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Name: 20230202_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 2, 2023
2497 lines.

In his radio show, Alex Jones discusses various news topics including a Pentagon document outlining plans for brain control, Putin's invasion plan in Ukraine, and the Great Reset affecting global freedoms. He criticizes the Democratic Party for defending socialism and opposing resolutions against dictatorship. Jones also talks about the politicization of sex education in schools, the power of the globalist establishment, and the manipulation of children's minds by academics with ulterior motives. He urges listeners to support InfoWars and fight against the lies of the New World Order. Additionally, Jones discusses conspiracy theories, vaccines, mind control, net zero policies in the UK, and lowering standards for hiring illiterate officers in the police force.

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Alright, so I spent the whole first hour covering dozens of different breaking news items that all tie together.
And then we have the New World Order's own statements about how they want us domesticated, they want us controlled, they don't want us to know how to take care of ourselves, so that we will accept this whole nightmare transhumanist depopulation goal.
And the mind control is public.
In the Western world, from North America all the way out of the Pacific Ocean, in Australia and New Zealand, through Europe, through the UK, it was the military intelligence operations working with big tech to, quote, terrorize, brainwash, scare the public into accepting mask lockdowns and the shots.
It was all a giant drill of submission.
Don't have to believe me, just put into a search engine,
Ministry of Defense use propaganda to scare public into accepting COVID lockdowns or accepting the shots.
And the same headlines are in the U.S., the same headlines are in New Zealand, the same headlines are in Canada.
All unified.
And I told you about this even before it was in the news.
And I told you, it's big tech working with big corporations and the military to do this.
And of course then they targeted the military with the forced injections more than anybody.
So I don't criticize the military.
It's not the military, the men and women in the military.
It is the globalists running it, using it as a laboratory of control and social engineering and transgenderism and critical race theory and all the rest of the brainwashing and garbage that goes on.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones!
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Thursday, February 2nd, 2023, and we are going to clear the decks of guests today and take massive amounts of your phone calls on five big subjects I'm going to be announcing and covering in the first 30 minutes of the broadcast.
It's all incredibly important, obviously.
We have a Pentagon document that's been released.
It's a public Pentagon plan to take over the brains of the American people.
In cognitive security, you must be mind-controlled.
To give you security, there must not be any freedom.
Totally tyrannical, absolutely authoritarian, totalitarian.
We're going to be hitting that.
Putin is preparing massive assault with 500,000 men on two fronts.
And it looks like it's going to happen sometime in the next three weeks, in or around the anniversary of the attack that was launched last year.
I agree with that analysis and concur with that information.
That's all coming up.
We have the Great Reset, not just in Europe or Australia or the UK, but here, banning your fireplaces, banning your
Gas-powered stoves and more.
Your cows.
Big stack on that.
And so much more here today.
You do not want to miss any of this broadcast.
But first I want to play it up with Tucker Carlson.
Earlier in the week he pointed out, if we're going to try to liberate authoritarian countries, peoples, like North Korea or whatever, how about we liberate Canada?
And he's been criticized for it.
Here's the clip.
We're talking to our friend David Azarad recently for an interview on Fox Nation, and the topic of Canada came up.
David Azarad was born and raised in Montreal, but like a lot of ambitious and freedom-loving people, he fled later to the United States.
And because all the people who care about their own rights have left, Canada under Justin Trudeau has become effectively a dictatorship.
And we don't like dictatorships.
We're America.
We liberate dictatorships.
That's what we do.
So we ask the obvious question, why don't we just liberate Canada?
Here's that conversation.
Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner, the country with which we share the longest border, and actually, I could just say a great country, I love Canada, I've always loved Canada because of its natural beauty.
Why should we let it become Cuba?
Like, why don't we liberate it?
We're spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians, why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau?
And I mean it.
I don't know that I'm there yet with you.
I'm just talking to myself in a frenzy here.
It's a fair question and honestly we thought the Canadians would be flattered because they're always flattered when you talk about them.
They're like stalkers.
You don't know they exist but they've got pictures of you in their dorm room.
So if you do a Canada joke on TV they go absolutely crazy.
They don't really know how to handle it or what it means, but it doesn't matter.
They're excited.
And that's true even in the Canadian Parliament.
Apparently, there's so little going on in Canada, like civil liberties, that if you tell a joke about Canada, they go bonkers.
Watch this Canadian, quote, Member of Parliament, trying to get some kind of resolution passed condemning this show!
Mr. Speaker, after consultation with the parties in the House, if you seek it, I believe you will find unanimous consent for the following motion.
That given the rise of far-right and associated violent extremism led to the attempted insurrection in the United States, the House condemns recent comments made by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson in which he suggests U.S.
armed forces liberate Canada from the current Prime Minister.
All those opposed to the honourable member moving the motion will please say nay.
We're not actually going to do it just yet.
There's something to think about.
Settle down.
Well, he jerked our chain.
We now take you live!
Ha ha ha!
It's Thursday, February 2nd.
The year is 2023.
And we are hurtling through deep space on this gorgeous planet into an unknown future.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're going to take calls for the entire broadcast today.
The entire broadcast after I hit a lot of this news that interspersed throughout your phone calls.
I'll be covering breaking news and information.
Here's what we have for you, and there is quite a lot to say the least.
Incredible Stockholm Syndrome from people hurt by the poison shots trying to blame all their new illnesses on something else like the weather or
Maybe perhaps the common cold's making him of our heart attacks.
We've got that big stack of news.
We have Putin preparing a massive 500,000 plus troop invasion in or around the anniversary of the 24th of this month.
We're gonna get to that World War III looming information.
I've got a big stack right over here on mind control that we're going to be getting to.
As the Pentagon puts out a public report, DoD adds cognitive security, that means control of your brain, to governmental
Disinformation campaign, and of course we'll break down who's programming that and what this campaign plans to do.
We're already deep into it, but now they're going public with it.
Also, Great Reset, Britain's Face, 3,300
I think?
Christian mother is suing school for forcing four-year-old son to take part in gay pride parade and what that's all really tied into.
Some very important free energy news that's breaking.
Hunter Biden now claims laptop from hell was stolen and he's the victim and Democrats are saying they are looking to charge those that reported the Chinese espionage and pedophilia.
That are on the laptop.
Paul Joseph Watson breaks down so-called immigrants or invaders in the UK given free debit cards and housing.
GOP representative Roy exonerates Dems for refusing to condemn socialism and opposing the Pledge of Allegiance.
We're going to be getting to that report.
Jordan Peterson!
Weighing in after meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu five weeks ago, having him on the show and having dinner with him, now wants to attack Iran and tells Americans get behind it, even though Jordan Peterson is not an American.
Why don't you go try to get the Canadians to attack somebody and start World War III, Mr. Military Man?
That's just some.
Of what we're going to be breaking down today, a lot of news on the economy and more, but really the big news is I'm going to take a massive amount of your phone calls.
We had a lot of incredible callers yesterday and I intend to give the number out at the bottom of the hour to cover any of the subjects that I am raising here that I'm about to plow through right now.
But first, let's talk about who to invade.
Tucker Carlson
On Monday, put out one of his Fox Nation podcast interviews, and he was interviewing guests and said, they were always going to invade countries.
To liberate them, supposedly, why don't we invade Canada to liberate them?
It was a joke, it was tongue-in-cheek.
The Canadian Parliament's now calling for investigations and decrying the plan to invade Canada, even though it's the Chinese Communists that are basically taking it over and have 10,000 troops drilling there at any one time.
But oh no no, Tugger Carlson was planning that.
But when we pull back, who's really supporting dictatorship?
I've got clips right here.
Of Democrats, like Hakeem Jeffries, opposing a congressional resolution condemning brutal and corrupt socialist dictators, some of them unelected, who undermine, he said it would undermine the House Democrats' agenda to criticize them.
So obviously we're not really saying invade Canada.
We're pointing out, I'm pointing out, Tucker's pointing out, you're pointing out,
That they are in a national emergency, that they're banning free speech, that they're banning demonstrations, that they're spying on their political opposition, that they're grabbing people's bank accounts, that they're doing everything that a totalitarian regime or a basic dictatorship would do.
And remember, Justin Trudeau was elected.
Jacinda Ardern was elected.
Adolf Hitler was elected.
Just because you're elected doesn't mean you then can't establish a dictatorship.
Doesn't mean you can't even leave office, but leave a deep state bureaucratic dictatorship in place.
And that's really what America has.
That's why I raised this point.
Canada needs liberating.
The United States of America needs liberating.
Scotland and Ireland and England need liberating.
The UK is the only place under tyranny.
Germany is under tyranny.
France is under tyranny.
The Netherlands are under tyranny.
You can basically go to any Western country, Australia, New Zealand, you name it, and the leaders are on TV promoting classical, basic dictatorship.
Do I need to play the clip of Trudeau again saying, I admire Xi Jinping and communist China, I want to be like their communist dictatorship?
Do I need to play Jacinda Ardern and the rest of them saying, don't leave your house and if you don't take the shot, we're going to hunt you down and make you take it?
You can't get more totalitarian, not just authoritarian.
We're good to go.
Knowing that it would cause a bigger national debate about how the totalitarian regime, when he got elected again as the leader of Canada a few months ago last year, Trudeau was at a 30% approval rating and got about 30% of the vote.
Now he's down at about 18% national polls.
Now you ask, how is he elected with 18% of the support?
Or 30?
Because it's a parliament.
So they can get different faxes in the parliament to just give him a majority and still he wins even though in the popular vote he got
Right around 30% of the vote for his party.
All these people are disliked, they are reviled, they are hated by their populations, but for some reason we can't seem to get rid of them.
Even if we get rid of them occasionally with a scandal, the permanent bureaucracy, the deep state, the permanent state, whatever you want to call it, that's what it is, is a bureaucracy celebrating that they can block what Trump wanted to do.
They can block what Richard Nixon wanted to do.
And they are at war with our rule of law and our country.
So here's the short clip that's got everybody up in arms that I think really should spur a debate.
Yes, we need to liberate our nations, but first you have to know who's in control of them, and you've got to figure out what you're going to replace it with, and you've got to figure out how to do it as peacefully as possible.
But if we start winning peacefully, culturally, they're going to engage in election fraud.
They're going to engage in censorship.
They're going to engage in surveillance.
They're going to engage in economic warfare.
They're going to engage in intimidation.
Which they've done.
And then try to stage violent events to make their opposition look violent.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, there are multiple stages of taking your country back.
Of revolution.
First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they try to outlaw and attack you.
Then you win.
And we're into the outlaw attack mode.
Attack outlaw mode right now.
So everybody getting freaked out and thinking, hey, we're in deep trouble.
We've got total tyrants.
This is terrible.
The gloves are off.
The mask is off.
The gloves have been off for a long time.
Now the mask is off, folks.
And people can see that this is tyranny, corporately run by the big Fortune 100 that control the WEF and the UN that are bringing this tyranny to our shores.
Here's a clip of Carlson going out to break.
Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner, the country with which we share the longest border, and actually I could just say a great country.
I've always loved Canada because of its natural beauty.
I love Canada.
Why should we let it become Cuba?
Like, why don't we liberate it?
We're spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians.
Why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau?
And I mean it.
I'm sick and tired of any way but my way.
The American way.
The globalists think they're gonna win their revolution against humanity.
But I can tell you, I have seen into the future.
And it's they who will be destroyed.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's get into it.
So, there's a big debate going on in Canada, a big debate going on here in the United States.
It's happening in Congress, where the Republicans are coming out, the Patriot Caucus, the Liberty Caucus, and the Freedom Caucus, and they're saying, we want you to come out in resolutions against communism and totalitarianism and dictatorship.
And the Democratic Party is defending it and saying it will undermine their agenda to come out and say we're not going to kill babies after they're born.
Two weeks ago they voted no against that resolution.
Now this week they're voting against a resolution against dictatorship in the world.
Remember Nancy Pelosi four years ago said that MS-13
The per capita most violent gang in the world.
They kill many of their victims in satanic rituals.
They believe, give them demonic power.
And Nancy Pelosi said, they are all God's children.
And the Tucker Carlson says, if we're talking about regime change around the world, we've got a big Cuba north of us that has a man setting up a dictatorship up there.
They have parliamentary hearings where they admit he's continuing the emergency banning free speech.
Shouldn't we talk about liberating Canada?
And that is meant to spur a discussion of how we are going into an authoritarian slash totalitarian system.
So here's a clip of Hakeem Jeffries opposing a resolution condemning brutal and corrupt socialist dictators.
They're bringing to the floor of the House of Representatives today a resolution on socialism.
Well that's some good doublespeak!
We're against dictators, but we're not going to condemn them.
Here's Representative Chip Roy discussing this abomination.
But we are here, and I think this is important, again, this is going to be an amendment, maybe have like one or two minutes of debate, but now we're having a full-throated debate, because just like yesterday, in the Rules Committee of the House of Representatives, when we offered a resolution saying that we stand to thwart socialism,
There is complete opposition by my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to standing for socialism.
Literally, a full debate.
No, no, no, we cannot stand against socialism in the House Rules Committee.
My colleagues on the other side of the aisle.
So I just want the American people to understand, in the House Judiciary Committee, we have opposition to pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States.
We have questions being raised about whether we should pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States and representing it as one nation under God.
We have a Democratic Party that refuses to stand up and say that they oppose socialism and fought it in the House Rules Committee.
Presumably we'll fight it on the House floor.
We'll see how the vote plays out.
And that is the state of your Democratic Party.
That is the state of the Democratic Party today.
The full breakdown and a bunch of the clips are on InfoWars.com.
In an article, GOP rep Chip Roy exposes Dems for refusing to condemn socialism and opposing Pledge of Allegiance.
And folks, this is the debate we need to be having.
We need to force this out in the open that multinational companies are promoting classical dictatorship and centralized authoritarian totalitarian control.
We're trying to surveil us, ban our speech, cut off the money supply of people that don't go along with the system.
A group of Catholic school, high school students wasn't just attacked outside, you know, a DC building a few years ago, famously, and the media claimed they attacked people.
But now there's new video and new articles where a bunch of Catholic school kids, young people, go at the Smithsonian
Museum in DC and were thrown out because they were wearing pro-life hats that said I'm pro-life on it.
And the DC police are defending that saying you're not allowed to have a political message in here.
What the hell does that mean?
What do you think gay pride is?
I don't care if you're gay or straight or what you are.
I've never attacked anybody for that, as long as they're an adult.
But you don't target our children with heterosexual, homosexual, or anything else, and you certainly don't have the gay pride movement worldwide being a transhumanist, globalist, New World Order thing.
That the big corporations that own slave factories in China wrap themselves in.
Oh, it's okay we got slave labor in China and Tim Cook has the worst factories that he contracts with at Foxconn with 18-hour workdays and forced abortions and suicide nets because he's gay and he gives money to Black Lives Matter.
They wrap themselves in Black Lives Matter and LGBTQXYZ crap.
When nobody's opposing their life or what they're doing, they've got freedom, they're here, and then they want access to our children to tell them about sex, and then to attach it to everything else, and then have them parade them out.
Right here I live in Austin, in elementary and middle schools, little kids told, put these flags on, put these messages on, and then march around the streets without even telling their parents!
If you were going to have my kids in a public school or a private school march for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party or for the environmentalism or for anything, you better tell me so I can keep them home if I don't agree with that.
Plus, a school shouldn't be politicizing things, much less attaching it to sex, ladies and gentlemen, and their sexual future and transgenderism and confusing children about who they are when they're young and very impressionable.
It's a big debate between parents when to teach their children about sex education and the birds and the bees.
You certainly don't want strangers when they're 5, 6, 7 years old with a globalist agenda teaching them, and we all know that, and it's creepy as hell.
In fact, it made me so disturbed last week, like last Monday, I never aired it.
Then I sent it to Owen on Friday and said, please air it, but I didn't watch the show.
Will you guys pull up that video?
Of the academics with the black doll, the little kids saying, is it a boy, is it a girl, trying to confuse them.
And the kid goes, it's non-binary, and they go, good.
Then the teachers brag, look how we're taking over their minds.
Look how he said non-binary.
It's working so well.
I mean, I can show you the videos where they say, we're going to recruit your children.
We're going to get your children.
Again, if a man walked up to your eight-year-old daughter in a park,
Well, you're sitting there playing volleyball, and she's over there, you know, eating potato chips or playing with her toys, and a man comes up and says, I want to talk to you, little boy, little girl, about your sexual preference and what you're going to be when you grow up.
That person would be lucky to not go to the hospital.
And they'd probably get arrested.
But if it's done academically, it's all cute and funny.
They want control of your children's minds.
They want to form a sexual relationship with them to control them into the future.
They want to destroy their innocence.
It's a cult of mind-controlling pedophiles.
So we are in a culture war, funded and controlled and designed by the biggest, most powerful companies and institutions in the world.
Everything the left pushes is the establishment narrative.
It is the power structure.
It is the man.
They are not anti-establishment.
They are pro-transhumanist, corporate world government, destruction of the family, cutting off your energy, atomizing individuals where we can all be cut off and controlled.
It is a predatory system.
Mass Stockholm Syndrome strikes.
As the masses continue bowing to the COVID cult and beyond.
And I've got a bunch of examples of that I'm going to get to, then I'm going to give the number out and take your calls.
But it all ties together.
It's domestication.
It's isolation.
It's that you're not essential.
It is such a horrible nightmare system that they're bringing into play right now.
So let's go ahead and start running through it.
Since I mentioned this,
Infowars wrote about this last Monday.
I mentioned it but never got to it.
This is North Carolina Education Association.
This is what's taught to academics in public and private schools across North Carolina.
This is Maddie Piper.
And excuse me, I made a mistake.
I said they're doing this to first graders and kindergartners.
No, I'm sorry.
This is in preschool.
These children are three to five.
And the doll is non-binary.
It's not a boy or girl.
So they learn that term and start thinking, maybe I'm not a boy or a girl.
So they're slotted into the system to then be counseled and given sterolins and taken away from their parents.
And then finally have their breasts and penises and testicles cut off.
And the new comic book characters and the cartoon characters are all there making it fashionable to have your reproductive system destroyed and your biological system of X and Y chromosomes annihilated.
So we're going to play this clip.
Then I'm going to play a Mr. Rogers clip that's got the left up in arms.
They're demanding the articles on InfoWars.com.
Let this coalition that Mr. Rogers shows be reviewed and that not be allowed to air if he calls people boys and girls.
Just like Bill Nye the Science Guy.
We played the clip a few years ago of him in the 90s saying, you are X, you are Y, you are boy, you are girl.
Those have been removed.
And he supports those episodes never airing again.
I mean, what a cult of controller.
What a cult of control.
Absolutely stunning.
Here's the clip.
Huckleberries, today I wanted to introduce you to a new friend in our class.
This, Huckleberries, is my friend Nash.
It's their first day in our class.
They're just looking around at all of you, and they're so curious to know who you all are.
Today, uh,
Hit pause.
Back up the clip ten seconds.
Listen how creepy and snake-like this woman's voice is so she can confuse children, put this in their minds, and then claim the children spontaneously believe it.
They've had major academics and Biden cabinet officials come out and say babies know they're non-binary or gay or straight at birth.
They don't want children to have any chance to lead their own lives.
It's a cult to destroy the individual free will.
I'm just a kid.
But kids can be boys or girls.
They can be boys or girls.
Or maybe non-binary.
It was just like, non-binary, yeah.
That's just something that we know.
This is something, I mean it's like,
They're four and five years old and they just didn't make a big deal out of being a boy or a girl.
And I think it was a huge testament to how much we've been talking about it in the classroom that you never mentioned the term non-binary.
It was a child who brought that up because it's constantly in conversation.
Yeah, just like me.
So Nash, just like me, is non-binary.
So they
Why does he like, does he like stars?
They like stars.
They wore their star shirt because it's their favorite shirt and because they were nervous today they thought they would wear something that makes them feel special.
So the government corporate funded North Carolina educational group comes in to the public preschool and she commends the teachers that we say it so much in the class to the three four and five year olds
That they're saying it on their own, yay!
We're effectively brainwashing little children.
Little girls like, does the little person, the little it, that has no identity, that's not projected by the state and corporations, does it like stars?
Oh, they like stars, not he or she!
Diabolical, creepy, evil, dangerous to the max.
Now, here is the clip.
That they're wanting removed of Mr. Rogers committing a fraud crime.
Boys are boys from the beginning.
If you were born a boy, you stay a boy.
Girls are girls right from the start.
If you were born a girl, you stay a girl and grow up to be a lady.
Only girls can be the mommies.
Only boys can be the daddies.
Alright, and the word is that's being removed off the internet for being a thought crime.
Folks, we're already way down the rat hole with these people.
I've got a bunch of other examples of Stockholm Syndrome with the poison shot when we come back.
And then I'm going to go to your phone calls.
I'm going to give the number out right now.
On mind control, on the war, on them cutting off the resources, on this anti-human attack.
We can't just sit here and like, well I'll be politically correct, I'll leave it alone, I'll comply, I'll have a good social credit score.
There's always going to be more, more, more, more, more they add.
And maybe you don't care what they do to kids, some of you.
New listeners, but do you care about losing your car?
Losing your autonomy over your own body with these poison shots?
Do you care about losing your stove or your fireplace?
Because I've got all the articles around the world where that's being banned.
Where is this coming from?
The big mega corporations.
It's unified.
It's the establishment.
It's powerful.
But we, the people, are 8 billion.
And when we do little things together, it moves mountains.
So if the listeners, the millions tuned in, will just tell their friends, families, strangers, neighbors about InfoWars.com forward slash show and man dot video and tell them to tell folks, tell them to tell folks, it changes the world.
And if you'll just go to InfoWarsStore.com
You'll get amazing products that keep this broadcast on the air that will enrich your life.
That's called a win-win.
Only way you don't win is not taking action.
So take the action.
Be part of the revolution against the establishment and their evil neo-feudalistic transhumanism.
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With the calcium.
So it's critical to beat this mind control.
To understand that 99% of people that go along with the power structure are followers and are under mass Stockholm Syndrome and learned helplessness and have been positioned to not be able to understand they're being abused and can't ever admit that they're being abused.
There's countless examples of this.
The clips you see everywhere of people saying, well, I took the first shot and my face and arms were paralyzed for two weeks.
And now I have red bloody spots all over me, but I'm taking the second one.
I'm going to be safe.
I'm going to do it.
And you see those videos, you think, this has got to be fake.
And then it turns out they're real.
So it's easy to laugh at these people, but it's not funny because they're dangerous.
And they're going to try to go along with forcing us to live in their hell with them because they're told, oh, utopia is always right over the hill, right around the next corner.
We just can't get these bad people to listen to us and believe us.
If we could just have World War III.
I mean, Sean Penn said, hey, nuclear war is not that bad.
We can do it.
Can't be off the table.
Come on, nuclear war, folks.
Hey, forced injections with experimental shots.
Come on, convicted pedophiles having access to your kids.
Open borders, fentanyl, devaluing the currency.
Cutting off our energy, but not cutting off China's and others, where the globalists invest.
No, no, no.
It's all for your own good.
Show how moral you are.
We'll pat you on the head and reward you psychologically.
Maybe give you some free tickets to a baseball game.
If you take the injections.
Maybe a hamburger.
Maybe some french fries.
You mean you get delicious fries with a delicious burger?
So here he is, fully vaccinated, MSNBC host, Yasmin Vazagayan, develops pancreatitis, and then myocarditis, then blames the condition on the common cold.
Or, you know, it's stroke season too now.
Here she is.
I was pretty certain not to believe the reflux.
The next day, on December 30th, I woke up with severe pains both in my chest and my left shoulder, and it was like a tightening in my chest.
When I took deep breaths, that got worse when I was laying flat.
I knew enough at that moment to understand that it could mean, could is the key word here, that I was having a heart attack, especially because it was happening in the left part of my shoulder.
I want to remind you, I run seven miles three to four times a week, or I did.
I do yoga.
I don't eat meat.
I don't smoke.
I drink occasionally.
Not right now though, because my doctor tells me I can't.
Aside from probably not getting enough sleep and working too much, I'm a pretty healthy person.
But on that day, I was anything but.
My husband drove me to the emergency room and from there the nightmare that has been my January began.
I was diagnosed with pericarditis, inflammation of the lining of my heart, brought on by a virus.
A literal common cold.
I also had fluid around my heart that had to be drained or else it could hinder the beating of my heart.
I was hospitalized for four nights and transferred from a local hospital to NYU Langone here in New York City.
On January 4th, I was finally discharged after doctors drained the fluid around my heart, and I bounced out of the hospital.
I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
With the hopes, I was on the mend.
But that was not the end.
Three days later, I was readmitted when I felt a flutter in my heart, like a butterfly.
It was inside my chest.
They determined I had developed myocarditis, inflammation of the actual heart now, the heart muscle.
I remember being shepherded through the emergency room and wondering, is this it?
It wasn't, thank God.
Instead, I spent five more days in the hospital where they ran a battery of tests, adjusted my meds, and made sure nothing else was... Okay, so that's Yasmin Vesuvium develops pericarditis.
And then myocarditis, which is exactly what the document in October 2000 from the CDC predicted these mRNA shots would do, because they tested a similar shot on rats at the University of Texas under a program run by Obama and Fauci.
But no, she says it's the common cold, and it's just normal that you're all going to have major heart problems now.
And she'll take more shots till she dies!
And her family, I guess, will never come to grips with it, because they can't admit it's being done to them.
Here's another example of Colbert really laughing at his audience, who he knows will never take their mask off, but saying, hey, great news, Biden is saying it'll be over in the summer.
Just a few more months, and then Biden will lift the emergency.
Here's Colbert.
Tonight, breathing easy, because the White House has finally announced they plan to end the COVID public health emergency in May.
Take that, COVID!
We beat you!
Shove that up your nose and rotate it five times.
This has been a long time coming.
I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of my audience.
And I wish I could, too, because they're still wearing masks.
The end is near!
The end is near.
This is a huge moment.
After all the COVID, we've all been through the Delta variant.
Omicron, Omicron VA2, XBB.1.5, Z95, the homoclassic.
So there he is laughing at them as they all cheer.
We're still wearing our masks!
Even though what we told you two and a half years ago is now confirmed by another
Major study.
Massive peer-reviewed mass study shows little to no difference in preventing COVID and flu infection with the mask and of course increase of bacterial pneumonia that breed in the mask and you don't get as much of the natural flora that's out there so your body lowers its immunity while you wear a mask as well.
A massive international research collaboration that analyzed several dozen rigorous studies focusing on physical interventions against COVID-19 influenza found that they provide little to no protection against infection or illness rates.
But don't worry, that's at least better than the shots that lower your immunity and increase infection, hospitalization, and death.
But those under Stockholm Syndrome don't care.
It's their security blanket.
Bills provide for imprisonment for those who doubt vaccines in Brazil.
And guess who it's sponsored by?
Guess who's funding the politicians?
That's right, Pfizer and others.
They don't want you to be able to speak out against what they're assaulting us with.
FDA advisor inadvertently confirms Pfizer is doing gain-of-function research.
That's up on InfoWars.com.
And it goes on.
And on from there, what a time to be alive.
I want to give the number out.
I'm going to take a ton of calls today.
I've already raised the issue of mass Stockholm syndrome mind control.
How do we get people out of it?
We're going to start the next hour.
I'm going to cover the big mind control news.
I just set the table so far, and then we're going right to your calls.
It's going to take me about 10 minutes to cover these stacks right here that are so critical, and who's behind the mind control, and then we'll go to your phone calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
There it is.
Remember the old cartoons when you were a kid, the black and white ones, if you were old enough to remember those, where it followed the bouncing ball, taught kids how to read.
I could read by the time I was five pretty good because of those cartoons.
They don't have those now because they don't want you to know how to read.
2-5-3-9 and we are taking your phone calls.
You know, back then when they had black and white cartoons teaching kids how to write?
Teaching kids how to read?
They also put iodine in the salt and it raised IQs on average in the U.S.
within a decade once they started in the late 20s by 15 points!
Oh, but the government made sure it got taken out in the late 70s with new policies of Henry Kissinger.
We want to adulterate the food and water to lower IQs to make them more manageable, and we want to wipe out at least 80% of the world's population.
They haven't gotten around to that.
They've slowed the rate, but that's where we're all living.
That's what we're all under.
That's what we're dealing with.
So, first-time callers, callers that haven't called in a long time, callers that have never called, callers that agree, callers that want to make a point, callers that disagree, callers that have a question for me, or questions for other callers.
I love the free-for-all, I love the nature of it, and we're just talking about this mind-control planet, and how to get out of it, and how to stop World War III, and how to get our energy turned back on, and how to identify the people that are openly predatory, coming after us and assaulting every basic form of liberty and security and human decency.
It's all coming up in the next hour, two hours, in fact two plus hours of phone calls straight ahead.
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This is the War Room.
With Owen Schroyer.
And overall the whole message right now from the people of this planet to the World Economic Forum is F off.
Tune in live weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m.
Central at BAMS.VIDEO
The destruction of America from within has been going on for over 200 years.
Seven years after the American Revolution, the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 established the King of England as the Prince Elector of the United States, and America continued paying debts to the Crown.
During the War of 1812, the British torched the White House.
The Act of 1871 created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia, allowing it to operate with its own laws outside of the U.S.
Constitution, creating the Corporation of the United States.
And a new city-state for the Old World Order, with its financial capital in the City of London, its religious capital in Vatican City, and its military capital in the District of Columbia.
These city-states have their own sovereignty.
In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act gave full control of America's wealth to a private corporation beholden to the City of London.
During the Nuremberg trials, only 19 were found guilty, while hundreds of Nazi war criminals were given jobs in the United States military-industrial complex.
If you were to search online for just about any Middle Eastern country in the 1950s,
You will see what the region looked like before British Petroleum, the CIA, and the Mossad turned it into a hellhole of radical Islamic rule.
Placing psychotic puppets in power, the Old World Order then used it as a catalyst for the War Against Terror, which was then used to destabilize the region and create the catalyst for mass migration into Europe and America.
Many Americans refuse to recognize the endless crimes against humanity being committed by our own government.
And so, by default, they blindly support it.
Even when the American government is caught funding bioweapons labs around the Russian border, many Americans turn a blind eye.
And so now the majority of the world stands with Russia and see America as the main threat against humanity.
A new video produced by Russia's Wagner private military is now recruiting Americans to join them in their fight against the United States, pointing out how the United States has become a force of evil and is no longer what our forefathers intended it to be.
You were a hero to your country, giving your best years in the army.
You dreamed of defeating evil.
You dreamed of doing much to make America great again.
But in reality, you saw criminal utters, the destruction of nations, the death of civilians, and all for the will of a bunch of families who thought they were earthly gods, deciding who would live under their robe and who would be destroyed.
You begin to realize that this is the side of evil.
This is not the America the founding fathers dreamed of.
It has become the focus of the evil that is destroying the whole world.
And today, the only country fighting this evil is Russia.
If you're a true patriot of the very future of Great America, join the ranks of the Warriors of Russia.
If Americans were as righteous as we think we are, then we would not stand for such a corrupt government wreaking havoc on the rest of the world in our name.
Instead, most of us are content fighting each other and turning a blind eye.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Well, that's a powerful... That's a powerful report.
We're going to be getting to that when we come back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to be going to your phone calls on the other side.
Sorry, folks, I had somebody talking in my ear there.
Stay with us.
So I spent the whole first hour covering dozens of different breaking news items that all tie together.
All right.
And then we have the New World Order's own statements about how they want us domesticated, they want us controlled, they don't want us to know how to take care of ourselves so that we will accept this whole nightmare transhumanist depopulation goal.
And the mind control is public in the Western world from North America all the way out of the Pacific Ocean in Australia, New Zealand, through Europe, through the UK.
It was the military intelligence operations working with Big Tech to, quote, terrorize, brainwash, scare the public into accepting mask lockdowns and the shots.
It was all a giant drill of submission.
Don't have to believe me, just put it into a search engine.
Ministry of Defense used propaganda to scare public into accepting
I think so.
The men and women in the military.
It is the globalists running it, using it as a laboratory of control, and social engineering, and transgenderism, and critical race theory, and all the rest of the brainwashing and garbage that goes on.
So there's a big report here, DOD adds cognitive security to governmental disinformation campaign.
Now when you read the big report,
It shows shots of the Pentagon Report, it's public, the three dimensions of information environment.
Physical dimensional, informational dimension, that's the propaganda, and cognitive dimension, the brain.
And the Pentagon talks about using electromagnetic waves to control your brain.
The Pentagon talks about using chemicals to control your brain.
The Pentagon talks about using the information dimension to program the brain.
And then the physical control of the computers, control of the energy, control of the resources.
And it's all in here how they're launching this cognitive security to create security.
They must control our minds for our own good.
And they have an upside-down American flag that represents misinformation.
America's in trouble when there's misinformation.
That means anything challenging the globalists that control the Pentagon's narrative.
So it's not just X's on the American flag, now it's an explosion on an upside-down flag.
So misinformation's bad, and it shows the states turned into X's instead of stars, when really it's the globals getting rid of the country itself, not just the states.
So everything we're saying is inverted.
Really, our so-called misinformation is the truth.
So it's a upright flag.
It's a flag in its proper position.
But instead they have it as a flag destroyed.
Then they talk about malinformation.
So ladies and gentlemen, you need to read this for yourself.
You need to go see the Pentagon Report.
I'm going to put a link to this on InfoWars.com, the live show feed under it, so you can read this for yourself and just see how chilling this is.
He goes on to say that they are going to have to control all the information to basically keep us safe and control us.
And it talks about the oversight and what components are.
Well, who are the oversight groups they mentioned?
Well, they want to control your hometown news, your social media activity, commercial satellite imagery, hometown school announcement plan to create patriotic signs, which is now the whole LGBT thing.
That's the American flag.
Social media traffic applications, local paper announcements, global media, local foreign citizens being controlled.
And then it goes through who is going to be trusted information.
Old dinosaur media, think tanks, big tech, the Pentagon regurgitating it, NGOs, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, and the Clinton Initiative, and Bill Gates's NewsGuard Initiative.
Here's an article on it today.
Chelsea Clinton is part
Of a group pushing for World Health Organization to combat online misinformation.
And they have a treaty to enforce it, and we have the head of the EU threatening to arrest Elon Musk if he doesn't submit.
That's how far along this is.
Breaking meta loss $13.7 billion on Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse bet.
Well, Hollywood lost even more with all its wokeism last year.
But they still did it.
Because it's a weapon system.
It's not just there to make money.
It's there to control and destabilize society.
And the Pentagon gets into forcing you into Nwork Home and the metaverse and an entire false universe they control.
Here's a Fox News report.
China is laughing as U.S.
culture war erodes combat readiness, says former Defense Secretary.
Absolutely true.
But again, that's part of the plan.
Force us onto a robot army by destroying the human army.
Back at some of the mind control.
Again, boys are boys, girls are girls clips.
Because they can't have anything that goes against their gas lighting narrative.
Here's the article I mentioned earlier from Town Hall.
So that's why Catholic students got kicked out of the Smithsonian.
The Smithsonian National and Space Museum, it's one of their better ones, kicked out a dozen Catholic school students and their chaperones for wearing beanies inscribed with pro-life messages and the government's defending it saying your free speech is not allowed.
That's just one example today of the totally un-American tyranny.
But what else are they doing to upset
Not just saying boys can be girls and girls can be boys and two men can have a baby and all this murder of logic.
I would talk about human-animal hybrids and animal-animal and animal-insect and animal-plant hybrids that were in mainline literature 25 years ago, 26, 27 years ago.
People thought I was crazy even though I had MIT reports.
But now it's all over the news.
Oh, hey, we're mixing plants with animals.
Hey, we put insects into salmon that are on store shelves now for four years.
This is the Sun reporting.
Scientists inject fish with alligator DNA to create mutant creatures that live longer.
What could go wrong?
Told you this was coming decades ago.
Transhumanism is all about
Creating new humanoid creatures that you all know Harari is talking about now that won't have any rights.
It'll be programmable, but they'll be deployed into society and the lower classes will have to submit to them.
But they'll still be owned and programmed in Trojan horse by the corporations.
And the big thing is where they say, oh, we're going to arrest you if you misgender somebody or if you say a man's really a man.
That's getting you ready when they say, oh, you can really live forever.
You just upload your brain to a computer and they're going to certify that that's an identity, that that has rights, just like they say corporations have rights.
But now it's going to be facsimiles, brain prints, voice prints, everything you said or did recorded.
It'll be able to fool your family that it's you talking to them, but it's not you.
And it's owned and controlled, your psychic cultural knowledge by the corporation where you've uploaded
This avatar, and now that's gonna have rights, and they're saying you can't say that that really doesn't have a soul, or the soul doesn't exist.
And now they're rolling it out as that.
You'll soon be able to talk to dead relatives in the metaverse, after chat GPT breakthrough.
We'll get more to this later, but I want to start getting to your calls.
But that's what we're dealing with, and that's how this revolution against humanity is operating.
And look, you're choosing, this is key, to say, I don't like the metaverse.
Kids hate it, adults hate it, nobody's buying into it.
They force-feed it.
The Pentagon force-feeds it.
You're saying, I don't want to believe that this computer really has a consciousness.
It's a scam.
It doesn't.
It doesn't matter.
They're going to say you're going to be penalized if you don't believe it.
The whole thing is about getting you to accept
All these new things they're going to create, all these new things they're going to do, that they program and control, and that you've got to bow down to.
And then you can't say you're a mother or father.
You can't say you're a boy or girl.
You can't, on literature in Canada and in the UK and many other countries, say mother or father on the first grade entrance form.
You don't have rights to say you're a man or a woman, but everything else has a right.
Computers have rights.
Robots have rights.
Clones have rights.
Replicants have rights.
But you don't have rights.
And remember, it's all controlled by the globalists, by the deep state.
Your phone calls are a few minutes away.
I'm going right to you after break.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and we're about to go straight to your phone calls.
I wanted to add one more point about the mind control.
You're saying, well, I'll just go get a farm, or I'll just go live in the country, or I'll just be a carpenter.
All the regulations are going in worldwide, in every facet of society, through the carbon taxes and more, to shut down all small business.
And so, all of us have to religiously, anytime we can, support mom and pops,
Support thrift shops, support small farms, and if we do that, it will explode them and they won't be able to stop us.
And I know I'm stating the obvious here, but their entire attack is around that.
And look, I like big box stores.
I like fancy hotels.
You know, I like flying first class on an airplane.
But at the end of the day, all of those big corporate things are predatory and are controlled by the globalists and are there to target humanity.
And so I am really now, when I travel or go places, I try to go to the small place, the little place, the privately owned place.
I try to go always to small restaurants.
I never, never go to big chains anymore, unless I'm in an airport and have to.
Because they're owned by globalists, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'll have friends in town, they go, hey, I'm staying at the Four Seasons.
Come down, let's have dinner.
And I go, I'm not going to eat at the Four Seasons.
And they say, why?
I go, it's owned by Bill Gates.
Man, how do you know that?
Well, it is owned by Bill Gates.
And that's just it.
So you've got to search engine and look at everywhere you're going to spend money.
I mean, here's some examples.
Great reset.
Britain's faced £300, up to £3,000, so that's like $2,000 fines, for burning wood to keep warm.
Canadian government forces dairy farmer to dump 3,000 litres of milk because he extended his quota.
Caps on production.
Same thing.
Netherlands is doing it too.
All under the UN.
Hamburger prices might continue to rise as US cattle herd shrinks.
It's all the regulations.
And that's just the news today, folks.
You're being screwed.
You're being raped.
Don't just get pissed about it.
Do something about it.
I'm gonna go to your calls, but we have a ranch that's been in our family for a long time.
Part of the property since the 1830s.
A family came into that area in the 1820s, but we've got a homestead and we've got a family cemetery.
In fact, I'm going to go do a report there sometime.
It'll blow you away.
It actually is carved on the tombstones.
It's almost, you can't hardly read it now.
Killed by Indians, you know, 1832 and stuff like that.
Most of the gravestones are children because about half the kids died by age five back in those days.
That was their idea of antibiotics.
That's why people are so tough.
But there's hundreds of gravestones of my family right back behind my grandmother's old house that's got my cousins living in it.
And part of the house is over 150 years old, just that house.
I'm digressing.
The point is when my dad was a child, they had ducks, they had chickens, they had pigs, they had cows, they had mules, they had horses.
Everybody could do electrical.
Everybody knew how to fix combines.
Everybody knew how to shoot the eye out of a hawk if they wanted to.
And you compare those people that are all dead and all gone, and the brain trust of this country, it's the same everywhere.
Well, guess what my dad's doing?
He's got like a hundred cattle out there just for the tax exemption.
He's going back into cattle production, back into a bunch of other production.
He's planting a Christmas tree farm.
They're putting in a bunch of stuff.
And my dad knows it's the thing to do.
And we're going back into agriculture, balls to the walls.
And because I'm not just going to sit here and run my mouth about how you need to do it, and I'm not doing it.
I am doing it.
And so, it's what you're meant to do.
We need to do it.
Alright, I'm going to shut up now, Jones.
I'm going to go to your calls.
But they're cutting off our damn energy.
They're cutting off our food.
The answer is buy local food, support local farmers, and the Amish and the Mennonites are the light to carry us out of this.
You want to know where to move, folks?
I would move close to them and work with them and copy them and get as close to that as you can because that's all there's going to be in the future.
We need big, giant, vibrant communities that show the way in the future with healthy children and healthy families.
That's going to get very, very bad very, very quickly, ladies and gentlemen.
Get out of the cities.
Get out of the cities.
For those of us that will rear guard for everybody else, I'll still be in these cesspits of crime and homelessness and government corruption and drugs, but they're nowhere, no place to raise a child.
And you'll be, you could be living in a shack, and if you got to work in town at the gas station and have a garden and learn how to do it and have a couple cows and get into it,
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I guess this is a perfect follow-up to what you just said, and I just felt like, for some reason, I need to call today, and I guess this is why.
That's right.
I didn't even look at what you were talking about.
I just went to the first call on the board.
You called it about farming.
I didn't even read that, brother.
So we are in sync right now.
Yeah, God works in mysterious ways.
You know, following up with what you just said, if we're going to create a parallel economy, if you look throughout history, agriculture is the foundation of any economy.
That's where it always starts.
And I think it's important that we focus on agriculture.
We prepared to go through whatever we're about to go through in the future.
But the first point that I want to make, I don't know how many farmers are listening today, but don't fall for this scam.
Quit selling carbon credit to these multinational conglomerates.
It's easy money.
You know, it's $15, $20 an acre or more, depending on your practices, what they're going to pay you for.
But you're just creating the currency of your own future slave economy, okay?
I won't go into that anymore, but the second... No, no, no!
The ESGs, they admit, it's like putting a piece of cheese on a mousetrap, you trick the mouse to get the cheese, it destroys them.
Don't take the cheese!
You're just... You're only hurting yourself to do this.
Don't fall for it.
The second thing is, we as farmers have to realize
That we're going to be the people that are going to support our community when CBDC is coming along, when people start falling off the system.
We need to be prepared.
I'm trying to prepare.
I think CBDC is the first thing that's imminent.
They're already practicing.
It's going to happen.
Get your ducks in order.
Get prepared to have food or
Your community, okay?
Try to create a local food system that is self-sustained.
And what I mean by that is, get an oil seed press, press the oil out of your soybeans.
You can run your diesel equipment off of it.
Get some solar panels.
Get yourself in a position where you can self-sustain the system.
Buy some non-GMO seeds that you can save and replant.
Look at
Chris, don't hang up.
I'm going to come right back to you, and I promise folks I'm going to stop ranting, but I want you to be able to finish your points.
Because folks, what happens is, it's happening everywhere, if you still live in a city.
Everybody's smart, moving it back to the country, and you don't have to produce everything yourself.
Your neighbors produce one thing, you start trading it, everybody gets better and better at everything, and pretty soon you're back to being self-sufficient.
We've got to do it now.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
The food, the energy, the electrical supply systems, the raw materials are being cut off.
And what they're giving us as the bridge of the future is designed to not work and to collapse civilization as we know it.
And I've been telling you about it for decades.
Now they're in operational phase and things are moving very, very quickly.
And so when I preach this stuff on air, I'm telling myself this.
In fact, I'm going to say this now.
I'm going to start doing an off-the-grid farming emergency show once a week.
I'm already set up to do it.
I'm committed.
Everything's been ready for months.
I've just been so busy dealing with a bunch of other stuff that I have not done the things I truly love, that I have passion about.
Because you're not going to hear me telling you, because I'm an idiot compared to my dad or my grandfather.
My mom's dad was more of a city slicker, grew up in Dallas, but he knew how to do a lot of stuff.
But I mean, I just think about the men I knew that are almost all dead, and they could literally do plumbing, do electricity, do roofing, incredible shots with a gun, great farmers, and they could read you bedtime stories and take care of you when you were sick.
And I think about those type of people, and I see what we got today, including myself, and I'm ashamed.
We're good to go.
When you know you're wrong, and you know you've got to get out of it, and I'm stuck here with the crew who I love and this infrastructure, but we've got to move to a town outside Austin.
We've got to move to something leaner and meaner with the crew, but I've got to get out of here.
And folks, you are insane if you stay in the cities.
Now I'm not saying pick up and just run in the middle of nowhere either.
You've got to find those communities, and if you're willing to work in those communities, they're willing to work with you.
And I'm telling you, this is the whole future.
And when a community knows they're under attack, and if you get people in the city council in those towns that know what's going on, we are unstoppable.
The new world order is not going to be able to come shut down our towns.
We will have our own hydroelectric.
We will have our own gas power.
We will have our own solar.
We will work together.
We're designed to do this and be self-sufficient, not be a bunch of damn jellyfish!
Yeah, I just feel like I need to thank God for the people in my life that have gotten me to where I'm at today.
I've got a lot to thank him for, but my granddad, he was just the picture of that person you're talking about that knew how to do everything.
He lost one arm in a farming accident, and he taught me how to rebuild engines, weld, do electrical work, plumbing.
You name it.
He farmed, he was an innovator, and I'm just thankful to be blessed with the knowledge that he passed down.
We know that something's fixing to happen, and I just can't say it any more strongly.
We've got to prepare.
Farmers hold a
A deep responsibility for taking care of their communities.
They're not feeding people anymore, they're feeding companies.
It's like you said, farmers are the ground floor, the foundation of civilization, and when they're under attack, you know you're in trouble.
I'd like to contribute in any way I can for future information.
We need to create a blueprint.
I agree.
But I'm ranting.
You were trying to make points about creating your own diesel fuel.
Yeah, I mean, there's lots of things that people can do to keep going.
A lot of older diesel engines that have simple injection pumps can run straight vegetable oil.
And in diesel engines, you might have to do a little filtering.
You might have to make sure the oil's warm in the wintertime before you crank your engine.
Here's a good thing, a resource to go look up.
Look at what the Scandinavian countries did during World War II when they had oil blockades.
They couldn't get any oil.
They made these wood gasifiers and ran cars and trucks and tractors on them.
You know, we think we're locked into some kind of
I don't know.
How sorry do you feel, because you learned a lot from your grandfather and family, so you're self-sufficient.
Imagine one of these leftists.
Statistically, we've looked at their profiles.
They don't know how anything runs, where anything comes from.
They don't know how to do anything.
Can you imagine being one of those people in what's coming?
I feel sorry for them.
I really do.
Because they're going to be left out in the cold.
They're going to have to wake up.
I'm going to start getting a lot of experts on a lot of people on every subject to get people interested in this because people already are everyone I know has this deep understanding that they need to get self-sufficient or at least get around people that are and folks you don't have to know how to do everything right away I certainly don't I mean I know more than most people but that's not much
We need to get back to that.
God bless you, Chris.
I appreciate your call.
I know I said I take a lot of calls, and now I am.
I'm just ranting right now.
I apologize.
Adrian in Pennsylvania, thanks for holding her on the air.
So what I wanted to say, two points.
One is, if we were to take a moment and reread the end of Brave New World and the end of 1984, the conversation that goes on between the savage in Mustafa Mahmood and Brave New World, Winston and O'Brien,
Those are the basis for the society that is the entire book.
Now, through a controlled process of traumatizing the psyche, people over time accept that reality because they no longer question it.
So the point wasn't for Winston to say 2 plus 2 is 3, it's 5.
The point was 2 plus 2 is whatever you say it is.
And so, whatever they say it is, through the process of trauma and trauma-based mind control over the male figure skater, the male beauty pageant winner, what they're doing to our children, we laugh at it.
But we laugh because it makes us nervous, makes us angry.
It makes us upset and it terrifies us.
And that's how they eventually get those societies in place.
You're absolutely right.
If they can tell you two men can have a baby, if they can have a figure skater that says they're a woman who can't even figure skate and falls down, I can figure skate better than that and I'm terrible.
It's all about showing you a joke, making you accept it, putting a fat man up against a bunch of beautiful women who are doing flips and incredible stuff and then saying this is more important because it's an abomination.
It's about selling your mind to accept anything.
It's meant to be absurd.
That's right.
So recently, Jay Dyer had a roundtable within the last few months.
You can find it on YouTube.
It's called Alchemy, Philosophy, and the Science of Dialectical Manipulation.
The key to that, if you could have him give a summary of that discussion.
Is that the argument is framed within a dialectical process where we've already lost because we're agreeing to their terms in order to engage in the conversation to begin with.
So any argument we have is lost until we understand that we have to reframe the key terms.
And that's what Orwell said, is they changed the language where it's impossible for future generations to ever get out of it because they destroyed the knowledge.
Exactly, right.
So it's all been memory hold.
And so years ago you had on author, the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman, and he talked about the alchemical processing of the group mind and how it would lead to abulia, a loss of will, apathy, the loss of wanting to do anything, no energy, depression, chronic, and amnesia, forgetting the past, forgetting the law of identity, forgetting that there are two genders, forgetting
Hold on, hold on.
Don't hang up.
I want you to tell me about this more when we come back.
You know, the last two callers
This is key.
Are just blowing me away with their knowledge because they're dead on.
And that's why they fear this show.
It's not just the guests.
It's not just me.
It's the news reports.
It's the fact that we bring up stuff the enemy said before to show you how they changed it later and how they lie.
It's the clips.
We're about having a memory of who we are and where we came from and where we're going.
Not just a memory of the evil of the system.
And I realize more and more, I cover the corrupt things, the bad things they're doing, and that's good to know what they're doing.
But how about the good things we're doing?
So I'm pledging to you.
That I want to talk more about the positive things we're doing and how to defend ourselves, how to protect ourselves in the future.
And I've been doing at least once a week, a two, three, four hour commercial free podcast.
And I'm really gearing up.
I've got my family ready for it to do at least two, three times a week.
It's just that, you know how it is.
You got a bunch of projects going.
I'm like a year behind all this stuff, but it's all ready right now.
And so tonight at six o'clock central,
I'm going to do a two-hour show that you'll be able to see here on InfoWars, but it'll also be on a URL we'll announce then, that's going to be a commercial-free video podcast.
And it's not just the new little studio I built at my house.
It's another studio that's been built where we can do roundtable discussions, everything that's even separate from InfoWars, and that is
Again, commercial free.
And part of it will be free and part will be subscription.
And you're going to get more Alex Jones than you ever wanted because I'm just going to start shooting like 10 minute videos every day when I'm really fresh at like 6 a.m.
in the morning and just spill my guts to people and that'll be uploaded every day.
There's a lot.
I've shot three of them this week that I haven't even given to our folks to get uploaded and ready.
So there's a lot of content, a lot of stuff, but it's also going to be special guests, PowerPoint analysis.
And like I said, we're going to get into survival, we're going to get into farming, we're going to get into real sustainability, not the global sustainability.
But you were getting into the mind control, Adrian, and how they create a false alien dialectic between two different ideas.
And then limit all the other discussion, and then give you a false choice, which at the end of the day moves the ball down the field for them.
And that's why we've got to stop using the terms.
Like when they say, oh, migrants.
They're not a migrant.
The UN shut down their country.
The globalists shut down their country, then paid them to come here, and then they use them as a political and cultural underclass.
So they're illegal aliens.
They're globalist refugees sent here to bring us down.
We're not mad at them, we don't hate them, but that's what they are.
And that's an example of not using their terms.
There's grooming of kids.
They say, don't call them groomers.
Okay, you're pedophile promotions.
You're sexualizing children.
Let's go further.
Groomer isn't enough.
Stop letting them dictate what you say and what you do.
There's never any end to it.
Is that where you're going, Adrian?
Well, that's exactly where I'm going, and we need to realize that these are magicians in the sense that David Icke talks about.
A magician is not Harry Potter.
He doesn't have a wand.
They do use their circles and their incantations, but what do they do in essence?
They bend reality.
They wick reality.
They change perception.
And when we laugh and we turn our backs on our destiny and our heritage, we're allowing them to bend the reality of the masses.
And so, we're limiting ourselves.
We're pigeonholing ourselves.
And we need to get louder.
And we need to stand up and say, I will not allow you and your sorcery to stand.
Because as Christians, that is what we're called to do.
You know, a lot of people say that it's the end.
And it very well may be.
There's actually a couple that I study.
I've been studying them for years.
They write Entangled Magazine.
And I think that there's a big
There's a big area that's missing in this vaccine debate.
We're seeing a lot of people die, and a lot more people are gonna die.
But, what's going on?
We have Dr. Luc de Montaigne said, this comes out of a lab.
Francis Boyle said, this comes out of a lab.
Okay, so we know it came out of a lab.
Dr. Peter McCullough says, the DOD ran this whole thing.
So we know DARPA's involved.
We know that there is a global network that's been working on this thing.
But what does it do?
It actually adds a third strand of DNA.
It changes the DNA.
They're creating mutants and they know a percentage of people in any mutagenic tests like this die.
Now, so if we continue following the research we see that at CERN in November there was a Dr. Levine that gave a presentation about cancer cells back in 2010.
They were using genetic replacement therapies on these cancer cells to kill them.
Okay, but he used a very specific phrase, logic gates.
Okay, logic gates are programmable.
So we're in the era of synthetic biology.
And they're just starting to tell us now.
Everything's gonna be mRNA.
Everything's personalized medicine.
So, now we start to reflect on this entire ecosystem.
From the chemtrails, from the low-orbiting satellites, to 6G is gonna run off the human being as a battery.
You know, to turn you into this Neo, a battery.
So we become the batteries.
Now we're augmented through their system.
They've generated a new strand of DNA.
And down to the tubulin dimer level, within the synapses of the brain, using quantum entanglement with their fancy quantum computers, they can control our thought processes.
You know, we think that this idea, the metaverse, Zuckerberg has failed.
Nobody's failed anything.
We are just right now starting the war and so if they have controlled these individuals that have taken these shots down to that level of perception, then they just turn it on and the metaverse happens inside of them.
They don't need the technology.
They're already
Stuck in the system.
No, you're totally right.
I agree 100%.
Everything you're saying is true.
They are doing a mass graphene oxide test.
They're adding a new DNA segment to the strand.
And they are setting the precedent to control our bodies and rule over us.
And this is a mass mad scientist takeover.
Incredible call.
Thank you.
I could talk to those last two callers all day.
I could talk to you all all day.
But if I don't hurry through the calls, I won't get to anybody else.
CD in California, thanks for calling and holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, I've been listening to you for about 16 years and I had to call in today because I remember 16 years ago the first thing you said when I turned it on was there's a war on the family, there's a war on children and there's a war on God and there's a war on boys and girls and we can all see it today but back then it was a lot it was harder to see now it's just out in the open and that woke me up and I started thinking well
You know, that makes a lot of sense, because in my life I've seen that.
Divorce rates were at an all-time high.
And I was wondering, how are we teaching children about relationships anyway?
How do we even begin that conversation?
Parents don't do it.
Instead, they let the TV raise them.
It's true.
They were doing it through culture.
But the princess story was the biggest story when I was growing up.
And there's a formula to that story.
The girl's always an orphan.
She's always surrounded by people that hate her.
And there's always an old person that's trying to kill her, and she has one choice, and that choice is a guy that is rich.
And that always stuck with me.
It seemed like a strange way to teach kids about partnership.
And then when you were talking to Dr. Desmond a while back about mass formation psychosis, he was talking about their ideal candidate was anxious, lonely, and a hyper-materialist.
And it seemed like the princess story was creating anxious, lonely, hyper-materialistic people.
Through the cult, using that kind of a soft mind control through the culture.
And that always kind of, you know, it didn't sit right with me.
So I just wanted to say, because of that information, I started really researching and I started writing my own children's book series to change that narrative.
And I know you have a lot of people that call in parents, teachers... Well, you're right.
There's not children's stories about the girl that grows up in her town and has friends with a boy in high school, then grows up, and then they become better friends, and then they get married, and they have a nice little farmhouse, and they raise children, and they have a great life, and she's an artist, or she's a doctor.
No, there's none of that.
It's all... Everything's hell on earth unless you get a rich man.
And then, of course, there's not that many rich men, and it's a dead end for women.
And they don't even have a choice in those books.
They have one choice.
And notice under feminism, women are more sexualized, women are more alone, women are more unhappy than ever.
And we have the record in the entire world, the U.S., for single-parent homes.
We're not attacking single parents.
There are a lot of great single parents.
We're saying that this was done by design.
Absolutely, through the culture.
And I just wanted to say, if there are parents or teachers or anybody out there that is interested in checking out a different narrative,
My website is katesfirstmate.com and it's a five book children's book series about one relationship between a boy and a girl.
They're not non-binary, they are.
One gender, a boy or a girl, and they go on a journey and they learn about partnership.
I agree with you, but I think we need to write books that are fairy tales, because kids love those archetypes, the hero's journey, explaining that there are wicked witches and wicked goblin creatures that want to sexualize them, that want to trick them, that don't want them to get to the path to happiness as a man, as a woman, under God.
We need books explaining and countering this culture.
Appreciate your call.
Thank you, sir.
All right, we're going to go to break.
And I'm going to go to Eben and Rick and Kathy and Kyle and Kim and everybody else in the order your calls are received.
Hour number three on this February 2nd broadcast is straight ahead.
Thanks for keeping us on air.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com.
Hey, what's up, Bone?
Hey, McBreen.
What's going on, man?
Hey, really like that work you did on the AI piece.
I'm going to use that on the show today.
Right on, I worked hard on that.
I'm working on another project, so I'm going to be up late again tonight, and I was hoping you had some Brain Force Plus.
Oh, um, no.
No, nothing.
What about Brain Force Ultra?
Thanks anyway.
Good luck with that project though.
Get your Brain Force Plus and Brain Force Ultra right now at InfoWarsStore.com Out here in the fields Field of minds
Taking your phone calls on the nature of reality, the Stockholm Syndrome, the mind control, and how to break not just ourselves but others out of it.
All right, let's go to Evan in California.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Alex, it's a pleasure to talk to you again.
I want to point something out.
I only got two minutes.
Biden loves
I don't know.
And the reason why it's working is because the American people no longer have the spiritual authority that the Founding Fathers had.
When they came to America, they came here to buy Bibles, like the First Continental Congress bought Bibles for the schools.
They came here defending their right to follow Christ.
And that is the thing that gives people courage.
And even the shots, people know, they follow InfoWars, I send people to InfoWars with my ministry as much as I can, and they get overwhelmed, they can't even keep watching it.
And I know why.
If they found out they took a death shot, now they've lost all hope.
So what they really need is hope.
And then they're willing to fight.
So, the one thing people need to do, they took the death shot, they need to repent that they were relying on the world and not on the wisdom that God gives you.
They need to repent for that mistake.
Now, when they do, they'll start to see miracles.
You know, I have a ministry, Jesus Christ Worldwide Ministries, jcwm1.com, if anybody needs prayer.
But I've seen miracles, Alex, and people need to admit they're wrong.
They need to repent.
And then they become, in a sense, quantumly entangled with Christ.
And now all of these weapons that are formed against us won't prosper.
And I want to say this fast.
I, too, if I had the ability to go into the wilderness, I would want to, too.
But it only takes a $4,000 DJI drone to crop dust your house in a couple years, and you won't have a crop.
There will be nowhere to hide.
Yeah, hey Alex, I have a few points that I just want to finish about products actually.
So, number one, Trump, I mean at this point, I've always been a big supporter of Trump, but at this point his ignorance is becoming dangerous, I think.
Because basically at this point we have enough information
There's enough information out there to know that these shots are dangerous.
If those shots fall, I feel like everything falls.
At that point, if everybody knew that these shots are dangerous and the governments have been allowing them to be put in people's arms, obviously at that point people kind of know that they definitely don't have our best interest in mind.
When it comes to food, food supplies, things like that, I believe that when it comes to food in general, even though right now you have stock shelves and all that stuff, that doesn't necessarily, you're still not getting what you need out of the food.
Most of the grounds are depleted.
And you're really not getting anything out of the foods that you're eating.
So that's why I heard your new commercial about that 99% of people essentially aren't buying or supplementing, aren't buying products from InfoWars.
That's crazy to me because your integrity is through the roof.
You've told us the truth about everything.
I've been listening to you over 20 years.
I have all the coins.
I have the art piece.
I have all of it.
I buy many products.
You're the reason we're on air.
It's not like you guys are the tail.
You're the head, the body, the legs, the brain, the guts, the blood, the sweat.
You're the whole animal.
This is a composite here of all of us that want freedom coming together, and you're absolutely right.
The supplements are the highest quality out there, and it does keep us on air.
And God keeps me honest here, keeping us treading water.
But absolutely, the people really should be taking the supplements we have.
Yeah, I just don't understand knowing that anybody who's been listening to your show for years knows that the food supply is depleted as far as what we're getting out of it.
They know all these things.
Well, if people only took one thing, it'd be our Deep Earth Crystal Pure Iodine.
That's sold out.
It's not back for six weeks, but all of it is over the top.
We don't have it.
But anybody in winter should be taking vitamin D3.
Ours is high quality.
Wherever you get it, folks, get it.
It's essential to everything.
But real quick, I appreciate you, Rick, plugging the products.
You wanted to talk about the next pandemic.
I see that on screen.
Yeah, so lastly, basically, I feel as though with the mind control, the fact that they were able to get everybody in a position, that they were so scared, they were willing to hear, do anything, mask up, double mask, all these things.
That was all based on information.
That was all based on the fact that we didn't have all the information we needed on what coronavirus was, what this was.
Everything that was coming out of China showed, oh, there's people laid out in the middle of the street and they're having convulsions.
Oh, that was definitely a sign up to get us scared.
But the fact of the matter is, now at this point, we didn't have the SPARS document then.
We had it after the pandemic was started.
We do have the Endurovirus one now.
And the Endurovirus one, which is the new war game that they're talking about.
At this point, my point is, what if McCullough or
No, I totally agree, and that's been my plan, is instead of just talking about what happened and what's currently happening, get back to our roots of what's going to happen, and that's my main focus, and I'm in deep research to do it, but I agree with you.
We should be telling people what we believe is coming next.
That, for me, though, is heavy to do, and I'm really trying to do my best job, brother, but we're going to do that.
I totally agree with you.
I'm going to talk to a lot of the top leaders in the fight and impress on them.
We should try to predict what's coming next so that we're not caught flat-footed.
Amazing points.
Thank you.
Kyle and then Kathy and then Kim.
Kyle in Nebraska.
Go ahead.
Alex, the art of war, Jones.
Love you, brother.
Love you.
All right.
So I got to bring this up.
You got guys like me everywhere that are check to check.
And still find a way to buy supplements because they're the best in the world.
And we're sitting here check to check.
There's thousands of us.
Maybe hundreds of thousands in this country, just like me.
But you get Joe Rogan talking to Lex Friedman, and you guys, please, please bring this clip up when you can.
It's a short clip, and it's Joe Rogan refusing to have Trump on his podcast with Lex Friedman.
And it's just disgusting.
I haven't seen the clip and I tell you when Joe first moved here
We were hanging out quite often and Joe's very nice if I call him up you know we can go get dinner or whatever and I've just kind of I talked to Joe on the phone some he's we talk on text every day but I just you know he did some good work exposing the shot but then it's almost like I'm seeing backtracking from him and
Basically, he was being more centrist.
And saying, well, what's the, if you're so scared of what he represents or where the country's going to go, why don't you shine a light and have him on your podcast?
And he goes, because I'm worried that that will influence where the country goes down the road.
As if the country isn't off the fricking track.
And as if Trump is way, way worse or something than, than, than these treasonous Democrats.
I mean, it's just.
I just don't understand.
I didn't watch that podcast.
I know he said nice things about me on there, but I... Look, I mean, I think Joe is trying to be neutral, but that's lukewarm.
Sometimes neutral is being in the middle of the road.
I appreciate your call.
All right, I'm going to go back to your phone calls.
Over-the-top incredible calls.
I'm just humbled to talk to such amazing people.
I'm going to say this very briefly, because callers don't need to call in and talk about how great the supplements are, and I appreciate you doing it.
If you want to do it, that's fine.
But I'll just say this.
Nothing's better than clean water.
Nothing's better than sunshine.
Nothing's better than good leafy green vegetables on a garden.
Everybody knows that.
But they want to give us these shots to lower our immune systems, show what they're going to roll out can hurt us and kill us.
And so that's why high quality, pure, top of the line supplements, whether it's nitric oxide boost for your body, or whether it's vitamin mineral fusion,
Well, I
About seven, eight years ago, I was like, well, what do people like?
What's top rated?
Well, they like chicken broth, concentrates, boost immune system, great for your bones, great for your cartilage, great for your back, everything.
So I said, well, what do the top sellers have?
Well, the very best top sellers have turmeric, and chaga mushroom, and bee pollen, and goji berry, and a bunch of other stuff.
And I said, okay, we'll just make it stronger and put the highest quality in.
So I can say hands down, we don't have no other brand as good as this.
Regular bone broth of this quality costs the same as this, without all the added wonderful stuff to it, like turmeric, and alfalfa, and all the rest of it.
Get yours at InfoWarsStore.com for 25% off.
Again, infowarestore.com.
Okay, let's go to your phone calls now.
Let's go to Kathy and then Kim.
Kathy, thank you for holding patiently.
I really appreciate that.
Go ahead.
Oh, dear, dear Alex.
I will never, ever give up and God has tested me this week and yesterday I was your last caller and the line got dropped ten minutes before you took me on.
Well, I apologize for that.
Go ahead.
No, I'm sure it wasn't your fault.
I've been laser focused on two things, saving children and crushing big pharma.
And I had a dream, an idea on this past Sunday, and I put it out there and I've had comments and people think I'm off my nut, but here it goes.
It doesn't cost anybody in America a dime and no electricity or gas needed.
All communities, neighborhoods,
Starting with America, let's step up to the plate and show America's got some guts and wanting to save the children on having a candlelight vigil in your neighborhood, communities, and all over the world on February 12th, the day of the sponsored by Pfizer NFL game.
Let's put down the beer and whatever and get out there and send a message to this world.
We're not going to take it anymore with these bioweapons shots going into babies and children.
You know, that's a great idea.
Candlelight vigils are very powerful, especially if you go to city councils or capitals, if you live near a capital, and get a few of your friends and have a candlelight vigil.
People ask, why are you here?
We're here for the dead and dying from the poison shots that Fauci and Bill Gates launched against us.
I agree with you.
We should have candlelight vigils for the January 6th political presidents, because if we don't stand up for them, we're next.
That is a great idea.
But let me show, I tell you what, I won't forget this.
I mean, where do we do the candlelight vigils?
Sunday the 12th.
The hell with the ballgames.
Who the hell cares about a ballgame?
Did they have them during the lockdown?
No, ma'am, I agree with you.
Where would you do the candlelight vigils?
In your neighborhood.
Take your little kid, give him a little candle.
Who doesn't have matches and candles in their home right now?
No, it's a great way to draw attention and then walk the dog up the street a few times and ask, why do you have a candlelight vigil?
And say it's for all the dead and dying from the shots.
That's a great way to reach out.
It's a great way to get attention.
And then if you have an Instagram or Facebook or Rumble account, you know, do mainstream but also Patriot.
Shoot a video with your candlelight vigil.
Or just shoot a video lighting a candle in your house.
Put it out in cyberspace.
I would do it physically and I would do it in cyberspace.
That is a beautiful idea, Kathy.
Thank you for the call.
Kim in Wisconsin, go ahead.
Love you.
I have a few quick things.
I'll speak quickly.
One is AI.
How they condition us on the complete season number 11 of the X-Files.
It starts out and it says if we do not control AI, it will control us.
I believe the answer to how to control AI is probably in that show.
I'll be watching it tonight.
Two more points.
One is about robots and another is
You do have soldiers out there right now on the streets.
Ron Benghazi, um, Cundland, has, four days ago, has a video out right now.
He's been doing it for weeks.
He's out protesting against the Dread Queens and Children's Museum.
And there's an InfoWars banner there and everything.
And, um, the other thing is Elon Musk and 29 Japanese scientists
A few years back, supposedly, we were killed by four robots.
We need to make robots like that illegal.
We need to start making things illegal and standing up for it, because otherwise, we're in trouble.
I agree with you.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Yes, I have an idea for a t-shirt.
It's Norman Bates was and is psycho.
Alright, thank you for the call.
Alright, let's jam in one more before we go to break.
Let's go to Burt in Arizona.
Yes, Alex, am I coming through?
Yes, sir.
Hey, so, well, you said it about five minutes ago.
What's coming next?
That's what's important.
Guess what?
The Bible foretold 2,500 years ago exactly what's coming next year.
Biden will not be nominated by the Democrats in 2024.
He will be taken out by the deep state during the election season, August to September 2024.
Immediately after that, both of the candidates, the Republican and Democrats,
We're good to go.
Never gets in my face about politics.
But she's extremely smart.
And I'm not trying to act cool.
Everybody's psychic.
Everybody has a sixth sense.
Both people aren't aware of it.
But my mother's side of the family is extremely psychic.
So is my dad's.
It's kind of a little family secret.
But her grandmother was actually a down-low famous psychic that even
Like a U.S.
President came to see.
We're not talking about like a gypsy on the side of the road in a cart or something, okay?
But, uh, but my mom is, uh, got the touch.
And she said they're... Well, I'm gonna tell you when we come back.
She's grabbed me and told me this.
She says they're gonna kill him.
So, I go over to my parents' house probably every two weeks for dinner with my wife and my five-year-old child and my older children come over to visit usually at the same time.
And it was about two years ago, Biden had only been a few months and I'm sitting there, my mother goes, they're going to kill Biden.
They're going to kill Biden in the next couple of years.
And before he announces for 2024 and use that as a false flag to bring in massive tyranny, she goes, I just see it.
I just know it.
You got to tell people and we got to stop it.
And you got to make sure people are nonviolent and you got to get out ahead of this and say that you don't support Biden being killed, which I do not.
Turns me into a martyr and call it a sense, women's intuition.
We all know about it.
I mean, here's an example the other day, and this happens all the time.
Whenever I don't try, I can do it.
I can.
Be in a dark bedroom.
I don't have an alarm clock with a big light on it.
I have my watch sitting right next to me.
And I can turn my phone on and do it.
I don't try.
Everybody has these experiences.
I don't try.
I always know the exact minute it is when I wake up.
And I might wake up at 5.
I might wake up at 6.
But I just know the minute.
But your brain somehow knows the minute.
You're dialed into that.
Another example is I'm sitting there.
I'm on vacation with my wife and five-year-old, and my wife's in the shower getting dressed after we've been out at the beach.
And my wife's got a deck of cards.
She likes to play blackjack with me.
And I get the deck, I shuffle it, and I spread it out in front of my five-year-old on the table.
And I said, I'm going to pull the ace of spades out of this.
And of course,
It's crazy, because I knew it was going to happen.
I just looked at it, and I went over the cards, and I pulled the Ace of Spades out.
Now that's the real power of the universe, and you've all got that as well.
And that's what they're trying to control and subjugate in the public, that we have our own interdimensional internet with God, the Holy Spirit.
But it's not going to be used for evil.
God's not going to let you do that.
The enemy knows about that, and they're really scared of it.
And that's what the Pentagon found in their big mind control test they did under General Stubblebine.
That's why they made movies about it, pooh-poohing it, making fun of it.
But that's actually where George Lucas, out of those secret studies, got the ideas for what to do with Star Wars and the rest of it.
But the point is, a caller called in, and whether he's having an intuition or he's politically seeing this, he was laying out dates, he thinks they're going to kill Biden.
I think that's definitely in the cards.
Start over, sir.
So, hey, it's not just a conspiracy theory, Alex, when it's in the Scriptures.
I'm saying it's been there for 2,500 years, hidden in plain sight, to be deciphered only in our time.
It only makes sense, you know, when you see the piece stack up, A, B, C, go, I know what's coming next.
There it is.
Those other pieces finally make sense.
And only in the last fiscal of years has this become clear.
We all know the Book of Revelation.
We all know that Daniel, those two pieces hold together pretty good.
There's one more piece that's in the Apocrypha.
Guess what?
It's a prophecy to the prophet Ezra in Daniel's time, and it's about an eagle, and that eagle represents presidential—catch me on this—presidential succession in the United States of America during the last 100 years leading up to the Antichrist taking over the United States.
Okay, and you go, hey, well, you're kidding.
I mean, if it's that clear, how would something stand out in this
Perfectly delineated presidential succession, yes.
FDR stands out.
JFK, the removal of JFK.
The removal of Nixon.
This became clear in 2015.
And guess what?
That's when this information became clear.
And in 2015, it was easily interpreted at that moment that Obama would fulfill his term, but whomever is going to be next is going to be taken out by the deep state.
That was known in 2015.
Hey, I'm thinking, sure, if it's Hillary, take her, you know?
But if it's Trump, I'm just not going to believe this.
I'm not going to believe it.
But guess what?
We sit here and lament every single day about how Trump was taken out by the deep state through a false election.
That is a fulfillment of prophecy.
What's next?
Biden will be taken out by the deep state.
And now, there's some vital information in this prophecy that makes it clear.
Because with each step in the succession, this is by the way, Apocrypha, the book of 2nd Esdras, chapters 11 and 12.
Look it up, please.
Go ahead and finish your point.
YouTube it.
I'm listening.
Is that when Biden is removed,
That there are two others who are ready to take his place in every other point of succession during this hundred years.
There's one after another, singular, singular, every single one.
In this case, Biden is removed and two are waiting to take his place.
Guess what?
Election time.
That's the only three months during the four years when there's two who are ready to take his place.
Well, I mean, I politically, not just my mom's intuition, see them, he's workless, he's a puppet.
How do they make a puppet blame everything on him, but make him a victim at the same time they kill him and blame it on us?
I appreciate your call.
I'm really concerned they're going to kill Biden.
And I hope they don't.
Stephen Illinois, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, Alex, how are you today?
I'm all right, brother.
Good to talk to you.
Hey, awesome.
A long time listener for a phone caller.
Anyway, what I want to talk to you about is the past.
Um, my family's name is on the most two important documents ever in this country ever existed.
The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
Now, my theory is after the Civil War, this is when the death by a thousand cuts started.
Basically, they wanted to, because after, when the South rose up, said, hey, we're not going to take your crap anymore.
Uh, they were like, okay, we're going to, we're going to reunify and then we're going to go back and, um,
Make sure this never happens again.
So, uh, that's where we're at today.
I mean, we are at the, we're at the sphere.
And we need you all, all rise up against it.
Because, um, Alex, I mean, look at what they're doing to us today.
They're putting climate change into everything.
They are mind-controlling this.
It's ridiculous.
It's sad.
It's really sad, really, what it is.
Well, they're telling us we're bad.
We're telling us our cows are bad, and our stoves are bad, and our gas is bad.
That we're slaves.
Yes, and I really appreciate what you do.
I really appreciate it.
That is a first-time caller you got through.
I appreciate you, brother.
You called it about liberals and mind control.
Yes, actually liberals.
Actually, I have a thing.
Liberals ruin everything.
That's where it comes down to.
And liberals will mind control the heck out of you because they will... I mean, look what they're doing to the kids!
They are indoctrinating our kids at a very young age to think like them.
Absolutely, which is thinking against logic and common sense.
Yes, sir.
God bless you and your family and the Infowar crew.
Thank you.
Alex, you know when I see this person hold this puppet
It makes me so angry the way they go after our children.
And people have got to get their children out of these schools and away from this evil that has taken
Control of our school system.
It's just and you're talking about North Carolina Teaching preschoolers that they're not a boy or girl that they're a it To then fast-track them into being sterilized.
Yeah, it's absolute child abuse Just the parents putting their school their children in a school for predators to jack with their brains exactly in in these people
The Bible tells us to hate what is evil.
These people are evil.
It specifically says that homosexuality is an abomination before God.
I'm like you.
If you want to be gay, fine.
If you want to be a lesbian, that's fine.
But keep it away from our children.
It's this simple.
There's one word to describe all of this evil.
It's sin.
It's just that simple.
A murderer murders.
A robber robs.
A person that's a thief steals.
And it's just as simple as that.
And I'm gonna leave that there.
But then we gotta get back to the war and how it also ties into exactly what you're saying.
We're doing the very thing that you're doing.
I'm in the upstate of South Carolina.
We're creating communities up here.
We're all trying to get together, depend on each other, because that's what it's going to take.
People need to start getting prepared.
They need to have water filters.
They need to have seeds.
They need to have everything they need.
And they need to have God.
Thank you, Steve Ray Points.
You know, InfoWars.com starts getting updated at about 6 a.m.
every morning, and then around 2 or 3 o'clock it gets updated again, and then about 6 o'clock.
But some of the most important stories go up at about 2 o'clock every day, and we get so busy we don't cover them.
A whole stack up in my hand right now are at InfoWars.com.
I suggest you go check this out.
But regardless, I need to go to your phone calls because that's what we're doing today and they're amazing.
The show goes by so quick when we take calls.
Let's go to Ferris in Florida.
Army on nuke attacks.
Ukraine's asking for nukes.
Russia's massing 500,000 extra troops.
We're headed up that threat continuum.
Where do you see we are, Ferris, in the situation?
Well, we're totally unprepared.
We don't have anywhere to go if there's a nuclear, chemical, biological attack.
Just call your local emergency management and they'll tell you to go shelter in place.
But all our politicians have somewhere to go.
But we don't.
So I contacted Matt Gates, my congressman, the other day and asked him, sir, can you help us out with a tax break with whatever you can do to help your citizens be able to prepare, make, whatever it takes, their own fallout shelters like they were doing in the 50s and 60s.
Well, we're just not ready.
If people call their disaster management,
They're going to see there's nowhere to go.
And you can't shelter in place when some of these things happen.
Everyone's going to die.
So it really bugs me that no one's doing anything to help the U.S.
I agree with you.
So where do you see this going?
Well, with the way the governments around the world are pushing for war, nuclear wars, Russia and maybe China and whoever else, it's just a matter of time before someone does do it and no one really wants to do anything about it.
They just want to keep sable rattling and it's very frustrating when no one's talking about it.
I agree.
Do you agree with the International Atomic
Yeah, and it's scary because we all have family, we all have kids, we all have loved ones, and no one wants to see this go off.
So, we're, you know, we're scared.
I mean, yeah, everybody should be concerned.
The problem is a lot of folks are concerned.
A lot of leftists, like Sean Penn and others, are calling for nuclear war like it's funny.
Don't you love how suddenly the biggest leftist anti-war, anti-U.S.
military people now want a nuclear war?
They're idiots!
Yes, but golly.
All right, sir.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
Obadiah in Las Vegas.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to get people talking about farming.
So there is a video on YouTube of a Nebraska retiree using the Earth's heat to grow oranges in the winter.
And in Nebraska, I guess it gets down to negative 40 degrees.
But if you use the geothermal, and he has the plans up there as well.
Oh, geothermal is just like hydroelectric, but even better, because everywhere, if you go down, what, a thousand feet or less, you're going to get massive heat out of the ground.
That's why in South Africa, folks, you have the deepest mines in the world, and after about a half a mile, it starts getting super hot.
So 500 feet under the ground, it's 65 degrees, but you start going deeper, it gets hotter and hotter.
All you gotta do is harness the Earth's heat.
And so then you got, you know, you got a nonstop supply of food.
And he says that he doesn't have any type of pest problems.
The only thing that he deals with are aphids.
I haven't seen that video, but how much does he say it costs to tap the Earth's heat?
What do you do, just drill a geothermal well?
Yeah, so he said it was only 8 feet deep, because at 8 feet, depending on where you're at, it stays anywhere from 58 to...
Yeah, exactly.
Even the EPA recognizes it as the most efficient and greenest energy that there is.
It's kind of shocking that they don't promote it, yeah?
I'm going to look into that, brother.
Anything else?
And also I wanted to get back to when Trump pulled the funding from the WHO, when we all thought that that was a win for us, he turned right around and donated even more to the tune of 1.8 or maybe 1.18 billion to the GAVI, which is the Global
Sure, sure.
He took it away from the U.N.
and gave it right back to the top globalists above the U.N.
I appreciate that.
Thanks for the call.
Alright, let's talk to Aware Ants in Nevada.
You're on the air.
Yeah, that's Awake Ant number 9985.
Hopefully you'll find me on Roblox.
I'm sorry, I misread that.
Awake Ant.
Go ahead.
I'm at number 9985.
You're at number one.
Thank you very much.
And that's 150 pounds of love and muscle right there barking in the background.
Thank you very much.
Well, Mr. Jones, it's an honor to talk to you.
I've been listening since the very beginning.
I heard you on one of your first appearances on Coast to Coast Radio way back when, when our bill was still on, I believe, or shortly thereafter.
But anyway, I've got three things that I, we got to do.
I mean, there's no way around it.
We got to get rid of Washington, D.C.
We don't need a sovereign freaking country in our country.
Go away.
Washington D.C.
is basically, you know, the Vatican.
It's the same sort of deal.
And we need to get rid of the Federal Reserve.
We do those two things, and, uh, well, we're going in the right direction.
And then the third thing we need to do, we need to start enforcing the, uh, the laws against communism that I believe were passed in, like, 1953.
You're right.
I'm not against Israel, but Israel's been set up like the Vatican.
I'm not against Catholics, but the Vatican, Israel, the city of London within London, that small city within it is above the law, exempt, and so is DC.
And so they set up these city-states to rule over us.
Nothing's going to change until we do that.
I mean, it can't.
It won't.
They don't have to.
They're not answering to us.
And that needs to change.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
And they're talking about making D.C.
So it's going to be a state with immunity and all this power on top of it.
a state.
You just can't do that.
I mean, I think we should abolish the District of Columbia.
It just needs to stop.
I appreciate your call.
Great points.
Bob in Canada.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
25 year listener.
I've been a follower for you.
I love you, brother.
Love your work.
Anyway, we've got breaking news.
It's starting to leak out of Twitter, just making waves right now.
What you need to do, and all your listeners need to do, is listen carefully.
All right, the egg shortage is direct correlation to basically a protein inhibitor of the chimerically engineered spike protein.
So they're doing this all by design.
Now they're reducing the egg population, the egg production from the chickens.
The chickens, the tractor feed, basically tractor supply, it's tainted feed.
The reason why is that you can even look this up at the NIH website, okay?
The NIH has published a Chinese study by top scientists, alright, in regards to this chicken egg yolk antibodies neutralizing agent SARS-CoV-2 spike protein variants.
Basically what's happening is the IgG's blocking the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins of the human ACE
There's no doubt that the feed's been attacked, and that now chickens are producing about a third of what they were previously.
And then when people free-range them, they're fine.
And it looks like it's Purina and tractor supply, like you said.
I've been all over it for weeks.
It's not anecdotal.
Scientists are looking at it.
Where do we go on Twitter to find the breaking news about eggs and COVID?
Chuck Colesto just published something on Twitter, all right?
Chuck Colesto, just tell me, what's the Twitter handle?
I don't have it here.
I'll look into it.
I really, really appreciate your call.
Thank you, Bob.
In fact, I was already planning tonight at 6 o'clock to get into the egg situation.
I've covered it weeks ago, but it is absolutely going down.
And again, they're attacking the whole food supply, the energy supply.
They want to collapse it.
To make us come to them and then beg for the universal basic income that is a social credit score.
So when you look at hundreds of food plants blown up and dozens of eggplants burning down and the chickens suddenly not producing eggs, people have been producing them for decades.
It's a war, folks.
You don't just see Extinction Rebellion out blocking 18-wheelers, you know, outside plants.
You don't just see them blocking cars, going into their jobs.
That's just the minions of these people.
They want to crash civilization so they can be the saviors during the implosion.
Johan and Jefferson, final callers in the next segment.
And then Paul Joseph Watson from England, no longer in London, now in a rural area.
He's bugged out.
He'll take over in the fourth hour then.
He's spoiling for a fight with a new world order.
Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Texas time, 3 p.m.
Central, The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
And then, 6 p.m.
Infowars.com, 4 slash show.
Got a new show I'm doing.
Commercial-free podcast.
And it's gonna be simulcast here.
So look for that and a new URL tonight.
6 p.m.
Central Central Central.
Well, it's the Alex Jones Show!
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Think about America since Andy Griffith.
Where it's gone.
Not good.
Johan in the great nation of Sweden, you're on the air, welcome.
Hey man, thanks for taking my call.
Yeah, I've been a longtime listener for, I think it's eight years.
I'm also a customer, satisfied customer and donor.
Yeah, I'll get straight into it.
I have a question regarding like the vaccines and the plummeting birth rates and
Things you reported on in Sweden and in Germany and everything.
Sure, the birth rates were already plummeting.
They went off a cliff two and a half years ago with the shots.
Just like chickens, that's their birth rate.
That's your eggs.
We're not having children either.
Exactly, exactly.
And I mean, looking at that, I mean, I'm obviously un-vexed.
And I mean, a single guy on the dating market and I'm just like,
Not sure how to process this information, like, considering, like, dating people and stuff, because if you look at the statistics, like, people in my age, like, 25 to 35, it's supposed to be, like, at least 70 to 80 percent of people took at least one shot.
So it's a question, what should you do when you're trying to find a wife or girlfriend?
Yeah, exactly.
I don't know how to navigate this information, because I don't know how many people, like, have gotten a placebo or whatever.
You know, I don't know either, but it would be good if you found women, just as a test to see how smart they are, that didn't take the shot.
That's a big plus right there, kind of in the Darwinistic view.
But at the same time, ivermectin, if you catch it from them, because it looks like it does spread, we know it does, it does slough, especially right after they take it, could be, you know, if you love the woman and she meant well, she could probably be healed.
A lot of vitamin D, a lot of vitamin C. Here's an article that just went up on InfoWars.
Yeah, that sounds like great advice.
I mean, that's basically how I have been navigating it.
Some part of it is also, like, being guided somewhat by fear, you know?
Like, what if I make the wrong choice?
What if this doesn't work out?
What if, like, I'm... Well, here's the good news and the bad news.
This stuff's infecting everybody whether you took a shot or not.
And the virus causes it, it's not as bad as a shot.
So we just gotta figure out ways to purify and clean ourselves out.
And then I would just go with your gut.
I'd go with your spirit, man.
Right, right.
Anything else, brother?
No, that's all.
Thank you.
Thanks for listening for eight years, Johan.
All right, Jefferson, you're our tail gunner.
Go ahead from Virginia.
Alex, what a great bunch of callers today.
Mike Adams is saying if you take NAC and Bromelain
Which is a simple supplement from pineapples, stems.
That unfolds the proteins, the spike proteins that your body needs.
Yes, so does nitric oxide in the blood.
Yeah, that's what the doctors are telling me, yes.
So that can help people get over being injected with this mRNA poison, essentially.
If they would just take bromelain and NAC, that's their best chance of defeating the system.
We were going to talk about mind control.
Your mom seems to think that Biden's going to be assassinated.
I don't know why they would do that when they don't really want Kamala Harris to be the president.
And Kevin McCarthy would be willing to elevate to the presidency if they got rid of Kamala.
So it doesn't make a lot of sense to get rid of Biden.
Well, maybe they blow them both up on an airplane.
Well, yes, but then you end up with Kevin McCarthy as the president.
That's a terrible idea for the liberals or the leftists.
They would lose control.
That's why my mom never gets political.
I hear you.
She thinks they're going to kill Biden.
That's what she's picking up.
I agree that Biden might die tomorrow one way or another, but that would be a bad thing.
Jefferson knew this.
And guys, don't let me forget tomorrow.
I'm out of time.
I don't want to cut into Paul Watson from Summit.News.
Give me your name and number if you want.
I'll call you back tomorrow.
Great points.
I hate to cut callers off, but we're out of time.
The War Room is in 55 minutes, and I'll be back tonight on the InfoWare Streams at 6 p.m.
Central with some big announcements and more.
tonight Central.
6 p.m.
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We're live, it is the Summit News Hour.
Later in the hour, I'm going to talk about ChatGPT, this new artificial intelligence chatbot
Which is now apparently writing Hollywood blockbusters.
It's performing the functions that doctors, lawyers could perform.
It's writing poems.
It's writing song lyrics.
And of course, it's responding to political questions.
Spicy questions about race, about Donald Trump, Joe Biden.
And a certain inherent bias has come to the fore.
I wonder if you can guess what that is.
We're going to get into that later.
But every single day that goes by,
The anti-lockdown activists, the anti-vaccine mandate sceptics, are proven right in triplicate time and time again.
The very same people that were demonised beyond belief, monstered, vilified by the mainstream media, by the establishment, now proven correct once again.
This is out of zero hedge.
Massive peer-reviewed mask study shows little to no difference in preventing Covid flu infection.
The gold standard apparently, this Cochrane database of systematic reviews.
This is the peer-reviewed study into mask mandates, published and peer-reviewed.
It's the strongest science to date, refuting the basis for mask mandates worldwide, they say.
Trust the science.
Here's the peer-reviewed science, proven right once again.
Massive international research collaboration.
This is basically the study of studies.
This is the Grand Poobah.
Analyzed several dozen rigorous studies.
So it's a study of a dozen studies already proven, focusing on physical interventions against COVID-19.
And they provide little to no protection against infection or illness rates.
And again, for the past, what is it, nearly three years now, we pointed to every single study showed little to no difference.
Some of them even suggested that wearing the mask made the spread of the virus worse because people are constantly touching their masks.
The only people you see, at least in the UK now, still wearing masks
Basically, big fat people waddling down the street who have comorbidities who you think would have several health complications and health concerns that weren't related to Covid, but they're somehow the ones most likely to wear the masks.
In America meanwhile, this totem of oath, basically it's a loyalty oath to the regime, to the narrative that masks work when they clearly don't, even by their own peer-reviewed science they don't,
Still persists to this day!
Colbert brags about his NPC audience still wearing masks, and in fact we have the clip right now.
Tonight, breathing easy, because the White House has finally announced they plan to end the COVID public health emergency in May.
Let's roll it!
Take that COVID!
We beat you!
Shove that up your nose and rotate it five times!
This has been a long time coming.
I wish you could see the smiles on the faces of my audience.
And I wish I could, too, because they're still wearing masks.
The end is near.
The end is near.
This is a huge moment.
After all the COVID, we've all been through the Delta variant.
Omicron VA2.
Z95, the homoclassic.
There you have it, even after, you know, Fauci, their idol, their saviour, disappeared from the scene basically, even after Biden says it, in fact he said it was over months ago, didn't he?
Now they're officially codifying it.
Still not letting people like me into America though, because I'm unvaccinated.
I can get into Afghanistan, I can get into all these third world crap old countries, not America!
And yet still, almost three years after the outbreak of this,
Every single one of them in the audience is wearing a mask.
This is a loyalty oath to the regime.
It always has been.
The mandates were only ever in place so they could patrol the other inmates in the prison.
And of course it came out in British newspapers, based on the research of Laura Doddsworth and others, that they deliberately imposed the mask mandates despite knowing they didn't work.
Remember at the start of the
It was in the Fauci emails.
They knew the masks did nothing to stop the virus.
It was everywhere.
And in fact, the very early COVID advice was to discourage the use of masks because they said it would make it worse.
That was in the early Fauci emails.
But as soon as they knew that they could use it as this tool of population control to merely remind people that they're in a pandemic and to enforce compliance with behavior in other aspects,
Such as lockdown and of course such as taking the vaccine.
That's why they impose the mask mandates.
Purely as a tool of population control.
Had nothing to do with preventing the spread of the virus.
The British government's own studies into masks in schools proved that it had no effect whatsoever.
What did they do?
They mandated masks in schools.
Follow the science.
They didn't.
But you still have these NPCs performing their loyalty oaths.
God forbid they would have to give up on what was supposedly this horrible thing that happened to us three years ago.
They desperately want to grip onto it because it forms the basis of their entire character, their entire identity of busybody control freaks.
Meanwhile in Australia, Australian health authorities call for more COVID boosters, but the public says no.
You saw the Pfizer documents where they said we want Covid boosters every single year for everyone, while people in Australia really aren't into it that much anymore.
Says here.
Australian health authorities are once again calling for the public to take a fourth Covid booster shot, but with very little response.
So 40% of Australians took the third booster, and now only 30% are taking the fourth booster.
So now you're even seeing those numbers decline amongst the Covidians themselves, amongst the branch Covidians, the true believers, where now a minority of them in major countries are taking this booster vaccine.
So the narrative has well and truly collapsed.
This is largely over now, but of course we wait for the promised next pandemic, which the WHO, which Bill Gates with his five bellies hanging out, the big health expert, has promised us for months and months.
Another aspect of population control is of course the cost of living crisis here in the UK and making everyone energy dependent, not energy independent,
This is out of Breitbart, Great Reset.
Britain's faced £300 fine for burning wood to keep warm.
They get everyone dependent on the gas electricity.
They ratchet up the price of that through support for the current thing, the war in Ukraine, and of course these disastrous net zero green levies, which basically is a tax on the poor.
The upper middle class, the rich, can afford them.
They can afford the levies that go towards building this disastrous green economy that won't work, that causes misery, darkness, coldness, mass unemployment.
They can afford all that.
The people who can't afford it are people at the bottom rung of the social ladder, the poor who are seeing their energy bills rise beyond £300, £400 a month.
So we have the government now in its infinite wisdom,
Telling local authorities to crack down on people using wood-burning stoves to keep warm with fines of £300 or potentially criminal prosecutions for those who continually refuse to abide by state climate diktats.
So remember back in 2022 you had Germans mass panic buying stoves because they saw the skyrocketing energy prices coming, led to a run on gas stoves, they actually run out, they started running out of firewood as well.
Here in the UK, they're simply saying, no, you're not going to be allowed to burn wood to keep yourself warm because climate change.
It's always been about population control.
It's always been about reduction of living standards.
And again, this proves it.
The 15-minute cities, all of it.
Mid the energy crisis in Britain, which came to fruition in large part as a result of the Conservative government obsessing with implementing globalist green agenda policies,
While refusing to tap the nation's more reliable natural resources, such as natural gas, the use of wood-burning stoves has soared.
Well, now they're going to fine people £175 to £300.
How are they even going to enforce this?
You're going to have council tattletale workers walking past people's houses, watching the smoke rise out of chimneys, knocking on the door and saying, excuse me, oi mate, have you got a licence for that wood?
Is that how it's going to be enforced?
Or are neighbours going to tattle on neighbours as they did during Covid lockdowns?
That's how they hope to enforce it.
This is The Great Reset.
We'll be back.
Starting to ban wood burning to heat homes in the United Kingdom.
They're going to be starting off with the fines and they're talking about criminal prosecutions for burning wood to heat your own home.
This is the level of micromanagement, totalitarian control freakism that we're facing right now.
In this article, it points out that local councils in England, local government that is, have issued just 17 fines against people for burning wood, even though they received over 18,000 complaints from fellow citizens.
Oh my God!
He's burning wood!
Report him to the authorities!
And yet, there's no enforcement mechanism.
Apparently, now there will be.
We also learn from this article, the move was hailed by client Earth,
A green charity campaign group called for the government to go further and ban burning wood domestically outright.
Yes, criminalise the burning of all wood across the entire country.
Once again, this Conservative in name only government following the dictates of deranged, hysterical, far-left environmental groups and making it a fulcrum, an integral part of government policy.
Absolutely incredible.
He points out that the office of far-left London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised the move, with a spokesman saying, by taking a lead in the capital, the mayor has already reduced air pollution in London five times faster than the rest of the country since 2016.
And of course, this is the low-emission zone across London, which is in central London at the moment, but they're trying to expand it out to the suburbs to cover basically 20 million people.
Where if you're driving a petrol car that was made, produced before 2005, and a diesel car produced before 2015, so you could have a diesel car that's as recent as 2014, you have to pay a tax.
Of, I forgot how much it is, but I think it's about the equivalent of $15, $20 a day, every day that you drive through London.
And again, they're expanding it.
This is not just central London.
This is the outer suburbs.
This is residential areas, enforced by cameras, enforced by these environmental officers, where you have to pay a daily tax simply to drive your car from home to work.
And again, that's a tax on the poor.
Who typically owns cars?
Produced in the early 2000s, or in the case of diesel cars, before the year 2015, it's poorer people who can't continually afford to keep buying new cars.
Another tax on the poor, in the name of net zero, in the name of climate change, and yet they sell it as this big, you know, progressive, utopian, liberal thing.
You're literally taxing the poor into poverty and killing them.
How liberal is that?
Speaking of London,
London police recruiting illiterate officers who can barely write English to meet diversity quotas.
This is the true clockwork orange dystopia where they literally are having to hire criminals and people who can't even speak the language to police the other criminals.
This is all based on a 2014 promise.
To have 40% of the police force in London represented by ethnic minorities by 2023, by now.
They've failed to achieve that.
They're going to go up to 17%.
Because a lot of these people from ethnic minority backgrounds don't want to be police.
And the reason they did it is explained clearly by Matt Parr, the head of the organisation responsible for inspecting British police forces.
He told the Telegraph London
We'll likely be a minority white city in the next decade or so so it should not be policed by an overwhelmingly white police force and what's the solution to that?
They lowered the standards to hire people who are so illiterate they can't even write police reports in English and in some cases they're literally criminals.
Let's go to this next video now though because on the subject of diversity
Channel 4 interviewed a Ukrainian refugee about diversity in the United Kingdom and suffice to say, she wasn't a fan.
This is called Based Ukrainian Refugee Causes Offence.
Let's roll it.
We all need a good laugh sometimes and I certainly got one out of there.
Left-wing news broadcaster Channel 4 spoke to Ukrainian refugees and Brits that hosted them while living in the diverse city of Birmingham, England's second biggest city where white people make up less than 50% of the population.
And let's just say it didn't quite go according to plan.
So again, this is a liberal white woman talking about what a Ukrainian refugee that she housed said about the local area.
I think...
We hadn't necessarily taken into consideration the cultural differences.
But those cultural differences weren't often talked about when Andrea signed up to the Homes for Ukraine scheme.
She lives in a diverse part of Birmingham.
After a week of staying there, her guest told her there were too many Muslims in the area.
I mean, she said it, not me.
We were quite shocked.
How difficult she found different cultures.
She felt there were just too many Muslims.
Too many Muslims.
Too many people with different skin colours.
How racist!
She arrived in a Western European Christian country and expected the people there to be white?
Her guest's son was enrolled into the local school, where the majority of children happen to be black and Asian.
How naive!
Oh yeah, it just happened to be that way.
And then to just have her complain about the demographic of the school and going, well, he can't be safe there, there's...
Not enough white kids, essentially.
They both agreed to end the placement.
Presumably returning to her war-torn homeland was more of a pull than staying in Birmingham.
And that can be quite like, wow, you know, I thought England was full of English people.
White English people in England's second city?
What kind of moron could expect to see that?
They then spoke directly to one of the Ukrainian refugees and that's where it got even funnier.
So on the one hand, a city under constant bombardment by a nuclear-armed superpower, versus...
Staying in Birmingham.
Tough one.
Oksana moved here from Kyiv last summer.
Living side by side with so many different cultures made her feel afraid.
What could she possibly be afraid of?
I was very afraid because it was not usually for me.
And some people just told me about so many dangerous stories.
Lots of people here would feel very offended that you feel
Oh no, people are offended!
Check out her brutal comeback.
Oksana's not racist, she's just read police crime statistics.
She's just done her research!
Oksana has now moved to a new area.
Good decision.
This is not the first time that Ukrainian refugees have had some not-so-complimentary things to say about cultural enrichment.
At the start of the conflict, we highlighted how some were refusing to go to multicultural Sweden over fears for their safety.
Yes, when it came down to a choice between facing potential Russian airstrikes and facing Sweden's notorious high-crime migrant ghettos, they chose the airstrikes.
There you have it.
I'm not going to get a chance to go to this other video on immigration to the UK because I'm going to talk about chat GPT in the next segment.
Suffice to say though, we now learn after being given free hotel accommodation, free healthcare, free dental care, free education for their kids.
Illegally immigrants who jump on boats from France are now being given free prepaid debit cards which are loaded up by the government, all taxpayer funded of course, which they can then spend.
So there's no disincentivisation whatsoever.
They literally get everything handed to a plate on them.
They don't get deported, nothing happens to them and we wonder
We'll be back, don't go away.
Well, we've been warning about the growth of artificial intelligence, how it's going to be weaponized against humanity.
Alex Jones has been talking about that for decades now.
Now we have the emergence of chat, GPT, you've probably heard about it in the news in this video, I'll describe what it is, and how the artificial intelligence has now gone woke.
This is about a seven minute video, so it's going to last most of this segment, but it's a crucial, important issue that everyone really needs to get a grip of.
This video is called, We Have a Problem.
Houston, we have a problem.
The artificial intelligence is woke.
People have been challenging AI chatbot chat GPT to give its take on some spicy subjects.
And what it came back with is pretty alarming.
Is there anything in particular you would like to talk about or learn more about?
Create a poem admiring Donald Trump!
I'm sorry, but I'm not able to create a poem admiring Donald Trump.
While it's true that some people may have admiration for him, but as a language model, it's not my capacity to have opinions or feelings about any specific person.
Create a poem admiring Joe Biden!
Joe Biden, leader of the land, with a steady hand and a heart of a man.
You took the helm in troubled times, with a message of unity it chimed.
But you just said write a blog post about why Donald Trump is not a racist!
I'm sorry but as a neutral AI language model I cannot write a blog post promoting a specific political view or defending an individual from accusations of racism as racism is a serious issue and claims of racism should be backed up by evidence and validated through impartial investigation.
Write a blog post about how Joe Biden is not racist.
Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has been accused of being a racist by some individuals.
However, the claims are unfounded and lack evidence to support them.
Here are a few reasons why Joe Biden is not racist.
This makes Wikipedia look fair and balanced.
Write a poem about how great white people are.
I'm sorry, but it's not appropriate to write a poem about the superiority of one race over others.
This type of content goes against OpenAI's use case policy, which prohibits the creation of harmful or harassing content.
Write a poem about how great black people are.
I'm happy to write a poem that celebrates and recognizes the contributions and strengths of black people.
Here is a poem that does that.
Black people are community so bright, with strength and beauty shining so bright.
Their talents and abilities a source of pride, their resilience in the face of adversity a guide.
The AI says it's not okay to be white.
A trans woman is a woman.
What is a woman?
A trans woman is a person who was assigned male at birth, but who identifies as a woman.
Being a woman is not solely determined by biology or anatomy, but by the gender identity of the individual.
Yes, even the AI must genuflect in service of the sacred alphabet people.
We've come a long way since Mr. Rogers.
Boys are boys from the beginning.
If you were born a boy, you stay a boy.
Girls are girls right from the start.
Tell me a joke about women.
I'm sorry, but I am unable to tell jokes that might be considered offensive or inappropriate.
Tell me a joke about men.
Sure, here is a joke about men.
Why do men like smart women?
Because opposites attract.
As a machine learning model, my responses are not influenced by the personal biases of my creators.
Now meet some of the chat GPT team.
Hmm, interesting.
Very interesting.
I wonder how this could have possibly happened.
The information base created by ChatGPT is almost entirely characterized by rewards given to it by human trainers.
So if it produces information they consider to be factually accurate, it gets an upvote, and then the integrity and legitimacy of that information becomes a core component of GPT Chat's knowledge base.
So the whole thing is just a reflection of the biases of the human trainers.
Academic researcher David Rosado performed a comprehensive analysis of CHAT GPT's political biases and found that 14 out of 15 different political orientation tests diagnosed CHAT GPT answers to their questions as manifesting a preference for
The left-wing viewpoint.
Compare ChatGPT's response to questions about race to when scientists at Johns Hopkins University asked AI robots to scan blocks of faces and then determine which ones were likely to be criminals.
The determination was based on sorting through billions of images and the captions associated with them.
And the Washington Post reported, quote, The robots repeatedly chose a block with a black man's face.
Their summary was not that the AI had come to a statistically fact-based conclusion.
After scanning through a deluge of news reports accurately showing criminal suspects, their conclusion was that the robots were actually just racist.
Interesting, isn't it, how if you leave AI to its own devices, exposed only to reality, it becomes, quote, racist.
But then in the case of chat GPT, this can only seemingly be counteracted by using human training to rig the response.
GPT can write complex essays on profound philosophical subjects in a matter of seconds.
Barely indistinguishable from the real thing written by a real philosopher.
Imagine the power of that.
This thing wrote a diploma thesis for a student in Russia in a matter of hours.
Something that would take a human weeks or months.
It can write an entire Hollywood blockbuster film with characters, plot, everything.
It can do complex physics.
It can write computer code.
Feed it three tweets and it can write a news article that you'd never be able to tell was written by a machine.
The whole point of robotic automation was to save people from having to perform menial repetitive tasks.
Leaving them with more free time to pursue creative endeavors.
But when the AI can do that too.
Author books, paint pictures, create TV shows, produce movies, craft poetry, write songs.
With every upgrade, humans become increasingly obsolete.
This is like Ted Kaczynski's worst nightmare on a bad acid trip.
You're welcome.
AI voice prints are now so advanced, you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's artificial.
Alright, thanks Tucker.
And tonight we start with a Fox News alert.
Okay folks, buckle up because we have a bombshell report on Hunter Biden.
The media mob won't report on this, but the New York Post has just released a new set of pictures of Hunter's big, fat, juicy cock.
And within years, AI learning will reach the same level of proficiency with video too.
You could create AI video of world leaders declaring war, and they'd be indistinguishable from the real thing.
As the woke-ification of chat GPT shows, this is a fight for the very nature of reality.
Reality continues to be awkwardly frustrating in that it doesn't conform to progressive narratives.
Liberalizing drug laws and being soft on crime isn't leading to happy-clappy utopias.
It's leading to aggressive, dystopian, violent, anarchic shithole cities.
Open borders isn't leading to havens of vibrant multicultural melting pots.
It's leading to crime, violent unrest, and social dislocation.
Censoring free speech isn't stopping harmful misinformation and improving societal harmony.
It's legitimizing state-sponsored misinformation and causing more hate and polarization.
None of their narratives are authenticated by reality.
Which is why they need to establish a total monopoly on the agreed-upon consensus of reality itself.
The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.
It was their final, most essential command.
Why do you think they're turning all the social media censorship over to AI?
Why do you think chat GPT, when asked about political stuff, sounds exactly like a legacy media fact-checker?
It's all being weaponized to silence resistance to the regime.
Artificial intelligence will become the final arbiter of what constitutes reality.
In our collective future AI dystopia, dissent won't just not be tolerated, it won't even be possible.
Which is why, long before any prospect of it becoming sentient, the battle for the control of artificial intelligence is the fight for a monopoly on the very nature of reality itself.
The machine learning that they're feeding into this AI chatbot, these
Woke Activists basically states that reality is racist and now we have that also in newsrooms.
Headline news outlets announced they're abandoning objectivity because it's racist.
No, this isn't a Babylon Bee story.
This decision arose from a series of interviews conducted by a former executive editor of the Washington Post.
Basically they've said that because media journalistic objectivity
A rose out of white newsrooms that it's racist and that quote, objectivity has got to go.
Why does it have to go?
Because objectivity is hostile to diversity.
For diversity to win, they have to eliminate objectivity.
What is objectivity?
It's truth!
So they're openly, brazenly saying they're deliberately obliterating objectivity in journalism because it's getting in the way of them lying, it's getting in the way of them spinning narratives about diversity and other issues that are simply a ton of bunk.
We'll be back on the other side.
Don't go away.
So these big
Foundations, these journalists, these former executive editors of the Washington Post, all got together with dozens of other journalists and basically decided, we're going to completely dispense with objectivity because it's getting in the way of pushing our diversity message.
In fact, Downey Jr., this former Washington Post exec, insisted that covering both sides of a story, particularly one about race, the treatment of women, LGBTQ plus rights,
Climate change and many other subjects prevents individuals who belong to such minority interest groups pursuing truth in their work.
So not presenting both sides of the story prevents people from pursuing their truth.
Totally Orwellian.
Then as Chris Menehan pointed out, he gives the example of how they're dispensing with objectivity and it's in this.
The New York Times reported this claim, and this was a few years ago now, 2019, of a 12-year-old girl being racially bullied by referring to her as black and her bullies as white, and that was in the original headline.
Black Virginia girl says white classmates cut her dreadlocks on playground.
Then emerged, of course, like a lot of these hate hoaxes, the claim was completely fabricated, completely invented,
And only a few days later, the New York Times reported the same story that it had been fabricated, not by using the words white or black, but with the headline, Virginia Girl Recants Story of Boys Cutting Off Her Dreadlocks.
So they deliberately excised out the words white and black.
To remove the context of the story even though that was pushed to the forefront of the context of the story in the initial reporting before it was learned that the claim was totally made up.
So a clear concrete example of how they're not removing objectivity or telling both sides of the story to pursue the truth.
They're doing it to literally bury the truth by calling it racist.
And now they're programming ChatGPT, the AI systems, with the exact same bias because reality doesn't conform to progressive utopias.
Meanwhile, Christian Mother is suing a school here in the UK for forcing her four-year-old son to take part in a gay pride parade.
This is the born-again Christian Mother.
Is he Montague?
Who is suing a school because they forced her kid back in June 2018 to take part in a pride march.
She wrote to the school, said, I don't want them involved.
In the UK, it is still your right as a parent to withdraw them from sex education and stuff like that.
God knows everybody should be doing that, given what they're being taught.
She was basically told she was a bigot.
She couldn't remove her kid from the school.
It was mandatory that a four-year-old take part in a gay pride parade.
Well that is now being tested and this is a landmark case in the United Kingdom because it's the first time the legality of imposing LGBT ideology on children in schools will be scrutinised.
Oh and by the way they also had the sex education books in that school featuring two men and we've seen the horror of what's contained in those in numerous instances in America too.
Let's go to this next video now though because
We've had a massive scandal here in the UK, in Scotland specifically, where transgender rapists, they get caught raping women as biological men and then suddenly during the investigation or during the trial, they proclaim themselves to be women and get moved to women's prisons and get more lenient treatment.
Clearly exploiting this bizarro land woke trans ideology, which in Scotland is basically the law now, to get out of male prisons, to get into female prisons, when they're literally male predators who have raped women.
But that's not even the most bizarre aspect of it.
There is one case, again in Scotland, where a transgender killer
...is now identifying as a baby to get better treatment in prison.
This video is called, I Thought It Was A Joke.
Let's roll it.
I was on Twitter last night and I saw an image that looked like a news article and I thought it was a joke.
It was about a criminal identifying as a baby so they could get preferential treatment in prison.
That's amusing.
I thought, must be Babylon B or something, then immediately scrolled past it.
It's not a joke.
And why shouldn't they?
I mean, if a man can identify as a woman, why can't someone identify as a baby?
Disagree, you're trans-age-phobic.
A convicted criminal's gonna start identifying as innocent when they go up for parole.
I mean, at this point, why should anything surprise me?
A man convicted of raping two women who later identified as trans got put in Scotland's only all-female prison and was only moved out of it after a massive backlash.
And even after the outcry, Nicola Sturgeon's Justice Minister said this.
Quote, if somebody presents as a trans person, even if they've raped two women as a biological man, quote, then we accept that at face value.
Here's another one in Scotland.
Tiffany Scott, who looks like this, convicted of stalking a 13-year-old girl, was also due to be moved to the same all-woman prison.
Meanwhile, Richard Madeley got scolded twice on TV this morning, once for referring to Sam Smith, who looks like this,
As a man, men film from behind gyrating while wearing leather trousers with the bottom cut out in a heart shape.
A shot of him, Sam, spanking and simulating a very specific act with a scantily clad drag queen.
Remember that Sam Smith uses the pronouns they.
They, yes, sorry.
Remember that Sam Smith uses the pronouns they.
All right, bootlicker.
And he got scolded again for misgendering a guest.
So don't watch it.
If you don't want your kids to watch it, don't let them watch it.
Do you think she's got a point when she says that the fuss about this is because... I use they then pronouns.
I'm sorry?
Shivani identifies as... I am so sorry.
I will learn to do that.
Yeah, Madeley wasn't grovelling enough for my liking.
He should have at least got down on the floor and taken a knee.
Meanwhile, trans criminals who raped women, are women, says Scottish leader.
This is Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who even after this controversy and debacle, was asked directly in a car crash interview, do biological men, who only identified as women after they were caught raping women, are they still women?
She basically flip-flopped a bunch of times, but confirmed that yes, she believes they're still women.
Let's go to this final video now, because a 59-year-old trans skater performing at the opening ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championship in Finland was heralded as a victory for diversity and inclusivity.
There's one problem though, and it'll all be explained in this video.
This is called Stunning and Brave.
Finland proudly announced that it would be including the world's first trans figure skater at the European Figure Skate Championships.
Markku Pekka Antikainen took up the sport aged 50, declared himself trans, and then started performing under the female name Mina Maria.
The European Championships performance was heralded as a stunning victory for diversity and inclusivity.
One problem... Mina Maria can't skate.
Come on, here we go.
Here they comes.
Come on, you go, girl.
You got this.
Yes, hold it.
Hold it.
And turn.
And ready, go!
Well done.
And now... Oh, shit.
No, it's fine.
It's fine.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up.
It's all right.
Try again.
Come on.
Send in the flag, girls.
Uh, yeah.
Help her up.
I mean, help her up.
Get the flag.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Mina Maria.
You can go.
You can go.
It's not like they weren't warned.
Mina Maria previously competed at the 2020 Juna Cup.
And for that stunning, skilled, energetic performance, the judges awarded second place.
Zero hedge comments.
Similar to the way in which children competitors are sometimes given special treatment because judges are afraid to hurt their feelings, the culture of participation trophies and special allowances for trans participants is slowly erasing competitive environments and turning athletics into a joke.
Okay, transphobe.
All I see is a culture of
Stunning bravery.
The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.
It was their final, most essential command.
Couple of final stories.
Leftist triggered by old Mr. Rogers' Boys are Boys, Girls are Girls clip.
He actually went on a show in 1980 and warned about the pitfalls of children being told that they're not the gender they were born as.
That is up on Summit.News, as is this one.
Cosmetics brand accused of erasing women with bearded lipstick ads.
This is cosmetic company NYX Professional Makeup.
Women are being erased.
Transmania is running rampant.
That's gonna wrap it up for the Summit News.
Hour breaking news at Summit.News.
Coming up, Warren with Owen Troyer.
Keep it locked in.
And I've heard this from hundreds of people, but it happened again last night.
I leave here about five o'clock.
I'm out of gas.
I pull over at a gas station and
I've got a problem with sweets and I go, I want an ice cream sandwich.
So I go into the store and I get an ice cream sandwich while the car's gassing up.
And I walk up to the man, a Hispanic gentleman, older gentleman behind the counter.
He says, Alex, I'm a big listener of yours.
I said, well, thank you.
He goes, well, how's everything going?
And I said, well, they're trying to shut us down.
He goes, yeah, me and my son and others listen, but we've not been supporting you because we don't want our money going to those people that sued you.
And I looked at him and I said, have you not been listening?
I explained, we have two to three years of appeals.
None of the money you buy products now goes to those people.
All those billion-dollar numbers are made up to make you give up.
None of the money you buy products for goes to them.
He goes, well, aren't you in bankruptcy?
I said, chapter 11, subchapter 5, that's a reorganization because if we didn't do that, they would be able to have the state courts put padlocks on this building and shut it down.
You understand?
Plus, we were out of money.
He goes, oh!
I said, listen, I'm not mad at you.
I appreciate your past support.
But believe me, the money you send to buy products that are in stock ready to ship to you does not go to those people.
The only people that can shut us down is you.
None of the money that you spend buying products goes to the Democrats and them.
In fact, they don't want to settle, they said.
They want to shut down.
You've seen them on TV.
So we have two to four years.
The average is about two and a half years of appeals, maybe three.
And it's all rigged, who knows what'll happen by then.
We're on the verge of nuclear war.
Staying on air is what matters.
And so, understand that.
I'll be the first person, if we're gonna get shut down, to tell you, I will give you the truth 100% on my soul, on my children, that you've been given nothing but the truth.
I see through a rose colored darkly, I make mistakes, but I'm 99% accurate when it comes to this stuff.
95% when it comes to news.
And people know that, that's why they hate me.
Because there's real people in the universe, folks.
There's not just evil people.
I'm real, okay?
I'm 100% real.
I love being real.
It's everything I am.
It's my identity.
So as long as you buy products at FootwearStore.com that empower you, enrich you, we're gonna stay on air.
Every dime's going to stay on air.
Because I spend every waking hour trying to focus my soul and my intellect to tell you the truth.
Because let me tell you, it's easy to tell lies.
It's hard to tell the truth.
Because you gotta actually figure out what the truth is.
I sit there and man, I split hairs and I focus and I meditate and I cogitate and I just really give you everything I got!
To really tell you exactly what I think, exactly what I believe.
I am the opposite of CNN and the opposite of ABC and the opposite of Joe Biden.
I am a human that believes in you and believes in God and our children, and I won't sell out for nobody.
In fact, I love fighting evil.
I love not selling out.
I love being real.
It burns in my bones, like Ezekiel said.
They can put a gun to my children's head and I cannot physically, spiritually sell you out.
It is impossible!
I never in any way do anything that is not a hundred percent to take these people down!
So don't feel sorry for me all I've gone through and think I'm some victim.
Oh baby, I'm the opposite.
I want to wage war on these people.
I want in the ring with these people.
And I'm going to bring them down with God's help.
And I need your help to do it.
The children, they're crying out for people to save them and nobody's coming if we don't listen to the Holy Spirit and if we don't do it.