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Name: 20230218_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 18, 2023
1984 lines.

In this podcast, the speaker discusses their journey into conspiracy theories and globalist agendas through documentaries by Jamie and Jay. They believe that globalists use "future shocks" for demoralization and predict future events like economic collapse or a catastrophic contagion. The conversation includes clips from World Economic Forum speeches, Elon Musk's comments about centralization, the Overton window, manipulation of public opinion, and the historical denial of a New World Order by mainstream media. The discussion touches on Elon Musk, secret societies, their hidden agendas, ancient ideologies, and cultural symbols in contemporary pop culture. It also covers theater, drama, self-transformative psychodrama, mystery cults, Freemasonry, and the plan of the Anglo-American establishment to exhaust and destroy competitors. The podcast ends with disdain for progressive movements and an exploration of physiognomy using machine learning for political orientation prediction.

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Jamie has in her presentation, there's an Arthur C. Clarke book that came out in the 1980s.
And in this book, he says, I'm going to give you a projection of what life's going to be like in 2019.
And he's got a personal to add for 2019.
Look at this.
Married white female, 40, seeks well-endowed single white male, three-month intimate companionship.
My husband's hormone treatments.
My husband, six months pregnant, my husband's pregnant, have put him out of commission.
Please show us your vaccination status.
He wrote that in the 1980s.
All pre-programmed.
Read that again.
This is so incredible.
Married, white, female, 46, well-endowed, single, white, male, 18 to 28, three-month intimate companionship.
My husband's hormone treatments, because he's six months pregnant, husband's pregnant, have put him out of commission.
I will take care of you.
Electro-stimulation is okay, drug-induced orgasms, but I prefer a partner with original equipment.
Also send us your vaccination status.
And people say, how did he predict it?
No, it's their program.
It's their cult.
He's part of the planners.
He's one of the planners.
He invented the telecommunications satellite.
InfoWars The most banned network in the world.
The breaking news, stay at home, that is the order tonight from four state governors.
You absolutely must stay at home.
You must stay at home.
All gatherings are cancelled until further notice.
I have issued an executive order, it's not a suggestion, it's an order.
We will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail.
This means no weddings, in-person services, or even parties.
The time for educating people into compliance is over.
I'm using my power as governor under an emergency declaration to order you to close.
Quarantine will be mandatory.
I wasn't thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this.
Those few bad actors will be identified and the Tampa Police Department will handle it.
We're watching you and we are going to take decisive action.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
I mean, I'm not even worthy to be bringing you information this powerful.
And I hope that you pay attention to what we cover here, minute by minute.
Because I've had chills since last night.
The question is, will you have the courage to really do the research yourself?
Because I don't want you to just sit here and hear me make these claims.
This just confirms everything else we've already researched.
Rockefeller study envisions future dictatorship controlled by elite, millions being killed, mandatory quarantines, checkpoints, everything that's in the other documents.
But this dovetails with all the other Rockefeller Foundation documents about the GMO food to sterilize you and force vaccines and the hell we're already living in that's just going to continue to intensify until we take our governments back from these eugenics madmen.
You're not going to be able to go to the ballgames anymore.
You're not gonna be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not gonna be able to just, you know, go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
It's scary.
One thing the NFL really plans to do this year is take as many precautions as possible just to keep everybody safe.
And that starts with the vast majority of teams deciding already that there will be no fans at all allowed inside the stadium for the games.
And every single player in the league has been given a smart tag tracking device to help them keep their distance off the field and for contact tracing should it become necessary.
You're not going to be able to go to the ball games anyway.
Players are not excited about this kind of idea of no fans.
Yes, but they may have to get used to it.
But all around the country, there will be empty stadiums and masks on the sidelines.
No fans will be allowed in.
I can't imagine Howie playing in the NFL this day and time with no fans there.
I honestly can't even conceive that.
You're not going to be able to just go out and get drunk with your friends.
You're not going to be able to just go out and enjoy yourself all the time.
Don't get the vaccine, you can't go to the supermarket.
Don't have the vaccine, you can't go to the ballgame.
Don't have the vaccine, Can't go to work.
Because everybody in the establishment will still kind of halfway listen now and go, well he's been right about everything else, maybe we should look into this.
Look, you'll believe it if they release it.
So just remember this transmission then.
The Orange County Coroner's Office is investigating the death of a woman who passed away several days after getting her second Moderna vaccine.
She died after suffering blood clots just over a week after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Her 58-year-old mother died less than an hour after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.
My little sister just died.
Her first dose.
And in Orange County, an x-ray technician has died after getting his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
His dad died four days after getting his second shot of Pfizer vaccine.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
You really need to get vaccinated.
Don't resist when they release the bioweapon.
Submit and die with pleasure!
Tomorrow's news today.
It's 1104 Central Standard Time, February 8th.
We're gonna be here for the next two hours live.
We're bringing you in with War Pigs because World War III has already begun.
Tomorrow night at 4 p.m., I'm doing a special transmission on what World War III looks like and how far we're already into it.
That's tomorrow, Sunday, 4 p.m.
Central on February 19th.
But this is Saturday, February 18th, 2023.
We are live with Jamie Hanshaw and Of course, Jay Dyer and Studio, they are a husband and wife duo.
They both have their own popular shows and books and analysis.
Jamie Hanshaw is author, researcher, host of Out of This World podcast.
Jay Dyer, of course, is an author, comedian, TV presenter, known for his deep analysis of Hollywood geopolitics and culture.
His graduate work focused on psychological warfare in film.
He's author of many books, jaysanalysis.com.
And they are both with us here right now in the studio because Jay does a great job.
I watch his show all the time.
I watch Jamie's shows as well.
They co-host.
They also have separate shows.
But since they were here in town this week, I said stay over and host the Friday show that Jay always co-hosts with me in the fourth hour.
And I said, come in Saturday so you can really be basically commercial free.
We'll take a few breaks here and there in the next two hours.
But I just wanted to introduce these folks to people who may not know who they are.
A lot of folks know who they are.
Your work's been popular for many years.
I knew Jamie, I guess before you guys even knew each other back in 2008.
She was coming out speaking out against the New World Order here in the media in Austin.
But it's great to have you both together.
I think for the first time I've had you both on the show with me.
So congratulations on your succession, your work.
Obviously we're in a crazy time right now.
So you guys can take it, whoever wants to go first, about your journey awakening to the New World Order, knowing about its plans, because a lot of folks are waking up now, and that's great, but you guys are kind of old school when it comes to the curve here, the S-curve now going straight up.
Do you feel vindicated?
And then what do you predict is going to come next?
And then we can just walk through wherever you want to go.
The history, the present, the future, and just all of the crazy systems we're in.
Because the New World Order is a worldview.
It's a plan for humanity.
Elon Musk has come out now and said he has another plan for humanity.
Well, how about we as a society, through Activism through culture, through competition, decide humanity's direction instead of a bunch of globalists manipulating us and us just being bystanders that just sit off to the side.
So, Jamie and Jay, great to have you both here.
Why don't you both tell folks who you are, who may not know who you are, and your awakening, and then how long you've been fighting the globalists, and now what it's like to not be living in the beta phase of the New World Order, but I believe living in the operational phase.
Well, thanks for having us.
It's exciting to be here in Austin.
This is the place that I moved to from California when I started to wake up to these things.
I saw your documentary about Bohemian Grove, and I saw some Freeman TV documentaries, and I heard that there was a place called Brave New Books where people could meet And discuss these things and maybe make some kind of change.
So I packed up and I moved here and ended up going on Austin Access.
And I believe we had the slot right after yours.
So you would leave the studio and then we would go in and do our thing.
So back then, 15, 16, 17 years ago, were you questioning whether this was real or not?
Because now it's all out in the open.
I mean, what has that process been like, Jamie?
Well, I was raised in a fundamental Christian household, so there was always that milieu of, you know, end times and things like that.
So my mom actually would take me to the Bible bookstore and we would rent VHS tapes about, like, FEMA camps and black helicopters and Clinton Chronicles.
So this was something that I was Groomed to do.
So you were never woken up?
You were awake from the start?
I was born with teen fed red pills.
What is it like now to see it all out in the open?
It's a little frustrating.
Back then it was okay because, you know, people could mock me, they could make fun of me, they could disbelieve me or whatever.
But now there are real consequences.
You know, if you don't listen to what I'm saying and you take the vaccine, you might die.
So it's a little disheartening that I'm always right about these things.
I wish I wasn't, but it's dangerous to not listen to what we have to say now.
After you're done introducing yourself and Jay is, I want to play a clip from this week.
We've played it like four times.
We don't normally play a clip four times in one week.
But Elon Musk beaming in earlier this week to the World Government Summit in Dubai saying, I'm not for your authoritarian world government.
You're going to collapse civilization.
What an amazing moment.
We'll get to that in a little while.
But the last question before we get into all the research, you guys have done amazing research from the source documents.
I love that you mainly, you and your husband, focus on that.
What are you predicting is coming next?
What's your gut level analysis, but also political analysis of where we're currently at?
How would you describe the world right now?
I think they're going to keep on using what they call future shocks.
And that comes from that John Coleman book, The Committee of 300, where he says they continually put out disasters and emergencies to discombobulate people so they don't know what's coming or going.
And it's not even something that they can have any control over.
So it's a demoralizing technique.
So I think they're going to roll out More wackier things, maybe asteroids, aliens.
I agree.
You know, I don't go back and read a lot of books I've already read because there's so many new ones to read.
But it's funny, Jay was telling me that you were just rereading over 2300.
I just reread it about a month and a half ago.
And it's so prescient.
People say Alex Jones is tomorrow's news today.
No, John Coleman worked in British intelligence.
He was in the meetings.
And I mean, you read that book.
It's literally come true.
Yeah, I mean even to the point of the migration, like he talks about the tearing down of the borders, he says that the U.S.
would be destroyed mainly through that, Europe would have a similar model with Islam, and so in a lot of these geopolitical writings they talk about that, but my awakening was similar to Jamie's, except I wasn't raised with any kind of conspiracy ideas, but around age 18, 19, I started reading about the U.N., I started reading about this kind of Push for globalism, and I read some John Birch stuff back when I was 18 or 19.
I think by the time I was 21 or 22, I saw your documentaries popped up on the internet.
Saw you covering Skull & Bones, I think in about 2001 or 2002, and I'd never heard of Skull & Bones, so that kind of set me on a rabbit trail, snowball effect, where I went to study that kind of stuff at college, university, studied psychological warfare, and what I always wanted to do was tie in, because you would reference all these texts.
When you would do your shows, you would say Quigley, you would say Go read Brzezinski.
So I went and found those books, you know, it's because I was a grad research assistant.
And I just sat and read through all those books.
I had so much time in the library.
Basically just sit and read Brzezinski and Rockefeller and all these guys.
And I remember the first time I called in and it was about 2007 or 8 and I just watched I Am Legend.
And I called in and I talked to you.
And you said, Oh, come back on, come back on next week.
And we were talking about how in I am legend, it was about this, uh, vaccine bio warfare scenario.
And we were both discussing how that would probably be the card that they would play.
And lo and behold, I mean, I didn't know for sure.
I was just kind of guessing based on the predictive programming in the fiction.
Lo and behold, here we are.
You know, they rolled out this lockstep scenario of a scandemic where everybody has to essentially give up to automation,
tracking and tracing, vaccine passports, all of which was included in that document,
which was seeded in the fiction though a long time ago.
It's beyond incredible to be living through this.
And finally, I said this earlier in the week, not to be dramatic.
I mean, I really saw it as a demarcation line in my life.
I don't want to hear about you guys personally in your view before we dig into the research,
the material and the reality we're living.
But I feel like my work and so many people's work before me to expose the globalist agenda,
to get the new world order out in the open, to get their plans out in the open was the
first part of winning the war.
And to get that done before they rolled it out operational with their excuses and their
And I want to say I wouldn't give us an A plus, but I'd give us a A minus.
And I think a C minus would have been worth it.
People would have had enough awareness that, "Hey, the folks doing bad things to you, the
people destroying civilization have bragged they were planning to do it."
I think if society had woken up to a C minus level, we'd probably still win.
But with an A minus right now, I'm not quite where I'd want us to be, but we're close.
I don't see how long term they get the agenda through as fast as that S curve is going up
of awakening.
So they're trying to speed their program up.
They admit they're in trouble, even their own documents that leak.
And I think their program is not going too well.
Yeah, even Brzezinski said years ago before he passed away that there was a danger, the possibility of mass awakening.
So we know that from the elite perspective, they do have a concern for that.
That's why they have to put so much time and effort, money, billions of dollars into propaganda, continuation of Mockingbird style fake media.
And you know, one of the great things that Trump did was help to collapse the media narrative.
If anything, that's really what he did was to come in and get people questioning the mainstream media, because that was the big stranglehold on the minds of most people out there. Now most people don't
believe the media.
Now a single, you know, 30-second clip on Twitter from the World Economic Forum can wake millions of
people up like that. And they've been so heavy-handed with the transpermia agenda that they're pushing
everywhere so over the top that it's really just forcing everybody to wake up. But that means that
they have to go to something more extreme, probably some kind of economic collapse.
I went and read through all of the, uh, cyber polygon exercise that they did and how, you know, Klaus was calling for.
The next thing would be that, that, uh, cyber polygon cyber attack that would, that would destroy the economy.
So that would be way worse than you thought.
If you thought COVID was bad, get ready for that.
It'll make COVID look like a minor interruption.
Yeah, well, so Jamie and I talk about this all the time.
We're always discussing, like, what's the next thing they would roll out?
And it's got to be probably something.
They could do another scenario of, you know, Gates' catastrophic contagion.
They could do an economic collapse, which is, again, at some point, the fiat bubble has to go away.
has to pop, the debts come due and that could easily be triggered whenever they want to.
And they need to be positioned as the saviors when that goes down.
Universal basic income, CBDC is that giant, the big guy from the BIS.
He said, there's a clip of him a couple weeks ago saying that we at the BIS are now, that's
the central bank of central banks if you don't know, we're now ready to roll out the CBDC
private wallet and if you say anything against the agenda we will shut off your wallet.
That's what he said.
He said that.
And we played it.
And the EU said it two months ago.
The Bank of England said it.
The Federal Reserve said it.
They're getting ready.
There's the guy.
That guy.
Yeah, so this is what you talked about with so many years ago.
You know, one of the first things I read was about microchips.
It was about how they were going to have this system, what we could call the B system.
And I remember you talking about that 20 years ago when I first heard you.
And so here we are now.
But I only knew that because I was reading their own books.
It's in their books, exactly.
People say, oh, Jones is a secret agent.
How does he know it?
Go read the damn books.
We were speculating maybe what role AI would play in this, and we were thinking that in this script, maybe AI would be the one to stop the nuclear World War III, and then that would be the savior that everyone would have to bow to.
Yeah, the fourth hour we played the top ten clips of yesterday, of World Economic Forum.
So we found Klaus, Harari, all these different speakers.
We found the top ten, the best that we could.
Maybe it was nine, I can't remember.
Nine or ten.
And you know, you played it I think yesterday too, Klaus, saying that the masters of the world will be those that control the AI and the metaverse.
And we must control it or someone else will.
Yeah, it's whoever gets that will run things, basically.
So it's the Ring of Mordor.
It is Ring of Mordor, absolutely.
Palantir, yeah, exactly.
Well, we are commercial free.
We'll take a few breaks here today.
But you guys take it over and go where you want to go.
First, since I mentioned it here is, let's talk about this first and you guys can take over.
I want your take on this moment because I think we're reaching critical mass on the awakening that these are the bad guys.
They are in control.
They want full control.
Here is Elon Musk, and I guess that segues into what do you think of Elon Musk?
Do you trust him or do you think he's an opportunist or do you think he is a rat leaving the sinking ship?
Here's Elon Musk beaming into the World Government Summit in Dubai.
They have them every year, now a couple times a year.
And he's saying, I don't agree with your plan because it centralizes things.
Here it is.
I know this is called the World Government Summit, but I think we should be maybe a little bit concerned about actually becoming too much of a single world government.
If I may say that we want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having, frankly, this may sound a little odd, too much cooperation between governments.
If you look at, say, history and the rise and fall of civilizations, really all throughout
history civilizations have risen and fallen, but it hasn't meant the doom of humanity as
a whole because there have been all these separate civilizations that were separated
by great distances.
And so, say, while Rome was falling, Islam was rising, and so you had the caliphate doing
incredibly well while Rome was doing terribly.
And that actually ended up being a source of preservation of knowledge and many scientific
And so, I think we want to be a little bit cautious about being too much of a single
civilization because if we are too much of a single civilization, then the whole thing
may collapse.
I'm obviously not suggesting war or anything like that, but I think we want to be a little
bit wary of actually cooperating too much.
It sounds a little odd, but we want to have some amount of civilizational diversity such
that if something does go wrong with some part of civilization, that the whole thing
doesn't collapse and humanity keeps moving forward.
Well this is a profoundly true statement, so there's many questions, responses to that.
Who is Elon Musk?
Why is he suddenly saying this?
Now suddenly Joe Rogan, I've known him forever, who knew all this stuff when I knew about it.
He's like, oh, I'm against the New World Order and the enslavement and we've got to stop the WEF.
So, pop culture, Joe Rogan's pop culture now, CNN's not mainstream media, nobody watches it.
Joe Rogan's mainstream media, it's now everywhere.
We have become We're still the resistance to the globalists above us, but they're a tiny elite.
We really are the majority.
This is a profound statement by Musk.
Yeah, so he's aware of the global power structure and the fact that there's kind of a struggle to see who's going to control the new world order, right?
I think that's kind of what's going on.
I was just reading Kissinger's book, World Order, and he basically ends the book by saying that what we're looking at now is essentially the rise of tech.
Whoever runs the tech, he basically said what Klaus said, that who controls the tech will
be the one that controls the new world order, basically.
And he says there's always been world order.
The new world order that we're going into, according to Kissinger, according to Klaus,
will be run by AI, run by the tech.
It'll be a transhumanist new world order, 100%, no questions about it.
And they've all said this publicly as well, right?
All of these books say this.
It was Klaus that was recruited by Kissinger.
It was a part of the Harvard project.
They recruited him to be the frontispiece guy for this new steering committee called
Davos World Economic Forum, I think back in the '70s.
And that was all set up by Rockefeller and Kissinger.
So it's all the same people, always have the same message.
And this goes back to the ancient world of Techne and Plato.
So when you're ready to get into that, we could talk about ancient models of governance
in terms of empires, in terms of the ideal republic.
We'll go to the roots and right through into the future.
I think it's fair to call Klaus Schwab the president of the New World Order.
Now, a lot of people think, oh, that's like an executive president over our republic.
No, no, no.
In a republic with a real president, he's in charge.
But in a corporation, the president goes out and plays golf.
He speaks to shareholders.
He is the public face and the PR man.
He doesn't run anything.
It's the board.
It's the CEO.
It's the CFO.
That's all the people back in the background.
But I think it's fair to say Klaus Schwab's like the president of the New World Order.
He's the spokesperson.
Yeah, the frontispiece.
Yeah, the face, the voice of the New World Order.
Yeah, the car salesman of the New World Order.
But I think that Elon, you know, I get asked all the time, as I'm sure you do, what do you think about Trump?
What do you think about Putin?
What do you think about Elon Musk?
You know, anytime these people do something good, I'm for it.
That's great.
I think that we're all very skeptical, though, when it comes to hero figures.
So I think we know that we don't expect any single figure to be a hero to save us from anything.
We know that he has a background in terms of technocracy, but at the same time, if he does something good, if he's pushing freedom, if he's deconstructing, like, so Trump deconstructed media and the lies of fake news.
Now Elon is deconstructing the lies of big tech through all the Twitter files that shows us, and we know it's not just Twitter, we know that they're doing the exact same.
Well that's right, Trump made the deep state come out of the shadows, now Musk is deconstructing it.
For the Silicon Valley elite and how that's a control mechanism.
And it's not just Twitter files, right?
Obviously the same programs are censoring everybody across every one of those platforms, YouTube, Facebook.
It's going to be all the same censorship.
So we know now that that's what they're doing.
They lied for many, many years and said, nobody's censoring you.
Nobody's censoring you.
No, of course they are.
So we can thank Elon for that.
What his motives are, I don't know, but I'm just happy when we do see good things coming.
I see it really as an Overton window.
You've got Klaus Schwab, and you all know Harari, we're going to take over your body, you will eat bugs, the future's not human.
And then Musk is like, no, we don't need to get rid of the people, and we need to move forward, but take brain chips, and we need to go ahead and have satellites monitoring in 5G everywhere.
So I see that as kind of the false choices we're given, and he's kind of filling the place of the opposition.
And I think he realizes that being in that place will make him more powerful, so I don't even believe he's really controlled, but he's opportunistically in that position and there's certain...
Factions of the whole system that actually like having him there as a control on the other side.
Because I don't see all these movements as independent systems generally, even though they're independent people running them who actually think they're independent.
They're seen as steam valves or gauges or controls on a massive control panel.
That's why the globalists have attacked me and tried to destroy me to minimize InfoWars when it got too powerful.
But then once it gets minimized, it's still left there as something they can get out of the way of it at a certain point.
and allow us to build opposition to the globalists.
So I'm not controlled, but I'm not naive enough to understand,
to not understand that they can simply manipulate movements we create.
Only full understanding of how it all works sets us free.
I think you should see it as a big vindication for yourself, because like I think you were saying this yesterday,
here you have one of the richest men in the world, if not the richest man according to public lists, right,
calling into the world government summit saying that we don't need world government.
I mean, isn't that vindication?
Isn't that like, okay, so now we all know.
It's a real thing.
That you can't hide under a rock.
You can't do this lie and pretend that there's no pushback.
That was my next question.
And elaborate on this.
Spend some time on this.
What is it like when the New York Times just six years ago said, I was insane, world government doesn't exist, New World Order doesn't exist, and they were having all these meetings already, just not covering it.
What is it like for everybody that denied this existed, and then the average liberal is really an establishment minion pushing the corporatist agenda.
How is it for them to now have this all out in the open?
They just want to forget it and move on?
Well, it's like you said, Overton Windows.
So when you talk about it, it doesn't exist.
You're crazy.
Then eventually they haggle over the words.
It's not world government.
It's world governance.
Those are two different things.
No, it's the same thing.
It's just playing word games like the Brits did.
of a world governance, then it becomes, "Oh well, there is a world government push."
And how that's a good thing, right? That's the Twitter journalists speak.
And then it becomes, "No, anyone who is against us, it's time to punish them, shut them down."
Anybody that didn't want the world government is a bigot.
So they move that window gaslighting you the whole time. And that's why they dress themselves up in
the whole liberal movement they fund.
It's, "Oh, we fight Nazis." No, they really fight them in Ukraine. Absolutely.
And always have, right?
Going back to World War II, the West funding both communists, fascists, socialists.
All of those were funded by the big industrialists.
What is the New World Order at its heart?
And Jamie, jump in here whenever you want, because I watch your show.
You're an articulate, smart lady.
You've been fighting this for decades.
What is your view on why they've come out in the open and where this is all going?
And what is at their heart?
What is their real ideology?
Well, let's start with Elon Musk.
So I did a show on my YouTube channel called Elon Slippery Sorcery and I just went back to his parents and his family and all the things that he's connected to and we did a character analysis of this person and what he stands for and it It was kind of bleak.
I mean, we follow symbolism, right?
And occult symbolism.
That's something he's very interested in.
I also did a twin show with that about Grimes and communism.
So Grimes, his girlfriend, baby mama, ex.
I guess ex, yeah.
She was photographed reading Karl Marx in a public photo shoot, and so I think that Elon is part of the agenda to bring about some kind of socialism, communism, but under AI, because that would be more fair.
But exactly, they program it, but say, oh, a computer did it.
Keep going.
Well, his mother is a character.
She is very witchy.
You see him coming out in jackets that say, like, what is it?
The Devil's Champion.
Devil's Champion for Halloween.
And then he went to the Met Gala and his back said, like, Nordo or Viscorum.
Right, so he's aware of these occult things.
I think...
Like you said, he's an opportunist.
I think he really wants to be popular.
I think he wants to be seen as some kind of savior, as a new Tesla, a great mind, but there are also wacky reports that come out about his childhood and history that, you know, you can't really Well, when you say witchy, I mean, people try to act satanic, like the Grammys and stuff, but they're only putting it on.
You look at every photo of her, she's radiating the real deal, because I've been around it, I run into it.
If you go back to that earlier photo of her smiling like, look at my son, the devil's champion, that earlier photo, I mean, this lady radiates devil power.
I think you said it well.
You said that the idea is to control both sides.
Like, he sees himself as somebody who might be able to play the good guys and the bad guys, and I can be that, you know, Steering guy of the new world or maybe we can take it in this libertarian direction.
I think that's a little naive though, right?
I mean absolutely, but I mean I've just been around real rich Satanist unfortunately ran into him a few times in Hollywood and also grew up in Dallas and I mean it's got a look folks the Liberals and trendies try to have the look they don't have it.
You look at his mother.
She's got it.
That's the that's the real deal right there Yeah, she looks like she's Playing part of Nanny's nails or something It looks like she's ready to star in The Hunger, too.
So people like us that are aware of things, they're so hungry for leadership that is also aware and will stand up against it.
And they know that they can just drop little breadcrumbs.
Like Elon says, well, maybe world government's a bad idea.
And so we just jump, oh, Elon, he's a champion.
It's like the cheese on the mousetrap.
Yeah, so they just sprinkle little things that they know that people will eat it up and come to their side or maybe start to change their mind a little bit.
I'm thinking Donald Trump does the same thing.
Andrew Tate does the same thing.
So people with big audiences just say rational things and then we think that they're on our side, but I don't know.
Jamie, what would you call the period we're living in right now?
Um, there was a book by Sarah from Rose, and it's called, what was it called?
It's Later Than You Think.
Well, he talks about that, yeah.
Yeah, so an Orthodox priest who actually talks about end times and conspiracy theories and all these occult things, he believes that it's later than you think, and then our friend just made a show called It's Even Later Than That, so I think we're very close to some big event, a world-changing event.
Well, IMF just said that.
I don't know if you saw that.
IMF said they'd get ready for the unthinkable to come now that we've had COVID and perhaps a war in Ukraine.
Now get ready for the unthinkable, which they don't specify whether that's World War III or... And a bunch of them said last week at the World Government Forum, we're going to use crises for full control.
So what do you think it is?
Because I think COVID was a beta test for them releasing a real bioweapon.
And that's what I'm really concerned, I mean, at a gut level as a father, I want to run to a farm, stock up in the middle of nowhere, not even a nice farm, a piece of crap behind hills in the middle of nowhere, 50 miles off a main road.
I mean, if I was a selfish person, I would be, with the woman and the kids and the dogs and me, gone already at this point, because my gut level is bioweapon, baby.
Really bad, real deal.
Yeah, and ironically, that's when I first called into you in 2006 or 2007, that's what we were talking about, was the I Am Legend scenario.
And I think yesterday or the day before, you were talking about, you know, the Vincent Price version, the Charlton Heston version of Mega Man, and then you have the Will Smith version.
And in all those scenarios, that seems to be the thing that they like to run with.
And a lot of these global elites have talked about it.
As you know, Bertrand Russell talked about it.
We talked about Moonraker yesterday, right?
Where you have this predictive programming of depopulating the Earth and then reseeding it.
That's what Hugo Drax is up to in Moonraker.
And so, yeah, I mean, that's definitely one of the cards they could play.
And if that happened, you know, if we had a bunch of people die, that would lead to an economic collapse, right?
So you could have both of those at the same time.
A lot of the exercises seem to be more bio-releases and more cyber-polygon economic collapses.
Those are the crises.
I agree.
War's kind of like... Sorry, go ahead.
I think war's the little stepchild, though.
I think you're right.
Bioweapons number one, cyber attacks for control is number two, and then cultural
degradation is kind of the gravy, but then war is kind of that thing they got in their back pocket.
And they need something to justify masses of populations that are left
being put into these prison smart cities, these lockdown cities.
Where you're safe.
And take Marburg. If you infect it, they're claiming the UN.
says 90% died.
That's not really true, but they're in headlines saying Marburg's out.
It kills 90% of you.
Get ready.
It's already here.
Yeah, catastrophic contagion was what Gates was saying.
Get ready for the next thing.
It's going to be way worse.
We haven't seen anything yet.
So, you know, he's been signaling for the last two years all throughout COVID that that would be the next play.
I don't know if it's tomorrow or five years, 10 years.
I don't know what they're going to do, but they definitely need to have those, you know, those decade long I mean, look at Bill Gates.
The Bible talks about strong delusion given to those that reject Christ.
goals, 2050 goals, which they even put out publicly.
They need these catalyzing events to get us to those stages.
I mean, look at Bill Gates.
The Bible talks about strong delusion given to those that reject Christ.
I mean, how can you not look at his actions, because he could look like Brad Pitt, a nice
friendly guy, comes off, but do his actions.
I'd hate him.
But I mean, he just radiates creepy, evil, destructive, and then all his actions are
I mean, if you have any discernment, you look at that, you go, "That is a psychotic."
Who do you think is hotter, Brad Pitt or Bill Gates, Jamie, as a female?
I like nerds.
So you like Bill Gates.
Oh, come on.
What I'm saying is Brad Pitt comes off as like the guy next door, like as a nice guy.
Who else would come off as like a guy next door?
Tom Hanks.
Yeah, Tom Hanks kind of comes off as the guy next door.
Oh, there's so many people to come off this guy next door.
I mean, you look at this guy, he just radiates evil, in my view.
Yeah, all these global elites do.
I mean, when you look at Kissinger, you look at Brzezinski, you look at David Rockefeller.
That's another question.
Schwab is Dr. Evil.
Why is he their spokesperson?
Well, what they want to do is bring about, you know, you've talked about this, the externalization of the hierarchy where they can openly worship the beast and have everybody also worship the beast.
And this goes back to what they want to bring about a new Babylon, a new Egypt, a new golden age of... A new satanic age, basically, yeah.
You rid the earth of those that are unworthy, the profane, and, you know, the strong go into the future, which is actually not really the strong, it's just these sort of really... Deceivers.
Yeah, exactly.
Jamie, let's walk that back.
You say you like nerds, but you don't like Bill Gates.
I mean, he's ready to star in the new Lord of the Rings as Gollum.
No makeup needed.
I just like smart men, I guess I should say.
Well, with Bill Gates, his software wasn't even that good.
He was just good at getting major funding and screwing over his competitors.
Yeah, and he comes from, I think, his family involved in the Deep State for a long time.
Dad, head of the Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood, yeah, that's his background.
You know, hardcore eugenicist, 100% open about it for many, many years.
So, you know, this just represents one of these faces and figures of the establishment that's Working very clearly in tandem with all of these other entities, including China.
There's a lot of collusion there, obviously, to set up what they see as the future model, which is the synthesis between Western capitalism, Eastern communism, which the Chinese communist system is that perfect version of a synthesis between East and West from the Cold War.
That's the model they'd like to see for a future global technocratic governance.
What do you make of the split between the Anglo-American establishment and China?
How real is it?
I think it's an oligarchical grappling like you talked about with Jack Presobit yesterday.
I would agree with his analysis that you've got the OSS, the CIA, they train Mao's guerrillas.
They set up what we know of as modern China.
The Royal Society was very instrumental in setting that up.
Moving our industry to China.
And then eventually, as happens with a lot of the people that the West aids and sets up, there's this period where they tend to want to kind of not do what the biddings of the Anglo-American establishment want.
And that can either lead to a managed dialectic conflict, or it can lead to them being toppled.
It could lead to all kinds of different things.
So I see it as like organized crime figures kind of battling out for, again, who will control the New World Order.
So it's a turf battle.
All right, we're going to go to break with a very important report by Greg Reese on predictive programming, then a short report on body snatchers.
It's an allegory of what happens to the public when they go into the Smash Solution.
We're going to come back, and I am going to be quiet for as long as you guys want to go.
We can take another break and come back after that.
I'm going to come back and give you guys the floor to start at the beginning, start at the current times, the future.
We've got a lot of books, a lot of documents.
You've got a bunch of cue cards.
So when we come back, at least an hour and 20 minutes or more of uncensored, raw info.
And folks, the enemy has been battling to keep us from getting out.
There's all these ideologies and all these fake systems.
We're covering how the world really works.
We're going off the true rulers that are almost in total control and now in control of your
And so this isn't some liberal or conservative or some weird populist movement or some side
deal, most of which they control.
This is average people analyzing the globalists and saying, hey, I can study what you do.
I can now oppose you.
And so I'm not calling for my own master blueprint for the world like Elon Musk is.
He's challenging the globalists right now in his own turf battle, saying he wants his own system.
What if we all have a debate about, hey, not what football team we're rooting for, which distracts us with that same militant enthusiasm, energy, tribal energy, but what if we have a discussion about what we want for the future of humanity and our children?
We'll be right back ladies and gentlemen with our special guest.
Tonight in the Gulf of Mexico, an explosion on the soon-to-be decommissioned oil rig triggered a fire which burned for three hours before it was extinguished.
Officials don't yet know the exact cause of the explosion, but believe a malfunction in the cooling system may have been at fault.
Due to the prompt response of the rescue unit, the structure was evacuated with no loss of life.
A year later, the Deepwater Horizon exploded.
Six months before 9-11, a Lone Gunman episode showed us the World Trade Center being targeted by a hijacked passenger plane.
The corner of Liberty and Washington or Manhattan.
World Trade Center.
I'm going to crash the plane into the World Trade Center.
And last year's film, White Noise, was about a train wreck that poisons a small town in Ohio.
This is the very same story now playing out in real life.
Within a year of White Noise's release, the actual event occurs in real life in Ohio, in Texas, and in Michigan.
This is known as predictive programming, and its purpose is to psychologically trick the minds of the masses into accepting major traumatic events that would otherwise be resisted.
In the book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman describes a mind control technique known as the revelation of the method.
And he writes that when the revelation of the method is performed in a veiled manner, Accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolic words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target.
It is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind rape.
Sarah Elkhaldy of the Alchemist YouTube channel does an excellent job of explaining all this.
According to Elkhaldy, there is a law of nature in this universe that compels the dark occult to first gain our consent before trespassing against us.
Because they believe this protects them from the natural laws of cause and effect.
They offered, and we accepted.
So it's all fair.
A lack of response to an action is often taken as an approval of that action.
And there is an old Latin proverb that says, he who is silent when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree.
Silence is considered by many to be a form of consent.
And so it is through a veiled performance of the revelation of the method technique that these dark occultists believe they are gaining our consent.
What we know as predictive programming.
With predictive programming, the minds of the masses are impregnated with visuals of a major event before it happens.
This is done through all forms of media and can be very subtle so that nobody notices.
But the subconscious mind notices everything and can easily be programmed through repetition.
And so these controllers repeat whatever it is that they want us to accept as reality.
Because these images are delivered to us through entertainment, they elicit no meaningful response of opposition or resistance.
And so we accept them, subconsciously.
And when the event happens in real life, it is already familiar and acceptable to us, as if that's just the way it is.
It's a mind trick and it works by keeping everyone locked in a spectator state.
This causes what is known as paradigm blindness, which is when a person is incapable of seeing any reality other than what they've already been exposed to by the media.
This paradigm blindness will cause a person to get emotionally triggered whenever confronted with an alternative point of view that they have not been programmed to accept.
It's a very powerful mind trick and the solution is quite simple.
We need to stop living as spectators of someone else's reality.
We need to start creating our own reality, and we need to remember how to say no, because they offer it to us, and we accept it.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum, who are beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
My phone! - Oh my God! Oh my God!
Lock the door. Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
You're next!
You're next!
We're in danger!
Please listen to me!
It's something terrible!
You're next!
You're the only one!
They're already here!
You're next!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
That's you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the body snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
I'm looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
They're barricading the street.
Invasion of the body slashers.
of the body slashers.
Who's there? Don't go walking dead!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
And Jamie Henshaw, Jay Dyer.
And now we're going to get into their presentation on the New World Order, the system, what it's doing.
But since we aired that little report from Friday, that important report by Greg Reese on prediction programming, people will watch the few examples he uses and say, oh, that's just people covering things that are probably going to happen anyways.
And of course it is.
Chris Carter later told me and told others that he was approached by the CIA for that Lone Gunman episode, for this element the CIA hijacks a jumbo jet to fly to the World Trade Center and blame it on Afghanistan to launch a new war.
And there's so many examples, so we know this does indeed go on.
Not all examples are what's happening, but everybody's seen it for themselves.
You guys want to comment on particular programming, and then where do you want to get started here now that we've set the table?
Well, we have taken our show on the road, and now we do a live show, and in that show I give a talk called The All-Seeing AI.
And when you said you wanted the history of the New World Order, I said this is exactly what he's looking for, because my talk begins in ancient Mesopotamia.
And the first cities that we know of, it's a pagan overview of history, so it's very bleak, it's very gross and barbaric.
But the first cities, Babylon, Akkad, Uruk, those things were actually cults to the ancient gods, and they believed that the gods resided in the city.
And the priest class served the gods, and the people served the priest class, so it was a very stratified culture.
Um, and one of the most interesting goddesses of this time was Inanna.
And she was a gender-bending goddess, uh, so she was worshipped by cross-dressing, um, by ritual public sex, which was the, uh, legitimacy of the kingship that ruled over these cities.
They would have festivals called Akitu Festivals, where the king would copulate with the goddess in public and they would worship in this way.
And the tales of these gods and goddesses were interesting because they weren't benevolent, they weren't all-knowing, they weren't all-loving, they were warlike.
The only thing they had was advanced technology and eternal life, basically.
And then this goes into Plato, if you want to mention that.
I want to hear what he has to say, but this is interesting.
So, let's see.
Talking about Inanna and Babylon.
So, Sumer also was one of these cities.
So, Inanna was a Promethean character in that the stories say that she brought down the aspects of civilization that make an empire, thrones, priesthoods, fire.
And then you have Gilgamesh who was like the first celebrity.
He was two-thirds God and his preoccupation was with eternal life.
The tales of him was that he would require all the virgins to sleep with him on their wedding night.
So they appealed to the gods and They created this bigfoot beast man for Gilgamesh to wrestle with called Enkidu so he would leave them alone.
So these are just the heroes of antiquity that became like our Superman tales of today, right?
Inanna Ishtar is associated with lions, so that's where you get the lions on the gates of Babylon.
That's where you get Lion's Gate of Hollywood.
That's a studio that is responsible for movies like Saw and Hunger Games.
So when you see that Lion's Gate logo, you know you're in for a trauma.
She's like, like I said, a Luciferian Promethean character because she brought fire to the city.
And let's see what else.
So these are controlled structures and mechanisms, right?
These are structures for how to control empires through ideologies and through secret societies, which is what Plato talks about.
Yes, and this is why transgender and gender bending is so important today because this is what she represented in the ancient times.
It says she had the power to change men into women and women into men.
Nothing new under the sun, it's the same kind of degeneracy that's part of the enslavement of the masses.
And whether you believe in God, the devil, any of that, or aliens came out and did this, this is being repeated in cultures totally separated from each other, and they're all obsessed with living forever, and they're all obsessed, but then Noah, along comes the old Judaic idea, says no to this, God's mad, we've been mixing the seed.
Yeah, that mixing of, you know, the hybridization idea, which is like species shouldn't be blended, you shouldn't have, you have these biological limitations, and all of this is about breaking down those boundaries that are instilled in nature.
Well, there's no doubt they're bringing back the ancients, like Ghostbusters.
A cult builds a building as a psychic temple to bring in these energies.
That real building is in San Antonio.
Oh, really?
Yeah, it'll show it to you, yeah.
Yeah, well, it's built like a lightning rod to attract, right, spiritual forces, right?
Well, and also Freemasonry plays into this heavily, but I was going to say the Babylon that Al-Shukroli is trying to usher in as a complement to his Aeon of Horus, which is the god of war and sex and death, is an amalgam of Ishtar and Kali From the Indian Pantheon and the Scarlet Woman from the Book of Revelations.
So, he kind of mixed all these up and this is the character that you see all the pop stars will be playing.
Like Rihanna at the Super Bowl, she's a Scarlet Woman.
Katy Perry did this.
She rode the back of a lion at her Super Bowl performance.
Just like Alesha Crowley's tarot card that represents Scarlet Woman.
It's the dark goddess.
We see this figure popping up in fiction all the time, especially in new movies, Marvel movies.
Dark Goddess entity, and that's an inversion of the male principle, right?
The Church of England just said, we're going to get rid of God the Father.
It's time to go either gender neutral or it's actually time to, through feminism and radical feminism, promote the notion of the Goddess, which is the overthrowing of the masculine phallocentric logo theology, which they see as their enemy.
And they sell that through progressive groups saying, we once worshipped the Goddess, all our problems are worshipping the male.
But really this is going back to something far darker, where it's not male or female, it's alien.
Yeah, the idea in a lot of these cults and secret societies and ancient hermetic groups is that you need to transcend the limitations of both male and female and there's this higher sort of neoplatonic monad entity that is beyond all distinctions.
And a lot of the occult societies, a lot of the satanic groups also have this same neoplatonic philosophy.
And so the amalgamation of everybody into a giant blob, getting rid of all the distinctions, Aldous Huxley said in Primordial Philosophy that all distinctions and boundaries have to be broken down to
create a giant blob of humanity, a giant blob of religion for the new world order.
So that erasing of all the boundaries, and that means nation states, that means families,
all boundaries have to be washed away for what Crowley called the equalization of all
Everything has to be equalized.
I was about to say though, that's only a bridge to where they want to go though.
But it's somewhat for the profane, right?
For the elite, power class, priest class, priest of science, priest of power.
For them, they're not subject to any of this, right?
That's only for the masses.
Part of Crowley's dictum was the slaves shall serve, so he advocated a very stratified aristocracy that knew the occult, that knew these things, that knew who they served, which were the demons, and then they occulted that from the public who served the aristocracy.
And that's why the British Empire, which utilized Freemasonry as its, essentially, its intelligence network, right, they found Crowley so fascinating and interesting and useful because they had the same basic philosophy, right, that social Darwinism.
But wasn't he really just externalizing what they were already doing?
Yeah, he was.
He was talking to Klaus Schwab.
He was a mouthpiece.
He was a face.
He was utilized by MI5 in doing, actually, World War I propaganda.
He did a little pamphleteering for British Intelligence in World War I, and then they recruited him in to be a kind of a PSYOP guy under Dennis Wheatley.
and Maxwell Knight to get Goebbels to fly into Scotland.
So they actually utilized, because a lot of the Nazi high command believed in some of this esoteric stuff,
they actually used Crowley to get him to fly into Scotland.
It was all a big ruse.
Rudolph Hess.
Oh, excuse me, Hess, yeah.
So that is how they utilized this network, this secret society ideology.
But again, that goes back to Plato, because Plato says that in order to have the ideal republic, which is a communistic republic, to run it efficiently, he says you have to have the secret society, which utilizes the noble lie, which lies to everybody.
He says the ultimate purpose of this is to, number one, control society, but also to keep the population in balance.
You have to have a perfect number, which is in equilibrium with nature, so that you don't
have too many people, but the system runs because you don't have too few people.
And Malthus said that too.
Yeah, they're pulling directly from Plato, right?
Bertrand Russell says in Impact of Science on Society, he says that if you're looking
at all this plan, you understand what we're doing.
Very end of the book, he says it is a global version of Plato's Republic.
So the origin of theater, of drama, of play acting, it comes from the worship of these
gods and goddesses, and the actors thought that the gods would actually possess them,
and they would act out scenes of the other world.
So it's voodoo?
That's exactly how voodoo works.
By the way, put that back on screen.
That's an allegory of Plato's cave.
It's a projector on a wall.
It's Hollywood.
And the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, called this self-transformative psychodrama.
So if you act like something, you will become it.
If you want to be a vampire, then you need to only go out at night, avoid garlic, drink blood, do all the things that a vampire would do, and eventually you will be one.
And you can see that these people a lot of times are overtaken by a spirit.
Even Beyonce said that when she goes on to perform, she feels something take over her body and she doesn't really remember.
Lady Gaga?
And they're able to do things that they wouldn't normally be able to do.
Yeah, dissociation.
Artists that can dissociate or have these... So basically, they're telling us in the movie Avatar that these things are jacking in.
Do we have any idea from your research who they are?
Yeah, I think there's reality of demonic entities.
I think that demons really do exist.
I think that we can tap into those powers, which ultimately want to destroy humanity.
You know, if you look at the accounts, for example, of people that do DMT, that do LSD, I've had bad trip.
You know, I saw something.
It was definitely not my mind.
It was actually an entity.
So this is very common in those kinds of experiences, shamanic cultures.
Tell us about your bad trip.
I was in high school and I didn't realize how strong the acid was, and so by the time we got to the movie theater after dropping acid, I remember it was Grumpy or Old Man, and all I recall was Martin Landell's face melting, the theater was breathing, and I blacked out for a few hours, that's all I know, so it was a nightmare.
But I did experience, I saw some dot of light.
I don't know what that was, but I know it was a conscious entity.
It wasn't my mind, and it did communicate.
But I came out of that, and I realized, this is no joke.
This is a serious thing.
I wasn't even spiritual or into anything.
Well, I've had experiences without hallucinogens where the entities, particularly when you're young, that's why they target people around puberty.
I was like 10, 11 when it was really happening, where it says, this is going to happen, and then it happens.
That's why everybody knows the spiritual is real.
It just means the unseen.
Well, drugs play a huge part in these mystery cults.
Like, I'm thinking of the cult of Pan, where they would give you drugs and then you would act out scenes of Pan and go meet a virgin in the woods and copy like that.
I'm also thinking of Freemasonry, where the initiation is a theatrical performance.
So in the third degree, you are supposed to be Grandmaster Hiram Abiff, who was killed by three ruffians.
And in this play that is not open to the public, you know, they kill you, they bury you with a bunch of furniture, and then they come and raise you again with the grip of the lion's paw, and they take your Blindfold off and you see the star and now you've seen the light and you're raised in Freemasonry.
So when we ask why is Hollywood so occult, it's a continuation of that secret mystery school.
Keep going, sorry.
Let's see.
So yeah, every pagan nation had its state religion for the public and then its private stories for the initiated ones or the illuminated ones who only knew, had contact with the gods or had possession of the gods.
And so it was two things for those who know what's going on and those who don't.
The illumined and the non-illumined.
And of course there's more rings within it.
There's not just two rings.
Yeah, and the idea here is that you can do this on a global scale eventually, right, to run world religions.
We're seeing this right now with world religions where they're being co-opted into this larger ecumenist movement to create a new global religion.
I think that a big part of capturing the Vatican was to bring it into this situation where now, I don't know if you guys know, but They're building an Abrahamic faith center where it's like Judaism, Islam, and Christianity now are this new third religion they're calling Chrislam, right?
There's a giant Abu Dhabi faith center that the Vatican has built where now all the world religions are moving into this new position, this new thing.
But that's exactly what Aldous Huxley and even H.G.
Wells wrote a whole book that Jamie called my attention to.
I'd never seen it. It's called God the Invisible King and in that book HG Wells
who you might think was an atheist being that he was a you know high-level
Marxist British Empire communist guy maybe a socialist. No he says I do
believe in an entity it's called Lucifer and Lucifer is not the same thing as the
Bible is this enlightening entity that will bring about a new age a new aeon.
So actually HG Wells...
Wells was writing about the New Age in the late 1800s, early 1900s, you know, 60 years before the Esalen Institute and the 60s counterculture promoted the New Age.
He was writing about atomic bombs in 1900.
and genetic modification, I wanna talk to Morrow, he's talking about alien technology,
all this kind of stuff that would lead to the NWO way ahead of its time because he knew
that they were planning this stuff.
He wrote about babies in test tubes, he wrote about plasticity of the human brain
and that you could genetically modify humans to be other types of creatures
way before anybody had actually done genetic modification.
So yeah, he was the Bernays before Bernays basically.
So how's their timeline going?
Well, we're smack dab in the middle of it.
So the history of Mesopotamia and then I would say the present is Hollywood
and the future is AI and that's why I called the talk All Seeing AI, but also...
They flashed a picture of Al Shokroli doing this symbol, and that's called the symbol of Pan.
And Pan is the God of all, so this kind of dovetails into the religion, the God of all, the ecumenism that we're talking about is going to be Pan worship.
And the only thing is you can have everything, but you can't say you love Jesus, you can't say you love God.
You can do whatever you want, pedophilia, be a Christian, whatever, but sign on to this.
Yeah, in the 1890s, the British Royal Society elites had concocted that plan, which was to reorganize the world according to a resurgent British Empire.
And they'd speculated on different types of religions that could be the model.
They talked about maybe using Islam.
That was a big part of why the British Empire wanted to control Mecca.
They talked about using a new kind of religion that they would just create wholesale, which is a kind of mesmerism melded with New Age, or they talked about Christian science as a possible contender for the new world religion.
But then it looks like what they decided on was this kind of Madame Lovatsky, Alice Bailey, Besant sort of UN-funded, theosophy-based religion, which influenced most of the world religions.
And Hitler followed that, and the UN has a chapel in New York.
Exactly, yeah.
And so this is the official UN philosophy, the Lucis Trust, that used to be the Lucis for publishing.
And it turns out that a lot of the Bolsheviks, a lot of the Soviets, were also into theosophy.
So theosophy is kind of this mastermind world religion movement that's behind the 60s counterculture, the New Age, it's behind a lot of the satanic cults and sects, it's behind anything you could think of in terms of new religious movements and cults.
You can go back to Wovaskin.
In my view, she was just British intelligence.
She was directly connected to all of these Royal Society elites.
The Milner Group, the Fabians, Lord Curtis, all these guys were sort of in the circles and using a lot of these theosophists to be as a go-between even with the Bolsheviks.
It's pretty wild, but that's how they were having these connections between who was supposedly the enemy of the British Empire the communists, the Bolsheviks. How did the Nazis fit into
that? Well they were doing the exact same thing because the British had a policy of appeasement, they had a dual policy.
So on the one hand they had a public policy of opposing Hitler for many years, but then secretly they were also
having compacts with him because they wanted him to do that, Quigley says. Quigley says they wanted him to go in, invade,
go into Poland, go into these countries and start World War II because that was the position that the Royal Society
wanted. In fact... And they had a secret treaty with him which was admitted.
We're not saying Hitler's good, but the globalists set him up.
They wanted him to do the war.
And Quigley says that the reason that the elite wanted Hitler to do that is the same reason that they established and set up World War I through that false flag of Archduke Franz Ferdinand being assassinated through that secret society group, which is the Black Hand, which also had connections to British intelligence.
And the Royal Society of Leeds.
They did that because they wanted to, in the 20th century, exhaust and destroy their main two competitors, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Catholicism, and the Russian Empire and Orthodoxy.
So that's the two world wars and the Cold War.
The purpose of that was exhausting those competitors.
Then the Anglo-American establishment would have a preeminence in the 20th century.
That was the whole plan, according to Quigley.
A lot of people don't realize that the rainbow flag is actually the flag of theosophy and the tearing down of Christianity and traditional moral values and replacing it with what they call the hidden rays of the ascended masters.
Yeah, Alice Bailey has in one of her books a 10-point plan to destroy Western civilization and Christianity and replace it with this new Aeon.
So what we consistently see in these people is a strategy of infiltration, subversion, institutional capture.
It's a key way that not just communists, I think a lot of people know that communists utilize institutional capture, but it was also a strategy of the people above the communists to turn these institutions to globalist ends and that's a big part of what's going on.
Well think about it, you don't have to have somebody be a communist Just say, hey, you're for gay marriage, right?
You don't hate gay people?
Oh, sure.
Now you support this flag that supports open borders, pedophilia, communism, surveillance, total control, backed by big corporations, and now you're worshipping big corporations, you're supporting surveillance, you're supporting pedophilia, you're supporting global government, all because you love gay people.
It has nothing to do with that.
It's all just a wedge issue to get control, and now you're following a flag, the ideology of the corporations, but you think you're woke and a liberal.
It's crazy, you know, you always say this, right?
If Hitler had worn a pink sweater, if he had just had a liberal face, that's so much more successful, that's so much more powerful in terms of psyops.
You know, you think about the people at Google that you talk about, or the people at Silicon Valley that are just laying around wearing, you know, hipster outfits.
That's all psyops to get you to think that this is a fun, you know, laid-back tech situation that's coming about.
No, no, actually it's a hardcore psychological warfare operation run by the most devious, the most...
I had a conversation yesterday with a guy at a bar who...
He has friends and family member that work in Big Pharma, and he was saying that they were talking about how much
they hate the public and how happy they were to F over all the public in the
last three years.
So you have to understand that these are people that have absolute disgust and disdain for humanity.
Because they already, thanks to the internet of the last 30 years, they already have psychological profiles on them all that are classified.
They hire them because they're not just sociopaths, they are sadistic psychopaths.
And that you have to have that demonic sort of attitude in you.
You have to be participating in that demonic energy.
I think they want people to willfully compact, too.
The reason they do the predictive programming, in part, is I think to get people to, by their own will, buy into it, co-opt into it, compact with it.
Because I think, from an energetic perspective, that makes this all the more powerful.
Oh, they turn their will over to it.
Go back to the guy you were talking to.
And it comes out in the news, you see it in the documents, the disdain for a farmer, the disdain for a family, because they
actually are envious of that at a subconscious spiritual level.
They've sold out to evil and they're just mad at a happy family on a farm.
Yeah, and so they want to destroy it. They have this impetus, this inexplicable desire and furor to destroy.
This predatory animus.
This predatory, and you see this in a lot of revolutions that break out.
French Revolution, Communist Revolution, Socialist Revolutions.
This madness, this fervor that overtakes people.
We see it in these people that do the protests at the college. It's the exact same spirit.
Why are all these purple-haired, people-eater people at the universities acting so demonically, just howling and foaming at the mouth?
You've seen so many of these people, when you go out and protest, they just start foaming at the mouth.
Well, we haven't seen some.
You go to any Democrat event, it's like you're in a lunatic asylum.
I mean, it's the same spirit that you see in, you know, when you look at Lennon, if you've seen those pictures of Lennon when he's in his, he's at the old folks' home, the insane asylum, and he's sitting in his They said to roll him out at night and he would howl at the moon.
In 2012 we were walking down the street and we just so happened to be walking past the visor headquarters and we peeked inside and there's a giant beautiful mosaic but it had all these symbols on it, magic symbols.
It had, I think, alchemical symbols and we were trying to take pictures of it and people came out and they, you know, told us to move on, you can't do this.
But this is, pharmakeia is the root word for sorcery.
And this goes back to when I was reading the Committee of 300 by John Coleman.
He does a really good job of detailing that the trade routes and everything that were established in the 19th century and 18th century were all about drug running, opium, heroin, and getting people of British Isles and Western Europe hooked on these exotic drugs.
And the Chinese to control them.
Exactly, yeah.
Since they were able to pull up V.I.
Lennon there in his wheelchair, totally demonically insane.
If you see that famous movie directed by and also starred by Clint Eastwood.
I forget the name of it.
It's got Jeff Bridges in it.
I forget the name, but there's a scene where a guy's on the side of the highway and he just opens up the front of his car and puts out a bunch of white rabbits and starts shooting them with shotguns and Clint Eastwood punches him out.
Well, that's, I was later reading, you know, there's Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, is based on Lennon had this little island at his farm where he would just go out there all day and just bite and kill and stab and shoot little white rabbits.
Not for dinner, not to go out and hunt, but just for the pleasure.
But you raised that point.
Guys, you tried to get me to play it two weeks ago, usually I do, and a couple days you went, hey, you should really show the new transgender spokesperson in New Zealand because he looks completely demonic and has that trillion mile stare like V.I.
There it is.
Look at this person here.
Let's go ahead and play the audio of this.
Go ahead and roll the audio.
Stephanie Coppice-Campbell, Australia's new Ambassador for Gender Equality.
I'm incredibly honoured to take on this role as the lead international advocate for Australia's commitment to gender equality and the human rights of women and girls and persons of diverse gender identities.
In this role, I'm committed to listening to those who are dedicated to promoting gender equality and learning about the perspectives and priorities in communities and countries That's Australian, not New Zealand.
Promoting gender equality is the right thing to do, but it's also the smart thing to do.
It is central to Australia's diplomatic, economic development and regional security, as well as our
international engagement.
I look forward to working with partners in Australia, in the Pacific, in Southeast Asia and globally to progress the
Australian government's priorities to increase women's economic empowerment.
OK, so that's Australian, not New Zealand. Sorry, I was confusing him with Arden.
Yeah, I mean, it's hard not to see some degree of something else driving that meat sack.
Well, I mean, more and more they show government ministers, like the health ministers of the UK, did a three minute press conference, three minute video release, never blinked.
And people are like, what is this?
What is that?
I think it's demonic and a lot of these people are on, who knows what kind of pharmaceuticals are taken, right?
I think the pharmaceuticals facilitate the possession.
Facilitate, it aids it.
Like you said, the Bible says that, Pharmakeia, don't do Pharmakeia because it allows the demonic in.
Yeah, and I've been reading this excellent book on Gladio, which is a good insight into how the New World Order allied itself with organized crime and with the intention to co-opt religion, especially in this case, the Vatican.
That was kind of the goal here for this deep state intelligence network was to utilize these, and it's tied into drug warfare.
drug, pharma-chia, like you're talking about, that's a form of warfare, it's a form of siege, right?
So you have to understand that it's not this nation against another nation, right?
I mean, you can see a microcosm of that with fentanyl and what's going on in America
and who's behind that kind of stuff.
But on a global scale, just think about what would the big pharmaceutical corporations be doing,
working for the New World Order, they're targeting the entire population with drug warfare.
What are mRNA therapies but a form of sorcery and drug warfare?
That's all good.
The Erase Your Immune System, all right, let's do this.
Let's go to break and come back and get into all that in the time we have left, this is amazing,
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By commercial-free, I'm not playing commercials.
But we are loser-supported.
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I know I don't.
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Please take action now.
We're going to air a couple of special reports.
We're going to come back and you guys are going to continue on with all these books you've got to cover and so much more.
Now, now, Jamie.
How do people find your work?
Because I know you have a popular podcast.
You also co-host with Jay, but you're being a little bit humble here.
How do people find all your work?
Um, my channel is, you can find it on YouTube under my name, Jamie Hanshaw, and the show is called Out of This World.
And I have two books for sale on Jay's Analysis called Weird Stuff, Operation Culture Creation.
And those were published in 2012 and 2011, but they still have a lot of, um, really good, detailed, historic information about what we're talking about right now.
Well, a lot of times, stuff like that, like Endgame's better, because now you've seen it happen.
Now we live in the endgame, yeah, exactly.
And I had a part three that I was working on and then I got, I've, you know, started doing something else,
but it was all about androgyny and this was in 2010 that I started writing about hermaphrodites and androgyny
because what I saw Lady Gaga doing and...
And we'll talk about why that's so important.
We're not against a man that wants to dress up as a woman.
We're not attacking those individuals.
It's like, oh, why are people against drag queen time?
No, we're not against, I'm not against drag queens.
I'm against them going after children.
We'll explain why they want that.
It's the bridge into transhumanism and the future.
You guys can go wherever you want when we come back, but I'm going to spend at least 10 minutes with what the future would look like if the globalists were successful.
Jay Dyer is our guest along with his amazing wife.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Ex-head of respiratory research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers including Craig Particouper,
have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the U.S.
A database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as lots.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda-Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Among several other crimes, they are tipping the scales of the democratic process by killing people who voted against the New World Order's woke, build back better, great reset.
While at the same time, endlessly flooding the borders with unvaccinated foreigners.
And it's happening right now.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reis.
Thanks for watching.
Imagine that a newscaster loses his job and, say, opens a daycare business.
Would you sign your kid up if the owner looked like this?
If asked why you said no, and you did say no, you might say, it was something about his face.
Since we form this opinion about someone in less than 100 milliseconds of seeing them, what data goes into that decision?
Are these judgment calls influenced beyond someone's beauty and attractiveness?
As it turns out, humans have been reading each other's faces for thousands of years.
This practice is called physiognomy.
Physiognomy dates back to ancient Greece and China as a way to predict one's outcomes in life.
In the Middle Ages and beyond, physiognomy became a diagnostic tool used by scholars and early criminologists.
Modern practitioners like Christian Chua maintain that face reading is a valid and useful science.
He states that someone's face is a direct result of their gene expression, or epigenetics, and can display revealing clues about someone's inner world.
This means that what you learn, what people tell you, your environment affects the expression of your genes.
And your genes express it and manifest it on your facial structure.
I know some people say, oh, you should not be so judgmental.
Oh, you should not discriminate.
Science call it profiling.
I like this guy.
Skeptics may dismiss Chua's analysis as unscientific, but what if we harnessed the impartial power of artificial intelligence to do the face reading for us?
A study conducted by Stanford professor Dr. Michal Kaczynski used machine learning to scan thousands of faces in order to predict political orientation, left or right.
The results of the study were shocking.
Once trained on a large enough data set of faces, the AI was able to predict whether someone was right or left politically with up to 73% accuracy.
Humans attempting the same task performed only slightly better than chance, with a score of 55% accuracy.
In a companion study, the author noted that liberals were more likely to face the camera directly, less likely to express disgust, and were more likely to express surprise.
Sorry boys!
Another machine learning study conducted by the same Dr. Kaczynski also found that AI was able to predict whether or not someone was homosexual based on their face alone.
Given a single facial image, a classifier could correctly distinguish between gay and heterosexual men in 81% of cases and in 74% of cases for women.
Humans once again performed poorly compared to the machine, with scores of 61% accuracy for men and 54% for women.
Leftist media naturally lost their minds at this and made articles attempting to poke holes in Dr. Kaczynski's study.
What's that?
Making judgments based on outward characteristics?
Who would ever do such a thing?
So is artificial intelligence proving that our story is written on our face?
For now, it appears that the answer is yes.
But we must remember that human interaction is a nuanced, context-heavy phenomenon that is full of exceptions.
Someone with an inviting facial presentation may have horrible intentions within.
Someone with a harsh, uninviting facial presentation may have good intentions within.
Our gut intuition, however, can bridge these gaps of uncertainty and make accurate assessments of someone for us.
Unfortunately, globalists have been deploying a wicked arsenal of toxins and psyops designed to dampen this powerful, God-given compass we all possess.
Our gut feelings help us discern between good and evil.
Building the muscle of saying no to those who serve evil, no matter what they look like, is a critical spiritual exercise for all during these accelerated times.
Gavin DeBecker, security expert and author of The Gift of Fear, calls on us to remember something very important about the word no.
No is a word that must never be negotiated, because the person who chooses not to hear it is trying to control you.
So if your gut is screaming that something is off about the unemployed newscaster at your doorstep pitching you his daycare service, What are you gonna say?
Oh my God!
I mean, that is a horror movie cover!
He is scarier looking than Hit the Clown!
I mean, would you let your children anywhere near that psychopath?
I mean, look at him!
For InfoWars.com, this is the PsyOpCop.
Great job, the PsyOpCop!
That's on Banned.Video.
We'll post it on the front page of InfoWars.com.
This is some of the great reports they've been hiding from me.
Jamie Hanshaw, co-host with the great Jay Dyer.
I'm telling you guys, take over.
You're doing great.
It's a great broadcast.
I want you to get into all your knowledge.
You want to talk about Hollywood Babylon, and then Jay's going to segue in.
Well, the two have always been associated, even since the creation of the movie camera itself, with the Nickelodeons on the East Coast.
So these were little things where you could put your nickel in and you could see a lady dancing or something like that.
and they became the first rudimentary public pornography machines.
And on the East Coast, they didn't really want these things around.
And another thing was the cameras needed a lot of natural sunlight
to get the shots that they wanted.
So they had to move the entire enterprise from New Jersey to California.
And this was the Wild West of Hollywood.
And this is what the movie Babylon with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie is about.
Yeah, show us a B-roll of that.
Funny, I was just watching that last night. Go ahead.
So they didn't really have any restrictions or ratings or restraints on these first movies.
And they were very scandalous to the people of the '20s and '30s.
And this started the Roaring '20s, which they thought led to the Great Depression.
And they associated Hollywood with Babylon.
And this is why they had to get people like Walt Disney to be a new face of Hollywood and moral values.
If you go to the Hollywood Highland Center in downtown Los Angeles, you will see some Anunnaki.
It is called the Babylonian Courtyard and it is leftover scenes from the 1916 movie D.W.
Griffith's Intolerance and it's a giant Babylonian archway There you go!
There's a noose coo on the right, and it looks like Anki holding a pot of water.
So, and then the squiggly thing in between them is the Mesopotamian tree of life.
So it's a giant occult complex.
And you think about Kenneth Anger, the famous Crowley, and he did Lucifer Rising with Mick Jagger and all those characters connected to Bobby Bozzolet and the Manson family.
Anger did a famous book called Hollywood Babylon, making this connection between how Hollywood really represents an ideological or a theatrical version of Babylon.
And that's exactly what Jamie's talking about.
with that new movie, which was actually a big flop in terms of economics. That movie is very insightful.
I actually thought it was pretty accurate in its portrayal of different phases of the eras of
Hollywood, like Jamie's talking about, pre-Hayes Code. Hayes Code was brought in after that 1910s
period when the movies were really, really semi-pornographic.
They brought in the Hayes Code, which was what the Catholic Church promoted.
Then that went away, I think, in the 50s and 60s, and everything got even crazier via the counterculture revolution.
But Hollywood has always been this kind of Babylon.
The weird thing about that movie is that it actually portrays it as a semi-satanic thing.
By the time you get to the Tobey Maguire character, I won't spoil the movie, but by the time you get to that part, You know, he's actually showing you what's the underbelly of what's really going on in Hollywood.
He takes them down into a dungeon and they're down there eating the heads off of rats and engaging in orgies.
I mean, it's like, it gets crazier and crazier and then you have basically the dissolution of Hollywood because that last remaining character isn't destroyed.
All the main characters end up destroyed except for Manny, the director, the guy who ends up being a director.
He leaves Hollywood.
and he goes and has a family, he actually survives.
He's the only one that survives and then he realizes at the end,
spoiler alert, when he gets to the end of the film, he goes and watches
movies and he has this sort of out-of-body, almost hallucinogenic experience. I think that's what we're
supposed to think. And he understands that Hollywood is
basically a giant deception.
The art form itself is great, but Hollywood is a, it was basically there to destroy and degrade American culture.
Now the elite are done with Hollywood.
They've basically given it up.
Now it's moving to, you know, the internet, the metaverse, that's the future.
They don't care about Hollywood anymore.
That was my next question.
I see this as a tombstone in Hollywood.
They're even telling you, and Barry Diller, they're all saying, we're over, we're dead.
Yeah, we just did an interview with Jamie Kennedy from Scream and, you know, he's a really cool guy.
Friends, I think, with Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli and all those guys.
And he was saying, you know, Hollywood, in Hollywood, it's not what it was anymore.
It's done.
It's over.
And it served its purpose to basically weaponize and destroy American life and culture.
Now they can move on into the metaverse.
That's the next phase.
One of the interesting things about the movie Babylon is how they depict the cheapness of human life compared to the shot.
So there's two scenes where people perish in the scene and they just kind of, you know... Well, there's a bunch of people dying in the big battle scene, for real.
They're telling you the shot is king.
There's human sacrifice.
Keep going, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
So... I just watched it last night.
Everybody knows that there are a lot of Jewish people in Hollywood, but actually the first five major studios, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Warner Brothers, Universal, and those were all also Masons.
And the Masons say that they get a lot of their rituals from the Dionysian artificers.
It's hard to say, but it was the cult of Dionysus.
So Dionysus was constantly pushing the boundaries of taboo.
They used drugs, music, dance, and trance-inducing techniques to return the individual and initiate into an animalistic-like state.
And that's what they've done to the whole culture.
Degrade us into being animals.
So it's a giant ritual to make us animals they can control.
Yeah, and he was known as the God who comes.
He was the God of fertility, wine, grapes, hallucinations, madness, and orgies, and he became Bacchus in his later incarnation.
And Pan was also part of Dionysus' entourage.
Yeah, Pan is Bacchus.
So, you know, Hollywood is proud of its celebrity membership.
If you go to the Masonic Temple in New York City, there is a special lodge room for actors because they need special schedules to accommodate their shooting and their busy schedules.
The Academy Awards used to be held in the Scottish Rite Shrine Auditorium, and the Hollywood Masonic Temple is now Disney's El Capitan Theater and home to, it used to be Jimmy Kimmel, I'm not sure what it is now, And now we know Jeffrey Epstein documents are coming out.
They use Disney movies as code for children.
I just saw that yesterday.
So they could order a Snow White or they could, you know, I want Belle next time.
I do a whole series on Disney.
So if you ever want to do specifically just Disney, I can do that, too.
We'll talk some about Disney.
Walt Disney was an enigmatic character.
I just did a three hour podcast a couple weeks ago, and we went into the psychology of Disney.
So he's an interesting character in himself, but he was co-opted the day after Pearl Harbor.
All the tanks and trucks rolled into his studio at Burbank, and they commandeered his studio to make propaganda films.
So a lot of people don't know that the reason that we pay federal income tax is because Donald Duck did it first.
Because a lot of people back then knew that it was unconstitutional.
They didn't want to do it.
So they had to release these cartoons where Donald's paying his taxes.
Minnie Mouse is saving her bacon grease to make arms for taxes to beat the Axis was their slogan.
If you want to learn all about Walt Disney in wartime, there is a good DVD series called Walt Disney on the Front Lines.
And this is produced by Disney himself.
They're very proud that he was so instrumental in the wartime effort.
It's a giant military industrial complex mind control operation and it reminded me of there was a satire film that came out in 2011 called Escape from Tomorrow.
And supposedly the story around this movie was that they snuck into Disney and filmed it with Disney Unaware.
I find that a little hard to believe given the fact that there's biometrics and cameras everywhere at Disneyland.
But what's weird about this satirical movie is that it's an independent film.
In the film they have people come to Disney And they order Disney princesses for an evening.
So there's also a child in the movie who wanders off and comes back and has been, it's a boy, and he's been dressed up as a princess, as a girl.
In this movie in 2011, telling us these things again.
Well that's how you really dominate men in the male forces.
They're not really turning into a woman, they're turning into something they aren't.
They're destroyed.
It's a lie.
It's getting you to accept an inversion, it's the same.
And it's a war on women, too.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, most people don't realize every ride in Disney is sponsored by a giant corporation, usually military-industrial corporations.
So if you go to Epcot Center, you pay with your credit card and then you have to give them your thumbprint.
They have biometrics everywhere.
You go into that giant Epcot buckyball.
By the way, it came out 10 years ago.
You can pull this up, folks.
You can just search internet.
Disney was working with the Pentagon and using its models as a model of a re-education camp or a camp during a war or a plague.
So Disney is war gaming, put us in camps.
Well, APCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Civilization of Tomorrow, or Community of Tomorrow.
And if you go in that big ball, it is sponsored by Siemens, which was a Nazi corporation who had their exact same logo over the gates of Auschwitz.
And this is in Orlando, so what they're saying is, When Klaus Schwab said a few years ago, they put signs up at the UN, I shot a video of it, saying, you will not live in cities, you will live in communes.
This is it.
Yeah, that's actually the experimental city of tomorrow.
Tomorrowland, Epcot are supposed to be 15 minute AI smart cities way ahead of time.
And it was prepping us all for that.
Disneyland was built in partnership with SRI, which is a big mind control facility.
Stanford Research.
Stanford Research Institute.
And what they did was study ley lines and occult things to put the park exactly on where these places intersect so that it would have more oomph, more esoteric power in the location.
The CIA is who got that land for Walt.
Wow, there it is.
Disney is the 15-minute city model.
So SRI and Disneyland, and then the CIA helped build Disney World.
So the same people who were staging things in Cuba and, you know, different operations.
But they knew how to come in and do it in secret so that they wouldn't be under scrutiny by the law.
So it's all predictive programming?
What do you make up if Santa's saying he wants to take over Disney World?
Because it's promoting pedophilia.
Yeah, please.
I mean, this is a total war on our culture, on our humanity, on our civilization.
It's total warfare.
You guys are incredible.
Keep going.
I'm not going to ask questions.
Keep going.
You're bringing up so many great points.
So this is a dark satire.
I think there is a lot of predictive programming in Escape from Tomorrow.
I just remembered it.
The dad who kind of unknowingly takes his family to Disney, Disney in the film actually kind of represents
a macrocosm of America, right?
They actually, if I recall, there's some kind of like virus that's loose while he's in Disney
and people are getting sick.
He wanders off and gets lost in Disney World.
His kid wanders off too.
And he ends up waking up underneath Epcot in a giant mind control tank where he's being programmed like something out of the Ludovico method of Clockwork Orange, right?
I'm not saying they literally are taking people underneath.
Maybe they are, I don't know.
It's a revelation of the method.
They're telling you what they're doing en masse.
That's it, yeah.
So the dad ends up underneath the Epcot ball in a giant Ludovico Method, you know, chair being programmed through the mass media, through Disney.
And so it's symbolic of what they're actually doing to the entire population.
You know, it's funny, you talk about Escape from Tomorrow, the last words, because it was on his notepad, written by Walt Disney, were Kurt Russell.
And of course, he's escaped from New York and all the rest of it.
Well, he was a Disney kid.
Yeah, he was a Disney kid, yeah.
And if you follow the careers of all these Disney kids, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, etc., they all have very serious breakdowns later on in life because of what they experience.
I have no people to know, Russell.
I mean, I know...
Jeff Bridges, I've talked to him, Jeff Bridges, he's awake, but I'm told people that know him that he hasn't ever gotten a hold of him every time on the show, but Kurt Russell's awake.
So some of them can get out of it, it looks like.
What are you going to say about that breakdown?
Well, I was just going to say about Small World, so it's a small world, it's sponsored by UNESCO.
And if you go to the front page of UNESCO, I did a couple months, it was all about the vaccinations and it said, uh, no child left behind or something like that.
And, uh, it just, to me, it had a sinister double meaning, like no, no people left after that.
Oh, exactly.
So let me ask you, you guys are bringing up amazing points.
I asked this earlier, I want your answer.
How is it going for the New World Order?
Are they behind?
Are they on schedule?
Are they ahead of schedule?
Uh, I would say they're...
On schedule for certain things, and behind in other things.
I think that's why they rolled out what this big catalyzing event in the last three years, this COOF, and then this live exercise with the engineered pandemic.
That was a big catalyzing event to bring about what Loksep talks about, automation, right?
Everybody overlooks the fact that automation was what they really wanted to roll out right now.
That's why we're seeing AI as being released, because that's going to be part of this automation.
It's going to lock us in our houses to make us obsolete.
Yep, so that was all successful for the next phase of this business plan.
So the rollout of the World ID, the Cashless Society.
That's this 10 years.
By 2030, 2040, right?
2030, they had, what, eight goals listed that we covered in the fourth hour yesterday.
Those eight goals were things like destroy Western civilization's ideas of economic progress, American supremacy.
That has to go away.
Nation states and borders go away.
You will not be eating meat.
That's a thing they have to get rid of.
That's a huge element.
They're attacking the food right now.
Because bee production holds up most of the small towns.
Exactly, yeah.
It's a war on, you know, middle America, the South.
Yeah, exactly.
And that's why they're also doing this in the Netherlands, right, with the farmers protesting up there.
They're trying to ban farming, which you've covered many times.
That's all part of it.
While there's a world food collapse, they're trying to ban farming.
Canada makes them dump millions of gallons of milk a week.
This is all organized as part of this movement into this austerity post-industrial civilization where the elite will have that technocratic control.
Everybody else will be on the dole of the universal basic income, the CBDC.
That's all got to roll.
In my view, I think that they would need, like we said earlier, some kind of big catalyzing event, which IMF says is the unthinkable.
Get ready for the unthinkable.
It's the next card to play.
And these are psychos that have done it before, so we should take that seriously.
I mean, these are the people that rolled out the last three years.
So yeah, right?
I mean, weren't the last three years pretty crappy?
I mean, so okay, what's the unthinkable?
We went to Epcot once for research and we went on this, do you remember that, like, boat ride?
And it was sponsored by Chiquita Banana, but it was all about, like, hydroponic food.
Well, it was GMO.
Yes, GMO.
The purpose of the ride was that GMOs are going to save humanity because they're going to feed everybody.
Well, of course, that's not what GMOs are there to do.
It's to change the genome, just like the mRNA shots are to change everybody's genome, right?
So every ride is just a commercial, basically, for what they want to roll out in the future.
So here's my question.
It looks like people overall, though, are rejecting it and now recognizing propaganda.
So propaganda only works if you're not aware of it.
What happens as humanity awakens?
It seems like that's happening.
We'll have to form communities and structures and networks outside of this structure, outside of this system.
So this system will continue to kind of collapse.
Just think about, and I don't mean to be rude or cruel, but if you adopt an ideology of changing your gender, getting rid of your reproductive organs, that's a sterilization act.
And that means that you won't go into the future.
So the people that opt into this system, it's sort of like there's a dark logic to it that you also ensure that your progeny, your descendants don't go into the future.
So if we have communities that are pro-life that continue to operate off of this system, we have God, gold, guns, Bitcoin, these kinds of things, those are the solutions.
That's right.
It needs us to hate ourselves, give up on our life force, and roll over and die.
So you mentioned automation and the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, actually admired Walt Disney for his work on animatronics because he believed, well he had a dream and a vision that would be bigger and more valuable, he thought, than Ford Motors and this was automated creation of synthetic humanoids.
You know, androids, sexbots, robots.
I met with a big globalist.
about two years ago off record and I said what is the future and they said
synthetic humans for sex. Because sex is everything and once we can legalize
human clones that aren't really human but are corporately created it's all
over. So that's really legalizing slavery.
Because it is a human, but it's not fully human.
The corporation says it's not human, and now we all buy into this sex slavery.
Oh, I've got this person that cleans my house, does all this work, is pre-programmed, or has sex with me.
That is so evil, man.
Yeah, and they've been, you know, AMC had a show called Humans.
That was the plot of that show was when they roll out the house bots, right, which would be these sort of synthetic I am robots.
And the argument is it's a clone of you.
So, hey, I own this person.
So you've made yourself a slave and now you've got yourself pre-programmed as a slave.
You're literally being corrupted and making someone a slave.
But you say it's my right.
It's me.
But you made yourself a slave.
Think of that.
That is so alien.
That is so advanced.
That is so evil.
And that's what LaVey talked about.
He said that he knew that the Satanic Aeon would be here when we had the home companions and the sex bots because that would mean that it's the end of humanity as we knew it, right?
And so that's a social, Darwinian, and evolutionary view that humanity as it has been has to go away.
Their plan's not gonna work.
Well, right, but that's the thing, is that like, this is so unnatural and so bizarre, I think humans are fundamentally structured that they... Well, there's also an interdimensional spiritual buildup of all our ancestors that are already affected, like rocks of the pond, the universe, that even if they don't believe in God, which God's real, but we are literally energetic creatures, that will of the species is not going to be so easily defeated.
They may wipe out the first wave of us or the second wave, but it's like spraying poison on bugs, they become immune.
Well, you were talking about genetic memories and that there's a process that you go through as a human being, especially as a man.
You're supposed to hit puberty and then go through these normal male rituals where, for example, you know, when I was in high school, it was like a John Hughes movie.
There was cliques and you, you know, you tried to become part of a clique to dress up, be, you know, and flirt with women to go and get a date, right?
That's a natural ritual.
And there were women that were in each clique.
Not any women of all the cliques.
All the cliques.
So, if you can keep people from going through those normal rituals that you go through as a coming-of-age process, then people stay in that... They never get empowered.
They never get empowered, exactly.
They never activate those genetic memories, racial memories that you talked about.
And we don't have... then they don't go into the future.
And so the sex bots will be a big part of how they shut that down.
Your bot is going to be your warden, so they're going to be connected to the internet of things.
If you think your wife is annoying and nagging now, just wait until your sex bot wife turns off all of your... Klaus will shut it off.
If you think a phone's spying on you, imagine when you're having sex with her.
Or, you know, she'll say, uh, you haven't accrued enough intimacy points because you said something bigoted today, so, you know.
Yeah, Klaus shuts off, puts you in the doghouse for a week.
Yeah, I've had a lot of these off-record meetings, people say, why don't you say who it is?
Well, then I don't get those meetings.
I don't agree with them, I tell them they're wrong, but I've been at the big billionaire's houses, all the different, I mean, a lot, and they don't do it as much anymore because I just never, never, never sell out, but they said the sex, the replicants are the answer.
Same thing, I didn't know Antelope Mays said that.
Shows how much I don't know.
Where did he write that?
I haven't... Well, he has a book where he talks about... His biography?
Yeah, his biography.
And then also, Atul Lee says in Brief History of the Future, he wrote that in 2006, he says that by 2040, the companion bot will basically be tailored to you.
So think about ChatGPT, which they're rolling out right now.
Imagine something that's tailored to you, right?
It knows everything about you, your profile, your likes, your dislikes, but not on your phone, but actually in some sort of, you know, Android that's sort of walking around.
That's what... And I was reading, I heard about those.
People think it's a perfect servant.
No, it knows how to mess with you.
It's going to manipulate you.
He says that.
Oh my god.
That's in Blade Runner 2.
Yes, in the 2049 Blade Runner.
Yeah, exactly.
Ryan Gosling has an iOS that's his, essentially, girlfriend.
And he finally gets upgraded where she's becoming more real.
And the reveal is that she's sent by the New World Order Corporation to manipulate him so that he won't figure out what's really going on.
And they use all of his likes.
Now when he starts breaking free, oh, you've been upgraded.
She's not just at your house on this chip.
She now can go anywhere with you.
Yeah, exactly.
Yeah, and they have that weird scene where he hires a prostitute to meld with the IOS.
That movie Spike Jones is really important too that he did called Her with Joaquin Phoenix playing near dystopian, near future where They're beginning to roll out the personal companion bot, iOS, and he marries his iOS.
They have this marriage ceremony.
This is so uncool!
Like, why would you do this to people?
It's just like...
It's, yeah, it's a satanic war on humanity, right?
But the great thing about her is that at the end of her, spoiler alert, he actually realizes that this is ridiculous.
I'm marrying an iOS, and the girl that he should have been with the whole time, Amy Adams in the movie, is right there next to him the whole time.
Like, he finally realizes on the rooftop at the end of the movie, I was like, oh, I should have actually just been with a real human being.
Doesn't he realize that his bot girlfriend also has like a thousand other boyfriends?
And the same way in 2049 too, Blade Runner 2049.
By the way, Twitter was like that.
80% or more was bots.
People had weird fake liberal relationships.
People patting them on the head.
It was a pre-programmed bot.
Yeah, we were talking with some guys involved in tech last night at a bar.
And they were talking about how fake all that was, it was all engineered.
And it was even engineered to individuals who might put out an idea that could go viral, that the intelligence agencies had it all structured to where anything that might go viral that was truthful was immediately shut down.
And then all these former populist conservatives that played it cool and backed down, they thought they were winning.
Still on Twitter, they were not winning.
No, they were being censored, they were being shut down, everybody was flagged the whole time.
And it was all fake.
So you have to have an inner core connected to God, connected to your ancestors, your genetic code, your epigenetics, and follow that, and know that's your North Star, that's your radar system, that will lead you to victory.
You cannot follow anything it puts out, it'll lead you to destruction.
Yeah, and be confident enough to be self-empowered and to not default to ridiculous authorities, right?
I mean, all of what this system is built on, in many ways, the fallacy of authority.
Think about all the people that bought into the stabbies, the vaccines, all this stuff.
They just defaulted to who they were told was the authority, the manager.
Because that would be easier.
But it's not easier to submit to tyranny.
Resistance is victory, submission is death in this system.
And they used the fact that all your ancestral memory was your tribe was going to fight and die for you.
And now you think the media and the culture is your tribe.
It's not.
It's artificial.
It wants to kill you.
Synthetic masculinity.
The football is one of the biggest, most ridiculous idols in the whole country.
I can't stand it.
Hold on.
Let's go to break.
We go a little bit in the next hour, because if I'm here, I'm going to interrupt.
So I want you guys to co-host.
Not that I don't want to be on air.
We're going to go to break.
And we're going to come back, and I'm going to be in the control room watching you guys.
I want you guys just to go for like 20 minutes.
You good for that?
So air one promo, guys.
Like a three minute, two minute promo.
I want to come back with these amazing talk show hosts that know so much.
And I do want to air this, just because I asked for it, and I do want to get it.
We haven't aired it enough.
People love it.
I was sent it again by one of my good friends today.
It's this Damon Amini clip.
It's a very short clip I sent to you guys.
Very short little clip but showing a promo clip or a report and then let's come back and you guys like nail it and get to all just gush it all out what people need to know because I'm you know hundreds of thousands are watching right now on a Saturday.
Millions will end up watching this.
It's archived.
People can share this.
This is very important because we're talking about our environment and humans are the only creature on this planet that really successfully controls this environment.
That's our gift but if we don't Control it ourselves as individuals and groups and let the globalists control it.
We're worse than animals.
We'll be right back.
One of the things that I would recommend for people to go look at, and I don't care what you think about this guy who I'm about to mention, but I was sent a video yesterday, it's basically a documentary, and late in the afternoon, so I watched it last night, and it's by Alex Jones, Info Wars, and the media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower, The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country, he is as smart as a whip, he absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
And so I sat, because a close friend of mine said, you've got to watch this, I just finished watching it.
He actually put it out yesterday, and it's called an emergency broadcast, and it's based on InfoWars, and it's based on the whole COVID lie and and Alex takes his audience through an hour and a half worth of just incredible level of detail of a of a war game that our government did back in the 2016-2017 time frame
With with you know under a different name and they called it spars instead of SARS COVID right and it's just incredible runs parallel to everything that's going on today even in the war game that they did almost five years ago now four years ago now.
In the war game they even put out social media things like tweets and such and in the tweets that they use in the war game they use the exact same tweets over the last year.
I mean the exact same words the exact same hashtags and it's like it's one big setup so let me so that's just this thing that this thing that Alex Jones put out yesterday it needs to get out in a bigger way because Alex walks through And again, whatever, I don't care what people think of him, he's incredibly detailed in his research, he loves this country, he is a patriot, and he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to.
And there's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
And in this particular documentary that he does, it's fascinating.
And there's an awful, awful lot of parallels in it from what was done in a war game, so to speak, quote unquote.
And then what we, what the reality is that we're facing.
There will be a surprise outbreak.
There's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
One of the things you've been talking about on your show is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia,
child trafficking, and the grooming of children.
What do you mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the clones?
All right, jimmy handshawe and jay dyer of jason ellis dot com
Talking about the power of the family, the human species.
Men and women coming together on a team.
That's what the system fears.
So we're going to go about 15 minutes to the next hour and then end this live transmission.
We'll reloop until 4 p.m.
tomorrow when I go live with the World War III special analysis that I've been really preparing for and doing a lot of research on.
But you guys have the floor down to cover for the next 20 minutes or so.
Anything else you want to hit?
Well, yeah, men and women coming together has to be divided, not just by sex bots, but also by ideologies that are pushed.
For example, on the one hand you have, you know, this push for the incel guys out there, and I'm not dissing those guys, that's, that's, they're being targeted to push them to where they hate women, as if the problem is the femininity of women.
And then women are brainwashed with feminism, that's like the counter, counter.
The Japanese have bought that, nobody's having kids and they're done.
Exactly, that's the purpose of it, right.
Sorry, I interrupted.
I'm going to leave the studio.
No, that's it.
And that goes back to Plato's Republic.
Plato had this idea of a lot of equality, gender equality.
Plato was in many ways a feminist, and he saw that as a way to control the society.
For him, though, The feminist aspect was for that middle class of the guardian class who were above the proletariat working class.
But going back to Players Republic, as I said, like we can kind of run through the different texts,
about 20 texts we could say that from the writings of the elite are the battle plan,
are the structure behind what they're bringing in for this new world order, for this great reset right now.
So the first one is Players Republic, which is again this communist socialist republic
of a three-tiered system with the philosopher king at the top, run by a communistic guardian warrior class
that shares all things in common, is totally equalitarian, totally feminist.
And then you have the working class on the bottom that is kept in line through techne
and through human depopulation and population control.
That you have to feed them the grain, keep them fat, dumb, and docile, don't let them eat meat.
And this ties into Hollywood because we'll go from the ancient world all the way up to now,
but there's a movie that actually has a perfect presentation of Players Republic in a kind of social way,
in a future dystopian way, which is one of the first mega, I guess you could say, German expressionist
satanic productions, which was Fritz Lang's Metropolis.
Metropolis is about a giant future dystopia where the sex bots are let loose, which leads to this almost destruction of society.
And then they figure out that the society, which is built like a big man, a big body, right?
The working class is the body of the civilization, the guardian class is the heart of the civilization, and the philosopher kings are the mind, the brains of the civilization.
So society is a giant man.
And you were going to say about Metropolis.
Well, this futuristic city is divided into two distinct classes of workers and masters.
And on that picture, one of the workers has a vision of the marching into the mouth of Moloch, and he's just chomping all of the workers.
And this is the blood sacrifice that keeps the city running.
And this movie is about the creation of a robot through black magic, and the sorcerer called Rotwang, he uses spells to, and part of his own body he sacrifices to animate the robot, who he names Maria, and he sends Maria to dance for the aristocratic Well, don't forget that she's created at the bottom of a giant inverted pentagram, right?
So the AI bot, which becomes a sex bot, is created through the combination of magic and science.
So she's basically, it's like a theosophy kind of creation.
And German Expressions film at this time was some of the first to use satanic imagery ever in film.
So that, did I say that robot was Moloch?
Oh, okay.
Back maybe like 10 years ago you had Beyonce in concert emulating this movie and she would actually dress up as the robot from Metropolis and even with the robotic glove that the sorcerer would wear.
So they were bringing this out.
10 years ago.
Well, but I mean, there's the idea of in what was the 19?
What was that year of Metropolis?
The prediction of AI bots, sex bots.
I mean, that's wild.
That's that's a long time before it's on LaVey, right?
But yeah, and that's echoing Plato's model for how society is run, which is even though Plato wasn't talking about technology per se, he has this idea of society being controlled via techne, which is the principle of quantification and mathematization of all society.
So it's the idea for a socialist technocracy way before people could perfect this with the advancement of the technology to do it.
And you know that joke about Kevin Bacon and his six degrees?
Well, it takes even less than that to get to Alistair Crowley in Hollywood, and he's the one who is capitulating this stratification of the aristocrats versus the servants, and one of the dictums of the book of the law is the slave shall serve.
L. Ron Hubbard, who is big in Hollywood, is a disciple of Crowley.
L. Ron Hubbard's son said that Scientology is just one long black magic ritual played out over time rather than Yeah, and it makes me think of Eyes Wide Shut, too,
because Kubrick, who put in Eyes Wide Shut a significant symbolic role for Sea Org,
coming out of Scientology, with the scenes where you see Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise
having their marital spats and the infidelity that's going on.
Then we have this situation with Kubrick making both 2001, A Space Odyssey,
which is based on Clark's sort of Luciferian vision of the future,
where we have a transhumanist depopulation situation going where the whole Earth ultimately gets annihilated.
Kubrick also was involved in writing the screenplay, if I recall, for AI, which Spielberg ended up making.
That's about the end of humanity and the entities that go into the future,
which you think at a certain point in the movie, you think they're aliens,
but they're actually just advanced AI.
So, you know, Kubrick is also consistently telling us this in his films, talking about the future of AI taking over.
That's what your talk was about, all seeing AI.
But as we work our way up through a lot of these global elite techs, you know,
Trage and Hope, Anglo-American establishment by Quigley, they talk --
he was talking about in the 1950s and '60s how the future of society would be cities organized
like Plato's Republic around giant supercomputers.
So Quigley, there's a middle chapter in Trage and Hope, which was he was Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown.
That was a book written from the perspective of the CFR.
He was an archivist for the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.
Quigley is saying in the middle of that book that, no, the future of society is one
where it's a smart city run by a supercomputer that controls every area of life.
That is what's rolling out right now.
So Quigley was writing about that from the elite's vantage point as an apologetic in Tragedy and Hope.
Do you remember that early conspiracy movie called Zeitgeist?
Oh yeah, totally.
So, that was in three parts.
It was about taxes, it was about something else, and then it was about, like, Christ and Horus.
Religion, yeah.
And so they presented a lot of good information, but at the end of it you had to watch, I think, the sequel, Zeitgeist 2.
Their answer to all of this was the smart city, the AI, which they called the Venus Project.
Yeah, because Venus, that tied in with the UN, right?
Well, Venus is Lucifer.
Venus is Lucifer, right.
And Jacque Fresco and these different UN theorists had the idea of creating the Planopolis control grid coffin city, right?
And Jacque Fresco was an anti-natalist also.
All these people are.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so, you know, as I was working through this list of global elite techs, I just sort of sketched out about 20 or so that are worth looking at.
And these are ones that we've actually lectured through in their entirety.
So, you know, we've done about 50 or 60, but I listed about 20 or 30.
There's a couple of good ones that are worth looking at that tie into this, which is Mark Curtis's Secret Affairs.
That's a book which basically shows how the British Empire and the Royal Society, he's a Royal Society researcher, it's not a conspiracy text, how they utilized radical Islam in so many of these cases in the last century.
The British Empire funding, controlling, and using radical Islam and then that model was picked up of course by Brzezinski and others who utilized the Mujahideen, Al Qaeda, and the conflict with the Soviets.
And that's an Anglo-American strategy that, again, shows us that a lot of what we were told during the War on Terror was just a phase that was sort of a controlled situation.
They were actually allied with and using Islam.
In the Milner-Fabian Conspiracy book by Yohan Ratou, he talks about how Islam is the key sort of tool in Europe for transforming Europe into... It's not because they like Islam or they believe Islam.
Islam is just a tool on a chessboard, the grand chessboard, to transform Europe.
And that's a key thing that both of those books, the Curtis book and the Yahtzee book, show.
And then we get to Anthony Sutton's Skull and Bones, which is the origin of the OSS and the CIA.
They're all recruited out.
Skull and Bones, he talks about in Wall Street, the Bolshevik Revolution.
He talks about in Wall Street and the rise of Hitler, how the industrialists, the banking elite, they all funded through these intelligence networks, through these backdoor black ops networks, all of these corrupt institutions that we know about today.
And that takes us up to people like Lord Halford Mackinder, who was one of these geopolitical strategists for the British Empire.
Part of this Fabian society, he's the one that sketched out the control mechanism for how Eurasia has to be controlled by controlling the Eurasian heartland, right?
So the Western sea power, particularly at that time, the British Empire.
Yes, exactly.
How to control the world through controlling the Eurasian heartland.
That exact same strategy was picked up by Brzezinski and the American establishment, which is again basically the same model, the same strategy for global governance as the Milner Fabian Group.
Did you want to comment on any of that stuff before I get into other stuff?
So, Miles Copeland, a great book, the CIA operative.
The reason Game of Nations is so crucial is that it's an insight into how during the Cold War, as a consultant, so-called, he was actually just doing that for CIA cover, how they restructured and changed the whole landscape of Egypt during the Cold War.
And at the end of that book, you get all these insights into how they utilize terror, how they utilize false flags and all that stuff.
He says at the end of the book, he says, if you want to understand what we're actually doing in Egypt, he says, go read Bertrand Russell, Impact of Science on Society, Scientific Outlook.
And he says, read the Council on Foreign Relations publications on depopulation.
Because the ultimate goal of what we're doing, not just in Egypt, but in any of these countries where you have the coups, the industrialization, that's ultimately to change the demographics and to change those countries for depopulation long term.
But here's the good news.
There's a God of the universe and we can have our own system.
We don't have to follow these people.
Just because they're organized doesn't mean they're all powerful.
Yeah, they fail all the time.
But they never give up.
How do we unify and defeat them?
Yeah, I think, again, we unify around the ideas that you talk about, that we talk about, particularly biblical ideas.
We unify around the idea of God or Christ, this idea of logos, logocentrism, logophallicism.
Those are actually good things.
They're not bad things.
So those are principles that we can unify, especially in our culture, to Fight against something that is so unnatural, right?
It's very difficult.
They can do it through just immense brainwashing and immense toxic environments.
They'll get away with it if you're not aware of it.
That's a big part of it, yeah.
But I think that returning to Christianity, returning to, you know, the Bible, we're Orthodox, we think those are good solutions.
And then I think getting out of the cities, getting on land, getting in the country.
And not supporting the corporate system.
Don't go to the box stores, don't do any of that stuff.
Don't support the online stuff, like, you know, the big, huge corporations.
And people have been doing that.
McDonald's almost collapsed, all of it.
That's why they're scared.
Disney, stock collapsed, yep.
Let's talk about the victories we've had.
Oh man, the whole climate.
Remember the first time that you had a huge victory that you popped champagne on air was when the climate emails came out and that was all exposed as a bunch of lies and scams.
So that was a notable thing where people were starting to break through in alternative media to show that no, you can actually expose these things and you can have victories.
We've seen a lot of victories, right?
Trump breaking the notion of mainstream media as this authoritative thing.
He basically just got rid of that as an authority.
And say what you want about Trump.
They legitimately hate him.
And it's because he was so good at that right there.
Just that one thing is a positive to break the stranglehold of mainstream media.
He did that very well.
Now everybody doesn't trust mainstream media polls show that we have all kinds of victors.
I think the even though they did push through a lot of the covid stuff a lot of scammer that also woke a lot of people up the trend stuff has woken a lot of people up.
Well, I used to talk a lot about Disney, you know, 15, 20 years ago.
And, uh, people just look at me like I'm crazy.
And then they just had last year that, uh, leaked meeting about how they want to put more, um, trans propaganda in.
Hell, it's all public now.
And so people are coming back to me and they're like, you were right.
I'm like, yeah, I was right.
Keep going.
Well, I think part of the solution is that we have to realize that we are created in the image of God, and altering that drastically is satanic.
And, you know, occultists are obsessed with the idea of creating a new man, or the Ubermensch, and... A man they control.
Yeah, so the transhumanist idea of apotheosis is to integrate man and computer, and this is their forced evolution.
And this also comes from Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set.
And this is all tied into the idea of the monolith.
You mentioned Stanley Kubrick.
So the monolith represents something that is interjected to force mankind into another evolutionary phase.
So the transgenderism is just a stepping stone to like trans-species and then... Transhumanism.
So integrate yourself.
You change your DNA so you can be man and animal or you can be man and machine.
But really the corporations control it.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's all a lie.
It's all deception, right?
I mean, so realizing there is this level of evil.
I have a lot of people come up to me and say, you know what, I didn't believe in God,
I didn't believe in good and evil, but I realized that as crazy and evil as all this stuff is,
it's out in the open now.
Like if there's that much evil, there's gotta be good.
Well, Dr. Michael Yedon was the former head scientist advisor.
He says, I didn't believe in God before, but now I do.
This is satanic.
He's got like 170 IQ.
He's like, this is advanced.
This is like really calculated.
How much, how could you have that coordination?
not just worldwide, but over many centuries.
I mean, it's very hard for humans to, you know, for even a corporation, make it work, you know, for a significant amount of time.
But to have this overall plan going back, you know, I mean, you could say the ancient world, yeah, but the modern instantiation of this imperium, this post-human, post-modern imperium, I mean, that's 100, 150 years old, right?
How could you have that level of coordination and planning and strategy without there being some unifying spiritual force?
The Bible says it's the mystery of evil.
That's a better explanation.
Look at the explanatory power that that has.
Plus, they're worshipping it.
They believe they're guided by a force.
Yeah, you look at people who go... Yeah, how many of their writings do they admit there's an outside force?
Like, Skull and Bones, they're trying to get an outside entity to possess them.
They're trying to avatar, they're trying to... A lot of these Psychonauts, right?
Tim Leary, John C. Lilly, a lot of the guys who were doing a lot of the pioneering research into MKUltra and LSD, they all pretty much openly talked about interfacing with entities that were helping them and giving them ideas.
You know, John C. Lilly says this in his autobiography.
He says that when I would go into the float tank, I would, you know, be high on ketamine
or LSD or whatever.
He says, "I would dissociate and I would go into the outer reaches," and he says, "I would
have interactions with these entities, these beings."
And he says, "They were the ones telling me, 'Forum, you know, use this.
Do this technology.
Put the RFID.'"
He was pioneering a lot of RFID.
He was putting it in the dolphin.
Oxley and Dalton, like, in the 1850s was envisioning all this.
And they were doing a lot of hallucinogens, right?
Huxley was a huge promoter of that.
He was saying that I was getting inspirations and ideas through, he thought LSD would be this great liberating thing, right?
That humanity would going to a new age through LSD, but the entities always say
the same things, right?
They always tell us.
Plus, if you're already in a trance and already under their control, it just makes it stronger.
It does.
Yeah, you're more under the delusion.
You double down, right?
But the entities always say, "Form a world government and kill everybody."
Or kill yourself.
So why do the aliens want that?
They're demonic forces that represent an older, you could say, race of beings.
Demons, basically.
They don't want us around.
They hate humanity because humans are made in the image of God.
And what God has planned for humans is to raise them to a level even above the angelic, Paul says.
He says, we will judge the angels.
And so that is, there's this enmity, this hate.
So it's class envy.
Yeah, they hate us, because we're made... I mean, that really is it.
I mean, look how we recognize beauty, and a machine can't do that.
We see a sunset, we see the fog, we see the trees, we see the birds, we see the woman, we see the man, we see our children, we see what is good.
And the fact that we can recognize and resonate with God's own program, they don't like that, and they want to destroy us.
And if they can attack us at an embryonic larval level, they believe they've had a victory.
And God, to give us free will, had to cast us into this situation, or we would not be free.
Yeah, if you look at the art of H.R.
Giger, he's a great example of this.
He was a Luciferian, a self-confessed absolute 100%.
Pull up Giger art.
And you'll notice that a lot of it is both a once transhumanist and satanic and a lot of dead babies, right?
And so the spirit... Well, it's male and females entering an alien and then feeding off dead babies.
And that's because the impetus that he's expressing artistically there is that demonic impetus to not just destroy humanity, but give this idea that you can merge humanity with these machines.
And if you want to know what that's supposed to be... But it's rape!
It's aliens raping humans!
In the movie, Alien...
It is, according to Ridley Scott, he said he wanted to portray humans being raped by these entities, by these... And I don't want to sound like a square, but I remember like four or five years ago, it came out like liberals are into tentacle porn.
I'm like, what is that?
So I looked it up.
It's aliens raping women and children.
Yeah, it's this.
By the way, he has a drawing he did in honor of Crowley, too.
So he was very much into Crowley.
There's one he did at Baphomet.
And look, the babies are like fueling the system.
Could you pull up a slide that is Arthur C. Clarke's book 2019?
Oh, this will blow you away.
Yeah, and you just made me think of Childhood's End, which made me think of Arthur C. Clarke.
So this is a book about an alien race that comes to Earth, but they do not come all the way down.
They just hover above.
And until we get used to what they are offering, new technologies, medical advancements, things like that, because they don't want to reveal themselves because they look exactly like the devil, and what they want is the children, and then they want to nuke the world.
And we had an archetypal pre-programming against them, that's why we're against them, that God gave us.
Like, watch out when these show up.
It's like God, like, kind of seeded us and moved on, but we were given a warning.
Yeah, humans love fiction stories, fiction presentations.
They're a lot more powerful.
And you notice that Jamie has in her presentation, there's an Arthur C. Clarke book that came out in the 1980s.
And in this book, he says, I'm going to give you a projection of what life's going to be like in 2019.
And he's got a personals ad for 2019.
Look at this.
Married white female, 40, seeks well-endowed single white male, three-month intimate companionship.
My husband's hormone treatments.
My husband, six months pregnant.
My husband's pregnant.
I put him out of commission.
Please show us your vaccination status.
He wrote that in the 1980s.
All pre-programmed.
Read that again.
This is so incredible.
Married, white, female, 46, well-endowed, single, white, male, 18 to 28, three-month intimate companionship.
My husband's hormone treatments because he's six months pregnant.
Husband's pregnant.
I put him out of commission.
I will take care of you.
Electro-stimulation is okay.
Drug-induced orgasms, but I prefer a partner with original equipment.
Also send us your vaccination status.
And people say, how did he predict it?
No, it's their program.
It's their cult.
He's part of the planners.
He's one of the planners.
He invented the telecommunications satellite.
He's one of the planners.
One of the planners involved in rolling out this technocracy which has been in the works going back again 100, 150 years.
Totally incredible.
Guys, each of you, two minute closing comment.
I would say that the documents, all this research, all this does is show us the reality of what's going on.
This is basically a window into how the world really works.
You can't go to the mainstream media, the university system even.
It's so much brainwashing.
There are some universities that can give you a good Uh, insight into this, but you know what?
What I'm doing, what we're looking at here is basically what people at the Kissinger level would be studying.
I'm not saying that I'm, you know, Henry Kissinger.
I'm not at that level.
I'm just saying that the types of research... No, but you put yourself at that level, but you're not for them.
If you just study it, they think we're animals.
You know what they're doing.
They can't stand that.
This is what they read.
This is their level of understanding, and that's what we're trying to look at here.
And the answer is, again, pretty simple.
There's good, there's evil.
It's God.
That's the answer.
And that's what we try to show.
That's what we try to demonstrate in our research.
And so I think that's what we do.
That's what we want to put forward.
Positive message.
We don't have to be blackmailed and miserable.
But that's what we do.
Well, I want to take that clip with Arthur C. Clarke from the 1980s, predicting the future.
When we put this as an archive up, tell Drew when he posts this in about an hour.
It's live feed right now.
It'll restream till tomorrow.
4 p.m.
when I do the big World War III special.
It's so important.
Believe me, folks, you want to tune in to the show tomorrow 4 p.m.
on Sunday, February 19th.
But right now it's February 18th.
I want to take that clip of you right up front with that Arthur C. Clarke clip and put that right on the front of the video so that people realize what they're about to watch and to show how pre-planned this all is.
All right, Jamie, go ahead.
Closing comments.
Um, well, I definitely think that they are on the defensive now, and we are on the offensive.
It's all coming out thanks to the internet, which could have been a super destructive thing, but it's being used for good, I think, now, in my opinion.
Even TikTok is being used as a huge platform to get people to wake up, and I feel like There's some kind of tide turning.
I'm seeing more vindication.
We're, you know, getting more and more viewers and like he said, we have joined the Orthodox Church and I think that's the final solution is get your own spiritual relationship in order so that you know how to have discernment and wisdom when dealing with these things.
That's Jamie Henshaw, author and researcher, host of Out of This World podcast on YouTube, jdrjanesanalysis.com.
Incredible job, great job of the crew.
We're going to restream this now until 4 p.m.
Folks, you are more important than we are.
This is key info.
We had to build this infrastructure.
All this work went into this because of past support.
Now, you promoting this and sharing it and taking clips out, it's all free to air, no copyright.
Share it, copy it, do whatever you want, just get it out.
Right now, the ball is in your court.
Everything is in your hands.
This is your mission.
Should you choose to accept it, we're going to win together.
You see huge victories happening.
Most people don't get to fight tyranny.
It's in their lifetime.
We are seeing it right now.
So share the live link and share the archive once it's on Band.Video.
God bless and good luck!