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Name: 20230215_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 15, 2023
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In this excerpt from his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to global politics and conspiracy theories. He covers themes such as World War III, the push for a world government, climate change, advancement of technology, electric cars, hydrogen cars, detachment of wealthy individuals from reality, UFO sightings, power blocks, corruption, geopolitical events, and peaceful assembly. Jones promotes his online store, InfoWarsStore.com, where he highlights different products and encourages listeners to support InfoWars. He also mentions OnlineHealthNow.com for accessing trusted doctors and Dr. Vandewater's Detoxification Supplement that dissolves the spike protein associated with COVID-19 infections and vaccines. The podcast includes calls from listeners sharing their thoughts on various topics, emphasizing the need for standing against globalist agendas, and promoting peaceful solutions to stop World War III from escalating further.

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It's confirmed that the Russians are shooting the conscripts that refused to march forward into withering mortar artillery and small arms machine gun fire.
So this looks like World War One meets a Martian invasion.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Let me whisper the terrible word from the old English, from the old German, from the old Norse... DEATH!
Chinese spy balloons consistently flying over the U.S.
as green lasers from Chinese satellites are spotted over Hawaii.
Food production facilities up in flames.
Egg production sabotaged.
Fuel pipelines causing statewide emergencies.
Power grids attacked.
All of these multiplying and alarming occurrences consistently relegated to independent reporting.
Boy, next they'll be coming for the water.
Oh wait, they are!
Less than a month into the Biden administration was also a highly sophisticated attack on the water supply outside Tampa.
Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Galtieri says a water treatment plant operator first noticed the remote access hack.
The bad actor increased the amount of sodium hydroxide or lye in the water supply from 100 parts per million to more than 11,000.
This type of activity and this type of hacking of critical infrastructure is not necessarily limited to just water supply systems.
It can be anything.
There was hundreds.
Russell Murphy is referring to the fish now belly up in Leslie Run.
He and his wife noticed them last night, barely 48 hours after the fiery derailment five miles away.
We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open.
More than 250 trains have derailed in just the last decade.
Half of those contained hazardous waste.
Two more train derailments were just added to the pile in Texas and South Carolina.
Ten days prior, the controlled burn of vinyl chloride in East Palestine, Ohio, contains the foul stench of the corporacratic disregard for human life, at the very least.
Vinyl chloride is very hazardous and very flammable.
The other thing about vinyl chloride is that it boils at 8 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's shipped in its liquid form.
Meaning that when these trains crashed and these started leaking, they weren't just leaking liquid, but they were spewing boiling gas.
There's maybe a million pounds of this toxic chemical spilling into the ground and also boiling off into the air.
Of the many byproducts of burning vinyl chloride, one of them is hydrogen chloride.
Hydrogen chloride's really unstable and latches onto water, like just water vapor in the atmosphere, and that turns into hydrochloric acid.
So right now, government officials, officials from the railroad, both the governor of Pennsylvania and Ohio, are calling burning off the million pounds of this stuff a success.
But not mentioning that it means that we have hundreds of thousands of pounds of acid in the air.
Lobbyists have successfully seen to it that their trains and an emergency electronic-controlled pneumatic brake system carrying the chemicals don't face federal regulations.
Organized pandemics, cultural jackbooting, unyielding and increasing scarcity of food, water, and energy, weather manipulation,
And airborne toxic events make for the perfect storm when subjected to an impending EMP event that would easily drive the masses and imprison those that objected into the detainment camps built under the guise of illegal immigration and documented in the 2010 Army Publication 3-39.40.
That's right.
Humans can actually cause earthquakes.
All it takes in most areas is a little extra push, a little extra stress introduced in the right way on pre-existing faults and fractures to cause small earthquakes.
Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen said on the 28th of April 1997 at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, U.S.
Strategy University of Georgia,
While discussing the dangers of false threats, this is a quote, others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, shut off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely, for the use of electromagnetic waves.
And who is the leader in that?
and Russia.
The U.S.
And completion of tests in the months ahead of these new super weapons long advertised by the Kremlin head, Russian President Vladimir Putin, but often thought by U.S.
officials to simply be too terrifying to ever be possible.
As a soft and silent war creeps among the heartland under the compromised foreign oversight of the Biden New World Order doctrine.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, folks, massive developments in Ukraine.
Stay with us.
World War III has already begun and we sleptwalk right into it.
It's Wednesday, February 15th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And as I predicted a few weeks ago, it wasn't hard to predict, the offensive has begun early.
Putin's second big offensive is being met with massive resistance, and the offensive has not been announced by Putin, but as I said last week, it's now in full swing, and there are dramatic videos pouring in from the Ukrainian side with all the West's high-tech weapons as hundreds of Russian tanks
More modern and advanced than the first wave of last year.
The estimates being put out by NATO and others from the evidence I've seen are accurate.
These are casualties as high or higher than the Russians had a little less than a year ago on February 24th when they launched the first wave.
But despite that, the 500,000 Russian troops now being committed, the thousands of tanks, in what is largely a ground war, and a drone war, are now in high gear, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is a massive ground war taking place.
There are intel reports that 97% of Russia's army is now in Ukraine.
Claims UK intel meaning Putin may struggle to have enough trained troops to throw at the war.
Ukraine's killing nearly 1,000 Russian troops every day.
Estimates of 5,000 in single battle.
Satellite images show intense bombardment that Russian Army faces heavy losses.
Like turkeys at a shooting range, mauling of Russian forces at Donetsk hotspot may signal problems to come.
Russian Army has lost up to half its key battle tanks.
Analysts estimate Russia's new offensive will test the morale of Putin's mobilized masses.
Russian Army has lost up to half the key battle tanks.
It continues on.
This is incredible.
And when you pull back, though, Russia is gaining ground despite heavy losses and the Ukrainian losses.
Are you sure?
I'd liken what the Russians are fighting as to us fighting Martians, because the technologies that the West have are so much more advanced and tested and rolled out.
That's why Putin's gone from flooding the attack with aircraft, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, when literally thousands of those got shot down last year, to pretty much a pure ground war, where the Russians are going in with tanks and troops and artillery and primitive drones,
Up against a far superior, high-tech NATO force.
There have been U.S.
and NATO forces there before the war even began.
But, as anybody that studies war will know, it's always troops on the ground, boots on the ground, that will decide who wins.
And this commitment of troops looks to be about twice
to maybe a little bit more than twice the size of the forces Putin put in over the last year.
And if you look at the weapons, they are not the most advanced Russia has, but they are the mainline army's weapons that he had not committed in the last 12 months.
So the war has massively
Spiraled out of control.
Huge escalations on so many fronts.
Just dramatic footage of your TV viewer.
RadioLusters, you can go to InfoWars.com towards the last show and watch the free feeds there and see this for yourself.
This is being put out by both NATO and Ukrainian drones and there's also satellite footage that shows the long line of battle several hundred miles long in the east of Ukraine as the Russians slowly grind forward and it looks like the surface of the moon just craters everywhere.
We're also seeing footage of some of these Russian tanks look like they're driving about a hundred miles an hour.
And of course, some of our tanks go 100 miles an hour as well.
You say it's our tanks, Globals run our country.
But we showed some footage earlier.
It was the first footage that we rolled when this segment started and it just showed the pot marks, the tanks being blown up.
And then it showed a tank that looked like it had a rocket engine on the back of it.
It had not been hit by a missile.
It only had a rocket engine going about 100 miles an hour, I guess evade artillery.
The Russians do have some
High-tech systems as well.
They've got some robot tanks that are heavily armed, but...
Their best equipment is 10 years behind what the West has.
Now they do have very sophisticated long-range missiles and ICBM systems.
And so that's really where the real danger is.
They have a larger nuclear force than the United States.
But their conventional military has not been being built up.
In fact, Putin over the last decade has actually cut defense spending.
And so I don't know why he thought that this would be a cakewalk.
When it is clearly not a cakewalk and is a living hell.
And it's confirmed that the Russians are shooting the conscripts that refused to march forward into withering mortar artillery and small arms machine gun fire.
So this looks like World War One meets a Martian invasion.
I'm going to open the phones up today for military veterans.
We're good to go.
That are going on.
And to give you an idea of how intense this is, again, the satellite photos show the surface and the drone footage of just endless craters from intense, long-term, basically trench warfare that's been going on.
And now the Russians are trying to push through those lines that are heavily defended by anti-tank weapons.
And of course, anti-tank, anti-personnel weapons being launched from the Ukrainian NATO Air Force that is robot.
So the Russians marched straight in to a robot war, where more than half the mass, or military forces they call mass, in the air and on the ground is robot.
Is non-human.
So what you're seeing is literal Terminator Skynet war right now on your screen with the human forces being absolutely chewed up and blown to bits.
And it portends for what is coming in the future.
I'm going to give the number out next segment and we're going to take a lot of your calls in rapid succession.
No matter how good your call is, I'm only going to give you each two minutes because I want to get to the next amazing call.
So just be ready to get to your point and to the next person.
We had a lot of very informative calls yesterday and I want to get to everybody.
All right, so there's that news.
There's a lot more there to cover.
I never got to Ron Paul's article he wrote about trying to stop World War III.
I'm going to try to get to that here today.
And then we've got huge news I'm going to hit next segment.
When I say huge, it's just over-the-top huge, because we're in the quickening right now.
So things just get crazier every day, every week, every month, every year as we go into the future here.
They've had another Debo script meeting, they're having them every month, called the World Government Summit.
We covered the World Government Summit last year, where they announced world government and they're going to take your body over.
Elon Musk satellited in and said he's against world government and explained why, and I totally agree with him.
So, wow, I thought world government didn't exist.
We were crazy.
But the new, modern Alex Jones, or at least that's what he wants to be, Elon Musk, contending for the future, beams in.
Stay with us.
Because at five o'clock, they take me to the gallows pole.
The sands of time for all of us.
Thank you very much for joining us on this live, Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 transmission.
The sands of time for our civilization and our children are running low!
Running low!
Running low!
We are 90 seconds to midnight in thermonuclear Armageddon.
That is the incredible truth.
And I'll get more into that next segment.
I'm about to give the number out at the end of the segment, so let's fire up the phone lines.
And get John in there because we're going to take your calls on world government being publicly announced that's going to take over your body and run your life and make you eat bugs and kill your ass and build a dystopic nightmare for the survivors.
And Elon Musk beaming in saying, I disagree with your New World Order and your world government.
Cannot make this up.
This is what it's like to live in the New World Order.
Not beta anymore, but operational, and then Klaus Schwab saying, we are taking over your bodies, and that the S-curve is here, but everything else has been preparation, and now the takeover is going to go into warp speed.
But he's very hesitant, very shaky, and very scared, because things aren't going the way they wanted them to.
Let's first play Elon Musk.
This is yesterday.
At the World Government Summit, and I totally agree with his analysis, if you have a tower of Babel, and one big global system run by one AI world government, that will become corrupt, that will become decadent.
When it falls, there's no other nations to compete with it, no other systems to compete with it, no other AI, no other culture, and all of civilization goes down.
Or maybe just a massive solar flare directly hits the US, or hits the world, and everything goes down.
The description of nation-states, and not having empires, and not having one empire, is bulkheads in a ship.
If a ship gets hit by one torpedo, it only blows out one bulkhead, a small area floods.
But if it gets hit by a bunch of torpedoes, they all flood at sinks.
Or you could talk about firewalls in an apartment building.
Buildings that are older, that don't have a firewall, go up like tinderboxes, but when they have firewalls, they contain it, and the fire department can put it out and limit the amount of human life lost.
But they don't want any firewalls.
They want total control with their system.
Here's Elon Musk.
One thing I should say, and I know this is called the World Government Summit, but I think we should be maybe a little bit concerned about actually becoming too much of a single world government.
If I may say that we want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having, frankly, this may sound a little odd, too much cooperation between governments.
You know, if you look at, say, history and the rise and fall of civilizations, really all throughout history civilizations have risen and fallen, but it hasn't meant the doom of humanity as a whole, because there have been all these separate civilizations that were separated by great distances, and so
You know, say like while Rome was falling, you know, Islam was rising and so you had like a, you know, the sort of caliphate doing incredibly well while Rome was doing terribly.
And that actually ended up being a source of preservation of knowledge and many scientific advancements.
And so I think we want to be a little bit cautious about
Being too much of a single civilization, because if we are too much of a single civilization, then the whole thing may collapse.
I'm obviously not suggesting war or anything like that, but I think we want to be a little bit wary of actually cooperating too much.
It sounds a little odd, but we want to have some amount of civilizational diversity such that if
Elon Musk thinks the most like me of anybody I know, but then he adds a few things I don't agree with, because really what he's doing is trying to control all sides of the spectrum, all points of the compass, but when it comes to understanding how the world works, he gets it.
He says, oh, I know you want to stop war.
That's your excuse for world government.
But all that's going to do is create wars within the sectors of the world government.
And in the attempt to bring in the world government, it's going to cause the mega wars between the different axis of power and the different poles of power.
And the corporations see human freedom and human ingenuity as a threat to their unipolar one system.
That's why it seeks to control you and dumb you down and make you more malleable and, quite frankly, because you're useless in their eyes, depopulated and out of their way.
And Musk is against that, saying we need more people, not less, to sustain the system.
And the computers and robots will never fulfill that.
In fact, it'll just displace us and make us obsolete.
So we should make the decision to not allow that to be done.
But how fascinating is it, in the year 2023, to have the World Government Summits that have been going on for a long time, we'd cover them, the New York Times would say, Jones is insane, just seven years ago.
He claims there's a one world government.
It doesn't exist.
He's crazy.
Front page, New York Times.
To now, open world government being announced and Elon Musk saying, beware those that worship AI gods.
Beware those that want to centralize all the power.
This kills ingenuity.
It kills debate.
It kills science.
It kills cultures.
We need diverse populations, diverse nation states, diverse ideas.
Unified around competition and empowering humanity and unified around God.
And I would offer the true Christian example of that, but not make people convert to Christianity.
Have them convert willingly because they see it's the way forward.
But that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen.
How vindicated are you, the supporters of this broadcast, many of you for 28 years, a lot of you for decades, many of you for a few years?
How vindicated are you talking to your friends and family?
How vindicated are you calling in to talk radio?
How vindicated are you when you warned people at city councils or school boards?
How vindicated are you?
How vindicated is InfoWars?
Because what we told you about the world's been proven true.
And what it must come out last week and say, he's going to put out an alternate master plan
For the planet to move forward and go interstellar and to survive and thrive versus the globalist, limits to growth, post-industrial, feudalist, neo-feudalistic system.
I'm not saying I want to sign on to Elon Musk's plan, but we should have lots of plans and know there are plans being made, and not just act like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and the Fortune 100 aren't already setting up a horrible plan and trying to force us into it.
Let's admit there's this horrible blueprint, this horrible plan that's gone out of beta, into operational, that sees us as garbage to be taken out and thrown in a landfill, and let's say, no, we have rights and dignity and freedom, and we're going to see through what you're doing, and we're going to say no!
But the pedophilia, the racism, all the division they create, then they pose as the referees to save us from it.
They are the authors of our destruction on record.
We must retake control of the Pentagon.
We must retake control of the Justice Department.
We must retake our country from this globalist coup that is waging war against humanity.
The transhumanists are the enemy.
Stay with us.
So, World War III is in full swing right now.
Right back in Europe, like World War II was the epicenter.
And we have a bunch of megacorporations, mouthpieces, and world leaders, royalty, walking around in their $10,000 suits, landing in private jets every month at summits, called World Government Summits, announcing how they're taking over our lives, digital cashless societies, cutting off our food, cutting off our water, cutting off our resources, and talking about how wonderful the lockdowns were and how good it was for the Earth.
I mean, these people are villains.
They are enemies.
And the general population of Earth, as you understand, you like to watch
The Avengers.
You like to watch movies about bad guys and heroes, villains and saviors.
The real endgame, the real depopulation, the real attack is going on economic, cultural, and spiritual.
And physical.
And we have to recognize that.
So I'm going to give the number out on the World War III situation, where you see that's going, and how you think we can stop it, and on the subject of world government openly being announced.
They talk about it some in Congress, the legislatures talk about it some.
It's the big corporations, BlackRock and Vanguard, that control all the private investment, over half of it in the world, just those two groups.
And they're openly pushing the transgenderism, the race-baiting, the open borders, every evil agenda.
Every world government agenda, forced inoculation, surveillance, censorship, control.
They're pushing every stinking bit of it.
That's why Hollywood, the NFL, the NBA, all of it is an anti-human, anti-family, anti-God, anti-man, anti-woman, anti-child agenda.
It's the corporation setting up global government.
And they're working with every authoritarian regime they can.
And they're buying up control of small companies and medium companies and large companies.
And they're getting control of your cities and counties.
They're putting their prosecutors in to let criminals go but prosecute nonviolent people.
They are doing everything they can.
Hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to target the working poor.
Even though they don't pay even a fraction of the taxes.
All of it is to drive you into submission.
All of it is feudalism.
All of it is siege.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And we are taking your phone calls on those two subjects, which are huge and all come together.
I want now to get into these Klaus Schwab clips.
You just heard the incredible, saw the incredible video of Elon Musk beaming into the conference saying, I don't agree with your world government.
I think it's dangerous and could collapse the entire planet.
Well, that's what the Bible tells us it does.
So let's play these two clips of Klaus Schwab back to back.
This is clip five and clip six.
Klaus Schwab says, our lives in 10 years from now will be completely different.
He goes on to say, if we don't work together to shape the necessary policies, they will escape our power to master technologies.
And what he means is, they won't have a one world government system.
There'll be lots of advanced technologies and lots of advanced systems.
And a microcosm of this is, they want electric vehicles that don't work well, that have way more carbon, even if you think carbon's bad, and that will crash the grid and there's not enough lithium and the rest of it.
To even build, and cobalt, to build all these things.
Not even a fraction of them.
It's a bridge to nowhere.
Well, the Japanese have come out, and Toyota's come out, and said, we've looked at electric cars, we've put out the first electric cars, they don't work as well, they're not good, they crashed the system, they said hydrogen cars are the way to go, we've almost perfected hydrogen cars.
Now, why are they doing that?
Because hydrogen cars basically don't put out anything.
And hydrogen cars don't put out any carbon dioxide.
They put out some nitric oxide.
And so, the globalists will just list nitric oxide as bad next.
Nitric oxide.
But, there are advances, there are clean new technologies.
And there are systems to grab hydrogen right out of the air, and then have these refueling centers everywhere, even cheaper than gasoline, or diesel.
But the system doesn't want that.
But the Japanese, the head of Toyota, Mr. Toyota, that's his name in the family,
Says our engineers for decades have looked at it, EV cars do not work.
They said now.
Small gasoline engines that also have batteries are great, because you charge them up with the fuel and then get all the energy out of the battery, giving those hybrid cars 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 miles to the gallon.
But the electric cars are not feasible, they're a scam, and the Japanese are saying under pressure, each of their companies coordinate with each other and they're putting out one electric car.
A piece.
But they say that's because it's been requested, and it's been demanded, and there's a forced market in the West for them, but they do not work.
Like I just put on screen a 9-minute video put out by Toyota just last week, explaining to everyone that they can build the best electric cars in the world, they invented them, but they don't work.
They go on to say the Germans invented 20 years ago hydrogen cars, but they didn't perfect them.
The Japanese say they are close, and they don't lie, folks, when it comes to stuff.
It's a part of their pride how good machines are.
We all know that.
And they say, we have almost perfected these.
The problem is they cost 150% what a regular car does.
About 50% more.
So if a gas car costs $40,000, these cost $60,000, $70,000.
But they say soon they will have hydrogen cars
But that's just to go along with the globalists saying they don't want carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide's good!
Sorry, I'm ranting.
Here is back-to-back Klaus Schwab explaining why he wants global control so people like the Japanese aren't allowed to compete with their New World Order bridged to nowhere.
I wrote, in 2015, the book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
And I mentioned 23 or 24 technologies which will change the world.
like crypto and so on and so on.
The book was considered science fiction.
All those technologies have become reality and there are new technologies and I would say we are in the second
Minute or whatever we want to call it, we are at the beginning.
When you look at technology transformation, it usually takes place in the terms of an S-curve.
And we are just now where we move into the exponential phase.
And I agree.
Artificial intelligence, but not only artificial intelligence, but also the metaverse.
Neospace technologies, and I could go on and on.
Synthetic biology.
Our life in 10 years from now will be completely different, very much affected, and who masters those technologies in some way will be the master of the world.
I think the fourth revolution, industrial revolution, will be in our mind for quite some years to come.
But what is very essential, my concern, my deep concern, is that those technologies, if we do not work together on a global scale, if we do not
Formulate, shape together the necessary policies.
They will escape our power.
to master those technologies.
Because artificial intelligence, you can, it's relatively easy, let's say, to understand how a computer functions.
Of course, if I go back to the first Industrial Revolution, how a steam engine functions.
But how does really quantum computing function?
How does artificial intelligence, particularly if it's self-replicating, functions?
So, one of my concerns is how to shape the necessary policies to make sure that those technologies serve humankind.
But the second concern which I have, and where governments have an important role,
So change goes so fast in our world, and we go even faster.
How can we make sure that the individual, each citizen, doesn't feel overwhelmed by change?
Because he cannot understand really what's going on.
Alright, we've opened the phones up for your views on the escalating World War III ladder.
We're rapidly climbing up towards doom in Ukraine.
Expanding across the world, and the World Government Summit being held that just ended yesterday, with Elon Musk saying world government's dangerous and we shouldn't have it, it could collapse all of civilization, and Klaus Schwab saying we need to make them trust us and love the world government.
Love the changes that are going so quickly.
That, of course, is a universal basic income that, oh, you're obsolete, but now you can just lay around in your 200 square foot control pod.
Shall we cut off the end of his quote at the break?
So let's play the end of that right now.
Klaus Schwab.
So one of my concerns is how to shape the necessary policies to make sure that those technologies serve humankind.
But the second concern which I have, and where governments have an important role, is that change goes so fast in our world, and will go even faster.
How can we make sure that the individual, each citizen, doesn't feel overwhelmed by change?
Because he cannot understand really what's going on.
And if we do not understand, we become fearful.
And we react negatively and we see the first consequences already in many countries with polarization of the public opinion.
It has to do with some feeling that we lose control over our own fate.
You're taking control of our destiny, saying you're taking control of our bodies, our children.
We'll own nothing, we'll have nothing, we'll eat bugs.
And then we say, who are you and the globalists to do this?
We don't agree with any of your horrible plans for us.
And he says, we must make them feel safe.
But we don't feel safe.
We know you're the bad guy.
I want to play a little bit of that Elon Musk clip again, in case you just tuned in.
Here's Elon Musk beaming in yesterday at the meeting.
One thing I should say, I know this is called the World Government Summit, but I think we should be maybe a little bit concerned about actually becoming too much of a single world government.
If I may say that we want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having, frankly, this may sound a little odd, too much cooperation between governments.
If you look at, say, history and the rise and fall of civilizations,
Really, all throughout history, civilizations have risen and fallen, but it hasn't meant the doom of humanity as a whole, because there have been all these separate civilizations that were separated by great distances.
That's right, there's firewalls, and there are no firewalls with this system.
Simply an incredible time to be alive.
I want to go to your calls.
At least the next hour on these subjects and then I've got the inside baseball and the shooting in MSU in Michigan and the call for banning all semi-autos and a new bill being introduced pushed by Biden to do that and what's really behind that obviously.
Harvard scientists expose a CIA mind-control weapon and how they used it against the public.
That's a CIA officer very famous doing that.
We've also got more on the so-called UFOs.
We've got more on the poison shots, but I want to go to your phone calls now.
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Hey Alex, I've just been listening and trying to come up with a cohesive understanding of what's going on with myself, and my opinion is that
The best way we can stop what's happening is doing what you're doing by exposing the truth, and the more that that happens, it undermines their strategy.
If we look at the fall of the Soviet Union and how the Berlin Wall fell, it fell because the gate guards left their posts.
Because the average person in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc no longer believed the lies of the Communists.
I think that the more we wake people up, that we're seeing it already, that the establishment, the cabal, whatever you want to call it, is jumping the shark.
They keep getting crazier and crazier, and it's becoming more and more unbelievable, or less and less believable.
Look at the UFO balloon thing.
Look at the toxic burning fires.
Look at everything that's going on.
Everything that's coming out of the establishment is lies and just manipulation.
And the more that becomes obvious to everyone, the less power they have, the weaker they are.
And I think this is reflected by their push to try to get us in war because they want to, the only way for them to have a smokescreen and to keep the rest of the people asleep is to
I totally 100% agree with your analysis and you study history this thing again is ramping up like an S-curve accelerating and it only ends in nuclear war and I don't know what the globalists are thinking this is just total insanity as two power blocks try to take each other over.
I don't think the Russians are trying to take over they're defending really what they see as their territorial integrity and I'm not saying they're perfect but
This is definitely a big problem.
Meanwhile, we have the military industrial complex run by the technocrats injecting our own military with poisonous illegal shots and waging war against our borders, our sovereignty, our culture, and so I don't respect who's hijacked our country to get behind them in any war, much less a war against a high-powered nuclear power.
This is just wrong.
The other thing I think is that
You know, by trying to expose the truth, the more and more, and expose the lies, the better the chance that people that are in the upper leadership, you know, that make decisions when it comes to actually fighting a war, that they will intervene as human beings and not fall through on whatever commands they get.
Now, the problem with that is that's the hope and a prayer to see if that works.
I totally agree with you.
I saw a video this morning on Twitter and I've seen hundreds like this that came out in the WikiLeaks that link to these events and we went and looked up the events where they have people laying on a table or in a pool of fake blood and then
Their head will be sticking up through a table, but there'll be a fake body attached to them that mainly women come in and chop pieces off of, and the person begs for help and begs for them to stop torturing them to death.
And sometimes it's babies that then have a human adult head attached to it to the table, screaming, help me, don't kill me, or crying, mommy, mommy, mommy.
And it's all simulated human sacrifice.
It's all these disconnected, ultra-rich, trendy women and men that think they control the military and the robots.
Thank you Bill for your call.
Excellent points.
Sean and others, your calls are straight ahead.
If you go to onlinehealthnow.com, connect with trusted and unbiased doctors at the Wellness Company.
And I tell you, I'm honored to be the Chief Scientific Officer of the company.
I contribute with, like so many else do there, so many wonderful doctors.
Far and away, the most popular product is Dr. Vandewater's Detoxification Supplement.
That features natokinase.
It's a natural proteolytic enzyme.
This one is the only enzyme that we're aware of right now that dissolves the spike protein.
This is very important.
The spike protein is loaded in the body with the COVID-19 infection and definitely with the vaccines.
People are low with the spike protein.
They don't feel well.
This is a potential solution.
Hydroxychloroquine comes from a natural substance.
So does ivermectin and now natokinase.
Isn't it interesting?
Natural substances, in a sense, combating this man-made disaster, SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines.
Onlinehealthnow.com, thank you for your support, and thank you for getting into that, because it's important.
You didn't come here to do that, but I made you do it.
I normally really refrain from telling you what I really think when it comes to World War III, because it just sounds so crazy, but I think everybody really gets that we're in serious danger of this actually kicking off.
I don't mean just conventional World War III, I mean nuclear war.
And we're taking phone calls on that subject and on the incredible announcements of Open World Government Elon Musk at the World Government Summit saying he disagrees for the right reasons.
Just an amazing time to be alive.
Don't forget the Coordinates of Liberty or Band.Video and InfoWars.com or backup sites NewsWars.com.
Only way the dog hunts is you let it out and that's by sharing the links and you're doing that so I salute you and thank you because we're all in this together.
Let's go to another phone call.
I'll take a few more phone calls in the next segment and then for one segment I'm going to pause the calls and cover the decadence of the globalists and why they're so dangerous and how they're disconnected and why when societies go through these phases of collapse
Good morning, Alex.
You once said that the founders were very prescient, and you're correct.
The founders of this country gave us the blueprint we need in our Constitution.
You guys at Infowars, with free speech and freedom of the press, have been painting the target.
We, the people, need to peaceably assemble for a petition, redress of grievances,
When we assemble, we can form common law grand juries at state and county levels.
We follow the 10 steps to an assembly at national-assembly.net, where we already have alaskadejure.org and michigandejure.org.
Those states have already formed their common law assemblies and have given government oversight to Governor Dunlevy in Alaska.
And Whitmer, the reason she's such a wild card is because she doesn't like that there's a lawfully formed assembly in that state conducting things in line with what the founders want.
We have the tools, Alex.
We're good to go.
I hear you.
All right.
I appreciate your call, Sean.
Very interesting.
Bowen, Kentucky, you're on the air.
We're going to move quick.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, I want to thank you for the discernment to allow when I hear some of these stories, this press coming out, that it allows us to see and hear the truth by their lies.
I think like during the Pacific Island, when you invaded an island, the U.S.
Navy would prep the beaches by artillery.
And I think that's what they've been doing to us with the fentanyl overdoses, allowing it to come across the border, the shots, the taking away our education system so the younger generations don't even know how to crack an egg.
And the Ukraine war is just one part of the bigger operation they've been doing on us, running on us.
I agree.
It's a giant de-industrialization, demoralization operation.
I remember when you got banned, you were asking for people to call in if they knew how the Chinese was working with their local universities.
And they were doing it in Louisville, Kentucky with the Gardasil shot.
They had their doctors working on it.
And shortly after that, that's when they really started cracking down on you.
And it turns out they're spending over six billion a year of the CHICOMs on buying up our universities, creating new chairs, new buildings, new whole wings, just like at Penn State, an entire building, an eight-story building if I'm thinking correctly, a huge complex owned and run by the Chinese.
You look at the food production, the prices of food going up because the food production has been going down.
You look at what's going on in Ohio.
I'm a firefighter.
Nowhere does it say we burned something off.
If some things catch on fire, we have to let it burn out.
But one of the byproducts of burning vinyl chloride is phosgene gas.
There's places... Hold on, finish your point about the train when we come back.
Our government is not our government at the top.
It's globalists who've hijacked it.
Now they're purging the rest of the government.
They've got control of the Defense Department, the Pentagon.
They've got control of most of Congress.
They've got control of the Justice Department.
They've stolen the executive branch, now they're starting World War III, and telling us incredible amounts of lies.
Here's General Milley saying that the Russians have lost, and no, the Russians haven't lost, they've had heavy losses, but the people of the world with increased energy prices and the death on all sides are the people that are losing.
Here's General Milley.
Russia has lost.
They've lost strategically, operationally, and tactically.
And they are paying an enormous price on the battlefield.
But until Putin ends his war of choice, the international community will continue to support Ukraine with the equipment and capabilities it needs to defend itself.
Through this group, we are collectively supporting Ukraine's ability to defend its territory, protect its citizens, and liberate their occupied areas.
Well, the truth is, people like Jordan Soros have gone on CNN and bragged, bragged, that they overthrew the Ukrainian government nine years ago and have been pumping weapons in there ever since, starting wars on the border with Russia.
That doesn't mean I defend what Putin's done.
He walked right into a trap.
But you got to remember, General Milley kept information from Trump
We're good.
So it's America that's failing, but by admitting that, and admitting that Milley and the rest of them are hijackers, little more than impostors, and see them as the globalist beachhead in America, we can turn all this around very quickly.
Now listen, each caller gets two minutes because I respect your time and I want to get to all of you.
I'm going to move quickly through your calls.
Jerry in Arizona, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, hey, real quick, we can just add everything up and digest it and say it's all about the New World Order and the fight for our souls, brother.
The whole blueprint is in the back of Revelation.
You people need to read it.
It's a fight for our soul.
When they talk about the New World Order and the Knesset Society, if you get involved with the Mark of the Beast, you lose your entry into Heaven.
And I really believe we're in the final stages.
It's not me saying that.
It's in the Bible.
And listen, I'm not arguing with you, but we're taking calls on World War III, and obviously the revelation's all about that, and we're taking calls on the open announcement of world government at the World Government Summit, and Elon Musk speaking out against it.
Would you like to speak to that?
I don't think we've had one caller yet actually address any of my questions.
That's world government right there.
It says it in Revelation.
Also, Alex, I want to tell you, as far as being vindicated,
Nobody believed Noah until it started to rain, and brother, it's beginning to rain, and you are right on top of it, and that's all I got to say right now.
I appreciate your call, and God bless you.
It is a fight between good and evil.
Larry in Florida, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex, and I appreciate you taking my call.
We got to end World War III.
We got to end it before it gets out of hand, and I'm speaking as a father and a grandfather.
And basically, one of the options we have, and a couple of your other callers have talked about peaceful assembly and all, and we need to do that.
We need to not allow January 6th to have intimidated us off of our constitutional rights and our God-given rights.
But in the meantime, we've got a Congress, particularly House of Representatives, they need to be hearing from all of us that they need to put an end to this war.
They need to stop the funding.
They need to raise heck about it.
I had to edit my word.
And we need not take no for an answer.
And they need to be doing it every day.
Because you're right, and you've been right, and I ordered some things from the store this morning by phone.
Thank you.
So plug for your products.
Been buying them for decades.
Plug for you.
And I've got to end with a thanks, because my family got saved from the jab because you were the first one out of the box and because we listened to you and we trusted you.
And it's not a big family, including my granddaughters.
We're only 11, but nobody got jabbed, and nobody's had any problems, and everybody had COVID.
Except for the children who didn't get it, or if they had it, nobody even knew they had it.
That is beautiful, sir.
Well, look, we're in all this together, and I want to thank you for keeping us on air, and you're absolutely right, and the past caller's right.
We need more assembly, more protests, more demonstrations, more lawsuits, and we need more common law assemblies and things, which are in the Constitution, to actually point out in events what's happening, and we need to expose these corrupt politicians that have sold us out.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and go to Oliver in the Netherlands.
Oliver, thank you for holding her on the air.
Good evening, Alex.
God bless you in this holy war.
You are the leader of the people, spreading the truth and the light.
I'm trying.
Yes, we need to strengthen all together to fight this and bring the freedom.
My topic is about World War III and the rise of the Fourth Reich.
What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
What these people are trying to do first is confuse, divide and conquer people, creating wars, creating crisis all the way, all around the world, and then they're trying to give us a compromise or like creating a problem, then give us the solution.
How are we going to stop them?
We need to find a peaceful solution and people don't need to go on their agenda.
So what we can learn from history to see all the wars are architected by this evil tyrant, like the banker systems, by the oil industry, the pharma industry.
They are using all the weapons against humanity, using the food as a weapon, using the media, the art, the education, everything they're using against people.
I want to ask you, what is your solution for this?
We need to stand up all strong together and speak the truth in your war.
Well, I think the number one thing to do is to actually listen to what Putin's saying.
Not that he's 100% right, but that he's been telling the truth overall.
That the West is bringing weapons up to their border.
It's been pushing out the Russian minority.
It's been killing them.
It's been moving nuclear weapons and tactical weapons.
I don't
We're good to go.
Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO, as they had in 1990-91, and that they will move the weapons back, and the Russians are going to want a security zone, depending on the maps you look at, but 10, 20, 30 miles into Ukraine, that area is 99% Russian anyways.
In fact, it's always been part of Russia, it's a Lenin...
Signed it over, you know, there in the 30s to Ukraine.
And it's been a battleground ever since then between, basically, Germany and Russia.
And those same battle lines are here now.
So it is true that this is a repeat of World War II.
It's why the Azov battalions hail Hitler.
And it's because their grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought for Hitler.
And some of the biggest battles happened in Ukraine.
And the Russians committed atrocities.
The Nazis committed atrocities.
So everybody's got beefs with each other.
Yeah, but I'm coming from Macedonia actually, my origin is from there, so I have a witness about how Yugoslavia was breaking.
Hold on.
Don't hang up.
I want to come back and understand where you're from and your view on this.
I think you said Yugoslavia, but the music's cutting in.
Don't hang up, Oliver.
We'll come right back to you for a minute or so more.
And then Chuck, David, Ahmed, Vaughn, Nick, Tanner, Tony, Nathan, Ed, stay with us.
Share that link.
It's like telling a three-year-old, don't walk out in the street on a busy highway, and the three-year-old sneaks out the back door.
Somebody didn't lock it.
Walks out on the highway and gets run over by an 18-wheeler.
Their guts and body parts are strewn for 50 yards down the highway.
But these are globalists that are running all this.
They're not little children that don't know what they're doing.
And they're headlong bringing us into it.
So when I say nuclear war is probable now, that's what all the mainline analysts are saying too.
We are 90 seconds to midnight right now in thermal nuclear war.
And I said this segment I would get into the decadence of the elite for a few minutes, but I'll do that next segment and continue with calls just to illustrate the type of people that are in control of civilization and that own this thing and what they're doing.
We'll take a look at some of the rituals they conduct, some of the things they do, and how they're externalizing their sickness to the rest of us and attempt to take us with them.
But Oliver, you were in the Netherlands, there in the Dutch lands, there in the lowlands, but you were saying where you're from, and then your view on my statements about how the West exacerbates old fissures throughout Eastern Europe between different Germanic and Slavic populations that they manipulate against each other, Slavic against Slavic, Slavic against Germanic, Germanic against Slavic, and that's what the sociologist
Yes, I'm originally from Macedonia and I have evidence of the war in Yugoslavia and also the conflict in Macedonia between the Albanians.
And currently we are also undergoing open wounds that come after the Ottoman Empire is broken because Macedonia was long ago a big empire under the Alexander the Great.
But there with our neighbors we have open questions, open problems about our name, about symbols, flags and everything.
And they keep like an open wound and they always they create wars, small wars.
Well let's think about the Slavic memory, and you're from Macedonia, or the Macedonian World Congress from the whole history of that, and then Greece and the rest of it, but look at the bombing of Belgrade with DU, look at the West exacerbating that whole conflict that happened there, and exactly, that's what this is a replay of, but on a much bigger scale.
They hijacked all the ministry and they created, oh, you need to be independent, you need to fight for your freedom.
Yugoslavia is not good, but Yugoslavia was the example for the European Union today.
It was a very strong country in that time.
Beautiful as well from what I've told.
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.
Well, do you think the widening of this World War III scenario can be stopped?
I think only peacefully if the people wake up and say, stop what you're doing.
We need to confront these people, say this is not our way.
We need to say stop, not with the violent protest because they're going to hijack the protest also and put in a secret agent to make violence so they can also put a mandatory to not go on the protest.
But we need to stand up to talk to our neighbors, to our brothers and sisters and to talking and awakening.
We need to go to our elected people in the parliament, in the government.
They need to try.
Even they are, many of them, they are corrupted.
Many of them, they are corrupted and they protect this interest of this evil architect.
Evil architects is the way to say it.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go to Ed in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for calling.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
My dad's from Russia, Ukraine, so I'm Slavic.
We're a tribe of 130 million people.
And, you know, I don't know if Americans don't understand that.
And I'm white, but my tone of my skin's a little bit different.
You know?
We're Eastern Orthodox Russians.
And this is getting bad.
I'm telling you what, buddy.
My dad warned me not to tell anybody I was Russian in the 1980s.
He would tell them you're Lithuanian or Polish or Ukrainian.
Don't tell anybody you're Russian.
Even though he fought in the American Army.
World War II.
So, they got a lot of secret weapons they ain't even pulled out yet, bud.
Well, I know, but that's how this escalates.
If Russia can't win this conventionally, it just escalates and escalates.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
You were wrong when you said England beat Napoleon.
90% of the ground army was destroyed going into and leaving Russia.
That's the first time Napoleon got defeated and then he got sent to absentia and then he went back and took back Paris and then reconstituted his military.
So that's the second Napoleonic War.
He didn't have the ground army.
They were dead.
Well no, we all know about Napoleon and Russia.
I do know the story, yes sir.
I appreciate your call.
When I said that Lord Wellington defeated Napoleon in the Second Napoleonic War at the Battle of Waterloo, that's what I was going to do.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Let's talk to Nick in Tennessee.
Nick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I just want to say you're a brilliant journalist.
Perhaps the most underappreciated journalist in American history, and you have inspired me to be an activist.
Well, I appreciate that, but look, I'm an activist, I'm a father, I'm a Christian that tries to be good, and I'm really an analyst, and more of a futurist than a historian, and that's how I would describe myself, is a pro-human analyst.
I'm a writer and researcher, a father of a beautiful little girl.
I just want to say you can find my work at nickanonymous.com.
I think that's the answer is everybody getting active, everybody getting a YouTube, a Rumble, a Substack, and whether you reach a thousand people or a million, all of us getting vocal, whether you're an old lady or a black man or a white woman or a brown lady or whatever, it doesn't matter, you love freedom, you love justice, speak out, whether it's on local issues or national issues or international issues, get vocal.
I just wanted to point out, I think that we're at a culmination point of Western civilization and free society.
I think this is like an underlying theme to the future in World War III.
You can see this with the words they use, the terminology.
They always pay attention to the manipulation of words.
They say, with Generation Z, fighting World War Z through Operation Z. Okay?
And this is like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II all combined is coming to like a fruition right now.
I think we're dealing with the Revolutionary War with the modern King of England who basically wants to depopulate the planet with his insane ideas of eugenics through like the World Economic Forum.
He was like one of the founding members.
The Civil War with the Democratic Party, Deep State
I totally agree with you.
Your phone's a little over-modulated, so I missed the name of your sub-stack.
What is it?
That's Nick Anonymous, all one word.
Nick or Nickanon.
N or M?
N. N. N, got it.
Alright, thank you so much, sir.
Appreciate you.
Alright, I'm going to get to everybody.
All these calls, I'll get to every single one of you, and I've got a bunch of other breaking news, but I want to talk about the Deccan Elite.
That are running us in the ground, and why they're doing it, and how they have a fetish to just up the ante for evil, because they serve darkness.
That's coming up.
Viewer discretion is advised.
Tomorrow's News Today and Band.video.
All right.
Let's talk, before I go back to your calls, about the nature of evil.
If you study history, you study civilizations, you study society, you know we go through cycles.
Everybody's seen the meme, or most people have,
The first slide shows burning Rome and death and destruction and collapsing buildings and war.
And it says, hard times make strong men.
The next slide shows the rebirth of civilization and agriculture and production and art and literature, music and culture.
And it says strong men make good times.
The next slide says weak men make hard times.
And so the cycle follows the same path.
And the engineers
Know this of the planet, especially the most sophisticated, the Anglo-American establishment.
That's what they call themselves.
Like Putin says, we're fighting the Anglo-Americans.
That's the name of a tribe that was in Europe that then took over around 1100 and took over England and it was the Vikings and then they basically established what is modern Europe throughout the Dark Ages into the Renaissance and today.
It's not the people of the West, it's that ruling governorship program.
And so if you read the quote elite writings of the Bertrand Russell's and the Klaus Schwab's and the Yuval Noah Harari's and the Paul Ehrlich's
And I have a lot of their quotes in my film, Endgame, made in 2007.
You watch that, it's like we were in a time machine and went forward and showed you what's happening now.
Or about a year from now.
The film's about a year from now.
About 2024.
We're basically there.
People watch it now and they go, how the hell did he know this?
Well, they're planning it.
They're preparing it.
And when they fail, they just recalculate and move forward.
So the stuff they wanted in the 20s, they had by the 40s.
The stuff they wanted in the 40s, they had by the 60s.
The stuff they wanted in the 60s, they had by the 80s.
The things they wanted in the 80s, they had by 2000.
The things they wanted in 2000, they had by 2020.
And then the program accelerates, as I've told you and as Klaus Schwab said last hour, from his World Government Summit, into not 20-year pieces, but 10-year pieces.
And then by 2030, it goes into 5-year pieces.
And then it goes into one-year pieces, and six-month pieces, and three-month pieces, and month and a half, and then, you see...
What they're trying to push is a singularity, whether you believe that can happen or not.
They are rampaging towards this to get life extension technology, and they believe forced human evolution of what's left of us in their own words.
Whether they're going to be successful or not, most of us won't be here when they're done, and that's their own words as well.
The future isn't human.
By 2047, no more real humans on Earth is their benchmark plan.
All their top futurists, like Ray Kurzweil, the list goes on from there.
This is a cult.
They follow a script.
They follow a hymn.
They follow a doctrine.
They follow a blueprint.
They follow a battle plan.
But when you study the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the DuPonts and the Saxo-Margothas and these people,
Not just from literature and their own admissions and their own Instagrams and their own emails and stuff that get leaked, but from my experience growing up in Dallas and then being around the country and the world and running into these people in Hollywood.
The final form of the devil worshipper is an effeminate male that says they're effeminate with a shaved head that looks like a Martian space alien.
Or a clown.
And you see what Hollywood pushes at the Grammys and everywhere else is weird fat men with bald heads saying they're women, shaking their butts with devil horns on.
Go ahead and roll the footage that came out a few years ago of a, quote, tranny that's a bald man with a fake pregnancy cutting a baby out of his fake uterus with a bunch of people worshipping him while he does it.
Now does that look like a woman?
No, it looks like a psychotic demon out of a movie.
And that's the real form of these people.
And then you learn, whether it's the Clintons or the Obamas or the Podestas, it was in the WikiLeaks, and then we could go look up their own Instagrams and Facebooks where they were doing spirit cooking, doing Alistair Crowley rituals, doing mock human sacrifices like Bohemian Grove, but even more intense.
And what are they doing at Skull and Bones?
The same thing.
And these are just parties where they get people to go to them
And say, do you like the image of a baby being cut out?
Do you like the image of a man strapped down on a table and we're cutting pieces of his body off and eating it?
It's all a simulation.
The man's under the table with a tablecloth around him, but it looks like his head's sticking out and the rest of his body's there and they're chopping pieces off and eating it.
And who is it?
It's a bunch of rich women, CEOs, executives.
In all these videos simulating killing people.
Now they haven't, in most cases, themselves, the minions, really killed people.
Higher-ups do do the rituals and kill people and rape children and all that's coming out.
But they're publicly showing you what they do in an art form.
So let's roll this short clip of a recent spirit cooking video that got posted by some rich leftists.
We'll roll it with audio of an image of a black man
Chained down on a table, and they've eaten his legs, and now they're going to eat the rest of his body, and it's a real man begging and screaming in pain, his real head sticking up, but it's a fake body they're eating, and it's a bunch of weak, ineffectual, decadent women giggling about their exercise of power while they start the real World War III.
Here it is.
There's thousands of these videos.
And then you wonder, what's going on at the Grammys?
Women in cages being tortured for bull whips by devils.
And what is the NXIVM cult really doing?
What is Harvey Weinstein?
What are they really doing?
What are they putting out through Hollywood?
Why are they targeting our children?
Because they follow this twisted energy that demands they attack humanity.
They come to kill, steal, and destroy.
And this is always the final form of these people.
That they engage in before the total collapse and the destruction.
And this is the ruling class that does these things.
And in their own WikiLeaks emails for the Podestas, they're like, we'll have six, seven, and eight-year-olds in the hot tub for your pleasure.
Now, they've been trained to service you, but remember, they can sometimes fight back their children.
That's real.
Not the pizza place they diverted us off onto.
And that's how they operate.
And so, make no mistake, who wants to put poison shots in kids and give them blood clots and sterilize them?
Who wants to do these bad things?
They believe it's rituals of power to their God, and the way they get more cash in,
Or more satanic money in their little piggy bank is to do horrible, decadent, twisted things.
I won't even show you the art that John Podesta put in the Washington Post in 2007 called Dangerous Art in the actual physical paper that shows three and four year old boys and girls raped and chained down and being tortured.
And mummifying babies and eating babies.
All of this
They're black magic rituals to bring in their God.
Here's some of the art.
Children chained down with men with erections.
It's double meaning.
And electrocuting children.
If you want to know who you're up against, folks, that's who started World War III.
That's who puts fluoride in the water.
That's who ships in fentanyl.
That's who's doing all this.
And there she is with Lord Rothschild.
With a painting of Lucifer.
We can go back to that.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
Is he positioning himself as loyal opposition, or is he for real?
Chuck, in Seattle, you're on the air on the New World Order and the Ukraine plan.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, can you hear me?
I can, sir.
Yeah, I have a 23-year listener, supported your group for at least 15 financially, but what I want to say is we are in a war of princes and principalities.
So when we talk about World War III, in 2000,
2001 or 2002, there was a picture of Hillary Clinton at the Pizza Gate after the scandal was going on of her and one of the Podesta's standing at the bottom of a white staircase and Baphomet was in the banister of the staircase.
I wish you guys could find that.
Second, this is a season that the Saints are being risen.
You had a guy on last week talking about visions, seeing things.
I'm one of those people.
I have three photos I'd like to send you.
They're not lens flare, but it'll show you what we're up against.
Spiritually, I live in Sodom and Gomorrah, Washington, Socialist Republic.
I work at the West Coast's largest commercial military base, the P-8 Poseidon Killers, the killers of submarines and the tankers.
22 years ago, 23 years ago, popular mechanic had a thing where the mole, it was a nuclear weapon that would go in the sea and burrow in off the coastlines.
He already has them.
He's had them there for 27 years.
I think you know about that.
Uh, the thing that we're up against is true evil.
And it is going to come a time when the United Nations will roll down our streets.
And then that's when all the saints must activate.
And that's why they say they'll wear out the saints.
What do you think of that?
Oh, it's definitely a satanic world plan, attacking all nations and all peoples, bringing in a system to make people completely dependent on the system so they can be controlled.
God bless you Chuck, thanks for the call.
Ahmed in New York, thanks for holding, you're on the air.
You know what that is, Alex?
That's the call for all the Patriots worldwide listening and stacking up their Patriot points on InfoWarsTore.com and giving it right to the New World Order because they're losing their adrenochrome, they're losing their children, and they're definitely losing the Pizzagate narrative now, let me tell you.
With that Living Defense, DNA Force Plus, Green Fiber Capsules, Survival Shield X3, X2,
Ultra 12, super male vitality, ultimate krill oil, vitamin mineral fusion, plus, yo, tell these people they have, or if they even are people, they have no chance left.
They're gone.
I want every human being that's a summer citizen, no citizen, I want you guys to stand up and feel the blood and go feel the sun outside.
Go feel the beautiful wind that God blesses us with.
If you have a kid, go give your kid the biggest hug and kiss that you can because it's all God-given and God-tainted.
And let me agree with you on something you were just saying.
I don't even hardly look for this stuff.
In fact, I wasn't.
I was on Twitter this morning and I was also on Instagram.
It's just Jeffrey Epstein, devil worship everywhere, pedophilia, top trending.
I mean, people are really waking up.
They want it.
They want it.
The world is already ready.
God has given, and God will take it, and they will never take it away from his children.
We are his children.
That's right.
The Satanists know they're going to be destroyed, so they'll take as many of us with them as they can.
They can do that as much as they can, but we still got that living Defense Plus right in our system, Alex.
We're never going away.
I appreciate all the plugs.
The products really are great.
They found the operation and we've got the new prebiotic, not new, it's been sold out for over a year, but finally back in stock, brother.
What's your take on the new world order sending us into World War III?
They're mad.
They're trying to distract the public.
They want the public to be scared because that's how they get their rituals on and that's how they get their little magic on is through fear porn.
They want pain, they want destruction, they want depression, they want total destruction.
We have just realized they're not like us.
I appreciate your call.
Nathan in South Carolina, you're on the air.
Oh, hello, Alex.
I wanted to talk to you about what's going on in Ukraine and Russia.
You know, I think it's really crazy how, like, dumbed down people have gotten, you know, since the rise of, like, social media brainwashing.
You know, when I bring up how we kind of just gave Ukraine to Russia as a, you know, proxy war to them, people look at me like I'm crazy, you know?
I mean, just look at everything that they did.
We traded WNBA players.
But those people who look at you like you're crazy can't find Ukraine on a map.
Yeah, and I'm like, you know, we traded a WNBA player for an arms dealer that worked with Russia while we're in the midst of arming the people fighting against Russia.
But you can't say that, you know.
I talked to people in like Finland and Sweden and they have such a hatred for Russia that they don't care that people in Ukraine are dying.
As long as that, you know, it causes like turmoil for Russian people, you know.
It's just really sickening how like
War-hungry people have gotten, you know?
Like, you'll say something like, hey, why didn't Russia attack Ukraine when Trump was in office if Trump was actually, you know, paid off by the Russians?
He wasn't.
No, no, I agree.
At a higher level, the higher globalist level, there's a larger master plan.
Absolutely, you know, and it's all just, uh, you know, they're going into the plan completely, you know, they've already weakened America, you know, they have, like, I don't know how people expect us to fight Russia when we have our soldiers being, like, feminized with estrogen and stuff.
They are depleting our weapons, depleting our oils, reserves, everything, so China can make its move once we're worn out after a multi-year war with Russia, and that's the good angle.
It's bad, but that's on the light conflict, on the high conflict, total nuclear war.
I appreciate your call, incredible points.
David in Florida, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, first of all, I'd like to tell you happy birthday, brother.
Now you're as old as I am, my man.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you for being the General of the Info War.
I have a couple of kids with dual citizenship.
I spent some time in Russia.
I'm also a veteran.
Army veteran signal.
And, you know, you can talk about us, but you can't talk without us.
It's the old thing for commo.
But the thing is, this whole deal, this whole nuclear deal, I mean, this gives me the heebie-jeebies, brother.
And every time I hear these politicians that we have, new or old, and they start talking, Johnson, for example.
And I love him to death, but he's great about the shots, but as soon as he comes up and I start hearing him attack Russia about, you know, Putin's probably going to try to expand, you know, all the way to the United States for, I mean, dude.
First of all, this is what I'm going to tell you, okay?
I got a friend who's had a Mufon for forever, okay?
Number one, UFOs, they're real, guys.
Suck it up, drive on.
That's a reality.
I don't know.
Well, Putin gave a speech last week.
He said, my war is not with the American people, the people of Europe.
It's against the globalists and the New World Order.
He actually said that.
And then Musk is against the New World Order.
So it really is those battle lines.
Let's go back to the UFOs.
I've talked to a lot of people that work in the Air Force, a lot of airline pilots, a lot of fighter pilots, people I know well.
In fact, people that are distant relations, one of them.
And they have been sitting there, like one of them was a C-130 pilot in the 80s.
And they're just flying along and all of a sudden a UFO at 35,000 feet just appears out of nowhere and then disappears again.
So when you said they're interdimensional, absolutely.
They're jumping in and jumping out.
Now these balloons, those aren't aliens, obviously.
That's them trying to create fear, but there is stuff going on here.
I totally agree with you.
If you guys want, I can put you in contact with my friend, uh, that was the head of MoveOn.
He's got a book inches thick.
And after I got the guy, I work on boats for a living.
And after I got the guy's boat at my shop to work on, I was sitting telling my kids about the story about this guy.
While we're sitting at my house on my property, we saw five balls flying in the air.
And I, my dad was a pilot.
My brother was a pilot, grandfather and so on.
I know aircraft.
All right.
And I know drones.
These were no drones.
They were not aircraft.
They look like little pewter silver balls in the air.
This was right during COVID.
And they flew in formation and all five of them, or excuse me, four out of the five went in formation behind a cloud.
They were only up about 900 feet.
Very low.
Super, kind of a partly cloudy day in Florida, and no one stayed behind.
I pulled out my cell phone that was completely emptied out the night before on my laptop.
I was taking video of it.
I'm hollering at my wife, you know, come here.
So what happened?
We're about to go to break.
So anyway, I tried to videotape it.
It stayed.
Look, me and the kids are waving at it, smiling.
And it wouldn't let you do it.
I gotta go.
I gotta end this segment.
We gotta cut callers off because you're great.
Thank you.
I gotta get to the next person.
We're gonna come back with more calls and then Dr. Francis Boyle's got big breaking news.
The first guy to expose what really happened with COVID.
He's got what's coming next.
Huge interview coming up.
Please don't forget, we are Lister-supported.
We do have great products.
Well, he knows what he's talking about.
Dr. Francis Boyle joining us.
Coming up next segment, and then after he leaves us, more of your phone calls and news.
But right now, let's get some more calls in.
Von in California, thanks for calling on World War III.
Go ahead.
So, I mean, with the Ukraine using more ammo than the U.S.
can even produce or bring in there, once they run out of ammunition, what are they going to use after that?
Some Polish generals are just coming out saying that the Ukraine may have a nuclear, uh, device.
They may even be in the production of making them because they have nuclear power plants.
So when the conventional war ends, thermonuclear war is most likely going to happen.
And with the puppet in chief right now, walking us right in there, uh, so we can just
Be ready, I guess, for the nuke to drop.
I know I'm kind of all over the place, but you kind of have to... No, you're not all over the place.
It's all interconnected.
You're dead on, sir.
Thank you.
That's my point right there.
Oh, one more point.
The COVID Vax could be a precursor to nuclear war, so that way more people die from the nuclear fallout.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
We got Dr. Boyle coming on about those very topics.
He's loaded for bear.
Let's talk to Tanner in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, man.
Bottom line is everyone just got to get ready for whatever is going to come down the road.
Personally, I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace.
I agree with you.
This thing is escalating.
I mean, I think you just have the peace of being a Christian and knowing that God's in control.
We've got to realize that God will turn this evil towards good in the end if we do the right thing.
Thanks for the call.
Freeman in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
It's Freeman of FreemanTV.com.
You and I were rocking Access Television 18 years ago.
I was doing it 28 years ago.
It's all great.
What's on your mind?
Good job.
I want to talk about the Wernher von Braun's prediction and prophecy of the attack that was coming in from, he said it would be Russian terrorists, asteroids, and an alien.
And I want your amazing audience to dig into these few facts.
So, during COVID, at the lockdown, there was a massive horde of asteroids hurtling towards planet Earth.
General O'Shaughnessy became the combatant commander, and he was broadcasting from deep underground in Cheyenne Mountain at Space Command.
He told us about putting the Mercy and the Comfort and the field hospitals out there, and these all had trauma doctors, not medical doctors.
All of a sudden, O'Shaughnessy steps down in the midst of this COVID and resigns as head of NORTHCOM.
And General Van Hurk takes over.
Well, Van Hurk comes from the 509th Bomb Wing, which is the very group that took care of Roswell.
So the new combatant commander comes from the group of Roswell.
So we went from asteroids to aliens, and our combatant commanders are the heads of NORTHCOM.
And when O'Shaughnessy, General O'Shaughnessy, quit being head of NORTHCOM, he went to work for SpaceX.
Well, they definitely are using the blues to create hysteria and fear.
I appreciate your call.
And I just know this is not pearls before swine.
This is very important information.
So watch it live.
Get the archive this afternoon at Bandai Video and share this because we're covering the Nord Stream, World War III, the poison shots, all of it.
The big picture with Dr. Francis Boyle, who's also a great author and professor.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Well, all the experts agree this could lead to full-on thermonuclear war.
The atomic scientists group, that since the 60s has had the doomsday clock, has moved the clock a few weeks ago 90 seconds to midnight, the closest to Armageddon this world has ever seen, and I agree with their analysis.
The first shots of the new world war were fired three plus years ago when they released COVID.
And within a few weeks of it being known, Dr. Francis Boyle, that wrote the U.S.
biological chemical weapons law, was the former top U.N.
war crimes prosecutor of Slobodan Milošević, his pedigree goes on and on, laid out here in late January and February, in five or six interviews, the blueprint of exactly what was happening and what did then happen.
So it's almost a waste of our time to get him to analyze what previously happened and how he's vindicated, beyond vindication, prescient,
It's almost a distraction to cover what's currently happening.
I want to know what he thinks is about to happen with Professor Francis A. Boyle, author, researcher.
He's the guy that got one of the special PhDs that Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger got.
Only one a year out of Harvard because he was top of his class across the board at school and universities to be prepped to be one of these top brains.
But he was a patriot, a pro-human infiltrator from the beginning and kept his mouth shut and got to the top of it.
And then for 40 years, has been 40 plus years, exposing them.
And he joins us now.
He has a host of topics that he's going to be getting to here.
The World Health, World Regulations, Biden and Blinken and Solomon and Newland on the Nord Stream bombing that Cy Hirsch has blown wide open, pun intended.
The Republicans in the House can put us out of the World Health Organization.
They can also start impeachment for World War III and so much more.
So he joins us to cover all of these incredible topics.
But before we hit World War III and the new rollout for the global biomedical
I don't know.
Before the whistleblowers, before the Vice President of the Ego Health Alliance, Dr. Huff came out before it all, how you nailed it, and then now it's coming out, they knew it would kill people, they knew it wouldn't protect them, they knew it would cause VAIDs, vaccine-induced AIDS, they're now calling it that.
I mean, wow.
I'm not kissing your ass or groveling here, but I am just so impressed.
And so if we can just recap, and then we can go wherever you want first here, sir.
Well, Alex, thanks so much for having me.
I'm my best year viewing audience, and I'm always happy to hear from them, get feedback.
With all due respect to you, I did want to comment on this 90-minute clock.
That's grossly misleading, Alex.
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have been taken over
By the U.S.
military industrial complex.
It should be closer to 15 seconds to midnight, Alex.
I say that I was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, where the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was established.
By scientists from the Manhattan Project who quit after the defeat of Nazi Germany on the grounds that that was the reason for the bomb to beat the Nazis to the punch, and it was no longer necessary.
And they were the cutting edge at that time.
On nuclear weapons, nuclear arms control, nuclear deterrence, etc.
And I took out a subscription to follow them because I was studying all these subjects from college.
And over the years, if you look at their board, it was completely co-opted, as so many of our institutions have been.
Sure, that's how the left was now totally pro-war, so point taken, thank you.
Back to my question, please.
How you nailed it 100%, totally vindicated, with what happened with the bioweapon, the frankenshots, and then what you think's coming next on there, and then we can get into World War III, or the Nord Stream Pipeline, and all those facets.
Well, as I told you before, Alex, I...
Decided shortly after I was 17 to get the most elite education I possibly could and turn it against the people running the American empire.
So here I am.
What can I say?
I wasn't quiet at Harvard.
Actually, I spoke up quite volubly.
Okay, then I misspoke.
Then how the hell did they give you that secret level education if they knew you weren't on their team?
Did they think they could seduce you?
I guess they figured I could be co-opted, yes.
But that's why I teach here and not at Harvard, because they certainly did not want me on the faculty there.
What can I say?
So there it is.
So again, you nailed what happened with COVID like a time machine, like you'd gone forward three years.
Where are we now with COVID?
Well, Alex, what is happening now, the next stage, is this setting up a worldwide medical police state under the control of the WHO and its Director General,
Tedros, whom, as we know, is a rotten, corrupt criminal.
The WHO is a front organization for the CDC, Big Pharma, the biowarfare industry, and the Bill Gates and the Communist Chinese government.
And what they are doing now
Is in order to override and circumvent the enormous domestic opposition here in the United States to all these orders and decrees coming out of Washington, D.C., they've all gone to the WHO to bluewash
This new worldwide medical police state, either by means of the new proposed WHA regulations, which I have read, and or a new WHO treat.
And if you read either one or both, it's clear it will establish a worldwide medical police state under the control of the WHO, which is a front organization for the others I have mentioned.
That is what I believe confronts us as American citizens today.
This is being done expressly for the purpose of circumventing our Constitution, our laws,
And our democratically elected officials at the state and local basis.
So we have to act now to stop it.
There is, as you know, right now, negotiations going on in Congress over the extension of the national debt.
I believe the Republicans in Congress must put a rider in there that will be veto-proof, that Biden will not be able to veto, pulling us out of the WHO and also terminating all funding for the WHO, which Congress can do by means of legislation.
And there's some movement that way.
I know Congress just now pulled the funding for the EcoHealth Alliance, Wuhan Lab.
That's correct.
But we have to do it for the WHO to prevent this police state.
Otherwise, and by the way, I want to note, I'm a political independent, but President Trump pulled us out of the WHO on six months notice, which was a correct decision.
Biden got elected and he immediately rescinded that pullout.
And then guess what?
He appointed Tony Fauci.
As the U.S.
Representative on the WHO Executive Committee.
So he can write the global policy?
That's right.
And now he has this fellow, Zence, as the new White House Chief of Staff, and he was Biden's COVID czar.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and talk about the world government biomedical tyranny and how we stop it with Dr. Francis Boyle.
Then we'll talk about World War III, the North Stream Pipeline, and his bill that's getting a lot of traction to start the impeachment process to stop what could be the end of civilization.
As we know it, Dr. Francis Boyle is our guest.
Stay with us.
Have you shared that link?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this Wednesday, February 15th edition.
Dr. Francis A. Boyle, couldn't be a more insider expert, but a patriot on the inside, a patriot for humanity.
Doctor, I remember when you were on with us three years ago, you've been coming on for 20, but I remember when you were on three years ago, in January and February, March and April, you came on several times a month that period.
You said, this is a Pentagon developed weapon
Working in conjunction with China and Obama and gain of function and all of it to bring in a world tyranny, to bring in a corporate biomedical takeover.
Now it's all official.
They're announcing it's the basis of world government.
Elon Musk was at the World Government Summit yesterday and said it's a bad idea, doesn't want world government.
So all this is out in the open and they've got this treaty draft that finally came out a few weeks ago.
You've drafted.
Right, I've read and analyzed, we have to understand there are two documents here.
First are the proposed World Health Assembly regulations and then second is a treaty.
Which a World Health Organization treaty applicable to pandemics.
Basically what they're playing here with us is rope-a-dope.
They're trying to get either one or both of them that will set up a basically a world medical police state
Under the control of the WHO, with Tedros as the Director General having the right to proclaim a pandemic health of international concern that would trigger it all.
And by the way, they're saying, well, we're doing this for the next pandemic.
They know there's going to be another pandemic because they know full well it's coming out of their own biosafety warfare labs.
Like COVID-19 did, coming out of the University of North Carolina BSL-3 and the Wuhan BSL-4, which is Chinese Fort Detrick.
WHO was a sponsoring institution of the Wuhan BSL-4.
Imagine if it was a matter of public record that WHO was a sponsoring organization of Fort Detrick.
We would know exactly what is going on.
Indeed, Fort Detrick was working with the UNC BSL-3.
So it's all very there in the documentary record, what is going on.
And this is the next stage of that.
Since they couldn't get what they wanted here domestically in the United States,
Because of opposition by the American people to the Frankenshot mandates and the other totalitarian measures that they have tried to oppose upon the American people.
We have opposition now by Governor DeSantis, Governor Noem, Governor Abbott.
Attorney General Landrum in Louisiana, I've personally dealt with him, and others around the country.
They've decided to circumvent all this by going to the WHO, getting a treaty, getting the regulations adopted at its international agreements.
And then returning here in the United States, whereby they could enforce these international agreements against the American people, against state and local democratically elected officials, like governors and attorney generals, public health authorities, and basically issuing orders all the way down the line to our primary care physicians
On how we should be mistreated.
More Frankenshot mandates, prohibition on Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, mandates for using other types of drugs and prophylaxis that clearly would violate the Nuremberg Code on medical... Like Remdesivir, just like you did with AZT, more lockdowns, it's all there.
Oh, I love the UN bragging that they're going to censor everybody that they've been censoring.
I'm sure you saw three months ago, the head of the UN Information Bureau bragged that they've been working with big tech to censor.
We knew that was happening, but my goodness, the UN and corporations globally censoring doctors and scientists, just total Nuremberg crimes, not just making us take an experimental shot, but blocking therapeutics and blocking public debate.
I mean, this is outrageous.
That's exactly correct.
And if you read both the regulations and the treaty, they have provisions in there on preventing so-called misinformation and disinformation and fake news.
That includes people like you and me.
That's exactly correct.
And then we will see doctors ordered as to give us medications, frankenshots, etc.
that will kill us or disable us, and if the doctors do not comply, they could lose their license.
Let me ask you this, sir.
How do we meet at A and B?
What is the master plan?
I've got a good idea, but you really have the million-foot view.
What's the master plan?
Well, I didn't see your show earlier today, but Klaus Schwab put it out there.
It's a world government.
They're going for broke here.
It's a world government under their control.
These globalists, these elites, and they will issue orders that will bind all the rest of us and kill large numbers of us because, you know, it's also a question of eugenics and population control.
Population reduction.
Other points on this, I want to shift gears into the battlefront in the 15 seconds to midnight in Ukraine.
Well, yeah, you've got Schwab there giving it all away.
He's a protege of Kissinger.
I went through his PhD program at Harvard, and they gave me Kissinger's office at Harvard's Center for International Affairs.
Behind Kissinger is David Rockefeller.
Kissinger has been on the Rockefeller family payroll at least since he was denied tenure at Harvard.
Well, we know the Rockefeller Foundation has been admittedly riding all the global policies.
So when we hear Fauci is the head of policy under Biden for this UN treaty, Fauci himself is just following Rockefeller orders, right?
That's correct.
And that's really who's pulling the strings down here, the people with the money, like the Gates and the Rockefellers, etc.
And they all believe in population reduction.
This is what confronts us.
And now they are going to try to do it with this new World Medical Police State set up under the auspices of the WHO as their front organization.
How do we stop it?
Well, as I said, we have to get organized.
One of your other members said, well, he's trusting God.
Well, I do too, but God helps those who help themselves.
I mean, that's been my experience in my life.
We have to help ourselves.
We have to get out there and get organized against these people, at least as American citizens, and make it clear we are not going to accept a WHO medical dictatorship.
I think so.
Both Democrats and Republicans in the House and the Senate.
And get the Attorney Generals of the states and others moving, which they're doing in Louisiana and Missouri.
Stay right there.
Let's shift gears now into the main battlefront and 15 seconds to midnight in Ukraine.
Stay with us.
All right, Dr. Boyle.
We're caught in the pincer attack of the world corporate Anglo-American UN takeover.
They have provoked Russia into a war, in my view.
Putin has come out in a speech last week.
I played it last week and he said, my beef is not with people of Europe or America, but with the globalists of the New World Order that are trying to take over and trying to destroy us.
And I'm not saying Russia's perfect, but that really is a true statement.
Now they've already launched their new offensive.
I said that last week.
Now it's confirmed.
And so you're uniquely placed and have had the experience to really pierce through what's happening here.
You warned a year ago when this started, it would just continue to escalate up Khan's ladder at the Rand Corporation, and now here we are.
So where do you want to go with this?
First with Nord Stream, with the new offensive, and what you really think from your research is happening in this war?
Well, I think one of your previous call-ins had it right, that we're moving toward escalation.
I watched Stoltenberg's press conference on TV this morning.
He sounds pretty desperate to me.
Ammunition's running out.
For folks who don't know, that's the head of NATO.
That's correct.
So the question will be the overt intervention of US and NATO military forces into Ukraine itself to stop what very well could be a major defeat.
We all know that right now there are covertly U.S.
military forces and NATO forces in Ukraine assisting the Ukrainians in this war against Russia.
Clearly that violates the U.S.
War Powers Clause of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973.
Uh, and other acts of, uh, belligerency, acts of war, non-neutral acts... And again, Professor, for those who don't know, there's no declared war, so that's why this is illegal.
So far, there is not.
But we do have what even Foreign Minister Lavrov said is de facto warfare between Russia and the United States and the NATO states.
Indeed, yesterday, as you know, in Germany, Secretary of Defense Lawson was over there with 54 states allied against the
Russian Federation.
So as they see it, they are in it for the fight of their lives.
And again, the problem here is escalation.
That's why I drafted my bill of impeachment against Biden last July 28, that picks up the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines.
That clearly was an act of war and a war crime under the customary international laws of war that are incorporated into the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court, which we are not a party to, but it incorporates correctly the laws of war and it says a war crime, quote,
Intentionally directing attacks against civilian objects, that is objects which are not military objectives, unquote.
And clearly the Nord Stream pipes were not military objectives, they were simply bringing gas to the people of Germany and Europe and we destroyed it, the Bidenites, Newland, Sullivan,
Blinken decided to destroy it anyway, and they did it at least in cooperation with Norway, according to Helmer, also in cooperation with Germany and Denmark and Poland.
All four states are members of the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court.
And therefore, Biden, Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan, are all subject to prosecution by the Romestad, by the International Criminal Court.
So this is a clear-cut war crime, and why would Biden brag he was going to do it, but then deny and blame Russia?
And is it a good sign that a lot of U.S.
intelligence gave Cy Hershey, he has a bunch of witnesses and sources, you know, he's very respected, obviously, he's broken a lot of big stories.
Back to me, I'm asking for those who don't know.
To me, it shows a good sign that U.S.
intelligence, at least a body of it, is saying this is wrong and gave Cy Hirsch the information.
Well, first of all, it shows how arrogant with power Biden, Nuland, Blinken and Sullivan are for publicly bragging about first threatening the Russian Federation's gas pipeline and then bragging about doing it.
They're completely arrogant and out of control, and even beyond the control of our own intelligence agencies and our own military.
It's a very dangerous sign, Alex, between you and me.
Where does this end?
What's the next stage?
What are they going to do next?
And as one of your colleagues said, and we've discussed before,
This at some point could result in the use of battlefield nuclear weapons.
If Ukraine's position
Retrogrades in the event of this Russian offensive?
Are they going to introduce directly, overtly, U.S.
and NATO military?
And they're already priming the public.
They have Hollywood promoting it, the Pentagon promoting it, that, oh, limited nukes are okay.
And so we know the Russians are having massive losses, but they're not going to give up.
So I think what your prediction of a year ago is this is going to continue to escalate.
That's correct.
It's going to continue to escalate unless we stop at the American people.
That's why I drafted my bill of impeachment.
It is against Biden.
It is in circulation on Capitol Hill.
It is now in the hands of at least three members of the Republican House Freedom Caucus.
I've discussed it personally with one of them for half an hour, who agrees with me.
So it's getting some traction.
What about this angle?
We have Democrat and Republican senators, as you know, calling to kill Putin.
Aren't they thinking straight?
If they kill Putin, we'll probably get even more hardliners in when Putin's been somewhat restrained.
That's not a very smart move, is it?
Well, murder of a head of state is an international crime, and they are inciting the murder of a head of state, which is an international crime.
And if this actually carries out, I think Russia very well might treat that as a formal act of war and declare war on us.
Yeah, and then all bets are off at that point.
What's the timetable?
I mean, gut level, I've never been more concerned for my children.
What's your, not just as a researcher, famous professor, great brain on this, you know, 100 pound brain, gut level, what do you think should happen, doctor?
More escalation unless we stop Biden and the Bidenites.
We have to stop them.
I call upon the Republican members of the House to immediately put in my bill of impeachment against Biden.
And if they want to, they could also add in there on the exact same grounds
It's all very cut and dry.
They launched a massive war against the biggest nuclear power in the world with no authorization.
I mean, they're just, it's cut and dry.
That's why I drafted that bill of impeachment.
That's correct.
It can be called up immediately on the House floor.
The Republicans have the votes.
They can vote to impeach Biden and the rest of them.
Send it to the Senate for a trial.
And I think they would be dead in the water at that point, the Bidenites.
They would have to deal with the impeachment.
This is exactly what happened to Reagan in the Iran-Contra scandal.
The Reaganites were all set to invade Nicaragua.
All of a sudden the Iran-Contra scandal broke out.
They were concerned about impeachment, and they did not go forward with their invasion of Nicaragua.
So I think here we need to do the exact same thing.
Absolutely, and all we need is some leadership.
Polls show upwards of 80% of Americans are against this war.
We need to move now.
Let's come back and talk more about the situation and other key topics with Dr. Boyle.
Nuclear war is on the horizon.
World War III, according to every major analyst, has already begun.
And the average American thinks, because we're 10,000 miles from Russia, in the heartland of America, that it's another planet, that it's a billion or trillion miles away, and we're only 15 minutes
If the missiles are launched from Russia, three minutes of their launch from submarines, to the end of the world as we know it.
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Doc, back to Dr. Francis Boyle.
I've been asking a lot of the questions here, but in the 9-10 minutes we have left, sir, I just want to give you the floor to cover any other angles or points you want to get off your chest of the world.
People better be listening to you because you've proven you know what you're talking about.
I'll give you about a 99% accuracy rate right now.
Well, as I was saying before the break, I have researched the House rules.
Of the House of Representatives, and any member of the House could get up and read into the record a bill of impeachment against Biden, Blinken, Sullivan.
I would also add in there Secretary of Defense Austin.
I have nothing personally against him, but according to the account by Cy Hirsch,
The destruction of the Nord Stream pipes was done by the U.S.
Navy, so that had to have been under his control and authorization.
And they use regular Navy divers because the special forces and the SEALs are under congressional oversight, so they basically illegally, just like Iran-Contra, used a secret group to do it and kept it from Congress.
Well, they should have gotten authorization from Congress of the War Powers Resolution, and they did not.
But that's another step, actually keeping him in the dark is even worse.
That's correct.
That is exactly correct.
And so I think any member of Congress to get up
Read into the record from the House floor a bill of impeachment against Biden and the rest of them.
McCarthy has the votes to impeach them.
I don't see why he hasn't done this already.
They've impeached Trump twice.
The first time, you know, it was innocuous what Trump had done.
I'm not justifying it.
But the second time, that's a different story.
But the first time, they impeached him for this conversation.
So why isn't McCarthy calling the bills of impeachment up for a vote immediately, shipping them to the Senate?
And at that point, Biden and the entire foreign affairs defense establishment here, Sullivan, Blinken, Austin, would be paralyzed.
They would be dead in the water.
They would have to spend their time dealing with impeachment trials in the Senate.
And I would hope that would slow the momentum down here towards a de jure war between Russia and the United States and NATO.
Because right now, there is a de facto war going on.
The blowing up of Nord Stream, that was an act of war and war crime for sure.
Dr. Boyd, let me raise this point.
We don't just have this power grab.
I'm good.
I don't think so.
You know, to see some public statements that think it's wrong, not countermanning the President, but coming out and saying the war is wrong.
So why is a war with China wrong, but a war with Russia is good?
I mean, since when did they get in this mode of thinking this is something survivable?
Well, Alex, again, it goes back to the Brzezinski plan in the Grand Chessboard that whoever controls Eurasia controls the world.
So they, as typical of the people running the U.S.
empire, they decided to prey upon the weaker power, and as they see it, that's Russia.
So, they're going after Russia now, I guess China later.
Remember, it was Obama who had the so-called pivot against Asia, which was really a pivot against China, and we've had serious disputes there now with China.
That's another issue.
But right now, Russia is the target.
This is the Brzezinski plan.
They are carrying it out.
We have to understand that the people in this administration are Brzezinski protégés.
This is the Obama-Biden people in power.
Brzezinski was the campaign guru for Obama on all his foreign affairs and defense policies and people.
Obama studied with Brzezinski at Columbia.
He was his advisor.
So Obama came in the campaign, put Brzezinski in charge of that.
Brzezinski packed that entire administration for eight years.
This is his lucifobic battle plan, as you predicted.
And this really is the third administration of Barack Obama, not Biden.
In a 60 second closing point, resisting medical tyranny, why the COVID-19 mandates are criminal.
That's your book at Amazon.
You've got many other books people can find that are all incredible.
Reading in 60 seconds.
I don't think the Deep State thought the public would mobilize and get past the censors and expose their COVID narrative.
I think we've had a big victory so far that the majority of the public doesn't buy into it.
Something like 98% of people aren't taking the shots now.
I mean, you agree that though we're bloodied and wounded, humanity's starting to wake up and some positive things are happening?
Well, at least here in the United States, we are.
We have governors.
You mentioned the Attorney General Landry in Louisiana.
I've had a long conversation with him.
He understands what's going on.
But that is why, Alex, they are now going to the WHO.
They are going to the WHO and trying to get these regulations and get this treaty and then come back here and force it down our throats despite our domestic opposition that we already have been mounting.
That's why Biden put Zinz in there as the White House Chief of Staff, his previous COVID czar.
So it's clear what the agenda is.
It's clear they're lining up to launch something new.
They're hyping up bird flu in 20 seconds.
What else do you think they got on the virus radar?
Well, they have a whole host of viruses there, Alex.
Indeed, we know for a fact the CIA has its own smallpox stockpile.
We also know that the Marathrax attacks in October 2001, that super weapons-grade anthrax, they still have a stockpile of that.
Probably at Dugway that they can use against us at any time.
Total insanity.
Dr. Boyle, thank you so much for the hour.
God bless you and we really appreciate you.
Well, thanks, Alex.
Please keep up the good work and get the word out there at InfoWars.
I'm trying, sir.
Hopefully, we're still here in a month or six months or a year to talk.
I mean, we really got to kind of get ready to die here, folks, or live in nuclear fallout.
Thank you, Dr. Boyle.
The fourth hour is about to start.
All right.
We've had patient callers like Sam and Mount and Pedrey at hold.
I'll get your calls.
And then, Kate Daly, who's an amazing talk show, always has incredible guests on.
She takes over for the next hour.
And then, Owen Schroyer.
Need some introduction.
Owen the Cock Destroyer, 3 p.m.
Central Time.
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Again, I thank you all humbly for your support.
Sam in Tennessee and then Mountain Patriot.
You're on the air.
I don't think we're going to see the nuclear war with Russia yet.
And getting straight to the point, the reason why I say that is I think that if we are going through the seven seals, that that is buried in the fourth seal.
And I think we've got a little bit of a buffer because I haven't seen the exact conditions of the third seal yet.
This is only my second time talking to you.
The last time you were very generous.
You let me speak about this for six minutes and I went back and looked at the online of it and your staff even put together slides.
I was very impressed, so thank you for that.
Thank you!
Third seal is a measure of wheat for a denarius.
Three measures of barley for a denarius don't hurt the oil or the wine.
So the way I take that is denarius was a silver coin in Matthew 24, today's wage.
If you took our Federal Reserve note,
Minimum wage, translated that to an Israeli shekel, we're talking about 150 shekels today, right?
And that measure was a CHOINIX, it's 1.92 pints, let's just say a quart.
So I'm looking for a quart of wheat in Israel for 150 shekels.
Once I see that, third seal's done, we're waiting on the fourth.
Then I think it could take place.
But, I mean, it's just a theory, but it seems like things are kind of slowly but surely going in order.
I think at some point they're going to pick up, but I almost feel like the good Lord is stalling because He wants more people to wake up, and I could talk about that for a while, too.
But I think we've got at least a little bit of a buffer, a little more time to get the word out, a little more time to get ready, but we have to be watching this vigilantly.
More interruption of wheat crops, wheat transportation supplies, any of that stuff to Israel, third seal's open, and then we're ready to go.
Well, God definitely gives us all the signs.
Thank you so much, Sam.
Mountain Patriot, last caller before Kate Daly takes over.
Oh, Alex Jones.
Can I take an order, please?
This is Fentanyl, the Chinese dragon.
Take your Fentanyl.
Oh, I'd like a Kung Pao Chicken, please.
All right, we've had comedy yesterday.
We can't do more Fentanyl today.
Well, things sure have changed since we cracked a beer at the Martin Springs protest.
Yeah, protesting the lockdowns.
Yeah, that looks like kiddy stuff now.
I'm just wondering if the globalists have some kind of ace in the hole with Putin, sort of the way they did with the Japanese in Pearl Harbor, and they'd already cracked all the codes, and they kind of knew what Japan's every move was going to be.
Well, we know that.
They've been tracking all the Russian communications and the Russian soldiers keep using cell phones.
So that's one of the big ways they're getting targeted.
I just, I can't help but think that we're being set up for a big false flag of some sort, because that's the only way that the U.S.
can come out, you know, on top.
I 100% agree with you that this is the season of false flags.
Remember just a few months ago, Zelensky fired missiles into Poland and blamed Russia and called for nuclear war immediately.
That man is a maniac.
It's the only way we can pull off the moral superiority, you know.
False flag, blame it on Putin.
And then we can talk about, oh, we showed so much restraint with Putin, but it's really time to put the hammer down.
And never forget that Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the president for the last six years.
As you said, if I get elected, I will attack Russia.
All right.
Excellent point.
Sorry to cut you short.
Great job, callers.
Great job, crew.
Great job, Dr. Boyle.
Kate Dowling is a great syndicated talk show host in her own right.
Has amazing guests on.
I always enjoy listening.
She's about to take over.
I'm going to eat my lunch, take care of some business while she hosts.
The Noah Troyer is coming up at 3 p.m.
Hey, what's up, Bone?
Hey, McBreen.
What's going on, man?
Hey, really like that work you did on the AI piece.
I'm going to use that on the show today.
Right on, I worked hard on that.
I'm working on another project, so I'm going to be up late again tonight, and I was hoping you had some Brain Force Plus.
Oh, um, no.
No, nothing.
What about Brain Force Ultra?
Thanks anyway.
Good luck with that project though!
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kay Dally, your guest host.
So glad to be with you today.
I have so much to go over, so many headlines, so little time.
But my first guest, I can't wait to get to this because he is, in my eyes, a hero.
He is a physician in Utah that was just indicted.
I think it probably took like a hundred agents to deliver him a piece of paper, as it always does.
But this doctor actually acted in the best interest of his patients and now he's indicted for the accusations of, well the government's accusing him of this of course, for dumping the shots down the drain and not giving the patients those shots.
I just think he's a hero.
I think we could clone him.
We need more of him.
But Dr. Kirk Moore joins me and I'm so excited to have you on the show, Dr. Moore, because, you know, your message for everybody right now and what you're going through right now, I really do hope people help you with this because this is where we need to concentrate our focus and our help is to help other Americans fight this really tyrannical government.
Can you tell everybody what happened?
Yeah, I can.
Hi, Kate.
So, January 11th, I got a visit from, I don't know, 11 or 12 agents from three different agencies, and they confiscated my phone and the phone of my office manager.
A week later, I woke up to an email that I was that I had been indicted.
It wasn't until actually the day of my arraignment that we actually got the paperwork that I was indicted.
And two of us still haven't even received the paperwork.
So it's kind of a, you know, weird scenario.
But ultimately, that's, we're indicted on three counts, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and then aiding and abetting.
What fraud would that be exactly?
Because I think of the government as a fraud.
So it's kind of funny that it's the pot calling the kettle black.
So what are they actually accusing you of?
So they're accusing us of basically defrauding the government of $25,000 worth of COVID vaccines because we didn't administer them the way that we were supposed to administer them.
We are
You know, it's fraud for then also having filled out the cards and presented them to various agencies that they had been vaccinated.
And then aiding and abetting, I guess, means that we helped other people to commit crimes as well.
And the crime would be that our tax dollars actually paid for the shots.
So it wasn't the government's money, because they only have money because we have money.
So they took this money from us, paid for these shots without our consent, and then turned them into government property, and then accused you of not dealing with that government property as you were told to do, kind of like a Stasi.
I'm just trying to get the overall gist.
Uh, yeah.
So it's kind of like a circular, right?
Like a circular firing squad.
Yeah, it's quite bizarre actually.
So a bunch of agents from all kinds of agencies, right?
Just about every agency they could muster up, I think, that might have been in the area.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
You know, you have
You know, just from the, you know, right from the get go, right, this whole COVID thing has been, you know, there's just been no interest in the health of the individual.
It's all been couched under the terms of public health, but there really isn't a concept of public health.
Public health is individual health.
And if you don't have individual health, then you can't have public health.
So, again, it's kind of a catch-22.
And, you know, but ultimately, yes, you know, I take care of my patients the way they ask me to take care of them.
Yeah, which should be every doctor in America should have the liberty to do that.
The patient should have the liberty to do that.
Why is government inserting themselves in your office visits?
Yeah, it's interesting, right?
I was indicted and one of the statements in the indictment is that because of my political views, I didn't want to give them their shot or I don't know where politics comes into medicine.
It has nothing to do with politics.
It was, you know, it was a discussion that we had with, correct, it's about health and it's about me doing no harm and me being the person that
I, you know, that I have aspired to be my whole life.
I've been practicing medicine for 22 years.
I graduated from medical school.
My 30th reunion comes up in March.
And it's, you know, it's not something that I just, you know, took my oath, you know, last week.
And so a person comes to you and they're worried about being in an experiment, which we all were, right?
I don't want to be in an experiment.
You don't want to be a guinea pig in an experiment.
And so when they said safe and effective, the elephant in the room was everyone knew they were lying because no one could have known that because and it's not true today.
So there's lots of information coming out now, finally, about the shots and the damage and the death that they're causing.
And so I'm not even sure how this case could go anywhere because if all you have to do is look at the evidence of what's coming out and it's being admitted to...
So it's really strange that this is really over people not wanting to be part of an experiment.
The experiment that the evidence coming out and saying the people were probably right, the ones that said, no, I don't want to be part of the experiment.
But the passport, the vaccine passport, the ID, you know, this is just shown to an employer.
It's not shown to anyone else, really.
I mean, honestly, there were there.
Or maybe to get into an NFL game.
I don't know.
The ludicrous nature of that, too.
But I can't see where the wrongdoing was.
I think the wrongdoing is in the tyrannical government making people be part of a government experiment.
Well, I don't disagree with you on that.
I mean, like you said, the data is out.
The NIH, just last week, with Fauci as the main author on it, came out and said that, let me just read this, it says,
You know that the data shows that the shots are probably not safe and they probably wouldn't be approved.
So how does that not change the whole narrative right in and of itself?
Cleveland Clinic came out with a study that said the more vaccinated you are, the higher your risk of getting COVID.
The UK and Australian governments say the higher your risk of vaccination, the higher your risk of death.
92% of the deaths in the UK government over a period of time, I don't remember the exact dates of the study, but 92% of the deaths were in the vaccinated.
So, you know, it's a crazy narrative right now and it's a crazy time to be alive.
I'm just so sorry you're going through this.
You can go to the website StandWithMore, M-O-O-R-E, and help him.
And this is really where I think people need to draw a lot of focus and attention.
People want to know what they can do.
And here's the deal when you can help somebody to overcome the feds and the tyrannical nature of how they do it and why they're doing it.
It's a really blank.
They're really blanket charges because they don't have a vat of money.
Those shots are not government property.
They were actually shots that they approved through our tax dollars.
So if you don't want to take one, why should you have to?
And the other thing is patient confidentiality.
I think we all think that that is occurring on a daily basis around America.
I'm grateful to those doctors that stepped out of that, that probably did the same thing.
I'm so grateful that there were probably many doctors doing this.
And I'm so grateful for you.
We're going to go to a break in about a minute, but I have to say, I'm just, I'm really proud that you listened to your patient and that you didn't have, you know, your head in the sand and that you weren't just piping in NIH talking points.
I'm actually really proud to know you.
I think this is amazing that you could stand up in the face of that.
Again, it's an oath that I took, but it's also just an ethical and moral value on my part.
I'm doing what I feel is right.
I'm doing it based upon my knowledge and based upon what I've learned and based upon everything that I educated myself on.
It has nothing to do with trying to be against the narrative or with a narrative.
It's just what I learned on my own and what I taught myself.
And you were right on the money, apparently, because as the evidence comes out, they're slowly leaking it out.
They've said they have hope, no data when they rolled the shots out.
It's all coming out.
I'm going to come right back a little bit more with Dr. Kirk Moore.
I wish we could clone him in America.
We need more doctors that stand up to this nonsense.
And it had nothing to do with politics.
It was about health.
Be right back.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show today.
So happy to be with you.
And of course, my guest, Dr. Kirk Moore.
I gave you the wrong site, though.
What a hero.
You know, it's just, hey, it's been a long week already.
In the world of politics, it's always a long week.
Stand for, written out, F-O-R.
You can go there and you can help him to fight this and he needs your help.
I know there's a lot of other doctors that did this too and I'm so grateful for all of them that did and they're making the example out of Dr. Kirk Moore and it's pathetic at best because of what they're trying to charge him with.
It's about as bad as the January 6th thing.
It's just trumped up charges and absolutely a patient can choose.
It's just
So, Dr. Kirkmore, what do you want people to know about this whole scenario that you've just been through and that are going through right now?
Because it's an uphill battle for sure.
Well, it's definitely an uphill battle and we're just at the start of it.
You know, again, the bottom line for me is that it's not about me necessarily.
I mean, I'm kind of the tip of the spear in a sense.
This is about, you know, personal freedom, medical freedom, and our ability to kind of, you know, choose what it is that we're going to do or what we're going to put on our body and what we're told that we have to put on our body in order to participate in society.
We've never had anything like this before.
So, you know, walking around like,
You know, with papers in your hand and a passport that says that you've gotten some sort of a shot makes you, you know, an appropriate person in our society these days.
It's a scary concept.
And all experimental.
And they'll sit there with a smile and say, oh, yes, it's completely safe.
We know it's not.
You know, when they surged you, they had all kinds of agents come because they had to show their muscle and their might.
It was kind of a clown show.
And they all, you know, muscle up with all their gear and they all come, but there was lots of agencies involved.
I found that to be so incredulous that they show up like this as a show of force.
It's amazing to me for something like this.
Yeah, so Homeland Security was there, the FBI was there, and then the OIG's Department of Health and Human Services was there.
So it was three agencies, you know, typical, I guess, some sort of a task force that they put together to kind of make this all happen.
Yeah, for sure.
And so what happens to the people that came to you?
What happens to them?
That's a good question.
I've been instructed to not contact anybody.
They're all part of my patient database, so it's not like I can push back on that.
I have to take care of my patients, so if they come into me and ask me to do something, whether it's
I'm not reaching out to them so I don't know whether there's anybody out there that has been contacted by them to talk about what they had done.
And you know, you were saving so many people early on.
You were listening to the right doctors.
You were listening to those outspoken voices, the ones we all know, the ones that have been on this show.
And I'm so grateful to you.
What made you realize this whole farce early on?
What made you realize?
Um, you know, I had time when we had our shutdown here in Utah for that three, four week period, five week period, whatever it was to just sit at my home computer and, um, and just read and learn more about it.
And, you know, everything that I read and everything that I got and all the podcasts and all the people I was listening to, that's kind of when I first quote unquote met, you know, Dr. Peter McCullough.
Online listening to his you know his discussions.
I listened to Zev Zelenko and Watched his video when he talked about sending the video short video podcast to the president And it just all made sense to me Nothing made sense about sitting back and not treating people that we never do that in medicine We don't do it in any aspect of medical care and yet here.
They are you know our government agencies telling us that
Well, just sit back and when these people are blue in the face and they can't breathe, you know, we'll bring them in, put them on a ventilator, give them some remdesivir, we'll kill them 80% of the time and, you know, and if the 20% that survive, hey, good on you.
So it just didn't make any sense to me.
I know, I saw it first hand and it was a crap show.
The whole entire thing, it was hard to watch.
It was hard to watch doctors cave to the NIH where we realize as a nation how socialistic our medicine is now.
The directives coming down from the top and it was scary actually.
It was really eye-opening, scary and I'm so grateful that you were standing up for your patients long before.
Like you said, this is about health.
It has nothing, they want to politicize it.
But it has everything to do with your individual health.
And I thought we still lived in a free country.
I know I'm mistaken, but I thought we lived in America where you could actually choose what goes into your body or not.
I didn't know that we were under a Stasi that gets to direct that very, very move.
So, interesting times, right?
If we can't control what goes into our body, then what do we have control over?
I mean, that's to me...
So, I mean, this is the last, kind of our last stand, I guess, to some degree.
I mean, if we can't control what medications we take, what, you know, what shots we take and or, you know, what surgical procedures we're allowed to take or not take, that just, that's the loss of any element of freedom that we have left.
And that's the reality of it.
We're already chattel, and so if we have to show a card to have a life, and that card depicts the fact that the government can shove anything into our arm, it doesn't matter what it is, it's mice leukemia, as Judy Mikevitz points out, it's all kinds of stuff in a blender, and it doesn't matter what it is, then we've lost.
We're already there.
So, I love that you were standing up, and I'm sorry they're making an example out of you.
They must be very, very desperate.
I know that many, many doctors did this.
I know they did because I know many people.
The numbers that they put out there, I don't think are actually pretty accurate on that many that got jabbed.
I actually think it's far fewer.
And so I'm really proud that you stood up and that there are doctors out there who do really care and understand health.
They're not there as a pharma drug lord.
They are there to make sure that they stand up for the health and I applaud that you have done that.
Well, I appreciate that.
Thank you.
And that's really what it comes down to is just taking care of my patients the way I always have based upon, you know, what I feel is best and what they feel, you know, that they're looking for.
And, you know, I, you know, when you start taking medications off the shelf and the government starts buying up all your hydroxychloroquine so that we can't prescribe it and the pharmacists are telling us that we can't prescribe it and, you know, and you just go to those extremes.
I've been on three humanitarian trips to Africa and I prescribed hydroxychloroquine for all 100 people on this trip and so I know exactly what the medication does.
And then to have them come out and just make false claims about how unsafe it was and how all these people were having these PR segment increases and we are killing people and then
The narrative that, you know, all these hospitals were backed up because of all the deaths from the ivermectin and or the hydroxychloroquine, it was just crazy.
And to go to those extremes, it's just is absolutely nuts.
Yeah, the only crime taking place here is that the government was able to use the law enforcement at their behest to accuse somebody of not giving the patient what the government wanted to give the patient.
So it is insane to me that this is actually taking place in our country.
I can see this in other countries, but not ours.
And so please go to Stand4More.com.
Thank you, Dr. Kirk Moore, for joining me.
I really appreciate you coming on today.
Well, thanks for having me, Kate.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot.
Help him out.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
More on the Alex Jones Show.
I have a lot to share with you, so stay tuned.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
And, you know, doing this live every day and like Alex, it's, you know, it's such an interesting thing because the headlines come out.
You've got fear campaign after fear campaign after fear campaign.
I wonder how much more trauma we can take.
I don't know.
Train wrecks and UFOs and American Chernobyl.
So much, right?
So much.
So I just want to mention just maybe a few things.
First of all, help Dr. Kirk Moore.
Standformore.com because he needs the help.
And we can't do this alone.
When one American is in trouble, we really need to go and help those Americans fight in the court system because this is where they're going to gain that foothold.
And you know that our justices now think that everything is done by precedent instead of the actual Constitution.
And so you don't want these precedences going forward that are going to really basically, well, look at the agencies.
They're not about foreign interests at all, are they?
They're about making it look like average patriots like you and I are domestic terrorists.
That's their real job.
And that's where they show up all the time.
So there's a couple of things.
We've got all kinds of stuff to talk about, of course, but it's just amazing.
Let me start with the Super Bowl.
Is it fixed?
Are there scripts?
I guess we could have a long conversation about that someday.
It's like entertainment, probably a lot like the world wrestling.
But that is just an opinion, because honestly, I could care less who wins.
I'm not into Valentine's Day, that was yesterday.
I'm not into football.
And so a lot of things that I'm not into, I mean, I can comment about objectively, okay?
And so this is one of them.
I could care less who wins, but I'm telling you, there's just so much more to this, and I think you probably know that too.
It always comes down to a weird call in the playbook that no one ever has heard of, or some sort of, it's like a tax code, the NFL playbook.
So it's kind of interesting in that way.
And they pull out the call that kind of makes the difference in the game, if you know what I mean.
You know, during the Super Bowl, they had the words end racism in big, huge letters painted on the field.
Somebody paid for that, obviously, and wanted that on there during the entire game.
But I couldn't help but notice that so many of the multi-million dollar black players were also on the field.
So that was kind of strange.
I mean, I guess if it was an all-white football team, I guess you could understand.
Black Rihanna, or Red Rihanna, however you want to call her, plays for the Halftime Show, and then you've got a lot of multi-million dollar black players playing.
Just not quite sure how that adds up.
Shouldn't it have said, Ended Racism?
Just throwing that out there.
Yes, Rihanna played, and the racism in America goes forward, I guess.
She shows up in a red bra and on a platform with a bunch of white puffy bunnies dancing around her.
It wasn't a good show.
It wasn't very entertaining.
They actually would have done better.
Maybe even somebody like Garth Brooks, who's an actual entertainer, or maybe somebody from, you know, like the 80s or 90s.
I don't know, because most of the crowd is going to be a little older.
Might as well appeal to them.
But of course they had to drag Rihanna out there.
Maybe to support the end racism tagline at the end of the field now.
Speaking of football, what is Damar Hamlin hiding?
It just seems really strange.
His non-profit got about $10 million.
He'd been paid more on top of that by Pfizer maybe to shut his mouth?
I don't know.
I'm just gonna throw that out there allegedly.
But it was strange, you know.
He was in an interview and
And he just basically didn't want to say much about anything.
You'd think he'd be so excited that his nonprofit got millions and millions and millions of dollars, but apparently not the case.
So every time, I want to talk about UFOs for a moment too, because it seems to be in the press.
The alien invasion.
The alien invasion.
So let's talk about this for just a moment, okay?
Um, back in the day, Orville Wright, you remember good ol' Orville Wright, back in 1947 on July 9th, there was a piece written about him, and this was in Dayton, Ohio.
Um, Orville Wright, 1947, who invented the airplane, said today that a flying saucer craze was the government campaign to get us into another war.
Yeah, I can't make this up.
A 75-year-old scientist said it is more propaganda for war to stir up the people and excite them to believe a foreign power has designs on this nation.
He said it was dished up by the government to support current State Department campaign to get us into another war.
Wright criticized the publicity given to the saucer stories and said there was no scientific basis for the existence of a phenomenon supposedly seen by hundreds.
Oh, horrible.
I'd give you a big giant hug if I could.
A big giant UFO hug.
So, here's the deal.
1947 was also the year that the CIA came booming out with its new official title, and of course we had just formed the UN.
Just so strange that back in, I think it was 1915, in a government conference with Japan, they had, or maybe it was 1922, one of the two, they had talked about the fact that, hey, you know what we really need?
It's a big alien scare to make sure that we get that world government kicking in for us.
So I thought it was interesting going back that Orville talked about it in such a very, very brazen way and made sure that he told people, this is a complete farce.
And I love that.
When we talk about the alien thing, I sure hope people realize that this is just the insanity of government.
And the article that you just saw, the 100 C Sky Discs, but facts lacking.
Facts will always be lacking, honey.
This is from 1947 News and it says, skeptics converted, but it also says this at the bottom, hints of experiment by armed services add to mystery.
Hints of experiment by armed services add to mystery.
No truer words could have ever been spoken.
This is when we started getting locked out of our bases because, you know,
That's right.
I'm just saying that maybe, maybe the farmer in the field could have been part of a scientific experiment for the armed forces.
They were shoving LSD into everybody at that point.
So I'm kind of thinking that might be the case.
But also the fact that why after the millennia, all they want to do is probe us in the rectum.
I don't know why this is.
But it seems as though aliens are just preoccupied with probing us, bringing us into a spaceship, probing us for all of our lives, and then returning us.
All we need to do at this point is to basically, I don't know, share with them what pronouns are.
I think they would immediately throw us back down to earth and return us from whence we came.
But I do think that this whole scare, you know, I looked at in history, there's 13 different, there's 13 different things.
We're good.
All of the movies based on little green men with giant eyes that are coming to get you with their long fingers or long little E.T.
And then Steven Spielberg was put into high gear with his movies and also to prop up this narrative.
That's right.
And so I do find this interesting that they also said in this article, hundreds see skydiscs but facts lacking.
There will always be facts lacking.
And scores of conjectures heard as a result of queer site.
That's exactly, I'm taking the words right out of the article.
Boy, things have changed, right?
But there is more support to support
That Christ was born, then there is a flying saucer.
And so whatever we saw up in the sky, I'm going to guess that no matter what it is, it's something that our government invented a long time ago.
And we didn't get to hear about it much, except it's up in the sky and it's saucer-ish.
And it's round and it probably houses little green men that are trying to get us.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
Back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
Glad to be here.
Just observations.
I always love observing the news because it's quite entertaining, actually.
I don't know how much more fear they can get away with.
I'm not quite sure how many more directions they can go.
But I do feel like something's coming this summer.
I think that they're doing something.
Either that's going to be with
The money system, they're kind of prepping us for that.
They're prepping us that we're not really safe because even the skies.
Oh my gosh.
You know, I just want you guys to have this public service announcement for sure.
We should have started out with this.
My balloon can save your balloon and your balloon can save mine.
You just remember those golden words because they're true.
We still haven't gone after the contents of what we shot down.
I guess we just don't care what's in that.
It's just so much easier to call it a Chinese balloon too.
Somebody asked me the other day, why don't the Chinese get angry when we call it a Chinese balloon?
Honey, they didn't get mad either when we called it the Chinese disease either, the COVID, the blovid.
They didn't get mad at that either.
They're not going to.
They're in our pocket and we're in theirs.
They own so much of our country now that it's pretty sick now.
I think so.
I think Kissinger has now regressed to like two feet four.
Anyways, Kissinger made quite the advances with the Trilateral Commission and all of the other things he was doing in a very treasonous way against our country, that little Nazi, when he decided to put China into our country and make sure the Democrat Party benefited their every move.
Remember that, Clintons?
I want to talk about Ohio for just a second.
Ohio, in October, they actually, in East Palestine, not only is it Amish country,
The only vaccine control group that we have that actually is proof that you do not have to do what the government says to be healthy and that your immune system is not located with a needle in a vial.
It's actually God given.
But this is Amish country and they're calling it the American Chernobyl.
Now, the media won't touch it, of course, because it's a real story.
But here is, in fact, the fact that in October they actually introduced that QR code.
I'm sure it's been talked about on here, but they introduced the MyID QR code in October that actually can give patients the ability to be recognized quickly.
That worked out!
My gosh!
So glad they rushed in with that.
I mean, that was really beneficial.
And you know what?
Birds die, fish die.
People get sick.
People have headaches.
No worries.
You just drink that flammable water coming out of your kitchen sink.
Not a problem.
I can't wait for the good old government PSAs.
You're fine.
You and Flint, Michigan, you're all good.
No worries.
Anyway, people are told to go back and lots of weird events are going on.
But what else is going on?
I mean, you did have the shot now on the schedule for children as of four days ago.
So the CDC put the shot on the schedule for kids while everyone else was focusing on balloons, up, up and away, while they were focusing on balloons and UFOs.
Kind of amazing, isn't it?
The distractions.
Look here!
Here's a UFO.
We have the thing in your arm for children put on the schedule, and we have chemical explosions and train derailments like crazy.
That's kind of interesting, isn't it?
You know, it kind of makes some room, I think, for the new train.
Remember how I talked about those train contracts and how those trains are now being built as well with all of the facial recognition?
I mean, to the ninth degree, these trains are going to be absolutely outfitted.
It's just amazing that trains keep getting destroyed.
And then, of course, you have all these chemicals being released.
Kind of strange, isn't it?
All right.
So, with that being said, we've got all these distractions, yes, we've got all these things happening, and our little Chernobyl incident, not quite so little.
Not quite so little.
We need to pay attention to that.
But you know what I love?
I love the fact
Well, you know what?
I love a good false flag in the morning.
That's what I love.
It's like drinking a sip of a hot beverage and it just kind of goes through your body and you're like, and you know why I love a good false flag in the morning is because honestly, stay with me on this one.
It actually says they're that desperate.
They're that desperate that they still don't have total control of the nation.
That they have to act like lunatics in presenting us false flags all the time.
It's actually good news in a way.
Because the second we don't have a false flag, is the second our country is actually over.
Because that would mean that it's just the Stasi.
They can get away with whatever they want to do.
I'm just making an observation.
False flags are a good thing.
They show how desperate the government is.
They show that there's not enough people to go around, so multiple people have to be at the same false flag incidences.
And when they are, what's really fascinating to me is that through all that trauma, as that dark cloud follows over their heads, they're still able to rush into a camera or rush to a journalist to get that story in print.
That says a lot for those trauma, those trauma patients who have actually been through let's say three rounds of lightning because that's basically what the odds are to be struck by lightning three times in your young life before the age of 30.
Really amazing.
They push through all that trauma and they use the same people over and over again.
But you know what?
I guess they don't think we're bright enough to figure that out, but I find it fascinating because crisis actors, when you're that desperate and you can't get enough people to serve as a crisis actor, you just go with the same ones.
It kind of makes sense actually, right?
We're good to go.
And you think, wow, they're that desperate to show their might that they've got to act like that to regular citizens.
I'll never forget interviewing Roger Stone.
I don't
I would imagine they have kids too.
And I would imagine when they show up as a clown show to somebody's door and they kick it in and they act all beefy and cool like a big giant meathead and they knock down the door.
Do they feel dumb when they do that?
I just have to understand because when you're handing somebody a piece of paper, you have to act like it took all that muscle to serve a piece of paper.
They wouldn't do that to good old Hillary.
I mean, they would just knock on the door with one agent like Peter Strzok and go, Oh, hey, Hill, sorry to do this.
Can we do this for a photo op?
Um, nope, they do it with the average citizen.
Kind of makes you sick, doesn't it?
But I guess there's enough meatheads out there and guys with badges.
They ought to show off the muscles with the ripped, you know, uniform and the big puffy jacket.
They got to, they got to show who they are, right?
I mean, they got to show us that they could take us down any second if they wanted to, with all their guns, so.
I just wanted to point out the clown show that's involved with the desperation now.
And you know what?
The more desperation they show, the more that they do this.
Just remember that the government has to do this in order to get the fear up, in order to ratchet it up to the 10th degree, 9th degree.
They have to do this.
It's still there.
You know what?
It actually involves so much desperation to try to sell you on every one of their stories.
Their false flags are so pathetic at this point.
They use the same M.O.
over and over again in the shooter.
They either shoot him dead or we never see him again.
They use the same crisis actors.
They use the same storylines.
They're as bad as Hollywood.
Hollywood hasn't had a new storyline in decades.
Same with your government.
Same with our government.
Thank you so much.
Let's talk about things.
You're a sponsor of the show.
You support us.
It's not the main reason I had you on today, but usually you're hard to even get to plug the products when you're on.
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Far and away the most popular product is Dr. Vandewater's Detoxification Supplement that features natokinase.
It's a natural proteolytic enzyme.
This one is the only
Enzyme that we're aware of right now that dissolves the spike protein.
This is very important.
The spike protein is loaded in the body with the COVID-19 infection and definitely with the vaccines.
People are low with the spike protein.
They don't feel well.
This is a potential solution.
Hydroxychloroquine comes from a natural substance.
So does ivermectin and now natokinase.
Isn't it interesting?
Natural substances in a sense combating this man-made disaster SARS-CoV-2 and the vaccines.
Thank you for your support and thank you for getting into that because it's important.
You didn't come here to do that, but I made you do it.