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Name: 20230211_Sat_AlexJonesLive
Air Date: Feb. 11, 2023
2015 lines.

Alex Jones discusses the New World Order, urging people to recognize their sovereignty as human beings and take action against control. He encourages peaceful protests like lighting candles. Matt Baker confronts Pfizer over allegations of involvement in satanic rituals and creating deadly viruses. Conspiracy theories surround HAARP and its potential link to earthquakes in Turkey. The investigation into an alleged kidnapping plot against Whitmer reveals FBI informants involved, raising concerns about parallel construction and Big Tech suppressing election information. A Matt Baker Challenge is launched for activism. Concerns are raised over Chinese spy balloons and potential cyber warfare possibilities. Free speech censorship is criticized as alternative media struggles to stay afloat. Suppression of information leads to a loss of authenticity in the grassroots movement. The need for an alternate currency is discussed, as well as protecting children from corrupt content. The state of alternative media is evaluated and a new cryptocurrency is proposed. Society's acceptance of aborting babies, euthanizing elderly individuals, and promoting depraved content is criticized. Unity and action against globalist forces are urged. Awareness and empowerment of individuals is discussed. Leftist areas and the awakening happening in society are analyzed. The American Liberty Awards celebrate those who have stood up against tyranny throughout history. The Beard and Hair Formula is promoted, along with the unjected dating website. Current events like the Russian war in Ukraine are questioned for possible manipulation by higher powers. Deus Ex is discussed as a representation of the battle for consciousness and dimensions in reality.

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What are we going to do now?
We've gotten to a point where we are being lulled into this hypnotic state.
We're being groomed.
We've been taken over.
These New World Order people are pissing in our faces.
They are turning us into their psychic bitches.
They're saying, by the way, we're taking your children.
By the way, we're taking your guns.
By the way, we're taking your energy.
By the way, we're mutating you.
By the way, we're destroying all your food.
By the way, all your chickens are dead.
By the way, you're doing nothing about it!
There's got to become a point in everybody's mind when they realize that they are a sovereign human being and they can get up off their couch.
They can look in their newspaper.
They can see if there's a drag queen story time there.
They can see if someone might be mutating viruses in the local area.
They can look and see if the people are coming across the border and chopping people's heads off and they can go say something about it.
The problem with A lot of people see what I'm doing, they go down there like, oh, you're really bombastic, you know, you're really loud.
And it's like, yeah, you know, if we had 10 million people with one candle sitting around Pfizer or Moderna, let's not let them off the hook.
It's all about Pfizer now.
I almost wonder if Moderna is putting out this crap.
They're all just as guilty.
If we had one candle, and I wanted to do this back before January 6th, actually.
One candle, surrounding the building, millions, millions, millions of people.
And you wouldn't even have to say a word.
You have everyone show up and see the full power of humanity.
You have everyone kneel down and pray to whoever they want to.
And you have them take their candle and sit there and hold it, blow it out, stand up and walk away.
And do it everywhere and put them on notice.
This is how many people we can get to show up at any given time, any given place.
And one of these days, we'll see how it goes.
You guys know what you're doing.
You know we know what you're doing.
And at a certain point in time, the human race is going to have to get out of their
freaking coma and do something about it.
The most banned man in America, Alex Jones.
I want you all to know something.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
I don't care how you slice it, dice it, flip it up or rub it down.
Alex Jones was right.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax.
Not for a second.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
You are a martyr to the First Amendment.
The government fears Alex Jones.
That's why the globalists hate me, is because I'm exposing their corporate worldwide tyranny.
AlexJonesLive.com This is Matt Baker reporting live from San Diego, California.
We are here at the Pfizer location here.
We are wondering if they may be possibly doing gain-of-function or directed evolution studies here.
Are they mutating viruses here in San Diego County?
That's what we want to know.
So we're going to ask the people and see what's going on.
Let's see.
These bug boxes look like the ones in the Wuhan lab, don't they?
Quite creepy.
I wonder what kind of biological agents they may or may not be working on in there, here in San Diego, California.
To be honest, I'm getting chills when I look at these things.
It's very scary to imagine that just this piece of glass could be all that's between us and a lamp here in San Diego.
What's really going on here at Pfizer?
What are you afraid of? Why don't you want us filming?
Are you working on biological agents here in San Diego?
Are you working on biological agents here in San Diego?
We were told already to stop filming.
Apparently, they had nothing to hide.
They told us they're going to call the police.
But right now, we're on a public sidewalk, so we're going to exercise our first objective.
We will be exercising.
So here he is.
This is the guy right here.
We're gonna go see what's up to him.
He's running away now.
Apparently he doesn't want to talk to us.
What do you know?
So apparently the security guard has decided to run away.
He says he's called the police.
We're gonna see if they actually show up or if he's bluffing.
As of now we're standing on public property and we are exercising our First Amendment rights.
So we are here and I would encourage any of the citizens of San Diego County and or California To come out here and show them how you feel.
Now we're going to do this legally and lawfully.
We're going to exercise our first amendment and we're going to see how far this goes.
Is this guy really going to call the police or not?
We've been kicked off the campus for taking some innocuous footage of what appears to be a bio-weapons type lab.
Much like the one in Wuhan.
I'm wondering if these people are concerned that they are in violation of international treaties for bioweapons.
The creation of bioweapons is against international law.
I wonder if there's anybody here at Pfizer that is considering possibly becoming a whistleblower that maybe can talk to people like Project Veritas.
Be brave, say something, or we may end up in another bio-war.
So just as a reminder, I have brought them a copy of the Nuremberg Code.
And they're also in violation of the International Bioweapons Convention.
So they can leave this here and they can check out exactly how they're in violation.
And what's going to happen to them if they get caught?
What is going on in these Kaiser buildings?
We're going to find out.
We're going to get to the bottom of it.
We're going to see if the police are actually going to show up and stop us from exercising our First Amendment.
How do you feel about... How do you feel about protecting the duck?
How do you feel about protecting the duck?
Pfizer is in violation of the Nuremberg Council.
Pfizer is in violation of international biological treaties.
Pfizer runs satanic rituals on television.
Pfizer is an abomination.
Albuquerque was convicted of three counts.
...of deception in marketing in Britain!
Your director of mRNA research says you are mutating viruses!
You are in violation of international treaties!
You will be dealt with!
The people of Earth know what you are up to!
We will not stand for your Dr. Mandela BS!
Stop what you are doing!
Put down the petri dish!
Step away from the glove box!
We're not in lab coats!
Cooking up viruses so we can make money off of the so-called cash cow that your mRNA director says you are doing!
Why is the mRNA vaccine affecting premise periods?
Are you worried that the mRNA vaccine is causing birth defects?
Are you concerned with the recent situation of dying suddenly?
Why did Tamara Hamlin die almost on the field only to get brought back to life?
Was it from the myocarditis caused by your vaccine?
We all know that your vaccine causes myocarditis.
It is one of the side effects.
Birth defects are side effects.
Heart trouble, side effects.
Why are people falling over in the streets?
Why are people falling over on sports fields?
Because of the work you are doing in satanic areas such as this!
You are ruling violation of international codes!
We are the human beings of planet Earth, and we demand you stop what you are doing!
Step away from the Petri dish!
Put down the lab coat!
Step away from the box!
Turn state's evidence for humanity!
Are you concerned that Project Veritas may have people in your building right now?
Are you afraid to talk to your friends, wondering if they might find out what you are up to?
This is Matt Baker, reporting for Human Rights.
You are in violation of the Nuremberg Code.
You are in violation of international statutes.
You are not allowed to talk about viruses in labs.
Your company is involved in satanism.
You watch satanic principles on TV and you know it!
You know it!
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
Shame on you working for the devilish system!
You profit off the pain of humanity?
How does it feel?
How does it feel having your head in shame?
Pfizer knows that their vaccines are affecting women's fertility.
They're mystified as to why.
They know it is affecting the endocrine system.
They know it is affecting the body.
They know it is affecting myocarditis and causing heart attacks in young men.
They know all these things and yet they continue to laugh.
They're working in those labs, forcing viruses to become stronger.
What does not kill you makes you stronger.
The vaccine itself is a form of directed evolution.
Only the fittest viruses will make it through.
Only the strongest viruses will make it through.
Where do all of the variants come from you ask yourself?
Are they creating them?
Or is the vaccine itself causing the variants?
The vaccine does not stop Infection.
The vaccine does not stop spread.
The vaccine is not a vaccine.
It is an mRNA gene therapy.
You are involved in Dr. Manula, Dr. Death level experiments.
You will be held accountable.
The people of Earth are onto you.
We know what you're doing.
We see your experiments.
We hear your people.
Pfizer is committing felonies.
Pfizer is committing war crimes.
How do you feel working for a company that funds satanic rituals on television?
How do you feel funding research to mutate viruses?
Your director of mRNA research says, and I quote, we are making viruses to make money.
Do you admit that myocarditis is being caused by the vaccine?
Do you admit that women's fertility is being affected by the vaccine?
Do you admit that the vaccine does not stop the spread?
Do you admit that the vaccine is not safe or effective?
Do you admit that the vaccine is in fact a bioweapon against biological warfare treaties?
I find it interesting that we have a cancer research connected with a vaccine research center when we know that cancer viruses were found in polio vaccines.
People are falling on their faces on national television.
Brought to you by Pfizer.
Satanic rituals, brought to you by Pfizer.
Nuremberg Code violations, brought to you by Pfizer.
Every news program on TV, brought to you by Pfizer.
It's not funny when you make money off a so-called cash cow.
Yes, your director of mRNA research and development said he's making money!
Police officers, in case you didn't catch the video, did you watch the video?
Did you see the video where their head of mRNA research said they were making money off of the cash cow of creating new viruses?
Did you watch that video by Project Veritas?
Did you watch it?
Did you watch it, sir?
Did you see the video?
So obviously you guys have the right to film, right?
Can we talk without the megaphone?
So can we talk without the megaphone?
So obviously you guys have the right to film, right?
We're not mad about that.
Are you mad about what these guys are doing here?
Have you seen it?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You haven't seen the Project Variants video?
What I'm here to talk to you about is the megaphone.
You can't be using a megaphone.
It's already noisy.
You're not interested.
I'm not using a megaphone.
Are you not interested in knowing that they laughed... I'm not making this up.
They laughed on TV about making mRNA...
Mutating viruses so they can make money off and I quote the director of mRNA research makes money off mutating viruses for the quote-unquote Cash.
We're not the audience you want to be talking to.
It doesn't matter.
You are the audience.
You're the human race.
I want you to look it up.
Are you ignoring the reality?
You guys were forced vaccinated.
Are you ignoring the reality?
What's going on?
Do you know what the problems are with the vaccines?
Do you know that women are having miscarriages because of the vaccine?
I don't care.
You don't care?
He doesn't care.
This guy doesn't care.
This is what we're doing.
Can I get your ID?
I don't have an ID.
I literally don't care.
What's your date of birth?
It's irrelevant.
Here we are.
Being hassled by the police who admittedly do not care that you are getting infected by viruses that they admit that they are making.
They were forced vaccinated.
Yeah, they were.
I said it, he doesn't care.
Do you have a YouTube channel?
I might.
Actually, they took my YouTube channel because of people like this.
We won't allow people to speak out.
What platform are you on?
Okay, I thought you wanted to know.
No, I'm going to tell you to look it up.
I'm not trying to be attached to anything for your purposes.
What I'm doing is, I'm telling you to look up Project Veritas Video.
I heard you, I heard you.
Yeah, okay, well then what was it?
You want me to look up Project Veritas?
Project Veritas Mutating Viruses.
Don't ask what we're doing.
What are you doing?
I'm here with you.
Yeah, okay.
I'm here for good.
Alright, you seem nice enough.
We're done here.
Thank you.
It is my dearest intention that somebody in here actually tells us what's going on.
Whether they do it in broad daylight or if they have to call in and do it anonymously, I would beg you please let us know what's happening.
Are they mutating viruses here in San Diego? I am here because there is a concerted effort by the
Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist
and populist voices.
CNN is not just fake news.
It's the criminal news network that works as a racketeering crime syndicate to openly shut down my media operations and other people's media operations.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
You didn't call me to testify in America.
I have a right to face my accusers.
And you, Congressman Deutsch, are a liar and a fraud.
You are a charlatan that goes around lying about people who destroyed the First Amendment.
I haven't lied about anyone, Alex.
Yes, you are a congenital liar.
Paul as well.
Why do you hate the First Amendment so much?
There goes Congressman Swalwell.
The American people demand that their First Amendment be defended.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press, working with big tech.
And the deplatforming didn't work.
At the end of January 2023, talks between Turkish President Erdogan and the Swedish government detonated.
So you will let terror organizations run wild on your avenues and streets and then expect our support for getting into NATO?
That's not happening.
In order to be accepted into NATO, Sweden and Finland as well needed the vote from Turkey.
But talks disintegrated after a Swedish-Danish politician set fire to the Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm.
On Saturday, Rasmus Paludan, head of a far-right Danish party, held a protest in front of Turkey's embassy in Stockholm.
The Swedish-Danish national set fire to the Quran.
That has put Sweden's NATO application in jeopardy.
Accession to the military alliance must be approved unanimously by member states, including Turkey.
After Erdogan's declaration, Turkey and northern Syria were devastated by a series of earthquakes in southern Turkey, with a death toll that has reached well over 11,000 people.
We are finished, my God.
There is nobody here.
What kind of state is this?
Turkey is no stranger to earthquakes, the majority of them occurring in the eastern and western portions of the country.
But strange anomalies occurred just before the earthquakes, leading many to question whether a harp weapon may have been used to punish the Turkish government for failing to tow the line of NATO's New World Order overlords.
We've had a few guests on talking about what they believe HAARP does, what they admit it does.
You know, why not?
And Trey, my producer, thought why not get the people from HAARP on?
We've had a few guests on talking about what they believe HAARP does, what they admit it does.
You know, why not? And Trey, my producer, thought, why not get the people from HAARP on?
So in terms of what it is, it's a research facility to conduct research in ionosphere and radio science.
What about other countries, the Russians, the Chinese, the European Union?
Do they have similar programs, doctor?
The European community has a facility in Petrovka, Norway, what they call the ice gas community
there that actually was a facility like HAARP, it's been around a lot longer than HAARP.
The Smithsonian is reporting and the Daily Mail is reporting and a bunch of other publications
are reporting China and Russia are working together to heat the atmosphere for weather
control using large antenna arrays on the ground directed by satellites in space.
Weather modification on a global scale.
In fact, these programs are so large and so all-encompassing that all other weather modification programs that go on on a smaller regional basis are virtually, they're negated by the scope and scale of the global geoengineering programs.
The saturation, which ionizes the atmosphere, makes the atmosphere more conductive.
We have the HAARP facilities, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.
These are ionosphere heaters.
Many have heard of the HAARP facilities.
There's not just one or two or three.
We believe there's at least 18 around the globe, possibly with three more being built in Antarctica right now.
We were able to identify each frequency.
We accomplished this with just 30 watts of radio power.
If you do this with a billion watts, The vibrations are so violent that the entire piano would shake.
In fact, the whole house would shake.
In fact, the vibrations could be so severe underground that could even cause an earthquake.
These weapons of geopolitical terrorism will be able to mold the climate change narrative and bend countries to the will of the New World Order as the target date of UN Agenda 2030 draws nigh.
In short, the New World Order is a weapon system, a planetary terraforming operation, genetically changing the planet's genetic makeup, changing the atmosphere's makeup, changing the tectonic activity of the planet, changing the oceans, changing all life.
Changing the radiological background, changing the magnetic background.
Every observation we see shows this modern system is doing one thing.
killing us. John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this live Friday night broadcast.
We're about 19 minutes past 6 o'clock Central Standard Time.
We heard some of the very important reports we've been working on over at InfoWars.com.
This is Alex Jones Live, a production I do out of my house.
We also simulcast over at InfoWars, and as I promised, at least several days a week I'm going to do live Commercial-free podcasts, interviews, analysis, PowerPoints, you name it, from this studio and some other studios that we have developed.
Now, I wanted to get Matt Baker, who's a great citizen activist and journalist, on because he was on my show 45 minutes or so yesterday on the InfoWars Thursday broadcast.
He was really on fire trying to make a lot of different points, and he got to a lot of them, but I wanted to go back and recap the points that he got to and expand on those, then get to all the other points he didn't get to because, lost in translation, he thought he was on for an hour, but only had him on for 30 minutes, and then I had a bunch of callers, so I kind of held him over, but with callers he couldn't get To all his points, he's also going to have a protest against Pfizer in San Diego that I kind of called for.
He said people should join him out there with his viral video of him protesting a few days ago.
So I said, hey, how about Sunday 3 p.m.
He said, great.
So we'll get an update from him on that.
Let me just raise this point first, though.
When you get so close to the news and so close to sources and breaking information, you really almost get to where you take yourself for granted.
I know I do that.
And we have a lot of sources, obviously, inside the Proud Boys Seditious Conspiracy Trial that's meant to demonize all Americans of free speech.
And so I learned when the trial started a month ago some pretty shocking information from inside sources.
I'll leave it at that.
And should have reached out to Tucker Carlson, should have talked about it on air, but I was waiting to get more info.
And then earlier this week and tonight, in fact, one reason I aired a few promos and got on about 20 minutes after the show started was because I was on with sources in DC that are describing, expert sources, what the judge was doing when the media and the jury were kicked out.
But this will be breaking regardless next week.
You're just getting tomorrow's news today.
We know about Ray Epps and the other feds that were there calling for attacking the Capitol.
But now, amongst a bunch of information that's about to come out with documents, and I'm not going to get the specifics because I don't want to mess up the defense of the Proud Boys, but the feds screwed up mightily.
And they used evidence that they'd planned it, just like the Governor Whitmer kidnapping, With a former high-level CIA operative and a female individual, not saying she's a sex operative or a swallow as they call them, to give a war game to the Proud Boys that they never acted on of taking over DC.
And it's actually a CIA war game.
So, this is a big, big deal.
And we also know, it's come out in the news, that a federal informant when Enrique Tarrio
was about to leave D.C., when he'd been ordered to on January 4th, he was there January 5th,
about to leave, he went to that underground garage meeting, or that garage car park meeting,
and it was just a meeting to say, "Hey, we're leaving, be safe," between the Proud Boys
and the Oath Keepers and Stewart Rhodes.
And we know there was, quote, "informants, informants, informers" there.
But we now know specifically who the informants are.
And let's just say this, I'm not saying the Proud Boys are a bad group, they fought Antifa,
they stood up for free speech, overall they were good people, but any group like that
that's open to the public is going to be infiltrated.
And the old joke about a KKK meeting in the '70s and '80s and '90s, in the 2000s was,
if you had 10 KKK members, probably eight of them were federal agents, including the
Just like the Whitmer kidnapping plot was, the majority, the leaders, the people running it all, were FBI informants and FBI.
And they had a few people say, okay, I guess I'll go along with the attack.
So a real setup, no attack ever happened.
So, I'm going to reach out to some other sources I have so I can reverse engineer this.
The government has a name for it when they illegally get information.
And then they've got to go out and find other witnesses that also saw it legally.
They call it parallel construction.
And so as a journalist, I'm allowed to know these things and talk to these people, but I don't want to hurt our sources.
So I've got to do some parallel construction to also verify these reports, even though I've already verified them.
And I've got to get on the phone to some witnesses and some other people so that I can call up these individuals and say, hey, I know about this.
What do you want to tell me?
Will you come on record about this?
So I've got some work to do.
And folks like Cy Hirsch can spend six months on a story like this.
They do a great job, like with the pipeline explosion that I told you day one was the Navy and a remote detonation, all the rest of it.
I can just tell from the history in the background.
That's Don Cy Hirsch's report with his sources.
So I kind of shoot from the hip a lot of times, but nine times out of ten, I'm right.
One smart thing Donald Trump said was the deepest thing he ever learned was to be shallow.
It's like a woman's intuition.
You study, you have knowledge, you're always researching all the pieces, and then your first approximation is usually dead on right.
The best shots I've ever made with a gun is when I don't try.
I can shoot here at 800, 1,000 yards.
I just relax, pull back.
This is an analogy.
I'm not saying I'm going to shoot anybody.
And squeeze the trigger.
The deer goes rolling head over heels, or the wild hog, or whatever it is.
In fact, when I have time to go, you know, hunting.
And it's the same thing.
I don't just go off half-cocked.
I don't just go off with no info.
I do all this deep research, immerse myself constantly, and then nine times out of ten when I just shoot from the hip, with what I originally think it is, the first approximation is usually right.
And they want us to cut off our instincts, cut off our common sense, that we know is there.
And another analogy is, if you've ever had somebody physically attack you,
if you think about what you're doing or you try to over-become technical,
that's when you get your ass kicked.
Well, you just decide to get somebody off of you and just, "I'm gonna stop this person."
It just happens right away 'cause you turn loose your instincts.
But you've gotta have the baseline of research and info for your synapses to access to make its decision.
If you don't have the big baseline, the foundation of research, info, history,
I'm using fighting as an analogy, it's a primitive version of that,
you really can't be able to have that instinct and that instant analysis.
But I also do a lot of deep thinking and a lot of research and a lot of weighing of things politically, culturally.
But when I try to do that, I'm usually not able to come to the answer
when there's so many pieces.
But I'll just look back at all the pieces and say, "Okay, gut, what is it?"
The gut says it's this, and it's almost always that.
They're trying to get us away from our instincts and that basic information.
So look for that on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
You're like, hey, we know it was the stage event of January 6th.
Yeah, we know.
Yeah, you know.
Twitter was working with the government to spy on people and suppress the election.
But now we got the Twitter files that could bring down all of Big Tech.
That's just one group we exposed.
Now it's all confirmed what we knew they're having hearings.
So, yes, it's one thing to know all this.
I know Ray Epps told the January 6th committee that he was orchestrating it, but he had a bunch of help.
But it's very telling under oath.
He knew he could be being set up.
So Ray Epps said, no, I orchestrated the attack.
Under oath.
Now on TV, oh, nothing involved in it.
Even though we have the video of him doing it, but under oath, he's like, are they setting me up?
Okay, yeah, I orchestrated the attack.
So there's no honor amongst these people and that's really the good news is as more and more minions of the system figure out that they're not going to be protected going along with this.
The New World Order is a bad thing for everybody, including the Controllers, when you get back to sanity.
And look, Seymour Hersh has been around since the My Lai Massacre and you know the The last third of the Vietnam War.
He's won so many prizes.
He's always had sources.
And he's a conduit that different factions in the U.S.
intelligence system use to get news out when they think the main system is about to start World War III.
So, Cy Hirsch knows where the divers got trained in Panama City.
Uh, they know where all this stuff got carried out.
They know how the attack was run.
He names the names.
He has the sources.
Biden blew up the pipeline.
His controllers blew up the pipeline.
Biden and Victoria Nuland bragged repeatedly they were going to blow it up.
And so, the story is that the Cy Hirsch came out and gave the exact details of how it was done.
I told you that the day it happened.
Now I think it was done.
Because I had that instant analysis.
Because I know the research, the background, how it all works.
Anybody else can research it and know it.
But the bigger story is that Hirsch is going public and has all these insiders that think things are so dangerous, they're blowing the whistle on this.
And again, I apologize if I'm coughing some.
I left my lung cleanse on my office desk like a fool.
And I could go to the Walgreens, but they just have the regular throat spray that helps a little.
I haven't had laryngitis even when I had COVID two years ago, but I have.
I haven't had laryngitis since I was a teenager, I think.
And I have had laryngitis for about a week.
And so I'm constantly battling not coughing.
You know how laryngitis is, so please bear with me.
Please bear with me.
Or I've got to hit the cough button occasionally.
It's going to be alright.
I almost cancelled tonight's show.
It's because my bronchioles, they're getting better.
They're better than they were two days ago.
But Matt Baker has such important information to cover.
We came here to do it, and I appreciate the crew coming here to do it for AlexJonesLive.com.
Please share the URL, AlexJonesLive.com.
The site's ready to go.
I just got to propagate it with all the first videos that are going to go on it.
So very soon, I said a week.
Now a week's gone by, but let's just say another week.
It's not for want of trying, but we're going to have the whole side up and a lot of things.
I'm going to shoot some of the big PowerPoint presentations and do some of the podcast interviews and more things that we promised you.
But it's exciting to have people like Mike Adams and Pete Santilli and now Matt Baker on with us as some of our first guests.
So Matt Baker, we played the full 10 minute video that you have on BandotVideo and on
your popular Twitter account of you going out and protesting Pfizer.
And so many times I missed the main point.
And you came on my show yesterday, you said, "The point is I want to get a bunch of people
out here, not just me and my cameraman."
We don't kill 2 million views on Twitter is great, but the key is magically getting thousands
like you in Europe out there protesting the fact they're conducting illegal gain of function
on things that could end civilization as we know it.
In their words, they're cash cows.
So recap what happened, what's coming out, any new developments.
We talked about a demonstration Sunday at 3 p.m.
And if you got your notes still, you were making some fascinating, informative points, but we were on a time crunch yesterday, so I'd like you to be able to have the floor and just go over those points.
I got a lot going on here.
First of all, I can never say no to Alex Jones.
And I swear, every time he gets me on, he has me like, you're gonna do this, right?
And I'm like, yes, sir, I'll do whatever you say.
And on Wednesday, Super Middle Super Bowl, that's fine.
I ended up talking with some local people that I do some protests with back in the day during the lockdowns, and they're continuing to do a lot of protests with the Drag Queen Storytimes and some other things.
There's about three different factions that I'm working with.
Talk to them about when the best time that they wanted to do it was.
And it's a little bit out, but it's good because we're going to have time to get it together.
So the new date, and we're sticking to this, you put me on the spot there, is Wednesday, 22nd.
And it's between 11 and 2 o'clock.
All right?
Audra Morgan is the one that's helping put that together.
She is a local agent.
By the way, listen, I'm glad you changed it.
I just said, how about 3 p.m.
Not thinking about the Super Bowl.
Like I said, I just can't say no to you, bro.
Well, no, you were saying, get out here and help me, and you're damn right.
That's the answer.
No, I am.
I do, and I want.
And the thing is, I want it to be a big effect.
I don't want it to be 10 people.
I don't want it to...
That will demoralize the rest of the people that want to come out later.
They'll say, oh, it wasn't a big hit.
It's not going to happen.
I'm conjoining a group of people.
I'm getting together, like I said, about three different factions of people that go out and go to school boards, people that go to the city council meetings.
People that go to the Drag Queen Storytimes and I'm trying to bring some factions that have actually split up over time over different things.
I'm trying to use this as a unifying situation to bring everybody back together.
Now, anybody who's in San Diego area, if you want to hit me up on my Twitter at slave underscore two underscore liberty, hit me up.
I posted that flyer.
That's the opening flyer for the thing.
Leave me a comment and I'll end up texting you so we can keep you in the loop of everything that's going on.
I want new people, new blood, coming into this movement.
I have a challenge, the Matt Baker Challenge, because everyone thinks, oh thank you for what you're doing, it's great, it's amazing, it's like, it's so, like, Easy.
I'm telling you, all you have to do is get up.
And it's fun.
And it's fun once you do it.
So we're going to talk about the 27th.
We're going to promote that.
People should protest Pfizer in any city where there's stable organizations there.
But for those of you tuning in, tell people what you did, why you're mad at Pfizer, what's coming up.
Okay, well, the Project Veritas coming out with Jordan Trisha Walker admitting that they are mutating viruses and that they are doing basically gain-of-function, directed evolution, and that they're using it to create a cash cow, in their own words, making money off human suffering.
It's disgusting.
And the fact that we're sitting around and we just think it's funny, you know what's happening here on every level?
We're being groomed.
It's the cucking.
It's the grooming.
It's the physical.
The grooming of the children is the grooming of the adult population.
You say it all the time.
They want to see what they can get away with.
They want to piss in our faces, okay?
So, as they groom the children, they're grooming the adults.
When the adults put up with it, you're being groomed.
When they tell you on TV, yeah, we're mutating viruses, you're being groomed.
When they say, yeah, we blew up the pipeline in your gas crisis, I've gone through the roof.
You're being groomed, okay?
All of this is grooming.
The balloon is a form of grooming.
They're grooming you into aerial warfare.
America's blowing up things over America.
There's lasers coming out of the sky.
It's just like what happened in the beginning with the Wuhan situation, where they would show you the people falling over and then they heard the screams from the people in the buildings.
This is all the echoes of the insanity and the psychological operation.
I agree.
They're easing us into a soft World War III.
And what they're doing with, you see the pipelines blowing up, you see the planes, you see locally here in San Diego, I had like a Blackhawk, and this isn't like back in the day, old school Alex Jones, but literal Blackhawks flying around our town over the top of houses, rattling windows, landing in local shopping centers and blowing doors off buildings in supposed, you know, they're doing drills.
And look at Hawaii with the giant laser shooting out of space.
So with the lasers and all this stuff, it's just putting it in your head.
You're going into war.
You're going into war.
They're lulling you.
It's a form of hypnotism is what they're doing.
Back when the lockdowns first started, the amount of hypnotism on TV, wear a mask, wear a mask, wear a mask, stay inside, stay inside, COVID-19, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay inside, stay Yeah, we black it out now because it's so painful to really put yourself back in the mindset of what it was like to literally turn on the TV and have every single second them saying, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, just brainwashing you and putting you into a trance.
And this is what they're doing with these balloons.
I gotta say again, I wanted to get in deeper.
For those that don't know, they shot another one down over Alaska today.
They're saying from China.
And I would say I don't believe that, but China's saying that the balloons were there.
So, what do you make of this?
I don't know, actually, I'd really like to know what the information and proof is that we say China says.
So like, where is the actual proof of that?
You know, like, do we, who said so?
Did Xi Jinping say so?
Did some random Chinese looking woman on a feed say it?
I mean, where are we getting this information from?
What I, what I know about the balloon is, is why would they admit that their airspace was invaded?
Wouldn't they just do the standard operating procedure and just say, Patriots or people come out and they say, "Oh, it looks
like a Chinese spy balloon."
They go, "No, that's a conspiracy theory.
This is a weather balloon."
Now, once they said that right there, I was like, "This is totally it."
Sure, just like they ignore the geoengineering.
I mean, everything.
I mean, they ignore everything.
Why wouldn't they just have a cover story for it and just right away shut everyone up
and say, "That is a weather balloon."
Because I mean, to me, it looks like a weather balloon, kind of.
I mean, I would buy it.
I would just, I would be clicking through like, oh, I'm going to do a story on this.
I'm like, ah, weather balloon.
It's no big deal.
But no, they're like, it's happening.
The Chinese are spying on us.
They're over our country.
They're surveilling our place.
They also have, you know, the EMP things going on, putting that in our head.
With the cyber attack all coming together.
With these little mini-lockdowns, mini-shutdowns they've been doing with the airports.
They're shutting down the airports.
And then the little mini-electric grids go out.
And then little parts of the system are going out.
And they're testing.
And they're going to do their cyber warfare probably in conjunction.
I totally agree because Klaus Schwab loves to pre-package things.
He says their next big power grab will be a giant cyber attack shutdown.
And so they're going to do that.
They're going to test different sectors.
To bring in a new banking system and a new banking reset and the central bank digital currencies.
that whether some of this is staged or all of it staged or part of it staged,
they're definitely beta testing and pre-programming the power going off.
To bring in a new banking system and a new banking reset and the central bank digital
currencies. That's the remitted plan. I mean, that's the big picture.
We all know that.
I've been listening to Alex Jones for a long time.
It's kind of good.
I gotta just say, it's nice.
I gotta say, I'm incredibly honored to be in your home, on your home studio, on the third episode of Alex Jones Live.
This is great.
And what's the URL now?
The one that's shareable, I just put it up on my Twitter, is conspiracyfact.
That's right, and that's from a fundraiser we did two weeks ago, but we're about to update it where it just says, you know, Alex Jones Forbid to Feed.
And then later they'll ban that URL, we'll just create a new site that has it.
But yeah, they're blocking the regular URLs like InfoWars.com and ban.video everywhere.
So the big picture, as we all know, I mean, is anyone who's just tuning in for the first day here?
They want to put us in a digital prison that you'll never get out of, where you'll have CBDCs, you'll have your digital bank notes, you'll have your social credit score, they'll be biometric.
It kind of reminds me of an old Alex Jones video that I watched back in 2000.
And so people want to pretend like Q has opened up everyone's mind.
I was just arguing with a buddy of mine, and no offense to the Q people, but they're like, Q has exposed so many things!
And I said, bro, bro, bro, bro, bro, just tell me one thing.
The cue exposed that Alex Jones or the Truth Movement hadn't exposed previously.
And he was dumbfounded.
He couldn't say.
He's like, yeah, but it brought a lot of us together.
I'm like, yeah, but it's this nebulous thing that nobody knows what it is and these different boards and they can inject weirdness and they leave everybody hanging and there's no accountability to it.
There's Alex Jones, the man.
I've got to say, this is something I really wanted to bring up.
This is a freaking giant problem.
This is something I didn't even get into the other day.
I'm not going to say names, but this is like, Putting chills down my spine as a patriot, okay?
I'm not going to say who they are, but this is a real freaking story, okay?
A couple of my friends that are in the movement that have gotten shows.
That's as far as I'm going to say, okay?
They've let me on their shows.
And they said, oh yeah, come on man, we're all buddies.
Yeah, you can get on the show, no big deal.
Well, the new word on the street is, yeah, you can come on my show, but you can't say Pfizer!
And you know what?
You can say it on Alex Jones.
So who's running what?
These are supposed patriot networks.
You know what else you're not allowed to say?
I don't trust Trump.
Or I don't trust DeSantis.
I don't care.
You can love Trump, and Trump might still be the savior, but we, as free speech advocates, should be able to say What we want, right?
Are you still hearing me, Alex?
Yes, sir.
That's why we got your commercial free, so I don't talk over you.
But I don't want to say I'm perfect.
I don't want to say I have all the answers, but you made a great point.
I want you to elaborate on this when you were on yesterday.
Because I've been caught up in this, not as a disinformation person, but as somebody who's been on the air 28 years, it used to happen to me a lot.
These happen all the time.
It very rarely happens now because I'm more wily to it, but mainstream media would bring out a fake conspiracy and dangle it, and I'd say, oh look, they're reporting on something, and then they'd turn around and say that I was the one that had put it out.
Or somebody else was.
So that point you made is so key.
And a lot of these folks don't know.
But a lot of them also get threatened.
They get a show.
They've got some sponsors.
And the sponsors say, we're going to spend a lot of money with you.
But here's the two or three things you can't talk about.
And as soon as you do that, because I've talked to folks this has happened to, then it's 10 or 15 things.
Then it's 30 or 40 things you can't talk about.
That's what they do. Anybody that pre-interviews you and tells you what you can't talk about is
being controlled. They may not be bad, but they've got a manager or producer or a sponsor
who is being told what to do for the money. And it's great to make money by telling the truth to
fund your operation and expand it, but if you're doing it with control, then it's bad.
And absolutely, take Project Veritas.
James O'Keefe is incredible.
And I knew, two weeks ago, when that story broke, and it turned out that guy was the head of global mRNA, and he's saying, we lie to people, it's hurting people, we made the virus, we're releasing it.
It's our cash cow.
I told my crew.
I said, "The FBI has already raided Project Veritas a couple times.
I guarantee you they're going to indict O'Keefe, kill him, or put him in prison."
In fact, I said that on air.
And a week and a half later, the board elected another board, kind of like they had three
FDA boards to finally approve the poison shot, and then another board to approve it for kids,
and other countries have banned it.
And then now James O'Keefe is on paid leave.
They've exercised a clause of nondisclosure that I expect will go public soon, because
he finally, he didn't finally, he's always done it, he put his balls and everything else
on the table.
He did his biggest coup ever.
And I guarantee you.
that the FBI has come in there who's already raided them and said, "We're going to indict your
board if you don't get rid of James O'Keefe." And now I predict, because they've rolled over,
they're still going to get indicted. So James O'Keefe didn't turn off of the game of chicken.
I've tried to call him. He hasn't called me back. And this is a big deal.
So I get why those lesser shows, I don't mean lesser like they're bad people or don't have big audience, I mean lesser in that they think they're going to abide with the system.
They're going to compromise.
No, it never compromises.
You do and then ends up winning that.
Hey, look at James O'Keefe.
Look at him for what we've been through.
That's why we're backed by a great audience that's so stalwart.
You want to know, though, it takes a lot to not back down.
And look at what's happened to Project Veritas.
So mark my words, the FBI indictments are coming.
And we shouldn't turn against James O'Keefe.
When it happens, we should champion him because he didn't back down.
Absolutely, and I'm going to up the ante on this, and I'm not supposed to say anything, and I'm not going to say any names.
But this is a fact, and this is happening in the Patriot movement.
This is what was going on with Shapiro.
I never liked Shapiro.
I never liked Shapiro.
He's a smart little guy, and he makes some good points, but I never trusted that guy.
I always knew Alex Jones was legit, and I'm going to tell you this is a fact.
I'm not making this up, and I'm not going to say any names.
One of my good Good friends interviewed Alex Jones, and the network wouldn't let the interview go on air, even though Alex had bigged up these people and helped them promote their shows and took the time out of his life to do it, right in the middle of him being basically the hottest thing on planet Earth.
And one of the channels that you tune into and you think is helping you and is going to save America threw Alex under the bus and will throw James O'Keefe under the bus, and you can't say Pfizer!
This is what we're dealing with!
Alex Jones didn't say anything to me.
I can say whatever I want.
I don't have to be frickin' Kanye West and wear a hood and start saying Nazi Jew all the time.
But the reality is, this is the place you're going to find the real truth.
You're not going to find it anywhere else.
When I went into the studio, I talked with Harrison Smith and I talked with Owen Troyer, and they all said, what you say on the air, completely 100%.
There was no weirdness underground like, hey, you gotta do this, you gotta do this.
It's like, no, they're like, you know, Alex just lets us say whatever the fuck we want.
I don't know if we can swear on here or not, but I just did.
So you want to know what InfoWars is and all the people trying to copy InfoWars?
Owen Troyer, I really wanted to edit this into a piece because it was so beautiful when When Elon came out and he's like, oh, I really wish I didn't take the vaccine.
Owen's like, you know what?
You're smarter.
Our audience is smarter than the richest man in the world.
Our audience is smarter than a rocket scientist.
Our audience is smarter than the creator of Tesla, the greatest car ever to be on the planet.
But yet this guy couldn't get through his freaking head that he was being lied to when all the information was out there.
And now he's pretending to be Alex Jones.
Oh, I'm releasing good information.
I'm letting you know the FBI is spying on you.
I'm telling you the old video games were talking about the New World Order.
What a dick!
This is bull.
Everyone needs to realize, just because everyone, including myself, has now become a version of Alex Jones, a fractal of Alex Jones, doesn't mean that he's not the OG.
And no one told me to say this.
This is straight from my heart.
I'm telling you, Our friends and your people who are grassroots people I protested with on the freaking street are now co-opted by freaking Republican Inc.
That's a fact.
Well, it's disgusting, but you bring up Ben Shapiro.
I saw a meme I meant to cover this week on Twitter and I printed it off, but it was like, supported banning Alex Jones, supported censorship, supported the Pfizer shot, supported the wars, supported putting the January 6th protesters in prison, and there's a quote of Ben Shapiro, and it's a video link, where he says, nobody can outflank me, I'm the ultimate conservative.
What a conservative of CIA, Republican, Blue Blood, Country Club, establishment crap.
So I'm not up here saying I'm the end-all be-all.
I believe America is America.
And we should have guests on that I even disagree with sometimes, or agree with, to say whatever they want.
What type of world is it where you only pre-program people and tell them what they're allowed to say?
And so there is a huge awakening.
The good news is people are awake.
And the system's trying to mitigate that by coming in and controlling people.
But I don't think they're going to be able to.
Well, I'm telling you, it's happening.
I mean, you know, I'm waiting for the phone call that I get and just figuring out what the number's going to be.
I'm going to have to say no to if I want to freaking keep my soul.
This is crazy because some of these people, you're so happy for them.
You're like, oh, you got a gig.
That's great.
And then you call them the next week and they're like, we can't talk about this.
We can't talk about that.
You're like... And I know who you're talking about.
Very, very popular.
Just leave it at that because I'm not saying anymore.
I swore I wouldn't say anything.
I will give them the benefit of the doubt because it's still a good group and even I'm gonna give Elon some benefit of the doubt at least now he's like god I got sick my cousin almost died my family got sick the shots bad he's releasing most of the stuff he's put most the Patriots back on I get I'm a bridge too far that's fine but I If anything, on the bad end, Elon's an opportunist who knows we're winning and is jumping ship.
On the bad end, he wants to control the movement with his InternetX.
But at least he is going in our direction.
I mean, he's not Bill Gates.
No, he's not.
And like I say, I mean, in the grand scheme, sorry, I mean, this is, I'm, this happened to me today.
I was trying to get on one of my buddy's shows.
Like, you can't talk about the video.
You can't talk about Pfizer.
I'm serious, like, if I wish I could tell you who it is, I just don't feel ethically I can.
You always say as a reporter, when somebody tells you something in confidence, you have to maintain that.
No, no, I mean, I mean, I know who it is and people can figure it out from where you're based.
But the whole point is, Another person!
Another- now it's two!
It was okay with one, now it's two.
Another person who's been on your show.
Another person who may have just recently got a deal.
And now they're, whose team are they on?
And so when it comes around to- - Well, that's why Pfizer thinks they're so invincible,
making $80 million or whatever it is the last two years, is they just keep spreading money out
and they just think they can buy us all.
But buy us all while the kids all die and society collapses?
What's the money worth if everything collapses?
I mean, I don't get it.
This is a really good segue.
And I know you're gonna say you don't wanna do it, but just hear me out on this, okay?
I've been thinking about this for a long time.
I can't do it.
I just can't.
It's not, it's not in my ability to do this.
And you're going to say, oh, you know, we're not going to do it, but look.
Copy the Bitcoin backbone.
Create a new cryptocurrency.
Call it LibertyCoin.
Call it InfoCoin.
Give half of the coins to Liberty-minded people.
Keep the other half or less than half for the InfoWars war chest.
Give, let's say, Matt Baker does an incredible speech at a thing.
He gets a Liberty Coin.
Everyone that's ever been on InfoWars gets a Liberty Coin.
We spread it out and make the- Because what you're doing is countering.
Instead of Pfizer buying people off to be evil, we create something new and fund people to tell the truth.
We have to have an alternate currency.
These people have a machine to create an infinite amount of corruption.
Back in the day, you could have a king, he would have a chest of gold he would give you.
But he would still have to go back to his vault and be like, man, I've been given away a lot of gold chests this month.
I really need to hold off on this.
There's no limit to the depth of the freaking gold these people have.
They have created an infinite corruption machine with a digital currency.
At least they used to have the decency to print the freaking paper.
Now they literally can buy any person on the planet by putting zeros on a computer.
Any person!
They can buy you!
They'll buy the company!
They'll buy your agency!
They'll buy everything!
If we don't have an alternate currency, and it can't be Bitcoin because I don't trust it either.
Because I've had crew members and 90% of our crew, 95% have been great, but I've had five or six times they literally pay an employee to make up completely false information and then they put them all over TV lying about us and it doesn't ever hurt us because the viewers are smart enough to see what's happening, but it's so sad.
That I mean, we're talking $10, $20, $40,000.
These people will make up stuff that is whole cloth not true.
And that's when you know how real the corruption is, is when you open up a newspaper and a former employee is saying stuff that is dark side of the moon, man.
Totally not of this world.
No grain of truth.
And you're just reading this crap.
Yeah, I heard about it.
You're eating goldfish, which was an episode of what was it, The Office or something stupid.
This is, unless we can create an alternate currency, a trustable currency, that's what I'm saying, we spread it out.
You give some to all of the great people that have been involved in the movement.
You give some to, you know, let's say Alex Stein, let's say you give some to, I don't know, Alice in Wonderland or whoever these people might be.
You give some to Matt Baker, you give some to Ian Smith, you give some to Chris Sky, you give some to all of your And we create a liberty-based currency that uses the exact same finite number of encryption that you're using for Bitcoin.
Make it an absolute clone, anything that's within, I don't know if there's some law that you can't make it exactly the same, but have it be the same.
So you can't make more of this.
You can't make more LibertyCoin.
You can't make more InfoCoin.
This coin is 49% or 51% owned by Alex Jones or InfoWars Media or whoever the hell it's owned by.
Funnel the rest of the money out to everyone else.
This is why people don't get what people say.
Why are we sending money to Ukraine?
Why are we sending money here?
It's payola.
It's not just money laundering.
They're making everyone buy into the corruption that you say you want the dollar to collapse.
You don't trust the dollar.
Here's 10 million of them.
How do you feel about it now?
Oh, no, the dollar is legit.
The dollar is solid.
It's standard.
Oh, I totally trust the dollar.
Yeah, when you got a five billion of them, you can bet you trust it.
So they're funneling this money all around the world, all of this fake money, making everyone play the Monopoly game.
So we have to have something.
That's why they put on the money, and God we trust, because they're making that money God.
So expanding on that, what happens when people figure out that the fiat money's being used to get them to destroy their future, and the money's not going to be worth anything to buy anything if you keep going down the road?
I think we're starting to get to that point.
I don't know, man, because some good friends of mine have just been And you know what?
They didn't sell out.
It was the same thing.
It's grooming.
They bring you in and they say, say whatever you want.
And it's like, you know what?
Let me just not say that one thing.
And then, you know, actually there's a couple more things.
And then actually there's a better show and a better slot a little bit later, but we're running things a little bit more professional over there.
And most of our audience is kind of leaning this way and we just don't want to have them like click out.
I'm not anti-Trump.
I voted for Trump twice.
I got beaten up for Trump.
I held signs around.
I went to all the rallies.
I did the whole thing, okay?
My popcorn is at the bottom of my thing.
I have a few kernels and a little bit of Corn oil in the bottom of my popcorn.
I don't see Q coming to save you, okay?
Now, what I want to say about Trump is if Trump gets back in now that we know that they have the total apparatus to seal elections, Do they want him to get in?
And how can you trust that?
And then ask yourself this, why is it, why is it that supposedly all the, maybe they're all, there's no help with these politicians at all.
I've always liked what DeSantis is doing.
I think DeSantis is great, walks, walks, talks, talks, but people say, oh, look who's backing him, look who's backing him.
But that's another thing, it's so easy for them to just say, oh, we funded this guy, so now you don't trust him.
Oh, we do this, we do that.
But meanwhile, I don't remember anyone saying to me, I can't say DeSantis is bad on their show.
And these same shows will say, I can't say Trump or I can't say Elon's bad.
So then who's running what?
You know?
So if they have the money, but they have the control over the mountains.
I was about to say, I noticed about six months ago over the vaccines, so-called vaccines, I finally got pissed and said, I'm not going to support Trump if he doesn't come out against these shots.
And man, it was like a switch revenue-wise.
Even though our revenue is supposedly for people buying products at InfoWarsore.com,
it went down like 40% overnight.
So I guess that's just programmed people that hear me like pissed at Trump.
I still like a lot of what he did.
I still think he was better than Obama or Mitt Romney or whatever.
But I mean, it's like, wow, there is definitely...
So I think a lot of that is just situational.
I think a lot of these networks like Newsmax or OAN or others mean well, but they see,
"Oh, it's okay to criticize Democrats, but when you say, 'Hey, Republicans do a better
job here,' oh no, don't do that."
Because people see that as infighting.
It's not infighting, but take Newsmax.
They wouldn't let you challenge a stolen election.
They wouldn't let you cover the poison shot.
They fired a bunch of talk show hosts.
They didn't get banned like OAN a year ago, but now they've been banned off cable and satellite.
So see, towing the line is only an example to others so they censor, but they're going to get you next.
And these folks don't get that.
It's like falling dominoes.
We have to hold the line on free speech or lose everything.
Yeah, whatever happened to the domino theory, you know?
Whatever happened to that concept?
Meanwhile, we have elections stolen and communists taking over Brazil, and that's just fine.
That's great.
No big problem.
That's what communists find about big banks do.
Whether it's two men can have a baby.
Love it from Brazil.
Two men can have a baby.
All this.
Once you give in to that level of craziness, They just beat you into submission.
Now they're arresting people in the UK and in Canada that say, I think there's only two sexes.
I mean, even if that's wrong, which it isn't, we're, we're not like a little bit down the rat hole or the rabbit hole of tyranny here, Matt, we are, we are deep in it.
Well, it's starting to look a lot more like a rat hole than a rabbit hole, isn't it?
I think rabbit rabbits are kind of cute, you know, rats.
I don't know what's down in there, but I don't want to find out.
So everybody needs to check their head.
A lot of these people, you know, we'll all love you regardless of who's backing you.
And you can have your own little podcast like Alex does now and like Owen does and like I do.
And yeah, maybe you won't have all the flashing lights, but do you really need them or do you need your integrity?
Well, that's why people ask me how I've never sold out.
I believe in these ideas and things, and there's not even a debate about it.
I can't even do it.
I can't even... I have to go from the heart of what I believe.
I can't even imagine being somebody else's puppet, but so many people just don't get what you said earlier.
They get you to...
Compromise a little bit, and then it's over.
The only thing we compromise on is cussing.
We can delay like one cuss word out, but we're on AM and FM stations, and they don't care about cussing.
Democrats can cuss on their stations.
If we do, Democrats file complaints, and there's FCC fines.
So the funny thing is, I can say child molesters run the government, there's Satan worshipers, and the shots You know, a bioweapon, because these stations support us, but I get it, we then can't say the non-King's English, S-H-T or F-U-K, which I get, but it's kind of a paradox where that's the one place we can't go, because that's what the left uses.
They're allowed to cuss on their channels, we can't do it here on Conservative TV and Radio, which I don't even really want to do, I have a big vocabulary like you do, but sometimes you've got to say, this is effing wrong, you know?
Sometimes there's a time to use it.
It is.
And so, with that in mind, I was kind of hoping this might have been a little bit more of an open forum interview than that one.
Well, here's the deal.
Right now, it's simulcast on InfoWars.
Because that's on radio and TV stations.
I mean, we can do a show at midnight and somebody cusses and we don't catch it and five stations complain.
I mean, we're on a lot of cable and TV stations that are small, but together they're big.
And we understand that they can't have that.
But very soon, this will be pure podcast.
A lot of it will be free, some of it will be subscription.
And then, man, if you want to cuss like a sailor, you'll be able to say everything you want in about a month or so.
But right now, we're simulcasting and over on InfoWars, so folks, learn about AlexJonesLive.com.
Well, you know, it's great.
And in reality, it's... I'm just being honest about what is censored here.
You can say... I'm just saying... Here's the right quote by Millis Millis, who wrote, Who wrote Apocalypse Now?
It's based on a real community case where you could drop napalm on women and children and be given a medal.
But when they would write F.U.
on the bombs on the side of the airplane, they would get written up and they did it again court-martialed.
And so that's what Colonel Kurtz is saying.
He's just like, we're losing the war because we can drop napalm on women and children, but we can't write F.U.
dash, you know, F.U.
dash K on the side of the airplane.
So that's the thing.
It's like, we can abort babies, kill them after they're born, we can euthanize grandma, but don't you say F.U.
dash, you know.
Yeah, man.
And what they're doing nowadays with normalizing this whole baby thing, like, I wonder, like, you know what would be really shocking would be if the Super Bowl went off without an Illuminati satanic ritual.
But, you know, at this point, they've pushed the bar of that so far because, you know, a lot of that is ritual.
And I think a lot of it is free advertising.
It's like Madonna started this thing back in the day, and now she's doing her same old thing, and she's just a washed up old hag, and I'm looking at Madonna, and people are like, posting Madonna videos.
I'm like, no one cares!
Stop posting your crap!
I mean, I even put some of that thing on the end of my video.
That was actually my buddy, the cameraman.
He was like, Joey, go put that on.
Yeah, well, that's what the devil does, is he always does some horrible, provocative thing, just to get your attention, because he's circling the intergalactic toilet bowl.
And so most times if there's a product or if there's something to do with these things, like they'll have like the butt baby or something will come out or like, look at this person and their podcast and they did this.
It's like, I would rather just my theory on it is like locked, you know, in Sodom and Gomorrah at a certain point.
I'm not a perfect person.
Give me a break.
I appreciate a hot woman just like you do.
But when it comes to some of this really depraved stuff, especially on TV and spreading it around on the internet, when we look at it and we get offended, and then we go around and we're like, look at this, look at this, and I see all my fellow conservatives posting it, it's like I wouldn't have even heard of it if it wasn't for everyone's outrage.
It's almost like we're promoting it, exactly, and here's the deal.
We're grown men, nobody's private, we're honest, we're not Jesus Christ.
But that's men and women, that's adults.
The point is, leave kids alone.
And I love how they're always like, Alex Jones is anti-gay, Alex Jones is... No, I don't care if it's heterosexual or homosexual, leave kids alone.
I'm, you know, it's like...
Oh, they're trying to pass laws banning drag queen events.
Nobody cares about drag queen events.
You want to go to one where some dude wears a dress and knocks himself out?
We don't want little kids brought to them with men half naked with kids putting money in their G-string.
That's what we don't want.
That's what we don't want.
I bet they've gotta make it.
And then they've gotta go, oh, you don't like drag queens.
Oh, they're trying to ban drag queens.
Oh, they're trying to burn books now because they won't have, like, Satan killing babies and putting them in his butthole in the five-year-old's frickin' library.
It's like, no, dude.
This is just inappropriate.
It's not like we're not telling you what's going on in the world.
Well, listen, there's a spiritual or genetic line to leave children innocent and protect them.
We all have it, and we're saying, leave the kids alone.
Leave them alone.
And they're using whatever little cover that they've already cucked everyone into.
They're using all of their previous grooming.
So funny, because back in the day, you know, like, you say, I was a little bit more left-wing, whatever.
I was just a freedom-orientated person.
I listened to Bob Marley.
That's why I have my hair the way I do.
I love Bob Marley.
Bob Marley.
You know, I love it when you sing Bob Marley.
I wanted to put together a... I wish that the Archivist could find all the times that you sing Bob Marley coming in from the break.
Babylon system is the vampire.
Tuck in the blood of the sufferers.
I want to do an Alex Jones.
Well, you're talking about the original Alex Jones.
It wasn't Alex Jones.
It was Bob Marley.
That's what I'm saying.
Bob Marley was a gateway drug.
Get up, stand up.
Babylon system is the vampire.
A fallen empire!
I mean, man, I grew up with that stuff.
I love Bob.
I love the fact that... And the, uh, the Survivors, and then what's the song where he's enslaved in the slave ship, but the hand of the Almighty strengthens him?
I mean, that is, like, strong, man.
Oh, pirates, yes, they're a-byin', told I to the merchant ships, minutes after they took I from the bottomless pit.
That's all we've been talking about.
That's what Alex Jones has been talking about, what we've been talking about.
salvation, triumphantly.
Won't you help to sing?
That's all we've been talking about.
That's what Alex Jones has been talking about, what we've been talking about.
Just help us sing these songs of freedom.
You know, I've talked to a lot of folks that knew Bob Marley.
That's a true story that he stuck his foot in a concert in a shoe.
There was like a needle injected him with something and he pulled it out and knew what it was.
Died of cancer.
Yeah, and they tried to kill him too.
They tried to kill him and Peter Tosh.
They went by and shut up his place and you know.
He was the enemy of the system.
And when he went around the world and white people took on to him, and he could create that level of feeling of humanity and like, oh, this religious vibration that he would put up.
Bob Marley is a prophet.
I don't care what anyone says.
Well, there's no doubt.
And expanding on that, we have Strom Thurmond's letter a month before they killed John Lennon, who had become totally into a new world order, saying, take him out.
That letter is public.
And they killed him.
And they'll take out all the good ones.
It's funny, they've changed their playbook.
They don't like killing people anymore.
Now they kill your name.
Now they steal your identity.
The worst part of being censored is they take you off air, you can't respond, and they make this false person.
They create this thing you aren't, so it's more sophisticated.
Because they're smart.
They don't want to create martyrs, so now they just silence you and they create a fake you.
I love that rant.
I have now been trapped in the information warfare fulcrum!
Only this information can save you!
I've listened to almost every show of yours for, I don't know, God knows how many years.
That's definitely what it is, brother.
Well listen, instead of me talking, because we've got about 20 minutes left, you are really making amazing points Thursday.
You have the floor.
Just go.
You're hosting the show.
Well, I've been going.
Okay, here.
People of Earth, what are we going to do now?
We've gotten to a point where we are being lulled into this hypnotic state.
We're being groomed.
We've been taken over.
These New World Order people are pissing in our faces.
They are turning us into their psychic bitches.
They're saying, by the way, we're taking your children.
By the way, we're taking your guns.
By the way, we're taking your energy.
By the way, we're mutating you.
By the way, we're destroying all your food.
By the way, all your chickens are dead.
By the way, you're doing nothing about it!
There's got to become a point in everybody's mind when they realize that they are a sovereign human being and they can get up off their couch.
They can look in their newspaper.
They can see if there's a drag queen story time there.
They can see if someone might be mutating viruses in the local area.
They can look and see if the people are coming across the border and chopping people's heads off and they can go say something about it.
The problem with A lot of people see what I'm doing, they go down there like, you know, you're really bombastic, you know, you're really loud.
And it's like, yeah, you know, if we had 10 million people with one candle sitting around Pfizer or Moderna, let's not let them off the hook.
It's all about Pfizer now.
I almost wonder if Moderna is putting out this crap.
They're all just as guilty.
If we had one candle, and I wanted to do this back before January 6th, actually.
One candle, surrounding the building, millions, millions, millions of people.
And you wouldn't even have to say a word.
You have everyone show up and see the full power of humanity.
You have everyone kneel down and pray to whoever they want to.
And you have them take their candle and sit there and hold it, blow it out, stand up and walk away.
And do it everywhere and put them on notice.
This is how many people we can get to show up at any given time, any given place.
And one of these days, We'll see how it goes.
You guys know what you're doing.
You know we know what you're doing.
And at a certain point in time, the human race is gonna have to get out of their frickin' coma and do something about it.
Why is it that there's only so few tiny people?
And why is there so many million comments on anyone who does anything?
Great job!
Like what?
Am I a frickin' rocket scientist?
Does it take a genius?
Have you never lost your mind and yelled at someone in a drive-thru?
Have you never yelled at your dad?
Have you never yelled at your child?
Just take that and say, oh, this is what the world's doing to me.
Turn that energy towards them.
If there was a million of us, if there was billions of us out there... Exactly.
They want us all fighting with each other instead of directing energy at the system saying, I'm a human being, leave me alone, back off.
I mean, if we just simply, if when the whole COVID lockdown thing happened, it didn't have to be hundreds of people out on the street going, no, we're not going to do it.
If everyone's just like...
Give me a break.
I'm not doing that.
That would have been it.
That would have been the end of it.
But 99.9% of the people are brainwashed, and 99.9% of the people went along with it.
So we're out there in the streets going, Wake up!
What are you doing?!
And in the end, we ended up being right.
And then do they give us a thank you?
Do they give us not?
So, I'm just saying, anybody who's a fan, stop being a fan.
Like I was talking about the other day, the analogy of the Super Bowl.
There's certain people playing the game.
But the fight of the entire stadium is within the game.
But the thing is, the Globalists only have a few people paying for the people that are on their side and their team.
So let's bring them into the game.
And now let's bring people on our side.
And I'm talking to the people in the nosebleeds.
I'm talking to the people way out... You told it better yesterday.
So start over.
Take your time.
We think of 11 players there of the New World Order.
11 players ours.
All the people in the stands are who we are.
Explain that again.
Well, I'm not a big fan of repeating myself, but I'll give it a go because I can never say no to Alex Jones.
Everyone likes an announce, right?
So when you're watching the Super Bowl, I want you to imagine 11 players on the field.
That's Team Humanity.
That's Alex Jones.
That's Matt Baker.
That's maybe Elon Musk.
He might even be on our team at a certain point.
And then you've got your Fauci's, and you've got your Bill Gates, and they're all being run by the people in the skybox.
The people in the skybox own their team.
The other team is working for the entire planet Earth.
Now the game has a foot, and whoever wins that game is going to have every person in that stadium's fate is on it.
So if humanity loses, humanity gets in prison for all time.
If the Globalists lose, they get in prison for all time.
So when we watch our players, you watch Alex Jones, and they go up against each other, the problem is, is the game is rigged.
And so the individual players get kneecapped.
They get handicapped.
Alex Jones has massive victories.
Alex Jones crushes Globalists on a daily basis.
He is like a Goliath, just mutilating them with the truth constantly.
But then, like the movie Gladiator, they go up and they stab Alex Jones.
They stab All of the great patriots.
They grab, they stab, sorry.
James O'Keefe!
They stab him in the ribs and then they go, go out and finish the game.
And when he has no platform, when he's in a jail cell, when he can't speak, when he doesn't have a Twitter, when he can't have his actual battle be fought.
At that point, when you realize that the game is rigged, and that we, the people, all of the people in the cheap seats are on the one side, and only the five people in the skybox are on the other side, you say, this game's rigged, we're all in the field, there's five, seven billion of us, and we're going to take This entire state over!
And when they send out their little minions, and they send them to the floor, they're gonna run away and they'll end up mushed on the ground just by the amount of people coming down.
We outnumber these bastards so heavily.
It's the will of our souls, it's the will in our hearts that's gonna win this battle.
We can't sit back And think someone else is going to play this game for us.
This is not the Super Bowl.
This is life.
This is life and death.
This is the entire fate of the entire human race.
Do you understand?
Now get up out your seats, go down to the field, and join the battle!
Well, Matt Baker, I am impressed.
And because you got cut off by a break yesterday, so I'm glad I got you to say that again.
Because I'm going to take that.
We're going to air that everywhere.
That was solid platinum right there.
Totally true.
There's 5 or 10 of them in the skybox.
There's 11 of them on the field.
They got their little side people.
We got a number of 10,000 to 1.
And we just have to realize that we're not playing their game anymore.
The game's rigged.
It's not a fair game.
And there's millions of billions and billions and billions of billions of us on Team Humanity.
And they have their little crew up in the skybox going, Excellent!
We are winning!
Kill the humans!
And when we go over there, we're like, Hey, bro, out of your skybox!
Meet my friends!
Meet the rest of planet Earth!
You might want to go home, pack up your bags, before something bad happens!
Well, that's everything I've been trying to do for 28 years is, I learned about the globalist plans from like the 50s, 60s, 70s, and I saw they were actually doing what they said they would do.
I thought, well, the next plans set up a total nightmare digital society, depopulation, brainwashing, poisoning, transhumanist thing.
I believe in humanity.
I believe if they were given a choice and shown this, They will stand up.
And I said, they're not going to listen to me up front, but if I get ahead of it and tell them what they've already done and what's coming next, then I'll get credibility once it happens.
And it's been a long game, but it's actually happened.
But it's just like Gladiator.
I got tears in my eyes when he told that story.
He's already won all the gladiatorial games, 10 different fights, done all this, and it's based on a composite of a true story.
A real emperor fought a gladiator, did all that.
It's like three stories in one.
Kind of like the page root of Mel Gibson.
It's a true story, but it's three stories combined.
It's three stories combined in the in the gladiator, but it's a true story.
And he literally is chained up and the emperor comes in and stabs him with a little dagger
in the heart and then goes out and says, "I'm going to beat you."
But he fired up and still killed him and then died afterwards.
That's a true story.
And people resonate with that because that's exactly what they do.
They hamstring us.
They do it.
But as long as we don't give up in the end, we're going to win.
And why?
I've always wanted to do this.
I've always wanted you to do this when you're asking people for donations or whatever.
I'm talking to you, John.
I'm talking to you, Juan.
I'm talking to you, David.
I'm talking to you, Sarah.
I'm talking to you, Diane.
Why is it that you continually watch from the seats and don't join the field?
I'm literally a nobody.
I just, I'm a regular guy.
I'm a glassblower.
I'm an artist.
I'm a musician.
I have a handyman business.
I'm doing this from my garage right now.
There's nothing about me that you don't have that you can't do.
If you watch, and you watch those movies, and you feel that in your heart, and you know you've got truth, when you're not a Satan worshipper sitting there watching Satan worshipping rituals going, yes, yes!
When you watch Gladiator win, when you watch Rocky win, when you watch all these things happen, and you go, that's the good people winning like they used to have in movies.
That's the great people winning.
Those are the heroes.
And you realize, in this day and age, you can be that person without even spilling a drop of blood.
People go, Matt, you're a hero!
You're so brave!
I never bled a freaking drop of blood for this!
Not one!
People have died!
People used to have to mow down entire fields of people to get to hero status.
Now if you just simply stand up and say, the emperor has no clothes, the whole world's like, oh my god!
How does he do it?
Open your freaking mouth.
Say no.
Well let me ask you that question.
Let's go back to Gladiator while we talk.
I want to watch that footage.
Great job pulling that up.
My argument is the globalists are going to destroy the average person.
So they pretend they're part of the power structure and go along with it when it's going to destroy them anyways, when all they've got to do is say no.
So tell me how you awoken and because you've reached, you know, you've had
dozens of clips that reach millions of people each clip. People love you, you're a leader, you're
saying, "Oh, I'm a survivor."
You're not. There are all those great leaders and I've always said that I'm here to try to get those
leaders to take action. What spurred you to finally go to city councils and finally speak out?
I mean, it wasn't, I wouldn't say it was like, "Oh, I listened to Alex Jones and that's why I did it."
Honestly, I think it's in your heart.
I think a lot of people have it in their heart.
I think a lot of people Want to say no.
I think a lot of people have strong will.
And I think people just need to, it's like a muscle.
You just start exercising it.
During the COVID lockdowns and that whole thing, that whole mind control situation.
I mean, yeah, I was listening to InfoWars and yeah, it helped me.
Like I saw it.
I'm like, this is a sign off.
This is fake.
But then as all the information comes in and especially you and your guests, you get more and more convinced.
You're like, no, wait.
This really is wrong.
They really haven't tested this vaccine.
There really is no proof.
Fauci really did say wear the mask.
Don't wear the mask.
Wear 10 masks.
Wear 3 masks.
The virus works.
The vaccine works.
The vaccine doesn't work.
Every day they're changing their tune on TV.
And then you know that they're using mRNA technology, which you know has never been tested, or has been tested, and all the rats died.
The little gerbils, whatever the fuck they were, sorry.
And then you start realizing, if I don't say something, no one else.
It's almost like we're in a video game.
You like video games?
Let's play a game.
Let's pretend you're a hero.
Let's pretend you get up off your couch right now and you do something heroic.
And we'll do it peacefully.
We're just gonna go and find somebody to call out and say it loud and proud, videotape that stuff.
You put it up, send it to me on my Twitter one more time.
It's a fitting title, Slave to Liberty, because I've now literally become a slave to liberty.
I can't stop myself.
I'm addicted to the passion of saying no.
And at a certain point, you weigh in so deep into the water, you can't get out.
You have to go- Well, let me guess.
Let me guess, Mac.
You're a great, smart guy.
You probably had an empowered life before, but how much more empowered is your life now, or is it not more empowered?
Oh, it's light years more.
I mean, I always felt my mind was freer than the average person.
I always knew that I was slightly smarter, slightly above, but I never really thought that there was like literally one in 10 million people that would be willing to actually stand up and say something against things?
That blew my mind.
I couldn't believe when the COVID lockdowns happened that people were so American.
I grew up partially in Europe.
You may or may not know this.
I actually grew up when I was a kid.
I was in England and Ireland.
I grew up over there for a small period of time.
My parents are Irish.
I was born in San Francisco.
However, when I was there, you know, I kind of took on the culture.
And we watched TV, and America was this, America was that.
So when I came back over to America, I was so happy to be here, my hometown, homeland, back with the big boys, and not hanging out with the little pussy English people.
And I'm like, America!
And then you see the lockdowns happen and you see these people become total pussies and just completely give in to the system going, that's not gonna happen here in America.
That whole thing went out the window.
I'm like, what the hell is going on?
How can there be this many mind-controlled zombies all around me?
I felt like when you go in a kitchen and you turn on a light, you see the roaches scatter.
I almost felt like it was a message to Alex at one point.
He's like, you know what, we're coming for you!
We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that!
When humanity rises!
And they're like, one second Alex, let me just turn this light on for you.
And they turned on the retard light.
And you stand up there and you realize everyone around you is a mind-controlled brainwashed zombie and you're like, holy crap!
You know, things are a lot more hectic than they seem.
At that point I realized it was like, I totally agree with you.
I totally agree with you.
That was all an exercise in showing us how many people they control.
But it's starting to backfire.
As bad as it was, it's backfired.
What do you think their next attack is going to be?
Let me talk about something positive for a second.
I will say, I have noticed recently, back in the day, there was a lot of Alex Jones memes and video clips going around, and then there was a long period of time where that was very low on the tone of polo, not a big thing.
I surf Instagram and all these things habitually, it's sad actually, I wish this battle, that's the one thing I don't like about the battle, is to be informed, you kind of have to become an addict of like, The machine.
You want to tune out of it because that's the ultimate defense, but because they're in the Matrix, you've got to jack into it.
You always use that.
To fight the Mr. Smiths, you actually have to get into the Matrix, unfortunately.
And unfortunately, they'll pull your plug, like I was saying the other day on TV, if you don't get in there and fight him.
So I have noticed a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of clips of Alex Paul, even vintage old classic clips.
New clips, meme clips, statement clips, daily clips.
I've been seeing it.
It's definitely, I don't know whether you're noticing it or not, but I've definitely noticed an uptick in all of my media that I'm following, which is a lot, and a lot of hours spent.
And I see Infowars clips left and right all over the place.
Alex Jones was right all over the place.
And again, I'm not that important, but I'm an archetype now, symbol of the populist.
They want to take that tarot card down, but I'm just trying to keep the operation going and just cover the news.
I don't have a lot of time to watch it, but I know this.
I got nothing but love for the first 20 years on air.
And, but it was like, walk down the street, you talk to, you see a hundred people, you talk to five fans.
So it was still kind of a niche underground thing.
Then Trump explodes, we get big, and now I go in the grocery store and every other person I'm shaking their hand, but every tenth person says, F you, you're a Russian agent.
Now I shake a hundred, two hundred hands before I get one F you.
In fact, it hasn't happened in months, knock on wood, because this year with your parents eating dinner somewhere and people walk over and scream at you and throw tea on you, it's not fun, but I still go out, I make myself go everywhere.
And all we're getting is love right now, and I see that as the average person, which is good to be anonymous and good to be private.
I'm not like, oh, I'm famous, you're not.
But because I am well-known, I'm like a gauge, like a...
Engine heat gauge or something or tire pressure gauge and so I can tell people
In the hearts and minds of people even the most leftist areas
We're getting nothing but love right now and then even leftists that hate me just sit back and like kind of hiss at me
and so I use what I'm experiencing as a gauge a Weather vane and it really shows me a lot of a lot of a lot
of awakening a very explosive awakening, but that I don't start
Celebrating man, because I know the enemy knows that they're gonna launch something else and then I don't just say this
I told people, you know eight years ago We had government documents then CIA Justice Department.
They're censoring the counter disinformation propaganda act.
But now, without getting into the whole story, it is James Bond level.
And it freaks them out when they follow me home or mess with my family or make death threats.
I just kind of shrug it off.
Well, I've just like jumped into the lava at this point.
And I'm just like, okay, if I've been into all the stuff they've done, I'm not a victim.
I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
It's been horrible.
But it's because I'm effective.
So I realized, well, I've had so much success.
That's the price to pay.
So now I'm not a sadomasochist.
I don't like pain.
But I've learned that that's a symbol of the victory.
You know, both my grandfathers were in the Army Air Corps.
One flew fighter planes, only did a few missions, crash landed, coming back into England, almost died, flipped the plane.
You know, it wasn't like some super ace or anything, but my dad's dad volunteered for even more missions.
It was catch 22, you know, 22, North Africa into Italy, whole nine yards.
The Germans attacked their base in North Africa.
We noticed that he died.
We had all the letters and commendations and medals, and he died of like 52 of cancer.
My dad's dad, Jerry Jones, not the Dallas Cowboys owner, but the point was, he, they strafed their base, shot him up, blew him up.
He had concussions.
The next day their plane flies out, he's not the captain anymore, it blows up over Italy.
And he had guilt till the day he died.
So he had like 18 missions in, he re-ups for a whole another 22 missions, and then re-ups for a whole, and they finally pulled him and said, no, we're gonna make you a manager once he invaded Italy to run like the feeding the troops thing as an officer.
But the point was, is that researching what those B-17 pilots, he flew a Liberator at first, and a B-17 was, They didn't have radar back then.
It had just been developed.
It wasn't in Europe.
You went to where the flak was.
You went to where the attack was.
So they would see all these cannons exploding and all the shrapnel, and they would steer into those hundreds of planes, into the shrapnel, into the attack, to then drop their bombs.
And so the US troops could take out the tank fields and take out the factories and everything.
The Russians didn't have that, so they lost 20 million troops.
The U.S.
lost, you know, less than a million because they sent the Army Air Corps in.
But the reason I tell that story is, that's what we're doing.
We're going in, over the flak, into the attack, and that's what we're doing.
And that's why I love the attack.
I love it.
I'm ready to go to prison.
I'm ready to die because this commitment against these people and all these unborn children and all the little kids are trying to give the shots to and all the evil they're doing.
If we can stand up for them and be men right now, we're going to save a lot of lives.
I can feel that, bro.
And I'm getting some tears in my eyes.
We're going in through and beyond, as you always say.
It's kind of cool they're playing that audio.
We got a new, we got a new studio.
But the point is, but my point is, is that that's what this is all about.
We want to go into the conflict, into the battle.
Start over.
Go ahead.
Well, you know, in through and beyond, it's just a, it's a reference to you and your show, but really, but, um, you know, who's really is, uh, struggling.
It's the people, the J six people, you know?
Those people are not.
Oh, Joe Biggs, years in solitary confinement.
23 hours a day in a jail cell.
I heard his latest call.
He got out.
He's in Virginia.
It's 23 degrees, and he's in there with a little plastic blanket, and he said, I've gotten used to my teeth chattering the last six months.
Please help me.
Our beloved Joe Biggs used to be on the show.
It could be Matt Bakernacks, Alex Jones.
When is everybody going to actually join and stop listening?
Stop listening.
Stop sitting down.
Become part of this.
We will win.
This whole thing is, we have the globalists like this in the over-the-top movie.
And we're battling, we're battling, we're battling.
What if we had just only a few more people to push?
If only just a few more people would push.
We could push this over the top.
We would crush them.
We would defeat them with pure numbers and strength and will.
And people say, oh, well, evil's always here, let's come back.
Yeah, but we'll prosecute and put in prison a bunch of people, and we'll have a long era of prosperity where evil fears good again.
It has to.
There has to be a point.
The only time when you say, oh, I'm not ready to start, you know, celebrating, as you always say.
Yeah, until Fauci is in jail, until Bill Gates is behind bars, like that new song came out, which I really love, until we have Gates behind bars, until we see some modicum of justice on this planet, We cannot give up.
We have to keep going.
We can't let this be status quo.
Yes, we live in a gulag.
Yes, we're told what to do.
Yes, they're stealing our children.
Yes, they're mutating us.
Yes, they've destroyed all the plant crops.
I mean, forget about humans.
Let's say you even do hate humans and you think we are a blight on the Earth.
And you know, there's times I can see it, you know?
You're out in the park, and you have it, and I think the air is clean, you see the birds, and then some guy gets in your way, and you're like, man, why is this guy here?
He's messing up my zen.
I was in a zen park the other day.
It was this little Japanese garden.
It was so beautiful, and then some Gumby walks through, and you're like, man, he's Gumby.
Let's get him out of here.
That's how the globalists look at every single person on planet Earth.
This is their garden.
But it isn't their garden.
They're destroying the genetic code of the food crops.
They're destroying the atmosphere.
Yeah, they claim they're protecting the Earth, they're destroying it.
The planet Earth and this beautiful world that we live in, that God created, whether you believe in Jesus or you believe in Buddha or whatever, you did not make this world.
This world is way too complicated, way too beautiful, way too perfectly balanced, like the perfect Swiss watch with 70 quintillion parts all functioning perfectly well.
And they're destroying the magnetosphere.
They're destroying the plants.
They're destroying the water.
They're destroying everything.
I mean, this is one thing we definitely have to start getting through our heads.
And Michael Savage says it all the time.
Conservatives need to be a little bit more conservation-minded, just because they go so far out with it on the left.
Like, we want to shut down everything.
You're not going to have cars.
You're not going to have this.
You're not going to have that.
So we go, I want to eat steak.
I want to cook everything.
I love catalytic converters.
That was all reasonable.
Right, so we are the conservers.
We want to conserve the genetic code of the plants, of the corn.
If it was anyone else who would say this is an affront to the South American tradition.
The South Americans are praying to corn.
Corn was given to them by their god Quetzalcoatl or whatever the freaking story is, the corn god.
And you're going in and you're genetically mutating the lifeblood, the staff that took us out of the mud that gave us food, the crops, the grains, the rices, all of the main staples on planet Earth being destroyed by people like Monsanto.
Going, well, we're just going to destroy all of the genetic code so it can't grow unless it's swimming in freaking our genetic poison, our Roundup, our glyphosate, which is actually Turning the frogs gay.
If you want to go look it up.
You know?
Everyone's like, whoa, Alex Jones says the frogs are gay.
Yeah, they're going gay.
Because they have glyphosate.
Because it's messing with their endocrine systems.
Here's just a brand new concept.
I've been wanting to talk about this for a while.
Let's talk about hormone therapy.
Hormone therapy.
Everything's a double-edged sword, right?
I mean, is it evil to have hormone therapy?
Is it bad?
Is it good?
Let's put it this way.
When somebody goes into the doctor and they say, you know, your blood sugar's too high, they give them insulin to bring it down.
When they say, you know, your blood pressure's too high, you're gonna have a heart attack, they give them something to bring it down.
Where you have a son, and he's acting a little fruity, and you're like, oh, this guy, maybe we should give him some more estrogen!
Has it ever crossed anyone's mind that maybe there should be an actual hormone therapy because of all of the endocrine disruptors that are destroying the gonads of the male?
To say, if you have a fruity son, maybe he does need hormone therapy.
Maybe give him just a little taste of testosterone and see how he feels when he looks at a woman.
Give him a little taste and see if he wants to be a little pussy sitting around taking craps about it.
And give him what he was designed to do.
I went out to a bar one night and I ran into this lesbian chick that I was arguing with.
And we were going back and forth.
And it was actually kind of fun arguing with her because she was really logical and she wasn't getting too whacked out.
There was a certain point in the conversation that I was like, Wait a minute.
I am sensing testosterone from you out of nowhere.
I just said, I sense you have testosterone.
I didn't even hear about this.
This is years ago.
She goes, Oh my God, I just got a testosterone shot this week.
So she was now getting all she could have.
No, they prescribe it to even young women, but they don't want men to have it.
She was tough.
She was getting muscles.
She was growing hair.
She was ready to get in a fight.
She wasn't going to take no crap from no man.
So why can't you get these little boys who have been damaged by all this crap in the frickin' environment and put it back the other way?
Well, exactly.
I used to be against hormone replacement until I read the studies that a 30-year-old has the testosterone of an 80-year-old.
Now, they have hit us with these things and it's totally unnatural.
And when a woman gets old, they go, oh, your hormones are low.
But God forbid you give anybody a little extra testosterone to make them a little bit more manly, to make them a little bit stronger.
Unless it's a woman, lesbian, that wants to come and attack you and fight you because she's like, I'm a man now!
And she'll out-fight half of the men in the room because they're all freaking cucked and they've got no testosterone.
This is, I'm not joking.
This is a serious thing I'm talking about.
Like, please!
Does anybody consider... No, no, no.
Bertrand Russell said, we'll use hormones and injections and diet to control people, and they've done it.
Yeah, if your son is, uh, I don't know if the testosterone boost works, and I'm not a doctor, I'm just saying, what if, let's say, you know, you had a son who was acting a little fruity and maybe you just accidentally put some, you know, testosterone boost in his fruity pebbles or something.
Like, you're really going to let your kid become a little wimp when a wimpy woman doesn't feel happy being wimpy?
And so she takes testosterone and becomes a tough guy?
Yeah, they call it toxic masculinity, but we're designed to be leaders and do that.
Yeah, why wouldn't you want your son to feel strong?
Why would you say, oh, he's looking a little weak.
Let's make him even weaker.
Let's cut his dick off.
Let's give him some tits.
And let's see how he feels now.
And then when he wakes up later, and because he's depressed, he was depressed before, you wake up and after the whole hoopla, you get a little internet clout, you get to go and join all the clubs, and you get to join the rainbow world, and you're like, hey, I'm enjoying my life!
Yeah, that's a social credit score that you betrayed your son.
You have no dick and you're still... Can you imagine being a depressed person going, maybe if I cut my dick off I'll feel better?
And then you wake up 20 years later and you look down and you go, I'm still depressed and I have no dick!
Well, let's talk about 20 years ago.
If somebody went into a medical clinic and said, I want to cut my finger off, much less my cock, they'd put you in a mental institution.
But now, oh, it's normal!
You've said it before.
And I think really the mental health aspect of this It's a giant level of homelessness is mental health, which turns a lot of times to drug addicts.
I've had my ins and outs with things in the past, especially drinking.
Back in the day, I was a big vodka drinker.
Drinking coffee right now, nice and clear-headed.
I'm going to stay out of my InfoWars cup.
I just want, I want to like, let's, let's switch it up.
Let's have a little fun.
I've let out all my anger and I'm done with that.
Can we talk about some, some, some more positive and fun things?
I'm going to, 10 minutes.
You've got the floor.
I like to have a back and forth though, you know?
Don't worry, I'll interrupt then.
I want to know, and I probably should have asked before, but remember Alex Jones doesn't tell people what to say.
So I don't know if he got, it fell out with him or what, but this movie is a great movie.
This movie was awesome!
I watched this movie, oh man, I had tears in my eyes.
If you're an Alex Jones fan, I love that.
And I bought the book too, and the book's great.
I got one, actually I got two.
I got one for Alice in Wonderland, which I gave her on air, and then I got another one signed.
Two signed ones and then I got an unsigned one that I can, that I can pen and do and take notes and actually look up all the crazy information in there, you know?
So, did you ever get that clip of that event that I sent you?
I sent it to Rob.
Did you get it?
The American Liberty Awards?
I swore I would bring this up.
I saw you on Alice in Wonderland on OAN.
I appreciate it.
I'm sure they gave it to me.
There's so much stuff to look at.
What was the clip?
What happened at the Freedom Awards?
I didn't see it.
Oh no, I sent Rob do a promo of an event that Frank Kavanaugh and Rob do.
Okay, so I'm told, I'm told it's a, which clip is it guys?
All right, let's play clip 10 right now.
Here's American Liberty Awards promo and it's on my list.
Here it is.
Here it is, we'll play it right now.
From the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere's infamous night ride.
From Washington crossing the Delaware to Martin Luther King's epic, I Have a Dream speech.
Throughout the ages, Americans have stood up against the onslaught of tyranny.
Sometimes these men do not get celebrated in their own times.
Other times, they do.
These days, those that shine the brightest light of liberty are the most shunned and scorned by the corporate system that strangles those very freedoms.
Our goal is to take those warriors, whether they be using their words, their song, their art, their mind, or their passion, to light the fires of liberty in the hearts of men.
In these recent years, tyranny has rained down upon this land like we have never seen before.
And it has been that very rain that has been the fertile ground for those less timid souls.
Those who refuse to bow.
Those who refuse to compromise with the dictates of corporations and governments.
Those who refuse to be cancelled.
Those who will stand proudly.
And those who will hold the torch of liberty so it may burn brightly into the future for our children and our children's children in the years to come.
Join us as we celebrate those heroes amongst us.
Join us for the first American Liberty Awards, where we will celebrate our freedoms and enjoy the company of those who refuse to bow.
And for that we say, we shall never surrender and we shall never give up those rights granted to us by God.
Wow, did they put something like that on national television and have 50 million viewers but they won't do
So what was that, Matt Baker, we just saw?
That was the proto-promo for the American Liberty Awards, which is an idea that Frank Cavanaugh and I had when we were out in Austin last time when I saw you and I gave you that hug.
We were out at Barton Springs and we said, you know, we need to have our own, not a Fox News Liberty Awards.
I mean, real people, real street people, people that have been out there on the streets, real freedom fighters that have made a difference.
The Alex Steins of this world, the greatest patriot comedian.
The Lifelong Achievement Award might go to someone you know.
You know, man on the street might go to another co-host of yours.
And we just want to big up these people and have it be to where other people can, again, realize this is something to aspire to.
These are the modern heroes.
We don't have a war that become home and get medals.
We don't, all the people that go out, basically the way you win an award now is you get on the Alex Jones Show and Alex Jones actually says, hey, I like what you're doing, man.
That's about as good as it gets.
So we want to have, this is going to be fun.
This is going to be music.
We're going to have Jimmy Levy, hopefully.
I'm in discussion with him.
And, you know, Bryson Gray.
We're going to have music.
Maybe we'll have JP Sears show up, do some comedy routines.
Maybe some inspirational words will be spoken.
But we want to have a good time.
This isn't going to be like his Totally square, you know, event.
This is a Liberty.
It's like Liberty stock.
You know, this is going to be this epic meeting of the tribes of all the freedom fighters around the country, regardless of if you're a Q person or if you're a Fox News listener or if you're an Alex Jones person.
If you love Liberty, then you love the American Liberty Awards.
And so come and join us and we are going to have an epic time and it's going to be In Austin.
It's going to be in August.
I forget the exact date right now because we just locked it in.
Rob Dew actually made the final call on that.
If you want to find more about it, we're building the website right now.
It's much like this.
It's very prototype right now.
We're starting it out.
This is the very beginning launch.
I was actually wearing the shirt the other day when I was on the air, if anybody noticed, the American Liberty Award shirt, which you can actually get my t-shirt so you can find On my Twitter, I have a link to my t-shirt store.
You can find the Brazil t-shirt, you can find the traditional Slave to Liberty shirt, you can find the sequel shirt.
But that's how this works.
Big things start small, and we do have to really celebrate liberty.
We do.
And I want everyone to know, this is of the people.
For the people, by the people.
This is another call to action.
Let's say you don't want to get out there in the face.
Let's say you don't want to risk getting arrested.
Let's say you live in a liberal town and you just can't take the flag.
Let's say you're in a wheelchair and you just can't get out there.
I don't care.
If you have ever wanted to get your foot in the door, This is your option.
This is your chance.
We need extra people to help.
We need extra production people.
We need people to help us with videos, promos.
We need anyone who wants to make music and songs to pump this up.
Hell, if you make a good enough song, you'll play on the main stage.
You might even get an award.
Like, let's go, people!
Make some art.
Make some comedy.
Make some stickers.
Make some t-shirts.
Bring it all together.
We'll have a vending area where you can just set up like a Grateful Dead show and you can sell your own stuff there.
You can come out and you can have a good time.
You can come out and meet fellow patriots.
You can come out and not be judged by a bunch of liberal weirdos.
You can actually yuck it up with your good patriot friends.
You might meet me.
You might meet Alex.
You might meet Frank Cavanaugh.
Speaking of which, another promo, sorry, shameless, I swore I would bring this up.
My buddy, your buddy, Scott Armstrong, he's got a channel on Band.Video, another person that Alex Jones opened the door for, to let in, to give a light to.
So Scott Armstrong, he is now working with the unjected people who have a website for, it's a dating website, if you want to remain uninjected and possibly have kids in the future that don't grow three heads and aren't mutants.
And also, if you date an unjected woman, you also might know that she's not a complete retard and she's not a leftist lunatic who's going to want to cut your kid's dick off when she finally do have one.
You joined the show, which is going to be a lot of fun, actually.
Frank Cavanaugh, it's a date a rock star.
You know, me and Frank and Scott actually were having so much fun when we were out there.
We went out to meet you guys in Austin and we kind of became this little clique.
And so it's the Unjected.
It's on Rockfin.
It's at rockfin.com forward slash unjected.
It's tonight.
It's at 9 p.m.
Eastern, oh man, and we might be overlapping here pretty soon, and it's gonna be fun.
So they've got the unjected girls there, and it's a call-in show, so you could be like, oh, I'm looking for a guy, or like... Well, what's beautiful is we're creating a pro-human culture that's anti-globalist.
Well, in closing, my friend, it's been an epic interview over an hour long.
I really appreciate you joining us and being here with us, but the bottom line is, We can roll over and be slaves, or we can stand up and be victorious, and we're designed to fight back against tyranny.
It's not work, folks.
It is empowering.
And I'm very thankful to all the InfoWars viewers and listeners that are supporting AlexJonesLive.com.
It's free, it's there, and I just ask folks to share the links because this is the fertile time for awakening.
This is the time that tries men and women's souls.
In closing, Matt Baker, a five-minute rant about your take on What's happening in Russia?
What's happening in Ukraine?
What's happening with Biden?
Big picture.
Fetterman is in the hospital saying he hears Charlie Brown cartoons hallucinating.
I mean, this is crazy.
Well, you read my mind with that one.
I think, to be honest, my rant button is kind of outweighed right now.
I can only rant so much.
I want people to know that I'm a normal person.
You know, I laugh.
I joke.
I have fun.
I'm not just always yelling and screaming.
This is just a normal human being who has a large breadth of feeling.
I feel the world.
I feel the universe.
I feel all the emotions.
I feel the love.
I feel the passion.
I feel the pain.
And I feel that need to do something.
And when it comes to the whole Russian thing, honestly, I have a different take on it.
I sometimes wonder, if we're not being fooled again, that the whole war is never going to actually spiral out of control.
It's a limited war that the higher, higher, higher up people on the chessboard have decided they're going to allow Popov to sell some weapons, to kill whoever they need to, to get rid of some of their stronger men, to blow up pipelines and shut down things, to have an excuse to have cyber attacks.
To have an excuse to have balloons popping over to put everybody in freaking traumatized mind control in their planet.
Everyone's like, Oh my God, listen to this back to the Superbowl.
I've never seen this before.
Normally, normally the jets fly over the Superbowl as a patriotic display of America.
You know, like they did at the Trump rally.
No, this year on the news, they're like, and with all the things that have been going on in the sky, we will have F-15s in the air, like Protecting you from balloons that might be coming over.
There could be balloons anywhere in the sky.
And thank God the F-16s are there because they're going to be patrolling the stadium.
Because God forbid you actually just have a football game.
You now need a military to protect you from the things in the sky.
Which feeds directly into my concept that it is totally part of their mind control that they're putting you under.
Now, I want to just break everybody's mind.
Because everyone says Alex Jones and I look alike.
Now, I don't want to, like, it's crazy, but Bill Hicks is actually my brother-in-law.
Now, if you can believe that or not.
I actually used to look just like Alex Jones.
Like, just like Alex Jones.
But then, I started taking The beard and hair formula, and dude, overnight, it is amazing.
I mean, I just grew these massive hair, because before, I couldn't even really join the movement, because everyone was just telling me I was Bill Hicks.
But now, I'm like, it's this whole thing, I'm like, yeah, Pat Baker!
Dreadlock power!
You know?
And it's like, without the beard- I'll see that on Twitter, where we have some viral video, and they go, oh, it's Bill Hicks.
I don't even look like Bill Hicks.
It's like, you know.
I'm just not in Atlanta.
I'm not a high enough.
I can get super mad about this, but in the end, man, we gotta love life.
Man, we gotta love life.
We gotta have fun.
We gotta be bros.
And I'm so happy to be here with you, Alex.
There's times when you were talking that I forgot I was on the show with you.
I'm so used to listening to you.
I'm like, wait, he's talking to me.
It's kind of weird.
I'm like, oh yeah, I got to respond to this stuff.
So, also, you know, don't forget we've got Showtime here on Band.Video.
I have a channel, Slave2Liberty, there without the underscores.
I might switch that up just to make it all the same, but as for now, Slave2Liberty on there.
And then you've got Scott Armstrong.
Also, he plays that show on The Unjected Show on his, it's Rebunked, which is very similar to Uh, conspiracy fact, because all of the things that were debunked are now re-bunked.
And you see, I actually have this idea too, before I forget about it.
I think it would be great at the end of some of the shows, maybe an Owen show, like right before the end of the show, to, cause I know a lot of times we like scan Drug Report or Gateway Pundit or whatever, and we do read the headlines.
I think sometimes it's actually fun to scan BandDot video and just go through, like, oh, look at the Gregory support.
Oh, look at this pipeline thing.
Oh, look, somebody's talking about... No, I gotta say, I mean, I gotta say, millions of viewers are on BandDot video every day, but it's not getting any attention needs.
So many hundreds of great censored contributors.
We're just so blessed to have that site.
So great to have it there.
Let's just promote that.
All right, Matt Baker, you've knocked it out of the park.
We've done an incredible job.
I want to thank you for joining us this evening, and I promise the listeners to do more live, commercial-free shows, and we've just done it here this evening.
So, Matt Beggar, you've got another show to go on in about 10 minutes, so we'll let you get out of here.
Thank you, sir.
Give me a fist bump.
That's my sign-out.
Later, brother.
All right, there goes Matt Beggar.
Great guy, wanted to do it, and that's what this podcast is about.
It might be on Monday night, it might be on Wednesday night, it might be on Friday night, it might be Sunday night, it might be 7 a.m.
on a Saturday.
It's here in my house and I've got it set up where we're gonna launch it like in a week or so.
I keep saying a week I get behind but I'll be able to on my phone wherever that's at I'll be able to like boom on the street go live there you're like well what's that do I can do it on Twitter right now yeah I can't but Alex Jones in this little zone We'll be able to like shoot a video of what I see, whether it's a Pilderberg or whether it's Davos or whether it's a major event or an RNC or a DNC or whatever it is, I'll be able to live and also archive that to you.
So we're extremely excited about it.
And the whole thing's done.
I've just got to get around to deciding this and that and shoot more of the content.
So AlexJonesLive.com.
It is not a competition.
I've told the crew this like 50 times.
We're still like, are you going to leave InfoWars?
I mean, you're leaving, right?
I'm like, no, no, no.
InfoWars is bigger than ever.
I have to do something separate outside of that to promote InfoWars.
We're not going anywhere as long as supporters spread the word about InfoWars.com and buy the great products at InfoWarsStore.com.
So just like Bandai Video has billions of views and Hundreds of contributors and it's about three years old.
I promise you AlexJonesLive.com is going to be amazing.
We're very blessed to be here.
But we can only do it because of your support buying products at InfoWarsTore.com.
Even though this is a separate operation, we're going to have a subscription-based system at AlexJonesLive.com for some of the videos for folks that want Get the exclusive content and then support everybody else getting it.
Because our listeners are smart.
They're like, well, what am I doing paying?
Most of it's free because you're trying to fund it and keep us on air and wake people up to beat the new world order.
That's the whole symbiotic relationship with this whole damn thing.
So great job to the crew tonight.
I'm not going to do a Saturday show tomorrow.
It's my birthday and I'm going to dinner at my parents and I'm going to hang out with my wife and children.
My grown up children are going to come see me and we're going to have lunch tomorrow and we're going to It's not too cold.
We're going to get in the pool, get in my parents' hot tub, and do some stuff.
But I'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m., and there's Sunday Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
with Owen Troyer, and then the weekday shows are obviously there.
But let's go ahead and play this clip that I've taken myself and edited in with Deus Ex.
Alex Jones explains the interdimensional battle for our souls.
And then we'll air a little promo and end this transmission.
But thank you for keeping us on air.
If you want to get a free subscription, once the site goes subscription, go to alexjoneslive.com and sign up right there with your email for free.
And you'll get a free monthly membership.
All the founding coin members are going to get a one-year free membership once we get a subscription.
But again, there'll still be free stuff, still everything here.
And news reports, kind of like Rebel Media.
But this subscription system will then fund reporters and key crew for things we can't do with InfoWars and free speech systems.
So here is this Deus Ex, because I keep saying Deus Ex, Deus Ex.
This is something that Elon Musk is talking about.
How this video game 20 years ago predicted it all.
Well, they told me, the video makers, that I inspired it.
I'm not bragging, it's true.
And they wanted me to be in the new one, but they never made it.
So, now that the video game is getting attention, here it is.
The elite are all about transcendence and living forever and the secrets of the universe and they want to know all this.
Some are good, some are bad, some are a mix.
But the good ones don't ever want to organize.
The bad ones didn't want to organize because they lost after power.
The powerful consciousnesses don't want to dominate other people.
They want to empower them so they don't tend to get together until things are really late in the game.
Then they come together.
Evil is always defeated because good is so much stronger.
And we're on this planet, and Einstein's physics showed it, Max Planck's physics showed it, oh, there's at least 12 dimensions.
And now that's why all the top scientists and billionaires are coming out and saying, it's a false hologram.
It is artificial.
The computers are scanning it and finding tension points where it's artificially projected, and gravity's bleeding in to this universe.
That's what they call dark matter.
So we're like a thought or a dream that's a wisp in some computer program, some God's mind, whatever.
They're proving it all.
It's all coming out.
Now, there's like this sub-transmission zone below the third dimension that's just turned over the most horrible things is what it resonates to.
And it's trying to get up into the third dimension that's just a basic level consciousness to launch into the next levels.
And our species is already way up in the fifth, sixth dimension, consciously, our best people.
But there's this big war trying to, like, basically destroy humanity because humanity
has free will and there's a decision to which level we want to go to. We have free will,
so evil's allowed to come and contend, and not just good.
And the elites themselves believe they're racing, or using human technology to try to
take our best minds and build some type of breakaway civilization where they're going to merge with
machines, transcend, and break away from the failed species that is man, which is kind of like
a false transmission because they're thinking what they are is ugly and bad, projecting it onto
themselves instead of believing no No, it's a human test about building us up.
And so Google was set up 18, 19 years ago.
This was, I knew about this before it was declassified.
I'm just saying I've been sources.
That they wanted to build a giant artificial system and Google believes that the first artificial intelligence will be a supercomputer based on the neuron activities of the hive mind of humanity with billions of people wired into it with the internet of things.
And so all of our thoughts go into it and we're actually building a computer that has real neurons in real time that's also psychically connected to us that are organic creatures so that They will have current prediction powers, future prediction powers, a true crystal ball.
But the big secret is, once you have a crystal ball and know the future, you can add stimuli beforehand and make decisions that control the future.
And so then it's the end of consciousness and free will for individuals, as we know.
And a true 2.0, in a very bad way, hive mind consciousness, With an AI jacked into everyone knowing our hopes and dreams, delivering it to us, not in some PKD wirehead system where we plug in and give up our consciousness because of unlimited pleasure, but because we were already wired and absorbed before we knew it by giving over our consciousness to this system by our daily decisions, that it was able to manipulate and control into a larger system.
There's now a human counter-strike.
Taking place to shut this off before it gets fully into place and to block these systems and to try to have an actual debate about where humanity goes and cut off the pedophiles and psychic vampires that are control of this AI system before humanity is destroyed.
Wait a minute, humanity is only controlled of AI?
How'd the pedophiles get in control of AI?
Well, the pedophiles, at whatever level, the devil, whatever you want to call it, this interdimensional thing that gives them advanced off-world technology, the fallen one that's not of this world, is giving them advanced knowledge on how to construct these systems that have already been used before on other populations.
Is that Satan?
What are you talking about?
Let's see.
Explain that.
You're saying something insane.
Well, when Satan becomes something that, you know, the stupid preacher tells you about, who's totally controlled, or something you read about, you know, in the news or TV.
This is an interdimensional force that wants to influence us to build something that absorbs us and kills us, rather than the divine free will we're given to build something much better than empowers the species.
So the species is now making a decision about its entire future.
Where are you getting this from?
That's what it is.
But where are you getting it from?
I know, from looking at all the data, researching it, studying it, watching the enemy.
That's the big decision that humanity has now got before us.
I'll see you back this Sunday, 4 p.m.
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