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Name: 20230204_Sat_AlexJonesLive
Air Date: Feb. 4, 2023
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The next chapter in humanity's fight for liberty starts now at alicejoneslive.com
The most banned man in America, Alex Jones [Music]
I want you all to know something.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
I don't care how you slice it, dice it, flip it up or rub it down.
Alex Jones was right.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax.
Not for a second.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
You are a martyr to the First Amendment.
The government fears Alex Jones.
That's why the globalists hate me is because I'm exposing their corporate worldwide tyranny.
Well, and here we are, a new voyage, a new ship in the fight against tyranny launched in the information war.
Totally separate from InfoWars.
Other backers, other infrastructure, totally different studios.
Studios is the operative word.
So it's Thursday, February 2nd, 2023, and this is my home studio that we started building two years ago.
And that we just got busy, things went on, never completed until about six months ago.
And I've just been sitting on this, where with a limited crew, and sometimes even by myself, I'll be able to come in here and do a broadcast at 6 a.m.
when something's happening, or 3 a.m., or midnight, or 5 p.m.
And so that's what this is all about.
We also have another studio built for roundtable discussions, commercial-free podcasts.
I'm also working with some other folks that have a great studio where they shoot commercials and TV programs here in Austin, where I'm going to be doing big PowerPoint presentations on a 60-foot screen.
That's all set up and ready and unbelievably powerful.
And also at alexjoneslive.com, we're going to be able, I'm able from my phone again,
everybody else has this power, I don't because I'm the most censored man in the world, to
be able to anytime I want on the street or at home or anywhere, go live at alexjoneslive.com.
Now the site right now is totally free and most of it is always going to be free, but the site you see AlexJonesLive.com right now is just some bare bones videos we shot the last few weeks to kind of give you an idea of what's coming.
And then the live show feed right there that it's going to archive is free to everybody.
And we intend to have a lot of the main content free, but listeners have talked about And viewers have talked about how they want to be able to subscribe to build infrastructure.
So we have the money to go to Bilderberg again, or the Demos Group, or the RNC, or the DNC, or big events.
And so we're going back to our roots, and we're launching all these new systems, and then that way we can have a skeleton but hardcore crew of reporters and others that are going to be funded by AlexJonesLive.com.
And so the site's very simple right now.
By design, there's a whole new site.
Once we propagate it with content, I'm going to shoot a PowerPoint next week on the whole future of the New World Order and how to defeat them, a documentary, special reports, so much more.
But what's really, I think, one of the most informative things we do are on-the-ground shoots.
And so a couple days ago, a big cold front hit.
A bunch of trees collapsed from the ice storm with the weight on the trees.
I shot a video going into work.
I shot a video the next day.
I shot a video in the studio.
We put it all together.
That is up at AlexJonesLive.com.
So you're going to see a lot of different things here.
In fact, it's my idea.
I am going to paint once a week on air.
And I'm going to let callers call in.
We'll also take emails and request what you want to see me paint.
And then I'm going to sit here, kind of like Bob Ross.
And I'm going to just paint, boom, in like 10 minutes, oil on canvas or acrylic on canvas, a painting.
I'm also, every episode, whether it's a podcast or whether it's a live stream, news analysis or rant, going to draw a quick doodle, because the crew's noticed over the years during the breaks a lot of times I'm thinking, I'll draw some interesting doodles.
I'm going to be doing that as well here.
It's beyond getting back to our roots.
It's going into the future because I help pioneer podcasting, pioneer radio on TV, pioneer independent journalism.
Everybody knows that.
Unless you're supporting us, help get it all done.
But you are really going to see a lot of new exciting things out of this operation.
Now, we built this because I wanted to be able to do something separate and completely different and then had a very small crew.
Then with all the attempts to shut us down the last few years and all the attacks that are going on, it's more important than ever.
And thanks to the grace of God and how popular freedom is, I want listeners to know I'm going to continue InfoWars.
I'm going to continue Free Speech Systems.
I'm going to continue doing my daily show for three to four hours a day.
Owen Schroer is going to stay on the air and do a great job.
So is Harrison Smith.
But just in case anybody thought I was going away, Two studios in Austin are already set up separate from this one with outside groups, the whole nine yards, advertising, everything lined up.
I've just got to go in and do the shows.
And so if the enemy thinks taking me away from free speech systems and my three, four hours a day, some days it's three, some days it's four, as you know, they do 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., some days it's a guest house.
If anybody thinks they're shutting me down, they're greatly mistaken.
Now, I've got five offers.
But four of them are to leave Austin and move to different parts of the country to be basically one of the big anchors or main pulls for the populist nationalist system that's exploding thanks to all of your work and my work and the crew's work.
And if I have to, I'll go do that.
But the best deals we've been offered, where I can actually have a good-sized crew and reporters and do a lot of things, still want me to be in those cities.
And my parents are in Austin, my crew is in Austin, I'm loyal to them, and I have no intention of doing that.
It's a lot less money, but I don't care.
We'll probably simulcast and do some deals with these folks very, very soon.
I've just got to decide, of the groups that are offering me jobs, which one to take.
If I don't leave him forced, or pre-speech assistance, which I have no intention of doing, I do intend to branch out and do more.
Because everything the enemy does when they get on TV and say, we're suing Alex Jones to silence him, we're suing Alex Jones to get him off the air, we're doing this to make sure he shuts up.
All that does is make me want to work harder and fight harder because they're trying to take my basic birthright of the First Amendment away from me and they're trying to take your birthright away and our children's birthrights.
So, bottom line is it's all fluid.
There's no master plan.
I'm like a dog in a butcher shop.
There are so many opportunities, so many interviews, so many folks that want to hire us, so many people that want us on air because we've been proven right.
We've been vindicated, all of us together.
But I just want to encourage and thank all the InfoWars listeners and viewers that are tuned in right now for your tireless support.
Because what you've done is simply amazing.
And I, from the bottom of my heart, want to thank you again.
So here's a little inside baseball, and I'm going to get to all the news.
And Mike Adams and others are coming up with some big breaking news as well here in just a little while.
And we've got a new Project Veritas bomb that, again, is just the biggest ever that we're going to get to as well.
There's so much tonight.
But there's something about having to break every 10 minutes.
Talk radio has 14 minutes, that's an hour.
There's something about having to break every 10 minutes that is really disconcerting.
And I started out on AXS TV 28 years ago where I could go an hour, two hours, three hours live with no interruptions.
And you really get into deep thought.
Your guests get into deep thought.
Your callers get on air.
They get to say a lot of great things.
And that's really what this is.
I mean, there'll be a few breaks.
There'll be a few ads here and there, but this is going to be the original long-form podcast We've got all these amazing guests that are ready to come to Austin, ready to come on AlexJonesLive.com, and ready to talk to us.
So, this is our small studio.
This is the one in my house.
And we're going to try to get some b-roll of the control room.
It's right next door that only takes one or two people to run it.
They're doing a great job.
And we've also set up a smaller little studio off to the corner of my bedroom where there's a little desk where I can also dial into alexjoneslive.com by myself or as I said over a phone.
And so you're going to see a lot of that because so many times I work, get up at 6 a.m., research, go to work, leave work at 5 o'clock, hang out with the family, eat dinner, whatever, and then I hit the second wind at like 10, 11 at night.
And my best thoughts are happening.
Kind of like in the morning, they have it late at night.
And I'm like, I want to go on air.
But used to I could punch up and do a YouTube, do a Facebook, do a Twitter, millions of views, couldn't do it.
But now, I'll be able to do that direct to AlexJonesLive.com viewers.
But we do need financing to pay for this.
And so for the first few weeks, everything's going to be free at AlexJonesLive.com.
And still, a lot of the content will be free as well, as well as boil downs of what happens.
But for folks that want the complete behind the scenes, and people that want the special events, and people that want the PowerPoints, and people that want the deep analysis, that will be a monthly or yearly subscription so we can finance expanding all of this.
And this is all separate.
This is an Alex Jones operation, me separately doing this.
We again have a lot of other big deals on the table to go do open free radio and TV and not be harassed.
So I started out on AXS TV, moved to talk radio, wanted to bring TV to the internet, wanted to bring talk radio to the internet.
We were able to do that.
And we really pioneered a lot because of your support.
And so now I'm just simply branching out.
You know, they say when you cut up starfish, each piece grows another starfish.
And they say when you cut a head off a hydrant grows two or three more.
And so really that is the process of what is happening here.
And I couldn't have done it without the viewers and listeners.
I couldn't have done it without your support.
But to have the studio in my house, control room, whole nine yards, satellite uplinks, radio uplinks, they're not activated.
I press one button.
And I can do the new Alex Jones Show, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, right here out of this studio.
Or if I got guests, I just walk downstairs to a four-person podcast, classic podcast table like Joe Rogan and others have.
Remember when Joe came to my studios about 15 years ago to see how I was doing podcasting?
He thought, where do I get this?
Where do I do that?
And I'm not bragging.
It's just that we're kind of going back to our roots.
I'm not imitating Joe.
I'm coming back to what, you know, Joe was imitating.
And boom, I just walk down, do my interview there with people, walk right back up to the studio, and that's just one new head of the Hydra that's ready to go.
Two more are ready to go as well, and we've got offers for five other Hydra heads right now.
I just wanted our enemies to know that, and they can... I almost want to dedicate this studio to my stalkers and my haters, because you gave us the energy to do all this, okay?
You're the reason this happened.
But, I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing it, not out of spite, but out of love for my children, and my family, and your children, and your families, because my children are going to grow up in a world with your children.
And I want to salute the viewers and listeners for their support.
So before I hit all the news, and all the analysis, and all the information on this maiden voyage, this very special thing we're doing here tonight, I want to encourage everybody watching or listening to go to AlexJonesLive.com AlexJonesLive.com and all I got to do is put your email in and you're going to get sent in about a week or so.
The site's already built, but I want to propagate it with content, original content.
You're going to get sent a promo code that is a free month on the site.
And for 1776 coin founding member coin purchasers, you're going to get a free year membership because you've been so supportive of the projects we're doing and the other projects that are about to go from being pregnant to being birthed into the world.
You're going to be obviously given exclusive access to that as well.
I'm about six to eight months, a year behind in paying the project, but it's all going down right now.
And so I do this for the love of my family, for the love of you, and I'm very thankful for all of you.
Go to AlexJonesLive.com.
You'll see a few examples, new videos we shot, some other stuff we did.
That's just a small hors d'oeuvre into what's coming.
Just put in your email and you will be sent news alerts when I'm going live here.
Once a day or so, when I shoot a video on the street, so you know what's going on, so you can share it.
And this is really bucking the censors, bucking the system, and letting them know we're not going to be silenced, letting them know we're not going to be taken down, and that humanity is stronger than ever.
And that's really, at the end of the day, what this is all about.
So it's very exciting, to say the least.
And let me tell you, if you saw The studio that we've got access anytime we want to with a whole crew of amazing people in Austin with a 50 or 60 foot, I forget, screen where they shoot major commercials, TV programs, you name it, where I'm going to do these PowerPoints.
It's easy for me to do.
I do research.
I get 20, 30 articles together, a few video clips.
I put a few diagrams together, but then I get up there with a live microphone and I break it all down.
I go over all of it.
It's going to be incredible.
So look for all of that.
My point is, I told my wife when I was getting remarried six years ago in Hawaii, she was pregnant with my youngest daughter.
I told her, I said, she says, what do you plan for the future?
And she wasn't trying to get me to quit.
She could just see it was killing me how obsessed I was.
And I said, honey, I planned in five years to wind this down and have Owen Schroer and a new group of reporters take over.
And then I want to do once a week podcasts and write a book once a year.
And I want to really focus on future knowledge and what's coming in the future instead of just covering what happened in the past and what's happening currently.
Because our real forte is the future.
She said, I think that's a great idea.
So I would have already been off the scene.
I would have already been off basically in the wilderness just trying to get basic analysis.
But the enemy saw us as such a threat, energizing populism, energizing freedom.
And having such an effect on the general public to get them to take action, not just because of my own talents or skill, which is nothing, but because of our audience taking action, you're the real talent, that we really have a responsibility to do this.
Because I'm 48, I'll be 49 next week, and I feel like I'm 10 years old, I feel like I'm 18 years old, but I feel mentally sometimes with just the knowledge of a thousand years old.
But the truth is, I'm never going to quit.
I'm never going to go away.
In fact, even if they wouldn't have attacked me and tried to shut me down, I would still be here.
But because we are now reaching such critical mass and people recognize that 9 times out of 10, we were the fulcrum point or the progenitors or the fountainhead of the main resistance, I just cannot stop full power.
And so even though it's not good for me physically, and even though at the end of the day, it'd be probably better for me in my own personal life to not go 110%.
I'm going 150,000%.
And everybody's got that commitment right now.
And I am so energized.
And the crew realizes it.
I can feel it.
They're energized as well.
And there's just something about total commitment to something that takes everybody to the next level.
So I'm extremely honored to be here with you.
And I'm extremely honored to be launching this voyage with you.
And so in the future, you're not going to hear big pontifications for 15 minutes about why I'm doing it and who I am and what we're doing.
But this is really a big deal because you get set with your studio, set with your crew, set with your operation, who I'm totally loyal to and are awesome.
But to go out with new people and new organizations and new crew and new operations and to set up something completely organic And to strike out with something that's so new is exciting.
And so I can tell you, this is just the beginning, ladies and gentlemen.
This is just the beginning that you're seeing right now.
And it all starts at AlexJonesLive.com.
I want to be again, 100% crystal clear.
InfoWars isn't going away.
This is going to make InfoWars.com and Bandot Video and everything they do over there and everything I'm involved with over there That much stronger because that's my family.
That's the most effective organization in the world.
That is the incredible thing.
But organizations like Free Speech Systems and what we've done have to give birth to new entities and new organizations and new systems.
And so that is what we are doing.
And it's very, very exciting.
I'm going to leave it at that.
If you think what you've seen in Free Speech Systems is impressive, The studios, the crew, all the equipment, all the guests.
It's amazing.
Something that dwarfs that is almost complete.
And I don't run it.
I don't control it.
It's not mine.
And it's free and clear.
And it's got a lineup of incredible talk show hosts and individuals and people ready to go.
And it's exciting.
And that's just one of the opportunities.
So here's the big news.
This is a thousand times bigger than InfoWars.
That's a conservative number.
Hell, a billion times I think about it.
There's 8 billion people.
The way the globalists hit us with a bioweapon, the way they brainwashed and propagandized and hurt people has pissed off a lot of folks and made a lot of people that are very serious angry.
And so, you're seeing all these new, incredibly well-spoken, smart, passionate, amazing people that your soul resonates with, like the Drew Hernandez's of the world.
Not just the old school guys that woke up, like Tucker Carlson, who's amazing, or the Joe Rogan's waking up.
There are so... or the Charlie Kirk's that's kicking ass.
Or the Steve Bannon's.
I mean, there are hundreds of incredible people now.
The Jack Posubics of the world.
The list goes on and on.
And now I'm seeing all these new people come along that are just as eloquent out of the gates.
And so my mission has always been to make myself obsolete.
My mission has always been to expose the globalist paradigm, expose their tricks, expose their operations, hurt them so bad and create such a groundswell of understanding that I can just go, okay, I've served my 28 tours, 28 years, 28 tours in the info war.
I can step back now and watch those that I helped wake up and those I inspired destroy the enemy.
But I got a feeling.
I got a real serious feeling here.
That's one thing we got to get in the studio is a wireless headset because this damn thing keeps falling out here.
No big deal.
It's going to be ragtag again.
But the issue I'm getting at is, is that, is that we are, we are reaching an absolute total critical mass right now.
And you see it, I see it, on the poison shots, on the open borders, on the pedophile rings, on the New World Order, on the energy attacks, on the attempts to shut down our farmers and our small industries and our auto mechanics.
I mean, the people are finally going, whoa, I'm really in a fight.
And you know, that's the thing about bullies.
They always think when they're threatening you in class or threatening you in the cafeteria when you're in junior high or high school, you're scared of them.
And you're not looking for trouble.
You're not looking for a fight.
You try to get on the bus.
And here comes a bully and they punch you in the head.
And there's something about that moment they do that.
Everything slows down.
You just reach up in slow motion and grab their head and start bouncing it in the concrete.
And the problem is you go too far and you kill them.
We don't want to do that.
We just want to get them off of us.
So just slam their head in the bus once.
Just like, oh, you know what?
How's that feel?
How's it felt to get hurt like you want to hurt me?
Because you think messing with us intimidates us.
You think as bullies, getting in our face and harassing us does something.
And all it does is make us think about how bad we're going to get you off our back.
So make no mistake and understand that humanity is rising.
And if you think the old Alex Jones was dangerous to the New World Order, if you thought the old Alex Jones had your number, I have been taking a lot of time off and I've been meditating on how to skin you non-violently, politically alive.
And I'm going to do it with my listeners and my viewers and God's help.
All right, I just ran in for 22 minutes.
I'm going to go to some of these special reports and then I'm going to return on the other side and plow through the news and then Mike Adams is going to be joining us, but I intend for this to be long form.
A lot of times I'm going to come in here with only three articles and I'm going to read the whole thing and give analysis.
Or I'm going to come in here with a special guest and do an hour plus commercial free like I've been doing on Saturdays over at InfoWars.
So this is very, very, very, very exciting what we're doing.
But I wanted to just talk about the maiden voyage of Alex Jones Live that is just the thing we had set up.
I mean, this was getting built two years ago.
And it just sat here and my wife's like, what is all this doing in the house?
What, why have you taken over half the house?
Why aren't you doing your show?
She's like, why don't you quit InfoWars and just do this?
And I'm like, honey, honey, I'm gonna do it.
But there's a really exciting thing about being able to just walk out of here
and see my family 50 feet away.
And so just look out folks, this is coming from Alex Jones' house,
from Alex Jones' castle, from Alex Jones' keep.
And this is just, again, the first thing we had in the hopper waiting.
And so I thought, well, all this other stuff's ready.
This badass studio with a 50, 60-foot screen, and all this incredible crew, and this big studio that's done, and this other stuff, and all is ready.
But I said, no, let's do it out of the house first.
And that's what Alex Jones Live is.
So you want more Alex Jones, look out, you're going to get it.
Sometimes I'm a little sick of myself, but here we go.
All right.
There's big Project Veritas breaking news where the Pfizer director of MRNA, who isn't even a doctor, we now learn, never got his license, never got his residency, just like Borla, it's who they hire.
He used to do like delivery of like, uh, French Bulldogs being born.
And we've now learned that Pfizer hires a bunch of veterinarians and nurses and Nothing against nurses.
And just puts them in white lab coats and says, I'M THE TOP SCIENTIST!
But the real globalist, Pentagon, New World Order scientist actually created it.
But they need a bunch of idiots who aren't even really scientists, or doctors, so they'll be conned.
So in the latest drop, the first ones were last week, people couldn't think it was real, it was too unbelievable, broke last week.
Then they had the video of him freaking out on the head of Project Veritas, James O'Keefe.
Well now they've released the third drop, with their director, Jordan Tristan Walker, talks about how women are having bad miscarriages or women are having bad menstrual cycles.
And look, that's in all the studies.
That's the New England Medical Journal.
We already know all of that.
But the fact is, this shows that they're completely conscious of it all.
So I want to air that report, and then I want to come back from break Because I want to cover both these topics.
I want to air these back-to-back.
I want to air the Pfizer director concerned over women's reproductive health.
Then I want to air Paul Joseph Watson on Jordan Peterson calling for regime change in Iran.
Because both those go together.
It's all about depopulation.
Then I'm going to hit the Pentagon plan for mass mind control.
There's another PJW article I'm going to send you about or video about Uh, the new chat GPT breakthrough of AI, but I've got that article.
Also, people say, do you like Trump?
You like DeSantis?
I don't trust either one of them.
I've got big concerns about both of them, but right now I just got to be honest.
If you want to ask me who I think's in the lead of the lesser of evils, and I'm not a lesser of evils guys, but that's how you judge it.
I would say it's DeSantis because he's not just talking.
About stopping the mutilation of children like Trump's doing.
He's actually doing it and Trump's kind of puppy-dogging along behind him.
And look, I hope Trump jumps way ahead of DeSantis.
The difference is he's not in office.
He allowed the election to be stolen from him.
And he's going along with the poison shots.
So he's trying to point out, well, the DeSantis was for the poison shots early on too.
Well, yeah, he followed your lead, Trump, but before you, he came out against him.
So pointing out that DeSantis was for the shots early on, but came out against him early against it, that, that doesn't hold water, Trump.
And we have memories and it's not about attacking Trump.
I know he's under massive attack.
I want to support Trump.
I don't think he's bad at the end of the day.
He's ignorant.
But at the same time, I mean, I cannot sit here and say that he's better than the Santas, though he's speaking out against World War III.
And we're not seeing that out of DeSantis, so DeSantis kind of has that neocon connection.
So again, I start saying I'm more for DeSantis, but then I'm more for Trump.
It's a debate we'll have to have, and the great part about this new system is we can take phone calls in here.
Now, I can bring the phone board up here.
The only issue is it'll kind of be fun.
Thank God it's subscription.
It won't be on a bunch of radio and TV stations at first, because I'm going to be taking these calls live on air.
Which is like AXS TV.
It'll be like, F you Alex Jones!
Or prank calls, everything.
I don't care.
It's going to be great.
Because we never really screen your main calls anyways.
We just ask, is your call clean?
Where are you calling from?
And what's your topic?
But the trolls think it's screened, so they won't call in.
But once they realize Alex Jones is on air and they're just going straight through live, it's going to be a circus.
They're going to have the clips on Twitter and Facebook.
Oh, look, we got him.
We did this.
But really, I want to go back to my roots 28 years ago on AXS TV.
And it won't just be that.
It's going to be so many things.
You can tell I'm excited.
I feel so good being in a studio.
I love the Infor Studio.
But when you've been in a studio 14 years, 15 years like that one, And on air 28 years, 26 years in that time slot, it just, it's not as exciting.
So that's why I'm so excited about AlexJonesLive.com and so appreciative.
And yeah, if Ellen wants to do another show here, he's welcome.
But this is my house, so who knows what's to drive over here and do at my house.
The great news is this system, he can go live from his house on AlexJonesLive.com.
We'll probably create an Owens section where he can go live on there.
It's got all these great functions.
And Harrison Smith and everybody else.
So who knows, a lot of the folks over at Band.Video will probably want AlexJonesLive.com pages as well, because it's going to get a lot of traction.
It's going to get a lot of viewers.
It's going to get a lot of listeners, because I'm going to do all these big interviews and tell folks about AlexJonesLive.com.
I've been going 28 minutes now of ranting.
Let's go to these two important reports.
First, Pfizer director from Project Veritas, concerned for women's reproductive health.
And then PJW, Jordan Peterson, calls for a regime change in Iran.
We're going to come back.
I'm going to race through some important news and other clips.
And I'm going to shove about this new operation that I'm so excited about.
And then Mike Adams only calls like once a month.
And when he calls and wants on, he gets on.
So he's on my main InfoWars show tomorrow at noon.
But he's going to give us a little prelude On some big breaking news.
I'm going to leave it at that, but that is 30 minutes away with Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com, the one and only health ranger.
So here's the great... By the way, I give him a lot of credit.
I give Charles a lot of credit.
But I got to say, when it comes to investigative journalism and on the ground muckraking, Nobody in the patriot movement even gets close, and nobody in history gets as close to what Project Veritas has done.
And we kind of get punch drunk and don't appreciate a prophet in our own time.
I'm not saying James will keep his prophet, but that's that saying in the Bible.
A prophet's not known in his own land.
Or a prophet's not known in his own time.
An artist isn't known in his own time.
There's different sayings.
We all know it's true.
That's why it's a cliché.
But I mean, damn am I honored to know that guy and have dinner with him and hang out with him.
Is that, is his whole crew not Giant brass gorilla elephant testicles.
I mean, it is just, I mean, I don't give a rat's ass that I've hung out at a party with Brad Pitt or hung out at a party and had dinner with Sean Penn or had a bunch of those people.
They were literally a mile wide at HD.
But I do get excited.
When I've got a Dr. Michael Yeadon on, the former head of Pfizer vaccine program, saying it's a mass murder program and we're going to save millions of lives.
I mean, that's a real hero.
That's exciting.
That's incredible.
That's a big victory for us.
And so.
Whether it's a mom that stands up to the school board teaching critical race theory or drag queen pedo time, or whether it's Dr. Michael Yeadon, or whether it's Tucker Carlson, or whether it's my crew or just an average caller, I love you and you're incredible and you've heard the caliber of callers on InfoWars.
We always have great callers, but some folks are home, you know, they're in the day off work, drinking some beers, sometimes they're drunk, whatever the hell sometimes I am, but man, the callers are always amazing.
There's always amazing ones in there.
The last couple weeks, they've all just been like super platinum, quadruple diamond, whatever you want.
I mean, this is an awakening happening.
It's a fight happening.
As I've always said, the globalists, I don't know how all this is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
Here are these reports.
We'll be right back.
Something irregular about their menstrual cycle, so we will have to investigate that down the line.
Because that is a little concerning.
It actually shouldn't be interfering with that, so we don't really have to spend... It shouldn't?
It shouldn't, no.
But is it?
There's something happening, but we don't always figure it out.
Well, I mean, you're a urologist, so you must understand, like, what's going on with it, right?
So that's why I never said that it's weird.
I hope we don't find out that, like, somehow this mRNA, like, lingers in the body.
I mean, like, it has to be impacting something hormonal.
Does it impact menstrual cycles?
Yeah, or, like, the entire generation is, like, super fucked up.
Could you imagine the scandal?
Oh my god.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
I mean, I take 5-0 off my resume.
So, tell me more, like, So, tell me more, like,
what's developing with the whole, you know, virus mutation process?
what's developing with the whole, you know, virus mutation process?
Well, they're still kind of conducting the experiments on it, but, uh, it seems like from what I've heard, they're kind of optimizing it, but they're going slow, everyone's very cautious, like, you know.
Obviously they don't want to kind of accelerate it too much.
Um, but I think they're also just trying to do it as an exploratory thing, because you obviously don't want to advertise that you're trying to figure out future mutations.
How would the research study be delayed for COVID stuff?
Like, Well, not for COVID specifically, so like now we're basically focusing on mRNA beyond COVID.
So quite a lot of our forward-looking research studies gotta make sure they're on track and things like that.
So what is RNA gonna be used for in the future?
Uh, watch this up, but I can't tell you, because the camera's... Wait, why not?
Come on, I feel like, I feel like there's, you know, it's just gonna be like, what, for flu?
It'll be for other things, too.
There's a whole list of things we're developing it for.
Not just for viruses.
We're applying it for oncology.
I'm less certain about the oncology prospects, but we're doing it for gene editing.
For photos to move beyond, at least internally, our focus there is to move beyond COVID.
Now they have a dedicated COVID emergency unit that just speaks out on that.
And so the company has folks on like, okay, now where are we going to use this technology in the future?
Because that's what we, the rest is coming out now.
Like, no one gives a shit about COVID.
Like, is Pfizer going to be held liable for like any of these vaccine injuries that have happened?
Uh, I don't really saw a goal.
Because usually when you give drugs, people think it's like a known side effect.
Um, it's like this, it's included and like that thing is legal, but it could be.
I mean, like, there are like lots of people who are like, BIOCS and heart attacks.
But that wasn't, that wasn't for us.
That was another pharma company.
But they still have to do like a monitoring for it over time.
So, there hasn't been like any problems so far.
We'll see.
Uh, like in the next several years if anything comes up.
If anything comes up.
I'm hoping it won't, obviously.
Hope nobody's growing three legs or something like that, right?
Yeah, or like the entire next generation is like super fucked up.
Could you imagine the scandal?
Oh my god.
I mean, I take Pfizer off my resume every day.
I was telling you earlier about their menstrual cycle, so people will have to investigate that down the line.
Because that is a little concerning.
Because like, if you think about the science, like it shouldn't be interacting with like, you know, that Uh, it's called like, uh, hypothalamus, atherosclerosis, and gonadal axis.
Like, you know, the hormones are like, they're misaligned and things like that?
And the axon shouldn't be interfering with that, so we don't really know.
It shouldn't?
It shouldn't, no.
But is it?
There's something happening, but we don't know if we're gonna...
Well, I mean, you're a urologist.
You must understand, like, what's going on with it, right?
Like... Well, that's why I never said that it's weird.
I mean, I've heard that, you know?
Like, just mental cycles and... I don't know what's going on there, I just...
And we don't discover something really bad from that one.
And we don't find out that somehow this mRNA is losing the body.
It has to be impacting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.
So somehow the vaccines must be interacting with that axis signal, the HPG axis, to cause these hormones in menstrual cycles.
The HPG axis?
Yeah, it goes like the hypothalamus, pituitary, and then gonads, these signals.
So the HPG axis is why the fertility problems are happening?
Yeah, because they control the cycles.
So like, if anything is impacting that, it must be impacting these hormones?
I don't know.
But then we need to figure out, like, how are they affecting the hormones?
Because, like, the signaling starts in, like, the brain, right?
And the vaccine doesn't cause the problems.
I will do.
I mean, I will say, like, if it does come down a line with something wrong with the vaccine, obviously people will, like, criticize, like, the big push.
There's a lot of social pressure, there's a lot of pressure, you know, all pressure to get the vaccine.
Like, I have to be pressured, otherwise I would have gotten fired, right?
And if something were to happen downstream, and it was like completely bad, I think it would...
I mean, the scale of that scandal would be like, enormous.
Jordan Peterson has called for the West to embark on...
Regime change in Iran.
Err... Misogyny or something.
If any of you have been particularly taken by this story today, you know, you could always put pen to paper and write your congressman or your senator or...
And let them know that you're not all that happy about the situation in Iran and that if the politicians got their act together and were stalwart in their opposition to this fundamentalist, totalitarian, misogynistic, brutal regime, that maybe it could be pushed over and that would be a nice object lesson to totalitarian tyrants everywhere in the world.
Marvellous idea!
Just have the US military-industrial complex overthrow a foreign government by force to spread Western liberal values around the Middle East.
A remarkably novel idea that's never been tried before and is sure to be a resounding success.
Michael Tracy called him out on it.
Jordan Peterson calls on the West to get their act together and overthrow the Iranian government in the name of opposing misogyny.
Apparently Jordan Peterson is one of those guys who should just stay embroiled in pronoun controversies.
Peterson hit back with this.
I read this a couple of times and failed to understand your point.
Is this pro-Iranian theocracy comment?
Or is it somehow about what I hypothetically think about women?
Care to clarify?
Basically saying if you disagree with regime change in Iran, you support the totalitarian Iranian government, or you hate women.
Yeah, bit of a shitty comeback, Jordan, that, isn't it?
That's an argument you routinely complain about when it's done to you.
So what you're saying is you're pro-Iranian theocracy?
Tracy hit back with this.
Sure, happy to clarify.
You're calling for US intervention to topple a foreign government, also known as regime change, which is probably the most reliably insane thing the US government ever does.
And you frame it as some sort of great moral crusade to impose gender equality.
Mike Cernovich also went in hard accusing Peterson of being a pied piper.
Showing his true agenda in leftism, Jordan uses, Critics noted that Peterson's been getting very cosy with the Israeli government since he was hired by Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire.
Now I'm fully aware of not falling into that obnoxious trap of demanding everyone, quote, has all the same opinions.
But Peterson's had some well dodgy takes of late.
His emotionally incontinent inability to avoid getting irrationally angry over mean comments on his YouTube videos
has led him to call repeatedly for an end to internet anonymity.
Because anybody can post anything about anyone, no matter how denigrating and derisive.
Especially if they do it anonymously.
And there's zero consequence.
In fact, quite the opposite.
If they're good at it, they get a lot of attention, and the social media companies will monetize it.
And so not only is it not inhibited, It's actually facilitated.
An agenda elitist technocrats are also pushing under the umbrella of digital ID and central bank digital currencies.
And come on, Peterson must know why people want to maintain their anonymity, to remain employed, to protect their family, to not be targeted by the same psycho very online mobs that Peterson supposedly opposes.
He was also very squishy on masks and the old jib jab early on when he said this.
You know, I'm wearing the masks when I'm required to.
Get the damn vaccine.
Let's get the hell over this.
So that's three pretty big issues, isn't it?
Digital ID, neoliberal interventionist invasions, and the old jibby jab.
Where in every case, he's come down on the wrong side.
So you can't expect me to give him a free pass just because he's Jordan Peterson.
He needs to be called out.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
The next chapter in humanity's fight for liberty starts now at alicejoneslive.com
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It's a criminal news network that works as a racketeering crime syndicate to openly shut down my media operations and other people's media operations.
Alex Jones obviously is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose brand is bullying.
You didn't call me to testify in America.
I have a right to face my accusers.
And you, Congressman Deutch, are a liar and a fraud.
You are a charlatan that goes around lying about people who destroyed the First Amendment.
I haven't lied about anyone, Alex.
Yes, you are a congenital liar.
Paul, as well.
Why do you hate the First Amendment so much?
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All right, I'm going to hit a bunch of this big breaking news and analysis.
The head of Mike Adams with big breaking news joining us here in about 20 minutes.
But I'm not a big wine drinker or a champagne drinker, but when something special happens, I tend to buy a bottle of champagne, an expensive nice bottle of French champagne, because all real champagne is French, and have one and then put another away.
During the break, I thought, wait a minute, in my office, in a cabinet, I have, I didn't have time to chill, but it won't matter, because the house is already pretty cold.
I like it cold.
It's cold weather here, so it's probably about 60 degrees.
I have a bottle of Dom Perignon that I bought when my five-and-a-half-year-old daughter was born.
And we're giving birth to something new here, AlexJonesLive.com.
Everything else is going to come out of that.
It's like InfoWars is going to be huge.
This is going to be huge as well.
If we do a good job and cover the real news and break major stories and get back on the road and if you support it and promote it.
So to all the viewers and all the listeners and to the crew and all the people that have made this possible and this maiden voyage, it's important as you launch a new ship to christen it.
And so I dedicate this new transmission and this new platform To freedom, and to God, and to the family, and to the free expression of our ideas, and to everybody that's gone before us that paid such extreme sacrifices that we can be here today because we stand on their shoulders.
And to all the viewers and listeners that have prayed for us, that have spread the word
and have financially supported us, this is a toast to all of you right now from deep
in the heart of Texas.
And guys, as soon as I'm done with this, I got an ice machine in my kitchen.
Will you go, uh, shove this in there so we can, so you guys can have a little bit when the show's over in an hour and 15 minutes.
Hopefully you guys will, uh, join me in a toast.
So I'm going to put this over here.
Maybe one of the two folks that are here can take it and shove it.
Into the ice so that we can all enjoy a little bit of this together.
But here's my toast to all of you.
It's like I toasted when Trump got elected.
It was a major round of the globe.
This was a total victory, but it certainly freaked him out.
Well, we're this isn't going to save the world.
the show is going to save the world, but our resistance collectively with God looking on will.
Here's the freedom here is to the survivors.
We only have to survive the New World Order.
They'll be destroyed and we will inherit the Earth.
So I salute you all.
Man, that's good.
Wow, it's not hype.
Darn, I could start drinking that.
So here's to all of you.
All right, let's get in the meat and potatoes right now.
Mike Adams is joining us to talk about "You Will Eat the Bugs."
It's funny how the last five years, accelerating the last few years,
last few months really, to a crescendo, it was a new leftist sacrament. Oh, don't just wear your
mask. Don't just take your poison shots. Don't just support all the wars. Don't just support
pedophilia, but eat bugs to save the earth. Even though the shell of bugs, the chitin,
in every major study cannot be digested by humans and causes all sorts of arthritic issues.
In fact, a bunch of the studies predict, or basically project, that someone eating even 5%
bug diet will develop cancer faster than someone smoking two packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day.
Look that up. Now, I'll be completely honest.
Look at the studies.
Grubs are the larval stage of beetles and a lot of other species.
Grubs, and there's actually in history, humans do eat grubs.
You'll see in Africa where they split open a tree and get a big old fat beetle grub and eat it.
There's no chitin in that, other than the head.
And you'll watch the Africans when they eat it, or other cultures, they eat the big grub, maybe somebody can pull up a grub, and they don't eat the head, because that's the hard cancerous shell.
Nobody told them it was cancer, at least it didn't taste good, we're not designed to eat it.
Alright, this is the hyperdeck.
So they do eat grubs.
They were going fishing with grandpa or grandma and in the spring they dig over by the side of the bank and they find June bug larvae.
They're about an inch long, all white and gross.
The fish love them.
But they don't have the hard shell.
They haven't grown the exoskeleton yet that is toxic.
But if it's a grasshopper, Or it's basically any other bug out there, like a cricket that they're wanting you to eat, that shell is extremely poisonous and extremely toxic.
And now, like they flipped the light switch, all over the world governments are saying you will eat the bugs, showing you that's part of the overall globalist plan.
Canadian snack foods now made with crickets as primary ingredient.
And flip the switch.
New EU law allows house crickets in food products.
We're talking about some big discoveries with the microscopes and spectrometers and other devices that they've discovered what's already in your food.
The bugs are already in a lot of the processed foods here in America.
Mike Adams is coming up here in just a few minutes to cover all of that with us.
But let's go ahead now and get into World War Three.
Putin is, and I don't just believe the sun, Putin has made all the noises and basically said, by or around the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion on February 24th, of last year coming up here in only 22 days, or 21 days,
depending on what time zone you're in, that they're going to send in at least 500,000 to 700,000
And the Pentagon says it looks more like 700,000 troops.
And so, yeah, the Pentagon's got drones, they got weapons, they got Green Berets over there
helping the Ukrainians, but they're not going to be able to back off this onslaught.
And the tanks aren't getting there on time.
And so now NATO is talking about giving nuclear weapons or atomic tactical weapons to the Ukrainians.
We're going to have an overhead shot.
I'll show you this.
How Putin is preparing massive assault with 500,000 men on two fronts, and Ukraine think they know the exact date, which is the last invasion date.
I would imagine if the Russians have any military strategy that they're going to launch early or later now.
Ukrainians think it's on that date, but who knows, because of the symbolism, they may launch on that very date.
Russia warns it will gain world attention on Ukraine invasion anniversary in days.
As two front blitz and the Russian military defense ministry did say they're planning something big on that day.
Continuing, Ukraine on the verge of collapse, retired army colonel says Russia close to winning.
You know, I think that retired colonel Douglas McGregor is a smart guy.
But he said the Russians were going to win in just a few weeks.
And I said, well, they may, but if they don't, it's going to go on for years.
And the Pentagon thinks it's going to go on for years.
But there's no doubt Ukraine's collapsed.
But it doesn't matter, because Western money's being pumped in to keep the war going.
Just because a civilization collapses doesn't mean that a war is not going to continue on.
Now, speaking of war, there is a major war on for our minds that is taking place.
You'll soon be able to talk to dead relatives in the metaverse after chat GPT breakthrough.
Now how many times have I harped on this?
That transhumanism isn't just about merging with machines or being a cyborg or getting a new body.
It's about the government and the corporations claiming that a machine can capture the soul.
It can record your voice, record your habits, it can mimic your even genetics, but does it have that essence that's passed on through all the previous generations?
Does it have that connection inter-dimensionally that's been proven by equations and research that shows there's something inhabiting your body that is transcendental or Beyond time and space.
And that's certainly there, but we know they want to then say, oh, you got to die.
You're sick, but your body will be uploaded.
Then the government and the corporations, the big tech will own your voice, own your likeness and claim, oh, well, two men can have a baby.
You know, two plus two, click whatever we want.
That's really a real person.
And guess what?
Just like a corporation can have rights, even though it's not alive, they're now saying these new facsimiles of you that are recorded by the AI grabbing up all your data is actually you.
And now that digital facsimile can be in a robot body, can be put in a physical flesh body, a biological body, and they're saying it's going to have rights.
And I got to say, I called this first over 25 years ago just because I researched them and know where they're going.
That is a big, big deal.
And they're saying that it can write articles, it can control politics, it can make decisions.
But really, it's already a pre-programmed response that the globalists want, so it's their Trojan horse.
It is not independent.
And then, of course, we have this report.
Scientists inject fish with alligator DNA to create mutant creatures that live longer.
So just think, you're living in the madhouse of the island of Dr. Maru here, and these people are playing God on every level.
Speaking of playing God, everything in our universe is male and female.
Locks and keys, ACDC, the currents, the whole way the planet operates.
But you have Bill Nye the Science Guy, famously in the 90s doing a show on X and Y chromosomes, male and female chromosomes.
pulling that a few years ago because you're not allowed to say men are men, women are women.
But now the left, there's a big article on Infowars.com, is triggered by old Mr. Rogers
boys are boys, girls are girls clips. And then another clip we're going to play right after it
of him on a nightly show, a nightly late night comedy show, saying, "Well, children can be
confused when they're young. It's important not to confuse them."
Because psychologists knew this early on, they would have some identity issues as they went into puberty, not understanding what it meant to be male, what it meant to be female.
So instead of that critical juncture guiding them into what they are, the system is there trying to make that decision for them.
So it's truly diabolical.
So here are clip four and five, back to back.
Now, what's the second version?
Boys are boys from the beginning.
Girls are girls right from the start.
Everybody's fancy.
Everybody's fine.
Your buddy's fancy and so is mine.
Because sometimes children think that they might change.
They might have to change after a while.
And, you know, we laugh about that now.
But it's because we had that concern when we were little.
Yeah, because you're really not sure.
You thought maybe you'd become a girl or a girl would become a boy, right?
Boys are boys from the beginning.
If you were born a boy, you stay a boy.
Girls are girls right from the start.
If you were born a girl, you stay a girl and grow up to be a lady.
Only girls can be the mommies.
Only boys can be the daddies.
So, think of the authoritarian, mind-control hellscape we've entered.
We're not getting into a cult.
articles right here you're going to read about it. They're pulling the clip off TikTok, off
Facebook, off you name it, and saying it shouldn't be allowed, they want to destroy it. We're
not getting into a cult. We are deeply, deeply, deeply into a cult. And by the way, I want
to say something about the skeleton crew we have.
This is our maiden voyage here with a live show hooked into all these other networks and systems.
The crew is doing a fabulous job.
I can hear them like a pack of hyenas and they're mad that they got to a clip three seconds late.
They're figuring out this whole new system.
It's designed for just a few people to run it.
They are doing an incredible job.
So a round of applause for the crew, ladies and gentlemen.
Believe me, I used to be on AXS TV the first few years by myself in the control room with a camera, with all the switchers, and then we'd go live, a countdown on the clock, and boom, I was on TV for an hour, two, three hours, and I got to where I loved it, and the listeners loved The screw-ups and things I engaged in.
And that's what's exciting about AlexJonesLive.com.
It's all hooked up.
We're from my desktop in my bedroom or from my phone.
I'm going to be able to go live whenever I want.
In fact, today, earlier, We put up a video that was a composite of me testing the system, uploading the videos when nobody was on AlexJonesLive.com and I had the crew kind of put those three videos together where I show the ice storm and what's happening in Austin and show how the left doesn't know how to drive on ice and just how they're domesticated.
That video is now at AlexJonesLive.com.
If you just scroll down, you can see the videos there.
And like I said, in about a week or so, you'll see the actual site.
This is just a pre-launch site.
the new site is ready, but I wanted it to be very plain Jane, very simple, so that everybody
that's watching at alexjoneslive.com just puts in your email, and in about a week or so,
you are going to get an email saying, "Here's your free membership to alexjoneslive.com
with this promo code."
And then for everybody else, we're gonna have subscriptions for one month or a year, and we're gonna have, again,
constant new content, and I think the most popular thing is gonna be the podcast roundtable discussions
in the studio, just about 30 feet from me, that's set for four people, and we're also, again,
gonna have all these other things we do.
And we're just tipping, we're just sticking our toe a little bit into these waters right now.
And we're finally doing it.
I was always a man of action and blessed to do that.
I've done so much.
But InfoWars is, you know, quite the operation.
It becomes the main focus, but it feels so good to be in a new studio.
So good to be doing all of this.
And again, we're not getting rid of InfoWars.
It's going to be there.
It's going to be stronger than ever.
But I just want all our enemies to know that three new studios in Austin, this is the one in my house.
The others aren't even my studios or groups.
And five other deals right now.
In case anybody thinks you're going to shut us down or silence us, all you're going to do is get us to intensify our free speech.
Because you've seen the Democratic Party and all of them saying, we want him off the air.
Our goal is to get him off the air.
And that's why they pulled out all the stops, the dirty tricks, the CIA, this information, the hack attacks, all of it.
And believe me, it doesn't make me want to go away.
It makes me want to fight harder.
But I can't do it without the viewers and listeners.
I can't do it without your support, and that's why all of you out there supporting InfoWars.com, getting the great products, InfoWarsTore.com, but also spreading the word about, hey, Alex Jones launched a new platform.
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What do you think of this guy?
You know, he ought to shut up and just take the shots.
You ought to just shut up and eat those crickets.
In fact, you ought to call yourself the cricket man and say, I hate that Alex Jones.
You ought to eat crickets.
You ought to support pedophilia.
Nobody should go to AlexJonesLive.com.
They should shut that damn site down right now.
So, that's what it's all about.
And like I said, this studio was being built two years ago.
It's been done for about a year.
But then...
I said, I want it hooked up to the satellites.
I want it hooked up to the radio stations.
I want it hooked up to all the servers.
I want it hooked up to everything.
So just in case, I need to just, you know, if a plane was to crash at Infowars headquarters, or a lightning bolt, or an act of God, Or whatever happens, or a clown car full of explosives was driving to it, we will still have a place to do the show.
And then, God forbid, a plane crashes into this, we've got two more places.
It's just, it's so crazy how I think what's about to happen is I'm going to start doing three shows a day, and then I'm going to do a bunch of other shows.
In fact, I went ahead and pulled the trigger this week because they've got these groups that call up, these PR firms that want you on all these shows, and I've been cutting them back to like 10 a week.
And I just said, you know, they've wanted me to shut up so bad.
I said, go ahead and hit me.
I'll do 20 interviews a week.
So now I'm going to run real hard for a few weeks and then take off a few days because I never used to run hard all the time.
I've learned I can like take off a few days, like an engine, let it cool off and run it even harder the next time.
So I'm learning to gauge this, learning to do this.
But without further ado, I am so incredibly honored to have one of the smartest, most amazing, most dynamic, influential, informative people that is ahead of the curve by light years and is awakening humanity and has just been devastating the enemy.
I've known him almost 15 years.
And I was sitting here a few days ago thinking, all right, I'm finally going to launch alexjoneslive.com.
There's so much behind this.
This is just my little home studio here.
Who do I want on who I most respect as the first guest?
And the days went by, I didn't think about it.
I thought, oh, it's Mike Adams.
I called him.
He came on.
He's coming on my main InfoWars show tomorrow to break huge news.
So the first interview on AlexJonesLive.com is with the great health ranger, Mike Adams.
And he's so polite.
He knows I'm a big mouth.
He shuts up and he lets me talk.
You're going to host for 10 minutes, compadre.
I don't want you to get it all out right now.
And then you're going to be on the show tomorrow, but I love you.
But first off, what do you think of Alex Jones Live?
Well, first of all, I'm honored.
Thank you for inviting me and happy to be here.
I love the look of the studio.
I think it's an incredible idea.
I love it.
You've got redundancy, you know, like you said, in case something happens.
And it gives you a different kind of freedom, a different kind of vibe to talk in a more casual manner.
Which, you know, again, your show is never scripted anyway.
There's no teleprompters.
Nobody tells you or any of us what to say.
But this is a more relaxed kind of attitude, so I think it's going to be great.
I look forward to joining you from time to time.
We'll have some fun with it.
All right, my friend.
You're always breaking cutting-edge news.
Before you get into the box, I mean, you said on my show a year ago, the dam is broken, they're done, it's all going to come out.
I agree with you, it happened.
Now, the rats are just jumping off the burning, sinking ship.
It's not just sinking, it's on fire and exploding.
Spend a few minutes on, if you would, On the COVID news coming out, and the scientists coming out, and the FDA head of the vaccine board coming out, and where you think that's going, and then let's talk about the big bug story that you're going to be breaking tomorrow.
Okay, yeah.
I'll be joining you in studio tomorrow, and we'll cover the bugs then, but it's bombshell.
It's breaking news.
It's stunning.
People have never seen what we're going to show in your studio tomorrow.
Also, I have a special surprise that I'm bringing with me as well that you're going to love.
Yeah, he's a furry friend that is right down your alley.
So I'm going to bring him in the studio.
You get to meet him tomorrow as well.
So good stuff happening.
But on the vaccine front, so right now, remember that the big effort of the vaccines was depopulation of first world nations.
Now, remember that they combined it with the food scarcity and the fertilizer scarcity and the energy shutdowns that will harm mostly third world nations.
And also keep in mind that the terraforming operations, the stratospheric aerosol injection, the dimming of the sun, that hurts third world nations far more than first world nations.
So they figured out easily, the globalists did, how to kill off third world countries by creating food scarcity, terraforming, which is carbon dioxide sequestration, actually taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, CO2 necessary to grow plants.
But they knew that a little bit of food reduction or even a third of the global food reduction wouldn't kill off everybody in America, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and so on.
So that's where the vaccines came in.
So the vaccines are designed to depopulate first world nations.
The food scarcity is designed to depopulate third world nations and they had to combine them together.
And the way they worked in synthesis or synergistically is that the COVID lockdowns then shut down the food industry hubs and that created even more food scarcity that then affected the third world nations.
What we're looking at here, and of course, interrupt me at any time, otherwise I'm just going to continue, but what we're looking at here is a combined global depopulation effort that is failing.
It is failing because of the efforts of the Infowarriors and Alex Jones and myself and others, I mean many, many people, thousands of people sounding the alarm.
And because of that, the globalists have realized they can't achieve their kill quotas.
So yes, they have kill quotas.
Every national leader has been given a kill quota, like you must kill off, they're told, 70% of the population, or 75%, or maybe it's only 60, but it's a big percentage of the population.
And the United States is not going to reach that kill quota through these existing kill vectors.
So now they have to resort to the next stage of the global depopulation effort.
And what is that?
Well, of course, it's provoking Russia into a nuclear attack on the United States.
So, sending more main battle tanks, sending F-16s, sending long-range artillery systems, missile systems, long-range bomb systems, all of this that's being sent to Ukraine is designed not to defeat Russia, but to defeat the United States.
By provoking Russia into a nuclear strike against Western targets.
Now understand that Putin and Russia, they're not interested in nuking Ukraine at all.
They're not interested in nuking Kiev.
They're interested, I mean, if it comes to it, if the provocations continue and Russia feels like they are suffering an existential threat, they will nuke London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Washington, D.C., Houston, Texas, Los Angeles.
They will cut off the ports.
Now, should that happen at the same time, or even if it doesn't get to the nuke stage, if it's just thermobaric missiles, fuel air explosives, China will coordinate its economic warfare against the United States at the same time, meaning cutting off exports.
doing a naval embargo against Taiwan to halt microprocessor chip exports.
But just cutting off exports from China will then cause economic chaos in the United States,
total economic chaos.
And that, combined with the fragile nature of the U.S.
culture and how the radical left has been pushing anti-police types of philosophies, you
know, defunding the police and pushing violent crime and pushing race warfare and so on.
That's going to lead to massive uprisings and violent revolts in America.
And that will exacerbate the population die-off that's happening at the same time there is some food scarcity.
But you see, what I want you to understand, if you're watching this in the United States, You're not going to go to the grocery store and see all the shelves empty.
It won't be that way.
There will be some food scarcity here.
Not enough to kill you by itself.
But that panic from that scarcity combined with the social unrest, combined with perhaps an escalation of war with Russia, and then combined with cyber warfare attacks on the financial infrastructure that takes down even the power grid or regional sections of the power grid, and that takes down banking, takes down food stamps, takes down ATMs, So that the people start to panic.
They freak out.
They don't have anybody to come to their rescue.
And that's when the panic population goes into a kind of a violent overdrive situation and you get massive violence and die-offs in the cities with no one coming to their rescue.
That's the scenario that they're trying to create.
Now then, when that happens, the government will try to confiscate food from farms in rural areas and then shift it into the cities.
Because they want to keep the left-wing Democrats alive, if they can, relative to the country conservatives that they're definitely trying to kill off more quickly.
I don't think that plan is going to succeed, by the way.
They're going to have way too much trouble with that.
But understand that under the NDAA, that Obama first signed, I believe, in 2012, they can come confiscate grains, crops, fuel, ranch animals, tractors, anything from the agricultural centers across America.
To summarize, they want to kill off some large percentage of Americans, maybe 70%, but they want to kill off conservatives more than Democrats.
That's going to be very hard to achieve.
Because, number one, Democrats are the ones who took the vaccines the most.
Democrats live in the artificial cities that are not survivable on their own.
Democrats are going to have the most difficult time with preparedness.
They're not familiar with firearms.
They can't reason with people.
They are not prepared.
They don't understand how to grow their own food.
So all the things that you've learned on InfoWars by listening to the guests and all the special reports and all the coverage from Alex Jones over the years makes you hard to kill.
You are hard to kill.
If you're watching this, you're hard to kill.
And that's half of your survival plan right there.
So, that's kind of awesome.
Well, Mike Adams, all I can say is, and I'm not just kissing your ass, everybody knows it's true.
What's scary is, I know you don't want to be the smartest guy in the room.
You're trying to educate people.
And what's frustrating is, you've been doing what you're doing 16, 17 years.
I've been doing it 28 years.
And people are starting to get it, but I don't think quick enough.
Yes, there's a big awakening.
I go out in public, I get nothing but love now.
I got a lot of hate, you know, a few years ago, but it was still mainly love.
But being awake isn't enough if they're not informed.
I think people are intimidated by it.
Like, you were smart when you got a farm and a ranch, I don't know, 12, 14 years ago, whatever it was.
You've gone off-grid.
You're doing both.
You're off-grid, but have a high-tech system to fight the globalists, but you've got your backup.
That is super important.
But people get intimidated by it.
What are the first steps they should take to get prepared?
What, first get their mind ready?
I mean, I would say it's about where you are first.
Because, you know, as we call it the zombie wave, you know, the people who are panicked They're going to make the cities unlivable, so if you live in the city, have a bug-out plan.
Have an alternative place to go.
Or, if you can move and you can live out in the country, because a lot of people can telecommute today, they can work remotely from almost anywhere, so that's a possibility to consider.
But even if you have to stay in a city day-to-day, have a plan to get out.
Now the good news is, Alex, that people who watch your show are going to have the early warning signs.
Probably a couple of days ahead of the masses for when it's time to get out of Dodge.
That's right.
You were on my show, and I think you were wrong, but I was kind of like, come on.
You were on my show in February and April saying they're doing lockdowns, and I'm like, really?
Like Johnny said, watch, and it happened.
How did you know?
Well, I mean, no, it's the same thing.
You know, we're all just watching the news and looking for the milestones out there, the markers.
Now, neither you nor I are always correct.
Obviously, we make mistakes or we try to project something into the future and maybe that date isn't right or maybe it looks a little different.
That's fine.
But we get the big picture.
And my point is that people who tune into your show or who tune into my work or what have you, just alt media in general, they're going to have a heads up well ahead of everybody else.
And frankly, If you're gonna get out of Dodge, you know, it doesn't even take that much effort to be ahead of the masses because the masses are so oblivious, they're so brainwashed, they're filled with disinformation, they will be so late to leave.
It'll be too late for them.
And let's talk about a microcosm of that.
You and I, in February, March, and April of 2020, We're saying this is a real virus, it's killing people, which it was.
Not as deadly as they said, but it was real.
And a new virus.
You better get on things that mitigate it very quickly.
And the globalists knew that.
They were trying to block anybody with therapeutics to cause the biggest death goal.
But because of you and many other people and InfoWars, the public did get the truth and countless millions were saved.
So that's why this is really a life and death situation.
So as you said, We're the early warning with our experts and our research and our callers, the real human intel, and it shows how evil the globalists are that day one they were trying to block us and others from warning people.
Yeah, you're exactly right.
That was a very confusing time for all of us.
Because we saw these warnings coming out of China.
We didn't know, are these whistleblowers with these videos, or is it all rigged and staged?
And in retrospect, a lot of the hype out of China, I think, was staged.
But you're right.
We did sound the alarm.
And then at that time, the mainstream media was saying there's nothing to worry about whatsoever.
And then they flipped, remember?
They flipped to say, oh, it's the worst thing ever, and everybody's going to die, and everybody is dying from this.
And we predicted that would happen.
Yeah, exactly.
But we were right from day one.
You and I and those of us in the alt-media, we were right that you've got to protect your immune system.
It's vitamin D, it's zinc, it's quercetin, it's having immune systems that function.
You know, common everyday habits about nutrition and food.
That's what keeps you alive, right?
And even though I was taking care of myself very well, but I was still kind of freaked out for a while there in 2020.
But even I've matured and learned since then that we have to learn to distrust every single thing coming out of the media, even if it sounds right at first.
They lie because they love it.
They lie when they don't have to lie.
Sure, Mike, but I want to say this.
We know the first variant, if you got it, was super devastating and had a good chance of killing some people, but it was very hard to get it.
And so I wasn't saying you were wrong when you said, hey, it's really bad and you didn't want to leave your ranch, and I don't blame you, but then when I got the second variant, I was 47 years old at that time, and I'm tough.
I mean, this, for three weeks I couldn't breathe.
I thought I was going to die.
If I didn't have the nutraceuticals and the steroids and the rest of it, and the ivermectin, I would have almost killed my dad, almost killed my mom.
This is unlike anything else.
So believe me, if I, in retrospect, knew how bad it was, I'd have been staying at the ranch as well.
You've got everything you need, your infrastructure, you're able to broadcast from there.
So I don't think you were wrong in retrospect.
Man, people that say this doesn't exist have not had it.
Have you ever had it?
Yeah, yeah.
I dealt with it too.
And remember from the early days, we didn't know how effective ivermectin was going to be, right?
And we didn't know the effectiveness.
I didn't even have it.
I heard ivermectin and I got it and was super sick for a week.
And within hours of ivermectin, it got 90% better.
I was still sick for a few weeks and if I'd had it early on, all the numbers show it would have been fine.
I have a very close family member living here in Texas that just got diagnosed with COVID about six days ago.
Got her on Ivermectin immediately.
She's had nothing but just a mild experience this whole time, and I told her, I said, what you're doing, this is nothing compared to what a lot of us went through when it hit us.
And a lot of people I know, they did lose some of their sense of smell and taste, and their tastes were altered.
Remember the Pentagon, it turns out, tested hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin many years before this, and they already knew it was good.
Yes, they did.
They did.
Hey, I want to bring your attention to something else, if it's okay.
There's an AI voice synthesis company.
My intro to my podcast today is about this.
It's a company called Eleven Labs.
I watched your video after the show today where they've copied you as an AI cyborg.
Well, right, right.
But I mean, to be clear, I did this on purpose with them in order to demonstrate this to people and to educate people about how all our voices can be faked.
But the truth is, Alex, anyone can take a sample of your voice, or my voice, and they can upload it to this Eleven Labs system.
And for less than five dollars.
I mean, seriously, you sign up, it's like five bucks.
I mean, you know, they're not a sponsor.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm just saying it's so cheap that anybody can do it and they could fake your voice, Alex, and then they can type in text and they can make you sound like you're saying things that you didn't say.
Or they could do it to me or Donald Trump or anyone.
That day is here.
And what's so shocking about this AI voice synthesis system is that It is very authentic.
It's very difficult to discern that it's an AI system.
It pronounces sentences with a holistic view of how the intonation and the pattern and the flow of the entire sentence should be.
So it actually sounds almost like a real voice.
I don't know if you have a sample, if your team brought up a sample, but you could hear my voice.
I mean, I actually watched it, I actually listened to it while I was driving home today, and so I forgot to tell the little crew we've got, it's a smaller crew to get that, but they're actually trying to grab it.
In fact, I meant to tell them to get that, and actually, the issue is, how is civilization going, and it's on Band.Video, it's on BrightlyOn, it's on NaturalNews.com, people should go watch it.
In fact, I forget the headline, what's the exact headline?
AI synthesis system cloned my voice?
Something like that, I forgot.
Yeah, that was it, because I watch most of the report, Robin Hum.
But how does civilization, this threatens the elite as well, how does civilization deal with this level of deepfakes?
Well, the thing is that from this day forward, for sure, you cannot trust any voice that you hear, that you think is attributed to someone.
So if somebody sends you a clip... And we're not getting what humans...
Go ahead.
Yeah, well, say somebody sends you a clip and says, oh, well, Joe Biden said this or Kamala Harris said this or Alex Jones said this.
And it's like, whoa, that's crazy.
That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
You have to step back and say, wait a second.
We're in the era of very, very convincing AI voice cloning at very low cost.
Right, so it's available to almost anyone to do this.
And by the way, we shouldn't use it like the bad guys use.
Remember that Albert Borla clip that came out a few months ago of him saying we want to kill half the people with a shot?
That was an edited fake clip.
Though they do want to depopulate us and mutate our genes, when those fake clips go out, that discredits us.
We don't need to act like them.
No, exactly.
I'm 100% with you.
I will never use this system to deceptively clone somebody else's voice.
In fact, I did it to my own voice on purpose to demonstrate how easy it is so that people can be forewarned about this.
I mentioned you, I believe, in the podcast to say they could clone your voice.
Your voice is very distinct, obviously, so the AI system would pick up on your very distinct tonality and speech patterns and so on, it would be quite
You might want to actually try it and see what it produces for your voice, just to see
how easy it is. But I'd love for your audience to hear the clip of my AI voice if that's available.
We have a tiny crew here in the new studio.
We're going to build it up.
They are pulling that up now.
Oh, they're pulling it up.
Yeah, it's like 20 seconds into the podcast or something like that.
I forgot the exact second.
Yeah, we just go to Bandot Video for anybody out there watching.
There's a Mike Adams section.
I was like one of the top videos a few hours ago before we went live.
I was getting in my car.
I didn't actually watch it.
I said, I want to hear Mike Adams.
I hit it, listened to part of it, and then I got a phone call.
I had to stop listening to it.
But it's just incredible.
Remember Adobe.
After Effects, I remember, five, six years ago, put out an effect that would copy people's voices.
It could even beat voice print, but they pulled it because they said it was so dangerous and disruptive.
Remember that, Mike?
I do, yeah.
Yeah, and there have been other efforts, but nothing has been as convincing as what I've heard from this, and it's just incredible.
You just give it text.
Now, Alex, think about- Oh, I'm going to record it.
If we don't do it tonight, I'm going to do it tomorrow, because I'm going to- I'm going to type it in and show people, like, I love the New World Order, I want to kill babies, I love Satanism, and then it's going to be my voice saying it.
I didn't really say that, but the robot's saying it.
You should do that as a demonstration to kind of pre-warn people to what's coming.
But what I want to point out is that when you combine this voice synthesis system with ChatGPT, and ChatGPT, of course, you know, the AI system that can create text, that can answer questions, write scripts, write reports, Uh, then you have kind of the holy grail where you have one AI system that's producing content and text, and you have another AI system that's pronouncing or performing that text in a human-sounding voice.
That combination, it's as if the thoughts of the chat GPT are almost indistinguishable from humans, and then the voice pronunciation is almost indiscernible as well.
So it's going to be very, very convincing and very difficult for people to figure out whether they're living in a world of humans or robots.
Wow, this is going to be next level mind control.
I saw an article about The chat GPT you're talking about, where it's writing legal documents, it's doing diplomacy, and of course, we saw this a decade ago, the CIA had fake programs, or programs writing fake news articles, and now we learned CNET and others are already using it.
What do you think the goal is there?
Replace humans?
Make it look like humans are doing things?
Have it be botched, just like Facebook and Twitter do?
Well, I would say, right now, Alex, about 50% of the white-collar jobs in America are obsolete, right now, as of today.
And I'm talking about mainstream doctors that are kind of glorified pill pushers.
It's really a robotic algorithm that most of those mainstream doctors follow.
Whereas naturopaths, they are fully human and they go beyond the algorithms, right?
So they do something that's more creative, more artistic, more human.
So, but customer service positions are going to be very quickly replaced by these AI systems.
A lot of government positions, especially those government workers that don't do much because they've been staying at home collecting a paycheck, they're obsolete right now.
But the other thing, Alex, is that, you know, Amazon and Google are working on the actual physical robots.
So the robots, especially the bipedal humanoid robots, are designed to replace the blue collar jobs.
And again, all humans have to do is say, no, we want a human future.
We want to buy things built by humans.
We want to buy things done by humans.
Like we say, oh, fair trade, where the villagers actually get part of the money.
few years. And again all humans have to do is say no we want a human future we
want to buy things built by humans we want to buy things done by humans like
we say oh fair trade where the villagers actually get part of the money we need
to have a union of humans.
We say, okay, you can claim we're obsolete, you have something better that makes you more powerful.
No, we want something that's part of our process.
Families, women, children, men.
We demand this human future and we don't agree that we're obsolete.
I think that's what you're saying.
We've been saying the whole future is going to be getting back to farming, getting back to micro communities, total decentralization.
And I'm saying that in order to not become obsolete, that each of you watching this, you need to exercise your full human potential in whatever your job is, your full creativity, your full consciousness, your full divinity, your connection with God and spirit and all those things that make you human.
Because if you're just a human robot, if you're rubber stamping documents at the ATF government offices or whatever, which would mostly be rejection stamps, I guess, if you're just doing that, you're obsolete.
You're gone.
The globals don't need you anymore.
So, be fully human.
So, be fully human, and you will supersede all that.
All right, so Mike Adams, I just want to thank you for everything you've said and everything you've done and the deep, and again, I'm not here heaping praise on you.
I'm going to do that to most guests.
You really have over-the-horizon understanding, and that's what we need.
And we have to decide, do we want a pro-human future or an anti-human future?
And what you just said is, if we allow ourselves To become unthinking, unconscious, soulless, programmable robots in the social credit score to get ahead and play that game.
We're making ourselves obsolete.
I had a farmer call in to my InfoWars show today.
He said they're paying us $10,000, $15,000 an acre to take them off use and to buy carbon credits as if wheat or corn or beets or asparagus or cranberries or Carrots, or whatever it is you're growing, is bad.
And cows are bad, and sheep are bad, and children are bad.
Now it's carbon.
Humans are bad.
We always knew this was coming.
They're actually here now, openly shutting down their resources, openly making us obsolete, and then hoping more and more people—it's kind of a replay on steroids of workers in the 80s and 90s and 2000s at IBM and other places—training their replacements.
And it's not to build society.
It's not to make it better.
It's to lower the system.
What are you going to be covering?
Give us a little prelude to tomorrow.
I forget, which hour are you on?
Are you on at noon in studio or are you on at 1pm?
A third hour tomorrow.
I don't think an hour is enough, so maybe you should come in 30 minutes early.
Okay, well, that's fine.
Yeah, I'll come in 30 minutes early.
No problem.
Well, tell us, give us a prelude on the bug investigation.
Alright, so yeah, I'm bringing a thumb drive.
These are high resolution, high end video microscopy photos of the cricket meal, the cricket powders.
And that are being pushed onto people.
So we purchased these products.
They're labeled for human consumption.
And then we're going to bring you the photos of the cricket flower with all the little bugs and cricket hairs and eyeballs and everything that are in it.
And it's going to be quite visually shocking, Alex.
So be ready.
It'll be fun.
Naturalnews.com, a true maverick, a true trailblazer.
I salute you, Mike Adams.
All right.
You too, Alex.
God bless you.
Thank you for having me on.
Thank you.
You know, I gush over people like Mike Adams and Dr. Michael Giedon and Dr. Peter McCullough and all of them, because these are the rock stars.
These are the NFL champs.
I love, you know, NFL people.
It's all fun and games.
But they don't really affect the future of myself and my children.
They don't really affect where we're all going together.
But the Rand Paul's the world.
And the viewers and listeners, just the average farmers and school teachers and auto mechanics and doctors and nurses that told the truth.
It doesn't matter who you are, I salute you and I thank you and I love you.
All right, we're gonna play a couple clips here and come back with the great Pete Santilli, our second guest on AlexJonesLive.com on the Maiden Voyage.
But I wanted to play, this is so interesting, the two Mr. Roger clips are taking off the internet for thought crime, back to back.
And then we're going to play Rashid Tlaib crying about free speech being violated when Ilhan Omar didn't get her committee thing.
But that's not free speech.
That's how the rules of Congress work.
They wouldn't even let real Republicans on the January 6th committee.
So the idea that turnabout's fair play is bad is insane.
Then I want to play this Fireside Chat clip that we shot.
This is an example of stuff I'm going to shoot on my own iPhone and upload here at alexjoneslive.com.
This is the next level of the InfoWar.
Everybody can go to alexjoneslive.com and just put your email in at the top for free
and get a month free membership when the site goes part hybrid subscriber.
We're going to have PowerPoints.
We're gonna have trips.
We're gonna have events.
We're gonna have behind the scenes I'm gonna set a camera up at 7 a.m.
When I'm cooking or 6 a.m.
I'm cooking bacon and eggs With my five-year-old daughter, I'm gonna when I got a guard in the backyard I'm gonna go out there and set a camera.
going to watch my ass dig trenches and plant a bunch of crops.
I'm going to go and I'm going to sit there in the deer stand.
It's something I do all the time.
Nobody's ever seen it.
I'm going to show you some 500, 600 yard shots there with my old trusty rifle.
You want Inside the Info War, you're going to get it at alexjoneslive.com.
The Info War continues at infowars.com, but we've got to branch out.
We've got to do more.
This is separate from InfoWars.
It's on OperationAlexJonesLive.com.
Former political prisoner, completely vindicated, Marine Corps veteran and patriot, former intelligence officer, Pete Santilli, a few minutes away.
We'll be right back.
Now, what's the second version?
Boys are boys from the beginning.
Girls are girls right from the start.
Everybody's fancy.
Everybody's fine.
Your buddy's fancy and so is mine.
Because sometimes children think that they might change.
They might have to change after a while.
And, you know, we laugh about that now.
But it's because we had that concern when we were little.
Yeah, because you're really not sure.
You thought maybe you'd become a girl or a girl would become a boy, right?
Boys are boys from the beginning.
If you were born a boy, you stay a boy.
Girls are girls right from the start.
If you were born a girl, you stay a girl and grow up to be a lady.
Only girls can be the mommies.
Only boys can be the daddies.
Where are the free speech warriors today?
The hypocrisy is obvious to the American people.
They introduced a bill to ban federal employees from engaging in censorship.
Where are the free speech warriors today?
The hypocrisy is obvious to the American people.
You are showing who you all are, really.
-The gentleman's time has expired. -I will constantly, Omar, not be silent.
-The gentleman's time has expired. -To Congresswoman Omar, I am so sorry.
has expired. That our country is failing you today. Through this chamber. You belong to
this committee. The gentleman is no longer recognized and the gentleman from Mississippi
is recognized. Don't tell me that this is about a condemnation of anti-Semitic remarks
when you have a member of the Republican caucus who has talked about Jewish space lasers and
an entire amount of tropes and also elevated her to some of the highest committee assignments
in this body.
This is about targeting women of color in the United States of America.
Don't tell me because I didn't get a single apology.
There's something about a fire And people sitting around the fire talking about the world, talking about their families, talking about their hopes and dreams, their future.
And isn't it interesting that in the European Union and places like San Francisco, the so-called Greenies have banned fireplaces and space heaters.
And now they're coming after our gas power stoves.
The Biden administration proposed outright banning them.
And then when we criticized that, they said it was crazy to criticize it.
Not that it was crazy that they were doing it.
It was crazy to not want them to ban our gas-powered stoves.
They want to take away all of our energy.
Energy is not just food you eat, but the machines that operate, that actually help produce the food and produce the medicine.
And when you go after the energy, you go after the very prosperity of the population.
So I really intend to talk a lot about fire itself and energy.
At these fireside chats, but also so many other issues.
Because this is really the original television set and fire is what brought humans in to what we now know as the modern age and that long path.
So one of the many things we'll be doing here at AlexJonesLive.com is these fireside chats.
And it might be here at this fireplace, might be in a fire pit out in the yard.
We're talking about kind of set up like a roundtable discussion, but regardless, I want to bring this primitive icon that really marks the beginning of what grew into civilization into the show to be the center of the broadcast.
I'm thinking about doing some shows too where I run the whole thing myself, just hit record,
and sit in the dark with just a few candles and candlelight and talk about the nature
of the world universe.
Just really brings some real texture and ambiance to the background.
So really what I'm trying to say is these special broadcasts and special shows and special
documentaries are going to be experimental.
A lot of them will be straight up news analysis and round table discussions, but I intend
to make a lot of it something different.
Maybe I'll climb a mountain and do a podcast from the top.
Maybe I'll go speak at a school board meeting and interview all the people that are there
and really get the feel of why parents are so upset.
But I want to get out in the world, out there with the people and outside the studio.
So that's what's happening at alexjoneslive.com.
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But never let the fire of liberty be extinguished.
The fire of liberty, stronger than ever, thanks to you.
Alex Jones.
I want you all to know something.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
I don't care how you slice it, dice it, flip it up or rub it down.
Alex Jones was right.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax.
Not for a second.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
You are a martyr to the First Amendment.
The government fears Alex Jones.
That's why the globalists hate me, is because I'm exposing their corporate worldwide tyranny.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, for the last 25 minutes, Pete Santilli joins us and I've
promoted him to former field marshal and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
No, no.
I just knew he'd been in the Marines, and he saw intelligence talks he talked about, but he was a former political prisoner, and I wanted to get him on as one of our first guests on this maiden voyage of alexjoneslive.com, because total vindication of the January 6th Committee being a fraud.
They dropped their lawsuit against Roger Stone and so many others, and now he's really a smart guy.
He understands what they're going to do next.
I want to get his take on what he thinks they're going to try next here.
So, Pete Santilli, thank you for being here.
I'm going to try to sit back and give you the floor for the next 26 minutes or so.
Yeah, you know, I want to begin.
I want to talk about January 6th, by the way, and you introduced me to a great night.
I actually texted him right in the middle of your trials.
Um, and I said, you are my top constitutional attorney, and that's Norm Padish.
For the past couple of years, I've interacted with him when I saw him defending you.
And then I found out that he was going to the January 6th trial, and he's in the well right now.
Let's talk about January 6th, but you know what?
I want to speak to you as somebody that has listened to you for over two decades.
Alex, I love the feel of this.
I was honored when you asked me to come on and talk about this, and I want to speak to you first and foremost As a listener, decades now.
I used to go on, in Southern California, I used to go on bike rides for hours.
And I'd have you in my earbuds.
And you got me through the, you know, the training for centuries.
They're called centuries.
100 mile, you know, bike runs.
I listened to you.
I came awake tuned into the Infowork Show.
And, you know, I'm feeling kind of nostalgic.
I miss, I miss those days, I think.
The current events have driven this thing that has happened with the news cycle and the advancement of your show and of course the attacks by the Deep State.
But you know, getting back to your original roots and the whole feel of the fireside chats, you know, I'll give you a couple of examples.
I'll never forget seeing that video.
It was remarkable.
I watched your eye contact you had with David Gergen when you approached him.
And you had that microphone, you know, in his face and that interaction you had with him.
Those days were, you know, you were at the, you know, the National Monuments and you're going behind the building and you're exposed.
You're like, look at this plaque here, the United Nations behind and you exposed Western land issues with me.
That was an educational Time frame, you know, at a different time in our evolution in the news cycle that didn't have this tsunami of almost AI-driven news articles that are now published even against you and your name.
We can't even keep up with it anymore.
But I love how you're just pushing the pause button real quick and going back to your roots.
Because Alex, I'll tell you what, Listen, this isn't just throwing praise at you.
I'm speaking to you as a listener, somebody that's come awake through your education.
That nostalgia, this feel of this podcast takes me back to a time when I was coming awake.
It's really sincere when I say this.
I love this.
Well, it's great to have you here, brother.
I want to get into January 6 because they tried to brand any opposition to tyranny as terrorist.
What do you think now that that's fallen apart?
Is that over?
Where are they going to go next?
You know, what's unfortunate about it, and we have to discuss this, Norm Patus, for instance, when I had a discussion with him, I'm sure he's not going to mind me saying this, I said, I called him right before he went to trial, I said, Norm, what do you need?
All hands on deck here.
For folks who don't know, that's the Proud Boys trial, it's ongoing.
That's right, the Proud Boys trial and the attorney for Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, former InfoWars reporter, Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs.
Norm Pattis stepped up.
For folks who don't know, that's the Proud Boys trial.
Sorry, we've got a new studio, new crew, a few problems, but that's going to happen at any live show.
They're running a fee, they've got their mics open, but that's okay.
Let's just stop for a minute.
Start over.
You're talking about Joe Biggs and the trials going January 6th.
So, I was calling it the trial of the century because of the fact that as time has gone on, you know, we get the January 6th report, the 14,000 hours of, of course, high-definition video, a lot of whistleblowers coming forward, and I'm thinking, wow, this Proud Boys trial is an opportunity!
Uh, to really start prosecuting the true criminals and those are the people that perpetrated this operation.
We've got whistleblowers internally in the government that saw high definition facial recognition of the initial breaches where there were federal agents And by the way, to toot your horn, because it's not about credit, it's about who's got a brain, you said a year and a half ago there were federal agents.
Now it's come out in Congress and reports, as you're alluding to, that there were federal agents.
First the FBI Director testified a year and a half ago there weren't.
Now he's saying there were.
This is a big, big deal.
And now we've got members of Congress in the Republican new Congress and they're going to release all the footage.
That's right, and the reason why they held off on releasing the footage is, guess why?
Because if you take a detailed look at, even if you took one person, who was Ray Epps, and everybody knows Ray Epps, he was an agent, he was a provocateur, he was so on and so forth, and we had him caught, but if you take a look closely as to what his actions were at that initial breach, and then guess what else?
We're finding out that there were Hundreds of agents in the crowd!
That information, when they released the high definition videos...
For that information to come out right in the middle of the courtroom, right now in this Proud Boys trial, is essentially going to put the prosecution of the government on display with great attorneys like Norm Pattis.
He has this great opportunity.
It's happening right now.
Now, right now the prosecution... Yeah, for those that don't know, because Norm, I can't get into it, but he can't talk about it on air, but obviously we can talk about what we're hearing.
This is coming out, but not in the news.
That's right, and he won't speak of anything other than what is, you know, on the court record and stuff like that.
He has a tremendous opportunity right now at the helm, a great constitutional attorney that is fearless, to prosecute the true criminals.
Now, it's an uphill battle.
And we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent to prosecute these people, and it's so, so sad.
Because, you know, the jury that's seated?
You've got BLM activists.
I mean, just the entire process all the way through.
And people can say, okay, they shouldn't have gone to the Capitol, so what?
America's on trial with this.
We're all on trial.
You know, I mean, I will even go so far just through my experience with the Bundy protests and stuff, when the government, when you discovered that the government was breaking the law.
Yeah, because not everybody knows who you are, but nobody knows the story.
You were just a reporter on record, and you got basically acquitted because they had to.
They set you up because you exposed the provocateurs.
Yeah, that's right.
I was actually just, it was my first field event and then come to find out I was surrounded by these federal agents at these protests in 2014 and 2016.
It was literally an entrapment.
It was an influence operation online.
They had multiple, you know, compartmentalized different agencies.
agencies of government and they were for the benefit of luring in anybody that would be
supportive of Clive and Bundy or Western Ranchers or the activists on Western land issues.
They set this up in order to entrap people.
They ran these operations.
And as far as I was concerned, that was a practice run for what we're seeing right now
with the January 6th.
Oh, and they trapped Whitmer in Michigan.
But the good news is, in national polls, something like 3% of Americans are concerned, 3 to 6%
of people on the poll on January 6th.
But the left thought that would be their way to demonize America.
It looks to me like the good news is it's falling apart, even though they're trying to fry some innocent people, and it's terrible it's happening to them, political prisoners, but at the same time, it's not working in the court of public opinion.
Yeah, and you know, and what we're talking about through this thing, through the, you know, the legal wranglings from the protests, and as you know, dating all the way back to Ruby Ridge, Waco, I mean...
Alex, you educated me on Waco.
You were the one that caused me to open up many, many doors to start investigating what happened with Waco.
This has been something in the making for many decades.
What happened on January 6th, although everybody is afraid to go out and out and protest, that's the desired psychological impact.
To set up this type of an operation to where a couple million people that were inspired to peacefully protest and assemble.
What's that?
I'm sorry.
We've got a whole new system and a new crew and we're working through it and what happens is they're occasionally talking to me.
There's only two people in there and they occasionally talk.
No, that's fine.
That's fine.
Go ahead.
It's fine.
But, you know, I want to ask everybody, because you get this info fatigue.
They control the narrative.
They, through the mainstream media, through the federal judiciary, using the full force of the government to come upon, of course, that group of people that assembled in D.C.
They said it was insurrection, and it was just a false narrative.
They brought an impeachment trial against President Trump, and everyone starts looking away.
Kind of like 9-11.
You get info fatigue, and you're looking away.
This is so important we keep our eyeballs on this thing because there's so much at stake Alex.
I'm telling you there is an opportunity here and this is why I say we need to keep we need to pay attention to it.
It's an opportunity to prosecute the true criminals because guess what?
Guess what happens?
If Dominic Pozzola, right, who's one of the defendants with the Proud Boys, he breaks a window.
He should be held accountable for breaking a window.
But if in the course of a trial like we have here Norm Pattis, a great constitutional attorney, says, wow, okay, some of these Proud Boys guys, maybe they said some stuff online, but guess what?
It was all an entrapment.
It was an operation.
The government actually broke the law.
Where does the punishment go, ultimately?
Absolutely, and now the Republicans want to release the footage.
But let me ask you this, putting bookends on this, wanting to free the political prisoners, obviously they want to set the precedent to lock us up without due process.
No matter what you think of Andrew Tate, three of the six women have gone public saying none of it's true.
They're being held without, you know, any charges.
Setting this precedent, how is it going with the Deep State?
If you were looking at this like a football game, an NFL football game, Pete Santelli, a syndicated talk show host here joining us right now on AlexJonesLive.com, how would you describe things for the New World Order?
It's coming out, the shots are killing people.
It's coming out, they covered it up.
Whistleblowers are everywhere.
The Hunter Biden laptop.
They're trying to get rid of Biden.
The WEF's totally unpopular.
I mean, I'm not saying it's time to uncork the champagne in general, but things aren't going well for the New World Order.
It's not.
And you know what?
We're no longer in the realm of like the political spectrum.
You know, the left-right paradigm, as you've been saying for many decades.
There's no such thing as a Democrat or Republican.
It's a sham.
But we're no longer in the political realm anymore.
We're now in a spiritual battle.
And guess what, Alex?
And I mentioned some things to you today that, you know, even through this fake and fraud and lie, these narratives that are scripted for their benefit, That Satan, right now, is down on his knees.
Time is running short.
And guess who's winning?
In the Infowar.
This spiritual battle.
I mean, look at how much stronger you came out because, ultimately, everybody saw the truth through your trials.
People are going to see the truth through the January 6th trials.
And guess what?
They're finding out the truth about what's going on in the Ukraine.
Who's leading that charge right now?
Shoot, Vladimir Putin's looking good!
Exposing metabiota, the bio labs in Ukraine.
He's now got 500,000 troops and Americans know the truth about what was going on.
That we were on his front doorstep.
That the lies about his incursions into Ukraine and those people that are waving those Ukraine flags.
You're supporting Nazi Azovs that have been slaughtering Jews in Eastern Ukraine.
The people are discovering the truth.
And guess what else happened, Alex Jones?
Is this pandemic...
Caused such a massive awakening and nobody trusts the system in any way, shape or form.
And you know, I believe that that's going to be part of something brand new.
And that is a, you know, let's say a Christian revival, per se, because God is intervening at this point.
Don't you agree that we're in a spiritual spectrum right now?
It's a spiritual battle and we're winning.
The truth is going to set us free.
I totally agree, Pete Santilli.
I've been asking the questions here in the last 15 minutes.
You do a great show.
I watch it at least once a week, and I'm so busy I don't have time for anything, but I watch you and Mike Adams.
I watch Tucker Carlson.
And you're just all over the map, and you're really going after the Justice Department because that's who falsely imprisoned you and you were vindicated.
It's a whole hour-long, two-hour-long story, but shifting gears out of that, what else is on your radar screen?
What are you optimistic about, but what are you worried about?
Because I don't want us to get too confident here.
Because just because we're winning hearts and minds, the tide's turning our direction, that lets me know the enemy's going to try to throw some real curveballs here.
You're a smart guy.
What do you think they're going to do?
Yeah, we can't let our guard down.
When we say that we're going to celebrate a victory, the victory and the attention needs to go to the fact that the people are recognizing that it's going to be us that are going to save our country.
That we need to get actively involved.
You said, you know, you want to show up at the local school board meeting or the city council meeting and get out with the people.
That's where our nation is going to be saved.
And that's what scared the Justice Department trying to stick the FBI on them.
Oh yeah.
Because they're so scared of the people taking action.
Oh yeah, I mean the FBI right now is just a rogue criminal operation.
There's like a little army for the Biden, Obama, you know, Clinton regime.
And everybody's coming away to it.
Look at the unequal application of justice.
They'll bust your door down if you're Lorraine and Maureen taking a selfie at the Rotunda.
But they'll let Hunter Biden go with covering up, I mean, we're talking about hundreds of felonies.
Everybody's seeing that.
So I believe And I'm optimistic that everybody's recognizing that the power in us, if we get actively involved all the way down to the county level, Alex, and we can do this peacefully.
I totally agree with you.
So what do you think?
Is the FBI, because I'm not the average FBI agency enemy, I want them to wake up and join us and fix the country.
They've got kids too, but it doesn't matter if their leaders are bad.
Is it like Hitler in the bunker in 1945 with the Russians 300 yards away?
Because it was only when they were 300 yards away and the bunker was collapsing that he finally gave up and committed suicide with Eva Brown.
I mean, don't they get they're defeated?
And now they want to start a nuclear war with Russia?
I mean, don't they get that we have kicked your ass?
Stop it!
You know, I was speaking to, I called my local field office here in Cincinnati and I spoke with people that you could hear it in their voice.
They're local Cincinnatians and they're answering the phone.
It's kind of like the train conductor that was just following their orders, doing their job.
And people are just being lied to and they're helping to facilitate Really, at this point, the mass murder of a lot of people with these injections, with these self-replicating chimeric parasites, with the COVID tyranny, the fascism and the relationship between government... And people ask, why would Stalin or Mao or Lenin or Hitler do it?
Because they're evil.
But the people following it are just following orders.
That doesn't work exactly.
So I'm trying to focus on, why are people with the system still following orders when it's so destructive?
You know, I think they have them so compartmentalized, but here's the one thing that I do know is that the technology, here's the difference between, and you as a historian as to what happened in Nazi Germany.
By the way, how do you kill 11 million people?
You lie to them.
That's what's going on right now with this COVID tyranny and suppression of information about the deaths and the injuries that are being caused.
But the difference between World War II and now, I think, is the technology.
Because they have the ability to influence operations.
We're discovering through Twitter and the release of the Twitter files.
Wait till we take a look at it.
I hope Elon Musk buys YouTube and Facebook and find out what they've been doing.
They've been running technologically, influence operations, mind control,
and they have that ability to, on a dime, be able to influence millions of people and brainwash them.
That's the main difference.
Much more dangerous because guess what?
Operation Paperclip, those people who were transported to Russia as well as the United States of America,
they just franchised and exported, of course.
Exactly, and so let's talk, let's quantify this 'cause I took three hours of calls a day on InfoWars.
It was amazing.
We're doing it again tomorrow on mind control and all the documents where the Pentagon was pushing
the tone of fear. - Sorry.
Not the average troops, but the officers at the top doing this.
How are some people immune to the mind control?
In fact, not just immune, it pisses certain people off.
It's kind of like a hidden image.
You know those hidden image photos or paintings where you don't see it.
Finally, oh that's a bird, that's a crocodile, that's a mountain.
How did I not see it?
How do we get people to finally move their perspective and see it?
Why are we not susceptible or as susceptible to the mind control but other people are?
I'm going to give you the example.
We'll go back to what I originally wanted to talk about, and that was my awakening.
I came into your show, believe it or not, Gerald Solente.
I was like a financial guru, and I heard Bob Chapman and Gerald Solente.
They went on your show, and I listened to it.
I'm like, oh, this Alex Jones guy, he was just a conspiracy theorist.
He was just way out there.
Well, I was sitting on Fox News.
And I'm listening to corporatized Fox News, and guess what they were telling me?
Ron Paul was too old, and don't look at Ron Paul, don't listen to that guy.
And then I started listening to you.
And it was literally lifting of the veil.
The difference is, the reason why I'm immune to mind control is because I discovered that it was being perpetrated upon me.
Once you're aware of it and how it works, you don't just get over it, you get stronger realizing it.
How's the best defense against a like a remote hypnosis is to recognize that it's being done to you and you're going to be resistant to it and you're going to be looking out for it so so the in the info war if we can educate people this is what's being done to you and show them some proof then they're going to see it coming the veil gets lifted it's the best defense we have in this This technocratic, I mean, it's a technocracy that's in place.
And you hear the people at the leading edge of this thing, Klaus Schwab, saying, we're going to launch a cyber warfare, you know, there's a cyber warfare attack that's going to be brought.
Well, guess what?
He represents a cabal that is in charge and has total totalitarian control of the entire Internet.
And they're scripting it.
They're already casting themselves as the heroes for the next attack.
Yeah, and because of my awakening... Because here's the deal, you just said it.
They're targeting unawake, asleep people in a coma.
Once we're awake, we're not perfect, but we can see the pre-programming of the asleep.
That's all they've got is the asleep.
So they ask, how do we know it?
We see the pre-programming of them.
Yeah, oh yeah.
And in a short period of time, we now have, you know, the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.
We now hear people saying, oh my goodness, the unvaccinated, they were right.
And they're now deferring to us because we were so bullish.
What's the difference between somebody that's unvaccinated and somebody that's vaccinated?
I saw the lies coming a mile away.
When I saw that two weeks to flatten the curve became X, Y, Z, and I started finding out what kind of suppression of this information.
I want to see the ingredients.
The inserts were blank, and I said to myself, oh no, I'm not gonna, it's not that I'm distrusting of the government, but I'm distrusting of the government's pattern over multiple decades of lying to everybody.
So I have to look between the lines.
So that's why I'm unvaccinated, because I was smart enough, I had the veil lifted, and I went and did my own research despite the censorship that's going on.
Now my family members are like, oh, what do you think's gonna happen?
Uh, I got vaccinated.
How long is it going to take before, you know, myocarditis might setting in?
So everyone is starved.
And by the way, I don't say this to impress people because I know you, you're talking to Congress now because you're a regular guy.
You're smart.
You're a leader.
People listen to you.
They've been listening for a long time, but now they really listen.
I have foreign leaders and, and, and, and, Foreign Presidents, Chiefs of Staff calling me saying, what do we do?
And they're saying everything back to me I already know and I go, wait, you're already at my level.
I don't know.
We better figure it out.
So that's kind of what's scary is that I've hit the limits of my knowledge and now I'm trying to not focus on what's currently happening or already happened because that takes up brain space.
I'm trying to project forward into what's about to happen, and that's what we're about to do here with these PowerPoints and future things, and I want you to come join us in the studio.
In the few minutes we have left, Pete, really dig deep in your intellect.
What gut level, just as a patriot, as a citizen, as a man, not just as a talk show host, gut level, because the smartest thing Trump ever said was, The deepest thing I ever did was become shallow.
And any real behavioral psychologist, not the fake ones, or any real, you know, behaviors will tell you, we have all this ancient wisdom, our whole life, our genetics, and our life experiences, and the first inclination, the first, like, is this a real tomato or a fake tomato?
And you instantly know what's plastic and what's real.
You just know.
But if you try to overthink it, then you can't tell.
It's not that you're going with a shallow answer.
You're going with a deep answer.
Shallow seems shallow.
It's actually deep.
So go with your shallow, just boom!
What's about to happen?
What's coming next?
Well, what's about to happen, and it's happening quickly and thankfully because of this COVID thing.
Now, of course, hundreds of thousands of people and millions of people potentially are going to die.
But guess what?
The blessing in disguise, because Alex, you know, you've read the Bible.
We're not going to be able to save everybody, but everyone has to exercise their free will.
I believe, and unfortunately it's people like you and I, they're like, what the heck?
We're not leaders of government.
Why are you putting all this pressure on us to awaken everybody?
But guess what?
That's where the true power is, is in us, in our spirits, in our souls.
And when everybody recognizes that if you go with your gut instinct and then you come together with like-minded individuals, We are unstoppable.
There are no governments, there are no guns, there are no military forces that can overpower our souls and our ability to go up against tyranny and can be done peacefully because we can shut them down.
I think that's happening.
Bolsonaro is getting together after this experience in Brazil.
He's going to be doing a rally in Miami and hopefully to inspire people to get Get out of their houses and come together peacefully and to say enough is enough.
I believe that the grassroots is going to save this country and there's going to be a light pretty quick.
And that's what Thomas Jefferson said.
Pete Centelli, tell folks that don't know where to find you where they can find you.
You can find all of our links at PeteSantilli.Moby and of course at Band.Video.
That should be the primary way to find our best work as we're posting up on Band.Video.
And by the way, nothing's ever been censored over there of anything we've ever put up there.
So, a safe place to see our content.
Pete Santilli, I salute you and I thank you and here is a Toast to you and all your work and all the viewers and listeners and the great crew here making AlexJonesLive.com possible for myself and my family and all the freedom lovers of every race, color, and creed.
Peace, Anthony.
Thank you so much and thanks for being one of the first guests on the new launch of AlexJonesLive.com.
Salute, as they say in Italian.
Congratulations to you.
Keep it up.
Go back to your original roots, Alex.
That's how you woke me up, and I appreciate it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Fabulous job.
We've got so much stuff ready to go.
You're going to be blown away, listeners and viewers.
We have got so much coming up for you in the near future.
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A lot of stuff will be free at alexjoneslive.com.
We're going to relaunch Reporters, Coverage of Bilderberg, Deimos Group, New World Order, RNC, DNC.
Thank you all for your support.
Thank you for the great work you've done.
Beautiful time to be alive.
I'll be back tomorrow on InfoWars at 11 a.m.
Central, right after Harrison Smith and the American Journal.
Find all this new stuff we're doing.
A whole new adventure at alexjoneslive.com.
Great job with the crew.
And again, I love you all and appreciate you.
God bless.
The next chapter in humanity's fight for liberty starts now at AlexJonesLive.com