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Name: 20230226_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 26, 2023
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In this InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses recent developments in the ongoing battle against corruption and tyranny. He highlights the growing number of prominent people and corporations who are speaking out against the New World Order and the globalist agenda, as well as the increasing awareness among the general public about the dangers posed by the NWO. Jones also mentions Woody Harrelson's recent comments on Saturday Night Live, in which he alluded to the NWO agenda through a fictional movie scenario. Finally, Jones emphasizes the need for continued resistance and pressure against the forces of tyranny, comparing it to fighting an opponent in a physical altercation.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, February 26.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from the road.
And some very, very good things are happening right now.
Extremely positive that I've talked a lot about and that by studying history and a lot of information that I have foreseen, it is the Great Awakening versus the Great Reset.
And we just saw a few weeks ago Elon Musk come out against the world government at the world government meeting.
We have seen countless other prominent people coming out against the new world order, major corporations coming out against it, attorney generals all over the U.S.
and also major leaders in other countries saying we're not going to invest any of the pension funds in BlackRock if they're promoting open borders and gun control and drag queen pedophile time and carbon taxes.
And now there's major moves by attorney generals and state governments, not just here but in other nations, regional leaders, To say, we're not going to invest pension funds with the big global central banks if they continue to wage war against the nation-state.
There's thousands of examples of this, but humanity's really learning who the enemy is.
Just 10 years ago, almost no one knew about the New World Order.
20 years ago, a tiny bit compared to that.
30 years ago, 40 years ago, maybe one-tenth of one percent.
Now, in major polls around the world, the most unpopular groups are the globalists, Hollywood, And all the major corporations they control.
And then Woody Harrelson, guaranteed, because I know people that work at Saturday Night Live, I know people that have worked at Saturday Night Live, I know all about the inner workings of Saturday Night Live, and everything they say is heavily scripted, heavily controlled.
That's why Dave Chappelle, when he came out and talked about Kanye West and said some things that they didn't like, went off script.
And they got very, very upset.
Well, he talked about going off script.
Woody Harrelson, who I know personally, been friends with a long time.
I've talked to him for years.
We've done some work together and talked quite a bit in the past.
I know he's basically a daily listener.
And Woody's a smart cookie.
His dad, obviously, very, very interesting fellow.
I'll leave it at that.
But he knows all about the Deep State.
And he came out on Saturday Night Live last night.
I'm not going to play the full monologue.
The full monologue is on InfoWars.com.
And said, man, I'm thinking of a fictional movie where drug dealers, drug cartels, we're talking about big pharma here, make you buy a drug and make you stay locked in your house to take it.
So again, these are direct attacks.
These are glitches of the matrix.
These are people across the board knowing that the new order is going to destroy them and their families and they don't fight back against it.
And we're seeing this intense all the time.
Very important clip here it is.
Okay, so the movie goes like this.
The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes.
And people can only come out if they take the cartels' drugs and keep taking them over and over.
I threw the script away.
I mean, who is going to believe that crazy idea?
So I can tell you that I got invited to be in a few movies without really even asking, and got to know a lot of Hollywood folks like Woody Harrelson and Johnna Reeves and really many, many others.
And they were awake to the New World Order.
We were having dinner or hanging out 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 years ago.
That's how long I've known those guys.
I knew those guys both together.
But Robert Downey Jr.
was also hanging out.
He was a big jerk, thought I was an idiot.
But the point is, is that most of the cast of Scanner Darkly was awake to the New World Order, and hated the New World Order, and was having long discussions with me.
I was also a consultant on the film, kind of updating Philip K. Dick's book for the script.
And They were really, really awake back then.
So that's why I know Woody Harrelson is so awake, and I know him through Willie Harrelson and some other folks.
But it's not about name-dropping.
It's about the fact that I knew that Woody Harrelson was awake so long ago, but Hollywood was scared to speak out, those that were awake.
And I can tell you the majority of folks who aren't producers and owners in Hollywood hate the New World Order.
And now you see all this beginning to come out as people realize they have nothing left to lose but speak up against the system that's out to destroy them and their family.
Folks, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and get to the very serious infrastructure attacks that are taking place that are confirmed, many of them to be sabotaged and what that leads to.
More on the Ukraine war and more on AlexJonesInfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very, very important special.
February 26, 2023, Sunday transmission.
I can, with great confidence and analysis, tell you That we've reached another major milestone.
It was last January, about 13 and a half months ago, in 2022, that I said, studying the topography of the media landscape, not just here in the U.S., but worldwide, and the numbers I'm seeing, and the different talk show hosts I see coming out against COVID, fly, and the poison shots, and Big Pharma, and the lockdowns, That they're going to lose, not just their current push for forced injections and worldwide ID cards and taxless societies.
They're not just going to lose on their forced injections, they're going to lose on the whole thing if we just keep pushing.
It's kind of like you get in a fight, the guy starts a fight, he punches you, you hit him really hard, break his nose, knock him down.
And you kind of wait and see if he gets back up.
But if he starts getting back up, just go ahead and kick him in the face a couple times.
And, or, you know, maybe break a couple ribs and he'll be out of commission and you can go home to your family.
And that's the analogy I'm using in a nonviolent way for the New World Order.
About 13 months ago, broke their nose really bad and knocked them down.
And they are getting back up.
So politically, nonviolently, we got to move in, get a good kick into the end of the jaw.
They keep getting up, got to go ahead and start stomping the ribs.
Uh, and that's just what you got to do.
So, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And we got to press the attack 110%.
So let me make the new announcement.
Let me make the big announcement here.
Because, I mean, it's 100% dead on.
The chain reaction has been achieved.
Not just on the poison shots, not just on the lockdowns.
It was their big gamble to use that to get full control of us.
And only in places like China were they able to get a lot of it done.
But you know, Xi Jinping is a test.
Did a whole squeeze again last year and it caused an explosion across the country and he had to back off.
So he's being basically told and working with the globalists that channel with the leader of the New World Order if he can successfully get his population out of their control, but notice he failed that task.
So some huge things are going on, but let me just quantify how big this is.
I'm going to give you some of the evidence of it here in a moment.
Their agenda was completely hamstringed and derailing Pun intended, 13 months ago.
So I could say they're not going to recover from this if we keep pushing.
But we got to see how big the chain reaction is and how much courage people have and how much common sense people have to say, hey, man, the new world order is bad for everybody.
Let's all be rebels against tyranny.
Let's have 1776 part two in a velvet revolution of intellectual understanding and renaissance and a new enlightenment.
A great awakening.
Or we're doomed.
But I believe in humanity.
I believe in the people.
I believe it's going to backfire.
And I have a lot of inside sources, but I mainly just gather intel from across the corporate media, government, and the listeners, and just thousands of spectrum points every week that I look at and analyze.
So I don't say this lightly.
It would take days to track why I say this, but I'll get to a few points in a moment.
But I talk about chain reactions.
Now, there's chain reactions, obviously, in chemistry, where you mix a couple chemicals together, or three chemicals together, and it turns into a whole new thing.
Uh, or it explodes.
I mean, there's different chain reactions.
But it's where there's a major change throughout the whole construct of the experiment into a new matter, into a new formation, into a new molecule, or into a new chain of structures.
And I said, it looks to me like the chain reaction has been reached.
It's definitely a devastating blow.
Will they get back up from it?
But there, we've got the offense here.
We've got the initiative.
With what I've seen with thousands of different talk show hosts and major prominent ones and Elon Musk at the World Government Forum two weeks ago saying world government's bad and will collapse human civilization and it's dangerous, we don't need a centralized system.
When you see that, that's a message to the world that this group's failing, this group's falling and they bit off way more than they could chew.
They were either going to get full power and full control out of the lockdowns they started three years ago, Or it was going to bite him in the ass.
Example, Napoleon was either going to take over all of Europe, which he'd done, and finally defeat Russia, or he was going to get beaten.
And he failed to beat Russia, and he failed.
Hitler said, I'm going to be better than Napoleon.
I'm going to do what Napoleon couldn't, and he tried and failed again.
And I bring in Russia just because it's an example, not because it's a reoccurrence of what's happened in the past, since history repeats itself.
So there's points like Stalingrad with Hitler, Where if Hitler doesn't win Stalingrad, Hitler loses the war, okay?
Now, they lost Stalingrad last January, in public opinion, and it's totally turning against them.
And it's radically turning against them, where something like 2% of Americans are taking the booster poison shots.
They can't give the damn things away.
So they're trying to put a big $300 price tag on, thinking, well, some idiots will think it's expensive, they gotta have it.
No, even those people, Because they got studied, like 15% of people will pay for something that has a big number on it.
Even those people didn't buy the cheese on the mousetrap.
So the chain reaction has been reached.
And the globalists have a lot of things they can do to counter it, but every counter they've got blows up in their face, but blows up in our face too.
So will they hold us hostage?
Will they overturn the chessboard?
Will they release a real bioweapon?
Will they launch an even bigger war?
Will they have a stock market crash?
Will they do a fake cyber attack to try to maintain control?
Yeah, they don't tend to give up.
But I have a look down every permutation of every possible operation they can pull, and each one is more devastating to them.
They should quit for 20, 30 years.
They should pull back, have their money, have their power, back off their propaganda.
They still basically own and run the planet, but they don't own and totally control you yet and run your body.
And if they backed off, we'd go back to partying and watching football and go back to sleep.
But they're not going to back off.
So, just like when Hitler was losing in North Africa and losing against England, Well, if I'm losing against England, who has a tiny army compared to me, and I'm losing against North Africa, against the Americans, how about I just go attack the Russians?
That's a double down.
That's a double down.
And Hitler's argument was, with Barbarossa, that he launched in 1942, was, well, if I don't stall and hit my rear, I've got to attack him now.
So that's really their attitude is they've got to attack all of us.
They've got to enslave all of us.
Because now that we figured out they're attacking us, well, we're going to attack them.
Well, yeah, we're going to politically pull back from you.
We're going to stop supporting you.
We're going to try to get people elected that oppose you.
We don't want a war with you.
The cops and the military are just like us.
They've been hijacked by you as well.
We have no desire to have a Connecticut war with the police and military.
That's your only hope.
Not that we wouldn't defeat them, but in the end that would collapse the country and then the globalists would win.
Yeah, we defeat the cops and the military ourselves.
We should go take over the government buildings ourselves and then sit there like idiots.
No, the government buildings aren't running things.
A small group has hijacked all the agencies and the media by discrediting the media, by exposing the hijacking of government, by exposing the censorship, by exposing the deep state, by exposing how this is a new type of more sophisticated propaganda information war.
We then neutralize their attempts at race war and class war and gay versus straight war and all these diversionary issues All these culture wars they're using to distract us from the fact it doesn't matter what color you are or where you're from, the new world order is bad for you and bad for your family.
So I put calls out personally, made a lot of phone calls, talked to a lot of folks, done it here on air, where I reach out to average people and also elites.
And say, listen, do you really want to keep going down this road, or could you be like the German General Staff in 43?
When they figured out Germany was going to lose the war, maybe Germany could hold out for two years.
They estimated they were dead on.
But man, if we could just get rid of Hitler, it'd be a lot better for everybody.
There's not one guy we've got to kill here, and I'm not saying kill anybody.
We've got to kill an idea of the new order.
Can't you be like the German General Staff?
Which I think Elon Musk is becoming that, and Joe Roland's coming out full anti-New World Order now.
Suddenly he knows all about it.
I told you he knew about it.
When I first met him 25 years ago, super smart.
But it's up to the bad guys.
They see it safer now to do it.
And then now the Woody Harrelson's and everybody else.
So it's accelerating.
So the joke is Tucker Carlson's Alex Jones and everybody else is Alex Jones.
Look, if you're not Alex Jones, you're simply seeing the perspective I've been seeing.
Because if you're in a locked room with no windows, and I'm outside and I see tanks coming down the street, I'm knocking on your door saying, hey, come out here, there's tanks out here.
You walk out, you see tanks coming out at you.
You don't, you don't go, Oh my God, I'm Alex Jones now.
No, you just can see what I'm seeing.
So we're talking about the chain reaction that's been reached and how incredible this is.
But the bad news is the empire is going to try to strike back.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
This could not be more important.
I want to thank you all for joining us on this live Sunday edition.
I want you to listen to me very, very carefully.
I have been blessed by God to have your support.
I've been blessed by God to have a great family that educated me how the world worked when I was very, very young and We have a mission here, all of us together.
So when I say these things, again, it's not about tooting my horn.
The fact that I know the enemy so well and just instinctively, nine times out of ten, can estimate what they're going to do better than anybody else is a blessing, but it's also a curse because they hate my guts, ladies and gentlemen.
And they've done major Pentagon investigations, major CIA investigations, major FBI investigations into me, trying to figure out what agency or foreign group is telling me what to say.
And now they know that it's coming from me.
And they know that I am like the equivalent of their top Pentagon futurist.
But what I do is I study what the globalists are doing, and I'm against them.
And a lot of you calling are just as smart as I am.
We have a lot of really smart people that get it.
Most people watch football or baseball.
Smart people watch football or baseball.
You know everything about football, everything about baseball.
You know how much this player weighs, what he batted here, how this kicker did.
I don't do that.
I spend my time on the New World Order.
And when I get up here and I tell you that they are in deep trouble and they are mortally wounded, and I tell you a chain reaction has been reached, Where people get, whoa, I'm being screwed, this is a real global group, they're out to get me, and if I keep going along with it, I'm an idiot.
It's over for them.
A lot of people, because of honor, because they care, because they're Christian, saw this journey 60, 70 years ago when it was really heating up.
There were all these incredible people that came before me, that came before you, and we talk about them a lot.
Some of them are living legends like G. Edward Griffin, battling since the early 1960s.
Very successful corporate executive that decided to just totally fight for America.
We wouldn't be here without him.
We wouldn't be here without all the work of the John Birch Society and so many others.
I don't have time to get to thanking people that came before us.
I want to thank you for all you've done.
Just let you realize that in this war, with all the fake conspiracies and all the fake corporate media and all the fake identities and all the fake stories and this manipulated, fake culture garbage, The New World Order and its globalist technocracy plan wants to cut off your resources, get full control of you, put you in a castle society, and kill your ass.
And Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are just the high-level generals of the big corporate consortiums that are doing this, and we are now getting Massive, deep understanding of people that I've been dreaming about for decades on air, where I've said, I want to become obsolete.
I want to become basically not even needed.
And we're not there yet, because I still have important work to do.
But now, basically, everything I say is not just being listened to by millions of you amazing people that boosted it and got it out there.
You got the info to the world leaders, to the intelligence agency, to the people that were compartmentalized and didn't fully realize what was happening.
And now once those people, and ecclesiastical, and ecumenical, and once they all realize what they've been involved in, how they've been manipulated, now they're not part of this big liberal Star Trek style utopia the globalists claim for their mid-level people they're building.
Once they realize they're not building a utopia, once they realize they're building a dystopia, And they have no other choice but to learn about it, and to build an alternative to it, and to fight it.
It's game over for the New World Order.
Now, that said, next segment, I'm going to get into the problems, and why they're hitting us with asymmetrical fifth-generational warfare.
That's coming up.
But first, here's Woody Harrelson, last night on Saturday Night Live.
Again, they normally have approved scripts, just like Dave Chappelle.
It's going to come out.
He went off script, where he comes out and attacks NBC's top show, Saturday Night Live, that their main sponsor is Pfizer.
Their second largest sponsor is Moderna.
But despite that, Woody Harrelson got up there, said to them what he was going to say, and then live on TV hit them in the cold open.
And that took courage, and it took focus, and it took will for him to do that.
And to basically expose how a drug cartel took control of our world, locked us in our houses and tried to make us take their drug that didn't get us high, but that destroyed our immune system and made us sick.
And again, I can't list all the examples.
You see them everywhere.
I can't even keep track of them all.
But Elon Musk a week and a half ago, all the changes I'm seeing in talk show hosts everywhere, liberal and conservative, mainly conservative and populist, not conservative around the world.
People are talking about the globalists, about the corporations being anti-free market, about the New World Order, about Klaus Schwab, about Bill Gates.
I mean, I remember two years ago when Joe Rogan's show was on and Bill Gates attacked it.
And Joe Rogan put a clip out of what I've said being true with Bill Gates saying, yeah, 80% of people take my shot, get sick.
It had 15, 20 million views last time I checked, and millions of comments, and 99.9% of them.
You'd have to read 1,000 comments before you found one for Bill Gates.
They are losing, ladies and gentlemen.
And a lot of people are kind of asleep, still on the fence, but a larger and larger group, that's basically a majority now, gets what's happening.
And the New World Order can't carry out its operations like that.
So, we haven't won the war yet, but we're winning major battles, and the chain reaction is here.
The only question is, how big will the chain reaction be?
And what comes out of this?
And how are the globals going to strike back?
Here's a short clip of Woody Harrelson.
Okay, so the movie goes like this.
The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media and all the politicians and force all the people in the world to stay locked in their homes.
And people can only come out if they take the cartels drugs and keep taking them over and over.
I threw the script away.
I mean, who is gonna believe that crazy idea?
I could tell you, because I've known Woody Harrelson since 2005.
Known him well.
I call him a decent friend, good friend.
I know he listens every day, that's what he told me.
And I'm not a big pot smoker, but I have smoked pot a few times with Woody Harrelson.
So that's what you do, you just got on with your hand with the Indians you smoke a piece by.
He's a really smart guy.
His dad was obviously in the deep state.
And he knows what he's talking about.
But the point is, why is he suddenly doing this?
Why is somebody that knows as much as I know about the New World Order, why is he suddenly coming out against it?
Because he knows, folks.
And he perfectly came out in a way of, oh, it's just a fiction movie, a script I would never believe.
It's so ridiculous, no one would believe it, that a big drug cartel of different drug companies get together and lock you in your house and make you take their drug.
But it's bigger than that.
It's the global banks above it that we're going to use the tracking of who had that drug and who'd been injected with that as the new global IV cashless society, central bank, digital currency, social credit score, carbon tax, universal basic income.
And they get this in place.
It's game over, folks.
And they're launching it now.
So I've always believed in you.
I've always believed in humanity.
I believe we can win a fight.
If we know we're in a fight, but if you're asleep or in a coma or on a bunch of fentanyl in a ditch and people want to beat you to death or stab you to death, you're going to die.
But if you're awake culturally, spiritually healthy, you understand what's going on, you're watching your six and others are watching each other's six, they're not going to get away with this.
They're not going to get away with the next thing they pull.
Anything they openly push, It's going to be opposed.
They can try to hand out free money.
People are not going to take it.
People know there's a string attached.
They can hand out snow cones in hell, ice water in the Sahara Desert.
People aren't going to take it because you know these are bad people.
So how are they going to strike back is the question.
And I think you've already seen the answer.
Most of you know what I'm saying.
But for those who don't, I'll explain it when we come back.
InfoWars.com or the Coordinates of Freedom.
InfoWars.com, Vandop Video.
Share those links now if you want to be part of the victory.
All right, so, to use the Star Wars analogy, we've blown up the Death Star, the Rebels are starting to turn the tide, the Empire's going to strike back.
So, how are the globalists, who we now know created the virus, a new virus, a deadly virus, but just a weaker form of much stronger classes of the same virus they've got?
They've got Marburg virus, the only different one that kills 9% of people that get infected.
They're hyping that right now, they're hyping the bird flew up right now.
They're the so-called saviors.
They get funded by the big corporations and banks.
They sell the global tyranny, the global takeover, in the name of keeping us safe.
The public gets that.
So what does the enemy do?
Well, they do a lot of things.
And they've been pre-programming and hyping, out of the Davos Group and out of the UN and other corporations and the media, a cyber attack.
And they've already done a lot of cyber attack.
Kesk and Dole just got shut down.
And the big pipeline last year on the East Coast got shut down for a few days.
They claimed ransomware.
There's some Chinese are doing it.
Russians are doing it.
But when it comes to the West, the EU, the U.S., the U.K., the Commonwealth countries, they've got way more advanced stuff and backdoors and everything.
The technologies, you know, the Russians have Mach 9 missiles, the U.S.
has Mach 20 missiles.
You know, the Russians have this capability, we've got capabilities way worse.
When I say we, the people that run our country and have hijacked it, we're using the same stuff against us.
So what are they going to do?
Well, I've been talking about this for a couple years.
We were some of the first to talk about infrastructure attacks, you know, that's how they would attack us.
I had guests on many years ago warning about attacks on the power grid and attacks on oil refineries and the rest of it.
You see Extinction Rebellion funded actually by British Petroleum and some of the big oil companies attacking oil, attacking infrastructure.
I'll explain why in a minute.
That sounds counterintuitive that oil companies would fund a group that's attacking cars, attacking trains, attacking roads.
Ante was caught all over the U.S.
derailing trains.
The FBI won't even investigate it.
When the local police catch him red-handed, he gets swept under the rug.
This has been building, building, building, building.
They want a post-industrial world, because the globalists have quadrillions in fake currency.
If they destroy the real infrastructure...
That drives up prices.
It creates control.
It creates hysteria.
It creates crime.
It creates insecurity.
Then they can pose and bring in their new digital system and their new technologies as the answer while the old system failed.
That's a modern version of Cloward and Piven.
Collapse the old system to bring in your new system.
And so they have unlimited credit and currency.
They just have to destroy infrastructure so that you don't have your own business or a company you work for that has its own business or your own farm or your own factory.
That's why they're at war with anybody that isn't Fortune 100.
It's a consolidation.
So how are they going to attack that?
They're going to do it by death by a thousand cuts.
And so we talked a lot about infrastructure attacks two weeks ago.
The federal government came out the same week.
Some of the big trade federations for manufacturing and food production all came out.
The big federation that deals with the private power lines around the country, that federation came out and said, Yeah, we're seeing a massive increase in infrastructure attack.
And we know a lot of it is deliberate, but we don't know who's doing it.
Because again, the Justice Department, even though they're probably running the attacks, the Justice Department's not a federal agency now.
It's Global's cron cabal that's hijacked it.
In many cases, their agents are doing it.
Their operatives, their cutoffs are doing it.
But they can also just say attack infrastructure, and they caught Antifa a few years ago with all the fires in California right before the 2020 election.
They arrested dozens of them setting fires, but we get swept under the rug.
Leftist media would say, oh, no, that's a conspiracy theory.
It's not Antifa.
You know, leftists aren't doing it.
Even though they caught them, dozens of them, in different areas setting the fires and saying, I'm doing it to save Mother Earth.
So they're not just being directed by the deep state.
They just get the message and go out and do it.
Bring down the old system to bring in their new system.
The average leftist thinks once things crash, they're going to get a free paycheck and all this great stuff.
No, they're going to get put in a FEMA camper too.
They're just the idiots bringing down the system for the establishment.
Because the establishment can manage that collapse and manage that crisis as an asymmetrical war against the people.
So, there have been thousand plus percentile increases in Oil refinery and gas processing center disasters.
Not just here, but in Australia, in New Zealand, in Europe, in Western Europe, in the UK, in Central America, in South America, in Mexico.
And what happened Friday?
I looked it up.
If I could type this in.
Number of PEMEX disasters.
Number of PEMEX fires.
Look up.
What percentage of oil does PEMEX supply to the U.S.?
What supply of refined gasoline does PEMEX Uh, give the U.S.
between 5% and 15% depending on the time.
And Mexico, that's state-run oil and gas company, has been ramping up production during the Ukraine war in the last year.
And so under globalist pressure, they announced about a month ago they're going to cut production to the United States in 2023, which has now begun.
So a lot of people are saying, well, If three PEMEX factories on Friday blew up, I mean, blew sky high, just like what you saw, but even bigger, much bigger than Ohio.
If two in Mexico that mainly supply the United States blew sky high, and then one in Texas blew sky high all the same day.
You look up PEMEX disasters, they don't have one a year on average this big.
They'll have a small fire, one thing will blow up, but not, or they'll have one of their drilling facilities blow up.
There's a lot of that.
So these are big refinery facilities Boom!
Blowing sky fricking high on the same day.
That's the message.
And a lot of folks will say, well, that's probably the Russians because they're mad because Biden and the globalists blew up the Nord Stream pipeline last year.
Did the Russians cut off the Keystone pipeline?
Did the Russians shut down more than 2,000 spurs and sub-pipelines and dozens of major pipelines in the last two years or 26 months?
The globalists did.
The new order.
Are the Russians banning gasoline cars?
Are they banning lawnmowers like California?
Now Minnesota?
Who is attacking oil and gas?
Who is attacking coal?
Who is attacking electrical generation?
Who shut down over 3,000 coal plants?
Trump put a moratorium on it but opened no new ones.
So, you have a major infrastructure attack and you have who stands to gain and who's been behind the previous attacks.
I don't know the globalists or the deep states or call them specter or chaos or whatever you want.
I don't know if they did it, but they're sure as hell the biggest suspect.
If you've got a three-time convicted pedophile on your block and then the police learn that a little kid got kidnapped out of their backyard and disappeared, where are the police going to go first?
They're going to go to the pedophile living three doors down.
But regardless, we know that a lot of the infrastructure problems are globalist deep state.
Most of it's them just shutting the infrastructure off.
And this is exactly how they would attack.
Because if they push another poison shot, or they do all these agendas they've got, they get exposed.
People don't trust anything they call for.
But if it's just Biden not having the Border Patrol in force, shipping people back, more people come.
And Biden says, come.
When I win, rush the border.
Immediately surge.
Same thing with energy.
So, the facts are, and I was looking at the numbers earlier, I sent some of the articles to the crew, that just two years ago, Mexico was supplying about 5% of our oil.
It's been as high as 15%.
They look at it on a weekly basis.
Hundreds of millions of barrels a month to the United States.
And now, three of their plants have blown up Two in Mexico, two in the US.
Ladies and gentlemen, put two and two together and understand the only way the globals can attack us now is hundreds of food processing plants blowing up, factories blowing up.
I mean, it's 10, 15 a day.
It's all over the place.
And then the word goes out, Justice Department isn't enforcing arson inspection.
They're not.
Notice what Biden did.
He cut the amount of IRS agents going after millionaires and billionaires two years ago and said, go after people making $40,000.
Even though they only raise 6% of the money.
Why would you send almost all your enforcers against working poor instead of against rich people?
Because they don't want funds either.
They want to hurt the working class.
They want to drive you under welfare.
They want to drive you under social credit score.
They want to make you give up.
They want to make you have despair.
They want crime to explode when you're out of a job.
All the numbers, all the statistics, all the x-rays show that.
So, they also have not been doing inspections or investigations or any charges for arson.
So these owners of companies get the word The deep state doesn't have to blow them up.
Hey, the word is, you can just blow this factory up and get the insurance money.
The companies do it, wink wink, and then there's less food and water and energy, and everything collapses and goes to hell.
There's ways to stop this.
We'll talk about it when we come back.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, many of you have been listening for decades, many of you for five, six years, ten years.
I do not get up here and tell you stuff to make you feel good.
I've been accused by corporate media over the years of, oh, Jones just says stuff for money.
If you think I went on air on 9-11, when I heard it on the news, say they blew up building 7, and said it for money, you're gravely mistaken.
I didn't even think about stuff like that at the time.
Now I actually think about what I do.
I don't bend what I do, but I think, God, what's going to happen when I say this?
Back then, I saw it happening.
I said it.
And I was on 170-something stations.
And I went down to less than 35 stations.
I was going to be the next Rush Limbaugh.
They were putting me on 50,000 waters.
We were exploding.
We were bringing millions of dollars in.
I was expanding the operation near 2,000, 1999-2000.
The show was huge, getting huge attention.
And boom, we lost in a month 70 plus percent of our affiliates.
But it was the truth, so I kept saying it.
So I don't get up here And tell you stuff because I think it's what you want to hear.
That's what I really think is going on.
Doesn't mean I'm perfect.
Doesn't mean I have all the answers.
So when I tell you we're winning and the globalists are in trouble, their only hope's blowing this up, burning that, turning this off.
That's their whole neo-feudalistic fascist Great Reset plan.
They admit that.
Post-industrial world, you'll know nothing and like it.
And another big example of this is Q.
I lost, two and a half years ago, during the Trump campaign, about a third of our audience.
It hurt us worse than deplatforming.
But I knew the Q thing was fake.
I knew the Pope hadn't secretly been arrested.
I knew that Tom Hanks wasn't running child kidnapping rings on an underground basis.
I mean, it was in the WikiLeaks.
The Podestas were involved in evil stuff, and there were a bunch of pedophiles.
We exposed that.
But they created a fake thing that was cartoonized to make all of us that were serious look stupid.
And I couldn't shut up.
It was like when they said on January 20th that Biden would be arrested on the dais when he was sworn in.
And I said, you watch.
He won't be arrested.
This is fake.
Of course, he wasn't arrested.
And so many people we woke up, woke others up who were babies to this, And then they got mad at me thinking, oh, you don't know about the secret White House and the CIA.
You don't know about the Trump administration and what Trump's going to do and he's invincible and he's with Q. When I know who started the Q thing, but I've not said who because they've asked me not to.
And I was approached by U.S.
intelligence, a group within it, there's a bunch of factions, And people that have been high-level in the Trump campaign, and some mid-level, and some speechwriters, and some people that have been in intelligence.
And they said, we saw what you did.
They came and visited me in Austin.
They saw how we exposed Hillary, and the WikiLeaks, and the devil worship, and how effective it was.
And that was true.
They said, the problem is you get the blame.
You get hurt.
But this can be done through 4chan and 8chan, and then we can do it successfully.
That only ran a couple months.
And then, it got taken away and somehow moved by a more powerful element of that, and turned into a disinformation operation.
I mean, those are real people, folks.
Like, I'm a real person on there for 28 years.
I'm not some nebulous Q-Thing.
People said, oh, you're just jealous of Q. Q exposed the New World Order.
Uh, no, that was, uh, that was people like Very Goldwater in the 60s.
Was it?
I didn't expose the New World Order.
Most people living didn't expose the New World Order.
It was very Goldwater.
It was John Birkside.
It's not about credit.
And if the Q-Thing was real, I would have loved to got on board with it, but it wasn't.
And all that fantasyland crap, and people so delusional, because America's strong, and America's good, and America could never be evil, and there's the government secretly good at saving us.
No, the government's hijacked by globalists and criminals.
But admitting how much trouble we're in, admitting we've got a problem, is the only way we're going to be able to turn that around and assess the real problems we've got.
So, I was giving you gloom and doom two and a half years ago, saying they're going to steal the election from Trump.
Robert Stone came on, you know, got a guy on the run, and said, I think Trump's going to lose.
He had a lot of heat for that.
He told Trump that.
You're not spending your money in the right places, the RNC's stealing it, you're letting the censorship go on, you're going to lose.
Is Roger Stone right?
Oh, but we don't trust him.
He's just the confidant of Trump for 45 years and got him to run.
But he's just a real person that worked for Richard Nixon and was his confidant.
We don't believe a real person like Roger Stone, even though everything Roger Stone said happened.
And Roger Stone told me on air, he said, I think we might have a tiny majority in the House.
They're going to steal the Senate and most of the House victories.
But at least we'll have a tiny group so that they can leverage McCarthy to do the right thing.
All came true.
But see, I interview people that actually know what they're talking about.
I respect people that actually have a track record of being right 95, 98% of the time.
And so I only raised the Q thing because I had a lady today come up to me and talk to me.
On the street, and she said, I apologize.
I thought you were bad.
I believe that you think that everything it said wasn't true.
And I wish I wish I wouldn't have been so mad at you.
And I said, it's okay.
It's all folks, Alex Jones is still on the air and fullworks.com.
And we're talking about the real world, like the massive infrastructure attacks going on by design and the cutting off publicly of our pipelines, the open borders, the fentanyl, the pedophile garbage, the evaluation of the currencies, 87,000 IRS agents to harass.
Blue-collar workers, I mean, that is real.
Mayorkas opening the border and letting them ship in kids by the tens of thousands a week.
That's what we estimate.
Over 10,000 a week, and smuggled for sex slavery, you name it.
That's real.
There's the real child kidnapping.
There's the real industrial level, trapping your kids, not you and underground bases and the special forces are fighting in the underground bases and all this crap.
We have to be honest, but when we do have victories, and when positive things are happening, and when the world is waking up, and when good things are happening, and when people are turning against the New World Order, and Twitter is getting freed up to a great extent, you have to understand that that's what Q claimed it was.
But that's public people like Elon Musk.
That's public people like Tucker Carlson.
That's public people.
Like Joe Rogan.
That's public people.
Like Woody Harrelson.
That's public people.
Like Roseanne Barr.
That's public people.
Roseanne Barr getting up in her hit comedy show and saying, they're hitting us with poison shots.
The new order is evil.
Don't trust the globalists.
And I'm not mad at Roseanne Barr that she bought into Q. She wanted to believe we were winning.
She wanted to believe that there were people like her in the government.
And there were people.
And there are people in the government that are good.
The government's not our enemy.
It's the criminals that have hijacked it at the top.
But they wanted you to believe with the Cuba movement that it was all handled.
It was all taken care of.
You didn't have to send emails.
You didn't have to go demonstrate.
You didn't have to file lawsuits.
You didn't have to run for office.
You didn't have to... No, no, no.
It's all handled.
Just trust the plan.
Just trust the plan.
And I don't blame General Flynn for trying to get a huge movement of people that believed in this Q thing.
That was Flynn knowing good people had created Q. It had been taken away.
That was Flynn trying to get Q back.
People say, well, why did Flynn support it?
I have challenged Flynn to just explain all this and to say he's the new leader of Q. Because I would follow him if he was Q. He's not Q.
Hugh is something that was taken away from people in the Trump administration who did not have Trump's authorization to do that.
And that's why the stuff up front was so real, because it was real.
They got taken away just like that.
So that's why I want you to know, the victories we're having now, you can see them, and the world awakening, and them backing off the shots, and the globalists in trouble.
But the problem is they're going to launch wars, they're going to launch cyber attacks, They are going to try to launch a race war?
Look, yes.
Is there a problem of a minority of a minority of black people going out and attacking whites because the liberal media says whites are evil and deserve to be attacked?
And is the media covering it up?
And is 10,000 plus white people a year being brutally murdered by black people wrong?
And I'm against it.
But as it compared to millions of us being killed by abortion, millions of us being killed by poison shots, all I'm saying is the same reason they showed you all those videos of cops in bad situations, and some of them were wrong, and some were badly trained, and some of them deserve to go to jail.
But they would show you a few cops here and there doing something wrong out of 350 million people in America.
A couple hundred thousand cops and say all cops deserve to be shot, all cops deserve to be fired, all cops deserve to be deplatformed because a tiny minority of police made a mistake or did something wrong.
And it's the same thing.
It's the same thing over and over and over again.
They showed you cops doing bad things so you would then want to overthrow the police and have society break down and have crime everywhere so things would collapse.
It's the same thing.
They're showing you footage of black people viciously attacking white people and pushing it and promoting it.
And it should be seen and it should be decried.
The people that do it should go to jail.
But the reason they're showing it to you, corporate media is blocking it.
They want the left to know what's going on.
But in right-wing circles, big tech actually boosted.
Check and watch that.
Big tech boosted Q, promoted us.
Big tech boosted black people attacking whites.
me when I talk about it.
See, I know how to watch it.
So I'm going to explain this for me, come back next hour and
then talk about the head of the Young Turks talking about sex
with animals and then attacking me.
He wants my cat, I'm not joking.
He starts talking about sex with animals and then he wants my cat.
I'm not joking, it's coming up.
He's looking at the depraved minds of these people.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, hour number two.
The film White Noise was released on Netflix in September
of last year.
It's about a train crashing, exploding, and burning toxic chemicals off into the atmosphere, creating a major health hazard for miles around.
Reflecting what just happened a few weeks ago in Ohio.
White noise was even filmed in the same area, just a few miles from Ground Zero in East Palestine.
Some people will call this a coincidence, but these days, believing in coincidence can cost you your life.
And there is more.
Just three months before the train wreck, the city of East Palestine began adopting the MyID digital bracelet system into their local emergency services.
Being touted as the ultimate ID system, MyID is a digital ID company dealing primarily with digital ID bracelets for the medical industry.
Bracelets designed to make it easier for first responders to access your medical profile in the event of an unexpected emergency.
And just a week before the crash, they began handing these bracelets out to all the residents of East Palestine.
Also, two weeks before the crash, the CDC updated their page on vinyl chloride, removing their section on how it affects children and raising the safe exposure threshold.
Neil Donald Walsh wrote, there are no coincidences in the universe, only convergences of will, intent, and experience.
Not only does the Ohio train crash appear to be a deliberate attack, it appears to potentially be a very deadly attack.
Three days after the train wreck, authorities called for a controlled release burn.
Controlled in that they would initiate the spark that will burn all the chemicals and cargo together in a massive chemical fire, potentially putting millions of people's lives at risk.
The vinyl chloride spill at Camp Lejeune was small in comparison to what happened this month in Ohio.
But it still poisoned over a million people and it took decades for the effects to materialize.
A new federal lawsuit against Norfolk Southern alleges that 1.1 million pounds of vinyl chloride was spilled into the local environment.
The vinyl chloride metabolite chloroethylene oxide attacks human DNA and can take years to start showing up as cancers and other disease.
There is arguably no safe dose for exposure.
Leading expert in the study of vinyl chloride, Dr. Julianne Baer, agrees and says that nobody should be drinking the local water.
According to Dr. Baer, vinyl chloride gets transported into homes via the groundwater.
She says, it comes out of the water, into the air, and that's really the major route of toxicity for the liver.
It comes through the air.
While some argue that burning it resolved these issues, that seems to be false.
Dioxins are the deadly toxins behind Agent Orange and DDT.
They are generated when chlorinated chemicals, like vinyl chloride, burn.
In fact, the exact reaction that happened in East Palestine, when they decided to burn vinyl chloride and PVC pellets together, was arguably the most efficient and deadly way of dispersing dioxins into the environment, and could equate to being one of the biggest chemical weapons attacks in history.
Some are saying that tens of millions of lives could now be at risk.
And that number will keep growing so long as humanity dismisses these attacks as coincidence and continues to do nothing.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
We're going to come right back with key intel straight ahead on this live Sunday Night Edition.
Please stay with us.
Remember, you are the resistance.
I didn't hype.
You're the resistance.
You blew the Death Star.
You hurt the New World Order.
We're going to win together.
Stay with us.
And we are back on this live Sunday, the 26th of February, 2023 transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Chrissy Lee and Owen Schroer are coming up in Sunday Live.
Owen will be co-hosting with me coming up here in the next segment.
But again, I cannot overstate to you.
We cover so many negatives.
We put out what the Pueblos are doing.
People are aware of us.
People understand how it works.
But we've got to also take time to say, wow, we're really having some major victories here today.
Now, that said, The enemy's tactic there is not just to blow up our infrastructure and shut it off and de-industrialize the Western world so the left can make us all poor and control us, and so the third world can't aspire to prosperity and the American idea of freedom and the Renaissance and the Great Awakening.
That's their counter, is the Great Reset, de-industrialization, total control.
But we have to understand, the Alex Joneses of the world, and the Tucker Carlsons of the world, and I find no fault with that man, he's incredible.
And now even more and more Elon Musk, but Woody Harrelson's the world.
Roseanne Barr's the world.
When they come out and put it all on the line and put their huevos on the table, They're eggs on the table.
You've got to then realize that and champion them and understand they're going to be under attack.
Because when they come out and tell the truth, when I come out and tell the truth, and I believe in you, you've got to believe in them.
Even if Elon Musk is a perfect, I don't even trust him.
The point is, he's going in the right direction.
He thinks humanity is going in the direction against the world order, so he's flipping sides because we're winning.
George Washington, in the six-year war that started in 1776 to found this country, Kicked off on July 4th, 1776, lost the first five years, every battle, except for Trenton, New Jersey, in a sneak attack on the Hessians, the Germans.
But he persevered, and at the end, one of our top generals, Benedict Arnold, flipped to the British the last year, thinking that America was going to lose, but he failed.
So, We need to look for their generals to flip to us.
And when they flip to us, we don't trust them, we watch them, we track what they're doing.
But as they do more and more, as they fight the new world order, we give them more and more support.
This is a war.
You gotta study how wars work.
Now that said, one of the most disgusting groups out there, that's called the worst person in the world, that's on the George Soros payroll on record, is the Young Turks.
I'm not going to make a claim like that without playing the clip.
named after the Armenian genocide, Gestapo or Hitler Youth of Turkey.
He constantly attacks me, constantly lies about me, constantly twists things.
But he's also made bizarre statements in the past about if he was dictator of the world,
he would legalize sex with animals to pleasure them.
And I'm not going to make a claim like that without playing the clip.
But this is the guy and I can't play the whole hour long show.
In fact, I couldn't bring myself to watch it.
I made the crew watch it.
But they said stuff on there like, we should take his children.
We should take his dog and his cat.
We should destroy Alex Jones.
That's all they've got, is picking out the leaders of the resistance, and then saying, no holds barred, destroy them.
Sue them.
Find them in default.
Don't give them a jury trial.
Tell the jury they're already guilty.
Don't let the jury decide whether they're guilty.
This is the type of beta test they're doing for InfoWars.
So when you support us, and you spread the word, and you pray for us, and you buy the products in 424.com, it allows us to stand against the enemy in this key fight.
Look, I could bow out now and know that I've given them some good licks, but man, our best work, I know, is to come, thanks to the glory of God.
So here's the... I don't even want to play four minutes of this, if that's how long it is.
Here is St.
Ugar saying he wants to legalize sexual animals to play for him.
And then the same guy then attacking me and saying all these horrible things about the show.
And it really did happen last Wednesday, last Thursday.
I'm in a bankruptcy.
Corporate bankruptcy for free speech, to reorganize, personal bankruptcy to show them how all these hidden tens of millions, hundreds of millions, it's all lies.
And so the Justice Department can get involved when they want, and they have gotten involved.
And I've already had some hearings with them.
And so, they said be 30 minutes long.
It was three hours long.
That's why I went on the first hour of the show.
Started at 9 a.m.
Went from 9 to noon.
And that was Thursday.
And they kept bringing up my cat, asking how much it was worth.
And I'm not into fancy breed stuff.
I'm not even a cat guy.
But my daughter, when she was three, wanted a cat.
I thought, okay, let me Google.
And it was true, actually, what Google said.
That isn't controlled yet.
You should Google, like, great answers.
No, it doesn't.
What is the smartest cat?
What is the most dog-like cat?
And all of them came up Ragdolls.
And Joe Rogan, a good friend of mine, has Ragdolls for many years.
His wife's a big Ragdoll person, going back decades.
He said, no, they're amazing cats.
They're incredible.
And I have to say, I'm a dog guy.
But man, this cat is incredible.
And he's amazing.
His name's Mooshu.
My daughter named him.
He's not named after the Disney character from Mulan, but she just named him Mooshu.
She liked that word.
He's got a blanket she calls Gwee Gwee.
She just comes up with funny names.
Uh, and, uh, well, she has a blanket.
She has a blanket she loves.
She sleeps with weekly.
She named the cat Mooshu.
Uh, so you can name the cat.
We don't know.
I want to name it Mooshu.
And so they want their... I'm not saying the San Diego families want Mooshu.
I'm saying the Justice Department just wants to harass me and bring up the cat.
So this was the young turd's response to that just to show that they have no limit.
They want to be over the top.
Here it is.
I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving, where you are pleasuring the animal.
Yeah, so I hope they take everything from him.
And so this guy, I mean, get a load of this guy.
He's like, well, my God, I can't believe they're trying to take all my stuff.
I've got no money left.
I don't know what they're trying to take.
They're trying to take my cat.
But I got to spend $100,000 a month.
I mean, that's the bare minimum.
$100,000 a month?
Now think about it, guys.
That's post-taxes, right?
So that's $1.2 million post-taxes per year.
That means tax pre-taxes.
He's making $2.5 million that he's saying is just the bare minimum for the upkeep of his goddamn cat and other things, right?
And so, and he's like, this is next level.
Guys, hit pause.
Back it up.
I'll play some of the next segment.
Bring it on in.
Do you understand if you read the bankruptcy filings?
I'm paying $100,000 a month in lawyer's fees.
We've told the court we can't pay these.
The court believed early on that I have hundreds of millions of dollars.
Now they know that's not true because of the fake filings that the other side put in.
That I made $60 million in 2021.
Total lie.
Total lie.
Made like less than a million and a half dollars, which was paid to lawyers.
I am living on $20,000 a month.
I'm living great.
I don't need a bunch of money.
I don't care.
I got a car.
I got a house.
I don't care about that.
The trees all fall on my house.
I gotta pay $10,000 to have them cut up during the ice storm.
That's a problem.
But the point is, is that they know the judge ruled that I'm supposed to pay 40% of free speech legal fees.
Dozens of lawsuits, multiple bankruptcies, and then the court has appointed two different outside groups that are paid $400,000 and $600,000 respectively, just during the bankruptcy, for auditing me.
So I'm not just audited by the outside groups that I come that audit me, not normal bankruptcy.
I'm being audited by the Justice Department, who does it separately, and then by two other groups.
So, four groups.
The private group I hired to do it was highly respected.
Uh, the Justice Department and then two other groups.
So that's where the money's going.
People say, I want to pay that to them.
Folks, it's a war to keep us on air.
It's not a problem.
That's why you buy the products, you support us.
So we put the budget.
Well, here's what my legal fees are.
And we're filing new stuff, telling the judge, hey, Mr. Jones needs more money.
He's fighting multiple appeals.
He's fighting, involving multiple bankruptcies.
And then they sit there with these headlines.
Jones makes $100,000 a month.
Well, I mean, Tucker Carlson makes, you know, $500,000 a month.
If I was, that'd be great.
But I'm not.
It's all eyes, ladies and gentlemen.
Am I trying to make money making you take a Moderna or a Pfizer shot?
Am I trying to enslave you?
Am I trying to have drag queen story time with your kids?
Am I trying to ship fentanyl in?
Am I brokering borders?
But the point is, is I never did all this for money.
I did this to fight the new world order, but I built an infrastructure.
And then as we get bigger and bigger and attacked, you need money.
Take Trump, he's got hundreds of lawsuits against him.
Reportedly, he spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars just the last two years as he was kicked out of office through fraud on these, and he has billions they want from him in multiple billion-dollar lawsuits for challenging election fraud.
So no, I'm not Rupert Murdoch, folks.
I don't have millions of dollars.
So go to InfoWareStore.com, buy the products.
It's back in stock.
Prebiotic fibers, so good for your whole body.
But I want to finish this when we come back.
The no-insurer is going to come in.
But this, and Christy Lee as well, but this is just insane how they misrepresent to you and how they lie to you in between talking about how he wants to legalize pleasuring animals.
He was dictator of the world.
First thing, don't cure hunger.
First thing, don't stop war.
No, pleasure animals.
A dude that wants to pleasure animals.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, if you look at the attacks from ABC News and the New York Times, the Washington Post, the BBC, the Young Turks, it's all, don't give money to Alex Jones.
And we need to sue Tucker Carlson.
We need to sue Fox News.
We need to shut them down.
They want money.
They're bad.
Don't give them money.
Because if people support local businesses and independent media and patriots that are fighting for the future, we're going to win.
That's why they want a universal basic income.
That's why they want the social credit score to penalize you for your support of freedom.
Because if you ever just did that, 1% of our incredible listeners ever buy product.
We've got the numbers.
Maybe like 10% share the articles and videos.
What if 50% of you decided to share articles and videos?
What if 2% of you decided to buy products?
We could have expanded stuff.
We could have more reporters.
We'd be 24 hours a day live.
We'd have everywhere.
I want to say something else to my enemies that want to shut me down.
I have a great crew, the best crew I've ever had at InfoWars.
They're incredible.
We have over 65 employees.
If they're able to shut down InfoWars, I can go and I have some big offers with a crew, do my own show and not be censored, and we'll still reach a lot of people.
But I'm loyal to this crew, and I don't want the enemy to be able to shut us down.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com and realize that the young turds do not want you to spend money with us.
We have great products you need.
Ultimate Bone Broth.
Vitamineral fusion, super metal vitality, the great natural healthy brain boost we've got with BrainForce Plus and BrainForce Ultra.
It's all there at InfoWarStore.com and they're so mad.
World Net Daily about 10 years ago sued and got the Clinton Library documents they were suppressing.
And when they first got in office in 1993, They were obsessed with killing independent conservative media, was putting out VHS tapes exposing the Deep State, the Clintons, and they said, if they create an economy of books and films, it's popular in America, it will defeat us.
We've got to shut it down.
Then Fox News started and Limbaugh, they weren't perfect, they were light, but then the hardcore came.
And now we've taken over the debate and we're winning.
And they admit that at Media Matters and George Soros and their leaked documents.
And, oh my God, Alex Jones is the mainstream.
We're going to lose if this keeps happening.
We've got to destroy him.
But you saw through the attacks.
You saw through the lies.
And now a guy that fantasizes about being a dictator so he can pleasure animals, who's named after an Islamic genocide group against Armenian Christians, literally is up there lying about me and saying he hopes I lose everything.
Let's finish the clip.
I hope they take everything from him.
And so this guy, I mean, get a load of this guy.
He's like, well, my God, I can't believe they're trying to take all my stuff.
I've got no money left.
I don't know what they're trying to take.
They're trying to take my cat.
But I gotta spend $100,000 a month.
I mean, that's the bare minimum.
$100,000 a month?
Now think about it, guys.
That's post-taxes, right?
So that's $1.2 million post-taxes per year.
That means tax pre-taxes.
He's making $2.5 million that he thinks is just the bare minimum for the upkeep of his goddamn cat and other things, right?
And he's like, this is next-level harassment.
I mean, to not let me spend millions of dollars and then have this Mooshu or Mr. Bigglesworth or whatever the cat's name is.
This is next level harassment.
I mean, one of the families of the murdered children had to move six different times cuz lunatic Alex Jones fans kept going up to them and threatening them cuz they knew that they were crisis actors and their kids didn't exist.
I mean, that is a minor miracle, no one got hurt in that situation.
And that's why he owes all this money, cuz he lied and lied.
And you saw the tapes, I did deep research and all my research and all the facts lead to.
And now he says, by the way, in court, if you're an Alex Jones fan, you're a total sucker.
He says in court, no, I don't believe that.
He lies to you, that's his business model, man.
And by the way, you know what he lists?
This is a hilarious little snippet here.
When I had to list what he does for a living, Jones listed himself as a media personality and dietary supplement sales person.
Because that is how he makes his money.
Yeah, that's not a lie.
Yeah, that's so- It was.
My lawyers filled that out.
I'm a populist leader that uses media to reach the people.
So again, listen to these lies.
The judges found me guilty, and then let the juries hear a bunch of people say whatever they wanted, that I went and told people to pee on their graves.
No video, no emails, no proof.
But this is their model.
This is their model, ladies and gentlemen.
It's incredible.
And I didn't say, oh, I'd never believe that.
I said I looked at both sides of it, and it was a big debate on the internet.
So again, all misrepresentation from a guy that literally... It's kind of creepy.
I mean, He wants to pleasure animals as a dictator, and now he wants my cat.
Here he is.
Could have been a little bit more honest.
The dietary supplements come in, I think, second.
Number one is the penis pills, I think, that he sells.
So, he's a penis pill salesman.
That's who he is.
Let's hit pause again.
Let's hit pause again.
You got Zink, who's the big Pfizer recipient, I believe.
Pfizer money that makes Viagra.
We have natural herbs that I've taken.
I've taken both, and I believe they're working well.
I don't really need the help, but it's kind of fun.
I mean, let's be honest.
I'm married here.
I'm a man.
But again, oh, I'm bad, I'm selling herbs, what does Whole Foods sell?
Let's continue.
And a bunch of knuckleheads are going around going, oh, the penis pill salesman did a lot of research, and so let's go harass- Hold on, hit pause again.
Does the penis pill salesman talk about, hey, he wants to pleasure animals?
Cuz I'm not selling supermodel vitality, which isn't just about sex, it's about libido, energy, stamina, great herbs, feeling good, feeling young.
But this is not for animals, brother.
brother. The poor parents of kids who were murdered, and
now we're gonna cry about your cat?
No, no sympathy for you, none.
I hope they take everything, your cat, your dog, your house,
And by the way, the guy's also trying to hide the money in
a thousand different ways, shoveling it to his parents, etc.
And they go, my God, my God, what will I do without Mr. Bigglesworth?
He's $2,000.
I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving You are, you are pleasuring the animal.
You see what I'm saying?
Why, now why?
Why did that happen?
It's the dumbest thing I've said.
It really is the dumbest thing you've said.
No, no, I'll tell you why.
I'll tell you why.
Because like, so there's like, with the case that we covered where there was like a guy or a girl or something that was pleasuring a horse, and the horse came to a conclusion, right?
So, who got harmed?
You know that people who are, okay look, not to be a downer.
That's enough, shut it down.
It's the rape of an animal.
It's satanic.
It's evil.
It's sick.
But let's talk about my parents.
I've never really told the story.
My dad was managing over 100 dental offices 12 years ago.
And the hardest working man I've ever known in my life.
Smartest person I've ever known.
And my mother never even really knew this.
But my dad had a heart attack.
And he was going to have heart surgery in Dallas.
A lot of stuff went on.
And I said, Dad, you've been involved getting stuff approved by the FDA.
You're a great manager.
Will you come to work with me and set up a supplement company?
He goes, I want you to not kill yourself.
And he took the job and he did it.
And I'm not shoveling money to my parents.
My dad owns a supplement company.
We send the money to him.
He buys the supplements.
It comes back.
And my dad makes like $400,000 a year.
It's true.
He's making a million dollars a year where he was killing himself.
That's true.
Yeah, I saved my dad.
He did a great job, by the way.
So if you Mr. Have sex with animals and burn an elm.
You're damn right.
I've worked for my family.
My dad did a great job.
He's done a great job.
And that's where we're at.
And you people are sick.
It's the Justice Department in a meeting asking about my cat and saying they may want to take my daughter's cat.
It's a gift.
They know.
It's my daughter's cat.
That's how sick they are.
They want to normalize that.
They want your kids.
They want your money.
They want your life.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I was faced in Connecticut and Texas by weaponized Democratic Party judiciaries to know that Austin, Texas and places like Washington, D.C.
and Connecticut are the very worst jurisdictions in the country for weaponized You hear how angry they are that we're more popular than ever.
We're only here because of you.
So commit to go to InfoWorksWorld.com, buy a great product, click on the support button, make a $5, $10, $20 donation, do it one time, do it recurring.
But no, we want somebody to fight for you.
We are doing it.
We are doing everything we can and we have great products you need.
But the way they misrepresent everything in the media, the way they attack everything, this cat thing has totally blown up their face.
It was the number one story over the weekend.
Because people are really understanding what this is really, really, really all about, ladies and gentlemen.
And they are very, very upset about it, and they understand that this is an attack on you.
The attacks on me are an attack on you.
They're an attack on us all.
And so the bulwark, the fight, the main battleground is InfoWars, and their Globalist decision to try to shut us down and break our will is a beta test for you and your family.
So go to infowarestore.com right now.
I need, my God, we're barely making it right now, barely beating them, barely getting the funding we need.
We need more funds.
I want to send folks to Bilderberg coming up in May.
I want to, or late June, early May, I want to go to the Davos Group.
I want to do what we used to do, but I don't have the funds for that.
And so I need the funds to prosecute this war, and you're seeing big victory right now.
You're seeing everything we've talked about become the main debate, become the real discussion.
New World Order versus humanity.
Great Reset versus the Great Awakening.
It's here, and InfoWars is right at the heart of it, because you're at the heart of it.
You kept the show on air.
You prayed for the show.
You spread the word about the show.
I see you guys on Instagram and Twitter and Google and Everywhere, promoting the links and supporting them.
They're exploding everywhere.
You're doing it.
You get the credit.
You get saluted.
And it's not about kissing your ass.
I need you to know.
You are just as important or more important than I am.
Now, Owen came in tonight.
I was just going to do an hour.
It's a business of family.
I need to go see but I'll be doing the shows throughout the week.
But the point is, is that Owen came in here, Chrissy Lee's coming up next hour,
but Owen came in tonight with a whole show prepared, so much to cover.
But I had so much to get to and this announcement that we really crossed the Rubicon
over a year ago, I told you the shot was defeated and in deep trouble.
We had to keep pushing.
And now the chain reactions happen with all these prominent people coming out against the New World Order.
This is what victory looks like.
It's what victory smells like.
But now we've got to press the attack all the way to ensure the victory.
Owen Troyer, one of the great in Fort Worth crew that I love so much.
That I appreciate so much.
What do you make of the enemy?
So blind, so tone deaf, that they are just pushing and pushing.
This cat thing is really blowing up in their face.
Well, watching that segment, the new one, where Cenk Uygur is telling you who he is, and remember it was Anna Navarro on The View, Alex, not so long ago, with pretty much the same diatribe.
I want him crushed!
I want him annihilated!
I want his life destroyed!
He must go down!
I mean, this is who they are.
This is the essence of authoritarianism.
I mean, you scratch a liberal, you get a fascist real quick.
And so it's nice to see, it's nice to see the Young Turks showing their audience who they really are.
They see me as you because I am standing for you.
I mean you scratch a liberal you get a fascist real quick.
And so it's nice to see it's nice to see the young Turks showing their audience who they
really are.
It's nice to show the have the left show us who they really are.
And they try to hide behind all these flags and rainbow this and pride that and Black Lives Matter.
But no.
At the end of the day, that's who they really are.
They want to destroy you.
They want to run your life.
And they get off on it.
And they get off on watching that.
I don't wish... I don't want Chunk Uygur's life destroyed.
I don't want his crew's life destroyed.
I disagree with their politics and ideology.
I'd gladly debate them until the end of time.
And we do want to protect animals from him.
Like, he's saying he wants my cat, and I mean, I just, I mean, I'm not saying he wants to have sex with my cat, but I hope, I mean, I hope he doesn't think some dictator gives an order that my cat gets pleasured by him.
Yeah, I mean, that's some of the greatest unintentional comedy of all time, is him getting called out by his own crew, like, hey, hey, Chunk, you might want to stop.
You're talking about pleasuring animals there, weirdo.
Maybe this is time to pump the brakes.
But aside from bursting out laughing at that every time I play it, I'm into pleasuring animals by petting them and giving them a bowl of food and playing with them on the foot.
I don't look at like a donkey or a horse at my parents' ranch and go, I want to have sex without her.
Or my cat and go, well let me, you know, have sex with a cat here.
Hey, don't try to channel the mind of Chunk Yogurt now, alright?
You know, you're going into a dark place now, Alex, alright?
You don't want to try to get in his mind.
It's a very devious... Do you think he got excited?
Do you think he got excited by seeing the cat?
Well, I mean, Alex, you were... you were pleasuring the cat.
You were petting the cat and rubbing the cat's belly.
It was letting out some purrs.
That's like Viagra for him, to like see animals.
So that, he might actually, we might need to check his hard drive.
He might have downloaded that video and put it on a separate hard drive for his own little personal time.
But we, I don't think that he, but you know what's sick about it though Alex?
Again, aside from the intentional comedy, he's just, you know, it hurts me that he lies.
You know, I care about you.
You're my friend.
And to just have him go on air and just lie about you like that, and lie about the situation, it's just sick.
These are sick people.
But, you know, on your second point, which is the more important point, Alex, The Awakening is truly on.
And I was at the Austin FC soccer game last night, and, you know, they bring all the New World Order stuff to these sporting events, so everything's cashless now.
So you can't bring cash.
You're not gonna have any cash.
Oh, by the way, the airport's everywhere.
People gotta stand up against this, folks.
And they do the digital tickets, so you can't have a hard copy of a ticket, so everything's digital.
But they got a new thing, and I've never seen this before, Alex, and this was wild, where to go in, it's basically like a little market, but it's a concession at the game, you flash the chip on your card.
And it lets you in like you were getting on the subway.
It lifts an arm and then you go in.
And then somehow these computers in this in this little market at the game can track and trace what you do and what you grab out of the fridge.
And then you walk out and it charges you.
You don't even have to scan anything.
That's the social credit store of China, so I hope you shot footage of this.
We should go to this and make a... Well, I will!
This is the enemy.
This is their attack plan to shut down, because then once they have that, no other economy, not Amish farmers, not a small auto parts store, not a small auto mechanic, not a small private school, everything will be shut down under this.
And we'll be under the control of these dictators that want to have sex with our animals.
Yeah, I'll gladly go back and film that, but it was crazy Alex, so it happened and I stopped and I was like, oh this is... Where did you go?
I want you to go this week.
Is this happening all the time?
They just had their first game last night, and so it was the first time I'd ever seen it.
The Austin soccer team, it's an MLS Major League Soccer team here in Austin.
It was their first game last night.
Oh, Symbols of Green Tree.
Yeah, yeah, the tree.
Yeah, yeah, so hundreds of millions to promote that, and now they're, let's leave, get on a plane, go through TSAB search, borders wide open.
All of it is slave training.
All of it is, oh, you can have your job, you can get in your car, just take a shot.
It's all about seeing what we will put up with to get through these control mechanisms.
That's huge.
I want you to go.
I want you to do a report on this, Owen.
This is huge.
I'll go with you.
Yes, boss.
You should come with me.
We would have a great time, actually.
I got Drew right here with me.
We're going to the next fire in.
No more BS.
Get in the field.
And Alex, I'm telling you, and so when they do it, and when I slid my chip in and the
thing lifted up, I go, "Oh, this is the future, isn't it?
This is what they want.
They want to put a microchip in us, don't they?"
And everyone around was kind of like, "Yeah, that's what this is going."
Even the guy that was running it was like, "Yeah, I know, nobody likes it."
So they're rolling it out, they're fast-tracking.
And that's the good thing.
They own Whole Foods.
They're doing it.
The airport's doing it.
Again, you think, well, it's just the new technology.
No, it's about total control and nobody else can spend money.
No other business is available.
During the lockdown, it's only big corporate stores you can shop at.
Stop supporting the big corporations, folks.
You got to do it sometime.
It's fine.
Nobody's judging you.
I do it too.
But try to support Mom and Pop's.
I get Amish milk every week.
It's so good.
It's real milk.
Everything else was fake milk, homogenized, boiled.
Sludge for your heart.
Real milk is so good for your body.
It's a probiotic.
We have got to build our new economy, build our new world, with our decisions now.
We're not down the rat hole like China yet.
We've got to do it now, and that's why people have got to support InfoWarsaw.com.
They've got to say to Cenk, who's so mad at the young turds that we're getting funding, and say, no, I'm going to go make a donation at InfoWarsaw.com.
I'm going to get a product there.
I'm going to keep an eye on it.
Oh, and you're going to go ahead and take over here.
We love you.
You and Christy Lee.
Appreciate the crew.
I'll be back tomorrow.
11 a.m.
Dr. Harrison Smith with American Journal.
11 a.m.
All right.
Something you're not going to hear about from your American news media.
And that's an anti-war, anti-NATO protest that happened in France over the weekend.
If you guys just want to roll clip two without the audio, it's fine.
But massive, massive turnout in France against the war.
Massive, massive turnout in France against NATO.
And so the story is, and the French are known for protesting, they have a very long tradition with protesting, as you're aware, even in recent history, and so they're out in force.
Now, the same day, the same day with mainstream media promotion and the same propaganda machine that you see here, they had a pro-Ukraine rally and nobody attended it.
Everybody went to the anti-war Anti-NATO march.
But see, you don't hear about that.
Joe Biden goes to Poland, where they're foaming at the mouth for war with Russia, like some old beef from the Soviet Union that they can't let go of.
And so Biden goes to Poland, where they have the tens of thousands in the streets screaming.
And even they were a little shocked at some of the stuff he was saying.
Even they were kind of like, whoa, you could hear it in the crowd at times.
But no, the truth of the matter is, outside of Poland there's not much support for the war in Ukraine, or rather the war against Russia.
But they won't play you the tens of thousands in the street in France against NATO.
And we should be doing the same thing.
And we've had a couple peace rallies that we've promoted.
Now you won't get politicians really promoting it.
You don't get the Republican or the Democrat Party involved.
And we know why that is.
But we should be doing our own massive demonstrations against NATO.
We should be doing our own massive demonstrations against this war.
And Zelensky has seemingly just gone completely mad.
Zelensky has seemingly just gone completely insane.
And I guess at this point, anybody supporting a war against Russia In Ukraine, that could end in a nuclear conflict or even a World War III thermonuclear war situation.
Anybody at this point that's moving towards that scenario is completely psychotic.
And so, here is Zelensky, this is his new talking point, saying you need to support the war in Ukraine or it will lead to World War III.
And this is what the pro-war stance is, this is what the pro-war talking point is.
We have to stop Russia in Ukraine to stop World War III.
Now, I'll get into the logic, or lack thereof, when it comes to that belief, but here's Zelensky saying we have to continue to support Ukraine to stop war in Clip One.
Those political leaders need to be responsible and cautious because people are looking at them.
Who wants a third world war?
Would anyone risk?
Would anyone be willing to accept that risk?
The U.S.
is never going to give up on the NATO member states.
If it happens so that Ukraine, due to various opinions and weakening and depleting of assistance, loses, Russia is going to enter Baltic states, NATO member states, and then the US will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending their sons and daughters to war.
And they will have to fight, because it's NATO that we're talking about, and they will be dying, God forbid, because it's a horrible thing.
Now, I don't believe one word of that.
But let's try to Let's try to understand this logic, because it's not just Zelensky saying this.
This is the logic for supporting a war.
If we don't stop Russia in Ukraine, then we're going to have World War III.
Well, let's say we don't stop Russia in Ukraine.
What is the scenario?
Okay, well, I guess the fear would be Russia takes over Ukraine, Ukraine essentially falls, And it either becomes Russia, annexed by Russia, okay?
Now, Ukraine is not a NATO country.
So that's why Zelensky has to say, if Ukraine falls, you'll fall next.
So how about this?
We can have a line in the sand.
Which is what it's already supposed to be.
If Russia goes into a NATO country, or if Russia expands into an EU country even, past Ukraine, well then, okay.
Okay, then maybe we'll talk about funding these wars and getting involved.
But, maybe that wouldn't happen.
Maybe Putin just wants to have a pro-Russia regime in Ukraine, Or maybe Putin doesn't like the way Ukraine is going with the influence from the West, and the bribery, and the shakedowns, and the blackmail, and the bio labs, and the money laundering, and just wants to stop it.
Either way, I don't see how that starts World War III.
I don't see how Ukraine falling starts World War III.
I don't see why that should impact us at all.
Should I feel bad for the Ukrainian people?
Will there be refugees?
Will there be fallout?
Will there be death?
Yeah, it's not good.
The situation's obviously not good.
I'm not claiming it is, but... No, I don't think if Ukraine falls, that leads to World War III.
No, I'm just not buying that logic.
And... I don't think Russia or Putin is that aggressive.
To do anything past Ukraine.
I think they want Zelensky out.
I think they want to clean it up from Western influence.
And they want to make sure it doesn't become a NATO nation.
And you might not think, or you might think that's all good.
You might think that's all bad.
Either way, if it happens, I don't think it leads to World War III.
But that's what they're telling you.
And of course they are.
Hundreds of billions of dollars go into Ukraine.
Where do you think that money's going?
Here's Treasury Secretary.
This is after Joe Biden.
By the way, the numbers are not even consistent.
You can try to add it up and look at all the reporting.
The guesses are 100 billion to 150 billion that has been sent to Ukraine in the last year.
It's the year anniversary since Russia went in.
So you're talking about $100 to $150 billion.
Joe Biden just went over there, cut a $500 million check.
Now there's new reports that there's going to be another $2 billion, another $10 billion.
And here's Janet Yellen making that request, saying, we need more assistance, more money, to the IMF.
Clip three.
Economic assistance is making Ukraine's resistance possible by supporting the home front, funding critical public services, and helping keep the government running.
In the coming months, we expect to provide around $10 billion in additional economic support for Ukraine.
Putin himself thought he would achieve a victory at minimal cost, in the words of CIA Director Bill Burns.
One year later, Putin's war has been a strategic failure for the Kremlin.
Ukraine still stands.
I love this.
Putin's losing.
Putin's a failure.
So we need more money.
Huh, sounds like you're losing.
You keep coming back to us for more money!
You keep coming back to us for more weapons, more equipment, more support!
That doesn't sound like winning to me!
Funny how that works.
So, they don't even... Nobody even knows the numbers.
I've seen 2 billion, 5 billion, 10 billion is what she just said.
I've seen 15 billion reported.
It's just a damn slot machine.
It's just a damn slot machine.
Now, it all reminds me, though, for a little comic relief as we exit the Alex Jones Show, it all reminds me of a great Seinfeld episode.
You remember this classic?
Oh, stop stalling.
Come on.
I can't think!
It's all this noise!
Or is it because I've built a stronghold around Greenland, I've driven you out of Western Europe, and I've left you teetering on the brink of complete annihilation?
I'm not beaten yet!
I still have armies in the Ukraine!
The Ukraine?
You know what the Ukraine is?
It's a sitting duck.
A road, Apple Newman.
The Ukraine is weak.
It's feeble.
I think it's time to put the herd on the Ukraine.
I come from Ukraine.
You're not saying Ukraine weak?
Yeah, well, we're playing a game here, pal.
Ukraine is game to you?
How about I take your little ballast?
Oh, man.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, remember, Infowarsstore.com, coupon code "SAVEMUSHU"
for 10% off at checkout.
I don't have to list all those off to you.
But also a lot of really positive things are happening.
Elon Musk just came out and said the New World Order, global government's bad, wants to collapse civilization.
Joe Rogan now sounds just like me.
Everywhere I go we get nothing but positive feedback.
And everybody else I talk to that are prominent leaders in the populist pro-human movement, not just here but around the world, are saying they're getting nothing but 99% positive feedback.
So, humanity really is accelerating their awakening.
That said, you see the coup at Project Veritas taking out James O'Keefe.
You see all the other political attacks going on against Patriots, not just here, but other parts of the world.
The enemy is coming down on us.
And we're not funded by George Soros or billionaires.
We're funded directly by viewers and listeners like you.
And the work we do is so incredibly important and changes the world.
So, it's not an exaggeration to say, without Infowars, humanity would be in much worse shape than we are right now.
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