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Name: 20230310_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 10, 2023
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In this episode of the Alex Jones Show, Alex discusses various topics related to censorship, global events, and government activities. He talks about how he believes there is an organized attempt to suppress people beyond just protecting First Amendment rights. He mentions cases involving DOD, DOJ, DHS, and CDC as examples of deep state activities. The discussion includes the ongoing investigation into the events of January 6th and allegations that defense lawyers in these trials have been given information about confidential human sources within law enforcement agencies involved in the incident. Jones promotes his store, InfoWarsStore.com, where listeners can buy products to support the broadcast. Owen Shroyer and his guests discuss their theories surrounding the events leading up to the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, focusing on uncovering the truth behind these events and holding those responsible accountable.

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New World Order's secret war against free speech has been blown wide open by historic congressional hearings.
Watch live.
So that's what's happening right now and it's illegal from so many angles to have government and intelligence agencies and dinosaur legacy media with think tanks and big tech all working in tandem in these big workstations.
And it's not just Twitter.
We know about this because Elon Musk allowed it to be seen.
So now he's under criminal investigation by the FTC and the FBI.
They admit that.
And they want to know who all the journalists are that he's let see the censorship files run by the FBI.
Because it was the FBI, one of their former senior agents, running that department in Twitter.
And they gave national security clearances to hundreds of Twitter executives so they could be given access to these classified databases and dashboards that can read.
All your private stuff that has everything about you.
They have created an army of activated spies to illegally attack, surveil, censor, harass, and then deplatform and debank us.
That's the social credit score.
It's not coming, it's here.
And now the big illegal social credit score is being exposed in Congress.
The people involved all need to go to prison now.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
In your discussion, in your answer, you also said that you were invited by a friend, Barry Weiss?
My friend, Barry Weiss.
So this friend works for Twitter, or what is her?
She's a journalist.
Sir, I didn't ask you a question.
I'm now asking Mr. Schellenberger a question.
Yes, ma'am.
Barry Weiss is a journalist.
I'm sorry, sir?
She's a journalist.
She's a journalist.
So you work in concert with her?
Do you know when she first was contacted by Mr. Musk?
I don't know.
You don't know?
So you're in this as a threesome?
There was many more people involved than that.
There was many more people involved with it.
Everybody got a kick out of that.
I guess you could call what happened Wednesday afternoon an orgy.
If three reporters working together is a menage a trois, then I guess when I called more than 15 reporters Wednesday to make sure this broke the next day, and now it's all over the place.
See, InfoWars can't absorb and eat this whole elephant, and so a lot of journalists and reporters and talk shows, when they got a bunch of big news but can't get to it all, they just sit on it.
Not me.
And I don't tell the story to brag.
I tell it because it's something other people should start doing.
Other folks are starting to do it.
I don't care about breaking the big stories.
I care about defeating the New World Order.
And if I don't have people in D.C.
to go to the Proud Boys kangaroo trial where the feds accidentally leaked the fact that they were ordered to destroy evidence and commit a bunch of other things that look like serious crimes, I just called up
More than 15 different reporters and organizations and groups and pointed them at the court filing that was about to be made at 11 o'clock Wednesday night.
Then it all started breaking yesterday as the press went and found out it was true.
And now we've got all these articles out on it today.
Proud Boys January 6th edition trial halted after leaked chat log show FBI agent said her boss ordered her to destroy evidence.
Order, destroy evidence, and more.
Here's one out of WUSA, a TV station in DC.
Spill of potentially classified messages upends Proud Boys' trial.
And when you go read these articles, it's everything I told you, Thursday, here on the show.
And now, it's all over the news today, and they may suspend the trial.
They may have to have a mistrial.
I mean, normally you would, but D.C.
is so corrupt.
But see, that's a little example of an orgy.
Because if you think, well, she's like, well, what are you doing talking to other journalists?
That's kind of weird.
Why are you sharing stuff with people?
Because that's what you do when you're a real journalist.
Now, I wear a pundit's hat, a journalist hat, a ranter's hat, a father's hat, a crazy man's hat.
This is a talk show.
We have a free-for-all here.
When it comes to hardcore breaking things, our greatest work has been handing the ball off to other people.
And I've always said that's my mission, is to become obsolete.
Now we're far from obsolete.
But we've come halfway because you look around the world now and you see what's going on and it's like Russell Brown sounds like Alex Jones.
Matt Gaetz sounds like Alex Jones.
Tucker Carlson sounds like Alex Jones.
Joe Rogan sounds like Alex Jones.
Everybody sounds like Alex Jones now.
What the hell's going on?
They got all these London Guardian articles, New York Times articles.
Jones has infected the world.
We can track what he says and then later it's in all the talking points, even by Congress.
This guy's the biggest menace the planet's ever seen.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
They're just taking the blinders off and seeing from the angles I look at things, from different angles, and they're getting it.
And once the public gets it, it's not just journalists, it's the public, it's bye-bye New World Order!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
It's Friday, we got one hell of a transmission lined up today!
The Deep State's in full retreat!
Stay with us, we'll be back!
The hearings taking place in Congress are burning down the deep state.
We're learning what we already knew, but it's all confirmed now, that major big pharma, working with big tech and the government, blocked the truth about COVID's origins, and reporters and others that were exposing it, and of course the reign of terror continued on to go after those exposing election fraud, open borders, and more.
It's all coming out, a giant organized crime, corporate governmental syndicate with intelligence agencies, generaling the operation.
To shut down and suppress the American people in a digital dictatorship.
A digital dictatorship that was growing tentacles and getting up on its legs, but now is burning down to the ground.
I have to get to a question I'm amazed hasn't been asked of the two of you.
This FTC consent decree, where it is government action subject to rigorous scrutiny under First Amendment standards.
Government action demanding that your names be listed.
How did it feel when you found out that you were being expressly targeted by a government document based on your reporting?
It was chilling.
I mean, it's disturbing.
I never thought that would happen in the United States of America, to be perfectly honest.
I've lived in a bunch of authoritarian countries.
I've visited a lot of authoritarian countries.
Never thought this kind of thing would be going on here.
And the nexus to authoritarianism is the desire to control the nature of truth itself.
Our understandings change about things.
We learn new things.
We challenge prior assumptions.
But if a bunch of people in Washington, D.C.
get to decide what the truth is, and then enforce it on the country, and then punish and target those who report on their conduct, we are drifting more toward that.
How did you feel, Mr. Taibbi, when you saw your name?
I was upset, obviously.
I lived in Russia during the 90s and early 2000s.
I was there when Putin took power.
I was friends with a group of very brave, muckraking reporters in Russia, many of whom didn't make it.
A few of them were murdered after Putin came to power.
So, I've always been conscious of how the risks that other reporters take in other countries are incredibly severe, and that's one of the reasons why I'm motivated to protect the First Amendment, because our country has the best protections for reporters in the world.
But this kind of thing, where the government is looking for information about reporters, it's usually a canary in the coal mine that something worse is coming, in terms of an effort to exercise control over the press.
And so on that level, it's absolutely disturbing.
Also, the Aspen Institute report that we published today, talked about today in the Twitter files thread, one of their recommendations was that the FTC be empowered to have unlimited power to search all data of private companies so that they could more freely and more accurately search the speech of ordinary citizens.
So as we're trying to put downward pressure
On the government's expanding authority to be able to engage in what we see mostly from dictatorships.
What you're reporting and what you're observing is that actually they view this as a growth industry.
The information business, right?
This censorship industrial complex is a growth industry to the government.
I think the key thing also, yes, and the thing to understand is that NSF... What is NewsGuard and how are they part of the censorship industrial complex?
Yeah, and by the way, we talked about Richard Stengel, he's on the board of NewsGuard.
NewsGuard and the Disinformation Index are both U.S.
government-funded entities who are working to drive advertiser revenue away from disfavored publications and towards the ones that they favor.
This is...
What I'm used to in this town is government officials pick their favorite outlets and they give them the best scoops and they give them the best stories and there's a fusion of media and government that has long made me uncomfortable.
But what you're describing now is literally the directing of revenue to certain media companies over other media companies designed and implemented with US government funding and support.
That's right.
That is an astonishing... If we do not take a look at NewsGuard, we have failed.
And you talk about the brave reporting that occurs and what it subjects you to.
I would suggest there is also political bravery that I have observed.
While we've only heard from Democrats on this panel attacking you, discrediting you, a lot like they've tried to attack and discredit FBI whistleblowers, who are truth-tellers, there are brave Democrats who still believe in free speech.
And I would advise my colleagues to look at the comments of Ro Khanna, who has been
Deeply, deeply concerned about this weaponization of government and he believes these Twitter files are indeed worthy of our focus and our energy and that is exactly what we are going to do.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday Transmission.
The wheels have come off the New World Order, their engines blown, not just here but around the planet.
Humanity is waking up very, very fast.
To the technocracy, the mark of the beast, the global cashless society, the surveillance grid, the censorship straitjacket.
Here is one of the journalists there in the hearings yesterday, Michael Schellenberger, on the censorship industrial complex Orwellian mission.
You go from a situation where we were fighting ISIS recruiting, and then it was Russian disinformation, and now they're in a situation where they're wanting to censor true information, accurate facts, because they're worried that people might behave in ways that they don't want them to?
That involves mind-reading at a level that is grossly inappropriate.
I mean, I worry even about making this defense, because let's remember, the First Amendment protects our right to be wrong.
We're good to go.
So this is disturbing and chilling and you're absolutely right to be outraged by it.
There needs to be a full truth and reconciliation that I hope everybody would appreciate having on this issue because a lot of bad behavior has come out about what they've done.
And that reminds me, I sent these clips to the crew.
There's one I forgot to send you, but it's all over the place.
It was brought up a lot in the hearings in the last two days.
And it's reading the Twitter files where the CDC and the New York Times and a bunch of other groups in this consortium of crime, this mafia organization of control, say specifically
Okay, the vaccine's killing people.
It is making people die.
It is true it doesn't work.
But even though it's true, it's going to keep people from taking it, so we've got to suppress it.
And that's what he was alluding to over and over again.
Well, this is really technically true.
Remember about a year and a half ago, the college
I don't know.
Yahoo said, well we talked to the board at the UN that runs the censorship, and later the head of that board last year, actually earlier this year, in January, she went on TV, we played the clip like 50 times, 15 probably actually, and she said, oh we actually run the censorship, we tell the big tech companies and the US government what to do, and then they censor it.
And they said in the article,
Well, we went to the UN board that runs the censorship and they said, where it's true he had this myocarditis from the shot, we still suppressed it because it's going to cause vaccine hesitancy if people see his story.
So we would advise him not to talk about it anymore.
And I read that Yahoo article probably 10 times on air.
And I'm just like, you wake up and the UN's in charge, and they're like, oh, first we're going to censor because of ISIS or Russia or all this, or racism or whatever, and now it's, well, we're going to censor the truth because then we can't control the narrative, and then the greater good we're doing will be stopped.
Total war on free speech, as even mainline press, is facing censorship and control.
And go ahead and hit refresh on that headline because I actually decided to rewrite the headline for the show today.
There it is.
New World Order's secret war against free speech has been blown wide open by historic congressional hearings.
Watch live.
So that's what's happening right now and it's illegal from so many angles to have government and intelligence agencies and dinosaur legacy media with think tanks and big tech all working in tandem in these big workstations
And it's not just Twitter.
We know about this because Elon Musk allowed it to be seen.
So now he's under criminal investigation by the FTC and the FBI.
They admit that.
And they want to know who all the journalists are that he's let see the censorship files run by the FBI.
Because it was the FBI, one of their former senior agents, running that department in Twitter.
And they gave national security clearances to hundreds of Twitter executives so they could be given access to these classified databases and dashboards that can read.
All your private stuff that has everything about you.
They have created an army of activated spies to illegally attack, surveil, censor, harass, and then deplatform and debank us.
That's the social credit score.
It's not coming, it's here.
And now the big illegal social credit score is being exposed in Congress.
The people involved all need to go to prison now.
All right, we got some big guests coming up the second and third hour into the fourth hour today.
I'll tell you more about that as we get close to the end of the hour, which is still 40 minutes away.
Okay, let's get back to the huge congressional hearings yesterday, although there's so much more I'm going to be getting into after that.
A House panel has launched an investigation into the defunct January 6th Committee, something Steve Bannon was calling for the last few days.
We have got
Major developments with the World Health Organization-UN Global Pandemic Treaty.
And a lot of big developments on the COVID-19 front.
We knew this was coming.
It's globally standardized.
Chickens kept in gardens will have to be registered under planned new rules.
That's what they call pieces of property around your house in the UK.
In the name of fighting bird flu, they want to register all small farms so they can shut them down.
Just like they're trying to shut down gas stoves and space heaters all over the world.
And then when they publicly propose it here in the US,
And we say we don't want it, they make fun of us and say nobody proposed it.
We've got the Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on that coming up as well.
But I want to get back to the war on the press.
It's a lot bigger than that.
It's a consortium directed by the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller endowments that create the original master policy.
Then, it had been going on for decades secretly, but it accelerated under Obama.
Then when Trump went in, he basically kept his people in government so Trump was never fully president.
They could then undermine, they could spy, they could surveil.
They then fired up all these think tanks and all these quote news watch fact checker groups.
All these big universities got involved, big corporations, dinosaur media.
Big Tech.
And they created all these different software systems where the different levels of the spies and operatives could communicate and coordinate with law firms, suing people, lawfare, all of it.
Debanking, harassing people, sending antifa to people's houses when they chose to do so.
This is a full high-tech political repression totalitarian mechanism.
The worst the world's ever seen.
Makes the Stasi in East Germany blush.
I'm going to hit this big clip dealing with the level of the control.
And how it causes massive death in a moment.
But first, InfoWars is the recognized canary in the coal mine.
InfoWars is the recognized standard of resistance.
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They want it destroyed.
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Okay, let's get to this.
Representative Kat Cammack and Michael Schellenberger discussed Twitter censoring Stanford professors
And Dr. Fauci basically running it and calling for a published takedown while he runs around in the public saying he never ran any censorship or wasn't involved in it.
He's a criminal liar.
Here it is.
Up on the screen you can see a email from October of 2020.
This is from then NIH director Francis Collins to Dr. Anthony Fauci.
It goes on in to say this proposal, talking about the Great Barrington Declaration, is from three fringe epidemiologists who met with the Secretary, and it seems to be getting a lot of attention.
Even a signature, a co-signature from a Nobel Prize winner.
Key line in here that I would like to point out.
There needs to be a, quote, quick and devastating published takedown of its premises.
I don't see anything like that online yet.
Is it underway?
Signed, Francis.
Now, what I find interesting is if you fast forward into June of 2021, the Biden administration was raging.
There is communications that we can produce for the record that state we would like you to combat quote-unquote misinformation.
Now, we thanks to the Twitter files know that Twitter executives were using the term visibility filtering and that really to the rest of the American general public was shadow banning, correct?
Okay, so all of a sudden we saw a rash of blacklists created by Twitter at the highest levels that were taking down some of the signatories and creators of this very Barrington Declaration, correct?
Jay Bhattacharya, the Stanford professor who I don't think anybody considers a fringe epidemiologist, was indeed... I'm sorry, I couldn't... I didn't piece it together.
He's... By the way, let's hit pause.
We're gonna come back, back this up 10 seconds and play the rest of it, because we're going to break here.
But... You understand that during the Red Scare and all of it, a few thousand admitted communists had their rights violated, and I'm against that, because we don't want to become what we're fighting.
And that's called by Hollywood and the left, the greatest evil the planet ever saw.
This is millions of people being shadow banned and surveilled and tracked just because they were telling the truth.
And this is prestigious, top university heads of departments.
With their Barrington Declaration, where it caused massive suicide, the mass caused bacterial pneumonia, huge amounts of depression, retarding the growth of children, causing millions to starve to death in the third world.
I mean, it was horrible.
It was a horrible globalist lockdown on the planet.
And so a bunch of scientists get together and point that out, and point out other inconsistencies, and they're like, this is too devastating.
We want it shut down, and indeed it did then get shut down.
I mean, again, organized, massive criminal activity, way bigger than left versus right.
This is just total control, and it's just the beginning of They're Not Stopped.
The good news is the dam has broken.
Stay with us.
It's Friday, March 10th.
We are the Battering Ram.
We are the Juggernaut.
We are
The truth's weapon platform.
We are at war with the tyrants.
We are the InfoWar.
All right, my wonderful listeners and viewers.
I could spend a whole four-hour show on this, but let's just get through more of these clips now that I got a bunch of other news to hit.
But this is historic.
The corporate media and the rest of the criminals that are all complicit
Continue to gaslight you and say, we're not surveilling you, we're not censoring you, it doesn't exist.
Remember four and a half years ago when they were deplatforming me, they said, Jones made up a term, deplatforming, even though he had the documents.
Jones made up the term, shadow banning, why we don't do that.
Why government's not involved, and I'm like, here's the damn documents.
Obama put this in place in his last month in office in 2016.
So it's so frustrating when we've known all this for a long time, but the good news is the public's finally getting it.
Just three years ago, I confronted Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, on some of these kangaroo hearings.
And in that same hearing where I was being attacked but couldn't testify, as I sat there listening to him testify in the room,
They went back to an old thing about, is it true Google can track your location?
No sir, we don't do that.
That's like saying the sun doesn't come up or isn't yellow.
Or that water isn't wet.
But forever they would not even tell them they were tracking people.
Because the Congress was so technologically illiterate.
But now you notice the growth curve of knowledge is here.
Now they know everything they're being told is a lie by Big Tech, who again is the consortium that lets all this tyranny take place.
So finish up the clip talking about the Great Barrington Declaration and these top professors and how Fauci and others had their minions censor it and they gave the order and it happened.
Here it is.
Jay Bhattacharya, the Stanford professor who I don't think anybody considers a fringe epidemiologist, was indeed, I'm sorry I didn't piece it together, he was indeed disability filtered.
And so this blacklist that was created that really was used to
Deplatform, reduce visibility, create lists internally where people couldn't even see their profiles.
That was used against doctors and scientists who produced information that was contrary to what the CDC was putting out despite the fact that we now know that what they were publishing had scientific basis and in fact was valid.
And not only that, but these are secret blacklists.
So Professor Bhattacharya had no idea he was on it.
I mean, this is East Germany Stasi kind of behavior.
That's what this is.
And the Great Barrington Declaration, by the way, I was skeptical of it at the time, but it actually now looks pretty good in terms of how it responds to COVID.
But even if it was totally wrong, it still deserved, I mean, this is the whole point of the First Amendment, is that
I think we all have the experience of you're not right until you're wrong a lot.
You know, you actually have to have that debate and that conversation.
So by repressing that, we actually stifled, I think, a much broader conversation we could have had about how to effectively respond to COVID because they were secretly blacklisting people like Jay Bhattacharya.
And once it's not secret, the criminal activity can be exposed, documented, and defeated.
So, this is the moment we've reached.
It's a very important moment.
And this censorship isn't just medical.
It's elections.
It's how they gain knowledge and information, stories, so you can't see something like the Hunter Biden laptop they knew was real, to manipulate elections.
At that level, they did interfere massively in the elections, a hundred times what the Russians could ever dream of.
And it was the criminals that have hijacked this country that did it.
They did steal the 2020 election just by algorithmic manipulation of the news and election information, where 98% of it was pro-Democrat in major studies.
Now, here is Congressman Thomas Massey discusses Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb's role in censoring tweets about natural immunity, which is a known fact.
Here it is.
I also found as a result of the FOIA, CDC tracks every tweet that a congressman puts out.
Not just Republican, but Democrat.
They keep a spreadsheet, they make it every week.
This showed up in the FOIA for me, because I'm in their spreadsheet that they track.
Why is this interesting?
Okay, so they're tracking congressman's tweets at CDC, they're enrolled in the partner support portal at Twitter, and then I found, this is why, I found Alex Berenson's
Report very interesting because what he found out is that Scott Gottlieb worked hard and Twitter complied, it looks like, to censor a tweet from a doctor about natural immunity.
Guess what?
On the same day that that doctor's tweet was censored, so were my tweets.
Why is this important?
On natural immunity.
What is consequential about the date?
This is three days after the military vaccine mandate came out and a week before the federal vaccine mandates came out.
This truth was toxic to a narrative that Pfizer was spreading, that Joe Biden wanted out there so that he could force the vaccine on everybody, whether you'd had natural immunity or not.
Now, I actually, you guys might not agree with me on this, I don't think the press gets special privileges on the First Amendment.
I don't think Congress does.
I think every American, by virtue of being an American, has the right to free speech enshrined in the Constitution.
So I'm not so much worried that they censored a congressman, but they disabled all the comments from my constituents.
Those are the voices they squelched.
And my beef is not with Twitter, but my beef is with the CDC and these federal agencies.
And I encourage you all, if you can, to find more about this.
And do you have any, either of you have any comments?
In league with the CDC secretly doing all this.
Again, that's illegal beyond imagination.
Now I'm going to say something here really important for all the other talk show hosts and all the other members of Congress, everybody else that's tuned in right now.
Listen to me.
I've been proven right ahead of everybody else because I actually do the deep research.
This is all I do.
My head's in the game.
Listen to me.
Do you know what the problem is with these hearings?
Do you know what the problem is with all this?
Think about it.
We owe Elon Musk a great debt of gratitude, regardless of who he really is.
Because these are good actions, and Christ said, you judge a tree by its fruits.
This has opened a window to this criminal activity, but Twitter is the junior tech company of the big five.
It's the smallest of the Apples, and the Googles, and the Facebooks, and all the rest of it.
And their subsidiaries.
They're doing all of this with the same groups the exact same way at all the other platforms.
And so we're all talking about Twitter as if it's only happening over here.
No, it's happening all over the place.
And while we're all focused on Twitter, we need to be understanding that the evidence is everywhere else in the other groups and we need to get Googled.
And Facebook, and their YouTube and Instagram subsidiaries exposed here.
Now, separately, what is the system doing to distract from this?
They're still trying to suppress it.
They're still censoring on YouTube and everywhere else.
J6, they're putting labels on and blocking.
When you expose rule J6, or when you expose the Twitter files, you go to YouTube, they're blocking that.
Or they're putting informational disinformation links, and they're saying that isn't true, when it is.
So they're still doing it.
They're still shadow banning.
They're still outright banning.
They're still demonetizing.
They're still harassing.
And this is a social credit score.
And while all that's going on, Jill Biden...
And Anthony Blinken are presenting an International Women of Courage Award to a biological man on International Women's Day at the White House.
And Hershey's making a man their woman spokesperson.
So they're total distraction, diversion, destabilization of civilization with a bunch of clown world stuff about, oh look, we have a man that's a woman that's an admiral that's number two in the Department of Health.
And it's all just to scramble our brains.
Here's the ridiculous award.
We'll go to break.
We'll come right back with even bigger news.
Stay with us.
In Argentina, Alba Ruada is a transgender woman who was kicked out of classrooms, barred for sitting for exams, refused job opportunities, subjected to violence, and rejected by her family.
But in the face of these challenges, she worked to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQI plus community in Argentina.
So they're taking everybody's rights, and then holding up a man, saying a man's really a woman, as everybody's rights.
It's absolute crap, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Waging war on corruption, crashing the lies and disinformation.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right, so I don't understand how I can see the whole thing crystal clear, how the whole thing operates, how it all works.
I told you six, seven years ago how the whole operation
It's done, how it all intersects, how it's all connected from human intelligence sources, research, just understanding it.
It's not that hard if you actually want to put the pieces together.
But most people look at things one-dimensionally or maybe two-dimensionally.
And they don't have a historical context.
Let me explain this again.
Twitter is only the tip of the iceberg.
It's only the doorway we've blown open to confirm everything we already told you, exactly as we told you, on record.
And we've been totally vindicated, you've been vindicated, we've all been vindicated, but now we've got to bring them to justice because the next leg of this should be congressional hearings showing clips seven years ago, six years ago, five years ago, three years ago, a year ago, with the executives from Twitter and Facebook and Google and all of them up there saying, we don't spy on anybody and watch what people say.
We don't censor anybody.
It doesn't exist.
It's not happening.
Meanwhile they're watching congressman's accounts and banning them and shadow banning them.
It's, I mean, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ron Paul 2, Rand Paul, two years ago was like, natural immunity is better, all the studies show it, in a senate speech, and YouTube banned it.
Took it down!
And then Rand Paul got mad and went to Rumble.
Great, go to Rumble, but also be on YouTube, be on every platform.
You're a senator, fight against them!
A Senator could be wrong, but you get a chance to hear him on the Senate floor!
Remember Rand Paul?
Five-minute Senate speech?
He's a medical doctor with poster boards up there talking about natural immunity?
How the media was saying, oh, the science shows natural immunity doesn't exist.
Remember that?
Well, maybe it does a little something, but the shot's much better.
All of it was a lie.
The shot starts erasing your natural immunity.
On record.
By five of them, you don't have one.
Your white blood cells are turned off.
It's called vades.
That's a real thing.
We coined the term, now it's in the medical literature.
That's what it is.
They lied to Congress.
It's not just Fauci lying about gain of function.
They lied about the censorship.
They all did it in coordination while Trump's in office with a defense authorization of over $2 billion.
Imagine if Nixon had all the corporations and all the groups and the media and tens of thousands of spies and operatives all organized illegally surveilling and censoring and spying and he got caught doing that.
What if he put in the Defense Authorization Act in 1972 to do all this stuff but with low tech?
They'd never let him put it in the defense bill.
But it was in the defense bill.
Almost no one was covering it.
We were covering it.
Zero Hedge was covering it.
That's it.
It's in the freaking legislation!
And I can't believe Jim Jordan and them are this stupid that they didn't know this over the years.
Now they get a lot of big tech money, folks.
The Republicans have been soft playing this.
They've been backpedaling.
Trump backpedaled, didn't do anything.
Oh, he talked a lot about censorship, but didn't do anything until he got censored.
Now he calls it treason.
It is treason!
But when I was getting nailed to the wall and sued by the deep state and run over, I told all you, hey, they're coming for you next.
Here's Jim Jordan yesterday in his opening statements.
The truth is we want to focus on protecting the First Amendment.
Mr. Schellenberg, are you a Republican?
No, I'm not.
Do you got any, you know, pro-Trump bumper stickers on your car?
I voted for Biden.
You don't have any MAGA hats laying around your house, right?
Voted for Biden.
I do not.
Yeah, but you said earlier, both you and Mr. Taibbi said this is the most chilling thing you've ever seen as journalists.
Mr. Taibbi, the same thing.
You're not a Republican either, right?
No, I'm not.
You didn't vote for Trump.
This is about protecting the First Amendment.
Mr. Taibbi, I want to read from your Twitter file number nine.
You say this,
And others are feeding the American public misinformation with the sole purpose of attempting to discredit the agency.
You then follow up, this is why I think you're an award-winning author, you then follow up, they must think we're unambitious if our sole aim is to discredit the FBI.
After all, a whole range of government agencies discredit themselves in their Twitter files.
And then you go on to, in this particular Twitter file, and talk about what Mr. Bishop was just talking about, the GEC at the State Department, you talk about the CIA, you talk about the DOD, you talk about the FBI, you talk about the DHS, you talk about the Foreign Intelligence Task Force, which is a combination of all these.
But there was one agency you didn't mention.
Because you didn't know at the time.
One agency, one, you had almost the whole alphabet, but you didn't mention one agency.
The FTC.
Yes we do.
That the FTC sends to Twitter after the Twitter files, 11 days after the first Twitter file.
There have been five of them come out.
The FTC's first demand in that first letter after the Twitter files come out is, identify all journalists, I'm quoting, identify all journalists and other members of the media to whom Twitter worked with.
You find that scary, Mr. Taibbi, that you've got a federal government agency asking a private company, who in the press are you talking with?
I do find it scary.
I think it's none of the government's business which journalist a private company talks to and why.
I think every journalist should be concerned about that and the absence of interest in that issue.
Uh, my fellow colleagues in the mainstream media is an indication of how low the business has sunk.
Uh, there was once a real esprit de corps and camaraderie, uh, within media.
Whenever one of us was, uh, gone after, we all kind of rose to the challenge and supported- Used to be.
Used to be the case.
Um, that is gone now.
Uh, we, we don't protect one another.
You know what else used to happen?
Democrats used to care about protecting First Amendment free speech rights too.
Now it's like, okay, if you're attacking- and I said this on the House floor.
I said, don't think they won't come for you.
Oh, the big tech, big media, cancel culture.
They may come for Republicans and Conservatives now, but the mob is never satisfied.
They will keep coming.
Mr. Schellenberger, you know who the chair of the FTC is?
Uh, not personally.
Lena Kahn.
Lena Kahn.
You know who she used to work for?
My understanding is the Judiciary Committee?
Yeah, she's worked for these folks.
These same folks have been attacking you today.
Same folks.
Chair of the FTC.
Worked for them.
Here's what they said.
Here's what she said in a letter where they ask about who these journalists... Again, they named four, personally, four journalists by name.
You were two of the four.
As I said before, I think it's frankly courageous and brave of you to show up today when you know the federal government's got an eye on you personally.
Here's what they asked for in that letter.
Any credentialing or background check Twitter has done on journalists
Now think about that.
The federal government is saying, we want you to do a background check on members of the press.
Freedom of the press, mentioned in the First Amendment, and they're doing back... They want Twitter to do a background check on you before they can talk to you?
In America?
The FTC, led by Lena Kahn, who used to work for these guys, is asking that question?
Now we all know why you guys said at the outset, this is the most chilling story, and you guys are New York Times bestsellers, award-winning journalists, but in all your time in the journalism field, this issue, most important.
And how this, I think, what did you call it Mr. Schellenberg, this complex, what did you call it?
The censorship industrial complex.
Totally, this web of censorship, big government, big tech, NGOs, all this web of censorship that Mr. Bishop was getting into in his line of questioning.
That's what this committee is going to get to and that's not right or left, that's not, this is just right or wrong, this is wrong.
We know it's wrong and it's about protecting the First Amendment.
Now, again, what's the big takeaway?
Learning what we already told you exactly how it all works has already been public for many years.
It's just getting worse by the day and bigger and more out of control, more weaponized.
And this is not about the First Amendment.
The First Amendment is
One piece of it.
It's government with intelligence agencies, big tech, and dinosaur media in illegal consortiums, surveilling everyone with AI in live time, and then censoring everybody in live time, and then going out and harassing people, and in many cases sending anti through their house.
I can play you the congressional hearings four years ago, where they would get up in the hearings and say, why is InfoWars number one on Twitter today?
And they said, sir, we saw it at lunch, and we took it down.
So they really have been schizophrenic about this.
They'll admit they're doing it.
They'll say they're not doing it.
But it's racketeering.
It's organized crime.
This giant web.
This giant consortium.
Coming after everybody.
This is dictatorship.
Digital dictatorship.
On everything.
The end of free elections.
The end of everything.
If this doesn't get stopped.
We need more than hearings.
The FBI won't indict anybody because they're at the center of it.
This is a coup, folks.
A digital technocracy coup.
And InfoWars is the probe that's gone in, through, and beyond.
But we're only here because of you.
Please pray for us and please keep us on air.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com right now and underwrite us continuing in the fight.
I can't do it without you.
We've got products you need.
Take action now.
Alex Jones, thank you for representing and being bold, and everybody needs the support on InfoWarsTore.com.
You heard it from Michelle, everybody.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com and buy something!
Alex, thank you for being so bold and talking about topics that are so secret, and I can't wait to interview you.
Inside Bohemian Grove, baby!
Everyone at Fight Club loves Alex Jones!
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the U.S.
Capitol Building.
If you've joined us today for the insurrection, please make sure you pick up a promotional leaflet on the way in.
Stay inside the safety cordons at all times.
Tucker Carlson opened a wormhole in the Congressional Country Club's space-time January 6th continuum, presenting unseen video footage, revealing that the complete story had not only not been told, but it had also been doctored.
By the January 6th committee to satiate the Trump derangement syndrome mental illness rampant in Washington DC.
Footage from inside the Capitol overturns the story you've heard about January 6th.
Protesters queue up in neat little lines.
They give each other tours outside the Speaker's office.
They're not destroying the Capitol.
They obviously revere the Capitol.
The controllers and their media minions went on the offensive, doubling down on the big lie, using the old tired strategy that had secured their positions.
Lies baked into an unyielding barrage of
The power of repetition is such that, you know, people like Tucker Carlson, who know they're lying to the public, can convince tens of millions of people of those lies.
Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell's 1984 and told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.
It's just a lie.
I think it's bull****.
Fox executive Hannity Carlson shows are not credible sources of news.
A hundred officers were assaulted on that day.
Five officers died.
Who are these five officers who were, quote, killed that day?
Notice he didn't tell you.
No one ever tells you.
No one ever shows you their autopsies.
They don't want any detail.
They just want the slogan.
Now they're counting Brian Sicknick.
That's a lie.
But who are the other four?
Well, those are four officers who killed themselves.
These are the facts they can't dispute.
Here is surveillance footage of Sicknick walking in the Capitol after he was supposedly murdered by the mob outside.
By all appearances, Sicknick is healthy and vigorous.
He's wearing a helmet, so it's hard to imagine he was killed by a head injury.
We do know from contemporaneous videotape that a mysterious figure called Ray Epps encouraged the crowd to go into the Capitol.
For some reason, Epps has never been indicted for that.
But there's no question, he did it.
We need to go into the Capitol!
Why don't you guys open up the back door?
Because I think that part would be illegal.
Do not go in there!
We did it!
You were right, we did it!
Dude, I was trying to tell you.
You weren't recording, were you?
I'll delete that.
How in a free country guided by the Constitution were these people allowed to withhold evidence from Jacob Chansley's lawyer?
How could that happen?
Had you seen that clearly exculpatory tape of your client at trial?
Anybody who watched that video in a
With their own eyes, in a real way, would disagree with what was just stated.
The President has been very clear, January 6th was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
The weather underground setting off a bomb in the Capitol in 1971, and the Armed Resistance Unit doing the same in the Senate in 1983, were the last major attacks on the U.S.
But there can be no mention of those attacks because it would surely open old wounds surrounding Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn and Bill Clinton's pardoning of 16 members of the FALN who blew up innocent Americans at France's Tavern where George Washington said farewell to his officers in 1783.
Question number one.
Why did President Obama release the bomber?
His name was Oscar Lopez.
Why did he do it?
Because he agreed with them.
I don't
There were going to be bombshells throughout the week, but it appears Tucker was finally roped in by Rupert Murdoch's lawyers.
However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has now vowed to release the January 6th security footage to the general public.
It belongs to the public after all.
John Bowne reporting.
Alright, the lowest dimension I operate in is the third dimension.
Our projections go all the way into the sixth dimension with incredible humet that God has given us known as the Holy Spirit.
To me, understanding all this is incredibly simple and it's like reading an owner's manual or something.
But for the general public that's not shifted their mind into Hegelian dialectics, that's only third-dimensional thinking.
Once you understand third-dimensional thinking, you can expand to the higher levels and then permutate out on the larger analysis.
That's called wargaming.
So I wanted to get a really smart lawyer who's been at the tip of the spear getting the biggest whistleblowers like Dr. Huff and others who worked for the, who was the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance that basically ran so much of the attack we've seen.
He's been really at the center of collating the information, bringing it together.
And he also operates at a chess level, not a checkers level of how it's all tied together.
Biden rolling out the national ID with a cashless society system for social credit score.
Utah just announced it and has rolled it out yesterday.
How it ties into war in Russia.
How the new COVID origin bill is saying China did it, so we'll go to war with China.
And I hate Communist China, but you just heard Redfield, former head of the CDC, say no.
The Pentagon was running the operation, gain of function at Chapel Hill, then they moved it to Wuhan.
He's not perjuring himself, he's telling the truth.
So when Obama got caught doing this in 2015, it was a big scandal in the news with major professors coming forward saying we shouldn't be weaponizing coronaviruses.
They moved it to China so they could have plausible liability and later say, oh, it was from a bat at a wet supermarket where they sell live animals.
That's if China played ball.
But if China didn't play ball, oh, you did it.
It's in your country.
And it's not a consensus.
It's a fact.
That Fauci and the Deep State already had their so-called mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 with the sequence ready.
Moderna didn't crack the code in two days and come up with a vaccine.
Oh, we just cracked it!
The vaccine's ready in two days.
They already had it.
That's in the emails.
It's all come out.
So, it is incredible.
Now, we're watching Congress to catch up on all this.
And for me, the First Amendment's paramount in general for the public.
But where we can nail them, they're focusing on free speech, is not the free speech issue.
They're now censoring January 6th stuff.
They're now censoring on YouTube and other places and blocking these hearings you're watching.
Again, a year and a half ago, two years ago, they blocked Senator Paul showing slides and printouts on poster board about natural immunity.
And they've now come out with the documents and they censor things that are true because that's so effective against their narrative.
It's all ends justifies the means.
So, Thomas Renz is at RenzTom on Twitter.
R-E-N-Z Tom.
And TomRenz.substack.com and Renz-Law.com.
We'll do this for the rest of the hour, but I want to set the table on the big picture here.
Here is the first clip.
We probably played 30 minutes of Redfield yesterday, but here's just that one clip, and he elaborated later about, no, no, this is gain of function.
This is the biggest disaster ever with gain of function.
Here it is.
So, one other path of questioning for you, Dr. Redfield.
Proponents of this research claim it may result in vaccines or maybe even stop a pandemic.
Dr. Redfield, has gain-of-function created any life-saving vaccines or therapeutics to your knowledge?
Not to my knowledge.
Has gain-of-function stopped a pandemic, in your opinion?
No, on the contrary, I think it probably caused the greatest pandemic our world has seen.
Do you find any tangible benefits to gain-of-function research at this time?
I personally don't, but I do want to stress I think the men and women that support it are people of good faith because they truly believe it's going to lead to a potential benefit.
I disagree with that assessment.
And he went on and on to describe it all, and now the Pentagon's actually behind it, that of people running it.
Show attorney Thomas Renz at the heart of the whistleblowers, everything we know coming out now.
Do you agree with me that the First Amendment issue, they're almost using it as a red herring?
Yeah, they trampled it.
Yeah, they did it.
But it's the organized crime of all these groups together secretly doing this.
When you organize to deprive massive groups of their rights, it's not just civil rights violations, it's serious crimes, especially when it's for big companies to make hundreds of billions of dollars.
How would you quantify that?
I'd quantify it as a RICO Act, Alex.
I'm going to tell you, I've looked at this for quite some time, and I'm of the belief that the largest RICO suit in history could, would, and should be filed.
Now, I'm going to tell you that the reason I haven't filed it is just simply that the complexity of it.
I don't have the resources.
I mean, you're talking about a $5 to $10 million case, and that's not because I'd be making a story on it.
No, this is the biggest organized crime ever.
You've got literally hundreds of companies and groups with government doing it.
Yeah, I mean, here's the thing.
You file this case, you're going to be filing against the World Economic Forum, all sorts of federal officials, and you can get to federal officials under RICO in certain instances.
You can also get to these corrupt universities, to the Gates Foundation, all these different players that we know are a part of this.
You could get to all of these guys under the proper RICO suit.
I'm quite convinced of that based on the evidence that we have in my pocket.
The problem is, is that the complexity is so mind-blowing, it would take a team of probably, I would say, 25 to 50 attorneys, another 25 or so paralegals.
I mean, you'd be looking at full-time for probably six months to a year minimum to put this together.
And what you said is the key.
There's an old saying, when you commit a crime, commit a huge one.
Because it's such a massive consortium of corporate and governmental systems, that's why they thought they'd get away with it, because it's so huge, and they got so many powerful people on board, they believe that political power will protect them.
Well, Alex, you know this better than anybody on the planet, right?
When the machine gears up against you in the courts, they've got infinite money.
They don't care what it costs, right?
I don't want to make it a money thing about me because that's not what I'm in this for, but let's use this as an example.
Since I have started doing this work three years ago, and you know I dedicate every waking minute, I have billed less than a million dollars for my time.
Now, if you think about that,
And you compare it to the amount of hours that I've worked, you're looking at, I've given away probably five, six million dollars worth of work.
You can't, there aren't many lawyers that will do that.
There just aren't.
So, you know, the reality is, on these freebie cases that I do, and I do a lot of them, and I do as many as I can, you know, people say, where are the lawyers?
Well, our side doesn't fund it.
But when you have Google, when you have the Gates Foundation, when you have George Soros, what they do is they say, listen,
I'll spend a hundred million dollars on lawyers because I'm going to steal a trillion dollars worth of money from the public and who cares, right?
So when you look at it, this is really it was actually part of the plan was to make this financially untenable for lawyers to fight.
So that they could get away with this, because there are ways that we can do things.
It's just no single lawyer, not even a small group of lawyers, really has the capacity to do this properly.
They admit in their war games, they were planning for lawyers to sue them.
That's right.
That's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document, and that's why they got indemnified by governments.
I mean, this was a premeditated plan.
The good news is, they intended to go a lot longer and a lot better.
They're actually scared right now, in my view.
Yes, they are.
Well, here's what happened, right?
So, strategically, when I started fighting this back in 2020, what I did is I looked at this, Alex, I saw how big the fight was.
And I'm going to be honest, I underestimated it.
I didn't realize how global and how big.
But I knew it was way bigger than me.
So what I did was I started coalition building and hitting cases that were going to really cause a lot of damage, always in good faith.
But some of them were tough, tough cases that you just didn't know if you could win.
Um, but they were always filed in good faith.
So what happens is, is that's, that's created a lot of resistance.
And just, I think honestly, what you did, Alex, cause you've been talking about the truth on this from the beginning, just like I have.
But guys like you and I, who are willing to take a lot of arrows for being called conspiracy theorists and everything else, gave people courage to look into this.
And we also highlighted the information.
I don't think they expected that.
I don't think they expected the kind of fight back that they've got.
No, they didn't expect suicidal commitment.
No, no.
And that's pretty much the insanity.
We're borderline insane on this, right?
I mean, you know, you fight till the bitter end, come hell or high water, because it's freedom or bust.
Well, yeah, they're hitting our children with a bioweapon.
We'll be right back with Mr. Renz and get into all these big developments and how it all ties together.
The global currency, the war, the control grid, all these hearings, everything.
We're living in an incredible time, but humanity is fighting back.
Stay with us.
Everybody knows that when things are negative and bad, I will be the first to tell you, but
It's the opposite.
Their entire system is being exposed right now.
The problem is they're trying to accelerate World War III as the way to get out of it.
But I wanted to ask one of the leading attorneys fighting the globalists on this front, Thomas Renz, where he thinks this is all going next in his warnings tying this into all the other big issues.
But at the same time, the positiveness of the former head of the CDC turning state's evidence
It should be the number one story in the country.
It's got a lot of attention, but not one-tenth of what it needs.
Here is Redfield talking about Fauci.
Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?
You are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals?
I totally resent that.
And if anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you!
Do you think that Dr. Fauci intentionally lied under oath to Senator Paul when he vehemently denied NIH's funding of gain-of-function research?
I think there's no doubt that NIH was funding gain-of-function research.
Is it likely that American tax dollars funded the gain-of-function research that created this virus?
I think it did, not only from NIH, but from the State Department, USAID, and from DOD.
So, in your expert opinion, was the Wuhan Institute conducting gain-of-function research?
Thank you.
Dr. Redfield, did you agree, in your opinion, with Dr. Anderson's assessment at the time that this virus did look engineered?
It was very disconcerting to me.
It looked like this virus was engineered.
In one sentence, can you provide a definition of gain-of-function research?
I think it's to take a pathogen and try to increase one of two things or both.
To increase its transmissibility or its pathogenicity.
Has gain-of-function stopped a pandemic, in your opinion?
No, on the contrary, I think it probably caused the greatest pandemic our world has seen.
And now they're getting ready to blackmail China with it and start a war.
That's what Thomas Renz is here about today.
Yes, sir.
So, I mean, listen, Alex, think about what we just heard.
We heard the guy that was running the CDC at the time that this was happening.
By the way, I'd love to know why he hasn't spoken out till now.
But I'll take it, right?
Someone's finally telling the truth.
And boy, did you hit the nail on the head when you said these guys are finally, they're losing.
They're in big trouble.
They're in trouble.
Yeah, by the way, I'll tell you why he's coming out now.
When we filed the case with Huff up in New York, they know that that case against EcoHealth Alliance, all this stuff's coming out, so what you got now is a lot of rats scurrying for the hills.
For those who don't know, tell them who Huff is briefly.
Okay, so Dr. Andrew Huff, he's a veteran.
He worked for Sandia Labs.
He had Q clearance.
He worked for EcoHealth Alliance.
One of the most qualified people on the planet.
He was there.
He worked for EcoHealth Alliance in an executive capacity when they created this in the Wuhan lab.
He was the vice president.
He was the vice president.
He's a client of mine and has testified under penalty of perjury that they created this in the lab while he was working there.
So we have a first-hand witness.
We have
Tons of corroborating testimony.
I mean, we put this out before the election.
You were on two years ago and you said, I have the biggest whistleblower inside and you weren't lying.
And you brought forward so many others, but continue.
So now.
So they have to admit the truth.
This is all coming down.
And so now what you're seeing is a lot of gamesmanship.
Who do we shift the blame on?
How do we do this?
Well, the Department of Defense and Intel agencies are the two most important players in this.
They were involved with COVID.
They were involved with the vaccines.
They not only funded the creation, but you've got to understand, when you get a COVID vaccine, you're not getting it from Pfizer.
You're getting it from our Defense Department.
They signed contracts with Pfizer and Moderna that say that we will distribute these and we will only distribute them where you have PrEP Act immunity.
Our Department of Defense did this and that's because they had a hand in creating the jabs as well as the virus.
We know all this, we have all this.
Then, fast forward to just the last couple days.
So, Senator Josh Hawley, who I appreciate him, and I don't think he's aware of this, because when a congressman or senator asks for a bill, they send it off to legislative services, legislative services writes it, and then you get whatever back you get.
And what we've found is we've found a substantial amount of evidence that legislative services and a lot of these congressmen have in their offices people who sold out.
We have evidence of this, right?
So, when you look at this bill,
And I've got it right here.
I'm looking off to the side so I can share this with you.
This bill specifically says declassify any and all information related to potential links between Wuhan Institute of Virology
Yeah, you don't start an investigation that's a law and say we only look here.
Yeah, that's exactly what they're doing.
Well, and think about our current Congress, Alex.
They passed with unanimous consent.
That doesn't happen right now.
I mean, this is pushed by the DoD, is why this is happening.
The DoD is going to use this.
Right now, what we've got is China's rattling their sabers about Taiwan and Ukraine.
And we don't want them in Taiwan, and we definitely don't want them back in Russia and Ukraine.
So what we're doing now is we're saying, hey, look at this little legislation we got that's going to show the whole world how you guys created this in the lab.
So they're going to frame China.
Let me just back you up what you said three minutes ago.
Pull up Reuters from two years ago.
The UN said, don't give it to the migrants we're bringing in because we don't have liability protection to them.
Only give it to your citizens because we're going to kill them.
This is all pre-planned.
This is all war-gamed.
Yeah, absolutely.
And that's right, because under the Foreign Tort Claims Act,
There may actually be, you know, some different mechanisms by which they could get to this.
We identified that as a potential workaround.
See, so they weren't forcing some of these illegal immigrants to get it.
It was really an unbelievable thing.
Meanwhile, if you remember, Alex, at the same time, we got videos where they would go into homes where there were people with special needs and drag them out screaming as they were forcing these jabs on them.
They just probably killed many of them.
So this was entirely planned.
And to think that this bill, like I said, I don't want to say that Senator Hawley did this for anything but good reasons.
But remember,
Our DoD has its fingers into everything.
We all thought... and by the way, Fauci?
And his position was tied in with the DoD.
Part of their job was looking at biodefense.
So the DoD had their thumb on Fauci the whole time with this.
Fauci's a crook for sure, and belongs under Gitmo, but the problem is that this was really out of our intelligence agencies and DoD, which they knew they had to do it that way, because the DoD and intel agencies have immunity to FOIAs,
They've got immunity to lawsuits.
All they do is say it's national security, you can't bother us, and that's it.
So the reason that all of this happened was because there's no accountability to our Department of Defense, and Obama knew that.
And so they're injecting our troops.
With an experimental poison shot, while the illegal aliens don't have to take it, when we come back, I want to ask you then, we know it goes all the way to the top, and above that's the big foundations that created the policy.
What was their endgame?
How is their operation going?
How do we stop them?
And how does it tie into Russia and the rest of it?
And yes, I hate the Communist Chinese, but they're being framed right now, folks, for World War III.
This is so dangerous.
This is all documented.
We'll be right back with Attorney Thomas Renz and more, straight ahead.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
And once this show is archived and banned on video, share it like your lives depend on it, because it does.
And for all you've been serving the system, it's never too late to turn back and come back to reality.
We've got an open hand to you.
All right, Thomas Rims, our guest here on the Alex Jones Show, super smart guy.
So when I've been jumping in with him, we didn't talk before he came on.
I'm going to just back up everything he's saying, so you know it's real.
I want him to start over, big picture, where we are, where this is going, tying it into World War III, how we stop it.
I'm gonna try to shut up now for the next 25 minutes until this hour ends.
You've got the floor.
Well, you know, where we are, Alex, is we're in a position where we fought back so hard that we actually have an opportunity to win this.
Now, you got to understand, when you come into this, you look at a whole bunch of enemies of America.
And I started to say before the break,
Before Obama left the White House, the insurance policy, you know, we've talked a lot on, I know you've talked a lot about, and we've talked a lot elsewhere about the fact that, you know, Obama had his insurance policy against the Trump administration.
Everybody looked at that as being the FBI or the Russia collusion.
It was much bigger than that, much bigger.
These guys didn't leave much to waste.
What they did is they fired the entirety of our brass in the Pentagon and in the intelligence agencies.
Whether it was FBI, DIA, CIA, Pentagon, all the brass.
Now our soldiers are still the same heroes they've always been.
But the brass got terminated and Obama replaced them with a bunch of crooks and losers.
So that was insurance policy.
That was insurance policy against Trump.
And those are the people who've been putting in these awful, awful situations in the last few years.
So if you look, the DOD was responsible and tied in with COVID.
They funded the development.
And listen, I said this before, I'll say it again.
Are you going to tell me that we have coronavirus, which is designated under federal regulation as an abnormally dangerous material, right?
If you're working on a coronavirus, it's by regulation dangerous.
You're going to tell me that we took the genetic technology that we needed to do work on this inherently dangerous material, transferred it to Wuhan, China, a known Chinese CCP bioweapons development center, to do work on this without our military's knowledge?
That's nonsense.
Of course they knew this.
Of course they knew this.
So you fast forward.
What happens in 2020?
So in 2020, we've got COVID hits.
COVID allows a lot of things to happen.
It wasn't just one thing.
Now we get really focused.
We look at the election steal.
Yes, the election steal couldn't happen without COVID.
The mail-in ballots, all this shifting, they couldn't do it.
They couldn't steal enough votes without the COVID cover to truly look credible in this.
I don't think they looked all that credible anyways, but that was decided.
The other thing that was happening though is the censorship, right?
COVID gave them an excuse to say we have to censor because vaccine misinfo could create vaccine hesitancy and that's a disaster.
Well, what that has translated into since we saw from the Twitter files yesterday is that what's occurred is they're actually, they're even censoring the truth.
The Twitter files showed openly these guys were legitimately censoring the truth.
They didn't want true side effects and true things because they said, well, it could create vaccine hesitancy.
Well, don't you want that?
I would think you'd want that, but you don't.
So meanwhile, while all this is happening, one of the other major things that happens with COVID is all the small and mid-sized business that makes America function was dying.
They were absolutely dying.
So we lost big business.
The globalists who are largely behind this made all sorts of money.
If you look at the 2021 World Economic Forum, they actually said COVID is the most profitable event in human history.
Well, it wasn't for me.
It may have been for them.
But that's because when your local hardware store goes out of business, you buy from Amazon.
So you've got this economic shift where it's one of the greatest wealth transfers up to the billionaires in history.
So as that's happening, you're also seeing a situation where the stability of the U.S.
dollar and everything else is under attack, both because Biden's not allowing us to mine our own natural resources, but also because without small to mid-sized business, that's the core to the American economy.
It's always been.
So, as that's failing, we become very reliant on just a few big businesses.
Well, it's easy to manipulate big business, especially if you're BlackRock or Vanguard, who just happen to be partners in the World Economic Forum and everyone else.
So, you know, you can make an economic crisis as you wish, and then you can just prop up the same people you tore right back down.
It's all smoke and mirrors that you're able to do when you control the money.
Well, that leads to CBDCs, right?
Meanwhile, you also have the most important experiment to the globalists in the world going on.
Ukraine, right?
Ukraine is where they're testing a lot of this stuff for the New World Order.
Now, you can say that all this stuff is gobbledygook, but I can actually bring you documents on everything that I've said so far.
I can show you paperwork or video clips of the World Economic Forum participants talking about this.
So now you've got CBDCs.
And you've got a push for vaccines and a push for this and a push for that.
You've got the ground laid for what could be a world war.
Now, one of the things, and there's some speculation here, I don't have paper on this.
I'm of the belief that there's a power struggle between the World Economic Forum and the CCP.
They both hate America, and because America's been weakened by bad policies, COVID, globalist conspiracies, all these different things, now I think you have a situation where these guys, they want to kill America, they want to kill freedom, but they also want to balance that with how do I preserve me, right?
World Economic Forum wants to run the show.
CCP wants to run the show.
Russia doesn't really want either of them to run the show.
Russia doesn't have a great path forward where they run the show, but they'd prefer that.
And then let's not forget some of the Islamic terrorist countries that really are out there as well that don't like America.
All of these things are combining together to create a situation where America is under attack from every direction.
We're holding our ground on a bunch of these.
But we have this huge disaster.
Now the real key is if the American people
Are willing to stand together and stand for freedom through all the tumult that's going to be coming in the next five years.
And it's going to be ugly, folks.
And if you think this is going to be over quickly, I got news for you.
But if we're willing to stand together and stand strong as we have so far, if we're willing to support our warriors like Alex, like InfoWars, if we're willing to come together and to demand freedom and keep pushing what we're pushing, I think we can win this.
We have also been developing on our side.
I mean, you know this, Alex.
Guys like me, who would have ever thought that you'd know a guy like me?
But a lot of us have came out of the woodwork.
So the warriors are now standing up and we're starting to coordinate.
We're actually starting to get God's army together to fight for freedom.
There's an interrupt.
And that's the key.
The New World Order is out in the open.
We know it's predatory.
You have the globalists and the chi-coms all feeding and sucking off America, but they're kind of fighting over who's going to be in charge of that right now.
Please continue.
Well, you're dead on.
You know, what happened was, is all of us started fighting our own issues early on.
We started filing, you know, we had heroes fighting on election issues, heroes fighting on censorship, heroes fighting on COVID, heroes fighting on all these different things, right?
Well, we found each other and even though we still bicker with each other and butt heads a lot, we're still on the same side and we found each other.
And we've got, we'll continue to develop and coordinate together.
And, and that's, that's really the key.
So there's hope, and I'm going to give you something.
I'd like to give the InfoWars audience some very specific hope, right?
So I'm working, and we've been working, and General Flynn will often say local action, national impact.
And there's an example here.
So I'm working in Missouri.
Missouri is a very red state.
We have a bill in Missouri, House Bill 1169.
It does three things, Alex, three things.
It makes it so that you have to have informed consent, and informed consent has to include adverse events of special interest.
So they can't just say, we're only going to include certain things in the informed consent.
It means anything benefit or negative or risk, you have to be of informed consent.
So it requires informed consent.
It requires that any gene altering technology be labeled, gene altering technology, whether it's in a vaccine or something else or not.
And it requires that if that technology, if anything that you get could alter your genetics, that they share whether it's transmissible.
So three disclosures.
All three things that they say they don't, they're either doing or don't care about anyways, because it'd never matter.
That bill was introduced and they were told to kill the bill by Pfizer's lobbyists.
Hold on, stay there.
Let's come back.
We're talking about direct action to counter these lies.
We'll be right back with Tom Renz.
We gotta wear these evil people out.
We gotta decide that we're never gonna get tired.
We're just gonna fight and fight and fight and you'll find a strength you've never had when you do that.
You'll find out who you really are.
Thomas Wren's our guest.
He was getting us some really key points and the break cut him off.
Great lawyer at the very tip of the spear in this fight.
As the House of Cards comes down, please continue.
Yeah, so let's talk about House Bill 1169 in Missouri.
So all it does is disclosure, right?
You get to find out about your side effects, you get to find out if something's going to affect your genes, that's it.
So we wrote that bill specifically so that there was no reason to oppose it.
Because do you really think in red Missouri that your constituents
Of course they want to know that.
Now that was opposed by Dean Plocker initially and now they're trying to slow walk it through the Republican House and the Republican Senate because they don't want it passed.
We had outright, we were outright told by the Pfizer lobbyists and other lobbyists that they are going to kill this bill.
So they're walking, slow walking it through.
Plocker's lying to other House reps.
About what the bill is.
And nobody will bother to read the two-page bill.
It's two pages.
No writers, no anything.
House Bill 1169, Missouri.
So, this is where I go to local action.
Now, if people hear about this in Missouri, and people call their house reps and their state reps in Missouri, this bill can pass.
We can actually do it.
If it passes, we get honest information about side effects and transmissibility.
Globally, because what's true in Missouri is true everywhere.
But, but, but, but, we got word that they've now called in the international lobbyists, the international big boys, to try and fight this because it's hard to do.
And because they know once Missouri goes that way, like Domino's, and it's Missouri that's subpoenaing Fauci and all the rest of it.
Yes, absolutely.
So a little bit of truth goes a long way, but how do you oppose this politically?
What, we're against you knowing if your genes are going to be modified?
Of course they can't oppose that.
So what they're doing is they're trying to slow walk it through committees and slow walk it through this and slow walk it through that so that they can't
They don't have to deal with the political accountability.
But what we're doing is, so for example, there was a guy, a House rep, that was talking about this bill, and he was just wrong about it.
He was telling his local Republican Party about it, and he was wrong.
Now, I've been told he's a good guy.
I don't know.
If he's a good guy, then he's probably lied to by the House leadership that sells out.
But because we called him out,
That's going to change the nature.
So you can do this locally, right?
This is the reason I'm telling this story.
It's very Missouri specific, but it'll change the world if we pass the bill.
This is something you can do locally.
You can locally tell your Republican party, this is what this bill says.
It's two pages.
Don't listen to this liar.
Because the Republican Party is no different than the Democrat Party at the top.
Most of them are uniparty.
This is why I get so censored, Alex.
You know about the censorship better than me.
Because you don't sell out to the Republicans or the Democrats.
You know the uniparty exists, and you call them out.
Both sides dislike you.
Well, I'm doing the same thing here.
This is the Uniparty.
Now, there's some good Republican people in Missouri, and the people of Missouri are great.
We passed this.
By the way, everybody should get their bill introduced in their legislature.
It should be in every state.
And ask your legislature.
Ask your Republicans, especially.
Or Democrats.
How is it that you oppose me knowing if I'm getting something that's going to screw with my genes?
They'll say, well, it doesn't.
Well, then you should have no problem passing the bill, right?
There's zero reason to oppose this bill.
By the way, though, they now officially admit it does change your genes.
Yes, they do.
Yes, they do.
We know that it does.
It alters your DNA permanently.
We've got a ton of stuff on that.
But, you know, this is the kind of thing because one of the things that you talked about hope, Alex, you talked about hope and you talked about us winning.
I want to give that to the listeners right now, because at the end of the day,
We can do something.
You don't have to be an attorney.
You don't have to be a huge broadcaster like Alex Jones, but if you don't do anything, if you just sit around telling yourself, I'm helpless, you're right.
Then you're helpless.
If you do something, if you go to your local Republican party, if you go to your local events, if you call your house rep, house rep is not a big position.
You can call a state house rep and say, Hey,
What's going on?
Do you know that 20 to 30 calls on a single issue for a statehouse rep has you know, it's a huge impact that never happens.
How much trouble?
We've had we've talked some of these guys down and if we can pass this.
In one state.
We only need one state.
And it changes everything.
I've got causes of action.
I can sue over this.
No, I understand.
So you put teeth in it.
I can sue over that.
So that's 100 foot view.
What about the 35,000 foot view?
How do we stop them framing China for the virus so that Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and the whole New World Order gets away with it and can do it again?
How do we expose that legislation in Congress?
And so that's the other thing.
And that's the part that everybody wants to, you know, everybody thinks that they've got to do that and they can't, you know, you're right.
If you live in, in Fremont, Ohio, and you're a nobody like me, you probably can't stop that by yourself.
But, but, but, but, you know, I can come and I can talk to you, Alex, and you've got a huge audience and I can get the word out.
And the thing is, is collectively,
What I think we're seeing on platforms like Twitter, which only shadowbans less than they used to, and some of these other platforms, with the information getting out through Social Gitter, all these different platforms, there's enough information getting out that I think that it's pretty well known that the support for a world war is pretty low.
You know, everybody wants to say, I'm for Ukraine until you say, well, you want your kid to go die over there?
And the answer to that is pretty much universally no.
So I think that the key here is to continue the political pressure.
I think that what we see is a confluence of things happening that are creating enough political pressure where we can have some national impact.
You know, I mean, I'm looking at some lawsuits to do this.
We're working on the next series of really big lawsuits, and I'm hoping that they're going to break through some of the censorship and allow people to get, you know, a greater picture of what's going on.
Um, that's going to be a big thing.
I think that really just continuing to support your, your Matt Gaetz's of this world who are out there, you know, they're willing to take some bullets to stand on, on principle.
Uh, we got to get, you know, Trump, I'm hopeful Trump's going to finally see the light on the vaccines.
I actually, I'm praying to God, uh, that the truth is, is getting to him.
And, uh, because if he comes out on that.
Then there's no more reason for any conservative not to coalesce behind him and to, you know, let him do what he does, which is to lead that MAGA movement and fighting for America first.
I totally agree.
And the average person, they think, oh, it's just a poison shot.
It's one issue.
No, it's the world ID.
It's control of our bodies.
It's the vaccine passport.
It's the whole thing.
We've got to be very thankful to all the work everybody's done.
These hearings are devastating.
The learning curve in Congress is going parabolic.
And so I'm really concerned about the deep state releasing a new virus, a Marburg, a monkeypox.
They've been pre-programming the media for that.
That's my concern.
We're here in 2025, Alex.
So this is projection, right?
So you can't prove something's going to happen.
The timeline I got that I think is most likely to be accurate, and I want to stress to everybody, you know, I can never prove the future.
The timeline that I got that's most accurate is that 2025 is the goal date for the next pandemic.
The reason for that is, is the WHO Treaty finalizes in May of 2024.
And they got to have the right president in place.
So the next big step is stealing the next election.
And actually more important than that, what we're getting from our sources is that the biggest thing coming now is they're going to quintuple down on censorship.
They're going to really partner with, they're going to be pushing Google really hard and some of the other things really hard.
They got to get that censorship handled because what's happened is this network, InfoWars,
Uh, and actually, by the way, I forgot to tell you, Alex, off-air, I'll give you some insight.
You were mentioned in some whistleblower data that I recently got.
They are scared of you.
They are terrified of this network.
This network, the others who are getting the word out,
Because they're going to try and triple down on censoring us.
They're going to try and triple down on keeping the word down.
Because that's the only way that they can credibly steal the next election.
If there's anything short of complete censorship, the 2024 election, there's no way they're going to be able to steal it.
All fair.
Let me ask you what the whistleblower information is.
But they're just scared of the guests we have.
That's interesting.
We have General Flynn on tomorrow live at noon.
Infowars.com forward slash show and a lot more.
But let me say bye to you during the break.
Invite you up very, very soon.
Thomas Renz.
So much great information there.
Please don't hang up.
I want to ask you during the break exactly the information you have off record.
And we've got
Ivan Reikland and Mr. McBride who were on with us yesterday with more video clips, more about January 6th, more about that whole cover-up coming down, the ties into everything coming up next hour.
Please remember, we are loser-supported, we have great products, so get your ultimate bone broth, get your great CBD oil, get our prebiotics back in stock, all at InfoWarsTore.com and fund the revolution!
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I've got one of my family members on it, and it's working wonders.
It is highly potent.
It's very effective.
We've tested it in the laboratory, and it's an extraordinary value.
Check out the CBD oil.
I think that's the 1,000 milligram bottle that I'm referring to there, but there are some other formats that are available as well.
Owen Schrayer?
Well, it's a shame the mayor can't be here for this.
But good afternoon, Austin City Council.
I want to address some confusion there seems to be from the city council, our local government, which has led to a grave injustice, which is the firing of Spencer Cronk, the city manager.
We all remember what happened, really the last three winters, when there were severe winter storms and ice and power outages.
Recently, people were without power for three days, some people as long as a week.
And we were looking for somebody to blame.
And this city council blamed Spencer Cronk.
But I'm a little confused.
Why Spencer Cronk was fired instead of celebrated?
Because I thought, as you addressed the last time you met on the 7th, I thought stopping climate change was something this city council took seriously.
Now, the last I checked, and I've got the numbers right in front of me from ERCOT, the two leading sources of energy in Texas are natural gas and coal.
And it's actually not even close.
Without natural gas and coal, there will be no power for anybody.
And that brings me to the ultimate point.
This city council is comprised of Democrats, including the mayor.
We have one Republican on this city council.
Now, your leader, Joe Biden,
Has made it very clear he's targeting coal and natural gas.
More than 20 states sue Biden for cancelling Keystone XL pipeline.
Biden did that as soon as he got into office.
They're now stopping new oil projects like the Willow Project in Alaska.
Biden vows to shut down coal plants all across America.
So you understand, gas and coal, the two leading energy sources in Texas, in Austin,
And the Democrats want to shut them down.
A quarter of U.S.
coal-fired power plants will retire by the end of 2029.
Now, if the mayor was here, I would remind him he just met with Joe Biden, who is the one calling for these energies to be shut down.
What will it look like for the city of Austin, Texas if we shut down coal and natural gas?
Well, I'll tell you what it will look like.
It will look like exactly how it looked like during the winter storm for the last three years.
How's that man-made global warming going?
We now have ice storms every year here in Austin.
So, I don't understand why Spencer Cronk was fired.
If anything, he should be celebrated.
Think about what those three, four, five days without power saved us.
The days for the future generations of Americans that we have preserved for shutting off the power.
Three days without power?
Let's try three weeks.
How about three months?
Maybe three years?
How about three generations?
How committed is this City Council really to fighting man-made climate change?
And have we really weighed the costs?
Thank you, Speaker.
Have we really weighed the costs?
Your time has expired.
Spencer Cronk should be returned to his office.
Next speaker is Yvonne Weldon.
Thank you.
Clerk, can you call our next speaker?
Thank you.
Guys, it appears that Mayor Kurt Watson has taken a page out of Mayor Adler's book and he leaves the chambers when Owen Schroyer is set to speak.
He just leaves the chambers.
Scurries away.
I haven't even met Mayor Watson yet.
I was looking forward to meeting him today.
I had a good relationship with Steve Adler.
And for him to run away like that, like a coward... Kirk!
Your first impression with me is that you're a coward, and I'm sorry to see that.
I think this is a serious issue.
After all, Kirk Watson went to the White House to talk about climate change.
The last time this City Council met, I've got the agenda right here in front of me, it was about climate change.
So they want to shut off our power.
So why are they complaining when we're without power for three days when they want to shut it off permanently?
There's no sources for alternative energy.
I'll show you the numbers.
I have them right in front of me.
And so it's amazing how they don't even really seem to understand the cost of their own policies.
Here's Texas energy sources.
Natural gas and coal.
See that?
This is the vast majority of our energy here in Texas.
Democrats have made it clear.
They want to shut down coal.
See the full report at InfoWars.com.
It's excellent.
Owen Schroyer calls out the Democrat climate hypocrisy cult.
Dealing with Tucker Carlson as he blasts the repetitive January 6th mind control.
And as I told you yesterday, it's now broke that the FBI accidentally leaked a bunch of documents, how they destroyed evidence to cover up what really happened on January 6th, that ties into confidential informants, provocateurs, and more.
Here is the report and we'll go to our guest.
Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the U.S.
Capitol Building.
If you've joined us today for the insurrection, please make sure you pick up a promotional leaflet on the way in.
Stay inside the safety cordons at all times.
Tucker Carlson opened a wormhole in the Congressional Country Club's space-time January 6th continuum, presenting unseen video footage revealing that the complete story had not only not been told, but it had also been doctored.
We're good to go.
They give each other tours outside the Speaker's office.
They're not destroying the Capitol.
They obviously revere the Capitol.
The controllers and their media minions went on the offensive, doubling down on the big lie, using the old tired strategy that had secured their positions.
Lies baked into an unyielding barrage of mind control repetition.
The power of repetition is such that, you know, people like Tucker Carlson, who know they're lying to the public, can convince tens of millions of people of those lies.
Tucker Carlson took a page from George Orwell's 1984 and told his viewers to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears.
Is this a lie?
I think it's bull****.
Fox executive Hannity Carlson shows are not credible sources of news.
A hundred officers were assaulted on that day.
Five officers died.
Who are these five officers who were, quote, killed that day?
Notice he didn't tell you.
No one ever tells you.
No one ever shows you their autopsies.
They don't want any detail.
They just want the slogan.
Now they're counting Brian Sicknick.
That's a lie.
But who are the other four?
Well, those are four officers who killed themselves.
These are the facts they can't dispute.
Here is surveillance footage of Sicknick walking in the Capitol after he was supposedly murdered by the mob outside.
By all appearances, Sicknick is healthy and vigorous.
He's wearing a helmet, so it's hard to imagine he was killed by a head injury.
We do know from contemporaneous video tape that a mysterious figure called Ray Epps encouraged the crowd to go into the Capitol.
For some reason, Epps has never been indicted for that.
If there's no question, he did it.
We need to go into the Capitol!
Why don't you guys open up the back door?
Because I think that's where we deal with it.
Do not go in there!
How in a free country guided by the Constitution were these people allowed to withhold evidence from Jacob Chansley's lawyer?
How could that happen?
Had you seen that clearly exculpatory tape of your client at trial?
Where is your backup?
This is our damn Capitol building and y'all are letting it get destroyed on your watch!
Anybody who watched that video with their own eyes in a real way would disagree with what was just stated.
The President has been very clear January 6th was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
The weather underground setting off a bomb in the Capitol in 1971 and the Armed Resistance Unit doing the same in the Senate in 1983 were the last major attacks on the U.S.
But there can be no mention of those attacks because it would surely open old wounds surrounding Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn and Bill Clinton's pardoning of 16 members of the FALN who blew up innocent Americans at France's Tavern where George Washington said farewell to his officers in 1783.
Question number one, why did President Obama release the bomber, his name was Oscar Lopez, why did he do it?
Because he agreed with them.
I don't
Going to be bombshells throughout the week, but it appears Tucker was finally roped in by Rupert Murdoch's lawyers.
However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has now vowed to release the January 6th security footage to the general public.
It belongs to the public after all.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, we're going to go a little bit in the next hour, but Jay Dyer will take over the last 45 minutes.
We've got our guests in for roughly a little over an hour.
Part two, Ivan Reikland, and of course, the great researcher that's compiled the largest group through the different law firms have gotten pieces of what's been hidden from the public and from some of the human intelligence footage.
That's Gary McBride from M5NewsGig.com.
Now, we've got a bunch of clips here today.
We won't have time to air them all because some are 17 minutes long.
We have Ray Epps has been caught in the second breach that's not out there yet.
We have part one also dealing with lies are being told.
We have evidence also that sheds lights on the prosecutors and all the corruption going on on the show trials.
We have police brutality boil downs and we have a lot more here.
There is a lot
To get here, and a lot of the stuff's not been seen.
It's not gotten any popular attention.
So, Ivan Reikland, I want to go to Gary McBride coming up next segment.
But just big picture, everything coming out in the hearings yesterday while you were live on air with me, total proof of intelligence agencies, private corporations, all illegally doing this.
They're making about the First Amendment.
That's important, but that's a side issue.
Government working with corporations in secret to surveil and censor people, that's serious tyranny, serious organized crime.
That violates so many laws.
You're a lawyer and have been an analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency.
What is your view on that?
Because to me it seems bigger, the collusion and the organized activity to suppress people, it's bigger than First Amendment.
No, absolutely Alex.
So I'm out here outside of the DC Gulag.
You can see right behind me.
And basically what's going on here, it's the Chinese Communist Party model.
Taking over our current federal, the lawless executive branch.
And it's across all institutions, essentially.
I mean, we can showcase just four of them over the last couple days that have been exposed by these committees.
The DOD, the DOJ, the DHS, the CDC.
I mean, I like that we have this weaponization committee and some of these other subcommittees as part of judiciary.
Earlier today, you had Tom Massey.
Going after the administrative state.
It is a completely lawless executive branch that we need to get control over.
And hopefully we're going to get to it as we get the truth out.
How panicked do you think the Deep State is?
Because I can look at their body language and their actions and we have internal memos coming out that I'm not in the liberty to get to yet.
They're making mistakes in the courtroom.
They're basically saying that they need to stop the trials against the Proud Boys because, oh, they accidentally released information that they had confidential human sources and
Uh, FBI agents on the Capitol grounds.
Now, whether they were in their official capacity or their private capacity, that's yet to be seen, but based on the releases yesterday, it looks like not only in their private capacity off-duty, there were some folks there, but also that they were there officially to include the hypothesis that maybe they were there to support Nancy Pelosi's operation, essentially a covert action on the Capitol grounds, that was headed up by the two tactical commanders, which is outside commander, which was Ray Epps for the outer breach, inner breach team leader Ray Epps,
And then you had operational commanders, which was her family members, daughter and son-in-law, and at the strategic level you had... By the way, by the way, let's go there next.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
We go into the next hour too, but it turned out I had a legal meeting.
I had to go to this one.
We're not doing the two hours you guys wish we were.
Maybe we can have you back on Sunday or something.
We'll do like four hours because I got this intel two days ago and I was given
More access than has been in the federal filing.
I'll leave it at that.
What you said is indeed what's in it.
It's the feds running January 6th, and by the grace of God, they leaked all this to the defense lawyers.
Now they've canceled court.
You're a lawyer.
You can speak to it.
Obviously, the folks that have this info are very scared right now.
This is very dangerous people we're dealing with.
This is how you get Arkansas-ed.
Having this info, but we hit the barbed wire, we put it out, and now it's all over the news, exactly as I told you.
Stay with us, we'll be right back as we unravel the coup against our American Republic, Jan 6th.
All right, both of our guests are working in and around the Capitol, around the clock with Congress, so they're officing out of the cars.
They have privacy right now and better reception.
Doesn't work too well inside the Capitol with those big marble walls.
They are with us right now.
It works great if you're part of the Capitol and have access to their Wi-Fi, but they don't.
So they're out in their cars right now.
They're in the sleeting rain.
We appreciate them being on with us.
But there's a lot to cover here.
I'm going to try to go through these clips with them and just cover the waterfront here.
But this is the deep states of typical America.
We know it's provocative.
We know what happened.
And already from people in the trial that I'm not at liberty to get into all of it yet because the judge has been blocking it, but it's going to be coming out very soon.
Know about CIA sex operatives, CIA operatives controlling him, trying to set him up with documents to attack the Capitol, that Enrique Tarrio and others said, no, that's a terrible idea.
They said it in front of informants.
Those informants have testified to the FBI that, but the FBI has excised out that evidence and then cherry picks things that are then presented to the jury out of context without the informant even being shown.
And now, as I told you when this broke Wednesday night, and then yesterday we were talking about it,
They're going to declare national security on it, and they did declare the judge yesterday national security, saying that's all classified, you can't look at it, and told the lawyers I've talked to that are the Proud Boy lawyers, you're not allowed to read it.
Well, a little too late.
They have read it, and they're saying they're not going to give it up.
Norm Pettis said that in court.
So it's extremely damning, destroying evidence, covering up the informants inside.
The system is in full panic mode, but it just shows how on every front,
Whistleblowers are coming out.
I think the FBI probably leaked this to our people on purpose.
There's a lot of people in there.
Everything is being exposed.
We're in an escalation, a cascade right now, where you hit an ammo depot is the analogy with a small mortar round, but it blows up a giant ammo depot and takes out 100 enemy troops.
What we're seeing in slow motion is right now the ammo depot blowing up.
Ivan, you're a former combat veteran, Green Beret.
Is that a good analogy of where we're at?
No, it's an absolutely fantastic analogy.
I mean, it's the domino effect, right?
Chain reaction, if you will.
And like you said, slow motion.
I can't say it better.
So what's the, I'm going to shut up and give you guys the floor.
You can go to any of these clips you want except some of the 20 minute and 17 minute ones.
Describe the clips, go through whatever you want.
If you want to tackle more of these documents that are in mainstream news now, Proud Boy January 6th edition trial halted after leaked chat logs show FBI agent said her boss ordered her to destroy evidence, cover up informants, spill of national security classified information.
What's that in a criminal trial?
This is all hitting mainstream news.
Any further comments on this?
No, all I'll say, Alex, is Gary McBride has been sitting on a lot of information.
I want to actually see some of his stuff, because he only showed me a little bit when I spent 13 hours with him, and I want to kind of sit along with you as we both watch it.
Okay, Gary, we'll start getting to it next segment, and we'll do two more in the next hour or so, plenty of time.
Set the table here in the six minutes we have left to break about what we're about to see and where we're about to go.
Okay, so the
The EPS we need to hit on a little bit more, especially when it comes to breach number two.
You know, like you said earlier, it just hasn't got the views that it needs to for people to see and I want to thank you for letting us come back on and talking more about this because that EPS video is going to show you where he's involved with breach number two and then it's going to show the red smoke pop and how
We have four people in front of him, four people behind him.
Like I said, how they're getting him the hell out of there.
That's how I put it.
And just like with the sign ramming at the first breach, it's all mechanized, it's all military training.
Yeah, Ivan, you know, Ivan's good about recognizing that.
I mean, when I saw it, you can just see the coordination of it.
And Epps even says he got separated from, what was it?
See that picture you're showing right there?
This is where it's gonna... Look at that guy.
He's covered in blood.
If you rewind and see it before what happened to him, he gets the back of his head pummeled with the bag.
Just watch when he comes in.
He's... You'll have to go back further, but... Not much further, but... But there's a cop on each side of him holding his arms.
He has his hands up.
That's Fanon.
Officer Fanon spraying people.
He's a protester.
Look how far back they are.
Phenomenon is the one that lit the match that started the fire.
Not Guy Rethick.
I'm gonna make that clear.
Alright, well, before we jump into this, then, tell us what each clip is, and preface it, and we'll go into it.
Yeah, and like I said, breach number two, there's gonna, and there's some, what I've added right here, he's getting beat up right there, and then Officer Bogner, without the helmet, stops him, and he goes back out to the tunnel to continue whatever he's been doing.
But that guy's covered in blood.
Look at his hands, look at his face, watch him get hit right here in the back of the head.
It's coming.
Look at his face.
Look at his hands.
Just keep watching.
You're going to see him right here.
Right on the back of his head.
Look at his hair lift up.
With a freaking baton.
This is... At the beginning of your show, I wrote this down.
To reject the evidence we see and hear.
They've been showing us their evidence of what we see and hear and not showing the truth.
Like you see and hear right here.
And let's be clear.
Most of this footage has never been seen.
You've gotten this from defense lawyers.
I got it from...
Yeah, I've got a source that it came from I'll put it that way Alex, but I don't it doesn't matter how I got it I got it and people need to see it.
Okay, so give us a preview and I'm gonna come back give you the floor So we go through all these what are the clubs we're about to see we're gonna start with the breach to What else we're gonna be covering and then I want to discuss Phenom but Michael Phenom
Um, in front of the J6 committee, in front of the world, lied.
Everything that he said is a complete lie.
Now, I don't put anything out unless I show myself proof first.
And I have to be... That picture right there, that's not Fanon.
That is not Fanon.
That is Officer B.A.
And here's the interesting thing about that.
Officer B.A.
Miller is nowhere in the system, he has body camera on, and there's no body camera footage of his.
Off of him.
There's nothing.
It's like he doesn't even exist.
And they have the people believing that's Fanon.
That's not Fanon right there in that video you're showing.
That's Officer B.A.
Now what's important here is when he stands up, the protesters surround him, protect him, and they get him out of there.
But here's the thing, Alex.
To the right of the tunnel, there is a door surrounded by this violent mob, these protesters,
There's three guys that point towards that door.
When they get B.A.
Miller to that door, it opens up.
There's a gentleman in a suit and a riot cop.
That's where they deliver B.A.
Miller to.
They open the door.
If they were there to kill people that day, like they said, how bad they make everybody sound, they had an opportunity to take over that door right there.
There's hundreds of people around that door.
They did.
They did not take that door.
They delivered the police officer.
They shut the door.
And you never hear about being right.
But remember, we got a lot of new listeners, a lot of people on TV right now, and you're immersed in this, you're an expert.
The guy that's compiled the most video of anybody outside of Tucker Carlson, now McCarthy says in the next few weeks, and I was told this weeks ago, I said it on air, but he's going to release it all.
I was told that by Tucker's producers, it would soon be out to everybody.
People are criticizing Tucker getting first looks at it.
So when we come back, I want you to just
Start with the second breach and then just go through each video on why it matters, countering the official narrative.
And Gary, we're going to premiere this here today.
You're premiering a lot of information that's so important to the future of this republic at m5newsgate.com.
And Ivan Reikland, you pop in anytime you want.
Before we go to break, I want to remind listeners, I almost didn't even get on air on time today because I was meeting with the accountants.
And looking at the projections.
I keep telling you, oh, we're finally back in the black.
We are sinking back into the red.
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I'm not complaining.
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Welcome back to Alex Jones Show.
Trump demands January 6th committee is tried for treason over Tucker Carlson videos.
Trump claims January 6th committee works.
Has been totally discredited.
It has.
Says the footage here about Tucker Carlson shows they should be jailed.
And we're showing footage that's not been seen unedited before here with Gary McBride, an investigator who's got it from government sources and more.
Let's skip to the police brutality and then back to the official police story not being true when we start the next hour.
You talked about this when you first came on, but I would describe it as we're on hundreds of radio stations for people.
So on the first of part two, before we get to Fanon, you show a man with his hands up, already bloody being brought in, being beaten the head with a billy club.
Just to illustrate what we're dealing with and then we'll play clip four and five and others showing more police brutality.
Remember, five citizens were shot and beaten to death and thrown off parapets that day.
We're told five officers died that day when it's not true.
Gary McBride.
Yeah, it's not true.
This is excessive use of force, just like on Roseanne Boylan.
It's excessive use of force.
I uncovered Roseanne Boylan and Lila Morris, the officer with the MPDC that beat Roseanne while she laid on the ground.
And I filed a complaint against her with the MPDC, and they did an investigation.
I've got a 20-something page email thread of that to prove it.
And they came back to me and said what Lila Morris did to Roseanne Boylan was a
Was, um, objectively reasonable.
Which is... It's BS.
I mean, you do not beat an unconscious woman while she's on the ground.
She is no threat.
This guy's no threat.
His back is turned, he's got a cop on each side holding his arms, and his hands are up, and the cop behind him is beating the crap out of him.
This cop pushes him off, and as soon as that cop right there on the motorcycle cop pushes him off, his nameplate is no longer on him.
His nameplate was on it before and I still can't get his name.
So when I'm around here and I see a cop his size, I start running as fast as I can to try to see if it's him.
I mean, he needs to be investigated.
And if the J6 committee would have done their job, people like myself and others wouldn't have to do it.
But I'm glad that they slipped up.
I'm glad that they went after one man because people like us, you Alex, we the people,
We're gonna do this.
Because they're not.
They're fearful right now for what we're uncovering and what we're seeing.
That's why they're scrambling right now trying to figure out how to do damage control.
But it's too late.
There's no way they can do damage control now.
My eyes are done.
And I'm not gonna stop until they're done and every J6er's out of jail and they get the correct
They're being sentenced off of claims that are narratives that are built up that do not show anything else other than what they want you to see or hear.
But then when we come out with it, then they start this BS like they always do, turning it, making it sound like we're aligned with what we're going to show you and what you're going to hear.
I'm not going to plant the seed in people's heads as far as what you're going to see or hear.
Just watch it.
That's where a plastic bullet's gone through his cheek.
To me, that's a tipped murder.
I mean, grab him.
There's a bunch of cops out there.
Grab him, pull him over, arrest him, do whatever you gotta do.
Don't push him.
Well, the point is, is they had half the police go to crowd control.
They knew a bunch of people were coming to speak at the stage on the other side with Trump.
They had provocateurs to attack the cops.
The cops were set up as well.
They then attack back.
The crowd gets mad.
Ray Epson people breach through the first group, and then everybody goes in.
Then there's a second breach.
The cops are outnumbered.
They get out of control.
They kill five citizens.
And then the media turns it all around that we killed five of them.
So I see the police, I'm not lionizing, I'm not defending them, but they didn't know what was going on.
Remember for hours they were calling back for directives and for backup and no one was responding for the first time ever because they didn't want to be on the record.
Yeah, exactly.
So I see, I see, I'm not defending them for killing Babbitt.
It's terrible.
The guys should go to jail.
The bad cops are bad.
But I'm saying the police and the citizens were played off against each other.
Both sides being set up.
Both sides victims.
I agree.
There were good cops, bad cops, good protesters, bad protesters.
I agree with that 100%.
And that's what happened.
And as we go further along, you know, like you give us more time, it's because I have so much to show and to talk about.
You're going to see how it's planned and coordinated.
And the reason why Capitol Police wasn't, they weren't full.
They didn't have all their police there that day.
Because Pelosi, that's her place.
That's her army, whatever you want to call them.
And so there's more evidence to show that there wasn't a full force that day with the amount of people listening to Trump that day.
And we know Trump wanted 10,000 troops for crowd control and it got refused from him.
Yes sir!
I mean, it's been proven that they were there.
The question was, now that we know they had a bunch of informants inside the Proud Boys and other groups,
Yeah, absolutely.
So let me set the strategic frame once again, a little bit more detail if I may, Alex.
So, when you look at the U.S.
Code as it applies to the Capitol Police Board, there's really four people that are the ones that provide law enforcement decision-making for the Capitol grounds.
You have the U.S.
Capitol Police Chief, non-voting member.
You have these two sergeants at arms, House and Senate.
And then you have the Capitol Architect.
Well, guess what?
The Capitol Architect was just fired because he wasn't even at the Capitol on January 6th.
He was teleworking, right?
So then that leaves you with two other individuals that are voting members, the House and Senate Sergeants-at-Arms.
The joint session occurred in the House side.
Well, guess what?
So if he is, House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving is in on it with Nancy Pelosi, they're the ones that get to decide on what the security posture is going to be on the Capitol grounds, especially as it applies to the House.
And then if Mitch McConnell's in on it as a Senate Majority Leader with his Senate Sergeant at Arms, then guess what?
The entirety of the Capitol complex and then the extended jurisdiction fall within the U.S.
Capitol Police responsibility.
And I agree with you that
Capitol Police, basically they were not on an all-hands-on-deck posture that day, even though the Chief of Capitol Police, Chief Sun, requested on six occasions from January 3rd in order to have additional support.
The U.S.
So not only did they refuse, they being Mayor of D.C.
and Nancy Pelosi, refused any executive branch support from DOD, DHS,
Or DOJ in the form of law enforcement or National Guard.
They, in addition to that, refused additional support by the Capitol Police's own.
And then on top of that, I argue that they probably, they being Nancy Pelosi, Sergeant-at-Arms, and then other of their surrogates, were the ones that created the diversion at the DNC and RNC with the pipe bomb.
I have a very high level source that didn't want me to name who they are that can attest that what happened at the DNC, excuse me, at the RNC with the pipe bomb, guess what?
It was a total distraction diversion.
And again, I don't want...
I'll let them come out when they want to come out.
But I've been investigating this at that like big picture level and then framing it within the legal jurisdictional frame of how Nancy Pelosi could have conducted this in order to explain away all these different anomalies of Ray Abbs, John Sullivan, and some other folks that literally were pulled off of the FBI's most wanted list.
And I argue is because the FBI probably reached out
We're good to go.
It was, because Nancy Pelosi and her surrogates and her, I guess, progeny, if you will, yes, they participated in a coup on the constitutional order and we're starting to finally get to it.
They meant it to be much worse so they could trick more people to go in.
They had the fake Q people saying overthrow, kill everybody, arrest everybody.
That was a background noise.
And if the crowd would have bought into that, this could have been ten times worse.
That's why their scripts were so dire.
Pearl Harbor, you know, all the dead, everything.
Because it was supposed to be much worse.
It didn't happen.
They still had a script to follow.
They were all, within hours, the exact same script.
Yeah, absolutely.
That narrative.
Bottom line is what?
She essentially refused support, created the frame to divert half of the U.S.
Capitol Police down to the DNC and RNC pipe bomb.
Meanwhile, amidst all that, while they're getting kind of caught off guard trying to protect the Capitol, she has her agent provocateurs amidst that entire ecosystem to get up to the Capitol.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're going to finish up with Ivan Reikland and do one more segment with Gary McBride to get to the officer that we're always hearing about that tells us this official story that he's saying doesn't match up.
And then Jay Dyer is going to take over.
Owen Troyer, 3 p.m.
We'll be back tomorrow with a live showcase at 11 a.m.
General Flynn will be joining us live at noon tomorrow, Central Time, Infowars.com, port slash show, band dot video.
So Ivan, you were making a point when you got cut off by the break.
Yes, so basically what I'm getting at is that as the diversion was going on, we have the U.S.
Capitol Police, they form a line in that second breach area that was just mentioned with the video right there you got in front of us, and you can see that either Metropolitan Police Department or U.S.
Yes, sir.
Sure, watching this, you can see.
They shot the cops on purpose.
They didn't have a bunch of cops all miss and shoot the cops in the back.
And they didn't have guys up the scaffolding to stir the crowd up, shooting them for no reason, going outside training and policy.
You can see them poking the bear or throwing spikes in the back of the bull like a bullfighter does to get it riled up and out of its mind.
This is all Operation Matador.
Right, so we need to find out who did the smoke in terms of the signal, the red smoke signal.
Gary, if we can get to that, that would be a key indicator of who's involved in this.
And number two, who was the police officer that shot into the back of the
Anything else, Ivan?
No, I mean, there's a lot to talk about.
The bottom line is some of the key people that need to be investigated with this new House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight headed up by Barry Loudermilk, they need to focus on Nancy Pelosi getting all of her records, emails, phone calls, texts.
Her daughter, Alexandra Pelosi.
Her son-in-law, Michael Voss.
Her sergeant at arms at the time, Paul Irving.
The head of security at the RNC.
The head of security at the DNC.
The secret service agents that were there for Mike Pence.
Mike Pence needs to be questioned and investigated.
The secret service agents for Kamala Harris that were supposedly with her at the DNC at the time that those pipe bombs were dropped.
And Ivan, I totally agree with you.
And look at all the whistleblowing already happening.
From the FBI everywhere.
The Deep State's got to be scared because so much of this stuff's leaking right now.
I'd call this the season, the season of the leaks for the Deep State.
So earlier today I was up there in the House and Tom Massey had a subcommittee hearing.
Oh, absolutely.
Also the House Administration Committee on, Subcommittee on Elections, headed by, what's her name, Laurel Lee, who used to be the Secretary of State in Florida.
She's heading up the Elections Committee down there and I approached her afterwards and said, guess what, ma'am?
The January 6th joint session did not have a forum.
You might want to actually redo the joint session lawfully under the 12th Amendment.
By the way, I saw this.
There's a committee now to investigate January 6th committee.
Yeah, so these are the individuals that are going to be doing it.
Barry Loudermilk, Congressman Morgan Griffith, Congressman Despacito from New York.
I wrote a sub-stack specifically identifying who's who, as well as the staffers that are going to be involved, and I actually talked to them earlier today, and I get it.
They don't want to do it, but at the end of the day, we're going to push that.
All right, Ivan Reikland, we're out of time.
Ivan Reikland.
People can find your work on Twitter at Ivan Reikland and on sub-stack.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thanks Alex, appreciate you brother.
I'm going to say no.
Um in that video that I sent y'all they can find um on my rumble page on YouTube.
Um Fanon he's he's a complete liar and they want to talk about his book about hold the line his book should be titled told a lie because I can take what he wrote in his book I can take footage when he was on another show and his stories changed three times um about how he was dragged out of the tunnel
Um, he was not dragged out of the tunnel.
He walked out of the tunnel with somebody and the only true thing I want to put this point across, the only true thing Fanon said was, I've got hit.
He claims that they said take his gun, shoot him with his own gun.
That was not true.
It was true that they said take his gun.
The reason they said take his gun is because he is leaning over trying to unholster his gun.
Kyle Young went in and stopped him from unholstering his gun.
Kyle Young was sentenced.
He was found guilty for touching his wrist.
Kyle Young is a freaking hero because he kept known from shooting people that day.
When they take Fanon back to the police, I'm gonna be quick through this.
When they take him back up to the police, he acts like he passes out.
Um, there's nothing on the back of his neck that talks about where he got tased three times.
He got tased one time.
He's got a protective vest on with a high collar.
That's what the taser hit.
He's gonna feel a jolt.
It did not scar him like the pictures they just came out with a couple of months ago on the back of his neck showing scars on the back of his neck.
In this video, you'll see Fanon fall over when he acts like he passes out that shows his neck.
There's no marks on his neck, but now he has scars on his neck.
When they drag Fanon into the Capitol, into the West Tunnel, into the hallway, he's acting like he's passed out.
He is not passed out.
Matter of fact, the J6 committee, and I'd love to be a part of that investigation of the J6 committee, if you save time by bringing me on, because when they drag him off,
And they turn the corner, he opens his eyes, and he looks around and then closes his eyes again.
Now, I'm gonna jump a little bit further.
There's foot- and I show the footage in my video.
When he gets outside, remember, they said he had two heart attacks.
Tased in the back of the neck, kicked in the head, beat with flagpoles.
It's all BS.
The person, the cop that was drugged down the steps, head first, and it's an aerial picture, that's B.A.
Let me tell you this, B.A.
Miller has a body camera on.
There's no body camera footage of B.A.
As a matter of fact, when you look into it and you type his name in to the data where I got all this stuff, there's no B.A.
It's like he does not exist.
The reason he does not exist is they want you to think that's Fanone that was drugged down the steps headfirst.
It's not Fanone, people.
It's B.A.
Miller should have went to the Super Bowl, not Fanone.
It's a complete lie.
And right there, that picture right there, that was not B.A.
I mean, that was not Fanone.
That's B.A.
Um, I'm going to jump back real quick off the phone just for a second because you showed footage of Kyle Fitzsimmons' trial with Gunnell.
That image, that footage was manipulated.
Kyle Fitzsimmons had a white coat on with a black sleeve.
There's a person holding on to Gunnell's shield and that black sleeve turns white to make it look like it's Fitzsimmons and it's not.
I turned that footage over
To Natasha Taylor Smith, which was Fitzsimon's attorney.
She presented it in the court, submitted the two videos that I sent her.
The judge asked him where he got the footage.
It was sent to us last night.
He's going to come back with sentencing in two weeks.
It took him seven weeks and he found Fitzsimons guilty on all accounts.
He didn't take into effect that it was doctored.
The sleeves turned white.
Didn't take into effect that Gannell lied on the stand by saying he had my shield and it tore my shoulder.
I had to have shoulder surgery.
I can't be a cop no more.
Natasha nailed Ganell on the stand and said, he does not have a hold of your show, does he?
Is it your shoulder strap?
Ganell just goes, okay, whatever.
I guess it was my shoulder strap.
And the biggest thing is the footage that you have, the raw footage, first of all, they put in court of them glitching it out when it shows Ray Epps giving the orders for the breach.
All right, we'll talk again soon.
Thank you so much for the time, Gary McBride.
Thank you sir.
Signed copies and unsigned copies of my book, The Great Reset in the War with the World.
That's how you fund the operation.
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Welcome to the Fourth Hour.
This is your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Thank you.
I wanted to talk about dialectics and understanding the manipulation of dialectics.
You know, we saw today or yesterday in the recent release of the newest batch of the Twitter files that there's this collusion between NGOs, between private self-appointed authorities,
Between intelligence agencies, so called, that are there to really shut down any critique, any dissension.
And we knew that this was going on for a long time, but now it's completely vindicated with these Twitter files.
And I think that the key here is to understand that this control system isn't new and it's something that has existed for a long time.
And there's certain ways that the control system works that are so crucial to understand that we often forget.
And that is controlled opposition and controlled dialectics.
Controlled dialectics is itself an older Marxist idea that actually goes back to ancient Greece and ancient pagan religions.
So, you've heard me probably talk about Plato's Republic, right?
Plato's Republic is about this idea of setting up the perfect utopian city-state.
Now, I don't think in Plato's mind he thought he could really set up a utopian city-state.
But he thought that you could try to shoot for that with a form of a mix of kind of authoritarianism with the philosopher king at the top, a degree of kind of communitarianism or communism in the middle, and then a large working base at the bottom of the pyramid.
And so there's a famous document from the Cold War that harkens back to this, believe it or not, that is kind of forgotten.
And it's a document that deals with an interrogation of a Trotskyite Marxist.
Under the Stalinist regime, under the NKVD, so two branches of Marxism that are kind of battling amongst themselves.
And there was a guy named Christian Murkowski who was a Bulgarian socialist who was then eventually brought into the high levels of the Communist International to be a spokesperson, so to speak, at different levels and as an ambassador to other countries and whatnot.
And he got arrested at one point and he's part of the trial of the 20, right?
There's these 20 figures underneath the Stalin regime where Stalin purged a bunch of the Trotskyites.
And if you don't know, there was these internal battles and struggles within the history of Marxism, Communism, Socialism, for who would be really the face of Communism?
Who would run this system?
Who would be the power?
Would it be the so-called pure classical Marxist, the true Marxist, or would it be this new kind of Stalinism, which is very centralized in the sense of like a dictator and all that?
And Stalin realized that the policies of the Bolsheviks, for example, were pretty disastrous.
Now, Stalin, I think, was a tyrant and a monster.
He was a terrible person.
But he realized that these really wild policies of the Bolsheviks that we kind of see in today's Antifa-style stuff, that it was totally destructive, that it wouldn't work.
So, he tried to scale back some of that and have just a total dictatorship.
And so, as a result of this, there was a lot of former Marxists who were mad at him, right?
There was a lot of Trotskyites,
There's a lot of Leninists and so forth, Mensheviks, Bolsheviks, that were mad at Stalin, so they kind of went to war, and then Stalin purged them, and there's a wild testimony from one of those guys that he interrogated.
Don't go anywhere, this is the Alex Jones Show, I'm your host, Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, we're talking about the interrogation of the agent of Trotsky, the figure of Rakovsky, who was interrogated under the NKVD, under Stalin.
And it's a kind of a speculative text.
We don't know 100% if this is totally accurate, because of course it comes out of the period of the Stalinist regime.
But it is one piece of evidence that actually supports the thesis of both Quigley and Professor Anthony Sutton that we've covered for so many years over here.
So the thesis deals with whether or not Marxism-Socialism is a real organic movement, or whether it's kind of something propped up from the outside.
And the reason that I'm talking about this is that when we understand the dialectics of the Cold War, that Manichaean pitting of East against the West, which was engineered at a higher level by very powerful Western industrialists, corporatists and banking interests, then we can begin to understand how the system that we live in today is a circle in which we're in a control back and forth, kind of like a kind of like a pong match, ping pong, right?
And you're only allowed to discuss topics within this predefined circle.
And there's also a text that's pretty well known that's very closely related to this idea, which is the book Fire in the Minds of Men by James Billington.
And in Fire in the Minds of Men, it's a treatise on the history of French revolutionary Marxist socialist ideas.
And he was not a conspiracy guy.
He was the Librarian of Congress.
So he was actually a scholar and he was a big supporter, a big fan of this idea of the history of revolutionary thought from the French Revolution up till today.
And then, and sort of how it culminated up into the Bolshevik Revolution.
So, he begins his book of the French Revolution, then he ends it with the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, and then into the Stalinist period.
So, revolution in this system is based on the idea of dialectics, the idea that everything in life is a black and white, yes, no, yin-yang, push-pull situation.
And it's fundamental also to Darwinism that the survival of it is that this power struggle is something that is fundamental and inherent to the existing order.
And that's itself what propels progress in this order.
That's how we get to the higher stages.
And so it's called in this situation, for example, esoteric Marxism.
In the interrogation, we have this discussion going on where the figure of Rakowski is being interrogated by the NKVD and he says, you guys don't really understand Marxism.
Marxism is much more than an economic system.
It's a lot more than some kind of theory about modes of production and who owns the means and modes of production.
He says it's not primarily a social justice phenomenon.
This verbiage and this idea might have been used or attached to Marxism over the years, but that's not primarily what it's about.
He says, and you guys have corrupted true Marxism, you Stalinists.
And he says that we will have the ultimate victory because we know the long game plan.
And this really takes the interrogator, the guy named Gabriel, for a bit of a surprise.
What do you mean you're going to win in the long run?
He says, well, because I know who's really running this.
He says, who's really running it?
What do you mean?
He says, well, you have to understand what Marxism is, what socialism ultimately is.
He says it is not about fixing economic systems and injustices.
He says, ultimately, it's a kind of religion.
Now, he says it's not a religion in the sense that we believe in, you know, supernatural powers.
But he says it's a religion that's at a commitment to a single idea, which is revolutionary dialectic, which is the end goal.
So there's not necessarily a utopia at the end.
Marx talked about the possibility that there could be a utopia or something like that and the withering away of the state.
But he says there's not really any guiding necessary principle that we will necessarily get to a utopia.
It might end in a collapse.
It might end in chaos.
Who knows?
But he says that our commitment is to revolution.
And he says everything else serves revolution.
So it's revolution even against revolution ultimately.
That's it.
And he says, and that's the great mystery and the acceptance within Marxism of contradiction.
So a lot of us out here who argue online or whatever, we get into discussions with family members, whoever, that are liberal or whatever, that are committed to Marxism.
Now, those are low-level Marxists.
They don't really understand what this is about, but they do kind of, they unconsciously imbibe this idea that the antithesis to the thesis, thesis, antithesis, synthesis, right?
Is it self-contradictory, but necessary?
And so, Rakowski, that's being interrogated, says to the NKVD guy, he says, don't you understand that we couldn't have Marxism-Socialism without the economic misery and chaos?
He says, how would people turn to Marxism if they didn't believe that the existing system was a huge injustice?
And the guy says, okay, well, that's fair enough.
Sure, that kind of makes sense.
And he says, but I'm going to go even further because
We believe that we must increase the chaos, the collapse, the destruction.
And he says, we must do that, especially on the working class, because that's what furthers our movement.
And he says, wait a minute, so you're saying that you want worse situations for the workers?
He says, absolutely, because that's what drives them to revolutionary action.
And he says, well, okay, maybe that makes sense.
I guess you could say that's a pragmatic goal here, but
I thought we were here to kind of fix the problems of the world.
And he says, no, no, no.
Do you understand?
He says, what do you think revolution is?
And he says, I don't know.
It's guys on the ground that, you know, want to fight against injustice.
And he says, who do you think funds those people?
And the NKVD guy says, well, I guess, you know, they raise money.
I don't know.
They get money from people who want to support them and agree with them.
He says, no.
They get money from very powerful industrialists.
And banking houses that want to see the collapse, that want to see the falling apart of the situation, the strikes, the hunger, the starvation, the misery, because that leads to the synthesis.
So everything in Marxism is dialectical thesis versus antithesis, and then you get the synthesis out of that.
So it's a technique.
It's a method for producing the results one wants.
And you produce those results by intentionally causing the opposition to your position.
And that sounds so mysterious.
That's in Marxism, everywhere.
In fact, Marx, as we know, created his own secret society.
And he did that because the Marxist before him, back to the French Revolution, the Robespierre's, these kinds of figures, the Adam Weishaupt's, right?
If you didn't know, Adam Weishaupt was a communist.
And the idea here was we don't just have a secret society where we push this.
He says we also want to intentionally cause the reaction against us.
We want the reaction.
We want the opposition.
And we want to make things worse because that's what furthers revolution.
Because it is, according to Rakofsky and according to other people who've written on this, like Gary North, a religion of revolution.
In fact, the Billington book is called The Revolutionary Faith.
It is faith in constant, perpetual revolution.
And that's the one famous work, I think, if I recall, from Trotsky, right?
Perpetual, permanent revolution.
So it's a never-ending revolution.
Every generation of Marxists even destroys the previous generation of Marxists because that's the necessary logic of continual revolution.
I'm not saying that today we're run by Marxists, okay?
We're run by the Fortune 100, etc., who have adopted a synthesized view, something closer to Fabian Socialism, but we get an insight into, in this interrogation back in the 1930s, or 20s or 30s, whatever it was, 1938 interrogation, that
That Marxism was already beginning to be seen and understood as something that necessitated monopoly capital.
And when we come back, we're going to get into the interrogation where he actually says that monopoly capital is the necessary dialectical opposition to true Marxism, which furthers the revolution.
And it is, in fact, the capitalist, the monopoly capitalist, he says, who will hand the victory over to us in the distant future.
But literally, he says that we I know this because I know the people that are running Marxism.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
And so here we see that the contradictions that are evident within Marxism are admitted by alleged high-level Marxist operatives.
Now, we know this was a high-level socialist Marxist guy, but whether he was in on the inner-inner party is the claim of Rakowski himself.
The thing that's fascinating to me is that much of his claims are backed up by other independent researchers that are in the West, right?
So we have Quigley and Sutton who Quigley writing, of course, in Tragedy and Hope and in other writings as a defender of this model in this system.
And then we have Sutton as somebody who was an economist who stumbled upon this information and became more of a critic.
The question is then whether this information is valid.
We can't ultimately know in terms of this interrogation because certainly anything that Stalin lets out is going to be probably amenable to the Stalinist regime.
Or if the story is true that this kind of leaked, who knows.
Prokofsky says that really Marxism was run by an international inner clique of people who understood that revolution is a powerful tool for reorganizing and changing and restructuring society.
And he says that monopoly capitalism eventually saw that it needed Marxism, that it would be a good tool to have as a managed dialectic.
And so his interrogator, the NKVD guy, says, what?
That's insane.
That's too crazy.
There's no way that it's that, quote, conspiratorial, because why would capitalists fund their enemies?
And he says, well, they would fund enemies, not just to control them.
But he says, if you think about it, how is the whole modern world built?
And he says it's built on fiat money printing.
He says the whole Federal Reserve System, right?
Which is a creation of the Milner-Fabian-Socialist clique that we've been lecturing through recently.
And the NKVD's guy says, yeah, maybe that's the case.
And he says, well, don't you understand and don't you agree as a Soviet person that international money is, in your view, a problem, right?
And he says, yeah, sure, that's what's running the world.
That's who funds Tiny Mustache Man, our enemy.
And the bourgeoisie nations in the West, they're the enemy of the Soviet empire.
And he says, you have it all wrong.
You have a very low-level understanding.
He says, the revolutionaries, originally, were the people who figured out how to do Federal Reserve-style money printing.
He says, what?
He says, yeah, remember when I was asking you about who funds the Marxists and the revolutionaries?
He says, it's very wealthy people.
He says, do you imagine that they're idiots, or do you imagine that they are intelligent people?
He says, they're not idiots.
They figured out how to game the whole world, basically.
And how to achieve through money printing, through fiat debt system and debt bubbles, how to run the world.
And he says that that's the real purpose of Marxism.
He says Marxism has as its end goal the establishment of total domination and total control by this inner clique.
That's it.
That's its end goal.
It's not an end goal of setting up a truly just, equitable, you know, social just
Fair system.
It is a system of control.
And he says that I can give you plenty of examples that show this.
He says, for example, think about the three levers according to classical Marxism of the revolution.
He says there's economics, war, and there's the workers, the proletariat.
He says, aren't these the three basic levers?
And I think he says Lenin's three levers or something like that.
And the NKVD guy says, yeah, sure, that makes sense.
What about it?
He says, well, do you think that the workers control either of these three levers?
Do the workers control economics?
Do they?
Do they control the printing and issuance of currency?
He says, do the nation states control the printing and issuance of currency?
And he says, what happens anytime the nation state decides to start printing and issuing its own currency and not private international elites?
He says, well, uh, that becomes a problem.
Yeah, exactly.
Because this allows through inflation and through the running up of the month, through the running of the money printer, the money printer go brr, right?
This allows them to buy up the real assets, the real wealth.
And I confirmed that that's in Quigley's Tragedy and Hope in the first 200 pages.
He says that this is the system that was set up post-Enlightenment based on
The gold certificates, gold notes.
You print more gold notes than there is gold in the reserves, right?
And that allows you to control and manipulate the currency.
You can control and you can expand and contract the amount of the currency that's out there.
Inflation, deflation, etc.
And by doing that, you can lend out, right?
At extensive interest rates.
And it allows you eventually to control everything.
So he goes back to saying, well look, so do the workers control any of that?
No, of course not.
He says, okay, so the workers don't control that.
Private, international, economic, industry elites control that.
He says, number two is war.
He says, did the proletariat control or begin wars?
Was it the political elite?
He says, even if it was the political elite to start a war, where does the funding come from for a war?
Doesn't it take a lot of money to have a war?
Yeah, exactly.
And then he says, the workers, he says, so the proletariat don't control the war machine.
And he says, the workers themselves, do the workers control the workers?
Do they organize mass work strikes?
Do they really control the unions?
Maybe at one time, a long time ago, but not by the 30s and 40s, they didn't control unions.
Those were eventually bought up.
He says, so this shows you that the three levers of revolution are actually run by very wealthy, powerful people.
And he says that you can look at certain historical events like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he says, basically by British intelligence and British intelligence using these people, their Marxist assets and allies and various, I know in that case it was the Black Hand, but that was organized, he says, by these Fabian socialist elites in the UK to kick off World War I because they wanted war.
He says, in fact, war is revolutionary.
War is part of the revolutionary program, and that's why Marxism has this history of sort of, you know, this symbology and imagery of red as in blood.
War, right?
Red is a Martian color, Mars, right?
And so red communism, red Marxism is a war revolutionary based society or, excuse me, system.
And he says that ultimately this revolution is even destructive of many of those in our ranks.
He says, if you look at the French Revolution, when the revolutionaries came to power, the first thing they did was kill a bunch of the revolutionaries.
And he says, this is always the case because they serve other ends.
And basically, he says, there's dupes.
Dupes within the system of Marxism-Socialism serve the system because they think they're serving something to bring about social justice or whatever, right?
The low-level Marxists.
And even, he says, people in secret societies who were sort of roped into serving
The Socialist Revolutions in the last, you know, couple centuries.
He says they were some of the first people to be killed off.
He says Woodrow Wilson, for example, was utilized by Colonel Edwin Mandel House and some of our assets in order to help set up this Federal Reserve System, which he says is revolutionary.
And this is what really blows the mind of his NKVD interrogator.
He says, you're telling me that the Federal Reserve
And he says, and that's why we had to, for example, get rid of certain countries that were, that didn't have this model.
He says the fall of the Tsar, for example, was key.
He says the establishment of Federal Reserve Banks in other countries was key.
And he says we even utilize a lot of the Masonic societies just as our tools to bring about revolution, especially in the 1800s and in the 1900s.
And so he says that this whole model of nationalism has to be done away with.
And he says that that's because the true model here of internationalism is really just a program to level, consolidate wealth, and transfer it offshore.
And that's exactly what Sutton and Quigley say.
And this is the dialectic that I've been speaking of.
That's presently the system that we live in.
Not primarily classical Marxism, but a system that is big capital,
Fortune 100, etc.
that utilizes these principles to control people within a managed dialectic.
And you can't step out of the controlled fake left-right or the controlled conservative versus liberal dialectic because it's they set the parameters of what's allowed.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
If you remember back to the time of Plato, if you've heard my Plato Lectures, and if you go to my website or my YouTube channel, you can find them on Plato Lectures.
You can also go to Bandot Video, and if you search my name, you'll find the last two years of all the information and lectures that I've done in the last two years over there at Bandot Video.
We've covered Plato's Republic in depth, and Plato said that the way the system needs to work is that you have basically an inner secret society that publicly lies and publicly gives out disinformation and false stories.
What he called the noble lie amongst other lies, and he says that this is the best way to control the system.
It has to be run this way because that's just the nature of the beast, he says.
And so the Marxists and the Socialists, when they were forming their early communities in the time of the French Revolution, who, by the way, they got support even at that time from very wealthy, powerful elites, including even the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie.
They supported a lot of these revolutionary movements.
Even at that time, they consciously adopted the Pythagorean and Platonic secret society model, saying that they would have to hide their designs because their designs are so revolutionary, so wild.
I'm good.
But the same idea, which is a radical feminism, a radical liberty, equality, fraternity doctrine of the Jacobin socialist Marxist, continued on in various secret societies.
And we see it pop back up with Marx.
We see it pop back up with people like Giuseppe Mazzini.
We see it pop back up with people like Antonio Gramsci.
But those are just sort of the public faces and pushers of Marxism and socialism.
And they are conspirators.
And they are involved in a lot of secret societies and machinations and intrigues, but they're not the ones really hoisting the system upon the whole world.
And that's the key revolution here.
The key idea to understand about revolution is that it's not primarily those people on the ground.
It's people like David Rockefeller, who says in his memoirs that he was so happy to go into communist China right before, I think, right before Nixon did, or right around that time.
He said because that allowed Chase Bank to be the only and the first bank in Communist China.
And in 1979 he writes an essay for the New York Times from a China travel explaining how he was so glad to see the success of that revolution.
And how Maoism is a amazing and excellent experiment for the future of humanity.
That's just one example amongst many.
American Industrial Corporation, right, is another example that funded the Bolsheviks and gave them money.
USAID was used to funnel money to the Bolsheviks and to Trotsky.
Trotsky was especially the one that got most of the money.
And it was, in fact, Trotsky, according to Rakovsky, who was the real star of the early revolution.
Even Lenin was kind of upstate or not the real ideal that they wanted.
And then Stalin arose as the sort of chief or henchman to Lenin and then he came to power and that's why he had to get rid of Trotsky is because apparently Stalin found out that Marxism was already under the control of this.
And so he thought, well, I'll just run this thing and I'll make myself the dictator.
And we've seen that in so many cases of, you know, tyrants, puppets, dictators who've been supported by the West.
We think of Noriega, we think of bin Laden, we think of
Gaddafi, right?
You get supported by the West and then eventually you get tossed aside, you're no longer needed.
And that might be because you've expired, you've run your course, they don't need you anymore.
It could be because you are not doing everything you're supposed to do.
There could be many reasons why you're dispensed with.
But that dispensing is something that's key to the history of revolutions who are funded by the wealthiest people out there.
And so this is just really blowing the mind of the NKVD interrogator.
He just can't understand this.
He senses, though, that it seems to be consistent.
It actually makes sense.
But he says that it's just really hard to believe that, you know, people, nobody's really understood.
He's like, oh, it's not nobody that hasn't understood.
This is a lot of people have understood this.
And he says that when they do understand it, he says that that's when it's time to, for example, if they're a dictator or a leader that understands it, that's when it's time to dispense with them.
He says, for example, the people that I serve, he says these industrialists and these banking elites, he says they set up and promoted Hitler.
And the NKVD guy says, what?
Why would they promote that guy?
That's who we're fighting against in the Soviet Union.
And he says they want the war.
They want the war against the Soviet Union because ultimately this war exhausts all of these powers and only hands more power to this elite.
And he says that we must have our dialectical opponent.
Tiny mustache man, Hitler.
Hitler must be supported.
And if you read quickly, I think it's page 1059 in Tragic Hope, he says that Alan Dulles used to work for the Schroeder Bank, which is the bank that funded Hitler's rise.
Schroeder Bank with the Bank of England funded the rise of Hitler.
Tragic Hope, page 1059.
And that's exactly what Rutkowski says.
Now, he doesn't say Schroeder Bank, but he just says that the same people behind internationalism are the same people behind Tiny Mustache Man and your revolution, ultimately.
And so some people theorize, again, we don't know this is true, it's a lot of speculation, but some people theorize, and actually, in Tragedy and Hope, Quigley says that this is what actually kicks off the Cold War, is that Stalin didn't want the Marshall Plan aid
Because he thought perhaps that this was an attempt to control and manipulate him.
Now, he was helped and propped up as well, right?
From the West, and we know that from Sutton's work also.
But one of the reasons for the Cold War, even according to Quigley, was that there was this struggle for control of international socialism.
Would it be the Trotsky-Lenin types, or would it be the
The Soviet-style Russian National Socialism, or what he calls National Communism.
He says the only difference between Hitler and Stalin is that Hitler is National Socialism and Stalin was National Communism.
But they're both essentially control systems that are exported by the West.
And he says that it doesn't matter to us because he says we can have these systems bump up against each other and go to war because that only benefits the revolution.
He says the war is revolutionary.
And so he says that if you understand this you understand it all because you understand that the elite need their opposition and they need it to go to war because that's the best way to fund and promote
They're ultimate designs, which are total control.
And war is also a great way to make money.
And he says that, did you imagine that the people that run the planet don't know how to make money?
He said, do you imagine the people that figured out all of this, that they don't know how to steer and manipulate coups and revolutions and fascism and socialism and democracy and all this kind of stuff?
He says all of these systems will ultimately die, even the secret society system, he says, because it will give way to our end goal.
And he doesn't exactly say what the end goal is, other than he says things like total control.
And that's essentially where we are now, which is the technocratic era.
And I was thinking as I was reading this that, you know, he locates the essence of the power in this system, not in media or in government, but in the money printing.
And if we think about what's going on right now in cryptocurrency, for example, in my view, Bitcoin is the superior form of money.
It is ethical money.
It actually, if you think about it, solves a lot of these problems.
Now, there's nothing that's absolutely perfect in the world.
And it's very early in terms of Bitcoin.
So Bitcoin is volatile because it's in that early phase.
But a lot of things that are new, if you look at the early phases of Amazon stock, it was very volatile.
It had collapses before it rose to high levels of prominence.
But you'll notice that whether it's Hillary or whether it's Bill Gates or whether they all talk about how they don't like Bitcoin.
If you look at Klaus and World Economic Forum, he says, oh, I like the things like the Cardano.
I like the things like the Solana.
We like the things like the Ethereum.
Because those are all centralized.
And the difference with Bitcoin is that it's not centralized, it's decentralized.
And it's based on math.
You can't inflate it.
It has a limited supply.
Only 21 million ever will be printed.
Or minted or mined, you should say.
Printed or minted in the sense of comparing it to the older system.
So, I mean, doesn't that kind of show that if you understand that and if you go listen to the lectures and the talks of Michael Saylor, for example, the MicroStrategies CEO who really invested everything he had and even took out loans to go into Bitcoin so heavily.
Billions of dollars into Bitcoin.
You know, he goes into the depths of discussing this, explaining how this system of energy storage, money is really just a way to store energy over time.
He says that that's the great innovation of Bitcoin is that it solves and it goes against what this system represents.
This system represents a manipulation and control mechanism where a centralized private elite group can inflate or deflate or destroy your currency at will.
And he says that Bitcoin represents an international math-based system that can't be inflated or destroyed at will because it's decentralized.
It's the very opposite.
So that's ethical, that's just.
This system is not ethical, not just.
And the high-level Marxists themselves say that.
It is intended to destroy because the destruction of economics is what leads to the technocratic socialist endgame.
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