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Name: 20230307_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 7, 2023
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Sam Montoya, a reporter, is arrested for peacefully covering the event with myself.
They've tried to indict me, subpoenaed us, harassed us, made us testify to Congress.
It's gone on and on.
And they are so scared right now of what Carlson is about to release.
Carlson is a real thoroughbred.
He has gotten stronger and stronger.
Told me many years ago that InfoWars really helped wake him up.
And now he's improving to the world that the New World Order is not all powerful.
We've all been doing that as well.
Elon Musk has come out and said January 6,
Uh, is a false flag operation, basically, and that mainstream media and Congress are hiding the truth.
Schumer, again, is in full panic mode.
We have a compilation of some of that panicking and freaking out coming up here in just a few minutes, but it is Tuesday, March 7th, 2023.
Owen, this would be deeply personal for you and myself if we hadn't been arrested or harassed or, you know, had the Deep State come after us because they're branding the entire American people as terrorists.
With his operation.
But it shows the deep state's not all powerful.
I know you're on the edge of your seat right now.
Personally, right in the middle of the fulcrum.
Well, when I saw, what I'm using the analogy of, an interception last night, Tucker Carlson intercepted the January 6th football, Tucker Carlson intercepted the January 6th narrative, and that's my teammate, that's the guy on pro-truth team, that's the guy on pro-America team, and I saw him intercept the ball and start going the other way, it was like, alright, time to line up the blockers, let's clear the path to the end zone, let's take this thing to the end zone, everybody on the field, everybody who has something at stake here,
And so I don't normally like to come up here and get in Alex's way when he does the extended broadcast, and I don't need to put myself in front of the cameras to get more popularity, but Alex, I could not sit by on this one.
I'm on the field.
You're on the field.
Tucker Carlson is on the field.
We've got people rotting in jail cells right now.
We've got the media now reeling.
They're now on defense.
This is the January 6th interception.
The people that have been on offense are now on defense.
We've got the ball.
We're taking it the other way.
And if we play this right, we can get this ball to the end zone, spike it, and maybe finally see some justice in this country.
That's right.
Tyranny always gets out of hand.
It always overplays its hand.
And the people decide that's going to happen.
I'm glad you raised the hundreds and hundreds, over 700 people still in jail.
Many of them two plus years, no trial.
They are the beta test for all the rest of us.
And the Q Shaman with them, opening the doors, bringing them in.
Directing him into the Senate building.
All a massive setup.
They were trying to set us up that day.
Oh, and I want to play this compilation, but pulling back now.
That day how they wanted us to lead the march.
That day that I felt like we should hold back.
You wanted to hold all the way back and wait till Trump even left.
Should have followed your instincts, but we got there.
We tried to stop it.
If we hadn't tried to stop it, we would be in jail right now.
They're still trying to put you in jail.
But pulling back from this, it's not just the Democrats.
It's the deep state is in panic right now.
A lot of Republican leadership has been supportive of this.
Lindsey Graham, DeSantis, big black mark against him.
But the Secret Service that day, not all of them, but the group that wanted us to lead it, the setup now in hindsight is crystal clear.
They were trying to set us up as well in the jaws of this and wish they could have tricked tens of thousands more Trump supporters into the doors.
But we showed up and others showed up and stopped them from going in.
So they planned for this to be a much worse event.
They had their talking points about the new Pearl Harbor, worse than 9-11.
They had all of that ready, but it didn't get as bad as they wanted.
Thank God.
Yeah, I completely agree.
I think that they wanted sights and scenes that really were devastating, not just pictures and videos of a million and a half people in Washington, D.C., with some of the skirmishes with police and some of the windows being broken.
I mean, it just shows you how desperate they were in their cherry-picking process.
Well, that's right.
That's the next point.
SPLC attorney charged with domestic terrorism for reportedly being involved in the attack on the Atlanta Police Training Center yesterday with over 100 other terrorists has now been released on $5,000 bail.
So there you go, Owen.
Must be nice.
So let's pull back.
Where are we from three years ago?
Now New York's trying to ban masks saying criminals wear them because they know it's now a symbol of their cult members and how they're mind-controlled and it makes them look stupid.
So we've gone from them saying you got to wear a mask, it's the law, to saying you can't wear a mask, it's against the law.
Their whole narrative, the fact that Fauci created the virus, the fact that they suppressed
We're good to go.
No one can dispute it.
Now the hardcore stuff comes tonight, tomorrow night, and on Thursday night, I'm told, from the man himself.
And yes, we're not about media popularity.
We're not about, oh, we're the only show.
We will get behind anybody telling the truth, anybody fighting tyrants.
And we're
We're good to go.
Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television.
Stark warnings from Capitol Police today concerned that Tucker Carlson's airing of a selectively edited video of January 6th will spawn dangerous conspiracy theories and potentially fuel more violence.
Tucker Carlson now is lying and deceiving his own loyal viewers.
Carlson aired the clips on his show last night, but critics accuse him of cherry-picking footage given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to push a false narrative.
What Carlson did is use selected clips from surveillance tapes provided to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to claim, falsely, that journalists and lawmakers lied about the January 6th attack on the Capitol.
And now Tucker Carlson's back at his usual game of trying to, I mean, not even trying to, of lying to his audience about the events of that day.
With contempt for the facts, disregard of the risks, and knowing full well he was lying, lying to his audience, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a lengthy segment last night arguing the January 6th Capitol attack was not a violent insurrection.
So you're defending democracy, but you're denying people information on the basis of which they can make their own decisions.
How does that work exactly?
Well, it's not democracy, of course.
It's building a bulwark against your lies being revealed.
And they are lying.
Remember, the man you just saw there helped Donald Trump lie that the 2020 election was stolen.
He now wants you to believe the anger and the violence we all saw that day was the exception.
I don't think I've ever seen a primetime cable news anchor manipulate his viewers the way Mr. Carlson did last night.
Listen, it's okay if you want to show another side of the thing, but at least put it all in context.
Please don't ignore that there was an insurrection that day that has been shown repeatedly over and over and over again.
It's extremely upsetting.
I don't think I've ever seen an anchor treat the American people and American democracy with such disdain.
And he's going to come back tonight with another segment.
Fox News should tell him not to.
Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, tell Carlson not to run a second segment of lies.
You know it's a lie.
You've admitted it's a lie.
He has not admitted it's a lie.
They are the liars.
They are scared.
All he said was the truth.
The police opened the gates and brought the people in, and the Q Shaman was directed into the area, into the Senate, and that what they said about ramps was a lie, and what they said about so much more was a lie.
Now we're going to see the second much bigger installment.
We are just minutes away.
As soon as Tucker goes on,
We're going to go to it, but everybody out there can fight the tyrants.
You can, your email list, your text messages, your word of mouth.
History's happening now.
You're the real power.
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Go to www.MadMaxWorld.tv or on your email, InfoWars.com forward slash show, or on the live show feed we've got.
Special broadcast tonight, Alex Jones provides live coverage of Tucker Carlson's next January 6th expose.
Share those links.
But the one you can share on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere that isn't censored yet is MadMaxWorld.tv.
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Now they're blocking that.
So now it's madmaxworld.tv.
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This is a sport for freedom and the future of humanity.
So everyone watching, take this live link and share it.
And once it's archived tonight, demand.video is going to try to suppress this.
Say, don't listen to the lies of the corporate media.
See what Tucker Carlson had to say, and then we'll have Darren Beatty, the professor, one of the top guys that helped Tucker with all of this, on.
Oh, we'll give analysis.
One of the people trying to make a victim of this whole thing.
We are live.
It is seven o'clock Central Standard Time.
We're going to go ahead now, and we're going to cut straight to Tucker Carlson live.
Go to the feed.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight.
Last night, we aired video from surveillance cameras on Capitol Hill.
That video was recorded 26 months to the day before, January 6th, 2021.
And for 26 months, that footage was held from the American public.
The January 6th Committee made certain.
Now, the Justice Department also
Kept a lid on that video footage.
And in fact, in some cases, DOJ did not share it with criminal defendants who'd been charged on January 6th in violation of their constitutional rights.
So we felt it was a public service to bring what we could to you.
There was no justification for keeping this secret any longer and a powerful argument to be made that sunlight is always and everywhere the best disinfectant.
And in fact, because it was video evidence, it is, to some extent, self-explanatory.
Anyone could look at the tape and decide what he or she thinks of it.
So the tape we showed last night indicated very clearly that Capitol Hill police, in some cases, escorted protesters through the Capitol as if they were giving a tour.
They did that with Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon shaman.
At one point, they even tried to open locked doors on Chansley's behalf.
Chansley was sentenced to four years in prison for his crimes in the Capitol on January 6th.
And the video we showed you last night raises the obvious question, why?
On what grounds?
The video we showed you last night also showed that Officer Brian Sicknick was not beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by protesters on January 6th, as the media and Liz Cheney so often claimed.
The video shows Sicknick walking around the building, apparently in good health, after he was supposedly killed.
We showed you that video.
You can make of it what you will.
We also showed you a video that proves Ray Apps, the mysterious protester who encouraged others to breach the Capitol, lied to the January 6th committee about where he was on that day.
But for some reason, the committee protected him anyway.
He was not considered an insurrectionist.
He was their ally.
So once again, you can draw whatever conclusions you like from that video.
We have ours and we shared them with you.
But it's really beyond debate that it is good for this country for Americans to be able to see it.
The media and politicians, the people in charge, have talked about January 6th every day since it happened for 26 months.
And so at some point, the evidence should be presented to the public.
In free countries, governments do not lie about protests as a pretext to gain more power for themselves.
They don't selectively edit videos for propaganda services and then lie about them in fake hearings and show trials.
But that's exactly what happened.
And every member of Congress should ask why that happened.
But Democrats in the Senate, the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, is not asking why.
Instead, Chuck Schumer went on the Senate floor today to explode
And to say that showing that video, evidence of wrongdoing by the federal government, including the security forces, the police department that Nancy Pelosi personally controlled, letting the public see any of that is a threat to democracy.
Last night, millions of Americans tuned in to one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran a lengthy segment last night arguing the January 6th Capitol attack was not a violent insurrection.
I don't think I've ever seen a primetime cable news anchor manipulate his viewers the way Mr. Carlson did last night.
I don't think I've ever seen an anchor treat the American people and American democracy with such disdain.
There's nothing that shameful that has ever appeared on American television in the history of the medium.
And so, on the basis of that, the self-evident outrage of showing the public video that it paid for and has a right to see, Chuck Schumer called for the censorship of that video.
Any information, and he did not dispute that it was accurate, that damages the storyline his party constructed and used must be squelched.
And Schumer was explicit on that point.
Because that video contradicted lies told by the Democratic Party, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, Chuck Schumer demanded that our bosses pull this show off the air.
He's going to come back tonight with another segment.
Fox News should tell him not to.
Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, tell Carlson not to run a second segment of lies.
I urge Fox News to order Carlson to cease propagating the big lie on his network and to level with their viewers about the truth, the truth behind the efforts to mislead the public.
Conduct like theirs is just asking for another January 6th to happen.
It's a threat to democracy!
Pull him off the air!
A couple of obvious observations.
You don't often see the Senate Majority Leader openly call for censorship on the floor of the Senate as if that was totally normal and didn't contradict the spirit and the letter of the First Amendment.
But of course it does.
But what's really happening here, what you're seeing is hysteria.
The overstatement, the crazed hyperbole, the red-in-the-face anger.
What is that?
Well, it's not outrage, of course.
It's fear.
It's panic.
Those videos, which we did not retouch, which we brought to you after running everyone by the Capitol Police to make certain that we didn't imperil anybody, and we told you that last night, those videos touch a nerve because they're a threat to the lies that Chuck Schumer has been telling for the last 26 months.
And not just Chuck Schumer.
We should also tell you that Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, was joined in this outrage by the Senate Minority Leader, and that would be a Republican, Mitch McConnell.
And they were joined by a cascade of other Republicans, Tom Tillis from North Carolina, Mitt Romney from Utah, all sharing the same outrage.
And from this we learn two things.
One, you're getting close to what they really care about.
You have to ask yourself, why?
Why is it so important?
That they would degrade themselves by telling such obvious lies and calling for censorship.
What are they trying to protect?
That might be worth exploring.
And we plan to.
And the second thing that we learned from this is that they're on the same side.
The Senate Majority Leader joins the Senate Minority Leader.
Tom Tillis.
Mitt Romney.
They're all on the same side!
So it's actually not about left and right.
It's not about Republican and Democrat.
Here you have people with shared interests.
The open borders people.
The people like Mitch McConnell, who are living in splendor on Chinese money.
The people who, underneath it all, have everything in common, are all aligned against everyone else.
And that would include almost all news organizations in this country as well.
And so if you're watching this, it might be kind of interesting to keep a list.
Because one thing we learned today... People say I'm the GOAT, I'm kind of the Grandpa GOAT, he's now the GOAT.
They're all in agreement with each other.
This is GOAT stuff.
They kind of outed themselves.
They sort of showed their membership cards and whatever club this is to the public.
So keep a list.
If you want to know who's actually aligned, despite the illusion of partisanship, we found out today.
We have a little more tape for you tonight.
So if you take three steps back, you may notice that the one person, really, who was never blamed for anything that happened on January 6th, was the very same person who was in charge of the police force, the Capitol Hill Police, that was charged with securing safety on January 6th.
That person was Nancy Pelosi.
So if there was a security failure on January 6th, and demonstrably there was, that was probably Nancy Pelosi's fault.
And after looking at
Thousands of hours of footage.
We came to the conclusion that many others have reached, which is the Capitol Police were not prepared for what happened.
And that's fascinating when you think about it.
Because there was ample warning.
The federal intel and law enforcement agencies knew perfectly well there could be a massive disturbance at the Capitol.
But the frontline officers on duty that day didn't know.
And yet, the people who kept that information from the frontline officers who were overwhelmed by thousands of people milling around the Capitol building, the people who fell down on the job, who didn't do their job, they were not punished.
They were rewarded.
And you have to ask yourself, why is that?
Here we go.
Many in federal law enforcement knew perfectly well there was going to be a huge demonstration in Washington on the afternoon of January 6, 2021, and that it could become potentially violent.
There is no debate about that fact.
The FBI knew.
But it's also clear that many on the U.S.
Capitol Police Force, the frontline officers who protect the Congress, did not know.
They had no idea what was coming.
And because they didn't know, they were completely unprepared for what happened that day.
That is a very strange failure of communication, and it has never been explained.
To understand more about the response to January 6th inside the Capitol, we sat down with a man called Tarek Johnson.
Johnson served as a Capitol Hill police officer for 22 years.
On the day of the protests, he says he was responsible for securing the certification of the presidential election.
If there is anyone at the very heart of the January 6th story, it's former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarek Johnson.
And yet, for some reason, the January 6th committee never called him to testify.
My voice was one of the first ones you hear on the audio transmission, so I did expect to get an interview at some time, but no, it didn't happen.
It's called a stand down.
Once protesters moved inside the building, Johnson's first concern was the safety of senators.
His job was to protect them.
In rising panic, he called over the radio for direction and assistance.
Even now, two years later, he is baffled by the response he got.
I was requesting permission to evacuate the Senate side, the Senate chambers, because I had a clear line of sight to get them out the Senate door.
And I didn't get permission.
The dispatcher called a couple times to see if I can get permission.
No response.
With Yogananda Pittman and his other supervisors unresponsive, Johnson says he decided to begin the evacuation of senators himself.
The person that I thought was going to authorize the evacuation didn't do it.
I wanted to get those members of Congress out.
As quickly as I could.
That's why I initiated those evacuations.
Sometimes I look at it and like, thank you God for blessing me with this hat.
And sometimes I'm like,
Wow, I wish this hat never came in my life.
A Biden voter, Johnson says he donned the hat in an effort to rescue fellow officers he believed were trapped in the building.
I figured if I had the hat on, it'd be easier for me to navigate my way through the crowd.
It was basically self-preservation and de-escalation, and I needed to get up those steps.
I couldn't say what would have happened walking through that crowd without it.
But for the crime of wearing a Trump hat, Johnson found himself suspended.
Ultimately, he resigned from the force and lost his pension.
He now works part-time as a furniture mover.
Yogananda Pitman, meanwhile, thrived.
Two days after January 6th, Nancy Pelosi elevated Pitman to acting chief of the Capitol Police.
Late last year, Pitman took a high-paying job as the head of security at UC Berkeley, which is right outside Pelosi's congressional district.
Berkeley announced Pittman's hiring with unqualified praise for her quote, steadfast commitment to social justice.
Pittman herself boasted about her heroic performance on January 6th.
Her department, she said, quote, saved democracy that day.
We reached out to Yogananda Pittman for comment, but she didn't get back to us.
Tarrick Johnson spent 22 years as a Capitol Police officer.
On January 6th, he says he was in charge of securing the certification of the presidential election.
So he was right in the middle of it.
If anyone was, Tarrick Johnson was.
Here's more of our sit-down interview with him.
Mr. Johnson, thank you for joining us.
And thank you for having me.
So from the outside, here's how it looked.
We now know that huge parts of the federal government were aware that there was going to be something big happening at the Capitol on January 6th.
They knew there were going to be big demonstrations there.
And they prepared for that.
But the Capitol Police, on which you served for 22 years, did not seem prepared at all.
And of course, that would be the front line in preparedness.
Was the Capitol Police prepared for that day?
The frontline officers and supervisors were not prepared for that at all.
So you had no idea it was coming?
We knew that there was going to be a demonstration that day, but we had no idea that we were going to be facing what we faced on that actual day.
So things start to fall apart, people stream in the building, you call upwards in the command chain, help me, you don't get a response, what do you do next?
So around 2 o'clock, it may have been a little bit after 2 o'clock,
I hear a officer say that the Capitol was breached.
So I ran inside of the building.
I ran, you know, to assist.
I knew that that location of where the first breach occurred was near where the members of Congress would be locked in.
We initiated a lockdown, so that means the chamber doors on the Senate side and the House side were locked.
So that means the members of Congress would be safe inside those locked rooms.
So I ran over to the House side first to make sure that those doors were locked.
Then I ran over to the Senate side to make sure those doors were locked.
So I asked over the radio and I say something to the effect that we need direction.
We have hundreds of people inside of the building.
What do you want us to do?
We need some direction.
I heard no response.
No response.
So, you know, at that particular time... How could nobody respond?
Nobody responded.
At some point you put on a... Stand down!
Now, I think we have it.
I think we have the actual MAGA hat.
Yes, we actually do have the MAGA hat.
I have it here in plastic.
So here it is.
J6, it says.
Yes, I labeled it J6.
So tell us why you put the hat on and how that was related to your suspension.
Well, that's what got me national attention was the wearing of the MAGA hat.
There were officers that we had a distress call that they were
Approximately 10 or 11 officers, I can't remember the exact number, were trapped at the top of the rotunda steps.
So, I elicited the help of some CDU officers to help me go up the steps.
And I kept yelling at all the way up the steps, giving people high fives, trying to make it up the steps to get to the guys.
And as I was going down, there was a demonstrator on, I believe he was on my right side of me, so he reached over, I didn't know what he was doing, I didn't know if he was going to hit me, and he put the MAGA hat on my head.
So as I was still trying to walk down the steps, then he asked for the hat back.
And I said, well, I would like to keep it because the hats want to help me.
It's your passport through the crowd.
Yeah, exactly.
So the Capitol Police is by definition nonpartisan.
It serves both parties in the Congress.
It protects members of both parties.
And it has to be that way.
In the wake of January 6th, you saw what looked like partisanship
At least
We all went to Emancipation Hall in the CBC.
And this was during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.
And he told us that as Capitol Police officers, we need to stay neutral.
We need to stay neutral, period.
So we're like, you know, OK, that's what we do.
Because we protect Democrats, we protect Republicans, we protect everybody.
So we need to stay neutral.
So then after January 6, you had
Some police officers who wasn't neutral, didn't seem neutral.
At all?
Yeah, and that was an issue, yes.
So, I mean, that devalues the credibility of Capitol Police, doesn't it, if they're allowed to be partisan in public?
They're supposed to be neutral, period.
Since you were there on January 6th, what did you think of the job of the January 6th Committee?
Do you think that they were honest in the way they approached it?
Do you think they got to the truth?
I prayed almost daily that they would get to me.
I was never asked to testify, and if you listen to the radio... You were never asked by the January 6th Committee?
I was never asked by any...
What do you think?
I don't know.
We haven't answered every question about what actually happened on January 6th.
Far from it.
There's still many mysteries from that day.
But one thing we know for certain is that the story they told you about it, a pattail of good versus evil, an insurrection with no guns that took place at the U.S.
Capitol, those were lies.
And they were lies told for a very specific purpose.
Of course, the people in power wanted more power, and they got it on the basis of those lies.
But in the process, many lives were destroyed.
And some people are still in jail tonight, not having had their constitutionally guaranteed moment in front of a jury of their peers.
They haven't even put on trial yet, and they're still rotting.
Julie Kelly is the one journalist in this country who's been following this very closely.
She wrote a book on it.
January 6th, how Democrats used the Capitol protest to launch a war on terror against the political right, which is a perfect summation of what actually happened.
Julie Kelly joins us now.
Julie, thanks so much for coming on.
So it dawned on us, as these tapes have been very clear, that the story we've been presented is an absolute fabrication, it's a lie, it's a fraud.
Um, that people may still be in jail on the basis of these lies, and so we wanted to talk to you for an update on where those cases are tonight.
So yes, there are, well, at least a hundred men have been held under pretrial detention orders over the past two years.
That means that a judge has denied them bail because the government, DOJ, successfully argued that that individual was a threat to the community.
That's at Guantanamo Bay in America.
You warned about?
When did you warn about that?
2002 you were warning about that?
Patriot Act, another lie.
We're good to go.
Of every judge on the D.C.
District Court, I want to emphasize the real villains here are the federal judges in Washington, D.C., who have allowed the government to play every single game to keep this evidence out of the hands of defendants, violating their oath of office to protect the rights of defendants.
They're keeping all this out of the Proud Boys' trial right now.
And, you know, that doesn't have to be their destiny.
They can change their fate, they can change their destiny, but I can tell you from personal experience, and it came out after these January 6th prisoners were held, those might be the worst jail cells in America.
I don't even know how they're leading.
It'll go to break, you'll have the floor to talk about it.
Which means material related to the entire investigation.
What they did was arrest people first, find the evidence later, and cover up what could potentially exonerate these defendants.
If this were happening in any other country, the U.S.
State Department would immediately acknowledge that these were violations of the most basic human rights.
These are political prisoners, and the U.S.
government would condemn it.
But it's happening here, and it's ignored, except by you.
And I so appreciate your tireless reporting on this.
Julie Kelly, thank you.
Thank you, Tucker.
So as far as we know, for more than two years, no one in our vast and well-funded media landscape demanded to see the footage that we have been showing you.
Footage that was shot with your money, on cameras that you paid for, on public property that technically you own.
So we did, and we got it, and we're proud of that, I guess.
It's kind of a basic function of journalism.
But now that we have done that, well, of course we've committed some crime, say the media.
Carlson attempting to downplay the violence by showing video of people calmly walking around the Capitol.
Tucker was trying to persuade his viewers that while there were some bad apples, most of those there were peaceful.
Showing you the video!
Can you imagine?
Ignore your lying eyes!
MSNBC has the truth on tap.
More next.
Alright Owen, I'm going to give you the floor during this four minute break because they waited late and skipped a break to describe as a victim, you don't want to be a victim, but you're a victim of this, what this means to you and what's happening here.
Well, let's just put it like this.
We argued in our first appearance that this was political persecution against me.
And while we had plenty of evidence at that time, we have even more evidence now.
And the glaring
Evidence would be Ray Epps, who did, you couldn't even say a thousand times what I did, because a thousand times zero is still zero.
So I did zero that day.
So it's not that Ray Epps did a thousand times what I did, or a million times what I did.
I did nothing.
So it's not even accurate to say that, oh, it's a thousand times what I did.
So you juxtapose Ray Epps' activity, the night leading up to and the day of January 6th, compared to Owen Schroer, well, it's night and day.
He encouraged people to go in, I told people not to.
He said we're going into the Capitol.
I said no such thing.
He was right there when the barriers were being breached, encouraging that activity.
I was nowhere near it.
Why was I persecuted and Ray Epps let go and praised, even, while hit pieces have been written about me almost every day since?
But let me just tell you something else.
From my time spent in a D.C.
jail, because I've spent about 40 hours in a D.C.
jail for the political persecution I've dealt with, the third arrest from January 6th I spent in a Texas jail here, locally.
These are the nastiest jail cells you've ever seen.
I don't even know how they're legal, actually.
And it would be leftist Democrat lawyers and
Policymakers, if they saw these jail cells that, by the way, mostly black Americans have to sit in, they would probably say it's a crime to treat criminals like this.
It's a crime that people have to sit in a jail cell, that the walls, the floors, the beds are covered in dead cockroach
Just scum, literally.
Cockroaches running all over the place.
You close your eyes, you fall asleep for 20 seconds, you're gonna wake up and you're gonna stir and roaches are gonna spread all around you.
Falling from the ceilings.
Dead roaches smashed all over the wall.
There's a scent.
There's no airflow.
So it might be the worst prison in the United States.
I can tell you from personal experience and to think
That there are people rotting in those cells night after night before they can even get to trial is just disgusting.
Years, years now.
Even before January 6th you got arrested for simply peacefully protesting.
Everybody else was in a lot of protest.
You said literally roaches would be all over you in minutes.
That was the first thing.
I remember I came on air with you.
I came back in studio the next week and I said, I'm stunned.
Look, you know, I had a lot of fun when I was a kid.
I've spent a few nights in jail cells.
I've grown, I've learned, I've been disciplined.
I have never
I've never ever seen a jail cell in America.
Now they've had international human rights groups look, they say, these are the worst jails on earth.
I couldn't believe it.
And look, I know, because we've all seen the stories, and it's always Democrats and Liberals, and fine, good for them, they want prisoners to have a decent stay, they don't want prisoners to be basically... Well, they want males to say they're females in order to rape women.
They just want the criminal constituency.
But when they want to target political incidents, they want you under the jail.
Well, this was before any of us expected what was going to happen on January 6th.
I just came out to report my experience being a political prisoner, and I was saying, wow, these D.C.
jail cells, I don't even know how they're legal.
Well, let me say this before we go back to Tucker.
He never over-hypes things.
He said he's bringing it tonight.
We've still got over half the show coming up.
This is very important to showing the lies.
The Capitol Police stand down.
All of that.
And what he's doing is sucking them in.
Because I know they've got a lot more.
And the feds, the provocateurs.
Will it be tonight?
Will it be tomorrow night?
Regardless, he's making a major spectacle about this.
As you said, he's intercepted the ball.
We've intercepted the ball to take the narrative away from him.
Well, I think that the fact they did not call that Capitol Police officer to testify tells the whole story.
They already had every officer that they planned on asking to testify ready to go before the event even happened.
They had it all planned out.
They knew exactly who they were going to ask to be a part of the committee.
They knew exactly who they were going to ask to be a witness.
And to give a testimony during hearings, they had all of it marked out.
Now, why wouldn't you put that Capitol Police on the stand, who's been there for two decades plus, who was in charge of the activities that day?
Well, we now know why.
Because he's an honest man.
Because he's going to talk about the stand down.
Let's go back to the live feed.
As we know, for more than two years, 26 months to the day actually, no media organization in the country pressed to see the actual tape, the January 6th surveillance footage.
And there was a reason for that.
So a small group of people, which include the leaders of the Democratic Party and their allies in the media, had a complete monopoly on what you were allowed to know about what happened, what actually happened, in the Capitol on January 6th.
And they defended that monopoly with great ferocity, as monopolists tend to do.
So the moment we broke that monopoly simply by getting access to the footage, it's not hard.
That's what you're supposed to do when you work in the news business.
Other media outlets went crazy.
They all did.
And we just couldn't resist, not to be self-referential, but it's too hilarious.
So we assembled a montage.
Here it is.
What we saw tonight, Allison, from Tucker, is nothing new.
He has been trying to sanitize the very real violence that we all saw unfold at the U.S.
41,000 hours of footage from an attempted coup is federal evidence.
How on earth is Kevin McCarthy trying to justify the fellow members of Congress giving 41,000 hours of federal investigative evidence and material to Fox News?
This is the danger of
Not fairness.
You should give it to every news organization at the same time.
What's next?
Is the Speaker of the House going to turn over the daily schedules of the Capitol Police?
Are they going to give them the codes to the locked doors?
Nobody that believes any of that garbage Tucker was spewing, none of their kids will ever believe that garbage.
It feels like a Soviet system.
Or, you know, the way the Nazis would build a Potemkin village.
Tucker Carlson's doing the same thing with the footage from 1-6.
The footage.
We're both Soviet and Nazi!
What you're hearing, of course, is panic.
It's fear.
A hurt dog barks!
But it's still pretty funny.
Steve Krakauer covers the media for a living, really better than anyone else.
He's the author of Uncovered.
He joins us tonight.
Steve, thanks so much for coming on.
I think I'm getting kind of old, but I thought the whole point of the news media was to get evidence and bring it to viewers or readers and let them assess for themselves, like in a country full of adult citizens.
But no.
You would think so.
I'm sorry, did Don Lemon say this is the problem with fairness?
This is, as you mentioned, a total panic episode that we're watching in real time, flailing by the corporate press.
Because, yes, for years now, as you mentioned, over two years, they've crafted a narrative that really is a house of cards.
No one really believes that what the media portrays, which is that this is just another 9-11, the worst attack since the Civil War.
No one actually believes that.
What he's doing is he's letting it marinate and bringing it out and let them panic more and more before he... They have the feds, they have the provocateurs.
The ABC executive crafts the committee's videos that you saw.
I mean, it was a total partnership and yet it didn't move the needle at all.
No one was swayed by the total sham that we saw from the January 6th committee.
And so now, yes, you would think a media would be curious about lots of elements of January 6th.
Like, you know, who planted the bombs outside the DNC and the RNC and the massive...
Everybody's on the same team!
I mean, you would think, like, the conventional way to see it is left versus right, Republican versus Democrat.
Well, if that's true, why is the New York Times doing, like, a nine-part series on how Mitch McConnell got so much money from China?
They would never do that, because he's on their side!
It's so great!
It's all very obvious now.
Steve Krakauer, great to see you tonight.
Thank you so much.
Thanks, Tucker.
Well, it turns out the same people, the same media outlets that lied to you for over two years about January 6th, it was a dangerous insurrection, have been telling you that we have to spend a lot more, billions more, on the war in Ukraine forever.
And if you don't agree, well, you work for Putin.
Now they're saying we need to supply F-16s to Ukraine.
It's insane, of course, and it is fundamentally a core tenet of neoliberalism that controlling the internal affairs of other countries matters a lot more than improving the lives of your own citizens.
What's amazing is how many Republicans in this country, as if you need more evidence, everyone's on the same side, agree.
Here's Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska.
You know, on the F-16s, I hosted several Ukrainian pilots last summer in Washington, D.C.
We were pressing for F-16s.
I sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense, to General Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
It looked like it was moving forward well within the bureaucracy of the Pentagon.
The President gets off a helicopter a couple months ago, says no.
And then last week, the National Security Advisor says, well, we're not going to do F-16s for now.
Well, that's exactly the wrong approach, George.
So what's interesting here is that no one is representing what the majority of Americans want, which is peace.
The majority of Americans do not want to be in a hot war with Russia.
Not because they're pro-Putin.
They don't like Putin.
Because they don't think a war like that would benefit the United States.
But the Republican Party, its leaders, and the Democratic Party, its leaders, disagree.
They don't want any limits on any kind of military hardware we might send to Ukraine.
And they don't care about the consequences of that decision.
What's interesting is there's been almost no debate on this publicly at all.
But there is a presidential race coming up.
So now's the time to find out what people really think.
And by the way, good people can disagree on the subject.
We're not saying people who disagree with us are evil.
We're saying we should know what they think.
I'd fade down the live feed for a minute.
Tucker said he's bringing it tonight.
I think he did expose the media, their panic, their fear.
I know in the coming nights, they've got more information that's about to come out.
So I'm not saying that this is not a huge blow, but I think they should focus on Ray Abbs ramming
The signs into people because they have the HD now from the cameras.
I know they have that.
I know that's coming out and really focus on that and also more on Nancy Pelosi's daughter there with the camera all, you know, producing all of this.
I mean, I know they've got that so I guess he's just further laying the trap for them and then segwaying about how the Uniparty is leading us into World War III.
Well, this is the takeaway that Americans need to have aside from just the lies and the propaganda from the January 6th narrative.
And maybe Tucker will lean into this a little bit more, but that's understanding that the same people that lied to you about January 6th lied to you about everything else.
They lied to you about Trump-Russia collusion, they lied to you about elections, they lied to you about pandemics, and they lie us into war, which costs millions of people their lives at times.
Just look at what happened with the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War.
So it's the same people lying about January 6th that have lied to us for decades.
Alex, that's why Infowars exists.
And that's what I said before I went live.
I said, it's a uniparty doing this, and that's why it's important to expose.
And I know they've gone through thousands of hours of footage, and more on provocateurs is coming out.
Maybe he'll hit it at the end here tonight, but he did say it'll be over the next three days.
He said, we're bringing it tonight and the next three days.
That's what he told me.
So I think he's brought it here, but I almost think last night was more powerful because
It showed five lies that they told, caught red-handed.
I agree so far.
Last night was definitely more powerful.
The one aspect that maybe we're kind of dealing with here is... Oh sorry, he's back to the Capitol.
Let's go to this.
... remarkable person.
We've been trying to talk to him for a long time.
Just a moment and you'll hear part of our conversation.
So he's coming back with January 6th.
Tucker, take over.
I mean, I would take over your comments on Tucker.
So I think that the one thing we're kind of looking at here, and I think Tucker Carlson and his people are smart enough, and maybe the executives at Fox as well, I think they're kind of getting thrown into this.
Or we got to acid pressure get put on at something poll tonight.
Well, and that's going to be the question, but is this maybe even the Fox executives finally deciding, you know what?
We're going to draw a line in the sand.
You're not going to destroy America.
You're not going to destroy free press in America.
We've played ball with the uniparty establishment long enough.
You're trying to come up after us, shut us down, lawsuits against us, just like they did against you.
And so maybe this is when they finally say, you know what?
We're going to stand our ground for the American people.
We're going to decide to side with the patriots.
Perhaps what's going on is a little jockeying here, Alex, where Tucker, his crew, and Fox is kind of waiting to see the moves that the deep state, the Democrats make, and then they decide, okay, here's how we're going to play it, here's how we're going to set up our broadcast the next night, is maybe what we're dealing with.
Because, I mean, basically, I mean, Chuck Schumer is calling for Tucker Carlson to be removed from the air.
They're trying to get Fox News shut off of cable altogether.
Oh yeah, and they're using the fact that people on Fox questioned an election as a reason to take them off air and a few emails questioning whether it was true or not.
The Democrats have challenged the last five elections and challenged elections, so they've already done all this too.
Every presidential election that the Democrats have lost this century, they've questioned and doubted.
Okay, now I'm not saying tonight is a nothing burger.
It's powerful, it's important, he's laying the precedent here and the preface.
And just the hysteria it's invoked in them is beautiful and it's massive, but I've been told by sources they've got even more ramped footage.
The stuff we already have is completely damning.
Spend a few minutes on that, Owen.
Well, again, when they say Chuck Schumer projecting, he's cherry picking, he's deceiving, he's this, he's that.
This is exactly what they've been doing to us for two years on this.
But he's not cherry picking.
He's showing what happened there and how they let in
So again though, I go back and I look at Murdoch, I look at the Fox executives and I think that they're actually kind of weighing
What do they want to do?
Do they want to see America go to the D.Va?
Exactly, because Elon Musk has decided to go against the New World Order.
Tucker Carlson has, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Owen Schroeder has.
The majority is going this way.
We know it's true.
We know it was a false flag, a stand down, provocateurs of the crowd.
That's all coming out.
And just by creating a debate about it, it now brings all the evidence up to the surface.
So, how Machiavelli would the Fox executives be, or Murdoch be, in this defense of free speech, this is defense of America, if that's the side they ultimately end up on?
Because I could see them making a move.
I mean, I'll be honest, I know we're not really Machiavelli here, but I war game this out.
I could, what I would might, maybe what I would do if I was Murdoch is I would say, you know what, okay, Chuck Schumer wants Tucker Carlson pulled from the air.
Let's give Chuck Schumer what he wants.
Let's pull Tucker Carlson from the air.
And then say, whoa, what do you mean?
This is what the Democrats wanted.
This is what Chuck Schumer wanted.
They wanted the end of the First Amendment, so we're going to give them what they want.
This would amplify the story a hundred times.
Then everybody in the world would be tuned in to Tucker Carlson the next time he was on air.
So you'd kind of do the dark knight routine, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.
Now again, I don't know if they're that Machiavelli in their approach to this, but we're, I mean, the information war is now hitting the mainstream airwaves, Alex.
I mean, it's now hitting everybody.
Well, exactly.
What we were doing in the basement.
Is now in Main Street.
And that's the real success of InfoWars and our listeners that have supported us and bought the products and shared the articles and the videos so tirelessly.
These successes we're seeing that are major, that have the Deep State panicked, are because of your support.
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It's like two tubes of toothpaste in one.
It's now available at InfoWarsTore.com, and that's how we found this operation.
So make the decision to keep the dogs in the hunt, the Owen Shroyers, the Harrison Smiths,
You know, myself and so many others at InfoWars, the Greg Reese's, the Darren McBreen's, just all of these great people.
We cannot do it without you.
Please make the commitment.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com and get our ultimate bone broth.
Get our new prebiotic finally back in stock.
My St.
Louis has been gone for over a year.
I don't know.
16, 17 minutes of broadcast left.
We'll see what else Tucker brings out.
But I would say last night, with the five lives they prove, is very powerful.
Tonight, I would say, is almost as powerful.
But we have the footage.
of Ray Epps, as you said, ramming signs in, attacking, saying go into the Capitol.
I know Tucker has the HD of that.
I know that's coming out the next few days.
Let's go ahead and go back to the live Tucker Carlson show.
And remember...
Madmaxworld.tv, Madmaxworld.tv, Madmaxworld.tv is the new URL that takes everybody to Banned.video and creates links to all the different articles and videos that can't be censored.
...an actor, comedian, a podcast host for decades, all of a sudden he's one of the most forceful voices for the truth in the English-speaking world.
He's also a deeply interesting person with a lot of insights about God.
Russell Brand.
We sat down with him for a long conversation.
A brand new episode of Tucker Carlson Today.
Here's a small part of it.
As much as I might enjoy the feeling of privilege and luxury, and I'm certainly making no claims to be an ascetic, I remember what reality is.
I remember that my wellness is contingent upon spiritual connection, upon certain values and principles, and they, I'm sorry to admit, involve sacrifice and self-scrutiny about my own conduct and behavior, which is often
We often fall short, and I'm working on improving myself.
I continue to work on improving myself.
So when I sort of hear morality sort of as bombast, or when I hear rhetoric divorced from compassion, it makes me feel uneasy.
So I've been blessed with a very practical spirituality, like many desperate people.
I need spirituality.
I need God, or I cannot cope in this world.
I need to believe in the best in people.
I need to believe that there are new alliances possible, new ways of us communicating because I see atrophying and corrupt systems delivering yet more misery to people and I think it's increasingly necessary that we find new ways of framing the conversation and looking into our hearts when we're speaking.
Are we being kind?
Are we being loving?
Are we being the best that we can be?
On whose behalf are we speaking and what is my intention moment to moment?
Am I doing this for self-glorification?
Am I doing this because I have obligations to rumble the platform I'm on?
Or am I doing this because I genuinely believe that a better world is possible and that world is born individually within each of us moment to moment and it's possible to change.
I genuinely believe in change and I'm not on my court a misanthrope.
I don't believe that we need systems of condemnation.
I don't believe that if people aren't heavily policed and heavily controlled they will behave badly.
I believe that we can self-organise
I believe.
I'm optimistic about your country and I'm optimistic about mine and I'm optimistic about the world.
But I think the price of that optimism is a degree of reason and an acceptance that many people see the world very, very differently at this time.
And we're going to have to allow one another some distance to be who we are, whether that's individually or communally.
And these are the areas that interest me.
And these are the things that have always interested me.
The fact was,
And again, I'm not bragging here.
I'm giving listeners and supporters a report to you, our bosses, to keep us on air.
Russell Brand's been on my show several times, three or four times, interviewed him here in Austin, and he says I woke him up.
This show woke him up.
So another example of the huge awakening that's happening right now on Troyer.
And look at the liberals that Russell Brand is trying to bring back to reality.
Just like Tucker Carlson, or just like Tulsi Gabbard.
Suddenly Bill Maher!
Just like Joe Rogan, Bill Maher.
I mean, these are traditional liberals, traditionally even voting Democrat, and they're just saying, whoa, this is what the modern day Democrats are, what modern day liberalism is.
This is not what we represent.
Elon Musk, everybody else.
Good for Russell Brand.
And it's good to see anti-establishment liberals.
It's good to see anti-establishment Democrats, Robert F. Kennedy, that are starting to rise to the top and lead from the front because it can't just be the right wing.
Yeah, it can't just be one attack.
It's got to be a pincer attack from the left and the right, unifying everybody, breaking the left-right paradigm.
And that really scares them.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
assassinated his father when he was winning primaries.
And you've also got Dr. Jill Stein, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang.
I don't really like their policies, but these are anti-establishment leftist Democrats that are calling out the corruption of the mainstream media, calling out the corruption of the Democrat Party.
Now Bernie Sanders is going to bend over and take it again, so don't fall for that crap, but I'm seeing a genuine anti-establishment movement from the left.
And it's because we're making it safe to do, it's becoming popular.
And it's necessary.
We are the tip of the spear.
We are the progenitors of the resistance.
Big London Guardian article yesterday admitting that Infowars, not just myself but the crew, the listeners, the guests, we are creating the alternate talking points of their lives.
Here is Tucker Carlson.
And it's definitely happening in our revolution.
More details after the break.
All right, so we're going to have Darren Beatty, who is a speechwriter and analyst and basically policymaker with President Trump, joining us, coming up as soon as Tucker ends in about 13 minutes.
Again, I'm just completely honest here.
Tucker says we're bringing it tonight and the next few nights.
I think this is a setup.
He brings in the first night showing their basic lies, the second night showing there was a stand down.
He gets them all attacking, everybody tuned in, and we know from the footage we have, we'll show after the show's over, after Tucker's over, that Ray Epps was ramming signs into people, calling for an attack, bragging that he, quote, orchestrated it, is being defended by Congress, being defended by the Jan 6th Public Committee.
I think.
Whether it's the Alex Jones Show, or the War Room, or the Morning Show, or the American Journal, we've got three hours that we decide what to fill.
We don't have corporate sponsors that tell us what to fill it with.
We don't have a big corporation behind us telling us what to fill it with.
And I know Tugger Carlson deals with some of that.
He probably has the most control over his show as far as what to do.
Well, he saw the whole Deep State saying, we'll destroy Fox News if you air this tonight.
And I'm not saying any punches were pulled, but by the end of the week, we'll see.
So, yeah, exactly.
I'm not sure if they're strategically pulling a punch, or if they're responding to the threats of the Democrat Party and pulling a punch, or maybe they're just waiting for this to build later in the week.
But truly, what we have here with Infowars is a blessing that you're just not going to get anywhere else.
We don't have to worry about that.
We've got three hours to fill, and nobody telling us what to fill it with, whereas they may have to deal with that in an hour.
And we're here saying what Tucker's doing is precious and supporting it and getting behind it.
That's why listeners have done it.
But redouble your efforts.
You've got to promote it.
It's an info war.
Well, and look, Alex, this is why I'm using the interception analogy that we've intercepted the ball and now we're running downfield.
But guess what?
We need to block the guys trying to tackle our guy with the ball.
We need to block
Uh, you know, the people that are trying to come onto the field and stop this and stop us from getting to the end zone and spiking the ball because that's what they did.
We had an interception on the Fizer story with James O'Keefe.
And they removed him.
And guess what?
We did not set up the proper blockers.
And so they spiked, uh, or what's it called in football where the player, the linebacker, whoever, runs in and runs their helmet in the quarterback's ribs.
They speared him.
So they, they speared O'Keefe.
They're trying, they speared us a bunch, but we keep stumbling forward.
We're not whining, we're not victims, but we've been speared quite a bit.
They're trying to put Owen in prison, okay?
I mean, billion plus dollar fines against us, total fraud, but we're not backing down despite being speared, and that's what happened to O'Keefe.
And that's why I'm saying, hey, we need to organize now.
We need to get on the field and we need to protect Tucker Carlson.
We need to line up the blockers.
We need to have an idea.
We need to say, there's the end zone.
Clear the way.
Get the football in it.
Spike it.
And let's win this thing.
Let's get this touchdown.
And you've got to believe you can do it in anything in life.
And we will.
And we will.
And so, whatever they want to do though, Alex, however this ends up going on the Tucker Carlson Show, they cannot put this back in the bag.
They cannot put this genie back in the bottle.
I mean, look, these people are so desperate, they'll nuke America and blame the Russians.
They're trying to get Russia to nuke us for them.
And they'll emerge from their bunkers and take full control of our lives.
Absolutely right.
That is such an important thing you said.
And this is why it's important for the American people to understand.
These are not isolated incidents.
When they lied about Trump-Russia collusion, they knew they were lying.
When they lied about January 6th, they knew they were lying.
When they lied about the Nord Stream Pipeline.
When they lied about a missile hitting Poland.
Oh, what do you make of the new CIA thing in the New York Times, like a 20-page article this morning?
Oh, a pro-Ukrainian group did blow it up.
So they know that's coming out, so some magic fairy or leprechaun blew it up.
There was a NATO drill over it, and Cy Hirsch has the sources.
They're trying to get ahead of the fact that's coming out.
Yeah, and I think another aspect of this that the American media and our government is just not telling us, you know, they want to act like NATO is strong right now, and NATO is unified right now, and the West and D.C.
is in a strong control of NATO's mission.
That is not the case.
Germany is sick and tired of Washington leading NATO.
Well, that's right, and both NATO and Russia are out of ammo.
They don't want, NATO countries don't want a war with Russia, Biden does.
NATO countries did not want their pipeline blown up, Biden did.
Do you really think Germans are going to sit here and take this traitorous treatment from Joe Biden forever?
Do you really think NATO is going to sit here and let Washington D.C.
The bottom line is we are at an incredibly important historic crossroads for inflection.
Tucker Carlson goes live again.
More to brainwash adults than it is to brainwash children.
Adults have seen a lot more, of course, so every revolution goes for the kids first.
You're seeing that everywhere now.
Carol Markowitz has noticed this.
She's just written a new book about what's happening.
It's called Stolen Youth, How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation.
Carol Markowitz, someone we wish we had on more often, joins us tonight.
Carol, thanks so much for coming on.
Tell us, what's the thesis of this book?
The thesis is that the cultural revolution has arrived in America, and as you said, they're targeting our kids.
Kids are much easier to indoctrinate than adults, and kids are a pathway to those adults.
Every cultural revolution in history has separated the family unit, or tried to first, to get to the kids.
So, this is happening.
It's happening not just in our schools, it's happening in our institutions, in various organizations and corporations, obviously.
And we noticed how kids are the first target of it.
So, we needed to get the message out.
The previous countries that have had totalitarian regimes target their children can say they didn't know, but people who get our book cannot say that.
They have to know.
Not to get too personal on TV, but you're one of the few people in the media I know who I happen to know has made decisions on the basis of what's best for your family first, and I really do admire that.
My question, though, is about parents who don't seem to react in the face of indoctrination of their own children.
Well, it's very actually hard to convince parents that this is happening.
Parents don't want to believe that there's porn in their school library.
They don't want to believe that the teachers are indoctrinating them.
They see these libs of TikTok videos and they say, not in my school.
This would never happen here.
I live in a red area.
It's happening everywhere.
And that's really the message.
It's happening near you.
That is so true!
I live in Texas, I live in Florida.
No, it's happening there!
Yeah, that's right.
Carol Markowitz, congratulations on this book.
Thank you for writing it.
Thank you, Tucker.
Thank you so much.
All right, I don't get involved with what Tucker Carlson programs or what he does.
I think he brought out some incredible information last night, really powerful information the first 25 minutes of the show.
And I don't tend to try to know all the inside baseball on this.
But you have Chuckie Schumer, who told Trump, when the intelligence agencies come after you, we've got six ways from Sunday to get your ass.
He makes major threats on Fox News and on the Murdoch family.
Where is the information about the Feds?
Where is the information about the provocateurs?
Where is that information?
In fact, let's play the Chuckie Schumer clip.
Here it is.
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
So, even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this.
What do you think the intelligence community would do if they were motivated to?
I don't know, but from what I am told,
They are very upset with how he has treated them and talked about them.
That's enough.
They were illegally spying on Trump as a candidate, as president-elect, as president.
We told you that first.
It all came out.
They were running big tech censorship and surveillance.
This is a rogue, out-of-control group.
And the good news is Tucker has put it front and center January 6.
And now everybody's talking about January 6th and all the videos and all the reports of ramps ramming the signs in, saying, telling Congress, yeah, I orchestrated the attack, but he's a hero, but you're arrested.
That's all out.
So this is overall a big victory.
We'll see what happens the next few nights.
And I don't even blame Tucker.
I don't know this happened.
With all this heat, the executives came in and said, we want a review, because he runs this whole show out of Florida.
He runs it all himself.
And they said, hey, we want to see what you're doing.
And with the production day, this got put on hold.
So that's what this feels like.
I don't know that.
But that's what I see, Owen.
Yeah, and of course we know they're going after Fox right now with the billion-plus-dollar Dominion lawsuit.
They're using the same lawfare that they used against you now against Fox News, as we warned.
As they brag now, like Robert Forth-Reich, he just does whole video breakdowns.
Hey, here's how we can silence our opposition.
We sued them into oblivion.
A Stalingrad fight for the Nazis and the Russians or the current big city they're fighting in Ukraine.
They literally see it.
Defeat Infowars, they win.
So I'm going to sit back and give this some time.
I'd give this a B-plus tonight.
We were promised bringing the goods.
But what do you expect for your champions that are facing overwhelming odds?
Well, and keep in mind, too, as you hear Chuck Schumer from that older clip, when they were going after Trump as president, the intelligence community has six ways of Sunday of coming after ya.
Yeah, they come after all of us.
They come after the American people every day.
They lie to us.
They get into wars.
They lie to us.
They have big tech.
They have the corporate media.
They control the borders.
They control the dollar.
50 intelligence officers.
Hunter Biden's laptop is Russia.
But they no longer control our minds.
I believe Tucker's over.
He'll have one more segment, but it'll probably just be about two minutes.
And so then we're going to get Dr. Darren Beatty on.
He's watching this right now from his home.
Trump advisor, Trump speechwriter, one of the main advisors to
Tucker, a year plus ago, exposing the deep state ties to January 6th.
So incredible success for Tucker.
Incredible courage.
Number one in cable news.
This is the top story in the country right now.
Just what he did yesterday.
What he did today is amazing.
But I want to see the evidence of Ray Epps.
So we'll show you the evidence.
Him saying, go in the Capitol the night before the day of.
Him ramming signs in.
The testimony in the news to Congress that he orchestrated the attack.
We're going to cover that information.
Well, let's be clear.
Tucker Carlson didn't make any promises to the American people.
Kevin McCarthy did.
And while I'm glad, let's call it what it is, if it wasn't for Kevin McCarthy, we wouldn't be seeing any of this footage.
But they should just release it to the public.
And don't say, oh, it's security.
And that's what Kevin McCarthy promised.
So he hasn't delivered on that promise.
But again, we wouldn't be seeing any of it.
At least he half-assed tried to.
Usually you get nothing.
I mean, it's a half-filled promise.
So it's like, yeah, hey, we're getting more than we're used to, which is nothing, but also we're still not where we need to be.
But Roger Stone predicted too much for the election.
He said tiny House majority, but even more powerful if that group holds the line.
And that's going to be the key here.
And so really, if Tugger Carlson decides not to continue to put pressure on the lives of January 6th, well then the pressure just goes right back to Kevin McCarthy, and we just say release the footage for all of us.
And look, we can't get too greedy here.
Last night was incredible, tonight was powerful.
But you saw that filler and all those interviews he already had in the hopper.
Looks like sometime tonight, I'm just saying, I don't know, a large part of the show got cancelled.
And I'll be... That's it for us tonight.
Tomorrow we'll have more on what actually happened at the Capitol on January 6th.
They want us to shut up.
We won't.
And our conversation, an extended version of our conversation with actor and comedian and thinker Russell Brand.
Have the best night with the ones you love.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, so Tucker just said exactly what I thought was going on.
This is a big national issue, massive pressure.
I think they're probably reviewing what he's about to put on air.
We're going to see Tuesday night's show tomorrow.
Yeah, I think you're probably accurate in that analysis.
Because we're news people, we know how it works.
Exactly, exactly.
And again, not only do we know how it works there, we don't have the same boundaries and stuff because we're not controlled by big corporate sponsors and a big corporation behind us.
So, I mean, we've got a little more freedom, obviously, here.
That's why we're so successful in defeating the lies of the New World Order.
But, look, they obviously have these interviews ready to fill space with that woman.
Well, you can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Tucker's a hero.
At the end, he told you everything.
He said, they don't want you to see it, but they're not going to stop it.
You'll get it tomorrow night.
That's not some rope-a-dope.
They were ready to drop it tonight.
And who knows what Schumer's doing behind the scenes.
These are terrorists.
I mean, these are, you know, people fighting for us.
We can't then just say, when they don't go all the way, oh, what'd you do?
We have to celebrate them and push.
And we are celebrating them.
And I think the other thing we have to think about too, Alex, and again, I'm not saying they're being Machiavelli.
I'm just saying we don't, you know, we've never really engaged in, let's call it WWE type of buildup and promotion, right?
We don't really do that.
We deliver, we come here.
Let's go and see what Sean Hannity is saying.
Could never ever happen again, like securing a perimeter, kind of like at the White House.
You know, they have those concrete barriers that prevent you from getting on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Then they have the big wrought iron fencing.
We should all agree on this point.
This is not a political point.
Protecting our institutions, like our Capitol, and every elected official, regardless of party, it needs to be a top priority.
But for Democrats, and others, politicizing something, in this case smearing Donald Trump, was the only thing that seemed to matter to that committee.
But you don't have to take good old Sean Hannity's word for it to their credit.
Even NBC News pointed out all of this during a report this year.
A little late, but they pointed it out.
Good for them.
Now to our NBC News exclusive.
The January 6th Committee's final report was more than 800 pages.
But some material did not make the cut, including much of its findings on the failures of federal law enforcement leading up to the attack.
The chief investigator of the January 6th Committee says the government could have prevented it.
Had law enforcement agencies acted on the available intelligence, do you believe the attack on the Capitol could have been successfully repelled?
I think it would have been a lot different had law enforcement taken a more assertive, protective posture.
The intel in advance was pretty specific, and it was enough, in our view, for law enforcement to have done a better job operationalizing a secure perimeter.
Law enforcement had a very direct role in contributing to the security failures that led to the violence.
People familiar with the committee's work tell NBC News members downplayed that finding because they wanted to keep the focus on former President Trump.
Committee members dispute that.
Heafey would not discuss internal deliberations.
Was this an intelligence failure?
It was not an intelligence failure.
Hafez says the committee found the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies did not act on the intelligence they had.
Including this online threat, forwarded to Capitol Police January 5th, calling on thousands to go to Washington and help storm the Capitol.
In a statement to NBC News, the FBI said it sent all the intelligence it had to the Capitol Police.
So, the partisan Trump-hating January 6th committee, with a predetermined outcome, sadly buried the security breakdowns from its reports, even though the committee's own chief investigator found, quote, a lot of advanced intelligence about law enforcement about... Ladies and gentlemen, live, March 7th, Tuesday night.
Coverage here with Owen Schroer and myself.
Devastating information in the last 24 hours by Tucker Carlson.
Huge show last night.
Big info tonight.
But not the federal involvement, not the provocateurs.
I was told it was coming out.
Tucker said, don't worry, it's coming soon.
I would imagine executives are involved, trying to block it, trying to check it, trying to vet it.
But I trust Tucker.
We're going to see some major fireworks.
We'll hear very soon who else has gotten away with what he's done on a major cable network, much less the number one slot that he commands.
This is a big deal because it's the whole narrative about demonizing the American people and branding us as terrorists.
First it's for the Cold War, then it's for the Muslims, now it's for the conservatives.
Dr. Darren Beatty joins us.
He's a former White House advisor and speechwriter.
We're good to go.
I guess 36 hours or so that we've seen, but we're going to get his take on it right now.
Congratulations, even though I'm saying this could have been more hardcore from even what we have, not even capital footage.
Congratulations in making it the number one story.
Everybody else is using that to push the truth.
You go to Twitter alone, it's like hundreds of videos with millions or hundreds of thousands of views.
All showing re-eps and all showing the commandos and the stand-down and Nancy Pelosi's daughter with the film crew.
I mean, this is definitely a big victory.
Let's not...
You know, throw the baby out with the bathwater here.
This is big.
I just smell here major pressure not to bring something out tonight.
Anybody that's in news could see last 30 minutes was like filler thrown in.
Tucker at the end saying, don't worry, the troops coming.
They won't stop us.
Dr. Darren Beattie, thank you so much for being here with us today.
I'm going to try to shut up for the next 5-10 minutes.
Give me the floor to give us your view on this situation.
Well, thank you very much.
It's great to be with you.
And I agree with everything you said here.
This is a tremendous victory.
It's a tremendous victory on a narrative level.
And I think if we need a reminder at how much the regime has at stake in the false narrative of this insurrection on January 6, simply take a look at how the regime media is reacting to Tucker's segment
from yesterday.
The media is still capable of having a full meltdown, and we're over two years out from January 6th.
This is arguably the most sensitive nerve that the regime has.
It's one thing, you know, years ago when Revolver News was first doing this, and doing it on Tucker's platform, by the way, that was a huge meltdown of the likes of which
I hadn't seen in a long time.
It was the biggest meltdown ever.
This one's even bigger.
They are literally crapping their pants hysteria.
Like Tucker said tonight, boy, we've hit on a nerve here.
It's a very sensitive nerve and frankly, you know, that's what people need to know.
It's obvious why it's such a sensitive issue.
So that's really what Tucker's doing is showing the nerve.
And frankly, I don't even know if Tucker realized how sensitive it would be.
I mean, it's one thing to do it a year ago or a year and a half ago when a lot of these things are fresh.
But now, over two years out, and it's still this open wound from the standpoint of the regime, it's still so sensitive.
They need to rally around and protect their false insurrection narrative at all costs.
And the reason for that is there's so much at stake there.
This was the big play that they were going to use to justify the full reorientation of the national security state domestically against the American people.
Take the floor here and explain that.
This was going to be their Reichstag fire.
So with your deep expertise, probably the top January 6th researcher, why is it so important?
What really happened and what needs to happen next?
And why are they so scared?
Well, I mean, there's one famous clip.
I mean, the comparisons are ridiculous, saying, oh, this is like September 11th.
But there's one sense in which the comparison is actually extremely appropriate, and that is the aftermath of September 11th saw basically the development of the modern national security apparatus as we know it.
The Department of Homeland Security was created in the immediate aftermath of 9-11.
Now, the Department of Homeland Security is now at the tip of the spear in this reorientation of the national security state domestically against the American people.
Benny Thompson, the chair of the scandalous January 6th Committee, is a seven-time chair of the Homeland Security Committee.
He's the DHS's stooge in Congress.
The DHS is leading the charge here.
So the organization that was set up in the aftermath of 9-11 to allegedly go after terror is now being reoriented to attack domestic terrorists.
Who are the domestic terrorists?
They're you.
They're me.
They're anyone who supported Trump.
They're anyone who object to Biden.
There's anyone who objects to open border policies, etc., etc., etc.
And so what they needed was
This narrative of what happened on January 6th.
It was an attack on our democracy.
It was an attack on our sacred capital.
It was an attack on our institution.
It was a terrorist attack.
And that's why we're reorienting the DHS.
That's why we're reorienting the FBI.
That's why you'll get a knock on your door if you dare to challenge the regime.
This is so critical for them.
And that's why they've dumped so much time, so many resources, so much money, so much effort into the lie, and we haven't gotten everything, but thanks to brave people who've been covering this story, I've been doing it, you've been doing it, Tucker's been doing it, some brave people on the front lines of this, we have severely undermined the legitimacy of their narrative, and they are furious about this.
And again, if you don't know how furious, simply take a look at the recent reaction to Tucker's expo.
I totally agree.
He's like a bullfighter with a red cape getting the bull to charge.
And he's masterfully manipulating him.
I was expecting and was told we were going to be seeing Ray Apps ramming the signs in, all the new footage has come out, the HD they've got, and I guess Tucker said, don't worry, the next few nights we're going to see that.
But I wonder what the pressure is and what the pressure Fox News, Rupert Murdoch must be under with the deep state omnibudsman, Chuckie Schumer, openly threatening him on the Senate floor this morning.
How do you think that feeds into this?
Well, the pressure is remarkable.
I mean, it is.
Think of this.
You have the Senate, you know, the leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, Democrat leader in the Senate, publicly calling for a media executive, Rupert Murdoch, to basically take a show host off the air because he's showing a video
I think so.
I totally agree.
How big is the Antifa attack yesterday?
Over 100 crazed thugs with an SPLC commander now given a $5,000 bond for domestic terrorism charges on the new police training center and that barely even being a story while they call this the biggest insurrection ever.
Your view on that?
Well, you know, it's always been the case and in a way it makes sense because although in a, according to a precise definition, you could say
Antifa engaged in terrorist activity, that BLM was engaged in terrorist activity.
It's not terrorism in the same sense from the regime's point of view, because in the broader picture, Antifa, BLM, and these types of groups really function as paramilitary organizations for the regime.
And so, the regime doesn't, when they step out of line... Yeah, we got Kamala bailing them out three years ago, they're burning down half the U.S.
So, in a certain twisted way, it's not, quote-unquote, a threat to national security because they are
Well, I mean, it's hard to say in terms of what.
There are a bunch of different things.
For the January 6th issue,
That was my next question.
What do they do about Trump now?
They've got to be scared.
The kind of January 6th committee public spectacle charade was meant to basically extend the impeachment process beyond the scope of even Trump's presidency to prevent him from getting another term.
I don't think that's been successful.
I don't think they'll be successful in indicting Trump.
I think they missed their chance and they realized it and they're freaking out.
I agree.
So what do they do next?
Well, we'll just have to, we'll have to wait and see.
We'll have to wait and see.
It's just January 6th stuff.
I was really hoping, and I still hold out some hope for this, that with all the footage, there's a lot of footage, we're talking about 40,000 plus hours, so that takes a long time to go through everything.
I was hoping that we would be able to get some high resolution footage of some of the people that we know played
Whose role was just as egregious as EPSA's, if not more so.
We have all the footage in our classic series on EPSA.
Oh, I know what leftist professors look like.
I know what leftist professors look like.
When I was there looking up the scaffoldings, there were flaming leftists up there, waving their flags, attack, attack.
They were in command.
Yep, and I think some people, including and especially the Scavel Commander, who's kind of like the white whale now.
He's the white whale of the Fed's direction.
Nobody knows who he is.
He's this mystery.
I've been chasing him.
He hasn't been identified.
I would love, in that 40,000 plus hours of footage,
If they're just a few high-resolution, clean shots... Well, that's where I was going next, because we're rolling the admitted rams, ramming signs into police, telling people to attack, audio, video, out over a year ago, more stuff than the last six months.
I'm hoping to just see that from the HD versions, exactly.
But much less the feds now admit, and I know the lawyers involved in the Proud Boys trial, even at that, and they say they've never been in a trial like this.
They're allowing federal informants to put evidence on, but not be there, but then the jury can't be told it's a federal informant.
So this was crawling with feds.
They admit that.
Remember when you were two years ago at Revolver News, Revolver.News, exposing the feds.
They said, oh, Darren Beatty's insane, Alex Jones is insane, Tucker Carlson's insane.
There were no feds there.
Give me a break.
And now that simply, even the New York Times acknowledges that there are feds there.
Even the New York Times, you know, over a year ago, they begrudgingly did this piece sort of conceding that a lot of what we said was right.
It's saying, you know, there were informants in the Proud Boys informing their handlers in real time as the events of January 6th unfolded.
Um, you know, if there's one thing we've learned, these militia groups are infiltrated extensively.
Well, let's expand on that.
This is what I was told by sources inside the current, six weeks in, Proud Boys trial, still prosecution part, haven't even had the defense yet.
That a retired CIA officer with a woman who was dating Enrique Tarrio planted on him a battle plan to invade and attack D.C.
in the Capitol buildings and that federal informants were in the car
We're good to go.
Enrique Tarrio, who I think was a useful idiot, who we know has been a federal informant for a decade since his conviction and time in prison.
I mean, Darren Beattie, that's insane.
That is insane.
And there's one very specific thing that I'd really like to know about the whole Cowboys issue, because in a general sense, the
Revolver pieces outlined in the Meet Ray Epps Part 1 and Part 2 pieces, in particular in Part 2, where we cover everything going on at the first breach site, the Peace Monument, that area on the west side of the Capitol that was initially attacked, that has the iconic footage of them ramming down the bike barriers and such, where Ray Epps was and everyone.
There were a handful of really curious characters, including Epps, including Scaffold Commander, whom I mentioned, including another guy called Fence Cutter Bulwark, who was cutting all the fencing in advance.
These people were pre-positioned at that western perimeter breach site before the Proud Boys even got there.
So what I want to know is, how did the Proud Boys decide to
Get to the Peace Monument.
I wonder if I just have to think that the Fed somehow knew that the Proud Boys were going to go to that specific location and they had the Feds had their people preparing everything in advance by the Peace Monument because all of these people that I've been focusing on arrived there before the Proud Boys even got there.
They played critical roles.
In setting the preconditions for the rally to turn into the riot, and none of them have been charged with anything.
I totally agree.
Go ahead.
So I think just the perfect setup was they know the Proud Boys are going to go there.
Maybe even they managed to persuade the Proud Boys somehow to go there, but they knew the Proud Boys were going to be there.
They had their people set everything up there.
And the national story is,
Oh, it all happened once the Proud Boys got there.
And the Secret Service was telling me I would go lead the demonstration.
The whole setup is very clear.
Two final points in closing.
The Deep State's definitely upset.
It's all coming out in the court of public opinion.
They're being convicted for provocateuring and false flagging this.
What do you expect the system to do now, Dr. Darren Beattie, that their whole operation's being exposed?
Elon Musk is coming out against them on gain of function, January 6th.
I mean, it's very avant-garde.
It's very popular.
Right now to be against the New World Order, all these mainline talk show hosts are turning against the system.
I don't think things are going too well for the globalists.
You know, it's really interesting.
You know, and I'd love to say, yes, you know, things are completely changing.
And I think they are changing at the narrative level.
I think it remains an open question as to how much that actually translates to tangible
Accountability for the regime.
I think the regime has this really bizarre and frankly, frustrating robustness, whereby they can be caught red handed.
And even at a narrative level, everyone's saying, yeah, that's, that's messed up.
Oh, there was something wrong there.
Oh, there were feds there.
Oh, the COVID thing was a total lie.
And yet, somehow the system is functions in a way to remain
Um, invulnerable to any real kind of accountability for the, uh, for the culpable actor.
So it remains to be seen where the narrative shift, which is very real and very important in its own right.
I mean, for someone like Elon Musk to even retweet something that has to do with, you know, the Fed's erection is a big deal.
And he's basically acknowledged most of the main things, including the COVID stuff.
That's huge.
The next step is figuring out how and when does that translate into any kind of accountability.
Exactly, because just because we know we're slaves doesn't mean we've gotten rid of the slaves' masters.
With the Justice Department, we talked this morning via text about a CNN article.
Why would they come out with this?
Why did this cop turn up dead?
Terrence Yankee, I've interviewed his mother, his wife, all of them.
The feds threatened to kill him for exposing Oklahoma City as an inside job.
Why is suddenly the Oklahoma bombing news in the CNN, CIA mouthpiece?
What do you think is happening there?
It's such a bizarre and fascinating thing because I have to say, it was a fantastic piece.
It was an excellent piece.
It was a real piece of long form investigative journalism.
I mean, if Revolver had done it, it would have been, you know, more hardcore and everything.
But there you have to be real nitpicky to find fault with something like that, especially given the venue.
But the thing is, OK, it was it was it was a great piece.
The quality was high.
But then the question is, how did it get past the editors?
Why did it get past the editors and why would they
Why now?
Why would they reintroduce this deeply subversive narrative at this time?
People may not know, but you, Alex, you're a legend at this.
You go way back.
You're an OG in this.
You've been talking about Oklahoma City.
You know, before a lot of people, you know, listening and even visiting.
I mean, since 95, but look at General Parton.
I was able to, I was first on air like a month and I remember seeing General Parton in Austin, Texas.
But yeah, we know they blew it up.
We know they tortured him to death.
I talked to his family.
He was getting death threats.
Why would CNN suddenly say, why was a cop murdered?
Why would they do that?
And you know, especially now, because I like to think that revolvers,
Investigative work on January 6.
As important as it is, even in a self-contained sense, as applied to January 6, I like to think that it's opened some doors.
It's opened doors and enabled, kind of, prepared the American public to revisit events like Oklahoma City and be prepared to accept the truth of what really happened.
I think they know, just like the CIA admitted in the New York Times, that a pro-Ukrainian group blew up the pipeline.
I think, like the whistleblowers inside Hersh, they know good people in government are about to bring them down.
I think this is damage control.
From what I've said, I don't know that, but normally they would only do this in a CIA mouthpiece if they knew it was about to come out.
Well, I certainly hope there's more to come out.
We'll have to see.
It's deeply significant, and at any rate, it really points to the fact that the time is ripe right now to reopen some of these things.
You know, before the whole fedsurrection thesis really took off with the American public, I would have my doubts as to whether the American public could actually swallow the pill of Oklahoma City, because it's very dark.
Children died.
Way more people died than on January 6th.
At the time, the biggest domestic terrorist act in history.
It's a really big deal, a huge tragedy.
The notion that we're not getting the full story, even the notion that maybe something went haywire, that the government had more involvement than
They were letting on that there was this mysterious figure, Andreas Strassmayer, who just disappeared and no one heard from him again, and he was likely linked with German intelligence.
All of these kinds of things with, like, weird parallels to January 6th, including the fact that the chief mop-up man of Oklahoma City was none other than the current Attorney General, Merrick Garland.
And the guy that ran it was Obama's Attorney General.
In closing, Dr. Darren Beattie, incredible job, Revolver.News.
Owen, comments or questions for Dr. Beattie?
Well, let's also not forget there were a number of police officers that turned up dead after January 6th, Capitol Police officers that turned up dead.
A handful of them, not just the officer they lied about dying that day, but others.
Is it that suspicious?
Yeah, I think, I think
The fact pattern that we see in relation to the pipe bomb and in relation to Ray Epps, I think these are the twin smoking guns of the Fed's erection.
And the fact pattern simply lends itself to no innocent explanation.
It was a Fed's erection, plain and simple.
We know it.
They know it.
But now they know that we know it, and that's why they're freaking out.
I totally agree.
And again, I don't want to just worship Elon Musk.
I don't trust him.
But he knows the worm's turned, which shows we're winning.
Whether he's good or bad, whether he's an opportunist or good, he knows where the future is.
In closing, I want to ask you both this.
Nolan's got some final comments because they're trying to put him in prison for being with me on January 6th.
They literally filed in federal court that he invaded the Capitol, attacked police.
None of it's true.
I mean, it really makes you lose faith in the system.
Big geopolitical picture.
How's Biden doing?
Obama's third term.
What's happening in Russia?
The big ramp up with China.
What's your big 35,000 foot view on geopolitics right now, Dr. Meadey?
Well, my take on geopolitics is that
In a bizarre way that would probably seem counterintuitive and maybe a lot of your listeners might not agree with, but I think in a bizarre way, the United States has reasserted its geopolitical dominance.
Oh, no, I agree.
The U.S.
is back in the driver's seat right now.
Yeah, in a way that I wouldn't have anticipated.
I mean, just not too long ago,
The U.S.
relative to China was doing very poorly.
The whole COVID thing, on net, harmed us a lot more than it harmed China.
But isn't that because the globalists pushed up to China too much, and now the public turned against it, and China bit-slapped them?
So to say we're turning against China, which is good, a lot of that is just because the globalists have been pushed around?
Or what's happening?
Well, the turn against China has been in the works for a long time.
Um, you know, that's a little bit of a separate discussion, but my brief explanation... Yeah, I interrupted.
Go back to America, back in the driver's seat.
Yeah, America back in the driver's seat.
So, it looked like, you know, we were doing worse relative to China with COVID.
We had the national, you know, the international embarrassment of the whole Afghanistan debacle, and then it looked like, oh, we were getting involved in the, you know, Russia conflict in a way that would
Yeah, why did Xi Jinping do that in your view?
I really don't know.
It seemed insane to me, and a lot of people that I talk to regularly who typically have pretty good insight and visibility into these things were all taken aback.
Even people within China who have visibility into the elite circles were kind of taken
No, but I agree with you.
That could be, but to me it seemed like there would be more efficient and targeted ways to do that than destroying your most financially important and forward and public-facing city unnecessarily.
But, so, who knows?
I don't know exactly what happened there.
Well, they say nobody will tell Xi Jinping anything because they're scared, so he may be an idiot.
Yeah, he may be an idiot, could be drunk on power, could be something we don't know, could be a combination of all these factors.
What happens with Biden?
Because the Democrats don't want him, but he's got the power.
It looks like they're going to run that Fetterman 2.0 again.
You know, it looks like it.
And again, I thought they must have been doing Newsom.
If I were them, I would have done Newsom.
Just get Newsom to do the whole Obama thing.
Get him to do what you want.
Why have someone who's so old and incapacitated?
But, you know, I guess they're going to go with what works.
I guess Biden works.
He's shown that, you know, he won't resist them in any significant way.
There may have been times when he was trying to resist and they remind him, hey, what about these classified documents?
Hey, don't forget about
Your son's laptop, here and there.
Yeah, he's fully controlled, he's the puppet they want, and he's a dog king to demoralize us.
Alright, Revolver.News, Dr. Darin Beattie, thank you for so much time tonight.
Great analysis, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Well, that was powerful real analysis.
Owen Schroer, you've got a lot to say.
You're in the crosshairs of this January 6th, where they're branding the American people.
They're casting us as a terrorist.
Tucker's on a master stroke here, making it the focal point.
People are learning about January 6th right now.
Regardless, even if he didn't put the most powerful stuff out tonight, if you're a betting man, does he in the next few nights bring out the key stuff?
I think so.
I think that maybe there's a little bit of a back and forth between Tucker and the executives, maybe even some of the other hosts like Hannity that are a little more legacy, that don't like Tucker kind of stealing the spotlight.
I think we'll get a better answer to that question tomorrow night, but I think the real
Take away here is we keep bringing up the issue of sensitivity.
Why are they so sensitive about Tucker Carlson covering the truth about what happened on January 6th?
And I think it's beyond just January 6th.
I mean, that might be the focal point.
That might be where we pivot everything off of.
But really, I think the reason why they're so sensitive, Alex, is because it proves beyond a reasonable doubt just how evil they are, just how willing they are to lie and deceive and destroy.
For their own political agenda.
I mean, this is true evil on display, never exposed like we've seen before in America.
And I think that that's what really is so sensitive.
They're finally being put on display of what they really are.
These are, I mean, look, Alex, I don't really get into aliens.
It's not my thing.
We talk about the demonic activity, but I mean, I just look at this just like.
Not conspiratorial, not getting into aliens.
Are these people even human?
I mean, seriously, are they getting messages from aliens?
Are they getting messages from demons?
I mean, this is not human behavior.
I'm sorry, Chuck Schumer, you are not behaving like a human, man.
You are something entirely alien to us humans.
And so I think that's what- He's a predator.
I think that's what the sensitivity is really about here.
They don't necessarily care about January 6th getting exposed as a lie.
They've been caught in lies plenty of times.
It's the display about evil, how willing they are to lie and deceive and destroy without any remorse!
I totally agree with you.
Regardless, January 6th, they're branding American people as terrorists is now the top story.
We're going to end this special live transmission until Harrison Smith kicks it off tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.
Central with American Journal.
I'm at 11 a.m.
I was short at 3 p.m.
The War Room, The Real Red Pill, New Trend,
Power grid attacks growing in the United States.
So we're going to air that special report.
Then we're going to air a report.
I have an error because it's a longer report.
It's an important report.
But Arizona voter fraud reveals our government is far more corrupt than we realize.
A John Bowne report.
So we're going to air report one and report two.
Then I'll go back to refeed for my show today and back with the great InfoWorks lineup tomorrow.
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It's all there at InfoWarsStore.com.
60 seconds, final comment, Owen Troyer.
Freedom is worth fighting for.
Truth is worth fighting for.
Justice is worth fighting for.
And I'm honored to have the privilege in these trying times for those issues to stand against the tyrants who want to steal all of that from us, Alex.
Beautifully said.
Owen Shroyer, 3 p.m.
tomorrow for the Wednesday edition, and we'll be tracking Tucker Carlson tomorrow night as well.
Great job to the crew, burning the midnight oil, kicking ass.
We salute you.
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That's it for this live transmission.
Two special reports and back to the refeed.
It's often said that America's power grid is the Achilles heel of the U.S., and it seems that tendon is about to snap.
According to a confidential industry analysis conducted by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation,
Physical attacks on the U.S.
power grid rose 71% last year compared with 2021, and they're likely to increase this year.
Their study claims that ballistic damage, intrusion, and vandalism largely drove the increase in clusters of attacks on infrastructure in the Southeast, Midwest, and the Pacific Northwest.
These deliberate acts of violence to disrupt power supply appear to be carried out by members of various extremist groups, who all share the common goal of destabilizing the grid.
Sometimes politically or ideologically motivated, the groups include environmental extremists, Antifa members, and the mainstream media's favorite to discuss, white supremacist neo-Nazis.
Two of which were caught planning an attack on Baltimore's power grid.
In December of 2022, several substations in Moore County, North Carolina were attacked with gunfire, putting 45,000 people in the dark without power.
And a similar incident occurred in Randolph County on January 17th.
Also in January of this year, three substation attacks in Pierce County, Washington State impacted thousands.
And the culprits have yet to be caught or identified in any of these cases.
The millions in damages has led the state senate in North Carolina to create and present legislation titled, Protect Critical Infrastructure, which would increase the severity of punishment for those who, quote, knowingly and willfully destroy, injure, or otherwise damage, or even attempt to damage an energy facility.
However, if our power grids are still the weak point of the nation, what can we do to strengthen them?
And what legislation can help in the event of an electromagnetic pulse attack from a domestic or foreign enemy?
The policies from the Biden administration in the name of environmental, social, and corporate governments' principles are certainly helping to weaken America's power grid.
As InfoWars' Jamie White reported, quote,
So should Biden's administration be classified as an ideologically motivated extremist group who is attacking American infrastructure?
Instead of shooting substations, they're closing down coal plants and making it impossible to provide for our booming population.
With domestic pipelines shut down to sabotage our energy independence, oil refineries bursting into flames in Texas and Mexico, our food processing plants burning to the ground on a daily basis, poultry populations decimated by bird flu prevention procedures,
With train transportation derailed across the country almost simultaneously, the loss of reliable electricity to help preserve our food, pump water, and power the lives of millions of Americans would certainly be the last nail in the coffin for preserving our current way of life.
The more we rely on electricity, the more of an Achilles heel it becomes.
So pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.
Consider purchasing storable food, storing water, and purchasing a gas-powered generator.
Because sooner or later, whether we like it or not, that tendon is gonna snap.
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com.
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