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Name: 20230314_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 14, 2023
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In an episode of his show, Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories and current events with guest Roseanne Barr. The speakers focus on spirituality, technology, and financial independence as ways to resist globalist agendas. They also promote Infowars products available at InfowarsTore.com."

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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say,
"I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!"
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
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This week, nearly 3,000 delegates of the National People's Congress met to hear reports of the Communist Party's priorities.
Here, after ceremonially being reaffirmed as their leader, Xi Jinping accused Western
governments led by the United States of trying to encircle and suppress China's progress
as a nation.
Quote, "Western countries led by the United States have implemented all-around containment,
encirclement and suppression of China, which has brought unprecedented grave challenges
to our nation's development."
To the 3,000 delegates, Xi called on them to "remain calm."
Dare to fight?
What does he mean by that, exactly?
progress while maintaining stability, take active actions, united as one, and dare to
Dare to fight?
What does he mean by that exactly?
Chinese Foreign Minister, Kim Gang, elaborated on these grievances laid out by the President,
claiming that Washington has, quote, "entirely deviated from the rational and sound track."
Adding that, quote, if the United States does not hit the brake but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing and there surely will be conflict and confrontation.
Clearly, China is warning of war with the United States and is announcing to their political leaders that they are preparing for physical combat.
Revitalized discussions in the U.S.
of the Wuhan lab leak origin of COVID have caused concern in the foreign ministry as well.
And they accused the United States of politicizing the issue to discredit China.
But will they really go to war over COVID's origin?
What is it that China really cares about in relation to the West?
Well, Kim Gang called Taiwan the first red line that must not be crossed to avoid war.
And even criticized Washington for shooting down the Chinese spy balloon, calling its appearance an accident.
Accident or surveillance operation, the spy balloon still caused Anthony Blinken to cancel his visit to Beijing in February.
On Taiwan, Geng stated, quote, the U.S.
has unshakable responsibility for causing the Taiwan question.
Accusing the U.S.
of, quote, disrespecting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Probably the most consequential part of Kin Geng's speech was his direct comparison of the situation in Taiwan with the Ukraine question in relation to Russia.
Quote, why does the U.S.
ask China not to provide weapons to Russia?
While it keeps selling arms to Taiwan.
Honestly, a fair question.
He also observes, quote, "There seems to be an invisible hand pushing for the protraction
and escalation of the conflict, and using the Ukraine crisis to serve a certain geopolitical
Again, he couldn't be more accurate with his assessment.
China has accused the US of of fanning the flames of war by providing Ukraine with weaponry to fight Russian invasion.
Yet, the U.S.
wants to limit China's activity with Russia, although China touts their own no-limits friendship with their northern neighbor.
So will Ukraine's conflict with Russia and Taiwan's conflict with China be the ultimate triggers to start a new world war of epic proportions?
The non-interventionist approach to foreign affairs used to be an all-American point of view and practice on the world stage.
Now, as the United States morphs into an empire, the military arm of the New World Order, It seems we will be dragged kicking and screaming into other nations wars, shedding our lifeblood on the soil of faraway lands.
Kin Gang also claimed the US wishes that, quote, China should not respond in words or action when slandered or attacked.
But he says this is just impossible.
What does China view as an attack?
And how will they respond when they ultimately feel attacked?
Is this all just talk?
Or will words suffice to start a physical conflict with China?
I guess that's why Teddy Roosevelt suggested to speak softly and carry a big stick.
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com All right.
On Saturday, I came in and did a special two plus hour live broadcast with General Flynn.
And he agreed with me that the Obama administration, third term with Biden, the puppet, the Chinese communist puppet, was trying to crash regional banks to consolidate control so big mega banks could dominate and bring in their CBDCs.
We shouldn't buy into the hysteria because that's what they want.
But we should also watch it and be aware and move your money around if you're blessed enough to have more than $250,000 in one bank account or more.
Today, literally hundreds of articles, it's everywhere.
The big mega banks, their stocks up, all the other stocks are down.
The Feds have the regulators in control.
They could have propped up the Silicon Valley Bank months ago, thinking about the problem a year ago, but instead they told the little investors to get into it while all the big money went out.
That's mainstream news today.
It's huge.
And when I Saturday said that, it got millions of views on YouTube, millions of views on Twitter.
Melissa Tate put it out last time I checked her version.
It has 900,000 views.
Where I said that, and the bots just Flooded, just flooded in.
And said, Jones is crazy, don't listen to him.
This is all completely accidental.
Even though it's tied to Sam Beekman, fried, freed, and the whole FTX situation, it's tied in to the deepest levels of the deep state.
Signature Bank and SVB are about as globalist woke as you can get.
They're the tip of the spear when it comes to that.
And now it's all confirmed.
So here's the short clip that's gone viral from Saturday and then we'll play what Tucker had to say for you last night.
Here it is.
Go back the last six months and just grab four or five because I know I said it about a hundred times.
Times that I said next they'll start collapsing regional and lending banks to consolidate them into the big six globalist banks that own the private Federal Reserve and the European Union Bank.
And the rest of it.
And then out of that, they will call for central bank digital currencies to be rolled out.
Just on Wednesday, Biden, the third administration of Obama, put out his big new national directive.
In fact, I forgot to re-pull that from Wednesday's stack.
The big quote, new cyber security initiative.
And you read it, it's really to roll out a central bank digital currency that tracks and controls everything you do.
Then they'll try to ban all the normal cryptocurrencies that are actually independent and decentralized power.
That's all announced in there.
And I said on Wednesday, look for them to crash the regional banks to bring in total control.
We know the enemy's playbook.
I said, will it be a banking collapse and the Central Bank Digital Currency Casual Society rollout?
Will it be a cyber attack to bring that in?
Will it be both?
Will it be a massive new terror attack?
An escalation of the war?
These are all cards, because I've been looking over the enemy's shoulder what they got in their hand.
I don't know exactly how they're going to play the cards.
I don't know when they're going to play the cards, but I know what cards they got.
And that's a lie.
So, General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former top national security advisor to President Trump, and a true patriot, We'll be joining us here in about 57 minutes from now.
And we're going to cover the waterfront with the General Commercial Free for an hour straight once he gets on with us.
So we're going to hit... And that important interview is posted commercial free at band.video.
Hope you watch it.
Hope you share it.
It was the best analysis ever.
From the general, we got a real presidential level briefing like he really gives.
Instead of him just kind of humbly sitting there and answering questions with short answers, I said, I'm going to shut up.
And I did a really good job.
I probably talked 10 minutes out of an hour and a half interview with him.
It went long.
And he really got the flow.
I'm telling you, this is why he was one of the top strategists.
Even for the globalists.
He's not a globalist, but he was Obama's favorite general, because his analysis continued to be dead on.
And he's the main guy credited with the pivot towards China, that China was going to double-cross the United States, because he had been to a lot of events and seminars and joint training with the Chai Koms.
He was ordered to go do, and said, these people are completely at war with us.
What the hell are you thinking?
They're gonna double-cross the lemon snot out of us.
And of course that was more than, that was like 10, 12 years ago he convinced Obama for the pivot, so he knows what he's talking about.
He doesn't put on an Ivy League, you know, fake, snooty affect.
Oh, you're so smart!
No, he's just a regular guy, but smart as hell.
That's why his family's got a long history in military intelligence, because they definitely got the right stuff.
But the point is, is that we the human intelligence of America and the world have the right stuff as well.
And they are now, I'm going to show you the articles in a moment, confirming this is a consolidation for the mega banks.
They purposely did not stabilize the bank early to start this process.
They're calling it not a bailout.
It is a bailout.
We'll give you the rest of the story coming up.
But first, here's Tucker Carlson last night.
Well, we know we're about to see bank consolidation, big banks eating little banks, and that means less competition, more consolidation means more government control.
So what are they going to do with that control?
Well, all things being equal, if people don't start making a lot of noise and exerting an awful lot of pressure, it'll mean digital currency, a currency that politicians control.
Sign up for the CBDC app to get your food stamps.
You think that's not coming?
Of course it's coming.
They'd like it to come in any case.
Now we're not alleging a conspiracy here.
But we did notice that the four biggest banks, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, are doing well.
And we also noticed the White House appears to be, maybe we're just reading into this too much, trying to induce runs on regional banks.
They seem to be trying to take away your confidence in those banks.
Here's Karine Jean-Pierre.
It's the White House Secretary, not someone we'd ever accuse of having an original thought, but she's a vessel for the plans of others.
Here she is on Friday, as SVB was collapsing.
Now, she doesn't say a word about the fundamentals of the market, or the security of your money in banks.
Instead, she talks about the one thing that matters to her, which is the racial identity of the people in charge of our finance system.
I do want to take a moment to note the historic nature of the moment that you see in front of you right now.
All three of us are historic firsts in our roles.
The first black woman to serve as CEA Chair, OMB Director, White House Press Secretary.
The first black women right in front of you for all of those three important, important key roles in the administration.
These people lack all self-awareness, as if anyone would care.
Why should we care?
Is there some reason to care?
And by the way, you are discrediting by your stupidity and clear incompetence anything you're promoting.
You should keep that in mind.
But big picture, if you want to make people less confident in regional banks and the banking system more broadly, if you wanted to maybe induce a run in the banks, this might be how you talk.
Oh, we're all of a certain racial group!
What does that have to do with whether the banks have enough cash in reserve to cover their balance sheets?
So what we do know is that the Democratic Party, the Biden administration, sees this crisis as a means of expanding their control.
And we know this because in a recent Zoom call with the Fed, Treasury Department and other financial regulators, With members of Congress.
Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona asked whether there was a program in place to censor social media posts that could lead to a national run on banks.
Now that's according to Congressman Thomas Massey.
Michael Schellenberg is a great piece on this today.
Massey was on the call.
So think about this for a second.
You've got a deposit at a regional bank that's holding tons, way more than you know, of long-term treasuries that are worth a lot less than they were when the bank bought them.
That means that bank is at risk.
That means your money's at risk.
But Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona doesn't want you to know about that.
Why wouldn't they want you to know that?
Kind of interesting.
That kind of censorship could actually crush people.
So we have to ask the obvious question.
How close are we to some sort of disaster?
And to what extent are the people in charge abetting it?
Who stands to gain?
And we told you this was the next shoot-and-drop.
Here's some of the headlines.
Regional banks are seeing flight of deposits to too-big-to-fail megabanks.
Too-big-to-fail banks flooded with deposits as Bankrun drains small banks of cash.
And it goes on and on.
We'll cover it all when we return on this very important Tuesday, March 14th live broadcast.
Infowars.com and Madmaxworld.tv.
Alright, here's what we're going to do today.
We're going to take your calls in this hour and the second hour.
And then about a week and a half ago, Rosie Ann Barr came in, did a live Saturday show with me, and she said, next week the whole system's collapsing.
The new order's going down next week.
And she was talking about the banks going under and everything.
And I didn't poo-poo it, but I said, okay, we'll see.
And I was thinking, I got a bunch of texts and calls last few days saying, you know, Roseanne Barr predicted this.
So I asked her to come on the show and she's going to be coming back on the show in the third hour today.
I'm just going to leave it at this until it happens.
We've got some really big guests tomorrow and then even bigger guests on Thursday.
So you definitely want to tune in tomorrow and Thursday.
These will both be really, really big guests.
The guest on Thursday will be a big newsmaker.
I'll leave it at that.
So just like I said on Saturday, going with an analysis and a dead reckoning estimation, knowing the enemy's past, present and future plans.
I said, I don't think this will be the big bank collapse now, but it's a beta test to position the central bank digital currencies as a solution.
That's not hard to predict.
Biden rolled them out as a solution to banking crises on Wednesday, a day and a half before this all officially started.
So it's not hard to really see what they're doing when you've got your head in the game.
But it might get out of their control.
I'm not saying that this thing couldn't continue as a domino effect chain reaction, but I see it as kind of a cascade over time, the next six months to a year or so, bringing us into right around election time in a year and a half.
I really think on the current path we're on, it could change, that we're going to see Real economic turmoil and hardship that's not been seen since the 1920s.
And let's be clear, there's an old saying, nobody knows who exactly said it, it's been said by so many, Robert A. Heinlein, who knows, he was quoted as saying it, or the first, that the future's here, it's just not evenly distributed.
And that's certainly true.
If you're in a mud hut in Africa, with mosquitoes biting you all day, and you can barely feed your family, You're living in the Stone Age.
But if you're in some globalist ivory tower with a jet copter and the best science and the best medicine, you're really living in the year 2030 already.
Whereas you're an average person working nine to five in a small apartment, you know, you're living in the year 2023.
So if you're starving to death in Africa or starving to death in Latin America or areas of Asia because of the lockdowns that happened the last three years, Which was in blame of the virus, but it was a deliberate plan to collapse the third world into the first world.
Well, you're already in a depression.
So, a recession is when your neighbor's out of work and losing their house.
A depression is when you are out of work and losing your house.
And so, I want to be clear.
We're already right in the middle of World War III, as General Flynn said last Saturday,
three days ago, four days ago.
The only question is, will it go nuclear?
With the legitimization all over the news of tactical nuclear weapons, as Flynn said,
there's no such thing as tactical weapons.
So we have to understand that we're in a global depression designed to consolidate power.
We're in a medical tyranny takeover designed to grab power.
We're in the middle of the collapse of the third world, the first world to take power.
We're in the middle of a cultural bombardment to destabilize all of society and break up families.
We're inside the new world order.
But it's like if you live on a hilltop and there's a big flood, and your neighbors are being washed away right in front of you, But the water doesn't get up to where you're at.
Well, are you in a flood?
Well, yeah, society around you is being devastated, and it's going to affect you.
And as this out-of-control, designed, post-industrial, global, build-back-better, great-reset takeover happens, the water will go as high as the globalists themselves, who think they're safe up on top.
The peaks of power and control.
They think they're safe up there on Mount Everest, but they're not.
The water is rising very, very quickly.
And you see the reports all the time of members of Congress and members of legislatures and mayors and billionaires and their wives and children getting mugged, getting shot, getting killed, getting raped, or dying young of cancer from all the GMO and 5G.
So the big lie here Is the establishment pretending like they're immune and they're above all this because they're not?
And the other big lie, junior only to that first one, is for the middle class and upper middle class or people that make a million bucks a year and have a fancy country club membership and live in a 10-bedroom house with a big swimming pool and travel the world and think you're, you know, at the heights of society.
You are not and you're in grave danger as well.
From the poorest people in Africa right up to the globalist at the top, this new world order is a very dangerous chaos engine that can and will bring down civilization in all their religious texts.
That's what I call people like Noah Harari.
We've all Noah Harari and the rest of them.
They say, "Well, we know civilization's gonna collapse.
"We're gonna accelerate its collapse.
"We're gonna come out on top of it as 2.0 humans, "no more regular humans, and they promise all this AI
"and all this special garbage that's gonna protect them "and make them gods, and none of it's happening,
"none of it's being delivered, "and none of it's going to happen."
The way they say it is it's gonna end up making them the target of the people
who they've enslaved and helped destroy.
And so that's where I am on that front.
It's a very important message to everybody that we are going into crises.
And I remember driving back from Fredericksburg, visiting my now late uncle and with my late grandmother, but she left about an hour before us because there were storms forming and tornadoes.
She said, you need to leave.
And I said, oh, those tornadoes are two hours away.
She said, well, they could form here because we're watching the news.
Out there having a dinner, having a lunch, shooting guns on his ranch.
And so she and my ex-wife and children got in the car and left early.
Me and my dad, I've told the story, we're driving back through Fredericksburg into Stonewall, almost into Johnson City.
Green sky, you know, at like 5 in the afternoon.
Super high winds.
I'm driving like 40 miles an hour.
Rain going sideways.
All of a sudden, the Tahoe starts spinning down the middle of the highway.
We fly off a 50-foot embankment, shoot down.
I remember looking at my dad saying, brace for impact.
And it would have killed him or I if we hit the oak trees, a cluster of big oak trees, on the side of the truck.
We hit it in the back, and it crushed the back all the way up to about a foot behind the front seats.
have crushed the two other rows all the way up to us like an accordion.
He got a really bad concussion, I got a little concussion, but we were okay.
But the point is, I'm saying brace for impact.
Because the car is spinning down the highway in a tornado.
And once the state police got there like five months later, they go, no, no,
we saw the tornado destroy that barn and grab you.
You were just in a tornado like Wizard of Oz, is what the state police guy said, literally.
But that's, we're in the tornado now, folks.
I don't know what's going to happen, but it's going to be violent.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
All right, so we got psychotic predators in control trying to force us onto a new world order AI control grid.
They say humans will be obsolete by 2045.
The future is not human.
Just look up the terms I'm giving you.
It'll blow you away if you haven't seen it yet.
And they're in control pretty much.
They're trying to get full control over our daily lives.
We've got to get aware of this.
We've got to stand up.
We've got to say no.
And through this technocracy, they're playing games, turning off the power, turning off the energy, breaking down the civilization, chipping in the drugs, employing the third world, flooding the borders, breaking up the families.
They're hitting us at every angle, but if we're aware of it, and warn others, once a human's aware of an attack, and decides to not submit to it, and decides to fight it, and decides to do everything you can to disrupt it, it's actually invigorating, it's actually fulfilling, it's actually powerful.
Just like when you get up off your lazy butt, and certainly I do, and you finally get into the gym, and about 30 minutes into the workout, you end up going an hour and a half more because it feels so good, and the next day you can't get out of bed.
You got to take it easy when you're getting back into it.
Believe me, I'm getting back into weightlifting a little bit.
Hadn't been doing it for a while because I've been so busy, and I overdid it last weekend.
Worked out for like an hour hard, and I was like, whoa.
My legs and arms and back were so sore.
But it's that process and it's invigorating and it's empowering.
Another big study out showing the number one thing that cures depression and issues is exercise.
Hiking, lifting weights, swimming.
But again, they know that.
They just want to give you some toxic pills.
But it's the same thing politically.
We've got to exercise.
We've got to use our mental and spiritual muscles.
If we want to get out of this, just passively ignoring it, or, oh, that's politics, I don't care about it.
You may not care about politics, or the globalists, or the New World Order, but they really care about you.
They're predators, they want to hurt you.
All right, so let's run through these headlines, then I'm going to give the number out on two issues.
And I'm asking callers respectfully, please only call these two issues, so we can do a deep dive together on it and look at different angles.
Number one, Redfield last week and those huge hearings, the former head of the CDC saying, the government made it, the Pentagon made it, Bill Gates, Fauci, they lied, it's the biggest gain of function ever, the biggest bio attack ever, they all know about it, they lied about it.
How huge is that?
And new insurance actuaries out, and government studies out confirming other insurance actuary studies of a 26-fold increase in death in those that took two shots.
Remember, it's a 13% increase in death, whether you're in Australia, Germany, France, Canada, the U.S., Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden.
It's the same number.
I can't lie.
These are hard statistics.
13% chance increase.
People that took four or five shots were up in the 40s.
Increase in death, never before seen.
This outstrips World War I death tolls for nations that were in World War I.
World War I, for those who don't know, killed way more soldiers than World War II.
So it was the war of all wars.
They called it the war to end all wars, but of course it didn't end all wars.
And we have World War II that killed the most civilians ever
and second most troops, mainly German and Russian.
So I want to open the phones up on the poison shots and the revelations and where we go from here.
And Edward Dowd's on this Thursday with a lot of big news.
And then we are going to also have a larger discussion, I hope, about bank runs and what you think's behind this
and where you think this is going.
So I'm going to give the toll-free number out.
It's 877-789-2539.
There it is right there.
877-789-2539. There it is right there. 877-789-2539. 877-789-Alex.
And we're taking first-time callers, long-time callers.
It's a free-for-all, but just on those two giant, mega-massive subjects.
And it's possible in two wide areas like that to bring anything in you want to talk about.
Just please address that information first.
Okay, let's run through these headlines.
Regional banks are seeing flight of deposits to too-big-to-fail mega-banks.
Zero hedge.
Too big to fail.
Banks flooded with deposits and bank runs drain small banks of cash.
Moody's cuts outlook on US banking system to negative, citing rapidly deteriorating operating environment.
US futures are modestly firmer through the risk tone remains fragile.
CPI due.
Small banks soar as contagion concerns ease.
Silicon Valley Bank survived the dot-com crash and the Great Recession, but now SVB met its match with Powell's hawkish Fed, and that's what's doing it.
Credit Suisse shares fall to all-time low as bank announces it found material weakness just hours after Wall Street expert predicted it would be the next to fall after SBB.
Moody's puts First Republic and five U.S.
banks on downgrade watch.
Class action suit filed against Silicon Valley Bank parent.
Wall Street Journal news exclusive.
Justice Department, SEC investigating Silicon Valley Bank collapse.
The Forbes curse.
After being named one of the best banks in America, Silicon Valley Bank fails.
Yet again.
Because the CHICOMS own this bank, and the bank was giving most of their money to the Chinese front government groups.
Front corporations.
If the system is to collapse, should we let it?
And that's one of the questions the Gateway Pundit asked.
I'm asking you.
Because here's the deal.
They want the old system that they ran to fail to bring in the new system.
So I'd love the old system to fail to bring in a new, transparent, fair monetary system.
But no, I don't want it to fail on their watch while they want it to fail.
It's a complex issue though.
If you can't hold it, it's not really yours.
That's right.
Gold exploding.
For the Fed, what happens today?
More important than Monday's Mayhem.
Will the Federal Reserve signal going to raise rates, keep them the same, or lower them?
So it just continues on from there.
Very important information that we are here witnessing.
And that we are here tracking in live time today.
We're going to go to break here in a few minutes.
Come back with your phone calls.
We've got a lot of other news, some insane technology news that I'll mention at the start of the next segment, but I will cover at the bottom of the next hour.
This is going to take a little bit of time to cover this because, I mean, we already knew this and I'd already read this, but I never really talked about it properly.
And I was rereading it because it's big news now.
And I just can't even believe this.
I mean, this is so mad scientist.
And it shows how they want to do the wildest, craziest things up front to set the precedent that the sky's the limit.
Bill Gates' lab-grown meat, now in some stores, causes cancer.
What do you think bugs do with their chitin shells?
And it ties into something that's even beyond that.
What are they growing the meat from?
Immortal cell lines.
That's coming up.
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All right, I want to go to your phone calls, but first I want to talk about something that's very important.
I got to know Andrew Tate, I guess about six years ago through Paul Watson.
They hung out quite a bit.
And I knew the inside baseball three years ago when a woman claimed that Andrew Tate sexually harassed her or stalked her or something.
The police investigated it and said it wasn't true.
Now, I wasn't really fully informed.
I only interviewed him four or five times over the years that Tate was making a ton of money off cam girls and soft porn type stuff out of Eastern Europe.
He also did it in London.
I think that's a dangerous profession to be involved in and I think he's been burned by it.
That said, he's been held for three plus months in solitary confinement.
He's lost 35 pounds.
He looks like hell.
So does his brother.
And the guy was a former world kickboxing champion, his brother's world champion in a major division of chess.
His dad was a world champion chess player and the guy was very, very smart and never, from what the intel I have, did anything as they say.
Of the six women that say that he held them and exploited them and all this, three have gone public saying they never told anybody that.
It's not true.
And one of the women's tied into the government of Romania.
Her dad's in the parliament.
So this is a political hit job right after the Globalists come out against him, right after they noticed that he was reaching hundreds of millions of young men around the world about lifting weights and being strong and not being a wimp.
Andrew Tate's even helped members of my family that were feeling sorry for themselves and not really supercharging like they should.
That said, whether he's guilty or not, I don't believe he's guilty from what we've seen.
It's better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be held.
He and his brother, after three months, they've been there since December.
December, January, February, and end of March.
Over three months now.
Have never gotten before a judge for bail, have never been charged.
A year ago, they investigated them, said they weren't guilty when the same women made the first allegation.
And now today, he was in a bond hearing Andrew Tate loses fresh appeal to be released from Romanian prison in a human trafficking case.
So we should pray for him and pray for all of our due process because we're becoming like Romania.
Andrew Tate's special appeal against a 30-day extension of his detention in Romania has been denied by a court, meaning... And again, this is the new article.
This just came out.
Because I was reading that he was just trying to get That he was trying to get Bond.
So I'm going to go ahead and check that.
Is this the latest article?
Because this just came out.
I'm going to search that here.
Yep, there it is.
ABC News.
Romanian court rejects bail request by divisive Andrew Tate.
Official says Romanian court has rejected a bail request from the divisive social media influencer and former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate, who is detained in the country on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking.
That's like the movie Running Man, written by... Oh, what's the name of that libtard?
Stephen King.
It's a good short story, good movie with Schwarzenegger, but... It's like, oh, where's your brother?
Oh, he's been permanently detained.
And that's the byline for any real hardcore tyranny.
You know, where's Bob?
Where's Jenny?
Oh, they've been permanently detained.
So we should pray for Andrew Tate, pray for his brother Tristan, because this is a serious, serious situation for anybody.
And he definitely scared the hell out of them.
Last year he was number one on Google.
Hundreds of millions of viewers a month.
And just like they targeted me with cooked up garbage, and have not been successful taking us off air, they have been successful so far with him.
That's extremely dangerous precedent.
All right, I want to go to Joshua and Josh and Kathy and General Quarters, Ken, Robert, Jordan, Al Killer, Carlos, Teresa, Robert and others.
So we'll get to all your calls before Roseanne Barr joins us in the third hour.
Let me mention some of the technocracy news we're going to hit at the bottom of the hour after taking a bunch of calls.
Technological singularity by 2045.
Futurists predict point where humans' machines become one.
That ties into what they call the life cycle of uncomfortable tech and generative tech.
I'm going to be exposing this.
And then of course that ties in with this stack right here.
Bill Gates' lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans.
Who would imagine anything he wants to give us makes us sick and kills us?
Everything he does in his whole life is about that.
You can say his spirit animal is the angel of death.
So that's all coming up here today.
But just remember, the world's waking up, the minds out there are fertile ground for the truth.
More than ever, that's why you are hated by the globalists.
Not just me, this broadcast, because they recognize it as one of the main resistance points worldwide.
So take the links from man.video and InfoWars.com.
Most places you can't share those, they get blocked.
but the new URL they're not blocking as of yet is madmaxworld.tv.
That takes people to band up video and all the live feeds and hundreds of great
contributors should do your revolutionary part against the tyrants.
The wind share the link, madmaxworld.tv and tell folks, here's the forbidden info.
The system doesn't want you to have on the bank runs and so much more.
All right, let's go to Joshua in New Jersey on the COVID shots.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I really, I.
I'm in the Northeast, and these people are so brain-dead.
It's not even funny.
We have all this evidence that has come out that it was grown in a lab, that it was manufactured.
Everything has come out, and these people are still brain-dead.
I don't know.
I mean, I try to wake people up.
I've lost the best friend because I bring him the information and he's like, I can't deal with this.
I'm just, just leave me alone.
Meanwhile, it's a deep.
They're in a trance.
They're in a form of sleep and they're under a spell is what the angels would call it.
And it's because of their personal selfishness.
They don't believe they have power.
They're demoralized.
They don't have a good opinion of themselves subconsciously.
And so they don't want to hear about problems because they feel overwhelmed.
They don't know challenging problems is what's going to empower them.
Go ahead.
There's that old saying, it's easier to fool man than convince man he's been fooled.
The boomers did this.
They gave up their oversight, they weren't the watchdogs, they let all these committees take over, and we're one step closer.
Yeah, we're opening people's eyes, but I think we're one step closer to the end here, especially now with the banks going under.
It's totally insane.
Well here's what's going to happen.
Things are going to get so bad that nobody's going to be able to hide under a rock.
So they'll have to take the same globalists that are destroying us and take the next phase of deeper destruction or they can finally wake up and say I've been conned and come out of the cognitive dissonance.
Well, God bless you for doing what you do, sir, and I really pray for info wars, and I pray for every American and every person on the planet.
Well, sir, I appreciate you.
What do you make of Redfield, though?
We've all got to get that testimony and magnify it and amplify it.
I mean, it was over-the-top bombshell.
The fact that he knew it was going on...
And yet, the people that were supposed to be giving him the information, just like they did to Trump, kept it from him.
This is weaponization of the government.
Well, exactly.
As soon as he said, as a top virologist, exactly.
As soon as he said, as a top virologist, I know it came out of a lab.
You know it.
They just isolated him.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, they have weaponized everything.
This happened back under Lois Lerner when they went after conservatives for fighting for what was right.
People don't even have a clue anymore because everything is such nonsense.
I pray for everybody and you know what?
I don't think people are waking up fast enough.
I don't think they realize the gravity of the situation that humanity is in.
I 100% agree with you, Joshua.
Thank you.
But here's the paradox.
It's always a remnant that rebuilds.
We're going to wake up as many people as we can.
We have a giant remnant, bigger than most, that restarts civilization.
We've got to get prepared.
We've got to keep warning people.
We've got to get ready.
And then when it finally all melts down, believe me, people will wake up just like that, and then we can rebuild things.
That's where we're going here, ladies and gentlemen.
We have no choice.
I mean, fighting this makes the future better.
Laying down makes it worse.
But yeah, we're going into a storm.
At least we know we're in a storm.
But we're not going into a storm.
We're in the middle of it.
We'll be right back with hour number two and more calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Everybody, you know, tune in now.
You have the power.
You have the answer.
So former President Donald Trump, who as of tonight is the front runner for the Republican nomination, sent a long and really interesting response.
Russia would never have attacked Ukraine if I were president, he writes, not even a small chance.
Trump says he opposes regime change in Russia.
Quote, we should support regime change in the United States.
That's far more important.
The Biden administration, the ones who got us into this mess.
Trump repeatedly refers to the risk of nuclear war, which he describes as absolutely real.
And then he calls for a negotiated peace by Ukraine, mediated by the United States.
Quote, both sides are weary and ready to make a deal, Trump writes.
The meeting should start immediately.
There is no time to spare.
Death and destruction must end now.
Trump has been saying things like this and predicting this for five years now.
And he's saying it again.
What's interesting, though, is that Trump's former vice president, Mike Pence, who was also running for president this year, opposes his old boss on nearly every point.
We're paying Ukrainians to fight Russia, Pence writes, so we won't have to fight Russians ourselves.
Pence endorses even stricter sanctions against Moscow.
He dismisses the risk of nuclear war as a quote, bullying tactic from Putin.
And then Pence suggests that anyone who disagrees with his views on Ukraine is a disloyal American.
Quote, there is no room for Putin apologists in the Republican Party.
Mike Pence did not specify who he was talking about, though we suspect this show is included in that treasonous category.
And then maybe the most newsworthy response that we received was from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
DeSantis has well-known views on many topics, of course, but until tonight, no one could really say with precision where he stood on the war in Ukraine, which is arguably the most important topic in the world.
And now we know.
DeSantis is adamantly opposed to the position that most Republicans in Washington have taken on Ukraine.
DeSantis is not a neocon.
Who knew?
Quote, while the U.S.
has many vital national interests, DeSantis writes, securing our borders, addressing the crisis of readiness within our military, achieving energy security and independence, and checking the economic culture of the United States Communist Party, becoming further entangled in a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not one of them.
Without question, he writes, peace should be the objective.
The U.S.
should not provide assistance that could require the deployment of American troops or enable Ukraine to engage in offensive operations beyond its borders.
F-16s and long-range missiles should therefore be off the table.
These moves would risk explicitly drawing the United States into the conflict and drawing us closer to a hot war between the world's two largest nuclear powers.
That risk is unacceptable.
DeSantis goes on to oppose the policy of regime change in Moscow, which is very popular in Washington, and he points out that the Biden administration has created an alliance between Russia and China, and that's a disaster for the United States.
Quote, we cannot prioritize intervention in an escalating foreign war over the defense of our own homeland, especially as tens of thousands of Americans are dying every year from narcotics smuggled across our open border, and our weapons arsenals, critically for our own security, are rapidly being depleted.
So that's DeSantis' position.
Vivek Ramaswamy, meanwhile, who you just saw, who announced for president on this show a few weeks back, responded with what was effectively an essay.
It was so tightly argued and sharp it probably should be a Wall Street Journal piece.
We hope it becomes one.
We can't really do it justice here, but a few short excerpts give you the flavor.
Quote, China wants the Ukraine war to last as long as possible to deplete Western military capacity before invading Taiwan.
It's working!
We think we appear stronger by helping Ukraine, but actually become weaker vis-a-vis China.
We've spent 20 years droning people in caves in the Middle East and Central Asia and have little to show for it.
We should be taking out the people who have caused the deaths of more than 100,000 Americans every year, the Mexican drug cartels.
If I were president right now, I wouldn't limit any further funding or support to Ukraine.
Ukraine is not in the top five of American foreign policy priorities right now, and yet merely questioning whether the money we spent on the war is being done effectively, or perhaps even prolonging the war, is seen as disloyal.
We get accused by both Democrats and Republicans of being, quote, Putin sympathizers.
The Washington Unit Party and defense contractors want this conflict to go on forever.
For the sake of the global economy and peace, we should be doing everything we can to end it tomorrow.
Alright, so the full report, it's like 10 minutes long, it's up on Bandai Video, it's up on Infowars.com.
Tucker is just doing yeoman's work here, trying to stop World War III.
Back in 60 seconds, I'm going right to your phone calls on the two big issues.
The bank runs and the central bank digital currencies and Redfield's testimony.
To me, those are the big central issues. That will bring down the whole deep state.
They want their SDRs for control and they want their poison shots for control.
We'll be right back.
Well, we've said over and over again, all it's going to take is a slip up or an accident like we saw three months ago when Ukraine, Zelensky fired two heavy missiles into Poland and they tried to blame Russia.
But thank God, part of one of the missiles did not completely explode.
And so they saw that it was Ukrainian.
This just broke Russian fighter jet crashes into U.S.
Reaper drone over the Black Sea.
Russian fighter jet has collided with an American Reaper drone over the Black Sea, the U.S.
military confirmed today.
One Western source said earlier that an investigation was underway to check whether the drone had
been shot down in the area of intense NATO military activity close to Ukraine war front
But it was later confirmed that the collision had occurred and it's US drones directing
the whole war.
The source who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information did not
say which country was operating the drone, which is used extensively by the United States
as well as many other NATO allies.
Russian fighter jet forces down US drones.
drone over Black Sea after intercept.
That's CNN.
We're getting different stories on this.
Air Force procures General Atomics MQ-NB Sky Guardian drones.
Incident involving US-made drone over Black Sea.
We're going to be looking at that as it develops.
I want to go back to your phone calls, but first I want to air a couple clips of Trump last night in Indiana.
Here's President Trump speaking.
I will totally obliterate the deep state.
2024 is the final battle.
Here it is.
What's happening is very simple.
Our enemies are desperate to stop us because they know that we are the only ones who can stop them.
And I will totally obliterate the deep state.
I will fire the unelected bureaucrats who have weaponized our justice system.
Look at what they've done to our justice system.
What they have done to our justice system.
I will direct the Department of Justice to go after Marxist prosecutors offices to make them pay for their illegal race-based Say what you want about Trump, but man, look at that rhetoric.
That is so bad for the new world order to be openly called out as the problem, to be called out as the people running it all, which they are.
And once people know they're the ones doing all this, it's game over, folks.
As I've been saying, For decades.
And we're there now.
Now, we're at the most dangerous moment because they're like cornered rats.
This is a big, big deal though.
Alright, let's go to your phone calls.
I'm going to move quickly here to talk to everybody.
We're talking about bank runs.
We're talking about all the testimony last week that it was gain of function, run by the Obama Pentagon, and then handed off to China once Trump got in.
We know what happened.
I hate the CHICOMS folks, but they're not the ones that did this, okay?
Let's talk to Josh in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
All right, how we doing Alex?
So I'm going to bullet point a timeline going from 2013 until now.
In 2013, we have the 23-page white paper called Secure the Net, Global Governments in a Digital Domain.
I have this document and the article linked up at thegoodfightnews.com.
Yes, I know that.
It's a key report.
I'm aware of it.
Go ahead.
Yep, it's like Operation Lockstep where it talks about a cyber Cuban missile crisis and how the G20 then creates an international cybersecurity treaty.
Which then brings in the global digital currency.
Yes, we're now here.
Yep, and this goes into 2014.
Gox was the largest exchange shut down.
This led to the regulations with ID and Social Security in order to acquire crypto.
We have to remember the U.S.
government is the largest holder of Bitcoin.
The FTX shutdown, with its crypto access assets, is now going into the Signature and SBB Bank.
We have to understand that banking is cyber.
Your direct deposits, ATM, wire transfers are all cyber.
And if you read that report, Secure the Net, Global Governments, in the digital domain,
it goes through a couple of scenarios of a cyber meltdown.
And cyber might not technically be cyber attacks, but it could be the banking infrastructure.
And I just kind of wanted to bullet-- Oh, absolutely.
The Bilderberg Group, the UN, the Demos Group, they've all been saying cyber attacks will bring in their new global currency, and they're absolutely now getting that ready right now.
So we are in the season of them launching this.
And we have to remember the cyber attacks.
This is also going in with the infrastructure control attacks and the banking.
We have to put banking and cyber in one bubble now because it is the same thing.
And that's all I wanted to say.
It's all up there at thegoodfightnews.com and I appreciate you Alex.
Thank you.
You are dead on.
I'm going to say something here that's speculation.
99% of what I do is not speculation.
When I speculate, when it is a conspiracy theory, I will say it.
And I'm almost always right on these things.
But I've thought about it long enough and don't jump the gun.
And I make a quick response sometimes and it's wrong because I'm missing something.
Only a year after we got the 7 plus million dollars in Bitcoin donations, And had outside firms come in and do a total overview, top firms, of our finances going back many years and our bills and expenses and what was going forward.
Did they come up with the number that the amount of money we were given in Bitcoin was from one donor, was exactly what we were in the rears for and what we needed to buy a new product to project forward.
Now, only AI can do that.
And I've talked to people at the highest, not the highest, I guess there's people that are the CEOs or the heads of the companies, but I've talked to the top echelons of major AI groups.
Okay, I'll leave it at that.
Multiple ones.
And they've, one of them flew here to brief me about six months ago.
He said, listen, we're holding back on AI.
People don't know how powerful it is.
The stuff you see is tinker toys.
They don't want the public to know how good it is now.
And they explained to me we've years ago had 18 wheelers driving coast-to-coast perfectly.
They just don't want that rolled out right now that were self-driven.
And when I sat back and looked at that a few months ago and we learned that, that it was exactly.
We hadn't even done our own accounting.
We didn't even know, but they can see all the bank accounts with AI.
That's all fed in folks, the NSA.
Only the NSA.
Not the Chai comms and certainly not the Russians could have AI that we didn't even know what we needed that gave us basically exactly what we needed.
Whoever this was knew that we were really going to be shut down.
I mean, BuzzFeed lost $110 million last year.
All these other big, I mean, they don't even do anything.
We do all this stuff and it takes us $30 million a year to operate, but we got to sell like $50, $60 million worth of stuff because on average stuff's only marked up 100%.
And so you call it luck, call it God, maybe it's God's AI working through somebody to give us the exact amount.
But to me, it feels like AI that had all our financial data could actually scan through it, come up with an answer and say, Jones is this much in the hole with a projection and then give us the exact amount just enough to dig out of the hole.
Maybe it's not AI.
It probably is just God.
Because it just continues to happen, where God wants to show me, this is not anything but God.
It's always exactly what you need, when you need it.
So, that's a crazy thing, folks.
That is a really, really, really crazy thing.
And they finished the accounting, the final accounting, about a week ago.
They're doing some fine touches, double checking and all.
They found that I did donate 100% of the Bitcoin.
I said in court, because I wasn't sure, 95%.
Like, what's this Bitcoin you put in your pocket, you kept from donations to keep imports in the air?
And I went, no, I gave about 95% of it.
I knew it was 100%, but I didn't want to, I kind of hedged.
I'm like, well, maybe a little bit went somewhere.
I think about, I said, I think about 95%.
And of course they said, 100% of it.
Went in to these operations.
Well, of course it did.
I don't give a flip about $7.5 million.
I already got offered hundreds of millions of dollars in the 10-year contract over 15 years ago to sell out.
I don't give a damn about that.
I care about information and the truth and fighting tyrants.
So thanks for keeping us on air, but that's a true story about what happened with the Bitcoin.
We are back and I'm not doing a good job of taking a lot of calls, but the calls have been amazing.
I'm going to try to really run through a lot of your calls right now ahead of huge news and Roseanne Barr.
Kathy in West Virginia, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, I just want to compliment you.
You will be on major network TV in the future just like you were on Charles Kuralt way back when.
But I'm calling about Redfield.
I think he did a stellar job in testimony when he was asked about Fauci and did he know about the gain of function.
I thought he answered it perfectly like there could be no doubt there was gain of function.
And this whole thing, I mean, with the announcement of COVID, I still remember getting a call from a friend of mine who would do classified tasks for the CDC.
Redfield must have known a lot because he told me, he gave me a call one January morning in 2020 and said, I have just delivered You're going to hear about this later today.
I've just delivered a slide deck and a suitcase with $200,000 cash delivered to the White
You're going to hear about something.
It's going to go out to all the Congress people today.
It's going to go out everywhere.
You're going to hear about this.
Well, there were.
We've had some of the whistleblowers on.
One of the chief advisors of the CDC that was advising them did give reports to Redfield and everybody two and a half years ago.
And we've had Mr. Alexander.
Hey, I cashed a $22,000 check yesterday here in Florida at a credit union.
Indeed, there were good people.
Redfield, going back two years ago, said, "I can't say it's not man-made."
People say, "Well, where was he then?
He was isolated."
But now, he has blown the whistle on them, and it's beautiful.
Thank you, Kathy.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go to Robert in Florida.
Go ahead, Robert.
I cashed a $22,000 check yesterday here in Florida at a credit union.
They flipped out.
It took them about an hour and a half to do it.
The lady came out and says, we do not have enough hundreds and fifties to cover this check.
And I looked at the lady and I said, that's fine.
I want ones, fives and tens and change anyway.
I need small denominations.
And she said, you're joking, right?
And I said, do I look like I'm joking?
Well, they went back in, had another 20 minute meeting.
I mean, this is only 22 grand.
Now I'm not rich.
Don't get it wrong.
But 10 years ago I cashed out like a $90,000 check.
It took them 4 hours and I came back and picked it up.
But here was the kicker.
The tellers were all nervous and then they pulled out a form and they had to have all my information.
She was writing it down.
So is that going to the Fed?
Oh yeah, they're going to put a suspicious transaction report in.
Oh, okay.
Well that's fine.
Even though I... No, you haven't done anything wrong.
Absolutely, it's your money.
No, I know.
Well, the people in the Gulag didn't do anything wrong either.
It's irrelevant, but the point is, if my credit union is flipping out over that, what's going on with these other banks that are in all kinds of financial trouble?
Well, they say there's less than one-tenth of one percent of real cash for what there is in so-called currencies and derivatives and the rest of it, so yeah, it's not that you're doing anything wrong, but the system's criminal, I agree with you, so maybe in the future You deposit the check or you take it out a quarter at a time?
I bet you drain them of all their cash, probably.
Alex, they only gave me $2,000 in hundreds.
They were out.
And they weren't going to give it to me.
And I said, well, I guess I'll call the Sheriff's Department.
And they went back in and they found it.
So I drained them.
No, they only gave me $2,000.
Like I said, that's when I knew something was wrong.
And when they pulled the form out, Yeah, I mean, they took all, it was like per... So what'd they give you most of it in, like, tens and twenties?
No, fifties.
It was all, yeah.
So, point being is, they only gave me, what, $2,100 bills?
That was it.
So, now I'm, now I'm going back up there today.
I'm going to take $550s, and I'm going to say, okay, can I get some ones, fives, and tens now?
And see what they do.
Yeah, so they only gave you a fraction of your money?
They gave me the full $22,000.
Oh, you're going to get even more out now, I understand, or bring the money back?
Well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the fifties and hundreds back up there and keep cashing them out daily so I can get my smaller denomination.
That's smart.
Well, imagine once they have their central bank digital currency and it's all surveilled, it's all tracked, and they control it digitally themselves.
The power to look at the bureaucracy is beyond not marriage.
Thank you, Robert.
Let's talk to Al Killer, longtime caller from Virginia.
Go ahead.
Well, I just want to commend you on that interview with General Flynn on Saturday.
Epic interview.
One of your best ones ever.
He's absolutely right as far as not panicking when the banking collapse happens, because this is our opportunity to restructure everything for us.
When he was bringing up the fact that we could back the currency with gold or silver, it went right back to Ron Paul and then the Fed, and then I was even thinking about old Webster Tarpley.
Remember when he used to do Left in the Hood, when he would make fun of Ron Paul?
It was funny at the time, but he had a great idea.
He'd go Left in the Hood up to no good!
Yeah, it was hilarious.
But as far as being able to issue the Treasury bonds, straight from the Treasury and rebuilding our country.
I think Trump is thinking that as well, and DeSantis running is making Trump a better candidate, and that idea of building the new super city, we need to produce our way out of it, okay?
Exactly, only innovation will bring us there.
It's like the NASA investment of the 60s created everything we've got today.
Everything we have is we shoot ourselves in the foot.
With the banking collapse, you know, if we demand us, the United States becoming a producer again, Our energy production goes up, and the prices go down, and that drives everything else down.
Instead, the globalists are doing everything they can to increase prices, make us give up, and bankrupt us.
The answer is innovate, be optimistic, work with local businesses, and work our way out of this.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's go ahead and take another call from Jordan in New Jersey.
You're on the air, Jordan.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Thank you.
I'm calling about Redfield.
You know me, I started the CoronaEyes.com site, and with these revelations, you know, to answer your question from earlier, where do we go from here, right?
And where do we go from here is, you know, people want to say, well, let's go after Fauci, and I think that's a big, huge waste of time right now.
There needs to be further proceedings based upon what Brunfield's testimony was, and I believe that you go after the underlings Who have a lot of blood on their hands and there's public disclosures and admissions from them already.
They should at least be brought in front of Congress.
Most particularly Ralph Baric of North Carolina, UNC.
And also Mark Deninson of Vanderbilt University.
There are many public videos of Ralph Baric.
Who exhibits at times, I would go as far as to say, psychopathic behavior, which could be seen in the way he responds to certain things.
most striking is the Gain of Function Symposium held in 2014, where he was challenged by David
Relman of Stanford University as to the utility of gain-of-function research, whereby he said
he made certain admissions that were later contradicted by a presentation he did in February
2020, right before the pandemic really hit, called "What We Know About the Coronavirus,"
held at the Coalition for Life Sciences in Washington, D.C.
Are we listening? Who is in Congress or has law enforcement capabilities or can set up
I remember that conference.
They basically admitted they're going to blow up the old system to bring in this new system to get past regulators.
Incredible call.
Thank you, Jordan.
Man, smart callers.
More calls just a couple minutes away.
Carlos, Jefferson, Theresa, Robert, Clint, Ken, Travis, Marie, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, I'm gonna go ahead and take part of the fourth hour from Maria Z, who's awesome from Australia, because there's no way I'm gonna get to your calls and have Roseanne Barr on and hit this new news.
Now, I didn't want to say this was the beginning of the real collapse.
I wasn't sure.
But the big rating services are pushing that right now, and we have Former Clinton Treasury official on CNN saying Biden has nationalized the banking system.
Yeah, this is bigger than a bailout.
To have the federal government say they're going to guarantee all deposits and investments in banks is the next level.
So, I said I'd hit the Bill Gates news on the lab-grown meat causing cancer because it shows you how crazy they are.
Wait till you hear where it's grown from.
Cadabers of humans.
You can't make this up.
It's like, you will have nothing and love it, and you will drink sewage water, and you will eat bugs, and it's like, they're getting you ready, and now you'll eat cloned human meat.
You can't make this up.
Remember, like, a year ago, Hollywood is cloning its blood, and you can, like, buy Brad Pitt's blood and drink it?
I mean, yeah.
But, by the way, it sounds like a lie when I say that.
That's mainstream news.
They're just... Two men can have a baby.
Men can compete in women's sports.
And some wrestler just breaks a woman's arm.
It's incredible!
But they're just normalizing all this.
Here's what I'll do.
I love your calls.
I'll take your calls.
Roseanne Barr will be on for 45 minutes.
And then the last segment of the third hour and then into the fourth.
I gotta hit all this.
I mean...
Biden came out, there's video that says it's a sin not to chop boys' balls off.
We have video of this.
I mean, he called it a sin.
I mean, everything is an inversion.
No, that's the sin.
So that's all coming up.
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All right, let's rampage through calls.
Carlos in Canada on the financial issue and the global control system.
Go ahead.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Just wanted to point to you something that is crucial.
One has to have focus.
If one is not focused, one cannot solve problems.
There is a message from a banker, a very famous banker, Nathan Rothschild, who said, give me control of the money issuance in a country and I care not who makes the law.
That is exactly what we're experiencing now.
Politicians are subject to international finance.
They're told what to do.
They're told, hey, we used all the money in the pensions to play the stock market.
You've got to kill a lot of people, you know, and keep quiet.
That type of thing.
This kind of reasoning is contrary to the order of society.
What are the Republican Party, who now have apparently control of the Congress, doing about the quality of the election in 2024 to make sure that your vote, Alex, cancels, a genuine vote cancels, the vote of someone who has not your interest at heart?
If that person can provide a fraudulent vote to cancel your vote, then that person who's fraudulent will carry the day.
That's a dictatorship by fraud, but let me go back to what you said that's so key.
Bankers aren't supposed to be at the top of society.
They're just supposed to be managers of the modes of exchange.
To build a better society and to build confidence and not be involved in fraud.
It's a sacred obligation.
Instead, they've set up society by taking over the pension funds and devaluing the currency where they hold us all hostage and they're using that for total control.
What you said is absolutely paramount.
Thank you.
And listen carefully.
Capitalism is your enterprise.
What you do when you plug and when you, you know, you're trying to attract attention to your message.
What you do is your enterprise.
You capitalize that so you can run your enterprise.
When you print money in a thin air, that's not capitalism.
That is bankruptcy.
I've got to have a good that people then like that adds value to society or it goes away.
But when they can just print money and give it to themselves, they can prop up bad ideas like wokeism.
So the gross domestic product of a country, it should be the foundation of the financial issuance of currency and the treasury of that country should be controlled by the people, not the mice taking care of the In case in point, the U.S.
is the world energy leader.
We have the most natural resources, other than Russia, who hasn't tapped them, but we're the most tapped, ready to produce it.
It should be based on oil.
The dollar should be linked to gold, or silver, or rare earth minerals, or oil, or a basket.
It should be linked to a real commodity, or it allows frauds to come in and produce things that aren't based on the market.
The more a country works, the greater its gross domestic product.
He will encourage cooperation between countries.
He will encourage the issuance of work and labor to produce and to gain capital.
You see, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, all of these people, Stalin, they knew that when the working people had guns, there was no communism.
The Second Amendment is your formula to cancel communism.
Understand that.
Read your literature.
It's fair.
It's not secret.
There's a hidden hand in the finance of politicians.
And money is war.
Where we spend our money is key in that fight.
So use the money, folks.
Spend it wisely.
Thank you, Carlos.
Theresa, in Idaho.
You're on the air.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me and thanks for fighting the good fight.
We really appreciate you.
I appreciate you.
I just wanted to go real briefly on the biological weapon that I believe was launched at the Military World Games in Wuhan, China in 2019.
I don't know if we've ever covered that.
That's what the Chinese say.
They say the U.S.
government released it there.
It was out months before they announced it at Wuhan.
It was in a wet lab.
And now the former head of the CDC says the Pentagon under Obama produced the weapon.
So yeah, I think that's what happened.
Absolutely, but I think we were in, I think the Chinese were totally involved because nobody wanted Donald Trump back in through our elections off.
No, no, I agree.
They agree with the weapon to be launched there to control their population and to control our population.
They're definitely involved.
And briefly on the vaccine, it's not just the vaccine wreaking havoc on the body.
And I'll tell you, long haulers is real.
People that have had severe cases of COVID.
And not even severe, but a lot of those symptoms were neurological, and it is proven that that virus can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which is very scary.
And it grows prions in the brain.
And blood clots.
More than 50% of patients with COVID-19 will throw a blood clot or have blood clots in their body and not even know it.
So, you know, I just wanted to go back on, of course, the vaccine is not good.
I never had the vaccine.
I did have COVID in 2020.
I was very sick.
Most of my symptoms were neurological.
I'm still suffering from neurological.
You talk to people, I can talk to people and look at them and go, hey, I think you have COVID brain.
People can't think, they can't spit out their words.
They can't concentrate.
Oh, for the first time ever, IQ's just majorly dropped in the U.S.
All over the world, wherever the shots are given, big study came out two days ago, IQ's dropping.
Great points.
Teresa, thank you for the call.
All right, Ken, and many others, your calls are straight ahead.
I'm going to hit all the other news I promised to hit as well, and Roseanne Barr is coming up.
I know you already know this, but listen, it's an InfoWar.
Share the links.
Yeah, John the Revelator didn't lie.
Everything John the Revelator said is coming true right now.
Roseanne Barr's coming up.
A lot of big breaking news after that.
But look at these headlines.
Moody's cuts outlook on U.S.
banking system to negative, citing rapidly deteriorating operating environment.
And that the U.S.
banks are basically collapsing.
We've got this clip I'm about to play, then we'll go to your calls.
Former Clinton Treasury official claims Biden has effectively nationalized the banking system.
Far beyond bailouts, they're saying any amount of money will pay.
Joe Biden has successfully nationalized U.S.
Bank's system in its response to the collapse of Silicon Valley.
According to former Deputy Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton, Roger Altman.
Let's play the clip now.
Because one thing that I'm hearing from the Treasury Department is that this is not a bailout in their view.
But for regular people, it kind of looks like one.
What do you think?
Well, the term bailout is obviously a loaded one, and it's in the eye of the beholder.
You know, it's like one person sees something and thinks it's a catastrophe, another person sees the same thing and thinks it's a small accident.
But the main point here is that the rescues of 2008 and 2009, which we all remember so vividly, became ferociously unpopular.
I mean, one of the most unpopular things that the federal government has done in 50 or 100 years.
Many people think they led to, you know, the growth of the Tea Party and the growth of the MAGA movement and so forth.
And therefore, the administration today doesn't want to get within 100 miles of that term bailout.
Now, What the authorities did over the weekend was absolutely profound.
They guaranteed to deposit all of them at Silicon Valley Bank.
And what that really means, and they won't say this, and I'll come back to that.
What that really means is that they have guaranteed the entire deposit base of the U.S.
financial system.
The entire deposit base.
Because you can't guarantee all the deposits at Silicon Valley Bank, and then the next day, say to depositors, say at First Republic, sorry, yours aren't guaranteed.
Of course they aren't.
And so, this is a breathtaking step.
Uh, which effectively nationalizes or federalizes the deposit base of the U.S.
financial system.
Now, uh, you can call it a bailout, you can call it something else, but it's really absolutely profound.
Now, the authorities, including the White House, are not going to say that, because what I just said, of course, implies that they've just nationalized the banking system.
And technically speaking, they haven't.
But in a broad sense, they're verging on that.
By the way, the shareholders in Silicon Valley Bank obviously lost all their money.
And therefore, if you're a shareholder at First Republic, or some of the other banks that you showed on your screen a few minutes ago, you're concerned because you saw that in Silicon Valley Bank, the shareholders were wiped out.
But the depositors Absolutely.
those institutions have nothing to worry about because they've just been
guaranteed. It is a remarkable statement here you say that you believe that the
US banking system has been nationalized because of this.
Well I didn't say it has been nationalized I said they're verging on that
because they've guaranteed the entire deposit base. Absolutely so this is
the mega bailout of all time but then they're gonna offer central bank
digital currencies once it undermines and collapses the whole system.
They've set the precedent for that.
As I said Saturday, my original analysis is proving right yet again.
All right.
Got a lot more coming up here, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and go back to your phone calls.
Ken in Arizona, go ahead.
Hi Alex.
First of all, we listen every day, and we love and appreciate you and the entire InfoWars team.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You guys are the undisputed leader of freedom on planet Earth, and we buy products and donate every month, and we urge all listeners to do the same.
In my opinion, a donation to InfoWarsStore.com is a donation right back to ourselves.
Well, let me just say this.
We would not be here without you, so you are the InfoWar.
Thanks for keeping us on air.
Thank you.
I consider myself a fighter in this battle, and I'll stick with it till the end.
Thank you.
So here, my comment is that when the banking elite collapses the system with the goal of stealing what's left and introducing the CBDC, at that time we must demand their money, not their new system.
Since 1913, the credit-based fractional reserve banking system was their creation.
As such, they are solely responsible for it.
No, you're not.
We need a new system they don't control.
That's right.
When they crash it, we demand they repay $200 trillion, let's just say, of money that was lost and stolen over the years by their corporations, banks, lenders, custodians, brokers.
We demand all the money in their offshore accounts, their LLCs, their family trusts.
We demand they return the businesses and real estate they bought with their ill-gotten gains.
The NSA can identify all the accounts all over the world, including those of related individuals, family members, heirs, beneficiaries, receivers, related third parties.
Including the top advisors and every associate.
Let's take all their money back.
We want their money, not their new system.
They created the losses, now let's have them pay for them.
They stole from us, let's take it back.
We need a globalist asset seizure, we gotta take it all at once so they can't rebuild.
We need sanctions and seizures of the globalists and Nuremberg too to put them on trial.
Not in a vindictive way, but to stop this behavior from happening again.
You got it.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
Thank you, Ken.
Thanks for holding an hour to say that.
Travis in Chicago.
Go ahead.
I bet you're crying over Lightfoot being gone.
Oh, no.
I love it.
Thank God she's gone, but it's another... No, I'm glad she's gone, but the entertainment value is like... She's as bad as Brian Stelter, so... Yeah, she is.
So, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
The reason for my call is, you know, Congress has a lot of say, or supposed to have a lot of say, in coining money.
You know, Article 1, Section 8.
You know, Article 1, Section 10.
No state shall coin money.
But they've advocated all that power over to the private federal reserve.
And that's really the point is, you know, if they get, if they go into this digitized system where people are going to be banned, like we are in social media and everything else, So then I guess, you know, the black market has to create some sort of barter system.
Is that what we're going to?
If they get this in, yeah.
Market the base, brother.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
Speaking of which, I need to get the hell out of Illinois.
I mean, And get up to the farmlands, like you're talking about, so I can start growing my own food, you know, and maybe... Well, what you've got to do is have the skills, whether you're a mechanic or a dentist or an author or a teacher, whatever it is, get in an area that has a bunch of farm production and a powerful, independent community.
That's the whole future is going to be that.
Well, thanks for taking my call, buddy.
Love you.
Thank you.
Love you, too.
God bless you.
Marie in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Yes, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Listening since 99.
Love you.
Love you, too.
Worked for non-profits for more than 10 years.
Had access to donor records to the highest levels.
I was in tech, research, and development.
And basically, in short, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, once a month the institution, we would get like two and three page gift reports every day that I would see and there were things you had to do beyond them like acknowledgements or whatever, but once a month there would be like a 30 page report and that was when the Gates Foundation money came in and every gift was $10,000 even and they were coded
To public health for vaccines with numbers and letters.
In other words, like, I'm not saying it was COVID-19, but they were all separated.
All the information is in these records at these institutions.
And they thought they were being slick, or I don't know what they thought.
But if they'd given them, say, a million a month, It had stood out.
Hold on.
Don't hang up.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to break for two minutes.
I'm going to come back to you, Marie, because I know they gave 50-something thousand dollars to everybody they intimated.
I know there was globally a bounty to basically kill people, but it was a bounty of people who were in Desivir.
It was all a big global test to see if the medical system was what they were told.
But I'm hearing what you're saying, but not on the specifics.
When we come back, tell me what you're specifically talking about.
But yeah, it's all the technocracy.
Testing to see what they get away with.
All right, Roseanne Barr was on about a week and a half ago.
She predicted the total collapse would begin within one week, and now we have the clips of her saying it.
She'll be joining us again coming up as well.
Stay with us.
Roseanne Barr was on with us about eight, nine days ago, and she prayed to bring down the globalist system, and it's all over the internet that that happened.
They got studies that prayer, if you're sick, everything has the biggest effect.
That's why we got callers like Rachel who want to talk to Roseanne Barr.
You'll get a chance.
Here's John in studio.
We're doing Skype.
We're going to connect her in a few minutes.
But, Marie, I was listening to you very carefully and I know what you're talking about, but I'm Mrs. Pacifics from Tennessee.
What were you hitting at?
I'm hitting at anywhere with public health and tropical medicine or, say, a primate center.
Any kind of institution like that.
And I'm not going to name any names because I like my life.
Um, they, um, they're getting huge, and this has been going on, in this case, since the 1800s, okay?
I'm not kidding.
Viruses are big bucks, Alex.
And I know it sounds crazy, but... Oh no, it doesn't sound crazy.
The UN said five years ago their World Government Takeover Plan hinged on disease X. Yeah.
Well, I mean, and worse, like, same institution, one of the things they were studying that they got money from the Department of Defense for was why prostate cancer was killing black men.
Why would the Department of Defense be studying prostate cancer in black men?
To learn how to spread it better.
We know a lot of it's viral, so get back to this coding.
You would see money coming in coded?
I saw all the money that came in.
It took six months for me to get this job because of the security and background checks.
So talk to me like I'm five years old and three minutes left.
Tell me, without getting yourself in trouble, I get it, what you were witnessing.
Tremendous amounts of money coming in and public health doing stuff in Africa and Peru specifically at that time.
With that money, um, but it was specifically for vaccines, but not just one vaccine.
Like I'm like I said, 30, like 30 different gifts a month with everyone was different.
So they have like, like the lot numbers or whatever, which as an aside, which is mainly the reason why I'm interested in all this.
My daughter was vaccine injured way back in 2004.
And by then, the state where we got the shots had a huge computer to input all of the data, and I had been skating on not getting them shots since the 90s, and they caught up with me, and I had to do it.
And terrible things happened.
But my daughter just told me recently that she got her medical records because she still has problems.
She's in her 30s now.
And she still has issues from what happened to her.
And she said that they had the lot numbers of the shots.
Oh yeah.
Gregory's did great reports last year and this year showing how they sent out these hot lots like targeted missiles on who they wanted to kill in what areas.
And that's the whole thing.
It's a medical tyranny.
It's out of control.
Immortal cell lines they're now using to make Bill Gates's artificial meat that causes cancer.
I mean these people are sick.
We've got to get our minds around these mad scientists.
Marie, thank you so much for the call and I'm sorry for what happened to your daughter.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come out of break and air the prayer.
Two Saturdays ago, I guess 11-12 days ago with Roseanne Barr.
And she said a lot more in the two-hour interview.
She said, it's all going down.
It's all going to collapse next week.
People are like, oh yeah, right.
The left even ran stories, oh, she has a psychotic break on air.
But she believes in God.
She's in these big prayer groups.
Regardless, though, it's all happening.
The new order is going down, ladies and gentlemen, because of all of our work.
The question is, how are they going to launch attacks back at us?
So we're going to go to break, come back, play part of the show from two Saturdays ago.
That Saturday was Roseanne Barr, last Saturday was General Flynn.
Those are the big knockout shows.
Got a huge guest on Thursday.
I'll leave it at that, unannounced.
And we'll stop right there.
We'll be right back.
We're already into our number three today.
And after Roseanne Barr leaves us, I'll finish up with big breaking news and your calls.
Stay with us in full wars.com.
Today is a very important Jewish day because it's the Shabbat before Purim.
And Purim is the boomerang.
And the boomerang is coming.
And I feel it because that's my religion and I do practice it.
So that means Satan does not exist today because he cannot exist on a holy day.
He can't live anywhere in holy space.
So that means that our prayers go straight to God today.
He can't interfere or F with them or nothing else.
I came here because I want people to pray with us that we can overcome all machinery
that has ties to the satanic lower world of evil, that we break all those ties, all those
satanic vows that people have taken.
May they be cut today, may they not exist tomorrow.
All those who do have the spark of a soul in them in the most high positions of power
will feel that spark grow and they will remove themselves just simply by resigning.
For the sins they've committed against the children of this world, may they just grow enough soul to kindly remove themselves, and may God guide a person of wisdom and ethics and morality to replace them.
May that happen immediately.
And may the souls of the human beings who care for other human beings and for this country and what it stands for, which is a melting pot of individual rights, not group rights where people are punished for things they didn't do, but for justice and equality, including women like me who have the power to speak freely and to own property and to work it with the sweat of their brow.
That's beautiful, please pray.
To not be on their knees to a big elitist group who think of us as their slaves or their prey.
May that end today and I ask you Alex to say amen with me.
So what are you gut level thinks about to happen?
I think what's about to happen is because we prayed here today all that it's going to break down and I think that nothing's going to happen.
I think they're all going to get caught.
I think that the whole Epstein thing is going to be exposed.
I think that intelligence and the people and all the research they're doing is going to pay off.
I think every one of them, as my friend said about 20 years ago, the children will speak the names of their abusers in public.
I think it will crumble everything.
That's all it's about.
It's a pedo Ponzi scheme and a pedo Yeah, currency is children.
This is the thing that's going to happen, Alex.
All the bull is going to fade and burn away.
It is now.
Yeah, it is now.
It's just now catching fire.
Yes, it is.
The sparks have caught fire and it's all burning away.
The old is going to go and the new is just being born.
And what's going to happen is that the writings of Jesus that people don't know about and they've tried to destroy for 2,000 years, See the full interview at Man.Video.
They tried to silence him. They tried to you know everything they've done to him
But people know in their hearts that what he spoke was true.
It's gonna come now It's gonna bloom and everybody's gonna read it and see it
for themselves See the full interview at man dot video so it became a
viral story after she was on with lovers of Liberty really liked the interview, but the left
made jokes and Said oh a psychotic break on air. She's praying to God.
That's insane But regardless, the New World Order is coming down right now.
Roseanne Barr joins us.
We're going to talk about so much.
Peabody Award for Television Excellence, Humanitarian Awards, Emmy, several Golden Globes, Multiple People's Choice Awards, the Eleanor Roosevelt Freedom of Speech Award, and so much more.
And she joins us now, ladies and gentlemen.
Roseanne, thanks for popping Back on.
It's great to have you.
We got some callers like Rachel that want to talk to you.
But boy, did you call it.
Whether it's your prayer, your instincts, whatever it was.
The whole system is in free fall right now.
Yeah, it's pretty stunning to see it.
I also found a prayer I did on 11-11-11, which I've reposted.
And in that prayer, we cut all ties to satanic energy on this earth, and we named the various heads of that.
And we cut all ties to the power that they have taken for themselves to make the people their slaves and to own all things on earth.
And I was watching it, and I sent it to you, Alex, and it's like every single thing that we said in that prayer has happened, too.
We prayed that the masses would see what's being done to them and that they would awaken.
And that was in 2011, and I was watching it going, oh my God, it has happened.
People have woken up to the fact that, you know, we were, and I'm saying in the past, we were living under a fourth Reich.
You know, people didn't understand that the Nazis, they didn't actually lose, as people have been told, but they came to America and, you know, continued to use captive populations as, you know, their prey to do experiments on, and it's continued till now.
Captive populations in South America and all over the world, and in America too, in the rural, poorest parts of our country, and in our prisons and in our hospitals.
You're right.
The whole COVID rollout was turning us all into medical experiments, taking over our bodies.
I mean, what an incredible power grab.
Well, look what they did.
They did it in Africa, starting with the polio vaccine.
A wonderful journalist named Celia Farber, everyone should look her up.
She did a study and sent it to me in the early 1990s about how it was, was it coincidence?
Uh, that the AIDS epidemic started at the same place in Africa where they were doing the studies and experiments for the polio vaccine.
And she did great research and scholarship on that, and people should look it up.
They've just lied to us.
Everything's a bunch of BS, and they just lied to us.
They've told us fairy tales, you know, that People that I fired from the Roseanne Show, you know, they went and got political and started writing for the DNC.
They make up stories and they feed it through the television and the fake news and people buy it.
It's all fairy tales.
But the good news is, less and less are buying it, even though, even the AP reports, the majority of polio cases caused by Bill Gates' program.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
Well, Bill Gates is, I mean, oh my God, I don't even know if that is Bill Gates or it's some cyborg that they created to look like Bill Gates to, you know, sell their BS that will line up to let him, you know, send us to the showers or the vaccines.
I don't know.
But I do know I can just watch.
I mean, we're under heavy mind control in this country, and I've talked about MKUltra for decades.
We're under MKUltra mind control.
Well, my whole generation was MKUltra by the Wizard of Oz, you know, and my grandson's generation was MKUltra by Harry Potter.
We live by these movies and stories and fairy tales that they sell us, and then they continue to sell it every day through products, everything.
And so we live in a fake reality.
We don't even know what reality is if it bit us in the face.
And that's what is so great because we were talking about how God tells us no weapon formed against us can win, right?
Well, when they put us in, I say Q is for quarantine, but when they put us into quarantine, they thought, you know, They thought we were going to sit there in front of the tube and get more and more brainwashed.
But instead, as I told you, Alex, they know nothing about the human spirit or the human soul because they don't have either.
But and they keep studying it because they can't pinpoint it.
They have no idea what it is.
But when they did that, what they actually did was break our mind control.
Because what happens is when you break your patterns, And I would advise everybody to break your patterns as quickly as you can.
When you break your patterns, you also break your mind control.
So when they broke our patterns and sent us home, we actually woke up and they didn't have any idea that that would happen.
That's why I...
Roseanne Barr, stay there.
Let's come back and talk about what you think's coming next.
Everything's being exposed.
The poison shots, the gain of function, the open borders, the January 6th, the banking crisis.
Roseanne Barr is our guest.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
I've talked to Roseanne Barr on the phone for years, never met her in person a few weeks ago, and she said, I'm going to be the real me.
She's a funny comedian and a grandma and the rest of it and a farmer, but really smart on air, really smart not on air in person.
And I said, hey, we're opening the phones up.
She's happy to talk to anybody who wants to talk about any subject, even if it's silly.
The toll free number is 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
But Roseanne, the time we have, I'm going to try to shut up now because I'm going to ask you this big picture question.
But, Roseanne, the time we have, I'm going to try to shut up now because I'm going to
ask you this big picture question.
You can drill in anything you want.
But regardless, we can't be so negative, and I think you're being very positive, to think
the globalists are invincible.
Every project they've got, their poison shots, their world government, their wars, their open borders, their censorship, all their programs are being exposed right now, which I think makes them more dangerous than ever, but what would you call this period of time we're in right now, Roseanne Barr?
It's a dangerous, scary, scary, scary time.
It's never been this dangerous.
It's never been this scary.
It's for the United States of America, the last.
The last stand.
This is the last stand.
And, you know, it depends on the people waking up and they don't want to do it.
You can't wake people that are pretending to be asleep.
I heard that quote and I think that that applies to the people in America.
They don't want to put away all their fake play toys, you know, and they don't want to see what's right in front of their face.
They'd rather talk about the Queen of England and what she's doing.
Then see what their own kids are up to.
And that's been going on for a real long time.
That's what MK Ultra is about, where you don't see what's right in front of your face.
You sweep stuff under your rug until your rug covers your whole house.
The dirt under it, you never clean your house.
You never clean your own mind up.
You never clean what's, you know, you don't take care of what you need to take care of.
And then you just die under A pile of crap, you know?
Hoarding, uh, false stuff.
And, uh, you know, now they're talking about the U.N.
is gonna make a move on us.
And nobody knows about it.
I wish people would really start reading about that, Alex.
I wish you'd... Well, they've already made their move.
They've got a U.N.
treaty that takes over everything.
I'm so scared for America.
Where's our, where's our army?
Where's our army at our border when we're being invaded?
Where's our generals?
Is it over already and we just don't know it?
I'm scared about that.
Which is why I came on your show to pray that, I mean, I like America.
I like being, I like living in freedom for women.
I like that that exists.
I like, I like the idea of equality that we continue to Well, I said I wasn't going to interrupt.
That's such a key point.
What country in the world do women have more freedom, and deservably so?
I got three daughters.
But at the same time, they train women to attack this country as if it's attacking women when it's the best country for women.
Well, yeah, I think that I think, you know, like I said, they put Obama in the window to be in the window so everybody could think we were a not racist country at the same time that they robbed the black middle class of its wealth.
And then they were planning to put Hillary up there in the window as they took away the rights of women, but instead things went a little awry in the plan, you know, but they still are continuing on and taking away the rights of women with, you know, all this stuff.
They have this pure anti-women's rights and they got women leading it.
So, you know, people can't see that either because they change the names, they call things free when, you know, it's what the Nazis did, that sign over... It is paradoxical.
You text me and say be more positive and I get you on you're being negative.
I agree it's a paradox, but at least people are waking up.
Right now, though, I think we're actually winning.
I think we're winning, Roseanne.
I do too.
And here's what I've said was coming.
Sometimes things Are revealed after they're concealed, you know, they're concealed for a long time.
And then when they're revealed, people might think that's negative, but I think that that is very positive.
So it's kind of a paradox a little bit.
You know what I mean?
But I think that it's very positive because in the end, everybody will be totally aware and everything is about awareness and you can fight it for so long, but it's still going to get you.
It might get you too late and then it's sad.
But I hope people wake up before it's too late and then they have even 1 minute of awareness to see what's coming.
But right now, if they would wake up and be aware, we could stop it.
I think we have stopped it.
But I think there's a lot of pain coming, even though it has stopped, it's going to skid for a while.
And there's going to be pain for a while.
We're seeing enemy death throes, them trying to claw us back with them.
And what you said is so key.
Just seeing it is the spiritual jump that's everything you need.
You don't have to beat it.
If you can recognize it, you have spiritually transcended it.
So folks, you know, people see this overwhelming thing.
That's what's coming.
And I wanted to say, You know, here's a spiritual exercise that you can do when you're just sitting there.
Look up!
You know, the act of just looking up is a spiritual exercise because we are really programmed to look down or to look sideways or around, but how often do you look up to the sky?
When you look at the moon or you look at the stars or you, exactly, it's just you're looking into infinity and into God.
That's exactly right.
And I think that's what's coming, too.
What's coming is a lot of people say they believe in God.
That's what I really wanted to talk to you about a little bit more.
People say they believe in God, but all my life I've learned that that isn't true.
For one thing, belief is kind of BS when you think about it, because, okay, the sun is going to come up whether you believe it is or whether you don't.
You're not a believer, you're an acceptor and a knower.
A knower, exactly.
And you know how you know it, because this is one thing that Judaism teaches us, is that you know it in your body.
And how you know it in your body is when you hear something holy, or a holy name, or a holy word, the hairs on your body stand up.
You know it in your body because when you hear truth, the hairs stand up.
So that is your connection.
That is your connection to know that words and speaking affect matter.
It's physics.
That's how you know that God is in you because when you hear something that brings you to God, Or that God is touching you.
The hair on your body stands.
So you don't need to believe that.
That's a knowing and a feeling.
Well, that's what happens.
I'll have a guest on.
I'll have a guest on that says something and the hair on the back of my neck stands up.
And what they said always, when you were in here a week and a half ago, my hair on the back of my neck was standing up.
You were saying all that.
That's my spirit going, no, that's real.
That's right.
That's our knowing.
That's our key.
And people, they don't know a lot of things because they've been kept from us.
And we've been told fairy tales.
And a lot of it is really black magic, too, that we've been told is religion.
But it isn't.
Like I told you before, there's black magic and white magic.
And then there's God.
And I think that as people, people are going to be scared shitless.
And they're going to go what?
How come my belief isn't working for me?
And it's not going to work.
And I told you knowing is going over and plugging into that energy putting the plug into the wall socket.
And they haven't given us the plug.
They've kept that plug from us.
They kept us from knowing.
What we were made for and what our connection is, and I just want people to know, the connection begins with the hair on your body standing when you hear truth.
Stan, they're so powerful.
I totally agree.
I've experienced it myself.
It's not like you tell God what to do.
You say, God, I'm here.
You jack into God, and then it's like, whoa, you just plugged into it.
We'll be right back with Roseanne Barr.
She is on fire.
Roseanne Barr is with us.
I'm going to tell this story, and it's not about me.
It's about all of us, because we're all transceivers.
We receive and transmit.
Our DNA does it.
Scientists have proven it, and it's in the Bible.
It's in the Holy Scriptures.
We know it's real.
We're meant to commune with God.
That's worship.
That's plugging in.
Worship's not just, oh, I worship you.
You're the best.
Oh, I worship a golden calf.
It's, I love you.
I interface you.
Christ is the groom.
We're the bride.
But I remember, and I can't find the photos since online, because this is about six years old, before I grew a beard.
That I was at an event and I remember this family with a bunch of their children and looking down and seeing how beautiful their children were and wanting to defend them and love them.
And the family took a picture.
I remember this photo was online for a while.
We can't find it now, but somebody, an artist, found the photo years ago and mailed me this painting in watercolors.
If you get a little bit closer, I want to show it.
Or maybe during the next segment we'll get a camera closer to it.
But if you look in my eyes, it's love.
And it's a commitment to the children and the future.
I think it's the best photo of me because it also shows a sadness and a commitment and a timelessness.
Uh, to all of this.
So while Roseanne's talking, we'll move it around and get a better close-up shot on the eyes.
But that's not Alex Jones.
That's me looking at God through those children in the future and God being reflected back by them and the love and the commitment.
And I think it's the best photo of me because it's not Alex Jones.
It's like a pool of water that those children's face is looking into and it's the adult Realizing everything I'm going to do when I've gone through is beyond worth it because it's for them.
And I think it's that timelessness and that connection of the past, the present, the future and our children and grandchildren and their progeny and building a world for all of them to have an amazing, creative, dynamic time.
That's really our mission.
And by stepping into that mission, it's not work, it's a blessing.
Roseanne Barr, please continue.
Yeah, I think you said once you were on Joe Rogan, you use the R word, you know, you said, well, I'm kind of retarded.
And I laugh because I'm like that, too.
We're probably on some kind of spectrum where we're just fixated on something.
We're like, because we've talked about this, too.
We can't stop.
We're like we were compelled to do what we do and we can't stop doing it because we just feel like we were put here to do it.
We were put here to say a certain something because it's so far down in our heart and our soul that if we don't do it, we'll just.
Start going nuts.
I don't know what I do if I wasn't saying what I'm saying.
And I tried so hard not to say it for a really long time, too.
I tell myself now you can't do it.
You know what they'll do to you what they'll say about you if you say.
You know, that you see and feel.
But you just hit the nail on the head interrupting again because you're so on target.
Ezekiel in the Old Testament says, I can't stop them, they're going to kill me.
It's in my bones.
They think threatening us or attacking us will make us stop.
We can't stop.
I think you just said it.
We literally cannot stop.
No, no, we're on some sort of spectrum.
I don't know.
I always felt it all my life.
And I always tried to hide it because people would think you're crazy.
Like, I talked to you about foresight, you know, and these prayers and meditations I've done.
Because I always see something coming and I want to stop it.
I feel like nobody else is doing it, so I have to.
Because I feel spiritually like, if you can, you must.
You have to.
If you are able to and you have the ability to and you don't, then you're going straight to hell.
That's how I look at it.
And I always have.
If you are able to help and you don't, what are you?
That's that Jewish thing.
If I'm only for myself, what am I?
If not now, when?
That's what that means.
So I've always felt like, well, if I'm able to help someone or to speak on their behalf when they cannot, well, then I have to do it or God's going to get mad at me.
And like I always said, I didn't mind pissing off networks and guys in suits, but I, for sure, I'm not I don't want God mad at me on my last breath.
No, I can't have that.
And so now the big battles here, just you've got the floor.
Here's the good part of it.
The big battle is that everything that everybody thinks they believe is not,
and it's not going to work for them, but everything that they know is going to
And I think it's going to be a huge evolutionary leap for us.
I think for the 1st time in our history as human beings, No church and no state can stand in the way of what we know and the information we can take and the information we can share and what we can begin as I talked about on your show too.
For the first time we will be able to freely imagine a world that will work for us, that will work for our children, that will work for the future.
For the first time nobody's going to tell us how to, you know, kill ourselves.
And once we have that spiritual energy.
We'll all just think... There's an environment that doesn't work for us, which in fact kills us.
How to grow food which in fact doesn't nourish but kills us.
What are we going to do instead?
That's what we need to immediately begin to imagine and devise because if we don't envision and imagine, it isn't going to happen.
That's what people don't know.
That's why God gave us a brain so that we could envision, imagine, and create The world that we want to lift this place from the hell they've told us we deserve to the heaven that we can make that we are totally capable of making once we imagine it, once we envision it, once we see it, once we have faith in ourselves and each other because that's all we have on this hell plane that we've let
You know, that we've sunk to, that they've pushed us to.
We're gonna, you know, they are, just move them aside.
Don't worry about them.
Take your eyes off of them.
Look up.
Look within, that's the big, the biggest war on this planet is the war within.
Forget about the one out there.
The one out there is created by the one within.
Go within, figure it out, clean it up, get right, look up, get right with, you know, the last breath you're going to take.
Know that you're going to feel good on that last breath, that you're going to have nothing anymore to repent for.
To feel remorse for because you've taken care of it.
You've made it right.
Do that right now.
The faster you can do that, the freer you're going to think, the clearer you're going to think, the more love is going to enter your heart.
The bigger and better things are going to do, the more empathy you're going to have room for because you're not going to be filled up with shame and doubt and regret.
You're going to be filled up with nothing but love.
And that's the world we're going to create.
And we can save it.
We still, you know, You know, there is no time and space in the spiritual world.
That was in the physical world, this world that we're in.
There's friction, there's time and space, so that we won't really see clearly cause and effect, because there'll be a big gap between.
So we won't see that what we do causes what happens to us.
We can't know that, but the people in charge of us, the owners of the world, they know that.
And they're playing with us like rats, putting us in a maze, you know?
They know everything.
They know everything.
They know how to manipulate us.
They know how to manipulate our genes.
They know how to give us diseases.
They know how to make money off those diseases.
They know how to treat those diseases.
They know how many people, you know, they take bets on how many of us are gonna die, and they invest in those bets.
They invest in our death and they get to pay off what every one of us dies.
You can't know that they actually take insurance policies out on their own employees and they don't have to tell the employees that they have those insurance policies.
And when those employees are sick and they go to the treatment centers that those business people actually also own, They get a payout when you die, too.
They're not telling us any of that.
They don't tell us how the stock markets really work and who owns them.
You know, somebody owns the stock markets.
When the stock markets go up, that means a whole bunch of people lost their money and their jobs.
Nobody knows that.
It's all bullshit.
I said when I ran for president, my first day in office, I would outlaw bullshit.
And that would go a long way to leveling everything.
Roseanne, stay right there.
Final segment straight ahead.
You're on fire.
Absolutely right.
We are connected to God.
It's like Genesis explains.
We're made in the image of God.
What we envision, we create.
What was science fiction 100 years ago is reality now.
We must envision the better future for our children.
Stay with us.
All right, Roseanne will host a little bit with us in the next hour.
She wants to take to these callers, Steve and Eric and John and Craig and Christine.
I'll try to get everybody else as well.
We appreciate you all.
Joshua in Louisiana, but she wanted to talk directly to the New World Order and give them a message right now.
Roseanne Barr.
I wanted to talk about these devil worshipers and such that took The Bible and everything that's holy to me and reversed it, you know, and stole from my people and such and stole everything holy and turned it upside down and made it do what it, you know, made it serve evil.
And I'm not going to let them win over me and what's right.
I'm not going to let them win.
Because I don't know, all my whole life I was just like knowing who they are and what they do to good people all over this planet.
And I don't know where else, probably other planets too, if they could.
I know what they're like, because I've seen a lot of them and I know what they do.
And, you know, I just can't let them win and they're not going to win.
And they need to go back to where they came from.
And every day I pray that they are sent there, but I do.
I wanted to say this.
99% of what we see on this planet is just illusion, and it's only 1% is real.
1% is real.
And, we have that 1% is our strength
and that's all we need to fight that dirty 99% of stuff that's like a veil over our eyes
and makes us think that that's reality, but it isn't.
It's actually a matrix and we have a 1% chance of winning but that 1% chance is where God is and so that's all we need and I just love that idea that All we have is a 1% chance, but in that 1% is all the intelligence, all the power and all the goodness and love.
We need to win and it's all inside us.
Maybe it's dormant, but I think that that.
The more hardship and fire we face, the stronger we get and the stronger the flame within us grows until it becomes.
A fire.
That's the whole planet ablaze.
I just feel that more and more every time I go out, I just feel it stronger and stronger,
the spirit of goodness in people, to will something good, something better,
to know that it's possible.
You're right, it's a choice.
And I wanna say this, my phone is flooded by a lot of really cool people.
A lot of them are household names.
And they say things like, "Watching Roseanne Barr on your show right now,
"she's awesome, love this side of her.
"You said to me when we went to dinner, "when you were on a week and a half ago,
when we were at Joe Rogan's opening last week at the Mothership, that was great,
hanging out with him as well.
You said that, well, I was never a fake me, but it was more the comedy me.
I kind of hid who I really was.
This is the real me, and I think people really love seeing the real you.
It's very thought-provoking, very deep, and absolutely on.
Can you speak to that?
Why you're suddenly really, you said you were scared to really be the real you.
Now you're here, it's beautiful.
Well, when I was just a little girl, I just wrote about this.
They asked me to write this piece for this book they're doing about how I know God exists in the world.
And it's like astronauts, CEOs, scientists, and then they asked me.
I was very honored.
And how I know is because when I was a little girl, three years old, my grandparents were Jews, you know, and lived in Salt Lake City, Utah.
My grandparents, they sponsored all these people to come over from concentration camps in Europe, and they sponsored About 30 different Jewish families and they had an apartment house and they had them there.
And every Friday night we would have.
Shabbat dinner over my grandma's house and that's how I started in showbiz or in being a comic too because my grandma had this big windowsill and I used to be three years old like my little granddaughter.
She's only two but I'd get up in the windowsill and I'd sing and dance.
I tried to be Shirley Temple and they'd all applaud and You know, I tell jokes and everything, do my act.
And I loved when they were applauding because when they weren't applauding, it was very sad.
They had numbers on their arms and they would recount horrible stories.
I was only just a little girl and they would point to me and they'd say, little girls like her.
They'd point to me and they would say horrible things.
I didn't want to hear.
I was horrified.
And I went in my grandma's bathroom and I closed the door and I was so horrified that actually in my personality, I had a split in my personality, in my soul.
And I turned around as a little girl and I wrote this in my first book called Roseanne, My Life as a Woman.
And I turned around and I saw this vision of a man on a horse in the air.
And he pointed to me, just like they had pointed to me, and without any words, he said to me, you're going to be okay.
You're going to survive and.
He said, he's always going to be with me.
And he, and he said, someday you're going to have an answer for every question that's in your mind right now.
And I'm, I'm going to always be with you.
And then he got really little and flew out the crack in the window.
Well, what happened is I always felt him and always was that part of me always was with him.
I never let go of that.
And, uh, As I grew up, I had other parts of me that did other things.
For instance, one time in my life, I found out I had four different prescriptions for different eyeglasses.
It's kind of weird.
Some parts of me were allergic to some drugs and others weren't.
And anyway, so, you know, I did integrate in my 40s, but
Well, let me say this. Let me interrupt you because let me let me just finish this. This is what I wrote
I'll get real focused here, but Every time I would get this feeling like suspended and
Animation all through my life and without fail. I would get this feeling to go down this certain road for
First I walked and later I drove and I would always, I would end up at a bookstore and I would go into this bookstore and I would feel a book calling to me like Pulling me and I would go to the book and I would open it and I would always open it to the perfect page and there would be a perfect sentence and that sentence would answer a question I had in my mind.
I've done this all over the world my whole life.
And when I would read that sentence, the hairs on my body would stand up.
And later, when I was older, probably in my 60s, I read when I was studying, you know, Torah, that that's when I came across that sentence about the hairs on your body, on your body step when they read or hear holy words.
So then I knew that my whole life that I was always being led and always connected.
In that way, so that's how I know no no that's beautiful.
So please let me say this The left last time we were on made fun of this because they're
cut off from God They don't understand that whether it was Einstein or other
scientists. They all have these same feelings Then there islamophobia would embarrass them wouldn't it
well what I'm saying is exactly is they make fun of this We don't care people know that we're interdimensionally
connected We're amazing creatures and what you've shared is beautiful
And it's so truthful and and it's what's connected to genius and the fact that the left rejects God and these
higher connections Is is what?
The mentally ill.
They make fun of the mentally ill, the left.
It's disgusting.
Well, they define people that understand is that when they're the most mentally ill, going along with a system that makes them wear masks and take poison shots.
You know what they've done, Alex?
I love that you say that because the left is so, so guilty of weaponizing the mentally ill.
That's who they've got burning stuff down.
They've weaponized mentally ill, Alex.
That's who's homeless on the street, untreated to.
Well, the fact that you're connected to God and recognize you have different aspects, that's totally true.
That's in all of us.
And the fact that you can be so real with people, it's so beautiful, and anybody rejecting that or attacking that, I feel sorry for them.
They think it's fun to call me crazy.
Well, crazy like a fox.
How'd this crazy person, they admit, energize the whole global movement against him?
They admit, Jones, he's spread everywhere, he's beating us, but he's mentally ill.
He's a joke.
He's mentally ill.
He's an idiot.
He believes in God.
Why, he believes he talks to God.
Yeah, well, guess what?
This guy that talks to God is kicking your ass, because he that is me is way greater than he was in your world.
Roseanne Barr, you want to take calls?
We're doing it, sweetheart.
Back in two minutes, phone calls for Roseanne Barr.
All right, callers for Roseanne.
Six minutes from now, this is a short segment.
Some stations join us in six minutes.
We'll go to you immediately.
Maria Z is a great host, wonderful person.
She knows sometimes I've got to comment during the time.
She'll do the last 30 minutes of the hour, or if not, we'll take the whole thing over.
She doesn't want to do it.
From Australia, we love her to death.
But Roseanne, during the break, you said some powerful things.
You've got a message to the New World Order.
You said, we're fighting in the penthouse, they're in the basement.
King David talked about that.
Explain it to them.
Well, we fight up here on the higher level in the penthouse of thought, where they can't go because they don't know it exists.
And they're down in the basement.
So, of course, all they can do is spit upward, but it lands back in their face.
They can't touch us.
They don't even know what we're talking about.
So to them, as I always say, genius looks like insanity to imbeciles.
Perfectly said, but repeat your powerful message during the break to them.
I can't remember what I said, Alex.
What did I say?
You just said, boom, you guys gotta figure it out.
And they all hunger, they all know.
Well, I don't know if they know.
Oh, I said, well, they're all they're all I don't know why they choose to wallow in such hatred and and well, they hate God for one thing and they really hate Jews and they hate Christians because You know, their religion comes from Judaism and they hate Muslims because, you know, they have a connection to Abraham, too.
They just hate anything that comes from Abraham.
And why is that?
Because Abraham said, basically, hey, there's only one everything.
They hate that anything's connected to anything and that there's any cause and effect.
They hate gravity.
They hate science.
For God's sake, that's what they're really against.
They hate math and they hate science.
And they call fake science, science.
And they call fake news, news.
Well, that's it.
They hate God.
They know God's in control.
Well, their God is the one below.
And they like the one below, but they say the one above don't exist.
Well, figure it out, people.
How can the one below exist if the one above don't?
That is so powerful.
They worship the one below, but say the one above doesn't exist.
They're whack.
Don't you see?
You know, they hate me, but yet they go around and they don't understand.
I used to be a leftist, too, for a long time.
My parents, my dad especially, and my grandpa were leftists.
And I was very involved in leftist politics for decades.
And most of the crap they go around mouthing, I had a hand in writing.
And they're just too dumb to even know that.
But I disavow everything I wrote for the left when I ran for president and saw the kind of stuff they do.
For one thing, they're just as corrupt, if not more corrupt.
Let me ask you a quick question.
When did you convert?
When I saw how they get the money, when I saw that it takes a billion dollars just to lose, just to run for president in this country, it takes a billion dollars just to lose because it's all just about grease in somebody's palm and grass.
It had nothing to do with the people of this country.
That's what we're going through right now.
I always said it's all about taking public money and putting it into private pockets.
And that's what's going on in our country right now.
They are taking the public's money and sending it to the Ukraine where it goes into private pockets.
So if you woke up 15 years ago, I would say your awakening is accelerating right now.
Oh, it's totally been accelerating since, you know, For a really, really long time when I started putting pieces together when I ran for president and saw that.
They had nothing to say about the working people of America.
I ran as a socialist for the Green Party, and so they didn't care about the working people.
I thought it was about the public.
I thought I ran on the fact that public money should stay with the public for hospitals, schools, infrastructures, fire department, police.
They were trying to send it out of America then, and that's what woke me up.
I was like, what about the American laborers and people getting paid decent amounts for... Roseanne, not going to interrupt you,
one minute break, we're coming right back with calls for Roseanne Barr in 60
seconds. Powerful. The interview two weeks ago was powerful. This is way more powerful. Stay
with us. Christine in Massachusetts, you're on the air with Roseanne Barr. Christine, thanks for
holding, you're on the air.
Well, I wanted to start by saying that you guys are both my heroes, but Roseanne especially.
Me and my sister, Paulette, have always been your biggest fans, and she had an aneurysm
the day before the second lockdown since 2020.
Fought for 55 days alone and then passed because of a hoax that was perpetrated by victims of mind control.
So when you speak out about MKUltra and people falling victims to this stuff, it shakes.
It really, you know, it resonates.
And I mean, I had a shared death experience back in 2017, when a friend of mine had passed.
And when I woke up, basically, I was healed.
And my first thought was, Oh, Alex Jones was right.
The glitch in the matrix that kind of taught me that people only do to you what you allow them to do.
These people really don't have any control over us except for what we give them.
They feed on fear.
And that is their only power, and when you take that away, they're nothing.
And they fear the people that stand and look them in the face and tell them that.
So, one of the best, you know, things that I can basically, you know, say about that is, you know, Matthew 5-8, blessed are the pure in heart, they're the ones who see God.
And, you know, you said something, Roseanne, the other day.
Um, that really reigned home and it's crazy because it's almost like we're all getting the same downloads, but you said that we have to start by imagining what a better world would look like.
And I don't think people have done that.
And I think a good place for them to kind of start would be by realizing that they don't, they only participate in what they walk into.
So the second that, you know, you speak from your heart and you know, you, you, stand in your truth, you take their power away.
Christine, thank you for the call. Let me just say this before I go to Roseanne. That's exactly
what we're talking about here, is when Roseanne says, look up. I almost feel bad covering the
evil, the globalists, all the bad things they're doing. We have that work to expose them.
Instead of just staring into God and all the good things we can do, it's a paradox.
It's a fine line we've got to walk.
We've got to expose them, but we've got to build a better world and dream a better world and build something so much better.
Everybody wants to go to that.
Instead of just finding the enemy, which we should do, we need to go build the new system.
But that's a paradox, isn't it, Roseanne?
We have to do both at the very same time.
But, you know, first thing we've got to do is get right inside ourselves.
That's the big, big work.
We have to do that.
You've got to go look in the mirror and be real truthful with yourself and know yourself.
Know what you've done wrong and be brave and strong enough to admit it.
And then ask the people you've harmed to forgive you and make recompense for what you've done wrong.
Only a soul can apologize and change.
Somebody who ain't got a soul cannot do that.
So that's like the first step.
And then the second step is, after you got right with yourself, you have the ability to look outside of yourself.
You can never look outside yourself till you're right inside yourself.
You just use people as props when you ain't right inside.
But when you are right inside, you have empathy for other people, and you can go out and say, do you need some help?
Like, you know, you can do for other people once you're okay.
You can't do for other people when you're not okay.
Until you control yourself, you can't interconnect.
Craig in Washington.
You're on the air with Roseanne Barr.
Go ahead.
Hey, Roseanne.
Alex, good to talk to you.
I just want, I'd love, Roseanne, to hear kind of you to expand on, you talked about the machinery.
I'm a big Rudolf Steiner fan, and he called the devil Aramon, which is Burro Astrid, but talked about, you know, this materialistic world and how it, how it gets to us, you know, and the devil, devil shows up in machinery and the devil is in a silicon chip.
It doesn't mean we can't use it for good.
But, you know, that's... The house like a casino is tipped towards the devil.
Technology can be used, but it's like the Ring of Mordor.
It's very dangerous.
And Alex, I've got a great t-shirt or slogan for you.
And this kind of fits in.
If you want to love the world, make it lovely.
That's beautiful.
What do you want to say to Roseanne?
I'd love to hear her.
She talked about the machinery and kind of the devil.
I'd love to hear her kind of expand on that.
Roseanne, thank you, Craig.
Great, great point.
I wanted you to expand on that.
It was one of my notes.
Talk about the devil's machinery.
Talk about that.
Okay, I am.
I'm talking about Purim because that's kind of the inner story of Purim.
When we say, on Purim, when we say the bad guy's name, we take this thing called a greger and we shake it and it makes so much noise that we drown out his name from history.
Whenever his name is spoken, we do this thing called the greger.
But what people don't know is the greger is shaped like a wrench.
And the meaning of that is to throw a wrench into the machine!
That is our power.
We are throwing a wrench into the machine because We have the ability to throw the wrench into the machine and break the machine just by moving sound waves and making noise.
That's what we do.
Because it is all strung together with frequency and words and can be taken apart the very same way.
I love Rudolf Steiner.
I love that you say that.
The machinery will serve us when we Oh, I always say the means of production on every level, including the machinery.
When a person of soul ethics and morality is pushing the buttons of all the machinery, it will serve the people.
It's because evil people are in charge of The beautiful technology that the human mind has produced.
When we get rid of their ass, we'll be using it for good.
We'll be using it to... Absolutely.
Let's go to another caller.
We gotta move quick, Roseanne.
We could have you around for 10 hours.
You're amazing.
Let's go to a caller in Louisiana.
Let's go to Joshua.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Joshua.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Hi there.
I just wanted to ask Roseanne Barr, have you read the book Um, that started the truth movement in 1971 called None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Larry Abraham and Gary Allen.
Okay, well, Larry Abraham is... What's that?
Yeah, she's read the book.
She's read the book.
Go ahead.
Okay, well, Larry Abraham is my father and I just want to ask, I just wanted to ask if you've read that and, um, I just wanted to tell you and Alex and the rest of the listeners that When I infiltrated Freemasonry up to the 33rd degree, we were told that the Masonic Third Temple for the Antichrist would be built by the year 2030.
And if you know the heavenly timeline, the Antichrist will arrive three and a half years before that.
And when I saw the four holy books of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, I was told that the Antichrist would appear As a prophecy in the Book of Baruch and the Dead Sea Scrolls, it's called the Attack of the Shedim, and all the high-ranking masons know this, that the Antichrist will appear with a false alien invasion called Operation Majority that will unite the world and convince everyone that there is a common enemy outside our world, and this is how they will achieve the new world order.
Great question.
Appreciate your call of energy before, Joshua.
What is your view on alien invasions, Roseanne Barr?
Um, it's already happened.
It happened a long, long time ago, and they've been here for a really long time, but I cancel all that.
I don't believe I don't believe that that's the way things are going to go.
And things have already happened that people don't know about.
It's another fairy tale.
And, um.
I've already cancelled that out in my meditation on 11-11-11.
Those ties have already been cut.
There are no more ties that exist between satanic magic and any fraternal secret order.
I want you guys to watch my prayer on 11-11-11.
Where do they find that?
You sent it to me, but we'll add it to the end of the video.
I'm gonna put it back up.
I decided I gotta get off my butt and stop talking and actually show all the things that I have prayers for, so I'm gonna do it on my YouTube.
Right, Jake?
It's already there, but I'll find it and repost it.
Rosanne, we'll do this.
We'll post.
Everything on there has already happened, including... It blows my... I'm going to just show it.
We're going to take that video you sent me and we'll add it to this once it goes archived and made a video.
One more segment with more calls for Roseanne Barr and then we got a special guest taking over, Maria Z. Final segment with the great Roseanne Barr.
I'm your host Alex Jones and Maria Z from Australia takes over ahead of the War Room in about 35 minutes, 40 minutes with Owen Schroer.
Roseanne Barr, let's take calls quickly and move fast.
Steve in Illinois, you're on the air.
Thanks, Alex.
Love your show.
Roseanne, I'm a podcast host for Retro Media Talk, and we just love your show.
I grew up on it.
It's timeless, iconic.
Roseanne is more funnier today than ever.
It's kind of a therapy, actually, for a lot of people now.
Because sitcoms just aren't as funny as they were.
And it's a form of antidepressant, in my opinion.
But the question I got is, are you still in contact with any of your co-stars?
Have they apologized for anything?
Or have you just separated from them completely?
Yeah, I'm out of there.
No contact.
I moved away.
Thanks for asking, though.
Thanks for your nice words.
Yeah, Steve, thank you for the call.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Eric in Ohio.
You're on the air, Roseanne.
Yes, hello.
Thank you both for what you do.
What I'm wondering, Roseanne, and you're a real inspiration, I think there's a lot of people out there that would like to do something, but they don't know what to do or they're afraid to do something.
And I think we need to come up with some way of collectively You know, having a force of American people that can file lawsuits and really have an impact.
What would you think of creating an arm of InfoWars for people to join?
And, you know, they pay $5, $10, $15 a month.
If we could get over a million people to fund this... So you're talking about something like Judicial Watch, and that would be great too, but what about just an action thing?
Go to City Council, go to County Commission, go to the Statehouse, just to be active politically.
Right, yeah, no, we can definitely do that on an individual basis.
I'm just wondering if there's something we can do on a national basis.
To just flood our judiciary, flood our representatives with what they need to be doing.
Eric, that's a great question.
Thank you.
I've got to jump to the next person.
Go ahead, Roseanne.
Just start talking to each other.
That's one thing that hasn't happened yet.
Start talking to your damn neighbors.
Let's go to Tina in Tennessee.
These are all great callers.
I've got to move quick.
You're on the air about the spiritual battle in the council culture with Roseanne Barr.
Hi Alex, hi Roseanne.
I just want to thank y'all for what you do.
Roseanne, I wanted to ask you, and the last guy that was talking about it, I'm amazed that I've even gotten through.
Roseanne, when you started experiencing the spiritual awakening that you had, that you talked about earlier, the hair standing up on you, I experienced that on a regular basis.
And also, when you became canceled, how did you, how long was it before you overcome that?
That's right, that's a great question.
So when you criticized Jordan Sarles, which is all true, what was that process like?
Sorry ma'am, finish your point.
Well, I'm experiencing it.
I'm heavily targeted and censored.
And, you know, to shut me down.
And like I said, I'm amazed I even got through.
So Tina's looking for inspiration.
She's being attacked on the truth.
How did you go through that four years ago when you criticized George Soros?
Well, I criticized the Obama administration too, don't forget.
You know, I just, I just trusted God that he, he was taking me out of somewhere where I didn't belong.
And, you know, it's, it's hard to trust when things are going against you.
But, you know, and there's fear, but sometimes you're taken out of someplace you don't belong.
So you can go someplace where you need to go, you need to move forward.
Maybe you're stuck someplace that ain't right for you, even though you think you need it, but you might be Uh, being led someplace better.
I think the whole world's waking up.
We're in a place that's better, all of us together, aren't we?
Yeah, I think so.
Well, we're able to be us.
Well, we're not out from under the enemy, but at least we know the enemy's sitting on top of us.
Well, we're sitting on top of him, Alex.
Come on, now.
We're sitting on top of the enemy.
Well, you are and I am, but I mean, the general public's just now figuring.
I mean, the general public, I think they're just now a little bit behind us.
They're figuring out this thing's sitting on top of them.
Oh, but we're not afraid when they call us crazy, Alex.
You and me, we're used to it.
And, you know, I said, well, how can they tell I had a psychotic break?
I've had thousands of them.
People can't even tell when I've had a nervous breakdown.
It's like, ho-hum, another day.
Well, anybody that says they haven't had one is lying.
Let's take one more caller.
Rachel in Florida.
You're on the air with Roseanne Barr.
Go ahead.
Uh, yeah, I was just, uh, you know... Sorry, Roseanne didn't hear you.
Come on, Roseanne, finish your point, then we'll go to Rachel.
Go ahead, Roseanne.
We're not afraid of them calling us anything, but they are afraid of what we say about them.
That's it, period.
No, no, I agree.
Go ahead, Rachel.
Yeah, no, I, uh, absolutely, the word is, like, the most important thing.
Um, uh, you know, Alex, you, I was calling originally, and I got disconnected.
It was the craziest thing.
Um, you had said that, you know, she predicted all this was going to happen and, like, my main thing at first was, like, you know, I wanted to remind you that she wasn't predicting, she was praying it in the studio, in the spirit.
Well, she said, it's going to collapse next week.
We played the clip.
She said, it's all going to collapse next week and here it is.
Yep, absolutely.
And, um, I actually, uh, Roseanne, my, um, Comedy is like in my blood.
I'm not like the funniest person, but Jimmy Durante, you know, I'm sure you've heard of him, right?
I loved him!
You loved him, you said?
Yeah, yeah.
I did, I had his records.
Yeah, yeah, he's really funny and I, you know, looking back on his stuff now, like he's just hilarious and Alex, your name had changed to the Mad Max World, and it's so funny, the movie that he kicks the bucket in is called, it's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
And I just want to remind everyone listening right now, the best is seriously yet to come.
Remember that I'm the type, okay, I'm a gardener, I'm a carpenter, I went to college For interior design.
You know, my grandfather was my world.
He was in the Air Force also.
But my grandmother was very grassroots politics.
I have this book from her that it didn't start with Watergate.
So just, it's so much bigger.
And like, you know, remember, no eye has seen and no ear has heard.
So those that are trying to envision the future, just Like I did with every college project.
I wrote on the back of my notebook, like, Lord, have your hand in this.
So, let's, um... Alright, so I don't mean to cut you off, the other callers.
I apologize again, everybody.
We'll try tomorrow again.
Big guest tomorrow, the next day, believe me.
Huge guest.
Roseanne Barr, even better than last interview.
Amazing job.
Roseanne Barr, thank you so much for the time.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks, everybody.
God bless y'all.
All right, Maria Z takes over 30 minutes and Owen Shorter in the War Room.
And tomorrow, you don't want to miss the show or Thursday.
Roseanne, thank you so much.
Tomorrow's news today.
Share those links.
Incredible job, crew.
All right, we'll be back with Maria Z from Australia.
The fight's global.
Amazing broadcast today, as always, from Alex and the InfoWars team.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee, and we're joined now by special guest Bobby Sauce.
He's been on with us here before.
The audience absolutely loved him, and with good reason.
He's a comedian, political commentator, and internet personality, most notably recognized on Instagram as TakeNaps.
You can find him on other social media platforms.
And we've heard from economics experts, financial experts over the past few days, but the reason I wanted to bring Bobby on in light of the current events with the banking system is his amazing, unique ability to break things down at a cellular level for everyone to understand in bite-sized pieces.
And everyone really, really resonates with his delivery.
So, Bobby, welcome!
Thank you so much for having me again.
Appreciate it.
Glad to be back.
It's great to see you, it's great to see you.
Alright, so we've got SVB, Silicon Valley Bank, all of this stuff happening in the financial world, the stock market's going crazy and the world's on fire.
Give us your take on what this situation really means for everyone.
It's funny I was just out of the country for two weeks kind of taking a little bit of a detox and it just kind of reminded me that when I got back that all of these things just keep happening right in a row and it's like Could this possibly just be by accident?
Is this not a coordinated and step-by-step process towards a very clear common goal?
So this, to me, just represents yet another string of coincidences that all just so happen to fall perfectly in line with the grand agenda.
And the central bank digital currency has been the goal since the beginning.
We all know how significant and how terrible that would be.
And I mean, I even heard Alex talking about, I think it might have been on yesterday's show, talking about how, hey, if you want to get that money that the FDIC was going to extend to you beyond that $250, well, you might have to use it through this certain mechanism.
And we've talked about for a really long time how It's only a matter of time before things like food stamps, for example, or your tax return, for example, would be on some type of credit card, and you can only spend it at certain places.
And of course, they could just turn it off whenever they want.
So to me, this just fits nice and neat in the pocket of coincidences that advance towards their grand agenda.
And if they can control the money and all of these other things that they've been able to clearly establish that they have control over, To me, it's just yet another in a string of events that show how in control they actually are.
You're absolutely right, Bobby, and banks aren't actually immune to this system of systematic destruction.
So, you know, muscling out the smaller guys so that the bigger guys have more control.
For example, Walmart.
In Australia, we have Kohl's and Woolworths, similar large supermarket chains, or Kmart.
They were essential businesses during the lockdowns because somehow it's safer to walk through a building that's had thousands of people walking through today rather than, you know, your mum and dad business down the road that's had 10.
That's safer.
And so, you know, Bunnings, another really big hardware chain here, So, the same sort of thing.
The big boys are allowed to stay but mum and dad are closing and small banks are not immune to that system.
They're cleaning up the ones that don't fit into the norm of their agenda or banks that have any sort of independence as far as what they promote or what they align with, you know, if they're not in line with the woke agenda.
And it really is an effort to consolidate everything, bring in the CBDCs, bankrupt the smaller banks, You know, the bigger ones come in and buy them, giving you only the option of a few big banks, which we've already seen now.
We've seen this with the recent banking failures.
People in the US are flooding to major banks, so that you're eventually left with only a few big ones that are in alignment with the agenda and eventually will only give you the option of CBDCs.
Yeah, exactly.
And it's funny because it's almost like It's so funny being disconnected for a couple weeks and coming back because it's every single thing that they say, the opposite is true.
And it's true every single time.
And it's funny because I think it was Biden that was like, this is not a bailout for the big guys.
This is a bailout for Main Street.
And it's like, A person that has $400 million in this bank is not mainstream.
This is a bailout for the big guys.
This is all these Silicon Valley investors, all the ones that are likely to push their agenda.
They lie to you straight to your face and tell you the exact opposite of the truth.
And then they're like, oh, you know, the taxpayers are not going to bail these people out.
And it's like, Yes, they are!
It's the exact opposite of what they say.
And just like you said, the primary agenda is a smaller group of people, a smaller group of businesses is easier to control.
This is just going to make it seem that any small community bank, which for the longest time was like, The only way to fight the power, so to speak.
Well, now nobody's going to trust those.
And they're like, go ahead and put it in Bank of America and Wells Fargo and Chase and all of the big guys.
And by the way, these are the exact same guys that helped create this process, this process in 2008.
They're still doing the exact same thing.
And they only want these banks to be in business.
And all of those other small ones are going to get pushed out.
Just like you said, just like during the pandemic.
So do you think that it's actually potentially a mistake, all these people going and quickly pulling out their funds?
I mean, it's clearly being coordinated to force people to do that so that we collapse the smaller banks.
It's funny, when you understand the psychology of people at such a level, and the only thing that you have to do in the world is basically just be a demon, people are actually pretty easy to move in one direction or the other, especially in mass.
So, without knowing further details of the exact orchestration of this event, I would not be surprised if this was a coordinated attack through any of the many different ways of communicating to people to be scared about something.
So how and why people started withdrawing their money could have been any number of a variety of different things.
But what is absolutely clear with 100% certainty is that by the time we find out this information, it's already been in the works for months.
If Forbes puts it on the cover that this is the best bank, like literally the number one bank,
what a couple of months ago for five years in a row, and you got Jim Cramer endorsing it,
it's like all these people knew, and the people at the banks knew,
all the executives that were withdrawing all their cash, all the people that are in the know
that are just slightly above your average retail citizen, they all knew this stuff.
So who ends up losing in the end?
The retail citizen, all of us that get the information last.
This is just one in a very long string of events that proves that they know what's going on,
and they keep winning consistently.
And then the taxpayer is the one that has to foot the bill.
And then the other thing that's kind of interesting about it
is you have all these other major banks in America that probably have the exact same situation as this.
And you have all these mortgages, for example, where like people like me, I have a mortgage that's three and a half percent.
The inflation is considerably higher than that.
A bond is paying much higher than that.
Those mortgages are basically underwater.
I have to pay three percent over 30 years.
So I would wager that this is gonna be used as a justification to bail out those bigger
banks as well.
So they knock this one out, they destroy all of those community banks, and then all of
the big banks get the privatized wins and the socialized losses just like they did in
It's the same thing on repeat, yet for whatever reason, despite how obvious, all of this stuff
continues to be.
Your average, everyday retail citizen will do absolutely nothing more than listen to
exactly what the mainstream news tells them to happen and then keep going about their life.
They'll strap their diaper on their face, they'll go back to school or work, they'll tell their young boy that they can be a girl if they just take the right drugs, and the whole process continues.
People being disconnected from the basics is why they can do this and slap us right in the face with it over and over again.
It's so sad that people just don't pay attention.
You're absolutely right and then what happens is that the truth community ends up, you know, we get these narratives that they release at the right time and then we're spending our time debunking this forever on the defence rather than being on the offence.
This is a conversation I had recently with Michael Jon.
Alex recently had him on.
I brought him on for an extended interview.
I've actually interviewed him twice in the past week.
He's in the Netherlands talking currently and attending the farmers' protests there.
There's a huge attack on the farmers in the Netherlands.
It's unbelievable to see what they're doing there.
They just want to destroy our food supply.
And meanwhile people are just, oh well, the price of eggs is through the roof.
I guess that's what we have to do to, you know, defeat Putin or whatever.
But the fact is that the truth community seems to always be on the defence.
We're constantly trying to explain why this is another PSYOP or another scam.
And meanwhile, they've already planned the next stage.
They've already got it in motion.
And so I think that's why it's important to predict this stuff.
Alex has been so great at doing that years in advance, but we need more people to pay attention.
I want to talk more about that in the next segment.
We're going to go to a quick break.
Stay with us.
Bobby, can't wait to hear from you about how we actually get on the offense rather than constantly being on the defense.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We are back with Bobby Sauce, one of the smartest guys I know and truly a stand-up individual.
Bobby, we're all for capitalism, but this is not capitalism.
If it was capitalism, we would just let these companies collapse without bailouts and without help.
You know people may lose money but it would tighten their regulations so in future they don't do dodgy things to survive as a company.
The banks seem to have this really sweet deal where essentially the system for them is if they make profits it goes into their pockets and if all and all their senior you know executives and CEOs get super rich and if they don't they get bailouts and buyouts and whatnot and you know you and me foot the bill and the execs still get their yearly bonuses.
You know, in the US, the IRS is tracking every transaction over 600, so the people are the criminals, but the people that are orchestrating this are not.
So, before the break, we spoke about the fact that I see the need that we need to be proactive with things like proactively diversifying our wealth, work on setting up a parallel economy.
You know, so many people are talking about BARDA systems and Things within their local communities, but you talk a lot about voting with our dollar.
How can that concept really get us out of this and help us move forward and help educate those that aren't aware of what's going on?
Because here's the thing, Bobby, and I know you'll agree, where they may not care about vaccines killing people or, you know, the fact that their children are being indoctrinated to that they may not be the gender they were born of, the doctor might have gotten it wrong.
They care about their money.
So this may be a really great opportunity for us to wake people up.
Yeah, I mean, so when I was overseas this week, I was in Italy, and it taught me a very important lesson as traveling overseas I think often treats people.
And what it reminded me, or teaches people, what it reminded me is that starting a business is kind of like the most common, is like the most human thing you could do.
And we look at the world and we tend to think that the only way to make money is through some other system
that's set up by other people.
But being in Italy and seeing these tiny little shops and one guy sitting in the shop all day
selling water, cigarettes, or whatever it was, and these tiny little imprints,
reminded me of what old world used to look like.
It was the individual created their own destiny, provided a product or service, took pride in it,
and there was 10 places to buy tobacco, 10 places to buy a bottle of water,
150 places to buy a loaf of bread, but each of them was fighting and battling for that dollar.
Now, what it reminded me and what it taught me and what I'm going to start pushing now to my audience is how important it is for all of us to think in that way.
Think way back to the very beginning.
Instead of looking at the world as this big thing to tackle, figure out how to create your own income yourself.
I think more people should start focusing on starting small businesses that would service all of us.
And instead of looking at the world as this unobtainable, gigantic thing that needs to be conquered, instead if we just look at the very small micro-economy between us and the people around us.
It's like, if you could just start a small business with the people that you know, a side hustle some people might refer to it as, this single-handedly would create that parallel economy, even just in your local community or amongst the people that you know.
Think about how, you know, here in America, there's almost nothing that's made in the U.S.
And there's this trend, which I think is going to go certainly further in that direction, where buying things that are made in America is worth that extra dollar because you know who it's supporting.
I think that what all of us should do is focus on the micro.
Start your own businesses, provide services and products for the people that are around you, and do the same way that they used to do it back in the day, and start at the small.
And I think that that is the most impactful thing that we could do, instead of being worried about this big, daunting challenge that is the rest of the world.
I was just having a conversation with someone yesterday about the fact that people will pay more or pick someone that they know supports freedom because of the fact that it's more than just the effect on your pocket, it's the fact that you're supporting something that you deeply believe in.
And so, you know, voting with your dollar or speaking with your dollar, I think, is so important, Bobby.
And it's not too late.
People often feel like, oh, it's too late or it's hopeless now because it's all collapsing.
It's never too late.
If we keep having the mentality that it's too late, we'll never defeat this thing.
So we have to really have this victory mentality.
I often say, Bobby, that people don't give themselves enough credit.
We are far more resourceful and far more creative Than we give ourselves credit for.
And I think that that's evident in the way that we've come out so much stronger after what they've done to us over these past three years.
I mean, it's been going for a long time, but particularly, you know, the acceleration of the last three years.
You know, all I see is strength and resilience growing in the people.
So this is the perfect time to take advantage of the chaos around us and say, no, we're not going to be defeated.
We're going to build something better.
Yeah, exactly.
And the other thing, too, that it reminds me, and seeing all the people in Italy that were, generally speaking, very healthy, it also reminded me that one of the most resilient things that you can do is simply eat the right food.
And all these people in Italy are eating this fresh, these fresh vegetables from all these small markets.
I didn't see a large grocery store the entire time I was there.
There was all this food readily available, healthy food grown locally.
That's the small economy.
That's how they're able to stay healthy and stay in shape.
And I rarely saw a person that was obese.
Whereas here in America, it's like the vast majority of people look unhealthy when you walk down the street.
So it was just like, I couldn't help but feel refreshed for the world seeing people like that.
And it just reminded me that, you know, who's the local food provider in your area?
Does anybody even think about food like that?
Here we are buying all these medicines and being unhealthy and consuming all this negativity.
If we simply change the way that we eat, and if you don't see that opportunity around us, be the person that provides that.
Start a hydroponic garden, grow some hydroponic herbs.
There's ways that we can create small businesses that not only help Keep the prosperity in the circle of people that believe in freedom and away from these demons.
But also, your health is kind of the only thing that matters when you really break it down.
And I feel like that, to me, was the message that I learned from Italy.
The food is the single greatest thing that you can do to fight the power, is to be as healthy as possible yourself.
And it starts with food.
I just hope that more people realize how significant that is.
And if you were looking for a parallel economy opportunity, to me that's the easiest and most wide open one.
Change the way that people eat.
And anybody can do that.
You don't need to be a food scientist or a chef to do that.
Take a regular everyday product like crackers and eliminate the seed oils, eliminate the processed grains and weeds, eliminate the sugar and provide that to the marketplace.
And even if you just sold it locally to your friends and family, you could create another income for yourself and build more resilience, not only within your body, but within your bank account.
When I worked in corporate, I had a staff member who was an absolute superstar.
She was one of my best salespeople.
She was doing a side hustle where she was sourcing food from local farmers and then delivering it on weekends.
She became so busy within a matter of weeks that she had to quit the job.
She was one of my staff.
I was obviously devastated to lose her because she was brilliant.
But I was so happy for her that in this very, very short time, just with some social media marketing, her business absolutely exploded.
The word of mouth spread.
The fact that she was supporting local farmers, supporting local produce and delivering it to people in a region.
You know, she got to the point where she had to employ other people to do it within a very, very short time, Bobbie.
So these are the types of things that we need to be thinking about in order to overcome What these people are trying to do to us.
I guess, where do you see the next couple of... We've got about two minutes left, Bobby.
Where do you see... Oh, it seems that we've lost Bobby.
Okay, well, I'll just keep going.
We don't know what is coming and obviously we have to keep watching and keep a finger on the pulse.
Uh, but it's clear that they're trying to collapse the system.
It's clear that they're trying to cause fear and panic, which is the number one game plan.
Uh, and I really think, you know, that the words of Michael Yon from our last interview really stuck with me where he said, we need to stop being on the defensive.
We need to start getting on the offensive.
And I guarantee you people will support, you know, even with some of the partners that Z Media has, I'll be really upfront about this.
People have said to me, you know, I go to this business.
Because I know that they're backing independent media.
Because I know that they're helping get the truth out.
This is the mentality of good people.
This is the mentality of freedom-loving people.
So, you know, we need to support one another.
We need to encourage more of this.
More people, you know, thinking of other creative ways to support local communities, support local farmers.
Everything that Bobby is talking about is absolutely crucial.
And no matter what they do to us, If we start now on a parallel economy, if we start now on parallel systems...
Then it doesn't matter what they do out there, because we've got it happening in here.
Focusing on the local community is key.
And by the way, that's the other key to tackling smart cities, you know, lobbying local mayors, making sure that you're involved in community meetings, getting your local people aware of what this plan actually is, because the plan for human enslavement is very, very real.
It's very, very serious.
It's deadly, in fact.
And we depend on those around us to protect one another from it.
We will not survive this alone.
And I see this as a huge opportunity to keep going.
If you're not following Bobby, I'm sad we lost him, but he's such a great, great guy.
So intelligent.
Take naps on Instagram.
He's also on Twitter, Getter, a whole range of other platforms.
And I just encourage everyone to keep supporting InfoWars to get the truth out.
Visit us on zmedia.com.
Thank you so much for your time today.
A lot of incredibly negative, dangerous things are happening.
I don't have to list all those off to you.
But also a lot of really positive things are happening.
Elon Musk just came out and said the new world order, global government's bad, wants to collapse civilization.
Joe Rogan now sounds just like me.
Everywhere I go we get nothing but positive feedback.
Everybody else I talk to that are prominent leaders in the populist pro-human movement, not just here but around the world, are saying they're getting nothing but 99% positive feedback.
So, humanity really is accelerating their awakening.
That said, you see the coup at Project Veritas taking out James O'Keefe.
You see all the other political attacks going on against patriots, not just here, but other parts of the world.
The enemy is coming down on us.
And we're not funded by George Soros or billionaires.
We're funded directly by viewers and listeners like you.
And the work we do is so incredibly important and changes the world.
So, it's not an exaggeration to say, without Infowars, humanity would be in much worse shape than we are right now.
But due to your past support, due to your prayers, due to your word of mouth, humanity really has a fighting chance.
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