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Air Date: Feb. 7, 2023
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses various topics including China's manipulation and testing probes, the current state of affairs in America, and the burning house metaphor to describe the world situation. He highlights the need for preparedness and emergency measures due to potential societal collapse under Joe Biden's leadership. The show also covers the Ukrainian army's devastating condition, Russia's move to take over Ukraine, and speculations on their next steps. Additionally, they discuss dietary supplements, global blackouts, and self-reliance in preparation for possible threats. Jones promotes products from InfoWarsStore and encourages listeners to support them to keep their operations running. The episode includes callers discussing religion, patriotism, and strategies for preparing for potential disasters such as power outages and cyber attacks.


At this point, it wouldn't be fully transparent to lead the show with where we're at right now, where our minds are at, where our hearts are at.
And, you know, I talked to some of the crew here in studio, off air, and we're all kind of feeling the same thing.
And this is, I mean, this is InfoWars.
We live in the storm.
We are the sauce.
We've climbed over the barbed wire, we've bled out, we've had our bodies climbed over by the rest of the media picking up our stories afterwards, after we hit the barbed wire and bled out on it first.
And so for us to kind of have this moment, and it's almost calming in a way, in kind of a sick twisted way, it's almost calming, like knowing all of this was coming and now feeling like you're finally here to deal with it all, it's almost calming in a way, but
When you see what could potentially lie ahead, you realize, for those that aren't prepared and for those that really are about to be caught off guard by this, it is... I mean, folks, we just had people last week climbing into dumpsters looking for food here in Austin, Texas.
And we're not talking about, you know, sad situations of homelessness or people that are downtrodden or down on their luck or whatever in this tough economy.
We're talking about the average Joe.
We're talking about the average homeowner.
We're talking about the average apartment renter.
Dumpster diving for food.
And this is because they're without power for three days.
If China drops an EMP or Russia drops an EMP, you're out of power for months.
You think this U.S.
government's gonna come rescue you?
Hell, the U.S.
government wants to turn off your power.
It's called Green New Deal.
It's called carbon neutral emissions.
What does that translate to?
No power for you.
Man-made climate change?
Stop man-made climate change?
Take climate change out of the equation and you'll understand the picture.
Stop man.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
China is testing, China is manipulating, China is seeing how far they can go with these probes and when you put it together with their Confucian societies and six billion dollars a year in the U.S.
universities to control academia and biopoliticians and you look at
They're acquisition of the media and the fact that they own four of the six big production houses in Hollywood.
...is being foisted by a handful of corporations and the Chinese Communist.
The people that run our country are out to get us.
They're at war with us on every front, and you already know that.
But as soon as we can get the bureaucrats and the woke leftists to just pull back and understand that they've been Stockholm Syndrome'd, and that they're helping their own abusers and destroyers, and they're pretending like they're part of some liberal revolution to create a utopia,
As soon as they realize that this liberal utopia is meant to bring in total autocratic tyranny, and then they're going to have a backlash and ban the entire leftist system that they've injected into us to only paralyze us.
In the next phase of the New World Order program, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be eugenics all the way.
But they intend on making the world so hellish in the build-up to 2030 that everybody will just wink-wink
When they release the ray-specific bioweapons, starting with Africa, that are going to wipe that continent absolutely out.
The facts are, China has put a lot of money into high-altitude balloons, or what you call satellite arrays, surveillance arrays, but more importantly, communication systems.
But they've also put a lot of money in to deliver an electromagnetic pulse weapon that's
Detonated and powered by an atomic or hydrogen bomb going off.
It's estimated that a 40 megaton bomb, that's a medium-sized bomb, would knock out large portions of the United States that was detonated around 80,000 feet in the right conditions.
But there's more radiation that goes further at night because of radiation that's already in the atmosphere from the sun.
And so they would try to detonate these at night.
They would have a much bigger effect.
You've seen what solar flares do, wreaking havoc with satellites.
That's nothing compared to this.
And the fact that Biden didn't order this shot down day one, the fact that the Communist Chinese confirmed it was theirs.
Just shows you what the Border Patrol said.
They're not watching the border, they're not watching anything.
I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as soon as possible.
Except us.
They decided that the best time to do that was as it got over water, outside, within our, within the 12-mile limit.
And then you have Hunter Biden with a laptop and saying he works for Chinese intelligence and all the classified documents at the house he was ruining for 50 grand a month from his dad.
These are all just absolutely pieces of proof
That the Bidens are Chinese Communist agents.
$100,000 a month as a retainer for Hunter Biden to work for a Chinese entity with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.
$500,000 right off the top as a one-time payment to Hunter.
And $65,000 a month for James Biden, the president's
The fact that this has been going on is important.
Yes, the globalists set up China, but by the time Xi Jinping came along, and now he's arrested his predecessor that was working with the globalists, Xi Jinping has told Big Tech and the New World Order, I'm in charge, and I'm not in a deal with you anymore.
And so, just like Stalin and Hitler for the first two years of World War II had a deal, and then Hitler broke it, it's the same story again.
Are you feeling it yet?
Has the realization been made?
Has it sank in on your consciousness, the situation that we are currently in right now as Americans?
Or even as humans on planet Earth?
For most in this audience, you probably have been aware of this for a while.
You've probably already done plenty of prepping, emergency food.
Whatever situation you've got financially, girding yourself for a collapse, but before I get to any of the news, and we are going to open phone lines today as well, folks, we're taking things pretty seriously around here.
We're making a lot of emergency procedures
And a lot of emergency decisions.
I would say, just for myself personally, because I wouldn't give you any advice, I'm not giving myself or taking myself.
For me personally, you know, I've already done preparedness stuff, you know, bug out bad, emergency food supplies, other such stuff.
But something is really hitting home with me this week, and I'm basically going full bore preparation for total collapse right now.
I mean, I'm closing bank accounts, I'm getting other stuff right, I'm getting other stuff lined up, because at this point,
The odds of things totally collapsing under Joe Biden are higher than they've ever been.
The odds of a World War III situation impacting us more so than any other world war, the odds of that are at an all-time high.
And just aside from those circumstances coming to the front, we have psychotic, mad villain leaders
Running our country.
And you know, that might be the case for other countries around the world, but nothing like what our leadership has done.
The disdain they have for humanity, the disdain they have for their fellow Americans, the disdain they have for us specifically, the patriots.
And you can see it in their eyes, you can see it in their cold, soulless gaze.
You can see it in their policy, you can see it in their execution.
Their will to crush you instead of actually trying to help this country or have good policy on the world stage.
So I don't want to spend too much time on the emergency notice.
I don't want to spend too much time sounding the alarm because I do want to take calls.
I want to cover the news.
But at this point it would be it wouldn't be fully transparent to lead the show with where we're at.
Right now, where our minds are at, where our hearts are at.
And, you know, I talked to some of the crew here in studio, off air, and we're all kind of feeling the same thing.
And this is, I mean, this is InfoWars.
We live in the storm.
We are the sauce.
We've climbed over the barbed wire.
We've bled out.
We've had our bodies climbed over by the rest of the media picking up our stories afterwards, after we hit the barbed wire and bled out on it first.
And so for us to kind of have this moment, and it's almost calming in a way, in kind of a sick, twisted way.
It's almost calming, like knowing all of this was coming and now feeling like you're finally here to deal with it all.
It's almost calming in a way, but when you see what could potentially lie ahead, you realize for those that aren't prepared and for those that really are about to be caught off guard by this,
It is.
I mean, folks, we just had people last week climbing into dumpsters looking for food here in Austin, Texas.
And we're not talking about, you know, sad situations of homelessness or people that are downtrodden or down on their luck or whatever in this tough economy.
We're talking about the average Joe.
We're talking about the average homeowner.
We're talking about the average apartment renter dumpster diving for food.
And this is because they're without power for three days.
If China drops an EMP or Russia drops an EMP, you're out of power for months.
You think this U.S.
government is going to come rescue you?
Hell, the U.S.
government wants to turn off your power.
It's called Green New Deal.
It's called Carbon Neutral Emissions.
What does that translate to?
No power for you.
Man-made climate change?
Stop man-made climate change?
Take climate change out of the equation and you'll understand the picture.
Stop man.
So, I don't know if it's the eye of the storm moment, or I don't know if it's the time has finally come moment, but, and maybe this is what I'll open up the phone lines on today, and just to see if you agree.
And I want to be clear on this too.
I'm not a pessimistic person.
I actually have hope for America, I have hope for humanity, and I think on the other side of whatever darkness,
That is about to befall us here.
We will come out better.
We will come out more prosperous.
We will come out with a better understanding and appreciation of freedom.
And the whole thing might even be unifying.
Something we haven't seen in a long time.
But, this, this time period we're about to go through here, with World War III on the brink, with our mad psychotic leaders, I mean folks, you understand,
Nuclear bombs have been dropped before.
And, I don't want to hear this thing, because I hear people tell me, oh well, there's no such thing as nukes.
Well, you know what?
Whether you believe in nuclear bombs or not, are you denying that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely devastated by a bomb?
Do you want to get into the semantics of it all?
You can't deny that.
And so, this stuff happens.
And you say, why such a loss of life?
Why such a devastational weapon?
Well, what was the excuse?
The excuse was that the Japanese leadership had gone psychotic, and that if they weren't killed and taken out of power, then more people would have died, and that death would have expanded across the globe.
You understand that it's our leaders now that are the psychos?
You understand it's our leaders now that are going to cause death and famine worldwide?
And that's what's so frustrating about all of this, because I think at a certain level, the Chinese, the Russians, so many other world leaders are trying to wake this country up and they're just saying, what is wrong with the American people?
Why are they so blind?
Why are they so deaf?
Why are they so dumb?
We know what it is.
And we know who it is.
Do I really have to say it?
They're in Stockholm Syndrome.
They're completely under brainwashing.
And I guess they just really don't get the implications of what they're involved in.
They really don't understand the implications of what it is they're buying into.
What it is they're trying to sell you.
So, I'm gonna come back, we'll pile drive through a lot of this news, but I think the big story today is, with all the stuff we see, spy balloons flying around, explosions in the sky, crash landing in Montana, the government says they don't know what's going on, hundred oil tankers derail in Ohio, massive fire, towns evacuated, you just had a massive earthquake in Turkey,
Which is truly devastating.
People thinking it's not an earthquake and maybe something else.
I'm not necessarily going to go down that road, but the devastation in Turkey is real.
Parts of Syria as well.
We just had another gigantic structure fire in Chicago.
That just happened last night.
We've got a wide open border.
A wide open border.
A wide open border.
So, I mean, it's just... The signs are all around you.
The signs are everywhere.
It couldn't be more obvious.
And so... If you're not making some moves right now, if you're not getting into a proper stance right now to prepare for the worst...
Then you're just not really tuned in, and you're not really understanding what's going on.
And most in this audience already are.
You've already shopped, you've already got the storable food, the storable water, everything, but... I'm telling you, the final moves to be made in worst-case scenario, I'm making them right now myself.
And I know some others here are as well.
You know, I gotta tell ya...
I look around at some of the trends, let's say, happening on other alternative media sources and personalities, and it's extremely clownish considering the situation we're in, but then again, InfoWars was always the one that understood the situation.
InfoWars was always the one to tune into.
To cover news without the infighting and without the drama and without the irrelevance trying to be made relevant.
And you know, I just gotta say, I'm so proud of this audience and I'm so proud of this crew.
And just, I can't even explain the honor to be here at the pinnacle, at the pinnacle of news and information and live broadcasts and transmission.
And of course it would be the most attacked.
Of course it would be the number one target, the enemy of the New World Order, of the Deep State.
And so, it's just, it's hard to even fathom, quite frankly, what we're going through right now.
And to see what other people are getting dramatic about and talking about.
It's just clownish.
But that's another point.
Why do I put that meme on the screen of the dog in the house that's on fire drinking the coffee?
Because that's what it's like right now.
I don't think this image on the screen has ever been more real.
I mean, I just look around at everything going on, and it's like, the house is on fire!
The house is on fire!
Why are you sitting at the dinner table, drinking a cup of coffee, reading a newspaper?
The house is on fire!
Are you going to put it out?
Are you going to get out?
Look around you!
Do you see the flames?
They're touching you!
Do you see the smoke?
You're inhaling it!
Not everything's okay!
But see, here comes Joe Biden tonight for the State of the Union, and he's gonna be telling you how great it is.
He's gonna be telling you it's the greatest economy ever.
Greatest economy ever.
Now, anybody that lives in reality knows that's a complete lie.
This is the worst economic situation most people have been in
In years.
I mean, quite frankly, since the Obama collapse.
But aside from that, we can name names or dates or whatever.
The reality is, most Americans are feeling the pinch right now.
Most Americans are feeling the pressure right now.
The dollar doesn't go as far, grocery prices going up, energy bills going up, and Joe Biden's about to get on the stage tonight and tell you it's the greatest economy ever, you're doing better than you ever have.
Forget about that wide-open southern border.
Forget about that Chinese spy balloon.
Forget about war with Russia.
So, I think, I think the realization that is so devastating to me now is we had so many opportunities as Americans to come together and realize that our leadership has become psychotic
Mad villains.
And in many ways, electing Donald Trump was that realization and trying to go a different direction.
And so the empire struck back and installed Joe Biden.
And now it's worse than ever.
And that's where we're at.
But I feel that the window of time for the awakening and the unifying of all Americans is just past.
And at this point,
If you still support Joe Biden, if you still think the Democrat Party is the good guy and your friend, then you're just gone.
You're just lost.
You're basically like, you know, the dog at the end of, what is it, Lassie?
It's like, we don't want to take you out to the back in the barn and say goodbye, but politically, culturally, as far as the pro-human movement is concerned, you're not going to make it.
You're not going to make it.
And that's sad.
Even though you hate us so much, even though you've celebrated our censorship and rooted for our demise and physically attacked me and assaulted me and everything else.
No, it still hurts that
You're supposed to be on my team.
It still hurts that you're supposed to be my fellow American, my fellow human, and instead you'd rather stab me in the back and nip at my heels as the country is burning down around us, and we're both in this ship together going down, and you're too busy focused on destroying me, or I use me as an example, America, you know, Christianity, common sense.
You're so filled with hatred for Donald Trump or capitalism or whatever boogeyman has been put in front of you, that the ship that you're floating upon is going down and you don't even notice.
But see, I'm just waxing here.
So Joe Biden doesn't want to protect the southern border, but he does want to protect the Capitol tonight.
They've put up massive fences.
Walls for me, not for thee.
Fence goes up at Capitol ahead of Biden's State of the Union address.
Now why are they putting a giant wall up?
Because these are criminals, folks.
Now there's no threat at the Capitol.
Most Americans, you know, most God-fearing patriotic Americans, they don't want to go anywhere near D.C.
is a cesspit of corruption and a hive of villainy.
They don't want to go anywhere near D.C.
There's no protest scheduled for D.C.
This is a sign of how corrupt and criminal the Biden administration is.
Why do mob bosses walk around in bulletproof cars with gigantic security teams?
Because they're criminals!
Because they're mob bosses!
That's Joe Biden!
Why does Joe Biden need a 12-foot fence?
Why does Joe Biden have to secure the Capitol perimeter ahead of his State of the Union?
Because he's a criminal!
Because he's a crook!
Because he's a mob boss!
And he's going to tell you how great the economy is tonight.
He puts out a tweet this morning.
The record-breaking Biden economy.
Record-breaking, folks.
You're in the greatest economy ever.
I mean, what an unbelievable lie.
Who could even believe this?
Tell me, who's living in the greatest economy ever right now?
Can I work for you?
Where are you living?
Where are you making your money?
You must work for Pfizer.
You must work for Big Pharma.
Tell me who's having their greatest
Financial situation ever right now.
Tell me who's living in a record-breaking Biden economy right now.
I don't know a single one.
But Biden claims it's all.
Record-breaking economy from Joe Biden.
I mean, I could put up the phone lines right now.
I don't want to have the communist struggle session of us lamenting over whatever financial situation we're in since Joe Biden has taken over.
But I could!
We can do entire shows and we can take nothing but callers talking about how bad it's been, how hard the economy's hit them since Biden took over.
Doesn't matter, Biden has a record-breaking economy.
And now he's going to have the thief president of Brazil, the commie president of Brazil has been invited to the White House.
So, just sending you the message.
Two men who didn't win in their elections,
Two corrupt communists meeting in the White House as a display of dominance over you, as a display of corruption conquering you.
But you know there's one factor though, there's one factor, and that's the American people, which is still a sleeping giant, all things considered.
Alright, I've caught myself waxing here and I just can't help my mind when I start thinking about the situation we're in and I start looking at the world developments around me.
But I'm going to catch myself here, I'm going to stop it, and I'm going to come and right now start hitting these headlines.
Two things I'm going to do first.
One, I'm going to get out the phone number because I want to hear your thoughts on all this.
You heard my little extended opening monologue, if you will.
And so it's a bit of an open-minded conversation, but...
Just generally speaking, what are you thinking?
What are you feeling right now?
Are you hopeful for the future?
Are you pessimistic?
Do you think we're really about to go through something serious, the likes of which we've never seen before?
What do you think is the biggest story?
Is it the war building in Ukraine?
Is it the Biden crime family corruption getting covered up?
What really happened with that balloon that floated over the entire country?
I mean, these are all things we're not getting any answers from our leadership.
Joe Biden just says, greatest economy ever!
Border wide open?
The border's under control!
So, I mean, you got no leadership here.
You got nothing from Joe Biden.
He's a corrupt, crooked criminal, and anybody that is still supporting this guy and propping him up is now guilty by association.
And so, again, I just, I lay it out like this.
You gotta understand history, folks.
Why did we bomb Japan?
Why did we nuke Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
What is it written in the history books?
What is it taught?
That their leaders were psychotic, and if they weren't killed, more death would have come to the planet.
Well, what do you think we're looking at with people like Joe Biden?
That's kind of my take on all of this, but let's hear from you, the audience.
And this is why the audience is so valuable in these crucial moments, as a sounding board, as a communication forum, to hear what you're thinking and what you're feeling.
And quite frankly, I feel like if I didn't tap into the human intelligence that was this audience, then I would be a fool.
We're going to fill up these boards.
We're going to try to take a lot of calls today.
I'm going to eventually also just pile drive through these news headlines as well.
That's part of the program.
But 877-789-2539, just everything that's going on, the oil tankers blowing up, the huge structure fires in Chicago, the gigantic earthquake in Turkey.
I mean, look around you, folks.
We're in the burning house right now.
What are you doing to try to escape the burning house?
Or where are you trying to find refuge in the burning house in case it collapses on us?
Let's not take InfoWars for granted in these trying times.
And in fact, it's more imperative now than ever and will be in the future.
That trend is not trending the opposite way.
It's continuing to trend that InfoWars and our live transmissions are more important now than ever.
And it's not just the host that we have here or Alex Jones with his experience and knowledge on air every day.
No, it's also the human intelligence that we have out there in the audience and the great guests that come on.
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And I thank the audience for that.
Believe me, folks, I don't take it for granted.
I don't take a single day here for granted.
I don't take a single syllable I utter through this microphone for granted.
I'm so grateful for this audience, and I'm so blessed to be in this position.
All right.
We are going to get your calls lined up, and as soon as I come back in the next segment, we're going to go to all the calls that we have here.
Now, the situation is Zelensky is a little tyrant.
He is a little Nazi running Ukraine, and pretty much all of the eastern countries know that he's cut deals with the corrupt western politicians like Joe Biden, and they want him out.
And even Europe and the EU and I think NATO to an extent are hesitant to back Zelensky because he's such a corrupt crook with ties to Joe Biden whose time in the barrel is coming.
Biden's been caught, folks.
People have turned on Joe Biden.
Everybody knows he's going down.
It's just a matter of when, not if.
So even NATO that's been aggressive towards Russia here,
And even the EU that may have its own problems with Putin, they don't even want to commit to this war with Zelensky and Biden, the two main faces and voices leading it.
These are two of the biggest criminals in the world.
These are two of the most corrupt sycophants that you've ever seen.
So even the EU and NATO that is hot under the collar for a war with Russia or regime change in Russia, even they're as excited as they might be for a war with Russia or regime change in Russia, they're like, boy, but we gotta go with Zelensky?
We gotta go with Biden?
And it's all the American media telling you how great he is.
It's all the American media telling you how great Biden is.
And I just feel bad for the American liberal that falls for all this.
I genuinely do at this point.
You're being led like sheep to the slaughter.
And you haven't realized this yet.
The entire world has realized this now.
It's only the American liberal that doesn't get it yet.
It's quite a sight to be seen, quite frankly.
With all the access you have, the information and history,
And you still can't see how you're being deceived by this crook in Ukraine?
By this crook in the White House?
Who's gonna lie to you tonight and tell you it's the greatest economy you've ever lived in while you're digging through the dumpsters looking for food because you lost power for a couple days because the Democrats in Austin don't know how to prepare for a winter storm three straight years?
Poland ready to take part in creating a new world order against Russia, says Polish PM Morawiecki.
Look, Poland is the only country in Europe that seems to be gung-ho for this war against Russia.
And Poland has its own beef with Russia, and they're hyper-nationalist, and maybe they really are afraid of Putin coming in.
But it's pretty much Poland, the only country in Europe that is banging the gongs of war
And then it's, of course, Joe Biden, who's protecting his own criminal enterprises and the criminal enterprise of the Western interests in Ukraine.
Now, the question would be this, because I ponder this.
What is Russia's next move?
Everybody knows Russia's getting ready to make a big move.
And at first, and I'm not convinced this might not be the long-term goal for Vladimir Putin, I thought, okay, well, Russia's next move, which is inevitable now, is going to be to move in and just remove Zelensky from power, whatever that means.
Now, he may scuttle off into Europe, and that could become different.
But I think at this point, what Russia wants to do is go in and shut down the Biden biolabs.
I think that's Russia's next move, is to go into Ukraine and shut down the Biden bioweapons labs.
And so that's going to be ugly.
Man, I just can't say enough about this crew.
I can't say enough about this audience.
And we're about to go to the phone lines, but again folks, I think it's important for us to understand this, and I tend to get lost in the sauce too, but let's just
The two questions that demand answers that we're just not going to get from our government, from our media, because they're corrupt, they're liars, or they're morons, quite frankly, in many cases.
And that's, what is the real story with the Chinese spy balloon?
And why is Russia about to launch an offensive in Ukraine?
Now, I've still got more questions than answers when it comes to the spy balloon situation.
But I think in the situation in Ukraine, I think we got a pretty good idea of what the next big moves for the Russian military are and I think...
I think the final stage, if Zelensky doesn't resign, is to get Zelensky out.
He's corrupt.
He's the bad guy.
And folks, again, your media is lying to you.
Your politicians are lying to you.
Zelensky is not well liked in Ukraine.
Zelensky is hated in Ukraine.
They hate this Nazi bastard.
They hate this fascist scum who's getting
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians murdered.
The Ukrainian army is devastated, ladies and gentlemen.
Do you understand that?
Everything you've been told to about this war is a lie.
The Ukrainians have lost a quarter of a million people.
The Ukrainians, their army is done, folks.
It's over.
The war is over.
Russia could walk right through Ukraine right now and there would be no resistance.
Putin is begging the world to wake up.
Putin is begging the West to wake up.
Putin has offered an entire year's worth of time for Zelensky to resign.
He won't do it.
Because he's working for the CIA and because he's a client of the Biden crime family.
So he won't step down.
Putin has given him a year to do so.
He refuses.
Putin has taken the Eastern Front, strategically speaking, Crimea, freed those people, and now Zelensky and the Ukrainian army has been bombing them, killing Ukrainian civilians.
No, Zelensky is not the hero.
No, Zelensky is not well-liked in Ukraine.
He's the bad guy.
Everybody knows it.
You're being lied to.
So Russia is going to move in.
Their next move is to shut down the Biden bioweapons labs.
Now, there's two stories developing in Ukraine right now that you're not hearing.
One, I just told you how the entire Ukrainian army is devastated.
The only chance Ukraine has at any fight now is if American troops or other Western troops have boots on the ground.
That's the only chance Ukraine has.
It's a full-on war with Western troops in Ukraine.
Is that what you want?
Is that what you want Americans fighting for?
The Ukrainian army is devastated, folks.
Two, Russia for two weeks has been reporting chemical warfare on the front lines, hitting their troops.
Where do you think that's coming from?
It's coming from the Biden biolabs, ladies and gentlemen.
Run by Hunter Biden.
With funding from Chinese communists and Joe Biden's corrupt business dealings.
So Russia's moved now that the Ukrainian army is devastated and they've got probably half a million troops fully fed and rested and ready to go, armed to the teeth, and they're about to move in and shut down all of these Biden bioweapons labs.
And then they're gonna show the world!
The American media will hide it from you, the US government will hide it from you,
And they're gonna go and they're gonna shut down the Biden bioweapon labs, shut down the Biden biolabs, and they're gonna show the world what the Bidens have been up to, and what the US has been up to, making biological materials, probably for military purposes, and it's already been used against the Russians, might actually have been the origin of COVID-19.
Now, we're all convinced it came from Wuhan.
Maybe not so fast, actually.
Maybe it actually came from Ukraine in one of the Biden biolabs.
So that's Russia's next move.
I don't know when they're going to do it.
It's going to be any day now.
And they're going to fully march right through Ukraine and they're going to shut down the 46 biolabs or whatever it was.
And by the way, Victoria Nuland has now admitted that those labs exist.
First, they denied it.
Then we saw the deep dive into the research where they had it all laid out.
It was all on the government websites and everything.
It was all in the Biden manifesto.
So now Victoria Nuland says, oh, well, they're just doing research.
Those are just research facilities.
What was really going on in the Biden bio facilities?
And is Russia about to go shut them all down?
That's what I think is coming next, ladies and gentlemen.
Without further ado, let's go to the phone lines now.
Just the state of everything, what you're thinking, what you're doing, how you're feeling about things.
We got great callers on the line.
We start with Jaylene in Michigan.
I'm just going to go top to bottom on this list, guys.
Jaylene in Michigan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, good afternoon, Owen.
Thanks for calling.
Good afternoon.
Been a listener for about 15 years.
I've kind of got a side note thinking about the
I mean, that can't be forgotten.
Let's not forget that the vaccines have killed at least 50,000 Americans on record, probably closer to 300,000.
Well, I think the voice that's going to get most recognized is the one that has the loudest and fastest voice ever.
It's when people in our trans community, which I think is great, not when they
Uh, indoctrinate children, but when they, the trans community starts getting their myocarditis, it's going to make big news.
Suddenly, they're going to have the loudest voice making this vaccine-induced injury syndrome a reality.
I'm just curious, what makes you say this?
Why do you think this is going to be a story?
Just wait.
Time will tell.
Because it's a common thing with the youth.
This is fancy.
This is culturally indoctrinated for them to think it's cool.
They can't identify with who they are themselves and they're searching for identity.
Well, I know that famously flamboyantly gay soccer player Megan Rapinoe has just come out and claimed she got her fifth COVID booster, which I can't even believe.
I don't know how anybody survives long after five of these things.
And so, you know, if she's promoting this to the gay or the trans community, maybe then it'll be an issue.
Well, I just want everyone to recognize that they're risking their health, their long-term future health, with
Even one.
I personally have had COVID.
I've never taken the shot.
I'm wondering what I can do for my health just to make sure my blood stays pure.
Having had natural COVID.
And now there's more doctors coming out with studies that look like it could be transmitted through sexual contact.
There's so many mysteries to this thing.
And the thing is, you just got to avoid these vaccines at all costs.
And look, I'm not...
Because I think about this too.
I like to play basketball.
I go play basketball a couple nights a week.
We run full court.
Guys sweating, running up and down the court.
We make contact.
I know these guys have been vaccinated, but I'm not going to treat them like a leper.
And avoid contact.
I'll be like, Jesus, I'll hang out with the lepers.
It's a crude comparison, maybe.
But, I mean, yeah, this is stuff we've got to think about.
Whether it's a trans community, whether it's kids, whether it's everyday Americans, these vaccine injuries are not going away.
I've got a whole stack of them right here, actually, that I haven't even gotten into.
But, absolutely, that's a big issue, Jaylene.
Hey, good morning there, Owen.
Welcome to the Land of Confusion.
I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say.
I'm not going to watch the State of Illusion tonight.
I was thinking at first it'd be nice to see the, uh...
The twenty resistors walk in with uh... birthday balloons or something and see if they're actually alive on the floor.
That's so funny you said that and uh... actually it was mentioned somebody suggested on Jesse Waters prime time last night I was actually live last night uh... doing Owen Schroer live I said the same thing I said there's two there's two ways republicans should handle this either every single one of them should walk in with a balloon a white balloon and it'd have to probably be on a stick because
Uh, or I don't know how they would do it, because there's no helium, so they're not going to float.
And they probably wouldn't let them.
The Biden administration would probably make sure that, hey, if you see a balloon, don't let them walk in.
But you can sneak a little balloon in your pocket, nobody would notice it, and you get in there and then you blow it up.
And maybe just hold it up or put it on a stick or something.
And I think every single Republican should do that.
Or it might even be better optics if just one did it.
Because then it looks like the spy balloon.
So maybe Lauren Bovert, I think, would be a good individual to do that.
She needs a little boost after a contested heated election.
And plus, she's the kind of person that would like to do a stunt like that.
So I mean, they do their stunts all day long.
The Kutakente scarf with the knee.
No, I think a Republican should come in tonight with a big white balloon.
Okay, because I was wondering, it sounds good at first, but then I was thinking, well, they'll turn it around, but hell, they turn everything around anyway.
No, see, and that's exactly the approach, and I know you're not saying that they should take it, you're just speaking to reality.
That's the approach that the Republicans need to change.
Oh, I'm afraid how they're going to twist it.
Oh, I'm afraid they're going to call me a racist.
Oh, I'm afraid they're going to quit being afraid of these commies!
Shove it in their face!
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This is the War Room.
It's the land of confusion.
That's why InfoWars needs to be on air.
Try to clear the air, try to clear the smoke of some of that confusion.
Not enough love to go around.
All right, we're taking your calls.
Let's, before we get into a deep Phil Collins dive here, go back to the phone lines.
Now, we did have a call to bring up the vaccine issue.
I'll hit some of those headlines, but let's go back to the lines right now.
We've got Bobby in New York.
Bobby, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Yeah, what's up everybody?
I just want to tell everybody, look up Alphabet Loon.
It's a project that they launched out of Puerto Rico.
And everyone looked this up in 2019.
And I believe that it correlates with the shots to harvest the biometric tracking.
Everything they do, because space is BS, is to watch all movement.
They shot everybody with a radioactive substance to harness your biometric tracking movement.
To watch everybody on Earth.
Alright, so they launched all these balloons out there.
These balloons were launched by our own government, other governments, all the governments are working together.
You had three guys from Africa stand up against this BS COVID lockdown.
And they died, they got killed.
They got murdered.
Now wait a second, with these balloons, we got it on the screen here, these are obviously a lot smaller than the alleged Chinese balloon.
Are these ones filled with helium too, or what's the story?
The story is that it doesn't matter what they're filled with.
They're in correlation with those poison death shots that Donald Trump rolled out.
So the theory being the shot puts the tracking device in your body so it's permanent, not like a cell phone that you can turn off or put in a ferrity closure or just ditch, and these things can just monitor all human tracking, all activity?
That's correct.
That is precisely what they do, right from the devil's mouth, Benjamin Netanyahu himself.
The people, we're the only savior for ourselves.
We have to incorporate.
We're fighting megacorporations.
We have to form our own corporation of truth, transparency, and freedom.
The people, no politician allowed in.
And these guys, Anthony Fauci and Donald Trump, have to be co-defendants for crimes against humanity and war crimes.
Enough of this!
You're promoting a guy who rolled out genocide!
All right, well, there it is from Bobby in New York.
And, of course, though, I mean, the helium story, I think, is the one thing that people might be curious about.
Why is there a global shortage on helium?
Well, how many of these building-sized balloons are floating around, tracking us, tracing us, spying on us?
How much helium does it take to fill a building-sized balloon?
The one that you see on the screen here, this thing is tiny compared to the Chinese spy balloon.
The Chinese spy balloon is at least four times that.
I mean, these are massive, massive balloons, pieces of equipment here.
The satellite itself, when they talk about, oh, three buses, the satellite itself was three buses.
Just the satellite was three buses.
And why did they have to blow it up?
And why did they want to sink it into the saltwater ocean?
Did they not want you to see what was really in that balloon or on that satellite, whatever it was?
What are they really hiding?
What is the real story?
What about all the other ones that have been spotted across the planet with no answers, only mysteries?
What about the one in Costa Rica?
What about the one in Japan?
Your media didn't tell you about that.
But no, I think the link here is the helium shortage.
And it's amazing how nobody's making this connection.
You have a gigantic building-sized balloon filled with helium.
You know, NASA apparently uses more helium than any other enterprise out there on the planet.
So maybe that was a NASA balloon.
Maybe it wasn't even a Chinese balloon.
Oh, we shot it down over the ocean to be safe.
Well, when it was going over the Pacific Ocean and you were tracking it, which you claim you were now, why didn't you shoot it down then?
We're being lied to!
We're being lied to about these balloons!
We're being lied to about everything!
People are finally starting to get it.
You're about to be lied to tonight by Joe Biden for about 60 minutes.
By the way, we're just discussing here in the break about our coverage for the State of the Union tonight.
We will have some coverage, whether it's in studio or not, I'm not sure, but we'll have some coverage, and we'll post that.
Stay tuned at InfoWars.com to find that.
I mean, just... People say, oh, and you're on air more than ever before.
Yeah, do you see what's going on?
I mean, it's kind of the thing to do is, you know, people want to be informed.
And sadly, most people in media aren't going to tell you what's going on.
They don't even know what's going on.
So, no, I work at InfoWars.
You see, we're the true leaders in the media.
So, yeah, we have a bit of a duty.
We have a bit of a promise to our audience.
And so we're going to be offering coverage of that.
Not sure exactly how that's going to look or be, but stay tuned at InfoWars.com for that coverage.
If I have to do triple duty tonight, we'll do it.
The crew will do it, too.
They did it last night.
They do it every day.
Quickly, though, with some vaccine stories.
And by the way, this is not all of it.
Because when I do double duty like this, I already had most of my show planned out for the war room with a whole other stack of vaccine injuries that I just don't have on my stack today here on the Jones Show.
But we'll cover it later.
Michigan lawmakers demand accountability for Pfizer gain-of-function fascist partnership with feds and lamestream media after Project Veritas report.
We shouldn't let that die.
We shouldn't let that go away.
A Pfizer executive talking about how they do gain-of-function research and
His words, a giant scandal.
The vaccine would be a giant scandal because of the fertility issues in women and the heart problems in men.
Kind of a big deal!
They told you to take this vaccine, it killed your mother.
They told you to take this vaccine, it killed your son.
They told you to take this vaccine, safe and effective.
Now you had a stroke, you have a neurological disorder, you have seizures.
And they all knew it.
And all in the response to a virus made in a lab.
But folks, let's not get distracted.
I agree.
I understand.
We're all pretty... We're all in agreement that it came from a Wuhan lab.
Maybe not so fast.
Maybe it's even worse.
Maybe it came from a Biden biolab in Ukraine.
And maybe they did make it and release it just so they could have these vaccines in response.
Maybe it is that diabolical.
Maybe it wasn't China.
I move on.
Thailand to ban Pfizer after princess falls into a coma following booster jab.
You won't hear about that in your television news.
Must watch disease expert sues Japanese government for covering up COVID vaccine dangers.
And in Japan, they actually care about their citizens getting killed.
Not our government.
They think it's a good thing when Americans get killed.
They're eugenics.
But in Japan, they actually care when their citizens are getting wounded by these big pharmaceutical products.
So they're probably going to have some rubber meeting the road there.
And of course, California has dropped the COVID vaccine mandate for kids.
So how many lives were saved with that?
If you scrap laid it out, probably millions.
Because you gotta understand how the globalists and the eugenicists look at this, folks.
If they can kill you with a vaccine, that's fine.
But that's just not killing you.
They just killed your entire lineage.
They just killed your entire family tree.
They just killed all of your future ancestors.
Or descendants, rather.
That's how they look at it.
Man, just, man.
This is our planet, and Joe Biden is gonna get up there tonight and just lie to your face and tell you it's the greatest you've ever been, the vaccines are great, the economy is great, and we're defeating Russia.
Who still believes this crap?
Only paid operatives and complete brainwashed fools.
Let's go back to the lines.
We've got Chris in Texas.
Chris in Texas, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
What's up, Alex?
Hey, um, you know, I work... I don't understand why people aren't as mad as your last caller was.
You know, he was irate.
Why aren't people like this?
Well, because they've been cucked, Chris.
They've been cucked.
They've had their survival instincts beaten out of them.
They've been fluoridated into compliance.
Their diet has removed the chemicals in them that makes them a fierce animal.
I mean, we have been domesticated all by design.
It's unbelievable.
I worked at a place with people who literally called themselves communists.
That's their young stupid kids, you know?
And instead of talking about a balloon that's flying over our country that could possibly end our lives, you know, they're talking about what happened at the Grammy.
They refuse to hear logic.
All of them voted for Biden.
You know, it's I just see you bring up the Grammys and this is how out of touch they all really are is.
They do, whether Sam Smith is doing this for attention, or to anger you, or he really loves Satan, whatever, it doesn't matter.
The point is, they're so obsessed with themselves, they're so obsessed with their own little games that they're playing, they don't see the house burning down around them.
Yeah, all of us.
They're taking us all down with them.
It couldn't be more obvious.
I mean it's a total satanic ritual and it says brought to you by Pfizer.
I mean if you, if that doesn't wake you up, you're already captured by these satanists.
You're already in hell.
You're absolutely right.
Absolutely right.
These people should be pulled out in the street and stoned.
You know?
It shouldn't be allowed.
You know, in the 50s, you'd say you were a communist?
Well, they'd beat the dog out of you, you know?
That's what I think of what... It really is, man.
Really is.
I agree.
God bless you, Owen.
Thank you, brother.
God bless you.
Appreciate your call.
Let's go to Ernie, FEMA Region 10.
Ernie, you're on the air.
Hey, God bless you and yours, Owen.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I'm, you know, you're opening monologue, as you called it.
I'm pretty much right on the same sheet of music.
Concerning the federal government and our constitutional republic, I'm pretty much black billed, but
Mainly because it's so obvious that the evil and corruption is so widespread and profuse that politically, socially, like from our schools, our churches, the economy and the banking system, the Fed, the military, the big pharma medical complex are also compromised and fraught with evil.
That's really the only solution which you had a couple people on over the years.
Matt Bracken four years ago and then most recently Catherine Fitz spoke about how we need to handle this and it's easy to get sucked down the drain hole with all of the negativity but
You know, we really need to network in our local communities and get to know our neighbors.
We need to quit spending money with the big box globalist stores.
Yeah, and Ernie, I'm sorry to cut you off.
We're almost out of time, but I want to expand on an important point you just made.
Folks, honestly, you want to know the quickest way to get a local community of support?
You want to know the quickest way?
I'm going to tell you right now.
Find your local farmers market.
Go to your local farmers market this weekend or whenever it's open and wear an InfoWars shirt or an InfoWars hat or even a Trump hat and you'll find all the local patriots and you'll find a little self-sustaining community.
I'm gonna continue to take calls here but let me just tell you on the war room coming up later today we're gonna have some big guests.
The latest attacks against children and their bodies by perverted leftist psychos calling it trans kids.
That agenda continues to move forward.
We're going to have the founder of Gays Against Groomers in a response to the Oklahoma Capitol building today.
Yesterday, rather, getting taken over and occupied by liberals.
Is that an insurrection?
Is that a seditious conspiracy?
Oh no, not when liberals do it.
Not when it's for chopping up little boys and girls.
Then it's a Satan activity.
That's all good.
And then...
I was already having Tyler Nixon on today to talk about the Biden crime family and what they do to their political oppositions.
He knows the hard way.
And I've just been informed that not only will Tyler be joining us, but so will a certain individual who collected the Biden laptop.
I'll just leave it at that for now.
Not to put the cart in front of the horse here, but looking forward to that.
Now I want to continue to take your calls here on the Alex Jones Show.
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This is definitely the most important time for InfoWars to be on the air.
So you know that the globalists and the deep state understand that dynamic and are lusting to have us shut down.
So let's continue to push back.
Shop at Infowarsstore.com.
Keep us on the air.
Nothing angers the Satanists more.
All right, we go back to the phone calls, and we've got Jeff in Maryland now.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Owen?
Good, thanks for calling.
My thoughts are on China, the balloons, and Russia.
My thoughts are with Russia and the Ukraine, we need to leave them alone, let them figure their own things out.
We wasted all our money over there.
You go to the U.S.
debt clock, you can see that our gold and silver is on zero with relation to the dollar.
That's scary.
What do you mean by that?
Explain on that a little bit.
That means that our dollar is worth zero with relation to... Oh, okay.
We're not on the gold standard anymore.
Yeah, it's fiat.
Well, yeah, but if, say tomorrow, the FDIC comes in and we do the bailout...
We go into the zero.
Now, that's really, that's really, really scary.
Especially if the world starts doing, you know, gas deals without the petrodollar, without the U.S.
dollar, then we're really in a world of hurt.
Well, what I'm concerned with is if we have everybody here at the Alex Jones Show, check out the Flyover Conservative Show and check out the
They will talk a whole lot about the bail-in.
Yes, we need to start paying a lot of attention to them.
They do a lot of very good content.
My concern is, I have a guy that works for the DOD.
He has told me that our naval munitions, we have less than 30 days worth of munitions
To take care of our naval, as well as fuel for our ground military here in the United States.
Well, look, let's just look at this practically, Jeff.
The Biden administration has drained our strategic oil reserves, many of which were sold to China.
And the Biden administration has drained much of our military reserves, giving it to Ukraine.
Two utter failures.
Yeah, because how can we protect ourselves at home?
And that's why I said what I said earlier.
I said, and this is not to be underestimated or underappreciated, the biggest sleeping giant in this equation still is the American people.
And they know that.
That's why the January 6th thing became their big false flag.
January 6th was not what they claimed it to be.
It was a gigantic peaceful rally that had some provocateurs and got a little bit out of control.
And you know, millions of Americans were there rightfully upset because our elections are being stolen from us.
But they know...
The potential of what a million Americans or five million or ten million Americans actually waking up to try to take this country back, they know what that actually represents as a threat to them.
We've never even been anywhere near that going on, but January 6th would be maybe the closest thing, even though that was a peaceful rally that got out of control with a bunch of provocateurs, as you see on the screen, clad in black, probably not even Trump supporters, either Feds or Antifa.
But the biggest
Sleeping Giant, in this equation, is still the American people.
And I think the world is begging him to wake up!
The world doesn't want Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky blowing up the planet to protect their criminal enterprise!
No one wants to except them two idiots.
And one thing that I agree with, the lady that called earlier, and it sounds crazy about the transgender people and things of that nature wanting to wake up.
My girlfriend is a traveling nurse.
And none of them have an idea until they start getting sick.
Once they all start getting sick, then they're going to wake up.
And I feel like we're right on that brink, man.
Just from the people that I talk to, and I know the vaccine injury stuff is really starting to catch up.
And now that they're pushing this booster, it kind of reflares up that thought, that wound of the vaccine injury they had.
And they're like, you're going to make me take another?
I just got over the sickness I had from the last one, and you want me to take another?
So yeah, this is another, that story's not going away.
And hopefully, I mean, for God's sakes, is there anybody in the Justice Department, in law enforcement, the FBI, Congress, like, do you guys have a heartbeat?
Do you guys have a pulse?
Are we just gonna forget what the Pfizer executive said on the tape last week?
We're just, I mean, we're just gonna continue to put these products out on the market?
We're gonna continue to put them into our kids' arms?
What are we, nuts?
Well, you see on social media, the loudest
People are the people that are in the trans community, the people that are in the gay community.
Nothing against them.
However, if they do want to be the loudest, they do want to speak, then that's fine.
I want them to speak out.
I want them to speak out and... Well, this is why we're going to have Gays Against Groomers founder on the war room later today, Jamie Mitchell, because here's what she's understood.
She loves freedom.
She loves prosperity.
And she doesn't want
These people don't even want to claim sexual identities, but they see that this LGBTQ sexual identity is being used to get access to children.
And the entire movement is now weaponized, and it's people like Sam Smith dressed in a satanic outfit that become the face of the LGBTQ movement, and then the operational standard becomes get into the classroom and pervert the children.
And 99% of people that identify or happen to be LGBTQ+, whatever, they're not into that.
They don't want Sam Smith to represent them.
They don't want to pervert the children.
These are just liberal, communist, democrat, satanists.
You know, I see some of our members of Congress starting to get it, but the sense of urgency is still lacking.
They're still way behind on the sense of urgency, but some are getting it.
That's why you see so many people leaving the Democratic Party, like Kyrsten Sinema, who then immediately after she leaves, all of a sudden has an ethics violation against her.
Oh yeah, because that's how the crooked Democrats work.
Oh, you're not going to play ball with us?
Well, we're going to come after you.
I don't know.
politicians admitting how corrupt the U.S.
government is is the first step towards fixing the problem.
And it used to be liberals and leftists that understood this.
Now they just love the government corruption because they're empowered by it.
They use it to destroy their enemies and go after their opposition.
So they love big government fascism now.
But here's Jim Jordan warning the American people the trends he's seeing.
We've had now dozens of whistleblowers come talk to House Republican staff on the Judiciary Committee.
In fact, one of them is testifying in a transcribed interview as we speak, talking about how the Justice Department is now operating in such a political fashion and manner.
You all know about the Twitter files where we have learned that big tech, big government are colluding to keep information from we, the people.
The most egregious example took place prior to the 2020 presidential election where they kept that information from the country just days and weeks before the most important election we have, suppressing a story and limiting Americans' free speech rights.
And then finally, third, when I think about the accountability that we plan to bring to this administration, I just think in the broad sense.
I mean, everything has gotten worse.
In two years' time, we went from a secure border to no border.
We went from safe streets to record crime.
We went from stable prices to record inflation.
And of course, as I've said, we have a government that now, I believe, is targeting the very people it is supposed to serve.
So we plan on, as a Republican majority, holding them accountable and dealing with what we have seen.
And again, what has been exposed from the Twitter files and, of course, what these
These brave FBI agents who've come to us now as whistleblowers and told us how the Justice Department is operating and how it is not supposed to be functioning in that manner because it is supposed to be equal treatment under the law in this great country.
Now there's two important things to take away from that.
One, the amount of whistleblowers that have communicated with members of Congress.
Now sadly there's probably
We'll call it spies or double agents, maybe, that are acting as Republicans, but are really just Democrats, sharing intel with them.
So that's definitely going on, so that the Biden crime family and the FBI knows who the whistleblowers are, know exactly what they're saying, and they end up getting targeted and having their lives destroyed.
So it's a very tense situation, kind of a Cold War-esque, really, inside the government right now, with good
Patriots and the FBI and other institutions coming forward as whistleblowers telling members of Congress, but then there's certain people they're trusting that are going back to the deep state, to the Bidens, to the FBI saying, hey, here are the whistleblowers, here are the people we need to get out, here's what they're saying, let's destroy their lives.
So that's definitely going on, but the amount of whistleblowers that have come forward exposing the crimes at the FBI and exposing the crimes of the Biden crime family,
I would just say, look, you're playing a dangerous game, playing this like a cloak and dagger situation.
You're playing a dangerous game, doing all this behind the scenes, and I'm not saying you're not doing the right thing, you are, but understand, there's people that you think are your friends, you think are your allies, that are actually your enemies, stabbing you in the back and reporting back to their bosses about what you're doing.
And that's why you're going to have your lives destroyed, you're going to be under attack, you're going to lose your jobs, and then you're basically just going to be kneecapped to the point where you can't even effectively be a whistleblower.
So really, these whistleblowers need to go public.
You need to be going on Tucker Carlson.
You need to be going on Infowars, but you probably are still too afraid to do that, but fine.
You need to be going on Tucker Carlson.
You need to be going on all these other shows.
You need to be going public.
The American people are the allies that you can trust.
Forget about the leftist liberals.
They're gone.
They're just gone.
They've lost their minds.
They're gone.
They've lost their souls.
The American people is your best bet at this point.
You need to be going public, you need to be blowing the whistle on as many public platforms as possible, because the deep state has their agents everywhere.
And you might be thinking you're talking to an ally, a friend, that might be a Republican, and you might be wrong.
Now, what is the second takeaway that Jim Jordan says that we all understand here as well?
government has been aimed against us.
The U.S.
The federal government has been aimed against we the people.
I know this firsthand from the political persecution that I've been dealing with now going on four years.
Four years of legal political persecution that I can't shake.
Never committed a crime, never harmed a fly, but because of who I am and where I work and what I do, I've been dealing with four years of political persecution now.
So I get it.
But why do I say that?
Why is that important to take away?
You know that.
Folks, we're dealing with a global crisis right now.
We're dealing with a destabilization and a push towards World War III and your government views you as the enemy.
How do you think that's going to go if you get into a larger escalation of war and your government views you as the enemy?
Not a very good formula right there.
Not a good equation right there.
Let's go back to the phone lines.
We've got Kim in Wisconsin.
Kim in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
I'd like to bring some attention to some great men and women that are out there that are doing First Amendment audit.
Some do it all day long.
They do it.
Some do it all night long.
Long Island audit just had a court case
And he's been airing it and the whole town got in on the corruption.
The judge, it's all on video.
And tonight's the final video he's going to put out that he would be a great guest for you.
Um, they have, I mean, the corruption, it's all on video.
It's just, and the judge is so corrupt.
It's, it's unbelievable, but, um, there's many, many great men and women out there doing it.
And some are funny, some do it, some are, they're just all different.
Some is a grandma from Flexture Freedoms, Flow Country or Control County Observer, News Now, Omaha, Ron Benghazi.
He does the museums that have the drag shows.
He's there protesting against them with InfoWars signs.
SGV News first.
They're funny.
They make me laugh.
The Angry Vet.
And I would get him on if you could for a guest.
And if I could say a saying I like that I wrote, if I could say it to you, please?
Yep, go ahead.
If a plane does not fly, it cannot spread poison.
If a boss is bad, he can be fired.
If bad guys are in tanks underground, do not let them out.
So let this keep happening, expecting change.
Is that not insanity?
As soon as the few, as soon as the strong men and women rise and stand,
The weak men and women will fall and crumble.
Then we win.
Keep the faith and love you all.
Well, thank you for the call, Kim.
And, you know, you read off that list of great patriots and freedom fighters and First Amendment warriors and all this stuff.
Some of them I'm familiar with.
Some of them I'm not.
You know, the individual with the court case right now, we can we can reach out and try to have him on.
And, you know, here's the thing.
We'd love to get all these guests on and we do get great guests on, but
The good news here is that there's so many people standing up, speaking the truth, and fighting back and pushing back against this World Economic Forum, Great Reset, destruction of America, that it's just impossible to follow it all.
It's impossible to get everybody on as a guest.
So, that's good news.
That so many people are stepping up.
But it's still, I won't say too little too late, but it's still way behind schedule as far as what we need.
But we're starting to catch up.
We're starting to pick up the pace.
Members of Congress and some members of the American media are starting to see what's going on.
I mean, for God's sakes, folks, they just did a damn devil worship ceremony brought to you by Pfizer at the Grammys.
Please, do another one of those.
Wake the American people up of who you really are.
We're taking your calls here, scattered with some of the news.
By the way, there are some legitimate attacks against Ron DeSantis today, and I don't like any of the attacking.
I wish that DeSantis would either just come out and say, I'm not gonna run in 2024, or Trump would just quit attacking him.
I don't like any of it.
I don't know.
Brought you vaccine promotion and Hillary Clinton promotion.
Posing as conservatives like Ben Shapiro.
Yeah, Ben Shapiro voted for Hillary Clinton.
And Ben Shapiro told you the vaccine was great.
And now he's coming out, um, stumping for DeSantis.
That's certainly not... And I like DeSantis.
I think he's the best governor right now.
But, ooh, these are things that make you... make you go...
But, you know, one individual that, you know, has done some good things, but there's some legitimate questions about is Elon Musk.
And I just continue to see Elon Musk.
Elon Musk, to me, the approval rating just continues to go up.
And then he gets attacked by Bill Gates.
And if you pull up what Elon Musk has been up to on Twitter in the last 24 hours, it's just, I mean, he's calling out the globalists.
He's calling out the fake news.
He's calling out the real threat to humanity.
Elon Musk identifies dangerous player in U.S.
government censorship and media manipulation agency called the GEC, the Global Engagement Center.
A little dropping of Barack Obama.
But Elon Musk is calling this out.
He says that censorship is a problem.
He says the World Economic Forum is a greater threat to world peace than the rest of these groups you hear about.
And he's just totally right.
So Elon Musk's approval rating in my book continues to go up.
And DeSantis, who had a very high approval rating with some of the stuff we saw today, may be slipping a little, which is sad to see, considering Trump is the godfather of Operation Warp Speed and that issue.
And then DeSantis, though, cozying up to establishment types.
I mean, we know that that's been a story, but now it's like he could have gone the other way, and now it's like, well,
But that's neither here nor there, because we're about to be lied to tonight by Joe Biden.
He's going to tell you it's the greatest economy ever.
He's going to tell you Ukraine is winning the war against Russia.
He's going to tell you the border is secure.
He's just going to lie through his teeth for an hour.
And it should be interesting to see if he can even make it.
You know, that'll be the real issue, is can he even make the speech?
How many times will he gaffe?
How many times will he fumble?
How many times will he forget where he's at?
How obvious is it going to be he's hopped up on drugs?
Or you can go with the outliers of this.
And is that even Joe Biden?
Some people don't even believe it's Joe Biden.
I'm not going down that road, but it's just, it's going to be insane tonight.
We'll have coverage at Infowars.com.
No doubt.
So be on the lookout for that.
We go back to the phone lines, the great callers here.
Wayne in Texas, Wayne, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen.
So what I wanted to talk about is the three ways that the Prince of the Power of the Air
Uh, deceives us and animates us, you know, in the forms of the beast, the false prophet, the antichrist.
The first way or the first heaven of the beast, you know, like those three pyramids, you know, in Giza, you know, where they honored the book of the dead, you know, beneath the earth.
Uh, like their grain silos, you know, Joseph's granaries, but without the increase of God, like he, you know, denies Cain because he didn't respect to honor his works.
Uh, it's a love of money.
And then you got three on earth.
Which would be like the three temples in Jerusalem, one wedding for the abomination of desolation, whereby the Antichrist will come to take goods of his house, right?
And that's the love of getting your own person in honor and respected.
Like in the Old Testament, where they tried to make themselves equal with God because they didn't believe in their hearts that God is a perfect creator that can create all men equal.
And so they tried to establish their own righteousness.
And then you've got, like, these three stars that make up Orion's belt, you know?
And those are also called three kings, or scales and balances.
And studying those three stars is very important as well.
So it's a first heaven, second heaven, and a third heaven for the beast, the false prophet, and the Antichrist.
And those three in a trinity agree in one prince of the power of the air.
Now, Paul and Peter were going to deny Christ three times.
And Paul besought grace to remove that thorn in the flesh, the messenger Satan, the prince of the power of the air, to take that from him by not loving his own word, not loving having his own person honored and respected, and not loving money.
And lifting up his hand like Abraham, up to the most high, and praying that that blindness be removed from him.
And that he would go on and continue to increase his faith in God's Word, animating him, the breath of life, and put all these Ponzi schemes to rest.
Because these Ponzi schemes are a mountain made up of unknown, ego-dying gods.
You know, and everyone's vying for power within that power stroke.
Well look, there's no doubt that the World Economic Forum, Great Reset, you know, global corporate government is dead on arrival, and that's part of their problem, but that's part of what makes them dangerous in this moment too, is because people are aware of what it means, what it represents, you know, eat the bugs, live in the pods, you'll own nothing, you'll be happy, global eugenics,
It's not being accepted with open arms and this frustrates them.
This angers the system.
This angers the establishment.
So what are they going to do?
Take us to war?
Collapse the economy?
How are they going to get us to obey?
How are they going to get us to comply?
How are they going to get us back in order?
Specifically these pesky Americans that refuse to give up their Bill of Rights and their First Amendment, their Second Amendment, and so on.
And so, at least because of Infowars and other people warning about this, it is dead on arrival, but now the grasp for control of humanity into the future is more desperate.
Wayne, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Mike in Michigan.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Owen, I'm honored that you're taking my call.
Thank you.
Thanks for calling.
Probably about six weeks ago my mourning for the United States of America peaked and I went to my faith and I decided to give my yoke a burden over to God as he asked.
We are not going to
It's obvious here, after six years, we're not going to move, vote, or shoot our way out of this chaos.
Revival is the only way.
And I wanted to say, I think that, you know, how you started off the show with your monologue, totally, I think all the listeners know that you, Alex, Harrison, the crew,
All that you do, you guys are out there.
We get to take a break.
You guys never get to take a break.
So, I doubt that anybody thought that your, let's call it a rant, was over the top by any means.
What you guys are doing is phenomenal work.
And, I'm going to challenge every caller that's been on, and every caller that's going to be on, go to InfoWars.
Make a donation.
That's the most efficient use of our money right now.
And that's it, Owen.
I love you, man.
You're all doing great.
But revival is the answer.
I really appreciate that, Mike.
And I thank you for those words of support and encouragement.
And it's as valuable as gold to me.
You know, I don't complain.
I enjoy what I do, fighting the globalists, fighting for truth, trying to build a better future.
It's a labor of love to me, despite, you know, the wounds and the defeats even at times we take along the way.
But, you know, what you talk about
Why did we see such a flagrant display of Satanism at the Grammys on Sunday?
It's because, I think what Mike is saying is truly coming to fruition, folks.
The Satanists know their time is short.
They know trans kids has a finite timeline.
They know that all the BS that they're trying to roll out, this propaganda, this anti-human propaganda, has a finite timeline.
It can't exist with logic, common sense,
And reasoning.
It just, it can't.
So it's at a finite timeline.
So Satan understands God's energy is coming back.
Satan understands that the energy of good and divine creation is rising and gaining momentum.
And so this is the desperate, flailing attempts of the Satan, demon-possessed individuals to make Satan relevant again, to bring Satan to the forefront again, to engage in this
Demonic worship, these demonic displays, flaunting it about because they know their time is short.
This is the flaunting of a cornered animal.
This is the flaunting of a trapped demon.
They know the time is short.
Satan knows his time is short.
And so they're just going for broke.
And the way these Satanists look at it is...
If their time is short and if their time is coming to an end, they're going to do as much damage and as much destruction and take as many innocent lives as they can out with them as an homage to their deity, which is Satan, which is Lucifer.
And so that's why I just look at these next couple months or years and I just say, folks, get yourself right.
Whatever that means to you, get yourself right.
Because Satan's going to have some spouts of power here, but then God returns.
What's up, Bone?
Hey, McBreen!
What's going on, man?
Hey, I really like that work you did on the AI piece.
I'm going to use that on the show today.
Right on, I worked hard on that.
I'm working on another project, so I'm going to be up late again tonight, and I was hoping you had some Brain Force Plus.
Um... No!
Nothing, huh?
What about Brain Force Ultra?
Um... No.
Thanks anyway.
Good luck with that project, though!
Get your Brain Force Plus and Brain Force Ultra right now at InforStore.com!
Folks, we have hilarious coping happening today at the Washington Post.
Oh my gosh!
What are they going to do?
Joe Biden is about to get up and lie to the American people for an hour straight tonight.
We're good.
So is that the coping mechanism?
Is that the argument now?
Yeah, the Biden economy is the worst thing you've ever experienced in your life, but compared to Neanderthals, you know, you're doing pretty good.
Ah, but it's you that want to bring us back to the Stone Age because, you know, man-made climate change?
It's just a hilarious clown show.
This entire democrat, liberal, communist body is just fully enveloped in Satanism.
Because that's what reverse logic is.
That's what gaslighting is.
That's what propaganda, anti-human propaganda is.
It's just full-blown Satanism.
Oh, egg prices aren't that expensive!
And then they admit in the story, yeah, they're double, but compared to what your ancestors had access to... Gotcha!
Gotcha, I see.
That's how you deal with that.
That's how you cope with that, is it?
Let's take a caller from Canada here.
We've got Jay on the line.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
Thanks for taking my call.
I called in to share a discovery with you on the broadcast today.
Along the way, I've got an answer to Alex's question that he asked a couple years back.
It was
That he wanted someone to call in to show evidence of an extraplanetary body.
Now, we can just draw a quick little diagram and watch like the world's shortest video.
This is not going to take long.
Uh, okay.
So on a blank sheet of paper, put the sun in the middle.
And inside the Sun, put the oscillating axis of the Sun.
And outside of that, put the direction of the Sun's rotation, which is counterclockwise.
We're looking at this from the South.
So below the Sun, put Mercury.
Put the line straight through it.
Represent the tidal lock.
Now off to the right, put all the other planets.
They all go around the same way.
Which is... counterclockwise.
Mercury... Mercury goes around clockwise.
So, gonna get your crew to just find this short little video.
It's a video of colliding water and space.
This video is the one that's going to look just like the solar system.
Exactly the same.
All right, so what's the conclusion here?
Okay, so from the bottom left-hand corner of the page, you're going to draw a line going straight up to the sun, and you're going to put the blue star that hit our star right beside it.
So in the video, when you watch the video of colliding water, it's going to look exactly the same as our solar system.
So again, the conclusion being?
The lava came from our star.
That's the only place it could have come from.
What came from it?
The lava under the ground could have only come from one place.
It came from our star.
All right, Jay, that is an interesting dissertation you just gave here on the Alex Jones Show.
And to those following along at home, well, uh, yeah, there you go.
What kind of an embarrassment will we see from Joe Biden tonight at the State of the Union?
He's all hopped up, they probably got him on like a, he's probably in some sort of a chamber right now with wires and stuff, pumping in IVs, everything.
Probably looks like an alien freak show.
Whatever it takes to get Joe Biden to be able to work for 60 minutes straight, speak for 60 minutes straight.
It's a very rare occasion these days.
But it'll be a display, no doubt.
Get ready for historical levels of propaganda and lying, perhaps the likes of which has never been seen during a State of the Union.
You are truly going to see history in the making tonight with Joe Biden.
You're never going to see a bigger liar.
You're never going to see a bigger criminal, a bigger fraud.
Perpetuated on the American people than what Joe Biden is going to do tonight.
I'm certain.
And good.
Get Joe Biden up there tonight to tell Americans how they're doing better financially, better economically than they ever have.
And America will hear that and say, huh, that's odd.
I'm completely broke, living paycheck to paycheck.
Grocery store bill I can't even afford now.
I'm not even sure if I'm going to be able to afford to heat my house the rest of the winter.
But Joe Biden says I'm doing better than ever.
Do it, Joe.
Do it.
Get up there tonight and tell Americans they're doing better than they ever have financially.
Get up there and tell Americans it's the greatest economy ever.
Not a single American is going to say, wow, he's right, wow, that's true.
Only the most brainwashed, Stockholm Syndrome, bought-and-paid-for liars are going to go along with that message.
But get ready, because you're going to witness it.
It is going to be a spectacle.
No doubt.
And then don't be surprised if on the heels of this, Russia just doesn't decide to make a move overnight, just right on the heels of Joe Biden's speech, where he'll probably say Ukraine is winning the war, and then Russia might just say, you know what, let's just go ahead in response to Joe Biden's speech, let's just go ahead and take Ukraine, let's go ahead and take the 46 bioweapons Biden labs in Ukraine out.
Be on the look for all of that.
All right.
Let's go back to the phone lines here, and we've got
Who's been holding the longest?
Let me look as we've exhausted the first lineup of calls.
So we're moving on to number two.
Let's see who's been holding the longest.
It's Jefferson in Virginia.
Jefferson, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
So the lava came from the sun.
What the heck was that?
Yeah, you know what?
It's Canadians, man.
They got a long winter to get through up there.
You know, it's been a harsh winter.
They got Trudeau up there.
It's a problem.
All right, speaking of Elon Musk, I am pretty sure our military seems to be bamboozled by these balloons at 60,000 feet.
Somehow they can't deal with it any other way than to blow them up.
Now hold on, after they complete their mission, don't forget, it has to complete its mission, it has to traverse the entire country first, then we can take it down.
Yeah, and destroyed at the same time.
Yeah, and make sure, too, that it goes in the ocean, in the salt water, so it's completely destroyed.
I mean, look, how dumb... Jefferson, you know it, but how dumb do people have to be?
I mean, 60 years ago, they could land a lunar capsule in the ocean, and there'd be an entire fleet out there, ready to corral it and bring the people back up.
But they can't figure out, oh, the satellite crashed into the bottom of the ocean, we don't know what to do!
So Elon Musk and SpaceX probably could figure out this problem in about a day if they were given a contract by the DOD to figure out how to bring down a balloon in one piece from 60,000 feet.
They have rockets that can hover in place at 60,000 feet.
So you could just throw a cargo net over the damn thing.
You and I could sit here and just have a chat for ten minutes.
We could probably come up with a hundred different ways to bring that thing down.
Right, and it might self-destruct, so you don't want to have a person there that might get killed in the process.
But I'm pretty sure we could... The idea that we don't know how to bring them down with parachutes in replacement of the buoyancy of the balloon is just mind-boggling that we're this inept.
No, it's just a lie.
It's just a lie.
They protected that balloon.
For whatever reason, that balloon was given the protection... Joe Biden protected that balloon.
And they're saying they've known about the balloons all through the Trump administration.
Well, it looks like they got caught in a giant lie there.
I'll get to this news now that you mention it.
Folks, they lied.
They lied about the balloons during Trump.
It was all the cover.
And now General Mattis.
So it went like this.
They said, the Pentagon said, well, there were there were three spy balloons during the Trump years.
And then Trump said that's not true.
Other administrators that were there for Trump said that's not true.
Even generals like Mattis that weren't behind Trump are now denying it.
So then they say, well, the D.O.D.
told Representative Waltz.
And now the rest of other military generals are saying none of this happened.
So was there ever balloons?
Did they really just tell one person?
Are we talking about treason here?
Where they have information on Chinese surveillance over the U.S.
and they don't tell the President?
So this whole lie has completely blown up in their face.
General Mattis denies the reports.
He's no Trumper.
Says he had no knowledge of the balloons flying over the U.S.
during his time as Secretary of Defense.
So they literally just made it up and lied and said it was worse during Trump.
They completely just made it up, Jefferson!
Well, their cover story now is that they miscategorized them as unidentified flying phenomenon.
Oh, yes.
It was a domain categorization mistake made by somebody in the technocracy.
So they didn't realize that they were surveillance balloons until Trump was out of office.
And that's when they realized, oh, these aerial phenomenon are balloons.
I mean, we were supposed to be on the lookout for balloons ever since World War Two.
This is not really a new idea.
It's just the stuff they get away with.
And Jim Jordan on the Judiciary Committee doesn't have subpoenas out for these people to all come forward at the same time and sit there like a bunch of monkeys at a table and explain how you all missed this and weren't told about it.
And who failed to tell you about balloons over America?
And it's just... Well, you're absolutely right.
There should be hearings on this.
And the problem is Jim Jordan is juggling about six different elements of deep state corruption that he wants to have hearings on.
And so this is just like another thing to throw in there.
I just think he just can't handle it at this point.
Yes, well, we can always use the overwhelm, but this is pretty simple.
You just send out subpoenas and say, appear at this date.
And we'll just ask questions of each of you.
How did you not get told about this?
This story doesn't make a lot of sense.
A treasonous actor in your chain of command, and you should be looking for who that was before you can come to testify.
You're 100% right!
And then Biden says, well, we had to wait to shoot it down over the ocean to avoid lives or casualties, which is a total lie.
But even if that was true, then why didn't you shoot it down over the Pacific Ocean?
You apparently were tracking this thing out of mainland China.
It was over the Pacific Ocean before it hit Alaska.
Why didn't you shoot it down then?
I mean, everything is a lie.
Yep, and they get away with it because they just muddy up the water and then they move on to the next, you know, false narrative and we don't ever resolve anything.
That's right.
In a balmy fashion.
That's right, and so it's like, what is the next distraction going to be?
We have a Pfizer executive admitting the vaccines are a huge scandal, admitting gain-of-function research, and then, oh, shiny balloon!
Speaking of shiny balloon, have you seen those indoor dirigibles that are remote controlled that can fly around the room?
They have a fish that looks like it's swimming through the air.
That would be hilarious to have that flying around in the chamber during the game.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!
I know what you're talking about.
They got the little fin on it and like a little fan.
It doesn't have to be a balloon.
It can just be anything floating through the air.
I think the optics of the white balloon would be the most powerful.
Because everybody looked at the balloon.
It was the viral image of the week.
Everybody knows the balloon.
I mean, you could even put a little Lego satellite at the bottom of it and have it floating around during the State of the Union.
I mean, that would be hilarious.
I can already hear the response from Republicans and from, you know, conservative establishment press.
There's decorum!
There's decorum in Congress!
We have to have respect for the process!
This Congress hates you!
The U.S.
government is raping us!
We have a wide open border!
Don't tell me about decorum!
We have a president stealing our money, giving it to Ukraine!
Don't tell me about respect!
They censor us!
They arrest us!
They have gulags for us!
Decorum and respect is going to be your concern heading into this State of the Union from a president that's a crooked criminal?
Uh, no.
F your decorum, F your respect.
They have no decorum and respect when dealing with us.
Why should we give them that?
No, there should be, the Republicans should float a white balloon the entire time Biden is speaking tonight.
Decorum, give me a break.
It's hard to imagine it gets much worse than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
It just, it's hard to imagine it gets much worse.
And now, New York Times article suggests Democrats have given up on Kamala Harris for 2024.
Well, they never, they never were giving her anything other than she was just the token black female vice president.
Hoping that they could deceive black people into voting for clearly racist Joe Biden, with his racist history and his drug laws, his racist comments, connections to the KKK.
So they thought, let's put Kamala up there as our token black woman and we'll get the black vote and we'll get the woman vote, but she's a complete joke.
I mean, every time she speaks in public, every time she does a public presentation, you can see she's totally out of her element.
She doesn't know what to do.
So she just starts cackling and giggling hysterically to try to distract from the fact that she is way out of her league and does not belong anywhere.
And the only reason she was ever able to get a leg up was because she went under the desk of Governor Willie Brown.
And here now she finds herself the vice president, a complete joke, a laughingstock of the country.
So no, she was never a serious contender.
She was a token black woman to once again deceive black voters and female voters in America to vote Democrat against their best interests.
But she'll be up there tonight looking like a complete clown and probably cackling.
She'll probably do some sort of a stunt to get attention to herself as well.
It's hard to imagine it gets much worse than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
I just don't see.
I do not see how it gets worse.
We're taking your calls on all of this.
And we've had some great calls so far today.
And so we go back to the lines now.
And let's go to Presley in North Carolina.
Presley, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon.
Thanks for calling.
No problem.
Just wanted to talk about an experience I had with my state employee's credit union about a year and a half ago trying to withdraw some funds and basically the amount was too much for them to give me at the time and they were telling me to give them a heads up notice like a week.
Now, you don't need to give exact figures here, but would you expect that type of withdrawal would be unable to be matched?
Well look, I mean the whole FTX scandal is no doubt a scandal and by the way there's some breaking news there.
FTX is sending letters to politicians who receive donations from FTX to return the money they received.
And of course they probably have already spent it.
We have that list.
Unusual Whales has published that list and you can see here it's the vast majority of it going to Democrats.
That's 90% of the FTX stolen money went to Democrats.
About 10% went to Republicans.
And so they're demanding that money back.
And here's the thing, though.
There's no doubt that FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried was a giant scandal.
It was a scandal from the very beginning.
Bankman-Fried and Ellison were set up as the fall guy and the fall girl.
They're probably not too bright a people.
I'm not trying to be mean.
They probably have learning disabilities or something else.
They were set up as the fall guys.
The whole thing was a money laundering operation.
They got caught because people in crypto actually care about the integrity of financial institutions and actually care that people can have their money protected.
So they basically called out the FTX scandal.
They made a bet that if you did a run on FTX that the coffers would be empty.
And they guessed right, and now the whole thing collapsed, even though Bankman Freed is nestled safely in his parents' mansion in California, and no criminals have been arrested.
Now, here's why your story plays right into this.
The exact same phenomenon that happened at FTX, with the run on FTX, and they're saying, oh, we don't have your money, they never had it, the exact same thing would happen probably at 90% of banks tomorrow.
And so, you know, folks, I don't really get into this, but I'm just going to tell you, I've made financial decisions in this week that I never thought I'd make again, and I'm leaning on actually getting all my money out of the bank.
And this is something I would have never recommended or never thought I would do before, but I'm now considering getting all my money out of the bank for this exact reason, Presley.
I totally agree with you, and I'm glad this happened to me a year and a half ago, and I was able to see the writing on the wall, because bail-ins are definitely going to happen, because if they didn't have my money a year and a half ago, it's going to be horrible tomorrow.
They don't have it, and so it's almost in a way they're anticipating this, and this is going to be how they draw us into the digital currency trap.
Because it's almost inevitable.
And that's why it's like a dangerous thing.
It's like, do we press the bank run now?
And do we show the corruption of the central banks?
Do we show the corruption of the Federal Reserve?
But understanding that that could collapse the entire country economically, it's like, do we really want to press that button?
I mean, this is a very delicate balancing act here.
I totally agree with you, but we're kind of in a
Well, and I think people are just going to have to make their own decisions.
And like I said, I mean, I've got myself prepped and ready to go for the worst, but now it's like I'm looking at a situation where it's like, OK, if the worst happens tomorrow, if the worst happens a month from today, what do I want to do or what am I going to wish I had done or what do I need to do?
Because to me, I'm just looking at this, man, we've got psychotic
And also, what's your take on all the Google layoffs?
It's just the economy is collapsing.
It's just collapsing.
If Big Tech's doing that, I mean, it's over.
It's not just Google.
It's Amazon.
It's Apple.
It's collapsing, folks.
The economy is collapsing under Joe Biden.
And he can sit here and tell you, he's going to tell you it's the greatest economy ever tonight.
He's going to tell you record economic growth and all the other BS tonight.
It's just a total lie.
God help us, man.
Presley, thank you for the call and amen to that.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We've still got callers.
I'm going to get to the call.
The rest of the callers here, guys, in fact, just let's not put any other names on the board.
But if you're on the board, I'm going to try to get to your call in the last two segments.
Again, I will be hosting the War Room coming up.
Big guests.
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America bracing for the lies that are about to be told by Joe Biden tonight.
By the way, Karine Jean-Pierre is lying for Joe right now, but I'm going to play some clips from the press conference coming up on The War Room.
I've got a regularly scheduled War Room today with clips and guests and news coverage, but here on the Alex Jones Show, Alex wanted me to take a bunch of your calls and I was simpatico with him on that, dealing with all the issues, reaching out to the human intelligence.
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All right.
Let's go to Judy in Florida.
Judy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
It's good to speak with you again.
Thanks for calling.
I just wanted to jump right into what I feel is important.
You said something about, basically, we're getting to the point in human history where I'm just going to say that God is going to return, more than likely.
I'm going to read a bit.
This is out of Matthew.
This is out of chapter 10.
Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him I will confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
And whosoever shall deny me before men, him I shall also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
And the reason why that's important to me is that I don't know which is more likely that, you know, patriots are going to take America back or the rapture is going to occur.
And from my perspective,
All I can say is that if anybody goes underground, if they think they're going to be safe there, there's bunker busters and there's God Almighty Himself that can take every bit of their cities and what they're extracting as far as food that's left for the human or the population here in America and taking it underground with them.
They're going to be in for a very rude awakening.
But the other thing I want to take out of Scripture, and this is out of John Chapter 14,
Which is the same John out of the book of Revelation in a much earlier time.
This is Thomas, Doubting Thomas, that is speaking in chapter 14, verse 5.
Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whether you goest, and how can we know the way?
Jesus saith unto him, in verse 6, I am the way, the truth, and the life.
No man cometh to the Father but by me.
And the reason why Christians are so hated is because we recognize who God is, and we believe in the Triune God, because once you receive Jesus, you are indwelt with the Holy Spirit.
And it's only through the Holy Spirit that we have any type of discernment whatsoever.
Well, and really the reason why the globalists hate Christianity is because it's the values of Christianity, and quite frankly it's Islam too, it's really any religion.
But the globalists are at war with religion, they want it to be replaced.
Right now the agenda is to get you to replace religion with your sexuality.
That's why they have all the sex flags, and that's why they want you to worship these sex freak binaries like Sam Smith at the Grammys.
Because they know that Christianity and Islam
Let's go to Jerry in Arizona.
Go ahead.
Jerry, you're on the air.
Hey Owen, thanks.
Man, I'll tell you what, if there's ever a time to pray... Hey Jerry, do me a favor.
Do me a favor and get yourself off speakerphone.
I'm having trouble hearing you.
Okay, hold on.
What about now?
Man, if there was ever a time to pray, it's right now for this country and even for our enemies, brother.
I mean, I've got the hair on the back of my neck standing up.
Well, look, I don't look at the Ukrainian people as my enemy.
I don't look at the Chinese people as my enemy.
I don't look at the Russian people as my enemy.
They're all in this like we are.
They're all at the behest of these psychotic world murderers like we are.
The Ukrainian people know Zelensky is a rat.
Yeah, you've got the brainwashed left in Ukraine just like you have in America.
But folks, I'm telling you, the world knows Zelensky is a corrupt criminal.
They know he's a fascist Nazi.
It's just the media perpetuating this giant hoax that the criminal is the good guy.
Looks like, uh, did we lose him?
Sorry about that.
Okay, let's go to Brian in Tennessee.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, yep.
Okay, okay, okay.
How's it going?
How are you?
What's on your mind?
I'm good.
Well, I just want to let you know that there are about at least four ways to defeat the Globalists.
Number one, we need to be as self-reliant as possible.
Number two, we need to make sure, we need to make sure that our children know what's going on too.
That they don't give in to the lies that they're told in school.
Absolutely, that's why they're under such assault right now with the propaganda.
Yeah, and number three, we need to get our hearts right before God.
We need to repent of our sins.
We need to get in prayer, just like the last caller said.
Engage in spiritual warfare, because remember, our battle's not against flesh and blood, it's against the principalities, against the dark forces, because I'm a prophet of death, I'm 30 years old, and it's just right now, as much as I would like to get married, I'm looking at the world and I'm like, no, not yet.
Because I don't want my kids to be born into a world, and this is going on.
You know what I'm saying?
And that's the thing.
And that's the reason why.
It's not that men don't want to get married.
They don't want the children born to an apocalyptic world like this.
That's definitely an element.
And the main thing is, is the fourth thing is this.
Number one, our enemies are watching this show.
So here's the thing, the solutions and the battle plans, it's best to keep them under wraps.
We have to be unpredictable when it comes to these devil worshippers because we got to understand, we have to go to God for our strategies and keep it to ourselves and take the enemies that Satan is using by surprise.
And last thing, the Joe Biden that's in the White House?
God gave me a dream.
That's not the real Joe Biden because guess what?
Biden took the shot.
How old do you think he is?
He's like 78 years old.
Old people have collapsed and dropped dead because they took the Pfizer vaccine.
Think about it.
What goes on behind closed doors in the White House?
It stays like that.
Well, and who knows if he even really took the vaccine.
You know, who knows if they're not just kidding him, you know, some sugar water or some saline or something.
But, you know, Brian, you said something that reminded me, and I completely forgot to mention this earlier.
It was in my stack of news to cover on The War Room, but, you know, I'll just put it out there now.
It was probably about a week ago, and it wasn't just myself on the war room saying this, false flag inevitable, but you know, Alex understanding this obviously as well and others out there, but I'm going to tell you right now, they're getting ready to do a big false flag in Ukraine.
They're going to blow up a medical hospital, and they already have the corrupt Western media out there in Ukraine right now.
We know what hotel they're at.
They're at the Sapphire Hotel.
The whole script has already been laid out.
So, you know, maybe reporting this news and getting this out there can stop it from happening.
But, you know, these criminals, they're not done.
You don't think that Biden and Zelensky aren't going to reach back into that cookie jar for another $100 billion?
So there is a giant false flag planned in Ukraine.
They're going to blow up a medical facility.
They're going to show you dead children.
And they already have the media out there ready to report on it.
And so we might be able to stop it, but I'm just telling you they're getting ready for it, folks.
All right, one more segment of your phone calls, but I want to let you know what's coming up still yet today on InfoWars live transmissions.
We've got Maria Z. and Mike Adams coming up with big news in the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
I'm back hosting the War Room.
I'm going to have guest Jamie Mischel, founder of Gays Against Groomers, to respond to what happened in Oklahoma where a bunch of radical leftist communist trans activists
Occupied the state capitol building!
Oh, it's terrorism!
Oh, it's sedition!
Oh, it's insurrection!
No, not when liberals do it.
Not when leftists and commies do it, so they can chop little boys' penises off and chop little girls' breasts off.
Then it's a good thing, you see?
And then I'm gonna be joined by Tyler Nixon, and I'll go ahead and tell ya,
We're also going to be joined by John Paul Mac Isaac, the individual who first got the Hunter Biden laptop dropped off, who's now being sued by Hunter Biden.
As far as I can tell, first public comments since that are going to be today on The War Room as well.
So a lot of stuff coming up.
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We take the final calls now and we go to Sam in Tennessee.
Sam, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Owen, for taking my call.
Hopefully, you can go back and review this and pass this on to somebody.
I've heard about it with Alex Jones talking to Mr. McCullough, and he said that a compound called natokinase can break down the spike proteins that are accumulating in people's blood.
And I'm just going to go straight to the important stuff.
Because it took me down an interesting little rabbit hole.
I learned of two more enzymes.
One's Lumbrokinase and the other's Serrapeptase.
And they're also both natural.
And not only will they also help with the spike proteins, but there are a couple of groups that have been doing research in these, actually going back, I saw one article back from 2009, and not only will they start breaking down those spike proteins, but they also start breaking down biofilms that form in the mind, or form in the body.
I jumped ahead of myself.
And so, samples of diseases that will affect, sometimes diseases like Lyme disease,
The bacteria will form a colony when the environment becomes hostile and secrete these proteins and form a biofilm and hide from the immune system.
The bullet rips it away and lets the immune system get to it and helps your body actually fight the disease or other diseases where it may build up in like nerves or in the brain or like fibromyalgia and autism.
And so you can start breaking these biofilms down and start curing those diseases as well.
This is wild, and I don't mean to get off track here, but you know, I know people that have fibromyalgia.
I know particularly older women who have suffered with it.
It can be completely a miserable and debilitating experience, and they're told there's no solution.
They're just told nothing we can do.
Well, if Mr. McCullough had never said that, I never would have followed this rabbit trail.
So a couple of spots to look.
Look up Weston A. Price Foundation and look up a Dr. Petta Cohen out of New Jersey.
And they both have information on it.
Now, that's the important.
I'll tell you how I found this.
So I'm a software developer.
I'm not a doctor.
But one of my customers is the Weston A. Price Foundation.
So when Mr. McCullough said that, I fired off an email to them and said, hey, have you heard of this?
And the guy that I know over there says, oh, yes, I've heard of this.
We've been talking about this for quite some time.
Go look at this email, Fred.
He gives me the information.
And so I go look at our file.
We're good to go.
It was just one of them that said, yeah, we were talking about this.
Go look at this thread.
Well, that's amazing.
And I'm not familiar with this group.
And guys, put it back on the screen.
I'm not familiar with this group, but a couple of the crew members apparently are.
And they say, yep, they do great work.
So they're familiar with the Westin A. Price Foundation.
Wise traditions in food farming and the healing arts.
And you know, this is what it's going to be.
This is going to be the solution.
We've got to get back to the land.
We've got to get back to God.
We've got to get back to humanity.
And that's why the establishment, the Satanist establishment, is trying to take us off all of that and make us dependent on their infrastructure instead of our organic God-given infrastructure that is available just with the earth.
Sam, I got to jump.
I got other callers to get to.
Let's go to Michael in Texas.
Great call.
Michael, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, hi.
Hey Owen, how are you?
Fighting the fight, brother.
Appreciate you.
Everything that you, Alex, Harrison, and the whole crew does out there, I just wanted to touch base with you and help the people out with just some information on survival and getting ready for, you know, the inevitable.
Thank you.
People need to start practicing camping and just being without, you know, the
The, how do you say, the trappings of modern day society, you know, just get used to it.
The more you practice, the better you get, the better you'll be prepared for, hopefully it never happens, but what very well might happen.
And, you know, along with camping and stuff, I,
I did want to mention to you guys that I created a specific item.
I want to see if I can get sponsored with you guys, help support you guys.
I don't want a free plug.
I just
Want to see if I can get in touch with somebody and pitch this idea to Alex and whoever does promotions and stuff and see if I can help y'all.
Well, sure.
And so this is obviously... Well, let's just get your information off air.
You know, I'm not the one to talk to about that, but...
We can get your information off there and they can get you in touch with the individual to talk to about that.
But you know, Michael brings up something, and I'll take one more call here before we hand it over to Maria Z and Mike Adams.
I mean folks, like I said...
My top commitment is doing what I do here and coming on every day and telling you the truth six days a week, cruise up here seven days a week, Alex Jones sometimes seven days a week, and so it's not to be hypocritical, but believe me, and Alex has said this many times over the years,
I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about selling off basically all my assets, liquefying everything, and just girding myself for total collapse.
I'd be lying if I told you I didn't think about that.
But I'd have to abandon this, I'd have to never go on air, completely abandon all this stuff, and I'm not going to do that.
This is going to be my first priority, second priority, third priority.
It's a calling from God, it feels right, this is the most important thing to do.
But I'm just telling you, like, this is what's going through my head.
Alex has talked about it many times, like, yeah, you know what?
We could shut the whole thing down.
I could liquefy assets, go out in the country and just get ready for the collapse.
But it's more important to have other people prepared.
It's more important to be here telling the truth every day and then just taking whatever practical measures I can.
Like, it's just I don't want to go off too much on a jag here.
You get the point.
It's funny, people asking me stuff, making requests, saying, hey, do this, hey, do that, and it's like, you know, I'm going to probably be on air for 10 hours today.
So, you know, I don't really have time to do this other stuff that I probably should be doing, and other people are like, hey, I'm trying to help you, help you get in a better place.
Like, yeah, I know, I appreciate you, man.
I'm on air 10 hours today.
Like, you know, like,
I can't call my tax attorney.
I can't call potential business relationships.
I can't talk to this guy about bringing a product on.
I need to stop right there.
Final caller, John in Miami.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, John.
We just got you on.
I'm sorry.
Can you hear me?
Alright, so, uh, I've been doing, like, some volunteer work for the, uh, local government, uh, District 2 campaigns, and what I found out is we got three racketeers in our local government.
Number one is our mayor, who swore us he's famous now.
He was over there licking boots of Karl Schwab in Davos.
He's the first racketeer.
The second one is Joe Carollo, who's been here since the 90s, and the third one is, um, Alex de la Portilla guy.
These guys are all registered as Republicans, and they are not.
They are taking orders from a Democrat lobbyist named Mark Sardar.
This guy screwed up District 2.
And in District 2, it's the epicenter of the FTX scam.
Even the Miami Heat is named FTX Arena.
And they keep trying to tell me, oh no, that's just the sponsor, they don't do anything, but it's all garbage.
Our entire district, too, is FTX money.
You know, that's interesting, John, I'm out of time, that is interesting.
A couple interesting things happening in Florida.
Not just the FTX thing, but you know, clearing out voter rolls, and maybe did they get legitimate elections there, and that's why Republicans did so well, because the Democrats can't cheat to win, but I digress.
I'll be back hosting the War Room, big guests, big content.
Right now it's Maria Z and Mike Adams finishing out the Alex Jones Show.
Just every day is history now.
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Only seven days left to get the Real Red Pill Plus with all the key ingredients like Preglanone and more,
We're good to go.
With Owen Schroyer.
And overall, the whole message right now from the people of this planet to the World Economic Forum is F off.
Tune in live weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Z, coming to you live from the land down under.
I just want to, before we bring Mike Adams on today, who'll be joining us, he's an amazing guy and I'm going to get his insight on what's happening with the cyber attacks and global blackouts that are coming our way.
Crucial information that everyone needs to prepare for.
I just want to say, Owen Troyer just mentioned he's going to be broadcasting for 10 hours today.
Whatever industry you work in, you always look to the best as a benchmark of how you want to be and how you want to operate.
And can I say, working in media, and a lot of people may not understand what goes on behind the scenes, InfoWars are some of the hardest working, most efficient people that I have dealt with in this industry.
They are amazing.
And the whole crew and all of the effort that goes behind bringing this crucial information to the world is just amazing to see.
And the dedication of people like Owen is second to none.
So I just want to
I just want to mention how grateful I am for this broadcast and for all of the independent media out there that's doing their best to bring out the truth to the world in the face of so much adversity.
Today we're going to be joined by Mike Adams right now.
He's with us live.
Mike, how are you today?
I'm doing great.
Hello, Maria.
Thank you for having me on.
And I really appreciate your work and your contributions to this industry as well.
You're doing fantastic work.
And Owen Schroyer, as you mentioned, his work ethic is just nobody can even touch it.
He's the hardest working young guy I know in this industry.
But we all work hard, yourself included, myself included.
I'm actually working on my new studio, too.
All kinds of little glitches and bugs and things we're trying to work out.
It's all this behind-the-scenes stuff that a lot of people don't see, but it's necessary to get the message out.
Yes, absolutely.
Same to you, Mike.
So much respect and appreciation for what you do.
Now, I want to, today I really want to focus on these blackouts.
And I know that you recently did a situation update where you spoke about after the EMP.
We also got a really great update on Rudy on that broadcast.
If anyone hasn't seen it, please do listen.
It's really delightful to listen to.
But these blackouts that are happening all over the world, cyber attacks,
Greg Rees recently did a video on this incoming cyber attack for a new world order.
Now, Italy, just the other day, huge cyber attack.
They're meeting now with global leaders to talk about how to prepare against this.
I want to go through a really quick timeline, Mike, just before the break, and then I want to get your insight.
Here's what I've got, and this is by in no way, shape or form an exhaustive list, but listen to this.
28th of December,
Without providing any evidence, the Austrian Defence Minister Claudia Tanner alleged that Russia was planning major cyber attacks on Europe's power systems, causing widespread power outages across all of Europe over the coming months.
Paris, which is the footage that the team just played before, over 100,000 homes were affected.
This was on the 9th of December.
In Australia on the 9th of December, millions of customers were unable to use their health insurance with many banks set to shut down its systems in the wake of a huge cyber attack.
6th of December, Reuters warned of widespread blackouts.
November the 20th, last year, head of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance told Germans, we have to assume that there will be blackouts this winter.
4th of November, the UK was testing the emergency blackout plan as reported by The Guardian.
In October, the BBC prepared scripts just like they did with Event 201, Mike, and I'm going to let you take over right after the break, but this is important for people to know.
The BBC prepared scripts like they did for possible winter blackouts.
On the 5th of October, Bangladesh power grid collapsed, causing a blackout for more than 140 million citizens.
24th of September, Bloomberg reported the Estonian Prime Minister warned that Russia could be preparing to disconnect Russia, the three Baltic countries from their electricity grid, leading to widespread blackouts.
And in January of last year, Kazakhstan was in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout after public unrest.
Now, here's my theory, Mike.
The final drawcard has always been a global shutdown of all our infrastructure, all our resources, and it would come probably in the form of an EMP attack, which you just reported on.
Right after the break, we're going to get Mike's analysis on all of this.
This is something every single person needs to be prepared for.
And as I said, this is in no way, shape or form an exhaustive list.
This is just the few things that I've covered.
Stay with us right after the break with Mike Adams.
What do we do with the coming EMP attack?
All right, we're here with Mike Adams for his analysis on the EMP.
We just had the so-called spy balloon over the United States.
And I really think, Mike, that they are preparing us for global cyber shutdown.
What are your thoughts?
Yeah, and in order to understand why these balloons are really EMP weapons platforms that are designed to take out the power grid across most of the continental United States, you've got to understand that China has been planning a land invasion of North America for many years.
They intend to carry it out.
We don't know when, exactly.
But I've spoken with many experts on this.
I know you have too, including J.R.
Nyquist, for example.
And we know that China has been pre-staging equipment and personnel in the United States.
They have infiltrated virtually every institution.
They have staged police uniforms, fully automatic weapons.
I think?
But because the current occupants of the White House are working with China, or you could at least say they are influenced or blackmailed by China, we are in a very hopeless situation.
We saw with the balloon that our military, under the orders of this woke Pentagon, and I think a failing administration, will not stop an invasion of our airspace with EMP weapons platforms.
But here's how this is going to go, Maria.
If we get to this point, I mean it's not a hundred percent,
But, they would use the EMPs to soften us up, to collapse our power grid, cause mass social chaos, total violation of the rule of law in every major city, you know, just chaos, starvation, no water systems, nothing.
And then, after a few weeks of that, that's when China would invade.
And they would meet relatively little resistance for key reasons.
One of those reasons is because, well, the United States has shipped most of its military munitions to Ukraine.
So virtually all of the excess munitions, artillery rounds, drones, artillery units, the triple sevens and so on, have been shipped to Ukraine.
So the U.S.
military has cleared out the continental United States, making it highly susceptible to an invasion.
We don't even have anti-tank weapons in America anymore.
All China has to do is just
Land on California beaches.
Governor Newsom will probably give him a high five.
They've already banned AR-15s in California.
There won't be much guerrilla resistance against an invading force in California.
And by the way, the Navy will probably be ordered to stand down by the woke Pentagon that I believe is working with China.
So we can go into all these details even more, but that's kind of the big picture, Maria.
Yes, I agree with you.
And here's the thing, it's such a multi-pronged attack because a lot of these things are blamed on Russia setting the world up.
You mentioned Jeff Nyquist.
I had the same intel last year and we had that audio that was leaked from the PLA.
And my intel sources say that people lost their lives in order to bring that audio out.
In fact, the people that leaked it, they've been missing for some time.
I don't think that they've been found.
So that audio was, as confirmed by several sources, authentic audio and there was a planned invasion at the time.
Now, did we thwart that invasion because we brought that out?
Probably, Mike, just like with anything that whistleblowers bring out.
But the planned invasion is definitely there.
The ultimate goal is to destroy the United States as the world's superpower, which is why, even though I'm an Aussie, I am passionate about news coming out of the United States, because this is a huge, huge part of the New World Order takeover.
As soon as they collapse the United States, they're ready.
The US is holding the fort right now.
And this is why there's been such a huge attack on the morals, the morale, sorry, of the United States.
And what a blow to the morale seeing Biden and the US Air Force not taking action on this invading so-called spy balloon.
I mean, it is about demoralizing the American people.
Well yes, absolutely.
And as you know, Australia has been very heavily infiltrated by communist Chinese operatives as well, especially New South Wales.
And if the United States falls, then China will move on Australia.
Much like the Japanese were planning to do in World War II, right?
I mean, if you tour the beaches of Australia right now, there are still old concrete bunkers with cannons in them.
I've been to those beaches.
I've seen the defensive positions on the coastline of Australia.
And a lot of people don't realize that Australia and New Zealand and the Philippines are all right there within the range, and Taiwan of course, of what China wants to claim as their domain.
And China is facing a collapse unless they conquer.
This is critical to understand.
China needs more natural resources.
They need more room in order to increase their population.
They're suffering a demographic collapse right now, and they need more food because they can't grow enough food domestically.
So they value the breadbasket of the United States for food production.
They value Australia, the areas closer to the coastline where there is food production, but the rich mineral resources that are located more inland on the Australian continent.
Vast resources there, as you know, just vast.
And largely untapped, by the way.
China wants all of that.
And China wants microchips out of Taiwan.
And they want the labor pool out of the Philippines.
So China has its sights set on many, many countries, but they've got to take out the United States first, in their view, if they're going to succeed in conquering those other Pacific Rim nations and continents.
So there you go.
China has a plan to become the world's superpower by 2050.
This is public knowledge.
They've even stated it.
So this is, we can absolutely see how they've been taking these steps over the years.
Australia, I think, you know, a huge part of our land, some of our roads are owned by China.
We even sold a body of water in the middle of the bushfires to China, Mike.
I mean, this is how insane this has gotten.
You know, it's crazy to see.
But I think this talk of cyber attacks is really huge.
So if the team can just queue up that clip that I've got from the Davos this year, talking about cyber attacks over the next two years.
We're here today to share the findings of the World Economic Forum's Global Security Outlook Report 2023.
This is a result of research in collaboration with the forum's communities and our partner Accenture, which we've interviewed and sought input from over 300 executives globally.
The most striking finding that we found is that 93% of cyber leaders
86% of cyber business leaders believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years.
A catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years.
Now, if everyone recalls, I know that InfoWars has played the footage many, many times.
Maybe we'll play it a little bit later because we've only got Mike for a short time today before I'm going to take some calls.
The global cyber pandemic, cyber COVID, they've said will be much faster, much
More widespread and more devastating than COVID-19.
And it would cause a global shutdown of banks, phones, telecommunications, absolutely everything, including electricity.
Get this, the only solution is for people to get a digital vaccine to come back online.
We've got about a minute and a half before the break.
Mike, talk to us about the global shutdown.
Well, there are two sources of the cyberattacks.
One are true strategic enemies of the United States, such as China and North Korea and Russia right now.
But the other source is our own government.
False flag cyberattacks in order to take down infrastructure that keeps civilization running.
You could even consider, by the way, the shutting down of pipelines, the shutting down of fossil fuels in Europe.
As a kind of an attack on infrastructure that's being carried out by governments.
The green agenda has resulted in this energy scarcity that has caused de-industrialization across Europe.
And the same thing is happening at a slower pace in the United States, at least as long as people like Joe Biden are in the White House shutting down energy exploration and energy infrastructure.
So, we the people are facing, in essence, two very severe threats.
Our own government's trying to shut down food, burning down food centers, shutting down infrastructure, shutting down, indirectly, railroads, transportation, diesel fuel, refineries, and so on.
And then secondly, enemies who want to take us down for their own reasons.
So, folks, you've got to get prepared because the world is going to become a lot less reliable throughout this year, even more so than you've seen already.
Absolutely agree, Mike.
Right after the break we're going to talk about some of the ways that we can prepare and then we're going to actually take some callers after Mike leaves us.
How are people preparing around the world so that we can help one another?
Stay with us for this crucial, crucial information.
We'll be right back.
And we are back with Mike Adams.
So we're talking about the imminent shutdown of electricity, telecommunications, so much more that people just simply are not prepared for.
Mike, I know that this is something that you're very, very passionate about.
Talk to us about what this will actually look like when this attack on our power grid comes and what people can do about it to prepare.
Well, the first thing to realize is that, you know, there are three power grids in the continental United States.
The eastern grid, the western grid, and then the Texas grid.
And so it is quite possible that, for example, these balloons, if they detonate EMP weapons, you could lose the entire eastern grid, but the western grid could still function.
The Texas grid might still function, and very likely to do so, in fact.
Or, perhaps the balloons could target the western grid, you see.
So, it may not be the entire country, and it may not last forever, you know, it might just be a few days, a few weeks, but if certain things happen past the tipping point, then it goes to years.
So, if the EMP weapons destroy enough of the power substations and certain components in the power grid that cannot be replaced without getting them made in China,
You are likely to find yourself not able to source anything from China because China has just declared war on you, so they're going to restrict exports.
Thus, you will have no power in that scenario in certain cities for years to come.
And that would mean that those cities collapse into Mad Max style, just complete dystopia.
Complete lawlessness.
No services, no electricity, no 911.
You know, even the police would pack up their bug-out bags, grab their families and flee.
So you would have mass migration out of the cities and into the rural areas across America, where, yeah, you may not have power in rural areas, but they aren't death traps without power.
A lot of people can get by, it won't be easy, but you can still get by without power in a certain rural kind of environment.
As long as you have a water source, a lot of people have backup solar panels,
A lot of people have generators that may still function if they've stockpiled diesel fuel and things like that.
So, the government reports that we've seen over the last few years show that there's an estimated 70-90% of the U.S.
population would die
Within, I believe, about 18 months following a nationwide EMP attack.
And those deaths are from starvation, violence, disease.
You would have lots of cholera infections because you don't have working sewage systems.
So every city would become like San Francisco, frankly, just completely filled with feces and filth.
And they would be largely unsurvivable.
And, of course, violence and muggings and street battles with gangs and so on.
So you've got to get away from those cities if you want to survive this, that's for sure.
I absolutely agree with you and you've got to get away from the cities anyway because they're becoming digital prisons where we're seeing the rise of the, you know, the smart city agenda.
Just yesterday in my telegram, for whoever's not in there, get in there because there's great information and a great bunch of people.
It's Zmedia3e, one word.
In that channel someone showed their child in school, very young child, was given a project over the next two terms
To imagine a smart city and how we can make it more sustainable.
And you know, they've already rolled out the indoctrination to children in schools about this stuff.
And we see the marketing all over the world about these smart cities.
Our Premier in New South Wales, Dominic Perota, recently announced, you know, right at the time of the Queen's death, Mike, allegedly, that New South Wales, Sydney, was going to be the first
Smart city, three cities in Australia and it was going to be a model for the whole world and they're splitting it into districts.
They use the words district in their plans.
I've reported on this many times even on this show.
So, you know, talk to us about the dystopian vision that they're setting for these smart cities and why people should actually move rural and prepare now.
Well, understand that, of course, the globalists are working on a depopulation effort.
They are now in the elimination phase of humanity.
And this is because, of course, of the rise of, you know, like, chat GPT, AI systems, and then robotic systems that can replace many humans once they are tied to cloud-based AI computing systems.
So, humans, from the point of view of globalists, are obsolete.
So to get rid of those humans, the globalists need to corral them into controllable spaces.
And that's where those districts come from that you talked about, and I know you've covered this extensively, but this has also been talked about in places like Scotland and so on, like 20-minute cities where you're not allowed to have a vehicle, you're only allowed to go to places that you can reach within 20 minutes of walking, or perhaps having a bicycle.
No vehicles for you, you can't get out,
Kind of like a Truman Show thing, if you try to cross the bridge, they'll turn you back, you know, with armed guards, you know, go back into your simulation, which is actually a kill zone.
Now, it will be very difficult for governments of the world to round up rural people.
The governments just don't have enough personnel.
And a lot of rural people just simply will not cooperate.
Most city people will cooperate, most of them, not all, but most of them will.
They're the ones who tended to take the vaccines.
They're the ones who are willing to join the mark of the beast, financial transaction system, digital currency.
They'll be easy for globalists to control and exterminate.
And that's what this is, mass extermination.
And by the way, you know, a new study on the vaccine finds that
The COVID vaccines cause hyper-accelerated aging.
So rapid aging also explains some of what's happening.
It's why people are growing cancer at such an accelerated pace and it's also why people, one of the reasons why people are dying from heart disease even though they're so young.
They're actually aging like they're in a time machine or something.
It's crazy.
But the die-off is the goal, and if you want to survive, you're going to have to get out of the cities and become self-reliant, which means growing your own food, having your own backup everything.
Backup currency, backup self-defense, backup energy systems, you know, backup emergency medicine, all of it.
So that's my take on it, Maria.
I agree with you, Mike, and I think that more and more people are starting to realise that we need, we're seeing the rise of parallel systems, for example, parallel health systems, doctors that aren't brainwashed and brain dead, essentially.
I watched a podcast recently where there was a young pro-abortionist, pro-murder woman who's studying to be a doctor and she said that, you know, she was posed with a question of ethics, Mike,
And she said that she would have performed lobotomies.
In the end, she said, even though we know now that lobotomies were wrong, because it was the scientific consensus at the time, even knowing what we know now, she would have performed the lobotomy, like they did in the 1800s.
These are the types of doctors that we are seeing coming into the major
Medical system.
We've got here in the state of Queensland the largest intake of junior doctors that we have seen to date.
They're doing the same with the police force.
I'll be reporting on this a lot more soon.
Getting rid of the older officers, the more senior ones, the ones with experience and a conscience, and just bringing in the indoctrinated police officers.
And I think this is a worldwide problem, Mike.
As we see the New World Order goons that are serving the existing systems and making this takeover possible rising up more and more.
A few quick words before we finish up, Mike, and please follow Mike on naturalnews.com and, you know, he's just constantly bringing crucial info.
Well, thank you, Maria.
Thank you for what you do and for hosting the show.
You've done extraordinary work along with an amazing crew there.
I would just say, look, we are about to witness the horrors that human beings are capable of performing against each other under false authority.
It's going to be so much worse than the Holocaust.
It's already, in many ways, worse than that in terms of the number of people killed globally by these vaccines.
It's over 20 million and counting.
And there may be billions dead through all of this over the next 10 years.
So get prepared, folks.
You're going to see the worst of humanity.
But also, with God on our side, we can prevail.
We can survive this.
Thank you, Maria, for having me on.
Thank you so much, Mike.
Stay with us right on the other side of the break.
We're going to take some calls and I want to hear from you.
How are you preparing you and your loved ones for what is happening in the coming months?
I'll see you in a moment.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to open up the phone lines.
You can call 877-789-2539.
That's 877-789-2539.
I really want to hear from people about how they are preparing themselves and their loved ones.
For incoming electricity shortages, blackouts, cyber attacks, telecommunications outages, because I don't have all the answers.
Mike doesn't have all the answers, as brilliant as he is.
Owen, Harrison, Alex, we are just people, like everyone else,
Trying to navigate based on the intel that we have, trying to navigate based on what we know the globalists are doing and help warn the world of what is ahead.
We've got people dialing in right now and as their names come up I'll announce them and we'll bring them on.
But I really depend and I love talking to people around the world.
The InfoWars audience
Is one of the brightest, sharpest audiences out there.
And I have to say the same for the people that tune into my stuff in Telegram.
Really intelligent people that aren't going to be fooled by the lies of the mainstream media.
They know they need to prepare.
We've got Hammer.
Hammer Hardy.
Hammer, you're on the air.
How's it going?
Thanks for taking my call.
It's good to talk to you, Hammer.
So talk to us about how you're preparing for what is coming our way.
Well, I mean, I think the the EMP attacks are probably the most important thing that we need to protect ourselves from right now.
So, I mean, I've already got some of the Info Wars Faraday cages in some of the older ones and some of the newer ones.
And recently I looked up online and they actually, from what I understand, they make cloth that is meant for EMP protection.
So you can get these large sections of cloth and actually drape them over your vehicle.
So, uh, don't everybody rush out too quick and buy them because I get paid tomorrow and I need to buy mine, but that's what I'm planning on doing.
I'm planning on buying some of these EMP-proof blankets, basically, and I'm gonna drape it over my truck so at least I can have some four-wheel drive when things get bad.
Well, that's great advice, Hammer.
And you know, for all the people that haven't converted to electric yet, and hopefully this audience hasn't, you know, what a death trap, getting an electric vehicle, knowing what these people are planning.
Thank you so much for your advice, Hammer.
We'll go to Andrew in New York.
It's definitely good to decentralize and to, like, have
Like gold and silver, in case they do the bail-ins with the bank.
But I think it's also good to just have the supply chain working right.
Use all that energy.
Yes, well let me just say, Andrew, on the silver and gold, people always often ask me, you know, if the digital currency comes in and we don't have access to our bank accounts and we can't operate within the financial system because of CBDCs and digital IDs and so on and so forth, what good will silver or gold be for us?
Venezuela is a perfect example where they're paying for haircuts with, you know, gold shavings when the cash became worthless on the streets.
Silver and gold, precious metals are key.
You know, you'll go down the road to a farmer that you should start building relationships with locally right now and you'll be able to trade in that currency.
These are things that absolutely last.
Thank you, Andrew, for your call.
Really appreciate it.
Sarah in Canada, you're on the air.
Thank you so much for taking my call.
I'm a little bit off topic, but I was listening to Owen this morning and it was on topic at the time, but I'm finally getting through.
I was thinking about, there are two times in human history where God said, you know, with man.
Thank you.
And it was in the days of Noah, in the flood, right?
And then Sodom and Gomorrah.
And both times, if you read the scriptures properly, it was the human genome that was being tampered with.
The first time was the Nephilims were having sex with the women, and that's right in the Bible.
And the second time was Sodom and Gomorrah, where the angels were being... It wasn't just sin.
Like, Noah was a drunk, okay?
He wasn't a drunk, but he drank, okay?
So, I'm just saying, it wasn't all about the sin.
It was about their genome being tampered with, and that's when God said, no.
And we're here again.
Yes, so Sarah, just on that, there are archaeological findings from the time of Noah, or thereabouts, that have actually found that there was tampering with the human genome.
It backs up what is in the Bible about that topic.
So you're absolutely right, and we're told that as it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be before the coming of the Son of Man.
There is absolutely direct correlation between tampering with the human genome from those times and now.
And we can see that through the, you know, we know now about the reverse transcribing into the human DNA from the Lund University in Sweden.
It's absolutely happening.
CRISPR technology, you know, slicing out, replacing.
It's shocking to witness
And it's shocking to know that so much of humanity has been, you know, their original creation has been sliced out and replaced with what?
I mean, you know, not Luciferase is one of the ingredients, but you understand what I'm saying.
It's just sickening.
So you're absolutely right, Sarah.
Thank you for that call.
And it's just another confirmation that we need to stay far away from all of these products.
Including mRNA in the meat supply, which is coming both to the United States and Australia.
We have confirmation of that in Australia through a press release.
By August of this year, they want to inject all livestock with mRNA.
We're going to go to Greg in Florida.
Greg, you're on the air.
Hey, Maria.
Very nice to be on your show.
I enjoy watching it.
Spent a lot of time in your wonderful country down there over the years.
Um, what I want to mention to you, I had a company, uh, a laser technology company, oh, 25 years ago.
My chief scientist was Alan Hill, um, who developed and directed Star Wars under the, uh, Reagan administration.
Uh, so I learned quite a bit over the years, uh, with that company.
As far as the EMP are concerned, I, you know, uh, yeah.
They'll knock stuff out, but of course it hasn't been tested on a broad range that I know of.
But there are some things that you can do to protect yourself, protect your house, your holdings, things like that.
They have certain kinds of insulation you can put throughout your house and building.
You know, it is bad.
Of course, you want to be prepared for the worst of the worst all the time.
Better be prepared than, you know, play a Monday catch-up.
So, hopefully, it won't be as bad.
But, of course, it is good to be prepared.
Well, here's what I always say, Greg.
I prepare for the worst, hope, pray, fight peacefully for the best.
I've recently interviewed Dr. Pete Chambers.
That's now on the Z Media tab on Band.info if you haven't seen it yet.
Band.video, sorry.
If you haven't seen it yet, please do go and watch that interview.
Lieutenant Colonel Chambers is a former Green Berets special flight surgeon.
He's an amazing man.
And he gave an informed consent briefing to 3,000 soldiers and after he did that, only three or four of them, I think, went ahead with the injections and he was subsequently relieved from his duties, you know, an almost 40 year veteran serving previously in the Green Berets.
It's a fascinating story.
But he talks about the fact that this is fifth generation warfare and we have to prepare
For the absolute worst.
That's what soldiers do.
See, the sooner that we accept that we are at war because the globalists initiated that war and declared it on the people and we understand the weapons of their warfare, which is censorship, misinformation on their part.
We're good.
That's 877-789-2539.
We'll be back on the other side of this break with more callers on how they are preparing in this war that we are in.
Thank you so much, Greg, for calling.
We really appreciate your time.
And we are taking live callers.
InfoBear in Wyoming, you're on the air.
Thank you for your patience.
Hi, can you hear me OK?
Sure can.
OK, hey.
Thanks for having me on.
I'm a long-time listener and 24-hour streamer of the Infowar.
Anyway, I wanted to point out to everybody, in the event we lose power, of course, we're not going to have refrigeration.
Well, there is an out to that.
You can get a hold of refrigerators, NRZs, okay?
They run off of both gas and electric.
Thermonia, they have no moving parts at all.
Primarily, what makes them run is heat going up the stack.
If you look at one, and you look where the flame is, and where the flame goes, you'll see the heat runs up the stack.
That's what makes it cold.
You can replace it if you don't have propane.
You can use a simple candle, or even a parabolic mirror, like a magnifying glass type effect.
If you follow it up ways, you'll see two wires going up, and that's where the electric heat pad is.
You can add a heat source there.
Anyway, it's a simple way.
What's going to happen?
No, you're not going to have any kind of a thermostat.
It's going to run full blast, full cold.
So just to let you know.
But what you do for your refrigerated items is you use a cooler inside of it.
And the cooler is to keep things from freezing because it's going to actually get to about 10, 20 below zero inside the thing.
But that's the way they have both keep your frozen meat and your refrigerated items
When there is no power.
Also, I wanted to point out to all the listeners, also real quick if I can, I want to point out to all the listeners out there that are trying to chat.
Hey guys, don't get discouraged.
They're manipulating chats and whatnot.
People aren't, you're not getting out.
It looks like you are a lot of times, but actually you're not getting out.
So make sure you feel all alone.
It's part of their strategy.
Don't get discouraged.
Keep up the good work.
Keep spreading the links.
And what not.
And we'll survive this and we'll get through it.
That's all I got.
Thanks a lot for having me on.
Thank you, Info Bear.
That's very encouraging and you're absolutely right.
There are far more of us than they'd like us to think.
We're going to go to Eric in Indiana about power outages.
Eric, you're on the air.
Can you hear me okay?
Yes, we can.
Loud and clear.
All right.
This isn't so much about preparation, but I was just curious.
I'm a long-time Enforced listener and supporter and everything, and I just had a question.
I was curious about, first, what's the blood really from China?
Is it just like a, you know, a built-in narrative, you know, a distraction or whatnot?
Was it our own, like a false flag balloon, basically?
You know, if they did that, it would be a bolt narrative in the sense that they could, you know, shut down a localized area, claim it was an EMP, and if it really was an EMP, you know, that they were trying to do, I mean, wouldn't that, or could it, destroy their own technocratic, you know, movements, you know, their own technocracy they're trying to put in place?
All that they've created, I just, it's hard for me to believe that they would do an EMP.
I mean, I can see them saying it's an EMP, and then
I don't know.
Well, you raise a really, you raise a really, really good point, Eric, and I want to address it before I, because we have a lot of callers to get through, but this is crucial.
This is what I love about free thinking people.
We always think outside the box.
So first and foremost, it possibly was not a balloon from China.
You're right.
It could have been just a show to make people think.
That China's doing something or to make people think that China is a threat when in fact China's working with the New World Order in order to, you know, create this narrative.
You're right.
The other thing is that, you know, would they actually do this?
Yes, they would.
They would do it, Eric, because they said that a huge cyber pandemic is coming.
And that the only way to overcome this is to shut everything down, shut down banks, shut down phones, absolutely everything.
This is why they've been testing the EBS, the Emergency Broadcasting Systems, all around the world over the past two years, three years now.
Because they have a plan and the BBC, as I said at the start of this show, the BBC has already war-gamed how they're going to communicate this to the public when it happens.
They have a plan to shut everything down and the only way to come back from it will be through a digital vaccine, they say.
Yuval Noah Harari has even said, you will not be able to function in our society without a digital vaccine.
So what they're doing right now, Eric, is they're testing the waters and they're doing the conditioning for this.
The next two years will be filled with attacks of this nature.
And I think the balloon was part of creating that narrative.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, I agree with you.
I just wanted to run it by.
Good to hear from you, Eric.
You take care.
We're going to go to Diego in Los Angeles.
Do you hear me?
So I'm just talking about being prepared.
Hi, hello.
Yes, please let us know.
All right.
So I wrote down a couple of bulletin points.
So of course have cash on hand to prepare for the bail-in.
Have a little bit of Bitcoin, gold and silver.
We already covered that topic.
But specifically for the EMTs and the nuclear war that could happen.
For those who live in California, Crescent, I think it's got a strategic location.
Crescent City is a good area to go.
If you live in California, I'm going to go down real quick.
Man and woman power is very important because I only have two hands.
I can't do everything with two hands.
So it's very important to have a community with you so you can, you know, get more things done.
Also, practice getting used to having no power.
So when it does come, if it does come, you have already been training for that.
Also have some firepower on hand, of course, and above all, support InfoWars
Um, you know, uh, I started listening to InfoWars about three, four years ago, just, just before the, the clock shots happened.
And I told my whole family about it.
My family is a bunch of lawyers, doctors, engineers, and none of them listened to me.
And I was the only one telling them if it wasn't for InfoWars, you know, maybe I would have taken it too.
Um, so above all support InfoWars, um, it's good to be aware.
You have to be aware if you're not walking around blindfolded.
Um, and do what you can.
Um, just stay, stay positive.
Uh, keep a good head on your shoulders and of course, uh, pray to God.
That's it.
Wonderful, Diego.
You're so right.
So important to be aware.
And this broadcast plays a crucial role.
We're going to go to John in Maine on prepping.
John, you're on the air.
Hello everybody.
First and foremost, buy the product.
They're really awesome to bring it forth.
But, um, I think I'm going to follow up on what he was saying about
Community, I think, is very important.
You need local friends as resources to create those connections now.
Because you may have stuff you can borrow and you can't do it all yourself, you know?
We're having a lot of trouble hearing you, John.
I don't know if the connection's bad or you're not speaking directly into the phone.
I got on speakerphone.
I was on my Bluetooth.
I apologize.
Uh, community.
I think we... No Man's an Island, and we need to, like, reach out to local people and old friends and see what they've got going on and what we can do to help and where to meet up if things start falling apart, you know?
And, uh...
Try to buy local and do that local community thing, because we can only survive by ourselves so long, no matter how much you prep.
So I think you have to build old school communities.
We're blessed.
I live in Maine.
We have Amish people, and we can communicate with those people of farmers.
But still, we still have local farmers.
So I'd say start creating small micro communities of real farmers and that kind of stuff.
And once again, man... 100%, John.
100% John, I've got to go to the next caller because we're almost out of time.
You're right, community is key.
Michael in Texas, you're the last caller.
I'm sorry we didn't get to everyone, but please in the next minute, Michael, tell us your tips really quickly.
Hi, is this me?
This is you, yes.
Hi, Michael.
So, hi.
I moved out of the city.
I just live right outside of Austin.
Got a couple acres.
What people need to do is just be self-reliant.
Get some 5-gallon buckets, some Mylar bags.
Go buy some rice and beans and put some oxygen packages in there.
Fill up your buckets.
Just put them away.
Some flour, powdered milk.
Now's the time to be planting the seeds for your garden.
You could grow gardens in little 5-gallon buckets or any... You don't need to have a lot of acreage.
Just grow your own food and smoke your meat.
Just be prepared to have a water source.
If you don't have a well, if you could get, you know, even a kiddie pool or something, you know, those bigger pools that have, you know, 500 gallons or something, just water filtration systems and just get used to being without
You're right, we should all be practicing right now, being used to not having certain resources that we know are under attack, including food, including power, including water.
I mean, you can't survive without water for very long.
Do you see why this broadcast is so crucial?
This sharing of information doesn't happen like this anywhere else in the world.
Please support InfoWars and visit Zmedia, the Zmedia tab for all of my latest interviews.
God bless you all.
I'll see you all next week.
And I've heard this from hundreds of people, but it happened again last night.
I leave here about five o'clock.
I'm out of gas.
I pull over at a gas station and I've got a problem with sweets and I go, I want an ice cream sandwich.
So I go into the store and I get an ice cream sandwich while the car's gassing up.
And I walk up to the man, a Hispanic gentleman, older gentleman behind the counter.
He says, Alex, I'm a big listener of yours.
I said, well, thank you.
He goes, well, how's everything going?
I said, well, they're trying to shut us down.
He goes, yeah, me and my son and others listen, but we've not been supporting you because we don't want our money going to those people that sued you.
And I looked at him and I said, have you not been listening?
I explained, we have two to three years of appeals.
None of the money you buy products now goes to those people.
All those billion dollar numbers are made up to make you give up.
None of the money you buy products for goes to them.
He goes, well, aren't you in bankruptcy?
I said, well, Chapter 11, Subchapter 5, that's a reorganization because if we didn't do that, they would be able to have the state courts put padlocks on this building and shut it down.
You understand?
Plus, we were out of money.
He goes, oh.
I said, listen, I'm not mad at you.
I appreciate your past support.
But believe me, the money you send to buy products that are in stock ready to ship to you does not go to those people.
The only people that can shut us down is you.
None of the money that you spend buying products goes to the Democrats and them.
In fact, they don't want to settle, they said.
They want to shut down.
You've seen them on TV.
So we have two to four years.
The average is about two and a half years of appeals, maybe three.
And it's all rigged, who knows what'll happen by then.
We're on the verge of nuclear war.
Staying on air is what matters.
And so, understand that.
I'll be the first person, if we're gonna get shut down, to tell you, I will give you the truth 100% on my soul, on my children, that you've been given nothing but the truth.
I see through a rose colored darkly, I make mistakes, but I'm 99% accurate when it comes to this stuff.
95% when it comes to news.
And people know that, that's why they hate me.
Because there's real people in the universe, folks.
There's not just evil people.
I'm real, okay?
I'm 100% real.
I love being real.
It's everything I am.
So as long as you buy products at InfoWareStore.com that empower you, enrich you, we're gonna stay on air.
It's my identity.
Every dime's going to stay on air.
Because I spend every waking hour trying to focus my soul and my intellect to tell you the truth.
Because let me tell you, it's easy to tell lies.
It's hard to tell the truth.
Because you've got to actually figure out what the truth is.
I sit there and man, I split hairs and I focus and I meditate and I cogitate and I just really give you everything I got.
To really tell you exactly what I think, exactly what I believe.
I am the opposite of CNN and the opposite of ABC and the opposite of Joe Biden.
I am a human that believes in you and believes in God and our children, and I won't sell out for nobody.
In fact, I love fighting evil.
I love not selling out.
I love being real.
It burns in my bones, like Ezekiel said.
They can put a gun to my children's head and I cannot physically, spiritually sell you out.
It is impossible!
I never in any way do anything that is not a hundred percent to take these people down!
So don't feel sorry for me all I've gone through and think I'm some victim.
Oh baby, I'm the opposite.
I want to wage war on these people.
I want in the ring with these people.
And I'm gonna bring them down with God's help.
And I need your help to do it.
The children, they're crying out for people to save them and nobody's coming if we don't listen to the Holy Spirit and if we don't do it.