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Air Date: Feb. 4, 2023
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In this radio show, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the Chinese spy balloon, potential for an EMP attack, state of his media operations, changes in his website, and concerns over vaccine passports. He also mentions an incident where his bodyguard was forcibly touched by a TSA agent at the airport. The speaker talks about control exerted by powerful entities over information and narratives, increasing awareness about China as a major threat to US national security, and the internal civil war happening within various agencies and corporations.

Checking Twitter on several different officia- Oh!
I believe it just happened there.
That was it.
Live, raw, and unfiltered, it appears that that China spy balloon... Here we go!
That's my Air Force right there, buddy.
If you think the awakening we've seen so far is big, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people and gaming your search results.
Google is evil.
We now take the challenge, not to censor like you do, but to stand against you and to fight even harder for our birthright that you are trying to steal!
Remember this.
You killed your profession by becoming nothing but mercenaries for the globalists, and people know that you're fake news, many of you.
Now, with you trying to kill the First Amendment, you're making yourself true villains.
You've declared war on the First Amendment!
You've declared war on free speech!
Since when are hundreds of doctors
Today, I'm here to expose this fraud.
I'm here, just like when Congress has hearings about me, I go there.
And I get in their face and I expose the truth and that's what I'm going to do.
We had over 40 million subscribers on Apple.
That was our biggest thing with my three podcasts.
Those were all banned.
The most banned man in America, Alex Jones.
The next chapter in humanity's fight for liberty starts now at AlexJonesLive.com.
After publishing my video report on bank bail-ins, a contractor for the European Central Bank, who asked that his name be withheld for security reasons, contacted me with the following information.
Shortly after the FDIC meeting that went viral, my source was assigned an urgent project related to bail-in capability for the European Central Bank, or ECB.
Bail-ins is when the bank steals money directly from people's accounts, just like we saw in Cyprus in 2013.
The project goal is to build a data infrastructure for the financial market infrastructures
Which are the networks that allow financial transactions to take place to report to the ECB about the capability of banks and capital markets to absorb losses and to execute bail-ins as quickly and efficiently as possible.
This urgent project makes it clear that the ECB is expecting a system collapse and that they know it is uncontrollable and unforeseeable.
The current security requirements do not legally compel the banks to provide information to the ECB.
If a bank is insolvent, they have no incentive to tell the ECB.
And so the ECB is not targeting banks directly, but rather financial intermediaries like SWIFT and large settlement houses.
The purpose of this contractor's job is to provide a way for the ECB to pinpoint which banks are insolvent and where the collapse will stem from.
This is being done by creating large data lakes which an engineer can analyze and find meaning at a graphical level.
How much bail-ins each bank has to execute and how much of a loss they can take.
This is evidence that the ECB is definitely planning on bail-ins as a means of surviving an imminent collapse.
And when this occurs, we can expect multiple banks to close and stock markets around the world to shut down.
As the banks steal as much money from the people as they deem necessary.
Most of this work is being done in private, but there are pieces of information available to the public on the EU's SRB website, including operational guidance on bail-in implementation and the operational guidance on bail-in playbooks.
The ECB contractor has also pointed out that the latest directives for the European Union's digital service providers states that governments shall appoint trusted bodies for internet domain registry, meaning that the government will have the sole authority on who is able to have a website, and that these new security directives allow a gaping hole for a major cyber attack, which official commentators are ignoring.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
They're going to use the cyber attack globally as a pretext to bring in the new global digital currency.
This is Saturday Emergency Broadcast, ER Live, 105 Central Time.
Robert Barnes, Bruno Hernandez, others coming up with massive breaking news on multiple fronts.
But first, here's a clip going viral on Twitter of my analysis of the Chinese EMP balloon.
When you've got these blimps and you've got these dirigibles, you've got these balloons with big high-tech packages flying around, drifting around.
And a lot of them have little propellers on the sides, little boosters or thrusters.
I don't know if this one does, because we haven't gotten a shot of the top of it.
But regardless,
That could very easily be an EMP weapon package or a test package to test an EMP attack.
And you can bet your bottom dollar, China's got thousands of them lined up ready to launch and send over the North Pole right into the United States.
They can detonate them over any targets they want.
And with a couple dozen of these, you would guarantee knockout everything above ground in the U.S.
That's the electrical above ground.
It's Saturday, February 4th, 2023.
We're live.
It's now 106 and 52 seconds Central Standard Time.
You can send out the live link from InfoWars.com, Saturday Emergency Broadcast.
The blimp that you see on screen is much bigger than a football field if you cut it out in little squares.
Just the communications array and the solar panels on the bottom are the equivalent of three school buses lined up end to end.
And China has bragged, I have a whole stack of articles admitting it, that they have these blimps.
These balloons to deliver EMP blasters, the magnetic field of the Earth will deflect most of the EMP blast that needs to happen in around 60 to 100,000 feet.
If you don't think this isn't being done on purpose, you need your head examined.
Now Canada reports another balloon's coming down from the north, another one's coming from the south.
It's all a very, very serious message.
It's not a spy balloon.
They have satellites for that.
It's an EMP delivery weapon system in their own words.
We'll be covering that with Drew Hernandez coming up here in about 22 minutes.
Then Robert Barnes is also joining us for a full hour for critical key analysis.
I had told listeners that I was going to do this Saturday show out of the InfoWars
You know, studios for years, and I've been doing it.
I've told you I'm going to do some more live broadcast as well off some new platforms.
And I had talked on Friday about doing this particular Saturday show out of the AlexJonesLive.com studios.
And we launched on Thursday.
That studio has been built over the last two years in my home.
And it's got the satellite uplinks, the radio uplinks, all of it.
And it went off.
I figured a made-in-live Voyage simulcasting on satellite and radio and InfoWars would have more hiccups.
I figured we'd do like a C-minus.
I would have been happy.
Said I'd give the crew about a 92 or so, myself as well.
But there was some sync issues with the satellites and some sync issues with a little bit of the audio and the clips, as a lot of you saw, just a second or so, a few times.
So I decided to let the engineers
We're separate from InfoWars.
We'll work on that today and get that completely dialed in before I go live out there sometime next week in the evening as well at AlexJonesLive.com, which is totally separate from InfoWars.
InfoWars continues on.
FreeSpeech continues on.
Everything we do here, all the different operations will continue on because InfoWars is separate from FreeSpeech.
That's its own company, its own system.
Those FreeSpeech systems, those are continuing on.
Really stronger than ever when it comes to reaching the public, but I need to have something that's lean and mean that I can go live from my phone in or in a studio or a podcast, and that's what this has been built to do.
And the podcast studio is basically done as well.
I haven't revealed that or shown that yet, but very soon I'll have a podcast roundtable discussion out of the studio.
We're very, very excited about it.
You can see the really great two-hour commercial free transmission we did Thursday evening from 7 to 9.
You can see a bunch of other videos that we've shot exclusively for the site.
The site will look different in a week or so because we need to propagate what the site will actually look like.
And the folks that built the site and run it run a lot of other people's subscription sites.
This one is not going to be just subscription.
A lot of the content is going to be free, but folks want subscription, plus it funds the operation that we're setting up to be able to send crew and reporters around the world again, separate from free speech systems.
And so that's why we're doing that.
If you want a free one-month membership, you can simply go to alexjoneslive.com, put in your email, and it's all free right now, but in a few weeks or so, we will send you out the promo code for a free month membership for everybody that signs up.
Let's get into the news.
There's a huge awakening to the fact that we were sold out to the Communist Chinese and that powerful corporations, globalist corporations, are setting it up as the model of tearing.
But they didn't get full control of the U.S.
government, so there's a major split that's been happening the last six, seven years.
And now, whether it's the Border Patrol, or whether it's the federal government, or whether it's the Senate, whether it's Trump, they're all coming out saying we are in a war with China, it's not Russia, and that China has secret police stations here in the U.S.
I told you about that years ago.
They have their operatives like Swallowswell and Schiff and Biden and Hunter and Obama and the rest of them.
Now, I wouldn't say they fully control them, but they're allied with them and had them on the payroll.
But like a prostitute, anybody can pay for play.
It's like a vending machine.
But the folks spending the most money and the folks getting the most bang for their buck, the people that were using the prostitutes the most are the shy cops.
In fact, I mean, I would say it's a 10 to 1, anybody else.
Israel's in there manipulating our government.
The UK's manipulating our government.
The EU is.
The Russians have been in there buying off people as well, but they're junior players.
You really study it.
And because of that, they made the whole distraction that any true American that was for our sovereignty, for our success, for our security was a
Russian spy.
And now, of course, that's even come out in mainstream news.
They admit that it's all a giant hoax.
I'm about as a Russian spy as I am a Martian from the planet Mars.
No, I'm a Texan.
I'm American.
And I've been honest about it.
I've had the Russians twice try to infiltrate me.
They haven't tried it in over 15 years.
And they use the classic very direct.
Later, I learned about it from intelligence folks that know how they operate.
You want the woman, you want money.
Very direct.
Putin's your friend.
He wants you to work with him.
You want the woman?
You want the man?
No, I don't want the woman.
Well, you want money?
And it's very direct.
And I said, no.
And I reported it to the FBI.
But I've really had the New World Order try to buy me off.
I never had the Chai Coms try to do it.
I had Big Tech try to do it.
I had Fox News try to do it.
Roger Ailes.
I had
I wouldn't even say buy me off, just get me to join them.
Switch sides.
I had Henry Kissinger, head of the Kissinger Group, try to get me to go to New York, meet with Kissinger.
I've told you about that a lot.
They were dumb enough to not say it was off-record in front of my producer, John Harmon.
But it's happened other times, and those were off-record meetings, so I'm not going to violate the off-record nature of it, because I wear a journalist hat, and when something's off-record, it's off-record, unless what they're doing is illegal.
Is illegal, but that's just another example of how real this New World Order is.
I mean, it doesn't get any more real than when Henry Kissinger tries to hire you.
So, I've never had shy comms approach me.
I have had British intelligence approach me.
But they just wanted to ask me what my intentions were.
And I've had Mossad visit the office.
I met with Mossad once.
Very high level.
Wanted to know that was a threat to Israel and wanted to destroy Israel.
I learned that was because I was doing press TV interviews.
I do Japanese, Iranian, Russian, British, Brazilian.
But I got a little visit from the Mossad.
Very well-known person.
Actually, someone's on record with the Mossad.
We went and had dinner at a Mexican food restaurant.
He was so paranoid, so scared.
I, uh, anyway, that's a funny story.
But, uh, as soon as they figured out that I really wasn't some intelligence operative for government, he just, very arrogant after that, just laughed at me and said, okay, whatever.
But, uh, that's, that's how real, that's how real this is, ladies and gentlemen.
No, I'm just an American that wants to live in a secure, happy country where I can practice my religion and raise my children healthy and have low crime and have a future.
I don't want to run things.
I don't want to be in the D.C.
I don't want to attack Israel.
I don't want to attack Iran.
I don't want to attack China.
I don't want to attack the Russians.
I don't want drag queen pedophile time.
I don't want open borders.
I just want to be left the hell alone.
Can't you understand that?
To the globals watching.
That's why they can't get it, because they always work for somebody.
All these people work for somebody.
Like Bob Dylan says, you gotta serve somebody.
Well, I try to serve God.
And that isn't some hoity-toity, I'm a Pharisee, I'm better than you, I'm this holy man.
Far from it.
But I do love God.
And I do love justice.
And I realize what happens to your children happens to my children.
And so I genuinely work for humanity, and I genuinely try to work for God.
That doesn't mean I always follow what the Holy Spirit tells me to do, but I'm a genuine person.
And of course, they've now completely figured that out, and they're even more scared.
Because see, I can't be bought, I can't be intimidated, I can be killed, I can be put in prison, but that just makes me a martyr.
And hell, that may happen.
But I'm on this course, and who I really wanted to thank today before I hit all the news, is the viewers and listeners.
Because we're together now at this critical time in history, and we couldn't have done this without you.
You're not just like some side thing, or the tail on the dog.
You're not vestigial.
You're not ceremonial.
You're not like a pat on the head.
You're everything.
Your word of mouth, your prayer, your financial support, this incredible crew that puts up with me and works so hard.
I want to thank the crew.
I want to thank my family.
I want to thank my family, the audience, the viewers and listeners.
I want to thank all the great mentors.
I didn't realize what great men they were when I was first on the scene.
I was very blessed to have a big show right away.
And to have the Ted Guntersons and the General Benton K. Bartons and the
G. Edward Griffins and the Ron Pauls instantly give me advice, instantly help me, instantly come to my aid and support because they understood it was about the future.
They understood they weren't going to live forever.
They were great men, are great men.
So I just want to take time out because you never know how long you got on air with the World War III and the economy collapsing and the imminent cyber attacks.
They're hyping and getting ready to bring in their new
Central Bank Digital Currencies that every day is precious to be able to communicate to all the viewers and listeners how much I appreciate you and how much I appreciate the crew and what we've gone through together.
So let me mention these articles and we'll drill into them with the mighty Drew Hernandez and Robert Barnes and others.
So let's start going over it.
Just to give you an example of what I was talking about.
This is a small spattering.
Donald Trump warns of Chinese spies everywhere in America.
Well, that's totally true.
But what about the U.S.
government officials on the payroll?
Bill Maher, woke revolution very similar to Mao's culture revolution.
Well, it's modeled after that.
How many times you heard me say that the last 20 years?
Border Patrol Union, China watching our border more closely than the Biden administration.
Totally true.
Chinese spies on the border, shipping fentanyl across, working with the drug gangs.
I mean, this is bad.
But then when you fly back into the country, they want to search you.
They want to ask you questions.
When you fly from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to New York City, the TSA wants to grab your junk.
I took off four days last week.
We hadn't been to Cancun in three or four years.
We zipped down there on a Southwest Airline flight.
And I brought a bodyguard with me, and I watched it happen.
Good friend of mine, big black guy, and a clearly gay TSA agent grabbed him and said, what's this?
And he said, what do you think it is?
I'm packing.
So that's the first violation.
He told me about it.
I said, did I just see what I saw?
And he said, yeah.
The guy literally grabbed his genitals and said, what is this?
He goes, what do you think it is?
The guy didn't believe it was that, you know, obviously that big.
And I'm only quoting that because the security guy said that's what he said to him.
I couldn't see what was being said.
I just saw him grabbing his junk while I was waiting for him to go through.
So they grab him and say, what is that?
Well, that's big dicks what that is, OK?
So that happens at the Austin airport.
I'm shaking TSA hands.
They're not all bad.
But I've had a similar situation.
He didn't say, boy, that's gigantic.
He's grabbing and smiling at me.
That was about 10 years ago.
I got really mad about it.
It was another guy.
But that's the violation.
That's the cult of manipulating you.
That's the cult of getting in your face.
That's the cult of letting you know you have no rights.
And that's what 9-11 was about, was making the American people the enemy and setting up a domestic control arm.
Then I fly back in to Customs.
They let everybody through, they just look at their passports, 30 seconds, check their name, let them through.
Not me.
So my wife, my daughter, the bodyguard, they get sent through into the Austin Airport.
And the guy behind the counter looks at me and he goes,
But you're not smuggling anything.
And I said, no.
And he goes, well, you got to go get searched.
So I go back there and I start talking to the gentleman back there.
And I say, you know who I am?
Yeah, we know who you are.
I said, I have no criminal record.
The last three times I flew back to the U.S., this happened and I'm pissed off about it.
They looked at me and they said, yeah, you need to be concerned.
You need to do a FOIA request.
They said, wait a minute, I got to go make phone calls.
So the manager goes off, he comes back, he goes, you need to check.
A FOIA request, I can't tell you what they flagged, and he shook my hand and said, we're not searching you.
But that's why they want AI and computers in the future where it's not a human making the decision.
They were not going to let me leave and they were going to detain me, ladies and gentlemen.
And they were shaking their heads and they got pissed off because they know full damn well whatever was flagged on there wasn't true.
So that's where America's at, where our borders are wide open
And leaving the country, my bodyguard, and again, I have a bodyguard because I'm not going to get in a fight when somebody starts one, and it happens occasionally, but you're going to have to deal with this guy.
And notice it doesn't happen anymore when I got a bodyguard with me, and that's part of the reason we need finances to pay for that.
I had one guy with me.
But the issue here is that he got fondled.
Oh, when Hollywood does it, it's evil and wrong.
A lot of famous men have had their junk grabbed by Hollywood people, but they do it to men and women.
It's all part of the power.
But, but, oh, when it happens to a black man in America as the TSA, then it's all okay.
And then a white guy's coming through and he has no criminal record and nothing, but he's flagged and pulled through.
So, so, and again, literally asking, what is this in your pants?
He told him, what do you think it is?
It's my penis.
Now, what won't you not put up with?
Because next is the vaccine passports, the vaccine surveillance, the total control.
It's now in the news.
In fact, I had it in the stack and I don't see it now, so pull it up.
In fact, I have a video clip.
DHS secretly
Tracking with the Pentagon and Homeland Security system, everyone that hasn't taken the shot.
So everyone that took the poison shots was put in the database, they're already creating the vaccine passport.
Remember just six months ago, California finally stopped saying, oh, you want into this hotel, you want into this improv, you want into this theater, you want into this rock concert, this hip hop concert, we got to see your vaccine passport.
Even though it's not the law, they are complying with the government, with that UN controlled, CHICOM connected database.
That's why I told the story about this is we have internal checkpoints and things to control the citizens that are innocent.
But then the southern border is completely wide open with tens of thousands a day, many of them children, kidnapped, murdered.
The media covers it up.
Joe Biden won't go down there more than one, two hours.
He lands.
But citizens are being harassed.
Citizens are now the target.
So let's play that clip where DHS is tracking and the CDC is tracking through the DHS.
People who refuse to get the COVID vaccine.
Here it is.
Vaccine mandates was raging.
Little did the American public know at the time that the CDC was holding a meeting discussing the potential to track those who were unvaccinated.
Well, the proposal was documented on page 194 of the CDC's September meeting packet, but until now we'd never heard the plan on tape.
Well, meet a little-known figure, CDC doctor David Berglund.
There has been interest expressed in being able to track people who are not immunized or who are only partially immunized.
And at the current time, there can be considered to be a significant modifiable risk factor for morbidity and for mortality.
And it can be of interest for clinical reasons as well as being a value for public health reasons to be able to track this.
NCHS is therefore proposing creation of codes related to people being unvaccinated for COVID-19 and for being partially vaccinated for COVID-19.
So it's not just a tracking of the unvaccinated, which is ridiculous.
If you thought getting one or even two shots was going to shield you from being surveilled or tracked, medical big brother looking over your shoulder, you were wrong.
Because after the presentation, Dr. David Berglin opened the floor to questions and comments.
He was asked if those who had previously had COVID and therefore are rejecting the vaccine, whether they could avoid the unvaccinated code they were assigned.
Listen to his response.
At this point, it has been recommended that even if someone has a history of COVID-19, that it may be beneficial for them to get the vaccine.
So at this point in time, I would not disallow use of these codes.
Even if someone had that history, you could use these codes together with the history of code.
If someone wished to be unvaccinated, that would usually not be recommended still.
Now, this was just a plan back in September of 2021.
But boy, did they move fast.
These codes were actually approved just two months later and went into effect in April of 2022.
Now, we reached out to the CDC to get a better understanding on how this works, why they're doing it, to allay any concerns over this tracking tool while we're still awaiting the CDC's response.
Now, here's the problem with people like Laura Ingraham, who I like.
Tucker would complete the circle and explain why they're doing it.
It's a global vaccine passport created by China and the WHO, funded by Bill Gates, on record over two and a half years ago.
We told you all about it.
And they're rolling it out.
And then once you accept that global ID,
It'll be the social credit score, the carbon tax, universal basic income, the total control system.
It's already in Italy.
It's already in France.
It's already in Australia.
It's already in New Zealand.
It looks like it's Australian.
It looks like it's Italian, but it's all globally run.
It's the holy grail of their digital currency systems.
They get rid of the ATMs and more and more stores won't take cash.
They're getting ready to really clamp down.
And back to the TSA, you get put in these databases and they pull you out to search you.
And then you've got some people that are just working at the TSA to have a job, but others definitely enjoy violating people.
And so it's just an example of what they can and will do to you
With these databases and with these systems.
Now, we're going to get Drew Hernandez on here in just a moment, but I want to go to part of this clip, it's the full clip, it's on Infowars.com, on Bill Maher on how the woke revolution, very similar to Mao's cultural revolution.
Well, the globalists helped set up China and put Mao in power, they admit that.
People like John Birch tried to expose it, they killed him.
And we know this, it's the model.
Bill Gates has said, Klaus Schwab has said, Zbigniew Brzezinski said before he died, all of them have said China is the model for what they're going to do here.
And you see all the things they're doing there being rolled out here.
But what does it say when suddenly, not just Republicans, but Democrats and others are coming out and realizing that an authoritarian system is overlaying itself here
That's a good sign that people are waking up to that.
Here's the report.
Communists thought selfishness could be cast out of human nature.
Russian revolutionaries spoke of the new Soviet man who wasn't motivated by self-interest, but instead wanted to be part of a collective.
No, it turns out he wanted to be on a yacht in a Gucci tracksuit holding a vodka and a prostitute.
Not standing in line all day for a potato.
The problem with communism, and with some very recent ideologies here at home, is that they think you can change reality by screaming at it.
That you can bend human nature by holding your breath.
But that's the difference between reality and your mommy.
Lincoln once said that you can repeal all past history, but you still cannot repeal human nature.
But he's cancelled now, so f*** him.
Yesterday, I asked chat GPT, are there any similarities between today's woke revolution and Chairman Mao's cultural revolution of the 1960s?
And it wrote back, how long do you have?
Because again, in China, we saw how a revolutionary thought he could do a page one rewrite.
Of course.
And those who resisted were attacked by an army of purifiers called the Red Guard, who went around the country putting dunce caps on people.
Yeah, who didn't take to being a new kind of mortal being.
A lot of pointing and shaming went on.
Oh, and about a million dead.
And the only way to survive was to plead insanity for the crime of being insufficiently radical, then apologize and thank the state for the chance to see what a piece of shit you are.
And of course, submit to re-education.
Or as we call it here in America, freshman orientation.
Listen to this story.
There's a law professor at the University of Illinois Chicago named Jason Kilbourne whose crime was that on one of his exams he used a hypothetical case where a black female worker sued her employer for race and gender discrimination
Alleging that managers had called her two slur words, the type of real-world case these students might one day confront.
And knowing the extreme sensitivity of today's students, he didn't write the two taboo words on the test, just the first letter of each.
He was teaching his students how to fight racism in the place where it matters most, the criminal justice system.
But because he merely alluded to those words, again in the service of a good cause, he was banned from campus, placed on indefinite leave, and made to wear the dunce cap.
No, not really the dunce cap part, but our American version of that.
Eight weeks of sensitivity training, weekly 90-minute sessions with a diversity trainer, and having to write five
Self-reflection papers.
A grown-ass man.
A liberal law professor.
If you can't see the similarities between that and this, the person who needs re-education is you.
Yes, we do have our own Red Guard here.
But they do their rampaging on Twitter.
Here's a cute example from a couple of years ago.
The banjo player from Mumford & Sons tweeted that he liked a book, a book that apparently had not been approved by the revolution.
So, of course, he had to delete the tweet, then take time away from the band.
Oh my God, you mean this could have affected Mumford & Sons?
And then the cringing apology, I have come to better understand the pain caused by the book I endorsed.
From a book?
Unless he hit the drummer over the head with it.
What happened to, I can read whatever the f*** I want?
Don't worry, I'm a musician.
It won't happen again.
There was once a very different musician named John Lennon who wrote a song called Revolution.
And people who didn't really listen to it thought it was a rah-rah call for revolution.
It was the opposite.
The lyrics are, you say you want a revolution?
Well, you know, we all want to change the world.
But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anybody anyhow.
There's a guy who understood how good intentions can turn into the insane arrogance of thinking your revolution is so f***ing awesome and your generation is so mind-bendingly improved that you have bequeathed the world with a new kind of human.
You're welcome.
With communists, that human was no longer selfish.
In America today, that human is no longer born male or female.
And obesity is not something that affects health.
You can be healthy at any size.
Really, we voted on it.
A formerly serious magazine last year published with a straight face an article called, Separating Sports by Sex Doesn't Make Sense.
Yes, it does.
Because again, we haven't reinvented Homo sapiens since Crystal Pepsi came out.
I've spent three decades on TV mocking Republicans who said climate change was just a theory, and now I gotta deal with people who say, you know what else is just a theory?
All over the place, people are turning against the Chinese Communist system that is actually a globalist system through China.
And Maher had to bring in the whole climate change is another anti-science garbage at the end to try to stay in good with his masters.
But I know people that know him behind the scenes.
He's really upset about the New World Order.
He's awake.
There's a bunch of Hollywood people now getting that, hey, this New World Order is gonna be bad for them.
This is a horrible system.
And that's the message I always put out there.
Not just to our great audience who's already awake and are great people because you had great parents, you had great family, or you had experiences so you were awake before other people.
It's our job to reach out to others that don't fully get it and let them understand the new world order is bad for everybody.
Bad for prosperity, bad for security, bad for having a good life.
You don't want to go along with it.
It's incredibly predatory and evil.
So I want to talk big picture, 35,000, or I should say 80,000 foot view, with a spy blimp with Drew Hernandez, who hosts a whole bunch of amazing hit shows that I can't even mention them all.
But this guy exploded on the scene the last few years.
Now he's one of the biggest conservative pro-human populist programs out there.
You find all the different shows he does at DrewHLive.com.
I want to get into the balloon.
I want to get into where you see all this going, the awakening.
But first off,
Do you agree with me that there's a big awakening happening right now, Drew?
Absolutely, Alex.
And I think that's due to the flow of information.
Because we all know what's critical in warfare is information itself.
And this is why they want to censor.
This is why they want to push their own propaganda and their own narratives.
And this is why they don't allow populist figures
Like yourself or anyone else that builds a mass audience to be able to do that because they don't want people waking up to the reality of what real life actually is.
They want us in a simulation where they control all the narratives, they control everything you see, everything you hear, absolutely everything you read, everything you ingest, all the information, and it's for one reason only.
It's for control
Via your mind.
And I think we're seeing that right now.
And people, like you mentioned, people in Hollywood, people in the political sphere, political realm, people in even the gaming industry, the arts, the comic industry.
I mean, the music.
Everywhere you look, you're seeing more people wake up to the reality that something is seriously wrong.
And we knew that Biden was installed.
The puppet was installed 2021, right?
They rigged the election.
They put their puppet in.
And I said this from the get-go.
Totally bad thing.
We're losing our constitutional republic.
They want to give us an illusion of having a choice in voting in this country because that's what the commies do.
They give you an illusion of an election.
But I also said this could potentially be a good thing.
And I know a lot of people are like, well, what do you mean?
This could lead to another Great Awakening.
This could lead to another revival.
Because if we have a puppet in there that
They just allow to dismantle and destroy and disarm absolutely everything from not just the national level but a foreign policy level like what we're witnessing right now.
Everyone's looking up to the sky and seeing a foreign object, okay, uninvited manned foreign CCP flying object in the sky that is mounted with very advanced technology that they admit that the Pentagon and
We're good to go.
I don't
away from the simulation and the simulators and those that control it and they breach the matrix and they get unplugged and then they start to wake up to the reality that hey these bad actors that we've been being warned about by Alex Jones, Drew Hernandez, all these other hot figures that have been called Nazis and misinformation propagandists and conspiracy theorists
Maybe they're telling the truth because, I mean, you have the mainstream media coming out and confirming that the Hunter Biden laptop and everything inside of it is accurate and real.
So that means that the CCP dealings and their Chinese shading dealings under the Biden crime family, this is all interconnected.
So people are waking up to the reality that those that have been trailblazing, putting out information decades in advance, years in advance, is all coming to fruition.
So I see it as a plus.
I see it as a plus because we need the general public.
You and I know when it comes to engaging the culture and breaching the culture, it's kind of tough, kind of like balancing that balance beam between not being too political and sounding just like a political talking head, but also being culturally effective.
To be able to talk to the general public and have that ability to kind of breach those, and Alex has always done that for years, for decades, is tying in the New World Order, tying in what's going on in politics, Republican and Democrat, and presenting it to a general audience where they could really ingest it and not just see another, you know, suit talking head trying to tell them what to believe.
So I think right now that is what's essentially happening as the populist movement kind of regages itself.
We've had some infiltrators in the America First movement.
We have some individuals and rhinos that are trying to get in and sabotage the CCP agents within the United States American government.
Not just politicians, but in the three-letter agencies, in the military, all of it, right?
And I've talked to FBI agents, and you know this too, Alex.
You've talked to people on the inside, whistleblowers and three-letter agencies and the military.
They all say the same thing.
There is an internal civil war.
It's like this cold civil war that is going on in all of these agencies.
And what you're saying is key.
What you're saying is key.
And again, I'm not brown-nosing these agencies.
They're hopelessly corrupt at the top, have to be abolished or reformed.
But it really is the truth that 90% of the people are good, doing regular jobs, kidnapping, money laundering, toxic waste dumping, all that real stuff.
And it's the people on top that are corrupt and bad.
And inside the government, there are huge amounts of people and corporations and academia that are awake.
And they're asking us to take action.
They're asking us to wake up others and say no and give them support.
And I say that because you read Klaus Schwab's writings and others.
They take over the governments.
They have the governments do horrible, illegal things.
It's in the SPARS 2025-2028 document, where they hit us with a poison shot after releasing a virus, and they use that to destroy trust in the system to bring down society.
They're not just cutting off power lines and power plants and pipelines and borders.
They're also destroying trust.
So yeah, the government's hijacked by the enemy.
Here's the analogy.
If an Islamic hijacker, say in 1982, takes over an airplane in Egypt,
Shoots some of the crew and then takes the plane off.
You don't blame the airline.
I mean, even though they got hijacked, they should have better security.
You don't blame the pilot and co-pilot that got killed.
You don't blame... No, no.
It's not the airline doing that.
It's the hijacker.
And it's the same thing with people who have hijacked our government.
And they want the blame to go to the government and the system.
Instead of to the New World Order, but if we bypass that and go directly to the WUF and the UN and people controlling it, then it's game over.
People go, oh wait, it's a hijacker.
No, they want us to tear each other apart with race war and all this other crap.
And there's bad folks in the government, don't get me wrong, but the government is only a control lever.
It's like if somebody hacked your new car, you know, these new cars can be hacked easily, and drove you off a cliff.
Well, the car didn't do it, somebody hacked into it, so they want us to destroy the vehicle itself instead of getting control of the vehicle.
And also the CCP, Alex.
Okay, see this is, let's really analyze this.
Let's really do this right now, okay?
We all know, what have we been hearing from three-letter agency officials, okay, people within the United States government, what have we been hearing from military officials for decades?
For the past, let's just say the past two decades.
Let's just use that, right?
They've all been saying the same thing.
Yes, Islamic terror is on the top with Hamas, Iran.
You have these terrorist organizations that are funding different countries.
They're spread out throughout the world.
The cartel should be up there as well, but they don't want to touch that for obvious reasons.
But also, the CCP.
They've all been saying, China wants to be the United States.
China not only wants to compete economically in a healthy way.
Okay, this is what Trump was talking about in 2016 and they called him a xenophobe and a racist for it.
Saying that China's a problem, we gotta slap the terrorists, we gotta deal with these people because they're dismantling our economy, it's economic warfare from within.
So military officials, we know that three-letter agency officials, CIA, NSA, all these people, whistleblowers have been coming out without a political bias and just simply stating the fact that the CCP is one of the top threats, okay, to the United States of America, national security and sovereignty of the United States.
This has been developing for decades, for years, and I know a lot of intelligence
You know, operatives and people that are within the government and in the military, they watch this show and they know what I'm saying is 100% spot on.
And you know this too, Alex, is they have been warning us about the rise of China's desire to be the next United States.
Not just how the United States,
That's part of that is because they're running out of resources and basically have to.
Chambers and the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
They were out of resources.
So, if Germany was out of resources, they hit that point where, okay, if we're going to dominate, we have to totally dominate.
Economically, socially, culturally, technologically.
Okay, this is something that needs to be talked about as well.
Think about World War II and the race for the atom bomb.
Okay, think about World War II and the race to obtain the first nuclear weapon ever.
Nazis were already on to it.
They were technologically advanced.
They were receiving data and information and higher wisdom from higher powers.
Everybody knows this, okay?
And then the Americans caught wind.
There was an arms race.
They got some of the technology.
It was kept under wraps.
Talk about the culture, right?
During that time, it was totally kept under wraps.
Top secret.
The general public, especially America, did not know about this technology that was developing until it was finally unveiled in front of the entire world and they dropped the first one and it obliterated, okay?
It obliterated their targets and the Americans became a ultra superpower on the world stage and the rest of the world knew about it.
And then the general public and then the culture
There's a giant global AI race.
It's huge.
Especially when it comes to military technology.
The Chinese and the CCP, they don't want it, you know, for humanitarian reasons or to advance medically or scientifically.
They want it for military purposes because they see just how powerful this technology is.
And while America is asleep,
Okay, and the next generation here of America is all over TikTok, obsessed with TikTok, and they got the American public more worried about whether a child could chop their penis off or not, okay, without parental consent, more worried about homosexuality and gay sex.
You got the CCP over there raising the next generation of mastermind geniuses from the age of like six years old.
And here's the problem with AI.
It needs you to give it everything.
So, in the race, they're trying to get everybody to give everything to it, instead of not being part of it, pulling back and building a different system.
But that's the race.
They need all of us to feed into it.
It's not like a Manhattan Project, where they can make an atomic bomb out in the desert, in the Nevada desert.
They are doing this where they need all of us to be fed into it to compete with the CHICOMs.
And the CHICOMs are showing, no, we've made our public interface.
They're already under control.
So, our government goes, well, we've got to control our people even more than to beat their AI system, when the answer is,
Do not be part of the system.
And you take a look at the advancement, right?
This has been going on for decades.
The CCP has been advancing.
They've been dismantling the United States.
Now this brings me to 2020.
Okay, look at the CCP's involvement in 2020, Alex, for God's sake!
They launched a bioweapon on the United States!
They shut down the world!
They shut down our economy!
And they did it effectively!
They ran that test in the World Economic Forum and the global elites and
And the Satanists, they all went along with it.
This is why they love China.
They want to be China.
So, Klaus Schwab says, we love China.
Bill Gates comes out and says, China's rise to power is such a win for the world.
They wish they could have a one world, new world order in the frame and blueprint of China.
But what I'm saying is, 2020, they launch the bioweapon.
They kind of see where they can go.
Xi Jinping and the CCP is measuring the data on the American public and the rest of the world.
They are seeing how effective this bioweapon is.
They shut down the American economy within a week!
Within a week!
Literally overnight, they shut down the American economy.
And this was under Trump, by the way.
They shut down the American economy.
Americans were living in fear.
They capitulated.
They listened to their government.
They went into their COVID lockdowns.
Not everyone, especially not the viewers.
And then they rolled out the vaccines, the forced vaccines.
And then people that were praised as heroes, the medical healthcare professionals in 2020 became the villains in 2021.
They rolled out that phase and the CCP was sitting there measuring the data.
We cannot be naive to sit here and think that that's not happening!
No, you're absolutely right.
So let me ask you this.
It's all coming out.
It's a poison shot.
It causes cancer and heart attacks.
It's all coming out.
What are they going to do now that this is all coming out and America and the West is rejecting it?
Well Alex, the point I'm trying to get to is the CCP...
doesn't function off of five years, off of ten years.
They're not limited to a United States president only having eight years, or maybe having four, a break in between, and then another four, right?
These people have plans for the next hundred, five hundred thousand years.
These people are very patient.
Any intelligence agent within the United States government that understands the CCP and how they function is that these people wait.
They play the long game.
They measured how much they can get away with with the American public and the American government.
Now you bring into how all these politicians are bought and paid for.
You look at the Mitch McConnell's of the world, Eric Swalwell's of the world.
Okay, on both sides of the aisle, you look at the NBA that shills for China, LeBron James that will never speak out against the CCP, but all black people are enslaved.
Black Lives Matter.
You take a look at Hollywood.
They will never demonize China.
They even change some of their movie narratives to appease Xi Jinping in China.
Okay, you put all these pieces together, how Xi Jinping is pretty much the President of the United States, not President, puppet President Joe Biden.
He's the one calling the shots, controlling everything.
They have measured how far they can get away with.
They've dismantled this country, and then you bring in the military.
All the military here in the United States is concerned with what?
Gender reassignment surgery, homosexuality,
You got Dick Levine running around mentally ill?
That's obviously a man claiming to be- Let me say something really heavy and important here.
I know the listeners are smart, but I want this to really sink in for folks.
I already knew this, but we've talked about it, but it needs to hit people.
If America's promoting freedom and justice and choices and openness and all these great things, that's 1776 worldwide.
You don't need authoritarianism.
You don't need surveillance to enforce that, because it's common sense.
It's what people want.
So how do you get America to not be the example that people aspire to?
Not that we're perfect, but, you know, a chicken in every pot, two cars, nice house, swimming pool in the backyard, kids go to college where you want, low crime, you know, things are going well.
Well, you undermine that society, you drug people up, you know, you do all the things we've seen, but you also create the culture, this drag queen pedophile time, and all this destructive stuff in Hollywood, so the world rejects America.
People go, oh, Hollywood's losing money, Hollywood's going bankrupt, Hollywood's falling apart.
It's designed because the world sees that as America.
To make the world reject everything that was America, and then comes in the communist Chinese globalist authoritarian model.
So it's all been done by design.
And let me make this final point, Alex.
By the way, they just shot the blimp down.
There it is.
They just shot, because of incredible pressure in the public, as you said, even CNN was saying, get rid of it.
The Pentagon has just shot it down.
This is a live feed.
Guys, back this up.
It's on a DVR.
Go ahead and roll this.
They just shot down the package.
Okay, they're pulling it in right now.
This is over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
It was about to leave U.S.
And what could be an EMP package has been shot down.
They probably did it right when it went over so it would land in the ocean.
And then there's a jet flying under it right there.
Wow, what do you make of this, Drew Hernandez?
We're here live Saturday covering this right now.
See, there you have it.
See, this is a good thing when there's American pressure, right?
This is where I wanted to get to.
I was going to say that earlier.
When we put pressure on them on anything, they end up doing the right thing.
We still have the power.
100% because when you see this, okay, look at the timeline.
The Biden administration knew about this, but they had a very important foreign meeting with China they didn't want to ruin, so they tried to keep it under wraps.
And then it appeared in the sky and the general public saw it and started to freak out for obvious justifiable reasons.
And then the mainstream media picks it up.
Even CNN is complaining about it, saying it needs to be shot down because it's a threat.
And then the Pentagon comes and says, well,
We're only going to give you limited information about what's going on with this thing and where it's at.
We're not going to give you specifics.
And you can look up at the sky and figure it out for yourself.
You can look up to the sky and you know what that tells me?
That tells me, Alex, that the CCP is measuring all of this.
They now know that they could fly into American airspace uninvited and Joe Biden and these deep state rats are going to bow and do nothing.
Okay, unless there's American pressure, this is a perfect example of how these people are willing to sell this country out and bow down to Xi Jinping, and unless the American people come out and make a fuss about it, then they'll do something.
Shouldn't they do something without us making a fuss about it?
The answer is yes, but they're all bought and paid for by the CCP, so they got to run cover for now.
Thank God they shot it down.
But what I will say is do not let this slide.
This is an embarrassment, but they knew about it.
Okay, so let's think about the future, Alex.
If they launch something on a grander scale, they had other CCP balloons, surveillance balloons across the world, Latin America, other countries that are going on.
This is obviously coordinated geographically.
What happens when they launch something on the United States?
Every single state.
EMP strike.
Cybernetic attack.
Who knows?
Shuts down, dismantles American technology within five seconds.
And then they lead a ground invasion or an air invasion.
They shut down our defense systems.
Who knows?
Who knows?
What I do know is that the response I'll get from the Pentagon is, well, you could just look up to the sky to figure it out yourself.
We will be sitting ducks.
By the way, just like you do on your show, if we say something, we're going to show you where it's at.
Like, Bill Markham's out against the Democrats, say they're malice communists, we show you the club.
Here is the Pentagon Air Force General saying, we're not going to tell you where it's at, you just figure it out yourself.
Here it is.
Is the position of the balloon classified?
Phil, right now what we're not going to do is get into a hour-by-hour location of the balloon.
Again, we're monitoring it closely.
As I mentioned, right now it's over the center of the continental United States.
That's about as specific as I'm going to get.
But I understand it might be inconvenient, but does the public not have a right to know if the balloon is over the state?
The public certainly has the ability to look up in the sky and see where the balloon is.
Oh really?
Now here's the latest clip.
It's out minutes ago where they shoot the, which is a gigantic balloon bigger than a football field.
Just the control arrays below it are the size of three.
They're as long as three school buses and even bigger.
Here it is.
Checking Twitter on several different officia... Oh!
I believe it just happened there.
That was it.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
It appears that that China spy balloon...
Has been shot down, and there's the missile going in.
You see the aircraft turn off there.
Surprised they used a missile.
They could have just gone up there with smaller projectiles and taken it out.
The question is, will it crash in South Carolina, or will they shoot it down over the ocean?
But it looks like, Drew, that's what the... Now we won't know what was on board.
Very hard to find something in the ocean once it crashes.
What do you think to Hernandez's live response to this right now?
Well, I think it's interesting that it took American pressure, it took American media, put pressure on this administration to take obvious action with an uninvited foreign flying object in American airspace.
But they knew about it.
They were trying to cover it up and let it slide for obvious reasons.
The real question is this, Alex.
This is the real question.
What does Gigi Ping think about this?
What did Xi Jinping just learn about this whole ordeal?
This man now knows that he can invade American airspace and the current administration will do absolutely nothing about it.
And they'll try and hide it and say, oh, well, if we got a meeting coming up with the Chinese, we're not going to bring it up.
So if I'm Xi Jinping, I'm like, hey, let's just set up a meeting with some stupid American official and then we'll make our move.
And they're not going to do anything about it.
They'll try and cover it up.
And it'll take an awakening.
This is how we started, Alex.
This is the good thing.
When people speak up, they get angry.
They expose what's going on.
This is a perfect example of what Info Wars is and the Information War is.
You're right.
It's the tail wagging the dog.
We're the dog.
The globalists aren't even the tail.
They're a flea on the tail of the dog.
Join us again soon, my friend.
Great job.
Glad you were here with us when this balloon got shot down.
People say, oh, well, it's a provocation to China.
No, they sent it here.
More balloons are coming.
It was a test to see what they can do.
I have a whole stack of their bragging admissions.
They're going to rig these balloons with EMP bombs.
People go, why aren't they on a satellite?
Because the satellite is in space and that bounces off the magnetic field, folks.
They need it to be inside the atmosphere at 60 to 100,000 feet to get maximum damage.
And I saw the left today with millions and millions of views on Twitter and other places, people sitting in the club, a little clip of me actually talking about an EMP weapon.
And how these could potentially, a group of them, knock out all of the surface control systems.
They go, oh, now these balloons will blow everything up.
No, they'll blow out the electronics.
That's what the EMP does.
And it's how hopelessly dumb the left is when they go shoot that fake Vice video with El Chapo's son and they stick a whole 5.56 casing and bullet in the hole thinking we're that dumb or they were that dumb.
It just shows they don't even know how anything works.
And that's exactly where we are right now.
And I'll tell the American people right now that are watching.
This incident alone, I don't care what your politics are, there is no justifiable reason that the Biden administration tried to keep this from you.
Yeah, this isn't some 50 foot across, 100 foot tall weather balloon the university launches or the weather service launches that test the atmosphere and then lands and then they get some data.
This is a big, gigantic thing bigger than a football field, folks.
The little things hanging off of it are the size of three school buses.
Alex, this also proves that the federal, the American government attempts to hide things from you that are very, very concerning, that are hanging right over your head in the sky.
It's like the movie Don't Look Up.
They don't want anyone to look up and see the... They don't want you to look up at all.
Don't look up!
Just stay in the Matrix.
Just stay happy in the Matrix.
Keep watching your woke garbage at home.
Just keep caring about homosexuality and chopping kids' genitals off.
Just stay focused on social justice and all this other garbage.
And cheer when they cut off the Keystone Pipeline and they shut down more coal plants and your power prices in the last five years double.
Drew Hernandez, we'll talk to you soon.
God bless and thank you for joining us.
Thank you, guys.
Congrats on the new podcast, Alex.
I love you.
Thank you about that.
You're going to be one of our new guests on there.
Let's go now to the third installment of the Project Veritas with the confirmed head of their worldwide mRNA program bragging that's causing problems, basically.
And then we're going to go to
The one, the only Bob Barnes.
So we've got so much breaking here, so much happening here.
It's why we're going live on Saturday.
It's why I'm going live at night.
It's why I'm turning up what I'm doing.
Because the world is coming to a climax, an alignment, a very special moment.
So here's this clip.
We'll come back with Robert Barnes.
I hear about their menstrual cycle, so we will have to investigate that down the line.
Because that is a little concerning.
It actually shouldn't be interfering with that, so we don't really expect it.
It shouldn't?
It shouldn't.
But is it?
There's something happening, but we don't know if it's for real.
Well, I mean, you're a urologist, so you must understand, like, what's going on with it, right?
Like... Well, that's why I understand that it's weird.
How we don't find out that, like, somehow this mRNA, like, lingers in your body, and then, like, has... Because, what, it has to be impacting something hormonal.
Say, impact menstrual cycles?
Yeah, or, like, the entire next generation is, like, super fucked up.
Could you imagine the scandal?
Oh, my God.
I'd be... I'd take Pfizer off my resume.
So, um, tell me more, like, what's developing with the whole, you know, virus mutation process?
Well, they're still kind of conducting the experiments on it, but, uh, it seems like from what I've heard, they're kind of optimizing it, but it's growing slow, so everyone's very cautious, like, you know.
Obviously, they don't want to kind of accelerate it too much.
Um, but I think they're also just trying to do it as an exploratory thing, because you obviously don't want to advertise that you're trying to figure out future mutations.
How would the research study be delayed for COVID stuff?
Well not for COVID specifically, so like now we're basically focusing on mRNA beyond COVID.
So quite a lot of our forward looking research studies have got to make sure they're on track to make sure that happens.
So what is RNA going to be used for in the future?
Lots of stuff, but I can't tell you, because the camera looks... Wait, why not?
Come on, I feel like, I feel like there's, you know, it's just going to be like, what, for flu, right?
A little bit for other things too.
There's a whole list of things we're developing it for.
Not just for viruses, we're applying it for oncology.
I'm less certain about the oncology prospects, but we're doing it for gene editing.
For photos, at least internally, our focus there is to move beyond COVID.
Now they have a dedicated COVID monitoring team that just speaks out on that.
Like is Pfizer going to be held liable for like any of these vaccine injuries that have happened?
Uh, I don't think so.
Because usually when you give drugs, people think it's like a known side effect.
It's like this, it's included in like that thing label, but it could be.
I mean, there were like lots of people who were like, BIOX and heart attacks.
Real BIOX.
But that wasn't it.
That was another pharma company.
That wasn't for us.
We were hoping you'd like to monitor me for it over time.
So, there hasn't been like any problems so far.
We'll see.
Uh, like in the next several years if anything comes up.
If anything comes up.
I'm hoping it won't, obviously.
Hope nobody's growing three legs or something like that, right?
Yeah, or like the entire next generation is like super fucked up.
Could you imagine the scandal?
Oh my god.
I mean, I take five years off my resume.
I was telling you earlier about the menstrual cycle, so people have to investigate that down the line.
Because that is a little concerning.
Because like, if you think about the science, like, it shouldn't be interacting with like, you know, the
Uh, it's called, like, the hypothalamus.
It's a very good co-natal axis.
Like, you know, the hormones are linked, they're misaligned, things like that?
And the axon shouldn't be interfering with that, so we don't really have time.
It shouldn't, no.
It shouldn't?
But is it?
There's something happening, but we don't know if we're, um...
Well, I mean, you're a urologist, so you must understand, like, what's going on with it, right?
Like... Well, that's why you're saying that it's weird.
I mean, I've heard that, you know, like, just mental cycles and... I don't know what's going on there, actually.
We don't discover something really bad, if you don't want it.
We don't find out that, like, somehow this mRNA, like, moves in your body, and then it, like, passes...
Because it has to be impacting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles.
So somehow the vaccines must be interacting with like that axis signal, the HPG axis, to cause these hormonal cycles.
The HPG axis?
Yeah, it goes like the hypothalamus, pituitary, and then gonads.
So the HPG axis is why the fertility problems are happening.
Yeah, because they control the cycle.
So, like, if they decide you're impacting that, it must be impacting these hormones.
I don't know.
But then we're going to call, like, how are they impacting these hormones?
Because, like, the signaling starts in, like, the brain, right?
And the vaccine doesn't cause the blood brain barrier.
I mean, I will say, like, if you just come down the line with something wrong with the vaccine, obviously people will, like, criticize, like, the big pusses.
There's a lot of social pressure, there's a lot of pressure, you know, all the pressure to get the vaccine.
Like, I have to be perfectly honest, I would have gotten fired, right?
And if something were to happen downstream, and it was, like, completely bad, I think it would... I mean, the scale of that scandal would have been, like, enormous.
I'm a huge believer in information.
I watch InfoWars every day and follow Alex Jones closely.
You know why?
He can put you ahead of the curve.
And he's been demonized as a conspiracy theorist.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
This is reality.
The truth is stranger than fiction.
A revolution of peaceful information is coming, and when it comes time, you people are going to be brought to punishment.
You're lying to the public.
It's disgusting.
The media continues to misrepresent what I've said.
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist.
Alex Jones has the largest audience in the country, bigger than any of the networks, the biggest megaphone in the country.
We're going to get fired up about the real things, the things that matter!
You have it close to the balloon you just shot down?
Go ahead and roll him.
Here we go!
That's my Air Force right there, buddy.
Alright, there's so many facets to this, and this is all happening live on this Saturday, February 4th, worldwide transmission.
Robert Barnes with us for the next 50 minutes.
But I'm not a warmonger.
I don't want war.
We shouldn't be fighting Russia and Ukraine.
But China has infiltrated us.
It works with the globalists.
It's bought off much of the Democratic Party.
It controls Mitch McConnell's wife.
They control some Republicans as well.
Very healthy to wake up to an outside threat.
It's very healthy for Bill Maher to come out and say we're run by communist Chinese and the Democrats are maliced.
It shows we're winning.
Trump comes out and says the same thing.
We've been beating this drum forever, for over 20 plus years, but now this is really coming down to brass tacks.
It's a big time to be alive.
Robert Barnes, I want to hit all the big vaccine news, the WEF news, the economy news, so much huge stuff that you're right at the tip of the spear on.
But first off, your response to the shoot down of the balloon right over the coastline of South Carolina, where you see this going, the different angles and the big awakening to the Chi-Coms being the real enemy.
Yes, I'm just seeing that.
So, did they definitely successfully knock down the balloon?
Yes, it's being reported, it's on Fox News right now, that right on the coastline of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, and we've got some even better footage that we were showing earlier on a telephoto lens showing the balloon being blown up.
In fact, go ahead and roll that with audio guys, here it is.
Checking Twitter on several different officia... Oh!
I believe it just happened there.
That was it.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
It appears that that China spy balloon... So that's Fox News about 15 minutes ago, was covering it live, when a jet flies by, clearly fires what looks like a Sidewinder missile or something along those lines, or a Sparrow missile into it.
Robert Barnes.
Yeah, because I mean, I had seen a range of analysis that had suggested it was very difficult, due to the altitude, to blow up the balloon.
So that's why I was curious about that, you know, we definitely knew they were successful doing so.
The degree to which, whether the balloon just came down to a lower altitude that made it more manageable.
It did.
It came over us at 80,000 feet, went down to 60.
The F-16s can go up to about 60, especially if they only fill up their tanks halfway.
It's a fascinating story because deciphering exactly what everybody's intentions were is something that I find difficult in this particular context.
Why would China blow up their meeting on the eve of the meeting by doing this?
Was it a point of China trying to show leverage to the United States if they had technology the United States doesn't have?
We've been trying to develop spy balloons of this type for a while that are actually steerable.
We haven't had success doing so, but there's a big budget for it within the Defense Department.
Was this China showing off and bragging on the eve of Blinken's supposed to go there?
Is it somebody within China that wanted to destabilize that meeting?
Is it somebody within the U.S.
that wanted to destabilize that meeting by having this event?
This is like the Pentagon allowing Lee Harvey Oswald to give the technicals on the U-2 spy plane ahead of peace deals to get a U-2 shot down.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, that's why it's like there's some story within a story here that's different than the official media narrative, is my takeaway.
That when you see a sort of orchestrated narrative like this, where people's incentives don't quite line up,
The Pentagon's incentives don't quite line up with what they said.
The China's incentives don't quite line up with what they're accused of doing here.
So the something is anomalous.
But I thought one of the key point you raised yesterday that most people don't know, like if the China's point was they have weapons beyond the technology that the United States claims.
There's some within the Pentagon that believe China's totally backwards militarily and that consequently a war with China would be easily won.
People like Colonel McGregor has been saying that's nonsense for a while, and that while China has limitations, particularly in submarines and naval airfare, it's actually very well defended, and it's designed its weapons to be defensive.
And they prove they're willing to lose.
I mean, in Korea, we were defeating the North Koreans and a million Chinese, so they sent in five million and began to kick our ass.
MacArthur wanted to drop atomic bombs.
He then got, you know, removed of command.
By Harry Truman.
And so the truth is, is that if you actually get in a fight with, and I'm not, all groups are tough, all groups will fight.
People look at Asians and they think, oh, nice, polite Asians.
Once Asians get in a war, they just, I mean, it's hell.
And so that's what's happening right now is China is fully mobilized, ready to go, and they're willing to lose a lot of troops.
Well, you know, one of the reasons why I love watching InfoWars is there's always something I discover that I consider myself well-read and well-informed on a wide range of topics, but I was completely unaware of the big Japan plan to use balloons as bombs over the United States.
I didn't even know that existed until you mentioned it yesterday.
I was like, now that would be, but my guess is that China has full awareness of it, and that if there's a nefarious intention of what China did here, I assume it's exactly what you were talking about.
China wanted to say, you think that we have limits, you think we can't do things, you think we can't counter-attack, you think you can bully us like you bully Russia, and this is from the China mindset.
And so China's like, well, remember when Japan was trying to design 9,000 balloon bombs to fly over the United States and create fires all across the country?
Oh, well, guess what?
We actually now have weapons that can do precisely that.
We now have the steerage.
Because always been the technological hurdle with these balloons has been the ability to steer them.
That's right.
This thing's been changing course everywhere.
Not going up and down like a regular weather balloon.
This is a gigantic thing, bigger than a football field.
Just the stuff hanging off of it is three school buses long, multiple school buses wide.
I believe from their past statements, I have a stack of articles here from them, that they're looking to deliver EMPs via these.
Because again, a satellite detonates one, it bounces off the magnetic field.
You've got to detonate it below the magnetic field.
That's why a balloon is the perfect delivery device.
Well, I thought your point made more sense than all of this, because I was like, the spy balloon stuff didn't make much sense to me, because I was like, you get a little bit of an edge with a balloon in the sense that it can linger a little bit longer than a satellite.
But generally, satellites, drones, spy planes are all going to be more effective at getting that information than something you can spot from the ground.
The only real reason to send this over is if you're sending, not saying, hey, look at our new spy technology that's really not that sophisticated.
It's if what you're talking about, by the way, we have a weapon where we can do what Japan was trying to do but failed to do.
And that it's a game-changing potential operation as to what we can do.
And that made a lot more explanation that China was making a leverage play, trying to say on the eve of the Blinken Summit, we have a... Just like the U.S.
did before the collapse of the Soviet Union, showing all the advanced satellite technology to shoot down ICBMs.
That's exactly right.
I mean, remember the whole U-2 incident?
You've talked about this.
The U-2 incident was designed to derail aspects of certain peace negotiations that were being considered at the time.
So what happened there, whether that was done deliberately, whether that was done by the Russians, people within the Soviet Union who didn't want to talk about reducing nuclear conflict, whether it was people within the deep state in the United States that did it.
I think you may have that attribute here, but the most logical explanation of this is that this was somebody within China, maybe Xi, maybe the more hardliners within China, that wanted to show off to the United States on the eve of these big discussions that, yeah, we actually have very dangerous weapons, and it's amazing, and that would make more sense of how the mainstream media has been talking about everything except
The weapons aspect.
They've been talking about this being a spy balloon, which did not make a tremendous... that wouldn't be all that impressive that they had a spy balloon.
What would be impressive is if they had a balloon they could steer that could be an airship carrying and delivering, as you point out, weapons.
And China would be the kind of country that would have memory of what the Japanese tried because of their long, brutal war with Japan.
They would be intimately aware that, okay, this was a means by which you could show off unique weapons, particularly because there's people within the Pentagon who are encouraging
We're good to go.
So that would suggest what you're talking about makes a lot more sense about what this really is designed for.
It's like Russia designing those Poseidons, those little nuclear submarines, those mini-submarines that are actually drone-operated that can induce a tsunami.
That the goal of this is as a to say, hey, United States, by the way, we have weapons that can be very, very scary.
And that's what I think the media is trying to suppress by calling it a spy balloon rather than calling it what it really is.
Something changed today.
I showed the headline about two hours ago.
Biden put out a statement saying we're going to take care of it.
So there was such public pressure because Biden's a Chinese.
Yeah, I agree, because their official excuse was they were worried about a debris field.
And striking it, knocking it down earlier, maybe, but the arguments that I had seen was that probability was pretty low.
I think your explanation makes more sense that if this is lost in the water, then whatever it is will never be discovered again, not by any ordinary American.
Whereas if they put it down over the land, then some ordinary person could find it and discover something different than what
I'm not pro-war, but China's the main threat.
I think this is very healthy that Bill Maher and Trump and everybody, it's all over the news, is coming out against China and their control of U.S.
I think this is a very healthy moment.
Just like the whole vaccine lie is collapsing, the whole COVID lie is collapsing, the whole cover-up of China's control of America through globalism is collapsing right now.
Yeah, I think a lot of those global... the way I would put it is Joe Biden is a prostitute who thinks he's the pimp.
And so he thinks he's the boss of China rather than the other way around.
And globalists think they can control China rather... and use China for their own purposes in ways that... Exactly, and they're reaching that moment where they know fully China's broken with them.
That's exactly right.
The reality is the idea that they could always keep China as their loyal little factory worker, their little experimenter, their ones that could implement social credit scores, implement Wuhan-style lockdowns that they could use to export the social credit score system to the world, use to export the lockdown strategy to the world.
That methodology, but that they would never stick their head up, reflected the arrogance of people like George Soros and Bill Gates.
Just five years ago, and for 30 years, Soros said China was the model.
Now he says China's Adolf Hitler.
And the reason is because they've stuck their head up and they want to go their own route.
Now, I agree with you that we have no interest in the Chinese model being that we've been warning about it.
You've been warning about it for longer than me.
We've been talking about forever that the China social credit system is the one they want to export to the world.
And we saw just last couple of weeks in Davos, Tony Blair basically saying exactly that, talking about digital passports, digital vaccines, Bill Gates.
Klaus Schwab, Tony Blair, they all say China's the model.
They're all showing their fealty to China.
And what they wanted is, basically they've just discovered they're not the pimp of China, they're the prostitute of China.
And consequently, they don't know quite how to react and respond to it.
Because they're losing control.
They're losing the economic war against Russia didn't go the way they thought.
They thought globalism could, you know, crush Russia and then in the process build the basis for a central bank digital global currency system, financial system.
But that didn't go to the way they want.
And then now China's sticking its head up, going in its own direction.
They don't want that to occur.
And then they've discovered belatedly that all this time they thought they were using China, China was using them.
So what comes next, Smart Cookie?
A guy that really knows what he's talking about.
How do you see this unfolding now?
Every globalist initiative is falling apart.
What do they do now?
Well, you know, there's what we should do, and then there's the risk of what happens.
What we should do is the Trump strategy, which is to so politically isolate China, don't emulate or imitate the social credit score system, don't look to them as an example, expose their bad conduct in the context of the pandemic in the Wuhan lab, even though that has rightful complicity, it will rightfully implicate Fauci and others in the United States and the Defense Department and the Pentagon.
You expose China, they'll throw the deep staters under the bus.
That's exactly right.
And remember, China actually said that from the beginning.
Remember, early on, China said, this virus came from the United States.
They kind of outed it early.
It said it came from the U.S.
military, not our troops, but the people running the military.
That's exactly right.
And in fact, that's probably the case.
Bill Gates, Fauci, the Defense Department all combined working together in Wuhan to use again China's kind of their guinea pig experiment about how they want to regulate and control the world.
Remember, China's population policy was Bill Gates' wet dream of a population policy.
Well, he says that.
Let me ask you this.
They weren't going to shoot it down.
They were forced to.
That shows the power of the people.
Oh yeah, yeah.
I think that they underestimated the ordinary American's reaction to a foreign nation kind of showing off its power literally over their own guy.
So this attempt to piss on us with more balloons coming, I imagine those are going to change course now from the South and North.
This didn't go the way China thought it would.
Because they ordered Biden to let this do this as an exercise of power, but he got enough pressure put on him, it didn't happen.
Yeah, no, and I think basically the key moving forward is how do we mark the line between standing up to and resisting Chinese influence and bringing American jobs back to the United States versus what some people in the Pentagon want, which is they want to go to war in China.
They want to say, okay, if China's going to stick its head up and not always be our puppet,
If they think they're the pimp instead of the prostitute, we want to smack them around like we're the pimp.
And they want to get into an actual ground war, an air war.
That's not good either.
It should be economic like Trump did.
That's exactly right.
Because we have the resources.
Notice Trump turned our oil back on, but as the biggest exporter turned energy back on, we were winning that.
We don't need a war physically.
We need an economic war to empower the world, empower freedom.
But Biden's been doing exactly what China wants, draining our strategic oil reserve, not for us, but for them.
Not only that, but the grand strategy, kind of like a reverse of Nixon.
Nixon's strategy was to isolate China from Russia.
Trump's strategy was to isolate Russia from China and have Russia be an ally rather than an adversary of the West and an adversary rather than an ally of China.
Which is a no-brainer.
Russia is loaded with resources.
We should be absolutely in business with them.
If you look at what does China lack, it lacks food, it lacks fuel.
It has to import... All they got is a bunch of brainwashed communists.
I mean, yeah.
I mean, due to their disastrous strategy in a wide range of areas under Mao, they are now a country that is a food importer and a fuel importer, and they have a massive appetite for both.
Well, who has both on their border?
But if Trump's strategy would have worked, Putin would have been in the U.S.
camp rather than the Chinese camp.
And that's what scared the globalists, because they're allied with China, but that whole thing's burning down now.
They're hyping EMP attacks.
The globalists are hyping... How do the globalists get out of this?
Because they're going to do something big now.
I think the scary thing is... Well, by the way, the question stands, but this is now blown up footage from Fox News of the missile hitting.
And it hit right on target, right at the... They actually hit the communications.
That's how they probably honed in, was the communications array.
So they hit that communications array and blew it up.
So there'll be no finding out what was in there now, Barnes.
That's exactly right.
And, you know, the fact they were able to blow it up is sort of a display of American power.
Well, only imperial stormtroopers are so precise.
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
And I think, yeah, the risk we face is that the people that are the globalists that are mad that China's not doing what the globalists want them to do and be the example that they want them to be, that they escalate with actual war conflict.
That they've tried to trigger a war with China or go to war in Iran as a distraction from the problems in Iraq.
Which Israel just did a week and a half ago, exactly.
So what is the geopolitical message of this?
It kind of signifies the war with China is starting to go hot.
Yeah, no doubt.
It is now a hot war with China for multiple reasons.
Some legitimate reasons.
The Trumpian approach that we don't want a social credit score system.
We don't want their deprivation of freedoms to be exported to America or the West.
We don't want them stealing our jobs economically and basically crushing our security of our supply chains of essential goods, medical, technological and otherwise.
But, and then there's the illegitimate side.
The globalists who want to use the conflict as a way to force China to back, be in the prostitute rather than the pimp role that they've actually been playing over the last decade.
Incredible, Barnes.
I'm glad you're here with us today while this is happening.
Let's pull back.
I already mentioned this, but I want your take on it.
Guys, go ahead and play the Trump clip.
This is clip four.
Donald Trump warns of Chinese spies everywhere, which is true, but they're really globalist spies.
Here is clip four.
It's rarely even mentioned that China has many thousands of spies working in the United States in business, finance, academia, technology, media, and likely
Even government, very sadly.
As president, I established a special initiative at the Department of Justice tasked with the sole mission of targeting Chinese espionage in the United States.
Joe Biden terminated that program right away, suggesting that it was somehow racist.
According to published reports, this came shortly after 160 faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania, where I went to school, the Wharton School of Finance, home of the now infamous Biden Center, wrote to Merrick Garland,
I think?
As president, I took the most dramatic action of any administration to curtail China's ability to conduct espionage in the United States.
And when I'm back in the White House, those efforts will be expanded in a very, very big way.
Instead of hunting down Republicans, a reformed FBI and Justice Department will be hunting down Chinese spies.
We will create new partnerships with businesses and universities to give them the tools to protect themselves from insider threats.
We will also impose whatever visa sanctions and travel restrictions are necessary to shut off Chinese access to American secrets in compliance with our demands and in compliance with our laws.
The FBI even recently admitted that China operates a secret police force on American soil.
How do you like that one?
Imposing the iron fist of the Communist Party.
The rule.
Think of this.
The Communist Party rule on Chinese nationals and the United States.
Just think about that.
We will shut that down and we will shut it down cold.
Thank you very much.
So I'm very critical of Trump over the shots when it came to borders, when it came to sovereignty, oil, energy, fighting the globalists, getting us out of the Paris Accord.
So I still support Trump overall.
Very critical of him, but I just can't go to war with him because he's a thousand times better than Democrats and the whole deep state situation.
But regardless of Trump, America's waking up.
Biden wasn't going to shoot that down.
People know they said they wouldn't.
That was the Pentagon policy.
Now he's backtracking and saying, oh, he decided days ago when it was first spotted to do this.
So they're backtracking.
They knew this blew up, pun intended, big time in their face.
Biden just said this minutes ago.
Here it is.
As soon as the mission could be accomplished without undue risk to American lives under the balloons path.
I just quickly want to say we're watching the president here.
I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as soon as possible.
Let's listen in.
They decided without doing damage to anyone on the ground.
They decided that the best time to do that was when it got over water outside within our 12-mile limit.
They successfully took it down, and I want to compliment our aviators who did it, and we'll have more to report on this a little later.
Thank you.
You were saying the recommendation was from your national security?
I told them to shoot it down.
On Wednesday?
On Wednesday.
They said to me, let's wait until the safest place to do it.
What does this mean for China's relationship with China?
So the president reiterating they're arriving in Maryland today.
Or did the Chinese agent Biden, knowing he was in trouble, months ago have them send the balloon over so he could look like a hero, Barnes?
Yeah, I definitely think there's another story here because there's multiple levels.
I agree with you that I don't accept the narrative that they were worried about debris causing damage to people or property and that's the reason why they chose water.
I'm not quite buying that version.
And there's, you know, two possible interpretations.
One is they didn't really want to shoot it down and were forced to by public pressure.
Another is, as you mentioned, that there's something that's on that airship, balloon, that they didn't want some ordinary person coming across or discovering or uncovering.
And that dumping it over the ocean would make it disappear for forever.
So I think both of those possibilities are there.
The other aspect is what exactly China's message was in all this.
I agree with you.
The spy balloon stuff doesn't make a lot of sense.
What makes more sense is that they wanted to show they had weaponized technology concerning airships that could be very dangerous as a new weapon in the future.
I also don't buy the Chinese excuse that this was a weather balloon that went off by wind, because wind doesn't explain how long it lasted.
Well, now they admit this thing had jets and control systems.
Yeah, it clearly did.
And you know, I mean, officially Beijing just said it had limited steering capacity.
And I was like, yeah, define limited.
Because this appears to, the winds were not unusual.
The winds that they were talking about, the westerly winds, were normal.
So nothing in the flight plan with normal winds would have created this effect.
Sure, they sent it right over the North Pole.
All right, let's shift gears now, Robert Barnes.
I want to try to give you the floor here.
So I'm going to let you roll, because I'm not going to interrupt.
Tell the viewers and listeners on the special emergency Saturday broadcast what else is on your radar screen, because we have huge poison vaccine news coming out.
It just gets bigger by the day.
We have the rats leaving the sinking ship.
But now we know the CDC is trying to create a vaccine database that we already knew was there, but they're still going ahead with that.
How do we kill this thing cold, and then other big issues you want to cover?
Yeah, I'm definitely curious how long Pfizer can stay in hiding about all of this.
Because, you know, we have the case from Robert Kennedy and I that challenged the FDA on issues of the vaccine authorization for the military.
That's up before the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Another one on challenging the vaccine approval for children.
That's going to be up before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
But so far, no federal court has been willing to hold Pfizer to task.
Or the government to task for doing what they did.
The Brooke Jackson case against Pfizer is still pending.
I can tell you, without getting into too much detail, some general information.
What will be coming forward, exclusive here to InfoWars, is there will be information coming forward from whistleblowers across the globe in key places where Pfizer did lab testing, clinical testing of this vaccine.
That will reveal several things.
One, that the people running those lab clinical tests were not qualified to do it.
Number two, what they really were when you dig into their record, were often foreign spies and spooks were running these operations disguised as medical doctors doing independent clinical investigations.
That third, that as part of this, they knew early on in some of these foreign countries, there were major, major problems with the clinical trials.
These are basically, they saw the same thing and worse that Brooke Jackson witnessed here in the United States.
That Pfizer knew about this and they went to great lengths to cover it up using foreign spies to do so, often with the complicity of members of Bill Barr's Justice Department and the Central Intelligence Agency.
And so that the scale, like what you were playing earlier, that Project Veritas video, where that undercover video shows that the Pfizer executive
Talking about how this would be the scandal of all scandals, if it turns out the way some people believe it will, in terms of how the next generation of people were permanently damaged and injured.
By this vaccine, not to even deal with the disability and death data we have already seen from this vaccine because of its ability to impact core aspects of the body's functioning, as is reflected in the information about its impact on an extraordinary number of women that could only be accounted for, as that person explained, by fundamental changes to the human body in key ways that have long lasting, lifelong impact
That we probably won't see for another five to ten years in terms of the most damaging and damning and devastating evidence against Pfizer.
So watch for, not only, I mean, it came out this week what happened in Thailand, that there were basically royal family members that were injured by the vaccine.
So that they are extremely upset.
So that's only the tip of the iceberg.
There's other four nations that were in bed with Pfizer through their intelligence operatives, running these clinical trials disguised as being medically and professionally and ethically run.
And in fact, we're not being run competently or effectively.
And in fact, we're revealing stunning data about not only the inefficacy of the vaccine, but how dangerous the vaccine was out of the gate.
And that this information was hidden, covered up by government officials, including involving high-ranking U.S.
government officials who knew about it and took great lengths to cover it up.
So the damning and devastating evidence concerning the dangerousness of the Pfizer COVID vaccine is just starting to come out.
And all the efforts of Pfizer to hide that information by not allowing discovery in any of these cases, by trying to delay the FOIA disclosures in the suit brought by Aaron Seery and Del Bigtri on behalf of iWire,
For 75 years, which fortunately fully was exposed and disclosed.
You combine those evidence, more is coming.
The Project Veritas video is just the tip of the iceberg.
The Brooke Jackson lawsuit was just the beginning of opening the window to the corruption and fraud that Pfizer engaged in.
The most criminally fined drug dealer in the world is Pfizer.
That, you know, El Chapo and the Mexican cartels look like street corner dealers compared to the damage and profits from those damages that Pfizer has done over the decades.
So, and people are going to discover euthanasia type, eugenics type
Let's talk about that because what you say is key, not just your Brooke Jackson lawsuit with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
But it's now coming out, as Dr. Peter McCullough and others have pointed out, this is a Pentagon-run, globalist operation that's blown up in their face to bring in the World ID, to bring in all the controls, to see what this would do to us, and that they were doing fake trials once the shot rolled out.
From all your research, what do you think this was really designed to do?
We know it kills people, causes all these problems, myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, all of it, infertility.
Why would the globalists do something so brutal and so insane?
Yeah, that's the part that I'm still exploring.
Now, I think it's part of an extended effort to control the population and to limit the population.
And this goes all the way back to, you know, the Rockefeller Foundation wrote reports in the 1960s, as you've talked about, about using vaccines to control the population, control the size of the population.
Well, you know, how does that happen?
The pitch that Bill Gates has made is people will voluntarily agree
To reduce the number of kids they have, if vaccines work on their other children.
But you do the math on that, it never quite added up the way he claimed it did.
And the more, the other concern, as raised by people in Kenya, as raised by people in India in protest, in particular to gate-sponsored vaccines, was that in fact it was sterilizing people, and in other cases damaging and killing people.
And so that, in fact, under the guise of saving people, they were killing people.
And I think there was a wing of group of people involved in the COVID vaccine that saw this as an opportunity to reinstate and reinstitute the form of eugenics.
And let me ask you this then.
I totally agree with you.
What do they do next?
Now, A, do you agree their agenda is falling apart?
And then B, what do they do next?
I think they didn't expect things to blow back in this way.
I mean, I think there are some people that didn't anticipate that the vaccine would have short-term issue.
I think even those that were part of the more nefarious aspects of this agenda that are coming out in certain foreign government documents and reports thought that the damage from the vaccine would show up five to ten years from now.
That it would show up as a mean... It's the V for Vendetta plot.
You know, you create a virus that you have, and it's what the Pfizer undercover tape is all about.
You create a virus for which you have the ultimate vaccine.
Like you're seeing, for example, Moderna promoting mRNA drugs as a way to cure what?
Heart problems.
Heart problems their COVID vaccine appears to have caused.
So, that it may have been they thought they weren't going to mass purge the population, they were going to create enough fear in the populace that they could make lots of money and gain political power in the way that the V for Vendetta script foreshadowed and forecast.
So now they're seeing that I don't think they fully appreciated the scale to which this would have immediate short-term disability and death effect.
I totally agree.
So what do they do next that it's all blown up in their face?
Accelerate the war with Russia?
I think try to find someplace to start a version of World War III.
I think a lot of these people think like the pre-World War I colonial empires.
And I think they think in those terms.
And they're very short-sighted.
They don't have a long view.
They don't have a broad view.
They don't have a wise view.
And you look at, I think they try to escalate, to try to cause World War 3 with Russia, or with China, or with Iran.
Because power, they all have bunkers, and power only matters to them, and they hate the population, they want that.
How do we stop them?
Continuing to expose it in the court of public opinion over and over and over again is still the most powerful weapon that we have.
They would not go to such great lengths to try to censor and control and limit public opinion if public opinion did not matter and had no effect.
So I think that is critical.
The irony is we probably kind of need to rely in part
On other nations around the world, other leaders around the world, to not go along with it.
Look at Africa.
To their credit, Africa mostly refused to go along with the COVID vaccine.
They did not issue immunity deals.
They did not buy big contracts.
They didn't do mass mandates.
And compare the excess death mortality rate in Africa compared to Europe and the West.
It is a lot less than Europe and the West.
Is that purely a coincidence?
You know, it goes back to Jean-Claude Carre's book, and then made it into the movie, The Constant Gardener.
Africa had enough institutional narrative, institutional experience, individual personal history, with being abused by big drug companies, that they didn't trust being the next level guinea pigs for an agenda by Bill Gates and George Soros.
Two people they've been fiercely opposed to throughout much of the recent African history.
Bill Gates especially.
Some of the Kenyan religious leaders have been some of the leading critics of Bill Gates, exposing what he's been up to now for a while.
Same to some degree with the subcontinent in Asia and India.
So, I think that we're going to rely upon them in part two, a sort of broad global consensus amongst ordinary people and smarter politicians and non-globalists or anti-globalists to form a coalition against the globalist effort to drag us into World War III while engaging in mass human experimentation.
All right, Robert, I've got a few final questions for you, because we're doing this as a two-hour show, because I'm going to air this tomorrow night on Sunday Live, 6 p.m.
I'm going to do two hours live at 4 p.m., but this has been such a powerful two-hour show.
I'm going to re-air this Sunday Live.
A lot of radio and TV stations pick it up.
And again, I do these live shows.
I didn't know the Bill Maher piece had cuss words in it.
We normally check stuff and bleep it.
I've had a lot of affiliates complain.
I apologize for that, but they cuss on CNN.
The president cusses.
But we're trying to be above the Democrats and above the Act, but we're going to clean up this two-hour show and bleep out the stuff and then restream it after the show ends.
About 30 minutes after, we'll restream it at InfoWars.com.
We'll also archive it to be in a video and we'll also restream it and replay it tomorrow night with everything bleeped for our affiliates at 6 p.m.
But that was an accident, we apologize to our affiliates.
But let the Democrats and the FCC try something.
They cuss all over broadcast, they're allowed to.
We're not even trying.
And by the way, PBS, when I was a kid, I'd ask my mom, when she'd listen to NPR, go, why are they cussing on NPR?
They were playing documentary clips.
When it's news, it's not obscene, because we're showing what actually happened.
So Bill Martin cussed all day, we try not to, but that is coming up.
Fox News now has a piece on the Balloon Shootdown.
It's a few minutes long.
We'll come back and shift gears to some other topics with Robert Barnes.
But before we do that, Barnes, how do folks find your amazing syndicated show?
Sure, they can find all the interesting content at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
That's where we put up basically everything that we do anywhere, anyplace.
Great community, very well-informed community.
Big fans of InfoWars.
And of course, the best way you can continue to keep independent information in the court of public opinion to resist these globalist efforts to either create control systems through the financial system, the food system, or create global war as a consequence of their control-free tendencies, is to continue to keep programs like InfoWars on the air,
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This is a globally followed network for a reason.
The classic example is on this balloon issue.
The only network to bring to the world's attention the fact that these Chinese balloons may have been a throwback to Japan's weaponized balloons for military attack was InfoWars.
Not a coincidence.
That's why it's not a coincidence InfoWars has been the target so often and so frequently.
Instead of a firebomb...
Thank you for the support.
Instead of a fireball, it'd be an EMP attack.
Let's play a short clip of Fox News.
Come right back to close out this special Emergency Saturday broadcast with Robert Barnes.
Stay with us.
That was it.
Live, raw, and unfiltered.
It appears that that China spy balloon... As we're watching this exclusive coverage of this Chinese spy balloon going down there over Surfside Beach, South Carolina, if you could talk to us about what happened in terms of coordinating this to get to this point now, General King.
Well, we've had all of our sensors watching this, you know, for some time and certainly our military capability that was going to be involved got alerted.
People have been planning it likely for a couple of days.
I'm assuming the president
You know, made a decision within the last 24 hours to take this out.
They probably presented him with a number of options of where the best place to do it.
Certainly heading to the East Coast, which is considerably more populated than Montana was.
It was probably ruled out that they would do anything over land.
If they weren't willing to do it over Montana, they're certainly not going to do it.
Uh, on the east coast of the United States or in transit to the east coast, and they're taking advantage of obviously, uh, doing this safely in terms of civilians.
And it's not a complicated operation, I don't believe, for the United States military to take a balloon moving at the speed it's moving at and bring it down.
So the coordination to do that and the intelligence to bring all of that together is not a major problem for us at all.
Now, can we recover the sensor package?
That's going to be iffy, given the size of this thing and how much it weighs.
But nonetheless, we finally did what we should have done at the beginning.
Remember, this was approaching the United States over water.
It was approaching the Aleutian Islands over water.
And we had plenty of opportunity
To take it down then, and that's when it should have happened.
We had to be tracking it from mainland China across the Pacific Ocean, and we had plenty of warning to put together an operation that we are conducting now on the East Coast that should have been done there.
And by the way, we have alert aircraft in Alaska for the principal reason of a penetration coming largely from Russia.
And that's why that aircraft are there.
And they would have been able to respond to this when it approached the United States in the name of the Aleutian Islands.
Now we're doing it on the back door when it's leaving the United States.
It's anti-climatic in that sense, but it still sends a message to China that we're not going
Let you get away with this nonsense and hopefully when our diplomatic team gets back together with China, we really put some cards on the table with them.
You said that collecting the data from this balloon will be tricky, difficult.
Why do you say that?
Well, this is a very what's been described to us.
This is a very heavy object that's heading towards the ocean.
And obviously it's going to sink.
And being able to recover it is problematic.
But the other point I'm trying to make is that we have got to look at how we're dealing with China short of conflict.
They're trying to, as an example in Taiwan, they're trying to use persuasion to get the Taiwanese to believe that
Uh, the island properly from coordinating things properly.
All right, I want to close out this special emergency Saturday broadcast.
It'll be restreamed at InfoWars.com and banned on video on the stations across the country.
We're going to bleep it for stations.
One little cuss word by Bill Maher.
We're going to fix that.
So when the show ends in about 10 minutes, it'll be 30 minutes of my Friday show, a little air, and then we'll start restreaming this amazing two plus hour transmission.
In closing, Barnes, constitutional lawyer, historian, smart guy.
How's it going for Biden?
What's going on with the three or four raids on his houses and all these other deep state raids?
Who are they planning in the wings?
Just big picture politically with the Sanders and Trump openly fighting with each other.
Where do you see all this going?
So I think first that Fox report confirmed exactly what you were talking about.
He admits that what you would really want is to get the sensor data and what the other information that was being carried by that balloon and that because they shot it down over water rather than shutting it down over land, now they won't be able to get it.
And so that the goal was to keep some ordinary Joe or Schmo from discovering what exactly was that all about?
Did it have the kind of technology and capability of being weaponized in the way you're talking about it?
Did it show how you could steer the balloon in certain ways?
Did China realize that this has become an issue and ask Biden to shoot it down over water so that it didn't land somewhere where someone else could figure out what it is?
Well, you know, who knows what the story is, but my guess is the full backstory we'll never know.
But the information you've been providing provides a lot better explanation than the ones I'm seeing from mainstream media.
I think Biden in general is clearly in trouble.
I think the economy is going to be in deep, deep trouble within the next year.
I think the Federal Reserve's efforts to continue to hike rates without knowing exactly what is causing inflation, without being able to completely control inflation.
You know, people can watch, you know, Jeff Snyder, Eurodollar University, how the global financial system shifted because of private banks around the world actually controlling how much currency is out there, effectively by lending it into existence.
And that this as an effect distorted our financial system in such a way that the plumbing is not easy to fix anymore.
And then you add in that the supply shock created by and the stimulus shock created by the bad lockdown policies that Biden did.
I think you put all that together.
What you're going to have is maybe a severe, severe recession come late 2023.
That's going to be a disaster for Biden going into 2024.
I think the deep state already knows they're in trouble, that Biden is a dementia candidate.
They could only drug up long enough to talk fluidly for about 30 seconds max.
Like his presentation today, and so I think the net effect of that is they're looking for a way to replace him.
Problem is Kamala Harris is hated both by her own staff and by the ordinary American and runs weaker than Biden.
They would like to put Pete Buttigieg there.
Instead, he's the deep state favorite, but they don't know how to get rid of Kamala Harris.
So they might need to spiral Agnew somehow Kamala Harris so they could get Buttigieg in or somebody like that to replace Biden for 2024 and they think they would have more control over the 2024 campaign.
Expect the power structure to escalate against Trump.
New York or Georgia will likely indict Trump.
The classified documents case is now DOA because of everything has been exposed about Biden.
So watch that go nowhere whatsoever in D.C.
That leaves them only New York and Stormy Daniels and hoping that that somehow can tie Trump down in such a way, disparage Trump in such a way that they can put him in.
Neocon Nikki Haley will be announcing her presidential campaign in a week or two.
That's why Trump is playing footsie with Lindsey Graham in South Carolina.
Nikki Haley is the former governor of South Carolina.
He wants to derail her efforts before she can even get on.
And how does Kanye play into this?
With that meeting and that whole set-up and the whole rest of it, which felt like a set-up.
Here's what felt like a set-up.
I'm not attacking him, but it felt like it.
A little bird told me Kanye's going to announce presidency next week.
It would not surprise me if Kanye West has what he talked about on Tim Pool, which is severe serious tax problems, that he's under IRS investigation and that this is a big protracted effort to try to derail that investigation from going criminal and putting him in prison for 20 years.
I think that's what he's focused on and he's doing whatever he can to be able to derail that investigation.
What he told Tim Pool is that he was under IRS investigation for owing over $50 million in tax.
He's got a lot of money, why doesn't he just pay him then?
Uh, the problem is the IRS prefers the scalp than they do the cash.
So the, uh, and if he's under IRS criminal investigation, they don't allow payment as a means of- But by running for president, that could give him some cover.
That's exactly right.
And by portraying himself as crazy.
You know, the most famous acquittal in the criminal tax context in the last 25 years is Wesley Snipes, who I represented.
And part of our defense was if Crazy was criminal, half of Hollywood would be in prison, so that you don't send him to prison for being crazy.
And he was acquitted of all the felony charges, all the fraud charges, all the conspiracy charges, all the serious charges.
Kanye knows Wes, and Kanye may think, oh, I've got to try the Wesley Snipes defense as my way out.
So I'll get very high profile, get very public, you know, make it look like any criminal case against me is retaliatory, and at the same time portray myself as a little bit crazy so that people won't want to prosecute me because they'll think, oh, that's just Kanye.
He's crazy.
Got it.
All right.
Thank you so much, Robert Barnes, for joining us.
We'll talk to you very, very soon.
Great analysis.
Glad to be here, Alex.
Thank you.
All right, we're going to end this transmission with a couple key clips here.
But before I go there, I just did two hours of live, commercial-free transmission with this building, this crew, the satellite uplinks, the bandwidth, all of it.
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Fabulous job to the crew.
We're going to go to a couple of key clips here of Biden bumbling around, the Navifa vendetta, the ties to the Poison Shots, and then another key report.
And then I'll be back tomorrow night, Lord willing, 4 p.m.
Central, with Sunday Night Live, InfoWars.com.
Jobs are up.
Inflation is down.
Wages are up.
Those of you who are over 40, do you ever think we'd be in a situation where blue collar workers are voting Republican?
No, no, they've got to be honest, man.
Because they think we forgot them.
They think we don't care.
I spent a lot of time with Xi Jinping when I was vice president the last couple of years.
And Barack asked me to spend time with him.
Because we knew he was going to be president.
It wasn't appropriate for a president to be spending all the time.
No, I mean it sincerely.
So I traveled 17,000 miles with him.
I met with him more than any other world leader.
Now over 80 hours.
68 of which are in person.
Just me, an interpreter, and he having a simultaneous interpreter.
We were in the Tibetan Plateau and he looked at me and said, can you define America for me?
And I mean it sincerely.
Give me my word as a Biden.
I said, yes, one word.
We've united the, we've united the Asia.
First one.
They introduced another bill to limit President's authority over the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Because they're mad I used that authority to lower gas prices by $1.50 a gallon, period.
We paid for everything we did.
Not like the Republicans!
Lying pedophiles!
$1.7 trillion in two years!
Democrats, we are delivering.
On the destruction of America.
Folks, share this video now.
and launches it against its own population to establish authoritarian rule and to blame the attack on their political enemies.
Taking pages right out of the 20th century, we see this fictional dictatorship not just seeking to dominate and control their population, but to be seen as saviors of the very people that they are dumbing down, enslaving, imprisoning, and killing.
The writers had a deep historical well to work from in just the 20th century, with monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un,
Who don't just seek to dominate and control the very lives and thoughts of their minions, but who also want to be seen as the savior by the very people who are their slaves.
Tonight, I will speak directly to these people and make the situation perfectly clear to them.
The security of this nation depends on complete and total compliance.
So of course, in the film, those that release the bioweapon on their own population that they're preying on also have the cure.
Lo and behold, a miracle.
Some believed it was the work of God himself, that it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members that made them all obscenely rich.
But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear.
Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it, our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor.
In V for Vendetta, we truly see art imitating life.
This is clearly an offensive biological warfare agent.
This is only the beginning to train you to be locked down so in the future when the really deadly bioweapons are released and billions begin dying, you sit there believing governments and corporations are actually your savior and are going to shepherd you and protect you when in truth they're Judas goats leading you into the slaughter.
I'm a huge believer in information.
I watch InfoWars every day and follow Alex Jones closely.
You know why?
He can put you ahead of the curve.
And he's been demonized as a conspiracy theorist.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
This is reality.
The truth is stranger than fiction.
A revolution of peaceful information is coming, and when it comes time, you people are going to be brought to punishment.
You're lying to the public.
It's disgusting.
The media continues to misrepresent what I've said.
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist.
Alex Jones has the largest audience in the country, bigger than any of the networks, the biggest megaphone in the country.
We're going to get fired up about the real things, the things that matter!
Burn in hell, New World Order!