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Name: 20230308_Wed_Alex
Air Date: March 8, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics in an InfoWars podcast including the reduction of maximum penalties for offenses like murders and homicides, media coverage of crime and race, Biden's digital central bank plan, the January 6th events, tax-related issues such as cryptocurrency ownership, inflated 1099s from the IRS, and the importance of having a tax lawyer to negotiate taxes legally.

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The Deep State muscled in and put incredible pressure on Tucker, who was bringing the goods yesterday.
What he told me.
And I know what they've got.
And it was going to devastate the system.
Because just the footage we have is the federal informants and provocateurs staging it, attacking, and their own text messages that came out in the January 6th Commission saying they orchestrated the attacks, like Ray Epps.
But Tucker has the HD of the feds inside, opening the doors, bringing the people in.
And he focused on the lies on Monday night.
He focused on a lot of other stuff last night, like Capitol Police and how they basically were stood down.
That was important.
It's groundbreaking.
And by what he's done is make it the main focal point of discussion, the top story in the United States the last three days.
And so that's bringing forward all the research and news that's already there that proves this was a provocateur staged synthetic event.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
I did talk to the team and we have a couple of things that I just want to lay out for
all of you and on what the DC bill does.
It reduces maximum penalties for offenses like murders and other homicides, armed home invasion burglaries, armed carjackings as I mentioned, armed robberies, unlawful gun possession and some sexual assault offenses.
And together we're saying loud and clearly that in America Hate and extremism will not prevail, although they are rearing their ugly head in significance now.
Although they are rearing their ugly head in significance now.
The issue that I don't cover enough because I know at one level it's just going to create division and that's not what we need.
We need to all love each other.
But you can't address a problem if the corporate media continues to cover it up and censor those that expose it.
Every time I hear about a mass shooting or some big death, and I notice that they have the suspect in custody, they won't ever show the picture.
I go, well, I know why.
I know why this story is going to go away real quick, because it's not a white person.
So it isn't about demonizing the black people that a small minority of them are committing the disproportionate majority of these types of violent crimes.
It's about not letting the justice department, since Biden got in two years ago, joining the whole Hollywood ADL narrative that white people are the most vicious, out of control criminals everywhere.
Officials say that Peyton Gendron, a white 18 year old man.
This hateful act and other similar hateful acts across the country.
Motivated by white supremacy.
A white supremacist who has engaged in an act of terrorism.
It's not fair to lie about white people as a group and say we're bad terrorists and then cover up young black males committing the majority, the majority of violent crime.
And most black males don't do that.
And they're hardworking good people.
They don't deserve it.
Who walked into your business and set that place on fire?
What would you tell them?
Put yourself in our shoes.
You know, this could be one of your family members.
This could be your mom, your dad, your uncle, your brother or sister.
You know, this could be one of your family members that had their own business that was burned down to the ground.
Just like white people don't deserve to be blamed for what some other white person does.
But when a white person goes out and commits a mass shooting, you don't ever stop hearing about it forever.
And how all white people and how all gun owners are collectively to blame.
Why is America 30% white guys and 70% of the shootings in the last many decades have been at the hands of white guys?
I'm not saying we should racially profile white guys, but I do think it's interesting to note that had the shooters, had 70% of mass shooters been, let's say, Arabs or African-American men, I think the conversation right now would be a very different conversation.
That's preposterous.
Three killed, a mother, a nine-year-old, and a news camera person.
And as soon as it didn't say what the person's race was, I knew it was not a white person.
Sure enough, I put the shooter's name in.
It's a young black man.
So in less than two years, 18 and 19, he's 19 and a half.
He's got a big old giant armed robbery crime rap sheet.
And he's on the streets because of these Soros prosecutors.
And then he goes and kills people who are totally innocent, including a nine-year-old girl and a camera person.
Who responded to another shooting in the area.
Hell, he'll probably be out in five years!
All because he's, quote, black.
By the way, the shooter in Florida a few years ago that shot all those people at that public school, because his last name was Cruz, he was adopted, he was white.
Because his last name was Cruz, despite a rap sheet, again, about two inches thick, of violence and robbery and death threats.
He was released with no time served because his last name was Cruz by the minority quote reform program in Florida and carried out in Broward County so he could go kill all those people.
And the left knows exactly what they're doing.
They always accuse you of the very things they're doing themselves.
If there's one rule you can keep on your fridge, write it down, put it in your wallet to evaluate the behavior of the people in charge, it's that.
They blame you for their sins every single time.
So, if you ever get in trouble and you're white, dis-identify as black or hispanic and
you can get out of jail free.
[Sounds of a car crashing]
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, and we always have vital news and
information to cover, but today is particularly key.
So many massive things have come to a head.
I'm going to be listing all of those.
Biden has officially rolled out The National Plan for the Digital Central Bank Digital Currency Slave Grid.
The Chinese social credit score, the whole nine yards.
We're going to be looking at that.
It is so important.
We also have Senator Rand Paul and others calling for criminal charges against Fauci.
He's been caught red-handed.
Covering up gain of function and development of COVID-19.
Massive, massive news.
More Antifa attacks around the country.
A high-level former Clinton operative and current Clinton and Obama operative dies in another very mysterious way.
There is so much we're going to get to here today, but the first thing I want to hit is January 6 of Tucker Carlson.
This is much bigger than January 6.
It's much bigger than Tucker Carlson.
It's bigger than the federal government using Jan 6 to brand all populist or conservative or Christian or nationalist movements as terrorist.
It's about the end of free speech and the First Amendment in this country and the murder of common sense.
They're all over the news saying Tucker Carlson's rewriting history.
Well, yeah, if the history is written falsely, and then you make new discoveries, whether they're archaeological or in the current time, documentary evidence, you change the history, just like science changes as they learn more and more and as it develops and unfolds.
Now look, I talked to Tucker Carlson, and I'll leave it at that.
And I talked to some of his crew, I'll leave it at that.
Some of the crew was here two weeks ago.
And the one big rule about Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club.
And the other big rule about Fight Club is you don't talk about Fight Club.
I talk to Joe Rogan basically every day.
Don't really ever talk about it or get into it.
Because those are personal relationships and I know what happened last night on Fox News.
It's a big deal.
But I purposely made the decision to not ask Tucker about it.
That way I don't violate.
Any of his work he's doing because I'm going to give him a chance to respond to what's happened in his own voice.
But I did know what happened last night watching the show because I know how the show is produced.
I know what was reportedly going to be on there last night and it wasn't there.
So I made some phone calls.
And not to Tucker, and I confirmed that indeed what I thought was going on was going on.
Steve Bannon figured it out, too.
I'll be on his show tomorrow morning talking about this, and he contacted his sources and confirmed.
So I really wasn't going to talk about this, but Cheryl Atkinson, very respected investigative journalist, has talked to her sources and confirmed it, so they call this parallel construction.
Instead of getting it directly from Tucker, because I don't want to really violate our friendship like that, I don't want to leave him and his show production alone, I went ahead and got it from other people.
And it's just, it's outrageous.
And that's all I can say.
It's huge.
And it really is emblematic of the war going on in this country and just how serious and intense it is if somebody like Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones or Sheryl Atkinson is going to put it all on the line to bring you the truth, what ends up happening to them.
But we saw one of the arch criminals, Shucky Schumer, get up there yesterday on the Senate floor and say, listen to me, Murdoch, we're going to destroy Fox News.
It's like he told Trump, we're going to destroy you using the deep state, the intelligence agencies, if you don't shut Tucker down and not let him air what he's about to air tonight.
Because you know they got his phones tapped.
You know they're spying on Carlson.
There's no way he can run his show out of DC or New York.
That's why he runs it out of Florida and Maine.
And I'm not going to get into all the inside baseball about this today.
I'm going to cover it at the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to cover some other news before then.
And then I'm going to cover what's really going on at the bottom of the hour.
But here's the bottom line.
The Deep State muscled in and put incredible pressure on Tucker, who was bringing the goods yesterday.
What he told me.
And I know what they've got.
And it was going to devastate the system.
Because just the footage we have is the federal informants and provocateurs staging it, attacking, and their own text messages that came out in the January 6th Commission saying they orchestrated the attacks, like Ray Epps.
But, Tugger has the HD of the feds inside, opening the doors, bringing the people in.
And he focused on the lies on Monday night.
He focused on a lot of other stuff last night, like Capitol Police and how they basically were stood down.
That was important.
It's groundbreaking.
And by what he's done is make it the main focal point of discussion, the top story in the United States the last three days.
And so that's bringing forward all the research and news that's already there
that proves this was a provocateur staged synthetic event.
But the smoking gun information did not get out last night and you could see the production
where it was a bunch of filler and a bunch of other canned stories added
because the battle over what was going to air last night went on until very close to showtime.
And so this is really emblematic of the struggle of the American people, the people of the world, to know the truth.
I mean, this is footage that they wouldn't let people use in their trials, like Q Shaman, who was sentenced to four years in federal prison after spending a year and a half in jail.
That's almost six years.
For being led in by the police and led in and brought into the Senate chambers, and then he thanks them and says a prayer with them.
Maybe he gets a trespassing charge.
But they let him in.
I mean, they wouldn't let him have that in trial?
That's just one of the issues here.
And they have 40 plus thousand hours of footage.
Just the footage we have from outside and inside is incredible.
Footage our reporter Sam Montoya shot of the police officer executing Ashley Babbitt.
And he's been indicted for just being there.
So it's a huge war on free speech, and I've got a lot of thoughts and a lot of things to say, but here's what Steve Bannon had to say.
Cheryl Atkinson, the famous investigative journalist, said, "From what I can gather,
the plan to air more January 6th tape on Fox tonight changed. That must have been some
battle behind the scenes, but it should be addressed explicitly on the program rather than..."
Rather than just pretending to ignore it.
And... Steve Bannon says, Murdoch, shut Tucker down.
Now, it's up in the air right now, and I said I'd get to the bottom of the hour, but you know me, I never give you cliffhangers, I just tell you right up front, I can't help myself.
But there's a battle going on, and then Tucker at the end of the show last night said, with a super close-up, he never does that, he said, we're not stopping, this is gonna come out.
And I know Tucker well, this will get out one way or another or he'll leave Fox.
So, that's where we are.
By the way, Fox News needs Tucker Carlson.
Tucker Carlson doesn't need Fox News.
And that's why they have me platforming for the individuals like myself, who can be as big as Fox News at one point, without any help from the system.
And the power structure can't stay in its corrupt position if that's the case.
So that's where the revolution is right now.
And people are picking sides.
Looks like Elon Musk is picking our side.
All right, we're going to cover a ton of news today.
I'm going to come back and hit Biden and his big digital ID rollout, a la Mark of the Beast.
Then we'll get back into the situation with the January 6th suppression of the truth and the suppression of the press.
Stay with us.
There is a corporate revolution taking place across the world to totally enslave us every way they can.
And in the last three years, the Communist Chinese, the UN, and a group run by Bill Gates have put several billion dollars that we know of into an international UN consortium to create worldwide standards for a social credit score, for a vaccine passport, for a universal basic income platform.
That will operate under central bank digital currencies that track everything you spend, where it's spent, how it's spent.
They can be devalued.
They can be increased in value.
They can let you spend at one place but not another.
This is total slavery.
This is worse than being a prisoner.
And the European Central Bank, the UK Central Bank, which are all private, the private Federal Reserve, they've all been announcing In concert, that it's imminent that they're going to roll these out.
And many countries are already doing it.
The Biden administration calls for digital ID investment, public-private data sharing, collaboration.
Just like you saw with the COVID violating HIPAA and all the rest of it, sharing all your medical records and where you went and what you did, and getting all the companies to get on board, where you have to have a smartphone to even look at a menu in a restaurant.
That's all training you for this.
This is the final step.
This is the holy grail.
This is the coup de grace.
This is the creme de la creme of tyranny.
Article up on InfoWars.com.
And here is the National Cyber Security Strategy.
March 2023.
Now remember that June National Anti-Terrorism Strategy.
And if you read that strategy, it's now in effect.
White people are the main threat.
White supremacy is the most dangerous threat.
Totally made up.
And they've got to surveil you, and they've got to take your guns, and protesting open borders, or protesting election fraud, or lockdowns, or force injection is terrorism.
It's outlandish, but they're doing it.
And here's the National Cyber Security Strategy.
For your security, everything you buy and sell will be tracked by the IRS and other agencies in live time.
This is exactly what the communist Chinese have, where they're defined critical infrastructure, digital infrastructure.
So they centralize it, they harmonize it.
You've got to go read this for yourself.
All under the rubric of safety.
Shape market forces to drive security and resilience.
Yes, to fight climate change.
Deciding where you can spend your money and what's good for the earth and what's bad.
Oh, meat's gonna be taxed and plastics and then basically everything else when they're done with it.
But their companies Their operations, they're all going to be tax-exempt, just like Bill Gates' and Warren Buffett's operations are.
So, this is the mark of the beast.
It's all over if they get this in place.
And as usual, we're flat-footed on this, and there's almost no resistance to it.
Because people just can't believe it's happening, even though it's already happening.
There's some resistance forming, but it's not enough.
We need the state legislatures, we need Congress, we need the courts, we need the people.
If you think Big Tech's bad since during now, they are merging it.
Like splitting a card deck in two and then putting them back together again.
Or one big unified corporate fascist world government system with the communist Chinese and Bill Gates in the UN setting the standards that are being adopted?
And the Biden administration two years ago having their head of cybersecurity be the head of the new international conference that is developing the final regulations for this for a planetary worldwide system?
Just like Biden's former head of COVID response is now a chief of staff.
They are centralizing the control for the next rollout and the next pandemic, whether real or fake, they're going to be releasing and they're telling you is imminent.
At the same time, we now have the reportedly final draft of the UN World Medical Tyranny.
...treaty that sets up a biomedical police state worldwide to get rid of all your medical record privacy integrated into a worldwide database.
Corporations can openly share all your information and the UN says they will be in charge of pandemic response over your federal, state, and local governments when your government signs on to the treaty.
And Biden says he's not even trying to get the treaty ratified.
He's going to have it implemented through the CDC, and through the FDA, through the Department of Transportation, the Department of Defense, and 20 plus other agencies.
He announced that a month ago.
Remember the CDC a year and a half ago said, forget all rents during the lockdowns.
Rent, you don't have to pay it again.
And the federal court had to say, you can't pass a law without Congress passing it.
You can't forgive rents.
You just want a power grab.
It's not about helping poor people.
What happens when the people that own the property go bankrupt?
You'll owe nothing, you'll be happy.
There'll be no more cities, there'll be communes.
That's what they're bringing in.
And they mean business To do it.
So if you think things are bad now, if you think the world's hellish now, ladies and gentlemen, you've seen nothing yet.
Communist China has helped write the plan.
They developed the global QR code software it's based on.
It was adopted two years ago by the UN.
Bill Gates is spending billions pushing it with his tax-free money.
And now Biden's coming in saying it's a federal initiative to the federal bureaucracies to do this.
And let me tell you, when Obama, that's who he is, Obama's third term, when Obama's flesh puppet says jump, the federal agencies say, how high, master.
Everything they put in his new domestic terrorism directive in June, two years ago, almost two years ago, they've already done.
Biden actually tells the truth most of the time.
He says, hey, I get elected, immediately surge the border, border's wide open.
It is.
I get elected, I'm gonna go to war with Russia.
They are.
These people are madmen and women and Don't take it as weakness they can barely talk.
That Fetterman can't talk and the Vice President can hardly talk and Biden can hardly talk.
That's the sign of the strength of the deep state.
That they can put a mindless puppet in and still you feel like you can do nothing.
Total psychotic evil.
We're going to get into Tucker Carlson when we come back.
And the fact that the deep state is on the verge of collapsing.
When I said they're strong, their strength is our weakness.
The minute we become strong, they will fall.
It's us or them.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hated by tyrants, loved by the people.
We are the InfoWar.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Okay, let me try to judiciously go through what's really happening with Tucker Carlson.
He was set to deliver the goods last night.
On federal agents, provocateurs, in the crowd.
Ray Epps 2.0, Ray Epps 3.0, Ray Epps 4.0, up to Ray Epps 500.
I mean there was at least 500 of them there.
We know that.
That's come out.
But the specifics, the video, that's why the Deep State made major threats to Fox.
Senator Schumer, who's a main representative of the Deep State, went to the Senate floor and threatened Fox and said, we'll shut you down.
Massive pressure was placed and From the intel I've got, there's a whole internal fight going on about what is going to come out, and what was supposed to come out last night, and tonight and tomorrow got postponed.
If Tucker has his way, it will come out.
He said that at the end.
In fact, guys, go to the very end of Tucker's show last night.
I know we streamed it live, so we have a copy of it on Mandop Video, where he says, they want to stop this coming out, but I assure you it will come out.
And I believe Tucker.
He's hardcore.
He's awake.
The left admits it.
Tucker says it.
I helped wake him up in radicalizing.
He gets what's going on.
He's not going back.
He believes in the people.
And so I predict he won't be at Fox News in the near future if he's unable to put this out.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But that's speaking from my perspective.
I'm not speaking for Tucker.
Now Cheryl Atkinson from her sources says that there was a fight and they're trying to block the release.
Steve Bannon says Murdoch shut down Tucker.
They can basically see the same information with some of the same sources I have.
That said, this is again bigger than just January 6th.
They're branding the American people as terrorists officially using this event.
Maybe 50 people were violent?
A million plus showed up?
Maybe a thousand went in?
Brought in by the police, I tried to stop them.
But this is about the power of the system trying to gaslight us that it's rewriting history to show footage that shows they lied.
Well, yeah.
Rewriting history is not a bad thing when you find out the truth about history.
They famously had cases about 130 years ago at the turn of the century before last where they would create fake skeletons in digs in Africa and the U.S.
that were made up of pig bones and other things to say, oh look, we found the caveman.
It would be a big international story and the people would turn around with a skeleton making millions of dollars.
And then later it would turn out it was fake.
So history was rewritten to say that was fake.
But their cardinal rule is Never when the deep state's caught fabricating something, expose it.
No, Saddam did have WMDs.
Easter Bunny is real.
So that's where we are.
And speaking of that, I saw a compilation of this this morning, but it's like five minutes long.
Here's just one example.
But Chuckie Schumer, the Attorney General, Garland, all of them, I mean, they're just everywhere, like parrots with their new talking point.
Saying, Tucker's a liar.
He says nobody died that day.
Five police officers died that day.
Not one police officer died that day.
Not one police officer died from wounds of that day.
Five citizens, Trump supporters, died that day.
So they know it's out in the news that five died, so they conflate it thinking you won't go look it up.
It's an absolute fact that five U.S.
citizens, Trump supporters, died that day.
You know Ashley Babbitt, almost no coverage of the other four.
And so the Attorney General of the United States weighed in yesterday trying to get Tucker to not have his program.
Massive pressure.
Looks like it worked so far.
But the fight's on internally, I'm told.
And he said, Tucker says nobody died.
Well, five people died.
Five police officers.
No, that's a lie.
So that's the shell game they're playing.
And they think you're that stupid.
Now, obviously, as a populist, nationalist, 1776 audience that loves freedom, you're like, yeah, we know that's a lie.
But they're just trying to float it to those that don't really pay attention.
Kind of like people that still believe the vaccine is a vaccine or the vaccine works.
Like, well, it doesn't really protect you much, but it helps a little.
No, all the numbers show it hurts you way worse.
But the big lie is still, well, 99% effectiveness, 95% effectiveness, 82% effectiveness, 49% effectiveness.
And then finally, oh, it's just very effective.
So here's Merrick Garland.
This is just insane.
Saying five officers died.
Here it is.
You've seen some of that video.
What's your reaction to that?
So I don't want to comment on any particular reports.
I think all Americans saw what happened on January 6th.
And most of us saw it as it was happening.
It was a violent attack on a fundamental tenet of American democracy.
That power is peacefully transferred from one administration to another.
Over a hundred officers were assaulted on that day.
Five officers died.
We have charged more than a thousand people with their crimes on that day, and more than 500 have already been convicted.
I think it's very clear what happened on January 6th.
And Tucker's crime, as they say, on one officer died at the scene, his brains beat out, and they show him at the end of the day totally fine.
Now notice his mind control technique.
That's training.
That's sophisticated.
He said, I'm not going to get into the specifics because he's about to lie to you.
You know what you saw.
You saw it that day.
No, we saw you say that day five officers died.
That was the talking point within hours.
Five officers dead.
Five officers dead.
You know, I'm not going to get into specifics.
Don't read the fine print.
Five officers died that day.
You know what you saw.
You know what you saw that day, what they told you, that wasn't true.
He doesn't give the specifics.
He just says, you know.
Like Obi-Wan Kenobi.
How long you had these droids?
Um, you know, three seasons.
Hold on.
Stormtroopers, these aren't the droids you're looking for.
Move along.
Move along.
Merrick Garland.
You all know what you saw.
You all know what happened.
They killed five officers that day.
And it's not isolated.
I got a five minute compilation of them saying yesterday, Tucker is lying and saying no one died.
No, they killed five citizens.
No, he's not saying that.
He's saying five officers didn't die.
One didn't die that day.
One had a stroke the next day and died.
So again, that's the mind control that they think you're going to sit there and accept, and they can't have anybody challenging this false history or rewriting the history.
These are the same people that tell you two men can have a baby, and if a man gets convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old like just happened in England, and then he suddenly identifies as a woman, he can now be in the women's prison.
Because if you'll accept that murder of logic, they believe you will accept anything.
Now, Kevin McCarthy, I've got the clip right here, says he's going to release it to everybody soon.
He says, we're going to release it all soon.
That's the only way to do it.
It takes the heat off Tucker.
It's like WikiLeaks.
You can go download it for yourself.
Everybody can watch it for themselves.
Everybody can go through it themselves.
That is the answer.
People said, man, why does Tucker get it?
Well, he's so respected and is such a good guy.
And people say, well, why don't we all get it?
And I said last week, I said, careful what you wish for.
If they told me we're going to give you the 41,000 hours, I would say, let's give it to everybody.
Because the responsibility of that is so huge.
And whoever gets that is being handed a hand grenade.
But Tucker stepped up, he did it, and now they're coming in, putting major pressure on him.
We'll talk more about this and what it really signifies in some other clips that tie into it when we come back, but this is a big deal.
Why it's dangerous if you see what actually happened, just let us tell you what happened with our false narrative.
Band.Video, InfoWars.com, be part of the revolution.
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In George Orwell's 1984, he wrote, The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.
It was their final, most essential command.
George Orwell, 1984.
Don't look at the footage.
Don't rewrite history with the facts.
Anybody trying to show you the truth that they opened the doors up and brought in a bunch of nonviolent people is bad.
Don't let that information get out.
We'll be covering more of this here in just a moment.
But first, I want to challenge the listeners.
Ladies and gentlemen, you see that free speech is under unprecedented attack.
You see that the watering holes, the oases of truth are more vital than ever and people are coming for the truth, but the enemies of free thought and of a livable, good civilization are under attack.
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I thank you for your support.
All right.
What do you say about the Tucker Carlson thing?
It is so outrageous that he airs Monday's show, gets number one ratings, number one story, hundreds of millions of views online.
I mean, 10 million, 20 million, 10 million.
I mean, just on Twitter, it's like 20 million views, 1 million views, 3 million views, 5 million.
When I say 100 million, there's probably 100 million views of Tucker's report in different permutations or pieces on Twitter alone.
That's a guesstimation though, I mean, it's probably over a hundred million.
Number one story, changing the whole narrative, taking the ball away from the deep state, showing the truth, and then Tuesday he was going to drop a bomb on them.
Bring in the goods.
And then suddenly the pressure happens and we don't see the new footage.
He just recaps the previous night, but said they don't want you to see this, but I promise you, he said at the end, I promise you, We are going to bring it to you soon.
Here's a clip of what Tucker said last night.
Tonight, tomorrow we'll have more on what actually happened at the Capitol on January 6th.
They want us to shut up.
We won't.
And our conversation, an extended version of our conversation with actor and comedian and thinker, Russell Brand.
Have the best night with the ones you love.
We'll see you tomorrow.
So what happened is, Tucker in his contract, and I'll leave it at this, nobody knows this, took, except people at Fox, took a lot less money in his new contract a few years ago to have total freedom.
But then continually they say he has total freedom, but then they have clauses where they can still review things before he airs it.
So they're reviewing it, they're giving him a bunch of grief, they're all over his ass.
Will it be tonight?
Will it be tomorrow night?
Or will Tucker Carlson leave Fox News?
He's got that much integrity.
That's where we are.
But The information is devastating.
And the Deep State's obviously spying on him.
Hell, Fox gets to see what he's producing, so that's how the Deep State knew.
You had the Republican leadership come out against Tucker, other than Mitch McConnell.
You had, you know, the evil turtle, the Republican leader of the Senate, come out.
And say, oh, it's totally evil, the security of the deep state.
They've got cameras everywhere watching us.
They're in our phones.
They're surveilling us.
They've got all this footage of the Capitol.
And they go, oh, we can't show it to you.
And the Capitol Police actually told Tucker, no, just blur out this one door.
So Mitch McConnell says it was a mistake for Tucker Carlson to show January 6 footage the government fought to keep hidden.
Yes, so he could put out his anti-Trump, anti-American narrative.
Elon is a perfect reaction to Mitch's Rhino response on January 6th, pointing out that it's freedom to be able to see the footage and a good thing, and that this is basically tyranny.
And what's happening right now to Elon Musk?
We'll talk about this next hour.
Federal Trade Commission demands Elon Musk identify all journalists who had access to the Twitter files.
Well, under federal law, they can't even do that, but they're attacking journalists, but mainstream corporate media is just going along with it.
FTC investigation sought Elon Musk's internal communications journalist names.
Where's the press coming out against this?
Elon Musk accuses Biden of weaponization of government agency against him over Twitter files.
And what's he exposing?
Fauci censoring, Fauci covering up where the virus came from, blocking doctors, telling you about therapeutics.
Hell, they had the FBI in places like Florida and Michigan arrest medical doctors at clinics that own those IV clinics that are so great.
I'm not even a doctor.
I don't even like doctors.
I go get IVs every three, four months.
My wife gets them all the time.
They're incredible.
Go get a vitamin C, go get a I mean, I hate needles, but I'll soak me up.
It feels great.
I should go get one today.
But the point is, they said, oh, vitamin C is good to fight viruses.
Totally true.
Oh, vitamin D3 pills are good to fight viruses.
Oh, you're arrested.
You can't say that because Big Pharma didn't want you to know.
I saw the head of the EU say, we got to ban free speech because there were people claiming that there were sprays you could put on surfaces that kill COVID.
That's a lie.
Alcohol kills it.
In my bathroom, there's a big bottle of Lysol.
Will somebody run in there and get that for me?
It says on the back of Lysol, kills all viruses in seconds.
It does.
Sunlight kills them.
But they didn't want you to know that or think that.
Said, don't go to the beach.
It's worse in sunlight.
The virus attacks worse in sunlight.
But wear your mask while you're eating and then pull it down because the virus will respect you when you're eating and will not hurt anybody when you pull it down to eat.
All of it is insane.
We're going to come back, open the phones up, on the attack on free speech, on the suppression of January 6th, and where you think this is all going, Biden's rollout of the new global ID, because it is a global ID, he's rolling it out against us, and other topics.
I'll give the number out, it'll be on three or four topics I'm going to give you when we start the next hour.
Look forward to your calls today.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Now go get the new turmeric toothpaste right now, it's amazing.
Alex Jones, thank you for representing and being bold and everybody needs the support
on Infowarsstore.com You heard it from Michelle, everybody.
Go to Infowarsstore.com and buy something!
Alex, thank you for being so bold and talking about topics that are so secret, and I can't wait to interview you.
Inside Bohemian Grove, baby!
Everyone at Fight Club loves Alex Jones!
If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again.
Then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2.
We will bring an end to it.
But how will you do that exactly, since the project and control of the project is within Germany's control?
I promise you we'll be able to do it.
Tonight, sabotage at sea.
That's what President Biden is calling the leaks and explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines.
Like a boiling cauldron, the busy Baltic Sea bursting with gas from ruptured Russian Nord Stream reinforced pipelines.
First on CNN, sources telling us that European security officials observed Russian Navy ships earlier this week in the vicinity of those leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines that were likely caused by underwater explosions.
Here's what we know.
We know that Russian support ships, Russian Navy support ships, were spotted in the vicinity of the leaks on these pipelines.
We were also told by a source familiar with the intelligence that Russian submarines were spotted in the general area last week.
I think this is clearly an act of sabotage of some sort and Russia is certainly the most likely suspect.
It's incredibly alarming.
President Vladimir Putin has blamed the United States and its allies for blowing up the undersea Nord Stream pipelines.
It was a deliberate act of sabotage, and now the Russians are pumping out disinformation and lies.
If Russia wanted to shut off the pipeline, they would flip the button.
They would twist the knob.
They don't need to blow it up.
It's theirs.
It starts in Russia.
So it was pretty obvious to us the Biden administration was involved in this.
They have been lying to us all along about this.
There's no way the United States was not either involved or knew about this or at the very minimum approved it.
Today, a senior U.S.
government official rejected a new claim by Russia's defense minister.
He claimed that Ukraine is preparing to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb with Western help on its own territory.
This is the first time the 101st Airborne Division has deployed to Europe since World War II.
The idea that We're gonna send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews.
Just understand, and don't kid yourself, no matter what y'all say, that's called World War III.
The U.S.
will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending their sons and daughters to war, and they will have to fight, and they will be dying.
Air sirens blaring across much of central and eastern Ukraine today as Putin's forces ramp up.
Washington has placed more than 8,000 U.S.-based troops on a heightened state of alert.
Today, the U.S.
sent in the cavalry bound for Romania right along the Ukrainian border.
If we continue down this path, we may end up with a nuclear holocaust.
is developing contingency plans for possible Russian escalation in its war in Ukraine, including the potential use of tactical nuclear weapons.
Russian President Vladimir Putin today making it official.
He just formally suspended Russia's involvement in its last remaining nuclear arms control treaty with the United States.
The prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable, is now back within the realm of possibility.
Every actuary, every historic war game, every analysis shows this leads to total thermal nuclear war.
[Music stops]
[Gun cocks]
[Machine gun fire]
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say,
"I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?"
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right, it's hour number two on this live Wednesday, March 8, 2023 transmission.
About to open the phones up and take your calls and cover a lot of breaking news.
Here are the topics I'm throwing out.
I'd ask callers to call in on these topics because I want to get your view on it.
I think the listeners want to hear your ideas and information as well.
Number one, the deep state gaslighting everybody and saying, oh my God, you can't see raw footage that contradicts our official story.
We've got to stop Tucker Carlson.
And now the evidence mounting that they blocked what he was going to air last night.
What is your view on this?
Where do you think this is going?
Also, Biden rolls out his new big national initiative, cybersecurity strategy to force us onto a central bank digital currency, where everything we do is tracked and traced and controlled.
This is the mark of the beast.
I want to take your calls on that subject as well.
And then the good news, not just Senator Paul, but a lot of other governors, members of Congress, other senators, other House members.
We have the smoking guns from Twitter, Fauci censoring medical treatments, Fauci censoring origin of the virus.
The government now admitting what we already knew, that it came out of Wuhan, that it was artificially made.
We told you that three years ago plus.
But the fact that that's coming out now and that Fauci's in so much trouble is a beautiful thing and the hearings are set to begin.
We've got to discredit the people that launched this attack so they can't launch the next attack.
Because it's Fauci, even though he's quote retired, involved heading up the new UN board with the new UN treaty.
Over our bodies that Biden says he's going to put us under.
Talk about a U.N.
You thought it'd be soldiers.
No, they come in white lab coats.
Absolutely outrageous.
It's actually happening.
That's some of the issues we're going to be covering as well.
Toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539 or 877-789-Alex.
And we're taking long-time callers, first-time callers, people that agree, disagree.
But these are the topics that we're covering.
Have a clean phone line and be ready to make your points.
And I'm going to move quickly through the calls.
So if I hang up on you after a minute or so, I'm not being rude.
I'm trying to get everybody to BAM!
Talk to millions of people, get your point, and move forward to the next person.
So, 877-789-2539.
I want to hear from you, 877-789-Alex.
Speaking of Fauci and speaking of all the information that's coming out, let's play a clip of Rand Paul on Fox News talking about the situation.
The reason Dr. Fauci didn't want any attention drawn to this or to his funding of the lab is that ultimately he would have culpability.
Ultimately, there's a responsibility because for years he had advocated for gain-of-function research.
He's even quoted as saying in 2012, if a pandemic should occur, if a scientist should be bitten by an animal and the virus gets out of the lab, it would be worth the knowledge.
But in late January 2020, there's a flurry of emails that go on all night long till 3 in the morning.
The next day, there's a video conference and eight good friends of Fauci, scientists, famous virologists come together and they say, Dr. Fauci, we think this leaked from the lab.
The virus, the sequence of the RNA is suspicious.
We think it came from the lab.
And at the end of the phone call, they all became convinced otherwise and they agreed to write an article saying something the opposite of what they were saying in private.
So yes, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins and others orchestrated a cover-up.
There's emails between Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci in which Dr. Collins says, this wouldn't be good for China.
This wouldn't be good for science.
Meaning that it wouldn't be good for the business of science, for the money that changes hands.
There's so much going on here, and when the American public finally find out, I mean, there's going to be such dissatisfaction in this country like you can't believe.
For example, We know that the NIH gave money to American universities who then gave it to military researchers.
These are researchers with the title of General and Colonel in the People's Liberation Army.
Our universities gave NIH money to them to do military research.
This is a real problem.
When the truth gets out there, when this is finally declassified, it's going to be explosive.
And I want to be very precise here.
The military-industrial complex is not our military.
It's the criminals that control it.
They develop these viruses.
They got in trouble in 2015.
Obama got caught.
They move it to Wuhan.
So I'm not defending them and I'm not defending China.
I want to lay out the pieces here.
It's treason to move those viruses to Communist China and to give them those weapons when they can't do the type of technology we can with the CRISPR editing.
But all our weapons, all our designs, you look at the Air Force, you look at it all, it's copies of our stuff.
Bad copies.
That's all treason.
So moving it, there's treason, whoever's behind it, the Chinese, the Pentagon, whoever.
But we know from all the top experts in the research, all confirmed this year and last year, but we told you Dr. Francis Boyle three years ago, the author of the U.S.
biological chemical weapons laws, the former top UN war crimes prosecutor, He has all the sources.
He nailed it three years ago plus.
Three years and over a month ago.
That's three plus years ago.
That it was the Pentagon that actually developed this crap, had it moved to China because it was illegal to do it here.
So it's double treason.
It's treason by Fauci and Daszak, all of them working on it in the lab over there.
And it is treason by our hijacked Pentagon that they were involved in this.
So they're all guilty.
They're guilty for making the virus that's illegal to make gain a function.
They're guilty for shipping it to China.
And then they're guilty for lying about it to Congress and covering it up and demonizing people like me!
And listen, I'm not the smartest guy around.
I just do research in my head in the game.
What am I supposed to do when I learned three years ago they were doing this?
Just sit here and lie to you?
I just can't do it.
Was Dr. Bull supposed to lie to you?
Was Dr. McCullough supposed to lie to you?
Was the top Indian research scientist supposed to lie to you?
Was the discoverer of HIV supposed to lie to you as a Nobel Prize?
He told you two and a half years ago.
We have a responsibility to not lie to you.
Man, I hate it when I make mistakes.
I get so mad at myself.
Because I do make mistakes occasionally.
But I never, never, never, never, never, never lie to you.
Because that's my value to me.
That I'm telling the truth.
Let me tell you something.
When you train yourself to do nothing but tell the truth, your brain works so much better.
I don't have to think about what I'm going to say.
I don't have to sit there and worry about what I said before.
I just say it.
And your brain just operates on full cylinders.
But people in this culture that have believed lies, they get infected by the virus of lies.
And they don't even know how to think anymore.
And they basically have mass psychosis.
I'm going to go to break.
Come back with your phone calls here in a few minutes.
This is just totally insane.
Absolutely totally insane that you heard them say no gain of function, they censored people three years ago, two years ago, a year ago.
And we told you it came out of the lab because we had the scans out of France, and the scans out of Canada, and the scans out of India, and the scans out of Australia.
Oh, they had all the scans here in the U.S.
None of the big research facilities that had the billion-dollar machines, billion-dollar machines, that looked at it and knew exactly what it was.
Like, what's that?
That's a 1957 Chevy.
What's that?
That's a 1977 red Ferrari.
What's that?
That's a 2020 Tesla.
They know what the damn things are.
They know exactly what they are.
They know exactly where they came from.
And there was a big debate in 2015, back before our country was totally controlled by big tech and corporations, by scientists in our country saying, get this virus program shut down.
Gain of function with coronaviruses is insane and illegal!
It's a frickin' death penalty!
But these arrogant sons of Satan are just doing it, and now they got stuff thousands of times worse.
They got Marburg that kills ninety-some percent of people, they get it.
And these bastards have made all this crap, and they're getting ready to turn it loose on us, and pose as our saviors, and take over with the world government, and a cashless society, in the name of protecting us.
Are we gonna sit here and let them ruin our civilization, and kill our children?
No, we're not!
We're gonna expose them, we're gonna get them, they're gonna get indicted, they're gonna get convicted, and then they are gonna pay for what they did so everybody else gets it through their damn heads.
You mad scientists better stop your crap killing all of us, or you are gonna get your heads separated from your bodies!
We'll be right back!
I genuinely got pissed last segment.
I'll be completely honest with you.
I love my 21-year-old son.
I love my 19-year-old daughter, 18-year-old daughter.
I love my 15-year-old daughter.
But when they get bigger, you don't feel as protective of them as an instinctive level.
You still love them just as much, maybe more.
But man, I think about my 5-year-old daughter, how cute and innocent she is.
And I think about these monstrous, psychopathic mad scientists with labs all over the world brewing up stuff that makes COVID look like a walk in the park.
And how they write all these documents and all these grants and call it gain of function when it's totally illegal?
If I was selling fentanyl to school kids, I deserve to be executed.
If you were doing it, you deserve to die.
Or live under the jail.
These people are doing stuff way worse than that, and they sit there like Fauci and Bill Gates laughing at us like a bunch of demons, because they are that.
And we need to get angry and expose them politically.
Don't kill them.
Don't go blow them up.
Don't turn them into victims.
Destroy their name.
Destroy who they are.
Expose the murderers.
Let everybody know they're the villains so that they can't do it again.
Everybody knows they're the authors of the destruction and then they'll get brought to justice one way or another through the legal system.
It's happening right now.
They got away with a bunch of bio-attacks in Africa and Asia.
They got away with adding steroids to vaccines.
I got away with a bunch of stuff in the past.
I got away with a ton of stuff.
And they thought they could get away with this.
They're not going to get away with it.
By the way, I saw something trending on Twitter over the weekend.
I meant to send it to the crew and I forgot.
Guys, fine.
The Gates clip from two and a half years ago when he was on for Reed Zarkaria and the way to find it is you type in Bill Gates laughs when Zarkaria says The pain is going to last a long time.
And I noticed that clip was put out and the bots on Twitter were saying it's fake.
Bill Gates didn't laugh at that.
I have the original CNN clip.
I played it probably a hundred times.
It's real.
He always laughs when he talks about killing people.
But see, people see that and they go, oh, there's no way he laughs when Zarkari goes, the pain's going to last a long time, it's not going to go away, it's going to get a lot worse.
And the kids are like, yes, yes!
And then they just reminded me of that because if you're a radio listener, you can't see it.
TV Reviewer, they just put a clip of him up with Colbert.
Two and a half years ago, right around the same time.
And Colbert's like, what's coming next?
You predicted this, you're so smart.
He goes, well, terrorists will release a new bioweapon that'll kill far more people.
And Gates starts laughing and giggling and so does Colbert.
It's so much fun to be discussing how they're exterminating us because they're psychotics.
And so is Colbert.
He's in with them.
He hangs out with them.
They're all part of it.
So the crew already found the clip.
Yeah, get those queued up to that point for the next segment and him on Colbert and we'll play those clips.
No, this happened.
Imagine the left, their job, because Bill Gates spends tens of millions a year on propaganda, their job is to prop up a psychopath that giggles and laughs talking about people dying when all he's ever said is he wants to depopulate people, but now he wants to make us roll up our sleeves and take shots because he wants us to live.
One of the Grim Reapers showed up at your door and said, I want you to take vitamins.
I say, I don't think those are vitamins.
I think those are cyanide.
Alright, I'm done ranting.
Let's go to your phone calls.
We got Candace and Lisa and Greg and Kelly and Bob and Robert and Nick and Zach and James.
And Josh and Brian and so many others.
Candice, thank you for calling.
You want to talk about Biden and his new rollout of a cashless society and central bank digital currencies and the social credit score under the rubric of cybersecurity.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, I'm a I'm a deep state whistleblower, former New World Order mind control slave.
And I've called before about the IBM book that they had planned all of this out.
It is the Mark of the Beast system.
They were using pandemic rhetoric research studies at Oslo College to research ways to get people to comply with authority figures with pandemic rhetoric.
This was pre-planned.
I know, I saw that.
So was Yale and a bunch of others.
And you're talking about IBM and the Holocaust, the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Black?
It's IBM Adventures of the Future.
This was given out amongst the people at IBM, the data processing division.
This book is worth $1,000 online, and it's from 1979.
online and it's from 1979. It has their war plans against us.
Our consciousness...
The founder of IBM, Thomas Watson, was the main funder of Hitler and ran the Third Reich from the U.S.
Hitler said he was the person most in command, gave him the highest award, even above the awards Hitler had.
The highest award ever given was to Thomas Watson of IBM.
The entire Holocaust was run by IBM, the IBM machines, all of it.
So yes, IBM has been a eugenics operation Funded by the British Royalty, starting in 1857, they put the equivalent of trillions at that time into developing what they would call computers for biometrics to create race purity and race hygiene.
It's in my film, Endgame, a little bit for global enslavement.
You cannot make this up.
I've not read the book you're talking about, but I certainly know what you're saying is true.
Thank you very much.
Okay, thank you.
Let's go to Nick in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
This is Nick Anonymous.
How you doing?
I'm on air, sir.
Go ahead.
We have to become emboldened by their attempts to take away our freedom of speech.
We have to know that we can fight fire with fire to fight these tyrants, the tyrant class in this battle of ideas.
Chuck Schumer attacks us by attacking the truth.
And Mitch McConnell, the evil tyrant turtle, with his, I'm Mitch McConnell, this is a piece of paper, shows the shape of the Capitol Palace, like Barack Obama, but I'll show you.
This guy is a tyrant, okay?
Well, I like the term you use.
I'm going to use that.
They are the tyrant class.
Yes, and these tyrants, the tyrant class, are defending the parasite class, who are literally attempting to enslave the planet.
They figured to attack Rupert Murdoch.
They attacked Rupert Murdoch.
Chuckie Schumer said something to the point where, you know, he said Fox News with Rupert Murdoch, you can't let this air.
We have to figuratively attack Fight fire with fire and attack Ted Turner and CNN for the actual fake news of misinformation.
They're pushing out actual misinformation.
The people with the biggest lies are the ones that want to manage everything and claim they're the arbiters of truth.
We have to politically, culturally, non-violently attack the fraud and realize they're trying to suppress our speech because it is the antidote.
It is the answer.
Thank you so much for the call.
All right, I only got the two calls that segment, but that's not going to happen next segment.
I'm taking four or five calls next segment and the next segment.
So Brian in Colorado and others, get ready and start your engines, ladies and gentlemen.
But look, I'm not against technology, but the technocracy, a term they coined over 160 years ago, was set up and designed and envisioned by the British Empire, mainly.
As a system of control.
So they said, we want biometrics, we want computers, we want to know the secret of the cells.
And they went and gave unlimited funding.
Talked to British 400 years ago where they said, we want a clock that ticks and works properly and will give you the equivalent of a billion dollars today.
And a guy invented it, a couple years.
I mean, they would just put the money out and say, we want it, give it to us.
And it worked.
Let's go to Brian in Colorado.
You're on the air, Brian.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
Yes sir!
Alright, well I just wanted to talk about Tucker.
I think he would, uh, I think he'd pump up the InfoWars audience just a little bit more, you know?
Hopefully, hopefully corporate dinosaur media does what it does best, and screws this up.
I really hope so, because you know, everyone's gonna see the truth, and they're gonna follow Tucker.
And we're just going to have a bigger community build.
I totally agree.
The big win is it made it a big front and center story.
They don't want you to see raw footage that they're saying it's evil and bad.
They're harassing Elon Musk for putting out the fact that Fauci suppressed gain of function lab leak news.
I mean, they are on the run right now.
And long term, there's no way they put the genie back in the bottle.
No way at all.
No way at all.
I'd love to see the lawyers start going after them.
And then the J6 people.
I can't believe after even just last night that those people are still in jail.
Get them out!
Can you believe Jacob Chonsley, the Q Shaman, asking court for the raw footage saying the police brought me in and they wouldn't let the jury see that?
How evil is that?
It's insane.
And y'all need to buy some more InfoWars products to help Alex and help Owen Troyer and my favorite, my personal favorite is the American Journal.
I freaking love Harrison.
But you guys, a fourth person, Tucker Carlson, I think he would do great.
You know what, I hope he screws up and you guys get bigger.
I hope you guys get your own TV channel out of this.
Well, they don't let other independent channels.
I appreciate your call.
When One American News started rivaling Fox, they were taken off cable.
When Newsmax started rivaling, they were taken off cable.
So there's a monopoly going on, massive censorship.
So that's what's going on.
I appreciate your call.
Look, I love Tucker, and I'm glad he's been able to tell the truth where he's at.
I'd like to see Fox News be more hardcore, not less.
Let's go to Bob in Illinois.
Bob, go ahead.
Hey Alex, it's an honor to speak with you.
I'll start with my point so you can cut me off during the story, encouragement, and flattery.
Would you please use your influence to pressure Jim Jordan and that panel of Judicial Oversight Committee to subpoena Well, let me say, my influence is you, the listeners and viewers.
Yes, everybody should call Jim Jordan's office.
They should call the rest of that committee and say, we want due process, two plus years.
Some people, hundreds of them, still held without trial.
That is outrageous.
That's Guantanamo Bay in America.
Yes, and most justices should be subpoenaed and be able to say why they're doing that.
be able to explain why they're doing that.
Well Tucker was hardcore last night saying Mitch McConnell's a Chinese agent and the judges in DC are total tyrants.
I mean he was, he was absolutely, everything he was saying was over the top.
Yeah, but if they get subpoenaed that means they have to leave their comfortable place and go sit in front of those
people and give them a count.
So my story, I went to the rally.
I didn't go to the Capitol, thank God.
That's when I started listening to you faithfully.
And thanks to you and people that listen to me, we didn't get poisoned.
Um, I have a signed copy of your book.
I buy supplements and I donate when I can't afford it.
I'm holding one of your coins in my hand, and I've asked God to let me keep it in heaven.
So if you see somebody wearing it on their uniform up there, that's me.
And then one last thing, if they don't mind, if you find that your place in heaven is a little bit bigger than the others, it's so you can invite us over a couple times a year for some barbecue and maybe some football in the backyard.
How about that, sir?
Love you, brother, and I thank you for getting the founding member coin.
I love you.
I appreciate you, too, and I'm honored that you're a listener.
God bless you.
All right, let's talk to Kelly in Arkansas.
You're on the air.
Good morning from Arkansas, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Great to talk with you.
Hey, you're right about Hungary, you know, but the good book, it says that you don't sin, and that is valid.
You've been validated.
Thank you for your time.
I started opening my eyes and As an infantryman with a 502nd Infantry in the Gulf War, I started to see things weren't right, and there was something else going on.
And I started looking and digging, and I just think these January 6 tapes, I think they need to be released no matter what.
I mean, an unbiased news source needs to release these, and I hope he is completely unbiased.
Did you hear the clip of the Attorney General saying five police died that day?
Oh, absolutely, sir.
And I got in trouble at work at the time.
I'm a semi-retired, and I was running a liquor store at night, kind of a night manager type thing, and I was told to put the flag down at half-mast for the police officer who died.
And I said, I'm not going to do that because there was no one killed that day by that group, by anybody else besides the Jan Sixers who died.
I think there was five or six of them that were killed.
Yeah, there were five citizens killed that day.
No police officers.
It's a total lie.
And two years later, when it's a known lie, the Attorney General said it again at a press conference.
Yes, he did.
Oh, they're running.
They're scared.
They're very scared.
And I think maybe, maybe, uh, Tucker, like, I think you said it the other day or just yesterday morning or whenever it was, you said he might've just lured them in to see what would happen in the beginning of this.
So maybe that's what he's doing.
But I just have one more thing.
I'm not a well-spoken man, but you are a warrior of God, and you are validated.
I would stand up in your defense that you are a man of God.
Well, I'm certainly trying, sir, and I love you and I appreciate you.
Look, I'm just fighting like everybody else to be free.
All of you are just as important as I am, please.
But I definitely love God, and I love justice, and I love the truth.
And I don't like tyrants, and I don't like people creating bioweapons that can kill all of us.
I'm pissed.
Let's go to Greg in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, brother.
Hey, I got two things.
Number one, a little message for Tucker Carlson.
Uh, the doors opened a little bit.
He opened the door for us.
Uh, he backed away a little last night.
Uh, one, just one phrase I want to tell him.
Don't give a crippled crab a crutch.
Step on him.
You got the door open.
We're starting to win this deal.
Little by little.
He opened the door on Moonstream.
Let's just step on him.
Well, in fairness to him, they control his show.
His show is not live.
Every once in a while it is.
It's taped right up until showtime.
And so, I guarantee you, they said, we're not going to air that.
About two hours before showtime, they reviewed what he was going to put out.
They said no.
Lawyers have to review it.
And so, they didn't tell him he couldn't air it.
They blocked it for now.
That's why at the end, you could tell it was a bad edit because it wasn't an edit.
He cut in live.
I know how these things work.
I'm going to leave it at that.
That's why it was like super HD when he cut in for just a second.
It wasn't taped.
He said, they're trying to stop us.
They're not going to stop us.
We're going to get this out.
And so I'm not going to get into how I know all that, but I know that.
And so there's a big internal fight going on right now.
Hey, we got the door open.
Let's keep, let's keep stepping on.
Number two, Alex, a few months ago, before you took a break, I want to get some business going for you guys and get some money flowing into you on a monthly basis.
You were going to have your guy, Joe, call me, your business guy.
Give me your name and number again, brother.
I appreciate your call.
All right, let's get another caller in here.
Let's go to Zach in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I'm a team leader in the Army National Guard with a mechanized unit, and I have a great concern for a lot of the soldiers out there that took the vaccine.
There's actually a lot of us, Alex, that didn't really take it.
A couple thousand, I would say, that just literally found a way out of it.
But I'm among those, and I'm really concerned for the guys that got it, because you have a bunch of young soldiers who are at risk for the myocarditis, the clotting, the heart failure, and if these globalists get their way, we're going to be put into a war where we're going to have high-intensity cardiovascular work worked in with adrenaline and Our guys are going to be in a lot of trouble.
I mean, just imagine the battlefield.
It's kind of like the analogy with the movie Gladiator where you have Russell Crowe and Jacqueline Phoenix.
We've gotten the poison dagger in our soldiers.
So, it's a big concern.
No, I totally agree and you know your science that it's people in really good shape when they go into super cardiovascular mode with a lot of adrenaline.
That's when any heart scarring you don't know about causes cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac arrest.
And you're absolutely right.
And the good news is we know that not all the shots they shipped out actually had the dose in it.
It was a weird actuary test they were doing on the public with different strengths.
But allowing that to happen to our military Stay there, I want you to be able to finish your point, Zach.
Is what the CHICOMS would want.
The CHICOMS won't take the experimental shot.
But our military was illegally given it.
Now Congress took the money back.
In the current defense spending bill.
So now they've had to stop giving the troops the shots.
And California now said, okay, no more forced shots for kids or medical workers.
So we're having some victories.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Your bodily autonomy has been violated with this bioweapon that Fauci and Bill Gates created.
They've been caught red handed.
Now the top story.
Not about being vindicated, it's about stopping these monsters, but we've been vindicated.
So be proud of the fact you've been a supporter of this transmission.
Be proud of the fact that you've carried us through together.
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Zach, in South Carolina, you were in the military, in the Army Reserves, or the Guard, I think you said, and you were making a point about these poison shots.
How vindicated now are you guys that they've had to pull back from it because of all the pressure in Congress?
Same thing in the blue states.
New York, California, having to back off.
That's good.
I mean, they've still hurt a lot of people, but if we wouldn't have fought, if we wouldn't have spoken out, if you wouldn't have held out, they'd still be doing it, brother.
So I salute you and those that stood strong and said no.
Oh yeah, extremely vindicated, Alex.
Extremely vindicated.
I mean, a lot of my friends actually got out because of all this that was going on.
But just to finish off, you actually mentioned that your primary mission of informing the public was complete.
I wanted to reassure you that I think your new primary mission is to continue spreading the word
of Jesus Christ and having guests on that are like professionals in regards to that information.
I 100% agree. The mark of the beast is here. Now it's about the soul. And I'm not saying I don't
have more important missions. I'm just saying I knew the mission was to expose the New World
Order, get a bunch of people talking about it. And I can sit back now, we have all these other
wars to fight, but say, wow, in that mission, in my lifetime, something most people never get to see,
that God laid on my heart, all of us together.
Really completed that mission.
It doesn't mean we don't have more to do now.
Now's the next part of the fight, but I just got chills.
We literally did that together.
That's right, Alex.
Anything else you'd like to add, brother?
I'd just like to give some shout-outs to some Christian content creators.
Content creators like Trey Smith, Nelson Waters, Dr. Gene Kim of Real Bible Believers on YouTube, AOC Network, and my own, the PGAPG Broadcast, where I'll be interviewing L.A.
Marzulli tonight.
Thank you so much, sir.
Great caller, great content, and a crisp phone.
I really like that.
People have great callers, but I've got to like strain to hear what they're saying.
Believe me, I get it.
My cell phone's horrible, too.
Josh in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
The Vitamin Mineral Fusion is my favorite product.
I can't wait to try the turmeric toothpaste.
Also, a suggestion.
You know, the Patriot Points are a great thing.
Maybe there's a way people like me with a lot of Patriot Points, we could send those to people, get them as new listeners.
That'd be nice.
When you've built up enough, you can convert it to a promo code that's like a digital online gift card.
That's a great idea.
Just like, yeah, just like an email I could send to somebody and say, hey, check out this store.
You got a $10 gift card or whatever it is.
Well, that's an even better idea that you just kind of spurred.
We should have digital gift cards, duh, on the site that you can buy and send to people.
That is a fabulous idea.
Or be able to convert Patriot Points.
As soon as I'm off today, first thing I'm doing is going to go over to the marketing department that's two people and get that done.
And here's the good news.
We've had so little money, we couldn't reorder t-shirts.
We couldn't reorder coffee.
We couldn't reorder all sorts of stuff.
We finally got enough into the black that we're about to have the money to invest in getting the things you really want.
So we're clawing our way out.
Every time that happens, something new hits us.
But thank you, listeners, for buying the product.
We are clawing our way out of this.
We are fighting so hard.
Anything else?
So November 2021, I called in talking about a Brookings Institute report from 2013.
I have it all linked up on my blog, thegoodfightnews.com, but the white paper was called Securing the Net, Global Governance in a Digital Domain.
And what that report outlines, a little excerpt from here, which again you can find the top article on that website, thegoodfightnews.com, it says, the collapse of e-commerce will throw the global economy into a recession.
It goes on to say governments will be spurred into action.
I also go on to talk about the cyber trends that will happen in 2022 going on to 2030.
And I basically say at the bottom of the article, cyber war will not only be on the Internet, it will become physical.
I go down to highlight that the White House signed the National Security Memorandum on Improving Industrial Control Systems.
Biden signed that, I believe it was July 2021.
And then it goes on to have the updates of January 2023, this year, where the FBI attacks on the stations.
Time Magazine put out the article.
The power grid... Well, that's right.
The left is using anti-FIDO attack infrastructure, so the globalists have a pretext to come in and take over infrastructure with AI, so they have full control.
Yep, so we're going to see more of this going on, and then this is going to lead us into the digital currency.
Absolutely, 100%.
Destroy the old system to bring in the new.
Amazing points.
James in Indiana, you're on the air.
January 6th, prosecutors need to be disbarred.
The shamans should be released yesterday.
There are no fair federal trials.
The government manufactures evidence and brings people into line on a regular basis.
I've contacted McCarthy's office, calling him to call for the disbarment of corrupt prosecutors.
I totally agree with you.
And what do you think of them suppressing, and that did go on folks, they did suppress what Tucker was going to release last night.
one another and also Schumer has no right to stifle free speech.
I totally agree with you and what do you think of them suppressing and that did go on folks
they did suppress what Tucker was going to release last night.
The question is will that information get out?
It is a violation of our free speech.
Also in this country the I.G. needs to be totally reformed.
You know, they allowed the Phoenix scandal to happen that killed 40 vets.
They allowed the director, still a quarter million dollars, to keep her job.
They also allowed the chief of staff to turn vets into drug addicts and did absolutely nothing.
The IG needs to be reformed as they have been used to retaliate, target members of Congress, while allowing the government to break federal prescribing laws, drug veterans, and manufacture cases against veterans and the disabled.
They are the ones also causing the veteran suicide epidemic in this country.
What do you make of the Attorney General saying five police died on January 6th, which has been a proven lie for over two years?
Yeah, actually, Tucker showed on his live show that the death of Fitnick was shown on there the next day, right on video on Fox News.
It's insane.
If anybody can pull that up, you can see it right on there.
Well, they all admit Fitnick died the next day, but the point is, they doubled down and said no, five police died that day.
No police died that day.
They're completely corrupt.
You can't rely on anything the government says.
Also, my plug on the hair and beard formula, have you heard of it lately, Alex?
No, I haven't heard your plug.
Alright, let me give it to you.
If you're a tranny with a fanny and need to get your fix, get the hair and beard formula because my wife has the best beard and bush in town.
Just kidding.
No beard.
Oh my god.
Thank you for your call.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you.
Look, we got some special guests on with some really important information.
But I want to go to break, come back, and jam in as many more calls as we can.
And after the guest leaves us, we'll take more calls.
And we did do a special show last night that's posted at Band Up Video, about a two-hour show covering Tucker's report.
I was told by Tucker that he was gonna bring the goods and it was
gonna be huge and then you saw what happened and I just don't know what to say.
I was talking to Tucker a little bit this morning on another matter
I just couldn't bring it up because I could go figure out what happened from other sources
And I just want to leave him to his own devices about what he's gonna do
but He got censored
He got shut down.
And you saw him at the end of the show.
He said, I promise you it will come out.
And I believe him.
One way or another.
They need to just put the raw 40,000 plus hours on the internet.
The security.
Give me a break.
Of the Capitol.
They stood down, ladies and gentlemen.
And let the provocateurs break in.
We know the facts of what happened.
And that criminal Chuckie Schumer's got our borders dissolved, all the mayhem and murder, but he says, oh, Tucker can't put footage out, it endangers the Capitol.
You people endangered the Capitol by ordering the standout and having provocateurs there.
And by the way, thank you for your support.
The CBD product from Infowarsstore.com is truly outstanding.
I've got one of my family members on it, and it's working wonders.
It is highly potent.
It's very effective.
We've tested it in the laboratory, and it's an extraordinary value.
Check out the CBD oil.
Well, I think that's the 1000 milligram bottle that I'm referring to there, but there are some other formats that
are available as well.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a big development.
And I mean big as in Donkey Kong's testicles.
Sorry for the crassness.
I just popped out of my mouth.
Wait till we cover this next segment.
Over a year and a half ago, the CDC director said, "I'm not going to say we didn't do gain of focus because he
wasn't going to lie to Congress."
He left it to that.
He just testified today.
That the other people have been lying and that the U.S.
government did fund it and it was under orders.
That's coming up next segment.
Wow, man.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
First we'll play the Bill Gates clip that they're saying is fake from CNN.
My crew went to CNN.com, they got the full 11 minute interview, and they got it crisp and HD directly from the clip.
In fact, after the show today, I'm going to shoot a video where I show everybody saying it's a fake Bill Gates clip, and then I'm going to go to CNN on video and show you where the damn thing's at, where he laughs talking about how horrible and how the lockdown's never going to end.
These people are sick.
Oh, Bill Gates is a little swarmy demon.
He didn't really laugh about that.
It's fake.
Yeah, he did.
Let's go to Lisa in Florida.
Thanks for holding, Lisa.
You're on the air.
Hey, go ahead.
Um, I just, a quick statement about Tucker Carlson.
Um, you know, some people say the mainstream media, you know, we all know they're evil, but the people that you speak to on InfoWars, it's kind of Preaching to the choir and a lot of people, the normies, he reaches those people.
I think that's the best thing about him staying with Fox.
Tucker Carlson is 100% real and 100% red pilled and doesn't give a damn about anything.
He has way more ratings than they even say.
He has like 30 million viewers a night.
The Nielsen ratings lie when they say it's 6 million.
And he makes Fox a lot of money.
And so they want the Patriot audience, but they want to control it, but they don't control him.
And now they're forcing control on him, and it's going to be explosive.
Look, I'm not bragging.
I want the listeners to know this.
This show, or any other broadcast, woke Tucker Carlson up.
The left says radicalized him.
Yes, I did.
And I radicalized Joe Rogan.
And a bunch of other people.
And it's not bragging.
That's all God that did that.
And the listener's keeping us on air.
So, this show, not me, but the guests and the calls and all of us together, we broke the dam on the New World Order.
We blew the Death Star.
Got it?
So, you did that too, Lisa.
Thank you.
But yeah, it's nice to see because some people that I've said stuff to about InfoWars and all this stuff, now they get it because of Tucker Carlson.
He reaches the normies, the people who don't watch InfoWars or don't listen to independent media.
They just tune in to Fox News and that's it.
So Tucker Carlson is Legitimate in their eyes.
Well, over 10 years ago, Tucker Cole wanted to come hang out and said, Hey, I thought you were wrong.
Thought you were a bad guy.
Now I see you're right about a lot.
And then, you know, his kids were big listeners.
And then over the years he figured out that I'm like really dead on.
And then he's just as smart as I am.
Once he changed his perspective and admitted he was naive, he's just as smart or smarter.
And now he, he's not even having to listen to me.
Once you have the mindset and you see it all, then you don't need Alex Jones anymore.
And that's my mission is to go, hey, I'm not telling you what to think.
Just change your perspective a little and look from the enemy's perspective and then everything makes sense.
And I've had General Flynn and people tell me the same thing.
It's not me.
It's my perspective.
It's just like a hidden image that most people can't see, but you change your perspective a little and suddenly you can see it.
I'm not telling you what to think.
I'm simply saying, hey, look at it from this angle.
Now do you see it?
It's like, there's been cases where you're out hunting and your dad goes, hey, see that big buck about 200 yards in the woods?
You can't see it.
You can't see it.
You got your scope.
All of a sudden, there's a big old buck.
Daddy, can I shoot it?
Yeah, you can shoot it.
So I didn't put the buck there.
I didn't create the woods.
I didn't, I'm like, hey, you see that?
You see that big tyrant?
You see what it's doing?
Here's his document.
Here's its plan.
You're like, I don't see it.
I don't see it.
Where is it?
Oh my gosh!
There it is!
And once you see it, there ain't no putting it back in the bottle.
Love you, Lisa.
I appreciate your call. I got some big guests with some big solutions. Really important
stuff straight ahead. I'm going to hit this massive breaking news. Former CDC director
comes out and says, yeah, we did illegal gain of function under U.S. government orders.
This is massive. Stay with us. Infowars.com. Tomorrow's news today, today, today, today.
The economy is not going to be anything like it was.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
People are going to be surprised at how slow and how fitful this is.
Well, Bill, since you tried to warn us about this pandemic and we didn't listen, what's the next thing you're warning us about that's going to happen five years from now that we're not listening to at the present?
Well, I didn't want to be right.
What I wanted to do was buy the investments.
I understand.
I'm not saying you won.
Everybody loses.
Nobody wins with us.
And I'm not saying that this is not an end zone dance.
I'm just saying, what else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario because there, a pathogen with a high death rate would be taken.
Now the good news is, not to get into depression, it's tough enough right now, that most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
Well, um, Mr. Gates, thanks so much for being here.
Thanks so much for the efforts you and your organization are doing to try to find the cure for this.
And, uh, we'll see you again.
Stay safe.
All right.
Great time.
Give our best to everybody else in the bunker.
Thank you.
So, those clips from two and a half years ago are making their rounds again and people are saying they're fake because Bill Gates wouldn't laugh at death and destruction and things never getting back to normal.
No, those are real clips.
You can go to The Daily Show, you can go to Colbert's show, late night show, you can go to CNN and find him with Fareed Zakaria.
They're real clips.
I'm going to bring my special guest on now, and then in the last segment of the hour, I'm going to get to this over-the-top massive news, because I want to place good pieces of the hearing that just happened yesterday and is just now getting attention today.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Former CDC Director Redfield to Congress.
COVID-19 created a lab.
government funded gain-of-function research.
Fauci lied to Congress.
This has to go everywhere, ladies and gentlemen.
This is massive.
The House of Cards is coming now.
Now, I want to go to our next guest, who's been on the show before, but I wanted to get the co-owner of the company on, because I know they've got such amazing knowledge.
I know folks that know this guy, and I wanted to be able to get him on.
They've given us great advice in the last few years, which really helped keep us on air.
And of course, you can go to their site, American Tax Solutions, by going to jonestaxrelief.com.
They're our sponsor, and that way, We get the credit for you going and getting involved with them and it keeps us on air.
So it's a 360 win.
I want to cover the waterfront of issues with them.
How hundreds of billions of your tax money is going to Ukraine.
Why the IRS has hired 87,000 more agents before the IRS knocks on your door.
How you can protect yourself.
The 1960 effective tax rate was 11%.
Now it's 21 and even higher.
Global elites.
The top 100 corporations.
This is truly a war.
The IRS is a weapon used against us.
You need to know how to fight back.
And so much more.
Good news for self-employed people.
Off-schedule C. Strategic planning.
Like a war plan.
Detailed strategy.
Tax lawyers live in three worlds.
Past, present, and future.
What do they do?
Three-year audit protection plan.
Three-year tax planning.
IRS is done playing around.
310 days in prison.
Tax Crimes Handbook.
April 18th is soon.
Exhibit Tax Crimes Handbook.
We're going to go over this, and I want to be very clear to our listeners right now.
I know the IRS is unconstitutional, set up in 1913.
I know it's a fraud.
I know it's a scam, and if you choose to not be involved with it and to live your own life outside of it, I say that's your right, and I understand why you're doing it.
We're talking to people that don't know all the loopholes written by the globalists and the rich, where the elite class pay almost no taxes, they're less than 1 to the 1%, than their manager parasite class pays 5-10%.
The general public pays 30-40%.
There are simple, legal, lawful things to do, and they change it every couple years, so that you can have certified by a law firm, very inexpensively, that doesn't play games with you or mess around, gives you straight advice to save tons of money if you choose to go the route like I have, where I'm under scrutiny, I got a bunch of crew members, and if I play games with these criminals, they'll break my legs.
That's what we're talking about here, is choosing our battles.
So everybody out there listening that's decided to go off-grid and screw the system, I love you.
You're my heroes.
But this is for everybody that has employees, has crew, employs people, and is living in this country.
That's why we're doing this.
We're talking about for people that want to know what the elite know very inexpensively and cheaply.
The amount of money you'll save like that is It's way, way, way, way, way what you'll pay them, because they'll say, this is what you say right now, they'll certify it, they'll stand behind it, you instantly save all this money, they get a small percentage of it.
So you need to go to jonestaxrelief.com, check out the services, give them a call, call, they can do a free consultation, and then you can get an analysis.
Call them at 800-869-0723.
800-869-0723, jonestaxrelief.com.
So, everybody knows Tyler Bennett, everybody loves Tyler Bennett, and he's been on many times, but I said, I hear a lot about, and people that know him, your co-founder who's been on this a lot longer than you with your hundreds and hundreds of employees, who's another great tax researcher and another lawyer, or Tyler Bennett's a lawyer, and that's Terry Selb.
Well, we've got Terry joining us here today, one of many times.
The first time he'll be joining us, hopefully a lot.
He spent 40 years consulting small businesses and tax-related clients, working to identify the scope, nature, and magnitude of tax and business-related issues, and recommending solid solutions.
He's worked under nine overdoses.
Great to have you both on.
over the preceding 20 years and has results oriented professionals.
He's a senior partner in one of the fastest growing tax solutions companies in America
and has enjoyed four years of sustained growth as a phenomenal compound monthly growth of
an average of 10% a month.
He has enjoyed growing from a small firm of three people to over 150 tax professionals,
So Terry Shelb and of course Tyler Bennett, great to have you both on.
Tyler, introduce this great guy to the audience because I wanted him on.
Alex, it is great to be back on the show with you and the listeners.
I got a real special treat for you today.
This is my partner, Terry Selb.
He's been working in the industry for over 40 years.
So, without further ado, Mr. Selb.
Hey, thanks a lot, Tyler.
And Alex, a pleasure being on the show.
Thank you very much.
it was another briefly your little piece back there about about uh... bill gates
you're talking about is very easy measure is there because
you know bill gates himself well-based pays pays income taxes however
the building is foundation with a real money is doesn't pay a dime
there's another example of where those people are just get away with murder
allies and she's on their i_r_s_ illegally
as well as other things for j_j_ you know
as well as other things pertaining to, you know, there's two systems out there.
others to stick to systems out there one for the elites and one for reals was a right now
One for the elites, and one for everybody else listening right now.
and that's a really good example of the building is foundation is not a but one
And that's a really good example of it.
The Bill Gates Foundation is nothing but one gigantic, flawless ripoff.
gigantic was ripoff
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk just for a second or two about taxes.
you know my i'd like to talk just for a second to about taxes
Yes, sir.
Okay, number one.
You know, the Ukraine war, what's that got to do with the IRS?
Nothing, on the surface.
But when you think about it, we all know about the $87 billion,
87 billion that the US has poured into the Ukraine for tanks and guns and bombs, et cetera, et cetera.
Well, that same federal government is busy hiring 87,000 agents
to go into war against us, the ordinary taxpayers.
And that is the truth.
Last month, they hired 4,672 new agents.
Beyond the ones they had for the previous month.
They're hiring at a rate of 5,000 a month.
They're on a climb up to 87,000.
The point being is that they are pouring huge resources.
Into the IRS to go after, literally, to go after ordinary taxpayers.
And they're playing serious ball here.
By that I mean, they're not just going after audits, they're not just going after non-filers, they're going after little guys.
There's an example right here of just last week, an ordinary contractor.
Guy made a couple hundred grand a year, didn't file for two years.
Seriously, for two years, a hundred grand a year as a contractor, and you know what?
He got 311 days in jail.
You talk about breaking knees, they're sending him to jail.
It's gotten that bad.
In other words, they are really super aggressive.
Now, I don't want anybody to think out there they're going to jail because they didn't file their tax returns, but we do know that post-COVID, there was a record number of non-filers.
So a lot of people listening right now have not filed their returns for 2020 or even 2022.
Listen, the time to do it is now, because the IRS is absolutely, they're gunning for you, and they're gunning hard.
Terry, stay right there.
I'm going to come back and give you the floor to talk about this because I love my listeners.
And if they choose to just run and gun and not be part of the system and be Jesse James, more power to them.
But instead, the other way is to know all the tricks and not pay the globalists hardly anything if you'll just use the globalist tricks.
And it's all legal.
We'll be right back with our special guest.
The globalists think you're stupid.
They don't want you to know why the tax code's 50,000 pages long.
Because they have all the loopholes and escape portals for themselves that you can use, and they change it every two years.
That's why we've got the folks at American Tax Solutions, linked to it by jonestaxrelief.com.
Terry Selb, you got cut off by the break.
Start over.
Hey, listen, I want to tell you something else.
You mentioned earlier in your segment, I can't wait to see it, about Fauci and his lies.
Well, yeah, Fauci's a liar, alright.
But the lie started way before then.
The lie started back in the 1960s, 1970s about people my age, retirees that are out there.
The lie started back then about the American Dream.
That's the one where you work for 40 years, you're done working, you have a 401k, you have a house and a boat and a lake and you smoke a cigar and retire.
That was the lie that we were told 40 years ago.
And pumped billions and billions of trillions of dollars into these gigantic funds now that contain all of our retirement money.
Now, what's the real result?
The real result is that it was one big lie.
Because everyone out there knows, that's getting Social Security, or is going to get Social Security, that you can get taxed three ways.
Three ways.
If you're working 62 years old or 58, 63 and working to get any level of Social Security and working, you're retaxed on your Social Security when you receive it, you're taxed on your income when you receive it, and any retirement funds that you put aside for retirement is then being deferred and being taxed today.
So the big lie that we were told 30, 40 years ago, that save your money, put it in 401k, defer your taxes, and save for later, what happens is that what later rolls around, which is now, you get the retirement money out for your 401k of 10 grand, and you're taxed at twice the rate I would have been 40 years ago if I just put it in a savings account.
So the whole thing has been a ruse, a setup, over the years, for these gigantic, gigantic globalists that can collect all this money in these so-called retirement funds, and I'm the one paying the bill, pulling the money out.
It's one big rip-off.
How do we stop that?
We stopped that by re-characterizing income.
In other words, when we go in, for a lot of our clients, we're able to go in and recast how their retirement accounts are set up to vastly lower their tax rate on that front.
How do we do it?
We do it by recasting income in terms of how we report income.
That's where our tax lawyers come into play.
In other words, Accountants, CPAs, tax preparers, hey, they're a dime a dozen.
They're all over the place.
All they do is fill out a tax return and say, here, pay the bill.
What we do is we go and do a deep dive, a deep dig, into every single return.
We get transcripts from the IRS, every last thing they know.
We know everything they know before we file a return to minimize, if not eliminate, any possibility of audits whatsoever.
Another thing we do is engage in the practice of taking the money that, let's say some small contractor, just the average guy out there working, instead of getting taxed at ordinary rates and paying Social Security tax, we're able to re-characterize that income, get him off of Schedule C, get him into a C corporation that Tyler's talked about before, as well as other entities like that.
In other words, I don't want to go too deep in the weeds on this.
Tyler's talked about it before quite a bit, but the point is this, is that If you think you're paying too much in taxes, you probably are.
And there's ways to avoid that.
And we know how to do it.
We really do.
We've had countless clients over the years, on a going forward basis, where we save them a lot of money.
And we do it by simply reworking the way their money is being reported to the IRS.
You have to report every dime to the IRS.
Don't misunderstand me.
But how that income is characterized.
That's what the big boys do.
That's how they save all their money.
Those gigantic corporations out there, they're all part of this, you know, huge conglomeration of money soaring to the top.
They all have thousands and thousands of tax attorneys working for each corporation, literally, fighting the IRS every single day.
Your listeners have the opportunity to save money the same way the big boys do.
Because we use the same tactics.
We use the same thing that all those big corporations use.
It's called the U.S.
Tax Code.
Except we use it for the little guy.
There's ways to do that.
And the only way to access that is either read the tax code yourself, which is 60,000 pages.
I spent 40 years reading it and still haven't finished it.
Have a competent tax attorney take a look at your situation and I know we'll be able to save you significant amounts of money of taxes.
That includes W-2 wage earners.
There's things that can be done on all fronts to reduce and lower taxes.
It's extremely important that all your listeners understand that we don't want to defer tax.
That's the way it was in the 60s and 70s.
That's old thinking.
401(k)s, retirement accounts, that's old thinking.
The new thinking is avoid tax.
And how you avoid it is how it's characterized, how it's reported, and what you do with it.
So we can take retirement accounts today and convert them to substantially reduce
your tax liabilities on any retirement accounts that are out there, and then to get around this problem
of being double taxed on Social Security.
We know the tricks on how to get around those problems so you're not being overtaxed.
Because many, many, many people out there, especially small business owners that have used CPAs or bookkeepers, wind up overstating their income.
They wind up reporting more than they really made because they're just bookkeeping profits.
We call those phantom profits.
And there's countless clients over the years, I can't tell you how many,
that have come to us showing that they made, their accountant said they made $100,000
or $50,000 or $40,000 or whatever, and they say to us, "We never got that money.
"I didn't really receive that."
And that's because they're just accounting profits.
Well, as tax attorneys, we're able to re-characterize that income.
So it's not just paper profits.
Instead, we report what they really make, which is always substantially less.
Can you give us, and it's so easy to do, can you give us examples?
You've done it for us, and we've been audited, it went through great, everything's fine.
They do it to us all the time.
Explain to me, just on average, examples without saying names of what you can do.
Oh, sure.
It's countless, but one comes to mind is a client we had a couple of months ago where they were receiving money from a trust, and they were getting about $10,000 a month, and it was just being taxed as ordinary income, and we put that into a C Corp.
Simple thing to do, and then we're able to wind up with having a corporate tax of a much, much lower rate, and a personal income tax of near zero.
We basically zeroed out someone who was paying about $4,000 a month in taxes.
We brought it down to a near zero for them, and the corporations paid, I think, around 3 or 4% overall tax savings.
And again, people ask how this is possible, because the elite wrote it for themselves!
He wrote all the rules.
All the rules are completely wanted to present.
For younger people, it's like a video game.
You know, I used to play video games when I was a teenager.
And I didn't want to be like the other kids that would, you know, back to magazines.
You'd buy magazines that told you the cheat codes on Mario Brothers or whatever, and you could then go do a certain thing on the game and it would give you unlimited lives.
I never wanted that.
But with taxes, you do.
There's literally codes out there that just get you out of it.
Avoid taxes.
That's the key here.
It used to be defer taxes.
We're all about avoiding taxes.
And in plain English, that means ratcheting it down.
That means, yeah, using the tax code to your advantage.
The IRS is out there, and CPAs are the worst.
CPAs, all they care about is making sure the books are balanced and that the profit and loss statement is correct.
Yeah, that's all important, but how much you pay in taxes, they don't think about that.
That's what we do.
We look at how they're shaped, how they're formed, how they're reported, and advise them,
and figure out ways to get around the problem of pain.
All right, stay there.
Longer segments coming up.
Terry Selb, go to jonestaxrelief.com.
They're American Tax Solutions.
jonestaxrelief.com, 800-869-0723, 800-869-0723.
Give 'em a call, get a free consultation.
It's so easy, ladies and gentlemen.
Almost everybody can save massive money and have a law firm certify it with the CPAs, everybody,
and stand behind you.
This is so important in this environment, now more than ever.
Go to jonestaxrelief.com.
Terry Selb, one of the top tax experts in the country with a company with hundreds of lawyers and CPAs
that know the loopholes the system uses.
It changes every two years.
That's why CPAs won't tell you about it, because they don't want to know about it, and they don't want to have to stand behind the tax returns.
They overpay.
These guys stand behind it when they certify it.
JonesTaxRelief.com takes you to American Tax Relief, and then we get the credit, and it keeps us on air.
A 360 win, or 800-869-0723.
All right, Terry, you're chomping at the bit during the break.
You've only covered two of your points, you've got like ten more, and there's a real urgency with this tax time coming up here in April, so hit them hard.
On the corner, Alex, coming up pretty quick here, you know, and very quick.
And so now is the time.
Don't wait until April 18th, you know, that is too late.
Do it now, before tax returns due.
I want to point out a very important thing here.
Which is that a common theme we've had around here, and it really is true, which is that the IRS has been weaponized by the government.
It's a weapon.
In other words, it truly is a war.
And you truly need a defense army in order to defend yourself in this war.
You know, and in order to do that, and what Tyler's talked about in the past, and I'll talk about now in a couple minutes, is that the importance in a war is to have a strategic plan.
You heard about Ukraine, for example, the so-called Spring Offensive.
That's a plan they're working on.
It's a plan.
That's what we do.
We do strategic planning for taxes.
Because it is a war.
And the Spring Offensive for us starts now.
This April 18th.
It goes forward.
We have to have a plan.
A smart person out there.
You don't have to be a millionaire.
You don't have to be a big bucks guy to benefit from tax planning.
The average taxpayer out there.
Give us a call.
We can show you and guide you.
Through the tax code to set up things that really, truly can help you.
It's called tax planning.
Now, I also want to briefly touch on crypto.
A word about crypto.
Last year, you may recall, Tyler's talked about this, the first question on the 1040 was the following.
Do you own any cryptocurrency?
Well, let me tell you, that is a trick question.
If you check yes, they don't look at your return.
If you check, no, I don't own cryptocurrency, those are the returns they're auditing.
Those are the returns they're going after.
It's a trick question by the IRS.
Look on this year's.
It's on this year's returns as well.
First question asked, do you own any cryptocurrency?
If you check no, you're opening yourself up for an audit.
But you've got to tell the truth.
That's where they catch you.
And that's where we come in to make sure that you are not being audited unfairly.
And more importantly, that you're not being hammered by the IRS by inflated taxes because they think you made money you really didn't make.
On the whole crypto side, if you're in crypto, if you had crypto, all I can tell you is that it is absolutely imperative that you take a very aggressive stance against the IRS when it comes to crypto because they are taking a very aggressive stance against you.
Anybody out there that's crypto must understand That you are going to get screwed unless you give professional advice.
Because the way it's set up right now, and it is set up, as a war where they're going to win unless you have a defense set up.
Because with crypto specifically, they wind up having to come up with calculations as to what your gains are that are always way more than you truly are.
It's called Cryptocurrency Analysis.
In other words, anyone out there with crypto gets a 1099, it's inflated.
Many times it shows way more than you really made.
And we have crypto specialists here who do nothing but untangle that very complex blockchain chain web analysis in order to come up with what your actual gain is versus what it states in your 1099.
That's a very, very important thing.
Don't get screwed by the IRS with a 1099 that's incorrect because they're saying you made a gain that you really didn't make.
We have hundreds and hundreds of clients that have this problem and we've whacked down their taxes from, you know, $15,000 down to near zero.
Many times show losses.
That's not uncommon.
So any crypto holders out there, be wary of it.
Be careful because they will way overstate your income and we know how to change that, how to fix that legally.
Main name of the game here, main message, is that avoid taxes legally.
I'm with Alex, you know, if you want to not pay, I'm not advising you to do that, bad idea probably to break the law, but if you want to follow the law and be a lawful taxpayer, we can guide you, we can take you through that trail.
It can be complicated sometimes, but we dumb it down for you and make it so you understand it and we understand it and the IRS understands it.
And the winner is you and the loser is the IRS.
We have saved thousands and thousands of dollars On a daily basis with taxpayers that come to us for this problem.
So be wary of crypto.
Now a brief word about what happens this year or last year if you filed your tax returns and you owe them money.
Well for God's sake still just send them a check.
And here's why.
I learned a long time ago and this is true.
Every tax is negotiable.
That is a fact.
Every tax is negotiable.
Some more than others.
Depends on the situation.
But what I'm telling you is if you owe a bunch of money from 2022-21, last couple three years, don't just write up my check because you're going to get screwed.
Because you're going to get whacked with penalties and interest and things you don't have to pay.
And what you're saying right here, I'm an interreputator, it's so key.
I have family and friends who the IRS will come back two years later and say, oh, you didn't pay this penalty of interest, and I'll beg them to go get a good tax lawyer, which doesn't even cost much, and I've sent a lot of them to you, but before I got you guys, because you had so many great reviews and friends that used you, and they literally Usually talk it down by 60-70%.
So there's some that avoid it and live out by the river.
That's their issue.
But there's others that just get raped and most just get raped and don't even try to negotiate it.
The whole thing is that, you see, they get the bill and it gets back to CPAs.
CPA hands them the bill, or their bookkeeper, or, you know, some tax preparation company, and says, here's your tax bill, $31,000.
They stare at it.
They're stupidly ready to check out.
Don't write out that check.
Call us.
I guarantee you we can get that number whacked down.
Guarantee you.
We do every single time, with rare exception.
Don't overpay.
Just because it says it, doesn't mean you owe it.
Very important thing to know.
And we know what's real and what's not.
Because, you know, it really is, it amounts to lying in the sense that the IRS, the IRS will never lie to you, but they will never tell you the truth.
By that I mean, if you ask them, oh by the way, if you ask them the exact right question, can I get my taxes reduced if I do this?
Or if I apply for a penalty abatement and do it this way, can I get my penalty reduced?
They will tell you the truth if you ask the exact correct question.
However, if you don't ask the correct question, like, can I get my taxes reduced?
They're going to say no.
Because they're not going to tell you how to do it.
Even if you can do it.
So you've got to know the specific magic words in the code.
The magic words are contained in 60,000 pages of a tax code and it takes years and years to really understand what the abracadabra is, so to speak.
In other words, what is the real way to get a cut?
So the real message here is anybody out there that's finally returning this year and you wind up with an unexpected tax that doesn't look right to you, call us because you're probably right.
It isn't correct.
And even if you think it is correct, call us.
Because I'm sure we can get it reduced in many cases.
And as for past taxes that are due, for God's sake, don't just send them a check.
Whatever you do, don't just call and set up some payment plan.
And by the way, this is important to add, because my dad owned a bunch of dental offices,
I've seen this before.
My dad had tax lawyers back in the 80s and 90s, and some were great, some weren't.
You know, you want the ones that fully certify you and stand behind it.
But so many tax lawyers don't have enough customers, so they string you along and charge you a bunch of money.
You guys just look at the paperwork, look at the code, and then just move quickly and save people money by cutting to the chase.
So many other tax attorneys who are better than CPAs do not cut to the chase.
You guys are really fast.
We look at it and we know we don't move too fast because we have to be very, very careful.
This does involve thinking, you know, and researching, but we move expeditiously and get cases in.
The two things we enjoy the most is bringing clients in and closing cases.
Those are the two things we like the most.
Isn't it true when you're big and respected like you are, the IRS also knows you're not playing around?
Oh, they know we're not playing around, because we've got to be able to approve it.
I can tell you, we've had situations involving sales tax out there, and there's countless cases over the years, but even in recent, the last few months, they come to mind of clients that have come to us where Let's talk about this.
This is important because you can claw back taxes as well.
We review them and we find out, well, you've been overpaying your self-employment tax,
you've been overpaying on sales tax for businesses, on terms of your employees.
Let's talk about this.
This is important because you can claw back taxes as well.
Stay with us.
All right, Kate Daly's coming up, but she's happy.
I'm going to push her back 15 minutes to the next hour so I can get to Robert, Matt, Aaron, Mike, and Sam before I hand the baton to the next guest host.
And I need to hit the huge story I mentioned earlier, former CDC Director Redfield of Congress, Covid-19 created a lab.
government funded gain-of-function research.
The full video, InfoWars.com.
I can't describe how big that is.
Fauci is indeed crap.
We already knew all this, but now the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Welcome back to Terry Selb, American Tax Solutions.
Link through at JonesTaxRelief.com.
So we can get the credit for the sponsorship for 800-869-0723.
And tax time's here, folks, so get in there now, talk to them, get a consultation.
They're great people.
See what they can do for you.
But you were saying something went to break, and I know this because I had another tax firm who did a great job, and you guys looked at it, certified it, and we got audited over it, and the IRS actually just said this year, okay, yeah, it's true, you're absolutely right.
We'd overpaid taxes, four plus million dollars, in the last four years.
And that's why I was making no money or did that money to fund the operation.
That money then came back and was critical to even stay on air.
So that's what happened with me just using CPAs.
My own advice was do this.
I didn't do it.
And I got audited and the tax lawyers were right.
You guys looked at it and have been doing my stuff and said you can do even more.
And I've had outside groups checked out and they say dead on.
So it's insane that big firms, big CPA firms, just literally will not do your taxes
And I guess that changed, what about 15 years ago, we're used to, they didn't have liability
for what advice they gave.
Once they have liability, they just pay extra money to the IRS.
Is that accurate to say?
Oh, that's 100% accurate, Alex.
And furthermore, you know, when I first started studying tax, I think the Apollo 11 took off.
It was a long time ago.
And things have changed a lot since then.
One thing that has not changed is what you're talking about in terms of the IRS, excuse me, CPAs, and accountants of those people really just screwing their own clients because they really don't care.
They just want to get paid the fee, do the return, and send them on their way, and it becomes their problem.
You know, as far as what goes on.
But you guys make money on saving money legally.
We saved them.
I can give you a case of several cases that come to mind, but I do want to mention just quickly a word about state taxes.
Because the IRS is one thing.
Hey, they're like child's play compared to some states.
Oh, I know.
I'm kidding.
Certain states, most states out there, for example, if you're so much as one minute late in paying taxes, let's say you owe $100, it becomes $145 the following day.
Furthermore, with the IRS, there's a 10-year statute of limitations.
With many states, there's no limit.
We have countless clients over the years that owe literally, this is really true, that call us and they owe $73,000 to the state of Georgia.
This is one true example. $73,000.
It's for taxes that they owed in 2009, where they owed $2,000, $3,000, but because of the continuing penalties, they're just obscene, it turns into a $73,000 tax debt, and growing, and never goes away.
We know how to make it go away.
So those state taxes can be just horrific.
and there's no end in sight in terms of how far they go back.
But let me guess, because this has happened to us over the years with online sales.
We go out and get the right tax firm, they look at it, the states will come at you, but they'll always violate the
law and don't do it properly.
But if you don't know how to respond, they could totally screw you, grab your bank accounts.
But if you have lawyers and know what they're doing, it's boom, done.
Speaking of grabbing bank accounts, you know, we had a client in North Carolina, for example, recently,
where this guy had a corporation. It was set up correctly, but it was a corporation, and the IRS went in there and
grabbed, I think it was $111,000.
Every dime they had in their account, it was an operating company.
They were in the garbage business.
At any rate, the IRS grabbed $111,000 cash out of their bank, and I was absolutely not going to give it back to them.
We stepped in, and we took some We began very aggressive with that Reverend Officer.
We're not afraid of Reverend Officers.
And we got a hold of that Reverend Officer and we played hard ball.
To make a long story short, this is true, within 11 days or 12 days after that, in fact the money was taken out of their account and a check was written to the IRS and was delivered to the Reverend Officer's office and she took the check and re-deposited herself back into the taxpayer's account.
That's tough to do, but we did it.
We're not afraid of the IRS.
We're not afraid of everyone in our office.
But spend some time on that, because you've got countless stories.
We'll come back and talk about them.
But you know how to let them know when they violated the law or done something wrong.
But again, you know all the magic lingo.
Let me tell you right now.
In other words, we don't just stop.
When it comes to the IRS, we don't just call a revenue officer.
We go to the management of the revenue officer's group.
If need be, we go to their supervisor.
We move up the chain.
We know how to cut through the red tape to get to the top to solve tax problems.
We have revenue officers or tax agents that are out there on the $87,000 plus.
They're trying to get money out of our clients.
We know where to go and we know how to throw everything we've got at them.
This is a war.
It really, truly is.
And it's just like, as I said before, developing a strategy, not going forward as well, but also if you've already been nailed by them.
And let me tell you, if you owe them money, if you owe them any money, Don't, don't be fooled.
COVID happened.
The collections shut down.
They've come back and they've come back hard and they've come back strong.
So don't feel comfortable.
Have you seen the videos of the 87,000 they're training with guns?
These people, I mean, they're literally hiring idiots that don't even know what they're doing.
Last month they hired them.
That's absolute fact.
And they're hiring 5,000 more a month.
This shit isn't stopping.
And these agents are out there with guns and badges.
Let me tell you something.
I want to show you this.
This was recently handed out to these agents.
It's called the Tax Crimes Handbook.
Handed out to revenue agents.
It used to be, it was strictly over with the group that handled criminal prosecutions for the IRS.
Now, field agents are being handed tax crime handbooks.
They're looking for ways to throw people in jail.
It's gotten that bad.
That serious.
So if people thought the IRS was bad before, it's being completely weaponized.
Oh, this is a new game.
This is a new game they're into.
They're out playing hardball because for two years, COVID plus, they were fast asleep.
But they are awake, they're alive, they're well, and they're growing, and the army is getting larger and larger and larger.
We have the resources.
We have the knowledge.
We know the law, and we use it to help our clients.
The Bible says the people perish for lack of knowledge, and so they have these idiots that are just given a handbook with a badge and gun to run out and shake down grandmas, but as soon as they've got a powerful tax firm behind them, a lot different behavior.
Because half the time, most of the time, the majority of the time, when we see audits for example, we laugh at them.
Because we look at the audits, it's done by some G6 clerk, you know, down at the IRS that maybe got out of high school, but they do an audit and assess them $100,000 taxes.
We laugh at it.
We laugh at it because we see how stupid they were.
I'm talking about the IRS agents that do the audits.
What you're saying is they implement it wrong.
And so that's why you got them.
What I'm saying is that the IRS doesn't know what they're doing when you do these audits.
There are arbitrary numbers out there.
We go in.
I'm not trying to be mean, but look at the people there.
I mean, police get years of training and still have problems.
They're literally giving them days of training and then badges and guns.
30 days!
30 days of badges and guns and out you go.
Along with a manual on a tax crime handbook.
You know?
A tax crime handbook.
I've never heard of that in my whole life.
It's absolutely absurd.
They're absolutely fresh out of school.
Obama said they want their own new National Police Force, and that's what they're doing.
That's tantamount to that.
I wouldn't call it a police force.
I would call it more like an army.
It's closer to it.
At least the police have some limitations.
These guys have none.
No, no, I agree.
It's a total goon force.
It really is.
But I really want to emphasize that, you know, I mean, this is one more quick little story.
Very brief.
A woman in New York, this totally is true, because she's got the state taxes.
This woman owed $9,000 some odd dollars to the state of New York.
Went back maybe three or four years.
She was 78 years old, and I swear to God, she came out as a client.
Before we could file the power of attorney, the following day she called me.
In other words, we had not yet been a step-in representer.
The very next day she called me in tears.
I said, what's the matter?
She said, oh my God, the Reverend Officer came to my house today, this is totally true, in Brooklyn, and took my TV.
I swear to God.
I swear that's true.
This is about four years ago.
That's the extremes they'll go to.
It's absolutely nutty and vicious.
So it's far more than a police activity.
I'd call it a war or a police state in many respects.
It's like the Sheriff of Nottingham running around robbing people.
It really is.
Yeah, I'd say it's more like, you know, Kim there in North Korea, you know.
I'd go closer to that, you know.
Alright, I'm going to do five more minutes with you and then I'm going to take the calls, I promise.
Robert, Matt, Aaron, Sam, I'm going to hit the Redfield News as well.
But we've got to talk about this because, again, this is total weaponization.
They know the general public doesn't know their rights.
When you know your rights, you are absolutely taken care of.
But if you don't, you're insane.
So folks, this is like...
Getting parachuted into the frozen Arctic without a coat and gloves and a mask.
I mean, it's so simple.
You need to go to jonestaxrelief.com.
They've got all the services you need.
You need to give them a call at 800-869-0723.
They've got all of the services listed there on the site and you need to Get prepared, because the new world order is coming.
All right, we'll be right back with hour number four.
A few more minutes with our special guest, Terry Selb, and then your phone calls and more.
Kate Dowley's coming up at 3 p.m.
Owen Schroyer.
I got down on my knees and I began to pray.
The weakest place to be in the world is on your knees to a tyrant.
The strongest place in the universe is on your knees before the God of Creation.
And I am on my knees in front of the Creator, and I commit myself into God's hands.
All right.
Final calls.
It's the big breaking news next segment.
Terry Selb from American Tax Relief, jonestaxrelief.com, 800-869-0723.
Quick takeaways.
I've got to get you back up.
On the show soon, with 40 years of horror stories and success stories.
I mean, it's all over the news that in this bankruptcy, the other side wants my cat.
And you said, yeah, this other IRS agent with no warrant, no judge's order, just grabbed a lady's TV in New York City.
I mean, they're just out of control.
But when they know you've got representation, they vanish like vampires at high noon, don't they?
You know, Alex, you're talking about being on your knees praying to the Lord.
I agree with that.
But I was also taught that the Lord helps those who help themselves.
And so in other words, you've got to protect yourself from what's going on out there.
Don't expect, you know, someone coming down from heaven to help you out here.
It takes lawyers.
It takes real expertise to solve these problems.
I had a client a couple years ago.
He was paralyzed.
He was a quadriplegic from an accident.
He was paid for nine years on disability.
I think it was $4,000-$5,000 a month.
He was taxed, wrongfully taxed, every year for nine years.
The IRS claimed the guy owed literally $98,000 to $250,000.
They took all the money from him.
Every dime.
Every penny he had.
He was a quadriplegic.
We went in there, filed the returns correctly, got a 100% refund on all monies taken, and the normal rule is you can't get refunds past three years.
We went back nine years.
And you're able to legally do that.
You see, that's a good example of where the laws, like the average taxpayer, oh, after three years I can't get refunds.
The law also says that in instances where you qualify, you can go back indefinitely.
We've had cases where we've gone back 11, 12 years and gotten refunds from clients that overpaid from the past.
We get a lot of calls from clients that have filed in the past, they think something's wrong, they bring it to us, and we find out it is wrong.
And we go back and file many returns and get gigantic refunds.
That's not uncommon.
So, the theme is, if you think you're paying too much, you're probably right.
Give us a call.
We can figure it out.
This tax season is right here, right now, this minute.
And that's why we're trying to let your folks know that, look, there's ways to protect you.
And bottom line, the Sheriff of Nottingham's coming.
You need to protect yourself.
You better believe it.
And the sheriff's coming and he's coming, you know, to get more than just a few people.
We have an audit protection plan out there that we offer that helps people and protects them from being audited.
We know how to spot flagged accounts before they're audited and step in there and prevent it from even happening.
That's a very common practice for a lot of our clients, 'cause they want that protection.
And there are ways, we know how to do it, going through IRS, filing a power of attorney,
to actually see what accounts are flagged and not flagged, and step in there and stop audits before they happen.
That's a very important part of what we do here, is proactive, preventative stuff.
So there's three people, three groups out there that have to think about taxes.
Those that are going forward in the future, the ones that got a file on April 18th,
and the ones that owe money from the past.
We do help all three.
And we have helped thousands and thousands of clients over the years.
Saved God knows how many millions of dollars.
And we do it because we use the tax code the way it's supposed to be used for our clients.
We don't work for the IRS.
We work for you, the taxpayer.
And that's the one who needs to win this war.
All right.
Well, Terry, very impressive.
Great job.
Appreciate all your help with InfoWars.
JonesTaxRelief.com, 800-869-0723, 800-869-0723.
We'll be talking to you guys, you and Tyler Bennett.
Great job, Tyler.
We'll be talking to you guys, you and Tyler Bennett.
Great job, Tyler.
Really appreciate your work, guys.
Thank you, Alex.
Alright, there they go.
Those are my advisors, that's how I use, and they've stood up to the test of time with audits the whole nine yards, and we wouldn't be here without them.
Alright, just wanted to help everybody, and as a sponsor, a 360 win.
It's so important.
You can decide to run off over the woods, more power to you.
I'm not advising you to do that, but I get it.
It's a fraud, but there's another way to do it and not be screwed.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we'll come back with a few final phone calls in this huge News on COVID.
It's so big, my head's spinning.
It's just so massive how they're trying to now walk back the fact they said there was no gain of function.
They're like, we were ordered to do it.
We were ordered.
Yeah, you were ordered.
And we're going to bring you criminals to justice.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, I'm gonna hit a few final phone calls, but I'll guarantee you this.
On The War Room today, in an hour, and on my show tomorrow, I was already planning to cover this today, but I got behind on other news.
There's a bunch of other breaking news that ties into this.
The Twitter file's coming out on Fauci, and more.
Musk is finally delivering.
Former CDC Director Redfield to Congress.
COVID-19 created in a lab.
Government fund gain-of-function research.
And then he says, the researchers didn't like doing it at the Wuhan lab or at U.S.
labs, but the military took it over and ordered us to do it.
So they're like, okay, we committed crimes.
We did it.
We lied to Congress.
Redfield did a year and a half ago.
He went, I think we were doing it when Fauci lied.
He's smart.
He's like, I know, it's going on.
Now he spills his guts.
And I can't play the whole two-hour testimony.
It's on Infowars.com.
But we're going to play some excerpts here.
I mean, listen to this.
In September 2019, three things happened in the lab.
One is they detailed, deleted the sequences.
Highly irregular.
Researchers don't like to do that, Redfield said.
The second thing is they changed the command and control from civilian to military.
Highly unusual.
So he's just spilling his guts in Congress saying, oh yeah, Pentagon ran this.
Can't go after me for this.
Wow, Fauci got his ass in a sling up the river.
Play the clip.
Here it is.
Dr. Redfield, did you agree, in your opinion, with Dr. Anderson's assessment at the time that this virus did look engineered?
I was concerned because of the presence of the furin cleavage site that we've talked about, and I think it's important to understand what that cleavage site does.
That cleavage site totally changes the orientation of the binding domain of COVID, so it now, which could not see the H2 receptor, which is a human receptor, it totally changes the orientation now, so it has high affinity affinity for a human receptor.
So that furanocleavocyte bothered me.
It didn't seem that it belonged there.
And then when you look at the sequences that it used, and it's beyond the committee,
but I know many of you have looked into it, the sequences that they used in those 12 nucleotides
for arginine were the arginine sequences, nucleotide triplet, that coded for the human arginine.
So why did this virus have the arginine sequences for human there, not bat?
It was very disconcerting to me.
It looked like this virus was engineered.
Was this, what you're observing and speaking of, is this something that would be in line with gain-of-function research and the capabilities it would provide to the virus?
Yeah, I mean basically this lab published in 2014 that they accomplished in allowing the coronaviruses that they were working with in the lab to bind to the H2 receptor in humanized mice.
And the only way they did that was by reorienting the binding domain.
And it was clear to them at this time that that was likely the issue in their private conversations.
Yet by February 4th, a paper on the origins of COVID is drafted by four participants of the February 1 conference call.
One of those participants, Dr. Anderson, completely reverses himself in an email to the president of EcoHealth, Peter Doszak.
And says the main crackpot theories going around at the moment relate to this virus being somehow engineered and that is demonstrably false.
My question to you Mr. Redfield, did you know of any evidence that they had found within three days from February 1st to February 4th to be able to confirm that it was not created in a lab?
As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately I was excluded from those conversations.
Which I found retroactively very disappointed, since I was obviously a virologist and very engaged, and I actually had asked Jeremy Farrar, Tony Fauci, and Ted Rose to have these conversations.
And then to be excluded, I found unusual.
I do think it illustrates one point that's worth really focusing on.
When you have a group of people that decide there could only be one point of view, that's problematic.
And I'll keep going saying it's antithetical to science, and unfortunately that's what they did.
I can tell you, Dr. Redfield, that is the case.
It's very problematic because how people suffered in this country from those, what I would call, tyrannical decisions using their positions of power and shutting down the country the way they did.
I think people definitely do feel that way.
Thank you.
Thank you, I yield back.
And you're going to see more rats leaving the sinking ship as they know it's coming out.
I mean, I'm getting chills up and down my spine.
Are you as a supporter not vindicated?
Are you the people that spoke out against us for three years and not vindicated?
Did you not bet on the right horse supporting us?
We got more work to do!
We're gonna get these people that are endangering our families and have killed millions.
We must, for the dead and for our children in the future.
We must commit to it before God.
Let's jam in some calls.
Thanks for holding.
Robert in Thailand.
We gotta move quick.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, thank you very much.
I love you guys.
I love the crew.
I have three quick points, so I'll just run through as fast as I can.
First point, I disagree about Obama's third term.
I think it's Bush's fifth term.
Oh, I agree with that, too.
Obama is perfectly set.
Obama was Bush's third and fourth term.
This is the deep state's fifth term.
And I think that this closure around January 6th could create a cascade and ultimately lead to 9-11 Truths, something that we've all been waiting for a long time and other false flags.
So I'm looking for that domino effect.
And then my second point is, you know, I talked with Rick Simpson and he's happy to come on your show.
And I have his contact details.
If you want to pass me over to your crew, I can get you guys that.
And remind me, I know I wanted him on.
Who's Rick Simpson?
Rick Simpson is, he's like the equivalent, I think that you two are probably the top guys in all of the truth movements.
I know, I remember his name, but it's not, it's not, I'm having an Alzheimer's moment.
Well, who is he?
He fought with the Canadian government because he discovered that cannabis cures- Oh yeah, I remember that.
Okay, yeah, yeah, I remember who he is.
Go ahead, give us the info again, thank you.
Okay, let's talk to Sam in Tennessee.
Sam, you're on the air.
Hey, thank you for taking my call.
Just a quick question.
I don't expect you to know the answer.
Hopefully we can crowdsource an answer.
Mr. Sicknick, I was just doing quick reading.
My understanding is he died of two strokes and he was 42 years old.
He was a big Trump supporter and we were heard critical of what happened that day.
Very suspicious he died.
Alright, so here's the question.
Does anybody know whether or not he got the clock shot?
Because it came out just a month or two before this.
I'm sure he did as a Capitol officer.
He may be one of the first died suddenly.
I think it's a question worth asking.
I didn't think of that.
I thought, did they murder him?
Wow, that's a good question.
That's all I had for today.
Thank you, sir.
That's why we love callers!
See it?
That's why the show is smart.
I got great guests.
I'm a pretty good talk show host.
The callers are amazing.
That's why the show's scary to the enemy.
Because we're crowdsourcing what the callers said.
QMAT Intelligence.
Getting chills right now.
This Redfield thing is... Oh, man!
I smell victory.
They'll probably start World War III, though.
Matt in Wisconsin.
They already did, I guess.
Matt, go ahead.
Hey, Mr. Crystal Vision, I called about 10 years ago and spoke to you and you talked about how, like, there's Ragnarok going on, that it's not just one group, the Chinese, Israel or whatever, but a bunch of groups fighting together.
You know, like the African saying, when elephants fight, grass gets trampled.
And I was doing some research in Ukraine about the Wagner Group, which is the PMC, private military group for Russia.
And I didn't know the founder was A Jewish individual.
He had a Jewish father and stepfather, which I think is interesting.
You know, I was speaking with relatives about the Kanye stuff over there and it kind of reminded me of Smedley Butler's War is a Racket.
And then also with Nikola Tesla, you brought him up.
I meant to get into the whole Tesla thing, and I forgot to do it.
I promise I will.
Look, I apologize.
Give me your name and number, man, if you want me to call you back tomorrow.
We're doing phones again tomorrow.
We will call Mike, Robert, Aaron, and Matt back tomorrow.
Remind me, by the way, call our crew.
We'll call them first tomorrow.
I'm out of time.
Kate Dally always does a great job.
She's loaded for bear.
She takes over the next 45 minutes.
And then Owen Schroyer.
Those are the coordinates of freedom.
The new URL to go to Band.video to get around the censors?
Kate Dally takes over.
Stay with us.
You need to get coordinated with not only your food, but also your health supplements,
because it's going to be a matter of life and death.
So support InfoWars store.
Listen, you need to put it as a priority because you don't know.
I don't know.
Alex and I are telling you how late it is before midnight strikes.
And again, magnesium is critical for your muscles and everything.
Krill oil.
What I'm watching right before my eyes is a composite overview of nutritional supplements that will keep you alive.
And I would urge everyone, maybe you don't take vitamins, maybe you don't take nutritional supplements,
but the day will come.
Vitamin C and zinc, absolutely imperative for the cold.
DNA force, absolutely imperative.
Mineral fusion, absolutely.
As you're drinking filtered water, a lot of it will become demineralized.
You have to have these products.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com, The Kate Dally Show.
So glad to be with you because I have this amazing guest for you.
What a great show so far.
Hopefully we can just add to that today.
I'm talking about a huge cover-up today.
One of the biggest that you might I might not even be aware of.
I know, I know you probably are aware of a lot, but I don't think you're aware of this one.
As much as we should be anyway.
Why do I talk about health so much on the show?
Because the government has figured out that we're stupid enough to fall for more contrived illnesses, and they will steal more freedom under the banner of pandemic.
We can all be rest assured they're coming back for more as Bill Gates keeps promising us.
We suffered way more from tyranny than we ever did fluvid or the sniffles.
So we need all hands on deck.
We need you and we need you healthy.
And I really mean that.
And that's why supplements are so important.
That's why our health is so important.
Right now, we need you and we need you healthy because we need all the energy that you've got.
My guest is Morley Robbins, the great Morley Robbins.
He is the creator and founder of the Root Cause Protocol.
He received his B.A.
in Biology from Denison University in Ohio and holds an M.B.A.
from George Washington University in Healthcare Administration.
He wrote the book on copper.
It's called Cure.
Pure, and then the byline is Your Fatigue, Q-U-R-E, cure.
And one of the reasons that we are so very unhealthy today as we're walking around all consuming pharma every single time and chance that we can, Morley exposes one mineral, the one mineral, the most important mineral that has been systematically eliminated from your diet and food supply going back 80 years.
Welcome to the show.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show, Morley Robbins.
How are you?
Delighted to be here, Kate.
Thank you for the introduction, and I'm sure we're going to have a very stimulating dialogue.
Oh, I can bet on it.
In fact, this will blow people's minds.
You know what?
Let's go right to some information I think people will be so interested in.
Back in the 1920s, they did a study on mice.
Would you talk about that for just a moment?
So if I suddenly went rogue, I would want to convince people that they were anemic,
that they didn't have enough iron in their body, and that they were copper toxic.
And that's the prevailing myth on planet Earth.
But the studies that you're talking about were from the same year, two different studies, two different teams.
In 1928, they fed rodents a diet that had no copper in it.
And they wanted to see what was going to happen.
And what they were surprised to discover is that when there's low copper or no copper in the diet, iron starts to fill up in the liver.
And this has been known since 1928.
Hart et al., 1928.
McHarg et al., 1928.
Two separate teams.
When two different teams can prove the same thing, that's when it becomes science.
So we've known this for almost 100 years now.
And we live in a very different world than we think we do because no one knows about minerals.
No one knows that these lowly little elements I'm not sure they know as much as they should know, but minerals and their balance, which is so important in our body, is what really drives vitality.
And when you start to pull copper out of the soil and out of the food, and then it starts to be pulled out of the human, then you've got a serious problem.
So we know how critical, excuse me, we know how critical gold It will collapse.
That seems to be the train that we're riding on right now.
When you take silver out of your computer, it doesn't work.
And when you take copper out of the human being, it starts to fall apart.
And that's exactly where we find ourselves as a society today.
Your book absolutely blew my mind.
I have to say it blew my mind because the history that you discuss in the book and how they used fertilizers, chemical fertilizers as the Trojan horse, and I've talked about this on the show, how they use that as the Trojan horse to basically poison us, but there was even more to it.
That I discovered from you.
And this is why I wanted to share this with people.
Copper is the master mineral, right?
It is the orchestra.
It's the orchestra guy.
It's the guy that tells all the other minerals what to do.
And without it, well, let's just say that they knew that if they could rob us of copper early on, generations ago, that we would be a hot mess today.
And we are.
Our health is in the gutter.
And so talk about the fertilizers, what they did with glyphosate.
Well, they first started with NPK.
After the First World War, there were a lot of munitions left over.
They had to do something with the nitrogen, the phosphorus and the potassium.
Well, people didn't know what that was going to do to mineral uptake.
Well, NPK blocks copper uptake in the root system of plants.
That was a pretty serious affront to farming.
And now today, we live in an environment where Much of the world is exposed to glyphosate or Roundup.
Some people may know it as Roundup.
It's ubiquitous.
It's everywhere on the planet now.
And what people probably don't know is that this supposed chemical has mineral chelating properties.
And they're measured on a logarithmic scale.
So, we know about pH on a logarithmic scale.
We know about earthquakes on a logarithmic scale.
Well, glyphosate, same scale.
And it chelates magnesium at a 2.
It chelates zinc at a 6.
But it chelates copper at an 11.
And why is that important?
It means that it's taking copper out of the soil a billion times faster than it's taking magnesium.
And it's taking Copper 100,000 times faster than it's taking zinc.
So copper is in the crosshairs.
And this process, as you are mentioning it, goes back about 100 years.
So they've been boiling the frog, they've been boiling the human frog one degree at a time.
And we just didn't know what was happening.
And so playing in the background, a lot of people may be surprised to hear this, but I've renamed COVID.
The COV Stands for coppers vanished, and ID stands for irons dysregulated.
So go back to those mice in 1928, take copper out, what happens?
Iron goes wild.
And that's what all of the symptoms of COVID are based on.
Iron dysregulation, hyperferritinemia, high uric acid, and myocarditis.
We can go on for an hour describing the symptoms, and they all relate back to these two minerals.
And copper, what happens is, is people are told about iron consistently.
You're low in iron, you're low in iron, but it hides in the tissues.
It's not in the blood as much as we test for it.
We never test for copper, but copper has to be in balance with iron.
Absolutely, it has to be in balance.
And so the most important thing for the listeners to remember in this conversation, low iron in the blood Does not mean low iron in the tissue.
In fact, it's just the opposite.
Low iron in the blood usually is masking high iron stuck in the tissue and I'm sure we'll have a chance to talk further about that in another segment.
It's causing a lot of disease to happen, pathogens to happen.
The reason Ivermectin worked is because it would go in and it would take the iron that was making the pathogen grow, right?
Take that out and help it so that it could deliver copper and zinc into that cell.
That's why Ivermectin was so effective, correct?
We'll come back, we'll talk about that.
With Morley Robbins.
The book is Cure.
I take his FIQ copper every day.
We need copper.
You're without copper.
And as he says, we are copper deserts.
We are copper deserts.
And I like his FIQ copper.
Let me tell you, you need this.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show with Morley Robbins.
We're back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for joining us today.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from The Kate Dally Show, and my guest is Morley Robbins.
I bring him on because his message is so essential to you, your health.
We need all hands on deck right now.
We need you, and we need you healthy.
And so this information, the exposing of one of the biggest cover-ups in our food supply for the last 80 years, This is so important, a hundred years actually.
So here's a couple of things.
Number one, Morley's book, Cure Your Fatigue.
You have got to get this book.
It is filled with history too and so much more will make sense once you read this book.
It blew my mind and I researched 12 hours a day.
So the copper, the byline on it is the root cause and how to fix it on your own, which is so important.
We need to take control of our health.
So here's a couple of statements, Morley.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
I might be.
Copper has been annihilated by glyphosate.
When they took copper out of the diet with mice in the 1920s, the mice died of disease.
Copper has to be balanced in your diet with other minerals.
It's the master detoxifier.
So dumping those shots that people out there took, thank goodness I didn't, dumping those shots in our bodies, maybe they wouldn't have had a chance if we would have had enough copper in our bodies for the last 100 years to actually detoxify that.
Our immune system would have had some help in detoxifying.
And I'm talking about the entire VAX program too.
Copper isn't just needed, it's essential to your health and that's why we're walking around so unhealthy and doctors don't even mention it nor do they test for it.
How do you feel about all those statements?
No, I think those are accurate statements.
I think the hard part, Kate, is getting people to realize that a mineral that they've never heard of or a mineral that they usually are I'm scared of because they've been told it's toxic.
It's just it's insane how backwards the message is.
But the key is, it's hard to believe that this Achilles heel is what's doing us in.
And again, it's we're talking about 100 milligrams of a mineral that fits on the head of a one inch stick pin.
That's a really tiny amount of of element.
And it I think everyone understands the difference between And this is based on the experience of the Chinese who've been working with healing practices for just a modest 5,000 years.
But in their folklore and in their medical practices, they have identified copper as the general and iron as the foot soldier.
And what happens when When the copper is missing?
Well, just try to picture the Battle of the Bulge without Patton.
It's a very different outcome of that historical event.
And so that's what's going on inside our body is there aren't enough generals.
And the important one of the most important aspects of copper, it's in its getting it falls into this category of like, really, it does all that.
So there's there's only four things that copper does.
Only four things creates energy.
That's important.
Mitochondria don't work without copper.
Second, clears exhaust.
You know, we're used to driving cars and they produce exhaust.
Well, we produce exhaust in our bodies and in our mitochondria and in our cells.
Well, there are copper enzymes that are designed perfectly to clear that.
It catalyzes enzymes.
It's a big deal.
And what is an enzyme?
It's like a nanobot.
It's a little thing that gets stuff done.
And copper It's in the body.
And then the fourth that I think is really tragic that people don't know about, especially our practitioners, is that copper combats enemies, whether they're bacteria, fungus, virus or any parasites.
And so the issue is people are not aware of that.
And for those people who maybe have grown up on a farm or may actually be engaged in farming, you know how important copper is on the farm.
But the tragedy is, it's been the number one defect or the number one mineral deficiency, I should say, number one mineral deficiency for 80 years.
And if it's deficient on the farm, we know it's deficient in the food supply.
And so a very important Australian farmer, her name is Pat Colby.
She's written a whole series of books on farming, natural goat care, and cattle care, and horse care, and sheep care.
But she makes a very important point in all four of these books.
She says that any animal that is copper deficient has parasites.
Any animal that has parasites is copper deficient.
Well, if I learned anything, if we've learned anything from the 2020 through 2023 period, is that what is a virus?
Oh, it's the excrement from parasites.
And that's a really important thing to know.
And so that means that playing in the background worldwide was copper deficiency.
Because the transmission of the parasite was so fast.
And so if you don't understand the dynamics and the power of minerals, well, then it would be very easy to fall into the condition of fear that we all fell into.
And, and what does fear do?
Again, if I if I spell cure differently, I'm going to spell fear differently.
And I spell fear F-E hyphen A-R.
And it's important for people to realize is that When you're in a state of fear, you're attracting iron to your body, and that iron is activating rust in your body.
We don't call it rust in the world of medicine.
We call it oxidative stress.
It's a very lofty term, but it's rust.
It's oxygen interacting with iron and it's creating chaos inside our body.
Whether it's neuroinflammation, fatty liver disease, heart disease, chronic kidney disease, arthritis, I don't care what it is.
And what, as a former hospital executive and consultant, what surprised me was that all of the conditions,
I think there are like 25,000 in the Merck manual, all come in on oxidative stress.
And if you don't have bioavailable copper to regulate the iron and the oxygen
to prevent the oxidative stress, then nature's just gonna take its course
is going to begin to wear us down.
And probably a really important thing for your listeners to understand is that if they're at all worried about aging, aging is just a shorthand for iron accumulation.
And there's some famous papers that have been written about the nine hallmarks of aging now superseded by the 12 hallmarks of aging.
Guess what?
All 12 come back to this copper-iron conflict and the creation of oxidative stress.
Well, I think that's important for the public to know.
I think it's more important for the practitioners to know that.
But this is a battle for mindshare.
And I think what's really going to change the clinical practice is when the public stands up and demands a different level of information from the questions they're going to start to ask.
Because I think it's time for people to say that if they're told, well, you're anemic, say, well, let's measure my copper status.
Let's exhaust everything we can in my diet to increase my copper And then we can begin to have that iron discussion.
And it's really tragic that that doesn't happen more often.
But again, we live in a world of being brainwashed.
We're all very aware of that.
And now it's time, I think, and I appreciate your passionate interest in this, I think it's time for people to awaken to this new truth.
One hundred, one hundred percent.
In fact, you call, you know, the M.D., the M.D.
label, the M.D.
degree, mineral deficiency, which I absolutely love because doctors, if a doctor gives you a blank stare and says, you don't need to worry about copper, you could be toxic in copper.
That's not true.
We're copper deserts, as you say.
And the other thing is, is understanding how they've been trained since the Johns Hopkins Medical School took over per the Rockefellers.
Once that was established, Minerals were out the window and we never heard about them again.
In fact, on a men's panel or a women's panel blood test, they don't even include copper.
You actually have to pay more to try to get tested for it and that's insane to me because it's the master mineral and I hope people realize that this is the master mineral.
This is the mineral that is telling the other minerals what to do, and if you don't have enough of that, well, we're wrought with disease.
We're walking around unhealthy, and I think the medical cabal has become pharma pill poppers.
They're basically there to give you pharma, and if you don't want pharma, too bad.
We'll be right back.
I'll be right back with Morley Robbins on the Alex Jones Show.
You're going to want to hear this.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, last segment of the hour.
My guest is Morley Robbins.
He wrote the book on copper.
This book is so important because it's something we're missing that we don't even realize because we're not trained in it.
The doctors don't do any training in it.
And I screwed up one of the words, mineral denialist, is what Morley talks about when he says MD.
And that is the truth.
They don't understand health.
They're there to write you a script for pharma.
I mean, my gosh, pharma is awfully lucky to have all these doctors running around writing pharma scripts for them.
It's just, it's sickening, isn't it?
The FIQ report is just so amazing and I've been taking it.
Let me tell you, I hope people start realizing this cover-up.
I'm so glad you've exposed this.
I'm so glad you wrote this book, Morley.
I'm happy to be bringing this message forward and delighted to have the This kind of conversation and just your curiosity.
Again, we've got to spell it right, but it's very infectious, and I think it's important for people to hear this.
The thing is, it's time.
Our back is against the wall.
I'm absolutely convinced that the window is closing, and we need to take the steps to educate and make people more aware of this.
You mentioned Hopkins.
I wanted people to know that I grew up in Baltimore.
As I noted to you, my nickname is Baltimore Lee.
That's what my oldest son calls me.
Hopkins is a really important epicenter for medicine, as I think you know and probably your listeners know.
But it's even more important because it was a very important MD, PhD, Who was very clinically active at Hopkins in the 30s.
His name was Max Weintraub.
And Dr. Weintraub, originally, he was born and raised in Canada.
He got his MD degree in Canada, and then he came to the States, got his PhD in Physiology at Tulane University, and then he ends up at Hopkins.
And Dr. Weintraub was not just another doctor, he wrote the first It was in 1942 when it was published, and he defined that field.
And hematology is the one that studies blood, studies minerals in the blood.
And Dr. Weintraub's expertise was copper.
But what's really interesting is, for some reason, maybe because he was a truther, I'm not sure, Dr. Weintraub got kicked out of Hopkins.
And he ends up being the Dean of Medicine at the University of Utah Medical School.
And it was a very fortuitous development because he recruited some of the best and brightest clinicians of that era.
And they engaged in 32 formal experiments in animals, including humans, experimenting with what happens if we do this to the copper?
What happens if we do that to the iron?
And it's mind-blowing research that has been lost to the ages.
People don't know about this legacy of research or the legacy that preceded it at the University of Wisconsin.
But it's very, very important for people to know that this is not... My passion around this is based on having read 7,500 articles in the last 14 years.
I get up very early in the morning, read for three hours a day, seven days a week.
You can cover a lot of ground between five and eight in the morning.
And I'm really proud of that.
And my understanding is based on the legacy of research that has preceded us, that there have been some amazing individuals who have devoted themselves to understanding this.
And that's really what's chronicled in the book.
And that's really what inspired the supplement.
What really inspired it was my frustration with the fact that no one was talking about mineral metabolism from 2020 to 2022.
And I said, that's got to stop.
We've got to change that.
And that's what led to the creation of that particular supplement.
And it's just it's a very humble solution to a very big problem.
And I think what's important for people to realize is that sometimes big complicated problems can be solved quite simply.
It's called Occam's Razor.
Sometimes the simplest solution is best.
And that's really what this discussion is about.
That's what the book is about.
That's what the whole desire is to get more people to realize how simple the solution is.
In fact, I want you to talk just a little bit, too, about the brain.
The brain is run by copper fat.
And I interviewed Dr. Alfonso Monzo.
He's a fascinating, amazing, talks about your copper book and copper.
And he said, you know, the brain is run by fat and copper.
And isn't it interesting that the two things they've tried to eliminate, right, in the 70s with the food pyramid, they went into, oh, get rid of that fat and raise the sugar level.
And what happened?
We all became obese.
We didn't have the obesity problem before the 70s as much as we have it now.
And then of course, removing copper from the body.
And when you do that, I mean, no wonder, no wonder.
So then it also, it also controls fear, right?
And so what they so good at presenting fear to us.
People are still running around in masks.
It's the fear.
Well, it's actually a half a dozen changes that were made.
And it's very simple.
And I apologize for the banging.
They decided to replace our porch, and I had no notice of this at all.
So I apologize for that.
So you know what?
We're constructing a new awareness about these subjects.
So that's what that banging is all about.
I hope. So the thing is, what you have to understand is, so they blocked copper uptake
after the First World War with NPK. 20 years later, 1941, they started sprinkling iron
filings into the wheat flour in UK, Canada, and the US.
Then what did they do?
Oh, well, let's, you know, the food doesn't taste right.
Let's add some sugar.
Let's really begin to add sugar.
And then in September of 1955, September 24th, 1955, Eisenhower has a heart attack.
September 24th, 1955, Eisenhower has a heart attack.
And they seized upon that.
He actually had eight heart attacks, but the first one was in September of '55.
And Ancel Keys, who's a famous physiologist, not a physician, but he's a famous physiologist, he said, well, we need to get fat out of the diet because it's causing heart disease.
And it's like, no, it doesn't.
But suddenly the whole narrative got hijacked by Dr. Keys.
And they took they took fat out of the diet because they had to get rid of cholesterol.
Well, what they were really going after was retinol.
Vitamin A. And what people don't know is that vitamin A is what activates critical enzymes in our body to load copper into critical pathways to keep us in balance.
So let's add iron.
Let's take away copper.
Let's add sugar.
Let's take away fat.
Let's add vitamin D.
And, oh, let's not talk about retinol.
Nobody's supposed to be using retinol.
Oh, you know what?
You can become not just copper toxic, you can become vitamin A toxic.
And those six changes have shaped humanity now to be so vulnerable.
And I think our ancestors must be rolling over in their graves saying, what happened?
And the greatest tragedy, Kate, is prior to the First World War, there was something called nutritional immunity.
Our ancestors knew to stay away from excess iron because it feeds the pathogens.
They've known that for millennia of millennia.
But after the First World War, everything changed and suddenly we couldn't get enough iron and we've never been so sick since then.
So true.
We're getting bombarded.
There's iron shavings.
When they say fortified iron, it's iron shavings in your cereal, says Dr. Monzo.
And so we're getting this barrage of iron.
They tell everyone to take iron.
They even took me to take iron.
My iron was low.
So they told me to take more iron and all it's doing is making us more sick.
There's no counterbalancing with copper and copper has people to tell iron what to do.
We are so unhealthy as a people and they counted on it.
They wanted us to be unhealthy.
And that's the sad part of all of this, is this conspiracy, a real conspiracy between folks to annihilate it out of our food supply.
The glyphosate targets copper out of our food supply.
We are deserts and we need to understand that.
I know we only have about a minute left, but please, you know, the book Cure, C-U-R-E, you have got to get this book by Morley Robbins.
It goes into all of this history.
It's fantastic.
I take FIQ Copper.
We need to bump this up.
We need to get this going in our bodies.
It can really help us a lot.
And 30 seconds, Morley.
Go for it.
I want people to realize that when COVID hit, I thought it was the end of this movement,
because this really is a movement.
And then I realized over the last year, this has been the springboard, because people are
now saying, "Wait a minute, there's more to the story."
And that's what this conversation is all about.
And that's what the focus of this emphasis on bioavailable copper, why it's so important.
It's one of the biggest coverups in our food supply.
It's one of the biggest coverups in our health.
And if a doctor looks at you with a blank stare, get rid of the doctor and find one that understands your body.
Thank you Morley Robbins, really appreciate you.
The book is Cure.
FIQ Copper is what I take.
And let me tell you, it's worth it.
Thanks a lot you guys on the out.
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