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Name: 20230217_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 17, 2023
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In this InfoWars broadcast, the host discusses topics such as predictive programming, supporting InfoWars products, health supplements, fighting against the New World Order, and the importance of prayer. He urges listeners to support the show by making purchases at MFORSTORE.COM or donating. The host also promotes new exclusive products on InfoWarsStore.com with high-quality and affordable prices compared to competitors. He talks about VAERS reports increase after COVID vaccine release, Dr. John Campbell's change of opinion regarding the vaccine, and a possible vector for BioNTech mRNA to splice into human genes using squid axon enzymes. Finally, Alex Jones thanks his supporters and reveals he is under $200,000 a month in debt. He urges listeners to support him by getting great products at InfoWarsStore.com or making a straight donation while admitting his blind spot when it comes to finances and putting money into the fight against the New World Order.

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The next step, and I remember you mentioned this yesterday, that we should always be looking forward for the next step.
The next step is they're going to say this was human error, and that's why we need more automation.
We need more AI.
We need stronger AI.
This is why we have to have, you know, if AI was running the train, this would never have happened.
They are absolutely going to use this in the further push for automation.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
In the movie Knowing, the news reported a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
A year later, the Deepwater Horizon exploded.
Six months before 9-11, a Lone Gunman episode showed us the World Trade Center being targeted by a hijacked passenger plane.
And last year's film, White Noise, was about a train wreck that poisons a small town in Ohio.
This is the very same story now playing out in real life.
Within a year of White Noise's release, the actual event occurs in real life in Ohio, in Texas, and in Michigan.
This is known as predictive programming, and its purpose is to psychologically trick the minds of the masses into accepting major traumatic events that would otherwise be resisted.
In the book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman describes a mind control technique known as the revelation of the method.
And he writes that when the revelation of the method is performed in a veiled manner,
Accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolic words and elicits no meaningful response of opposition or resistance from the target.
It is one of the most efficacious techniques of psychological warfare and mind rape.
Sarah Elkhaldy of the Alchemist YouTube channel does an excellent job of explaining all this.
According to Elkhaldy, there is a law of nature in this universe that compels the dark occult to first gain our consent before trespassing against us.
Because they believe this protects them from the natural laws of cause and effect.
They offered and we accepted, so it's all fair.
A lack of response to an action is often taken as an approval of that action.
And there is an old Latin proverb that says, he who is silent when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree.
Silence is considered by many to be a form of consent.
And so it is through a veiled performance of the revelation of the method technique that these dark occultists believe they are gaining our consent.
What we know as predictive programming.
With predictive programming, the minds of the masses are impregnated with visuals of a major event before it happens.
This is done through all forms of media and can be very subtle so that nobody notices.
But the subconscious mind notices everything and can easily be programmed through repetition.
And so these controllers repeat whatever it is that they want us to accept as reality.
Because these images are delivered to us through entertainment, they elicit no meaningful response of opposition or resistance.
And so we accept them, subconsciously.
And when the event happens in real life, it is already familiar and acceptable to us, as if that's just the way it is.
We'll cause a person to get emotionally triggered whenever confronted with an alternative point of view that they have not been programmed to accept.
It's a very powerful mind trick and the solution is quite simple.
We need to stop living as spectators of someone else's reality.
We need to start creating our own reality and we need to remember how to say no because they offer it to us and we accept it.
And we are live Friday, February 17th, 2023.
Jack Posobiec is coming up to cover the waterfront, including Biden refusing any federal aid to Ohio and the Superfund site burning in plain view and raining down toxic waste over at least five states and Canada.
The Russia situation with Ukraine and more with the great Jack Posobiec and then the amazing informative Jay Dyer will be in studio today hosting the fourth hour and then he and his equally intelligent writer, researcher, podcaster wife will guest host me in a two-hour commercial free live transmission tomorrow 11 a.m.
Central Texas time
On Saturday, tomorrow.
All right, wow.
Let me just hit some of the news here.
I've got a big stack of world government news being openly announced, and they define world government as taking over your body, tracking everything you do, cutting off your resources, and euthanizing you.
So we have that.
And we have Belarus says it's ready to join Russia in the second big offensive taking place.
That's massive news.
We have
Over-the-top important victories against the poison COVID shots.
A big giant stack of news there.
We have another report here out of the National Post of Canada.
19-year-old becomes youngest ever diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
As neurological disorders explode because of all the toxins in our environment.
Also more on Bing's AI bot tells reporter it wants to be alive, steal nuclear codes, and create deadly virus.
It's programmed by the globalists.
The Kiss of Death, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis endorsed by George Soros.
A lot of the pro-Trump crowd, and I still like Trump overall compared to the left, obviously, but I mean, come on, are running around saying this is a Soros endorsement of DeSantis.
And I'm going to play the clip.
It's not.
It's a Machiavellian, sociopathic, psychopathic statement about the two.
And we'll be playing the actual full clip, not just the little 30-second clip that's going around.
And it's not about defending DeSantis.
It's just that
I'm not going to dunk on Trump here, or dunk on DeSantis here when it's not accurate.
That said, back a few weeks ago, when the Republicans got control of the House, I said I'm going to give McCarthy a month.
The CME moves for impeachment and hearings on gain of function and the open borders and everything else.
And we've seen some good hearings, but none really on those subjects.
And we haven't seen McCarthy up there pushing that.
In fact, he's been blocking it.
So I'm getting really, really upset.
We thought this was coming, but now it's happening.
And it's very, very disgusting.
We put a lot of pressure on
I think?
I had said these probably are university or hobby groups balloons, because they're only up at 20, 30, 40,000 feet, and they're described as tiny.
And there's all sorts of Boy Scout groups launch balloons and test things out, and colleges do it, and high schools do it.
And well, Illinois Hobby Club believes Pentagon shot down their $12 Pico balloon that's silver, and when blown up, about
Ten feet across.
So we're going to be looking at that.
They used two Sidewinder $400,000 missiles apiece because they missed it the first time.
And I know why they missed it.
It has no avionics.
It has no electronic signature.
That's what those missiles hone in on.
It's just floating around.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I'm surprised they could hit it with two missiles.
Surprised it didn't take more.
So we're going to be looking at that.
Fetterman checks himself into the hospital for clinical depression.
They say he'll be in there for a few weeks.
That creature is definitely dying.
And he's even admitted reportedly that the campaigning he thinks has killed him.
So we're going to be looking at all of that and so much more today.
I also have a big stack of news here dealing with crime statistics of where in the last 40 years, since the 70s, you've had 10 to 1 black on white crime.
And that's because a certain minority of black people believe it's okay to attack white people because they've been taught white people are inherently bad.
So it's racism.
It's not the majority of black folks, not even the minority of them, but a very small minority.
But it's still a very active criminal group.
And those are just the statistics.
But the FBI puts out skewed numbers by cherry-picking things, saying the number one threat is white supremacy, which just isn't true.
And a few weeks ago I talked about the fact that we have to come together through Christ, stop killing each other, stop attacking each other, but also we need to prosecute anybody, whether they're a white person attacking a black person, or a black person attacking a white person, and let folks know this is not acceptable.
All over the country, attacks on whites are not even being investigated by the George Soros DAs.
So I said, I don't want a race war.
But I said if they successfully trigger one during a collapse...
And I don't care if it was the KKK surrounding some black person's house like we've done in the past.
That's why we've got guns.
And black people being attacked by the KKK, even when it happens, should defend themselves and kill anybody they need to to protect their family.
You don't want to.
And I said the same thing goes if a horde of racist black people are coming after you, trying to hurt you, trying to kill you, and we actually are seeing that.
And that statistically is exploding, that we should culturally say that's wrong before it gets out of hand, but if 20 Antifa were trying to break into my house and kill me, or 20 Black Lives Matter communists, or 20 white supremacists, and by the way I've had white supremacists actually threaten me quite a bit, they don't like me because I'm not anti-Jew, I will defend myself from violent KKK, black supremacists,
Antifa or anybody else that tries to hurt my family and I will put down as many people as I have to to protect my family and no more.
For two weeks they've had fake news articles everywhere saying that I'm saying go mow down black people.
Sorry, that's the new Black Panther Party saying that.
And that's Chris Cuomo saying he wanted to kill everybody, kill everybody at CNN, go on a mass shooting rampage, but he decided not to.
That's Fredo that's actually saying that, not me.
Everybody that listens knows I want peace, I want justice, and the number one group in America being killed is black people, and it's not by police.
You are twice as likely if you're white to be killed by police statistically.
That's not because there's more white people.
Blacks are 30% of the population.
Whites are like 49.
No, ladies and gentlemen, it's black person to white person ratioed.
You're twice as likely, look it up, statistics are out there, just type in, white people are twice as likely to be shot by police.
And that's because the police actually will go into mainly white or wealthy neighborhoods or places that they don't think they're going to get nailed to the wall or they defend themselves or make a mistake.
So they slow roll into black communities.
You see this in departments that are mainly black, like Atlanta.
It's come out that they're slow rolling into predominantly lower income black neighborhoods.
They fast roll into the middle class wealthy black areas.
There's plenty of those in Atlanta and everywhere else.
The point is they don't feel like anybody has their back.
So you do have the highest death rates from crime in America, black on black.
That's the number one statistically per capita highest crime rate number is black on black.
Next is black on white.
Next is Hispanic on Hispanic.
Next is white on white.
And if you go down the line, Asians have the lowest violent crime rate there is.
It's just a fact.
And I'm not lionizing Asians.
I'm not saying they're perfect.
I'm not saying they're angels.
I'm not saying they're wonderful.
But, who's killing black people?
Black people.
Who's killing white people?
Black people, statistically.
And who's really killing the black people is Planned Parenthood and the left, where over 70% of black babies never get out of the womb, and when they do, their families are non-existent, so they turn to a life of crime, which all statistics show, whether you're black, white, or brown, if you come from a single-parent home, you are three to seven times more likely to end up in prison, be a violent criminal, or on drugs, or commit suicide.
It's a fact.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
It's Friday.
February 17th, 2023.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Don't forget, tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, two hours commercial-free with Jay Dyer and his amazing co-host.
Piercing the Night.
400 horsepower?
How about 1,000 horsepower?
Yeah, I got a car with 1,000 horsepower.
But I'm gonna get rid of it in the bankruptcy.
I should, anyways.
I don't even ever really drive it anymore.
It's too ridiculous.
But it's such a piece of anti-Al Gore Americana.
I had to have the Dodge Hellcat Demon, but I didn't like the name Demon, so then another year they came out with one, they didn't call it a Demon, and I got a Green Demon.
And it's the fastest production car ever made, and I've only opened it up full power once.
And I was going 150 miles an hour, so fast, it'll make your head spin, with twin superchargers.
So yes, one of my guilty pleasures, and I've had the car four years, and I basically drive it like three times a year, because it's not good to do such things, even out on the toll road when nobody's out there.
But I hear that white zombie song, Black Sunshine, and it makes me think about that car because it is a devil.
It is bad.
It is out of control.
It is fast as hell.
And it's just ridiculous.
Because I had a 400 horsepower Mustang, a green Mustang, when I was 20 for a couple of years, and I remember
Driving that back from our family ranch when I'd been deer hunting one time in an ice storm when nobody was on the roads like a maniac at about 130 miles an hour average speed from East Texas all the way back to Austin listening to on cassette the album we were just coming in from break on.
And why am I talking about that?
Because I'm reminiscing, and I'm admitting something I did that was wrong, and I would encourage young people particularly not to behave like that, because you can hurt not just yourself, but others.
But, that's why you get older, you get smarter, ladies and gentlemen.
So, oh, we're gonna look at some Dodge cars here.
They've announced they're not making these anymore to save the Earth.
That's right.
What it really is is a drag racer.
The 1,000 horsepower one is a drag racer.
The car would go 300 miles an hour if you didn't fly off the road.
So, all right, stop.
That's enough.
Please stop showing it to me.
Please stop tempting me.
Let me tell you, there's no drug like doing 200 miles an hour.
And let's just stop, stop, stop, stop, stop talking about it because we have a lot of serious issues to cover.
Excuse me, Lord.
Being tempted right now by the demon.
The literal machine demon.
It's good stuff.
Okay, until you're dead.
Let's get serious here because I've got a lot of news to add.
So I was very clear a few weeks ago.
I said the globals are exterminating black people with the poison shots and they're killing them in the womb and they're weaponizing and trying to make black people racist and anti-white.
You see it everywhere.
We all come against each other.
We got to come together.
And I said we got to work hard on this before they trigger a full-on race war.
We're already in a soft race war right now.
Twenty to one crimes against whites committed by that small minority of minority blacks that are doing that.
But I said that doesn't change the fact that if some racist group's coming after you to kill you and hurt your family, you gotta defend yourself.
And I've always been very clear on that, and I'm not defending myself here.
This is a way to illustrate how mainstream media, the enemy, takes things out of context and just parses words and puts them together in an article to misrepresent what I said.
Everybody knows what I say every day.
Kill everyone you need to, close quote.
Alex Jones' conspiracy theory about foaming at the mouth black people.
I said, foaming at the mouth, racist hordes of black people.
And I said the same thing last year when GOP House candidate and former NFL football player, Jerome Davidson, vows to fight Democrats in Klan hoods with AR-15 ad.
And I defended his ad.
It's KKK.
It's Malcolm X style at the window with his assault rifle.
And the KKK comes to kill him at his house and he kills them.
I don't care, and I support his ad, if it's the KKK or a black KKK.
That's why we have guns to protect ourselves from this type of garbage.
And I tell you, if the gangs raping, killing, and murdering people on the New York subways, if they had a Second Amendment there, this would not be happening.
And the crime rates wouldn't be the highest in the world in Democrat cities in America.
Not just the highest here, the highest in the world.
Chicago, New York.
You name it.
So yes, I don't care if it's the black KKK or the white KKK or Antifa comes to your house to hurt you and your family.
You have a right and a duty to defend yourself.
Here's the congressional TV ad he ran.
Oh, it's B-roll?
Okay, do this for me, guys.
Grab the actual video with the audio.
Pretty please, triple cupcakes on top.
Like I said, about 10 minutes for the show.
I really want to download that video and I want to play it here on air.
That's the point of getting a video.
I'm not mad, it's just that I want to show his ad.
That's the whole point of this segment.
Okay, you now have it.
Here it is.
Great job.
Democrats like to say that no one needs an AR-15 for self-defense.
That no one could possibly need all 30 rounds.
But when this rifle is the only thing standing between your family and a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods, you just might need that semi-automatic in all 30 rounds.
Alright, so there you go.
And remember the McCluskeys, is that how you pronounce their name, in St.
The people break down their gate, they come in, they're screaming racial epithets at them, white, black, you name it, and they just come out with a handgun and a rifle and say, get off our lawn, and the media said they were basically terrorists and they charged them.
I mean, what would you do if a group of white people, black people, anybody, a mob breaks down your gate, is coming towards your house, you're supposed to go out there with a gun and say leave, and it de-escalated the situation and they left.
But you see all these other leftist events with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, all these groups burning down buildings, killing people, shooting people, dragging them out of their cars, and they do it in leftist cities.
Because they know statistically the general law-abiding public follows the unconstitutional law and does not have a gun to protect themselves.
So I'll say it again.
Work for peace, work for justice, work for love, come together.
Don't let the system balkanize us, but I don't care what color your skin is, if a group of people, criminals in a collapsed situation, that's what I was talking about, are coming to drag you out of your house and burn your house down and probably rape and kill you, I don't care what color they are, you have a right to get them off of you and do what you have to do.
That's what I said.
Kill everyone you need to.
Because that's the point of killing somebody when they're trying to kill you.
When the cops pull somebody over and the person jumps out with a gun and starts shooting at them, the cops aren't shooting at their legs, they're shooting at their chest to stop them from shooting at them.
So I don't care who you are.
The NRA was founded to teach northerners how to shoot because they weren't rural and to get blacks guns.
That's on record after the Civil War.
But the media called the NRA the KKK when they were founded directly against the KKK.
So that's the truth.
That's what I said.
That's what I meant.
But none of these propaganda pieces work.
People know the truth about the enemy of the people, the corporate press.
We're going to go on a break.
We're going to come back and hit a ton of news.
Stay with us.
Alright, we've been taking a lot of calls in the last few weeks and I'm loving it.
The listeners are loving it.
Takes us in a lot of unexpected directions and angles.
And we're going to do it again today.
And we're going to do it again tomorrow when Jay Dyer is in here for two hours uninterrupted.
We're going to do an hour with Jay and his lovely wife.
And then we are going to take your phone calls at 11 a.m.
tomorrow with the Saturday show here at InfoWars.com.
Now I'm going to plow through this news.
I'm going to cover just bam, bam, bam, a ton of these headlines.
And then I'm going to open the phones up.
For a free-for-all, just like yesterday, any topic, any subject, any question, anything you want to cover, you agree, you disagree, but I wish if you call in and disagree, don't just say, you're a fat-ass city slicker that doesn't know anything about skinning a buck and running a trot line like that guy called in.
I mean, that was entertaining, but it's just stupid.
I wasn't claiming to be Paul Bunyan or, you know, Grizzly Adams here.
I was saying we all need to learn how to garden, and how to farm, and how to tie a knot, and, you know, how to roof a house, carpentry.
All those are skills that humans are great at, and we need to build a pro-human future.
That was what that whole rant was about yesterday, and so when I say call it a disagree, you can say whatever the hell you want.
It's just that, why don't people that ever call in and disagree call in and say, I think you're wrong about X, Y, or some real issue.
I mean, that said, a lot of folks have called in and taken me to the woodshed on my quote, support of Trump.
Because so many of you are mad at Trump.
I'm not supporting Trump, but I'm not going to make him my main enemy and I'm not going to spend all my time attacking him when I'm dealing with the Democrats and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and the New World Order.
The fact that Trump tied his wagon to the poison shot is his problem and it's hurting bad.
And speaking of that, let's get to this story first.
I'm not going to air the 30-something second clip that everybody's passing around.
There's no point in duplicating it.
I'm going to play the actual two and a half minute clip.
Of what this New World Order magician of evil had to say, but here's the headline.
The Kiss of Death, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis endorsed by George Soros.
Now, again, was he really endorsed by George Soros?
No, not in my opinion.
You can disagree.
But George Soros is sitting there reading off a script, can barely talk.
He's obviously preparing himself for his journey to Hades, and here's the arch criminal that worked for the Nazis, that overthrew all these countries, that stole all these pension funds around the world, the left worships, that has put in over a thousand DAs and district attorneys that are currently serving, and he has something like 22 of the attorney generals of the states under his control, letting violent criminals out, keeping nonviolent people in,
Letting crime victims get no justice and dropping prosecutions or even rape and armed robbery and people that have shot folks.
I mean, this guy is a villain's villain.
And here he is in a Machiavelli way talking about Trump versus DeSantis and saying that basically he's giving DeSantis compliments because he's, I guess, more controlled in Soros's view than Trump and saying he would be the preferable candidate
To win in 2024.
Or he's saying he will win.
Now, is that really an endorsement?
No, I don't think it is.
And I remember when Rand Paul first won the Senate ten years ago, or whenever it was.
It was eight, nine, ten years ago.
Politico called me up and they said, Alex, you helped Rand Paul get elected.
He's giving you credit.
How did he win?
How could he have been defeated?
You pull the article up, I told Politico, well you would have had to endorse him.
Because you're so hated as the establishment, that if you would have endorsed him, people would have probably not voted for him.
So we gotta look for that trick.
You know, we've heard a lot of stuff that the Santas, and I'm not defending the Santas here.
I'm watching very closely.
But the Santas did not go to Skull and Bones.
It's not true.
Look it up.
And a lot of these things you're about to see in this are not true.
And I don't think this is an accurate representation, this clip, to say that George Soros just endorsed him.
But you decide for yourself.
And when we open the phones up, if you want to call and disagree with me or agree, I'd love to hear it.
But here it is.
Trump attracted a lot of non-educated white followers.
But his biggest backers were the mega-rich, and he certainly delivered for them.
First, he cut their taxes.
Second, he nominated the Supreme Court ideologues
who embraced an extreme version of the Republican agenda.
Third, he brought the Republican Party under his control by threatening those who didn't show loyalty to him with a challenge in the primaries.
Lastly, he encouraged Republican-controlled states
To introduce outrageous measures of voter suppression to ensure that his party would remain in power indefinitely.
With that program, he was almost re-elected in 2020.
My hope for 2024 is
That Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida will slug it out for the Republican nomination.
Trump has turned into a pitiful figure, continually bemoaning his loss in 2020.
Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves.
DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless, and ambitious.
He is likely to be a Republican candidate.
This could induce Trump, whose narcissism has turned into a disease, to run as a third-party candidate.
That would lead to a democratic landslide
And force the Republican Party to reform itself.
But perhaps, I may be just a little bit biased.
So he didn't really say he wanted DeSantis there, did he?
But if you watch the clip from the middle, taken out of context by a lot of people I like, it sounds like he endorsed DeSantis.
But he really just said if Trump gets the nomination, he's going to lose in a landslide to the Democrats, and that's what basically Soros wants.
So no, that was not an endorsement by George Soros of Governor DeSantis.
Alright, I'm going to give the number out right now on any topics you want to raise, any discussions you want to have on this open line, Friday 877.
It is a free-for-all, as the great Ted Nugent says in his hit song.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to hit some more news on the Russian situation in Ukraine, on the poison shots, on world government, on Alzheimer's now in teenagers.
Told you that was coming.
And more.
And then your phone calls.
Google still censoring people like Senator Paul.
Why does the Congress lay down this outrageous election meddling?
It's all coming up on this live Friday edition.
Jack Posobiec's on in the third hour.
Jay Dyer in studio in the fourth.
Owen Schroer, 3 p.m.
Central today at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
All right, I want to hit some news and then go to your amazing phone calls here.
Next segment.
But I wanted to clarify something else I said in the first 30 minutes of Thursday's show yesterday that went viral on Instagram, Twitter.
People sent it to me.
One video had like a million and a half views.
Jack was so big tweeted it had like 100,000 views and it was trending.
Alex Jones says he has completed his mission.
And then I saw a lot of the commenters saying, oh my gosh, he's quitting.
Or, you know, oh my gosh, he's going away.
No, that's not what I said.
I said, I knew my mission was to expose the New World Order, because I knew that everything the globalists had talked about doing 60, 70 years ago, by the time I was reading their documents, they had basically got done.
And so I went, well, wait a minute, that means they're going to get the rest of this done.
These people mean business.
So I knew common sense.
And I knew that I believed in myself and believed in you, that if we got ahead of it and exposed the next part of their agenda that was so horrible and so dystopian and so
It's terrible for 99.9% of people that folks would make the right decision and reject the globalist New World Order as you now see happening everywhere.
From Joe Rogan to Elon Musk to mainline, even Democrats are saying, oh, I don't want world government.
I don't want Klaus Schwab running things.
I don't want Bill Gates running things.
I mean, Bill Gates will be on an Instagram video with 15 million views and there'll be a half a million comments and 99.9% of them are anti-Bill Gates.
They are screwed, folks.
I've been telling that for a while.
And so I was saying our main mission was to alert the public and warn the world about going from testing and beta in the New World Order into operational.
And so our mission, myself, our crew, the guests, the callers,
The viewers, the listeners, was to expose this.
Now that doesn't mean I'm not going to continue on.
It doesn't mean that we need to expose the next phase and battle their current lies and we've got so much more to done.
But I, spiritually, I don't want to say I don't have the same drive I have because I have even stronger driving ways, but at a spiritual level God has literally laid it on my heart
That don't beat yourself over the head.
Give it all to me.
I'm going to take care of it.
Keep fighting.
But look how far you've come.
Look how far your audience of activists have come.
And we're going to do so much more together.
That's basically what I get from the spirit.
And it's a very real thing.
And the enemy hates it.
They know we've got it.
We have that connection.
They can dial into the devil.
We can dial into God.
The devil forces himself on your psyche and attacks your free will.
God lovingly knocks on the door and empowers you if you so choose.
But it's been a long quest.
It's been quite the saga.
And I couldn't have done it without you.
We did all this together.
I'm just a focal point and I wanted to just have a little bit of a celebration and clap for all of you out there.
And say, man, listen, you did a great job spreading the word and everything you've done, and your investment with time, energy, and prayer and word of mouth has done a great thing.
But the spin that I'm going to give up, or I'm going to go away, or I've completed my mission, I said, I have completed, you have completed, you chose to choose the mission with me, couldn't have done any of it without you, and I want you to really get that into your mind and brain and soul and heart and guts.
That we have completed the primary mission.
I'm getting chills right now.
We have completed the primary mission and the war is still raging.
But we're not being caught unaware now or flat-footed.
And we are winning the information war.
The enemy admits that in their own leaks and on documents.
They are panicked and their goal is attack the leaders, try to destroy us, try to make us give up.
And I want my enemies to know
I cannot physically give up, and I will never give up, and I'll be quite frank with you, I'm not a sadomasochist, I do not like pain.
But, I know going through this pain means I'm measuring up to what I knew I could do with God's help, and that we're hurting the New World Order, who's attacking our children.
And so, in this case, I will be completely honest,
I did not enjoy pain 10 years ago, I did not enjoy pain 20 years ago, and God has really gifted me and sent a comforter, the Holy Spirit, and I'll just be honest now, I actually enjoy it.
And I want my enemies to know that I really enjoy your attacks.
I really enjoy your lies.
Because the worse it gets, the more I know I'm hurting you and I'm bringing you down.
We're bringing you down.
God's bringing you down.
And so I just want everybody to know I'm a winner and you're a winner.
And they spend all their time and thousands of articles a week lying about me alone.
Because they're scared, ladies and gentlemen, of the spirit I've got and the spirit you've got, and they know if that contagion, that virus that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and all of them and Ryan Stelter have called me a virus, and you know what?
We're not the virus.
We're the cure.
And so when you're in a war and you've had major victories,
You need to sit back and thank God.
I know I do.
And just think about how far we've come and what we've done together.
And then think about the success we've had and what we can do in the future together.
And I want to reach out to those that have been serving evil.
Many of you unconsciously.
Many of you just trying to win in the system, going along to get along, and you've had your heart touched, and you know this is destructive, and you know it's hurting you and your family, and you don't know a way out of it.
God can lead, God can direct you.
You can reach out.
Just get in a dark room at night when the family's asleep and just sit there for about 30 minutes thinking about God, saying, God, I want to know who you are.
I want you to show yourself to me in my life, however you choose fit.
I'm not asking for anything.
I'm just asking you to show me your power.
Come into my heart.
Give me discernment and tell me what it is I should do.
I want to know you and I'm sorry for what I've done.
And I know I'm a sinner and I know I need the blood of Jesus to sanctify me and to purify me and to
I can't do it without you God help me And I suggest you do it in a dark room And I want you to just reach out with your hand with your eyes closed and just reach out and
Cleanse me.
You'll probably feel like putting your hands up like this.
Of course, your hands are electromagnetic connections to your brain.
So are your eyes.
So is every cell in your body.
But your hands particularly are the signet and the sign of your will and your action.
That's why you just put your hands up like solar panels to the Holy Spirit.
And that's why people with the Holy Spirit, they put their hands up.
No matter where they are in the world, what time and age it was, you put your hands up and you say, God, help me.
And you will feel the energy of Christ.
And the energy through Christ of the Father.
And it's so simple.
Just first reach your hand out, and when you feel that energy of God, you just simply say, God, I worship you.
I need you.
Sanctify me.
Help me.
Purify me.
I'm weak, but through you I can be strong.
Help me help others.
And then, you're going to feel that energy.
It's going to be exhausting just to sit there in the chair, or stand there in your bedroom, or in your living room, or in your garage, or on the back porch, or wherever you are.
And then at a certain point, you're going to feel it, and you need to get on your knees.
And then, this is what I do.
You just lay down on the ground, with your hands out on the ground, and you realize the Holy Spirit's everywhere.
It's not just coming inter-dimensionally through the time-space continuum, but then you'll actually, by putting your hands on the ground, feel the energy of God coming through the earth, and just lay there, and then you're gonna fall asleep.
You're going to wake up in 10 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe three hours later, and if you will simply do that.
That's not taught in books.
That's not anywhere.
That is my experience, and I know how real it is, and I'm telling you that experience right now, and you can experience God right now.
And here's the rest of it.
I say it's not in books.
He told his followers, he told the Pharisees too when they were up on the hilltop bragging and praying how perfect they were.
He said, don't pray like they do in public.
Pray in church together as a group, but don't sit there like a peacock in high noon praying to God in front of everyone.
Go in your prayer closet, go in a private place, and really focus on God.
And then you're going to feel that connection.
And a lot of you that are under evil control, at first you're going to feel a block.
Something blocking you.
Something saying, don't do that.
You're a failure.
No, no.
You're not good.
You don't deserve this.
You're a bad person.
No, no.
God's ashamed of you.
God doesn't like you.
No, that's the devil.
And you just ignore that and say, God, help me, help me.
And like a laser beam, a particle beam burning through steel, God is going to then laser beam the energy through there with your energy, and it's going to connect to you, just like in the Sistine Chapel with God touching Adam.
And that finger is going to come down.
And when it makes connection,
It's to prepare for war!
The cavalry has arrived.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Thursday, February 16th, 2023.
I'll be here live for the next four hours out of Owen Schroeder, 3 p.m.
Central, today, on the Info Wars Radio TV slash web network.
You know, last night, after my daughter went to sleep, I did a couple hours research there on my desktop,
And without even looking, I saw Elon Musk and Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson and then all these world leaders as well, both those promoting it and those saying it was bad, just talking about world government and the new world order and how the private corporations are running things, want to take control of our bodies and lives, and how we've got to form an opposition against it.
And just like that, all the pre-programming, all the brainwashing, all the lies, saying never talk about a world government, never talk about its agenda, all the intimidation of decades and decades and decades failed.
And at the World Government Summit that ended just two days ago, Elon Musk beamed into the event and said, I'm against your world government and it's dangerous and will collapse the planet, which is its plan to take control.
A new feudalism, the technocracy on its ashes.
And so it's an amazing moment here.
And how many times have longtime listeners or regular listeners heard me say, my mission, my primary mission that I started out with 28 years ago will be complete
When we at least have the world government out in the open and there's major opposition against it and it's normalized to realize it exists and to stand against it because its goals are bad for humanity.
When I say bad, that's an understatement.
And so I'm not obsolete.
I'm not vestigial.
I've not been made irrelevant.
But that's my goal.
That my understanding and my knowledge that many other great men and women before me understood before I was born, but was only known by a tiny one-tenth of one percent of people in America and a few other countries, that that would be mainlined so the whole New World Order project would have to face resistance.
And so I want to just sit back here today for all the listeners and all the viewers and all the activists and the crew and our sponsors and those that have made this broadcast possible and all the amazing guests.
And I want us just to pause for a moment.
In fact, I forgot to tell the crew to do this.
Will you guys pull up some video or audio of a standing ovation or a crowd applauding?
Maybe that short clip of where they cut my voice in with operatic singing.
It's like 30 seconds long.
Cue that up in a moment.
I want to play it as a salute to everybody.
Or maybe we should have a 21 gun salute.
But they can't get this project through
If when it launches the public, a large portion of the public knows what it is and what its evil aims are.
And so all of you get the credit.
And yes, I've gone through a lot of pain and a lot of suffering, but it's been well worth it because the taste of victory is so sweet to get to this point.
And we have achieved our primary mission.
We have achieved the primary mission that was literally laid on my heart by God when I was 18 years old.
When God touched my heart.
Alright, we're now into hour number two.
I'm gonna take your calls this hour.
Jack Posobiec's with us in the third hour.
Jay and I are in studio in the fourth hour on this Live Friday Edition.
I did not plug any products last hour.
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All right, let me, let me hit, let me hit this, we'll go to break, go back to your calls, and then I'll hit the rest of it after we take calls.
Look at this headline of an actual post, that's the biggest newspaper out of Canada, and what they're saying is actually true, because I've read the studies.
19-year-old becomes youngest ever diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and now they're reporting it's quite normal to have Alzheimer's at 30 years old, 25 years old, but under an electron microscope, the brain cells are dying from a protein infection, basically.
A toxicity.
And they say they don't know why it's happening.
Well, it's the nanotech, it's the GMO, it's the spike proteins, and it's TV and internet viewing.
And all the studies show this, look it up.
Nothing's better than listening or reading.
Because when you listen, you've got to imagine, if you're listening, and I say a green goblin with red eyes and purple feet with a big red tail, your brain has to pull that from its knowledge, your brain composites an image of that goblin, and that fires neurons throughout the brain.
When you simply passively watch something, and that's all you do, six, seven, eight, ten hours a day, as the average person does, neurons stop connecting and neurons collapse.
Reading's the same way.
When you read a book about, she was a gorgeous brunette with blue eyes, wearing a yellow bikini, rubbing suntan oil on her stomach.
And I was just struck like a thunderbolt by her incredible beauty and felt drawn to her.
You're now imaging a beautiful brunette with blue eyes and a yellow bikini.
But if I show you a brunette with blue eyes and a yellow bikini, you're just gonna go, okay, you're not imaging it.
So listening and reading is good.
Watching can be okay if there's articles, documents, subjects changing, and it's not passive.
If it's interactive, it's okay, but still this medium of TV is not good for you.
People say, why do you do it?
Well, I got a jacket in the Matrix to reach people.
And once you're not in suspended disbelief anymore, whether it's TV or news or fiction, you're no longer even able to suspend disbelief.
I go to a movie, cannot suspend disbelief.
I can't go into the trance, the lower brainwave, and do it.
I just don't do it.
Because I'm analyzing everything in real time, so it's actually making me stronger.
But when you just give in to TV, and just lay back, and just go to that zombie mode.
Everybody's seen pictures of kids watching TV and their mouths are hanging open.
That is damaging your brain.
Here's the studies.
New study shows link between TV viewing and Alzheimer's.
Can too much TV lead to dementia?
Can TV lead to Alzheimer's?
Will binge watching TV increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease and diabetes?
Yes, the answer.
Too much TV could raise the risk of Alzheimer's.
Study finds.
Washington Post.
Study suggests.
So, that's what I'm telling you is don't be a spectator.
Be a man and woman.
In the arena, and you won't get the neurological disorders.
Because the chemicals bombarding your brain are bad enough.
They kill neurons.
But your brain can rewire around that.
It can handle trauma.
But if it's not being challenged, like lifting weights makes your muscles challenged, if you don't challenge your brain, then your brain says, well I'm basically dead.
I'm just a vegetable.
I just watch things.
I'm gonna give up.
Don't give up.
Get excited.
Get empowered.
Decide you have optimism.
Reach out to God, and you will go to the next level.
Your phone calls are straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Please share the link.
I'm going to go to your phone calls right now, but listen to this music by that great Italian composer.
For the good, the bad, the ugly.
That's our species that makes beautiful music that God is even proud of.
I want to say one more thing before I go to your calls.
This is an epic battle.
This is real.
And you can see the enemy's abject hate of this broadcast.
Of our guests, of our callers, of our listeners and viewers and myself.
And realize we're over the target.
We're getting the greatest amount of flack.
Because we are connected to God, and we know how to win, and we're not bowing down.
We're not getting weaker.
We're getting stronger in the face of these attacks.
We're making the neuron connections.
We're making the intergalactic, spiritual, next-level, spiritual connections.
We're not a false ideology.
We're not a lie.
We're not the thousands of fake systems out there to confuse you.
We are the truth.
You are the truth.
You're not perfect.
You know you're not perfect, but you know God's perfect, and you are asking God to save you.
You're saying, I'm with you.
Save me.
Help me.
And then take action and God will do the rest, but God wants to see you help yourself, and then God will carry us the rest of the way.
Listen to that angel's voice.
The march of humanity.
All of our ancestors, our destiny.
We're not giving in to AI.
We're not rolling over and dying to the New World Order.
We're not letting these charlatans control us.
We will rise to the challenge together and win.
Jay is the first caller from British Columbia.
Thanks for calling.
Hi Alex!
Yes sir, love you.
Love you too, brother.
I've been with you for this war since 2007.
And you are a soldier, so thank you for your service.
Thank you, brother.
Now, in my soul, I believe the social solution is a hands-up revolution.
The universally most basic form of communication and signaling each other.
Put your hands up if you want out from under the rug of tyranny.
The candlelight in the Coliseum moment could be this very moment.
But first,
The horse must select its rider.
The viewers of this broadcast are the first of four vehicles of change in these times that is the blue horse.
In Alex's hands are the scales to represent the re-emergence of human equality.
The time has come!
Make the sacrifice!
Cast your vote in the form of a donation of any size to mount your rider that steers you to your destiny God intended for you.
But trample Biden and the white horse so the remaining horses never ride.
God told you the future in your past so when we got to this very moment we would understand that deciphering this text we would know that we
Absolutely, brother.
Beautifully said.
This is a spiritual war.
Jordan and Minnesota, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
Thanks for calling.
I can.
Hey, um, Jordan here from Minnesota.
Been listening to you since I've been 15.
I'm about 24 now, so quite a while.
First off, I just want to say hallelujah, praise Jesus, because this is the day he's made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it.
But first off, I just want to talk about the objects that were shot down.
I know that one was shot down over Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes, as well as Minnesota here where I'm at.
We also have a Great Lake, but
Our governor had come up and said that it had entered our airspace at one point, this octagonal or rectangular one that was shot down by a fighter jet based out of our state.
And the confusing thing to me is how they were talking about in Montana, where they had, where it was supposedly just a radar anomaly, where I haven't been hearing much about North Dakota either, where another one of our minor air force bases is.
So I'm under the assumption that this object may have been able to traverse all the way from Montana through North Dakota.
The first one over Montana was the Chinese balloon, they admitted that.
Then it looks like it was a hobby balloon out of Illinois so that Biden can shoot down anything in the air at 20,000 feet to make it look like he was doing something.
Illinois Hobby Club believes Pentagon shot down their $12 Pico balloon.
Oh yeah, that's an expensive mistake if I were to ever say one.
Two missiles, $400,000 a piece, Sidewinder, AIM-9s.
Yeah, that's $800,000.
Yeah, absolutely crazy.
Absolutely insane.
And where do those tax dollars come from?
Working class people's pockets.
But yeah, that's really what I wanted to say to you, Alex.
I wanted to tell you, I listen to your show about every morning.
I listen to Harrison.
And I go on to your show and all the way up into Owen's show.
Well, we appreciate you, Jordan.
It's good to have you listen for nine years.
Keep spreading the word.
You really are the power of this broadcast.
Without you, we're nothing.
So please share those links and articles, brother.
All right.
Christian, New York, you're on the air.
Surgeon General's VAERS report.
Tell us about that.
Dr. John Campbell has a YouTube channel.
He has over two and a half million subscribers, and he's basically a retired nurse teacher and educator.
Yesterday, I watch this thing every day, February 16th, 2023, State Surgeon General of Florida said in the VAERS report, which is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, showed a 1,700% increase in these reports.
And I'm glad you called because I was going to cover this next segment.
Here it is, Dr.
Ron Campbell.
Eli David reports on it.
No, I know you're talking about reporting on it.
I'm talking about the actual report out of Florida.
Here it is.
Breaking today, Florida Surgeon General issued an official health alert on mRNA COVID vaccine.
In Florida alone, there's been a 1,700% increase in VAERS reports after the release of the COVID vaccine.
The reporting of the life-threatening conditions increased over 4,400%.
Here is the article.
Health alert on mRNA COVID-19 vaccine safety.
So yes, that is huge.
Another thing.
I looked at their website and they say that they only get 1% of people giving in these reports, only 1%.
So you figure, if it's only 1%, what the 1,700% would go up if everyone did report it.
What would that be?
What would the number be?
It's in the hundreds of thousands.
It's insane!
Now, they're going to try to... And by the way, just to back you up, I know about that doctor you're talking about.
Dr. John Campbell.
Yeah, he used to be pro-vax.
Now he says this is an attack, it's on purpose, and he is one of the top people.
The whole thing's came in.
Incredible points.
Thank you, Chris.
Since you mentioned that, I'll come back with more of that and another key clip, and then we'll go to Jay, Carlos, Brett, Savick, Sarah, James, Daryl, Jordan, and others.
Stay with us.
You know, something I'll never do, not willingly, a few times we've been caught with fake clubs because deep fakes are so good, is put a clip up that's deceptive about what somebody said.
And my phone has been flooded with clips of what I played last hour of friends, family, other talk show hosts, big ones, saying, oh my God, look at Soros endorse the Santas.
And he didn't endorse the Santas.
He said he hopes Trump wins the nomination because he thinks they can beat Trump.
Do you think that the
Soros quote-unquote endorsement is, obviously it wasn't an endorsement, but do you think that they're using that for reverse psychology?
And then also, what's the next biggest threat?
Are we looking at like a marigold and economic, biological, infrastructure threat and your top priority for, you know, homes to prepare best for that?
And then the only other question I have is,
Do you have any idea where I can still find the 2012 Galveston mRNA study?
I cannot find it anywhere.
I found it right at the beginning of this whole hysteria.
I cannot find it anywhere.
Yeah, we even covered that again like three weeks ago on air.
I'll have to dig it up, but it was, they did a study of multiple vaccines, mRNA and regular ones, for
COVID, SARS, coronaviruses, and they found that the rats lived half as long, and they said, do not give this to humans.
But, I mean, that's why the CDC knew in 2020, in October, that it would cause all these problems.
So, I mean, it's right there.
I mean, I think even more powerful than that University of Texas National Initiative that Obama had, and it was big articles about gain of function with COVID, SARS,
That was in Nature Publication 2015.
It was a big scandal.
It was in a bunch of publications.
But for me, even bigger is the October 2020 document that admits it would do all the things it did do.
The blood clots, the infertility, the heart attacks, the myocarditis.
But I hear you.
I will look into that.
What were your first questions?
It was, what do you think the next bio attack is?
What was the other question?
Well, no.
Do you think the next, so like the next threat, our next biggest threat, do you think it's the Amerigeddon, like the movie Amerigeddon, EMP?
Do you think it's economic, biological?
I mean, obviously we're under all the, you know, we're under economic and biological.
Sure, I know what they're pre-programming and it's all of those.
A new virus, Marburg, monkeypox, airborne Ebola.
They're hyping power outages, they're hyping cyber attacks, they're hyping war, they're hyping it all.
I don't know what the next thing is they're going to kick off, because I think they don't know.
They're not all powerful, they're trying to line things up.
So I think your guess is as good as mine.
And then the only other thing I was going to ask was, do you think that quote-unquote, what they're pushing as an Soros endorsement for DeSantis, do you think that may be reverse psychology?
That's what I said, I said it could be reverse psychology, but I mean Soros is there again in a Machiavellian way in the two and a half minute clip, not the thirty second one that they're running around.
He actually endorses Trump winning the nomination, which is a repeat of Hillary though.
Hillary thought if Trump won the nomination she could beat him, and so there is Soros kind of repeating that, so I don't know.
I mean, again, Soros is not all powerful.
He doesn't have all the answers.
And so, I mean, I think projecting onto him that he knows what's going on is really not good.
And I think projecting onto what he said that he endorsed the Santas is just not true.
And again, it's not about picking a side with Trump and the Santas.
I still think the jury's out on that.
It's just that he did not endorse the Santas in that clip.
Thank you, sir.
All right, Brett in Pennsylvania.
Brett, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, um, if I have time at the end, I would like to mention a possible vector for which the BioNTech mRNA is able to splice into human genes, but I'm primarily calling to warn about an active PSYOP.
The Rage Against the War Machine rally in D.C.
has a website.
It's rageagainstwar.com.
Well, there's a rageagainstwar.org, and it is the exact antithesis of it.
It is a, I mean, it's something obviously Soros, IC Alphabet Agency,
To somebody like us, it's absurdly ridiculous.
But it may be effective in diverting people away from the peace rally.
They're literally closing the road.
I'm not familiar with it.
I saw Harrison covering an anti-war, anti-nuclear war rally today when I watched like 30 minutes of his show and I had time.
You're saying there's another fake website diverting people?
Yeah, therealones.com.
Theirs is the same thing, but .org, and they literally call it a pro-Russian anti-peace rally.
It's absurd to us, but to normies, they might get, you know, lured in the wrong direction.
All right, well, we'll look into it, brother.
Everybody's got to be careful nowadays.
What else is on your mind?
There was research that I dug up from six months into the pandemic about a possible vector for how the mRNA in the genes transcribes into human DNA.
It's via the long, thin, in short, squid.
It's all technical stuff, but it's more something like Malone or Mike Adams still again, too.
But ADAR1 and ADAR2 are enzymes produced within the squid's axon that edit the RNA via mRNA.
Well, they now admit that these mRNA shots edit the genes, not just in the person they're giving it to, but generationally.
Yes, and what they do essentially is they
The anadenzines created by this, or enacted upon by this, created RNA-1, which is the ADAR-1, which actively inhibits HIV-1 replication in human macrophages.
Sorry, I'm tongue-tied.
In human macrophages.
So it actively inhibits, produces the ability for immunodeficiency disorders.
Well, it definitely raises your immune system and gives you AIDS.
That's mainline news, it gives you AIDS.
A lot of folks taking the shots now have AIDS.
They call it VAIDS, vaccine-induced AIDS, and it's all over the news, yeah.
Thank you, sir.
That's why a lot of folks who take the vaccine come up as HIV positive.
They go, oh, don't worry.
Like, oh, you got cancer.
Three years ago, when they started the shots in England, two and a half years ago in the U.S.,
I have a suggestion to all the banned video content creators.
Yes, thank you Alex.
Just like the way Jon Bound does with his special reports.
If you have a transcript of that video that's already ready to go, and if you could post it on the description of the video, that will help us with the translation aspect of it, speed the process up.
Yeah, that's a great idea.
I don't control the hundreds of manned-up video contributors.
We've got a dozen or so contributors here for InfoWars.
But yeah, everybody should try to create a transcript of their voiceover so that people can then transcribe it or take the transcription and then put it over, whether it's in Chinese or Spanish or whatever it is, over that so they can share it easier.
That's right, yeah.
That's when you already have the transcript ready, that'll be much easier if you don't have the text.
But if you have it, then you could just post it if it's possible.
Yes, sir.
I can definitely recommend to the contributors that they create a transcript of the video so people can translate it better and share it.
That's a great idea.
Anything else?
That's all.
We keep waking people up in the Spanish-speaking world.
Thank you for the videos and just keep at it.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you.
All right.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to talk to James and everybody else in the order.
Your calls are received.
Bam, bam, bam, bam.
And I've only covered a third of the news I wanted to hit today.
I've not hit the vaccine news yet.
I gotta come in with this.
Come in with this video, guys.
I sent it to you.
I forget which one is on the list.
In 2015, Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos and her whole scam, where she's in prison now, versus what
Borla at Pfizer's doing very important video.
We'll come back with that video at the start of the next segment, and then we will take your phone calls after that.
And Jack Posobiec with a lot of news on the train derailment and more.
One of the smartest people we know is Jack Posobiec.
That's coming up today.
Stay with us.
What about those who say that's not enough blood to do all the tests that need to be done, especially if someone's very sick and you're trying to figure out what it is?
Every time you create something new, there should be questions.
And to me, that's a sign that you've actually done something that is transformative.
I asked them to make the impossible possible, basically.
And when we do a development of a vaccine, it usually takes 10 years.
So I asked them instead of eight years to do it in eight months.
Eight months?
In a stunning reversal of fortune, Elizabeth Holmes, once a Silicon Valley superstar, was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison on Friday.
Holmes carried out a massive scheme to deceive the investors, who put up nearly a billion dollars in her biotech company, Theranos.
Along with that, there were concerns, well, they must have cut corners, this can't be safe.
Yes, and that was always the guiding principle.
We will never cut corners.
Hey there, is this seat taken?
You guys would have been happy it was 50 to 70 percent effective, and it was?
95.6 percent.
95.6, all right.
I'm a Pfizer girl, just saying.
I'm not just saying that because you're here.
Brought to you by Pfizer.
Have you taken the vaccine, sir?
No, I haven't taken it yet.
They were developed so quickly.
What do you tell those folks who might be saying, well, I'm going to wait a few months before I get this one?
The decision not to vaccinate will not affect only your health or your life.
Unfortunately, it will affect the lives of others and likely the lives of the people you love the most.
I also want to thank Albert Borer, Pfizer's CEO and chairman, for joining me today.
We've gotten to know each other over the last few months.
He's really stepped up at this critical stage.
You have not yet had your shot.
When do you plan to get it?
Sooner I can, I will.
Today's announcement with the U.S.
government gets us closer to our goal.
You said it was 100% effective.
Then 90%, then 70%.
Why did you keep that secret?
Have a nice day.
Mr. President, I want to thank you for your leadership and partnership.
Are you not ashamed of what you've done in the last couple of years?
Do you have any apologies to the public, sir?
Of course all of this work to increase supply and distribution will mean nothing if people are not willing to sew up and roll up their sleeves to be vaccinated.
This is, uh, this is a case of life and death.
As I said two plus years ago,
The Theranos story run by Bill Gates, she was his front lady.
It's the same story here.
They are bombarding us with lies and with fraud.
And I was thinking during the break, unpacking the World Government Summit that just ended a few days ago and all the horrible announcements.
They're taking over our bodies.
World Government's here.
They're going to run our lives.
It's even worse than the you'll own nothing, you'll have nothing, you'll like it statements.
These are real statements because they finally got to attack.
They finally got to admit what they're doing.
They finally had to take the gloves off.
And it was Klaus Schwab, they're so scared, saying, if we don't get this system in, we'll lose control of the AI.
We'll lose control.
Oh, somebody else will get it.
Oh, oh, we got to, we got to run it all or somebody else will, but they want to run us.
They're in control.
They're trying to get full control.
So it's such an illustrative clip of their excuse to total power, because if you have freedom, that threatens them.
So you can't have any freedom.
So there are actual conventions against AI takeovers or nuclear war.
Nuremberg 2.0, don't make people take shots.
They do all the evil.
That's what Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in many of his books.
That, oh, we do all the evil stuff so we control the evil to mitigate it.
That's their excuse.
And that's their philosophy.
But really, they are just evil.
Here's Klaus Schwab, and back to your calls.
I think the fourth revolution, industrial revolution, will be in our mind for quite some years to come.
But what is very essential, my concern, my deep concern, is that the source technologies, if we do not work together on a global scale, if we do not
Formulate, shape together the necessary policies.
They will escape our power to master those technologies.
Okay, pause.
They will escape our power to master those technologies.
We need a monopoly of technologies we roll out against you for total dominance or somebody else will get them.
I've got to be a dictator because somebody else will.
To master those technologies.
Because artificial intelligence, you can, it's relatively easy, let's say, to understand how a computer functions.
Of course, if I go back to the first industrial revolution, how a steam engine functions.
But how does really quantum computing function?
How does artificial intelligence, particularly if it's self-replicating, functions?
So, one of my concerns is how to shape the necessary policies to make sure that those technologies serve humankind.
They're pausing again.
To make sure those technologies serve humankind.
Naval Harari, his main high priest, says humans are over, we're taking your bodies over.
The government will take you, he said two months ago, and take you over to make you accept this.
Oh, he wants to serve humanity while he works to replace you and dumb you down and poison you.
Continue with this, this monster.
The second concern which I have, and royal governments have an important role,
The change goes so fast in our world, and we go even faster.
How can we make sure that the individual, each citizen, doesn't feel overwhelmed?
And rolls over and dies.
Because he cannot understand really what... Because you know your future is being destroyed, you know it's anti-human, how do we make sure you lay there and die while we kill you?
If we do not understand, we become fearful, and we react negatively, and we see the first consequences already in many countries with polarization of the public opinion.
It has to do with some feeling that we lose control over our own fate.
So give us control, we will fix it.
James in Maine, globalist.
And who's at the top?
Go ahead, James.
Yes, God bless you, General Jones.
It's my honor to speak with you.
Speaking of our friend Schwabe there and Bill Gates and Soros, I was always wondering, are they at the top of the pyramid or are there other people?
No, they're right below the top.
They are the spokespersons, but essentially they're the enemy.
They're like generals in the military.
There's people behind them, but they're running the operations.
So is it the Jesuits or the Zionists?
Who's at the top?
Out of all the powerful organizations and groups, the globalists have basically taken them all over.
If you look at a roundtable group of the UN or the Club of Rome or the Bilderberg Group or Deimos, it's all representational of the leaders of all the main groups.
So they've taken over all the main groups.
They've taken over mainline Christianity, all of it.
Secondly, I just had a quick comment.
In the 60s, 64, there was a psychiatrist that started hearing voices in her head, and she told her department head, and he encouraged her to write it down.
And she did so, and it turns out that it was Jesus speaking to her.
And she wrote a book called A Course in Miracles from these writings, and I highly recommend.
It's a free online book.
You can read it online or get a copy of it.
It explains our relationship with God, and it's very valuable.
I encourage you to check it out, and all the listeners to check it out as well.
Thank you, James.
I will, brother.
Let's talk to Jordan in New Jersey.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Thank you.
I'm going to try to be quick.
I put myself on a timer.
So I wanted to, this is Jordan from Cronize.com.
I just wanted to alert everybody that from all the things I've tried to prove through my site and my work,
I found clinical data that proves one thing coming from the shots.
And this is that everybody who received an active dose of the COVID injections received some sort of form of encephalitis through the shot.
That's right.
Well, what causes mad cows?
They're giving you a prion protein infection.
And so everybody who's taken this has had an effect on their mental capacity.
And the clinical data is clear.
If you put encephalitis and COVID-19 vaccine, you'll find dozens of articles.
These haven't been scrubbed as effectively as some of the heart condition articles and so forth.
You're right.
The hardest people had a bigger reaction.
The main thing is a protein attack.
And so neurological dysfunction.
And I think this is long term for everyone.
Hold on.
Don't hang up, Jordan.
I'm going to go to break and give you the floor when we come back in two minutes.
Don't hang up.
Then Jack Masobas goes for 30 minutes, and I'll get to Lee, Brad, Sean, Bob, HB, Marvin, Shara, Jefferson, Daryl, in the order they're received.
We'll come back, hour number two.
But really, in all the studies and mainline science, he pointed it out, it hadn't been expunged yet, even from Google searches, the spongiform encephalopathy, the prion disease, these proteins are very similar to self-replicating prions they found in man cow.
And so that's what they're injecting you with, and for everybody it causes the beginning of these plaques growing in the brain.
This is just so diabolical.
So start over with what you're saying, because I know what you're saying is true, and this is so important.
Thank you Alex.
So I got into this because my wife took the Moderna vaccine and I saw strange neurological effects immediately.
And she even admitted that it caused hallucinations, weird things happening, auditory hallucinations, weird stuff.
So that got me started on this journey.
And when we talk about all the mind control stuff and all the various things that we've talked about, people miss the fact that there has been clinical data
I'm good.
In parts of the Middle East, and residents who didn't know not to report this in American hospitals, you can look this up by searching it, that encephalitis was one of the key things that was a side effect of this.
By the way, I was just telling the crew to pull this up, because I haven't searched this in months and I should have been focused more on it.
You've got my commitment to.
What do you search?
Encephalopathy, encephalitis, connected to vaccine?
What do people search right now?
Encephalitis COVID-19 vaccine.
That's the best way to do it.
Encephalitis COVID-19 vaccine.
Okay, go.
And you'll start, you'll see dozens of articles, clinical research all over the place, in various medical journals, okay?
This is what I used to do when I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, is find stuff like this, right?
So, this hasn't been scrubbed as effectively because everything's been about the myocarditis and all the rest.
So, but you have to realize that there's a subtle neurological damage that's occurred to everybody who's taken this.
And when we have these questions about why aren't people waking up and what's wrong with everybody and things get more bizarre, I personally think, my theory based upon my research, is that this has something to do with it.
Kind of like when JFK got hit in the throat to get him ready for the kill, the headshot, this definitely... Oh no, Dr. McCullough, all of them agree, it's directly linked to prions.
And so when you go and look encephalitis up on the NIH site, okay, it's very serious.
It's mostly associated with the herpes simplex, right?
But there's clinical data that ties it directly, and in the case of... Which is also associated with cancer, cancer viruses.
Yes, it can be.
So there is a neurological damage that occurred to everybody who took an active dose of this thing.
So those people have some sort of form
Or had a form of encephalitis, the long-term neurological effects which are not being studied.
And of course, at the end of every one of these articles, it says specifically, oh, this is a rare side effect.
But when you go ahead and count all these articles that your people can find or anybody can find by searching the Internet, you start to see that it actually then takes it off the curve trend that they're specifying in these articles.
And there's not been any long-term studies done because of the state of emergency.
And all the rest of it.
And so all I'm saying is that these people have been neurologically affected, and I think most of the people that took this have some sort of form of, you know, at least starting what's called semantic dementia, which means that they may appear very normal, but there's subtle hints that you may get that these people aren't thinking correctly.
You know, at first everybody's talking about the brain fog, right?
And the failure to come to words?
That's one of the direct symptoms on the NIH site of encephalitis.
And let's be clear, the virus and the disease does it as well, but nothing compared to the injections.
Powerful call, Jordan.
Thank you from New Jersey.
All right, Jack Posobiec is straight ahead.
He wants to talk about the trained derailment.
I can't wait to hear his insights.
He is killing it in the fight against the New World Order.
We're so honored to have Jack Posobiec straight ahead.
Everybody you know, tune in now.
This is important information.
Hey, what's up, Bone?
Hey, McBreen!
What's going on, man?
Hey, really like that work you did on the AI piece.
I'm going to use that on the show today.
Right on, I worked hard on that.
I'm working on another project, so I'm going to be up late again tonight, and I was hoping you had some Brain Force Plus.
Oh, um, no.
No, nothing.
What about Brain Force Ultra?
Thanks anyway.
Good luck with that project though.
Get your Brain Force Plus and Brain Force Ultra right now at InfoWarsStore.com
Well, I've known Jack Posobiec for eight years, and he was always super smart, but he has, in the last few years, been one of the greatest leaders out there on so many fronts, exposing the globalist agenda and defending our republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
On Twitter at Jack Posobiec, tpusa.com, also host Human Events Show.
And it's hard to get him on.
We appreciate him coming on.
He wants to get into the Ohio train, Biden denying federal aid requests.
So outrageous.
And then tying that into everything else happening in the world right now.
I want to get into the Ukraine war.
I want to get into the elections.
I want to get into all the vaccine news coming out.
I want to try to give Jack Posubik the floor.
Jack, great to have you, my friend.
Yeah, Alex, thanks so much for having me on.
I appreciate you giving me that very nice, those nice words there.
And I also wanted to say congratulations, because I heard yesterday that you declared that you had accomplished your primary mission, and I posted that snippet on Twitter, because that's actually a huge deal, and I think people need to understand that, because you've always had a mission, and even when I've spoken with you about this, even off camera, you've always said, I have one mission, and it's to stop
The globalization of world government.
And that has been, through thick and thin, your singular focus, your primary mission.
And you're absolutely right that that is on the lips of every single world leader.
They're either talking for it or they're talking against it.
But the fact of the matter is, this was being done in the shadows and you, I think more than anybody else, pulled it into the light.
And I want to be clear, you got it.
A lot of folks got it.
I saw your post with massive views.
Some said I was saying mission complete.
No, I'm saying I always felt my mission was trying to get others to put it in the light so we could have a debate about it.
We haven't won the war, but now we know who the enemy is.
That's right.
That's exactly right, Alex, because this hasn't gone away and you're seeing vestiges of this everywhere we look right now.
And just go look at those.
And I posted some videos from Ohio, and it's a great example.
In fact, believe it or not,
I posted a video of an Ohio railroad that's not in East Palestine, but it's near East Palestine, and it shows how deconstructed and how run down the track is, cracked, it's twisted, it's crooked, and I post this video.
Alex, within a couple of hours, believe it or not, I get a staffer from the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, sliding into the comments in my notifications, trying to debunk everybody yelling about this because they're saying, wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa, it doesn't matter what's going on in Ohio, it doesn't matter that our infrastructure's crumbling throughout all, here's the video here.
It doesn't matter that our infrastructure is crumbling across the United States.
We need to send more money to Ukraine.
We need to send more money over here.
Don't look at that railroad track.
Don't worry about East Palestine.
And see, Alex, what's driven them so crazy, and the reason the IMF is sending their stooges against me, is because they don't want us talking about the fact
That we are living through the collapse of complex systems.
They're trying to distract us with spectacle.
They're trying to distract us with these pronouncements.
Nikki Haley out there saying, uh, we need to, we need to, we need to win in Ukraine.
We need to win in Ukraine.
And it, my heart goes out to him, but I'm not from Ukraine.
I'm not Ukrainian.
I'm an American.
And I see this happening in my home state of Pennsylvania, which East Palestine is on the border of.
I see it happening here in the United States.
And FEMA is nowhere to be found.
I feel like FEMA stands for F everyone in middle America at this point.
And the IMF and a lot of these people, Alex, are feeling very threatened because the work that your audience has done and the work that so many other people have done to highlight these issues and the fact that the United States has really been embarking.
The last 30 years on an America last agenda.
They're trying to build and not just I'm not talking about the people of this country.
I'm talking about our leaders there and they are embarked on a new plan to build something they call the globalist American Empire and this Empire is one that benefits the elites not the people and that is why they are always talking and and obsessed with places like Ukraine and Iraq and Libya and Syria and they want us to send
Millions and billions of dollars there, and they want us to send thousands of our resources.
I had seen that footage.
I follow your Twitter.
I hadn't seen I follow your Twitter, but I hadn't seen that.
We have the oldest railways of any industrialized country.
This has been done by design.
All our money, all our power is sent overseas to parlay globalist powers.
You said, well, we're literally rotting and falling apart.
But you look at that footage of a train having to drive two miles an hour over the most crooked track ever.
It is incredible.
And that footage, the way we have it, that's actually sped up because it's driving so slow that if you showed it without it being sped up, you wouldn't even see it moving.
That's the United States.
So remember that the next time Nikki Haley or Joe Biden or any one of these people are running around telling us how we have to fix all the problems of the world, that we have to go spread gay rights in Hungary because that's a national initiative apparently.
How about we actually fix our country that's crumbling from the inside?
We're going to stop trains from derailing in places like Ohio because I'm much more worried about that and fixing that up before we can focus on these other things.
Alex, this is why this story
We're good.
The next step.
I remember you mentioned this yesterday that we should always be looking forward to the next step.
The next step is they're going to say this was human error and that's why we need more automation.
We need more AI.
We need stronger AI.
This is why we have to have, you know, if AI was running the train, this would never have happened.
They are absolutely going to use this in the further push for automation.
Well, that's right.
I've seen some bad railroad tracks, but that clip you put out is just insane about how nothing is done for our infrastructure, but everything is done for globalist investments, which they own.
But it seems like America's waking up.
Big picture, 35,000 foot view with Biden and DeSantis and Trump and the awakening that's happening, and Elon Musk addressing the World Government Summit, saying world government's bad and authoritarian.
How do you quantify what's happening?
Well, I see it all.
You had Elon Musk, but you also had Ian Bremmer, who was out there just after Elon Musk, and they're out in Dubai, of course, a bastion of Western goodwill and values.
Funny how they never want to spread these LGBT rights and pride flags in Dubai or Qatar or any of the other Middle Eastern countries the United States has business with, but they're more than happy to push them in places like Hungary, where they are currently trying to foster a new color revolution against Viktor Orban and his government.
Alex, what they're clearly doing here, and if you get Elon Musk's, the guy who comes up after him is Ian Bremmer, who's one of these neo-liberals, sort of... He says, we'll use crises to bring in our world government.
He says, we'll use crises.
He said, no, no, no.
He says, all of the crises.
Exactly right, Alex.
All of the crises that we're seeing are because people are trying to break away from globalism.
Because Alex, there is something, you and I have talked about this in the past, that our country was founded on the idea of breaking away from globalism and being a nation-state.
The globalism of 1776 was something called the British Empire.
And it was the idea of breaking away from that system and erecting a strong, independent nation-state here in our country where we have favorable geography.
Where we've got essentially benign neighbors to our north and south, obviously we have issues with the cartels right now, but we don't have great powers on our borders.
We have the ability for the United States to be a place, to be this laboratory and factory of freedom and innovation, and it was for so long, until it got to the point where we decided to go and start spreading and encroaching on all of these other nations.
That's been the problem, where we said, we broke away from the globalist system, now we're going to erect our own globalist system.
That's where the American experiment, if you're wrong Alex, and I'll tell you something right now, is that we are following in this country the same track.
Because I get people all the time, all the time they say to me, oh but you know Poso, we were founded as a republic, we're a republic, don't you know we're a republic?
Guys, I know we were founded as a republic.
But over the years, by design, we have been devolving into an empire.
And I think, Alex, that's what you've been talking about for these 28 years.
You've been documenting it in real time, how we have been degenerating this country and these governments into an empire.
And an empire that doesn't even serve the people.
Empires are bad enough, but at least the Roman Empire served the people.
So I want to talk big picture with Jack Posobiec, where we go from here, what else is on his radar screen, what he thinks is coming next, one of the smartest people out there fighting tyranny.
Jack Posobiec, straight ahead on the other side.
Then your phone calls and more breaking news after he leaves us after this segment.
We'll be right back with Jack Posobiec, straight ahead.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Welcome back, final segment with Jack Posobiec.
I'm going to try to give him the floor to talk about
The connection with our infrastructure collapse versus Ukraine, what's happening in Ukraine right now in the big picture.
So Jack, give it to us.
So Alex, you have to understand that this goes back to, and we discuss this on Human Events Daily all the time, that this goes back really to 2008 and the over-financialization, they called it quantitative easing and all these other things that went on then.
So you had all this fresh money in the system.
And so the elites had to find a way to get that money to themselves without too much scrutiny.
And that's why you see immediately after this, you see the kickoff of Libya, the destruction of Gaddafi's government there.
Then you saw the United States fund and foment the civil war in Syria.
Which, of course, led later to the inadvertent creation of ISIS because we were, if you remember, arming the moderate jihadists.
I served at Guantanamo Bay, but I've never met a moderate jihadist in my life.
And we go on and on because, Alex, what they're doing is not necessarily spreading freedom.
They'll always say that.
They're spreading freedom.
We are the empire.
We're here to spread freedom.
What they're doing is they're washing the tax bases of the American taxpayer
They're using the U.S.
dollar and they're using the petrodollar to push beyond any type of actual value for the U.S.
I mean, you look at the destruction of Nord Stream 2 and Cy Hirsch has come out with this incredible article, right?
And you would think, why would the United States government ever do something like this?
Ever do something so reckless, an attack on a nuclear power, which is also essentially an attack on Germany, which is another NATO member.
I don't even think the NATO Charter discusses what happens
If one NATO member attacks another NATO member, it's silent on this.
But the fact that the IMF specifically has come in here, Alex, is indicative for us, and it's enlightening, because they want us to ask, to not ask the questions about what's going on in our own country.
They just want us to focus on over here, and they don't want you to follow the money at all.
They never want you to follow the money.
You know, the French have a phrase, they say,
I think?
Do you think
Well, at one level we know the globals are allied with China, but at the other level they're fighting with them.
How do you quantify that split?
So what you're seeing is an oligarch fight.
The idea was that they were going to bring China in and China was going to be, okay, you're going to provide the slave labor, you're going to be the manufacturing base, you're going to be the ones that eventually will provide the intellectual capital, the IP, the Western capital.
But somewhere along the line, the Chinese Communist Party realized, wait a minute, if you're sending us all the jobs, if you're sending us all the wealth, then you actually need more, need us more than we need you.
So are you the senior partner or the junior partner?
That's why you're seeing an oligarch fight now.
That's why you're seeing George Soros pen op-eds attacking Xi Jinping.
He doesn't care about the United States government.
It's about who's in charge.
It's about who's in the driver's seat.
The CCP wants to be in the driver's seat and they don't want to be under the thumb of the globalist elites anymore, the Western elites.
Which is what the founders predicted.
It's like a separation of powers in our government.
There's a separation of powers globally.
So who's winning this global fight right now, in your view?
Honestly, it's China.
I mean, if you look at what happened with the Chinese spy balloon over our nuclear site, that was a message.
And the fact that the United States was not able to defend, was not even able to react until that spy balloon.
We're good.
I was about to say, why wouldn't Obama slash Biden send federal aid to this?
Why would he do that?
I think it caught them all flat-footed, honestly.
I think it's caught them completely flat-footed in terms of this.
You're seeing people make distinctions and make their declarations before they actually have the ability to come out here.
But Alex, I'll tell you something else, that at the end of the day, they're going full mask off.
What you just saw here was a mask-off moment from the globalist American empire, essentially saying what I said before.
If you're from the middle of this country,
If you're someone who's from the Midwest, or the South, or what, you know, this is the Rust Belt, Alex.
This is the exact Rust Belt that we've been talking about for so long.
Exactly why President Trump won in 2016.
Because these are the people who were forgotten about.
These are the people who are taken granted for.
These are the people that work the jobs, their families go into the military, they go to pray at church every Sunday.
No, you're totally right.
So why does the Eastern elite, why does the Eastern elite instinctively hate Midwesterners and Southerners and others?
Why hate people that are the source of their power?
Because two reasons, Alex.
Number one, because of massive cultural differences.
They'll wear the MAGA hats.
They'll go listen to country music.
They drink beer and they cuss.
And maybe every once in a while they have a rebel flag.
Oh no.
The idea that they would ever stoop to such a level.
No, that's it.
They're scared of the ghost of America, which doesn't matter whether you're in New Mexico, California, New York, doesn't matter.
You're an American, black, white, old, young, you accept that birthright, you're that, but they're really scared of the American ghost.
They're terrified because they know that if the people of this country actually do have their eyes opened up, they stop going in to serve in all these endless wars.
They stop going in with every single new government action overseas and start asking questions about why is the government allowing our water to be poisoned?
Why is the government allowing our air to be poisoned?
Why are you going after a guy like Mike Lindell who all he does is make pillows to give everyone a good night's sleep?
So hard just for asking these questions.
Alex, they're terrified because they know at the end of the day that there are so much so many more of us than there are of them and they don't people wanting to wake up to use their agency and to actually find their inner human American spirit.
Well that's right everybody's great from Florida to New York to
Washington State, but it really is the Midwesterners.
Look at, look at Lindell.
They just hate those common, nice, friendly people that aren't trying to be elitist.
They're scared of regular people.
Jack Posobiec, incredible analysis at Jack Posobiec, my favorite Twitter account.
We love you so much.
Please join us again soon.
We salute you, my friend.
Have you on too, Alex.
About to set it up.
Wow, your calls are coming up.
That was Jack Posobiec.
That was a powerful 20 minutes.
Stand up and be counted!
For what you're about to receive!
We are the dealers!
We'll give you everything you need!
Hang on to the good times!
Alright, I want to go to your phone calls.
I want to just say something very short and very sweet.
I have a blind spot and I've admitted it to everybody.
If you go back to 2016, we were making so much money that I said, OK, our subscription site's now free.
I got plenty of money.
I can buy my ex-wife out of the business.
I can run the operation.
I don't even want all this money.
I'm going to hire a bunch of crew.
We're going to fight the New World Order.
But then they put the hammer to us over the last four, five, six years.
They have gotten so close to shutting us down, which is fine, because that makes us only that much more intense in the fight.
But I'm completely maxed out.
I have $100,000 in legal bills a month with multiple appeals and bankruptcy and all the rest of it.
But we're winning despite that.
So as soon as I get back into black, I have a tendency to kind of back off the plugs and pushing product because I don't want to cover that.
I want to, you know, the great products that enrich our lives.
I want to take your calls.
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But something that got us the last two months out of the red
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I'm asking you to make this decision right now to go to Infowarshore.com.
You know, I was thinking of that movie Gladiator just a few minutes ago, and I asked the crew during the break to pull it up.
We'll see if they can.
But there's that scene where they send the Roman general out who's been captured and put in a gladiatorial service.
They don't even know who he is.
And he goes out there and he cuts up like five guys in about 30 seconds and he says, are you not entertained?
Well, I'm not comparing myself to some fictional Hollywood movie.
I'm saying, are you not empowered?
Because what we've done, the listeners, the guests, the crew.
Is beyond that scene.
I mean, we have hacked the living, murderous daylights out of the New World Order.
They are so damn afraid of us because they're afraid of God.
God's light shines through us.
I'm not here like, oh, I'm badass.
I'm incredible, man.
No, I'm completely humble.
On my knees in front of God.
But I got God on my side.
And they are so scared.
And later, the former top gladiator who's retired, one of the few that survives and, you know, becomes a rich man, he runs a gladiatory operation.
He goes, listen, you gotta draw it out when you're so good.
You gotta, you gotta, you gotta, you gotta make them love you.
Well, we're not trying to do that here.
But we have literally delivered you the Gold Cup.
You have delivered yourself it.
We have the pole position.
We're the all-time greatest.
This broadcast, not me.
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Let's play this scene and I'll go to your phone calls.
This is the allegory of what we've done.
We're not just hacking folks up for sport or entertainment.
We're hacking globalists culturally, spiritually, politically up and saying, are you not empowered?
Have we not delivered?
Here it is.
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Is this not what
So you want somebody to fight for you.
You want somebody to go 110%.
You want somebody to give you victory.
God's going to give you that.
You're going to give yourself that.
And there's nowhere in a war against tyranny that more intense war is happening.
We are in the center of the war.
And I am beyond blessed to be here.
But I'll tell you, I get it's God's way of doing things.
The Lord works in serious ways to humble me.
And to make me spend five, six hours a day running around for money to run this place when I could be cutting reports and doing everything else.
And it's disgusting!
And I'm not bitching!
But I know all this big money sits off on the side right there and just sits back and says, oh, that guy's too much of the arena.
He's too spotlighted.
You support him, they'll come after you.
They're coming after everybody!
Why the hell do we sit here and take this?
We wake up, we say no.
Like that clip from the movie Ants.
Where they go, we got plenty of grain in the head grasshopper's ass.
We got plenty of grain.
Why are we beating these ants up?
He says, if you let one ant stand up, they might all stand up.
I know we're gonna win.
I bet on you because I bet on myself.
I know you're just like me.
But dammit, folks, make the commitment, however you can, to share the articles and the videos on your email, your text messages, however you can, on Rumble, on Patriot sites, but also establishment sites, and you're doing it.
But let's go to the next level.
These New World Order people, Klaus Schwab's body language and everything he said is fear, and he should be afraid of God.
But we can't sit back and ask God to do it when we are the instruments of God and God works through men and women.
So go now to infowarestore.com, go to the top where it says donate, support, and make a donation.
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All right, I'm going to come back, take calls for a few segments.
Jay Dyer is going to take over.
I'm done plugging, but man!
I got big plans, but I can't do it without you.
And it's not like I'm begging for help and have it delivered for you.
I will go to the end.
I'll never back down.
But I could give out.
Energize InfoWars now.
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But do it now.
Star Spangled Banner flutters in the sky.
Time waits for those who refuse to die.
All the sweet young things.
Trying to make the scene.
Star Spangled Banner.
Alright, Sarah in Austin, thanks for holding, you're on the air worldwide.
Welcome Sarah, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, I was just calling to tell you how much we love you and buying your products, we're supporting the InfoWar, and I had an idea for a t-shirt for you.
Tell me.
Rage Against the Vaccine.
Oh that's beautiful.
So, and stickers too, that'd be really awesome.
I started listening to you in summer of 2021, oddly my daughter was damaged by a flu vaccine.
Back in 2013, and I think that was the beginning of my awakening.
I'm not sure why I never listened to you because I was a huge Rand Paul fan, but I just never, I never really watched you.
So now I feel like all those pieces of the puzzle are missing.
It's a shame that my daughter was damaged, but I can see how God... I'm sorry to hear that.
Is she doing better?
She's better.
She has, she has autism.
She had autism before the injury, but...
She's, um, you know, it's just a daily, it's a daily, um, struggle with her, but she's been doing well for the last few months.
So we just thank God every day for that.
So, um, but I, I am thankful that it really made me, even before I started listening to you, I, uh, it was 2020 and I had a coworker come in and we were packing up our offices for the lockdowns.
And I told my coworker, I said, this is what's going to happen.
I said, they're going to make a vaccine.
They're going to rush it, and I'm not going to take it.
And I hadn't even listened to you, which is so strange, but I just knew.
No, you spiritually knew, yeah.
I spiritually knew.
After that pain of seeing my daughter when she was six years old have to be hospitalized because she tried to choke her sister, her baby sister, after this vaccine, she went completely psychotic.
And I'm just so thankful that while that was painful, I'm thankful that I was able to
Well, I'm just thankful your call got through to tell this testimony, so hopefully others think about what they're doing.
I know so many people took these mRNA shots that aren't the same now.
Their IQ goes down 30, 40 points.
Yeah, it's terrifying and it was very terrifying because I support my children, my three daughters, and I was so terrified.
Actually, because my co-workers, I work in a very liberal environment.
They wanted everyone fired who would not comply.
And I was so scared I wasn't going to be able to provide for my children.
And I ended up getting an exemption because I got an attorney who wrote a beautiful letter
And I got an exemption for me and a few other co-workers, but I ended up moving company that paid me more, and they never mandated the vaccine.
And just that, I just want to tell everyone, if you are courageous, you have to make a decision to be courageous.
And God will take care of you.
And we're going to lose everything anyways if we don't, but you're right.
In that moment when you don't know, just trust in God, take action.
Beautiful call, Sarah.
Thank you so much.
Beautiful call.
Thank you so much.
Daryl in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Hey, you caught me.
Hey Alex!
I'm just in the car line.
I'm getting ready to pick up my daughter from kindergarten.
It's noisy.
That's what's going on.
But listen, I gotta tell you this, man.
I don't know if you've heard, but Asbury University in Kentucky, a couple of weeks ago, it's one of these Christian universities.
They had their normal prayer thing going on at this church.
Well, something happened.
Some guy got up and started cheering, and I guess it got real personal, and everybody said the room changed, and they felt the Holy Spirit power.
Well, since then, it's been two weeks, but that prayer meeting, that church meeting has not ended.
I saw articles I meant to cover two days ago.
There's like a Pentecost that's happening.
Yeah, and it's spreading to all these universities, these other Catholic Christian universities, not Catholic Christian.
Oh man, people are saying it's real Holy Spirit stuff.
People are having all kinds of experiences.
This is not celebrity crap.
No, it's totally real.
It's spontaneous, and that's what happens.
When evil comes in, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
That's the thing.
We've got to just stay steadfast, and God is going to give us the secret weapons we need.
He's doing it right now.
It's happening in Kentucky and it's going to spread like wildfire.
This is tomorrow's news today.
I'm telling you, this thing is going to go crazy.
I agree.
Crew, remind me tomorrow when we do the Jay Dyer Show at 11 a.m., I want to talk some about this big revival that's happening that's spontaneous.
Yes, spontaneous.
And people, there are eyewitnesses.
It's no BS.
People are saying they feel, they hear the Holy Spirit.
I've never experienced anything like this, but look, I'm six hours away from that universe.
I'm in, you know, Carolina.
When the Holy Spirit comes down, that's why we need to congregate.
You need to get close to that, because it just comes in.
Yeah, yeah.
So I want to go down there on Monday, and, you know, if you're going to send two of your guys to go down there, we could do some interviews.
Well, that's why they tried to shut down the churches in lockdown.
The enemy knows this is coming.
And again, we congregate together because it's a chain reaction.
Yes, yes.
So if you can get people to maybe call in.
But it seems like it's taken off right now.
But I just wanted to give the good news.
Because man, look at that stack of paper on your desk.
A hundred sheets of bad news.
We've been seeing it.
We're all getting walloped.
Now I almost feel guilty that I cover what the enemy's doing instead of the positive.
You're right.
I'm trying to.
I just want to tell you what's happening.
But yeah, we should focus more on the positive.
You know, maybe Sunday's show, 4 to 6 p.m., I'll open the phones up for people talking about this new Pentecost emanating out of Kentucky.
Let's do it, brothers!
Let's make it happen!
Thank you, Daryl.
Love you.
Brad in Missouri.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Long-time listener.
First-time caller into your show.
I got to talk to Owen a couple times, but my reason why I was calling is I want to ask your opinion on the climate lockdown.
I think that all these chemical spills and everything going on around the country all at one time is not an accident.
I think they're going to lock us down again.
Arizona's already in trouble, so.
So do you think they're going to try to put us into a climate lockdown?
Yeah, I mean, Arizona's been on lockdown for, what, four days over the nitric acid that got released?
And I'm thinking, well, the Ohio disaster is killing all the animals, and then you got this chemical plant fire down in Florida, and then you got all these other things.
Well, that stuff's all going on, but I think they're also focusing on balloons and chemical fires and stuff that's already happening to divert us from
The Jeffrey Epstein information coming out, and the pipeline in Europe being blown up, and the war.
So I think the media is focusing us in on that.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go to Sean in Florida.
Sean, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
So I've noticed that you've been asking a lot of people how to beat the globalists, and nobody really has a sufficient answer.
What I've come up with is traditional Americanism.
And what that looks like is local organization to solve problems locally as much as you can before you kick it to a higher power like state, regional, federal, but also repealing both the 16th and 17th Amendments.
And for those who don't know, 16th Amendment allows the federal government to directly tax the population.
The 17th Amendment allows for the direct election of senators.
Those are both strictly forbidden in the original
Yeah, we should go back pre-1913 when they passed the IRS and made federal senators federal.
I agree with you.
So what this does is, well, put it this way.
Before, the federal government used to be funded by the states, but now the states, most of their budgets, especially the smaller states, come from the federal government.
So if you repeal both of these amendments,
It allows... The tail will no longer be wagging the dog.
Yeah, so senators would be fired if they kept giving money to the federal government.
This means it's not as easy to go to war, fund bioweapons to allow infrastructure to rot, and just fund and enforce their agenda.
Because senators are creatures of the legislatures that elect them.
House members are popularly elected.
Senate members are elected by legislatures.
Now they are creatures of the states, so you don't get an imperium.
Yeah, and it also allows the states to follow their own agendas.
So that makes them, forces them to cooperate with each other more.
And instead of this like adversarial relationship they have now because they're lobbying for federal dollars.
In defiance of tyranny, tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, two-hour commercial free, InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
Alright, final segment I'm hosting when Jay Dyer takes over in studio.
Jefferson in Virginia, lead follower, get out of the way, give us your take on the situation.
You see that Marburg Virus has broken out in Cameroon now.
That's the one that kills 90% of the infected, yeah, that's a whole new U.N.
Right, and by summer the International Health Regulations and the World Health Organization might pass amendments that basically take away our sovereignty and let the World Health Organization tell us when we have an international health crisis.
They're bringing in their world government on the back of a virus.
The quickening is happening.
We are quickly approaching the point of no return.
We might need a Project Valkyrie to be in the background here.
We need to talk to the
The guards.
We need to talk to the Secret Service.
We need to talk to the people that are guarding all these criminals that are running our country and say, what do you think should happen here?
Should we keep going down this road?
Or is there a peaceful way to get out of this?
You know, changing the 13th and the 16th and 17th Amendment isn't going to change things in time.
We're heading down a road to ruin pretty quick here.
I meant to cover Marburg today, I did cover some yesterday, but yeah, BBC, UN, they're all, oh it kills 90% of people, it's out, we're all dead, they're literally piping the next plague right now.
Yep, and that just gives them more control, it's like the mask thing with Walensky saying we're never going to get rid of the masks on the children, it's just a matter of how much testing indicates we have disease in the community, then we can put the masks back on the school children again forever.
We're never going to change that rule, so they're never giving up on this COVID
Medical tyranny.
They're just letting it go by the wayside briefly, and then they bring it back every time there's another outbreak of something.
I totally agree with you.
So how do we counter it?
Well, like I say, you know, we've woken up enough people, I think.
I don't know how we expand the audience larger quickly in the sense to get everybody on the same team, but certainly the people that are closest to the elite need to be
Well, I think Elon Musk and a lot of them get it now.
That's why we're seeing major challenges at the World Government Forum.
But yeah, I appreciate your call.
I think it's work we did decades ago is now having its effect.
The work we do now will have an effect in the future, but it's how this stuff works.
Let's go ahead and go to Marvin and then HB.
Marvin, let's talk about Trump, the Santas, and the Soros situation.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hey Alex, I don't think either one of those guys are going to save us, you know, so I don't really care too much about what Soros said.
Trump and Soros, Trump and DeSantis aren't going to save us.
Yeah, no way.
And I mean, they both have so many problems.
And so, and we know that if, you know, in the Bible, it talks about how Saul on the road to Damascus, Jesus appeared to him and said, why are you persecuting me?
Well, the reason he said me is because where is his body?
And if we're his body on Earth, then the Antichrist also has a body, a spirit of Antichrist.
And those people are doing the best they can to, you know, win their war right now.
And you look at Ohio, people aren't really, you know, looking at things the way they could, where, how do you cover up mass cancers and heart problems caused by the jab that can't be hidden very much longer?
You know, the giant war.
Well, or you release chemicals into the atmosphere and to the ground that cause the same problems.
And so you can... No, I agree.
They're going to cover up their first attack with a new attack.
Well, they did it.
I mean, they did it in Ohio and some of these train derailments are decoys and some are the real deal.
They're going to cause a lot of health problems.
And things like that.
So people need to kind of think about it.
And even this morning on Harrison Show, you know, and I recommend everybody listen to that every morning.
It's a great show.
You know, he had a caller talk about how they changed the poison levels of the vinyl chloride and they raised the limits on it.
Well, now they could, you know, with all the chemtrails and everything, they could spray just under that limit and give everybody that took the shot arrhythmias in their heart.
And nobody would detect it because they're looking for a higher limit.
You know, so people really need to think about what's going on and not put all their faith in Trump or DeSantis.
I 100% agree Marvin.
Sorry to HB and Rob.
Or Bob.
If you guys call back on Sunday, I'll get to you.
I've tried to get to everybody.
I appreciate you.
Jay Dyer is about to come in here in one minute.
We're on a break.
He's coming in.
Then the War Room in 56 minutes with the Cuck Slayer, Owen Schroyer.
And then 11 a.m.
tomorrow, Jay Dyer and his co-host in here with me on air to cover the waterfront on the history, the present and the future of the New World Order and how to defeat it.
So I'll see you then.
Stay with us.
If you go to OnlineHealthNow.com, connect with trusted and unbiased doctors at the Wellness Company.
And I tell you, I'm honored to be the Chief Scientific Officer of the company.
I contribute like so many else do there, so many wonderful doctors.
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It's a natural proteolytic enzyme.
This one is the only
Enzyme that we're aware of right now that dissolves the spike protein.
This is very important.
The spike protein is loaded in the body with the COVID-19 infection and definitely with the vaccines.
People are low with the spike protein.
They don't feel well.
This is a potential solution.
Hydroxychloroquine comes from a natural substance.
So does ivermectin and now natokinase.
Isn't it interesting?
Natural substances in a sense combating this man-made disaster SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines.
Onlinehealthnow.com, thank you for your support, and thank you for getting into that, because it's important.
You didn't come here to do that, but I made you do it.
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and surveilling your submachinery.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who would it be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you.
And in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order.
He promised you peace.
And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer, Jay's Analysis, and I thought today for this fourth hour, so glad to be here in studio, that we could cover some of the predictive programming because of course I've written two books on that topic and it's really relevant given the fact that this film White Noise, based on a Don DeLillo novel, is so prescient, so specific, and I think that
Definitely bears our covering that we should focus on that because this is an idea that I think trips up a lot of people.
People don't think this is a real thing.
They can't conceive of why this would exist, why there would be such a thing.
And I think there's multiple reasons, multiple layers and explanations for this.
Then later we'll get to some clips from the WEF itself that I think outlines the whole agenda so you can hear it from their own mouths, from their own slimy, slithery, snake mouths.
Coming through their forked tongues.
So let's talk about this White Noise.
So we watch this, we do a lot of film analyses, a lot of breakdowns, because there's so much propaganda, so much programming in the fiction, in the film White Noise, which is based on this novel, as we said.
And by the way, I should mention, even the LA Times has recovered the fact that Don DeLillo's novels have a history of predicting the future.
There's a LA Times write-up about DeLillo predicting something like
How is this in fiction?
Well, this goes all the way back to the British Empire.
They had a tendency to put into a lot of the spy fiction what they were going to do, what the future plans would be.
It's a form of revelation of the method.
If you heard Greg Reese's excellent report, we talked about
The strategy of sort of conditioning, warming people up to the acceptance of these things when they're rolled out.
And fiction is an amazing technique for doing that.
In fact, it's a lot better than the news.
You know, nobody really cares what boring newscasters are saying, but billions of people perhaps might watch or read something that's a fictional presentation.
So it's a lot better means for programming and for conditioning people.
Think about H.G.
Wells, the famous Bernays before Bernays, right?
In H.G.
Wells' fiction, he's basically seeding a lot of the ideas of what the Fabian Society, what the New World Order wanted to bring in decades ahead of time, and he was very effective at that through the usage of fiction.
So you watch War of the Worlds, you watch Island of Dr. Moreau, it's about GMOs, human modification, creating hybrids, all this kind of stuff, all this changing of the genome and nature.
That's already in HG Wells a long time ago.
And so he was able to condition generations of people through fiction, and he understood that.
And then later, people in Hollywood, for example, they understood the power of fiction to do this in an amazing way beyond what you could do in a boring sort of rote newscast.
Now in this novel, we have the story of a train that derails in the exact same city that the actual derailment took place recently.
And not only that, the film itself, when you watch the film, I've not read this novel, but I've had some literary theorists on who do talk about this novel and who are sort of experts in DeLillo's writings.
He has a bunch of books that cover these topics.
And even the literary theorists that I've had on my show, my podcast, we've talked about
The predictive elements in his fiction and what might be going on here.
Now, I don't know anything about his own background.
I'm not making accusations about the author.
We don't know about that.
But what is interesting is that people can, in the arts, kind of make connections at times that I think go beyond just the mundane.
And again, let's talk about some of those possibilities as to what these fictional presentations might be about.
In my view, I think there's something deep going on with the way that psychological warfare experts have studied the human psyche and how to condition and how to prepare and entrain, or entrainment, as Catherine Austin Fitts calls it, through fiction, the preparation for what they want to roll out.
So there's just one aspect of it, which is that social engineering component, which prepares people for this.
And then when it happens, it's not as shocking, it's not as, you know, you're not going to have as much opposition to it.
It's going to be a lot more natural.
So that's one component of this.
Some of the people in Hollywood, they're part of secret societies, they're part of cults, they do believe in these sort of dark, esoteric types of things.
And so they actually believe that they're doing a ritual working.
And there are people who have worked in psychological warfare, in the army, in the military, who have studied black magic and sorcery for the techniques that could be used for psyops and for social engineering.
For example, Michael Aquino, the famous colonel who I think recently passed away, he wrote a whole book on using black magic principles for army psyops.
He wrote a famous document called Mind War to Psy War that you can find, which covers a lot of this as well in a more compacted essay.
But these documents show that whatever you think of the dark side of spiritual forces or whatever, even if you don't think it's real, people study these because they are useful for
Manipulating people's worldviews.
So there are people that do believe these things.
And a lot of people believe in the demonic.
They believe in these kinds of spiritual forces, angelic and demonic.
And if you can manipulate and steer people's views on that, it can be very useful for psychological warfare and for this kind of steering.
Think about, for example, Blatty.
If you read about William Peter Blatty, he was actually involved in psychological operations in Vietnam.
Now, I'm not saying he's a malicious person, but if you read essays about the formation of that script, it was actually consulted on by the CIA because he was a psyops expert.
So he knew how to use fiction to really steer and drum up a lot of hype and fear in the population.
I'm not saying there's not demons, I'm not saying the CIA concocted the idea of exorcism or anything like that, but that was useful at that time for the CIA in terms of the Cold War.
If you go back and watch the Exorcist in the film, it's actually really evident that that's what's going on because a lot of the anti-war protesters at that time in the film are actually castigated and they're sort of aligned with the demonic.
When it comes to this notion of UFO invaders and all this kind of stuff, that's actually another psychological warfare technique going back to the Cold War II, where even in old episodes of Twilight Zone, which actually had DOD consultation, they would oftentimes tie in the notion of the external threat.
Even if it's aliens, to the external threat of a foreign enemy.
I'm not saying there's no foreign enemies or no foreign threats.
I'm just saying that this can be a tool for how to drum up fear, confusion, chaos.
Seems like what's going on the last few weeks is just some kind of Operation Chaos.
I don't know what it is.
I just made that up.
But it's something like this to just really kind of give a bunch of distractions, destabilization, because when what's really going on, Biden, Nord Stream, which everybody knew about, Cy Hirsch's article,
We're good to go.
But get everybody looking at these ridiculous balloons, which, you know, maybe it is surveillance.
I don't know.
We don't know.
We can't trust what the stories that they give us, you know, that they're accurate.
We don't know.
But we do know that they consistently lie.
And it's the same people who told us that there were WMDs in Iraq.
Same people told us that you should take the stabbies.
Same people said that, oh, you can become a woman at will.
I can identify as an attack helicopter if I want to.
All of these things are from the same establishment telling us that we should be fearful for
UFOs and aliens and who knows what else.
That's all PSYOPs in my view.
When we come back we'll go through some more of these clips from the WEF ghouls themselves outlining and explaining all of the long-term plans for what they want to do to get rid of everybody and to create an austerity smart city hellhole.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were talking about white noise.
We were talking about all of the elements in this film and this presentation that do line up with real events, which some might say, oh, it's all coincidence.
Is it really?
I mean, how many examples do we have in fiction where we have precise predictions of actual events?
And then in many of these cases, we find out that a lot of these films, a lot of these television shows were actually consulted on by people from the intelligence agencies
By people from the deep state dark all kinds of different attache connections going on here
And I think that a better explanation is that when we look at the history of fiction, especially British spy fiction, Graham Greene, for example, he would write about false flag operations that had really been conducted in his fiction.
Think about the best example of all, like what I wrote about in both of my books, Ian Fleming, high-level naval intelligence.
What did he do?
What did he specialize in?
Yeah, he did PSYOPs for the British Navy, but what did he really do?
He wrote and created this archetypal character, Bond, who was supposed to be the exemplification of Western ideals, Western tradition, at least post-Enlightenment, right?
Of the individual, the Ubermensch, pleasure principle, all these ideas that are embodied in James Bond.
A lot of those operations in those stories, in those novels, and in those films are based on real operations.
They're based on real things going on.
And I've covered that at length.
I wrote my graduate work, a lot of my graduate work, on Ian Fleming and this phenomenon.
So this has always piqued my interest.
Why would we have this phenomenon?
Why would this exist?
And the best explanation, again, is that one, a lot of people who worked in intelligence, especially in the British Empire, were under official secrets acts.
So they couldn't put their work out.
They had to do it in a covert way, in fiction, but a lot of that fiction was based on reality.
And a lot of movies in Hollywood, right, that are based on things like, you know, Fleming's writings, have these principles of, you know, Moonraker, you've got this eugenicist who wants to get rid of most of the people on planet Earth and reseed the population with his own offspring.
Amazing, we actually have oligarchs of recent note who have tried to do this exact same thing, right?
We have Epstein, Gates, and what they were doing at MIT, these secret labs about trying to seed their offspring everywhere.
So all of this has come out because Fleming knew, running in these circles of these billionaires and of these intelligence operatives and British intelligence, that that's how people really operate.
You know, when you see Soros up there and he's got the eye bags that basically look like Resident Evil villains that you have to, you know,
They're gonna sap your energy, right?
I mean, like, the people that Fleming writes about, right, Klaus Blofeld, these are not fictional presentations.
They're actually based on real-world people.
A lot of
So, cults, satanic groups, Hollywood, media, theater, they've always had these overlaps.
This is nothing new.
It goes back to the ancient world.
It goes back especially to the Elizabethan period, the Renaissance, in the British Empire.
That's why Shakespeare writes so often about all these esoteric and occult elements in his plays, is because this is part of that craft.
Think about statecraft, spycraft, the craft of masonry, which also has overlapped with a lot of these things.
If you watch something like The Man Who Would Be King with Ma O'Kane, Sean Connery.
If you watch The Man Who Would Be King, that's a Masonic movie about the British Empire's Freemasonic spy network.
And that's really what Freemasonry was during that time period, was the British Empire's spy network.
So we have to understand these things if we want to understand how the theater that's projected to the world, right, we all, you know, the world's a theater, right, this kind of thing.
To control the theater, to control the mass media theater is crucial to controlling psychological warfare, controlling the narratives.
And that's what a lot of these secret societies and deep state networks do.
Think about Operation Mockingbird.
Operation Mockingbird was actually funded, a lot of the money that went into that from the CIA had, actually came from Gladio operations.
This is covered in the Paul Williams book.
It's what I'm going to be lecturing on next.
And this gets into clerical subversion.
How clerics are compromised, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church in this case, but it's not just the Roman Catholic Church.
This extends to all of the churches and denominations.
They go in, they buy up, they fund the seminaries, they buy them off, they compromise them, and we see this now with a lot of the clerics, whether it's Francis or whether it's Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
He's just at the World Economic Forum, right?
Bartholomew's there, like, chilling with all of the other global elites.
And so let's go to this first clip from the WEF, because this is going to make my point as to how this collusion and this networking works.
This is the, I think it's a 2015 video, yeah, of somebody at the WEF talking about the power of mRNA gene therapy experiments.
Okay, let's look at that.
So this is a precision tool that now allows us to take this protein RNA complex and introduce it into cells or tissues to correct mutations at sites where we know there's a deleterious change in the genetic code.
So I wanted to show you an example of how this can be utilized.
This protein complex can actually be injected directly into fertilized eggs of a mouse and in the experiment you'll see we're targeting a gene that is responsible for the black coat color in mice.
And so normally these mice have beautiful glossy black coats and once we make this targeted change we then implant these
Thank you so much.
So this is a technology that's been very exciting over the last two and a half years to see this technology taking off.
These are publications in the scientific literature.
It's been sort of exponential growth of publications, people using this technology for all sorts of applications.
And so some of these include making changes, targeted genetic changes in plants, in fungi, in animals that are important agriculturally, in animals that are important to us as pets, and also for, in thinking about human health, also to do things like make changes in stem cells, which are cells that can give rise to new organs.
Also to make changes in animals that are important as models of human disease, such as mice and monkeys.
And we think within the not-too-distant future it will be possible to actually use this technology to make changes in humans.
So there you go.
So the mRNA gene therapy experimental STABies.
We looked at what it did to change not just the recipient, but also the recipient's offspring.
They're telling you right there, in 2015, that this would be used for humans.
She says, in the near future, here we are.
They've rolled that out.
Now, that is, that's exactly what Klaus said as well.
Don't forget Klaus saying that, the new world order is not really about changing your mind.
The real change will be you!
We will change your biology!
We will change you from the inside out!
Because we will penetrate the cabinets of all the world!
I will penetrate your cabinets!
You are my cabinet!
You will be penetrated!
That's my number one hit single, Pay Piggy.
Go check that out on my YouTube channel, J. Dyer on YouTube, if you want to hear more of those banging hits.
We were talking about PsyOps.
We're talking about deception.
We're talking about mind control.
We're talking about World Economic Forum.
Greatest hits.
What are the greatest hits of the World Economic Forum?
And they're outright just laying it all out there for us.
Very helpful.
Very helpful to wake everybody up.
Because I think a lot of these clips that kind of go viral on Twitter, you know, you get millions of views of these WEF people just saying what they're going to do.
And we can't, in the greatest hits lineup, we can't forget the classic from 2016, which was the eight predictions.
And a lot of people, I talked to a lot of people this week, we did a lot of media stuff, a lot of media spots, a lot of interviews, a lot of people have forgotten this video.
But it's a classic.
We have to remember this one.
Let's roll this entire one, all eight predictions, because this also lays it all out.
This is key.
They took this one down, by the way.
We're good.
For those that are not watching or listening, it's basically just laying out eight things that will be predicted by the year 2030.
It's a 2016 WF video that they put out.
Some of these are really key for basically
Changing the entire structure of the West.
It's basically a model, a plan for destruction of Western civilization is all this.
It's what it amounts to, right?
But everybody forgets the alien one here.
Uh-oh, we're gonna go to Mars and then uh-oh.
Oh, we're gonna find alien life.
So here we are.
Western values have to be tested and brought to a breaking point.
Check some balances.
The underpinned democracy must not be forgotten.
Yeah, right.
As if any of this is a bunch of unelected bureaucrats, zillionaires who have no interest in democracy whatsoever.
Although actually, to be clear, they do utilize democracy as a tool of subversion.
We're a republic, not actually a democracy.
Democracy, worst form of government ever.
And that's what they push and pretend to be.
Democrats or not.
Well, Democrats are basically run by oligarchs.
Best example of this.
But it's not democracy, which is a joke.
And so, every one of these predictions in this 2016, you can begin to see how this plan, this model, particularly fits into the last three years.
What do the Rockefeller lockstep documents say?
Well, it said in the first scenario that this worldwide pandemic that would happen, 2010, lockstep, that it would lead the way to the automation of everything in society.
Greater steps towards automation, I should say.
And so, what does this video know?
Well, the video says, yeah, you will have the bugs delivered to your door.
You won't be eating meat, by the way, which is now, in the last couple of years, the major push of these people.
You have to be under a carbon rationing system, cutting down your carbon, cutting down your meat consumption.
Literally, it's all in this 2016 WEF video.
Oh, and also alien life, that's rolling out now, all this big psy-op of the alien nonsense.
And it's particularly this Western values have to be tested, and that's because all the global elite, going back a hundred years, have made it a point to go to war against the fundamental values of the West that at least have the skeletal remains of Christianity, common law, moral law, mosaic law, all of those skeletal remains now also have to be gotten rid of.
But there's something really important that happens, really crazy that happens, when you get rid of the things like biblical law or basic principles like the Ten Commandments.
If man is no longer made in the image of God...
Then there's not any basis for the dignity that he has.
There's no God, right?
We're just basically manifestations of the natural world.
If we're just manifestations of the natural world, then we can be dispensed with like any other piece of the natural world.
We're just cattle.
We're just vegetation.
So we can be experimented on, dispensed with, and that's precisely the attitude of these people.
These are the people behind the reset, behind the build back better,
And so you're going to notice that there's a commonality here.
What have I been lecturing on last five years through 50, 60 different texts from the writings of the elite?
This very plan.
There's only one plan.
It is the Anglo-Atlantis American establishment that is behind this plan.
They have a plan to create this global technocratic order.
And they basically decided to come out through these big global summits that are public, world government summit,
I don't think so.
So what do you mean it doesn't exist?
What do you, I mean, that's that Overton window that they do where they, you know, gaslight and sign up everybody and say, oh, you're a crazy coot because you say that it exists.
And then it's like, well, they're rolling it out, but it's world governance, not world government.
You see, that's very, that's what they tried a few years ago, like playing word games.
Then it was, world government's rolling out, and here's why that's a good thing, right, to use the Twitter speak of the blue check journalist on Twitter, right?
And then it becomes, now it's time to punish those who went against our world government.
So there was no world government, and it moves all the way to, it's time to punish those that oppose the world government.
But you can see from that eight-point prediction laid out, which by the way is in all of the texts, you know, if you read Klaus's book, Fourth Industrial Revolution, it says all the same stuff in there.
It's in Klaus's book, and it's the same plan a hundred years ago that H.G.
Wells writes about in his books.
So, identical plan, same power structure, OSS, CIA, that's who set up Davos.
Kissinger went and found Klaus to be in that role.
Kissinger working for Rockefeller Foundation for many years.
Alex just had Dr. Francis Boyle on, and Dr. Francis Boyle said everything that I've been saying and you've heard me say for a long time.
Yeah, of course, it's the Kissinger chair that I was given, and Kissinger's who found Klaus, and they put him up to be, for a time, steering Bilderberg, and now to steer this other, more public thing, where you have a bunch of celebrities and a bunch of more public people, Kevin Spacey and Leonardo DiCaprio.
They go to Davos and World Economic Forum, and it's all public.
Although it's funny that this year was kind of a PR disaster.
A lot of people didn't want to go.
You know, I think, just in my opinion, because of so much attention, like Alex, this broadcast, so many people in our sphere pushing out this information, especially on Twitter.
Twitter has been so crucial.
That's why they're so mad about it.
Think what you will, if you don't mind.
If the videos are going viral with millions of views of Klaus and the ghouls talking about what they want to do, thank God, that's going to wake people up.
And that's what we need.
And so all this other stuff, a lot of this other stuff's distractions, right?
So let's go to the next clip if we have time.
Maybe we should wait, I don't know, I can't remember how long that clip is.
But here's Trudeau, just play a little bit of this Trudeau clip, talking about the purpose of Great Reset fitting into the COOF narrative.
Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen and to help.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.
Yeah, they're going to address poverty and climate change by making everybody poor and then everybody dead and then there won't be any poverty and there won't be any climate change.
There won't be any suffering because they get rid of the beings that suffer.
So, we won't have these problems if we get rid of the beings, right?
I mean, literally that's what he's saying in code.
By the way, he also said what?
That if you disagreed with, he said that if you don't believe in science, you're racist.
Makes no sense at all.
But it doesn't have to make sense, because it's low-level propaganda and psyops.
We're going to get to more of the greatest hits of the WEF and their lectures here in a moment.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
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It's called cringecore.
It's a feature of music.
It's all that we can do with music now that music's basically been destroyed systemically by the New World Order, MTV, etc.
They waged a war on the arts.
So all we can do now is cringecore satire.
That's it.
That's all that's left.
Alright so we were talking about the World Olympic Forum's greatest hits, all their top 10, top 8, 9, top 9 best clips and we did Castro, I mean Trudeau there in Canada doing his explanation openly about how the rate reset will be
Particularly useful now that we're able to build back better, right?
So that the agenda can move forward, which is what all the white papers said.
Build back better as a result of COVID and the lockdowns.
Now we can build back better.
Now we can bring about the Great Reset, which is this austerity model.
I remember listening to Alex back in the 2010-11-12 time when there was a lot of coverage of the IMF and World Bank basically looting Europe.
And we have the economic crashes, we have that economic, the IMF four-step plan, which is actually a 50-step plan, where they have a model to, from the Greg Palast article, how to deconstruct and destroy these countries and then remodel them into where they want to go.
And we have to understand that those are just kind of little puzzle pieces in a bigger puzzle piece, excuse me, a full puzzle basically, outlined by World Ion Forum, Davos, and this overall plan for where they want to take things in the next phase.
Think of it as business phases, like rolling out a business plan, the big catalyzing events are crucial for moving us to the next phase of the business plan.
The COOF and this Pentagon PSYOP, which was rolled out as a giant exercise, a giant operation, almost globally, pretty much globally, it was all part of this longer strategy for bringing in what all of these same people write about, which is this ultimate technocratic order.
And the lockstep document is so key because it actually outlines that it is for automation and technocracy within the first scenario.
So let's go to the next clip, which is that tech will result in man's liberation or the worst enslavement that the world has ever seen.
This is clip number six.
Through technology and ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.
What does that mean?
That's where are they traveling?
How are they traveling?
What are they eating?
What are they consuming on the platform?
So, individual carbon footprint tracker.
Stay tuned.
We don't have it operational yet, but this is something that we're working on.
This is what's up next.
What were the lockdowns telling us?
Oh, Mother Earth is healing.
Mammy Earth is healing.
She's healing.
The climate lockdowns are great because apparently Earth is a living being that can heal itself.
But I thought it was just dead inanimate matter, matter in motion.
No, it's actually a living being that can heal itself.
And if you don't go along with this, you are a cancerous cell in Mother Earth.
Yeah, there you go.
There's your coon pod.
This is Mark Zuckerberg.
I'm so happy to tell you that the kumpas are rolling out now.
You're not going to be able to get out.
You're going to be stuck in your kumpa for the rest of your life until we decide to turn off your vitamins.
That clip right there told you that what they want to roll out is carbon allotments, right?
And that they're going to be tracking what you eat, what you do, where you go on what platform.
The BIS, that was the other clip, I forgot, the guy with like five chins at the BIS was saying that.
It's time to roll out the CBDCs, and the CBDCs, when they roll out, which is, we'll be connected to what that guy was just talking about, right?
Tracking everything to the Plandopolis Clips, remember that from 10 years, yeah, there he is, that guy, he says, when we get the CBDCs out, your wallets will be shut off when you go against ESG-type violations.
So, it's all here.
Everything tracked and traced.
I don't know if it's the end of the world, but it's a B system.
Perfectly outlined in these clips.
Let's go to the next clip, which is Noah Eval Harari, number seven.
The technology will, on the one hand, make it possible to start enhancing and upgrading humans, and on the other hand, especially the rise of AI, will make more and more humans economically unnecessary.
There's just a brief blip, it comes back.
Yeah, so this is Harari talking about what to expect through the AI, which is what they're rolling out right now.
I think there's a little more to this clip, but it bleeps out for some few seconds.
Well, so there you have Harari telling us that the AI is going to be rolled out now to replace humanity.
And in other clips he talks about how they're going to create these sort of clone farms and people will just be born in test tubes.
That was written about a long time, this is not a conspiracy theory, this was written about a long time ago by Lord Birkenhead in his Cosmopolitan essay that he wrote in the 1920s, part of the Royal Society with Bertrand Russell.
That was then put into Brave New World, which is a significant part of the novel, is that people aren't born naturally.
They're all born in test tubes.
And they're already doing this with the CRISPR technology and tweaking genetic designer babies, all this kind of stuff.
That's preparing us for what they want to roll out next, which is the joining of humanity with the tech, a new kind of Android life form.
That's what all the trans movement was about.
It's not about your rights, it's not about your sexuality or any of this stuff.
It's actually about the preparation for this.
I mean, it's a sterilization thing, too.
Sure, it's dark, it's satanic, but the ultimate goal is the rolling out of the transhumanist agenda, which they're all talking about.
I mean, again, Harari's one of the most famous transhumanists in the world, and he's there at the World Economic Forum with Klaus and all these people telling you, with the support of Gil Bates, what they're going to do.
Okay, next clip is Klaus's, THE MASTERS OF THE WORLD!
Number eight.
Now, when we move into the exponential phase, and I agree, artificial intelligence, but not only artificial intelligence, but also the metaverse, new space technologies, and I could go on and on, synthetic biology,
Our life, in 10 years from now, will be completely different, very much affected, and who masters those technologies, in some way, will be the master of the world.
Yeah, so rolling out AI, the control of AI, and Metaverse, will be the masters of the world.
And here's a clip of me, kind of dressed up in that same space suit.
I don't know if you can see that picture.
Do the cam there on that picture from above.
Anybody see that?
Can you guys see that?
It's a little secret little picture of me as Klaus there.
I won't say what's going on there, but it looks like a pole.
Some dancing going on and that's me wearing a Klaus spacesuit.
So I can't say what that's for, it's a secret, but it's going to be a fun production coming out in the near future where
I played someone famous with a bald head and a space suit.
I'm not going to say who, but you might figure it out.
So, next up, last one, one of the best, one of Klaus' greatest hits, The Covenants!
Number 9.
This notion to integrate young leaders is part of the World Economic Forum since many years.
And I have to say, when I mention now names like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.
But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on.
So we penetrate the cabinets.
So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I... Oh, there you go.
So, unelected.
Subversion of the cabinets, by penetrating the cabinets, he means the cabinets of world governments, of most of the western world, to be a part of this agenda.
Now, it's not a hidden agenda.
It's all in the open.
It's hidden in plain sight.
And they'll tell you right there, in all these clips, what the plan is, where they want to take it, and the events, these catalyzing events like COVID and all this kind of stuff, and whatever the IMF, by the way, is saying is the next event, they say, will be the unthinkable.
The IMF just put this out.
The next big event is the unthinkable.
We need to be prepared for that because it's all about bringing us into this austerity, depopulation, great reset technology agenda.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
This is Alex Jones Show.
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