lot of these things for decades, but certainly as it relates to these stories, my question is, why are people thinking that this is new?
What disservice are, not only the media, but even, let's be honest, right-leaning media, what kind of a disservice are they doing to their viewer that the viewer didn't know until the last two weeks that January 6th was largely people being escorted into the Capitol building with some vandalism and trespassing?
Why are people now thinking it's a revelation that we funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab?
This isn't new!
It's just that we were suspended, right, if we talked about these things a long time ago.
Now there are enough people trying to cover their own ass admitting that it's true.
Hopefully I can say ass here.
I know you're still also on radio.
You can cuss if you want, we just delayed five seconds out.
But I'm glad, it's like we have a mind meld.
I haven't talked since I was in your studio three months ago, four months ago.
So we didn't script this, but I was about to go exactly there.
I'm not going to sit here and bash the Daily Wire because they're, quote, competition.
I don't see them as that.
The Globalists are my competition.
I want to beat their ideology.
But I agreed with you with what you were doing, exposing that, because you just hit the nail on the head.
It has been Mainline Conservative Inc.
Uh, the talk radio, you know, a lot of the Fox News people other than Tucker, and of course, the Daily Wire, who said, just take your damn shots, and there is no gain of function, and who said everybody at January 6th deserves to be shot or put in prison, uh, or, or, you know, worse.
I mean, just, I mean, we can play all the clips of Conservative Inc.
And there's some great people over at the Daily Wire like Candace Owens and countless others.
I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but it's very legitimate to point out that they have this whole pedigree, the leadership of these groups, of controlling what we can say and going along with it and then telling this whole stable or collection of talk show hosts that they get in control, and Fox is the worst about doing it, From keeping them from saying the truth when there was evidence of gain of function three years ago.
There was evidence of the of the feds letting people in as you said two years ago and you covered it and I covered it and then all these other people really don't cover it and then they turn around because Elon Musk freed up Twitter some now they think it's safe and suddenly now all of this is true and blah blah blah but then the next time there's a big story they're going to Sit on the bleachers again until they think it's safe again and we don't have time for that.
And so I know I have you on as a guest and I'm ranting here, but we don't have time when the next big event comes for them to sit there with their thumbs in their butts while all of our freedoms are taken.
So I'm not in competition with them.
They'll be more popular if they get hardcore.
I want them to stop being wimps!
And to be clear, when I talk about them, I'm not talking about Daily Wire.
Daily Wire was an issue where people can line up wherever they want.
I hope that everybody does well.
My issue is this, and like I said, there were about four, five, maybe six offers that were on the table when our contract went up and we were looking as to where we wanted to partner.
You know, alongside Mug Club.
And the issue is when you look at these contracts out there, and you have people on the right, and by the way, many are good people, but they have penalties on behalf of Big Tech.
This is something that a lot of people don't know.
Hosts and content creators are penalized if they're suspended.
They're penalized if they somehow are demonetized on YouTube.
To the tune of some of the offers, people know.
Fighting censorship, these big conglomerates like Daily Wire that could break the back of censorship, they partner with Big Tech as the enforcer.
Well, and it's the same thing with, yes, with Fox News.
That's the only issue.
And here's the thing, look, I would never say, I don't get into the business of saying controlled opposition or sort of trying to attribute motives.
But I will say this, and I'm not talking about Daily Wire.
Again, like you said, there's so many great people out there.
That's kind of something that blew up, who I didn't name, by the way.
But there are a lot of people out there where maybe they believe that vaccines were the best thing since sliced bread.
Maybe they believe that any and all elections have been the most free and most fair in our lifetime.
Maybe they believe that there was no evidence of gain-of-function research.
Maybe all of that is true, and I mean that sincerely.
But here's... I don't know.
Here's what I do know.
That with the contracts that exist out there, and keep in mind I also worked for Fox News for four and a half years, they would be precluded from speaking about it anyway.
They would be penalized if they spoke about it anyway.
So, you can't know necessarily if they I don't believe those things.
I assume they do, but if they had a problem with these issues, there aren't people outside of yourself, and thank God and myself, and we've partnered with Rumble, this partnership, where, if I can plug, you know, loudearthcreditor.com slash MugClub, we come back March 20th, by the way, we've added new shows, we have Mr. Guns N' Gear, we have Brian Callen, we're adding a Friday show, so two times the content, we have two more announcements coming up, people get three months free if they sign up at MugClubForever.com, and by the way, you're going to be here in the studio in third chair, I think, next Wednesday.
Do you think I could ever do that?
Do you think I could ever do that if we signed with any of these other major companies?
We can only be brothers in arms if we can partner with each other freely and if we engage in mutually beneficial free enterprise.
But the issue here is I sit back and I get so mad, Alex, when I see people saying, you know, I follow this in a very granular way and I had no idea about the QAnon shaman.
Well, you should!
You should have known.
You know what?
I guess your guess is as good as mine as it relates to the gain-of-function research.
It's as good as mine?
Your guess is as good as mine?
We had Rand Paul on here, gosh, I want to say two years ago, presenting the evidence, who, by the way, I agree with on almost everything, and he still irritates me.
I don't care, because I want the truth to get out, and we are afforded that luxury.
We would not be afforded that luxury if we'd have partnered with anybody else.
I still own this.
Well, that's really the key, and we need nationalists and populists and just pro-free speech people and conservatives and Christians to ally together, even if we're not in the same company, and agree we're going to hold the line, and we're not going to self-censor or censor our people.
We're going to try to tell the truth, but when we're handed down these things like, don't talk about the Afghan withdrawal.
That was one of the things the Twitter files showed.
They were censoring people.
That criticized the Afghan withdrawal.
Now they're criticizing people that are against open borders.
Now they're criticizing people to bring up January 6th stuff.
We'll be right back with Steven Crowder.
Powerful stuff coming up.
Stay right there, Steven Crowder.
All right, so let's be 100% clear about this.
Major scientific institutions in Australia, India, and France, the discoverer of HIV, within a month of COVID being out there, They had scanned it, the P shuttle gene, the cleavage site.
They said it's man-made.
It's got the HIV spike protein welded onto it.
If you give people a vaccine for this, they're going to come up as HIV positive.
And Australia created a regular vaccine.
They were getting HIV positive, so they had to stop it.
After only 10,000 people were given it, almost all of them came up HIV positive.
They didn't really have HIV, but they had the spike protein, so it showed that.
My point is, The science was there three years ago, okay?
We had the scientist on.
Like Stephen said, I remember seeing the interview.
He had over two years ago, Senator Paul laying it all out.
So, the fact that it's all here illustrates the bubble that with big tech and conservative ink, not just Daily Wire, because they've got some great hosts, but just in general, They won't touch something until it's kosher to talk about.
Now to Joe Rogan's credit, he's not controlled by any of that.
He kind of woke up a year and a half, two years ago.
I helped inform him at a lot of dinners we had.
And he came out first and I think kind of helped break the bubble outside of Crowder and Jones.
So it's not about us saying we're the best.
It's about saying I want to beat this authoritarian system.
That's my goal.
It's not big paychecks.
But oh, you turned down that big paycheck.
I was told because you wanted a bigger one.
How much money are you actually getting at Rumble?
Was it more than daily? Why are you greedy bastard?
Well, first of all, it's a partnership to be clear, which is what I'm so excited about.
Uh, no.
No, it's actually a little bit less.
It's a little bit less than the offer that people know about publicly.
It's a little bit less initial, and then it's less overall as far as actually cash, but more upside.
So the idea that, oh, only one person take, no, I wanted to take on some of the risk and also take on the ability to make it successful because, look, here's one thing, too.
I've never really talked about numbers, right?
When people talk about Mug Club, when we talk... By the way, you're not really a bastard.
I know your dad, I know your wife, I know your family, you're a great guy.
I was being sarcastic.
No, I appreciate it.
I know, Alex.
I am a bastard, though, sometimes.
No, but the issue is, it was always about making sure that there is, you know, that we're all sort of mutually aligned, right?
The Bible talks about not being unequally yoked.
And you need to be free to discuss.
Here's the thing.
Big Tech, I'm not looking to get suspended from YouTube, to be clear, okay?
So when we come back March 20th, we will be available on YouTube and on Rumble.
But we need to decouple from YouTube.
And a legitimate criticism, some people have said, well, you know, where would you be if not for YouTube?
Because that's where I kind of started 2006, 2009 politically.
Sure, YouTube's a valuable platform, but as you well know, big tech is only a valuable platform if, if you can speak the truth.
I understand working within the system to change it, but once you reach a point where you cannot discuss the truth, for example, you talked about COVID, you know, when everyone else was in their basement.
This includes not just Jimmy Kimmel, but everyone on the right.
A lot of people were in there.
We said, you know what, we're going to do two-a-days.
And that's when we blew up.
We had Dr. Peter McCullough on the very first week of the two-week quarantine, the two-week lockdown that people were doing, and we got suspended for that.
It has been an ongoing situation.
Well, that's why I'm back to you, is that I know you've had the courage and you do the research that, quite frankly, almost no one else had.
And that's scary.
We shouldn't have courage be so rare.
It needs to be contagious.
Well, you know, here's the thing.
I don't think it's courageous.
I think it's a promise.
When I promise people that I'm out there fighting like hell, right?
That's our slogan.
And we took it, of course, because people tried to say that Donald Trump was calling people to an insurrection.
When we say fight like hell, we mean it!
I can't take your money to fight big tech and then punish everybody who works for me if they don't do the bidding of big tech.
I am willing to speak the truth and let the cards fall where they may.
It's a PG-13 show.
It's an entertainment show.
We make all the references publicly available.
But there also needs to be, here's one thing too, Alex.
There's a vision here for the future.
Okay, and not just with Rumble, but what you guys do.
There needs to be the ability to partner with people, like you said, even though we don't necessarily agree on everything.
Parallel world?
Hey, maybe there's something where there's a discount.
People who are members of Mug Club get a discount if they join InfoWars and vice versa, so we give more value to the viewer.
I'm not saying we have to do that specifically, but I'm saying this, you can only make these kinds of arrangements if you are in a situation where True North is serving the viewer, is serving the average American.
And I've talked about this, Alex.
People act as though this is risky, and certainly what we do, right, sometimes, like a sketch with you as the Angel of Gabriel, uh, in a transgender cellmate.
That was a hilarious sketch, by the way.
People can go and watch it on Mug Club.
People say, oh, maybe that's niche.
Hold on a second.
Does anyone have any idea how many people watched Johnny Carson, how many people watched Leno, how many people watched Letterman?
Let's go even closer.
After the fracturing of cable, how many people tuned in to the finale of Breaking Bad?
Hold on, listen, it's true.
I'm not kissing your ass when I say it.
For how small your crew is, you guys have the best production quality and how much you churn out that's all, you know, A or A plus quality.
I mean, I just, I marvel at it.
And that's what I was going to say is, and I think I told your dad this last time I was up there, you, I think, should become like the mothership And then obviously you vet people that are quality, you know, you make sure stuff gets checked.
You can't just say anything.
Like I've been a bull in a China cabinet, not on purpose, but not knowing they take stuff out of context and blow it up.
You, I think, have had a really good thoroughbred view of getting the most truth out while at the same time surviving without selling out.
Well, thank you.
I really do try to.
You know, my thing is if I can't prove it, then I won't say it or I'll make sure to say, look, this is conjecture.
But my point here is, I don't remember what my point was, but you were saying something that was very interesting.
But no, I appreciate.
Look, we make all of our references publicly available.
I don't know that anybody else does that because I demand that people fact check me.
I demand that people ensure that I am either correct or incorrect.
We need transparency.
Oh, that was what I was talking about, Breaking Bad.
So, you know, people talk about how it's niche.
This is an entertainment show largely, right?
We do all kinds of crazy sketches and bits and on location.
All right.
But Breaking Bad had about 15 million people.
I remember they had some focus groups, about 70%.
A majority of them were conservative.
Peak viewership on the biggest conservative show on Fox News on television.
Is 2 point something 3 million if you're really lucky with the median demo of 70 something?
There's nothing wrong with that.
What I'm saying is that's niche.
That's niche.
Entertainment is not niche.
There are so many Americans out there who think like we do and that we are not doing.
We're not doing it well enough because they're not tuning in.
That's our fault.
Well that's why I like your show because sometimes, I don't watch it when it's live or in the morning, but when I'm sick of news and sick of all the horrible stuff going on, but I still want to see what's going on, I tune in because it's so entertaining and it's relaxing.
So for me, I understand it's hard to do a nighttime show, but your show really feels like a nighttime show.
Well, it started as a nighttime show, and then what happened is when we did two-a-days during the lockdown, we did a nighttime show and a morning show, we realized that most people watch late night in the morning.
That includes Fallon, that includes Kimmel.
So we said, well, you know what?
Let's just do it in the morning anyway.
That way we're ahead of the news, and people will watch it in the morning, and then they'll also watch it at night.
So it basically is a nighttime show in the morning, and that kind of happened by accident.
It used to run at 9 p.m.
every night.
But I appreciate you saying that.
Look, I do not want to be people's only show, just to be clear.
That's why we're adding people.
We're adding people under the umbrella of Mug Club.
To be clear, the most profitable thing that I could do would be capitalize on the current paying subscribers
and then move on my merry way.
But we have put ourselves, Alex, and you know what this means.
We have put ourselves in a position, people sign up there at lydoscredit.com/mugclub,
where in adding new talent, in adding new shows, we have to perform.
We have put our back against the wall to put our money where our mouth is.
Because it's a lot harder and it's a lot more expensive.
And we're coming for half a million subscribers.
A million subscribers by election night 2024.
That's awesome!
Without getting into infighting, you left the blaze.
Glenn Beck's the type of guy who's very talented, but he'll give you one of his paintings and then a year later talk crap about you on air and say you're a terrible person.
And that place is a very nice facility up there in Dallas.
And I know you were there forever, but not inside of it.
You were separate.
So you were leaving there.
You were looking at other outlets.
I'm glad you've gone with Rumble.
They seem like to be the best and really building, I think, the platform of the future.
But why'd you leave The Blaze?
Well, we had a contract that was... So, to be clear, I signed a contract with a company called CRTV.
And I can only say good things about the man who ran that company, a guy named Kerry.
Fantastic actually gave this company raises when we didn't even ask for them because we out-punted our coverage.
Then there was, you know, business stuff that's sort of, you know, it's inside baseball.
People don't care there was merging.
It just wasn't the right fit.
And I understand we're not necessarily the right fit for a lot of people.
You know that very well, Alex.
That's probably why you're doing it on your own as well, right?
Sometimes it's just...
It's risky!
What we do is a little bit different, but here's honestly what I was always looking to do, is fundamentally change the landscape of the internet.
And a part of it is motivated by seething rage, which I know isn't Christian of me, but I have been around YouTube right since 2009, and I have been suspended, and we had the Vox Apocalypse, and we've been threatened to be removed, and we've had to meet with the brass.
You hear Susan Wojcicki up there talking about how they've created new guidelines for us, the borderline guidelines.
And you see Senator Hirono and Nancy Pelosi saying that we need to be removed.
And I've watched this happen, and I've watched people on our side not fight back because it's sort of a tripopoly with big tech.
Here's the beauty of Rumble, okay?
Mug Club is under that umbrella where people can pay and they can get, that's $89 a year, they get a full hour of show and the rest of all of this content.
It also allows Rumble to compete on the free portion with YouTube, right?
The free portion is a platform like YouTube.
No, that's the thing.
We've got to operate in all zones.
On the enemy zones, our own zones.
This is an information war.
Steven Crowder, final segment straight ahead.
I'll be up there, what is it, next Wednesday.
All right.
This is an information war and Steven Crowder in his entertaining way with his band of merry Liberty Pirates.
Certainly has been challenging the system, and you gotta say, for political shows, it's as big as it gets on YouTube, and he's absolutely right.
They have Fox News audiences every day, but it's not all celebrated and, you know, like it's Hollywood.
Well, we're not Hollywood, and this show has giant audiences as well.
We're trying to save the country.
That's really my mission.
And, you know, Stephen's having a fun time while he does it.
I'd say joking half the time, very serious the other half.
I'm serious about 95% of the time.
That's probably why I've gone so crazy, but here's one of the skits.
It's hilarious that got him suspended on YouTube a few years ago.
ago. Here it is.
Do not be afraid.
For behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which will be to all people, for there is born to you a baby in this cell.
And this shall be a sign unto you of... A virgin birth?
A miracle?
Your cellmate, that guy dressed as a woman, He's going to rape you.
I'm a girl.
So that's going on in prisons all over the West.
It's all admitted.
You've got transgender athletes winning the Massachusetts Track and Field Championship.
And it's a male steaming crowd.
This is why we've absolutely not just got to survive.
We've got to thrive.
So tell us more about your big show relaunch that's got conservative ink and a lot of other people looking over their shoulder.
You know what's funny is that girl actually, she's adorable, right, Lily?
She went to work for one of the big boys because sometimes, you know, you end up with this where sometimes people kind of get poached and I'll write them a letter of recommendation because I can't afford to necessarily keep them.
And came back because realized that there was, it was a little bit different than she had anticipated.
And this happens a lot with our studio where people will leave, you know, I'm sure you've had this struggle, right, Alex, where your talent and your creators, people will come and they go, oh, they're really good.
They pay them more, but then they say, you know what, we're going to have to lay you off or then lower the salary.
But I will tell you this, this is the most important issue of our time.
I mean, taxes are important.
Yes, government corruption is important.
This ties into government corruption.
But the idea that there are no men and women, that they are fundamentally interchangeable, that's when society collapses.
And this isn't even the first story, by the way.
I was suspended, throttled on Facebook.
Gosh, I want to say 2000.
2014, 2013, we're talking about Fallon Fox, the person who lived as a man for 32 years of his life, I believe fathered children, and then fractured women's skulls in the cage, and lied, by the way, about his biological sex.
And I don't even know if he's still living as a woman.
So this is something that we've been facing for a very long time, and the most important thing with Mug Club, and people can sign up, lotofcredit.com slash mugclub, we'll be coming back March 20th, along with three, four, five other shows, $10 cheaper than it was before.
It's about decoupling from big tech.
Look, when you were removed, Alex, I think we had you on the next day, within 48 hours.
And we had you on YouTube.
And I don't know how we got away with that, because there was a policy, persona non grata, Alex Jones on YouTube.
I was disappointed that a lot of other people didn't.
Even though you and I have some fundamental disagreements, I feel compelled to poke my finger in the chest of people who tell you what you can and can't do.
And by the way, let me talk about some inside baseball.
When you did that, I think it was like a day and a half later.
That was the only reason a bunch of other people had me on.
And then YouTube had to clarify, no, other shows can have him.
He just can't have his own show.
So you helped break that electronic Berlin Wall for InfoWars, which is why I appreciate you.
I didn't know, I appreciate, because when I did it, they in no uncertain terms said,
"No, no, you can't have him on."
I said, "Well, go screw yourself with a wire brush.
I'm going to have him on anyway."
So I'm glad that it worked.
And that's one thing too, right?
We have a big enough platform, and I don't say this to brag about it, but I need to take
ownership and responsibility for it.
When I say I have a big platform, I don't, you do.
Meaning the people viewing right now do.
They voted with their dollars.
But let's be one trillion percent clear.
There aren't many of us at this level and this is a fight for our whole future.
If we don't have the speech to challenge this takeover, we're going to lose.
So this is essential.
It's a war.
And for people that don't know, it costs tens of millions of dollars a year to run Infowars with our bandwidth, our crew, our expenses, the legal, all of it.
So when people saw that contract you turned down, And now you've taken a lower contract for freedom.
They thought, oh, this greedy bastard.
That's you paying for all your expenses, your studios, your bandwidth, all of it.
People don't know what it takes.
I saw the other day, like, BuzzFeed's $110 million in the hole and going under, and all they do is write articles.
I mean, you know, so we operate on a fraction of the money the left has.
That's why listeners have to understand, it is a war.
It takes money to win wars.
If you want good culture and good ideas out there, folks, you've got to patronize it.
You've got to support it.
They have to support it, and you know what?
And we have to offer a product that's worth it.
That's always what I always say.
I need to earn your dollar, meaning people who are watching right now.
I need to earn your dollar every single day.
I act as though every single audience is new, and you've never seen what we've done before, so we don't rest on the laurels, because when you do that, you end up with a median demo that's 72 years old.
And by the way, Alex, there's nothing wrong with a lot of traditional conservative media having a very, very old demographic.
My problem is with exclusively marketing to that demographic.
When you exclude people, saying, no, no, no, This is how conservatives make money.
I talked about this the other day.
Alex, you travel the country.
I know you do.
You have a lot of people you interact with.
Some of them are probably, a lot of them Libertarians, some of them Republicans, conservatives.
Have you ever once met a Lindsey Graham fan?
A Mitch McConnell fan?
A Mitt Romney fan?
And these people are constantly in positions of power?
Right, think about it.
We don't know one, not one.
Even when you're talking about McCarthy, you have a lot of people who have issues with him.
He wouldn't be the first choice.
These are unelected people when they get elected to these positions of authority.
For example, someone like Fauci is completely unelected.
Sure, people are elected to the House or elected to the Senate, but then effectively they pick who leads them.
But even when you're talking about a Republican primary, I didn't know a single person who was enthusiastic about Romney.
I don't know a single person who was enthusiastic about McCain.
I know a lot of people who were enthusiastic about Donald Trump, by the way, not saying that he's faultless, not saying that he's blameless.
Of course not.
But, when people say, you know what, we need to be a unified front, I agree.
But they need to come our way.
We don't need to go their way.
We've taken over the Republican Party.
We're the populace.
And let me ask this, because When I tell the story all the time, it's a gauge, like a bellwether.
It's not like, oh, I'm famous.
You know, 10 years ago, I'd walk at the mall, maybe shake one hand, every hundred people knew who I was or who came over.
And then, under Trump, the show blew up so big, it was like, I would shake 30, 40 hands, every other person, and somebody would say, F you, Russian agent, I'm gonna, you know, kill you, blah, blah, blah.
Dump coffee on me.
It's been caught on video many times.
Apparently go out to a restaurant without being attacked.
Now, in the last year or two, I go all over the place, all over the world, into liberal areas.
All I get is love now.
You are just as well known.
You're a gauge as well.
You travel a lot.
Are you experiencing the same thing?
Because I see that as a gauge of the public mind.
It looks like people are really awake right now.
I have a little bit of a reputation as a bordering on Howard Hughes Hermits, just because I'm very guarded with my private life.
But yeah, no, I get recognized.
We had to put a gym here in the office.
And it's not a big gym, it's a box with two squat racks, because every time I would go to the gym, what should be 45 minutes would be two hours, because you know, you always want to talk with people, you always want to sign stuff.
But at a certain point, I'm like, hey, I got to get out of here and I got to go to work.
So we had to install a gym here because it was taking up so much time in my day.
And I'm grateful.
I'm incredibly grateful.
But it absolutely does change your life and and yeah, even my dad who's been on the show, you know
Just every now and then people here Gerald for crying out loud gets recognized everywhere and people like him now
I don't know how that happened, but people love Gerald now So I'm grateful for it. And that's why I feel like we have
to use our platform and our voice I'm not saying oh, we're famous
We're Hollywood.
No, it's the opposite.
We're letting listeners that feel alone and don't think we're winning know.
I was getting coffee and tea dumped on me every couple weeks when Trump first got elected.
That doesn't happen.
All I get is love now.
I mean, listen, I have to wear sunglasses and a hat.
Not that I want to talk to people and pull a collar up.
If I go to the grocery store, my wife won't go.
I'm becoming work.
Oh, that won't work, Alex.
What, you think you're Inspector Gadget outfit?
Then the second you open your mouth, you're like, oh yeah, I just want to get some corn puffs.
And people are like, ah, that's Alex Jones.
Come on.
I'm saying all I'm getting is love now, so it means something's changed.
What's changed?
Um, I think what's changed is our ability to reach people directly, and I think a big part of it's the loyalty from people, because we talk about people being othered, right?
That's what the left says.
Look, if you're a black, afro-lesbian, gender major, you know, studies major, you can pick from hundreds of representatives in mainstream media.
If you are someone who is going to an Ivy League school or you are someone who's on the East Coast or somewhere in Los Angeles and you're conservative or you're working in the entertainment industry, guess what?
Or you're working in the liberal arts, you are completely alone.
You are completely other.
That's whether you're black, yellow, red, white, guess what?
You don't have anyone speaking for you.
And so when I have people come up, they'll often say, hey, you know what?
I've always been more conservative, but I was never going to watch.
You know, Fox News.
I was never going to tune into a lot of that.
I would grow up watching Letterman.
I would grow up watching Conan or Howard Stern.
And they said, you know what?
I thought there weren't people out there like me, who thought like me, but also didn't just want red meat talking lines.
And they say that they really feel less alone.
That's a big thing when we do the stand-up shows.
Talking about many, many thousands of people at each show.
And that, to me, is not something that I exalt myself.
It humbles me.
Because I genuinely feel like I have to serve these people.
There's a responsibility with that.
We don't have shows like yours that we can easily make number one.
We don't have the culture.
We are number one.
Freedom is number one.
And people fighting from the front lines are our champions.
And that's why I totally support you.
How do people get on board the bold new relaunch of your already hit show with all the new shows and make sure it's even bigger?
Because I do want it to become bigger than Conservative Inc.
It's not a pissing contest, but so I can be free.
Because we can't sit there while they cower the next globalist operation for two years with their thumbs in their butt.
We need to be leading from the front with you and others.
How do people support the great work you're doing?
And by the way, in a perfect world, we all get on the same page and we all say, you know what, okay, we understand the enemy that we're facing in the left and the complete deconstruction of Western civilization.
It's louderwithcredit.com slash mug clip.
March 20th.
Here's the beauty.
If you watch there, you sign up, you just keep on watching and you get to watch the additional hour free and the rest of the network.
There's no going to having to go to all these separate websites anymore.
We are streaming the free portion on the blaze and rumble.
You hit one button and you keep on watching the premium.
We're going to air some clips of your show.
We're going to come right back with you live in six minutes.
and stay with us.
The globalists are in deep trouble.
But they're striking back with all their deep state operatives to shut down Infowars and other truth tellers like James O'Keefe and Tucker Carlson and countless others.
So please, pray for us now more than ever.
Spread the word about the broadcast and get great products to keep us on air and fund our operation while at the same time enriching your life.
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Please take action now.
Jeez, man.
You're really chomping at the bit, aren't you?
It's so hard.
There's so much out there right now to talk about and we just can't.
Wait, did you just say chomping?
Yeah, chomping at the bit.
No, no, it's champing.
It's an equestrian term, Gerald.
It's champing.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
This would be good stuff.
By the way, is it March 20th?
You can't really talk too much about that.
By the way, did you see the new CEO for YouTube, Neil Mohan?
Did you see that guy coming in?
Have you heard of him?
It's Mohan?
It's Neil Mohan?
You mean the guy who...
That's literally the guy who was involved with removing 50 of our videos after the Vox Apocalypse.
It's Mohan?
Oh, whatever you say, Mohan.
You know, maybe, uh, does this mean you want to maybe take down the YouTube plaque that's hanging in the bathroom?
Is that?
We still have the YouTube plaque hanging in the bathroom?
for the love of God.
Back up in your morn with the resurrection If the club wanted to step the direction
with no straight affection They wanna ban us here on YouTube still
Now it's ride mother for the, ride mother for the trail [Music]
And simply what this means is, you know that we'll be coming back any day.
Once you see this, you mother clubbers will be there too.
'Cause it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real, fool.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
Rhyme Mother Club, it's Rhyme Mother Club, it's real.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Mug Club.
Professionally, it's meant everything to us here.
We here at Mug Club are in the business of serving you.
The viewer, you watching, listening right now.
You are the entire reason for our ability, your ability, to create this kind of content truly independently for the
last six years.
I joined Mud Club when Steven inspired me to finally stand up for my beliefs.
I'm an American spy.
We need to go out and remember what it's all about.
It's about our children.
It's about our future.
It's about our safety.
It's about our country.
No, no, no!
Be silent!
Keep your channels!
Would you be willing to trade all the dates?
From this day to that!
For our freedom!
I want to see you alongside me, fighting like hell.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to band.video.
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Support the Information War at infowarestore.com.
And never give up the fight.
And the hilarious Steven Crowder.
One more segment left with him and then I'll cover all the other news and information after he leaves us in 10 minutes.
Steven, you wanted to get into those insane deep state weaponization hearings last week that I think are a lot bigger than the First Amendment when you had all these government agencies and intelligence agencies and corporations and media all with think tanks attacking and censoring anybody that questions hundreds of different issues.
I mean, to me, this is an authoritarian, totalitarian scandal.
How would you define it?
Yeah, no, absolutely.
I mean, again, the only thing new here is Matt Taibbi talking about what he was able to examine.
I will tell you this.
We have been suspended, removed, myself, from Twitter.
On Facebook, that was a national article, right, that was Engadget.
That's how I met my lawyer when they were censoring Ted Cruz, the Chris Kyle Foundation, and myself.
Of course, the Vox Apocalypse with YouTube, and we've had many conversations with people at Google.
As you well know, one time we were doing a Change My Mind.
This has been going on for a long time, and I have at some point been suspended or throttled from every single platform.
Here's something that no one else knows this, Alex.
With Twitter, there were some reporters who were talking about going through the documents with Twitter.
And I said, hey, you know what you may want to look into?
Look into the advertising accounts with Twitter.
Because what happens is they court you, ask you to advertise on Twitter.
This happened with me on Twitter.
We actually had a legal dust-up with Twitter that we won.
They said, hey, come advertise your profile here on Twitter.
We'll create a campaign so you increase your followership.
This is when I didn't have a lot of money.
It might have been a few thousand dollars, right, every couple of months.
Then they said, oh, you know what, we're going to actually have to punish you and remove you from the ad account because this campaign is a violation of our guidelines.
I said, wait a second, you guys wrote the copy for the campaign.
So I told people who were reaching in and doing the prodding, I said, look into the advertising accounts because this isn't the only place that it's happened.
Not a peep.
And then it took a third party like Matt Taibbi to come out and say, actually this is going on.
We know this has been going on.
We've had conversations behind the scenes that this has been going on.
I've had senators and congressmen, people high up, ask me what's going on, sent them information, and then what ends up happening?
Doesn't it just sort of boggle the mind when you go, hold on a second, nothing's been done about 230?
Nothing's been done when Republicans had power?
Nothing has actually been done?
That to me is the biggest failure of the Trump administration.
They had the opportunity to do something and you know why?
Because people on the right are afraid.
They are pacified by people in big tech.
And I understand it.
It's this big leviathan.
But it's only going to get more powerful if we allow it to be.
And Alex, I know you've always been more libertarian, but let me ask you this here.
Do we honestly believe that it's a free company?
They can do whatever they want at this point when they're benefiting directly from the government and working with government agencies to censor people?
No, it's not.
It's not an independent platform.
Because they're interfacing with the government and rigging a market that's anti-libertarian.
Exactly, exactly.
Now that is government.
That is an arm of government.
And they are determining over 90% of the information that travels.
So when you have these conservative libertarians, right, who say, well, you know what?
Go and create your own YouTube.
Well, really?
How do you do it when they're not liable for the crap that's put on their channel, that's put on their platform, but they're still allowed to censor?
No one else has afforded that, right?
It's like saying, go and create your own Verizon wireless.
Well, hold on a second.
This is why we also understand the concept, right, of non-excludable, non-rivalrous when people talk about roads, right?
We understand there's a legitimate role of government when the government protects these entities and is directly working with these entities to determine policy beyond the scope of the law, right?
We have laws.
Here's the thing, Alex.
How will investigative journalism ever exist again?
The only way that works is if we have an understanding.
We live in a society with laws where it's a single party consent state.
I can expose corruption because I don't need their consent to film this or to record this.
But then YouTube says, you know what, we don't care.
They said they didn't really like the recording that went up and they remove it.
How could you ever expose corruption when those people are in direct communication with the folks at big tech?
And then how could you ever find conservatives to back you exposing corruption?
We saw this with James O'Keefe and his board.
That's exactly where I was going.
Read my mind, James O'Keefe.
Read my mind, we're at Sabotico.
That's what folks have to get.
When you pay for your own servers, your own infrastructure, your own thing like you're doing, it costs 10, 20 times more than if you're on those big platforms.
They leave you alone.
People want us to build our own thing, build the new culture.
You're doing it, I'm doing it, a few other people are doing it, and that's why the support is so critical.
But let's talk about James O'Keefe.
Superstar of liberty.
We'd be in so much more tyranny right now if it wasn't for his leadership, his incredible work, his tirelessness of trying to put him in prison.
The FBI raids, all of it, and then the Pfizer thing was so big, I said that day, I said, they're going to shut him down or kill him in the next two weeks.
And what did they do?
Now he's back again, but it'll take funding to do it again.
But that is an example of there aren't many others.
And what do you make of the O'Keefe situation?
Well, here's also a problem.
That's the problem with non-profits.
You and I both know that as free enterprisers on the right, there is undue influence from non-profits on the right.
We know this.
A lot of these big conservative companies that exist out there, they also have a non-profit wing, and funds exchange hands, and that's because they don't really believe in the product.
That's because they say, if we get donations, then we can create content, and then maybe we generate enough profit where we kind of kick it back.
So here's the thing, we need to get away from nonprofits, and we need to be entirely funded by viewers like you.
That's what Mug Club is, that's why we've reduced the price.
You can't find a pay service for $89 a year, along with, by the way, this hand-etched, hand-painted mug.
It's very expensive to send out, but our goal is to create more value so that there's critical mass, so there are enough people out there.
We can't be beholden to donors.
We can't be beholden to investors, whether that's an oil baron or whether it's someone who's made money in hedge funds.
There's nothing wrong with making money, but you cannot be beholden to one or two people and certainly not non-profit donors, because guess what?
If their incentives, right, if their motives are not determined by the profit, For some reason, meaning the audience, right?
In our case, we're beholden to the audience.
But if you have a donor who says, you know what, I want you to do this, and they dangle a check, that's how you end up.
People are confused.
James O'Keefe, isn't he Project Veritas?
Yeah, he is, until you get a board.
And then the board decide to have some relationships with people who are donors, and those donors decide that they don't like the way you're doing things.
And beyond that... Even though they came to donate because of who you are.
And then they can buy you off, absolutely.
And we also know the FBI is threatening to basically indict a bunch of people at Veritas for nothing if they didn't do that.
So it's also the FBI holding them hostage.
And we mentioned last year's hearings.
There were a lot of comical moments.
But to see them trying to get their sources, to see them acting like it was bad that the stories were big, was ridiculous.
But the worst was when this Congresswoman, I think it's Garcia, It was like, oh, you talk to other reporters.
Is this a, is this a three-sentimentage?
They're like, well, really, it's more like an orgy.
Here's the clip.
...by a friend, Barry Weiss.
My friend, Barry Weiss.
So this friend works for Twitter or what is, what is her, um... She's a journalist.
Sir, I didn't ask you a question.
I'm now asking Mr. Schellenberger a question.
Yes, ma'am.
Barry Weiss is a journalist.
I'm sorry, sir?
She's a journalist.
She's a journalist.
So you work in concert with her?
Um, yeah.
Do you know when she first was contacted by Mr. Musk?
I don't know.
You don't know.
So you're in this as a threesome?
Um, there was many more people involved than that.
There was many more people involved with it.
Are you being paid to be here today, either through consulting fees, campaign contributions to your next run?
No, absolutely not.
Do you have an interview scheduled after this hearing?
Absolutely not.
Thank you.
I just, I don't know what to say other than I recognize the gentleman from the show.
So what's happened is they've been censoring and spying and bullying and deplatforming and no banking for years and now they're so used to it they're just doing it out in the open.
Where do you see all this going, Steven Crowder?
Well, my first question is, when was Lady Lane allowed to leave the merry-go-round in the land of make-believe?
That was the most bizarre make-up voice that I've heard.
It almost seems like it's a Jim Henson character.
Look, we know where this is going.
It's already there.
And I hope that people like Tayibi, who, by the way, is a classical liberal, I hope that these people who use these same methods in the past, saying, well, these climate deniers, and that means anyone who doesn't believe in the policy of global climate change in the world economic form, they're likely funded by big oil.
That's the attack they always do.
Are you being paid to be here?
Well, hold on a second, Garcia.
Are you there for free?
Are you not getting a salary?
You're being paid to be a grandstanding rube who suckles at the government teat!
You don't have to provide anything!
I have a relative who's going through having to get their passport because they're about to travel.
It's four months late!
Can you imagine delivering a product or your show four months late?
The only people who live in this world are government employees who, by the way, increase their own personal net worth in their portfolio at an astronomical rate compared to the average citizen because insider trading laws don't necessarily apply to them.
These people are being paid, so why would it be a problem if That man was being paid to help represent as a consultant.
They don't apply the same standards to them, and this is the issue.
It's a constant application of a double standard.
We see it from the left, but what's most disconcerting is when you see it from the right.
That's why when someone on the right says something that's, let's say, offensive or I don't agree with...
If it's a joke, I'll say maybe I didn't find it funny, but I have to acknowledge that it's a joke.
I hope that people who are coming over to the right, they need to get up that next rung of the ladder, Alex.
It can't just be, oh, I like free speech.
What else are you going to do with it?
What is the lens you use?
We're out of time.
through which you view the world.
And I have never shied away from the fact that I am a card-carrying, traditional conservative
with probably libertarian leanings, but it's defined by my faith, it's defined by my values.
This is my worry, is the people who are, whether it's Barry Weiss, whether it's Taibbi,
they've done some good work, great.
But have you fundamentally shifted your worldview for the next time?
We're out of time, what's the website for folks?
Sorry, I'm doing you right now.
Lauderworthcreditor.com/mugclub, we need it.
Boom, perfect.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.
We face a hostile ideology, global in scope, atheistic in character, Ruthless in purpose and insidious in manner.
Unhappily, the danger it poses promises to be of indefinite duration.
Eisenhower's fears were well-founded.
Today, American taxpayers are unwittingly financing the growth and power of a censorship industrial complex run by America's scientific and technological elite, which endangers our liberties and democracy.
Demolishing free speech cultural narratives Americans valiantly and successfully defended by the grace of God.
The propaganda industrial complex monstrosity that Obama quietly modernized in 2012 is now rampaging across America.
A guy that's done memes on Hillary Clinton, I think this came from a couple years ago in the 16 campaign.
He's facing 10 years in prison.
Well, remember, there's this statute that, again, was originally designed to prevent the Ku Klux Klan from intimidating African Americans from being able to vote at the polls.
And they're saying that, well, this was an intimidation, but It was a kind of deception because people are going to think it's real and they're going to text Hillary instead of going to vote, even though, as I mentioned, they haven't been able to produce a single aggrieved party that didn't vote as a result of this satirical meme.
So the whole premise is ridiculous.
But again, they're trying to expand it such that You're not just going to be censored and deplatformed for disinformation.
You're going to be thrown in jail.
Now laid to waste by the creeping socialist sabotage of the O'Biden administration.
Too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal.
Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans Representative extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.
I give you Exhibit A, as Jamie White reported, Richard Stengel, a former State Department official under Obama and founder of the Global Engagement Center, which has come under scrutiny since the Twitter files revealed the extent of its role to censor the American people who defy establishment narratives.
Propaganda, I'm not against propaganda.
Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population, and I don't necessarily think it's that awful.
Emails in the Twitter files revealed that the GEC was a key entity involved in the social media platform censorship policies, working as a go-between for the federal government and Twitter.
For every government agency scanning Twitter, there were perhaps 20 quasi-private entities doing the same thing, including Stanford's Election Integrity Partnership, NewsGuard, the Global Disinformation Index, and many others, many taxpayer-funded.
A focus of this fast-growing network, as Mike noted, is making lists of people whose opinions, beliefs, associations, or sympathies are deemed misinformation, disinformation, or malinformation.
That last term is just a euphemism for true but inconvenient.
We are now experiencing something alien to our system of government and civilization.
Censorship in real time.
As the walls of the First Amendment crash down in a controlled demolition.
So, Mr. Taibbi, do you believe... Do you believe that the Russians...
And their oligarch controlled internet research agency interfered in the 2016 election via this social media disinformation campaign.
Do you believe that?
Mr. Congressman, my disagreement with the issue...
I think this is basically a yes and no question.
Either you think so or you don't.
And I don't have a lot of time, so... Okay, well then I'm going to answer not in the sense that you're putting it.
I think all countries engage in offensive information operations.
The question is scale.
You believe that Russia engages in hacking?
Reclaiming my time.
That's how it works now.
I'll ask the questions and you try to provide an answer if you can.
You have to allow him to answer.
Do you believe?
You crossed that line with the Twitter files.
Elon Musk, it's my time.
Please do not interrupt me.
Elon Musk spoon-fed you his cherry-picked information, which you must have suspected promotes a slanted viewpoint, or at the very least generates another right-wing conspiracy theory.
It doesn't just matter what data was given to these so-called I'm not a so-called journalist.
I've won the National Magazine Award, the I.F.
questions about where Musk got the financing.
Ranking member Plaskett, I'm not a so-called journalist.
I've won the National Magazine Award, the I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism,
and I've written ten books, including four New York Times bestsellers.
Mr. Chairman, I'm not exaggerating when I say that you have called before you two witnesses
who pose a direct threat to people who oppose them.
We're going to conflate.
The First Amendment is not absolute.
Once the First Amendment, which is on life support, is gone, a totalitarianism which the human race has never experienced will rise up, and this country we know as the United States of America will be no more.
I never thought in my own country that freedom of speech would be threatened in this way.
And it's just frightening when you get into it.
That's what's going on now.
There's an order that comes from a small group of people.
We don't know who they are.
We can't ask.
It comes on from high.
And they're saying, you need to say Latinx now.
And you need to say, you know, a person experiencing homelessness.
And I feel like this is why woke becomes a joke, because you'd rather rename it than solve it.
John Bowne reporting.
It's a cult that wants to control every facet of our minds.
That's trying to get us to accept things that go against our instincts, our common sense.
That is a nightmare.
That is a tyranny.
I mean, every day I see these videos with Antifa attacking police stations and courthouses and it barely even makes the news, you know, just last week.
Now we have this new video, Antifa smashing doors and windows and throwing eggs at UC Davis entrance where Charlie Kirk was going to be speaking.
We'll play the club in a moment.
But you've got the big banks and the intelligence agencies and all these groups, big tech attacking the people, surveilling and censoring us.
And then you've got these thugs Funded by the Democratic Party, bailed out by the Democratic Party when they shoot people and firebomb things, attacking us on the ground floor of everything.
I mean, this is an authoritarian, totalitarian orgy of idiocy.
And the globalists themselves are creating a world that will destroy them.
Anybody can extrapolate out that when you undermine all of civilization in the name of controlling it, you're going to blow yourself up.
Idiocracy is not a safe place to be.
So why are they trying to do it?
Because they're thinking short-term about power and control and believing they can finagle this.
I didn't get to the clip.
We'll go to break and come back with it.
It's just so damn frustrating.
It should be easy to reject Bill Gates and synthetic cancer meat that's literally grown out of cancer cells.
That's mainstream news.
Like, well, there's no proof that cancer cells will hurt you.
Those studies say it'll give you cancer.
And if you thought red meat was bad for your colon, how about Cancer cells grown from dead people.
They just keep growing forever.
I mean, yeah.
Yeah, you can take one of these cells and it starts replicating and you just eat meat.
Folks, I'm not joking.
What did I tell you 15 years ago about human-animal hybrids?
And they're like, oh, that's crazy.
Now it's all over the news.
It was going on 30 years ago.
We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
All right.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
That's my message to all my enemies.
God forgive me.
I don't need you to.
Look in the mirror if you want to throw a stone at me.
He without sin cast the first stone.
The left lives off making those of us that have a conscience grovel to them like they're the authority and they're our priests.
But they're not our priests.
They're not our God.
Here's well-known visionary economist Carl Icahn who predicted the last few crashes saying our system is breaking down.
We absolutely have a major problem in our economy today.
I want your reaction to what Citadel's Ken Griffin told the FT about this very issue in which he suggested that the government should not have bailed out all of the depositors.
He said, quote, the U.S.
is supposed to be a capitalist economy, and that's breaking down before our eyes.
There's been a loss of financial discipline with the government bailing out depositors in full.
What do you make of that statement?
He also goes after the regulator, but what do you think about that?
Applying on what Griffith is saying there.
Because I don't quite understand where it goes.
But I am saying that he's right, that our system is breaking down.
And that we absolutely have a major problem in our economy today.
And I'm not going to apply it on whether or not you bail out a bank or something like that.
But you can't have the country feeling It doesn't matter if they save.
It doesn't matter because they can spend all the money they want, they can do whatever they want, because the government will bail you out.
He's right about that.
You can't have that.
Now, should you bail this bank out?
I don't know.
I don't like to opine on things that I'm not really that conversant in.
But I do agree.
That the system is breaking it out.
And one of the major reasons, not the only reason obviously, but one of the major reasons is that you don't have good corporate leadership.
So you say, so what?
But I'll tell you so what, if you don't have good corporate leadership in companies, yeah, when the tide is high and things are great, it doesn't matter.
And all these guys that run these companies are partying and having a good time and giving themselves bonuses.
But their agendas are different than the people who invest with them.
You know, they're looking to get their bonuses.
And I tell you, I live it.
So I go into it.
There's a reason that we make so much money.
I mean, just to make the point, over the years, in 2000, if you invested in IEP, you annualized, you made it, and reinvested the dividends, you made an annual return of 15%.
And the closest is Buffett, who I believe made around 9%, S&P made 7%.
But why?
Because we go into companies and clean them up.
There's so much to clean up, and it's getting much worse now.
We're one of the worst countries in the world as far as corporate governance goes.
And I can go on and on about that.
But yes, I think the whole economy... The economy is breaking down, but I don't say it's right because you bailed out some investors, but I do say...
He's right in the sense that our economy is breaking down.
I don't understand how you define capitalistic system.
I know that you've been fairly negative on the market for a while.
You've been hedged and I think you had... You can't give quadrillions to the central banks to buy up all the infrastructure and all the intellectual property and everything else and then not have a bunch of corporate leadership that doesn't give a damn.
Because they got all this money.
And then meanwhile, there's no real economy, so things fall apart.
And this is real simple.
They make it complex.
Henry Ford, say what you want about him, was very smart.
And the other car makers were only selling limited amounts to elites and rich people.
And he came out with a Model T and he said, I want to have a car so inexpensive the average person can get it.
And I'm going to pay my factory workers three times What Chrysler and others were paying people because I want them to be able to buy my car.
I want to build an economy that's scalable to increase the standard of living.
Now that's an elitist that wants to make everybody successful so he gets super rich.
Because what is money worth if you live in Mad Max world?
What if you've got a hundred billion dollars in the bank, but you live in an armored fortress with walls around it in the middle of nowhere, and the rest of the planet is melting down in wars, and then there's a nuclear war?
What is stealing all the money through monetary policy worth if you can't spend it?
Well, they did it because they want control socially.
That's the real endgame.
And then you see what the sick policies are of these people.
Synthetic meat grown out of tumors of humans?
That's mainstream news.
Why is that?
Well, how do you think you just throw some meat in a big vat, a blob of meat, a blob of cells, and then a week later it grows like a culture?
That's not bacteria, it's human cells off of the emulsion of nutrients you put in it.
You can put Saline solution in water and cancer cells will grow.
They don't need any real nutrients.
They're called immortal cell lines.
They're dangerous as hell.
An immortal cell line is the most aggressive cancer on earth, weaponized by nature, that they know of two people, a black woman and a white baby.
Pull it up, put it on screen, guys.
I keep going back to this because it's all over the news.
Well, yeah, it is cancer viruses.
I mean, it is cancer cells.
But, you know, because those cells have cancer viruses in them.
That's what causes cancer.
So a virus goes in and turns a cell into a zombie where it just keeps reproducing forever.
And then they go, hey, this has got a great side effect.
Yo, Henrietta Lacks, she had a tumor killed her in two weeks.
She came in, got a gynecological check, they held her in the hospital, two weeks later they said it had grown to like a 50 pound tumor.
And they took that tumor out of that woman, and it's deadly as hell, and now they're growing T-bone steaks for you with it.
Now, if I tried to make up something fantastical and insane, that crazy, I couldn't do it.
If I try to come up with the weirdest thing on earth that just sounds completely far out and unbelievable, it'd be that.
But it's true.
I showed you the article's first hour.
And so they take the most powerful cancers ever seen from this white baby and this black woman that died They aborted a baby that was eight months old.
I forget his name.
You can look it up.
He's got a digital name.
He's got his cell line as a name.
He never got a name like the black lady.
He never got outside the womb.
His mother aborted him because of birth defects.
They did it for the health of the mother, not really abortion, I guess.
A procedure.
Because I guess if it's for the health of the mother, it's not really.
They go, hey, the baby's basically dead in there and to kill you, you know, you need to get this out.
I mean, is that really abortion?
I don't think it is.
But the point, it's a medical procedure.
He died in utero.
They pull him out.
He's a tumor.
And then they took that and said, well, this is really special.
Looked at it under a microscope and said, this guy is a new immortal cell line.
So they got this guy and they got the black woman.
And now they got something where they can throw a chunk of meat in a vat and come back in a month and you've got a thousand gallons of meat.
Human meat.
But you want to call it cow, so you mix it with some cow genes.
Now, you got a chimera cell that's part cow, part human, that's a cancer blob.
So, if you asked yourself, why are they doing all this?
And the answer is, they want to be God.
The elites of the planet have a prime directive.
Discover the secrets of the universe at all costs and discover live extension technology, the Holy Grail.
Now, the Holy Grail is a Mythical thing that Christ at the Last Supper drank out of.
And I guess some people say there's other ones where the soldier pierced his side and all the rest of it.
But regardless, this is what Spear of Destiny, they're actually trying to create the Holy Grail.
This is the cult of the Holy Grail, you could call it.
Or the cult of the Satanic Grail.
The cult of the Grail of Lucifer.
Eternal life.
And in the process of trying to get eternal life, I would use the allegory of a really cheesy movie, Indiana Jones The Last Crusade, where the Nazi finally gets in and he goes, the cup of Christ.
And he drinks it, and it shrivels up and kills him.
Maybe search engine YouTube, the Nazi drinks from the Holy Grail.
It was the Holy Grail.
If you drink from the wrong Grail, it kills you.
If you drink from the right Grail, it's eternal life.
That's the Christian legend.
It's not biblical.
It's a made-up legend.
It's a metaphor for Christ in eternal life.
Well, these people want that for themselves.
So, all of us don't count.
They're greedily in a stampede, a gold rush for eternal life, and they're using us to guinea pig test everything, and they've been obsessed since they discovered in the 1950s, this woman's cells.
Everybody's probably seen the 1950s or 60s movie, The Blob.
And they remade the blob.
Guys, pull up the original trailer for the original blob.
First, let's show this.
Go ahead and play the audio if you can.
Well, if we can't, we'll get it later.
And... The blob is a big cellular mass that absorbs you and eats you.
A big amoeba.
Back it up, start it over.
Back it up, start it over.
Go ahead.
I'm not a historian.
I have no idea what it looks like.
Which one is it?
Let me choose.
Thank you, Doctor.
Oh, yes.
It's more beautiful than I'd ever imagined.
This certainly is the cup of the King of Kings.
Eternal life.
And this is the globalists.
This is what they're gonna get instead.
The opposite of eternal life.
What is happening to me?
It's physical and spiritual.
What is happening to me?
It's physical and spiritual death.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
(tires screeching)
But the real thing, they believe, is these immortal cell lines.
So these things never die, they replicate forever, they grow in basically nothing.
You take a blob of it and throw it into a vat, and you come back and there's just a giant blob.
And that's what they're going to feed you along with bugs.
That's true.
That's happening now.
And we sit here and listen to Bill Gates because he spends billions a year buying off the media on record?
Now what type of demon says you'll drink sewage water, you will toilet to tap, you will eat bugs, and you will eat cancer blobs?
And I know I keep obsessing on this, but it's like the animal-human hybrids.
Let's play the trailer of the blob, because that's what these immortal cell lines are.
Here it is.
I respect that.
It's over at his place.
You gotta come now.
Oh, wait a minute, Steve.
Tell us what happened.
Well, I'm trying to tell you.
Now, this thing had killed the Doc.
What was it?
Talk with it, kid.
Well, it's kind of like a... it's kind of like a mass that keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Every one of you watching this screen, look out!
Because soon, very soon, the most horrifying monster menace ever conceived will be oozing into this theater.
Let's go further about the blob.
When they discovered this lady, we'll put her back on screen in a moment,
who had these cells that never died, they began immediately putting it in vaccines and growing
the vaccine product in it, even though it was a deadly virus, they know now,
they even have the virus name, that caused the immortal cell line.
And I've even read them bragging that they believe when billions of us are injected with Henrietta Lacks and this dead kid as well, this dead baby in the 70s, she's in the 50s, that they will cause super mutations and they believe create a new humanoid that survives the process of being given the blob injection.
And I use a Hollywood example.
As a way to get this across, because it's the best way to describe it.
So why would they want to feed you live cancer cells?
Well, why would they want to say males can participate in women's sports?
Why would they want to cut off millions of little boys' penises?
It's like watching Clive Barker's Hellraiser and saying, why are they doing this?
Because they like it.
They enjoy it.
They are demonically inspired to just do the most insane, dirty, crazy, out-of-control things that have Biden.
You saw the clip yesterday.
We didn't play it.
Maybe we'll play it next segment.
Saying it's a sin not to cut these little boys' testicles off.
These horrible people want to stop these children from having their testicles cut off.
Again, just 10 years ago, if you showed up at a hospital and said, I want my fingers cut off, they'd call a paddy wagon to put you in a loony bin.
But now, in Canada and other areas, oh, we just won't let you commit suicide for psychological reasons.
We're going to encourage you to, and we're going to let your children as young as seven decide they want to die, and then the state's going to take your children and kill them.
See, that sounds just as crazy as we're going to take a super cancer cell that can only be killed in fire.
Never dies, and we're going to inject it in you so it can take you over, so that we'll kill billions of you, but we believe mutations will come out of this, of a new entity.
Where are they getting this?
And that's why the cheesy 1990s movie Species is so important, because in that movie they got a radio telescope aimed out at a distant star, and they get a transmission that gives them the DNA gene sequence, To create a new cell line.
And it's a blob.
And it escapes instantly when they make it.
And they give it food.
They create the cell.
They give it protein.
And it breaks out.
It gets out.
And then runs off into the hinterland.
And starts trying to replicate.
And that's my best analysis of this is, this is not human.
All this stuff's not human.
And it's not coming from flying saucers, it's not coming, it's a sub-third dimension carrier wave, as best I can tell from each study, of a transmission.
And it's giving them these ideas and knowledge, and the stuff works, but it's all to kill us.
So basically, it's like the old allegory of a genie.
If you ask it for 5,000 pounds of gold, you better first say, in front of me, not on top of me, because it'll drop it on top of you.
So they're like, give me 5,000 pounds of gold.
You get it.
Boom, on top of your ass.
And this is alien, folks.
We're being sent alien transmissions interdimensionally.
Oh, you can feel it.
Oh, you can taste it.
Oh yeah!
We can face it.
You see, there's not just an enemy transmission.
There is a higher transmission from the 12th dimension.
And I'm not just telling you this.
This took decades of researching the enemy and what they know, what their secrets are, what they're pissed off about.
They cannot receive 12th dimension transmissions.
The Holy Spirit is a 12th dimensional complete transmission from God.
And I intended to come on air today and really unlock a major secret with people, but it was so big.
I told my wife about it last night.
It completely freaked her out.
And I understand why I did.
Because everybody already knows this, but if you do it, and if you, I don't want to call it meditate, but focus on this question.
With the intent of love and justice and truth and wanting to save humanity and wanting to work for God, and you ask God not to give you things, but to open things up, and simply say, If there was nothing before, how could there be nothing?
Not just the mystery of the universe, the mystery of life, where we came from, but what if there was nothing?
Well, nothing is still something.
What if there was no God?
How could there be nothing anywhere, anytime, anyplace?
What would there be?
Not in galaxies, not in dimensions, not in 12th dimension, not in first dimension, not in sideways dimensions, not in multiverses, And I understand everybody's probably had that thought or focus on that, but focus on that question to God.
And you're gonna then run into God.
And the enemies of humans all know this.
And they understand it.
But it's in that question of forcing your soul up against the void, Or the black centrifugal hourglass that you will open the space-time continuum to the quiet place the most time.
Now, the leftists see this and go, Jones is having a psychotic break.
They make jokes about it.
But then I get invited to The top Illuminati meetings, all of them, with the richest people on earth.
And this has been a long time.
I refused it many times.
You know, the private wide-body jet is picking you up.
We're having the ritual on this date.
We want you to be there.
We have the top 30 religious leaders there.
We surveyed them and they believe that you're one of the key people that needs to be there.
They want you to take part in a ritual.
Lucifer is actually good.
We're gonna fire the light beam and access it.
I had three different world-famous people, world famous, starting 20 years ago, 18 years ago, and 15 years ago, give me calls and ask me to go take part in this ritual in three different places in the world.
One in Reykjavik, one in Peru, and one in Southern England.
So, let the left run around and joke they're just the gremlins, the minions, they don't know.
This is 100% real.
And these people don't have omnipresent control.
But they are able to see almost into the future and have incredible powers of understanding just because they know this information.
And I didn't know why in the space-time continuum all these years ago they were so obsessed with me.
But you can see now why.
But it's not just Alex Jones.
It's all of you unlocking your minds to that transmission.
The Holy Spirit is a spiritual broadcast.
It is a transmission from God's mind and soul and body to you about plans that empower us and build a future in our development.
The enemy plans will build incredible things, but all of them lead to destruction and annihilation.
All right.
I'm going to end this transmission and hand the baton to the guest host.
He's done a great job.
Alan Shroyer is up in about 55 minutes.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
I barely plugged today.
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Please go to Infowars.com.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
What a great show today.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
Dr. Lemire will be joining me in this hour pretty soon here.
And let me tell you, we have a lot to talk about.
She wants to give her consensus on what happened in Ohio and also the Wuhan lab leak.
So many things to chat about today.
You know, yesterday I was looking at, I just wanted to share this with you real fast because it was a thought that crossed my mind and I thought, this is kind of strange.
But number one, I wanted to share with you that there was yet another article from the Pentagon.
I'm going to need a lot more caffeine and sedatives to keep up with the news cycle of the hardcore lefty, communist, globalist, because I tell you what, it's like whiplash every day.
But we're getting all these new alien, and you know I feel about aliens.
Anyway, we're getting a lot more of the Pentagon saying, aliens are in the perimeter, we think.
They're probably out there.
After all the years of denying, okay?
And so yes, they're playing the game pretty hardcore.
Werner Von Braun was actually probably right.
Once they got rid of domestic terrorism, or not domestic, but just terrorism in general, you know, the creation of ISIS by Obama, that with their little matching tennis shoes and their little matching Toyota trucks, that once that burned out, they would use aliens.
And you know what I thought about?
Can I share this with you?
I thought about the fact that Since?
In the last two decades since all of us have been strapped down with our phones close to our bodies everywhere we go, our little tracking devices, but we also have really good cell phones and really good video opportunities to take video now wherever we are for whatever event pops up.
Don't you find it kind of interesting that all of those alien abductions of the guys out in the field sitting in their flatbed that got beamed up to the spaceship with the little green guys and anally probed for like let's say hours Isn't it kind of amazing that that hasn't taken place since we got cell phones with great cameras?
Since we have the ability to videotape these people?
Gee, I wonder, I guess you know when you look back and you look back at that little 110 fuzzy little flat camera we used to have and you know you're trying to search for a camera if you saw some spaceship in the sky with little green people wanting to beam you up and probe you for hours on end for no particular reason at all and then dump you back in a field.
I think it's kind of amazing that ever since we've had cell phone coverage with phones and video, really good phones actually, like the pixels would be pretty darn good to capture this, right?
I haven't heard anyone say they've been abducted by aliens in the last 20 years.
Makes one think, doesn't it?
Makes one think.
Yeah, the Pentagon officials, they claim alien motherships are out there.
I just wanted to share that with you because I hadn't really thought about that before.
And I thought, wow, we are really in a strange place, are we not?
We're really in a strange, odd world right now.
But sometimes we just need to apply some common sense.
Sometimes we just need to apply some actual reason.
Not reasoning based on emotion.
That's what the leftist hardcore lefties do.
But just reason.
The minute we had the ability to actually film something with, you know, not 1950 technology, it doesn't happen.
It's just gone.
And here's the other thing I wanted to share with you too, because this insight came and I thought I might have a different insight on what's going on with the banking.
But it seems to me there's a whole lot of gaslighting going on.
And when we have a lot of gaslighting and the press is not ignoring something but doing the drumbeat of the bank failure, I thought, you know, they realized under COVID-19, all they had to do was say the word COVID.
Mask ourselves.
For three solid years, there are still those relentless warriors out there saving the planet in the grocery store with the mask on, even though they don't even have a cold.
And I'm watching.
So rest.
Rest, please.
You've done your part.
Please take off the mask, weary soldier.
You've done your thing.
Anyway, I was looking back at how quickly we fell for it, how much we decided that we were going to do on our own.
All they have to do is do a little bit of a drumbeat of bank failure and we would perform the run on the banks.
They wouldn't even have to do any heavy lifting.
We would trash our own economy.
We would do it to ourselves because of the fear.
The Silicon Bank only had 17 branches.
We've had almost 5,000 banks go under since 1999.
That's a whole lot of banks.
How come that wasn't making the news like this is?
I'm tired of being gaslighted.
I'm tired of people telling me I have to be and live in fear every five seconds, right?
But it sells.
And yeah, we know that the economy at some point is going to go south.
But wouldn't it be brilliant of them to realize that all they have to do is say the word and we do it to ourselves?
Most of the country is conservative.
Most of the country is going to listen.
Most of the country is expecting this.
We have a fake in the White House.
We have a total fraudulent administration.
We have all kinds of hooligans running the sham show.
Of course all they have to do because they've learned.
We'll do it to ourselves.
We'll close our own businesses.
We'll lock down our own selves.
We'll barricade our own selves in our houses.
We don't even need direction anymore.
We'll mask ourselves even though it doesn't make sense.
We'll put ourselves in harm's way and pony ourselves up for a shot.
Because they told us to.
They didn't even give us any evidence to do it.
They just told us to.
So we're the willing soldier, right?
We'll just do it.
This whole thing about the banking.
Is anyone out there saying, hey, almost 5,000 banks went under?
4,800 banks?
Since 1999?
We have to have some context here.
They have to make it look like, oh, how are we going to solve this problem?
It's not FDIC insured.
How are we going to solve it?
Good grief.
There have been banks that have gone under.
It doesn't mean it's not going to happen.
It doesn't mean anything.
You should actually always be buying gold and silver.
You should always have cash in your home.
You should always shore up and have food storage, no matter what.
Because we don't know what's coming next.
And there are stupid enough people in this universe to go and do major runs on the banks so they would create an economic problem where voila, of course, the only solution would be digital currency.
That would be the only solution offered.
So Looking at this whole scenario, we have to resist the gaslight.
We have got to say, you know what?
No, no, you're not going to sell me on that.
Because I'm not going to go and do the heavy lifting so you can implement your little digital currency.
South Dakota said no to digital currency in a lot of ways.
But in 20 states, what they did was they passed the UCC code update, the Uniform Commercial Code update.
When they did that, In the state that looked like something innocuous, something that was no big deal.
But actually, there was many, many ways.
My state did this too, where they introduced the digital currency blobbity gook advisory board, you know, trying to kind of set up the train tracks even more so to infiltrate and get digital currency into each state.
They're laying the train tracks right now.
And what we need to do is be very, very, very vigilant in fighting this county to county to county.
There's over just over 3,000 counties, 3,100 and something, some change counties all across America.
So what we need to do is fight that in our counties, fight that in our states.
Are they using COVID bucks?
What happened to all that COVID money, by the way?
The states aren't talking about it.
Have you noticed that?
My state took in $105 billion and it disappeared.
At first there was a website for the money.
Not so much anymore.
So are they using that money for this?
I don't know, but they are implementing.
They are putting train tracks down.
We know it's coming.
But you know what?
I don't want to be the person that sets the stage for them to bring in their little so-called solution.
Make them do the heavy lifting.
See, if they do it this way, they're not the bad guy, right?
We can't point to them like we could at the Depression.
And by the way, that whole thing was conjured up.
That whole thing was organized, manipulated.
That Great Depression didn't just happen, it had to happen in order to solidify central banking that came in.
The hoodlums knew exactly what they were doing, the criminals.
So, looking at this whole scenario, I just don't want to help them, I guess is my point.
When we come back, I want to come back with Dr. Leigh Merritt.
I want to talk about so many things with Leigh because she is a fantastic voice out there talking about the truth and health and everything else.
And man, is she a fun guest.
So we'll come back with her on the Alex Jones Show.
But let me tell you, there's some things to think about.
We need to apply common sense and reasoning, resist the gaslighting and really look at things from a common sense point of view now.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host for the hour.
All right.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show today.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
Dr. Merritt completed her round with the United States Navy and served nine years as a Navy physician.
She has been in the private practice of orthopedic spinal surgery since 1995, served on the board of Arizona Medical Association, past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.
Her great website is themedicalrebel.com.
Dr. Leigh Merritt was the one that helped me get my husband out of the hospital alive.
The only reason I'm not a widow right now was Dr. Leigh Merritt and what a warrior she has been.
You know, she has been in this fight since the beginning, telling people what they could do for their health.
And you know, you're not in a pandemic if it's so easily solved with vitamin C, D and zinc.
We sometimes we kind of lose sight of those types of things and we don't realize that In the common sense that I was just talking about, in that whole common sense place where you go, wait a minute, now wait a minute, this is not a disease if this can be handled so quickly.
And my husband was out of the hospital in, my gosh, he was out of the ICU in three days, out of the hospital in five and golfing on the night of the fifth day, all due to the efforts of these wonderful doctors, these wonderful doctors who made that happen.
Um, because I actually had access to them and could ask them, you know, what do I do in this situation?
I leaned on good medical help.
I leaned on really good doctors to pave the way for that and to make that happen.
That was a big deal in seeing that for the first time and realizing that we were in a state of socialized healthcare and that this socialized healthcare had taken over and had been rooted in.
I think in some ways we didn't realize when Obamacare came in, That it was going to be medical directives straight from the NIH, right?
To us.
Straight from the NIH to the doctors who would not have a say in doctoring anymore.
They would not be able to tell you what to do anymore.
They would be given a list of things that they were to do.
And that's what happened when they shifted to Obamacare, but people weren't talking about it.
And if you've noticed, our own Republican Party won't say a word about it today.
They don't say anything about the socialized medicine now rooted into America so deeply that if you go to the hospital, you feel like you don't have any rights anymore and you feel like you have to take the medical advice from the NIH, because that's basically the blanketed new perspective that's going on in all the hospitals today.
My guest, Dr. Lee Merritt, welcome to the show.
How are you?
Hey, good.
I'm sorry.
There's this weird leg.
I don't know what's going on.
I need a 10-year-old to help me with technology.
Oh my gosh, the technology.
I don't know why my voice is lagging, so I apologize.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know if it's my... Yeah.
Lee, talk to me about Ohio.
What was your take on Ohio, on the chemical spill?
Well, you know, it's like so many things.
We're told something that's just a stage show, okay?
Because this is problem, reaction, solution.
The solution they wanted to is they really want to control the food supply.
What's in Ohio?
Fabulous farms.
You know, you go downstream of that spill and you go to the Amish farms and things.
And this is a planned toxic-demic kind of thing.
You know, look, they had a movie two years before.
It came out in 2022, and I don't know if you saw it, but there's a scene in there, and it's called White Noise, and it's exactly about this.
In fact, some of the people that played in the movie, that were extras, were from East Palestine, Ohio.
In other words, they filmed it right where they did this.
And this is like unbelievable predictive programming.
So they filmed it in Ohio.
They had this huge black cloud in the movie.
The two things I after I watched it about a week after the Ohio spill.
And by the way, I came out early on and I said, Don't panic.
Don't set your hair on fire.
This is not the toxic mess they're telling you.
They've got paid actors.
They've got a program.
I went through the manifest.
I looked at the chemicals.
I said, it's not going to be the long-term ecologic disaster they're talking about.
Not to say there isn't a short-term issue, especially for the local people in East Palestine.
But that's going to get cleaned up.
This happens all the time, especially apparently in Ohio.
And then I had Colonel Chambers, Lieutenant Colonel Chambers, a friend of mine, I had, he was on the ground.
I said, am I right about this?
Because everybody's running around with their hair on fire.
And I'm telling them, no, it doesn't make sense.
It's all, this is the chemicals that are in there.
They're going to go away.
What's this going on?
And he said, and I said, I think it's a land grab.
He said, that's what's going on.
He talked to the Amish farmers.
He talked to the farmers and the ranchers.
And I, I asked him specifically, Uh, you know, it's easy to fake saying you have a dead cat or something.
I mean, are there animals dying?
And he said, no, he says, I'm downwind from it.
There are no animals dying.
I asked the farmers.
I asked the ranchers.
That's not, that's not true.
Now, again, if you let your cat run up and drink the stuff right around the train, possibly, but I don't think it's happening, you know, like they're telling you.
So what's it about?
Well, it turns out that.
They've been trying to take the land there.
That is extremely useful farmland.
Lots of mineral-rich stuff underneath the ground, okay?
And coal and oil.
And the EPA goes in and keeps trying to shut these people down from making a living and from doing their thing.
And what Colonel Chambers heard everywhere he went, he said, they said, the EPA keeps trying to take our land and we're not leaving.
That's good.
But this is, so back to the movie, the movie shows this, it shows the wreck and then it shows this cloud.
And I said, you know, they love visual symbols.
Remember the picture of, they wanted to show you like that blue spiky ball that got everybody afraid about SARS-CoV-2.
Oh my gosh.
And that's all CGI.
It's all, we're living in a CGI world.
Well, this movie, you know, what actually happened is right out of the movie.
What did they keep showing us?
They showed us that black cloud.
How long did that black cloud really last?
Okay, it couldn't have lasted that long, but they kept showing it and showing it and showing it.
And in the movie, that's the first thing I remember is that huge black cloud that's hanging in the sky.
And then, and it's got lightning coming out of it.
Now, this guy in that movie, he's supposed to be a college professor.
And he gives this, the other thing I remember from the video is this creepy lecture he gives and he's in his classroom and This is just before the spill.
He's in his classroom, and he's in a black robe like they wear, the Oxford professors wear.
Now, nobody in America wears stuff like that, but he's in this lecture circuit, and he's got this black robe on, and he's talking about Hitler.
You've got to throw Hitler in here.
I mean, it's like he's an expert on Hitler, and so then he's in this classroom, and there's the movie, you know.
He's in there and he's talking and he's in this black robe and at the end of the movie
he keeps leaning forward and saying, "Death, death, death."
I mean, it's crazy.
It's so melodramatic.
And at the end, what do they tell him?
He doesn't know, he's not sick.
He's not sick in any way, but they tell him he's probably not going to live as long if
he hadn't gotten exposed.
Now, you see, this is all about fake talk.
We're going to head to a break.
The great Dr. Leamer is on with me.
The website is TheMedicalRebel.com.
She always has so much to say and I love that about her.
And of course, we'll come right back.
We'll talk Wuhan.
We'll talk all kinds of things in this hour on the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us.
Don't go anywhere.
You're going to want to hear what she has to say.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host.
My guest is Dr. Leigh Merritt today from themedicalrebel.com.
She's been so instrumental in helping people understand their health, especially during these three years.
And also, I always like to talk to her about all kinds of subjects in the news because she always has so many different intriguing I love that about her.
So I just wanted to talk about banks real quick with you.
What do you feel is going on right now, Dr. Leigh Merritt, with all the banking headlines?
Well, it's part of the multi-dimensional war against humanity.
And I just think we need to wake up.
You know, we keep thinking we're just lurching from problem to problem in America and it's Biden's administration or it's something.
No, no, we're in a global war against humanity run by a very few people at the top of a pyramid.
Of power, and it's all connected.
I mean, this, the Ukraine war, everything is connected here.
And so, the Ohio spill is coming after our land and coming after our food supply.
Cattle, you know, this had to do with the fact that the Amish farmers won their court case and you couldn't, you can't force vaccinate people's farm animals anymore, okay?
In Iowa, they're coming after our chickens based on false PCR tests.
That, you know, and stacking chickens in these horrendous, you know, tight spaces and treating them bad.
And then when they get sick, they say, oh, it's avian flu.
You got to, you got to get rid of all your chickens.
So millions of, this is why your eggs are $8 a dozen or whatever.
And now the banking collapse, you know, come on.
The, I personally think, the good news here, I personally think the, if you want to call it the deep state, I refer to it as the Kazarian mafia, but the overlords or maybe the uber parasites They're desperate.
I really think they're running out of money.
You know, I noticed this first, not just because the whole banking thing is happening, but I noticed it at the Super Bowl halftime show.
Now, that sounds kind of crazy, but, you know, we've had these really satanic, I mean, I almost quit watching these shows because we've had all these really satanic, you know, halftime shows.
All the red costumes and the lights and the symbolism and the And they were really over-the-top money.
Now this time, yeah, they had the red satanic kind of outfits, but it was kind of, meh, not very impressive.
They didn't spend a lot of money on this.
I thought, wow, this is a low-budget production for them.
Hey, maybe that's good.
We're running out of, you know, another thing that's happening.
I was just going to say, on a side note, you know, the Oscars, it was funny that they kept saying, oh, 15 million people watched.
People don't realize that 30 years ago, they had 55 to 78 million people watching, and we're clear down to 15 million now.
Those are the only people that actually will eat that kind of show up, the Oscars.
and watch it all the way through.
And I thought that was kind of amazing.
They never talk about that in the media, how low the numbers are.
But I hope we realize that the majority of Americans that used to watch that kind of crap filled show
isn't watching it anymore.
But that's on a totally side note.
Yeah, no, that's right.
And those 15 million are probably either in nursing homes in front of the TV, or in a wheelchair on their psychometric drugs.
Anyway, it's crazy.
Or they're in the bundles.
They had to buy the bundle and they might as well just watch it.
We live in a CGI world.
And that's the other thing, is that when you really wake up to what's going on, it's much worse than we thought.
But there are good things happening that make me think somebody in the background with us waking up is taking the world back.
For example, the halftime show was kind of mediocre and they're just not, I mean, I think a lot of this is like, it's like a caged animal, like an animal in the corner.
And now they're really fighting, they're throwing all the stops out, these ridiculous things.
But it's not working.
It's really not working.
One of the things I got an inkling about is in China, you know, the big thing in Ukraine, Ukraine is the center of not just the money laundering, but of sex trafficking, human trafficking of all sorts.
And body parts, okay?
People don't realize that drugs are kind of the lowest on the payroll of illicit substances you can run.
What really is the big thing is body parts.
That is the most expensive money.
I mean, that is the biggest money to be had.
From adrenochrome probably on the top and then, you know, liver transplants, pieces of you.
And what's happening in Ukraine is kind of a desperate effort.
They have the Mozart Group over there harvesting body parts on the battlefield.
These Ukrainian mothers are wondering where their sons' bodies are that got killed in the war and they can't get the body because it's been cut up.
Now, what the good news here is that China has all these transplant hospitals sitting empty.
Why are they sitting empty?
You know, we hear about the housing bubble in China.
It's really not a housing bubble.
As my friend Mitch Gerber said, he's been watching this and trying to help the Falun Gong not be harvested for 20 years.
And he suddenly said, these hospitals are starting to sit empty.
I said, that means somebody is cutting off the trafficking, the ability to do this organ trafficking.
Because what was happening in China is that you had all the Uyghurs, the Falun Gong, the Buddhists, the Christians, all the people that they didn't want around.
They were taking a certain percentage of them and putting them in these enclosures that look like our hog enclosures.
in Iowa, except they don't have the big fans, okay?
And they would keep them there and they'd blood type them and then when somebody needed, some rich person
needed a liver transplant from England, they could call up and they'd come over
and they'd be live transplant from some, and they particularly liked Falun Gong organs
'cause the Falun Gong don't drink, don't smoke, they get out in the sun every day,
they live a healthy lifestyle, they know those are top quality organs.
This is what's been going on and we have not been paying attention for decades, right?
This has been going on for a long time.
They started this in World War II, the Japanese were doing this, and then what did we do?
We didn't condemn them for any human right violations, like we always tend to use as an excuse.
What we did was we wanted their data.
We wanted their data.
That's right.
So we went and got their data.
Scary times.
That's exactly right.
And I'm sure on the German side, same thing.
So bottom line here is that things are happening in the background that make me think that the system is coming down.
I mean, you're also hearing people speak out about stuff.
The banking, see, they still control some banking.
What does the deep, whether you want to call it the cabal or the deep state, we have to quit thinking in terms of international, like, it's not, we're not in a world, and we probably never were in this world, where we could say China bad, you know, America good, Russia bad, England good.
That never was it, okay?
It was always that there was a group of people in charge, and all the small people throughout the world were the victims.
And we have to realize that we need to quit fighting among ourselves and realize it's the Uber Lords, the Uber Parasites we need to take out that have lied to us about everything.
But we've been seeing this go now for quite a while, and I think we're seeing some of this break down because, you know, you're just suddenly information's coming out that we never saw before, even about little things that we, you know, are hearing about.
I never heard people, for example, who got interested in the Nuremberg Codes before?
Okay, and it turns out they don't quite have it right, because the Nuremberg Code was made up by us in order to hang the Nazi doctors for doing exactly what we actually were doing also in research.
You know, we were doing malarious studies, we were doing those things.
So, but nonetheless, we're hearing a lot of stuff about, you know, technologies that we didn't know about, and so I think that we're making progress, and I think that you're hearing now A lot of disinformation, because that's the only game in town left.
The banking is an attempt, but again, I'm having actually, Kristen Ragusan is her name, but she wrote a book about the end of scarcity.
And she talks about local local script.
In other words, you don't have to be depending on a big, even a big banking systems.
We always think we think we're dependent on these big deep state systems, the medical system, the banking system, the three big networks.
Well, the first thing to go was the three big networks.
And now COVID has caused people to say, I'm getting out of the medical system.
I feel like I have fled the medical death cult.
And I find that when people, I'm kind of a small town doc still, people come and just always, you know, call me up for help.
And I tell them, It's very rare now that I use antibiotics because I know what we can do other than that.
We're learning so much that we can take our world back and don't have to play in their sandbox.
And it's in the banking system too.
But I would, in the short term, you know, I think even my little town banker, okay, when I asked him, did he think this was related to the crypto guy going down?
He said, absolutely.
So he knew.
He knows what's, you know, it's, it's related.
This is long-term play here.
We're going to come right back with Dr. Leigh Merritt.
Let's talk about some of the things you've been reviewing in medicine, too, because I'm always interested to know what you've been researching and doing.
Come right back on the Alex Jones Show.
My guest is Dr. Leigh Merritt.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host from katedalyradio.com.
My guest is Dr. Leigh Merritt, of course, and wow, what a warrior she is, can I just tell you?
So smart.
And I also just want to mention, I've been doing a lot on copper lately, realizing what a desert of copper we actually are, how glyphosate targeted the removal of copper in our food supply.
And with copper, you can do so many things in your body.
And it's amazing to me how many things we just never knew, how many things over the
course of the last 120 years we just haven't known.
But the sense that I'm getting from people is they are making sure they have supplements
They're making sure that they are taking care of their own health now and looking to it more than ever.
I have never seen the concern that I've seen in this three years and maybe that's kind of backfired on those that wanted to run the COVID-19 hoax to basically say to us, you know, I don't think they realized that we were going to be this invested in our own health.
And so I'm happy to see people take care of themselves and make sure they have enough In there, under their roof to cover shortages coming or cover whatever is coming.
But what have you been researching, Dr. Limerick?
Because I know you're always on the hunt.
You're always looking at our health from so many different angles and I always appreciate that about you.
I think I've said this, but I have said to extract yourself from the system, you have to get out of the lies.
And the biggest enabling lie here is that somehow we are getting sick because of viruses.
It turns out that is the enabling lie.
But what is really a big one is what they're doing to us is an electromagnetic Attack.
And if you if you look at what what are they finding in these vaccines?
For example, they're finding networking things.
I have a picture from Dr. Duncan and through Maria Z down in Australia and it shows in a Pfizer vial an actual it looks like this thing expands over a time-lapse photography.
It's a black kind of square thing.
Nature doesn't make square things.
So it shouldn't be in there and it looks like an old Intel CPU.
Okay, that's but it's microscopic.
We're finding that they want us to eat bugs.
Why do they want us to eat bugs?
Because bugs are made of chitin and they make this bug flower and chitin is a photonic crystal.
So what they're doing is putting things into us that then respond to wavelength.
I really think that's the issue.
And quite frankly, the reason to convince us that they're doing all this genetic modification is to make us hopeless.
You know, if you think your DNA has been modified and you've taken an injection and you can't get out of it, That's really like depressing and even doctors, you know, you don't like to look at things that are too psychologically debilitating.
So if you believe that you might have screwed up and changed your DNA and killed your children and your, you know, your patients and everything, you're just not going to look.
You're not going to get, you know, it's easier just not to look.
So I'm saying...
Had we all along had copper in our diet to the extent as the master mineral, it would have detoxified these things out of our bodies, but we're just sitting ducks because then this stuff comes into our bodies.
We have no way to do it, but we still can do it.
We can still get rid of it.
We can do it.
But copper does seem to be the magic juice in all sorts of ways.
I mean, you know the Havana syndrome where they used basically microwave or some kind of wavelength attack on our ambassador people down in Cuba.
Well, DARPA figured out that if you take little, and this is some guys at DARPA, I'm sure it's not their official policy, but if you take little circles of copper and you put them over your temples, which is your thinnest skull bone, You know, you put them over your temples and you connect them to things that's grounded, that protects you against that.
So they've been looking at copper in all sorts of ways as a protection to direct energy weapons, but it also, when you're deficient in copper, you're more sensitive to these photonic crystals and to wavelength.
So you're right.
Copper is essential.
And in medical school, look at organized medicine.
Everything they taught me over my lifetime has been wrong.
They lied about vitamin D. They lied about vitamin C. They lied about copper.
They made you think.
In fact, do you remember?
I think this is one of the funniest episodes during COVID.
Fortunately, we had a little restaurant bar area we could still go, not wear masks, and, you know, enjoy a nice meal and have a drink.
So, this was that day they had this news item, and it was of my state, but this was in multiple states, where they wanted to outlaw those copper mugs for Moscow meals because they said people might get too much copper.
And I said, and without knowing anything more about their motive, I thought, this is just insanity.
So we went probably out and had Moscow meals at this bar.
I said, this is insane.
You can take more in your vitamin than this.
What are they talking about?
But you see, it's a war on copper.
And there's an even uglier point about copper.
I just did a lecture on electroculture.
Years ago, in the 1920s, they knew that copper tools like copper hose, copper plows, copper brass could increase And when you use iron, when you use iron equipment, it decreases the electrification, magnetism in the soil somehow, and they don't grow as well.
So copper, now the, in electroculture, use copper antennas, copper wire, and you put these, you put it, you put the electrification back in the soil, and you can get bumper crops.
There's, and our government stifled that in 1940.
In the Bible, they wore copper bracelets.
In the Bible, they wore copper bracelets.
We've got a long history with it.
And if anyone wants it, FIQ products are on my website, kdalyradio.com.
You can go get them.
But it's amazing to me that we don't know about it and doctors don't talk about it.
All of these doctors in socialized medicine will not... Yeah, they don't know what to say about it.
We have been completely bamboozled.
The medical system has been lying to us forever.
And that's why my approach now is getting back out of the medical system.
And one of the big lies is we have to make a precise diagnosis before we can treat you.
Look at how many people spend so much money and they run around from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist.
They get an MRI and a CAT scan and electrical studies.
They get all these different studies.
At the end of the day, they still don't know what's going on.
Or, here's my favorite.
See, doctors think, we think that if we can tell you the symptoms, if we say, let's take, here's a perfect example of the problem we have.
So, you have a neurologic problem.
And I take a look at you and I say, oh, we've got these symptoms.
You've got this symptom, this system, this, let's get an MRI of your brain and spinal cord.
And when you come back, I say, oh, you've got these neurologic symptoms.
We've got an MRI of your brain and spinal cord.
It shows these plaques.
You've got multiple sclerosis.
Now that makes you think that we know what we're talking about and that we know what multiple sclerosis is.
And so for years this is what we've done.
For decades this is what we've done.
We even did some CSF studies and you got oligoclonal bands and different tests they used to do years ago.
The bottom line is we don't And they always say it's genetic.
They say it's somewhere in your genetics because they don't know what else to say.
Well, I'm going to tell you what it really is, okay?
Because when I was in medical school in 1976, one of the unusual factoids was that we were taught was that if you have an increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis, if you have a lap dog under the age of five, in other words, if you have a house dog that gets close to you and sits in your lap, under the age of five, it increases your risk of MS.
Why would that be?
Okay, here's the answer.
The answer is, and this is thanks to Dr. McDonald who's a pathologist who did 10 autopsies on multiple sclerosis patients.
100% of them had parasites in their brain and spinal cord corresponding to those plaques.
Is there any test that would pick that up?
Would an MRI ever pick it up?
We could have probably biopsied or done autopsies, but the point is we weren't, we never looked.
There's a joke in medicine, WNL, right?
And it means we never, it's supposed to be within normal limits, something you say about labs, WNL.
It's actually we never looked.
So people have accepted, my point is in modern medicine, we have accepted diagnosis by just description.
That's fine to give it a name, but you're not, don't think they know about causation.
They're lying to you.
They don't know about causation on so many things.
So now it's appearing that so many things are parasites.
Another one is autoimmune disease.
Why does hydroxychloroquine work for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis initially and then stops working?
Because it's parasites and it's treating the parasites at first but they're not cycling it right to really get rid of the parasites.
So I will tell you, as I've taken a step back in modern medicine, I said, ancient medicine didn't do a lot of diagnosis, they just did treatment.
They said, there's only two treatments in ancient medicine.
It was purification, get right with God, and detoxification.
Now, virus in Latin means toxin.
Okay, and you know these uberlords, they know what these words mean.
It's toxin.
It doesn't mean a little flying unicorn that comes out of my mouth and goes over to you and makes you sick.
So, we have to get back to ancient medicine.
Now, we know some other things, but my advice to people is, and I've learned this, that when patients come to me with problems now, just because I'm the local, you know, community doctor kind of in some ways, that I don't go to the pharmacy right away.
I don't do the things I used to do because now I realize there are only certain things
that matter.
And so I tell them, listen, here's the five things you need to do
to just maintain your health.
And one of them is, the first thing is, you need to eat clean.
And part of it is, you need to source food not in the grocery store necessarily.
Everybody needs to have a garden.
I would recommend looking into electroculture.
Get your beef sourced locally.
And so eat clean.
Don't eat, as Jack LaLanne said, if man made it, don't eat it.
I so appreciate you.
Eating, get rid of parasites, detoxify yourself.
And no EMF, you know, get rid of EMF damage and supplement deficiencies.
Thank you, Dr. Lee Merritt.
Thanks for joining me on the Alex Jones Show.
You're amazing.
Really appreciate you.
When everything is a lie, which it is now, there's only one place to find the truth.
And it's not in government stats or government reports or declarations.
It's with God, and I know you speak about that often, and I believe, look, we need God more than ever, and I know that there are people listening perhaps that don't believe in God, but I'm a big believer in having faith, even though I'm rather pessimistic, I do know how the book ends, I know how the story ends, and we do prevail.
Exactly, there are no atheists and foxholes.
Where there's life, there's hope.
So don't lose hope, don't get discouraged.
I know that there are people out there thinking, well, what's left for me to do?
One of the things, and again, this is not a shame, or this is not a plug, but you know,
we need to support your InfoWars store.
We need to support yours.
By the way, my wife loves Samaric95.
Her joints have never been better, okay?
So, folks, make sure you support InfoWarStore, okay?
Please do that.
Well, I just can't say to our listeners how much the enemies of freedom hate this show, they hate your show.
I mean, I will plug for you and for me.
Folks, you want us to fight?
We will do it.
But it's like sending military out to war without ammunition and weapons.
I mean, we'll... And I'm not bitching.
I just... I just... Back in 19... Back in, like, 2016, We had plenty of money.
Our subscription service said it's free now.
I barely was plugging.
We had all this extra money, and now I wish back then I would have pushed harder, saved up money, because now with the deplatforming, the attacks, folks, you know, we need support.
So do you.
But what we really need is people to share the links and articles to our videos and your videos, your reports, Doug, because the public's ready.
The ground's fertile right now.
The minds are ready.
It's easy to outpace your supply lines and I think that's where a lot of us are.
You know, we're in so deep that we can't, look, we need that support.
You need that support.
So again, folks, please support Alex Jones and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I know there's things that he won't say that, look, he needs your support.
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There it is, turmeric toothpaste.
I love that too, my wife does as well.
Big fan of all of your products.
Okay, folks, don't lose hope.
Please don't do that.
Um, I- I know that things look bleak, but again, we know how the story ends.
And I think, look at everything that happens, not through, not with blinders, but in the context of a larger agenda.
Think bigger, look bigger, and look for the Connections.
I use the analogy of that great movie that's based on positive true stories, Horse 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
We've been through all this and nothing!
Nothing but... You have to let nature take her course.
I think we've already blown the enemy.
We just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
I totally resent that, and if anybody's lying here, Senator, it is you!
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.