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Name: 20230313_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 13, 2023
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Alex Jones covers a wide range of topics including the US economy, banking crisis, ongoing court cases, and encourages listeners to support InfoWars. He discusses Silicon Valley Bank's failure, potential bail-ins, government intervention and bailouts, Cyprus bail-in experience, and Central Dental Care Fund bailout. Additionally, he mentions Red Cross assisting illegals in crossing the US border, World War III already started, mass censorship, a judge presiding over January 6th events at the US Capitol case, whistleblowers' claims about federal agents involvement in the first breach at the Capitol, facial recognition of Ukrainian protestors associated with John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Moreover, he talks about FTX's role in banks defaulting, controlled demolition of financial system, implementation of central digital currency, Tether's connection to organized crime, corruption in public offices, El Chapo's testimony, need for action at the county level, pedophilia normalization, January 6th as a pretext to prevent Congress from delaying certification of state electoral votes, and criminality of US legal system. Jones also discusses the importance of precious metals during economic turmoil and highlights potential rise in gold prices if interest rates are not raised or only slightly increased by the Fed. He briefly mentions Bitcoin's possible rise past $25,000 per coin and urges listeners to support InfoWars and related offerings such as Trends Journal while prioritizing their own well-being.

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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show special Monday edition.
So we've told you these financial crises are coming.
The analogy I use is Thanksgiving.
I use it all the time.
This is the best analogy.
You have the big table with the adults and you have a little card table with the kids or card tables with the kids.
And the kids are over here talking about kids stuff.
The adults are talking about the adult stuff.
When you look at the universities and you look at the federal boards and you watch these clips of the UN,
They just admit, I remember in December of 2019, we made a big deal about it when it happened, they had a big UN meeting about the vaccines, and they said the vaccines aren't working, they're killing people, this is before the COVID shots.
And doctors around the world have turned against us, and what are we going to do?
They released something bigger than Pose as a Savior.
And they just sit there talking about it like we're not watching.
I have dozens of clips.
I'll play just a few of them.
Of the FDIC and the private Federal Reserve meeting in the last two months saying, the bail-ins are coming, the banking system's going under, the bubble's popping, do we tell the public?
And they say, no, we don't tell them.
I mean, it's not like I predicted this.
They said they were going to do it.
They knew damn well when they started raising interest rates, when they had us strung out on all this free credit and money, that it was going to pop the real estate market.
But first, it's going to be car loans.
And a bunch of the biggest companies are going belly up.
They already have.
Two of them the last month.
The word is some of the biggest are going belly up this week because they have record, not even since the depression, record defaults on car loans.
That's the canary in the coal mine.
So I'm not up here trying to create fear.
General Flynn came on Saturday made a great point.
He said, let's not panic because they want that.
But you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.
This audience needs to know what's going on.
I don't know how long this is going to go on for, but they plan on bringing the system down, their old system, their old Ponzi scheme as it's over, and bringing in their new one that's a thousand times worse, the central bank digital currencies that will run every facet of our lives, destroy small businesses, track and control everything, and surveil every move you make.
I mean, it is so horrible, I can't even believe how horrible it is.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Monday, March 13th, 2023.
And Biden is now executing one of the biggest bailouts in U.S.
history and saying it's not a bailout.
Tomorrow's news.
Alright, I am not what you call a banking financial expert on the nuts and bolts of it.
But I am an expert compared, I guess, to the general public or even mainline analyst on studying the monetary system and who owns it and controls it and how things really run and the history of it.
And so I won't be using a lot of their technical terms here, but in general parlance, I have a very good handle.
I've been doing a lot of studying since Friday on what's really happening with this big banking crisis that we're in.
And it's big, okay?
I don't think you should run and try to get your money out of the bank.
In most cases, and I'll break down some of the banks obviously that you need to get money out of, but if your bank stock is down 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80%, and hundreds of them are down right now, especially regional lending banks, then yeah, you should get your money out of there.
Mui pronto.
Even if Biden is saying that any deposit, not as over $250,000, is guaranteed.
Now, the FDIC is out of money.
It's already spent $300 billion since Friday.
$170 something on SVBs, Silicon Valley Bank, and a bunch of others.
And as of today, it looks like it'll be hundreds of billions more.
They're out of money.
They only had $300 billion in there.
So where's that going to come from?
That is a bailout.
And I understand on the surface you got to do that or it'll bring down the entire system will be back to 1929.
Back to the future from the past back to the future.
So there's a lot of moving pieces here and the globalists aren't in full control of this but they'll definitely use it for their advantage and to bring in the central bank digital currencies which they're already saying.
So I have a stack here.
I have several stacks here of over a hundred articles.
That we're going to try our best to just go over these, cover different angles of it.
But bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, this was absolutely caused by the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing that's been going on since 2008.
Just quadrillions pumped out, mainly to themselves, then loaned out to the public, and now the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in the last year.
And if they don't
We're good to go.
We already had the inflation with the bank runs.
It's stagflation.
It's everywhere.
This is just a zombie economy, ladies and gentlemen, where the ultra-rich are making record profits and the general public can't even fill up their gas tank.
So I'm going to do my best to cover this in the first hour in great detail.
Then I just got this news when we went live.
The judge suspended court Thursday and Friday in the Proud Boys case that affects us all.
We're being branded as terrorists.
We love America.
And the judge said, no misconduct by the feds with documents saying we destroyed evidence and actually handing over the documents to the Proud Boys Defense.
And the judge has declared national security and says that they're just allowed to engage in fraud.
In any other case in history, you have a man coming on Bob in the next hour who's in a famous case with the Bundy Ranch situation.
And their case was thrown out because the feds got caught destroying evidence.
That is a default position, even with liberal judges.
Well, this is a Republican Trump-appointed judge that is doing this.
It's a very, very dangerous precedent, but look at my kangaroo cases.
Literally, the judges said I was guilty, said we handed over no documents, then they proceeded to show all the documents, out of context, twisted, and we couldn't even mount a defense when they would misrepresent gross sales of $400 million over 10 years as $400 million that I have.
Well, at the time of that last court hearing, I had about a million bucks.
Now, I have less than that.
I mean, just unbelievable levels of deception.
It's all coming up today, ladies and gentlemen.
This is going to be a very important transmission.
I don't think you need me to tell you that, but a lot of folks looking for the truth.
So say, hey, you want to find out what's really going on?
Send them the link right now to madmaxworld.tv.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Boy, we got front row seats to global financial collapse, bioweapons, potential of nuclear war.
They always told us the New World Order was gonna really be a bad thing.
It sure sucks, doesn't it?
But at least we've got our souls and a great God that loves us.
We'll just remember that God and go back to God and repent.
He will heal our land and our future.
I know exactly what's going on.
Not in some banking technical gobbledygook language nobody can understand, but just from studying history and monetary systems and what's happening.
It's very simple.
Since 2008, quadrillions of fiat currency has been pumped into the world economy by the major nations of the world.
The United States has led that.
Just in the first two years of the Biden administration, there were half as many dollars issued and printed as had ever been put out since the founding of the country 250 years ago.
And then as soon as the Federal Reserve began to raise interest rates, last year, we began to see what's happening now.
There's a lot of other factors that go into this, but there has been a bedlam-like orgy of banks
Mainly the big six global banks buying up everything, including the kitchen sink, infrastructure, intellectual property, farmland.
Every major and even small tech startup, this has been a vertical integration of vertical integrations.
Now they're going to bring down the stock market, in my view, in the next few years.
They're going to really squeeze the general population, their own words, to where there won't need to be an official lockdown.
You won't have money to put gas in your car, much less even get food.
So there's a lot of facets to this but you know we've been predicting it like a parrot on methamphetamine.
I have just been chirping and quacking the fact that the next big move will be a financial crisis precipitated by bank failures and or a cyber attack they'll blame on the Russians or the Chinese.
And again I don't
Have some Russophile view of the Russians, but they're not even players when it comes to this.
China and the people running the US and the EU are the big dogs.
And I don't know yet if this was deliberately triggered last week at SVB.
But it probably was because the head of the company took out 3.6 million dollars three days before it imploded and they also took their bonuses on Friday right before the feds took the bank over.
We know they've been in deep talks with the Feds for months to prop the bank up, which would have cost a couple billion dollars, it's estimated, because they're so leveraged.
They could have leveraged that.
Instead now, it's up to $300 billion, $170 billion of it, plus pumped into SVB.
So there's a lot of angles, a lot of facets to this.
When you have Joe Biden running around saying, don't worry, the economy's strong, don't worry, it's the best it's ever been, don't worry, the banks are solvent, that does not create confidence.
Because anything he says, we know is the opposite.
It's like, I forgot to play the clip Sunday.
Will you guys get me the Jim Cramer clip?
It's Carlson talking about it.
Or Jim Cramer just two weeks ago said, SVB is the best.
It's the place to invest.
He did that with Lehman Brothers right before it went under.
He does this over and over again.
His job is, when the big guys are sucking the money out the back door, he gets more people in the front door.
In my view.
Historically, that's a fact.
So let's go ahead and run down through this.
But if you remember about a month ago, we started pointing out there were already bank runs that looked like happening that the media was covering up at Wells Fargo, at Bank of America, and a lot of other places.
And that's really the biggest news today is dozens of large regional, mainly lending banks.
Those are banks that still do what banks are supposed to do.
They have had massive stock slides.
So let's just go through some of these headlines.
I'll try to comment on each one and then get to the meat and potatoes on this and where I think this is going.
regulators say SVB customers will be made whole as second bank fails.
By the way, I wish I'd have broke this Friday.
I called one of my banking connections.
He's pretty high up.
He said, I don't really have any big inside news, but I can tell you a signature failed.
That didn't break until Sunday.
He knew it had failed.
I thought, oh, then everybody must know it failed.
He just said it very matter-of-factly.
But that news did not come out until Sunday.
So what's the big takeaway here?
Oh, there's no bailout.
Just anybody over $350,000 or under that, you'll be made whole.
Well, that's potentially the biggest bailout ever heard of if these bank runs continue.
And the FDIC is already exhausted its funds it had in reserve for insuring people's
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Here's another one, ladies and gentlemen.
Feds new backstop Shields Banks from $300 million in losses.
But that's just so far, and they're out of money.
Yahoo Finance.
Biden vows to hold those responsible for Silicon Valley bank failure fully accountable.
So the Fox will hold the Weasels accountable for attacking the Hen House.
Silicon Valley Bank provided massive amounts of capital to Chinese tech ventures.
Now Biden, FDIC, and Federal Revenue are bailing it out.
Clearly, Biden's working with China.
Yes, it's a bailout.
People are like, Gateway Pundit says it's a bailout.
No, it's not.
They promised no bailouts.
Janet Yellen at the Federal Reserve said so.
That's a bailout, folks.
They're doing it for everybody.
Not just people who had deposits of $250,000, but other people that were invested in the bank.
government moves to stop potential banking crisis.
regional banks remain under pressure as First Republic sinks.
First Republic Bank, 67% drop in its stock today.
Western Alliance Bank Corp., 76%, biggest drop ever.
PacWest Bank Corp.
was down 41, hitting a record low.
Here's a list of more of them.
KeyCorp Bank,
Down 28 plus percent.
Zion's Bank, 26 percent.
First Republic, 76.
PacWest, 47.
It just goes on and on.
Charles Schwab is down 16.
Normally the bank goes down five points a day.
It's a huge deal.
Latest bank to collapse is the same one that closed Trump's account after January 6th.
And Donald Trump Jr.
is making it a political issue, pointing out that the bank was heavily involved in promoting transgenderism and the rest of it.
Here's the domino effect.
E-commerce company Etsy warns sellers of delay in payment because of Silicon Valley bank collapse.
SVB bank crash in the U.S.
When interest rates were zero, banks loaded up on long-dated, seemingly low-risk treasuries.
But as the Fed raises interest rates to fight inflation, the value of those assets has fallen, leaving banks sitting on unrealized losses.
As Silicon Valley Bank faced collapse, lenders were pushing woke LGBT nonsense.
It's not nonsense, it's a depopulation agenda.
We got a video of Trump saying, if Biden was elected, we'd see another 1929 bank crash.
Remember that?
Dominoes are falling.
Is this the next terror?
The unleashing of the people?
I worry.
Will we be told the next banking crisis will be a bail-in, not a bail-out?
The depositors' cash will be taken?
That's what the FDIC and the European Central Bank have said in videos we desperately played over and over again in the last two months.
Remember that?
In fact, get those queued up.
The one with the Federal Reserve, there's the European Central Bank one, there's the FDIC one, there's three of them.
I meant to play all three last night on the Sunday Show.
I think I only played one of them.
Oh, but you always know what to invest in when Kramer tells you.
Plus Forbes, owned by the Chai Coms.
Forbes listed SVB as the best investment you could make for 2023.
Because they knew they were about to dump it.
So, hey, get in there immediately.
Forbes said they love you.
They're trending.
I'm getting through the stack here.
I'll tell you where I think it's all going.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show special Monday edition.
So we've told you these financial crises are coming.
The analogy I use is Thanksgiving.
I use it all the time.
This is the best analogy.
You have the big table with the adults and you have a little card table with the kids or card tables with the kids.
And the kids are over here talking about kid stuff, the adults are talking about the adult stuff.
When you look at the universities, you look at the federal boards, and you watch these clips of the UN, they just admit, I remember in December of 2019, we made a big deal about it when it happened, they had a big UN meeting about the vaccines, and they said the vaccines aren't working, they're killing people, this is before the COVID shots.
And doctors around the world have turned against us, and what are we going to do?
They released something bigger than Pose as a Savior.
And they just sit there talking about it like we're not watching.
I have dozens of clips.
I'll play just a few of them.
Of the FDIC and the Private Fellow Reserve meeting in the last two months saying, the bail-ins are coming, the banking system's going under, the bubble's popping, do we tell the public?
And they say, no, we don't tell them.
I mean, it's not like I predicted this.
They said they were going to do it.
They knew damn well when they started raising interest rates, when they had us strung out on all this free credit and money, that it was going to pop the real estate market.
But first it's going to be car loans.
And a bunch of the biggest companies are going belly up.
They already have.
Two of them last month.
The word is some of the biggest are going belly up this week because they have record, not even since the depression, record defaults on car loans.
That's the canary in the coal mine.
So I'm not up here trying to create fear.
General Flynn came on Saturday made a great point.
He said, let's not panic because they want that.
But you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.
This audience needs to know what's going on.
I don't know how long this is going to go on for, but they plan on bringing the system down, their old system, their old Ponzi scheme as it's over, and bringing in their new one that's a thousand times worse, the central bank digital currencies that will run every facet of our lives, destroy small businesses, track and control everything, and surveil every move you make.
I mean, it is so horrible, I can't even believe how horrible it is.
So let's play a couple of these clips back to back.
First the FDIC and then a Federal Reserve meeting.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution, but they're going to be.
And it could be an early warning signal to the FDIC and the primary regulators when these things happen.
And there may be some other prices, this is similar to what Jay was saying, in the market that
You can tell whether people understand who's going to be protected, who isn't going to be protected.
It would be, I think, an interesting study to look at the evolution of market prices in a situation like March of 2020, for example, and see whether people understood what might happen.
It should be accessible when people need to know, but I don't think you have much hope of reaching a public that doesn't have a professional need to know.
I completely agree with that.
I almost think you'd scare the public if you put this out.
Like, why are they telling me this?
Should I be concerned about my bank?
Like, my insurance company doesn't tell me what they're doing with my assets if they just assume they're going to pay my claim.
I think you've got to think of the unintended consequences of taking a public that has more full faith and confidence in the banking system than maybe people in this room do.
We want them to have full faith and confidence in the banking system.
They know the FDIC insurance is there.
They know it works.
They put their money in.
They're going to get their money out.
So there's a select crowd of people that are on the institutional side.
And if they want to understand this, they're going to find a way to understand this.
There's a bunch of law firms represented in this room.
There's a bunch of people that will charge them by the hour a lot of money to explain this all to them.
And it's fine.
I don't have a problem with that.
And they all have huge staffs.
But I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast too much of this out in the general public.
Okay, so you notice on Wednesday last week, I made a big deal about it, started the show with it, Biden put out his new big national directive.
The last one was two years ago saying, the American people are the enemy, they are the terrorist.
The next segment, I'm going to play a video on Australia, put out on national news, the government's new military recruiting plan is be part of attacking citizens with police dogs and putting them in camps.
You're like, why would you do that?
Because they've got to go tell the regional Federal Reserve boards, there's 12 of them, and they've got to tell the FDIC board, that's the big central banks above this, this is coming.
So they've been sitting around in these meetings for months saying, well, what do we do during the collapse?
I mean, do we tell them it's coming so we have credibility, or do we just sucker punch them?
And the answer is they sucker punch you.
So they tell you everything's fine, all your deposits are taken care of, everything's okay, and you think, oh, well, they tried to stop what's happening.
Meanwhile, they're engineering the whole damn thing.
And clearly that's what they're doing.
Do I know exactly what they're going to pull, how they're going to pull it, when they're going to pull it?
Like I always say, I've looked over their shoulder.
I know what cards they've got in their hand.
I don't know how they're going to play those cards.
This is a poker game, but they're gonna play the damn cards.
And so we're now down to the wire here on this, and the bottom line is this is a bail-in.
Because when you say we're gonna protect all the deposits and the investors in these banks, then you're saying it's a bail-in, and you're signaling that, and there isn't enough money even in the fiat system to pay it.
This brings down the monetary system worldwide, but don't worry, they've got it all fired up and all ready with Biden's plan that we know is run by Bill Gates through the IMF and World Bank, and through the UN, where they've already standardized the SDRs, they've already standardized all of the new social credit score systems, they've already standardized the central bank digital currencies, and now,
Right on time.
I mean, I've been up here every day for two months saying, I believe the banking crisis, the financial crisis is imminent.
I believe it's imminent.
Because I watch all these regulatory meetings and they're like talking about it like it's a foregone conclusion.
It's like doctors learn you have cancer all over your body.
Well, do we tell the patient they'll be dead in three months for sure?
Maybe a month?
Well, yeah, they tell you.
But see, that's grandma and we know grandma's old and it's sad, but she's going to die.
What do they do when they tell you we've got cancer financially, all of us?
They don't want you to know that because they want to pre-position themselves to get their money out so they can be in charge when everything is devalued and they consolidate power.
And that's what they do with these financial crises.
They engineer every one of these.
And you know why they do it?
They know, if they don't engineer it, it'll happen naturally because of the out-of-control nature of it.
So they have controlled demolitions, just like Renadier invented it over 100 years ago, with a wheelbarrow of dynamite going into an oil well that was on fire, and the explosion would be so big, he discovered how to put an oil... Oil fires used to burn for years sometimes.
They got some oil fires in Russia, natural gas fires, that have been burning for 50 years.
There's still oil fires and gas fires they can't put out.
Well, Red Adair learned how to get rid of most of them with a big old thing of TNT.
They give a bonus to whoever'd run in there with it on a wheelbarrow and send it in and haul ass for their life.
Red Adair's company made billions of dollars doing that.
Well, that's what they do.
But see, they ran the whole show.
They're not just fixing a crisis.
They engineer the crises, they ride up to the top,
In the stock market, and then they go back down to the bottom of their preposition, and they consolidate power.
What's happened the last 60 years?
Vertical integration.
In 1955, the U.S.
had half the wealth in the world, and it was distributed to the biggest middle class the planet ever saw.
The American middle class was bigger than all the middle classes in the world combined.
We're only 4% of the population.
Now, 80 plus percent of the wealth's in the hands of one-tenth of one percent, and soon it'll be 90 percent.
But it's all liberal and trendy, so it's fun!
And it's got transgenderism, it's cool!
These people are just like Sam Bankman Freed or Bernie Madoff.
They're just bigger fish, so they think they're too big to fail, too big to go to prison.
Too big to ever be held to account, but we are holding to account every front.
Their whole system is falling apart in front of us and it's the info war that's going to be aware of their operations and how to stop them.
People like Kramer and people like Forbes go out and tell you invest in something right before it goes under.
I'm not perfect, but in 2012,
2013, when gold started to go down, I said, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and others internationally are naked shorting it.
Gold and silver.
I've been telling you about gold and silver at that time for 15 years.
I said, get out of it.
And a lot of people got mad at me saying, you're killing the market.
And I said, no, they're going to bring it down.
You should get out of it.
Now I've been telling you the last few years, get back into it.
You see where it's at.
I think the next time they're not going to be able to stop it going up.
I go up 10,000 percent, both medals.
I just go with the best information I have.
Sometimes I make mistakes, but never on purpose.
These people lie to you by design.
Here is Jim Cramer a few weeks ago.
Here is professional BS artist slash dumb person Jim Cramer of CNBC telling his viewers to buy Silicon Valley Bank!
Even as it was in the process of going under.
This is last month.
SVB Financial, don't you want?
This company's a merchant bank with a deposit base that Wall Street had mistakenly concerned about.
SVB is the old Silicon Valley Bank.
We recently bought one of our favorite research firms, Moffett & Nathanson, and it's become less dependent upon private equity and venture capitalists' offerings.
Wait a second!
Those dried up last year?
Long-term private equity and venture capitalists?
They could come back!
They're not going away!
Being a banker to these immense pools of capital has always been a very good business.
SVB's nearly 40% rally this year is barely a drop in the bucket.
SVB is great!
If that guy ever endorses anything you're doing, move to the Canary Islands.
Change your name, because disaster's coming!
Disaster ain't coming, it's here.
So, there are reports of bank runs all over the world.
They want a crisis.
They want to destroy the existing system.
I don't think the timing's right for them to do it right now, but things gotta control.
These people aren't all powerful.
They want their central bank digital currencies.
They're getting them all set up.
They're almost ready, but they're not ready yet in most areas.
They're just now getting it all standardized.
I've got articles right here.
This is definitely an attack on crypto as well.
A lot of big crypto banks are going under right now.
This is a you-know-what show.
SH-T show.
A big one.
But I do know the people running the system make sure we get left holding the bag and they run off with all the power and the money.
So if we let them do it, they are the clowns.
Here's a CNN piece actually telling the truth.
It's not $300 billion.
It's $620 billion and that was as of this morning.
That the FDIC is already saying they're going to pay for it.
They already spent $300 plus billion.
This is a bail-in.
But I noticed there was a viral clip on Twitter.
It's got like 600,000 views as of this morning when I saw it.
Myself on Saturday for the emergency broadcast with General Flynn.
And I say, this is going to be a huge bail-in.
And they're going to push central bank digital currencies out of this.
And then the comments, almost all of them under it are like, Jones is wrong again.
Yellen and Biden say no bailouts.
How is it not a bailout when they're guaranteeing the deposits above $250,000?
How is that not a bailout if people weren't smart enough to keep it below that?
All I'm saying is, the public just really likes to get hurt.
Let's continue.
This is what I was just talking about.
SWIFT, one of the biggest international banking clearinghouses that works with thousands of banks and systems, to conduct more tests with CBDC project, the banking network,
Is seeking to build a system that will connect the digital currencies of different countries, and they want to have it ready within a month, be able to operate with hundreds of different CBDCs, even when other global currencies fail.
See what I'm talking about?
Oh no!
More Silicon Valley bank fallout!
Goldman Sachs backed
Circle Stablecoin, USDC, no longer pegged to the dollar.
Conversion to dollars halted.
And that's backed by some of the largest globalist banks in the world like JP Morgan and others.
Oh, nothing to see here.
Let's move along.
Silicon Valley Bank imploded in a single day.
It could be just the tip of the iceberg.
Yahoo News.
So they tell you officially everything's fine, but then they still try to hype the fear.
So this is quite a tight room to walk here.
The government has 48 hours.
Billionaire investor Bill Ackerman calls on Biden to bail out SGB on Monday morning or face catastrophic market meltdown and loss of tens of thousands of jobs.
And they did do the bailout, but it's not being called a bailout.
Silicon Valley bank employees receive bonuses hours before government takeover.
SVB fallout spreads around the world, from London to Singapore.
Tahu News.
British tech sector at serious risk after SVB collapse.
Contagion spread.
Desperate customers line up outside the first aerobic bank to take their money out after SVB bank collapse and send shoplifters through the market.
The Silicon Valley bank crisis will force the Fed to slash rates by 100 basis points to prevent contagion.
Market Guru says.
I agree with that.
Before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, SIVB, the CEO, sold 3.57 million stocks within the last two weeks.
Two-year Treasury yields plunge most since Black Monday.
Gold soars as rate hike odds collapse.
Futures tumble.
Yields crater.
Banks plunge as market realizes latest bailout is insufficient.
I want to say something about gold.
Yeah, they've got gold where it's at.
They're artificially suppressing it, but it's still gone up.
Same thing with silver.
But when you actually try to go out, I've talked to a lot of folks, I've gone and seen for myself, and try to find gold.
Oh, sorry, we don't have gold at melt or 1% above.
We got it at 10, 20% above.
And then people try to buy it at that, and they go, well, you want to buy that much?
Sorry, we don't have it.
Oh, sorry, you want to mint some silver coins?
We don't have it.
So you have all the fiat currency in the rig markets and the naked shorting to keep gold and silver down, but it's still way up, but there's some holding down the beach ball under the water, but then you can't find it because in reality it's worth way more.
That's like price fixing in the market in the Soviet Union or something, where they say, oh, well, sausage and bread and this is all at this price and milk is this price, but at that price you can't produce it, so it doesn't exist.
But that's called how the real market works, not cuckoo land.
Yellen, no federal bailout for collapsed Silicon Valley Bank.
Really, what are you doing?
And it goes on and on.
Forbes lists Silicon Valley Bank as one of America's best banks just weeks before collapse.
Fatal Distractions, Senior SVB Bank Risk Manager Oversaw LGBT Programs.
Well, I don't want you distracted with all this BS while they rape your ass.
And it goes on and on and on.
I got a lot more to hit on that.
We'll come back and get into it.
Then I'm going to shift gears to all the other subjects.
And we've got a bunch of big guys today.
I'll tell you about them coming up here a little bit later.
But I want to just ask listeners a very important question when we return on the other side of this break, because you've got a decision to make, and so do I. But here's the good news and the bad news.
Everybody's gonna have to face reality and face God, and face the consequences of all our actions.
That's how the universe works.
Including the globalists, but including you and I. So think about that.
We'll be right back.
You figured it out, folks?
This isn't a game.
I'm not playing around.
We're at war with the New World Order.
They know I'm at war with them.
They know it's an info war.
The whole world's with everything Alex Jones talked about now.
And everybody's paying attention.
I know how to beat them.
I've lived my whole life.
For the moment we're now in and so have you.
And we're going to win.
But we have to admit the facts.
We have to admit that the globalists are out to get us.
We gotta knock their ideas dead.
Knock them dead.
We gotta knock them dead.
Because these people will take everything you've got and everything you'll ever have, including all your freedoms and your soul.
They're the scum of the earth.
All right.
Let me talk about the big decision everybody's got to make.
There is no doubt InfoWars is doing the most important work we've ever done in 20 almost nine years on air.
And I thank you for your support, and I appreciate you.
But, I'm really concerned.
I can either go 100% in this fight, but it's so consuming and so exhausting, that if you don't go 100% in a football game or anything else in life, it's too hard.
You gotta go all the way and then it's easy.
Like in a fight or anything else, or cleaning your house, or plowing a field, you gotta get into it and get it done and like it, or it's hell.
You got my commitment to never give up, but that means I've got to be honest with you, because if I don't explain things to you, that's a form of giving up, a soft quitting.
And I've caught myself in the last three, four months doing that a little bit, just because things are so overwhelming.
We've been vindicated.
And then I kind of go, okay, I've done my part, folks.
I have this big burning responsibility.
I know we've changed the world together.
And then God says, no, you've just begun your mission.
Stop convincing yourself to go easy, because you'll be in a position later wishing you'd done more, and I know you're in the same place.
So, listen to me, please, and let it sink in hard.
The most important thing you can do is get right with God, and then get right with your family, and then support broadcasts and institutions and organizations that want to have a good future,
Because I have a life force.
I have instincts.
I have a survival instinct.
It's not heroic to fight the globalists.
They're coming after us.
It's not heroic.
It's not, oh, amazing.
It's not... We have to get past that type of thinking.
That's bad thinking, folks.
This is not heroic what I'm doing.
I'm not joining with these psychotics, these devil worshippers, these losers.
But if you don't fight them, it's the same thing as joining them.
In fact, if you're going to go on with evil, might as well join the club and, you know, just party as much as you can before you die and, you know, God gets a hold of your soul.
So it's very simple.
We have products you need.
I do not need to be spending five hours a day trying to raise money.
I need to be on air, cutting special reports, funding operations, kicking New World Order butt.
So it's very simple.
You better decide what your priorities are.
And look, I'm not a big fancy-pants guy, but in the past, I bought an $800 pair of cowboy boots.
And that's not a bad thing.
They were, you know, crocodile or whatever, and black, and looked great.
I wanted them.
But I bought those 10 years ago.
I would not buy a pair of cowboy boots like today.
And it's not bad.
It funds the economy.
It's wonderful.
You know, made right here in Texas.
I'm not mad at anybody that's got an $800 pair of cowboy boots.
What I'm saying is, in this world we're in, and the priorities that are out there, if I have wealth, that should all be put towards the fight against the globalists.
Doesn't mean I don't get a stake sometimes, or like to drive a car that runs well.
But at the end of the day, the days of luxury, it's almost like an idol to even care about something.
Other than flesh and blood and our hearts and our souls.
So I'm telling you, you might want to cut that Vegas trip out.
You might want to cut out all the little sad crap or going to the fancy restaurant.
Because even if you're middle class, in the days that are coming, you're not going to be.
The party's over.
And I'm really concerned in the priority realm.
That InfoWars is barely paying the bills and successfully navigating a Chapter 11, Subchapter 5 reorganization, that if we can just reorganize and follow through, they'll either settle with us for a reasonable amount so we can operate in the future, or we fight two, three years of appeals, and three years from now, it's like a million years from now, and what's going to happen?
So we are solvent.
We are operating.
We are there.
The only people that can decide to take us off air are you.
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So just commit to go to InfoWarsTore.com, just make the decision, because you're going to have to decide what your priorities are, so am I, in this world.
You're going to have to decide
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What are your priorities?
Because the whole new world order system will succeed in all its evil if shows like mine aren't on the air.
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We haven't had the money to buy the coffee.
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We barely crawled up to just being in the black, barely.
Everything's going to get t-shirts.
Everything's going to get coffee.
Everything's going to get more books and films from other great authors.
That's our mission.
Sell things that enlighten and empower and inform and invigorate and make life better.
So we'll start the next hour.
I'm going to give you where I think this whole banking crisis is going and how we can mitigate it and not let the globalists get away with it.
I'll talk about that.
We've got Pete Santilli coming on about the waterfront and this new federal ruling in the Proud Boys case that is so criminal in my view, where the judge said, no, they're allowed to hold back evidence, destroy evidence, and provocateur, and cover it all up, and give secret documents over on accident.
And basically, they've been given a license to kill, steal, and destroy by their father.
You know, that is the old, old, old serpent, old scratch, guy in the red pajamas.
So, that's all coming up next hour, and I've gotten to where I just plug in the first hour and really plug later.
If you want to support us, you are.
If you're not, fine.
Because listen, I just gotta go 110%.
And I am going as hard as I can, and I'm not perfect.
I'm very humble, and I appreciate you all.
But, I mean, come on, folks.
You got a chance to fight the New World Order.
You got a chance to bet on something that's won over and over again because of God and because of you supporting it.
And I just want to thank all those who supported us in the past, and I want to encourage those that haven't to support us, but also support other talk shows.
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Your church fighting drag queen pedophile time?
Your church fighting fentanyl?
No, most of the churches are sitting there, literally just, all you need to know is Jesus, and everything will be fine, and you know, you'll be taking microchips to go to that church soon.
Those churches aren't churches.
I'm just saying, I don't claim to be Mr. Holy Man either, but I sure as hell don't like evil and the devil's operation.
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And that's the bottom line.
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All right.
We will be back with Hour 2, 3, and 4.
And then the Anti-New World Order Wrecking Ball.
Owen Schroeder.
3 p.m.
Central Time at Infowars.com.
Alex Jones, thank you for representing and being bold, and everybody needs the support on Infowarsstore.com.
You heard it from Michelle, everybody.
Go to Infowarsstore.com and buy something!
Alex, thank you for being so bold and talking about topics that are so secret, and I can't wait to interview you.
Inside Bohemian Grove, baby!
Everyone at Fight Club loves Alex Jones!
Turn me loose, my friend!
Set me free!
Better turn me loose!
Better set me free!
Little bit better than I used to be, cause I'm alive!
I'm a live wire, because I'm alive.
Come on, baby!
Gotta set me free, because I'm your live wire.
All right, I want to air Greg Rees's report from January, where we predicted all of this.
And then I'll tell you where I think it's going and how we can mitigate it and deal with it.
But all three of Greg Rees's reports are incredibly important.
I'm going to have them reposted on the live show feed.
Today's you can share them and warn people about how this is premeditated.
All right, let's go ahead and go to that report.
Canadian veteran and political activist Jeremy McKenzie, known as the Raging Dissident, was just notified that he can no longer do banking in Canada.
I'm banned from the bank.
But it doesn't matter if you are a political activist or an obedient sheep, because the banks are planning on taking all of your money to pay off their debts.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But I mean, they're going to be.
The FDIC currently has less than $200 billion in assets to insure over $9 trillion.
That's just 1.3%.
They know that a system collapse is coming and they are already planning for bail-ins.
As trust begins to fail, the people will begin to withdraw their funds, which will only guarantee a banking collapse.
This is known as a bank run.
In 2012, the International Monetary Fund, known for their reputation of coercion, violence, and extortion, published staff discussion notes entitled, From Bail Out to Bail In, Mandatory Debt Restructuring of Systemic Financial Institutions.
After the 2008 crisis, the world learned what a bailout is.
Trillions of taxpayer dollars printed out of thin air to pay off the bankers' bad habits.
It was hugely unpopular, but pales in comparison to a bail-in.
So what exactly is a bail-in?
It is officially obfuscated with elaborate equations, but to put it simply, it is when the bank steals your money directly from your account.
They called it haircuts when they did it in Cyprus back in 2013, which the courts later ruled was legit.
And a recent video on TikTok shows that the new bail-ins may have already begun.
I'm a Bank of America and everybody's missing money.
I'm also missing money over $1,300 and they're telling me to call customer service.
And they keep hanging up on people.
This another person here is also missing money.
So we're trying to see what's going on.
Money's missing today.
And we need our money.
And they're already telling us to call customer service.
And customer service ain't doing nothing about it.
So just a heads up.
If anybody's experiencing this, please let us know.
Because this is not right.
I'm missing $1,400 from my account.
And they're telling me that there's no way they can help us.
This guy's missing money too.
This other person is missing money too.
You missing money too?
So this is not something that's just one person.
There you go.
This is everybody's happening to him and this is crazy.
This is very crazy.
Yes, Bank of America decided to take people's money without their consent and we're asking what's going on and they're giving us a runaround.
Everybody for the same thing, man.
The same thing.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna come back, talk more about the
We're now into hour number two of this Monday, March 13th, 2023 Global Transmission.
I am your embattled host, Alex Emmerich Jones from deep in the heart of Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
Well, the puppet president's words did not lend any confidence to the markets as bank runs accelerate around the planet.
Latest developments in a moment.
But first, some from the pedophile Chai Com agent.
Americans can have confidence that the banking system is safe.
We must get the full accounting of what happened and why those responsible can be held accountable.
Let's also take a look at a moment to put the situation in a broader context.
We've made strong economic progress in the past two years.
Take-home pay for workers is going up, especially for lower- and middle-income workers.
Mr. President, what do you know right now about why this happened?
And can you assure Americans that there won't be a ripple effect?
Do you expect all your banks to fail, Mr. President?
Should all depositors be protected at all banks?
I shouldn't laugh.
It's laughing at myself and laughing at the gallows here.
Here's some of the latest articles on InfoWars.com.
Trump warns of new Great Depression.
Silicon Valley Bank crisis and liquidity crunch we have predicted has now begun.
Yeah, raising the interest rates.
Everything got a strung out on all of the easy credit.
It is going down.
So what do we do?
If they don't bail out all these banks, regional banks going under, it'll accelerate to a total banking collapse.
So it's a gun to our head.
It's like then Treasury Secretary, back at the time in 2008, famously said, what do you want, tanks driving around the streets?
But then, even when they bail these out in the next few months, in the next year or so, because they're not totally ready for the central bank digital currencies yet, not ready to get rid of the old system yet, this is the process of that,
They're going to run out of money out of the Treasury.
And the answer will be this whole new monetary system that they're getting the final touches done on.
They've built the foundation, built the superstructure, built the surrounding areas, put the windows in, the doors in, they wired the electricity, and now they're doing a few final touches on this tyranny, and then it will be rolled out against us as you've all witnessed, as we predicted.
So what do we do?
Well, we've been manipulated since 1913 here in the U.S.
and similarly around the world under this private banking cartel.
So we identify the private banking cartel, like Ron Paul did in so many hearings and warned about for so long, and we politically form a movement to say we're not doing central bank digital currencies as a solution.
We're not doing universal basic incomes when half the public doesn't have jobs.
Half are doing it in Italy and Spain right now.
And we don't accept troops on the streets, and we don't accept... See, defund the police, collapse society, put troops on the streets.
Bring society down, build back better, destroy civilization with the Great Reset, and then build back better on its assets.
We oppose Agenda 2030!
We oppose agenda 21.
We oppose the transgender pedophile time.
We oppose the fentanyl.
We oppose the open borders.
We oppose every New World Order policy and we point out they are the ones that orchestrated this.
That's why they're saying, oh, we're bailing it out.
Oh, we're against it.
Oh, we're going to find those responsible and we're going to put them in jail.
Arrest some mid-level bank people.
As all these regional banks that actually still lend money to the public go under.
We should talk about the ecosystem and the whole structure of what allowed this to happen.
It's an information war.
We have farmland.
We have infrastructure.
We have all the energy we need.
We have everything we need.
But we have to end the globalist policies of high taxation, regulation, and massive commitments overseas and spending, and the $200 billion.
I'm so sick of hearing people with old numbers of $100 billion, $129 billion, $130 billion.
It was $200 billion a month ago that we know about.
$200 billion.
And that's real?
Infrastructure we're paying to not have to go blow stuff up in Ukraine in a Slavic civil war that I have no part of.
Almost none of you do.
Nothing against the Russians, nothing against the Ukrainians, but guys want to kill each other.
Knock yourselves out.
I'm not part of this.
I'm not part of all this lunatic asylum garbage.
I'm not part of all these other groups, the KKK, and the Mexican mafia, and the fricking black supremacists, and all of it.
I mean, it's just all a bunch of morons.
We have unlimited resources and capacity if we work hard, if we study, and if we engage in civilization, and we follow God's plan.
All the information shows that.
And strangely enough, Biden, as you know, killed
The Keystone Pipeline, one month after it was completed, his first act, they raced to finish it hoping Trump would allow it open, which Trump was.
Biden on day two of administration killed that.
But now, because the word is that oil will go to China, not the U.S., this is on Infowars.com.
The Biden administration approves Alaska oil drilling project that's been held up for a decade.
The U.S.
Interior Department said Monday that it's approving three out of five drill sites proposed by ConocoPhillips as part of its Willow Master Development Plan of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.
The record of decision denies two of the five drill sites proposed by ConocoPhillips.
This is a project to drill pads, 40% of the Interior Department said in a statement.
The actions significantly scale back the Willow project within the constraints of valid existing rights under decades-old leases issued by prior administrations.
The Biden Administration's decision to grant partial approval of the Energy Development Project comes despite objections by environmentalist activists, a lot of them are Saudi Arabia, who cite concerns about potential climate impacts by drilling activities.
Yeah, China and Mexico and India and everybody else can just crank up everything, but oh, we can't have anything!
The coal power plants put out nothing but water vapor and carbon dioxide.
That sounds scary, but no plants breathe it, so you know the rest of the story.
All right, so I've talked about this.
I've basically hit every angle of it.
We can open the phones up, and I've got a bunch of guests coming up tomorrow.
We will.
I'm sure Owen will today at 3 p.m.
I almost canceled a guest today to just take calls, because I want to hear your take on this, but would you rather have really bad inflation, or would you have what they're doing here and bank runs?
We'll see.
The inflation exposes the monetary system.
Bank runs, they can blame these banks.
When as sure as the sun came up this morning and as sure as it'll set this evening, everybody knows monetary policy did this by the raising of interest rates after how many years?
2008 to now?
13, 14, 15 years?
Of just helicoptering money to the elites first?
I think?
A movement on the public awakening to abolish the Federal Reserve and major real monetary hearings that bring us back to a growth economy that America is open for business again and we're not going to do the central bank digital currencies and the social credit scores and the carbon taxes and all the things that are the next phase because just like they gave us bridges to nowhere, oh we're going to ban gasoline and diesel cars and trucks, but, and lawnmowers and golf carts and everything else, but, and weed eaters, but, and tractors, but,
We've got electric ones coming out that cost twice as much, and there's not enough material, the rarest minerals, to build them, and they admit that.
And there's not enough coal power generation to fund it, to give it the energy.
They give you bridges to nowhere.
Oh, don't worry, we got a central bank digital currency.
Oh, we got a social credit score.
Oh, we got a carbon tax.
Oh, we got a universal basic income.
That will fix them blowing up the old system, and then you look at it, you're getting out of a nice, big, powerful ship that just has a leak in it, all you gotta do is fix it, and you're getting into an overloaded lifeboat that's guaranteed to sink.
That's the analogy of where we are right now, today.
We're going to go on a break.
We're going to come back with more on the other side.
And I'm going to hit some other news stories ahead of our special guest joining us, InfoWars.com.
Booze like a cat!
Well, you might not make it back.
Welcome back, my friends.
Let's go through it all right now.
Boy, there's a lot of news.
Developing migrant boat.
You mean illegal aliens, smuggled humans, many of them human traffic victims.
That's the real name.
It's a migrant.
The UN plan under the migrant rules of the UN.
That's a legal term.
Migrant boat crashes off San Diego coast.
Eight confirmed drownings.
Red Cross provides a map to illegals sharing where to cross the border and providing helpful tips.
You know, the oldest intelligence agency on earth is the Red Cross.
Yeah, most of it's handing out blankets and hurricanes and coffee and donuts, but its real mission is globalist spies behind enemy lines and working with the UN to open the borders up.
There's the map of where to go and who to call and they give them debit cards and the State Department does and Soros pays for it all.
Trump killed that program.
Biden, oh Biden, started it back up.
You can see all the legs in.
They're on the southern border and they know exactly what they are doing.
But it's okay when they tell people to come here and a bunch of them die or die in an 18-wheeler because their families didn't pay more money to the coyotes, the smugglers.
It's okay for the left.
They think that's okay.
Report Red Cross provides illegals with maps and tips about how to cross the U.S.
Exclusive Red Cross packets show migrants where to cross the U.S.
Will the Biden administration respond to the Mexican president's election interference threat?
Over the weekend, Mexico's president vowed to meddle
Against Republicans, something the Russians never even did, in upcoming U.S.
elections prompted the GOP calls for more aggressive action against drug cartels.
Yeah, the GOP said we should start targeting drug cartels as terrorists on the border, and the President said, well, we'll just meddle in your election and get Democrats elected.
Wow, talk about open meddling by a neighboring country.
In a brazen screed, Orbidore,
If we don't become a lawless country like Mexico, which we are.
This is disgraceful rhetoric from the leader of a deeply corrupt, quasi-failed state that lacks operational control and sovereignty over its own territory.
I agree with Town Hall's analysis.
The Mexican president threatens Republicans calling for U.S.
military to target drug cartels.
No, no.
Just let them target your own people and our people.
Just let them run around and murder whoever they want.
Meanwhile, Mexico too dangerous for spring break, Texas officials say.
Spring Breakers, you need to know though that yes, there are many areas of Mexico that aren't safe to go to, but there are many areas of the United States like Chicago and New York and hell, Miami for that matter.
Let's not sit there and act like Florida or Texas, I mean, Houston's a frickin' war zone.
Don't go anywhere near South Dallas or downtown Dallas.
I mean, they won't give you any travel advisories there.
Let me just tell you, don't try to go to a museum in Dallas, unless you got armed bodyguards.
Who the hell would send their people into something like that?
Let me tell you, the police, by the way, are very good at covering up crime.
Austin, Texas is a war zone.
They've cut one-third of the police or more.
Never really hits the news.
It's bad.
Carjackings, robberies every couple hours, but almost no news coverage of it.
The only fringe benefit is,
There are almost no police out riding traffic jackets.
But you know, right as I got older and stopped speeding, I barely even speed anymore unless I'm late.
And I still go like 5 miles over the 10 miles I'm supposed to be going.
Now I'm going with the flow of traffic.
Used to, I was always hauling ass.
I guess my average speed is probably 100 miles an hour.
But now I'm an old man or older and I don't do that.
Now there's no police.
I'm just like driving around like, where are the police at?
It's a crazy world, folks, but it's not just police that aren't out dealing with reckless drivers.
I never recklessly drove, but they're certainly out there.
No, it's Biden.
And we knew this from the laptop, we knew it from all his connections, but it's as bad as we thought.
CCP money flowed to the Biden family according to bank records, documents obtained by the GOP House show, directly from the Chinese subsidiary organizations run by their government, to Biden and his disgusting family.
But what is the answer to all of this?
Eric Swallowswell, the Chinese Communist agent, on record, wants to ban conservative news from the military, starting with Fox News.
Yes, that's his answer, is make them watch CNN, don't even let them have watered down Fox News.
What an authoritarian dirtbag.
I remember last week I showed you a London Guardian headline where it said there are too many white people in the English Hill Country.
We need to get rid of them.
They're bad.
Remember the headline?
It's disgusting to see all these white people in their own country where their ancestors were 10,000 years ago.
But don't try to do that in Saudi Arabia or somewhere.
We're good to go.
A gallon of milk or whatever.
They literally howl and scream and go, he's white, he's white.
They stab him, they kill him.
They rape the girls.
It's so liberal, it's so loving.
Because 90% of the asylum seekers in Europe are military-age men.
And they're both sick.
They just come running off screaming like it's a D-Day invasion.
And they just run off howling into the countryside.
Isn't that liberal?
Isn't that loving?
Oh, but the globalist elites, they live in their high-rise apartments, protected, thinking they're all safe from the civilization they're preying on, and they hate the average leftist sees somebody that can skin a bucket around a trot line, and somebody with a bunch of kids, and they hate white people, the white liberals, and they see all the poor brown people as their minions.
Even though, on average, brown people in the United States, per capita,
By population have more money than whites.
Oh, yeah, because you didn't know Asians and Indians in many cities per capita have more money than anybody else.
But see, the left doesn't see them as an instinctive enemy because they've been playing race politics for hundreds of years in this country.
And now they've got the majority being brown.
They can't help but go back to racial politics.
But it's pissing them off because second and third generation brown people here, even first generation from India or other areas, are actually adopting pro-America.
They want guns.
They want security.
They want private property.
They want it all.
They're like, hey, I want what America was.
I came here because I want the security.
I want the gun.
I want the bank account.
I want to be able to travel.
I want to be able to go worship where I want.
I want to be secure.
I'll take that.
And it's like, oh, no, no, no, no.
The white people are bad.
You don't want your rights, do you?
The Second Amendment's racist!
All right, we're going to cover the waterfront with Pete Santilli on a whole bunch of subjects, because it's all going down right now.
The financial collapse and more.
Straight ahead, stay with us.
All right, so it's a massive bailout.
They're not calling it a bailout.
And right at the same time that you have the incredible information, it's so over the top coming out.
That the head of the CDC said no, they created a bioweapon, it came out of the Pentagon.
Obama, Fauci, they're all behind it.
At the same time, all the deep state collusion with all the agencies and corporations illegally spying and surveilling, way past the First Amendment.
I mean, this is totally illegal.
At the same time, the truth about the Ukraine war is coming out.
At the same time, the truth about the Chai Koms and Hunter Biden are coming out, and his father.
At the same time that every part of their agenda, including January 6th, is blowing up in their face, magically, this bank has
Silicon Valley Bank, they've been messing with for months.
They decided to not fix it with a couple million dollars.
They decided to let it go under and then now the crisis begins where they can pose as the saviors.
So Pete Santillo, there's a lot to cover.
You got the news right before I went on air.
Outrageously, with January 6th, with all these documents the FBI accidentally gave over to the defense last Wednesday, last Tuesday,
Broke last Wednesday.
All now confirmed.
Secret documents.
People in the crowd being feds, provocateuring, spying on the defense team.
The judge has said no harm, no foul.
Trial goes forward after canceling trial Thursday and Friday.
We should probably tackle that right now because you've got your folks inside the trial following it because they're weaponizing this.
Obviously this is a beta test, a blueprint.
A test for all of us right now.
So let's tackle that first, then let's plow through everything today.
Alex, thank you very much for having me.
Yep, that's right.
I have late breaking news actually coming out of the courtroom this morning.
And we're expecting, the world was expecting, that the judge was going to rule fairly, weren't we?
Just kidding.
Of course not.
Alex, we were expecting that the judge would see all of these motions that were very well prepared.
And these motions, for those that like to read them, like me, I suggest you download them.
You can get them on Pacer.
We'll have them published on our websites.
But basically, what they contend with is, the attorneys have said this is outrageous government conduct.
Here are the following reasons why.
And they cite law.
Now, in previous cases, we won't talk about the cases that I've been in, but identically, same issues.
It's called, cases called Jenks, Giglio, and Brady, those three things, that you never break those rules when you're the government, especially when somebody's at trial and when a jury's seated.
Well, they in fact did that.
On top of everything else that we know that they withheld from the defendants, from the public,
They are basically right in front of the jury attempting to deceive the jury.
The FBI agent perjured herself on the stand.
They also cited some documentation where she was ordered to remove 338 lines of information.
They cited that.
Now this is the update from the court.
This is what you would expect in a court of law.
But we have lawlessness and I would say that as of this morning,
Alex, I'm going to have to call it what it is, that Judge Kelly at this point is now complicit as part of this color revolutionary attempt to overthrow the United States of America by not doing the right thing and punishing the government.
And let's be clear, in your case they got caught withholding evidence and it was you were set free because you were innocent in the whole Bundy fiasco.
So this is very rare.
We talked this morning at like 8 a.m.
You thought the judge would have to do the right thing.
He didn't.
He said all this is wonderful.
Yeah, not only said all this is wonderful, he basically was not only dismissive but rushed into, I mean, just stated over and over again, shut down the attorneys.
I mean, I have just about the entire transcript highlighted.
I can give you a couple of things they were contending with.
Whether the agent Miller had misrepresented stuff on the record.
And when I break this down, if you want to get into the details, I'm going to just give you the general highlights.
But this is what the judge did in opposition to what the judge normally would have to do under the law.
Now, I had a leftist Obama-appointed
Um, Harry Reid supported La Raza judge.
Her name was Gloria Navarro.
And when she encountered the same exact gross government misconduct, she dismissed the case.
Because when the government does this, what they've done in the courtroom in this past week,
Let's just add, this is now broken as a national story.
This is all in the news.
The Judiciary Committee in the House is looking at an investigation of this.
The judge in the face of all that doesn't give a rat's ass because he's part of Mordor, the special judges they've got in DC.
Does not as a matter of fact I'll give you a couple of quotes by the judge Judge Kelly everything you've mentioned so far It's covered in my ruling.
I've ruled on this and just shuts it down I'll give you an example of what Roger Roots was asking the government contended that the 338 lines that the FBI agent was ordered to remove Oh that the government stated well that was regarding a different case
We're good to go.
Let's remember, it says in there, I'm in order to destroy evidence.
That's always illegal.
They use the term, destroy evidence.
That's exactly right.
And guess what?
They also not only glossed over, okay, but the agent was allowed, once the jury was seated, came back in under cross-examination and gave hearsay testimony, assuming that the document that was emailed to Enrique Terrio, that was provided for,
By the FBI informant, she was just assuming that because she got a report that said that he edited, modified, or copied it, that it came from him.
So it's on record that this lady connected to the CIA and FBI brings in the 1770 document about a plan to attack DC, and so now they're even bringing in things and falsely testifying on things that are known not to be true.
That's exactly right.
The judge was heavily siding with their prosecution in opposition to the law.
Now, as I said, a leftist judge, when the government commits such gross, outrageous government misconduct, they dismiss the case right there on the spot.
So this is total, total weaponization?
It is not only weaponization, but I'm going to tell you something.
They have asked for a special master to come in and take a look at certain items.
That's a reasonable request to hold off on the jury, to put the jury out.
The judge refused to do that, refused to see any evidence whatsoever, said it was irrelevant.
I'm going to let this in.
Shut these attorneys down as any tyrant would certainly do that's involved and complicit in a
Color revolutionary overthrow of the United States of America.
Alex, here's the most important part.
I have been
Uh, kind of quiet about it in the public because I was hoping it would flesh out in the Proud Boys trial in the courtroom.
There are whistleblowers internally that Tucker had indicated there was facial recognition of the individuals at that frontline breach, that first breach where the barricades were, where the guy, Ryan Samsel, with the red hat was and Ray Epps was whispering in his ear.
They have internal whistleblowers who are prohibited from volunteering this information, but if called to testify, would certainly do that.
They found that the majority of the people at that first breach were feds, in fact.
It was a difficult time finding people to prosecute.
The majority of them, I will state,
Now, that will have to be stated by those whistleblowers if called to testify.
But in most cases, the judges, and this has been the pushback, the attorneys say that the judge will shut it down because they're on a fishing expedition.
This evidence exists.
Tucker Carlson admitted to that last week.
There is plenty of evidence of all these federal agents, quite a few of them.
Why can't we see it?
Because it might reveal that they were the ones that were in fact breaking the law and provocateuring and causing people to do things they normally wouldn't do.
There's so much overwhelming evidence of what these known agents, up to and including by the way, there were military personnel.
That were actually commandeered and used for special purposes on January 6th under the authority of A.G.
He unilaterally decided to set up a special commando... Alright, stay right there.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
Alright, P. Santilli recapping how huge this is.
You're not BSing.
You are literally all over this with your sources inside the trial.
I confirm what you're saying from my sources.
That they are not letting Tucker Carlson and others have access to the face scanning, but according to the people that are ready to go public, but under the law and under the regulations and four years, and they're nondisclosures, they've got to be called.
They can't even approach Congress, which is totally wrong.
But we know they've been blocking FBI whistleblowers at Congress regardless.
That the facial recognition software and other systems confirm the majority of the people leading the first breach, with Ray Epps directing it, were military and FBI.
Well, we know there was hundreds of FBI and hundreds of military.
They admitted declassified documents there.
So this is outrageous.
Please continue.
Yeah, now remember there was a special forces team, commandos, fully outfitted.
They weren't in civilian clothes.
They were stationed 30 miles away in Quantico for weapons of mass destruction because the President and the Vice President were on property for the event.
They were 30 miles away to deploy in the event something happens.
Rosen, on the morning of January 6th, actually got, quote-unquote, intel that the FBI was under threat of attack.
And the FBI, through Rosen, without any congressional oversight or Capitol Police knowledge, deployed special forces in.
So they had military-styled, heavily armed special forces commandos would shoot to kill authority.
And there were civilian clothes
Military personnel, Joint Terrorism Task Force members.
The reason why they do this, Alex, is you want to know why each department has rules of engagement and laws that they can operate in under the law.
The reason why they have these Joint Terrorism Task Force is because if the FBI has authority to do one thing, they essentially meld them into their operating unit.
That way they cover the broad base of laws that they should ever decide to violate.
So here's the bottom line.
We got to move to other issues, but this is huge.
We'll cover it more soon.
I'm going to say this exclusively right here on InfoWars on the Alex Jones Show.
They don't want anyone to see the facial recognition because there's a couple of people that I've already identified and have seen the facial recognition of Ukrainians that were on the ground, Azov battalion members that are associated and connected to John McCain, Lindsey Graham, dating all the way back to the overthrow.
That's why they don't want us to see the facial recognition.
Those people were in the crowd.
Evan Newman was also a Ukrainian color revolutionary protester.
They let him go, actually, and he escaped to Belarus.
Some complexities there.
Hopefully it'll get blown up in court.
More to come.
The truth shall set us free, of course.
It always comes out.
All right.
Shifting gears.
Everything's coming out.
The gain of function.
Just so many big issues.
The illegal spying, the censorship.
And now we have the banking crisis right on time.
You know, I'm going to call it what it is.
This is a, it is a controlled demolition of our financial system.
What do they say?
Qui bono?
Who gains to benefit from the destruction of the dollar?
Probably this guy right here that wrote Executive Order 14067.
That number that General Flynn spoke of just the other day.
14067 is a 17-page document I just held up that outlines the implementation of the central digital currency.
Now, here's another thing that we're not tying into this.
A lot of these banks, as I'm being told by an internal U.S.
bank executive, is that FTX had a lot to do with these banks that are defaulting.
These smaller banks associated with FTX and another company called
Tether, guess who Tether is and who they're connected to?
We have been able to connect that A, they don't have a good accounting, nothing's on the books and B, their central intelligence agency connected.
Tether was responsible for a lot of this FTX stuff, a lot of Ukrainian money flowing back during the campaign in 2022.
But this mismanagement of the FTX fund with this
I think?
Bought the UK division for a buck something.
They're gonna buy pennies on the dollar.
Take them down, buy them up for pennies on the dollar, and whisk away the evidence of Tether's involvement, and of course the black money involvement in bringing this banking system down.
So what do they do?
For what purpose?
Take down cryptocurrencies, of course, set up their own, and come in with a new digital centralized controlled system.
Man, Pete, you just crystallized in two minutes what I tried to say in the whole first hour.
Incredible job.
Here is Axios now calling it the largest bank run in history.
But Biden's saying it's not a bailout, but it is a bailout because he's guaranteeing all the deposits.
Where do you see this going?
Bank stocks tumble.
Others rise on hopes for easier rates.
What do you think?
Well, not what I think, what I know, and I studied this, not to claim bragging rights on this, but I studied the subprime mortgage meltdown in 2008.
The subprime lending debacle, Obama was behind that, believe it or not, it fueled his political campaign.
It did forensic audits of a lot of the mortgages he had coming.
That's a method of money laundering to these political campaigns through organized crime.
These organized criminals outside of the mortgage industry and the banking industry
They know how to move money like this, and they also know that all they had to do instead of going to Congress for $800 billion like they had to do in 2008, Hank Paulson that is, well, they implemented the Dodd-Frank bill, which essentially allows them, instead of going through Congress,
And fees are another word for bail-ins.
Fees are another word for bailout.
This is a bailout.
I think they got caught off guard, surprised by the magnitude of the bank that was being taken down with SVB.
SVB, over $250 billion in assets.
That's a huge hit.
That's the type of thing that causes the contagion that results in trillions of dollars unraveling because there's downstream debtors and investors that are impacted by this when somebody can't pay their debt.
They've been getting feverishly ready in all these hearings we've seen for a new banking crisis, but they weren't ready yet to use it to get the central bank digital currencies.
It looks like they've been caught off guard.
They were caught off guard.
The FDIC announced what they were going to do just weeks ago.
They said, we're going to shut the banks down on a Friday, let the institutional investors get their money out.
Well, guess what?
The FDIC only has $125 billion to cover.
The remaining balance of all that stuff, whether you're insured or not, they will call that an uninsured deposit.
And you're out of luck and your money is wiped out.
So this thing would have caused civil unrest if he did not basically lie to us as they normally do.
The question is, ladies and gentlemen, can you believe anything coming out of their mouths?
Just go back a couple of years and remember 14 days to flatten the curve.
That should tell you everything you need to know.
And here's the last thing.
The people that are at the podium offering any solution, those are the perpetrators of the crimes.
That's exactly how you ID who these people are behind the scenes taking our system down.
I know you've been a financial guy the whole time, so you're an expert on this, but you really just called it.
What can we do to counter this?
Now, solutions are really, really huge.
Right now, everyone must, must, all the way down to the residential level, meaning
I totally agree.
How bad do you think this is going to get?
I think that we must prepare for, and it is war, it's economic warfare and psychological warfare being perpetrated upon us.
If you remember the name Larry Grathwald,
He said early on when he was internally in the bedroom or the living room of Bill Ayers, they were pre-planning this.
All these Columbia University intellectuals said they would eventually just track, trace, profile us, put us in education camps, and then those that don't get along will exterminate.
And they've used clout and pivot to implode the economy to get us under their thumb.
Guys, pull up Larry Grafwald clip.
We'll play it next hour where he talked about their Columbia University with the Weathermen, where they were openly planning to bring down America and put us in slave death camps for their enjoyment.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Hour number three.
Another special guest on the same subject joining us.
It's all coming up.
Hour number three.
This is not a spectator sport.
Spread the links.
All right, a great researcher, Doug Hagman, is going to be joining us.
Pete's going to ride a little bit with us.
Shotgun, because these guys are birds of a feather, really smart.
Doug Hagman, HagmanReport.com.
Coming up, Pete Santilli, Peter Santilli.com is here with us now.
Other big issues that are out there for you on the radar right now, Peter Santilli?
You know, there's a major investigation going on, uncovering the cartel deeply embedded in bribing public officials.
And this is not conspiracy theory.
Even El Chapo, through his testimony and also leaks through his attorney, that these politicians, have you ever wondered why the system is so corrupt?
I don't know.
That is a major, major investigation going on.
And it's easy to see the anomalies when you do open source research, because mortgages and title is out in the open.
So we're going after who we suspect are corrupt criminals.
We're going to expose them.
And by the way, that was my next point.
It's like the season of exposure.
Everything the globalists are doing right now is being exposed.
And the Mexican president, who literally is known to work with the Sinaloa cartel, says if you target our cartels, we'll throw your elections.
I mean, they talk about Russian collusion.
Here's a head of state saying, I'll control your election.
El Chapo said out of his prison cell at ADX in Colorado, several stories below ground, that if it weren't for the American politicians on the payroll, he would have never been as successful as he was.
That tells you everything you need to know.
But, you know, back to the point you asked me a question as to what I think needs to be done, where we're going.
They will.
They have been planning for decades to categorize us, get us re-educated.
Those that won't, like me, that are belligerent, won't comply.
They'll exterminate us.
This is coming, folks.
They've spoken of it.
They've even started it with releasing a bioweapon.
They have no qualms with killing millions and millions of people.
Wrapped in an American flag, dressed as a medical industrial complex person.
So this is coming to us.
But what we can do is at the county and state level, let's get with our sheriffs.
Start prosecuting the people at these hospitals that have been killing people in our communities with Remdesivir.
Let's shut down these computer systems that are being controlled back end by companies that are foreign, like Ericsson Corporation and iConnective.
They have a way to technologically get into our systems, and it's being run by a foreign corporation called Ericsson.
And they were given the authority to do that by the FCC.
Huge things we can do, but it has to happen at the county level.
Think your residents, think your county, think your state, and guess what?
We can just opt out of that 10 square miles, just as we did in 1776, have a Declaration of Freedom, and just
Basically, don't even speak to them.
We'll just do our own thing and do it right at the county level.
That's what I believe we need to do and stand in the gap peacefully, I might add.
Communist Romania, they wanted Laszlo Toks, the pastor.
Well, Ceaușescu, that communist dictator, wanted to come get him because he had a church with some young people that were very vigorously proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ.
The people stood in the gap.
A few started in a candlelight vigil and said, if you want our pastor, you've got to come past us.
They stood there peacefully.
Next thing you know, tens of millions of people joined and stood in the gap.
Now, of course, some people died because Ceausescu shot them.
But guess what?
Communism will disintegrate.
The police, the military, the bureaucracy will disintegrate when we decide to just completely and totally become the most ungovernable batch of belligerents.
Well, that's right.
We have to call their bluff.
It'll be a thousand times worse if we don't.
We're gonna have to go through some pain here, folks, but we've got to do it.
Pete Santilli, stay right there at petersantilli.com.
What an incredible time to be alive right now.
The globalists are at their most dangerous.
We talked about this this morning off-air, because they're losing on every front.
They are gonna pull some major crap, and I wanted to hold you over.
With the great Doug Hagman coming on, because you guys are parallel in your analysis.
I want to hear you both talk.
What people are missing about January 6th, Fauci's Acosta interview that's so important, the pillaging of our monetary system, and more.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And by the way, thank you for your support.
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Check out the CBD oil.
I think that's the 1,000 milligram bottle that I'm referring to there, but there are some other formats that are available as well.
I brought up the subject of what's going to happen after we take over the government.
You know, we become responsible then for administrating, you know, 250 million people.
And there was no answers.
No one had given any thought to economics.
How are you going to clothe and feed these people?
The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.
They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter-revolution.
And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest.
Where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them.
How things were going to be.
I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate?
That are die-hard capitalists?
And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.
25 million people.
I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.
And they were dead serious.
And that all came out in court.
All confirmed.
Larry Grathwald, Green Beret, Vietnam.
They recruited him into the Weather Underground.
He approached the FBI and said, they want me to join this.
He did.
And he helped bring down the people that advised Obama.
Well, it's been a long time since Doug Hagman's been on.
He's had a lot of stuff going on.
And we've been praying for him.
He's a great guy.
You know, we really, again, reach out to him, even though it's been a few years now with the death of his son.
But he has been back in the saddle for quite a bit of time, fighting hard.
And he's here with us.
He's a great researcher and a very well-known successful private detective and even more well-known talk show host.
And of course, he also knows well Pete Santilli, who'll leave us here in a couple segments, but I wanted him to be able to pop in with things he can add to this investigation.
But Mr. Hagman, great to have you on with us.
The subjects I wanted to get you on are the exact subjects you sent over you wanted to talk about.
What do you want to tackle first, my friend?
And good to have you back on InfoWars.
Alex, thanks for having me on.
I appreciate it, and I appreciate all you do.
Pete, I appreciate you.
I've been following your latest investigative work, and I gotta tell you, it's right spot on.
I went through the paperwork of Judge Kelly and all of the
Thank you, Pete.
You were the first guy I heard about Hunter Biden's laptop from, you'd heard about from the state police, that was going to be coming out soon.
I have it right here.
I have a copy of his hard drive right here.
I'm holding a copy of his hard drive.
I'm sorry about that.
Yeah, I'm holding a copy of his hard drive.
I've got two copies, one with and one without the...
Charlie, say personal things.
All the time you said it was pedophile stuff and everybody's like, oh, then later it came out.
And now it's just kind of normalized, isn't it?
Yeah, absolutely.
And that's the intent.
That was the intent of everything.
The normalization of pedophilia.
We see that taking place right now.
Everything that you and I have spoken about, you've spoken about, Pete's been speaking about, has really come to pass.
And that is where we are right now.
It should not be unexpected.
And of course, you wrote about it in your book, The Great Reset, which I've got a couple of copies of.
I appreciate that as well.
So, you know, here we are.
January 6th, by the way, I think people are missing the boat on that.
I absolutely, I don't want to say can verify, but I've heard the same thing Pete Santilli said about the official recognition and so on.
But a bigger aspect of that, just very quickly,
Is why that we know what happened on January 6 and why it happened.
Conservative Treehouse did an analysis and I copied some of the analysis and put it up on my website.
But the fact is, this was an operation in order to prevent Congress from delaying the certification of the state electoral votes, which required a crisis and that crisis or an emergency.
Top brass, Pelosi, Pence, of course, Schumer, and McConnell were escorted out of the chambers.
And that subject never came up again until the night 1, 2, 3 in the morning.
So the bottom line is people are looking away from that vote.
It delayed the vote.
And by delaying the vote, I should add this, it creates a position that takes away standing
In the Supreme Court setting, which is why none of the cases, ostensibly why none of the cases went through the Supreme Court.
And did it allow a smaller number of senators to vote and push it through?
Well, that too.
I mean, there were a number of different facets, but the bigger objective was accomplished and that was not to challenge the electoral votes.
So we all had a rally to say we don't believe the election wanted an investigation.
They hijacked part of our rally, wanted to be far worse, but still hyped it up as a pretext to then be able to go ahead and certify things without an investigation.
Yeah, I mean, you would think that this could have been done another way, but they exploited the situation.
Pelosi did, primarily.
And then, of course, you had Schumer, as well as McConnell, who's very guilty, as well as Pence.
I think?
Wow, please continue, and then I want your take on where this is going, because January 6th is clearly blown up in their face.
They're very, very scared of it.
Finish your other point, and then your view on where this is going.
Well, I think that, you know, I was listening to Pete earlier during the hour, and I think what he said about Kelly and about the infestation, the criminality of our, we don't have a justice system, we have a legal system.
That masquerades as a justice system.
I think that that is all playing into the, everything's connected.
What we're seeing with the banks, what we saw with the lockdowns, all of this is interrelated.
And I think people have to take both a granular look at things, but also a view from maybe cruising altitude, 30, 40,000 feet.
So, I think everything that we're seeing happen today with the banks, with the bail-ins, and these are bail-ins, I mean, for crying out loud, call them what you want, redefine everything what you want.
What we're seeing right now is this push, and you stated this and you wrote about it, this push toward this digital monetary panopticon of surveillance and control, digital currency, central bank digital currency.
And I think that's where the objective is, the next objective, as we see more banks fall.
Is there a way for us, now that we're already in the jaws of this, to mitigate it?
Or can we just say, we don't want the solution of the central bank digital currency and all the carbon taxes and social credit score that come with it.
I mean, is this already too late to stop this?
When we come back, we'll talk about it with both you men.
Or what can we do in this key time we're all living in right now?
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Doug Hagman.
At Doug Hagman on Twitter, HagmanReport.com, but he wants you to visit the site HagmanPI.com.
We'll come back and cover this earth-shattering huge developments, because the quickening is here.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
The great Doug Hagman and Pete Santilli are riding shotgun with us.
Pete's going to leave at the end of this segment, but he's got a few comments to make.
I appreciate him holding over, and I'm going to continue on with Doug Hagman.
But Doug, big picture.
I see Trump coming out and saying, oh, look, Signature Bank banned him after January 6th.
And, you know, I see the fact they're pushing LGBTQP, all that.
And I've had a few people call me and say, oh, isn't this really the good guys taking down the money laundering operation of Sam Bankman Fried and what was happening with FTX?
Is there anything to that?
Because the system does seem somewhat
Well, I'd like to think there would be, but I think a lot of that is hopium and I'm not, you know, addicted to hopium.
You know, look, I don't know.
I don't have any specific information except
That I would say that, you know, what Pete Santilli said earlier, who benefits?
We have to look at who benefits.
I mean, look at the lockdowns.
Now I don't want to encroach on Pete's time, but look at the lockdowns that we endured.
Who benefited from that?
And of course, at the end of the day, I think the globalist agenda is being pushed upon us.
And I think this is all part of it, where you have the banks are
Well, they're overextended, bad loans, bad investments, and bad management.
I mean, the CEO of the Silicon Bank, he did a mea culpa in a tracksuit from
I don't
I mean, I think you're right.
I want to get Pete's take on that.
But I mean, here's an example.
Everybody's like, oh, Sam Bankman fraud.
He's a crook.
He was loaning money for the Democrats.
That'll bring him down.
Now it's bringing down all the crypto.
And the crypto is overall a good idea and a good thing.
So the globalists set these people up for falls.
And because part of a globalist operation is being blown up, that's more of a detonator blow us all up, in my view.
Pete Santilli, your view on that and other comments.
You know, if you recall, just several weeks ago, the FTX debacle had come about.
And guess what?
They always say, follow the money, follow the money.
Well, if you follow the money, FTX, at an international operation, SPF said that the international operation brought FTX down.
Well, you track that all the way back to the Ukraine, the New World Order's piggy bank, and then you factor in a couple of things.
Who benefits from the takedown of us belligerents that are out there trading cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?
Who benefits with that takedown?
And then you take a look at Silvergate that just, what, two weeks ago was the first canary in the coal mine as far as banks that unfolded.
Well, FTX
The bank that held the FTX money was Silverbank.
Now, of course, they're literally connected to the CIA.
We track them, of course.
We don't have a clearance.
But really shady, shady outfit known as Tether.
Tether doesn't have an accounting of anything.
They've already been fined in the millions of dollars by the SEC for running roughshod.
They are at the top of the food chain as far as the cryptocurrencies are concerned.
Well, guess what?
Tether is about to unravel.
The banking system that was holding FTX, Silvergate, just unraveled.
And most of these banks that are unraveling right now are connected and heavily invested in cryptocurrency.
Now, marry that in parallel with, of course, Joe Biden,
Yes, we are.
Uh, and have their own monopoly to destroy any competition.
That's what they do.
These corporatists do it over and over again.
And you know, uh, if I could, I want to make sure I get this, get this.
And I, it's, it's such an honor.
And, uh, Doug, our prayers have been with you over the, over the years and your family.
It's, it's, it's not only an honor, it's almost surreal.
I will say this when people say, he's going to tell you, how do you have?
All this stuff in your head.
How do you know about Larry Grathwald?
How do you know about the New World Order?
How do you know about how many times Doug Hadman has looked at a laptop?
Dating all the way back to Anthony Weiner, Amran Awan.
He's got the largest number of laptops.
He should be called the Federal Bureau of Laptops.
But it's an honor to be here with you two gentlemen.
I consider you both to be the New World Order propaganda assassins.
I would say we should induct you into the Hall of Fame.
And it's an honor to be with you.
We're good to go.
Well, okay, about the Fauci Acosta interview, I think it lasted nine and a half minutes.
I looked at it from the prism or through the prism as an investigator.
And I've seen, I've done, I've conducted a lot of interviews myself with criminal suspects, with witnesses and such.
I've been on both sides of the glass, so to speak, in the interview rooms, and I watched that.
And I watched Fauci minimize his involvement, first of all, in the first part of this, with respect to the release of the bioweapon known as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.
And then I watched as well, and a lot of times when you have a suspect or a person,
They minimize their involvement, especially when they're guilty.
That's a tactic of the guilty.
I'm not saying that's the case here.
I'm saying it matches that context.
So, when I saw that, I thought, my goodness, you know, this guy is telegraphing his guilt right on national television.
And then, as the interview progressed, he was confronted with the fact, well, some people want you, by Acosta, saying some people want to see you, you know, charged and put in jail.
And, you know, most innocent people...
Would be absolutely outraged, and the reaction would not be like Fauci's was, okay?
Fauci's was tempered and saying, for what?
You know, and a complete denial.
Again, fitting a very, very narrow behavioral profile, at least in my view, based on my investigative analysis of the interview.
And I think this is perhaps one of the most telling interviews
Even the head-to-head between Fauci and Rand Paul in Congress.
That was a very contentious situation.
This is Fauci in familiar territory, friendly territory, Acosta saying, hey, you know what, no, you know, take it easy, Tony, it's okay.
You know, you can almost see that back and forth.
And then for him to really, number one, again, attempt to minimize his role in the natural origin story, and then to say, well, it could be both, and twist himself in the pretzel!
Um, trying to cover all the bases and the lies he told and what he said now.
When we come back we'll talk more about this because you are a crime expert and breeding people, but we have the former head of the CDC turning state's evidence, I'm sure you saw some of it, saying no, it was created here, it was sent to China, Fauci ran it, he's lying, this is the biggest, you know, bio leak ever, gain of function, they did it.
I mean, Redfield
Was the only guy two years ago that wouldn't say it didn't come from a lab.
Well, it turns out he knows.
So he's not going down with the ship.
How big is that and how do they contain that?
This is such a big deal.
Doug Hagman, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
On the other side, be sure to visit his website.
Ladies and gentlemen, hagmanpi.com.
All right.
Doug Hagman is our guest.
He sent me an article that's not to be.
Great researcher.
Here's how the government plans to stop more banks from crumbling and turning this thing into a full blown banking crisis.
Let's continue along that line in a minute, but first let's get back to Fauci.
The Acosta interview.
I saw that this weekend and I actually meant to play it Sunday and I meant to get to it today because it's so incredible.
He gets up there and he says, everyone agrees that it didn't come out of a lab.
Then he goes on to say, no, we looked at both sides, we don't know where it came out of.
And so yeah, this is like, he's not being interrogated by an FBI agent or by a lawyer.
He has a friendly guy there with him, and he just comes off as completely incredible.
Plus, we don't need to know he's incredible.
We have all the documents, we know what went on, we have the emails, we have the whistleblowers.
So speak to that, and then where you think this goes from here, because I don't see how it comes out that the FBI framed people and destroyed evidence, and then the judge just says, I don't care.
I don't see how
It comes out they had provocateurs and that the Q Shaman was let in and brought in and was taking selfies with the cops like he said, but the judge wouldn't let it in his court case.
I don't see how it comes out they've opened the borders on purpose or shipped in fentanyl that's killed so many of our families.
And just all of it's coming out, the illegal spying, the surveillance beyond the First Amendment.
I'm not saying First Amendment isn't important, but I said Friday, that's a side issue.
We all know they're censoring and violating the First Amendment.
And to have a bunch of agencies with government and corporations and think tanks and dinosaur media and big tech in dashboards surveilling and censoring and shutting down, quote, the truth for monetary gain, I mean,
It's the definition of organized crime and racketeering.
Here's my question, I'm ranting.
Why would you quantify the moment we're in?
Because I think they're burning down in front of us, but I think that makes them the most dangerous.
Because they can do anything now.
I agree with you 100%.
I think right now we're at a nexus, we're at a hinge moment in history.
We're at a nexus point where they're lying, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, and that makes them super dangerous.
Super dangerous because they don't care.
Right now they really don't care if their plans, plots, and schemes are visible to everyone.
The way they're looking at it is, what the heck are you going to do about it?
You know, so here we are.
We're going to advance this agenda.
And the agenda, as we all know, of course, is open borders, attack on our, of course, borders, language, culture, as Mark Levin says.
We see the intelligence community, the DOJ weaponized against you and me and people like us, moms at school boards, dads and moms at council meetings.
What we're seeing here, and oh by the way, all of that is in
Somewhat of an artifact from Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, and people forget about so many headlines.
I mean, people forget about the Cairo speech he made, and people forget about, you know, going back into 08, the Maidan revolution, the color revolution in Ukraine, Samantha Power's role, and others.
So, I mean, Victoria Nuland and Obama, the
I think?
And by the way, I think that's an understatement.
I mean, there's no doubt you're right.
It's so dangerous with Russia and tactical nukes and just all of it.
It's historically a deflection point, as you said, or a nexus point where things cascade and then it's a chain reaction.
We're in the chain reaction right now.
And you know, yeah, it's at this point, you know,
To coin, or to paraphrase Hillary Clinton, what difference does it make?
I can hear her say that, you know, right now, with respect to all of the revelations.
And as Pete said, and as you said earlier about the January 6th, about what happened at that point, I mean, right now the Department of Justice, they're still going after people from January 6th.
They're never going to admit the weaponization, the plans, the integration between the FBI.
And yes, what Pete said, yes, I've got the same information about Ukrainian assets on the ground in D.C.
Well, they got videotaped.
We see them.
So, I mean, but to get the average person to understand this, which is, again, I'm thankful for your show, to get the average person to understand what's happening and how we are being played is so difficult.
I don't know where this is going to go, but I can see
Look, I can see the fact that Russia, China, Iran, all of these countries look at us as very weak.
Our financial system is based on nothing.
Modern monetary theory at best is what we're seeing now with the banks.
And of course, that's kind of a Bernie Sanders, AOC, Stephanie Kelton authored a book about that that goes back a few decades.
So, with all of this right now, you know, what's the next thing that's gonna, what's the next shoe to drop?
I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear that Manhattan's gone, you know, from a nuke or something similar, because they are advancing their agenda.
If you look at the escalation curve, it's parabolic.
And you hit the
Again, I don't want this to sound trivial or trite, but your book, The Great Reset, really got into that.
And I learned a lot from The Great Reset, okay, your book.
And I want to thank you for writing that.
Thank you for inviting me.
I'll tell you what, everyone should have a copy of that because it really outlines everything that you said.
Your program's really for the past, well, since day one.
And I think that if people understood how big this is, and the fact that the people in power are laughing at us, and if that doesn't piss you off, not you, but the people off, I don't know what, you know, what's it gonna take to get people off the couch?
Oh, it does piss me off, because now it's all out in the open.
And this mass formation psychosis, a fancy name for just being stupid, I guess.
Look, I don't know.
I think people... I don't want to say stupid.
I guess just... Asleep.
Yeah, drugged out and asleep indeed.
Thank you.
So and by the way, I want to thank you very much.
I just want to say this, you know, it's been a rough couple of years since my son died.
He would be 40 this this month and he died three years ago, leaving my grandson who's three and a half.
I've got to say that that was a murder scene, by the way, and I
Thank you for everything that you've said and done.
Oh, I appreciate you.
I couldn't imagine.
I have a son, and I know it was very suspicious.
It took you out of the game some, but I know you've been here and there, but we're really glad you're back, Doug.
People need you.
Well, thank you, but the reason I mention that is because when I read, well, what really hampered me was the fact that the crime scene was, or the death scene was not secured and it was tampered with and things I found out afterwards and the state of his body afterwards.
But what killed him was fentanyl and I was able to trace the fentanyl from my town to
The border.
I know exactly where it came in, and I turned that information over to the Department of Justice, and they have yet to do anything about that.
And that pisses me off, and I'm sorry for sounding like that.
No, no, I have so many friends and people whose kids think they're smoking a marijuana cigarette and it's got fentanyl in it and it just kills them.
I mean, I know like 10 people who had their kids die from vape pens, or from marijuana laced with it, or some kid just gives them a pill and tells them it's nothing and they're dead an hour later.
Which, exactly, which makes me really believe, when I look at this, and I see the numbers, because I do receive some briefings about the numbers of, or the amount of fentanyl.
Stay there, Doug.
Stay there.
We'll get into fentanyl.
This really hit home and killed your son.
It terrifies me because they're lacing everything with it, folks.
Babies are on playgrounds, eat it and die.
I mean, it's just, it's insane.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Shout back in the devil's face in the name of Jesus Christ, folks.
All right, Doug Hagman's here with us, going a little bit in the next hour.
Obviously, the war room today is going to be hotter than Hades with all the news.
It's breaking 3 p.m.
Joselito, always on fire.
Come next hour.
But Doug Hagman's son died with someone poisoning him with fentanyl.
And I know, Doug, he'd take responsibility if that wasn't the case.
This happens so much where people will drug people to rob them with fentanyl.
It happens really bad in Mexico.
It happens in the Dominican Republic.
It happens all over.
And I literally
No, so many people personally, I know everybody listening does, who died of fentanyl.
And of course, it was made by MIT back in the 70s.
It's 100 times stronger than the strongest heroin.
China is shipping it in mass.
And I remember I was, my ex-wife was divorcing me.
And I, in the divorce, the money's locked up so I couldn't get another house.
But the only thing I could find was a three-bedroom condominium so I could see my kids.
I've been out about a month out of the house and some friends came over they said let's go to the sushi place over and I'm not really like sushi but we went to sushi place and some people were talking crap in the place that happens you know quite a bit and I only had one vodka and soda with my sushi so I hadn't been drinking one drink don't even feel that and I felt kind of sick and lightheaded and luckily my apartment was about 300 yards away
We're good to go.
Uh, and so it's just, you know, a really crazy world we live in.
And you were saying before the break, you tracked the fentanyl.
You said they left it on your son's keyboard as well, I guess to attack whoever tried to get in there.
It looks like, I mean, was this a political hit job or what?
Was this targeting you?
Cause I know you got a lot of threats over helping bring down Wiener.
You, you, you, you helped break, you know, all so much of this stuff.
I know you were really concerned right around that time and you're not a drama queen.
Do you think your son was targeted to get after you or what do you think happened?
You know, Alex, no.
Look, my son was engaged in some...
He elevated his risk profile.
I'll just say it that way, all right?
He was engaged in activity he probably shouldn't have been engaged in with people that he really didn't know.
He invited people over.
Long story short, invited the people over along with somebody he knew very well.
Suddenly, he was injected with three times the lethal dose of fentanyl.
I've got the coroner's report.
I know more about his body
In death than I did in life, which is not a good place for a father to be.
They left him in his house for five hours, roughly five hours.
They robbed him of his valuables, they took his identification, stole his identification, and then did some other things.
I pressed the district attorney to open a murder investigation.
Sadly, the crime scene was contaminated, so I asked for an equivocal death investigation, which I spearheaded.
And it resulted in one person going to jail for 180 days, which actually, if you look at it, that's not too bad in the scheme of things.
Yeah, the current atmosphere is they're letting mass shooters out in a week.
Yeah, I mean, it's just ridiculous.
But I guess the whole point of this is the fact that when you look at the fentanyl crisis, and you look at what's taking place,
We can stop and should stop this fentanyl from coming in because this is a biological weapon as much as if not more than the SARS-CoV-2 was.
Now, if you're engaged in high-risk behavior, I get it.
You know, you're playing Russian roulette.
But that's how the British broke up China was shipping opium in.
I mean, this is not the first time this has been done.
No, it's not.
So for the borders to be left open by China Joe and his regime, his handlers and backers, of course, this is part of the eugenics program.
That's the larger view.
And that's a good point because this happened to your son under Trump who was trying to control it.
I've seen numbers fentanyl, what, three times what was coming in now, what was coming in before?
Oh, the numbers are outrageous.
In one month, I think it was in November or December, they interdicted enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in the United States.
That's how much of a threat that we face.
That's the amount of pure fentanyl it causes to kill a 200-pound person.
So people have to realize that, again,
Whether it's the southern border, whether it's the banking collapses, you look at everything in kind of a
The entire situation is a crime scene all by itself.
I mean, this is one big crime scene, and at the epicenter of this, of course, are the globalists, China Joe, Biden, Mr. Potato Head, whatever you want to call him, and his son Hunter.
The documents on the laptop, which have been authenticated, obviously, show his relationship to Communist China, Communist Chinese Party bringing in drugs into the United States to take us down from within, fomenting discord.
I mean, all of this is
It's all part of that great reset plan.
And that's in the Chinese unconventional warfare document.
Absolutely, it is.
And again, you know, when you see a string of disasters happen, and people say, oh gee whiz, you know, we've had fires at these plants forever.
Well no, hold on a second.
You're looking at very specific hub points.
Plus the trade organizations admit power plant attacks, power relay system attacks, food plant attacks, all of it is up several hundred percent above records.
This is not an accident.
No, no.
And to say it's an accident, look, I get sometimes things happen.
No, some of it is, but most of it's premeditated.
Accidents do happen.
Exactly, and I think, for example, just like on January 6th, okay, if you go back to January 6th, I don't want to seem like I'm jumping around, but the template is pretty much the same.
What about those pipe bombs on January 6th?
Gee whiz!
Why haven't we heard anything more about those pipe bombs?
Well, when you look at the mission of J6, what the Pelosi, in my view, the Pelosi crime family, and Schumer, and the Rinos, and
That was more like an insurance policy.
And I think, again, I think that people are waking up and the question I get most often is, well, what can we do about this?
Well, I'll tell you what.
I know we're doing all we can, that's by talking to people, explaining what's going on, but we have to do more.
And I think we have to really start at a local level.
And you know what, Alex, I'll just say this.
I don't see this coming to a happy conclusion.
I don't see any way out of this.
I'm not advocating violence.
But I see the options closing very rapidly.
And when the options close and they continue to double and triple down on us, where does that leave us?
So I'm kind of pessimistic about the future in terms of the
The solutions, because they're taking away the solutions, the avenues of redress.
Hey, the justice system is gone.
It's a legal system, but not a justice system.
Well, you saw what happened to me, and it's not about me, folks.
When I say that, I'm not being selfless.
It's about you.
Two weaponized trials where I was found guilty by judges, and then juries were told I was guilty, and then false financials are given to the juries to have giant verdicts.
They're weaponizing everything, and they don't care.
Even though they're destroying their own future as well.
You know, I watched that entire, when it was made public, I watched that entire proceeding.
And to say that you were, I mean, I cannot believe that, well, I can believe it, but it hurts my heart to see a once great country take a patriot and to take away all of the legal
What happened to you was just unconscionable.
I just, again, when I watched the whole thing, it was just hard for me to believe.
You were guilty and we're going to work from there.
It was hard for me to believe.
In fact, it was surreal.
Man, you know, but again, here we have J6 prisoners, right?
So they're still in the gulags.
There's a lot of great talk from some of our congressmen
Congresswomen, but they're still in the jails of DC.
So, you know, so if that's the case,
Who's on our side?
I mean, what are we going to do?
If they're still there?
I mean, why are they still there?
Well, I'll tell you what the good news is.
Let's talk about this in the final five minutes.
It's the whistleblowers.
And not just in government, but at every level.
I see you agreeing.
We'll talk about that.
Because we want to demonize the FBI all day.
It's just a captured institution.
It's not our enemy.
But it is hijacked.
But they've had thousands of whistleblowers and they've never even hit the news.
But there's more and more and they can't stop them all.
Doug Hagman's our guest.
Check out his excellent website and show, hagmanpi.com.
And then Gerald Slint is coming up.
We're gonna do five more minutes though.
And please folks, I haven't plugged in two hours.
Infowarstore.com, keep us on air.
Final segment with Doug Hagman and we were talking about hope.
Our hope is in good men and women, not just here but around the world, that see wrong and don't go along with it.
Doug, can you give us some final five minutes on hope?
Well, you know, I wrote down a statement here, and when everything is a lie, which it is now, there's only one place to find the truth, and it's not in government stats or government reports or declarations.
It's with God, and I know you speak about that often, and I believe we need, and I heard Steve Quill, my buddy Steve Quill, look, we need God more than ever, and I know that there are people listening perhaps that don't believe in God, but I'm a big believer in having faith
Even though I'm rather pessimistic, I do know how the book ends, I know how the story ends, and we do prevail.
Justice, righteousness prevails.
Well there are, exactly, there are no atheists in foxholes.
Yeah, that's very true.
But I think, you know, I just I'm looking at the situation.
I just want people where there's life, there's hope.
So don't lose hope.
Don't get discouraged.
I know that there are people out there thinking, well, you know, what's left for me to do?
One of the things and again, this is not a shame or this is not a plug or meant to be a plug.
But, you know, we need to support
Your InfoWars store.
We need to support yours.
By the way, my wife loves American 95.
Her joints have never been better, okay?
So, folks, make sure you support InfoWars store, okay?
Please do that.
Well, I just can't say to our listeners how much the enemies of freedom hate this show, they hate your show.
I mean, I will plug for you and for me.
Folks, you want us to fight?
We will do it.
But it's like sending military out to war without ammunition and weapons.
I mean, we'll, and I'm not bitching.
I just, I
I just, back in 2016, we had plenty of money.
Our subscription service said it's free now.
I barely was plugging.
We had all this extra money, and now I wish back then I would have pushed harder, saved up money, because now with the deplatforming, the attacks, folks, you know.
We need support.
So do you.
But what we really need is people to share the links and articles to our videos and your videos, your reports, Doug, because the public's ready.
The ground's fertile right now.
The minds are ready.
Yeah, and it's one thing, like yourself, it's easy to outpace your supply lines.
And I think that's where a lot of us are.
You know, we're in so deep that we can't, look, we need that support.
You need that support.
So again, folks, please support Alex Jones.
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I know there's things that he won't say that
Look, he needs your support.
We all need your support, but especially InfoWars.com, InfoWars store, please do that.
But the bottom line is, and again, there it is, turmeric toothpaste.
I love that too.
My wife does as well.
Big fan of all of your products.
Okay, so folks, don't lose hope.
Please don't do that.
I know that things look bleak, but
We again, we know how the story ends and I think look at everything that happens not through, not with blinders, but with in the context of a larger agenda.
Think bigger, look bigger and look for the connections
Don't create them, but look for connections, and then put the pieces together.
Well, the good news is the enemy's burning down.
There's the paradox that they haven't fallen yet.
I use the analogy of that great movie that's based on compository stories, Force 10 from Navarone, where they blow up the dam, it doesn't fall right away, and they all panic.
The explosive expert goes, watch, it's gonna fall, take about 20 minutes, just watch.
And I think we've already blown the enemy, we just have to get ready and then stand back.
Amen to that.
And you're doing a great job.
And again, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your program today.
I really appreciate what you do.
Gerald Solani, too.
Great guest.
Great individual.
Doug, you're a real gentleman.
We love you.
Please don't wait a couple of years to come back on.
Let's do a commercial-free special, and I'll be watching you at adminpi.com.
I love you, and I appreciate you.
God bless you, my friend.
All right, we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Wow, that guy's a great guy.
I've been through hell.
But we're all about to go through a lot more hell together, so we better have God on our side.
Stay with us.
Cheryl Celente coming up.
You need to get
Coordinated with not only your food, but also your health supplements because it's going to be a matter of life and death.
So support him for war store.
Listen, you need to put it as a priority because you don't know.
I don't know.
Alex and I are telling you how late it is before midnight strikes.
And again, magnesium is critical for your muscles and everything.
Krill oil.
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DNA force, absolutely imperative.
Mineral fusion, absolutely.
As you're drinking filtered water, a lot of it will become demineralized.
You have to have these products.
This life is a test, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm very honored to be here with you on this live Monday edition about to hand the baton to one of the smartest guys I know, Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster.
But I wanted to hit this story in closing because it's very illustrative of things.
People ask, why would the globalists come right out and say they want to break up our families or destroy our borders or bankrupt us to control us?
You'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, you'll like it.
Why would Australia, which is the model of the world for tyranny in the West right now, have national TV drives showing we need people to join the military to take on other Australians and we're going to beat them over the head with billy clubs and bite them with police dogs?
Because there's a point where they've got to normalize it and it's got to emerge.
Sure, anybody my age or older grew up knowing when you see this you're in North Korea.
And it's not to stop looters or criminals, it's to stop people breaking quarantines and lockdowns.
Just last Monday, eight days ago, they ran a full-page article in the Washington Post, we covered it, saying, man, libertarians and nationalists and conservatives won't let us have new lockdowns, we need new lockdowns on a routine basis.
Communist China just came out and said we want new lockdowns for the flu.
Plus it's good, you should not be in your house, you know, or outside your house at night time anyways, and you should be locked in your house a couple, you know, weeks out of the month.
It's all a raw exercise of total power.
Here's one of the news of Australia.
Outrage over proposal to lockdown for the flu.
And it goes on to describe how China wants to lock down 13 million people in a city for a flu pandemic.
So all this is, is a giant power grab.
Here's another one.
Doctors are baffled that a 17-year-old girl suffers cardiac arrest while at a cheer competition.
Well, I mean, we know what's going on.
So that's where we are, is the normalization of tyranny.
But just what I said last hour with Doug Hagman.
The whole system's coming down.
The question is, will we get crushed in the process?
And I'm so glad Gerald's here because, you know, he's a best-selling author, researcher, was a big corporate advisor, big lobbyist.
What he's really known for is predicting the markets.
And he's been predicting this just in this year's, you know, latest trends that they put out in December and January.
He predicted what's now happening with the banks.
You raise interest rates with all this free spending that's gone on with quantitative easing for 15 years.
It's going to do this.
So here we are and we're in a DanReview, DanReviewDon't scenario because if they don't it causes massive inflation.
So can't wait to hear what Gerald has to say when I get off here in about three minutes and go eat some lunch and then get ready to continue working here at the office.
But I wanted to play this clip out of Australia.
This isn't put out under some secret video.
This is put out by the Australian government as a recruiting tool not to go fight China, not to go fight some other country, but to fight your own people.
Now, not even China puts out army recruiting ads to fight their own people.
It's all about fighting America.
But this is the final stage of, hey, our domestic population is the enemy, here it is.
3rd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.
Get on their way for radio listeners.
Bunch of us, armoured marines, domestic army, marching forward to fight their own people.
Not shoot down hypersonic missiles, not stop a Chinese invasion,
Police dogs.
They say, get ready to fight realistic enemies.
And then they let them fight a group they can easily defeat to train them that this is your new enemy.
He's going to train the dog to attack people.
They're training the Australian military to attack their own population.
Yeah, maintaining stability.
Putting under the New World Order.
The convicts are wrong!
That's the Army.
Australian Army.
Outrage as the Australian Army releases a chilling recruitment ad showing soldiers attacking civilians rather than firing enemies.
Now, let me be very clear.
I don't want any offensive attacks.
We lose if we do that up front.
They start a full-blown war just like 1776 when they were marching on Bunker Hill and the captain of the militia said, we don't look for a war, but if they shoot first, they're going to get one here today.
I want to just tell young people trying to join the military to be part of the New World Order if that's what you want to be, like that famous army clip from a few years ago where the woman says, I can't wait to kill right-wingers and Trump supporters.
Listen, dumbasses, if it goes to a full war, we're not going to be fighting you out in a riot scene.
We're not BLM or Antifa.
It would be when you're at a coffee shop or in your front yard, dummies.
Like the French Resistance, but on steroids.
So please, please don't ever think that fighting patriots and veterans and conservatives and nationalists, if you start a war with us and you're dumb enough to do it, please don't think that we're going to go out there and just meet you in the middle of the street.
That's not how it's going to work.
This won't be like all the staged stuff in the past where the feds attacked innocent groups and things to make the patriots look bad.
It'll be a real war.
And I don't want to go there, and I'm doing everything I can to stop that.
We're going to go to Gerald Cilente, take over for the hour.
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Whatever you do, please go to InfoWarsTore.com right now.
All right, the great Gerald Cilente.
Thank you for all that you do, and a great following.
Doug Hagman, a real man of intellect, caring, kindness, insights, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I'm honored to follow him.
And what you were talking about, Alex, about what's going on in Australia.
This was one of the headline stories in the Trends Journal back in March of 2020 when they launched the COVID war.
They launched it in January 2020 at a China to celebrate their Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rat.
This is the headline March.
It was January, February, March.
Is a police state virus.
There you got it.
And that's where we're in the police state.
Those Australians should be ashamed of themselves, not only for what they're doing now with the army attacking the people.
But boy, they were one of the first to really strictly fight the COVID war.
They locked down and destroyed the lives and livelihoods of
I don't know.
...who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Happiness has become a dirty word.
A dirty word that these little dirty slimy scum...
Never enjoying their lives and all these tough little boys with their shields and girls with all your military drag on.
Oh, you're really tough when you're all together.
How about coming one on man to man or woman to woman?
Ah, no, no, that's not the way we work.
We're cowards!
We're cowards of the military-industrial complex!
We don't care about you!
No, we're just followers!
Followers of the slime that lead us!
Who's your favorite slime ball?
In what country?
You better support InfoWars, because we're going to the end.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, do everything you can to support InfoWars.
Because they're doing everything they can to support you.
And what they're talking about with Doug Hagman and with Alex was just talking about again, COVID-19 is a police state virus.
And now what we're seeing is more and more the police state taking over.
Again, we forecast all this in our Trends Journal.
It's TrendsJournal.com.
It's a grand total of like $2.85 a week, you know.
It's like a lousy cup of coffee in a joint, you know.
Can't drink that stuff.
But anyway, you know, it's nothing.
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So nobody tells us what to say.
We say what we say.
They're just like InfoWars, you know.
They have their products that they're selling.
They're their products.
They're not somebody else, you know, they're doing what they can to give you the best they can.
So going back to our trend forecasts, you know, we were the first to come out with the COVID war.
And you could go back to our magazine on January 28th, 2020.
The headline was Coronavirus, 106 dead in China.
The next line was 1.4 billion still alive.
What are you telling me this crap for?
I'm mentioning this because in trend forecasting, all things are connected.
So when you're looking at the COVID war, and then looking at what Alex is talking about, what's going on in Australia, this is all connected.
Because what we said, when this thing happened, this COVID war, and they're calling it a pandemic, it's not a pandemic.
Again, how many people do you know, do you know personally, that died from the coronavirus?
Question number two.
How many of those people were elderly?
Because, you know, you're never going to die.
You know, the average age in America is about 78 years old or something like that.
So now, how many people you know that were elderly or suffering from pre-existing comorbidities that killed them and not COVID?
It wasn't a pandemic.
And I'm mentioning this because all things are connected.
Because this has a lot to do with what's going on now in the Bankster's going bust.
And this is not news to Trans Journal subscribers.
I've been saying on the air now, since February, and in the magazine since February, watch out for March
Economic madness.
We had forecast this.
We were the first ones.
It's one of the ways I made my name.
I was the first guy to come out with calling the crash of 1987.
Wall Street Journal did an article on it.
In those days, you used to send out press releases.
We sent out like 5,000 press releases in January of 1987, the year it will all collapse.
In our Trends Journal magazine, in October 1999, .com bust.
We said it would bust by the second quarter of 2000.
And Buster did.
Now I'm going to go back because again, all things are connected in trend forecasting about what Alex was talking about, the little military midgets.
You're all little military midgets to fight the people.
You're a little scum to fight the people who want freedom, peace, and justice.
So going back to that, as I forecast when they launched the COVID war,
They're going to destroy the lives and livelihoods of billions of people across the planet, and they have.
So now, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And they're taking to the streets.
And now, the little clowns, it wasn't a pandemic, it was a political police state overtake.
You got arrogant little boys like Gavin Grusome Newsome closed down everywhere!
Go in your house!
You can't go to the beach!
Oh, we had that little moron over here, de Blasio!
What de Blasio?
It's Warren Wilhelm Jr.!
Yeah, really, Jr.!
A little Jr.
piece of crap!
Get off the beach!
Get back in your house!
Stand six feet apart!
Bend over!
That's why they're launching these militaries!
These little freaking politicians!
I forgot the daddy's boy, the arrogant daddy's boy, who the little clowns that gave out all the Oscars, yeah!
Yeah, those Hollywood freaks!
They gave him an Emmy Award for his great BSing!
Andrew Cuomo?
Who they threw out of office.
The sexual assault.
Locking down everything.
That's why they're building up this military.
And it goes back.
This is very important.
And what you're going to hear, you will not hear anywhere else.
Again, all things are connected.
COVID war?
Who were the first to lock down?
Hey, how about that little Dorsey freak?
Oh, you remember that guy?
Oh, he cancelled his trip to South Africa in February.
Everybody stay home!
Everybody stay home!
We're big tech, little freaky geeks!
With a pair of cojones smaller than a mothball!
If you're a man and you have any!
Oh, I forgot about Cook.
How about Gates?
What about... Look!
Oh, Zuckerberg!
They were the first to lock down!
Oh, what bank just failed?
Silicon Valley Bank.
You got it?
They were the ones that sold the fraud.
They were the first to lock down and their stocks skyrocketed.
As everybody's staying home, can't go to work, but we could Zoom.
Can't go to school, but we could Zoom.
Can't go out, but we could order online.
All the phony IPOs.
All the phony SPAC scams.
Brought to you by the Silicon Valley freaks!
The little geeks!
Took the suck the joy out of life, man!
Oh, let's go digital, let's go chat!
You got no brains?
Look where I'm at!
You could give- Hey, Zuckerberg, you could keep every penny you got!
Look like you, I'd rather blow my brains out!
Oh, that's after I look like a cook!
No, no, no, how about Gates?
These are the little freaks!
They brought us the COVID war!
And they brought us the bank crash.
Nice to see the banksters going bust.
We'll be right back.
Remember, support InfoWars.
They're great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Now I want to stick with the economy.
For a while.
And this is really serious.
And again, we had forecast this word for word in the Trends Journal.
We warned of a March economic and equity market meltdown.
The facts are there.
Very important.
As I keep saying, when all else fails, they take you to war.
All things are connected.
What followed World War II?
Excuse me, what preceded World War II?
The Great Depression.
What followed the dot-com bust?
The War on Terror.
And again, it's in your Trends Journal.
October 1999, we forecast the dot-com bust would happen by the second quarter of 2000.
It happened
January, February, March, the first quarter.
March 10th.
23 years later.
To the date.
March 10th.
SVB goes BUST.
And then one bank after another.
They're going down.
Why regulators see Signature Bank in third biggest bank failure in U.S.
This is from CNBC.
On Friday, Signature Bank customers spooked by the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank withdrew more than $10 billion in deposits.
Oh, by the way, the Bankster gangsters
They're bailing out their buddies, the billionaires and millionaires that had money in SVB.
You know, the Federal Deposit Insurance.
You're covered for $250,000.
They had tens and hundreds of millions in there.
But don't worry about it.
Hey, that's okay.
There she is, Ms.
Fatsia Brut.
Look at that!
Look at that!
Man, if you'd be man, I'd be yelling.
I'd be yelling to escape.
Look at that!
Hey, everybody get this in your head.
Look at that head.
That was the former Fed head.
That's right.
The former Fed head
Are the central banks the bandits?
Oh, now what is she?
Oh, our Treasury Secretary.
Hey, wait a minute.
What am I, six years old?
You got the banks the bandits top head is now our Treasury Secretary?
Yeah, you got it.
That's who runs and ruins our lives.
Oh, don't believe me?
Once upon a time in the Trends Journal, back in 2012, it's a great Anthony Frieda piece of artwork.
Yep, nothing's changed.
Only the names.
Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple.
Who are they?
Citi, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs gang.
So let's go back to what I was saying now.
They bailed out the big guys in these banks.
This thing is the beginning of a huge crisis.
As we had forecast when the COVID war broke out,
The only thing that artificially propped them up was the trillions of dollars sent into the economy by Trump and Biden.
And the Feds bringing interest rates down to zero.
That was it.
Stay home.
Here's some money.
Shut up.
Stay home.
Oh, we're one of the big businesses.
We need some money.
Here's all the money you want.
Oh, let's give the airlines billions of dollars.
Hey, they're better than anybody.
Hey, they're our buddies!
They give us campaign contributions.
Yeah, that's what morons and imbeciles call it, but they give the politicians this money so they get the free money and get the free deals.
They're bribes and payoffs.
So these scum politicians, oh and I kept mentioning all the scum that locked us down.
How about that little DeWine over there in Ohio?
Oh you people in East Palestine and all over that got poisoned to death.
Oh isn't he a great guy to be leading you?
Willis Whitmer over there in Michigan.
One clown after another.
One clown after another.
Little gutless boys and girls.
They destroyed this economy with their trillions of dollars of free money that went to the bigs.
We got some change, the plantation workers, the slave land here, but enough for the people to obey and stay home and bend over and get the jab.
But all the dough went to the big ones.
And that goes back to Silicon Valley Bank.
The geeks were the first to call the lockdowns.
What's the name of that woman?
I forgot her name.
White late... I forgot her name, the mayor.
Of San Francisco, another arrogant one.
Oh, oh, like that little Gatson Gavin Newsom.
Yeah, that little arrogant guy goes up to the French laundry and they party while they lock everybody else down.
Look what they did to San Francisco.
But San Francisco is on the big decline when the little freaky geeks took over it.
Drop a boogie, not an ounce of jive.
Just little tight, tight cats, man.
Tight, tight.
Look at him.
Look at that arrogant, arrogant, arrogant daddy's boy.
A member of the club.
You didn't work your way up.
Look at him.
They destroyed... Hey, isn't it nice going to San Francisco now?
No, I left my heart in San Francisco.
You bet you did!
How about all those homeless all over the place, huh?
Yeah, you did a great job!
The geeks sucked the vibe out of San Francisco.
The geek freaks.
I used to love San Francisco back in the 70s and the 80s.
Went back there and it wasn't my kind of place anymore.
This bank failure is huge.
This is just a tiny, tiny little piece of the overblown markets.
Read your Trends Journal.
For three years, we warned about a commercial office building bust.
Because of the slimeball geek freaks, hey, I don't wanna go back to work anymore, I'm gonna stay from home.
Okay, stay from home, I can use less rent.
Yeah, I don't need all these floors.
Stay from home.
Come back two or three days a week.
Office occupancy rate, according to CASA with a K, 50.4% in the United States.
All these big buildings with their variable rate loans, as interest rates go up, you got less tenants and you can't pay your bill.
Oh, what are these banksters going to do?
They're going to be failing on their loans.
Hey, bank, take it back.
Take back the building.
You haven't seen anything yet.
You haven't seen anything yet.
We warned about it.
We wrote about it.
We forecast about it.
The worst is yet to come.
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So going back to the what in the world is going on over here.
20 banks that are sitting on huge potential security losses, as was SVB.
This is from MarketWatch.
Again, this is old news.
You go to jonestrends.com and you take out a trends journal and you get a good deal.
So we're doing everything we can to give you the best we can.
Silicon Valley bank fallouts start to spread across the world.
Now, where'd that come from?
Oh, the Jerusalem Post.
Inside the Silicon Valley bank failure, a tech industry in shock as it awaits a government response.
One after another.
This thing is serious.
The Bankster Bandits part is only one little element of it.
Now, let's look at the bigger picture.
The Fed was going to raise interest rates.
About two weeks ago, the guess on the street was that they would raise them 50 basis points.
And then it went down to 25 basis points.
And now is a question of whether or not they're going to raise them at all.
So here's the deal.
This is the trend forecast.
If they don't raise them at all, gold prices will skyrocket as we said they would.
And just before I took the break over here, gold is up $50 today.
It's up over $80 since Friday, an ounce.
We said this was going to happen, regardless of what the banksters do, because the game is over.
If they raise interest rates 25 basis points, gold will still go up.
And the economy will go down.
It takes a while before the high interest rate impact hits the economy.
So when you see numbers coming out that you know, the GDP rose, no, no, that this phony stuff, the increasing interest rates take several months before they do the damage.
So in going back to gold, you know, it's
It's been flying high.
Now it's above $1,900 an ounce.
We forecast that this year, gold could well go well above $2,100 an ounce.
The globe is on the cusp of a global depression, as we had said.
This will not be stagflation.
It will be dragflation.
The economy being dragged down as inflation goes up.
So now let's go back to the Fed.
What the Fed does is going to affect a lot of the world.
If they raise interest rates 50 basis points, it's a collapse in front of your eyes like that.
All of these foreign nations, which they call emerging markets,
They got a lot of dough borrowed in dollars.
So the stronger the dollar goes, the lower their currencies go, and the more dough they have to pay for their debt.
That's why you're seeing, by the way, protests taking place all around the world as people are taking to the streets because of lack of basic living standards.
Government corruption, crime and violence.
This is going to continue to escalate.
Oh, by the way, all things are connected.
If you lived in one of these countries,
Things are going berserk there, you think you want to get out?
Oh, then I forgot the Ukraine war.
Oh yeah, keep heating that up, you'll get more and more of a refugee problem.
This thing is very serious.
So, when you start putting all the fundamentals together, this thing's gonna go down big and hard.
And to me, I don't give, we do not give financial advice.
Gold is the number one safe haven asset.
Silver, we rank as number two.
And we've been saying about playing the Bitcoin bet, even with things going down, the cryptocurrency is pretty solid, even though some of these other banks, you know, banks took deals who had, you know, crypto alliances with them.
People are looking for an alternative out of the crummy currencies that are worth nothing.
Printed on nothing and backed by nothing.
So that's what you would say again, you know, to us.
Gold is the number one safe haven asset and silver comes in number two.
Silver, this is very important about silver.
When you have a gold, say gold chain or a gold ring.
You don't throw it away when you're finished with it.
But you throw your cell phone away, your computer, whatever, and it has silver in it.
The world is with this climate change.
They said like it or not, they're going green.
They use a lot of silver in these solar panels and other things.
But once the silver, once they throw the panels away, the computers away, they don't save it like they save gold.
They don't pile it up.
It's in the garbage.
It's in the dump.
There's going to be a shortage of silver at some point.
And it's also considered a currency.
So gold and silver.
And then if you want to gamble, you play the Bitcoin game.
And as we said, if Bitcoin breaks strongly above $25,000 a coin, it could go another $25,000.
If it goes below $15,000, you're looking for danger levels.
That's our forecast.
So going back to the economy,
The Fed heads are going to meet next week and they're going to decide how much to raise interest rates.
This bank scare has put them on a downward trend.
So if they don't raise interest rates, if they raise them only 25 basis points, their inflation scam is going to continue.
It'll also slow down the economy and it'll be bullish for precious metals.
If they don't raise them at all, gold skyrockets.
If they raise them 50 basis points, the economy crashes, equity markets crash, and gold prices go up because it's the ultimate safe haven asset.
The bank blow-ups right now, this is only a tiny little part of the bigger picture.
As I said, as interest rates go up, you have a 31 trillion dollar debt in America.
You gotta pay more on your interest.
And that goes across the board and around the world.
So listen, thanks for tuning in today.
As I said, support InfoWars.
Do anything you can to support them because they're doing everything they can to support you.
And if you want to read history before it happens, you want to transjournal.
You can get it from InfoWars.
Thanks for tuning in and remember do everything you can to get in the best shape you can physically emotionally and spiritually The future is in your hands.
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